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Who Owns The Federal Reserve? Pt 1 – BrN On Video

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Who Owns The Federal Reserve?
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Brother Nathanael @ August 21, 2010


  1. Brother Nathanael August 21, 2010 @ 4:34 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family –

    I just got back from NYC (See Reports Below) and have a TON of things to do.

    Please SUPPORT *OUR* Brother Nathanael Foundation @

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    Much LOVE in Christ TO ALL – +Br Nathanael

  2. Brother Nathanael August 21, 2010 @ 5:01 pm


    Dear Real Zionist News Family!

    I am in NYC for Street Evangelism and was at Wall Street this afternoon and spent a long time at Times Sq today and tonite and it WENT GREAT.

    First of all, yesterday, I happened ‘just happended’ to run into “Maher-shalal-hash- baz” who makes great Comments here on Real Zionist News and that was a real treat.

    We took a long walk together and SHARED OUR LOVE for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ together.

    I KNEW that my time in NYC was going to be blessed by this providential meeting.

    Hundreds upon Hundreds of New Yorkers and Tourists TODAY received the message of the Lord Jesus Christ and FREEDOM OF SPEECH enthusiastically all day long.

    Even the police came up to me BOTH ON WALL STREET and AT TIMES SQUARE and greeted me with “Welcome Back Brother! We Missed You!”

    I am BESIDE MYSELF with the VERY ENTHUSIASTIC RESPONSE from everybody.

    An African man and his friend in FULL MUSLIM GARB came up to me at Times Square and were so excited to see me – they both put their arms around me and then each took a picture with me with the other one holding the camera.

    This was VERY ENCOURAGING to see them VERY RESPONSIVE to the Large Cross I hold and BLESSED THEM WITH!

    Many parents brought their little children up to me on Times Square to take pictures of me with their children.


    I THANK YOU ALL for your prayers and support!

    I could NOT do this without you and thought and prayed for all of you and THANKED CHRIST for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!

    I am SO privileged to have you all as my friends and supporters!

    Do Keep Me In Your Prayers for Christ’s Protection and KNOW that you are ALL in mine.

    With Much Love AND Appreciation In Christ,

    Your Ever +Brother in Christ, Nathanael

  3. Brother Nathanael August 21, 2010 @ 5:03 pm

    NYC Report!

    Tonite on the Street at Times Square when the youth were mobbing me with pictures and putting their arms around me, a policeman walked up to me to push me off the median strip.

    No sooner than he started his rant against me that the Commander, who was the one who caught the ‘Times Sq bomber,’ rode up on his horse and told the junior cop to leave me alone that I was on the ‘okay’ list.

    All went extremely well with tons of youth mobbing me to take pictures with me an putting their arms around me. Sharing Christ with them all was VERY SPECIAL!

    I plan a Street Evangelism trip to Boston September 15- 18. Do keep me in your prayers for this upcoming trip!

    Please SUPPORT *OUR* Brother Nathanael Foundation @

    Donations May Be Made Online @

    Or By Mail TO:

    The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856

    Much LOVE in Christ TO ALL!

    +Brother Nathanael
    “Street Evangelist!”

  4. dan ciaramella August 21, 2010 @ 6:28 pm

    It might be a good idea to have an easy way for people to email your Who Owns The Federal Reserve video.

    Many people are angry about the secret Federal Reserve but don’t even know that it is not a part of government.

  5. Bernard Romanycia August 21, 2010 @ 7:29 pm

    Br. Nathanael,

    Thank you for your insightful knowledge and information.

  6. bradda pk August 21, 2010 @ 8:24 pm

    That is a dynamite question Bro. Nat.

    And I my add by what authority did they create this bank?

    Maybe it was by the same authority whom the Jewish rulers accused Our Sovereign Savior of being in league with — devils.

    Yes, Jesus was accused by the Pharisees of doing all his so-called miracles by the power of Beelzebub, the price of devils. Said the Pharisee: “Have nothing to do with this man; he is in partnership with Satan.”

    But Jesus said: “How can Satan cast out Satan? A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand; if a house be divided against itself, it is some brought to desolation. Can a city with stand a siege if it is not united?

    “If Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how then shall his kingdom stand? But you should know that no one can enter into the house of a strong man and despoil his goods except he first over power and bind that strong man. And so, if I by the power of Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your sons cast them out?

    “Therefore, shall they be your judges. But if I, by the spirit of God, cast out devils, then has the kingdom of God truly come upon you. If you were not blinded by prejudice and misled by fear and pride, you would easily perceive that one who is greater than devils stands in your midst.

    “You compel Me to declare that he who is not with Me is against Me, while he who gathers not with Me scatters abroad. Let Me utter a solemn warning to you who would presume, with your eyes open and with premeditated malice, knowingly to ascribe the works of God to the doings of devils!

    “Verily, verily, I say to you, all your sins shall be forgiven, even all of your blasphemies, but whosoever shall blaspheme against God with deliberation and wicked intention shall never obtain forgiveness.

    “Since such persistent workers of iniquity will never seek nor receive forgiveness, they are guilty of the sin of eternally rejecting divine forgiveness. Since such persistent workers of iniquity will never seek nor receive forgiveness, they are guilty of the sin of eternally rejecting divine forgiveness.

    “Many of you have this day come to the parting of the ways; you have come to a beginning of the making of the inevitable choice between the will of the Father and the self-chosen ways of darkness. And as you now choose, so shall you eventually be.

    “You must either make the tree good and its fruit good, or else will the tree become corrupt and its fruit corrupt. I declare that in My Father’s eternal kingdom the tree is known by its fruits. But some of you who are as vipers, how can you, having already chosen evil, bring forth good fruits?

    “After all, out of the abundance of the evil in your hearts your mouths speak.”

    Then stood up another Pharisee who said: “Teacher, we would have you give us a predetermined sign which we will agree upon as establishing your authority and right to teach. Will you agree to such an arrangement?”

    And when Jesus heard this, he said: “This faithless and sign-seeking generation seeks a token, but no sign shall be given you other than that which you already have, and that which you shall see when the Son of Man departs from among you.”

    Aloha from Hawaii, come on out Bro. Nat!

  7. bradda pk August 21, 2010 @ 8:41 pm

    Here is some “banking” history out of Jesus’ life: CLEANSING THE TEMPLE

    A huge commercial traffic had grown up in association with the services and ceremonies of the temple worship. There was the business of providing suitable animals for the various sacrifices.

    Though it was permissible for a worshiper to provide his own sacrifice, the fact remained that this animal must be free from all “blemish” in the meaning of the Levitical law and as interpreted by official inspectors of the temple. Many a worshiper had experienced the humiliation of having his supposedly perfect animal rejected by the temple examiners.

    It therefore became the more general practice to purchase sacrificial animals at the temple, and although there were several stations on nearby Olivet where they could be bought, it had become the vogue to buy these animals directly from the temple pens.

    Gradually there had grown up this custom of selling all kinds of sacrificial animals in the temple courts. An extensive business, in which enormous profits were made, had thus been brought into existence. Part of these gains was reserved for the temple treasury, but the larger part went indirectly into the hands of the ruling high-priestly families.

    This sale of animals in the temple prospered because, when the worshiper purchased such an animal, although the price might be somewhat high, no more fees had to be paid, and he could be sure the intended sacrifice would not be rejected on the ground of possessing real or technical blemishes.

    At one time or another systems of exorbitant overcharge were practiced upon the common people, especially during the great national feasts. At one time the greedy priests went so far as to demand the equivalent of the value of a week’s labor for a pair of doves which should have been sold to the poor for a few pennies.

    The “sons of Annas” had already begun to establish their bazaars in the temple precincts, those very merchandise marts which persisted to the time of their final overthrow by a mob three years before the destruction of the temple itself.

    But traffic in sacrificial animals and sundry merchandise was not the only way in which the courts of the temple were profaned. At this time there was fostered an extensive system of banking and commercial exchange which was carried on right within the temple precincts.

    And this all came about in the following manner:

    During the Asmonean dynasty the Jews coined their own silver money, and it had become the practice to require the temple dues of one-half shekel and all other temple fees to be paid with this Jewish coin.

