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Hillary’s Revenge, Running Again!

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Hillary’s Revenge, Running Again!
November 14, 2018

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Brother Nathanael @ November 14, 2018


  1. Brother Nathanael November 14, 2018 @ 11:00 pm


    Hillary’s Revenge, Running Again!

    She’s all dressed up with the same place to go.

    She’s re-imagining herself as Hillary 4.0.

    Is she just a sagging hack with a political face lift?

    Yes, and more. It’s Hillary’s revenge.

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

    [Clip: “When I was on stage during all those debates, which we won by the way, every single one of them. When I was on stage with all those debates, first with some really fine people, the Republicans, and then with a very dishonest person — Crooked Hillary Clinton. And during that time, and during –” “Lock her up! Lock her up!…”]

    She’s not going to jail, she’s about to pass Go, oh no! get ready for Hillary 4.0.

    [Clip: “There’s going to so much work to be done. I mean we have confused everybody in the world including ourselves. And we have confused our friends and our enemies. They have no idea what the United States stands for, what we’re likely to do, what we think is important. So the work would be work that I feel very well prepared for having been in the Senate for eight years, having been a diplomat, uh in the State Department. And it’s just going to be a lot of heavy lifting.” “So, are you going to be doing any of that lifting? Do you feel –” “Oh, I have no idea, Kara, but I’m going to — you, know, I’m not even going to think about it until we get through this November 6th election about what’s going to happen after that. But I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that we have a Democrat in the White House come January of 2021.”]


    She was lobbied-in as senator for Jewish NY, lost to Obama in 2008, did Benghazi in 2012, and couldn’t ‘election-fraud’ her way to the White House in 2016.

    She’s now on her 4th turning, but with all the retreading, the wheel’s still the same, yet thoroughly worn out.

    But the American Federation Of Teachers, led by Jewish lesbian, Randi Weingarten—(that’s her ‘wife,’ Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum)—wheeled out the retread on a rotating spin.

    [Clip: “The President of the United States of America has recklessly called news media “fake news,” “the lowest form of life,” and “the enemy of the people.” And now Trump-p has nominated a Supreme Court justice who believes that presidents should neither be subpoenaed nor indicted, and whom the right wing is cheering on hoping Judge Kavanaugh will be the fifth vote to reliably strike down laws they despise.”
    “Let me say a word about the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.” “Boooo” “This nomination holds out the threat of devastating consequences for workers’ rights, civil rights, LGBT rights, women’s rights including those to make our own health decisions. It is a blatant attempt by this administration to shift the balance of the Court for decades, and to reverse decades of progress. You know, I used to worry that they wanted to turn the clock back to the 1950s. Now I worry they want to turn it back to the 1850s.”]

    Well, maybe going back to the 1850’s is not a bad idea, since abortion and sexual deviancy were deeply abhorred by American society in that era.

    ‘Family Values’ was not an empty slogan, nor was it counter-culture.

    Striving for a virtuous society with its Christian ethics, the family home was the anchor and core of American civic life.

    Hillary conveniently forgets that the vast majority of Suffragettes of the 1850s were women whose Christian experiences and beliefs motivated them to activism for better legal protections for their children and families.

    Hillary’s other despised era, the 1950s—in which I grew up—was one of stability, unity, and optimism, where men as heads of households earned a sufficient wage to meet their family’s needs and more.

    Professional career opportunities were opening up for women in those days.

    But most women, given a choice, took pride in their chosen career of wife, mother, and homemaker—the manager of home economics and keeper of domestic tranquility.

    That’s the home I grew up in, my friends.

    Slogans such as ‘women’s health decisions’…a euphemism for abortion-on-demand…had no setting in our social milieu.

    And the “Right To Bear Arms”—if Hillary gets in—could become just another slogan too.

    [Clip: ” Since this new administration took office, AFT members have rallied to save affordable health care. You have spoken out on behalf of students who are Dreamers, immigrants and refugees. You’ve championed LGBT students and their families. And along with young people from Parkland, Florida to Chicago, Illinois to Santa Fe, Texas, you’ve become some of the most courageous advocates for common sense gun safety measures. (Applause) You’ve become some of the most courageous and outspoken advocates for commonsense gun safety measures. And you’ve sent a resounding message that despite the Supreme Court’s wrongly decided Janus Decision, teachers unions are not going anywhere.”]

    Neither is the Anti Defamation League—joined at the hip with the AFT in its “Special Populations Resources”—of which the ADL contributes to its LGBT advocacy.

    It’s the same old song, but though money can’t buy true love, it can buy a scam nomination.

    [Clip: “So you seem rather passionate.” “I am really, really — well, yes, I am!” “Do you — we’re going to talk about 2020 in a minute. Do you want to run again?” “No.” “Wait” “No.” “There was a pause.” “Well, I’d like to be president.” (War whoops, applause, laughter) “Well look, I, I think, hopefully, when we have a Democrat in the Oval Office in January 2021, there’s going to be so much work to be done.”]

    She means the ‘work’ she wants to wreak as ‘progressive’ executive taskmistress and first feminist war president.

    All Hillary’s got to do is tell the Party she’s got the money—’Soros, Singer, Steyer, and tag-team Bloomberg money’…who may be her VP by the way—and a presidential rerun that looks like a B move will be plastered all over TV.

    We can feast our eyes on more of this, or this, and collapse like this that symbolizes the death of a presidential sales pitch.

    But rewind the tape.

    Commencing in prime time until exhaustingly hence will be Hillary 4.0.

    I don’t know about you, but I turned off the TV a long time ago.

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  6. Missy November 15, 2018 @ 12:22 am

    Good video.

    When I hear and see Hillary and her blatherings, I remember what Osama Bin Laden (is reputed to have) said:

    “Amerika has no shame.”

  7. Steve Oz November 15, 2018 @ 4:57 am

    This is the black creature that had bin Laden whacked – THE main witness to 9/11 according to the US Empire, a crime she committed on its own worthy of mafia pantheonhood. Just one of the obama era evils she perpetrated in conspiracy with a compliant media.

    Meanwhile she did nothing for striking teachers, god knows how they can stomach her wretched stench of corruption.

    Dear Bro I grew up in australia in the 1950s and by the 1970s interest rates had forced every member of the family to work- the advantage to the system then was that womens wages were at slave labour levels.

    Then steadily manufacturing jobs were sent to China by the overpaid CEOs working to Wall Streets latest economic whim- $300 sneakers made by slaves for $5, it would be an ‘insult’ to offer our own people that sort of money but the intention of the oligarchs is to force slave labour on their countrymen and women.

    China never stole anybodies jobs it was our own 1%ers getting ever more obscenely rich and powerful who sent their businesses there. It was obvious from the start what their intention was but despite the realities being exposed by their Union movements the Western ‘democracies’, convinced by the New York jewish economic snake oil salesmen, put the nails in our coffins by removing tariffs and protection of our standards from our last lines of defense.

