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How The Trump-Clinton Debate Was Rigged

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How The Trump-Clinton Debate Was Rigged
September 29, 2016

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Brother Nathanael @ September 29, 2016


  1. Brother Nathanael September 29, 2016 @ 7:12 pm

    Text –Text– Text

    How The Trump-Clinton Debate Was Rigged
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Copyright 2016

    If there’s one takeaway from the first debate it’s this:

    Why was Trump asked the hostile questions and not Hillary? [Clip]

    “Good morning Mr Trump.”
    “Good morning.”
    “So how did you think it went last night?”
    “I thought it went really well…I mean, I had some hostile questions.”]

    You bet he did, and in calculated, >biased succession. [Clips

    *HOLT: “Mr Trump, we’re talking about the burden that Americans have to pay, yet you have not released your tax returns.”
    *HOLT: “Mr Trump, for five years, you perpetuated a false claim that the nation’s first black president was not a natural-born citizen.”
    *HOLT: Mr. Trump, a lot of these are judgment questions. You had supported the war in Iraq before the invasion. What makes your…”
    “I did not support the war in Iraq.”
    “In 2002…”
    “That is a mainstream media nonsense put out by her, because she — frankly, I think the best person in her campaign is mainstream media.”
    “My question is, since you supported it…”]

    But was Hillary attacked by Holt? Not a peep. [Clip]

    [“Do you feel that Lester Holt asked Hillary Clinton an equal number of hostile questions?”

    “Well, he didn’t ask her about the emails at all. He didn’t ask her about her scandals. He didn’t ask her about the Benghazi deal that she destroyed. He didn’t ask her about a lot of things that she should’ve been asked about, there’s no question about it. Why he didn’t ask her about her Foundation, why?…I don’t know.”]

    Because it was rigged from the beginning, that’s why.


    First of all, Clinton’s podium was customized to give her a ‘large’ look.

    Match that with her red pant suit, streaked blonde hair-do, and lots of makeup, making her look like a political Barbie Doll.

    And, as far as Hillary was concerned, the debate wasn’t about policies, but who was the sliest of them all. [Clip]

    11:03 [“Did you watch the debate last night etc etc”

    But what nobody’s asking is why the establishment, led by the Jewish-owned media, wants to see Trump discredited and destroyed?

    What are they afraid of?

    Trump’s a maverick, a bull in a china shop, unpredictable, and that makes the Jews who frame the narration very nervous.

    Trump would be uncontrollable as president while Clinton is already knee deep in the establishment’s pocket.

    Her billionaire donors all belong to the same synagogue: Soros, Saban, Spielberg, to name just a few of her donating Jews.

    Match that with the sponsers of the first debate, Robert Iger and Alan Braverman, ABC’s principal shareholders, and you’ve got a kosher-approved Barbie-Doll puppet for president.

    And what better way to kick off the debates than to let the Jewish-owned ABC get the first digs into Trump.

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  5. Beth Wallace September 29, 2016 @ 9:30 pm

    Why is it no one discusses her health issues? Apparent clones are how they got her through this debate and another the next day without security and seeing the same health problems going on?

    Was Trump silenced to share this matter which is a major issue?

    Everyone we talk to says the same thing, as to how she is still in this race with everything she is accused of and has done, and her visible ongoing health crisis and then obvious doubles she is using why is she not being indicted???

  6. Michael September 29, 2016 @ 11:11 pm

    Oh, that debate was so rigged. Half the questions were about issues too trivial to waste time on.

    Who’s across from Trump? A unindicted war criminal responsible for the deaths of thousands of people, up in the six figures or more. This due in large part as the “warden” in Bill’s presidency. Second, is Hillary ever opposed to any wars? NO. Zionist wars to be precise.

    Can anyone find a clip of Trump being in favor of the Iraq war? It’s disgusting when words are put in someone’s mouth. At least Trump doesn’t put up with it.

    At least Donald Trump hasn’t killed anyone. Sure he’s declared bankruptcy on his businesses a few times. There’s way worse than declaring bankruptcy. Calling a beauty queen “Little Miss Piggy” for gaining weight? So what. Beauty queens are judged on their looks. Bill Clinton is a rapist. Quite a contrast.

    Too bad the masses have the attention spans of goldfish. Unfortunately the goys only care about rigged football games on weekends.

  7. Brian September 29, 2016 @ 11:23 pm

    For the past six months, my local newspaper has been slandering Trump every single day.

    Practically every political cartoon they run makes Trump look like a monkey or knuckle dragging thug.

    I have yet to see even one cartoon depicting Hillary in a negative light. It is absolutely pathetic.

    Does the kosher corporate media really think we are all dumb enough not to see through their heavy handed propaganda?

  8. Hugo September 30, 2016 @ 12:50 am

    You are quite right that the debate was rigged in favor of Clinton as one would expect from M.S.M.

    However according to opinion polls most people still thought that Trump won the debate.

    In fact if M.S.M. was as influential as they used to be then Trump would never have won the Republican nomination.

    But M.S.M. has a huge problem = very large numbers of people no longer believe anything they do or say. And that problem gets worse by the day.

    In fact increasing numbers of people see M.S.M. as the principal enemy owing to the FALSE NARRATIVE (both historical and contemporary) that they have spun thereby blinding people to the real solution to the real problem.

    And I should add that Trump represents a rebellion against the system of which M.S.M. is the lynch-pin. Those who support Trump will not have too favorable an opinion of CNN-SKY-BBC-FOX-ABC etc.

    All in all M.S.M. attacks on Trump appear to be counter productive.

    Thanks to the internet the days when nation wrecking Jews could use their ownership of M.S.M. to blind us to their evil agendas may be coming to an end.

    Retribution may be around the corner.

  9. paschn September 30, 2016 @ 4:56 am

    Add to the mix malleable “Goy” worshipping the synagogue out of ignorance/cowardice and you have a perfect mix for economic/moral/political disaster which speaks volumes about the decay of this oligarchy.

    Truly, this is Satan’s system of things and the demonic Jews are his effendis.

  10. The Elder of Zyklon-B September 30, 2016 @ 6:13 am

    Pashn’s comments above are a nice setup for this kosher article about die Juden and their worshipful goyim.

    White southern evangelicals have some comrades here:

  11. Ft. Nolan September 30, 2016 @ 6:34 am

    No matter how they (MSM, et al) try to make Trump look bad, he always comes out looking better and more favorable. No matter how much they try to make Hillary look good, she always comes out of it looking worse.

    Here’s a scenario: Hillary is elected, sworn in and delivers a State of the Union address as the first female POTUS. Three months into her presidency, she is rushed to Bethesda Naval Hospital for complications of blood clots, Parkinson’s and a plethora of health issues covered up during the campaign which should have caused her to step out of the running.

