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The Kushner Plan That Isn’t


The Kushner Plan That Isn’t
By Brother Nathanael Kapner January 9, 2018 ©

“TRUMP AND NETANYAHU MIGHT PUSH the region into war,” warned Sayyed Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah’s parliamentary party in Lebanon.

Emerging as a prominent voice of the Palestinian cause, Nasrallah speaks to the soul of the Palestinian people, and its resonance in the region and around the globe poses a true existential threat to the pernicious Zionist Project.

Responding to Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the ‘Capital of Israel,’ Nasrallah softened the blow with tempered foresight:

“Our aim is to drain the Zionist entity taking advantage of time. But if the enemy pushes the region towards war the Axis of Resistance should always be ready for that.”

It’s a daring assertion considering Israel’s military might and America’s martial tail attached to the Zionist dog.

But with a sense of confidence Nasrallah asserts:

“With our military pillars of Iran, Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Yemen, the ‘invincible army’ can be defeated. The Israeli soldier is a coward bereft of the capability to fight. He couldn’t take one step without aerial support, the problem is within the Israeli soldier not with his tanks and aircraft.”

These are fighting words that hit the Jewish nerve. For the Jew has lost his mission in the world, that is, if he ever had one.

And despite Israel’s military power, the Jew hasn’t won a war since 1965, not even against Gaza. The Palestinians have no military yet it takes twenty IDF thugs in full battle gear to arrest one skinny Palestinian youth armed with only a stone-throwing sling.

Gaza still stands, the Palestinians determined, remaining defiant. In the West Bank, a Jewish soldier slaps a Palestinian girl, she slaps back and emasculates the entire Israeli nation and the international Jew is re-circumcised who supports the effeminate Jewish state.

The Zionist Project is stripped of any moral attire. Instead, the Jew is dressed in the rags of criminality where his money and lobbying are his only power.

His plans, his programme, his bribes, and his lobbies, could collapse in an instant.

SINCE NO ONE KNOWS what the Kushner Middle East Peace Plan is, and that a secret plan is in the works, (which was first announced last May), then one can safely conclude there is no plan.

It’s all so much hot air that only differs from the usual hokum Jews blow in the goyim’s face in that it’s Trump’s “biggest deal” he’ll ever make.

But Trump, like every hack in DC, can’t cut any deals without sanction from the Jews who run this country beholden to Jewish interests, Jewish money, and Jewish dictates.

The trick is, (Jews are masters at tricking the goys), simply continue saying a secret plan is in the works, keep kicking the expected publishing date down the road, and voila!…every inch of Palestine is annexed by Israel.

Then all you gotta say is, “What need is there for a peace plan? The Palestinians and Iran want to destroy us!”

This is the Jewish way: Avoid, deflect, promise, reverse, then blame.

ONE IS TEMPTED TO ASK, “What’s the solution? Can we finally rid the world of the Jewish menace and the center of its world swindle in Jerusalem?”

The Jew will answer, “Hitlerism rises again. Israel is our only protection against the spirit of Hitler with its unceasing Antisemitism.”

The Muslim will answer, “We must retake Al Quds, our holy city, back from the Zionists.

The Orthodox Christian will answer, “Jerusalem is Sodom and Egypt where our Lord was crucified. We worship at the heavenly Jerusalem not the earthly one.”

For our churches are places of worship like embassies from the heavenly Jerusalem where we celebrate the divine services with “an innumerable company of angels, and with the spirits of just men made perfect.”

Thus, we address the persistent Zionist headache by internationalizing Jerusalem with its pilgrimage sites of the three representative religions placed under specific oversight; we continue resisting the Jewification of Jerusalem; and then we push for a one-state solution.

Once the Arabs outnumber the Jews the Israelis will flee in droves.

Palestine can be saved. But America with its Jew-infestation is a whole other story.


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Brother Nathanael @ January 9, 2018


  1. Brother Nathanael January 9, 2018 @ 8:28 pm

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  4. Brother Nathanael January 9, 2018 @ 8:33 pm

    In Case You Missed It
    It Was A Very Good Year
    By Frank Sinatra
    Re-casted by +Brother Nathanael Kapner

    When I was seventeen it was a fairly good year
    It was a fairly good year for clueless gentiles
    Who drank beer like caffeine
    When I was seventeen

    When I was twenty-one it was a fairly good year
    It was a fairly good year for city goys who lived down the stairs
    With their brill-creamed hair and munching their honey buns
    When I was twenty-one

    Then I was forty-one it was a much worse year
    It was a much worse year for blue-blooded goys
    Who through a pack of lies cheered America’s loaded guns
    Sadaam would soon be betrayed and then cruelly hung
    When I was forty-one

    But now I’m past 65, I’m in the spring of my years
    And now I think of my life as a battle to be won
    From the brim to the dregs the Jew is enemy number one
    It will be a very good year.

    Let’s MAKE Our Fight HAPPEN!

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  5. heaven help us January 9, 2018 @ 9:05 pm

    Kushner rises from a coffin everyday.

    The ANTI CHRIST is here. That face cannot hide its mission.

  6. KathJuliane January 9, 2018 @ 9:26 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN!

    Thank you for a real gem of an Article. This one shines with diamond-like clarity.

    The secret of Kushner’s secret plan is — there is no plan. Of course!

    Just keep snagging everyone’s lip with the baited fishhook and leave them dangling on the line and let them blow around in the swindle.

    How very Jewish.

    No one should have any illusions that the Jews have ever bargained in good faith, or that, after 70 years, they ever had any intention of a two-state solution.

    That flew in the face of Ben Gurion’s own political philosophy and words, and his stated goal of stealing all of Palestine and then some for Greater Israel, even if it was a little piece at a time.

    I always appreciate your montages in your Articles. Your montages symbolically consolidate and intensify the story, too, and these are great.

    The first one is amazing because of how both pics harmonize having the same colors, it’s like Nasrallah is right there with the Jews and part of their conversation, saying what he has to say with his hand held up so matter-of -factly.

    I’ve seen him in other videos, and he is never perturbed. Even when he publicly speaks with a passionate authority, he’s always master over himself and of what he says.

    Great quote from Hitler, too. He was very perceptive about the “rootless Cosmopolitans” of International Jewry and their corruption and chicanery.

    He sure made an astute prediction about Zionism and the future Jewish state with this one!

    2018 is going to be an interesting year, and a very good year.

  7. Brother Nathanael January 9, 2018 @ 9:32 pm

    NEVER miss a +BN GAB!

  8. John Nada January 9, 2018 @ 11:19 pm

    I’m enjoying your articles every day. Such a deep insight.

    Thank you.

  9. Eileen Kuch January 10, 2018 @ 1:03 am

    Dear Br. Nat,

    You’re a true genius when it comes to writing articles; and, “The Kushner Plan That Isn’t” is brilliant.

    Sayyed Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah’s parliamentary party in Lebanon, knows why Israel hasn’t attacked Lebanon since 2006.

    The IDF ground forces had their asses handed back to them by the superior Hezbollah forces, and the survivors high-tailed it back across the border into Israel, crying like babies.

    Only the IDF Air Force did damage to the city of Cana by bombing it, killing 1,000+ civilians .. What bravado (sarc)!

    A couple of months later, the embittered IDF attacked Gaza, using banned weapons such as cluster bombs and white phosphorus. Again, civilians were the target of these weapons. Gaza had no defense against these cowards; whereas, Lebanon had Hezbollah and the Lebanese military to defend it.

    Bibzy Satanyahu’s thoroughly evil and must be dealt with. Most Israelis despise him, and thousands have waged protests against him. The only ones who wholeheartedly support him, of course, are the Jewish settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

    This demonic monster has the Trump Administration under his thumb. Congress, however, has been under his thumb for years.

    It’s absolutely sickening to watch members of both the Senate and the House jumping up from their seats, wildly applauding this monster each time he gives a speech before the joint session of Congress.

    Hopefully, Israel’s version of the Supreme Court will act on Bibzy’s corruption case and pronounce him guilty, which would mean he’d be forced out of office and sent to jail.

    He wants a war with Iran, but with the US doing the dirty work. This time, we have to say “Enough is enough! We’ll no longer fight your wars!”

    Keep up the good work, Br. Nat; I’ll be sending you a donation soon.

    God bless you forever.


  10. Henry Ford Was Right! January 10, 2018 @ 6:51 am

    Jews, Jews, everywhere!

    And we all know Trumpberg really meant MIGA while he said MAGA to all the Billy Rays in the woods and corn fields who believed him because he was white like them.

    They didn’t realize all things N(J)ew York politics totally SUCK and are for the Manhattan financial chicanery oligarchs, and not the small town goy.

    The bigger question is will they EVER learn?

  11. Larry Chasteen January 10, 2018 @ 9:25 am

    Brother Nathanael, it seems Zionism runs deep in the Jewish psyche…

    “Dr. Abba Hillel Silver, a well known Jew, when writing in the Jewish publication, Liberal Judaism, January, 1949, about the newly created state of Israel declared: “For the curse of Cain, the curse of being an outcast and a wanderer over the face of the earth has been removed.” 1000 Quotes By And About Jews,#741

    “A complete innovation in Lurianic Kabbalah was the stress laid on the high rank of the souls of Cain and Abel, and particularly the former. These two sons of Adam were taken to symbolize the forces of gevurot and hasadim, that is, the restrictive and outgoing powers of creation.

    “Though the outgoing power of hesed is at present greater than the restrictive power of the gevurah and din, this order will be reversed in the tikkun.

