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The Layers Of Vengeful Impeachment

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The Layers Of Vengeful Impeachment
October 09 2019

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Brother Nathanael @ October 9, 2019


  1. Brother Nathanael October 9, 2019 @ 9:30 pm


    The Layers Of Vengeful Impeachment

    The layers of impeaching President Trump are like eating Lasagna.

    Once you peel the pasta you get to the meat of the meal.

    First we’re treated to a secret “whistleblower” hailed as a hero by Schifty Schiff and his Jewish buddies on TV.

    But after poking around a little bit we find this “whistleblower” had already blown his whistle to Schiff long before the media vomits it out.

    Now as soon as Schifty Schiff and the Jew-owned press said this unknown leaker was a hero then automatically you know he’s a fraud and a plant.

    A real whistleblower ends up in jail or his career ruined. That’s the tipoff you’re being screwed…and by the usual suspects, Jews.

    The next layer is the snake heads on the three impeaching Committees:

    Schiff, Engel, Nadler—all Jews—demanding better men than them—Gentiles—to turn over classified documents for their own devilish work.

    That’s what America has come to:

    Jews sitting on the highest benches demanding the ‘goyim’ turn over to them — Jews, who are loyal to their own, not their host countries — America’s most sensitive documents so they can destroy everything Christian civilization built.

    The layers are worm infested.

    For next is Jewish-owned and run CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, with their Jewish anchors sinking their fangs into every morsel of gossip, in order to topple Trump.

    The final layer is the Military-Industrial-Intelligence Complex that includes the CIA and its partner the Israeli Mossad that thrives on perpetual wars for Israel.

    If these wars can finally end then no more fat checks cut by the Jewish-owned FED to the Generals who ultimately work for the Jews.

    And no more ‘War Street,’ I mean, ‘Wall Street’ dividends for the mostly Jewish 1%, and for Goldman Sachs that underwrites the stocks and sits on the boards of the armament manufacturers.

    If we don’t move to a peacetime economy, which Trump is trying to do, then more ‘goys’ will die in wars for the Jews.

    Now let me tell you a secret that only I can fathom having been raised in the Synagogue.

    You see, Jews not only fear those who oppose them, but those who have the potential to face them down.

    That’s why they hate Trump with a visceral hatred and his millions of “deplorables.”

    You see, with his streak of defiance running up his spine, Trump could unpredictably and ferociously oppose any force pushing him – whether it’s the Pentagon, the Media, Congress — even his otherwise cherished Jews and IsraHell.

    Then look out.

    Trump’s millions of “deplorables” that Jews hate and fear will jump right on board.

    That would spell disaster for the Jews and their lock on America’s domestic and foreign policies.

    I don’t see any other way out of this but what history has shown as a viable precedent.

    109 countries have expelled the Jews for their perfidious ways.

    But 110 is a good round number.

    +BN of the cuff

    Trump is trying to make good on his promises to the American people about ending the Endless Wars by taking steps to disengage militarily from the Middle East and force the regional players there to more directly deal with each other.

    Now maybe withdrawing from Syria is for real this time around. But at least in Trump’s first term, to his credit he has started no new wars. And he appears to be changing course on Ukraine.

    None of this makes the Jews or the bipartisan War Party very happy. That’s why they’re after him.

    Now let me tell you why the Jews hate Trump so much. Is it just this one single person that they are targeting their tremendous hatred upon?

    No. Look, Trump is the face of white Christian America. That’s why he put Pence on board with him as vice president.

    And he’ll run with him in his next election campaign. So Jews see this very clearly.

    Now what Jews hate is not necessarily Trump so much, but Jews hate the American people. And it’s through Trump, their leader, who is the face of millions of these ‘deplorables’ — that Jews see as deplorables — who they are trying to take down.

    So if they take down the leader, they take down the shepherd, then the sheep will scatter. That’s why Jews hate Trump so much. You’ve got to understand that.

    Now, I’ve got a solution for this, all. Expel them. 109 countries have already expelled the Jews. Why can’t America be 110? Like I said, 110 is a good round number.

    And any Jew who wants to stay, they have to be stripped of their citizenship, just like the Byzantine era of the Roman Empire, popularly known as the ‘Byzantine Empire’ did.

    They, the Byzantine Empire, through Justinian the Great, stripped Jews of any-they were prohibited from holding public office, offices in education, and positions in finance.

    So if any Jew wants to stay here, this is what we’ve got to do. This is the solution, people.

    It’s a peaceful solution. It’s not violent, but if we don’t do it, America will be ruined by these people who ruin everything they touch.

  2. Brother Nathanael October 9, 2019 @ 9:33 pm

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  5. Brother Nathanael October 9, 2019 @ 9:35 pm

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  6. Brother Nathanael October 9, 2019 @ 9:38 pm

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  7. Tim October 10, 2019 @ 12:34 am

    Love the extended version.

  8. Stuart October 10, 2019 @ 12:38 am

    Bro, as one J to another, you got it right.

    The truth is so hard-hitting that people fear to speak it.

    Great solution; thanks for the historical fact–and all the rest.

  9. Gary Walega October 10, 2019 @ 3:52 am

    Trump appears to me to be a total Zionist shill.

    He be “lovin” the Jews and pretends to be a patriot.

    Fighting, bickering, orchestrated chaos by the subversive Jews that run America designed to muddy up the waters, confuse the public and conceal their evil behavior.

    America has Jewish cancer and is dying a slow agonizing death.

  10. Cornelius October 10, 2019 @ 5:42 am

    The first president whose hands are not dripping with innocent blood since Jimmy Carter.

    The Jews don’t like that old fool either.

    Trump also threatens the Fed from time to time. I’m starting to get my hopes up again.

  11. Eileen Kuch October 10, 2019 @ 9:25 am

    Br. Nate, I second the motion.

    The best solution to this serious problem is to do what 109 other countries had done – expel the Jews . Strip them of US citizenship, then send them packing.

    I was jubilant when DJT signed an Executive Order to withdraw all US troops from Northern Syria to make way for Turkish forces to enter the area and drive the Kurds farther south. It would be better if the US would leave all of Syria.

    We have to remember, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad is the legitimate leader of his country and has invited only 2 countries to send in their forces to rid Syria of ISIS and other militant groups. Those 2 countries are Russia and Iran (he also invited Hezbollah).

    US/UK/NATO forcesme are truly invaders since they were NOT invited.

    Naturally, this Executive Order has Jews such as Shifty Schiff and his fellow Chosenites calling for DJT’s impeachment. However, the vast majority of Americans oppose impeachment, just as they oppose all of these unending wars started by DJT’s predecessors dating back to Jimmy Carter.

    As Mike S. King, Managing Editor of says, “Tell it, Br. Nathanael. Tell it!”

    May God bless you always, and keep you on His mission.