    Inevitably, she resigns for health reasons yet remains the 45th and the first female President. History is made and new textbooks get written. Whether VP Kane (let’s call him “Staypuft”) ascends to the Presidency is for speculation. Watch the Congressional races, if the Demonrats take back the House, the newly elected Speaker will become a decisive agent with future policy in this nation with both domestic and foreign affairs.

    Bill Still has a video listing Hillary Klinton’s “detractions.” It is truly amazing how someone with so much negative baggage can carry on to run for POTUS. It is even more amazing how her supporters just don’t care about her character and past dealings with humanity in general. That says a lot about her supporters. We live in an age with a rebellious and defiant generation opposing God’s natural law intent on overturning God’s law and place in our natural existence.

    They believe that if they (all these deviants) can combine forces and unite substantially, that they can rebel and depose the Sovereign Lord. Imagine a bunch of clay pots, plates and coffee mugs rising up together to eliminate the potter who created them. That is just one way to describe this.

    As for Donald Trump, much gets published about his business failures while diminishing his business successes. It comes to mind that he is someone who decades ago wanted to get in on the “game” only to discover that the rules of this “game” are not fair, they favor a select few who run the “game” and that you have to go along to get along.

    Despite these revelations, he rattles the cage containing this “game” as a means of straightening out the rules with the intent of reducing the influence of those who control the “game.” As a result, he gets blocked and attacked albeit subtly yet he persists. Thusly, his business failures are set upon him. Essentially, he gets gang tackled in a business sense.

    There is a lot of wait-and-see with Donald Trump. Given the possibilities and the potential undercurrents with his campaign and intentions, one can expect a jack-in-the-box experience with him as POTUS. If he betrays the trust he has built up so far with his supporters, there will never again be a trusted politician in this country followed by voting boycotts leading to the downfall of our system.

    As JFK once said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.” (or words to that effect)

    Time may be the most valuable commodity, trust is the second most valuable. This campaign is all about trust.

  12. Linda7965 September 30, 2016 @ 7:13 am

    I felt as if I had entered the “Twilight Zone” when Kellyanne Conway commented, “Lester Holt was fair and did a fine job”.

    Now of course that statement could be seen as valid if Holt was a water boy on the Clinton plantation. For people who have watched these debates over the years…it should be crystal clear that regardless of how many “R” brands you add to the manure-filled pasture known as Washington, understand that castrated bunch of weenies do nothing, have no power and may as well just go the hell home.

    The moderators will always be handpicked, paid and groomed by the cult that maintains a monopoly on Medias, academia, entertainment and government.

    Why is it that all Trump’s handlers that have recently entered the picture want to first remove his platform with a quick castration of thoughts and comments then present him as a chastened sheep to the pit vipers?

    I’ve been around a lot of years and understand that this playbook of Republicans bending over and grabbing the ankles is a given.

  13. Hegelian Puppets September 30, 2016 @ 7:34 am

    It reminds me of when Slick Willie was being impeached for lying under oath, immoral behavior, perversion, etc. Hillary was so deeply embarassed, shamed, and furious that she seemed ready to dump her creepy husband.

    Then all of a sudden Hillary made an about face and began to stand by her man. It was spooky how Hillary went from one end of the spectrum to the other, from hating Bill to sticking up for him during Slick Willie’s impeachment.

    After the House impeached wicked Willie, but the senate FAILED to convict him, the reason for Hillary’s about face began to rear its ugly a$$. Hillary had never held political office but she had a devilish lust for power and money.

    Sensing this, the big money Jewish banksters behind slick Willie offered Hillary power and money if she would just stand by her man, and help prevent Willie from being kicked out of office and put in prison as happens to everyday people who commit such crimes as wicked Willie committed.

    Besides the multi-millions the Clintons collected (bribes) just for giving speeches, Hillary was also offered “success” in politics. The offer for “senator of Jew York” was just the opening offer.

    When news came out that the Clintons wouldn’t be moving back to Arkansas where Bill had been governor, but would be moving to Jew York instead, the plot began to thicken.

    The JWO rigged the senator of New York gig for Hillary even though she had never been elected to anything previously – zero prior experience. That only happens when elections are rigged. But senator of New York was only the opening offer.

    The JWO followed the NY senator scam by setting Hillary up as secretary of state. Now it appears the JWO will set her up as da prez.

    As +BN and RJN viewers have pointed out, Trump is also up to his eyeballs in Jews. And Donald donated big money to Hillary when she ran for senator of NY. Donald donated money to Hillary again when she ran for prez in 2008.

    As others have pointed out, the Hillary vs Donald show looks like another Hegelian scam in which the outcome has already been decided. The JWO wanted Donald as Hillary’s opponent because so many Christians cannot stomach Donald and won’t vote for him.

    Each of the last 4 Republican candidates to drop out polled better against Hillary than Donald did. Donald had the least chance of beating Hillary, just the outcome the banksters wanted. Donald is playing a role similar to the role Ross Perot played to oust Bush Sr.

    There is an old saying – better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know. Both Hillary and Donald are puppets from hell.

  14. Albert September 30, 2016 @ 8:42 am

    That wasn’t a debate. It was a circus act.

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    All profits go to the Brother Nathanael Foundation.

  15. Curtis September 30, 2016 @ 9:28 am

    After the candidates spoke at AIPAC and met with Nuttyahoo Sunday, this cartoon exemplifies our relationship with Israel.

  16. IRONKRAFT September 30, 2016 @ 11:07 am

    As an outsider, I offer nothing but respect and support for anyone going against the ((( establishment ))).

    In Europe, Russia, and America, we all thought everything was lost. But look, God works in mysterious ways, and although Brother Nathanael was initially sceptical and even scathing about the man, Trump, it could be that Trump and Putin, are God’s Earthly warriors.

    If Britain can also push EU Marxist/Juden aside, a Brit/USA/Christian tri-partate bloc, could save our Christian nations.

    Brother Nathanael, are you warming to Donald Trump?

  17. benzion kook September 30, 2016 @ 12:06 pm

    “Banking news” is also a huge Jew crock:

    Jews to Deutsche Bank:

    Pay us $14 billion because we (Lehman Bros, Goldman Sachs, Citi, Bear Stearns, J.P. Morgan) ran a huge mortgage fraud scam in the US, 2004-2009, & then were given trillions of American taxpayer $$$ in “bail-outs” by your Jew-run “central” bank, that they say YOU now owe to them as part of YOUR “national debt,” because we are “too bad to jail”.