    “Paradoxically, therefore, many of the great figures of Jewish history are represented as stemming from the root of Cain, and as the messianic time approaches, according to Isaac Luria, the number of such souls will increase. Hayyim Vital himself believed that he was of the root of Cain.” — Kabbalah, Encyclopedia Judaica

    “Woe to them! For they have gone in the way of Cain, have run greedily in the error of Balaam for profit, and perished in the rebellion of Korah.” — Jude 11, NKJV

  12. Ft. Nolan January 10, 2018 @ 9:33 am

    Happened upon E. Michael Jones’ book, “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit…” available here:

    This tome is over one-thousand pages, however, just reading the introduction provides plenty of explanation for how Judaism has morphed into its current form.

    One must realize Jones is Roman Catholic and very much the apologist for said institution. Nonetheless, his writing is quite thorough and very persuasive. If only Jews would read his work, they might have second thoughts about being Jewish.

    Trump’s collusion with Israel will be his undoing. If Jar-Jar and “Iva-plan-ka” would just quietly depart the White House grounds, there could be, should be, would be a boost to the President’s support from those of us leery of Israhell and its motives.

    Give Jerusalem back to the Jews? Why not give the USA back to The Crown?

  13. Steve January 10, 2018 @ 9:54 am

    Socialite In Alleged Jew Bashing Meltdown Says She’s The Victim

    Why doesn’t this surprise me? So many anti-Semitic attacks are hoaxes perpetrated by Jews.

    The tribe seem to be a a spiritual quandary in the Jungian sense. They have become so secular that the “godhead” within has been replaced with mass hysteria.

    Everywhere they see anti-Semites and Nazis. Little do they realize that their paranoid thoughts create the realities they fear, i.e., self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Talmudic study is responsible for this as it is a pointless exercise in endless debating with no other purpose than to rid the soul of the Holy Spirit or what most of us refer to as common sense.

    The Talmudic Jew is so smart that they cease to make sense. JABBER! JABBER! JABBER!

  14. KathJuliane January 10, 2018 @ 9:58 am

    The Ugly Truth: Netanyahu hints Israel has stopped hijacked planes crashing into European cities

    PM tells NATO ambassadors that Israeli intel has thwarted ‘several dozen major terrorist attacks,’ some involving civil aviation

    Ed note–Judea, Inc has everything to gain and nothing to lose by having airliners hijacked by ‘Islamic’ terrorists crash into European cities.

    In the first case, it bolsters the narrative the Jewish state needs to maintain in keeping the entire ‘clash of civilizations’ war machine moving forward.

    [B]ut also — just as important from a religious and historical perspective — Israel loves to see her ancient enemy–Rome (Western Christendom) suffering such events as it feeds into the Judaic penchant for revenge.

    Therefore, all can rest assured that I$rael DID NOT stop any ‘hijacked’ airliners from crashing into European cities.

    This is clearly a case of Netanyahu making a veiled threat of what is to come if Europe does not ‘come around’ to the Jewish state’s agenda, much in the same manner as his ‘bomb’ cartoon on the floor of the UN General Assembly in 2012

    …On the surface [the cartoon] was meant to be understood as representing Iran’s nuclear weapons program, but in truth was a threat to the world of that Israel was about to ‘blow’ if America and the West didn’t ‘get’ with the program.

    Times of Israel

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday indicated that Israel has prevented hijacked airplanes from crashing into European cities.

    “We have, through our intelligence services, provided information that has stopped several dozen major terrorist attacks, many of them in European countries,” he told foreign diplomats in Jerusalem.

    “Some of these could have been mass attacks, of the worst kind that you have experienced on the soil of Europe and even worse, because they involve civil aviation.

    Israel has prevented that, and thereby helped save many European lives,” Netanyahu said, apparently referring to plane hijackings.

    He did not provide specific details about the attacks Israel helped prevent. The Prime Minister’s Office declined to elaborate.

    At a meeting of Israel-based ambassadors to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Netanyahu said Jerusalem contributes to the security of every single member of the Western defense alliance, in that it fights both Sunni and Shiite strands of radical Islam.

    Besides fighting Islamic State terrorism aimed at European cities, Israel is also preventing the group from creating a second stronghold in Egypt, he said.

    “ISIS is being destroyed in Iraq and Syria, but it is trying to establish an alternative territorial base in the Sinai. Israel is contributing to preventing that in myriad ways,” Netanyahu said.

    “In general, I would say that Israel is the most powerful indigenous force in the Middle East that fights radical Islam.”

    Israel further helps NATO by fighting Iran, the dominant Shiite power, the prime minister went on.

    The Jewish state does not only seek to prevent the Islamic Republic from acquiring nuclear weapons, it is also “absolutely committed to preventing Iran from establishing a military base in Syria. And we back our words with action,” he added, likely hinting at various airstrikes on weapon convoys and factories allegedly carried out by Israel.


  15. KathJuliane January 10, 2018 @ 10:28 am

    Haaretz (subscription article):

    ‘You Want a Girl? How Many?’: Tapes Reveal How Right-wing Group Tried to Make East Jerusalem Jewish

    Right-wing groups often used coercion tactics to acquire Palestinian property in East Jerusalem

    “You want a girl? One, two, how many do you want … how old do you want?” The speaker is Matityahu Dan, chairman of the Ateret Cohanim organization and a driving force behind Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem.

    He is offering a girl, plus Viagra if needed, to the Palestinian owner of a property his organization seeks to acquire.

    The above conversation took place about two decades ago. Since then, Ateret Cohanim has acquired many properties.

    This and other recordings obtained by Haaretz offer a glimpse into how Jewish groups acquire Palestinian property in East Jerusalem.

    In them, Dan and other Ateret Cohanim employees, including the group’s attorney, Eitan Geva, speak freely about how their end justifies any means.

    Aside from offering sex services (as long as the girls aren’t Jewish), they threaten to publicize the negotiations, which could endanger the Palestinian owner’s life, if he refuses to sell.

    In one recording, Geva tells an owner’s family, “Either you close up the place and transfer it to us, or you go to court and it’ll be a blunder:

    “It will become clear that your father or your husband did all this for the Jews, as an agent of the Jews. There are two ways to do this, quietly or noisily. For you, quietly is better.”

    Dan also describes ways to obscure transactions, including the use of fictitious intermediaries and companies registered in overseas tax shelters.

    In addition, he discusses a man called “Hai.” A former close associate of Dan’s said “Hai” is a senior official of the Greek Orthodox Church who helped Dan to acquire church properties with Palestinian tenants.

    Dan has close ties with cabinet ministers, Knesset members and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.

    Since the 1980s, he has been a key figure in acquiring Palestinian properties in East Jerusalem for Jewish settlement, either from Palestinians or from the state, if the state determined they were formerly owned by Jews.

    In the Old City’s Muslim Quarter, for instance, there are now about 1,000 Jewish residents connected to Ateret Cohanim. There are also some 20 Jewish families in the Silwan neighborhood.

    In 2005, a Palestinian resident of Silwan told Haaretz how Dan acquired the building known as Beit Yonatan.

    Dan took the Palestinian, who had built the building illegally and lived there with his family, on a trip to America that include call girls and casinos.[?!]

    One night, Dan left him alone with two women. That same night, Ateret Cohanim, with police backing, evicted the Palestinian family from Beit Yonatan. Dan never denied this story.

    This might surprise people who know that Ateret Cohanim also runs a yeshiva headed by Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, who is noted for his strict rulings on female modesty and the sanctity of the family. But the tapes indicate that such methods aren’t uncommon.

    “I’ll give you the money,” Dan is heard telling a Palestinian property owner in the tape quoted in the first paragraph.

    “Take whoever you want. You want a girl? Take a girl with you.” They discuss how many girls and the desired age (18 to 22). The Palestinian specifies a “Russian” girl. Dan also offers Viagra.

    After the seller leaves the room, Dan tells another person, “It went well, eh?” The other person says there will be no problem getting “a prostitute,” a room for the meeting and Viagra.

    At that point, Dan sets a condition: “Don’t bring a Jewish girl.” The other man responds, apparently referring to prostitutes, “There are no Jewish girls in Israel today, all the girls are non-Jewish Russians.”

    “Really? You’re sure?” Dan asks.

    Next, he proposes having the seller examined by a doctor before giving him the Viagra. That angers the other man.

    “The problem is you talk about all kinds of things, but you don’t pay,” he says. “You say, let’s bring this, let’s bring that, and it all costs money.” Dan responds, “If he likes porn so much, use that with him.”

    Sex services aren’t Ateret Cohanim’s only method of persuasion.

    In one tape, Dan promises the seller that he’ll work via an intermediary. “I’ll build it so someone very strong, with a good reputation, will be up front, so that nobody will make any trouble,” he says.

    The seller asks that the money be transferred through a company registered overseas and is promised one registered in the British Virgin Islands.

    Ateret Cohanim has at least 10 shell companies registered in overseas tax shelters.

    Dan also asks about other problems the seller might have, like unresolved issues with the Israel Tax Authority or the Jerusalem municipality, and about the health of other relatives who might have rights in the property.

    The issue of relatives also arose during a discussion of a different deal. In that recording, Ateret Cohanim personnel discuss ways to convince the relatives that their father has died in order to reach an agreement with them over an East Jerusalem property.

    The person close to Dan described one additional tactic.

    After the contract is signed, Ateret Cohanim will often threaten to publicize the sale agreement — something that could endanger the seller’s life — unless the seller significantly lowers the agreed-upon price.

    “What can the Arab do?” this source said. “Ask for the money? Go to court? They exploit his weakness.

