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Growing Up With The New York Times

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Growing Up With The New York Times
January 23, 2018

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Brother Nathanael @ January 23, 2018


  1. Brother Nathanael January 23, 2018 @ 1:22 pm

    Text –Text– Text

    Growing Up With The New York Times
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Copyright 2018

    Growing up in a Jewish home meant growing up with the New York Times.

    My father, like most Jews, was an arm chair senator—a political animal, if you will—whose civic instincts were triggered by the headlines of the New York Times.

    It was my job as a kid to fetch the paper, that soul sustainer of the Jewish political spirit.

    The impress on my own psyche with such headlines as, “Eisenhower Wins In A Sweep,” “Men Walk On Moon,” “Kennedy’s Victory,” remains sealed in my consciousness today.

    The whole ‘Times’ event in our home remains sealed on my mind as well.

    No sooner would I fetch the paper that my father began his focused perusal while my mother began the crossword puzzle.

    With her calling out every question and my father calling out every answer, his own ‘read’ began with the Editorials, then Headlines, and curiously finishing with the Obituaries.

    What was strange about his chronological survey in 3 parts—Editorials,
    Headlines, Obituaries—is that my father spent more time on the last.

    For he would call out loud, like my mother the crossword puzzle, every notable death that occurred.

    Stranger still, my father was more interested in the deaths of Gentiles than Jews, of which, the New York Times listed plenty.

    I think it was because he admired the Gentile style of leadership, as he viewed it, as being more forthright.

    Most Gentiles were practicing Christians in those days.

    Then came the headline, “Kennedy Is Killed By Sniper,” followed by, “President’s Assassin Shot,” and the impress it made this time meant I would never be the same.

    I didn’t know much about Kennedy, but loved him.

    He was young, good looking, and had a certain debonair about him.

    All my Jewish and Gentile friends also loved him. His speeches with that Boston accent really grabbed us.

    [Clip: “There is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control. And no official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know.”]

    My father was fond of him too, more because he was a Democrat, (Jews voted Democrat in those days), and knew that JFK opposed the nuclear ambitions of Israel which may have been the reason he was shot.

    His attempts to getting to the bottom of Israel’s secret nuke program may have played a big part in his assassination.

    I suspect it today, having grown up as a Jew privy to Zionist agendas.

    But the New York Times never reported on that.

    Instead, it pushed Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin.

    We just can’t seem to get to the bottom of things.

    Truth is now rarer than fiction, and a stranger to most human beings.

  2. Brother Nathanael January 23, 2018 @ 1:22 pm

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  7. KathJuliane January 23, 2018 @ 2:48 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN for a dynamite Video.

    “Armchair senator” — that’s a riot! I just love your parents.

    Your suspicions about the Judeo-Zionist agenda in the Kennedy assassination(s) have plenty of grounding.

    Since we’re about the same age, your stories remind me of my youth in the pre-Shoah Business, pre-Zionist years, and growing up with California kids from Jewish families who considered themselves Californians first, Americans second, and Jewish third — “Jewish Americans” not “American Jews”.

    That’s when Democrats were Labor Democrats, and largely center-right, the party of the blue collar workers, of miners, of agricultural workers and farmers, Catholics, Orthodox, and ethnic minorities such as Greeks, Blacks, Serbs, Slavs, Irish and Scots, Arab, Lebanese, and Syrians — the Arab Americans of today — not the liberal, progressive Social Justice Warrior freak show we have now.

    Arabs who came to America in the 1800s were mostly Christians, but Muslims have also been here since the Mideast migrations, not counting the African Muslims and Eastern Christians brought over as slaves in the Atlantic Slave trade which was in fact one of three legs of the world slave trade, the Muslim Arab and African slave trade being the other two. That’s a different story, however.

    Not many people know about how the Kennedy brothers pushed to get AIPAC (American Zionist Committee) registered as a foreign agent.

    Most of us also don’t know how, at one time our US Congress actually looked after American interests first, and was alarmed by and used to take seriously Judeo-Zionism as a vehicle of foreign agency, political influence and a national security threat starting in the 1930s having conducted senate investigations into it, particularly considering that many Judeo-Zionists were also members of the Communist Party or fellow travelers.

    Arthur Koestler, Hungarian Jew, was himself was both an ardent Zionist starting with membership in a Hungarian university Zionist club, and a Marxist-Leninist member of the Communist Party until he became disenchanted with Stalin, and quit the Communist Party in the mid-1930s.

    Despite Koestler’s criticisms of Israel and its politics, he never renounced being a Zionist or denounced the Zionist state.

    Americans know even less about JFK’s efforts to get at the bottom of Israel’s clandestine nuclear weapons research and military program at Dimona, their espionage in the US building their nuke program, and ultimately confront Tel Aviv and destroy Israel’s nukes.

    The deceiving Jews boast about how they deceived the Kennedy administration about Dimona by setting up facades, fake instruments and equipment, and blocking off rooms when the US was finally able to inspect Dimona to convince Kennedy that Dimona was nothing more than a peaceful nuclear program.

    JFK knew war and he experienced it first hand. He hated war, hated the Cold War and the nuclear arms race between the US and the USSR.

    He was in the Pacific Theater in WWII. He certainly knew of the utter destruction of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and that it was ultimately done not to bring the war to the end, but to threaten Stalin.

    Qui bono? Who derived the greatest benefit from the assassination of President Kennedy?

    If you make a list of all parties who could have motives, it was hands down Israel and American Jewry.

    Eventually the DOJ efforts to register the AZC wound down, the Jews got an extremely Judeophilic president, Lyndon Baines Johnson, who moved heaven and earth legally and illegally for Jews and Israel since his days as a Texas senator, when he was instrumental in smuggling Jews into America during and after the war.

    LBJ turned the White House into a Jewish synogogue-brothel with Jew cronies, friends and advisers everywhere. He drastically upped military aid to Israel thus upsetting the teeter-totter balance of power in the Israeli-Arab conflicts.

    LBJ turned a blind eye to, and his administration including the Pentagon covered up for, the Jews attack on the USS Liberty in the 1967 War.

    For a very interesting read on the Communist Zionist roots of Israel which puts the Kennedy administration’s efforts to get AZC-AIPAC registered as a foreign agent in geo-political context, read the well documented, comprehensive “The Red Face of Israel” by Kerry R Bolton at Foreign Policy Journal:

    When Zionism was Red

    “Several decades ago Israel began presenting itself as the “bulwark against communism” in the Middle East and as of vital strategic importune to the USA vis-à-vis the USSR in the region. Israel’s supposed anti-Communism was of recent duration, and thoroughly self-serving.

    “The roots of modern Zionism go back to Moses Hess, who predated Herzl and mentored Karl Marx. Prof. Shlomo Avineri of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, states in his biography of Hess:

    “No other writer has similarly been honored in East Berlin and in Jerusalem just as no other writer has had his manuscripts scattered in such diverse places as the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam and the Institute for Marxism-Leninism in Moscow as well as the Central Zionist Archives in Jerusalem.

    “Avineri states that many of Hess’ ideas were incorporated into The Communist Manifesto, with which he was involved in the initial writing. Hess was also deeply involved with the First International and served as Marx’s spokesman when Marx could not attend conferences.

    “Marxism and Zionism emerged from the same milieu. Sometimes they merged, and sometimes they were rivals for the allegiance of Jewry.

    Chaim Weizmann, who became first Prime Minster of Israel, described these family splits where communist Jews would argue that Jewish emancipation had to be part of a universal emancipation of labor, while the “Zionist revolutionary group” although agreeing that world revolution was necessary insisted that full emancipation for the Jews would only be gained by a Jewish state.

    “Weizmann related that his mother – expressing the general feeling of Jews at that time and place – would say:

    “Whatever happens I shall be well off. If Shemuel [the revolutionary son] is right, we shall all be happy in Russia; and if Chaim [the Zionist] is right, then I shall go to live in Palestine.”

    “Revolutionary socialism in Eastern Europe was centred on the General Federation of Jewish Workers, the Jewish Bund, a constituent of the Social Democratic movement.

    “This was absorbed into the Bolshevik party, the Ukrainian bundists joining the Bolsheviks in 1919, the Russian bund in 1920, and the Polish in 1939.

