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The Jews Behind SVB’s Collapse

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The Jews Behind SVB’s Collapse
March 13, 2023

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Brother Nathanael @ March 13, 2023


  1. Brother Nathanael March 13, 2023 @ 11:32 pm


    The Jews Behind SVB’s Collapse

    Take the money and run.

    Simply sell off your stocks a month before a collapse.

    Yids at Silicon Valley Bank did exactly that.

    Jeffrey Leerink,

    CEO of SVB Securities;

    Michael Zuckert,

    General Counsel of SVB;

    Eric Benhamou

    And Joel Friedman,

    Directors of SVB,

    did a fast-and-dash cash-in.

    Their synagogue buddy, Joe Cramer, did a brash sales pitch in. [Clip]

    [“The 9th best performer year-to-date is SVB Financial. This company is a merchant bank with a deposit base that Wall Street had been mistakenly concerned about. SVB is the old Silicon Valley Bank, recently bought one of our favorite research firms Moffett-Nathanson and it’s become less dependent on private equity and venture capitalist offerings. Wait a second, those dried up last year, they could come back! Being a banker to these immense pools of capital has always been a very good business. Stocks still cheap. SVB’s nearly 40% rally this year is barely a drop in the bucket.”]

    Pump and dump.

    Shilling for Jew boyz at SVB so their stocks sell at prime price, is easy, sleazy bucks for Cramer the Wall Street hawker.

    Likely paid off by his fellow Yids to be placed high on his trading pick-list.

    Cramer makes $6 million a year.

    A typical amount for Jewish fraudsters.

    Now, not only did the shysters at SVB take the money and run…

    …they paid themselves big bonus bucks just hours before the run.

    Yes, yes, yes, YES,

    even the Jews got jewed! [Clip]

    [“The effect is also being felt overseas. With Israeli prime minister Netanyahu saying the government will take steps to assist businesses that are impacted.”]

    SVB’s Israel branch—run by David Cohen and Gadi Moshe—serves 500 Israeli hi-tech companies.

    The schmucks took their money out of Israeli banks this month and moved it to…SVB!

    Don’t vorry, you dumb putzes.

    The kike at US Treasury will get it, ahh…kinda right. [Clip]

    [“We go now to Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen. Madame Secretary, good morning.” “Good morning, Martha!”]

    Why is ‘Madame Kike’ smiling?

    ‘Cause she knows her tribe will pull kikish wool over the goyim’s eyes. [Clip]

    [“I want to get straight to it because the markets will soon be open for trading. Does the government need to intervene and take emergency measures because of SVB’s failure?” “Well, let me say America’s economy will rise on a safe and sound banking system that can provide for the credit needs of our households and businesses.”]

    Lay down goys!

    The Jewish scam keeps on raping.

    The bitch knows her synagogue buddies at the FED will ‘stabilize’ the collapse of SVB and other fallen banks by pouring in extra money printed out-of-thin-air.

    It’s the same old scam.

    The scam causes hyperinflation since there’s no productivity or tangible assets to back the printed out-of-thin-air money.

    It’s all stage effect to make the goys feel warm and fuzzy.

    The runaway inflation, of course will be blamed on Russia, a new ‘Covid’ hoax, ‘global warming,’ supply chain crap, anything to distract the goys from blaming the real culprit…the Jew.

    So keep a limit in your bank account, add other bank accounts, so as to play the game a little longer.

    Then buy gold and silver.

    Gold is the Achilles Heel of the Jewish financial system. [Clip]

    [“Let me say that I’ve been working all weekend with our banking regulators to design appropriate policies to address this situation.”]

    Nu?…banking regulators?

    They’re Jews! [Clip]

    [“Your counterpart in the United Kingdom has said that the government there has ruled out a bailout of the UK arm of the Silicon Valley Bank. Have you also ruled out that kind of government intervention?” “Well, let me be clear that, uhm, during the financial crisis there were investors and owners of systemic large banks that were bailed out and we’re certainly not looking, and the reforms we have put in place means that we are not going to do that again.”]

    Vell…oy vey!

    “SVB” has only to change its name to


    “Silicon Ukraine Bank”—

    and voila!

    Oodles of cash will dash off from JewS Treasury to the ‘SUB’ bank as fast as you can say…“Zelensky!” [Clip]

    [“I know you know this region of the country so well because you served at the San Francisco FED years ago. The tech sector has already been suffering from layoffs, it’s already under pressure, and this is really the hub of American innovation. How severe will the consequences be for that innovation?” “I think it depends on how this situation is resolved.”]

    Bait and switch. [Clip]

    [“Would you be open to a foreign bank coming in as a White Knight to help stabilize the situation with Silicon Valley Bank?” “So, this is really a decision for the FDIC as it decides on what the best course is to resolve this firm and I’m sure they’re considering a wide range of available options which would include acquisitions.”]


    Yellen passes the fiat buck.

    To whom pray tell?

    Those banking regulators!

    Yids at the “Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation”—“FDIC”—chaired by…Martin Gruenberg!

    Just another day, just another Jew, just another way for the goyim to get screwed.

    It’ll be used to get more control and bucks into Jewish hands.

    Gruenberg’s in cahoots with the Yids at the “International Association of Deposit Insurers.”

    It’s domiciled at the “Bank of International Settlements”—the “BIS”—managed by the Rothschild boyz.

    Gruenberg’s sure to get the Israeli boyz’ deposits back real quick.

    All he has to do is call on his bosom buddies at the BIS.

    Rothschilds, Warburgs, Deutche Bank, Credit Suisse, Black Rock’s Fink.

    They’ll get Israel’s hi-tech’s gelt back lickety split.

    But the goyim back home, I demur.

    Only Wall Street’s hairdresser, Joe Cramer, knows for sure.

  2. Brother Nathanael March 13, 2023 @ 11:33 pm

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  4. JIM. DEAN March 14, 2023 @ 1:51 am

    These Jews really know how to do Scams.

    My guess is that they will print and inflate the National Deficit to 50 trillion, buy up all the World’s assets, bankrupt the US and go digital.

    Then they will make the Goys happy with a 1000 digital check.

  5. The Elder of Zyklon-B March 14, 2023 @ 8:01 am

    The Times of Isreael reports on the “fast-and-dash cash-in”.

    “Israel’s two largest banks, Bank Leumi and Bank Hapoalim, set up a situation room that has been operating around the clock to help firms transfer their money from SVB — before it was seized — to accounts in Israel.

    Over the past few days, teams at LeumiTech, the high-tech banking arm of Bank Leumi, have been able to help their Israeli clients transfer about $1 billion to Israel, the bank said.”

    The demonic juden are laughing their forked tails off. They relish in telling the dumb cow goyim what they are doing to them only to hear lacky evangelical preachers pump their glory and God’s people status.

    Most of them, even the many of the small, rural “churches” currently stream their services over Facebook.

    Just try telling them about Faceberg . You will walk away shaking the dust of your boots in New Testament fashion.

  6. Ft. Nolan March 14, 2023 @ 9:27 am

    At first it looks like insider trading.

    On closer inspection, one might see RICO violations with those cashing out from SVB. Were the United States to expel its Yids, Jewkraine would be the largest and likeliest piece of real estate to accommodate them. Maybe that’s the plan?

    When Yellen says, “America relies on a safe and sane banking system that can provide for the credit needs of our households and businesses,” (2:45) it comes to mind WHEN are we ever going to have a “safe and sane banking system?”

    Was it Henry Ford who said to the effect that “If Americans understood the banking system in this country, there would be torches and pitchforks in the streets overnight”?

    Don’t leave out the possibility of Treasury Department appointees being part of this massive scam with SVB. If the Yellens ever take off for vacation in Isra-hell while the banking system “burns,” they might have some explaining to do.

  7. Marty Nagelman March 14, 2023 @ 10:43 am

    Dear +BN.

    A brilliant appraisal of this well used scam, how many times have banks fleeced the gullible, remember the Afro-American bank that robbed the Afro Americans years ago, Lehman bros and countless others.

    Has Bill Gates had a sex change because if I’m not much mistaken he/she has morphed into Janet Yellen.

    Keep up the good work Brother Nathanael, you really are the antidote to MSN brainwashing.

    May God bless you and all of us free thinking individuals.

    Peace, Brother.

    Marty Nagelman.

  8. Citizenfitz March 14, 2023 @ 11:49 am

    Nicely done, Bro’!

    But it’s *Jim* Cramer. Incredible that the guy has any credibility at all after his bad calls.

  9. SpaceCowboy March 14, 2023 @ 12:57 pm

    Israeli firms transfered $1 billion from Silicon Valley Bank to Israel

    A (((flaw))) in the monetary system?

    Search image “Where is the money?” (Correct answer: The money is in the artist’s account.)

  10. Cornelius March 14, 2023 @ 1:22 pm

    @The Elder of Zyklon-B

    Your article states how important the tech sector is for Israhell. 25% of tax revenue and 10% of work force.

    This means that, first of all, the Israeli tech sector needs to be kept whole, before anyone even thinks of Silicon Valley. It would be best if the $1 billion they withdrew before the collapse, would be kept out of the bailout package.

    If they didn’t get reimbursed for that, it would be equal to punishing them for being prudent and could be ‘anti Semitic.’

  11. Ted Gorsline March 14, 2023 @ 1:59 pm

    Piano wire time.

  12. KathJuliane March 14, 2023 @ 2:16 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    Why am I not surprised?

    Thanks for figuring out who and how the Synagogue of Satan managed to pull this off. I read that the rule of thumb is that when Cramer says “buy” to anything, it’s time to sell short.

    I’m wondering how much of this is the excuse and groundwork pulling us closer to the Fed’s Central Bank Digital Currency?

    SVB-UK got into trouble, too. CNN Business reported yesterday that HSBC, Europe’s largest bank, dashed in and bought SVB’s UK business for a flat £1 ($1.2) deal early Monday morning, “ending nightmare for British tech.”

    Israeli Firms Transferred $1 Billion Out of Silicon Valley Bank to Israel Before Seizure by Feds

    Chris Menahan
    Mar. 13, 2023

    [Meme of Yellen with smug smile]

    Israeli firms managed to transfer $1 billion out of Silicon Valley Bank to accounts in Israel just before the bank was seized by the feds, the Times of Israel reports.

    From The Times of Israel (via If Americans Knew:):

    Israel’s two largest banks, Bank Leumi and Bank Hapoalim, set up a situation room that has been operating around the clock to help firms transfer their money from SVB — before it was seized — to accounts in Israel. Over the past few days, teams at LeumiTech, the high-tech banking arm of Bank Leumi, have been able to help their Israeli clients transfer about $1 billion to Israel, the bank said.

    If Americans Knew has more:

    Israel’s Ha’aretz newspaper reports that “a good many Israeli companies had been able to get their money out in time, but that it was clearly not the case for everyone” and that “companies whose deposits are now locked will seek to conceal this, concerned that any rumors might drive away customers, suppliers and employees.”

    The FDIC has announced an emergency bailout program that will pay depositors 100% of the money they had in the bank. It’s unclear whether this U.S. money will go to Israeli companies. Israel already receives over $10 million per day from American taxpayers.

    The Washington Post reports: “While the fund going to the depositors is paid into by U.S. banks, it is ultimately backstopped by the Treasury Department — and therefore U.S. taxpayers.”

    SVB Promo: Israel Sizzle

    How nice of Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to look the other way while these funds were transferred out.


    As an aside, Jews have started planting saplings around Bethlehem. That means they’re going to start colonizing this Christian Palestinian town.

  13. KathJuliane March 14, 2023 @ 2:49 pm

    So, on March 9, just before the kerfuffle with SVB made top news, CoinDesk reported that:

    Federal Reserve Setting Up New Squad of Crypto Specialists

    Michael Barr, Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve for Supervision, said the central bank is trying not to stomp on crypto innovation and sees the need for stablecoin controls.

    The Federal Reserve is putting together a “specialized team of experts” to help it supervise the crypto sector, Michael Barr, the central bank’s vice chairman for supervision, said Thursday.

    The Fed’s top regulatory official said the digital-assets specialists are needed to “help us learn from new developments and make sure we’re up to date on innovation in this sector.”

    Barr, the Fed official with the most potential influence over how the central bank regulates and supervises crypto, echoed the comments of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell this week that the banking regulator is hoping to preserve crypto innovations as it moves forward to put up guardrails.

    ‘Novel risk’

    In recent months, the Fed has been releasing guidance and policy statements about digital assets in the U.S. alongside its fellow regulatory agencies, including the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Those kinds of statements will continue, Barr said.

    When asked whether the Fed should have been picking up crypto concentration problems at certain banks well before the banks got around to issuing open warnings, Barr said – without naming this week’s example of Silvergate Bank’s collapse – that his agency tends to give small banks more leeway than larger ones.

    The Fed has observed smaller banks getting deeply involved with cryptocurrency activity, “the extent to which they are exposed to correlated risks is not well understood,” he said, and the crypto winter has been a lesson in crypto sector risks being highly correlated.

    “We tend to have a very light-touch approach to smaller institutions, so there’s more of an impetus on them to actually be paying attention to these new and novel risks, and we need to make sure that they understand that,” he said.

