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The Riddle Of Jewish Success…Spiked!

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The Riddle Of Jewish Success…Spiked!
November 2, 2022

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Brother Nathanael @ November 2, 2022


  1. Brother Nathanael November 2, 2022 @ 3:47 pm


    The Riddle Of Jewish Success…Spiked!

    How many Jews does it take to change a lightbulb?

    None, the Shabbos goy does it.

    How many Jews does it take to pursue a neck injury?

    Tons, billboards upon billboards, upon billboards! tell the Jewish shakedown story.

    And vy not?

    The goyim prefer a “good” Jewish lawyer.

    They know Jews are good at shaking down others for gelt.

    Jews are good at a lot of things.

    They excel in every profession.

    They’re doctors, lawyers, CPAs, CEOs, and some are even heads of Big Tech.

    Take Susan Wojcicki.

    She’s a Jew who rose to Google fame on the kosher agency of her father, Stanley Wojcicki.

    Stanley was a professor of physics at Stanford where he reportedly did research for the CIA, a subsidiary of Israel’s Intel Agency, the Mossad.

    Google, owner of YouTube, finally showed its kosher credentials when it kicked Brin and Page under the bus, and created its parent company, “Aleph Bet” in Israel, popularly known as “Alphabet.”

    It didn’t hurt Susie either that her sister Ann married Sergei Brin.

    It’s a family affair, you see, if you wish to solve the riddle of ordinary Yiddle success.

    You got to have the right connections.

    And no tribe is totally connected up like the yids!

    Take Faceberg.

    A teenage Jewish boy named Marc Zuckerberg got into programming.

    His Jewish family finagled him into Harvard where he met Dustin Moscovitz.

    He was a fellow Yid, who reportedly got some Jewish funding to launch Facemash, which morphed into, Facebook.

    In other words, you got to belong to the right synagogue, and every synagogue is the right one, if you want to succeed in programming.

    I recall a B’nai B’rith brunch that my father took me to after Shabbos school.

    The mayor of the city, a goy, was the chief speaker.

    All he could talk about was how Israel was a great idea and that even though most Jews “couldn’t” move there, it was a haven for “Holocaust refugees” and a special ally of American “democracy” and all that crap.

    Bernie Goldmann, a big macher at the synagogue, then took the podium.

    He announced he was heading up the mayor’s campaign for governor and that he would be “good for the Jews.”

    Everyone one nodded that he would be “good for the Jews” and got out their wallets and checkbooks.

    In other words, even a goy—a “good for the Jews” goy—can cash in on the riddle of Jewish success.

    One goy, a lifer in the Senate, though, made a big boo boo.

    Senator Charles Percy felt that as head of the Foreign Affairs Committee that the Palestinians finally deserved a fair shake.

    Boy, was he mistaken!

    The Jews propped up a “good for the Jews” goy, a Democrat named Paul Simon.

    The Jews plopped a bowtie on the goy and gave him real good press.

    He got kosher coaching too!

    The Jews told Simon to call Percy a “sleazeball” who “lied” to the people of Illinois, and was running a “crude” campaign that took advantage of his constituents.

    The goyim ate it up.

    And voila! Simon replaces Percy as Senator!

    The trick is to get the right backing.

    Here’s a riddle for you.

    How many Jews does it take to shape US policy?


    I’m talking about Victoria Nudelman.

    Single handedly, this plump and pudgy Jew at State has convinced the entire US population that Russia is America’s archenemy and that Ukraine is America’s best friend.

    No more Nutcracker Suite at the Metropolitan Opera!

    No more Tolstoy required reading in high school!

    Just alot of Ukraine flags on every goy’s front lawn!

    Forget the fact that most goys can’t find Ukraine on the map.

    That don’t matter.

    The riddle of the story is that Jews in high places, the press, the internet, finance, law, I mean, everywhere you go, have hijacked the American system.

    They push Black Lives Matter like they’re the greatest thing since black beans.

    But if a swhwartza gets out of line, then every fashion company, every talent agency, every bank, every footwear company—even Gentile ones, every celebrity—shiksa ones too—will “blackball,” no pun intended, that ‘Auntie Semite’ schwartza.

    It’s yet another riddle of Jewish success.

    Just ask Kanye West!

  2. Brother Nathanael November 2, 2022 @ 3:48 pm

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  3. Brother Nathanael November 2, 2022 @ 3:50 pm

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  4. Rav Goyim November 2, 2022 @ 4:18 pm

    Bravo Brother Nathanael!

    A lot of information on the inner workings of the tribe.

    The goyim have a ways to go if they want to have a place on this earth.

    Competition is high, and they need to learn to work together. Think of it as a challenge for God’s grace.

    Christianity is the key!

  5. Brother Nathanael November 2, 2022 @ 4:26 pm

    NEW Bible With Brother Video!

    “Brother Nathanael Refutes Jordan Peterson” @

    Enjoy! +bn

  6. van helsing November 2, 2022 @ 4:48 pm

    A friend knew an Indian doctor at NJ hospital who told her that the jew doctors at this hospital would have laugh at the patients and set them up for unnecessary surgeries and operations. For money of course.

    The Indian doctor had no motive to lie or any history of fabricating.

  7. Steven Peyor November 2, 2022 @ 5:13 pm

    Great video, very interesting.

    What if the Americans and Jews built an AI to ‘administer’ a future global government, and that AI came to the conclusion that Jews (not humanity) were a parasitic life form?

    Would they reach into that AI’s mind, and move the goalposts, so to speak?

    In other words, how do creatures with 3-digit IQs direct one or more AIs with (presumably) 4-digit IQs, without corrupting the finest fruits of their own work-product?

    Conclusion: if you want to build something smart (to rule the world with) you can’t tell it how to think.

  8. T Smith November 2, 2022 @ 5:17 pm

    Why the Church refuses to acknowledge that Jews must despise and fear Christianity is one of its greatest failings.

    I hope to see the day when it once again seeks to please God rather than man.

  9. Matt November 2, 2022 @ 6:32 pm

    In my experience, if you hire a Jew attorney, he will work against you, if you hire a Jew doctor you may not live another day, if hire a Jew dentist, he will tell you to yank your good teeth out.

    The Talmud says the Jews wins if they’re the plaintiff, and the Jew wins in they’re the defendant, so there is no winning for you.

    The goys are cattle that should be defrauded, swindled and cheated, and what the goys owns, belongs to the Jews, and the best of the goys deserve death.

    It’s like getting into a car with a homicidal maniac, their mind is squirming, while death is ever so present.

    I’ve been there and done that. I’m about to the point I’ll die before I go to Jew run hospital, and doctors. I believe they’ll kill me anyhow.

    No Thanks, I rather just die in peace. Without some effort, I can’t remember how many times Jew judges have taken what was rightfully mine and given to some Jews.

    People don’t know it, because they live in ignorance, but we live in a Jew run country, for the benefit of Jews.

  10. KC November 2, 2022 @ 8:17 pm

    They’re well connected but also quite paranoid about whether they’re ‘loved’, it can be seen by how they’ll punish anyone who thinks differently.

    I understand if some dictator behaves like this, but a whole nation? Have you ever seen any other nation with such superiority complex and so paranoid? (Ukrainians, maybe?)

  11. Citizenfitz November 2, 2022 @ 9:09 pm

    Well, Satan gets more adoration from his people than God gets from His.

    The World hasn’t just forgotten God – it’s in open revolt. With jewry leading the masses.

    The World is about to reap the consequences for that bit of foolishness. In fact they’re at the door right now.

    Prayer and fasting time, folks. For yourselves, your family and your friends.

    A contribution is coming your way, +BN.

  12. Brother Nathanael November 2, 2022 @ 9:11 pm

    Paul Craig Roberts:

    “The US Has Been Overthrown” @

    Yet he dares not say by whom…the Jews!

    Not even a clue, nor hint, nor innuendo.

    What’s PCR afraid of?

    He’s already been canceled by the kikes. +bn

  13. Brother Nathanael November 2, 2022 @ 9:20 pm

    11/2–Jews About To Prompt War W/Russia In Ukraine @

  14. Karl Beyleveld November 2, 2022 @ 9:44 pm

    Hi Brother Nathanael,

    “Israel is Americas best friend and Ukraine Americas second best friend”?


    Isn’t Ukraine known as “The Second Israel”?

    Could it be that Israel and Ukraine are what the scriptures’ refer to as Gog and Magog?

  15. Brother Nathanael November 2, 2022 @ 10:00 pm

    @Karl B


  16. Steven Peyor November 2, 2022 @ 11:40 pm

    Tiny HELPLESS animals are being TORTURED on YouTube, and Jews are doing nothing about it.

    Please put pressure on the Jews to save the poor tiny animals and stop the senselessness.

    Thank you.

    (warning graphic content!)

  17. Ted Gorsline November 3, 2022 @ 2:17 am

    @Steve Pryor

    Tiny helpless Palestinians, Semitic children, are being tortured by anti-Semitic jews on a daily basis and nobody is doing anything about it. Not even the UN.

    Too bad about the little rodents. I think I’ll start hand wringing. They too have a place in this world.

    It’s rumored, a man-eating felching gerbil killed the commie spy Anthony Blunt, and for that alone it ought to have been given recognition and a medal.

  18. R. Richardson November 3, 2022 @ 6:29 am

    Yes. That is right.

    A gentile prefers a good Jewish lawyer, because the justice system and mainstream media in the U.S. are currently under Jews’ control. Hiring a Jewish lawyer is extremely expensive, but it will greatly increase a gentile’s chance to be let go.

    About Mark Zuckerberg, he and his Jewish team did not develop Facebook all by themselves. He just stole the idea from the gentiles known as the Winklevoss brothers, who founded, which used to be HarvardConnection.

    The Winklevoss brothers made a big mistake for getting Mark Zuckerberg to be involved in their HarvardConnection project. Why Mark Zuckerberg? Because he was intelligent, had a Jewish friend’s access or his own access to Jewish money, or good hacker (created his illegal pre-Facebook Facemash by illegally hacking into college databases to steal photos of female students for rating based on their attractiveness)?

    Facebook was born thanking to the twist of both gentiles (including Wayne Chang, i2hub founder – sighing) and Jews.

    Moreover, Mark the Creepy Hacker enabled Facebook to leak data too easily.

    In 2021, about one year before Russia’s Ukraine invasion, he sued Alexander Alexandrovich Solonchenko, who lived in Jew-controlled Ukraine, for stealing the data of 178 million users.

    That is not all, Mark the Creepy Hacker’s creepy system allowed the data of 533 million Facebook users more to be leaked on a hacking forum for free.

    Mark the Creepy Hacker testified to the Congress in 2018 about allowing some Facebook data to be used by a British political consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica, which worked with Donald Trump.

    Conclusively, we can’t completely trust Mark Zuckerberg, because his hack IQ is much higher than his security IQ.

  19. Rabbi Glickman November 3, 2022 @ 6:55 am

    I can tell you what Paul Craig Roberts is afraid of!

    Back in June 1967 he said, in a casual conversation with a friend while on a camping trip, “You can tell a Jew – but you can’t tell him anything.”

    He’s been on our radar ever since.

    It’s amazing how many people you can get to believe this thing or that thing when you use “sex” and “children” in the same sentence – or paragraph.

    Even if there are no contextually libelous implications, people will nonetheless manufacture one in their minds.

    That and it’s just incredible the things you can do with CGI today.

    PCR knows all of this. So do we.

    It ain’t called “The Synagogue of Sa-an” for nothing! L’chaim!

  20. Barbara Cornett November 3, 2022 @ 8:55 am

    Could you please talk about the origins of the Jews?

    Are the Jews we know today descended from the Hebrews of the Bible or are they non Semitic Khazars?

    Please explain this so I can finally know the facts. Thanks!

  21. Citizenfitz November 3, 2022 @ 10:32 am

    Barbara, well “jew” is a problematic word. What does it actually denote? Was Liz Taylor really “jewish”. Or Sammy Davis Jr.?

    Did Abraham self identify as a jew?

    The origins of “the jews” are well known. But the jews of ancient times aren’t the same thing as the jews of today. The word “jew” is a variant of “yehudim”. And yehudim is derived from Yehudah, one of the sons of Jacob/Yaakov and the tribe descended from him that formed the Southern Kingdom of Judah/Yehudah after the Rehoboam schism

    The Yehudim and the Benjamites were the only tribes of the Israelites to survive the Assyrian invasion of Israel in ca. 722 BC. The jews of today claim descent from those two tribes. The Samaritans are a separate story.

    But wait! There’s more!

    There are three major ethnographies of jews: the Ashkenazim, Sephardim and Mizrahim. European jews, Spanish jews and Middle Eastern jews respectively.

    But all jews today are here as a result of extensive inter-marriage with local, non-jewish, peoples wherever they lived. Especially the Ashkenazi. Oy vey!

    I remember reading about a conclave jews held some years back to try to determine, “Who is a jew?”

    It concluded with no conclusion, really. Saying, “A jew is someone who says they’re a jew.” LOL!

    One could go on and on about jews and still never arrive at an answer.

  22. Brother Nathanael November 3, 2022 @ 11:15 am


    The Khazar theory is ahistorical bunko.

    It was theorized by Jews to absolve them from Deicide, the murder of the Lord Jesus Christ and popularized by the book, The Thirteenth Tribe.

    Jews have been in dispersion since the time of Solomon and Acts Chapter 2 confirms this dispersion to the East and West of Israel.

    How then all of a sudden this wide dispersion is concentrated in the 8th Century in the Caucasus?

    And besides, there is no cultural affirmation of Jews on horseback. +bn

  23. Brother Nathanael November 3, 2022 @ 11:19 am


    This is not true of “extensive” intermarriage of Jews in Europe. It was occasional but certainly not extensive.

    My mother had a family tree done by an expert that went back 11 generations: ALL JEWS. +bn

  24. Rav Goyim November 3, 2022 @ 1:35 pm

    I’ve heard of the so called Khazar theory as well as another about four Jewish women. Just theories though. It remains shrouded in mystery.

    Of course the first was Abraham. Formerly Abram around 2066 B.C. His first son was Ishmael. Somewhere along the line the chain of custody was broken. So, nobody seems to know.

    Perhaps Rabbi Glickman can shed light on this phenomenon. I tried asking my neighbor, Rabbi Witz and he just glared at me. I think he’s starting to backslide.

    Why even I myself am only a pretend rabbi.

  25. The Englishman November 3, 2022 @ 2:31 pm

    Scott Ritter opens up – a little.

    He’s no longer “friends with Israhell,” indicts the treasonous Wolfowitz, the major rat Raskin, yet will still not bring his extensive knowledge forth and lay the true blame of so much bloodshed at the feet of the anti-Christs.

    As for believing the Musk character would “Free the Bird” well, “Stupid is as Stupid …

  26. Ted Gorsline November 3, 2022 @ 3:18 pm

    ADL leader and jew boy Jonathon Greenblatt, the poster boy for the negative effects of inbreeding (Big ears and beady eyes), has brought Elon Musk to heel.

    Musk and Twitter caved in.

    Obviously a lot of the borrowed money Musk has gotten for his various enterprises comes from the jew boyz and they have called the cards.

  27. The Englishman November 3, 2022 @ 3:40 pm

    This mealy-mouthed Dr. John Campbell spends sixteen minutes on a video, not once mentioning the coerced clot shot.

    Get in touch with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, and Dr. Robert Malone, you gutless amoeba.

    Oh, perhaps when you have downed a scotch or two you can personally address the BBC, C4, ITN, and Sky, to name but a few!

  28. KathJuliane November 3, 2022 @ 4:21 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    Thank you for another dynamite Video. Sometimes when discussing larger domestic and foreign policy issues and real world political events going on, its easy to set aside or forget who ultimately is the parasitical ‘nation-within-a-nation” who is, and for decades, even centuries, the Jew Power behind the scenes and in prominent positions of authority and influence pushing the levers of government, culture and society to manipulate us into decisions which are always “good for the Jews,” no matter how detrimental and disastrous the outcomes for the rest of us.

    Always appreciate your constant reminders and identification of the presence of the malevolent, hook-nosed wizard in the tiny hat behind the curtain and the court Jew behind the throne.

    It is not in White interests, Black interests, Hispanic interests, or Asian interests that we Americans be pushed into a direct war with Russia by the hateful demoness Victoria Nuland motivated by her ancestral Ukrainian Jewish grudge against Russia and wind up once again with massive amounts of Gentile blood being shed for Jewish nationalism and interests.

    We need to look out for our own interests, not the Jew’s. – Kj


    Biden put US troops in Ukraine. He lied about it. This is a ploy for escalation

    Opening of the video shows anti-war hecklers going after Obama, the shadow president in Biden-face, who was stumping for Democrats in Michigan attacking him for overthrowing the duly elected Kiev government, ousting President Yanukovich, and even mention Victoria Nuland (Nudelman) by name as the chief instigator of the civil war and regime change. – Kj

    The Post Millennial

    Jack Posobiec and @DarrenJBeattie suggest the government puts US soldiers at risk in Ukraine to drum up narratives in the media aimed at generating political pressure to escalate the conflict.

  29. The Englishman November 3, 2022 @ 5:18 pm

    You can bet your life those medical authoritarians that ridiculed and pilloried the minority in the health industry who warned against the Covid “vaccination” (i.e. distinguished medics, all manner of celebrities & politicians) are the most vociferous in their condemnation of Holy Russia and possess the blood lust of waging war on Russia ’til the last Ukrainian.

    I believe it has a lot to do with the Holy Spirit, or rather the lack thereof.

  30. KathJuliane November 3, 2022 @ 5:41 pm

    THE FIX IS IN: Joe Biden Warns Americans Numerous Races Will Not Be Called for Several Days After the Election – So “Be Patient” (VIDEO)

    Gateway Pundit

    By Jim Hoft
    Published November 2, 2022

    In an unprecedented move, Joe Biden used the Office of the President to smear Republicans just days before the 2022 midterm election.

    It was 25 straight minutes of attacks on President Trump, Republicans, MAGA supporters, and the American people.

    This was Joe Biden’s attempt to move the needle before the elections next week.

    At one point during his speech, Joe Biden warned Americans that it will take several days to call the elections.

    The fix is in.

    Joe Biden: “You know that many states don’t start counting ballots until after the polls close on November 8th. That means in some cases we won’t know the winner in the election for a few days, until a few days after the election. It takes time to count all legitimate ballots in a legal and orderly manner. It’s always ween important for citizens in a democracy to be engaged. Now it’s important for citizens to be patient.”

    They’re going for the steal.

    Every single Republican candidate needs to demand the total ballot count at midnight on November 8th.

    And every single Republican candidate needs an army of lawyers and supporters to oversea the process.


    Human Events: Biden Suggests Midterm Results Will be Delayed, Attacks ‘MAGA Republicans’ in Divisive Speech

  31. KathJuliane November 3, 2022 @ 6:11 pm

    Kyrie Irving buckled.

    His sorry butt was returned to the Judeo-Democrat Plantation as a good schwarza and repentent fugitive slave, saying “Yes, Massa! Sorry, Massa!” to his Jewish masters at the ADL.

    He tweeted an endorsement for a movie documentary which pointed out just how prominent Jewish slave merchants, ship owners, and slave owners were in the American South, who disproportionately represented 40% of the slave-owning class, especially as part the aristocratic planter caste distributed all along both sides of the Mississippi crossing several states.

    He has managed to prove by living example that Jew Plantar Power is alive and well, that the ADL is massah of the Brooklyn Nets which is owned by Jew Adam Silver, and that Kanye West is right.

    So gloats the Jewish Forward. – Kj


    Kyrie Irving says ‘I take responsibility’ for antisemitic tweet, will donate $500K to anti-hate causes

    ‘I do not believe everything said in the documentary was true,’ wrote the Brooklyn Nets star.

    The Jewish Forward

    By Jacob Gurvis
    November 02, 2022

    (JTA) — In a joint statement with the Brooklyn Nets and the Anti-Defamation League Wednesday night, Kyrie Irving said he took responsibility for his tweet last week promoting an antisemitic film.

    He and the Nets will each donate $500,000 “toward causes and organizations that work to eradicate hate and intolerance in our communities,” and both will work with the ADL to “develop educational programming that is inclusive and will comprehensively combat all forms of antisemitism and bigotry.”

    [Sounds like the “donations” are customized as such so to be going to the ADL. If so, is that indicative of a Jewish shake-down racket? – Kj]

    “I am aware of the negative impact of my post towards the Jewish community and I take responsibility,” Irving said in the statement. “I do not believe everything said in the documentary was true or reflects my morals and principles.

    “I am a human being learning from all walks of life and I intend to do so with an open mind and a willingness to listen. So from my family and I, we meant no harm to any one group, race or religion of people, and wish to only be a beacon of truth and light.”

    The Nets had announced in a press conference Tuesday that the organization was taking advice from the ADL. “We need to educate ourselves, educate the whole group and get some direction,” Nets general manager Sean Marks said. “Seek from the experts, and the experts, one of them certainly is the ADL.”

    In the week since Irving’s tweet — which he later deleted without additional comment — pressure has mounted for the team or the NBA to punish the All-Star, including Tuesday night from former star Charles Barkley, who specifically called out Jewish NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

    “I think Adam should have suspended him. First of all, Adam’s Jewish. You can’t take my $40 million and insult my religion,” Barkley said, referencing Irving’s contract.

    Jewish fans of the Nets, meanwhile, expressed trepidation about continuing to support the team without substantive consequences for their star guard. A group sat courtside Monday donning “Fight Antisemitism” T-shirts.

    In Wednesday’s statement, ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said the partnership will enable all involved parties to “open dialogue and increase understanding.”

    The Nets also said they would continue to participate in the “Shine A Light” initiative with dozens of Jewish organizations to help combat antisemitism, and will host “community conversations” at the Barclays Center in partnership with the ADL and other national civil rights organizations.

    Irving has previously courted controversy by reposting a video by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones about “a cabal of elites” working to “enslave the global populace,” refusing to get a COVID-19 vaccine and claiming the Earth is flat.

    This article originally appeared on

  32. al November 3, 2022 @ 6:59 pm

    So the ADL extorts Kyrie Irving for 500k. How dare they?

    Always about the money huh?

  33. Steven Peyor November 3, 2022 @ 7:37 pm

    Rural Church Plundered

    RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) – A rural community is looking for whoever stole from the church.

    A Facebook post from the Harding County Sheriff’s Office says around 8:30 pm on October 23 Sheriff Wyatt Sabo received information that the lights to the Reva church were on. That’s when police discovered many items had been stolen from the town’s Catholic Church.

    According to police, thieves took almost everything from the church at the junction of South Dakota Highway 79 and Highway 20.

    The Facebook post has received many updates, including information about the Tabernacle being found and a potential timeline of when everything was stolen. The church was closed with everything in it on October 21 and by October 29 the church was empty. Sabo says many of the items stolen were 60 to 70 years old and have sentimental value to people in the nearby rural communities.


