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Come On Back To The War

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Come On Back To The War
May 14, 2019

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Brother Nathanael @ May 14, 2019


  1. Brother Nathanael May 14, 2019 @ 10:11 pm


    Come On Back To The War

    Why don’t you come on back to the war let’s all get nervous.

    Why don’t you come on back to the war don’t be a tourist.

    It’s not gonna be nice but Bolton’s giving it all his might.

    [Clip: “Overnight, the Trump administration announcing the deployment of a US carrier strike group and bomber task force to the Middle East in response to what it calls “a number of troubling and escalatory indications and warnings” from Iran. National Security Advisor John Bolton releasing a statement overnight that said the deployment is to quote “send a clear and unmistakeable message to the Iranian regime that any attack on United States interests or those of our allies will be met with unrelenting force.”]

    Oh, you tough guy you, mister armchair general.

    And, ‘indications and warnings?’ Like Saddam’s ‘weapons of mass destruction?’

    So let’s go make a lot of people suffer.

    [Clip: “We’ll see what happens with Iran. If they do anything, it will be a very bad mistake. If they do anything. I’m hearing little stories about Iran. If they do anything they will suffer greatly. We’ll see what happens with Iran.”]

    Well, if starvation by sanctions doesn’t work let’s maim and murder them instead.

    I mean, we’ve got ‘allies’ to protect.

    [Clip: “You have backed in word and deed Israel’s right to defend itself. Which we exercise constantly. It’s important to know that we have the backing of our great friend and ally the United States of America.”]

    Of course!

    A collection of colonists plop themselves down in the middle of the Muslim world with plans to expand—into a world, mind you, not too keen about it all—and we’ve got their back?

    I mean, Bibzy wants to fight the Iranians down to the last American. It’s a sacrifice he’s willing to make.

    Lots of US soldiers gonna die, they’ll come back home in body sacks, but that’s their ‘patriotic’ price.

    We just don’t win anymore.

    So come on back to the war and don’t be embarrassed.

    [Clip: “We have to get back to rebuilding our country because you look at our airports, our roadways, our tunnels, our bridges, 67 percent of them are in trouble.”
    “Have we wasted too much money over the past decade fighting wars? Has that been one of the biggest…”
    “Well, I’ll tell you what, I don’t mind fighting, but you have got to win and number one, we don’t win wars, we just fight, we just fight. It’s like a big–like you’re vomiting, just fight, fight, fight. We don’t win anything. I mean, if you’re going to fight, you win and you get back to rebuilding the country. We don’t win. It’s really a terrible thing. I mean, our country used to win all the time. We don’t win at all anymore.”]

    And you’re gonna let Bolton and Bibzy make you fight another war you can’t win?

    It will ignite the entire region into a conflagration that will embroil US soldiers on multiple fronts.

    Not only in Iran, who will widen the battle space by hitting US bases in the Gulf, but Iraq will expand the fray by coming to the aid of their Shiite brothers in Tehran.

    Syria will be in the cross-hairs with Israeli missiles raining down on them and be forced to take up arms.

    Hezbollah in Lebanon won’t sit this one out—and with a hyped up threat of it putting Israel in harm’s way—you’re gonna feel the squeeze Mister Trump.

    Sheldon and The Lobby will be all over that one and push you to ‘back’—with troops on the ground— our ‘cherished ally.’

    Then if Russia and China come in you’ve got the makings of World War 3 with gas prices at home soaring, every man shrieking like a banshee, but the few cheering with glee.

    That’s a heck of a platform to run on, Donny boy.

    All Biden and Bernie have to say is, “Bring the troops back home!” and you’re a one term prez.

    Then we’ll come on back to a war and we’ll all get in it.

    “Why don’t you come on back to the war, that’s right, get in it. Why don’t you come on back to the war, let’s all get even…”

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  7. Brother Nathanael May 14, 2019 @ 10:28 pm

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  8. Ellis Mickey May 14, 2019 @ 10:49 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    You have said it “ALL RIGHT”!

    I have just finished a Thesis titled, “The City of Jerusalem In Prophecy”.

    Would you like to have a copy? I have never read or heard of this “Prophecy” spoken of before.

    May we Magnify The LORD Yahshua in all that we think, do, and say!!

  9. Citizenfitz May 14, 2019 @ 11:18 pm


    Hell has to be huge.

  10. Steve May 15, 2019 @ 2:38 am


    “The firm said Tuesday that it only licenses its software to governments for “fighting crime and terror”.

    Jeez…I wonder what their definition of “crime and terror” is?

  11. The 2 Beasts May 15, 2019 @ 3:14 am

    Rev 13 describes 2 end-time beasts which are the first beast aka the beast out of the sea, and the second beast aka the beast out of the earth. shows that the 1st beast/kingom, the beast out of the sea refers to Israel.

    Daniel 7 shows that 4 great beasts/empires would come from the great sea area, the Mediterranean. The world empires of Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome all ruled the Mediterranean area.

    At Rev 13:5, a beast out of the sea, another beast from the Mediterranean area, Israel, is given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies. This power to mouth off against Christianity seems to be the Jews Media.

    The power to wage war against God’s holy people and conquer them at Rev 13:7 also points to Israel and Judaism because nobody else hates and destroys Christianity. Masses of deceived Christians practically worship Israel as per Rev 13:9.

    Notice in Rev 13:11, the beast out of the earth, the world beast, operates on behalf of Israel, the sea beast, the first beast. Working for Israel is exactly what the USA, the capital of the United Nations, is doing.

    The USA and UN are harnessed to the yoke of the Jews. The UN is the beast out of the earth, the world beast, world government, the 2nd beast.

    A favorite tactic of Zionist Jews is operating through front men, front groups, front governments, puppets. Judaism set up the UN and Israel as fronts to mask who is really behind the evil committed by Zionism. Jews subverted the USA and set up the UN and Israel to operate these governments as front groups.

    The tons of news about anti-semitism laws, people forced by law to bow down to the Jews, matches prophecy about people forced to worship the first beast and its image, Israel and its religion, at Rev 13.

    Rev 13:14 explains that the earth beast, world government, will set up an idol of the first beast, a false religion of Israel. That image will be Judaism, atheism, or something that blasphemes Christ.

    Seeing what the 2 beasts symbolize makes Rev 13 easier –

  12. KathJuliane May 15, 2019 @ 9:23 am

    Mint Press News: History’s Dire Warning (Excerpts)

    Whitney Webb reports on the potential for a false-flag trigger for war with Iran.

    Israel’s “false flag” attack on the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967 cost 34 American lives. Dick Cheney planned to disguise U.S. troops as Iranians to fire on American ships to start a war.

    With Bolton and Israel on the warpath, the risk of another similar act is higher than ever.

