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‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Barks At Russia

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‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Barks At Russia
January 31, 2017

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Brother Nathanael @ January 31, 2017


  1. Brother Nathanael January 31, 2017 @ 4:30 pm

    Text –Text– Text

    ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Barks At Russia
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Copyright 2017

    They don’t call him ‘mad dog’ for nothing.

    He’s barking at Russia—Jewmerica’s new boogeyman—and just like a dog that eats the leftovers, Obama’s anti-Russian mania is back on the menu.

    [Clip: “Should we ignore the lessons of history in our relationship with Vladimir Putin and what should we be doing?”
    “Since Yalta, we have a long list of times that we have tried to engage positively with Russia. We have a relatively short list of successes in that regard, and I think right now the most important thing is that we recognize the reality of what we deal with, with Mr Putin, and we recognize that he is trying to break the North Atlantic Alliance and that we take the steps, the integrated steps, diplomatic, economic, military, and the alliance steps, the working with our allies, to defend ourselves where we must.”]

    Every dog has his day.

    If Mattis is itching for war with Russia—”defending ourselves where we must”— then dog fleas will glow with nuclear rays.

    And besides, with Nato and US military bases surrounding Russia, ‘breaking up’ Nato will be very hard to do.

    Ain’t gonna happen anyways. Putin’s too smart to be drawn into provocations.

    Will Jewmerica then pull off a false flag in Poland with painted-up Russian bombers attacking Krakow?

    Go ahead. The neocon Jews who created the fictional WMDs to attack Iraq will discover a Russian bear that eats nukes for breakfast.

    Picking on Iraq is one thing, picking on a grizzly ain’t too smart.

    [Clip: “You are a distinguished student of history, and as we are all aware, that following World War II a world order was established which has held for basically the last 70 years. Do you believe that that new–that world order is now under more strain than it has ever been?”
    “I think it is under the biggest attack since World War II, sir, and that’s from Russia.”]

    Oh? We’re under attack by Russia? You mean the DNC hack job that no can prove?

    Here’s my question to Mr Mattis.

    Why the Russia phobia? Is it because Russia got the job done where America flopped?

    ISIS is on the run in Syria.

    Obama is out, Assad is still in.

    And any “safe zones” Mattis attempts in Syria will be met by a big Russian bear that flies bombers over “safe zones.”

    But ultimately, the struggle is Spiritual of which Mattis is no student.

    Russia, with a resurgent Orthodox Church which Jewry fears and its corresponding ethical platform, is the only real threat to Jewmerica just as it was 100 years ago.

    Déja vu?

    But this time the barking dog will get chewed alive by a snarling bear.

  2. Brother Nathanael January 31, 2017 @ 4:36 pm

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  5. Kalin January 31, 2017 @ 5:53 pm

    The psychotic dope reminds me of insane McCain in nearly every aspect of character.

    He looks like a cross between a street-bum wino, a flaming Pentagon pedophile, and a drug addicted prostitute all rolled into one.

    Like the Barack/Michael queers, I don’t reckon the Jew media puts derelicts like that on display before the world to embarrass the Jewnited States, so much as a demonstration of their power over the empire – a dog-and-pony show.

    Folks watch a dog-and-pony show and rarely contemplate the ring master. His glory is not in pleasing the spectators, but rather, in demonstrating his mastery.

  6. Jaroslav Belicka January 31, 2017 @ 6:30 pm

    There are two mad dogs in the video. McCain is another one.

    As long as Trump is surrounded by mad dogs, then we can forget about the hope he will find a peaceful coexistence with Russia.

  7. Kiimm January 31, 2017 @ 8:18 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael – excellent commentary and analysis as usual.

    Somebody’s delusional. Need to get rid of baggy-eyed madd-dog (Mattis-yahoo), McShame too. Double UGH.

    Who let the dawgs out(in) here. Would hope Trump is smarter than all this.

    Love the way the snow wind suddenly gusts when you said “Russian Bear.” And, you don’t seem a bit cold. 🙂

    Humor us here about “breaking up” 🙂

    Be careful and may God be with you in San Francisco during street ministry there. We are with you.

  8. Citizenfitz January 31, 2017 @ 9:21 pm

    Is it just me…

    Or does anyone else get the creeps thinking about McCain being in the same room with their 12 year old granddaughter?

  9. Eileen K. January 31, 2017 @ 10:13 pm


    I totally agree with Kiimm, Kalin and Jaroslav Belicka.

    All 3 are telling the same stories about Mad Dog Mattis. It looks like Trump’s made a big mistake picking that guy for Defense Secretary.

    This reminds me of a time nearly a century ago, when then British PM Lloyd George picked Winston Churchill as Lord of the Admiralty, on the eve of World War 1. Mike S. King didn’t refer to Churchill as the British Mad Dog for nothing.

    If we’re to compare Mad Dog Mattis with anyone, how about comparing him to British Mad Dog Churchill? Churchill barked at Kaiser Wilhelm II’s Germany in 1914 just as Mattis is barking at Putin’s Russia in 2017.

    The difference between them, however, is that Mattis doesn’t have the ego and lust for power as Churchill had.

    Now, Trump made a wise choice in choosing Michael Flynn as his Security Advisor. Flynn actually traveled to Russia and had conversations with Russian officials which, btw, drove the neocons crazy.

    Flynn returned with good news about Russia and its president and advised Trump to go ahead and pursue cordial relations with him. Trump will now have to tell Mattis to “Stick with the Program, or get out”.

    I see, Brother, that you’ll be heading out to San Francisco on February 2 on your Gospel Mission.

    I, like Kiimm, urge you to be very careful out there. You may succeed in getting the denizens there welcoming you with open arms, as you had in the other cities you’ve preached in. May the Lord Jesus Christ protect you as you preach His Gospels to one of the most Liberal cities in the nation.

    God bless you always,


    P.S.: I haven’t been able to watch your videos for a week now, since the internal speakers on my laptop have gone kaput and I no longer have any sound 🙁 It looks like my only solution to that problem is to replace it with a new laptop.

  10. Jim McGowan February 1, 2017 @ 12:34 am

    It sounded to me that the Trump-Putin 1 hr long conversation went well.

    Perhaps the Mad Dog Mattis confirmation hearing talk was boiler plate to keep Jewry’s “goyim” bought/blackmailed poodles McCain and — can’t think of his name — the light foot guy from S. Carolina making headlines.

    Given history both sides have reason to be wary of each other. Good fence repair and healthy defenses make for stable/friendly relations.

    Burgeoning Christianity in Russia and Poland should be a blessing as we move forward. Perhaps Jewry’s commie/globalist/cultural Marxist/traitor? incompetent (handling ME refuges) Merkel leaving the scene and France’s Le Pen winning will help resurrect full on Christianity in both France and Germany.

    Improving relations between Roman and Orthodox Christian tradition will also smooth the waters.

    With a lot of help from you Brother Nathanael, your videos and tremendous website, I see clearly the perpetual fly in the ointment is Jewry … their way / their raison d’etre to perpetually stir the pot and if they can overturn it.

    Christianity has a history of keeping this dangerous joker in its box … since 1789 the joker has been out wrecking havoc … 1789 the French Judeo-masonic Revolution formally ended 1000 year (literally 789 – 1789) ban on usury. Time to put these jokers back in their box for say 1000 years?

    I note the Russian Orthodox Church is reviewing usury … perhaps they will find the right formula and the West will follow Russia’s lead.

    Trump requesting and then having Andrew Jackson’s portrait ever in his sight when at his desk in the Oval office seems a clear possibility that Trump emulate Jackson and “kill” the criminal Rothschild central bank known as the Federal Reserve in line with Br. Nathanael’s list of Trump demands.

    Ending the Jewry owned Fed would cement his place in history. Could be. Could be.

  11. German February 1, 2017 @ 1:37 am

    @Eileen K.

    And don’t forget that Trump brought Churchill’s bust back into the Oval Office!

  12. Ted Gorsline February 1, 2017 @ 3:31 am

    @Jim McGowan

    Usury is an intersting subject. Muslims don’t beleive in it and perhaps that threat has led to the anti-Muslim hysteria of today.

    I talked to a truck driver who wanted to buy a new vehicle and he said he could not compete with Muslim truck/owner drivers because they borrowed money from their temples and were not charged interest.

    He had to get money from a (usually Jewish owned) bank, and the interest charges were such that he could not afford to pay the interest and then charge low enough trucking rates to compete with his Muslim rivals.

  13. Ted Gorsline February 1, 2017 @ 3:39 am


    David Irving has great videos about the real Winston Churchill who allegedly lost his shirt during the Depression leading up to WW2.

    According to some sites it only cost $40K in pay offs to top up Churchill’s losses and get Churchill to start WW2.

    Churchill’s mother was a notorious Jewish party girl, with an estimated 200 lovers, and those were the circles he hung around with.

    He was a great writer, but then oddly enough alcoholism and good writing often seem to go together. Ernest Hemingway was another example as were most of the good Irish writers.

  14. Cornelius February 1, 2017 @ 6:46 am

    Russia is not the real enemy, because it is too powerful.

    The US Army can not even defeat a third world country on its own. They lost the Seminole War while they outspend the Seminoles a million to one and almost bankrupted the country over it.

    They really need a good enemy right now, to distract the American public from their falling standard of living. The problem is, there isn’t one. Trying to make Europe go to war against itself, and then invading at the last moment is one straw they are grasping at, but I don’t think that will work.

    Iran is not on the table because of the debacle in Syria. North Korea is not an option, because of China.

    My suggestion is they turn on their allies and confiscate their gold, fine their banks and businesses, make them pay “protection” like a street gang would. Wait a minute, they are already doing that and it’s not working anymore.

    I’m at a loss now. Maybe we should ask our masters in Israel.

  15. KathJuliane February 1, 2017 @ 9:10 am

    Jordan Embassy US:


    Their Majesties King Abdullah and Queen Rania meet with leading US congressmen in Washington, DC, on Tuesday (Photo courtesy of Royal Court)

    AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah on Tuesday discussed regional developments and Jordan’s strategic relations with the US at meetings in Washington, DC, with chairs and members of Congress committees.

    Talks at the meetings, part of which was attended by Her Majesty Queen Rania, also covered the Kingdom’s role in dealing with the crises in the region and anti-terrorism efforts from a holistic approach, according to a Royal Court statement.

    The King met with Senate leaders and the heads and members of the Senate’s Appropriations Committee and its Armed Services Committee.

    His Majesty also held talks with the chairpersons and members of the US House of Representatives’ foreign affairs and armed services committees, in addition to its subcommittee on state, foreign operations and related programmes, the statement said.

    Talks addressed developments such as the Middle East peace process, the Syrian crisis and the situation in Iraq.

    King Abdullah warned that moving the US embassy to Jerusalem will have regional consequences that will diminish the opportunity for peace and reaching the two-state solution.

    It may also weaken the chances for a successful war on terror, His Majesty added.

    Relocating the embassy from Tel Aviv will have a negative impact on the region’s security and stability, he continued, citing Jerusalem’s key importance for Arab and Muslim peoples.

    Such a move, according to His Majesty, will feed into the anger and despair among Arabs and Muslims, enabling extremists to further spread their dark ideologies and agendas.

    In this regard, the Monarch stressed that there is no alternative to the two-state solution, which guarantees justice, freedom and stability, highlighting the importance of avoiding measures that may undermine opportunities to resume the peace process.

    On the Syrian crisis, His Majesty called for sustaining the ceasefire in the country and for fighting terrorism, which, he said, represents the ideal solution to protect Syrians and ensure for them security all over Syria.

    King Abdullah stressed the significance of the unity and stability of Syria and Iraq, as well as the need to work out inclusive political solutions to curb the threat of sectarian division.

    The King and the members of Congress also reviewed the latest developments in Iraq, highlighting the need to achieve national conciliation involving all components of the Iraqi society.

    In this regard, His Majesty said that supporting the Iraqi national concord is a Jordanian higher interest.

    He also called for global cooperation in the war against terrorism, which, he said, threatens the entire world, underlining the importance of assessing the repercussions of some policies, so as to prevent extremists from having a tighter foothold and isolating Islamic communities in the West.

    King Abdullah praised the role of the US government and Congress in providing economic and military assistance to the Kingdom.

    For their part, the heads and members of committees expressed their appreciation of His Majesty’s vision and policy on various regional and international challenges, as well as Jordan’s key role in efforts to bring about peace and stability in the Middle East.

    In an interview with the Jordan News Agency, Petra, the chair of the US House’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Ed Royce (R-California), said the King’s vision on various issues is important for the US and for US Congress members.

    Royce cited His Majesty’s “excellent” relations with several nations around the world and his ability to offer advice on what needs to be done to achieve stability and economic growth in the region.

    The US Congress, he added, “highly” values the King’s views on these issues.

    Over the years, the lawmaker said, King Abdullah has provided advice on how to deal with the Syrian crisis, but the international community failed to heed that advice.

    Now, the King is working once again to galvanise international efforts to take the necessary steps to deal with the Syrian refugee crisis and bolster chances of ending conflict in the region, Royce added.

    The US representative commended His Majesty’s efforts to urge the US and the world to find solutions to crises and conflicts in the Middle East, Petra reported.

    The head of the House’s Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Florida), told Petra that the King represents “the voice of reason”, welcoming his “deep” insight into the region and the various challenges pressuring Jordan.

    She thanked the King for the support Jordan offers to refugees, stressing the importance of the long-standing US-Jordanian ties.

    For his part, Eliot Engel (D-New York), who is also a member of the US House’s Foreign Affairs Committee, affirmed that members of the congressional panel respect His Majesty, stressing the “positivity” in US-Jordanian ties due to the King’s leadership and his role as “a man of peace”.

    He said that when he feels frustrated on what is going on in the Middle East, and hears His Majesty, it is like “breathing fresh air”, and he comes to the conclusion that there are leaders in the Middle East who can lead the region to peace.

    He added that the friendship between the US and Jordan is “deep-rooted”, and members of the committee believe that Jordan is a partner in peacemaking, and that His Majesty plays a key role towards this end.

    Regarding the repercussions Jordan is facing as a result of the refugee crisis and the US role in helping in this regard, Engel expressed appreciation for the Kingdom’s efforts in shouldering this burden, adding that the Washington would continue helping Jordan so that it is not left alone.

    Jordan should not be punished for doing this part as a good neighbour and an effective partner that understands the magnitude and dimensions of the problem, the lawmaker added.

    Kay Granger (R-Texas), chairwoman of State and Foreign Operations Appropriations Subcommittee, said that the meeting with King Abdullah was important and the relations between the US and Jordan have a special nature and importance.

    King Abdullah’s visions and views are always helpful when it comes to US relations with the Middle East, especially in light of the various changes in the region, she said.

    The congresswoman described the Kingdom as peace protector in the region.

    His Majesty does not only speak about Jordan’s issues, as he defends all regional causes and seeks peace and stability in the entire Middle East, Granger noted.

    She also stressed that the US support to Jordan is very essential, referring to a memorandum of understanding that governs the US financial support for the Kingdom, adding that this support is not only important to Jordan but to the US as well, because Jordan serves not only its interests but also those of the region and the world community.

    Jordan Times
    February 1, 2017

  16. Santiago February 1, 2017 @ 12:16 pm

    Israel Testament against the entire human kind is going East to destroy Asia and Eurasia.

    The West is entirely under the self-chosen will even when the very few super heroes like DJ Trump temporary arise but soon they get doomed.

    Orthodox Christianity is the only religion left standing: Catholicism, Islam, Protestantism and even Buddhism has been totally degenerated.

    To watch Dalai Lama mocking Trump was the tip of the iceberg.

    So, decent human kind of the 21st century has just one way to point ahead: Orthodox Christianity and that means Russia.

    My prayers are for Brother Nathanael to get a Russian Residency and Nationality.

  17. Jason February 1, 2017 @ 12:33 pm

    Nuclear war does not bring commerce, trade or prosperity.

    Only disease, famine and death on a massive scale is the inevitable outcome.

    Buffoons like Hillary “We came. We saw. He died” Clinton and John “Insane” McCain may believe that limited nuclear war between Russia and the U.S.A is survivable, but neither Putin or Trump is that stupid.

    American military power will now largely pivot towards Iran, North Korea and China in what could be called “carrot or stick” diplomacy.

  18. raisedblackflagziodisinfowags February 1, 2017 @ 12:37 pm

    That Loopy Beagle sure wants to Infect The Bear
    With Cyber Mites & Much Worse

    Real Fight exists on Another Plane
    Plainly Prophesied in Scripture to share
    Against the Zohar/Kabbalah Curse

    Luciferian World Government Be Here In The NOW
    Borders, Language, Culture just a Shoah
    Minions all Bow To The Beast & Kowtow
    CoIntelPro False Flag Pretext Death Blow Blood Flow

  19. KathJuliane February 1, 2017 @ 1:55 pm

    Veterans’ News Now/Consortium News

    Photo caption: “There has been no American president who has not engaged in wars and murders outside of the US borders.

    Those 5 of them (now Trump is the 6th) who are now alive had their bloody hands involved in their main wars in the countries mentioned below.

    [Take a look at the presidents who caused the illegal economic migrant problems on the Mexican border, and and the MENA economic/refugee crisis into Europe — not that the European governments have clean hands or can plead ignorance.

    After all, Obama destroyed Libya at Sarkozy’s whining because Libya’s oil and gold threatened French interests just as Qaddafi threatened France’s influence in Africa.

    Mexico, in fact, does conduct border control on their own southern border with Central America on behalf of the US.

    **The U.S.-backed Plan Mexico, known as the “Mérida Initiative” in policy circles, provides $1.6-2.5 billion of U.S. taxpayer money to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

    The stated intention of the program involves “security aid to design and carry out counter-narcotics, counter-terrorism, and border security measures.” – Kj]





    –George HW Bush

    Gulf War
    Soviet Union

    –George W Bush




    Obama’s Bombing Legacy

    By VNN on January 19, 2017

    When will we ever learn to tell the difference between corrupt warmongers like Obama and Mattis and progressive leaders who will let us live in peace.