    There are no longer any standards of employment, health, welfare, sustainability, fairness, legality, Law and …well you can think of many more no doubt because this is a long list for our tombstone.

    And here we are and the only jobs are pointless WAR with no exit strategies. WAR for the sake of WAR or as the US consistently demonstrates WAR for revenge, for getting back at misperceived insults, for adapting to your Hollywood History and silly macho morals. No christians here boss.

    I am constantly amazed by internet comments by americans who blindly equate socialism with the Black Death, wouldn’t have anything to do with it, yet they can’t see that militarism has been socialised in the US- every citizen can have all those pretty camouflage uniforms, guns, tanks, aircraft and ships and all the ammunition and enemies you can shoot at. Universal healthcare would be cheaper but hollywood hasn’t made that cool.

    Clinton is a rabid mad dog on the loose, call the vet.

  8. Honorary Jew November 15, 2018 @ 8:50 am

    From the morning after the 2016 election, I never doubted she would run again.

    She will run for the next 150 years from her grave.

    If necessary they will trot out body doubles with robotic AI voices.

    “Women’s Health Decisions” is code word for murdering your own babies.

  9. Brother Nathanael November 15, 2018 @ 10:58 am

    Dear All,

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  10. benzion kook November 15, 2018 @ 12:05 pm


    Killary, puppet of the Commie Jew conspiracy, for dog catcher.

  11. Eileen Kuch November 15, 2018 @ 12:07 pm

    @ +BN

    I wholeheartedly agree with you, Hillary’s the most corrupt, degenerate piece of filth in US politics.

    She definitely is the most hateful and revenge seeking of them all. Her actions as Secretary of State under Obongo are proof of her evil corruption. I can still envision her in the White House Situation Room, cackling madly, as she uttered the words “I came, I saw, he died”, referring to the horrific torture-murder of Libyan leader Muammar Gadhaffi.

    Not long afterward, Jihadists broke into the US Consulate, shot two security staffers dead and horrifically tortured and murdered Ambassador Christopher Stevens and dragged his body through the streets. Hillary and Obongo were responsible for that atrocity as well.

    Hillary’s indeed a vengeful, bitter woman. She lost the Presidential nomination to Obongo in 2008 and lost the 2016 general election to Donald Trump. It was this loss that sealed her bitterness and desire for revenge.

    She desperately wants the Presidency; she desperately wants to beat Trump in 2020, but she’ll fail again. The mid-term elections, although fraudulently won by Democrats in the House, failed to win the Senate, which has more power than the House. Nominations for SCOTUS, Cabinet posts, etc. are confirmed by the Senate, not the House.

    I hope you’re still collaborating with’s Managing Editor Mike S. King; one of his articles was on Trump and his collaboration with Q-Anon, the mysterious prophet who’s been right on the money with a number of predictions.

    Mike’s latest article was on Benjamin Disraeli, who was Britain’s Prime Minister in the mid to late 1800’s. Mike referred to Disraeli as the architect of WWI, even though he died in 1871. However, he had set the stage well beforehand.

    Take care, Br. Nat, and God bless you always.


  12. Kalin November 15, 2018 @ 6:57 pm

    Hillary’s everything the Jews want for their beast – chaos.

    Who can doubt that the Jews are deliberately sabotaging their beast?

    Since we welcomed the Jews in with open arms, willfully sacrificed our children to them, proudly did their killing, raping and theft for the last 120 years, whatever end we meet will surely not be the severity of what we deserve.

    Jewmerica is now another rotting carcass stinking up the world while it struggles to serve its Jew masters with its last breath, even as they prepare to abandon it and mount another (perhaps China).

    History is littered with the carcasses of beasts that the Great Whore has ridden into hell.

  13. Zionien November 15, 2018 @ 7:08 pm

    Killary is the definition of a crypto-Jew feminist.

    She doesn’t stand a chance – and everyone with a 1/2 a brain knows it. By the looks of her – It’s all her beer swilling, machisimo, spoiled penis-envy ego talking.

    She is a classless worm as is her husband Billy “The Club” and her rotten Jew loving daughter!

    They are abhorrent wastes of spaces who got where they are via selling out, deception/lies, and evil Jewry, which we all know is cornerstones of their evil makeup!

    I don’t watch T.V. any more either +BN – Glad you’re feeling better+!

  14. KathJuliane November 15, 2018 @ 7:23 pm

    God bless you dear +BN.

    Thank you for another brilliant, witty and satirical masterpiece Video introducing Hildebeast 4.0, every…cough, cough, wheeze, excuse me for a second…water, water, hack, cough, cough…re-imagined presidential inch of herself.

    Indeed, sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. It’s clear from this Video that Hildebeast is truly a legend in her own mind.

    Randi Weingarten. Egads!

    I didn’t think this “progressive” Jewish lesbian red-feminist Yiddishkiet shrew could get any uglier, nastier, snarlier, or weirder than she was decades ago, but clearly I was wrong.

    Sometime in the late 90s, I ditched the TV while living up in the Nor California mountains. I shot it first then took it to the dump.

    This next perked up my evening a bit.


    Washington Examiner: Court rules Hillary Clinton must answer more questions about her emails

    Hillary Clinton must answer more questions under oath regarding her emails, a conservative watchdog group declared Wednesday.

    “Breaking: Court rules late today Hillary Clinton must answer more email questions — including key q’s about the setting up of her email system,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton tweeted after a hearing in federal court.

    U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan heard the case, which stems from a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit regarding the controversial employment status of longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin, who was granted a “special government employee” designation to accept outside employment while she was working at the State Department.

    Judicial Watch sought to compel further answers from Clinton after her written testimony under oath in October 2016 regarding her, email system.

    The two questions Clinton will have to answer within 30 days, per Sullivan’s ruling are:

    — Describe the creation of the system, including who decided to create the system, the date it was decided to create the system, why it was created, who set it up, and when it became operational.

    –During your October 22, 2015 appearance before the U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on Benghazi, you testified that 90 to 95 percent of your emails “were in the State’s system” and “if they wanted to see them, they would certainly have been able to do so.” Identify the basis for this statement, including all facts on which you relied in support of the statement, how and when you became aware of these facts, and, if you were made aware of these facts by or through another person, identify the person who made you aware of these facts.

    In a phone conversation with the Washington Examiner, Fitton, who said he was joined in the courtroom Wednesday only by Michael Bekesha, a member Judicial Watch’s legal team, said it ruling was a “great development.”

    However, he said it was “outrageous” that the two years into the Trump administration that the Justice Department and State Department were still “defending Hillary Clinton.”


  15. Citizenfitz November 15, 2018 @ 7:24 pm

    Women in the workplace… equality?

    Or low wage workers/wage depressers, (fractional reserve) lendees and… *taxpayers*.

  16. Citizenfitz November 15, 2018 @ 7:54 pm


    Wackypedia has pulled out all the stops on Qanon: “far right conspiracy theory… baseless… unsubstantiated… deranged… unhinged… widely discredited and debunked… pizzagate conspiracy theorists….” And… finally… of course… anti-Semitism!

