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Greek Bishops Defy World Jewry (BrN On Video!)

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Greek Bishops Defy World Jewry
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Brother Nathanael @ December 27, 2010


  1. Brother Nathanael December 27, 2010 @ 9:06 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family –

    I am so proud of these Bishops!

    Believe me, these Greek Bishops are made of tougher stuff than wishy wash religious figures in America who constantly cave into the Jews.

    Bp Seraphim already wrote a defense of his statements and there were NO APOLOGIES.

    On another note…

    The reason you have not heard from me since last Wednesday is because I turned the computer off to go into deep prayer, contemplation, and reflection.

    I needed to think about the future of OUR site, Real Zionist News, and especially, make a plan for The Brother Nathanael Foundation for the new year.

    Here is what I’ve come up with and I will be going over this soon with the Board of Advisors soon @

    A “Legal Center” is being contemplated as an “arm” of The Brother Nathanael Foundation.

    We will act in LEGAL SUPPORT of any group throughout the nation who want to put up a Nativity Scene in their Town.

    We now have a Supreme Court Ruling which allows for religious scenes so long as there is a “secular” symbol such as a “reindeer” along with the Nativity Scene.

    We have many other LEGAL PRECEDENTS to support CHRISTIAN SYMBOLS in the Public Square.

    The Legal Center of The Brother Nathanael Foundation will also petition the White House to put up a Nativity Scene on the South Lawn where the Anti-Christ symbol of a 45 Foot CHAAANNNUKAH Menorah is up.

    If the White House refuses us we will have “Standing” and FORCE the Jews to TAKE THEIR JEW MENORAH down!

    We will PROVE that the Jew Menorah is a “religious” symbol as I will take pictures of the Menorah on Synagogue roofs and lawns.

    Please Consider HELPING TO FUND this Project!

    AND – Please Consider Helping Me to CONTINUE my Ministry here on Real Zionist News and on the Streets with Street Evangelism.

    (I will be going to NYC Jan 6-7 2011 for Street Evangelism)

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    Much LOVE To All Of Our Precious Real Zionist News Family!

    Stay In The Orbit!

    Your Ever +Brother in Christ, Nathanael

  2. Brother Nathanael December 27, 2010 @ 9:13 pm

    Nativity Scene PICS! Sponsored By The Brother Nathanael Foundation!

    Many THANKS to OUR Real Zionist News Family For Your Prayers & Support!

    Please Consider Helping To Offset Costs @

    By Mail, +Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856

    Much Love AND Appreciation in Christ,

    +Brother Nathanael
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  3. Jimmy "T" December 27, 2010 @ 9:13 pm

    I’m also very proud of these Greek Bishops.

    I just read the story the other day at and was very impressed and hopeful of things to come.

    Nice to see other religious clergy chiming in on the evils of world Jewry and NOT backing down.

    Keep up the fine videos Brother Nathanael!

  4. john king December 27, 2010 @ 9:15 pm

    Dear Bro. Nathanael,

    It would be great if you could have listed the addresses of these courageous Greek bishops.

    They like all that stick their necks out for us need letters of thanks and encouragement.

    Keep this in mind in the future when other people rise to the occasion.

    I think how you positively define “anti-semitism” should help people to stand up to the Jews if they hear the message framed this way with frequency.

    Indeed, the “anti-semites” of today will be regarded as visionaries and freedom fighters when the Jew giant with clay feet falls.

    All “anti-semites” of today, hated by the Jewish Psychopathocracy for telling the truth, will have their great place in the history books of tomorrow.

  5. Brother Nathanael December 27, 2010 @ 9:19 pm

    Dear John –

    KathJulianne who is Greek Orthodox probably knows how to obtain the Bishops’ addresses.

    It is most likely on the Web Site of the “Church of Greece” under “Metropolitans” – the designation of Bishops in their specific dioceses.

    If you are reading this dear KathJulianne please post them if you can find their addresses. +BN

  6. Brian Crowell December 27, 2010 @ 9:26 pm

    Awesome work. Keep up the good work..

  7. USSA TODAY December 27, 2010 @ 9:46 pm

    What cheeses me off about the whole thing is the KHAZARS who call themselves “Jews” and are not!

    They love to call anybody that questions their plans of tyranny for all but themselves/NWO including REAL Jews/Sephardim an “Anti-Semites”. (Read “Life of An American Jew In Marxist Racist Israel”” by Jack Bernstein @

    The “Jews” we know today who run Hollywood, banking/fiat money cartels, “News” (LOL) media, and politics are KHAZARS.

    This is a such a huge ethnic fraud. Like the World Chess Champion said, “I’m not an anti-semite. I don’t hate Arabs.” This WW3 war in Iraq is anti-semitic.

    These peoples’ arrogance (it’s the air they breath, right?) while they lie about who they really are (the Khazars not Jews) is truly sick.

  8. USSA TODAY December 27, 2010 @ 9:54 pm

    I don’t have a Church but Orthodoxy sounds good to me.

    They tell the truth about current events unlike the bovine, shabbus Goy Evangelical dispensationalist Zionist dupes out here.

    A Church telling it straight about current events seems to be the exception today rather than the rule, and in my analysis, a major reason why we are decaying as a Nation like we are.

    If we had people standing up for us and telling the truth about current events at Churches we’d have much stronger congregations, families, and communities.

    Instead, today in our Brave Jew World it’s seems like many Churches are like, “Master Israhell-how high can we get our congregations to jump for you today!?”.

    That’s a disgrace to bow to the historical enemies of free markets (central banking is COMMUNISM), liberty, and Christianity.

    The Khazars invented Communism, feminism, Globalism, Neo-Conservatism, Enviro(fasicm) MENTAL ism, Freudian perversion, etc. and people want to kow tow to that kind of tyranny?

    If you have any testicular fortitude left at all Amerika — the only answer should be — No way!

  9. KathJuliane December 27, 2010 @ 10:12 pm

    Greetings in the Lord Jesus, Bro Nathanael,

    Christ is Born!

    Great video, dear BN, and what a powerful change of pace from the ambivalence found in American Christianity as you’ve observed as “wishy wash religious figures in America who constantly cave into the Jews.”

    Actually, I’m with the Serbian Church now, but am of 1/2 Greek ancestry. Many of the Serbs are just this tough and truthful, too, but poor Serbia is still struggling with being NATOized, occupied, pulverized, poisoned by DU, and trying to rebuild.

    Part of the population are still refugees, and terrorized by various militant Muslim, Albanian, and Macedonian criminal thugs, chronically lied about, and having historical Kosovo, the heartland and “Jerusalem” of Serbian Orthodoxy yanked from them supported by the international community.

    But many Old World Christians are made of very tough stuff, while also being as genuinely loving and as humble as can be. That doesn’t mean that they can’t also be stern, or somehow feel compelled to pull punches when necessary.

    Everyone’s spine should be stiffened by the truth and justice of Christ, just like these two bishops have it.

    I am so very proud of my two Greek metropolitans – Most Rev. Serapheim of Pireus and Most Rev. Antimos of Thessaloniki — that I could get up and dance!

    Metropolitan Serapheim of Piraeus is one of the members of Standing Holy Synod of the Church of Greece.

    Their website in English is:

    And they also have a “contact” email link we can use. So let’s start with that.

    Let me say, these are bishops who can “bish,” as a Catholic friend of mine used to say.

    You mentioned former PM Costis Simitis.

    I know he’s considered something of a traitor to Greece over the ID card issue and pushing to remove the Christian religious designations.

    I may be mistaken, but I think Simitis’ name might mean “Costis the Semite” or “Costis the Jew!” Maybe someone from Greece can correct me, if it means something else than this.

    Supposedly, his grandfather was a Jew Aaron Avouris, and that is about all that I know.

    God bless you, dear BN. What a wonderful Christmas present to hear about — Christians standing up to the Jews. Fancy that!

    IC XC
    NI KA

  10. Ilias December 27, 2010 @ 10:13 pm

    Brother Nathanael, you should contact these Greek Bishops and assist them with your vast knowledge.

    Maybe also you can fly to Greece on get on Mega TV with them exposing the Jews and telling the truth.

    Henry Kissinger a Jew divided Cyprus and subsquently over 500 Greek Orthodox Churches were destroyed and desecrated by the Turks while the world stood silent.

  11. Seek the Truth December 27, 2010 @ 10:32 pm

    I discovered that bacon grease is an excellent skin softener.

    They even give it to dogs to improve their skin and fur.

    I hope the Jewish folk don’t mind if I have a little bacon grease on my hands when I touch their books, documents, religious objects etc.

    Besides, I like BLTs.

  12. George December 27, 2010 @ 10:53 pm

    Dear Br Nathanael,

    Having mentioned the situation in Greece regarding the comments of these two bishops, it is quite opportune for me to add a little more, given my background.

    Greece as a nation has it almost like second nature to distrust Jews. One only has to look at just a couple of generalisations that come from history, (besides the fact that Jews and Greeks were antagonistic from ancient times):

    1) Jews murdered their own Messiah – Christ;

    2) Jews gleefully would collaborate in the capturing and execution of many of the early Christian martyrs – many of them Greek;

    3) Jews would subvert and pollute the Christian populace with syncretism and fairy tales about the worship of the true God in ancient times – you only need to read the strong efforts of St John Chrysostom to convince Christians to keep away from the banal public entertainment offered at the synagogues in the “name of G-d;”

    4) Jews installed their puppet byzantine emperors – best example is Leo the Isaurian. He attempted to wipe out any images of Christ, Saints, symbols of the Cross etc from public and private sites. He butchered anyone that would dissent.

    5) Jews would later collaborate with the Turks and join in the massacres of Christian population.

    Even Patriarchs of Constantinople and great missionaries such as St Kosmas the Aetolian were victims of their sly slander and murderous ideations. The Turks would execute, the Jews would drag their bodies around the city and defile them, intimidating the Christians – who were mostly Greeks.

    6) And lastly but most importantly it was a Jew wearing the mask of a Turkish revolutionary that WIPED OUT HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF GREEKS AND MILLIONS OF ARMENIANS one hundred years ago.

    And despite all this, in WWII, whilst rabbis were handing over their people to the Nazis for execution, thanks to the Greek population who hid them, few Jews in Greece lost their lives.

    And now this is how the Zionist bankers thank Greece?

    Is it no surprise that in Greece it is quite normal to be wary of Jews? Madeline Albright herself – saved by Serbs during WWII from the hands of Nazis, publicly showed her ingratitude towards her own saviours.

    Metropolitan Seraphim, is a very outspoken bishop, albeit impulsive and a little uncalculated at times. He has suggested many bold things against Zionist influence and also he has gone to legal attempts to deregister Freemasonry as falsely posing as a legal charitable entity.

    Metropolitan Anthimos likewise has been quite loud over the years, and many times has been the sole voice against Zionist/Masonic influence in Greece. Both have been very vocal against the attempts of authorities to de-christianise and secularising Greece.

    But we must not forget, however, that these enemies of the State and Church only thrive when WE are in APOSTASY from Christ.

    Unless we throw away the lusts and pleasure of the “Egypt” within which we live, sooner or later we will, much like ancient Israel, be put to slavery and repression in our homes.

    Do electronic surveillance, body scanners and Communist repressive ideology now make any sense?

  13. Jaro December 27, 2010 @ 11:33 pm

    Video of Greek Bishop:

  14. Johnny Dangereaux December 28, 2010 @ 12:48 am

    Dear Brother,

    I hope you had a blessed Christmas. I watched the video.

    After it was over there were more videos that youtube suggested.

    After seeing all those Rabbis talking to Akmenijhad in New York recently, it seems to me that you might think about calling our mutual enemies “Zionists” and leave the “Jew” part out of it.

    Or maybe call them “Jewish Pretenders” or “Khazarian Invaders”

    Just my 2 cents.

  15. suzanne December 28, 2010 @ 12:58 am

    Thank you George and Kathjuliane for your comments. I learnt much.

    Please join me in prayer for protection for these courageous Greek Bishops.

    I respect them very much. Brother Nathanael Kapner has 2 other cohorts now. An answer to prayer if you ask me.

  16. Jarrad December 28, 2010 @ 1:15 am

    Hey there,

    If I have this right, Greece actually can be seen to be the founder of early democracy. Yes?

    Because the early concepts of democracy would still today be firmly ingrained in the minds of Greeks and non-Greeks alike, the types of defiances Greek bishops vocalize happen to be directed towards a bad Jewish influence. The Greek bishops feel they need to do what is necessary for themselves and their nation – and yes, after all, Greece is still a democracy last time I checked.

    I would venture to say that the Greek bishops wouldn’t be the first ones to step up to the plate and start vocalizing what they deem necessary.

    Even such a holy man as Pope Benedict is constantly attacked for being an anti-Semite. Whether or not he is, I couldn’t really say – I’m not going to attempt to confirm or deny the allegations of Antisemitism.

    I do believe that mentioning a controversial area like same sex marriage can open up a number of other ones too – whether or not it happens to be Greek bishops who mention such things. If same sex marriage becomes a national law (that is legal), then where would this leave abortion? And, what of other hot issues?

    Once you nationalize a controversial law, then it leaves room for other controversial ones to be passed as well. Where would this leave people?

    On a final note, one very good Jewish characteristic or trait can be seen in multi-national sports, outside the realm of extremely complicated religious and political maneuvers. Sports can give you an excellent idea of a person’s character, Jewish or not.

    In tennis, Pete Sampras not only made it a habit to practice with his sister Stella, but also faced his nemesis (best description I suppose) A. Agassi on multiple occasions. One remark would be that Pete kept both himself and his sister busy, showing real determination. Secondly, Sampras happens to be Jewish (actually of Greek origin if you go back far enough), if I’m not mistaken, while Agassi does have Armenian ancestry (again if you go back far enough).

    You see folks, I can hardly imagine Sampras has anything remotely pro-Zionist to say. Boris Becker, a German, would never take an opportunity to blast Sampras as an anti-German either (or Sampras to accuse Becker of being an anti-Semite). If any of these scenarios are actually true somewhere along the line, then I would be quite surprised.

    Analogously, Poland faced Germany in soccer on several occasions. And, Poland may have Jewish players, maybe not. Germany itself may have Jewish players, may not (actually the current German team does have a Polish player – I believe Podolski is his name).

    We again see time and again that Jews do have the ability to overcome history and not allow past woes to interfere with their futures. Jews can have mutual understandings with others.

    Those of you familiar with my thoughts, Jews too can be colorblind, country-blind, and religion-blind. You do have Jewish diplomats of American origin, just like you have Russian diplomats (most likely Christian). Yes people, some Jews really know the meaning of reality.

  17. suzanne December 28, 2010 @ 1:26 am


    85% of secular Jews: We cheat on partners.

    Two separate surveys find majority of married Israelis committed adultery in the past, present or don’t rule out possibility they will cheat in future. Women cheat just as much as men.

    Dr. Itay Gal Published: 12.12.10, 08:25 / Israel Culture

    How loyal are you to your significant other? According to two recent surveys, the answer is not a lot. The surveys were ordered by law firm Azrielnet Israel, and show that 85% of non-haredi married Israelis have cheated on their spouses in the past, doing so in the present, or intend to do so in the future.

    Women cheat less?

    The first survey was carried out by Mutagim and revealed extreme results: 85% hadn’t declared their complete loyalty to their partners. After the lawyers raised doubts as to the survey’s authenticity, another survey was ordered, this time from Geocartographia – but the results were the same.

    Each survey polled 500 Israelis which make up a sample of Israel’s adult population. Those surveyed stated that they had been married for at least five years.

    Both surveys asked if people would confess to cheating. 20% said they would tell their best friends, 9.4% would tell a close family member, 15% wouldn’t tell anyone and only 7.7% would confess to their partners. The rest refused to answer the question. The surveys found that cheating levels among men and women were alike.

    “In this survey we tried to get a better understanding of the population we serve”, an Azrielnet lawyer told Ynet. “The survey data validates the fact that over the past few years, cheating has been a major factor in most divorce cases. An increase from data we had in previous years.”

    According to the lawyer, “In most cases, cheating doesn’t end in divorce. There are couples who have an open relationship while others don’t discuss the subject. In our experience, in spite of cases of adultery, couples manage to move on.

    “Marriage is not just sex; it is a financial partnership, a partnership in raising children and a partnership for self fulfillment. In most cases we see, sex isn’t what keeps couples together, rather it’s a partnership that is difficult to pull apart even after someone cheats.”


  18. Glory B. December 28, 2010 @ 2:49 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Once again you have shown yourself to be on top of the news. Many thanks for bringing well-deserved attention to the courageous statements of these two outstanding Greek clerics.

    Too bad American Christians don’t have outstanding clergymen such as the Most Rev. Seraphim of Pireus and Most Rev. Antimos of Thessaloniki to point the finger of truth at the real destroyers of humanity: the Jews.

    Instead we have Jew-lovers and Jew-sympathizers like John Hagee and Rick Warren, as well as money-hungry fools like Reverend Ike and Joel Osteen, who support the kikes in IsraHELL oppressing the innocent Palestinians.

    When will American Christians realize that it is the kosher kikes on Wall Street, like Blankfein, Dimon, Fuld, Soros and Greenberg, who caused the misery of the current economic woes simply to line their own pockets?

    Now they’re at it again, paying outrageous bonuses — millions and billions of dollars — while Christian folks are losing their jobs and their homes to foreclosure.

    Jews are pathological cheats, swindlers, liars and thieves. But that is to be expected from a people who murdered their own god.

    To this day, kikes denounce our Lord Christ in their sin-a-gogues while they pray to their devil god and father Satan and plot the ruination of Christian civilization.

    But some people are on to their “game,” like the two Greek bishops and you, Brother Nathanael, who realize the truth of the old saying: YOU CAN NEVER TRUST A JEW!!!

    The Jew-scum in Germany even sold out their own racial comrades by collaborating with Hitler. He wanted to rid Germany of the Christ-hating kikes, and they wanted Jewish hordes to descend on Palestine like the plague.

    So they made common cause, at least until Jewry declared war on Germany and the Germans fought back.

    People ought to realize that the Jewish takeover of Palestine was but the first step in the kosher kikes’ campaign to rule the world. And they are well on their way to doing that, by controlling the media, government, finance, etc., etc.

    People also ought to recognize that there is no difference between Zionists and Jews. ZIONISM IS JUDAISM!!! It’s as simple as that!

    Yes, there are a few honest Hebrews that are opposed to Zionism and the Zionists’ despicable oppression of Muslims and Christians. But they are few and far between, and are constantly put down by the kikes who are eying other conquests and wickedly licking their chops as they envision the wealth of the world clenched in their greedy claws.

    Christians, think how wonderful it will be when the world is rid of the Jewish plague. No more war, no more suffering, no more greedy Jews ruining Christian lives.

    Come, Lord Jesus, and send the Jews back where they came from, to hell where they can roast for eternity with their father the devil .

    Judaea delenda est.

    “Jewry must be destroyed.”

  19. Stav December 28, 2010 @ 3:05 am

    Absolutely Fantastic Brother Nathanael!!!

    Please find contact details below for the two Bishops.

    Indeed, the Greek media is all over this case and the good thing is that the people who are Zionist controlled or indoctrinated are revealing themselves with their comments. The same happens with all these who are supporting the Bishop’s statements and show themselves to be still free.

    As I have mentioned many times here on this site, for those pious who attend the Church, it is a well known fact that most Greek Orthodox Churches, Monasteries and organizations fully expose Zionism, Jewry and all related things, in sermons, booklets, fliers, etc.

    In Greece, one can still find easily lots of publications and written material on this subject and nothing is hidden from the active Christian.

    While we see as spiritual Children of Abraham, we are also not afraid to say out loud WHO runs this world and WHO is behind the biggest atrocities we see around us today.

    It must be said, that there is a minority, unfortunately even within the Church, who are obviously compromised but this is another story. The main thing to remember, is that whoever is an active member of the Church here in Greece, knows the truth.

    I’ll probably write more details later, as there is a lot that is happening here with this, but, here are the addresses for writing directly to these Bishops:

    His Eminence Bishop Seraphim of Piraeus:
    Akti Themistokleous 190
    T.K. 185 39 Piraeus
    Telephone: 0030 210 4514.833
    Fax: 0030 210 4512.049

    His Eminence Bishop Anthimos of Thessaloniki
    Bogatsikou 7,
    T.K. 54622
    Telephone: 0030 2310 26 12 16,
    fax: 0030 2310 23 07 22
    Web site:

    As always, it is better to call them, or write a real “snail” mail, than emailing them. It is always more powerful and effective like that.

    I expect these Bishops soon not to be able to travel outside of Greece and perhaps even some EU countries, will issue arrest warrants as they have done with other outspoken people.


  20. Stav December 28, 2010 @ 3:37 am

    Dear KathJuliane,

    Christ is Born!

    Yes Costas Simitis, as understood in Greek really means “Costas the Semite”.

    His real name is Aaron Avouris and he is a pure Jew. He “served” as PM for two 4 year terms starting in 1994 if I remember correctly.

    He regularly attend the Athens synagogue and I still remember the time when his daughter was married when the media unsuccessfully tried to hide the fact that it took place in the synagogue.

    As always, it is mostly the people who are pious Christians who know all of this stuff. Unfortunately many modern secular Greeks are as unaware of all of this as are most sheeple out there in the world.

    He was the person behind the fraud and lying that has brought Greece into it’s extreme debt situation today, with the help of his European Zionist/Jewish friends.

    Br Nathanael wrote a relevant article some time ago on this matter:

    In Christ our Lord,


  21. George December 28, 2010 @ 3:59 am

    Dear KathJuliane,

    You mention: “I may be mistaken, but I think Simitis’ name might mean “Costis the Semite” or “Costis the Jew!” Maybe someone from Greece can correct me, if it means something else than this.”

    The origin of this surname has puzzled many because it either means he is a semite, or he is from the island Simi, both derivations would be spelt and pronounced the same in Greek.

    Nevertheless, there is a strong chance that it might have origins in either – but he is Jewish anyway.

    He would go to church for the TV cameras, but marry off his daughter in a synagogue.

  22. Frank L. December 28, 2010 @ 4:12 am

    NEW VIDEO for Br. Nathanael:

    Br. Nathanael the Baptist: Metropolite of Piraeus Seraphim and the Essence of Man

    The great and fearless Metropolite of Piraeus Seraphim has done something which every Christian should do: FEARLESSLY SPEAK THE TRUTH ABOUT THE CRIMES AND PLOTS OF THE CRIMINAL JEWISH NETWORK.

    He is sincerely following the example of Christ Jesus, criticizing and exposing the evil of that rotten network.

    Mtpt. Seraphim’s words are a wake up call to all men who call themselves Christians, who sadly keep silent and fearful because of intimidation by the criminal Jewish network, and this silence and lack of regard to the sad state of affairs in this world equals to being an accomplish to the crimes of the criminal Jewish network.

    The slumber and silence is over, if you are true Christians, DO NOT be afraid to speak out and expose injustices, for Christ Jesus and all of his angels and saints will back you up! +

    Included in this video are excerpts from an Italo/Argentinian movie that perfectly exemplifies the once solid man/America, who has been completely seduced thrown off track by the illusion of woman/serpent/the criminal Jewish seductress.

  23. George December 28, 2010 @ 4:29 am

    Dear Jarrad,

    You wrote: “Once you nationalize a controversial law, then it leaves room for other controversial ones to be passed as well. Where would this leave people??”

    I thank God that I managed to get through school just when those criminals in government were beginning to pollute children’s minds with so-called sex education. This stirred up a lot of controversy back then, with some parents, sadly the minority, refuses to let their children be exposed to such filth.

    However, the paradoxical consistency of some of these laws is that whereas the unborn child/foetus can be murdered, and in some cases used for experiments and medical treatments, the governmental laws or at least attitudes protect and ensure that the new born child becomes the unsocial brat.

    This brat has rights against its parents! They can’t use physical force to discipline the child.

    They have to send it to school – so its brains can be polluted inside out with sexual perversion from the age of 6 or 7. A child cannot be punished and restrained from leaving home so that it might indulge in promiscuous activity.

    Rather the parents become hostages to this strong willed brat which they could have murdered before it was born – only if they had known it was going to cause them so much grief. And if the parents fail to give this little beast what it expected, they it might even sue them for damages once it grows up and is ready to leave home.

    The TV, the other forms of entertainment and media reinforce a culture of violence, crudeness and sexual immorality. Religious instruction is marginalised and brushed aside, and the protection of the innocent mind from moral corruption is no priority for government. Both parents are encouraged by government policies to work and leave the children in the hands of childcare facilities etc etc.

    In case I’m not clear, once a child is born, who owns it and has the ultimate for its upbringing – the parents or the modern day pink communist “democratic” state? Ultimately all the laws and ways of government are designed to murder the unborn physically and murder it spiritually once it is born. Parents are only there to satisfy emotional instincts.

    You will see similar patterns of laws in almost any aspect where Zionists are attempting to demolish Christian and family values out of society.

  24. Georgios December 28, 2010 @ 7:10 am

    Dear RZN People

    The homepage of the greek bishop Seraphim is:

    Akti Themistokleous 190
    18539 Pireus
    Phone: +30 210 4514833
    Fax: +30 210 4512049

  25. Georgios December 28, 2010 @ 7:19 am

    Jews dont like that Bishop Seraphim blesses all schools of Pireus at the beginning of the school year:

    Look carefully the bonds of church and school boys. This is Orthodoxy (though I am Old Calendarian)

  26. fRED December 28, 2010 @ 7:25 am

    Great video!!!!!!

    I can see the gleam in +Bro. N’s eyes that this is an important world development.

    I pray this will be the shot heard round the world!

    I applaud the courageous Bishops in Greece …Only that we had the same here in America (+Bro. N is an exception).

    We that are in pastoral ministry need to have our Bishop and denomination as a whole to rally behind else we would be without a pulpit-and that would end our small circle of influence in our parish!

    Until that time, I want the +Bro. N family to know that there are pastors who are Anti-Christian-Zionism who are actively teaching their parish about Zionism and the fallacy of a dual covenant.

    There are others who have access to local newspapers (other than Pat Buchannan) who try to bring out the seriousness of the attack on Christianity by Zionism when situations arise in the public arena where facts and names can be mentioned.

    As +Brother N promulgates and is his practice, nothing is said that cannot be backed up with facts that are easily accessible.

    It is interesting that one can go to the mainstream news media sites on the web and find people who say the same things many of you post here at the end of articles about banking, government, or a host of other issues (except WND which I quit reading a long time ago).

    Also, I seem to feel a pulse in many mainstream media remarks at the end of articles that people are becoming nauseated at the ADL and other Jewish groups over the constant harassment of all who they perceive as saying something anti-Semitic.

    Was it Shakespeare who said “Thou doest protest too much?” It is beginning to backfire.

    People are wising up and maybe it is not too late!

    Got to love those Bishops!!!

    Again, pray to God that this takes hold worldwide.


  27. Fr. Joseph December 28, 2010 @ 7:31 am

    Now it remains to be seen whether or not this Manifestation of God the Holy Spirit’s Divine Spiritual Gift of COURAGE which has just erupted from these BISHOPS of the Greek Orthodox Church —

    Will “spread like Wildfire” across continental Europe, across Eurasia, down into the Middle East and onto Africa – and then, with ‘Lightning Speed’ rip across the United States of America and then down into Central and South America!

    These Bishops from the Greek Orthodox Church have publicly ‘Bellied-Up-To-The-Bar’, throwing their Bishop’s ecclesiastical WEIGHT onto the GLOBAL geo-political ‘Bar’, and while looking this World’s “Barkeepers” who are the JEWISH private owners, managers and controllers of the nations’ of our World’s Central Banks STRAIGHT-IN-THE-EYES, have demanded to be SERVED some truthful ‘Uzo’ and NOT some ‘watered-down’ FLAT BEER!

    And ALL of the GREEK patrons of their privately owned JEWISH Central Bank witnessing what their own BISHOPS have done can now LIKEWISE look their ‘Barkeepers’ straight in the eyes and DEMAND the same sort of GENUINE bar drinks!

    And these GREEK BISHOPS can now contact their own brother BISHOPS in the Serbian Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox, Coptic Orthodox and RUSSIAN Orthodox asking THEM whether or not the Patriarchs, Metropolitans and Bishops of their brother EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCHES are going TO JOIN THEM.

    And the Patriarchs, Metropolitans, Bishops of ALL of the Eastern Orthodox Churches can go buy their own AIRPLANE TICKETS and fly off TO ROME.

    And while ALL OF THEM are in ROME, they can go pay the BISHOP OF ROME and his entire Vatican staff of Cardinals, Archbishops and phalanx of Prelates AN ‘ECUMENICAL’ VISIT!

    And while making their GREEK and SYRIAN and COPTIC and RUSSIAN Orthodox Church’s PRESENCE known in ROME, in the political precincts of the VATICAN City State, they can all PUBLICLY ASK whether or not the Bishop of Rome and ALL of the Catholic Church’s Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops are going TO JOIN THEM in One Solid Spiritual MOVEMENT.

    A movement to trash, demolish, dismantle, grind-into-the-dirt-and-dust this GLOBAL ‘WORLDLY SATANIC WORSHIPPING SYSTEM’ that has as its self-professed plans and goals both the MATERIAL as well as the SPIRITUAL ENSLAVEMENT of all the peoples of all the nations of our contemporary World UNDER the spiritual thumb of and UNDER the yoke and lash of SATAN.

    A world system of Satan’s legions of elemental demonics from HELL running amok across our entire God-given Planet Earth and THEIR “having-sold-their-souls-to-Satan” HUMAN dupes, stooges and allies throughout and WITHIN the Goverments and humanly organized societal international and transnational structures of our contemporary World of 2010 Anno Domini.

    It’s HIGH-TIME to see who are the ‘REAL’ Bishops within the Church Militant and who are the ‘WOLVES IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING’!

    My Gosh! As a Catholic Christian, I have almost HALF of the world’s entire population of FREEMASONS decked out in and strolling about the Vatican in CARDINAL’S and BISHOP’S ROBES while performing Satanic rituals worshipping the demonic ‘Prince of Darkenss’ who has been ENTHRONED there in the Vatican itself!

    And we, the rest of the members of the six billion strong HUMAN RACE are being called in for ‘JURY DUTY’ as each and every last BISHOP of both the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Church’s are brought into the ‘Witness Stand’ in order to give their own PERSONAL TESTIMONY and ANSWERS to ‘The Charges’ brought against these JEWISH private owners of their International and Interlocking GLOBAL Central Banks of our contemporary World by these GREEK BISHOPS.

    We get to see who SUPPORTS ‘The Charges’ of these Greek Bishops and who winds up DEFENDING the International Cabal and Cartel of GLOBAL JEWISH BANKERS AND FINANCIERS!

    And ‘PERJURY’ is a crime vs. TRUTH. It is a crime vs. GOD as well as all of HUMANITY!

    May God the HOLY SPIRIT, the Spirit of Truth, rush over the lands and the nations of people, spreading these Greek Bishops’ “Spark and Smoldering Embers” throughout our World, turning it into an Uncontrollable WILDFIRE, BURNING UP everything that is NOT of our Lord’s Divine Desires, Designs, Wishes and Will! + Amen!

    – +Fr. Joseph
    Nazareth Hermitage – USA

  28. ivan in ohio December 28, 2010 @ 8:29 am

    Brother Nate : I know this is “off topic” , but in a previous post today, someone mentioned Jewish attempts to alter the Holy Scriptures.

    Well it happened again on the History channel this week .

    In an attempt to depict king Solomon as an archtype exorcist in the OT, they went to Luke 11 and related the story of Jesus casting out a demon from a deaf man. The Pharisees (Rabbi’s) accused him of casting out a demon by the power of Beelzabub. This part is true. But then the modern Rabbi says that Jesus responded by saying, “One greater than Solomon is here” .

    The Rabbi went on to say that,” Why Solomon?”. And I thought, “Yes, why Solomon?” He then proceeded to bring up the gnostic book of “The Testimony of Solomon’ where Solomon was in fact depicted as an exorcist and one of great power against the demon world.

    I thought that, even though I don’t accept gnostic theology, this at least made sense to the people of Christ’s time.

    But wait. I decided to actually read the Scripture in Luke 11, and guess what, the Rabbi completely took the quote about Solomon out of it’s place in this chapter and inserted it into the demon removal verse with a quote much later in the chapter on the “wisdom” of Solomon .

    This allowed him to bring in and introduce an idea that may or may not have any validity, that Solomon was empowered with deliverance skills. This served as a way to confuse the Goyim about their own Scriptures.

    I wonder if any of your other “posters” picked up on this exegetical slight of hand?

  29. Disgusted White Christian December 28, 2010 @ 8:36 am

    My orthodox friends KJ, KC, George, Stav, Gregorio,

    I have to apologize, you were right. The actions of these Orthodox bishops shows your church’s superiority of the “Holy Spirit” to mine, Catholicism.

    Why your bishops get SUPPORT for saying the truth, Rome attacked that Catholic English priest, that stated, “Jews use the Holocaust to EXPLOIT money from European countries, and they doctor the numbers that died.”

    Also, it made me sick, when the Pope visited there in IsraHell (apostate that it is, and he KNOWS IT) right after the attack on Gaza.

    I am so glad you did this thread Bro Nate, as I am sure, many emailed you, like me, to support these brave men.

    If you look back a few threads, to Stav’s posts on the bishops, when it first happened, I posted support info, on what the bishop claimed: Zionists and Nazi collaborated before and during the HoloHoax.

    Also, Hitler and the Nazis were financed by Talmudic bankers like Rothschild and Henry Scheorder.


  30. Disgusted White Christian December 28, 2010 @ 8:51 am

    Ted Pike:
    27 Dec 10

    Majority of Israelis support Racism:

    A recent poll in Israel showed a majority of Israelis (51%) support the racism of 50 top rabbis. Agreeing that “racism originates in the Torah,” the rabbis signed a declaration banning Arabs from renting or buying real estate from Jews in Israel.

    A staggering 41% of secular Israelis, 64% of Orthodox, and 88% of Ultra-Orthodox agree with these rabbis (See, 50 Top Israeli Rabbis: Proud to be Racists).

    Most “Israel-first” evangelicals have argued that the people of Israel are remarkably peace-loving and generous constituents of the Mideast’s only democracy, even if their former leaders may have done violence to the Palestinians. But past and current events contradict this.

    In the spring of 1948, Menachem Begin’s terrorists massacred more than a hundred Arab inhabitants of the sleeping town of Deir Yassin.

    Afterward, they stripped the surviving women and girls naked and paraded them in open trucks in triumphal procession through the Jewish section of Jerusalem, “where they were subject to the mockery and insults of the onlookers.” (1) In the weeks following, such violent animosity toward Arabs increased.

    The Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem extensively quotes the acknowledged Israeli expert on this period, historian Benny Morris. In 1948, according to Morris, hundreds of Arab towns and cities were attacked by the Zionists, their occupants forcefully evicted.

    The expulsion often began with artillery shelling and even aerial attack. Many Arabs were tortured or massacred by the Israelis in order to further terrorize.

    Those who fled were not allowed to take any possessions with them. The Zionists bulldozed their homes to prevent return.

    Arabs were attacked and robbed by Jewish soldiers en route to concentration camps. Even future Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, who authorized the expulsion, was concerned about incidents of rape of Arab women (2).

    Forbidden to ever return, and receiving no compensation, they and their posterity have little hope of ever regaining their lost dignity, property, and autonomy.

    And then there is the ultimate insult: Israel, the nation founded on terror, has convinced the world that the Palestinian dream of returning to their homes is now the very definition of “terrorism” in the Mid-East!

    Was an evil government alone to blame for such injustice? Immediately after the Arabs fled their businesses, orchards, factories, towns, and villages (even luxurious villas), Zionist troops and the people of Israel flooded in to seize the spoils. In fact, the sale of Palestinian property flourished as a small industry in Israel for several years.

    For the past 62 years, Jews occupied one of those cities, Safed, after its Arab inhabitants suffered horrendous atrocities.

    The Encyclopedia presents testimony by a Jewish witness of the siege of Safed. “In one case she saw an intelligence officer torture about ten Arab prisoners with a hoe until they bled to death.”

    [Jewish witness Netiva Ben Yehuda said:] ‘He beat these wounded men, burnt men who had not slept for days with their lips swollen from lack of water.’ The intelligence officer refused to allow the accumulated bodies to be carried out of the interrogation room since he wished to frighten the other Arabs who were brought in.”

    The Encyclopedia continues, describing Zionist attack upon a village near to Safed: “An Arab member of the Knesset later noted: ‘When the people who were being robbed insisted on being given receipts, they were taken to a remote place and shot dead.'”

    In a nearby village, an Arab eyewitness testified: “As we lined up, a few Jewish soldiers ordered four girls to accompany them to carry water for the soldiers.

    Instead, they took them to our empty houses and raped them. About 70 of our men were blindfolded and shot to death, one after the other, in front of us.”

    (3) Deir Yassin was actually only the first of many massacres designed by the Zionists to create terror. In Duwayma, in the Hebron district: “They killed some 80 to 100 Arabs, women and children.

    They were killed by smashing their skulls with clubs…In the village there remained Arab men and women who were put in the houses without food. Then the sappers came to blow up the houses.”(4)

    There were 25,000 Arabs expelled from Safed on May 7, 1948, 98% of its former population. Living in this city today is the aged chief rabbi of Safed, Shmuel Eliyahu, who authored the recent controversial ruling against Arabs.

    Eliyahu, like most Jews of Safed, believes theirs is an unquestionably Jewish city—it is unthinkable that an Arab should even be allowed to rent an apartment there.

    Rabbi Eliyahu, as a leading Orthodox Talmudic authority in Israel, actually ruled that the duty to discriminate against Arabs is now “Halacha,” or binding Jewish law.

    Any Jew who violates his ruling and allows Arabs to regain a foothold should, according to Eliyahu, be collectively punished by the Orthodox community including being forbidden to read the Torah (Talmud).

    Eliyahu says Arabs should not be allowed to rent because Arabs “meddle” in the affairs of Jews. I wonder what term he uses to describe the violent expulsion of Safed’s formerly Arab population into concentration camps. The United Nations defines such not as “meddling” but genocide.

    Western Jews Protest Rabbi’s Racism

    Last week more than 900 Western, primarily “secular” Reform and Re-constructionist rabbis signed a statement condemning the Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox rabbis who agreed with Eliyahu.

    Their protest seems impressive. In reality, it is held in contempt by Eliyahu and his followers. Orthodox Judaism is the official religious position of the state of Israel, and its Chief Rabbinate is controlled by the burgeoning Ultra-Orthodox “Haredim.”

    It does not honor the spiritual legitimacy of liberal clergy or recognize marriages or conversions approved by them.

    With hard-line Talmudic extremism threatening to spread to as many as 500 Israeli rabbis, Israel faces an important question. Where is this tidal wave of religious extremism taking the nation? Will it make Israel an even more segregationist, aggressive, pariah state?

    In the Jerusalem Post, Isi Leibler warns: “Candidly speaking: If efforts are not made to stem extremist trends and promote moderate Zionist streams, the time is looming when the state will fall under extremist control.”

    Zionist leaders in 1948 needed Jewish terrorists to sabotage and destroy British control (and thus covertly supported Urgun and the Stern Gang).

    So today the Netanyahu government is unmistakably coddling the Ultra-Orthodox element in Israel. Not a week passes that Ha’aretz does not complain of discrimination against Arabs as the government fails to punish violent or abusive settlers and IDF soldiers guilty of the most abusive actions against Palestinians and their property.

    Ha’aretz routinely itemizes every kind of perversion of authority by local governing bodies against Arabs. These include denial of water rights and well drilling, issuance of building permits, transportation blockage toward Arabs and movement of their goods and services (including exclusion from Jewish-only highways), and chronic failure to address acts of violence and vandalism by settlers against Arab landowners.

    Just last week Jewish settlers set on fire a flock of Palestinian-owned sheep, to the torment of the sheep and financial loss of their owner, a farmer with a wife and eight daughters.

    The script can be written, as in hundreds of other cases, that nothing significant will be done to apprehend or punish the offenders. The same is true of IDF soldiers guilty of obeying orders to persecute and humiliate Palestinians, in and out of wartime.

    Next Big Wave: Expulsion of Palestinians

    The hard-core Zionist leadership in Tel Aviv knows there is no Jewish fanatic as extreme as a literal interpreter of the Talmud. With no conception of tolerance toward those who disagree with them, they are capable of the worst kinds of violence.

    The underlying purpose of the government’s indulgence of the Ultra-Orthodoxy sweeping Israel today is to create a generation of terrorists empowered to accomplish Arab expulsion. Already, Ultra-Orthodox leaders candidly and publicly encourage their followers toward that goal.

    Of course, evangelical mouthpieces of Israel, such as Pastor John Hagee, WorldNetDaily, and tens of millions of “Israel-first” followers, will go along with anything Israel does.

    Evangelical media will cooperate to edit the worst abuses rising from the “final solution” of the Arab question, rationalizing even violent expulsion as part of Israel’s timeless, God-given mandate to subdue and occupy Canaan.

    Yet, evangelicals should beware. Ultra-Orthodox Judaism proclaims that, according to the Talmud and Zohar (Kabbalah), the greatest enemies of Judaism are not Arabs but followers of the false prophet, Jesus.

    Having subdued the Middle East, the Zohar commands Jews to exterminate “Amalek” – all Gentiles who resist conversion to Judaism throughout the world. The Talmud says unless the “Goyim” follow the seven “Noahide” laws, which include forsaking idolatry (worship of the false prophet Jesus), they must also be killed. (See, Coming Jewish ‘Utopia’ Ruled by Noahide Laws)

    In a remarkable book, The Jewish Utopia, published in 1932 by Talmudic scholar Dr. Michael Higger and endorsed by the founder of Conservative Judaism, Solomon Schechter, Dr. Higger says of the Messianic (anti-Christ) age to come:

    In general, the peoples of the world will be divided into two main groups, the Israelitic and the non-Israelitic. The former will be righteous; they will live in accordance with the wishes of one universal God; they will be thirsty for knowledge, and willing, even to the point of martyrdom, to spread ethical truths to the world.

    All the other peoples, on the other hand, will be known for their detestable practices, idolatry, and similar acts of wickedness. They will be destroyed and will disappear from earth before the ushering in of the ideal era. (5)

    In short, Ultra-Orthodox rabbis, under tacit approval by the government, are preparing the next generation of religious Israelis to become exterminators of Arabs – and after that, homicidal persecutors of Christians.

    Dozens of Israeli rabbis now agree that Israel must end “the Arab problem” immediately, by violence if necessary. (See, Homicidal Rabbi Finds Wide Support in Israel and Top Rabbi: ‘Gentiles Exist to Serve Jews’)

    Meanwhile, evangelical Christians contribute tens of millions of dollars annually to the very Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox groups who alarm more moderate Jews worldwide. They morally and financially “bless” those who literally believe that someday they will do God a service by not just biting the hand that has fed them (evangelicals) but by actually killing Christians.

    During the recent forest fires in Israel, evangelical hands were outstretched in kindness to Israel. But they were bitten by one highly influential Ultra-Orthodox leader, Shas Interior Minister Eli Yishai. Approached during Israel’s emergency by evangelicals offering firefighting equipment and help, he refused, evidently believing God could preserve His Holy Land without pollution by gifts from the idolatrous Goyim.

    Is the church offended? Hardly. Already forbidden to witness for Christ in Israel and mortally threatened by international Jewish supremacism in myriad ways, evangelicals cannot be alienated by Jewish insults, ingratitude or attack.

    So great is their infatuation with the “Beast,” with whom they have rolled in bed for more than a century, that evangelicals seem willing not only to be repeatedly bitten by this “Beast” but also to be devoured by it.


    1. The Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem, page 271. Intercontinental Books, P.O. Box 756, Grand Central Station, NY, NY 10163-0756. edited by Palestinian Christian barrister and diplomat, Dr. Issa Nakhleh. The Encyclopedia is available in most university libraries or online at

    2. Ibid, page 261. Ben Gurion wrote in his diary at that time: “The bitter question has arisen regarding acts of robbery and rape in the conquered towns.”

    3. Ibid, page 262.

    4. Ibid, page 265. Quoted from David Gilmour, Dispossessed The Ordeal of the Palestinians, London, Sphere Books, 1980, pages 68 and 69.

    5. The Jewish Utopia, Michael Higger, Ph.D., The Lord Baltimore Press, Baltimore, Maryland, 1932. This book is available from Emissary Publications, 503-824-2050.


    Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.

    NATIONAL PRAYER NETWORK, P.O. Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97015


  31. Donna chestergimli December 28, 2010 @ 9:05 am

    Hey all you good Catholic Bishops. Are you going to let yourself be outdone by the Orthodox?

    Bishop Williamson of the Society of St. Pius X spoke up about the Holohoax. Another Bishop in NY spoke out against the Jews several months ago. I think that Pope Benedict XVI through extremely private channels is encouraging this.

    May all of the rest of the Catholic Biships of the world join them and these two courageous Greek Orthodox Bishops.

  32. Mark December 28, 2010 @ 9:11 am

    HI, Brother Nat,

    You have a great delivery in your speaking style! So are you a Greek priest? I noticed the hat was similar.