    President Obama has joked he still doesn’t know why he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, but his record of waging war was no joke to thousands at the receiving end of U.S. bombs, says Nicolas J S Davies.

    by Nicolas J S Davies

    As President Obama leaves office, much of his foreign policy record remains shrouded in the symbolism that has been the hallmark of his presidency.

    The persistence of Obama’s image as a reluctant war-maker and a Nobel Peace Prize winner has allowed Donald Trump and his cabinet nominees to claim that Obama has underfunded the military and been less than aggressive in his use of U.S. military power.

    Nothing could be further from the truth, and their claims are clearly designed only to justify even more extravagant military spending and more aggressive threats and uses of force than those perpetrated under Mr. Obama’s “disguised, quiet, media-free” war policy.

    The reality is that Obama has increased U.S. military spending beyond the post-World War II record set by President George W. Bush.

    Now that Obama has signed the military budget for FY2017, the final record is that Obama has spent an average of $653.6 billion per year, outstripping Bush by an average of $18.7 billion per year (in 2016 dollars).

    In historical terms, after adjusting for inflation, Obama’s military spending has been 56 percent higher than Clinton’s, 16 percent higher than Reagan’s, and 42 percent more than the U.S. Cold War average, when it was justified by a military competition with a real peer competitor in the Soviet Union.

    By contrast, Russia now spends one-tenth of what we are pouring into military forces, weapon-building and war [and gets more done, more efficiently and economically supporting Putin’s strategies of a truly defensive military protecting Russia -Kj].

    What all this money has paid for has been the polar opposite of what most of Obama’s supporters thought they were voting for in 2008.

    Behind the iconic image of a hip, sophisticated celebrity-in-chief with strong roots in modern urban culture, lies a calculated contrast between image and reality that has stretched our country’s neoliberal experiment in “managed democracy” farther than ever before and set us up for the previously unthinkable “post-truth” presidency of Donald Trump.

    Obama’s Model

    Obama’s doctrine of covert and proxy war was modeled on the Phoenix Program in Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s and Ronald Reagan’s proxy wars in Central America in the 1980s.

    It involved a massive expansion of U.S. special operations forces, now deployed to 138 different countries, compared with only 60 when Obama took office.

    As senior military officers told the Washington Post in June 2010, the Obama administration allowed, “things that the previous administration did not,” and, “They are talking publicly much less but they are acting more. They are willing to get aggressive much more quickly.”

    Wherever possible, U.S. forces have recruited and trained proxy forces to do the actual fighting and dying, from the Iraqi government’s Shiite death squads to Al Qaeda splinter groups in Libya and Syria (supporting “regime change” projects in those countries) to mercenaries serving Arab monarchies and seemingly endless cannon fodder for the war in Afghanistan.

    Obama’s ten-fold expansion of drone strikes further reduced U.S. casualties relative to numbers of foreigners killed.

    This fostered an illusion of peace and normality for Americans in the homeland even as the death toll inflicted by America’s post-9/11 wars almost certainly passed the two million mark.

    The targets of these covert and proxy wars are not just guerrilla fighters or “terrorists” but also the “infrastructure” or “civilian support mechanism” that supports guerrillas with food and supplies, and the entire shadow government and civil society in areas that resist domination.

    As a U.S. officer in Iraq explained to Newsweek in 2005, “The Sunni population is paying no price for the support it is giving the terrorists. From their point of view, it is cost-free. We have to change that equation.”

    In previous decades, the victims of similar operations in Central America included the grandfather of a young lady I met in Cotzal in Guatemala – he was beheaded by an Army death squad for giving food to the Guerrilla Army of the Poor.

    The Catholic Church has now named Father Stanley Rother from Oklahoma, who was killed by a Guatemalan Army death squad in Santiago Atitlan in 1981, as a martyr and candidate for sainthood.

    Bloody Iraq

    In Iraq, the targets of such operations have included hundreds of academics and other professionals and community leaders.

    Just last week, U.S. air strikes targeted and killed three senior professors and their families in their homes at Mosul University.

    The victims included Dr. Mohamad Tybee Al-Layla (Ph.D. Texas), the highly respected former Dean of the College of Engineering.

    At the start of the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, President George W. Bush ordered the U.S. military to conduct a devastating aerial assault on Baghdad, known as “shock and awe.”

    In 2004, after the assassination of Dr. Abdul-Latif Ali Al-Mayah in Baghdad, a senior police officer explained who killed him and why to British journalist Stephen Grey:

    “Dr. Abdul-Latif was becoming more and more popular because he spoke for people on the street here. … You can look no further than the Governing Council.

    “They are politicians that are backed by the Americans and who arrived to Iraq from exile with a list of their enemies. I’ve seen these lists. They are killing people one by one.”

    As Obama’s murderous proxy wars in Iraq and Syria have spun further out of control, U.S. special operations forces and U.S.-trained death squads on the ground have increasingly been backed up by U.S. and allied air forces.

    Four years ago, as Obama was inaugurated for a second term, I wrote that the U.S. and its allies dropped 20,000 bombs and missiles in his first term.

    In his second term, they have dropped four times that number, bringing the total for Obama’s presidency to over 100,000 bombs and missiles striking seven countries, surpassing the 70,000 unleashed on five countries by George W. Bush.

    Obama inherited a massive air campaign already under way in Afghanistan, where the U.S. and its allies dropped over 4,000 bombs and missiles every year for six years between 2007 and 2012.

    Altogether, U.S.-led air forces have dropped 26,000 bombs and missiles on Afghanistan under Obama, compared with 37,000 under Bush, for a total of 63,000 bomb and missile strikes in 15 years.

    But the new U.S.-led bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria since 2014 has been much heavier, with 65,730 bomb and missile strikes in 2 1/2 years.

    Iraq has now been struck with 74,000 bombs and missiles, even more than Afghanistan:

    29,200 in the “Shock & Awe” assault of 2003; 3,900 more before the invasion and during the U.S. occupation; and now another 41,000 in “Shock & Awe II” since 2014, including the current siege and bombardment of Mosul.

    Obama’s total of 100,000 air strikes are rounded out by 24,700 bombs and missiles dropped on Syria, 7,700 in NATO and its Arab monarchist allies’ bombing of Libya in 2011, another 496 strikes in Libya in 2016, and at least 547 drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.

    Failed Policy

    Donald Trump and his choices for secretaries of State and Defense, Rex Tillerson and Jim Mattis, respectively, are right to say that Obama’s war policy has failed.

    But they are wrong to insist that the answer is to spend even more on weapons and use them even more aggressively.

    Obama’s failure was the result of his deference to generals, admirals, the CIA and hawkish advisers like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, and of his blind faith in U.S. military power.

    But war was never a legitimate or effective response to terrorism.

    The misuse of military force has only spread violence and chaos across the Muslim world and spawned an explosive mix of political disintegration, rule by militias and warlords, a dizzying proliferation of armed groups with different interests and loyalties and, ultimately, more blowback for the West.

    Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey, Israel, Qatar and other “allies” have been only too eager to exploit and redirect our aggression against their own enemies:

    Iran; Syria; Libya; and different ethnic groups, minorities and political movements in what was, for centuries, a diverse, tolerant region of the world.

    The U.S. has become a blind giant stumbling through a thick forest of shadows and unseen dangers, striking out with its devastating war machine at the instigation of self-serving allies and the same dark forces in its own “intelligence” bureaucracy who have stirred up trouble, staged coups and unleashed war in country after country for seventy years.

    (Meme graphic: U.S. Asistant Secretary of State Department diplomat, Victoria Nuland’s telephone intercept on Ukraine – The Guardian, UK.)

    The only consistent beneficiary in all this death, destruction and chaos is the “military industrial complex” that President Eisenhower warned us against in his farewell address in 1961.

    In 2012, I researched and wrote about how General Dynamics CEO Lester Crown and his Chicago family backed and bankrolled the political career of Barack Obama.

    As manufacturers of Virginia class submarines, Arleigh Burke and Zumwalt destroyers and littoral combat ships (all programs saved, revived or expanded by Obama) as well as other types of munitions, the Crown family’s patronage of Barack Obama has proven to be a profitable investment, from the violence and chaos in the Muslim world to the New Cold War with Russia to the “pivot” to the South China Sea.

    Now Mr. Trump has nominated General Dynamics board member, General James “Mad Dog” Mattis as Secretary of Defense, despite his responsibility for illegal rules of engagement and systematic war crimes in Iraq, an obvious conflict of interest with the millions he has earned at General Dynamics and clear laws that require civilian control of the military.

    When will we ever learn to tell the difference between corrupt warmongers like Obama and Mattis and progressive leaders who will let us live in peace with our neighbors around the world, even at the expense of General Dynamics’ profits?

    Nicolas J S Davies is the author of Blood On Our Hands: the American Invasion and Destruction of Iraq.

    He also wrote the chapters on “Obama at War” in Grading the 44th President: a Report Card on Barack Obama’s First Term as a Progressive Leader.

    **Merida Initiative

    ( )

    “Mexico has significantly increased its security efforts over the past 10 years.

    “Coordination between the two countries is near unprecedented levels, from senior levels all the way down to local law enforcement. And the tougher we get on Mexico, the more likely we are to reverse these hard-fought gains.”

    Never underestimate Mexican machismo and pride.

    Trump better think it through what would happen not only to border security and anti-drug lord operations, etc., but Mexico’s bilateral currency and financial policies if Mexico pulled the plug on their end of the Merida Initiative agreement.

  20. Ted Gorsline February 1, 2017 @ 3:44 pm

    I once drove from Hamilton, Ontario to Canada to the Border of Mexico.

    It took about 18 hours. I then drove to Mexico City. That also took about 18 hours. I then drove to Guatemala City and I think that was another 18 hours.

    People can pour into the USA from Central America in 36 hours with the road system that is there now.

    All governments need to be able to control their borders. They owe it to the taxpayesr who pay their bills. If America has 14 million illegals, none of whom pay taxes that is a huge financial drain on everyone else.

    The problem in Europe is the same. A few million have made their way to Germany, but there are 35 million waiting in the wings none of whom pay a nickel to the tax base of the countries they plan to invade.

    If you kill the goose that lays the golden egg everybody loses.

  21. KathJuliane February 1, 2017 @ 4:33 pm

    Syria already has “safe zones” — the government controlled areas.

    When given a choice of directions to flee, over and over the Syrian people fled towards the SAA and government-secured areas.

    The “Battle for East Aleppo” wasn’t so much a war as it was a massive, bloody, ground-pounding, hard-won urban rescue operation of the people out from under 4 years of brutal occupation by the Western-backed FSA/al Nusra.


    The Truth About #Aleppo : Victory Tribute

    December 22

    A side you will never see from the pro-AlQaeda mainstream media. They want to tell you that Aleppo has “fallen”.

    Aleppo doesn’t fall, she rises like a pheonix! A victory as historical as Stalingrad. This is thanks to all those who supported us and to the heroes who resisted.


    Russia Insider:Great Reportage on Russia’s Chechen Military Police in Syria

    [This MP battalion is the first of its kind and prototype for the development of more MP units of its kind who are capable of security, policing and other tasks working in cooperation with local civil authorities on foreign deployments.

    It is also multi-religious: Sunni, Shia, Orthodox Christian, and Buddhist]

    Commander says is thankful for the the opportunity to change the horrible image Syrians have of Chechens based on jihadis that came before them

    We reported last month a mainly Chechen unit of Russia’s military police was dispatched to Syria.

    Now ANNA News, a very active Russian-language news service based in Abkhazia, has visited the men in Aleppo and produced a 25 minute reportage.

    Some highlights:

    Their job is to provide security for the Russian sappers clearing mines and unexploded ordnance.

    They are also tasked with cordoning off explosives-infested areas to prevent civilian casualties and guarding Russian mobile hospitals.

    They’re mainly Sunni, but they also have a Buddhist, Shia and Orthodox Christians. Commander says “we’ve got 4 nationalities and 4 confessions” but “we’re first of all Russian citizens and in service of the Russian Army”.

    A Russian soldier says they were welcome by the city’s residents and do not mistrust them. (Appropriately they wear brightly-colored berets rather than helmets.)

    At one point in the video Russians demand the reluctant Syrians bury the corpse of a believed to be al-Qaeda (Jabhat al-Nusra) fighter, (“Jabhat al-Nusra are people too.”)

    Aside from the Russian command in Syria they also send daily reports to Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov.

    The commander believes they were sent because as Chechens they are close by faith and traditions and can better understand and relate to Syrians.

    He also says the locals initially had a very bad image of Chechens based on jihadis that came before them, and are surprised when they learn the ‘Russians’ in red berets are Chechen as well.

    Overall bits of the video seem somewhat staged (Syrians find an unexploded bomb just when the cameras are there), but you definitely get the feeling Russia’s soldiers are not seen as occupiers and have nothing to fear from the population.

    They are quite relaxed in their dealings with their locals and their cordons have nothing like the tense feel of trigger happy American checkpoints in Iraq.

  22. Romanghor February 1, 2017 @ 5:27 pm

    @Ted Gorsline

    Wrong Teddy, illegals pay taxes, they use “fake documents” with their real names to get jobs, and pay employment taxes, income taxes, consumer taxes, property taxes…

    Of course, the so called “Christian conservatives” wont mention that, because again for them “Christianity” is nothing more than a TRICK used for social-political interests when it is convenient.

    And when Christianity is not convenient when it comes to illegals and them paying taxes or being good people, then conservatives CHOOSE LYING, that illegals dont pay taxes and ranting all that uncompassionate rhetoric and rhetoric to demonize illegals for political interests.

    If the US does not like illegal immigration, then the US should not have created the problems in the countries of those immigrants.

    What can you expect if the US sends thousands of weapons (Wide-Receiver, Fast-and-Furious) to sanguinary criminals in Mexico? Harmony and peace?

    The US loves drug-trafficking because that is a very profiting business, specially for the people that make the agonist drugs!

    You should read Robert Lansing’s letter about Mexico to understand who rules Mexico.

    Also since 1920, the puppet government of Mexico has massacred Mexicans and violated human rights, and yet the US gives a blind eye.

    So why the US has not intervene and overthrown the government of Mexico? As Franklin D. Roosevelt said ” Samoza may be a son of a b… but at least he is OUR son of a b…”, I hope you get the concept!

    BTW, when going into Central America, did you cross or see the BIG WALL on the south border of Mexico, that conservatives claim exists?

    I still can’t find it but “I am sure” there is one according to conservatives like Michael Savage, who insist there is one and keeps calling the Mexican government officials, “hypocrites”! (Please read with sarcasm)!

  23. Rangamelon February 1, 2017 @ 6:24 pm

    Trump is the best!

    Liberals suck.

  24. Irene Bonney Faulkes February 1, 2017 @ 10:00 pm

    ‘Mad dogs and Englishmen’ very aptly describes the British.

    Bulldog Churchill under the thumb of Jews basically due to his gambling debts having been financed by them, nevertheless was a naturally born mad dog who helped demolish Germany from being the nation she was. Still one does wonder about judgment possible on all nations in that regard.

    True Christianity is all but missing throughout Germany one hears. The Judaists have deceived most there into believing they must assist Israel in her unscriptural demands for a land in Palestine, for which Israelis were never intended. They are not the people of God at all.

    The Old Testament is not embodied in their cult. They follow the Talmud and not that old Torah. Their present Torah includes interpretation by numerous Rabbis over many centuries denying the truth of the real Scriptures as well as their amplifications.

    The truths of the Gospel as given to St. Paul are all but disregarded there and in all Western countries, and that surely includes the U.S.A,

    I was impressed on reading an article on line that was followed by quite a few comments. Those making them were Russian people and all of the comments contained Christian sentiments. In the West, such are sparse.

    However, I must firmly declare that there are those in the West, even if few, who do realize that Christianity is not Judeo-Christian. True Christianity rid itself of its Judaism in the first hundred years of its history.

    The Bible itself reveals there is no Judaism in Christianity. Paul clearly states that Jews although better off due to their having been given the Law and some knowledge of God, were in the same position as non-Jews who had all been pagans until the time of Christ. Both groups of people were in one condition. They were all sinners. All need the same Christ.

    The two classes of converts to Christ were made ‘one new creation’, Paul did say.

    We still have the Bible in all of its truth, if people who call themselves Christian would read it as it is and not weave myths or fanciful ideas into its structure of whatever the translation.

    The truth is there but most would rather follow what their natural desires for earthy benefits shouts aloud within their hearts.

    Whether he be President or General, it would be to act as a mad dog to wage war on Russia.

    Firstly, there is the nuclear threat. Secondly, their forces would need to stand against Russian military might of which most Western citizens seem to be blissfully unaware.

    Of course, if in the West they do understand this, their policy could be, ‘No war on Russia yet. Let us build up our defences first’.

    I think the best course would be for Christians in all those countries to become aware of the enslavement to delusion that the Jews have magically imposed upon them.

    This would be a return to a certain kind of true Christianity in doctrine at least, that could affect what their nation would do politically.

  25. Citizenfitz February 1, 2017 @ 10:21 pm

    Cornelius: “The US Army can not even defeat a third world country on its own. They lost the Seminole War while they outspend the Seminoles a million to one and almost bankrupted the country over it.”

    The Seminoles lost the war.

  26. Rabbitnexus February 1, 2017 @ 10:43 pm

    It seems no matter who gets “elected” when the US Election Circus comes to town, we always end up with brainless bozos running things.

    Well Mattis can bark all he likes.

    If this orange clown and his gang think they can reverse the mess Obama’s lot made because they’re better, then they’re just going to go down twice as hard.

    The orange clown was elected on a very clear and agreed on promise to change exactly this sort of thing.

    So far he’s just Obama with an orange clown suit on as far as I can tell.

  27. Citizenfitz February 1, 2017 @ 11:29 pm

    The corruption we see in WDC is just a distilled reflection of the venality of John Q. Public.

    Our ancestors embarked on a great English experiment which started out well – provided there were Indian lands to plunder – but which seems poised to fail very dramatically. Probably in the near future.

    While there are still some Americans of good will, the group mind of the country is of bad will: abortion, fag marriage, transgenderism, wars of conquest….

    Don’t drop your billfold or purse in America because you’re probably not going to get it back. That is unless I find it.

    I once found a ladies billfold and contacted the owner, who soon came to get it. She opened it up in front of me and checked to make sure the money was still in it. She didn’t even say thank you.
    But, at least she didn’t count it out in front of me.

