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Monsanto’s Zionist Bedfellows (BrN On Video!)

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Monsanto’s Zionist Bedfellows
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Brother Nathanael @ December 30, 2010


  1. Brother Nathanael December 30, 2010 @ 5:06 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family,

    Wherever there is something absolutely wicked and against the majority opinion of the population you can bet on it, JEWS are leading the destruction.

    Everywhere you go you step in them like dog doo.

    Go to Monsanto, they’re there.

    Go to the FDA, they lead the goyim there too.

    Go to DHS, the Talmudic Jew / Goyim-Despising Lieberman runs the show.

    Go to the airport, Jew Chertoff got his hands up are orifices.

    Go to the colleges and universities, Dershowitz and his ilk dictate the Curriculum.

    Go to the newspapers and Television, Jews Clamor for WAR!

    Sick of depravity? Jews PUSH Homosexuality and Lesbianism – NOT for their own tribe – BUT for the Goys!

    Want to EAT? Jew Now DECIDE what you can buy and what you can sell!

    Had enough of these wicked Jews?

    It’s only a matter of time before Christ’s judgement falls upon this wicked and corrupt seed of Satan.

    That’s what Christ Our God and Saviour called them, “The seed of Satan.”

    And everywhere they go (they’ve taken over the Western World) they spread their “Seeds of Destruction!”

    I call upon ALL JEWS to REPUDIATE the Jewish Destruction of Our Society! (fat chance…)

    Come Lord Jesus and Visit These People Who Crucified You With Your Judgement Upon Them As A Foretaste of the Hell They Will Experience At Your FINAL Judgement.

    Perhaps a few of them will repent… (A “remnant” only will be saved.)
    On another note.

    I just had to purchase NEW Video equipment totalling $1500.

    AND running this site is SUPER Expensive.

    I am putting out more than what is coming in.

    I also would like to start a LEGAL CENTER of The Brother Nathanael Foundation at the turn of the year to STOP THE JEWS and Especially BRING DOWN THE ANTI-CHRIST Hanukkah Menorah on the White House Lawn every December!

    Please Consider Helping Me To Meet Financial Needs!

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    Donations By Mail: The Brother Nathanael Foundation / Or Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.
    Much Love In Christ To You All!

    Your +Brother in Christ, Nathanael

  2. Brother Nathanael December 30, 2010 @ 5:19 pm

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    +Brother Nathanael
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  3. Brother Nathanael December 30, 2010 @ 5:22 pm

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    Your +Brother in Christ, Nathanael

  4. Brother Nathanael December 30, 2010 @ 5:31 pm

    Monsanto’s Zionist Bedfellows
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Copyright 2010
    All Rights Reserved

    Monsanto’s Zionist Bedfellows

    The Senate rammed through the S-510 Food Safety Bill while Americans were sleeping as a rider to the “Cash for Clunkers” Bill.

    Obeying their corporate master, Monsanto Corporation, Capitol Hill’s new Food Bill has all the earmarks of being written by Monsanto’s former Vice President, Michael Taylor.

    Taylor is now the FDA’s Commissioner for Foods where he is supervising the coming torrent of Monsanto’s genetically modified foods (GMO’s) into the American marketplace.

    Taylor is guided by his overseers, Zionist Jews Dr Margaret Hamburg and Dr Joshua Sharfstein who head the FDA’s governing department, the Office of Commissioners.

    Hamburg, known as a “bioterrorism” expert, contributed to the creation of the Senate Committee for Homeland Security led by her Jewish colleague, Talmudic Jew, Senator Joseph Lieberman.

    And Sharfstein, former adviser to Jewish Senator Henry Waxman, is currently overseeing efforts to prevent labeling of Monsanto’s toxic GMO foods since they are currently recognized by the FDA as “GRAS,” that is, “Generally Recognized As Safe” which means it only kills 50% of the rats!

    Now, the revolving door between public officials such as Michael Taylor of the FDA and Monsanto is alarming.

    For example, a Dr. Michael A. Friedman, a Jew, was a Commissioner of the FDA before he was hired as senior Vice President of Monsanto.

    But there’s a global component to the Food Bill which is part of the Judaic World Order.

    Louis Dreyfus International, a Jewish multi-national agricultural firm, with offices throughout America and across the globe, now exports Monsanto’s GMO seeds into Europe as a prelude to the coming flood of Monsanto’s toxic seeds into the American market place.

    This Zionist global food beast will soon include Lieberman’s Homeland Security with the creation of a global food-safety standard as dictated by the S-510 Food Bill.

    This is in addition to the Food Bill granting Homeland Security the right to police and shut down small farmers if they dare to use heirloom-seeds rather than buying Monsanto’s GMO toxic seeds.

    The authority over “buying and selling” the foods we eat will now be in the hands of Talmudic Jew, Joseph Lieberman and his Zionist global colleagues. And that’s scary.

    Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to start growing my own.

    And Monsanto and their Zionist Bedfellows can take their Food Bill and shove it!

  5. Joyce December 30, 2010 @ 5:48 pm

    Thanks for this Video.

    Our friends on this site should read the food bill…The noose on our necks is getting tighter and tighter.

    You are certainly correct about growing your own.

    However I am certain it will become impossible to buy anything but GMO seeds soon so everyone better stock up.

    It is almost impossible to comprehend that people are so evil that they would poison seeds.

    I am praying that Jesus will shorten the time of His Coming.

    Bless you dear Brother Nathanael and all the wonderful patriots that write information on this site.


  6. Gracie December 30, 2010 @ 6:13 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Congratulations on another insightful and timely piece!

    This bill should have been called the “Big Agriculture Monopoly Power Grab” because that is what it does.

    It will ensure that America’s food supply will be controlled by Monsanto, DuPont and other agricultural giants who have been at odds with small organic farms for years.

    America’s food “safety” decisions will now be made by the “profit-at-any-cost” chemical companies who brought us toxic pesticides, Agent Orange, PCBs, aspartame and DDT.

    This bill also promotes Codex Alimentarius which will allow the FDA to HARMonize the US food and dietary supplement industries with global Codex requirements which outlaw virtually all healthy doses of vitamins and minerals.

    Under full Codex HARMonization America will be left with a dead food supply and the health food stores will be virtually stripped bare of dietary supplements.

    Selling Vitamin D at a reasonable dose such as 4,000 IU per capsule will be criminalized and products will be seized and destroyed by FDA agents who recruit Homeland Security using local law enforcement to bring in the firepower.

    All this will ensure a diseased, nutritionally-deficient US population ripe for the picking by big pharma selling their expensive pills and chemo drugs.

    It seems clear that our CONgress is determined to kill the entire US food supply (and globally if they can get away with it) along with the US population.

    Unbelievably, EVERY Senator in office voted to pass this bill!

    So now begins a new era of global food destruction headed by what can only be called the most dangerous government agency in North America: The US Food and Drug Administration.

    Heaven Help Us!

    Credit to

    Happily I live in the rural Midwest where many of us grown our own food. Brother Nathanael, you are always welcome at our house!

  7. KathJuliane December 30, 2010 @ 6:16 pm

    Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ, Bro Nathanael,

    Outstanding video!

    It really smacked me between the eyes.

    You’ve connected some widespread dots between the Jewish Caucus and their revolving door cronies in control of Capitol Hill, the Food Safety Bill and DHS, and wrapped up into a very compact package.

    This is so scary and real about how the Jews have their hands into everything, all one can do is turn it into a Greek tragic-comedy, and laugh with tears running down one’s face, or run off to the Roman vomitorium and throw up.

    You’ve got it right about the FDA’s “GRAS – Generally Recognized As Safe”…only 50% of the rats die. GRAS is a nonsense term, especially coming from the FDA.

    Good grief, this agency approves the chemicals the pharmaceutical industry cooks up on the DRUG side, and then turns around and approves those additives on the FOOD side for Big Agri-Business.

    When you hear terminology like this, there is definitely unspoken documented risk results recorded in percentages in lab results that are considered “acceptable.”

    I don’t mean the kind of risk that is usual and ordinary in perfectly natural situations, such as some people having certain allergies to certain natural, unadulterated foods.

    It’s like being “a little bit pregnant.” Either you are or you aren’t.

    Either something called food is safe, or its not.

    “GMO’s are Generally Recognized AS Safe?”

    By whom, and who paid for the bleeding studies and cooked lab results the FDA approves? Monsanto?

    The top brass of the FDA is on shifty ground anyway because they are political hacks.

    Lower echelon technicians and scientists are generally honest and disciplined with their results, its the top administration that cuts all the political deals with the corporate food, drug and chemical company monopolies.

    Food and DHS.

    The Jews have got their hands in, on, and probing everything, our eyes, ears, noses, throats, bodily orifices.

    Chertoff has his hands on everyone’s genitals with his profitable government funded DHS-TSA.

    Jews are scatologically obsessed with checking out their own bodily fluids, hocking and spitting everywhere, smear excrement all over the proverbial walls, and now they put their hands in our food.

    This is appalling, and I knew in my bones that S-510 wasn’t dead in the water.

    I’m feeling nauseous. Think I’ll head for the vomitorium.

    A pox on all the Jews’ houses. May Monsanto fall down on all of their pointy little snakey heads.

  8. Disgusted White Christian December 30, 2010 @ 6:54 pm

    Great video Nate, love the snow, although we have about a foot of it here too.

    Jews control the banks, gold and other precious commodities,media,academia,courts, legislation, and now they will control all our foods.

    Can you say, new encrypted chip, to be placed on your forehead, or hand, that allows you to purchase anything, as monetary systems will be gone.

    Food, being the most precious resource and commodity, and take a guess, what the number inside that chip will be, 666?

  9. Disgusted White Christian December 30, 2010 @ 7:05 pm

    “Jews are scatologically obsessed with checking out their own bodily fluids, hocking and spitting everywhere, smear excrement all over the proverbial walls, and now they put their hands in our food.” KJ

    Where else do you see such an obsession with human fecal matter? Satanic worship.