    Need we any more proof they are bona fide?

  17. jim November 16, 2018 @ 7:45 am

    Crooked Hillary needs power and money to keep her heart running.

    BUT …… Just like her husband, Wild Bill, she has to be a puppet for the Jews….just like the other Democrats.

    They are 2 shameful people.

  18. Citizenfitz November 16, 2018 @ 10:28 am

    Watched an interesting series of videos by a famous Catholic exorcist: Fr. Chad Ripperger.

    Apparently the Jews have a dedicated devil – with many other Jew-specific demons subordinate to him.

    When describing the exorcisms he’s been involved in, you are struck by how kike-like are the demons.

  19. Steve November 16, 2018 @ 10:43 am


    Here’s one for your Margaret Sanger et al. files. Same $hi+ different Shylock:

    Parents Fear Polio-Like Illness Among Children Being Under Reported.

  20. KathJuliane November 16, 2018 @ 3:18 pm

    The Fiamengo File: Physics Under SJW Attack: The Case of Alessandro Strumia – TFF-91

    “More and more, it seems, we live in the era of the forced apology.

    Therefore, it’s refreshing to see one man, Professor Alessandro Strumia, theoretical particle physicist, refusing to apologize for defending science from feminist ideology.

    Not surprisingly, that man is now being denounced by thousands of his colleagues. And that’s my subject on today’s Fiamengo File.” — Janice Fiamengo

  21. Citizenfitz November 16, 2018 @ 5:57 pm

    Good catch, KJ.

    Yep we all know (((very well))) who’s behind the mob persecution of Dr. Struvia. Of course you can’t reply to that at their absurd Particles for Justice site.

    But physicist Dr. Sean Carroll, one of the signatories to the statement regarding Struvia, has a YT channel. I’ll see if I can get him to bite.

    The Jews (though not all) want to wreck the world. A Jew at the old Yahoo boards once asked, “Why would Jews want to do that?”

    “Because that’s their nature.” I answered.

  22. KathJuliane November 16, 2018 @ 7:09 pm

    More theoretical Neo-Maenad Feminist-SJW-Special Snowflake Culture fallout coming to light — creating a multi-generational nation of dummies thanks to “feel good” social-engineering and indoctrination curriculum of our educational system.

    My full Scottish grandfather, born of Scottish Free Anglican-Presbyterian immigrant parents in California in the late 1880s after they came from Scotland and traveled the Oregon Trail from St Louis, Missouri, attended the proverbial one-room schoolhouse in turn-of-the-century agricultural Bakersfield, CA.

    The schoolmarm was English, hired by the community to teach it’s children, and paid her immigration expenses from Great Britain.

    Grandfather as a homestead ranching youth, received a Classical Christian education on his schoolhouse desk, which included learning Latin and Greek, passing through all the grades.

    Much later in life, a career cattle rancher who never made it rich, was accepted at California Polytechnical Institute on his one-room school house diploma, and attending part time while being a full-time rancher, received a B.S. in Animal Husbandry.

    Even later in life, Grandfather earned an M.S. in Agriculture.

    And he could read the ancient Greek philosophers in the original Greek.


    Telegraph UK: Making lessons fun does not help children to learn, new report finds

    Making lessons fun does not help children to learn, a new report has found. The widely held belief that pupils must be happy in order to do well at school is nothing more than a myth, according to the Centre for Education Economics.

    A report published by the think-tank, titled titled “The achievement–wellbeing trade-off in education”, argues that traditional teaching methods may not be particularly enjoyable for pupils but are the most effective.

    These include direct instruction, where a teacher stands at the front of the class and presents information, drilling, where pupils repeat words or phrases after the teacher, memorisation, and memorisation.

    The report says that these methods are “crucial for successful learning” because they allow pupils to transfer information from their working memory to their long-term memory. But they are “neither fun nor inspiring”, and are now considered to be old-fashioned “teacher-centred” techniques.

    They have been replaced by “child-centred” learning, which became popular in the 1960s and 70s, and focuses on pupils’ enjoyment and wellbeing.

    This approach may involve asking students to work together in small groups, discuss issues among themselves and express their opinion.

    The emphasis is on keeping students engaged and interested by allowing them to learn from eachother rather than exclusively taking instruction from the teacher.

    Child-centred methods have also been characterised as allowing pupils to proceed at their own pace and make discoveries independent of the teacher.

    The report points to an American study, in which teenagers carried a pager around with them and recorded their happiness level when it beeped. It showed that pupils were the least happy when they were either at school or doing homework, and that they were far happier the rest of the time.

    Meanwhile, numerous studies demonstrate that spending more time in school and doing homework raises attainment levels.

    “In other words, there appears to be an achievement–well-being trade-off at a very general level in the education system: if pupils do not attend school, or do any work, they are unlikely to learn anything – but they may be happier,” the report says.

    The belief that when pupils are happier their school results improve stems from a misunderstanding of Roussea’s book Émile, or On Education, the report says.

    “Rousseau actually highlighted the crucial importance of pupil suffering as a key pedagogical tool to force pupils to learn from their mistakes,” the report says.

    “Furthermore, he did not equate happiness with joy or pleasure, but rather saw it through the lens of the classic idea of human flourishing. Happiness, he believed, is a goal of education, not its means.”

    Gabriel Heller-Sahlgren, the author of the report, said the idea that pupil wellbeing and achievement go hand in hand has become “deeply entrenched” in schools.

    “These progressive ideals regarding pupil enjoyment are an important reason why modern educationalists historically have supported pupil-centred teaching methods,” he said.

    “Indeed, it is still commonly believed that it is necessary to make learning ‘invigorating’ for learning to take place at all.”

    Sir Michael Wilshaw, the former head of Ofsted, has previously spoken of his opposition to “child-centred” teaching, claiming that it has damaged generations of schoolchildren.


    Dear Citizenfitz,

    Janet Fiameno is the best.

  23. Brother Nathanael November 16, 2018 @ 8:24 pm

    NY Pending Law:
    Gun Purchase Nix Linked To ‘Hate Speech’

  24. IRONKRAFT November 17, 2018 @ 10:15 am

    Every White, and/or, overt Christian, is a target. Collectively, we are the most easily “scoped” target in world history.

    Clinton and her allies, are mere tools of the Satanist string-pullers, who have destroyed Germany under Merkhell.

    She is being used as an important bartering tool until a more “Obama” like front man is selected.

  25. Brother Nathanael November 17, 2018 @ 1:29 pm

    WaPo: Free-press advocates worry Assange charges could set dangerous precedent

    The revelation that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been secretly charged has sparked fears among free-press advocates that the Justice Department is targeting not just those who provide classified information but those who publish it — even as the basic allegations against Assange remain unclear.

    The Justice Department under the Trump administration has waged an aggressive crackdown on disclosures of classified information, more than tripling the number of leak investigations in then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s first six months on the job.

    Assange’s case, though, might mark a dramatic escalation — if prosecutors are essentially charging someone who disseminated information that the government did not want to be made public, free-press advocates say.

