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Bernie Can Beat Trump In 2020

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Bernie Can Beat Trump In 2020
February 6 2020

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Brother Nathanael @ February 6, 2020


  1. Brother Nathanael February 6, 2020 @ 2:43 pm


    Bernie Can Beat Trump In 2020

    Bernie Can Beat Trump In 2020

    The Iowa vote is in and Bernie won.

    Even if you hate him, he crushed the front runners Creepy Joe and Pocahontas.

    Now, here’s a man pushing eighty and he’s constantly surrounded by kids in their twenties and thirties.

    They’re Millennials, and this time, psyched about a future for themselves, Bernie has a stab at the Oval Office. [Clip]

    [”He came within a hair of the 2016 Democratic nomination.” “Whoa!” “This time Senator Bernie Sanders said he’s going all the way.” “What’s going to be different this time?” “We are going to win.”]

    I think he can.

    For with a ‘Sanders-Buttigieg’ Ticket, Bernie scores two major voting blocs:

    1. The Millenial Vote…twenty and thirty year-olds saddled with student debt.

    2. The Progressive Vote…voters of all ages who support LGBTQ and Open Borders.

    But Millenials—Bernie’s charged-up base—they want something tailor-made just for them:

    “Cancellation of their student debt.” [Clip]

    [”In the wealthiest country in the history of the world, it is simply not acceptable that our younger generation, through no fault of their own, will have a lower standard of living than their parents, more debt, lower wages, and less likelihood of owning their own home. That is why this Proposal completely eliminates student debt in this country and ends the absurdity of sentencing an entire generation, the Millennial Generation, to a lifetime of debt for the crime of doing the right thing and that is going out and getting a higher education.”]

    Now, Bernie is not my kind of guy.

    He’s all for abortion, gun control, anal sex between men, (apparently what Buttigieg and his ‘husband’ do), open borders, and handouts to illegal aliens.

    But what he’s promising Millennials is that their slavery to the shackles of persistent student debt will be over.

    That’s big.

    Trump can’t touch it since Republicans in Congress won’t allow it.

    They’re in hock to Jewish Wall Street you know.

    Now, you say Bernie himself is Jewish?

    But Millennials don’t give a hoot. I mean, they barely know about the ‘Holocaust.’

    And perhaps in Bernie’s favor, AIPAC operatives Mark Mellman and Laurie Lauder—both Jews—ran pricy ads against Bernie just last week in the Iowa runoff.

    That might mean, no guarantee, Bernie would run down the colossal sums of US tax dollars sent to Israel.


    Millenials—the future generation of this country—with their college degrees in Communications, and BA’s in Gender Studies, aren’t getting anything out of Trump’s ‘economic boom.’

    Housing is through the roof, especially in areas where there are good jobs, and getting married and having children is not in their plans since expenses for child birth and child rearing are prohibitive.

    Talking about my generation, is one thing, but looking at the upcoming one is another. [Clip]

    [”It is also a generation, Trevor, and we should make this point out, they’re not doing well financially. Everything being equal, unless we turn it around, they will have a lower standard of living than their parents. Their leaving–I just met with some young people yesterday in my office, young people who are going into teaching, who are $180,000 dollars in debt for college loans. That’s not uncommon. People, young people, can’t afford apartments, they’re living with their parents.”]

    He’s right.

    Something needs to be done.

    And Bernie is the only one saying it.

    +BN off the cuff

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not on the campaign trail for Bernie.

    I’m no socialist, I’m free market and libertarian oriented.

    I’m just looking at this realistically, and if the ‘Bernie Revolution’ starts to snowball he could potentially beat Mr. Trump.

    The student debt issue you know doesn’t have to be about “socialism” at all. And we don’t need Bernie to do it.

    We just need someone with a pair of you know what to get the job done.

    Just cut our ‘Defense Budget’ in half, (it’s way too bloated). Bring our troops home. Stop the endless wars for the Jews. Close down our military bases, and use the money we save to pay off the student debt.

    We can start with Iraq, they don’t want us there anyway, so let’s close the bases there.

    Then Germany and the rest of Europe can tell us to go home.

    And really you know, the Bernie crowd has been saying pretty much the same thing for at least the last six years.

    ‘If we’re spending so much on the military,’ they say, ‘just the yearly increases alone to the military machine can pay off our student debt.’

    That’s what they’re saying.

    And while we’re at it…

    We simply tell Israel to take their Jewish State and shove it and cut their 4 billion a year in US tax dollars we send them to ZERO.

    Yes, cut it to ZERO.

    Now, that’s a bottom line we can really believe in.

  2. Brother Nathanael February 6, 2020 @ 2:44 pm

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  3. Brother Nathanael February 6, 2020 @ 2:46 pm

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  4. Brother Nathanael February 6, 2020 @ 2:53 pm


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  5. Jesus Is Near February 6, 2020 @ 2:56 pm

    Bernie will NEVER EVER beat Trump – PERIOD!

    You all have NO idea how many silent people – even Hispanics, blacks who WILL vote for Trump – especially now!

  6. Brother Nathanael February 6, 2020 @ 3:05 pm

    @Jesus Is Near

    Are you really so sure Bernie can’t beat Trump?

    Are you really so confident that Bernie won’t be the next president?

    Are you really so sure the Millennials won’t come out in droves and vote for Bernie?


  7. Jo February 6, 2020 @ 3:42 pm

    Bernie should know.

    He got a home for free after caving to the Clinton machine and his wife has been making Big Bucks in the college sphere for years.

    He sickens me because he’s never going to deliver on his campaign promises.

    Bernie can never deliver on the promises because the banksters and corporate oligarchs will never allow it.

    They’d kill him first and then Butt-Judge would be left as ‘President’.

    God deliver us from such a thing.

  8. patrick February 6, 2020 @ 3:56 pm

    Brother Nathanael, How are they going to recruit for their jewish sodomite military?

    Student debt and prison are how it is done now.

    What? Bring back mandatory military service like in Russian lands?

  9. Brother Nathanael February 6, 2020 @ 4:09 pm


    This is why almost 50% of active duty military members (Millenials) support Bernie, because many join to get their student debt obligation mitigated, (but not wiped out.)

    A physician friend of mine in his thirties was hoping for a career as a medical doctor but due to huge student debt he opted to work for the government for ten years as a research physician to get the debt lowered, but again not wiped out.

    This is a ONE ISSUE matter for Millenials, “Cancellation Of Student Debt.”

    They’ll go along with Bernie on everthing else so as to boost his campaign.

    But they want their HUGE DEBT wiped out.

    As I said in the Video, Bernie is the only one saying it. But we DON’T need Bernie to do it.

    +BN’s Plan:


    Use the savings to cancel the student debt.

    +Brother Nathanael

    PS Mandatory conscription in Russia is for only one year of service.

  10. T W Huning February 6, 2020 @ 4:19 pm

    And after a student loan debt jubilee is declared then what? Make more loans?

    End student debt by prohibiting student loans.

  11. Brother Nathanael February 6, 2020 @ 4:23 pm

    @T W Huning

    You cap student loans to $5,000. That’s it.

    Do we want a future generation, a future prosperous country, a future generation not saddled by lifelong debt? I’m on the Millennials side on this one:





    *USE THE SAVINGS to cancel the student debt.*

    +Brother Nathanael

  12. Eileen Kuch February 6, 2020 @ 4:33 pm


    I’m more inclined to agree with Jesus Is Near on this subject, Br. Nate.

    There are a lot more voters who are 1 and 2 generations together than there are Millennials, even if the Millenials come out and vote in droves for Bernie. After the Impeachment scandal – perpetrated by Shifty Schiff and demon Jerry Nadler – DJT came out much more likely to win re-election this coming November.

    Remember, Brother, DJT’s popularity ratings surged, as the vast majority of voting-age Americans from 18 all the way up to 90 got so disgusted with the shenanigans of the Democrat Party. The Republican Senators – with the exception of Mitt (Mittens) Romney – voted for acquittal; thus, destroying the House Democrat’s attempts at a coup.

    Millennials are a small segment of voting-age citizens, compared to the numbers of the 2 generations above them. Also, not all Millennials went to college .. a goodly number joined the military.

    There’s also a possibility that Hillary Clinton may run for POTUS in a 3rd attempt at winning, but the DNC, I believe, will nip it at the bud. She’s way too toxic. We’ll all just have to see how the primaries turn out. If Bernie does win the presidency, I doubt the Military will back him.

    God bless you always.


  13. hans February 6, 2020 @ 4:41 pm

    Same here in Germany:

    Young, politically and historically unexperienced new generation votes here the same for gender issues & climate-history, mostly the leftist greens and communists.

    Merkel enjoys the free coming way to socialist (and communist) dictatorship, and the propaganda media follow in East German indoctrination in the way of NEUES DEUTSCHLAND and bolshewik PRAVDA .

    Nothing news under the sun. It always gets worst like 1913-1945!

  14. KathJuliane February 6, 2020 @ 4:46 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    Terrific Video, thank you.

    I definitely see the point you are making. Yes, given that the Millennials and the LGBT crowd are flocking to Bernie, at this point, he would have a chance to win.

    Bernie is the only one of the candidates of any party seriously talking about student debt forgiveness, although the +BN plan is also much better — cutting down the outrageous and cancerous US Department of War budget and reallocate the cuts to pay those student loans off.

    I know several Millennials who are very much in the debt-slavery boat to their student loans, and, while they do have steady jobs, they are having a very hard time of it.

    One couple, face with the decision to raise a family or buy a house on their income, decided to start their family, even if it means living in rentals for the rest of their lives.

    As I recall, you were talking about student loan debt forgiveness and relief years ago, perhaps even before the 2016 elections.

    Bernie actually looks rather fresh and healthy, even at 80. Mind-wise, he’s way sharper than old semi-senile Creep-Hands Biden is on the campaign trail.

    To Millennials, many of them from broken homes/blended 2-parent families without much more in the way of extended family, he comes across not so much as ‘grandpa’ but a wise, kindly, if sometimes grumpy, plain talking old uncle.

    That cardiac bypass surgery did him some good, cleared up a long standing clogged coronary artery.

    And, after watching Biden, Bernie on his campaigns is the essence of decency and respect for other people’s space, as in, Bernie doesn’t have creepy hands roaming all over the place on some girl or woman’s body.

    He might bark at people sometimes, but fergodsakes, he’s not constantly trying to whisper into some little girl’s ear, smell her hair, and put his hands all over her while trying to appear casually putting his hands on inappropriate places of the girl’s body.

    I wouldn’t vote for Bernie, because I’m a single voting issue person, and that issue when it comes to election time is Pro-Life/Civil Rights for the Unborn Person without compromise.

    Thanks again for an excellent Video that made me stop and think, and keep up the great work!

  15. Brother Nathanael February 6, 2020 @ 4:48 pm


    50% of active duty military members (Millennials) support Bernie. I’m not talking about the generals who work for the Jew bankers. RANK AND FILE Millennials on active duty who want to lower their huge debt from college.

    Many college drop outs who OWE on their student debt have joined the military.

    Now, yes, Trump has a strong fired-up base, but NOT as fired-up as they used to be.

    Wages have NOT kept up with inflation in spite of Trump’s ‘economic boom,’ and many have dropped out of the Trump camp due to his broken promises of ending the endless wars.

    How many times has Trump said he’s “Bringing the troops back home?” And every time he says is MORE ARE SENT instead. You think his erstwhile supporters don’t see that?

    I am not on the campaign trail for Bernie Sanders. I am not a socialist. But I do think that this student debt issues is a MAJOR issue.

    It can be EASILY solved, and you don’t need Bernie to do it, (and Trump certainly won’t):





    *USE THE SAVINGS to cancel the student debt.*

    The problem we face, dear Eileen, in public discourse, is that partisanship blows out any possibility of reasonable discussion.

    I’m a man of reason. I look at issues objectively. And if a candidate can hit on a MAJOR issue I’ll support that issue.

    +Brother Nathanael

  16. Brother Nathanael February 6, 2020 @ 4:56 pm

    From BitChute Comments Section

    TheParacleteOfKaborka • 2 hours ago •

    Wanna cure the student loan debt issue? make universities liable for collecting the repayments.

    If the student defaults, the college eats the loan. This would force the schools to change their curricula to provide students knowledge that can be used to earn a living.

    No more communists teaching useless gender studies courses. There would be an surge in technical training schools and more STEM programs in university.

    Make these parasites EARN their keep at these institutions by doing something useful like maybe EDUCATION in place of indoctrination.

    Better yet close ALL government schools and turn them over to communities to run as private enterprises with curricula set by the communities that support them with their money.

    Abolish the Dept of Education and get the JEWS out of the textbook monopoly and the Communists out of the Faculties.

  17. Brother Nathanael February 6, 2020 @ 5:00 pm

    BitChute Comments Again

    Fred Dietz • 11 minutes ago •

    Bernie is likely to get assassinated even before Trump. In fact, at his age with what he’s trying to do, “natural causes” may take him before the Clinton elites get around to it.

    Besides that, I like your alternative plan to getting rid of student loan debt. And I agree, Trump doesn’t have the cajones to do anything he should.

    The best you can say about Trump is his inwardly skittishness has ironically worked in favor of keeping him from going into Iran. And if he did go, he’d be stopping the war once a week to ask for diplomacy.