    In fact, many lower levels of hell, are envisioned with souls drowning in a sea of fecal matter.

    In the movie “Schindler’s List” where does the little boy have to hide: a latrine full of fecal matter?

    Just as she says, the Jews are obsessed with it.

    I guess, it reminds them metaphorically of what they are?


  10. Frank L. December 30, 2010 @ 7:42 pm

    NEW VIDEO for Br. Nathanael:

    Br. Nathanael the Baptist: Monsanto, the Deadly Harvest

    From crappy corn to venomous veggies, Monsanto is one of the criminal Jewish network’s most powerful weapons against a healthy American people, for a weak and unhealthy people cannot create a strong enough front against the plots of the criminal network.

    One of the last of the American steel backs Burt Reynolds shows us how he deals with the criminal network using southern Georgian hospitality.

  11. Concrete man December 30, 2010 @ 8:05 pm

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Real Bro’ News –


  12. Seek the Truth December 30, 2010 @ 8:06 pm

    I bought a used video entitled “New World Order Rising” by Christian preacher Jack Van Impe. it doesn’t have a date. I’m guessing about 2005.

    What I found ironic is that he kept naming organizations and politicians involved with the NWO but not once did he use the words Jew or zionism or Israel. Instead, he demonized the Presidents of Iran and Venezuela.

    The Monsanto plot was forced on Iraqi farmers at gunpoint by the Mossad and hired mercenaries and possibly the U.S. military.

    It is amazing that the sheep don’t realize they are being led to slaughter by their Judas goat leaders. All they seem to care about is professional sports, casinos, TV, movies, cell phones, food and clothes yet many call themselves “Christian”.

    I have about 50 sealed packets of vegetable seeds from the 1970s hidden. I guess someday they will be worth a lot. Also, I need to stock up on super vitamins in case the Jews in Homeland Security start raiding the stores.

    I hope the trouble making Talmudic orthodox Jews don’t mind if I get a little bacon grease on their books and religious objects because I like BLTs and hope they understand and don’t try to outlaw pigs and hogs.

  13. michael mazur December 30, 2010 @ 8:19 pm

    This can’t last.

    Jews and their myriad obsequious grovelling Goy flunkeys have to eat too – Congress and their minions, or have they forgotten that in their obsessive need to destroy the Goy ?

    There being 6,000,000 Jews in America, their food supply and that of their Goy flunkeys will have to be non GMO.

    And as nearly all of them will keep Kosher silence – as in all other matters, we Goys will know that it is not just Zionists/Israelis who want us dead.

    Monsanto would have to have a secret corporate division dedicated to growing heritage seed for the exclusive distribution to several food crop growing areas across America, the produce of which will be deemed Kosher, but not publicised as such – of course.

    In which case the final distilled essence of the term `Kosher` is not that traditional Kosher food from field to table will be more so through stricter controls at each step of the production and handling process, but will imply that what Goys will have no choice about as food will be dangerously genetically flawed, being a means of the longed for extermination of the Goy.

    Exposure will be inevitable via the many of the Goy hired help who will inevitably talk on the internet !

  14. Kirk December 30, 2010 @ 8:25 pm

    It is not only important to grow as much of your own food as possible, but saving non-hybrid seeds is the key.

    I have had little success in getting others interested in gardening. It is much more than a hobby to me. Bypass the satanic seal on nearly everything you buy, grow your own, and recruit others to do the same.

    Real gardening and food saving is hard work. Too hard it seems for most of the people I know.

    Even though Germany remains under the Talmudic boot heel, they somehow have managed to not only retain and grow their manufacturing base, but they also are fighting the Jews GMO seed fraud.

    Upon reading cereal labels I noticed several standouts as far as ingredients. I then noticed that the cereal came from Germany. There is also no talmudic kosher seal. More reason for me to stock up.

    I never thought that I would be choosing to pay up to buy food from Europe because it was safer and higher quality than what comes from the “fruited plain.”

    The control freak Jews are out to alter our DNA, as well as the DNA of every living thing.

    There are many ways to resist, but it takes hard work, strategic thinking and unity of spirit.

    Going……going……..and soon to be gone if those who call themselves Americans do not wake up.

    Be a true patriot.

    “Cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens. They are the most vigorous, the most independant, the most virtuous, and they are tied to their country and wedded to it’s liberty and interests by the most lasting bands.”

    Thomas Jefferson

  15. Sam December 30, 2010 @ 8:49 pm

    Dear Brother Nathaniel:

    Thank you for all you do. You’ve opened my eyes and those of many others, I’m sure of it.

    I must disagree with you on one point in your Rense interview above, where you state that Jews do not repent. Jews do repent!

    Atheistic secular Jews and the Zionists for sure do not.

    If they did, they wouldn’t be capable of what they’re doing now in Israel and here with the Israel lobby.

    In any case, far too many Jews, fully aware of the difference between right and wrong, do not appear to repent, which is a dangerous thing among such a powerful group.

  16. Michael December 30, 2010 @ 8:55 pm

    Seek the Truth:

    Your comment about Jack Van Empe’s silence on the Jewish hand is also echoed by the book “Brotherhood of Darkness.”

    I do not have the authors name in front of me, but the writer claims to have studied the “world conspiracy for 40 years.”

    He covers all the groups we know of and mentions the “suspicions of the Jewish element” but says the truth is “all these groups are working for a one world government except the Jews.”

    I have a letter I am writing to him about this obfuscation of the truth.

    I cannot believe anyone studied the problem that long and is missing the Jewish element. He claims to be a Christian. The book is plugged by pro-Zionist World Net Daily.

  17. fRED December 30, 2010 @ 9:38 pm


    You respond to Seek the Truth about his bewilderment about (I assume) Van Impe or Lindsay:

    “I have a letter I am writing to him about this obfuscation of the truth.”

    Don’t waste your time writing anyone WND plugs.

    The writer either #1 know what is going on and realize what will happen to their “ministry” or revenue stream if they say “Jew”…


    #2 they are deluded.

    There are no other options.

    Best Christian regards.


    I quit reading WND a long time ago.

  18. Glory B. December 30, 2010 @ 9:53 pm

    It is truly appalling and disgusting, the way the JEWS have their filthy, greasy fingers on and into every aspect of our lives.

    As KathJuliane writes: “The Jews have got their hands in, on, and probing everything, our eyes, ears, noses, throats, bodily orifices.

    “Chertoff has his hands on everyone’s genitals with his profitable government funded DHS-TSA.

    “Jews are scatologically obsessed with checking out their own bodily fluids, hocking and spitting everywhere, smear excrement all over the proverbial walls, and now they put their hands in our food.”

    The JEW is like an octopus — spreading his poisonous Talmudic tentacles around the entire world.

    JEWS have no feeling for anyone — man, woman, child or animal — that is not of their own breed.

    That’s why their meat gets slaughtered kosher. Kosher means that the JEW butcher kills animals in a particularly disgusting way.

    The bearded kike cuts the animal’s throat without stunning it first, so that the animal feels the pain, no the agony, of the blade cutting off its air supply.

    But the pain that the animal feels doesn’t matter to the grinning kike, who is sprayed with the animal’s blood. No point wasting money on at least making the animal feel comfortable before it is killed.

    The JEWS have always denied that they have ritually slaughtered Christian children to use their blood in the making of their infernal matzah crackers.

    But judging from the pleasure that JEW butchers get in slaughtering animals, one wonders if the stories about JEWS using the blood of Christian children in a ritual sacrifice don’t have some truth to them.

    I think that JEWS should be executed for such crimes as stealing billions (Madoff), irradiating Christians in TSA body scanners (Chertoff) and practicing homosexuality (Barney “Jerkoff” Frank), and they should be killed in a kosher way, bleeding out their miserable lives as their throats are ritually slashed.

    That would be justice indeed.


    Judaea delenda est.

    “Jewry must be destroyed.”

  19. Brother Nathanael December 30, 2010 @ 10:29 pm

    You’re right dear Glory B – “Jewry MUST Be Destroyed!

    But how do we do it?

    A NEW political order that is Juden-free must be installed.

    A political order which has as its first legislation the forbidding of Jews from holding any civil and academic, educational office.

    A political order which throws the Jewish hands off of the money supply and a installs a Hamiltonian Credit Monetary policy in a National Bank RUN by Hamiltonian GENTILES.

    A political order which nationalizes the press and media and installs high-minded Gentiles as the administrators.

    But most of all, a political order that fosters a return of America as a CHRISTIAN NATION in the mold of what Putin is doing in Russia – the re-emergence of the Orthodox Church.

    It all sounds rather simplistic and dreamy-eyed does it not?

    But, if we put these ideas forward in a concrete, in depth way, then LEADERS WILL COME FORTH to make them a reality.

    I WELCOME all such IDEAS to form a NEW AMERICA that is Juden Free!

    Please post your ideas here at the RZN Comments Section or email them to me.

    +Brother Nathanael

  20. KathJuliane December 30, 2010 @ 10:49 pm

    From the only democratically elected lunatic asylum in the Middle East —

    Just a little peek at how “the Jew” in their native habitat of Israhell actually treats animals like they treat Palestinians when they think nobody but the Palestinians are watching.

    Just remember, Palestine is the current experimental lab on how to commit Bolshevik style mass starvation and famine death in the cruelest ways possible, like what occured during the Ukrainian Holdomar and how they cut off food supplies to Russian cities and regions to force them to comply.

    Same thing is happening in slower motion and smaller increments on the Palestinians. It’s all conducted under the creeping veneer of civility meant to bamboozle the average Judeo-Christian into fully believing that the Jews are humanitarians.

    The Jew only wore a different mask and used different methods for the same end result in the wars in Iraq, and Yugoslavia, with DU poisoning of earth, wind, water, food and human beings.

    These peoples, along with our own Vets and their families, are now suffering from radiation and chemical poisoning, along with thousands and thousands of cases of war disabilties, including traumatic brain damage.

