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By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2010

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Sources: Nation Killers & Imperial Genocide Here
Hitler’s Economic Miracle Here

A DRIVE TO CREATE a system of corporate cartels intended to replace nation-states as the political organization of the planet was launched in Post WW II Europe.

An alliance of six European banks was emboldened in its mission to replace national policies with the dictates of finance capital owing to a global atmosphere of financial instability in war-devastated Europe.

According to Lyndon LaRouche, each of the members in the alliance represented a bank in one of the principal nations of the European Economic Community: -1- Kredietbank of Belgium; -2- Nederlandsche Middenstandsbank; -3- Credit Commercial de France; -4- Nuovo Banco Ambrosiano of Italy; -5- BHF Bank of Germany;-6- Privatbanken of Denmark.

The operation was run by Jacob Rothschild of N.M. Rothschild in London. In a speech in 1983, Rothschild outlined the mission of the project: “Two types of institutions, the worldwide financial service company and the international commercial bank with global trading competence, may converge to form a many-headed financial conglomerate.” For Rothschild, it was not a prediction, but a statement of intent. View Entire Story Here.

The new cartel scheme, dubbed as, “The Multinational Enterprise,” was championed by George W. Ball, undersecretary of state under Kennedy and Johnson, and later, senior banker (Gentile window dressing) at Lehman Brothers from 1968-1982.

Ball predicted a conflict between the Multinational Corporations and Nation-States, saying: “The Multinational Enterprise is a modern concept evolved to meet the requirements of the modern age. The Nation-State, a very old-fashioned idea, is poorly adapted to serve the needs of our present complex world.”

Nation-states, in the worldview of George Ball and the Jewish financiers he represented, were to share their sovereignty with the banking houses.

Hence, beginning in the late 1960s, nations were no longer sovereign, but colonies of the international banking cartel, a multinational enterprise, funded, (and therefore run), by Jews. It was the Wall Street bankers that pushed through the GATT Agreement eventuating in the World Trade Organization that eliminated tariffs on imports resulting in the destruction of American manufacturing.

Tariff-free trade is demonstrated today by the marriage between finance capital and multinational corporations.

For example, US investment banks such as Citigroup and Morgan Stanley — (Robert Rubin/Co-religionists runs Citigroup & Jim Rosenthal runs Morgan Stanley) — are in the oil tanker business for storing crude oil.


THE STRUGGLE BETWEEN NATION-STATES and internationalism is best understood in the conflict waged by Adolph Hitler prior to WW II against finance capital.

When the National Socialists came to power in 1933, the German economy was in total collapse. Through an independent monetary policy of sovereign credit, not beholden to international Jewish financiers, Hitler was able to turn a bankrupt Germany into the strongest economy in Europe.

By issuing interest-free money, the German government, under Hitler and Economics Minister, Hjalmar Schacht, financed its entire operations from 1935 to 1945 without gold and without debt.

With full sovereignty intact, policies of economic nationalism and full employment thrived, thanks to the German industrialists, (not given to an internationalist spirit), who supported Hitler’s “Germany First” agenda.

IT TOOK THE ENTIRE capitalist and communist world to destroy the German revolution against internationalism and bring the entire European continent back under the heel of Jewish Bankers.

Today, the institution of “democracy,” in the grip of Jewish money and media power, jettisons both a nationalist agenda and the wise leaders needed to put an “America First” plan into action.

Full employment, coupled with a renewal of Christian morals and optimism, is the necessary path to national health and creative energy. Can America, a nation enslaved to Zionist aims and ambitions, find a way out of its economic and spiritual malaise?

With proponents of Jewish internationalism, such as Barack Obama, who appealed to the United Nations to counter Arizona’s Immigration Law, the prospects look dim.

Perhaps a charismatic leader, (for the sake of the Jews, not a new Hitler), will arise and restore America’s sovereignty and honor…


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Brother Nathanael @ September 12, 2010


  1. Brother Nathanael September 12, 2010 @ 9:04 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family –

    This was a very trying week for me.

    Alongside the Street Evangelism I conduct everyday here in Summit County CO, the heart of the Ski and Summer resorts; the work of Real Zionist News; the tons of things TO DO for The Brother Nathanael Foundation; a rather disturbing situation arose.

    A new editor for our local and HIGHLY read newspaper, The Summit Daily, who wishes to assassinate my character, allowed a Jew to write up an OP/ED- FEATURE piece on me — COMPLETE with my Picture –attacking me viciously with lies and slanders.

    Under my picture is the heading: “What’s Really Behind Brother Nathanael’s Smile?”

    The Jew wrote that I am an “avowed anti-Semite” who wishes for the “eradication of all Jews.” And this is what is behind my smile.

    I never once called myself an “anti-Semite” since I have nothing against anyone’s DNA.

    And I certainly NEVER called for the “eradication” of all Jews.

    But the editor of the paper, wishing to ruin my name here in the County, was very happy to publish LIES about me.

    Now, in my own hometown, people are yelling out curses to me, “Hey, you Nazi!” — “Jew Hater!” — “There’s The Anti-Semite!” — etcetera and etcetera. Others, who were once quite friendly to me, are now cold as ice.

    But, MOST, are honking and waving to me MORE enthusiastically than ever.

    But, the curses really hurt – especially in my own hometown, where simply taking a walk, is liking moving through a highly-charged obstacle course.

    I now realize, that now that I am moving OUT INTO THE PUBLIC SPHERE in a greater way than ever, than I just have got to get use to the press LYING about me and attempting to ruin my name and DISCREDIT me.

    But, I must KEEP ON FIGHTING and try to deflect the curses and bad press by “forgiving my enemies” and “Blessing those who curse me,” as our Saviour commanded.

    Another slice of temptation also occurred recently when the Anti Defamation League apparently wrote to the Secretary of State in Colorado questioning my asking for donations and thus a letter from an “investigator” was sent to me from the state.

    As The Brother Nathanael Foundation is a NON-PROFIT Corporation, the Foundation HAS EVERY RIGHT TO ASK FOR DONATIONS.

    But since an “investigator” was now put on the “case” – I had no choice but to seek out a legal means to DEFEND the Foundation’s RIGHT to ask for donations. (What a major hassle this all was)…

    I had to go through my lawyer and a CPA about the whole affair so as to straighten out the “investigation” (WHICH WE DID!) but it ended up costing me $1,500 to ***PROVE my RIGHT*** to ask for donations.

    (The CPA took one look at the letter which began, “It has been brought to our attention…,” and he said to me, “Obviously, someone complained. You are a small start-up company and this is the first time I have seen something like this.”)

    All is fine now, and the State of Colorado is satisfied that we are within the parameters of donation-requests for non-profit corporations.

    None of this would not have been necessary at all had not the ADL wrote a ‘complaint’ against me stirring up the state of Colorado!

    The ADL has hit me in my pocket book before when it got PAY PAL to BAN me. Instead, I now have Click & Pledge which works fine.

    In light of all of this, and working harder than ever with the RZN articles, Videos, stepping up the Street Evangelism, I have not been able to cover my expenses.

    Donations are simply trickling in at a low number.

    All of this has left me troubled and discouraged – though a few have written to me to “cheer me up” –sent in some donations– I thank them for this.

    PLEASE (even if it’s only $5) Consider Making A Donation to The Brother Nathanael Foundation By Clicking:

    Donations May Also Be Safely Sent To:

    The Brother Nathanael Foundation: PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.
    On another note, I am preparing for a Street Evangelism Trip to Boston this coming Wednesday.

    Please keep me in your prayers for Christ’s PROTECTION & BLESSINGS for a successful mission.

    AND PLEASE KNOW — that ALL of you are DAILY in my prayers for Christ’s Blessings on your lives. I have you ALL in my heart minute by minute. I APPRECIATE our Real Zionist News Family! Let’s keep a good thing going and PRAY for one another in our fight against Christ’s enemies.

    Your Ever +Brother in Christ, Nathanael

  2. Brother Nathanael September 12, 2010 @ 9:05 pm

    Street Evangelism Coming To Boston!

    ==== September 15-21 2010 ====

    I will be leaving for Boston on September 15 for a THREE DAY “Street Evangelism” Effort in Boston MA.

    I will be going to the highly populated JEWISH AREA of Brookline, (Yom Kippur that Friday); Harvard Square; AND Downtown Boston right in front of the Federal Reserve Bdlg.

    First of all, Here is a MAJOR RENSE ARTICLE On My “STREET EVANGELISM” @

    Second, Here is an Interview of me with my dear friend Mark Glenn of Internet fame – In This Pic I Am In Front Of The Federal Reserve Bldg in Boston @

    See Street Evangelism Pics @

    This first pic is of a Muslim (he was not afraid of the rain) who told me, “Your religion is superior to mine.” He was from Iran @

    The next two pics basically show me holding the Cross in the POURING RAIN @ &

    AND: Check Out Brother Nathanael “On The Streets” @


    Donations May Also Be Sent To:

    The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    Many Thanks In Advance!

    And PLEASE Pray for Christ’s Protection & His Supply Of Good Success While In Boston.

    Also, a trip is NOW being planned for the West Coast in November or December.

    Much LOVE in Christ to All!

    Your +Brother in Christ, Nathanael

  3. acudoc September 12, 2010 @ 10:02 pm

    I wish to share a link with you and your readers to an essay by the Mexican billionaire Hugo Salinas Price arguing for a return to the international gold standard.

    People hold a mistaken view (IMHO) that gold money will enslave us further to the bankers, when in fact gold spent by the bankers inevitably leaves their control and resides in the possession of the citizenry.

    It cannot be brought into existence by the abstract process of indebting a citizenry through promissory notes to the banking elite, as is presently the case in the institutionalized fraud overseen by our debt-based, fractional-reserve international banking cartel.

    Here’s The Link:

  4. Brother Nathanael September 12, 2010 @ 10:23 pm

    Just got this email from my dear friend Karl Schwarz from Hungary:
    Hello Nathanael, excellent piece

    The following was in one of my past articles @

    “A German-American friend who lives in America sent me the following.

    It is a quote by Mr. James Baker, III, the former Secretary of State and was published in 1992 in the German magazine Der Spiegel.

    You might find the English translation of this comment below to be very interesting if you put it into context of other facts I have brought to your attention.

    Wir machten aus Hitler ein Monstrum, einen Teufel. Deshalb konnten wir nach dem Krieg auch nicht mehr davon abrücken. Hatten wir doch die Massen gegen den Teufel persönlich mobilisiert.

    Also waren wir nach dem Krieg gezwungen, in diesem Teufelsszenario mitzuspielen. Wir hätten unmöglich unseren Menschen klarmachen können, daß der Krieg eigentlich nur eine wirtschaftliche Präventivmaßnahme war!”

    James Baker, ehemaliger US-Außenminister
    (Quelle: DER SPIEGEL, 13/1992)

    This is how that Baker comment translates from German into English and I put it into capital letters to emphasize what he said:





    SOURCE: DER SPIEGEL, 13/ 1992″

    Now, weigh James A. Baker’s comments to something that was written by Adolf Hitler:

    On America…

    (TAH) – Fraser, L. Craig, Ed. The Testament of Adolf Hitler: The Hitler-Bormann Documents

    From xxx…

    “This war against America is a tragedy. It is illogical and devoid of any foundation of reality. It is one of those queer twists of history that just as I was assuming power in Germany, Roosevelt, the elect of the Jews, was taking command in the United States.

    Without the Jews and without this lackey of theirs, things could have been quite different.

    For from every point of view Germany and the United States should have been able, if not to understand each other and sympathize with each other, then at least to support each other without undue strain on either of them….

    I am prepared to wager that well within twenty-five years the Americans themselves will have realized what a handicap has been imposed upon them by this parasitic Jewry …

    It is this Jewry that is dragging them into adventures which, when all is said and done, are no concern of theirs and in which the interests at stake are of no importance to them. …

    One thing is quite certain – within a quarter of a century the Americans will either have become violently anti-semitic or they will be devoured by Jewry… [Roosevelt] has made them see the world through the eye of Jewry, and he has set them on a path which will lead them to utter disaster, if they do not pull themselves together in time” (TAH, pgs. 62-66).

    “At this juncture it is difficult to say which, from the ideological point of view, would prove to be the more injurious to us-Jew-ridden Americanism or Bolshevism.

    It is possible that under the pressure of events, the Russians will rid themselves completely of Jewish Marxism, only to re-incarnate pan-slavism in its most fierce and ferocious form.