    With the beat of Washington’s war drums continuing to grow, particularly following the Monday revelation of a government plan to send as many as 120,000 troops to counter Iran, the threat of an “accidental” provocation or a “false flag” is also becoming increasingly likely.

    As MintPress recently reported, the possibility of an “accident” leading to open conflict between the U.S. and Iran is now being openly stated by top European officials — such as U.K. Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt — following meetings with noted Iran hawk and current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

    In Part I of this series, MintPress explored how current events — including seemingly unrelated regional events, such as the Israeli government’s bid to occupy the West Bank and the Syrian offensive against Al Qaeda-held Idlib — were converging to create a “now or never” scenario for those most eager for regime change in Iran and a U.S.-Iran military confrontation, particularly Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton.

    This installment will also reveal how Trump’s top political patron Sheldon Adelson — who is also the top donor to Netanyahu and a long-time confidant of Bolton, whom he helped install in his powerful post in the Trump administration — may be the deciding factor whether Trump authorizes the use of military force against Iran.

    Yet, while the endgame for Bolton, Adelson and Netanyahu, as well as Pompeo, has long been a U.S.-led war with Iran, public justification for such hostilities must be given in order to manufacture American consent for a war against a country significantly larger than Iraq, complete with a more powerful army.

    Historically, the U.S. government has frequently planned and used false flags in order to justify the initiation or expansion of hostilities, with the best-known examples being Operation Northwoods and the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

    However, given the current situation, it is essential to revisit two other incidents that reveal that the key players pushing for war in Iran — Israel’s government and neoconservatives of the Bush era (Bolton chief among them) — have planned and attempted to execute false flag attacks to push the U.S. into a major war that the American public would not normally support.

    Remembering the U.S.S. Liberty

    An “accident” waiting to happen

    Since Bolton announced the movement of the Lincoln carrier strike group towards the Persian Gulf, some have pointed out that the vessels could well be destined for use in a “false flag” provocation, such as one planned by former Vice President Dick Cheney in 2008 (to be discussed shortly) and another conducted by Israel in 1967.

    Indeed, as MintPress noted the day after Bolton’s announcement, the carrier strike group’s deployment was actually announced a month prior and was a routine deployment.

    The political analysis blog Moon of Alabama also noticed that Bolton had framed this routine deployment as something more dire for his own purposes, writing:

    “The carrier deployment to the Gulf is routine. It had been announced on April 8. The U.S. has bombers on rotation in the Middle East since 2001.

    Moreover – a carrier in the Persian Gulf is a sure sign that the U.S. will not attack Iran. Within the restricted waters of the Persian Gulf a carrier is a too easy target.”

    The idea though may be to provide for an ‘accident’’ as Iran’s Foreign Minister [Javad Zarif] described it in a recent CBS interview.”

    The neocon plan for a Liberty-like attack

    If any sort of provocation blamed on Iran should occur, it is important to consider that a powerful group of U.S. politicians — the neo-conservatives — have long sought to plan provocations that would drag the U.S. into war with Iran.

    One of the most recent examples took place during the George W. Bush administration when then-Vice President Dick Cheney held a meeting with other administration officials in 2008 aimed at provoking war with Iran.

    The details of that meeting were revealed by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh, who described some of the ideas considered in that Cheney-led meeting as follows:

    “There were a dozen ideas proffered about how to trigger a war. The one that interested me the most was why don’t we build in our shipyard four or five boats that look like Iranian PT boats.

    “Put Navy seals on them with a lot of arms. And next time one of our boats goes to the Straits of Hormuz, start a shoot-up. Might cost some lives.

    “And it was rejected because you can’t have Americans killing Americans. That’s the kind of, that’s the level of stuff we’re talking about. Provocation.

    “Silly? Maybe. But potentially very lethal. Because … if you get the right incident, the American public will support bang-bang-kiss-kiss. You know, we’re into it.”

    It is unknown if any Bush officials now in the Trump administration were present at that meeting where the use of a “false flag” pitting Americans against Americans disguised as Iranian was discussed.

    However, what is known is that John Bolton — who was a member of the neo-conservative Project for a New American Century, along with Cheney, and who also served in the Bush administration — has zealously sought war with Iran for nearly two decades.

    Indeed, the New York Times recently described Bolton as “one of the administration’s most virulent Iran hawks, whose push for confrontation with Tehran was ignored more than a decade ago by President George W. Bush.”

    It is also known that Bolton has a history of playing fast and loose with unconfirmed intelligence and also distorting intelligence to fit his pre-determined narrative.

    As MintPress reported last year, former Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Gillerman has stated that Bolton, when serving in the Bush administration, was prone to “direct fire on his own forces,” — i.e., the U.S. government — in order to advance the goals of the Israeli government, especially with respect to Iran.

    For instance, in more than one instance while in the Bush administration, Bolton traveled to Israel in violation of State Department rules and negotiated privately with Israeli officials, including the then-head of the Mossad, Meir Dagan, to lay the groundwork for a war with Iran.

    As journalist Gareth Porter has noted, Bolton did this in an effort to directly undermine Colin Powell, Bolton’s superior, just as Powell “was saying administration policy was not to attack Iran.”

    Worse still, Bolton has pressured Israeli officials to initiate a war with Iran, even when they didn’t support such a move. One such case was Shaul Mofaz, former Israeli defense minister, who told Israeli media last March that Bolton “tried to convince me that Israel needs to attack Iran,” even though Mofaz did not see such a war as “a smart move — not on the part of the Americans today or anyone else until the threat is real.”

    Pompeo’s Holy war and rapture

    Furthermore, Bolton is not the only top Trump administration official who has long promoted a war with Iran, as current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had also called for the preemptive bombing of Iran long before he joined the Trump administration.

    Pompeo’s desire to push the U.S. towards war with Iran is based on his fervent adherence to Christian Zionism.

    As a result of the admitted influence his beliefs hold over his foreign policy, Pompeo sees an “apocalyptic” war between Israel and Iran as a necessary precursor to the Second Coming of Christ and the “rapture.”

    If Adelson has his way . . .

    Yet, perhaps the most dangerous force driving the U.S. towards a war with Israel is not the public face of the Trump administration’s foreign policy but its private face.

    Sheldon Adelson — the top donor to Trump, the entire Republican Party, and also the top political donor to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu — has long sought war with Iran, and several of Adelson’s desired policies have already been enacted by Trump.

    These include recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, replacing H.R. McMaster with Bolton as National Security Advisor, and withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal.

    Several reports have asserted that pressure from Adelson was a deciding factor in Trump’s fulfillment of these policies.

    Adelson’s influence over Trump again takes on great significance, given recent events with respect to Iran, as Adelson has previously advocated for a U.S. nuclear attack on Iran without provocation, just so the U.S. could “impose its demands [on Iran] from a position of strength.”

