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Nuland Sticks Her Nose In Minsk

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Nuland Sticks Her Nose In Minsk
May 21, 2015 ©

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Brother Nathanael @ May 21, 2015


  1. Brother Nathanael May 21, 2015 @ 6:50 pm

    Text –Text–Text

    Nuland Sticks Her Nose In Minsk
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Copyright 2015

    Don’t think for a minute that Nuland has benign designs with regard to the Minsk Accords.

    She’s a diplomatic assassin and her movements predict unrest, turmoil, and coup d’états.

    Her latest crusade in Jewish cunning is spouting “support” of Minsk.

    [Clip: “I come after Sochi to make absolutely clear the US commitment to the full implementation of the Minsk Agreements and to make clear that we are eager to deepen our involvement in helping the parties achieve full implementation.”]

    But America isn’t a signatory to Minsk. Nuland’s been an adversary from the start, not a peacemaker.

    If she was, she’d pull out our troops in Ukraine and all military aid as well.

    Or at least threaten to if Kiev launches new assaults on East Ukraine.

    But she’s a dog that doesn’t bark when blood’s on the butcher’s board.

    No sooner did she leave Kiev that her puppet Poroschenko starts shelling Donetsk. Nudelman speaks, Porky nods.

    Does she care about the bloodshed she’s caused? Naah. LGBTs, yes…dead Ukrainians, no.

    [Clip: “Today, Crimea remains under illegal annexation and human rights abuses are the norm, not the exception for Crimea’s most vulnerable populations especially Crimean Tartars, Ukrainians who won’t give up their passports, and LGBT citizens.”]

    LGBT’s? Not the issue. Ukraine’s a basket case with its economy tanking. That’s the issue.

    The IMF and its Jewish tycoons are rubbing their hands just waiting for Ukraine to go belly up so they can buy its resources at fire sale prices.

    Privatization means Jewification and oligarch Kolomoisky wants a big chunk of it.

    It’s a sad day when Nuland sticks her nose in a country’s affairs.

    Now she’s blowing her nose all over Minsk and Putin’s push for a political solution.

    She doesn’t really want to see Minsk work since its Putin’s plan for “federalization” that gives autonomy to the East Ukraine Republics and national stability.

    An unstable Ukraine is bad for Putin, but good for Nuland.

    So long as Nudelman can keep the war going, build up Ukraine’s military, terrorize the East Republics, and subdue the ethnic Russians, she’ll have a turf to plant missiles on…aimed at Moscow and beyond.

    Ukraine’s her baby and she’s not going to let Minsk snatch it up.

    I mean, Ukraine is Nuland’s abortion, and there’s not enough Kleenex to clean up the mess.

  2. Brother Nathanael May 21, 2015 @ 6:51 pm

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  5. Frank May 21, 2015 @ 7:20 pm


    Absolutely love your speaking truth to power, Brother Nathanael.

  6. NIQ May 21, 2015 @ 7:33 pm


    I don’t think that anyone could present what you expose in this video in a more succinct, concise manner, in a perfect delivery in tone, intonation and timing, your trade-mark, ‘un match able’!

    What a delight to have you in this fight!

    …and as you know, when it comes to religion I am none of the above, not even atheist (not a religion, I know!). …but my respect for you is complete.


  7. Dr Caroline Ferris May 21, 2015 @ 7:45 pm

    At least now we know why she hates Putin so much…

  8. Michael May 21, 2015 @ 7:55 pm

    I noticed immediately the arrogance in Nuland’s (I mean Noodle’s) body language when speaking of alleged human rights abuses in Crimea. I can’t help but think of the lying girl alleging babies thrown from incubators.

    Now who was behind Ukraine’s government overthrown in 2014? The Jew World Order, that’s who. And these Zionists are telling us about morality! Cry me a river.

  9. KathJuliane May 21, 2015 @ 9:16 pm

    Dear +BN,

    Congratulations on yet another dynamite Video!

    And you are so correct — the Nudel-dog didn’t bark.

    If Hillary’s understudy, the neocon hawk Noodlewoman, the useless Kerry, the state department of Jewistan, and AIPAC-occupied Washington DC were actually committed to doing what she spewed forth about supporting the Minsk agreements, then they are supposed to be pushing not only Poroshenko but the Ukrainian parliament to stick to the points of Minsk II in drafting the amended constitution.

    Kerry and Nuland have been called out on their hypocrisy, saying one thing and doing another.

    Kiev is Nuland’s hand-picked sock puppet regime.

    If if the two diplomats were in earnest, like you said, the first thing would have been the White House’s recall of all US military and civilian personnel supporting the Ukrainian National Guard and the Ministry of Internal Affairs until they Kiev came into compliance with Minsk II with its implementing legislation.

    But from the beginning, Kiev made it quite clear that “federation” and other points that Russia kept stating was a no starter.

    On February 10th, 2 days before the Normandy 4 met at Minsk, the Deputy Head of the Poroshenko Administration, Valery Chaly released these statements:

    “Every decision concerning outcome of the upcoming meeting (Minsk) has been made already. Kiev unilaterally rejects all proposals for federalization, the expansion of the DNR an LNR to their administrative borders, and granting rights of broad autonomy.

    The only thing that Kiev is ready to agree to is abolish duties between Russia and Donbass at their borders and indulge Donbass in the use of the Russian language.”

    Porky again reiterated this on Feb 11 at an expanded meeting of his Cabinet of Ministers prior to the Feb 11-12 Minsk meeting:

    Ukraine was, is and will be unitary, as stated by the President at the expanded meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers. “Federalization is a seed that will not catch on in the Ukrainian soil,” the Head of State noted.

    The President has underlined the need for implementing the program of reforms and noted the top priority of decentralization.

    “Decentralization elaborated by us will have nothing in common with federalization. Ukraine is a unitary state and it fully meets the interests of the Ukrainian people. More than 80% of population firmly stand for the unitary Ukraine,” the President noted.
    ( )

    Therefore, the miserable situation is just hunky dory with the vile crazymakers Kerry and Nuland the way they are, manipulating the compliant, dysfunctional alcoholic president Porkshanks who spends most of his waking hours in an alcoholic daze. They knew from the start that Poroshenko, the parliament, and the rest of the criminal regime would sabotage Minsk II.

    Noodlewoman would continue to cover for Kiev’s actions and run interference, and Poroshenko got the wink he needed to commence the the first spring offensive of Kiev’s military operations against Donbass in violation of the terms of the ceasefire.

    That clip of “Nuland speaks Poroshenko nods” is priceless. It entirely iconically captures the relationship of who is boss and who is the pickled poodle. And Porkshanks does speak English, so he understood first hand what she was saying.

    The rule of diplomatic protocol and etiquette is that most diplomatic business is conducted peer to peer in terms of counterpart ranks — head of state to head of state; head of government to head of government; top diplomat to top diplomat; junior officials to junior officials, etc. Same thing in the military — general to general; colonel to colonel; major to major, etc.

    Secretary of State Kerry’s peer is Foreign Minister Lavrov, for example. It was an unusual exception to the rule for Kerry to meet with the president of Russia, which took place at the pleasure of Putin.