    As for the Americans, if they do not swiftly succeed in casting off the yoke of the New York Jewry (which has the same intelligence as a monkey that saws through the branch on which it is perching), well – it won’t be long before they go under, before even having reached the age of maturity … it is questionable whether it will long remain a predominantly white continent” (TAH, pgs. 84-85).

    (TAH) – Fraser, L. Craig, Ed. The Testament of Adolf Hitler: The Hitler-Bormann Documents

    Note the movie line I used to open this article.


  5. Ron Paul 2012 September 13, 2010 @ 2:22 am

    Send this video to as many people as you can:


  6. WillieG51 September 13, 2010 @ 4:43 am

    I am very saddened to hear of the character assassination that has come your way in your home town.

    What saddens me more, is that people will not take the time to come to you and ask YOU personally what your thoughts and feelings are.

    They willingly accept the “opinion” of a third party individual as “gospel.” This is common practice in our newspapers today. The truth is totally without value and is overlooked or conveniently hidden, on a regular basis.

    I am one who believes in going to the source for my information, anyone can say anything, about anyone.

    I feel it only right and just to ask the person. It was a difficult lesson to learn, but one I’ve never regretted.

    I am sure you enthusiasm does at first cause people to think, but our Lord’s love shines through your smile Brother Nathanael.

    One needs only take a moment to allow that warmth to touch us.

    Remain strong in the Lord, He will help you through this as He is always faithful to those who serve Him.

  7. caroline September 13, 2010 @ 5:18 am

    Brother N,

    You are a very courageous man.

    I support your truth, I support your courage, I support your intent. Please know that plenty of people look up to you.

    Keep on keeping on.

  8. russ September 13, 2010 @ 6:27 am

    This article goes full circle back to the core of the Zionist takeover.

    It is always about MONEY and how to use it to control people and governments.

    From a lot of the recent posts I have noticed lots of pessimism, and I must say I too am becomming less optimistic that enough people are going to wake up to the danger.

    Every time a good idea or cause comes along the Zionists are there to infiltrate and corrupt it [Tea Party] etc.

    As Brother Nathanael states in his last video, maybe, just maybe with enough folks losing jobs and watching their standard of living going down the drain they will emerge from the slumber.

    It looks like its going to end in some sort of calamity and please people, use the brain the Good Lord gave you and be prepared, common sense stuff – weapons – food – safe haven – faith.

    I have no worries about your Foundation Brother Nathanael, you are the rock it is built upon, my donation is in the mail.

  9. Fr. Joseph September 13, 2010 @ 6:47 am

    Dear +Br. Nathanael,

    The ‘Prime Spiritual Directive’ of my religious Order of Carmelites is:

    “To Look For The Hidden Hand Of God AT WORK (and do what YOU can to assist Him in that Work of His)”

    The HOLY SPIRIT would want for me to share the following Insight He granted to me this very morning here at my hermitage AFTER having read what ‘The Summit Daily’ has done and will apparently continue to keep on doing TO you.

    First, regarding “their” character assasination efforts vs. YOU…even BEFORE they got that into their op-ed pages, WHILE that article was IN-THE-PROCESS of being composed – ALMIGHTY GOD Knew-All-About-It 🙂

    Some ‘Lectio Divina’ for your own personal spiritual COMFORT and CONSOLATION:

    “Can you not buy two sparrows for a penny? And not one falls to the ground WITHOUT YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN knowing about it. Why, every hair on your head has been counted! So there is NO NEED to be afraid; YOU are worth much more than hundreds of sparrow.

    “So if ANYONE declares himself for Me in the presence of MEN, I (JESUS CHRIST) will declare Myself FOR HIM in the Presence of My Father in Heaven.” – Matthew 10:29-32

    This character-assasination attempt by those who fancy themselves to be ‘somebodies’ there at widely read ‘THE SUMMIT DAILY’ have done what they’ve done and apparently will continue to do what they fully intend/anticipate/plan on doing TO you via their widely read newspaper is for a Very Specific Reason and Purpose…

    ALL of the many thousands of READERS there in Colorado of ‘The Summit Daily’ are being CHARGED-BY-ALMIGHTY-GOD to ‘Make Up THEIR Minds’ and ‘To Chose Sides’! – they are ALL being called to either SUPPORT and SIDE with YOU or they side/support those individuals in/of ‘The Summit Daily’!

    This is (spiritually speaking) absolutely NOTHING NEW! All of us have already seen this ‘Popeye & Bluto’ CARTOON thousands upon thousands of times! From the Old Testameant book of First Kings, EVERYONE there in Colorado, here in the USA, all across our entire WORLD, can read for themselves 1 Kings 18:21-22, which reads:

    “ELIJAH (or, for that matter, Br. Nathanael in our day and age) stepped out in front of ALL the people. ‘HOW LONG’ he said ‘DO YOU MEAN TO HOBBLE FIRST ON ONE LEG AND THEN ON THE OTHER? IF YAHWEH IS GOD, FOLLOW HIM; IF BAAL, FOLLOW HIM.”

    THAT is the ‘Spiritual Choice/Challenge’ being made OF all of the US citizens of the State of Colorada via this latest character assasination op-ed piece delivered to ALL of the readers of the ‘widely read’ “THE SUMMIT DAILY”!

    Now then, one of two things WILL/MUST occur on account of ‘The Summit Daily’s’ SPIRITUAL challenge lodged against YOU and the Lord Jesus Christ Himself Whom you’ve so diligently and dedicately SERVED for so many years now.

    Either the readers of the widely read ‘The Summit Daily’ TURN openly hostile en masse against YOU and THE LORD Whom you’ve served and CONTINUE to serve – OR – the readers of the widely read ‘The Summit Daily’ TURN openly hostile en masse against the EDITOR and the STAFF and the entire ‘THE SUMMIT DAILY’ newspaper and that newspaper’s ADVERTISERS.

    The US citizens of COLORADO who are all readers of ‘The Summit Daily’ have A CHOICE to make now:

    They can TURN against YOU, Br. Nathanael – and THE LORD will make provisions for your safety, health, welfare and well-being…


    They can all CANCEL their subscriptions to ‘The Summit Daily’, even REFUSING to buy an issue from ANY newstand – and they can BOYCOTT doing business with ANY and ALL of the advertisers featured within ‘The Summit Daily’ INFORMING those advertising space buyers of THEIR individual and communal decision TO BOYCOTT their businesses and REFUSING to use their services.

    Br. Nathanael, go have yourself a NICE HOT CUP OF TEA with a couple of spoonsful of HONEY – and RELAX while YOU ‘Watch The Hidden Hand Of God At Work’ there in Colorado YOURSELF.

    It’s always MOST REWARDING watching God’s Hand ‘at work’.

    We see His Hand ‘at work’ in the BREEZES and WINDS that move those beautiful TREES there all over and all across the US State of Colorado!

    +Peace, +Comfort, +Consolations, +Strength, +Health and +Wellbeing to you, +Br. Nathanael!

    – +Fr.Joseph

  10. America the Beautiful September 13, 2010 @ 8:13 am

    I want to affirm Father Joseph’s words of encouragement to you, Brother Nathanael.

    God wants to increase your Faith even more so by allowing you to, as Father says, ‘watch the hidden hand of God at work’.

    Peace and Blessings +++

  11. ERIKTHERED September 13, 2010 @ 9:25 am

    Hang Tough, keep the Creator God close, and remember….The Creator God gave us all permission to expose the wicked…






  12. Miriam September 13, 2010 @ 10:18 am

    Brother Nathanael:

    Your secret is out and they (anti-humans of every ilk), cannot handle that you speak and expose the truth.

    God’s handiwork is indeed with you. Imagine the lies and slander against our Great Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, yet he still continued even at great mortal risk.

    Know that our prayers and support and my $$ will continue flow in to the Brother Nathaneal Foundation, because I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!

    I pray for your health, well-being, and safety against the evil forces who claim good in society.

    May God hold you in his tender mercies forever and ever. Amen.

  13. Dick September 13, 2010 @ 10:23 am

    A very interesting article, BN.

    I find it rather hilarious that you’ve endorsed Lyndon LaRouche and Hjalmar Schacht in the same article. I’d recommend a few internet resources for further reading:

    The Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elites (Lyndon LaRouche, 1978), which discusses his views on the error of the “global Jewish conspiracy” theory.

    Webster Tarpley on Adolf Hitler (search in YouTube – on “further down the rabbit hole”) – discusses Hitler’s background, rise to power and policies.

    “Webster Tarpley Tears Ron Paul and Peter Schiff a New One” (YouTube) – discusses the difference between the “Austrian School” (which has parallels with the Nazi approach), Keynes, and the New Deal.

    “1932…”, a documentary about the American economic system at

    Schacht’s (and Bruning’s) policy was to combine “fiscal austerity” (such as euthanizing the mentally retarded, cutting social benefits and outlawing labor unions) with a public emphasis the war machine.

    Aside from the autobahn project, compare this to FDR, who also used public credit to achieve near-full employment while enhancing social welfare, incomes and labor rights, and rebuilding national infrastructure and industry.

    You should also do some background research on Walther Rathenau, Germany’s foreign minister and leading industrialist between the two world wars.

    A Jewish anti-zionist, anti-communist and German nationalist, his assassination was a key event in making Hitler’s movement possible.

  14. The Brainy zek September 13, 2010 @ 11:03 am

    Fr. Joseph provided the spiritual and scriptural backup for your current dilemma!

    I am sure you already knew those scriptures but what a pleasure to see a man of such cardinal strength provide backup for your current dilemma!

    I made a donation to the RZN site yesterday and my bank (one of the big conglomerate bailout banks) had their fraud and security division call me twice to verify my prior six transactions and then verify my donation to RZN.

    In a couple of weeks I will donate to and join the BNF and see if this process in repeated!

    I want to thank you for your disbarrment of AD and JARRAD from the RZN site! They were nothing but elements of discord on this site! I do not know if they were idiots or Zionist shills but I suspect the latter as they same on board at the same time!

    We all admire your courage and strength, and for you a wish for God’s richest blessings!!

  15. Joe Cortina September 13, 2010 @ 12:34 pm

    If I have learned anything in 72 years about the American people it is that we WORSHIP ignorance shallowness and hypocrisy like nobody on earth!

    Brother Nathanael IS a ‘Semitic person’.

    Only a fool of fools would even REMOTELY entertain the notion that he is “ANTI-SEMITIC”.

    SO – if clever demons like the ADL Jews believe that such inane imbecilic nonsense will be effective – then what does that say about the people whom the Jews are targeting – our useful idiot goy.

    The Jews have ALWAYS used slanderous lies to destroy those they hate. Our Lord was but the zenith of their foul rancid hatred agenda.

    Factually – the worst Anti-Semites on EARTH are the Jews. Confront the Bapt-Duh demons or the Manhatten rednecks with the FACT – that Arab people are not ONLY SEMITIC – BUT the ONLY people on earth who can PROVE their lineage as Semitic.

    Know what ‘response’ you get? A vacuous stare and the obligatory moron retort of == “DUHHH – ah didn’t know dat””

    Stupidity and ignorance has been our undoing. The Jews are simply the cunning parasitic opportunists who know full well what imbeciles we are play upon our stupidity as witnessed by that evil Newspaper.

    Those people are EVIL SCUM – and the Lord did not simply ‘suggest’ we expose them – IT WAS A MANDATE!

    EVERY decent man woman and child who has been made aware of this hate-Christ outrage should do everything short of violence to let the scumbag demon editor of that the ‘JEW VOMIT DAILY’ will either print an appology retraction or end up in the ashheap of America’s most despised anti-Christian newspapers.

    JUST DO IT! If you don’t have the GUTS to stand up and DEFEND what you believe is right and good and truthful – you don’t deserve ANY of the blessings of this nation.

    When I was growing up in what WAS – the UNITED STATES – that is EXACTLY what would have happened. We defended faith and truth and righteousness against evil scum without hesitation – the men and women of MY generation!.

    In a week – that Jew newspaper would have been belly-up – and that putrid editor hiding under a damp rock where his filthy cowardly Godless ilk belongs!

    Will YOU stand up for Brother Nathanael – or just turn the other way like spineless sheep? Don’t let Hitler’s well thought out observations be right – that we would be “devoured by Jewry”!

    Don’t let the Jews steal the last defense against us as a free people that they CANNOT control – YOUR GOD GIVEN MIND – YOUR ABILITY TO RATIONALLY THINK FOR YOURSELF.