    Love your work and when I get a job, if I ever can work again, I’ll send you a donation.

    Until then, you got my moral support and I’m sending good energy your way!

    There is no other Brother Nat out there doing what you do!


  33. Disgusted White Christian December 28, 2010 @ 9:55 am

    Donna chestergimli,

    This priest (Bishop Williamson) also stated 911 was an inside job, he does have guts!

    I am surprised there has not been pressure and calls to remove him too?

    The Zionist Jews normally come in like heat seeking missals when Goy talks the truth.

    Mark, I think, Bro Nate is Russian Orthodox? But still, Eastern Orthodox just the same.


  34. Stav December 28, 2010 @ 10:02 am

    Dear Mark,

    Aside from the cultural aspect, in Orthodoxy, there are no Greek priests, there are only Orthodox ones. This is because Christianity is beyond nationality.

    As I’m sure he will tell you, Brother Nathanael is a monk, not a priest, but the appearance is similar to a priests, unless you know what to look for.


  35. Brother Nathanael December 28, 2010 @ 10:36 am

    Dear Mark et all,

    Stavros is right. Ultimately, there are no “Greek” “Russian” “Serbian” “Syrian” etc priests BUT *Orthodox* priests.

    The Orthodox Church is UNIVERSAL.

    And though there are cultural and geographical origins, character, style, language, etc. ALL UNITE as ONE ORGANISM —

    NOT — an “organization,” for we all unite as the ONE Body of Christ, the Lord being the Head of the Body and His Holy mother from whom He took His humanity, the neck.

    I was with (as a monastic) the Greek Orthodox Church for many years. Then due to practical considerations, joined the Russian Church, ROCOR, where I am communed and recognized as a monastic.

    The clothes I wear are monastic (cassock, hat with Cross etc) and the Cross I wear is not a priest’s Cross.

    As for Greek priests and monastics, they are worldly wise (but not of this world) and may be characterized as “tough dudes” to put it in the vernacular.

    I was in a Greek monastery for many years and rubbed shoulders with these “tough dudes” and have grown to love and respect them.

    The Russian Orthodox Church is a bit more “insular” in that most Russians are not in the high-finance business world as the Greeks are and thus, (a broad characterization) tend towards reticence when it comes to “worldly” affairs.

    HOWEVER – that being said – pious Orthodox Christians like Vladimir Putin and the Russian Patriarch, +Kirill, know how to move in the world and KNOW that the Jews have now got the world by the you know what.

    But, as they move more and more into the European scene, truly as Dostoevsky said in his book, Brother Karamazov, “A Star Shall Rise in the East!”

    See my recent article on Putin and the Patriarch @

    In the meantime. as a monastic now “in the world but not of the world,” my Church recognizes my public ministry but has left the raising of funds of my ministry up to me.

    Thus, in order to carry on my work on the Internet and on the Streets, and now with the Vision of The Brother Nathanael Foundation @ and the NEW Law Center I wish to establish, I DO need financial help.

    I live a very austere life – only 1 Vegan meal a day – no car, no TV, no radio etc. no worldly entertainment and associations etc/ yet to run this site, the Street Evangelism, the Foundation is VERY EXPENSIVE.

    This site alone entails a dedicated server, expensive Vid equipment, a Web Manager, a Computer Tech, anti-hacking software, alert software for possible server problems, research materials, news subscriptions, multiple domain names to prevent pirating, legal support, etc and etc and etc.

    Please Consider Helping! Simply Click:

    OR @

    Donations By Mail: The Brother Nathanael Foundation / Or Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    I APPRECIATE and Love You ALL! Let’s keep a good thing going in our Real Zionist News family!

    +Brother Nathanael
    Monastic, Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR)

  36. Nicolae December 28, 2010 @ 10:56 am

    Please read this important book.

    Who Is Esau-Edom.

    We know that those impostors have nothing to do with Israel or the Bible.They are not from any tribe of Israel, they are not semite.

    Ashkenazis are not the descendants of the Ancient Israelites.

    The wrath of God is coming upon any man/woman that help those wicked people.

    All those idiots from CUFI/God tv and other Christian organizations that support the Ashkenazi impostors are going to be destroyed.

    Expulsion of Bedouins in Israel’s Negev Desert

    God-TV helps Israel oust Bedouin

    Half a million trees planted over the past 18 months on the ancestral lands of Bedouin tribes in Israel’s Negev region were bought by a controversial Christian evangelical television channel that calls itself God-TV.

    A sign posted a few kilometres north of Beersheba, the Negev’s main city, announces plans to plant a total of a million trees over a large area of desert that has already been designated “God-TV Forest.”

    The Jewish National Fund, an international non-profit organisation in charge of forestation and developing Jewish settlements in Israel, received $500,000 from God-TV to plant some of the trees, according to the channel’s filings to US tax authorities last year.

    2 Chronicles 19:2 And Jehu the son of Hanani the seer went out to meet him, and said to king Jehoshaphat, Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD? Therefore is wrath upon thee from before the LORD.

  37. Brother Nathanael December 28, 2010 @ 10:56 am

    Text — Text — Text — Text
    Greek Bishops Defy World Jewry
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Copyright 2010
    All Rights Reserved

    Two Greek bishops are being accused by world Jewry as being “anti-Semites” for simply telling the truth.

    Appearing last week on the largest television station in Greece, “Mega TV,” a Bishop Seraphim blamed Jewish bankers led by the Rothschilds and George Soros for Greece’s financial woes in their attempts to enslave Greece and Orthodox Christianity.

    The Bishop also accused world Jewry of trying to destroy the family unit by promoting same-sex marriages.

    Another Greek Bishop, the New York Times reports, Bishop Anthimos is preaching the very same message from his pulpit in Salonica.

    You see the entire financial world knows that the Rothschilds and George Soros can manipulate national economies and bring down the EURO and US Dollar at will.

    Jewry’s most powerful organization, The Anti-Defamation League, with offices across the globe are promoting through their early childhood learning programs books like, “Daddy’s New Roommate” another man, and its sequel “Daddy’s Wedding” Daddy marries his male roommate. All targeting ages kindergarten through fifth grade.

    But what is good for the goose, the Goyim, isn’t good for the gander.

    Jewry abhors the idea of homosexuality and lesbianism for their own in their quest for the propagation of their race.

    Yet, in spite of these facts voiced by the Bishops, The American Jewish Committee is calling for the defrocking of these Bishops.

    But with all the Bishops of the Greek Orthodox Church sharing equal authority having no Pope over them they will not apologize, their words will stand, and their positions will remain intact.

    These Bishops know that the same Jewish Committee persuaded former Greek Prime Minister, Costo Simetes, also a Jew, removing the designation “Orthodox Christian” from the majority of Greek citizens’ ID cards.

    But the American Jewish Committee what they force Greece to do, would never force it upon Israel whose ID cards give preferential treatment to those designated Jewish over those designated Christian and Muslim.

    As President of the Brother Nathanael Foundation, we are engaged in exposing the hypocrisy of world Jewry and bringing to an end their suppression of the truth.

    The “Anti-Semites” of today will certainly be the heroes of tomorrow.

    And like those Bishops, I want to be a hero. What about you?

  38. Disgusted White Christian December 28, 2010 @ 11:05 am

    “The “Anti-Semites” of today will certainly be the heroes of tomorrow.” — Bro Nate

    The Jews have used that term “Anti-Semites” for close to two centuries now, to try and quiet people, who figure their satanic schemes out, it is time we relegate that term to history’s junk heap, where it belongs!


  39. kmarie December 28, 2010 @ 11:35 am

    The courage of the Greek Bishops in defying Greek Jewry is indeed exemplary and heartening.


    May I mention an American patriot who has also defied the Jewish Supremacists — Edgar Steele.

    Actually, I knew nothing about this man until the American Free Press reported that he had been arrested on what they believed to be trumped up charges.

    I found more information at

    Mr. Steele is accused of hiring Larry Fairfax to murder Mr. Steele’s wife Cyndi and her mother.

    Cyndi Steele is raising money to defend her husband, because she does not believe the government case against him.

    She wrote a letter to the editor of her local newspaper attempting to challenge their reporting of the story, but they refused to publish her letter.

    Mr. Steele is a highly intelligent and competent lawyer who became known for representing the politically incorrect, sometimes pro bono.

    Mr. Steele has written a book entitled Defensive Racism.

    Reasoning that anyone that anyone the government would take so much trouble to put in jail must really have something to say, I ordered a copy of his book.

    He discusses many of the same problems Brother Nathanael and David Duke discuss–open immigration and affirmative action against White people–although he says specifically that he does not agree with David Duke on all issues.

    Like Brother Nathanael and David Duke, Edgar Steele clearly identifies the Jewish role in the diversification of the United States and the concept of White genocide.

    He also ties in the murder of tens of thousands of Russian Orthodox Christians under Jewish Communist rule of Russia.

    In the book he admitted being charged as an anti-Semite and spunkily said his response is: “That’s Mr. Anti-Semite to you!”

    He was reportedly working on a book about the Jewish slave trade before his arrest.

    There are many interesting and bizarre aspects to the case, but please check it out for yourselves on the Free Edgar Steele website.

    His trial has been postponed to February as he remains in jail.

  40. Mission Impossible December 28, 2010 @ 11:43 am

    Confirmation: the Greek word “Simitis” does indeed mean “Semite”.

    Here is the confirming link to Webster’s Online Dictionary. You will need to scroll down to find the relevant line, listed under “Translations”.

    Look for the horizontal entry: “Greek (transliteration)”.

    I have shortened the URL to Webster using the TinyURL utility for convenience:

  41. David McElroy December 28, 2010 @ 11:55 am

    The more I hear from you my brother, Nathaniel, the more I love you!

    I can only applaud your moral clarity and courage in opposing the Zionist enemies of our Lord, lives and liberties.

    Best Wishes in 2011 for a Happy New Year.

  42. Stav December 28, 2010 @ 12:31 pm

    Hi All,

    Some more background on this case:

    In my childhood I actually lived in Piraeus and I know from first hand that this Metropolis is one of the most active in Greece and has produced many significant men and women who now support the Church all over Greece and abroad.

    Bishop Seraphim is always very outspoken and managed to cause a “scandal” with his fierce statements several times every year. Be it Catholics, ecumenism, freemasons, homosexuality, or whatever, he always speaks out, sends public letters to officials and invariably makes it in the news.

    A few days before his statement about Zionism, he also sued the masonic lodges and filed an official request for the government to remove their right to exists in Greece and close them down. This is obviously not going to happen but he was not afraid to speak up on this on public, mainstream TV.

    Mega Channel has now become a bastion of the current (Zionist) government and during that interview, the two “journalists”, constantly ask or reply with stupid, brainwashed statements.

    But they were not able to refute or effectively mute the Bishop.

    In fact, their ignorant comments, only set him up to explain further his message.

    I wish I could find the time to transcribe the whole thing and post it here. But it was a long interview, over 15 minutes, which contained a whole load of other bits which are all interesting.

    Bishop Anthimos, is also always doing the same thing and he recently refused to swear in the new mayor of Thessaloniki Mr Mpoutaris, who promised to rename a major road from it’s current name into the Kemal Attaturk Road.

    Ataturk, as many may know, was a Jew. Mpoutaris has said that he is going to turn Thessaloniki into a Jewish pilgrimage city for Europe. Bishop Anthimos was also in the news very recently.

    It is important to note, that these are not the only Greek Bishops, Priests, Monks or Orthodox lay people who have spoken publicly and fearlessly against Zionism and the general JWO.

    In addition, it is also important to mention that, this is not a recent thing, nor is this a case of a recent awakening to these facts.

    The Orthodox Church was always awake regarding the facts the Jewish curse.

    There have been innumerable times since my childhood when I personally have been exposed to the truth by mainstream Church (i.e. not some fringe part of the Church), such as sermons, Sunday schools etc.

    That is the truth, which could invariably not be told to the majority of my non-Greek family/friends/acquaintances simply because the mental block was/is too great to pierce through.

    If there ever was one thing to make me turn completely away from Protestant (foremostly) but also Catholic Christianity and to eventually understand why they are so wrong (in my opinion), for me it was the obvious shying away from telling the truth about Judaism which is at it’s core Zionism.

    And that truth is that in it’s core essence Judaism/Zionism is literally truly Anti-Christ and filled with a hyper-putrid hate towards every non-Jew, but most importantly Orthodoxy.

    Another notable Bishop was Augoustinos Kantiotis, who spoke the truth always. He passed at 104 years old recently.

    In addition, many monks of Mt. Athos and other monasteries, have given insight and spoke about the problem of Zionism.

    There are many many more to note here, and obviously not only Greeks but a whole series of Orthodox Priests, Monks and Bishops who have always told the truth.

    In this tradition, many predictions and comments have been made, verbally but also in written form, which reveal the truth to the believers.

    As an example: Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi, who passed away recently, and formed a clear smile on his face after his death, mentioned the following about the upcoming crisis (and yes, we have not seen anything yet):

    “This will be the beginning of the events, truly troubling and warlike… They who are behind this evil are the Jews. They are being directed to start this process by the Devil.. so they can destroy the fruit of Orthodoxy in Greece and Russia. This is the single and largest obstacle on their way to world domination…”

    Note that this is part of a long conversation but the mention of Jews, and not Zionists, shows the knowledge that in essence and all practical purposes there is no difference between the two.

    He did not mention secret societies, or other secret organizations, the bankers or anything else.

    He hit the nail right on the head, just like Br. Nathanael does, everyday.


  43. Fr. Joseph December 28, 2010 @ 1:33 pm

    Dear Disgusted White Christian,

    Do not belittle or hold in any manner of ‘disgust’ your Catholic Faith and Catholicism.

    DWC, you must understand that our Catholic Church has been AT SPIRITUAL WAR in EARNEST with Satan, his elemental legions of HELL and his allied human stooges, dupes and allies throughout our World ONE HUNDRED AND TWENY SIX YEARS!

    Yes, it is a GREAT global spiritual GIFT that these Bishops from the Greek Orthodox Church HAVE CONFERRED upon their own people of the nation of Greece and, by extention, to the peoples of every other nation and state throughout our contemporary World.

    Yet, one might be tempted to ask ‘Well, WHAT TOOK YOU Bishops and Priests of the Greek Orthodox Church TO FINALLY speak up and speak out IN PUBLIC about what is transpiring there in GREECE as well as in the nation-states of the rest of our World?’

    But let us ALL fall to our knees, curl our chins to our chests, and with TEARS OF GRATITUDE to our God, our Lord and our Savior JESUS CHRIST, deeply and profoundly give our heartfelt THANKS to Those in Heaven for permitting this Beam and Glimmer of DIVINE CELESTIAL LIGHT fall upon SOMEBODY with His Spiritual Authority and Leadership here on our Planet Earth, the year now being 2010 Anno Domini!

    These courageous comments from these Bishops of the Greek Orthodox Church are His Divine Way of telling ALL OF US that He, JESUS CHRIST THE KING of all that is seen and Unseen HASN’T abanboned nor foresaken us member of His Mystical Body – HIS CHURCH – here on earth!

    Bear in mind, my dear DWC, that the Eastern Orthodox Church’s Patriarchs, Metropolitans, Bishops and Clergy STILL contend, teach and preach to their respective members of the Orthodox Laity that the Apparitions, Messages, Instructions and VITAL SPIRITUAL MILITARY INTELLIGENCE vs. Satan’s unseen and seen minions given to ALL OF US as Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal are ‘DEMONIC-IN-ORIGIN’!!!

    Yet, is it CHRIST JESUS Who is our KING and He is KING and LORD over His Own Church and all that is in this ‘World’ of ours.

    And the KING’S ORDERS/DECREES are Supreme, Foremost and given with Absolute Authority despite whatever ANY of His Church’s Hierarchy members might say or assert to the contrary!

    DWC, we Catholic Christians have been ‘SHOT-TO-PIECES’ these past 126 years. We Catholic Christians have been ‘BETRAYED’ and ‘LIED TO’ and ‘PLOTTED AGAINST’ and ‘DENOUNCED’ and ‘SINGLE OUT FOR DERISION’ for these past 126 years.

    And if there ISN’T much of a ‘Fight’ LEFT from our Catholic Church’s BISHOPS and the member of her LAITY vs. Christ the King’s ENEMIES, both seen and Unseen, it is because WE have been fighting this GLOBAL SPIRITUAL WARFARE on every continent of every last nation-state throughout our ENTIRE World – and NOT JUST in and over the single nation of ‘Greece’!

    And ‘We’ are SPENT!

    Yet, is really and truly IS so darned welcome GOOD NEWS and for us Catholic Christians a GLIMMER OF ‘HOPE ON THE HORIZON’ that there ARE some sorts of manner of ‘Heavenly Angelic Leigions’ of St. Michael the Archangel to help us and to assist us in RELIEVING this ‘Satanic Spiritual Siege’ against our Church and, by extention, against the peoples of EVERY LAST NATION here on earth.

    DWC…we’re CATHOLICS and the Catholic Church was instituted by CHRIST OUR KING to embrace EVERY nation of people here on this Planet Earth of His Creating – and NOT just ‘Greece’ and the Greek-speaking people.

    – +Fr. Joseph
    ‘transmitting’ from ‘BASTOGNE’!

  44. SINNER December 28, 2010 @ 2:01 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    I hope by blogging the Bishop’s contact information that this will not cause concern for their safety?

    Fr. Joseph, I ordered the Bible you recommended to me. Thank you.

    This latest video and information sharing has me wondering — if in another 30 years, a campaign begins for new Saint, the ‘Saint Adolf’ movement.

  45. USSA TODAY December 28, 2010 @ 2:04 pm

    I hope all the Communists, political correct types, Zionist Jews, liberals, Free Masons, and weirdos of all persuasions realize they are being used by the Illuminati elites (Rothschilds, Rockefellers,etc.) for a time and will be sold down the river as well.

    All you politically correct types and Khazar “Jews” who bark the Abe Foxman Commie Political Correctness/Mind Control ADL line to attempt to censor people who are trying to save their Country, families, culture, religion, economy, and freedom need to realize the Illuminati is just using you to serve a purpose.

    Do all you “Jew”/Khazars and Free Masons really think the Rothschilds and Rockefellers will invite you to their bunkers or space colonies when they set off World War 3?

    Like Glory B said, “The Jew-scum in Germany even sold out their own racial comrades by collaborating with Hitler.”

    The Khazar Illuminati of today will sell all you useful Zionist, Free Mason, ADL, etc. useful idiots down the river when they are done using you to oppress the rest of civilization. Wake up! You may feel special right now but you’re being used for a time.

  46. Georgios December 28, 2010 @ 2:28 pm

    @Mission Impossible

    The real name of ex-prime Semites (ΣΗΜΙΤΗΣ) is AARON AVOURI

    And his official name is Semites not Simitis, which in greek makes A BIG DIFFERENCE
    ΣΗΜΙΤΗΣ means just Semit.

  47. Fr. Joseph December 28, 2010 @ 2:51 pm


    That’s LATIN folks. That’s NOT Greek nor Russia nor Arabic nor French nor Italian nor Spanish nor any other human language spoken throughout our known World. That is LATIN which is still considered the ‘OFFICIAL LANGUAGE’ of the ROMAN Catholic Church. And it means:


    FACT # 1 – 126 years ago, back in 1884 A.D.:

    “he (POPE Leo XIII, Bishop of ROME) had heard a confrontation between JESUS and SATAN. SATAN WAS BRAGGING to Jesus that if he had enough time and enough power, he (Satan) could destroy THE CHURCH.” – from the on-line, in-the-Worldwide-Internet-public domain reference page:

    FACT # 2 – The Blessed Virgin Mary’s messages given to one +Fr. Stephano Gobbi of THE MOTHER OF GOD’S OWN ‘Marian Movement of Priests’:

    “This MASONIC infiltration, in the interior of THE CHURCH, was ALREADY foretold to you by Me AT FATIMA!” – from the on-line, in-the-public-Worldwide-Internet-domain reference page:

    FACT # 3: From the ‘Introduction’ of the book entitled ‘THE DEVIL’S FINAL BATTLE’:

    “A GREAT CRIME has been committed AGAINST the Catholic Church and the world at large. The perpertrators of this crime are men who hold high offices in the Catholic hierarchy, their names will be introduced in the course of this presentation.

    “THE VICTIMS of this CRIME include YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES. … et al” – from the on-line and in-the-public-Worldwide-Internet-domain reference pages at:

    FACT # 4 : “SATANISM Is Practiced In THE VATICAN” – on-in and in-the-public-Worldwide-Internet-domain reference page at:

    FACT # 5 : quoting from the pages of ‘The Peccatus Altar (Satanic-Occult) Underground Magazine’ “captured” and turned over to me by either St. Michael the Archangel OR my own Warrior Guardian Angel Aloysius (to this day, I’m still NOT SURE which of those Angels ensured I got my hands on these pages) during one long ‘running spiritual battle’:

    “I (SATAN) shall intest Your Flock, Lord of Mercy. Your pure of heart are few and weak, and I am strong. They shall fall before me on their knees in worship or they’ll eternally writhe in agony of flaming torment.

    “In a sea of indifferent suffering, Your holy ones shall flock to me in an orgy of sin and they will realize there is no place of Eternal Peace, no place at Your Side. Only me and my way. I accept them and their souls for they have come willingly.

    “I still see the vision of Your Holy Begotten Son being upon the Cross. Thorns, blood, and flesh. Suffering. The Chosen One, the dying Messiah, glorious was the day of the first Death.

    “Your Flock mourned and I rejoiced..once again I rejoiced, for have FAILED (You)…” – left blank – and ALL of the peoples of our World, to INCLUDE those in His Church Militant, great and small, are left to COMPLETE THE LIST of those who have chosen TO FAIL our Lord, Savior and King Who Is JESUS CHRIST!

    Now THIS is ‘The Woman of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17 who calls to each and every last one of us TO FIGHT for her Divine Son, His Divine and Eternal Father in Heaven and for Christ Jesus’s KINGDOM to flourish here on and all across this Planet Earth of ours, the year now being 2010 Anno Domini:

    THAT Woman wants for the Bishop of Rome and ALL of the Bishops of her Divine Son’s CATHOLIC CHURCH MILITANT here on earth to perform a PUBLIC and SOLEMN Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to her very own Immaculately Loving Heart.

    SO THAT – Satan’s HEAD IS CRUSHED once and for all so that we, HER SPIRITUAL CHILDREN AS GOD’S OWN ‘NEW EVE’ AND ‘MOTHER’ OF ALL OF MANKIND, might have WORLD PEACE – the Peace of His Divine KINGDOM made manifest to all the peoples of our contemporary World of 2010 Anno Domini.

    And BISHOPS and ONLY BISHOPS have the Ecclesiastical Power and Authority granted to them TO CONSECRATE men into the Church’s Priesthood who, in turn, can CONSECRATE mere bread and wine INTO this Woman’s Divine Son’s BODY and BLOOD!

    Slinking back into my ‘spiritual FOXHOLE’…and waiting and waiting and waiting yet some more for THE 10TH ARMORED to get THEIR BUTTS in action and into this spiritual combat FRAY going on all across our contemporary World of 2010 Anno Domini!

    I’m TIRED and spiritually FATIGUED!

    – +Fr. Joseph
    Nazareth Hermitage – USA
    ‘Informer’, ‘Communications Expert’
    1st Lt. – His Holy Army
    at ‘Bastogne’

  48. Disgusted White Christian December 28, 2010 @ 3:13 pm

    Fr. Joseph, I told Stav,

    I believed Russia had converted in their hearts, that’s how communism was thrown out. I don’t agree with you about Russia, just like charlie, I feel the same way.

    Modernism and liberalism from the Second Vatican Council has destroyed our Roman Catholic church, like a cancer propagating and metastasizing throughout the body.

    Look if someone believes the apparitions of Mary are from Satan, I can’t change that, all I care is that I believe it, and I think, she was sent as a messenger from God, you are going to find out when you die anyway, why argue here?

    All I know is very few Catholics come out and face world Jewry head on, like a Mel Gibson’s father, Pat Buchanan, Bill Donohue (he codes his stuff though as atheists and liberals, he never says the “Jew” word) and finally Bishop Williamson.

    Did you ever complain to your superiors to stick up for him, Father Joseph?

    No, the Catholics go on bowing to the Jew Masters here as their new savior, no different now from the Protestants, Jehovahs, Mormons, and any of the other faiths, the “Jew” word is taboo and off limits.

    In fact, I have joked on here with Nate, the quickest way to get rid of any unwanted guest, I give the details below.

    Such as telemarketer, Jehovahs, or Mormon at your door, is start talking about Jewish, or Zionist hegemony over America and the west, you can count the seconds on your watch, before they come up with some excuse, why they have to leave. That goes for Catholics too, Father Joseph.

    It is almost comical, it works 100% of the time, with clockwise efficiency.


  49. KC December 28, 2010 @ 3:46 pm

    The problem with secularism is that many people do not even bother to study Talmud and see what its about.

    I’m an Orthodox Christian and like to be aware of what other religions are about, because in today’s world mission work can be with half of the world in one city, religiously speaking..if not more.

    That would also include a basic understanding of what Talmudism=’Judaism’ is about! People should know! As is is! Get some background on Judaism, and get a taste of what Talmud says about you, if you’re a non-Jew!

    Also it is essential to know Christianity, know well the New Testament and works of the Holy Fathers, even though that takes time. Together with fasting and prayers.

    Following this article, the question for me is how the Jews need to be exposed in the West? Greece has been strongly affected by them, but what about here? We need to speak out!

    On another note, here is an example of world jewry at work, if you watch the news. Watch how all channels are talking about the Jew, russian ex-oligarch Khodorkovsky trying to bail out that major thief.

  50. KC December 28, 2010 @ 3:52 pm

    Here’s a link to Br. Nathanael’s article about the Jew thief, Khodorkovsky

    Putin’s Purge Of The Rothschild Money Changers

  51. charlie December 28, 2010 @ 4:30 pm

    People here think freemasonry is somehow separate from Judaism, that it is a circus of little fraternal white mostly lodges where people can unwind at the end of a hard day.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    They are identical and Freemasonry and Zionism are controlled from the same hidden inner TALMUDIC JEWISH government.

    Freemasonry is an immense, united and well oiled and controlled world wide organization IN CO ORDINATION WITH THE WORLD WIDE WELL OILED AND CONTROLLED OGANIZATION OF ZIONISM

    BOTH bent on world domination and enslavement by AND TO Jews – and PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP.

    It is not easy to take over the world.

    One organization can become the focus of counterattack.

    Two organizations were designed by Satan who then masked their linkage so that attacks were on one or the other but not both together – thus deflecting, dividing and crippling the opposition.

    An entire book has been written on this subject available on line here.

    From which I quote;

    Jews in the Inner Circles of Freemasonry:

    Gougenot de Mousseaux, in a remarkable study upon this question, collects a large number of facts pointing to the close connection of the inner and controlling elements of Freemasonry with certain sections of Judaism.

    He thus summarizes his conclusions: “The real chiefs of this immense association of Freemasonry (the few within the innermost circles of initiation), who must not be confounded with the nominal leaders or figure-heads, are mostly Jews, and live in close and intimate alliance with the militant members of Judaism, those, namely, who are the leaders of the Cabalistic section.

    “This èlite of the Masonic association, these real chiefs, who are known to so few even of the initiated, and whom even these few know only under assumed names (noms de guerre) carry on their activities in secret dependence (which they find very lucrative for themselves) upon the Cabalistic Jews.”

    This same writer brings forward evidence of the existence in Germany, Italy, and London, of supreme lodges of this type, controlled by a Jewish majority, and quite unknown to the general body of Freemasons.

    He mentions two supreme lodges in London which none but Jews are allowed to enter, and in which the different threads of the contemporary revolutionary conspiracies, which were elaborated in the outer lodges, were brought together and co-ordinated; and another lodge, at Rome, also exclusively Jewish, which, he says, was the supreme tribunal of the revolution against Christianity.

    On the same subject M. Doinel, at one time member of the Council of the Grand Orient, who became a Christian, wrote:

    “How often have I heard the Freemasons lament the dominance of the Jews . . . Ever since the Revolution the Jews have taken possession of the Masonic lodges more and more completely: and their dominance is now unquestioned.

    “The Cabala rules as mistress in the inner lodges; and the Jewish spirit dominates the lower grades . . . In the mind of Satan the synagogue has an all important part to play . . . The great enemy counts on the Jews to govern Masonry as he counts on Masonry to destroy the Church of Jesus Christ (Christianity).”

    Leroy-Beaulieu, a French Jewish apologist, describes the social ideals of modern Judaism:

    “Progress is the true Messiah, whose near advent she (Judaism) proclaims with all her hosannahs . . . The (French) Revolution was its introduction, our doctrine of human rights, its manifesto, and its signal was given to the world, when, at the approach of our Tricolor, the barriers of caste and the walls of the Ghetto fell to the ground . . . The emancipated Jew takes pride in working for its realization . . . assailing superannuated hierarchies, battling with prejudices . . . struggling to pave the way for future revolution.”

    The national aims and ideals here attributed to although they belong, probably, only to a comparatively small section of the Jewish nation, are practically identical with those of Freemasonry.

    Hence, an International Jewish synod held at Leipsic, 1869, passed the following resolution:

    “This Synod recognizes that the development and realization of modern ideas are the surest guarantee in favor of the Jewish race for the present and future.”

    It seems clear that the “modern ideas” here referred to are those of un-Christian Liberalism, of which Freemasonry has been the protagonist for the past two centuries, and more.

    The professed objects of the “Universal Israelite Alliance,” founded in 1860 (whose headquarters are in Paris, and which is probably the most influential and most representative body of the Jewish nation), are similar to the professed aims of Freemasonry.

    These objects are thus summarized by its founder, the Jew, Adolphe Cremieux, who for many years held the position of Grand Master of the Supreme Council of the Ancient Scottish Rite of Freemasonry:

    “The Universal Israelite Alliance . . . addresses itself to every type of worship. It wishes to penetrate all religions, as it has found access to all countries . . . Let all men of enlightenment, without distinction of sect, find a means of union in the Universal Israelite Association, whose aims are so noble, so broad, and so highly civilizing . . .

    “To reach out a friendly hand to all who, although born in a different worship from ours, offer us the hand of fellowship, acknowledging that all religions which are based on morality and acknowledge God ought to be friendly towards one another: thus to destroy the barriers separating what is destined one day to be united, that is the grand supreme object of our Alliance . . .

    “I summon to our Association our brethren of every form of worship. Let them come to us . . . Our grand mission is to put the Jewish population in touch with the authorities in every country . . . to make our voices heard in the cabinets of ministers and in the ears of princes, whatever be the religion that is despised, persecuted, or attacked.”

    The striking similarity between this program and the religious ideals of Freemasonry (humanism, cosmopolitanism, and non-sectarianism, or religious indifference) needs no elaboration.

    “Again, practically all writers on the subject, including the Jews themselves, recognize the leading part which the Jews have played in the activities of the French Grand Orient. Thus we read in the Jewish Encyclopedia: “Jews have been most conspicuous in connection with Freemasonry in France since the Revolution.”

    Hence Pére Deschamps writes, of the present question:

    “Judaism itself is a kind of Freemasonry, owing to the national solidarity of the Jews, their cosmopolitanism, which set the Jews free from all local and patriotic ties, and finally, the opposition of the Jews to Christianity.”

    It is, in fact, the Cabalistic elements in Freemasonry that act as the main driving force in the envenomed and aggressive opposition of the latter to Christianity, and its never-flagging efforts for the undermining and destruction of the Christian organization of society.

    “This intimate connection between the two powers (Freemasonry and Cabalistic Judaism, writes R. Lambelin) is becoming so evident that there is no longer any attempt made to deny it. The Jewish lodges of B’nai B’rith, which originated in the English-speaking countries, have swarmed all over Europe, and even into Asia; and they assume the leadership of control in the whole Masonic organization.

    “Under cover of Theosophy a new religion, which is specifically Jewish, though enveloped in a nebulous mist that obscures its character, is bidding fair to take the place of the traditional Christian belief which it flatters, and insensibly destroys.”

    Growing Power of the Jews coequal with Growth of Freemasonry:

    Finally, the history of the Jews of Europe during the past three or four centuries is suggestive in this connection. The emancipation of the Jews and the unprecedented growth of the influence and power of the great Jewish financiers have synchronized with the rise and growth of the Masonic movement of the past.

    Up to the sixteenth century the Jews were excluded from practically all the Christian States of Europe. With the rise of Humanism, however, in the fifteenth century, and the accentuation of the other causes that finally led to the break up of Christendom, the Jews managed to improve their position.

    They gradually gained readmittance, sometimes covert, sometimes openly avowed, into most of the countries from which they had been excluded. But although they were allowed to live under the protection of the laws, they were not accorded full civic rights in any of the Christian States.

    They engaged in trade and carried on usury, by means of which they frequently acquired immense wealth. But they were not permitted to hold public offices, and were treated as aliens.

    They lived usually in ghettos (which is what the rabbis desired, so they could retain control over the Jews as a whole), apart from the Christian community.

    After the Protestant revolt, and especially under the influence of Calvin, who was a Cabalistic Jew, sections of the Protestantism, such as the Huguenots in France, the Puritans in Britain, and the Dutch and Swiss Calvinists, the position of the Jews gradually improved more and more.

    Finally, with the rise of the Liberalism of the eighteenth century, which was fostered and promoted by Masonic influence, the Jews were accorded full rights of citizenship, first in France and then, owing to the expansion of the French Napoleonic Empire, in nearly every country of Europe and America. It is since that time that Freemasonry has risen to its present dominating influence in European life.

    Modern Examples of Judeo-Masonic Activities: In France the Jews were enfranchised in 1791 at the instance of the Jacobins, the most aggressive and militant of the then existing anti-Christian Masonic organizations.

    Ever since then, with the exception, perhaps, of the early Napoleonic period, the Masonic Jews and the Masonic societies have dominated the public life of France, whose anti-clericalism, secularism, educational and divorce laws have mostly been inspired from that source.

    Numberless other examples could be quoted of the sinister and permeating influence of the Jewish leaders on modern political and social developments; all of which are also attributable to or closely associated with Freemasonry.

    Thus, Romania, where the Jews did not possess the full rights of citizenship, and were precluded from acquiring property in land was forced by Bismarck at the Congress of Berlin (1878) to grant them full civic rights.

    In the year 1928 a memorandum was published on the Jewish question in Romania signed by several university professors and leaders of the Romanian nationalist party.

    It contained striking statistics, showing how the land, the industries, even the professorial chairs in the universities, were then owned or occupied by Jews. The tale told is in fact the story of the expropriation of a people by the peaceful penetration of an alien element.

    At the Peace of Paris (1918-1919), dominated as is generally recognized, by Jewish Masonic influence, Poland was forced, in the same way, to grant such privileges to the Jews living within her borders as almost to constitute the Jewish colony a kind of State within the State.

    At the same Congress the Jewish leaders were accorded practical control of Palestine as a quasi-independent or incipient Jewish State under the protection of Britain.

    Today Jewish financial and political power is especially felt in the countries which have fallen most completely under the influence of Freemasonry and un-Christian Liberalism, such as America, England, France, Germany, Russia, Romania and etc.

    Hence it is, that many Christian writers on present-day Freemasonry and its anti-Christian activities frequently apply the epithet “Judeo-Masonic” to these latter in order to indicate the dominant influence of the Cabalistic section of the Jews in the world-wide movement against Christianity.

    We have already referred to Rationalism and Hermeticism (including Theosophy, Christian Scientism, Spiritism, etc.) as characteristic of the Masonic religion and philosophy. These, which are put forward as a substitute for Christianity, are fast becoming more and more widespread in England and throughout the English-speaking world.

    They are the most powerful dissolvents of whatever elements of True Christianity still survive among the Protestant populations. Infiltrations into the Judeo-Christian churches has been successful. This element is the most deadly and dangerous aspect of the whole Jewish Masonic movement; for it cuts deeper than anything else into Christian life, whose very foundation it attacks.

    Objectives of Jewish Masonic Policy:

    The immediate aim of the practical policy of Freemasonry is to make its naturalistic principles effective in the lives of the people; and first of all to enforce them in every detail of public life.

    Hence its political and social program includes: …..

  52. Stav December 28, 2010 @ 4:50 pm

    Dear DWC,

    You say:

    “Such as telemarketer, Jehovahs, or Mormon at your door, is start talking about Jewish, or Zionist hegemony over America and the west, you can count the seconds on your watch, before they come up with some excuse, why they have to leave. ”

    How true. This has been my experience all my life.

    In fact, it is getting worse, rather than better. In the UK I know for sure, if you do this, you may well find the police in front of your front door a few days later…

    Or, in the best of cases, the people you talk to (if you know them better) may never speak to you again. And that goes for family too.


  53. Fr. Joseph December 28, 2010 @ 4:53 pm

    Dear DWC,

    Ah, com’on! Sheeshhh. You and I are Catholics. We have 2,000 years of Church History to look back on and over. And what does these past 2,000 years of Church History tell us, show us and teach us?

    Why, it’s like watching the SAME OLD ‘Popeye the Sailor’ CARTOON over and over and over again.

    The current Church History’s ‘BLUTO’ comes along and goes about doing every dasterly deed to Popeye. Gets Popeye into some sort of stranglehold, trapped or immobilized into some sort of shackling device. And the current Church History’s ‘BLUTO’ just sits there atop of Popeye beating and punching the ‘living snot’ of out Popeye.

    Oftentimes, it’s OLIVE OYL who comes to Popeye’s rescue by getting to him or giving him his ‘SPINACH’!

    In 1884 A.D., our beloved CATHOLIC ‘Popeye’ who as Pope Leo XIII it told that Satan’s “BLUTOS” were coming to spiritually “rough up” the Catholic Church.

    In 1917 A.D., our beloved CATHOLIC ‘Olive Oyl’ (forgive me, Most Holy Mother of God for taking this course of trying TO EXPLAIN to people the World over about YOUR Instruction for a Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to your Immacultely Loving Heart, but our CHURCH and all of MANKIND needs to be TAUGHT and SHOWN and given UNDERSTANDING!) comes on the scene of our Church’s History and GIVES our CATHOLIC ‘Popeye’ at that time a ‘DIVINE CAN OF SPINACH’ – i.e. the Instruction to have RUSSIA consecrated to her Immaculately Loving Heart!

    Now then, if our CATHOLIC ‘Popeye’ along with all of the OTHER ‘Catholic Popeyes’ DO that public and solemn Collegial Consecration of Russia – it will be like giving the ENTIRE MYSTICAL BODY OF CHRIST JESUS HERE ON EARTH which is HIS CHURCH – a Divine Can of SPINACH!

    If the Pope and the Bishops of the MYSTICAL BODY OF CHRIST JESUS ‘OPEN UP THAT CAN OF DIVINE SPINACH’ given to us from the hands and help of THE WOMAN whose name is NOT ‘Olive Oyl’ but rather ‘THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY’ – then within and throughout the MYSTICAL BODY OF CHRIST JESUS here on earth, GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT will cause every manner of ‘Spiritually Spinach-fed Supermen and Superwomen’ to ARISE with the Divine Gifts and Graces of GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT!

    Why?…O WHY???…don’t people at the highest perches of our Church and all the way down to the very last row of pews in the least visited Church parish here on earth UNDERSTAND SUCH SIMPLE THINGS????

    Apparently, everyone WANTS TO BE A ‘WHIMPY’ whose only concern is:

    “I will GLADLY pay you Tuesday for a HAMBURGER TODAY!’

    – +Fr. Joseph

  54. Fr. Joseph December 28, 2010 @ 5:01 pm

    Dear Sinner,

    Good to hear you have your Bible on order.

    Once you have it, simply do what I recommended you do – read the 4 Gospel accounts over and over until you can almost ‘envision/visualize’ those printed words from the Jerusalem Bible in your mind’s eye.

    Visit the Lord in His Blessed Sacrament, Become stilled and quiet so that you render yourself spiritually ATTENTIVE to the slightest Movements, Insights, Touches or Encouragements of His Divine Spiritual Graces.

    Get yourself a spiral notebook to make as your own private/personal ‘Spiritual Journal’.

    Into the Spiritual Journal of yours, write down the date and time of each entry you will make and record TO and FOR yourself what sorts of ‘Things’ that either occur to you or come to you that YOU recognize as something ‘Extraordinarily Special and Noteworthy’….

    ….more about all of this ‘Later On’.

    – +Fr. Joseph

  55. USSA TODAY December 28, 2010 @ 6:25 pm

    Endless money pit wars.

    Yet, another Khazar scam —

  56. Flying Grey Goose December 28, 2010 @ 6:54 pm

    I like you and your show, Brother Nathanael. So keep praying.

  57. Susie December 28, 2010 @ 7:18 pm

    Bro. Nathanael,

    I want to be a hero too! And that is what it takes to overcome World Jewry.

    People that use their real names — that put on videos like you are doing — radio shows exposing the Jewish lies — people calling Congress on unAmerican bills.

    People emailing FOX network about the USS Liberty.

    They are heros because they have not compromised their principles!!

    You are a hero and so are those Greek bishops!!


  58. Joe Cortina December 28, 2010 @ 7:22 pm

    I see you have a goal near and dear to my heart – the ridding of OUR nation from that horrible vampire like blasphemous ‘Devil’s pitchfork’.

    God willing I will commit an amount equal or greater than that of this month towards the removing of that – Chabad – Lubavitch filthy project of the Devil himself!

    I ask only that my donation be reserved ONLY for the destruction of the presence of Satanic Jew influence in our Nation’s capitol!

    I will appeal the readership to follow my example and make it HAPPEN with the start of a war chest against evil itself!

    At your side in the battle = battered and bloodied – but NOT DEFEATED

    God be with you!


  59. charlie December 28, 2010 @ 8:20 pm

    Whilst there is nothing wrong with consecrating any part of this earth on a daily basis to Our Almighty God and Creator.

    Not to acknowledge that this has already taken place with regards the world and Russia in particluar by Popes bishops priests and the faithful already and in union, not once, not twice, but at least three times, whilst insisting it is still to take place is a LIE and the perpetrators themselves LIARS.

    A LITTLE BACKGROUND ON POLAND IS IN ORDER because it ties in with it with regards Fatima.

    Let us look at the record of the Polish nation, causing as it did the Second World War, WHICH WORLD WIDE REPENTANCE according to Our Lady at Fatima would have averted, just as it would have today’s world wide Apocalyptic crisis.

    Hitler was refused territory wrongfully taken from Germany at the end of the WWI which Germany won but lost the peace.

    This is because the Socialists allied with the communists who had recently taken over Russia, took over the German government at the end of the war and immediately disarmed the German military leaving it helpless and unable to defend itself at the Peace Treaty.

    This was all by design.

    Poland aware of this injustice foolishly brought on itself a crushing attack from both sides Russia and Germany for refusing to cede this territory back to a rearmed Germany.

    The Jewish element in Poland may have been behind this, wishing as it did to ignite World War Two.

    However Poland being the most Jew-dominated country in the world at that time, and for centuries beforehand, was probably not immune to the spirit if not the religion of the Jews.

    This spirit of stiff-necked and stubborn pride was probably what led the non-Jewish elements in Poland to aquiesce to the refusal of the reasonable demands of Germany.

    And this stiff-necked and stubborn attitude and pride is still a characteristic of some Poles today, the wiping out of the good leadership in one plane crash, a current case in point.

    This pride blinds people to the love of God and thus the work carried out by this Love such as in the once Communist bloc, converting it despite the Jewish overlordship in Tel Aviv which secretly ran the Soviet Union, into a once again Orthodox Christian Nation.

    And doing it peacefully, gracefully and holily – marked by massive peaceful demonstrations often by candlelight;- falling one ruthless and bloodied communist bloc dictatorship after another like dominoes – after the elevation of JPII (in whom Poland redeemed itself for a while) in Rome and Gorbachev in Moscow.

    The greatest miracle of all human history; carried out by the Blessed Virgin, to show God’s love for her and his elevation of His own Mother, not surprising, to a pre eminent position in Creation.

    How great and monstous too is the deception cast on the whole world which cannot even see and acknowledge this fact –

    Proving once again that Zionism and Masonry are a religion of witchcraft that holds the majority of the world’s politics and people in its spell.

    World War Two and World War Three are therefore intimately connect to Poland.

    Poland helped start WWII and Poland will help start WWIII by allying itself once again with the Jewish masters who now control it, but whose blocking by those killed in the plane crash would have brought down the entire EU monster which is at the heart of the NWO. This they knew, hence their murder.

    But Poland is equally connected with the Plan of Redemption.

    JPII, a Pole, brought down communist Russia and the countries ceded to it through WWII.

    St Maximmilian Kolbe, a Pole, offered his life in a WWII prisoner of war camp in exchange for a family man; and as such is the model in, and an antidote to, this end time madness come upon us which is fed by the sacrifice of the unborn in affluent countries to the greed of those whose own parents had allowed them to be born.

    For the help and sparing of the lives of the unborn, Maximilian pray for us.

    Almighty God hear us.

  60. Stavros December 28, 2010 @ 8:38 pm

    So looked up the Khazar decendent findings and looks like is has been debunked :

    Advanced genetic testing, including Y-DNA and mtDNA haplotyping, of modern Jewish communities around the world, has helped to determine which of the communities are likely to descend from the Israelites and which are not, as well as to establish the degrees of separation between the groups.