    In the table of organization for the US Department of State, Noodlewoman is in the 6th rank as “Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs.” Yet here she is, meeting “peer to peer” with the President of Ukraine, which just goes to show just who wears the pants between she and Porkshanks, and it’s not him.

    On the other hand, the Kremlin put her in her place on her jaunt to Moscow — from the outset she was scheduled to meet with junior officials of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    If the Minsk agreements were to be fully implemented then Putin “wins” because these are the very same points — constitutional reforms, special elections, federation, semi- or full autonomy for the Donbass republics, etc — that the Kremlin has been preaching in every possible forum as the only viable way to preserve Ukraine since a year ago March.

    Russia needs a stable Ukraine. Europe needs a stable Ukraine. Heck, Ukraine needs a stable Ukraine.

    Instead, the Ukraine parliament deliberately passed legislation this past March fully intending beforehand to disregard most of Minsk II, except for what Kiev found useful in the way of the ceasefire conditions for claims that the Novorossians were violating.

    “The poison pill legislation “is Kiev’s latest maneuver – undermining the Minsk-2 agreement with a requirement for a rebel surrender – is likely to drive the country back into a full-scale civil war and push the US and Russia closer to a nuclear showdown.”
    ( )

    Porkshanks was revving up the bellicose rhetoric at the start of May ignoring Minsk II, spouting his intentions all along, clearly aimed at escalating the conflict. On May 1, he said that the war will end when Kiev regains Donbass and Crimea.

    He launched new militiary “ATO” operations against the Donbass republics, has threatened to get Crimea back repeatedly. He most recently publicly stated to a group of military veterans at the opening of a war documentary that Kiev would get Donetsk Airport back which was fully published on the President of Ukraine website.

    On May 11 Poroshenko said: “I have no doubt – we will free the airport (in Donetsk), because it is our land. And we will rebuild the airport.”

    Poroshenko violates Minsk deal vowing to recapture Donetsk Airport – Kremlin

    When asked if he thinks such words violate the Minsk peace deal, the Russian president’s press secretary said they do: “Of course, they are a violation. In fact, we have repeatedly said that Ukraine is not complying with the Minsk agreement.”

    The US State Secretary John Kerry, when asked by the media about Poroshenko’s statements, said he knew nothing about them. [Oh, sure. It’s only on the President of Ukraine’s website. Who reads that?]

    He said, though, that he would warn the Ukrainian President against inciting any new hostilities.

    Kerry spoke at a media briefing following lengthy talks with the Russian President and Foreign Minister.
    ( )

    The Ukraine armed forces commenced shelling northern Donetsk on May 19, kicking off their Spring operations.

    And then there is the charming Zio-christian Ukrainian Baptist Oleksander Turchynov:

    The head of Ukraine’s National Security Council, Oleksandr Turchynov, said on Wednesday that Kiev is open to the stationing of NATO’s ballistic missile system in its territory, adding that the missile system would help Ukraine ward off potential Russian attacks — from Crimea especially.

    “I do not rule out that to defend ourselves from [Russia’s] nuclear threat, we will have to hold consultations on deploying missile defense system components in Ukrainian territory,” he said.

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said Wednesday that his country is fighting a “real war” against Russia.

    He referred to the ongoing clashes in the eastern part of Ukraine and said, “This is not a fight with Russian-backed separatists; this is a real war with Russia.”
    ( )

    Yet, the Liar-Liar-Nose-On-Fire Matzoh Dough Girl had the nerve to say at the US Embassy in Moscow that:

    “There is no indication from our own information, or from my consultations in Kyiv, that anybody on the Ukrainian side, anybody in leadership – and I spoke to President Poroshenko, I spoke to Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, I’ve spoken to security officials – has any intention of launching new hostilities.

    “That obviously would not be compatible with Minsk. We also made clear – Secretary Kerry made clear to President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov, and I of course made clear again here today – that any new hostilities ignited by separatist forces with Russian support would also be a violation of Minsk.”
    ( )

    On May 20, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called Noodlewoman out in diplomatese:

    “The United States has been involved in Ukrainian affairs for a long time, but [this involvement is] not always constructive.

    “We are hoping that Washington will use its significant influence on the Kyiv authorities in the light of the Sochi negotiations to keep them from new reckless military schemes and encourage Kyiv to closely observe Minsk-2 [the agreements reached in Minsk on February 12],” Lavrov said at a ‘government hour’ meeting of the Federation Council on May 20.

    The most important issue in the settlement is the fulfillment of the obligation to establish direct dialogue between Kiev and Donetsk and Lugansk.

    The assault on Donetsk came just about 5 days after Poroshenko passionately vowed to “fight to the last drop of blood” against what he described as “Russian aggressors.”

    Poroshenko says Minsk deal ‘pseudo-peace’, vows to fight to the last drop of blood
    ( )

    Furthermore, on Germany’s state-controlled ZDF network, Porky called the Minsk peace agreement a “pseudo-peace” deal.
    ( )

    But, but, but its all the fault of Evil Putin™ and the Evil Russkies™ that the Minsk agreements are failing.

    The fire sale of Ukraine already started:

    Russia Insider: Ukraine’s Lithuanian Economy Minister Selling Off Ukraine State Assets to the West – Surprise!‏

    “We can only make our economy more successful and dynamic by selling the assets to, preferably Western investors, who will make them more dynamic and transparent” — Ukrainian-Lithuanian Aivaras Abromavicius

    Amongst the first things the Lithuanian-born fund manager and investment banker Aivaras Abromavicius did following his appointment at the end of 2014 as Ukraine’s new economy minister was to order a stock take of all the state-owned enterprises under his control.
    ( )

    Born in Vilnius, Lithuania, the investment banker has lived in Kyiv since 2008 and has a Ukrainian wife. Abromavicious is a partner and fund manager at the East Capital asset management group, and KathJ is wondering if his surname is possibly Jewish?

    The East Capital asset management group is a major player in Ukraine, where it invested almost $100 million in 2012.

    And I wonder what Hunter Biden is up to?


    Sputnik News:

    Ukraine’s Soil Changes Hands: Foreign Investors Grabbing Arable Lands (and some of them are led by Ukrainian oligarchs)

    Ukraine’s rich black soil is changing hands: foreign corporations and Ukrainian tycoons continue “grabbing” the country’s arable lands; the question remains open whether such a policy can benefit the Ukrainian people, Elizabeth Fraser stressed.

    Ukrainian-based agricultural companies are seeking support from the West, however, their potential bankruptcy and the involvement of US and EU investors in the crisis management prompts questions about the fate of lands they hold, Elizabeth Fraser noted.

    The researcher drew parallels between the Ukrainian and Romanian agricultural sector problems. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Romania’s collectivized farms were dissolved and a moratorium on the sale of agricultural lands imposed. However, a number of loopholes in the state’s legislation allowed Western companies to take Romania’s farmland under control through bankruptcy proceedings.

    Last but not least, is it possible to botox Nudelman’s vocal chords?

  10. Eileen K. May 21, 2015 @ 9:24 pm

    So did I, Michael.

    Nudelman’s an even worse liar than the Kuwaiti official’s daughter who lied about babies thrown from incubators back in 1990.