  18. Hoff September 30, 2016 @ 12:54 pm

    Uk opens secret files from the 1940s exposing Jewish terrorists

    ( )

  19. Blue ink September 30, 2016 @ 2:20 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Mr. Trump needs to realize that she will try to kill him with “women’s issues” and “the treatment of women,” because to most women those issues are more important and more personal than Hillary’s criminal record.

  20. Hugo September 30, 2016 @ 2:41 pm

    This might be of some interest to R.J.N. readers. It may win Trump more supporters

  21. Steve Oz September 30, 2016 @ 4:28 pm

    According to media in Australia, Trump has promised Israel that he will only recognise their capital in Jerusalem.

    This seems to me a terrible indictment of Trump.

    Good luck world.

  22. twilights last gleaming September 30, 2016 @ 5:52 pm

    Trump is stronger from this one sided debate.

    Hillary would of folded like a house of cards if asked any difficult pertinent questions.

  23. Zionien September 30, 2016 @ 6:09 pm

    How to tell when a sociopath liberal Jew is lying?!

    They smile, scoff, call you crazy via shame baiting, and SPIN – Just like Killary did!

    They act like spoiled, arrogant, self entitled, self glorifying children of the Devil and HATE/DESPISE any who truly see’s them and holds them accountable!

  24. Isaac Goldstein September 30, 2016 @ 6:30 pm

    I was born 8/29/1965 in Forrest Hills NY to my father Jimmy Milton Goldstein and My Mother Mary Jones Goldstein.

    My father was only 20 when i was born and my mother was 19. Life was hard as my father worked in the docks of New York City. Although my last name was Goldstein my parents were never practicing Jews.

    My dad was an atheist and mother was an agnostic. Unfortunately my dad began to have severe depression working at the docks bought a gun and shot himself in our apartment with it, it was 3 days after my 1st birthday in 1966, while my mother was visiting her mother and I was with her.

    After that my mother went crazy and sent me to live with my aunt and uncle in Greenwich Village NYC. My mother moved to San Francisco and married my step father Walt (a Zionist Jew) and became a Jew.

    I didn’t see my mother 4 years. Growing up in Greenwich village, I remember hippies all around me and the feelings of love and pacifism all around me. My aunt and uncle were both hippies against the Vietnam War. Life going on through the 1970s was dull, until my mother came to get in 1974 at the age of 8.

    Her husband Walt was a hardcore Jew who hated Christians with a passion and said how Israel is the greatest. So after moving into a nice apartment in Manhattan, I became a Jew, and damn proud of it. I saw gentiles as trash.

    After graduating college with a Bachelors Degree in economics in 1992, I enjoyed a nice life living in a luxurious apartment in Manhattan and being a Jew. I marred my first wife in 1995 and divorced as she cheated on me. We had a two daughters one 1997 and one in 1999.

    I married my second wife in 2001. By 2002, I was making $100,000 a year working as banker. It was not until my 51st birthday, I decided to retire as had plenty of money to retire and kick back.

    So, I am leaving my job in November of 2016. As I want to leave Judaism and becoming all together Zionism has sunken its teeth into this country and we need to stop it know before it kicks Christianity out of this country and makes it a Zionist police state.

    Judaism is a religion of hate and death.

  25. Andrew John September 30, 2016 @ 7:01 pm


    Regardless of his position on the Iraq invasion…or for that matter any illegal invasion, Trump is not a politician and he therefore is not privy to top secret information necessary for the record.

  26. Koen September 30, 2016 @ 8:53 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Your latest video is again a classic. Is it surprising the election debates are rigged? ‘Trump is unpredictable, not enough under Zionist control’, you summed it up.

    USA democracy is dead, unless practically all Americans will vote Trump, one last chance for turning the death cult around. Btw, the MSM is loosing ground, the internet polls declared Trump the winner.

    Trump must know the ‘global special interest group’ he mentioned is a Jewish ‘Café Society’, see the latest movie by Woody Allen Konigsberg.

    Most telling line from this movie: “we (the Jews) control everything”. I suppose Konigsberg’s conscience is acting up, and now he wants Brother Nathanael’s message out, all of a sudden.

    Especially Trump’s mild attitude towards Putin deeply upsets the Jews: now they cannot exterminate 80% of the world’s population next year. It is likely that we all owe our lives to Putin at this very moment.

    Putin resisted and delayed the NWO depopulation plan. That is why the Zionist NWO will go nuclear on Putin/Russia, they want unleash Armageddon with predictable outcome.

    I am very much aware that I ow my life to Putin right now, and hopefully Trump will fight for us all as well (yes, the situation is this bad, better believe it).

    Satanic high priestess Hildebeast wants us all dead, but karma is a bitch in her case, she might die soon enough. If the slogan-for-stupid-goyim “STRONGER TOGETHER” has any meaning, it is this: body doubles make Hillary look strong. In the end the satanists will fail, and Christ returns.

  27. KathJuliane September 30, 2016 @ 9:26 pm

    Dear Michael,

    I’ve made no bones about Trump and what I think of the man, his Jewiness and Zionist credentials, his subservient agreement on everything pro-Israel that +BN has pulled up on him.

    If this was in 15th century England, and I wanted to express my utter dissatisfaction with Trump, I’d use the original form of the phrase of ‘found bones in it’ — the unwelcome discovery of bones in soup, which would make it hard to swallow the meal without objection or difficulty.

    So here I am, looking at a Trump distastefully floating in my soup.

    Trump did say on the Howard Stern show in September 2002 that he was for invading Iraq in the coming war of 2003, sort of. And let me add, with as much enthusiasm as someone heading to the dentist for a multiple root canal.

    Stern: Are you for invading Iraq?

    Trump: Yeah, I…guess…so. I wish the first time it was done correctly.
    (01:43 – 01:50)

    That remark wasn’t exactly a wholehearted endorsement of the plan to invading Iraq. Nor was Howard Stern, a popular New York radio talk show host, what you could call mainstream media.

    Trump wasn’t laying out any kind of thought out policy decision, not in a 7 second blurp back in 2002. How can anyone even justify claiming that he supported the war over this sound byte?

    I’m critical of Trump, but objectively, I can’t consider his answer to Stern to be even an unqualified yes on Trump’s part. Then, Trump did start publicly oppose the war in 2004 after doing some study on it and the Bush doctrine, particularly for how it was being run and could see the disaster in the making that the Iraq Invasion had created.

    Trump was not a politician at the time. He made no detrimental public policy decisions in the name of the American people as Senator Hillary Clinton did.

    While a public celebrity figure, Trump was still a private citizen with a “colorful personality” as Putin would say, but not until 2015 did he throw his hat in the political arena.

    Hillary Clinton is the only candidate for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination who supported the invasion of Iraq as US senator.