    “The relationship between the socialist revolutionaries and the Zionists is indicated by meetings that took place between Lenin and Chaim Weizmann in the home of the industrialist Daniel Schoni, in Switzerland, recorded by French intelligence agent Jacques Levy.

    “They discussed a “Jewish blueprint for the East” which had been formulated in Austria in 1908 by Jewish socialists and which called for a socialist state in Palestine, “which would serve as a base from which Marxist philosophy could then spread throughout the Middle East.”

    “Weizmann stated to Lenin that the opening of Palestine to Jewish immigration rested on the overthrow of the Russian and Ottoman empires.

    “Palestine Becomes Center of Marxism

    “Palestinians were not, and could not be, well disposed towards Marxism, despite the myth that continues to be perpetuated by Zionists, neo-conservatives, Christian fundamentalists, et al.

    “The religiosity of Islam precludes any possible belief in atheistic creeds such as Marxism, and Islam has its own doctrines drawn from the Koran that encourage social justice alternatives to both Marxism and capitalism, such as that of Nasser’s “Arab socialism” and Qaddafi’s Third Universal Theory.

    “Marxism in Palestine does not have an Arab or Muslim background. One of the earliest Marxist groups in Palestine was the Socialist Workers Party, established in 1919 as a party of the Poalei Zionists.

    “In 1920 the primary theoretician of the party, Yaakov Meiersohn, left for the USSR, indicating the communistic nature of the movement. The party’s May Day demonstration was held under the slogan “Soviet Palestine.”

    “There was a violent clash between the SWP cadres and the official May Day activists of Histadrut.

    “In 1922 the SWP split into factions representing the historic Jewish quandary since the rise of Zionism and Marxism side-by-side, forming the pro-Zionist Palestine Communist Party and the anti-Zionist Communist Party of Palestine.

    Much more:

    Certainly adds some historical dimension and context to the early Palestinian conflicts between Zionist Jews, the Palestinians, and the Arab world.

  8. Heyoka January 23, 2018 @ 2:59 pm


    If Trump makes the US withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal (a dumb idea because the US won’t gain anything), and cuts funding to the UN (in an attempt to bully other countries into doing what Trump and his administration want) and moves the US embassy to Jerusalem, it seems that it would only serve to cause the US to become isolated and to lose influence at the UN.

    It might help Russia in gaining more influence.

  9. Desert January 23, 2018 @ 4:17 pm

    Truth is now rarer than fiction and a stranger to most human beings – Br Nathanael

    Maybe the truth starts here:

    2016 Cert FISC memo Opin Order April 2017

  10. AJ January 23, 2018 @ 4:33 pm

    “Truth is now rarer than fiction.” Indeed!

    The NY Times has never had a non-Jewish, non-Left voice in their paper as long as I can remember.

    Check out this gem too at Russia Insider, in case you haven’t…

    On dropping the taboo on naming the “Jew”

    In America I’m less optimistic in the near term, but we’ll get there!

  11. KathJuliane January 23, 2018 @ 5:18 pm

    Excellent well documented read: Kennedy, the Lobby and the Bomb
    by Laurent Guyénot (2013)

    Exactly fifty years ago a crucial episode took place in the history of “U.S. democracy”; an epic struggle whose outcome would influence the future of the entire world.

    Guyénot Laurent revisits those events and recalls what was at stake at that critical historical juncture.

    In May 1963, the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations opened an investigation into the covert activities of foreign agents on U.S. soil, focusing in particular on the American Zionist Council and the Jewish Agency for Israel.

    The investigation was prompted by a report from the Chairman of that standing Committee, Senator J. William Fulbright, written in March 1961 (declassified in 2010), stating:

    “In recent years there has been an increasing number of incidents involving attempts by foreign governments, or their agents, to influence the conduct of American foreign policy by techniques outside normal diplomatic channels.”

    By covert activities, including “within the United States and elsewhere,” Fulbright was referring to the 1953 “Lavon Affair” where a group of Egyptian Jews was recruited by Israel to carry out bomb attacks against British targets, which were to be blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood so as to discredit Nasser in the eyes of the British and Americans.

    The Senate investigation brought to light a money laundering racket through which the Jewish Agency (indivisible from the State of Israel and a precursor to the Israeli Government) was channelling tens of millions of dollars to the American Zionist Council, the main Israeli lobby in the United States.

    Following this investigation, the Department of Justice, under the authority of Attorney General Robert Kennedy, ordered the American Zionist Council to register as “agents of a foreign government,” subject to the requirements of the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, involving the close monitoring of its activities.

    This attempt to counter Israel’s growing interference in U.S. politics undoubtedly enjoyed the support of the President….

    All government efforts to stymie the corruption of American democracy by Israeli agents were stopped short by Kennedy’s assassination and his brother’s replacement at the Department of Justice by Nicholas Katzenbach [liberal white of part German descent, of colonial New England background – Kj].

    The American Zionist Council evaded foreign agent status by dissolving and renaming itself American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

    Ten years later (April 15, 1973), Fulbright commented on CBS: “Israel controls the U.S. Senate. […] The great majority of the Senate of the U.S. – somewhere around 80 percent – are completely in support of Israel; anything Israel wants Israel gets.”

    Kennedy, the bomb and Dimona

    Had Kennedy lived, Israel’s influence would most certainly have been curbed on yet another front, that of nuclear weapons.

    By the early 1950s, David Ben Gurion, who combined the functions of prime minister and defense minister, had engaged his country in the secret manufacturing of nuclear weapons, diverting the Atoms for Peace cooperation program, naively launched by Eisenhower, from its intended goals.

    Briefed by the CIA about the real purpose of the Dimona facility as soon as he moved into the White House, Kennedy put heavy pressure on the Israelis not to pursue it.

    He demanded that Ben Gurion open up Dimona for regular inspections, at first in person in New York in 1961, then through formal and increasingly insistent letters.

    In the last one, dated June 15, 1963, Kennedy urged that a first visit should take place immediately, followed by regular visits every six months, otherwise “This Government’s commitment to and support of Israel could be seriously jeopardized.”

    The reaction to this message was astonishing: Ben Gurion resigned on June 16, thus avoiding receipt of the letter. As soon as the new Prime Minister Levi Eshkol took office, Kennedy sent him a similar letter, dated July 5, 1963.

    Kennedy’s intention was not to deprive Israel of a power which was reserved to the United States and its NATO allies.

    The President’s approach was part of a much more ambitious project, which he had announced on September 25, 1961, nine months after taking office, before the General Assembly of the United Nations:

    “Today, every inhabitant of this planet must contemplate the day when this planet may no longer be inhabitable.

    “Every man, woman and child lives under a nuclear sword of Damocles, hanging by the slenderest of threads, capable of being cut at any moment by accident or miscalculation or by madness. The weapons of war must be abolished before they abolish us. […]

    “It is therefore our intention to challenge the Soviet Union, not to an arms race, but to a peace race – to advance together step by step, stage by stage, until general and complete disarmament has been achieved.”

    The message was well received by Nikita Khrushchev, who responded favorably in a 26-page confidential letter dated September 29, 1961, delivered through secret channels….

    In the sixties, nuclear disarmament was a realistic goal. Only four countries had a nuclear weapon. There was a historic opportunity to be seized, and Kennedy was determined not to pass it up.

    “I am haunted by the feeling that by 1970, unless we are successful, there may be ten nuclear powers instead of four, and by 1975, fifteen or twenty,” he uttered prophetically during his press conference of March 21, 1963.

    While all NATO member states and countries of the communist bloc were following the example of the USA and the USSR and taking a first step towards nuclear disarmament, Israel was acting secretly on its own, and Kennedy was determined to prevent it.

    Kennedy’s death a few months later eased the pressure on Israel. Johnson chose to turn a blind eye on the activities at Dimona.

    John McCone, the CIA director appointed by Kennedy, resigned in 1965, complaining of Johnson’s lack of interest in the subject. Israel acquired its first bomb around 1967, without ever admitting it.

    Nixon was just as unconcerned as Johnson, while his National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger privately expressed his satisfaction at the idea of having friendly Israel as a nuclear ally.