    Per Adelson’s plan, the U.S. would drop a nuclear bomb in the middle of the Iranian desert and then threaten that “the next one is in the middle of Tehran” to show that “we mean business.”

    Tehran, Iran’s capital, is home to nearly 9 million people with 15 million more in its suburbs. Were Tehran to be attacked with nuclear weapons, an estimated 7 million would die within moments, according to a 2013 study jointly conducted by researchers at the University of Georgia and Harvard.



    Memo to Pompass — the Lord Jesus Christ will come at the time of His sovereign choosing, not yours, nor can you force His hand.

  13. Eileen Kuch May 15, 2019 @ 3:35 pm


    Actually, Trump doesn’t want a war with Iran, despite all the sanctions he helped put on the Islamic Republic. He even spoke with his Iranian counterpart, Rouhani, over the phone, telling him he doesn’t want war with Iran.

    He’s been considering dumping Bonkers Bolton. I wish he’d go ahead and dump that traitorous lunatic.

    He should dump Pompous Pompeo also. Neither one of them are loyal to the US, and Bonkers has been taking illicit trips to Israel to discuss foreign policy with his bosom buddy, Israeli PM Bibzy Nutty&Yahoo, without consulting with Trump. Perhaps, he knew Trump would dump him if he did.

    Trump also knows that if he helps escalate tensions with Iran that could lead to a war, he’d lose the 2020 election and be only a one-term president.

    Why? The American people want an end to all of these unending wars of aggression that have been ongoing for years.

    Trump pledged both in his campaign and in his Inaugural speech to put an end to these debilitating aggressive wars around the world and We the People are holding him to those pledges.

  14. St. Longinus May 15, 2019 @ 6:16 pm

    Bolton is a real DEVIL.

    And those around Trump are DEVILS as well.

    Netanyahu is an ANIMAL and a DEVIL.


  15. The Odd Duck May 16, 2019 @ 2:00 am

    What will happen is Iran will knock out Saudi Arabia oil fields, our economy will tank — and make the Crash of 1929 look like a walk in the park.

    Country Joe McDonald – I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-To-Die Rag

  16. Brother Nathanael May 16, 2019 @ 11:36 am

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  17. Brother Nathanael May 16, 2019 @ 12:45 pm

    On today

    Florida man criticizes Israel and Jews @

  18. KathJuliane May 16, 2019 @ 2:10 pm

    The Duran: Empire by Terror, Afghanistan to Syria: Brzezinksi’s al Qaeda Doctrine
    MAY 16, 2019

    Proxy local militias and takfiri terrorists provided the foundation for Redirection, directly evolved from Brzezinski’s ideas on soft-power.

    Submitted by Steve Brown…

    Brzezinski’s al Qaeda Doctrine as defined by the US Department of Defense’s Dictionary of Military Terms:

    ” Brzezinski’s al Qaeda Doctrine is the calculated use of violence or threat of violence by proxy to inculcate fear; intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological in nature.”

    Read why, after decades of global destabilization, Brzezinski’s terror policy has failed:

    US Executive doctrine is meant to guide foreign policy, while the implementation of that guidance involves real-world action. All US presidential doctrines say essentially the same thing, that the United States will protect its interests anywhere at any time, by any means, with the latest iteration being the Wolfowitz Doctrine (1) (2)

    But one clandestine doctrine is different. And since the background and history of Brzezinski’s al Qaeda Doctrine is unaddressed beyond intelligence circles, we document that history here.

    Zbigniew Brzezinski did not introduce the concept of soft power (3) but American failures in Korea and Vietnam required a new strategy for imposing US hegemony.

    Brzezinski believed that a long insurgency would damage the Soviets, just as Vietnam had damaged the US. In conjunction with the CIA, Brzezinski proposed Operation Cyclone to engage the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. (4)

    Originating with CIA Langley, Brzezinski’s al Qaeda Doctrine was enthusiastically endorsed by the Pentagon, by its analysts and contractors, and even by Hollywood . The result was the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

    For the CIA Brzezinski’s al Qaeda Doctrine was an acceptable response to hegemonic challenge, even touted by al Qaeda’s deputy, Ayman al-Zawahri

    From his 1998 interview with Le Nouvel Observateur, Brzezinski provided this telling reply when asked about Blowback in Afghanistan, subsequent to the Soviet troop withdrawal in 1989:

    “Regret what? That secret operation was an excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap and you want me to regret it? …What is most important to the history of the world? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire? Some stirred-up Muslims or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the cold war?” (5) (6)

    [What follows next is an entire list of the countries attacked and destroyed by the US under the Brzezinski’s al Qaeda Doctrine/Redirection doctrines as adopted by the White House as official US foreign policy. – Kj]


    Mercenary insurgency represents the evolutionary embodiment of Brzezinski’s al Qaeda Doctrine, with disastrous results in US State foreign policy.

    From Afghanistan 1979 to the 2011 “Arab Spring,” to Syrian adventurism, MEK operations in Iran, color revolutions, or NATO‘s intervention in Libya, or Yemen, all these operations have resulted in disaster and destabilization.

    The disturbing expansion of Brzezinski’s al Qaeda Doctrine is the expansion of its use by other nations, even versus US interests, just one more unintended consequence for the United States. Eclipsed too is the US ability to successfully leverage a policy of covert insurgency. As such, Brzezinki’s al Qaeda Doctrine represents a massive failure of US foreign policy.

    Subsequent to decades of US-led global destabilization, we see US sanctions and weaponization of SWIFT and financial instruments being used as the new strategy for “Securing the US-Israeli-Saudi realm” while Brzezinki’s al Qaeda Doctrine is increasingly untenable.

    We must ask why the goal of US foreign policy is to disrupt and destabilize. According to geopolitical analyst Peter Lavelle, the goal of Empire throughout history was to impose order and stability on its subjects; to strive for stable levels of commerce and State interaction, to make Empire possible. At least that was the intent. Historically, Empire never maintained bad faith Imperial attempts to destabilize itself.

    For the first time, Empire is attempting to destabilize itself through its own covert internecine warfare, globally… and even threatening its own allies, without reason. Presumably we will not have long to wait before we see the inevitable outcome.

    ” Brzezinski’s al Qaeda Doctrine is the calculated use of violence or threat of violence by proxy to inculcate fear; intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological in nature.” (10)

    Full article with links and reference notes:

  19. KathJuliane May 16, 2019 @ 2:18 pm

    Strategic Culture: Who Really Gains from the Gulf Ship ‘Sabotage’

    Finian Cunningham

    May 15, 2019

    After dramatic and patently scripted warnings of “Iranian aggression” by bellicose US officials, there then follows – conveniently enough – an alleged sabotage incident in the Persian Gulf region implicating Iran.

    Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo poses with a straight face that his country doesn’t want war with Iran. His comments warp credulity given that American forces have suddenly escalated firepower in the Persian Gulf for the purpose of “responding” to alleged Iranian infractions.

    Typically, Western news media are “reporting” (or rather, “echoing”) the purported sabotage incident as if it were fact, basing their source of information on Saudi and Emirati officials, sources which have a vested interest in creating a war pretext against Iran.

    Given the grotesque, barefaced lies that have emanated from the Saudi regime over the past year with regard to the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and also its barbaric, mass executions of political dissidents, it is nauseating how Western media can affect to be so credulous in citing Saudi claims as reliable over the latest alleged shipping incident.

    “Two Saudi oil tankers have been sabotaged off the coast of the United Arab Emirates posing a potentially serious threat to world oil supplies,” reports [sic] Britain’s Guardian, attributing the source of this information to the “Saudi government”. What the Guardian omitted was the key word “alleged” before “sabotage”.

    Notice how the impression given is one of a factual incident of malicious intent. Most other Western news media adopted the same reliance on the official Saudi and Emirati claims.

    Tellingly, however, Saudi and Emirati officials gave no details about the “significant damage” allegedly caused to a total of four tankers.

    What we seem to know is that the four vessels were somehow disabled off the UAE port of Fujairah early on Sunday.

    The location at sea is in the Gulf of Oman, which lies outside the Persian Gulf, about 140 kilometers south from the Strait of Hormuz. The latter is the narrow passage from the Gulf of Oman into the Persian Gulf, through which up to 30 per cent of all globally shipped crude oil passes each day.

    Last week, Iran once again threatened it would blockade its territorial waters in the Strait of Hormuz “if” the US carried out a military attack on it. Such a move by Iran would throw the global economy into chaos from the anticipated crisis in oil markets.

    It would also doubtless trigger an all-out war between the US and Iran, with American regional client regimes like Saudi Arabia and Israel piling in to facilitate attacks against Tehran.

    So far, there have been no official accusations explicitly made against Iran over the latest shipping incident. But the implications are pointedly skewed to frame-up the Islamic Republic.

    Saudi energy minister Khalid al Falih, whom Western media have quoted uncritically, claimed that one of the vessels allegedly attacked was on its way to load up on crude oil from the Saudi port of Ras Tanura, destined for the US market.

    The Saudi official did not give any substantiating details on the alleged sabotage, but emphasized that it was aimed “to undermine the freedom of navigation”.

    He called on international action to “protect security of oil tankers”. Wording that the American self-appointed global “policeman” (more accurately, “thug”) invokes all the time to cover for its imperialist missions anywhere on the planet.

    When the US warned last week that it was sending a naval carrier strike armada to the Persian Gulf along with nuclear-capable B-52 bombers, it assumed the right to hit “Iran or its proxies” for any alleged attack on “American interests”.

    The wording out of Washington is so vague and subjective that it lends itself to any kind of perceived provocation.

    An oil tanker on its way to collect crude from Saudi Arabia for the US market? That certainly could qualify as perceived Iranian aggression against American vital interests.

    Last week, Washington issued hammed-up warnings that “Iran or its proxies” was set to “target commercial sea traffic”. Days later, as if on cue, the alleged sabotage of four ships appears to fit the theatrical bill.

    Iran, for its part, has said it would not start a war with the US; that it will only act to defend itself from any American offensive.

    The foreign ministry in Tehran called the latest sabotage claims “highly alarming” and demanded more clarity from the Saudi and Emirati authorities as to what happened exactly. We can be sure that neither will come clean on that score, given their past record of calumny.

    The clarifying question is, of course, who gains from the latest twist in tensions? Certainly, it fulfills American, Saudi and Israeli desires to intensify aggression towards Iran.

    Another important question is the location of the alleged sabotage. If Iran wanted to carry out such an operation, it would be much more feasible to do it near the Iranian territorial waters in the Strait of Hormuz. Seriously: how feasible is it for several Iranian commando teams to strike four oil tankers in waters some 140 kms away? Waters that are forensically surveilled by the US Fifth Fleet based in the Persian Gulf.

    Suspiciously, as already noted, there is no verifiable information about the alleged sabotage. All we’ve got are claims from Saudi and Emirati officials, the same kind of people who claim journalists disappear into thin air while in consular buildings, or that children in Yemen are slaughtered in air strikes by “mistake,” or that peaceful women protesters from Saudi’s oppressed Shia minority are “terrorists” to be executed by beheading with a sword.

    And, shamefully, the Western media tamely go along doe-eyed and gullibly with this risible charade.

    Sequencing, timing, sources, agenda and motives plus the dutiful Western media servility. The bets are this a false-flag operation to incriminate Iran.

    If it doesn’t result in a pretext for American military attack, at the very least Washington and its Saudi and Israeli clients are trying to make sure the European lackeys are bounced into toeing the line for increasing economic warfare on Iran over the floundering nuclear accord. An international treaty, by the way, which has been torpedoed – verifiably – by American political sabotage.

    What’s really going on here is another brazen case of reality-inversion.

    Compare with contemporaneous US mendacity towards Venezuela, Syria, Cuba, Russia, China, North Korea, and so. American criminal aggression is, incredibly, again being laundered with a moral license by lying corporate mass media which have the gall to call their blatant war propaganda a “news service”.

    Indeed, the world is being lied into a potentially catastrophic war by a congenitally criminal US regime.


  20. KathJuliane May 16, 2019 @ 2:36 pm

    Another inspiring story (not!) about the Jewish State — the Dim Lightbulbs Unto the World — and their consummate tactical skills for point-blank shooting fish in a barrel.

    TruthOut: Israel Defense Forces Shoot 16 Palestinians at Nakba Day Protests

    Israeli forces opened fire Wednesday on Palestinians protesting the 71st anniversary of the Nakba and their decades long life under the boot of a merciless occupation, which is slowly starving the Gaza Strip’s population with the explicit backing of the U.S. government.

    The Nakba, or “disaster,” is the Palestinian name for the remembrance of the 1948 forced removal of Palestinians from the newly created state of Israel, which marked the beginning of the occupation and subjugation of the Palestinian people that has continued for seven decades.

    On Wednesday, members of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) shot 16 people at the Gaza border after thousands of Palestinians assembled there to protest the decades-long conflict. In total, 65 people were wounded by various projectiles, shrapnel, and military rounds fired by the IDF, the Gaza health ministry told The Guardian.


  21. Tyrantasaurus Zhedius May 16, 2019 @ 8:43 pm

    Netanyahu is the corrupt, criminal lizard king of Sh*trael.

    America is run by Jew gangsters and their shabbos servants.

  22. Citizenfitz May 16, 2019 @ 11:40 pm

    “Florida man criticizes Israel and Jews….”