    But that’s also why Mossad is going to get rid of him. That, and the fact Pence would stick us in Iran for the next 10 years (at least), and make Kushner his VP.

  18. pierre February 6, 2020 @ 5:46 pm

    I have a residue Australia student loans debt, then called HECS.

    The condition was you only started paying it back when you earned a certain income (say $50k pa). Around 2008 the Howard Federal government tried to make it so you had to pay it back even on the dole.

    Protests, including I suspect, my dragging my 2000 brochure out, quoting the income threshold condition, stopped that plan. Essentially it was retrospective legislation. (Howard was lawyer, you see).

    How about retrospective for Israel, after the new Inquiry into 9/11? I mean were there no conditions about blowing up American assets (like the USS Liberty in 1967) attached to such American benevolence?

    And while we are at it, there is a mad crazy virus let loose on the world that threatens its destruction… so quarantine Israel, and send all infected Israel-firsters there to stop the spread of this madness. Make your gay cake and sit in it.

    Is talking down usurious slave debt hate speech? Does it upset the fingernail of any Jew in this world?

  19. Bill Coogan February 6, 2020 @ 6:33 pm

    Your words are food for thought, Brother.

    There are ways now to cut student debt that the Millennials are not interested in.

    The National Guard and the Military will pay for their tuition in return for service. I did that myself…four years out of my life but it paid for college.

    The other way to look at it is perhaps these universities and colleges charge way too much for an education. Living on campus costs thousands. I chose a local college and commuted from home to save money as the GI Bill did not cover everything.

    Also, some these ridiculous majors offered by colleges, like ‘Black Studies’ or ‘Queer Studies’ or ‘Woman Studies’ are about useless in the real world but cost the same as civil engineering or accounting. Not everyone needs to go to college.

    A plumber or electrician can make more money and not lose years of being unemployed as a student. Professors making six digit incomes for doing nothing is part of the problem. Colleges need to cut their costs.

    Bernie’s idea of free tuition is a gimmick but it is one that the lazy Millennials will grab on to. Perhaps some form of government service in lieu of the military for tuition payment may work..’Peace Corps.?’ You are correct about the government cutting its military budget and stopping the billions sent to Israel.

    A better idea is to get rid of the Federal Reserve…charging interest on printing money and enslaving our nation. That’s where I would start.

  20. Fred C February 6, 2020 @ 6:47 pm

    The student loan debt, with, say added interest compounded at 6% over a twenty year period, totals as in the case of the teachers Bernie was talking about, would be the principal of $180,000, plus compounded interest, equaling $310,000.

    At one time, not too very long ago, $180,000 would have bought any one of these teachers a nice, comfortable three bedroom home in suburbia. Smart buyers would live below their means, put some money in savings and investment funds, and pay up on their mortgage principal to pay it off years early, and save money by not paying compound interest on outstanding compound interest.

    And with the additional compound interest not used for paying off the student debt, another $130,000 could be used as a nest egg to raise a child or two.

    Folks, I think what Brother N is trying to point out, if we can get the Trump-screechers to calm down a bit, is that Bernie is charging up a large voting bloc popularly known as “Millennials.”

    They were once submerged in apathy but that is no longer the case, they want their debt wiped out or they remain in slavery to the government/bankers for the rest of their lives.

    Along with this charged up bloc, this video of BN’s points out that a “Sanders-Buttigieg” ticket could be a strong ticket that would encompass the full spectrum of Democratic voters from all ages.

    Buttigieg is billed as a “moderate” and no one is tagging him with being a “socialist.” The media likes him, the Jews are all for him, and he would be looked upon as a counter-balance to Sanders on a combined ticket.

    This said, and I think this is what Brother wants to bring out, is not that Bernie should be president, but given the political trends right now, that he could be president.

    It’s like saying there could be war against Iran when not saying their should be.

    I too think that the student debt issue is a major one.

    It’s not only about rescuing a an entire generation of college-educated kids with student debt up to their eyeballs along with no prospects of high quality jobs, it’s about the future of our country. Something does have to be done.

    Brother N lays out a plan. Why aren’t commentors here on RJN here seeing it and applauding him for it? Will Trump ever initiate a plan like his?

    I’m not sure Bernie would either. Brother N for President!

    Fred C

  21. Ed February 6, 2020 @ 7:19 pm

    All these traitors sound the same, will say anything to get elected.

    What a win-win for Israel both sides all locked up for them.

    They must get bored with no one to really to challenge them with the press in their pocket and all the money in the World at their disposal.

  22. Eric February 6, 2020 @ 7:35 pm

    In Europe, education is free for the most part. But you don’t get into university in Europe unless you are an outstanding student. It’s like getting into Harvard here. So there are not that many students to pay for.

    What about the rest of the young people in Europe? They go into paid apprenticeships starting when they are about 16 years old. Because of this, schools have to adjust their curricula to match the availability of careers and jobs. In America, schools take absolutely no responsibility for the future of their graduates.

    Canceling student debt by itself is not a solution. Our entire system of education needs to be reformed. In addition to what I’ve already mentioned, we should have school choice, including home schooling. Trump is pushing for more vocational education and school choice. That is good.

    From a political standpoint, I don’t see Bernie even getting the Democrat nomination, much less the presidency. He’s an old coot, that’s all. He doesn’t have what it takes. The only Democrats who do have what it takes have been sidelined: Delaney, Ryan, Hickenlooper.

    Americans in general will not support student loan forgiveness, because they will see it as setting a double standard where they have to pay off their debt, but spoiled millennials don’t have to.

    That’s my take.

  23. Brother Nathanael February 6, 2020 @ 7:46 pm

    +BN On Rense Radio Tonite!

    7 pm PST @

  24. Brother Nathanael February 6, 2020 @ 7:53 pm

    @Bill Coogan and Fred C

    FINALLY, some people get it.

    I’m not saying Bernie should be president I’m saying he could be.

    A potential Sanders-Buttigieg Ticket would be a big one as I point out in the Video.

    But we don’t need Bernie to get the job done which I say in the Video if any others besides you two took their Trump plugs out of their ears to hear it:




    *USE THE SAVINGS to cancel the student debt.*


  25. The Englishman February 6, 2020 @ 8:59 pm

    Yep, +BN goats are great!

    Chemistry with Rense now seems Great too.

    Duffers who are slamming you confirm their dullness.

  26. Steven Rowlandson February 6, 2020 @ 10:00 pm

    It will take more than student debt cancellation.

    The real estate market has to go to hell price wise.

    A rollback by 95% might work and full employment at a living wage is needed.

  27. Albert February 6, 2020 @ 10:50 pm


    No matter who wins, how many promises are made….the same government gets in every time.

    Even if it’s the Mickey Mouse Party.

  28. Lugu February 6, 2020 @ 10:52 pm


    I agree completely with Brother Nathanael.

    Especially with current state of Democratic Party right now, they are desperate for a winning and they will do everything to achieve it even if it will cost this nation to go down the drain.

    And what better force to achieve that than those Millennials, especially those who’s not even mature enough to digest and understand the real situation of this country? My mind immediately remembers what psalm 127:4 said.

    Oh, and don’t forget about demographics too. Youngsters are growing rapidly.

    Therefore, unless Trump can come up with better and viable/tangible solutions regarding student loans, and other stuff that can woo Millenials, Bernie can surely beat Trump.

    That’s my two cents.

  29. William February 6, 2020 @ 11:08 pm

    Every time we get a dim in office the defense budget suffers. Not a good idea.

    Not going to happen. Russia would move in and take control.

    Again, not going to happen. Russia would move in and take control. Get out of wars? Yes, but maintain an armed presence.

    Not going to happen. USA will always support Israel, even though they hate us.

    Something does have to be done about stupid student debt. “Students” can do what I did, i.e. join the military for four years and save their money while they are serving; work part time after getting out of the military to obtain a degree.

    Something has to be done about the cost of insurance–ALL insurance, but especially Health Insurance. We are being forced into the socialists’ health care plan by being priced out of being able to afford any kind of healthcare insurance.

    The insurance companies and/or the government are in charge of what we can be treated for, how long we can be treated, the medications we can be prescribed, which Doctors we are allowed to see–all at stupid expensive costs to us.

    My Health insurance has gone up every year, with one, maybe two years being exceptions, for the past 25 years. This year it went up 40.00 per month, again. The cost of insurance increases don’t stop with just health insurance. It’s all insurance. Try buying a home, car, or driving a car without it.

    Our kids are made into slaves the moment they step out of their parents homes to try to make it on their own.

    This country WILL become a socialist country, we’re 80% there already. Nothing will stop it. They may call it by a different name, with a tweak here and there, but it will be socialism/communism.

  30. Truth Anywhere February 6, 2020 @ 11:27 pm

    Pentagon says $35 trillion (yep) of accounting “adjustments” made, over and over and over, so nobody knows where the money ends up (guess, but not in my Swiss account), like the Enron records in Bldg. 7.

    Don’t forget to overpay your tax, or else.

    A jew for president, really?

    The only thing comrade Sanders will beat is his own dead horse.

  31. Brother Nathanael February 7, 2020 @ 1:08 am


    You almost sound like Schiff who says “if we don’t stop the Russians over there we’ll have to fight them over here.”

    Why not, rather, as Ron Paul urges, instead of perpetual enmity toward Russia, create free trade agreements with them? Then everybody prospers.

    And then we should bring into these trade agreements cooperative efforts with the countries we’re against only for Jewry’s sake: Iran, Syria, Yemen, Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.

    Thus no one has to fund expensive military bases and rotation of troops.

    As for our Defense budget why is no one asking like they do regarding Medicare, where are we going to get the money to fund our endless wars abroad and policing of the world?

    That’s the question we should be asking.

    And then once we come to our senses CUT THE MILITARY BUDGET IN HALF for the defense of Our Own Borders and NOT for IsraHell’s lust for endless borders.

    Make Trade Not War. +bn

  32. IsraHell February 7, 2020 @ 1:11 am

    Hat covers some of the innocent victims of the ruthless, brutal & violent jewish goyim attacks, and the best footage i have seen of jewish life in the concentration camps.

    This vídeo was delete in youtjewb.

    Forward Start at 10:30:

  33. Jesus Is Near February 7, 2020 @ 1:14 am

    No way that 80 yr old socialist relic democrat jew worm wins the POTUS – PERIOD!

    No friggen way American’s can look up to him – he’s NOT a leader and neither is Buttgigger, or his boyfriends.

    Mallenials are aware that with ALL their failing “progressive” ideas – they are looking to results for direction. Even they get embarrassed of failing too.

    The results & proof is that Trump is the better man for the job. Even more so now that Trump has toned down his rhetoric a bit.

    Even Bloomturd has a better chance with ALL his $$$ and his ego, despite of his blatant continuous attack on our 2A U.S. Constitutional Civil Rights than Bernie has.

    If you’re so confident I will be happy to put my money in my blind faith and bet you $1,000.00 USD.

    My word is GOLDEN too.

  34. Brother Nathanael February 7, 2020 @ 1:34 am

    @Jesus Is Near

    Thank God I do not have to rely on bombast and Trump crowd screeching whenever I put together a Video.

    Rather, I look at cold hard facts, details, specifics, hidden agendas, enablers, followers, gainsayers, history, the past, and future implications when writing up my pieces.

    In your Apologia above, a kind of barroom blast, you challenge my “confidence” that Bernie will beat Trump with an offer of $1,000.00 USD if results show that my “confidence” that Bernie will beat Trump is ill-founded.

    There’s nothing worse than a wager based on false premises.

    I NEVER stated that I was “confident” that Bernie could beat Trump.

    The word “can” in 5th Grade grammar classes is always distinguished from the word “will.”

    And while you’re at it, since you’ve got $1,000.00 USD to blow on a falsely-laid wager, I could use it still if for nothing else than to pay for the bandwidth of this Comment Section while I continue to go deeper in debt to keep this site in toto running.

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner

  35. Jesus Is Near February 7, 2020 @ 2:06 am

    I agree with everything Bill Coogan posted.

    I served and enlisted in the U.S. military myself with the G.I. Bill as part of my recruitment deal.

    It paid for 2+ yrs of J.C. I then could’ve gotten a pay grade raise if I re-enlisted with a civilian viable job with military job/training, i.e. medical/legal/etc. But 10 yrs. would’ve been invested by then!

    Nope. A person can’t claim college debt forgiveness. An entity has to assume that role, like The U.S. military. It has to pay for schooling, it’s the only way. Not everyone can pass the ASVAB though so that option may not work.

    Apprenticeships are a great path to a career.They dispatch you to all the work. They pay well and pay for the school of your trade, you pay for the books (approx. $350 p/yr.) and you get your medical, dental, vision, or your whole family + death benefit fund, and a pension established.

    Making the colleges responsible for debt collection would only compound the issue. There would be credit checks before you could even attend.

    I, however, definitely agree with +BN’s suggestion to stop funding IsraHell.

    Trump is holding his cards close to the vest.

    You can bet he has something good to play soon, something attractive to Millennials and others that he will whip out later in May 2020.

    He has to wait out the others campaign “promises” first.

    Bottom line there are no free lunches, no utopic socialistic freebies for Millennials, you all have to put on your big girl/boy pants. Pull your own weight. Character and bragging rights will follow. Humble yourself, you’re not alone.