    When my brother died, his girlfriend grabbed everything for herself.

    Two hundred thou$and plus, I suppose.

    When my other brother died his ex-wife grabbed the $1,100 he wanted spent on a farewell party in his memory.

    He got a two bit send off with her dumping some of his ashes in a lake he loved. I’m sure she felt better about herself afterwards.

    None of these people were/are unpleasant.

    But that’s the mind of America: pleasant enough – until profit is involved – then the masks come off.

    Your average American likely would have sex with their dead parent’s corpse on the evening news if they were promised $1,000 for it.

    I doubt that Jews would ever do that. Or, if they would, they’d at least have sense enough to realize it was worth a lot more than $1,000.

    America is going to get what America deserves. The robbed and murdered Indians will be avenged. The murdered Iraqis will be avenged. Those murdered civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki will be avenged. The tens of millions of those aborted here will be avenged.

    Christian PRAYER AND PENANCE is our only hope now. The maniacs who are running the asylum have no care for Jesus. But Jesus knows how to take care of them.

    We just need to give Him something to work with.

  28. Ted Gorsline February 2, 2017 @ 1:28 am


    I saw no walls on the way to Guatemala City. I did see a couple of Americans who had been shot by drug dealers.

    To the best of my knowledge there has never been a change of parrties in andy Mexican election which means the country is and has always been completely corrupt, and that the army and government runs the drug trade.

  29. Cornelius February 2, 2017 @ 4:42 am


    Did you learn that in a gubmint school? Just because the US declared victory, doesn’t mean they won.

    By capturing small groups of Seminoles and deporting them to Oklahoma, they made it look like they won. The purpose of the war was to capture runaway slaves, and as part of the ceasefire agreement, the black Seminoles kept their freedom. In other words, the US army lost and tried to save face.

    There were too many mosquito’s and snakes, don’t you get it? Kind of like Navy SEALS who can survive for two weeks on their own going to war against people who can survive on their own.

    The Seminoles lived on indepently in the Everglades and signed a peace treaty in 1945 with the US government.

    If you are interested read about John Horse and the black Seminoles. Forbidden material for kids in government schools, because Juan Caballo and his buffalo soldiers could only find freedom in Mexico.

  30. Cornelius February 2, 2017 @ 5:18 am

    @Ted Gorseline

    FYI the CIA runs the world drug trade, I know this personally for a fact. The corrupt Mexican government is in cahoots with them. All the military checkpoints in Mexico are to catch competitors to the ‘official’ drug dealers.

    Franchises that get too big for their britches get taken out, (Noriega, Pablo, Shorty) but the drugs never stop coming.

    Impediments are removed. (Taliban was a major threat to heroin production)

    About the wall:

    It is the stupidest idea ever. Too stupid to even explain why. I think everyone knows this. Very stupid. (Trump imitation.) Mexicans can dig and climb. Enough said.

  31. Bramble February 2, 2017 @ 11:24 am

    Another interesting video by Brother Nathanael (whose beautiful outdoor scenery is so much more uplifting than everybody else’s indoor ones!)

    May I clear up a few misconceptions by commenters on here about “Usury”?

    Usury has NEVER been forbidden to Christians. It was only forbidden to Israelites in the Bible, and later Jews who cleverly persuaded the Western church that the ban only applied to Christians, leaving control of all the money in the hands of the Jews, down through the ages.

    They also included prohibitions against “usury” when they invented Islam through Mohammed’s first Jewish Yemeni wife Khadija, but the Muslims soon got round it by simply changing the name from “Interest” to “Commission,” which is what all these “Islamic Finance” loans charge.

    Bizarrely, only Christians still worry about usury and continue to rail against it, even though it has never been forbidden to them, while Jews & Muslims happily practice usury, even though it has been forbidden to them.

    The point is that it’s high time Christians woke up from their long sleep.

  32. Sam Cross February 2, 2017 @ 11:50 am

    95% of the heroin in the world comes from Afghanistan.

    We are in Afghanistan and the US troops are guarding the poppy fields. So the CIA is behind the drug trade.

    The Taliban had destroyed all the poppy fields prior to the US invasion of Afghanistan.

    During the Vietnam war the CIA shipped the heroin from the Golden Triangle to the US in the dead bodies of the US military.

  33. Jason February 2, 2017 @ 12:02 pm


    I’m glad that you’re not confusing government bureaucracy, corporations (multinationals) and the military industrial complex with the average U.S. tax paying citizen.

    Most citizens of Western countries (as you know) are simply taken along for the ride. An illusion of democracy is often really all that exists. Will Trump be any different? We each have our respective opinions on this.

    Immigration into the Western world (once largely Caucasian) suites two purposes for those holding the reins of power.

    1. Shrinking populations and rising debts require more slaves to make bricks with less straw.

    2. Mitigate, water down and eventually destroy European culture.

    Note: culture and society are two sides of the same coin.

    This is why the controlled media, TV, Hollywood, Newspapers, Radio etc. does all it can to disparage White males outside of sports. Sports being the great aphrodisiac/distraction of the bewildered masses.

    Perhaps the problem with illegal immigration for many Americans is the criminal element (often violent) that is also enmeshed in their numbers.

    It appears that the majority (e.g. Mexicans) who come to the U.S. illegally (queue jumping) simply want to improve their lives or those of their families. Either way American citizens do bear the societal and physical cost of transition. Sometimes less and sometimes much, much more.

    P.S. Yes. It is undoubtedly difficult to get the affairs of ones own country in place when undergoing destabilization efforts from one or more world powers. The NeoCon wars in the middle east undoubtedly triggered (by design) the mass refugee nightmare that is now unfolding in Europe.

  34. The Elder of Zyklon-B February 2, 2017 @ 4:03 pm

    German is right.

    Putting the sculpture of the drunk and perverted Churchill back in place was one to the very first things Trump did.

    Churchill was a war monger in the truest sense. He wanted Deutschland laid to waste and sold his soul to Jewry to get it.

    Of course it is a “work of art” by a Jew named Jacob Epstein.

    How is Trump of Chabad going to have good relations with Russia while agitating Iran and China? The military is in Poland now firing “salvos” toward Russia now.

    Trump very well could deliver the chaos and destruction here in Jewmerica that those pushing for a global agenda want and need.

    Putting psychos like “Mad Dog” in there will get it done.

  35. Jason February 2, 2017 @ 4:26 pm


    “It is the stupidest idea ever. Too stupid to even explain why. I think everyone knows this. Very stupid. (Trump imitation.) Mexicans can dig and climb. Enough said.”

    Walls historically were never intended in and of themselves to be the perfect defence. They were always built as part of a more comprehensive fortification plan. The walled island city of Tyre was Alexander the Great’s most difficult military challenge lasting many months and at great personal cost (physical injury).

    Think of walls with forts such as the Great Wall of China or Hadrian’s Wall stretching across Brittania. The wall that Trump and many Americans would like to see built is being strengthened or enhanced by a large increase in border service agents, ice officers as well as surveillance technologies.

    Walls offer a psychological deterrent and can go many meters below the ground as well as many meters above. We have a wall around Vatican city, a wall around Paul Ryan’s home and even Obama is building (already built) a wall in front of his new residence.

    Appropriately designed walls do serve a function within their intended framework.

  36. KathJuliane February 2, 2017 @ 5:29 pm

    Ron Paul Institute

    Pre-Emptive Attack Iran Bill Active in US House

    written by daniel mcadams
    saturday january 28, 2017

    You will often see potentially important pieces of legislation languish in the US House.

    A bill will remain active, meaning that it can be brought to the Floor at any time. But it flies just under the radar. Other times the language floats around Washington for years until a “crisis” necessitates its activation and passage.

    As we know well, what eventually became the PATRIOT Act — one of the single greatest attacks on civil liberties in US history — started out and spent much of its early life as a sugar-plumb fairy dancing in neocon fantasies.

    Then came 9/11 and it was dusted off and imposed on the American people. And the United States has never been — and may never be — the same. Either way, these measures are important if seldom seen.

    So it may well be with H.J.Res. 10, introduced in the House just as the new Congress began at the beginning of this month.

    The title of the bill tells the tale: a bill “To authorize the use of the United States Armed Forces to achieve the goal of preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.”

    This legislation, introduced by Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL), is as it appears: an authorization for the President to use military force against Iran. But it is much worse than that.

    Why so? Because it specifically authorizes the president to launch a pre-emptive war on Iran at any time of his choosing and without any further Congressional oversight or input.

    The operative sentence in the resolution reads, “The President is authorized to use the Armed Forces of the United States as the President determines necessary and appropriate in order to achieve the goal of preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.” (Emphasis added).

    President Trump — and, importantly, his entire national security team — has been extraordinarily aggressive toward Iran, repeatedly threatening that country both at the negotiating table and on the battlefield. H.J.Res 10 would be just the blank check the Administration craves to realize such threats.

    And thanks to ongoing US and allied sabre-rattling in the Persian Gulf, tensions continue to escalate.

    At the end of this month, the UK, US and allied military forces will take part in operation “Unified Trident,” a joint exercise in the Persian Gulf that will simulate a military confrontation with Iran.

    How would Washington respond if a bill was active in the Iranian parliament authorizing war on the United States and the Iranian navy began conducting joint exercises with the Chinese in the Gulf of Mexico simulating an attack on the United States?
    ( )

    A few days ago, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Missile Defense Project reported that on January 29:

    “Iran test-fired a “Khorramshahr” medium range ballistic missile from a test site near Semnan, 140 miles east of Tehran.

    Reports claim that the missile flew about 965 km before apparently exploding during reentry.

    The Khorramshahr is a new, indigenously made Iranian missile and its development was announced by Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan in September 2016.

    Little is known, however, about its specifications.

    This test represents a possible violation of UN Resolution 2231, the result of the Iran nuclear deal that calls on the Islamic Republic not to conduct tests of missiles designed to carry nuclear warheads for eight years, starting on July 20, 2015.

    A medium-range ballistic missile (MRBM) is a type of ballistic missile with medium range, and within the U.S. Department of Defense, a medium-range missile is defined by having a maximum range of between 1,000 and 3,000 km.

    The DOD defines a medium-range missile as having a maximum range of between 1,000 and 3,000 km (621 – 1864 miles).

    Not remotely close enough to ever strike the US, but range enough to easily reach Israel, and the Zionist entity’s old secret best friend which came out of the closet a couple of years ago, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    The undemocratic tyrannical monarchial Wahabi Sunni KSA is conducting it’s own cold war against semi-democratic constitutional republican Shia Iran which is tearing the Middle East apart.

    It’s not like Iran doesn’t have 8 or 9 more different short- medium-range ballistic missiles already capable of striking Israel their conventional defense missile systems designed as a deterrent against, oh, who knows, Israel, which does have a history of sneak bombing attacks on other countries developing peaceful nuclear power, particularly Iraq.

    After Iran’s test, the prime minister of the crappy little Jewish state in the Middle East with it own undeclared nuclear weapon arsenal of 80-300 nuclear missiles built from stolen US uranium and secret nuclear technology, clandestine deals with France, and its “Sampson Option,” not ever a signatory to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (Iran is one of the founding signatories of the NPT), goes full chutzpah over Iran’s test of an experimental medium range ballistic missile.

    I’ll venture to guess that the experimental missile was launched south in the direction of the Indian Ocean.

    The irony doesn’t escape me about the elephant turd in the living room, the rogue nuclear state of Israhell.

    The list of nations that secretly sold Israel the material and expertise to make nuclear warheads, or who turned a blind eye to its theft, include today’s staunchest campaigners against proliferation: the US, France, Germany, Britain and even Norway.

    And how can we forget about how Israeli agents charged with buying fissile material and state-of-the-art technology found their way into some of the most sensitive industrial establishments in the world to clandestinely build Dimona.

    This spy ring, known as Lakam, the Hebrew acronym for the innocuous-sounding Science Liaison Bureau (ha-Lishka le-Kishrei Mada ), included such figures as Arnon Milchan, a billionaire Hollywood producer behind such hits as Pretty Woman, LA Confidential, and 12 Years a Slave, who admitted that he worked for an Israeli agency that negotiated arms deals and supported Israel’s secret nuclear weapons project.
    ( )

    Lakam was disbanded in 1986 following the arrest of Jonathan Pollard for espionage on behalf of Israel, and which Netanyahu finally admitted that Pollard acted as an Israeli agent.

    ( )

    The Jew Jonathan Pollard, a US Naval intelligence employee in the Naval Antiterrorist Alert Center in Washington, D.C, was paid for delivering large amounts of classified documents to Lakam agents.

    The Israeli hero and US traitor Pollard was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for “friendly” espionage.

    The high-profile Pollard case was not the only problematic case for Lakam in 1985. Now we go to Hollyweird.

    In California, a US aerospace engineer, Richard Kelly Smyth, the President of a company called MILCO, was indicted that same year for smuggling over 800 krytron switches (a component used in nuclear weapons) to Israel without the required US State Department Munitions Export License.

    The krytrons shipped by Smyth were sent to an Israeli company called Heli-Trading Ltd. owned by notable Israeli movie producer Arnon Milchan.

    Before his prominent Hollywood career, Mr, Milchan had served for decades as a Lekem agent, under the direct command of Lekem spy-master Benjamin Blumberg.

    It later became clear that the company MILCO served as a Lekem front company for obtaining sensitive equipment, technologies and materials for Israeli secret defense-related programs, and in particular its nuclear program.

    The Israeli government asserted that the Krytron incident was a simple mistake by the “exporter” Milco, and that the Pollard operation was an unauthorized deviation from its policy of not conducting espionage in the United States before an admission in 1998 of Israeli responsibility.

    The United States of Israel rewards evil and punishes good. Not one Iranian has ever committed a terrorist act, espionage or treason against the 50 United State of Israel.


    Times of Israel: After Iran tests ballistic missile, Netanyahu urges rethink of ‘failed’ nuke deal

    Tehran fires medium-range missile, capable of carrying nuclear warhead, in unsuccessful test; Israeli PM says he’ll press Trump to reimpose sanctions

    In what is being seen as a challenge to US President Donald Trump, Iran tested a 4,000 kilometer range (2,500 miles) ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, US officials said Monday.

    Terming the test a “flagrant breach” of UN Security Council resolutions, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promptly demanded the reimposition of sanctions against Iran and said he would discuss with Trump a reevaluation of the “entire failed nuclear accord” that the Obama Administration and other P5+1 countries agreed with Iran in 2015.

    The missile test, which Fox News reported took place on Sunday, was unsuccessful; the Khorramshahr medium-range ballistic missile flew 600 miles and then exploded, it said, citing US officials.

    Israel’s Channel 10 television said the failed test actually took place about 10 days ago. It said the Iranians were plainly “testing Trump,” who last week, in a phone conversation with Netanyahu, said the two would consult closely to address “the threats posed by Iran.”

    Fox said the missile was launched from Semnan, outside Tehran, and that the failure involved “a reentry vehicle.” It noted that Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier Gen. Hossein Dehqhan said four months ago that Iran would start producing the missile.

    Netanyahu, who is set to meet Trump at the White House next month, said he would urge a resumption of sanctions against Iran for missile testing, and “additional sanctions against [Iranian] terrorism.” He would also discuss with Trump the “handling of this whole failed nuclear accord.”

    “Iranian aggression must not go unanswered,” he said.

    The nuclear deal, intended to thwart Iran’s rogue nuclear program and championed by President Barack Obama as a “game-changer,” has been consistently castigated by Netanyahu as “a bad deal” that actually paves the way for an Iranian nuclear arsenal.

    Asked about the missile test, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said they were looking into the report.

    “We’re aware that Iran fired that missile. We’re looking into the exact nature of it,” Spicer said.

    UN Resolution 2231, which was passed shortly after the nuclear deal was signed in July 2015, calls on Iran “not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using such ballistic missile technology.”

    Iran argues that because the nuke deal forbids them from pursuing a nuclear weapon, no ballistic missile is capable of carrying atomic arms that don’t exist and thus tests of them are not out of bounds.

    News of the test came a day after Trump committed to enforcing the Iranian nuclear deal, despite his campaign pledge to dismantle the landmark accord that he has repeatedly called “disastrous” and “one of the dumbest deals” he’s ever seen.

    In a Sunday phone call with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abd Al-Aziz Al Saud, the president pledged to “rigorously enforc[e] the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action,” referring to the deal’s formal name, according to a White House readout of the conversation.

    As a candidate, Trump often sent mixed signals about how he would handle the Iranian nuclear threat if he was elected. In his address at last year’s AIPAC Policy Conference, he vowed both to rip up the pact and enforce it.

    “My number one priority is to dismantle the disastrous deal with Iran,” Trump said at the conference in March 2016, calling the controversial agreement signed between the P5+1 world powers and Tehran “catastrophic for America, for Israel and for the whole of the Middle East.” Later in the speech he called to “at the very least” implement the deal that lifted international sanctions on Iran in exchange for it curbing its nuclear program.

    Since Trump’s election in November, his advisers have signaled that he would not unilaterally walk away from the agreement unless Tehran violated its terms.

    Along with Israel, Saudi Arabia has been one of the Middle Eastern countries most opposed to the nuclear deal.

    During their call on Sunday, Trump and King Salman also committed to “address Iran’s destabilizing regional activities” and reaffirmed their commitment to the US-Saudi Arabia strategic alliance.


    Which now in part explains why Israel-loving, Rah Rah Tehran Regime Change Chief Advocate & POTUSI National Security Adviser Flynn’s bully-boy knickers are in a bunch putting Iran “on notice,” and Ambassador to the UN, Nimrata Haley (whose blindingly white teeth are too bright for my sunglasses) calling Iran’s ballistic missile testing “unacceptable” apparently not having actually read the UNSC Resolution.

    Nimrata’s parents came from India, a nuclear weapons power, with international nuclear ballistic missile capacities. India is not a signatory to the 1968 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). It’s argument is that the NPT entrenches the status quo of the existing nuclear weapons states whilst preventing general nuclear disarmament, while at the same time constantly enhancing it’s strategic Nuclear Triad and weapons-grade uranium stockpiles.