    “When I asked Mati ‘Why are you cheating these people?’ he said, “We didn’t cheat them, we simply didn’t pay.’ That’s how he sees it; in his view, it isn’t cheating. Nobody can sue them.”

    The recordings also shed light on a legal battle now being waged in the Supreme Court between Ateret Cohanim and the Greek Patriarchate over three East Jerusalem buildings sold to Ateret Cohanim in 2004 by the deposed former patriarch, Irenaios.

    The church wants the sale canceled, saying the price was unreasonable and the deal stemmed from corruption under Irenaios. The Jerusalem District Court rejected its suit, so the church appealed.

    A recording from a few years before that sale proves that at least for one building, the Petra Hotel near Jaffa Gate, Dan knew the $500,000 price was far below its real value.

    In this recording, someone proposed that Ateret Cohanim pay $4 million for a protected tenancy. Protected tenancy fees are usually around half the price of a purchase or a long-term lease.

    Dan responded that an assessor valued the tenancy at $1.3 million. The other person retorted that buying the property would cost $10 million.

    Dan considered that too low. If purchased, “it would be worth $100 million,” he said.

    Even assuming he was exaggerating, Dan clearly knew the building was worth far more than $500,000.

    Yet for that price, Ateret Cohanim got not only the four-story Petra Hotel, but another building next door which one source said is worth “at least $2 million” due to its extremely desirable location.

    The assessment Dan cited in the recording was apparently never presented in court.

    Instead, Ateret Cohanim submitted an assessment valuing the hotel at just 1.2 million shekels ($350,000). That convinced the district court the $500,000 price was reasonable.

    The person close to Dan said the low price might have resulted from Ateret Cohanim’s connections with the church, and particularly the man called Hai, who is described in the recordings as someone able to influence church policy on property sales.

    Dan and Geva both declined to comment for this report.
    read more:

    Ateret Cohanim recording

  16. Robert G Pickle January 10, 2018 @ 11:12 am

    Itsreallyhell cannot be defeated as long as the Ger Toshav, shabbos goy, proselytes the millions of evangelical obedient Noahides support them with Billions in arms and support.

  17. KathJuliane January 10, 2018 @ 12:01 pm

    Mondoweiss: Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as capital of ‘Jewish people’ is assault on my religion — Queens anti-Zionist Rabbi

    Here is an excellent talk on Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of “the Jewish people,” published ten days ago by the scholar David Shapiro, an anti-Zionist rabbi for an orthodox Queens synagogue and an expert on Jewish history and law (who has been endorsed by Norton Mezvinsky).

    Here are some of Shapiro’s points about Jewish religion and Jewish nationalism:

    “President Trump has the right to make whatever foreign policy he wants. And if he feels that Miami Beach is best to recognize as the capital of Israel, that’s his business, he can do it.

    “But once he starts talking about the Jewish people, now he’s encroaching on religion and that is my domain.

    “There is absolutely no political relationship between the Jewish people and Jerusalem, it’s merely a holy city…

    “The Jewish people don’t have a capital. We have never had a capital. Countries have capitals…. The Jewish people are not a country or a region, the Jewish people are a religious community.

    “We pray towards Jerusalem, but we relate to Jerusalem only as a holy city not as a political capital city of the Jewish people.

    “And all of those overtures that we make to Jerusalem, and the yearning we have for Jerusalem is only as a holy city, not as a capital city. And because it’s a holy city, it doesn’t matter who has sovereignty over it.

    “Jerusalem is just as holy and just as much Jerusalem whether it’s under the auspices of the Turks or the Romans or the British or whoever.”


    True Torah Jews: Rabbi Shapiro Reacts to Jerusalem Announcement

    In depth analysis! Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro reacts to Jerusalem being declared the capital of Israel, and explains that the Jewish people relate to Jerusalem as a holy city, not as a political capital city.

    Jerusalem as the capital of the “Jews” is a Zionist fiction, and conflicts directly with the teachings of Judaism.

    To all those countries considering moving their embassies, please know that this would only benefit Israel and the Zionists, and has no benefit to the Jewish people at large.

    Israel does NOT represent world Jewry.

    Shapiro skewers Netanyahu, Trump, Zionism, and the Zionist Judeo-christians.

  18. Desert January 10, 2018 @ 12:26 pm

    The only plan for the Middle East that will work is that if all the nations of the world come up against her

    This will not happen until the great whore that supports her is destroyed

  19. KathJuliane January 10, 2018 @ 2:06 pm

    How anti-Semitic of you to notice, investigate and make reports of what we Chosenites do to the Palestinians!


    MEMO: Israel NGO accuses UNICEF of working to blacklist Israeli army

    An Israeli organisation has accused the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and its partner organisations of leading a campaign to include the Israeli army on the UN-blacklist of violators of children’s rights.

    NGO Monitor, which analyses and reports on the output of the international NGO community from a pro-Israel perspective, said that research into UNICEF’s activities revealed that the UN organisation’s staff working in the occupied Palestinian territories have been working in cooperation with Palestinian organisations to “delegitimise Israel”.

    It published its “findings” in a report entitled “UNICEF and its NGO Working Group: The Campaign to Blacklist the IDF”.

    “The organisation [UNICEF] plays a leading role in a non-governmental organisation (NGO) campaign to place Israel on a UN list of grave violators of children’s’ rights, with the ultimate goal of obtaining Security Council sanctions against Israel,” it said.

    It pointed out that UNICEF’s movements were based on human rights reports on the arrest and abuse of Palestinian children in Israeli prisons, describing these reports as “distorted”.

    According to the report, UNICEF has been working in partnership with Defence for Children International-Palestine (DCI-P) and organisations that promote the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel like the World Council of Churches’ EAPPI programme.

    “This political agenda is a primary facet of UNICEF’s activities relating to Israel, completely inconsistent with its mandate of child protection and from its guidelines for neutrality and impartiality,” the report quoted NGO legal advisor, Anne Herzberg, as saying.

    “Our research shows that its actions toward Israel are radically different from other countries in the Middle East,” she said.

    UNICEF is expected to share its data it has collected grave violations against children in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory as well as 19 other conflict zones with the UN’s special representative for children and armed conflict soon.

    This information then will be passed onto the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

    In response to the criticism, a spokesperson for UNICEF took issue with NGO Monitor’s findings, and said that UNICEF is not involved in the listing process.

    UNICEF said that it does not make recommendations on countries and entities to be listed in the secretary-general’s report and it’s the secretary-general alone that makes that decision.

  20. Brother Nathanael January 10, 2018 @ 2:54 pm


    The rabbi you cite states:

    “Israel does NOT represent world Jewry.”

    However, fact is, “world Jewry represents Israel.”

    And, in fact, I don’t embrace these “anti-Zionist” Jews whatsoever, whether they be “Orthodox” like the rabbi you cite, or “secular” like Philip Weiss you also reference.

    The Orthodox anti-Zionist Jew bases his opposition in his hopes of Judaism’s ‘messiah’ (the Antichrist) who would establish a ‘legitimate’ state of Israel.

    The secular anti-Zionist Jew has all the high-sounding moral verbosity supporting a ‘two state solution’ but cannot bring himself to condemn the Zionists for stealing Palestinian lands, poisoning their wells, terrorizing the indigenous Arab population, and murdering their families, wives, and children.

    Ilan Pappe and Gilad Atzmon are the only seculars who state this and do not fling about a ‘two state solution’ like Philip Weiss, Uri Averny, and other high-swinging anti-Zionists.

    And ultimately, the secular anti-Zionist Jew is anti-Christian, anti-Russia, pro-homosexual, and pro a host of other leftist, immoral issues.

    See My eye-opening Video:
    Rabbis Against Zionism @

  21. The Englishman January 10, 2018 @ 4:10 pm


    Your post addressing the mondoweiss (KJ) article is valuable to many goysha who have little to no idea regarding the multifaceted Ideology re. the wearers of the yarmulke.

  22. KathJuliane January 10, 2018 @ 4:15 pm

    Dear +BN,

    I agree. The Jewish left and their magical thinking hangs on to the two-state solution, when in fact it’s been on life support since the Oslo Accords.

    Non-Jews who support a two-state solution based strictly on international law, are mostly doing so more out of a commitment to adhere to upholding the principle of “the rule of law” even though everyone surely knows by now that the Pariah Criminal Jewish State has no intention of doing so, and simply thumbs its nose in the air and wags its nose at the world.

    The plain fact is, there’s no UN enforcement mechanism for the dozens of mandatory resolutions that the UN Security Council has passed over the decades requiring Israel to perform some action, and if the UNSC attempted to impose a muscular international peace-keeping mandate on the Israel-Palestinian conflict, the US of Israel would just veto it.

    Rabbis Against Zionism is a great Video. [ ]

    Everyone who hasn’t should watch it. You really did get down to the religious nitty gritty of Orthodox Judaism’s messianic beliefs, varied as it is outwardly.

    Religious Jews who oppose the State of Israel do so because it’s a secular state founded by atheistic, secular Jews and not by their Jewish god.

    At some point, I expect the anti-Zionist Rabbis will rule that the largely secular, atheist Zionist founders of the secular Zionist state serve as some kind of mystical messianic mule packing the unholy State of Israel along until their Jewish messiah comes to make it holy.

    Then they’ll say that the State of Israel is just peachy, because the Jewish messiah (Antichrist) makes it holy after he arrived. According to Maimonides, the Jewish messiah will also determine who is a priest and Levite and straighten out their pedigrees.

    Or the Rabbis will find an anomalous letter of their “Assyrian” (Babylonian) Hebrew script in “Toirah” or a cherry-picked phrase or verse from a scripture passage to re-interpret, and then, voilà! they will announce the holy Jewish messianic kingdom has been ushered in to settle on the State of Israel like a mantle.