  36. Jesus Is Near February 7, 2020 @ 2:38 am

    If I had a crystal ball – I would predict that Bernie, under attack from Killary and her evil minions, and running on a socialism ticket will fall short in Iowa.

    She may even consider this as a reason to jump in, as arrogant as she is. This will place Buttigieg up in front, but not many will really vote for him (gay) – remember this is the Democratic Caucus. It sounds good (politically correct window dressing) brought to you by the jews.

    But the cruel thing is, they will prop him up just for failure as they really come to their senses and pool their $$$ behind Trump. Can you even imagine the evil jews allowing a gay man to beat Trump? A gay man having anal sex in the White House, Airforce 1, etc. Not going to happen, but they would “love” it!

  37. The Englishman February 7, 2020 @ 2:53 am

    And still, they keep coming.

    Getting quite a body count, 12 years is it now +BN?

  38. General Ripper February 7, 2020 @ 3:02 am

    @Jesus Is Near

    Bernie’s not a Democrat, he’s a bolshevik communist. He never mentions the Federal Reserve when he’s talking about the future’s living standard being worse and I really doubt he would ever do anything to challenge Israeli subversion of the USA.

    Even if we did stop the extortion racket to Israel via AIPAC/MOSSAD/ETC. they could just get the money directly from the Zionist Federal Reserve, and it’d be like the banker bailout in 2009 which wasn’t approved by the traitors in Congress.

    The last president to oppose Israel in any meaningful way was JFK and they killed him for it.

    I really doubt some 80 year old communist jew would oppose Israel under threat of death. It’s not like he’s found Christ so he, like all other Christ-rejecting sinners, cling to their lives and are afraid to lose it (unlike born-again saved Christians who are ready to meet God).

    Trump vs Bernie, they’re both bad. I don’t really see the outcome being any different than Trump vs Hillary in that they’re also both bad. And there’s no way Hillary could’ve pushed for red flag communist gun grabbing (the next step of red flagging is throwing people in FEMA gulags first, going through due process second — based on hearsay).

    If they can violate your 2A, 4A, 5A, 6A, and 7A protected rights via red flagging, then throwing you in a FEMA camp for being a “danger to society” isn’t that far off.

    And we all know Bernie’s staffers want to bring back gulags and executions (which one of them quickly corrected themselves to say “remove” to lessen the sting) which Bernie has yet to denounce and for which the communist jewish media refuses to admonish him.

  39. patrick February 7, 2020 @ 3:38 am

    Thank you for what you do, Brother Nathanael.

    I recently have been sharing your videos with my friend who is a Carmelite nun. She has a friend who is a nun that grew up jewish but still seems to believe jews are a race not a religion.

    Jews are an ethnic group for sure but not a race; white race, black race too, these are too general terms to provide any info about ethnicity. E. Michael Jones has done loads of work on this problem of race versus ethnos.

    I share your videos. Please ask at the end of your videos for others to share and donate. Maurice Hermann, journalist on Palestine, used to do that at the end of his videos before his untimely death. Also ask for prayers more!



  40. Steve February 7, 2020 @ 5:40 am


    I really don’t think the Muslims unlike the stupid and cowardly Christians will stand for this LGBT crap being rammed down their throats.

    Me thinks the Brits AND the West are in for a MAJOR push back with this crowd.

    I say good for them! TO THE VICTOR GOES THE SPOILS!!!

    At least under Sharia the goyim stands a fighting chance!

    BTW, Sanders as a Borscht Belt Jewish RED will fall right into line when and if he’s elected President.

    I don’t care how radical these NY red-diaper-babies appear…LOYALTY IS STILL WITH THEIR TRIBE…it’s hardwired into their Kosher blintzes.

  41. Cornelius February 7, 2020 @ 6:30 am

    Bernie is scoring big on education with Millennials because he copied one item straight out of the National Socialist party platform and focused the main part of his campaign on that one issue.

    Trump does the same thing by saying America First, which is a lie of course, but it resonates with the workers.

    None of the other candidates stand out like Bernie and Trump, and Brother Nathanael was right for noticing Sanders is right on one issue.

    The United States, as the biggest socialist country in the world with 40% of GDP being government (deficit) spending, would be better off to use that money at home, period.

  42. Nieroski-Joe February 7, 2020 @ 7:31 am

    When it comes to “loan forgiveness,” I recall how failed mortgages were allowed “loan forgiveness” only to have those funds classified as INCOME to which the borrower (former borrower) owed INCOME TAXES.

    Those taxes owed were not a trifling figure. In hindsight, it would be better for those borrowers to make the mortgage payments rather than pay off the taxes owed from such a great infusion to their income.

    Will the same be applied to student loans? Will funds for student loans be classified as INCOME to those struggling “graduates?”

    If so, what happens then? All I see is one government generated problem fixed with another government generated problem leading to another government generated problem, ad nauseum.

    Seize the Fed and solve some problems…

  43. Inretrospect February 7, 2020 @ 9:43 am

    Put yourself in a Millennial’s shoes: most of these young adults still live at home and are hopelessly over-extended on student loans; they are unemployed, and/or too unskilled for today’s tech markets.

    Bernie says he is going to pay off their student debt and give them a better standard of living than their parents have. Translation: Millennial’s will still be unemployed, unskilled, and probably living with their parents.

    In addition, the taxpayers will be paying for their defaulted student loans.

    Cutting the $trillions spent on military for endless wars for Israel?

    Cutting $4 billion given to Israel every year?

    Sounds like a great idea but, either Bernie will cave to Israel or else.

    Prediction if Bernie wins:

    Bernie will keep his promise and payoff students’ loans; however, he won’t end the wars, or tithing billions each year to Israel.

    Millennial’s will learn the meaning of the adage: “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”, because Bernie will instate mandatory civil service youth conscription for all who receive debt relief from their student loans.

    The Millennial generation will receive the answer to their prayers: receiving free uniforms, plus free room and board, as perpetual debt wards of the Bernie Socialist State.

  44. Judicial System February 7, 2020 @ 11:11 am

    If people had a concept of a free country everyone would understand that he possessed all the privileges as well as all the responsibilities of his existence.

    No one would have any argument with student loans or health care, provided that his person was respected, his labor was free, and the fruits of his labor were protected against all unjust attack.

    When successful, we would not have to thank the state for our success.

    And, conversely, when unsuccessful, we would no more think of blaming the state for our misfortune than would the farmers blame the state because of rain or snow. The state would be felt only by the invaluable blessings of safety provided by this concept of government. . .

  45. Stephen February 7, 2020 @ 11:40 am

    Bernie over Trump? Sorry – not going to happen.

    America has not gone hard core socialist. Yes, maybe a few Millennials, but that is not going to change the National vote.

    The Democrats have been delusional for the last 3 years and this is NOT going to work in their favor.

  46. Brother Nathanael February 7, 2020 @ 12:30 pm


    Cornelius nails it:

    “The United States, as the biggest socialist country in the world with 40% of GDP being government (deficit) spending, would be better off to use that money at home, period.”

  47. KathJuliane February 7, 2020 @ 2:21 pm

    Trump takes credit for quitting Iran deal as ‘most important’ thing he did for Israel

    Press TV via Paul Craig Roberts

    US President Donald Trump admits he quit the Iran nuclear deal for the sake of Israel, asserting that the move was “perhaps the most important” thing he has done for the Zionist regime.

    In a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, Trump enumerated his pro-Israeli moves, branding withdrawal from the internationally backed deal as the most significant thing he has done for the regime.

    “As everyone knows I have done a lot for Israel; moving the United States embassy to Jerusalem [al-Quds], recognizing the Golan Heights, and frankly perhaps most importantly, getting out of the terrible Iran nuclear deal,” said the US president to a roaring pro-Israel audience at the White House.


    Yes, indeedy. Trump said it. Press TV took an exact quote. All part of the Making Greater Israel Plan (MGIP).

    As Paul Craig Roberts said, “Trump Has Put His Presidency At The Service Of Israel”.

    How wonderful it is that the United Vassal States of Israel has two Jewish presidents (Trump, Rifkin) as well as a prime minister (Bibsy).

    White House video, Trump says it at 9:45

  48. Boxwood tree February 7, 2020 @ 2:47 pm

    From what I understand, so many people have been forced into bankruptcy due to healthcare problems that, under the circumstances, I have come to support single payer healthcare.

    The Jews have practically socialized the US so the only way to survive is to go all in.

    Besides, I have read that Jews don’t kill Jews. This may keep Bernie safe. And if he did help these students by getting rid of these huge college loans, he has a thumbs up from me.

    I would vote for him over Trump because, from what I understand, he supports the single state solution for Palestine which would be a smack in the face to the Jews. But he won’t get my vote if Buttigieg runs with him as VP.

  49. Citizenfitz February 7, 2020 @ 2:47 pm

    Thought for the day:

    “Permit me to issue and control the nation’s money and I care nought who writes the laws.” – Mayer Amschel Rothschild

  50. KathJuliane February 7, 2020 @ 3:06 pm

    Dear Boxwood tree,

    According to official Feel the Bern Campaign, Sanders “doesn’t support Israel over the Palestinians. He believes both have the right to exist, stating:

    “‘…the bottom line is that Israel must have the right to exist in peace and security, just as the Palestinians must have the right to a homeland in which they and they alone control their political system and their economy.”

    Which basically fits right into Bibsy-brained Trump & Kushner’s ‘Vision for the Middle East” in that Israel the Archipelago Statelets of Palestine would have no independent territorial sovereignty, just some form of semi-autonomy; politically, the Palestinian government would be subject to Israel’s approval; the Palestinians to be completely disarmed except for a modest police force, and not have their own national defense which Israel would manage on their behalf, along with having no territorial sovereignty as well.

    Then, FeelTheBern Campaign goes on to say:

    “Bernie has also said, ‘As somebody who is 100 percent pro-Israel, in the long run,” Sanders said, ‘we are going to have to treat the Palestinian people with respect and dignity.'”

  51. Jesus Is Near February 7, 2020 @ 3:06 pm

    Thought#2 for the day:

    “Democracy IS the road to Socialism.” ~ Karl Marx (jew)

  52. Brother Nathanael February 7, 2020 @ 3:21 pm

    @Jesus Is Near

    That’s why Jewmerica is already a SOCIALIST country.

    And don’t you know, a country that bloats in ever increasing power every year the Military.Banking.Industrial Complex expands SOCIALISM in every direction.

    (This is a major assertion of the Libertarian position against a Warfare state of which America stands out.)

    Has Trump done anything to mitigate our Warfare State? If no, then SOCIALISM is on the rise in America.

    But perhaps you can say dear JIN that Trump has diminished our Warfare State and cut our Defense Budget? Can you say he has? If so, show me the proof please.

    Cornelius in his comment above nailed it.

    “The United States, as the biggest socialist country in the world with 40% of GDP being government (deficit) spending, would be better off to use that money at home, period.”

  53. Francis February 7, 2020 @ 3:27 pm

    Good Video, Brother.

    I can see now how Bernie could win. (Like you say, not that he should win but that he could win.)

    I’m in the same age bracket as Millennials, in my early thirties, and the issues of student debt, although I don’t carry any debt myself, is a major threat to the future economic prospects for the majority of my generation.

    I think you’re also right that the Millennials don’t ‘give a hoot’ about the Jews.

    All that matters to them is their purchasing power, travel, buying things, digital toys etc, whereas getting married and having kids does not have the same priority, most are morally dead anyways.

    And oh yeah, an 80 year old Jew running for president?

    Like you said many times, they never retire.

  54. Bernie might bust February 7, 2020 @ 4:41 pm

    IF Bernie wins, he won’t do it, he won’t cancel the student debt because all the colleges are all in on giving free educations to not only the illegals and refugees, but all of the other people/races coming here from everywhere else.

    The colleges are full of them, 20 others to 1 citizen in many classes. The difference is the citizen pays fully, the other pays zero.

    He can’t make the citizen like the other; no one is going to cough up the money to educate the world in the USA. So, he is lying to his base. He has also sold out his base by not closing the borders. The brown people make babies just fine, and get houses given to them for free.

    See, until you call it what it is which is a culling of the white race, a mixing of the white race, a UN population replacement model for America, you can’t fight it.

    He is lying to his base. He is throwing them under the UN bus, and he will never stop funding Israel. He’s an Israel-firster, or fister, depending on your persuasion.

  55. Boxwood tree February 7, 2020 @ 5:18 pm


    Thanks for the correction. I don’t think I will be voting for him after all.

  56. Brother Nathanael February 7, 2020 @ 5:59 pm


    One of the reasons I did this Video is because I really care about “Millennials,” your generation.

    In some sense we’re all morally bankrupt, but God has put lots of money in our account through Christ so we don’t go into the red. Christ fills up the deficit and makes us whole and new.

    At all events, we’re not murderers or rapists who are truly “morally dead.”

    I think the Millennials can be reached Spiritually for Christ. I’m on their side and want to reach them. +bn

  57. KathJuliane February 7, 2020 @ 6:59 pm

    Dear Boxwood tree,

    There’s no clear black and white answers anymore when it comes to picking candidates.

    Democrat or Republican, each party is a quasi-religious political cult. For the most part, it involves pragmatic thinking.

    For what it is worth, it’s a matter of making a list of what issues you think are most important to you, choosing which issue has the greatest priority in a person’s voting choices, and then prioritize from there one’s personal voting interests.

