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Dreaming Of A Sci-Fi Jewish State

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Dreaming Of A Sci-Fi Jewish State
By Brother Nathanael Kapner September 17, 2017 ©

WITH HOT SWEAT running down my neck I had an encounter with the future in my dream last night.

I dreamt I was at the White House in the West Wing when Ivanka Trump came out to greet me holding a Hanukah Menorah.

“Make a wish,” she said to me, “and all will come true if you’ll only believe.”

“Believe in what?” I asked.

“Believe in the future state of Israel, a home for every Jew,” she replied.

Suddenly a rocket ship appeared, she pushed me in, and I landed in the cockpit with Jared Kushner shouting orders to the pilot.

The pilot had orange hair combed in every direction and holding a steering wheel in the shape of the Star of David.

“That’s an occult symbol you’re steering,” I said to Trump, “it will be your ruin.”

Next thing I know we landed on planet Mars and the Israeli Supreme Court unfolded before me as I walked off the jet-way.

I was greeted by Sigmund Freud.

“Welcome to the nut house!” he exclaimed. “Lots of neurotics here. I’m busy dishing out Prozac and subconscious symbols!”

“Subconscious symbols?” I inquired.

“Fertility symbols and pyramids,” Freud said. “The Sanhedrin that crucified Christ fills the Israeli Supreme Court with them. They also step on the Cross there, you know.”

I shivered, took a deep breath, and a man with a red nose walked up to me.

“YOU’VE COME A LONG WAY,” said Netanyahu. “You making aliyah?”

“No,” I answered, “I don’t want to live with a bunch of neurotic Jews.”

“I can’t stand them either,” said Bibzy, “six million of us on top of each other. Sounds like a hell hole, doesn’t it?

“Then why don’t you leave?” I probed.

“I do, every chance I get. Me and Miss Piggy are always flying around the world to every Holocaust concert we can get tickets to.”

“Tickets to Holocaust concerts?” I queried.

“Yes, Alan Dershowitz is the star of the shoa now that Wiesel’s dead. Jeffrey Goldberg plays the flute while Dershowitz croons.”

“What song does he sing?” I asked.

“Slime Creatures From Outer Space,” Bibzy replied.

“Who are they?” I pressed.

“Zionists itching to come home,” said Bibz, “but they love the good life in Jewmerica. We don’t mind since they’ve invaded Capitol Hill and send us billions. And besides, once here they’d be climbing the walls just to get out.”

So why Israel, if Jews aren’t coming ‘home?’ I asked.

“So we can have diplomatic immunity for a worldwide Jewish swindle,” smirked Bibz.

Then Senators Sissy Graham and Rubio appeared with their hands around a crystal ball dotted with Jewish stars and dollars floating inside. Rubio started singing in Spanish.

“La Kosheracha! La Kosheracha! La Kosheracha!” shrieked Rubio.

I covered my ears and awoke in a start with hot sweat running down my neck.

I ran to the kitchen and poured myself a tequila on the rocks.

“Thank God,” I said to myself, “I don’t eat tacos on Capitol Hill!”


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Brother Nathanael @ September 16, 2017


  1. Brother Nathanael September 16, 2017 @ 7:02 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

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    This is a CRUCIAL time in the world and we CAN make an IMPACT together.

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  2. Brother Nathanael September 16, 2017 @ 7:03 pm

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  4. Brother Nathanael September 16, 2017 @ 7:04 pm

    Washington DC, September 6-11

    Got to DC Wednesday afternoon in the pouring rain. Did not deter me. Went right out to the median strip on 9th and Pennsylvania with the DOJ on my right and the FBI on my left.

    Soon an FBI worker came up to me and THANKED ME for Holding high the Holy Cross and saying, “DC needs this badly.”

    Then a DOJ top official came up to me and respectfully said, “This is very important what you’re doing, sir. Thank you for praying for all of us. Only prayer can save this country.”

    He was obviously a devout Christian, very well dressed, and had a very impressive look.

    I thanked him for his encouraging words and heard myself saying to him (a man in his early 50s): “You’re a man of destiny. Stay in touch with Christ for His leading.”

    He looked back at me in a standstill, a bit stunned, but at the same time, deep in thought.


    I alternated between 9th and Pennsylvania and Constitution Blvd and Pennsylvania Ave adjacent to Capitol Hill.

    The police here simply love me and ‘get it’ what I’m doing. They honk and wave to me.

    The bus drivers do the same and especially the cab drivers who are mostly Ethiopian ‘orthodox’ Christians. (They don’t accept Chalcedon, and are monophysites, BUT they LOVE Jesus Christ and have CROSSES hanging from their rear view mirrors in their windshields.)

    A man in his early forties, during my afternoon session, nicely dressed, careens over, pulls beside me and says: “Brother Nathanael! What a treat to see you! I work for the Senate and watch every single one of your Videos.”

    Aah, that felt good!


    The demons come out every Friday nite.

    The yuppies riding bikes were yelling out, “Hail Satan!” to me.

    One homosexual started picking his nose in front of the Cross and blasphemed.

    I burned them all with the Holy Cross.

    You see, the demons through their agents, see the Cross and wish to oppose it. They can’t with me. I burn them with the sign of the Cross and they quickly leave the scene.

    BUT the OVERWHELMING majority of the people in DC LOVED (and love) what I’m doing.


    Please consider sponsoring me to your city!

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  5. Brother Nathanael September 16, 2017 @ 7:05 pm


    VERY FEW are donating to my online ministry.

    On September 5th I turned 67 years old. I am now ‘pushing 70.’

    I thought by now my financial troubles would be over. They are not. They are worse than ever.

    PayPISS banned me back in March. I have not recovered from this HUGE blow to my funding.

    At least 100 people were donating on a “monthly recurring” basis on the PayPISS venue.

    This came to an END when the Jew, Daniel Schulman, owner of PayPISS, banned me.

    Only a handful resumed their monthly-recurring donations on my Click&Pledge donation venue.

    Here are some of the things I have to pay for:

    * Three Sophisticated Dedicated Servers; Lite Speed Software for all my Websites; Bandwidth for Comments Section; Webmaster; Computer Tech;

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  6. KathJuliane September 16, 2017 @ 7:56 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    This is truly the funniest thing that hit my email this week.

    You had me on the floor with this one, especially the lines:

    “YOU’VE COME A LONG WAY,” said Netanyahu. “You making aliyah?”

    “No,” I answered, “I don’t want to live with a bunch of neurotic Jews.”

    “I can’t stand them either,” said Bibzy, “six million of us on top of each other. Sounds like a hell hole, doesn’t it?

    “Then why don’t you leave?” I probed.

    “I do, every chance I get. Me and Miss Piggy are always flying around the world to every Holocaust concert we can get tickets to.”