    India is also not a signatory to the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), but did accede to the Partial Test Ban Treaty in October 1963. India is a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and four of its 17 nuclear reactors are subject to IAEA safeguards under special agreements.


    Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

    White House Memorandum Calls for Ballistic Missile Defense Review
    Published: January 31, 2017 | By Missile Defense Project

    On January 27, President Donald Trump signed a National Security Presidential Memorandum on rebuilding America’s armed forces that calls for a new Ballistic Missile Defense Review.

    The review is tasked to “identify ways of strengthening missile-defense capabilities, rebalancing homeland and theater defense priorities, and highlighting priority funding areas.”

    A previous draft White House memorandum included language similar to congressional requests mandating a new “Missile Defeat Defense Review” to “determine homeland and theater missile defense priorities; identify of ways to strengthen ballistic missile defense, cruise missile defense, and hypersonic weapon defense; integrate missile defense planning into broader strategic planning; and identify priority funding areas.”
    ( )

    It originally said “Missile Defeat Defense Review”.

    What a shame they corrected the typo. See: Sec 3(ii):

    Memo to Trump: We need to repossess Dimona and all of the nuclear missiles built from stolen US nuclear technology and materials which Israhell has in its possession.

  37. Irene Bonney Faulkes February 2, 2017 @ 8:30 pm

    Chaos in the U.S.A. seems to be No. 1 on their program.

    There is NATO and Ukraine sniping for what ulterior purposes, at Russia.

    we read of U.S.A. war ship movements and activities with South Korea in the whole areas that are topped by other provocations spoken towards China.

    Middle Eastern countries have had millions slaughtered with most leaders toppled.

    The American attacks continue (by mistake they say) in Syria and Iraq that injure and kill innocent people there and often those giving aid – supposedly to defeat an ISIS that American interests created.

    There are ongoing fighting in Afghanistan while the drug traders and poppy growers still pursue the object of enriching yes, the C.I.A. and Presidential interests, but harming American and Allied brave soldiers.

    And as an Australian understanding our refugee problem, now Trump refuses to honor what Obama said he would do — help us out of a difficult situation. Wake up, fellow Aussies.

    Added to all of this is the support of a devastating war by the Saudis against Yemen, killing and starving to death much of its population including women and children.

    Capping such actions is a major threat looming with regard to Iran, a rather innocent player in all of this, for a war of elimination and a possible one with Russia.

    Such a list is at the behest of Israel, true ruler now of Jumerica.

  38. Brother Nathanael February 2, 2017 @ 9:07 pm

    Street Evangelism Report
    San Francisco
    February 2, 2017

    Went to Median Strip near Golden Gate Bridge at Geary Blvd and Park Presidio.

    I was greeted with a gang of 20 year olds driving by me with, “F Jesus you fag!”

    Then another 20 year, this time a girl, yells out “Hail Satan!” Then, a young male with, “F Jesus!” Then a 50 year old man with, “There is no God!”

    THEN two cops pull up to me with their twirly whirlies flashing and a young Chinese cop in his twenties looking like a yuppie with a gun and a badge told me I must leave the median strip. “What law am I breaking?” I replied.

    He said it didn’t matter, I must obey him. I refused. He called for reinforcements. Another cop car pulls up. Then the china man decides to write me up a $500 citation for “unlawful activity on a highway.”

    This is pure wickedness. I told the cop he’ll face Christ on judgement day about this. They let homos run naked on the street here in homo town but a man fully robed holding the Cross ON A MEDIAN in front of a marked-off crosswalk they harrass and flex their cop muscles.

    I walked off, went up to Fulton and Park Presidio median strip and then back to Geary Blvd and Presidio median strip. I was ready to take the cops on again. But they never showed up. I will NOT let them push Jesus Christ off the public square. NEVER.

    America is on the decline. The twenty year olds are immoral and hate Jesus Christ. The JEWS have ruined the goyim youth just like they stated in the Protocols.

    +Brother Nathanael
    Street Evangelist!

  39. KathJuliane February 2, 2017 @ 9:20 pm

    The independent academic Quinnipiac University Poll is a public opinion polling center based at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut.

    It surveys public opinion in Connecticut, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, and nationally.

    It is considerably larger than other academic polling centers.

    The organization employs about 300 interviewers, generally drawing about a quarter of its employees from political science, communications, psychology, and sociology majors, and the remainder of interviewers, from those not affiliated with the university.

    The poll has a full-time staff of ten.

    The university does not disclose Quinnipiac University Poll’s operating budget, and the poll does not accept clients or outside funding.

    Well known American statistician and writer Nate Silver, referred to the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute in his article, “The State of the Polls 2016”

    Silver stated,”The best-performing polls recently have been those from Monmouth University and those from Marist College. Both apply “gold standard” methodologies, using live telephone interviews and placing calls to cellphones as well as landlines, and both participate in the AAPOR Transparency Initiative.

    Quinnipiac University, another “gold standard” pollster, has also performed fairly well of late.
    ( )


    Poll: Over half oppose Trump’s Mexico wall

    More than half of U.S. voters in a new poll reject President-elect Donald Trump’s long-standing promise to build a wall along the Mexican border.

    Fifty-five percent oppose the controversial proposed barrier in the Quinnipiac University survey released Wednesday.

    Forty-two percent support the structure, which became a signature pledge from Trump on the campaign trail.

    Pollsters also found voters have mixed feelings about Trump’s vow to deport undocumented immigrants.

    Sixty-percent think they should be allowed to stay in the U.S. and ultimately apply for citizenship.

    Twelve percent said they should remain in the homeland without a path to citizenship, meanwhile, and 25 percent believe they should leave the country.

    Trump’s call to suspend immigration from nations struggling with terrorism had the most support in the new poll.

    Fifty percent support that policy, even if it involves turning away refugees from such nations, and 44 percent oppose it.

    Trump made border security and combating illegal immigration central messages of his presidential campaign.

    The billionaire has frequently vowed Mexico will pay for a wall along America’s southern border, a measure critics say is costly, impractical and would hurt ties between both nations.

    Trump admitted last week, however, that he would consider fencing for some portions of the boundary.

    The president-elect added he would immediately deport or incarcerate as many as 3 million people in the country illegally who he said had committed crimes here.

    After the border is “secure,” Trump said on Nov. 13, his administration will start making a “determination” about how to handle remaining undocumented immigrants.

    Quinnipiac University conducted its latest survey of 1,071 voters nationwide via cellphone and telephone interviews from Nov. 17 to 20. It has a 3 percentage point margin of error.

    Fox61: Quinnipiac University poll: Almost half of American voters support Trump’s immigration order [“almost half” is a plurality, which is not a majority of American voters]

    HARTFORD — A new Quinnipiac University poll released last week shows more American voters support President Trump‘s executive order to temporarily suspend immigration from several Middle Eastern and North African countries.

    The poll showed American voters support 48 – 42 percent “suspending immigration from ‘terror prone’ regions, even if it means turning away refugees from those regions.”

    A plurality of voters [41%] also said they would support requiring immigrants from Muslim-majority nations to register with American officials, 53-41 percent.

    [The way this is worded, and avoiding saying that the majority polled opposed registration, an inattentive reader is left with the impression that it is a majority of American voters who support Muslim registration. This is an “alternate fact” from Fox, which supports Trump].

    That same survey found that 59 percent of American voters believe illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay in the U.S. and “eventually apply for U.S. citizenship.”

    The national poll was conducted between January 5 – 9.


    Janet Napolitano, then governor of Arizona, a state bordering Mexico which bears the brunt of illegal migrants, said in her 2007 address to the National Press Club:

    I’ve prosecuted the illegal immigrants and the smugglers; I have also vetoed eight bills from my state legislature that I deemed overly harsh and ineffective.

    I declared a state of emergency and was the first governor to openly advocate for the National Guard at the border; yet, I also have refused to agree that a wall by itself is an answer.

    As I often say, “You show me a 50-foot wall, and I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder.”

    When the Senate approved the $3.2-million-a-mile border fence back in 2006, I was enchanted to find that the entire project was turned over to Raytheon, General Dynamics and other military contractors.

    Now the Jews are licking its chops.

    Bloomberg announced in screaming headlines: Israeli Company That Fenced in Gaza Angles to Help Build Trump’s Mexico Wall

    An Israeli security company is making a push in Washington this week to help build Donald Trump’s Mexican border wall following the U.S. president’s praise of Israel’s success in boosting security by fencing off its frontiers.

    Shares of Yehud, Israel-based Magal Security Systems Ltd. jumped 5.6 percent on Jan. 27, the day after Trump told Fox News a security barrier could almost completely stop border breaches.

    The company’s shares have risen nearly 50 percent since Trump’s election.

    Executives from Magal’s U.S.-based Senstar unit will show off its FiberPatrol product at a Jan. 31 conference on border security.

    Officials from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and other agencies will talk to the gathering of defense contractors in Alexandria, Virginia, according to Magal Chief Executive Officer Saar Koursh.

    The system, which embeds fiber-optic sensors in long stretches of fences and walls, is already used for perimeter security at airports and seaports around the world, he said.

    “We have the right product and we have the experience in Israel that helps in showcasing our product,” Koursh said in a telephone interview Jan. 26.

    Magal was a major contractor on Israel’s West Bank barrier, a stretch of sensor-laden fences and concrete walls that was begun in 2002 to counter a wave of Palestinian suicide-bombings.

    The company has also helped build a fence along Israel’s border with Egypt, which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented on Saturday as an example for Trump’s Mexican wall.

    “President Trump is right,” Netanyahu said on Twitter. “I built a wall along Israel’s southern border. It stopped all illegal immigration. Great success. Great idea.” [Sounding Trumpian in a most remarkable way].

    That intervention prompted a statement of “profound surprise, rejection and disappointment” from Mexico’s Foreign Ministry.

    Netanyahu was referring to Israel’s “specific security experience which we are willing to share,” Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon said later on Twitter. “We do not express a position on U.S.-Mexico relations.”

    In the interview with Fox News, Trump said a wall would be effective in preventing illegal immigration from Mexico.

    “All you have to do is ask Israel,” he said. “They were having a total disaster coming across, and they had a wall. It’s 99.9 percent stoppage.”

    Palestinians say much of the West Bank barrier intrudes on private land and refer to it as an “apartheid wall.” In an advisory opinion, the International Court of Justice said in 2004 that portions of the project built in occupied territory were illegal.

    Hurray! We are saved! Make Israel Great Again! MIGA! Thank you, POTUSI!

    Perhaps we can also expect a special new work visa category for labor for the outsourced contract labor on the Great Wall of Trump.

    And the Jews will also rush to monopolize the 51 foot ladder market in Mexico.

  40. Brother Nathanael February 2, 2017 @ 9:41 pm


    Flynn is incompetent. His ludicrous “ON NOTICE” threat is empty.

    Trump just tweeted the same nonsense “Iran is ‘ON NOTICE.’ Russia stated there is NO violation of the nuke agreement by Iran’s ballistic missile testing. IsraHell ambassador says “we’re concerned over Iran’s testing.”

    War mongering against Iran is GOOD FOR THE JEWS…and Trump, with Kushner by his side, jumps right into the Jewish toilet.

    Iran is laughing at Jewmerica. The whole world is witnessing Jewmerica gone insane and on the decline.

    My sense is that with this BAD warmongering right from the start the Trump presidency will end up a total fiasco. +BN.

  41. KathJuliane February 3, 2017 @ 12:00 am

    Dear +BN,

    What an interesting time you’ve had in San Francisco.

    All the neo-Bolshevik “progressive” Snowflake Liberation Army and Sodom & Gomorrah Democrats, flaming or not, belonging to Queen Pelosi, are very bad tempered because Trump won.

    I agree about Flynn. Did you ever call it last summer in one of your Videos.

    It really does look like Iran succeeded in trolling Trump, or more accurately, Flynn, with their prototype medium-range missile development test.

    The Trump Reality Show is rapidly becoming the Greek Tragicomedy White House Comedy of Terrors.

    With a very limited script for the menage a bozo public statements which follows this format:


    Deny you said it, deflect, bluster, or claim a misunderstanding.

    Walk it back.

    Change subject.



    The Roman comic playwright Plautus coined the term “tragicomedy” somewhat facetiously in the prologue to his Latin play Amphitryon.

    The prologue given by the god Mercury, in which he gives some background, sensing the indecorum of the inclusion of both kings and gods alongside servants in a comedy, declares that the play had better be a “tragicomoedia:”

    “I will make it a mixture: let it be a tragicomedy.

    “I don’t think it would be appropriate to make it consistently a comedy, when there are kings and gods in it. What do you think? Since a slave also has a part in the play, I’ll make it a tragicomedy…” —Plautus, Amphitryon

    Putting Iran on notice. Sheesh. No one knows what Flynn meant, not even CENTCOM.

    Flynn, civilian national security advisor to POTUSI, is not in CENTCOM’s chain of command. They, along with the rest of the US military, don’t follow orders from Flynn, and it really should be Mr. Flynn now, because “lieutenant general” is simply an honorific title used in retirement.

    Flynn did not specify how the new administration would respond. There’s been speculation that it either means a declaration of war against Iran, or else it’s an idle threat, which means Flynn needs to learn that words have consequences.

    Asked for clarification, the White House spokesman, Sean Spicer, said the president wanted to make sure the Iranians “understood we are not going to sit by and not act on their actions”.

    The announcement was not accompanied by any change in the US military stance in the region, nor any immediate additional deployments.

    “We saw the statement as well,” said a spokesman for US Central Command, which runs operations in the Middle East. This is still at the policy level, and we are waiting for something to come down the line. We have not been asked to change anything operationally in the region.”

    If you ask me, reading between the lines, it sounds a bit like “Flynn doesn’t know his arse from a hole in the ground,” but maybe that’s just my imagination running away with me.

    Switching scenes, Mattis spok by phone to his vile little Saudi counterpart, Deputy Prince Mohammed bin Salman on January 31, the mastermind behind Saudi Arabia’s bloody quagmire in Yemen that the US totally supports.

    According to the DOD readout, the conversation “reaffirmed the importance of the US-Saudi Arabia strategic relationship, particularly to countering new and emerging security challenges in the Middle East”.
    ( )

    According to the Saudi version, the discussion was more pointedly aimed at Iran, and both men expressed “their full rejection of the suspicious activities and interventions by the Iranian regime and its agents”.

    During his tenure as the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Flynn was reported by the New York Times to have told his subordinates he had concluded that Iran was behind the 2012 terrorist attack on the US diplomatic compound in Benghazi in Libya, and ordered them to find evidence to prove it.

    The DIA found no evidence of any Iranian connection to the attack, which was carried out by a Sunni extremist group, Ansar al-Sharia.

    Iran actually has a small military budget even compared to its neighbors, never mind the US, and instead invests in healthcare and education, which is why Iranian standards of living massively improved after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, at twice the rate of the rest of the world according to the UN’s Human Development Index.

    Each year, 20% of Iranian government spending and 5% of GDP goes to education, a higher rate than most other developing countries.

    50% of education spending is devoted to secondary education and 21% of the annual state education budget is devoted to the provision of tertiary education. Education of females has been Iranian policy since 1907. Since then, Iranian women now dominate higher education.

    My conclusion is that Flynn means by “on notice” in absence of a “what” is that as of now, Iran is officially on Double Secret Probation.

    Maybe there’s some political kabuki in there.

    Prime Minister Bibsy of the 50 Colony-states of Israel demands that Iran must be Libya-ized, by the ‘Murikans, of course. But it looks like Congress is setting up another economic sanction regime against Iran instead.

    Plautus, wherefore art thou, O Plautus for this Amphitryon re-write?

  42. Irene Bonney Faulkes February 3, 2017 @ 1:00 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael, I am sure you are a servant like David, and the Lord was on his side.

    In fact, the Old Testament says that we shall be like David in the House of the Lord, that being the creation of Jesus Christ.

    The fires of judgment will flare up to receive the condemned by God, who harass the saints of the Lord

    Maybe we do pluck one or two from the burning with the message of the truth of the gospel.

    Yes, our youth are all ruined by Jewish inspired evil with deliberate intent.

    ‘Come, Holy Spirit, we need you,
    Come, Holy Spirit, I pray.
    Come in your power and your fullness,
    Come in your wonderful way’.

    The wonderful truth is that He abides with us, with such as you in your going forth at His command to ‘preach the gospel’ of truth.

    His promise is that as you go, He, yes, He Himself, the Lord Jesus Christ, personally goes with you and whoever obeys that command.

    The Lord bless you, dear brother.

  43. Ricck Lineheart February 3, 2017 @ 5:58 am

    Thank You Brother!

    The ” Mad Dog ” is another Lap Dog for world Jewry as equal as McCain and Lindsey Graham.

    A vast military with a heavy dose of LGBT members, NATO/U.S. squaring off against an Orthodox Christian majority country that has a military that fully recognizes MEN and WOMEN as God created them the outcome is already known.

    God Bless and Keep you Brother Nate .

  44. The English Man February 3, 2017 @ 6:32 am

    Iran: Judeo West upping the ante.

    I suspect there are plans to conduct war games in the Gulf, the main protagonists being Britian & USA.

    Where I live there is a facility in the depths of a 10,000 year old 10,000 acre forest used since the 1950s for the testing/expunge of solid rocket propellant.

    Not since months before the first Gulf War has so much `firing off`of solid rocket fuel been going on as in these last few weeks.

    Goodness knows what we are in for in the coming times.

    Though that young Ph D entomologist who was laughed at by his peers when his admiration & faith in the insect world was so strong that he prophesied the insect world will one day inherit planet earth does (thanks to the Zio Ju) seem a step closer.

  45. Cornelius February 3, 2017 @ 6:39 am

    Putting Iran on notice?

    Don’t you think they are already on notice. It is the unsuspecting American citizens who need to be put on notice.

    The last place left to steal is their retirement accounts.

    I don’t see another alternative.

    In 2015 the 40 year old US oil export ban was lifted, this was done in order to become self sufficient.

    The government indicated by this move that they did not expect to steal oil from the rest of the world much longer.

    This means the $$$ is no good, and the day it will not be accepted for world trade is coming in view.

    Trade wars and currency wars are a prelude and are real. Boogeyman stories are a side show.