    Which issues you pick as top priority then guides which candidate might best fulfill those personal interests.

    I don’t believe much in “intersectional politics” of the left, which is basically kitchen-sink politicking trying to form the largest allied voting bloc possible.

    In my own political decision making every time an election comes around, there is one, non-negotiable issue that’s #1 priority on my list that I will not compromise on, and haven’t for 40 years.

    That is the anti-abortion commitment to Pro-Life and the fight for the constitutional Civil Rights for Preborn Persons from the moment of conception — Right to Life.

    That’s why I voted for Trump. I don’t believe he’s ever been all that Pro-Life. With all of his philandering, only God knows how many abortions he is responsible for.

    He wasn’t much involved in raising his older children after his divorce from Ivana, but I do believe that because he’s been more involved with his son, Barron, since birth, that has made a place in his heart where “all children are precious” when it comes to abortion.

    And I believe Trump’s sincerity in this one thing. I think it’s more than lip service.

    However, Pro-Life activist groups endorsed him not because he was some great champion for the unborn, but because his anti-abortion campaign issues, as well as his commitment to appoint “originalist” judges and justices to the federal judiciary who would refrain from judicial activism and legislating from the bench and treating the Constitution like Silly Putty, most closely dovetailed with Pro-Life interests and agenda.

    So they endorsed Trump, and I voted for him, because someday, I hope in my lifetime, the mother of all civil rights battles will be taking place in the courts, and I’d like to see it. That will be the Civil Rights Movement for Unborn Persons.

    People applaud Trump saying he did this or that for anti-abortion causes, and cheer when his White House kicks Planned Parenthood in the shins, but the decades of real labor and leg-work has been done by all of the Pro-Life groups.

    Overturning Roe v Wade will be almost impossible without also the push to restore constitutional civil rights to the unborn. The Supreme Court back in 1973 refused to state that an unborn child is a person under the law, and in fact deliberately stated that an unborn child is not a person.

    If they hadn’t denied the personhood of the unborn, it would have raised all kinds of constitutional issues which would have thrown Roe v Wade out on it’s ear.

    Back in 2008, I voted for the despicable, war-mongering, Israel-loving neo-con John McCain against Obama, despite my anti-war/non-interventionist priorities, which are 2nd and 3rd on my voting priority list. Why?

    Because of John McCain’s lackluster, compromising, and less-than-sterling pro-life legislative record, he was still the only candidate that might have stood a chance against Hildebeast Clinton, and Barry ‘Abort Everything’ Soetero, aka Barak Obama, peace president candidate. And, as it turned out, Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize was a big fat lie.

    McCain, as much as I hated him, also represented advancing my personal “interest,” that is, advancing the Pro-Life cause towards the eventual overturn of Roe V Wade.

    The only other candidate that I seriously considered voting for in 2008 was Alan Keyes of the America’s Independent Party, devoted Zio-christian that he is. I would have gritted my teeth the same as I did voting for McCain, because of Keyes’ affection for Israel.

    See: Alan Keyes on Personhood at Colorado Right To Life

    Because there is not yet a cohesive, consolidating socially and religiously intersectional conservative anti-war, anti-interventionist, pro-Palestinian (One Democratic State), and Pro-Life & Personhood movement, nor even a possible candidate for such a political movement, if Marxist commie Bernie Sanders happened to be Pro-Life, I’d vote for him.

    I’m a registered Republican of the conservative Taft school (minus Taft’s sudden turn to Zionism), like “paleoconservative” Pat Buchanan, but if there was a committed Pro-Life Democrat candidate for president, I would vote for that person without hesitation.

    While there are no Pro-Life Democratic presidential candidates, there are still 20 million Pro-Life Democrats in the US, and they are organizing and beginning to join forces with Pro-Life Republicans and Independents.

    Pro-Life 2020 Democrats

    As a life-long conservative, I would vote for a committed Pro-Life Democrat presidential candidate, regardless of the rest of the planks (issues) in their platform.

    Some time ago, I read a very sobering article about the virtually invisible, slow-motion demographic disaster that almost 50 years of liberalized, free-rein, at-will abortion has created in society.

    Today’s average 7 year old child sitting in his classroom is missing 15% of his classmates due to 61 million abortions since 1973. That includes all of the children, grandchildren, and now even great-grandchildren that were never born because of all the babies that have been aborted.

    I wish I’d kept the article, because I can’t find it now.

    Anyway, that’s how I work things out for myself when it comes to voting.

    Right to Life is always first in my mind, although the Palestinian cause comes a very close second.

    The Palestinians, Iraqis, Syrians, and other Middle Easterners are very near and dear to my heart, what Israhell does to them is absolutely immoral and vile, Jewmerica is no better, and it is my most fervent prayer that the criminal terrorist Jewish state dry up and blow away on the desert wind, but there are not a million Palestinians being murdered every year.

    There are, however, over 1 million perfectly innocent, defenseless, mute Americans being murdered in the womb every year.

    Jews were the biggest organizing political supporters and sponsors behind the legalization of abortion in the 1960s and early 1970s.

    A few weeks ago, Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams, who are squarely in the “Taft Republican” school, put out a call for “the broadest based anti-war, non-intervention” peace coalition possible drawn from left and right, that is a movement where the single most important issue is putting a stop to Jewmerica’s insane imperialistic policies, war-mongering, and foreign military adventurism.

    And when I say ‘anti-war’, it doesn’t mean that America shouldn’t have strong territorial defense. We should, and we will still need a military. What we don’t need are 800 US military bases around the world, and it means stopping the crap with offensive “hybrid warfare” too, which includes economic and financial seige blockades (“sanctions”) on countries which the District of Criminals doesn’t like.

    I would definitely support this political coalition, because it focuses on a set of very closely related issues, including a Peace Economy, which is what it will take to ever do the work necessary to really do something about our crumbling, rotting infrastructure.

    So, for what it’s worth, this is how I tend to look at things when it comes to my own political life and deciding who to vote for.

  58. Rick February 7, 2020 @ 7:49 pm

    I love the Jewish YouTube.

    There are so many wonderful Jews keeping the wheels and gears oiled, and keeping us all Happy with Fresh Content.

    I think that it’s Transformative to celebrate the Jews in YouTube.

    You know, in fact, it’s such an Amazing Place, that I just don’t know which butt to kiss first.

    I’m totally undecided about that, actually.

  59. Brother Nathanael February 7, 2020 @ 7:53 pm

    @Boxwood tree

    Ultimately we’re dealing with the devil and forced to speak in his terms.

    We can talk about “cutting the budget,” “cut foreign aid,” “reduce government payouts,” and on and on.

    But there IS NO “budget,” there IS NO “aid,” there IS NO financial payouts, it’s only fake money the JEWS print out of thin air.

    It’s money stolen into existence because it does not represent labor, production, and services.

    Evil can’t create anything. That’s the Jew’s specialty, UNcreativity. Denial of creation. Hatred of the beauty of a man’s labor. The Jews murdered God, why should we let them have any positions of influence whatsoever?

    The first thing a real leader needs to do is “liquidate” the debt.

    Now, Ron Paul says we must “liquidate” the debt but I’ve never heard him say how.


    Nullify the debt, don’t give the Jew-owned Federal Reserve a penny.

    They STOLE it into existence in the first place when we gave the Jews a license to steal in 1913. But we’re no longer going to be complicit in their crime.

    Then we move into a “chapter 11” scenario with temporary adjustments.

    1. Congress gets back the authority to coin money and regulate the value.

    2. Back the money by our federal lands, resources, precious metals and mineral wealth as collateral so as to support the value of the newly-minted dollar that represents labor that doesn’t inflate away into nothing.

    3. Affirm local banks to begin issuing their own money backed by the commodities of their choice.

    4. Move into a free market economy, de-regulate, and encourage start ups in the health care insurance realm that can compete to bring affordable health care.

    NOTHING the government does is “affordable.” It’s dependent on JEW MONEY that destroys the purchasing power of every man and woman.

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner

    See: A Presidential Platform For 2020 @

  60. Cornelius February 7, 2020 @ 8:03 pm


    Some people believe for some ridiculous reason they have to vote in a system where they have no say-so.

  61. Brother Nathanael February 7, 2020 @ 8:07 pm


    You wrote sarcastically: “I love the Jewish YouTube. There are so many wonderful Jews keeping the wheels and gears oiled.”

    I write back:

    Jews, like their father the devil, cannot create anything. Jews thrive on the backs of the labor of the goys who are the genuine creators through labor.

    Ask any Jew when was the last time he picked up a shovel to do an honest day’s work?

    And if a Jew “creates” a piece of music, or a novel, or an essay, it’s only because a Gentile via his cultural mileau created it first.

    If a Gentile creates a work of beauty on JewTube and gives content to that beauty by expressing truths, facts, details of criminality, the Jews of YouTube—Jonathan Greenblatt/ADL, Heidi Beirich/SPLC, Susan WuSHITonthesky/YouTube CEO—will BAN it.

    Jews cannot bear beauty. Truth is beauty. Jews can’t bear the sight of it. They murdered the most beautiful Person Who ever walked this earth. And they’re going to affirm beauty?

    The devil cannot create anything and neither can his children.

    That’s why Jews STEAL money into existence because they despise a good honest day’s work of labor but only to exploit it and force it to “take out a loan.”

    Remember, the Commodity Market (the labor of Gentiles) is controlled and manipulated by Jews.

    +Brother Nathanael
    BANNED by JEWtube

  62. Logan Michael Thomas February 7, 2020 @ 8:09 pm


    All Trump has to do is run the clip of the 2 Black Lives Matter females who took to Bernie’s stage and bullied him and his staff while Bernie hid behind his staff cowering.

  63. KathJuliane February 7, 2020 @ 10:05 pm

    Who was Robert Alfonso Taft?

    Here’s a decent write up excerpted from Wikipedia to give you an idea of what “Taft Republicanism” is:

    [q] Opposition to New Deal

    Co-operating with Conservative Democrats, he led the Conservative Coalition that opposed the New Deal. The Republican gains in the 1938 elections, combined with the creation of the Conservative Coalition, had stopped the expansion of the New Deal.

    However, Taft saw his mission as not only stopping the growth of the New Deal but also eliminating many of its government programs.

    During his first term in the Senate, Taft criticized what he believed was the inefficiency and waste of many New Deal programs and of the need to let private enterprise and businesses restore the nation’s economy instead of relying upon government programs to end the Great Depression.

    He condemned the New Deal as socialist and attacked deficit spending, high farm subsidies, governmental bureaucracy, the National Labor Relations Board, and nationalized health insurance.

    However, he did not always follow conservative ideology; for instance, after investigating the lack of adequate housing in the nation, he supported public housing programs. He also supported federal aid to the states to fund public schools.

    Taft set forward a conservative domestic program that promoted limited government spending, a balanced federal budget, low taxes, pro-business policies to spur economic growth, a limited number of social welfare programs (such as Social Security, a minimum wage, public housing and federal aid to public education), and an adequate national defense focused on strengthening the Navy and Air Force.

    In foreign policy, he advocated noninvolvement in European wars and military alliances. He also strongly opposed the military draft on the principle that it limited a young man’s freedom of choice.

    Various historians have described Taft, in terms of political philosophy, as a libertarian; he opposed nearly all forms of governmental interference in both the national economy and in the private lives of citizens.

    On Independence Day 1945, Taft announced his intention to combat the Bretton Woods monetary agreement on the Senate floor, adding that his battle consisted of trying to add amendments to the bill through the Senate committee and that he wanted the agreement postponed until conditions had stabilized.

    In January 1946, after President Truman delivered a radio address calling for Americans to pressure their representatives in Congress for legislation the president called “vital,” Taft asserted that Truman had chosen to follow the economic views of the CIO-PAC and left the Democratic Party split in addition to his legislative recommendations stalled despite the Democratic majority in Congress.

    Opposition to World War II

    Taft’s greatest prominence during his first term came not from his fight against the New Deal but rather from his vigorous opposition to US involvement in the Second World War.

    A staunch non-interventionist, Taft believed that America should avoid any involvement in European or Asian wars and concentrate instead on solving its domestic problems.

    He believed that a strong military, combined with the natural geographic protection of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, would be adequate to protect America even if Germany overran all of Europe.

    Between the outbreak of war in September 1939, and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, Taft opposed nearly all attempts to aid countries fighting Germany.

    That brought him strong criticism from many liberal Republicans, such as Wendell Willkie, who felt that America could best protect itself by supporting the British and their allies.

    Although Taft fully supported the American war effort after Pearl Harbor, he continued to harbor a deep suspicion of American involvement in postwar military alliances, including the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

    Taft was the representative to speak in opposition to Japanese-American internment. [eq]


    Taft did support the new state of Israel, becoming an ardent Zionist in 1944, in large part politically pushed by a prominent Jewish rabbi and the rapidly rising Jewish lobby.

    This is something I’ve been bitterly disappointed about since I learned of it, as it ran contrary to every principle he stood for.