    Will the ADL step up to the plate, and join with Christians in denouncing the desecration of this church? Why does the ADL remain silent, does it endorse the thefts?

  34. Citizenfitz November 3, 2022 @ 8:32 pm

    The Myth of the (Not So) Noble Savage:

  35. Lugu November 3, 2022 @ 9:44 pm


    “Midterm results will be delayed”

    It looks like the Demonrats are starting to play dirty.

  36. Ted Gorsline November 3, 2022 @ 10:57 pm

    I think Elon Musk has peaked and is on his way to living in a cardboard box under a San Francisco overpass amid heaps of human feces and a patchwork of dirty needles.


    1) The jew boys have almost immediately taken control of Twitter again. Scott Ritter, speaking about Twitter, says the new boss is the same as the old boss. Elon trashed his posts about the Ukraine war.

    2) The Russians are unhappy with Musk using Starlink to supply Ukraine with their battle positions, have said so, and do have the ability to bring high soaring Starlink down to earth. Its a private company and not a government agency, so there is nothing to stop a high earth orbit skeet shoot.

    3) Gas prices in Germany, due to the destruction of Nordstream 1 & 2 by Britain against their ally Germany, will make his electric car plant located there have difficulty competing with electric car plants located near cheap energy.

    4) Last week seven of his electric cars, contaminated by salt water flooding, exploded in Florida, shooting torch like and unstoppable (by water) flames our the sides of the vehicles that burned down two houses.

    I guess when people talked about how smart South Africans are they really referring to the Zulus.

  37. The Englishman November 4, 2022 @ 5:26 am

    Brother Nathanael has been warning the world as to the determined jewry push to genocide Christ altogether, for years.

    The Good Man, Fr. Joseph Gleason’s article may be relevant in Holy Russia.

    “Society may hate us, and the workplace may be getting more and more hostile toward Christians. But today, thankfully, no one is trying to exterminate all Christians. Yet.”

    It seems to me there is today an innate indifference within the young that no amount of “education” will change.

    Perhaps the rendering of mankind in the foretold “end times” will see all survivors, weeping at the feet of Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ.

    You are to be envied Fr. Joseph, you made the right decision for your beautiful family.

  38. KathJuliane November 4, 2022 @ 9:41 am

    Ye’s been under fire for several weeks over “anti-Semitic remarks” on social media and interviews which he refuses to repudiate.

    In 2019, Ye explained that he becomes delusional if he doesn’t take medication prescribed for the treatment of bipolar disorder.

    However, in a recent conversation with MIT research scientist Lex Fridman, Soviet Russia-born Ukrainian Jew, naturalized US citizen, who knows absolutely squat about America, much less Black America and its history, and clueless about Jewish Hollywood’s culture of exploitation, cheating, and enslavement of celebrities in gilded cages, computer scientist, artificial intelligence researcher, and podcast host, Ye said he was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder by a Jewish doctor as “a control mechanism.”

    Ye called out Hollywood celebrity trainer (handler), the Jew Harley Samuel Pasternak, Canadian-American physical trainer, motivational speaker, threatened to have him forcibly institutionalized and turned into a “medicated zombie” if he doesn’t back down from his stand against the Jew Media.

    Ye published a screen shot of Pasternak’s mobile text up on Twitter


    What should be obvious by now is that I was raised to stand for my truth regardless of the consequences

    So I will say this again I was mentally misdiagnosed and nearly drugged out of my mind to make me a manageable well behaved celebrity

    Paternak’s text:

    “I’m going to help you one of a couple of ways…First, you and I sit down and have an loving and open conversation, but you don’t use cuss words, and everything that is discussed is based in fact, and not some crazy stuff that dumb friend of yours told you, or you saw in a tweet.

    “Second option, I have you institutionalized again where they medicate the crap out of you, and you go back to Zombieland forever. Play date with the kids just won’t be the same.”

    5:38 PM · Nov 3, 2022

    [It raises the question, was Pasternak responsible for institutionalizing Kanye the first time? Pasternak’s text alludes to that.

    In any case, Ye is being openly threatened by a Hollywood celebrity Jewish physical trainer, or rather, Pasternak, handler to the stars. Pasternak does seem to confirm the old reports that he made the phone call that resulted in West’s 2016 hospitalization.

    On the same hand, Ye, in an interview with Lex Fridman claimed that a Jewish conspiracy was to blame for his being diagnosed with mental illness, and confirmed that his “Jewish trainer” brought him to a hospital and a “Jewish doctor” diagnosed him with bipolar disorder and then “put it in the press.”- Kj ]


    I was told that if I expose the truth of the bad business practices everything is gonna be taken from me Including my black children

    And everyone has bore whiteness [witness] to the public Emmett Tilling [lynching] of Ye

    But GOD has put something on my heart not to backdown

    [Ye posted a screenshot of Harley Pasternak’s profile]
    Last edited 5:45 PM · Nov 3, 2022

    Ye then followed up with a third tweet:


    This shows Harley admitting to knowing the truth of our origin but then later dismissing the facts within the same text chain

    Mind you This is how a Hollywood trainer speaks to a far more influential black celebrity when we get out of line

    [In another screenshot of the text conversation shared by Ye, Pasternak wrote: “Your origins might be Jewish … it’s about how you act. How you think. And how you treat others. I will do anything, anything if you could please apologize to my people.”]

    5:51 pm Nov 3, 2022

    As of Friday morning, Pasternak had not responded to Ye’s comments on Twitter and his Instagram account is set to private. On his website, Pasternak lists famous clients like Ariana Grande, Charlie Puth, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Adam Levine, John Mayer and Alicia Keys. – Kj

  39. Ted Gorsline November 4, 2022 @ 10:46 am

    Harvey Pasternak looks like a heavily inbred Jonathon Greenblatt clone.

    Big nose, big ears, beady snake eyes and a forked tongue.

    The world would be better served if he left Ye alone and encouraged hateful jews like Atlantic Magazine editor David Frum to apologize to Muslims for despicible labeling of them as “the axis of evil” on behalf of rent boy George Bush, Junior.

  40. KathJuliane November 4, 2022 @ 10:53 am

    November 3 — U.S. soldiers are falling in Ukraine.



    Imran Khan survived an assassination attempt, was shot in the leg. He states he’ll resume the march to Islamabad when he recovers.

  41. KathJuliane November 4, 2022 @ 12:50 pm

    ᚱᚢᛋᛋᛁᚳᚻ Retweeted

    I stopped posting cemeteries out of respect for those who needlessly lost their lives but I’ve seen 5 separate videos in different places today and I think it’s important for everyone to understand how underreported Ukrainian casualties are.


    Here’s four more.


    This is a Ukrainian demographic disaster in the making. Thanks, Zelensky, you deadly Jewish clown. – Kj

  42. Steven Peyor November 4, 2022 @ 1:06 pm

    On second thought, this situation with this Ye gentleman seems more serious than at first blush.

    Noone would deliberately get themselves institutionalized, merely for a publicity stunt, or for some political grandstanding.

    However, on the same token, if Kanye W. (also under the new stage name, Ye) is genuinely bucking the trend, why would the Jews continue to accommodate and even amplify his remarks and sentiments?

    Isn’t the Bolshevik/NWO standard operating procedure just to cancel people who go off-script, and memory-hole them?

    Under that scheme, all of his tweets should have been deleted, and no interviews granted, including syndication and rebroadcast rights of same, but yet, that’s not the case.

    Something very peculiar about that, because the man’s obviously touched a nerve, in America, but his recent activity also has some of the hallmarks of either information warfare, or a publicity campaign (innoculative marketing?).

    If the public is still hearing about this gentleman, it’s because somebody’s putting him out there front and center – why?

  43. KathJuliane November 4, 2022 @ 1:32 pm

    Israeli Planes Attack Civilians on the West Bank


    “Israeli bombing will only make the Palestinians more determined to resist the occupation,” Hamas spokesperson stressed.

    In the early hours of Friday, Israeli warplanes shelled civilian neighborhoods in the Gaza Strip. There are no reports of casualties yet.

    “Israeli’s barbaric bombardment of the Gaza Strip at dawn today is a blatant act of aggression and represents an extension of its open war against our people everywhere we exist,” said Hazem Qasem, the spokesperson of the Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas.

    “Israeli bombing will only make the Palestinians more determined to resist the occupation and increase their support for Jerusalem and its people,” he added.

    The Israeli occupation forces justified the attack by claiming that the rockets were aimed at the sites used by the Palestinian armed resistance factions in the Maghazi refugee camp.

    On Thursday night, Palestinian resistance forces fired four homemade rockets from Gaza, three of which did not reach Israeli territory. The other rocket also caused no damage as it was intercepted by air defense systems, as reported by Israeli authorities.

    Despite the above, the retaliatory actions of the Israeli occupation forces intensified. Agency WAFA reported that a 14-year-old Palestinian boy was killed during the latest Israeli raid.

    Since January, over 160 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces. Fifty-one of those victims died in the three days of the Israeli attack on Gaza in August.


    Israeli Forces Escalate Violence Against Palestinians

  44. Steven Peyor November 4, 2022 @ 1:38 pm

    House Republicans release 1,000-page report alleging politicization in the FBI, DOJ.

    The real ‘core’ of today’s Department of Justice is the brave men and women who have the thankless task of trying to keep their own agencies honest – without such people, Americans would have very little or no worthwhile services and protections from this government.

    Please read, so as to continue the process of getting the federal government back on track with its intended purpose for all people.

  45. JIM. DEAN November 4, 2022 @ 1:43 pm


    The Jews Own Kanye West Too…

    Rumor is he is False Opposition for the Jews.

    How can Kanya West lose 1 Billion of his worth in 1 week?

    Did the Jews go into his bank account and steal it? Also if the Jews want to Kill West they could…

  46. KathJuliane November 4, 2022 @ 1:46 pm

    People have begun a virtual archaelogical dig on Pasternak and the Jewish Hollywood control system.

    Go to the original Tweet to get all the linked receipts and artifacts getting dug up–especially the extremely quick editing of Pasternak’s Wikipedia entry. – Kj


    Restoring Order
    (unofficial fan account)

    4h • 8 min read

    Who is Harley Pasternak, the man whom Kanye West has accused of trying to institutionalize him, drug him into oblivion, and take his kids away?

    As it turns out, this “personal trainer” is connected to psychological operations, the Canadian military, and other strangeness…

    Finding information on Harley has become complicated by recent events. For some odd reason, his Wikipedia page was altered after Kanye’s tweet. I wonder why?

    On the left is his current page – on the right the archived version from earlier today.

    Notice anything missing?

    Someone recently removed from Harley Pasternak’s Wikipedia entry two main things:

    -Any reference to Kanye West
    -The lengthy list of his former clients

    Curious, isn’t it?

    Look for yourself:

    Harley Pasternak – Wikipedia

    Here’s the list of Harley’s noteworthy clients. Someone doesn’t want you to see this. Note that some of his former clients had mental breakdowns or died under suspicious circumstances: Mac Miller, Brittany Murphy (not listed), and others. (credit to @uncledoomer for the last two)

    Also worth noting is the fact that Kanye West was hospitalized in late 2016.

    Where was he at the onset of his alleged breakdown?

    Harley Pasternak’s home, of course!

    Note that in the text messages Kanye posted, Harley threatens to have him institutionalized “again.” (!!!)

    But just who is Harley Pasternak?

    He’s a personal trainer, right?

    Let’s take a look at his background.

    At first glance, nothing stands out. He’s just an educated man with a master’s degree in exercise and nutrition science.

    But that isn’t the full story…

    His Wikipedia page states that “During his time at U of T, Pasternak served as a nutrition and exercise scientist at Department of National Defence’s Defence and Civil Institute for Environmental Medicine.”

    The Department of National Defence (DND) is the Canadian government’s department which “supports” the Canadian Armed Forces. It’s a civilization organization, a support system of sorts for the military. I’m not sure what the US equiv. would be. DOD? DHS?

    Regardless, Harley Pasternak worked as a scientist for two years at DRDC Toronto, one of Defence Research and Development Canada’s military research stations. (The DRDC is a part of the DND.)

    What sort of stuff is researched at DRDC?

    “Human systems integration.”

    “Social and psychological factors that affect the resolution of conflict.”

    “Psychology of malicious intent.”

    “Social and cultural factors influencing behavior.”

    Literal psyops.

    But we don’t have to rely on a website to tell us.

    Here’s Harley Pasternak in his own words:

    “Working for the military, I wasn’t governed by the same laws that the typical person was, so I could look at the impact of certain drugs that are not every day things.”

    The stuff with the DND gets weirder.

    This branch of the Canadian government once included the Defence Research Board (DRB).

    The DRB quite literally funded MKUltra, as did the CIA. This program involved forced experiments with drugs, sensory deprivation, and brainwashing.

    Recap: Harley Pasternak, the “personal trainer” who got Kanye institutionalized once – and is allegedly threatening to do it again, have the rapper drugged, and take his kids away – was a scientist at a psyop-oriented military research center, whose work focused on drugs.


    I’m not a particularly conspiratorial guy, truth be told. But hey, if elites did assign handlers to celebrities, particularly those deemed unpredictable or hard to control, with the purpose of keeping those celebrities in line, those handlers would look *a lot* like Pasternak.

    And it isn’t too crazy when you think about it.

    Guy with military psyop training and exercise science finds work in Hollywood. Set him up with stars under the guise of fitness instruction. Have him keep an eye on them. This doesn’t mean he’s a secret CIA agent or something.

    But it does mean that he’s serving powerful interests, or at the very least has their backing.

    Even the best personal trainer lacks the ability to get someone institutionalized on a whim.

    Pasternak is likely an intermediary for more powerful, shadowy forces in Hollywood.

    We’re rarely able to peer behind the curtain. Occasions like this are significant because they reveal the secret power dynamics at play in elite society, the mechanisms by which even ultra-wealthy celebrities are kept in line.

    How many other Pasternak’s are out there?

    Most of this thread was drawn from Patrick’s Telegram so be sure to follow him over there

    Patrick Casey
    Host of Restoring Order.

    Shoutout to for linking the thread – fantastic site, one of the best on the right.

    Revolver News

    More info coming from Patrick on Telegram, I’ll try to get it up here when I can

    Just so we’re clear, under no circumstances should harassment or illegal activity be directed toward anyone involved in this. Play it cool, don’t do anything dumb.

  47. Citizenfitz November 4, 2022 @ 2:01 pm

    I think you might be right, Ted. Elon has gotten, or soon will get, his own email, spelling out the tribe’s terms. Which he must agree to. Or else.

    My personal opinion is that he’s one of the great con men of history. His immense wealth largely fictitious.

    My father once worked for a “very rich” guy who had a beautiful, waterfront place on Hibiscus Island in Miami. It’s still there.

    He had a 60 foot Chris Craft and a 100 foot something else moored behind the house. He also had a home in Jamaica and would fly his seaplane there and run it up on the beach in front of the place. What a life!

    Well, it turned out that it was all a fraud. The guy misrepresented his wealth on all kinds of loans. He was swimming in debt a mile deep and didn’t pay people he owed money to. And there were lots of them. But he was a charming, likeable and smart (an Englishman) and was somehow able to pull it off for about fifteen or sixteen years.

    But he ended up a busted flush.

    Elon? As someone once said, “We’ll know more in a year… if we’re still alive.”

    But on a happier note, thousands of twits have gotten the sack!

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch, imo.

  48. Rav November 4, 2022 @ 3:13 pm

    Ye’s predicament is unfortunate.

    The only upside is that Jews have exposed themselves by taking the velvet gloves off. They are confident in their tyranny now.

    The only man that can stand up to them is Brother Nathanael. We cannot say Jew even around our fellow Whites because they would be quick to Judas us for a pat on the head.

    I hope this comes to an end soon any way possible.

    God, deliver me from these Jews!

  49. Rabbi Glickman November 4, 2022 @ 4:49 pm

    After a life spent researching the matter, I can confirm that I am the direct, patrilineal descendent of Abraham.

    There is no goyishe blut flowing in this rabbi’s sanctimonious veins!

    Were there even *one drop* I would literally hang myself.

    Using a gold rope.

  50. Ted Gorsline November 4, 2022 @ 11:51 pm

    @Rabbi Glickman

    I put in an order for a golden rope. Send me your mailing address.


    Your story about the British con man rings true. I am sure a lot of these guys that Fortune Magazine calls the world’s richest, including Musk, are just psychopaths and debt magnets. They can be made to disappear in the blinking of an eye by their jewish masters if they step out of line.

    They say Musk’s advertisers are already withdrawing their Twitter support. I am sure they are mostly jews who want to control his narrative. He will toe the line. The jewish advertisers at the Toronto Star did the same to keep my friend Bob Reguly from reporting the truth about the jews in the Middle East. Bob did not toe the line but could not get anything published.

    The real rich, and the ones behind all of the wars including the Ukraine war, are the jewish banking families that own all of the world’s central banks, like the Rothschilds in America, France, Britain, Austria etc. The Moses Seif family in Italy and the Warburgs (Once called Daddy Warbucks in the comics) in Germany. They are the real rich and their names are never mentioned in jewish-owned Fortune Magazine, a disinfo publication if there ever was one.

    Only the privately-owned jewish central banks can legally print the money to fuel the wars and that causes the inflation that then puts everyone else in the poorhouse where they can be manipulated, starved and carpetbagged by the jewish banks.

    The jews seem to have been using this same formula at least since the French Revolution.

    On another note Colonel Douglas MacGregor say the so-called Ukraine government in exile is really a collection of $billionaire Oligarchs, which really means jewish organized crime king pins, the same ones that the Rothschilds financed, like Michael Khordokovsy and Vladimir Gusinski to take over Russia’s oil and media, which Putin foiled.

    It’s like asking Mafia hit man Sammy the Bull to set up a government in exile for Italy. And Joe Biden bought into this completely jewsih organized crime program.

    The current Ukraine government of prancing jewish faggots, with their semen encrusted butts, is another try at the exact same game. The Ukraine leaders, encouraging Christian to kill Christian (while not fighting themselves) are all jews and all jewish organized crime figures.

    The chief Ukrainian jew, Mr Kolomoisky, the one living Scot-free in Israel, is the one who financed Zelensky and the nazis and who once controlled the Ukraine media and energy. He is a wanted man in the USA, but Israel’s corrupt laws, set up on behalf of jewish criminals, give him a get-out-of-jail free pass.

    America’s jewish-owned and -constrolled media rabidly supports these well known organized crime figures like President Zalensky, so that tells you who owns American media, not just jews but organized crime linked jews.

    God bless Vladimir Putin. He is the only real leader in the world today. Onward Christian soldiers. Make the Ukraine and Russia into jew-free zones, and both will blossom just like Germany did under economic minister Fritz Reinhard. Ridding nations of jews, in my opinion, is the key to prosperity and peace.

    Send the jews to Antarctica, their true promised land. Give them cushy jobs to make them feel important. For example George Soros could be made Minister of Forestry. It would be an easy portfolio for a senile old man like Soros because there are no trees in Antarctica.

  51. Mort November 5, 2022 @ 7:21 am

    Musk must be some kind of knucklehead.

    He pays $44 Billion claiming free speech is back, then caves to the ADL while they run a propaganda campaign to ruin him using Antifa to threaten advertisers. Even I could have predicted that.

    How did he ever get rich? Probably insider trading and inside dealing. Now he’s run afoul of the controllers and he’s done for. The best thing to do is dump all his shares and egress Twitter while he still can.

    I’m out of the rabbi business. Kosher food no longer tastes good. Putting my house up for sale in Golan.

  52. Citizenfitz November 5, 2022 @ 9:17 am


    For anyone here living in Europe, how are things there?

  53. KathJuliane November 5, 2022 @ 10:01 am

    Came across this ten-year-old fountain of truth.

    Quite unfair for the Judeo-Democrat plantation overseers to be whipping Kanye West for saying nothing but the truth, but the truth is not the point with Jews when it comes to “anti-Semitism,” the crime is pointing out the Jews and Jewish supremacism to begin with, especially in the entertainment industry.

    The Times of Israel

    Jews DO control the media
    3:11 AM · Jul 2, 2012 ·

    Although, if you follow the link, the Times of Israel page comes up 404, but the address bar still says:

    Not to be outdone, I’ve located an archived copy, with a photo of the author who lived in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Jew York (Chabadia) with an uncanny resemblance to the ‘happy merchant’, braying triumphantly:

    The Times of Israel – The Blogs

    Jews DO control the media
    JULY 1, 2012, 11:05 AM 690

    Elad Nehorai is a writer living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn…

    We Jews are a funny breed. We love to brag about every Jewish actor. Sometimes we even pretend an actor is Jewish just because we like him enough that we think he deserves to be on our team. We brag about Jewish authors, Jewish politicians, Jewish directors. Every time someone mentions any movie or book or piece of art, we inevitably say something like, “Did you know that he was Jewish?” That’s just how we roll.

    We’re a driven group, and not just in regards to the art world. We have, for example, AIPAC, which was essentially constructed just to drive agenda in Washington DC. And it succeeds admirably. And we brag about it. Again, it’s just what we do.

    But the funny part is when any anti-Semite or anti-Israel person starts to spout stuff like, “The Jews control the media!” and “The Jews control Washington!”

    Suddenly we’re up in arms. We create huge campaigns to take these people down. We do what we can to put them out of work. We publish articles. We’ve created entire organizations that exist just to tell everyone that the Jews don’t control nothin’. No, we don’t control the media, we don’t have any more sway in DC than anyone else. No, no, no, we swear: We’re just like everybody else!

    Does anyone else (who’s not a bigot) see the irony of this?

    Let’s be honest with ourselves, here, fellow Jews. We do control the media. We’ve got so many dudes up in the executive offices in all the big movie production companies it’s almost obscene. Just about every movie or TV show, whether it be “Tropic Thunder” or “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” is rife with actors, directors, and writers who are Jewish. Did you know that all eight major film studios are run by Jews?

    But that’s not all. We also control the ads that go on those TV shows.

    And let’s not forget AIPAC, every anti-Semite’s favorite punching bag. We’re talking an organization that’s practically the equivalent of the Elders of Zion.

    I’ll never forget when I was involved in Israeli advocacy in college and being at one of the many AIPAC conventions. A man literally stood in front of us and told us that their whole goal was to only work with top-50 school graduate students because they would eventually be the people making changes in the government.

    Here I am, an idealistic little kid that goes to a bottom 50 school (ASU) who wants to do some grassroots advocacy, and these guys are literally talking about infiltrating the government. Intense.

    Now, I know what everyone will say. That everyone tries to lobby. Every minority group and every majority group. That every group has some successful actors and directors. But that’s a far call from saying that we run Hollywood and Madison Avenue. That the Mel Gibsons of the world are right in saying we’re deliberately using our power to take over the world. That we’ve got some crazy conspiracy going down.