    Or something.

  23. Brother Nathanael January 10, 2018 @ 5:21 pm

    Your Daily GAB!
    (More @

  24. KathJuliane January 10, 2018 @ 5:48 pm

    Just what we need from the Jewish Ministry of Truth — more hasbarah.

    BDS must be working.


    RT: Israel Launches Secret Squad to Challenge Negative Image & Boycott Campaign

    Israel has created a secretive body made up of ex-generals and a former UN ambassador to engage in an online propaganda campaign against the state’s opponents internationally.

    The Strategic Affairs Ministry created the corporation to carry out “mass awareness activities” to counteract what it describes as “the delegitimization campaign” against Israel internationally, Haaretz reports.

    The group, named Kella Shlomo, received $37 million from the Netanyahu government, and reportedly expects to raise the same amount through international donors, from “philanthropic sources” and “pro-Israel organizations.”

    According to a government resolution report obtained by the media watchdog Seventh Eye, the funding is to “implement part of the ministry’s activities related to the struggle against the phenomena of delegitimization and boycotts against the State of Israel.”

    In late December, the government approved plans to dedicate $75 million to fight the international Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

    According to a list of the company’s shareholders and directors, former UN ambassador Dore Gold, Yossi Kuperwasser, the former director general of the Strategic ministry, Sagi Balasha, the former director general of the Israeli-American Council (IAC) and Ehud Danoch, the former Israeli consul general in Los Angeles are part of the company.

    The organization will carry out “engagement in the online space,” targeting social media because “the opponent directs most of his conscious and moving efforts to this space,” the ministry’s legal advisor Liat Glazer wrote in government documents obtained by the Seventh Eye.

    It will seek to conduct “mass awareness activities” and organize delegations of public opinion leaders “especially those who influence non-Jews.”

    YNet reports the project seeks to imitate projects like the Birthright and Masa Jewish Journey initiatives which tap into the Jewish diaspora.

    “The boycott campaign is trying to blacken the state of Israel and isolate it, and billions of people are exposed to incitement and false propaganda that attempts to undermine Israel’s legitimacy as a Jewish state and undermine the moral foundation for our existence,” Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan told YNet.

    “A joint struggle of the government together with pro-Israel organizations will double the government’s efforts and help us block and defeat the boycott campaign.”

    The Strategic Affairs Ministry has been referred to as Israel’s ‘anti-BDS start up,’ and was behind the blacklist of 20 international BDS groups.

    Its clandestine activities are exempt from Israel’s Freedom of Information Law, and it is unclear whether Kella Shlomo will be too, as it is an extra-government body.

    The Ministry declined to specify whether the group would be exempt from the Freedom of Information ministry, instead pointing to “control procedures” which will be put in place.

    “As the ministry leading the initiative, one that attributes great importance to it as part of the campaign against the delegitimization of Israel, the ministry has allocated additional control tools and functions to what is required,” it told Haaretz.

    “Both the ministry’s legal adviser and its controller will sit on the steering committee managing the project.”

  25. Desert January 11, 2018 @ 2:03 am

    Just as the communist government of Russia was not Russia, so too the government of Israel is not Israel.

    This is the only way to explain the biblical paradox of God bringing all the nations up against Jerusalem which has not happened yet, and then allowing Jerusalem to dwell in peace after the initial sacking.

    With Russia it was a peaceful transition — with Israel apparently not so much.

  26. Ted Gorsline January 11, 2018 @ 2:31 am

    There is a u-tube Video of an American, I think from either the state department or the CIA, who was quite worried about how good the Iranian Military has become.

    He said the Israelis have already tried sending two tank columns into Syria and that they were both destroyed by the Iranian army stationed there. Obliterated.

    I am suprised that it did not make the news. At the time I assumed that it would be on CNN the next day so I didn’t bother to keep track of it but then the story and perhaps the video vanished like smoke.

    Iran has swarms of precision rockets that can be flown into Bibi’s bathroom window while he is brushing his teeth.

    I would assume that they have already made contingency plans with Belarus, Pakistan or North Korea, to have a supply of nukes on hand that can be fitted into their rockets.

    They don’t have to make them. They just have to have some at hand. Israel could vanish in 15 minutes.

  27. name January 11, 2018 @ 5:18 am

    At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.

    Luke 21

    The Jewish people are not the Jews you read about in the Bible. They are Jew-ish, that is Jew-like.

    There is no Jewish race as they claim. They are Jewish by religion. Any person, regardless of race, who practices Judaism (Talmudism/Caballa) is Jewish. Christ was born out of the Tribe of Judah, i.e. the descendents of Judah. Judah was Jacob’s (Israel’s) fourth son. The term Jew, derived from the name Judah, denotes a family lineage, an ethnicity, a race—not a religion. Christ was not Jewish, like a Jew. He was a Jew by blood.

    Today, those calling themselves “Jews” and/or “God’s chosen people” do not demonstrate the customs, culture, or values of the biblical Jews, nor do they uphold the Laws of Moses as they are written. They do not match the physical description of the Jews nor does their history match the prophecies of the Jews in the Old Testament.

    Today’s “Jews” practice Cabbala and Talmudism, rooted in satanic witchcraft and immorality.

    The usury-based fractional-reserve banking system is dominated by “Jews” although the Torah forbids the practice of lending money at interest.

    The slave trade was heavily financed by “Jews;” we now understand why.

    Many of the poor people in the world today are the true Israelites/Jews. Christ proclaims in Revelation that there would be false Jews in the last days while the real Jews suffer in poverty:

    Rev 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

  28. mrbuttermaker January 11, 2018 @ 9:18 am

    Hey All ! I think it would be a really good idea for us to at least view the Video at top and pass it on to all you can!

    Just a warning, if you page down it may be a little too much to handle for some.

    Another good angle on this is to go to Abbey Martin’s twitter. Another brave one!

  29. name January 11, 2018 @ 9:19 am

    Moon of Alabama: Afghanistan – U.S. Special Forces Commit Drive-By Murder (Video)

    A recent video mashup provided by some very U.S. Special Force soldiers in Afghanistan seems to show evidence of a yet again a war crime.

    A military vehicle passes a civilian truck on a paved road at normal traveling speed. A US soldier fires directly and intentionally at the driver of the civilian truck without any discernible reason.

    The whole video is 3:09 minutes long and mostly a mashup of juvenile behaving soldiers wasting lots of ammunition on invisible entities in the Afghan landscape.

    The scene above is from 19 to 21 seconds into the video. Detailed screenshots are below. The whole clip was available on Youtube on January 7. The account which originally posted it and the original video have since been deleted.

    There were a total of two videos under the account. The first, relevant one, had the original title:

    “Happy Few Ordnance Symphony Combat Footage Afghanistan EXPLICIT (VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED)” under the URL:
    ( )

    The original description of the video was:

    “Video mashup to Kendrick Lamar’s HUMBLE featuring Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan in the most recent combat footage to date against ISIS in 2017.”

    A request to that URL now brings up a standard Youtube text: “This video is no longer available because the uploader has closed their YouTube account.”

    A copy of that video is also available under the Facebook account of Engage Armament LLC with a “courtesy of Happy Few” link to the Facebook account [now removed — “page not available”]
    ( )

    The copy was posted on January 4 and has currently 2,823,190 “views” and over 30,600 “likes”.

    Another copy is available under the Facebook account of Almanaque Militar posted on January 7 with currently 5.7k “views”.

    That post also links back to the Happy Few Co Facebook account. Several other sides seem to have posted copies of the same video.

    The second video of Happy Few Company on Youtube was the one minute long “Happy Few Year Special Operations in Afghanistan Doing Work Helmet Cam Combat Footage” under the URL:
    ( )

    It also no longer available.

    Unlisted copies of both videos have now been uploaded here and here [Go to Moon of Alabama].

    It is the first video that includes the truck scene.

    At 19 sec:

    The man wearing the camera on the left side of his helmet rides on top of a military truck (likely a M-ATV).

    On the left is an open turret mounted on the truck, on the right we see the part of the man holding a rifle M1014 semi-automatic, 12-gauge shotgun with an effective range of 36.5 meters. He wears black gloves. The military truck he is riding on quickly overtakes a civilian white truck on a paved road.

    The speed of the military truck is an estimated 70 km/h (45 mph), the white truck is driving at some 60 km/h (37 mph). It behaves normally sticking to the right side of the road. Notice that the white truck’s windows are undamaged. On the upper right above the white truck we see some red and blue structure.

    At 20 sec:

    The military truck is further overtaking the white truck. The driver of the white truck is visible. He has his left hand on the steering wheel and seems to look straight ahead. The right hand is not visible. The gun points directly at the driver.

    A split second later:

    The window of the white truck is smashed right in the line where the gun was just pointed and the driver inside of the truck.

    Another split second later:

    The smashed window has crumbled further. The military truck overtakes the white truck.

    At 21 seconds:

    The military truck has overtaken the white truck. The shooter has moved the shotgun to the left and upwards. The white truck has continued on its course. The red-blue structure behind it is visible. It is a two story building with the first story painted white and the second story with red columns and blue walls (or windows?). The peculiar building will help to identify the location of the incident.

    Here the video makes a hard cut to unrelated scenes. Given the speed of the truck the shot driver, if not outright killed, will have had little chance to bring it to a secure halt.

    When one watches the scene documented in the pictures above a gun shot is heard and the weapon in the picture recoils in the very moment the white truck’s window smashes.