    Once you have surrendered that – as have the 50,000,000 Bapt-Duhs and the ‘Manhattan rednecks’ and their mindless robotic ilk – you can kiss it ALL goodbye – FOREVER!

    BTW – I thought these were excellent thoughtful intelligent comments. Perhaps there is still hope.

    God bless Miriam and Russ for ‘stepping up to the plate’.

    If you are a supporter of this wonderful man’s work and TRUTHS – be proud of it – say it to the world.

    It says = “I REALLY believe in what Brother Nathanael is doing for us all, and I will help sustain the ‘light.'”

    As a member of The Brother Nathanael Foundations Board Of Advisors @ I am asking all of you to dig into your pocketbooks and HELP US OUT to do the work of our Vision @ BY DONATING HERE @

    Or Donations May Be Sent TO:

    The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856

    – Joe Cortina @

  16. Andrew September 13, 2010 @ 1:07 pm

    From Joe Cortina:

    “Brother Nathanael IS a ‘Semitic person’.”

    That’s possible, of course, but I kind of doubt it. More likely he is of Khazar descent as are most of the people who call themselves Jews today.

    What he definitely is not is “anti-Semitic.” I have never seen him express the slightest denunciation of any Semitic person because of his race.

    What he seems to be against are actions, and there are a huge number of people of Khazar descent who band together and commit actions that are abominable and definitely worthy of criticism.

  17. Craig September 13, 2010 @ 1:10 pm

    ‘One thing is quite certain – within a quarter of a century the Americans will either have become violently anti-semitic or they will be devoured by Jewry…”

    And you reveal your own blind sports.

    You seem to think this is something that is coming?

    Oh, it’s already happened!

    Like DIck Morris’ Book says: “fleeced.”

  18. Brother Nathanael September 13, 2010 @ 1:27 pm

    To All Who Wrote To Me That I Had The Wrong Picture of Jim Rosenthal of Morgan Stanley —

    (I put up by mistake a picture of a sports announcer from England with the same name…)


    Thank you all from Great Brit for the HEADS UP!

    Check it out now above. Got the right pic of the REAL Jim Rosenthal of Morgan Stanley.

    +Brother Nathanael

  19. Brother Nathanael September 13, 2010 @ 1:30 pm

    Thank You Dear Fr Joseph, Miriam, Russ, Joe Cortina, and ALL and those TOO who wrote to me by email for your support and VOTE of Confidence AND inspiring words to:

    KEEP ON FIGHTING in spite of the Slander against me from The Summit Daily News.

    God Bless Our Real Zionist New Family!

    Your Ever +Brother in Christ, Nathanael

  20. USSA Today September 13, 2010 @ 1:50 pm

    RZN readers we should call up the Summit County paper and speak up for Brother Nathanael letting them know he’s an internationally read, godly, patriotic educator.

    Brother Nathanael please post their info. and the article so we can take action on your behalf.

    I hate the controlled American “news” media that’s leading us all into the NWO/Illuminati WW3 instead of being America first.

    People —

    More have to realize that local papers and radios are just little whores to their international socialist pimps. Stand up to the bastards — at least let them know you know they are full of globalist NWO bull to further the planned physical enslavement of you.

    Without the alternative media what would we have?

    If they take that away like they plan to — I’d rather watch paint dry EVERY DAY than watch their treacherous NWO Commie broadcasts.

  21. albert d pastore September 13, 2010 @ 2:03 pm

    Interesting facts about Hitler.

  22. USSA Today September 13, 2010 @ 2:20 pm

    Summit Daily News MUCH OLDER article link — (NOT the one Brother Nathanael is referring to.)

    The media can’t stand critical thought.

    Tell me people — do you find it ironic the same line is argued everywhere by all these establishments outlets?

    Is it a coincidence? Why do they run the publishing houses, banks, news media, government, etc.? Is that all a coincidence too?

    I’ve been called “on the fringe,” “avaunt garde,” etc. regarding my political views. But the problem is too many of these sheep in Amerika just won’t step outside of the controlled media and globalist corporations versions of EVERYTHING.

    SO to them, anybody not with the rehashed NWO versions they heard all their lives from every institution they know is an “extremist”, “nut ball”, “radical”, etc.

    How gullible can we be America?

  23. USSA Today September 13, 2010 @ 2:34 pm

    Summit Daily News Contact link –

    Is it a coincidence that certain demographics publish and handle business affairs for this paper?

    There are no Paco Gonzalez’s, Leroy Jackson’s, John O’Mally’s, Wu Chang’s, or Otto Fritz’s running the show here, are there?

  24. Disgusted White Christian September 13, 2010 @ 4:38 pm

    More Thoughts on 911

    by James Buchanan

    Since the Jewish media obviously isn’t going to give a fair hearing to the 911 event, I thought I’d devote a little more attention to it here.

    All the major networks delivered up some kosher remembrance to 911 without scratching the surface of all the suspicious little details.

    Maybe tracking down the real criminals and bringing them to justice would be a better way to remember the victims.

    For one thing, our “great ally” Israel knew the 911 attack was coming and didn’t bother to warn us.

    A MOSSAD film crew videotaped the 911 attack on the towers live and were dancing around in celebration.

    One source notes “A Mossad surveillance team made quite a public spectacle of themselves on 9-11. ‘The New York Times reported Thursday that a group of five men had set up video cameras aimed at the Twin Towers prior to the attack on Tuesday, and were seen congratulating one another afterwards.’

    Police received several calls from angry New Jersey residents claiming ‘middle-eastern’ men with a white van were videotaping the disaster with shouts of joy and mockery.

    ‘They were like happy, you know… They didn’t look shocked to me’ said a witness.

    [T]hey were seen by New Jersey residents on Sept. 11 making fun of the World Trade Center ruins and going to extreme lengths to photograph themselves in front of the wreckage.’ Witnesses saw them jumping for joy in Liberty State Park after the initial impact.

    Later on, other witnesses saw them celebrating on a roof in Weehawken, and still more witnesses later saw them celebrating with high fives in a Jersey City parking lot.”

    The van load of Middle Eastern men was chased down and the MOSSAD agents were arrested by police, but eventually released to Israel even though they clearly knew more about 911 than anyone else the US has taken prisoner.

    In addition to the dancing Israelis there were over 200 Israeli art students/spies, who just happened to live in the same towns as the 911 hijackers.

    Many of them were arrested and questioned. Were they helping or observing the hijackers? They definitely weren’t stopping them.

    Another key question would be “Is al Qaeda a real organization or is it a creation of the CIA and MOSSAD?” The Israelis were caught red-handed setting up a phony al Qaeda cell in Palestine as noted here.

    Could the Israelis or CIA have set up more phony al Qaeda cells in Egypt and Saudi Arabia to recruit disgruntled Muslims for the 911 attack? Of course they could have. And they probably did. The ex-President of Italy Francesco Cossiga stated that the 911 attack was an “inside job” by the CIA and MOSSAD.

    While the WTC towers were undeniably hit by planes, the actual collapse of the towers and WTC Building 7 were brought on by controlled demolitions.

    Each plane punched a hole in a tower. Much of the fuel exploded in huge fireballs outside the towers as seen in the videos of the attack.

    Fire experts claim that all the jet fuel would have burnt up within ten minutes, assuming some fuel didn’t go up in the initial fireball.

    After the jet fuel burnt up, the result was two buildings each with a hole punched in them suffering from “paper and wood” office fires.

    A skyscraper like the World Trade Center is built not only to support its own weight, it is built to withstand hurricane force winds and even earthquakes.

    The building will NOT collapse even if it loses several columns. The columns by the way were four inch thick steel I-beam and box columns.

    An aluminum wing even on a jumbo jet is going to be shredded by a column that strong and solid.

    The support columns on a skyscraper are NOT going to be knocked out by an aluminum airplane wing.

    Very little of the aircraft except the engines were able to punch their way through all the interior walls.

    The only way the WTC towers could have collapsed would have been if the subsequent fire heated the columns up to a high enough temperature to weaken the steel.

    One article notes “Most defenders of the official (government) theory, in fact, do not make this absurd claim (that the columns melted).

    They say merely that the fire heated the steel up to the point where it lost so much of its strength that it buckled.[11] For example, Thomas Eagar, saying that steel loses 80 percent of its strength when it is heated to 1,300˚F, argues that this is what happened.

    But for even this claim to plausible, the fires would have still had to be pretty hot. But they were not. Claims have been made, as we have seen, about the jet fuel. But much of it burned up very quickly in the enormous fireballs produced when the planes hit the buildings, and rest was gone within 10 minutes,[12] after which the flames died down.

    Photographs of the towers 15 minutes after they were struck show few flames and lots of black smoke, a sign that the fires were oxygen-starved. Thomas Eagar, recognizing this fact, says that the fires were ‘probably only about 1,200 or 1,300˚F’ (Eagar, 2002).

    There are reasons to believe, moreover, that the fires were not even that hot. As photographs show, the fires did not break windows or even spread much beyond their points of origin (Hufschmid, 2002, p. 40).

    This photographic evidence is supported by scientific studies carried out by NIST, which found that of the 16 perimeter columns examined, ‘only three columns had evidence that the steel reached temperatures above 250˚C [482˚F],’ and no evidence that any of the core columns had reached even those temperatures (2005, p. 88).”

    There has been much talk about the collapse of the 47 story WTC Building 7, which was not hit by a plane. It appeared to go down exactly like a controlled demolition.

    A damaged steel building by the way is going to collapse non-symmetrically. A building with damage near the foundation could fall over much like a tree, which has been chopped so that it falls in a certain direction.

    If the steel is being heated up above 1000 degrees F and gradually loses strength, the structure should start leaning over in the direction where the hottest columns are losing strength.

    Large deformations should be clearly visible before the collapse. The WTC towers and Building 7 all went down like controlled demolitions. This means that whoever hit the detonation button for the demolitions, killed a lot more people, than the people flying the planes.

    Many of the government apologists like to point to the collapse of steel structures during fires, but the cases they cite were all non-symmetric collapses.

    One building literally fell over like a tree when its foundation was undermined. One oil rig that collapsed had an uncontrolled high temperature fire with fuel continuously feeding into the fire. Not one of the collapses that they cite went down like a controlled demolition.

    Israel has a long track record of Black operations and false flag attacks. In the Lavon Affair, MOSSAD agents bombed US facilities in Egypt in the 1950s.

    In 1967, Israel deliberately attacked the USS Liberty mass murdering 34 Americans.

    The attack on the World Trade Center has benefited Israel more than any other nation. Just ask the Dancing Israelis, who videotaped it.

    Great video: proof there were bombs planted in the building on 9/11/01, that was a planned demolition?!


  25. Fr. Joseph September 13, 2010 @ 6:14 pm

    Dear +Br. Nathanael,

    Our Church’s Canon of Sacred Scripture relays the following:

    “FIGHT to the death FOR TRUTH, and THE LORD GOD will war on your side.”
    – Ecclesiasticus 4:28

    IF these Zionist journalists and newspaper Editors and Owners “WANT TO START A STEEKIN’ FREAKIN’ WAR” with you on account of the TRUTH you wield in the spiritual service of our God and Lord, JESUS the Christ, then let’s GIVE THEM ALL ‘A WAR’!

    I happen to live here in the State of NEW JERSEY. I live RIGHT ON the 1776 RETREAT ROUTE of George Washington and the badly beaten, under-manned, out-gunned, under-supplied Continental Army taken to escape and distance themselves from the British Army.

    And three blocks away is a historical site here in these parts of New Jersey. It’s the site of a BRIDGE over the Passaic River George Washington and the Continental Army had TO BURN to effect a successful retreat.

    Now perhaps those ‘fellow US citizens’ from the State of COLORADO are simply TOO enamoured with all of the WONDERFUL SKIING there is to be had in their State of COLORADO, but they all chose TO FORGET just how much American Blood STAINED the snows of the miserable winters here in New Jersey during the Revolutionary War as well as the blood stained SNOWS of the Ardennes in World War II and in the Korean War.

    Too many “fellow US citizens” will NEVER HAVE the living opportunity to see the wonderful mountains, snows, forests and vistas of the State of Colorado.

    Now get yourself a copy of ‘The Summit Daily’. Get ALL of the names of EVERYONE working at and affiliated with ‘The Summit Daily’.

    Then PRINT OUT this particular posting of mine here on RZN – and you TELL THEM ALL there on ‘The Summit Daily’ EXACTLY what the Br. Nathanael Foundation is going TO DO on account of that op-ed piece slandering YOU and your WORK OF TRUTH for the Lord Most High.