    Nixon, who ushered the “deep state” into the White House so to speak, played a double game: at the same time as he publicly supported the 1968 Non-Proliferation Treaty (which was not a U.S. initiative), he sent a contradictory top-secret National Security Decision Memorandum (NSDM-6) saying:

    “There should be no efforts by the United States government to pressure other nations […] to follow suit. The government, in its public posture, should reflect a tone of optimism that other countries will sign or ratify, while clearly disassociating from any plan to bring pressure on these countries to sign or ratify

    Johnson and the USS Liberty

    Kennedy would not be remembered in Tel Aviv as a friend of Israel.

    In addition to his attacks against the outrageous lobbying activities of Israel and its nuclear power ambitions, Kennedy defended the right of return of the 800,000 Palestinian refugees expelled from their neighborhoods and villages in 1947-48.

    On November 20, 1963, his delegation to the United Nations called for the implementation of Resolution 194 crafted for this purpose. Kennedy probably never got the chance to read Israel’s hysterical reactions in the newspapers: two days later, he was dead.

    Johnson’s rise to power was greeted with relief in Israel: “There is no doubt that, with the accession of Lyndon Johnson, we shall have more opportunity to approach the President directly if we should feel that U.S. policy militates against our vital interests,” considered Israeli newspaper Yedio Ahoronot.

    Far from reproaching Israel for its ethnic cleansing, Johnson fully embraced the myth of “a land without people for a people without a land”, even going so far as to compare in front of a Jewish audience, “Jewish pioneers building a house the desert” with his own ancestors colonizing the New World – which, in fact, unintentionally underscored the equivalence between Israel’s denial of its ethnic cleansing of Palestine, and the denial by the Americans of their own genocide history.

    Read more:

    At least one Jew, Lenny ben David, began advocating for making L.B. Johnson a “Righteous Gentile” at Yad Vashem:

    In recognition of Lyndon Johnson’s efforts to save European Jewry as Hitler’s noose tightened around their necks in the 1930s.

    We invite scholars and survivors to submit historical accounts of LBJ’s actions. We will present the data to Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial with the recommendation that they officially recognize LBJ as a Righteous Gentile.

    Most students of the Arab-Israeli conflict can identify Johnson as the president during the 1967 war. But few know about LBJ’s actions to rescue hundreds of endangered Jews during the Holocaust – actions that could have thrown him out of Congress and into jail.

    Historians have revealed that Johnson, while serving as a young congressman in 1938 and 1939, arranged for visas to be supplied to Jews in Warsaw, and oversaw the apparently illegal immigration of hundreds of Jews through the port of Galveston, Texas.

    [It’s cutely named Operation Texas, but was never conducted under government authority. It’s usually glossed as a “covert operation” to save European Jews from the Evil Natsis©. It was in fact a criminal conspiracy operation inside the State of Texas to smuggle illegal migrants into the US, and a gross abuse of power and the federal laws of the United States under the color of authority by LBJ. No “apparently” about it. LBJ knew he could go to prison big time for this criminal and treasonous mess — Kj.]

    A key resource for uncovering LBJ’s pro-Jewish activity is the unpublished 1989 doctoral thesis by University of Texas student Louis Gomolak, “Prologue: LBJ’s Foreign Affairs Background, 1908-1948.”

    Johnson’s activities were confirmed by other historians in interviews with his wife, family members and political associates.

    No one should pass up Grant F. Smith’s ‘The Israel Lobby Archive’ of the Institute for Research of Middle East Policy (IRmep), which ought to be preserved as a national treasure.

    He has unearthed hundreds of documents concerning The Lobby, including the documents recording the investigations and efforts of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee under the Chairmanship of Senator Fullbright, and Robert Kennedy’s DOJ to force AIPAC to register as foreign agents.

    From the About page:

    The Archive is an independent research unit located at The Institute for Research Middle Eastern Policy in Washington DC.

    The Archive collects and publishes declassified documents about the Israel lobby, most obtained through Freedom of Information Act filings with law enforcement officials and US intelligence agencies.

    The Archive also serves as a repository for records that briefly enter the pubic domain but vanish into obscurity for lack of mainstream press interest.

    The Archive is dedicated to preserving and contextualizing the historical records about the Israel lobby’s operations in the US while educating Americans through enhanced access to both recent and older primary source material.


    What a bottomless pit of filth has emanated from “The Promised Land” of Der Judenstaat (“The Jews’ State” as Zionist Nationalist Herzl originally named it) since 1948.

  12. Brother Nathanael January 23, 2018 @ 7:35 pm

    Bro Is GABBING!

  13. benzion kook January 23, 2018 @ 11:09 pm


    “Most of these Jews should be in jail, a lot of them should be hung” — chessmaster and rebellious Jew Bobby Fischer.

  14. Ted Gorsline January 24, 2018 @ 3:50 am

    If Jews own a newspaper, they will not usually give bad press to other Jews even if they deserve it. There have been a few exceptions.

    I had a good friend named Bob Reguly who worked for the Toronto Sun and discovered that the Winnipeg Jew Lloyd Axeworthy, and member of the Liberal Party, a man who once wanted to become Prime Minister of Canada, had deliberately driven a Capo Mafioso from Italy, in his own car, from Winnipeg to North Dakota, and back so this leading organized crime figure could legally extend his stay in Canada for another three months.

    Bob was not just a stenographer with the sole ability to answer the telephone like Woodward and Bernstein. He was a real investigative reporter. He didn’t just take notes like that pair of hacks. He could put two and two together.

    The Toronto Sun was then owned by Fast Eddy Goodman and four or five other jews. The story was front page News. They did print the story on the front page but they buried it on page 53 with News about the local dog catcher.

    There has never been a single Toronto Sun managing editor with a reputation for courage.

    Bob also mentioned at the time that if you wanted to find the names of other hard core Hooligans, who had been shoe horned into Canada, a good place to start looking would be in the files of Prime Minister Paul Martin’s law partner in Windsor, Ontario.

    Take note CSIS if you still report to Ottawa and not Israel.

    Certainly there is good reason to be suspicious about firm links between Canada’s Liberal Party and hard core Jewish organized crime.

    For reasons that I have never been able to discern the people of Canada bought that same Paul Martin, when he was in Office, a company called “Canada Steamship Lines” that he then gave to his sons.

    I’ve never seen any mention that he got a loan that he had to pay back to Canadians. Canadian media glossed over that point.

    Martin then switched the ships registries to either Panama or Liberia so it pays no Canadian taxes.

    In addition, one of the ships, named after Paul Martin’s wife was then intercepted coming from South America chock full of hard drugs. That Story got buried. No follow up.

    Then during the election we see Paul Martin standing right behind Justin Trudeau, as if either guiding him, or reassuring his financial backers.

    Next thing you know we find Justin Trudeau’s bag man is a direct descendent of Sammy Bronfmann, North America’s very worst Jewish organized crime figure and Al Capone’s boss.

    Then we see the Liberal Party getting its $15 Million debt paid off in Winnipeg, home of Lloyd Axeworthy.

    Little Sammy Bronfman, who was so short that his feet dangled when he sat in a normal chair, ranked right up there with Myer Lansky, head of Murder Incorporated as a bad news Jewish Boy although Lansky’s best man in Canada was Willy Obront.

    For his own part former Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin used Winnipeg jew Gerry Schwartz from Onex as his bag man.

    Schwartz got his business training wings at a company called Investors Overseas with Gangster Bernie Cornfeld or Cornfield who was also the pimp for then underage Hollywood prostitute Heidi Fleiss.

    Investors Overseas failed but Schwartz was soon swimming in money at Onex. Peter Monk’s sons work there last time I looked.

    Schwartz’s wife Heather Reisman is usually at the Bilderburger conferences as a Canadian rep.

    I have read but cannot confirm that the late Sammy Bronfman was a good friend of the Rothschilds. I believe Reissman is too.

    Now Paul Godfrey, head of the Ontario gaming commission, and lobbyist for Sheldon Adelson and publisher of both the Toronto Sun and the National Post runs the TO Sun paper.

    Gradually the laws in Canada have been changed so Canadians no longer have freedom of speech like they did under British common law. Lobbyists of foreign powers like Israel’s B’nai Brith now call the shots. CBC News now seems to be the propaganda arm for Bna’i Brith.