    This regulation necessitated that money-changers be licensed to exchange the many sorts of currency in circulation throughout Palestine and other provinces of the Roman Empire for this orthodox shekel of Jewish coining.

    The temple head tax, payable by all except women, slaves, and minors, was one-half shekel, a coin about the size of a ten-cent piece but twice as thick. By the times of Jesus the priests had also been exempted from the payment of temple dues.

    Accordingly, from the 15th to the 25th of the month preceding the Passover, accredited money-changers erected their booths in the principal cities of Palestine for the purpose of providing the Jewish people with proper money to meet the temple dues after they had reached Jerusalem.

    After this ten-day period these money-changers moved on to Jerusalem and proceeded to set up their exchange tables in the courts of the temple. They were permitted to charge the equivalent of from three to four cents commission for the exchange of a coin valued at about ten cents, and in case a coin of larger value was offered for exchange, they were allowed to collect double.

    Likewise did these temple bankers profit from the exchange of all money intended for the purchase of sacrificial animals and for the payment of vows and the making of offerings.

    These temple money-changers not only conducted a regular banking business for profit in the exchange of more than twenty sorts of money which the visiting pilgrims would periodically bring to Jerusalem, but they also engaged in all other kinds of transactions pertaining to the banking business.

    Both the temple treasury and the temple rulers profited tremendously from these commercial activities. It was not uncommon for the temple treasury to hold upwards of ten million dollars while the common people languished in poverty and continued to pay these unjust levies.

    In the midst of this noisy aggregation of money-changers, merchandisers, and cattle sellers, Jesus, on this Monday morning, attempted to teach the gospel of the heavenly kingdom.

    He was not alone in resenting this profanation of the temple; the common people, especially the Jewish visitors from foreign provinces, also heartily resented this profiteering desecration of their national house of worship.

    At this time the Sanhedrin itself held its regular meetings in a chamber surrounded by all this babble and confusion of trade and barter.

    As Jesus was about to begin his address, two things happened to arrest his attention.

    At the money table of a near-by exchanger a violent and heated argument had arisen over the alleged overcharging of a Jews from Alexandria, while at the same moment the air was rent by the bellowing of a drove of some one hundred bullocks which was being driven from one section of the animal pens to another.

    As Jesus paused, silently but thoughtfully contemplating this scene of commerce and confusion, close by he beheld a simple-minded Galilean, a man he had once talked with in Iron, being ridiculed and jostled about by supercilious and would-be superior Judeans; and all of this combined to produce one of those strange and periodic uprisings of indignant emotion in the soul of Jesus.

    To the amazement of his apostles, standing near at hand, who refrained from participation in what so soon followed, Jesus stepped down from the teaching platform and, going over to the lad who was driving the cattle through the court, took from him his whip of cords and swiftly drove the animals from the temple.

    But that was not all; he strode majestically before the wondering gaze of the thousands assembled in the temple court to the farthest cattle pen and proceeded to open the gates of every stall and to drive out the imprisoned animals.

    By this time the assembled pilgrims were electrified, and with uproarious shouting they moved toward the bazaars and began to overturn the tables of the money-changers. In less than five minutes all commerce had been swept from the temple.

    By the time the near-by Roman guards had appeared on the scene, all was quiet, and the crowds had become orderly; Jesus, returning to the speaker’s stand, spoke to the multitude: “You have this day witnessed that which is written in the Scriptures: `My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations, but you have made it a den of robbers.'”

    But before he could utter other words, the great assembly broke out in hosannas of praise, and presently a throng of youths stepped out from the crowd to sing grateful hymns of appreciation that the profane and profiteering merchandisers had been ejected from the sacred temple.

    By this time certain of the priests had arrived on the scene, and one of them said to Jesus, “Do you not hear what the children of the Levites say?”

    And the Master replied, “Have you never read, `Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings has praise been perfected’?” And all the rest of that day while Jesus taught, guards set by the people stood watch at every archway, and they would not permit anyone to carry even an empty vessel across the temple courts.

    When the chief priests and the scribes heard about these happenings, they were dumfounded. All the more they feared the Master, and all the more they determined to destroy him. But they were render utterly perplexed.

    They did not know how to accomplish his death, for they greatly feared the multitudes, who were now so outspoken in their approval of his overthrow of the profane profiteers. And all this day, a day of quiet and peace in the temple courts, the people heard Jesus’ teaching and literally hung on his words.

    This surprising act of Jesus was beyond the comprehension of his apostles. They were so taken aback by this sudden and unexpected move of their Master that they remained throughout the whole episode huddled together near the speaker’s stand; they never lifted a hand to further this cleansing of the temple.

    If this spectacular event had occurred the day before, at the time of Jesus’ triumphal arrival at the temple at the termination of his tumultuous procession through the gates of the city, all the while loudly acclaimed by the multitude, they would have been ready for it, but coming as it did, they were wholly unprepared to participate.

    This cleansing of the temple discloses the Master’s attitude toward commercializing the practices of religion as well as his detestation of all forms of unfairness and profiteering at the expense of the poor and the unlearned.

    This episode also demonstrates that Jesus did not look with approval upon the refusal to employ force to protect the majority of any given human group against the unfair and enslaving practices of unjust minorities who may be able to entrench themselves behind political, financial, or ecclesiastical power.

    Shrewd, wicked, and designing men are not to be permitted to organize themselves for the exploitation and oppression of those who, because of their idealism, are not disposed to resort to force for self-protection or for the furtherance of their laudable life projects.

  8. Jarrad August 22, 2010 @ 3:41 am

    Hey Brother Nate,

    This here is a pretty tricky question in that it is a really taboo.

    Why is it taboo? It’s not because it’s Jewish-owned, rather it’s because the Fed is becoming more corrupt than should be allowed.

    A certain amount of corruption is unavoidable, but the Fed, as with virtually all central banks in every nation, has become a license to print money.

    What really sparked my interest is that the most credible theory or reason for all the assassinations (or attempted plots) in U.S. presidential history, was the corruption of the Fed (and the Fed is still is a big mess).

    Notable presidents that wanted to audit or get rid of the Fed were Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, and JFK. As we know, both AL and JFK were assassinated and both were reportedly or apparently beginning to investigate the corruption of the Fed. Andrew Jackson survived his attack and knew who was behind it.

    Can we really point to the corruption of the Fed as the primary reason for these plots?

    Not concretely, but it’s a theory that is not very popular and is not widely known. You’ve done us a service here Br. Nate by exposing the Fed and the Jews who happen to be behind it.

    The average American will not believe this whole theory (it’s a theory because there is no real proof per say), and neither did I at first. It took me a while before I accepted the idea that bankers can be inherently evil, not all just some.

    There are enough corrupt bankers other than those on the Federal Reserve Board that acted on selfishness and were indiscrete enough to be exposed during this most recent recession.

    I don’t think we are in a recession any longer, although several are still hurting. The banking system has been dealt a serious blow and I think Obama realizes the evils inherent in some bankers.

  9. m August 22, 2010 @ 7:01 am


  10. Disgusted White Christian August 22, 2010 @ 7:09 am

    True and unlawful path of the Federal Reserve.

    Also remember Rothschild’s quote about “He who controls the currency, runs the country,” and it’s people, regardless of democracy, socialism, fascism and COMMUNISM?

    Notice how the banks have funded the different forms of government? Knowing it leads to war, which we all know is the BEST BUSINESS EVER?


  11. Disgusted White Christian August 22, 2010 @ 7:39 am

    Ritual killings and their tie to the Lindbergh kidnapping. Charles’ father’s fight against the establishment of the Federal Reserve.

    2. The Lindbergh Case.

    Colonel Lindbergh’s son was missed on 1st March, 1932. The Jewish Feast of Purim was on 22nd March. A child’s body was found on 12th May, dead at least two months according to the experts, with the skull fractured in two places.

    I cannot see that it has ever been proved that the body found was that of Colonel Lindbergh’s son.