    If THE LORD “likes” this idea of mine, He WILL provide the funds, the materials and the manpower support needed to ‘WAGE THIS WAR’ these Zionist-journalists at ‘The Summit Daily’ started with you and with Him!

    You INFORM everyone on the staff of ‘The Summit Daily’ that the BNF is going to make 5,000 STUFFED ENVELOPES.

    These 5,000 stuffed envelopes WILL include the following:

    This photo:

    The first three pages of:


    A DVD copy of ‘Loose Change’ they themselves can view from their ‘The Summit Daily’s COMPUTERS right there AT their desks and offices from this website link:

    Dr. Ed Ward, MD’s on-line article:

    And these 5,000 STUFFED ENVELOPES will be DISTRIBUTED to everyone entering and leaving the UNITED STATES AIR FORCE ACADEMY.

    And “Just-In-Case” those of ‘The Summit Daily’ DON’T KNOW where the United States Air Force Academy is LOCATED, you can give them THIS as ‘A Big Clue’:

    And then, AFTER THAT, 5,000 MORE such ‘Stuffed Envelopes’ will be distributed by the BNF at the United States Army Academy at West Point – and 5,000 MORE such ‘Stuff Envelopes’ will be distributed at the United States Navy Academy at Annapolis.

    Why, perhaps even a couple of ASPIRING 2nd Lieutenants to the US MARINE CORP might wind up getting, READING and UNDERSTANDING the enclosed materials in those BNF ‘Stuffed Envelopes’!

    “Piss Off a US MARINE big time – and you REALLY have something to worry about.” But then again, perhaps in OUR day and age, ALL the USMC’s have been reduced to a bunch of WHIMPS…we’ll see! They ALWAYS have to call in an A-10A WARTHOG when they can’t “handle a military problem.”

    Now if THE LORD kinda/sorta LIKES this ‘spiritual warfare idea’ of mine, then THE KING of Heaven and earth WILL see to it that somehow and from somewhere the necessary ‘WAR FUNDING’ and the ‘WAR MATERIALS’ and the ‘WAR AMMUNTION’ and the ‘WAR MANPOWER’ will be made available to and for YOU and the BNF.

    THE LORD does us all SO MANY FAVORS day in and day out. Perhaps He’ll APPRECIATE this small spiritual effort on OUR itsy-bitsy and next-to-insignificant of our trying to do HIM ‘A FAVOR’ in return!

    And maybe we CAN’T do what St. Michael the Archangel and his legions of Warrior Angels CAN DO in and with their Angelic might – but for cryin’ out loud, we Human Beings, we incarnate spirits can AT LEAST speak the TRUTH as well as TO DISTRIBUTE THE TRUTH!

    “My People PERISH for want of knowledge.”
    – Prophet Hosea – Hosea 4:6

    – +Fr. Joseph

  26. Craig September 13, 2010 @ 6:22 pm

    Otto Fritz?

    I don’t get it.

  27. Brother Nathanael September 13, 2010 @ 7:24 pm

    To USSA Today –

    The link you posted is NOT the correct article.

    Because you have posted the WRONG article which may confuse people and will appear that I am not stating the article accurately, I am going to EDIT what you posted.

    What you posted is a link to a MUCH OLDER article.

    +Brother Nathanael

  28. Brother Nathanael September 13, 2010 @ 7:33 pm

    Update On Article Reaction

    As I posted above on a SLANDEROUS article written on my by our Local Newspaper @

    I would like to give you all a “follow up.”

    Tonite on the median strip here in Summit County amidst honking and waving and catcalls (because of the article) a man in his early thirties with spite and malicious intent:

    Rolled down his window, slowed down, and thrust from his lips a huge *WAD OF SPIT* on my person.

    It is not so much that I felt violated, but because I wear so many Holy Crosses on my person I felt that the man committed SACRILEGE – besides committing ASSAULT & BATTERY by Spitting On Me. (Spitting on someone is Legally Recognized as a *CRIMINAL OFFENSE*).

    He sped away but got caught at a red light at the huge intersection below where I was standing.

    I ran as fast as I could and GOT HIS LICENSE PLATE # and CALLED THE POLICE.

    The Officer JUST CALLED ME and said the License Plate is BEING TRACKED.

    I will give you further information as things develop which may not be until Wednesday as the officer said it might take that long to confront the assaulter.

    I will be leaving for Boston early Wednesday BUT WILL keep everybody posted as time and opportunity allows.

    I REALIZE that NOW that I just turned 60 and feel that I am at a crossroads in my life and with my NEW VERY PUBLIC move, I will be very vulnerable to not only verbal attack by newspapers and catcalls etc BUT physical attacks as well.

    I look back with fondness at my time at the monastery in Buena Vista where we had total quiet and peace.

    Now, I have committed myself to this “Street Fight” against the Christ-Crucifying Jews who STILL today, CRUCIFY all that is TRUE and BEAUTIFUL, as our Lord REPRESENTED in His Own DIVINE Person.


    God Bless You All and THANK YOU ALL for your prayers and support.

    Your Ever +Brother in Christ, Nathanael

  29. Brother Nathanael September 13, 2010 @ 7:50 pm

    Okay. The Police officer JUST CALLED ME again.

    The License Plate HAS BEEN TRACKED and the car is EXACTLY the car that I described:

    An older (1997) black Acura.

    The man is EXACTLY as I described as well.

    The officer said that the man will be questioned for Assault and Harassment.

    The officer is a DETECTIVE with the Silverthorne Police Department and is INTENT in helping me BRING CHARGES against the man.

    Please know that as a Christian, I am commanded to forgive this man.

    BUT – he must know that he WILL NOT get away with spitting on the Holy Cross of the LORD JESUS CHRIST WHOSE HONOR I will DEFEND TO MY VERY DEATH!

    +Brother Nathanael

  30. Nicolae September 14, 2010 @ 1:54 am

    I bet that this bastard is an Askenazi, Edomite, Khazar.

    JERUSALEM, JAN. 7, 2010 ( Leaders of the Jewish ultra-orthodox community in Jerusalem are condemning spitting and harassment against Christians perpetrated by some of the community’s young people.

    A young religious Jew spat at a procession of Greek Orthodox priests in the Old City of Jerusalem on Monday, police said, in the third such incident in the mixed city in the last year.

    Jew spits at Greek priests in Jerusalem.

    The skullcap-wearing assailant, Amitai Shashar, 20, told police that he spat at the procession near the Church of the Holy Sepulcher because he saw the cross that participants in the ceremony were carrying, Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said.

    Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them.

    Sarah Silverman says she’d kill Jesus, thinks it’s funny.

    There are tons of examples. What can you expect from satan’s children, impostors, terrorists and their filthy religion (satanism).

    Cursed is the man that donates money to those impostors, God is going to punish them in the lake of fire for eternity.

    John Hagee the little devil and Jew worshipper is going to have his part in that fire.

    Christians United For Satan (Jewsrael) in Washington DC = DEVIL CITY. Why do you think this master chief liar, useful idiot chose Washinghton DC = DEVIL CITY?

    Because at every meeting they NEVER, EVER MENTION THE NAME OF OUR KING, JESUS CHRIST, think about that. Those useful idiots are waiting for the devil Rapture.

    Don’t worry Brother Nathanael, JESUS is with you, we are praying for you brother.

  31. Fr. Joseph September 14, 2010 @ 6:39 am

    This “spitting incident” against +Br. Nathanael SERVES the Lord in revealing to everyone just HOW SHALLOW people of our contemporary World HAVE BECOME.

    If a stupid, slanderous, deceitful op-ed article in a backwoods newpaper such as ‘The Summit Daily’ can incite a man TO SPIT on +Br. Nathanael, then stupid, slanderous, deceitful op-ed articles in such MAJOR US cities as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles can incite people to LAUNCH NUCLEAR WEAPONS against totally innocent others – thus embroiling the entire Human Race (whether it wants it or NOT) in a global thermonuclear Third World War.

    It also goes to show the level of IGNORNACE of so many people who do not understand, who do not recognize, they are to be DISCERNING in their lives and that there are such things as LIES told them that they are “expected” to BELIEVE!

    It boggles the human mind to think about what are we going to do when SO MANY of us are THAT ignorant, THAT incapable of discernment, THAT incapable of thinking for themselves, THAT lacking in the ability to RESIST as well as to REJECT the ‘garbage’ conjured up in another’s/other’s gutter dwelling minds and hearts, souls and spirits!

    My gosh – it sure would BE NICE if people here in the USA and throughout the rest of the World TOOK SOME RESPONSIBIITY for what they did and what they DO with their lives and their actions and their behaviors and in what they willy-nilly allow themselves to BELIEVE!

    – +Fr. Joseph

  32. David Robertson September 14, 2010 @ 7:30 am

    This is the only double blessing that our Lord gave in His Sermon on the Mount. Matthew 5:10-12:

    “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to them.

    “Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you and say all kinds of evil things about you falsely on account of me.

    Rejoice and be glad because your reward is great in heaven, for they persecuted the prophets before you in the same way.”

    Nathanael, I believe it is VERY important to understand the scriptural foundation for the conditions you are addressing here on this website. These are the roots of the situation the world is facing this very day.

    First, an article published today entitled “The Vineyard and the Apostasy” I have copied it out in full rather than simply linking to it.

    The Vineyard and the Apostasy


    God’s purpose for creation and (more specifically) for His Kingdom is that it would produce the fruits of the Spirit, which are the characteristics of Christ.

    To this end, Isaiah wrote a prophetic song in chapter 5,

    A Song of My Beloved Concerning His Vineyard

    My well-beloved had a vineyard on a fertile hill.
    And He dug it all around, removed its stones,
    And planted it with the choicest vine.
    And He built a tower in the middle of it,
    And hewed out a wine vat in it;
    Then He expected it to produce good grapes,
    But it produced only worthless ones.

    Here the Kingdom is pictured as God’s Vineyard, as if God was a farmer producing grapes to put the “new wine” on His Communion Table. The problem is that the Vineyard-Kingdom in his day “produced only worthless ones,” that is, sour grapes. The “fruit” of that Kingdom was unfit for God’s Table.

    Joshua had “planted” this Vineyard when he brought the Israelites into the land of Canaan. Joshua was a type of Christ (“Yeshua”), but that Kingdom was founded under the Old Covenant. It failed to bring forth the fruits of the Kingdom that could meet God’s perfect standard.

    Jesus told a parable in Matthew 21, using Isaiah’s song as the basis of His teaching.

    (33) Listen to another parable. There was a landowner who planted a vineyard and put a wall around it, and dug a wine press in it, and built a tower, and rented it to vine-growers, and went on a journey. (34) And when the harvest time approached, he sent his slaves to the vine-growers to receive his produce. (35) And the vine-growers took his slaves and beat one, and killed another, and stoned a third.

    It is obvious that the religious leaders of the day were the “vine-growers” who were responsible to produce the fruits of the Kingdom. The “slaves” were the prophets sent to receive the fruits of the Kingdom. The prophets were beaten, killed, and stoned. Finally, in verses 37-39, the “Son” was sent, but they killed Him as well in order to “seize His inheritance.” In other words, they wanted to usurp the Kingdom for themselves.

    The verdict is given later, after Jesus allowed them to judge themselves.

    (43 Therefore I say to you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you, and be given to a nation bringing forth the fruit of it.

    In verse 45, the Pharisees understood that He was referring to them. The kingdom would be taken from the Jewish religious leaders and be given to “a nation” [ethnos] that would actually render to God the fruits of the vineyard. Furthermore, this “nation” is not the same as the Jewish nation. It is a new ethnos, established by the New Covenant.

    The Bible expresses the same truth using different imagery. Paul speaks of this in terms of the “fruit” produced by Hagar and Sarah. Hagar, the Old Covenant, does not produce the quality of fruit (Ishmael) that God requires for Sonship. Ishmael was prophesied to be a violent man who would attempt to establish the Kingdom by force and carnal means (Gen. 16:12). Only Isaac, the son of Sarah, the New Covenant, would be able to fulfill the requirement of God.

    Hence, if we merge these two prophecies, we can say that the Kingdom of God would be taken from Ishmael and given to Isaac. It would be taken from the Old Jerusalem and given to the New Jerusalem.

    So Paul writes in 2 Thessalonians 2:3,

    (3) Let no one in any way deceive you, for it [the day of the Lord] will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, (4) who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God.

    The great “apostasy” is the reversion from the New Covenant back to the Old Covenant. The “man of lawlessness” has to be revealed, or exposed. He is the “son of destruction” (or perdition), a term applied specifically to Judas in John 17:12.