  46. The Elder of Zyklon-B February 3, 2017 @ 6:58 am

    Roll out the weeping violins folks. Die Juden of the Jew York Times whine on.

    “Jared Kushner, where are you?”

    Feel the trauma and the drama. It will be a kosher dramatist’s dream come true in the days ahead. The UK Juden are whining about mass antisemitism now I understand.

  47. Frank Pentangeli February 3, 2017 @ 7:27 am

    Of course, they still want to attack Iran. Iran has a majority Shiite Muslim population. The Shiite Muslim is known as the truly peaceful sector of Islam.

    However, to Israhell, peaceful doesn’t matter. They want total domination in the Middle East, and the United States has been their piggy bank and their military might to get that job done.

    I challenge anyone to take out a map or a globe and look at all the countries they have attacked, and proceed to see the only country still in the way?

    Iran. There are still remnants of the old Persian Empire in this country. This wouldn’t be a cakewalk. However, Trump has state there is nothing off the table meaning even nukes are a possibility.

    I went back and watched some of the 2008 Democratic Presidential debates and Mike Gravel pointed out that some of the main candidates also where discussing nuking Iran.

    Iran is not a threat to our security here in the United States and neither was Iraq.

    Let’s watch closely because they’ve wanted Iran out of the picture for a very very long time.

  48. The Elder of Zyklon-B February 3, 2017 @ 8:07 am

    Well, come on all of you, big strong men,
    Uncle Sam needs your help again.

    Yeah, he’s got himself in a terrible jam
    Way down yonder in Iran

    So put down your books and pick up a gun,
    Gonna have a whole lotta fun.

    And it’s one, two, three,
    What are we fighting for?

    More war for Big Jewry of course.

    Be sure and take note of the article about Bannon’s comments on China in the last link embedded in this report about Iran.

    Keep this term in mind RJN readers.

  49. Jason February 3, 2017 @ 8:26 am

    @Irene Bonney Faulkes

    “And as an Australian understanding our refugee problem, now Trump refuses to honor what Obama said he would do — help us out of a difficult situation. Wake up, fellow Aussies.”

    My understanding is that these 1250 refugees are from both Syria and Iraq and that Australia has them currently placed in offshore island detention camps. It is the right of a new U.S. President to cancel agreements such as this if they perceive a threat to U.S. citizens.

    I suggest giving each of the refugees 10,000 U.S. Dollars and returning them to their respective countries. Cost to split between the U.S. and Australia.

  50. Chinaman Mr. Hong Fong February 3, 2017 @ 11:06 am

    THEN two cops pull up to me with their twirly whirlies flashing and a young Chinese cop in his twenties looking like a yuppie with a gun and a badge told me I must leave the median strip. “What law am I breaking?” I replied.

    He said it didn’t matter, I must obey him. I refused. He called for reinforcements. Another cop car pulls up. Then the china man decides to write me up a $500 citation for “unlawful activity on a highway.”


    My comment: God bless you, I underestimated you. Your faith in God is awesome to behold, and is a great example to others. I hope you challenge that in court, and get it reduced or overturned.

    20-something year olds shouldn’t be in law enforcement anyway, that’s too young, and the power trip goes to their heads too easily.

  51. Jason February 3, 2017 @ 11:18 am

    The U.S. has spent 15 trillion dollars on military spending over the past 30 years and has only the worlds animosity to show for it. (Thinking of all the homeless Americans and the decaying infrastructure).

    Trump knows that the U.S. cannot afford any more costly, unjust wars. He’s aware of the oncoming worldwide bond (debt) market collapse and the ever decreasing position of the Greenback as the worlds reserve currency.

    Trump’s modus operandi has been negotiation. He’ll need that more than ever. He’s also aware that a war with Iran would create a worldwide recession (sky rocketing fuel prices) and much worse.

  52. KathJuliane February 3, 2017 @ 11:30 am

    Iran Agrees with Brother Nathanael!

    Al Monitor: Iran Brushes Off Being ‘Put on Notice’

    Iran has been restrained in its response [Pres Rouhani called Trump a “novice in politics”] to the US warning that it is “officially on notice” over its regional policies and ballistic missile tests, with one high-ranking official describing them on Feb. 2 as “hollow threats.”

    The harsh reactions out of Washington were prompted by an Iranian missile test conducted Jan. 29.

    At the request of the United States, the UN Security Council convened Jan. 31 to discuss the missile launch. After the meeting, Nikki Haley, US ambassador to the United Nations, said the council should take action over what she called an “alarming” test.

    The following day, US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn said at a White House press briefing that the missile test had been “in defiance” of UN Security Council Resolution 2231, which endorses the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Iran’s nuclear deal with the six world powers.

    He also said, “Instead of being thankful to the United States for these agreements, Iran is now feeling emboldened. … As of today, we are officially putting Iran on notice.”

    President Donald Trump echoed the latter on Feb. 2, tweeting, “Iran has been formally PUT ON NOTICE for firing a ballistic missile. Should have been thankful for the terrible deal the US made with them!”

    Of note, the nuclear deal [JCPOA] does not address Iran’s ballistic missile program, while UN Security Council Resolution 2231 states, “Iran is called upon not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using such ballistic missile technology.”

    The language of the resolution is nonbinding, while Tehran has on repeated occasions stated that it has no plans to design missiles capable of delivering atomic weapons. [Not to mention Iran is a long-time signatory to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) while rogue nuclear state Israel is not.]

    In this vein, Iran’s defense minister, Gen. Hossein Dehghan, on Feb. 1 said, “The recent [missile] test is in line with our plans, and we will not allow any foreigner to interfere in our defense affairs.” The following day, he pronounced the test a success.

    Responding to Flynn’s remarks, Ali Akbar Velayati, foreign policy adviser to Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, downplayed the Trump administration’s warnings.

    Velayati, who also heads the Expediency Council’s Center for Strategic Research, said Feb. 2, “The missiles which were tested are for defensive purposes, and Iran will strongly continue its activities for defense purposes.”

    Referring to Flynn as an “inexperienced man” who speaks “illogically,” Velayati emphasized, “Iran doesn’t pay attention to these [warnings]. The Americans have done nothing positive for Iran.”

    He went on to say, “On the issue of the JCPOA, Mr. Obama’s government didn’t honor its commitments, and it is the US which is indebted to Iran and should honor to its commitments.”

    “Bringing up new threats [against Iran] every day is against the spirit of the JCPOA, and they [the United States] should stop doing so,” Velayati continued.

    “It would be good if the Americans reviewed their past experiences. These hollow threats won’t make us leave the right path we have chosen in strongly defending ourselves. …

    The American people are dissatisfied with the hard-line positions that Mr. Trump and his entourage have adopted, and in the end, the side that will be harmed is America.”

    That same day, Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghassemi criticized the United States for its “provocative claims,” noting that its warnings were being issued “while the efforts of the Islamic Republic of Iran to fight terrorist groups in the Middle East region is no secret.”

    Referencing Trump’s Jan. 27 executive order banning entry into the United States for citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, including Iran, Ghassemi said, “It is unfortunate that instead of thanking the Iranian nation for its continued fight against terrorism, the US government practically helps the terrorist groups by repeating baseless claims and adopting unwise policies. …

    “How is the arrest and handcuffing of a 5-year-old child, which has been confirmed by the White House, considered fighting terrorism?”

    The child in question is the son of an Iranian woman who is a US citizen. The White House acknowledged that he had been handcuffed and detained for hours without his mother at Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia on the ground that he could have posed a security threat.

    Changing tracks, Ghassemi said, “The legitimate defense policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is based on international law and not negotiable under any circumstances, and none of [Iran’s] missiles are designed for carrying nuclear warheads. Thus, the missile tests aren’t in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2231.”

    Flynn’s remarks also triggered a response from Gen. Hossein Salami, deputy commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) on Feb. 2.

    “If our missile power wasn’t a power that could scare the US, there would be no reason for all the ballyhoo, and today, Iran’s big missile power is among the unique deterrent capabilities of the world,” Salami said.

    “Each day, the number of [Iran’s] missiles, warships and defensive missile launchers will be increased.”

    Furthermore, former IRGC commander Mohsen Rezaei tweeted, “Mr. Trump, Iran’s missile tests have been for defensive and peaceful [purposes] during the past 40 years. [Do not let Saudi Arabia’s] King Salman and [Israeli Prime Minister] Netanyahu deceive you.”

    Many Iranian officials believe Saudi Arabia and Israel are hoping to convince the Trump administration to adopt policies hostile toward Iran.

  53. Bramble February 3, 2017 @ 12:06 pm

    Thanks for your Street Evangelism Report—wow!

    San Francisco has one of the highest crime rates in America: murders, rapes, robberies, assaults, burglaries, auto thefts, and arson, yet a Chinese policeman called for reinforcements against an Orthodox monk for holding a cross!

    Well done to you for standing up to them, and boldly witnessing for Lord Jesus!

  54. KathJuliane February 3, 2017 @ 1:13 pm

    RT: Iran to dump the US dollar in response to Trump’s travel ban

    Tehran plans to ditch the use of the American currency in financial reporting after US President Donald Trump issued a travel ban on seven countries, including Iran.

    According to the local news agency PressTV, the Central Bank of Iran is seeking to replace the dollar with a new common foreign currency or use a basket of currencies in all official financial and foreign exchange reports.

    The governor Valiollah Seif said it would come into force in the new financial year starting March 21, 2017.

    The agency quotes Seif recommending using currencies with a “high degree of stability.”

    The decision comes after President Trump temporarily banned citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen from entering the US.

    After Trump’s election, the Iranian rial saw record lows against the dollar. On December 27 it plunged to its all-time low of 41,600 rials to the dollar.

    The head of the central bank said the US did not have a significant role in Iranian trade and could be replaced with currencies of Iran’s key partners like the European Union, China, and the United Arab Emirates.

    Tehran has agreements with Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iraq to use national currencies in the local trade.

    Iran gets oil revenues in US dollars, and exchanging $41 billion for other currencies has significant risk, analysts have warned.

    The local business newspaper Donya-ye Eqtesad responded that Iran uses dollars only in official reporting, and the US currency has largely been replaced with other currencies.

  55. KathJuliane February 3, 2017 @ 1:56 pm

    The Duran: Insane McCain does more to undermine US security than any other politician (Photos at website)

    Sergey Gladysh

    John McCain is against Trump’s immigration and border security plan yet does more to aid terrorists and undermine US security than any other US politician.

    US Senator John McCain (R-AZ), who together with Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) issued a joint statement critical of Trump’s executive order on immigration, has been aiding terrorist groups and extremists in the Middle East and the former Soviet republics for years.

    Here are some photos to refresh our memory:


    In the image above, we see John McCain meeting with Abou Bakr Al-Baghdadi in 2013. Today Al-Baghdadi is the leader of ISIS, which controls territory in western Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan, all of which the US has destabilized over the last decade.

    Speaking on behalf of the American people, McCain encouraged Al-Baghdadi to carry out regime change against Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad.

    Here are some more photos of McCain posing with ISIS:


    And let’s not forget the former Soviet republic of Ukraine, where McCain has consistently supported radical neo-Nazi groups responsible for the 2014 coup, which ousted President Viktor Yanukovich and led to the secession of Crimea and the civil war in Donbass.

    Below you can see Insane John posing with Oleh Tyahnybok, the leader of Ukraine’s nationalist far-right Svoboda political party, which was branded as extremist by the European Parliament in 2012, when Europe’s far-reaching majority, including conservatives and social democrats, urgently warned of Svoboda’s racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic tendencies.


    Lastly, there is that special relationship between Insane McCain and Georgia’s former president and now wanted war criminal Mikhail Saakashvili, who attempted genocide against the people of Georgia’s breakaway region of South Ossetia.

    That military campaign, which killed thousands of innocent civilians in a 24-hour period, was encouraged and supported by McCain and ended only thanks to Russia’s immediate intervention.

    The bottom line is that McCain has arguably done more to undermine US security and national interests than any other American politician. A Russophobe and war monger at heart, Insane John has, as President Donald Trump accurately pointed out, been “looking to start World War III” for far too long.

  56. Cornelius February 3, 2017 @ 2:44 pm


    Wars don’t cost money, they are supposed to make money. The ideology is for propaganda purposes only. Past wars were in defense of the dollar, the instrument of enslavement and theft.

    If you destroy a country and you give it a loan in dollars, that you print, to rebuild it, then the more you destroy, the more you make.

    If it chooses not to get destroyed, but to accept the dollars for payment instead, everything is yours for the cost of paper and ink.

    Now you say: then there would be inflation. That is correct, so to mitigate that you have to force them to buy US Treasuries with the surplus.

    Example: oil is produced for $20 and sold for $100. The receiver is allowed to keep half (for weapons made in USA) and has to buy US treasuries with the other half.

    Hope you get it!

  57. Laskarina February 3, 2017 @ 5:15 pm


    Thank you for sharing the incident in SF.

    It is not surprising, as that city has been under complete control of intelligence services, military and otherwise, since WWII.

    Many will recall the destruction/distraction of the drug culture, which did not arise spontaneously.

    Then the homosexual perversion, and it’s attendant pedophilia.

    Now, there is general depravity and high crime.

    By the grace and love of God, nothing worse happened.

    May the most Holy Theotokos protect you beneath her veil.

  58. Jason February 3, 2017 @ 5:25 pm


    “Wars don’t cost money, they are supposed to make money. The ideology is for propaganda purposes only. Past wars were in defense of the dollar, the instrument of enslavement and theft.”

    Yes. This is common knowledge. That methodology has not been very effective as the dollar is in jeopardy (as I noted) of losing its reserve status anyway. i.e. It’s slowly being chipped away.

    Everyday citizens pay a portion of their taxes towards government debt incurred through War. It’s money that doesn’t go into the local or national economy. (It goes to the bond holders and ultimately the bankers who created the money). It makes average Americans poorer.

    The money borrowed by governments (bond market) for war largely only supports the military industrial complex. The trickle down effect supporting only a few. That increase in yacht count you saw in the Bahamas during the Neocon wars was not brought about by average American citizens.

  59. mrbuttermaker February 3, 2017 @ 6:03 pm

    If any posters out there have friends, loved ones, where its difficult to explain to them what is really going on, Henry Makow provides an excellent synopsis.

    Personally what Trump enthusiasm was, is now on a respirator. We’re close to flat-line, all in 2 weeks.

    The domestic victories if you will, are side shows, distractions, The “list” of “terrorist” countries is a total fraud, (the true terrorist countries aren’t on the list–Israel, Saudi Arabia).

    Trump is still allowing Yellen Yellen the counterfeiting felon to conduct her fake fraud, wealth transfer mechanism formerly known as the stock market, making the wealth gap even greater by the day.

    We haven’t moved one inch off Russia’s border, were enabling Ukraine to escalate the civilian killing in Donbass, (you see were this is all going?) and now Iran is the new whipping boy, and we’re escalating genocide in Yemen? Same as it ever was. Folks he hasnt drained shit, in fact hes turning the swamp into a lake.

    ( ) Hatred of Trump = Jewish Hatred of the Goyim

  60. Steve February 3, 2017 @ 6:27 pm

    In this past Sunday’s NY Post a centerfold report ran on how cutting edge Israel’s military weaponry is.

    I wonder how much of that $$$ to the tune of a few “missing” trillion was from the USA military budget for under Rumsfeld? Wasn’t the part of the Pentagon that was hit on 9/11 where the accounting $$$ office was?


  61. jim February 3, 2017 @ 9:55 pm

    General Mattis was appointed by the Trump team, because he presents the “Russia is bad” scenario.

    Trump and Putin are still on the same side of preventing full scale nuclear warfare. The oligarchy rolled out their good cop puppet Ron Paul, in order to confiscate the Libertarian movement of 2008 and 2012, so this is just another example of obvious PR control.

    The so called sanctions are not hurting Russia, but instead Europe, and they only act as an incredible insult, from a group led by their front man Obongo. The Bear does not care if they exist or not, because they now know a sane leader exists in the White House, and Trump knows this.

    This is why God blessed US with the Donald, as we need a King as powerful as Putin, and now we have one.

    Donald Trump knows there is a Creator of the Human Race, that he has a destiny to fulfill before transition (death), and therefore his actions will be biblical.

    This is finally becoming an exciting time to be alive, because the higher Cosmic Powers are going to war over all of US, and the year of 2017 will be an incredible year to behold.

  62. Kiimm February 3, 2017 @ 11:41 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael, blessings for taking a stand on the streets of San Fran psycho.

    Many prayers, and God be with you in your travels.

    San Francisco is a difficult place to witness, especially post election. Do not lose heart. We are with you. Return safe.

  63. Mr Peoples February 4, 2017 @ 4:10 am

    Please see and distribute

    Why We Shouldn’t Support Israel – The Jewish Question

  64. Leave a comment February 4, 2017 @ 7:04 am


    ”In this past Sunday’s NY Post a centerfold report ran on how cutting edge Israel’s military weaponry is.”

    Israeli owned media will say exactly that meanwhile they keep getting free US weaponry witch developed by US taxpayers.

    The main reason Israel is bragging about their USA developed weaponry is simple they sell US technology to other countries.

    WRMEA (1995)

    “Israel’s Unauthorized Arms Transfers,” by Duncan Clarke, appearing in the summer issue of Foreign Policy quarterly, demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that some American defense technology received by Israel has been retransferred to other countries, some of which are potentially hostile to the United States, in direct contravention of U.S. law.
    ”South Africa has acquired anti-tank missiles, aircraft engines, armored personnel carriers and recoilless rifles.

    China has obtained thermal imaging tank sights, air-to-air missile technology, assistance with “new generation” fighter aircraft (based partly on the largely U.S.-funded Israeli Lavi fighter) and even Patriot missile technology.

    Not only is most of the evidence for these allegations based on information deemed “reliable” by “virtually all policy and intelligence officials who follow technology transfer issues,” it was partially substantiated with physical evidence when, ironically, U.S.-origin technology was found in captured Iraqi tank sights that had been re-exported from Israel to China, and then to Iraq.

    Retransfer of U.S. technology is the virtual duplication of U.S. defense products or the incorporation of significant amounts of U.S.-origin technology in Israeli-made defense items by Israeli firms, which then are sold on the international market in competition with the original American products, or sold to countries to which the United States is unwilling to sell either because they are potential threats to the U.S. or because of their human rights record.