    Moreover, as +BN pointedly observed a while back, Trump was giving his opinions as a private citizen and businessman, not a politician, and so can’t be held to the same standard as Hillary in terms of the public trust.

    It’s Hillary’s congressional voting record on public policy that counts, and her previous actions as the first progressive First Lady activist in the White House, not Trump’s personal opinions.

    He may offer his personal opinion, but unlike Hillary Clinton, Senator of New York at the time, Trump never voted in Congress authorizing G.W. Bush to invade Iraq, which has turned out to be the most disasterous American foreign policy in decades.

    Nor was Trump the Secretary of State to Obama who won the Nobel Peace Prize for continuing the Bush-Clinton-Bush neocon War Party foreign policies.

    “I…guess…so….” In other words, “I don’t know” or “Not really”. Trump said this during the ramp-up period prior to the 20 March 2003 Invasion of *Iraq. And Stern very quickly changed the subject because he wasn’t getting the sensational cheerleading he wanted from Trump.

    Trump stands worlds apart from Clinton by the very fact that she stood by the war even after the bogus claims of Saddam’s WMD were definitively debunked. Even many months after the Bush administration itself acknowledged that Iraq had neither WMDs nor ties to Al-Qaeda, Clinton declared in a speech at George Washington University that her support for the authorization was still “the right vote” and one that “I stand by”, her criticisms.

    Hildebeast: “I was one who supported giving President Bush the authority, if necessary, to use force against Saddam Hussein. I believe that that was the right vote.

    “I have had many disputes and disagreements with the administration over how that authority has been used, but I stand by the vote to provide the authority because I think it was a necessary step in order to maximize the outcome that did occur in the [UN] Security Council with the unanimous vote to send in inspectors.

    “And I also knew that our military forces would be successful. But what we did not appreciate fully and what the administration was unprepared for was what would happen the day after.”
    ( )

    Similarly, in a CNN interview on Larry King Live in April 2004, when asked about her vote despite the absence of WMDs or al-Qaeda ties, she acknowledged, “I don’t regret giving the president authority.”

    She then went on to put the entire convoluted blame on the Bush administration while bizarrely exhonerating the Bill Clinton administration and it’s own intelligence consensus of WMDs and that “clearly, Saddam Hussein had been a real problem of for the international community for more than a decade”.

    But she said the Bush administration’s short-circuiting of the U.N. weapons inspection process didn’t permit “the inspectors to finish whatever task they could have accomplished to demonstrate one way or the other what was there.”

    The lack of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq contradicts years of intelligence indicating Saddam had such weapons, which also was the very same conclusion of officials in the Clinton administration.

    “The consensus was the same, from the Clinton administration to the Bush administration,” she said. “It was the same intelligence belief that our allies and friends around the world shared.

    “But I think that in the case of the [Bush] administration, they really believed it. They really thought they were right, but they didn’t let enough sunlight into their thinking process to really have the kind of debate that needs to take place when a serious decision occurs like that.”

    It was the Clintonista administration which hammered down even tighter Bush41’s economic sanctions on Iraq. Along with Bill and Madeline Albright, her mentor, Hillary is co-responsible for the estimated 500,000 – 1 million deaths of children because of those sanctions.

    As Monster Madge infamously stated, The deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it for Iraq’s non existent WMD’s
    ( )

    The evil old feminist bat Albright Defends Her Hillary Clinton Remarks:

    Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright [who discovered just a few years ago that she’s Jewish] defended her recent remarks that “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women,” in an interview with TIME.

    “I said that I think that people need to understand who has been really fighting on their behalf on issues that are of interest to women and clearly Hillary Clinton has and I have said there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women a lot—it’s so famous that it ended up on a Starbucks cup—because I do think that just generally, we are very judgmental of each other,” Albright said.

    Albright and feminist icon Gloria Steinem have come under fire in recent days for their remarks over the weekend seen as hectoring younger women into supporting Clinton.

    Steinem told HBO’s Bill Maher that she thought younger women were only flocking to Democratic rival Bernie Sanders because “the boys are with Bernie.”

    Steinem since apologized on her Facebook page.

    Ok, Hildebeast, senator from the guts of Hell, if you saw the Bush43 administration’s interference with the WMD inspectors’ work and simply complained about it, why did you vote to giving G.W. Bush the authority to invade Iraq to begin with? Or else why did you not rescind your vote?

    More than anything, Trump came to this first debate without doing his homework. He pretty much said so.

    And I don’t think he was as prepared as he thought he was for Clinton’s campaign people gaming the main stream press all week in an effort to slant perception away from Trump and for Hillary.

    Trump’s business track record for good or ill, his tax and tax return issues, his bankruptcies, his shady business dealings with shadier business partners, his playboy days and adulterous affairs, are in many ways irrelevant to his candidacy, as none of this occured during any term of any political office in a place of public trust.

    Past behavior tends to predict future character, but on the same hand, if Trump does get elected to the Oval Office, he starts with a clean political slate with no blood on his hands.

    All of the Clinton scandals attach to them across 42 years of political life and public office, stretching all the way back to when Bill ran for House of Representatives in 1974; was the governor of Arkansas and Hillary was Arkansas’ First Lady 1979–81 and 1983–92, then the Clintonistas’ took over the White House from 1993-2001.

    After Bill’s term, Hillary was elected senator of New York for 8 years, while Clinton recuperated from heart bypass surgeries in the early 2000s, essentially retired from public politics. Hillary was Obama’s secretary of state for 4 years and we know how that went. She and Bill disappeared for a couple of years, then in 2014, Hillary started sending up trial balloons for a presidential run.

    Trump has a lot of mischief and baggage behind him, but it’s not political mischief and baggage. All of the stuff related to his business dealings generally dealt with the material and financial.

    While it is certainly wrong to stiff business contractors, or to hire undocumented workers decades ago, and to manipulate emininent domain and such, to run a very shaky Trump College scam, bribe politicians and city hall; so far as I know, Trump has never left a trail of suspiciously dead bodies in his wake.

    Even without all the known Clinton scandals and the “body count,” Hillary has a lot of blood on her hands from her anti-human political philosophy, decisions and actions supporting a culture of death — the unborn and the foreign born.

    The one thing that Trump is doing which has really surprised me lately — he’s become very, very serious about the pro-life, anti-abortion, unborn child constitutional rights movement, and he’s getting some unexpected endorsements from long standing pro-life groups. He’s acquiring some seasoned, pro-life advisors of stature around him to advise him on his budding anti-abortion policies.

    I can’t remember who wrote this a few weeks ago, “Trump is like playing Russian roulette. Hillary’s like putting a shotgun to your head and pulling the trigger.”

    Interesting times we live in. I hope everyone is praying.

    Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us sinners.