    What the Jew learns on microscale in their scientific and methodical abuse of the Palestinians today, how to completely deplete a people and control their behavior, and affect their psyche with planned food restrictions and chronic malnutrion in order to keep a population subnourished, is going to be turned on Americans tomorrow on a larger, more massive scale.

    81% of the American people live in urban settings. We do NOT have the safety net that our ancestors had during the Great Depression of being able to return to Grandpa’s farm when things got tough.

    Believe me, the Jew in Israhell is scientifically studying every aspect of their handiwork of the 60-70 year long internal seige of Palestine, just like they work like madmen to map everybody’s genes in the world to eventually exploit inherent genetic weaknesses found in various ethnic populations.

    Bro Nathanael has spoken out and connected more dots outlining the control of the Jewish Caucus in Congress.

    He certainly stands for what all of the many natural foods activists for years have been sounding the alarm for, concerning this very thing being played out in the form of “frankenfood,” slow-acting food and water poison and adulteration, and products with little going for it except empty calories nutritionally.

    Don’t say it can’t happen here, because it already is, only more subtly, at a sub-clinical level, all across American society.

    Come see how the Jews are treating honest and simple agriculturalists in Palestine.

    Coming not so soon to a Main Street close to you.


    Eva Bartlett, The Electronic Intifada, 23 April 2010

    GAZA CITY, occupied Gaza Strip (IPS) – Nine-year-old Ismail spends every afternoon herding his family’s flock of sheep and goats, a scraggly group of roughly 20 animals. They live in a shanty house district near Tel al-Howa in Gaza City, where growth is sparse to non-existent.

    “I walk all over to find food for the animals,” he says, swishing his stick to move them along.

    His and other flocks can be found throughout the Strip, walking city streets and scavenging vacant lots where rubbish has accumulated, scrounging for any edibles.

    On a back lane near Gaza’s Rimal district, Abu Mohammed and two of his sons herd 15 goats and sheep.

    “We live on the north end of Jalah Street. We walk everywhere to find food for our sheep,” Abu Mohammed says. He watches as his flock strays into a small, broken-walled vacant lot and head for the overflowing garbage bin. There are some tree clippings here, so the animals feast.

    “It’s a 30-minute walk from our house. But there’s not always food here, so we usually have to walk around much more. We don’t have an ideal place for our sheep, just a small holding pen. And there’s nowhere for them to graze properly. But what can we do?”

    Like many of Gaza’s more than 80 percent desperately poor searching for any means of earning an income and food, Abu Mohammed started tending sheep and goats when he could no longer wait for the borders to open and the economy in Gaza to revive.

    Shortly after Hamas was elected in early 2006, Israel and the international community imposed a siege on Gaza’s 1.5 million citizens, tightening it to extreme levels in June 2007.

    The combination of the siege and the 23-day Israeli war on Gaza in winter 2008-09 has devastated the economy and destroyed Gaza’s ability to provide produce and meat as it did formerly.

    The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has reported that 35,000 livestock, including sheep and goats, were killed in the Israeli war on Gaza. The majority of farms lie along the border between Gaza and Israel, a region devastated during the Israeli war on Gaza and on a daily basis by Israeli military invasions, shooting and shelling.

    While many have turned to raising sheep as a means of income, others have long been herders and now feel the choke of the siege with respect to their animals and their inability to care for their flocks as they used to.

    “We leave early each morning and walk all day, until sunset, just trying to find places for the sheep to graze,” says Um Mohammed, a herder in her 50s living just off the main road between Gaza and Khan Younis.

    “Before the siege, we used to bring them hay, rye, and animal feed,” she recalls, noting that it was easier years ago, when the animals could graze naturally.

    “Our sheep and goats would feed at the base of trees before the trees were all destroyed,” she says. Over the years of Israeli air and land invasions, Israel’s bulldozing and bombing trees and agricultural land, the environment in Gaza suffers almost as much as the people.

    The lack of trees and natural growth is exacerbated by the lack of rain for what grass there is.

    With animal fodder only sparingly allowed into Gaza under the siege, that which enters through the tunnels from Egypt is unaffordable to herders like Um Mohammed.

    “Because food is expensive or not available, we must take our flock all over, to find any sort of edibles,” she says.

    The food insecurity is rendering the animals underweight and malnourished.

    “Four sheep died yesterday. They aren’t getting the vitamins and nutrients from the weeds they find,” says Um Mohammed. “They are ill, their wool is falling out.”

    She points up the main north-south road, Saleh al-Din, and says, “there used to be a factory which processed goat and sheep milk into cheese, yogurt, milk for resale.” This, she says, was destroyed during the Israeli war on Gaza.

    While the plight of Gaza’s animal husbandry falls heavily on the shoulders of those herders and farmers trying to eke out a living in impossible circumstances, the importance of sheep and goats is felt by most at festival times.

    “At Eid, we used to sell many sheep. But now, because our sheep are sickly, and because sheep imported via tunnels from Egypt sell for a lower price, we cannot sell ours, cannot make money from them,” says Um Mohammed.

    The more than thousand tunnels running from Egypt to Gaza bring virtually anything needed into Gaza, at a heavy price. Apart from the price of human lives — more than 140 tunnel workers have died working in the tunnels, after being bombed, electrocuted, or by tunnel collapse — the tunnel imports are expensive, and out of reach for most Palestinians in Gaza.

    But sheep and goats are still an alternative to unavailable or highly expensive beef. With increased malnutrition and anemia rates in Gaza, particularly among children and women, the demand for meat has meant an increase in smuggled sheep, goats and cattle.

    The absence of veterinary drugs due to the siege means that animals smuggled through create the risk of spreading disease.

  21. The Brainy zek December 30, 2010 @ 11:58 pm

    I read on two websites that the legislature of the State of Vermont has voted to deny and repudiate S.510.

    Maybe lower legislative bodies coming out in denial and repudiation could become an albatross about the neck of these JEW criminals?

    Maybe Brother Nathanael’s BRILLIANT and well researched video naming names and showing CRIMINAL relationships between the various related activities of these individuals is a base part of the answer?

    I even think that the DWC well researched history of the Monsanto Zionist family from from its earliest beginnings naming names of the of the filthiest slave-trade transactions wouldnt hurt either..

    All these TRUTHS can form the basis of a giant albatross to block the paths of a JEW-BOUGHT CONGRESS!

  22. Kalif December 31, 2010 @ 12:34 am

    The GMO have been genetically engineered such, like mules, their seeds are sterile and after every harvest new ones have to be bought.

    To the dismay of countless Indian farmers who ended up commiting suicide, they found there was no merit to GMO over natural ones other than the herbicide/insectide genes spliced into these GMO’s.

    GMO’s did not require less water or less fertilizer or less hospitable soil, but on the contrary they required more.

    To get an in depth view of miseries caused to poor Indian farmers by the likes of corporate mafia and thugs such as Monsanto — please google:

    +”indian farmers” +gm +suicide

    To find out for yourself.

    Anyone critical of this ungodly and unscientific cabal could end up just like David Dees the illustrious illustrator who dominates

    Hence they seem to be keen on destroying the world’s supply of natural seeds but for themselves they want to ensure ample supply of heirloom seeds in their underground vaults such as in Norway.

    Please google: seed bank norway

    Michael Crichton wrote the story The Jurassic Park as a warning against senseless tinkering with nature.

    His book had a prologue where he emphasized the dangers inherent in this ‘science’ as far worse than the atomic/nuclear dangers and that genetical modification must be strictly controlled similarly; but Hollywood made an entertainment movie out of the story and diluted the warning message.

    Please go get yourself the book and just read the prologue to be truly horrified.

    Of course the makers of these GMO’s will never state what modifications they have injected into them (Trade Secrets) so they are free to do human experimentation and modifications of us, the consumers too, with neither our consent nor knowledge.

    The first course of action may have to be to questions our representatives on the following question:

    How come natural colourings such as beet red (E21 ??) has to be displayed on the product’s label yet the untested and untried GMO ingredient does not have to be?

    If we lose on this issue, then we have lost on the most single issue of our era.

    This fight is ours and not God’s.

    Lastly let us remember that our ancestors used to survive for long periods on nothing but mushrooms as nourishment as well as a medical source. They require less time between ‘planting’ and harvesting. They are succulent and require very little to grow.

  23. Heinrik Von Manshstein December 31, 2010 @ 1:58 am

    In the 1970’s CFR and TC honcho Henry Kissinger once remarked that:

    “To control Peoples you control food, to control nations you control energy.” How true!

    You see Folks they figured it out a long time ago that to control humanity they just need to control food and energy, but they forgot one other thing and some of you knows what it is.

    Bro Nate you will hear from me soon.


  24. Nina December 31, 2010 @ 2:21 am

    Seek the Truth,

    You cannot rely on such old seeds as they are not likely to germinate when you need them.

    A good source for fresh seeds is Baker Heirloom Seeds at

  25. Kalif December 31, 2010 @ 2:49 am

    Nano Materials have very desirable properties for engineering sciences.

    But did you know that such novel and untested materials are also used as ingredients in the foods that we eat ? On most occasions not due to their nutritional values, which they have none but as fillers only ?

    Did you also know that common rock (limestone, iron filings, gypsum) are also used in most of your day to day products that you use ?

    Plants are adept at extricating the neccessary minerals that our bodies need from the ground.

    It then processes that naturally so that these minerals become ‘biological’ in nature and suitable for human consumption. Take a palm date for example, it is full of iron. But this iron since it is in a ‘biological’ state it does not get attracted by a magnet.

    Kellog’s in its infinite stupidity ‘fortifies’ their corn-flakes with iron fillings, a waste product of any machinery shop, into your daily breakfast and hence poisons your body first thing during breakfast after you have poisoned yourself with some fluoridated toothpaste and probably fluoridated water too.

    The eggs and bacon you have next are full of anti-biotics that are force fed to poultry and agricultural animals.

    Most of the accompanying ‘food’ you take are laced with PRESERVATIVES, full of cancer-causing sodium nitrate and other unpronounceable named compounds to ensure a longer ‘Shelf Life’ so that beyond your breakfast you are as good as dead with non-nutritional poisonous ingredients in your food.