    The complete destruction of CBC seems to have begun when the Jew Marc Staroitsh took over, and when people like New York Jew Barbara Frum were parachuted in to tell Canadians what to think, say and do on the National News.

    Her son is Canadian David Frum who now uses Atlantic Magazine to tell Americans what to think, say, and do. You see him on CNN saying Americans should be like Canadians and have privileges instead of rights.

    I believe Frum’s daughter now sits in the Canadian Senate where she can help to quash legislation not favorable to Israel.

    I assume Steven Harper put her there. Harpers Chief executive officer worked for Gerry Schwartz before Harper was elected and he now works for him again.

    So in Canada the Jews, less than 2% of the population now control all of the media and call all the shots.

    In a bogus Democracy they tell the other 98% what to think, say and do and they have put legislation in place to enforce an agenda that is directly linked to the support of both Israel and Jewish organized crime – which seem to be interchangeable.

    Too bad. It was once a great country.

  15. John January 24, 2018 @ 3:59 am

    Just to put things into perspective.

    I got Jew Woke in January 2017.

    I was watching a video of Andy Warski about Evalion. He called her “the most evil girl in the world” for singing happy birthday to Hitler and talking about the Jews.

    I thought, wait a minute. She doesn’t sound evil? I started watching her videos, and she had one where she mentioned the media, Hollywood, banks are owned by Jews.

    I thought: Is this true? So for the next week I started fact checking everything on Wikipedia, and it turned out she was right, everything IS owned by Jews. I was Jew Woke.


    I recently saw a video of Andy Warski, the guy who called Evalion – the “most evil in the world”.

    Turns out he is now Andy “Race War”ski, and has become very awake on the JQ.

    This is one of the moments reality hits home for him.

    So things are happening pretty fast. A year ago, Andy Warski hated Nazis, now he is a Nazi.

    A year ago I thought Hitler was the most evil man that ever lived. Now I want to kick the kikes out.

    Some people are waking up.

  16. Ted Gorsline January 24, 2018 @ 4:30 am

    It sure seems that “Jewish Slinky Toy Syndrome” is based on laundering organized crime money.

    Jewish Slinky Toy Syndrome is when you keep pushing losers down the stairs and they keep landing on their feet.

    For example explain this – 1) How did super rich Jew Gerry Schwartz of Onex end up swimming in Money after he helped to guide Investors Overseas Company into the mud?

    2) How did billionaire Jew and Nate Rothschild partner Peter Monk end up swimming in money and gold after driving an Nova Scotia electronics firm into the dirt?

    3) How did Jewish billionaire Robert Schad parlay his invention of a snowmobile that didn’t work into the largest plastic injection moulding business in the world?

    4) How did Jared Kushner’s Family manage to pay three times what it’s worth to get control of the 666 numbered building in New York.

    5) How did a freckled faced Jew Boy end up owning Facebook? Did he take his pimples to the bank and use them as collateral to get the start up cash?

    These brain dead people are all shoe horned into place but where did their money come from?

    I must say that at this stage of world history, knowing what I do now, I have gotten very disenchanted with Adolf Hitler.

    I have developed this intense dislike not because of what he did, but for all those wonderful things he has been credited with doing that it seems he never really did.

    It leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth like a case of stolen valor.

  17. Brian January 24, 2018 @ 5:17 am

    The Jew York Times – ehh, sorry, I meant to say the “New York Times” – led the media attack on Oliver Stone’s great film on the JFK assassination when it debuted in late 1991.

    I have read voluminous material on the subject, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was a conspiracy at the highest levels.

    I haven’t trusted that newspaper since then.

    Love your videos. Keep up the great work brother.

  18. ID January 24, 2018 @ 5:36 am

    In 1990 Israel’s Prime Ministers Office said that Mossad in English should be translated as ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service).

    Facebook acquires biometric ID verification startup

    The antichrist is closing in

  19. The Elder of Zyklon-B January 24, 2018 @ 7:13 am

    More antichrist journalism:

    Christ-hating Jews and Noahide proselyte evangelicals, a marriage confirmed by Lucifer. “Behold my servants, whom I am well pleased for they prepare a place for my earthly throne.”

    Stooge Pence goes to Israhell:

    ” … For messianic Jews and Evangelicals, like Pence, the speech was a confirmation that momentous days are here again, with sounds of rapture and signs of the Messiah.” Israeli newspapers ran the remarks in full.”

  20. Robert January 24, 2018 @ 10:21 am

    Brother Nathanael, have you read the book Final Judgment, by Michael Collins Piper?

    It details the jewish intrigues surrounding Lee Harvey Oswald and the JFK assassination, as well as US foreign policy toward Israel.

    This book cured me of my obsession with the assassination, on which I have a shelf full of books and have read many more.

  21. IRONKRAFT January 24, 2018 @ 11:25 am


    I’m rather of the opinion, that a “Trained Hands And Minds” revolution, will remove the Serpent’s Head before it can crush mankind to death.

    Just saying.

  22. The Elder of Zyklon-B January 24, 2018 @ 1:01 pm

    Hello Ted G.

    You mention above that you have “developed intense dislike of Der Führer not because of what he did, but for all those wonderful things he has been credited with doing that it seems he never really did.”

    Here are some things which he can be credited for which he really did by creating a “judenfrei” environment which enabled the Volk to reach their full potential.

    Since Glory B no longer posts here, someone needs to wave the hakenkreuz from time to time for Henry Makow’s sake if nothing else.

  23. KathJuliane January 24, 2018 @ 2:59 pm

    Mondonweiss: Military spying unit to enter Israeli high school curriculums in search of recruits

    Israeli military intelligence unit 8200 plans to enter Israeli high school curriculums, as announced by the Israeli outlet ‘Calcalist’.

    “The elite unit that is losing manpower which goes to industry and high-tech, wants to attract and train students in order to incorporate them in the intelligence and security bodies.

    “The students would be able to obtain credit points during the project, valid towards a university degree”, the article (Hebrew) by Yoav Stoler tells us.

    Unit 8200 is not just any unit. It spies within Israel, outside it, and on occupied territories.

    In September 2014, 43 reserve soldiers of the unit signed a protest letter, saying they “refused to take part in actions against Palestinians and refuse to be a tool for the deepening of the military regime in the occupied territories”.

    “During our military service we learned that intelligence is an inseparable part of military rule in the Territories. The Palestinian population, living under a military regime, is completely exposed to spying and surveillance of Israeli intelligence.

    “As opposed to Israeli citizens and citizens of other nations, there is no supervision of methods of gathering, tracking or using intelligence information related to the Palestinians, whether they are involved in violence or not.

    “Information gathered damages the innocent and is used for political persecution and creating divisions within Palestinian society through recruitment of collaborators and turning of Palestinian society against itself”, they wrote in their letter addressed to the Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, Head of Military intelligence and Commander of Unit 8200.

    Speaking with Peter Beaumont of The Guardian, the refuseniks went into more detail :

    “A significant part of what the IDF [Israel Defence Forces] does is not the “title” [ie defence]. The “title” of what the IDF does in the occupied territories is ruling another people.

    “One of the things you need to do is defend yourself from them, but you also need to oppress the population.

    “You need to weaken the politics, you need to strengthen and deepen your control of Palestinian society so that the [Israeli] state can remain [there] in the long term … We realised that that’s the job of the intelligence.”

    There were no limits on who was ‘fair game:

    “The only limitation is the limitation of resources. There’s no procedural questions regarding who can and cannot be surveilled. Everybody is fair game.”

    They spoke about the unit’s part in murderous airstrikes:

    “It’s no secret that Israeli intelligence is producing the target database that is used in the air strikes …

    There was a big media outcry after [Hamas military leader] Salah Shehade was assassinated [in 2002] and 14 members of his family were killed. There was a big story around that and the commander of the air force then – Dan Halutz – said to the pilots: “You did well.”

    You’re not responsible. Your job is to deliver the ammunition to the target in the most professional and accurate way you can, and you did that and your hands are clean.”

    They told how they were instrumental in Israeli ‘revenge operations’, where they knew the target to be attacked had nothing to do with the recent Palestinian attack.