  12. pravda news October 10, 2019 @ 11:25 am

    They lost.

    Try another frame-up.

  13. KathJuliane October 10, 2019 @ 12:14 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    Thank you for a truly outstanding Video and excellent insights into the current political 3-ring circus all for the sake of ramping up for presidential elections.

    I couldn’t agree with you more. The Jews, who are ultimately loyal only to themselves, must have their citizenship revoked, and ideally have to relocate to somewhere else. I believe at one time Hertzl advocated a national move to Madagascar and set it up as the Jewish homeland.

    Strict justice would dictate that the Jewish state, the carbuncle on the face of Palestine, would not be a relocation destination option.

    If they stay, then they would assume a legal status comparable to permanent resident aliens, and like permanent resident aliens, not be permitted to vote or run in elections, and face restrictions such as not holding public office, positions in education and public trust, and pursue the breakup of Jewish monopoly on the Media and High Tech.

    Their synagogues, along with their political and civil society organizations, need to be registered as foreign agents acting on behalf of Israhell, as nearly all of them financially and politically support the Zionist entity as the be all and end all to everything.

    It is the Synagogue, where despite election laws to the contrary forbidding churches, mosques, and other places of religion from directly endorsing individual candidates from the pulpit keeping strictly to general discussion of political issues only, are hotbeds of direct and coordinated political action.

    Jews during and after congregational worship explicitly discuss and debate the local, state and federal candidates that the particular synagogue will support.

    Rabbinic organizations and synagogues further interlock with the hundreds and hundreds of Jewish civil organizations, and are the hubs for coordinated communications and activities with each other and with the civil organizations.

    Scratch a rabbi, and you’ll probably find that he’s on the board of at least another dozen Jewish religious and civil organizations all pulling levers of the Jewish Interlocking Directorate.

    Paul Craig Roberts certainly agrees with you that the so-called “whistleblower” aka the Spying Leaker is bogus, is on a roll with a piece of his today, Is America in Her Final Days? Will America Be Here Next Year, Next Decade?

    He writes:

    “Will the American People Rise Against Adam Shit, the Bitch Pelosi, and the Nadler Turd and Save their Country from Ruin, or will the American People Submit to The Rule By Lies? What Confidence Can We Have in the American People?

    Many people regard Matt Tabbi as a leftish as he writes for the sometimes foolish Rolling Stone magazine.

    I regard Tabbi as a vicious truth-teller, who, leftwing or not, has intgegrity and intelligence far above the Identity Politics American left who are not even worth wiping your ass with.

    Tabbi’s truthful account below tells you that the Democrats are incapable of speakling any truth, and so is the whore American media that services the Democrats and the Deep State.

    The Democrats are serial liars. They are destroying the fragile political stability of the United States.

    A country–whose unity has been destroyed by Identity Politics, whose middle class jobs have been offshored to Asia by corrupt American corporations kowtowing to corrupt Wall Street, a country whose media on which the Founding Fathers relied to protect American liberty from a rapacious State is the complete and total whore of the oligarchs who control the explanations and the agendas–is no longer a country, no longer a people.

    Overun by immigration, America is a Tower of Babel.”


    Democrats? Indeed. PCR asserts the Democrats are destroying the country, and pointed to some Power Jews.

    Think about this. 80% +/- of Jews are registered Democrats.

    The Democratic Party is not the party of Andrew Jackson, JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King, and my Greek father and grandfather anymore.

  14. Albert October 10, 2019 @ 12:27 pm

    Its all getting very complicated now.

    We are gaining some positive allies in this big deception but the numbers are very low.

    There’s no fence sitting now.

    Evil can never ever conquer good. I pity the soul who tries to out smart God…and Jesus our Saviour.

  15. Glory B. October 10, 2019 @ 12:39 pm

    @Bro. Nathanael

    Like you, I am an ex-Jew who left the satanic Jewish belief system (Judaism is not a religion because the Jews crucified Christ and refuse to believe in the Holy Trinity) to become a member of the Body of Christ.

    I respect your knowledge of the Jewish role in causing problems for gentiles worldwide. The Jews are only out for themselves and love to cause harm to Christians, especially if it means more money for them.

    However, I disagree with you that the Jews hate Trump and are out to get him. Trump is the most pro-Jewish and pro-Israhell president the U.S. has ever had.

    He moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, something that the Jews always wanted. His administration has taken aggressive action against Muslim immigration into the U.S.

    He has Jewish family members and a cabinet staffed with Jews. His vice president, Mike Pence, is a fervent Jew-lover and supporter of Israhell.

    Yes, it appears that the Jew-dominated Congress is out to get Trump, but that’s just a typical Jewish diversionary tactic to mask their true intention to strengthen their takeover of the U.S.

    While everyone’s attention is focused on the Jew-promoted impeachment, the Jews are busy burrowing into government and gentile society. If anything, Trump is a gentile puppet dancing to the tune of the Jewish string-pullers.

    Jews are the world’s greatest manipulators and they are also the greatest liars, so anything they do automatically means the opposite.

  16. Brother Nathanael October 10, 2019 @ 1:53 pm


    You wrote: “Strict justice would dictate that the Jewish state, the carbuncle on the face of Palestine, would not be a relocation destination option.”

    I write back: Right. I will no longer have the jews expelled to Palestine where they would continue their worldwide swindle like Hitler said.

    From now on I will push for the jews to be expelled to the Marshall Islands in the middle of Orwell’s “Oceania,” a symbol of jewish perfidy and control.

    It’s also the perfect place to send the jews since it’s a “sanctuary for sharks.” Let the jews eat each other up and gnaw on the bones of their own and leave us the hell alone.

    And there’s plenty of unpopulated areas in the Marshall Islands so let’s send the jews off with picks and shovels and let them do an honest day’s work for a change.

    As for PCR’s “Is America In It’s Final Days?” I say no it is not. Close to it and yes if Hellary gets in.

    But I’m betting on Trump to maintain a holding pattern for the next 4 years and THEN all hell will break loose and we’ll see the end of jewish malfeasance.

    Life is like a game of poker. You gotta play to win.

    In 3 years, America will be ready for +Brother Nathanael.

  17. Brother Nathanael October 10, 2019 @ 2:06 pm

    Good Comment From BitChute Subscriber in Answering another Commentor

    JimB dastrev • 2 hours ago •

    I am not “giving up without trying”, you dill-hole. Getting rid of dual-citizenship, you say?

    You think that alone would solve anything? Of all the Jews and other trouble-makers in this country, how many do you think actually have dual-citizenship? The majority do not.

    Yes, some Jews in government positions may have dual-citizenship… and getting rid of dual-citizenship for government employees is a worthwhile cause, for sure… but this country has over 300 million bodies living in it, of almost every race and creed, a whole damn bunch of them with singular citizenship… and a whole damn bunch of them anti-White, communist garbage.