    There is no rational sophistication in further compounding the mass poisoning of humanity with new unnatural and untested materials such as nano materials. These materials better be kept to where they belong – in engineering.

    And did you also know that besides the ‘new’ PTFE cooking utensils being harmful to our health the rest of the utensils are made of aluminum ? A most poisonous substance ? This aluminum leaches into your food during cooking and makes you just as demented as the Romans who used lead utensils, another lethal substance.

    The worst part of it all is that they ENFORCE these paramount decisions without seeking our approvals.

  26. Theodora December 31, 2010 @ 3:20 am

    @Glory B.

    “One wonders if the stories about JEWS using the blood of Christian children don’t have some truth in it.”

    Please go to:

    And read ‘Blood Passover’ by Ariel Toaff online.

    Toaff is the son of the supreme rabbi of Rome. He is a historian; specialty Mediaevel History and he proved with documents and all that this horrible thing did really happen.

    As you might imagine, Toaff was accused of everything bad and the book is no longer available because the Jews in Italy complained about ‘blood libel’!!!!

    I remember that I read/or heard long ago that the fairy tales of the Grimm brothers were also meant to warn ‘innocent children’ about evil Jews. Is there someone here who knows about this?? I didn’t pay attention back then because I thouht it fantasy and insulting and …

    But now I could see it – thanks to Bro. Nathanael Kapner – in another light.

  27. Macro December 31, 2010 @ 5:25 am

    Off the topics but this is in response to what Putin is doing in Russia…

    Where corruption rules

    You can see the sprawling, Italian-style palace on the Black Sea in satellite photos.

    There’s a fitness spa, a hideaway “tea house,” a concert amphitheater and a pad for three helicopters. It’s still under construction, but already the cost is said to total more than $1 billion.

    And, according to Russian whistleblower Sergey Kolesnikov, it was predominantly paid for with money donated by Russian businessmen for the use of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

    The funds have come “mainly through a combination of corruption, bribery and theft,” charges Kolesnikov, a businessman who until November 2009 worked for one of the companies he alleges was investing money for Putin.

    Kolesnikov lays out the story of this palace — and the secret funding network — in a remarkable open letter to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. It was delivered Tuesday to the Russian U.N. mission in New York.

    An English translation is available online at It’s one of the most detailed allegations I’ve seen of the links between Putin and Russia’s “crony capitalism.”

    “The corruption is pervasive, and it is disgraceful and crippling for our great country,” writes Kolesnikov, citing a recent Transparency International study claiming that corruption, overall, totals $250 billion to $300 billion annually. He calls on Medvedev to “show to our entire nation that everyone is equal before the law, even prime ministers.”

    A spokesman for Putin declined to comment. One Russian source speculates that the Black Sea palace may be used to entertain guests during the 2014 Winter Olympics nearby in Sochi.

    Kolesnikov is one of those brave souls who decides to expose what he sees as wrongdoing, regardless of the risks. I met him this month and reviewed his notes and other documents supporting his charges.

    Kolesnikov, who became wealthy through various ventures, including a medical-supply company called Petromed, appears to have nothing to gain personally by attacking Putin — and much to lose. That boosts his credibility in my eyes.

    The financing of Putin’s hideaway is a complicated story that centers on a man named Nikolai Shamalov. He is an old St. Petersburg friend of Putin’s, with whom he shared a dacha cooperative property there in the 1990s.

    A Dec. 23, 2009, story in Novya Gazeta named Shamalov as one of Putin’s 13 influential business “friends.” An attempt to reach Shamalov through Putin’s spokesman was unsuccessful.

    Kolesnikov says he began working with Shamalov in 2000 after Putin became president. The initial plan was to use contributions from Russian businessmen to purchase medical equipment for clinics in St. Petersburg, with 35 percent of the contract payments diverted to offshore accounts.

    Millions of dollars of medical equipment was indeed purchased, but more than $148 million of these donations allegedly wound up under Shamalov’s control, according to the open letter.

    In 2005, Kolesnikov told me, he was asked by Putin’s friend to form an investment company called RosInvest. The ownership was hidden by anonymous “bearer shares,” with the bulk held on Putin’s behalf, Kolesnikov says he was told by Shamalov.

    The palace project began in 2005 with acquisition of state land near Praskoveevka. Shamalov owned this “Project South,” as it was known, through several front companies, the letter alleges. Kolesnikov says he regularly reviewed invoices and other financial records, and that by October 2009, projected spending had reached $1 billion.

    Kolesnikov says Putin was briefed regularly on his hidden wealth. “Two or three times a year, during eight years, at Shamalov’s direction, I prepared financial summaries for him to update Putin on his investments,” he alleges. “Immediately following each of these meetings, Shamalov would provide me with Putin’s comments and instructions for the use of the funds.”

    It’s a fact of life that in many nations, political leaders divert a share of private business deals for their own account, and Russians have gossiped about such corruption for the two decades.

    What’s unusual is to have such a detailed, on-the-record allegation. In Russia, whistleblowers can end up dead.

    The reason Kolesnikov decided to come forward, he writes, is that the costs of corruption “sap the very fiber of our people and our country.”

    Whatever the history of the palazzo-on-the-sea, the larger point is surely right: Corruption is undermining Russia, and the only way it will stop is if brave people protest, and leaders take action.

  28. Glory B. December 31, 2010 @ 7:44 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    I am extremely pleased and excited by your thoughts on making America “juden-frei.” We are definitely “on the same wave length.”

    Your website is the first one I “click” on every day to see what new ideas are posted by patriotic Americans such as yourself, KathJuliane, DWC, The Brainy Zek, Donna, Joe Cortina, and others, as well as Christians overseas – Stav, Charlie, etc., etc. (If I’ve left your name out, please don’t be upset or angry; you know who you are.)

    Yes, there are other websites where patriots post ideas, but many of them are tainted by filthy language — which you don’t permit — and infected by JEW-vermin and their JEW-loving friends.

    I applaud your determination to keep JEWS and their butt-licking fiends from poisoning your website.

    (Did you notice that I said “fiends,” not “friends?” That was intentional.)

    I don’t envy you the job of putting up with their insults and murderous thoughts towards your body and spirit.

    I think of you, Brother Nathanael, as the wiser, older brother that I never had.

    After all, we come from similar backgrounds; we are both former JEWS (born and bred) who recognized the evils inherent in JUDAISM, and who were led by the Holy Spirit to follow Jesus Christ who is truly God Incarnate, who came to Earth to save mankind from Satan, and who died in order to save mankind from sin.

    Jesus set an example for all to follow. He allowed the wicked JEWS to kill Him, but He arose on the third day and went to Heaven, where He is seated at the right hand of the Father Almighty.

    Brother Nathanael, you have taken on Holy Orders as an Orthodox Christian, for which I admire you very much.

    Frankly, I cannot see how you do it; you must not get very much sleep!

    Between praying, studying the Scriptures, researching and writing your articles, doing your videos, conducting your street evangelism, running the BNF, fighting the wicked JEWS who are constantly working to destroy our Lord Jesus Christ;

    Campaigning to bring the Nativity Scene depicting the Birth of our Lord to the town square of Frisco, Colorado (and the end result was BEAUTIFUL), battling to remove the “devil’s pitchfork” (as Joe Cortina calls it) of a JEW-Menorah from the White House lawn, and not being discouraged by the slander and outright lies against you thrown out by wicked JEWS, etc., etc.

    Oh my, how do you do it?

    As I mentioned in an earlier thread, I know nothing of economics, so I can’t comment on the wisdom — or lack of it — of a national bank run on Hamiltonian principles.

    But I do trust you, Brother Nathanael, to know what is right for America.

    And that definitely means ridding our beloved country of satanic JEWS!!!

    We all know that JEW-dominated America is sick, and that the only way to cure our country is to get rid of JEWISH control of virtually every aspect of our lives.

    But even if a strong military leader does appear to remove the filthy Juden and shatter the stranglehold that the Yids have on America, where does that leave us patriotic American Christians?

    What I mean is, there would still be a bunch of dirty kikes running around causing trouble.

    So we have to not only remove the JEWS from power, we have to remove them from our country!

    At the very least, we have to segregate JEWS in ghettos while we figure out what to do with them.

    That wouldn’t get rid of them entirely, but at least it would mean that we could control the JEWS instead of them controlling us.

    My feeling is, ship the JEWS elsewhere. However, not to the Holy Land, where there are already too many JEWS, but that’s another story.

    Rather, ship them to another country, such as Khazaria, or send them to a place in the United States where they could not cause harm to Christians.

    What I have in mind as a homeland for the JEWS in the United States is DEATH VALLEY.

    After all, the JEWS supposedly are good at “making the desert bloom.” Let’s see them work their black magick on Death Valley.

    Truly, the ONLY reason the Yids are able to succeed in IsraHELL is because they have the backing, and the financing, of the United States.

    Cut the JEW off from his money supply, and he turns into the whimpering, simpering, disgusting creature that he really is.

    What a joy it will be when the kikes are removed from our streets and the seats of power that they now occupy.

    Of course, it will not be easy to identify all the JEWS; it would have to be done gradually.

    But I feel that deep down, Christians really don’t trust the JEWS, and would be willing to step forward and identify the hidden Yids who have blended in with the bulk of the population.

    Even the Negroes should be willing to rid themselves of JEWISH shackles, even though it is the JEWS that are responsible for pushing the Negroes forward, and giving them so-called “civil rights.”

    Civil rights is nothing more or less than a communist plot to destroy White Christian civilization. And of course, it is the JEWS that started and supported communism.

    Even though the Negroes advanced under so-called JEWISH generosity, they should be able to see how they were cheated and robbed by money-hungry JEWS.

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if White (and Hispanic) Christian Americans and black Negro Americans united to drive the wicked, satanic JEWS from power?

    Then we could unite to bring our beloved country back to the principles of love and mercy preached and practiced by our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Principles that have been subverted and reversed by the Christ-hating JEWS.