    *Bush43 made the announcement of the Invasion of Iraq on March 18 (13 Adar), on the Jewish Purim.

    For a retro glimpse of the range of rabbinic opinions and and mystical connections of the Invasion of Iraq to Purim (“celebrates the Jewish victory of evil in Persia”), see this March 2003 Jewish Telegraph Article:

    Rabbis: Purim, Iraq war linked
    ( )

    The photo of has disappeared from the the JTA page captioned “Kids celebrate Purim at a Chabad-Lubavitch party in New York on March 17. The soldier costumes are very timely, as the U.S. army prepares to lead an invasion of Iraq.” (Rachel Pomerance/JTA )”

    Timely? Most of the Jews were celebrating the anticipated demise of Saddam Hussein, their Haman de jour.

    I suspect it was pulled in order to disassociate any accusation of “Jewish American child soldiers” mocking Saddam Hussein at the same time the Jews point fingers at other countries’ “child soldiers”.

    You can see the photo, however, at:

  28. KathJuliane September 30, 2016 @ 10:30 pm

    Dear Isaac Goldstein,

    Welcome to RJN family!

    It seems like you are converting to Christianity? That’s quite a spiritual path and journey of struggle you’ve been following.

    +BN has said those very words, that Judaism is a religion of death, and that’s why he left rabbinic Talmudism.

    He started his journey at a young age attracted by the Person of Jesus Christ in Christmas carols he sang with other kids, as he lived in a mixed Christian and Jewish neighborhood, I think in Philadelphia.


    Vineyards & Figtrees

    Guest Post: ‘What If?’

    [ Ed. note – I listened to the BBC’s interview with Sergei Lavrov today. I don’t know the name of the gentleman who conducted the interview, but it was very much as if the man had “no ears to hear,” as Jesus would have put it.

    Lavrov patiently attempted to explain the situation in Syria– that foreign powers, including the US, have provided support to armed terrorist groups–but it was as if the interviewer had not heard a single word he said. The Russian foreign minister may as well have been talking to himself.

    To say that the BBC host was obtuse would perhaps be an understatement. It is outrageous that British taxpayers are forced to pay taxes to pay this man’s salary.

    The story of Jesus casting out the demon named “Legion,” and sending him and his friends into a herd of pigs, may be nothing more than allegory. On the other hand, perhaps it really did happen. You can take your pick.

    In either event, the story, as I pointed out in a recent post, seems to serve as an illustrative metaphor for what we see happening in the world today–with the war pigs pushing us closer and closer to nuclear annihilation.

    The major-power confrontation over Syria makes the Cuban missile crisis seem like a peaceful walk in the park by comparison. Back in 1962, neither side wanted war. This is not the case today. Today, one side in this conflict seems to have adopted a strategy of deliberately provoking war.

    To put it in terms of the gospel story, we seem to be at the midway point of the narrative just now–that is to say after the demons have been cast into the pigs…but before the pigs have drowned themselves in the lake.

    Strangely, I opened my box a day or so back to find that a gentleman I’ve had some email correspondence with recently has been thinking in similar terms. Below is his article. The byline is a pseudonym, but you might find the article interesting. ]

    What If?

    By SHARKHNTERS’ S.E.I.G. Agent Waldvogel

    There is a saying that Evil’s greatest triumph was in convincing intellectuals that it doesn’t exist.

    A Theology professor once told his class that the demon calling itself “Legion”, driven out by Jesus, which then entered a herd of swine, causing same to promptly take off down a cliff and drown themselves in the sea, was no (laughable) demon, but only the poor man’s “psychic problems” as we enlightened ones today would so easily recognize through modern psychology.

    This author, then one of his students, asked him if a man’s psychic problems could today still be induced to enter a herd of swine who would all then commit mass suicide, and the professor shut up in embarrassment.

    Psychic takeover and possession are standard practice in occult lore and practice, but to mention them today would not be “politically correct”. So what is political “correctness” ?

    Political correctness is not really about increased respect of others. It is more about avoiding public censure, keeping them supporting you and your highly-paid seat in public office, whether you serve that public, or cheat it.

    So lies have to be told to the public.

    In the resulting consensus-psychosis world-view of a society going to hell by these lies by avoiding the real problems confronting it, lies are mandatory.

    Even in highest office.

    Lies patch the blatant holes in the official story. Beneath the patches, leaks multiply, which then mutate into more patches in the boat’s hull and finally there are only patches left and no boat anymore at all, and it all sinks, and everyone wonders why.

    So what happens when someone is really possessed and, as Jesus said, known to us by their deeds, and it is obvious to all that they want to lead society into a catastrophic calamity for all, say a nuclear war, out of whose fear and panic demons will draw off the energies of hatred, fear, despair, grief and suffering, all the stuff they, like Legion, need to live on ?

    And then that someone finally gets their comeuppance, or, in the case of a demon, perhaps their godownance, and physical Nature takes over and that demon-possessed person is dying ?

    For a human being, that is the end. Their soul may survive and go on to other experiences in other lives, but their run in this world is over.

    But what about a demon who has an agenda ? An agenda, say, to bring about a nuclear holocaust-for-all, so the demons can feed ?

    Well, no problem ! – It, like Legion, can simply migrate into another body ! Whether that body be a rather far-fetched custom-grown body, a “clone” of itself – or ! – and far, far simpler ! – another human body that looks just like it!?

    Out of a dead and departed old demon-rid and worn-out human body, perhaps already buried and mouldering somewhere in the ground, sunk at sea or simply cremated back into the fiery Hell its former inhabitant originally came from, there may suddenly emerge back into the public eye a younger, (perhaps by make-up appearing to actually look older!), invigorated person almost indistinguishable from the original – because its inhabitant is the same!

    A person with almost the same looks but with the very same voice, gestures, mannerisms, as the original – and suddenly the planned war for human grief and demon fun/feeding is again – IN.

    Nice card out of a sleeve, eh ?

    Must See: BBC’s Interview with Sergei Lavrov

  29. KathJuliane September 30, 2016 @ 11:12 pm

    Vineyards & Fig Trees

    Russia Responds to Kirby’s ‘Body Bags’ Comments; US Bombs Euphrates River Bridges

    The remarks by State Department spokesperson John Kirby that the world may soon see Russian troops going home in “body bags” has prompted a rejoinder from his counterpart in Moscow, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova.

    “Don’t you think that such ventriloquism about ‘body bags,’ terrorist attacks in Russian cities’ and ‘loss of aircraft’ sounds more like a ‘get’em’ command, rather than a diplomatic comment?” Zakharova asked in a Facebook post.

    As reported yesterday, [psycho-Kj] Kirby’s remarks, including his prediction that “Russia will continue to send troops home in body bags,” sounded like a veiled threat.