    And they had to secure – not that the building was empty – but that it was not empty. “Someone had to be there in order to die”…

    So now this unit, branded as a technological high-tech opportunity, is simply getting its recruits straight from high schools. Calcalist tells us that

    “behind the initiative stands the goal whereby the program graduates would supply the human growth which the security bodies including IDF, Shin Bet and Mossad, are thirsting after – with an emphasis on unit 8200, the elite unit of the intelligence corps”.

    A commander in the unit is quoted speaking about the projections regarding the courses:

    “6 weekly hours, wide exposure to high-tech, summer camps, seminars and more”.

    Meanwhile, those who expose Israel’s sinister practices under its military occupation of Palestinians, are being banned and sought outlawed by the state – like Breaking the Silence, the soldier whistleblower organisation, who were banned from appearing in high-schools by Education Minister Naftali Bennett . Prime Minister Netanyahu has pushed for outlawing the organization as a whole.

    This is the stark duality: The apparatus which is instrumental in oppressing and massacring Palestinians is being inserted into high school curriculums, whilst those who seek to tell about the dark side of it all, are banned from those same high school….

  24. Citizenfitz January 24, 2018 @ 3:46 pm

    Just got off the phone with my Congressman’s office urging that the FISA memo be released to the public. FISAgate… it’s bigger than Watergate.

    Apparently lots of the peasants have been calling up urging its release.

    Sorry to see that no one else here appears willing to dedicate a monthly day of prayer and fasting on Brother Nate’s behalf.

  25. KathJuliane January 24, 2018 @ 3:47 pm

    LA Times: Pence’s Formula for Survival: Praise Trump and Act as a Pincushion for Angry Allies

    [Don’t forget the yarmulke while you serve as the workout bag braced from behind by Israhell to better take the punches, blows, and kicks]

    Sitting directly across the table from Jordan’s King Abdullah II, Vice President Mike Pence maintained a placid, mask-like face as the monarch publicly lit into him over and over for not heeding Arab concerns over the White House decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

    The king’s voice, polished at Sandhurst and Oxford, quavered slightly as he admonished Pence — sternly calling him “sir” as TV cameras rolled — for ignoring a year’s worth of “continuously voiced” objections to Washington.

    Vowing to be “candid and frank,” he warned of a “potential major source of instability” for Jordan and the region.

    It was a rare face-to-face public rebuke of an American vice president, and a public humiliation that Pence’s boss, President Trump, is unlikely to have sat through so quietly. Pence said later that he and Abdullah “agreed to disagree.”

    Pence’s stoic response Sunday in Amman, like the rest of the four-day Middle East tour he wrapped up Tuesday, shows he has honed a unique set of survival skills for serving under a mercurial and vindictive president:

    Heap double scoops of praise on Trump and his agenda, and be prepared to absorb the uncomfortable criticism of U.S. allies.


  26. Ted Gorsline January 24, 2018 @ 4:44 pm

    Hello Elder of ZyklonB,

    I was trying to make a joke. Usually they don’t work.

  27. The Englishman January 24, 2018 @ 5:10 pm

    @Citizen Fitz

    Dare I suggest, Family Members may not appreciate your suggestion, at some time in the future “They’re going to come after him physically”.

    There is no shortage of genuine goodwill, and meaningful prayers here for +BN.

    Our personal financial sacrifice may well need prompting.

    We are all subject to Our Lord’s Will.

  28. Desert January 24, 2018 @ 5:43 pm

    Why the silence in the government which pays for the occupation of Palestine — the USA govt — on the injustice and cruelty meted out daily, and the imprisonment and silencing of protest against the occupation which Israel paints as a conflict between Israelis right to exist and the Palestinians determination to destroy it?

    It is the exact opposite of that. It is about Palestinians right to exist and the Israelis with USA money destroying them and taking their land.

  29. KathJuliane January 24, 2018 @ 8:33 pm

    Dear the Englishman,

    +BN will always be the top spiritual mountain man, pioneer, and hero of faith blazing the way through wildlands of the United States of Jewistan, dropping the seeds of Christ everywhere, no doubt about that.

    Jesus Christ spoke about the power of the mustard seed.

    God designed seeds with the amazing ability to soak up and hold the water necessary for the complex processes of life.

    Most seeds, such as grains, beans, corn, and nuts, undergo a resting phase before they begin growing into new plants. During this phase, most seeds contain very little moisture.

    The seed coat, or outer skin, keeps water out. The chemical processes that keep the cells functioning in the seed are slowed almost to a halt. Seeds can remain in this resting state for months, years, or even centuries.

    The delay allows seeds to survive harsh, unsuitable environmental conditions. It also allows time for transportation by wind, water, animals, or people.

    When conditions become favorable, the seed coat goes through a marvelous transformation that allows water to soak the seed. The process of seeds absorbing water is called imbibition.

    Another example of imbibition is the absorption of water by dry wood, which is what and how the ancients used to quarry blocks of stone from certain kinds of rock, usually limestone.

    They would drill or carve into stone enough to drive very dry wedges of wood into, then wet the wood, causing it to expand. The imbibition pressure of the expanding wood would then fracture and cleave the rock creating rough faces of emerging stone blocks, which workmen would then work to release from the rock base.

    In the case of an oak or pine tree splitting open a granite boulder, the amazing process starts with a seed that becomes lodged in a tiny crevice. Like a living, expanding wedge driven deeper and deeper into the crack, the boulder is literally forced apart by tremendous pressures.

    Although oaks have a very hard and dense wood with a high specific gravity, even a relatively soft-bodied, non-woody plant, such as a puffball fungus, can produce enough force to push through a thick layer of asphalt.

    During imbibition, a seed can swell to several times its original size. This swelling can cause tremendous pressure—often over 1,000 pounds per square inch.

    By comparison, standard cold inflate pressure for passenger vehicle tires is usually about 35-45 psi.

    Swelling seeds can break rocks and concrete or, in the case of the Cali, rupture a steel cargo ship.

    The Cali was originally a large, 4 masted, steel cargo schooner built in 1900.

    In the 1920s a diesel engine was installed on the ship to make it more powerful, but the hull itself was not designed to accomodate the increased power of the engine and the water pressure against the hull while under way.

    In 1944, The Cali left Guayaquil, Ecuador, carrying a huge load of 30,000 bags of rice, bound for Santiago, Cuba.

    On January 27, the hull sprung a leak during a storm very near to Grand Cayman Island, perhaps caused by metal fatigue from deisel engine vibration and greater water pressure against the hull sustained under higher speeds.

    As the seawater leaked in, the grain swelled up so much that it ruptured the hull completely and destroyed the ship!

    The Cali eventually sunk about 70 yards offshore in George Town Harbor in about 30 feet of water. After the Cali sank, the wreckage was dynamited to break the hull completely apart as it posed a navigation hazard.

    The shipwreck is now a popular snorkeling and diving spot.

    Mustard, a weed, grows wild in the Levant in all kinds of soils, especially dry hardpan.

    The seed is not much bigger in diameter than a pinhead, and can literally grow into trees, some 10 or 12 feet tall with trunklike central stalks, while the foliage can spread out and intertwine into a thicket, the twiggy branches strong enough for birds to roost.

    Once the seed cracks the hardpan, cement or rock, as the seed grows, the cement, asphalt, or rock degrades, cracks and crumbles apart more and more, making spaces for more mustard seeds to drop and sprout.

    And that is what our dear +BN has been doing for over 10 years by naming the Jews, dropping mustard seeds of faith and truth, and they’ve rolled into cracks and crevices, taking root in taboo fields, sending up mustard “trees” and thickets in the field.

    Now others, such as Phil Giraldi discovered a month or two ago that it wasn’t any kind of strategy after all to avoid saying the Jew-word or point fingers directly at the Jews so as not to be labeled an anti-Semite, are getting bolder about breaking the silence surrounding the Jewish Question taboo.

    Lew Rockwell: Is It Permissible to Criticize Jews?
    Walter E. Block

    From: R
    Sent: Wednesday, January 17, 2018 7:18 PM
    To: Walter Block
    Subject: “The Jew Question”

    I read this article just recently and would like your take on it.
    ( )

    Dear R: I disagree with that otherwise excellent essay. It says: “It’s Time to Drop the Jew Taboo.” That is, to be able to criticize Jews. I disagree since I think it is long past time to do so. The major media will jump down the throat of anyone who dares criticize any of the Chosen People. Well, I dare.