    “This is troubling because it would mean that the government is bringing criminal charges against a publisher for disclosing leaked, but truthful, information about our government,” said Sonja R. West, a professor of First Amendment law at the University of Georgia Law School.

    [Julian Assange has been charged, prosecutors reveal inadvertently in court filing]

    The devil is in the details, which are largely unknown. Word of the charges against Assange first came in a court filing in an unrelated case that inadvertently referenced the WikiLeaks publisher but offered few specifics.

    Assistant U.S. Attorney Kellen S. Dwyer, urging a judge to keep the unrelated matter sealed, wrote that “due to the sophistication of the defendant and the publicity surrounding the case, no other procedure is likely to keep confidential the fact that Assange has been charged.” Later, Dwyer wrote that the charges would “need to remain sealed until Assange is arrested.”

    People familiar with the matter told The Washington Post that while the filing was in error — the case was not high profile and had nothing to do with Assange — the information it contained was correct: Assange had been charged.

    Joshua Stueve, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office in the Eastern District of Virginia, said: “The court filing was made in error. That was not the intended name for this filing.” Officials otherwise declined to comment on the matter.

    On Friday, the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press asked a judge to unseal the records about Assange’s case, saying the secrecy surrounding the matter was “anathema to our open system of justice.”

    Assange has long been of interest to federal investigators in connection with a wide range of conduct. Federal prosecutors in the Eastern District of Virginia, where the errant filing was made, had been examining the WikiLeaks organization for its 2010 publication of diplomatic cables and military documents.

    Justice Department officials in the Obama administration essentially concluded that WikiLeaks was a publisher, and that bringing charges against members of the group might prompt First Amendment challenges or set a dangerous precedent that could invite future prosecutions of traditional news organizations.

    Those officials, though, left the investigation open. In the Trump administration, prosecutors had been urged to take a hard look at whether charges could be filed.

    [Justice Dept. debating charges against WikiLeaks members in revelations of diplomatic, CIA materials]

    WikiLeaks also had come under scrutiny for publishing sensitive CIA cyber-tools in a 2017 leak the group dubbed “Vault 7.” And special counsel Robert S. Mueller III has been exploring the organization’s role in the publication of emails from the Democratic National Committee and the account of Hillary Clinton’s then-campaign chairman, John D. Podesta.

    Officials have alleged that the emails were hacked by Russian spies and transferred to WikiLeaks.

    It is not clear to which of those matters the charges against Assange relate. Jennifer Robinson, Assange’s lawyer in London, said Friday that the news was “confirmation of what we’ve been concerned about since 2010, that the United States would seek to prosecute Julian Assange for publishing truthful information.”

    “This sets a dangerous and chilling precedent for all of the media both in the United States and elsewhere,” she said.

    Prosecutors in Assange’s case had contemplated bringing charges under the Espionage Act, among other statutes. Floyd Abrams, an expert in First Amendment law, said the 101-year-old act has long been viewed by press advocates as a “perpetually loaded gun that could too easily be aimed at the press, with ultimately Supreme Court interpretation unpredictable.”

    “If it violated the Espionage Act for WikiLeaks to gather information from sources not permitted to release it and then publish it, then what American newspaper could be free from risk?” said Abrams, who practices at Cahill Gordon & Reindel in New York.

    It is possible that investigators have gathered evidence that Assange did not act as a mere publisher — but instead actively helped steal information or worked as an agent of a foreign government, legal analysts said. That might distinguish his case in a way that makes it more palatable for prosecutors to pursue, the analysts said.

    “I think the big question now is, did the Justice Department find new evidence that would allow them to charge him with some crime, such as conspiracy to hack into computers or some other crime other than just publication, or does the new administration take a different view on whether he can be charged for just publishing classified documents?” said Matthew Miller, a Justice Department spokesman during the Obama administration.

    The Justice Department under President Barack Obama was not shy about ferreting out leaks. While Obama was in office, prosecutors brought nine leak cases, more than during all previous administrations combined.

    Over time, though, the department took a softer attitude toward such matters. In 2014, then-Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said that as long as he was heading the Justice Department, “no reporter is going to go to jail for doing his or her job.”

    At President Trump’s direction, Sessions restored some of the vigor. The former attorney general proudly touted the number of cases the department was investigating.

    [Justice Dept. considered relationship between reporter and source before secretly seeking records]

    Barak Cohen, a former prosecutor in the Justice Department’s public-integrity section, said prosecutors generally have to clear higher hurdles when it comes to charging reporters or issuing subpoenas for their records. Cohen, who was involved in the prosecution of former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling on charges that he leaked classified material to a New York Times reporter, said prosecutors will probably examine to what extent Assange was acting as a journalist to determine if he should be given special consideration.

    “The extent to which he is curating the news, or the information that he circulates, has a strong impact on whether or not you consider him a publisher,” Cohen said.

    Since June 2012, Assange has been living in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London. He sought asylum there when he was facing possible extradition to Sweden in a sex crimes case, arguing that the case was a pretext for what he predicted would be his arrest and extradition to the United States.

    The sex case has since been dropped, but if he left, Assange would still probably be taken into custody for skipping bail. He has faced increasing restrictions on his communications and speech, and people close to him say they suspect that Ecuador has been under considerable pressure from the United States to end his asylum.

    If taken into custody, Assange would be able to fight his extradition — a process that in Britain can take years. A spokesman for Britain’s Home Office would not say whether Washington has already applied to bring Assange to the United States.

    Karla Adam and Devlin Barrett contributed to this report.

  26. KathJuliane November 17, 2018 @ 4:36 pm

    I’m not holding my breath.

    On the other hand, I’ll be stocking up on popping corn.

    The State of New York’s Attorney General has an iron grip on Trump’s 501c3, The Trump Foundation, which took on a life of its own at the state level a couple of years ago.

    The New York AG’s Office is investigating filing violations, numerous irregularities and gross violations of state regulations governing charitable organizations as well.

    That’s what happens when the entire Trump Family used the charitable organization as their own self-dealing piggy-bank at will, using it to fund campaign expenses and other things.

    However, compared to the extremely sophisticated and intricately-layered fraud-mongering Clinton Foundation’s pay-for-play schemes writ large on a global scale, the Trump Foundation’s transgressions are penny ante.


    Sputnik: ‘Judgement Day’ Nears: Analyst on Why Clinton May Finally End Up Behind Bars

    Ekaterina Blinova

    While the rumours about Hillary Clinton’s potential third presidential run continue to circulate in the media, the conservative camp is seemingly determined to “lock her up.”

    Speaking to Sputnik, Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel explains why “judgement day” for the Clinton Foundation is near.

    It appears that US conservatives are not going to let former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton go. Controversy is still simmering around the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

    Charles Ortel, a Wall Street analyst and investigative journalist who has been conducting a private investigation into the Clintons’ charity, calls the Clinton Foundation the biggest charity fraud ever.