    A puff of gun smoke is visible. It seems obvious that this was a hit-to-kill shot by the man wearing the camera on the civilian driver of the white truck.

    (Added side remark – a later scene in the video shows this ridiculous Cafepress sticker inside of the M-ATV turret.)

    The uploader of the video on Youtube used the moniker Happy Few Company. An Instagram account under the Happy Few Company moniker still has the video though it is split into four parts. It was uploaded on December 28, 2017 and includes the white truck scene [Now removed].

    The top page of the Happy Few Company account describes the owner as:

    Happy Few Special Operations Veteran Owned and Operated Apparel Company *apparel and website will be up very soon. Stand by, we appreciate your patience*

    The soldier in the official photo in the second row right is deceased. According to the Washington Post:

    Army Sgt. 1st Class Mihail Golin, 34, was killed in Nangarhar province’s Achin district, an area in which U.S. forces have been combating both the Islamic State and the Taliban.

    Golin was a Special Forces weapons sergeant with 10th Special Forces Group, of Fort Bragg, N.C., the U.S. Army Special Operations Command said in a news release Wednesday.

    This might give a hint in the group involved in the video production. (h/t Andreas in comments)

    The Facebook account with a similar Happy Few moniker is available but the video is not, or no longer, posted on that page.

    On the Facebook page we find a link to which is a shopping site “under construction”.

    The domain was anonymously registered at Twocows Domains Inc on December 16 2017. A @happyfewco Twitter account was registered in December 2017 but has had no interaction.

    There is no direct information on who is behind the Happy Few Company accounts or who took the scenes mashed up in that video. The footage seems to be genuine. The relevant civil and military authorities should have no problem to find out who the poster of the original video is. That person can surely help to identify the original videographer(s) and from there the place and time of the incident and the gunman in question.

    This picture of an unknown soldier, which is the end scene of the video, might also help to identify the culprit. It also gives a (sarcastic) hint of his motive.

    The issue above has now been reported on by several media outlets. According to these CENTCOM is investigating the case. General Votel gave a statement and Secretary of Defense Mattis has been informed of the case.

    Current media reports:

    Politico – Military investigating shooting in newly leaked Afghan combat video

    *… another former special operator, also with experience fighting in Nangarhar, said that his unit “never carried non-lethal rounds on mission” because it did not use shotguns for breaching purposes. …*

    Business Insider – A US investigation is underway after footage of a soldier firing into what appears to be a civilian truck surfaces online

    Pajhwok – US military investigating leaked Afghan combat video

    1TVnews – U.S. military investigating video of Afghanistan shooting

    FOXnews – Video of Afghanistan shooting prompts US military investigation

  30. KathJuliane January 11, 2018 @ 10:43 am

    Empire Files: Abby Martin Meets Ahed Tamimi—Message From A Freedom Fighter

    Recently, the struggle for Palestinian human rights gained international attention surrounding a new icon of resistance–16 year old Ahed Tamimi.

    While in the West Bank in late 2016, Abby Martin interviewed Ahed Tamimi about her hardships and aspirations living under occupation and it becomes clear why her subjugators are trying to silence her voice.

    Her brother Waad and father Bassem also talk about their experiences with Israeli soldiers harassing their village and targeting their family.

    In this exclusive episode, Abby outlines the Tamimi family’s tragic tale and unending bravery in the fight for justice and equality in Palestine and how the story of their village of Nabi Saleh is emblematic of the Palestinian struggle as a whole.

    Abby interviewed the family in late 2016. This has English captions.

    It includes the “slapping” clip from December which shows the IDF soldier backhanding her across the mouth first, and she says “You dare hit me!?” as she physically reacts. This part is conveniently left out many places online and in much of the news reporting about the incident.

  31. NO MORE WARS FOR THE JEWS January 11, 2018 @ 10:52 am


    Why is the “HIT RATE” on Videos of Brother Nathanael so LOW?


    Increase in calls from the right for Twitter to be regulated as a public utility to ensure that free speech rights are protected given how social media companies like Twitter, Facebook and Google have basically become monopolies.

    Olinda Hassan, Policy Manager for Twitter Trust and Safety, admits that Twitter is implementing software algorithms that down rank conservatives so “shitty people do not show up” on people’s timelines.

    “The idea of a shadow ban is that you ban someone but they don’t know they’ve been banned, because they keep posting and no one sees their content,” says former Twitter software engineer Abhinov Vadrevu. “So they just think that no one is engaging with their content, when in reality, no one is seeing it.”

    Parnay Singh, Twitter Direct Messaging Engineer, reveals that the company’s machine learning algorithms are programmed with “five thousand keywords to describe a redneck,” which include words like Trump, America, as well as images of the U.S. flag, guns and Christian crosses and these terms are used to delete “bot” accounts as well as down rank conservatives.

    Singh also revealed that the U.S. government routinely pressures Twitter to take down Julian Assange’s account and that this is the reason he isn’t verified. Singh also says that governments ask Twitter to remove accounts belonging to other public figures because they don’t like their political views.

  32. IRONKRAFT January 11, 2018 @ 11:37 am

    Excellent as per usual, Brother.

    Looking at the comments, and studying the actions of Jews of Israel, and the diaspora, I think Jewish leaders, especially the Rothschild clan, use bluff and other nations might, as a winning two-pronged power tool.

    Israel being destroyed will not solve the issue of world-dictatorship. Jews are funded by the well-known Jew families. This means at some point, they, (The Serpent’s Head), must disappear first, then the whole edifice will have no structure.

    Any ideas or comments?

  33. Brother Nathanael January 11, 2018 @ 12:10 pm


    YouTube STOPPED their counter on me a LONG time ago.

    I now have over 125,000 subscribers and growing as well as many other channels uploading my Vids. If the YouTube counter shows 24,000 simply multiply that number by 6 and you’ll get a more realistic count.

    And besides, I have my own Channel on top of this where many go instead of YouTube @

  34. AJ January 11, 2018 @ 2:03 pm

    Gentiles need to stop behaving like cowards and idiots.

    For all the evil the Jews do, they have perfected the art of political influence.

    While anti-Trump Americans bitch and moan how bad they think Trump is and beg for a Democrat to become President again, the Jews know how to influence all spheres of power, since political power is always changing.

    The Jews don’t just oppose leaders they dislike but make sure they have influence in any political party. Hence they usually get what they want, and always do on their most important issues. I’m perplexed as to why most Gentiles don’t comprehend this, and don’t exhibit the will to power Jews do on political affairs.

    The Gentile elite in the USA are overwhelmingly left-wing and promote the most inane or politically correct causes like global warming, gay marriage or transgender rights.

    With respect to Israel most Americans don’t really care about it because they don’t see how it affects them in their day to day lives. Most Americans today are so intellectually lazy they don’t even stop to ask why Israel is the only country on Earth that is constantly at war with its neighboring nations.

  35. KathJuliane January 11, 2018 @ 2:15 pm

    We knew this.



    The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released 400 former ISIS fighters a few weeks only after they had been captured, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on January 10. The report added that the released ISIS fighters include dozens of well-known ISIS members and commanders.

    Moreover, the SOHR said that the SDF even allowed 120 former ISIS fighters from Deir Ezzor and al-Hasakah governorates to join its ranks. The former ISIS fighters who joined the SDF are all related to SDF leaders, according to the report.

    The release of these former ISIS fighters led to the growth of tensions in eastern Syria, as the locals who were victims of these fighters clashed with them in many villages, according to the SOHR. The media outlet even said that fire arms were used by the new “SDF members” against the locals. However, the US-backed forces didn’t step in to end the clashes, according to the source.

    So far, the Kurdish-dominated SDF has released hundreds of former ISIS fighters including 75 former ISIS fighters on May 8, 2017 and 86 others on November 8, 2017. Most of ISIS fighters who were released previously, were captured in action by the SDF during the Raqqa battle.

    The Russian center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria said on December 16, 2017 that the US-led coalition is using refugee camps controlled by the SDF in al-Hasakah governorate as a base for training former members of ISIS.

    Many observers have warned that the SDF attempts to absorb Syrian ISIS fighters in order to create an Arab force within the SDF will led to more terrorism in Syria and the region. Especially that these released ISIS fighters were not a subject of a fair trial.

  36. Brother Nathanael January 11, 2018 @ 2:36 pm

    Dear All,

    I LOST my Street Evangelism sponsorship at end of 2017. I really hope to continue this as the response is HUGE.

    If any would like to sponsor me for this very important endeavor please email me at bronathanael[at][yahoo][dot] com.

    AND, please help me REVIVE my Street Evangelism with your donation!

    Donate by Click and Pledge @

    PayPal Friendly @

    MAIL: Brother Nathanael Foundation; POB 547; Priest River ID 83856

    God Bless Us All! +Brother Nathanael

  37. Brother Nathanael January 11, 2018 @ 2:37 pm

    New Vid coming tomorrow, Lord willing.

    Stay tuned! +bn

  38. Brother Nathanael Fan January 11, 2018 @ 2:43 pm

    Looking forward to your new Vid.

    I hope the alternative platforms get discovered because it wouldn’t surprise me that YouTube terminated your account to try to make you disappear down the “memory hole.”

    Peter Sweden was banned by PayPal and just posted this site on Gab:

    What do you think?

    And Happy New Year. Notice I said “new”.

  39. Brother Nathanael January 11, 2018 @ 3:42 pm

    GAB it Bro GAB!


  40. mrbuttermaker January 11, 2018 @ 3:58 pm


    Thanks for the follow up on the Abby Martin visit with Ahed Tamimi!!