    No individual, nor group of people, should be beyond criticism. And this includes blacks, whites, males, females, gays, straights, Christians, Muslims, the tall, the short, the skinny, the fat, the able, the disabled, commies, capitalists, and, certainly, also, Jews.

    I have written about this subject before on this blog…

    To show how strongly I feel about this, here is a small part of my chapter defending the anti-Semite, which I plan on including in my forthcoming book, Defending III:

    The Anti Semite

    The inception for this chapter is that someone wrote me saying “I have to say Dr. Block, that I have deep feelings of resentment toward Zionist Jews.”

    My immediate visceral response to that person was this:

    I have great resentment not only for Zionist Jews, but against virtually ALL Jews. Why? Because most of them are socialists, progressives, communists, liberals, Bernie and Hillary supporters, Democrats, devotees of labor unions; ugh.

    As it happens, I am myself Jewish. I’m not practicing, but I was born to Jewish parents, I was bar-mitzvahed, and when and if the next Hitler comes along, I will be undoubtedly on his list.

    Anti-Semitism is sometimes defined as suspicion of, hatred toward, or/or discrimination against Jews based on their Jewish heritage. If so, I am not an anti-Semite. I don’t hate my people because of our common heritage. I hate most (but of course not all) of them since they are leading commies, labor leaders, feminists, lefties.

    In the 1930s, the then Canadian Prime Minister was asked something to the effect of how many Jewish immigrants to his country from Germany who were fleeing Nazism would he accept. Came the answer: “None is too many.”

    When I first heard that, I was incensed. Members of my family were killed by Hitler, may his evil name be erased. But upon more sober reflection, I can (almost) empathize with him. Who wants a bunch of commie pinkos besmirching one’s country?

    Those people, gulp!, my co-religionists, are really despicable people. They want to overturn capitalism, promote social justice and egalitarianism, ride roughshod over private property rights, enrage the masses against the highly accomplished elite, will donate gobs of money to the most left wing politicians available, and all the rest.

    “You can have them,” I now think, was an eminently sensible initial response to their threatened arrival in Canada (I here abstract from the fact that this decision indirectly lead to the murder of many innocent people).

    Undoubtedly, I will be called a self-hating Jew. I am nothing of the sort. I think very highly of myself, probably too much so. The people I hate are those who would undermine what little remains of our economic liberty, and, unhappily, they are disproportionately of the Jewish faith.

    How did it come about that members of this religion are so bitterly opposed to free markets and private property rights? As Milton Friedman once said (paraphrase), “It is an anomaly that a people that has benefitted so markedly from laissez faire capitalism should be so bitterly opposed to this system.”

    Why then is this the case? What is the explanation for this bitter opposition to the marketplace? Explanations abound, but none of them, I think, fully acounts for this phenomenon.

  30. benzion kook January 24, 2018 @ 9:31 pm

    It used to be Brooklyn to Mockba to Tel Aviv.

    Now it’s Tel Aviv to everywhere, for now.

  31. Brother Nathanael January 24, 2018 @ 11:29 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    I LOST my Street Evangelism sponsorship at end of 2017. I really hope to continue this as the response is HUGE.

    If any would like to sponsor me for this very important endeavor please email me at: bronathanael[at][yahoo][dot] com

    AND, please help me REVIVE my Street Evangelism with your online donation!

    Donate by Click and Pledge @

    PayPal Friendly @

    MAIL: Brother Nathanael Foundation; POB 547; Priest River ID 83856

    God Bless Us All! +Brother Nathanael

  32. Desert January 25, 2018 @ 1:21 am

    Benjamin Netanyahu on Twitter would be a good place to start to send your displeasure at the demonic attack on a young 16 year old girl Ahed Tamimi which could see her spend the next 20 years in prison on trumped up charges simply to stifle dissent against a permanent and cruel occupation.

    The other children incarcerated by Israel should also be placed in his lap and in his face by the international community in a strong show of relentless outrage.

    We must show him that we will not stop until justice is broached by him.

    The buck stops with him.

  33. gerard January 25, 2018 @ 3:54 am

    “ father spent more time on the last [obituaries]”

    For the last fifteen years I have read most of the obituaries of the electronic edition of the New York Times and I enjoy it.

    Of course I just skip most of the texts for Jews, rock stars, sport men, civil right fighters, war heroes… But I learn a lot by reading the condensed lives of classical musician, dancers, actors, directors and authors.

    Yesterday I spent about two hours on the obit of Ursula Le Guin which I had never read before, and I learnt a lot. She was the daughter of anthropologists and the New York Times did not mention that her father was the widower of a lady née Rothschild, fifteen years before Ursula Kroeber was born. This last information I had recovered from somewhere else years ago.

    In another register, Jon Rapoport mentions Israelis on his blog on last 20 January “…and the influence of lobbyists (e.g., Israeli fronts)” and also on 23 January:

    “One of the first articles I wrote for publication (circa 1982, LA Weekly) described how certain “Tribulation and Rapture” Christian leaders in the US were urging extremist Israeli groups to raid the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. Destroying this holy Islamic Shrine would then trigger the ultimate war on the Plain of Armageddon.”

  34. The Englishman January 25, 2018 @ 4:49 am

    Dear KathJuliane

    Your beautiful analogy too is earth-shattering.

    Kings & Potentates will be in awe.

    My dear sister Joan who is your age, is like the `Family` enthralled by your work,- dear God Bless you.

    Though I must disagree with you, ’tis I Terence Colledge (TEM) who annoys here at RJN, not your priceless self!

  35. Brother Nathanael Fan January 25, 2018 @ 8:01 am

    Hello, Bro,

    I know you’ve called The Saker The Faker.

    But here he has posted something by someone who shares your name. I think it’s worth reading and perhaps subject for a new video from you.

    ( )

    Christianity and Judaism

    by Archbishop Nathanail (Lvov)


    Israel, having betrayed Christ because of the temptations of pride, greed, and gluttony, is also trying to seduce the peoples that have replaced it by these same lures. Through its hatred of the Christian peoples, it becomes like the fallen one, as its tragedy is similar to the tragedy of the demon: the tragedy of the latter consists of him being a fallen angel, the tragedy of the form in being God’s chosen people that has betrayed God.

    The opinion of the Christian Church towards the fallen Israel is very ambivalent.

    On the one hand, the Church very clearly says that Judaism has not any rights towards the name of Israel in the New Testament and that the Church will become the New Israel: the Chosen Bride of Christ, and that it is to Her and no Judaism that the full scale of covenants and Divine gifts that were promised to the sons of Abraham belongs, for Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and all righteous ones of the Old Testament belong to the Church and entered into her as a component part.

    What is more, the Church separately removes Judaism from Its life and from all communion with Itself, so long as the Jews do not repent and come into the Church.

    But on the other hand, the best representatives of the Church feel a great sorrow and understand very well the tragic fate of Old Testament Israel. We remember the sayings of apostle Paul, that are pregnant with infinite love towards his dear people that has wandered astray.

    We find similar sentiments with Basil of Caesarea, a Hellene by descent but an ardent lover of the Old Testament Israel, and also a man who could never remember Abraham without tears and also healed many Jewish souls that came to Christ with his love. Lastly, we can read similar sayings in the works of John Chrysostom and the other holy fathers.

    However, as we have said before, in the bosom of the Christian peoples, or, to be more precise, those of the peoples that are being Christened, we still find many things vile and pagan that are incapable of this growing Christian love.

    And this is why old Israel drank deeply of the most bitter wine of humiliation among the Christian peoples.

    The threatening word of the Lord became full reality for Israel:

    “If thou wilt not observe to do all the words of this law that are written in this book, that thou mayest fear this glorious and fearful name, THE LORD THY GOD; Then the LORD will make thy plagues wonderful, and the plagues of thy seed, even great plagues, and of long continuance, and sore sicknesses, and of long continuance.