    Getting rid of dual-citizenship isn’t going to make America the 110th. The only thing that would is the very thing that happened the other 109 times: actually kicking them out, all of them, regardless of citizenship status. Hard-core expulsion of the Jews. You think that’ll ever happen in this “democratic” system?

    As I said, there is no peaceful way out of this mess. That’s not giving up, that’s stating the facts. Get your head outa your hind end.

  18. Brother Nathanael October 10, 2019 @ 2:14 pm


    Some jews would stay, but stripped of ALL citizenship rights. A hard core expuslsion would be difficult to carry out. So we give the jews an option: You can stay but you’re no longer a citizen with citizenship rights.

    We have an historical Christian precedent for it with the Byzantine Era of the Roman Empire, that is popularly known as the Byzantine Empire from 300 to 1400 AD.

    Emperors Theodosios II followed by Justinian the Great codified into Imperial law:

    1. Prohibition of Jews from holding public office.
    2. Prohibition of Jews from holding positions in education.
    3. Prohibition of Jews from holding positions in finance.

    This held good for 1,000 years and established a stable, moral, and civic minded State.

    Now in dealing with the jews one must have eyes on all sides of one’s head.

    America must establish global trade systems that would avert international jew control. Russia and China are already creating such systems including a replacement for the jew-controlled SWIFT which manages global payments between countries.

    Also, in dealing with jewish perfidy, America would need to criminalize all payments from abroad for those who would monetarily gain in working for the jews in the political and cultural realm in America.

    I know how to deal with the jews. NO ONE understands the jewish problem better than me. +BN

  19. Brother Nathanael October 10, 2019 @ 2:28 pm

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  20. R. Richardson October 10, 2019 @ 4:21 pm

    Donald Trump’s agenda and stance are highly puzzling, since he is a Zionist. Just wait and see.

    However, we can divide and separate Jews, regardless of their faiths (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Shintoism, whatever), into two groups: Anti-Zionist Jews and Pro-Zionist Jews. The world should recognize that they are much more likely to be threatened by the pro-Zionist Jews than the anti-Zionist Jews.

    For example, Brother Nathanael, Mike River (, and Henry Makow ( are all anti-Zionist Jews and good guys, who daily update their websites to expose the Zionists’ (gentiles’ and Jews’) crimes to the world.

  21. Brother Nathanael October 10, 2019 @ 5:13 pm

    @R. Richardson

    There is nothing “puzzling” about Trump. He’s an opportunist and at heart wants to do what’s good for America.

    He needs the Jew vote and Jew money like ALL hacks on Capitol Hill. For now he has Adelson and the Kushners and the Paul Singers in his corner.

    But surely he knows they could transfer their money to Hillary on a dime. He could get funding elsewhere if they do since he has at least 60 million pissed off Americans on his side.

    He refused to go to war in Iran and it looks like his pullout of Syria is for real this time. This is pissing off a lot of Jews. Somehow he doesn’t care. He must have been promised big money from some sincere patriots who back him up for bucking the jew agenda.

    Once again, and I EMPHASIZE this.

    Jews fear Trump because he has the potential to fully face them down.

    He has a contrarian spirit running up and down his spine. And with his unpredictability (which frightens jews) he could ferociously oppose any force that bucks him: Pentagon, Media, Congress, Jew Lobby, etc.

    Do you think we’re the only ones who know the jews are destroying America? Believe me, MANY in influential positions know this and are silently working behind the scenes.

    Trump must get in for four more years. America goes into a deep jew ditch if HELLary gets in.

    By 2024 America will be ready for +Brother Nathanael.

    Save America! Expel The Jews!

  22. KathJuliane October 10, 2019 @ 5:38 pm

    Dear +BN,

    I’ve watched this Video several times over this afternoon.

    The Video is one of your great masterpieces.

    This time the special effects are subtle and wonderful, artistically stitching all the Jewish faces together, and with Schift-less’ face cropping up everywhere, using the hexagram tying it all into a montage of a meme.

    Linking the Jewish faces as you did is like putting a patchwork quilt together. Not until the pieces are fitted and stitched does the larger quilt pattern and colors emerge.

    A gestalt — the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. There are Jews, and then there is The Jew.

    An astute man and student of human, especially Jewish, behavior as well as having a fine knowledge of European Jewry’s centuries of history, wrote this 90 years ago.

    For many years I tried to find flaws in this man’s observations, but the more I studied the Jewish Question as it exists today and the general tribal behaviors of Jewry, the harder it was to attribute this man’s observations and opinions to some kind of personal, subjective malicious intent.

    He was acting more like a social and political physician to the body of his beloved German folk which had been infected, invaded, and colonized by a human form of tuberculosis.

    The most common form, pulmonary TB has always been difficult, cruel and deadly disease, almost impossible to cure, and it can spread to other parts of the body. In the late 19th century, 1 out of every 7 Europeans died of pulmonary TB, and it was the leading cause of death in America.

    In the old days, TB was called by the ancient Greek physicians “consumption” because the disease seemed to consume the individual, with their weight drastically dropping as the disease progressed.

    Even today, TB is very grueling to treat, involving taking harsh, sometimes liver-damaging antibiotics for months, and for antibiotic resistant TB, up to 2 1/2 years of antibiotics course.

    This man’s words are as objectively true today as it was in 1929 at the lowest point of degeneracy of the Weimar Republic. He wrote some 80 years after the German Jews were granted equal civil rights in Kaiser Germany, and like the untreated TB victim, the German folk was coughing up its life blood onto it’s chest because of the Jewish ‘TB’ that had entrenched itself in nodes and cysts buried in the lungs of the German body politic.

    I wrote a comment the other day on RJN that Jews live a self-fulfilling stereotype, that stereotype embodied as ‘The Jew’ as outlined here.

    90 years later, the descriptors of the collective Jew are as true today as they were then. You’ll see the author’s name at the bottom. Food for thought:

    Everything is discussed openly in Germany and every German claims the right to have an opinion on any and all questions. One is Catholic, the other Protestant, one an employee, the other an employer, a capitalist, a socialist, a democrat, an aristocrat.

    There is nothing dishonorable about choosing one side or the other of a question. Discussions happen in public and where matters are unclear or confused one settles it by argument and counter argument.

    But there is one problem that is not discussed publicly, one that it is delicate even to mention: the Jewish question. It is taboo in our republic.

    The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

    One cannot defend himself against the Jew. He attacks with lightning speed from his position of safety and uses his abilities to crush any attempt at defense.

    Quickly he turns the attacker’s charges back on him and the attacker becomes the liar, the troublemaker, the terrorist. Nothing could be more mistaken than to defend oneself. That is just what the Jew wants.

    He can invent a new lie every day for the enemy to respond to, and the result is that the enemy spends so much time defending himself that he has no time to do what the Jew really fears: to attack. The accused has become the accuser, and loudly he shoves the accuser into the dock.