    Important studies archived here include the University College London study of 2002, Ariella Oppenheim’s study of 2001, Ariella Oppenheim’s study of 2000, Michael Hammer’s study of 2000, Doron Behar’s study of 2008, and others.

    Key findings:

    The main ethnic element of Ashkenazim (German and Eastern European Jews), Sephardim (Spanish and Portuguese Jews), Mizrakhim (Middle Eastern Jews), Juhurim (Mountain Jews of the Caucasus), Italqim (Italian Jews), and most other modern Jewish populations of the world is Israelite.

    The Israelite haplotypes fall into Y-DNA haplogroups J and E.

    Ashkenazim also descend, in a smaller way, from European peoples from the northern Mediterranean region and even less from Slavs and Khazars. The non-Israelite Y-DNA haplogroups include Q (typically Central Asian) and R1a1 (typically Eastern European).

    Dutch Jews from the Netherlands also descend from northwestern Europeans.

    Sephardim also descend, in a smaller way, from various non-Israelite peoples.

    Georgian Jews (Gruzinim) are a mix of Georgians and Israelites.

    Yemenite Jews (Temanim) are a mix of Yemenite Arabs and Israelites.

    Moroccan Jews, Algerian Jews, and Tunisian Jews are mainly Israelites.

    Libyan Jews are mainly Israelites who may have mixed somewhat with Berbers.

    Ethiopian Jews are almost exclusively Ethiopian, with little or no Israelite ancestry.

    Bene Israel Jews and Cochin Jews of India have much Indian ancestry in their mtDNA.

    Palestinian Arabs are probably partly Israelite.

  61. an american friend December 28, 2010 @ 8:56 pm

    Dear Bro. Nathanael.

    As Jesus had a Judas, today Christians have freemasonry. Gentiles selling their souls for 30 coins and working for Lucifer as they work for the “Protocols of Zion” instrumental Jewish planning of world control and submission.

    You know, as a former Jew, that the Judaism core is masonically organized, so please tell us about it, tell us the names that are on the top, tell us about Joseph Dayan.-

  62. Donna chestergimli December 28, 2010 @ 10:08 pm

    I just wanted to make a comment about the consecration of Russia.

    The Blessed Mother said that he would do it but it would be late. I believe the words she used were, “HE would do it but it would be late.” She does not say that he would do it along with all the bishops of the world but it would be late.

    It brings to mind some material I read from Father Gruner from the Fatima Crusader. According to what I read, Sister Lucy had an inner locution from Our Lord after the 1942 consecration of the world by Pope Pius XII.

    Our Lord told her that it would be enough to stop the war. But we didn’t get all of the graces as promised by Our Lady of Fatima because it wasn’t a public consecration made in communion with all of the bishops of the Catholic Church.

    Remember, Our Lady said that he would do it but it would be late. And there would be a certain period of peace for mankind. I believe that this peace was after WWII and before 1960 when her third secret was supposed to have been revealed.

    And remember, Our Lord said that he would not return until after the great apostacy away from the faith had taken place. This apostacy took place with the Second Vatican Council. I firmly believe that the third secret fortold this which is why she told Sister Lucy to make sure that the secret was revealed no later than 1960.

    The engine was already in motion for the advent of the council in 1960. The Catholic Church is now in apostacy. This Novus Ordo Missae is a fraud that pretends to be the real thing. But it is not.

    It is not a sacrifice as the priest is not facing God, he is facing the congregation. How can he make a sacrifice of the Body and Blood of Our Lord to men.

    It is like putting them in the place of God. The deification of man. Well, I think I had better get off of my soap box for now.

  63. Disgusted White Christian December 28, 2010 @ 10:13 pm


    It is it funny you should mention the UK.

    I remember when the Israelis were attacking Gaza last years, they had a story on the net of a Middle Eastern man, maybe Palestinian, cursing in this gym in England somewhere.

    He was saying, “look at those damn Zionists, someone should kill them.” I think he was running on one of those stationary machines, and watching TV.

    You know, just like you stated, they said, the police came, no warning to stop, or else, they just handcuffed him (he was a British citizen too) and took him to jail on “hate crime” charges.

    They are extremely EXPENSIVE, you need a lawyer to fight it, you can end up losing all you own, even if you don’t do jail time.

    This is what we in America have to look forward to, the same thing, if things don’t change dramatically!


  64. Disgusted White Christian December 28, 2010 @ 10:29 pm

    Muslims serve Christmas Eve dinner to 300 at Old Brewery Mission

    Sadaf Kotwal of the Islamic Community Centre of Brossard helps serve dinner at the Old Brewery Mission on Christmas Eve.

    Photograph by: PIERRE OBENDRAUF, THE GAZETTE, The Gazette

    It was in a spirit of giving that members of a South Shore mosque contributed $2,000 to sponsor the Christmas Eve supper at the Old Brewery Mission and spent two hours serving it to more than 300 people.

    This is double the minimum $1,000 contribution the mission seeks from those who sponsor a supper.

    It was believed to be the first time an Islamic community group has volunteered to sponsor and serve an evening meal at the mission, officials said.

    Following afternoon prayers at the mission on Clark St., about 20 members of the Islamic Community Centre of Brossard set the tables and passed plates of chicken, rice and steamed carrots to the first shift of diners.

    Ismail Mohammed of Greenfield Park, a retired CBC accountant, said he had suggested sponsoring the meal to fellow mosque members.

    “We don’t celebrate Christmas, but serving humanity is serving God. That is what our teaching says,” he observed.

    “We want to work with people from all religions,” he added. “We came for peace in this country and we want to establish peace,” said Mohammed, a native of India who grew up in Pakistan.

    Monique Khan of Brossard said serving others is the perfect holiday activity: “I feel happy when I make other people happy. It’s a time for sharing and we give what we can”

    Her husband, Irfan Khan, a building technician, said feeding the needy is about immigrants contributing to their country.

    “When we came here, we didn’t have anything. We worked hard and we did well. This society has given us so much, and now we have to give back.”

    Said Suleman, who came to Canada as a refugee from Eritrea, said many fellow Muslims are successful and highly educated and “it’s time to step in and do our share.”

    “We have to think of others, of feeding our neighbours, to really participate.”

    Sabiha Sheikh of Brossard, a part-time bookkeeper, said she often helps serve food to people in other mission-type settings.

    “It’s time for us to contribute to the city we live in. We want to show that we are caring people – we are generous and want to share.”


  65. Mission Impossible December 29, 2010 @ 2:26 am

    Disgusted White Christian … you got the gist of the story correct, but NOT the details.

    Allow me to correct you.

    HEADLINE: “Rowan Laxton [an Anglo-Saxon Englishman and] a Foreign Office civil servant, has been found guilty of shouting ‘******* Jews’ while he exercised in a gym.”

    Here is a summary of the story following his appearance in Court, complete with a photograph of Mr. Laxton … courtesy of the UK’s Telegraph newspaper:

  66. Stav December 29, 2010 @ 3:16 am

    Just to clarify,

    I have no problem at all with “Stavros” who posted above.

    Just wanted to make sure everybody knows I sign in as “Stav” here and not “Stavros.”


  67. Stav December 29, 2010 @ 3:18 am

    In the Jew news today:


  68. Georgios December 29, 2010 @ 5:30 am

    Please don’t forget to pray for the Esfigmenou Monastery of Holy Mountain Athos, where 105 Monks are isolated from the rest of the world, having not either medical care, although some of them are about 100 years old.

    I know one of them, he lives there since 1936 !!!

    They do not commemorate the pseudopatriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew, because he is ECUMENIST (ECUMENISM IS THE RELIGION OF THE ANTI CHRIST) and because he is united with all heresies and the PANHERESY (according to Saint Justin Popovic) of the Latin Church.

    The greek Bishops who fight Zionism are more than these two mentioned, but the archbishop of “whole Greece” (in deed this title has NOTHING TO SAY!!!) is 100% ZIONIST and FREEMASON!

    His name is IERONIMOS and tries to destroy Orthodoxy from inside, like the Turk Bartholomew.

    Please pray for the Esfigmenou Brothers and against Ecumenism.

  69. George December 29, 2010 @ 6:14 am

    Dear Fr Joseph,

    I don’t wish to be too explicit or say too much lest I give cause to others to pour more brine over the “wounds” of Catholics regarding the pro-Zionist behaviour of the Vatican and Pope Benedict.

    But I think there is a couple of points that Catholics (and Orthodox) should recognise in order to gain more understanding regarding what has gone wrong in the Catholic world.

    Firstly a quick scan of history will reveal that there is a consistent line of popes spanning over two thousand years who were anti-Jewish and prayed for the conversion of the Jews to acknowledge Christ as their Messiah.

    Then something goes wrong under John XXIII, and then we have all popes since then pacifying themselves with the enemies of Christ, spreading doubt about whether Christ was truly the Jewish Messiah, and whether there is a need for Jews to convert to Christianity for their salvation.

    There is nothing strange in Catholics acknowledging that up to Pope Pius XII, Catholics enjoyed a time whereby they proudly, perhaps even fanatically, felt empowered to spread the control and influence of the Pope and the Catholic faith over the globe.

    There is also no shame in Catholics acknowledging that John XXIII and Vatican II plunged in the world into a crisis where no one knows anymore what “Catholic” means. Everything is now all relative, and the Gospel is shamefully turned into an internal message that only applies to the relative audience.

    For example a Catholic bishop can practise whatever form of innovation he wants in regards to the Mass, but the usage of the traditional Latin Mass will have him in trouble sooner or later.

    There are much better authorities to discuss and analyse what went wrong with John XXII, Paul VI and beyond. But having done my own research I can conclude that:

    1) John XXIII was not a canonical pope, by Catholic standards, and the Brnei Brnith – whatever they are called – interfered in the 1958 conclave and ensured the result was their choice of candidate and the candidate who did legally get elected was swept under the carpet. Whistle blowers were murdered or died mysterious deaths.

    Others were so intimidated that they would say nothing publicly. Our best sources about what actually did happen in 1958 are FBI intelligence reports and very uncatholic “Catholics” who bragged of their successes.

    2) Since John XXIII and after, the popes elected have had something very wrong about them. There is plenty of evidence that by Catholic standards that they preached heresy, were communists or involved in freemasonry etc.

    3) Benedict is probably by far the worst of all of the Vatican II popes. His writings and theology prior to his election are in many cases far worse than the most liberal apostate protestant. It will be good if Catholics could recognise this, rather than dreaming that this man has any potential for steering the Catholic world back on the path of Orthodoxy

    4) There are many sources of Catholic revelation and prophecy that talk about a Church of Darkness overtaking Rome – an anti-church and an anti-pope. Truth will be cast down and the faithful scattered, disorientated and confused. Isn’t this the way that most noble and pious Catholics feel?

    My personal recommendation for any Catholic would be to think hard about keeping the faith alive in the realm of their own personal influence or responsibilities and stop hoping on a man or an office that at the moment is surely not guided by the Holy Spirit and has been captured by the powers of evil.

    If Apostle Peter left behind an office with successors, then his denial of Christ was only a fateful prefigurement about what would happen to his successors, once God, in the cause of chastisement of humanity, takes away the rock of faith away from Rome.

    The Apostle who bragged about dying for Christ is now acting like he is not a Galilean and that he doesn’t “know the man.”

  70. Hoff December 29, 2010 @ 7:15 am

    “Greek Orthodox Christian Bishop – Hitler was an instrument of a Zionist conspiracy”
    [ENG Subs]

  71. Donna chestergimli December 29, 2010 @ 8:11 am

    Disgusted White Christian

    This spirit of giving is what will take place when the medium of exchange — the very idea of it is destroyed. People will do their best in giving and sharing. And in return they will get the best and everything shared with them.

    As I have said before, any form of medium of exchange doesn’t work anyway. The very nature of any form of medium of exchange mandates that businessman must sell their goods and services at a higher price than what they are paying the consumers to produce and distribute those goods and services.

    Economists around the world blame everyone and everything for this great load of trouble we are in. But if you followed the trail back to the nitty gritty of the whole situation, you would find that this is where the problem starts.

    Any form of debt, with or without usury and which must be utilized to keep any economy based on a medium of exchange going, always leads to a loss of purchasing power because some of the purchasing power has to go to pay the debt.

    This starts the snowball rolling downhill and one thing leads to another. The loss of purchasing power puts both buyer and seller at a disadvantage because it leads to consumers having to get more money to even out their purchasing power; and to businessman having to ask higher prices for their goods and services to make ends meet.

    This feeling of giving and sharing though is what may help people to understand that money is a cog in the wheels of the economy of the human race.

  72. Disgusted White Christian December 29, 2010 @ 9:20 am

    Ben Franklin on Jewry, sound familiar?

    Taken from a copy of the original from the written records of CHARLES PICKNEY of South Carolina, of the PROCEEDINGS during the drafting of the United States Constitution at the CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION in 1789 re:


    “There is a great danger for the United States of America. That great danger is the Jew. Gentlemen, in which ever land the Jews have settled, they have depressed the moral level and lowered the degree of commercial honesty.

    “They have created a State within a State, and when they are opposed, they attempt to strangle the nation financially, as in the case of Portugal and Spain.

    ” For more than 1700 years they have lamented their sorrowful fate, namely that they were being driven out of the motherland; but gentleman, if the civilized world today should give them back Palestine as their property, they would immediately find pressing reasons for not returning there.

    “Why? Because they are vampires and cannot live on other vampires. They cannot live among themselves. They must live among Christians and others who do not belong to their race.

    ” If they are not excluded from the United States by the Constitution., within less than a hundred years they will stream into this country in such numbers that they will rule and destroy us, and change our form of government for which Americans have shed their blood and sacrificed life, property, and personal freedom.

    “If the Jews are not excluded, within 200 years our children will be working in the fields to feed the Jews, while they remain in the Counting House rubbing their hands.

    “I warn you gentlemen, if you do not exclude the Jew forever, your children and your children’s children will curse you in your grave.

    “Their ideas are not those of Americans. The leopard cannot change his spots. The Jews are a danger to this land, and if they are allowed to enter, they will imperil its institutions.

    “They should be excluded from the Constitution!”


  73. Disgusted White Christian December 29, 2010 @ 9:37 am

    Mission Impossible,

    Thanks, that was the story I alluded to, from seeing it on the net.

    The man being White and Anglo-Saxon, just makes it even worse, as they now have even less rights in the UK, and Europe, than do Muslims or Middle-Easterners.

    This is a well thought out plan, just like socialism, and communism, by the Zionist Jew to suppress the White Christians even more, and steal whatever they can with their biased laws, rules, and perversions of country’s constitutions.

    You can see this reality, because everything they are for in the West (homosexuality, atheism, uncontrolled immigration, minority civil rights) they vigorously oppose it in Israel, except atheism.

    Funny, they say that it is their land because God and Moses gave it to them. But then like 75 percent are atheists.

    So, if God doesn’t exist, WHAT RIGHT DO YOU HAVE TO BE THERE?


  74. Disgusted White Christian December 29, 2010 @ 10:17 am

    A word to Father Joseph,

    You need not come on arguing about the apparitions of Mary constantly?

    Look to logic, Jesus (who we know as Christians was/is God incarnate) said,”no good comes from evil.”

    Now just to name two people off hand, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and Katherine Drexel(philanthropist nun from Philly area) both had a special love for Mary, and the Rosary. You see them pictured with it constantly.

    Now, if apparitions, which inspired these two, came from Satan, why would their lives have been dedicated to serving others, and eliminating as much misery as they could?

    As we know, Jesus (God) stated, “no GOOD comes from evil” thus you have your answer LOGICALLY? Now, why argue all the time if you know this indisputable reality?


  75. charlie December 29, 2010 @ 10:41 am

    Showing that The Russian “revolution” was was instigated by 10,000 Freemasons trained in the US, (as was the post WWII government of Germany trained in the US – DURING THE WAR).- can we say mission accomplished?

    Can we also say that the entire USSR and post WWII Germany was governed by Freemasons?

    “Yes we can.”

    The French revolution was also carried out by Freemasons.

    What sort of secret government was this in USSR?

    “If you mentioned that word [Freemasonry] in public before the fall of the USSR [only two years prior] you would have been arrested and sent to a prison camp.”
    Ex- major in the Soviet Red Army.


    Thank you JP II. Catholic Pope. (1978 -2005)

  76. alex December 29, 2010 @ 11:34 am

    First of all, thank you Brother Nathanael for this site.

    And for all your hard and dangerous work fighting against the real Antichrist that is the world Jewry and their branches in Freemasons, fake Zionchristian organizations, and churchs etc.

    I would like to ask Brother Nathanael to make a video telling about Jews and TV, Hollywood films and media.

    Now it`s time to wake up and fight against Zionists and their tricks.

    First thing is destroy their tentacles, switch off your tv`s, stop going to the cinemas and poisoning your minds. Stop reading fake news on newspapers that even are not good enough to wrap a bunch of bananas.

    To the people of Greece,

    May God Bless your country and your church against the evil of the Jewish tongues that has attacked Jesus and Christians for more than 2000 years, and who are trying to destroy the ONLY ONE strong enough to take off their masks and show the truth.

  77. Disgusted White Christian December 29, 2010 @ 12:07 pm


    As you told Father Joseph that he was doing Satan’s will, so do you with your constant “Free Mason” posts.

    Whether it is true or not, you are shifting most of the blame for Jewish media control, bank control, politician control, education control and brainwashing, and putting it on the “bogey man” or “Big Foot.” If not, you might as well be.

    How many in the west even know what freemason is, or where it came from. I tried to show you it’s Knights Templar origin and you ignored it.

    You are like Alex Jones, or Glenn Beck, who divert all of societies problems to everything EXCEPT the Satanic Zionist Jews, the real DEVIL NOW BEHIND IT!

    What right do you have to criticize the fake TEA Party, when you serve the same purpose: diverting attention somewhere else?

    Who are “they,” charlie?

    Give me names, times, dates, like I can with Zionists: Benjamin Disraeli, Begin, Sharon, Bibby, Rahm Israel EmManuell, Rothschild, Montefiore, etc. I could give 50 to 100 names. Here, Europe, or all over the world, I BET YOU CAN’T GIVE ME 5?

    Give it a break will you?


  78. Fr. Joseph December 29, 2010 @ 2:04 pm

    A bit of honest-to-goodness THEOLOGY is needed right now:

    IF everyone here on +Br. Nathanael’s RZN wants of have a chance at ‘Making Sense Out Of’ this SATANIC Mess which is our contemporary World.

    We, human beings, are created by God as INCARNATE spirits. With these physical bodies of ours, we ‘move, live and have our being’ here within God’s Creation. And as INCARNATE spirits with physical BODIES, we are limited and constained to ‘operating’ within the Divine Limitations imposed on all of us HUMAN BEINGS which are 1) time 2) space 3) matter and 4) energy.

    We INCARNATE spirits are granted by our All-good GOD and Creator a certain period of ‘time’, from birth to our physical death’ known as OUR personal ‘Lifetime’.

    Now then – in addition to and CO-EXISTING with all of us INCARNATE spirits are what are properly called, designated and defined as ELEMENTAL spirits.

    ELEMENTAL spirits do NOT have a ‘time of personal death’. They HAD a beginning, when they were created by God, but they have NO ‘end’ AS AN elemental spirit. They are designated by GOD HIMSELF to have an ETERNAL being and existance.

    And ELEMENTAL spirits ARE NOT limited by time, space, matter or energy as WE are in our God-created natures as INCARNATE spirits.

    THAT MEANS THIS…the SAME elemental spirit(s) which might have VEXED, DUPED or DECEIVED members of our Human Race 100 years ago, 200 years ago, 300 years ago, etc. are THE SAME elemental spirits which ARE vexing and duping and deceiving members of our Human Race THIS VERY YEAR of 2010 Anno Domini!

    Those ELEMENTAL spirits who remained loyal and faithful to our All-good GOD out of their own personal LOVE for their Creator and Divine Life-Nature-Being GOD are what we descriptively denote with our human word of ‘ANGEL’.

    Those ELEMENTAL spirits who rebelled, rejected, attempted to attack and overthrow GOD HIMSELF are what we descriptively denote with our human word of ‘DEMON’ or ‘DEVIL’.

    Now these ELEMENTAL spirits who are DEMONS, who are DEVILS, who HATE both God their Creator and we Human Beings created in God’s Divine and Holy Imagine and Likeness CAN’T ‘Kill-Off GOD’…but they are working in earnest out of their common spiritual HATE of God in order to ‘Kill-Off the HUMAN RACE’!

    Since ELEMENTAL spirits are NOT BOUND by time, space, matter and energy.

    One, several or a whole group of them CAN be in ‘Moscow’ one second influencing the thoughts, feelings, ideas, intentions of selected RUSSIANS.

    And then, having brought about the spiritual condition THEY desire to reside in a person’s/people’s hearts and minds, they then can make their presence manifest in NEW YORK CITY, or PARIS, or TEL AVIV, or CAIRO, or Beijing or WHEREVER they wish to so as in order to influence the thoughts, feelings, ideas, intentions or desires of PEOPLE in any other nation or state of our contemporary World.

    So these ELEMENTAL DEMONIC SPIRITS who have worked on, worked with and worked through in order to bring down WORLD WAR ONE and then WORLD WAR TWO upon us members of the Human Race are currently the SAME ELEMENTAL DEMONIC SPIRITS who are currently working on bringing down WORLD WAR THREE upon us members of the Human Race.

    The LEADER of these demonic elemental spirits – who is SATAN – needs to be PINNED DOWN and have his HEAD CRUSHED in order TO STOP his satanic/demonic plots, plans, goals, visions and agendas from being CARRIED OUT by his legions of fellow demonic elementals AS WELL AS his seen human stooges, dupes and allies – these TRAITORS TO our own Human Race!

    From Sacred Scripture, Genesis 3:15, INFORMS us members of the Human Race that God intends to use the SON and His Mother, her OFFSPRING, TO CRUSH Satan’s head.

    Now ‘WHO?’ has the Spiritual Power to see to it that elemental spirits are BOUND TIGHTLY so as to PREVENT THEM from doing any Human Being any harm whatsoever?


    And did not GOD take on our HUMAN NATURE in the Person of JESUS, The Christ, the Son of MARY?


    And did not JESUS’ OWN MOTHER MARY inform both the Catholic Church and our entire World that HER DIVINE SON would see to it that we’d have WORLD PEACE (which is being FREED from these vexations of these elemental demonic spirits who prowl about this World working for and looking to the ETERNAL RUINATION of human souls and THEIR World Wars) —

    If the Bishop of Rome and the Bishops of the Catholic Church performed a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA which was the FIRST nation-state of our World to publicly declare that ‘There Is NO GOD!’ to HER Immaculately Loving Heart?


    So lookie here – everybody can go point out the EVILS that have been done OR are currently being done by ANYBODY – from the Chief Rothschild down to the very lowliest street thug.

    But do understand that it takes the SPIRITUAL INFLUENCE of the EVIL elemental demonics on either the ENTIRE dynastic bloodline of the ROTHSCHILDS or on that single evil-minded street thug on the corner of a bad, crime ridden neighborhood in LONDON to influence and affect THEIR God-given FREE WILLS in order TO DO the evils they harbor and plan in their minds and hearts AS members of OUR incarnate spirit Race of Human Beings.

    – +Fr. Joseph

  79. Fr. Joseph December 29, 2010 @ 3:02 pm

    Dear George,

    I’ve been an AIRCRAFT MECHANIC, by trade, for over 36 years now – and between you and me, I’m not ‘SICK & TIRED’ of troubleshooting, troubleshooting, troubleshooting in order to fix, repair and return to GOOD & SAFE ‘Airworthy’ OPERATING SERVICE all sorts of MILITARY as well as CIVILIAN-COMMERICAL aircraft.

    Here is MY ‘Priestly’ TROUBLESHOOTING for what is CURRENTLY WRONG with the Lord’s Church Militant here on earth and, AS A RESULT, what is CURRENTLY WRONG with our entire World of 2010 Anno Domini:

    1) A Short History of the Prayer of Saint Michael the Archangel:

    2) Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita

    3) Pope John XXIII Was a Practicing Freemason

    4) “What is your opinion of Pope John XXIII? Did he really try to stop the Council when he saw what was happening? Did he or did he not BELIEVE IN FATIMA?

    “No. Pope John XXIII did NOT try to stop the Council. HE DID NOT BELIEVE IN FATIMA.” – quoting from:

    5) ‘Warnings From Beyond to the Contemporary Church – Confessions of HELL’

    6) The Murder of Pope John Paul 1

    7) The Enthronment of Satan in the Vatican as relayed by Fr. Malachi Martin in his book ‘Windswept House’:

    8) The Keys of this Blood – Pope John Paul II Versus Russia and the West for Control of the New World Order:

    9) “The work of THE DEVIL will infiltrate even INTO THE CHURCH in such a way that one will see Cardinals opposing Cardinals, Bishops against other Bishops. The Priests who venerate me will be scorned and OPPOSED by their confreres.” – The Blessed Virgin Mary, the Most Holy Theotokos AS Our Lady of Akita, Japan – October 13, 1973 – from

    10) “We are now standing in the face of the GREATEST HISTORICAL CONFRONTATION Humanity has gone through. I do not think that wide circles of the American society or wide circles of the CHRISTIAN community realize this fully.

    We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, of the Gospel versus the anti-Gospel. This confrontation lies within the plans of Divine Providence: it is a trial which THE WHOLE CHURCH…must take up.”
    – Karol Cardinal Woytyla – November 9, 1978 – quoting from:

    11) “I Saw the Church of Saint Peter” – visions of Venerable Anne-Catherine Emmerich – at:

    “The WORLD STRUGGLE is not political or economic. Rather, it is RELIGIOUS and THEOLOGICAL. It is either God or atheism.”
    – U.S. 5 Star General Douglas MacArthur to visiting Catholic Bishop Fulton Sheen in Allied Occupied Japan

    So, what our entire Church Militant as well as our entire World and our entire Human Race NEED is this ‘Itsy-Bitsy Little PART’ in order TO FIX EVERYTHING and to get this Cosmic Flying Through the Lord’s Galaxies’ PLANET EARTH with its 6 billion HUMAN passengers (the current 2% of the World’s population “flying” in FIRST CLASS with the rest of the 98% of the World’s population “flying” either COACH ‘Y’ CLASS or being crammed into the BAGGAGE CONTAINERS in the lower cargo bays).

    That ‘PART’ to be found here on Planet Earth is a set of ‘KEYS’.

    And those ‘KEYS’ are held by but ONLY one person.

    And that person who has those ‘KEYS’ entrusted to him is the SUCCESSOR TO ST. PETER who holds the PETRINE OFFICE.

    Now if our entire Human Race can get this ‘Holder of THE KEYS’ to COUGH UP those ‘Keys’ – to get those ‘KEYS’ out and to INSERT THEM into the properly DIVINELY DESIGNATED ‘SLOT’ – and if the ‘Holder of those KEYS’ gets those under his Supervision and Oversight TO TURN THOSE ‘KEYS’ to the right JUST LIKE the Lord our God and our Creator WANTS it done…

    …then the ‘DIVINE LIGHTS/SPIRITUAL POWER GRID’ for our ENTIRE Human Race ‘comes back ON-LINE’ for six billion human souls created in the Image and Likeness of God Himself!

    I wonder if I’ll get some sort of ‘paid lunch’ or perhaps an ‘Atta-boy’ or maybe even a good LETTER from ‘The Management’ put into my PERSONAL FOLDER – but I’m NOT about to ‘Hold-My-Breath’.

    I’ve WORKED IN and WORKED FOR U.S. Commerical Airlines for TOO LONG to expect such from ANY of ‘The Management’ CEOs, COOs or CFOs!

    – +Fr. Joseph

  80. Stav December 29, 2010 @ 3:05 pm

    Dear Father Joseph,

    I am very VERY glad to say that I agree with you on what you say about the spiritual aspect of our struggle.

    Indeed I very strongly too believe that there is an invisible, very powerful component to Zionism, Freemasonry and all the other evils that are employed to dominate us in this world and the next.

    I am not entirely sure that spirits are fully (meaning 100%) free in time/space/matter and energy, but definitely they have a level of freedom that is obviously much more extensive than ours. It is God the Father Who allows them that freedom for His own reasons, which we must believe is our eventual salvation.

    There is another thing which proves your thesis. And that is that in my opinion, there are things that happen in this world, which take too much planning and work to be done simply by mere humans. There must be an eternal, more powerful component in this, and for those who believe this, it explains much more clearly what has happened and is happening now.

    In the easiest form, I believe that there are a lot of people who are essentially possessed and some of their actions are directed directly by evil spirits.

    At it’s more complex, I would venture to propose, that there is a lot of planning, influencing and organizing happening, out there in the spiritual realm by these evil spirits.

    But, I will say, that I think that in all of this, there is a de facto hierarchy. And in this material world, the Zionist Jews are most certainly at the top of all of this. Everything else, everybody else, is at a lower level. And of course, in the spiritual realm, there is also a hierarchy, of which of course we know little.

    Therefore, it is of urgent need, for all Christians, who want to fight the Jew World Order, to come close to Jesus Christ as an essential part of their efforts, and at least follow these most important commandments:

    Love God with all their heart and might,


    Love our fellow brothers and sisters as though they were ourselves.

    Glad to agree for once on this subject, but as always, I will refute in principle the idea of a public consecration of Russia. I still find it repulsive and offensive. But I’ll leave that matter simply at that.

    I pray that you have a blessed new year,

    In Christ our Lord,


  81. charlie December 29, 2010 @ 3:11 pm

    “Benjamin Disraeli, Begin, Sharon, Bibby, Rahm Israel EmManuell, Rothschild, Montefiore, etc. I could give 50 to 100”

    What don’t you get DWC they are all Masons, or if you like, Ziomasons.

    I coined that term way back to show that they are one and the same so the world could tackle the monster head on and not be diverted, divided and defeated by attacking one or the other, which was the devil’s plan in creating two monsters in the first place.

    His intelligence is higher than yours DWC — and mine.

    But the Christ showed me this commonality — this deception if you will. And it is the Christ who will defeat the Beast not you — the rider of the White Horse. Here He comes.

  82. Disgusted White Christian December 29, 2010 @ 3:47 pm

    All I am saying is using the term “Zionist” or “Jew” you might as well just say those little devils or “green meanies.”

    The average person, 95%, sees the Masons as a bunch of harmless, White Anglo Saxon, middle aged fraternity, all engrossed with their little symbols.

    Kind of like making Satan a little nice old man, with horns, that will stick you in the butt!

    In waking “the Goy” up, perception is 98% of the battle. They see Jews owning the media, banks, big businesses, running all the universities, and that a “Jew” or a “Zionist” is something tangible, not chasing a bunch of ghosts, like saying ” Oooh all those Masons are worshiping the
    devil behind those close doors.”


    Let stick to “Jew” or “Zionist” if they are one in the same, why keeping using that “Mason” term?


  83. charlie December 29, 2010 @ 3:56 pm

    It was Jim de Texas who posted the Learned [in the ways of Satan] Elders of Zion secret memorandum in regard to the two fronts the devil had planned.

    But they elaborated further stating that not only would people not see the connection but that those few who do would be regarded as mad by the rest?


    They didn’t elaborate further…at least not in the quote by Jim.

    But here’s my answer and it is the only one that answers the question I just posed:
    Because they would be under the Talmudic spell.

    People need to read the lengthy quote above from “Freemasonry Explained” – DID YOU READ IT EVEN ONCE? – maybe even two or three times to break this Zionist – Masonic spell which has split Talmudism into two fronts; as well as your perception of it, which is what the devils want.

    I have put them back together with the name-whats in a name? – everything.


    Take it or leave it. You are the only one complaining.

    All the other relevant posts see the connection, and seem to have joined to the fight with gusto!

    The Rider of the White Horse. Here He comes.

    His name is “Faithful and True.”

    “…And upon his cloak, and upon his thigh he hath a name written; KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.” APOC. 19:16)

  84. Disgusted White Christian December 29, 2010 @ 4:40 pm

    Auntie Semitic


  85. Brother Nathanael December 29, 2010 @ 7:32 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family –

    For over one week, I have been doing EXTENSIVE and EXHAUSTIVE research on Monsanto and their Food Bill (S 510) recently PUSHED through by the Zionist-Controlled Senate on a rider while everyone was out “holiday” shopping.

    Lord willing, I will have a NEW Video up tomorrow EXPOSING Monsanto and the Judaic Global Cartel behind the wicked Food Bill.

    It looks like it is going to be a SHOCKER and a ONE-OF-A-KIND Expose!

    Lot’s of JEWS involved in this WICKED “Big Brother” Food Bill. What else would we expect? If it is something to take away our freedoms and CONTROL our lives, rest assured, JEWS ARE INVOLVED!

    This NEW Video Coming Tomorrow, Lord Willing…

    In the meantime, PLEASE Consider Helping out as I has to purchase NEW and VERY EXPENSIVE Video Equipment to the tune of $1500.

    With this equipment I no longer have to wait for the “right lighting” or be concerned about snow blowers, snow plows backing up with their BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP, snow plow engines, and BARKING Dogs.

    To Donate Online Simply Click:

    OR @

    Donations By Mail: The Brother Nathanael Foundation / Or Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    Much LOVE in Christ To All! +BN

  86. Disgusted White Christian December 29, 2010 @ 9:19 pm

    Br. Nate,

    Make sure you include Zionists Monsanto’s illustrious slave history in the USA south.

    MONSANTO: History of Slave Owners and Zionists Here is some interesting MONSANTO nuggets:

    The Jewish Monsanto Family of Louisiana included Benjamin, Isaac, Manuel, Eleanora, Gracia and Jacob. They made frequent purchases of Blacks including twelve in 1785, thirteen and then thirty-one in 1787, and eighty in 1768.

    In 1794, Benjamin sold “Babet,” a Black woman, to Franco Cardel. Manuel sold two Blacks from Guinea named “Polidor” and “Lucy” to James Saunders for $850 in silver.

    As individuals they were owners of Africans whom they named:
    “Quetelle,” “Valentin,” “Baptiste,” “Prince,” “Princess,” “Ceasar,” “Dolly,” “Jen,” “Fanchonet,” “Rozetta,” “Mamy,” “Sofia,” and many others. Isaac repeatedly mortgaged four of these when in financial trouble.

    Benjamin Monsanto of Natchez, Mississippi entered into at least 6 contracts for the sale of his slaves which would take place after his death. Gracia bequeathed nine Africans to her relatives in her 1790 will, and Eleanora also held Blacks as slaves.

    Manuel Jacob Monsanto entered into at least 12 contracts for sale of slaves between 1787 and 1789 in Natchez and New Orleans, Louisiana.

    1135 “His family consists of himself and seven Negroes.”

    1136 Later, “Jacob Monsanto, son of Isaac Rodrigues Monsanto, one of the very first known Jews to settle in New Orleans, owner of a several-hundred-acre plantation at Manchac, fell in love with his slave, Mamy or Maimi William.

    Their daughter Sophia, grew up to be a lovely quadroon.” An excerpt of one of Benjamin’s many slave contracts follows:

    “Be it known to all to whom these presents shall come, that I Benjamin Monsanto do really and effectually sell to Henry Manadu a negro wench named “Judy,” aged Eighteen years, native of Guinea, for the sum of four hundred Dollars in all the month of January in the year one thousand Seven hundred and ninety one;

    “[A]nd paying interest at the rate of ten per cent for the remaining two hundred and fifty Dollars until paid; said negro wench being and remaining mortgaged until final payment shall have been made; wherewith I acknowledge to be fully satisfied and content, hereby renouncing the plea of non numerata pecunia, fraud, or others in the case Whatsoever; granting formal receipt for the same.

    “For which said consideration I do hereby resign all right, title, possession and claim, in and to the said Slave, all of which I transfer and convey to the Said Purchaser and his assigns, to be, as his own, held and enjoyed, and when fully paid for, Sold, exchanged, or otherwise alienated at pleasure in virtue of these presents granted in his favor in token of real delivery,

    “[W]ithout other proof of property being required, from which he is hereby released, binding myself to maintain the validity of this present sale in full form and right in favor of the Purchaser aforesaid, and granting authority to the Justices of his Majesty to compel me to the performance of the same as if Judgment had already been given therein, renouncing all laws, rights, and privileges in my favor whatsoever.

    “And I the said Henry Manadu being present, do hereby accept this Instrument in my favor, receiving said negro Wench as purchased in the form and for the consideration therein mentioned and contained, wherewith I am fully satisfied and content, hereby renouncing the plea of non numerato pecunia, fraud, or other considerations in the case Whatsoever; granting formal receipt for the same.

    “Done and executed, in testimony thereof, at the post of Natchez, this nineteenth day of the month of February in the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety….”

    Benjamin Monsanto, sold land and “a Dwelling House, Store, and two other buildings, for which I have received payment in a negro, named ‘Nat;’ to my full satisfaction.” Another contract stipulated “that Don Louis Faure is bound to defend the said sale in case the negro shall be claimed by any other Person.”

    In a 1792 contract, Benjamin mortgaged his Black slaves: “I do hereby specially mortgage three slaves to me belonging, namely Eugene and Louis, aged twenty four years each, the first named of the Senegal nation and the second of the Congo nation; and a Negro Woman named Adelaide, aged twenty eight years, also of the Congo nation;

    “[W]hich said slaves I warrant free from mortgage or other incumbrance, as I have made appear by certificate from the Recorder of mortgages; and which said slaves I promise and engage shall not be sold nor otherwise alienated during the term of this obligation…”


    The following Jews were known dealers, owners, shippers or supporters of the slave trade and of the enslavement of Black African citizens in early New York history.

    Issack Asher, Jacob Barsimson, Joseph Bueno, Solomon Myers Cohen, Jacob Fonseca, Aberham Franckfort, Jacob Franks, Daniel Gomez, David Gomez, Isaac Gomez, Lewis Gomez, Mordecai Gomez, Rebekah Gomez, Ephraim Hart, Judah Hays, Harmon Hendricks, Uriah Hendricks, Uriah Hyam,

    Abraham Isaacs, Joshua Isaacs, Samuel Jacobs, Benjamin S. Judah, Cary Judah, Elizabeth Judah, Arthur Levy, Eleazar Levy, Hayman Levy, Isaac H. Levy, Jacob Levy, Joseph Israel Levy, Joshua Levy, Moses Levy, Uriah Phillips Levy, Isaac R. Marques, Moses Michaels, (E)Manuel Myers,

    Seixas Nathan, Simon Nathan, Rodrigo Pacheco, David Pardo, Isaac Pinheiro, Rachel Pinto, Morris Jacob, Raphall Abraham Sarzedas, Moses Seixas, Solomon Simpson, Nathan Simson, Simja De Torres, Benjamin Wolf, Alexander Zuntz

    To read more allegations about Jewish Slave Trade:


  87. Words of Wisdom December 29, 2010 @ 9:20 pm

    Youtube pulled all of David Duke’s videos again.

    I can’t find any information on it yet.

  88. Disgusted White Christian December 29, 2010 @ 9:47 pm

    This is Youtube’s response for Dr. Duke videos:

    “This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.”

    Sorry about that.

    Are you surprised, a Jew owns Youtube and runs it also?


  89. Hoff December 29, 2010 @ 9:56 pm

    Juri Lina and the 12 videos – Under The Sign Of The Scorpion

    lt’s a two hour documentary and a must see and many parts are important. He doesn’t mention the Jew once but you only have to look at the names, and next to every single major head is a Jew.

    “Revolution” is Jew codeword for – Successful Jew-instigated coup. When the Jews propaganda rants “revolution” endlessly, the Jews have taken control of that country’s state.


    On the 17th of January 1795, a revolutionary “sister-state” was founded in the Netherlands — the republic of Batavia, where Amsterdam became the capital. Napoleon oversaw the conversion of this state into the kingdom of Holland in 1806.

    Jewish “revolutionaries” immediately saw to it that the Jews received full citizenship and so that they had their hands free to act.

    Maximilien Marie Isidore Robespierre (1758-1794) published a work entitled “To Protect the Political Rights of the Jews” as early as in 1789. Protection of Jewish rights was obviously considered the main priority. Louis Joseph Marchand, friend of Napoleon Bonaparte, wrote in 1895 that Robespierre was actually a Jew by the name of Ruban from Alsace (“In Napoleon’s Shadow,” San Francisco, 1998).

    The slogan which best summed up the Jacobins’ aims was: “All power to the bourgeoisie!” (the Illuminati). And the power certainly became centralised in France, according to Leo Gershoy, “The Era of the French Revolution 1789-1799” (New York, 1957, p. 41).

    Illuminist Jews saw to it that everything that was good about France was destroyed during the “revolution”. What was good disappeared at the same rate that the evil grew.

    The road network was allowed to fall into disrepair, overseas trade ceased almost entirely and it took until 1809 for the industrial production to reach its pre-Revolutionary levels again, according to the historian Rene Sedillot (“Le cout de la Revolution francaise” / “The Cost of the French Revolution”).

    Many villages were razed to the ground, churches and castles were destroyed on purpose. The cultural heritage was ravaged, including medieval buildings. The largest Romanesque architectural structure, the 10th century abbey in Cluny, was destroyed. Only one tower remains today.

    Those barbarians even began to tear down the Papal Palace in Avignon. The steeple on the Notre-Dame of Paris was considered offensively tall and was torn down.

    At the same time, the “revolutionaries” began to plunder castles of their art treasures. The Jewish writer Anatole France described in his book “The Thirsty Gods” how inspectors with tricolour ribbons around their collars began to turn up at the homes of the wealthy to search for riches.

    Delighted foreign art dealers bought sculptures and fragments of frescoes.

    Load after load of confiscated art collections were shipped over the English Channel. The “revolution” was lucrative for the Illuminati and the speculators. All of this was repeated during and after the so-called Russian revolution.

    The mighty finance dynasty of the Rothschilds was born out of the French “revolution”. The Rothschilds are still in control behind the scenes today, especially within the European Union.

    Even the word “roi” (king) was abolished. Marie Antoinette was executed on the 16th of October (Yahweh’s Doomsday) in 1793.

    Under The Sign Of The Scorpion

    Video made of Juri Lina. You can start at 3:30 – Important.


    Part 2.
    From 6:30 Important. This is why the Jews hate Stolypin.

    Part 3.
    This is how the Jews started the “revolution” in Russia 1917 – by starvation. Starve the (m)asses and they rally in the streets. Didn’t know that. Starvation is one of the Jews 33 Secret Weapons. 1:30.

    Part 4.

    Part 5.

    Part 6.

    Beginning is important. The Jews paid the (m)asses. 1:00 The Jew Jacob Schiff was in Russia August 17, 1917? This is the first time l hear about this. Bolshevik = Jew codeword for: The scumbags of the Jew scumbags.

    Part 7.
    Last 30 sec of Part 6 and first 50 sec of Part 7 is important. This is new info. New York Times, 23 Aug 1921. The bankers got 100 million dollars back pay from the Jews who took control of the Russian state.

    6:10 The Jew run Checka had a Weekly Newspaper where the Jews wrote down who and how many the Jews killed the prior week? According to the video 1,7 million was killed 1917 to 1919. The population of Russia was at the time 150 million. 1,7 million is one percent, that is the entire Russian elite and the Jews did it.

    Part 8. 6:30

    Part 9.
    2:30 “… they sacrificed people to Molok.”

    3:15 Lenin promotes race mixing – in the 20s.

    4:50 100,000 Americans went over to “workers paradise.”
    5:19 Spot the Jews that was in control of the Soviet state.

    Part 10.
    3:40 The date the Soviet Jews planned to attack west Europe, Operation Thunder, 6 July 1941.

    7:30 Why Hitler attacked the Jew run Soviet.

    Part 11.
    3:00 an American in Soviet.


    Part 12.

  90. Words of Wisdom December 30, 2010 @ 12:20 am


    In regards to David Duke’s videos, Youtube is owned by Google now.

    We all know who are the majority shareholders of Google. And no I’m not surprised. Just really upset.

  91. Glory B. December 30, 2010 @ 4:17 am

    Recently I learned — perhaps through Brother Nathanael’s articles, or perhaps through my own independent research — that half a million, that’s 500,000, IsraHELLish JEWS hold U.S. passports.

    And that even more of the IsraHELLish JEWS own property in the United States.

    Can you see where this is heading?

    When the day comes when our Lord Christ decides that it’s time to pull the plug on satanic IsraHELL, the JEWS that hold U.S. passports and those that own property in the United States will abandon IsraHELL like rats leaving the sinking ship.

    (An apt analogy, that: Rats = JEWS.)

    So then, in addition to having to contend with illegal Mexican and third-world colored aliens, we American Christians could be faced with an influx of rich JEWS demanding to be admitted to the United States, with the power of the JEW-owned media behind them.

    Can you just imagine the stink that kikes like Lieberman, Schumer and Boxer would make if their fellow JEWS are refused admittance to the United States.

    Now, let’s suppose that Christians are able to keep the kikes from invading our shores, where would the JEWS go?

    They would set their sights on the countries of Europe, specifically, Germany, Poland and Russia, which they would once more infest and destroy.

    It’s a frightening prospect, and one that Christians worldwide should approach with trepidation.