    Of course, the JWO was behind the violent coup d’etat in Ukraine last February. Nudelman’s fat arse was right in the thick of it all.

    And, Br. Nathanael, you nailed it perfectly again. You exposed Nudelman & Co for their evil actions in Ukraine and her lies about backing the Minsk accords.

    As you pointed out, the USSA wasn’t a signatory to those accords; only Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany were. As a signatory, the Kiev Junta is obligated to abide by Minsk 2.0’s rules; and, among them is to stop shelling Donetsk or any other Novorussiyan city/town.

  11. stevieb May 21, 2015 @ 11:58 pm

    Russia will never let NATO set up shop in Ukraine.

    They can’t let them its an act of war.

    Nuland is a communist and a traitor. Backlash coming in the U.S…

  12. Irene Bonney Faulkes May 22, 2015 @ 12:07 am

    It seemes the camp of the Jews spreads its net far and wide even including a place where all was not won by them.

    This evil camp always has its Nudelman kind of person, one who will lie, deceive, confuse and arrogantly pursue their designs on the eradication of Christianity, Whites, freedom, and nations.

    They are determined to draw Russia and Putin into their war schemes with a surrender that will quickly bring in their JWO.

    They continue to mount their charge against Ukraine in their thrust for a downfall of all that is decent, moral, virtuous, good, Christian and ethical.

    They hope to claw their way through any Peace Treaty for the purpose of adding trillions to their already stolen wealth.

    That many will suffer and die is of great consequence to them because it adds to their inhumane joy at riddance of more of earth’s millions.

    Such is the attitude of their lackey, Hillary Clinton who while gathering millions of dollars in the way she does, dared to laugh with glee yesterday on Television, over the deasth (murder) of Libya’s Gadhafi.

    Let it be known that there is another camp on earth.

    It is the camp of the righteous who follow the truth of Christ.

    Many have already been martyred but their cries now for vengeance are being heard on high.

    How the fierce battle will end in the near future, is unknown.

    What has been decided in heaven’s courts is that this camp of evil will one day be no more.

    Meanwhile, the fight against the forces of evil must continue.

    Even in the streets of the USA, with the cross made obvious to many, Brother Nathanael still continues to fight a certain battle there.

    Some will leave the camp of evil for that of good.

  13. KathJuliane May 22, 2015 @ 12:40 am

    Oh, and one last thing, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Nuland, for being so in touch with the poor, downtrodden, “vulnerable populations” of Crimea, it’s “Tatars” — not “Tartars” (1:32).

    The Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs is a position within the American Department of State that leads the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs charged with implementing American foreign policy in Europe and Eurasia, and with advising the Under Secretary for Political Affairs on matters relating to diplomatic missions within that area.

    That means, Noodlewoman, that you should at least know how to properly pronounce the name of an ethnic minority that you are so extremely concerned about as a “vulnerable population”.

    In any case, this past March, the editors of the Moscow Times, no great friend of Putin’s, just flat told you in an open letter, Noodlewoman, to stop lying about Crimea.

    No, Crimea Is Not ‘Suffering Reign of Terror’ Under Russian Rule

    Peter Hodson, business editor at Moscow Times

    U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland last week told an influential group of U.S. senators that due to Russian actions in Ukraine, “Crimea and parts of eastern Ukraine are suffering a reign of terror.”

    Nuland, who spearheads White House policy in Eastern Europe, is persona non grata in Russia and Crimea, which Moscow annexed last year.

    Perhaps because she has not talked to anyone who actually lives in Crimea, the evidence she gave to the senators was wrong.

    Fear may be rife in separatist eastern Ukrainian regions that have endured months of heavy fighting and more than 5,000 deaths, but Crimea is not suffering from either war or terror.

    Three reporters from The Moscow Times have visited Crimea in the last month.

    More than fear, the vast majority of Crimeans feel relief that the region has escaped the violence engulfing eastern Ukraine and satisfaction that they no longer have to live in Ukraine.

    The feature of local life most often stressed by Crimeans is peace, not terror. They see the conflict between eastern Ukrainian separatists and the Ukrainian army and think they dodged a bullet.

    Far from an aggressor, Russia to them is a protector.

    Western sanctions and a Ukrainian economic blockade have driven price inflation and damaged Crimea’s vital tourism industry by cutting the number of foreign visitors.

    But massive Russian subsidies pouring into Crimea have offset price rises for many by sharply raising pensions and state employee salaries. Ukraine is meanwhile suffering an even deeper economic crisis.

    Nuland’s use of the word “terror” conjures up images of Stalinist purges. Nothing similar exists. Those who do not want to live under Russian rule are free to leave, and many have.

    Fleshing out her testimony in Washington, Nuland said, “Crimea remains under illegal occupation and human rights abuses are the norm, not the exception, for many at risk groups there.” Tatars, Ukrainians, gays, lesbians, journalists and others are at risk of persecution, she said.

    There is some truth in this — Russia has a weak culture of minority rights and an often heavy-handed bureaucracy. But while many in these communities are disappointed, few, if any, are terrified.

    The vast majority of Crimeans are Russians or half-Russians, and most of these feel less oppression and less terror than when they were governed from Kiev — another culture with a weak understanding of minority rights.

    This majority has felt impinged by a decade of nationalist rule in Kiev that aimed to make them Ukrainian, and has felt threatened by the eruption of violence in Ukraine last year.

    While sounding off about terror, Nuland ignores the fact that Crimea’s accession to Russia reflects the desires of a majority of the population.

    The form of Crimea’s change of sovereignty may be illegal and deserve condemnation, but the substance is pure democratic justice.

    This is a point rarely made in the West. Instead, Nuland-style demagoguery is stoking hawkish public opinion and driving aggressive policy in the West toward Russia, a nuclear superpower.

    And while Nuland may not be talking to residents of Crimea, she is at the center of U.S.-Russia policy and the debate on arming Ukraine.

    The people who will make those decisions are relying on her for information and advice.

    Was Noodlewoman’s nose growing in the clip starting at 1:23?

  14. Mario Herrera May 22, 2015 @ 2:03 am

    Also all this Kerry, Nuland and so on now attempting to play the “diplomatic card”, it’s buying time, and related with the Donald Cook incident in the Black Sea.

    Russia really gave a glimpse warning to both American and NATO. That’s why the suggestion from Kerry to Porkyshenko to think twice.

    SECRETARY KERRY: Well, thank you very much. I have not had a chance – I have not read the speech. I haven’t seen any context.

    I have simply heard about it in the course of today. But if indeed President Poroshenko is advocating an engagement in a forceful effort at this time, we would strongly urge him to think twice not to engage in that kind of activity, that that would put Minsk in serious jeopardy.

    And we would be very, very concerned about what the consequences of that kind of action at this time may be.”

  15. Jean May 22, 2015 @ 9:16 am

    Their brutallity knows no borders, cheap, dirty, underhands, and anything more to spread their dirt.

    But with Aleksandr Loekasjenko, she drive it too far as he is not to play games with.

    The world needs persons who had a natural abillity to oversee what is happening and react on it. Nulant (or whatever it is) has no part in a normal world or society.