    The analyst emphasizes the importance of November 15 as a date for the Clintons, suggesting that the truth about their charity may soon emerge.

    For his part, Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch tweeted November 15 that the Federal Court ruled that Hillary Clinton will have to answer the watchdog’s further questions concerning her, email system.

    “The public and the media have a right to a full accounting from top officials of the Clinton State Department,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said.

    Sputnik: Why is November 15, 2018 a crucial date for the Clinton Foundation?

    Charles Ortel: Under US federal laws, the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation (“BHCCF”) must file a complete, truthful report on IRS Form 990 by the close of business on November 15, 2018 concerning its operations and financial results for 2017. This is the final filing deadline and no extensions are possible.

    In addition, BHCCF must file reports with numerous states by 15 November 2018. Many of these states impose tough filing requirements — one example is New York State, which, effectively, is the base from which BHCCF’s global network of purported charities is run.

    Unlike the IRS, New York requires charities to list out all of their subsidiaries, branches and affiliates, to provide details concerning all of the grants given to them by governments (foreign and domestic), and to procure an audit from an independent and certified professional accounting firm that is wholly consistent with US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

    Since 1998, when these New York laws were applied, BHCCF has never complied and therefore has been in gross, uncured violation of laws which the state has enforced vigorously, including with respect to the Trump Foundation.

    Sputnik: Why do you insist that the charity will not be able to present a comprehensive fiscal report? How is the situation likely to unfold in this case?

    Charles Ortel: In the US, strict rules apply to financial reporting for charities. The report that is due concerning 2017 can only be filed accurately if BHCCF attempts to correct years of false and misleading prior filings that used accounting techniques not allowed in the US for charities and includes missing schedules and information that never was validly filed.

    When formed on October 23, 1997, BHCCF was then called the “William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation”. Despite being required to do so, this entity did not file an IRS return on form 990 for the “short period” from its formation through December 31, 1997. There is no statute of limitations concerning this failure to file an initial “short period” return.

    So far, no compliant audits have emerged in the public domain from 1998, 1999 or 2000 — years when Bill Clinton was president and when those running his foundation may have believed the IRS and Department of Justice would not intervene to enforce laws and regulations.

    Financial information purporting to be “audits” for 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004 has emerged, though these documents are omitted from the BHCCF web portal. These reports flatly state that they are prepared using accounting techniques that are not permitted within the United States.

    The first attempt to file compliant accounting reports was made starting June 9, 2006, when BHCCF attempted to correct work issued for 2003, 2004, and 2005. This attempt is manifestly false and misleading, as I have explained through my website.

    It is not possible to file correct, truthful reports concerning 2017 without correcting all previous filings. Think of a house, built on a foundation of sludge — you can paint the outside (provide a view of what happened in 2017) and make it look nice superficially, but if you fail to remove the sludge and ensure that it rests on solid ground, it will inevitably collapse.

    Sputnik: Why do you believe that this time the IRS will pay much more attention to discrepancies in the Clinton Foundation’s files?

    Charles Ortel: Under George W. Bush and then under Barack Obama, the IRS division that oversees charities was run by a controversial person named Lois Lerner.

    In the early period of the Trump presidency, forces loyal to former President Obama (in particular), appear to have defended against efforts to expose the true extent of abuses perpetrated by Lerner and her allies using the IRS to target political opponents, chiefly conservatives during the Obama years.

    Even now, I and others suspect that the Justice Department still has Obama loyalists working actively to obstruct the progress of the Trump Administration. It was only recently that President Trump was able to have the Senate confirm his choice to head the IRS — Charles Rettig.

    So, November 15, 2018 will be the first filing deadline when Trump appointees at the IRS and the Justice Department have firm and informed hands on the levers of power — one hopes they will administer justice fairly.

    Sputnik: If suspicions are justified, what sort of inquiries and probes could be launched by state and federal authorities and how could it backfire on the Clintons’ associates, the charity donors and Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton?

    Charles Ortel: Recently, a former Republican US congressman, Steve Stockman, was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for a set of crimes involving only $1 million in charity fraud as well as public corruption. Previously, a former Democratic US congressman, Corrine Brown, was sentenced to 5 years in federal prison for her role in a similarly sized charity fraud.

    Using flawed figures that likely do not capture the full extent of “donations” sent towards the network of Clinton “charities”, about $3 billion may have been sent towards BHCCF and its affiliates.

    Because BHCCF has never had a board of trustees tough enough to defend the interests of that entity against the conflicted personal and political interests of the Clinton family, BHCCF has never been validly audited, and no outsider actually knows how much money may have been stolen or diverted for illegal purposes since 1997.

    Once the November 15, 2018 deadline passes, I suspect the federal government and state authorities will be forced to shine spotlights on ongoing abuses perpetrated by BHCCF, its executives, its trustees/directors, and its significant donors.

    All of these should have been able to spot obvious errors, false statements and omissions that have been circulating in the public domain, around the world, for years.

  27. KathJuliane November 18, 2018 @ 7:07 pm

    Sputnik: Netanyauhu Thanks US for Opposing UN Resolution on Golan Heights

    TEL AVIV (Sputnik) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked the United States on Sunday for voting against the UN resolution condemning Israel for occupying the Golan Heights area located at the Israeli-Syrian border.

    “On Thursday, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman informed me on the US decision to vote against the regular resolution slamming us for our presence in the Golan Heights. And this really happened…

    “I would like to thank [US] President [Donald Trump] and [US] Ambassador [to the United Nations, Nikki] Haley for this important and fair decision that fully complies with my policy. Israel will forever remain in the Golan Heights. The Golan Heights will forever remain in our hands,” Netanyahu said during his weekly cabinet meeting.

    On Friday, the United States voted at the UN General Assembly committee against the resolution for the first time ever after constantly abstaining from voting before.

    However, the resolution, which the UN General Assembly renews annually, was easily passed, with 151 countries supporting it, 14 others abstaining, and only the United States and Israel voting against it.

  28. KathJuliane November 19, 2018 @ 6:55 am

    Al Jazeera: History suppressed: Censorship in Israel’s archives

    Troves of looted Palestinian books, documents, photographs and films are sealed in Israel’s archives and libraries.

    Sealed in Israel’s archives and libraries are troves of Palestinian books, documents, photographs and films that were looted from Palestinian institutions and personal archives by Jewish militias and later, the Israeli military.

    “This confiscation is a kind of daily struggle that Palestinians face,” says Sherene Seikaly, a scholar of Middle Eastern history. “One of the reasons, that these archives are a target, that they’re threatening, is because they’re really a record of Palestinian social life, and Palestine more broadly.”

    Israeli historian Rona Sela has spent 20 years uncovering Palestinian visual history that has been kept in the dark in Israel’s state and military archives. She says the methodical plunder of Palestinians’ cultural assets predates the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, what Palestinians call the ‘Nakba’ or ‘catastrophe.’