    And it’s so true!

    Sarah Netanyahu bears more than passing resemblance to Miss Piggy, particularly her royal habits as porcine queen of the democratic Israeli Judahs.

    Before I got this latest Brother Nathanael Dream Article email, the funniest thing I’d read this week was that the Israel Chief Rabbinate in their collective divine wisdom was single-handedly winning the demographics race with the Palestinian Arabs by “un-Jewing Jews”.

    This is now the second funniest thing I’ve read this week.

    Haaretz: Huge Spike in Number of Israelis ‘un-Jewed’ by Chief Rabbinate in Past Two Years

    Trend appears related to new practice of re-examining and revoking religious status of citizens already recognized as Jewish
    read more:

    Mazeltov, Chief Rabbinate! Keep going!

  7. Birobidjan September 16, 2017 @ 9:17 pm


    1928 BIROBIDJAN.

  8. Glenn September 16, 2017 @ 10:04 pm

    You fold me up Brother……

    You’re a very talented writer and I have no doubt you’ve a brilliantly topical screenplay lurking within your loins.

    I love and admire your work!

  9. Blake September 17, 2017 @ 2:24 am

    @ +BN

    It’s kinda naughty ….but nice (and true.)

  10. mrbuttermaker September 17, 2017 @ 8:44 am

    @Lepanto worrier

    I believe Scottie got himself into some trouble, legit or not. From what I understand there were some Anti-Jewish graffiti left on some campus and they pinned him.

    I think they didn’t end up with solid evidence, but still put him on “probation”. Perhaps the probation is not making new entries? I don’t know.

    Smoloko is not for the faint of heart. If you found Daily Stormer riveting, Smoloko is that x5. But without a doubt once I go there its hard to leave with all the info this dude has on there. I’ve always wanted to hear what Brother Nathanial’s take is on him.

    If you go to Henry Makow’s website you can find a very interesting story about Scottie Spencer. In a way, I almost feel sorry for the dude and what got him to create that site. It was very sad to read his mom must have got all caught up in the mind control of you-know-who and left his family with not even roof on their heads.

    I guess that motivated him. Can’t knock the guy for sitting around, bitchin’, and feeling sorry for himself. He spoke out. One site I find utterly captivating.

    What a shame. There are great Jewish people. Rifaat Mumtaz comes to mind.

    Ok, I have to ask this crazy question to all. Has anyone heard of the significance of 9/23? Now we all know about the theory of predictive viewing ..9-11 etc. I hear the 23rd has been there. Is this not after or on a Jewish New Year?

    We know events have been tied to Jewish “dates” if you will . Apology for rambling but speaking of predictive programming, and Scottie Spencer, if you can find his compilation of predictive programming regarding 9-11 youll be blown away.

    I believe he traced it back to the 60s. Hey, I grew up when Super Tramp Breakfast in America ended up being one for the ages, and when I saw the predictive album cover, I was stunned, and convinced.

    You can’t make that stuff up! I’ve always wondered if that Mr Buttermaker character and those raunchy kids were a way of us accepting lower standards?

    Scottie, we know you’re out there, have at it!!

  11. RICHARD A FEIBEL September 17, 2017 @ 8:52 am

    Now, Brother N, you know what you’re doing here with this dream fiction you are writing!

    You are verifying the stereotypical Ashkenazi talent that created Hollywood. It’s in the genes/DNA!!


  12. Robert Ford September 17, 2017 @ 10:32 am

    La Kosheracha!!!!!

    Brilliant, Brother Nathaniel!!!

  13. Ft. Nolan September 17, 2017 @ 10:37 am

    Build the wall, deport them all!

    Now that I have your attention…

    If you need more evidence that Presidents are TOLD what they will do and NOT do, this whole flip-flop by the President should add one more page. It seems that almost every President of these United States comes into office or seeks office having a desire to improve the nation for its citizens.

    Upon being sworn in and “briefed” about duties, responsibilities and liabilities inherent to the office, the AGENDA is then applied to which the new POTUS must follow. At times, a President will make a deal, quid pro quo and maybe even sellout in order to accomplish something promised during the election.

    If there is too much cage rattling or an underhanded attempt is made to complete an end run around the AGENDA, then backlash hits and sometimes it is unfavorable.

    Take a look at Kennedy, take a look at Nixon, take a look at Reagan. Despite any personal failings, each wanted to accomplish a list of policies intended to keep the United States from falling into the tyrannical morass of globalism.

    With Kennedy, eliminated completely and decisively. With Nixon, a Silent Coup (read the book by the same title). As with Reagan, the Kennedy treatment (attempted) having been saddled with “their man” GHW Bush.

    As for Trump, I didn’t vote for Jared Kushner, nor did I vote for Ivanka. Yet they are wielding influence greater than a hundred better qualified government advisors. If it turns out Trump says one thing then does another, he may not be reelected in 2020. Even worse, voter turnout may drag to its lowest ever.

    Had Hillary been elected, there would have been positions and policies resembling what a President Trump would have done. As with President Trump, there are some things which resemble what a President Hillary Clinton would have done. Nothing new here, this is standard gummint maneuvering with policy.

    (Which side of your body do you want that stroke to affect?)

    To lecture further: It is not the government toadies and politicians which present the biggest threat to the American people. It is the media and the financial system holding us hostage to global feudalism. If you wanted to dump sugar into somebody’s gas tank, it’s not the politicians you should be surveilling.

    Overall, really enjoyed reading about your missionary efforts to our nation’s capitol and the uplifting responses. Also good to read you dealt well enough with any detractors. Thoroughly enjoyed your account of this latest dream.

  14. Citizenfitz September 17, 2017 @ 11:57 am

    James Corbett on alternatives to JooToob:

    PS: Smoloko is still up and running for now, if not for long.

  15. Shell Shocked September 17, 2017 @ 12:46 pm

    Didn’t you mean Das Kapital Hill?

    Or maybe Das Kapital Kill?

  16. Brother Nathanael September 17, 2017 @ 1:47 pm

    @Richard A Feibel

    You Wrote: “Now, Brother N, you know what you’re doing here with this dream fiction you are writing!

    You are verifying the stereotypical Ashkenazi talent that created Hollywood. It’s in the genes/DNA!!


    WRONG. I did not write this or any of my “Dream” and “Dear Diary” Article so as to “verify” (in your words:) ‘the stereotypical Ashkenazi talent that created Hollywood.’

    Hollywood was created by JEWS both of Eastern (Ashkenazi) AND Western (German European descent.) But really, mostly, American Jews, who had lost their European roots and descended into anti-European, cynical, and assaulting methods of propaganda, created Hollywood.