    Many Christians do not understand Paul’s statement here, because they do not know the basic conflict in the New Testament. They do not know that it is a re-play of the story of David and Absalom, who usurped the throne with the help of Ahithophel, David’s counselor and friend. In the New Testament story, David was Jesus, the chief priests were Absalom, and Judas played the role of Ahithophel.

    The chief priests usurped the place of Christ in His temple and set themselves up as if they were God. In other words, they seized Jesus’ inheritance (Matt. 21:38). His inheritance was the Throne of His father, David. The Church generally recognizes that Paul was speaking of Antichrist in 2 Thess. 2:3, 4, but they do not realize that the Jewish usurpers were the Antichrist. If they had connected the story of David with the New Testament story of Jesus, they might come to understand this, but that connection is seldom, if ever, taught.

    When Darby began to teach Dispensationalism in the 1850’s, and when this teaching was popularized by C. I. Scofield in the early 1900’s, the great apostasy began to sweep over the Church. They taught that in the Age to come, Hagar-Jerusalem would be given the inheritance once again, the Jewish usurpers of Christ’s throne were “chosen” to rule the world under Christ, and that the Old Covenant would stage a come-back, replacing the New Covenant. Sacrifices would resume in a physical temple in Jerusalem.

    They did not understand that when David returned, Absalom was killed. Absalom did not rule in David’s kingdom after His “second coming.” Absalom was the Anti-David who had usurped the throne. He was not “chosen” to rule, even if he had waited for David to die, because Solomon was the “chosen one.” In fact, Absalom knew that he was NOT chosen, and this was why he took matters into his own hands and usurped David’s throne.

    The great apostasy is now upon us, because much of the Church, like Judas, has betrayed Jesus Christ by siding with Absalom. I speak specifically of Christian Zionism and so-called “Messianic Christianity.” The only difference between now and the first coming of Christ is that the first time He came of Judah to secure His Throne rights, while the second time He comes of Joseph-Ephraim to secure His Birthright. Hence, He comes with His robe “dipped in blood” (Rev. 19:13 and Gen. 37:31).

    The Jewish usurpers of the Throne have now usurped the Birthright of Joseph as well in order to obtain the full inheritance. For this reason they took the name Israel for their state in 1948, for Israel was the Birthright name given to the sons of Joseph in Gen. 48:16.

    These truths are simple, yet almost unknown. We need to know the nature of the “apostasy,” if we want to avoid the mistake that Judas made.

    In fact, Paul uses the term “apostasy” as a play on words. The word was translated in the KJV as “falling away,” but it actually means “to cast aside.” The word apostasia is the feminine Greek word for “forsaking, withdrawing, leaving.” Its neuter form is apostasion, “divorce.”

    Hence, when the Church enters this “apostasy,” they are casting out Christ, even as Judas forsook Christ by betraying Him. The Church ought instead to be casting out the bondwoman and her son. This play on words is unique with Paul in his choice of words. It is as if Abraham had cast out Sarah and her son, Isaac, instead of Hagar and Ishmael. The apostasy thus reverses and destroys the prophetic pattern set forth by Abraham, David, and Jesus Himself.”

    So we see today that the Jews have indeed taken control of the Kingdom in the flesh. They represent the most fully developed picture of the Kingdom under the dominion of an unregenerate humanity. They are themselves the creators of the ideological foundations for this atheistic materialistic Kingdom, the theories of Marx and Engels. They are worshippers of self and see their own corporate human intellects as God. Not without reason since the Jewish people are the most advanced intellectuals who have ever lived. But their wisdom is foolishness to God.

    We know that as followers of the Lord Jesus we are called to do battle against the works of the flesh and that battle begins in our own bodies which are the temples of the Holy Spirit. On the personal level this is the casting down of every imagination that raises itself up against the knowledge of Christ in us.

    Father Joseph has written that God is in every circumstance and event and this is most definitely true. He has used the growth of the Jewish power for many purposes, just as He has used pagan kings like Sennacherib and Nebuchadnezzar in the past and Islam since 632AD for to advance His own plans for mankind. We must see this very clearly if we are to respond in a godly manner. “This kind are only cast out with much prayer and fasting.”.

    Finally, let me give you a link to a book describing the ongoing struggle for the birthright of Israel which is to soon be resolved. This is the true controversy of Zion.

  33. Disgusted White Christian September 14, 2010 @ 7:54 am

    When they burn holy books it is just fine?


    By Rev. Ted Pike
    14 Sep 10

    Two and a half years ago, in an incident evocative of the recent threat by Florida pastor Rev. Terry Jones to burn copies of the Qur’an, Jewish religious students in Israel burned Christian New Testaments – by the hundreds.

    AP: “Orthodox Jews set fire to hundreds of copies of the New Testament in the latest act of violence against Christian missionaries in the Holy Land.

    Or Yehuda Deputy Mayor Uzi Aharon said missionaries recently entered a neighborhood in the predominantly religious town of 34,000 in central Israel, distributing hundreds of New Testaments and missionary materials.”

    Aharon said he “got into a loudspeaker car last Thursday and drove through the neighborhood, urging people to turn over the material to Jewish religious students… the books were dumped into a pile and set fire in a lot near a synagogue.

    ” Aharon claimed it is “a commandment [in Talmudic Judaism] to burn materials that urge Jews to convert.’” (Haaretz, “Orthodox Jewish youths burn New Testaments in Or Yehuda,”)

    At that time, there were some reports in western, even Christian media, of this outrage – yet nothing compared to the worldwide indignation against the Florida pastor. No major leader or denomination publically criticized the burning or the government of Israel, which neither forcefully criticized nor did anything to punish the offenders.

    Here we see the too familiar dichotomy: Last week an extremist Christian pastor was held up to international contempt for his threatened desecration and lack of “respect for diversity.” The floodgates of international media poured forth unlimited copy, alerting the world of what a Christian might do.

    But do you remember significant protest by Christian media and leaders in 2008 of the actual burning of a great religion’s most sacred text, as well as continuing persecution of the Messianic Jews in Israel who distributed the offending New Testaments? Did Messianic Jew Jay Sekulow’s American Center for Law and Justice rail against that violation of the human rights of his spiritual brethren?

    Did WorldNetDaily’s Joseph Farah write a fiery editorial accusing the government of Israel of habitually doing nothing to oppose the persecution of some ten thousand Messianic Christians by ultra-Orthodox Jews? Of course not.

    We know well the reason for this double standard: If a public figure or organization criticizes Israel, Jewish attack groups will smear them as “anti-Semitic,” effectively ruining their careers or ministries.

    The Jewish media and “Holocaust industry” has taught us for generations that Jews are the historic victims of Christianity and that criticism of Jews could lead to more gas chambers.

    It’s all right then, even fitting, that Christians be mocked, persecuted, stripped of their religious symbols and holidays, because, according to popular ADL-nurtured culture, Christianity needs to be taken down a notch.

    The Jews, however, have demanded from respectable society, and generally received, perpetual exemption from criticism.

    As we have been seeing more frequently of late, if a public figure criticizes matters Jewish, the Anti-Defamation League will force him to grovel in apology, a rite of contrition an ADL-conditioned society considers appropriate.

    As a result, all it takes is the intolerance of one Christian pastor to ignite international furor.

    But arousing righteous indignation against the Jews in Israel who have demonstrated at least equal bigotry is like trying to make rain-soaked kindling catch fire – almost impossible.

    ADL’s Pro-Islam Strategy

    Lurking in the wings of Rev. Jones’ high drama is the Anti-Defamation League, ever alert to ways that will stereotype evangelical Christians as bigoted, possibly violent, haters.

    Here’s how ADL is working to protect Islam in America so that anti-Islamic Christian/conservatives will appear narrow and mean spirited, potential “hate criminals.”

    As I point out in my video “Hate Law Jihad” (available at, while very little appreciation of Islam exists in Israel, Israel’s PR representative, ADL, has chosen a vastly different strategy in the West.

    In order to make right-wing critics of Islam into hate criminals, ADL is now promoting Islamic rights, creating hate laws that harshly criminalize those who publicly demean Islam.

    With Christians force-fed the Zionist lie that militant Islam is the greatest threat to civilization, ADL knows that members of the religious right, outspoken against it, are abundant candidates to become offenders under ADL-inspired hate laws.

    Thus, in ADL’s hard line hate crimes nations, such as Canada, England, Holland, France and Australia, the indigenous Islamic councils work closely with ADL to mete out the harshest penalties against Christian “haters.”

    But ADL also wants to make criticism of Islam a federal offense in America. To that end, ADL is orchestrating a coalition of Muslim, Jewish, and Christian groups to advocate for mosque-building rights in America and take measures against those who are “intolerant” in opposition.

    “Working under the sponsorship of the Anti-Defamation League, which initiated the concept, ICOM [The Interfaith Coalition on Mosques] will carefully monitor incidents of mosque discrimination around the country, gather facts and analyze the information, and speak out when appropriate to help Muslim communities who are encountering prejudice.”

    (, “Interfaith Coalition to Assist American Muslim Communities Facing Opposition to Building Mosques,”)

    ADL: Not Really Afraid of Islam

    You may ask: “But doesn’t ADL/Zionism fear that by encouraging Islam it is creating a potent rival to its own dream of world domination?”

    Actually, until the advent of Zionism a little more than a century ago, Jews and Muslims got along very well. Both religions, largely founded on the Old Testament, are strictly monotheistic, abhorring the Christian Trinitarian claim that the Godhead is three in one.

    Since Islam does not teach Jesus was crucified, it has never laid the charge of “Christ killers” upon the Jews. This has made Jews much more secure, especially in medieval times in Muslim lands.

    But now ADL is relatively comfortable with encouragement of Islam in the West because Zionism has demonstrated over the past century that, even though their former friends have become enemies, the Jews will probably always be able to outwit, frustrate, and contain the Muslim/Arab world.

    The Jews have shown themselves as organized as the Muslims are disorganized. Even before the Balfour Declaration and subsequent Sykes-Picot Treaty supplanted Arab rights to Palestine, Jewish brains and capital, deeply entrenched in the nations and governments of the west, rendered Arab resistance virtually impotent.

    Yes, Islam wants to conquer the world through its high birth rate, proliferation of mosques, and imposition of Sharia and ADL-inspired hate crimes laws everywhere.

    Yet looming much more powerfully than possible Islamic expansion is the established, formidable reality of Jewish control of international finance, governments, big media, Congress, and even the popular evangelical movement.

    In short, the Jews will always be able to handle the Muslims, and for this reason ADL sees alliance with Islam in America as a powerful tool.

    Despite a century of infatuation with Israel among evangelical Christians, the truth is that authentic, New Testament Christianity (if it is ever widely re-discovered) still poses the greatest threat to Jewish supremacism.

    The New Testament is filled not only with adverse commentary upon Rabbinic (pharisaic) Judaism, exhorting believers to be suspicious of it and deny its spiritual validity, but is an ever-indicting testimony that the Jews had Christ killed.

    Just as rankling to Judaism are the commands of Jesus to convert Jews to their true Messiah.

    Add to this the fact that in “Christian” America at least half of young Jewish men are marrying Gentile brides. Jewish leaders see Christian-encouraged proselytization, as well as assimilation, as tantamount to potential spiritual and genetic genocide of the Jewish people.

    ADL’s Strategy Becomes Clear

    With this in mind, we can understand why ADL is now aligning itself with Islam in America and western nations and why Jewish big media has been publicizing, and vilifying, the bigotry of an obscure Christian pastor.

    How do Christians/conservatives counter such manipulation against them? By recognizing that Jewish supremacism poses a vastly greater threat to civilization than does Islam.

    They should speak out against it without fear of being called “anti-Semitic” or being cursed by God for criticizing His chosen people.

    Christians can also bring themselves and others into reality by simply doing what Christ taught – not showing special respect to some (the Jews) but instead responding with simple compassion to the sufferings of their Messianic brethren in Israel.

    Reports continue to come out of Israel that the ultra-Orthodox “Haredim” only increase in their militant discrimination and harassment against Messianic Christians, assisted by an Israeli government that looks the other way.

    No longer should Christians also look the other way when they hear of Israel’s state-permitted persecution of Christians.

    No longer should they allow millions of dollars to be sent by Pastor John Hagee to fund the ultra-Orthodox persecutors of their Messianic brethren.