    “The looting and seizure, as far as I found, started in the 1930s in a systematic and organised manner … by Haganah forces [Zionist paramilitary group]. The seizure intensified, of course, with the Nakba in 1948. I found materials taken in 1967, 1982, 1991 and … in the last few years.”

    What begins with looting and appropriation, continues with a system of censorship and historical revisionism in the archives. The origin of Palestinian material is often erased and replaced with terminology that fits the archivist’s world view.


  29. KathJuliane November 19, 2018 @ 7:13 am

    RT: Financier Browder likely behind five deaths, Russian prosecutors open probe

    Russian accountant Sergey Magnitsky may have been poisoned and his former employer, financier Bill Browder, is possibly behind the murder, prosecutors revealed.

    Now, Moscow will place Browder on the international wanted list.

  30. KathJuliane November 19, 2018 @ 8:33 am

    Peddling porn to 4th graders to advance “sexual rights” is just one of the little things on Federal Teachers’ Association Randi Weingarten’s list of things to do designed for the further deconstruction and dissipation of the family.


    Family Watch International: “Stop CSE!” [Comprehensive Sexual Education]

    Watch Video: The War on Children: Exposing the Comprehensive Sexual Education Agenda

    “It’s pornography. Men, especially on the House floor, did not want to look at it. We couldn’t show this on the television news, yet we want fourth grade children to be looking at this book.”

    “In the name of sexuality education, children are seeing obscene materials that have been ruled by Congress and the Supreme Court impossible to show to children.”

    “How Is CSE Different from typical sex education classes?”

    “Sexual education or “sex ed” is education that focuses on the human reproductive system and helps youth understand the changes their bodies experience during puberty. It is not uncommon for Sex Ed programs to include contraceptive or abstinence instruction.

    “Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) is vastly different from standard sex-ed instruction. Although CSE instruction will include most of the instruction covered by Sex Ed programs, it typically does not include abstinence education in any depth, and it will go much further using graphic materials and visuals that are sexually explicit in nature.

    The ultimate goal of CSE is to change the sexual and gender norms of society. CSE is a “rights-based” approach to sexuality education and promotes sexual rights to children at the expense of their sexual health.”


    Please sign the petition calling upon teachers, school administrators and government bodies at the local, state, national, regional and international levels to immediately stop promoting and funding harmful comprehensive sexuality education (CSE).

  31. HIllary Rotten November 19, 2018 @ 1:34 pm

    The Jews Media keeps repeating the line that Hillary was supposed to win, that Trump was supposed to lose, as if the Zionists didn’t want Trump elected.

    When mass media tells a story over and over again like this, it usually means the story is propaganda, another big lie. Repeat the lie long enough and eventually people will believe it, according to big lie theory.

    Former FBI Director Comey re-opened the FBI investigation of Hillary’s criminal abuse of classified information just days before the 2016 presidential election. Hillary’s popularity in polling numbers dropped like a duck shot out of the sky after the FBI re-opened the investigation –

    2016/oct/30 – A week ago, the US election looked to be over. Hillary Clinton was riding so high in the polls after a disastrous series of gaffes by Donald Trump that few could conceive of a Republican path to victory on 8 November. Friday’s shock intervention by the FBI may not be enough to change that outcome on its own, but it has certainly set political imaginations running wild – –

    The Zionists would not have led the FBI to re-open the FBI investigation of Hillary unless the PTB wanted their boy Trump to be the prez instead of Hillary.

  32. Citizenfiz November 19, 2018 @ 6:06 pm

    Fake news… fake White House… fake Congress… fake courts… fake polls… fake schools… fake “charities”…. Add your own.

    KJ, 28 years ago I was driving a school bus while working on my degree. One of the girls on my bus brought a boy – they were both fifth graders – by the ear and told him to sit behind me. I asked what was going on and the boy yelled out, “She’s horny for me!”

    I said, “Little girls aren’t horny for little boys.”

    He said, “That’s not what they teach us in Sex Ed.”

    I said, “What are they teaching you in Sex Ed?”

    He said, “How to get it on!” – and did a fist pump.

    After graduation I got hired at a home for the retarded. They were implementing sex ed there too I soon learned. I got hold of some of the curriculum. It was hardcore porn.

    Most of the residents didn’t have brains enough to handle single digit addition.

    But they sure learned their sex ed fast! The place became like a New Orleans brothel.

  33. KathJuliane November 19, 2018 @ 8:21 pm


    28 years ago? Hate to say it, but at least in 1990 Sex Ed was still mostly “hetero-normative” as appalling as it was then, and very tame compared to the Lavender-Red Feminist “gender fluid” social engineering curricula now.

    Tucker Carlson: Is Facebook deliberately causing harm to Americans?

    A new study by psychologists at the University of Pennsylvania finds that Facebook use can increase depression and loneliness; Tucker gets insight from Tom Kersting, author of ‘Disconnected: How to Reconnect Our Digitally Distracted Kids.’

  34. KathJuliane November 19, 2018 @ 8:45 pm


    Samuel Hassoun is an American of Syrian descent. His grandfather was Syrian, and in 1995 he first visited Syria, visiting numerous times afterwards, eventually meeting what would become his wife. He and his Syrian wife moved to Syria in March 2011.

    We discuss the realities he was seeing and hearing in Syria versus the lies reported on corporate and Gulf media on Syria, as well as many other aspects of life in Syria and the long-manufactured war on Syria.

  35. benzion kook November 19, 2018 @ 8:47 pm


    The Jews invoke demons to aid their head demon (Killary?), Satan.

  36. Brother Nathanael November 19, 2018 @ 9:30 pm

    NEW VID tomorrow, Tuesday.

    Stay in tune! +bn

  37. Brother Nathanael November 19, 2018 @ 9:35 pm
  38. Ghazi M November 19, 2018 @ 11:18 pm

    Hello Brother,

    Are you going to talk about the recent events in Gaza, especially on the fact that Lieberman resigned?


  39. Hillary vs Donald II November 20, 2018 @ 2:24 am

    The Zionist puppet masters prefer political puppets who have the worst skeletons in their closet and the dirtiest secrets to hide. The puppet masters view such politicians as ideally suited for being controlled by blackmail.

    Before the US government was infiltrated by Zionists, precautions were taken to prevent people with dark secrets from rising to powerful positions in government. In those days government officials were keenly aware that Communists / Zionists used dark secrets to blackmail and control people in power.

    There have been several questions in RJN comments about why Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Al Franken, Anthony Weiner, Charlie Rose, and such prominent Jews were busted. This sudden punishment of Jews for sexual misconduct came out of nowhere. It was very suspicious, so out of place, and it appeared about the same time Trump rose to political prominence.

    The pieces of the puzzle suggest that Trump has some dark sexual sins in his past which the Zionists can use to compromise him and control him.

    Probably the worst that the Zionists have on Hillary is her gross mishandling of classified information and the Benghazi fiasco. Both of those matters are no longer secret and both have been put to rest. Besides, Hillary probably did her dirty deeds under direction of her Zionist handlers.