    I do not do this. I expose the SAME JEWS who created Hollywood. Where will you see a ‘dream sequence’ such as this post of mine on any Hollywood screen?

    But on a lighter note, my cousin and I both did stand up comic routines off-the-cuff. While I had many friends rolling on the floor holding their sides, my cousin left them, albiet laughing, standing.

    He went on to be be a script writer for Saturday Night Live (he now works for a Hollywood script contractor) while I was doing Saturday all-night Vigils as an Orthodox monk at the monastery I joined.

    As for writing screenplays being “in the genes,” the real issue is Jewish denial of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    For after 2,000 years of obdurate rejection of the clear evidence of Jesus’ Messiahship, they are stiffly against Christ.

    My opinion is that their hardness against Christ is a genetic issue after 2,000 years of unbelief.

    See My Video:
    “Can Jews Be Saved” @

    +Brother Nathanael

  17. The Elder of Zyklon-B September 17, 2017 @ 1:53 pm


    Semi related to sci-fi I guess. Here is what you referred to.

    This is quite a collection which most RJN readers should be interested in not matter what they might think of the Julius Streicher style of young Scottie.

  18. Citizenfitz September 17, 2017 @ 2:12 pm

    Satan is thinking the big prize is almost within his grasp. And being insane he actually thinks he can win against God.

    Looking at the World things do seem to be going his way.

    Still, God is going to bitch slap him with something he won’t see coming until it’s too late; an insignificant seeming plan God put into motion at the very start – but whose end will be beyond phenomenal.

    It’s quietly making its way through the world as you’re reading this. Were it to pass in front of us we’d barely notice, much less believe that something so insignificant appearing could contain such power.

    Satan himself will applaud the brilliance of the plan and it’s execution- even though it will spell his doom; and he’ll be made to understand that in fact the plan relied on him doing much of the work.

    Afterwards no one will have any more questions about God.

  19. B September 17, 2017 @ 5:20 pm

    The following YouTube video is very interesting.

    A Zionist Jew explains how the Jews in Newark and NYC blooded the Germans in the 1920’s and 1930’s in the USA.

    Title of this video is “The History of the Jews and the Mob”.

    A YouTube search of “Jews Mob” gives a large number of other interesting videos.

  20. mrbuttermaker September 17, 2017 @ 7:53 pm

    @The Elder of Zyklon B

    Thank you sooo much for digging that up! That is quite a find.

    I suggest everyone give that a gander. Its shocking.

    I’m not sure if he covers it there but if you do a search “Back to the future 9-11” you’ll be even more blown away. Also having heard the Jeff Rense piece with Dr. Fetzer this week (very recommended on 9-11).

    What has ever happened to Dr Alan Sabrosky? Why can I find little about him? Has he passed?

    His famous interview with Press TV forever changed me!

  21. Eileen Kuch September 17, 2017 @ 10:42 pm

    @ +BN

    That must’ve been some nightmare you had, Br. Nat .. No wonder, you woke up in such a sweat. If I had a dream like yours, I would, too.

    I’m very glad your ministry in DC was such a success, but I’m also upset that PayPal banned you, just because of your work on producing articles/videos on Jewry’s evil agenda. Both you and PayPal signed a contract. You adhered to the contract, PayPal breached this contract by banning you; so, they owe you lots of money, at least $5,000.

    Furthermore, PayPal made it more difficult for the thousands of donors who used its services to contribute money to your Foundation. I never used PayPal to donate to your Foundation. I’m also saddened that not one millionaire or multi-millionaire had offered you any loans and/or donated to your Foundation. They’ll have a lot to answer for when they meet their Maker.

    I have a list of people for whom I pray, and you’re one of them, Br. Nat.

    I pray that your financial situation will improve enough that you won’t have to worry about having to give up your ministry or having a roof over your head. You have a nice place to live, in Priest River, Idaho, and I hope and pray that you’ll continue living there. I know my donation isn’t much, but it’s better than nothing.

    If everybody reading your articles and watching your videos donated $20, you wouldn’t have a worry in the world.

    God bless you forever.


    P.S.: My contribution’s on its way.

  22. The Elder of Zyklon-B September 18, 2017 @ 5:06 am

    The super sci-fi Juden are there to help!

    Mobile relief teams are ready to come to the rescue at the speed of light!

  23. KathJuliane September 18, 2017 @ 10:11 am

    Oy veh! Evil Iran™ made us do it!

    Israel and US Open first American Military Base in Israel

    BISLACH AIR BASE, Israel — Israel and the U.S. have inaugurated the first American military base on Israeli soil.

    The base’s opening Monday comes as Israel faces a slew of regional threats, especially from its arch-foe Iran. The Israeli military says the new base sends a message of readiness to Israel’s enemies.

    The base, located within an existing Israeli air force base, will serve dozens of U.S. soldiers operating a missile defense system.

    The base’s opening is largely symbolic. Previously, American contractors and soldiers operated the system. Now the soldiers will do so from their permanent base in Israel.

    Together with the U.S., Israel has developed a multilayered system of defenses against everything from long-range guided missile attacks from Iran to crude rockets fired from Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

  24. Citizenfitz September 18, 2017 @ 12:26 pm

    Name Changing Jew of the Week

    “Ashley Montagu” (Good one!), nee’ Israel Ehrenberg….

  25. Citizenfitz September 18, 2017 @ 12:32 pm

    Why were the Jews expelled from England in 1290 AD?

    Mindless anti-Semitism by mobs of monkeys on two legs? Or:

    Bribery… blackmail… debauching currency… perverting justice… ritual child murder…?

    There’s nothing new under the Sun.

  26. KathJuliane September 18, 2017 @ 2:15 pm

    More Tales of the Sci-Fi Weird But True Jewish State

    Middle East Monitor: Whistleblower Releases Details On Saudi Plan To ‘Accept Israel As A Brotherly State’

    The Whistleblower’s added via his Twitter account that the plan includes arresting hundreds of religious scholars, stressing that Saudi Arabia’s crown prince was enthusiastic about the implementation of the plan due to Israel’s pledge to lobby Trump’s to support his bid to become King

    Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is working to “westernize” the Kingdom and change people’s mindsets when it comes to Israel, Twitter user and notorious whistleblower, Mujtahidd has reported.

    The account, which is believed to be reporting from inside the ruling family in Saudi Arabia, wrote:

    “Arrangement among the UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain is wider than our expectations. Israel and American bodies linked to Trump are involved.

    “The plan is complete. It is based on unifying the bases of security, media, culture and education, including religion, in Egypt and all the Gulf States except Oman.”

    The plan, according to Mujtahid, was drawn in Egypt which is the “supplier of cadres who will deal with the issues of media, security, Islamic movements, education syllabuses and religious institutions.”