    Full story:

    I’m guessing it is SVB’s rather extensive crypto holdings, which I believe is not covered by the FDIC, which serves as the Trojan Horse for the Fed to ratchet up their CBDC under the mantle of troubled bank supervision?

    Anyway, CNBC announced that Barr will lead the Fed’s review of SVB supervision and regulation. Barr said, “We need to have humility and conduct a careful, thorough review.”

    How convenient for pushing the CBDC, since Barr is the crypto czar at the Fed. Which, to my ears, rather sounds like, “We need to make sure that we cover our tracks really well,” especially since the Israeli tech banks got caught up in the SVB mess.

    Michael Barr himself appears to be a liberal, progressive Democrat Goy, but he’s married to a Jewess, so presumably their kids are raised as members of the Tribe.

  14. KathJuliane March 14, 2023 @ 3:30 pm

    Woke capital, indeed.

    SVB was the Democrat ATM par excellence. Epstein, totally into technocracy, was deeply connected to High Tech & Silicon Valley; and just about anything in science, medicine, and pharmacology.

    Greg Becker, CEO of SVB, was at the same time, a Class A director of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco until March 10. His seat was vacated the same days as the failure of his bank. He sold $3.6 million worth of SVB shares on Feb. 27, eleven days before SVB was shut down by regulators.

    His Early Life only indicates that he had a Midwest farming upbringing, not a usual Jewish vocation. -Kj

    See: {


    Boom! Silicon Valley Bank Has Epstein Connection (And More)

    Amazing Polly

    Silicon Valley Bank is more interesting than you think. I talk tentacles! Epstein, Biden, Thiel, China and more.

    Quite the money laundering scheme. I wonder if the only reason Yellen stepped in so quickly to keep SVB and its ecological networks from collapsing because all those Israeli tech firms had their deposits there?

    One commenter on Amazing Polly wrote:


    To go to a central bank digital currency (cbdc) a collapse is necessary to convince the public to change. Remember, Biden’s executive order on March 2022?

    The House followed suit

  15. The Englishman March 14, 2023 @ 4:24 pm

    The Rat faced jews who are responsible for so much death and devastation, will have seen the Tragic Ukraine lad, who could not face his doomed future.

    The vast numbers needing to be dealt with will pose a logistical problem for the executioners. Forget piano wire, far too messy. The ideal solution is eBay item number: 385273756677. (Boris’ head would give out before the baler twine)

    A perfect choice, too, for the coming financial crash suckers, would beat diving off a skyscraper.

  16. KathJuliane March 14, 2023 @ 5:19 pm

    Bank Bailouts Leading to Government-controlled Banking

    The New American

    by David Kelly March 14, 2023

    Federal regulators moved quickly on Friday to take over the insolvent Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), as customers withdrew billions from accounts in an apparent bank run. Then over the weekend regulators did the same with New York-based Signature Bank, potentially sending a ripple effect across the American financial industry.

    Over the weekend, President Biden, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, and National Economic Council Director Lael Brainard began working with bank regulators to ease concern over a potential repeat to the 2008 banking crisis.

    Biden praised the team working on the bank failures, saying in a statement on Sunday, “I am pleased that they reached a prompt solution that protects American workers and small businesses and keeps our financial system safe. The solution also ensures that taxpayer dollars are not put at risk.”

    To help ease fears, Biden reassured the nation, stating, “The American people and American businesses can have confidence that their bank deposits will be there when they need them. I am firmly committed to holding those responsible for this mess fully accountable and to continuing our efforts to strengthen oversight and regulation of larger banks so that we are not in this position again.”

    But by Monday, as more information came out as to what caused these banks to fail, confidence that all would be well began to wane. Americans from financial experts to the man on the street started to understand that government intervention would definitely lead to taxpayer dollars being used to shore up the billions lost.

    SVB and Signature Bank accounts were covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) up to $250,000. However, on Monday, Biden announced that the FDIC would cover all of the deposits, including uninsured deposits at the two banks.

    Biden declared in a statement, “All customers who had deposits in these banks can rest assured — I want to — rest assured they’ll be protected, and they’ll have access to their money as of today.”

    He then reiterated, “No losses will be — and I want — this is an important point — no losses will be borne by the taxpayers. Let me repeat that: No losses will be borne by the taxpayers. Instead, the money will come from the fees that banks pay into the Deposit Insurance Fund.”

    The Washington Times reported that the two banks combined had “$240 billion in uninsured deposits” that the government will cover with Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) monies. Paying out coverage for these deposits will be the largest payout since the 2008 banking crisis.

    The DIF is funded by fees from banks and from government’s earnings on interest from bank investments in Treasury securities and bonds — and those fees are usually funded by depositors. Or, in other words, taxpayers.

    “Joe Biden is pretending this isn’t a bailout. It is. Now depositors at healthy banks are forced to subsidize Silicon Valley Bank’s mismanagement. When the Deposit Insurance Fund runs dry, all bank customers are on the hook. That’s a public bailout,” said former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, now a Republican presidential hopeful, as reported by the Washington Times.

    Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.), ranking member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, released a statement on Sunday seeking answers to the bailout. He said:

    “Building a culture of government intervention does nothing to stop future institutions from relying on the government to swoop in after taking excessive risks. I remain committed to bringing accountability and answers to the American people, both from the banks and our regulators. We deserve to know what exactly happened and why.”

    Adding to the concern that Senator Scott and Nikki Hailey shared on this bailout, the Washington Times reported,

    “Steve H. Hanke, a professor of applied economics at Johns Hopkins University who served on President Reagan’s Council of Economic Advisers, said it moves the banking sector closer to a public utility or government-backed entity.

    “’With the Biden bank bailout, and it is a bailout, banking is becoming a government-backed business — if that’s what you call a business,’ he said.”

    The recent actions by Biden and the Treasury are designed to give Americans confidence that their federally insured deposits are safe and that banks are secure. But the truth is that this administration is willing to, as stated above, allow the banking sector to become a government–backed entity. And with that, the taxpayers know all too well that they will ultimately be paying the bill.

  17. KathJuliane March 14, 2023 @ 6:27 pm

    The Wildfire Newsletter

    Becker News | 14 March 2023

    Silicon Valley Bank Getting a Biden ‘Bailout’ Was a Massive Donor to Black Lives Matter

    Biden’s bailout will encourage banks to spend big money on left-wing causes to ensure that the federal government has ‘got its back.’

    Will Hild, the executive director of Consumers’ Research, told The Federalist that SVB’s failure “is yet another indication that SVB was focused on woke virtue signaling instead of protecting their customers’ deposits.”

    “Time after time we see the same pattern: companies that are the most concerned with ESG scores and woke politics do the worst jobs serving their customers,” Hild explained.

    “The rest of corporate America should learn from SVB’s failure now, before they are the next company to make headlines for comically poor management.”

    But Biden’s bailout will ensure the precise opposite: It will encourage banks to spend big money on left-wing causes to ensure that the federal government has got its back.

    It is the exact kind of “moral hazard” that can create a domino effect in the banking industry, ensuring that the administration’s Environmental, Society and Governance (ESG) and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives continue to spread like a contagion throughout the bedrock institutions of American capitalism.

    Full story:

  18. Caveman March 14, 2023 @ 11:52 pm

    US Financial crisis: Russia is winning!

    The go-slow approach of Putin in Ukraine has only one logical explanation: it is aimed at the US-NATO overjewed financial system.

    Energy prices soared after the start of the war, not least due to the US-EU sanctions, and that kick-started inflation throughout the “West”.

    Inflation led to interest rates hikes by the FED and other central banks, which in turn have caused much of the current financial crisis.

    As Max Keiser often said: “you can’t taper a Ponzi scheme”. Without money for free, the whole financial system, backed by dubious “derivatives” and all sorts of worthless papers, is collapsing.

    The dollar is also under attack, many large economies (Russia, India, China) have limited its use, and even Saudi Arabia is apparently selling oil in other currencies!

    All those dollars coming home to the US are going to accelerate inflation, and this feedback will be explosive to the US financial system.

    Methinks that Russia’s strategic objectives will be achieved not by military but by economic means. Russia has finally shown to the whole world:


  19. Monoculture March 15, 2023 @ 12:38 am

    Hell no! Imagine: 5 million dollars is to be given to each Negro because he has been “systematically oppressed”.

    For 5 million dollars you can buy a lot of sneakers, drugs and weapons. A real contribution to integration, Negroes never have to work again.

    This inconceivable madness seems to be an endless nightmare from the witch’s kitchen of the Jews. How is it possible that America puts up with this nonsense without a fight?

  20. KathJuliane March 15, 2023 @ 8:33 am

    As losses mounted, Silicon Valley Bank doubled down on woke investments and left-wing rhetoric

    Following the collapse of two major banks that were focused on social justice investments, American taxpayers may now foot the bill for bad financial decisions that could have been avoided.

    Just the News | 13 March 2023

    Long before its epic collapse, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) was a darling of the left. It allied in cash and manpower with a liberal nonprofit run by California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s wife and fully embraced the environmental, social and governance (ESG) platform now being banned in some red states, while celebrating its executives’ involvement in the LGBTQ+ movement.

    As SVB’s investment failures mounted, the bank doubled down on its ideological commitments by pledging $5 billion in new green tech outlays, despite signs of rising interest rates negatively impacting that sector. Some institutional investors also began to raise concerns about the overall balance sheet.

    The stark contrast between the liberal investment icon and what was in reality an underperforming bank, was on full display last July. SVB was boasting about its diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) progress and a Pride Month forum, as J.P. Morgan official Steve Alexopoulos pressed for answers on an investor call about why its investments had lost 8% of value in a single quarter, according to the transcript of the meeting.

    “So if we look at the $137 million of investment losses, which are detailed on Page 7, that declines a bit more than we’ve seen in other periods, right, is over 8%, typically you’re like 2% to 3%,” Alexopolous said. “Can you walk us through the three buckets, so we can understand that a bit better.”

    Greg Becker, the bank’s president and chief executive officer, attempted to contain the concern by explaining what the bank was doing to offset potential panic. “I believe and I certainly hope we’ve kind of gotten down to the floor,” he said. “No guarantees, but this is just a flavor for how we’ve approached the securities portfolio.”

    Despite these assurances, however, Becker has been sued and his institution placed under FDIC control in the largest bank failure since the 2008 Great Recession. Experts say the collapse is a warning sign to weed out woke investments.

    “We knew it was financially mismanaged, but oh my gosh, this is probably the most woke bank in existence of mankind — or it was the most woke bank,” said Joel Griffith, a financial fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

    “We should recognize the primary cause of this bank going belly up was just gross financial mismanagement. They took depositors’ money, and they put this in long term debt investments at record low interest rates, and as any financial risk manager knows, if you have interest rates that increase, the value of those debt assets are actually going to decline.”

    Former Treasury Department official Monica Crowley spoke about the recent string of bank collapses during an interview Monday on the John Solomon Reports podcast, saying government “fail safes” haven’t worked and that the dedication to social justice policies helped drive them into the ground.

    “Within a couple of days, we have seen three major … banks fail,” she said. “So the lightning speed of this thing and how fast the financial sector can go into crisis — and then how fast that can then spill over into the broader economy — that lesson should be lost on no one.”

    The banks — like all too many institutions in corporate America of late — took their eye off the ball in a bid to pander to the progressivve ideological agenda, Crowley believes.

    “It is 100% true that we are seeing industries, companies across the board, that changed their focus to a social justice platform more than their actual core business,” she said. “And there are deleterious effects on that core business.

    They are trying to cover their tracks for their own wrongdoing, their own unethical behavior. And it’s veering off into DEI and ESG that has crippled their ability to actually serve their customers and protect their core mission.”

    One website tab for SVB was entirely devoted to “ESG reporting,” stating: “Our corporate philosophy of transparency and accountability guides our reporting on environmental, social and governance performance with the goal of building trust and evolving our policies and disclosures.”

    Below these statements was a section highlighting the need for debate over “ecological threats of climate change.” The bank pledged it would aim to support businesses that are working to reduce greenhouse emissions and had a separate tab dedicated to DEI rhetoric, specifically how diverse hiring practices can “ignite new ideas to power innovation.”

    spoke at length with, who has been researching both institutions, about the pattern of politicized banking and poor investments he discovered.

    SVB “focused on very woke companies,” Griffith told Just The News, “companies that were focused on ESG, particularly the E, environmental, component of ESG,” with one of the main goals being to decarbonize the U.S. energy sector.

    Heritage estimates such a transition off carbon would hit families with $8,000 a year in energy costs.

    “They were delivering billions of dollars specifically to companies that were into this transition,” Griffith added. “That shouldn’t happen.”

    He blamed Congress for allowing crony capitalist elements to thrive and said SVB’s financial risk manager in the United Kingdom was personally focused on diversity while “neglecting her primary responsibility.”

    One of SVB’s LinkedIn posts from 2022 celebrated the “diversity” hire of Jay Ersapah as the head of Financial Risk and Model Risk Management and how she helped “establish and is the lead for the LGBTQ+ network at Silicon Valley Bank; where she works closely with Stonewall to create and promote a culture where all can bring their authentic selves to work.”

    That same year, Ersapah hosted an “exclusive fireside chat with Suki Sandhu, the author of “How To Get Your Act Together: A Judgement-Free Guide to Diversity and Inclusion for Straight White Men.” Some of the topics discussed included “How to get started with LGBTQ+ inclusion” and “Global best practice in LGBTQ+ inclusion — what great looks like.”