    “Moreover he will bring upon thee all the diseases of Egypt, which thou wast afraid of; and they shall cleave unto thee. Also every sickness, and every plague, which is not written in the book of this law, them will the LORD bring upon thee, until thou be destroyed. And ye shall be left few in number, whereas ye were as the stars of heaven for multitude; because thou wouldest not obey the voice of the LORD thy God.

    “And it shall come to pass, that as the LORD rejoiced over you to do you good, and to multiply you; so the LORD will rejoice over you to destroy you, and to bring you to nought; and ye shall be plucked from off the land whither thou goest to possess it. And the LORD shall scatter thee among all people, from the one end of the earth even unto the other; and there thou shalt serve other gods, which neither thou nor thy fathers have known, even wood and stone.

    “And among these nations shalt thou find no ease, neither shall the sole of thy foot have rest: but the LORD shall give thee there a trembling heart, and failing of eyes, and sorrow of mind: And thy life shall hang in doubt before thee; and thou shalt fear day and night, and shalt have none assurance of thy life:

    “In the morning thou shalt say, Would God it were even! and at even thou shalt say, Would God it were morning! for the fear of thine heart wherewith thou shalt fear, and for the sight of thine eyes which thou shalt see. And the LORD shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you” [10].

    For millenia the Jews had to hide grovel, kissing the lordly hand, flattering and currying favour with stupid and crude medieval Europeans, in which so much primitive paganism remained. This medieval Jew [11], with a sophisticated soul and Chosen by god for the greatest fate reviled, of course, the crude baron or lord that mocked him.

    In our current banishment, we, Russians, can have some understanding of the century-long Jewish tragedy. Some Riurikovich or Gedeminovich [12] who serves as a chauffeur or a servant for an Argentinian or Venezuelan despises his master the same way that the medieval Jew despises the lord he served; that is, if our modern Russian aristocrat does not defend himself from such an unhealthy and destructive spiritual condition by way of Christian humility, which, woe is us, there is so catastrophically little of among us.

    And despite their humiliation, these medieval Jews remembered their election well and carefully guarded proof of their descent from David or Aaron.

  36. Brother Nathanael Fan January 25, 2018 @ 8:03 am

    The most important part of the text perhaps:

    With full Christianisation antisemitism disappears. In our monasteries, for example, there was no antisemitism and it has never been strong among the clergy.

    Firstly, Christianisation removes the main, subconscious reason for hatred of the Jews: for a dying world sees in them, like in those who guide it on the road to ruin, those who are guilty of suffering and destruction and throws its share of the general guilt onto them, as the first people did during the Fall of Man, while the world that is saving itself has no reason to hate anyone.

    First, the Church, which soberly and reasonably looks at this big problem and understands it, never and not under any circumstances condoned antisemitism, and even though it is hunted to death by the Jews will not do so.

    Antisemitism is not only just as sinful as any other form of hatred, but as hatred par excellence, to the highest degree. In this essay we are trying to show why the whole spectrum of human properties is embedded in the Jews, and why those who laugh of the ‘kikes’ and hate them can be told in a Gogolian way: “Who are you laughing at? You’re laughing at yourselves! Who do you hate? You hate yourselves!” [16].

    But while it fully unconditionally condemns antisemitism, at the same time the Church fought and will continue to fight to the very end Judaism [17] and the Judiciasation of life, which, as we are trying to show, is ontologically related to a betrayal of Christ and with the rejection of the Divine plan for the salvation of mankind.

    Others who are either confused or slander it sometimes try to present this battle as a kind of antisemitism. But the Church emphasises that this isn’t a battle of flesh and blood, but against the ancient enemy of God and man, against him who tries to use every man and every people against God.

    The fundamental principle of the Christian struggle against Jewism was marked at the dawn of Christian history by saint Ignatius of Antioch (who was apparently a Jew himself, which is why, according to the teachings of the Church, he is the same child that Christ placed among the apostles and of whom he said: ” Whoever welcomes this little child in my name welcomes Me” [18].

    He writes: “Do not accept Judaism. If someone preaches the Jewish law to you, do not listen to him”. Further on, while explaining that this is not a question of personality and that there is no antisemitism here, he says: “For it is better to hearken to Christian doctrine from a man who has been circumcised, than to Judaism from one uncircumcised.

    “But if either of such persons do not speak concerning Jesus Christ, they are in my judgment but as monuments and sepulchres of the dead, upon which are written only the names of men. Flee therefore the wicked devices and snares of the prince of this world, lest at any time being conquered by his artifices, grow weak in your love” [19].

    This is the main point of that struggle: to not cool one’s love. As long as the Christian heart hasn’t cooled, nothing foreign can nestle in it: when it has cooled, exterior things will inevitably come to stick to it, mainly the dirtying breath of a people that leads others to ruin.

  37. B January 25, 2018 @ 8:55 am

    There is a new movie in the US theaters this week titled “The Post,” which is about the courageous New York Times newspaper’s great difficult struggle to help all of the people of the world by supposedly fighting all of the lies of the US government.

    Tom Hanks


  38. Albert January 25, 2018 @ 3:50 pm

    Promote Brother Nathanael

    Buy Brother Nathanael T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs and Stickers etc,.

    All profits go to the Brother Nathanael Foundation.

  39. Ted Gorsline January 27, 2018 @ 2:02 am


    The movie will be worthless. A NYT whitewash.

  40. Ted Gorsline January 27, 2018 @ 4:01 am

    I see on the CBC today that the Toronto police now believe Jewish billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered and it Looks like both humilated and murdered.

    They were forced onto their knees and strangeled so as to die slowly and in a humilating way. It reminds me of what happened to Mohamar Khadaffy. Maybe its a tit for tat.

    I suspect somebody is now putting hits on rich jews and not to rob them. No mention of the Shermans ever being robbed. There have recently been a number of rich jews killed in Italy, England and now in Canada.

    It makes sense. Jewish bankers are the reason for WW1 and WW2. Jewish bankers and Israeli financiers, like the Shermans, are the reason for all the middle eastern wars.

    The way to stop wars is to stop the cash flow so it makes sense that some Arab Group in the middle east would begin to develop hit teams to cut off the head of the snake – by ridding the earth of the war financiers – the rich Israeli firsters who make up less than 1% of the population.

    After all the jews openly murder other people all the time and brag about it. They have murdered endless numbers of Iranian scientistts, they murdered the Canadian scientist Gerald Bull, peace activist Rachel Corey, they murdered the Crew of the USS Liberty and they murdered 3,000 innocent people on 9/11. Murder is what they do.

    But murder costs money. In Canada its illegal to give money to a foreign army but Gerry Schwartz was allowed to give money to the IDF under Steven Harper.

    All of it allegedly it went for medical supplies but every dollar Canadian jews give to the IDF for medical supplies frees up their money so they can buy hell fire missiles from the USA.

    The Shermans recently built a huge jewish center in Toronto – probably a Mossad base of operation or a place to hide mini-nukes. That was probably the trigger.

    I thought it might be the Mossad offing one of their own for a while but now I think it was Arabs applying jewish values to jews.

    It makes strategic sense. Rid the earth of rich jewish families and almost immediately the cash flow to Israel, and the plethora of bought and paid for politicians, working for Israel, would dry up. After all they are all whores and whores like money.

  41. zeitgeist2012 January 27, 2018 @ 4:22 pm

    What happened to the new video on Jews Gun-Grabbing the Goyim?

    That was a great video.

  42. Ted Gorsline January 28, 2018 @ 4:13 am

    Dear Zeitgeist 2012,

    I also wonder what has happened to Seif Khadafy. He was in jail in Libya but allegedly had $ billions hidden. If anyone has a motive for bummping off very richest of the Jews, it’s him.

    There are photos of him hob nobbing happily at parties with the Rothschilds. I guess he thought they were his friends.

    Next thing you know his entire family was exterminated just like the Romanovs, and his father both humiliated and tortured to death like the Shermans. He didn’t see it coming.

    The Russians told Khadafy to get missiles with a ceiling of more than 12,000 feet because the NATO Bombers flew at 35,000 feet but he didn’t listen. Too trusting.

    The stab in the back just keeps repeating itself. A normal Person cannot even begin to imagine the Level of evil involved. Jesus and 30 pieces of silver, Doug Creighton at the Toronto Sun, Muhhamar Khadaffy and on and on. They all should have read von Ribbentrop or the Protocols or the Talmud. Its clearly spelled out and it never changes.