    Okay. Fine. So some of that is kooky talk.

    But let’s look at it a bit deeper.

    Maybe it’s true: everyone lobbies. Maybe it’s true there are actors of every ethnicity out there. But come on. We’re the ones who are bragging about this stuff all the time. Can’t we admit that we’re incredibly successful? Can’t we say it to the world?

    I’ll give my theory for why Jews don’t want to talk about their control of the media.

    First of all, as much as Jews like to admit that so many of them are successful, and that so many of them have accomplished so much, they hate to admit that it has to do with they’re being Jewish. Maybe they’ll admit that it has something to do with the Jewish experience. But how many Jews will admit that there is something inherently a part of every single one of them that helps them to accomplish amazing things?

    The ADL chairman, Abe Foxman, was interviewed in a great article about the subject and he said that he “would prefer people say that many executives in the industry ‘happen to be Jewish.’” This just about sums up the party line.

    The truth is, the anti-Semites got it right. We Jews have something planted in each one of us that makes us completely different from every group in the world. We’re talking about a group of people that just got put in death camps, endured pogroms, their whole families decimated. And then they came to America, the one place that ever really let them have as much power as they wanted, and suddenly they’re taking over.

    Please don’t tell me that any other group in the world has ever done that. Only the Jews. And we’ve done it before. That’s why the Jews were enslaved in Egypt. We were too successful. Go look at the Torah — it’s right there. And we did it in Germany too.

    This ability to succeed, this inner drive, comes not from the years of education or any other sort of conditional factors, but because of the inner spark within each Jew.

    Now, the reason groups like the ADL and AIPAC hate admitting this is because, first of all, they are secular organizations. Their whole agenda is to prove that every Jew is the same as every other person in the world. I cannot imagine a more outlandish agenda. No, we’re different. We’re special.

    Of course, people hate when anyone says this. They assume that if you’re saying that Jews are special, it somehow implies that they’re better.
    To be honest, I’m not really sure what the word “better” even means. What I do know is that being special simply means a person has a responsibility to do good.

    I think that’s the real reason most Jews are so afraid to admit that there’s something inherently powerful and good about them. Not because they’re afraid of being special. But because they’re afraid of being responsible. It means that they’re suddenly culpable when they create dirty TV shows that sully the spiritual atmosphere of the world. It means that things can’t just be created for the sake of amusement or fun or even “art.”

    Suddenly, we can’t screw up the world.

    The interesting thing is that Jews have done so much for the world in so many other ways. They’ve moved forward civil rights; they’ve helped save lives in Darfur, Haiti and just about everywhere else.

    But that’s not enough. Fixing the world physically is only half the battle.

    Our larger battle, the harder battle, is elevating the world spiritually. And this is what the people that fight with every inch of their soul to prove that Jews are just the same as everyone else are afraid of.

    It means that we can no longer just “express ourselves.” We’ll have to start thinking about the things we create and the way we act. It means we’ll have to start working together. It means we’ll have to hold one other, and ourselves, to a higher standard.

    The time has come, though. We no longer have to change our names. We no longer have to blend in like chameleons. We own a whole freaking country.
    Instead, we can be proud of who we are, and simultaneously aware of our huge responsibility — and opportunity.

    The opinions and facts here are presented solely by the author, and The Times of Israel assumes no responsibility for them. In case of abuse, click here to report this post.

  54. KathJuliane November 5, 2022 @ 11:27 am

    I’m somewhat optimistic that Musk aims to bring Twitter far more closely aligned to the 1st Amendment than it has been for the past 5 or 6 years, when Twitter was pro-actively and energetically suppressing anything on the politically conservative side of things.

    Musk wants to set up an advisory council who will help him develop such policies in conformance with his own “free speech absolutism”.

    It takes time to rewrite company policies including moderation policies, to weed out those remaining Woke/Left employees after downsizing who won’t comply with the new policies or try to sabotage, and it will take time for his digital engineers to thoroughly comb Twitter’s massive software engines and algorithms, and recode them, and to sort through all of the accounts on appeal that have been shut down over the years in order to restore them.

    Musk tweeted on November 1, “Twitter will not allow anyone who was de-platformed for violating Twitter rules back on platform until we have a clear process for doing so, which will take at least a few more weeks (11:55 PM · Nov 1, 2022). He’s talking developing new policies from scratch with the input from his content moderation council.

    “Twitter’s content moderation council will include representatives with widely divergent views, which will certainly include the civil rights community and groups who face hate-fueled violence.”

    This boycott from the Left is nothing other than an admission that Musk is the new sheriff in Twitter-town, and it will no longer be business as usual for the Woke Totalitarians.

    Elon Musk Threatens ‘Thermonuclear’ Response After Advertisers Boycott Twitter

    Conservative Brief | November 5, 2022

    Elon Musk is not caving to the threats of advertiser boycotts and he is even taking it further with a threat of his own.

    As advertisers have begun to question their relationships with Twitter, after the new CEO has taken control.

    He said that caving to the left boycotts will have a “thermonuclear” reaction and he will name and shame those companies.

    “Twitter has had a massive drop in revenue, due to activist groups pressuring advertisers, even though nothing has changed with content moderation and we did everything we could to appease the activists. Extremely messed up! They’re trying to destroy free speech in America,” he said on Twitter.

    “It’s time to stop appeasing the activists because they will stop at nothing to hurt Twitter regardless of what you do,” conservative Ian Miles Cheong said in a response to which Musk said “You’re right.”

    But another Twitter user had an idea of what the CEO should do.

    “Dear @elonmusk: You have nearly 114,000,000 Twitter followers. Name and shame the advertisers who are succumbing to the advertiser boycotts. So we can counter-boycott them. And get your $8 monthly subscription going asap. So we can start to makeup for lost revenue now,” Mike Davis said.

    “Thank you. A thermonuclear name & shame is exactly what will happen if this continues,” he said.

    Some organizations, including Media Matters for America, the NAACP, the National Center for Transgender Equality, and the Union of Concerned Scientists, penned a letter to the executives of some of Twitter’s main advertisers expressing their concerns.

    [NAACP, lol! Jew-backed race-baiting Black liberal overseers on the Democrat plantation jumping on board to fight uppity, conservative-leaning, “free-thinking” Black anti-Semites like Ye West on Twitter for their Judeo-Democrat Massas. – Kj]

    “Dear CEOs: Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter came with his promise to advertisers like you that the social network would not transform into a ‘free-for-all hellscape’ and would remain ‘warm and welcoming to all,’” the group said.

    “But beware: Musk’s promises in no way accurately portray his plans for Twitter, nor are they a reflection of the evolving reality of the platform as it transforms by the minute under Musk. If Elon Musk follows through with just a fraction of what he has already committed to doing, then Twitter will not and can not be a safe platform for [Woke-Kj] brands. Urgent action is needed by advertisers,” they said.

    “Among Musk’s first acts as owner was to spread a dangerous conspiracy theory about a violent attack on the husband of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. He also fired several top executives, including Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s head of legal policy, trust, and safety.

    “Within 24 hours of Musk taking ownership, the platform was inundated with hate and disinformation. Not only are extremists celebrating Musk’s takeover of Twitter, they are seeing it as a new opportunity to post the most abusive, harassing, and racist language and imagery. This includes clear threats of violence against people with whom they disagree. Without deliberate efforts by Twitter to address this type of abuse and hate, your brands will be actively supporting accelerating extremism,” they said.

    “Additionally, he has threatened to drastically reduce employee headcount, putting those responsible for maintaining community standards and protecting user safety first on the chopping block.

    “Musk has also publicly supported the idea of restoring the accounts of prominent individuals Twitter had suspended for inciting and glorifying political violence, spreading election- and COVID-related disinformation and abusing people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, or disability,” the group said.

    “Your companies are Twitter’s 20 largest US advertisers, spending hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Your posture and response to Musk’s plans during this moment matter for your brands.

    “We, the undersigned organizations, call on you to notify Musk and publicly commit that you will cease all advertising on Twitter globally if he follows through on his plans to undermine brand safety and community standards including gutting content moderation. This means that Musk must not roll back the basic moderation practices Twitter already has on the books now and must commit to actually enforcing those rules,” they said.

    “We know that brand safety is of the utmost importance to you. As such, you also have a moral and civic obligation to take a stand against the degradation of one of the world’s most influential communications platforms, and to hold Musk to the pledge he made to you to ensure that Twitter is a welcoming and civil place for everyone,” they said.

    Related: Musk Reveals Activists and Advertisers Are Doing ‘Massive’ Damage to Twitter: ‘They’re Trying to Destroy Free Speech’


    The “undersigned organizations” in the open letter to CEOs reads like an intersectional Who’s Who of Woke, Baby-murdering, Racist-Neo Bolshie-Globalist Progressive organizations, including Jewish ones.

    However, who full-throatedly kicked off this avalanche of advertising boycotts against Twitter?

    None other than the ADL, of course.

  55. Ted Gorsline November 5, 2022 @ 11:58 am


    I live in Europe. Things are OK so far. Warm autumn. No need for gas yet but gas prices have more than doubled, in fact they at first quadrupled but have now declined to maybe 2.5 times what they were last year.

    Food prices are going through the roof, doubling in many cases, but there are no food shortages.

    Largest gas company in Germany is going bust. Germany, the engine of Europe is led by nut cases, but then so are all NATO countries whose politicians either owe their existence to jewish money and media or hope to cash in on the same money at a later date in return for favours.

    It looks like Germans are beginning to wake up to the fact that destroying Nordstream 1 & 2 is not in their best interest. Jewish-led America will just stab them in the back – as usual.

    Putin is the only real world leader.

  56. KathJuliane November 5, 2022 @ 1:04 pm

    More studies in Anti-Semitism 101A.

    Da Jews aren’t happy with Twitter and Musk. The chaotic sound of their kvetching is deafening!

    Oy, veh! It’s anudda $hoah!

    Now, if Musk would just cancel the Starlink Internet satellite units in Ukraine, that would be just wonderful, the right thing to do, and would ultimately save his satellites from eventually getting trashed by Russian aerospace satellite-killers. -Kj


    As antisemitism spikes following Elon Musk takeover, ADL calls for Twitter ad boycott

    Under Musk’s ownership, Kanye West and Mark Finchem’s accounts have been reinstated

    Jewish Telegraph Agency| 4 November, 2022

    (JTA) — Jewish groups thought Elon Musk was listening to them about antisemitism on Twitter. Then Kanye West came back.

    In the week after the rapper who now goes by Ye lost most of his endorsements due to his antisemitic rants, and amid an apparent uptick in broader antisemitic content on the platform, the Anti-Defamation League met with Musk, the social media giant’s mercurial new owner, about keeping hate speech off the site.

    Three days later, all goodwill from the meeting has devolved, as anti-Jewish content on Twitter is experiencing a “prolific surge,” according to the Network Contagion Research Institute, a firm that monitors the spread of online hate and disinformation. The institute said Friday that “terms associated with Jew are being tweeted over 5,000 times per hour,” and that “the most engaged tweets are overtly antisemitic.”

    [NCRI’s CEO is Joel Finkelstein. 5 or 6 out of 8 people on the Leadership Team are Jews. There are enough Jews on their board of Strategic Advisors to add to the Jews on the Leadership Team make a minyan. I rate NCRI as a fully Jewish organization. – Kj]

    Meanwhile, West has begun calling out individual Jews, such as music mogul Scooter Braun and the sports branding businessman Jamie Salter, on his account, and online networks of antisemites have seized on Musk’s ownership as an opportunity to launch a full-court press of hateful content on the site.

    Now, instead of working alongside Musk to develop new content moderation tools, the ADL is calling on all advertisers to suspend their relationship with Twitter, while offering a harsh critique of Musk’s leadership.

    “We met with Elon Musk earlier this week to express our profound concerns about some of his plans and the spike in toxic content after his acquisition,” the Stop Hate For Profit coalition, a group that includes the ADL, said in a statement. “Since that time, hate and disinformation have proliferated, and he has taken actions that make us fear that the worst is yet to come.”

    The group’s relationship with Musk came off the rails with stunning speed. At their initial meeting, the ADL and various members of the coalition including the NAACP, Color of Change, the Asian American Foundation and media equity advocacy group Free Press had pushed Musk to develop robust content moderation tools.

    The groups also tried to get Musk to stop tweeting out conspiracy theories and problematic content himself. The entrepreneur had previously tweeted, then deleted, a link to a right-wing conspiracy theory involving a man who had attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband at his house (the attacker himself was active in many antisemitic conspiracy theories online).

    Musk tweeted approvingly about the ADL meeting afterward (a move that enraged some of his antisemitic fans), and ADL Vice President Yael Eisenstat told Protocol that Musk had assured the groups he didn’t want Twitter to become “a hate amplifier.”

    But by late Thursday, West — one of Twitter’s most popular users, with 38 million followers — began his latest antisemitic tirade on the platform, which he had recently been reinstated on following a suspension for hate speech. Musk said he played no role in West’s reinstatement.

    Seemingly prompted by the media attention given to Brooklyn Nets player Kyrie Irving in the wake of the star guard’s own antisemitism controversy, West posted a series of conspiratorial messages about various Jewish figures. Beyond Braun and Salter, he called out celebrity personal trainer Harley Pasternak and Amar’e Stoudemire — the former NBA star who converted to Orthodox Judaism in 2020 and had a brief stint as a Nets assistant coach.

    “You can’t be antisemite when you know you are Semite,” West tweeted in defense of Irving, who shared a link to an antisemitic documentary. Irving had expressed the same idea in a press conference on October 29, which led the Nets to suspend him. He later apologized for his rhetoric.

    In later tweets, West said, “They make us bully ourselves because of our business alignments.”

    Referring to Stoudemire, who is Black and who criticized Irving for his refusal to condemn antisemitism, West wrote, “They make us attack each other[,] even our brothers who know who we truly are.”

    The wording of West’s tweets made reference to common tropes that have circulated among Black Hebrew Israelite communities, including that they are the genealogical descendants of the ancient Israelites. As of Friday afternoon, West’s account remained active on Twitter.

    Also recently reinstated on Twitter: the account of Mark Finchem, Arizona’s Republican nominee for secretary of state, whose account had been suspended. Finchem, who has received a reported $10,000 in donations from far-right anti-government militia the Oath Keepers despite his own insistence he is not a member of the group, regularly tweets references to Jewish billionaires George Soros and Mike Bloomberg “funding” his Democratic opponent. He has also proudly accepted the endorsement of Andrew Torba, an outspoken antisemite and founder of the Gab social media platform, which is rife with antisemitic users.

    Finchem’s account was restored a little over a week prior to midterm elections and prior to Musk’s meeting with the ADL. The candidate, who also denies the results of the 2020 election, thanked Musk for reinstating him, declaring, “Twitter is much better with you at the helm.”

    Like other right-wing politicians and media figures who make regular references to Soros, Finchem has said such behavior is not antisemitic. He refuted a charge of antisemitism by declaring, “I love the Jews,” but has also frequently employed language calling his opponents “Marxists,” a charge that, historically, antisemites dating back to Great Depression-era radio preacher Father Coughlin have directed at liberal or secular Jews.

    All of this activity came as Twitter employees braced themselves for a round of mass layoffs Friday, with as many as half of the company’s 7,500 jobs reportedly on the line — sowing further chaos at the company as Musk has sought to rethink its top-down operations. The layoffs could endanger future efforts to craft coherent new policies around how content is moderated and how accounts are reinstated. Musk said that such a process would take “weeks.”

    As Musk moved forward with his plans, and threats of real-world violence at synagogues multiplied, Jewish users expressed anger and frustration. A few said they would leave altogether.

    “So basically Kanye is posting unhinged antisemitism constantly on here.

    “And since Twitter no longer has a functioning content moderation team and his buddy @elonmusk owns the company, it seems he’ll get to keep posting without any consequences to his 30 mil+ followers.


    — Elad Nehorai (@EladNehorai) November 4, 2022

    Tacob Jaber
    Kanye back on Twitter doing more antisemitism while my shul is shut down due to anti-Jewish terrorism. Love this for us. Thanks, Elon.
    7:27 PM · Nov 3, 2022

    “At this point in time, we are calling on advertisers to pause their spend globally until it becomes clear whether Twitter remains committed to being a safe place for advertisers as well as society overall,” Stop Hate For Profit said in its statement.


    Stop Hate for Profit is an ADL wing launched in 2020 to attack Faceberg, and it was the power launching this campaign against Musk and Twitter.

    From the ADL site: Stop Hate for Profit is an ongoing campaign to hold social media companies accountable for hate on their platforms. Social media must prioritize people over profit, and they must do it now.

    With the support of more than 1,200 businesses and non-profits and countless consumers, we sent a clear message to Facebook in July 2020 with our ad pause: stop valuing profits over hate, bigotry, racism, antisemitism, and disinformation.

    We continue to demand change and that Facebook stop hate for profit.


    Elad Nehorai who made the above tweet is the same Jewish supremacist Chabadnik turd who authored the unearthed Times of Israel opinion piece from 10 years ago. Happy to see him so discomfited.

  57. KathJuliane November 5, 2022 @ 1:11 pm

    Comrade Stump (advisor to Future-Senator Dr. Oz)
    Everything that has happened with Kanye and Kyrie can be traced back to this infamous video lmfao.

    Musk has let go some 3700 employees, roughly 1/2 of the workforce. It’s a great start. – Kj

    Elon Musk
    Regarding Twitter’s reduction in force, unfortunately there is no choice when the company is losing over $4M/day.

    Everyone exited was offered 3 months of severance, which is 50% more than legally required.


    Three months severance pay? Not a bad way to start a job search.

    Last week right after taking over, Musk’s digital engineers cut off employee access to their email accounts and their internet tools. Many employees remained as at-home workers after the COVID lockdowns were lifted at the company. Musk’s move cut off any remote access. He severed 15% of Twitter’s “Trust & Safety” workforce as part of his streamlining efforts.

    WaPo reported that the move gutted Twitter’s “election information teams,” too. Angry grandpa Joe Biden at a Chicago fundraiser shook his fist at Musk, complaining about the employee layoffs. Maybe it was the “election information teams” cuts that prompted Biden.

    Biden also said, “Musk has bought an outfit that spews lies all across the world.” Does that mean in Biden-logic that now that Musk owns it, it only now spews lies?

    Jack Dorsey tweeted a strange apology:

    Folks at Twitter past and present are strong and resilient. They will always find a way no matter how difficult the moment. I realize many are angry with me. I own the responsibility for why everyone is in this situation: I grew the company size too quickly. I apologize for that.

    I am grateful for, and love, everyone who has ever worked on Twitter. I don’t expect that to be mutual in this moment…or ever…and I understand.

  58. KathJuliane November 5, 2022 @ 2:20 pm

    Musk has promised to go “thermonuclear name and shame” all the advertisers “pausing” on Twitter.

    I’m thinking that the management at these advertisers, most of whom are trying to appeal to mainstream American buyers/voters for revenue, are themselves infected by lefty activists who are not operating in their employers best interests.

    Maybe they also need to clean house.

    Here are 15 Woke companies so far who publicly stated they are boycotting Twitter and our right to free speech


    Even better, all corporations must get out of Judeo-liberal-fascist politics, even doing by indirectly participating in US Government/social media partnerships.

  59. Mort November 5, 2022 @ 2:22 pm

    If Musk needs Admins on Twitter, I’ll do it no charge.

    Start by banning: ADL, AIPAC, Soros, All Antifa chapters, WEF, and Biden. All perma banned and deleted.

    Brother Nathanael would have a complimentary Blue Check and his advice would be on trending.

  60. The Englishman November 5, 2022 @ 4:58 pm

    Watched three of Ritter’s latest videos, he’s running on nitro at the moment, very admired the world over it seems,

    What I’ve seen of him I like, the appeal he’s got coming up must be a considerable worry for him, enough for him to be circumspect, considering the preponderance of Yids that occupy the bench.

  61. KathJuliane November 5, 2022 @ 4:58 pm

    To Find Out Who is in Control, Find Out Who You’re Not Allowed to Criticize

    Real Red Elephants – Vincent James – GAB.TV


    What’s trending on Twitter the days when half the moderators are getting fired. Oh, what’s this?

    Trending as of 6:45 PM CDT 5 November

    12K Tweets

    5,560 Tweets

    21 hours ago [November 4], per Vice Motherboard:

    Twitter Recommends Ye as Top Follow on ‘The Jews’ as Company Does Mass Layoffs
    “The Jews” and “#IStandWithKyrie” are trending on Elon Musk’s Twitter.

    Interesting time progression: #IStandWithKyrie > “The Jews” + > #TheNoticing > Zionism


    Replying to

    Twitter employees were selling verification for upwards of $15,000. For certain accounts, mine included, they would refuse to verify you through the standard application and then privately offer to verify you for $$ behind the scenes.

    Investigation needed.

    Elon Musk


  62. KathJuliane November 5, 2022 @ 5:56 pm

    Oh, really?

    Come on, Elon. Pull the plug all the way.


    1300 Starlink satellite communication terminals stopped working in Ukraine

    Top War | 4 November 2022

    More than 1300 Starlink terminals located on the territory of Ukraine have stopped their work. Lack of funding is cited as the reason for shutting down the terminals. It is reported by CNN.

    [Lack of funding? What happened to the $40 billion in process to Ukraine to find the proxy war against Russia? – Kj]

    Since the Ukrainian side did not pay for the operation of the terminals, the owner company decided to turn them off. The saddest thing for Kyiv is that these terminals were actively used by the armed forces of Ukraine to ensure their activities.

    [Zelensky and the Kiev Regime expect everything for free. Non-payment could be the reason. – Kj]

    It is known that there are about 25 thousand Starlink terminals in Ukraine. Maintenance of each costs an average of 2,5 thousand dollars a month (according to the American press).

    Earlier, the owner of SpaceX, Elon Musk, said that his structure could not endlessly finance the work of Starlink in Ukraine.

    Then, apparently under pressure from the White House, the Musk company nevertheless withdrew an appeal to the Pentagon, in which it asked for financial support for a satellite communications system in Ukraine.

    There is no doubt that the recent boorish statements of Ukrainian politicians regarding Elon Musk, who put forward his plan for peace negotiations with Russia, could influence the company’s decision to continue servicing terminals in Ukraine.

    It is clear that Musk will not completely curtail the activities of his satellite communications company in Ukraine – the American elites will not allow him to do this, but Musk’s company may well “teach a lesson” to the Kyiv regime by removing some of the terminals from work.

    Could the outage of this selection of satellites be due to Russia’s Tirada satellite jamming technology? A similar outage was reported back at the beginning of October:

  63. KathJuliane November 5, 2022 @ 6:22 pm

    Vincent James Telegram

    Yes they are in control. They control governments, media, social media, and the financial industry. But what people miss is that they control everything that has to do with shaping culture.