    So it always was in the past when a person or a movement fought the Jew.

    That is what would happen to us as well were we not fully aware of his nature, and if we lacked the courage to draw the following radical conclusions:

    1. One cannot fight the Jew by positive means. He is a negative, and this negative must be erased from the German system or he will forever corrupt it.

    2. One cannot discuss the Jewish question with the Jews. One can hardly prove to a person that one has the duty to render him harmless.

    3. One cannot allow the Jew the same means one would give an honest opponent, for he is no honorable opponent. He will use generosity and nobility only to trap his enemy.

    4. The Jew has nothing to say about German questions. He is a foreigner, an alien, who only enjoys the rights of a guest, rights that he always abuses.

    5. The so-called religious morality of the Jews is no morality at all, rather an encouragement to betrayal. Therefore, they have no claim to protection from the state.

    6. The Jew is not smarter than we are, rather only cleverer and craftier. His system cannot be defeated economically — he follows entirely different moral principles than we do. It can only be broken through political means.

    7. A Jew cannot insult a German. Jewish slanders are but badges of honor for a German opponent of the Jews.

    8. The more a German person or a German movement opposes the Jew, the more valuable it is. If someone is attacked by the Jews, that is a sure sign of his virtue. He who is not persecuted by the Jews, or who is praised by them, is useless and dangerous.

    9. The Jew evaluates German questions from the Jewish standpoint. As a result, the opposite of what he says must be true.

    10. One must either affirm or reject anti-Semitism. He who defends the Jews harms his own people. One can only be a Jewish lackey or a Jewish opponent. Opposing the Jews is a matter of personal hygiene.

    These principles give the anti-Jewish movement a chance of success. Only such a movement will be taken seriously by the Jews, only such a movement will be feared by them.

    The fact that he shouts and complains about such a movement therefore is only a sign that it is right. We are therefore delighted that we are constantly attacked in the Jewish gazettes.

    They may shout about terror. We answer with Mussolini’s familiar words: “Terror? Never! It is social hygiene. We take these individuals out of circulation just as a doctor does to a bacterium.

    The Jew

    by Joseph Goebbels


    Background: The [above] essay was published in Der Angriff, 21 January 1929. Goebbels founded the newspaper in Berlin in 1927 shortly after taking over as the party’s leader there.

    This article is a typical attack on the Jews.

    The source: “Der Jude,” Der Angriff. Aufsätze aus der Kampfzeit (Munich: Zentralverlag der NSDAP., 1935), pp. 322-324.


    Some interesting National Socialist propaganda entries and political art from pre-WWII Germany.

    Also interesting is their Cold War East German Marxist propaganda section targeting the US.

  23. KathJuliane October 10, 2019 @ 6:15 pm

    Dear Glory B,

    I agree 110% with everything you’ve said.

    Trump is the best friend the Jews ever had, and has given the Jews everything and more they could ever have wanted to nail down their continuing theft of Palestine, Lebanon and Syrian territories.

    However, what +BN brings out is a major personality quirk of Donald J. Trump, that for whatever reasons peculiar to his psyche, (I’m guessing an undiagnosed Adult ADD with Oppositional Defiance Disorder or something) the man is almost congenitally and reflexively defiant and oppositional towards anyone that tries to cross him, or openly assert dominance over him, especially if he gets burr under his saddle.

    That means he can start bucking and kicking in any direction, and woe to someone who tries to grab the reigns.

    For the Jews, (who no doubt long ago ran him through all kinds of psychological personality profiles) that is an unpredictability they can’t stand, it means they can’t completely manipulate him without also running the risk that he will balk according to his own logical processes, and I do believe they hate him for it.

    From what I’ve read, Trump’s decision to pull back probably 50 US troops from the Turkish border in northeast Syria apparently blindsided the Pentagon, Israhell, and a lot of very annoyed, war-mongering Republicans

    I think Trump is actually “Jew-blind,” given his upbringing in his father’s Jew-loving, Zionist household, but there there is also that pugnacious streak that when Trump digs in his heels, no Jew is going to push him around.

    Trump has gone on the offensive against the rotten Democrats in Congress, and with good reason. I don’t think Trump thinks in terms of Nadler, Schiff, and Engel as Jews but as Democrats, and Hillary Democrats at that.

    Trump is still a US citizen like everyone else, and he is constitutionally guaranteed Due Process under the 4th Amendment for any government proceeding against him, including the Democrat House efforts to impeach him, and without any regard for impeachment past practices and precedents.

    An impeachment is analogous to a grand jury indictment. If the House does return a majority vote for an impeachment, then I believe it is ultimately up to the Senate Majority Leader’s discretion as to when he would schedule the Senate High Court of Impeachment, which maybe means never given the fact that the Senate Majority Leader is Mitch McConnell.

    The Democrat House, however, is acting like a Star Court, and violating Trump’s constitutional rights, insisting on a secret impeachment inquiry, and from behind closed doors, trying to subpoena administration personnel and documents without spelling out exactly what the legal rules and procedures of this impeachment inquiry are supposed to be, and which the White House legal agrees to.

    Trump is kind of like the proverbial Gordian Knot, his inner psyche makes twists and turns that he follows with his own reasoning processes when he’s not following his gut instincts. And that’s a part that Jews really can’t control, even though they’ve probably mapped his psyche the moment Trump declared his candidacy.

    And +BN made a very astute point about Trump being the face of the “deplorables” — meaning the still vast majority of white, conservative, usually Christian, (even Zio-christian) blue-collar and middle class Americans, especially white men, who are being marginalized and identity is being erased in the public sphere, who pinned their political hopes on President Trump and his campaign promises.

    And, I think at times, there’s a part of the cypher called Trump who really wants to keep those promises made to his base and has managed to set some of them in motion, even if only partially on the domestic scene.

    For one thing, the appointment of constitutionally conservative “originalist” or “textualist” judges to federal court vacancies continues apace. The Trump White House has even managed to appoint judges to vacancies in the the dreadful ultra-progressive 9th District Court of Appeals, the bench that hears cases from California and the Left Coast.

    For another, the Trump administration is making headway streamlining the bureaucratic rules, regulations and procedures all across the Executive wing.

    And Lord have mercy on us all, we can’t let Hildebeast the Wicked Witch of the West become the first feminist progressive war-president in the White House.

    The US Senate has a very educational page on Impeachment and its role, if anyone is interested.

  24. Greg October 10, 2019 @ 7:05 pm

    We’re ready for Brother Nathanael in 2020!

    I agree with GloryB, Trump is there because of Jews, he is on their side, and no way he can break ties.

    Also there are the obvious ones, but how do we figure out all who are Jewish and expelled?

    There are so many non orthodox Jews that may not publicly admit to it.

    Practicing Judaism and Freemasonry would probably just go underground for a while until it once again retained the upper hand.