    According to Mujtahidd, it aims to “distance any political, cultural, educational, financial, religious effect on the people of Egypt and the Gulf States in order to reach a state of full and eternal normalization with Israel.”

    Related | Israeli Website Claims ISIS Commander Revealed As Mossad Agent

    It also said that the arrangement for this plan started in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Israel before US President Donald Trump was inaugurated, noting that former American President Barack Obama did not join the plan because he feared these states and the recklessness of Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman.

    Trump, Mujtahidd tweeted, supported the plan and this encouraged Bin Salman and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammed Bin Zayed to kick-start its implementation earlier than planned. The plan includes hiring hundreds of Egyptian officials and officers in the Gulf States to supervise security, armies, media, religion and education.

    Mujtahidd added that the plan includes arresting hundreds of religious scholars, stressing that Bin Salman was enthusiastic about the implementation of the plan due to Israel’s pledge to get Trump’s help to support his bid to become King of Saudi Arabia.

    The Twitter user added the plan was implemented and included the “use of social media to turn the public opinion against Islam in general and specifically political Islam and accepting Israel as a brotherly state.”

  27. KathJuliane September 18, 2017 @ 3:40 pm

    Another Jewish State Tale of the Weird but Most Likely True

    Since Israeli Jews come in all sorts of ethnic flavors besides the Ashkenazi [Germanics] and Sephardi [Hispanics] Jews the West is most familiar with, there are the Mizrahim or Oriental Jews that have the much the same features as their host countries — dark hair and eyes, and olive to dark brown skin.

    There are Arab Jews, Yemeni Jews, Egyptian Jews, Persian Jews (most are in Hollywood, very wealthy, and hang out with the exiled Pahlavi family) and North African Jews, Kurdish Jews, Mountain Jews of the Caucasus Mountains, Crimean Jews, Central and Southern Asia Jews, Syrian Jews (the largest population of Syrian Jews are in New York), etc.

    Oriental Jews from around the Mediterranean started making Aliyah in the late 40s and 50s. Most families have retained their former national languages, especially dialects of Arabic, and elements of local cultures.

    For example, there are also about 200,000 Israeli Kurdish Jews. They speak a dialect of Kurdish, Hebrew, and Judeo-Arabic.

    The vast majority of Kurdish Jews were forced out of Northern Iraq (Iraqi Kurdistan), being evacuated to Israel in the early 1950s, together with other Iraqi Jewish community. The remainder came to Israel after the US-Iraq war in 1991.

    The vast majority of the Kurdish Jews of Iranian Kurdistan relocated mostly to Israel as well, in the 1950s.

    They physically fit right in with their Muslim Kurdish counterparts.


    Mint Press News: Israeli Website Claims ISIS Commander Revealed As Mossad Agent

    Libyan security forces arrested a Daesh commander in the city of Benghazi — only to find out soon after that the man they had captured, Ephraim Benjamin, was also an agent of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service.

    Was he working to defeat Daesh or to strengthen it?

    There has long been speculation regarding ties between the Israeli government and the terror group Daesh, otherwise known as the Islamic State.

    Such speculation has been fueled by Israel’s reference to Daesh as a “useful tool” and its acknowledgment that it views a Syria under complete Daesh control as preferable to the continuation of the current Syrian government.

    It is supported as well by the extensive aid and even medical treatments that Daesh militants have received from Israel. However, allegations have recently emerged that could suggest that the connection is even deeper than previously believed.

    According to a report from the Israeli website Inian Merkazi and Abna news agency, Libyan security forces arrested a Daesh commander in the city of Benghazi — only to find out soon after that the man they had captured, Ephraim Benjamin, was also an agent of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service.

    Benjamin, who was known in Libya as Abu Hafs, had begun work in Libya after the 2011 NATO-led invasion of Libya that ousted former leader Muammar Gaddafi.

    Middle East Monitor reported that Hafs/Benjamin was said to have become a prominent imam in a Benghazi mosque, before becoming a Daesh leader who commanded more than 200 fighters. Middle East Monitor has since removed the report from its site.

    Libyan authorities have allegedly accused Benjamin of gathering intelligence information on Daesh for Mossad and Middle East Monitor noted that some Libyan news outlets took to calling him the “Mossad shiekh.”

    Inian Merkazi suggested that Benjamin’s arrest showed that Mossad was influential in the rise of Daesh in the region, given that Benjamin began work in Libya in 2011 while Daesh did not begin operation in Libya until 2015.

    However, MintPress News was unable to independently verify the claims of Inian Merkaz linking the Daesh commander to the Israeli Mossad.

    Other regional media outlets, such as Masr Alarabia, have described Benjamin as being one of Mossad’s “Arabists” — Mossad agents with Arab features who fluently speak Arabic and use local dialects.

    Such “Arabists” have gained a reputation for infiltrating Palestinian protests and activist organizations, as well as assassinating prominent Palestinians who are vocally against the Israeli occupation.

    However, now it appears that Mossad “Arabists” may be involved in more than the suppressing Palestinian dissent.

    Given that Israel has repeatedly stated it does not want Daesh to be defeated, it is clear that Benjamin, who allegedly commanded hundreds of men in Daesh, was not “gathering intelligence” in order to defeat Daesh but rather to strengthen it.

    Given the reports of Benjamin’s arrest, last year’s strange-seeming statement by Israel’s military intelligence chief, Maj. Gen. Herzi Halevy, makes more sense.

    Halevy had stated that Israel does not want to see Daesh defeated and also had expressed concern about the recent offensives against Daesh territory, lamenting the “most difficult” situation the group had found itself in at the time.

    He further added that Israel would do “all we can so as to not find ourselves in such a situation” where Daesh faces defeat.

    In light of Benjamin’s arrest, part of Halevy’s concern for Daesh may have been born out of the fear that a Daesh defeat could put the lives of Mossad agents, as well as years of their work within Daesh, at risk.

    Daesh has long been regarded by Israeli think tanks and politicians as a “strategic tool” for furthering Western and Israeli goals in the region.

    In the case of Syria, Daesh was seen as a covert means of overthrowing Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, an event that Israeli intelligence believed would result in Iran’s loss of “its only ally” in the region.

    On a larger scale, however, Daesh ultimately serves to help divide whole nations — like Iraq, Syria and others — into pieces. This is a key component of the Israeli strategic plan, otherwise known as the Yinon plan, to dominate the Middle East by dividing and then conquering its neighbors.

    With allegations of Israel’s direct involvement in facilitating the terror group’s activities continuing to grow, it’s become increasingly difficult to defend the long-standing assertion that Israel has been a “neutral” figure in the Syrian conflict and the rise of Daesh.