    It is true that the child’s clothes were identified, but the ‘body’ was only a skeleton, and the ‘identification’ by the nursemaid, Betty Gow, was made by means of the clothes and a matter of ‘twisted toes.’ (We must remember that the Tisza Eszlar case, see p. 30, was conjured with by the finding and false identification of a body dressed in the murdered girl’s clothes.)

    Chas. Lindbergh, the father, America’s air hero, appointed two Jews, Salvatore Spitale and Irving Bitz, as intermediaries between himself and a gang who pretended to know where his son was.

    The Purple Gang all-Jewish and headed by a Jew called Fleischer, was the object of the police search.

    Ultimately, a German called Hauptmann was arrested, and the whole Jewish Press of America condemned him several score of times before his trial; actually he was ultimately found “guilty” on evidence which would not have hanged a dog, and met his death in the electric chair.

    The condemned man said that Reilly, his lawyer, had brought about his fate by sabotaging his defence; Reilly went insane and committed suicide.

    Hauptmann said that the receiver of the kidnap ransom was Isador Fisch, a Jew; but he had died.

    The mob of people outside the death-house at Hauptmann’s execution, shouted and joked and laughed in the same obscene fashion as did the female furies over the victims of the guillotine in the French Revolution. It was commonly considered in America that Hitler, not Hauptmann, had been found guilty!

    It is possible that Hauptmann was paid to steal the child, without knowing that it was going to be anything but an ordinary kidnapping; and that the boy was intended for Ritual Slaughter for Purim.

    It was Chas. Lindbergh’s father who had strongly opposed the establishment of the Federal Reserve Banking System sponsored by powerful Jewish interests and had also brought to public notice the wicked circular letter of the American Banking Association which ordered the member banks to deflate “to make a monetary stringency among your Patrons.”

    This, it is thought, might determine the choice of the innocent child of Hon. Chas. Lindbergh’s famous son for a victim.


  12. Nicolae August 22, 2010 @ 8:51 am

    Well done, my dear Brother.

    Declassified: Massive Israeli manipulation of US media exposed.

  13. Mr. Dasa August 22, 2010 @ 9:20 am

    Great to hear you in video, BN.

    I will support you.

  14. Disgusted White Christian August 22, 2010 @ 9:57 am

    I have to confess Bro Nate:

    I use to suffer from Stockholm Syndrome like most of the West now; I loved Paul Newman in the Exodus Movie.

    When I was young, I would attack people in (Zionist) Israel’s defense. Stockholm Syndrome is a form of brain manipulation like with Patty Hearst, the victim identifies and would die for their captor, who has done nothing but oppress them, in an insane paradox!

    Many battered wives suffer from a form of “Stockholm Syndrome” where the abusive husband has brainwashed the victim into perceiving them as some sort of superman/messiah figure.


    Stockholm Syndrome:

    “In psychology, Stockholm syndrome is a term used to describe a paradoxical psychological phenomenon wherein hostages express adulation and have positive feelings towards their captors that appear irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims.”


  15. N. J. Pinney August 22, 2010 @ 11:21 am

    Pres. Kennedy was about to end the unconstitutional Fed. and have our money coined by the Treasury Dept., which is what the Constitutuon specifies, when he was assassinated.

    Other presidents were offed who were against a Rothschild central bank.

    These people are ruthless.

    Pres. Andrew Jackson who ended the central bank in his time had two attempts made to assassinate him, but he was lucky.

    Brother Nathanael is absolutely on the right track on this one to address the thing at the grass roots level.

    If we can get Joe the Plumber and Jane to see that their diminishing quality of life can be traced to the Jewish bankers, then maybe we can get some motion on this through greatly increased numbers of more aware citizens.

  16. Disgusted White Christian August 22, 2010 @ 12:12 pm

    N. J. Pinney

    The problem is Joe the Plumber and Jane Doe refuse to accept REALITY.

    They (Joe Public) see Zionist Jews run Hollywood. Just look at the credits at the end of any movie, it reads like a bar mitzvah invitation list.

    Same goes for federal banks, look at who is in control; also most courts, most of the judges, and attorneys are Jewish.

    Now, look at the “math” — less than 2% of the population dominating all these fields: business, academia, health, judicial, etc, is a statistical impossibility to happen randomly or by “natural chance.”

    This, without some dark conspiracy, making sure this is how it is propagated, with Jews, or those sympathetic to their causes and views, is just not possible by our laws of universal math, which are true anywhere through God’s universe!

    Now, forget “Joe Public,” Pinney, you can’t even get an educated Math scholar with a a Ph.D. to admit this.

    Why? As you I told you above, they suffer (like Joe Public) from a form of Stockholm Syndrome, and like a recovering drug addict, or alcoholic, they refuse to admit reality or see it.

    How you change this Western phenomona is surely a monumental task, which I surely pray that Bro Nate has God’s assistance, he WILL CERTAINLY NEED IT!


  17. Craig August 22, 2010 @ 1:24 pm

    @ DWC

    “Just look at the credits at the end of any movie, it reads like a bar mitzvah invitation list.”

    So true — lol.

  18. charlie August 22, 2010 @ 1:56 pm

    The thing about the Fed is that it is a theft bureaucracy….who owns theft?

    No one.

    However if you let them rob you, they DO own something, or rather someone – you.

    This is the predicament of America and the Western world today….you are owned.

    You do not rebel …..lest you lose your comfort zone. You aquiesce.

    Unfortunately you aquiesce to the point that you cannot escape even if you wanted to.

    I’m sure that that was just how the fallen angels felt – as they fell from heaven into hell, following Lucifer, “We have aquiesced…what can we do?”

    Question is: Why did it happen, and will it happen to you?

    In the possible coming destruction of America for instance, (or is it already a reality?) there will be areas set aside by God and his angels for the safety and security of many, in which the greatness of the country will be preserved.

    This light of God in faithfulness to His servants will not prevent the martyrdom of many, and this apparent contradiction, is the Will of His Holiness, as each is brought to perfection according to the ineffable Wisdom and Knowledge of God.

    It is not to a lack of leadership that man will point in the last and final decision, for Christ in His Goodness will bless creation with light in this age we are about to enter, through which we will be able to see Him perfectly.

    We do well to prepare for this day….as the light of God spreads over the entire earth, the globe.

    May our lamps be full.

    May our wicks be alight.

  19. Disgusted White Christian August 22, 2010 @ 3:41 pm

    Great video on Zionist “Judas Goats” and propaganda (no it isn’t a new Heavy Metal Rock Band):


  20. Voir Dire August 22, 2010 @ 6:31 pm

    First, I’d like to thank the RZN’s regulars who responded with thoughtful comments on Brother Nat’s daggers-to-the-hearts video on the Jewish media cartel “Who Owns the Media?”

    I just recently had time to read through them. I appreciate all the feedback from fellow patriots, and the savvy, technical advice too of the importance of “backing up and saving” important data on your computers for the coming “lockdown.”

    Note to “Hoff” and “ZOG.” I love what you’ve done with both of your blogs, and thank you both for all your hard work in compiling them.

    Hoff: Your (soon to be banned) archived library is an impressive gold mine, and an invaluable contribution to the truth movement. I SO admire our patriot men for their technical and creative abilities.

    Brother Nathanael:

    I am delighted for you that all of your experiences in Jew York City (smile again!) proved gratifying and positive – especially since I know the vile ugliness and criminality you’ve encountered in the past.

    I think this planned collapse/Great Depression #2 has people rightfully scared-to-death and hungry for the truth as to how this has come to happen to what was once a mighty nation.

    What a Great Man-of-God you truly are.

    For the first time, thanks to the internet and the truly honorable, patriot extraordinaire Ron Paul’s heroic efforts to shine a spotlight on just WHAT EXACTLY IS THIS FEDERAL RESERVE AND HOW DID THIS SECRETIVE ENTITY GET SO MUCH POWER OVER THE NATION’S PURSE? – the intelligent are listening and looking for answers.

    As I’ve noted before, those professionals who work covering the financial “industry” and in the belly of the banking beast are amongst the first to connect-the-Jewish dots.