  25. pierre October 10, 2019 @ 8:05 pm

    America is a Jew expulsion virgin. Some countries kicked them out twice it was so much fun.

    Of Documents forced to be handed over — hand over the Talmud, then lets have that debate.

    Hard to say, maybe Trump is their drawing ointment, like the Perestroika Deception.

    if they are expelled from America Australia should desperately become a state of the USA to avoid being the depository (Kimberley plan of the 1930s)

    ” Labor Prime Minister John Curtin (with bipartisan support[2]) informed Steinberg that the Australian government would not “depart from the long-established policy in regard to alien settlement in Australia” and could not “entertain the proposal for a group settlement of the exclusive type contemplated by the Freeland League.”

    I think the word alien is most appropriate there. Having only 0.4% Jews in this population doesn’t stop us joining in fighting their wars for them.

    Trump will also need to divorce his daughter, or force her to convert from Lubawitchism.

    The Hungarians in the 20’s in kicking out the Communist regime, busted Mason halls and found many of them to be, literally, synagogues.

    How about a new motto for the Masons who, if not banned like the Nazis banned them, will need to declare as they do now, not to discuss Politics, Religion, but adding Judaism, including Cabala (joodoo voodoo).

    And what if Trump is Jewish and Hitler too? Even the elect shall be deceived.

    America should kick them out, let them in, kick them out, let them in, and then kick them out for all eternity (like the infallible Pope who kicked the Jesuits out of Christiandom ‘for all eternity’, only for the next infallible Pope let them in again after the Russian Czarina had had to reluctantly let them go back home)…

    This way the USA will be the only country ever to kick them out 3 times, making America Great Again!

    My fantasy is a rocket ship to another planet, planet White, Jews not welcome. (Was Dr Smith in Lost in Space a Jewish protagonist character?)

  26. Citizenfitz October 10, 2019 @ 8:46 pm

    The problem: “Give us this day our daily lie….” – The masses

    “Yeaahhh!” – The Jews

    The Byzantine Empire understood itself to be Christian. America to the contrary is openly Satanic.

    Satan doesn’t drive out Satan.

    Prayer and fasting. The rosary too.

  27. Citizenfitz October 10, 2019 @ 9:20 pm

    Trump’s problem isn’t that he’s “anti-Jewish” (where’d “anti-Semitic” come from anyway? “Semitic” denotes a Middle Eastern linguistics group, not people). Trump’s problem is he’s not *sufficiently* Judeophilic.

    As I’ve said here in the past, being up to your eyeballs in Jews isn’t enough for Jews.

    I think KJ is really on to something: Trump has Oppositional Defiance Disorder; he’s seriously po’d at Jewry’s incessant whinging, arm twisting and back stabbing and is actually pushing back.

    In any event we can always call the WH and vote our support for him.

  28. KathJuliane October 10, 2019 @ 9:30 pm

    Washington Examiner: Joe Biden worked with whistleblower when he was vice president, officials reveal
    by Rob Crilly, Steven Nelson, & David M. Drucker

    | October 10, 2019 06:24 PM

    The 2020 Democratic candidate with whom the CIA whistleblower had a “professional” tie is Joe Biden, according to intelligence officers and former White House officials.

    Lawyers for the whistleblower said he had worked only “in the executive branch.” The Washington Examiner has established that he is a career CIA analyst who was detailed to the National Security Council at the White House and has since left. On Sept. 26, the New York Times reported that he was a CIA officer. On Oct. 4, the newspaper added that he “was detailed to the National Security Council at one point.”

    Michael Atkinson, the Intelligence Community’s inspector general, told members of Congress that the whistleblower had a “professional tie” to a 2020 Democratic candidate. He had written earlier that while the whistleblower’s complaint was credible, he had shown “some indicia of an arguable political bias … in favor of a rival political candidate.”

    A retired CIA officer told the Washington Examiner, “From everything we know about the whistleblower and his work in the executive branch then, there is absolutely no doubt he would have been working with Biden when he was vice president.”


  29. Brother Nathanael October 10, 2019 @ 9:51 pm


    A great change is coming to America. Nothing stays the same, nothing.

    Right now there are at least 60 million pissed off pro-Trump supporters with his supporters growing in numbers. They may not answer FOX News fake polls but they are there and for now they’re silent BUT pissed off as all hell.

    They see Schiff, and Nadler, and Schumer as JEWS. Jews who despise them, Jews who despise their 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, and Jews who despise their legitimate vote in 2016.

    And they want Trump in more than ever in 2020. This MUST be or America is finished if the devil’s child HELLary gets in. She’ll flood this country with mass immigration from hellholes and disarm white Americans. She’ll do the devil’s work, I mean, jewry’s work.

    Change is already in the air. TOO many families, young families, CRAVE a future for their children.

    They’ll come to realize that only by kicking the kikes out of America will there be a future for their kids.

    They will see in disgust that it’s the kikes who are indoctrinating their white Christian boys to be girls and their white Christian girls to be boys.

    I don’t know how it’s going to happen but change is coming. It may be by natural disasters, loss of food and water, or some forms of famine via depletion of vital supplies.

    But however it happens, by 2024 America will be ready for +Brother Nathanael.

    And I’ll be ready for America. +bn

  30. Citizenfitz October 10, 2019 @ 9:59 pm

    Brother Nate, you’re needed in Rome.

    Because you’re more Catholic than the pope.

  31. Brother Nathanael October 10, 2019 @ 10:11 pm


    No, I’m needed in America.

    I know what this country needs. I know that unless we kick the kikes out of America this country is doomed.

    I know that we have to affirm families, get their kids out of the jew-controlled public schools, start home-schooling, join Church families, participate in local volunteerism, and get their kids off of social media and onto outdoor sports and healthy local scouting sponsored by Churches.

    MORE solutions and healthy fixes for America are coming.

    Stay tuned. +BN

  32. Koen October 10, 2019 @ 10:44 pm

    Amen to that Brother Nathanael.

    America needs its Zhukov moment, or America will perish, just like Europe now and Russia once.

    I believe Trump was behind the downfall of Epstein (who shot movies of Trump btw) to get his hands free.

    Apparently, he was also after the Zionists Biden & Son for good reasons, so the Jew owned “Democrats” started their “Ukrainian Trump impeachment game” (the fake Russiagate did not work), now that their options to control Trump and his “deplorable” Americans are wearing out.

    Big change the impeachment show will fail, once again.

    God bless the American people, God bless Brother Nathanael in particular.

  33. Ted Gorsline October 10, 2019 @ 11:11 pm

    As regards sending the jews to the shark infested Marshall Islands. Its an appropriate destination.

    Steven Spielberg made a shark movie and he called it Jaws. Apparently he has just made another one about loan sharks.

    Its called Jews.