    Brother Nathanael, you know that I have been trying to help your Godly cause with my financial contributions.

    I regret that it isn’t much, but I know that I, and others, are helping you to fight satanic Jewry with our contributions.

    I’m sorry that I have to rely on the U.S. mail to send money to you. I do that because I don’t have credit cards, which are a device of the satanic JEWS to defraud and impoverish Christians.

    Anyway, I will send you some money this month (January 2011) and every month, to help you with your holy cause.

    It won’t be as much as in December, because now I, like so many Christians, must pay the JEWS for the bills that have mounted up as we celebrated Christmas. However, it will be something, and hopefully I can increase it during the coming year.

    So Happy New Year, Dear Brother Nathanael, and keep up the good fight.

    Your admiring sister,

    Glory B.

    P.S. I’m presently working on a longer poem about the JEWISH problem than the one I sent you earlier.

    It’s somewhat “harsher” in advocating a FINAL SOLUTION to the JEWISH QUESTION than my earlier work. But I think it tells the truth in an entertaining way. I’ll send it to you when it’s ready.

    Here’s a snippet:

    Oh, what a great day it will be,
    When Jews are removed from our country.
    How wonderful in every way,
    When Yids disappear from the old U.S.A.

    There’s a lot more (it’s very long) but as I say, I’m still working on it.

    ‘Bye for now.


    Judaea delenda est.

    “Jewry must be destroyed!”

  29. russ December 31, 2010 @ 7:46 am

    What a surprise, 510 passed with flying colors!!!

    This attack on our food supply is beyond horrible, how much more harm can be perpetrated on the world by these monions of Satan.

    99% of ALL the public officials are getting their strings pulled by the Zionist puppet masters.

    The attack on food started when the FDA took control of organic standards and labeling. They have watered down the requirements to a point that now the giant megafarms can get in on the act of selling “organic” foods.

    The organic movement that started out in the 70’s was a wholesome family farm run enterprise, fostering a harmonious way of life. Individual States would certify organic standards with input from their own organic farmers.

    The FDA now has a policy in effect called “Coexistence” that allows organic and GMO crops to be grown next to each other, and what happens is the plants cross pollinate and ruin the seeds from the organic crop!

    Not to mention they now allow “organic” foods from China to flood our shores, and this food has no criteria for being organic other than the label, most of this stuff is just chemical and pesticide soaked crap.

    This is such an obvious well thought out and delibrate attack on the world’s food supply.

    It is encouraging to see that Vermont is rejecting this scam, I pray that ALL the other states will do the same while they still have some autonomy left.

    Maybe just maybe the Jews have finally gone to far and the tide is turning, let us pray that is the case.

    In the meantime lets all get ready, stock up on food – water – guns AND AMMO [they will go after this first] – silver for barter – a safe haven and emergency planning – grow and store much food as you can, its rewarding and theraputic!!

  30. Donna chestergimli December 31, 2010 @ 8:01 am


    Thank you so much for the info on rareseeds. I intend to keep that website handy.

  31. Disgusted White Christian December 31, 2010 @ 9:36 am

    Seek the Truth, Be careful with Jack Van Impe.

    I watch him at times, and he is a Zionist controlled puppet too, not to the extent of John Haggee, but Van Impe is another tele-lie-evangelist: one that BLAMES ALL THE WORLD’S WOES ON ISLAM, AND THE KORAN, INSTEAD OF THE REAL DEVIL TALMUDIC ZIONIST CONTROLLED TERROR.

    Sam, my Jewish friend, God bless, you are correct, I have more respect and love for
    Gilad Atzman and Norman Finklesein,than some family members.

    They are two atheist Jews, but are noble men, who EXPOSE Zionist hypocrisy for Gentile and Jews alike, to the extent that their lives and livelihood have been threaten, and they are social pariahs in the Zionist controlled west also.

    God is for the truth, no matter what faith or religion (or lack of it) you believe, I believe in my heart that Atzman and Finklestein, may not believe in Jesus in their mind, but they do in their HEARTS, which IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT, I BELIEVE PERSONALLY!


  32. Disgusted White Christian December 31, 2010 @ 9:44 am

    To all:

    Christian, Jew, Muslims, Buddhist, Hindi, whatever creed, race, religion or none, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  33. mr.israel December 31, 2010 @ 11:54 am

    Control food ?

    What good would that do, its not like the Talmud Jews are forcing you to be vegetarians, what do they put in the food? Do they genetically modify the seeds?

    Don’t know, don’t know what they do to the food, but seems they want to control it.

    Oh well.

    They also want to control energy. OK, thats what they want to do so be it.

    What is alarming is that these actions of the Talmudic Jews support the way Moslems think, Moslems are never a target of the Talmudic Jews global objectives, seems that’s how it is.

    For instance Texe Marrs says there is enough oil in USA to last years and years, but the oil business wants to go to Arab/Moslem countries to get oil, so that they can pump up the moslem economy.

    Seems if you are living a life style thats in the manner of anti-Christ likeness, then you prosper, that’s what possibly the synogogue of satan’s character is.

    They did not accept Jesus, and Jesus made them a synogogue of satan. The works of the anti-Christ movement is within the scope of Jesus’s expectation, as Jesus gave them the synogogue of satan.

    Monitoring the anti-Christ actions is ok it gives you a look at what’s possibly the future is going to look like. Not monitoring is also ok because its just common sense stuff and read your Bible and stay straight.

    Only a few would be of the likeness of Jesus Christ, remnant of the seed, seems thats the story of that woman in the Book of Revelation.

    Most of the world’s Christians are not into Jesus, they are just name-sake Christians, and they enjoy the freedom of being Christians thats afforded to them by their alleged Christian governments. Something like that, just a few.

    Bro, you seem to take into account Jews who are Talmudic who would survive and be the few as remnants, as they might convert, but it is not so. Its plain old Christians as they are that are the remnants.

    You do a decent job on your expose, but its doubtful that it would lead to much change, because the Revelation text had foretold that the situation would be a remnant situation, with very few people.

    First off, its not easy to be a Buddhist, just the same as its not easy to be a Christian, while they as millions and millions cliam to be Christians, so you see its just a few.

    Having told you this much, there is more, but it wouldnt make a difference when you try to be among the few Christians.

    i doubt myself to be of that quality of few, I try to be good and i have my faults.

    Goes to show how few, few is.

    Later Bro, have a good 2011. Regards.

  34. Kalif December 31, 2010 @ 12:11 pm

    The Shadow Banking System:

    A Third Of All The Wealth In The World Is Held In Offshore Banks

  35. Kalif December 31, 2010 @ 12:51 pm

    Hundreds of herbal products to be outlawed across EU in early 2011

  36. Kalif December 31, 2010 @ 12:53 pm


  37. Brother Nathanael December 31, 2010 @ 1:20 pm

    Dear Glory B –

    I am very honored to be looked upon by you as your “big brother in Christ.”

    As former Jews who are NOW Christians we have a unique understanding of the Judaic threat to our once Christian society.

    Could you please email to me as I would like to discuss some ideas of how we can pull our “resources of knowledge and background” together in OUR fight against the Christ-Crucifying Jews who are NOW in full power in our hapless nation. +Brother Nathanael

  38. Brother Nathanael December 31, 2010 @ 1:24 pm

    @Macro –

    You are basically touting the Jew-line on the pious Orthodox Christian and MASTER political leader of Russia, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

    Please go to my articles on Putin and Russia @ & to learn the truth that the Jews fear and censor in their LIES in the Main Stream Press they own in Jewmerica.

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Russian Orthodox Christian
    Fellow Parishioner of Vladimir Putin

  39. USSA TODAY December 31, 2010 @ 2:06 pm

    An early Happy New Year to everyone!

    May Christ guide and direct us in His infinite wisdom and holiness in the New Year!

    Glory to The Light of The World!

    Suggestion –

    We need to pray a corporate prayer together as a RZN family against these anti-Christ tyrants and for the reawakening of the Western conscience to full liberty in Christ.

  40. Kalif December 31, 2010 @ 2:15 pm

    Marianne Manchester, Nicole F. Steinmetz, “Viruses and Nanotechnology”
    Sp-nger | 2008-11-01 | ISBN: 3540693769 | 150 pages | PDF | 19,6 MB

    Viral nanoparticles (VNPs) serve as excellent nanobuilding blocks for materials design and fabrication.

    The main advantages are their nanometer-range size, the propensity to self-assemble into monodisperse nanoparticles of discrete shape and size, the high degree of symmetry and polyvalency, the relative ease of producing large quantities, the exceptional stability and robustness, biocompatibility, and bioavailability.

    Last but not least, the particles present programmable units, which can be modified by either genetic modification or chemical bioconjugation methods.

  41. Kalif December 31, 2010 @ 2:23 pm

    Seeds of Deception
    Stationary Office | Pages: 304 | 2003-09 | ISBN: 0972966587

    Without knowing it, Americans eat genetically modified (GM) food everyday. While the food and chemical industries claim that GMO food is safe, a considerable amount of evidence shows otherwise.

    In Seeds of Deception, Jeffrey Smith, a former executive with the leading independent laboratory testing for GM presence in foods, documents these serious health dangers and explains how corporate influence and government collusion have been used to cover them up.

    The stories Smith presents read like a mystery novel. Scientists are offered bribes or threatened; evidence is stolen; data withheld or distorted. Government scientists who complain are stripped of responsibilities or fired.

    The FDA even withheld information from congress after a GM food supplement killed nearly a hundred people and permanently disabled thousands. While Smith was employed by the laboratory he was not allowed to speak on the health dangers or the cover-up.

    No longer bound by this agreement, Smith now reveals what he knows in this ground breaking expose. Today, food companies sell GM foods that have not undergone safety studies.

    FDA scientists opposed this, but White House and industry pressure prevailed and the agency’s final policy–co-authored by a former Monsanto attorney–denied the risks.