    The way you think about the world, the way you dress, the way you act, cultural trends, and the way that you think politically regardless of if you’re liberal or conservative.

    Your entire identity has been molded by them since WWII. Music, movies, tv, commercials, media outlets, banks, academia. This is the real red pill.

    [Forwarded from Just a Dude]
    Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies, And The American Dream

    This is a well-researched documentary that’s been virtually wiped from the Internet. Based on Neal Gabler’s 1988 book, ‘An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood’

    The film tells the story of a small group of Eastern European shtetl Jewish immigrants who transformed the technological novelty of moving pictures into the most influential art form of the twentieth century.

    Gabler states, “They created their own America — an America which is not the real America… But ultimately, this shadow America became so popular and so widely disseminated that its images and its values came to devour the real America.”

    Video On Rumble:

  64. KathJuliane November 5, 2022 @ 8:28 pm

    Kyrie Irving apologized for hurting Jewish feeeeelllings, but that wasn’t good enough. Along with having refused the jab for which he got suspended from the team, now he refuses to condemn himself an “anti-Semite”, as he considers himself to be a Jew.

    Somewhere in this list of humiliating “anti-hate” action items decreed by the ADL and the ghoulish Jew, Adam Silver, owner of the NBA, must be the requisite conditions of a trip to a $hoah Museum and meetings with the rabbis.

    Don’t do it, Kyrie. Quit. It’s not worth it. – Kj

    Nets lay out six-step checklist Kyrie Irving must complete to return from suspension: Report

    MSN News

    5 November, 2022

    The Nets have reportedly laid out their checklist that Kyrie Irving must complete in order to return from his suspension, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic.

    Per Charania, Irving, currently serving a suspension for promoting an anti-Semitic film and failing on multiple occasions to apologize and acknowledge the danger of such promotion, must complete six different steps to return to action for the Nets, starting with issuing an apology and to “condemn the harmful and false content” within the video he published.

    Shams Charania
    Sources: Nets have delivered Kyrie Irving six items he must complete to return to team:

    – Apologize/condemn movie
    – $500K donation to anti-hate causes
    – Sensitivity training
    – Antisemitic training
    – Meet with ADL, Jewish leaders
    – Meet with Joe Tsai to demonstrate understanding
    7:46 PM · Nov 5, 2022

    Irving apologized hours after the suspension, which may have satisfied that first step in the eyes of Brooklyn ownership. But he must also complete “the anti-hate causes” that Irving, the Nets, and the Anti-Defamation league previously agreed upon, including the $500,000 donation he made to the ADL that was eventually declined due to the ADL’s lack of satisfaction with Irving’s initial refusal to outwardly apologize.

    Irving must also complete sensitivity and anti-hate training, meet with ADL representatives and Jewish community leaders in Brooklyn, and finally, meet with Nets owner Joe Tsai to show he has learned from his experience, and assure the team that such an act won’t be repeated.

    The Nets initially said the suspension will last no fewer than five games, and how much longer it lasts beyond that seems to depend on Irving’s willingness to complete the Nets’ six-step requirements.

    Funny how a tiny, victimized, completely powerless minority proves over and over again just how much in control they really are. – Kj

  65. Ted Gorsline November 6, 2022 @ 3:47 am


    I hope Ye and Musk stick to their guns.

    It will be interesting to see what happens to them and how long they can hold on to their money. Even if they go down the financial drain, it will flush out the perps.

    I watched the whole film about the jewish influence in Hollywood. The thing I found most interesting is their emphasis on good stories.

    Be that as it may, in their movies; and then when the US Army flew all the Hollywood Jewish film makers to see the WW2 work camps, renamed death camps by the jews, none of them, not a single one thought there was enough of a story in the camps to make a single film.

    They made not a single holocaust film.

    Nobody who was there be it Winston Churchill, or Lord Allenbrook, head of the British army, or Eisenhower, Patton, Hitler, or anyone else there at the time mentioned anything about a holocaust.

    The holocaust seems to be a newly minted coin, from the 60’s, created by the worlds richest and most powerful jews to let them play the victim card.

    The film focused on the Hollywood jews as rags to riches success stories and planted the idea the jews who showed up in New York were typical jews.

    It ignores the idea that by the time these jews showed up in NYC, that the Zionists like the Rothschilds were already by far the richest people on earth.

    It cherry picks poor jews, victim jews, and uses them as the prototype for the typical jew and ignores the rich jews, already in positions of power, at the time these poor jews came to America.

  66. Hibernian November 6, 2022 @ 3:53 am

    Tis a pity that Farakhan:

    1) always bases a wrong to be a wrong only because it has a negative impact on African-American Blacks/Negroes/Browns in USA

    2) omits the fact that only a very small percentage of Europeans — & the particular Europeans a very few (British, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish), & most of those likely to be Crypto-Jews — were involved in slavery of African-Americans.

    Yes, he does highlight that most of the people involved in slavery in the Americas were Jews. But, he should exonerate the European ethnics given that most were honorable to their Christian religion.

    3) condemn abortion as the being the worst murder a person can commit upon another human being, rather than it wrong only because it is encouraged, & organised, by “Whites” for African-Americans so as to reduce the population of Afrinan-Americans.

    T’is a pit because Farakhan could be a great President of USA.
    In so many ways he is righteous.
    And, he has the smarts.
    And, he is highly educated.
    And, obviously talented in important ways.
    And, he is charismatic.

    Herem Farakhan is imploring upon Kenye — Ye — West;

    “Don’t bow to Jewish pressure” (Title)

    Jew-tube/Mshd-tube Video:

    2:30 Mins only

  67. Ted Gorsline November 6, 2022 @ 7:52 am

    CNN’s Christiane Anampour showed up on TV two days ago looking like a very nervous drowned rat.

    She was in Kiev and obviously not happy about it because the Russians were bombing the electrical facilities while she was in town.

    She is perfectly safe because its a war crime for the Russians to bomb the hotels where journalists stay.

    In the past she always showed up dressed to the nines in the rubble long after bombing was over.

    Now it looks like the lack of electricity has interrupted her daily grooming sessions with the make up staff and she doesn’t like it.

    All CNN has ever brought to the table as war reporters is a new change of clothing, make up, and jewelry every single day.

    CNNs all teeth and hair and no brains reporters lose it when the electric hair dryer no longer works.

  68. Citizenfitz November 6, 2022 @ 10:08 am

    Glad to hear you’re holding on, Ted.

    I didn’t know you lived over there. Thought you were up in Canada.

    I’ve been keeping up with the temps in Europe and it’s not been bad, so far, thank God.

    Doing OK here in our little corner of the World. Heartland America. Gasoline prices are for the moment down to $3.30/gal. But that’ll change after the elections.

    Mask mandates never really caught on here either. I like to think maybe I had something to do with it… from all the times I went out and about refusing to wear one.

    There were plenty of times I was the only one in the place not wearing a mask. But pretty soon there were others… and then lots of others.

    Brother Nate talks about secession. But that’s at most a temporary solution.

    What is needed is reconciliation. With God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The World shows little inclination towards that at present, so it’s down to us. But like the mask business… soon there’ll be others.

    Stay well, my friend.

  69. Mortichaie November 6, 2022 @ 10:51 am

    Before it gets really cold, there are some things to consider.

    A sleeping bag filled with down can make even sub zero temperatures survivable. That inside of a tent, inside your house more so. A small heater can be made using candles and garden pottery on a metal tray for fire safety.

    Small generators can run appliances and space heaters. Even painting an outside door dark colors will radiate heat into your home; also pulling back the curtain with the sun shines in you can bask absorbing heat.

    The controllers want to freeze us to death. Be creative, you will live.

    God be with you.

  70. KathJuliane November 6, 2022 @ 11:25 am

    J. Malkova

    The song “I’m Russian!” in the performance of the Russian regions, it acquires a truly folk sound. “And we can’t be broken!”

  71. KathJuliane November 6, 2022 @ 11:44 am

    Decades worth of the Black-Jewish alliance driving the progressive Democrat Left in all of these Blue cities has really done a number on the poor & working class, hapless citizens trapped in an urban hell.

    Cities, often inner cities under Democrat control for 50-60 years, with liberal race-baiting Black American leaders, covered by the Congressional Black Caucus, have all failed the Blue cities and Democrats wear this failure!

    Every liberal inner city is filled with crime, Fentanyl, murder and homeless people sleeping on the streets. There is definitely a common denominator. Every single Blue city is run by ignorant, stupid Democrats that could not care less, politically supported by the Black-Jewish alliance committed to keeping Blacks and other minorities permanently trapped on the Democrat Plantation for the sake of hanging on to their own corrupt, greedy power.


    Study: 27 of the 30 Cities with Highest Murder Rate Are Democrat Run

    Breitbart | 5 November 2022

    A study published by the Heritage Foundation’s Edwin Meese III Center for Judicial and Legal Studies shows that 27 of the 30 cities with the highest murder rates are controlled by Democrats.

    FOX News noted that the study indicates “27….[of the 30 cities] have Democratic mayors. Within those cities, there are at least 14 “rogue prosecutors” either backed or inspired by billionaire Democrat supporter George Soros.”

    The Daily Signal reported that the authors of the study–Charles Stimson, Zack Smith, and Kevin D. Dayaratna–noted, “Those on the Left know that their soft-on-crime policies have wreaked havoc in the cities where they have implemented those policies.”

    Stimson, Smith, and Dayaratna added:

    It is not hard to understand why ‘reforms’ such as ending cash bail, defunding the police, refusing to prosecute entire categories of crimes, letting thousands of convicted felons out of prison early, significantly cutting the prison population, and other ‘progressive’ ideas have led to massive spikes in crime—particularly violent crime, including murder—in the communities where those on the Left have implemented them.

    The study undercuts Hillary Clinton’s claim that Republicans’ emphasis on crime and violence in Democrat-run cities was not valid.

    On November 3, 2022, CNN quoted Clinton suggesting Republicans were “just trying to gin up all kinds of fear and anxiety in people.”

    She added, “[The Republicans] are not dealing with it. They are not trying to tackle it. So I view it as an effort to scare voters.”

  72. KathJuliane November 6, 2022 @ 12:43 pm

    Exclusive: Ye Suspended From Twitter For Seven Days For Saying N-Word

    Rapper suggested term ‘antisemite’ now being used as pejorative like the N-word to smear Black individuals who leave the political correctness plantation.

    Summit News / 5 November 2022

    Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, has received a seven-day suspension from Twitter over his use of the N-word, according to his conversation with Alex Jones.

    Ye’s suspension reportedly occurred after he tweeted on Friday, “I’m starting to think anti Semitic means ni**er.”

    This may be the first time Twitter has ever censored a black person for saying the N-word.

    Notably, Ye’s comment was not an attack or insult directed at anybody, nor was it a call for violence. Nevertheless, the tweet was taken down for “violating the Twitter rules.”

    Ye was simply pointing out that the term “antisemite” is now being used as a new pejorative like the N-word to demonize blacks who left the political correctness plantation.

    “What he’s saying is it’s being used as racism against black people, like calling people antisemitic is the new N-word,” Alex Jones said Saturday. “All he’s saying is calling black leaders who left the politically correct reservation ‘antisemitic’ is the new derogatory term. Since when are black people not allowed to use the N-word?”

    And for that, Kanye is now being censored.

    Is Twitter’s new CEO Elon Musk aware of this development?

    It’s likely Musk does not yet have full operational control of Twitter and its censorship mechanisms, but hopefully that will change, and Ye’s account may be the litmus test.

    Despite meeting with Musk this week over “content moderation” concerns, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the premier pro-Israel lobbying group, ordered a global advertiser boycott of Musk’s Twitter on Friday for not doing enough to censor Kanye “Ye” West and other critics of their power.

    [ADL tweet snaps on website]

    George Soros-linked advocacy groups have also been organizing advertising boycotts against Twitter following Musk’s acquisition of the social media platform over concerns he’s not doing enough to “moderate content.”

    The censorship pressure isn’t just coming from far-left dark money groups or corporations.

    Recall that earlier this week, the extent of the cozy relationship between the federal government and Big Tech companies was revealed in an in-depth piece by The Intercept outlining the mechanisms by which the tech companies censor content on the government’s behalf, a clear violation of the First Amendment.

    First they came for Alex Jones. Then they came for President Donald Trump.

    Now they’ve come for Ye.

    Pretty soon, they’ll come for you.

    “There’s a lot of facets to this,” Alex Jones said. “The social engineers are desperate, the power structure is desperate, and they are targeting individuals to try to set the precedent to ban, restrict, censor and surveil anybody they want.”

    [Embedded videos]


    Jews are powerless! Jews are harmless!

    Just ask them. They will tell you so, and then destroy you if you say otherwise because that’s the crime of “anti-Semitism” –noticing how much power and collective influence they wield. Not one Jew has come out and called Ye a liar and refuted him with facts proving that Jews have no power.

    Adidas, delaying coming to a decision far too long to suit the Jews, finally knuckled under to pressure from Josef Schuster, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, the main Jewish group in the country where Adidas is headquartered. Schuster had not so subtly demanded of Adidas, “I would have liked a clear stance earlier from a German company that also was entangled with the Nazi regime.”

    The founder of the Adidas company, Adolf Dassler, was a member of the political National Socialist German Workers Party, as was his brother. They also belonged to Hitler Youth and a National Socialist motor club. Neither, being ordinary civilians throughout the war, was ever brought up on any tribunal charges.

    So, naturally, Schuster was threatening to smear the modern company with it’s “Nazi past,” which was included making shoes for the Wermacht, the regular German army, and then being forced to shut down in 1943 and go into anti-tank weapon production.

    Wikipedia has this to say

    “In 1943 the shoe production was forced to cease operations and the company’s facilities and workforce was used to manufacture anti-tank weapons. From 1942 to 1945 at least nine forced labourers were working at both sites of the company.

    The Dassler factory, used for production of anti-tank weapons during World War II, was nearly destroyed in 1945 by US forces, but was spared when Adolf Dassler’s wife convinced the American soldiers that the company and its employees were only interested in manufacturing sports shoes.

    American occupying forces subsequently became major buyers of the Dassler brothers’ shoes.” – Kj

  73. Rabbi Bouncing Bald Goose November 6, 2022 @ 12:57 pm


    Most unwise.

  74. KathJuliane November 6, 2022 @ 1:10 pm

    Twitter advertiser boycott organized by dark money Soros, Clinton, and foreign networks

    A dark money outfit funded by progressive billionaires.

    Jordan Schachtel
    Nov 4

    The campaign to pull corporate advertising from Twitter, following its purchase by SpaceX founder Elon Musk, is being led by a network of left wing dark money activists with ties to prominent Democrat politicians and mega donors.

    The Dossier is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

    An advocacy group formed in 2020 called Accountable Tech is organizing the pressure campaign, which has thus far succeeded in having the likes of Pfizer, Audi, General Mills, and other corporations pull their advertising expenditures from the platform.

    Accountable Tech has taken credit for organizing an “open letter” signed by dozens of progressive groups, which demanded that multinational corporations cease advertising with Twitter immediately.

    The far-left activist groups wrote:

    “Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter came with his promise to advertisers like you that the social network would not transform into a “free-for-all hellscape” and would remain “warm and welcoming to all.”

    The letter continues:

    “We, the undersigned organizations, call on you to notify Musk and publicly commit that you will cease all advertising on Twitter globally if he follows through on his plans to undermine brand safety and community standards including gutting content moderation.”

    You get the gist of it by now. The parties to this letter are attempting to force Elon Musk to revert Twitter back to its old, state-attached form.

    Now here’s some background on Accountable Tech.

    Accountable Tech is financed by The North Fund, a D.C. nonprofit that is controlled by Arabella Advisors. Yes, there are multiple levels of confusion and separation, and this is on purpose. But the relevant outfit here is Arabella Advisors.

    “Arabella” is a for-profit “philanthropic consulting company” founded by Clinton confidant Eric Kessler. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Jesse Lehrich, another Clinton network operative, is a co-founder of Accountable Tech. The organization also employs former Clinton campaign operative Zach Praiss as its digital director.

    Arabella is considered the leading “dark money” political outfit in the United States. Yes, it’s much bigger and much more influential than the highly publicized “Koch Network.”

    The Arabella network shields the sources of its funding by funneling its cash and political expenditures through 501c4 non profits. However, its for-profit outfit brought in $1.7 billion in 2020, and spent $1.2 billion on the 2020 election cycle.

    Through its subsidiaries, Arabella has dumped hundreds of millions of dollars into projects such as fighting the Kavanaugh nomination and impeaching President Donald Trump. They’ve also financed the “NeverTrump” political advocacy of progressive war activist Bill Kristol.

    So who funds Arabella?

    Major direct and indirect Arabella donors include globalist billionaire George Soros and progressive eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, according to Politico.

    A significant chunk of the group’s cash also comes from overseas. Hansjörg Wyss, an 87 year old far-left Swiss billionaire who does not appear to be an American citizen, has given over $135 million to the fund, The New York Times reported. Nicole Gill, the co-founder of Accountable Tech, was previously a director at the Wyss-financed The Hub Project.

    With elections right around the corner, Accountable Tech is acting exactly as intended. It is a left wing intimidation machine that seeks to censor speech, with hopes to leverage a decline in advertising dollars to revert Twitter back to its pre-Musk form, as a state-sponsored machine for institutional narrative advancement and political suppression.

  75. The Englishman November 6, 2022 @ 1:29 pm


    A timely reminder, the coming weeks could become a trial between life and death for the not-well-off, the elderly, especially the homeless, in all age groups in the Northern Hemisphere.

    Nations accustomed to God’s bounteous warmth during the depths of freezing winters will need to reflect on their tolerances in the present-day Un-Holy alliances.

    The jew who conducts the war against Holy Russia cares not the carnage he creates in a time-honored fashion.

    Whilst the Un-Holy alliance may develop recriminations between each other, Holy Russia will steadfastly Honor the Righteous.

    God be with the innocent.

  76. Ted Gorsline November 6, 2022 @ 2:10 pm


    Thanks for your concern. I don’t think this winter will be a big deal. My wife and I have bought some warm clothes, down blankets and we are going to put a room divider into our apartment so we only heat half. Goose down works.

    I once owned a Wood’s four star arctic sleeping bag made of goose down and slept in the open under the stars on a tarpaulin on a snow bank on a mountain top in Alberta on 23rd December. You have to keep your boots in bed with you so they don’t freeze solid over night.

    The thing that bothers me is the deliberate destruction of Dutch farming production since the Dutch are the second largest exporter of food in the world. That is pure, deliberate evil.

  77. KathJuliane November 6, 2022 @ 3:00 pm

    And now for a little something in Anti-Semitism Studies

    Or, how our Christian European ancestors were not confused about Jews, knew their Christology, Ecclesiology and Soteriology, and what they were doing most of the time, especially after getting burned by Jews.

    This is classic Yid kvetching at its best. – Kj


    From Notre Dame to Prague, Europe’s anti-Semitism is literally carved in stone

    JTA | March 20, 2015

    (JTA) — Notre Dame Cathedral in the heart of Paris is among the most visited sites on the planet and a splendid example of Gothic architecture.

    Each year, millions flock to admire and photograph its flying buttresses and statuary, yet few take any real notice of two prominent female statues on either side of the main entrance. The one on the left is dressed in fine clothing and bathed in light, while the one on the right is disheveled, with a large snake draped over her eyes like a blindfold.

    The statues, known as Ecclesia and Sinagoga, respectively, and generally found in juxtaposition, are a common motif in medieval art and represent the Christian theological concept known as supercessionism, whereby the Church is triumphant and the Synagogue defeated.

    Sinagoga is depicted here with head bowed, broken staff, the tablets of the law slipping from her hand and a fallen crown at her feet. Ecclesia stands upright with crowned head and carries a chalice and a staff adorned with the cross.

    While the issue of what constitutes free speech and what crosses into incitement to violence was brought to the fore by the deadly January attack on the satirical French newspaper Charlie Hebdo, images mocking Jews and Judaism and encouraging anti-Semitic violence have been displayed throughout Europe since the early Middle Ages.

    In a time when literacy was uncommon, these images were the political cartoons and posters of the age, and the ridicule and carnage they promoted was both routine and government sanctioned. What’s more, most remain visible if you know where to look. Below are some of the most common ones.


    Wittenberg, Germany is famous as the place where Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Wittenberg castle’s church, and where the Protestant Reformation began, but the facade of its otherwise grand Stadtkirche, the church where Luther preached, features another medieval motif known as the Judensau (Jew’s sow).

    This particular Judensau (1305) shows Jews suckling at the sow’s teat while another feeds at the animal’s anus. Above it appears an inscription in Latin letters, “Rabini Shem hamphoras.” The phrase is gibberish, but refers to the Hebrew words “Shem HaMephorash,” a term for one of the hidden names of God.

    Blood libel

    The blood libel in Europe, a false allegation that Jews murder Christian children so they can use their blood to make matzah, probably originated in England with the murder of William of Norwich in 1144, followed by accusations in Gloucester (1168), Bury St. Edmonds (1181), Bristol (1183) and Lincoln (1255). It rapidly spread like a cancer to the continent.

    Spain’s Toledo Cathedral has a fresco depicting the alleged ritual murder of Christopher of La Guardia near one of its exits — on one side a malevolent man is dragging away a child, while on the other the child is being crucified.

    At the 16th-century Palazzo Salvadori in Trento (Trent), Italy, which was built on the foundation of a synagogue, two plaques illustrating the supposed martyrdom of Simonino di Trento (Simon of Trent) at the hands of Jews in 1475 were affixed to the front portal in the 18th century.

    Some of the supposed victims of ritual murder — William of Norwich, Little Saint Hugh of Lincoln, St. Christopher of La Guardia and Simon of Trent — were canonized, but the Church’s 1965 Second Vatican Council removed them from the canon, forbade worship of them, and absolved Jews of any guilt in such murders.

    Sadly, some Catholics still believe the libel and continue to celebrate the saints’ days.

    There are thousands of Ecclesia/Sinagoga, Judensau and illustrations of blood libel on churches, in paintings, stained glass windows, wood carvings and in medieval manuscripts all over Europe. Meanwhile, the blood libel continues to have currency in places such as Belarus, the Arab world and, of course, on the Internet.

    Jesus of Prague

    In Prague, the 15th-century Charles Bridge across the Vltava River connects Old Town to Prague Castle. Some 30 statues line its pedestrian-only walkway, but only one is likely to make Jews cringe – Jesus on the cross surrounded by the Hebrew words “kadosh, kadosh, kadosh, Adonai Tzva’ot” (holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts) from the Jewish prayer known as the Kedushah. The statue and inscription, whose origins are disputed, essentially appropriate Jewish liturgy to imply that Jews regard Jesus as God.