    Abby is quite a brave soul herself. Sometimes I fear shes a little too brave but a fantastic journalist no matter what. Shame she’ll never get the credit she deserves. I think the one big mistake she made was her parting with RT. She did fantastic work there.

    I did post a twitter account which is a must but the account that had some pretty graphic videos images on the bottom. Why so important? Because you will truly grasp the enormity of it.

    Write to #AhedTamimi. Let her know the world is watching and standing beside her, as allies, in solidarity!

  41. KathJuliane January 11, 2018 @ 4:42 pm

    Palestine Chronicle: Palestinian Minister Says US Responsible for Planned Israeli Settlement Expansion (VIDEO)

    Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad Maliki criticized the US government on Wednesday for “giving the green light” to Israel to do “whatever it wants with Palestinian land,” in regards to Israeli announcements of plans to build over 1,000 new illegal settlement units in the occupied West Bank.

    Official Palestinian Authority (PA)-owned Wafa news agency reported that while speaking to the Voice of Palestine Radio, Maliki said that Israel’s announcement of its plans to build 1285 new settlement units in the West Bank was “one outcome of US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.”

    CJ Werleman✔@cjwerleman

    Palestinian familiy have been told by Israeli Occupation Forces that their home in occupied East Jerusalem will be destroyed within 24 hours to make way for new Israeli settlements.

    6:55 PM – Jan 2, 2018

    justice one @justiceonly
    US Ambassador to Israel wants State department to stop rhetoric on West bank settlements

    According to Wafa, he expressed concern that the international community was afraid to take a stand on settlements, which are illegal under international law, because of recent US threats to cut aid to states and organizations who defy American pro-Israel policies.

    Wafa added that Maliki said “Palestinian leadership cannot rely on anyone anymore,” though it will “continue to struggle against Israel’s ongoing violations on the political, diplomatic and legal fronts.”

    Per the Jerusalem Post, Pro-Settlement hardliner US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman recently requested that the State Department cease using the word “occupation” to describe Israel’s control of the West Bank, according to a report on Israeli broadcasting channel Kan.

    The State Department reportedly refused the request.

  42. KathJuliane January 11, 2018 @ 4:44 pm

    Down the Memory Hole (Lest We Forget) — Trump Administration has absolutely no problems with the illegal settlements. As far as Trump is concerned, it’s just ’eminent domain’:

    Jew York Times (Feb 2017): BEIT EL, West Bank — There’s the Friedman Faculty House, the Rabbi Morris Friedman Center for Computer Sciences, a Friedman fitness room at a pre-army academy, a playground and a plaza.

    The plaques dedicating sites around Beit El, a religious Jewish settlement deep in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, attest to years of financial, emotional and family bonds nurtured by an American lawyer, David M. Friedman [now the US Ambassador to Israel], and his wife, Tammy.

    Under previous administrations, American diplomats have been barred from setting foot in such settlements, viewed by most of the world as a violation of international law and branded by the Obama administration as “illegitimate.”

    But Mr. Friedman, President Trump’s pick for ambassador to Israel, upends the conventional protocols and has espoused views to the right of Israel’s conservative prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Mr. Friedman, an Orthodox Jewish bankruptcy lawyer from Long Island, has rejected the internationally accepted two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    And as president of the American fund-raising arm of Beit El’s yeshiva complex, he has raised millions of dollars for its related institutions, including housing projects for teachers and students. He has made almost yearly visits there during the Jewish holiday Sukkot.

    According to the Jerusalem Post, Friedman, major fundraiser for the illegal settlement of the radical Beit El Yeshiva, said back in December the settlements in the West Bank are part of Israel, and that the cities, towns and outposts only make up “under 2%” of the territory.

    The J Post also reported that Israeli human rights organization B’tselem, settlements and the jurisdictions they cover make up around 42% of the West Bank.

    The State Department notes that Area C, which Israel controls in its entirety, is approximately 61% of the West Bank.

    Trump’s special envoy for Middle East peace, Orthodox Jew Jason Greenblatt, who attended Har Etzion Yeshiva in the Gush Etzion settlement of Alon Shvut, has also made similar comments about settlements, declaring that the president does not see them as an obstacle to peace.

    American Friends of Beit El Institutions, which was established in 1988, raises about $2 million in tax-deductible donations each year from supporters of the settlement movement in the United States.

    The organization’s donor base includes the Charles and Seryl Kushner Foundation — Jared’s parents.

  43. KathJuliane January 11, 2018 @ 5:11 pm

    Al Jazeera The Stream: (YouTube): Why is Israel jailing Palestinian minors?

    Ahed Tamimi has made international headlines. The 16-year-old Palestinian’s defiant slapping of an Israeli soldier was heard across the world as footage of the incident went viral.

    Tamimi, an already prominent activist, was later detained and she remains behind bars, charged with 12 different offences.

    But Ahed Tamimi is not alone. There are hundreds of Ahed Tamimis and there have been thousands before her. According to the latest official figures, 331 Palestinian minors are currently held in Israeli prisons.

    And since 2000, at least 8,000 Palestinian minors have been arrested and prosecuted in the Israeli military detention system, according to advocacy group Defence for Children International Palestine.

    The most common conviction? Stone throwing.

    Critics of the system say minors should not be processed through what they call kangaroo courts and that the real goal is to discourage resistance to occupation.

    Israel says the minors have committed serious crimes and often threatened State security.

    So where does the truth lie? The Stream discusses with experts on Thursday.

    The “most Moral Army in the World” deliberately shoots the kids, especially the boys in the knees, legs, hips and groin in an attempt to cripple them.

    These entry wounds are much larger than regular bullet entry wounds, so these are caused by the so-called non-lethal rubber- or plastic-coated bullets, which cause a very large amount of internal tissue and bone damage.

    Palestinian Ministry of Health (graphic):

  44. Brother Nathanael January 11, 2018 @ 7:50 pm

    Your Daily GAB!
    (More @

  45. Desert January 11, 2018 @ 8:16 pm

    The media spin controlled by the jewish military government is that the Israeli problem is a conflict. A conflict can only occur when both sides are armed.

    The Israeli problem is a military occupation, brutalization, oppression, dispossession, and discrimination against an unarmed civilian population, not a conflict.

    Be a part of the solution not the problem by calling it what it is an oppression not a conflict.

    Words have meaning from which they derive their power and effect on the heart mind and soul.

  46. Desert January 11, 2018 @ 9:46 pm

    The motto of the Israeli Mossad is “by deception you shall make war”

    Therefore it is safe to say 911 was a Mossad operation.

    If Israel was a democracy this type of in your face boasting would not occur.

    There would be peace in the Middle East as the overwhelming majority of Israelis, not counting the occupied territories, want what the Palestinians want -PEACE. In this there is no distinction between them and in a real democracy this would occur quite naturally.

    Therefore the solution lies in ridding Israel of its military government ~ aka the Mossad.

    This motto “by deception thou shalt make war” applied to the majority of wars in the 20th century including World Wars 1 & 2.

    But Mossad did not exist then.

    This deception was brought about by Jewish financiers and bankers.

    Therefore it is safe to say the Mossad and hence the military state of Israel is controlled by none other than these International Zionist financiers and bankers.

    Law must be enforced. Everything they do is illegal, treasonous to the countries from which they operate and destructive of every nation on earth, including their own little plaything, Israel.

    This law enforcement begins in the House of God.

    Just as what occurred for the conversion of Russia.

    So what are we waiting for WWIII?

  47. Chris M January 12, 2018 @ 5:21 am

    What fellowship do true Christians have with religious Jews and atheistic Jews? It’s a good question.

  48. Henry Ford Was Right! January 12, 2018 @ 8:51 am

    @ +BN

    I’m wondering which US cities (i.e. Populations over 250k) in your experience seem to be less Joo controlled?

    Are there a few where the family, family values, and Christianity are still pretty common (i.e. good safe clean places to live) and miscegenation (genocide of Whites by Joo social manipulation) isn’t at epidemic levels?

  49. Seek The Truth January 12, 2018 @ 11:55 am

    Kushner is telling them he wants to work on a Holy Land peace between Jews and non-Jews in order to give the Jewish fanatics time to build their 3rd Temple with no hostilities or interference from non Jews. This is just an attempt to pacify Arabs and Muslims.

    In this country, Trump needs to start working on a repeal of the 1913 Federal Reserve Act obtained using bribery, blackmail and trickery by a bunch of Jews who wanted to turn American citizens into debt slaves using all kinds of usurious and predatory practices.

    After giving the U.S. banking system back to the American people the descendants of these rotten communist and zionist Jews need to be kicked out of the country for plotting to enslave the American people.

  50. KathJuliane January 12, 2018 @ 1:16 pm

    Just another week in the life of Palestinians by the Tribe that is “contrary to all men”.

    Don’t say it can’t happen here. This is Pax Judaica for you, and it’s contagious.


    Palestinian Center for Human Rights:

    Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (04- 10 January 2018)

    Israeli forces continue systematic crimes in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt)

    (04 – 11 January 2018)

    Israeli forces continued to use excessive force in the oPt

    — 22 Palestinian civilians, including 6 children, were killed, in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

    — 15 of them were hit with live bullets, 6 were hit with rubber-coated metal bullets, and 2 were hit with sound bomb shrapnel.

    — Israeli warplanes targeted an agricultural land, east of Rafah City, and sprayed poisonous pesticides in the eastern Khan Younis.

    — Israeli forces conducted 72 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and a limited one was conducted in the southern Gaza Strip.

    — 62 civilians, including 8 children, were arrested.

    — 18 of them, including 6 children, were arrested in Jerusalem.

    — Israeli authorities continue to create a Jewish Majority in occupied East Jerusalem.