    (See, Hagee: Tea-Partyin’ American Heretic) Now, as never before, Christians must be responsive to the question put to them by the apostle John: “But whoever… beholds his brother in need and closes his heart against him, how does the love of God abide in him?” (1 John 3:17)


    Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.

    TALK SHOW HOSTS: Interview Rev. Ted Pike on this subject. Call (503) 631-3808.

    The freedom-saving outreach of Rev. Ted Pike and the National Prayer Network is solely supported by sale of books, videos and your financial support. All gifts are tax-deductible.

    NATIONAL PRAYER NETWORK, P.O. Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97015


  34. Ray September 14, 2010 @ 8:50 am


    September 14, 2010 @ 1:54 am

    John Hagee the little devil and Jew worshipper is going to have his part in that fire.

    N – Hagee is fat enough to personally fuel the Lake of Fire for a very long time.

  35. Ray September 14, 2010 @ 9:00 am

    I met an Israeli Jew once on a trip to the Holy Land.

    He told me that he had once considered stabbing to death a Christian missionary, but that another Orthodox Jew dissuaded him by reminding him that he would go to jail for a very long time were he to do that, and that the Israeli police would not tolerate such behavior.

    It is worth noting that much of the anti-Christian agitation is against the Catholic and Orthodox Christian communities.

    The evangelicals have learned how to walk the line in the Holy Land: fly over, get on your luxury air conditioned tour bus, stay in your nice hotels and dine in your nice restaurants, and close your eyes to the satanic kindgom that rules today’s Holy Land.

  36. Ray September 14, 2010 @ 9:09 am

    Two honorable Jews pursuing 9-11 Truth:

    See below on this site:

    Herbert J. Hoffman, MA, PhD

    Loren R. Fisher, PhD – Retired Professor of Hebrew Bible, Claremont School of Theology.

  37. Fr. Joseph September 14, 2010 @ 9:41 am

    NOW, in considering in RETROSPECT what these Zionist-funded so-called ‘Bible Believing Churches’ have DONE:

    In inciting so many people to participate in these geopolitical schemes to commit mass-murder of totally innocent peoples of foreign nation-states, don’t you all now WISH that there was an “INQUISITION” coupled with a legitimate and RESPONSIBLE ‘Temporal Power(s)’ with which to ROUTE OUT and to RIP UP such psuedo-religious psycho-spiritual societal manipulations and within and throughout honest-to-goodness Human Societies?

    But there are now NO legitimate and responsible ‘Temporal Powers’ in our contemporary World of 2010 Anno Domini – to include this U.S. Nation of mine.

    Sure would be NICE, don’t you think, that all of us living in any of our contemporary World’s HUMAN SOCIETIES could, would and SHOULD be living out our individual and communal lives in God’s OWN Peace here on earth?

    “Thy Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven”

    Apparently, those Few Divinely Spoken Words by JESUS, God’s Christ to our World, doesn’t fit into and is NOT relevant to ‘The Gospel’ preached by hundreds, if not THOUSANDS, of so-called ‘Bible-believing Pastors’ throughout our United States of America.

    “We have penetrated into the mystery of the atom, yet have utterly failed to grasp the Sesrmon on the Mount.” – U.S. General Omar Bradley during his address to the U.S. Army’s West Point Cadet Graduation Class of 1947

    “The World Struggle is NOT political or economic. Rather, it is religious and theological. It is either God (and His Ways – parens mine) or atheism (godless men and women of Mankind and THEIR ways – parens mine).” – U.S. 5 Star General Douglas MacArthur to visiting Catholic Bishop Fulton Sheen in Allied Occupied Japan

    – +Fr. Joseph

  38. Disgusted White Christian September 14, 2010 @ 9:57 am


    You are absolutely correct about Hagee:

    that is one big fat, devil straight from the pits of hell.

    He has done more damaged to those gullible Protestants in the South, more than any lying Zionist could have done.

    This Hagee has continually taken people’s money, and given it to known Christian haters, and anti-Christian groups in IsraHell, and does so with FREE REIGN, no condemnation from any Christian group in America.

    The fat monster is PURE EVIL!

    You see him proudly preaching a FALSE GOSPEL with the mark of the Beast, clearly behind him, a true modern day false prophet!

    I hope Bro Nate can do an updated thread to try and EXPOSE this fraud, once and for all?


  39. jonah September 14, 2010 @ 12:17 pm



    INTERNATIONAL FASCIST ROTHSCHILD JEWRY- the root all evil on Earth – have set up a Global Eugenics Death Grid.

    Oh, they’re NOT going to tell you they are killing you – you would rebel in a heartbeat. Their objective is to reduce the world’s population to between 1- 2 billion. That means a reduction of 5 BILLION people (the Earth’s population currently stands at 7 billion) from off the face of this planet.

    Guess what? YOU are their target. They want you dead!

    You are nothing but “useless eaters” to their perverted minds.

    Here’s how they are doing it: They’re poisoning our food and water with fluoride and genetically modified food – BOTH of which are highly carcinogenic and will give you cancer so that you will eventually die. They are using aspartame , food colorings and high fructose corn syrup, among other deadly ingredients, to kill you off as well.

    At OUR airports, they are installing naked digital body scanners – go through these and you will contract cancer in 5-10 years. These are known as “soft kill” weapons. These machines give a dose of radiation 50 times that of a normal x-ray. These are the new 21st century nazi gas chambers, all funded and built by International Fascist Rothschild Jewry!

    Hunger, starvation, disease and malnutrition already kills millions on Earth – at least 40 million innocent men, women and children needlessly perish from these scourges annually. This is the greatest HOLOCAUST to have ever occured on Earth in human history and it is ongoing to this very day!

    So the Global Eugenics operation is ALREADY in full swing. Most of you reading this article won’t happen to live in poor, exploited, underdeveloped countries, so the strategy against YOU is more high tech, more stealth and more insidious.

    Other ways to make you DIE is through Global Climate Change, which will create drought, the proliferation of insect borne diseases, the loss of our precious forest and water resources and the decline of agricultural harvests leading to food shortages and mass starvation the likes of which the developed world has never seen.

    The Coming HEAT will alter the ecological equilibrium of the entire planet and destroy the lives and well-being of BILLIONS of people throughout the world, in turn, making Global Warming the “mother of all global eugenics” programs.

    The world is TODAY armed to the teeth with thermonuclear weaponry. At least 50,000 warheads stand at hair-trigger alert, ready to be launched at a moments notice. The current stockpile is enough to kill 22 Earths if all the weapons are launched and used to kill humanity.

    Surely, the global elite are planning to engage in a thermonuclear war that, even if limited, could wipe out a large portion of the human race. It is all but certain that such means will be used to depopulate a good portion of human civilization in the very near future.

    Other means include the purposeful introduction of pandemic diseases into the global commons. As well, the introduction of plagues through the proliferation of both genetically modified and nanotechnologically enhanced viruses and bacterias — otherwise known as biological warfare — into the global environment is sure to take a massive toll on life in the very near future.

    Administered vaccines designed to treat and innoculate the masses against these pandemics, are, in effect, soft kill weapons used to both spread disease, cancer viruses and eliminate people on a large scale. Surely, these are perilous times.

    Further ways to kill — and commit genocide — is to limit and sabatoge the sustainable development and healthy living standards and objectives of the masses of poor people through the developing world.

    This is sure to cause further human suffering and death in the years ahead, since the world’s poor are the major target for elimination by these genocidal Jewish Rothschild murderous FILTH headquartered in the CITY of London, UK.


    J. Stevens
    Santa Fe, New Mexico

    1. International Fascist Rothschild Jewry:
    2. Plans to Depopulate the Earth:
    3. Global Climate Change- the Mother of All Global Eugenics Operations:

  40. KathJuliane September 14, 2010 @ 12:18 pm

    Fr. Joseph wrote:

    “Don’t you all now WISH that there was an “INQUISITION” coupled with a legitimate and RESPONSIBLE ‘Temporal Power(s)’ with which to ROUTE OUT and to RIP UP such psuedo-religious psycho-spiritual societal manipulations and within and throughout honest-to-goodness Human Societies?”

    As for me and my house, the answer is no, I don’t wish that at all. I am an American, and my ancestors fought for the very civil right that you now wish to overturn. Where in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is the exception that you are calling for as an ‘Inquisition’ and ‘Temporal Power(s)’?

    This certainly violates Amendment 1 because now you get into the area of state theocracy, which the Constitution does not stand for:

    “Amendment 1 – Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression. Ratified 12/15/1791.

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    The entire phrase ‘establishment of religion’ in its 17-18th century context is synonymous with ‘established church of religion.’ An ‘established church’ is a church recognized by law as the official church of a nation or state AND supported by civil authority.

    Therefore, freedom of religion under the Constitution means anyone can start a cult centered on a tree dressed in a lavender tutu offering up tea biscuits and call it a religion.

    The historical Inquisitions, the dynastic feuding and fratricidal and internecine warfare between Popes and bishops, kings and nobles, corruption and reformers, persecutions and blood-feuds, and the related waves of at least 10 out of 14 Crusades, of which the bulk were directly launched against “heretical” Christian peoples in the Churches of the East and elsewhere, didn’t work out so well the last time.

    Perhaps the most important long-term problem in the West was the rise of the corrosive influences of Spanish and Portuguese crypto-Jewry among the New-Christian castes which then spilled its evil effects into the New World in the Spanish and Portugese conquests and colonializations.

    In any case, the American Founders were so aware of the bloodier religious and political aspects of the Christian West European history that John Q. Adams summed it up best as leaving the “the Field of Alcedema.’

    “Some of the first colonists of the nation for which the Constitution was written had been seeking to escape religious persecution. The constitutions of several of the states prohibited public support of religion (though some did explicitly support or demand adherence to Christianity).

    “Above all, the many varying sects of Christianity in America required that to be fair to all, there could be preference to none.

    “It would have been disgraceful for anyone to wish to leave the United States because of religious persecution. So the authors decided it best to keep the government out of religion.

    “This is not to say that the United States was not or is not a religious nation. Religion plays a big role in the everyday life of Americans, then and now. But what the authors were striving for is tolerance… something I fear contemporary Americans are lacking.”

    Like it or not, the truth is that in America as a ‘Christian nation’ in character, besides having minority Christian communities from the Eastern Orthodox world (first recorded in 1794) well prior to the larger waves of Eastern Christian immigration, has also had her minority non-Christian populations.

    To name a few, these included many tribes of Native Americans, Buddhists, Jews, and from the opening of diplomatic relations between the US and the Ottoman Empire under President Jefferson as a result of the Tripoli conflict, a small population of Muslims as well.

    Might want to rethink your plan, Fr. Joseph. How about looking for something that violates the existing laws of the land and any criminal behavior?

  41. USSA Today September 14, 2010 @ 1:16 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    It was never my intention to mix your words up. I searched the Summit Daily News website and only found that old article while looking for the current one.

    I believe it exists – I just couldn’t find the newer one (probably because the pinko paper doesn’t have it up online yet). At least, people can see the Summit Daily News has a history of biased, pinko coverage relating towards your mission of truth and righteousness.

    The guy who spit on you – was he a Jew?

    There are so many liberal youth today that have been brainwashed by the Communist-Zionist edumacation system I wouldn’t be surprised if he were a white guy. The masses are furthering their own enslavement and don’t even fully realize it.

    1776 not 1984

    USSA Today

  42. USSA Today September 14, 2010 @ 1:20 pm


    Otto Fritz represents the German demographic.

    You might be a “Jew”/Khazar if-you call for the genocide of all Germans because “they’re so evil and have always been the problem in Europe” as I’ve heard Khazars say.

    Complete bull — isn’t it?

    I suppose the Zionist League of Nations and UN have been good for the peace, prosperity, and perseverance of Nation States in the post-modern era too, right?

  43. Fr. Joseph September 14, 2010 @ 1:24 pm


    Make up your MIND!

    “The State is there TO SERVE GOD for your benefit.” – St. Paul the Apostle – Romans 13:4

    The members of the State, either those in Governance or those Governed – BOTH, without any exception whatsoever, ARE REQUIRED to conduct their Human Lives and Livelihoods UNIVERSALLY per Natural Law.

    Natural Law make legitimate Positive Law possible.

    And Natural Law is nothing but human beings’ subjecting themselves to and abiding to DIVINE LAW.

    “Thou shall not kill” – that applies to JEWS, to MUSLIMS, to CHRISIANS, to HINDUS, to BUDDHISTS, to the Dali Lama, to EVERYONE. Period.