    YNET: Revealed: In 1950s Mossad spies married Arabs to conceal identity

    Mossad’s Ulysses Project’s secret operatives took on false identities, married Palestinians, had children – all while feeding intelligence to Israeli operators

    Uri Yisrael served as a fighter in Caesarea, the Mossad Special Operations Division, and has a unique record: He lived under an assumed identity for the longest time period – 15 years.

    Yisrael and another fighter dubbed “Isaac” (his name is still under censorship) were part of the Ulysses Project – a secret Israeli intelligence project in the 1950s and 1960s.

    They were planted as Arabs, married Palestinians, had children and were incorporated into the Palestinian community as businessmen.

    They were the first to provide intelligence regarding the establishment of Fatah, and took part in the first plans to kill Yasser Arafat and Abu Jihad.

    More: (,7340,L-4422919,00.html )

    Who says the Mossad ever stopped doing this deep immersion crypto-Jew espionage or that it was ever only in Palestine?

    Oldies But Goodies From What Really Happened:

    Photo: A “Palestinian Terrorist” Wearing the Star of David

    The Phony (Mossad) Al Qaeda Cell in Palestine

    Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon … said that al-Qaeda militants were operating in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon. “We know that they are there. We know that they are in Lebanon, working closely with Hezbollah. We know that they are in the region,” he said. [BBC News – 12/5/2002]

    Officials from the Palestinian Authority have accused the Israeli spy agency Mossad of setting up a fake al-Qaeda terrorist cell in Gaza.

    Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat said that Israel had set up the mock cell in order to justify attacks in Palestinian areas. [BBC News – 12/8/2002]

  28. benzion kook September 18, 2017 @ 9:26 pm

    There once was a Judas named Chuckie
    Whose machinations he fancied quite plucky
    With his girlfriend Pelosi
    They really so grossly
    engage in their tricks just to f–k us.

  29. The Englishman September 19, 2017 @ 5:24 am


    Trump’s debut rant at the U.N.

    Reeks of Jewry machinations.

    Too many Palestine sympathisers?

  30. Aunty Semite September 19, 2017 @ 7:32 am

    UN, Trump, Satanyahu

    Netanyahu, Trump, and major warmongers are meeting at UN headquarters in Jew York today. This looks similar to how Obama met with JWO front groups just prior to the UN led overthrows of Egypt, Libya, Sudan, in 2011. Obama was told to order the US military to invade those Mideast nations and Obama did as he was told.

    ‘“We are going to discuss peace between Israel and the Palestinians; it will be a fantastic achievement,” Trump said during a brief media event before meeting privately with Netanyahu for an hour. ‘ – Notice Israel’s hexagram flag with the US flags.

    It goes without saying that Israel, Satanyahu, Trump, and the UN are NOT meeting for peace in Palestine. When such “leaders” talk about peace, it’s usually done as a cover story to hide their war plans.

    Duckduckgo, Startpage, etc, seem to be Zionist operations to narrow the list of which users are trying to hide their web activities, not truly helping surfers with privacy.

    Nobody hides anything by using duckduckgo. Instead, they attract unwanted attention they try to avoid.

  31. Karl B September 19, 2017 @ 8:12 am

    You believe the Jews rejection of Christ has genetic issues after 2000 yrs.

    Sin does effect ones physiology, I believe. Interesting.

  32. Heyoka September 19, 2017 @ 3:25 pm


    Honestly, I wasn’t even 5 minutes into the Trump’s UN speech and I thought it stunk of hypocrisy.

  33. Shell Shocked September 19, 2017 @ 7:40 pm

    @The Elder of Zyklon-B =

    I’ve done some work on that issue now and then and can’t resolve a lot of it to my satisfaction. I try to be careful to avoid reputed anti-Semitic sites and use what I consider credible sources.

    I remember watching this on TV years ago, then it went into FOX’s archives on their website but still online. There must have been some pressure because it “disappeared” which is not too unusual.

    For those who may not know about it, it was a 4-part series. Here is one on YouTube. If you have one, you can find the other 3.

    I don’t want to post the title because of search engines. They have tried to tie it to Saudi Arabia and deflect anything from elsewhere.

  34. Shell Shocked September 19, 2017 @ 7:55 pm

    Since this is about Sci-Fi, maybe I’m thinking hi-tech, it could be a little relevant about the microchip.

    I don’t know what the Russian Orthodox position on that is. But I’ve followed lots of it for years. It was interesting years ago that it was dubbed the “Digital Angel”. The company was Applied Digital Solutions owned by a Jew or had a Jewish CEO.

    There was a huge brouhaha on one of those TV news shows, about the Jacobs family (Jewish) who got chipped. Their son was killed tragically in a motorcycle accident some time after that.

    I think these companies keep merging, morphing into something else, etc., to throw people off the track.

    And I find it odd Jared Kushner owns 666 5th Avenue but that probably wouldn’t be too odd for a Jew because the number figures in the Old Testament and is associated with Solomon.

    I got a new debit card to replace one lost and it had 666 on the back for a security code which made me uneasy but I used it for awhile, even noted it to an employee of my credit union asking if that was some coincidence or what.

    Then it was replaced again recently when they went to a chip in the card. I wonder about using my SSN for a purpose for which we were promised it wasn’t intended, and also plastic money.

    I’m pretty much cashless for years anyway. Some people still operate on an almost exclusive cash basis, don’t know how they do it.

  35. KathJuliane September 19, 2017 @ 8:03 pm

    Unz Review: America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars

    Shouldn’t they recuse themselves when dealing with the Middle East?


    I spoke recently at a conference on America’s war party where afterwards an elderly gentleman came up to me and asked, “Why doesn’t anyone ever speak honestly about the six-hundred-pound gorilla in the room?

    “Nobody has mentioned Israel in this conference and we all know it’s American Jews with all their money and power who are supporting every war in the Middle East for Netanyahu? Shouldn’t we start calling them out and not letting them get away with it?”

    It was a question combined with a comment that I have heard many times before and my answer is always the same: any organization that aspires to be heard on foreign policy knows that to touch the live wire of Israel and American Jews guarantees a quick trip to obscurity.

    Jewish groups and deep pocket individual donors not only control the politicians, they own and run the media and entertainment industries, meaning that no one will hear about or from the offending party ever again.

    They are particularly sensitive on the issue of so-called “dual loyalty,” particularly as the expression itself is a bit of a sham since it is pretty clear that some of them only have real loyalty to Israel. [Hear! Hear!-Kj]

    Most recently, some pundits, including myself, have been warning of an impending war with Iran.

    To be sure, the urging to strike Iran comes from many quarters, to include generals in the Administration who always think first in terms of settling problems through force, from a Saudi government obsessed with fear over Iranian hegemony, and, of course, from Israel itself.

    But what makes the war engine run is provided by American Jews who have taken upon themselves the onerous task of starting a war with a country that does not conceivably threaten the United States.