    That picture is worth 6,000,000 words.

  23. KathJuliane May 16, 2019 @ 11:57 pm

    If Americans Knew Email Blast:

    Torturing children is not OK.

    Tell your Congressperson to protect children by cosponsoring H.R.2407!

    Click the button below to email, phone, & tweet to your representative!


    Remember: Israel partisans pressure Congress every day – they need to hear from the rest of us!

    On May 1, 2019, Congresswoman Betty McCollum (D-MN) introduced legislation— the Promoting Human Rights for Palestinian Children Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act, H.R. 2407 — amending a provision of the Foreign Assistance Act known as the “Leahy Law” to prohibit funding for the military detention of children in any country, including Israel.

    The bill is strongly supported by many church denominations and other organizations.

    Why do we need this bill?

    Israel is the only country in the world that automatically prosecutes children in military courts that lack basic and fundamental fair trial guarantees.

    Since 2000, at least 8,000 Palestinian children have been arrested and prosecuted in an Israeli military detention system notorious for the systematic ill-treatment and torture of Palestinian children.

    Around 500-700 Palestinian children are arrested, detained and prosecuted in the Israeli military court system each year.

    This is wrong no matter what the ethnicity or religion of a child. Tell your Congress member to support H.R.2407!

    Use the button below to contact your legislators today and demand that they speak up and condemn Israel’s actions. Let’s let them know that we’re watching, and we expect them to denounce this atrocity and advocate for justice.


    Thank you for your ongoing efforts for peace and justice.
    – Alison Weir and the If Americans Knew Team


    “The bill also establishes the “Human Rights Monitoring and Palestinian Child Victims of Israeli Military Detention Fund,” authorizing $19 million annually for non-governmental organization (NGO) monitoring of human rights abuses associated with Israel’s military detention of children.

    The Fund also authorizes qualified NGOs to provide physical, psychological, and emotional treatment and support for Palestinian child victims of Israeli military detention, abuse, and torture.”

  24. KathJuliane May 17, 2019 @ 12:44 am

    Palestinian Centre for Human Rights: Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (09– 15 May 2019)

    Israeli forces continue systematic crimes in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt)

    (09-15 May 2019)

    — Israeli forces continued to use excessive force against the peaceful protestors in the Gaza Strip.

    — A Palestinian civilian was killed in the 58th Friday of Return and Breaking Siege March.

    — 182 civilians, including 63 children, 7 women, 2 journalists, and 3 paramedics, were wounded while participating in the Return March and commemorating the 71stanniversary of the Palestinian Nakbah.

    –Eight Palestinian civilians, including 4 children, were wounded in the West Bank.

    — Israeli forces conducted 40 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and 2 other limited incursions into the Gaza Strip.

    — 61 Palestinian civilians, including 15 children and a girl, were arrested in the West Bank.

    — Twenty-one of them, including 6 children and a girl, were arrested in occupied Jerusalem.

    — Israeli forces arrested a child while sneaking into Israel, north of the Gaza Strip.

    — Shooting incidents were reported against the border areas of the Gaza Strip.

    — A Palestinian farmer was wounded in the northern Gaza Strip.

    Israeli authorities continued their settlement activities in the West Bank.
    A barrack used for selling cars accessories was demolished in Hares village, northwest of Salfit.

    Nine Shooting incidents were reported against the fishing boats in the Gaza Strip Sea.

    Israeli forces turned the West Bank into cantons and continued to impose the illegal closure on the Gaza Strip for the 13thconsecutive year.

    Israeli forces established 92 permanent checkpoints and 121 temporary checkpoints in the West Bank.

    Five Palestinian civilians were arrested at military checkpoints in the West Bank.


    Israeli violations of international law and international humanitarian law in the oPt continued during the reporting period (09-15 May 2019).


  25. jonah May 17, 2019 @ 12:01 pm

    Another great piece, Bro N.

    The warmongers are on the war path again.

    i STOPPED listening to Democracy Now on the left recently when she (Amy Goodman and her handlers) aired a program against Assad for the NYT and the CFR warmongers.



  26. Eochaidh MacDhalaigh OghaChruithne May 17, 2019 @ 1:47 pm

    We don’t have to read the minds of Military Industrial Complex to figure out that the United States will attack Iran within the next 2 months.

    Military Science or in other words, Physics, tells us that America will attack.

    The U.S. has moved so many military resources, such as B-52 bombers and aircraft carrier attack groups, to the Middle East, that the attack can’t be called off.

    I don’t need to read between the lines of The Donald’s tweets or buy Microsoft’s latest version of AI to know the inevitable.

  27. Are there any Jew-wise Churches? May 17, 2019 @ 6:51 pm

    In studying various articles to find a jew-wise church I found that over the last 100 years or so there has been a gradual shift away from churches teaching about the Jewish war against Christianity toward a teaching of almost worshiping Jews.

    By the power of the Jews Media, the almighty dollar, and the help of Satan, Jews have moved churches and Christians from the light into the darkness. Masses of Christians are now deceived into believing Jews are saviors instead of destroyers.

    Does anyone here know of any Jew-wise Christian denominations that still teach the truth about Jews? What denomination if any still exposes the devil and his children?

  28. Brother Nathanael May 17, 2019 @ 9:11 pm

    Make America Anal Again!

    Trump – “Buttigeig Having A Husband Is Just Great” @

  29. KathJuliane May 18, 2019 @ 3:45 pm

    Middle East Monitor: Israel firm meddled in Africa, Asia and Latin America elections

    An Israel-based campaign to meddle in the elections of several African, Asian and Latin American countries has been uncovered by social media giant Facebook

    Facebook announced today that it had deactivated dozens of accounts found to be spreading disinformation by posing as local journalists and influencers.

    The social media giant traced these accounts to Archimedes Group, a private company based near Tel Aviv which had engineered the campaign.

    Facebook’s head of cybersecurity policy, Nathaniel Gleicher, told reporters that the platform had deleted 65 accounts, 161 pages and dozens of groups linked to the misinformation campaign, noting that this activity had garnered 2.8 million followers and hundreds of thousands of views.

    Gleicher also told reporters that Archimedes has now been banned from Facebook, Haaretz reported.

    For its part, the Times of Israel quoted Gleicher as saying that “these are actors that were essentially facilitating deception, and they appear to be commercially engaged to do this”.

    He added: “That type of business does not have a place on our platforms so we are removing them from the platform and our teams will continue to investigate to look for other instances of this type of behaviour, [whether] for commercial or other strategic purposes.”

    Archimedes’ operations are thought to have focused on Nigeria, Senegal, Togo, Angola, Niger and Tunisia, as well as a handful of Asian and Latin American countries. It is thought that the campaign has spent over $800,000 on Facebook adverts since 2012.