  16. Brother Nathanael May 22, 2015 @ 11:09 am

    As I See It (Politico Analysis), by Brother Nathanael

    * Ron Paul should never have left Congress. His voice is useless now.

    * Those who don’t name the JEW are useless.

    * Rand Paul may grovel to the Jews but the Jews despise him. They’ll never let him get past 1st base, the groveling base.

    * Facts are easy to come by. But truth is near impossible because that involves EXPOSING the Jew which most FEAR to do.

    * Why do Goyim like Roberts and Saker FEAR the Jews? Because either their pensions are dependent on Jews or they fear losing internet reach.

    * Ted Cruz may grovel to the Jews but the Jews despise him. They’ll never let him get past shortstop, the super-groveling base.

    * Why is Hillary the front runner? ‘Cause she’s thoroughly owned by the Jews. They brought her to NYC years ago and branded her: JEW OWNED.

    * Why is Jeb Bush her running rival? ‘Cause the Jews decided long ago that two lame choices would be the ones American dupes could vote for.

    * Why so much “cop bashing?” The homo-looking Chris Hedges and Lew Rockwell’s Jew-loving crew are at the forefront of bashing cops. Why can’t they give the REAL reason for “cop” issues? Because that means naming the JEWS who created the “security crisis” with their 9/11 Mossad Inside Job.

    * Why is +Brother Nathanael NOT published anywhere on the Internet except for his own Website Real Jew News and BECAUSE everyone else is SCARED TO DEATH of Christ-Hating, Free-Speech Hating, Democracy-Owning, WARMONGERING JEWS.

    +Brother Nathanael
    Publisher, Real Jew News @

  17. Brother Nathanael May 22, 2015 @ 11:12 am


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  18. The Elder of Zyklon-B May 22, 2015 @ 12:54 pm

    Another Jude and another disappearing billion via Talmudic magic.

    Let’s blame it on antisemitism.

    “$1 Billion Scandal Involving Jewish Businessman Raises Fear of Antisemitism in Moldova”

  19. KathJuliane May 22, 2015 @ 1:13 pm

    Webster Tarpley recently visited the People’s Republic of Donetsk met with officials about their progress, the struggle against Kiev armed forces, and reports his findings in this fascinating interview with Jeff Rense.

    Of particular interest is:

    a) all three of the former vacated MacDonalds hamburger joints will be turned into free food restaurants for the poor;
    b) the nationalization of resources, banks, monetary reforms & government controlled money, etc; and
    c) Tarpley’s observation that the various reforms of socialist “Villagism” that the Republic of Donetsk is making closely resembles Hamilitonianism or the 19th century nationalist American System of Alexander Hamilton.

    Tarpley’s report entirely supports +BN’s analysis, particularly the statements from the Donetsk republic officials that there can be no hope of peace in Donbass and coming to some kind of settlement with Kiev, until all foreign troops, advisors, military equipment and weapons are withdrawn, particularly Obama’s shutdown of Operation Fearless Guardian of US troops (“advisers”) and support personnel on Ukraine territory.

    Hamiltonianism is the political principles and ideas held by or associated with Alexander Hamilton that center around a belief in a strong central government, broad interpretation of the federal constitution, encouragement of an industrial and commercial economy, and a general distrust of the political capacity or wisdom of the common man.

    Hamilton has been portrayed as the “patron saint” of the American School of economic philosophy that, according to one historian, dominated economic policy after 1861.

    He firmly supported government intervention in favor of business, after the manner of Jean-Baptiste Colbert, as early as the fall of 1781.

    Hamilton opposed the British ideas of free trade, which he believed skewed benefits to colonial and imperial powers, in favor of protectionism, which he believed would help develop the fledgling nation’s emerging economy.

    Henry C. Carey was inspired by his writings. Hamilton influenced the ideas and work of the German Friedrich List.

    In Hamilton’s view, a strong executive, linked to the support of the people, could become the linchpin of an administrative republic.

    Georg Friedrich List (August 6, 1789 – November 30, 1846) was a leading 19th-century German-American economist who developed the “National System” or what some would call today the National System of Innovation.

    List was a forefather of the German historical school of economics, and which ultimately influenced the national economic thought of Gottfried Feder.

    List opposed the cosmopolitan principle in the contemporary economical system and the absolute doctrine of free trade which was in harmony with that principle, and instead developed the infant industry argument, to which he had been exposed by Hamilton and Raymond.

    List gave prominence to the national idea and insisted on the special requirements of each nation according to its circumstances and especially to the degree of its development. He famously doubted the sincerity of calls to free trade from developed nations, in particular Britain:

    “Any nation which by means of protective duties and restrictions on navigation has raised her manufacturing power and her navigation to such a degree of development that no other nation can sustain free competition with her, can do nothing wiser than to throw away these ladders of her greatness, to preach to other nations the benefits of free trade, and to declare in penitent tones that she has hitherto wandered in the paths of error, and has now for the first time succeeded in discovering the truth.”

    Economics based on nations — List’s theory of “national economics” differed from the doctrines of “individual economics” and “cosmopolitan economics” by Adam Smith and J.B. Say. List contrasted the economic behaviour of an individual with that of a nation. An individual promotes only his own personal interests but a state fosters the welfare of all its citizens.

    Some of the above concerning Hamiltonianism and List’s national economic theory was poached from Wikipedia’s entry on Friedrich List.

  20. Jacob Rothschild May 22, 2015 @ 2:58 pm


    I sure wish you could get a talk show going on the radio, the time seems right for someone of your ability.

    People are just so sick and tired of all this and you sure would cause quite a storm.

  21. Hugh Beaumont May 22, 2015 @ 3:02 pm

    Secretary of State John Kerry v. His Subordinate Victoria Nuland, Regarding Ukraine

  22. Brother Nathanael May 22, 2015 @ 3:47 pm

    @Hugh Beaumont

    “Kerry Versus Nuland?”

    Does grass grow on the moon? Do cows quack? Do ducks bark?

    It’s all smoke covered mirrors that when pried open reveal the devil’s lies.

    Don’t think for a minute that class act diplomat Sergei Lavrov trusts either of them.

    Russia’s foreign policy is based on Russia’s interests and NOT dependent on the whims of Jews who ruin the JewSA. +bn

  23. Chris May 22, 2015 @ 4:38 pm

    Great Video, right on the money!

    These “globalists” Jews are running out of options. Only a matter of time until there scheme is exposed. (Lol! I couldn’t help but make fun of Jones, he is such a farce, hah!)

    But yea, Bro Nathanael what do you believe will happen if Kiev decides to escalate the conflict again under Nuland’s orders?

  24. KathJuliane May 22, 2015 @ 6:45 pm

    Yats the Yid and the Euromaidaners may get their deep desire for Ukraine’s integration with the paradise of the EU after all — that is amputated to pieces in a painful, slow lingering death by a thousand paper cuts:

    Ukraine Offers Up a Sales Catalog
    May 14, 2015

    Translated from French by Tom Winter

    The Ukrainian government has adopted a list of properties to privatize in 2015. The list includes 285 assets, among them, 30 coal mines, including the Zassiadko mine of Donetsk.