    “I think this bailout is a smokescreen,” Griffith explained. “Those who were arguing that all of these depositors were not going to get all the deposits back, that they were going to go belly up and that all of those employees were going to be unemployed and the businesses that go bankrupt, that is simply not true.”

    Early last year, SVB pledged $5 billion to companies that aimed to help with “the transition to a sustainable, low carbon, net zero emissions economy.”

    Politicized banking is also reflected in Signature Bank SBNY’s “Social Impact Report” for 2020, which discussed the organization’s negative environmental impacts, along with a sophisticated social credit score scheme. Signature would create a “bankwide credit policy that details the types of credit deemed to have substantial negative influence on society,” the report pledged, “and the Bank seeks to avoid granting any loans that could potentially have harmful effects.”

    SBNY would not lend to companies “related to the production of fossil fuels” and “to the firearms, armaments and military products industries,” it vowed. Instead, the failed bank extended over $168 million in loans to renewable energy and solar initiatives, along with recycling-related projects.

    Just the News has also discovered a connection between “California Partners Project” (CPP) — which California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s wife Jennifer helped launch — and SVB.

    Documents from the Fair Political Practices Commission show four donations totaling $100,000 made by the group to the SVB in 2021 and also reveal that a CPP board of directors member, John China, serves as the president of SVB Capital.

    Just The News reached out to both banks for comment. SVB did not reply. SBNY provided a link to an already-published press release and said it had no further statements.

  21. The Englishman March 15, 2023 @ 4:33 pm

    I glimpsed a picture of Auntie Lindsey wagging his index, threatening Russia for downing the U.S. Reaper.

    The treacherous faggot should watch formidable Patriot, Larry Johnson at 21:00.

  22. KathJuliane March 15, 2023 @ 10:54 pm

    Tucker: Zelenskyy is demanding you send your kids to war

    Fox News host Tucker Carlson calls out the Biden administration and some Republicans for their response to the Russia-Ukraine war on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

    Napolitano: Weakening Russia still a Good Idea? Col Doug Macgregor

    Larry Johnson: Can We Stop Playing Make Believe? Where Are The Adults When It Comes To Ukraine?

  23. benzion kook March 16, 2023 @ 11:26 am

    Latest banking “crisis” to be solved by:
    A) Jim Cramer
    B) Bank for International Settlements
    C) Ananus, former chief priest of the jews

  24. Jüdische Weltpest March 16, 2023 @ 2:48 pm

    1. Feminism (sick)
    2. Equality (idiotic)
    3. Normality (nature)

  25. Jüdische Weltpest March 16, 2023 @ 4:26 pm

    From 2021 Times of Israel:

    “The Mazsihisz, as a Jewish group, firmly believes that all people are inherently pure and their emotions do not make them unclean,” the statement read. “No one should be labeled impure, be discriminated against and certainly not outlawed simply because of their orientation or identity. Such classifications destroy social cohesion and our sense of belonging.”

    That makes perfect (((sense)))!

  26. kevin moore March 16, 2023 @ 5:21 pm

    If Jew Banks are all one, if one goes broke, then there is something shonky going on.

    Jew Banks are all one –

    “6). ‘Liberalism’ is one of the chief instruments of Jewish power. Through preaching this doctrine and getting into the machinery of Liberal parties, Jews have exploited for their own ends the generous instincts of all the peoples who have received them into their communities.

    “Jews have preached ‘democracy,’ and through getting their dupes to believe it, have succeeded in rivetting on their necks the chain of Shylocracy, the rule of the Crowned Usurer, Shylock Rothschild, who was admitted to England’s Parliament by ‘Liberal’ statesmen, and now rules the world. Jew banks appear to be many, but in reality there is only one. Reduced to impotence the nations bow before the Law not of Moses, even, but of the Jews’ Bank ‘always united and always devoted to our (Jewish) cause’.”

  27. Butter Horse March 16, 2023 @ 6:48 pm

    Master! Master!

    Bolshevik Master Rabbi, Sir!

    Jewish lie factory very strong now.

    Country ruined, heh heh.

    All is going according to plan, Master.

    Faithfully Signed,

    subordinate Goyish Freudenstein, twice removed

  28. KathJuliane March 16, 2023 @ 9:33 pm

    French Animators Launch New Cartoon Featuring Zelensky: ‘Ukraine Inc.’

    Episode one shows the Ukrainian leader feeding men, women, and children into the meat grinder while drunk in exchange for US dollars.

    Powerfully accurate.

    War and Inflation go together. FRB fiat money press go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! -Kj

  29. KathJuliane March 16, 2023 @ 9:59 pm

    Tucker Carlson Rips ‘Entitled’ Leaders Of Failed Bank Over ‘Dance Party’ Videos

    Daily Caller |

    Fox News host Tucker Carlson ripped the “entitled” leaders of a failed bank Tuesday over “dance party” videos posted on social media, questioning if they actually were banking.

    “The people who actually ran Signature Bank, meanwhile, the so-called bankers, did not seem to spend a lot of time banking,” Carlson, a Daily Caller News Foundation co-founder, said. “Of course, they didn’t need to bank, really because the Fed was guaranteeing them a never-ending torrent of cash in the form of free money. So, what did they do?”


    And, I’ve been neglecting my Studies in Antisemitism 101A. Today’s lesson in Antisemitic anthropology focuses on career Homo ignormus shabbosgoyiculus -Kj

    ‘Time for the Shabbos goy’: Andrew Cuomo announces new pro-Israel Democratic group

    The Forward YouTube |

    The former [disgusting, disgraced, grannie-murderer -Kj] New York [failed-Kj] governor said it’s up to non-Jewish elected officials to speak out ‘first and loudest’ in defense of Israel.

    The four comments are gems, a couple of them are snarky praise of Cuomo’s Jew-splaining. There are only 185 views so far. -Kj

  30. Ted Gorsline March 17, 2023 @ 1:47 am

    Kevin Barrett at VT had a very interesting interviewer with a 9/11 truther who got to ask Sy Hersh two questions. One about the Nordstream pipeline bombing and another abut 9/11 and its connection to the Kennedy murder.

    Hersh’s replies were very interesting. Its obvious to me that Hersh, with his knowledge of the Kennedys, knows that Israel, make that the jews, did 9/11 and had Kennedy murdered but is afraid to go there.

    Barrett’s guest quoted a book wherein Jack Ruby said he killed Oswald because if America knew the truth about who did the Kennedy murder, they would slaughter all the jews. That is probably why Sy Hersh won’t got there.

    He is a good journalist and his work on non-Jewish subjects in very accurate, but he can’t bring himself to face the idea that the Mossad, the jews who did 9/11 and probably murdered John Kennedy because, like Jack Ruby, he knows it could be the end of the jewish highjacking of suffering for ever.

    Anyhow the jews, the richest and most privileged people on earth, could lose a cornerstone of their cultural con, the hijacking of suffering via a false holocaust narrative if it gets known that they murdered John F. Kennedy and murdered 3,000 Americans on 9/11.

    Letting that cat out of the bag makes Sy Hersh nervous. Other goy boy cats, like the Nordstream pipeline blow up, are something he is good at.

    Keven Barrett says he is alot like Amy Goodman. He has the blinders on, pulls his punches when discussing Israel or jewish monster perps.

    The elephant in the room that nobody wants to look at is that it seems that Adoph Hitler’s take on the jews is dead accurate.

  31. Hibernian March 17, 2023 @ 8:43 am

    Most people like to say that “each-&-every” person can be bought.

    Zelensky is one such that can be bought.

    And, with Janette Yellen grinning, one is inclined to conclude that the “bar mitzvah” boys at Silicon Valley Bank have also been bought to please Janette.

  32. KathJuliane March 17, 2023 @ 8:48 am

    The Big Banks Have Bailed Out First Republic, But Who Is Going To Bail Out The Big Banks When They Start Failing?

    Activist Post

    Michael Snyder | 16 March 2023

    Every single day there are more twists and turns to this new banking panic. In fact, we just learned that the big banks have gotten together to save First Republic. That is good news, because a collapse of First Republic would have been a major catastrophe. But First Republic is just one in a very long list of banks that are in very serious jeopardy.

    For months, I relentlessly warned that our financial system could not handle higher interest rates. It was inevitable that financial institutions would start to break, and that is precisely what has happened. We are in far more trouble than most people realize, and we are still only in the very early chapters of this crisis.

    Initially, there were rumors that a buyer was being sought for First Republic, but instead the “too big to fail” banks agreed on a plan to deposit a total of 30 billion dollars into the troubled institution…[]

    “A group of financial institutions has agreed to deposit $30 billion in First Republic Bank in what’s meant to be a sign of confidence in the banking system, the banks announced Thursday afternoon.

    “Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase will contribute about $5 billion apiece, while Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley will deposit around $2.5 billion, the banks said in a news release. Truist, PNC, U.S. Bancorp, State Street and Bank of New York Mellon will deposit about $1 billion each.”

    They have all agreed to keep that money in First Republic for at least 120 days, and you can read the joint press release that they issued right here.

    Needless to say, executives at First Republic are greatly relieved. So much money had been pulled out of the bank in recent days, and at one point on Thursday the stock was selling for less than 20 dollars a share…

    First Republic’s stock, which closed at $115 per share on March 8, traded below $20 at one point Thursday. The stock was halted repeatedly during the session and rose to $40 per share at one point, up more than 20% on the day.

    Did insiders at First Republic know that this was coming?

    It is being reported that top executives have sold off a staggering number of shares since the beginning of 2023… [Daily Mail]

    “First Republic Bank executives quietly sold nearly $12 million worth of its stock in just the past three months, according to the Wall Street Journal.

    “Executive Chairman James Herbert II sold the most of any of the other insiders, off-loading a whopping $4.5 million worth of shares since the start of the year.

    “In all, four of the struggling bank’s top executives sold $11.8 million worth of stock so far this year, at prices averaging just below $130 a share, the Journal found.”

    As I have always said, you only make money in the stock market if you get out in time.

    And those guys got out in time.

    So why was First Republic in so much trouble?

    Well, just like Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, they were sitting on enormous unrealized losses because the government bonds that they were holding had lost a ton of value thanks to rapidly rising interest rates.

    Ultimately, those unrealized losses made a potential purchase of First Republic quite “unappealing” to the “too big to fail” banks…[]

    “In the great financial crisis, several struggling banks were bought for cheap by the larger firms in an effort to help calm the banking system. However, the unrealized losses on First Republic’s bond portfolio due to last year’s rapid rise in interest rates have made an acquisition unappealing, the sources said.

    The markdown, which would involve the bank’s held-to-maturity bond portfolio, would amount to about a $25 billion hole on First Republic’s balance sheet, sources told Faber.

    But the “too big to fail” banks are collectively sitting on hundreds of billions of dollars in unrealized losses themselves.

    And they also have trillions of dollars’ worth of exposure to the derivatives bubble.

    So who is going to bail them out when they start failing?

    That is a question that we all need to start asking.

    And as trouble increasingly shakes our banking sector, that is going to have enormous implications for our economy as a whole…

    A fall in bank deposits will lead to less “high-powered” money, i.e. bank reserves, in the system, which means considerably tighter financial conditions than hitherto experienced. That would be the final straw for an economy that was already highly likely to enter a recession as soon as the summer.

    In order for our current economic system to function effectively, we need stable banks, and we need people to have faith in those banks.

    For the moment, most ordinary Americans say that they still have faith in the institutions where they are currently doing their banking…

    Seven in 10 people surveyed said they still have faith in banks. That compares with two-thirds of customers who said they trust banks in February, the Morning Consult survey found.

    But the same can’t be said for those at the top of the economic food chain.
    In fact, many of them are now transferring vast sums out of their banks while they still can…[]

    “Wealthy investors and family offices are moving more of their money out of bank cash balances and into Treasurys, money markets and other short-term instruments, according to wealth advisors.

    “High net worth investors typically keep millions of dollars or even tens of millions in cash in their bank accounts to cover bills and unexpected expenses.

    “Their balances are often way above the $250,000 FDIC insured limit. Following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and potential cracks in the network of regional banks, wealth advisers say many clients are now asking fundamental questions about how and where to keep their cash.”

    This crisis is just getting started.

    Every domino that falls is just going to make things even worse, and ultimately I believe that the entire system is headed for an unprecedented meltdown.

    So I would encourage you to do whatever you need to do to protect yourself, because things are only going to get crazier from here.


    Blessed St. Patrick’s Day.

    Please pray that St. Patrick chases all the snakes, vipers, alligators, creepy crawlies, and slimy things out of DC this year.

  33. Butter Horse March 17, 2023 @ 11:43 am

    Re: Kennedy

    At just a mechanistic level, you can’t simply have one guy, with a physical body the consistency of a jellyfish, walking around on calcium stilts, be in charge of or responsible for, the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans – why?

    1. It’s not easy, but it’s insanely straightforward, in this age (and recent past ages) of electromagnetic ‘techniques’, to remove such blobs, as above.

    2. Formal ‘leaders’ of large nation-states are not just highly attractive as “low hanging fruit” from a decapitation-strategy standpoint – the fruit hangs SO low, and is SO delicious, that such a leadership configuration becomes irresistible as a target; it’s a single point of failure, with catastrophic consequences upon removal, so why would even a figurehead remain?