    They have been very successful at faking the Iranian threat, so much so that nearly all Republican and most Democratic congressmen as well as much of the media seem to be convinced that Iran needs to be dealt with firmly, most definitely by using the U.S. military, and the sooner the better.

    And while they are doing it, the issue that nearly all the Iran haters are Jewish has somehow fallen out of sight, as if it does not matter. But it should matter.

    A recent article in the New Yorker on stopping the impending war with Iran strangely suggests that the current generation “Iran hawks” might be a force of moderation regarding policy options given the lessons learned from Iraq.

    The article cites as hardliners on Iran David Frum, Max Boot, Bill Kristol and Bret Stephens.

    Daniel Larison over at The American Conservative has a good review of the New Yorker piece entitled “Yes, Iran Hawks Want Conflict with Iran,” which identifies the four above cited hawks by name before describing them as “…a Who’s Who of consistently lousy foreign policy thinking.

    “If they have been right about any major foreign policy issue in the last twenty years, it would be news to the entire world.

    “Every single one of them hates the nuclear deal with Iran with a passion, and they have argued in favor of military action against Iran at one point or another. There is zero evidence that any of them would oppose attacking Iran.”

    And I would add a few more names, Mark Dubowitz, Michael Ledeen and Reuel Marc Gerecht of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies; Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum; John Podhoretz of Commentary magazine; Elliot Abrams of the Council on Foreign Relations; Meyrav Wurmser of the Middle East Media Research Institute; Kimberly Kagan of the Institute for the Study of War; and Frederick Kagan, Danielle Pletka and David Wurmser of the American Enterprise Institute.

    And you can also throw into the hopper entire organizations like The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) and the Hudson Institute. And yep, they’re all Jewish, plus most of them would self-describe as neo-conservatives.

    And I might add that only one of the named individuals has ever served in any branch of the American military – David Wurmser was once in the Navy reserve.

    These individuals largely constitute a cabal of sanctimonious chairborne warriors who prefer to do the heavy thinking while they let others do the fighting and dying.

    So it is safe to say that much of the agitation to do something about Iran comes from Israel and from American Jews.

    Indeed, I would opine that most of the fury from Congress re Iran comes from the same source, with AIPAC showering our Solons on the Potomac with “fact sheets” explaining how Iran is worthy of annihilation because it has pledged to “destroy Israel,” which is both a lie and an impossibility as Tehran does not have the resources to carry out such a task.

    The AIPAC lies are then picked up and replayed by an obliging media, where nearly every “expert” who speaks about the Middle East on television and radio or who is interviewed for newspaper stories is Jewish.

    One might also add that neocons as a group were founded by Jews and are largely Jewish, hence their universal attachment to the state of Israel.

    They first rose into prominence when they obtained a number of national security positions during the Reagan Administration and their ascendancy was completed when they staffed senior positions in the Pentagon and White House under George W. Bush.

    Recall for a moment Paul Wolfowitz, Doug Feith, and Scooter Libby. Yes, all Jewish and all conduits for the false information that led to a war that has spread and effectively destroyed much of the Middle East. Except for Israel, of course.

    Philip Zelikow, also Jewish, in a moment of candor, admitted that the Iraq War, in his opinion, was fought for Israel.

    Add to the folly a Jewish U.S. Ambassador to Israel who identifies with the most right-wing Israeli settler elements, a White House appointed chief negotiator who is Jewish and a Jewish son-in-law who is also involved in formulating Middle East policy.

    Is anyone providing an alternative viewpoint to eternal and uncritical support for Benjamin Netanyahu and his kleptocratic regime of racist thugs? I think not.

    There are a couple of simple fixes for the dominant involvement of American Jews in foreign policy issues where they have a personal interest due to their ethnicity or family ties.

    First of all, don’t put them into national security positions involving the Middle East, where they will potentially be conflicted. Let them worry instead about North Korea, which does not have a Jewish minority and which was not involved in the holocaust.

    This type of solution was, in fact, somewhat of a policy regarding the U.S. Ambassador position in Israel. No Jew was appointed to avoid any conflict of interest prior to 1995, an understanding that was violated by Bill Clinton (wouldn’t you know it!) who named Martin Indyk to the post.

    Indyk was not even an American citizen at the time and had to be naturalized quickly prior to being approved by Congress.

    Those American Jews who are strongly attached to Israel and somehow find themselves in senior policy making positions involving the Middle East and who actually possess any integrity on the issue should recuse themselves, just as any judge would do if he were presiding over a case in which he had a personal interest.

    Any American should be free to exercise First Amendment rights to debate possible options regarding policy, up to and including embracing positions that damage the United States and benefit a foreign nation.

    But if he or she is in a position to actually create those policies, he or she should butt out and leave the policy generation to those who have no personal baggage.

    For those American Jews who lack any shred of integrity, the media should be required to label them at the bottom of the television screen whenever they pop up, e.g. Bill Kristol is “Jewish and an outspoken supporter of the state of Israel.”

    That would be kind-of-like a warning label on a bottle of rat poison – translating roughly as “ingest even the tiniest little dosage of the nonsense spewed by Bill Kristol at your own peril.”

    As none of the above is likely to happen, the only alternative is for American citizens who are tired of having their country’s national security interests hijacked by a group that is in thrall to a foreign government to become more assertive about what is happening.

    Shine a little light into the darkness and recognize who is being diddled and by whom. Call it like it is.

    And if someone’s feelings are hurt, too bad. We don’t need a war with Iran because Israel wants one and some rich and powerful American Jews are happy to deliver. Seriously, we don’t need it.

  36. KathJuliane September 19, 2017 @ 8:12 pm

    The Duran: BREAKING: Israeli Warplanes Have Struck the Syria-Lebanon Border

    This comes weeks after Hezbollah liberated Syria-Lebanon borderlands from ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists.

    Early reports from Lebanon indicate that Israeli fighter jets have bombed a large hilltop in the Sheba’a Farms area of Lebanon, near the Syrian border. As the attack was conducted unilaterally, it is classed as a war crime.

    Weeks ago, Hezbollah won a decisive battle against ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorist forces in Lebanon’s borderlands with Syria.

    The surviving prisoners of war were later transferred via bus to eastern Syria as part of a prisoner exchange deal.

    Al-Masdar reports [quoting Lebanon’s state National News Agency],

    “Warplanes belonging to the Israeli enemy have executed two raids on al-Rashaha Hill, located at the Lebanese-Syrian borders east Shebaa town”.

    Earlier, Israel admitted to shooting down a drone over the occupied Golan Heights.

    Israel has recently issued numerous threats against Syria as it becomes increasingly clear that Damascus has won the multi-front proxy conflict inside Syrian borders.