    For even though many Christians throughout the world are praying for our Lord Jesus to terminate satanic IsraHELL, and allow the persecuted Palestinians to return to their homes and lands that they were so cruelly thrown out of by the JEWS, if it were to happen, the kikes in IsraHELL would undoubtedly pile into Europe and the United States to continue their unholy work of destroying Christianity.

    But there is a solution that has occurred to me.

    (I wonder, is this the Holy Spirit at work, to allow me to see how all this calamity might be avoided?)

    Here is what I propose: Set up another homeland for the JEWS in the land that they originally came from: Khazaria.

    Khazaria was located roughly between present day Hungary on its east and Persia on its west.

    We Christians in the West should be demanding that the U.S. government exert its power to make sure that the JEW-rats who desire to leave IsraHELL when that bandit s–thole finally meets its well-deserved doom go to their old homeland, Khazaria.

    We can even spend the billions of dollars that we are presently sending to IsraHELL to make sure that the JEWS are admitted to Khazaria.

    I would rather see our precious tax dollars spent to keep the JEWS away from our shores than to continue to send our money to IsraHELL so that the JEW-rats continue to oppress the Palestinians.

    (By the way, I am adding another line to my customary signature: ZIONISM = JUDAISM!!!)


    Judaea delenda est.

    “Jewry must be destroyed.”

  92. Glory B. December 30, 2010 @ 4:57 am

    Stav wrote:

    … Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi, who passed away recently, and formed a clear smile on his face after his death, mentioned the following about the upcoming crisis (and yes, we have not seen anything yet):

    “This will be the beginning of the events, truly troubling and warlike… They who are behind this evil are the Jews. They are being directed to start this process by the Devil.. so they can destroy the fruit of Orthodoxy in Greece and Russia. This is the single and largest obstacle on their way to world domination…”

    Note that this is part of a long conversation but the mention of Jews, and not Zionists, shows the knowledge that in essence and all practical purposes there is no difference between the two.

    Stav, you are absolutely right!

    As I have said many times in this website (and recently added as a line to my signature):


    There is absolutely no difference between Zionism and JUDAISM, which is why I object to RZN readers who use the words “Zionism” and “Zionists” when they should be writing the words “JUDAISM” and “JEWS.”

    It was JEWS that started and backed communism and it was JEWS that started and maintain Zionism, and it is JEWS that have deceived good Christian folk into believing that by supporting IsraHELL, they are somehow doing God’s will.

    On the contrary, the opposite is true: IsraHELL is satanic, and is the very center of JEWISH plotting to destroy Christianity.

    Why else would the satanic JEWS occupy the Holy Land except to mock our Lord Jesus Christ.

    The kikes are thumbing their (big) noses at us and grinning: “Look, we’ve got the Holy Land and we’re never going to give it up. And if you try to take it away from us, well, we’ll just start a nuclear war and destroy your societies.”

    Well, the kikes are heading for a big fall, because our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is definitely COMING BACK, and the one thing he is not going to stand for is for the very people whose ancestors murdered Him and his prophets to continue to occupy His land.

    “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?

    “Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city:

    “That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar.

    “Verily I say unto you, All these things shall come upon this generation.

    “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!

    “Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.

    “For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.” (Matthew 23:33-39)


    Judaea delenda est.

    “Jewry must be destroyed.”

  93. Glory B. December 30, 2010 @ 5:20 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    You wrote above:

    “Dear Real Zionist News Family –

    “For over one week, I have been doing EXTENSIVE and EXHAUSTIVE research on Monsanto and their Food Bill (S 510) recently PUSHED through by the Zionist-Controlled Senate on a rider while everyone was out “holiday” shopping.

    “Lord willing, I will have a NEW Video up tomorrow EXPOSING Monsanto and the Judaic Global Cartel behind the wicked Food Bill.

    “It looks like it is going to be a SHOCKER and a ONE-OF-A-KIND Expose!

    “Lot’s of JEWS involved in this WICKED “Big Brother” Food Bill. What else would we expect? If it is something to take away our freedoms and CONTROL our lives, rest assured, JEWS ARE INVOLVED!

    “This NEW Video Coming Tomorrow, Lord Willing…”

    Dear Brother Nathanel, I have a suggestion:

    I hope that somewhere in your expose, or perhaps in a separate post, you will list the names of the JEWS and crypto-JEWS in the Senate that support the Judaic Global Cartel and voted for the wicked Food Bill.

    I for one would like to know whether the Senators who “represent” me (like hell they do!!!) were among those who support the JEW-backed Food Bill.

    And I’m sure others among RZN’s American readers also would like to know whether their Senators were responsible for passing this abortion.

    Frankly, I’m sure, without even having their names listed, that my Senators DID support the wicked Food Bill, because one of them is a JEW and the other is a JEW-lover.

    So if the Talmudic JEWS ordered them to vote in favor, that is undoubtedly what they did.

    But it would definitely set a precedent to be able to see who voted for the wicked Food Bill, and it would put our congressional representatives on notice that WE are watching and aware that they are doing the bidding of their JEWISH masters.


    Judaea delenda est.

    “Jewry must be destroyed.”

  94. israel December 30, 2010 @ 9:28 am


    Well, I read on a Jewish web site, its a news magazine, it says Saudi Arabia had acquired 2 nuke missiles from Pakistan, and has them buried south of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

    There was no USA reaction to it, they just did it, in anticipation of Iran having nukes, which in this case Saudis got ’em first.

    Well not much else on the news today, I surfed the usual web sites and nothing new.

    2011 isnt bringing any thing new either, it don’t look like its going to be much different then 2010. The press is pushing on the Korean peninsula, but it dont look like there is much there either.

    There’s not going to be a peace treaty between Israel and the Palis, don’t look like there is, nor can USA push Israel into a treaty either.

    Seems its 10 years after the rapture when Jesus returns, due to all the events that need to happen.

    So at any given time, its about 10 long years for Jesus to return, if a rapture happens in 2011, then Jesus is expected back in 2021, about then, that’s due to all the revelation events, pours and all that.

    Tribulation is 7 years, then there are the punishments of pours of vials and so forth, those take a few years, its about 10 years.

    So when they say Jesus is coming soon, it really means a sign of a rapture then 10 years in the future for Jesus to return.

    Well Bro, you should do shows on the Bible too, instead of just attacking the Jews, that’s Jesus situation to tackle them, Jesus set up a synogogue of satan, had you forgotten. lol.

    Thats all for now, seems I’m blogging on your comment web site, so be it, lol.

    Bye yeh all !

  95. Kalif December 30, 2010 @ 9:44 am

    GLORY B.

    What’s your take on The Torah-true Jews ?

    Given that they were the first on the firing line of the Zionists in The Holy Land.

  96. Metropol December 30, 2010 @ 10:11 am

    Judaism is a monotheistic religion primarily based on the Torah and the ten commandments – Zionism is the movement to make/keep Israel a Jewish state.

    Zionism IS NOT Judaism. If you want people to take anything on here seriously other that the couple dozen or so constant contributors you will have to educate yourselves on the facts.

    Your assumption is the equivalent of saying White Pride movements is Christianity and I think you would agree that is incorrect.

  97. Donna chestergimli December 30, 2010 @ 10:38 am


    How can you equate the Kol Nidre with the good God of Heaven. He would throw that out as rubbish. Also would he throw out what is said by former and present Rabbis about the goyim, also about using little girls older than three for what should be the means of reproduction.

    If Jews were truly God oriented, they should throw this out. And they should not support that racist state of Israel which most of them do.

    As I have said before, maybe all Jews are not Zionists but they support Zionist goals and they will suffer right along with them when the time comes.

  98. Donna chestergimli December 30, 2010 @ 10:56 am

    Father Joseph,

    The church I attend has a 9:15 Latin Mass. The choir director has said that she knows for a fact that John XXIII has an incorruptible body.

    I find that hard to believe knowing that he was a freemason. Could you tell me if this is correct or not?

  99. Fr. Joseph December 30, 2010 @ 10:58 am

    Dear Stav,

    Just so as long as you understand that the entirely human spiritual ACT of ‘Disagreeing’ with somebody or Somebody else DOES NOT automatically confer on one personal possession of the factual truth OR the Factual Truth.

    Then you and I can CONTINUE in this perfectly legitimate human spiritual ACT of ‘Reasoning Together’ under the Tutelage, Guidance and Spiritual Assistance of GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT Who Is the Spirit of ALL Divine Truth.

    Let us attempt to REESTABLISH our Christian ‘Lines-of-Communication’ so desperately needed by our Church and all of Mankind at this juncture-in-time of our Human Race’s Salvation History.

    In our Christian Church’s APOSTOLIC, ATHANSIAN or NICENE CREEDS (with our without the ‘filioque’) – every last Christian on the face of this Planet Earth of God’s Own Creating, Sustaining and Maintaining AFFIRMS, PROFESSES, DECLARES, ASSERTS that there are God’s seen created Realities as well as God’s UNSEEN created Realities.

    Hence, every last Christian IN our contemporary World “ought to” have his, her or their personal UNDERSTANDING that here are SEEN ‘Free Willed’ individuals who we declare to be ‘Human Beings’ as well as UNSEEN ‘Free Willed’ individuals who we declare to be ‘Angelics’ or ‘Demonics’.

    ANYONE of our own SEEN race of ‘Human Beings’ can so readily observe for their very selves that there ARE other ‘Human Beings’ who harbor nothing but lies, deception, violence, hatred, etc. against others AS WELL AS other ‘Human Beings’ who harbor some manner of GOOD intentions and GOOD desires and GOOD behaviors/conduct to and for other ‘Human Beings’.

    Now the SAME EXACT sorts of attitudes, dispositions, behaviors and conducts ARE ‘part and parcel’ of those with a non-incarnate ELEMENTAL spiritual nature.

    Those ELEMENTAL spirits who harbor HATE and LIES and DECEIT and VIOLENCE and who PROMOTE such hate, lies, deceit and violence are the ‘DEMONS/DEVILS’ who have as their ‘spiritual father’ SATAN.

    Those ELEMENTAL spirits who harbor LOVE and TRUTH and GUIDANCE and BENEVOLENCE and who PROMOTE such love, truth, guidance and benevolence are the ‘ANGELS/ANGELICS’.

    And it is a Doctrine, a Dogma, a Scriptural FACT that we have a personal GUARDIAN Angel assigned to each and every last one of us IN ORDER TO assist us, to guide us, to lead us ALL into lives and lifetimes of love, and truth and God’s Own Benevolence.

    While I am being an ‘incarnate’ spirit in my using this PC’s keyboard of mine along with the phone lines and Internet in order to TYPE OUT these symbols of LETTERS to form WORDS in order to make SENTENCES to assemble into PARAGRAPHS, submitting myself to the ‘limitations’ God has imposed on me on account of my physical human body’s nature which MUST live in ‘time-space-matter-energy’, it is that ELEMENTAL SPIRIT that really and truly is the ‘real me’ that is attempting TO COMMUNICATE with you, to YOUR OWN ‘elemental spirit’ which makes YOU who YOU really and truly are.

    Now pure, 100% ELEMENTAL SPIRITS don’t need to use flesh, bone and blood fingers to tap away at physical matter formed into PC keyboards which, in turn, use EMF energies and time periods with which to TRANSMIT entirely symbolically encoded messages, knowledge, fact, instruction, etc.

    Yet, these ELEMENTAL SPIRITS can and do influence, affect us, attempt to direct and/or distract us by their SIMPLE unseen spiritual PRESENCE.

    Now these so-called ‘Jews’ who REJECT Jesus Christ, who hold viciously and violently to their much bally-hooed ‘Babylonian Talmud’ while they promote and practice their ‘Kabbalah’ and utilize it’s ‘Zohar’ do so IN ORDER TO MAKE CONTACT WITH and to COMMUNICATE WITH demonic/devishish/hellish ELEMENTAL SPIRITS!

    Both these so-called ‘JEWS’ who are NOT ‘Jews’ by any stretch of the Mosaic Covenant’s imagination as well as their Kabbalah-Zohar Christ-rejecting FREEMASONS throughout our World are in ‘spiriutal common union’ with SATAN’S legions of DEMONS, DEVILS and every other last hideous conscience creature existing in the realms of HELL.

    Take ANY large metropolitan city chock-full of honest-to-goodness HUMAN BEINGS, male and female, created in the Image and Likeness of God Himself – and in that major city, whether it be in Europe, in Eurasia, in Asia, in the Americas, in Australia.

    And imagine but ONE individual in that city who gets this ‘idea’ for FORM A GANG – and to have some sort of ‘initiation rites’ – and then forms a ‘Gang Hierarchy’ – and then instructs/indoctrines his/her GANG members to go out and TO COMMIT every manner of VIOLENCE and CRIME vs. the people and citizens of that particular city.

    IF, instead of having an individual who is a member of OUR race of incarnate spirits – human beings – who is the ‘Head’ of this GANG violently treating the people of that city and fostering/committing every manner of CRIME vs. those people – you have an ELEMENTAL spirit as this ‘Gangs’ HEAD, and you send this GANG of human beings who are members of this ELEMENTAL SPIRIT’S GANG throughout our entire World, and NOT just one major metropolitan city;

    Then you have a PROPER/FACTUAL/TRUTHFUL spiritual understanding of the ‘Unseen Hierarchial Structure’ that is BETRAYING our entire Human Race into the hands of and for the ‘Ultimate Profit’ of SATAN!

    Now then, ‘WHO?’ amongst our Human Race – and that INCLUDES the Bishop of Rome, the Patriarchs of the Eastern Orthodox Churches, throughout the Governments of our World and their respective nation’s Military OR Law Enforcement departments and agencies – KNOWS WHERE THIS ‘SATAN’ IS CURRENTLY PRESENT AND ‘HOLED UP’?

    SATAN is an ELEMENTAL SPIRIT. He is NOT bound by time-space-matter-energy. SATAN gets to ‘roam about the entire Earth’ AT WILL and affects, influences, directs the thoughts, actions, behavior and conduct of HUMAN BEING regardless of whether they are or they are NOT ‘in league’ on in ‘spiritual affiliation’ with him!

    HOW? can our entire Human Race manage to ‘PIN SATAN DOWN’ and HOW? can our Human Race EXECUTE such a vicious, vile, deceitful, hateful, murderous SPIRITUAL CRIMINAL to and for ALL of Mankind???

    Our Church’s Canon of SACRED Scripture gives us and our entire Human Race currently living and alive on our God-given Planet Earth of 2010 Anno Domini GOD’S OWN ANSWER and GOD’S OWN SOLUTION to this SATANIC CRIMINAL CABAL-GANG running amok all across our entire World!

    GENESIS 3:15!

    Oh, all of the ‘Bible-believing’ Protestant sects, cults and denominations throughout our World ‘Accept Jesus Christ as their Savior’! all right – BUT they all treat His Mother – THE WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 – as some sort of ‘REPULSIVE STREET CORNER BAG LADY’!

    And all of you from the Eastern Orthodox Churches ACCEPT both Jesus Christ as KING of all that is seen and Unseen, and you venerate, love and HIGHLY RESPECT His Mother – THE WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 – but you of the EOCs treat this WOMAN, who I believe is the Mother of God as OUR LADY OF FATIMA, PORTUGAL and her 1917 A.D. Apparitions, Messages and Instructions as if She, too, were some sort of ‘REPULSIVE STREET CORNER BAG LADY’ as well!

    And as for all of the Satanists, the Masons, the Crypto-Jews holed up in MY OWN Catholic Church’s Vatican and throughout MY OWN Catholic Church’s Ecclesiastical Hierarchy of POPES, CARDINALS, ARCHBISHOPS, BISHOPS, PRIESTS, DEACONS, RELIGIOUS, NUNS and SISTERS and THE LAITY, this same WOMAN of Genesis 3:15, this Mother of God, this Blessed Virgin Mary AS Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal is ALSO treated as some sort of ‘mythical non-essential inconsequential STREET CORNER BAG LADY’ as well!

    If we are going TO WIN this ‘Spiritual GANG WARFARE’ between the followers of Satan and the followers of Christ Jesus over this ‘Turf’ which IS our whole wide WORLD, then ALL of the Bible Protestants, all of the Eastern Orthodox Christians and all of those of the Catholic Church HAD BETTER GET IT THROUGH THEIR ‘THICK SKULLS’ that which is contained and RECORDED as a ‘DIVINE REVELATION TO ALL OF MANKIND’ in what is known as ‘The Book of Revelation’ at

    REVELATION 12:17!

    And once, IF EVER, that ‘sinks INTO’ the minds, hearts, souls and spirits of PROTESTANT and EASTERN ORTHODOX and CATHOLIC CHRISTIANS – then perhaps, just maybe, by the strangest of all Supernatural Miracles, they will ALL LISTEN TO AND OBEY the Instructions of THE WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 AS Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal 1917 A.D. – which INCLUDES – a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to Her Very Own Immaculately Loving Heart!

    – +Fr. Joseph
    Nazareth Hermitage – USA

  100. Fr. Joseph December 30, 2010 @ 11:41 am

    Dear Stav,

    Now YOU personally find it “repulsive and offensive”, this FATIMA Instruction for the Catholic BISHOPS of the Catholic Church to perform a public, solemn and worldwide witnessed-by-the-entire Human Race COLLEGIAL CONSECRATION of Russia to the Immacuatately Loving Heart of THE WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17.

    Perhaps you might find it within your own mind, heart, soul and spirit ‘IF’ you look really, really HARD and DEEP to consider just for the slightest of fleeting moments just how ‘REPULSIVE AND OFFENSIVE’ it was to God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit and THE WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17 —


    Now, as an Eastern Orthodox Chrisian who is VERY FAMILIAR/KNOWLEDGEABLE of his Christian Faith:


    To help you OUT with this little ‘Christian Church’s Catechism Class’, here are the “Multiple Choice” ANSWERS you get to pick from – and only ONE Answer is correct!

    ‘THE LOGOS’ INCARNATE Who has THE WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation as HIS MOTHER and who is known throughout the Christian Church as the ‘BLESSED VIRGIN MARY’ a.k.a. the ‘MOST HOLY THEOTOKOS’ (to you of the EASTERN Church), her Divine Son ‘THE LOGOS’ Who created all things and for Whom ALL THINGS were created – GAVE HIS OWN DIVINE AUTHORITY TO ‘CAST OUT DEMONS/DEVILS’ TO:

    1) Prince Vladimir of Russia
    2) Martin Luther
    3) John Calvin
    4) the Kings and Queens of England
    5) Moe, Larry and Curly
    6) Minnie, Moe and Jack

    You can take the rest of the week OFF from RZN and go do all the RESEARCH you want or need to come up with the CORRECT answer to this ‘+Fr. Joseph’s Christian Church’s Catechism Class’ test-examination.


    – +Fr. Joseph

  101. Fr. Joseph December 30, 2010 @ 11:57 am

    Now an itsy-bitsy Catholic CATECHISM CLASS lesson to all of you of the Eastern Orthodox Church, to include your Patriarchs, Metropolitans, Bishops, Priests, Deacons, members of the Laity –

    And a kinda/sorta ‘Refresher’ CATECHISM CLASS for all of us of the Catholic Church and ANY of her 27 Valid Eucharist Rites – to INCLUDE our own ROMAN CHURCH’S Roman Rite, to include our Pope Benedict XVI, our Cardinals, Arcbishops, Bishops, Priests, Religious and Lay Faithful throughout our ENTIRE WORLD of 2010 Anno Domini.

    There is this ONE PARTICULAR “very-Catholic” PRAYER that every last Patriarch, Metropolitan, Cardinal, Bishop, Priest, Deacon, Religious and Lay Faithful from BOTH the Eastern Orthodox Church as well as my Catholic Church – and ‘why-the-heck-not?’ – in every last one of the 27,000 ‘bible-believing’ Protestant churches can ALL MEMORIZE for themselves and PRAY throughout the day and TEACH to every last member of their particular EOC or CC or Protestant congregations:

    It’s called ‘THE MEMORARE’ and you can ALL find it, read it, learn it, memorize it HERE:

    Now here’s the “BIG ‘IF'”!

    ‘IF’ it finally SINKS INTO every last EOC, CC and PROTESTANT church’s Leader’s and Congregation’s HEADS the Divine Spiritual and Religious SIGNIFICANCE of what those words of the prayer known as ‘The Memorare’


    Publicly and Solemnly COLLEGIALLY CONSECRATE RUSSIA to her very own Immaculately Loving Heart AS the Mother of GOD INCARNATE Who just so happens to be THE DIVINE KING of all that is seen and Unseen per her INSTRUCTIONS as Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal!

    (How can teaching people that 1+1=2 be SO HARD and so UNPRODUCTIVE???)

    – +Fr. Joseph
    Nazareth Hermitage – USA

  102. Disgusted White Christian December 30, 2010 @ 12:08 pm

    Father Joseph,

    Please answer Donna chestergimli.


  103. USSA TODAY December 30, 2010 @ 12:33 pm


    What about the Talmud and it’s blasphemous teachings on Christ and His Mother Mary?

    Are we supposed to be glad they teach that in Synagogues?

    If the majority of the simpleton, Christian Zionist Protestants knew that, I doubt they would be as gung-ho for the Zio-Masonic agenda that is leading us into World War 3.

    Google Albert Pike 3 World Wars — how could a letter from the 1870’s have predicted 3 World Wars (it’s been right about 1 and 2) like that if there wasn’t a conspiracy?

  104. charlie December 30, 2010 @ 12:44 pm

    Fr Joseph

    (How can teaching people that 1+1=2 be SO HARD and so UNPRODUCTIVE???)

    I have published on here the very act of consecration of Russia by Pope John Paul !!

  105. Stav December 30, 2010 @ 1:21 pm

    Dear Fr. Joseph,

    Thank you for you comments.

    I am in no need of “catholic” catechism. I have my spiritual father, and our Orthodox Christian Giants of Theology to refer to as well as the Holy Bible.

    I am trying to stick to the subject of the article on this page here. So I am not going to discuss what you say about your “consecrations.” For an answer please look back to my previous post to you in older pages.

    You purposefully try to fit your fantasies about “consecrations” in practically every new page on this site. I have had enough for now.

    And yes, I find the idea (you know which idea I am talking about) repulsive, offensive and 110% disgusting. Thats my personal opinion. 1+1=2 and 2=2=4 blah blah… You cannot make me change this opinion of mine it without real logical, doctrinally, spiritually and scripturally correct arguments.

    Please allow me my personal opinion and let’s keep the the subject of each of Br. Nathanael’s articles.

    In Christ our Lord,


  106. charlie December 30, 2010 @ 1:22 pm

    Why doesn’t Fr Joseph call for the consecration of his own country, full of every filth and perversion and criminal act imaginable – to the power of infinity.

    What a hypocrite

  107. charlie December 30, 2010 @ 2:13 pm

    The consecration of any one or any thing is a holy act.

    The continual call for a “consecration… I doubt if Fr Joseph really even knows what that means, debases it, and calls condemnation on Fr Joseph’s head, in the circumstances, as they are obviously false, erroneous, sacriligious and mischievous, in that it has already been done.

    And so that now Aetheist USSR has been crushed under the Virgin Mary’s heel, and replaced by Orthodox Christian Russia once again, as she promised, under not one but two good leaders in the Orthodox Faith, and thats just in the secular sphere.

  108. charlie December 30, 2010 @ 2:20 pm

    Aetheist Russia, remember that?

    Who can forget the terror it invoked in the mind and heart – the terrible fear that we lived with that was the cold war, the arms race.

    The countless stories of suffering in the prison gulags that ripped our heart out and placed them on the alter of reparation before almighty God.

  109. Scofield Is A Scam December 30, 2010 @ 2:55 pm

    @ Mr. Israel:

    The rapture will occur only when Jesus Christ returns and not before. The Darbyite-Scofield idea is a recent error that only began in the early nineteenth century and has no true biblical basis.

    Seriously take a look at the background of occultist lawyer Cyrus Scofield, who popularized this idea. Clearly he was of his father, the Devil. Why would you believe what he says?

    Read your Holy Bible again, line by line, including the prophets, the gospels, and Book of Revelation, with special alert to end time prophecies, asking the Holy Spirit for understanding.

    There is no easy ticket out for us any more than there was for the early Christians in Rome.

    The evidence is 10-1 against the “pre-trib” rapture. Too often the same people who push this are the ones who support the present satanic state of Israel.

    It’s a twisted idea based on misapplication of a scripture in Thessalonians. But no one knows the day or hour when Jesus will return so it’s best to be ready at every moment.

    It’s not a cardinal doctrine in any case but it does lead to some bizarre ideas like “neoconservatism,” which is a yid infiltration. (Aside to any Protestant haters here, this pre-trib scam is not a basic part of what Protestants believe any more than the image of our Lord on tortillas are a part of the Roman Catholic or Orthodox catechisms, which of course they aren’t).

    Unfortunately, pre-trib rapture has taken hold in many of the mainstream denominations as has Zionism. Still, many do not embrace it any more than they embrace homosexuality or feminism.

    May the grace of our Heavenly Father be with you, brothers and sisters in Christ.

  110. charlie December 30, 2010 @ 3:10 pm

    By not acknowledging the consecration of Russia,

    Are you perhaps even allowing the demons which fled Russia to be even more firmly ensconsed in your own country…hence its demise?

    Can anyone refute the spiritual similarity between the current US administration and that of the communist USSR?

    Nor can either support themselves and require outside propping up.

    Let the bell toll, for whom it might…

    Christ is risen, Christ is therefore alive…Christ will come again.

    The Rider of the White horse. Here he comes.

    I wish everyone in the world a holy night and a blessed New Year.



  111. Hoff December 30, 2010 @ 3:29 pm

    Zionizm and Communizm are twins and they are both Jew frauds.


    “Russian” gangsters, read: Jew gangsters. Billions of dollars the Jews stole from the Russian people.

    01 Mikhail Khodorkovsky 15,2 Yukos
    02 Roman Abramovich 12,5 Sibneft
    03 Viktor Vekselberg 5,9 TNK-BP, Sual
    04 Mikhail Prokhorov 5,4 Norilsk Nickel
    05 Vladimir Potanin 5,4 Norilsk Nickel
    06 Mikhail Fridman 5,2 Alfa Group
    07 Vladimir Lisin 4,8 Novolipetsk Steel
    08 Oleg Deripaska 4,5 Rusal, Ruspromavto
    09 Alexei Mordashov 4,5 Severstal
    10 Vagit Alekperov 3,9 Lukoil
    11 German Khan 2,9 Alfa Group
    12 Alexander Abramov 2,4 Evrazholding
    13 Vladimir Bogdanov 2,2 Surgutneftegaz
    14 Vladimir Yevtushenkov 2,1 Sistema
    15 Iskander Makhmudov 2,1 Uralsky GMK
    16 Pyotr Aven 2,1 Alfa Group
    17 Nikolai Tsvetkov 2,0 Nikoil
    18 Leonid Nevzlin 2,0 Yukos
    19 Alexei Kuzmitchev 1,9 Alfa Group
    20 Mikhail Brudno 1,8 Yukos
    21 Vladimir Dubov 1,8 Yukos
    22 Platon Lebedev 1,8 Yukos
    23 Vasily Shakhnovsky 1,8 Yukos
    24 Leonid Fedun 1,7 Lukoil
    25 Alexander Lebedev 1,4 National Reserve Corp,
    26 Viktor Rashnikov 1,3 Magnitogorsk Steel
    27 David Davidovich 1,3 Sibneft
    28 Rem Vyakhirev 1,3 Gazprom
    29 Vyacheslav Sheremet 1,2 Gazprom
    30 Andrei Melnichenko 1,2 MDM Bank
    31 Sergei Popov 1,2 MDM Bank
    32 Igor Zyuzin 1,1 Mechel Steel
    33 Andrei Gorodilov 1,1 Sibneft
    34 Valery Oif 1,1 Sibneft
    35 Yelena Baturina 1,1 Inteko
    36 Alisher Usmanov 1,0 Gazprominvestholding

  112. SINNER December 30, 2010 @ 4:12 pm


    Study Fatima, October 1958, and ‘Zionism and the Pope’

    Russia is the key to OUR salvation through or LORD in Jesus Christ, Amen.

  113. USSA TODAY December 30, 2010 @ 4:13 pm

    Scofield is a scam. I love where you are coming from and agree.

    Would you care to expound upon the Scofield and Darbys pagan/occult background?

    That’s a new one to me — I thought they were just shabbus goy Khazar patronizers.

    I also read from Dr. Henry Makow ( that C.S. Lewis was an occultist who fooled the Christian masses.

    As a boy when I read his Lion, Witch, and The Wardrobe – I thought it’s weird to have witches and time transportation through jumping in a piece of furniture in some old manor promoted as Christian literature.

    Stuff like that and Lord of The Rings has always rubbed me the wrong way as some kind of weirdo occult media manipulation.

  114. Disgusted White Christian December 30, 2010 @ 4:25 pm


    Have we not been down this road with Padre Joseph before?

    I told you Stav, KC, KJ, he is baiting you, he wants the ATTENTION, you fall for it every time.

    When you ignore the posts, it is when they will stop.

    Look at it logically, would communism (which we all know is a satanic Jew scam) have fallen, if it wasn’t ordained by the most high?

    He doesn’t speak for all Catholics, I don’t know about charlie, but I draw my own conclusions, no pope, bishop or priest will tell me how to think, I think on my own.

    This is why God gave me free will.

    He knows the Holy Church has become an apostate, like the Lord said it would.

    If it wasn’t, it would tell the TRUTH about these lying, satanic, Zionist Jews?

    Next they will come in support of this new modern Jew Lie: that it was the Romans that wanted Jesus crucified, not the Jewish Pharisees.

    I don’t know what Bible they are looking at, but the act of “washing your hands” like Pilate did with Jesus sentence, is synonymous now with NOT WANTING ANYTHING TO DO WITH AN UNJUST SENTENCE, or any unjust action.

    He knew Jesus wasn’t a threat to Rome, and he was non violent, they (Jew mob) forced his hand.

    Now history records them as “innocent victims” in mankind’s most infamous act.

    As matter a fact, they paint the Jew as an innocent victim in everything now, even when they are butchering women and children in IsraHell.


  115. Stav December 30, 2010 @ 4:47 pm

    Dear DWC,

    I will not answer him, nor did I essentially do that this time.

    I am just stating that I find it disgusting and ask him to stick to the topic at hand. That’s all.


  116. Glory B. December 30, 2010 @ 5:38 pm


    You asked: “What’s your take on The Torah-true Jews ?

    “Given that they were the first on the firing line of the Zionists in The Holy Land.”

    Here’s my “take,” as you call it:

    JEWS, no matter where they come from, where they live, what sin-a-gog they “worship” in, whether they’re true to their wives or, like most JEWS, sleep around, whether they’re among the very few who are charitable or like most of them, don’t give a damn about non-Jews, JEWS are not godly people.

    Because if they were godly, JEWS would renounce their pharasitical belief system and accept our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as the only Begotten Son of God.

    Brother Nathanael did it! I did it! Why can’t the Torah-true or, more typically, Talmud-true JEWS do it?

    I’ll tell you why: Because JEWS are too much in love with filthy lucre, and the satanic lure of great wealth and power, to ever humble themselves and accept Christ as Lord.

    In an article that he wrote in September 2007 that he published on his website, Brother Nathanael said this:

    “The Jew loves to be in control. The Jew loves to be at the top of the ladder. If Christianity were again to be in predominance in America, the Jew would be horror-struck. For then he will have the finger pointed at him that he is a Christ denier, a stubborn, stiff-necked hater of Jesus Christ, and a supporter of the Jews Who brought Christ to Pilate to have Him crucified.”

    All JEWS are guilty of deicide, the greatest crime in the history of the world, unless they renounce their satanic Talmud, accept Jesus Christ as God and become sincere Christians.

    It’s as simple as that!


    Judaea delenda est.

    “Jewry must be destroyed.”

  117. Glory B. December 30, 2010 @ 5:57 pm


    You are spouting the usual JEWISH propaganda lie:

    “Judaism is a monotheistic religion primarily based on the Torah and the ten commandments – Zionism is the movement to make/keep Israel a Jewish state.”

    That’s the line of B.S. that the JEWS hand out to persuade gullible Christians to support the den of thieves, robbers and murderers called IsraHELL.

    You say “Judaism is a monotheistic religion primarily based on the Torah and the ten commandments.”

    If that is so, how do you explain the statement by that famous JEW writer, Herman Wouk?

    Wouk, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author of 11 novels, three plays and two works of nonfiction, wrote in his book, “This is My God; the Jewish Way of Life,” serialized in the New York Herald-Tribune in 1959:

    “The Talmud is to this day the circulating heart’s blood of the Jewish religion. Whatever laws, customs or ceremonies we observe — whether we are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or merely spasmodic sentimentalists — we follow the Talmud. It is our common law.”

    And we all know what the Talmud is: the filthiest, dirtiest, smuttiest, most sex-crazed, most blasphemous describer of Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother, that ever disgraced a piece of paper or parchment.


    And if you don’t accept that, you’re lost and there is no hope for you.


    Judaea delenda est.

    “Jewry must be destroyed.”

  118. charlie December 30, 2010 @ 8:20 pm

    Before Vatican II priests did not expect you to follow anything they said to you but to follow your concience.

    And if this corresponded to what they said then the priest knew he was on the right track to foster the growth and development of people through the growth and development of their conscience.

    That’s all there was to it. You could do no more than that.

    Vatican II spelt the end of freedom of conscience.

    Before Vatian II it was taught that God spoke to you through your conscience.

    After Vatican II the priests started preaching that conscience was mere personal opinion and varied depending on the person.

    This, obvious to some, is the major lie of Satan that has been thrust upon us in this modern world.

    One that will drag it down to hell.

    It is worse than the destruction of the life giving Holy Sacrifice of the Mass which is, or was the centrepoint of grace to live a good Christian life, ie. before Vatican II.

    Follow your conscience.

    It will be at odds with yourself at times, and with the world far more often, but it is the judgement you must exercise on yourself, before the final judgement when we are to be judged before the Most High God at the end.


  119. Donna chestergimli December 30, 2010 @ 9:28 pm

    Disgusted White Christian

    Thank you very much for calling upon Fr. Joseph to please answer me.

    I just wanted to comment on the importance of consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. God wanted this to be a special sign of her importance.

    He wanted the victory over totalitarion Jewry in Russia to be hers. There could also be another very significant reason. And that had to do with the apostacy of the Catholic Church. One of the things that the Second Vatican Council Church came to be known for was its ignoring of the Blessed Mother of God.

    It has only been in recent years that Catholics have started turning back to the Rosary of the Blessed Mother and to giving her the respect she is due as the Queen Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I think that it is quite clear that even in modern times people such as Queen Elizabeth of England will pretty soon be the queen mother of the king of England. I have read that the queen mother of a king has at least as much say so as her young king son does himself.

    So maybe, in addition to giving the world peace, the consecration would have dealt a heave blow to the aims of the Second Vatican Council.

    In a sense, the consecration of Russia would have had possibly the same effects as if Judas Iscariot had not betrayed Our Lord. But as Our Lord said he had to undergo crucifixion the same as the church has had to undergo its crucifixion of apostacy.

    Well, I’ll get off my soapbox for now.

  120. Words of Wisdom December 30, 2010 @ 11:16 pm


    I am Roman Catholic but I strongly believe that we should pray to no one other than our Heavenly Father and in Jesus’ name.

    Mary was a special human being because she was chosen out of all people to give birth to Jesus Christ. But we should not being praying to her.

    All this making Mary into more than she was, is nothing but turning Mary into Isis or Semiramis.

    It comes from the merging of the occult with Christianity and it really should have no part in Christianity at all.

  121. hvt December 31, 2010 @ 5:07 am

    Words of Wisdom,


  122. Metropol December 31, 2010 @ 7:36 am

    Just saw this, this morning –

    Looks like it is the Greeks themselves who caused the problem.

  123. Donna chestergimli December 31, 2010 @ 7:50 am

    Words of Wisdom

    What you say is Protestantism pure and simple. They will answer to God for their beliefs and I do not think that he will judge most of them harshly. But you as a Catholic should know better. Looks to me like you have swallowed the Second Vatican Council line, hook, and sinker.

    Beware of how you speak and treat the Mother of Jesus. Think of how much she gave up by agreeing to be the Mother of God Incarnate and how much she suffered.

    I pray to the Saints for help and I will definitely pray to her as she, and they, have found favor with God and he most likely will listen to them making intercession for us before he listens to us.

  124. Glory B. December 31, 2010 @ 9:36 am


    CNN is owned and run by JEWS!!! (Time Warner).

    Take a look at the Board of Directors of T-W; you can just pick out the JEWISH names:

    Jeffrey L. Bewkes
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Time Warner Inc.

    James L. Barksdale
    Chairman and President, Barksdale Management Corporation

    William P. Barr
    Former Attorney General of the United States

    Stephen F. Bollenbach
    Former Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Hilton Hotels Corporation

    Frank J. Caufield
    Co-Founder and Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

    Robert C. Clark
    Distinguished Service Professor, Harvard University

    Mathias Döpfner
    Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Axel Springer AG

    Jessica P. Einhorn
    Dean, Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Johns Hopkins University

    Fred Hassan
    Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Schering-Plough Corporation

    Michael A. Miles
    Special Limited Partner, Forstmann Little & Company

    Kenneth J. Novack
    Senior Counsel, Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, PC

    Paul D. Wachter
    Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Main Street Advisors

    Deborah C. Wright
    Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Carver Bancorp, Inc.

    ‘Nuff said!


    Judaea delenda est.

    “Jewry must be destroyed.”

  125. Metropol December 31, 2010 @ 9:51 am

    Don’t think CNN had anything to do with 6 out of 10 Greek residents not paying taxes

  126. Disgusted White Christian December 31, 2010 @ 10:15 am

    Words of Wisdom, Donna C, Father Joseph,

    As charlie stated, he is preaching BLASPHEMY here about Russia, God had ridden Russia of it’s the Devil’s communism.

    Words of Wisdom, God is the essence of DYNAMIC ALLOCATION: everything in his universe is constantly changing, why I cautioned, Kelly (I forget his first name), about saying everything is pre-ordained and can’t be altered or changed.

    Jesus laughed when the Pharisees scolding him for teaching “The God of Israel” words to the inferior Gentiles, they are nor sons of Abraham Jesus laughed, as he spoke “God could turn any of those stones into sons of Abraham.”

    Donna praying to the Blessed Mother for God or Jesus intervention is the path she choose to put forth her prayer, NOTHING IS WRONG WITH THAT!

    That lie about not using Mary, comes from Zionist controlled Protestants, whom even question Mary’s Immaculate Conception?


  127. KathJuliane December 31, 2010 @ 10:45 am

    “Athens, Greece (CNN) — More than 5 million Greeks did not pay income taxes for 2008, according to public documents released by the struggling nation’s finance ministry.

    More than six in 10 taxpayers earn less than 12,000 euros per year and are not required to pay income taxes under the Greek tax system, the press office of the Greek Ministry of Finance said Thursday.”

    Metropole, considering that 12,000 euros works out to about 15,900 USD at current conversion rates, in US standards, about 6 million Greeks are low income and currently live at just above US poverty guidelines for a family of two, which is currently set at 14,570 USD in the continental US.

    And not all, not even most, are guilty of tax evasion, and by the Greek governments own rules, those at or under a certain income are not required to pay income taxes, although it goes on to say that there are other taxes that low income Greeks do have to pay.

    So what was your point with this brainless CNN article other than to apparently just find an opportunity to snark about the Greek people by the way you introduced the CNN article — “Looks like the Greeks brought it on themselves?”

    Oh, almost forget. Greece has a population of about 11.1 million people, by the way, which includes all men, women, and children. Do the math.

    In other words, the streets of Greece are not exactly lined with gold, now are they?

  128. KathJuliane December 31, 2010 @ 12:00 pm

    PS to Metropole —

    By the EU’s own 2008 standards, using 2006 data, 20.6% of the Greek people were at risk of absolute poverty, affecting 2.203 million people.

    It is now end of 2010, and conditions have certainly not improved, have they?

    So, again, can you clarify the purpose of your orginal posting as being for something other than pure twittery?

    And for everyone’s info, it does appear that the EU “Socialists” are targeting “rural poverty” as their master pet project this year across Europe.

    It looks like the EU is also going after the independent Greek farmers and ranchers and their lands, who are suffering market downturn as the rest of Greece dives to the bottom, in order to cure the “monetary poverty” of the rural dwellers whatever that mumbo jumbo is, by destroying the independent farmer.

    Does this sound something like a Big Agra/Monsanto sneak attack and eventual stealth land grab, and an attempt to force Greek and other European nations’ agriculturalists into a corporate feudal serf system like they’ve done for years in all of the other countries?

  129. Fr. Joseph December 31, 2010 @ 4:49 pm

    A five second Internet search about Pope John XXIII’s so-called ‘Incorrupt Body’:

    Pope John XXIII’s own words from his 1959 Encyclical letter ‘Ad Petri Cathedram’:

    “The source and root of all the evils which affect individuals, people and nations with a kind of poison, and CONFUSE the minds of many is this: ignorance of the truth and not only ignornace, but at times a CONTEMPT for, and a DELIBERATE TURNING AWAY from it.”

    Perhaps all those of the Eastern Orthodox Churches – Patriarchs and all the way down to the ‘rank-and-file’ Laity – who “condemn” the Mother of God’s Apparitions, Messages and Instructions AS Our Lady of Fatima 1917 A.D. as being “DEMONIC-IN-ORIGIN” as well as those in the Catholic Church – from the Bishop of Rome, all the Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, Priests, Religious and Laity – who INSIST that the Collegial Consecration of Russia HAS BEEN DONE – can now BOTH come out IN PUBLIC before the wholewide World’s HUMAN RACE an in One Grand ‘Ecumenical’ Announcement…

    …CONDEMN and declare as ‘DEMONIC-IN-ORIGIN’ the Apparitions, Messages and Instructions of OUR LADY OF AKITA, JAPAN, principlely her “so-called/supposed” October 13, 1973 Message:

    “…the Father WILL inflict a terrible punishment on ALL humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one will never have seen before. FIRE WILL FALL FROM THE SKY AND WILL WIPE OUT A GREAT PART OF HUMANITY, the good as well as the bad, SPARING NEITHER PRIESTS nor faithful…”

    “…The work of THE DEVIL will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against other bishops. The Priests who venerate me will be SCORNED and OPPOSED…” – fron on-line, in-the-public-Worldwide-Internet-domain reference page:

    Yes, there WILL be ‘World Peace’…one way or another!

    Either the Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA is done to Heaven’s Exacting Instructions – OR – our Human Race is WIPED OUT and WIPED OFF the face of this Planet Earth of God’s Own Creating, Sustaining and Maintaining.

    Either way, ‘WORLD PEACE’ is surely going to be ESTABLISHED here on Planet Earth – ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!

    Let us all PRAY that the BISHOPS of both the EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCHES and the CATHOLIC CHURCH understand, recognize, appreciate and ACT UPON what the Most Holy Theotokos HERSELF has told the entire World as well as her Divine Son’s CHURCH here on earth!

    Maybe, just maybe, after nearly 1,000 YEARS, the Bishops of the Church will get around to SERIOUSLY settling their differences and their pet-peeve DISPUTES…before it is TOO LATE!

    – +Fr. Joseph

  130. Fr. Joseph December 31, 2010 @ 5:39 pm

    Another 10-15 second Internet search:

    Into the astounding ‘incorrupt’ body of Pope John XXIII which also shows the INCORRUPT BODY of one ‘St. Lenin the Bolshevik Jew of RUSSIA’ who was/is personally responsible for the devastating destruction visited upon the RUSSIAN Orthodox Church .

    And the Mother of God AS Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal EXPRESSED her Divine Maternal Love, Care, Compassion and CONCERN for those millions upon millions of Baptized CHRISTIANS of Russia, throughout Asia and all across Eastern Europe:

    Yes, I get “hot-under-the-collar” ANGRY too many times on account of this past century’s worth of LIES and SPIRITUAL-MORAL IRRESPONSIBILITY throughout our World and our Church which has resulting in NOTHING, a ‘Big Fat ZERO’, in seeing to it that our ENTIRE HUMAN RACE be Divinely BLESSED with the Personal Divine LOVE of God the Father and the Manifold Divine Blessings, Graces, Gifts and Spiritual Strength/Vitality of GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT Living and Abiding within the souls of SIX (6) BILLION HUMAN BEINGS all across our contemporary World!

    “Come, Holy Spirit….and RENEW the FACE OF THE EARTH!”

    And the HOLY SPIRIT will come all across our Planet Earth and our Human Race ONCE the Bishops of the Church ACKNOWLEDGE the Woman of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17 to THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD with a global, public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA just like the Mother of GOD INCARNATE Himself said her Divine Son WOULD DO for all of us six (6) billion members of our Planet Earth’s HUMAN RACE!


    – +Fr. Joseph

  131. charlie December 31, 2010 @ 6:42 pm

    Fr. Joseph

    “Either the Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA is done to Heaven’s Exacting Instructions – OR – our Human Race is WIPED OUT and WIPED OFF the face of this Planet Earth of God’s Own Creating, Sustaining and Maintaining.”

    That’s not the God I know or would even want to know. But it does sound like the god of demon worshippers whose god is merciless.