    The scientists’ concerns were made public only after a lawsuit forced the agency to turn over internal documents. Dan Glickman, former Secretary of Agriculture, describes the government’s pro-biotech mindset: “You felt like you were almost an alien, disloyal, by trying to present an open-minded view. . . . So I pretty much spouted the rhetoric. . . . It was written into my speeches.”

    In Seeds of Deception Smith offers easy-to-understand descriptions of genetic engineering and explains why it can result in serious health problems. This well-documented, pivotal work will show you how to protect yourself and your family.

  42. charlie December 31, 2010 @ 5:03 pm

    Monsanto has infiltrated the National Farmers Federation in Australia.

    So you now have the ridiculous situation where the so-called representatives of the farmers of this nation are themselves lobbying the government, sucessfully for GMO crops, the latest being GMO Canola.

    These ignorant and stupid lobbyists pretend they have nothing to do with Monsanto (there cannot be seen to be a linkage – thats a no-brainer), and yet mouth the Monsanto lies and propaganda whilst ignoring, or are being totally lied to, by their Monsanto masters not only about the dangers of GMO’s but also about the integrity of the non-GMO lobby.

    When you put facts to them their response is (‘off camera’ of course) total ignorance.

    What they are really saying, by their proclaimed ignorance (and this itself is UNACCEPTABLE); and it shows in their expressions, verbally, emotionally and their body language, is —

    “Oh Monsanto hasn’t told us about that. They just gave us lots of money and tell us what to say.’

    ‘We know we will be believed because we were sucessful small-medium time farmers ourselves once.’

    They laugh at and denigrate Geoff Smith’s “Seeds of Deception” as – ‘oh he’s just one guy and that’s his opinion and not real research.”

    If there was any more blatant proof that they really are in Monsanto’s pocket that is it!

    Despite this, there is a very active and strong non-GMO lobby in Australia composed of scientists of the highest calibre imaginable.

    2+2 = the pollies (politicians) have also been either bought off or warned off by their masters in the synagogue both the Zionist Jews and the freemasons, the latter of which I know for a fact control what goes on in government, and the former what goes on television radio, newpapers and magazines to a large extent.

    So much so that when the Prime Minister of this country did not ring in a foreign minister ‘gone wild’ read — ie. had the temerity to go after Israel for allowing its Mossad assassins to use stolen Australian passports — the Prime Minister himself was deposed in favour of a person in their total control.

    They do not yet control the electoral system in this country yet; however, like they do in the United States and the ballot box saw a victory for her dependent on the support of three Independents and a Green candidate.

    One of those Independents had previously resigned his position in the Security Services very publicly over his disagreement with Australia’s support of the illegal and contrived war in Iraq as he put it.

    This is the guy who now holds the deciding vote in all Federal government legislation.


    The fact that he is now the member for the area where the government assassination of 35 members of the public to get their gun confiscation, so the NWO Zionist Jews and Masons could move safely to Tasmania’s SW, when the environmental catastrophes world wide which they will cause — are causing — take effect.

    This is where they have an underground city, and the exposure of which led to the death of Joe Vialls.

    All this will I think really put him to the test.

    But as he has said — Absolute truth and integrity is vital in government.

  43. charlie December 31, 2010 @ 6:20 pm



    when the world wide catastrophes hit – check out and locate it on this world map

  44. suzanne December 31, 2010 @ 6:40 pm

    @ charlie,

    Thank you for your comments. I also write from Australia!

  45. Brother Nathanael December 31, 2010 @ 7:34 pm

    Stopping The Jews In 2011

    – Dear Friends –

    The Brother Nathanael Foundation Has Plans for 2011

    A Law Center Is Planned To Take On The Jews

    More Nativity Scenes & Legal Action Against The Hanukkah Menorah On The White House Lawn Are In The Works

    We Need Your Financial Help!

    To Donate: Click @

    By Mail: Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID 83856

    Blessings To All! +BN

  46. Lydia D. December 31, 2010 @ 8:18 pm


    I made a purchase on the website, and ordered a catalog. Thanks from me for the info!

    And to dear Brother Nathanael, and everyone here of the RZN family, continued well wishes during this holy Christmas Season, and a most happy and prosperous New Year.

    May our Lord Jesus Christ bless us, and protect us all.

  47. Joe Cortina December 31, 2010 @ 8:19 pm

    I ask all the RZN readership to pray for and support a vey VERY brave Christian warrior for truth.

    He will be engaged in a serious court battle very shortly – that may set the precedent for future phony Jew-hate trials.

    These are court trials where the JEW is the HATE MONGER and of course victimizes HIS victims – an evil, twisted, sick, depraved, putrid, rancid, bastardization of fact and truth and justice for which he ( the Jew) has been infamously guilty since he crucified Christ and murdered the prophets.

    The man’s name is Brenedon O’Connell and he is an Australian. I am helping him as an expert witness of Jew sadistic crimes against defenseless women and children I witnessed while in IsraHELL many years ago.

    What I witnessed there – of course – is but a prelude to what the Jew intends to do to ALL of us goy.

    TSA abuses are only the beginning. Their purpose is NOTHING to do with all that phony bulls–t about ‘terrorism’. THEY ARE THE TERRORISTS!

    What they are doing – as they did in the WACO massacre – is seeing how far they can abuse us in every outrageous filthy way imaginable, before we finally stand up like MEN and kick the crap out of ANY sick, perverted thug who wants to murder our children or fondle our daughters’ or wives’ sexual anatomy – as if they were some sort of street whores!

    He has become my ‘MATE’ and is one of the VERY few truthers who has that rare unswerving courage, dedication, resolve, and integrity that you see so emblematic of our very own Brother Nathanael.

    Australia is now inundated with Christian-hating criminal mentality Jews whose goals are like in our own nation – it’s total moral and economic occupation and destruction.

    Suzanne – you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. I ask you to accept him into our ‘band of brothers’ for freedon justice and truth.

    Wishing you all the best for the coming new year – especially Brother Nate – who knows of and supports Mr. O’Connell.

    We must ALL fight together for this sacred cause of regaining our nation from these horrible people – or perish together.

    Fondest regards – Joe Cortina

  48. Hoff January 1, 2011 @ 1:00 am

    Starvation – a Secret Weapon of the Jews

    How did the Jews start the Jew-instigated coup in Russia 1917? The Jews took control of the supply lines into the big cities.

    Cordon any city RIGHT NOW, Jan 1 the year 2011, cut the food line and what do you get in 48 houers? Starvation.

    Give it another 24 hours and the (m)asses will rally in the streets demanding “Change”. The Tsar or the Jew-Communist, the (m)asses don’t care as long as they get food.

    This is how the Jew fermented the coup in Napoleon France. The Jews cordóned Paris and starved the (m)asses, just the same as the Jews cordoned Moscow and St Petersburg a century later in Russia.

    So what are the Jews doing in America two centuries later? Cordon the supply lines of food:

    “The Senate rammed through the S-510 Food Safety Bill …”

  49. The Brainy zek January 1, 2011 @ 4:18 am


    I am not going to be as nice to as Brother Nathanael because I believe you to be a PHONY with your story of Putin corruption and your distraction to the RZN site!

    You start off by relating a story of some luxury sea spot with a capacity heliport for three helicopters for use by Putins buddies and you wind up by saying that the cost of of this glamour spot seems to peak out at one billion dollars.

    Then you move on in Zionist MSM style and jump into mega billions and say that Putin corruptions seem to cost 250 billion and then raise that to 300 billion without any proofs but merely the supposed word of a friend!

    I will counter your hypothetical fairy tale with some TRUTH IN FACTS about Vladimir Putin and his Christian Russia!

    A couple of years ago Vladimir Putin and Christian Russia went down to South Ossetia and handed Zio-America and Zio-Israel and their Zio-puppet Georgia one butt-kicking defeat, and let them know their hegemonic advance and that there would be no Zio crowd around Russian borders. And now for two years it has stayed that way!

    For a few years now, Putin and his Christian Russia have forged an alliance with Iran which has produced a missile and arms and military capacity that has placed Israel in an absolute line of fire for absolute blood-bath destruction!

    I have been delighted to read a couple of posts on Information Clearing House by a couple of Israeli journalists on the Israeli newspaper Haarets telling Jews everywhere not to be so aggressively arrogant about Iran, because Iran can deliver absolute destruction of Israel!

    And who is responsible for this Zio-NWO checkmate in advancement? None other than Vladimir Putin and his Russian Christians!

    I could go on and on with facts in truth! But you need to take your fairy tales to another site! It simply will not wash with the RZN crowd!

  50. Woman January 1, 2011 @ 9:04 am

    Happy New Year!

    Why, oh why, are the goyim so stupid as to let Monsanto’s Congress get way with passage of this bill.

  51. Gandalf January 1, 2011 @ 9:07 am

    Rotary NaZis International

    Hitler’s Jewish Family – In The Shadow Of The Dictator

  52. Donna chestergimli January 1, 2011 @ 10:00 am

    Brother Nathanael,

    I understand that Chapter 10 of the Apocalypse is about the change of heart of the Jews in the end. What are your thoughts about this? Could you be one of these ex-Jews?

  53. Sam January 1, 2011 @ 2:10 pm

    Happy New Year to All:

    Here is an amazing speech by former Jew Benjamin Freedman from 1961:

  54. Brother Nathanael January 1, 2011 @ 5:07 pm

    Dear Donna –

    The Orthodox Church teaches that the 144,000 is not about any “change of heart” of the “tribes of Israel.”

    The 144,000 mentioned twice in The Revelation of St John is figurative for the Church in its seminal days when many martyrs died under Nero and Diocletian.

    It is obviously figurative for the Church and not literally, “the 12 tribe of Israel” since the tribe of Dan is not mentioned and the tribe of Ephraim is mentioned yet not the tribe of Manasseh. (At any rate, the distinctive tribal affiliations were wiped out when Herod destroyed ALL of the tribal lineages prior to 70 AD.)

    There is only ONE plan for the Jews as there is only ONE plan for all. They MUST become Christians and be baptized into the Church.

    The fullness of the Gentiles includes a “remnant” of Jews who are part of the Church UNTIL the Second Coming of Christ.