    Answer: he wouldn’t.

    That’s why we only get puppets. ‘Figureheads’ are so 90s, why would we still get that benefit?

    I wish we could have legitimate leaders, and that they could be protected, however, I don’t think that’s very realistic.

    Having a mafia government like we do now is a poor, bitter consolation ‘prize’, and probably unworthy of much (if any) of either attention or discussion.

  34. The Englishman March 17, 2023 @ 3:08 pm

    Passing the point of no return.

    It’s looking increasingly likely Amerika is going in, vis-a-vis SMO.

  35. KathJuliane March 17, 2023 @ 4:52 pm

    Just can’t fix stupid. Remember the CNBC-Mad Money Jew clown Cramer who pumped up SVB? He pumped up Republican Bank the same way. -Kj


    ‘Losing It!’: Cramer Claims Bank Fiasco Means Fed Set for ‘Soft, Safe’ Inflation Landing


    Joseph Vazquez | March 14th, 2023

    CNBC host Jim Cramer just can’t stop saying dumb things. The Mad Money personality is now claiming the recent banking fiasco in the past week means brighter days are ahead for the Federal Reserve in its fight against inflation.

    Cramer apparently hasn’t learned from the mockery he received for his horrific February call that Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) was a buy at $320 a share before the stock collapsed a month later.

    During the March 14 edition of his CNBC show, Cramer fawned about how he had been a big “supporter of Jay Powell, our Fed Chief” — the same person who tried to hoodwink Americans for months into believing that the inflation crisis his institution’s policies helped instigate was transitory.

    “I have been with him the whole way in his quest to beat back inflation because that’s how you destroy the power of the savings of the working person,” Cramer proclaimed.

    Then came Cramer’s hot take, and it was a doozy: “Until last week’s banking fiasco, I think Jay Powell was losing the war against inflation. Losing it!”

    Cramer slammed his signature buzzer for emphasis. “But the collapse of some highly visible banks, the fallout that could cause the folding of a great number of startups and” the general uneasiness in the economy meant the Fed plane “is on the cusp of a soft, safe landing.” [Emphasis added.]


    Cramer even went as far as to say the banking chaos meant the Fed shouldn’t be as aggressive in its planned rate hikes, calling for the institution to “take pause.”

    Bloomberg News published a story hours earlier based on new inflation data showing a 6 percent year-over-year consumer price spike headlined: “Fed Rate Pause Is a Tough Call After Inflation Reaccelerates.” The new data, said Bloomberg, “suggests that the Fed doesn’t have luxury to delay hike.”

    NPR also reported just hours before Cramer’s latest display of nonsense that the banking collapses coupled with new inflation data meant the “Federal Reserve’s fight against inflation just got harder.”

    Does that sound like a winning situation?

    As NPR summarized, “prices are still climbing at a rapid rate.” Investor Carl Icahn was just on Cramer’s network earlier on March 14 warning how stubbornly-high inflation and poor corporate leadership meant that “[t]he system is breaking down, and we absolutely have a major problem in our economy today.’”

    It’s unclear why anyone would take Cramer seriously at this point.

    This is just the latest instance in a matter of days where Cramer has made a fool of himself. During the fallout from the SVB collapse, Cramer tweeted March 10 that “[First Republic Bank (FRC)] is new focus… very good bank.”

    However — just three days after Cramer’s tweet — FRC’s stock plunged 65 percent during premarket trading on Monday morning after declining 33 percent the prior week, according to CNBC.

    With Cramer’s new, celebratory view of the Fed’s odds in the fight against the inflation it helped create, it’s as if he’s trying to make Opposite Day a reality. As YouTube personality Ian Miles Cheong tweeted in response to Cramer’s take, “That’s it. The economy is over.”

    The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board directly linked the SVB collapse to the Fed’s easy money policies. In a world of “near zero interest rates,” The Journal said, “SVB put the money in long duration fixed-income assets in search of a higher return.”

    Those Treasury “bonds and mortgage-backed securities” were generally considered to be “nearly risk-free for the purpose of measuring bank capital.” However, according to The Journal, “those securities declined in value as the Fed took interest rates up quickly to break the inflation it helped to cause.”

  36. KathJuliane March 17, 2023 @ 4:57 pm

    It’s beginning to look like the American Economy is becoming a giant game of Fed Whack-A-Mole. -Kj


    Silicon Valley Bank Parent Company Files For Bankruptcy

    Daily Caller| 17 March 2023

    SVB Financial Group, the parent company for California tech lender Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in New York Friday, the biggest filing of its kind since Washington Mutual Inc. in 2008.

    SVB, which was SVB Financial Group’s main business, was taken over by federal regulators after it collapsed due to a bank run last week, with the Federal Reserve intervening to insure depositors. The bank announced it was filing for bankruptcy Friday in a bid to preserve the value of its assets.

    “The Chapter 11 process will allow SVB Financial Group to preserve value as it evaluates strategic alternatives for its prized businesses and assets, especially SVB Capital and SVB Securities,” William Kosturos, Chief Restructuring Officer for SVB Financial Group, said in a statement.

    “SVB Capital and SVB Securities continue to operate and serve clients, led by their longstanding and independent leadership teams.” (RELATED: ‘We’ve Got Some Cleanup To Do’: Former FDIC Chair Says There Will ‘Probably’ Be More Bank Failures)

    SVB is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and not included in the Chapter 11 filing, according to The Washington Post. Bankruptcy offers a court-supervised reorganization to assist SVB Financial Group to find buyers for its assets besides SVB because it is under federal control, according to Reuters.

  37. KathJuliane March 17, 2023 @ 5:21 pm

    Clean Up on Aisle 7! Clean Up on Aisle 7! Clean Up on Aisle 10! Clean Up on Aisle 10! Clean Up on Aisle 19! Clean Up on Aisle 19! -Kj


    ‘We’ve Got Some Cleanup To Do’: Former FDIC Chair Says There Will ‘Probably’ Be More Bank Failures

    Daily Caller | 15 March 2023

    A former chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) warned Wednesday that there will “probably” be more bank failure, saying there was “cleanup” to do in the wake of the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB).

    “I do think there’s probably going to be more failures along the way. The problem we have is the same one that we had back in 1970s when the government was out of control with its fiscal policies, its monetary policies, inflation set in and banks were just not ready for that,” William Isaac, who chaired the FDIC during the Reagan administration, told Fox News host Neil Cavuto.

    [I remember those days. Viet Nam War, the Arab Oil Embargo, gas and toilet paper shortages, crazy inflation, astronomical personal credit card interest rates when people actually turned to suddenly easy-to-obtain private credit cards to make ends meet, and then the housewife was forced to work outside the home to pay for food, housing, flexible mortgage rates run out of control, and the skyrocketing credit card debt. – Kj]

    “The thrifts were not, either. We wound up losing some 5,000 banks during that period.”

    Signature Bank’s shutdown was precipitated by a bank run by customers following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, Barrons reported.

    “We won’t lose anywhere near that number this time because we don’t have that many. We lost so many. We only have about 4,500 banks today,” Isaac said. “I’m not concerned a lot about contagion. I believe the government knows what it’s doing. It’s willing to take actions. It knows how to take those actions. I don’t think this is the last failure. I think we’ve got some cleanup to do.

    Credit Suisse and First Republic were among banks who saw their stock prices plummet this week. Isaac criticized the government for what he said was “awful” fiscal policy.

    “The government has had irresponsible fiscal policies for 20 years and pretty irresponsible Fed policy … for the same period until recently,” Isaac said. “We have to get the monetary policy in line with where it needs to be. If we do those things, we can get out of this with minimal damage.”

    Yes, indeedy. The Resident in the White House Assisted Living Facility is demanding a whopping $7.2 trillion US budget.

    In the meantime, that giant sucking sound you hear is the Biden Administration and the Military-Industrial-Complex throwing mega-billions of US taxpayer dollars into Zelensky’s “Silicon Ukraine Bank” — a completely dependent de facto 52nd state which is the black hole in the American economy that is the size of Texas.

    Social media is working hard to get this French graphic animation suppressed.


    “Ukraine Inc.” is the name of this French animation with Selenskyj in the main role. The cartoon reflects the grim reality of the regime in Ukraine.

    Zelenskyy throws his own people into a meat grinder to increase his own rating.


    Slava Cokaini!

  38. Hibernian March 17, 2023 @ 8:27 pm

    Harry Vox just declared Brother Nathanael as “awesome” & that Br. N’s “work is top-notch”.

    Yes, he is an “apostate” Catholic (so, folks, be prepared to be a touch disappointed with some positions; I hope that he is anti-abortion at least)

    But, he is fighting against Jewry.

    And, he recently said this in response to an honorable post in his “Non-EU” — Unsafe Space — version of his 2 Bitchute Channels.

    Note: Bitchute is practising various offensives against truthing, including denial of membership to (particular? or past-a-quota?) would-be posters — e.g. myself — to “certain” channels. Hence, restricted number of members.

    2 days ago


    Harry, you are the voice of truth crying from the wilderness, but you are not alone.

    Brother Nathanial is also out there (he’s in Colorado you’re in New York).

    That said, I believe you are correct in the banking collapse into CBDC.

    It’s coming.

    Then the control over money will be complete.
    2 days ago

    Harry Vox – Unsafe Space

    I agree, Brother Nathanael is awesome.
    His work is top notch.

  39. KathJuliane March 17, 2023 @ 8:28 pm

    SVB Collapse: ‘Radioactive Waste’ in the Banking Sector [Video]

    The Liberty Beacon | March 17, 2023

    SVB Collapse: ‘Radioactive Waste’ in the Banking Sector
    Leaving the Public with a Moral Hazard

    Where will this financial train wreck finally end?

    O’Leary Ventures Chairman Kevin O’Leary shreds Silicon Valley Bank’s board and management following their dramatic collapse and explains why the US government and Federal Reserve panicked and then completely mismanaged the entire debacle – leaving the public with a moral hazard – with the American people now ‘on the hook’ for every single depositor account at this bank, and potentially every other bank in the US now.

    Fox Business

    (TLB) published this video report from 21WIRE

  40. KathJuliane March 17, 2023 @ 8:39 pm

    Well, the banking rot, along with the steer manure, is deeper than your hip waders, that’s for sure.

    The Economist just got downwind of the banking equivalent of the notoriously nasty Big Agra mega-cattle feed lots and barns, complete with mountains of rotting manure and feedlot run off. -Kj


    How deep is the rot in America’s banking industry?

    The Economist via Yahoo Finance | 16 March 2023

    Banking is a confidence trick. Financial history is littered with runs, for the straightforward reason that no bank can survive if enough depositors want to be repaid at the same time.

    The trick, therefore, is to ensure that customers never have cause to whisk away their cash. It is one that bosses at Silicon Valley Bank (svb), formerly America’s 16th-largest lender, failed to perform at a crucial moment.

    The fall of svb, a 40-year-old bank set up to cater to the Bay Area tech scene, took less than 40 hours. On March 8th the lender said it would issue more than $2bn of equity capital, in part to cover bond losses. This prompted scrutiny of its balance-sheet, which revealed around half its assets were long-dated bonds, and many were underwater. In response, deposits worth $42bn were withdrawn, a quarter of the bank’s total. At noon on March 10th regulators declared that svb had failed.

    It might have been a one-off. svb’s business—banking for techies—was unusual. Most clients were firms, holding in excess of the $250,000 protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (fdic), a regulator.

    If the bank failed they faced losses. And svb used deposits to buy long-dated bonds at the peak of the market. “One might have supposed that Silicon Valley Bank would be a good candidate for failure without contagion,” says Larry Summers, a former treasury secretary.

    Nevertheless, withdrawal requests at other regional banks in the following days showed “there was in fact substantial contagion”.

    Hence the authorities’ intervention. Before markets reopened on March 13th, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department revealed that Signature Bank, a lender based in New York, had also failed.

    They announced two measures to guard against more collapses. First, all depositors in svb and Signature would be made whole, and straightaway.

    Second, the Federal Reserve would create a new emergency-lending facility, the Bank Term Funding Programme. This would allow banks to deposit high-quality assets, like Treasuries or mortgage bonds backed by government agencies, in return for a cash advance worth the face value of the asset, rather than its market value. Banks that had loaded up on bonds which had fallen in price would thus be protected from svb’s fate.

    These events raise profound questions about America’s banking system. Post-financial-crisis regulations were supposed to have stuffed banks with capital, pumped up their cash buffers and limited the risks they were able to take.

    The Fed was meant to have the tools it needed to ensure that solvent institutions remained in business. Critically, it is a lender of last resort, able to swap cash for good collateral at a penalty rate in its “discount window”.

    Acting as a lender of last resort is one of any central bank’s most important functions. As Walter Bagehot, a former editor of The Economist, wrote 150 years ago in “Lombard Street”, a central bank’s job is “to lend in a panic on every kind of current security, or every sort on which money is ordinarily and usually lent.” That “may not save the bank; but if it do not, nothing will save it.”

    The Fed and Treasury’s interventions were the sort which would be expected in a crisis. They have fundamentally reshaped America’s financial architecture. Yet at first glance the problem appeared to be poor risk management at a single bank.