    As regards Seif the next thing you know the Rothschilds open a bank in Libya. Then people like Bob Rae’s (Levy) brother get shares in an oil Company in Libya. Libyan oil only costs $2 a barrell to process. Its all profit for the well owners. Ist certain the Raes were friends with the Shermans in Toronto.

    My guess is that if Seif has or does get out of jail, that the world’s richest Jews will pay the price. Perhaps the cull has already begun?

  43. Ted Gorsline January 29, 2018 @ 6:14 am

    Dear Zeitgeist 2012,

    A book has just been published about Jewish targeted murders.

    It’s called Rise and Kill First by Ronen Bergman. It documents 2,700 Jewish murders orginiating from Israel (a Rothschild puppet – they paid for its creation) and other murders from before the time Israel was created.

    Myer Lansky, Jewish head of Murder Incorporated, has been credited with another 1,000 kills in the USA. John Kennedy was probably one of them.

    Its very clear that Judaism is not a religion at all. Its an organized crime culture that understands the value of wrapping itself in a religious flag.

    You see the exact same tactics used in other Jewish driven missions such as environmentalism and global warming.

    They use the media to make them into pseudo religions requiring an act of faith to believe in.

    For example Global Warming is now a $4.5 Billion per year enterprise. You can find out if there has ever been man-made global warming for the price of a single tree. Go to Connecticut, where the industrial revolution began, and cut down a single 150-year old White Pine tree. Look at the annual rings. They are wide in warm years and narrow in cold years. A half wit can interpret the results.

    The big difference between Jewish murders and Arab murders seems to be that the Jews kill whole family units down to the smallest newborn child, like they did with the Romanovs and tried to do with the Khadafy’s. The Arabs are honorable and don’t kill children and do fight man to man. I assume the Jews exterminate whole families so there are no sons left to retaliate.

    The Rothschilds clearly got rid of Kaddafi because his gold standard money threatened their usurious banking system as did Hitler. The Russians and Chinese now seem to be doing the same thing.

    That is why I think that if Seif Kaddafi has been able to escape or does escape, and is united with his $billions, in some safe haven where he can make plans, that there will be hell to pay for the Rothschild family and other $billionaire jews.

    Its just tit for tat.

    The CIA and Mossad have now filled the Middle East with highly trained mercenary psychos and they kill for money.

    Seif had, and may still have, enough money so that he can easily point these nut cases in any direction that he wants.

  44. Ted Gorsline January 29, 2018 @ 6:29 am


    Global Warming is just an attempt to get governmnet to milk their citizens of more taxes because these governments are controlled by Jews, so the money will eventually make its way into their pockets.

    It looks like Justin Trudeau has bought into global warming and will issue a carbon tax in Canada. I read some place but cannot confirm (It might be fake News) that he also borrowed a lot of Jewish money for 7% interest.

    My dog can go to the bank and get a loan for half that rate.

    The deal seems to have been that the Jew Boys (Trudeaus bagman is a descendant of hard core organized crime figure Sammy Bronfman) paid off the Liberal party’s $15 million debt and in return Trudeau has sat the Jewish monkey right on the back of Canadian taxpayers for generations to come.

    It’s the Talmud come true. Canadian Goy Boys, including babies not yet born, being forced to work as Jewish wage slaves for generations yet to come.

  45. Laskarina January 31, 2018 @ 12:35 pm

    As usual, the Jews never pull some crap without multiple purposes.

    No doubt, the Jews gave the order for the hit and backed it financially.

    They knew JFK was onto them. They did not want any investigation into Dimona nukes and all the weaponry tech given to them by “American Jews,” they wanted JFK out of the way for their plan of endless war, to which he would have been opposed.

    They wanted to put the crypto Jew, LBJ in the WH to do their bidding and he did so, just as he did when he was congressman.

    Even in his early political years 1938-1939, LBJ was responsible to bringing tens of thousands of Jews illegally into the US from Poland. He then broke with this own party to push a bill to to allow all these illegal aliens to become instant US citizens (mostly from Poland and Lithuania).

    He was thrilled about the so called “Six Day War” which was a land grab massacre of defenseless people who had been betrayed by Jewish spies.

    He cared nothing for American lives — as witnessed with the USS Liberty incident — and was thrilled to wreak havoc in the golden triangle for his masters in Southeast Asia. Five hundred million tons of bombs on a land half the size of Texas — and that’s not counting neighboring countries or Monsanto’s Agent Orange.

    A lot of LBJ’s background has been scrubbed for the web in the past couple of years unfortunately, but it is still admitted that his mother was a Jew and the maternal line is totally Jewish at least three generations back. At this point people do not even seem to be able to use common sense or believe their own eyes.

    On his father’s side, his aunt was a member of the “American Zionist Organization,” and his father and grandfather were ardent defenders of the pedophile murderer Leo Frank (the Jew criminal for whom the ADL was created). The Johnson’s defense of Frank was so egregious that Texans actually threatened the family.

    While a US congressman, LBJ raised money for arms — during WWII — for Jewish underground terror groups in Palestine. Weapons shipments were marked “Texas grapefruit” — as if Palestine which exported citrus worldwide at that time needed some “fruit from Texas”. He is directly responsible for the slaughter of innocent, unarmed Palestinians, many of them Christians.

    LBJ had close ties with Jewish mobster Mayer Lansky (Mayer Sukochowsky). This enabled Jew, Inc. to solidify control of the drug and human trafficking operations out of South East Asia, as LBJ had reversed Kennedy’s position on that as well and escalated the confict.

    Just have a look at any picture of LBJ and any picture of Golda Meir (the “American” Jewish woman who was president of Stolenland in the sixties). They look like twins. Look at LBJ’s wife “Ladybird”–does she look like a gentile to you? She was descended form a Jewish family of Mexico, where many Jews fled after their expulsion from Spain.

    LBJ was responsible for UN Res. 242 in 1967 which opposed Isrealhell’s returning of any land stolen during their conquest the previous June.

    This is to say nothing of his personal depravity which was well known at the time, or his numerous affairs (even with Nehru’s wife who was a Jew on both sides of her family), or his countless mistresses.
    This is to say nothing of the financial corruption that he got away with, or all the other scams he ran.

    He had the protection of Jew, Inc. and like those who use Kroll or just the Mossad outright — he got away with everything.

    Michael Collins Piper, who was one of the first to document the Jewish murder of Kennedy, was murdered by them in 2015.

    First they burned down his house at night so he had to stay at a hotel, then they killed him in his hotel room.

  46. Ted Gorsline February 8, 2018 @ 3:24 pm

    You got them on the run, Bro Nat.

    Both CNN and the New York Times, two of the worst faked News sites on the internet are now obsessed with getting people to think like they do and want to ba alternate points of view.

    It shows just how heavily the Jews depend on disinformation. Media control is an obsession with them. Without it they fall apart.

    It just goes to show how genuiely sick MSM really is and has been for decades.

    Well done Bro Nat. They are running scared. The subject of fake news, their stock and trade, has become a serious worry for the Jew boys.

  47. Glenn Michael Roberts June 20, 2019 @ 5:57 am

    Hey, Bro Nathanael and everyone else here!

    I totally agree with what you have to say here, and have listened to you for years, but following your leads recently, I think we all need to lighten up a little and make up some more songs, jokes, satirical placards and other similar stuff in order to catch more people’s attention on this vitally relevant subject matter!

    So, for now I will present my cute little idea and with it, maybe start a new trend (i hope so, quietly).

    I am going to suggest that we stop using and thereby accepting the word ‘antisemitic’ and simply replace it with my newly coined term ‘Anti-Shitemic’!

    I mean you try pronouncing this and see if it doesn’t crack a smile or 2!

    Go on – practice it a few times and you will soon see that it could become quite catchy!

    I for one am planning from now on to respond if people try to say i’m antisemtic, i will quickly reply: ”Noooo… i’m just ANTI-SHITEMIC” – that is, against all anything in the media or public whatever that presents itself as obvious BS, pushed by the you-know-hooz, and I reckon sooner or later Everyone will be saying it.

    Why Not, heh man?? Let’s give it a try!

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