    The surprising Zionist: Senator Robert A. Taft and the creation of Israel

    IN EARLY 1951, the Israeli Knesset Library arranged to dedicate a series of the American Congressional Record to Senator Robert A. Taft, who “was unquestionably a major factor in the shaping of President Truman’s positive policy” towards Israel. (1)

    Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver, the leading American Zionist of the era, designed a label for each book that thanked Taft “for the outstanding and loyal support which he rendered toward the establishment of the state of Israel.” (2)

    At the luncheon held for the occasion, Taft took the opportunity to promote a loan to Israel, arguing that “Israel is entitled to every assistance from the American government.” (3)

    Given that Taft was a fiscally-conservative, isolationist Republican, this event seems out of character for him and it raises many interesting and important questions.

  64. Jesus Is Near February 7, 2020 @ 10:44 pm

    America already a socialist country?

    It may appear that way for sure, but Socialism is a failed practice – we all know that! It can’t sustain itself.

    I think that poll will yield different results depending on what State/City you’re in as to what the people think/believe/feel. I never denied that Socialism Sucks.

    Mitigating a “warfare” state requires stability first. We must have a strong U.S. Military. The servicemen see your support & providing for them, before you can disinvolve yourself with the worlds issues/NATO, etc.

    I must say that faith is pretty rare, even amongst the posters here at RJN. Now with all these Millennials, illegals, anti-Christians & spoiled children of the devil wanting more, more, more & now, now, now — and panicking if it isn’t presented right away.

    Could Trump have just went ballistic on Iran (fulfilling all the evil jews desires)? Yes, he could’ve. He pulled back and has been trying to pull troops out, but the jews hold on tight.

    They will create instability to keep us there, if it benefits them financially or politically. Has Trump mentioned “ending the Fed”? Yes, again he has tip-toed through that possibility, letting the jew Banksters know that he knows & we know, and interestingly enough their result has been a fixed interest rate for almost a couple of years now.

    Things take time, folks. This isn’t a Taco Bell drive through.

    Has Trump defended our 2A rights? Yes, he has, and has even slowed down the requests for certain gun controls like bump stocks. Has Trump kept his word on the border wall? Again, yes, but time to do all this is of no interest to the inpatient rabble mentioned above.

    I feel that people have been infected by evil Jewry’s plague, and it’s attributes mentioned above. It’s over for the worms. We just say no to them from now on! The parasite doesn’t kill it’s host.

    Even Satan’s children need a real father/leader figure and to be punished if need be. They’re all stinging from the reality that is not their own.

    They can’t make believe lies to come true simply by je-wish-ing them into existence.

    Come on, 8 Democrat debate. They are soooo batshit crazy – come on!

    It’s open season on them if they push it, too, or do anything to Trump, and they know it.

    The people have spoken. Next they will hear U.S. shout.

  65. Jesus Is Near February 7, 2020 @ 10:59 pm

    It’s such a relief to see justice being done.

    I’m talking about that jew worm traitor Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman getting fired and sent packing.

    His future in the U.S. military will suck miserably, wherever he goes.

    Thanks, President Trump. Next!

  66. GR82BYT February 7, 2020 @ 11:06 pm

    I’ve nothing against Col Sanders but I’m just not feeling the burn.

    He’s anti-2A so I can’t abide.

    I do agree with finding a way to relieve student loans though.

    We don’t have any good options to vote for. Trump will probably win.

  67. Lugu February 7, 2020 @ 11:13 pm

    “In some sense we’re all morally bankrupt, but God has put lots of money in our account through Christ so we don’t go into the red. Christ fills up the deficit and makes us whole and new.”

    “I think the Millennials can be reached Spiritually for Christ. I’m on their side and want to reach them.”

    @Brother Nathanael

    You nailed it yet again, Brother. Too bad, this country has done a good job in corrupting the youngsters. But in Christ, there’s always hope.

  68. Brother Nathanael February 7, 2020 @ 11:49 pm

    @Jesus Is Near

    You wrote: “America already a socialist country? It may appear that way.”

    What the hell do you mean, it may “appear” that way? It either IS a socialist country already or it is not.

    It IS. Once the warfare state (which you “appear” to know NOTHING about) is established, as it did under the jew-compromised Woodrow Wilson and intensified into a warfare-welfare state under the jew-enabled FDR, then the socialist state established by the Gentile shills for the jews kicks in and ever expands in every direction.

    Here is a Comment by a poster who deals with facts not “appearances:”

    Cornelius nails it:

    “The United States, as the biggest socialist country in the world with 40% of GDP being government (deficit) spending, would be better off to use that money at home, period.”

  69. Brother Nathanael February 7, 2020 @ 11:54 pm

    @Jesus Is Near (again)

    I think I spotted you at a Trump rally clip shouting “USA! USA!” after Trump announced his increase to the Defense budget.

    At least it “appeared” to be you. +bn

  70. Brother Nathanael February 8, 2020 @ 12:32 am

    Oh those Republican lovers of free speech!

  71. Brother Nathanael February 8, 2020 @ 12:51 am

    Jonathan Turley – Pelosi Must Resign

  72. Nich Fluh February 8, 2020 @ 7:49 am

    Right. My wife and I paid for most of our children’ college education. They paid a ‘reasonable’ balance off on their own.

    It cost my wife and me alot of what would have been retirement savings.

    We are devout Roman Catholics who embrace life, responsibility and family. I suggest that the rest of the population do likewise.

    Yours in Christ — Nick

  73. The Elder of Zyklon-B February 8, 2020 @ 8:01 am

    Brother Nathanael’s references to those Publican lovers of free speech reminds me of another Publican jew-assed “hearing.”

    Teddy Boy teamed up with the “conservative” jude Dennis Prager last July to address censorship of “conservatives” by the juden controlled Google/jewtube.

    Gee, I wonder if they mentioned that it was jews doing all the censorship.

    What a stinking pile of hypocrisy these kosher clowns are.

    Feel the Bern and while you are at it, get a good feel of the power of Globo Schlomo/Homo.

    Franklin Graham had planned a four-month gospel-preaching tour through the Jewnited Kingdom this summer. All seven of his scheduled venues have dropped him, citing his views on homosexuality and Islam.

  74. Brother Nathanael February 8, 2020 @ 8:50 am

    @The Elder Of Zyklon-B

    Republicans are all about the WARfare state. They enable and further our ALREADY socialist state. +bn

  75. Brother Nathanael February 8, 2020 @ 9:29 am

    The Wall Street Journal reads RJN:

    ‘”Yes Bernie COULD Win” @

  76. Citizenfitz February 8, 2020 @ 9:42 am

    Of course Bernie the bolshie “could” win.

    All that’s needed is for US markets to take a serious dive this summer/fall. Presto… change-o….

  77. Citizenfitz February 8, 2020 @ 11:57 am

    Saint of the day:

    “If someone killed the beloved son of a man and then stretched forth his hands to the father asking for fellowship, would not the blood of his son still visible on the hands of the murderer provoke him to anger instead? Such are the prayers of the Jews.” – St. Basil the Great

  78. Truth Anywhere February 8, 2020 @ 12:19 pm

    Scamders ran a for-profit college that was investigated by the FBI for fraudulent bank loans.

    He switched it into his wife’s name to get his neck out of the noose.

    And he’s gonna save the Millennials? Like any jew will.

    He’s pandering to get their votes. Same as Bloomberg.

  79. KathJuliane February 8, 2020 @ 2:16 pm

    Daggers are coming out between the Democrat candidates.


    Sanders Calls Out Buttigieg for Raking in Billionaire Donations


    With just four days to go before the New Hampshire Democratic primary, Sen. Bernie Sanders on Friday sought to contrast his small dollar-fueled campaign with Pete Buttigieg’s reliance on big money by highlighting the former South Bend, Indiana mayor’s dozens of billionaire campaign contributors.

    At a breakfast event at St. Anselm College in New Hampshire hours ahead of the sixth Democratic presidential debate Friday night, Sanders—who has rejected all billionaire campaign cash—rattled off the headlines of several recent news stories on Buttigieg’s billionaire donors.

    “I’m reading some headlines from newspapers about Pete Buttigieg: ‘Pete Buttigieg Has Most Exclusive Billionaire Donors of Any Democrat.’ That was from Forbes,” Sanders said. “The Hill: ‘Pete Buttigieg Tops Billionaire Donor List.’ Fortune: ‘Pete Buttigieg Takes Lead as Big Business Candidate in 2020 Field’.”

    “I like Pete Buttigieg, nice guy, but we are in a moment where billionaires control not only our economy but our political process,” said the Vermont senator. “Do you think if you’re collecting money from dozens of dozens of billionaires you’re going to stand up to the drug companies and you’re going to throw their CEOs in jail if they’re acting criminally?”


  80. B February 8, 2020 @ 2:18 pm

    If there are US laws prohibiting boycotting Israeli products, then should the US boycott the trade from other countries just because Israel likes to influence the boycotting of these countries?

    If Israel does not like to be boycotted, then why does Israel love to boycott other countries by using Israel’s big puppet: the USA?

  81. Ira February 8, 2020 @ 7:01 pm

    Would like to hear someone ask the Democrat candidates what they think about the ‘Crimea Declaration’ – and then tell us why there isn’t a West Bank/Palestine Declaration.

  82. Debbie February 8, 2020 @ 9:14 pm


    There is no way I would vote for that communist, Bernie.

  83. Greg February 8, 2020 @ 9:31 pm

    Many of these Colleges and Universities get huge grants and endowments.

    There is so much money given that nobody should have to pay tuition. Please try to research your local colleges and see how much money they have. Even after salaries, and maintenance there is an abundance of funds.

    We still don’t have much to chose from since our political process, even at the local state and city level is controlled.

    Millions of high IQ, attractive, hard working people that could run and yet once again we get the old slobs that read the teleprompters.

  84. Karl Beyleveld February 8, 2020 @ 11:45 pm

    What if Bloomberg wins the nomination? Then all the Millennials will stay home and not vote.

    I don’t think Bolshevik Bernie will win.

  85. Vindman February 9, 2020 @ 1:34 am

    Regarding “jew worm traitor Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman getting fired and sent packing” – He wasn’t exactly fired, only transferred.

    In the military, everyone gets transferred from one duty station to another throughout their career.

    Conservative jews-media outlets portray Vindman as a villain. Left wing outlets portray Vindman as a hero.

    The idea of Vindman becoming a general, CEO, senator, or some such high ranking swamp creature may seem unlikely in view of the wicked role Vindman recently played.

    But it’s the guilty people, the evildoers, those who do the devil’s deeds who are rewarded by the children of the devil and their father who rule this dark world.

    More likely than not the Jews will reward Vindman handsomely for following their orders on his part in the impeachment charade, like how Trump rose up in the swamp by bowing to Jewish power.

  86. Ted Gorsline February 9, 2020 @ 2:34 am

    American elections are like having a choice between cancer, a serious stroke or full blown AIDS.

    Maybe they don’t really matter.

    The jews rig them before they take place.

    Ronald Reagan ran America as well as anyone for at least two years will full blown Alzheimer’s disease.

    No worries.

  87. Jimmy Legaro February 9, 2020 @ 2:49 am

    Trump has not addressed:

    1. Illegal workers – Use E-Verify and heavy fines for violators.
    2. Border wall
    3. H1-B. Shut it down. “O” visa has unlimited numbers for super smart people.
    4. Overseas wars and actions
    5. Halve military budget. Don’t need it
    6. Bust the Medical Mafia. Reduce cost by 80 Percent saving U.S. budget
    7. Allow student loan holders to declare bankruptcy and remove federal loan guarantees. The whole racket collapses.

  88. B February 9, 2020 @ 3:46 am

    Do all US Congressmen fear being a target of an Israeli boycott attack against themselves by many criminal and illegal methods, and probably with even the help of the FBI Mossad, if a Congressman does not perfectly please Israel in every way?

  89. Jo February 9, 2020 @ 8:07 am

    Bernie absolutely KNOWS the promises he’s making about student loans will never be permitted to occur.

    Those in charge of banking will NEVER allow default on those debts.

    Nor will they ever permit the downsizing of the military which is what keeps them power in IsisRaEl and elsewhere.

  90. AJ February 9, 2020 @ 10:57 am

    I agree Bernie can win because he has grassroots support and he’s a rebel who does his own thing.

    But I don’t see him keeping up with Trump in the General Election. He doesn’t have Trump’s energy and he’s running mostly on discredited old economic ideas, mixed with a few good ones.

    But Trump is ignoring a lot of these issues and his personality still turns a lot of people off.

    So what should be a landslide for a conservative incumbent will likely be a similar electoral victory plus or minus a few electoral votes, unless they nominate a nobody like a Buttiegieg who’s hard to see winning.

  91. Brother Nathanael February 9, 2020 @ 5:24 pm


    You’re actually the one who started this whole thing on Bernie when you asked the question in the prior Comments section when you asked:

    “Is it possible Trump could lose the election because of Israel?”

    Then you followed up with:

    “The irony is that if Bernie Sanders wins the nomination and Presidency he’d be the first actual Jewish president, but he’s a rebel and feared by the establishment because he’s against Wall St. and foreign interventionism.”

    I responded by pointing out all of Bernie’s positions such as Pro-Abortion, Pro-Mass Immigration, Pro-Homosexuality, and as regards foreign policy essentially leaving the Palestinians in the dust.

    I still feel the same way, HOWEVER, when I saw the results of the Iowa caucus and saw some of the pics of his rallies where he’s SURROUNDED by kids in their twenties, he an eighty year old man, I thought to myself:

    “I wonder if Bernie can win?”

    I DIDN’T say will win, or should win, but could win.