    “Either this was an indefensible overreaction, or there is much more rot in the American banking system than those of us on the outside of confidential supervisory information can even know,” says Peter Conti-Brown, a financial historian at the University of Pennsylvania. So which is it?


  41. Hibernian March 17, 2023 @ 10:56 pm

    Martin Armstrong is an Economist, Entrepreneur, Ex-Convict following alleged U.S.A.’s Deep-State — incl. CIA — conspiracy against him, & Inventor of acclaimed economics forecasting program “Socrates”.

    He’s an important supporter of Putin whom Armstrong distinguishes as a moderate vis-a-vis the bulk of Russia’s leadership whom Armstrong personally knows that they are keen to return Communism of U.S.S.R. Evenso, most of Jewry controlled European associated countries are in effect Communist; Certainly, over-reach by Jewry-puppet governments, & also a hostility to true “free-enterprise” arising from the ordinary citizen.

    Note: The following article has been re-formatted, & only slightly redacted, for ease of reading, by Hibernian.

    Armstrong does make “principled” case that “all” depositors must not lose any funds from any bank-collapse.

    However, Harry Vox suspects that there will be Israelis — Hibernian on-the-fly suggests dual-citizen USA-Israel citizens — claiming to be depositors who have not the deposits they claim to have, & that there is no dependable way of proving “yes” or “no” … because Israel is a criminal-state who cannot be trusted in their verifications apropos of its citizens in this matter at least.

    Title: Yellen Casts Doubt of Covering All Depositors

    Blog/Gov’t Incompetence

    by Martin Armstrong

    Spread the love

    Posted Mar 17, 2023

    We have a serious problem here.

    Depositors in a bank are NOT risking their money as an investor in a hedge fund.

    They expect honesty and stability.

    If the bank is trading and doubles its money, it belongs to the shareholders – not the depositors.

    Likewise, a loss belongs to the shareholders and that means 100% of all deposits MUST be covered – PERIOD!

    Even Senator Lankford fails to understand that simply because a Chinese national is a depositor it does NOT justify defaulting on them. That would mean that all foreigners should remove their money from the United States. It would also be against the Constitution.

    When this nation was formed, we: adopted TERRITORIAL JURISDICTION & rejected the monarchy jurisdiction.

    A) MONARCHY JURISDICTION: If you killed someone in Paris but you were British:

    A_1) the French would arrest you and could not charge or punish you because you were the “property” of the King of England.
    A_2) the French would send you back to the King of England and explain what you did and it was up to your king to determine what to do.

    B) TERRITORIAL JURISDICTION: if you were British but killed an American:

    B_1) you stood trial in America
    B_2) they rejected the idea that you were the property of the King of England.

    ALL depositors, regardless of their origin, MUST be treated the same as any citizen. You cannot have it both ways. So, sorry. Senator Lankford, you are wrong.

    We MUST cover even a deposit by Putin or the Communist Party of China. Otherwise, ALL foreign investors should also sell ALL their holdings of US debt – PERIOD!

    Yellen has cast doubt on this policy and it is a warning that all banks have this same crisis in the collapse of long-term debt because of this endless pit into which we are throwing money called Ukraine.

    We stand NOTHING to gain from this insanity.

    It is nothing more than the personal vindictiveness of the Neocons who have transformed Ukraine into an Anti-Russia spearhead and American foreign policy into the aggressor in the quest for World War III.

    All Neocons should be arrested for treason.

    Only Congress can declare war.

    This is a proxy war that has not been declared and has no benefit to the American people or even the Ukrainian people who have been forced to flee their homes in this battle to conquer Russia.

    All Depositors in Every Bank Must be Made 100% Whole – it is the Shareholders of Banks that Lose in Such Situations

    What the Biden Administration has paid Ukraine would have covered all the outstanding Student Loans and even the failed banks!




    Gov’t Incompetence« The Collapse of the Monetary System – a Comedy of Errors

  42. KathJuliane March 18, 2023 @ 12:46 am


    17 March 2023 by Larry Johnson

    Take a good look at the map above. It shows clearly that fighting is taking place from the Black Sea in the south to the border of Belarus in the north. That is roughly 1,000 miles. Now, ask yourself, who has the manpower, weapons and resources to press the fight along this broad front? Simple answer, only Russia.

    Russia still has at least 500,000 troops in reserve that have not been committed to the battles. Ukraine does not. Ukraine is running out of artillery shells and neither the United States nor NATO have the ability to replace and sustain Ukraine’s rate of fire, according to the Washington Post and the New York Times. Russia, notwithstanding Western claims that it too is running dry, continues to show otherwise:

    “Russian Forces launched a massive kamikaze drone strike against targets in Ukraine this evening.

    “Targets have been hit ( in #Novomoskovsk in #Dnepropetrovsk region, #Konstantinovka, #Dnepropetrovsk and #Kiev region. Explosions have also been reported in #Zhytomyr, #Rovno, #Khmelnytsky and #Volyn region.

    The situation on the ground, as I reported in my previous post, is beyond grim.

    “Ukraine has demoted a top battlefield commander after he admitted his unit had been decimated in fighting around the city of Bakhmut.

    “The battalion commander, known by his call sign Kupol, gave an unusually frank assessment of Ukrainian losses in an interview from the front lines earlier this week.

    “He revealed that all of the original 500 soldiers in his unit had either been killed or injured, a rare acknowledgement from inside the Ukrainian ranks, where losses are kept strictly confidential.

    “The Ukrainian high command is at pains to present a positive spin on the increasingly bloody defence of the East. US officials have estimated that the Ukrainian army may have taken 120,000 casualties compared to 200,000 by the Russian army.

    “Kupol told the Washington Post this week that the Ukrainian army training was often poor and that some of the rookie replacements didn’t know how to throw a hand grenade or fire a rifle.”

    No amount of spin can cover up the catastrophic casualties Ukrainian troops are suffering because of unrelenting Russian artillery strikes. Demoting officers who dare to tell the truth about the situation is but one more symptom of the growing dysfunction and ineffectiveness of the Ukrainian military.

    There also is the canard that Russian soldiers are incompetent and the Ukrainians are masterful warriors. More nonsense. Watch the following video. You will see a Russian soldier, Alexander Maltsev, creep up on the bottom of the screen on a well defended Ukrainian trench. He is outnumbered at least six to one. Also pay close attention to the Ukrainian soldiers.

    They are clearly poorly trained and undisciplined. Look at them firing their riles using the old “pray and spray” method — i.e., hold the rifle above your head, do not aim and empty your clip. Maltsev, by contrast, does it right. He aims and makes accurate shots, killing at least two of the Ukrainian troops and taking the rest as captive. Shades of Sergeant Alvin York.

    Full story:

  43. KathJuliane March 18, 2023 @ 12:51 am

    And Biden’s 7 trillion-dollar budget begmand to Congress is full of Woke crap like this. – Kj

    Email newsletter from The Heritage Foundation


    This week has been a good opportunity to teach my two young kids some basic lessons about banking.

    In short, a bank loans your deposit money to trustworthy businesses. When a borrower repays the loan with interest, voilà, the bank makes a profit.

    But what happens when social justice warriors radically change how banks work? When they give risky loans to unstable businesses because they support Leftist causes.

    As my colleague Diana Furchtgott-Roth describes in her recent Daily Signal article, that kind of irrational Leftist decision-making–along with holding risky bonds in its liquidity portfolio–may have led to the recent crash of Silicon Valley Bank.

    Silicon Valley Bank didn’t find it important to have a Chief Risk Officer. But they found it important to fill a letter to stockholders with 40 mentions of the environmental, social, and governance—or ESG—movement.

    One of our Heritage members, George from South Carolina, told me how frustrating this has been for him. I appreciated his request for “a well-constructed, powerful, factual, statement from the folks at Heritage.”

    I hope Diana’s op-ed provides you with a good explanation of why ESG is bad for investors like us. Heritage will keep setting the record straight about that.

    Let me know how the Silicon Valley Bank situation has affected you. I always enjoy reading your responses.


    Vice President of Development​
    The Heritage Foundation​

  44. Rabbi Glickman March 18, 2023 @ 8:41 am

    Oy vey! Repeat after me:

    “Diversity is our strength! Remember the Holocaust!”

  45. AR March 18, 2023 @ 12:34 pm

    Really miss seeing you on YouTube but appreciate how no longer being constrained by their rules has allowed your stuff to be a more on target

    Much love, +BN ♥

  46. Nativist Entity March 18, 2023 @ 2:22 pm

    “Then and Now”

  47. Boxwoodtree March 18, 2023 @ 7:14 pm

    Anyone ever read

    He has a different take on this SVB failure. His site is very interesting reading.

  48. KathJuliane March 18, 2023 @ 8:50 pm

    New Atlas LIVE: Banking Crisis, Dedollarization, & US Wars

    Brian Berletic

    Featuring Angelo Giuliano, Alex of Reportify Media, and Gonzalo Lira

  49. KathJuliane March 18, 2023 @ 9:03 pm

    Oh. -Kj


    ANOTHER Bank Collapse! – NO WONDER WHY! – Meet the Head of Investment!

  50. Nativist Entity March 19, 2023 @ 1:37 am

    Diversity Collapse, ICC Issues Arrest Warrant For Putin, “Life Affirming Healthcare” – FF Ep206

    Article shown in the talk (min. 90): “You Must Not ‘Do Your Own Research’ When It Comes To Science.” Contributing author: Ethan Siegel

    Quote: “Unless we start valuing the actual expertise that legitimate experts have spent lifetimes developing, ‘doing our own research’ could lead to immeasurable, unnecessary suffering.” (Yeah, especially when it’s about WW2, Jews, Israel and their/its hoaxed “origin myth”!)

    Of course, a (son of a) “Jewish postal worker”. This ontological impossibility (oxymoron) is obviously so “cockamamie” that it is still used today only in quotation marks! {

    “Starts With A Bang” (Siegel). It would be just “astronomically” fantastic if this whole hocus-pocus of a soon day ends with a tremendous bang! The self-portraits chosen by the author Siegel himself are obviously intended to depict his seriousness in the most unadulterated way.

    The old tall tale of the infallible “experts”. There was a time when heretics who disproved the “experts” that the Earth was “a disc in the center of the universe” were burned at the stake, still recall dat, Jewboy? “Trust the science” (and Soros-sponsored “fact checkers”)!

    As if “science” (or what he considers to be as it) has not been corruptible for a long time and does not act in the interest of multinational pharmaceutical conglomerates, but exclusively in the name of humanity. This Siegel thing is about as “credible” as his tribal bro who gets a kick out of being mistaken for “God”. {

  51. KathJuliane March 19, 2023 @ 2:52 pm

    Gun Buyers Alert — ATF Gains Financial Info For Warrantless Tracking

    The Liberty Beacon | March 19, 2023

    ATF agents requesting warrantless surveillance by the FBI
    Post by Tyler Durden | Written by Emily Miller via The Epoch Times

    The federal government has been using Americans’ income and gun purchases to conduct warrantless tracking and deny Second Amendment rights. Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) gave salary estimates to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as the reason to have people’s firearms purchases monitored.

    Erich Pratt, senior vice president of Gun Owners of America (GOA), told The Epoch Times that the ATF’s activities “monitoring innocent people” is a serious problem. “Congress needs to rein in this rogue agency by either exercising oversight over it or abolishing the unconstitutional agency altogether,” said Pratt.

    These revelations come from new documents, viewed by The Epoch Times which it received from its Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit. The latest production from the FOIA has hundreds of pages—many redacted—showing ATF agents requesting warrantless surveillance by the FBI for lawful reasons such as low salaries, past firearm purchases, and sending “bizarre” messages.

    The Epoch Times exclusively reported in January about the FBI’s secret monitoring service that tracks people by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) for gun purchases for mere “potential violations of law.”


  52. KathJuliane March 19, 2023 @ 3:14 pm

    ‘You Don’t Know That Off The Top Of Your Head?’: Ron Johnson Hammers Janet Yellen With Questions

    Forbes | 16 March 2023

    At today’s Senate Finance Committee hearing, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) questioned Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen about inflation.


    SVB collapse, surviving Biden’s presidency

    The Duran | 19 March 2023


    WOKE Culture is Destroying the Economy & Our Nation

    Armstrong Economics | 19 March 2023

    The collapse of Credit Swiss as well as SVB, Signature, and more to come, have a common theme – the FAILURE of RISK MANAGEMENT. When we look closer at the staff involved, they were not what you would consider at the top of their class. They filled spots based on sexual orientation, race, creed, and gender. In our company, we have every race, creed, and gender as well as sexual orientation. However, they have been hired because they were all good in their particular field.

    NEVER have I ever hired someone because I needed to fill some WOKE agenda. That is no different from the days of hiring stunning personal assistants based on looks in hopes of getting some action on the side. Nevertheless, the qualification of those in RISK MANAGEMENT in all of these cases was certainly not up to the job.

    We have a major crisis in qualifications. When you mess with that in RISK MANAGEMENT, the bank will fail without any question. Look at the qualifications of any company’s RISK MANAGEMENT team. If they were hired to fit a WOKE agenda – sell – sell – sell!