    Among the examples Clarke cites are the Israeli-made Python-3 air-to-air missile (based largely on the U.S.-made AIM-9L Sidewinder); Israel’s Popeye air-to-ground missile, which is “virtually identical” to the HAVE-NAP missile made by the U.S. firm Martin-Marietta; the STAR cruise missile that the “CIA believed Israel was marketing [to] China”; and the U.S.-funded, Israeli made Arrow anti-tactical ballistic missile”.

  65. Cornelius February 4, 2017 @ 8:08 am


    I agree, but don’t fall for the poor taxpayer sob story. Since the United States is a parasitic country that exports its debt to other countries, every citizen enjoys the spoils of this theft.

    The proof for this is the fact that the government budget doesn’t get funded by taxes, but instead runs a deficit that gets financed with exported debt. In some years (2012) over $10,000 per tax payer. In other words, if the budget was paid for by taxes, every taxpayer would have to pay an extra $10,000.

    That would instantly tank the kleptonomy of the US.

    Right now we are going through a transition period, where the US government can’t properly source loot. It has to be done somewhat covert, like the whole Japanese government pension fund being converted into US Treasuries, or a vassal state like Belgium spending its whole GDP in one week on T bills.

    Those thing are great, but they can only be done once, all foreign assets and gold that were taken from the Libyan people, who had the highest standard of living in Africa and are now trying to swim to Italy was also a good one.

    Sanctions on Iran backfired, because the frozen assets (the money DC was stealing) were owed to US corporations who as a result got stiffed. Even worse, Iran set up trade without the dollar, a model that is being copied more and more.

    So, what are we transitioning to? If you think thieves are going to transition to honest work you are crazy. There is not much left to steal (retirement accounts), so after that is gone they are going to destroy civilization.

  66. Zionien February 4, 2017 @ 8:49 am

    I really shouldn’t, but here goes –

    Satan is a bastard who hates all that is good. Good things come from GOD! But experience IS the best teacher, so don’t dismay BN+.

    Someday those ignoramus children will be deceived to the point of breaking, and hopefully will swallow their pride and turn to GOD/Jesus for help.

    They will receive it, if they are genuine in their request(s).

    Satan is a PUNK!

    He’s a 2 bit hack who cant CAN’T have his way, and he knows it!

    He is so proud/arrogant like the Jew that he with his chicken s**t attitude of “Well if I can’t take it (control it) – I’ll break it”.

    Just how many who have asked the Lord for help have actually turned back to evil instead?!

    Come on – even Satan knows he’s a loser (he’s just wasting our time with tormenting us which he soooooo enjoys = degenerate) and is NO match for the ones who wear the armor of CHRIST & GOD The Father!

    After all – we ALL know how this BS ends. Cut to the chase already – Wormy Jews!+

  67. Mr. USA and ok February 4, 2017 @ 11:21 am


    I had a bad experience with the Jews.

    Orthodox Judaism is a crazy idea. Reform Jews are wacky and zany, on TV.

    There is an abuse scandal in Judaism.

    In the Catholic Church there is nothing. That all ended, and it was very superficial. Not much happened. It was stupid.

    There is a website about the scandals: failed messiah.

    There is also Chabad

    Also, Israel is sloppy.

    Many rabbis are very wicked people and are criminals.

    Jesus said: take the plank out of your own eye.

    He was against hypocrisy and greed.

    The New Testament is nice.

    I am a Roman Catholic now. This website is very nice and is very accurate.

    Donald Trump is also against the criminals in the Middle East, called ISIS or ISIL.

    Did anybody like Obama? Maybe not. There were cults when he was president. The Mormons had too much power, and the Jews.

    -Mr. USA and ok.

  68. benzion kook February 4, 2017 @ 11:27 am

    The Jew Mnuchin et al will make America repossessed again under the Talmudic thumb of the occupying aliens.

    What is needed is a massive exorcism of the control of satan and his numerous agents of iniquity.

  69. Jason February 4, 2017 @ 3:01 pm

    Justine Turdeau (auto correct feature has taken a life all its own) earlier this week declared Canada the worlds first post-national state with no core identity. (i.e. Worlds first “global government” member).

    Sorry Whitey. Now you know why the controlled media has been trying to defame and destroy your culture.

    This spoiled fruitcake’s father of course, once being a member of the (one world government) Club of Rome, was unparalleled egomaniac who used to drive his Mercedes convertible around Ottawa with the license plate “ENB 666.”

    In truth however I do see the benefits of such a government should it actually come about. That being the layoff of tens of thousands of (already) unneeded federal civil servants almost all of which are highly overpaid rabid socialists and or sexual deviants.

    A silver lining in everything as they say.

  70. KathJuliane February 4, 2017 @ 10:32 pm

    Nothing Like Dancing With the Axis of Weasels


    Bloomberg: How Do Israel’s Tech Firms Do Business in Saudi Arabia? Very Quietly

    Good deals (and plausible deniability) make good neighbors.

    by Jonathan Ferziger and Peter Waldman

    February 2, 2017, 12:00 AM CST

    Over the course of 30 years working in Israeli intelligence, Shmuel Bar immersed himself in the hermeneutics of terrorism.

    Using techniques of literary analysis more familiar to Koranic scholars and Bible critics, he came to recognize the distinctive language and religious phrases that suicide bombers used in their farewell videos.

    “Victory is with the patient” appeared frequently in the martyrdom declarations of Hamas recruits. Al-Qaeda adherents favored the call “God, count them, kill them, and don’t leave any of them.”

    Bar, a tousle-haired 62-year-old with a wry sensibility, emerged from government service in 2003 amid the proliferation of global terrorism, and in the rising sense of doom he saw a business opportunity.

    He founded a company called IntuView, a miner of data in the deep, dark web—a sort of Israeli version of Palantir, the Silicon Valley security contractor.

    Tapping engineering talent in Israel’s startup hub of Herzliya, he adapted his analyst’s ear for language to custom algorithms capable of sifting through unending streams of social media messages for terrorist threats.

    He sold his services to police, border, and intelligence agencies across Europe and the U.S.

    Then, two years ago, an e-mail arrived out of the blue. Someone from the upper echelons of power in Saudi Arabia, Bar says, invited him to discuss a potential project via Skype.

    The Saudis had heard about his technology and wanted his help identifying potential terrorists.

    There was one catch: Bar would have to set up a pass-through company overseas to hide IntuView’s Israeli identity.

    Not a problem, he said, and he went to work ferreting out Saudi jihadis with a software program called IntuScan, which can process 4 million Facebook and Twitter posts a day.

    Later, the job expanded to include public-opinion research on the Saudi royal family.

    “It’s not as if I went looking for this,” Bar says, still bemused by the unexpected turn in a life spent confronting Israel’s enemies. “They came to me.”

    “If it’s a country which is not hostile to Israel that we can help, we’ll do it”

    Bar says he meets freely these days with Saudis and other Gulf Arabs at overseas conferences and private events.

    Trade and collaboration in technology and intelligence are flourishing between Israel and a host of Arab states, even if the people and companies involved rarely talk about it publicly.

    When a London think tank recently disinvited Bar from speaking on a panel, explaining that a senior Saudi official was also coming and it wasn’t possible to have them appear together, Bar told the organizers that he and the Saudi gentleman had in fact been planning to have lunch together at a Moroccan restaurant nearby before walking over to the event together.

    “They were out-Saudi-ing the Saudis,” he says.

    Peace hasn’t come to the Middle East. This isn’t beating swords into plowshares but a logical coalescence of interests based on shared fears: of an Iranian bomb, jihadi terror, popular insurgency, and an American retreat from the region.

    IntuView has Israeli export licenses and the full support of its government to help any country facing threats from Iran and militant Islamic groups.

    “If it’s a country which is not hostile to Israel that we can help, we’ll do it,” Bar says. Only Syria, Lebanon, Iran, and Iraq are off-limits.

    The Saudis and other oil-rich Arab states are only too happy to pay for the help. “The Arab boycott?” Bar says. “It doesn’t exist.”

    Cybersecurity is particularly ripe for collaboration. In 2012, when hackers breached the computer system of Saudi Aramco, the national oil company, Israeli businesses were called to help unlock the jam, and “some are involved in an ongoing basis” through offshore companies, says Erel Margalit, a venture capitalist and member of the Israeli parliament.

    Expect more of this, said Rudy Giuliani, in a late January interview in Israel, where he met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on behalf of President Donald Trump.

    “I see it as well beyond [cyber] in terms of areas of cooperation,” added the former New York City mayor, who’s advising Trump on cyber matters.

    Saudi officials declined to speak on the record about possible ties to Israel. Questions e-mailed to the kingdom’s interior ministry and its embassy in Washington for this article were unanswered. A source in Riyadh, insisting on anonymity, e-mailed a statement denying any trade links between Israel and Saudi Arabia:

    “In regard to defense systems technology, Saudi Arabia has never dealt with Israel in this field or any other field.

    “Moreover, common sense tells us that in order for Saudi Arabia to get any weapon systems, they have to be bought under trade agreements made with friendly countries that manufacture those systems with official and approved export trade certificates from their governments.

    “It is also certain that Israel is not among the countries that have commercial relations with the Kingdom.”

    The Arab embargo of Israel, nominally in force since the Jewish state’s founding in 1948, necessitates that all business between Israel and most Arab states remain strictly off the books, cloaked by intermediaries in other countries.

    But the volume and range of Israeli activity in at least six Gulf countries is getting hard to hide.

    One Israeli entrepreneur set up companies in Europe and the U.S. that installed more than $6 billion in security infrastructure for the United Arab Emirates, using Israeli engineers. The same companies then pitched Saudi Arabia to manage overcrowding in Mecca.

    Other Israeli businesses are working in the Gulf, through front companies, on desalination, infrastructure protection, cybersecurity, and intelligence gathering.

    “All the big ones are active and some of the small ones,” says Shabtai Shavit, who ran the Mossad from 1989 to 1996 and is chairman of the Israeli security firm Athena GS3.

    Shavit won’t offer details on who’s doing what. “You don’t saw off the branch you’re sitting on,” he says.

    Discretion is particularly prized when it comes to weapons sales. At the New Hampshire plant of Elbit Systems of America, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, Israel’s largest private defense contractor, there was a procedure when customers visited from Kuwait, Qatar, or Saudi Arabia, workers say.

    Managers purged the building of Elbit signs, Israeli maps, and Hebrew writing. Employee nameplates were removed temporarily, “if you had an obvious Jewish name,” says Richard Wolfe, who worked at the facility for 15 years, through 2013, designing lenses for the various optical systems the plant produces.

    Some components were also scrubbed of Israeli markings, another former worker says. Elbit Systems of America said in a statement that it isn’t company policy to conceal the Elbit name or other associations with Israel.

    Elbit’s sales to Saudi Arabia attracted some attention two years ago when one of its New Hampshire technicians, an American named Chris Cramer, mysteriously died while servicing missile systems in the kingdom.

    According to a travelogue Cramer posted on Facebook, he was sent to help the Saudi army with a series of live-fire demonstrations of Elbit’s newly upgraded targeting system for TOW missiles.

    Cramer had worked for Elbit for 12 years and helped build the system. He was found dead beneath his third-story hotel room in the military city of Tabuk one day before he was due to come home.

    Saudi police called the death a suicide, which Cramer’s family rejected.

    In a statement issued in Israel, Elbit did not specify what Cramer had been doing in Saudi Arabia.

    It said only that he was working on an “American product” with no Israeli technology. The statement e-mailed by the Saudi source said:

    “In regard to the death of the American citizen, that matter has criminal and judicial dimensions.

    “The Saudi government does not interfere in these cases and assigns them to the criminal and judicial bodies to look into and decide in accordance with the laws governing these types of cases.”

    In speeches, Netanyahu likes to quip that the three reasons Arabs are interested in Israel these days are “technology, technology, and technology.”

    That interest doesn’t translate into open business relationships for one reason above all others: the Israeli-Palestinian problem.

    Cooperation in the Gulf cannot become truly lucrative until “the lightbulb goes off in Netanyahu’s head” and he signs a peace treaty, says Riad al Khouri, a director at political risk adviser GeoEconomica, based in Amman, Jordan.

    “The Palestinians are still the gatekeepers.” And the conflict could quickly get worse. Trump said during his campaign, and reiterated after his inauguration, that he intends to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

    His nominee for ambassador to Israel, his bankruptcy lawyer, David Friedman, has said he intends to work from Jerusalem, calling it “Israel’s eternal capital.”

    The Palestinian Fatah party has stated such a move would “open the gates of hell.”

    On Feb. 1, Netanyahu pledged to build the first new West Bank settlement in 25 years. Since Trump took office, Israel has announced plans to build an additional 5,500 housing units in the occupied territory.

    Trump has invited Netanyahu to visit the White House on Feb. 15.

    The Saudis say they’ll make peace with Israel after Israel makes peace with the Palestinians.

    The offer was reiterated in 2016 by two retired senior Saudi officials in rare public appearances alongside Israeli counterparts in Washington and Jerusalem.

    Salman al-Ansari, a former banker and media executive who runs a new Saudi advocacy group in Washington, sent an even stronger signal in October. In an article for the Hill, he wrote that Saudi Arabia and Israel should form a “collaborative alliance,” rooted in open business ties, to assert their rightful place as the “twin pillars of regional stability.”

    Arab critics skewered al-Ansari for not mentioning the Palestinians in the article. He says the omission was intentional, reflecting his wish to change the old narrative of conditioning everything on Palestinian statehood.

    Even without formal diplomatic ties, he says, the Saudi-Israeli relationship can blossom under the “pragmatic and forward-thinking” Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

    That openness could change quickly if Trump and Netanyahu provoke another Palestinian intifada. Still, these feelers “show how Saudi Arabia is changing,” says Dennis Ross, who conducted Arab-Israeli diplomacy for three U.S. presidents. “You’d never have seen something like that before. These are clearly straws in the wind.”

    On the ground, Netanyahu’s frontman for regional cooperation is Ayoob Kara, a 61-year-old Arab-Israeli parliamentarian who recently became a full cabinet minister.

    A member of the Druze sect and a hard-liner on Palestinian peacemaking, Kara shares the Likud Party dream—or some might say fantasy—of normalizing relations with Arab states while retaining large swaths of the West Bank.

    On a day last November, Kara stood on the veranda of a Jordanian mineral spa overlooking the Dead Sea and swept his left arm southward toward the Gulf of Aqaba, where Israel, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia converge.

    Israel and Jordan are developing plans for the desolate area where Moses led the Israelites while wandering the desert for 40 years, and Kara insists Saudi Arabia will eventually be involved. “They want our technology, they want our expertise, and they really want to get the Palestinian headache out of the way,” he says.

    Plans start with the biggest public works collaboration ever proposed among Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinians. Dubbed the Red Sea-Dead Sea Conveyance Project, it’s a $10 billion pipeline and desalination venture, backed in part by the World Bank, that will siphon water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea, 1,400 feet below sea level.

    The project, whose construction is scheduled to start in 2018, will produce drinking water and electricity for Jordan, Israel, and the Palestinians. Waste brine will then flow into the Dead Sea, a vast mineral sink that’s been shrinking for years.

    The project could ease water conflicts in the hydrological crossroads where Israel, Jordan, the West Bank, and parts of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Syria all rely on the same handful of rivers and aquifers.

    Kara has more immediate concerns, too, as he gazes across the water at the West Bank and Israel.

    Invited here to address the Swedish-funded EcoPeace Middle East conference on regional water sharing, Kara also arranged to meet a Jordanian counterpart to discuss a possible trade route from Europe and Turkey through the Israeli port city of Haifa, to Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf.

    Since the outbreak of the Syrian civil war, Haifa has become a transshipment hub for Turkish goods that used to travel by road to the Gulf through eastern Turkey and Syria.

    Today about 20 Turkish trucks a week arrive by rusty freighter on the Haifa docks, where Israeli officials X-ray and process them in a drive-through warehouse and send them on their way across the Galilee to Jordan.

    For a time, customs agents at the Jordanian-Saudi border waved them through. But passage to Saudi Arabia ended abruptly two years ago, when a competitor in Riyadh ratted out several truckloads of Turkish tomatoes that had arrived, via Haifa, in Saudi markets, according to a Haifa freight broker.

    Kara is working with Gulf diplomats, through partners high up in Jordan’s government, to attempt to reopen the Israeli-Saudi route to the wider Arabian Peninsula, a move that would quintuple Turkish truck traffic overnight, the freight broker says.

    “Very soon things will be out in the open, and you’ll see Netanyahu landing in one of these countries,” Kara says. His Jordanian go-between agrees: “Times have changed,” he says. “They’re all looking at ways to connect with Israel.”

    Netanyahu also uses other aides for high-level Arab contacts, including his personal attorney, Yitzhak Molcho, and former Ambassador to the United Nations Dore Gold.

    Off and on since the Oslo Accords in the early 1990s, Israel has operated trade offices in Qatar and Oman, and about a year ago it received approval to station a diplomat in the U.A.E.’s capital emirate, Abu Dhabi, as its representative to the International Renewable Energy Agency. The office has the capacity to function as an embassy for Israel’s expanding ties in the Gulf.

    “I connect with people in Arabic, but I don’t give up on Israel’s needs”

    Kara’s role is unique. The only Arab in Netanyahu’s cabinet, he meets regularly with Arab diplomats and businessmen in Cairo, Casablanca, Geneva, and New York.

    The Druze sect, which numbers about 140,000 in Israel and an additional 850,000 in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan, formed a millennium ago. Druze have survived in tightknit farming clans in mountain villages by paying allegiance to whatever political authority is in control.

    Two of Kara’s uncles were killed by Arabs for cooperating with Jews before Israeli statehood. He was injured in an Israeli army tank while fighting in the 1982 Lebanon War and discharged as an officer after two of his brothers were killed.

    He practiced law in northern Israel for 15 years, won a Knesset seat in 1999, and broke into the Likud Party leadership in 2006. To celebrate Israel’s 58th Independence Day that year, he threw a party for Netanyahu and hired kosher butchers to slaughter 58 sheep for the occasion. Netanyahu feasted with 7,000 Druze townspeople in front of the Kara home, in Daliyat al-Karmel.