    If Human Society and members of ANY Human Society REJECT a Universal ‘Theocratic’ Divine Law, then STOP BOTHERING ME and all of the rest of us here on RZN with your goings-on about all of the INJUSTICES and EVILS in this World of ours, okay???

    – +Fr. Joseph

  44. Disgusted White Christian September 14, 2010 @ 1:26 pm

    KathJuliane, Father Joe:

    Guys, love you both, but you are arguing and going off on a religious or political diatribe again, that Joe Cortina (Correctly) warned, everyone to stay away from on here?

    My question to you both, does the Zionists care?

    You, him, and me, are nothing but the low end of a caste system, they have now created in the west!

    Who cares about these round robins of banter, on either religion or political issues?

    Our main mission on here is to enlighten the novelist, or neophyte, to the Zionist’s crimes against humanity, for the last 200 years!

    They come on here, and you two are constantly arguing over religious dogma, or politics, they will get bored and leave?

    It is that simple: don’t be divided, or divide yourselves for them, that is their number WEAPON, and has been for 200 years!


  45. charlie September 14, 2010 @ 2:46 pm

    Whenever you hear of a NWO conspiracy in whatever field, for the enslavement of mankind, think Freemasonry.

    This is the mechanism, organization, infestation and connection to Zionism by which it is accomplished. This is the mechanism by which Zionism advances its agenda.

    Be it in vaccination programs, antidepressants, cancer treatments, right through to banking, policing, courts and governments; restrictions on human liberty, poverty, war, plagues of bacterial and viral diseases, rigged election, depleted Uranium weapons, slavery (based in Tel Aviv and the USA and preying on women in Eastern Europe and America);

    Satanic worship, kidnappings, esp. children and human sacrifice, concentration camps, weather modification, chermtrails, gulf oil disaster, Katrina, Hurricane Andrew, Elecromagnetics, radiation, Monsantos poisons and GMO;

    Education, Hollywood, TV adds, the homosexual agenda, abortion, feminism, modern music and film, witchcraft, in fact every modern evil known and unknown, seen and unseen can be traced to Freemasonry. Never lose sight of that.

    All of this is a secret, in that the man in the street is not meant to find out, otherwise he would hunt them down in the street and hang them from the nearest lightpole. Make no mistake. Mankind is not impotent. He is merely blindfolded.

    The EU NAU etc, political wars in the Middle east and Eurasia, Nato, political assassinations in the US, Poland, UK, gun confiscation, the Holohoax, demonization of Hitler and whitewashing of Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill.

    All these political moves derive from Zionism, with the backing of Freemasonry ie. the feet on the ground, the nuts and bolts, in the bureaucracies used to carry these things out.

    The media is a direct tool of Zionism, again with the power and support of Freemasonry.

    Just by focusing on the connection between these two, Freemasonry and Zionism, you destroy them. It is their weak point and cannot stand scrutiny.

    Concentrate on this, sending a message to the group mind, which exists in the world. This same group mind which is tapped into by “Half Past Human.” in their web based prophecies and based on the themes which pervade web entries world wide.

    You see this connection is tenuous because they hate each other, but they need each other. It does not take much to blow it over and make them turn on themselves. Think about it; let it collapse in your mind.

    In this way you hasten the coming of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

  46. KathJuliane September 14, 2010 @ 3:18 pm

    Dear DWC,

    As I recall, the particular issue that Joe Cortina essentially counseled us about was to cease the numerous disputations raging along religious and ecclesiastical doctrines and dogmas, as well as exuberent and lengthy displays of piety, and to STAY WITHIN THE PARTICULAR TOPIC.

    These things entirely spoiled the PATRIOTIC and POLITICAL message of the dangers of Judeo-Zionism to America that Brother Nathanael’s and Joe Cortina’s, and others entire patriotic labors are devoted to.

    Primary of which is the very basic fabric of the American political system, the democratic Republic and its foundational Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    There are many things that I don’t like in the world, including the fact that there are some US citizens who have and do burned the American flag in protest.

    Nevertheless, as a strict Constitutionalist and patriotic (not jingoistic) stock, I must uphold that citizen’s right to this distasteful and offensive form of political speech, even though my ancestors’ blood is in those red stripes.

    For that matter, on Constitutional principles, I would also resist any move to form any established religious and/or Christian theocratic government as some elements on the hard Christian right press for.

    The next best thing is to try to persuade that citizen not to do so.

    Eventually, my once liberal, radical nephew finally figured it out and the Flag raised considerably in his respect after he did some study.

    Please notice that it was not I who brought up the thoughts of “Inquisition” and “Temporal Authority” which has no place in an America based on the Constitution and was never in the thinking of the Founding and Constitutional Fathers of our country.

    There are, in fact, other means to bring down the wicked Hageeite Zio-Christians, and the ilk like Jones and his macabre burn the Koran charade meant only to incite many in the Muslim world.

    Good grief, this man has not even the sense of seven year old who can be at least taught to respect the property of another.

    If I can find the reference again, Jones’ church was in some kind of IRS tax trouble being scrutinized for crossing the line in terms of religious tax exemptions, and had some trouble in Germany as well. The bulk of his religious revenue came from for-profit furniture making.

    Any room here for thinking that someone may have approached this obscure, bone-headed one with a deal he couldn’t refuse?

    “Go out, make noise about doing something asinine in the name of the Bible and Christ, we’ll give lots of global publicity to you and any Islamic reactions…and we’ll make the tax exemption problem disappear.”

    And, in terms of “The State is there TO SERVE GOD for your benefit.” – St. Paul the Apostle – Romans 13:4, Paul wrote this four centuries before Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity.

    At the time he wrote, the classic Roman Empire was a pagan state.

    Nevetheless, Paul, a Roman citizen, had respect for Rome and Roman civil law, government and jurisprudence, which in its way was tolerant of, and indifferent to, the numerous religions found throughout the empire, as long as the provincial religious cults also paid veneration to the State cultus and the Emperor.

    Judaism (“the religion of the land of Judaea”, which the Romans considered Christianity to be a sub-sect of, at least until Nero) was a formal, legally recognized legitimate religion of the empire, and exception to Roman Civil Law exempting practitioners of Judaism from obligations to veneration and public piety to the State cultus.

  47. Craig September 14, 2010 @ 5:06 pm

    Poor Hagee,

    he gets trashed here relentlessly.

    I am no fan of the man, but I have seen much worse from “Christians.”

  48. Craig September 14, 2010 @ 5:17 pm

    If Hagee —

    Was involved in the incredibly annoying and intelligence insulting, Koran-burning charade of fake Christians, then I take back my last comment, let the trashing continue.


    That is an incredibly high quality and outstanding post at 2:46.


  49. KathJuliane September 14, 2010 @ 7:30 pm

    Dear DWC,

    The “burn the Koran” drama falls in the larger “Judeo-Christian” Zionist recent wave of anti-Muslim American activism among certain hard-right conservative and religious groups spearheaded by two Zionist Jews in the controversy over the construction of the proposed Cordoba Center (not a mosque – no minarets, no domes, a 13 floor cultural and community center now renamed as “51Park” ) near (not “at”) Ground Zero (aka the World Trade Center) in Manhattan.

    One has to walk two blocks away from the WTC and make a turn to deliberately get offended.

    Even at 13 stories, the building would not be visible from Ground Zero itself, as there are comparably tall buildings in the area that block the building from street level view.

    This is private real estate property. The building, built in the 1870’s, and most recently leased to Burlington Coat Factory Outlet Stores, was seriously damaged by aircraft landing gear falling over 1,000 ft in WTC disaster.

    Thankfully, at the time the store employees were in the basement area having a routine morning employee meeting, and no one was hurt or killed.

    It stood abandoned for close to nine years, on the market for sale with no buyers; any buyer would have had to make considerable renovations and upgrades; and no one gave a thought to it being “sacred Ground Zero territory” until this year. The building was badly damaged structurally.

    The top floor of 51 Park, which was designed along the lines of the new “Jewish Y” community center built in 2008, was planned to be the Muslim prayer area, with the rest designed as a cultural community center open to the public (with local neighborhood citizenry and district council input and approval).

    Most prominently publicized as part of the “anti-mosque” movement was the non-denominational Dove World Outreach Center in Gainsville, Florida, and this “church’s” plan to hold a “Burn a Koran Day” on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

    However, “Dove World itself is has come under fire for blurring the line between the church [sic] itself, which accepts donations and is exempt from taxes, and a for-profit enterprise owned by the senior pastor and his wife.”

    Looking at the photo at this link, the church facility takes the form of a profitable on-line fully packed furniture warehouse ready for drop-shipment working off of E-bay and the like.

    To round out the propaganda theme, we have the Judaized rural plutocrat millionaire pastor fitting a propaganda stereo-type in the form of a ‘Right-Wing White Southern True Believer’ (don’t know if he’s also Zionist) at the prime of his material prosperity gospel.

    This pastor exploited the unpaid labor of his congregants and students of the Dove World Outreach Academy who worked 12 hours a day in the furniture shop.

    “And some former church members have accused the leadership of using the church’s tax-exempt status for profit.” [Oops.]

    “The Gainesville Sun reported earlier this month:

    “Former church members who have worshiped under senior pastors Terry and Sylvia Jones [including the Jones’ own daughter, Terry] are speaking out about what they describe as financial abuses at the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville and its sister church in Cologne, Germany, founded by Terry Jones in 1981 and closed in 2008.

    By all accounts – the church’s Web site, interviews with current and former members and Terry Jones’ own description – the church in Gainesville, as was the one in Germany, is structured with a for-profit business operating out of tax-exempt church property, using the unpaid labor of church members to maintain a steady stream of merchandise for sale online.

    That structure has raised questions with the Alachua County Property Appraiser’s Office, which has said it will investigate the church’s tax-exempt status.”

    Any merit to the idea that “someone” may have promised to help make the tax problem disappear of operating a for-profit furniture business, and not religious/educational materials which exceeds the parameters of tax-exempt status?

  50. rodin September 15, 2010 @ 4:50 am

    “I wish to share a link with you and your readers to an essay by the Mexican billionaire Hugo Salinas Price arguing for a return to the international gold standard.

    People hold a mistaken view (IMHO) that gold money will enslave us further to the bankers, when in fact gold spent by the bankers inevitably leaves their control and resides in the possession of the citizenry.”

    I see the signs – EXCHANGE YOUR GOLD FOR HARD CASH everywhere.

    Oh the irony.

  51. Donna chestergimli September 15, 2010 @ 7:13 pm

    I have 3 points to make.

    Number 1 – Gold and silver prices are controlled by the Rothschilds in London. And Isaias says that in the end you can throw your gold and silver in the streets.

    Gold and silver are merely metals you get out of the ground. You can’t eat them, heat with them, sleep in them, wear them, or anything else to satisfy your physical-biological necessities. So esentially, they are useless.

    Number 2-Genesis 5:1 & 2, “This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day tht God created man, he made him to the likeness of God. He created them male and female; and blessed them: and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.”

    Man sets foot on the moon. Both of the above statements refer to mankind – not to one man. When God was referring to Adam, he was referring to mankind – not just one man named Adam. That is why I believe that when God was referring to the Anti-Christ, he was referring to the Jew.

    Number 3 – And this is VERY STICKY. I am not saying I believe this, but, what if Mohammed was really a Jew and he and his fellow Jews had formed this incredible idea about stopping the advent of Christianity around the world.

    About setting up say a firewall to the spread of Christianity. So they formed another religion -the Moslem religion.

    Like I have read above, the Jews want the Moslems to have rights in this country the main reason is to water down the Christian religion.

    Maybe that’s what it was intended for in the first place. I don’t say that I believe this but it is a thought.

  52. tergium helotov September 17, 2010 @ 9:01 am

    I am glad you give the information about Hitler and Germany, and why Germany was villified, crucified and genocided, by all the western countries and the Soviet Jew-Russia.

    All the lies about Germany and Germans is what the Allied victors did to cover their own nastiness.

    It was simply because Germany was doing what it did on its own, so it must be crushed and it was mercilessly and murderously so.

  53. KathJuliane September 17, 2010 @ 11:58 am

    Greetings in the Lord Jesus, RZN Family:

    DwC mentioned Fr. Coughlin. He is someone to get to know who stood as clear witness to the events of the day in the run-up to WW2, and of kindred spirit to Br. Nathanael and RZN Family.

    Most of what Fr. Coughlin observed and addressed in his radio broadcasts, is entirely consistent with what Br. Nathanael posted in the email from Karl Schwartz in Hungary about conditions inside and outside National Socialist Germany.