    France is ready to take part in the privatization of public properties in Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Ukraine prime minister announced Wednesday in Paris after a meeting with his French counterpart, Manuel Valls.

    “It’s the investor that the Ukrainian economy needs” indicated M. Yatsenyuk, cited by his press agency.

    According to him France with send experts on site of public properties of Ukraine “so that the campaign of Ukrainian privatization will be honest and transparent.”

    The Ukrainian media reported Wednesday that the government of the country has adopted a list of public property to privatize in 2015. The list includes 285 items including thirty coal mines, including the Donetsk Zassiadko mine, one of the biggest in Ukraine.

    The Cabinet of Ministers also intends to privatize several seaports and companies whose privatization has been prohibited up to now.

    The meeting between MM. Valls and Yatsenyuk opens the door to cooperation in the struggle against corruption.

    “The French government has clearly indicated that it was ready to cooperate with the Ukrainian judicial department in the investigation of illegal assets that Ukrainian officials own in France,” said Yatsenyuk.

    Valls and Yatsenyuk came to an agreement about a visit of the French minister of economy and the minister of agriculture to Ukraine.

    According to the Ukrainian prime minister, investments in energy and food production are the two main elements of economic cooperation between France and Ukraine.

    France will host a conference on the potential for investment in Ukraine in the fall. French president Hollande and the Ukrainian prime minister reached an agreement on this Wednesday. Ukraine expects also to organize such conferences in the US and in Germany.

  25. Brother Nathanael May 22, 2015 @ 8:38 pm

    Words Of A Juden-Free Statesman
    Q & A, Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister
    May 20, 2015

  26. KathJuliane May 22, 2015 @ 8:53 pm

    Dnepropetrovsk Could Be Renamed–Jerusalem-on-the-Dnieper

    German journalists from Deutschlandradio published an article titled “Dnepropetrovsk will become Jerusalem”.

    Oleg Rostovtsev, a spokesman for the Jewish community, which has 50,000 parishioners, supports the renaming of Dnepropetrovsk to Jerusalem-on-the-Dnieper:

    “Jerusalem for residents of Dnepropetrovsk is a city of peace, not conflict. Many of us have already visited Jerusalem, worshiped the holy places, came back and said: here it’s almost the same – next to the synagogue stands a mosque, and nearby there are churches and monasteries. We also respect our different traditions”.

    The price tag to rename 25 Ukrainian cities and 1,500 streets – from 5 to 17 billion UAH.

    Kolomoisky and another billionaire Jew built Dnepropetrovsk’s $100 million Menorah Center, a massive Jewish community complex considered the largest in the world, not surprisingly built in the shape of a Menorah, with some architectural features in a neo-classic Hellenic mode.

    This should be the back story for the renaming of Kolomoisky’s turf:

    In connection with the adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of the law on the abolition of Soviet symbols have a problem renaming of streets and cities, whose names are connected with the Soviet past.

    Deputy head of the Central Election Commission Andriy Magera stated:

    “Renaming the Dnipropetrovsk and Kirovohrad regions of Ukraine will entail changes to the constitution of the country,” – he said.

  27. Tony May 22, 2015 @ 11:49 pm

    AT BN+ and KathJ really good job in investigation of articles.

    @BN+ Ron Paul is gold bug

    And he constantly pushes legalization of marijuana which leftist Jews are salivating for.

  28. Citizenfitz May 23, 2015 @ 5:45 am

    I called my Congressman’s and one of my US Senator’s with the following Memorial Day week-end thoughts:

    1. No more wars for Israel.

    2. Spend America’s money on Americans.

    3. Bring our boys home from the Mid-East.

    Nothing too radical.

    The response took me by surprise though.

    One of the ladies I spoke with said, “Love it!”

    The other one said, “Good!”

    A sea change is taking place.

  29. steven May 23, 2015 @ 7:45 am


    John chapter 8 especially verse 44 says it all.

  30. James Woroble Jr May 23, 2015 @ 7:56 am

    There is a much more substantive hidden agenda by the Jew[Z] regarding Ukraine that goes to the very core of their survival.

    An excerpt from ‘Secret History Revealed — Putin Played Critical Role After The Pre-Planned Collapse Of The USSR’…

    ‘Most do not know, but there is a plan afoot by the Modern State of Israel to set up a return to its original homeland in the Ukraine. The Eastern Ukraine was once a part of the kingdom of Khazaria during a time when Judaism was chosen by the king to become the official state religion.

    Those Khazarian adherents to Judaism would go on to constitute what is now known as Ashkenazi Jewry. Over centuries of migrations throughout Russia, as well as emigrations to all parts of eastern, central and western Europe, the Ashkenazim have evolved into the richest and most politically powerful religious group in Eurasia.

    In fact the Modern State of Israel (MSI) was formed by the Zionist movement which derived its power and wealth from Ashkenazi Jewry the world over.

    However, the MSI experiment is not going so well. Most of those Jews who emigrated from Russia and the Ukraine, as well as many who fled Europe during pre World War II persecution, post WWII chaos and right up to the present day instability now understand that they jumped right from the frying pan into the fire.

    Furthermore, many Jews have now come to realize that their cultural PTSD[2] generated by both WWI and WWII was purposefully inflicted so that they would be more amenable to taking up residence in a foreign patch of desert land surrounded by Muslim and Arab nations which were forced to watch the outright theft of Palestine in broad daylight from their brethren.

    Not a good way at all to move into the neighborhood, especially when the neighbors can very easily lob mortars and missiles into your midst.

    This is where the plot to repopulate the Ukraine comes in. Most Israelis of European descent are naturally more comfortable on “the Continent” completely out of range of such mortar and missile attacks. Hence, the Ukraine was chosen by the Zionist leadership as a new fallback position.

    Not only is the brazenly apartheid regime of the Modern State of Israel untenable in any civilized world, it has shown itself as the thoroughly rogue nation and criminal state that it is today. In fact, the Modern State of Israel has ignominiously distinguished itself as an unprecedented and peerless international pariah.

    Particularly in light of their recent destruction of Gaza, Israel has essentially sealed its fate. Consequently, the Middle East has morphed into a HUGE powder keg ready to blow whenever Israel decides to cross one too many red lines for the umpteenth time.

    Any normal person living in such a volatile environment would only want to far remove themselves from such a precarious state of affairs, which is why there is now a very quiet movement of Ashkenazi Jews back to the Ukraine, their ancestral homeland.’


  31. Charles Chapman May 23, 2015 @ 9:28 am

    Jews are a boring, irrelevant people in search of an identity.

    No matter how high they rise in finance, politics , communication, etc. they are wretched and trivial. All the “anti-semitism” accusations wont raise more than a yawn.

    Maybe this happens when you rob Jesus Christ of His identity; you get no identity of your own.

    I cant even hate these pathetic people when they murder millions of Ukranians by a proxy named “Jew” Stalin. Or Palestinians by the day.

  32. The Elder of Zyklon-B May 23, 2015 @ 9:30 am

    The son of György Schwartz, aka George Soros is going to join his papi in the further Jewing of Jewmerica. His new Jew PAC will be promoting the third world invasion of America, homo/lesbo marriage and redistributing money from Whites to Negroes and the rest of the foreign invaders brought here by die Juden.