    The Russian Collusion accusation seems to be just a cover story, an excuse for the Jews to use the FBI to dig up all the dirt they can get on Trump. That would explain why Jews like Rosenstein, Schiff, Schumer, are obsessed with the Russia Collusion Scam.

    Circumstances suggest Trump has some dirty sexual sins he would like to keep secret. Trump’s Zionist handlers can use such dark secrets to keep Trump on their leash and make him do what they want.

    It looks as if the puppet masters view Trump as an easier target for blackmail and compromise than Hillary. It may be that the Zionists chose Trump over Hillary because they had more dirt on Trump than on Hillary.

  40. KathJuliane November 20, 2018 @ 3:00 pm

    American Herald Tribune: Philip Giraldi: The Only Regime Change that Is Needed Is in Washington

    (Republished by Ron Paul Institute)

    One of the things to look forward to in the upcoming holiday season is the special treats that one is allowed to sample.

    Fruitcake and nuts are Thanksgiving and Christmas favorites. They usually come in tins or special packages but it seems that this season some of the nuts have escaped and have fled to obtain sanctuary from the Trump Administration.

    Currently, there is certainly a wide range of nuts available on display in the West Wing.

    There is the delicate but hairy Bolton, which has recently received the coveted “Defender of Israel” award, and also the robust Pompeo, courageously bucking the trend to overeat during the holidays by telling the Iranian people that they should either surrender or starve to death.

    And then there is the always popular Haley, voting audaciously to give part of Syria to Israel as a holiday treat.

    But my vote for the most magnificent nut in an Administration that is overflowing with such talent would be the esteemed United States Special Representative for Syria Engagement James Jeffrey.

    The accolade is in part due to the fact that Jeffrey started out relatively sane as a career diplomat with the State Department, holding ambassadorships in Iraq, Turkey, and Albania.

    He had to work hard to become as demented as he now is but was helped along the way by signing on as a visiting fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), which is a spin-off of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

    Jeffrey set the tone for his term of office shortly after being appointed back in August when he argued that the Syrian terrorists were “. . . not terrorists, but people fighting a civil war against a brutal dictator.”

    Jeffrey, who must have somehow missed a lot of the head chopping and rape going on, subsequently traveled to the Middle East and stopped off in Israel to meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    It has been suggested that Jeffrey received his marching orders during the visit.

    James Jeffrey has been particularly active during this past month. On November 7th he declared that he would like to see Russia maintain a “permissive approach” to allowing the Israelis to attack Iranian targets inside Syria.

    Regarding Iran’s possible future role in Syria, he observed that “Iranians are part of the problem not part of the solution.”

    What Jeffrey meant was that because Israel had been “allowed” to carry out hundreds of air attacks in Syria ostensibly directed against Iran-linked targets, the practice should be permitted to continue.

    Israel had suspended nearly all of its airstrikes in the wake of the shoot-down of a Russian aircraft in September, an incident which Moscow has blamed on Israel even though the missile that brought down the plane was fired by Syria.

    Fifteen Russian servicemen were killed. Israel reportedly was deliberately using the Russian plane to mask the presence of its own aircraft.

    Russia responded to the incident by deploying advanced S-300 anti-aircraft systems to Syria, which can cover most of the more heavily developed areas of the country.

    Jeffrey was unhappy with that decision, saying “We are concerned very much about the S-300 system being deployed to Syria. The issue is at the detail level. Who will control it? what role will it play?”

    And he defended his own patently absurd urging that Russia, Syria’s ally, permit Israel to continue its air attacks by saying “We understand the existential interest and we support Israel” because the Israeli government has an “existential interest in blocking Iran from deploying long-range power projection systems such as surface-to-surface missiles.”

    On November 15th James Jeffrey was at it again, declaring that U.S. troops will not leave Syria before guaranteeing the “enduring defeated” of ISIS, but he perversely put the onus on Syria and Iran, saying that “We also think that you cannot have an enduring defeat of ISIS until you have fundamental change in the Syrian regime and fundamental change in Iran’s role in Syria, which contributed greatly to the rise of ISIS in the first place in 2013, 2014.”

    As virtually no one but Jeffrey and the Israeli government actually believes that Damascus and Tehran were responsible for creating ISIS, the ambassador elaborated, blaming President Bashar al-Assad for the cycle of violence in Syria that, he claimed, allowed the development of the terrorist group in both Syria and neighboring Iraq.

    He said “The Syrian regime produced ISIS.

    “The elements of ISIS in the hundreds, probably, saw an opportunity in the total breakdown of civil society and of the upsurge of violence as the population rose up against the Assad regime, and the Assad regime, rather than try to negotiate or try to find any kind of solution, unleashed massive violence against its own population.”

    Jeffrey’s formula is just another recycling of the myth that the Syrian opposition consisted of good folks who wanted to establish democracy in the country.

    In reality, it incorporated terrorist elements right from the beginning and groups like ISIS and the al-Qaeda affiliates rapidly assumed control of the violence. That Jeffrey should be so ignorant or blinded by his own presumptions to be unaware of that is astonishing.

    It is also interesting to note that he makes no mention of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, knee-jerk support for Israel and the unrelenting pressure on Syria starting with the Syrian Accountability Act of 2003 and continuing with the embrace of the so-called Arab Spring.

    Most observers believe that those actions were major contributors to the rise of ISIS.

    Jeffrey’s unflinching embrace of the Israeli and hardline Washington assessment of the Syrian crisis comes as no surprise given his pedigree, but in the same interview where he pounded Iran and Syria, he asserted oddly that “We’re not about regime change. We’re about a change in the behavior of a government and of a state.”

    Actually, the only regime change that is needed is in Washington and it would include Jeffrey, Bolton, Haley, Pompeo, and Miller.

    And while we’re at it, get rid of son-in-law Jared Kushner and his claque of Orthodox Jews, Jason Greenblatt the “peace negotiator” and David Friedman the U.S. Ambassador in Israel. None of them are capable of acting to advance any American national interest, which they wouldn’t recognize even if it hit them in the butt.

    Once they are gone the U.S. can bid the Middle East goodbye and leave its constituent nations to sort out their own problems. Jeffrey’s ridiculous prescriptions for the Syrians and Russians are symptomatic of what one gets from a team of yes-men who have latched onto some dystopic ideas and pursued them relentlessly, blinded by what they believe to be American power.

    Someone should tell them that their antics have made that power a commodity that is dramatically depreciating in value, but it is clear that they are not listening. (Currently offline for unknown reasons…)

  41. KathJuliane November 20, 2018 @ 11:00 pm

    Trump, the legendary and consummate militarist in his own mind, declined to visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial in Belleau, Northern France for Armistice Day, November 11, on the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, the original.

    It is located at the foot of the hill where the Battle of Belleau Wood was fought, with many American fatalities. The cemetery also contains burials from the Battle of Château-Thierry, later that summer.

    The site is maintained by the American Battle Monuments Commission, and its dedication ceremony was held on Memorial Day, May 30, 1937.