    Even in the White House, they are bragging about having 7 aids to Biden based on their sexual orientation. No wonder the Neocons have seized control of the White House. There is nobody there who even understands what their agenda has been for decades and how they are determined to wage war against Russia. [Embedded video of Karine Jean-Pierre bragging about this -Kj]

    They have seized control of the United Nations as well as the International Criminal Court. All they care about is destroying Russia and they are desperate to get Putin to do something so they can have Congress declare war on Russia and start sending American troops to their death all for their endless agenda of war.

    We are in serious trouble. This WOKE Agenda has superseded everything. The companies that are WOKE you better put on your list of DO NOT INVEST for the management skills are now secondary.


    Build Back Broke! -Kj

  53. KathJuliane March 19, 2023 @ 3:31 pm

    Stephen Gardner: Col. Macgregor: Ukraine is CRUMBLING Under Putin’s Military Offensive

    Colonel Douglas Macgregor sits down with Stephen Gardner for update on the Ukraine-Russia war. Is the war in Ukraine about to hit a turning point because I am starting to see groups like the Washington post and the New York Times finally tell the truth about the strength and condition of Ukraine’s army and the number of casualties they have suffered?

    Why do you say that Bakhmut has been like a meat grinder? And is it time for Ukraine to fall back, regroup, give themselves a couple days to build up ammunition, and then dig in and try and hold the line again?

    Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina says it’s time for the United States to get serious and show Russia who is the boss. He said the US military should start shooting down Russian war planes over international water. Is this a smart move and was following Senator Graham‘s advice policy into war with Russia?

    Lloyd Austin says Russia is preparing for massive attacks in the spring when the mud dries out and that the United States and NATO need to rush weapons to Ukraine so that they can keep beating back Putin the Russian army.

  54. Hibernian March 19, 2023 @ 3:55 pm

    A rejoinder for all seasons.

    Thus, don’t say Z.O.G. (Zionist Occupied Govt.)! Rather, say J.O.G. (Jewry Occupied Govt.) instead!

    An admirable rejoinder by Harry Vox below:

    2 days ago


    You nailed it here.

    Sincere question / comment:

    Why not say “Zionist” instead of “Jew” though?

    When you say “Jew” it sounds like you believe every Jewish man, woman, and child is in on it….as in, everyone who’s ever been to Synagogue.
    A lot of those people are just as fucked over by this control system (and just as ignorant) as anyone else.

    2 days ago

    Harry Vox – Unsafe Space

    The correct word is Jew not Zionist.

    Very few of the Jews who are dismantling our societies give a flying s**t about Zionism.

    Its their Jewishness which is the principal facilitating avenue for a person to belong to this club where destroying all other people is at the core.

    Just because a person identifies a group as being the threat doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is saying 100% of that group is problematic.

    Nevertheless Jews are the problem, basically

    Edited 2 days ago

  55. KathJuliane March 19, 2023 @ 5:45 pm

    FreedomWorks Statement in Opposition to Bank Bailouts

    13 March 2023

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to suggestions of bailouts to remedy the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, among others, Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks President, commented:

    “If we have learned anything from the 2007-2008 financial crisis, it’s that we cannot afford to continue to bail out financial institutions and corporations. Such bailouts are a perverse incentive that create market inefficiencies. We cannot continue to safeguard banks with guarantees of a taxpayer-funded bailout should things go wrong, especially considering that FDIC coverage is meant to protect smaller investors.”

    “Furthermore, despite what President Biden might say, any such bailout will see the American taxpayer foot the bill. A bailout of Silicon Valley Bank would amount to upwards of a $130 billion check from the American taxpayer.

    “Such a bailout will further exacerbate the addiction that Washington, D.C. has to spending and contribute to inflation. There is no moral case to hold Americans accountable for the reckless fiscal disposition of Congress and President Biden when our national debt stands at $32 trillion and growing.”


    The mission of FreedomWorks is to build, educate, and mobilize the largest network of activists advocating the principles of smaller government, lower taxes, free markets, personal liberty, and the rule of law.

  56. Rabbi Mortichai ben Goyim, esq. March 19, 2023 @ 5:57 pm

    Just powerful, Brother Nathanael.

    May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ protect us from the fleecing to come.

    Fortunately for me, I keep my gold in a small bag hanging from a string around my neck. And in my teeth. And then there’s the diamonds hidden, well let’s not talk about that.

  57. KathJuliane March 19, 2023 @ 6:04 pm

    Late Stage Bureaucracy
    appropriating another leftist meme

    The Radical American Mind | 17 March 2023

    Perhaps you’ve heard of “late stage capitalism.” While not coined by Karl Marx himself, the term has gained some popularity as a meme attributing much of the insanity of Western modernity to capitalism. An article from describes the providence of the term thus:

    “It was coined by Werner Sombart, a controversial German historical economist, almost a century ago in his three-volume magnum opus Der Moderne Kapitalismus (published from 1902 through 1927).

    “Sombart’s main contribution was to define three periods of the capitalist economic system: early or proto capitalism, advanced capitalism and late capitalism. In Sombart’s analysis, late capitalism referred specifically to economic, political and social deprivations associated with the aftermath of the first world war.”

    I don’t think this conception is useful. Capitalism doesn’t exist in the West, and hasn’t for some time. Managerial liberalism does, however, and it has progressed to the same final stage converged upon by distinct ideologies in the U.S.S.R. some decades ago and Rome some centuries before that: Late Stage Bureaucracy (LSB).

    The Final Stage

    The single best treatise on bureaucracy is a self-titled tome written by one of my personal heroes Ludwig von Mises in 1944. At that time, Mises noted that America was essentially the world’s last hope for liberty and set out to explain why in an extraordinary gift to his new countrymen.

    Instead of examining this phenomenon by comparing and contrasting socialism with capitalism directly, Mises opted to assess the situation in terms of bureaucratism. This framing ingeniously focuses attention away from abstruse ideology to the principle mechanism by which a society shifts from liberal1 to totalitarian.

    The U.S.S.R.

    To fully grasp both the aesthetics and potential consequences of LSB, there is no better portrait than that painted by the HBO miniseries Chernobyl. If you haven’t seen it, I can’t recommend it highly enough if you want to feel how LSB expresses itself in our world.

    You should really watch it then return to this article, because the mystery of what happened added an ineffable quality to the way the drama unfolds. If you haven’t seen it but would like to continue reading anyway, just bear in mind that spoilers follow.

    It turns out causing the exact type of disaster that occurred at Chernobyl should essentially be impossible. The reason for this is that no matter how incompetent the individuals operating a nuclear reactor or how many safety protocols they violate, there is a kill switch.

    This kill switch immediately inserts all available boron control rods into the reactor simultaneously thereby shutting down the nuclear reaction. In the U.S.S.R. this kill switch was named AZ-5.


  58. Ted Gorsline March 19, 2023 @ 9:37 pm

    If my memory serves me correctly, and these days it seldom does, Gordon Duff, when at VT wrote about Israel allegedly making mini nuke attacks all over the world, the most recent he alleged being in Lebanon, but he also mentioned Chernobyl and a few other places.

    The idea that jews allegedly have been behind these nuclear attacks including the murder or 3,000 Americans on 9/11 is reasonable because right now Jewish-led America (27 standing ovations for Netanyahu in Congress) and jewish-led Ukraine are both trying to destroy a nuclear reactor in Ukraine which would have a Chernobyl-like effect on the whole world.

  59. Caveman March 20, 2023 @ 12:03 am

    The Russian Bear Market is here to stay!

    Russia put the Jews between a rock and a hard place: high inflation on the one side and high central bank interest rates on the other.

    To lower inflation they need to rise interest rates (or so they believe). But if interest rates are too high, banks fail. If they–once again–create money out of thin air to save the banksters, inflation will skyrocket!

    You ask: why do higher interest rates mean that banks fail, don’t they thrive on high interest rates?

    The thing is that greed has no boundaries, and to get higher profits they are–once again–heavily invested in derivatives, that is, casino bets. And guess which is now the main derivative type: yes INTEREST RATE DERIVATIVES.

    And this is no small problem, the derivatives held by the major banks are as follows:

    J.P. Morgan Chase:………….$54.3 trillion (twelve zeroes!)
    Goldman Sachs:……………..$51 trillion
    Citibank:………………………$46 trillion
    Bank of America:…………… $21.6 trillion
    Wells Fargo:…………………..$12.2 trillion

    Same for the bankrupt Credit Suisse, now taken over by UBS (United Bandits of Switzerland). These figures are several times the size of world’s GDP!

    More valuable info here:


  60. Citizenfitz March 20, 2023 @ 9:55 am

    Brother Nate does good work in demolishing John MacArthur’s “rapture” silliness on his Bible With Brother YT channel.

    Much recommended.

  61. KathJuliane March 20, 2023 @ 6:03 pm

    Woke is the perfect fix for our Clown World economic and financial issues (sarc off).

    Silicon Valley Bank hit the loo because of their indiscriminate Woke investing willynilly in whatever is The Newest Thing in ESG finance without any risk assessment and fiduciary management whatsoever. Let’s have more of the same, Brandon! (“Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f— things up!” — Barak Obama)

    In the meantime, the White House opposes any ceasefire in Ukraine, is sending another $350 million in military aid; and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has criticized Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s handling of the economy, accusing him of trying to put up to 2 million Americans out of work as part of the central bank’s efforts to bring down inflation. -Kj


    Biden Vetoes Republican-Led Bill On ESGs

    Daily Caller | 20 March 2023

    President Joe Biden vetoed the first bill of his presidency on Monday, halting a Republican-led effort to overturn a federal rule allowing retirement plan advisers to take environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors into account.

    “I just signed this veto because the legislation passed by the Congress would put at risk the retirement savings of individuals across the country. They couldn’t take into consideration investments that would be impacted by climate, impacted by overpaying executives. And that’s why I decided to veto it. It makes sense to veto it,” Biden said in a video.

    “This bill would risk your retirement savings by making it illegal to consider risk factors MAGA House Republicans don’t like. Your plan manager should be able to protect your hard-earned savings — whether Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene likes it or not,” Biden added in his tweet.

    Two Senate Democrats, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Jon Tester of Montana, broke with their party to support the Republican House effort to overturn the ESG rule. Both senators are up for re-election in 2024 and come from fossil fuel states. (RELATED: ‘Could Kill Our Economy’: Dem Senator Sounds The Alarm On Biden Admin Climate Rules)

    Prior to the Biden administration’s Nov. 2022 rule, plan managers could only consider fiduciary factors.

    The House has scheduled a vote to attempt to override the veto on Thursday, Axios reported.

    “The President vetoed the bill because it jeopardizes the hard-earned life savings of cops, firefighters, teachers, and other workers – all in service of an extreme, MAGA Republican ideology,” White House spokesperson Robyn Patterson said in a statement, according to the outlet.

    Best Comment from Ben Dover:

    So now, more than ever it’s your responsibility to watch where your money is in your 401k or IRA.

    Fiduciaries are no longer fiduciaries if they put your money in ESG funds because ESG funds don’t have as good a return as a S&P500 fund.

    A fiduciary is supposed to put your money in a place that gets the best return not someplace that goes with his political agenda like Larry Fink at Blackrock…

    Bidum is SCREWING the pension fund recipients & the average schlemihl that goes to an investment advisor.

  62. KathJuliane March 20, 2023 @ 6:10 pm

    An awesome populist win! – Kj

    Dutch Farmers Rebel, Win Enough Senate Seats To Block Technocrats

    Technocracy News & Trends

    Posted By: Jack Montgomery via Breitbart | 20 March 2023

    [When you are backed into a corner and there is no escape except certain destruction, then you fight like crazy to claw your way out.

    Normally mild-mannered farmers in Netherlands took to the streets and then to the ballot box to get their voices heard, basically neutering the globalist coalition government.

    This should be a “shot heard around the world” that the Great Reset is not yet a fait accompli. ⁃ TN Editor]

    The anti-Great Reset, pro-farmer BoerBurgerBeweging (BBB) movement appears to have won even more seats in the Dutch senate than expected, with the globalist coalition government losing heavily.

    The BoerBurgerBeweging (Farmer-Citizen Movement) was founded to represent the interests of Dutch farmers facing severe difficulties or being closed down altogether as a result of Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s efforts to implement European Union-mandated curbs on the use of nitrogen fertilisers, in order to serve the bloc’s climate change green agenda.

    Initially a protest movement, the BBB has been involved in many major demonstrations, often involving tractors, in the Netherlands — but it arrived as a political force in the country’s recent regional government elections for the first time, which also determine the make-up of the First Chamber of the States General — the upper house or senate of the Dutch legislature.

    As the results of the election become clearer, it now appears to scale of the Farmer-Citizen Movement’s success was greater than polls initially suggested, with it being due to claim 17 seats in the Senate and become by far the largest party there, according to pro-farmer campaigner Eva Vlaardingerbroek.

    The precarious four-party coalition government of the supposedly “centre-right” Prime Minister Mark Rutte, meanwhile, appears to have suffered somewhat worse losses than expected, with Vlaardingerbroek suggesting they will be unable to achieve a majority even with the support of the Labour Party and the Greens.

    Vlaardingerbroek has previously alleged that her country is being used as a “pilot” for a broader agenda, with Prime Minister Rutte “very deeply involved in the World Economic Forum [and] a great proponent of all the ideas laid out in the 2030 Agenda and the Great Reset.”