    So I scrapped two Videos I was working on and went right to this one, “Bernie Can Beat Trump In 2020.”

    I put together my reasons why Bernie “could” win, gave my solution to the Student Debt Crisis, posted the Vid, and all hell broke loose.

    I’m being called:

    A Bernie lover
    A Trump hater
    A Jew lover
    A Traitor
    A Betrayer of traditional values
    A Jew mole whose true colors have come out
    A Lover of communism
    A Socialist at heart

    I can take it, and the “rebel” in me now wants to do a Video on Elizabeth Warren entitled:

    “Maybe Pocahontas Has A Point”

    I’ll be hated for it because partisan knee-jerkers never read content but read their own emotional jags into whatever is said.

    Don’t care, for what I will bring out is her AMERICAN INDIAN CLAIMS about herself.

    I might mention her DNA test and the fractional percentage of her American Indian blood and all that, but what I will try to glean out of it is this:

    American Indian Sovereignty

    What is that?

    It’s the “inherent” authority of each indigenous tribe on their own reservations to govern themselves within the borders of the United States of America.

    We need to take this tribal sovereignty as a model and apply it to local realms, municipalities, and neighborhoods, NOT states since they’ve been totally infested by Jew infiltration.

    We simply start with local areas where there are no synagogues and begin to apply sovereignty there.

    LOCAL SOVEREIGNTY can be worked out with regard to monetary policies, freedom of speech, and gun rights. That’s the basics and then we move on from there to other critical issues.

    I think, after all, perhaps Pocahontas has a point.

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner

  92. KathJuliane February 9, 2020 @ 5:43 pm

    Dear +BN,

    Came across this comment on the latest Video on the Brother Nathanael Channel.

    W George Krasnow commented on 02-06-2020 on a video named Bernie Can Beat Trump In 2020

    [q]Dear Brother Nate! You are one of my heroes.

    Please read “Sighing at the Secrets of Jewish Genius Rebuttal to Bret Stephens’s The New York Times Column” VLADISLAV KRASNOV • FEBRUARY 3, 2020.

    I praised Bernie Sanders too!

    “To his great credit, after the deal failed, Carter did not fall silent but wrote a book to leave Israel with the choice, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.

    Don’t hold your breath, but I see Bernie Sanders, a Jew, as a credible choice to play a similar presidential role in pushing for Israel-Palestine peace”.

    What is that English proverb? Sane minds run sane channels!

    I know you and RAGA push for sanity in US policy at home and abroad.

    GOD BLESS! Vladislav Krasnov,[uq]

    The brilliant academic Vladislav Krasnov is the founder and president of the small but potent, anti-war site, RUSSIA & AMERICA GOODWILL ASSOCIATION (RAGA)

    “We are an association of American and Russian citizens who believe it’s in the U.S. and Russia’s national interests to develop mutual friendship and cooperation.”

    Krasnov is a Russian and American scholar and writer. He defected from the Soviet Union to Sweden in 1962, and later moved to the United States.

    During his US academic career, Vladislav Krasnov obtained a Master’s degree in Slavic languages and a Ph.D. in Russian literature from University of Washington (1974).

    He taught and conducted research at University of Texas, Austin, Southern Methodist University, Monterey Institute of International Studies, and Hoover Institution at Stanford University. He also was a visiting researcher at Sapporo University in Japan.

  93. Cornelius February 9, 2020 @ 5:54 pm

    Party members should get a beating from the Captain:

    “Some men you just can’t reach” — Cool Hand Luke

  94. Brother Nathanael February 9, 2020 @ 6:12 pm


    I’m going to tell the Publican party and its members to shove it and join the “American Indian Sovereignty” party.

    Then I’ll run for president on their ticket.

    Doubt I’ll win but I’ll give the jew-lovers hell.

    Cool Hand +BN

  95. KathJuliane February 9, 2020 @ 6:35 pm

    AIPAC Accuses ‘Radicals in the Democratic Party’ of Promoting anti-Semitism


    The pro-Israel lobby has posted a Facebook ad leading to a petition against reducing U.S. military aid to Israel, which prominent Democratic presidential contenders have been considering

    WASHINGTON – The American Israel Public Affairs Committee sponsored a Facebook ad last week blaming “radicals in the Democratic Party” for promoting anti-Semitism, and called on Americans not to abandon Israel, their “only Democratic ally in the Middle East.”

    The ad, which leads to a petition against reducing U.S. military aid to Israel, is currently listed as inactive and was viewed by some 30,000 people, according to Facebook’s publicly available data.

    “The radicals in the Democratic Party are pushing their anti-Semitic and anti-Israel policies down the throats of the American people. America should never abandon its only democratic ally in the Middle East. Sign the letter to Democrats in Congress – don’t abandon Israel!” the leading U.S. pro-Israel lobby wrote in the ad.

    The most outspoken Democratic presidential hopeful on the issue of U.S. military aid to Israel is Bernie Sanders, who is Jewish and has for months been saying that the assistance should be conditioned on a change in Israeli policy toward the Palestinians.

    The Vermont senator has said he would “absolutely” be willing to use the aid as leverage in the U.S.-Israel relationship.

    Over the summer, Sanders said at an event in New Hampshire that Washington should use that leverage “in order to end the racism we have recently seen in Israel.”

    Last October, Elizabeth Warren, another leading Democratic presidential contender, was asked about withholding aid to Israel if the Israeli government continued building settlements in the West Bank and moving away from a two-state solution.

    She replied that “all options are on the table.”

    When another contender, Pete Buttigieg, was asked about the issue, he reiterated his position that Israeli annexation in the West Bank could lead to cuts in U.S. security assistance.

    As of today, the United States provides Israel $3.8 billion annually as part of an agreement between the two countries that was negotiated and signed by then-President Barack Obama.

    Buttigieg took a narrow lead in the first batch of long-delayed results from the chaotic Iowa Democratic Party caucus last Tuesday, with Sanders a close second place.

    Warren was placed third in the initial results, released nearly 21 hours after Iowans poured into more than 1,600 public locations to begin the five-month process of picking a challenger to President Donald Trump.

    AIPAC, a self-described grassroots movement of Israel supporters, aims to support Israel and works closely with Democrats and Republics in Congress to ensuring America’s backing.

    Asked about the ad, a spokesperson for AIPAC told Haaretz: “This ad was directed to pro-Israel Democrats and they have responded very positively, demonstrating the deep commitment within the party to ensuring that the U.S.-Israel relationship remains strong and with bipartisan support.

    “It is calling upon the pro-Israel Democratic majority to continue to stand up against a minority of those in the party who seek to weaken our relationship with Israel.”

    The spokesperson also noted that AIPAC aired an ad in 2018 against Senator Rand Paul (Republican of Kentucky) over his attempts to block bipartisan security aid to Israel.

    The ad, which appeared both on social media and television in Paul’s home state, slammed him for trying to “destabilize the U.S.-Israel relationship.” Paul, however, was not accused by AIPAC of being anti-Semitic.

    AIPAC will hold its annual conference in Washington from March 1-3. The event usually attracts prominent U.S. and Israeli politicians.

    This year, though, the conference is slated for the same week as Israel’s March 2 general election and the Super Tuesday U.S. presidential primary on March 4, which may result in low attendance at the event.



    However, even AIPAC was taken out behind the woodshed for their partisan attack on the radical wing of the Democratic Party’s “anti-Semitism” and “anti-Israelism” (in the new political equation anti-Israel = anti-Semitic).

    Approximately 70-80% of American Jewry belong to the Democrat Party (membership tends to float depending on which party is “good for the Jews/good for Israel” in any particular presidential cycle).


    AIPAC Apologizes for Ad Accusing ‘Radicals in the Democratic Party’ of anti-Semitism


    ‘We offer our unequivocal apology to the overwhelming majority of Democrats who are rightfully offended by the inaccurate assertion that the poorly worded, inflammatory advertisement implied,’ AIPAC said.

    Continued: []

    The Facebook ad was pulled, but here’s a copy of AIPAC’s incredibly blatant propaganda art in the ad.

    It shows a little blond-haired girl wrapped in an American flag protectively hugging a little dark-haired girl in an Israeli flag, and a slogan which says “Protect Our Israeli Allies”.

  96. Art Jones February 9, 2020 @ 8:47 pm

    ATTN: Brother!

    Check out what we’re doing here in Chicago in the IL. 3rd. Congressional primary race.

    Check out our site at and watch the videos on the front page of our campaign site and them click on the WAKEUPNOW button to see all the rest of the Church Arsons and vandalisms the Israelis have been committing in Israel the last 11 years.

    We’re in a 85% Christian district and we’re driving the Jews CRAZY with our campaign! Was on Rense last Fri. with the fortune teller in this campaign.

  97. Art Jones February 9, 2020 @ 8:52 pm

    Why don’t you do a video on all these Israeli Church arsons and vandalisms and give us a mention in it? Just a thought.

    Ever hear of Bentzi Gopstein? He’s the ring leader of the Israeli Church Burners. Surprised you overlooked this issue all these years.

    We got an incredible video on him on the front page of campaign site.

    The election date is 3/17/2020. It’s a 6 way OPEN primary. We’re on the Republican side but Dems. can vote for us, and were going after our AIPAC controlled Democrat Congressman.

    We’re out on the streets with signs on him and his support of Israel/AIPAC and his NON-MENTION of all these Israeli church torchings. Check us out, Brother!

  98. Citizenfitz February 9, 2020 @ 9:33 pm

    Thought for the day: “If you want to learn who rules over you…

    buy Mel Gibson a drink.” – Russian Proverb

  99. Rick February 9, 2020 @ 10:37 pm

    Some real ugly names among Democrats in this campaign: “Klobacture” and “Butteinhorn” (or whatever their awful names are).

    How can anybody keep track of those clowns? Do they speak Klingon?

    (None of them will win anyway.)

  100. Boxwood tree February 10, 2020 @ 1:50 am

    Dear KathJuliane,

    I read what you wrote about being prolife and let me tell you that back in 1973 when Roe versus Wade was announced, I was very very upset.

    Let me just say, though, that anyone who moves the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, recognizes the Golan Heights of Syria as Israeli property, and comes up with the kind of peace plan that Trump and that son-in-law of his have come up with must be anti-life.

    After all, the killing of the unborn child, pornography, women’s lib, gay rights, pedophelia, transgenderism, and everything else disgusting to the civilized mind of man and to the great and omnipotent Eternal Father has been pushed by the Jews.

    And anyone giving them any support whom I believe to be in the know of what they stand for like President Trump are lower than the Christian Zionists.

    At least the everyday Christian Zionists really believe that they are the chosen people. President Trump has to be a knowing hypocrite.

    I don’t want to vote for Mr. Sanders but at least he doesn’t try to hide what he is like Trump does.

    Besides, it seems that the NWO likes to keep the same party in for two terms.

    I would just like to kick their fannies and change parties on them in order to disrupt them.

  101. B February 10, 2020 @ 7:43 am

    Judaism stands for sacrifice by boycott, and to give no mercy.

    Christianity stands for no sacrifice, and to give all mercy.

  102. Steve February 10, 2020 @ 2:21 pm


    This is how the tribe keeps the Hollywood goyim in line. What Lori did is what ALL those with enough $$$ do to get the fruit of their loins into the best colleges.

    Does anyone really think the Kennedys honestly made it into Harvard or that that shanty inbred DNA of Joe and Rose Hickey could produce first-rate intellects to pass their bar exams? Mutts all!

    That fact that the Neo-Con rag the NY Post would have the balls to go after Lori’s children leads me to one conclusion: all “guilty” parties strayed from the reservation.

    No shame, these people.

  103. KathJuliane February 10, 2020 @ 3:03 pm

    Bernie Sanders Takes Lead Nationally as Biden Nosedives Post-Iowa: Quinnipiac Poll

    “This poll reflects a fundamentally different race than pre-Iowa, one in which Bernie Sanders is the clear front-runner.”

    Common Dreams

    by Eoin Higgins, staff writer

    Sen. Bernie Sanders took first place among 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll, the first time the Vermont senator has topped the survey.

    “This poll reflects a fundamentally different race than pre-Iowa, one in which Bernie Sanders is the clear front-runner,” tweeted journalist Krystal Ball.


  104. Free-range Goy February 10, 2020 @ 3:32 pm

    I see some great posts here.

    Due to the works of Bro Nate, people are waking up to the Hebrew Industrial Complex in a huge way.

    Caucasians need to organize and resist Semite Supremacy by any means necessary or we won’t even be a footnote in history.

    They try to hide their role in slavery, but the truth is there. Try reading “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews.” All footnoted from Jewish sources and all true.

    If you want to know how this will end, you’ll have to read a bit. Pick up a copy of “Two Hundred Years Together” or read about the Bolshevik Revolution.

    That’s our future, White Man, unless we grow a spine real quick like.

  105. Jew-wise TV February 10, 2020 @ 4:48 pm

    Over the years I’ve tried to find a TV channel whose operators were not deathly afraid of reporting on Jew World Order issues, but never found a channel like that until recent years.

    With smart-tv there is one channel I’ve found which exposes some truth about Zionism and JWO issues. Jews-media powers seem to take this channel down and knock it off the air sometimes, but otherwise it works like other internet TV channels.