  34. blueyblogger October 11, 2019 @ 12:25 am

    Since when has a CEO been impeached? Since When?

    “I Will Be The LAST President Of The United States” – Bill Clinton.

    Everyone since Clinton, has ONLY ever been a CEO in charge of a Corporation.

  35. Debbie October 11, 2019 @ 12:46 am


    I heard Trump on TV saying that he got out of Syria, not helping the Kurds, is because “The Kurds didnt help us at Normandy” (WW2)?

  36. Daisy Beagle October 11, 2019 @ 1:10 am

    Brother Nathanael,

    For many years now I have watched your videos and I like your style and honesty.

    In this latest one you have stuck your neck out and the Jews are not going to like it.

    As a former Jew you can say all the things that the rest of us want to but cannot.

    You are right in so many ways, and although I suspect Trump will see it that way deep down, his hands are tied as he has committed to Israel so verbally and his daughter is married to a Zionist and she would never forgive him.

    However keep going and the message will eventually get across.

    Already people are getting pissed off with the Jewish control of everything and history will repeat itself. Eventually the Jews will go a step too far and it will be their downfall.

  37. Glory B. October 11, 2019 @ 5:57 am

    What this country needs is a good old-fashioned pogrom, where the Christian people who for decades have been swindled and betrayed by the Christ-hating Jews finally take their vengeance on the satanic race.

    As a former Jew who realized that the Jews are soul-destroying serpents bent on destroying Jesus Christ and His Church, I can recognize a kike when I see one.

    And every day I see hordes of kikes on the street, sneering at us “dumb goyem” as they go about their dishonest practices of cheating us Christians out of our back-breaking life savings.

    A pogrom against the Jews would be just the thing to teach the kikes a lesson that they won’t soon forget, that we Christians are fed up with Jewish treachery and Yiddish dishonesty, and we’re not going to take it anymore.

    It would be fitting to throw the Jews out of their fancy gated estates in the best part of town, and move poor Christians into those houses that the kikes used to live in.

    The yids would have to leave without taking any of the shekels that they have stolen from Christians for years through their excessive usury and loan-sharking.

    I have visions of fat Jew-bitches shivering in the cold as they beg to be let back into their fancy mansions to retrieve their gold and jewelry that they have flaunted in our faces for years, sneering at our misery.

    The answer will be “no way, it’s time to go on a diet, you dirty Jew.”

    The kikes can go to live in the slums that they have forced Christians to live in while they lived it up and feasted in their Synagogues of Satan.

    That’ll hold the kikes until we figure out a way to kick them out of our beloved country.

    Well, yes, it’s just a dream at the moment, but as more and more Christians become fed up with the Jewish disease, I feel it will happen.

  38. Christine Pavlisak October 11, 2019 @ 9:39 am

    Ready to vote for you!!!!!

    Excellent video as are many of your videos with simple peaceful solutions. Who agrees with you?

    Only Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Freedman, Washington, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, Peter Styvacent, Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh and that mammoth list goes on and on and on throughout history.

    And your running mate could be?

    I have some ideas. I would fight for you in New York State. Count me in when the time comes.

    And none of us who see this Jewish problem are mean or sadistic spirited people. On the contrary just the opposite. Look, you are, or were a Jew.

    I am not sue how you think on that. I believe you’re great. People have to step up to the plate see the problem, who it is and not be afraid and have some courage to point it out.

    Our Founding Fathers saw the Jews and their usury and greed as well as their perverse beliefs as a dangerous problem then and for the future of America and the world. Isn’t it literally what Jesus Christ said?

    Your in great company brother N. I want to be on that A team period.

    Yes I will say it…Brother Nathanael for President! … V……for Victory.

  39. How to Not Hate Jews, while Protecting Yourself from Them October 11, 2019 @ 10:26 am

    Awesome video.

    Hatred is a trap, it’s easy to do, hard to avoid, and it’s often inflicted by mental trickery.

    It helps to keep the Star of David close, that has real power, try to work with them, but realize the bad ones may try to take advantage of you, and the worst ones may attempt to suffocate you with domination.

    If you hate them (anger is ok, understandable), they win, because the hate will bend your mind against itself, and has a caustic, spill-over effect.

    I want you strong, so Christians can be strong.

  40. Brother Nathanael October 11, 2019 @ 11:42 am

    @How to Not Hate Jews

    No hate, just dealing with the disease.

    The carriers MUST be removed. +bn

  41. Brother Nathanael October 11, 2019 @ 11:46 am

    @Christine Pavlisak

    When dealing with the jews one has to be tough as nails.

    AND, eyes in the back of one’s head.

    World jewry can sabotage any country at will that doesn’t go along with their jewish domination.

    Setting up and joining alternative trade and payment systems is the first step. +BN

  42. pravda news October 11, 2019 @ 12:29 pm

    The jew Pater Noster

    Our brick
    Which was in a roman stable wall
    Hallowed be our lies
    Our kingdom come
    Our will be done
    On earth
    As it is in occupied Palestine
    Give us this day
    All the nations bread
    And we never trespass
    As we trespass against you
    And lead us not into righteousness
    For ours is the helldom
    The power and the glory
    Forever and ever

  43. Honorary Jew October 11, 2019 @ 4:15 pm

    Glory B, your second post is the stuff of legend.

    We can hope, but as you surely know, the kikes will scratch and claw to keep their Jew gold and all their other material possessions.

    They’ve shown beyond the shadow of a doubt what dirty fighters they are.

  44. Rick October 11, 2019 @ 6:41 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    Thank you for letting me do the backup.

    Your files (over 20 gigabytes of them!) are now also off-site, at this additional location.

    I hope we’ll never need them, but some preparation along these lines is helpful, I think.

  45. Brother Nathanael October 11, 2019 @ 6:54 pm


    FEEL FREE to upload my Vids on your file everywhere you can ONLINE.


  46. benzion kook October 11, 2019 @ 11:05 pm

    Re Trump’s “partial deal” with Red China:

    “Control oil and you control nations. Control food and you control people.” — Henry “Holodomor” Kissinger.

  47. Citizenfitz October 12, 2019 @ 12:54 am

    A tempest has blown up around “pope” Francisstein.

    An atheist/leftist journalist who happens to be buds with the pope publicly stated Frankie told him in private conversation that he did not believe Jesus was God. That He was only a virtuous man… who became God after His death.

    A curious resurrecting of the ancient Arian heresy.

    The Vatican immediately went into damage control mode; but in the torrent of words the following day no denied that Frankie had in fact said what was claimed.

    Michael Matt of The Remnant believes Bergoglio is willfully malicious.

    Given Frankie’s many heterodoxies Matt’s being very kind.

    Well, “Pope Nathanael” has a nice ring….

  48. The Englishman October 12, 2019 @ 3:28 am


    Since a `good` Catholic deems their Pope to be infallible & given Frankie’s bucking the trend, would not now be a good time for `good` Catholics to jump ship?