    “It’s all related, all these policies are out of those institutions and they are being implemented in our country first, we are sort of the pilot country together with Canada for this agenda,” she added, lamenting the impact of the scheme on farmers targeted by the EU’s Natura 2000 scheme who have in many cases been tending their land and livestock for generations, but now face being forced out of business by state power.

    Read more here:

  63. Hibernian March 20, 2023 @ 8:31 pm

    Hibernian suspects that the SV bank crisis “thingy” is a Jewy-contrived “thingy” devised to accelerate collapse of USA’s economy.

    Note the Jewy-hype dancing around it.

    Another incisive reply by Harry Vox below:

    6 days ago


    Netanyahu of Israhell just announced that Israhell will financially help the Israeli tech start ups affected by the SV bank collapse…
    So it must be true that lot of Israeli tech start ups were involved with that bank


    6 days ago

    Harry Vox – Unsafe Space

    That is a fake story designed to prevent people from finding out that they are behind it.

  64. KathJuliane March 20, 2023 @ 9:07 pm

    Biden Has Seized Your Pensions For His Agenda

    Armstrong Economics | Posted: 2023-03-21

    President Biden’s decision earlier on Monday to veto a bill that would have killed a Labor Department rule on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing, has effectively seized your pension and expropriated it directing it to invest in this failed green agenda.

    That is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and there needs to be an immediate class action suit brought against this outrageous agenda.

    In the land of the most insane left-wing Democrats, California, CALPERS, the California pension system for state employees, was directed to invest in “GREEN” projects for political reasons and lost big time. They have been trying to cover-up their politically correct investment decisions ever since.

    Whenever a politician sticks their foot into how to invest money to carry out their own personal political agenda, not only is that UNCONSTITUTIONAL, but it is really criminal. They are expropriating your pension fund for their agenda.

    The Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution reads as follows: “Nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

    In understanding this provision, we must look to the “intent” of the law when enacted. The Clause was intended to uphold the principle that the government should not single out isolated individuals to bear excessive burdens, even in support of an important public good. What Biden and the Democrats have done is so unconstitutional it is no longer funny.

    Anyone who voted for this act is NOT qualified to be in Congress for they obviously are ignorant of the Constitution which they have sworn to uphold.

    The Democrats, to further their climate agenda, have gone way too far. They have violated the Taking Clause and when this happens, the payment of “just compensation” provides a means of removing any special burden.

    That would be ALL losses incurred by this order are to be borne by the government. The most important statement of this principle is found in Armstrong v. United States 364 U.S. 40 (1960), where the Supreme Court wrote:

    “The Fifth Amendment’s [Takings Clause] . . . was designed to bar Government from forcing some people alone to bear public burdens which, in all fairness and justice, should be borne by the public as a whole.”

    Only two Senate Democrats voted with Republicans to overturn the rule on March 1st. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) called Biden’s decision “absolutely infuriating” in a statement remarking that the Biden administration is putting its “radical” and “progressive agenda” ahead of the country’s needs.

    The point is that this is TOTALLY Unconstitutional. They can no more do that than order everyone must invest in an abortion clinic.

    I have mentioned before, we have some of the largest funds in the entire world as our clients. We were actually asked if we could design a “green portfolio” where they did not lose money. A break-even would be fantastic. Biden has now undermined everyone’s retirement savings by making it illegal to consider risk factors that make NO investment sense.

    Biden & the Democrats Have NO basis in law to seize your retirement funds to fund their radical leftist agenda! This has gone way too far!

    And it is Entirely Unconstitutional!


  65. KathJuliane March 20, 2023 @ 9:56 pm

    Are Bank Failures a Sign of More Trouble Ahead?

    Written by Ron Paul | Monday March 20, 2023

    The failure of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) on March 10 was the second largest bank failure in US history. Just two days following SVB’s collapse, Signature Bank joined the record books as the third largest bank failure in US history.

    First Republic Bank also seemed on the edge of collapse until Bank of America, Citigroup, and other big banks agreed to jointly fund a bailout for it.

    Major Swiss bank Credit Suisse was also teetering on the brink when it received a 54 billion dollars line of credit from the Swiss UBS Group last week. Now, UBS is in the process of buying Credit Suisse. Politicians, regulators, and financial “experts” all rushed to assure us these problems were all caused by factors unique to the individual banks and were not a sign of a systemic weakness in the banking system.

    The bank failures and near failures caused nervous banks to borrow a combined 164.8 billion dollars in one week from the Federal Reserve’s discount window and the Bank Term Funding Program, a new program created by the Fed to make loans to troubled banks.

    The Fed created this program even though supposedly there is no systemic problem in the banking industry.

    While SVB didn’t receive a bailout, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) guaranteed the full amount of all deposits even though Congress set a standard FDIC guarantee on deposits of up to 250,000 dollars.

    By covering all SVB deposits, the FDIC has created an expectation among depositors at major financial institutions (as well as the institutions themselves) that the government will cover 100 percent of deposits. This will cause both depositors and banks to make investment decisions they typically would not make, thus guaranteeing larger bank failures followed by more bailouts for wealthy depositors.

    Some have blamed the current bank failures, along with other signs that the economy is on the verge of a major downturn, on the Federal Reserve’s interest rate increases. It is true the Fed bears responsibility. However, the rate increases are not the problem.

    The problem is the “easy money” and low or zero interest rate policies the Fed pushed since the 2008 market meltdown, which was caused by the bursting of the Fed-created housing bubble. Federal Reserve manipulation of the money supply distorts interest rates, which are the price of money.

    This distorts the signals sent to market actors regarding the true value of investing in particular industries. The result is malinvestments in those industries creating a bubble. The bubble will inevitably burst.

    The economic downturn that follows the bursting of a bubble is necessary to cleanse the economy of the malinvestments. The correction will not last long and the economy will emerge stronger if Congress, the Treasury Department, and the Federal Reserve refrain from “stimulating” the economy with federal spending and artificially low interest rates.

    Government interference, however, can create yet another bubble, setting the stage for another crash.

    The new wave of bank failures is an indication that the US economy is either in or on the verge of another serious Fed-caused recession. With nations seeking to end the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency, the end of America’s disastrous experiment with fiat money, and with it the welfare-warfare state, could be on the horizon.

    The collapse can be accompanied by civil unrest and greater restrictions on liberty. However, the spreading authoritarianism can also spur a growth in the movement for individual liberty, a free market, and limited government that could make the dark night of authoritarianism a prelude to a new dawn of liberty.

  66. KathJuliane March 20, 2023 @ 11:06 pm

    New York Post

    Joe Manchin blasts Biden’s ‘absolutely infuriating’ ESG veto
    Story by Victor Nava • 20 March 2023

    Accusing him of putting “radical policy” ahead of the country’s “economic, energy and national security needs,” Sen. Joe Manchin on Monday ripped President Biden’s veto of a Republican-led effort to block pension funds from making investment decisions based on factors such as climate change.

    Manchin, of West Virginia, was one of two Senate Democrats that crossed party lines earlier this month to vote with Republicans on the measure that would have overturned a Labor Department rule on environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing.

    “This Administration continues to prioritize their radical policy agenda over the economic, energy and national security needs of our country, and it is absolutely infuriating,” Manchin said in a statement after Biden’s Monday veto.

    Manchin accused the Biden administration of prioritizing “radical policy” over the economic, energy and national security needs of the country. Reginald Mathalone/NurPhoto/Shutterstock
    The centrist Democrat, who is up for re-election in 2024, added that the 80-year-old president’s policies are adding to the “stress” his state’s residents face amid record inflation and the economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

    “West Virginians are under increasing stress as we continue to recover from a once in a generation pandemic, pay the bills amid record inflation, and face the largest land war in Europe since World War II. The Administration’s unrelenting campaign to advance a radical social and environmental agenda is only exacerbating these challenges,” Manchin said.

    “This ESG rule will weaken our energy, national and economic security while jeopardizing the hard-earned retirement savings of 150 million West Virginians and Americans. Despite a clear and bipartisan rejection of the rule from Congress, President Biden is choosing to put his Administration’s progressive agenda above the well-being of the American people,” he added.

    Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.), also up for re-election next year, was the only other Democrat to vote in favor of nixing the Labor Department ESG rule, which passed in a 50-46 vote.

    Full story:

  67. Sir Nakasone March 21, 2023 @ 8:31 am

    “No matter how much you hate the corporate media, it’s not enough. It is literally impossible to overstate not only the damage that they do but the malice with which they do it. And by malice, I don’t mean that they’re evil masterminds. I mean malice in the sense of the “banality of evil.” The people who go and punch the clock every day, never question what they’re doing, but whose work is nonetheless incredibly toxic and harmful. They’re just basically sociopathic careerists. But no matter sometimes those people can be the most destructive. “ — Glenn Greenwald

  68. The Elder of Zyklon-B March 21, 2023 @ 8:53 am

    This does indeed appear to be some good news for a change.

    Some very salient points are made here concerning common sense tactics in combating those groups and individuals who are contrary to all of mankind, no matter what one thinks of this Rolo character.

    “Russian ADL/SPLC Equivalent SOVA Center Shut Down By Ministry of Justice”

  69. The Englishman March 21, 2023 @ 2:35 pm

    The face of the government heralding the shipping of toxic munitions against Holy Christian Russians.

    A former Lawyer, She is also an Elder in the Church of Scotland and sits on the West of Scotland Advisory Board of the Salvation Army. She is a Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Renfrewshire.

    Yes, missus, reconciling your conscience whilst kneeling at the pews may take some squaring, to be sure the porridge served up in Hell will burn the iniquitous.

  70. The Englishman March 21, 2023 @ 3:13 pm

    Picture the future farmers of the fertile lands of Ukraine, working ground with huge cultivation machinery knowing the dust clouds they create will in all likelihood destroy them, and their progeny turn out malformed.

    Perhaps by then, the ICC will have ruled the entire UK Parliament be exiled to the Uranium mines in Siberia.

  71. Citizenfitz March 21, 2023 @ 4:18 pm

    New one just up.

    Lifestyles of the Wretched Famous. Be thankful for your White privilege, my friends!

  72. KathJuliane March 21, 2023 @ 4:21 pm

    Missouri Bill Would Protect Farmers, Ranchers From Government Overreach

    The New American | 21 March 2023

    A Missouri legislator has introduced a bill that would protect Missouri farmers and ranchers from draconian regulations — including federal edicts.

    Senate Bill No. 84 (S.B. 84), titled the “Freedom to Farm Act,” is sponsored by Senator Jill Carter (R-Joplin). If enacted, it would remove and prevent excessive government regulations — including those of the federal government — on farming and ranching. The bill declares:

    “The right of farmers and ranchers to engage in farming and ranching practices for sale or personal consumption shall be guaranteed free from government intervention and such practices occurring within this state shall not be infringed upon by the federal government under the regulation of interstate commerce.”

    S.B. 84 includes other provisions limiting and prohibiting government regulations on farmers and ranchers, expanding legal protections for farmers and ranchers, and making state and local government agencies civilly liable for infringing on the rights of farmers and ranchers. Finally, the bill prevents the governor from preventing farming or ranching under the guise of a “state of emergency.”

    S.B. 84 does not end there. It also pushes back against both Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards and the surveillance state by preventing individuals’ food purchases from being restricted:

    “The right to access and the ability to afford food products shall not be infringed upon in this state through restrictions based on an individual’s credit score, credit worthiness, credit standing, or credit capacity, or presentation of an identification card of any kind.”

    S.B. 84 is important because farmers and ranchers are under attack globally. Countries around the world are implementing severe restrictions on farming and ranching, including taxing cattle, mandating reduced fertilizer usage, and even seizing farmland.

    This attack on farmers is closely connected to the UN’s Agenda 2030 “sustainable development” scheme to eliminate private property and totally reshape society in the name of fighting “climate change.” It is also underway in the United States; it is imperative that state governments stand up for farmers by enacting strong legislation such as S.B. 84.

    Additionally, by nullifying unconstitutional federal agricultural regulations, S.B. 84 is an important step toward enforcing the U.S. Constitution. Article VI of the Constitution declares, “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof … shall be the supreme Law of the Land.”

    Accordingly, any law or action that violates or contradicts the Constitution — even federal laws — cannot be “made in Pursuance thereof” and, thus, is not “the supreme Law of the Land.” State officials are duty-bound to nullify such laws or actions.

    The Missouri General Assembly would be wise to defend the state’s farmers and ranchers — and push back against Agenda 2030 — by enacting S.B. 84 and other strong legislation.

  73. Hibernian March 21, 2023 @ 5:20 pm


    Your latest composition is classic truthing & destined to become a famous piece.

    I greatly appreciate the witty, & racy style too.

    I hope back up all of your work lest censor, or moreover, terminate any, or all, of it.

  74. KathJuliane March 21, 2023 @ 5:59 pm

    Putin & Xi have met – NOW WHAT in Ukraine? Col Doug Macgregor

    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom | 21 March 2023

    Uranium blackmail. Wagner continue the assault on Bakhmut. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.03.21


    Here we go! Credit unions and small banks COLLAPSING, and FED won’t stop it | Redacted News

    Big banks are struggling to pull another small bank out of the depths. This time it is JPMorgan Chase trying to rally its banking peers to stabilize First Republic Bank. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve is meeting this week to discuss a possible interest rate hike and other regulatory responses to the banking crisis. Will this continue to send the dollar into a tailspin?