    “Extremist groups will continue to exploit the vacuums that are there in Syria to expand their operations, which will include attacks against Russian interests, perhaps even Russian cities.

    “Russia will continue to send troops home in body bags, and they will continue to lose resources, even perhaps more aircraft,” said the State Department official.

    He added that if the war continues “more Russian lives will be lost, more Russian aircraft will be shot down.”

    The fact that the “extremist groups” spoken of by Kirby are being supported in large measure by the US obviously is not lost upon Zakharova.

    “And those [acts of terrorism] will be perpetrated by ‘moderate’ [Syrian opposition groups]?” Zakharova inquired. “Just the ones that Washington has been unable to separate from Al-Nusra for as long as six months?”

    “[What about] Terrorist attacks in France,” she went on, “America and other countries; the beheadings of people of all nationalities by Islamic State militants in Syria – is this all kind of a different paradigm? Perhaps another ‘parallel reality?’”

    In case you missed it, Secretary of State John Kerry, in an acrimonious exchange at the UN last week, suggested Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is living in a “parallel universe.”

    What the US State Department is doing publicly is engaging in childish finger pointing: “It’s all your fault!” they are essentially saying.

    What they are doing privately, behind the scenes, is providing support for terrorist outfits such as Nour al-Din al-Zenki, which beheaded a 12-year-old boy back in July.

    Why they continue to do this, even as increasing numbers of people are beginning to see through the charade, is a mystery, though perhaps it’s a sign of desperation.

    Another Russian official who has responded to Kirby’s undiplomatic remarks is Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov.

    “Once again we declare that we are fully prepared to continue the dialogue with the American side and carry on with the joint actions to combat terrorists in Syria,” he said.

    “However, even the slightest hints of a threat to our soldiers and Russian citizens must be excluded from this dialogue. The matter of safety of Russian citizens, wherever they may be, is not up for bargaining. It is our main and unconditional priority.”

    Kirby says the State Department is considering non-diplomatic options, and there are indications it has already found them.

    In what may be the first step toward partitioning eastern Syria, the US coalition carried out airstrikes yesterday that destroyed two bridges over the Euphrates River, bridges that large segments of the population depend upon for transportation.

    The following is from Press TV:

    Syria has slammed the US-led coalition purportedly fighting Daesh for destroying two bridges over Euphrates River in the eastern province of Dayr al-Zawr, where the same alliance recently killed 83 Syrian soldiers.

    The attacks “confirm the so-called international coalition’s intent to bomb and destroy Syrian infrastructure and economic and social establishments through repeated aggressive acts,” state TV quoted the Syrian Foreign Ministry as saying Thursday.

    The official SANA news agency reported that the bridges of al-Asharah and al-Mayadin in the eastern countryside of the provincial capital city of Dayr al-Zawr were hit by the coalition’s warplanes on Wednesday.

    Syria’s ambassador to the UN Bashar Ja’afari said the bridges had been used by hundreds of thousands of civilians in the area.

    Meanwhile, the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based [one man-Kj] rights group advocating militants in Syria, said the two bridges are now unusable, a situation which would impede aid deliveries and hamper movement of civilians.

    It may well be that the US is now opting for a different game plan–that of leaving Assad in power in Damascus while imposing what in effect could be a partitioning off of eastern Syria.

    This would still achieve the aim of balkanizing the country as well as make it possible to route a pipeline through Syrian territory for purpose of transporting natural gas from Qatar to Turkey and then into the EU.

    The question, of course, is whether Russia would allow it to happen.

    If Syrians are not willing to see their country split apart, and if Russia and Iran continue to support them–with maybe China actively joining the alliance as well–we could be looking at World War III.

    RT: Kirby-“Russia will continue to send troops home [from Syria] in body bags”

    Russia accuses US of supporting terror

  30. Ted Gorsline October 1, 2016 @ 1:03 am

    Earless Lester Dolt is certainly an irritating commentator not just to look at with his bullet head, “pinned back ears” features but as Bro Nat says for his unfair attack dog style.

    Anyhow its great to see war criminal Simon Peres was finally planted on Mount Pretzyl. May he twist in hell.

    All the world leaders, at least all the ones the take, were lined up like pins in a bowling alley. Even future king Chuck showed up to suck up.

    I noticed two funny things happen at the funeral. The fat special forces honour guard, carrying Peres casket, put it on the pedestal “crooked”, noticed their mistake, and then had to return to straighten it out.

    Great symbolism there.

    The other very funny thing, the CNN cameraman was diligently trying to keep the camera high enough to cut out the bottom half of a young woman wearing a black miniskirt that was as mini and tacky as mini skirts ever get. The Joan Rivers value system on full display.

    The MOSSAD must have rounded up all the girls at all the brothels in Tel Aviv to make sure some members of the public showed up to pay their respects.

  31. Ted Gorsline October 1, 2016 @ 1:24 am


    I guess the person I was most disappointed in when faced with the Simon Peres funeral was Adolph Hitler. Hitler simply hasn’t lived up to expectations.

    The whole sorry Mount Pretzyl display could have been nipped in the bud many years ago with the manufacture of a single lamp shade.

  32. Ted Gorsline October 1, 2016 @ 1:50 am


    When I was a small boy I went to the circus and paid my money to enter the freak show tent. There was the fat lady, the two headed goat, and wolf man, the person with a tail who was completely covered in body hair.

    Then for 25 cents you could throw a baseball at a target and if you hit it you dumped some poor old bindlestiff into a tank of water. Ha! Ha! went the crowd.

    These people are still being put on public display by MSM shows like Oprah, except that the moderator is always very sympathetic to their plight and they always have a Jew psychiatrist on hand to offer a few sympathetic words.

    Nonetheless, what rivets the audience (and boosts ratings) is the appearance of the wolf man – Oprah being no different whatsoever than the freak show at the circus.

    She had the lady whose face was torn off by a chimpanzee. She has had endless sex addicts or fat girls who admit to having sex with dozens of men.

    This is good news for MSM people like Lester Dolt. Should he ever fall out of favour with his Jewish masters like Peter Arnett, Helen Thomas, Jim Clancy and Diana Magnay did at CNN, he can always get a job.

    In my mind’s eye I see myself once again as a small boy entering the freak show tent and there they all are – The fat lady, the two headed goat, wolf man, and on stool four on display – sitting under a single light bulb – Lester Dolt – the earless man.

  33. Ted Gorsline October 1, 2016 @ 4:31 am

    You have to wonder why future king Chuck showed up at the Mount Pretzyl jew fest. He looked very out of place with his ruddy red complexion and plummy accent.