  49. Dr. Scott October 12, 2019 @ 3:52 am

    100% True video link enclosed, Brother.

    How sad it is for those that reject God and what their eternal fate will be.

    Jesus commands us to pray for our enemies and those that hurt us.

  50. Frank Pentangeli October 12, 2019 @ 10:28 am

    I say good job on the video.

    Pat on the back for you! Well-constructed! You are right Brother Nathanael.

    The problem is (and you already have talked about this), that still remains, is that a millions of Christians worship the Jews and Israel.

    Have the Christians worship of Israel changed? Has Trump called out the “Jews” directly yet? What will Trump do about his jew-married children?

    I still fear that we are all being fooled by Trump.

    I could root him on if I saw (with 100% certainty) actions (not words) that prove otherwise.

  51. Citizenfitz October 12, 2019 @ 11:35 am


    It’s settled Catholic dogma that in matters of faith and morals a bona fide pope cannot officially expound error.

    What this pope does however is to obfuscate and confuse Catholic truths; and to insinuate heresy. One could go on a while. But, for now he has not *formally* expressed heresy. Formally….

    There are questions regarding whether Frankie is in fact the bona fide pope – as there appear to have been canonical irregularities in his elevation that would invalidate his election. Maybe.

    These are hard times to be a Catholic. But… same as it ever was.

    Despite him being an Orthodox monk you will get a clearer and surer exposition of *Catholicism* from Brother Nate than you will from any number of Church prelates. Very many of whom have homosexual skeletons in their closets.

    Anyway, Brother Nate of the Red Pill is well regarded in Traditional Catholic circles.

  52. KathJuliane October 12, 2019 @ 1:11 pm

    Pretty good read, and without naming the Jews, remarkably dovetails with and underscores +BN’s own observations about Trump’s own independent if lurching anti-stupid-war & anti-intervention moves, the author being an avowed anti-imperialist socialist notwithstanding.

    And, lest someone gets spooked by the word “anti-imperialist,” concerning the imperial (New/Jew) American Century, today Ron Paul Liberty Report published an outstanding video lecture given by libertarian Nathan Goodman, ‘The Economic Costs of US Empire’.

    The Neocon Jewmerican Empire was the dream-spawn of Henry Robinson Luce, the mogul of the Time-Life Empire, and his hawkish pro-war, neoconservative pro-FDR & New Deal Republicans, who coined the term “The American Century” in a 1941 editorial.

    Luce used ‘American Century’ as a euphemism, because he shied away from the word “empire,” but his vision was of a global American hegemonic New World Order nevertheless.


    Mint Press News: An Unfaithful Servant of Imperialism: The Real Reason Trump Is Facing Impeachment

    For the neocons and the “liberal” right-to-protect “humanitarian imperialists,” Trump’s lurches in the direction of non-intervention and rapprochement are only venial sins.

    by Roger D. Harris

    “The United States has spent EIGHT TRILLION DOLLARS fighting and policing in the Middle East. Thousands of our Great Soldiers have died or been badly wounded. Millions of people have died on the other side. GOING INTO THE MIDDLE EAST IS THE WORST DECISION EVER MADE.”

    — Tweet, Donald J. Trump, October 9, 2019.

    Granted Trump may arguably be more corrupt than Biden. But that’s splitting hairs over which crook is more crooked.

    Bullying vassal states and “doing well by doing good” are indicators of finesse in Washington.

    Inside the beltway, corruption is not a liability for holding high political office, but a requirement. The key to membership in the power elite club is carrying water for the imperial state, and most club members must go through an elaborate vetting process to prove that they are reliable.

    Some such as Trump slip through.

    The sine qua non for membership in this exclusive club is to prove you’ll take a hit for the empire.

    When the results of the 2000 US presidential election were inconclusive, Al Gore took a fall rather than risk instability at the top: “(for) the strength of our democracy, I offer my concession.”

    There are higher callings than merely winning the presidency for good servants of the empire.

    But would Trump have been so compliant? Maybe not. So, impeachment is in order to either chasten him to faithful obedience or get rid of him.

    Unfaithful Servant of Imperialism

    Defying even the Las Vegas bookies’ predictions, Trump became the 45th President of the US.

    He had kvetched about the plight of US workers and made some noise about ending unending wars, but was he for real? After all, Obama had promised to get out of Gitmo and NAFTA, but ended up doing neither.

    Obama, the former critic of Bush’s Iraq war, continued Bush’s wars and started a handful of his own.

    Upon occupying the Oval Office, Trump not unexpectedly threw the working class under the bus with his tax cut for the rich and similar actions, which must have won him some brownie points from the owning class.

    But to date he has failed to start a new war. The last US president with a similar failing was the one-term Jimmy Carter.

    And now Trump is showing insufficient enthusiasm for continuing the war in Syria and possibly even a closet aversion to starting World War III with nuclear-armed Russia.

    These may be impeachable offenses in the estimation of parts of the ruling class.

    David R. Sanger, writing in the October 7 New York Times, represents “liberal” establishment views in support of US imperialism:

    “Mr. Trump’s sudden abandonment of the Kurds was another example of the independent, parallel foreign policy he has run from the White House, which has largely abandoned the elaborate systems created since President Harry Truman’s day to think ahead about the potential costs and benefits of presidential decisions.”

    There you have it. Trump is accused of having an “independent” foreign policy, emanating out of his office of all places, even though he is the elected President of the US and the one charged with executing foreign policy.

    Who is Trump “independent” from? It’s not the US citizenry according to the Times.

    As the article points out: “Mr. Trump sensed that many Americans share his view – and polls show he is right… Mr. Trump has correctly read the American people who, after Iraq and Afghanistan, also have a deep distaste for forever wars.”

    So, who might Trump have betrayed? According to the article, it’s “circumventing the American generals and diplomats who sing the praises of maintaining the traditional American forward presence around the world.”

    This is who his alleged crime of independence is against. They fear Trump could “abandon” the post-war imperial consensus.

    Full article:


    The other night at Trump’s fiery Minnesota rally, for a few minutes he slipped out of his normal bombast, and appeared to have begun speaking more quietly from some place in his heart about bringing the troops home. I detected a slight note of sorrow enter into his voice, more subdued and without Trump’s usual over-acting, that I don’t think was feigned.

    The place in his heart must be Dover Air Force Base. During his rally speech, he quietly and somberly spoke about the first time as POTUS that he went there to meet American soldiers killed in action coming home in their flag-covered coffins transported by military cargo ships and the grieving families waiting for them.

    His first time at Dover AFB must have been an extraordinarily shocking dose of reality, leaving a lasting impression on Trump.

    Trump never lost any family member to war. Nor has he ever lived a life remotely close down to what ordinary conservative Middle Americans (“deplorables”) experience, the same class and region of people who lose the most of their sons and daughters per capita to America’s wars. He managed to avoid being drafted to the great heartache that was Viet Nam by claiming heel bone spurs.