    Read the special FED report newsletter we talked about right here:

  75. KathJuliane March 21, 2023 @ 6:26 pm

    Depleted Uranium vs Tactical Nuclear Weapons

    Otashko News/Algora Blog | MARCH 21, 2023

    If the Armed Forces of Ukraine use shells with depleted uranium, the Russian Federation admits the possibility of responding with tactical nuclear weapons — Russian analyst

    We are talking about the depleted uranium-core, armour-piercing, sub-caliber, feathered projectiles for Challenger 2 tanks that will be sent to Ukraine.

    World tank building (the production of shells) went two ways:

    Use expensive tungsten (safe for the health of the crew and safe for the environment) or an alloy of depleted uranium with titanium.

    An alloy with uranium is much cheaper, because it can be used as spent fuel from nuclear reactors. Secondly, it has such a function as “self-sharpening”: when it bites into homogeneous armor (all-metal) at high speed, it does not flatten, but “leaves in layers,” continuing to be sharp and retaining penetrating properties.

    By itself, it is not radioactive, but it is very toxic. If inhaled or if it comes into contact with the skin, it will cause serious poisoning.

    On impact, part of the projectile is sprayed into fine dust, contaminating the area where the projectile was fired. According to American studies, in the area where such shells were used, oncology and other types of diseases grew six times.

    Regarding the response: Russia has clearly defined that this type of munition is considered to be the use of “dirty bombs.” And this already opens up the possibility of conducting a retaliatory strike with tactical nuclear weapons. “Western countries should understand what games they are ‘playing’,” said Andrey Klintsevich, head of the Center for the Study of Military and Political Conflicts.

    Earlier, the United Kingdom confirmed the transfer of this type of ammunition to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

  76. KathJuliane March 21, 2023 @ 7:12 pm



    21 March 2023 by Larry Johnson

    There are moments in time that change the world. Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union on 22 June 1941 was one of those. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941 was another as was 9 November 1989, when the wall in Berlin, Germany, erected by the Soviets, was torn down.

    And you have witnessed another one today, with Russia and China signing historic, unprecedented agreements.

    Prior to 1642, Russia and China had no diplomatic or military interaction.

    From 1652 to 1689, China’s armies drove the Russian settlers out, but after 1689, China and Russia made peace and established trade agreements.

    In the intervening 334 years, China and Russia never established a de facto alliance. At times that were at odds, and, during the last 50 years, U.S. policy made it a priority to keep a wedge between Moscow and Beijing. That is over.

    China and Russia are now allies, with China being the largest industrial power in the world and Russia the largest supplier of critical commodities. Their political union marks the end of Pax Americana and the U.S. domination of the international order.

    Pay close attention to the joint statement of Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping:

    ◾️ The Russian Federation positively assesses the position of China on Ukraine, and China positively assesses the readiness of the Russian Federation to launch negotiations;

    ◾️ Russia and China are concerned about the risks associated with the creation of AUKUS and their plans to build nuclear submarines;

    ◾️ Russia and China call on AUKUS to strictly fulfill its obligations to non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction;

    ◾️ Russia and China are planning to strengthen a comprehensive partnership in the energy sector;

    ◾️ The Russian Federation and China believe that in order to resolve the Ukrainian crisis, it is necessary to prevent bloc confrontation and incitement of conflict;

    ◾️ The Russian Federation and China are concerned about the military-biological activities of the United States, they demand clarification on this matter;

    ◾️ Russia and China will expand scientific exchanges to ensure the technological leadership of the two countries;

    ◾️ The Russian Federation and China urge to avoid the degradation of the crisis in Ukraine and its transition “to an uncontrollable phase”;

    ◾️ Russia and China oppose all unilateral sanctions imposed bypassing the UN Security Council;

    ◾️ Russia and China are pushing for the US to speed up the elimination of its stockpile of chemical weapons;

    ◾️ Russia and China will strengthen cooperation in agriculture to ensure food security;

    ◾️ The Russian Federation and China plan to promote mutual and global energy security;

    ◾️ Russia and China insist that NATO strictly observe the defensive nature of their organization and respect foreign sovereignty;

    ◾️ Russia and China oppose the formation of “closed exclusive bloc structures, bloc policies and opposing camps” in the Asia-Pacific region;

    ◾️ The Russian Federation and China will increase the scale and optimize the structure of trade, including through the development of electronic commerce;

    ◾️ Russia and China are going to increase the level of financial cooperation and strengthen cooperation in the financial markets;

    ◾️ The United States must take real action to address the legitimate concerns of the DPRK and create conditions for dialogue;

    ◾️ The Russian Federation and China are concerned about the intensification of US activities in the field of missile weapons and call for an end to undermining international security;

    ◾️ Russia and China are against attempts to use space for armed confrontation and will oppose such activity;

    ◾️ Russia and China will expand mutual access to agricultural products and strengthen investment cooperation in this area;

    ◾️ The Russian Federation and the PRC are aimed at cooperation in the field of mutually beneficial supply of basic goods and mineral resources;

    ◾️ The Russian Federation and China oppose the militarization of IT, they are for multilateral, equal and transparent global governance of the Internet.

    This is a game changer. The world we have known will no longer have the United States as the first among equals. In the same way that World War II marked the end of the British imperial empire, today’s events in Moscow are a death knell for the United States being able to act as the global policeman who imposes order on unruly countries.

    The pitiful state of America’s power was on display as it tried in vain to sabotage the Putin/Xi summit:

    1. An information campaign stating that Xi Jinping will not come
    2. Threats against China if Xi Jinping comes
    3. Requirements for China to condemn Russia
    4. Requirements for China not to supply weapons to Russia Only the West has the right to supply weapons to Ukraine.
    5. Statements that any Russian-Chinese agreements will not matter
    6. Hasty organization of the Japanese Prime Minister’s visit to Ukraine on the day of Xi’s visit
    7. The death of Chinese workers in the Central African Republic
    8. Announcement of hasty deliveries of new weapons to Ukraine
    9. Declassified intelligence documents aimed at blaming China for the origin of the coronavirus
    10. We began to equip a new military base in the Philippines

    The Biden Administration is flailing in its response to this new alliance.

    The loss of American influence in the world is not going to happen overnight, but the process has started. Remember this day. It will change the lives of your children and grandchildren. Let us pray that is for the good.

  77. The Englishman March 22, 2023 @ 3:46 am

    A comment on Larry’s latest work is as good as Larry’s summarization.

    Allan Mountain says

    22 March 2023 at 01:18
    OR ENDS as the case more likely may be

    Re: The loss of American influence in the world is not going to happen overnight, but the process has started.

    Everyone sane well-informed person on the planet, including the tragically diminishing minority of sane people in America, cannot wait for it happen. It cannot happen fast enough if there is ever to be any hope of a peaceful multipolar world.

    The latest pronouncement by Britain that it is going to provide Ukraine with depleted uranium (DU) shells for the Challenger tanks it is supplying to Ukraine is just more evidence as to why this hegemonic death cult has to be eliminated from the exercise of any more power over other nations. The world’s policemen protecting the ‘Rules Based Order” be damned – more like Genocide Inc.

    From the BBC today
    Ukraine war: UK defends sending depleted uranium shells after Putin warning

    The following article provides good insight into the impacts of DU shells – although quick search I just conducted as usual turns up very little now thanks to the Big Brother censoring search engine algos – a few years ago there was much more readily available online about DU effects, a lot of which also detailed the horrible effects DU shells had on the poor unsuspecting US soldiers who were exposed to the deadly uranium dust particles that spread far and wide with each shell exploding.

    Another US war crime: the use of depleted uranium munitions in Iraq


    Following at link below is an excellent discussion on The Duran about the war in Ukraine in which Dima (of The Military Summary Channel) explains the horrific effects of DU shells. This link will take you directly to that part of the discussion at the 56min 27sec section where Dima talks about DU shells and their deadly effects.
    Final Chapter in the Donbass front w/Dima from Military Summary Channel (Live)

    I encourage you all to listen to that and ponder what the consequences might be. Dima explains how soldiers who are wounded by DU shell shrapnel who with medical interventions might otherwise have been able to continue with their lives, albeit with greater of lesser impairments depending on severity of their injuries, never survive long after injuries from DU shrapnel as the deadly chemical toxicity and radiation from the uranium dust particles poisons them to death in slow horrible ways.

    Britain supplying Ukraine with DU shells aside, we have the truly insane pronouncement by the ICC (International Criminal Court) that it has issued an arrest warrant for President Putin for the illegal deportation of children – which is double speak for the humanitarian act of removing traumatized Ukraine orphans out of harms way and taking them to Russia to be adopted by Russian parents. The function of the ICC would be much more honestly described by renaming the ICC as ‘The International Cabal of Criminals’.

    From the ICC website as follows:
    Situation in Ukraine: ICC judges issue arrest warrants against Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and Maria Alekseyevna Lvova-Belova

    If I were managing the hands of the Doomsday Clock then I would have the time displaying 23hrs 59min 59sec – that is 1 second to midnight – in the knowledge that if I were a Russian in high office of military command and had any say in conduct of protecting my people and country, then I suspect I would making good case to Putin and others in the decision-making circle that it would be suicidal to delay launching the best and most devastating hypersonic missiles into strategic sites across EU and UK with a special one for the ICC. Of course the Russians are for more forbearing than I am but I hope their patience does not prove to be too fatal for them.

    Nothing we think we know can prepare us for what is about to unfold.

    Meanwhile the zombies in the Western nations unwaveringly confident that their mighty unconquerable military will protect them forever and will allow them to continue with their mindless pursuits, glued to Facebook, fixated on the really meaningful stuff like the exploding fat butts of the brain-dead Kadashian bimbos.

  78. The Englishman March 22, 2023 @ 4:21 am

    The Napolitano / Macgregor discussion on the Xi / Putin summit exposed Macgregor’s reluctance to condemn the use of depleted U. by Ukraine, where the evidence stacks up of its horrors.

    Was the reason for Macgregor’s reticence that he himself was deeply involved in past D.U. campaigns? and that future revelations might impact any political ambitions he may have?

    The kicker here is Napolitano’s failure to follow up with Macgregor on the clip of the senior military guy’s assurance that America will not be sending D. U. to Ukraine. Why? (to both points.)

  79. Citizenfitz March 22, 2023 @ 8:33 am

    Thanks for your kind words re my latest effort, Hibernian. It’d be nice if it took off but it probably won’t. I’ve come to terms with it. They’ve shadow-banned Citizenfitz as things now stand. It gets only a fraction of the hits it once did.

    You’re right. I save all my articles for the day Blogger pulls the plug on Citizenfitz or the Internet goes down. As certain a bet as Christ’s second coming.

    And thanks for your good work here!

  80. Citizenfitz March 22, 2023 @ 8:41 am

    Those are good points in your latest posts, Englishman. I suspect you’re right about Col. MacGregor. He too is playing a not entirely disinterested hand in the game methinks.

    In any event he’s been very wrong about Russia’s “coming offensive”. C’mon, they’ve been fighting over *Bakhmut* for five months now!

  81. The Englishman March 22, 2023 @ 2:06 pm

    The interview I mentioned dear ‘fitz left me feeling doubtful of both men.

    Judge Andy comes over as “gushing” towards Col. Douggie, so much so as to refrain from embarrassing or putting him on a spot. I could be wrong.

    It is so often the case, ambitious people will fail on delivering the whole truth, when the truth may be for them impinge.

    No such maladies under the auspices of +BN! here at RJN.

  82. Brother Nathanael March 22, 2023 @ 3:41 pm

    Another sell-out to the kikes:

  83. Sir Gagalot March 23, 2023 @ 6:06 am

    FEDCOIN will be the BIGGEST BAIL IN world history.

    And for most of ya, you WON’T “take a lick’n and keep on tick’n”.

    It’ll be LIGHTS OUT, goy.

    Best gather up yer pencils and apples, or find a nice high building to jump from…cause HAPPY DAYS are almost here….


    I’m bett’n you get that fedcoin shoved up your rear ends about the same time the NEXT pandemic and/or WW3 gets going HOT.

    Oh, forgot. Get ready for that chip in your forehead or hand…why not both ? Cuz without em, you can’t buy or sell.

    Yes sir, goy. Happy days is almost here again.


  84. PeterK March 24, 2023 @ 6:21 am

    Ugh, that Yellen is one hideous looking monster.

  85. The Englishman March 25, 2023 @ 4:41 am

    It was reading a Ted Gorsline favourite at VT, Mr Kevin Barrett, and that the great Englishman Lewis Carroll came to mind, or rather a quote from his fictional heroine “Curiouser and Curiouser” with regard to his M.H.370 disappearance.

    I hope the suggested involvement of the CIA + the deep state qualifies it here for a mention.

    On referencing Lewis Carroll, I came upon a BBC programme by the unlaudable Martha Kearney, which allegedly casts aspersions on the great man.

    The fact on reading the defamatory piece the detestable jew, Wilf Self, surfaced is more than enough to destroy any credibility.

    As with Baden Powell, the jew-Lib-hit alliance will exploit all opportunities to smear CHRISTian Beauty.

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