    This jew-wise TV channel is PRESSTV Iran. I’ve never seen PressTV Iran channels offered by Dish NW, Direct TV, Cox Cable, or any other mass media TV provider. PressTV has 2 different streaming links for English speakers of which I’m aware –

    #EXTINF:-1, PressTV Iran streamlock

    #EXTINF:-1, Iran

    If you know how to use and edit playlists, you can copy-paste the TV links above into your smart TV playlist and watch jew-wise news on TV which is banned by the rest of the jews-media, mass media.

  106. KathJuliane February 10, 2020 @ 5:56 pm

    Bernie Sanders officially excommunicates Pro-Life Democrats.

    Nope. Bernie’s not getting my vote.

    A pox on you, Bernie, and the abortion-worshipping Democrats with you.

    Abortion is not health care.


    Bernie Sanders: Supporting Abortions Up to Birth is an “Essential Part of Being a Democrat”

    Bernie Sanders told pro-life Democrats that they are not welcome Saturday, emphasizing that supporting abortion is an “essential part of being a Democrat.” [Embedded video clip on site]

    CNS News reports the Vermont senator and Democrat presidential candidate made the comment during a presidential forum in Concord, New Hampshire. The pro-abortion groups Demand Justice Initiative, Center for Reproductive Rights and NARAL Pro-Choice America sponsored the event.

    When asked if he believes there are pro-life Democrats, Sanders replied, “Being pro-choice is an absolutely essential part of being a Democrat.”

    He said almost all Democrat lawmakers are solidly pro-abortion in the U.S. House and Senate, with a very few exceptions.

    “By this time in history, I think when we talk about what a Democrat is, I think being pro-choice is an essential part of that,” Sanders said.

    The message is coming through loud and clear in the Democratic presidential race. Just a week earlier, fellow candidate Pete Buttigieg told a pro-life Democrat voter basically the same thing on national television.

    Writing at the American Thinker, Silvio Canto, Jr. warned Democrat leaders that they are alienating voters with their radical pro-abortion agenda.

    “The Democrats’ position on ‘life’ is shortsighted. They are writing off a big chunk of the electorate, especially Hispanics and Catholics,” Canto wrote.

    “It’s up to the Trump campaign to force Democrats to defend this abortion position in every competitive district. Let’s see how many Democrats between the coasts agree that there is no place in the party for pro-life voters.”

    Approximately 21 million Democrat voters are pro-life, according to Democrats for Life of America.

    Yet, all of the top Democratic presidential candidates support abortions without restriction through all nine months of pregnancy and want to force taxpayers to pay for them.

    Many of the candidates are openly rejecting pro-life Democrats in their so-called party of inclusion as well.

    This radical pro-abortion stance is alienating voters, and pro-life leaders who are Democrats have been vocal about their disgust with the party for ignoring Democrat voters’ opinions and advocating for the billion-dollar abortion industry’s agenda instead.

    Polls consistently show that most Americans, including a large number of Democrats, do not support such extremes. A recent Gallup poll found that 59% of Democrats want at least some restrictions on abortion and 29% identify as pro-life.

    Another recent poll by Marist found that six in 10 Americans (62%) say that if the Supreme Court revisits Roe v. Wade it should allow states to determine restrictions (46%) or make abortion illegal (16%).

    Only 33% of Americans say Roe should be interpreted to allow for legal abortion any time without restriction.

    In response to Sanders’ comments Sunday, [conservative Catholic Pro-Life-Kj] Princeton University professor Robert George wrote on Twitter: “If you’re pro-life you are unacceptable, unwanted, an intruder. Time to go elsewhere.”


    Professor Robert George on the Future of the Pro-Life Movement

  107. Rick February 10, 2020 @ 6:24 pm

    Let’s just say, that we agree, that if you pay for something, you own it.

    And let’s just say, furthermore, that certain Jewish interests have spent 10-20 years paying (in various ways) for the Internet, and now they think they own it.

    So, it’s a Jewish Internet, and folks like me (non-Jews, etc.) aren’t really welcome to participate in any meaningful way anymore.

    Ok, I’m willing to concede all of the points above, because I think that they (the other side) have a powerful argument, and also just for clarity’s sake.

    If the assertions above are all granted, where am I supposed to go, if I want to say what I want to say, and do what I want to do?

    Look at Brother Nathanael, for instance. Everything he has to do online, he had to build or rebuild from scratch (including multiple servers with multiple levels of security, several of his own domains, expert technical advice, etc.), but that’s still on top of this now Jewish-dominated architecture.

    In other words, the foundation of this, is all going to crumble. Because these guys are in the roots, and they’re down in the hardware. It’s like a stranglehold.

    I’ve been wondering how Brother +N has been hanging on for so long, with this onslaught, and all the censorship, but I think I figured it out.

    To the Jews at large, Brother +N is still one of them (albeit what they call a “self-hating Jew”) and so he gets a partial pass, although they criticize him a lot. But Gentiles see him as a Christian (Orthodox), which is what I believe he is.

    So I think Brother Nathanael’s going to be here for a long time yet, but for the others, and Gentiles, I don’t think there’s much of a future around here, in the U.S., or on the Internet. Why? Because folks like me don’t get a pass-I just don’t, because I never was a Jew, I never studied the Torah in a synagogue, and my Mother wasn’t Jewish, so there is no ethnicity connection.

    And I’m not asking for a pass, and I shouldn’t have to, that’s the point.

    Because I shouldn’t need anybody’s or any group’s permission to go where I want to go, say what I want to say, and do what I want to do-not what they want me to want, where they want to force me to go, and what they want to compel me to do.

    Also, the problem with building “The Next Big Thing” (i.e., whatever supercedes this), is, well, what if the Jews just do it again, they just infiltrate and dominate that next thing? I mean, somewhere, sometime, somehow, the cycle needs to be nipped in the bud.

    And that is also the root of the “hate speech” scam; or ad-hoc criminalization of counter-infiltration. Because, nipping all of the Jewish nonsense in the bud always starts with a thought arising, and then, an articulated verbal or written objection.

    It’s like a prosecutor or district attorney putting a woman in jail for disturbing the peace for screaming “No!” too loudly at a rapist, late at night in a park somewhere, totally ignoring the disparity in seriousness between the two behaviors.

    And the Jews are trying to prevent people from implementing cultural self-preservation, and counter-infiltration, by saying that merely objecting to them, or merely criticizing them, is a criminal act. Which is horseshit-and we need to publicly say that it’s horseshit.


    In conclusion, once again, where am I supposed to go, if I want to say what I want to say, and do what I want to do? And equally importantly, how do I keep Jews from horning in, and spoiling the next iteration of wherever I go, and whatever I do, too? The Jews wait for entire generations to die, so that folks forget what they did 80 years ago, which is the same thing they’re doing now.

  108. Brother Nathanael February 10, 2020 @ 6:54 pm


    On the contrary, the Jews have been hoping to kill me off for a long time.

    They began by de-ranking me on Google, then restricting me on YouTube, then finally banning me there. At the same time the JEW Daniel Schulman who owns PayPiss banned me four years ago.

    Then followed a whole slew of payment venues, GoFMe, DonorBox, AmazonPiss, and about ten more, who received notices from the ADL to ban me, and they did just that.

    Now I’m on my own Channel—The Brother Nathanael Channel @
    BitChute @
    and Brighteon @

    But the Jews would still like to see me disappear. That’s why I’m already prepared to go on TOR/DarkNet, where other truthers, all Gentiles by the way, are already on.

    I’m not getting any special favors from the Jews because my mother was Jewish, but on the contrary, I’m their worst nightmare since as one of their own I KNOW their agenda better than anyone and that SCARES them.

    As for you, dear Rick, you’re protesting too inconclusively.

    Many Gentiles have viable anti-jew websites on the main internet platform such as National Justice, American Herald Tribune, Occidental Observer, David, and Know More News, where its founder, Adam Green, enjoys a wide viewership on YouTube.

    So quite whining and start writing.

    +Brother Nathanael

  109. Truth Anywhere February 10, 2020 @ 8:52 pm


    New jew USA mantra: “If mommy’s not a Commie, you gotta turn her in.”

  110. MIssy February 11, 2020 @ 12:20 am

    Nothing wrong with young folks living with their parents, which Bernie thinks is some sort of calamity (as the entire population has been fooleld into thinking as well).

    It should have been this way all along. The family needs to stick together. People barely out of adolescence don’t need to be kicked out after 12th grade. They need the supervision of their parents.

    I notice that nonwhites generally don’t kick young family members out.

  111. Ted Gorsline February 11, 2020 @ 6:02 am

    The elephant in the 2020 election room, as always, is that not a single politician is addressing the fact that Israel formily declared war on America on 9/11 by killing 3,000 innocent Americans in the World Trade Centre.

    Every single person who supports the existence of the state of Israel, such as Michael Bloomberg, should have been sent to Gitmo for water boarding many years ago.

    Only genuine traitors are running for office in America.

  112. CG February 11, 2020 @ 8:15 am

    You know there’s this guy on Twitter who has effectively been shadow banned (because he calls out the Khazarian Mafia and all the globalist archon serving scumbags in Hollywood and DC) named Jay Campbell aka TRT Experts.

    He said something like (I’m no financial expert so feel free to correct the idea if it’s wrong) ‘With student loans these Khazarian Mafia financial institutions will loan out 40k and only have 1k of real hard capital actually involved in it’.

    So if you owed 120k for your college indoctrination this bullshit financial Bankster system we live under only has 3k of actual capital involved in it; the rest are just numbers on a screen to justify making you into an interest paying slave on the Khazar financial system’s global feudal plantation.

    I read that Ed Griffin book ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ sometime back and it had a similar argument about how ALL loans are overinflated fractional reserve elitist usury con man bs to enslave us all.

    What’s the average house in Zanesville or Kern County, USA? 200k? Ok, that’s just 5k of real cash needed to generate the debt/loan for the 200k home loan (if they can loan out 40k in debts for every real 1k that’s actually there) and they charge you 5%/year over 30 years so they make 300k (or a 60x profit off their intial investment-isn’t this what the global futures and derivatives market really is?) off of a lousy 5k.

    What a rip off!

    Yeah, these kids today got nothing. What are they going to do? Cheer on and vote for more elitist blue blood puppets of ‘the man’/globalist NWO Illumianti establishment like Trump and Bloomberg? I think not!

    Hypothetically… Maybe America needs a damn Ghandi style economic boycott sit in/protest-‘you’re going to screw us all big Inc. & bankster parasites? Ok, we’re going on strike and so is the whole economy until you can play ball reasonable again’.

    What’s the answer or real World peaceful and pragmatic solution to this infinite socially engineered human misery created by the 1% of 1%?

    What do all you RJN reader’s think? Why no Biblical Jubliee in America yet?

    Seems like it’s much needed to help straighten out the economy (if they even wanted it straightened out but that’s a whole other topic in itself).

  113. Fred C February 11, 2020 @ 3:09 pm


    Global arms trade is a nearly 200 billion business and the US drives nearly 80% of it

    –The world spends nearly $3 trillion a year on military expenditures, and the United States drives the bulk of the globe’s weapons trade — about 79%, according to figures compiled by the U.S. State Department.

    –The State Department’s World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers report published in December 2019 is the latest U.S. assessment of global military spending from 2007 to 2017.

    –The United States exported four times more arms around the globe than the next nine countries combined.

  114. KathJuliane February 11, 2020 @ 5:18 pm

    “I Will Put an End to Endless Wars:” Is Pete Buttigieg As Antiwar As He Claims?

    The Iranian

    by Alan Macleod

    Former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg has developed a habit of putting out clever, catchy phrases as part of his bid to win the Democratic presidential nomination.

    On Friday he released an image of himself reading, “The shape of our democracy is the issue that affects every other issue,” something that was immediately panned by his detractors.

    Former Democratic candidate Marianne Williamson remarked, “If I had said it, there’d be jokes about my being on acid. And I would never have said it.”

    Unconcerned by his critics, this weekend Buttigieg was at it again, claiming that, “I will put an end to endless wars.”

    With the statement, the Harvard graduate attempted to channel the widespread American fatigue with conflicts started during the Bush administration, using a phrase often associated with the antiwar movement.

    However, there are reasons to suspect a Buttigieg presidency would not be as pacifist as the pronouncement implies.

    International relations are not a leading feature of Mayor Pete’s presidential bid; his campaign website’s foreign policy section features only five sentences, where he again states it is “time to put an end to endless wars” but also that we must “restore American credibility” on the world stage.

    The phrase “restoring credibility” is an ominous one for those with long memories, as it was exactly the justification NATO used in bombing Yugoslavia in 1998; President Clinton announcing that failure to follow through with threats would “discredit NATO.”

    “Our mission is clear, to demonstrate the seriousness of NATO’s purpose,” he said.

    British Prime Minister Tony Blair echoed Clinton’s sentiments claiming that to draw back from bombing Yugoslavia would “destroy NATO’s credibility.”

    Furthermore, when interviewed by The New York Times on foreign policy, the former South Bend mayor gave many answers that appear at odds with a more dovish America he suggests he would lead.

    When asked if he would potentially use force for humanitarian intervention or to pre-emptively combat Iran or North Korea, he simply responded “yes.”

    Furthermore, he said he would not agree to remove American troops from the Korean peninsula. U.S. forces have occupied the South since 1945 and participated in a bloody civil war that saw up to a quarter of the population wiped out.