    Prayer is not a plane, Fr. Joseph, where a missing bolt here or there could cause it to come crashing to the ground with the loss of all lives on board.

    Jesus blood covers our weaknesses and the prayer is responded to in the measure to which it was given.

    Also you are assuming the three child shepherd-seers of Fatima are infallible which they are not.

  132. Fr. Joseph December 31, 2010 @ 8:20 pm


    So the Miracle of the Sun witnessed and personally experienced by 70,000 people back in 1917 A.D. – that was a ‘Mass Hallucination’ devised by Satan according to you, eh?

    And the Apparitions and Messages of Our Lady of Akita which are FULLY APPROVED by the Catholic Church – according to you – the Church is WRONG and you are right!

    You are taking a whole heck of a lot of PERSONAL responsibility upon yourself in contradicting the Bishops of the Church, I hope you realize.

    -+Fr. Joseph

  133. charlie December 31, 2010 @ 9:56 pm

    Fr. Joseph,

    I’m not sure about Akita, but Lolita was banned when it was first released.

    Is it similar?

    Also Joe Cortina’s Aussie friend can probably help you out if you want some marijuana for your Mass hallucinations.

    And another thing.

    I’m certain Our Lord regarded the public prayer consecration of John Paul II where he didn’t audibly use the name Russia, (past popes did) so as not to bring more persecution and suffering on the “Church in Chains” with GREATER APPROVAL than a public consecration that WOULD HAVE actually audibly used the word Russia and which did result in more persecution.

    Its a rather long sentence but I know you’re smart.

    God bless and Happy New Year!

  134. KathJuliane December 31, 2010 @ 11:32 pm

    Dear Father Joseph,

    Whatever are you going on about?

    Lenin was embalmed. His body was not “incorrupt” in the theological sense of miraculous preservation, but it is more or less “intact.”

    And Lenin is very far outside any Christian consideration at all as a “saint.” That idea is ludicrous and blasphemous on your part.

    Pope John XXIII was embalmed, but the fact that he was embalmed proves nothing one way or the other about his sanctity or not.

    Incorrupt relics of saintly people are used as evidence for a canonization, but is not the only standard for judging sanctity of that person.

    If you’re going to use that as some kind of criteria or proof of evil, then the same criteria would need to apply to Padre Pio.

    As for Padre Pio, without disrespect to his reputation of sanctity in the Catholic Church, in the rest of the blog you linked to, it also explains that before his burial, he was injected with formalin (formaldehyde) for the viewing of the faithful.

    This 2008 Timesonline article further writes that:

    “Monsignor D’Ambrosio [the Holy See’s “delegate” to the Padre Pio shrine ] said he did not know if the saint’s body had been miraculously preserved. [Catholic] Church officials said it had not been embalmed, but it had been “injected with formalin” while it was displayed to the faithful for veneration before burial.

    Apparently among Catholic officials there is some kind of a procedural distinction between being embalmed, and being injected with formalin. But as the blog link you provided pointed out, it does blur the boundaries when it comes to proving the incorruption indicative of true sanctity.

    Forty years ago, Padre Pio was was then placed into an air-tight tomb. When exhumed for viewing in 2008, a silcone mask was placed over his face.

    No problem there. Very open and above board regarding Catholic practices. The Catholic Church for centuries, especially so in France, used wax face and hand masks as well to make the relics more acceptable for public viewing, even when deemed to be a true incorrupt state.

    This was also done for St. Bernadette of Lourdes after her third exhumation in 1925.

    There is no question of preservative chemicals used in her case. Her burial by the nuns at her convent in a sealed double lead and wood coffin placed in a sealed vault of the convent crypt, and then 1909-1925 with the three medically supervised exhumations of “identifying the body” as part of the canonization process were all meticulously documented.

    This article from American Catholic informs us of some of the steps done with the permission of the Holy See of Padre Pio’s exhumation and preparation for presentation:

    “According to Catholic News Service, the archbishop revealed that he and the Capuchin friars of Padre Pio’s community had decided it was important to verify the condition of the saint’s body and find a way to ensure its preservation.

    “The archbishop also explained that the Capuchins, with Vatican approval, “have authorized the exposition and public veneration of the saint’s body for several months beginning in mid-April.”

    “Padre Pio’s remains were then moved to a room set up in the adjacent Capuchin convent where he lived for many years. Technicians worked to preserve and reconstruct the corpse of Padre Pio.

    “The archbishop and the Capuchins hired the London-based Gems Studio, which makes lifelike sculpted figures for museums, to create a silicone mask -— including a short moustache and ample beard -— for the saint’s body.”

    Also, as stated to you before, Sister Lucia did not receive the Apparition’s request for the consecration of Russia until 1929 when she reportedly told her superiors, but they did nothing with it at the time.

    Lucia wrote her four memoirs between 1938 and 1941 to her bishop, and the issue of the consecration of Russia was then more fully described in these memoirs as part of the first two “secrets of Fatima” which she more fully described to her superiors.

    However, it was finally in 1942, the middle of WW2, that the ‘consecration of Russia’ was PUBLISHED and made known to the Catholic world, all on the 25th anniversary of Fatima.

    If this was supposed to be revealed in 1917, but wasn’t until 1942 by the Catholic authorities, then how is this the Orthodox Church’s problem? For 25 years, the Eastern Orthodox bled in Russia, the Balkans, Eastern Europe from the Red Terror and civil wars fighting the Bolshevik Jews, as well as being embroiled in WW2.

    Whose negligence then would it be for such a delay of 25 years if in fact it could have prevented the Bolshevik Revolution and WW2 if it was published to the world in 1917 when first received as claimed?

    Please start using 1942 Heaven’s Peace Plan. It is more accurate that way.

  135. Glory B. January 1, 2011 @ 6:57 am

    Dear Metropol,


    “Judaism is a monotheistic religion primarily based on the Torah and the ten commandments – Zionism is the movement to make/keep Israel a Jewish state.”


    “What was your point with this brainless CNN article other than to apparently just find an opportunity to snark about the Greek people by the way you introduced the CNN article — ‘Looks like the Greeks brought it on themselves?’”

    KathJuliane cleaned your clock!

    The New Year isn’t starting out very well for you, is it, O Friend of the Jews?

  136. Fr. Joseph January 1, 2011 @ 7:53 am


    When you insist to poke your nose into OTHER people’s exchanges, that’s when you fail to grasp what is being said and meant between those OTHER parties.

    – +Fr. Joseph

  137. Fr. Joseph January 1, 2011 @ 7:57 am


    May THE LORD grant you His Forgivenes and Mercy for your irreverence.

    An ‘obtuse spirit’ is something in need of and in want for Divine Intervention.

    – +Fr. Joseph

  138. Fr. John January 1, 2011 @ 8:20 am

    First off, thanks for the marvelous post. A great piece of good news, in this time of the Incarnation of the Saviour [Matt. 1:21]

    Secondly, while I can applaud the (modernist) Greek Church for finally seeing the light, the Trads in Greece (Florinites, Matthewites) have been waging a battle against this modernism, since, oh, about 1930? To be blunt, what’s taken the rest of Greece so long?

    Next, I would beg to differ with Stav’s Comment. “Aside from the cultural aspect, in Orthodoxy, there are no Greek priests, there are only Orthodox ones. This is because Christianity is beyond nationality.”

    If you are a Greek, worshiping in the Greek church, yes, it would appear that there is no ‘sectarianism.’ But, as the American film, ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ so hilariously showed, ‘if you ain’t Greek, you ain’t much’ (to paraphrase an old Calvinist saying about the Dutch). And how can Christianity be ‘beyond nationality” if Christ is forever incarnated into One Ethnos, One Race, One ‘Genos’?

    This mindset is (to be blunt) that of the Multicultural heretics, and not that of Authentic Christianity. We must all guard ourselves against it, for it is so pervasive, it is EVERYWHERE, and we don’t even know that it is contrary to the ‘many tongues, peoples, and lands’ paradigm that is SUPPOSED to be the ‘New Heavens and the New earth.’ Not ONE, MANY.

    R.J. Rushdoony wrote about this very thing in his book, ‘The One and the Many.’ Indeed, the Holy and Life-Giving Trinity is the most concrete example of this necessity of holding BOTH elements, just as are the two natures of Christ.

    And Matushka (my wife) and I have encountered this fact (of ethnic insularity, phylestism among all Byzantines, and a ‘we’re better than you, because you’re Anglos,’ over twenty years of Orthodox contact, not once, but many, many times. Why, even the animosity against an Orthodox Western Rite is clearly corroboration of that fact. Orthodoxy denounces Phyletism in practice, but practices it in principle, wherever a ‘national’ church is found outside of it’s founding nation.

    Orthodoxy may be ‘pan-national,’ but unless you live in a country where one’s race, culture, and language are downgraded to ‘mere proposition status’ (like the USA, Britain, etc.) then you RARELY find a Greek worshiping at a Russian church, for example, if the language used for liturgy is not some ‘tertium quid’ (Latin there, for Joseph+), say, English.

    It is a normal thing for Greeks to prefer Greeks, Russians, Russians, and this is not bad. It is just Adamic human nature. Remember Babel? But for Whites to prefer Whites, and Anglos to prefer Anglos?

    Why, the modern Moloch Multicultural State considers that to be the gravest heresy of all….and no one is saying the Obamanation is an Orthodox state, now are we? Then, where does this ‘all one race’ stuff come from?

    (I’ll tell you… it’s Bolshevik. I’m talking about this stuff over at my blog right now)

    Finally, one of the best videos I have yet seen by two trad. RC’s (can you believe it, Joseph+?) talks about the ‘mark of the beast’ and clearly shows the bankrupt state of that communion I once held to be ‘semper edeam,’ is key to this portion of Scripture, for Christendom/Europe, is STILL the locus and focus of God’s dealings with men. I post it for the edification of the readership at large. – “Is the world about to end?’

    And an amazing article about Fatima, since the ‘consecration of Russia’ is held in such high esteem by some who read this site.

    Blessed Nativity, Happy New Year.

  139. Disgusted White Christian January 1, 2011 @ 10:33 am


    I do know about Padre Pio he was an outcast to the Catholic Church, I do know the stigmata, he suffered from, they claimed he was doing it to himself, that is all fine and dandy, except after his death the wounds miraculously healed after being there for years.

    To this day, I have never heard of any other dead body healing itself?

    As far as body corruption goes, Marie-Bernarde Soubirous of Lourdes, died in the 1800s, was buried normally, dug up, and her body was fully intact no DECOMPOSITION, as if she was sleeping.

    When I was a child, my mother brought me to a nun villa near my house, they had a heart from nun, from Italy, that died like 90 years earlier, saintly, like Mother Teresa, I saw the heart myself, it was in no solution, it was totally without DECOMPOSITION, that I saw with my own eyes, I will never forget it as long as I live.

    They are true miracles, not some church scam, that I know for sure, as I saw proof of it, with my own eyes.


  140. charlie January 1, 2011 @ 3:50 pm

    Fr Joseph.

    Your failure to address the issues has led me to speak thus.

    The consecration (1980’s) took place in the next decade after Akita (1970’s) so you cannot use Akira as a proof that they did not take place.

    Next you attribute your own remarks to the Virgin Mary, that of the total destruction of the world if the formula you think is given for the consecration is not followed to the exact letter, and thus accuse me of not believing in her or Fatima….a bit of a stretch.

    Now address the issues I raised, concerning your unfounded reservations about the consecration which you admit did take place, but not to your liking.

  141. charlie January 1, 2011 @ 3:58 pm

    Your continued rebuttal of the consecration is the work of the devil to undo the work of the Virgin Mary.

    This is how the devil operates and will not succeed.

  142. Fr. Joseph January 1, 2011 @ 4:44 pm

    So now,

    ALL of you Greeks, of Greek heritage and who speak Greek can all GO BACK TO Greece, hold to your own personally cherished “religious” world view and look down your noses at those who aren’t of Greek heritage.

    And ALL of you Serbs, of Serbian heritage and who speak Serbian can all GO BACK TO Serbia, hold to you own personally cherished ‘religious’ world view and look down your noses at those who aren’t of Serbian heritage.

    And all of you Russians, of Russian heritage and who speak Russian can all GO BACK TO Russia, hold to your personally cherished ‘religious’ world view and look down your noses at those who aren’t of Russian heritage.

    JUST LIKE ‘THE JEWS’ whose mothers were/are Jewish and who speak Jewish dialects who GO BACK to Israel, hold to their own personaly ‘cherished’ world view and who look down their noses at those who aren’t of Jewish heritage like those who are Palestinians and other assorted categories of ‘Goy’.

    You GREEK Orthodox, you SERBIAN Orthodox, your RUSSIAN Orthodox have a very, VERY ‘JEWISH’ mind and heart!

    As of myself, being of Polish heritage, I’ve attened Masses offered up by Irish Priests, French Priests, African Priests, Filipino Priests and ‘Lord-Only-Knows-their-heritage’ Priests.

    And from those Irish Priests’, French Priests’, African Priests, Filipino Priests’ and ‘Lord-Only-Knows-their-heritages” Priests I received the Actual Body and Blood of our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST in His Divine Sacrament of the Holy Eurharist.

    I have had BLACK-AFRICAN Catholic families sitting in the SAME PEWS with us in our local predominately POLISH Catholic Church parish.

    I have had BLACK-AFRICAN Catholics perform decidedly GOSPEL hymn singing during a Mass for us decidedly of POLISH heritage – and they sang their hearts out of us and the Lord.

    My Catholic brother made a great effort to attend a Catholic Church Mass on a Holy Day and could only find a KOREAN Catholic Church parish nearby.

    He was the only ‘White-Polish-Occidental’ in the entire congregation of decidely ‘Yellow-Korean-Oriental’ people.

    The Mass was offered up in their native KOREAN tongue. The Korean Priest’s sermon is given in their native KOREAN tongue. Every last song of praise, worship and thanksgiving was in their native KOREAN tongue.

    Yet, when my brother – the last one to line up to receive the Body and Blood of OUR LORD – came to that KOREAN Priest to receive the Holy Eucharist, the KOREAN Priest, fully aware that my brother was WHITE and was NOT KOREAN, took out a Host, raised it to my brother’s eyes, and said:


    If you Eastern Orthodox DON’T LIKE what St. Paul the Apostle DECLARED in writing under the Inspiration of God the HOLY SPIRIT

    “There is ONE Body, ONE Spirit, just as you were ALL called into ONE and THE SAME hope when you were called.. There is ONE Lord, ONE Faith, ONE Baptism, and ONE God Who is FATHER OF ALL, over all, through all and within all.” – Ephesians 4:4-6

    Apparently, you Eastern Orthodox DON’T LIKE what the Lord Himself had to say in the Gospel of St. Matthew:

    “Go, therefore, make disciples of ALL THE NATIONS; baptize them in the +Name of the Father, and of the +Son and of the +Holy Spirit., and teach them to observe all the commands I gave you.” – Matthew 28:19-20

    If you GREEK Orthodox, you SERBIAN Orthodox, have ‘A Problem’ with what THE LORD Himself wants done – to include a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to His Own Mother’s Immaculately Loving Heart – then ‘GO RAISE A FIST’ towards the Heavens and give GOD HIMSELF your ‘wisely spiritual counsels’.

    – +Fr. Joseph

  143. Disgusted White Christian January 1, 2011 @ 5:36 pm


    He (Father Joseph) does make a lot of good points, as the Catholicism, I experienced as a boy, in catholic school is as he mentioned, diversity that spanned the globe.

    Non of us felt superior, we had Black Catholics, White, Yellow, Native American (God bless your beautiful soul Katharine Drexel) as much as I could remember, it was harmonious, as he has stated.


  144. Fr. Joseph January 1, 2011 @ 5:49 pm

    Maybe it takes the GREEKS who speak GREEK to inform OTHER GREEKS about their own GREEK Apostolic Faith:

    “THE CHURCH understands PENTECOST as the HEALING OF THE DIVISIONS AMONG PEOPLES that resulted form the PRIDEFUL attempt to build the Tower of Babel up to Heaven.” – from the Melkite GREEK Catholic Church’s Information Center webpage:

    So there you have it, some GREEKS here on RZN with their ‘PRIDE’ in the GREEK-NESS and GREEK NATION and GREEK CULTURE and GREEK LANGUAGE adn GREEK ‘BIBLE’ don’t think that GOD has much Concern for or much Use of the REST OF THE NATIONS OF PEOPLES here on this God-given Planet Earth of ours!

    And that to be a Catholic Christian means TO DIMISH there GREEK culture and their self-worth and self-PRIDE as a GREEK!

    GREEKS looking DOWN upon the fellow GREEKS because they remain in ‘Spiritual Union’ with the Bishop of Rome!

    Melkite GREEK Catholic Church:

    And ‘just-for-the-record’…YES!, I’ve attended the Divine Liturgy of my fellow CATHOLIC Christians in the decidely GREEK Melkite Church – and I genuflected before a GREEK MELKITE PRIEST prior to receiving the Body and Blood of our Lord and Savior from the hands of a GREEK Melkite Priest! (Just throwing that in to make all of you GREEKS ‘happy’!)

    Now as for you RUSSIANS who care SO VERY LITTLE that the Mother of God AS ‘Our Lady of Fatima’ wants YOUR HOMELAND publicly and solemnly Collegially Consecrated to HER Immaculately Loving Heart because of and ON ACCOUNT OF all of the Satan-Lucifer worshipping KHAZAR-KABBALAH Bolshevik JEWS who spit on her Son and publicly proclaim that her Divine Son is ‘boil away in human excrement IN HELL’,

    Why don’t you RUSSIANS of the RUSSIAN Orthodox Church PRAY TO Our Lady of Fatima in order TO ASK HER for her Guidance, her Assistance, and the Seven Spiritual Gifts of her Divine Spouse, GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT, to come down, upon and INTO all of you???

    Here’s a good place to start to ‘gather together TO PRAY in Russian and the RUSSIAN Christian Tradition’:

    You of RUSSIAN heritage ‘get to KEEP’ your Divine Liturgies and your Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom TO BOOT!

    That’s a ‘Win-Win’ sort of arrangement for those of RUSSIAN heritage and of the CHURCH in Russia!

    – +Fr. Joseph
    Nazareth Hermitage – USA

  145. charlie January 1, 2011 @ 6:01 pm


    I wasn’t disagreeing on that point it was Fr John he was adressing, not me.

    But I believe he is inspired by the devil to keep insisting on rubbishing the actions of the Pope and the whole Catholic Church in consecrating Russia.

    He cannot answer my proofs that this consecration has taken place. So he just avoids them because he knows he has a brain dead audience that gives him leeway to do so, which doesn’t believe in Fatima in the first place, so couldn’t care less either way.

  146. charlie January 1, 2011 @ 6:23 pm

    Furthermore his denial places him outside the jurisdiction of the Catholic hierarchy.

    Which my opposition to Vatican II does not because it is non binding on any Catholic by the Church’s own definition.

    He is therefore a schismatic and by definition a heretic.

    His endless call which can only be seen for what it is as endless raving is that of a schismatic and a heretic.

    His avoidance of argument and proof against his endless raving is a sure sign that it is the ravings of a lunatic.

  147. Fr. Joseph January 1, 2011 @ 6:25 pm

    EVERY LAST human child, EVERY LAST human baby, is given his or her LIFE and his or her HUMAN NATURE and is formed in THE WOMB of his or her MOTHER by the Divine Powers of GOD HIMSELF.

    And when that human child, that human BABY is born, that child, that baby is UTTERLY and TOTALLY dependent on us OTHER members of our Human Race for its safety, security, welfare and wellbeing.

    Yet, it is to that child’s, that baby’s MOTHER that God Himself entrusts that entirely dependent and utterly defenseless CHILD

    That Mother-Child spiritual bond and union is a SACRED TRUST confered by God upon the MOTHER of the child.

    And it is GOD HIMSELF Who sees to it that that child’s MOTHER is capable of providing her child those absolutely needful things FOR her own child which are

    1) Acceptance 2) Personal Protection 3) Warmth 4) Shelter and 5) Nourishment and 6) personal AUTHORITY over her own child, an AUTHORITY that she gets to use and employ FOR her child, her baby – a spiritual authority and POWER as a ‘woman’, as a ‘mother’, that orginates in and eminates from HUMAN LOVE.

    And ALL honest-sincere-real-truthful human LOVE has as its Point-Of-Origin GOD’S OWN DIVINE LOVE.

    And a MOTHER’s love for her own child, her own baby, her own offspring has GOD’S OWN DIVINE LOVE as it’s Source, it’s Origin.

    Now if ALL of you GREEK Orthodox, you SERBIAN Orthodox, you RUSSIAN Orthodox can FINALLY get that itsy-bitsy bit of CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALITY and CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE and CHRISTIAN DOGMA and CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY finally to SINK INTO your Eastern Orthodox minds, hearts, souls and spirits, then you might, just MIGHT, be able to spiritual understand, comprehend, contemplate and fathom the UTTER SIGNIFICANCE of…

    …the Most Holy Mother of God”s APPARITIONS as Our Lady of Fatima and her Instructions for a PUBLIC and SOLEMN global worldwide Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to her own IMMACULATELY LOVING HEART!

    – +Fr. Joseph
    Nazareth Hermitage – USA

  148. Fr. Joseph January 1, 2011 @ 7:06 pm

    Now then, let’s get to the absolute ‘NITTY-GRITTY’ of what constitutes our One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic FAITH as Christians of the Church Militant HERE ON EARTH for once in our lives!

    GOD Himself and His Divine Life and His Divine Nature and HIS DIVINE WILL for all of members of the ONE Human Race, all of us men, women and children created in HIS Image and Likeness – and get our SELFISH, SELF-CENTERED, SELF-CONCERNED, SELF-OCCUPIED minds, hearts, souls and spirits OFF admiring ourselves in front of whateever sorts of ‘Polished Religious Mirrows’ we’ve scrubbed and wiped down obsessively over and over and over again for these past near 1,000 year since the Catholic-Orthdox Schism.

    On account of our finite and incarnate spiritual natures, we HUMAN BEINGS the world over, from every race of people, from every last nation-state of our World find it an ‘absolute necessity’ to QUANTIFY every manner of ‘things’.

    We are OBSESSED nowadays with ‘measurements’ of every manner of thing.

    We are OBSESSED with the ‘measurements’ of our Bank Accounts.

    We are OBSESSED with the ‘measurements’ of our Personal Possessions, our Real Estate holdings, our ‘measured’ relations with each other regarding our standing, ‘powers’, ‘political positions’ and status/offices within any and all manner of human organizational structures throughout our World.

    We use SCIENTIFIC NOTATION to ‘measure’ distances between the stars and galaxies.

    We use SCIENTIFIC NOTATION to ‘measure’ everything in or on or about our Planet Earth.

    And AMONGST all of these God-given created REALITIES of His seen Creation that each and every last one of us personally witnesses and which we IMMEDIATELY put for, declare, define and decree with some sort of ‘measurement’, there REMAINS that entirely overlooked aspect of our human SPIRITUAL natures, characters, and living-life experienced reality – this thing called ‘LOVE’ between persons.

    Is there ANYBODY on our planet earth who is about to get up and DENY that there is ‘NO SUCH THING’ as LOVE?

    That there is ‘NO-SUCH-THING’ as real, true, abiding and lasting LOVE between a Man and a Woman, between a Husband and a Wife?

    This SPIRITUAL REALITY which we cannot seen with our own two eyes NOR ‘measure’ with any sort of instrument ever made by the scientists and physicists yet which we readily identify as ‘LOVE’ nevertheless really and truly EXISTS.

    One man and one woman may be ‘IN LOVE’ with one another, and another man and anoter woman might be ‘IN LOVE’ with one another, and one father might ‘LOVE’ his sons and daughers, and one mother might ‘LOVE’ her sons and daughters, and the sons and daughters might ‘LOVE’ their fathers and mothers…

    …BUT THERE IS NO ‘INSTRUMENT’ that exists that can ‘measure’ the LOVE of one person for another and make some sort of ‘comparison’ between those different ‘LOVES’ that really and truly exist within and/or throughout the members of Human Societies throughout our contemporary World.

    One CANNOT say such things as ‘JACK loves SALLY’ with a LOVE of 52 amps or 100 foot pounds or 1,070 Joules and then go off and compare ‘JOES love of DONNA’ as being a lesser 32 amps, 52 foot pounds and 760 Joules!

    The REALITY and the ‘relative’ INTENSITY and/or ‘POWER’ or ‘Virility/Fecundity’ that exists between MEN and WOMEN of our Human Race can only be EXPERIENCED and ‘felt as a measure’ BY and WITHIN that man and that woman who are IN LOVE with one another.

    The ‘Rest of the Human Race’ is left entirely WONDERING and GUESSING at the power, strenght, depth of the LOVE that exists between but ONE man and ONE woman who are members of the entire Human Race.

    Now with THAT having been EXPLAINED to everyone, whether Eastern Orthodox Christian, Protestant OR Catholic Christian, given our common ACCEPTANCE OF the limitations of our human natures in being INCAPABLE OF ‘measuring’ the intensity, depth, scope and POWER of anyone’s LOVE for another, it is now time to CONSIDER the LOVE that this one Woman whose name we all know as ‘MARY’ had and has for GOD HIMSELF with an eventual EXPLANATION of her Fatima Appartion’s instruction for a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to HER OWN Immaculately Loving Heart!

    – +Fr. Joseph
    Nazareth Hermitage – USA

  149. Fr. Joseph January 1, 2011 @ 7:39 pm

    God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are Mutually Bound To and Perfectly/Completely UNITED TO EACH OTHER and are Completely, Totally ETERNALLY ONE with One Another on account of Their Divine LOVE They have to and for One Another.

    ALL ‘LOVE’ eminates from and copies/duplicates itself FROM this ONE ETERNAL-INFINITE SOURCE/WELLSPRING OF LOVE since God Himself ‘IS’ Love!

    We Human Beings created in God’s Own Image and Likeness “haven’t the foggiest clue OR notion” about God’ Own DIVINE LOVE that He Himself Experiences, Abides In, Lives By and Lives IN both Infinitely and Eternally!

    Yet, for any of us who are in ANY measure of ‘being IN love’, we naturally find that our thoughts, our desires, our longings, our preoccupations, our ‘desire-to-BE-with’ our beloved ones constantly turn towards, dwells upon THEM – and we do so BECAUSE we ‘LOVE’ our beloved/beloveds!

    Now when we turn our thoughts and attentions onto GOD, we are in all truth expressing our ‘LOVE’ for Him – and the simpel turning of our thoughts and attentions onto GOD is what is given the religious-spiritual word terminology of ‘PRAYER’ – for that is what PRAYER really and truly IS – our turning our attentions and thoughts onto GOD.

    Hence, every manner of sincere ‘prayer’ is but a human act of LOVE for GOD lavished upon Him with our own human spiritual faculties of FREE WILL.

    And since ‘prayer’ and ‘praying’ is a human ACT OF LOVE of/for/with/over GOD Himself, only “I” and “God” can experience the INTENSITY of my-His spiritual relationship and ‘being related’ to one another in OUR ‘bonding prayerful love’.

    Not a living soul currently on earth can tell ‘me’ or ‘God’ just how strong, powerful, effective, virile, fecund, intense or intimate MY prayer is with God and God’s spiritual experience/response to ‘MY’ loving prayers.

    Nor can I tell ‘anyone’ or ‘God’ just how strong, powerful, effective, virile, fecund, intense or intimate THEIR prayer is with God and God’s spiritual experience/response to ‘THEIR’ loving prayers.

    With THAT fully understood by the Eastern Orthodox, Protestants and Catholic Christians throughout our World, it is HIGH TIME for every last Eastern Orthodox, Protestant or Catholic Christian what the GOSPELS have to PUBLICLY REVEAL to every last EOC, PROTESTANT or CC about the ‘INITIMATE PRAYER LIFE’ of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    The Blessed Virgin Mary, did SHE ‘Pray’? Well, DID SHE?

    And if our human prayers are ACTS OF LOVE to and for and with GOD Himself, and NO ONE ALIVE can tell just how ‘powerful’ and ‘strong’ and ‘moving’ and ‘forceful’ and ‘effect’ one’s prayers ARE with God and how those prayers-of-ours PERSONALLY AFFECT and/or INFLUENCE God Himself, then it takes GOD HIMSELF to reveal to ALL OF US how He Himself WAS/IS AFFECTED and PERSONALLY INFLUENCED by anyone’s prayers!

    God the Holy Spirit INSPIRED St. Luke to WRITE DOWN God’s Own Divine Heart’s RESPONSE to the loving prayers of this ONE WOMEN whose name is the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    God is SO MOVED, God is so ‘INEBRIATED’ with the LOVE-PRAYERS of this Woman, the Blessed Virgin Mary, that GOD HIMSELF decides to take this WOMAN as His Own Divine Spouse!

    Her LOVING-PRAYERS of, to, with and for God are SO INTENSE, so PURE, so INEBRIATELY DELIGHTFUL to God Himself that He, GOD the Holy Spirit, ESPOUSES Himself to this WOMAN on account of the depth, intensity, desire, longing that she herself HAD and HAS for God.

    And through the Divine Espoused Spiritual UNION with this Womnan, the Blessed Virgin Mary, she CONCEIVES A CHILD by the Life-Giving and Life-Creating DIVINE POWERS of God the Holy Spirit!

    And the CHILD that she conceives in her womb is a DIVINE CHILD Whose Father just so happens to be GOD THE FATHER, the Absolute, Final and Infinite AUTHORITY overy all that is seen and Unseen.

    If this WOMAN’S LOVE OF and FOR God Himself is that THAT intense, THAT delightful, THAT pleasing, THAT ‘inebriating’ to and with God Himself, then what will God DENY HER if she really and truly and sincerly LOVING-PRAYS that God Himself, her Divine Spouse God the Holy Spirit grants FOR her?


    Now the EASTERN ORTHODOX here on RZN need to be REMINDED-REEDUCATED about something with regards to the Most Holy Theotokos with regards to her Apparitions and Messages as Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal 1917 A.D. and her expressed Instruction for the Bishops of her Son’s Church to perform a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to her Immacuatley LOVING-PRAYERFUL Heart…

    – +Fr. Joseph
    Nazareth Hermitage – USA

  150. charlie January 1, 2011 @ 8:55 pm

    Fr Joseph.

    Why do you never-endingly repeat the bleeding unspoken obvious, to Christians at least, as if it was profound insights on your part which you are sharing with the rest of us lesser mortals.

    And in a language peculiar to yourself.

    In case you haven’t noticed.

    No one speaks like that.


    That was rhetorical – no answer required.

  151. Fr. Joseph January 2, 2011 @ 12:40 am

    “Alexander the coppersmith has done me a lot of harm; THE LORD WILL REPAY HIM FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE. Be on guard against him yourself, because HE HAS BEEN BITTERLY CONTESTING EVERYTHING WE SAY.” – St. Paul th Apostle to Bishop Timothy – 2 Timothy 4:14-15


    My personal Priestly recommendation to you at this point-in-time is this:

    YOU have MORE IMPORTANT and MORE PRESSING things TO DO there in Australia than to come here to RZN to make it your personal pet-peeved point TO CONTEST everything that I am sharing with people the World over who are currently READING +Br. Nathanael’s RZN articles and commentary sections.

    “February 6th, 1994 Message from JESUS”

    “…When YOU have pushed My Mother aside, I tell you, you have pushed ME aside, too. My Mother stands with Me.

    “When you push GOD aside, then you shall suffer the consequences.

    “The clock continues to tick. The hour is rapidly approaching when one disaster after another will befall you. There will be fighting everywhere. There will be faminie and polluted water in many places.

    “Great waves will crash down upon your shores and you will experience cold when you should experience warmth. FLOOD WATERS WILL INCREASE IN MANY PLACE.” – quoting from 13, 1994

    If you haven’t as yet NOTICED, go shut down your PC, stop pestering me here on RZN, ‘Go Away’ and go LOOK OUT OF YOUR AUSTRALIAN HOME’S WINDOW!

    Not that you are going to readily receive or accept my PRIESTLY advise to you and to all of your fellow ‘AUSSIES-DOWN-UNDER’, but “just-in-case” –


    – +Fr. Joseph
    Nazareth Hermitage – USA
    ‘Informer’ ‘Communications Expert’
    1st Lt. – His Holy Army
    (still holding out here at my
    personal ‘Bastogne’)

  152. Fr. Joseph January 2, 2011 @ 1:01 am

    In the Book of Genesis,

    We find that GOD created a WOMAN in order to get ADAM out of the ‘Fix’ he finds himself. While he has all of God’s Seen Creation having been given and gifted to him and after having exmained, studied, handled and considered all manner of things in God’s seen Creation, this Divine Gift of God Himself to and FOR Adam, he finds himself listless, not happy, feeling much like a ‘trapped and caged animal’ so to speak within God’s Own Gift of Creation.

    God presents this Woman to the Man – and he is ‘saved!’ from his listless, point-less, monotanous, personally unfufilled sort of life and living.

    The Woman is duped/deceived/tricked by Satan – and BOTH the man and the woman are immediately dragged into lives of listlessness, pointlessness, monotany and personally unfilled sorts of lives and living.


    And to SATAN, He informs the demonic spirit that He, God, would use A WOMAN and her Offspring TO CRUSH Satan’s head.

    The Book of Genesis informs our entire Human Race that GOD HIMSELF would use a WOMAN and her OFFSPRING to CRUSH SATAN’S HEAD in order to bring back a real, true and substantially joyful-glorious sort of LIFE back to our Human Race.

    If we somehow are duped/deceived in our Christian spirituality, our Christian theology, our Christian FAITH in FORGETTING ALL ABOUT THIS ‘WOMAN’ prophecied about by God Himself in Genesis 3:15 – our entire Human Race is “DOOMED”, and being ‘DOOMED’ entails losing our personal and communal God-given lives and lifetimes TO SATAN!

    So a little ‘Bible-Catechism Class’ is in order for ALL the readers of +Br. Nathanael’s RZN website in order TO UNDERSTAND the Divine Significance that this ‘WOMAN’ and her ‘OFFSPRING’ need to play in the FINAL DEFEAT of Satan in order to bring about GOD’S OWN SPIRITUAL PEACE to our very much troubled, vexed, suffering and miserable World and its 6 billion human inhabitants of 2010 Anno Domini.

    – +Fr. Joseph

  153. Fr. Joseph January 2, 2011 @ 1:24 am

    The Divinely Inspired writings of ‘The Bible’ INFORMS our entire Human Race that GOD HIMSELF intends to use a WOMAN and her OFFSPRING to defeat SATAN and his demonic spiritual hold upon us members of the Human Race.

    So, if you are member of the Human Race, whether you are a MAN or a WOMAN, male or female, despite whatever any ‘Bible-believing’ pastor, preacher, teacher, cult or sect’s leader, denomination, historical Schismatic division along politically divided and fractured Roman Empire lines you hail from or choose to belong to – the DIVINE FACT REMAINS UNCHANGED…

    It is going to take a WOMAN and her OFFSPRING to DEFEAT Satan. Period.

    If you don’t like that Religious-Spiritual, Theological-Ontological FACT-OF-LIFE here on this planet earth of God’s Own Creating, Sustaining and Maintaining, they you are personally STUCK with that which you don’t personally like – and stuck with that for all of Eternity.

    For it is our God’s DIVINE WILL that there is to be a WOMAN and her OFFSPRING that are REQUIRED to defeat SATAN. Period.

    Go ‘start your own church’ if you DON’T LIKE THAT DIVINE FACT-OF-LIFE here on our planet earth of 2010 Anno Domini. But doing that AIN’T GONNA CHANGE GOD’S MIND nor is it or will it CHANGE GOD’S DIVINELY SOVEREIGN WILL!

    Now if you haven’t noticed the ‘Goings-On’ all across our Planet Earth these past 100+ years, we’ve had WORLD WARS, we’ve had REVOLUTIONS, we’ve had every manner, sort and type of ‘SOCIAL ENGINEERING’, both politically as well as morally-ethically, shoved down the throats of Human Beings all across the continents of our planet earth.

    Now if ‘Youz Guyz’ are finally getting ’round to getting and BEING ‘Good And Sick And Tired’ of this GARBAGE one might call ‘The History of the 20th Century’ – and you might want something ‘NEW’ for a change, like WORLD PEACE for once in our lives/lifetimes, then ya gotta understand that God HAS DIVINELY DECREED ‘from the Word ‘GO!” that He is going to use a WOMAN and her OFFSPRING to DEFEAT SATAN.

    So a wee bit of ‘Bible-Catechism’ to identify this WOMAN God intends to use – whether ya like it or not!

    – +Fr. Joseph

  154. charlie January 2, 2011 @ 1:48 am

    Fr Joseph

    You have done nothing on this site except isolate the Orthodox and turned them against any PRAYERS THE POPE MIGHT OFFER FOR THE RUSSIAN CHURCH.





  155. Fr. John January 2, 2011 @ 7:37 am

    “If you Eastern Orthodox DON’T LIKE what St. Paul the Apostle DECLARED in writing under the Inspiration of God the HOLY SPIRIT

    “There is ONE Body, ONE Spirit, just as you were ALL called into ONE and THE SAME hope when you were called.. There is ONE Lord, ONE Faith, ONE Baptism, and ONE God Who is FATHER OF ALL, over all, through all and within all.” – Ephesians 4:4-6

    Apparently, you Eastern Orthodox DON’T LIKE what the Lord Himself had to say in the Gospel of St. Matthew:

    “Go, therefore, make disciples of ALL THE NATIONS; baptize them in the +Name of the Father, and of the +Son and of the +Holy Spirit., and teach them to observe all the commands I gave you.” – Matthew 28:19-20”

    Joseph clearly has an issue with me; but then, a PhD and a garage mechanic often will not see eye to eye….

    Sir, you say the Orthodox are ‘very Jewish’. But isn’t that the POINT? If Christianity is the supercession of OT Judaism, (and only liberal Jesuits and apostate Dispensationalists seem to have problems with that) SHOULDN’T she exhibit features that say, ‘Here is the NEW Temple?’ Like calling the space where the altar is, a Bema? And having different vestments from those worn by a Roman Senator (like the East does)? So, how is that a BAD THING?

    Next, you quote all this folderol about serving and being served by those, for whom the Gospels and Epistles were NEVER WRITTEN! For is not the Gospel of St. Matthew a “Jewish” (or, more appropriately, a “Judean”) audience? Where is that? Roman Empire. And the Epistle to the Ephesians? Again, Europe.

    After the Schism, the first claim the Papacy made was for ‘Universal Jurisdiction’ – claiming the entire earth as her ‘property.’ Which was a fallacy, as far as Christendom was concerned.

    The ‘All Nations’ was to the ECUMENE, which was the ONLY WORLD the Apostles (and Presumably, Christ) knew… or was concerned about. I don’t disagree with Holy Writ, but you can only see things through a lens that has been out of focus, since 1054.

  156. Fr. Joseph January 2, 2011 @ 10:08 am

    Three intensely powerful and profoundly deep events and experiences WOMEN have in their lifetimes which ‘touch’ upon their entire and complete selves AS women are:

    1) the experience of being/having become PREGNANT, 2) the experience of the occassion that caused their pregnancy and 3) giving birth.

    In Genesis 3:15, we are permitted to ‘entire into the Mind of God’ to dwell upon His Own Thoughts:

    “I (God) will make you enemies of each other; you (Satan) and the Woman (whose personal identity is NOT revealed to either Satan or to any single living human soul),
    you (Satan) and the Woman (whose identity remains a ‘Divine Secret’ in God’s Mind),
    your (Satanic) offspring and her (Divine) offspring. He/It will CRUSH your (Satanic) head and you will strike His/Its heel.”
    – Genesis 3:15

    So, our royally satanically FOULED UP World and ALL members of our Human Race look to and look forward to this WOMAN and her OFFSPRING as God’s Own Divine Way of CRUSHING Satan and his satanic offspring wrecking havoc and visiting misery and destruction on our World and our Human Race.

    Now it takes a WOMAN to recognize and understand what is going on to and within the depths of the feminine nature of ANOTHER woman, most especially with respect to 1) the experience of becoming PREGNANT 2) the event/experience which led to becoming PREGNANT and 3) to the act of CHILDBIRTH.

    The Human Race is given a WOMAN’S personal testimony regarding God’s Thought and Thinking relayed to us all in Genesis 3:15:

    “Now as soon as ELIZABETH heard MARY’S greeting, the child leapt in her womb and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirt (God’s Own Spirit of DIVINE TRUTH). She gave a loud cry and said ‘OF ALL WOMEN you the the MOST blessed, and blessed is the fruit of your womb. Why should I be honoured with a visit from THE MOTHER OF MY LORD?…et al” – Luke 1:41-45

    Elizabeth aided and enlighted with the HOLY SPIRIT recognizes and proclaims that GOD has taken on OUR human nature IN the womb of this WOMAN. And in doing so, Elizabeth is stating that it is GOD INCARNATE HIMSELF who has come into this World in order TO CRUSH SATAN’S HEAD!

    The SAME Holy Spirit of God Who aids and enlightens Elizabeth to recognize ‘just exactly WHO?’ is this Child of MARY is the same and exact Holy Spirit Who aids and enlightens ST. PETER into doing the same exact thing that Elizabeth did:

    “‘But you’, He said, ‘who do you say I am?’ Then Simon Peter spoke up, ‘YOU ARE THE CHRIST’, he said, ‘THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD!’ JESUS replied, ‘Simon son of Jonah, you are a happy man! Because it was not flesh and blood that revealed this to you but My Father in Heaven. So I now say to you; You are Peter, and on this rock I will build My Church…et al.” – Matthew 16:15-19

    So SATAN’S ENEMIES are fully revealed to be 1) the WOMAN who we come to find out is the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY, her Divine Son JESUS Who is the Divine Son of God the Father and this Woman’s “other offspring” which is CHRIST JESUS’ CHURCH HERE ON EARTH!

    Does the BYZANTINE EMPIRE exist in the lifetimes of Elizabeth, Mary, Peter and Jesus? No.

    Is there a BYZANTINE EMPEROR living in the times of Elizabeth, Mary, Peter and Jesus? No.

    If there a ‘Patriarch of Constantinople’ or a ‘Photus’ living in the times of Elizabeth, Mary, Peter and Jesus? No.

    If there a written ‘canon’ of the Church’s Sacred Scriptures – be that ‘canon’ written in ARAMEIC, GREEK, LATIN, OLD-CHURCH SLAVONIC or ANY OTHER HUMAN LANGUAGE – in existance in the times of Elizabeth, Mary, Peter or Jesus? No.

    Yet, it is DIVINE REVELATION that GOD has chosen MARY and her DIVINE SON and Mary’s spiritual offspring who would be the living members of Christ Jesus’s CHURCH here on earth that would the DIVINELY CHOSEN and DIVINELY APPOINTED AGENTS and AGENCY that would CRUSH SATAN’S HEAD.

    So our religious-spiritual focus needs to be on this WOMAN whose name is MARY, her Divine Son Who is GOD INCARNATE and Whose Name is JESUS, and HER spiritual ‘offspring’ who are spiritual ‘siblings’ of JESUS CHRIST who would form part and parcel HIS CHURCH here on earth.

    So if you NON-religious and NON-spiritual people throughout the World are looking for a way to DEFEAT worldwide satanic evils, then you need to find the ‘Three Divine Ingredients’ that make up GOD’S DIVINE WEAPONRY vs. Satan – the THREE Divine ‘Components’ if you will, that WORK TOGETHER much like the components of a SHOT-GUN which work together to unleash a SHOT-GUN BLAST to kill something dreadfully threatening coming at you – such as a man-eating bear, lion, cougar, tiger, alligator, whatever!

    So you MUST find the ‘Mary-Jesus-Church’ CONNECTION that exists and which needs to be ‘LOADED’ and ‘FIRED’ at Satan, his elemental demonic legions and his ‘satanic Worldly empires’ of recent and current erection here in this World of ours if you intend TO DEFEND YOURSELVES vs. Satan’s spiritual onslaught/assault against YOU, your family members, your fellow country men and your fellow members of our Human Race!

    The Byzantine Empire, the Patriarch of Constantinople nor St. Photus are going to help ANY ONE OF YOU in defeating the current EVILS of our contemporary World.

    “Face The Religious-Spiritual Facts-Of-Life”

    You NEED ‘Mary-Jesus-His Church’. Period.

    – +Fr. Joseph

  157. Fr. Joseph January 2, 2011 @ 11:11 am

    From ‘The Bible’ – in reading it from cover-to-cover – we are given the ‘DIVINE REVELATION’ that the Key Players/Persons of this COSMIC-IN-SCOPE Divine Drama encompassing OUR Human Race are:

    1) GOD, Creator of all that is seen and Useen

    2) SATAN, the deceiver and destroyer of God’s Designs and Desires

    3) Our HUMAN RACE, the ‘Adams’ and the ‘Eves’ and their children/offspring since the Dawn of Human History

    4) A WOMAN

    5) This singularly Divinely Identified and Chosen WOMAN’s Offspring, her CHILD Who Is the DIVINE SON OF GOD THE FATHER Who Is “JESUS”, and

    6) JESUS CHRIST’S OWN CHURCH built upon St. Peter the Apostle

    We come to understand from our reading of ‘The Bible’ that GOD has Divinely Decreed by His Own Divine SOVEREIGN Will that it is going to take a ‘Community Effort’ on the parts of this WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 who we ALL know by the name of ‘The Blessed Virgin Mary’, her Divine Son and His Church here on earth TO DEFEAT and TO CRUSH SATAN.