    Very wealthy Jews are already lining up to donate to the cause.

    I ran across this information posted on several other sites by an astute commentator who goes by Flanders.

  33. Kalin May 23, 2015 @ 10:51 am

    The Noodle Beast will never be trusted by a single soul on the planet. Her credibility is non-existent. She is of less effect than Kerry or Obama – as if that would be possible.

    She’s down with George Bush and Dick Cheney as a deceitful tool for the Jews.

    She’s even more useless than the rapidly falling beast, Angela Merkel since her NSA spying complicity against her own people:

  34. Snowy Smith South Africa May 23, 2015 @ 1:37 pm

    Putin is ready for the JEW World Order ATTACK.

    Putin is working on new S500 is rumored to be able to engage 10 missiles at once and have a refined radar system, as well as make speeds of up to 4.3 miles per second.
    Latest state-of-the-art air defense system currently at the research and development stage, designed to lock on to and intercept multiple ballistic missiles in seconds.

    It possesses the ability to operate at an altitude of up to 124 miles.

    Also Russia is to renew production of the Tu-160 “Blackjack” supersonic strategic bomber and missile carrier.
    The Tu-160 is “a unique aircraft that was several decades ahead of its time.
    The aircraft is the world’s largest supersonic bomber jet

    By Deception we will Make War.

    I remember how Bush lied about “Iraq having weapons of mass destruction.”
    I remember how Blair lied about “Iraq having weapons of mass destruction.”
    I remember how Bush lied when he said that Afghanistan refused to hand over Bin Laden.

    I remember how Blair lied that Iraq could attack London with WMD in 45 minutes.
    I remember how Obama lied about “Syrian chemical weapons.”
    I remember how Obama lied about flight MH17 being shot down by Ukrainian separatists.

    I remember the hundreds of Obama LIES.

    All part of the Synagogue of Satan Communist Jew World Order.

    Jew World Order Motto:

    By Deception we will Make WAR.
    Putin is ready for the JEW World Order ATTACK.

  35. B Vit May 23, 2015 @ 4:07 pm

    You know why the Jews aren’t screaming bloody murder while the West supports the “nazis” of Kiev?

    Because Right Sektor is only a small rabble among Ukrainian nationalists who barely managed 3% of the vote in the last election.

    They aren’t screaming because they know the Nationalists are only scape goats – they themselves are in charge.

    If Nazis really ran the show Nuland wouldn’t dare step foot in the Ukraine.

  36. Caveman2012 May 23, 2015 @ 4:48 pm


    The Crypto Jew Behind the NIST Cover-up of 9-11: William Jeffrey (Jaffe)

    Christopher Bollyn unmasks one of the main culprits of 9-11 cover-up, and demonstrates he is a JEW.


  37. Jacob Rothschild May 23, 2015 @ 5:09 pm

    @Steve John 8:44 is an excellent mind changing verse, good one!

    Take a look at John Chapter 5 especially verses 31 through 47

  38. Bill 2 May 24, 2015 @ 8:21 am

    Hello Brother,

    I thought you would find this interesting. I am appalled but not at all surprised.

    I find it tragic that so called Christians around me swear by these foney so called Jews, while they throw Christ under the bus to do so. I have never seen a bunch of people [so called Christians] so hell bent on their own destruction.

  39. The Chosen Ones May 24, 2015 @ 12:33 pm

    So let’s see if I have this correct.

    These people who call themselves Jews have not only 1 homeland, not only 2 homelands but possibly 3 or 4?

    Ukraine – formerly Khazaria (did Khazaria even ever really exist?)
    and stealthily Argentina

    What gives?

  40. Clinton Smythers May 24, 2015 @ 1:48 pm

    You know this is all sad that the American people have no clue what’s really going on since the Jews control what the American people see and hear.

    I liked those 2 articles that were posted about Sergey Lavrov’s speech where Sergey Lavrov has a firm grasp of what’s going on behind the scenes and so does Putin and the article where Christopher Bolyn nails the crypto Jew behind the 9/11 cover up named William Jeffrey aka William Jaffe.

    Seeing as how well informed Sergey Lavrov and Putin seem to be they are probably delighted at hearing about such articles that exposes 9/11 and further more makes me wish that the American people knew what is really going on in Ukraine and Russia.

    Russia and China and the rest of the BRICS nations know that these scum need to be removed from power and the best way to do that peacefully is to hit them financially and that’s where the BRICS currency comes in.

    Because anyone who has done enough research knows that the dollar is their life blood, and that’s why they destroy entire countries over it, and that was also what the War on Terror was all about — keeping the dollar relevant.

    Once the dollar sinks into oblivion then they lose everything and Sergey Lavrov and Putin know this for a fact as well as the other BRICS nations.

    Of course if Russia exposed 9/11 it would do no good and Putin and Sergey Lavrov know this and know the only way to hit ‘um where it hurts by removing the dollar from circulation aka their life blood by making the dollar completely irrelevant.

    Yes I’m sad to say, as delightful as such articles on 9/11 may seem they do little good in waking the dumb indoctrinated fools of America since most Americans won’t see them or won’t even bother to look.

    I’ve already made the firm conclusion that the only way to have an impact is for what goes on outside of America to really make an impact what goes on inside America.

    No use trying to wake the mindless ignorant whelps of America. Trying to do so is a fool’s errand as the vast majority won’t listen and I put all my hopes in Russia instead because Russia is the only game changer and I expect anyone in America to do absolutely nothing to fix the situation.

    All I can say for everyone pray that Russia is successful and look eastward for help because you won’t find it here.

    I wish it wasn’t so but that definitely seems to be the case and I believe from what I’ve read about Sergey Lavrov and Putin is that they are kind and just people who want to end this once and for all.

  41. Snowy Smith South Africa May 24, 2015 @ 3:22 pm

    Russian President Vladimir Putin officially enacted a law banning “undesirable” non-governmental organisations

    Putin Enacts Law Banning ‘Undesirable’ NGOs.

    Authorities can ban foreign NGOs and go after their employees, who risk up to six years in prison…

    GOOD! I am with Christian Putin 100%.

    The ‘Undesirable’ NGOs are all organized and paid by the synagogue of Satan communist Jew world order based in USA.

    Send the Jews back to Apartheid Israel.

    No More Wars For The Jews.

  42. Jacob Rothschild May 24, 2015 @ 5:17 pm

    @Clinton Smythers

    I agree with you, let us say Putin is successful in getting rid of the USD as you call it.

    Since most of us have ties here in USA, what does one do to prepare for this? Like what investments to weather it?

  43. invest in yourselves May 24, 2015 @ 10:55 pm

    When the end of the dollar comes it will be a combined event with other financial and economic as well as world changing events.

    The only investment you can make to see yourselves through is to first invest in yourself with skills and abilities that can survive a collapse…then support and invest in others binding together with faith at your helm.

    The old ways will be gone and new opportunities will plough the path for the future. Have heart…prepare…and never give up. God really reigns supreme and we never die.