    I suppose this is Jewish retaliation for a surveillance drone that they shot down by a Patriot missile over “their” illegally Occupied Syrian Golan Heights Territory.

    Depending on the Israeli source, the drone either flew into the Golan Heights from Syria, or else it’s an Iranian-made drone launched by Hezbollah, or launched by Hezbollah from Syria (as if Hezbollah can’t manufacture their own surveillance drones, which they, in fact, do. Or buy it off the shelf or internet or something).

    Bordering Israel, Syria and Lebanon, the status of Sheba’a Farms, a 20-25 sq. km stretch of land, consisting of 14 farms named after a nearby village, Sheba’a.

    Israel occupied the Sheba’a Farms after the 1967 War. Following Israel’s withdrawal from southern Lebanon in 2000, Hezbollah and Lebanon, backed by Syria, demanded that Israel also pull out from the Sheba’a Farms.

    Israel, however, claimed the territory was part of Syria, and thus could only be turned over as part of negotiations with Syria.

    Syria and Israel are still in a technical state of war under a truce agreement (as is separately Lebanon and Israel), with Syria scrupulously observing the conditions of the cease-fire for over 30 years.

    In the meantime, the dangerous, lawless criminal state of Jewish clowns obsessively-compulsively invade Lebanon’s sovereign air space in order to conduct air strikes on Syrian military targets claiming they are attacking Hezbollah and weapons shipments.

    Lebanon and Syria say the Shebaa Farms, measuring just 22 square kilometers, is Lebanese territory, though the UN has at some point ruled it part of the Syrian Golan Heights, which lie just to the east, across water-rich Mount Hermon cluster.

    Mount Herman’s summit straddles the border between Syria and Lebanon, is the highest point in Syria.

    On the top, in the United Nations buffer zone between Syrian and Israeli-occupied territories, is the highest permanently manned UN position in the world, known as “Hermon Hotel”.

    The southern slopes of Mount Hermon extend to the Israeli-occupied portion of the Golan Heights, where the Mount Hermon ski resort is located.

    None of it is Israeli territory, but they exercise control over Mount Hermon to keep either Syria or Lebanon from using this as a strategic height.

    Back in 2007, a UN cartographer determined for the first time that the Israeli-held Sheba’a Farms belong to Lebanon, supporting a position long held by Lebanon and Syria.

    Thanks to snowmelt from nearby Mt. Hermon, Sheba’a Farms has access to plenty of water.

    The hills are green with vegetation, and springs dot the area. The mountain itself overlooks Israel’s Hulah Valley, which used to be a mosquito-filled swamp but is now a rich agricultural area.

    If you believe the Israelis, this land belonged to Syria until Israel captured it during the Six Day War. According to Israel, it is part of the Golan Heights and now part of Israel proper.

    If you believe the Lebanese and the Syrians, the land belongs to Lebanon and should be returned to them, even if Israel continues to occupy the Golan Heights.

    The fact that these lands were used as farms is a clue to one reason Israel prefers the Sheba’a Farms to remain officially Syrian, and thus under Israeli control – the water.

    Although the land also provides a convenient overlook from which the Israelis can watch military activity in Lebanon, control of water has long driven much of Israeli policy toward her neighbors.

    But the real issue for conniving Israel’s continued occupation of Lebanon’s Sheba’a Farms is acquisition and control of sources of water for Israel, and denial of water to Lebanon and Syria.

    Many, including former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, have acknowledged the water origins of the Six Day War that brought Sheba’a Farms under Israeli control, and as recently as 2002 Israel almost declared war on Lebanon for diverting water from the Wazzani Springs to border villages.

    Ariel Sharon went on record saying that the Six Day War started because Syrian engineers were working on diverting part of the water flow away from Israel.

    “People generally regard 5 June 1967 as the day the Six-day war began,” he said.

    “That is the official date. But, in reality, it started two-and-a-half years earlier, on the day Israel decided to act against the diversion of the Jordan.”

    ( )

    A 2009 report by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reported that the River Jordan, which is the key supplier of water to Israel, Jordan and OPT, could shrink as much as 80 percent by the end of the century.

    Such drastic scarcity makes securing water supplies vital, and the Jews do everything they can to hog as much water as possible and deny Palestinians their fair share of water.

    The River Jordan rises in Mount Hermon, fed by tributaries in the Golan Heights and Shebaa Farms, and flows into the Sea of Galilee before continuing south where it forms the boundary between Jordan, to the east, and the West Bank. After 320 kilometers it empties into the Dead Sea.

    Major tributaries of the river include the Hasbani, which flows into Israel from Lebanon, and the Banias, which flows from Syria.

    The River Dan, which also supplies the River Jordan, is the only river originating in Israel.

    Anyway, Hezbollah bravely fought Israel to a bloody stalemate in 2006 after the Jews’ 33 day invasion of southern Lebanon, has the liberation of Sheba’a as one of its strategic objectives, and Israel never forgets it.

    These are the same people whose precious Illegal Settlers have completely ruined a once lushly productive Palestinian farm by flooding the valley with their raw sewage.

    Whenever Tel Aviv thinks Hezbollah’s getting too cheeky, it attempts a slapdown, like using a Patriot missile to shoot down a reconnaissance drone.

    Israel Shoots Down Iranian-made Hezbollah Drone Infiltrating From Syria (not much to see, actually, just some exhaust trail in the distance that abruptly ends).

    Good going, Hezbollah! With a $500 unarmed surveillance drone, it cost Israhell $3 million, the cost of each Patriot SAM, to shoot it down.

    I congratulate you on your cost effective measures to make Israhell waste its money like that. A 3800 lb/1,696 kg surface to air missile used to take out a 50 lb drone (if that much).

    What infuriates me, however, that the $3 million wasted on the destroyed Patriot missile is funded by the US taxpayer.

  37. mrbuttermaker September 20, 2017 @ 7:29 am

    @Aunty Semite

    Duckduckgo, Startpage, etc, seem to be Zionist operations to narrow the list of which users are trying to hide their web activities, not truly helping surfers with privacy.

    Nobody hides anything by using duckduckgo. Instead, they attract unwanted attention they try to avoid.”

    Can you provide any basis for this? Im curious

    Probably does nothing, but I’m slowing moving exclusively Yandex. (browser, mail,etc). Only negative is that I can’t apply many add ons like Ghostery

    One of the most comprehensive technical assistance tools regarding alternatives to the norms

  38. KathJuliane September 20, 2017 @ 12:23 pm

    Bizarre find for today: Top Jewish Hollywood Black Liberal Icon Stars in Cringe-worthy Neocon Russia-hating Dark Grey Smear Propaganda Ad

    Freeman intones: “We have been attacked. We are at war. Imagine this movie script: a former KGB spy, angry at the collapse of his motherland, plots a course for revenge.