    [Actually, no. It’s from Holy Scripture and baked into the Divine Liturgy since Apostle James Adelphus was Bishop of the Jerusalem Church.

    In the ancient Greek Orthodox liturgies since the time of the Apostles, based on the ancient Hebrew Scripture and liturgy of the Jerusalem Temple, this phrase is derived from The Angelic Hymn, “Holy, Holy, Holy Lord of Sabaoth,” and is a standard hymn of the Eucharistic part of the Divine Liturgy in most of the Eastern Orthodox, Western Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and Eastern Catholic churches.

    The Western Catholic churches, some arrangements of the equivalent “Sanctus” use the phrase: “Lord, God of hosts [Sabaoth]” in the Communion part of the Divine Service.

    The Lord of Sab’aoth (YHWH-Tsebaoth), “the Lord”(“Adonai”) substituted to cover the sacred name of God, occurs in Romans 9:29; James 5:4. Furthermore, as used in the Bible: YHWH and Elohim occur with Sabaoth over 285 times. It is most frequently used in Jeremiah and Isaiah. YHWH-Tsebaoth is first used in 1 Samuel 1:3.

    YHWH Sabaoth in the Septuagint is transliterated as Kurios Sabaôth…the Lord of hosts (sabaôth: Gr. transliteration of Heb. “hosts”).

    So no, the the Czechs had no need to somehow borrow the phrase from the Jewish liturgy, it was rooted in the liturgical theology of the Ancient Church, which taught that the YHWH of the Old Testament was the Pre-Incarnate Christ who appeared to Moses and Israel.

    In the mouth and the mind of an ancient Hebrew in the Israelite “Ekklesia (Church) of the Wilderness” in the OT, YHWH-Tsebaoth was the leader and commander of the armies of the nation, who “went forth with them,” Psalms 44:9, and led them to certain victory over the worshippers of Baal Chemosh, Molech, Ashtaroth, and other false gods.

    It was Christ, the YHWH-Tsebaoth Incarnate, that the Jews crucified on the Cross and called His blood down on themselves “His blood be upon us and our children”. The Czech Christians reminded the Prague Jews of that every time they crossed the bridge and “to look upon Him whom they pierced”.

    It was not to mock the Jews, per se, but a visual apologia cast in monumental religious art calling them to accept Christ as their Messiah, and repentence. – Kj]

    Elias Backoffen, a Jewish community leader, was forced to pay for the gold-plated letters as a punishment in 1696 either for an actual or trumped-up blasphemy that may have been at the hands of a rival Jewish businessman. Explanatory plaques in English, Czech and Hebrew were added in 2009 after the city’s mayor was petitioned by a group of North American rabbis.

    Take a good look at the aleph in the word Tzva’ot – it’s backward. A secret signal to other Jews? No. The letter was removed by the Nazis during their occupation of Prague, and when the Czechs restored the letters after the war they made a mistake. And the vav in Adonai? It seems to have gone missing.

  78. KathJuliane November 6, 2022 @ 3:17 pm

    The Cancelation of Kyrie Irving by the ADL, NBA and Nike

    21st Century Wire | 6 November, 2022

    UK Column analyst Patrick Henningsen discusses the recent cancelation of professional basketball player Kyrie Irving over a tweet about a controversial documentary film entitled, “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America” which the Jewish lobby led by the Anti Defamation League (ADL) in America who quickly labeled as “antisemitic”, and by extension somehow ‘dangerous to the Jewish community’.

    Irving has since been hounded by the ADL, the corporate media, and summarily ‘canceled’ by his team the Brooklyn Nets, along with the NBA, Nike, and other organizations bent on destroying the reputation and career of this popular American athlete. All this and more (this program aired on Friday Nov 4, 2022). Watch:

  79. Mortichai November 6, 2022 @ 8:37 pm

    I discovered this video of my neighbor, Chaim Witz insulting Gentiles so I’ve decided to donate my house in Golan to a family of Palestinians.

    Currently with a band of Syrians traveling to Germany. Heard there were plenty of guest camps there.

  80. KathJuliane November 6, 2022 @ 9:33 pm

    AIPAC, an unregistered foreign agent of the Jewish state for over 60 years, posted this on their YouTube channel back in 2019.

    This isn’t a smear piece. This is AIPAC’s own video production of Jews bragging about lobbying every mainstream politician in America.

    Most foreign lobbying is forbidden. With Israel it’s the opposite. It’s status quo & you’re “anti-Semitic” if you say they control our country.


    “Say White people owned the slave ships, and you’re a hero.

    “Say Jewish people owned slave ships, and the NBA goes after the one Black man who wouldn’t cave to the vaccine.

    “What’s going on here?” ~ An0moly Twitter

  81. Citizenfitz November 6, 2022 @ 10:14 pm

    Colonel MacGregor tips his hand. 25:30 and following:

  82. KathJuliane November 6, 2022 @ 10:34 pm

    Something wicked this way comes… – Kj




    6 November 2022 by Larry Johnson

    I have come across another book that I recommend you get and read. It is Alex Krainer’s, Grand Deception: The Browder Hoax. I was floored by the information he presented in the chapter, The Enterprise. Krainer’s exposition of what happened to Russians in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union–the mass rape of a country by economic elites in the United States and Europe.

    Once you comprehend what the Russian people endured in terms of economic privation and the economic miracle that unfolded under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, you will appreciate that Putin is not a heartless thug clinging to power by using fear, intimidation and coercion.

    The horror described by Krainer is on par with the Holomodor experienced by Ukrainians at the hand of Stalin in the 1930s–an estimated 4 million Ukrainians starved to death because of Stalin’s policy while “Russia sustained between five and six million “surplus deaths” – deaths that couldn’t be explained by previous population trends.”

    The economic collapse and the ensuing hunger and unemployment explains why people like my friend, Andrei Martyanov, emigrated from Russia and became citizens of the United States and Canada. We are not talking about something that happened 100 years ago. This transpired between 1992 and 1999. Russia became a true shit hole.

    As I read Mr. Krainer’s excellent work, I began to wonder if the hell that the Russian people experienced is what awaits the people of Europe as their economies grind to a halt. Ditto for the United States. Here is the relevant portion of Krainer’s book that describes Russia’s fall into the abyss of hyperinflation and mass unemployment:

    “The transition program engineered by the American deep state and its Wall Street patrons was nothing short of catastrophic for Russia. The perfect storm of sudden price liberalization, drastic curtailment of government spending and bank credit, and opening of domestic markets to unrestricted foreign competition produced a toxic brew that devastated Russian economy, destroyed its currency, and plunged much of the population into poverty and hunger.

    “After 1992, Russian middle class saw their savings evaporate and their real wages halve – if they were fortunate enough to receive them at all.[109] Economic reforms rapidly destroyed the nation’s agricultural production and store shelves went almost empty. In 1992 the average Russian consumed 40% less than in 1991.[110]

    “By 1998 some 80% of Russian farms went bankrupt and the nation that was one of the world’s leading food producers suddenly became dependent on foreign aid. About 70,000 factories shut down and Russia produced 88% fewer tractors, 77% fewer washing machines, 77% less cotton fabric, 78% fewer TV-sets and so forth.[111]

    “In all, during the transition years, the nation’s Gross Domestic Product fell by 50%, which was even worse than during the World War II German occupation.[112]

    “A huge segment of the population became destitute. In 1989 two million Russians lived in poverty (on $4/day or less). By the mid-1990s, that number soared to 74 million according to World Bank figures.

    “In 1996, fully one in four Russians was living in conditions described as “desperate” poverty.[113] Alcoholism soared and suicide rates doubled making suicide the leading cause of death from external causes. Violent crime also doubled in the early 1990s and during the first six years of reforms, nearly 170 thousand people were murdered.

    “An acute health crisis emerged, resulting in epidemics of curable diseases like measles and diphtheria. Rates of cancer, heart disease and tuberculosis also soared to become the highest for any industrialized country in the world. [114]

    “Life expectancy for males plummeted to 57 years. At the same time abortions skyrocketed and birth rates collapsed: in Moscow they were as low as 8.2 per 1000.[115] In all, Russia’s death rates increased by 60% to a level only experienced by countries at war.[116]

    Western and Russian demographers agreed that from 1992 to 2000, Russia sustained between five and six million “surplus deaths” – deaths that couldn’t be explained by previous population trends.[117] That corresponds to between 3.4% and 4% of the total population of Russia.

    To put that number into perspective, consider that during the course of World War II, the United Kingdom lost 0.94% of its population, France lost 1.35%, China lost 1.89% and the U.S. lost 0.32%.[118] Aleksandr Rutskoy was in fact not exaggerating when he called the reforms program an “economic genocide.”

    Grand Deception: The Browder Hoax, by Alex Krainer

    Krainer’s account of Russia’s collapse is followed by an equally compelling chronicle of Russia’s ascent from the ashes and economic rebirth thanks to the policies enacted by Vladimir Putin.

    This is objective fact. It is not Russian propaganda. Western elites would do themselves a favor and read Alex Krainer’s detailed explanation of what the Russian people have experienced during the last 30 years.

    Those who refuse to learn the lessons of history are destined to repeat them.

  83. KathJuliane November 6, 2022 @ 10:36 pm

    Dear Hibernian,

    You may be interested in this side of the honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

    He’s a violin virtuoso.

    Fascinating documentary on Minister Farrakhan’s lifelong passion for the violin, and of how he was finally to realize his dream of playing Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto with a symphony orchestra for his 60th birthday in 1993.

  84. Hibernian November 6, 2022 @ 10:54 pm

    A lot of current memes from

    Including ones that are “Jewry” versus “Kanye — Ye — West” + “The Truth”

  85. Ted Gorsline November 7, 2022 @ 4:54 am

    Veterans Today, today, has a great story and video by Jonas Alexis and a historian named Veronica Clark.

    Clark’s video, further down the page, makes for great listening regarding the jews and freemasonry. She mentions things that I had never heard of, such as the fact that the ADL has been around since 1920. It wasn’t created as a reaction to the holohoax.

  86. The Englishman November 7, 2022 @ 10:39 am

    @Ted G.

    Following on from Jonas’s piece on Veronika “Clark” I came upon no less than a “Shield Maiden” all are sure to know, Carolyn Yeager.

    She is scathing towards Mark Weber and Veronika C.

    Who is right & who may be wrong, I know not, just interesting.

  87. KathJuliane November 7, 2022 @ 12:32 pm

    If somebody calls you a conspiracy theorist for saying Jews run America, ask them to explain how the ADL has more power than the president of the United States (Donald Trump), the wealthiest man in the world (Elon Musk), and the most famous celebrity in America (Kanye West) without it being “anti Semitic.” ~ Striker Unfiltered Telegram

  88. KathJuliane November 7, 2022 @ 12:46 pm

    Warning: Winter ‘Tripledemic’ Fear Campaign Incoming ~ Dr. Mercola

    Will You Survive the ‘Tripledemic’?
    Analysis by Dr. Joseph MercolaFact Checked

    November 07, 2022


    >According to mainstream media, hospitalizations for respiratory infections are on the rise and “experts” warn of a potential “tripledemic” this winter, as COVID, seasonal influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) are all in circulation

    >The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports a 1% increase in new admissions of patients with confirmed COVID-19. Maine — which has one of the nation’s highest COVID jab rates — has the most COVID hospitalizations. RSV cases are also unseasonably high

    >“Health experts” are now calling for voluntary indoor masking again, even though all the evidence garnered over the past three years confirms that face masks cannot prevent viral infection and spread

    >The first-ever RSV vaccines are now in the pipeline, directed at pregnant women, newborns and seniors. Some of them are based on mRNA technology
    No vaccine for RSV has ever been successfully developed before, because the vaccines had a persistent tendency to cause worse disease, a phenomenon known as antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE)

    Full story (must read):

  89. KathJuliane November 7, 2022 @ 12:57 pm

    Democrat cities likened to ‘decaying societies’

    Sky News Australia | 7 November 2022

    Author Douglas Murray says every “imaginable disorder of a decaying society” is visible in all Democrat-run cities in the United States.

    He said there is rampant homelessness, drug addiction and crime in Democrat cities.

    “Is there a single person who can honestly say if they live in a Democrat city that their lives are better today than they were a few years ago and that their city is better off than it was a few years ago?”, Mr Murray told Sky News host Rita Panahi.

    “I don’t think so – I think the silence is deafening.”

  90. Citizenfitz November 7, 2022 @ 1:19 pm

    Hitler was an excellent and painstaking draftsman – with a good eye for details. Though he clearly found architecture more interesting than people, his pastoral works shows nice sensibilities.

    As expected, the usual collection of jews and shabbos goyim go full tac trying to denigrate the talent of “The madman who tried to take over the World!”

  91. The Englishman November 7, 2022 @ 4:00 pm

    Classic, The Making of Legend.

    The ROTTEN BBC’s Simpson, sanctimonious prig as he is, was MAULED by the BEAR!

    Bookmark before it’s air-brushed from History.

  92. KathJuliane November 7, 2022 @ 5:41 pm

    More Blacks need to be aware that the ADL of B’nai B’rith was founded to defend a Jew pervert child rapist and murderer who tried to frame his innocent Black employee wrongly convicted of the crime, so the Jew wouldn’t have to face justice.

    Hiker Forest

    #TheNoticing Here’s how the ADL was founded.

  93. KathJuliane November 7, 2022 @ 7:33 pm

    Missouri SOS Ashcroft Says No to DOJ Monitoring of Local Polls

    Uncovered DC | 7 November 2022

    Cole County elections in Missouri were featured in a tweet from the Missouri Secretary of State, John Ashcroft, on Sunday.

    The Cole County clerk had received an email from DOJ officials on November 3 requesting information about election officials and polling locations so their “visits to each polling place” could “go smoothly.”

    Secretary of State Ashcroft pushed back on Sunday, stating it is “inappropriate for federal agents to violate the law by intimidating Missouri voters at the polls on Election Day.”

    Full story:


    Touché! – Kj

  94. Lugu November 7, 2022 @ 10:24 pm


    Putin is a jew? Whoa…I never knew that before. Quite shocking to be honest. Can someone confirm that?

  95. KathJuliane November 8, 2022 @ 12:51 am

    Dear Lugu,

    Putin is not a Jew. No one in his family was ever a Jew. No one in his ancestral rural village was a Jew. No Jews ever lived in or near his ancestral village and rural province which are to this day entirely Russian Orthodox Christians.

    There are no Jewish cemeteries anywhere close to the village, probably not for hundreds of miles from the area of Russia at the time his parents were born, about 90 miles northwest of Moscow. Jews never did any business there. There is a fairly modern Jewish cemetery northwest of the city limits of the regional capital of Tver adjacent to the Dmitrovo – Cherkassy cemetery. Turginovo is 50 miles due south of Tver, still very rural, and still no Jews.

    The first, and apparently only Tver Jewish community center was built in 1912 after West Russian Jews from the Pale of the Settlement were permitted to live in Russia proper.

    His mother and father were each from different rural settlements close to this town, both were baptized as infants into Russian Orthodoxy at the Church of the Protecting Veil in the village of Turginovo in 1911 according to regional records. His maternal and paternal grandparents are buried in the church cemetery in this town, along with other ancestors. This village today has a population of about 2500 people.

    Although Putin’s father later became a staunch Communist Party member, his mother quietly practiced her faith and after Putin was born in Leningrad, had him privately baptized into Orthodoxy in a Leningrad (now St Petersburg) church.

    Being of peasant serf stock attached to an old, prominent Russian noble estate, Putin’s family tree was traced back almost 300 years. Several times over the past 20 years, Putin has attended Nativity Liturgy at the village church. Putin is very clearly among kin folk standing in the congregation, the family resemblance of some of the parishioners is close.

    I did considerable research on this slander over ten years ago, and here’s a link to one of the times I commented on it.

    Dear Hibernian,

    Please stop spreading this slander around, and refrain from posting anything that falsely claims Putin is a Jew, including nitwits who insist that his mother’s Russian maiden name, Shelomova, is Jewish.

  96. Lugu November 8, 2022 @ 3:31 am


    What a relief, knowing Putin is not from the chosen tribe. Thank you for the clarification. God Bless you.

  97. KathJuliane November 8, 2022 @ 3:32 am

    Tucker Carlson

    Affirmative action is wrong. It’s totally immoral and unfair — and now, for the first time in years, Democrats are being forced to defend it in public.

  98. KathJuliane November 8, 2022 @ 4:26 am

    New Video from The American Mercury: Leo Frank Is Guilty

    by Philip St. Raymond | 30 September 2022

    WE ARE very pleased to present here a new American Mercury video based on the widely reprinted 2013 Mercury article by Bradford L. Huie, 100 Reasons Leo Frank Is Guilty, and using the audio book read by Miss Vanessa Neubauer as its basis.

    The article was written for our centenary retrospective of Mary Phagan’s 1913 murder. It provides in cinematic form an assessment of the Leo Frank case — perhaps the most amazing and intriguing murder mystery in American history — that simply cannot be found in the controlled media.


    The ADL was specifically formed to defend Leo Frank, who was the head of the Atlanta B’nai B’rith. After 109 years, and massive Jewish mobilization, bribes, extortions, tactics, overt censorship (including forcing to pull legal documents and newspaper reports) to “prove” Frank’s innocence as a victim of violent “anti-Semitism” and exonerate his crimes, and that he was railroaded in the court and convicted by White supremacists out of “Jew-hatred,” it galls the ADL, especially Jonathan Greenblatt that he hasn’t gotten this pervert Jew off the hook because Frank was convicted and sentenced entirely on the evidence “beyond a reasonable doubt” after a one month trial.

    ADL still conducts its campaign on the Jewish martyrdom narrative that Atlanta citizens had lynched an innocent Frank.

  99. Citizenfitz November 8, 2022 @ 9:18 am

    This just in at RT:

    “We need more Russian submarines. PLEASE PUTIN! MORE! This is a war to preserve CHRISTIANITY against the Pedophile JEWS. MORE BULAVAS!”

    So, RT has returned to its naming the jew ways? Well, before long it will once again revert to censoring/banning the jew namers. They’ve flip flopped on the jews multiple times.

    After a long hiatus, I recommenced posting there about a year ago. All went well for a few months. Lots of recs. But overnight that changed. I began racking up negs. Lots of negs. Then my comments started getting sniped. Then deleted. Then rejected.

    Maybe they sorted out that I’m a regular at RJN.

    Strange things are going on at RT. And in Russia.

    And the world.

  100. Citizenfitz November 8, 2022 @ 10:08 am

    I don’t consider Putin (being accused of) having jew blood damning, in se. Brother Nathanael is jewish after all. When jews sincerely come around to Christ good things will happen.

    I’m more concerned about Putin acting like all the Western pols – coddling the jews. The photo ops with the lubavitchers. Lots of those. The obligatory hajj to the Wailing Wall. The “Putin’s rabbi” guy.

    And I have to wonder about his bizarre, slow motion prosecution of the Ukraine war. Something is happening offstage over there. Is it due to some influence jews wield on him? Only Putin knows for certain.

    But then isn’t that just like the jews? When all else fails accuse someone of being a jew.

    In any event it’s time Putin and Lavrov stopped babbling about “our western partners” and realize they’re in a bona fide WAR. Not an SMO. And not WWI.

    Anyway, we’ll know more in a year. If we’re still alive.

  101. KathJuliane November 8, 2022 @ 12:25 pm

    Twitter Censorship: EU Warns Elon Musk Not to Restore Free Speech Protections After Calls from Clinton and Other Democratic Leaders

    By Jonathan Turley

    Global Research, November 07, 2022

    We have been discussing how Democratic leaders like Hillary Clinton called on foreign companies to pass censorship laws to prevent Elon Musk from restoring free speech protections on Twitter.

    The EU has responded aggressively to warn Musk not to allow greater free speech or face crippling fines and even potential criminal enforcement. After years of using censorship-by-surrogates in social media companies, Democratic leaders seem to have rediscovered good old-fashioned state censorship.

    Stay Calm and Censor On: Elon Musk Summoned to Parliament to Answer for His Pledge to Restore Free Speech (Turley)

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) declared Musk’s pledge to restore free speech values on social media as threatening Democracy itself. She has promised that “there are going to be rules” to block such changes. She is not alone. Former President Obama has declared “regulation has to be part of the answer” to disinformation.

    For her part, Hillary Clinton is looking to Europe to fill the vacuum and called upon her European counterparts to pass a massive censorship law to “bolster global democracy before it’s too late.”

    New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern recently repeated this call for global censorship at the United Nations to the applause of diplomats and media alike.

    EU censors have assured Democratic leaders that they will not allow free speech to break out on Twitter regardless of the wishes of its owner and customers.

    One of the most anti-free speech figures in the West, EU’s Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton has been raising the alarm that Twitter users might be able to read uncensored material or hear unauthorized views.

    Breton himself threatened that Twitter must “fly by [the European Union’s] rules” in censoring views deemed misleading or harmful by EU bureaucrats.

    Breton has been moving publicly to warn Musk not to try to reintroduce protections that go beyond the tolerance of the EU for free speech. Musk is planning to meet with the EU censors and has conceded that he may not be able resist such mandatory censorship rules.

    The hope of leaders like Clinton is the anti-free speech measure recently passed by EU countries, the Digital Services Act. The DSA contains mandatory “disinformation” rules for censoring “harmful” thoughts or views.

    Breton has made no secret that he views free speech as a danger coming from the United States that needs to be walled off from the Internet. He previously declared that, with the DSA, the EU is now able to prevent the Internet from again becoming a place for largely unregulated free speech, which he referred to as the “Wild West” period of the Internet.

    It is a telling reference because the EU views free speech itself as an existential danger. They reject the notion of free speech as its own protection where good speech can overcome bad speech. That is viewed as the “Wild West.”

    Many of us are far more fearful of global censors than some whack job spewing hateful thoughts from his basement. That is why I have described myself as an Internet Originalist:

    The alternative is “internet originalism” — no censorship. If social media companies returned to their original roles, there would be no slippery slope of political bias or opportunism; they would assume the same status as telephone companies. We do not need companies to protect us from harmful or “misleading” thoughts. The solution to bad speech is more speech, not approved speech.

    If Pelosi demanded that Verizon or Sprint interrupt calls to stop people saying false or misleading things, the public would be outraged. Twitter serves the same communicative function between consenting parties; it simply allows thousands of people to participate in such digital exchanges.

    Those people do not sign up to exchange thoughts only to have Dorsey or some other internet overlords monitor their conversations and “protect” them from errant or harmful thoughts.

    The danger of the rising levels of censorship is far greater than the dangers of such absurd claims of the law or science — or in this case both. What we can do is to maximize the free discourse and expression on the Internet to allow free speech itself to be the ultimate disinfectant of disinformation.