    It might be OVERLOOKED by six (6) billion human beings currently alive on our God-given planet earth, but IF one CRUSHES the head of ANY sort of living creature endowed with a ‘life’, with a ‘being’ and with ‘existance’, that particular animated and self-directing, self-acting CREATURE of God’s CEASES to ‘live’, it CEASES to move about, it CEASES to do all those things particular to the nature of THAT particular creature-of-God.

    CRUSH THE HEAD of any human person currently living or alive on planet earth – and THAT person CEASES doing whatever it is that that PERSON has been doing, is doing or MIGHT wind up doing in the future!

    CRUSH THE HEAD of any type of poisonous SNAKE – be that snake a Cobra, a Rattlesnake, a Copperhead, a Mamba, etc. – and that particular SNAKE is permanently rendered INCAPABLE of sinking its fangs and injecting its poisonous venom into ANYBODY or ANYTHING here on planet earth.

    Now then, IF we managed to wind up CRUSHING SATAN’S HEAD, then would all of you – my FELLOW Human Beings currently living and alive in this World of ours in this year now being 2011 Anno Domini – PLEASE ‘DREAM ABOUT’ just what sorts of human lives and lifetimes we’d be able TO LIVE for our remaining years on this God-given Planet Earth of ours?

    Now ‘Where O Where?’ might we possibly find all of these Divine Ingredients/Components COMING TOGETHER, these Main Figures listed above 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6?

    I’ll help you all along RIGHT AFTER I have myself a cup of coffee. Even PRIESTS need a Divine ‘Union Coffee Break’ from time to time!

    “PLOT – … TUROK vows to find the CHRONOSCEPTER’S eight (actually SIX! – parens mine) pieces and PREVENT the Campaigner’s schemes.” – quoting from:

    – +Fr. Joseph

  158. charlie January 2, 2011 @ 12:29 pm

    “PLEASE ‘DREAM ABOUT’ just what sorts of human lives and lifetimes we’d be able TO LIVE for our remaining years on this God-given Planet Earth of ours?

    “Now ‘Where O Where?’ might we possibly find all of these Divine Ingredients/Components COMING TOGETHER”

    Coming out of your hat?

  159. Fr. Joseph January 2, 2011 @ 1:47 pm


    Your AUSTRALIAN fellow countrymen need your help.

    Go do a some sort of ‘Stop The Floods’ DANCE for them as you have no and show no interest in anything I have to say or share here with other CONCERNED people of our World who are spiritaully COGNIZANT that people all across our contemporary World are in DIRE NEED of God’s Own Divine Help!

    – +Fr. Joseph

  160. Fr. Joseph January 2, 2011 @ 2:21 pm

    “Contra factuum non argumentum est.”

    So GOD, SATAN, this WOMAN, her OFFSPRING and her OFFSPRING’S CHURCH are the central and pivotal ‘Players’ with, over and within Human History and the OUTCOME of this, our Human History.

    Under the Auspices of GOD’S Own Divine Sovereign Will, we find JESUS CHRIST, SATAN and HIS Catholic CHURCH discussing and ‘contesting’ OVER the outcome of our Human History.

    In 1884 A.D., Pope Leo XIII is brought into the midst of this discussion/contesting between JESUS CHRIST and SATAN:

    SATAN gets ‘his people’ together such as Karl Marx, his Kabbalah-Zohar Illuminists, Freemasons, Roscicrucians, Hermetic Orders already established in nations-states-societies of the World and begins his ‘Reign of Terror’ vs. the Church and all of Mankind, the result having been:

    in the Satanic ‘Game Plan’ for three world wars to their ‘Satanic Utopia’:

    Just prior to the global JEWISH conspiracy vs. all of Mankind being unleashed via their Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 A.D., we see the Divine Element of ‘THE WOMAN’ being introduced to the whole wide World via that WOMAN’S Apparitions as Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal 1917 A.D.

    Just months PRIOR to this JEWISH global-game plan vs. Humanity and the Church and just 33 years to the day AFTER her Son’s Catholic CHURCH here on earth is given the ‘Divine Heads-Up’ of this GOD vs. SATAN confrontation over the outcome of our Human History.

    So we have GOD, JESUS, SATAN, MARY and her Son’s CHURCH involved.

    This WOMAN’S Son’s Church consists of her OTHER offspring “in the order of Grace” for she is the MOTHER of the Church as well.

    This WOMAN properly and fittingly INFORMS the Apostolic Successors and Leaders of her Son’s Catholic Church to get together at one time and make a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to her Immacuatately Loving Heart.

    This ‘Issue’ agreed to by her Son JESUS with SATAN placed this WOMAN smack-dab in the very MIDDLE, in the very DIVINE CENTER of this JESUS vs. SATAN challenge witnessed to by Pope Leo XIII back in 1884 A.D.

    The years AFTER Pope Leo XIII getting this ‘Divine Heads Up!’ results in a Revelation 12:12 spiritual “confirmation” and AFFIRMS that this WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 is the same exact WOMAN against whom the primodial evil elemenal serpent-spirit SATAN as REVEALED by ‘The Bible’ in Revelation 12:17.

    Now Sacred Scripture has it:

    “For THE LORD upholds the RIGHTS of a MOTHER over her SONS/CHILDREN.” – Eccelesiasticus 3:2

    If the APOSTLES all got together in the SAME PLACE at the SAME TIME and prayed for the SAME THING right along with this WOMAN whose name we know as the Blessed Virgin Mary – and their COMMON/MUTUAL ACTIONS and PRAYERS with this WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 brought upon our Human Race her Divine Son’s GIFT of God the Holy Spirit at PENTECOST,

    Then getting the Apostolic Successor to St. Peter along with the Successors to ALL of the other Apostles who are THE BISHOPS of the Catholic Church IN UNITY WITH this WOMAN who is JESUS’ MOTHER in order TO COMPLY WITH what Those in Heaven DESIRE to be done HERE ON EARTH will most assuredly result in GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT coming down upon our Human Race and into our World IN FORCE and WITH GREAT POWER in order TO CRUSH Satan’s head.

    Hence, the necessity of the Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immaculately Loving Heart of JESUS’ MOTHER who is the WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17.

    Com’on, let’s NOT be spiritually ‘DENSE’ or ‘IGNORANT’ or ‘DISBELIEVING’ that this sort of Supernatural Thing has NEVER been seen or called upon to be done before!

    Go read a ‘pre-figurment’ of Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal’s Apparitions, Messages and Instructions in the OLD TESTAMENT book of 1 Kings 18:16-40.

    Go PRAYERFULLY READ 1 Kings 18:16-40 and spiritually compare THAT to the mystical expereience of Pope Leo XIII and the Appartions, Messages and Instructions of the Mother of God, the WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17.

    Ya want WORLD PEACE? Ya wanna GET RID OF all of these FALSE SATANIC PROPHETS misleading the peoples of the nations of our World in 2011 A.D.?

    A PUBLIC AND SOLEMN CONSECRATION TO GOD in needed and is in order.

    Father St. Elijah did THAT on top of Mount Carmel and his altar.

    The WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 WILL DO THAT with the Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA!

    And GOD HIMSELF responded with Divine Might to Father St. Elijah’s Mt. Carmel altar consecration.

    And GOD HIMSELF will respond with Divine Might to the Catholic Bishop’s public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to His Mother’s Immaculately Loving Heart!

    – +Fr. Joseph

  161. Gardul de Fier January 2, 2011 @ 2:49 pm

    Hello from Romania, Brother Nathanael.

    Our site supports your work.

    Is it possible to transmit few words for your Orthodox brother from Romania?!?

    In our country a lot of people admire your work… please read this.

    This our great hero…a big Orthodox leader.

    God Bless You Brother Nathanael.

  162. Gardul de Fier January 2, 2011 @ 2:55 pm

    This is elder Justin Parvu from monastery Petru Voda…

    This is elder Arsenie Papacioc…

  163. charlie January 2, 2011 @ 2:58 pm

    Th Virgin of Kazan is one of the greatest icons in Russian history, leading Russia to victory in many battles since the 14th century.

    With the advent of Communism in Russia (thanks to people like Father Joseph), it eventually found its way to Fatima in Portugal and from there to the Vatican where it hung in Pope John Pauls study for ten years until the fall of communism and the resurgence of Christian Russia.

    Pope John Paul prayed to the virgin of Kazan constantly during that time when the icon was before him on (or above) his desk for the reconversion of Russia, so once again the icon came to the rescue of the Motherland through Fatima and the Pope of the Consecration.

    When Putin visited the Pope at the Vatican in 2003 the Icon was brought out and blessed by the Pope then kissed by the President of Russia in a symbolic gesture of gratitude.

    Within two years it was back in its rightful place in Moscow.

  164. charlie January 2, 2011 @ 3:02 pm

    The Greek bishops would do well to have a copy of the Virgin of Kazan made and placed in a suitable cathedral in Greece, invoking her aid, together with the faithful of Greece, against the current enemies of Greece — the money powers.

  165. charlie January 2, 2011 @ 3:13 pm

    Fr Joseph,

    No one has any interest in anything you have to say.

    Least of all the Orthodox.

    You sow division.

    You promote hostility towards my church and the Catholic Faith.

    You war on the work of the Virgin Mary of Fatima under the demonic guise of promoting it.

    You spout Scripture and Mariology…so what the devil does also!

  166. Stav January 2, 2011 @ 3:35 pm

    Fr. Joseph,

    My goodness, what are you doing?

    I have nothing to say to you that will help you
    And I also say nothing, exactly to help this forum.


  167. KathJuliane January 2, 2011 @ 3:59 pm

    Dear DWC,

    I’m not disrespecting Padre Pio, and find him interesting. I am aware of some of the controversial aspects of his life pro and con.

    And, I’m very fond of St. Bernadette and her faithful simplicity, and the story of her short life of heroic virtue in Christ, by the way.

    However, with the Internet and electronic propagation, it is necessary to sort out what is spread about in terms of “pious legend” that grows from distorted or missing facts.

    I’ve found a great deal of misinformation about the subject of incorruptibility on the internet on Catholic sites, and that it is little understood. I am fairly certain that these errors arise from lack of research, and/or over-enthusiasm, rather than intentionally being misleading.

    Nevertheless, duplicating misinformation over and over again on the Internet doesn’t transform it into good information.

    This kind of unintentional misinformation leaves the Catholics open to attack and claims of “fraud” and “hoax” by Jews, atheists and iconclasts, and by association because of much of our common history and tradition, the Orthodox get drawn into it as well by association.

    Many images are posted purporting to be of incorrupt saints on many sites. But SOME of these are not what they are popularly claimed to be, out of a misunderstanding of what “incorrupt” means in Christian theology.

    Instead, SOME are pictures of remains that have been preserved by human intervention (embalming), or are the bones of a saint that have been given a life-like mask and clothed, or are effigies placed over the resting place of the saint or blessed, or contain certain relics.

    Take for example the part of your statement about Padre Pio, “…except after his death the wounds miraculously healed after being there for years.”

    This is about the claim that Padre’s wounds were miraculously healed while he was in the tomb, which I’ve run across on several sites.

    Well, there is a BIG problem with this popularly cited item because it is simply not true. It contradicts other solid documentation and published witnesses statements that Padre’s wounds cleared up BEFORE his death.

    It really is the responsibility of every believer to exercise due diligence and to attempt to separate wheat from chaff for themselves.

    The below site, Padre Pio in Scotland, obviously Catholic devotees without any malice or hostility, posted a 1999 BBC News Online article which clearly states:

    ‘Wounds disappeared’:

    “Followers of the padre say that all evidence of the wounds disappeared several days before his death in 1968.”

    Moreover, in his 1991 biography (recommended by Catholic websites btw) Padre Pio: The True Story, Lutheran minister C. Bernard Ruffin stated on page 372 that while Padre was still ALIVE:

    “By now the stigmata were disappearing. For more than a year they had disappeared from his feet…. The wound in the side no longer bled, and, by the spring of 1968, the stigmata on the hands were vanishing. By summer there were now only scabs, with just a touch of redness.”

    So how does this published material square with the “pious legend” that “his wounds healed after his death?” It can’t be reconciled. See the problem?

    Witnesses saw the stigmata gradually disappearing over time, until “ALL evidence of the wounds disappeared several days before his death…”

    Padre Pio, like Bernadette, have light masks on their faces and hands to make them more presentable to a viewing public, an acceptable practice in the West for a couple of centuries.

    However, what we see in presentation, that the saints artificially look perfectly intact, as if just sleeping because of their masks, is being mistakenly passed on as a true “incorruptiblility,” and this becomes “zeal without knowledge.”

    The same Padre Pio organization posts excerpts of the 2008 exhumation report with pertinent physical observations in anticipation of the then expected display of his body in a “glass coffin” for several months:

    Reports attributed to the Capuchin Friars within the Friary say that “parts of the body” had been found to be “intact.”

    Archbishop D’Ambrosio of Foggia is quoted as saying the body was in “surprisingly good condition. As soon as we got inside the tomb we could clearly make out the beard.

    “The top part of the skull is partly skeletal but the chin is perfect and the rest of the body is well preserved. The knees, hands, mittens and nails are clearly visible ……”

    He went on to say “the signs of the stigmata are not visible [because of the mittens he just reported seeing]. The robes are also still intact and his feet are visible because, as is customary, Capuchin monks are buried shoeless.”


    D’Ambrosio objectively describes the condition of the body, which elsewhere was described by the Capuchins themselves as being in “fair condition.” From this it is clear that a certain amount of decomposition had already occurred, which is not unusual for relics.

    But, the report and the devotional images of Padre don’t match up now, because of the light mask and some reconstructive work necessary back in 2008 for presentation.

    And D’Ambrosio clearly stated “the signs of the stigmata are not visible,” yet, someone somehow has come to the erroneous conclusion that the stigmata were healed after Padre’s death, perhaps not understanding this forensic statement of his.

    The published evidence of Padre’s biography in 1991, and the BBC article of 1999 clearly refutes the idea that his wounds were healed after he died as popularly repeated on various Catholic sites. Reports of his burial said that Padre had no marks on him.

    The wounds cleared up before his death, so it is not a case of miraculous healing after his death, nor can the archbishop’s report statement ever be construed to support this idea.

    The fact that it was known within the Catholic hierarchy that Padre Pio was injected with formaldehyde for presentation before his burial in 1968, precludes any determination by church authorities of finding his case as “miraculous incorruption” supernaturally.

    Archbishop D’Ambrosio candidly spoke within the parameters of the identification investigative procedures.

    He said he did not know if the saint’s body had been miraculously preserved. It’s the simple truth because of the formalin injections in 1968. There’s just no way of telling. The treatment was done with the best of intentions meant for the preparation of Padre Pio’s body for a period of extended presentation.

    And, aside from the issue of human intervention, D’Ambrosio would be prudent anyway about making any pronouncements because of the overlap conditions found between natural preservation and miraculous incorruption for which there is no cut and dried answer or method.

    Natural preservation can still result from a combination of biological and environmental factors and processes, whether saint or sinner.

    It is also a mistake to confuse the traditional understanding of incorruptibility, and the cosmetic preparation of relics for public presentation, like the face and hand masks, all authorized by the ecclesiastical authorities according to various customs.

    I’ve read comments from Catholics who say “St. Bernadette is as fresh as a daisy…” and calls anyone an “atheist” who dares to point out what is found on Catholic sites and other records about the customs of the presentation masks, and even effigies of saints when thought needed.

    As we are taught in Orthodoxy, the holy relics are venerated even if they are not incorrupt, out of respect for the saintly life or the martyrly death of the saint.

    Incorruptibility continues to be an important element for the process of glorification in Orthodoxy, but not the sole element. An important distinction is made between natural mummification and what is believed to be supernatural incorruptibility.

    There are a great number of Eastern (and Western from the era of common Church history) Orthodox saints whose bodies have been found to be incorrupt and are in much veneration among the faithful, yet over time their bodies have still gradually (sometimes suddenly) continue to decompose, although at far slower rates, centuries even, than it would take for most of us to become dust.

    In fact, the local Synod of Moscow of 1667, among some other Synods, has forbidden the recognition of the reposed as saints solely by the sign of the incorruption of their bodies.

    This does not mean that the incorruption of the saints’ bodies is no longer unanimously seen as one of the divine signs of their sanctity when it is found. The veneration may become more accentuated when there are evident signs of healing by prayer to the saints for their intercession with God.

    Our late Fr. Michael Pomazansky in his book Orthodox Dogmatic Theology wrote in one of his footnotes which sums it up neatly:

    “One may say that the incorruption of a dead body is no guarantee of sanctity: examples can be given of Oriental swamis whose bodies were incorrupt long after death (whether by some natural means related to their ascetic life, or by a demonic counterfeit); and of some great Orthodox saints (for example, St. Seraphim of Sarov, St. Herman of Alaska) there remain only bones.

    “The relics of St. Nectarios of Pentapolis (+1920) were incorrupt for several years, and then quickly decayed, leaving only fragrant bones” (pp. 326­-327).

    In any case, I hope this helps cut through some of the confusion, and might take away some of the darts from our Lord Jesus Christ’s enemies concerning His glorified ones.

  168. Fr. Joseph January 2, 2011 @ 4:36 pm


    ‘Sez you!’

    “Is +Father Gruner correct that the consecration of RUSSIA as Our Lady desired has not been executed? I’m very confused. Has the consecration been accepted?

    “NO, the consecration demanded by Our Lady as NOT BEEN PERFORMED by the Pope.” – from

    “What Our Lady wants is the consecration of RUSSIA” – quotes and explanations by +Sr. Lucy HERSELF:

    “Have I (JESUS) not also asked for the union of Bishops to consecrate RUSSIA to My Mother’s Immaculate Heart? Was it done? NO, NOT CORRECTLY NOR AS I REQUESTED. Rather a lukewarm attempt, not unified, only stated by the Holy Pontiff. OH, THE DISOBEDIENCE OF MY PRELATES! Well, I will see to it Myself.”
    – Jesus Christ to visionary M.J. Even – June 1, 1993

    “THE GREAT TRIAL HAS ARRIVED FOR ALL HUMANITY. The Chastisement predicted by me at FATIMA and contained in that part of the secret which HAS NOT YET been revealed, is about to take place. The great moment of DIVINE JUSTICE and of mercy ha come upon the World.” – The Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, the MOST HOLY THEOTOKOS to +Fr. Stephano Gobbi – Marian Movment or Priests – “To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons” – Message #417 – Malvern, PA, USA – November 15, 1990

    “I have written a note FOR the members of THE CHURCH, but DIOTREPHES, who seems to enjoy being IN CHARGE of it, REFUSES to accept us. So if I come I shall tell everyone how he has BEHAVED, and about the WICKED ACCUSATIONS he has been circulating against us.” – 3 John 9-10

    – +Fr. Joseph

  169. Disgusted White Christian January 2, 2011 @ 5:54 pm


    I have heard all those same things about the Shroud of Turin, for years “ohh it is only 500 years old from carbon dating, it is a fraud.”

    First off, there was a fire around the shroud that burned, which either that, or they took a part of the cloth that was sewed on to it from 500 years ago, either way they(Zionist Jews and atheist West media) took a lie for 25 years, an made it a reality,that the shroud was a fraud.

    For years they ignored evidence of plant pollen on it, from plants that died out over 1500 years ago.

    This forensic report from the 1990s collaborating it as being the same face as on the The Sudarium of Oviedo, which they know has a 1700 year history, as the same face on the shroud.

    And the other cloth is talked of in the Gospels also, as the website states, supporting it, that there was another cloth, with the Shroud in his tomb.

    Also an FBI forensic specialist that worked with over 100 of bodies, says, there is stuff on the body that happens, that we only know about through modern science, in the last 20 years, that he sees present, on the Shroud, which would of been impossible for a forger to know of it in the 1500s?

    Test on the shroud shows it as a 3 dimensional hologram, not a picture, or a painting, HOW COULD THEY DO SOMETHING IN THE 1500S, THEY CAN’T REPRODUCE TODAY???

    The computer studies confirm the 3 dimensional origin of the Shroud image and show a lot of details that previously had not been seen in the photographs of Enrie and others.

    We can expect much more from these computer studies in the future with more powerful and faster computers and specially the 3D computer techniques that are evolving also at a great speed.

    What I am saying, all I hear about from our media is when they show some Catholic relic to be a FRAUD. But when evidence show the contrary confirming it, know one wants to hear about it.

    I heard Jewish rabbis on TV, say the whole thing, Jesus dying and resurrection was a fraud, perpetrated by his followers. They have websites too with their “so called evidence” does that make it true.


  170. Georgios January 2, 2011 @ 5:57 pm

    “Go, therefore, make disciples of ALL THE NATIONS; baptize them in the +Name of the Father, and of the +Son and of the +Holy Spirit., and teach them to observe all the commands I gave you.” – Matthew 28:19-20

    Brother Joseph!

    Do you know what BAPTIZE means?

    You “Catholics” are not baptized! You don’t dive three times into the water in the NAME of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit (Pneuma). This is a neoterism and the Holy Fathers say, every neoterism comes from the devil.

  171. Fr. Joseph January 2, 2011 @ 7:36 pm



    Here we are trying to DEFEAT SATAN in his FINAL BATTLE vs. the Lord’s Church and all of Mankind…

    …and YOU gotta come up with this STUPID, SILLY UTTERLY USELESS GREEK-ORTHODOX snide and insulting REMARKS!

    My gosh…maybe the LORD simply HAS TO let go of His Divine Hand and VISIT all of you GREEKS, all of you Eastern Orthodox and all of the REST OF OF members of the Human Race with HIS DIVINE CHASTISEMENTS!

    Get YOUR HEAD OUT from where it DOESN’T SHINE!

    The Didache:

    GO READ (if you can or if you have enough spiritual ENERGY to do so) CHAPTER 7:

    GO READ all about the Divine Sacrament of BAPTISM here:

    Rx: Go take TWO ASPIRIN for your religious BIGOTRY and desire to belittle and slander your fellow BAPTIZED Christians, living members of the Lord’s Own MYSTICAL BODY here on earth which is HIS CHURCH, and then

    “Call me in the morning”

    – +Fr. Joseph

  172. charlie January 2, 2011 @ 7:39 pm

    Fr Joseph if you want to follow drivel thats your perogative, but do not ram it down others throats.

    It will be spewed out.

    Mickey Mouse had a word of prophecy too. He said Fr Joseph is really Micky Mouse.

    Be darned, then if I believe anything Fr Joseph says!

    There are other prophecies and interviews with Sr Lucia which say the opposite, but for those with no discernment we have the evidence of our own eyes, both physical and spiritual, and our own ears – unless of course we are both spritually and physically blind and deaf.

    America was not saved by the consecration as you think it should be, therefore it didn’t happen according to your twisted logic.

    It is only saved by repentance, atonement and living a good life.

    When enough people do that America will be recreated but its going to take devastation to bring that about, and I don’t just mean floods…I mean DEVASTATION.

  173. Fr. Joseph January 2, 2011 @ 8:19 pm


    At your Eastern Orthodox CHRISMATION, you were granted the SEVEN Spiritual Gifts of GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT.

    Those SEVEN Divine Spiritual Gifts FROM God the Holy Spirit which you apparently DID receive included 1) Knowledge OF Divine Things 2) Understanding OF DIVINE THINGS 3) Wisdom REGARDING DIVINE THINGS 4) spiritual COURAGE and FORTITUDE when confronting animosity and persecutions for the Apostolic Faith 5) Piety 6) REVERENCE and 7) Awe and FEAR of God.

    When you approach the Church’s Altar and when the PRIEST places the Body and Blood of OUR LORD on your tongue – and you RECEIVE the Lord Jesus Christ INTO your very self, the Divine Graces you receive are made available TO YOU so that you spiritually GROW in the THREE Theological Virtues of a) FAITH, b) HOPE and c) LOVE.

    The Theological Virtue of ‘LOVE’ is that Spiritual Virtue which ALLOWS US to become spiritual united WITH God Himself, since He Himself IS Love.

    In the GREEK, the word used TO DENOTE this Theological Virtue of ‘LOVE’ so vitally necessary for our SALVATION and REDEMPTION is given as ‘AGAPE’.

    In the LATIN, the word used TO DENOTE this Theological Virtue of ‘LOVE’ so vitally necessary for our SALVATION and REDEMPTION is given as ‘CHARITOS’.

    It is from the LATIN word ‘CARITOS’ we derive the English word ‘CHARITY’.

    Now then, “IF” you have ANY ‘FEAR OF GOD’ in you as a result of your ORTHODOX FAITH, and “IF” you have ANY ‘LOVE/AGAPE/CARITOS’ for your own members of YOUR Eastern Orthodox Church, for your PATRIARCH, for your METROPOLITAN, for your BISHOP, for your local parish PRIEST, for your fellow ORTHODOX Church parishioners as a result of your ORTHODOX FAITH…

    …then you ought to really and truly have some spiritual SORROW for your snide and insulting REMARKS to me as an ordained Priest in the Church’s Monastic Brotherhood and…

    …you would do MUCH BETTER if you IMMEDIATELY go a’visiting your Orthodox Church’s PATRIARCH, your Orthodox Church’s METROPOLITAN, your Orthodox Church’s BISHOP(S) and PRIEST(S) and your FELLOW Orthodox parishioners and INFORM ALL OF THEM of what THE MOST HOLY THEOTOKOS had to say/reveal/relay to one JAPANESE CATHOLIC CARMELITE ORDER NUN, +Sr. Agnes, back on October 13, 1973:

    “FIRE will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, SPARING NEITHER PRIESTS NOR FAITHFUL.” – quoting the Mother of God from:

    I’d recommend as a ‘PENANCE’ for you going down to your local Eastern Orthodox Church parish and lighting A TAPER before an Icon of the MOST HOLY THEOTOKOS, telling her that YOU are ‘SORRY’ for being the way you are towards me, but since I’m a ‘Catholic’, in your mind, heart, soul and spirit, there is NO NEED to do any sort of ‘Penance’, RIGHT???

    – +Fr. Joseph

  174. Fr. Joseph January 2, 2011 @ 8:38 pm


    And a big ‘THANK YOU’ for being ‘Jolly-On-The-Spot’ to DEFEND your Catholic Faith from the likes of Georgios’s comments.

    Now in order to ‘take care of business’ with you.

    If you really, and I mean REALLY, what to “cut me down to size” IN PUBLIC here on +Br. Nathanael’s RZN – then I’ll simply have TO TELL YOU how to go about doing that.

    First, go PRINT OUT these pages containing the following:

    “5Q: How exactly is this consecration supposed to be accomplished?

    A:….Over the ensuing decades, +Sister Lucy has explained time and again that the act of consecration requires that the Pope “choose a date upon which His Holiness commands the bishops of the entire world to make, each in his own Cathedral, and at the same time as the Pope, a solemn and public ceremony of Reparation and consecration of Russia…

    “7Q. Didn’t the Pope succeed in performing the consecration of Russia in 1984?

    A: NO. As +Sister Lucy herself declared in a September 1985 interview, the attempted consecration of March 25, 1984 DID NOT satisfy Our Lady’s requests because ‘THERE WAS NO PARTICIPATION OF THE BISHOPS AND THERE WAS NO MENTION OF RUSSIA.” – from

    Now THIS is what you DO – and if you DON’T DO IT…then keep your ‘BIG FAT MOUTH SHUT’ and don’t you DARE even think about posting your badgering, nagging, IRREVERENT COMMENTS to me.

    And don’t you EVER DARE AGAIN to mock, insult, impugn, jest at, jest over, snicker, poke fun at IN PUBLIC of my offering up MY PRIVATE VOTIVE MASSES here at MY HERMITAGE for the sake of PLEADING FOR GOD’S DIVINE MERCY ON THE CHURCH AND ALL OF MANKIND!!!

    You get out BOXES OF ENVELOPES, you get LABELS, and you get THE MAILING ADDRESSES FOR YOUR CATHOLIC BISHOPS there in ‘Oz-Land’ from HERE:

    And YOU GET from every last one of your AUSTRALIAN Catholic Bishops the date and the time that THEY consecrated RUSSIA right along with the BISHOP OF ROME to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Mother of God.

    And then, YOU GET from every last one of the United States’ Catholic Bishops the SAME EXACT date and time when THEY consecrated RUSSIA to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Mother of God.

    The CATHOLIC BISHOPS’ addresses here in the United States are HERE:

    You either DO THAT or keep your snide comments, your insults, your public IRREVERENCE to God’s Divine, Holy and Sacred Things of HIS OWN all to yourself starting NOW!

    Believe you me, He has and IS ‘Taking Notice’ of this RZN Internet exchange between you and I!

    – +Fr. Joseph
    Nazareth Hermitage – USA

  175. charlie January 2, 2011 @ 9:58 pm

    “5Q: How exactly is this consecration supposed to be accomplished?

    A:….Over the ensuing decades, +Sister Lucy has explained time and again that the act of consecration requires that the Pope “choose a date upon which His Holiness commands the bishops of the entire world to make, each in his own Cathedral, and at the same time as the Pope, a solemn and public ceremony of Reparation and consecration of Russia…

    “7Q. Didn’t the Pope succeed in performing the consecration of Russia in 1984?

    A: NO. As +Sister Lucy herself declared in a September 1985 interview, the attempted consecration of March 25, 1984 DID NOT satisfy Our Lady’s requests because ‘THERE WAS NO PARTICIPATION OF THE BISHOPS AND THERE WAS NO MENTION OF RUSSIA.” – from

    There are other prophecies and interviews with Sr Lucia which say the opposite, but for those with no discernment we have the evidence of our own eyes, both physical and spiritual, and our own ears – unless of course we are both spritually and physically blind and deaf.

    Fr Joseph if you want to follow drivel thats your perogative, but do not ram it down others throats.

    It will be spewed out.”

    ..So you see I have already answered that argument from spurious sources, so there is no point in your repeating them.

    I am not going to counter with prophecies and interviews with Sr Lucia that say the exact opposite to your sources but you must know of them?

    Why do you pick on the rubbish you quoted instead?

    Is it because you want an easy way out of your current predicament, but without repentance, without atonement, without a change of lifeyle, just some magic from YOUR heaven?

    Are you simply bored and want to share that boredom with everyone else?


    Do you regard yourself as an end time messiah?….that may be the worst and hardest to shake.

  176. Georgios January 3, 2011 @ 6:13 am

    Here we are trying to DEFEAT SATAN in his FINAL BATTLE vs. the Lord’s Church and all of Mankind…

    Father Joseph,

    You can not defeat satan with the satanic Pope you follow and the satanic pseudomiracles in Fatima.

    The Lord want us to love him in the ORTHODOX WAY, like Abel. Kain did his offers too, but NOT in ORTHODOX WAY and he was rejected.

  177. Georgios January 3, 2011 @ 6:18 am

    Brother (in flesh) Joseph,

    Wait until Pascha feast (you call it …Easter I think, like the pagans) and TAKE THE HOLY LIGHT FROM THE ORTODOX PATRIARCH.


    Alone the MIRACLE OF THE HOLY LIGHT must persuade you that your Latin “Church” is not the Church of Christ.

  178. Georgios January 3, 2011 @ 6:20 am


  179. KC January 3, 2011 @ 8:12 am

    Fr. Joseph wrote:

    “And all of you Russians, of Russian heritage and who speak Russian can all GO BACK TO Russia, hold to your personally cherished ‘religious’ world view and look down your noses at those who aren’t of Russian heritage.”

    Please just so you know, Fr. Joseph, I go to a ROCOR church (Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia), and we have a very international parish from all over Russia and Eastern Europe (it’s a huge territory, check the map…), including Middle East, Canadian and some Chinese, Georgians, Egyptians, Lebanese and whoever else.

    We are mostly Russian-speaking but anyone is welcome to come and stay, and a good amount of people do.

    Sunday sermons are translated live into English. I saw Canadians of whose native tongue is English learn and sing prayers in Slavonic and know and understand them better than some Russians.

    My friend’s Ukrainian church is pretty much 90% Canadian (French/English) and services are a mix of English and Ukrainian, mostly English.

    Needless to say, you indirectly insult Br. Nat because he goes to ROCOR church too and is my brother. Is he Russian? It doesn’t matter. Period.

    These are things you might want to consider before insulting Russians and ‘ethnic’ Orthodox again in the future, as it is an deep-inside hatred you have. I’ve been on this forum long enough to see it. I’m not going to argue with you.

  180. Moshe January 3, 2011 @ 8:41 am


    What cheeses me off about the whole thing is the KHAZARS who call themselves “Jews” and are not!


    There are no “true Jews.” They are ALL “converts.” There is no “fleshly Israel” in the sense of a race of Jews or an ethnic culture.

    It says when they came out of Egypt they were a “mixed multitude.”

    Abraham was an Iraqi by today’s borders.

    There have been 4 MASS CONVERSIONS of “Jews”.

    There has been continual proselytizing – “For you compass sea and land to make one proselyte then make them twice the child of hell as yourselves.”

    In effect their are no “true Jews” – just functional psychopaths.

    The Sephardi ran the slave and opium trade out of Amsterdamn and are as psychopathic as the Askenazi.

    They are a stupid criminal gang. Nothing more and nothing less.

  181. Disgusted White Christian January 3, 2011 @ 6:19 pm

    Charlie/FR Joseph why do they persist, in saying apparitions, such as Fatima are “Demonic”???

    Many leave places like Fatima, Lourdes, Egypt in 68, Guadalupe, Medjugorje with a fufillment in their soul, and a desire to want to do good, and good will toward their fellow man, and bring PEACE, why does Georgios say such blasphemy?

    Does not Jesus tell us “no good comes from evil.”

    Quite frankly he would get a punch in the face, if he said it to me directly.


  182. charlie January 3, 2011 @ 10:28 pm

    Charlie/FR Joseph why do they persist in saying apparitions, such as Fatima are “Demonic”???


    Maybe, just maybe, because the world is covered by the stench of satan – up is down, good is bad, bad is good….if you take your cue from the world instead of from God that’s what you get.

    Two things with regard to Fatima.

    One. the miracle was recorded on movie camera. I have seen it and there’s no denying it. All they can do is suppress it. It is no longer available on you tube.

    Two. the greatest attack on Fatima was carried out by the Masonic Order in Portugal, pretty prominent at the time.

    It was lengthy, vicious and disgusting.. what does that tell you?


  183. Stav January 4, 2011 @ 3:30 am

    Dear DWC,

    I have given these answers, both separately and together many times now.

    The reasons stated below are purely from an Orthodox perspective, and I by no means want to force you to accept them. Also, they are based mainly on the fact, that we consider the “Catholic” faith to be deficient and divergent from the pure, proper practice and doctrine of Christianity.

    To prove this divergence is totally out of topic, but suffice it to say, it is a fact, that the Catholic Church has introduced doctrinal errors, new Christology, and practices which are against Scripture and the Holy Christian Tradition.

    You may of course not accept these facts, which is acceptable as we are all free to choose. However, since we Orthodox have this de facto view, we are unable to accept certain things that are expressed by the Catholics, without resolving the huge doctrinal differences first.

    And this is exactly the point. The contra-scriptural doctrines, in our opinion, sets the Catholic church in a state of separation and to an extent at some distance from the full truth. And thus, without resolving these serious (to us) issues, it is impossible to reconcile any claims such as the Fatima apparitions, with the rest of our views.

    It is important to note, that our great Theologians, such as Saint John Chrysostom and others, always express themselves with absolute scriptural concordance and agreement while at the same time staying completely logical and sensible.

    Thus, it is not logically correct, to haphazardly accept any Catholic claim simply because they say so, without making sure that these claims coincide and support our Holy Theology and Traditions and of course scripture it self.

    Given all of the above, the reasons why to an Orthodox the Fatima apparitions are to be considered as demonic until proven otherwise are as follows:

    1) The spirit refers to the Pope as “Holy Father.” As we know that the Pope is most definitely not a “Holy Father” we can assume that the spirit which appeared as the Mother of God, is not telling the truth.

    2) In the same line of thought, we have our own Orthodox Saints, such as the Great Saint Kosmas of Aitolia, who clearly stated that the Pope is to be viewed as a root of a lot of evil. And, as Orthodox, we consider the words of our Saints to be of immense credit. Thus, again, our Holy Tradition is clearly in contradiction with the way the spirit expresses it’s message.

    3) The matter of the consecration of Russia. To us, Orthodox Christians, “Catholics” are not 100% in their doctrines and practice. In addition, the Pope and his Catholic followers, are viewed, for very good reasons, as heretics.

    Now, while this does not mean that we hate them or we do not view them as Christians in the wider sense, we cannot as Orthodox consider them to be practicing the Christian faith in a 100% correct way.

    In this light, a consecration of Russia by any Pope (who we view as a heretic) is in principle absurd. How can we possibly accept a heretical Christian leader to consecrate an already Orthodox nation, when we know that he himself continues to propagate heretical views, which sometimes are even viewed as blasphemous? Impossible.

    4) A number of claims by the spirit at Fatima, are deeply contrary to Scripture. For example, the claim that “Only I can save you” is deeply and clearly against Jesus Christ’s own words, that He is the way and the truth and the path to God the Father and salvation.

    His sacrifice as God on the Cross, mysterious and inexplicable, does not compare even remotely to what a human being, even if it is His Most Holy Mother, can offer us.

    She, is our intercessor, our hope for getting closer to Him, so that He can save us. Not the other way around. Thus, again, the contradiction of the spirit’s words with common Christian doctrine is inexplicable, if we are to consider them of divine origin.

    5) Apparitions and spiritual encounters, cannot be validated in a lighthearted and simple manner. As I have stated before, when an encounter with spirits has occurred, Scripture gives us a very special and specific way to validate them as divine or not.

    The way to do this, is to have the spirit confess that the Son of God, Jesus Christ is indeed the Second Person of the Holy trinity, God, incarnate and has incarnated for our salvation. If this confession by the spirit is unavailable, then we are to Ignore whatever else they might offer.

    6) As a matter of fact, no amount of incitements to prayer, fasting and any other number or types of good deeds can EVER replace the above method of validation, according to Scripture.

    No amount of good words, nice wording, apparently holy mentions of various things and actions, cannot validate a spiritual encounter. Not even photo or video camera captures, feelings, impressions or any other emotion, feeling, or any other type of experience and thought process.

    Spirits, according to scripture, MUST be tested. This did not take place. Thus, the least one can do to remain wise and proper, is to ignore these messages.

    As I have mentioned before, there have been in history, many apparitions by spirits, appearing as even Christ Himself, offering various pieces of informations, suggestions etc.

    Some of these apparitions, have been the basis for the creation of new sects, fringe Christian religions, new age beliefs and a whole range of spiritual depravity. The two major common denominators of all of these apparitions and spiritual events, are:

    a) They were never validated with the method described to us in scripture,


    b) They always seem to include contradictory information to the Holy and Ancient Tradition of the Church, which includes the Bible it self.

    As Orthodox, we strive to remain 110% correct. 110% doctrinally solid. 110% scripturally coherent. And this coherence has kept the faith as a whole congruent and complete. We are in no need of further revelations.

    As you can understand, even without understanding the details behind this mentality, it is simply impossible to accept any new information without resolving every single one of the questionable points raised.

    Every detail, every sentence offered, every individual occurrence, image, feeling and experience MUST be resolved. Even if one item poses a doctrinal, practical or seems to be questioning scripture and tradition, it must be resolved before accepting the whole thing.

    7) Finally to repeat, and perhaps the most important reason why we Orthodox instinctively deny the divine origin of such apparitions, is because they validate the correctness of the Catholic Church. As I said before, in our view, there are very very serious “holes” and doctrinal issues with the catholic church.

    Thus, we cannot on the one hand, accept the apparitions and thus at the same time accept the Roman Religious community as being a valid church. The great Schism has never been resolved and it is not going to be resolved by some subjective experience.

    I realize that you may not accept the reasons above. But that is not my intention. My intention is to illustrate that for an Orthodox, there exist serious and deep “impediments” that forbid us to accept such apparitions as valid. That is to say, that one simply cannot reconcile Orthodox Tradition with such apparitions and it’s claims and suggestions.

    I hope it is understood now. This is not to make you accept my point of view, only for you to understand why it is impossible to accept these apparitions as divine. And due to the severity of the the things said by this spirit, and until some serious explanation is given, the only other option is to see these apparitions as demonic in nature.

    In Christ our Lord,


  184. Disgusted White Christian January 4, 2011 @ 5:14 pm

    That’s a good answer, Stav, not saying I buy it.

    You state, you don’t differ from Scripture, but you still gave no answer, for how those visions, have created “Good” and “Mercy” around the world, when Jesus is clear “NO GOOD COMES FROM EVIL” there is a paradox, you did not answer???

    No 2, I clearly admitted, I don’t feel no one is infallible, except God and Son, yet you would call the Pope a heretic, for claims of this, and not making mistakes, then in the next breath, you say the Holy Orthodox Church can’t be wrong?

    In essence, for what you despise the Pope for, you openly except for Orthodox monks and saints???

    You can’t have it both ways, what I am saying is I have admitted the devil can tempt any human, ACCORDING TO YOU, NOT THE ORTHODOX CHURCH, WHICH BY DEFINITION AND ACTION YOU ARE NOW CALLING INFALLIBLE??

    Do you see what I am saying, the LOGIC and paradox does not pan out?

    Stav, my brother, open your eyes to God and his Holy Son, not man (any church) that can make mistakes.

    Also as Fr. Joseph pointed out, the Orthodox Church did not say anything until Greece got into a serious FINANCIAL depression, where was their doctrine and mouth on Jew bankers prior to that???

    I showed you several brave Catholic priests that came out in spite of Rome condemning what the Jews are doing.

    The real church is neither Orthodox or Catholic Stav, it is Jesus Christ, as he said, ” destroy this temple (church) and I will rebuild it in 3 days.”

    Come join him with me in prayer!


  185. Stav January 5, 2011 @ 3:49 pm

    Hi DWC,

    The Orthodox Church is not one single human being. The Pope is. As a whole, we believe that the Orthodox Church, especially in it’s Councils, is infallible.

    We do not ascribe infallibility to one single person, but rather to the Body of Christ (with Christ as the head) as a whole. That’s is the essential difference between viewing the Pope as infallible (in any circumstance) and viewing the True Church as infallible.

    And this is Orthodox teaching, which I wholeheartedly believe. The reasons why the Church as opposed to one single Pope is in fact infallible, go far beyond the subject of this post.

    Thus, when an individual Orthodox speaks in agreement to the Orthodox Teachings, they are infallible at that particular moment, not because they are infallible in themselves as single individuals but simply because they are essentially repeating and propagating the Orthodox faith.

    And that is a practical thing, not a doctrinal thing which is also an essential difference between Orthodoxy and Catholicism.

    The supposed infallibility of the Pope, is established as doctrine, by a circular, faulty logic. The infallibility of the Church Body is a natural outcome of being a worldly institution driven, protected and infused by God the Creator, proven, analyzed and supported by our Church Fathers.

    Thus, it is very possible, for the Pope to state things that even are against Scripture directly, and by doctrine it is accepted as infallible regardless. And this has happened very blatantly more than once.

    In contrast, in Church infallibility, there is an inbuilt “integrity check” if your will, which guarantees that the outcome will be correct, every time. This “security” exists in the form of the Holy Spirit which resides in the Holy people, which will then make corrective actions if a heresy appears either in word or in action.

    Early Church history, as in for example the first doubting of the Icons, or the appearance of Arianism, will show you just how this mechanism worked and works today every time.

    But, as I said before, my view is clearly the view from within the Orthodox Church, which I am not forcing on you. I was merely explaining why an Orthodox Christian would naturally not accept the apparitions as divine.

    Regarding the good and mercy as an outcome of the apparitions, it is important to note two things:

    1) It is possible to not accept that any good came out of these. This is because, the evidence for this is de facto subjective.

    2) Most importantly, it is possible that an apparent good, is in fact evil. As an example, I can pose that one can consider an instruction to prayer and eventual prayer to be good. But we know from Scripture that there is such a thing of bad and good prayer.

    That is to say, that there is the kind of selfish prayer for example, that is detrimental to one’s soul and likewise, there is a good, humble kind of prayer.

    The same goes, for fasting, doing the rosary, etc. etc. And eventually, if these actions do not bring one closer to salvation we cannot be the ultimate judge of what is and what is not good and merciful. What goes on in our hearts, is for God to judge and see in it’s full entirety.

    Hence, it is not an absolute fact, that we know for sure that good and mercy has come out of these apparitions, in any absolute and final (i.e. eternal) sense of the word and thus, your argument does not follow a 100% logical path.

    Rather, it is wise to choose more objective facts about them, to see if they are divine or not. Such facts, are the words spoken (as reported and generally accepted), actions taken to validate them, and their concordance to Scripture and Church Tradition. That is the way to correctly weight things, and consider them safely.

    About your comment:

    “Also as Fr. Joseph pointed out, the Orthodox Church did not say anything until Greece got into a serious FINANCIAL depression, where was their doctrine and mouth on Jew bankers prior to that???”