    Most striking is Baker’s confession of the conspiratorial demonization of Adolph Hitler (and the German people) by the “winners,” that grotesque trio of Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin and the Jew-run kangaroo-court Nuremburg Trials.

    God bless the plucky and determined, mostly German, historical correctionists that face incarceration for penetrating through the layers of blatant false and fabricated history to get to a true view of things and present it publicially.

    In 2009, Glenn Beck, to prove his credentials as an anti-anti-Semite, proceeded to publicly slander and disavow the unparalled Christian and American patriot, the humble Irish Catholic Priest Fr. Coughlin as an “anti-Semite,” that is, a “racist hater,” and putting words into Coughlin’s mouth that he never said to begin with.

    Beck is a jackass. Despite his assertions of being well-informed on American political history, on the contrary, Beck has clearly not given much study to Fr. Coughlin, or the serious issues that Fr. Coughlin addressed in his day that are continuing in our day.

    Beck coughed up from his Judeo-Zionist masters’ scripting of character assassinations, first hurled against Coughlin by the International Communist Jews and the FDR machine, because of his staunch anti-Communism, among numerous other political stances.

    Fr. Coughlin, Irish Catholic, a naturalized citizen and populist, who had a 1930’s radio broadcast following of 40 million dedicated people, unabashedly stood for early 20th c. ‘Americanism’ — attachment or allegiance to the traditions, interests, or ideals of the US, the political Constitutional principles and practices essential to American culture, and a Christian national moral consicousness.

    Perhaps 20% of his broadcasts were homiletical, appealing not to “Catholicism” but powerful yet gentle reminders to the conscience of “Christian America” of general Christian moral and biblical truths, and then relating them to the various issues of the day.

    Bringing matters down to the level of the man on the American Street, 80% of his commentaries were astute observations and analysis of the ongoing national, government, economic, and political affairs in the world in the interim between WW1 and the run-up to WW2.

    These included the various national civil wars between the fake-“Republicans” (Communists) and the Christian nations (“Fascists”).

    Fr. Coughlin was very outspoken about the Jewish International Bankers and the Communist-Zionist Jewish hand and economic politics in both American, British, and European political affairs.

    Fr. Coughlin, for all of his patriotic labors on behalf of the American Main Street, was branded an “anti-Semite” and tremendous pressure was brought bear on him from many sides, forcing him to retire from any public and even clerical life.

    He continued writing and speaking from his retirement in California, helping keep the patriotic constitutional movement alive among true Americanist conservatives.

    In another form, what Fr. Coughlin spoke for in the 1930’s, was the same “Americanism” that characterized Senator Robert A. Taft, or Taft Republicanism – Constitutional, non-interventionist, the rule of law, limited central government, anti-Communist, and opposed to what the Neocon Republicrats do best — build a martial empire of Big Business.

    Beck, in his revised take on “Americanism” and bubble-gum patriotism and denial of Fr. Coughlin as a true patriot, babbles the canned smears and outright lies of the Holocaust(TM) scripting in order to build up his own Faux News credentials as a modern day American “patriot” (“parrot”).

    Beck then spouts a distorted and a made-up version of Fr. Coughlin and his role in American history meant to please the Jewish Lobby, and then he proudly boasts that he is nothing like Fr. Coughlin.

    Beck has that part right. He is NOT like Fr. Coughlin.

    During the Great Depression, Father Coughlin watched the United States plunge into further turmoil. Coughlin lent his support to President Roosevelt, hoping that he would be the agent of change.

    After “The New Deal” was proposed, Coughlin, along with many other prominent figures in the country, began to oppose the plans and insisted that the government was ruling with greed.

    As the country began to lean toward Big Business and advanced technology, Father Coughlin and Huey Long became two of America’s most outspoken voices against the new policies.

    Coughlin became a staunch activist, attempting to stand in the way of conglomerates and their owners, such as Carnegie, Pullman and Rockefeller.

    History Matters, in terms of what passes for objective education today, starts out with character assassination thus poisoning the well:

    “Father Charles Coughlin occupied both a strange and a familiar place in American politics in the 1930s. Politically radical, a passionate democrat, he nevertheless was a bigot who freely vented angry, irrational charges and assertions.”

    And then goes on to describe:

    “A Catholic priest, he broadcast weekly radio sermons that by 1930 drew as many as forty-five million listeners. Strongly egalitarian, deeply suspicious of elites, a champion of what he saw as the ordinary person’s rights, Coughlin frequently and vigorously attacked capitalism, communism, socialism, and dictatorships.

    “By the mid-1930s, his talks took on a nasty edge as he combined harsh attacks on Roosevelt as the tool of international Jewish bankers with praise for the fascist leaders Benito Mussolini and Adolph Hitler.”

    The truth is, Fr. Coughlin was staunch anti-Communist, and keenly aware of the Jewish Bolshevik Red Terror in Stalin’s USSR and the international “Jewish Peril.”

    While appreciating the “economic miracles” that lifted prostrate Italy and Germany wrought by Mussolini and Hitler, and other fascist leaders, in terms of “realpolitik” he also perceived a down-side to both facism and national socialism which went against his populist, and constitutional instincts.

    Fr. Coughlin saw the International Jew Bankers as the arch-enemy, and saw National Socialism and Fascism as the only political forces as barriers to the revolutionary advance of International Communism/Zionism funded by the International Jew Bankers as well.

    Scrupulous egalitarian soul, Fr. Coughlin was also critically vocal of certain unfair policies and collective economic punishments Hitler imposed against native born, loyal, national acculturated ‘German citizens of the Jewish faith’, or some of whose ancestors had converted to Christianity, judged only by their DNA under the Nuremburg race laws.

    The heart of the problem in Germany was the flood of foreign-born Jews that came in on the Communist revolutionary wave during and after WWI, and the patriotic Germans of Jewish ancestry generally hated these invaders as well.

    Beck’s mentality, in line with The US Holocaust Memorial Museum official stance and policies, gets their own digs in painting Fr. Coughlin as an arch anti-Semite.

    Among the reasons he’s smeared as an anti-Semite are:

    “In 1935, Coughlin created the National Union for Social Justice (NUSJ) as a political action group that would represent the interests of his listeners in Washington, D.C. …The NUSJ tabled 16 principles as guidelines for their program for the United States.

    These included:

    Liberty of conscience and education;

    Nationalization of resources too important to be held by individuals;

    Abolition of the Federal Reserve Board;

    Return to Congress the right to coin and regulate money;

    Rights of workers to organize unions;

    Requisition of wealth and conscription of men in times of war;

    And the principle that human rights should outweigh property rights.

    “Coughlin, [essentially non-partisan, he dealt with the issues], dealing with political issues as they arose, was ahead of his time in splitting his ticket and supporting issues associated with the left (such as federal support to prop up the dollar), and issues associated with the right (“America First” foreign policy).”

    In Fr. Coughlin’s own words:

    …”When considering the Kuhn, Loeb and Company we are considering a unit of the generic abstraction so often referred to as International bankers.

    “In every nation throughout the world the various units of this fraternity operate, shuttling gold back and Forth to balance exchanges; issuing credits from nation to nation, not only for productive commercial enterprises, but also for destructive and military ends.

    “From the sunset which marked the passing of the glories that characterized the 13th Century, down through the welter of wars which besmirched the pages of each succeeding age, the shadow of the international banker hovered over every battlefield, cast gloom over every home and fastened the burden of debt upon every innocent babe.

    “Theirs is a fraternity which owes allegiance to no flag. Theirs is a patriotism which transcends the boundaries of every nation.

    “For them, empires and kingdoms, principalities and republics are chessboards.

    “With their shuttling of gold and credits, scepters fall; crowns roll in the dust and millions of pawns, victimized by purchased propaganda, are claimed by death.

    “Mammon is their god — the god of greedy gold. Internationalism is their religion — the religion of fettered slavery.”

    — Fr. Coughlin ‘Am I an Anti-semite? 9 Addresses on various ‘ISMS’,” 1938, p. 77.

  54. KathJuliane September 17, 2010 @ 8:11 pm

    From Christian heartland of our country, many conservative, issue-oriented anti-war nationalist Americans attempted politically to stem the tide of the Jewish take-over of domestic and foreign policy.

    Their task was complicated by the rise of Zio-Communism, and the Jew Bankers’ push for war, looking neither right nor left from the Constitution foreseeing the future disasters it would mean if the nation did so.

    Depending on the partisan winds of the main stream press, they were variously pilloried in their day as “stone-age,” “appeasers”, “fascists”, “anti-Semites”, and a full litany of slurs.

    Coming under great pressure from all sides, these patriots courageously stood in the gap opening up from the growing abandonment both left and right of basic constitutional principles and American values handed down from the Founding Fathers.

    Karl Schwartz from Hungary posted:

    “This is how that Baker comment translates from German into English and I put it into capital letters to emphasize what he said:



    “This war against America is a tragedy. It is illogical and devoid of any foundation of reality. It is one of those queer twists of history that just as I was assuming power in Germany, Roosevelt, the elect of the Jews, was taking command in the United States.

    Without the Jews and without this lackey of theirs, things could have been quite different.” — Adolph Hitler

    Even after the war that Americans had to be tricked and bullied with Pearl Harbor and Hollyweird propaganda into entering, many conservatives attempted to put on the brakes.

    “Mr. Republican” – Robert A. Taft, came to represent the epitome of traditional, Constitutional conservatism of the American heartland (“paleo-conservative”).

    From either the Left or the new Right with its aggressive foreign policies, calling him “Mr. Republican” was essentially calling him a “Neanderthal.”

    …”Regarding foreign affairs, Taft stood squarely in the American tradition of Washington, Jefferson and John Quincy Adams. His quest ultimately set the stage to seek a national role as president.

    “He was reelected to the U.S. Senate in 1944 and again in 1950. During that time, Taft continued to be devoted to American institutions, yet expressed strong antiwar convictions.

    “Due to his hard work, personal integrity and strong influence in policy making, Taft became known as a true conservative who was, nevertheless, receptive to new ideas.

    “Taft continued to attack the initiatives of Roosevelt, then Truman. His focus lay on such domestic matters as federal aid, housing, medical care and education, which he felt were more important than foreign policy.

    “The Taft-Hartley Act (co-sponsored by Taft), which set up controls over [Communist infiltrated] labor unions, was passed over President Harry S. Truman’s veto in June 1947. Truman [the Judeo-Zionist puppet] denounced it as a “slave-labor bill.”

    “Taft’s failure to win the 1948 Republican nomination may be attributable to his reputation as an isolationist.

    “He was notorious for condemning other politicians who supported wars, while he continually opposed U.S. involvement abroad. His consistent opposition to the draft was perhaps the best example of his belief in individual liberty.”

    The Republican Road Not Taken: The Foreign-Policy Vision of Robert A. Taft

    By Michael T. Hayes

    [Americanist] “Republican congressional leader Robert A. Taft articulated a non-interventionist foreign-policy vision sharply at odds with the internationalism of Truman and Eisenhower.

    “Although derided as ostrich-like, Taft was prescient on several points, such as the structural weakness of the United Nations and the propping up of repressive regimes that would result from U.S. interventionism.”


  55. Moshe September 20, 2010 @ 12:57 am

    Slander? Defamation? I know how you feel Brother N 🙂

    You are one of their number one enemies. They greatly fear you. Their greatest wish is that you don some shiny jack boots and start goose stepping. If you won’t – they will say you do.

    Surely you have grounds to sue for defamation of character?

    All the chickens will come home to roost eventually and the Father Hen will gather His chicks under His wings – when my time comes I hope I can put a smile on your face with a nice big cheque.


    Moshe Bin Suin

  56. Anon July 26, 2012 @ 9:30 am

    Audit the Fed Passes the House! 327(Y)-98(N)


    CONTACT Sen. Harry Reid on H.R. 459′s Passage (327-98) – TODAY!

    I did! Here is the text of my message:

    “I was just informed, that the House voted, 327-98, on H.R. 459, & AUDIT THE ‘FED’ passed! I was also just informed, that ‘Sen. HARRY REID is refusing to put Audit the Fed up for a vote in the Senate.’ And, to ‘Please contact his office today and tell him to support AUDIT THE ‘FED’ and allow for a Senate vote!’

    327-98, Senator, is a CLEAR MAJORITY. THE PEOPLE have spoken. Question: Do you represent THE PEOPLE? You may wish to think about this question when it comes time for your re-election”

    (Feel free to Copy and Paste the message above, if you wish)

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