    “I feel like a Jew, but I’m not a Jew,” Kara says, sitting with his college-age daughter, Ameera, on the stone portico by his front door. “I connect with people in Arabic, but I don’t give up on Israel’s needs.”

    He whips out a cell phone to show a photo of a guy lighting a fat Cuban cigar for him in a New York hotel suite. The older bald man, who’s wearing suspenders and holding the lighter, is a member of the royal family of Qatar, Kara says, and one of his go-to go-betweens.

    He also says there’s Gulf interest in a second Red Sea pipeline, an existing one built 50 years ago in partnership with the Shah of Iran when the two countries [Israel and Pahlavi Iran] maintained secret alliances.

    The state-owned Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline Co. operates the 160-mile conduit to pump oil from tankers in the Red Sea port of Eilat to the Mediterranean city of Ashkelon. It bypasses the Suez Canal and can cut shipping costs to Europe and North America.

    When the shah was overthrown in 1979, Israel took sole ownership of the project. A Swiss appeals court last year awarded Iran $1.1 billion in lost revenue, a sum Israel refuses to pay its sworn enemy. Kara says the prospect of using the pipeline keeps coming up in his discussions with Saudis.

    For now, “everything has to be under the radar,” says Shavit, the former Mossad chief.

    That’s how Mati Kochavi blazed Israel’s trail into the Gulf with a $6 billion security business in the United Arab Emirates.

    An Israeli serial entrepreneur who lives part time in the U.S., Kochavi, 54, founded several high-tech security companies after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. One, called 4D Security Solutions of South Plainfield, N.J., built the perimeter monitoring systems at New York’s airports.

    Kochavi shopped his companies’ services to the leaders of the U.A.E. and Abu Dhabi. He didn’t hide that he and most of his companies’ technology and many of their employees came from Israel. Not a concern, he was assured, as long as the contractors weren’t domiciled in Israel.

    In fact, Israel’s security prowess was seen as an advantage in a country facing similar threats but lacking sophisticated defenses, former Kochavi employees say.

    “There weren’t even fences when we started,” says one former Israeli intelligence officer, describing the Emirates’ 3 million-barrel-a-day oil infrastructure. “A camel could have walked up to the production facilities and drank the oil.” Kochavi, through his spokesman, Moshe Debby, declined to comment.

    Kochavi sold the U.A.E. on what became the most comprehensive integrated security system in the world at the time.

    From 2007 through 2015, a Kochavi company called AGT International, based in Zurich, installed thousands of cameras, sensors, and license-plate readers along the U.A.E.’s 620-mile international border and throughout Abu Dhabi.

    AGT’s artificial intelligence platform, code-named Wisdom, analyzed images and data from the devices. Nominally, Kochavi managed the operation out of the U.S. and Switzerland. The real brainpower, however, resided in Israel, at a separate Kochavi company called Logic Industries.

    Twice a week at the height of the project, a chartered Boeing 737, painted all white, took off from Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport, touched down briefly in Cyprus or Jordan for political cover, and landed about three hours later in Abu Dhabi with dozens of Israeli engineers onboard, many of them out of the intelligence services.

    They lived and ate together—never in restaurants—carried location transmitters and panic buttons at all times, and disguised their nationality and Hebrew names as best they could. They called Israel “C country”; Kochavi was known as “MK.”

    Most Arabs who worked with AGT saw through the Swiss veneer, which caused occasional tension but didn’t stop the formation of some close friendships. The charade got a bit absurd at times, such as when U.A.E. intelligence officials would wryly address the Israelis by pseudonyms from the TV series Lost, such as “Boone” and “Sawyer.”

    The Israeli technology demonstrated its value in December 2014, when a woman stabbed an American schoolteacher to death in the restroom of an Abu Dhabi mall. She then drove to the home of an Egyptian-American doctor and planted a bomb, which was later defused.

    AGT’s network, processing video and still images captured at the scenes, identified the suspect within a day. She was convicted and executed seven months later. Government spokesmen in Abu Dhabi didn’t respond to e-mailed questions about AGT’s work in the U.A.E. An embassy spokesman in Washington declined to comment.

    Much more: ( )

    Anyone remember when Trump anointed Giuliani as his informal cybersecurity advisor back in January, picking him to meet with companies about cybersecurity?

    Jew York Times: Rudy Giuliani’s Cybersecurity Role Reflects Diminished Place in Trump World

    WASHINGTON — For a brief moment, it looked as if America’s mayor just might become America’s diplomat.

    But for Rudolph W. Giuliani, the bombastic former mayor of New York City, a wild year of being one of President-elect Donald J. Trump’s most passionate surrogates did not, in the end, land him the high-profile administration job he has long coveted.

    Instead, Mr. Trump announced on Thursday that he would enlist Mr. Giuliani to share his “expertise and insight as a trusted friend” on the issue of cybersecurity.

    Mr. Giuliani, who has spent the last 16 years as a private security consultant, will “from time to time” assemble meetings between Mr. Trump and corporate executives who face cyberthreats, the transition team said.

    “We’ve let our defense fall behind,” Mr. Giuliani told reporters on Thursday during a conference call. “Our offense is way ahead of our defense.”

    ( )

    The Secretary of State makes $186,000 a year.

    There’s way more Arab money in it for Giuliani sticking with his private cyber-security business acting as the cut-out for the government cyber-security trade between the Gulf Arabs, Israel and Jewmerica in the larger military and intelligence cooperation arena, and setting up front companies for the whole thing.

    It is, of course, intended for the coming cyber-warfare stage on Iran.

    Meeting with companies about cyber-security, indeed. I love it when Jews tell on themselves. They are so proud of it.

    Israel and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have always had back door diplomacy and work-arounds of the League of Arab States Boycott–Trump will be taking The Fart of the Deal to a whole new level with this Axis of Weasels.

    And now with Trump as POTUSI with all of his business relations and investments with the Saudis and Gulf States, in the name of Make Israel Great Again its all tauntingly coming out in the open about which Jewish billionaire Bloomberg, ex-mayor of Jew York, is free to blab.


    Congressional Research Service:

    The Arab League, an umbrella organization comprising 22 Middle Eastern and African countries and entities, has maintained an official boycott ofIsraeli companies and Israeli-made goods since the founding of Israel in 1948.

    The boycott is administered by the Damascus-based Central Boycott Office, a specialized bureau of the Arab League.

    The boycott has three tiers. The primary boycott prohibits citizens of an Arab League member from buying from, selling to, or entering into a business contract with either the Israeli government or an Israeli citizen.

    The secondary boycott extends the primary boycott to any entity world-wide that does business in Israel.

    A blacklist of global firms that engage in business with Israel is maintained by the Central Boycott Office, and disseminated to Arab League members.

    The tertiary boycott prohibits an Arab League member and its nationals from doing business with a company that deals with companies that have been blacklisted by the Arab League.

    I’ve had thoughts for a long time about 9/11 being a joint Israel-Neocon-Saudi inside/outside job ever since Netanyahu announced that Saudi announced one day not too long ago that Israhell and the Wahabi kingdom were new best friends.

    The Saudis and most of the other Gulf States and Arab League betrayed Palestine a long time ago. The only ones who have remained steadfast opposing Zionist Nationalism and support of the Palestinians under the brutal Jewish occupation is the “Axis of Resistance and Deterrence” — Iran, Syria, Lebanon/Hezbollah.

    Lebanon also has a long-standing law forbidding its citizens from interacting with Israeli citizens anywhere in the world.

    The Lebanese online news source NOW explains that law in detail.

    The Axis of Resistance’s growing regional influence which the United States of Israel and Saudi Arabia bitterly complain about is upsetting the balance of power in the region.

    “The chain of resistance against Israel by Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, the new Iraqi government and Hamas passes through the Syrian highway… Syria is the golden ring of the chain of resistance against Israel.”– Ali Akbar Velayati, senior advisor for foreign affairs to Iran’s Supreme Leader.

    “What is happening in Syria is not an internal issue, but a conflict between the axis of resistance and its enemies in the region and the world. Iran will not tolerate, in any form, the breaking of the axis of resistance, of which Syria is an intrinsic part.” — President Bashar Assad

    At first, this alliance consisted of the Assad regime in Syria and Lebanese Hezbollah. Years later, Iran and Iraq came in as the newest members of this alliance. Lebanon now has a pro-Hezbollah president, Maronite Catholic politician Michael Aoun. Lebanon doesn’t even show the Zionist carbuncle on the face of the Middle East on their maps.

    After Russia’s deployment of force in Syria, a slew of posters showing images of Nasrallah, Assad, Khamenei, and Putin, have appeared with an Arabic caption meaning “Men who bow to no one but God.”

    Giuliani, give my regards to the Druze Israeli Karas.

    Agh, the stench of weasels.

  71. KathJuliane February 5, 2017 @ 2:24 pm

    Kellyanne Conway, the Queen of Fictional Facts, has not let me down concerning official White House communication.

    Friday, she pushed against claims she defended the White House’s refugee ban with an assertion that appears to be an indefensible alternative factoid.

    Appearing on MSNBC’s Hardball last night, Conway referred to the “Bowling Green Massacre” as part of her attempt to justify Trump’s temporary restrictions on refugees and nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries.

    The “massacre” was described by Conway as an attack that occurred within the United States by terrorists who pretended to be refugees

    At the same time she was dodging and deflecting from the the original question about the State Department’s long-standing “Dissent Channel” procedure, originally instituted by State during the Viet Nam War.

    She is clueless, as are the rest of the Trumpeteers like Spicer, about bureaucracies and the flow of administration; Civil Service and its employee protections under federal codes, or the fact that each federal department has its own administrative policies and procedures which are protected by federal law.

    “I bet it’s brand new information to people that President Obama had a six-month ban on the Iraqi refugee program after two Iraqis came here to this country, were radicalized and they were the masterminds behind the Bowling Green massacre,” Conway said

    “Most people don’t know that because it didn’t get covered.”

    It didn’t get covered because the massacre never happened.

    She was called on it. Here are the very stages of Trumpian Alternate Fact Communication Skills that Conway exhibited.


    Deny you said it, deflect, bluster, or claim a misunderstanding.

    Walk it back.

    Change subject.





    Sean Spicer: These career bureaucrats have a problem with it? They should either get with the program or they can go.” (“career bureaucrats” was accompanied by a thinly disguised sneer of contempt)

    “The president has a very clear vision,” Mr. Spicer said. “He’s been clear on it since the campaign, he’s been clear on it since taking office — that he’s going to put the country first.”

    “If somebody has a problem with that agenda,” he added, “that does call into question whether or not they should continue in that post.”

    (‘get-program-go’/97261904/ )

    MSNBC Conway cites “Bowling Green Massacre” to defend refugee ban

    WATCH: Chris Matthews pushes Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President, on whether President Trump can insist that federal workers agree with his policies and further discuss the executive order on immigration.

    [**Caution: When I started to play this vid on my computer, I had to quickly push back my chair from the desk lest my eyeballs get skewered by Conway’s tarantula sized alternative fact eyelashes. And there’s something about those strangely predatory teeth when she makes her snarky smiles…]

    Matthews: It’s really a civics lesson here.

    The acting Attorney General, Yates, refused to honor the president’s executive order on those seven countries, those people coming here. She’s gone.

    The spokesman for the President the other day made it pretty clear that the State Department officials, the career people over there, 900 of them signed that petition, should basically get out of there if they’re not happy with the way things are going.

    Conway 00:27 Conway: He gave them a choice. He said they could step up or get out.

    [As in, ‘your fired’? Doesn’t work that way. First lesson, there’s a difference between Trump’s notions of ‘at will employment’ in private industry and civil service.]

    Mathers: 00:32 In other words, if you don’t agree with the President, and you work for the United States Government, then you shouldn’t be there.

    Conway: 00:36 Well, Chris, what we’re saying–

    Matthews: No, really, that’s what he’s saying.

    Conway: Well, I believe what our Press Secretary meant by that is what he said, which is, every president has a right, really has the right, to surround himself with a team that’s going to work with him and not against him. And there’s been a lot of grandstanding this last week, as you know. [Deflecting for Spicer]

    [No, Trump doesn’t. Conway seems to think that Trump, along with making political appointees to State, has the right to hire and fire career State Department officials and staff at will in order to build his perfect Trumpian State Department dream team.]

    Matthews: Yes, but civil servants swear their oaths to the Constitution when they take a job for life in their career positions–

    Conway: 00:55 And then sign a petition saying they’re not going to discharge– their oath is that they’re going to discharge their duties? [Deflect]

    Matthews: They didn’t say they wouldn’t discharge their duties, they said they disagreed with a major issue.

    Conway: 01:04 Ok, they disagreed with him on a major issue, and they disagreed with him on a major issue, what does that mean?

    Are they effective in their posts? What Sean Spicer said was, to step up or step aside. It means a choice that some of them will have to make.

    [Deflect by attacking the dissenting diplomats as incompetent]

    We’d appreciate the lack of leaking. Our new Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, he’s an amazing, an amazing choice, he’ll go down as one of the best Secretaries of State, I promise you. [bluster]

    He just said today, his first day on the job at State, he said that brace for big changes. And he means it. This is a new administration, and everybody knew what they were getting. [bluster]

    Matthews: 01:40 Yeah, I knew that, but Kelly, we’ve had people, you might say ‘progressive liberals’ or whatever, you can say people who didn’t like Richard Nixon served under him six years or so, his whole presidency.

    You had people who served under Reagan who didn’t agree with him–

    Conway: 01:50 Did they sign petitions? [bluster]

    Matthews: Well, apparently they began their petitions–

    Conway: Did they know they were protesting? [bluster]

    Matthews: — back in the Viet Nam War–

    Conway: Do you think they serve as protesters? [bluster]

    Matthews: — that’s why it was created.

    Conway: And they know what they are protesting? [bluster]

    Matthews: 1:58 Ok. Let’s go to the principle of presidential authority. Does the President have the right to insist that the people who work for the Federal Government would agree with him?

    [Kellyanne detests protestors. Anyone who opposes a Trumpian policy dejure opposes Trump and is therefore a traitor, because he is the patriotic embodiment of the Constitution.

    Of course the diplomats, who are NOT street protestors which she may have had in mind, knew what they were dissenting to, particularly in light of the fact that once the EO was sent out as an immediate complete halt to travel visas and refugees from the seven countries, and there were also no procedural guidance to go with it.

    Thousands of people had their travel visas cancelled on the spot in foreign airports, or denied boarding if their travel visas reflected travel to or from Iraq, or were detained after landing in the US.

    An Iraqi general on his way to a meeting at the Pentagon was denied entry, and this is an international diplomatic incident. A native British citizen and top distinguished military war hero who fought in Iraq was denied entry because his visa had an Iraq travel stamp. He missed a US veterans’ dinner where he was the guest of honor.

    The original EO made no provision at all for permanent resident aliens of the US (green card holders), have all the same constitutional rights of free travel leaving and re-entering the US with some limitations. A green card holder cannot apply for a US passport which identifies a person as a US citizen, either by naturalization or by birth.

    Permanent residents must have a passport from their birth country or country of origin. Old passports from the home country are renewed at foreign consulates or embassies in the US who issue new passports. In 2014 the Syrian Embassy in the US was closed.

    Since then, the US Arab Chamber of Commerce in Washington D.C. is assisting in the certification of documents that require the Syrian Embassy Seal by authenticating them from the U.S. Department of State in D.C. and obtaining legalization from the Syrian Embassy of Canada.

    The resident alien issue in Trump’s EO was later fixed in an amendment.

    Gee, Chris. I would have like to have seen you drill on, but on the other hand, sometimes its a waste of time to argue with a ditz.

    Regardless, it’s a bad idea to rule by Executive Order, and then tell people, “you figure out how to do it”. ]

    Conway: Does he have the right to insist?

    Matthews: Insist they they agree with him.

    Conway: He has the right to form a team and a government– [attempted deflect]

    Matthews: No, I’m talking about the public service, the Civil Service.

    Conway: 2:11 Agree with him on what? In other words, it’s not agree with, you make it sound like to agree with him personally.

    2:15 He’s the President. And he’s enacting policy on behalf of the nation. And on, in this case, he is calling for extreme vetting from seven countries that President Obama first identified.

    2:25 All he did was take his lead. He didn’t even add to the list.

    It’s the seven countries that were previously identified by President Obama as being high-risk, as being states that are, that harbor, train, and export, and/or export terrorism. These are nations very narrowly proscribed, and also temporary.

    2:42 Um, um, I bet there was very little coverage, I bet, I bet it’s brand new information to people that President Obama had a six-month ban on the Iraqi refugee program after two Iraqis came here to this country, were radicalized, and they were the masterminds behind the Bowling Green Massacre. [Whopper of a change of subject]

    Matthews 2:59 Let’s–

    Conway: Most people don’t know that because it didn’t get covered.

    It didn’t get covered because it didn’t happen. Kellyanne really believed what she was saying at the time, this was no slip of the tongue.

    True to form, Conway said she misspoke when she used the phrase “Bowling Green Massacre” on Twitter.


    She said in a tweet that links to an ABC News article about the arrest of two Iraqi insurgents who fought the US occupation from 2003-2006, were then imprisoned by Iraqi authorities, were released, then got caught in an FBI sting after arriving here in the refugee program, that she actually meant say “Bowling Green terrorists.” [walk it back]
    ( )

    Everyone mixes up “massacre” with “terrorists,” don’t they? I mean, what’s the difference between two little words?

    For the record, the two Iraqis arrested in a FBI anti-terror sting operation of several years duration never threatened or committed any violence anywhere on American soil, much less Bowling Green.

    Her claim that Trump’s refugee ban resembles a similar move taken by Obama after the two Iraqis were arrested in Bowling Green is also not true.

    The Obama administration imposed additional background checks on Iraqi refugees but did not stop or ban Iraqi resettlement in the US after the 2013 FBI arrests. It was this arrest that prompted Obama’s EO to conduct more detailed background checks.

    The imposition of the additional background checks slowed processing down, because overseas, investigators have to work with the foreign government and it’s intelligence and security services, and it often means going out and conducting personal interviews.