    First off, you have a logical problem here. You assume that what Fr. Joseph says, is true. Then by using this presumption, you go on to use this as an argument against me.

    I would firstly ask you, are you really so sure that the Orthodox people whether lay, monk or priestly, have not spoken out against Zionism before?

    I have repeatedly mentioned again and again here, that through my life here in Greece, I was “awakened” as soon as I could understand spoken language and met my first Sunday School teachers.

    Zionism, masonry, Judaism etc. etc. are revealed from inside the Orthodox Church here in Greece, and elsewhere, OPENLY and PUBLICLY EVERYDAY.

    The reason you only hear that this has been happening, is because the media has only decided to see this now. It is pointless to list here a list of public comments, speeches, publications and things that prove my words.

    This goes a long way, towards suggesting that listening to mainstream media and assuming things without actively researching for things, is NOT enough. Especially today. The search and acceptance of the Truth, is a painstaking process as far as making the heart and not just the mind accept it. If it seems too easy, then it’s probably problematic.

    Finally, regarding your statement:

    “The real church is neither Orthodox or Catholic Stav, it is Jesus Christ, as he said, ” destroy this temple (church) and I will rebuild it in 3 days.””

    The true, original Church, which was indeed built in 3 days, is by definition, both Orthodox and Catholic. It just so happens, that one of the two major Christian religious communities, has usurped the word “Catholic” and assumed it falsely for itself.

    Orthodoxy means right glorification and also it means right faith. Catholic, means, belonging to the whole (world). Thus, from the words alone we can see that these words, are appropriate characterizations of the true Church.

    On the assumed minor meaning of the words, which denote that kind of church one belongs to today, i.e. the Roman Catholic or the Orthodox Churches, it is simple to understand, that both Churches consider themselves to be the original and true Churches and thus they both claim these words to ascribe to themselves.

    But, one cannot judge by the labels people use. One must judge by the fruits of the tree. And who is wise and honest, can see which fruit is effective spiritual sustenance, and which one is not at all or at least is a weaker or lesser form of it.

    And to repeat, to look into the contents which are below the surface, needs work and personal sacrifice. It is therefore, that people choose to use “quick and dirty” solutions for settling into what they want to be true, rather than what is in reality true.

    It is not enough to accept the differences, it is also essential to resolve the contradictions presented by the differences, if one if truly seeking the truth. Otherwise we would not have several Churches in non-communion.

    It is worth finding out what these differences are, and see how they can be resolved. And once resolved, the rest, such as apparitions and their divinity, are straightforward to discern.

    Just my opinions, not forcing them on anyone, don’t slam me for expressing them.

    In Christ Our Lord,


  186. Fr. Joseph January 8, 2011 @ 7:53 am


    It is my FRUSTRATION with you Eastern Orthoodox here that impelled me into stating here on RZN

    ‘You RUSSIANS go back to Russia…You SERBIANS go back to Serbia…You GREEKS to back to Greece, hold to your own ‘traditions’ and ‘Shut Up!’ and ‘Leave ME alone! and ‘Stop being OBSTALCES to the rest of the Human Race in obtaining Christ THE KING’S Divine Peace!’

    That’s how I meant it to play out in your EOC’s minds. But as St. Thomas Aquinas propery and correctly teaches

    “A Message Is Received In Accordance To The Mode Of The Receiver”

    Your ‘ORTHODOXY’, at its fundamental core, is centered upon ‘YOU’ and your ‘REGION(S)’ of this Planet Earth.

    If Christ the King is WILLING to grant our Human Race the Divine Graces and Supernatural Gifts of His Holy Spirit IN ORDER TO grant the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE His Divine Kingship’s WORLD PEACE, then you explain TO ME where do you ‘Orthodox’ take it upon yourselves TO DENY the rest of the Human Race who are NOT ‘Eastern Orthodox’ Christ the KING’S Supernaturally Empowered DIVINE GIFT of World Peace?

    THAT smug, self-contained, self-concerned, self-promoting, insular spiritual SELFISHNESS of your ‘Orthodox’ which has and is such a HUGE OBSTACLE to and for my Catholic Church in getting on with the Public and Solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA just as the Most Holy Theotokos HERSELF wants done is what has caused me and continues to cause me to ‘BLOW UP!’ at you of the EOCs.

    Your EOC Patriarchs, Metropolitans, Bishops, Monks on Mt. Athos, and the rest of you of the EOC’s Laity are being just like the LORD described as being:


    – +Fr. Joseph

  187. Fr. Joseph January 8, 2011 @ 9:10 am

    Dear KC,

    Ya know, being ORDAINED by a Bishop of the Catholic Church into the Priesthood DOES NOT in any manner, shape or form confer the DIVINE NATURE on me as a MAN, as a CREATED incarnate spirit, created in the Image and Likeness of God!

    And BECAUSE I am ‘NOT!’ God, but just a mere mortal MAN of flesh and blood, mind, heart, soul and spirit, I am personally SUBJECT TO every manner of thing ANY ‘MAN’ on the face of Planet Earth finds in himself a ‘most natural’ and ‘almost effortless’ that can arise within a MAN on account of this LIFE that has been granted me by our One, True and All-holy GOD!

    I get hungry. I get thirst. I get tired. I get grumpy. And….I also get FRUSTRATED and I get ANGRY!

    Now look here, let me attempt TO EXPLAIN TO YOU as a living, breathing, participating, most-likely VERY DEVOUT member of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia what is ‘REALLY BEHIND’ all of the EOCs spiritual “resistance to” the Apparitions and Messages of Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal and the Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA the Most Holy Theotokos WANTS and HAS CALLED FOR!

    First order of busines: You of all of the EOCs have REJECTED and Primacy of the Bishop of Rome for nearly a full millenium.

    That means, you of the EOCs have accepted and adopted INTO your EOC spiritual lives a ‘Millenium Old Eastern Orthodox Church TRADITION’ of 1) REJECTING the Primacy of the Bishop of Rome who is ‘The Pope’ – and because you REJECT the Primacy of the Bishop of Rome, you are thus painted-into-the-spiritual-corner of HAVING TO reject the Divine Gift of what is defined as Papal ‘Infallibility’.

    Are you with me to this point?

    NOW THEN, back in 1854, the BISHOP OF ROME defined as a Dogma of the CATHOLIC CHURCH the Most Holy Mother of God’s ‘IMMACULATE CONCEPTION’, meaning to say that the Mother of God was FREE FROM the effects of our Human Race’s ORIGINAL SIN.

    Just to give you a wee bit of a ‘catechism’ lesson regarding the Western Church’s and Eastern Church’s LONG STANDING TRADITION even BEFORE the Schism of 1054 A.D. regarding the ‘spiritual state’ which was SINGULARLY conferred upon the Blessed Virgin Mary by GOD HIMSELF, here ya go:

    So it was back in 1854 A.D. that the BISHOP OF ROME (whom you of the EOCs look upon as some sort of ‘Competitor’ with regards to the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ which is to be taught and proclaimed to ALL THE NATIONS OF PEOPLE of our World) who defined and declared the Catholic Church’s dogma of the Mother of God’s ‘IMMACULATE CONCEPTION’.

    FOUR YEAR LATER, the Mother of God appears to a young girl in the Apparitions of OUR LADY OF LOURDES, FRANCE.

    On March 25, 1858, it was this ‘Woman Clothed with the Sun’ who ANSWERED this young girl’s direct and personal question:

    “‘Would you be so kind as to tell me who you are?’ Then the answer finally came ‘I AM THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION.'” – from

    So what is REALLY ‘AT STAKE’ here between us Catholics and you Orthodox with an eye on the Apparitions of Our Lady of Faitma, Portugal and her call for a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to her IMMACUATELY LOVING HEART as God’s Own IMMACULATE CONCEPTION is this:

    You of the EOCs, in order to keep and maintain your personally adopted 1,000 year old ‘Church Tradition’ of REJECTING the Primacy of the Bishop of Rome – you have those like STAV who simply HAVE TO

    1) publicly assert that the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima were ‘NOT from God’, hence, since they were ‘NOT from God’ in YOUR EOC’s mindsets, then they must have surely been ‘DEMONIC-in-origin’ as Stav so readily and vehemently asserts…BECAUSE…

    2) the BISHOP OF ROME defined the Blessed Virgin Mary AS God’s Own ‘Immaculate Conception’ back in 1854 A.D. via his SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY over the entire Church using the Bishop of Rome’s Apostolic Succession GIFT of “Infallilibity” when publicly asserting on the Morals and Faith of the Christians of the Lord’s Universal Church Militant here on earth…

    3) and the CONFIRMATION from Heaven and the MOST HOLY THEOTOKOS’ own public acknowledgement of the Bishop of Rome’s PRIMACY and his Divine Gift from God the Holy Spirit of ‘INFALLIBILITY’ when publicly stating/teaching on the Morals and the Apostolic Faith of her Divine Son’s CHURCH MILITANT here on earth when the MOST HOLY THEOTOKOS – FOUR YEARS LATER – revealed to the young girl visionary at LOURDES, FRANCE that the ‘Apparition’ this girl was witnessing was none other than


    For your info regarding the March 25, 1858 exhange between this young French Catholic girl and the ‘Apparition’:

    So, you EOCs, in order TO MAINTAIN your 1,000 year old ‘Church TRADITION’ of rejecting the Primacy of the Bishop of Rome simply HAVE TO, are ‘PAINTED-INTO-YOUR-CORNERS’ in doing

    1) Condemning the Apparitions of the Most Holy Theotokos as Our Lady of Lourdes and Our Lady of Fatima as being ‘DEMONIC IN ORIGIN’ because

    2) the Bishop of Rome is a HERETIC, an APOSTATE, and DOES NOT HAVE the Bishop of Rome’s spiritual Gift of ‘Infallibility’ when publicly declaring/deciding upon the MORALS and the DOGMAS of our Lord Jesus Christ’s UNIVERSAL CHURCH MILITANT here on earth!

    We of the CATHOLIC CHURCH then are confronted with contending AGAINST the ‘MORALS & DOGMA’ of Freemasonry!

    Freemasonry derives its ‘spiritual teachings’ from the KABBALAH as do the ZIONIST JEWS against whom +Br. Nathanael is fighting here IN PUBLIC before the wholewide world via his RZN website.

    But Freemasons and Zionist Jews WORSHIP Lucifer who is our God’s and Human Races ‘SATAN’ or ‘ADVERSARY’.

    And in Genesis 3:15, GOD reveals to ALL OF US that He, GOD, was going to use A WOMAN and her spiritual OFFSPRING in order ‘TO CRUSH’ Satan’s head.

    So this WOMAN of Genesis 3:15, God’s Own Immaculate Conception, as Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal INSTRUCTS the Bishop of Rome along with the Bishops in spiritual union/unity with him to perform a PUBLIC and SOLEMN Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to her Immacualtely Loving Heart as THE WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17.

    And by doing THAT, God will give us all WORLD PEACE because by doing THAT, this WOMAN and her spiritual OFFSPRING wind up CRUSHING SATAN’S HEAD!

    And you of the EOCs, your EOC Patriarchs, Metropolitans, Bishops, Priests, Monks on Mt. Athos and your EOC Laity such as STAV and KATHJULIANE and others go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on…etc. and ad nauseum REFUSING TO ‘SEE’, ‘UNDERSTAND’ AND PUBLICLY ‘ACKNOWLEDGE’ AS ‘GOSPEL TRUTH’ WHAT I’VE JUST INFORMED YOU ABOUT, my dear KC!

    So, as a real live LIVING made up of flesh and blood, mind, heart, soul and spirit MERE ‘MAN’ ordained into the Church Militant’s Priesthood – I’ve BLOWN UP at all of you EOCs via my honest-to-goodness FRUSTRATION and my sincerly-simmering ANGER at those of you from the EOCs here on RZN!

    – +Fr. Joseph

  188. Stav January 8, 2011 @ 11:44 am

    Fr. Joseph,

    You say:

    “…EOC Laity such as STAV and KATHJULIANE and others go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on…etc. and ad nauseum…”

    I don’t understand. You mentioned your consecration again, and so the provincial “flame” rose up again. If you had not mentioned it again, we would not be here, at the same spot again. In the meantime, I remained silent. Now that you had mentioned your “consecration” again, I responded.

    How is it that I “go on and on,” when, if you count your references to this “consecration”, are many more than our responses to you collectively? Is it not then you, by definition, who goes on and on and on?

    And as always, no response, not counter-argument against what we or I have to say about it is forthcoming. Only emotional, heresy-filled, one-sided mentions of the same and same things again and again.

    And as usual, the sensible reader, will see the truth.


  189. Fr. Joseph January 8, 2011 @ 1:41 pm


    You are both INCAPABLE of read and understanding what I posted to KC for her information.

    – +Fr. Joseph

  190. Fr. Joseph January 8, 2011 @ 2:46 pm


    And the spiritual REASON why you are incapable of reading or understanding anything I might post here to RZN with regards to the absolute necessity of OBEDIENCE to God in performing the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immaculately Loving Heart of Jesus’ Own Mother MARY is because you RELISH your ‘SIN of Schism’ and take great personal DELIGHT in publicly flaunting that very grevious SIN here on RZN.

    “On the contrary, Augustine (Contra Faust, xx, 3; Contra Crescon, ii, 4) distinguishes between SCHISM and HERESY, for he says that a ‘schismatic is one who holds the same faith, and practices the same worship, as others, AND TAKES PLEASURE IN THE MERE DISUNION OF THE COMMUNITY…” – quoting St. Thomas Aquinas here:


    So do attempt TO ADMIT IT to yourself. You take GREAT PLEASURE here on RZN before the wholewide world denouncing and challenging what the Pope and the Bishops of the Catholic Church have defined as real, true and spiritually substantial – the Apparitions and Messages of Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal 1917 A.D.

    You ‘LIVE’ for that here on RZN, looking for any excuse to flaunt your SCHISMATIC inner spiritual attitudes and dispositions!

    – +Fr. Joseph

  191. Stav January 8, 2011 @ 3:51 pm

    Dear Fr. Joseph,

    I think I have a right to respond, when you specifically mention myself in your messages. And again, as usual, no counter-arguments to what I posted above.

    As far as understanding goes, don’t worry, I believe you are essentially a good man, with good intentions and so it will come to you too!

    And I truly mean that! Have a blessed 2011 Fr. Joseph!


  192. tl January 8, 2011 @ 8:28 pm

    Aside from their hatred of everyone else, the fake Jewish, fake Semitic nation of Israel is the most anti-semitic people on earth in their genocide of Muslims AND Semitic Jews.

    God is not anti-semitic, neither am I, nor do I aspire to be.

  193. Fr. Joseph January 9, 2011 @ 3:40 am


    You tell ME when your insistance on YOUR demands for endless debates and debating ENDS!?

    Our ENTIRE World consisting of (what is the number now, around 200?) nations and states on every last continental land mass of our Planet Earth with a combined human population of around six (6) billion human souls;

    ALL created in the Image and Likeness of God FOR WHOM God the Father sent His Only Eternally Begotten Son JESUS, The Christ, to be our ENTIRE (and I insist you dwell upon that deliberately chosen word ‘ENTIRE’ of mine) Human Race’s ONE and ONLY Divine Saviour finds themselves in BONDAGE TO, ENSLAVED TO and in MORTAL DANGER FROM Satan, his legions of Hell’s demonics and this very small percentage of members of our own Human Race who HAVE ‘sold their souls to him’…

    …and INSTEAD OF accepting, adopting and implementing GOD’S OWN Divine Supernatural REMEDY and SOLUTION to our entire Human Race’s SATANIC spiritual problem(s)…

    …YOU want to debate, post arguments, demand counter-arguments in order TO FUEL this constantly spinning Schismatic Squirrel Cage of yours!

    The LATIN ‘Contra factuum non argumentum est’ means ‘Against FACTS there are NO arguments’.

    I have posted website/Internet address links GALORE here to +Br. Nathanael’s RZN commentary sections in my attempts TO ASSIST +Br. Nathanael in spiritually DEFEATING these spiritual ENEMIES vs. all of Mankind and the Church.

    And I bet you haven’t even DARED to consider THE FACTS those websites/references publicly post and present to BOTH the members of the Church and to everyone else who has his/her ‘Humanity’ and IS a member of God’s Human Race here on our planet earth!

    There is NO TIME left to continue on with this 1,000 YEAR OLD debate-counter-debate, argument-counter-argument, YOU of the Eastern Orthodox Church’s WANT TO ‘KEEP ALIVE’ for yet another 1,000 years!

    We are ALL on the verge of ‘THE END’ of our World and our Human Race as we know it and have known it!

    You EOCs here on RZN have a BIG PERSONAL CHOICE to make.

    Either you ALL ‘WAKE UP! And smell the SMOKE & FIRE that is engulfing our Catholic Church and all of Mankind’ and ACCEPT God’s Own One and Only SOLUTION, the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immaculately Loving Heart of JESUS’ Own Mother Mary…

    …or all of you EOCs PERISH right along with the rest of the Church and all of Mankind!

    – +Fr. Joseph

  194. Stav January 9, 2011 @ 2:17 pm

    Hi Fr. Joseph,

    OK, straight to my answers:

    You say:

    “You tell ME when your insistance on YOUR demands for endless debates and debating ENDS!?”

    I do not demand anything. I merely stated that you have not responded in kind to my posts. I posted some arguments, against your claims, and you responded with irrelevant stuff. The same has happened with other posters arguments to you. I can bring up examples for you if you want, since all if here on record.

    Now, as far as when I am going to stop, as you see, since I am making no demands, there’s no reason for me to stop doing something that I am not actually doing. However, I will not stop posting arguments against things you say that I may disagree with, until either Br. Nathanael asks me to, or we come to some kind of resolution.

    You say:

    “ALL created in the Image and Likeness of God FOR WHOM God the Father sent His Only Eternally Begotten Son JESUS, The Christ, to be our ENTIRE (and I insist you dwell upon that deliberately chosen word ‘ENTIRE’ of mine) Human Race’s ONE and ONLY Divine Saviour finds themselves in BONDAGE TO, ENSLAVED TO and in MORTAL DANGER FROM Satan, his legions of Hell’s demonics and this very small percentage of members of our own Human Race who HAVE ’sold their souls to him’…”

    Right, yes I agree with the above. Then why did the spirit at Fatima say “Only I can save you!”?

    Is this not a clear contradition wo what you claim above?

    You say:

    “…And INSTEAD OF accepting, adopting and implementing GOD’S OWN Divine Supernatural REMEDY and SOLUTION to our entire Human Race’s SATANIC spiritual problem(s)…”

    What do you mean, I already said I accept Jesus Christ as the Saviour of mankind.

    You say:

    “…YOU want to debate, post arguments, demand counter-arguments in order TO FUEL this constantly spinning Schismatic Squirrel Cage of yours!”

    What Cage are you talking about? And what demands? As I have stated above, I have made no demands to you.

    And as far a Schismatic goes, I have fully explained to you the meaning of the word, and by this definition, it is the Roman religious community who are schismatics.

    Please explain, as I am surely missing something here? What has the Orthodox Church done to produce a Schism into the Church?

    You say:

    “The LATIN ‘Contra factuum non argumentum est’ means ‘Against FACTS there are NO arguments’.”

    A very wise statement indeed. Therefore, can you please answer me why the Roman religious community refuses the Most Holy Blood to the lay people, while the FACT is, that Jesus Christ Himself, as recorded in Scripture, says that it is for ALL?

    You say:

    “I have posted website/Internet address links GALORE here to +Br. Nathanael’s RZN commentary sections in my attempts TO ASSIST +Br. Nathanael in spiritually DEFEATING these spiritual ENEMIES vs. all of Mankind and the Church.”

    Thank you for this contribution. I have checked some of them out. Some are blatant Roman “Catholic” propaganda, and other were quite insightful. However, I don’t see the point of mentioning this here.

    You say:

    “And I bet you haven’t even DARED to consider THE FACTS those websites/references publicly post and present to BOTH the members of the Church and to everyone else who has his/her ‘Humanity’ and IS a member of God’s Human Race here on our planet earth!”

    As I said before, whatever was propaganda, I have rejected as such. Whatever was useful, I have taken on board. And forgive me, but I don’t have the time to check out every single link that you post. As far as your mention of the humanity of all people, yes, it is a valid point to which I agree. But again, I fail to see the relevance here.

    You say:

    “There is NO TIME left to continue on with this 1,000 YEAR OLD debate-counter-debate, argument-counter-argument, YOU of the Eastern Orthodox Church’s WANT TO ‘KEEP ALIVE’ for yet another 1,000 years!”

    Well, I for one, cannot see into the future. I do not want to claim that I know how much time we have to debate (or for anything else as a matter of fact). But, again forgive me, but, there has not been any counter-argument from you side.

    There have been only arguments from my and other sides. A common conversation between you and me goes like this:


    Fr. Joseph, why is that that since we both agree that fact A is true, that the Roman religious community counters this fact, by introducing blatantly absurd and contra scriptural claim B?

    Fr Joseph:

    In this ANO DOMINI, I have posted again and again links to BOTH members of the CHURCH which prove that humanity’s SAVIOUR etc. etc. etc. And lets not forget the mention to the Holy and Immaculate consecration blah blah , Fatima, etc. etc. etc. ONLY I CAN SAVE YOU, blah blah blah , etc. etc. etc. HOLY SEE, etc. etc. etc. THE KEYS, etc. blah blah, etc.


    What does this all have to do with what I said above?

    Fr. Joseph:

    OUR LADY of Fatima, blah blah, SOLEMN CONSECRATION, etc. etc. HOLY SEE, etc. etc. THE YEAR ANO DOMINI, etc. etc. AIRCRAFT MECHANIC, etc. etc. etc. Fatima, Fatima, etc. etc.


    OK, but when are you going to reply to what I said above?

    Fr. Joseph:

    Fatima, HOLY SEE, etc. etc. blah blah, Our lady of Fatima, etc. etc. SOLEMN CONSECRATION.

    Some other poster:

    Zionists are destroying the world!!!

    Fr. Joseph:

    Fatima, Consecration, Consecration of Russia, Our Lady, Our HOLY SEE etc. etc. blah blah

    Get my point?

    You say:

    “We are ALL on the verge of ‘THE END’ of our World and our Human Race as we know it and have known it!”

    Yes, I agree.

    You say:

    “You EOCs here on RZN have a BIG PERSONAL CHOICE to make.”

    OK, lets hear it.

    You say:

    “Either you ALL ‘WAKE UP! And smell the SMOKE & FIRE that is engulfing our Catholic Church and all of Mankind’ and ACCEPT God’s Own One and Only SOLUTION, the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immaculately Loving Heart of JESUS’ Own Mother Mary…”

    Here we go again, Consecrations, Fatima, Russia etc. etc. blah blah.

    You say:

    “…Or all of you EOCs PERISH right along with the rest of the Church and all of Mankind!”

    OK, then, do your “consecration” and see what happens… Nothing… Don’t you get it?

    You have no Pope, and therefore, you cannot have a consecration of anything, let alone a whole country. The problem does not lie in the Orthodox accepting anything from you. The problem lies in getting the Roman Catholic community into a state where it will be capable of consecrations again.

    Thus, to conclude, I am afraid I have to say, that I am not able to make much sense of this “BIG PERSONAL CHOICE” that we are supposed to make.


  195. Fr. Joseph January 9, 2011 @ 3:44 pm


    Okay, okay. So you GREEKS don’t want Our Lady of Fatima’s ASSISTANCE in getting Her Divine Son WORLD PEACE.

    All right. That’s YOUR very ‘Greek’ choice.

    Now then, my recommendation to you FOR is this:

    Go and HELP OUT all of your fellow GREEK brothers and sisters there in GREECE who are currently RIOTING IN THE STREETS, flipping over POLICE CARS and setting them ON FIRE while your GREEK POLICEMEN and POLICEWOMAN stand a far distance way in FEAR from these RIOTING GREEK CROWDS!

    Don’t want the Mother of God’s GIFT of Her Son’s – DIVINE PEACE – for Greece???


    – +Fr. Joseph

  196. Fr. Joseph January 9, 2011 @ 4:08 pm


    When all of you GREEKS have bloodied each other with VIOLENCE enough, when all of you GREEKS have been impoverished enough, when all of you GREEKS have grown ‘sick & tired’ of the type and sort of NATIONAL LIFE you have been all thrust into enduring by the International-Transnational Zionists’ Banking Cartel “running things” throughout our contemporary World of nations and states…

    Then YOUR Greek Orthodox Church’s PATRIARCH along with ALL of your Greek Orthodox Church Metropolitans, Bishops, Priests, Monks on Mt. Athos, etc IN CONJUNCTION WITH all of the GREEK Government’s Officials will come out to the GREEK people of your GREEK nation to inform all of you GREEKS…

    That is in the ‘Vital Pressing Interest’ of the GREEK NATION to sign over national and territorial SOVEREIGNTY of several key GREEK ISLANDS sitting on INCREDIBLE AMOUNTS OF NATURAL GAS underneath the Mediterranean Sea just off the coast of GREECE over to these International-Transnational Zionists Jews.

    That’s how this Global-Game of ‘ACQUIRE’ is played, if you and your fellow GREEKS of your Greek NATION and your GREEK Orthodox Church haven’t as yet ‘Figured It Out’!

    – +Fr. Joseph

  197. Stav January 10, 2011 @ 2:17 am

    Hi Fr. Joseph,

    I am going to attempt a honest post to you, I hope you take it for what it is, and not resort again to repeating your self, and basically ignoring what I say.

    You last message is insightful and full of new info. Nothing like your previous ones. Let me assure you, that the signing over of our sovereignty, the huge natural resources by our traitorous “leaders” that we apparently have and the related matters do not escape most truly thinking Greeks.

    I’m guessing here that most people here have a high level of accepting the pressures that are put on us right now. But my guess is, it won’t be long until they explode in a big way.

    On a different matter, I think that sometimes, going through a crisis, may be a good way for people to wake up and rise to the standards required from us by God. Poverty for example is a great spiritual awakener which makes many people change over their hopes from human to God.

    It is therefore perhaps a good thing, spiritually speaking, to go through a crisis occasionally. Of course, any crisis, does leave behind a certain number of victims.

    We have been told about all of this, and more, that is to come, by our Mt. Athos elders and other enlightened people and so, the people who are close to the Church are prepared to a great extent.

    The present crisis and upcoming bigger one, which includes wars which will involve practically the whole world, will according to the sayings by these people, sort out the world for some time, until the real, final end.

    Don’t worry, the real Truth, will become so clear that the righteous, will know where to turn, when this time comes.

    But I have already said too much. There is a possibility that that info will sound absurd to most people. It is my profound belief, that God has a plan for us and whomever is ready to follow Him, will benefit from this plan.

    You must understand, that I don’t see you as an enemy, not do I hate you in any shape or form. Nor do I put my hopes in the nation of Greeks or any other. My allegiance is to Christ and His Church and thus, I Love the Truth and wisdom that comes to you from this love, which I strongly believe to be the Orthodox Church, which is Catholic and thus over and above all nationalities.

    My intentions, as I believe yours are too, are good. I consider you my brother, albeit a bit mislead. But to a great extent, I do not think this is entirely your fault.

    Stick to it, my friend, be close to the Truth, entangle you self to it, know that there is an Orthodox, true Church out there for you to turn to when the time comes, by reading these brilliant articles written by Br. Nathanael. Be a part of this community, and when the time is right, via your sincere attitude, God will grant you what you need.

    We all need His grace and His assistance, in different ways perhaps, but as long as we try and try and ask and ask of Him, we will receive.

    Forgive me for disagreeing so much with what you consider to be so crucial, but I am unable to do otherwise, based on the information I have at my side of things. But let me assure you, to disagree with what you say, does not mean that I think of you any less of a brother.

    In the ultimate end, which is our individual deaths, we don’t know who is going to end up close to Christ in Heaven, and thus, any premature pride, is to say the least unwise.

    For the last 20 centuries, we, over here in the East, have viewed the Mother of God, as Ever-Virgin, All-Holy, Full of Grace and the most Saintly Human being ever to live on this earth. And for this, we venerate her (but not worship Her). This, practice has been confirmed to be good and proper to us by Herself, in many many cases. So don’t think that we ignore Her or we somehow don’t think too much of Her.

    She is our Great Intercessor, Our biggest hope, after Her Son, Jesus Christ. But, that’s as far as we go and no further. To call Her immaculate, in the full sense of the word, to us, goes too far.

    The truth is in keeping the correct balance of things. There is such as thing as “putting too much salt in the recipe.” The perfect amount, makes the meal perfect, too much or too little will always cause problems.

    The problem with putting too much salt in the mix, is that it is much harder to get out. If you put too little, you can always correct by adding more. I am one of these people, who will say, may be you have put too much salt in the mix. You may have to restart the whole process. See, without this essential expressing of the truth, there is no hope in correcting the balance.

    So forgive me for saying it, but without this mention, there is not hope for fixing things.

    And to us, this is the right way to look at things. Unless there is a solid theology which can validly, in agreement with our Holy Tradition and scripturally overturn this, we will stick to this view and practice.

    We may agree to disagree, but you must understand, that the purpose is not to make the Schism bigger. The purpose is to make our view, which with very good reasons, we view to be the Orthodox (i.e. correct) one.

    It’s not a personal thing. To us, it’s like claiming that 1+1 = 2 while knowing that this may widen our separation with those who do not understand arithmetic operations yet. There is no point, according to our view and information that we possess, to agree that 1+1 is anything other than 2, simply to agree.

    There is no point, agreeing by compromising our basic and core beliefs and doctrines. So, I hope you see, that it is not personal, not that we are trying to simply cause problems just for the sake of it.

    I have not forgotten you, not your mother, and occasionally still pray for you both. I want you to understand, that while sometimes occurring in a heated way, I still care for the truth, and care to mention it, for your and others benefit.

    If you feel, that an implication of the Truth, Who is Jesus Christ, may cause a part of what you accepted as truth collapse, please, please, don’t let it get in the way of getting closer to Him.

    While Christ came in peace, for most, the implications of His Good Message can cause cataclysmic, apocalyptic changes in their lives, which may cause some pain. But this pain, is nothing in comparison to the Joy of knowing that you have come one step closer to the Truth, which is essentially Jesus Christ.

    In Christ our Lord,


  198. Fr. Joseph January 10, 2011 @ 9:43 am

    Dear Stav,

    Now then, FINALLY!, maybe you and I as representative members of our respective Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Churches can NOW get on with the most pressing business at hand – utterly and totally DEFEATING Satan, his legions of elemental demonics and his JUDAS-30-PIECES-OF-SILVER, SPLENDORS-OF-THE-KINGDOMS-OF-THIS-WORLD incarnate spirit/human being BETRAYERS of our God and Father in Heaven, His Divine Son, God the Holy Spirit and the rest of Mankind!

    Now don’t you dare tell me that ‘It’s simply NOT true!’ that your Greek Orthodox Church’s Priests go on in lenghty sermons to the members of the Greek Orthodox Church condemning the ‘many ERRORS’ of both the Bishop of Rome and the ROMAN Catholic Church!

    A good friend at work, a devout Greek Orthodox Christian, who is GREEK by heritage, who has immediate family members living there in Greece, who regularly takes the time to fly from our USA to Greece in order to visit with them, to take vacations in Greece with them – has expressed to me his own personal “disgust” at having to hear these sorts of sermons rammed down the minds and hearts of the members of the Laity of your Greek Orthodox Church’s parishes there in Greece.

    People the World over, from every race, creed, color and national origin have this ‘spiritual condition’ which is termed by the Apostles as ‘ITCHY EARS’. For a whole variety of reasons, people from every last nation-state, race-heritage, of our World simply ‘LOVE’ hearing ‘THE DIRT’ about others because it gives them a sense of being ‘superior’ in and with THEIR possession of a God-given human nature.

    What makes you Eastern Orthodox Christians think for a single moment that the Western, Latin, Roman Catholic Church spends its time sulking in some dark, dank dungeons always ‘conjuring up’ something in order TO TWEEK your noses AS members of the Eastern Orthodox Churches?

    The formal, public and solemn dogmatic declaration by the Bishop of Rome of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s “IMMACULATE CONCEPTION” was the result of the MOST HOLY THEOTOKOS HERSELF informing her Son’s Church Militant here on earth as well as all of the rest of Mankind that She IS God’s “Immaculate Conception”!

    From the on-line, in-the-public-Worldwide-Internet-domain reference page (which ALL of you from any and all of the Eastern Orthodox Church’s can so EASILY obtain for yourselves in order TO READ for yourselves via the Internet)

    “Thursday, March 25, 1858 – ‘Would you be so kind as to tell me who you are?’ The answer finally came: ‘I AM THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION.'”

    Now lookie Stav, I am quite certain that God the Holy Spirit, the Divine Spirit of TRUTH, Who is currently working in, with and through +Br. Nathanael as His Divine ‘Instrument’ to tell ALL THE PEOPLES of EVERY LAST RACE-CREED-COLOR-NATIONAL ORIGIN throughout our Internet-connected World of 2011 Anno Domini what these Monied Satan-Lucifer worshippers HAVE DONE, ARE DOING and PLAN ON CONTINUING TO DO to them all, has worked in, for and through ANY NUMBER of your Abbots and Monks and Priests and Clergy of YOUR Greek Orthodox Church down through the centuries and even up to now.

    So this is what I want for YOU to do for me as one coming out of the WESTERN-LATIN-ROMAN Church.

    Go approach the most holiest, the most spiritually knowledgeable, the most WISEST of any of the Abbots or Monks there on Mt. Athos, or for that matter, from ANY Greek Orthodox Church’s parish, and pose/present this SINGLE QUESTION of mine TO THEM to answer FOR YOU with the Celestial Light of God the Holy Spirit radiating from their face(s):

    “Were not BOTH Adam and Eve ‘CONCEIVED IMMACULATELY’ from any stain of SIN by ALMIGHTY GOD HIMSELF???”

    Sacred Scripture has it:

    “GOD said, ‘Let Us make man in Our Own Image, in the Likeness of Ourselves, and let them be masters of the fish of the sea, the birds of the heavens, the cattle, all the wild beasts and all the reptiles that crawl upon the earth.

    “GOD created MAN in the Image of Himself,
    in the Image of GOD He created him,
    MALE and FEMALE He created them.”

    – quoting to you from the SACRED CANON OF the Church’s Own SCRIPTURES – Genesis 1:26-27

    And THEN, in the Yahwistic rendition of God’s Creation:

    “Yahweh God fashioned man of dust from the soil. Then He (GOD) BREATHED into his nostrils a Breath of Life, and thus man became a living being.” – Genesis 2:7

    When God ‘Did’ what He ‘Did’ to and for Adam and Eve in BOTH the Genesis 1:26-27 and Genesis 2:7 – were not ADAM and EVE right then and there at the PRECISE MOMENT of God Himself having granted them LIFE…

    “IMMACULATELY CONCEIVED” by God Himself???

    Go ASK your most learned, your most holiest, your most spiritually gifted Greek Orthodox Church’s PATRIARCH, METROPOLITAN, BISHOP, PRIEST, VOWED RELIGIOUS on Mt. Athos whether or not GOD created Adam and Eve “in a state of SIN” or in a spiritual state of being ‘IMMACULATELY CONCEIVED’!

    Your ST. JOHN THE APOSTLE, the same St. John the Apostle who wound up on your GREEK ISLAND of Patmos, himself has this to say with his FULL Apostolic Teaching Authority to and for ALL members of the Christian Church throughout our contemporary World:

    “It was TO UNDO ALL that the devil has done
    that the SON OF GOD appeared.
    No one who has been begotten by God sins;
    because God’s seed remains inside him,
    he cannot sin when he has been begotten
    by God.

    Quoting IN PUBLIC here from the 1st Epistle of St. John THE APOSTLE. – 1 John 3:8-9


    Hence, the MOTHER OF JESUS, the WOMAN of Genesis 3:15, the WOMAN of Revelation 12:17 is God’s Own


    Just like the MOTHER OF GOD, the MOST HOLY THEOTOKOS, told/informed the French Catholic young woman ‘Bernadette’ in Her Appations/Messages as OUR LADY OF LOURDES, FRANCE – 1858 Anno Domini!

    The Western-Latin-Roman Catholic Church and her Bishop of Rome, THE POPE, did not sulk around figuring out what might be publicly proclaimed as ‘Doctrine’ or as ‘Dogma’ in order to ‘TWEEK THE NOSES’ of all of you of the EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCHES!

    GOD HIMSELF took it upon Himself to see to it that our ENTIRE HUMAN RACE knew/knows about the Blessed Virgin Mary’s ‘IMMACULATE CONCEPTION’ so that She would give BIRTH to God the Father’s Only Begotten Son JESUS so that His Divine Son WOULD ‘UNDO’ ALL THAT THE DEVIL HAS DONE/DID TO OUR ENTIRE HUMAN RACE generated from our human parents of ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’!


    ‘Cause IF you are, IF you can ‘accept’ and ‘understant’ THAT most important and critical DOCTRINAL-DOGMATIC ISSUE regarding the ‘IMMACULATE CONCEPTION’ of THE WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17 – then we of the WESTEN-CATHOLIC Church and you of the EASTERN-ORTHODOX Church really and truly DO have ‘A Figthing Chance’ of UTTERLY DEFEATING/ROUTING SATAN’S LEGIONS and ‘A Fighting Chance’ TO SAVE our Human Race and ALL OF MANKIND!

    – +Fr. Joseph
    Nazareth Hermitage – USA
    1st. Lt. – His Holy Army @ ‘Bastogne’

  199. Stav January 11, 2011 @ 3:21 am

    Dear Fr. Joseph,

    Let me start from the bottom up.

    I already know however, there is no way that you can possibly understand any of what I write below. The only reason I respond here, this time, is to leave a complete trail and completeness for the people who may read this in the future.

    I expect from you, an emotion loaded, irrelevant info filled reply, that takes us straight to step one again. It is sad to realize the futility of all of this.

    Anyway, here goes another few minutes wasted:

    You say:
    “…and ‘A Fighting Chance’ TO SAVE our Human Race and ALL OF MANKIND!”

    I really am not sure what you mean with this. Do you mean that you believe that all mankind can and must be saved? Or is it just a figure of speech? Because if you really mean it, there are a few problems.

    As we know from the Revelation, it is stated that not all mankind will be saved. There will be the ones who will lose their souls and the ones who will join God the Father in heaven. The difference is clearly stated and is of course prophetic.

    Secondly, I have to state here, it is Jesus Christ Who saves, not us and not even the Most Holy Theotokos.

    One thing that practically escapes most Roman Catholics, is that we are born Free, and we are given the chance to Choose to be Saints or Devils. This is true for ALL humans, including the Most Holy Theotokos.

    Without it, nothing else in this creation would have true value for us. Not even the Glorious, Mysterious and Loving sacrifice of Jesus Christ for us. Until we die, we are ALL, at all moments, given the choice to be evil or good.

    Next, you tell me to ask:

    “Were not BOTH Adam and Eve ‘CONCEIVED IMMACULATELY’ from any stain of SIN by ALMIGHTY GOD HIMSELF???”

    OK let’s take this step by step shall we?

    First off, I should let you know, that this question has been posed to us Orthodox, more than once, since even before the Schism, by the ones on “your side” who were already compromised by the spirit of heresy. Nevertheless, I’ll continue.

    Your quick answer is this: Sin, according to the Orthodox view, is our ticket to Heaven. Not through sin of course, but by the existence of Sin, we are able to turn away from it. In fact, Sin is so important, that it was given to us even before we asked for it, for the same reason. Not to be defiled by it, but to be given a chance to avoid it.

    Think of it as a test. Any test, and exam, the we humans invent, be it at a school of any kind, sports events, science etc. MUST have inherently a method of proving that passing or not passing the test was a genuine event and not something either forced or something that happened by chance.

    We constantly introduce either obstacles, or difficulties, or any manner of resisting elements, to prove the validity of any test. We do this, because we instinctively know that without such testing, there is no value to the test.

    It is in the “same” but of course infinitively more wisely, that God the Creator, gives us similar obstacles, of which the most important are our inherent tendency to sin combined with our freedom to choose.

    It is therefore exactly, that applying immaculateness to any of His Creation, God would be taking away the inherent value that would have been created if there was no immaculateness but nevertheless, this creation achieved Sainthood.

    And herein lies your error:

    If the Mother of God is immaculate, then what makes her different to God? Essentially nothing, especially if we have a real good look at the meaning of the word (see below).

    And if Adam and Even were immaculate, then why do you not worship them in the same way that you worship Mary the Mother Of God?

    It is because, we all know that Adam and Eve somehow degraded from a state of perfection (immaculateness as you want to believe) into a state of Sin. But, that implies, that they already had a tendency to sin, or that God introduced this after He created them perfect.

    In the first case, your view of them as immaculate is false, because something immaculate, simply because it is immaculate, does not have any inherent tendencies to degradation. In the second case, you would have to introduce a weakness into your understanding of God, which is of course Blasphemous, because He IS perfect.

    Or, you can, as we Orthodox do, simply say, that God, introduced the tendency to Sin in order to add true value to His creation.

    Therefore, we see a huge difference between the way you see the Mother Of God and the way we see Her:

    You see her as some kind of perfect creation, essentially with no choice but to be perfect, and thus, you worship Her. In this case, based on your theory, you should be worshiping any creation that is perceived to be immaculate and perfect. For example take an individual animal.

    Let’s consider a common cat. It “works” perfectly every time, it exists in practical perfection in this universe, it is incapable of sin. It was created with no Sin, in your view, it has no choice but to act as directed by God. Therefore, based on your view, you should be worshiping cats too.

    I know the example is not entirely correct. But, based on your theory, this is the kind of absurd conclusions one can arrive at.

    On the other hand, we Orthodox, see Her as someone Who could have sinned, because She was both Free and capable (in fact, with a tendency to do so, just like all of us), but Chose not to. And by doing so, She earned the right for ALL of us, to bring forth our Saviour. And therefore, through Her life she has proven that She could remain clear of Sin, by Her personal work. This, adds true value and reason to venerate Her more than other Creations and specially.

    To continue, lets define the word immaculate:

    A commonly found thesaurus tells us amongst other things, that the word ‘immaculate’ means:

    not dirty; uncluttered, not guilty, respectable, appropriate, godlike, perfect, having nothing wrong with it, flawless, spotless, intact, faultless, flawless, pure, spotless, unblemished, unstained, untarnished, absolved, blameless, correct, ethical, modest, moral, proper, prudent, pure, right, trustworthy, undefiled, virtuous, worthy, above reproach, blameless, classic, clean, correct, crimeless, errorless, exemplary, exquisite, faithful, flawless, foolproof, guiltless, ideal, immaculate, impeccable, inculpable, innocent, intact, irreproachable, model, on target, perfect, pure, right on, sinless, spotless, stainless, supreme, textbook, unblemished, unguilty, unspotted etc. etc.

    Now, if Adam and Eve were errorless, exemplary, faithful, irreproachable, sinless, correct, perfect in all ways including spiritually, prudent etc. etc., then why would they disobey Gods commandment, to NOT eat from the tree?

    And, if there was absolutely nothing wrong with them, then how is it that they sinned?

    The answer, is because they simply were not immaculate, based on the definitions above. And, the Orthodox view on this matter, is very clear. Gods plan for us all, was to become His spiritual Children Freely, by accepting freely His own Son as our Saviour.

    This was the plan, even before the Messiah appeared. And this, is because, God in His eternal wisdom has planned it this way, from the “time” of Eternity. God lives beyond time, and does not change His “mind.” He is perfect Always and He is in NO need of correcting any of His creations which includes His plans.

    I say this, because I know that this sophistic approach to provide a seemingly foolproof argument derives from the heretical work of your own Catholics. And all of this material, of course appeared in the west and was unknown or considered heretical for all the time before the western heresy appeared.

    Adam and Eve were created “Καθ ομοίωσην” which means “in the likeness of” and NOT “Καθ εξισωσην” which means “in the exactness.” Which means that we cannot assume that man was made exactly (i.e. 100%) like God. The word “όμοιος” is chosen carefully specifically to show the Differences as well as the similarities. He was made simply and only in the likeness of God.

    In addition, the breath of God, is understood, and has been understood for many centuries before the existence of Roman Papism, as being the gift of the Holy Spirit, just like we Orthodox Accept the Holy Chrism, just after Baptism. This does not make any of us immaculate.

    But, we believe that man was made perfect for the purpose of his existence. This means, that however paradoxically, even the inclusion of a tendency to sin, was included IN ORDER to be able to attain perfection.

    It is not the other way around. See my mention of the concept of testing or examining something above. Thus, we believe that in the true, practical sense of the word, man was made perfect. But this understanding is far from your western and haphazard perception of what is perfect and with what reason.

    In any case, trying to prove the immaculate conception of Adam and Eve with no success I might add, does not prove the immaculate conception of the All Holy Theotokos.

    In fact, and this particular subject is a great and very lengthy subject, i.e. the Creation of Adam and Eve and the whole context, as analyzed by the “Catholics” is literally riddled with heretical views and is one clear source of your many doctrinal errors.

    Namely, the Idea that God changes His mind and thus, implies that there was a flaw in His perfect plans for the Creation, your subsequent Theology on the nature of God, etc. etc. All of these derive from a single inability to simply accept the old, original and perfect theology, given to you by your once in communion brothers in the Orthodox Church. As I said, it is far too lengthy to go into in any case.