    Relatively little is known about Archimedes Group. The Washington Post noted that the group presents itself as “a consulting firm involved in campaigns for presidential elections,” using the slogan “winning campaigns worldwide”.

    The website also features a vague description of the group’s “mass social media management” software, which it claims can enable the operation of an “unlimited” number of online accounts.

    The Washington Post added that Archimedes is headed by Elinadav Heymann, citing Swiss negotiations consultancy Negotiations.CH.

    Heymann is also reported to have been Executive Director of the European Friends of Israel since 2012 and an “advisor to various parties [in] the Israeli Knesset for 3 terms”.

    Facebook’s Gleicher said he could not speculate as to whether Archimedes’ motives were political, and as yet it is not known who solicited and paid for the group’s services.

    However, given the campaign’s focus on predominantly central and west African countries – a region in which the Israeli state has recently tried to increase its influence – questions to this effect are likely to be raised going forward.

    In January, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Chad to restore diplomatic relations between the two countries, which were severed in 1972.

    Speaking at a press conference before his departure, Netanyahu said that the visit was “part of the revolution we are doing in the Arab and Muslim world,” claiming that such an initiative “greatly worries, even greatly angers” Palestinians and the wider Arab world.

    Though Israel’s normalisation drive in Africa has material benefits – often including lucrative arms deals, memorandums for economic cooperation and the use of airspace which will significantly shorten flight paths for commercial Israeli airlines – the initiative is also pursued for its propaganda value.

    Netanyahu has long been keen to emphasise these diplomatic successes, particularly in the run up to Israel’s general election which took place last month.


    Electronic Intifada: Facebook bans major fake news operation run from Israel (excerpt)

    Venezuela connection?

    The Archimedes Group is a Tel Aviv-based consultancy that boasts on its website of “winning campaigns worldwide” but reveals little other information about itself.

    Interestingly, one of the visuals on its website appears to show a demonstration in Venezuela, suggesting a covert Israeli role in the US-led effort to overthrow the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

    The Times of Israel identifies the CEO of the Archimedes Group as Elinadav Heymann, citing Swiss consultancy Negotiations.CH which listed him as a consultant.

    “A biography posted to the company’s website describes him as the former director of the Brussels-based European Friends of Israel lobbying group, a former political adviser in Israel’s parliament and an ex-intelligence agent for the Israeli air force.”

    However since that reporting, Negotiations.CH appears to have removed Heymann’s biography from its website.

    Heymann appears to be making efforts to cover his tracks…

  30. ricck lineheart May 18, 2019 @ 6:16 pm

    Mr. President we are pushing 20, yes TWENTY years of war in Afghanistan, and now Bibi will push the U.S. into a very real and bloody war supported by every Jew from Israel to the White House.

    The bridges are still falling apart, the highways — as you also mentioned as a candidate — have seen no repairs.

    You are still dumping foreign ILLEGALS and useless squatters into America.

    You, sir, are a dumb ass!

  31. R. Richardson May 18, 2019 @ 7:20 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    You appear to be overconfident that Israel and Zionist bankers (the central bankers, pro-Zionist money laundering masters, and Bank for International Settlements bankers) are in completely control of the United States and inevitably pulling it into another Middle East war as if it is like a magnet attraction.

    But it may not happen, thanking to Internet.

    It will not be a long time when the United States is finally realizing that it is being betrayed, misguided, and backstabbed by the dishonest Zionists, including Donald Trump and Joe Biden, who are ones of many pro-Zionist political actors.

    Afterwards, the United States will ally with Iran, Russia, North Korea, China, Venezuela, and Syria to fight against Israel.

  32. Steve May 19, 2019 @ 6:38 am

    @R. Richardson

    The internet will nevertheless be subject to censorship UNLESS Donald Trump, as BroNat suggested in one recent video, NATIONALIZES the MSM by handing out contracts based upon REAL diversity of opinion.

    Minus that, look for the continued PC horrors of the increasingly Orwellian media followed naturally by Soviet Bolshevik-like gulag death camps.

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely and can only be stopped by meeting a superior opposing force.

    Our fate lies in that and that only.

    “Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in Me.” — John 14

  33. Pro War Media May 19, 2019 @ 1:17 pm

    “Thank you for your service” is a compliment glamorized by the Jews Media.

    Millions of youngsters who know nothing about wars for the Jews blindly enter the military and receive this compliment from jew-blinded cheerleaders.

    As plans written on the Gomberg map called for, the USA was turned into a war machine. A big reason Jews moved jobs out of the USA was so military jobs would be the main source of employment. Lack of other jobs leads hordes of naive young people into the war trap.

    The need for war is hyped by all the media, not the left only or the right only. The Jews Media divides people against each other by race, religion, politics, etc, but in matters of wars for the Jews, both left and right wing media lobby for war.

    When both left and right wing media outlets sing the same song, its a safe bet that Jews in high places wrote the song.

  34. Greg May 19, 2019 @ 5:48 pm

    “the United States is finally realizing that it is being betrayed, misguided, and backstabbed by the dishonest Zionists”

    I don’t see any Christian revolution forthcoming. All the gentiles I know seem to be passive about all the agendas that are destroying them and the country.

    Any form of leadership is quickly dismantled or turned into some kind of hokey and flaky controlled opposition group.

    There is a growing white power base in the Northwest region apparently, but not sure if they will ever have any political say so or provide a national entity reversal. Possibly the Nation of Islam led by Minister Farrakhan could provide some sort of temporary halt.

    A military coup could be possible where armed service members revolt, storm the White House, other federal buildings and demand change.

    Ultimately the big wheel of Zionism is speeding up and be hard to stop. I think we are doomed and have to let the cards fall where they may.

  35. The End of the Wars May 19, 2019 @ 8:26 pm

    Prophecy says the great whore aka Mystery Babylon will be destroyed by the beast she rides.

    The governments the great whore rules will turn against her, hate her; they will take away everything she has and leave her naked; they will consume her and destroy her with fire. Rev 17:16

    The battle of Armageddon may be when this great destruction of Mystery Babylon will come. Her victims will hate her when they find out she is the source of the wars, perversion, false flag ops, migrant floods, racism, divide and conquer schemes, abortions, economic madness, and endless evil.

    One prophecy says there will 7 women to each man. That implies about 6/7 of the men will die in war; more than 6/7 because some women will also die. Man will become more scarce than fine gold.

    Our puppet governments controlled by Zionist Jews are pushing migrant madness, transgender evil, abortion, wars, and all the rest of the insanity. Few would have thought such madness possible a century ago, but we are seeing it. The great tribulations seem to be starting.

    Armageddon will likely bring more death than all other wars combined, the death of Mystery Babylon, mutual military destruction, the end of the beast, the end of Satan’s rule.