    If you’re willing to oblige me, Brother Nat, I’d like to share a very relevant-to-this-topic non-debate (lol) I had with a bona-fide rabbi who has a neoCon website/blog replete with videos from not surprisingly Zionist (aren’t they all?) “Fox News.”

    He was taking me to task over my remarks on an excellent but frightening series of videos on Argentina called “This is What a Collapse Looks Like” that was posted on a courageous blogger’s website who does not censor honest debate.

    I wrote about how the Jewish International banking racket, the IMF, had destroyed Argentina which, like the United States, once supported a broad middle-class now being likewise deliberately decimated.

    I guess you could say I won the debate since he never came back to challenge me. … Not once I’d opened that Pandora’s Box of “THE TALMUD”…

    I managed to get a plug in for you too, Brother Nathanael, but it was (clearly seeing the writing-on-the-wall with our cementing Police State) back when you still had “RealJewNews.” Note too the typical chutzpah exhibited by this arrogant apologist-for-Jewish-criminal behavior.

    Voir Dire Says:

    March 7, 2009 at 5:35 pm

    Here’s another heartbreaking, complementary article/blog to this compelling video series:

    The author who composed these exemplary videos has correctly identified the international Banksters cartel as the source of what ails it as is the case with the entire world beholden to and enslaved by this international, multi-tentacled Leviathan.

    Now, let’s identify the collective identity of these timeless thieves/nation wreckers: It is organized Jewry/Zionism and it was originally spawned by the Rothschilds’ bankers and has now morphed into a metastasized cancer throughout the world.

    Wake up Americans from thy long, long slumber. This is what awaits you…!

    rabbieric Says:

    March 8, 2009 at 4:09 pm

    Is Voir Dire serious for blaming the Jews for the banking crisis? Does she really think we have that much power and influence? If she really believed we had a quarter of the influence she ascribed to us she wouldn’t open her mouth in fear we’d have her evicted from her home.

    Jewish banking in the Middle Ages was the only thing that moved the economy along since the Church wouldn’t soil their hands with usury. It’s sad that ridiculous stereotypes still get passed along and that sometimes people who espouse them actually get taken seriously.

    Voir Dire Says:

    March 8, 2009 at 8:16 pm


    “Is Voir Dire serious for blaming the Jews for the banking crisis?” — RabbiEric

    I am dead serious, RabbiEric, and I know EXACTLY what I’m talking about, and so too now do tens of thousands of our intellectuals/patriots who are doing everything in their collective power to disseminate the truths about what the perennial nation-wreckers have been doing to the Western nations for a very long time.

    Your people, with few exceptions, are simply incapable of telling the truth about anything nor criticizing your own no matter the degree of depravity or wickedness.

    Nevertheless, nice to see that at least you own up to the Jews’ being responsible for the (forbidden by Christianity and Islam for very good reasons) practice of usury against others.

    Why don’t you share with this audience, Rabbi, what your racist, hateful holiest book, the “Talmud” has to say about the practice of usury and cheating of Gentiles (all other people other than this self-anointed group of “God’s Chosen People”)?

    That cheating, murdering and stealing from other groups of people is not only acceptable, but advocated?

    And that ALL other people inhabiting this planet except for you Special Ones’ are equated with lowly cattle and thus expendable at Jewish convenience or whim.

    I suggest you pay former Jew Brother Nathanael Kaplan’s website a visit at and drink heartily from the fountain of truth.

    I also urge you to listen to (now deceased) former Jew/patriot extraordinaire Benjamin Freedman’s speech to the American people in the 1960′s as he desperately tried to sound the sirens about the Zionist Jews and their greedy brethren, the bankster gangsters, engineering both World Wars and perniciously, senselessly causing the deaths of tens of millions of MY people.

    All so they could have that sh—y little rogue state they stole from the indigenous Palestinians so that when their next Day of Reckoning rolls around (as it invariably will), they can swarm like the termites they are to their armed-to-the-hilt w/ nuclear weapons “homeland” for safety.

    Your criminality as a people can no longer be masked despite your complete ownership/control of our entire media apparatus in the West.

    Don’t lecture me with your self-righteous arrogance, Rabbi. That little parasitic entity has been costing us a fortune in human lives, wars and money ever since its fraudulent “founding.”

    The truth about how the Jewish bankers unconstitutionally captured control of our monetary policy in the U.S. in 1913 and then a direct hand into our pockets with the Income Tax Amendment (never properly ratified) has become common knowledge.

    And we intend to increase exponentially that understanding to as many others as possible.
    Benjamin Freedman’s Riveting Speech to the American People:

    Federal Reserve Jews Control American


    A Documented Exposé of Supremacist Rabbinic Hate Literature
    Copyright ©2000-2006 by Michael A. Hoffman II All Rights Reserved

    Taxpayers Forced To
Bailout Zionist Gangsters
The Financial Crisis On Wall Street & The Gang of Zionists Behind 9-11
By Christopher Bollyn

    The Secrets of the Federal Reserve

    The Creature from Jekyll Island: The Federal Reserve






    Cheers to all in the Brother Nathanael Family,


  21. Disgusted White Christian August 22, 2010 @ 7:18 pm

    Rank Name Age Worth ($bil) Country Of Citizenship Residence

    •Those with asterisk are Jewish

    1 William Gates III 48 46.6 United States United States , WA , Medina
    2 Warren Buffett 73 42.9 United States United States , NE , Omaha
    3 Karl Albrecht 84 23.0 Germany Germany , Donaueschingen
    4 Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud 47 21.5 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia , Riyadh
    5 Paul Allen 51 21.0 United States United States , WA , Mercer Island
    6 Alice Walton 55 20.0 United States United States , TX , Fort Worth
    6 Helen Walton 84 20.0 United States United States , AR , Bentonville
    6 Jim Walton 56 20.0 United States United States , AR , Bentonville
    6 John Walton 58 20.0 United States United States , AR , Bentonville
    6 S Robson Walton 60 20.0 United States United States , AR , Bentonville

    *11 Liliane Bettencourt 81 18.8 France France , Paris
    *12 Lawrence Ellison 59 18.7 United States United States , CA , Redwood Shores
    13 Ingvar Kamprad 77 18.5 Sweden Switzerland , Lausanne
    14 Theo Albrecht 81 18.1 Germany Germany , Foehr
    15 Kenneth Thomson & family 80 17.2 Canada Canada , Toronto
    *16 Mikhail Khodorkovsky 40 15.0 Russia Russia , Moscow
    17 Carlos Slim Helu 64 13.9 Mexico Mexico , Mexico City
    *18 Michael Dell 39 13.0 United States United States , TX , Round Rock
    19 Steven Ballmer 47 12.4 United States United States , WA , Redmond
    20 Li Ka-shing 75 12.4 Hong Kong Hong Kong , Hong Kong

    21 Bernard Arnault 55 12.2 France France , Paris
    22 Walter, Thomas & Raymond Kwok — 11.4 Hong Kong Hong Kong , Hong Kong
    *23 Barbara Cox Anthony 80 11.2 United States United States , HI , Honolulu
    *23 Anne Cox Chambers 84 11.2 United States United States , GA , Atlanta
    25 Roman *Abramovich 37 10.6 Russia Russia , Anadyr
    26 John Kluge 89 10.5 United States United States , FL , Palm Beach
    27 Forrest Mars Jr 72 10.4 United States United States , VA , McLean
    27 Jacqueline Mars 65 10.4 United States United States , NJ , Bedminster
    27 John Mars 67 10.4 United States United States , VA , Arlington
    30 Silvio Berlusconi 67 10.0 Italy Italy , North of Milan

    31 Abigail Johnson 42 9.8 United States United States , MA , Boston
    32 Birgit Rausing & family 80 9.3 Sweden Switzerland
    33 Amancio Ortega 68 9.2 Spain Spain , La Coruna
    34 Charles Ergen 51 9.1 United States United States , CO , Denver
    *35 Sumner Redstone 80 8.9 United States United States , CA , Beverly Hills
    36 Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor 52 8.7 United Kingdom United Kingdom , Chester
    37 Stefan Persson 56 8.6 Sweden Sweden , Stockholm
    38 Pierre Omidyar 36 8.5 United States United States , NV , Henderson
    39 Nasser Al-Kharafi & family 60 8.4 Kuwait Kuwait
    40 Susanne Klatten 42 8.1 Germany Germany , Bad Homburg