    But the sheer weight of heretical views that your mention of Adam and Eve that carries, reminds me again, how very very far and deep the damage has gone in your community.

    It is sad to be reminded of this, as not only do you need to correct the obvious surfacing problems, but you really need to acquire a whole new, Orthodox, mindset before you even begin to understand why you need to change.

    I am again at a state of awe, at how much you have let the image of God and His plan for us to degrade. And I mean this not personally, but collectively.

    So, as you can see, the apparently simple matter of the “Immaculate Conception,” is not too simple but rather the result of years, perhaps centuries, of misguided theology and understanding.

    And thirdly, since I am answering bottom up, yes, there are many sermons happening all over this land exposing the Errors of the Roman religious community.

    They are generally divided into two categories:

    1) (By far the most, I’d say 95%-99%) Deal with the errors of your community objectively, by not only exposing them, but also giving SOLID and powerful arguments and proof, as to why exactly, these errors are severe errors/heresies and not mere mistakes or small occasional transgressions.

    2) (a very small number, I my self have probably never encountered one) Who are prejudiced against non Orthodox and may be betrayed by their ignorance.

    However, you tell me. Should an Orthodox Theologian remain silent and never mention what we consider to be severe errors, or should we pretend that it does not exist? Yes, I know, if one was Catholic and was listening to these sermons, they may feel offended, but really Fr. Joseph, is that a reason to stop telling the truth?

    I see from your actions here, that when you feel something is right and good, lets take the famous “consecrations” of yours, you WILL force these sermons again, and again, and again, regardless if you are told that this is offensive.

    From the perspective of being a man of principle, I respect this immensely. But what I do not understand, is why reject a practice that you yourself engage in, when someone else follows this logic?

    Yes, we feel that it is of urgent and utmost importance for YOUR souls, and a huge part of mankind, since the Roman Catholics have such great influence in general, that you correct your doctrinal and practical issues. Thus, as you can see, we have a sense of urgency and importance, albeit in a different subject, which compels us to act in the same way you do.

    In Christ our Lord,


  200. Fr. Joseph January 11, 2011 @ 9:28 am



    Apparently, those words of Divine Instruction don’t mean very much to you Orthodox.

    Do your Eastern Orthodox Christians WANT to “SAVE” Mankind from a Satanic inspired and Satanic instigated THERMONUCLEAR Third World War ON NOT???

    You GREEK Orthodox, you SERBIAN Orthodox, you RUSSIAN Orthodox get THROWN INTO a World War ONE, you all get thrown into a World War TWO – and you Eastern Orthodox still yet REFUSE to accept the Mother of God’s HELP by accepting her 1917 A.D. Fatima Apparitions, Messages and Instructions!

    Not much I more I can do with you, Stav. You actually think that your ‘Orthodoxy’ is the ‘Divine Answer’ to our World’s and Mankind’s vexing SATANIC-INDUCED problems on the one hand while you Orthodox wind up publicly denouncing the Tsar of Russia as in league with the ‘ANTICHRIST’ on the other.

    As God said through Jonah:

    “…people who cannot tell their right and from their left…” – Jonah 4:11

    Jesus Christ RISES from the Dead, and the Supernatural Miracle of HOLY FIRE arises from His Tomb – and you Orthodox somehow take it upon yourself to claim that THAT is “YOUR” Miracle – and you Orthodox ACCEPT that Supernatural Sign.

    The Mother of God advises tens-of-thousands of people that HER DIVINE SON will perform a public Supernatural Miracle of the Sun in Portugal, 70,000 see it and experience it, and you Orthodox REJECT the Mother of God and Her Son’s Supernatural Miracle, thus REJECTING Her Help in ‘SAVING’ all of you Eastern Orthodox from FUTURE WORLD WARS!

    No, it’s not us Catholic Christians that need some sort of ‘conversion to Orthodoxy’.

    It’s you of the Eastern Orthodox Church that ALL NEED ‘conversion to the Catholic Church’.

    Your theology on/about the Blessed Trinity based on ORIGEN and your rejection of the theology on/about the Blessed Trinity based on St. Augustine is likewise based on the falacious error of ‘regional pride and prejudice’.

    And on and on it goes….

    – +Fr. Joseph

  201. Fr. Joseph January 11, 2011 @ 9:40 am


    When you Eastern Orthodox can FINALLY admit to the Mother of God that your ‘Schism of 1054 A.D.’ was the result POLITICAL territorial and jurisdication disputes coupled with the desire of the Patriarch of Constantinople to transfer ‘Primacy’ FROM Rome TO Constantinople – then maybe you and I “will finally get somewhere”.

    – +Fr. Joseph

  202. Fr. Joseph January 11, 2011 @ 10:47 am


    Okay, okay….in the global-worldwide interest of an open, frank, sincere and truthful ‘ECUMENICAL DIALOGUE’ which we Catholic Christians are called TO DO in earnest with ALL of the other peoples of the nations of our World AND their personally held ‘Religious Beliefs’…

    …lets YOU and I present to the REST OF THE ENTIRE WORLD our closely and dearly held ‘Religious Beliefs’ which all-too-often go UNSTATED.

    Now then, with regards to the Appartions and Miracle-of-the-Sun of Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal 1917 A.D. – YOU and your Greek Orthodox Church brethen maintain that they were ‘DEMONIC-IN-ORIGIN’ – and since all of you from the Eastern Orthodox Church ‘HOLD FAST SHOULDER-TO-SHOULDER’ the same exact ‘Orthodox Faith’, then it follows that the implict, unspoken and closely held BELIEF of the Serbian Orthodox, the Russian Orthodox, the Syrian Orthodox and Coptic Orthodox that THEY are all in agreement with YOU as a member of the GREEK Orthodox Church…

    …ALL of the Eastern Orthodox Church ALL publicly assert that the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal 1917 A.D. and the public ‘Miracle-of-the-Sun’ were ‘DEMONIC-IN-ORIGIN’.

    Now THAT’S your position AS WELL AS the position of other Eastern Orthodox Churches.

    With regards to the Mother of God AS Our Lady of Lourdes, France, 1854 A.D. wherein the Mother of God reveals herself TO BE God’s Own ‘Immaculate Conception’, YOU disagree with this ‘Apparition’s Self-Revelation’ as being God’s IMMACULATE CONCEPTION.

    By DISAGREEING with this ‘Apparition’s Self-Revelation’ as being God’s ‘Immaculate Conception’ YOU and YOUR Greek Orthdox Church in conjunction with/in solidarity with ALL of the other Eastern Orthodox Churches PUBLICLY ASSERT/DECLARE that this ‘Apparition’ who identified herself as God’s ‘Immaculate Conception’ at Lourdes France 1854 was/in LYING-DECEIVING the people of the Church and our World.

    As LYING-DECEIT-DECEPTION are hallmarks of SATAN, then you and your Greek Orthodox Church along with ALL of the entire Eastern Orthodox Church have, are and will continue to declare PUBLICLY to all the peoples of ALL the nations of our World that

    1) the Apparitions of Our Lady of Lourdes, France are ‘DEMONIC-IN-ORIGIN’ and ‘FROM THE DEVIL’ and

    2) the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal are ‘DEMONIC-IN-ORIGIN’ and ‘FROM THE DEVIL’.

    So, for the sake of ALL OTHERS who read +Br. Nathanael’s RZN commentary sections from all across our World, from every last nation-state with people from every other ‘Religion’ known to Mankind, please PUBLICLY AFFIRM WITH ME that you assert, affirm, declare, promote, believe and INSIST that

    1) the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima ARE ‘DEMONIC-IN-ORIGIN’ and hence, ‘Satanic’, and

    2) the Apparitions of Our Lady of Lourdes ARE ‘DEMONIC-IN-ORIGIN’ and hence, ‘Satanic’.

    So, my dear Stav, is THAT your position, your answer, regarding the Apparitions of Fatima and Lourdes? That both of them are ‘DEMONIC-SATANIC’ in origin?

    All of the foregoing is my effort to be “100% PURELY LOGICAL” with you in coming to a “100% PERFECT UNDERSTANDING” of your Greek Orthodox Church’s FAITH as well as the FAITH of all of the Eastern Orthodox Churches throughout our World.

    Such a ‘LOGICAL’ and ‘PERFECT MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING’ is 100% necessary for TRUE ‘Ecumenical Dialogue’ as called forth to be the religious ‘DUTY’ imposed on us Catholic Christians by OUR OWN Vatican’s Hierarchy and Colleges of Bishops.

    If ‘THEY’ don’t want to do it – then I’ll ATTEMPT as BEST AS I CAN ‘in public’ doing it!

    – +Fr. Joseph

  203. Stav January 11, 2011 @ 11:32 am

    Dear Fr. Joseph,

    Your effort to be logical is one that I applaud. However, your mistake now, as far as my humble opinion goes, is this:

    You are using logic to understand, as per your own words, what our Orthodox belief is.

    Is it not many times more crucial to you, personally, to understand in a logical manner if you own beliefs are 100% correct?

    Would it not make sense, to use this method to validate your own beliefs first and then someone else’s?

    Thus, my question to you, is:

    Have you ever used this method, of remaining objective and sensible, when it comes to your own beliefs?

    For example, you claim that these two apparitions you refer to, are indeed the Mother Of God. The question then, especially in the light that you are trying to convince me and others of this, is to provide some logical, scriptural and healthy proof and thinking process, to support these claims. And as I have stated before, there are very very particular ways to do this.

    For example, you cannot say to me who does not believe in your claims yet, that these apparitions are indeed the Mother of God, and then proceed to base the rest of your claims on this. You would as required by sensible thinking, to prove your claims first, and then proceed to whatever else you need to.

    Thus, the one basic question still stands: What exactly, what foolproof, scriptural, Holy tradition compatible proof do you have, to prove that these apparitions are indeed of divine origin?

    If you can provide this, then we can engage in further discussion, and yes, even an acceptance from my part. But if you can’t, then I am afraid there is no way I can accept such claims based on you simply saying so.

    Finally, as far as what my and the orthodox view is of these apparitions, it is of no value to you to know what they are, unless you are also in full understanding of why this is so.

    Thus, even though I have told you multiple times what the reasoning is behind all of this, from the Orthodox point of view, here goes another super short synopsis:

    1) The apparitions express contra-scriptural ideas.

    2) The apparitions, were not tested, as required by scripture, and the specific way of testing is also mentioned in scripture.

    3) The apparitions claim to be of divine origin themselves. This, as is very well known, is not a reason good enough to accept them as such, given the fact that this is a standard devil trick.

    Now, then, can you clear these 3 points up, one by one to make this point of yours valid to me? (remember, you don’t need to convince your self, you need to convince me, right?) No? Then, sorry I’ll have to stop you there.

    Have no proof, no scriptural support, no way to demonstrate that spiritual discernment took place? Then, no acceptance will occur on my part.

    Plain and simple logic. The matter is not one of a simplistic disagreement on my part, based on no facts, no theory, no theology. No, not at all. This is not a frivolous hobby of mine to disagree simply for having a disagreement.

    Remember the monty python argument clinic sketch? see it here:

    Well, thats not what this is. It is rather a hugely crucial difference in the way we see things.

    On a practical level, look at it this way: In our own Orthodox tradition, we have had several apparitions and spiritual encounters, by the Mother of God Herself, which according to the accounts, have Her say that the “Roman Papists” -Her words, not mine,- are the wrong in their beliefs and heretics.

    Practically, as has happened before, you have never accepted such reports as valid. And while you are not saying so out loud, your non acceptance of these, implies that you believe that they are either faked, or of demonic origin. There is simply no other way around this fact. Thus, my question to you in the practical sense is:

    If you want us to believe in the apparitions and spiritual experiences that have occurred in the Roman Catholic context, then, should you not reciprocate, by accepting the ones that occurred in the Orthodox context?

    Of course, we would then have to deal with severely conflicting information, both apparently coming from the Mother of God, wouldn’t we?

    So my dear Fr. Joseph, what would you do in your case, if I came here every single day, posing information, that I claim to be of divine origin which shows the Catholic Church as an institution to be a product of evil and a blasphemous heresy?

    You know that I could do that, don’t you? I could very easily come up with apparitions and other spiritual occurrences galore, and start firing these to you at every opportunity, just like you do. What would you do in you case if I started doing this? (don’t worry I won’t, but I am sure you can find some on the net anytime you like).

    So, what would you do? Would you accept these apparitions which happened in front of Orthodox people as coming from a divine origin?

    See Fr. Joseph, you may think I am cruel and hard and whatever, for constantly reminding you that you may be wrong, but when you do this, it’s not a problem apparently.

    In Jesus Christ our Lord,


  204. Fr. Joseph January 11, 2011 @ 11:42 am


    So ‘OKAY!’ – in the interest of the ‘ECUMENICAL DIALOGUE’ the Prelates and Ecclesiastial Hierarchy of MY OWN Catholic Church has called ALL of us ‘Catholics’ CHARGED US to do – and in the interest of YOUR Greek Orthodox Church and ALL of your “in spiritual solidarity” Eastern Orthodox Churches throughout our World (in GREECE, in SERBIA, in RUSSIA, in SYRIA, etc.) who have the ‘DIVINE-MANDATE’ to bring the ‘TRUE ORTHODOX FAITH’ to ALL the peoples of ALL the nations of our World…

    …as a ‘Catholic Insider’, let me attempt to give ALL OF YOU from the Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox and Serbian Orthodox a wee bit of INFORMATION about the SPIRITUAL IMPEDIMENTS/OBSTACLES your Patriarchs, Clergy, Religous and Laity of the Eastern Orthodox Churches have encountered with your ‘Divine Orthodox Mandate’.

    As you, Stav, and your entire GREEK Orthodox Church ‘in spiritual solidarity’ WITH all of the other Eastern Orthodox Churches PUBLICLY ASSERT before the peoples of the nations of our entire World that

    1) the Appartions of Our Lady of Lourdes are ‘DEMONIC-SATANIC-IN-ORIGIN’ and hence are DECEIVING and MISLEADING both the True Church of Christ and the Peoples of the Nations of our contemporary World, and

    2) the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima are ‘DEMONIC-SATANIC-IN-ORIGIN’ and hence are DECEIVING and MISLEADING both the True Church of Christ and the Peoples of the Nations of our contemporary World.

    Then you from the GREEK Orthodox Church, your Patriarchs, your Metropolitans, your Bishops, your Priests, your Religious and your MONKS there on Mt. Athos “in spiritual solidarity” have a PRESSING NEED to go out IN FRONT OF all the Peoples of the Nations of our World in order to PUBLICLY DECLARE before six (6) billion members of our Human Race and BEFORE the Very Face of Almighty God Himself that…

    …the Apparitions, Miracles, Messages and Instructions of ‘OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE’ are also LIKEWISE ‘Demonic-Satanic-In-Origin’ since those ‘Appariitons’ representing the MOST HOLY THEOTOKOS converted millions upon millions TO the Catholic Church whose visible head is THE BISHOP OF ROME, the Pope, who is considered the ‘Vicar of Christ Himself’ within the Catholic Church Militant here on earth!

    “This image, which almost IMMEDIATELY INSPIRED the conversion to (the Catholic Church’s version of) CHRISTIANITY of many thousands of Indians, may still be seen in the Cathedral in Mexico City.” – from the on-line, in-the-Worldwide-Internet-public domain reference page:

    So there ya go – you have what YOU and your EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCH considers to be ‘SATAN’ dressing up TO LOOK LIKE the Woman of Genesis and Revelation 12:17 and giving these SATANIC-DEMONIC ‘Apparitions’ all over the entire World TO CONVERT TO the Catholic Church!

    The ONLY POSSIBLE ANSWER to this ‘Satanic-Demonic-In-Origin’ PLOY of having APPARITIONS of the Most Holy Theotokos appearing throughout our World with associated Supernatural Manifestations STOPPED by your Patriarchs, Metropolitans, Bishops, Priests, Vowed Religious Monks etc. as well as all of the ‘LAY FAITHFUL’ of all the Eastern Orthodox Churches from ‘MESSING AROUND WITH’ your Eastern Orthodox Church’s ‘DIVINE-MANDATE’ to bring the ‘True Faith’ to the peoples of the World is for your EASTERN ORTHODOX PATRIARCHS to gather your EOC’s Bishop all together either in one physical place OR in spiritual union and…


    Now what are YOU from the Eastern Orthodox Churches gonna do? What are your respective Patriarchs, Metropolitans, Bishops, Priests, Religious, Monks and Laity gonna do?

    Here I am, an ordained Priest in the Catholic Church – and I’m “Demonically and Satanically DECEIVED and POSSESSED”!

    Are you of the Eastern Orthodox Church GOING TO PEFORM THAT ‘COLLEGIAL EXORCISM’ by your Patriarchs and Bishops…



    God Himself ASKED Cain the Divine Question

    “Where is your brother ABEL?”

    And Cain answered

    “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

    Well, are the Patriarchs, Metropolitans, Bihsops, Priest, Monks on Mt. Athos ‘MY KEEPER’??

    Yes or no?

    And are they going to ‘SAVE ME’ with a Collegial Rite of Exorcism for us Catholic Christians of the Catholic Church throughout our contemporary World?

    Yes or no?

    Either ‘WALK THE WALK’, ‘GO BIG’ or ‘STAY AT HOME’!

    – +Fr. Joseph
    Nazareth Hermitage – USA

  205. Stav January 11, 2011 @ 12:53 pm

    Dear Fr. Joseph,

    Why should I answer your questions, when you don’t answer even a single one of mine, just as a courtesy thing, I am not demanding anything.


  206. Fr. Joseph January 11, 2011 @ 2:29 pm


    Dealing with you is the ‘exact same thing’ as dealing with Charlie.

    I find myself ‘Between a ROCK and a HARD PLACE’!

    You say the collegial consecration of Russia OUGHT NOT EVER BE DONE.

    Charlie says the collegial consecration of Russia HAS ALREAD BEEN DONE 25 YEARS AGO!

    And BOTH OF YOU come out AT me with every manner, sort and type of “Ecclesiastical-In-Origin” EXCUSE as to why each of you assert that I am ‘WRONG,’ in ‘ERROR’, a ‘HERETIC’ and/or an ‘APOSTATE’!

    If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go take TWO ASPIRINS and go lay down in MY BED here at my hermitage.

    Just like I’ve just told Charlie – I haven’t the FOGGIEST CLUE as what I can possibly DO in order to MAKE YOU SEE a most necessary, critical and VITAL BIT of Divine Information given to us all in order ‘to save’ the Church and ‘to save’ all of Mankind from SATAN’S ENSLAVEMENT and his much desired ‘Hell-On-Earth’ for six (6) billion human beings, the year now being 2011 Anno Domini.

    – +Fr. Joseph

  207. Stav January 11, 2011 @ 3:19 pm

    Dear Fr. Joseph,

    Actually I never said that it should never happen. Any consecration, in the full sense of the word, done properly, by a person who has the appropriate spiritual credentials, is a GREAT idea.

    What I said was, that it is not possible at this time, and under current circumstances it is an offensive idea, to me at least, for reasons that I have stated before.

    And, to repeat my self, I posed 2 or 3 questions to you. One was more theological one was totally practical, and one somewhere in the middle.

    If you don’t like getting into “deep” stuff, then simply tell me, what would you do, if I started posting things that have been presented to us Orthodox in spiritual apparitions/experiences. Those should be easy to answer, no?

    Your posts, show that you are completely and utterly ignoring them, there was not even an acknowledgement that you even saw them, let alone answer any of them, if not only for showing some courtesy , or even showing that you noticed what I posted.

    Why is that?

    Furthermore, simply by looking at your answers, it is clearly visible, that they could have been answers to just about any post on this site, as per your track record.

    No mention of even the new contexts I brought up in my last 2-3 posts. Nothing whatsoever, that shows that you were even replying to me, except perhaps that you used my name in the start of your posts. Do you even read my posts?

    What does that practice show? And more importantly, what do you think this tells the readers who may stumble upon this conversation in the future?

    If nothing else, does this serve your apparent purpose?

    In regards to your last post, you mention for the millionth time the matter of the consecrations. But you consistently ignore the fact, that I doubt the divine origin of where this suggestion to consecrate Russia has come from.

    Again and again, I will ask you, how do you think you can be successful into threatening me and others into getting this so important thing to you, when I doubt even the premise of it? How can you possibly think you can get anywhere with this?

    Let’s admit at least, that you just want me to accept what you say, without any support on the correctness of your premises, coming forth from your side. I ask you, do you think that’s an effective way to get ANY agenda whatsoever to be realized?

    Finally to conclude this futile conversation, you say:
    “…I haven’t the FOGGIEST CLUE as what I can possibly DO in order to MAKE YOU SEE…”

    But it’s so very simple, I told you so many times now. If you think these apparitions are divine, beyond any doubt, then it should be sooooo very easy for you to support your claims by some scriptural, and Holy Tradition contextual proof of your claims. That’s all I ask for, why don’t you do it?

    I already said, that if you can do that, then I’d be willing to accept your point of view. How much more plainly can I put it? Why be so apparently at a loss at what to do to convince me, when all I ask for, is for you to make it clear to me, that your assumed apparitions are divine?

    Based on your complete certainty of your opinions, then, how hard can it be to provide some solid, healthy basis that can convince any Christian?

    I am not asking you to prove God’s existence to me. I believe in Him. All I ask, is, tell me, how do you reconcile our common heritage with your assumptions about the apparitions?

    You want me to accept your claims. Thus, in some fashion, you must think that we have enough in common so that we can agree on this. All I am telling you, is show me this stuff!!! Show me WHY you are so sure, in a way that I can understand and accept without compromising what is written in the Bible.

    How much more simple and plain can I make it, I just don’t know. Didn’t know what do do? Well, now you know. That’s all you need to do.

    As far as I can tell and based on your total certainty about this, it should take you a couple of paragraphs to make it clear to me. Do it and we will never have to go through this again.


  208. Stav January 11, 2011 @ 4:19 pm

    And Dear Fr. Joseph,

    A couple more things:

    First of, it does not matter one bit to me, whether the consecration has happened in the past or not. A second, third or one hundredth consecration, done properly, by a person who has the holy right/position to do so, is great. Just great. No problem there.

    Secondly, let me tell you how our Orthodox saints and elders think and what our tradition tells us about dealing spirits, regardless of appearance or things they may do or tell us:

    If a spirit appears to you and tells you something, the FIRST thing you do, is ignore it. And at the same time, you pray. You pray in tears, fast and ask God to give you the strength to deal with this intrusion.

    If the devil appears to you and tells you to pray, you fast and don’t pray just then. If the devil tells you to fast more, then you go and eat something. And then, when you are done ignoring him, you go back to doing what is right.

    If a spirit appears in the form of an angel, or a saint, of Mary the Mother of God, or even Jesus Christ Himself, you DON’T accept their identity simply because of appearance.

    If you hear a voice, telling you that they are any of the above, you DO NOT accept them as such based on what they say.

    If a spirit appears to perform miracles, awesome things, you DON’T accept their divinity based on these miracles.

    If a spirit tells you that you are worthy of a special insight or information, you do not accept this “help” outright. You ignore it.

    So in all of these cases we think…

    NO NO NO, NO NO!

    Thats too easy… After all, who are we, mere humans, mere disgusting sinners, to have a special visitation from any of them? We do not feel ourselves to be saints just yet!

    NO NO NO! We must test this spirit. We must follow tradition and the standard rules of engagement with the possible enemy…

    This how our elders and their forefathers in the Spirit taught us. And this is our tradition. and THIS is what is commanded to us in Scripture.

    So what you do, is this: You ask the spirit to confess that Jesus Christ is The second Person of the Holy Trinity, the Son of God who sits of the right hand of the Father, who is incarnate on this earth for our salvation.

    If the spirit complies, we fall down on our knees, and ask for forgiveness, even though our actions were prudent and wise. And don’t worry, for this prudence and discernment, forgiveness for any possible doubt, will come instantly.

    And that my friend, is the Orthodox way, documented in the lives of the saints and continued in this way until our current days…

    Now, if I am immersed in this tradition, can you tell me please, HOW does this agree with your arbitrary claims?

    Do you know how many “revelations” and attempts to derail from evil spirits would have been avoided if this simple practice was followed by all?

    Do you even realize the immense DANGER anyone is facing, when communing with spirits?

    Haven’t you heard of the thousands of stories, of people who have seen, heard or in general communed with spirits, which appear otherwise to be of divine origin?

    Do you realize, that even the anti-christ himself will employ the same technique? If you do not test him and his minions in the way described above, then WHAT is the difference between him and the apparitions you constantly quote? The answer is, unless proven to be of divine origin, the difference is NIL.

    Read this case:

    Is this woman communicating with Mary the Mother of God? No? Yes? How can you tell?

    Read this case:

    Is this a message from Mary the Mother of God? No? Yes? How can you tell?

    What about this:

    And this:

    How can you tell whether these are divine or not?

    And the following:

    A Marian spirit stated to a young girl on May 26, 1946:

    “Have absolute faith in my Immaculate Heart…Some have received my imprint, and there will be many more.

    “Yes, I am the powerful Mediatrix of Grace. As the world can find mercy only through the sacrifice of the Son with the Father, so can you only find favor with the Son through my intercession. Christ is unknown because I am not known…it will be I who draw the power of God and the love of the Father {that} will renew the fullness of Christ in you…The devil has power over those that do not trust in My heart.”

    Is this a divine message or not?

    Or this:

    In 1958, a “Marian” messenger stated:

    All my children will receive and carry the sign of the cross on their foreheads.

    Is this holy or unholy?

    And this:

    A Marian apparition made the following statement in 1989:

    “If my Adversary is signing, with his mark, all his followers, the time has come when I also, your heavenly leader, am signing, with MY heavenly seal, all those who have consecrated themselves to MY Immaculate Heart and have formed part of my army. I am imprinting my seal on your foreheads with the most holy sign of the Cross of my Son Jesus…

    “I am imprinting upon your hands my seal which is the sign of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. . . Allow yourselves all to be signed on the forehead and on the hand with my motherly seal.”

    So Fr. Joseph, will there be any answers forthcoming?


  209. Stav January 11, 2011 @ 4:21 pm

    And to conclude dear Fr. Joseph,

    Read the following (pasted below):

    And tell me what you think, if you like.

    The New Mary Mother of God
    Compiled by Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
    Boise, Idaho, USA

    Humbly I would like to present to you an article about the Mother of God, the Most Holy Theotokos, And Ever-Virgin Mary, as she is called in the Holy Orthodox Church. As a result of this outstanding article, I will futher present to you more about the teaching’s of what the Holy Orthodox Church teaches about the “Theotokos”.) – Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes.

    A recent issue of Life magazine (December 1996) featured a cover story entitled “The Mystery of Mary.” An Orthodox reader cannot help but wonder what kind of “Mary.”

    The article is very revealing because of the particular manner in which the Theotokos is portrayed, and also for the author’s intention to influence the American public’s understanding of the person and role of the Mother of God.

    Before the text begins the author confronts us with the montage of images-icons, statues and “religious art”-depicting the Virgin Mary in various guises: everything from the Vladimir Mother of God to Italian Madonnas to Japanese watercolors and african animist-style figurines.

    The message is clear, though for clarification he quotes historian Karen Armstrong (a former Roman Catholic nun): “Mary is continuously reinvented… In each age, people changed their definition of her to fit their circumstances.”

    In other words, they would have us think that “Mary” is nothing more than a product of each culture and epoch. Every society has the right, under this view, to create Her “in their own image.” In a pluralistic Western culture, no opinion is considered valid just as long as it makes no claim to be anything more than a mere opinion. Any view is tolerated except the one which says, “This is the Truth.”

    In the last century we have witnessed how this sort of “tolerance” has been manifested regarding to the person of Christ. Modern writers would write this own “biographies” Jesus, such as those of Renan and Schweitzer and Tolstoy, so popular in the 19th century.

    In effect, each would refashion Christ to suit their own ends, create a god to their own liking and, more often than not, end up with reflection of themselves. Thus, liberal scholars see Christ as a rabbi, socialists paint Him as revolutionary, and New Age mystics view Him as guru-trained Him as revolutionary, and New Age mystics view Him as a guru-trained in Tibet.

    Another way Christ has been reinterpreted has been the result of anthropologists’ studies of Near Eastern religions in which they have drawn parallels between the God of the Christians and the false gods of antiquity, such as the Persian Mithras, and Egyptian Osiris, and the Baby-antiquity, such as the Persian Mithras, the Eyptian Osiris, and the Babylonian Tammuz (See Eze. 8:14 where the women of Jerusalem are dipicted mourning the annual death of Tammuz in anticipation of his resurrection).

    Making the observation that mythologies often featured elements such as a hero who was resurrected or who as an infant escaped being murdered by a tyrant, these scholars conclude that Jesus Christ is not a mythological figure, but an actual person who walked this earth at a particular moment of history and whose existence was attested to even by non-Christian writers such as the Jewish historian Josephus. Christ cannot be reduced to a mere “Jungian archetype.”

    On the contrary, the presence of a resurrected hero in so many pre-Christian cultures can be understood as an expression of the universal cry of the human soul in anticipation of the arrival of its Redeemer.

    The distorted image of such a hero being conceived as someone inferior to the Christian God is, of course, a nuatural consequence of man, having lost his Creator’s image, trying to imagine the coming Mressiah: a fallen nature produces a distorted image.

    So modern man is of the opinion that theire is no single Christ, but each of us is free to create his own. But as St. Paul warned the Galatians: Even if we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto, let him be accursed. (Galatians 1:8).

    The same can apply to preaching about “another Mary,” for the same methods used to re-invent Christ are now being directed toward His Mother. This should not surpise us. St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco, in his treatise “The Orthodox Veneration of the Mother of God,” wisely pointed out that:

    (A)ll who hated Jesus Christ and did not believe in Him, who did not understand His teaching, or to be more precise, did not wish to understand as the Church understood, who wished to replace the preaching of Christ with their own human reasonings -all of these transferred their hatred for Christ, for the Gospel and the Church, to the Most Pure Virgin Mary.

    They wished to belittle the Mother, so as thereby to destroy faith also in Her Son, to create a false picture of Her among men in order to have the opportunity to rebuild the whole Christian teaching on a different foundation.

    In the womb of Mary, God and man were joined. She was the One Who served as the ladder for the Son of God, Who descended from heaven. To strike a blow at Her veneration means to strike Christianity at the root, to destroy it in its very foundation (pp. 25-6).

    So just as there have always been false Christs, there have always been false Marys. The devil knows that in order to promote the one he must sell the other. Thus, in ancient paganism Tammuz was accompanied by his mother Semiramis, and Osiris by Isis.

    Protestantism is always quick to identify the veneration of Mary with the worship of pagan goddesses, although for the sake of consistency one would also have to associate the worship of Christ with that of His pagan goddesses who claimed the title “Queen of Heaven” (cf. Jer. 44).

    “Mother goddesses” known in the ancient world were not just confined to the Near East and Mediterranean but are universal. The Kogi Indians, among whom we lived in Columbia, worship a spirit called Nabuba, the “Ancient Mother.”

    When Roman Catholics missionaries attempted to evangelize the Kogi int he last century, they used a not-uncommon strategy for drawing pagan peoples into Rome’s fold: rather than explaining the differences between the pagan mysthology and Christian truth, they found “equivalences,” Christ, under this syncretistic view, corresponds to the Kogi Sejukukui (a trickster god who faked his own death by hiding in a cave), while Nabuba is said to be the Virgin Mary.

    This confusion has led the Kogis to call their pagan temples “cansamaria,” a corruption of “casa de Maria” (house of Mary).

    Given these Roman Catholic “evangelistic methods” of more than a century ago, it is it any wonder that contemporary “apparitions” of Mary are invariably accompanied by ecumenistic messages promoting the idea that all religions are equally valid and Orthodox Christianity is but one “path” among many?

    A recent issue of Orthodox Tradition (1966) contains the account of Matushka (wife of a Russian Orthodox priest) Katherine Swanson’s trip to Medjugorje, Croatia, to investigate the most famous of the recent cases of appartions of Mary in the Roman Catholic world. In it she recounts a telling episode:

    Our guide took our group for an audience with the “seers.” During this audience, a pilgrim asked one of the children the following questions: “Does the Virgin say that the Catholic Church is the true church?”

    The response given by the child provides clear evidence of the ecumenical content and religious relativism which, oddly enough, increasingly mark the “revelations” at Medjugorje: “Our Blessed Mother says that all religions are equally pleasing to God.”

    The Life magazine article, then, is yet another contribution to this line of thought. Given the idea that all paths are equally valid, then all “Marys” are equally valid, too. The author describes several of the Marys of our times:

    Miraculous Mary (such as at Medjugorje), Mediator Mary (Who, as the author quotes Fr. Andrew Greeley saying, lets people into Heaven through the “back door”), (Editors notes: the Orthodox Church of course never taught about the “back door”, and of course one only prays that this is a matter of a figure of speech, but let us not dwell on the “back door”, but the gates of Paradise, the Kingdom of our God).

    Mediator Mary of the feminists, and Mother Mary. This last one, Mother Mary, is the role which the author considers the most appealing to non-Catholics: “The emotional need for her is so irresitible to a troubled world that people without an obvious link to the Virgin are being drawn to her.

    “It is known that Muslins revere Mary as a pure and holy saint…Interdenominational Marian prayer groups are springing up throughtout the world. Many Protestants, even some who still reject notions of a supernatural Virgin, miss Mary.”

    To which Mary are Muslims and Protestants being drawn? The Protestant Reformation rejected the distorted view of Mary which had developed in the West since the Schism of 1054, and which would ultimately result in the Roman Church’s proclamation of their dogma of the Immaculate Conception.

    But Protestantism did not just reject the Western view of Mary; it ignored Her altogether, in effect denying Her role in the Incarnation and, consequently, the part She plays in our salvation.

    As Rome begn to see her more and more as a “goddess,” a fourth Hypostasis of the Trinity, as it were, the Protestants reacted by down playing Her position and refusing to honor Her at all, this in spite of the Gospel words:”All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed.”

    Today, as heterodox Christians become more and more ecumenist and work toward creating a “One World Church,” the search has begun for a Mary of universal recognition, one who will appeal not only to those who bear the name Christian, but apprently to Muslims and others as well, just as attempts are likewise being made to identify the “new Christ” with the Muslim concept of their coming Mahdi and with the Messiah still awaited by the Jews.

    This, of course, will be no Christ at all but the antichrist. Apparently the way is also being paved for an “anti-Mary.” The Life magazine article ends with the case of a Unitarian minister who “has a dream-of a middle-ground Mary, and Everymary who can transcend ideologies and give this tumultuous world the mother it needs. ‘I would like to thing that she could be a bridge between religions,’ he says.”

    Let such words be a warning to all Orthodox Christians who might be intrigued by apparitions such as those of Fatima or Lourdes or Medjugorje. These occur outside the Church and are as such suspect.

    Another disturbing aspect of the article is the demeaning usage of common catchy journalistic phrases in reference to the Mother of God, for example: “..the notion that Mary remained a virgin her entire life wasn’t on the table”, “This boosted Mary toward being…’a major celebrity.’, and “As the Bible most famous woman by a mile, Mary has become a symbolic player in the fight for the ordination of women…”

    Our poisition is that the Theotokos is not an abstract “Everymary” whom we are free to reinvent and mould to our liking. She is a real person who walked this earth, and to understand who She is we need to look no further than the Divine Scriptures and the Sacred Tradition of our Church, which has remained unchanged since Apostolic times.

    She is neither the super-human creature invented by the Roman Catholics, born without a fallen human nature, nor is She merely human as the Protestants would have it.

    For the West, cut loose from its Orthodox moorings, has forgotten the Patristic teaching of theosis or “divinization”. No one is born perfect, but neither are we humans doomed to be mere fallen creatures.

    These seem to be the only alternatives that heterodox Christianity can comprehend. But our Church Fathers have always taught that “God became man that man might become divine,” that is, that we might share in His nature (II Peter 1:4) and be conformed to the divine image in which man was originally created.

    Salvation is a process which begins with out fallen, sinful nature and leads upward to participation in the very Life of the Trinity.

    The Theotokos, the Church teaches us, is the first and greatest example of this process. She submitted Her will to God by agreeing to bear His Son. Without Her there would have been no Incarnation and consequently, no Redemption.

    Through prayer and fasting She grew in holiness to become a pure vessel to contain the Uncircumscribable One. After Christ’s birth she remained Ever-virgin and continued Her podvig to become “more honorable the Cherubmim and beyond compare more glorious than the Seraphim.”

    This, the Orthodox view, avoids the Western extremes which consider the Theotokos either born perfect or else never having become perfect at all.

    Orthodox Christians should follow the example of the true Mother of God, “the very Theotokos,” and by calling Her to remembrance “commit ourselves and one another and all our life unto Christ our God.”

    by Peter Jackson


  210. Fr. Joseph January 12, 2011 @ 4:44 pm


    Your “problem” is THIS:

    You approach everything with a ‘COMPUTER PROGRAMMER’S’ mindset.

    What IRKS you here on RZN with me is this:

    You have taken the ‘spirituality’ of CAUSING your own DESIRED and PRE-EXISTING outcomes to ‘show up’ on your ‘spiritual’ computer’s MONITOR.

    You WANT to see certain ‘Results’. You WANT TO SEE certain ‘answers’ to come up IN ORDER TO satisfy your own DESIRED and PRE-EXISTING longings to obtain for yourself ‘ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY’!

    Hence, you take this ‘computer programming’ spirituality that is expressly YOURS and you go ahead and WRITE YOUR OWN PROGRAMMING in YOUR OWN PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE in order to accept YOUR own personally selected ‘Constants’ and ‘Variables.’

    You throw them into YOUR OWN computer-spirituality PROGRAMMING – you wind up seeing WHAT YOU PROGRAMMED YOUR computer-spirituality TO SHOW YOU as the ‘Result’ of your reams and reams of personally written PROGRAMMING language YOU wrote in order to ‘Crunch the Constants and Variables’ of ‘THE DIVINE EQUATION’ which you hope will result in your obtaining ‘ABSOLUTELY CERTAINITY’ which you desire in order to provide for YOU ‘Peace-of-Mind’!

    You will NOT – in any manner, shape or form – ACCEPT the ‘Divine Values’ GOD HIMSELF HAS GIVEN ALL OF US TO SPIRITUALLY ‘NUMBER-CRUNCH’ in order to obtain the Divine Answer and the Divine Solution to the most vexing of all Humanity’s PRIMARY PROBLEM OF LIFE AND EXISTANCE…

    …the actual existance of and influence of the EVIL ONE’S EVIL TEMPTATIONS AND INFLUENCE UPON THE MINDS AND HEARTS OF the members of our Human Race.

    Call me whatever you want. Bury me under your ad hominems. REFUSE to accept anything I’ve told you or shown you.

    Just keep on plugging in YOUR PERSONALLY SELECTED ‘Variables’ and ‘Constants’ into YOUR computerized and programmed SPIRIT – and all that you are going to get are the ‘SAME OLD ANSWERS’ that DO NOT ANSWER Mankind’s VEXING PROBLEM of Evil, the Evil One, the legions of Evil elemental spirits and the current World’s crop and association of equally EVIL-MINDED Human Beings.

    Go away and to ‘write a computer program’ in order to ‘calculate’ AN ANSWER, a RESULT that satisfies YOU as to ‘How Is It’ that 70,000 rain-drenched people who gathered in Fatima, Portugal 1917 A.D. in order to see for themselves the predicted ‘Miracle of the Sun’ ALL WITNESS that predicted Miracle AT THE SAME TIME and, AT THE SAME TIME, all 70,000 people and the rain-soaked GROUND under the 70,000 pairs of feet are INSTANTANEOUSLY DRIED!

    Go away to your ‘computer’ and to write YOUR OWN spiritual ‘Program’ to accept those CONSTANTS and the VARIABLES which will ‘Crunch the Numbers’ in order TO GIVE YOU and your ‘Spiritual PC’s Monitor’ a SATISFACTORY ANSWER that suites YOU – and I might say – YOU ALONE!

    – +Fr. Joseph

  211. Fr. Joseph January 12, 2011 @ 4:51 pm

    Dear Stav,

    Just to let you know, I’m getting REAL TIRED of posting anything at all to +Br. Nathanael’s RZN website.

    YOU PEOPLE who come badgering me, contesting against me, vying with me, YOU right along with CHARLIE right along with KATHJULIANE right along with a very long list of RZN article commentary section contributors ALL HAVE ONE ‘CONSTANT’ IN COMMON!


    Maybe I should take the Lord’s Own Advise to me and go ‘shake THE DUST OFF MY FEET’ and LEAVE all of you personally ‘INFALLIBLES’ to go do God’s Bidding vs. Satan’s legions arrayed against us all!

    – +Fr. Joseph

  212. Fr. Joseph January 12, 2011 @ 6:02 pm


    In order TO HELP YOU in writing some more lines to your internal COMPUTER PROGRAMMING…

    ‘IF’ the Constant Value of ‘Alpha-Omega’ PRODUCES variable condition ‘B’

    And ‘IF’ variable condition ‘B’ is known to have a very specific and universally known EFFECT.

    ‘THEN’ variable condition ‘B’ – whether the Constant Value of ‘Alpha-Omega’ is recognized or understood ‘AND’ the visible effects of variable condition ‘B’ is SEEN or NOT – when employed with GREAT INTENSITY an and with GREAT POWER will reveal it’s ACTUAL PRESENSE as variable condition ‘B’ by its universally known, recognized and accepted EFFECTS.

    FIRE/HEAT is universally recognized and understood by ALL THE PEOPLES of our World to have the ability TO EVAPORATE WATER and to ‘Dry Every Manner and Sort of Wet Thing’.

    This is what YOU of the Eastern Orthodox Church hopefully recognize as ‘HOLY FIRE FROM HEAVEN’!

    If you assemble 70,000 rain-water drenched HUMAN BEINGS all together in one spot – a huge field SATURATED by rains and water – and if one causes a ‘Divine Nuclear AIR BLAST of His HOLY FIRE’ right over them all…

    …then the FIRE and the HEAT of Divine HOLY FIRE ITSELF has the very REAL EFFECT of ‘Drying’ all manner and sorts of WET THING, to include 70,000 rain-water drenched PEOPLE and the acres upon acres of rain-water drenched GROUND under their feet.

    THAT, my dear Stav, is ‘WHAT’ the Miracle of the Sun was a predicted to occur FOR those 70,000 people BY Our Lady of Fatima’s Own DIVINE SON.

    The MOTHER OF GOD, Queen of Heaven and earth, did NOT REQUIRE the prayerful intercession of the PATRIARCHS of the Eastern Orthodox Churches in order TO OBTAIN a ‘Divine Miracle’ FOR the peoples of all the nations of our World to see for themselves with their very own eyes and EXPEIRENCED with their very own water-sogged BODIES!

    Do you UNDERSTAND these few short ‘Lines of Spiritual PROGRAMMING’ in our own Greek Orthodox’s ‘MASTER CONTROLLING PROGRAM’?

    (and here is +Fr. Joseph playing at being ‘TRON’ with Stav and his ‘MASTER PROGRAM’!)

    – +Fr. Joseph

  213. Stav January 13, 2011 @ 2:28 pm

    Dear Fr. Joseph,

    If you go and buy a tool, would you not buy the best one available? Or instead will you try and balance things by choosing the one that has the best price to performance ratio?

    If you go and open a bank account or get a loan, will you not look into it, and see who offers the best interest ratios?

    If you go and buy a book at a bookstore, will you not browse it to see if it is what you need?

    If you go and find a partner to make a business, will you not think and try and find out if it’s the person you want to do business with?

    If you go to war, will you not think and use the best weapon for each circumstance?

    If you are asked to join a new group, say the masons, your local book club, or the scouts or whatever, will you not try and find out and think and see if it is going to be good for you or not?

    All of these require logic and the skill of ascertaining what the deal is. Right?

    If one asks you to join a new cult, church or religion, will you not try and present some critical thinking to support you decision?

    Can you imagine yourself, or anybody else, acting without judgment, without critical thought?

    So, when you present me with your ideas, why is it that you want me to stop using my God given gift, to support my decisions?

    And as always, I am not even sure that you read any of what I posted above. If you think that I am too much of a geek and can only speak in terms of logic, then what about that copied and pasted article I posted? Any comments on that?

    Of course you are getting tired. If you keep bringing up subjects that you know are:

    1) Off topic;


    2) Prone to produce disagreements

    Then of course you are tired, because you are making life hard for your self.

    Why not try this and see how it goes:

    1) Stick to the subject, as I am sure you have great stuff to say.
    2) Stick to our common cause here at RZN.

    I am sure this will help. And by no means do I want you to stop speaking your free mind. I am just suggesting ways to avoid getting tired.


  214. EnOl May 22, 2011 @ 10:49 am

    Greece is under NWO and Antichrist occupation right now.

    The IMF is only the beginning. They are trying to destroy the country through economic collapse, they have already drawn a lot of people from the Church, many people kill themselves because of bankruptcy and depression, and fundamental social links like marriage and family are declining.

    The NWO knows why Greece must become a target.

    May God save us. We are alone.

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