    If those days were not cut short, no one would survive. But for the sake of the elect, those days will be shortened – Matt 24:22. Jesus will return and bind Satan for 1000 years. People will replace swords with plow shears.

  36. Yesterday's False Flag Op May 20, 2019 @ 3:42 pm

    A rocket launched yesterday from an open field in South Bagdhad exploded near some embassies in Baghdad including the US embassy.

    The Jews Media immediately announced that Iran had fired a rocket at the US embassy in Iraq. That’s Jewspeak for Israel fired a rocket near the US embassy in a false flag op to provoke the USA into war against Iran.

    Trump bravely tweeted “If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran. Never threaten the United States again!”

    Mystery Babylon will eventually reap what she sows but she won’t stop her evils until she is dead.

  37. KathJuliane May 22, 2019 @ 11:35 am Lesson From FBI’s ‘Niger Uranium Forgeries’ File

    There will be no consequences for twisting intelligence to attack Iran

    by Grant Smith Posted on May 20, 2019

    An analysis of 640 pages of FBI investigatory records obtained by IRmep under the Freedom of Information Act reveals how the FBI Director limited Senator John D. Rockefeller’s urgent 2003 written demand for accountability over faulty Iraq war intelligence into a narrow overseas investigation.

    The released files, originally scheduled for declassification on December 31, 2028 document how FBI special agents from the Washington Field Office trailed Niger uranium sale forgery suspects in European regions where they held little jurisdiction – but were not allowed by FBI Director Robert Mueller to pursue any officials in their own back yard that twisted dubious intelligence to support the US invasion of Iraq.

    The lesson is clear.

    Despite subsequent years of Senate investigations into pre-invasion claims that Iraq had a nuclear weapons program, Americans are still vulnerable to the misuse of real and fabricated intelligence deployed by unscrupulous US government officials seeking to plunge the nation into war.

    To justify the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, White House officials repeatedly used dubious intelligence to publicly make accusations that Iraq had a clandestine nuclear weapons program.

    The most compelling accusation was that Iraq secretly sought to purchase 500 tons of yellowcake uranium from Niger to refine and produce nuclear weapons. It was compelling because Iraq had only one plausible use for uranium – making nuclear weapons.

    Wissam al-Zahawie, an Iraqi diplomat stationed at the Vatican traveled to Niger’s capital Niamey on February 1, 1999. Al-Zahawie solicited the Niger government’s support for lifting UN trade embargoes imposed against Iraq after the Persian Gulf War (Iraq War I).

    In the year 2000 Rocco Martino, a former Italian Carabinieri policeman, was allegedly asked by Italian intelligence agency officer Antonio Nucera if he was interested in earning money.

    Martino accepted and was placed in contact with Laura Montini, an Italian intelligence (SISMI) agent working inside the Niger embassy in Rome, who began passing documents about a Niger sale of uranium to Iraq – allegedly the true purpose of the Wissam al-Zahawie trip – for Martino to shop around to his European intelligence agency clients.

    The documents had been faxed from Niger phone numbers, presumably so that French, British and other electronic eavesdroppers could pick them up. By the end of the year 2000 a UK intelligence commission derived from the forgeries a report claiming, “unconfirmed intelligence indicates Iraqi interest in acquiring uranium.”

    UK later released a White Paper claiming Iraq “sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa, despite having no active civil nuclear power programme that could require it.”

    By the summer of 2001, Martino assembled an entire dossier of Niger uranium documents based on forgeries from stolen Niger embassy papers and SISMI intelligence files.

    Their centerpiece was written in French on Niger government stationary stamped “confidential.” This fake July 27, 2000 letter was from Niger’s President to Iraq’s, signed with the seal of the President of Niger.

    It read, “I have the honor of referring to accord No. 381-N1 2000, concerning the provision of uranium, signed in Niamey on the 6th of July between the Government of the Republic of Niger and the Government of Iraq…”

    The letter described future shipments of 500 tons of yellowcake uranium.

    Different compilations of the Niger dossier circulated in Europe, some with handwritten corrections of the most obvious errors, with an asking price of up to $100,000 euros.

    On October 15, 2001 the CIA Rome station received SISMI reports of a Niger uranium deal with Iraq, and passed the information to Washington with the caveat that it was uncorroborated.

    Americans were subsequently bombarded by US officials in the runup to the US invasion of Iraq with Niger uranium sale claims. Vice President Richard Cheney set the stage, telling CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on March 14, 2001 that Saddam Hussein was actively pursuing nuclear weapons.

    On December 7, 2002, Iraq declared to UN weapons inspectors it did not have a nuclear weapons program. But State Department Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security John Bolton oversaw the official US response, issued on December 19, 2002 charging Iraq with omitting its “efforts to procure uranium from Niger.”

    In January 2003, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice echoed Bolton, claiming in the New York Times that Iraq had “failed to account for or explain Iraq’s efforts to get uranium from abroad.”

    Secretary of State Colin Powell followed on January 26 asking, “Why is Iraq still trying to procure uranium?”

    Most critically, on January 28, President Bush delivered his State of the Union Address, claiming “The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.”

    These words stoked fears among Americans that the US was vulnerable to a nuclear attack from Iraq. Polling at the time revealed 90 percent of Americans believed Iraq was trying to develop nuclear weapons before the war.

    In October of 2001, Italian journalist Elisabeta Burba of the magazine Panorama received a copy of the dossier from Martino including the fabricated July 2000 “agreement” between Iraq and Niger for the purchase of 500 tons of yellowcake uranium.

    Martino was asking 15,000 Euros for the publication of 17 pages of the documents in Panorama. Burba was encouraged by her editor Carlo Rosella to try to authenticate the dossier at the US Embassy in Rome before publishing any stories.

    Burba delivered the dossier to lower level US embassy employees, asking for authentication on October 9. The employees, foreign national officers, refused to provide any but sent the dossier to the US Department of State in Washington.

    The International Atomic Energy Agency had heard that a dossier on Niger was behind US and British Niger claims since at least the fall of 2002, but the US refused to turn over any copies to the IAEA until February 4, 2003.

    Two weeks before the US invasion, Mohamed ElBaradie, director general of IAEA, testified before the UN Security Council that the much touted Niger dossier was based on forged documents.

    It took IAEA staff only a matter of hours of Internet searches to see the documents were fraudulent. Forgery documents cited Niger officials who were not in power during the time of “negotiations” and disbanded official agencies as instrumental in the so-called plot to sell Niger uranium to Iraq.

    Neoconservatives inside the administration and outside excoriated ElBaradei, but presented no evidence about why he was wrong.

    On March 14, 2003 ranking Democrat of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence John D. Rockefeller of West Virginia sent a letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller to investigate whether the forgeries – so quickly and easily debunked by the IAEA – were misused or even possibly created by the US intelligence community or US actors “to build support for the Administration’s policies.”