    All we take with us is our memories including the love we have shared, created/generated and given to others.

  44. Seraphim May 24, 2015 @ 11:04 pm

    Yesterday 11/24 May we celebrated the memory of Sts Cyril and Methodius, the Apostles of the Slavs.

    In the wonderful saga of the Baptism of the Slavs, some crucial facts are not sufficiently stressed, but they are relevant to the present situation in Ukraine.

    In the year 861 at the initiative of the Byzantine Emperor Michael III and the Patriarch of Constantinople Photius a missionary expedition led by St. Cyril was send to the Khazar Khaganate in order to prevent the expansion of Judaism there.

    This mission was unsuccessful, as later the Khagan imposed Judaism on his people as the national religion.

    What prompted the Emperor and the Patriarch to send a mission to Khazaria?

    On June 18, 860, at sunset, a fleet of about 200 Rus’ vessels under the command of Askold and Dir, two of Rurik’s voivodes, sailed into the Bosporus and started pillaging the suburbs of Constantinople.

    The traditon goes that the Patriarch Photios took the veil of the Mother of God (the Palladium of the Empire) and dipped it in the waters of the Bosphorus, causing a storm that destroyed the invading Rus’ ships, who fled the next day.

    The miracle impressed the barbarians so much that Askold and Dir asked to be baptized and Photios send a bishop to Rus’ and duly baptized the Varangians.

    Of course, “most historians discard the idea of Askold’s subsequent conversion as apocryphal”, unable to stand the idea that the conversion of Rus’ was the result of a miracle (a series of miracles, because it took a longer time, but the seeds were planted by Photios).

    In this context should we understand and the mission of Cyril and Methodius to the Khazars. The Khazars rejected the Christ and it is likely that the relapse of the Rus’ into paganism was due to their interventions.

    The final conversion of Rus’ under Prince Vladimir was associated with a defeat of the Khazars who go underground, but continuing in secret the subversion of the Church. What we witness today is a new episode of this spiritual war.

  45. Citizenfitz May 25, 2015 @ 6:17 am

    @Snowy Smith South Africa

    Thanks for this and your other contributions here.

    Have you coughed up a dime for Brother Nate yet?

  46. Snowy Smith South Africa May 25, 2015 @ 10:18 am

    US, allies carry out 29 air strikes on ISIL targets in Syria, Iraq


    The ISIL terrorists, who were initially trained by the CIA in Jordan in 2012 to destabilize the Syrian government, now control large parts of Iraq and Syria.

    ISIL are Paid Mercenaries paid by USA, CIA, Mossad, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.

    So why are they bombing their own Mercenaries.

    Sounds like Jew World Order Propaganda to me.
    I am willing to bet No ISIL were killed in the bombing.
    Another Jew World Order Scam.

    Obama is the World Record Holder for Lies.

  47. Brother Nathanael May 25, 2015 @ 10:31 pm

    Dear All –

    Working all weekend on a NEW Video. Hope to have it up by Tuesday eve, Wednesday at the latest.

    STAY tuned! +bn

  48. Citizenfitz May 26, 2015 @ 1:17 pm

    Unfortunately, folks like Brother Nate and Vincent Lewis of All Roads Ministry, as well as many others, will never get the publicity or acclaim they deserve. Not in Babylon….

    I turned on the TV last night to watch the weather – which has been very unsettled here. I almost never watch TV. In fact it’s been about a year since I last turned the TV on.

    While waiting on the weather, some stupid “comedy” program was playing.

    Some semi naked shiksa had just kicked a man in the testicles, dropping him to the floor. On hearing him yelling, another semi-naked shiksa came strutting onstage and asked what had happened. The first shiksa apologized for kicking her “boyfriend”. The second shiksa said, “Oh he’s not my boyfriend – we just have sex. >”

    And this was Prime Time television.

    How do you compete with that kind of mindlessness? How do you reach a people whose foremost demand is that their dying emotions be fed and stroked?

    The world deserves what’s going to happen to it.

    But, along with the multitudes of psychological zombies, we here are going to suffer too. Maybe/probably more than the zombies.

    Being strangers in Babylon, when big trouble finally does come the zombies will be easily provoked against us. And be provoked they will: against “terrorists… fundies… haters… holocaust deniers….” Do any of those sound like you?

    But along with the zombies there’s another species of useless humanity: the blowhards. The blowhards make a lot of noise but little else.

    Though they’re venting their gripes online 24/7 they won’t cough up a lousy dime to help people like Brother Nate – those who are taking the fight to Babylon.

    Likewise the blowhards can’t be counted on to muster the energy to call their politicos – even though anger against the arm twisting, backstabbing Synagogue is clearly rising in high places – and will rise even more if we who know the score will start getting off our butts and on our phones.

    So, if you’re not materially supporting Brother Nate – and people like him – you’re pretty much a cracked gong. Same thing if you’re not contacting your politicos.

  49. KathJuliane May 26, 2015 @ 3:33 pm

    A sleazy pencil-neck weasel to keep track of — Nuland’s sidekick in Ukraine:

    Geoffrey Pyatt — Skirmisher of Euromaidan.

    A very good video about this psychopathic dweeb. My, how he loves to wear Ukrainian embroidered shirts now.

    Btw, a clip is edited in of what appears to be President Obama angrily kicking a door after a press conference. It was a joke.

    Back in 2010, Obombya made a televised statement on November 30 after tense meeting with bipartisan leadership to discuss the federal budget.

    The video was digitally manipulated for a gag set up by the special effects department at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC, delivered during one of his late night monologs.

  50. Tony May 26, 2015 @ 10:55 pm

    There is an interesting interview with Lisa KARPOVA at Pravda.Ru

  51. Tony May 27, 2015 @ 12:03 am

    Here is another one regarding Putin’s views on AIPAC types of foreigner lobbies :

  52. jack May 27, 2015 @ 2:20 pm

    Is Putin’s father Jewish? Is the recent article about Putin having Jewish ancestry true?

    Is he related to Mordechai Blinchikov?

    Is this true?

  53. KathJuliane May 27, 2015 @ 2:58 pm

    Dear Jack,

    No truth to it at all.

    Putin is not Jewish, nor does he have Jewish ancestry on either side of his family.

    As far as I’m concerned, Makow is a crypto-Zionist living in Canada, which is part of the Zionist-loving British Commonwealth, and he often just makes up crappy lies and calls it “Freedom of Speech,” if it is not rank propaganda disinformation.

    As he is the son of Russian-Polish Jews, if memory serves me, Makow appears to have a “bias” against Russia to begin with, and has a particular animosity against Putin.

    You can read what I wrote about why I think he’s a crypto-Zionist here:

    Apart from the fact that one of the favorite ways in Russia among ethno-nationalists is to attempt to slur and discredit a politician is to call him a Jew, the internet rumor that Putin was Jewish appears to have surfaced around 2006, originally from a (ex?)British intelligence source.

    Vladimir Vladimirovich (VV) Putin is the third son in the family – two elder brothers were born in the mid-1930s died early in childhood, one during the Seige of Leningrad.