    I figure that it was either because he was worried that the Rotschilds would pull their loans on Buckingham Palace and put his mom on the street; or else it was because he is afraid the Mossad will release their Phil the Greek/Mandy Rice Davies/Kristine Keeler/ John Profumo sex tapes.

    The Royals are incapable of dodging Mossad honey trap operations. They never learn and never see it coming. Never!

    You would think that after the Phil the Greek/Mandy Rice Davies fiasco people like Chuck’s brother Prince Andrew or Randy Andy as the tabloid press calls him, would learn to keep their P–k-rs in their pants but no way.

    Mossad asset, Jeffrey Epstein, shows up with some underage youngsters and they go off the rails once again. Same with Randy Andy’s wife and Princess Di with their rich Arab lovers.

    They say the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again with the hope of getting different results. No learning by doing here. Its gotta be in the inbreeding.

  34. jade October 1, 2016 @ 5:18 am

    Right on Brother!

    Keep telling the truth!!

  35. The English Man October 1, 2016 @ 7:02 am

    KJ Fig Trees & Vineyards Richard Edmondson Blog `What If.`

    Peoples who acknowledge the British media’s distinct Pro-Zio American anti-Assad stance should understand these journalists only have their jobs with outfits like the BBC & Channel 4 because they were hand picked & chosen for their prospective roles.

    Essential requirements being:

    Clear unequivocal acceptance of Multiculturalism.

    Adherence to the holocaust.

    The Chosen Ones, being that poor long suffering race of gifted innocents.

    The likes of Matt Frei & John Snow must be aware of how they stress the “Barrel Bombs” and largely ignore the Massacre of Palestinians–but then if they did otherwise their very comfortable high profile lives could take a down turn.

    One only has to follow the careear of John Pilger to understand `How the Cookie Crumbles` Provoking Nuclear War By Media 23rd August 2016.

  36. Tom Baker October 1, 2016 @ 9:04 am

    Thanks for your comments, Mr. Goldstein.

    Faith is a very personal journey, and you need to be always true to yourself, and listen to your own needs.

    I myself have a Jewish psychiatrist, who is very good, but my experiences with other Jews have been mixed, at best. One Jew tried to make a “citizen’s arrest” of me, when I was discovered behind a synagogue, sourcing spare bike parts from a dumpster for kids’ bikes.

    As far as your comment about the police state, you are exactly right: we are headed for disaster. Here on the East Coast, they recently erected massive license-plate scanners everywhere; I have to pass under 4 of them to get where I am going, the scanners don’t blink, and they work tirelessly for the police state, day and night.

    I read a comment recently, about the Japanese culture; they have a new anti-American Godzilla movie, and someone in a comment forum said, “They are either at your throats, or groveling at your feet, no in-between.”

    That “in-between,” is what we need in this country, that in-between is balance (between Jews and Gentiles, between the police and the people).

  37. The English Man October 1, 2016 @ 9:19 am


    “Its likely that we owe our lives to Putin at this very moment”

    It’s to be for sure that Vladimir’s Russia provides all humanity a bulwark to Zion plans for hegemony in the Middle East.

    Was not for Russia aiding the legit government of Syria, thus showing the Great U. S. of A. a thing or two,very likely a green light would be given by the incumbent or either of the two candidates for Iran to be “neutralised” by the latest mini nukes.

    Bummer or Doughnold may be able to work out Vladimir ain’t gonna blink.

    Though it’s for sure Hellary & her neocons wouldn’t care less.

  38. tim jones October 1, 2016 @ 10:28 am

    @Mr. Goldstein

    I am glad you are discovering your new faith. Its funny though, you are leaving Judaism after retiring young and becoming successful.

    Maybe you did not have time to explore. But anyway consider yourself lucky to be retired young.

  39. The English Man October 1, 2016 @ 1:23 pm


    Steady on Ted, as my dear mother used to say “Many a true word is spoken in jest”.

    I mean can you feel anything but `simplethy` for a future King of this Sceptred Isle when he sits by his log fire reflecting on the Great Ancestral Kings of Britain? The Viking Canute, the Saxons Alfred, & Edward the Confessor, and the Greatest of all, King Edward I?

    I know, constitutionally he can’t express opinions, save, do as my Government says, not as we (Royals) do.

  40. KathJuliane October 1, 2016 @ 5:37 pm

    Russian MFA: English Transcript: Interview of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to BBC World News Channel, Moscow, September 30, 2016

  41. Kiimm October 1, 2016 @ 6:27 pm


    Ordered a beautiful abstract print ( of Brother Nathanael, Street Evangelist, holding high the Holy Cross.

    Can’t wait to receive it! God Bless all.

  42. KathJuliane October 1, 2016 @ 6:48 pm

    Dear The English Man,

    A couple of Orthodox Christian links you may find enjoyable and consoling:

    Orthodox England

    Saint Edward the Martyr, King of England

    The Light from the East: England’s Forgotten Patron-Saint

    I have vowed to live under Christ, to live under Christ alone, to reign under Christ alone’.
    –St Edmund, King and Martyr

  43. Kiimm October 1, 2016 @ 7:19 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Can you enlighten us as to the ramifications of of U.S. hand-over of the internet to ICANN and how it could ultimately impact sites like RZN/RJN (and others).

    What has just happened?

    Do we have much more to fear? Why is it all being done so surreptitiously. Thank you!

  44. Albert October 1, 2016 @ 7:39 pm


    It’s wonderful to hear from you and I hope you really enjoy the abstract print of Brother Nathanael, holding the Cross up high. You made my day!

    Buy Brother Nathanael T-Shirts etc,.

    All profits go to the Brother Nathanael Foundation.

  45. debbie October 1, 2016 @ 9:40 pm

    Hillary only had traitors, bad people killed, and it probably was unconstitutional.

    Oh well.

  46. Michael October 1, 2016 @ 10:08 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Hillary will be a continuation of Obama. The design is to bankrupt the United States so that a transfer of power to Israel can take place, making Israel the sole world power.

    Zionists are interested in controlling the world, this is so important to them, it is a trans-generational goal.

    The world, especially Americans, better wake up!

    Continue the great work!

  47. Ted Gorsline October 2, 2016 @ 12:20 am

    @The English Man

    The English have an expression which you will know called “taking the p— out of” which I think is a great idea.

    I mean how do you take a leader like Bill Clinton or Randy Andy seriously? The 1% today are virtually all cartoon characters.

    I love the British tabloids out of context take on things for the same reason.

    Pretty difficult to take reality seriously these days. Just look at the American election.

    After 70 years of Anne Frank stories and Holohoax monuments, its time to take the p— out of the Jew boys for at least another 70 years. Tit for tat.

  48. Heyoka October 2, 2016 @ 3:09 am


    I like the Brother Nathanael, Street Evangelist picture too.