    Among those buried there are Medal of Honor recipient Weedon Osborne.

    The American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) is an independent federal agency of the United States government that administers, operates, and maintains permanent U.S. military cemeteries, memorials and monuments both inside and outside the United States.

    The grounds include both the Château-Thierry American Monument and a monument to US Marines.

    The Memorial Chapel is built over the site of front-line battle trenches dug in defense of Belleau Wood.

    When entering the Memorial Chapel, one can see on the wall to the right a small hole that was made by a passing German anti-tank gun. Looking above the inside entrance door, one will see the following inscription:


    The names of 1,060 soldiers missing in action are inscribed on the Chapel’s walls.

    One of my Scottish-American grand-uncles fought in WWI is buried in another American Cemetery in France.

    Bloomberg reported that Trump had been set to travel to Aisne-Marne by helicopter, and that once that plan was nixed due to the rain, the journey to the cemetery — located less than 90 kilometres from downtown Paris — was deemed too logistically challenging to scramble together a motorcade for.

    White House chief of staff Gen. John Kelly and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff Gen. Joe Dunford attended on Trump’s behalf.

    However, the wet weather didn’t stop Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron from showing up for their Remembrance Day commitments in and around Paris, prompting criticism of Trump.

    Nicholas Soames, a U.K. Conservative Party MP and grandson of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, took Trump to task for what he called the “pathetic” decision to cancel the planned visit.

    It was about an hour and 20 minute trip from Paris to Aisne-Marne American Cemetery. Such is life and the way of the self-absorbed, like Commander-in-Chief Bonespurs, who blamed both Macron and the Secret Service for why he did not travel by car to the US Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial.

    He could have arranged to bring along a military bagpiper, too.

    The French have a very well-trained and organized foreign dignity security service and police services which are very efficient at working with foreign security such as the US Secret Service in moving a presidential motorcade and setting up traffic control.

    Given a short but reasonable time for the French police to set up for a last minute change of plans, it would have probably taken less than 15 minutes to get out of Paris. Most of the trip would be through rural countryside.

    So, 10 days after the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day and the “Great War to End All Wars,” in honor of my deceased grand-uncle who volunteered to do his patriotic duty, who missed not at all Trump’s non-visit, I present this lament by Scotsman Eric Bogle, now living in Australia since about 1969, a dedicated anti-war (but not anti-soldier) poet.

    Several of his most famous songs tell of the futility or loss of war. Prominent among these is “And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda,” written in 1971. The lyrics recounts the experiences of a member of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) in the Battle of Gallipoli. It has also been interpreted as a reaction to the Vietnam War.

    Another of his best-known songs, “No Man’s Land”, is also World War I-themed. This song is commonly known as “The Green Fields of France”, a title it was first given by The Fureys, and which has subsequently been used in many further cover versions.

    Green Fields Of France (No Man’s Land)

    Well, how do you do, Private William McBride,
    Do you mind if I sit down here by your graveside?
    And rest for awhile in the warm summer sun,
    I’ve been walking all day, and I’m nearly done.
    And I see by your gravestone you were only 19
    When you joined the glorious fallen in 1916,
    Well, I hope you died quick and I hope you died clean
    Or, Willie McBride, was it slow and obscene?

    Refrain: Did they Beat the drum slowly, did they sound the pipes lowly?
    Did the rifles fire o’er you as they lowered you down?
    Did the bugles sing The Last Post in chorus?
    Did the pipes play the Flowers of the Forest?

    And did you leave a wife or a sweetheart behind
    In some loyal heart is your memory enshrined?
    And, though you died back in 1916,
    To that loyal heart are you forever 19?
    Or are you a stranger without even a name,
    Forever enshrined behind some glass pane,
    In an old photograph, torn and tattered and stained,
    And fading to yellow in a brown leather frame?

    The sun’s shining down on these green fields of France;
    The warm wind blows gently, and the red poppies dance.
    The trenches have vanished long under the plow;
    No gas and no barbed wire, no guns firing now.
    But here in this graveyard that’s still No Man’s Land
    The countless white crosses in mute witness stand
    To man’s blind indifference to his fellow man.
    And a whole generation who were butchered and damned.

    And I can’t help but wonder, no Willie McBride,
    Do all those who lie here know why they died?
    Did you really believe them when they told you “The Cause?”
    Did you really believe that this war would end wars?
    Well the suffering, the sorrow, the glory, the shame
    The killing, the dying, it was all done in vain,
    For Willie McBride, it all happened again,
    And again, and again, and again, and again.


    100 years of wars, and no end in sight to perpetual wars for perpetual peace — the war of all against all.

    100 years on and the world and its leaders still just watch and ignore the suffering and death of so many ordinary men, women and children world wide. All for the gain of stupid personal and national superiority…and more obscene profits for the for the global corporate interests.

    Enough is never enough. We are all Willie McBride now.

    Flowers of the Forest – Bagpipes

  42. KathJuliane November 21, 2018 @ 12:44 am

    German cover of Bogel’s Green Fields of France – No Man’s Land

    Es ist an der Zeit – Hannes Wader

    Uploaded by Guenter51

    Hier ist die engl. Übersetzung des Wader-Text:

    Deep in the Champagne in midsummer green,
    where red poppies bloom between gravestones,
    the grass whispers and sways smoothlyin the wind,
    which sweeps gently over the graveyard.
    On your cross, dead soldier, I can not find your name,
    only numbers and someone painted the number 1916
    and you weren’t even 19 years old.

    Yes, also you have been told lies by them yet,
    just like they still do it with us today.
    And you gave them everything:
    your strength, your youth, your life.

    Did you, dead soldier, ever love a girl?
    Certainly not, because only where there is peace
    tenderness and trust can flourish.
    You were a soldier to die, not to be young.
    Maybe you thought: “I might fall soon.
    I will grab any chance for pleasure, if necessary by force.”
    You were determined to do so, however
    you became ashamed of yourself and never did it.

    Yes, also you have been told lies by them yet,
    just like they still do it with us today.
    And you gave them everything:
    your strength, your youth, your life.

    Soldier, did you die full of conviction and by choice?
    Or did you desperately, embittered, brutalized
    not recognize your true enemy until the end?
    I hope you were hit by a straight shot.
    Or did a bullet tear your limbs to pieces?
    Did you cry for your mother until the very end?
    Did you continue to run on your torn legs?
    And your grave: is there more in it than just a leg and a hand?

    Yes, also you have been told lies by them yet,
    just like they still do it with us today.
    And you gave them everything:
    your strength, your youth, your life.

    Only the cross remained as the only trace of your life.
    But listen to my oath to fight for peace and to stay alerted:
    If mankind falls for lies one more time
    it might be possible that soon no one lives anymore,
    no one who will bury the billions of dead.
    But by now there are more and more people
    willing to prevent this war.
    It is time.

    Yes, also you have been told lies by them yet,
    just like they still do it with us today.
    And you gave them everything:
    your strength, your youth, your life.


    “Only the dead have seen the end of war.” ― Plato

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