    41 Michael Otto & family 60 8.0 Germany Germany , Hamburg
    41 Hans Rausing 77 8.0 Sweden United Kingdom , Wadhurst
    43 Keith Murdoch 73 7.8 United States United States , NY , New York
    *44 Donald Newhouse 74 7.7 United States United States , NJ , Somerset County
    *44 Samuel Newhouse Jr 76 7.7 United States United States , NY , New York
    44 Galen Weston & family 63 7.7 Canada Canada , Toronto
    *47 Carl Icahn 68 7.6 United States United States , NY , New York
    *47 Robert Pritzker 77 7.6 United States United States , IL , Chicago
    *47 Thomas Pritzker 53 7.6 United States United States , IL , Chicago
    50 Rudolf August Oetker & family 87 7.5 Germany Germany , Bielefeld

    51 Ernesto Bertarelli 38 7.4 Switzerland Switzerland , Geneva
    51 Samuel Johnson 75 7.4 United States United States , WI , Racine
    53 Philip Knight 66 7.1 United States United States , OR , Beaverton
    54 George Soros 73 7.0 United States United States , NY , Bedford
    55 Leonardo Del Vecchio 68 6.9 Italy Italy , Milan
    55 Nobutada Saji & family 58 6.9 Japan Japan , Hyogo
    57 August von Finck 73 6.8 Germany Switzerland , Thurgau
    58 Azim Premji 58 6.7 India India , Bangalore
    59 Stefan Quandt 38 6.5 Germany Germany , Bad Homburg
    60 Serge Dassault & family 79 6.4 France France , Paris

    61 Lee Shau Kee 76 6.3 Hong Kong Hong Kong , Hong Kong
    62 Lakshmi Mittal 53 6.2 India United Kingdom , London
    62 Yasuo Takei & family 74 6.2 Japan Japan , Tokyo
    64 Maria-Elisabeth & Georg Schaeffler — 6.1 Germany Germany
    65 Mukesh & Anil Ambani 46 6.0 India India , Bombay
    65 Kirk Kerkorian 86 6.0 United States United States , CA , Los Angeles
    *65 H Ty Warner 60 6.0 United States United States , IL , Chicago
    *68 Micky Arison 54 5.9 United States United States , FL , Bal Harbour
    68 Curt Engelhorn 77 5.9 Germany Bermuda
    70 Eli Broad 70 5.8 United States United States , CA , Brentwood

    70 Friedrich Flick Jr 77 5.8 Germany Austria , Vienna
    72 Fukuzo Iwasaki 79 5.7 Japan Japan , Kagoshima
    *73 Mikhail Fridman 39 5.6 Russia Russia , Moscow
    73 Alain & Gerard Wertheimer — 5.6 France France , Paris
    75 Gordon Moore 75 5.5 United States United States , CA , Woodside
    76 John Abele 63 5.4 United States United States , MA , Boston
    76 Hasso Plattner 60 5.4 Germany Germany , Heidelberg
    78 Adolf Merckle 69 5.3 Germany Germany , Manheim
    78 Johanna Quandt 76 5.3 Germany Germany , Bad Homburg
    *80 Philip Anschutz 64 5.2 United States United States , CO , Denver

    80 Antonia Johnson 60 5.2 Sweden Sweden , Stockholm
    82 Jeffrey Bezos 40 5.1 United States United States , WA , Seattle
    82 Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller 90 5.1 Denmark Denmark , Copenhagen
    *84 Philip Green 52 5.0 United Kingdom Monaco , Monaco
    *85 Michael Bloomberg 61 4.9 United States United States , NY , New York
    *85 Marvin Davis 78 4.9 United States United States , CA , Beverly Hills
    85 Eitaro Itoyama 61 4.9 Japan Japan , Tokyo
    85 Edward Johnson III 73 4.9 United States United States , MA , Boston
    *85 Vladimir Potanin 43 4.9 Russia Russia , Moscow
    *90 Mikhail Prokhorov 38 4.8 Russia Russia , Moscow

    91 Peter Nicholas 63 4.7 United States United States , MA , Boston
    91 Francois Pinault 67 4.7 France France , Paris
    *91 Joseph & Moise Safra — 4.7 Brazil Brazil , Sao Paulo
    *94 Shari Arison 46 4.6 Israel United States , FL , Miami
    94 Gustavo Cisneros & family 58 4.6 Venezuela Venezuela , Caracas
    94 Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken 49 4.6 Netherlands United Kingdom , London
    94 Karl-Heinz Kipp 80 4.6 Germany Switzerland , Arosa
    94 Jim Pattison 75 4.6 Canada Canada , Vancouver
    94 Tsai Wan Lin & family 79 4.6 Taiwan Taiwan , Taipei
    100 Luciano Benetton & family 68 4.5 Italy Italy , Treviso

    These quotes below from the author of the list above. I have to agree, I think, 25 is modest. I think there are more, and I bet many are crypto, 5th column fake Jews who’s ancestors converted to Christianity to temporarily appear to assimilate.

    “I’m almost certain that the ones I’ve highlighted are members of the Chosen Tribe. There could be others, though. There are at least 25 Jews on this list.” — Unknown Author

    “Percentage of Jews of World Population = 0.3%

    Percentage of Jews of World’s 100 Wealthiest = 25%

    “Now I am no mathematician but even I know that this is statistically almost impossible, it shouldn’t happen ! And they say that there is no Conspiracy on this Earth.” — quote from unknown author


  22. Hoff August 23, 2010 @ 12:19 am

    Note to “Hoff” and “ZOG.”

    I love what you’ve done with both of your blogs, and thank you both for all your hard work in compiling them.

    Hoff: Your (soon to be banned) archived library is an impressive gold mine, and an invaluable contribution to the truth movement. I SO admire our patriot men for their technical and creative abilities.

    -Voir Dire-

    Hoff: Thank you for your kind words. Well, what do Br Nathanael and Hoff have in common?

    We are both on the Jew’s Hit List.

    Ctrl + F and write Hoff and RealJewNews

  23. From Peggy Borger: Doing Good August 23, 2010 @ 3:20 am

    Sometimes God’s ways are mysterious, and sometimes they make real sense.

    But they always work toward the greater glory of God, and they show proof of his love for all His children. God has delivered me from my woe with help unlooked-for, and I thank Him.

    I remember my earthly duty also of proper respect toward my fellow man.

    Ode on EH

    When old age shall this generation waste,
    Thou shalt remain, in midst of other woe
    Than ours, a friend to man, to whom thou say’st,
    ‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all
    Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.’

  24. David Robertson August 23, 2010 @ 5:13 am

    When you think about it, Judah was a businessman, a trader.

    It was he who suggested selling Joseph to the Ishmaelites. Judas (Judah) was the disciple who sold Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.

    Levi was the father of the priests (doctors, scribes, judges, lawyers) and Levites (tailors, singers, musicians, gatekeepers, butchers). He was also ruthless and fanatically zealous when possessed of the religious spirit.

    Most of the religious leaders of modern Jewry can trace their lineage back o these two patriarchs genetically.

    When you observe the trades and professions of the Judaic people today they are following the same lines.

    I have read the allegations that most (90%) of modern Jewry are descendants of the Khazars, sons of Togarmah and Ashkenaz. Personally I find this difficult to believe.

    Only the leaders of Khazaria converted to Judaism and then there was a great immigration of Jews to that empire because of the religious toleration.

    In the same way, later on, 80% of Jews in the 15th. and 16th. centuries lived in Poland where they were welcomed by the ruling classes and enforced their taxation collections.

    I am not making any assertions, simply voicing my opinion.

  25. marshall [Maher-shalal-hash-baz] August 23, 2010 @ 5:43 am

    Satanic Jew Movie Alert!!

    Ritualized Christian Child Murder depicted on poster for “The Last Exorcism” opening August 27 2010.