    — Excavations started to build a footbridge for the settlers in Silwan.

    — 3 shooting incidents targeting the Palestinian fishing boats occurred in the Gaza Strip.

    — 8 fishermen, including 2 children, were arrested after 5 of them were wounded and 3 boats were confiscated in northern Gaza Strip.

    — Israeli authorities continued their settlement activities in the West Bank.

    — Construction of 900 new settlement units was approved to be marketed in “Arayel” settlement in northern West Bank.

    — Settlers uprooted 15 olive trees and attacked Palestinian cars in Nablus.

    — A shooting incident was reported towards the border areas of the Gaza Strip, but no casualties were reported.

    — Israeli forces turned the West Bank into cantons and continued to impose the illegal closure on the Gaza Strip for the 11th consecutive year.

    — Dozens of temporary checkpoints were established in the West Bank and others were re-established to obstruct the movement of Palestinian civilians.

    — 2 Palestinian civilians were arrested at the checkpoints in the West Bank.


    Israeli violations of international law and international humanitarian law in the oPt continued during the reporting period (04 – 10 January 2018).

    More detailed summary descriptions:


    St. Paul to the church of Thessalonia, during one of the Pharisee-driven Jewish persecutions of the baptized circumcised “Followers of the Way” (Christians):

    14 For ye, brethren, became followers of the churches of God which in Judaea are in Christ Jesus: for ye also have suffered like things of your own countrymen, even as they have of the Jews:

    15 Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men:

    16 Forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles that they might be saved, to fill up their sins alway: for the wrath is come upon them to the uttermost.” — 1 Thessalonians 2:14-16

  51. KathJuliane January 12, 2018 @ 2:46 pm

    Supported by the government, the illegal Settlers’ movement encourages the formation of citizen paramilitaries. Their members serve in the Israeli Defense Force as reservists and are armed to the teeth.

    Their weapons come from army stores and are supposed to be used only for self-defense but such is not the case. They are also highly disciplined and ready to sacrifice their lives on the altar of the illegal Settler cause.

    Although they have no official warrant, they “patrol” the streets of Palestinian communities and cities they squat in, and the roads that connect them, robbing, harassing, vandalizing, brutally attacking and beating and killing unarmed Palestinians as well as their livestock with impunity. And they do not hesitate to take the law into their hands, avenging the murders of Jewish settlers by storming houses in the middle of the night and killing Palestinians.

    While I wish no one ill, Raziel Shevach, the illegal settler victim in the driveby shooting, was a Magen David Adom volunteer first-responder and senior EMT in the illegal settlements. The Jew media is beginning to play up on the humanitarian, “volunteer first responder” face of Shevach as the best of Jewish do-gooders. American Friends of Magen David Adom have started circulating a photo of him in his MDA EMT uniform.

    Don’t buy into the hype that Shevach was any kind of nice guy and hero to anyone else but Jews, and it takes a rather lengthy explanation why.

    Don’t assume that Shevach was unarmed an unarmed settler paramilitary member at the time of the driveby shooting, because he most likely was. Nearly all settlers travel everywhere armed as part of a trained paramilitary force.

    Apart from the infrequent, spontaneous Palestinian “lone wolf” attacks on actual unarmed Israeli civilians, the vast majority of attacks, especially planned operations, are on armed IDF military and security personnel (on or off duty), and on armed settler paramilitary members.

    In general, Hamas for example, which is a highly disciplined resistance group, respects the line between unarmed civilians and the armed IDF and settler paramilitary members when conducting operations.

    The old bomb attacks on buses decades ago by the PLO were invariably on public transit carrying armed and uniformed IDF to places as legitimate targets, and civilian casualties were, as the Pentagon likes to put it, “collateral damage”.

    Attacks on nightclubs about the same time were usually places where the IDF and off-duty police tended to congregate. Illegal Settlements, as state-subsidized and supported armed camps, along with other military and government sites, are considered legitimate targets according to most rules of military engagement and resistance fighting.

    More recently, attacks on settlers traveling in their vehicles in the Jew-only roads in recent years to and from illegal yeshivas generally resulted in just the armed male(s) being killed, while the women and children may have sustained injuries inside the car, but weren’t directly targeted. Time and again, women and children survived attacks on an ambushed settler’s family car when it would have been very easy to kill them all.

    In other words, the women and children were not targeted, when they just as easily could have been, especially at their most helpless, not able to escape or drive away.

    Shevach was not on any kind of EMT run but driving in his personal car. Unless otherwise reported that he was unarmed, no mention is made of it, the presumption is that as a settler he was armed as nearly all males of the 500,000+ illegal settlers are.

    The Magen David Adom (MDA, pronounced MAH-dah per its Hebrew acronym) is Israel’s national emergency medical, disaster, ambulance and blood bank service, operative only in Israel and in the illegal settler communities, not the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

    From its creation in 1950 until 2006, Magen David Adom was denied membership in the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement since it had refused to replace its red Star of David emblem with a pre-approved symbol.

    The stated reason for the denial of membership was concerns about symbol proliferation; at the same 1929 conference that granted use of the Red Crescent in Muslim countries and Red Lion and Sun for Iran until 1980, a limitation was placed on acceptance of any further emblems.

    The Red Cross — the inverse of the Swiss flag, the country of origin of the founder of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement — was never intended as a religious symbol, but is often perceived as such.

    On December 7, 2005, a diplomatic conference of states party to the Geneva Conventions adopted a third additional protocol, thereby introducing a new internationally recognized protective emblem, dubbed the “Red Crystal.” This third protocol emblem was hailed as a universal emblem free of religious, ethnic, or political connotation. The new symbol is a red square frame tilted at a 45-degree angle.

    According to the rules of the third additional protocol, MDA can continue to use the Red Star of David as its sole emblem for indicative purposes only within the internationally recognized 1967 cease-fire borders of Israel. For indicative use in abroad missions, MDA can, depending on the specific situation in the host country, either incorporate the Red Star of David inside the Red Crystal or use the Red Crystal alone.

    On June 22, 2006, MDA was finally recognised by the ICRC and admitted as a full member of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies, following adoption of the Red Crystal symbol in the statutes of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement on the same protective level as the Red Cross and Red Crescent symbols.

    The MDA’s admission to the International Federation was conditioned on agreements signed in 2005 with the Palestine Red Crescent Society. Under these agreements, the red Magen David symbol could not be used in countries other than Israel; moreover the MDA agreed not to operate in the West Bank or in East Jerusalem per the 1967 borders:

    “a. MDA will ensure that it has no chapters outside the internationally recognized borders of the State of Israel [as of 1967];

    “b. Operational activities of one society within the jurisdiction of the other society will be conducted in accordance with the consent provision of resolution 11 of the 1921 international conference…”

    Therefore, the illegal settler-operated MDA is NOT a recognized arm of the official MDA as a member of the ICRC, and is not funded by it through the Israeli government. Therefore, much of so-called MDA emergency response in the illegal settlements is funded through private donations of the American Friends of the MDA, of which Trump and his Jewish and Sabbath goy rich Jew York cronies are generous donors, buying fully equipped ambulances and such for.

    In any case, the illegal settler MDA response teams do not, and will not, provide emergency services to the Palestinians in the occupied territories. It’s Jew-only. The settler MDA bids for contracts with the Israeli government among other EMT provider competitors to service just the settler communities.

    Palestinians and Arabs are considered unclean by the fanatic settlers, even the EMTs.

    Emergency medical service is left up the the Palestinian Red Crescent EMT units, which are as often as not held back by the IDF when responding to emergency medical calls such as IDF or settler-involved shootings, whether or not the Palestinian was actually an attacker of some sort, or just shot, axed, or beaten with a deadly weapon for the hell of it.

    Not only that, but in the West Bank the Palestinian Red Crescent is forbidden to travel on the Jew-only roads serving the squatter colonies, especially to get to Palestinian victims at demonstrations, or minding their own business in their farmlands and orchards who have been injured or shot in the all-to-common attacks.

    So, Red Crescent must travel authorized routes for Palestinians, go through check-points, and be subject to a variety of any kind of whimsical and arbitrary delays depending on the mood of the IDF and police security, causing response delays of up to a couple of hours.

    Palestinians are not shy when it comes to praising a Jew for some good done to Palestinians, and expressing their gratitude for it. While the settler MDA is lauded as “Heroes Continue Serving in Judea and Samaria (West Bank),” there is absolutely nothing that I can find that Rabbi Shevach as a semi-official first responder and EMT may have ever done good to any Palestinian around the illegal squatter-towns.

    Last but not least when it comes to Settler violence against Palestinians:

    Most Israeli settlers are lured by the promise of subsidized housing. Settlers are incentivized by their own state into law-breaking; all settlements are illegal under international law, a consensus disputed solely by Israel.

    A very large faction of the over 500,000 settlers are messianic religious-nationalists animated by an unassailable dogma that the land between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea is the exclusive preserve of the Jews.

    The State of Israel arms and supports the settlers as organized paramilitaries. The illegal settlements are highly organized and support each other politically and militantly. Havat Gilad settlement — Raziel Shevah’s squatter home on stolen Palestinian land — is no exception.

    Palestinian police in the West Bank by charter are forbidden from responding to acts of violence by Israeli settlers, a fact which diminishes their credibility among Palestinians. UN figures from 2011 showed that 90% of complaints filed against settlers by Palestinians with the Israeli police never led to indictment, either.

    International law grants a people fighting an illegal occupation the right to use ‘all necessary means at their disposal’ to end their occupation. Palestinians, a dispossessed nation, have neither armed forces or an established state with recognizable borders.