    On March 16, four days before the invasion, Dick Cheney told MSNBC, “I think Mr. ElBaradei frankly is wrong” but also provided no evidence for why.

    On March 20, 2003 the “Coalition of the Willing,” led by the United States, invaded Iraq.

    An analysis of 640 pages of FBI investigatory records obtained by IRmep under the Freedom of Information Act reveals how the FBI translated Senator Rockefeller’s 2003 request into an investigation.

    The released files, originally scheduled for declassification on December 31, 2028 details how FBI special agents operated in European regions where they held little jurisdiction – but were never tasked by FBI Director Robert Mueller to pursue the officials in their own back yard twisting dubious intelligence in support of the US invasion of Iraq.

    The Washington Field Office (WFO) was designated as the investigation’s “office of origin” from Counterintelligence at FBI headquarters according to an internal June 3, 2003 communication.

    WFO was told to “give priority attention to this matter” and “immediately identify the responsible squad and points of contact.” The WFO noted that the IAEA “publicly discredited documentary information that purported the Government of Iraq (GOI) sought uranium for its weapons of mass destruction program from individuals in Niger.”

    WFO further noted a lead, “According to media reports, an unnamed individual had provided an Italian journalist with documents that purported GOI’s attempts to obtain the uranium.

    “The source reportedly received 15,000 Euro dollars for the information. Italian authorities (not further identified to the FBI) reportedly were aware of the transaction, and may have provided the material to the American Embassy in Rome.”

    FBI HQ clearly wanted the WFO to focus its efforts entirely in Rome, according to communications initiating the investigation, “FBI Headquarters believes it necessary to interview the above USDS [State Department] employee.

    The interview is critical, as it will shape the direction of the FBI investigation. The interview will also allow the FBI direct linkage to the actual material for analysis, and the parallel construction…”

    The US Department of State Bureau of Intelligence and Research provided the 17 pages of documents received from Burba to FBI headquarters complete with English translations.

    WFO, wrote, “the documents purportedly consisted of diplomatic notes between the Iraqi Embassy to the Holy See and the Embassy of Niger to Rome, internal communications within the Government of Niger, telexes between GOI and the Embassy, and an accord for uranium transaction between the two Governments.”

    The WFO continued to focus its efforts on Panorama reporter Elisabetta Burba, her editor and how to obtain direct access to her source.

    By June 23, 2003, the WFO concluded that, “Based upon investigation to date, it appears as though the person(s) responsible for the false information/documents was acting on his/her own (i.e., there was no foreign government involvement), and their goal was to profit financially. However, investigation is continuing.”

    The WFO closely followed press accounts, including a July 2003 Panorama article describing Burba’s efforts to validate the Niger dossier, which in addition to her embassy visit, included a trip to Niger.

    She publicly determined the whole Niger uranium affair was a “hoax” while her editor stated he believed “that whoever was the originator of this information did not believe that Panorama would check this information as closely as they did…”

    In December the WFO constructed a timeline of key events, and included as an entry the October 1, 2002 CIA National Intelligence Estimate which reversed the agency’s previous consensus that Iraq had no active nuclear program. But the FBI investigation product focused on events in Rome.

    On September 14, 2004 FBI drafted a secret report titled, “Documents Provided to an Italian Journalist Purporting Government of Iraq Efforts to Obtain Uranium from Niger; FCI-Perception Management (Unknown Government)” for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

    The draft cited its interviews with Burba about her source, what the IAEA found as erroneous in the forgeries, the FBI lab analysis of forgery photocopies and the FBI’s official conclusion that the motive behind the forgeries was personal financial gain.

    But the report was a flop, drawing a flurry of emails and immediate requests for a new round of WFO investigations.

    Internally, WFO communications revealed its investigatory scope had been severely restricted by FBI Director Robert Mueller’s office.

    In a September 23, 2004 internal WFO memo, the WFO circulated a classified two page fax received on September 15, 2004 of the complete Rockefeller letter, complaining “Prior to 9/15/2004, WFO had never been provided with a copy of the Senator’s letter.”

    It was 551 days before the unit leading the investigation fully understood what the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence had requested, and the trail was growing cold.

    Rockefeller letter requesting the FBI investigation:

    WFO’s investigatory scope was limited by FBI Director Mueller to Rome and the forgeries – rather than bad actors in Washington as implied by the final paragraph of the Rockefeller letter.

    Even after finally being allowed to read the letter in its entirety, the WFO was never apparently allowed by HQ to focus on “why the Intelligence Community did not recognize the documents were fabricated…and to allay any concerns that the US Intelligence Community, or other elements of the US government, were involved in the creation of these documents in order to build support for the Administration’s policies.”

    Based on its own investigations, the Senate ultimately issued two volumes of reports on pre-war intelligence on Iraq.

    The first, released on July 9, 2004 unanimously found numerous intelligence “failures” produced inaccurate assessments that “misled” policy makers and the American public.

    However, the committee’s Republicans and Democrats sharply disagreed on the impact of allegations made by senior Bush administration officials as pretexts for war. The FBI investigation contributed little because as noted in the report section on Niger, the FBI investigation was still ongoing.

    The long-delayed second Senate prewar intelligence report released on May 25, 2007 focused on how senior policymakers used intelligence.

    A portion published June 5, 2008 included a detailed review of public statements by Bush administration war proponents, versus actual available intelligence to back up their claims, but did not focus on their many false Niger claims.

    Yet another fascinating volume 2 annex detailed how Iran-Contra affair intriguer Michael Ledeen leveraged his incredible ongoing access to neocon officials ensconced in high national security positions to solicit funding and support for covert actions aimed at regime change in Iran proposed by serial fabricator Manucher Ghorbanifar.

    Guided by Niger intelligence twist veterans such as John Bolton, the US is again careening toward war – this time with Iran.

    It is more important than ever to understand how dubiously sourced “intelligence” can be used by US officials. The US still has no effective investigation or accountability mechanisms in place that can prevent or conduct a postmortem on high-level, across-the-board misuse of intelligence.

    The most likely lesson from Iraq War II for present day intelligence-wielding officials pushing for an attack on Iran is simple. It is safe to obliquely refer to sketchy foreign intelligence assessments as pretexts for war while citing the need to safeguard “sources and methods.”

    Once any specifics, including “dodgy intelligence dossiers” behind such claims begin publicly circulating for scrutiny, the invasion had better begin before White House credibility and momentum are lost.

    Grant F. Smith is the director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy in Washington and the author of the 2016 book, Big Israel: How Israel’s Lobby moves America which is now available as an audiobook. IRmep is co-sponsor of the annual Israel Lobby & American Policy Conference at the National Press Club.

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