    Producer Eli ROTH [Rothchild?] and Strike [The Goyim], depict a Christian child, head back, throat cut, BLOOD SPATTERED!

    Above hovering overhead a CRUCIFIX and the ominous words : “Believe in Him”!

    The shock of this image all over the media, billboards, Talmudvision, etc scream the message — “Your Jesus can’t save you, you stupid Goyim!!!!

    EXHORTING THE MASSES TO “Believe in Him.” [SATAN!]

  26. Disgusted White Christian August 23, 2010 @ 7:04 am


    He left off the “State of Israel,” the worst “Hate Criminal” of all, off the list?

    I wonder if he is a “puppet” or one himself?

    It doesn’t matter though. Henry Ford said their puppets are worse than them!

    He definitely has “Zion Induced Stockholm Syndrome” bad.

    But a coward like that would jump to the other side as soon as the ZOG lost it’s control of the west. They are all fair weather!


  27. Disgusted White Christian August 23, 2010 @ 10:08 am

    Yes, Marshall, I saw that Roth film trailer.

    It is disgusting, but than again, so is he!

    He is “SuperZionist Jew” in that Tarentino movie with Brad Pitt, where he beats a (not even a Nazi) German officer’s head in with a bat. Roth then goes on to excitedly describe it as, and I quote him, “a Jewish wet dream.”

    He also was quoted as wanting to take a bat to Mel Gibson’s head.

    This is what “Hollywierd” and Talmudivision and the Talmud Times is making a hero to our young, ignorant, Gentile children under “Zion mass induced Stockholm Syndrome.”

    Hollywood has retched up the Satanic films of late. No one to hold them back anymore?

    Also, unlike “The Exorcist” or “The Exorcism of Emily Rose,” they make God and Jesus look like they are at Satan’s mercy — just the opposite of reality.

    Once again, the greatest delusional revisionists and spin doctors ever!


  28. enya August 23, 2010 @ 11:15 am

    “When the power of LOVE overcomes the LOVE of POWER, the world will know PEACE”

  29. Left Coast Christian August 23, 2010 @ 3:49 pm

    When are you coming out to the Left Coast, Brother Nate?

  30. loren August 23, 2010 @ 4:34 pm

    I am puzzled why Obama keeps repeating the words/ideology of Bernanke.

    I watched as he proclaimed that the US economy is emerging out of the doldrums.

    Then I saw the unemployment data following his pronouncement!

    Record profits are being made by the Jewish bankers etc. but nobody is being employed to make those profits for them.

    I really had high hopes for the US and its’ citizens under Obama, but really how much different is he from Bush?

    He has been permitted to introduce health reform, but it is nowhere near the health systems operating around the world.

  31. Brother Nathanael August 23, 2010 @ 6:55 pm

    @ Left Coast Christian –

    As soon as someone sponsors me. +bn

  32. Left Coast Christian August 24, 2010 @ 1:30 am

    Br Nathanael,

    Ok. Well I’m a Catholic who only just started to break free of the Zionist Matrix a few months ago, and would be happy to have you out in Calif.

    There’s 35 million sheeple out here, I’m sure someone will eventually.

  33. Hoff August 24, 2010 @ 3:33 am

    _”The MAIN way Jews conquer the world:

    They create a greedy and corrupt Right Wing which drives the Working Class to the Left where Marxists scoop them all up!”

    -Hervé Ryssen


    Réfléchir et Agir: You have published a fourth book on Judaism, a volume of 400 pages. Why another? Haven’t you said all there is to say?

    Hervé Ryssen: I thought so too! But Judaism is a very closed world, very secret, thus after all these years of study, one still learns new things. This time, I explored the criminal world operating within the international Jewish community, and what one discovers there is, strictly speaking, incredible.

    The fact is that the Jewish Mafia is the main Mafia that exists today on this planet: racketeering, prostitution, drug trafficking, arms trading, contraband diamond smuggling, traffic in works of art, murder for hire, organized swindles, armed robberies, etc. Pornography, casinos, and discotheques are also largely held by Jewish gangsters.

    R& A: You claim that international drug trafficking is mainly in the hands of the Jewish Mafia. Are you quite certain you are not overstating your case?

    H. R.: I do not claim that the Jewish mafia controls most of the international illegal drug trade, since there are no statistics on the subject, but it does not appear incredible to me, judging by all information I could gather.

    The fact is that from the Chinese opium traffic of the nineteenth century to the present day, this mafia has been quite active in this field. In the traffic of ecstasy, one can say for certain that the Jewish mafia holds a monopoly.

    Today, ecstasy is the drug that is most harmful to European young people. A pill of ecstasy gives a feeling of strength and well-being for a few hours, but it is above all a veritable chemical garbage bin. Its long-term effects are alarming because irreversible: memory loss; behavioral, sleep, and concentration problems; brain lesions in the children of druggie mother.

    The premier producer is Holland, but the big traffickers who were arrested ten years ago in France, Belgium, the United States, or Australia, all have Israeli passports.

    The business of ecstasy is 100% in the hands of Jewish gangsters, not all of whom come from Russia, since there are Sephardic traffickers as well. If you buy a pill of ecstasy, in every instance, you can be certain you are financing the Jewish mafia.

    Certain big ecstasy traffickers are also deeply involved in the heroin and cocaine trade.

  34. David Robertson August 24, 2010 @ 4:47 am


    Based on information available from Michael Hoffman’s web site, Obama is now and always has been a “Manchurian Candidate,” created and groomed for stardom by the cryptocracy. Here is a bulletin from January 23, 2009:


    A Cryptogram from the Cryptocracy?

    Michael Hoffman investigates

    Jan. 23, 2009 •

    “For a couple of smooth-talking constitutional experts, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and President-elect Barack Obama sure had a hard time getting through the constitutional oath of office…The chief justice seemed to say ‘to’ rather than ‘of,’ but that was not the main problem.

    The main problem was that the word ‘faithfully’ had floated upstream…Mr. Obama seemed to realize this, pausing quizzically after saying ‘that I will execute –’

    “The chief justice gave it another go, getting closer but still not quite right: “faithfully the office of president of the United States.”

    This time, he omitted the word ‘execute.’ Mr. Obama now repeated the chief justice’s initial error of putting ‘faithfully’ at the end of the phrase. Starting where he had abruptly paused, he said: ‘the office of the president of the United States faithfully.” (“I Do Solemnly Swear… Line, Please?,” NY Times, Jan. 20, 2009)

    Yes, indeed these two “smooth-talking constitutional experts” couldn’t manage to recite the brief oath as it was written. This was largely Chief Justice Roberts’ fault.

    We can believe that this flub was due to human fallibility and that may very well be the case, or we can also wonder whether the very intelligent Chief Justice deliberately mishandled the oath so that it would be administered a second time, under very different circumstances.

    Here’s how the media reported the second rite:

    …After a day’s worth of chatter over whether the president had been properly sworn into office…(i)n 25 seconds, President Obama became president again. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. re-administered the oath to Mr. Obama on Wednesday evening, one day after the two men stumbled over each other’s words during the inauguration ceremony at the Capitol.

    For their do-over, the two men convened in the White House Map Room at 7:35 p.m. for a brief proceeding that was not announced until it was completed successfully…

    Only hours after aides told reporters there was no reason to administer the oath again, they concluded it was easier to do it on the first day, rather than have someone challenge the legitimacy of his presidency…Mr. Obama raised his right hand and did not use a Bible….only nine people witnessed the do-over. There were four aides, four reporters and a White House photographer…” (NY Times, Jan. 22, 2009).

    This second-time-around doppelganger oath was the real oath, since the flawed first one, done in the sight of millions and upon the Bible of assassinated President Abraham Lincoln was a “challenge (to) the legitimacy of his presidency…”

    There was no Bible the second time and with Obama having been compared to John F. Kennedy during the campaign.