    Trump led a rich, elite, and charmed life well-insulated from the Americans who lose their fathers, brothers, and sons to wars for the empire.

    Until Trump went to Dover AFB.

    I hope he’s sincere. I’d like to think he’s sincere, and now that he’s got a couple of years under his belt as POTUS, perhaps he is finally growing a little into the office.

    Trump by no stretch of the imagination is an anti-war dove. He’s quite militaristic.

    What he does oppose, and has always been vocal about, are stupid and wasteful wars. He’s done some stupid things himself, but +BN, and now Roger Harris, both point out that so far into this term, Trump has not started any new wars, even if he has intensified military activity in various places.

    Perhaps he has grown into the office enough, tempered by his contacts with grieving military families, to understand that as commander-in-chief, he may have to take the country to war and spend American lives doing so, but he must do so wisely, and not waste the flower of youth on foolish and needless wars.

    You can hear this portion of Trump’s rally speech starting at 1:20:29:

    InfoWars is not on the top of my must see list at all, like hardly ever. However, this video is a must watch — they’ve put scenes of returning dead soldiers from Dover Air Force Base to the above portion of Trump’s Minnesota rally speech, and it is very touching.

    “When you look at the thousands of dead Americans, hundreds of thousands wounded, trillions spent and nothing but chaos left in the wake, you have to wonder why the controlled left and right are against Trump fulfilling his campaign promises to bring the troops home.

    Twitter, Facebook and Google are trying to suppress this video, only you can help break the electronic Berlin wall.”

    I think InfoWars managed to capture some of the pathos Trump was feeling and trying to convey.

    Still, while troops are supposedly being pulled out of Syria, or just pulled away from the Syrian-Turkish border and redeployed elsewhere, Reuters reports, citing defense or administration sources, that the US is set to send thousands of additional troops to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Israel, and their long-time secret ally, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the two most powerful militaries in the Middle East, still want to fight Iran, eager and willing to do so right down to the last American.

  53. KathJuliane October 12, 2019 @ 4:07 pm

    Well, just another dash of bitters into the simmering Pogrom Stew Pot.


    Gilad Atzmon: The Texas Death Penalty as it Applies to a Jewish man (Excerpts):

    The New York Times recently ran a story entitled “Texas Stays Execution of Jewish Man After Judge is Accused of Anti Semitism.”

    The headline and the story imply that Randy Halprin, was, although possibly guilty, the victim of anti Semitism.

    First the Crimes:

    In 2000, seven prisoners, the “Texas 7,” escaped and went on a crime spree in which they killed a young policeman.

    They were captured and in 2003 six of the seven were tried in front of a jury, convicted (the seventh killed himself) and sentenced to death. Four of the Texas 7 have been executed.

    The two remaining Texas 7 alums, Halprin and Patrick Murphy each claim not to have actually shot the officer, although the group also ran over the officer after they shot him.

    In any case, the jury did not have to decide who fired a gun, all six men were convicted under a Texas statute, similar to laws in forty five other states for ‘felony murder’ that hold a defendant who commits a serious felony liable for any deaths that result from that felony.

    When he escaped Halprin was serving a 30-year sentence for killing an infant.

    The Jew

    Halprin claimed his conviction was tainted by the trial judge’s racism and anti Semitism as first discovered in an interview Judge Cunningham gave to the Dallas Morning News.

    In it, the judge admitted he had offered a reward to his own children if they married a White, Christian member of the opposite sex.

    Halprin’s claims of judicial racism were buttressed by claims made by individuals who knew the Judge that: shortly after the trial he had described Halprin as “a fuckin’ Jew” and “goddamn kike” and had said that Jews had to be “shut down,” had called some of Halprin’s co-defendants “wetbacks, ” said that people of color would “go down” in his courtroom and had made other racist remarks about African Americans, Jews and Latinos.

    Judge Cunningham has denied using racist language and said his personal views never affected his decisions during court proceedings.

    Claiming newly discovered evidence, Halprin’s lawyers appealed to the Federal district and appeals courts, claiming to have been unaware of Cunning­ham’s racism until 2018.

    The issue of potential anti Semitism provoked 100 of Texas’ Jewish attorneys to be named as supporters and to sign Halprin’s appeals brief.

    The Washington Post supported the appeal and helped their case by misstating that his original conviction was for “injury to a child.”

    The ADL was even inspired to file an amicus, or “friend of the court” brief to provide historical context for the anti-Semitic terms attributed to the judge.

    The Federal court ruled that the claim that Cunningham had been a racist in 2003 did not constitute ‘new’ grounds, but even if it did, it did not matter.

    The court said that a new trial can be granted only upon evidence of bias sufficient to make it likely a jury would change its verdict; as the Austin Chronicle stated, “the judges ruled that Halprin’s jury would still have found him guilty even if they’d known of Cunningham’s bigoted view.”

    Halprin filed an appeal to the US Supreme Court for October 2019.

    But on October 4th, the highest court in Texas found that Judge Cunningham was an anti Semitic racist and issued a stay of execution.

    A trial court will now have to decide whether Halprin is entitled to a new trial.

    The action of the Texas High Court is problematic for a number of reasons, and I find the widespread support among the Jewish legal community and the Jewish press for a double murderer equally troubling.

    Texas executes more of its citizens than any other state (565 since 1976), that alone ought to be grounds to be wary of a Texas death penalty case.

    Assuming, for argument’s sake, that Judge Cunningham is a racist, no finding was made or even alleged that Cunningham’s personal views had an impact on his courtroom.

    Halprin’s lawyers explicitly granted that they saw no such effect by their claim that Cunningham’s beliefs constituted new evidence ‘discovered’ fifteen years after the trial.

    Full story:

  54. Brother Nathanael October 12, 2019 @ 10:55 pm

    New Article Tomorrow Sunday! Stay Tuned! +bn

  55. Debbie October 13, 2019 @ 1:50 am


    Trump DID almost have a war with Venezuela, although something or someone stopped him.

  56. van helsing October 13, 2019 @ 6:31 am

    Love to you, Brother Nathanael.

    Happy to see you are beginning to subscribe to my theory that the jews fear Trump because they fear he will turn on them at any moment.

    They do not have Trump under total control like they do Hillary, Bill, Obama, Bush.

    Trump has the leverage, evidence of corruption and pedofilia, 911 truth, Qanon, white hats, and the support of the American people, especially whites.

    Trump has the LEVERAGE and the jews are terrified. I told you so!

    Much love to Brother Nathanael and the Bronat family of supporters.

  57. Golfinho November 19, 2019 @ 1:23 pm


    Give the jews in the USA the same rights of citizenship that Israel gives to the Palestinians and all non-jewish people living in their Zionist state.

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