  102. KathJuliane November 8, 2022 @ 12:26 pm

    The Ever Widening War
    Paul Craig Roberts | November 8, 2022

    Poland to expand US air base – Defense Minister

    The base expansion comes as part of an agreement securing a “permanent” US presence in Poland, the Defense Ministry says

    Head of US Nuclear Forces Claims Ukraine ‘Just a Warmup’ for Very Long Struggle With Russia, China

  103. KathJuliane November 8, 2022 @ 3:47 pm

    Is anyone surprised? Officials may need weeks after election to determine how much they need to cheat.

    It’s time to return to old fashioned paper ballots and transparent ballot boxes set up in old fashioned precincts with poll watchers and precinct captains and poll worker teams.

    Many countries, including the Russian Federation, can get their manual ballot votes tabulated by hand within a day. The voting districts tabulate the vote, and then call it in to whatever authority is next on the hierarchy or perhaps digitally enter the vote directly into a computer – Kj


    Midterm Election CHAOS: Malfunctioning Tabulators Spreading Like a Machine Pandemic

    Still, Americans Turn Up In Massive Numbers Desperate To Get Their Votes Counted

    Celia Farber
    43 min ago

    Tom Bevan
    My parents live in Mesa, just heard they went to two different locations and were unable to vote because the machines weren’t working.

    Rich Baris “The People’s Pundit”

    This started with a single location. Then a few. Now, it’s sounding as if this is widespread and very serious.
    2:41 PM ∙ Nov 8, 2022

    Prediction from Alex Jones and others in alternative media: After they cheat, stall, take it to the courts, after you get MAD, they will stage a massive false flag and blame it on US.

    “Us” means not only conservatives, it’s everybody who in any way shape or form is not of the Democratic/Globalist Stepford Cult.

    The kind of “dangerous” Americans Joe Biden attacked recently, to prepare your mind for the event that will be carried out by them, wearing plastic viking hats.

    Everything that happens is programmed, meaning nothing is allowed to “happen” anymore.

    Joe Biden is apparently somehow removed from all communication, there is a “lid” on him. (I’m not clear what that means, but I find it deeply anxiety-provoking. What does it mean? They’re up to something major.)

    ”My husband and I voted this morning at our rural NY firehall. Both of our ballots were rejected by the machine. Many of the ballots were being rejected. A neighbor said the same thing was happening in the next town over. Never had this problem before. The woman in charge said it was an issue with the ballots, something about then being printed wrong.”

    The Gateway Pundit reporting on election sabotage and craziness from all across the country.

    Benny Johnson
    Reports of Machines not working at Central Christian church in Mesa, Arizona now:

    What is going on in Arizona?

    Election Wizard

  104. The Dissipated Butternut (and his long-nosed friends) November 8, 2022 @ 3:51 pm

    14 large toads went to vote today.

    It didn’t matter.

  105. Citizenfitz November 8, 2022 @ 7:05 pm

    Someone hit the nail on the head:

    “If you want to know who rules over you… find out who controls the teleprompter.”

  106. van helsing November 9, 2022 @ 6:40 am

    This guy Andrew Anglin has as much courage as our own Brother Nathanael…

    Jews Give Kyrie Six Demands to Meet Before They Will Give Him His Career Back

    Andrew Anglin November 8, 2022

    These demands against NBA star Kyrie Irving are getting to the point of slapstick comedy. Jews are so solidly in control of our society that they can make any demand they want to make against anyone, and if you don’t meet the demands they will destroy your life.

    Kyrie is currently “suspended” from the NBA, and the Jews have issued a list of six demands against him:

    Remember: all Kyrie did was post a video promoting his religion, which is some kind of Black Hebrew Israelite thing that says that black people are the real Jews. Earlier in this saga, he agreed to pay a $500,000 fine for watching a film he was not allowed to watch and to meet with the Jews and grovel. Then he did a press conference and said some version of “I can’t be anti-Semitic actually because black people are Jews also.” The Jews then said that the money was not enough, the apology was no longer valid, and he was suspended for five games.

    At this point, if Kyrie had any spine, he would just drop out and quit the NBA. It is too much to have these Jews forcing you to get down on your knees and grovel. No man should ever be subjected to this kind of humiliation.

    LeBron James went out on social media and said he was going to kill white cops, and no one said anything. Frankly, I think LeBron should be allowed to say that. Who cares? The problem is this situation where the Jews claim that white people control everything, but you are allowed to abuse white people while being prevented from watching movies the Jews tell you you’re not allowed to watch.

    Rich celebrities being 100% controlled by the Jews proves that Jews do in fact have power. No one can debate that at this point. It doesn’t make any sense to say that Jews don’t have power. What we need to discuss now is how the Jews use that power, and we can see now that they use it to force people to be submissive to them, and to prevent anyone from questioning them.

    The people of this country have to get the Jew knee off of our necks. We can’t live like this indefinitely. It is not feasible to have these Jews in charge of everything and to have them completely above any form of criticism. The rulers of any society have to be subject to criticism, or they are going to abuse you. We are being abused by these Jews. Both black people and white people are being forced into submission, and being taken advantage of by the Jews.

    It’s time to have a difficult conversation about Jewish supremacy. If the Jews decide they don’t want to be a part of that conversation, that is fine, but the rest of us need to discuss what is going on, and whether or not we are comfortable allowing Jews to control us indefinitely.

  107. KathJuliane November 9, 2022 @ 7:21 am

    A Hard No on Pandemic Amnesty

    Yes, there will need to be some forgiveness, but there should be no hasty forgetting of the Covid debacle

    Janice Fiamengo
    Nov 6

    There has already been a robust response to Emily Oster’s flimsy Atlantic piece, “Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty,” in which the Economics professor counsels forgetting of Covid decisions: “Let’s acknowledge that we made complicated choices in the face of deep uncertainty, and then try to work together to build back and move forward.”

    Oster is careful not to specify which “we” made the choices that turned out worst—the lengthy school closures that harmed young people’s learning and well-being, the forced shuttering of small businesses that led to bankruptcies and associated devastation, the border stoppages that caused severe economic disruption while doing nothing to end the pandemic, the mass firings of unvaccinated workers long after it was known that vaccination did not prevent Covid transmission—and she isn’t willing to forgive all who made, in her estimation, “wildly irresponsible claims.”

    Here she’s replaying the Democratic fantasy that President Trump advised drinking or injecting bleach to cure Covid, “reminding” us that “the public health community had to spend a lot of time and resources urging Americans not to.” What she remembers wasn’t true—see Trump’s actual words here—which makes it doubly difficult to take seriously her “build back and move forward” mantra.

    As many responses to Oster have made clear, it also isn’t true that “deep uncertainty” prevailed during the spring and summer of 2020—and later—when so many damaging edicts were enacted. As Jeffrey Tucker shows, it was known by February 2020 that the world was dealing with a virus that primarily endangered the elderly and the ill, and that might responsibly have been dealt with through “focused protection,” as Jay Bhattacharya advised in March, and as he and the co-authors of the Great Barrington Declaration later elaborated.

    If only “the public health community” had spent time and energy not mocking Trump but listening to independent scientists and whistleblowers (rather than censoring, silencing, and professionally destroying them), we could well have avoided some of the disasters that occurred, including the long-term suspension of our civil rights and flagrant violations of the Nuremberg Code.

    It’s hard to credit Oster’s conviction that most officials who acted “mistakenly” did so “in earnest for the good of society.” Most of us have seen, by now, videos showing public health officials’ strange backflips about the efficacy of masking, and we know that many told lies about the lethality of the virus to gin up fear and compliance. Alas, investigating their oft-shifting claims and hurtful decisions would be so complicated and politically fraught as to make it highly unlikely.

    Equally as unthinkable, perhaps, is addressing the effective mobilization of citizens to accept and even champion the authoritarian measures, as happened so notably in my home country of Canada. But I believe this must be undertaken.

    Full story:

  108. KathJuliane November 9, 2022 @ 7:46 am

    Worth watching!

    I’ve been following the Lion’s Den political group for the past couple of weeks. These young, organized, disciplined resistance fighters are becoming an actual force, taking the war to the Jews, attacking IDF, besieging the Jewish settlers, in a growing armed rebellion. – Kj


    What is the Lions’ Den and Why Now: ‘The Palestinian View’ – with Ramzy Baroud (VIDEO)

    November 4, 2022

    In his latest episode of ‘The Palestinian View’, Ramzy Baroud discusses the political context that led to the formation of the Lions’ Den group in Nablus, leading to a growing armed rebellion throughout the West Bank.

    Baroud also touches on the issue of political transition in Palestine and the struggle for representation.

  109. KathJuliane November 9, 2022 @ 11:20 am

    A Marine Widow Writes To Say No One Should Be Enlisting In The Military Of A Government That Hates Us


    Re: A Military Reader Notes War On Whites At Association Of The U.S. Army Bazaar

    From: Margaret [Email her]

    I am a vet and the widow of a Marine who died on active duty. I now believe that no white, Christian man or woman should fight for this country. Our government hates us.

    The latest example: Feds Paid Room Service, Laundry, for Illegals in Hotels, by Brian Pfail, NewsMax, November 6, 2022.


    The Homeland Security Department put illegal immigrant families in hotels, guaranteeing five-start treatment with laundry service, mattress choices, and security, all on the taxpayers’ dime.

  110. KathJuliane November 9, 2022 @ 2:19 pm

    Red State Secession Substack

    9 November 2022

    Secession is Constitutional
    Guest post by Scott Winston Dragland

    The federal government cannot be reformed. It cannot be restored to its constitutional boundaries. Attempts to do so are doomed to failure. The idea that the federal government can be redeemed is a well-intentioned delusion.

    If anyone could do it, President Trump was the man to do it—but the deep state resisted him every step of the way, and he was ousted from the Oval Office via a rigged election. Conservative states have a choice: subservience and submission to a corrupt federal regime, or peaceful, lawful secession.

    Here are the main reasons why secession is constitutional:

    >The Declaration of Independence asserts that “When a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce [mankind] under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government and to provide new Guards for their future Security.” Who can deny that the federal government has engaged in “a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations”?

    >The Constitution is a contract between free states, each “considered as a sovereign body, independent of all others, and only to be bound by its own voluntary act,” to quote James Madison in Federalist No. 39. To repudiate this principle is to endorse a Union held together by coercion.

    >The right of secession is an attribute of state sovereignty. The original thirteen states exercised this right when they seceded from the British Empire as states, and again when they seceded from the Articles of Confederation as states.

    The states never surrendered this right; therefore, they still possess it. Because all states are equally sovereign, the states which acceded to the Union after the ratification of the Constitution also retain the right of secession.

    >The Tenth Amendment provides: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.” The Constitution does not prohibit secession. In accordance with the Tenth Amendment, the states therefore reserve this right.

    >The Civil War did not settle the issue of secession. Military conquest cannot settle an issue of constitutional law any more than a sledgehammer can write a book.

    >Article VII of the Constitution provides that “The Ratification of the Conventions of nine States, shall be sufficient for the Establishment of this Constitution between the States so ratifying the Same.”

    In fact, the Constitution went into effect, in March 1789, with the ratification of only eleven States. North Carolina was outside of the Union for eight months after the Constitution had gone into effect, and Rhode Island was outside the Union for fourteen months.

    This means that the Constitution itself furnished a precedent for states which had previously been part of the Union to have a legal existence outside of the Union.

    >What about Texas v. White (1869)? This case was an appeal to a moot legal document. In its decision, the Supreme Court invoked Article XIII of the Articles of Confederation, which provided that “the articles of this confederation shall be inviolably observed by every State, and the Union shall be perpetual.”

    The Court inferred from this clause that Texas’s ordinance of secession in 1861 was “utterly without operation in law.” The glaring problem with the Court’s logic is that the Articles of Confederation ceased to be law in 1789.

    In that same year, North Carolina and Rhode Island ceased to be members of the Union, because they had not yet ratified the U.S. Constitution. Hence, the Union was no longer a “perpetual Union”—neither in law, nor in fact. Texas seceded from the United States seventy-two years after the doctrine of the perpetual Union had become legally moot.

    Imagine this scenario. Thirteen partners hire an agent to represent them. They draw up a contract specifying the obligations and limitations of their agent. As time goes by, more partners join the partnership under the same contract. Eventually, there are fifty partners and one agent.

    The agent becomes so arrogant that he acts without the consent of the partners who hired him in the first place. He violates the contract repeatedly, to the detriment of his employers, by assuming powers that the contract never vested in him, and by ignoring obligations that the contract assigned to him.

    Most of the employers are unhappy with their agent. Can they withdraw from the partnership that they voluntarily acceded to? Perhaps not, if they had waived their right to leave. But, after an exhaustive search of the archives, it becomes clear that they never waived their right to leave, at any point.

    There is not a single valid reason why states cannot legally leave the Union.

    Scott Winston Dragland is an Army veteran, West Point graduate, and the author of Let My People Go: Why Texas Must Regain Its Independence. His website is here; he can be reached at scott [at]

    Editor’s addendum:
    Additional articles on this topic:

  111. Steve November 9, 2022 @ 3:27 pm

    God Bless Russia and the East Bloc Nations: The Only Bulwark Against the Satanic New World Order

    First hand account on how how the Russian army treats humanity:

    Here is the American approach to humanity:

    “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.” Matthew 12:30

  112. Ted Gorsline November 10, 2022 @ 2:53 am

    There is no riddle to jewish success. It’s based in corruption.

    A blogger on Bitchute just released election results from Jew York state.

    Somebody is using the voting machines to cut and paste the results. Just about every county has the exact same number of voters and the exact same results.

    There seem to have been only two or maybe three sets of results for the dozens of counties in the state.

    George Soros’s Dominion voting machines are still at work.

  113. The Englishman November 10, 2022 @ 5:47 am

    Is there is anything I find more sickening than watching U.K. Sky television news, sometimes nightly, “War in Ukraine”? – No.

    Led by, Deborah Haynes, Mark Austin, (these are the worst Putin Haters) + the military propagandists some lying Air Chief Marshall, & some creep of a military professor telling the mindless populace how badly Russia is losing.

    I reckon such people in all likelihood are gay, trannie, atheistic lefties.

    There has to be something not right about anyone challenging the Holy Russian Morale.


    The joutube video, “The Spiders Web” at the end of AA’s article is peppered with adverts.

    Logging into joutube first, then search “The Spiders Web” seems to reduce the continuous adverts, here in UK.

    British Hegemony is long dead, soon to follow, Amerika.

    Above link “500 server error”

    U.K.’s. Only link


  114. KathJuliane November 10, 2022 @ 9:51 am

    50 minutes long, but McGovern is worth listening to. He’s studied Russia since the 1960s. – Kj


    Mid-Terms 2022 | Ukraine fears election impact | Surovikin’s Kherson plan | Scott Ritter Show

    9 November, 2022

    On episode 12 of the show, we are joined by Ray McGovern, a former Central Intelligence Agency officer and co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS).

    He holds an M.A. in Russian Studies from Fordham University, a certificate in Theological Studies from Georgetown University, and is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program.


    Forget the Sky News interviewer trying to gaslight as usual the Anglo-American audience with his loaded grilling of Ambassador to London Kelin, or that it seems like some of the ambassador’s answers were cut off by Sky News.

    Even so, Ambassador Kelin’s responses are what count. – Kj


    Russian Ambassador: UK ‘too deep’ in Ukraine war

    Russian Ambassador Andrei Kelin has told Sky News that the UK is “too deep” in the Ukraine war.

    Mr Kelin also admitted that Russian President Vladimir Putin is looking for a way out of the conflict.

    Sky News | 3 November, 2022


    Some of AA’s blog articles are uploaded to Unz Review:

  115. KathJuliane November 10, 2022 @ 10:13 am

    Napolitano/McGregor: This is a red line in Ukraine

    Nov 8, 2022

    United States and worldwide Geopolitics analysis.

    Russia Ukraine conflict latest news update with Colonel Douglas Macgregor.

    Russia foils a terrorist attack in Kherson as Putin withdraws troops | Redacted with Clayton Morris

    At least nine people have been detained in the Kherson region on charges of attempted terrorist attacks. These men were part of the Ukrainian SBU, a known terrorist organization, according to the U.S. State Department. Is this normal warfare or something darker?

    We speak to independent journalist George Eliason about it.


    Real people are dying and suffering for Hollywood/Ukrainian Productions propaganda – Kj

    PROOF that this is a ALL a Hollywood production | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

    Actor Sean Penn gave Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky his Oscar trophy as a keepsake to hold on to during the war. So much symbolism here to unpack and we’re going to try. It seems to highlight Zelensky’s past as an actor rather than a politician. As in “this is something you once aspired to.” Is that intended?

    It also seems to reinforce the notion that American support for this war is based on propaganda. Is that intended?

    You can be inspired by this act if you choose. That is clearly the aim. Or you can ask: What am I being asked to feel here? What is meant by juxtaposing war with celebrity that might serve to minimize the real human cost of the war?”

  116. KathJuliane November 10, 2022 @ 12:06 pm

    From behind the Paywall.

    The Yiden of ADL are getting into “impact investment” funds to financially leverage (extort) politics, institutions, and corporations. Just another chink in the fortress of the Global Pharisee Empire.

    Jonathan Greenblatt is openly admitting to a jewish conspiracy to manipulate global corporations. – Kj


    ADL will take over a Jewish investment fund to fight BDS

    The JLens Investor Network promotes socially responsible investing in the Jewish community while aggressively advocating for Israel

    The Forward

    10 November 2022

    By Arno Rosenfeld
    November 10, 2022

    The Anti-Defamation League is acquiring JLens Investor Network, a nonprofit that offers socially conscious investment funds for Jewish organizations, to prevent concerns over Israeli human rights abuses from curtailing investments in the country.

    Jewish establishment organizations including the ADL and JLens have recently spoken out against companies like Ben & Jerry’s and Morningstar, the financial services giant, that they believe have held Israel to an unfair standard.

    “It’s time for the Jewish community to take a seat at the table [pig trough – Kj] to use our power as institutional investors to ensure corporations are aligned with our values, and don’t fall for antisemitic pressures,” Jonathan Greenblatt, the ADL’s director, said in a statement.

    Greenblatt said that “impact investing” — which considers environmental and social factors alongside financial returns — was “the latest frontier in the fight against antisemitism.”

    Impact investing, also known as ESG, which refers to environmental, social and governance investing, is a growing sector that encompasses more than $40 trillion in investments. Activists, including Jewish organizations like Dayenu, are increasingly seeking to convince investors that they should prioritize issues such as like climate change.

    While Julie Hammerman, JLens founding director, said she created the organization to promote socially conscious investing within the Jewish community, the ADL press release announcing its acquisition focused primarily on JLens’ ability to fight any investment decisions that would have a detrimental impact on Israel.

    Hammerman said JLens, which manages nearly $200 million in assets for Jewish foundations and philanthropists, would continue to focus on its six priority areas: coexistence, social issues, workers rights, the environment, ethical business practices and support for Israel.

    “We very much try to share our work pretty evenly across those six values,” Hammerman said in an interview. “But obviously the BDS, the Israel delegitimization, the antisemitism, is a concern.”

    Protecting Israel

    JLens takes an expansive view of BDS, which refers to the boycott movement targeting Israel. The official campaign calls for targeted boycotts of Israel with a list of demands that would effectively end the country’s status as a Jewish state. But Hammerman has said her organization’s priority is ensuring that companies invest in Israel.

    “Our biggest concern is actually not divestment, but avoidance — companies avoiding future ties to Israel because it’s too controversial,” Hammerman told the Forward in 2016.

    Companies that are active in Israel also often come under fire for seeking to make a distinction between their operations within the country’s pre-1967 borders and inside the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

    JLens helped lead the campaign against Morningstar, a firm that rates companies for investors, after it acquired a socially responsible investment firm that had helped a European pension fund divest from Israeli banks that funded construction projects in West Bank settlements. The company protested that, on average, it rated Israeli companies as a stronger investment than non-Israeli companies.

    The ADL cited its work with Unilever, Ben & Jerry’s parent company, to stop the ice cream company from ending sales in the West Bank while continuing to operate in Israel as an example of fighting antisemitism. It also cited its success in pressuring Airbnb, the lodging platform, to continue offering listings in Jewish settlements.

    “What they’re saying is you can’t have ESG at all – because it risks Israeli companies being caught inside of it and that’s intolerable – or you’re going to have to reimagine ESG so it doesn’t catch Israeli companies,” Lara Friedman, president of the Foundation for Middle East Peace, which tracks advocacy aimed at Palestinian activism.

    But Hammerman said companies and investors could be critical of Israel so long as they weren’t using a double standard.

    “Israel should be run through the same human rights lens as every other country and that’s not the case right now,” she said. “Israel is singled-out and isolated and focused on more than any other country.”

    A bigger platform

    Scott Shay, a banker who has been active in the campaign against Morningstar, praised the incorporation of JLens into the ADL and said it would help major investors take Jewish concerns more seriously.

    “It’s easier for the ADL to get the attention of the Vanguards, Fidelities, State Streets of the world,” said Shay, who is chairman of Signature Bank, which has close ties to the Trump family.

    There has been mounting conservative pushback against impact investing, including a recent decision by Gov. Ron DeSantis to ban Florida’s pension funds from using the strategy. But Shay said that the Jewish community should embrace values-based investments so long as it doesn’t hurt Israel.

    “ESG is important and critical,” Shay said. “I don’t think it should be infected or infiltrated with political agendas though — and that’s what BDS proponents were trying to do,” he said.

    Hammerman said that JLens, which was founded in 2012, would continue to operate as a standalone entity under the ADL’s umbrella. But she hopes that ADL will be able to expand the impact of its work.

    For example, Hammerman said that while JLens currently only works with large investors, it wants to create a fund that retail investors could buy into for as little as $1,000 and hopes that the ADL — which has more than $200 million in assets — can use its resources to launch such a product.

    “There is no other values-based, or ESG, fund that is outwardly opposed to BDS and is combating antisemitism and investing through a Jewish lens,” Hammerman said. “And that’s a shame.”

    Several major Jewish organizations, including the American Jewish Committee and Jewish Federations of North America, submitted comments to the Securities and Exchange Commission this summer calling for regulations to prohibit anti-Israel bias in ESG investing. But beyond raising concerns over its potential to penalize Israel, they have generally maintained a neutral position on impact investing overall.

    Hammerman, though, took pains to emphasize that her organization did not just exist to advocate for Israel.

    “I definitely want to make sure you know we’re very pro-ESG,” she said.

  117. KathJuliane November 10, 2022 @ 12:13 pm


    After breaking ties with Kanye West over his antisemitism, Adidas announced it would rebrand and start selling shoes based on the rapper’s designs, known as Yeezys, without his approval or involvement.

    The company said its breakup with West, whose legal name is Ye, could cost it $247 million in lost revenue this year.