    Buttigieg also opposed the idea of moving the American embassy in Jerusalem back to Tel Aviv.

    He also did not answer the question if he saw himself ordering U.S. troops to kill or remove foreign leaders, not a difficult question to answer for someone skeptical of war.

    Perhaps most at odds with his apparent anti-war stance is Buttigieg’s grand vision for the return of the military draft. “Our intention is for this proposal to create a pathway towards a universal, national expectation of service for all 4 million high school graduates every year,” his campaign website proclaims.

    While insisting it would be “strictly optional,” it also states that, “we hope service becomes so common that the first question asked of every college freshman or new hire is: ‘where did you serve?’”

    While in the army and working for the McKinsey Corporation, Buttigieg worked alongside the C.I.A.

    He has also garnered widespread support and endorsement among the national security and intelligence community, adding further fuel to the theories that he is an asset.

    In December, over 200 foreign policy and national security professionals endorsed him en masse. Among those were former Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning, former deputy CIA director David S. Cohen and former Assistant Secretary of State Philip Gordon.

    After a strong showing at the Iowa caucus, Mayor Pete has emerged as a potential frontrunner in the race for the Democratic nomination. While Sanders received more votes and is projected as the favorite in virtually every state, his support was more localized in urban locations like university towns whereas Buttigieg’s was more evenly spread.

    However, there is also considerable hostility towards him from some quarters. During the New Hampshire Democratic debate last Friday, both Sanders and Andrew Yang used the phrase “nibble at the edges” when discussing Buttigieg, which many took as an allusion to his online depiction as a dishonest rat.

    Thus, while Buttigieg rhetorically opposes endless wars, his history of militarism will mean it will take more than a few screenshots to convince those skeptics that he represents a genuine break with the past.

    Via MintPress News

  115. KathJuliane February 11, 2020 @ 5:24 pm

    Bring Our Troops Home’ – With Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin

    Ron Paul Liberty Report

    There is a growing grassroots movement among conservatives across the United States to encourage US withdrawal from seemingly endless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    State legislatures are getting in the game, passing legislation restricting state guard units from deploying overseas unless war has been declared by Congress.

    Idaho Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin has spearheaded efforts across the country to end endless wars.



    Bring Our Troops Home is dedicated to ending American involvement in endless wars in the Middle East and bringing our troops home.

    Further, we are committed to advocating for a change in U.S. foreign policy that does not automatically default to military intervention.

    And finally, we insist that the Constitution of the United States be respected and enforced, requiring a formal Declaration of War by Congress — as mandated by Article I of the Constitution — before U.S. military forces may be legitimately deployed.

    To achieve these goals, BringOurTroopsHome.US will focus overwhelming public support for these ideals on elected officials in Washington, D.C., using all proper levers at our disposal to accomplish our mission, including legislation, political action, and public education.

  116. Brother Nathanael February 11, 2020 @ 5:53 pm

    Two +BN Classics To View!

    “Goldman Sachs Betrays America” @

    “America’s Doomed Economy” @

    Enjoy! +bn

    PS – NEW Vid Tomorrow!

  117. KathJuliane February 11, 2020 @ 6:33 pm

    How do Bernie & Buttigieg stand on Israel-Palestine?

    One supports Palestinian human rights. One says he’d keep the $10 million per day flowing to Israel no matter what it does. Which is which? Spoiler alert: 18 pro-Israel billionaires have donated to Buttigieg…
    by Kathryn Shihadah and Alison Weir

    For over 70 years, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been the core issue of the Middle East, central to tragic wars – some involving American troops – and escalating violence. In the past ten days Israeli forces have shot dead nine unarmed Palestinians, seven of them teenagers. In 2019, 149 Palestinians were killed in the conflict along with 10 Israelis.

    US Middle East policies, under both Democratic and Republican administrations, have been largely driven by the pro-Israel lobby in the US for many decades. Campaign donors like Sheldon Adelson have influenced Trump policies, while other billionaires such as Haim Saban have influenced Democratic ones.

    The US blockade against Iran (which, under international law, constitutes an act of war), was begun by Bush and continued under Obama. The Trump “Muslim Ban” focused on countries that had been selected by the Obama administration and that had long been targeted by Israel.

    A plan to give Israel $38 billion+ over the next ten years began with Obama and continues under Trump. This amounts to over $10 million per day ($7,000 per minute), and works out to approximately $23,000 per Jewish Israeli family of four. US support for Israeli aggression and violence has caused growing extremism in the region and beyond and dangerous hostility to the U.S.

    Yet, despite the profound significance of this issue, the issue of Israel-Palestine didn’t even come up in the last debate, and was only discussed twice, briefly, in all ten.

    Over the past months our organization has examined the stands by all the Democratic candidates on this issue here.

    In this article we’ll specifically focus on the two current frontrunners, Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg. (Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren seems to be growing a bit bolder in her statements on the issue, recently saying that she plans to skip the AIPAC convention.) We’ll also examine Buttigieg’s 40 billionaire donors and their views on Israel-Palestine.

    Below is what we found:

    While Sanders has increasingly spoken out against Israeli violations of international law and human rights, Buttigieg has largely done the opposite. Each one’s approach to the issue drew the expected roster of supporters (and detractors).

    For example, Steve Grossman, former president of the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) – and former DNC chairman – threw his weight behind Pete Buttigieg, boosting the candidate’s profile among uncompromising Israel supporters.

    Buttigieg was already familiar to the staunchly pro-Israel American Jewish Committee (AJC) ever since his visit to Israel, subsidized by AJC’s Project Interchange. The visit had taken place just days after Israeli sharpshooters had killed sixty mostly unarmed Palestinians as they peacefully protested (more below).

    The mayor’s comments in a later interview characterized the trip as “balanced” and praised Israel’s security policy – one that “hopefully, Americans can look to” in dangerous times.

    Journalist Whitney Webb chastised him for these comments:

    [q]Buttigieg calls Israel’s draconian security policies “very effective,” yet does not mention their human costs, such as Israel’s regular imprisonment of Palestinians without charge or its arrest of children for allegedly “throwing stones”…his claim that Israel’s security policy offers a “very important lesson” to the United States suggests that Israel’s apartheid, police-state security policies are a model for homeland security policy in the U.S., a suggestion that concerns the “progressive” voters to whom Buttigieg is currently attempting to appeal.[eq]

    Philip Weiss also took the mayor to task, stunned at

    [q]how completely the Rhodes Scholar imbibed the official pro-Israel version of events, and showed contempt for Palestinian understanding. There is no sense in Buttigieg’s remarks that Israel is a militarized, rightwing country… that answers resistance to the existing order with overwhelming force that…were likely war crimes.[eq]

    Among Senator Bernie Sanders’ endorsements are some that make the pro-Israel camp cringe: he has the backing of Linda Sarsour and Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib.

    Actively opposed to Sanders are (among others), the Democratic Majority for Israel (DMFI), a Dem iteration of AIPAC, and fellow candidate Mike Bloomberg, a longtime Israel advocate. DMFI spent at least $800,000 on anti-Bernie ads in Iowa.

    While Sanders has rejected billionaire cash, Buttigieg has actively gone after it, obtaining the most exclusive billionaire donors of any Democrat. A number of his billionaire backers are Israel advocates.


    South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, has recently changed his position on conditioning aid to Israel.

    Supporters of Palestine were excited last June when he stated that he would “take steps to ensure that American taxpayers won’t help foot the bill [for annexation].” He reiterated his position at a J Street conference:

    [qThe US law framework for security cooperation in aid to any country has very specific expectations about how that will be used. This is built into the Arms Export Control Act. This is built into a Leahy Law. And we need to make sure that any such cooperation and funding is going to things that are compatible with US objectives and with US law…

    [W]e need to have the visibility to know whether U.S. funds are being used in a way that are not compatible with U.S. policy.[eq]

    But something must have happened in the months following those declarations.

    In a December 2019 questionnaire from the New York Times, Buttigieg declined to answer the question “Should the United States maintain its current level of military aid to Israel?” (He also declined to answer, “Should all Palestinian refugees and their descendants have the right to return to Israel?”and “Do you support the establishment of a Palestinian state that includes West Bank land as demarcated by pre-1967 borders, except for longtime Israeli settlements?”)

    Last month, when Buttigieg was asked whether he would withdraw aid in the event of Israeli annexation of Palestinian land, he responded, “the answer is no.” He then stated that he has consistently held this position.

    Following this event, Emily Mayer of IfNotNow pointed out,

    [q]it seems as if the closer we get to the election, and the closer he gets to Democratic establishment donors, the more out of touch his approach becomes both with what Democrats want and what is morally right.[eq]

    On the other hand, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has taken a stronger position than any other candidate, suggesting at the J Street conference (and maintaining the opinion) that some aid money earmarked for Israel could be diverted to Gaza:

    [q]My solution is to say to Israel: you get $3.8 billion every year, if you want military aid you’re going to have to fundamentally change your relationship to the people of Gaza, in fact I think it is fair to say that some of that should go right now into humanitarian aid in Gaza.”[eq]


  118. Brother Nathanael February 11, 2020 @ 7:50 pm

    Wall Street Journal Reading Real Jew News!

    “What Do Young Voters See in Bernie Sanders?” @

  119. Truth Anywhere February 11, 2020 @ 8:44 pm

    Bloomberg does what jews do best.

    Feed you a load of it.

  120. Lugu February 11, 2020 @ 9:18 pm

    @Brother Nathanael

    And yet WSJ won’t put the credit to you or at least acknowledge you.

    To WSJ, shame shame, everybody knows your name.

  121. Barry February 11, 2020 @ 9:37 pm

    It is interesting to me how the different definitions of the word “snowflake” relate very closely to the Israeli Star of David and to the Jewish people.


    (1) a flake of snow, especially a feathery ice crystal, typically displaying delicate sixfold symmetry

    (2) a “snowflake” is a term used to describe an overly sensitive person who thinks the world revolves around them.

    There are snowflakes that appear much closer than others, to the standard Israeli Star of David.

    It is also interesting to me that as Israel is very busy boycotting other countries and many individual people, and also with seeking to prevent Israel from ever being boycotted, many US cities seem to be travel-boycotted by repeating snow storms due to being inundated too frequently with too much snow and ice.

    Most Jews are not aware that the World Jewish Zionists would never have gained their present control of the land of Israel, if the Jews had not declared a successful private Jewish boycott war against Germany trading in 1933, that lasted about 5 months, and that the Jews won this private boycott war by Germany agreeing to the Zionst demands with the Transfer Agreement.

  122. shellymable February 11, 2020 @ 9:43 pm

    One poster said jews do not kill other jews?

    What the heck do you think WW1 and WW2 was all about?

    Jews killing Jews to take over Palestine.

  123. Brother Nathanael February 11, 2020 @ 10:47 pm

    New Vid Tomorrow Eve!

    Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tuned. +bn

  124. KathJuliane February 11, 2020 @ 11:21 pm

    Paychecks and Balances

    PB77: Why Millennials Face the Scariest Financial Future Since the Great Depression ft. Michael Hobbes

    Paychecks & Balances is joined by Michael Hobbes (@RottenInDenmark), author of that viral story you should have already read but just in case you didn’t now you can listen to us talk about it, Millennials Are Screwed: Why millennials are facing the scariest financial future of any generation since the Great Depression.

    Even Generation X and the Boomers receive honorable mentions this week. See ladies and gentlemen of generations past? Gone, but not forgotten!

    Armed with Michael’s 8-plus months of research you’ll have the evidence-based facts you needed to throw in the next person’s face that inaccurately says Millennials (ages 18-35) have it “easy” based on their cursory reading of clickbait headlines and reimagined facts made-up from biased opinions.

    We cover a lot on this one but it comes with a happy ending! A non-exhaustive breakdown of the topics covered:

    The Surprising (Depressing?) Facts

    –Over 40-percent of Millennials are now mothers.

    –1 in 5 Millennials lives in poverty.

    –On average, Millennials have 300% more debt than our parents and would need to work 4,000+ more hours to pay for our college educations compared to Boomers.

    –In 2007, more than 50 percent of college graduates had a job offer lined up. For the class of 2009, job offers were solidified for fewer than 20 percent.

    –Over 60-percent of Millennials don’t have a college degree.

    According to one analysis, Millennials won’t be able to retire until age 75 (Note: the average lifespan is currently only 78).

    On average, Boomers could expect a 6.3% average annual stock return; while Millennials may be forecasted to see as low as 2.9% in their lifetime.

    The Solutions

    –Focusing on the “local level” solutions in your city and state

    –Establishing laws that give workers more leverage against companies that treat them as if they’re disposable.

    –Attach benefits to work instead of jobs (i.e. For every hour you work, your boss chips into a fund that pays out when you get sick, pregnant, old or fired. The fund follows you from job to job, and companies have to contribute to it whether you work there a day, a month or a year.)

    –Establish equity of pay (and risks) for employees versus contractors to slow employers rush to contract everyone and everything out just because it’s cheaper and more profitable

  125. Freespirit February 12, 2020 @ 9:08 am


    Bernie Sanders is just another Zionist Jew who wears a different colored suit and supports a criminal entity he and they call Israel.

  126. The Englishman February 12, 2020 @ 5:50 pm

    What is now the hideous, architectural grotesqueness of the thieved Holy Land.

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