    The Putins were a working family who lived in a shared apartment in Leningrad. VV was born in 1952; his mother was 41 at the time of his birth. Putin’s mother’s maiden name is Shelomova. Shelomova is an old Russian surname. It is definitely not from Hebrew “shalom.”

    Some Internet (nit)wits decided Shelomova was a Jewish name just because it sounds similar to Shlomo.

    The surname Shelomov is attested in several archival registries dating back to the 14th, 15, 16th centuries besides Putin’s. The Russian root word shelom (m) or sheloma (m) means “helmet.” Shelomova is the feminine form of the surname.

    VV’s late mother was Maria Ivanovna Shelemova.

    Maria Ivanova was from the Zarechye village. Her mother, VV’s maternal grandmother, Yelizaveta Shelomova, is buried in this village’s old Orthodox Christian cemetery.

    VV’s parents met in Pominovo, and both were married in 1928 at the age of 17 in the village church. They later moved to Leningrad before the war (now St. Petersburg) and VV was born in 1952 when his father was around forty-one years old.

    The Russian middle name is derived from the father’s first name, as is common in Orthodox naming traditions. My Greek father’s father was Antone, so my dad was name Constantine Antone, for example.

    Russian names are the same way, and they have suffixes in masculine and feminine genders added to the patronym.

    Shortly after winning the election to the presidency for his first term, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin became interested in his genealogy. A distant relative named Putin on the paternal side of VV’s family was doing independent amateur genealogy, and discovered his family relationship to VV Putin. I believe that it was this distant relative’s research which inspired VV’s own desire to look at his ancestral roots.

    Professional genealogists were able to trace VV’s genealogy back 13 generations from various archived records. He comes from a family of peasant serfs who belonged to one of the Romanov family.

    Since a peasant serf’s family was closely bound to their master and estates, Vladimir Putin’s ancestral family records are more traceable than most, since his family records are linked to, and preserved because of, a cadet branch of this famous royal family.

    Until the late 19th century and the beginnings of industrialization in Russia and the emancipation of the serfs, the estate and manor village, town or city you were born in was usually the one you died in, and your marriage was arranged to someone from the same or close-by village or town by your families.

    A peasant serf needed a certificate to travel off of the estate. The average free peasant in an agricultural society probably didn’t travel more than 20-25 miles from home in his lifetime. A peasant merchant or peddler might travel farther.

    The great noble estates were self-contained units with their own villages and towns and churches which a peasant serf might not ever leave at all.

    In 1861, Tsar Alexander II liberated the serfs.

    Spiridon Putin is VV’s paternal grandfather who was born in Imperial Russia, as all of VV’s grandparents were, sometime after the emancipation.

    VV’s paternal grandmother was Olga Putina, who married Spiridon.

    His paternal grandparents were from different villages near the same rural town, Turginovo. Both were baptized in its Protecting Veil of the Mother of God Orthodox church, and both are buried in the church cemetery.

    VV’s late father, Vladimir Spiridonovich (VS) Putin was born in St Petersburg in 1911, his mother born in Zarachye village near Tver. When World War I began, famine and starvation hit St. Petersburg, so his father’s entire family moved back to VV’s paternal grandmother’s home in Pominovo in the Tver region.

    Her house is still standing today, and members of the family still spend their vacations there.

    It was in Pominovo that VV’s father met his mother. They were both 17 years old when they got married.

    Putin’s family had been in the Turginovo area for several centuries, which has the village church his grandparents were baptized in, and it was exclusively Orthodox Christian.

    I have kind of a rule of thumb when it comes to Jewish communities. If they were never expelled from an area, or complained about their treatment in an area, it’s certain that didn’t live there to begin with.

    Jews are obsessed with their own history and genealogies, and complain about everything which ever happened to them as “persecution” and “pogroms” in Christian societies, no matter how trivial.

    Another thing that they give great priority to are Jewish cemeteries, because that anchors their place in history and other claims.

    As Turginovo was in the territory of Moscovy Russia proper, Jews were forbidden to settle in Moscovy Russia by Empress Catherine or within 50 miles of its borders.

    They were restricted to the Pale of the Jewish Settlement inside the empire after the partition of Poland (“Polish Commonwealth).

    The Pale of Settlement was the term given to a region of Imperial Russia in which permanent residency by Jews was allowed and beyond which Jewish permanent residency was generally prohibited.

    In terms of territorial size, the Pale’s landmass was fully a third the size of the continental US, and largely corresponded to historical borders of the former Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth; it included much of present-day Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Moldova, Ukraine, and parts of western Russia.

    Tver Oblast was never a part of the Pale of Jewish Settlement.

    I have yet to find any Jewish cemeteries in the area around Turginovo, or mention of minor Jewish communities in or near Turginovo in any of their own voluminous histories and genealogies. If there were no Jews in or near Turginovo, then it is not possible for Putin to have any Jewish ancestry.

    By the way, Putin’s mother, always a devout Orthodox Christian but married to a staunch atheist Communist Party member, had him quietly baptized as a baby (he was born in Leningrad in 1952), as many Russian mothers did back then, especially if the fathers were adamant atheists.

    My late husband was also born in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) about the same time, and his mother also secretly had him baptized as a baby as his father was a passionate atheist, so this was nothing unusual.

    Turginovskoe rural settlement, as it is now called, is still a very rural and agricultural locale with less than 3,000 population, which are all listed as ethnic Russian with no other ethnicties. The Protecting Veil of the Mother of God village church where Putin’s grandparents are buried was renovated in recent years.

    Putin’s family village house (cabin) is still in the family, has been renovated, and I understand VV and his family still stay there every so often.

    The people of Turginov are very proud of their kinsman, friend, and native son, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, and he of them.

    I hope this settles the question of Putin’s ancestry for you.

  54. Citizenfitz May 28, 2015 @ 9:14 am

    Thanks, KJ for your 2:58 post. It answered important questions.

    But isn’t that just like the Jews?

    When all else fails, accuse someone of BEING A JEW!

  55. Tony May 31, 2015 @ 1:50 am


    KathJuliane explained and is on point.

    The thing about Henry Makow he spread misinforming bullshit. The second thing Henry Makow is that he is Jewish and his parents are Jewish from Switzerland.

    Although +BN was once a Jew and now Orthodox Christian, he has really keep things on point and supported with facts and gained repect of everyone.

    Henry M from other side post a bunch of bs and when it stinks people know it.

  56. Tony May 31, 2015 @ 11:18 pm

    Another thing about Putin is that many also consider that he still kept of Yeltsin Jew oligarchs, thus he must be a Jew.

    Problem is many fail to understand that Putin cannot take everything and nationalize or in international arena even rest of BRICS would outdo him due to much market intervention. He actually gave them a chance in order to be still intact with and jailed the rest who didn’t agree and vowed against Russian interests.

    He also cannot claim counter Israel directly because there are many policies that play different strategic roles. Thus Putin has to indirectly act by BRICS and by supplying Syria, and Iran, and so on.

    If Putin would be Jew he would support their agendas from full privatization to nation-wrecking politics to geopolitics. Even nationalization would be in hand of Jews.

  57. Julian Lee June 1, 2015 @ 10:03 pm


    Your geopolitical analyses are without peer!

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