    Kanye West’s worst nightmare is coming true — Adidas plans to sell Yeezys under new branding

    Business Insider | 9 November 2022

    >On an earnings call Wednesday, Adidas said it plans to release more Yeezys under its own branding.

    >Adidas terminated its partnership with Ye in October, but it still owns the designs.

    >Ye previously objected to Adidas releasing shoes without his approval.

    Full story:

  118. Brother Nathanael November 10, 2022 @ 1:27 pm

    Dear All,

    Just got back from a Street Evangelism trip in San Francisco.

    Went extremely well!

    Will start doing announcements of upcoming Street trips.

    Hope to post a BRAND NEW VIDEO this Saturday eve.

    Stay tuned! +bn

    PS The Midterms were a drag.

  119. KathJuliane November 10, 2022 @ 1:47 pm

    Archaeologists Confirm Sodom and Gomorrah were Destroyed by Fire Falling from the Sky

    They were briefly exposed to temperatures of approximately 4000 to 12000 degrees Celsius, comparable to the temperature of the surface of the sun

    Global Orthodoxy


    They were briefly exposed to temperatures of approximately 4000 to 12000 degrees Celsius, comparable to the temperature of the surface of the sun

    A group of archeologists and other scientists say they have discovered strong evidence that the region of the “Middle Ghor,” where the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are believed to have existed, were in fact destroyed by a meteor that exploded in the sky above, raining down superheated matter and raising temperatures to thousands of degrees, a theory that matches the account of the cities’ destruction contained in the Old Testament Book of Genesis.

    According to the theory, the meteor exploded at low altitude with the force of a ten-megaton atomic bomb at an altitude of about one kilometer over the northeast corner of the Dead Sea and obliterated all of civilization in the 25-kilometer-wide circular plain that constitutes the “Middle Ghor.”

    The researchers presented preliminary findings on the subject at a meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research and have been developing the theory since at least 2015.

    They state that the evidence from radiocarbon dating indicates that a group of civilizations flourished in the area for over two millennia, until approximately 1700 BC, when the mud-brick walls of the buildings in the region simultaneously disappeared and only the stone foundations remained.

    At the same time, the pottery in the settlements was heated into glass in the space of milliseconds, according to the results of an analysis of the Zircon crystals formed in the process, indicating that they were briefly exposed to temperatures of approximately 4000 to 12000 degrees Celsius, comparable to the temperature of the surface of the sun.

    Genesis 19 also seems to describe the general devastation in the region, including the loss of plant life discovered by the archeologists, stating in verse 25, “And he destroyed these cities, and all the country about, all the inhabitants of the cities, and all things that spring from the earth.”

    “The country about” is the Hebrew word “hakkikkar,” which refers to a plain seated between mountains, or a valley. Archeologists believe this area to be the Middle Ghor.

    Genesis adds that Abraham “looked towards Sodom and Gomorrah, and the whole land of that country: and he saw the ashes rise up from the earth as the smoke of a furnace.”

    Genesis and other books of the Bible state that Sodom was destroyed in retribution for the sexual perversion of the inhabitants, particularly their desire for sexual relations with the same sex, which the Scripture calls an “abomination.”

    The New Testament Letter of Jude likens fires that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah to the “eternal fire” of hell.

    “Sodom and Gomorrah, and the neighboring cities…having given themselves to fornication, and going after other flesh, were made an example, suffering the punishment of eternal fire,” the letter states in chapter one.

    Full story:

  120. Ted Gorsline November 10, 2022 @ 3:24 pm

    Just saw on the internet that jew boy Oliver Stone’s real last name is Silverstein.

    I didn’t know that.

  121. KathJuliane November 10, 2022 @ 4:02 pm

    Russia Gets National Strategy Endorsing Traditional Values

    Global Orthodox

    Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law a Decree defining the basics of the national strategy, aimed at securing traditional values. This is a ground-breaking document, the first ever to address the issue of traditional values and the need for their protection.

    What exactly are the traditional values?

    The new strategy describes traditional values as “moral guidelines that form the worldview of Russian nationals, passed down from generation to generation”.

    These include:

    human rights and freedoms
    sense of duty
    serving the Motherland
    historic memory
    strong traditional family

    Traditional values are said to form the basis of society, with strong influence from main religions: Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism. They should help Russia remain a sovereign country and keep it united, given there are so many different ethnic and religious groups in its territory.

    Why would Russia need to protect its traditional values?

    There is a number of reasons for that. First, these values, that are supposed to keep the society sound and strong, have come under attack.

    Past decades saw new sets of values imported to Russia mostly from Western countries. Many of those ideas and ideals were alien to the Russian culture and some of them present a downright security risk, like terrorist and extremist ideas, but not only.

    There is also something like egocentric attitudes, permissiveness, LGBT ideology – which have been aggressively promoted over the past decades.

    The new law describes these trends as ‘destructive ideologies’, associated with a whole range of risks, like, for example:

    the destruction of traditional family
    devaluation of human life
    increased drug- and alcohol consumption
    anti-social and criminal behavior, etc.

    The LGBT ideology not only corrupts traditional family values, but also poses threat to the demographic situation in Russia. Attacks on traditional values both in Russia, and in the rest of the world, ruining societies and creating security risks, require urgent action.

    That said, the Russian government has come up with a new strategy, aimed at preserving and strengthening the system of traditional values. It is expected to offer protection against the spread of destructive ideologies.

    And last but not least, the new state policy is supposed to boost Russia’s role in the international community, positioning it as the guardian of traditional values. It is also expected to strengthen the rule of law and contribute to the country’s population growth.

    Says Pyotr Tolstoy, vice-speaker of the Russian parliament, the State Duma:

    “The Decree which has been signed by the head of the State is only the first step in the right direction. It comes as a guideline for all branches of power in achieving the most important goal – reviving the Russian civilization, Russian culture and the identity of our country. What is particularly important is that from now on, no one would claim, “anything is permitted”.

  122. KathJuliane November 10, 2022 @ 4:47 pm

    Buh-bye, Yoel, you gargoyle.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the tiny hat, or 18 inches lower.

    Keeping ultra-progressive leftie Democrat gatekeeper, conservative- and Christian-hating Yoel Roth beyond day 1 was a “dumb thing” that Twitter has done recently.

    Fortunately, this appears to be on of Musk’s changes of something that “doesn’t work” as Roth is sure on the way out now. – Kj


    More key Twitter execs just quit, including the head of trust and safety
    Taylor Hatmaker – 1h ago

    MSN News
    10 November 2022

    Hours after news broke that Twitter lost top cybersecurity executive Lea Kissner, another round of departures deepened the company’s ongoing crisis.

    Platformer’s Zoë Schiffer first reported that Twitter’s Head of Trust and Safety Yoel Roth quit the company Thursday after just two weeks under Musk’s leadership.

    Robin Wheeler, who was elevated to lead Twitter’s marketing and sales teams, has also reportedly left the company, according to Bloomberg.

    Full story:


    Former Israeli spies working in top jobs at Google, Facebook, and Microsoft

    If Americans Knew | 10 November 2022

    Israel’s Unit 8200 spying network trains some of its brightest young people to create and operate surveillance tools for the oppression of Palestinians, then sells these tools around the world. Hundreds of these individuals are now decision-makers in America’s largest corporations – determining, for example, censorship rules at Facebook, handling privacy issues for billions of Meta users, and creating security software for Microsoft.

    Big tech, in short, is in bed with Israel’s best-worst surveillance experts. (Even one Palestine solidarity group has a connection to Unit 8200 – see editor’s note at end of article.)
    by Alan MacLeod, reposted from Mintpress News, October 31, 2022

  123. Lugu November 10, 2022 @ 9:54 pm

    @Bro Nat

    “PS The Midterms were a drag.”

    Amen! I couldn’t agree more.

    Oh wow, so you just came back from Sodom and Gomorrah, and gloriously come back unscathed.

    Praise to Our Lord and Savior!! God Bless you, Brother.

  124. Mortichai November 11, 2022 @ 6:55 am

    Armistice Day.

    Eleventh hour of eleventh month of eleventh day. The end of the Great War 1918 which was started as a result of the revolutionary group, Young Bosnia, assisted by Black Hand, killing the Archduke of Austria-Hungary and, his wife.

    Around the same time Bolshevik Jews were murdering Ukrainians and Russians.

    Difficult to believe Jews were not involved in the killing of Ferdinand or the Treaty of Versailles which led to the ruin of Germany, election of Hitler, another World War and perpetual Jewish victimhood. So here we are today celebrating a day which should have never happened.

    Happy Armistice Day, mazel tov!

  125. KathJuliane November 11, 2022 @ 9:33 am

    Oregon counties vote ‘yes’ on secession from state: report

    MSN News

    Bob Brigham – 10 November 2022

    The secessionist movement by conservative Oregon counties seeking to join Idaho continues to gather steam.

    “Residents in Morrow County and Wheeler County have voted in favor of a measure related to moving the state line between Oregon and Idaho, joining nine previous eastern Oregon counties to vote in support of ‘Greater Idaho,” KPTV reported. “The Oregon Secretary of State website shows on Wednesday afternoon that of 800 votes in Wheeler County, 58% were in favor, and of the 3,837 votes in Morrow County, 60% were in favor.”

    Harney County joined the movement in the 2021 election, joining, “Lake, Grant, Baker, Malheur, Union, Sherman, and Jefferson

    According to the group pushing the idea, Citizens for Greater Idaho, there are now 11 counties that have supported the idea at the ballot box: Baker, Grant, Harney, Klamath, Jefferson, Lake, Malheur, Morrow, Sherman, Union, and Wheeler. The group says Wallowa will vote next.

    Embedded video:

    KPTV noted, “like many of the previous votes, the measures approved on Tuesday did not directly address moving the state border.”
    There are significant procedural steps to allow the proposal to occur.

    “For ‘Greater Idaho’ to become a reality, the state legislatures of both Oregon and Idaho would need to approve of the change, and that approval would then also need to be approved by Congress,” KPTV reported. “Additionally, Idaho’s state constitution in Article XVII sets the name and boundaries of the state, which would need a state-wide vote to amend.”

    Citizens for Greater Idaho leader Mike McCarter released a statement following the vote.

    “We call on the Legislature to let each half of the state go their separate ways in peace,” McCarter said. “If western Oregon doesn’t like the risk of being forced to accept the gubernatorial candidate it voted against, then it should simply stop holding our counties captive in this unhappy marriage. Actually, it’s not even as dramatic as a divorce because we’re not breaking up a family.”

  126. KathJuliane November 11, 2022 @ 10:27 am

    “I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.” – Will Rogers

    The Brew: Joe Biden Quotes Armenian Sex Traffickers, Announces Plans to Topple Democracy

    The Stream

    “Equipping Christians to Think Clearly About the Political, Economic and Moral Issues of Our Day.”

    Al Perotta | 11 November 2022

    That Didn’t Take Long

    On Tuesday, a leftist friend on Facebook bemoaned the pending “fascism” that would result from an election favoring the GOP.

    He was right. Less than 24 hours after polls closed, Joe Biden delivered. We’ll get to that in a second.

    >Joe Biden Speaks … But Only to Who He’s Allowed To
    On Wednesday, Biden rose from the basement for his first press conference since January. Biden pressers are like the solstice. They only happen twice a year.

    He faced a room full of 100 reporters. But, he quickly declared, he was only going to call on a specific ten from a list prepared by his handlers.

    “I have a list” he says. No ice cream if he strays.

    The man with the power to put his finger on the nuclear button cannot point his finger at the reporters of his own choosing.

    Why not? Maybe it’s because if was allowed to take hard questions, he’d make mental errors like confusing the Ukrainian city of Kherson with the the Iraqi city of Fallujah. Oh wait. He did that, despite the handpicked questions and friendly reporters.

    Russia may have pulled out of Kherson. Biden and Obama pulled the U.S. out of Fallujah and Iraq, midwifing the birth of ISIS.

    >Joe Biden on 75% of America Thinking He’s Taking the Country in the Wrong Direction
    Biden was asked what he would do differently in the wake of the midterms, knowing that 75% of the voters told pollsters the country is heading in the wrong direction.

    Joe Biden said he won’t change course. Oh, good. We could never have enough hair sniffing, high prices and concerns about hydrogen bombs.

    Even CNN said of Biden’s response, “That’s insulting people, and I don’t think that was a good answer.”

    Notice how Biden says people lack the information about what he is doing. Well, half the time we can’t understand what he is saying. But more to the point, he’s got the bully pulpit, a mainstream media eager to pitch his version of events and policies and a hotline to Big Tech to smother any information he doesn’t like. The problem isn’t that Americans don’t get his “information,” but that it’s all disproven by what we encounter in life.

    >Speaking of Targeting Information He Doesn’t Like
    Biden was fed a question about Elon Musk. I mean, of all the things to be asking Biden about the day after the most consequential mid-term in our lifetime, you’re gonna ask about the Tesla guy who just bought Twitter? He was asked if Musk is a national security threat. The canned response:

    “I think that Elon Musk’s cooperation and/or technical relationships with other countries is worthy of being looked at whether or not he is doing anything inappropriate.”

    Yeah, I’m going to put a target on the back of a guy who just took over a Big Tech giant promising to bring back free speech. And just happens to now have in his hands all the exchanges between my people and Twitter in regards to their censoring stories that hurt me. Sounds like a threat to me. “Nice company you just bought, Elon. A real shame if anything were to happen to it … .”

    Then there’s Biden’s hypocrisy when it comes to “relationships” with other countries.

    As Rep. James Comer pointed out on Fox News Thursday morning. “To say that [Musk] should be under investigation, but then that Congress should turn a blind eye to his family’s influence peddling with China, with Russia, with Ukraine, and yes, with the Middle East, is amazing.”

    Oh, for one reporter at the White House to ask directly, “Are you the Big Guy? If not, who is?”

    >‘Lots of Luck’ Investigating Biden Inc.
    Biden was asked about the potential of the GOP investigating Hunter Biden and Biden when/if they take over the House.

    Joe Biden sarcastically wished the GOP “Lots of luck.”

    The same thing the Armenian wished Liam Neeson in Taken. Boy was he in for a shock.

    Biden said Republicans’ efforts to scandalize the scandalous findings on Hunter’s laptop are “almost comedy.”

    Nobody’s laughing, Joe. Not when the documents show you sold access to the Vice Presidency like tickets to a fall carnival. Including access for our most dangerous enemy. Pocketing millions in the process.

    Also nobody’s laughing at the implications of Hunter’s inappropriate conduct with your own granddaughter, to say nothing of the hookers you helped pay for. The fact you find the GOP push on the laptop “almost comedy,” given what’s on that laptop, is sick, sick, sick.

    >His Impeachable Utterance
    Most ominously, when asked about Trump and 2024, Biden said, “We have to demonstrate that [Trump] will not take power if he does run. Making sure he, under the legitimate efforts of the Constitution, doesn’t become the next president again.”

    He didn’t say, “We’ll beat him again.” Which is what you say if you won a free and fair election, and your opponent is gearing up to run against you. He said he will use the full power of the United States government to prevent Trump from taking office. To prevent the American people from deciding for themselves if they want him back as president.

    In any other country, this strong-arming would be called just what it is. Fascism. A two-bit dictatorship.

    How in the world is using his office to stop his political opponent NOT impeachable? Trump makes a call and casually asks in passing what the Bidens were up to in Ukraine, and he gets impeached for abuse of power. Trump says: “Please look at the shenanigans in the swing states” and they impeach him and accuse him of insurrection.

    And “insurrection” is precisely what Biden is talking about with the seemingly nonsensical phrase “legitimate efforts of the Constitution.” He is saying out loud that his Department of Justice is planning to charge Trump with insurrection to use the 14th Amendment to disqualify Trump from office. (Or he is babbling further nonsense, which should immediately disqualify Biden from office. But that’s for another day.)

    Keep in mind that the J6 hearings, for all their bias and bluster, presented no evidence that Trump actually committed any insurrectionist act. The incessant use of the word “insurrection” was for the very purpose that Biden blurted out yesterday. To stop Trump at all costs and abuse the 14th Amendment to do it.

    If the GOP does take the House, it must immediately move to impeach Joe Biden. His FBI has already raided Trump’s home. His DOJ has already gobbled up whatever “evidence” was amassed by the bogus J6 committee. Yesterday, he made clear why.

    Americans will not be free to choose their own president.

    Forget Trump. If this stands, the nation falls.

    Yesterday’s vets from Yorktown to Normandy to Kabul are watching.

  127. KathJuliane November 11, 2022 @ 12:20 pm

    After Backlash, Jews Back Down and Forgive Kyrie

    Andrew Anglin | 11 November 2022

    It looked like this Jewish attack on Kyrie Irving was never going to end. However, the Jews actually have responded to the huge backlash, and are now backing down.

    This has never happened before.

    New York Post:

    NBC commissioner Adam Silver met with Kyrie Irving earlier this week, and revealed he has “no doubt that he’s not anti-Semitic.”

    “We had a direct and candid conversation,” Silver, who is Jewish, told The New York Times. “He’s someone I’ve known for a decade, and I’ve never heard an antisemitic word from him or, frankly, hate directed at any group.”

    Silver excoriated Irving after the Nets star refused to apologize for promoting an anti-Semitic movie on his social media channels.

    Irving is in the midst of a suspension of at least five games while he completes a list of actions assigned to him by the Nets in order to return to the team.

    They include: 1. Publicly apologize for the Oct. 27 social media links to the anti-Semitic film (which he did in the aftermath of the suspension); 2. Complete anti-hate classes (including donating $500,000); 3. Complete sensitivity training; 4. Complete anti-hate training focusing on anti-Semitism; 5. Meet with Jewish leaders (including the ADL); and 6. Meet with team owner Joe Tsai, whose texts he reportedly has ignored.

    “I feel that we got to the right outcome here in terms of his suspension,” Silver said, acknowledging criticism of how long it took to discipline Irving. “And in retrospect, we may have been able to get there faster. I accept that criticism. But I felt it was important to understand the context in which it was posted to understand what discipline was appropriate, not in any way to excuse it but to understand what discipline was appropriate.”

    The suspension has also received criticism from players. Last week, NBPA vice president Jaylen Brown said he expects the union to file an appeal, while Lakers star LeBron James criticized Irving’s behavior and the Nets punishment, calling it “excessive.”

    Silver said he and the Nets watched the movie at the center of the firestorm in order to understand Irving’s post.

    “Once we did that investigation, it was clear to me that this was indeed hate speech and we, together with the Brooklyn Nets, did respond,” Silver told the Times.

    The commissioner opted to keep details of the meeting between himself and the player, though he also added, “Whether or not he is antisemitic is not relevant to the damage caused by the posting of hateful content.”

    What damage, Jew?

    You’ve been promoting LeBron and others spewing hateful rhetoric against White people – which was much more extreme than anything Kyrie said.

    If speech causes “damage,” then that means you people are purposefully trying to damage Whites.

    Or do Jews have special feelings that are more easily damaged, because of all of their suffering? It seems like if that were true, their massive and unprecedented wealth could alleviate some of those hurt feelings, no?

    The Jews are not getting away with anything by backing down. We still have Ye, and Kyrie is not going to forget what happened to him here.

    Everyone sees what is happening here. The Jews are in control. They are the ones with the power. No one even denies that anymore. We’re now at the point where it’s time to discuss what Jews are doing with this power and if it is good.

  128. KathJuliane November 11, 2022 @ 1:05 pm

    The Jew will move heaven and earth to get the US to their dirty work, and go to war with the hated Iran, especially now that Bibsy Nutty-yahoo and the ultra Zionist Nationalist Jews have been re-elected to power. – Kj



    Popular Resistance

    By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG.
    November 7, 2022

    The United States seized the opportunity when protests over the death of Mahsa Amini started in Iran to push a narrative of mass dissent and repression in the country.

    This is a narrative the US used in the lead up to its invasion of Afghanistan. There are other signs and evidence of US interference in Iran to foment regime change and justify military intervention. The US Special Envoy to Iran said last week that the military option is on the table.

    Clearing the FOG speaks with Dr. Foad Izadi, a professor at the University of Tehran, about the demonstrations, how Western media are pushing misinformation and how the actions of the United States are counterproductive.

    He explains that if the United States actually cared about women in Iran, it would end its illegal sanctions.

    Full story:

  129. Tushies: a love story this ain't. November 11, 2022 @ 1:33 pm

    I love those “air-gapped” systems. They are just so deliciously secure.

    Election compruters. Heavens, they’re Tasty!

  130. Rabbi Glickman November 11, 2022 @ 1:34 pm

    I have something I want to speak with you people about: yesterday, as I was out putting fake QR codes on parking meters, I was slighted by a woman who gave me a dirty look. She didn’t actually say anything anti-Semitic, but I knew she was thinking it!

    I immediately called the JDL and explained what had happened. They sent their Rapid Response Team, who put a tail on her. When she returned to her car after work they took followed her and were able to get her name and address.

    My question is this: should we cause her credit problems… or just kill her?

  131. Ted Gorsline November 11, 2022 @ 2:26 pm

    Kevin Barrett has given us a breath of fresh air at VT. He has posted an interview with Dr. Ahmadinejad, former president of Iran, E Michael Jones and some others.

    What a breath of fresh air in a MSM world controlled by total Jewish BS and a–holes like Wolf Blitzer, Christian Anamwhore and Mr Bolton.

    Well done Kevin. Nice to get the alternative perspective.

  132. KathJuliane November 11, 2022 @ 3:04 pm

    November 11 – War on China and Russia retreat in Ukraine

    Redacted/Col. MacGregor

  133. Ted Gorsline November 11, 2022 @ 3:55 pm

    When I read on the internet that Oliver Stone’s father’s former last name is Silverstein it rang a bell. I have a good memory but its short so I kept thinking about it. The lightbulb suddenly went on and now I know why.

    Larry Silverstein was the owner of the world trade centre and the man who collected the double insurance on a small deposit becoming an overnight $ billionaire.

    I am pretty sure that Oliver Stone is a Mossad asset if not an active operative because of his close Hollywood relationship to Arnon Milchan who is probably Hollywood’s top Mossad agent. Milchan has admitted to working for the Mossad.

    I wonder if Oliver Stone, his son Sean Stone and Larry Silverstein are related?

    And if so did Oliver and Sean Stone also cash in on 9/11? Just speculation on my part but interesting nonetheless.

  134. KathJuliane November 11, 2022 @ 5:27 pm

    Russian MFA

    Russia’s Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov’s interview exclusively for Izvestia
    November 11, 2022

    Question: Recently, in the speeches of some American politicians, as well as in the media, a course was indirectly charted to call on Kiev to sit down at the negotiating table with Vladimir Putin. Does this indicate a certain transformation of approaches to building Russian-American relations on new basis?

    Anatoly Antonov: Your question has a positive grain in it. We, diplomats, especially those working here in Washington, would like the relations between Russia and the United States to be different. We would like to see them based on the principles of respecting national interests and equality.