    Taking advantage of the chaos, he worked his way up the ranks of a post-Soviet Russia, and becomes president.

    “He establishes an authoritarian regime, then he sets his sights on his sworn enemy, (cue bald eagle) the United States.”


    American actor Morgan Freeman took part in [a video] shooting [for] a so-called Investigation Committee against Russia.

    It is alleged that Moscow wants to “revenge” the US for the collapse of the USSR. “They attacked us. There is a war,” says Freeman in one shot, suggesting to the audience to introduce a” film script “about how the” KGB agent” has chosen to avenge the breakup of his homeland and become president.

    At this time, Russia’s foreman [president] Vladimir Putin appears on the screen and archive footage from Post-Soviet Russia. Freeman declares that for this man, the US is “the chief enemy”.

    The actor accuses Russia of cyber attacks on democratic states and the propaganda propaganda.

    At the end of the coup, he calls on US President Donald Trump to “tell the truth,” and appeals to the Americans for “Russian interference” in the election.

    “The Free World Needs Our Leadership,” concludes the actor.

    The video was filmed within the framework of the Investigation Committee project against Russia.

    Board members include director Rob Reiner, former US National Intelligence Chief James Clapper, Max Boot, senior scientist at the International Relations Council, as well as political scientists Norm J. Ornstein and Charles Sykes.

    Sure enough, Fox News jubilantly reports that Rob Reiner launched The Committee to Investigate Russia (CIR):

    Rob Reiner [Jew] launches committee to investigate if Russia meddled with 2016 presidential election

    Film director Rob Reiner has launched a committee to investigate whether or not Russia tampered with the U.S. presidential election.

    The 70-year-old posted a message on Twitter Tuesday explaining the intent of his new organization is to “understand the gravity of Russia’s invasion of our democracy.”

    He labeled his project “The Committee to Investigate Russia.”

    The “When Harry Met Sally” director has been vocal in his past support of Hillary Clinton, and his condemnation of President Trump on social media.

    Reiner partnered with David Frum [Jew], the senior editor of The Atlantic and author of the upcoming book, “Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic.”

    Their website,, surmises the goal of their initiative.

    “The Committee to Investigate Russia is a nonprofit, non-partisan resource provided to help Americans recognize and understand the gravity of Russia’s continuing attacks on our democracy.

    “All relevant information is aggregated in one place to provide context and allow users to see the full picture of what Russia has done and will continue to do unless we start paying closer attention.

    “For generations, people have fought to protect democracy. Now it is our turn,” the website reads.

    The website also lists military historian Max Boot [Neocon Jew], former director of national intelligence James Clapper [Neocon Russia-hater], [the all Neocon Jew] American Enterprise Institute resident scholar Norman Ornstein [Jew], and conservative commentator Charles Sykes [Neocon half-Jew/father a non-practicing Jew], along with Reiner as members of their advisory board.

    Additionally, actor Morgan Freeman is featured in a video running on the organization’s website warning Americans that Russia is waging a war upon the United States.

    “We have been attacked,” Freeman said in the video. “We are at war.”

    Investigate Russia @InvestigateRU

    For generations, ppl have fought to protect democracy. Now it’s our turn. Watch Morgan Freeman explain Russia’s plot to undermine the U.S.
    6:16 AM – Sep 19, 2017

    The news of the committee was met with a slew of mixed responses.

    “Bravo! Great work. This site is very informative. Let’s hope it ends in numerous arrests, including of Trump himself. That’s the end game,” wrote one Twitter user.

    While another user poked fun at the investigation and wrote “Have fun with that.”

    19 Sep
    Rob Reiner ✔ @robreiner
    To understand the gravity of Russia’s invasion of our democracy, today we launch Committee to Investigate Russia.

    Miss Bee Haven ن @KayST24
    Have fun with that.
    9:21 AM – Sep 19, 2017
    (complete with pic of guy and cat wearing foil helmets)

    You’re right, Freeman! It is a script, and Rob Reiner and his Neocon and Jew pals wrote it.

  39. KathJuliane September 20, 2017 @ 1:24 pm

    The Hill: Russia: America has ‘Roped In’ actor Morgan Freeman

    A Russian diplomat said Wednesday that Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman “had been roped” into pushing a “story” about Russia’s actions that encourages Americans to fight back against the Kremlin’s attempts to meddle in the United States election.

    Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman for Russia’s foreign ministry, wrote the comments in a Facebook post that was translated by Russia’s Tass News Agency.

    “Morgan Freeman has been roped in, just like Colin Powell [he served as US Secretary of State in 2001-2005 – TASS] was,” Zakharova said, referencing the test tube former Secretary of State Colin Powell used as a prop at the United Nations in 2003 when discussing Iraq.

    “I believe this is another story about the end justifying the means. However, we will know who is behind this story sooner than we knew about the true contents of the infamous test tube.”

    Zakharova’s comments come after the Tuesday launch of a new nonpartisan group called the Committee to Investigate Russia, which seeks to educate Americans about the national security threat Russia presents due to its “continuing attacks on our democracy.”

    Freeman is featured in a video on the organization’s website, in which the actor urges viewers to imagine Russia’s actions in recent months as a movie plot.

    “We have been attacked. We are at war,” Freeman says in the video.

    The Academy Award Winner also called on President Trump to address the nation about the “attack” the United States “came under” during the election.

    “And we owe it to the brave people who have fought and died to protect this great nation and save democracy,” Freeman says at the end of the video. “And we owe it to our future generations to continue the fight.”

    In a declassified report released in January, the intelligence community said Russian President Vladimir Putin called for influence campaign aimed at helping Trump win the White House.

    TASS: Diplomat Believes Morgan Freeman was ‘Roped In’ to be Weaponized in anti-Russia Crusade

  40. Shell Shocked September 21, 2017 @ 7:15 pm

    Maybe we should investigate Friends of Russian Freedom.

    Americans had some of their own, mostly Jews, interfere with Russia and bring about what in today’s parlance a coup.

  41. Shell Shocked September 22, 2017 @ 11:51 am

    The latest Valerie Plame tweeted blaming ‘America’s Jews’ for America’s wars. All over the news. Heard first on radio that she was liberal, supported Hillary, blah blah, then she doubled down on her tweet but was forced to apologize.

    Also revisited the James Trafficant interview with Greta Van Susteren (search YT for that one) and and a channel called Zionist Report, just watched part of one:

    The Zionist Occupied Government of America

  42. The Englishman September 23, 2017 @ 7:06 am

    A fate worse than death?

    Could this be what awaits gentiles who dare to tell it as it is?

    Mel, now Valerie.

    Can’t wait for a notable to stand his or her ground in Brother Nathanael style.

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