    All of this is specified in the sterling and definitive Commentary on the Book of Romans by St John Chrysostom of the 4th Century.

    It is online in the Nicene Fathers Series. +BN

  55. Disgusted White Christian January 1, 2011 @ 5:40 pm


    I have heard most of Benjamin Freedman’s speeches and he was a good man, and an accurate speaker on just about all his points.

    I remember, reading about his later life(70s) in New York City, he said, there were Jews that would spit at him.

    I just wished more people would listen to his warnings, as these Zionist monsters plan to take the whole earth to hell, and everyone with them.


  56. Disgusted White Christian January 1, 2011 @ 5:50 pm

    You can only DEFEAT it when you believe in it!

    Time we stop listening to the Zionist Jew telling us, it is not real?

    Inspired by TRUE events:


  57. charlie January 1, 2011 @ 5:52 pm

    Is it Jews who are taking over the world or organizations which happen to be of Jewish origin?

    The answer to this question is International Zionism and Zionist Freemasonry.

    The answer to that question is important because the next concerns non-Jews taking over the world.

    Is it non Jews taking over the world or organizations which happen to be composed of many non Jews?

    The answer to the second question is International Zionism and Interntional Gentile Freemasonry.

    Should we therefore go after a nebulous group of people who happen to be Jewish or gentile Freemasons?

    Or should we go after the centres of power of these monolithic International Organizations, which DO NOT owe their allegiance to the Jewish people?

    Which DO NOT owe their allegiance to the general body of (esp. USA where they are the most numerous) gentile Freemasons, but who owe their allegiance to the power players within the two International organizations?

    Unless we do this, attack the real centres of power, we are clutching at straws and chasing windmills……chasing phantoms.

    We are diverted…and they are off scott free, to enslave the world unopposed.

    Do you think this world takeover could ocur without strict organization, co ordination, pyramid style power structures and international finance?

    Is, therefore, the general body of Jews responsible for this or as much a victim as the rest of us, unless they are a part of the working structure of these organizations along with many non Jews as well?

    Not all, not even Jews, are on the bottom layer even, of this pyramid, ie unless of course you regard the bottom layer as us. But this is to accept the system they wish to impose.

    They see you as the bottom layer. We of course must beg to differ and that must be our bottom line.

  58. Mike Phillips January 1, 2011 @ 8:02 pm

    Dear Donna,

    144,000 is a symbolic number for the saved. It is 12 x 12 x 1000.

    1000 is the symbolic number of totality. “All the cattle on a thousand hills are mine.” This does not mean some cow on hill #1001 is not God’s.

    12 tribes, 12 apostles (those saved from the Old and New Testament periods)

    Finally, the names. In the Bible, all names have meanings. For example, Judah means praise.

    The meanings of all twelve of these names apply to all who are saved, whether Jews or Gentiles. The meanings of the names are found in Genesis where the names are first given. A little examination should show you why Dan was left off the list – that meaning does not apply.

    Manasseh is left out because the meaning of that name is essentially a duplicate of the meaning of the name Joseph.

    Revelation is a symbolic book. It must be understood that way.

    Hope that helps.

  59. hvt January 1, 2011 @ 8:24 pm

    “They see you as the bottom layer. We of course must beg to differ and that must be our bottom line.”

    And the LORD shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath; if thou shalt hearken unto the commandments of the LORD thy God, which I command thee this day, to observe and to do them…

  60. Donna chestergimli January 1, 2011 @ 9:10 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Chapter 10 deals with the book that the angel orders St. John to eat which is sweet in the mouth but makes the stomach bitter.

    I have heard in Catholic circles that this chapter is speaking metaphorically about the conversion of the Jews in the last days. Of course not all Jews will be converted. That is why I was asking you as you were a convert.

    And Mike Phillips, I know that the Apocalypse has mainly metaphorical symbolism in it. That is why I have said before that one must look at the Apocalypse and compare with what is happing in this world to see that what the Apocalypse has been saying is true.

    You just have to understand the metaphors that God has been using. I believe that he has done this in order to keep the devil guessing as to what will be the outcome. But the outcome is already written in stone.

    God has preordained everything to happen just the way that it has happened.

  61. Brother Nathanael January 1, 2011 @ 10:26 pm

    Dear Mike Phillips –

    The tribe of Ephraim which St John lists while leaving out the tribe of Manasseh — according to your logic — would ALSO, as you say, be “essentially a duplicate of the meaning of the name Joseph.”

    Thus why Ephraim and not Manasseh?

    The CHURCH FATHERS of the Orthodox Church tell us why.

    It is simply because the listing of the 144,000 from the outset is manifest to be taken figuratively for The Church, and NOT the tribes of Israel.

    Already, by Ezra’s time, MANY could NOT prove their tribal lineage.

    The Orthodox Church by consensus of the Fathers does not teach any discrimination towards one tribal name over another as for example regarding the tribe of Dan.

    As identified in the book of Genesis, the tribe of Dan at face value appears to be a positive description and affirmed as such as outlined by St Ephraim and St John Chrysostom who both wrote Commentaries on the Book of Genesis, both Holy Fathers and Teachers of the Orthodox Church of the 4th Century.

    The Revelation of St John was, according to the Orthodox Church, written to those during “the time is at hand” and that “which was about to take place,” as St John underscores and specifies clearly both at the beginning of the book and at the end of the book, although events far in the future are included in the revelation he received from the risen Christ.

    These things “at hand” was the martyrdom of thousands of Christians at the hands of the anti-Christ emperors Nero and Diocletian. St John wrote the book, among other things, to ENCOURAGE Christians during this martyrdom.

    St John also encourages those he was preparing for martyrdom by foretelling the coming judgement on Jerusalem where “Christ was crucified,” calling the wicked city ruled by wicked Jews, “Sodom and Gomorrah.”

    All th above and what I wrote to Donna is not my private opinion but the teaching of the Orthodox Church.

    +Brother Nathanael
    Russian Orthodox Church

  62. Kalif January 2, 2011 @ 1:48 am

    ‘Neotame’ (Aspartame) To Go Unlabeled Into Organic Foods!

    USDA Certified Organic’s Dirty Little Secret: Neotame

  63. Mike Phillips January 2, 2011 @ 11:32 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Perhaps I was too brief. To answer a couple of your questions:

    “Thus why Ephraim and not Manasseh?”

    Gen 41:52 And the name of the second called he Ephraim: For God hath caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction.

    Christians are those God has caused to be fruitful in this world, or land of affliction. Do you see how the meaning of the name applies?

    Gen 41:51 And Joseph called the name of the firstborn Manasseh: For God, said he, hath made me forget all my toil, and all my father’s house.

    Christians are not going to forget their Father’s house.

    Gen 30:23 And she conceived, and bare a son; and said, God hath taken away my reproach:
    Gen 30:24 And she called his name Joseph; and said, The LORD shall add to me another son.

    By granting Christians a new birth, God takes away our reproach as we are naturally born fallen creatures from Adam.

    Do you see, the meanings of Ephraim and Joseph apply, but not Manasseh?

    Gen 30:5 And Bilhah conceived, and bare Jacob a son.
    Gen 30:6 And Rachel said, God hath judged me, and hath also heard my voice, and hath given me a son: therefore called she his name Dan.

    Christians are in the Lamb’s book of life and thus escape judgment. Thus, no Dan as the meaning of the name is innapropriate for them.

    This is the way I see this part of Revelation to be interpreted. I don’t understand the way you look at it. Even if some Jews could not prove their tribal lineage in Ezra’s day, why do you think the names of Manasseh and Dan were specifically left off the list in Revelation?

    Also you said:

    “St John also encourages those he was preparing for martyrdom by foretelling the coming judgement on Jerusalem where “Christ was crucified,” calling the wicked city ruled by wicked Jews, “Sodom and Gomorrah.”

    According to all the scholars I’ve seen, Revelation was written in about 90 a.d., long after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 a.d. I personally believe Jesus purposely waited to give this revelation to John so that nothing in it would be confused with the destruction of Jerusalem. I also believe this was what He was talking about in the following:

    Joh 21:20 Then Peter, turning about, seeth the disciple whom Jesus loved following; which also leaned on his breast at supper, and said, Lord, which is he that betrayeth thee?

    Joh 21:21 Peter seeing him saith to Jesus, Lord, and what shall this man do?

    Joh 21:22 Jesus saith unto him, If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? follow thou me.

    This meant John would live until Jesus came to give him the Revelation, which was many years down the line. As John himself wrote in the following verses, it didn’t mean John was not going to die or live to the second coming two thousand years later.

    I hope this better clarifies what I wrote above.

    Your brother in Christ,


  64. D Costa January 2, 2011 @ 3:18 pm

    Thank you Brother Nathanael for this video.

    Happy New Year to Brother Nathanael and all visitors to this site.

  65. Georgios January 2, 2011 @ 6:23 pm

    According to the Orthodox Tradition the year begins on September the 1st. It is idolatry to celebrate the new year on January the 1st.

    It is logical that Christ is first born and then crucified in the circle of the same year.

  66. Mike Phillips January 2, 2011 @ 7:33 pm


    Interesting. It is probable that somewhere around September was originally the beginning of the year. However, Jesus was born under the law and the law as given to Moses had been changed:

    Exo 12:1 And the LORD spake unto Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying,
    Exo 12:2 This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you.

    He was referring to Abib or Nissan, about March/April. That was the first of the year for Jesus.

    Of course, neither is close to January 1st, a Roman pagan holiday.

  67. Kalif January 2, 2011 @ 9:57 pm

    Feed Me, Obama, Feed Me: The Plan for Food Dependency

    India’s Hidden GM Crop Catastrophe

  68. Kalif January 2, 2011 @ 10:15 pm

    MSG For You And A Coffin, Too!

  69. kiimm January 2, 2011 @ 10:26 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    You absolutely ROCK! in the Nativity pics. Praise God.

    You are a blessing to my soul. God bless you, Brother Nathanael in Jesus Name.