    It seems to me that it would be naïve to ask about any transformations in the approach to build Russia-U.S. relations relying exclusively on media leaks. Our ties are in deep crisis, with no light at the end of the tunnel so far.

    Decision-makers in Washington still believe in the necessity to continue the course of economic sanctions and political pressure. According to their intentions, the final goal is to weaken Russia so that it is incapable of defending its rights on the world stage. By the way, to that end the United States’ efforts are aimed at expelling us from multilateral mechanisms and institutions.

    On November 9, the President of the United States said bluntly that the results of the midterm elections in America would have no impact on the policy towards Russia and Ukraine.

    Discussions on future allocations of money to Kiev might prove to be more challenging due to the shift of balance in the lower chamber of Congress. The administration will account more for government funds. However, there will be no fundamental change. There is a bipartisan consensus that it is important to use Ukraine as a tool against Russia.

    The way we see it, the Americans could finish the conflict, if they really wanted to do so, simply by finger snapping. Kiev which lost its sovereignty long time ago would not dare to disobey Washington’s directives. However, we do not see it happening. Instead, the Unites States continues to provoke Zelensky to make hawkish claims and increase military operations.

    We have repeatedly warned Americans about the fallacy of pumping Ukraine with weapons. We have talked about the danger of the weapons’ getting into the hands of non-state actors or, to put it simply, terrorists and criminals.

    Everyone remembers the footage when automatic rifles were distributed freely in the streets of Kiev. I think a day will come when Washington faces responsibility for spreading man-portable air-defense systems in Europe as well as where these weapons will end up.

    We strongly believe that drawing the United States further into the conflict on Ukrainian soil by supplying weapons, sending mercenaries and instructors contradicts US national interests. It leads Russian-American relations to a dead end from where it will be very difficult for all of us to find a way out.

    The statements, made by Kiev authorities on November 10 about the desire and aspiration of Ukraine to become a NATO member and continue hostilities, are clear evidence that they have war on their mind and that they are not ready to sit at the negotiating table. However, we have repeatedly announced about the possibility of talks.

    We call on politicians in Washington to stop instead of rocking the boat and give clear instructions to their wards in Kiev about the catastrophic consequences of a military confrontation with Russia.

    Question: How important is the topic of Ukraine in reality for the American establishment and does it worry the rest of society?

    Anatoly Antonov: The Ukrainian issue was not the main one during the midterm elections. This topic is of interest only to some political circles and representatives of the military-industrial complex, which profits from arms deliveries to Europe and Ukraine in particular.

    This conclusion is confirmed by a recent visit of Russian diplomats to California. Let me emphasize that the farther away from Washington, the less Russophobia. Only reprimands from the capital stop the local authorities from continuing their mutually beneficial contacts with Russian representatives.

    The Ukrainian issue is viewed only in the context of relations between the two great powers regarding the future of the world order. We do not know a single person among ordinary Americans who would be happy about the poor state of Russian-American relations. We were asked much more often the following question: what should be done to restore ties between Moscow and Washington?

    I want to point out that a poor understanding of where Ukraine is located can be still traced during my conversations with some politicians. It is absolutely incomprehensible why local leaders allow themselves to threaten Russia due to the fact that our country defends its national interests.

    We have repeatedly tried to convey to the world community that the current problems are not largely connected with Ukraine per se, but with the world order that was imposed on us after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    Russia will never put up with a situation when new threats are multiplying along the perimeter of our borders while our security is being weakened. All we want is to live peacefully, develop our economy and political system.

    Russia does not impose its values on anyone and would like reciprocity on that issue. We have a unique culture, history, customs as well as a huge number of nationalities, talented people. All of these are our wealth. And we are ready to go on fighting for it all.

    Ukraine in the current conditions has been used by the collective West as an instrument to fight against our country as a great power with a long history. The desire to turn us into a third-rate state, and even better – to dismember our country so that a dozen principalities emerge in its space – is obvious.

    It is no coincidence and nobody in the West hides this fact that a vast number of mercenaries and criminals of various types have accumulated on Ukrainian territory, who, in fact, treat the current situation as a kind of safari in order to hunt for Russian lives.

    We will not allow evil to triumph over good. Ordinary Americans, as well as Russians, think about their well-being, a peaceful life as well as their families. None of them wants war.

    Americans are more concerned about the prices for bread, gas, utility bills. Most of them do not understand why huge funds are spent not within their country, not for the benefit of ordinary citizens, but for a distant Ukraine.

    Last week I was able to visit the West Coast of the United States. There are many memorable places that show the significant role of Russia, which our ancestors played in the development of American land. Many Americans love our culture, music, poetry. No one has forgotten the military brotherhood that existed between the Soviet and American people during the Second World War.

    Last week, Russian diplomats laid flowers at these memorial sites. We are pleased that these historic milestones have not been erased from American history.

  135. Ted Gorsline November 12, 2022 @ 2:10 am

    I googled Oliver Stone and Larry Silverstein a bit. I didn’t realize Stone directed a film called “World Trade Center” about two policemen caught in the wreckage.

    The investor trail is very jewsish but too tangled to draw any conclusions about without spending alot of time on it but names like Black Rock pop up.

    He claims to be a Buddhist, another one of those strange religions, related to overpopulation, that originated in India.

  136. Mortichai November 12, 2022 @ 5:20 am

    Covid and Climate Change have become a false religion for its adherents.

    It is false doctrine elevated to the status of demon worship and should be rejected outright.

    There is only Christ.

    “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6

  137. Brother Nathanael November 12, 2022 @ 12:25 pm

    NEW VID tonite!

    Stay gluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuued. +bn

  138. Ted Gorsline November 12, 2022 @ 2:56 pm

    Ned Sabrosky, writing in todays Veteran’s Today, has an article wherein he implies that the only way to save America from Jewish hegemony now is armed rebellion.

    I can see why the jews want to disarm everyone and turn every NATO country into clones of Palestine.

    This is the first time that I have seen this proposal put in writing.

  139. The Englishman November 12, 2022 @ 3:35 pm

    I read of a 72-year-old England resident who had a 6-month prison sentence slapped on him for a Christmas function involving mince pies at a shooting club during the Con-yid lockdown.

    Boris received a paltry fine.

    Perhaps Circuit Judge David Fletcher would care to watch World renowned microbiologist and virologist professor Sucharit Bhakdi MD on what can befall even the most zealous of shabbos goys.

  140. Johnny Rottenborough November 12, 2022 @ 4:48 pm

    @Mortichai (November 11 @ 6:55 am)

    See Thomas Dalton’s essays, ‘The Jewish Hand in the World Wars’:

  141. Brother Nathanael November 12, 2022 @ 6:05 pm

    Dear All,

    I’m dependent on a camera professional.

    He won’t be coming until tomorrow Sunday early afternoon.

    Look for my BRAND NEW VID this coming Sunday eve tomorrow! +bn

  142. Citizenfitz November 12, 2022 @ 11:10 pm

    Came across this bit of strangeness today:

    “If traitorous Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton decided to actually break free from their jew masters and help the black people rise up, it would be game over for the jew.”


    If Blacks rise up against the jews it’ll be game over for *the jews*?

    Nope, it’ll be game over for the Blacks.

    The jews will simply turn their msm artillery around and open fire on Blacks – and soon the libs will begin howling, “KILL THE NIGGERS!” To be quickly followed by galactic levels of violence against them.

    Playing all sides against the others…. Same as it ever was.

  143. Ted Gorsline November 12, 2022 @ 11:13 pm

    There is a blogger on Bitchute who goe by the name Vincent Fusco Q.

    He has some great stuff.

    Google “This is Huge. Fraud in NY explained. New York Election Fraud.”

    He also has a video of John McCain and Lindsay Graham in Ukraine calling for war agaist Russia in 2016.

  144. Michael Koop November 13, 2022 @ 3:46 am

    Thanks for your site.

    I recently made my 1st donation. Until 2008 I never thought of the Jew much at all. Since then I have studied The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Henry Ford’s The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem, and just today John C Carlton’s The Jewish Ritual of Human Sacrifice. These are some of my best sources.

    What amazes me is no matter how many times the Jew has been kicked out of countries, they come back again and repeatedly their practice of ritual murder is covered up. I love people, but as I turn 71 I have almost no friends left as I have tried in vain to let others know what is happening.

    My high school buds, family and those I have treated beyond kind have forsaken me. I can call them and they may politely speak with me, but never meet me in person again. I have a wife, daughter and grandkids that love me. The wife thinks the Jews are the salt of the earth and it’s a wonder I stay married.

    An overwhelming majority of people cannot imagine that ANY group could be as ruthless and barbaric to ritually murder masses of people. They often don’t just kill the Goyim – they do it maliciously in a slow and agonizing manner. Most do not have the stomach to read how they do it.

    By controlling education, media and money and murdering those who try to spread the truth – they control most of this planet. When I called Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to discuss the Jewish role in 9-11 on their radio shows I was quickly told NO WAY, and why was I anti-Semitic.

    Though I am not a well known person, I have been banned by Facebook over 300 days since the Fake Pandemic lockdowns of March 2020. I realize some of us trying to expose the truth may be murdered and the slow and agonizing manner of gouging eyes, cutting out tongues etc… would be horrendous beyond imagination.

    Almost nobody sees the Jews as a race. They think of the religion. I hope someday Blacks and Whites in America can join hands — as well as other groups — and end the cursed Jewish hell that ruins this wonderful planet.

  145. Ted Gorsline November 13, 2022 @ 4:07 am

    Its interesting to watch MSM’s cautious approach to the Ukrainian take over of Kherson. They think it might be a trap and it might be.

    It looks like MSM has been able to cobble together about 300 emotional and pro Ukrainian citizens for the TV cameras in a city of formerly 350,000 people, to celebrate the fact that the Russians left.

    But it looks like a Pyrrhic victory to me.

    The elephant in the room is the dam upstream.

    Had the Ukrainians been able to destroy it they would have flooded Kherson with a 4 meter high wall of water and drowned the thousands of Russians troops that just left after dark.

    This devastating strike on the sitting duck Russian army is no longer possible. The Russian troops are now safe and dug in. They have already calibrated the entire Kherson area, and the area north of the city, for their artillery.

    Should the Ukrainian army now repopulate the city the Russians can turn the tables, blow up the dam and drown a city full of Ukranian troops.

    In addition, all the land north of the city is wide open plains with no forests so its easy for the Russians, who are now entrenched, and have calibrated the whole area, to hit tanks and men with artillery.

    It looks to me like the Russian plan is to attack Kherson and Odessa from the north and not from the sea as was previously assumed.

    Everybody keeps talking about how the Russians will attack when the ground is frozen, but maybe its not as big an advantage as it seems.

    America’s very good Abrams tanks were specifically designed for the desert to make Rothschild-financed Israel, an organized crime safehouse, great again. They are not suited for Europe because they are too heavy so have not yet shown up on the battlefield, but maybe when the ground freezes they can be made to work and there are lots of them.

    Since the Russians are methodically destroying everything NATO is throwing at them (more than 6,000 tanks. I read that Ukraine only had 4,000) maybe its time to send the Abrams tanks to Ukraine to help enrich Russian junk yards.

  146. The Englishman November 13, 2022 @ 6:17 am

    I’m a nobody.

    But since we are told, the Glorious gave their lives for our “Freedoms” I will exercise my freedom by denouncing this ceremony glorifying war.

    What did Churchill’s war achieve?

    By the end of 1945 millions had died for the worst of cloaked Bolshevik principals.

    Today, Britain is a “Ghettoed” urban society.

    The very worst of ‘uman behavioral practices, what the Holy Bible proclaims “an Abomination”.

    The condoning of the absolute corruption of the child and his loss of innocence.

    The Church was represented by magnificent Cathedrals built by a Christ-Worshiping people, both of whom have succumbed to Talmudic expression.

    The ease of which a National in Britain can, by uttering his or her opinion in public, ensure a new forwarding address, i.e. HMP.

    It is my contention, any non-bellicose Government in Britain (1939) would today bear the fruits of a Wholesome country with its long-held values intact with Patriotic zeal & fervor.

    So carry on marching corrupted fools, salute the tattooed thug represented by the 21st century “Natiz” flag flying over Whitehall on Remembrance Sunday.

  147. KathJuliane November 13, 2022 @ 10:54 am

    Tom Woods Email Newsletter
    Dr. Peter McCullough just struck back

    Virtually anyone who’s followed the Covid fiasco knows the name Dr. Peter McCullough, a highly renowned cardiologist who’s among the most widely published medical researchers in the world.

    I reported a couple of weeks ago that the crazies are trying to strip him of his board certifications because of his warnings about heart problems connected to the Covid shots.

    Since that time there’s been some good and unexpected news: Dr. McCullough is chief scientific officer of a brand new health care company called The Wellness Company, where you can get telehealth services from doctors who aren’t Big Pharma zombies.

    I discussed it with him a few days ago on the Tom Woods Show, and it makes for hopeful Sunday listening:

    This wellness startup helmed by Dr. McCullough looks awesome and very promising:

    Healthcare you can trust.

    “We refuse to profit from your sickness.

    Join the fight for medical freedom by supporting TWC — a company focused on your Wellness with incredible doctors, treatments, and products.”

    ==Dr. Peter A. McCullough, Chief Scientific Officer

    Also, social conservative, political/economic libertarian Tom Woods of the Ron Paul school has authored an excellent in-depth e-book, National Divorce: The Peaceful Solution to Irreconcilable Differences, which is free to download in PDF or EPUB form.

  148. KathJuliane November 13, 2022 @ 11:38 am

    Dear Michael Koop,

    Welcome to RJN family, one of the last bastions of sanity left, thanks to +BN.

    Many of us are in the same boat as you, experienced the same angst when what we’ve said fell on willfully deaf, and often hostile ears, and you have my sympathy.

    After coming to some stunning realizations, we have also banged our heads against the wall of delusional ignorance among family and friends about Jewry and its parasitism and Jewish Power, thanks to several generations of Judeophilic and Zionist political and religious mental conditioning, combined with a serious reluctance by those with some knowledge to rock the boat.

    So, God bless you, and thank you for commenting, and supporting +BN. He really is a candle in the wilderness, or a flashlight illuminating dark corners where the “Chosen” lurk, and then scuttle away when the light beam shines on them.

  149. Ted Gorsline November 13, 2022 @ 12:33 pm

    Rense has a great classified message from the ADL of 1937 advising jews not to fight in WW2.

    I have no way of knowing if the document is true but they never seem to fight for the countries they live in.

    They just skim off the profits of war as is happening now in Ukraine, and encourage Christians to kill each other as is happening right now in Ukraine.

    It’s worth reading. Very applicable to the Ukraine war.

  150. The Englishman November 13, 2022 @ 12:43 pm

    @Michael Koop

    Well there you go, your comment has struck a chord, a groundswell of support elicited from the “Queen” herself at Brother Nathanael’s exemplary TRUTH SITE.

  151. KathJuliane November 13, 2022 @ 2:40 pm

    Dear Ted Gorsline,

    In dabbling trying to find documentation of that ADL 1937 advisory to the Jews, I’ve not located it yet, but did come across ADL’s own brag sheet since the 1910’s since the founding of ADL of B’nai B’rith to protect the convicted Jew pervert, child molester, rapist, and murderer Leo Frank, this triumphant entry struck a note:

    “Even a U.S. Army training manual advises that Jews are “more apt to malinger than the native born”. Following ADL protests, the manual is promptly destroyed on orders of President Woodrow Wilson.”

    Interesting list of Jewish supremacist victories over the Goyim:

  152. KathJuliane November 13, 2022 @ 3:45 pm

    I missed this the first time around…

    General Patton letter in which he refers to Jews as ‘sub-human’ goes on sale online

    The 1945 letter claims that liberated Jews had ‘no conception of sanitation, hygiene, or decency’

    Jewish Chronicle – 13 September 2022

    A *”dark and disturbing” letter typed and signed by Second World War hero General S. Patton exposing his deep antisemitism is up for sale on a historical memborabilia website.

    [*As described by Sotheby’s: ]

    The letter, dated 4 October 1945 and addressed to former aide Lt. Col. Charles R. Codman, was written just three days before General Eisenhower relieved Patton of his command of the Third Army and just two months before Patton’s death from injuries sustained in a vehicle accident.

    In the letter, Patton seems to respond to a combative press conference that took place just two weeks prior in which Patton was blamed for the appalling living conditions at many camps for Displaced Persons, many of whom were Jews.

    As a result of this press conference, General Eisenhower reportedly ordered Patton to improve the camps under his area of command and to attend a Yom Kippur service.

    The letter, all but confirming the poor conditions of the Displaced Persons camps, reads: “So far as the Jews are concerned, they do not want to be placed in comfortable buildings. They actually prefer to live as many to a room as possible. They have no conception of sanitation, hygiene or decency and are, as you know, the same sub-human types that we saw in the internment camps.”

    The letter also refers to the people of the Soviet Union as “the degenerate descendants of Genghis Khan” and says the envy, hatred, malice, and uncharitableness in Europe “passes beyond belief.”

    Patton letter 1
    First page of Patton’s letter to his former aide, Lt. Col. Charles R. Codman.

    Patton, who had been instrumental in securing Allied victory in Europe, was regarded by Adolf Hitler as “that crazy cowboy general” and won praise from enemy generals for his swift and audacious high-risk offensive manoeuvres.

    After the war, Patton’s brashness, and indifference to the job of post-war re-education, and his desire to start another war with the Soviet Union, led to General Eisenhower and President Truman transferring him to a minor post with the Fifteenth Army.

    Patton letter 2
    Second page of General Patton’s letter, signed “G S Patton”.

    Many years later, General Patton’s grandson, Robert H. Patton, would write: “The injection of antisemitism into his perception of the political dynamic of the occupation [of Germany] signalled his ultimate loss of moral bearings.”

    The rare letter previously belonged to WWII memorabilia collectors Ira and Barbara Lipman but was sold in April of last year in New York City.

    The current owner, and rare manuscript collector for over 40 years, told the JC: “There has never been another Patton letter even remotely similar content-wise. The timing of the letter alone, and it being from one of the most pivotal figures of the era, makes it a significant part of history.”

    The seller’s website can be reached at, with the letter on sale for $64,000USD.

  153. Mortichai November 13, 2022 @ 4:48 pm

    Patton letters.

    The second one refers to a book War as I Knew It. I’ve read it. Not much about Jews in that one. Patton’s name is the author but probably sanitized by one of Patton’s aids. There is a two Volume book called The Patton Papers that you can download. That one is critical of Jews.

    Patten was not anti-Jew. He saw what he saw and commented on it. Jews don’t like to be criticized. Patton didn’t care. He was a millionaire general that said whatever he wanted. He died in a car crash from a drunk driver as the story goes.

  154. KathJuliane November 13, 2022 @ 9:39 pm

    Bahamas Police and Bahamas Securities Commission Looking into FTX Activities for Wrongdoing – Will They Find 10% to the Big Guy – Joe Biden?

    Gateway Pundit

    By Joe Hoft | November 13, 2022

    Last night TGP reported that we have information that the tens of billions of dollars going to Ukraine were actually laundered back to the US to corrupt Democrats and elites using FTX cryptocurrency. Now the money is gone and FTX is bankrupt.

    As reported earlier, the FTX crypto company gave at least $40 million to Democrat candidates and causes in the midterms. ✡️Sam Bankman-Fried is Biden’s second biggest donor.

    The word is now out. The Democrats sent tens of billions to Ukraine and then laundered this money back to Democrat pockets and funds in the US. Now the company is bankrupt, and the funds are nowhere to be found.

    Now it’s being reported that FTX is being investigated by the Bahamas police and the Bahamas Securities Commission for wrongdoing.

    Bloomberg shared:

    The Bahamian police said they’re working with the Bahamas Securities Commission to investigate whether there was any criminal misconduct in the collapse of the crypto exchange FTX.

    “In light of the collapse of FTX globally and the provisional liquidation of FTX Digital Markets Ltd., a team of financial investigators from the Financial Crimes Investigation Branch are working closely with the Bahamas Securities Commission to investigate if any criminal misconduct occurred,” a police spokesperson said in a statement Sunday. FTX is registered in the Bahamas.

    Will Joe or Hunter Biden be found to be connected?


    FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried Admits FTX Was a Crypto Laudromat for Ukrainian Government

    Gateway Pundit

    By Joe Hoft | November 13, 2022

    The CEO of now-bankrupt FTX admitted that FTX was nothing more than a laundromat for the Ukrainian government.

    Yesterday TGP reported that the now-bankrupt FTX was transferring money to Ukraine and then laundering money back from Ukraine to the Democrat party.

    We’ve identified an interview where Bankman-Fried admitted that FTX was laundering money for the Ukrainian government.


  155. Ted Gorsline November 14, 2022 @ 1:01 am

    Dear KJ,

    The story on Rense is titled “Declassified secret document. see how Jews stay out of the military and how they laugh at the dumb goyim who fight and died while we profit.” Its in the center column of the page and about 1/10th of the way down if you scroll.

    It describes what is happening in Ukraine Today. Christian killing Christian while the jewish leadership doe not fight but does cash in.

    Its so damming tht its hard the believe its true but events in Ukraine would led you to believe that it is.

  156. The Englishman November 16, 2022 @ 3:52 am

    Juliane Macfarlane has written an excellent article in “Southfront” countering the West’s narrative on Kherson: “The Defeat That Wasn’t”

    In a fight with your kid brother, you don’t want to kill him, just take away the butter knife he is brandishing in his moment of madness but what if he has a gang of big friends?

    Public support in Russia

    Playing the long game in the Ukraine allowed time for the Russian public to come to a fuller awareness of the existential threat they faced and a rapidly changing world. Let us remember that the dissolution of the USSR which plunged them into chaos and anarchy was not so long ago.

    Now, with fuller support and socio-cultural cohesion, Putin can move towards checkmate in the New Great Game. Kherson? Never a bishop or a rook. A pawn only.

    Despite what the morons at the NYT think, the Russian people are not going to dump Putin for sacrificing a pawn—not as he takes his opponents’ Queen.

    Rather, they will band together to support him, disavowing the “Atlanticist” fringe who can move to Europe and freeze..

    Public support for Putin dropped all of 0.6% (not statistically significant) down to 79.5%.

    Biden by contrast has 39% public support.

    God Bless Putin together with Holy Russia!

  157. Ira November 24, 2022 @ 11:16 pm

    Postulate: There is a trend out there. An element of ‘Tikkun Olam’ is that only Jews are capable of and, to be recognized for doing, ‘good’ works.

    This is because the good works are for the hastening of the arrival of Moschiach. Non-Shabbos Goyim are thus not capable of nor to be recognized for, laudable civic involvement and philanthropy – unless those that control the narrative and media allow it.

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