    And with all of the macabre parallels between Kennedy and Lincoln (Lincoln was killed in Ford’s theatre, Kennedy was killed in a Ford automobile; Lincoln’s secretary was named Kennedy, Kennedy’s secretary was named Lincoln; Lincoln and Kennedy were both succeeded by vice-presidents named Johnson, etc.), I’m not sure that if I were Barack Obama I would have wanted to step into the middle of such a highly charged symbol palimpsest –unless of course the first inaugural oath-taking was little more more than shadow-play.

    What appears to be the authentic inauguration took place in a basement, and was an elite rather than a populist rite, with just nine witnesses.

    It occurred in former President Franklin Roosevelt’s secretive, war-era “map room.” Before FDR, under presidents from Chester Arthur through Wilson and Coolidge, it was reputedly used to play the game of billiards.

    The omission of the Bible is not invalidating since the father of our country did not use one at his inauguration and Lyndon Johnson, on the plane to Washington after’s Kennedy’s killing, used a Roman Catholic mass book (“missal”), rather than a Bible.

    Hence, the absence of a Bible per se does not invalidate the oath, but the peek-a-boo nature of the inaugural Bible may be deliberate, in that its momentous presence at the botched inauguration is all the more glaring in its inexplicable absence at the real inauguration.

    If symbolism is a language, what is being signaled by this apparently deliberate omission?

    Another equally striking aspect of the second oath are the photographs of the ceremony, which feature the looming presence of a vintage portrait above the mantle on the wall behind the president and the chief justice.

    The oath is a ritual and this ritual has an icon hovering over it, as if by way of spiritual benediction and patronage. As of this writing, in all the prominent photos of the second oath which this writer has seen, no caption has been provided by the establishment media that identifies the enigmatic man in the portrait.

    Yet, symbolically, he is the “genius loci,” the presiding spirit of the authentic inaugural ceremony of Barack Obama as President. Like the omission of the Bible after so much was made of its presence at the first oath-taking, the omission of any identification of the figure in the painting at the second oath-taking would seem to be significant.

    Let us recall that the second oath was performed in secret: “…the two men convened in the White House Map Room at 7:35 p.m. for a brief proceeding that was not announced until it was completed…”

    In Freemasonry the god of the secret societies is covertly substituted for the One True God. This false god is identified in the masonic lodges as “the Great Architect.”

    The mysterious man in the portrait who silently presides over the authentic inauguration of Barack Obama as Commander and Chief, is Benjamin Latrobe, the great architect of the U.S. Capitol.

    Copyright 2009 • All Rights Reserved

  35. Hoff August 24, 2010 @ 1:38 pm

    Declassified documents take on deeper significance in light of efforts to propagandize for war against Iran.

  36. Miriam August 24, 2010 @ 3:32 pm

    Brother Nathanael:

    I will happily sponsor you out here in California when you are ready! We need some Great Christian reality out here!

    Blessings in the name of our Lord Savior Jesus Christ. May he continue to hold you in his safe and tender mercies. Amen.

  37. Disgusted White Christian August 24, 2010 @ 4:29 pm

    “The fact is that the Jewish Mafia is the main Mafia that exists today on this planet: racketeering, prostitution, drug trafficking, arms trading, contraband diamond smuggling, traffic in works of art, murder for hire, organized swindles, armed robberies, etc. Pornography, casinos, and discotheques are also largely held by Jewish gangsters.”

    I’ll go one further than my main man Hoff, I love this dude, and name these Russian,
    oooooops, I mean “Zionist Jew Mafia” in today’s Slavic areas (Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, etc).

    Well many moved, or should I say, were thrown out by my man Vladimir Putin!

    Of course, Israel took a lot of these crooks and their stolen billions (sound familiar?) into it’s “devil state.”

    Russian Oligarchs (Most Russian Jews) on Forbes’ 2004 List:

    The Magnificent Seven:

    For your further reading pleasure, I present the Magnificent Seven, the original “Russian” oligarchs:

    The secret life of Russia’s millionaires

    The Scotsman, Saturday July 5th, 2003.

    In a short time, the “magnificent seven” businessmen – the original oligarchs – had accumulated almost half the wealth in Russia. Their names were Boris Berezovsky, Mikhail Friedman, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Vladimir Potanin, Vladimir Gusinsky, Alexander Smolensky and Vladimir Vinogrado.


  38. Disgusted White Christian August 24, 2010 @ 4:34 pm

    National Prayer Network

    By Rev. Ted Pike
    24 Aug 10

    Nothing gives me greater joy than a Jew finding salvation in Jesus and becoming part of His spiritual body, the Church. Yet, just as St. Paul labored to preserve the infant church from absorption into Old Testament legalism, so a similar warning must be sounded today.

    Evangelical churches are rapidly incorporating Jewish holidays and other philo-Judaic elements into Christian worship.

    “Messianic” Jews primarily lead this trend. Messianic Judaism is the belief of many converted Jews that Jesus is properly worshipped in the context in which He was born. They seek to maintain a Jewish, often largely Pharisaic/rabbinic religious structure devoted to continuing obedience to the Mosaic Law. Today there are 250,000 Messianics in America and up to 15,000 in Israel (which include many Gentile proselytes).

    Messianics diversely interpret how the Old Testament Torah should be obeyed. One extreme believes it was a mistake to ever share Jesus with the Gentiles; they think Jews “own” Jesus and He should be returned to His role as Messiah of the Jews alone!

    Persecuted Messianics in southern Israel are much more like “Jews for Jesus;” they simply desire to bring the good news of salvation to their people. (Some deeply appreciate and our criticisms of their persecutors, the ultra-Orthodox “Haredim,” and the state of Israel which looks the other way.)

    Generally speaking, Messianic Jews are the most passionately pro-Israel of the Israel-first evangelicals. Over the decades, my personal experience has been that if my criticism of ADL, Israel, Jewish control or the Talmud spurs controversy, Messianics quickly appear to assure local Christians that there is no threat in anything Jewish.

    Such Messianics habitually provide a bridge of persuasion for ADL to the evangelicals. Since they are Jewish, their claim to expertise on all things Judaic gives them tremendous credibility with gullible Christians.

    In this category is Messianic Jewish lawyer Jay Sekulow who heads the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). Sekulow has a worldwide audience of possibly 100 million Pentecostals through his program on Trinity Broadcasting TV network.

    In 2005, Sekulow should have sounded the alarm when the “Philly 11” Christians were attacked as “hate criminals” by ADL. Sekulow did nothing.

    Along with other TBN Judao-philes, Hal Lindsey and Pastor John Hagee, he has never significantly warned against ADL’s federal hate crimes bill. Instead, they magnify the threat of potential Islamic UN hate laws, acting as pipelines for ADL/Israel propaganda to the church.

    Are Christians Indebted to Jews?

    Most Messianics and evangelicals believe the Gentile church is incalculably indebted to the Jewish people for making Christianity possible. Yet the Bible says something different.

    Christians should feel grateful only to a faithful remnant of obedient Jews; they usually constituted the tiniest minority. The Old Testament is emphatic that the Jews were an unusually “stiff-necked” people who habitually ignored or persecuted God’s prophets.

    These prophets, including Jesus, hardly encouraged perpetual gratitude to such rebellious Jews. Instead they castigated the majority of Hebrews for their sins, setting an example that criticism of evil Jews today is not reprehensible or “anti-Semitic.”

    Yet Messianic Jews insistently believe there is a uniquely chosen identity, sanctity and access to God in the Jewish race and its Torah traditions.

    Messianics are not attracted to Paul’s clear statements: “In Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek…for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Gal. 3:28) “ It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” (Gal. 5:1)

    Messianics continue to observe Hebrew holy days and rites originating from non-Scriptural sources, such as Chanukah and Purim. They and their evangelical followers reason that, if these holy days were given to the Jews by God, shouldn’t their observance bless believers today?

    The answer is no.

    The Bible portrays the Faithful in ancient Israel (the symbolic “daughter of Zion”) as a bride eagerly awaiting her Husband, intended by God from the “foundation of the world” to be slain in atonement of sins for all who trust in Him and repent. Old Testament rites and observances had only one primary purpose: to prepare the bride for this coming. But now that Christ has come, they are obsolete.

    It’s unseemly for a married woman to keep reading bridal magazines, posting her profile on dating sites, or looking around at attractive men thinking, “Is he the one?”