    A donation is forthcoming.

    Happy New Year beloved Brother Nathanael, and traveling mercies to you during your upcoming street evangelism in NYC!

    Stay warm and may the Truth be told!

    And may searching souls be touched and come to know the Lord more fully through your ministry, to the Jew first and then to the Gentile.

  70. akhenaten January 2, 2011 @ 10:59 pm

    Yes, many Jews are arrogant — and who isn’t — but does this character trait indict them for the crime of trying to subjugate you?

    I, personally, think not. If you are disappointed with the outcomes of your life decisions, look within for blame.

  71. Kalif January 3, 2011 @ 12:23 am


    You miss the point entirely.

    It is not personal problems that this website is concerned about but rather it is about the insidious presence of Jews in all of today’s major problems facing mankind.

    Bro +N has compiled these monumental irrefutable and undisputable documents that show the evidence that ‘wherever there is a problem’ then there must be a Jew hand behind it.

    The problems facing our world today are colossus in nature and may well sunder our world.

    Yet your apologetic statement only proves that you have neither read the documents on this wonderful website or else you are just trying to mix issues and confuse others, a trick that is bound to fail.

    People of diverse backgrounds are all united behind Bro +N for his inspirational mission to expose the truth and for this we all pray for his safety and success. Amen.

  72. akhenaten January 3, 2011 @ 12:48 am

    Whether we like it or not, free thinking wins, and reigns! Every time…

  73. akhenaten January 3, 2011 @ 1:02 am

    I am of African-American ancestry, on that account more need not be said.

    But to your point (points), au’ contraire; I have read it all-Protocols of The Elders of Zion, The Transfer Agreement, etc.

    My contention is a simple one: to hate a Jew simply because he or she is a Jew is not only wrong, it is ignorant at best and harmful at worst.

    If you are not Christian, or are ignorant I understand and hold you harmless.

  74. akhenaten January 3, 2011 @ 1:10 am

    BTW, I am neither Christian, nor am I ignorant.

    And, for the curious, I profess no religion.

  75. Georgios January 3, 2011 @ 6:03 am

    Mike Phillips

    Do you know why the first day of September marks the beginning of the Church year? We are accustomed to think of January 1st as the beginning of the year. But the tradition of computing the start of a new year with autumn was common to the lands of the Bible and to all the lands around the Mediterranean.

    The summer harvest was at an end, the crops were stored, and people prepared for a new agricultural cycle. It was an appropriate time to begin a new year.

    Many of the hymns for the first day of the Church year state that the coming year is God’s to give and God’s to bless — A YEAR OF THE LORD! These hymns take their theme from Psalm 65 (64 in the Greek Septuagint), a psalm of praise to the Creator Who is awesome as the Holy Lord but who richly sustains the earth with His abundant goodness.

    “Bless, O Lord, the crown (that is, the beginning) of the year with Your goodness!”

    The goodness of the Lord is His love, mercy and grace, The Church’s prayer is that the coming year will be a year of grace, a year blessed by God. Each year can be a year of grace, a year blessed by God.

    The prayers and hymns of the Orthodox Church not only recite the wonderful works of God in creation and history for our salvation but also frequently offer guidance about how to make each year a year of grace, a year of the Lord.

    For example, the very first hymn of the new liturgical year, chanted at Vespers in the joyful first tone, reminds us that prayerful daily dependence on God is the basic attitude of the Christian and Christian life. This hymn is also interesting because it refers to another key passage in the Bible and addresses all the Orthodox faithful.

    “O faithful, having learned true prayer from the very words
    and divine teachings of Christ,
    let us cry out to the Creator each day:
    Our Father, who dwells in heaven,
    give us always daily bread,
    and forgive us our transgressions”.

    Vesper Hymn, September 1st

  76. Georgios January 3, 2011 @ 6:08 am

    About the “daily bread” —

    I have to say, that the Orthodox Fathers interprete it as FUTURE BREAD and not daily. In greek the word is “epiousios artos” and it literally means the “bread of tomorrow”, that is the BODY OF CHRIST, HIS KINGDOM, the PARADISE.

    It brings me spiritually “down” to see the furure bread to be interpreted as “daily bread”, 🙂

    In Christ’s Love

  77. Kalif January 3, 2011 @ 7:09 am


    I get you point. Of course to hate anyone without a justifiable reason, or to hate a whole race or an ethnic people just for what they are is plain bigotry.

    But how does this help you with someone who does’t only treat you like an animal but believes that you are one ? Or who doesn’t reciprocate your sense of decency and fairness simply because his beliefs convince him/her that he/she is conditionally superior to you ?

    Against Jews specifically I have never heard more venomous hatred than from former Jews themselves. Go ask sister GLORY B and she will tell all about it.

    Being of an African American is besides the point because I also am of African Arab descent and if you study history properly you will find that the only place of refuge a Jew was always given was under Islamic or Arabic rule.

    Whenever any European country kicks them out they always flock in our countries where they not only get preferential treatment in terms of employment but also they neither pay taxes as other nor serve in the military.

    Jews and Arabs kins both in blood relations and in their respective religions but if you pay attention in this website you will find that the Jews that are spoken of here are neither semites nor Torah Jews but are known as Khazarians a people whose land of banishment is known as the Pale of Settlement.

    Further people similar to you in racial appearance but of African Jewish origin when they go to Israel get treated as 2nd class citizens and their profession is in menial jobs such as garbage collectors and seage operators.

    akenaton I kid you not.

  78. Kalif January 3, 2011 @ 8:50 am

    Future of Food Documentary Collection

    English | 5h 48mn | 704 x 400 | AVI XVID 1500 Kbps | AC3 256 Kbps | 3.83 GB
    Genre: Documentary

    This is a disturbing collection of food facts that will blow your mind. Please keep in mind that this is all real. ”

    THE FUTURE OF FOOD offers an in-depth investigation into the disturbing truth behind the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered foods that have quietly filled U.S. grocery store shelves for the past decade.

    From the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada to the fields of Oaxaca, Mexico, this film gives a voice to farmers whose lives and livelihoods have been negatively impacted by this new technology.

    The health implications, government policies and push towards globalization are all part of the reason why many people are alarmed by the introduction of genetically altered crops into our food supply.

    Shot on location in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, THE FUTURE OF FOOD examines the complex web of market and political forces that are changing what we eat as huge multinational corporations seek to control the world’s food system.

    The film also explores alternatives to large-scale industrial agriculture, placing organic and sustainable agriculture as real solutions to the farm crisis today.


    * BBC.Future.of.Food.1 of 3 India

    * BBC.Future.of.Food.2 of 3 Senegal

    * BBC.Future.of.Food.3 of 3 Cuba

    * Diet for a New America (why you need to avoid eating meat) (John Robbins) (1992)

    * The Future of Food []

    * Fight the New World Order with Global Non Compliance

  79. akhenaten January 3, 2011 @ 11:03 am


    I am fully aware of and do not dispute the circumstances and history that you cite.

    However, I maintain that we accept ‘individuals’ as we find them — do you deny the existence of evil Arabs, Africans, Asians, and others?

  80. Georgios January 3, 2011 @ 2:36 pm

    Whether we like it or not, free thinking wins, and reigns! Every time…


    The first free thinker was the devil and he lost everything

    take care, you have only one soul.

  81. Kalif January 3, 2011 @ 7:29 pm

    Watch for the coming collapse of Monsanto (Opinion)

    Europe, Japan to cancel grain contracts with Australia due to GMO contamination

  82. Words of Wisdom January 3, 2011 @ 11:31 pm


    As far as I know “evil arabs, africans, and asians” are not plotting to take away what is left of our freedom in America.

    Maybe you can provide evidence that they are?

    As an American I am only concerned with America. There is more than enough evidence on this website to prove that the Jews are behind the destruction of America.

    I will fight any group that secretly plots against this great country and its people.

  83. Kalif January 8, 2011 @ 3:10 am

    Monsanto & the Merchants of Death

  84. Kalif January 8, 2011 @ 3:15 am


  85. Kalif January 8, 2011 @ 3:21 am

    Too much fluoride in water, government says

  86. Kalif January 8, 2011 @ 3:30 am

    Keiser Report: Monsanto and the Seeds of Evil (E109)

  87. Kalif January 8, 2011 @ 3:53 am

    Monsanto Corporation reigns over Obama Adminstration

  88. B September 19, 2013 @ 10:20 pm

    Dentists will not tell you this information unless you ask, but the new dental cement and the new safe dental teeth filling material that dentists prefer to use on people’s teeth are now designed to dispense floride into your body for the remainder of your life.

    Many dentists will tell you, if you ask for non-floride and if you don’t want this floride (even approved by the ADA), that you need to find a different dentist.

    I have heard that farmers who are growing non-Monsanto non-GMO seeds, are losing court cases when being sued by Monsanto. Monsanto claims, I think, that Monsanto’s patented special GMO seed’s pollen has entered the farmers seeds due to being carried by the wind.

  89. Yankee Goy March 26, 2014 @ 7:52 pm

    Israel/AIPAC are genociding the white Goyim in a million ways to Sunday!

    @John Knight

    Yatz sounds like Yagoda Part Deux. Disarm, then die.

  90. The Brown Goy January 29, 2015 @ 12:06 am

    May The LORD of the Holy Bible bless thee, Brother Nathanael!

  91. B March 18, 2016 @ 1:32 am

    Do a web search for “weeding robots” ( solar powered ). They are available and working today.

    We don’t need GMO seeds to kill weeds. Tell the FDA and tell Monsanto please. Robots can now work the fields and cut the weeds.

    Ask Monsanto and the FDA to do what is right and to stop GMO now.

  92. Sarah Jenkins September 1, 2016 @ 2:01 pm

    Thanks, great info.

    No money; sorry, low income disabled, victim of financial abuse (fraud) by RC family member in Zio-controlled county that protects only DD under Older Americans Act, not physically disabled.

    RC doesn’t acknowledge mandatory reporting of financial abuse required by OAA.

    Selling home, so can help soon.

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