    But Obama’s “ban” that was not a ban, was the consequence of the time delay due to more steps and more stringent background investigation required overseas, and not because of an actual “ban”.
    ( )

    Background investigations or bans, what’s the difference? Refugees, immigrant guest workers, lawful permanent foreign residents, what’s the difference? They’re all Muslims, right? The Muslim ban isn’t a Muslim ban, its really a danger ban from seven Muslim countries who have never threatened America.

    That’s right, we’re banning danger from these seven countries, not Muslims.

    Besides, it’s not a Muslim ban, don’t call it that.

    Coincidentally six of the seven Muslim countries named by Trump are on the PNAC kill list (Yemen now substituted for Lebanon) and, besides being friendly to Iran and or Russia or compose the Axis of Resistance which the Wahabi Sunni Saudis and Sunni Jordan call “the Shia Crescent” are Arab countries in which Trump does not have any business interests.

    To be fair, several days before the Conway interview, on January 31, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky referenced a similarly unsubstantiated terrorist incident in an interview with MSNBC, when he referred to “the attempted bombing in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where I live.”

    It’s is rather sloppy of Paul to do without refreshing his memory of the actual events, but it came much closer to the truth then Kellyanne did. Perhaps she remembered some bits of what Paul said — “Bowling Green”…”terrorists”…”bombing” — and then shot from the hip.

    DOJ: In 2009 two former Iraqi insurgents against the US regime change/occupation of Iraq arrested by the Iraqi government in 2006, who were living as refugees in Bowling Green, Kentucky were arrested in 2011 after a two year long FBI Ben Laden/al Qaeda sting investigation.

    Alwan and Hammadi had been arrested by Iraq security forces, in 2006 they were allowed to enter the United States as refugees in April and July 2009, respectively to settle in Bowling Green.

    The arrests prompted the Bureau to assign hundreds of specialists to an around-the-clock effort aimed at checking its archive of 100,000 improvised explosive devices collected in the war zones, known as IEDs, for other suspected terrorists’ fingerprints.

    The men charged with federal terrorism in 2013 had attempted to send both money and weapons to al-Qaeda in Iraq.

    The men both pled guilty; one is serving a life sentence while the other is serving 40 years in federal prison.

    The charges included “conspiracy to kill U.S. nationals abroad, conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction against U.S. national abroad, distributing information on the manufacture and use of IEDs, attempting to provide material support to terrorists” and “conspiracy to transfer, possess and export Stinger missiles.”

    Neither of the two were ever charged with attempting to plot civilian or military attacks inside the United States.
    ( )


    In the tweet, Conway linked to an ABC news item from 2013 arrests to show that she meant “terrorists” instead of “massacre” despite complaining in her appearance on Hardball that the mainstream media didn’t cover the episode.

    Numerous MSM mega-media outlets covered the arrest case at the time, and correctly reported the arrests as being arrests, not a terror massacre in Bowling Green, KY.

    As for the State Department Dissent Channel, back last October, I recall that it was leaked to the press that around 50 State officials filed a dissent on the Dissent Channel to Secretary of State John Kerry on President Obama’s Syria non-intervention policy, who were pushing for military intervention in Syria.

    Kellyanne, what’s the bid deal about reportedly 900 foreign service officers doing what is allowed to them by federal law and departmental policy and procedure?

    “Freedom from reprisal for Dissent Channel users is strictly enforced,” the regulations state. “Officers or employees found to have engaged in retaliation or reprisal against Dissent Channel users … will be subject to disciplinary action.”

    It’s not a “petition” or a “letter,” it’s the official US Dept of State Dissent Channel, enshrined in the agency’s Foreign Affairs Manual/Handbook containing all policies and proceedures of the agency.

    More useless trivia, unless you think words have defined meanings.

    Clueless Conway kept using “petition” as Matthews did, because that’s how the State Department non-revolt of career diplomats was described by the MSM. Matthews can be forgiven, he’s a political talk show host, and doesn’t necessarily have to cover the fine grindings of government administration.

    And while Kellyanne is a newbie to the WH staff, she’d be better off studying federal agency manuals for the next six months before she opens her mouth again.

    It wasn’t a “petition”.

    It’s the official internal Dissent [Cable] Channel which is an official communications administrative channel for diplomats in different countries to lodge dissenting memos to policy and rules changes which could have adverse effects on the foreign service end.

    In the old days, the Foreign Service used the telegraph to dispatch “cables,” like the newspapers sent “news wires,” messages over the telegraph cable system. Even though Foreign Service communiques are sent by email now, they are still called “cables,” so the Dissent Channel is still sometimes called the Dissent Cable Channel.

    The Channel was established as a way for State Department officials, domestically and abroad, to internally raise concerns with government policy during the Vietnam War and requires the Secretary of State to formally respond to the complaints raised through it.

    The unprecedented 900 career diplomats firing off dissenting memos to the new immigration policy wasn’t so much as a “protest” or even the sign of rebellion against Trump, no matter how much Kellyanne tried to frame it that way, as it was a massive SOS about the chaos and confusion the inadequate EO caused.

    The Dissent Channel is established as formal US DOS adminstrative policy and proceedure in the Foreign Affairs Manual/Handbook (FAM/FAH).

    2 FAM 071 POLICY clearly states:

    a. It is Department of State policy that all U.S. citizen employees, foreign and domestic, be able to express dissenting or alternative views on substantive issues of policy, in a manner which ensures serious, high-level review and response.

    b. The State Department has a strong interest in facilitating open, creative, and uncensored dialogue on substantive foreign policy issues within the professional foreign affairs community, and a responsibility to foster an atmosphere supportive of such dialogue, including the opportunity to offer alternative or dissenting opinions without fear of penalty.

    The Dissent Channel was created to allow its users the opportunity to bring dissenting or alternative views on substantive foreign policy issues, when such views cannot be communicated in a full and timely manner through regular operating channels or procedures, to the attention of the Secretary of State and other senior State Department officials in a manner which protects the author from any penalty, reprisal, or recrimination.

    c. Freedom from reprisal for Dissent Channel users is strictly enforced; officers or employees found to have engaged in retaliation or reprisal against Dissent Channel users, or to have divulged to unauthorized personnel the source or contents of Dissent Channel messages, will be subject to disciplinary action.

    Dissent Channel messages, including the identity of the authors, are a most sensitive element in the internal deliberative process and are to be protected accordingly.
    ( )

    Get the message yet, Conway?

    Most career diplomats have university degrees in international relations, political science, economics, or law.

    You have a BA in Political Science and a Law degree, and minored in Political Bull Manure.

    KellyAnne Counselor to the President, a cabinet level position and a senior member of the Executive Office of the President, is currently receiving a maximum federal WH staff salary of $172,200 per year, paid by the American Taxpayer.

    Conway is one of three Counselors to the President: the two others are Steven Bannon, Goldman-Sachs alumnus, Senior Counselor and Chief Strategist; and Egyptian-born and Goldman Sachs alumnus, Dina Powell, Senior Counsel for Economic Initiatives

    Gobbledygook is not the same as administrative language. You perhaps should stay a few more chairs away from the microphone for a while, don’t you think, hon?

    You need to catch up on your homework, learn the technical language and writing, and get more experience in order to justify that top White House advisor salary that the American taxpayer foots the bill for?

    I’m sure the new Secretary of State spent a lot of time going over volumes of State Department manuals and handbooks of agency policies and procedures, federal laws, Civil Service regulations, and the Department of Personnel Management to get some kind of perspective on his new job.

    Anyway, the Internet and social media is trolling Kellyanne with satirical “Bowling Green Massacre” sites following on the “Alternative Facts” meme. Some of it’s hilarious.

    Like this one:

    It’s not just the Bowling Green Massacre.

    Refugees were also behind the Narnia Bombings, the shootings in Atlantis and the Midsomer Murders

    On Thursday night, a new website was launched that mocks Kellyanne’s fable trying to defend Trump’s recent immigration order. When attempting to make a donation on the site, visitors are redirected to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) donation page.

    The website’s name, “Bowling Green Massacre Victims Fund,” is pulled straight from her own words.

    “We all still carry the vivid memories of what horrors occurred at Bowling Green, but some still relive those moments everyday as they work to rebuild a community torn apart,” the site’s description reads.

    Following Trump’s immigration order, and now Conway’s growing reputation as a fable maker, the ACLU has seen millions of donations and a surge in memberships.

    Unintended consequences and all that.

  72. KathJuliane February 5, 2017 @ 8:20 pm

    US Betrays Iran Deal as Predicted – Edges Closer to War

    February 2, 2016 (Tony Cartalucci – LD) – As the world remains mesmerized by the antics of US President Donald Trump, his national security adviser Michael Flynn brazenly linked Iran to Yemeni fighters who attacked a Saudi warship, as well as cited an Iranian missile test as grounds to reverse course on US rapprochement with Tehran, concluding that Iran was “put on notice.”

    Flynn would state:

    “In these and other similar activities, Iran continues to threaten US friends and allies in the region.”

    Flynn, who was head of the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) when a memo was published acknowledging the West, Turkey, and the Persian Gulf monarchs sought the rise of what was at the time called a “Salafist principality” in eastern Syria – precisely where the Islamic [Salafist] State [principality] now occupies, is surely aware that America’s “friends and allies in the region” include state sponsors of terrorism, including the state sponsors of the Islamic State itself.

    As Flynn furiously flipped through the pages of his statement, he was signifying the predictable betrayal of the so-called “Iran deal,” meant before it was even introduced the public – as early as 2009 – to serve as a pretext not for peace, but for war with Iran.

    US corporate-financier funded think tank, the Brookings Institution, in a 2009 policy paper titled, “Which Path to Persia? Options for a New American Strategy Toward Iran” (.pdf) would lay out in detail various means of provoking war and regime change against Iran.

    In it, Brookings explicitly revealed how a “superb offer” would be given to Iran, only to be intentionally revoked in a manner portraying Iran as ungrateful:

    “…any military operation against Iran will likely be very unpopular around the world and require the proper international context—both to ensure the logistical support the operation would require and to minimize the blowback from it.

    “The best way to minimize international opprobrium and maximize support (however, grudging or covert) is to strike only when there is a widespread conviction that the Iranians were given but then rejected a superb offer—one so good that only a regime determined to acquire nuclear weapons and acquire them for the wrong reasons would turn it down.

    “Under those circumstances, the United States (or Israel) could portray its operations as taken in sorrow, not anger, and at least some in the international community would conclude that the Iranians “brought it on themselves” by refusing a very good deal.”

    The so-called “Iran deal,” introduced during the administration of US President Barack Obama, represents precisely this “superb offer,” with Flynn’s accusations serving as the “turn down” ahead of the “sorrowful” war and attempted regime change the US had always planned to target Tehran with.

    In fact, Flynn would seemingly draw almost verbatim from the ploy described by Brookings in 2009, by stating:

    “Instead of being thankful to the United States for these agreements, Iran is now feeling emboldened … As of today, we are officially putting Iran on notice.”

    Flynn’s statement is particularly surreal – considering Yemeni fighters are only targeting Saudi warships because Saudi Arabia is currently waging full-scale war on Yemen.

    Accused on all sides of war crimes, and with the US itself even restricting weapon sales to Riyadh – if only symbolically – in response to Saudi Arabia’s aggression – Flynn still claims that the attack on Saudi Arabia’s warship constitutes justification for putting Iran “on notice.”

    Claiming that Iran is “sponsoring terrorism” throughout the region, when it is currently a major member of the coalition fighting the DIA’s “Salafist principality” in both Iraq and Syria is also surreal.

    Another prerequisite mentioned in the 2009 Brookings document was the need to move Syria out of the way.

    It appears that the US’ attempts at regime change in Syria have reached their final conclusion, failing overall, but weakening Syria significantly in the process.

    War on Iran – a nation taxed greatly in fighting US, European, and Persian Gulf-backed terrorist organizations in Syria – may be perceived now as more preferable than before the 2011 conflict began.

    Meanwhile, the political climate in the West has been so expertly manipulated that the public is either so distracted with identity politics that they are unaware and unconcerned with the prospect of war with Iran, or so hysterical over “Islam” that any nation perceived as being Muslim is seen as justifiably a target of US military aggression – regardless of how divergent any of these alternate realities are from actual reality.

    Flynn’s statement encapsulates a documented conspiracy drafted under President Bush, implemented under President Obama, and finally coming into full fruition under President Trump, once again illustrating the continuity of agenda that transcends party politics, presidencies, and political rhetoric – driven by immense corporate-financier special interests, not the will of the American public.

    Compare Flynn’s Statement:

    “Recent Iranian actions, including a provocative ballistic missile launch and an attack against a Saudi naval vessel conducted by Iran-supported Houthi militants, underscore what should have been clear to the international community all along about Iran’s destabilizing behavior across the Middle East.

    The recent ballistic missile launch is also in defiance of UN Security Council Resolution 2231, which calls upon Iran “not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using such ballistic missile technology.”

    These are just the latest of a series of incidents in the past six months in which Houthi forces that Iran has trained and armed have struck Emirati and Saudi vessels, and threatened U.S. and allied vessels transiting the Red Sea. In these and other similar activities, Iran continues to threaten U.S. friends and allies in the region.

    The Obama Administration failed to respond adequately to Tehran’s malign actions—including weapons transfers, support for terrorism, and other violations of international norms. The Trump Administration condemns such actions by Iran that undermine security, prosperity, and stability throughout and beyond the Middle East and place American lives at risk.

    President Trump has severely criticized the various agreements reached between Iran and the Obama Administration, as well as the United Nations – as being weak and ineffective.

    Instead of being thankful to the United States for these agreements, Iran is now feeling emboldened.

    As of today, we are officially putting Iran on notice.”

    On February 2 at the WH Press Briefing, the WH press corps wanted to know:

    The President and his national security advisor have been clear the administration wants to put Iran “on notice,” but they haven’t specified what that is. What options are on the table? And are there any options, like military action, that might be off the table at this point?

    MR. SPICER: So I think General Flynn was really clear yesterday that Iran has violated the Joint Resolution, that Iran’s additional hostile actions that it took against our Navy vessel are ones that we are very clear are not going to sit by and take.

    I think that we will have further updates for you on those additional actions, but clearly we wanted to make sure that Iran understood that they are on notice, this is not going un-responded to.


    Q Thank you very much, Sean–

    Q It was a Saudi vessel.

    MR. SPICER: Thank you. Yes.

    Q They thought it was an American, but it’s a Saudi vessel.

    MR. SPICER: Right, that’s right. John.

    Note: it was Major Garrett of CBS News who softly corrected him, “a Saudi vessel,” and Spicer said just as softly “Sorry, thank you, yes a Saudi vessel. Yes, that’s right.”

    Spicer’s spurious claim that it was an Iranian attack on the now corrected “Saudi vessel,” however, wasn’t challenged. Garrett couldn’t push it further at the time as he’d actually spoken out of turn.

    This is how wars are started.

    How do you say Gulf of Tonkin in Arabic or Farsi?

  73. Ted Gorsline February 5, 2017 @ 11:32 pm

    A good friend of mine named Bob Reguly, a reporter at the Toronto Star, who won three national newspaper Awards in Canada, interviewed the head of the Shah of Iran’s torture squad.

    He was an Israeli who told Bob it never took him more than 15 minutes to get any information he wanted.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe it was Teddy Rosevelt’s son Kermit who first destabilized Iran to steal the oil.

    I believe America also supplied poison gas to Saddam Hussein to use against the Iranians, and supplied arms to both sides to get them to destroy each other on behalf of Israel.

    So bulls–t from the American military is nothing new.

  74. Ted Gorsline February 6, 2017 @ 12:22 pm

    Donald Trump really knows how to play mainstream media for fools.

    In the lead up to Trump’s speech to the US military, Wolf Blitzer and an American retired admiral named Fallon inferred that Trump was showing moral equivalency by saying America had its own killers, when a Fox news scumbag called Putin a killer.

    Fox was trying to bait Trump and dictate American policy on behalf of Israel and Trump did not take the bait.

    He then gave them no bones to chew on in his speech where he said nothing more than he has already said before.

    He gave them no news and no news is death to the news business.

    He left them without any news to report which means their talking heads had to earn their money with spin and speculation to try to keep from losing their audiences and thus their ad revenue.

    Trump shoved it right up their butt on their own TV stations.

    Funny to watch him play MSM like a flute, but if the truth be known the world would be better served if people like Wolf Blitzer, best known for whitewashing American Jewish traitor Johnathan Pollard, and Christiana Anampour (alias Christy Rubin) best known for winding up wars on behalf of Israel, were lampshades instead of journalists.

    On another military note, I talked to an officer currently doing joint military exercises in Europe with NATO forces and he says all the NATO officers in the field know the biggest problem the world faces now are the Jews.

  75. Ted Gorsline February 6, 2017 @ 3:02 pm

    A friend from an old Washington Family tells me the Obama Administration spent a hell of alot of money developing tactical nuclear weapons, so much so that it makes him very nervous, and he wonders what is going on. He said he wants to move to New Zealand.

    I have not read about this anywhere but maybe the policy for Iran comes from the deep state, whoever that is, rather than just from the Trump administration.

    Its feels as if no American administration is running anything – just taking orders but from…… who?

  76. Matthew/Boston February 7, 2017 @ 8:01 am

    Notice these SOB’s in Washington never, ever give details regarding the charges they level against Russia!

    And the hypocrisy of the accusations against Russia when American forces decimated Iraq, Libya, etc. These Washington psychopathic crazies must think Americans are comatose not to notice! And sadly, they’re right!

    Obama consistently had a look of contempt on his face and with his body language when dealing with Putin and Trump, but was always submissive in body language when dealing with the our evil and true enemy, Netanyahu. It damn well should have been the other way around!

    We expect, and should expect, rational behavior by our “leaders” in Washington, DC, but what we are getting are self-serving, cowardly psychopaths. Our situation has truly become positively surreal!

  77. Jason February 9, 2017 @ 9:58 am

    @Ted Gorsline

    This may be in reference to the newly developed “dial a yield” class nuclear weapons in the U.S. arsenal.

    Each missile, bomb etc. has an adjustable min/max kiloton output. e.g. A single bomb could be used to take out a single office building or many, many city blocks.

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