    In the same way, it’s redundant and inappropriate for any Christian to repeat observances which were only meant to anticipate Messiah. Now He has come and we are married.

    The wife’s role is to lavish her spouse with undistracted love and attention. And now that the Jewish and Gentile bride has been united with her true Husband and the New Testament age of grace is in progress, it is appropriate only for the church to luxuriate in Christ’s presence, giving herself completely to her Husband in exchange for all He has given her.

    Complete repentance and surrender of self is all Jesus truly wants from us. When we bring Him trust with the simplicity of a little child, we receive “peace that passes understanding.” In this state of perfect married love and trust, we do not sin. (I John 3:3-9, 5:18) Through continuing daily faith, His Spirit keeps us eternally secure.

    Yet Messianic Judaism and countless churches bring Christ that which He now despises: outdated Jewish rites and legalism. These outward signs only incline Jewish and Gentile believers to place false confidence in dead works.

    Of such observances God told the Hebrews in the time of Isaiah, “I hate, I despise your festivals…” (Amos 5:21) Paul could have easily been speaking to such Messianics and evangelicals, saying, “Oh foolish [evangelicals] who has bewitched you…? Having begun in the spirit, are you now made perfect by the flesh?” (Gal. 3:1,3)

    Assisting Anti-Christ

    Because of a false infatuation with Judaism and Israel, Messianics and Israel-first evangelicals also encourage establishment of what Revelation calls “ Babylon the Great,” a rising system of anti-Christ Jewish control and oppression centering in Jerusalem.

    (See, “‘Babylon the Great’ is Israel”) They glorify an apostate religious system of which Christ said He would never be seen again until they say, “Blessed is He (Jesus) that comes in the name of the Lord.” (Matthew 23:39)

    Jesus called this rejected system the “synagogue of Satan” for a good reason.

    Talmudic Judaism masterminded our Lord’s crucifixion.

    It went on to become the foundation of the modern world revolutionary movement, spawning communism, liberalism, and Jewish financial and media control. (See, “Jewish Activists Created Communism”)

    Modern, Christ-rejecting Judaism is nothing of which to be proud. Christ and the New Testament command us to beware of it (Matthew 16:6, Philippians 3:2, etc.) and flee from “Babylon” on penalty of loss of our souls.

    Of course there is nothing wrong with Christians worshipping in an ethnic and cultural context (Latino, Russian, African American, etc.).

    Yet Messianic and increasingly Judaized evangelical churches are not in that category. Most Messianic Jews may not view the Talmud and Kabbalah as inspired, yet they venerate the liturgical and ceremonial structures laid down by the very worst thing that ever happened to the ancient Hebrew religion: the anti-Christ leaders from Babylon — the Pharisees, who wrote the Talmud.

    Messianics are playing with fire. Once in the largest Christian bookstore in Portland, Oregon, I entered its “Judaic” section, which caters to the large number of Messianics in our city.

    To my astonishment, it sold books encouraging appreciation of the Talmud and Zohar, with works by the foremost practitioner of the Kabbalah and translator of the Babylonian Talmud, Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz of Jerusalem.

    Messianic Judaism is not just Christianity for Jews or even Christianity in a Jewish context. It is the modern equivalent of the “Judaizers” who plagued the New Testament in the time of the apostles.

    Today, as then, they attempt to bring both Gentile “proselytes” and Jews into bondage to law. Paul told Peter he “stood condemned” for allowing such Judaizers to again impose the bondage of circumcision. (Galatians 2)

    But many of today’s Messianic Judaizers want to do much more: impose not just mandatory circumcision on their followers but the entirety of the Old Testament law!

    “The Law Kills…”

    Many evangelicals are attracted to Old Testament legalism because they crave the structure and values so missing in many churches today.

    A recent Barna poll found that a mature, consistent Christian is increasingly hard to find in the church. (Lack of examples of maturity, vision and courage is much of the reason why the vast majority of evangelical youth abandon Christianity for the greater challenge — even authenticity — of the world.)

    Yet any search for spirituality will not be satisfied through return to the dead letter of obsolete Jewish custom, only by a return to the truly spiritual. “For the law kills, but the spirit gives life…” (2 Corinthians 3:6)

    What is the spiritual? It is submission to that hard-line message Jesus laid down. Just as He gave up everything in death for our redemption, so we must give ourselves completely to Him as His bride. “Any of you who does not give up everything he has cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 14:33)

    Christ’s power came from His willingness to do the perfect will of the Father and even die for the good of others. When we do the same, we receive a victorious peace and marriage to God with which no works, rituals or even emotions could ever compare.

    Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.

    TALK SHOW HOSTS: Interview Rev. Ted Pike on this subject. Call (503) 631-3808.

    The freedom-saving outreach of Rev. Ted Pike and the National Prayer Network is solely supported by sale of books, videos and your financial support. All gifts are tax-deductible.

    National Prayer Network, P.O. Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97015


  39. loren August 24, 2010 @ 5:37 pm

    Thanks Hoff.

    I found an old poem/verse called The Fable of the Ducks and Hens, it describes how Israel was taken from the Palestinians and how the US is being taken from its’ citizens.

    The world was impressed with Obamas’ speeches, consequently we had hope for a better future a better world. But to my way of thinking he is there just to legitimize the Federal Reserves actions and speeches.

  40. Hoff August 24, 2010 @ 11:46 pm

    The Fable of the Ducks and Hens – animated video.

  41. Hoff August 25, 2010 @ 2:49 am

    This is Jew ONLY source.

    Most important was an airlift of armaments from Czechoslovakia which were crucial to Israel’s survival in 1949.

  42. Dafydd August 25, 2010 @ 2:52 am

    “The Fable of the Ducks and Hens” was written by Commmander George Lincoln Rochwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party.

    He was a commander in the US Navy during World War Two, hence the title Commander Rockwell.

    For more info:

  43. Som Wun Special August 25, 2010 @ 3:56 am

    Um…Don’t forget the collection office of the Federal Reserve – the I.R.S.

    Bro Nathanael.

    Somehow you don’t come across as being ready for wet ops. Do you honestly believe that the Zionist control of America will be relinquished without bloodshed?

    Don’t get me wrong, I think you’re a likable guy, friendly, even humorous. But I don’t think you understand that the Zionists who have captured America are going to let her people go simply because you want them to.

    You’re going to need one hell of an army.

  44. Miriam August 25, 2010 @ 3:19 pm


    With God by his side, Brother Nathanael only needs God’s shield which so far has protected him with our supplications and prayers.

    Even a mortal army can’t fight against our all powerful God, they are ants to Him!

    Blessings and prayers for our Good, Brave Brother Nathaneal!

  45. Kiimm August 25, 2010 @ 10:15 pm

    Love you Brother Nathanael!

    You have a special anointing. Praise God for fruitful efforts on the streets of NYC!

    God Bless! Praying His everlasting hand of protection and guidance upon you in everything you do.

  46. Blade Crimson August 28, 2010 @ 5:56 am

    How do you fight a battle with an enemy that is your social fabric?

    An unseen force that always protects itself, it’s like trying to find the original image in a house of mirrors, while the enemy pits your friends against you!

    It’s a war alright, but to fight it makes you a Terrorist!

    Maybe the best thing that can happen is a global catastrophe that wipes these Jew scumbags, who don’t even have a country, had to steal one, off the earth for good!!!

  47. USSA Today August 29, 2010 @ 5:57 pm

    “Abraham Lincoln once freed the slaves but today there is no President that is going to do the same for us.”

    Classic quote for the ages – true and comical the way you phrased that.

  48. olde reb November 7, 2012 @ 9:14 am


    The profit for the owners of the Fed is not the interest (which is actually given to the holders of Treasury securities such as China, Japan, etc.).

    The real profit for the Fed is that they obtain the value of the deficit spending Treasury securities via the FRBNY’s handling of the accounts which are never subject to audit. That amounts to $1.4 TRILLION annually (currently).

    Ref. RIP OFF BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE, A brief conclusion is at: Federal Reserve Heist,

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