    The Israeli occupiers subject Palestinians to curfews, expulsions, murder and extra-judicial killings, home demolitions, legalized torture, and a highly imaginative assortment of human rights violations.

    No justifiable comparison can be drawn between the level of official accountability to which Palestinians are held for their resistance to a brutal occupation and the responsibility for the intentional and systematic and intense violence against the entire Palestinian population practiced with impunity by the state of Israel.

    Ynet reported: “Shevach was buried in a special plot dug for him in the illegal outpost of Havat Gilad and is the first to be buried there.”

    Should be permanently engraved on Shevach’s headstone as his epithet.


    Global Research: Uproar over Israeli Settler’s Killing

    Israeli double standard justice needs no elaboration. Major media ignore cold-blooded killings of Palestinians by soldiers and other security forces.

    Israeli acts of aggression, go unpunished, the world community largely silent about atrocities too grave to ignore.

    Following the killing of an Israeli settler, collective punishment was imposed on countless numbers of uninvolved Palestinians.

    On Tuesday, settler Raziel Shevah, a resident of the illegal Havat Gilad outpost on stolen Palestinian land, was lethally shot multiple times by unknown assailant(s) while driving near Nablus.

    Military checkpoints cordoned off the area, efforts to find the attacker(s) underway.

    When Palestinians are gunned down in cold blood, Netanyahu blames them for criminality committed against Israeli Security Forces.

    In response to Shevah’s killing, he called his assailant “a despicable terrorist,” adding:

    “Security forces will do everything possible to reach the contemptible murderer and the State of Israel will bring him to justice.”

    Other extremist Israeli officials made similar comments, an entire nation in an uproar over the death of a Jewish citizen.

    The US ambassador to Israel David Friedman tweeted a scathing attack on Palestinians and their leadership, uninvolved in what happened, saying:

    “An Israeli father of six was killed last night in cold blood by Palestinian terrorists. Hamas praises the killers and PA laws will provide them financial rewards,” adding:

    “Look no further to why there is no peace. Praying for the bereaved Shevach family.”

    Joint (Arab) List MK Ahmad Tibi blasted Friedman, saying

    “I didn’t hear him when an Israeli sniper killed double amputee Ibrahim Abu Thurayeh or when the kid Muhammad Tamimi was shot in the head and wounded” – nor when 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi, her mother Nariman, and cousin Nour were arrested for supporting the right of Palestinians to be free from oppressive occupation.

    “Because of this hypocrisy and double standard, and because of the Trump administration’s positions, the conflict is going on and blood is being shed. And when these are the representatives of the administration, don’t ask why there is no peace,” Tibi added.

    When Israeli forces murder Palestinians in cold blood, when they terrorize them daily, brutalizing them, Netanyahu, Friedman et al say nothing – their silence deafening, condoning state terrorism. Israeli killer soldiers, police and other security forces are free to assault and murder Palestinians with impunity.

    Two weeks ago Friedman asked the State Department to stop calling the West Bank occupied – requesting the term “West Bank territory” be used instead.

    His request so far was denied, the issue to be reviewed again at a later time.

    On Wednesday, dozens of extremist Israeli settlers carried out revenge attacks on Palestinian villages in retaliation for Shevah’s killing – security forces in the area doing nothing to stop them.

    Soldiers stormed a number of towns and villages near Nablus, terrorizing residents, searching for Shevah’s assailant(s).

    A wide area is on lockdown, residents prevented from leaving their homes, house-to-house searches underway, entrances to Nablus blocked, entry and exit from the city denied.

    Workers, students and others trying to go home had to remain elsewhere with their city and surrounding areas under siege – illegal collective punishment imposed on countless numbers of Palestinians.

    According to Israeli media, a large-scale military operation was ordered to locate and arrest Shevah’s killer(s).

    Numerous arrests, detentions and brutal interrogations are likely – commonplace persecution tactics used against Palestinians.

    Since last October, Israeli security forces killed 32 Palestinians, 16 since Trump’s Jerusalem declaration.

    Shevah is the first Israeli casualty, his death treated like a Palestinian declaration of war – the whole nation in an uproar.

  52. Laskarina January 12, 2018 @ 5:15 pm

    The Jerry Seinfeld Jewish terror holiday trip to the illegal military bastion in the illegal settlement, had him practicing shooting at Palestinian children for “fun”.

    These are the same people who put Christ on the cross, who murdered the Tsar and his family and countless millions, and who continue to wreak havoc everywhere.

    So,I am not surprised to learn that the first Palestinian murdered in 2018, is Musaab Tamimi, the 17 year old relative of Ahed Tamimi (in Israeli jail for ten years for slapping a solder who had already hit her–an unarmed 16 y.o. girl).

    IOF soldiers raided Musaab’s village and shot him at close range in the neck.

    Where is the outrage?

    Thank you, BN for your excellent article, as usual.

  53. Laskarina January 12, 2018 @ 5:25 pm

    A little more information on how the boy was targeted:

    With regard to the shooting, the soldiers had taunted the family the day before; “It was just a game for them”…. like Jerry Seinfeld, I guess.

  54. ely January 12, 2018 @ 6:20 pm

    Mohammed Tamimi, 19, Seized by Occupation Forces as Global Solidarity Escalates (VIDEO)

  55. KathJuliane January 12, 2018 @ 6:43 pm

    It’s all going according the Kushner Illegal Israeli Settlement Plan…


    IMEMC News: Israeli Soldiers Abduct Five Family Members, Illegally Confiscate Cash, Near Nablus

    Israeli soldiers invaded, on Friday at dawn, ‘Allar town, north of the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem, searched and ransacked homes, and abducted five Palestinians from the same family, in addition to illegally confiscating cash and assaulting many residents.

    Moayyad Taqatqa, a father of one of the abducted Palestinians, said dozens of soldiers stormed and violently searched his home, causing property damage, before abducting his child, Yazan, 17, and illegally confiscated 17.400 Shekels, 750 Jordanian Dinars and 600 US Dollars.

    Moayyad added that the soldiers also stormed and ransacked the surrounding homes of his brothers, and assaulted his nephew, a former political prisoner, identified as Arafat Nizar Taqatqa, causing a fracture in one of his arms, before he was rushed to Thabet Thabet Hospital, in nearby Tulkarem, city.

    The soldiers also smashed the windows of his car, and stole spare parts, before abducting his brother, Eyad Taqatqa, 40, his son Mohammad Eyad Taqatqa, 20, in addition to Nihad Ma’rouf Taqatqa, 52, and Ma’rouf Nizar Taqatqa, 36.

    Israeli Soldiers Kill A Palestinian Child [Youth] Near Nablus

    Israeli soldiers killed, on Thursday evening, a Palestinian child from Iraq-Burin village, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, after the army fired live rounds at dozens of Palestinians who intercepted an attack carried out by colonialist settlers into their village.

    Media sources in Nablus said many armed Israeli colonialist settlers infiltrated into the village and attacked several Palestinians before locals intercepted them and forced them out.

    Israeli soldiers then invaded the village and fired dozens of live rounds, rubber-coated steel bullets, concussion grenades and gas bombs at the Palestinians.

    Medical sources said one child, identified as Ali Omar Nimir Qeino, 16, was shot with a live round in the head, before he was rushed to Nablus Specialized Hospital, where he died from his serious head injury. Locals said Qeino was shot by an Israeli army sharp-shooter.

    It is worth mentioning that, on Wednesday, the soldiers placed concrete blocks at the western entrance of the town, and installed a military roadblock.

    Qeino was shot in an area not far from the military roadblock, and the concrete blocks.

    Also on Thursday evening, the soldiers killed a Palestinian child (youth), identified as Amir Abdul-Hamid Abu Mosa’ed, 16, with a live round in his chest, and injured three others, east of the al-Boreij refugee camp, in central Gaza.

    Palestinian Killed After Being Rammed By Israeli Colony’s Bus [occurred a week before Shevach was killed]

    A Palestinian man was killed, Thursday, after being rammed by a speeding Israeli colony’s bus, near Bethlehem, in the occupied West Bank, before the soldiers took his body, and returned it to his family five hours later.

    The family, from Ertas village, south of Bethlehem, said that the bus driver deliberately rammed their son, Rami Issa Khalil Ismael, 38, on Road #60, near the al-Khader town, also south of Bethlehem.

    The man was mainly struck in the head, causing many fractures, including to his skull, and splattering his brain onto the road.

    An Eyewitness said that he, and other Palestinians, including Rami, were crossing the road when the settlement bus was still at a distance, but then the driver sped towards them, ramming Rami, and killing him.

    “We were crossing the road, but when the bus driver saw us, he just sped towards us, and struck Rami, instantly killing him.

    His family said that the soldiers took his corpse, and returned it to them five hours later, before it was moved to Beit Jala governmental hospital. Rami, a married father of one child, will be buried, Friday, in Ertas village.

    He is just the latest of a number of Palestinians killed on this road by Israeli settler vehicles, while going from their community to their farmlands, or heading back home.

    The Israeli drivers frequently speed up when they see Palestinians on or near the road, often aiming towards them to try to run them down.

    Israel is also trying to confiscate the Palestinian lands, to expand its colonies in the area.

  56. Sarah January 30, 2020 @ 10:48 pm

    The synagogue will implement a real pandemic one of these days.

    They will take our bank accounts and property if we refuse the mark of the beast. I will try my best to keep my soul.

    No tax or penalties were ever used to reduce population.

    Satan’s communism creates chaos and destruction to get more souls so he can rule. God and Jesus will have a small army but it will crush Satan’s army.

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