    Is the red triangle in the background a tent?

  49. Cornelius October 2, 2016 @ 5:46 am

    The Jews plan everything years in advance. Hillary was picked in advance.

    The people have the illusion they have a choice.

  50. mrbuttermaker October 2, 2016 @ 8:23 am

    A must read every American should read from Veterans Today.

    Yea, sometimes they creep me out but this one hit dead center. Thanks Ian, keep the good fight.

    Is it me or does it seem that people not wanting to name names in the past accurately threw away the rules and just said F75k it ? PCR. No way.



  51. Citizenfitz October 2, 2016 @ 8:39 am

    Yep, the selection process is rigged, the debates are rigged, the polls are rigged, the elections are rigged….

    At least we still have potato chips and Sunday football.

  52. KathJuliane October 2, 2016 @ 10:23 am


    The Duran:

    Leaked recording proves John Kerry pushed for massive war in Syria, while Saudi Arabia and Turkey funded Al Qaeda

    Closed-door comments by US Secretary of State John Kerry reveal the US’s deep involvement in the Syrian crisis.

    John Kerry should really watch what he says in private meetings.

    Just yesterday the New York Times editorial board said this about Russia, Vladimir Putin, Syria and peacemaker diplomat John Kerry…

    “There seems no holding Mr. Putin to account in Syria. For months he has pretended to negotiate on a political solution to a five-year-old civil war between his client, President Bashar al-Assad, and rebels backed by the United States and some Arab nations.

    “But despite pleas from Secretary of State John Kerry, who has spent an enormous amount of time and effort negotiating two separate (and short-lived) cease-fires, Russian and Syrian forces, backed by Iranian ground troops, have continued the slaughter.”

    And now the The New York Times has acquired a taped conversation between the US Secretary of State John Kerry and two dozen Syrian civilians from education, rescue, and medical groups working in terrorist controlled areas…which fundamentally disproves all of the claims the NYT editorial board made about the war in Syria, just one day before.

    The meeting took place on the sidelines of the recent United Nations General Assembly, and the leaked recording exposes how angry John Kerry is about failing to overthrow President Bashar Assad with military force.

    While the actual recording is still not floating around online, so we can all listen to John Kerry throw a fit for not being able to bomb another secular Middle East nation, we do have a variety of confirmed quotes, like the one below, which reveals Kerry to be a hawk of the highest order, looking for any excuse to attack Assad…

    “I’ve argued for use of force. I stood up. I’m the guy who stood up and announced we’re going to attack Assad because of the weapons, and then you know things evolved into a different process.”

    Kerry expressed his displeasure that a diplomatic solution was being used to solve the Syrian conflict…“you have nobody more frustrated than we are (the US)” that the Syrian issue is now being solved diplomatically.

    Kerry then throws the Saudis and Turks under the bus, exposing them as the nation states that bank rolled the entire conflict…

    “The problem is that, you know, you get, quote, ‘enforcers’ in there and then everybody ups the ante, right? Russia puts in more, Iran puts in more; Hezbollah is there more and Nusra is more; and Saudi Arabia and Turkey put all their surrogate money in, and you all are destroyed.”

    Dr. Jamal Wakeem, a professor of history and international relations at Lebanese University in Beirut, was interviewed by RT, and summed it up best when asked: “What do you think this conversation shows?”

    Jamal Wakeem: “I believe that this proves that the US was involved in the Syrian crisis since its onset and that it was collaborating with the so-called insurgents in order to topple the Syrian regime. In addition, it proves also that the Syrian crisis had its regional and international dimension since the beginning and it wasn’t a revolution against an illegitimate regime, as the West claimed at one point.

    “In addition, I believe that it also proves that the Obama administration didn’t give priority to peaceful and political solution for the Syrian crisis. But it used this as an alternative to its inability to use force when it was confronted by a steadfast position by Russia who refused to be dragged into another trick by the US similar to what happened in Libya and topple the Syrian regime.

    “I believe that the Russians are aware of the fact that the war in Syria is a war by proxy directed against them and against their ally China. It is part of a bigger plan by the US to block Eurasia from having access to the maritime trade roots.

    “In addition, I believe there was a mentioning of the presence of the representatives of the NGOs operating in insurgent territories. And this proves also that the US was using these NGOs as a tool of soft power in order to topple the Syrian regime.”


  53. The English Man October 2, 2016 @ 12:37 pm

    Dear KathJuliane,

    Thank you so for your valuable links to early English Christian Orthodoxy.

    Both myself and many R.J.N. family will find this an unfamiliar treasure trove.

    The beauty is in the truth of the Righteous.

  54. Albert October 2, 2016 @ 2:53 pm


    The red triangle in the background is just part of the rest of the shapes grouped together. I tried to make it look like it represented in abstract form, a city.

    My sales of Brother Nathanael merchandise on RedBubble has dropped a lot. Even my own art work, non related to +BN are almost not selling now.

    In the past up until 3 months ago, I would sell about 40 items a month totalling a profit for me and +BN about AUD $50. Something weird has happened. I should be getting more sales and not less.

    Buy Brother Nathanael T-Shirts etc,.

    All profits go to the Brother Nathanael Foundation.

  55. Kiimm October 2, 2016 @ 7:53 pm

    @Albert et al.

    The red shape in the back ground (to me) is a focal point representing the beautiful sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ as a ransom for many, drawings us ever nearer unto Him.

    A glowing symbol as Brother Nathanael holds high the Holy Cross to the nations as Street Evangel, proclaiming good tidings of the redemption to the world through Jesus Christ, the Gospel Good News!

    L’Shanah Tova Brother Nathanael.

    The Feast of Trumpets points to the glorious return of Christ! I would also like to share a story of salvation and redemption, praise God, from pravoslavie.

  56. Sonny O'Maann October 2, 2016 @ 10:29 pm

    Today on the auspicious high holiday of Rosh Hashanah it would be nice for us to help our Hebrew brethren with questions they ponder upon.

    Being Jewish new year and all, let us maybe see if its story may aid us. lists Genesis 21:1-34, 22:1-24, & Numbers: 1-6 as the relevant passages.


    9 And Sarrha having seen the son of Agar the Egyptian who was born to Abraam, sporting with Isaac her son, 10 then she said to Abraam, Cast out this bondwoman and her son, for the son of this bondwoman shall not inherit with my son Isaac.

    11 But the word appeared very hard before Abraam concerning his son. 20 And God was with the child, and he grew and dwelt in the wilderness, and became an archer. 21 And he dwelt in the wilderness, and his mother took him a wife out of Pharan of Egypt.

    Who was this slave boy, 1st born of Abraham, half brother of Isaac? Why, none other than Ishmael the forefather of Muhammad.

    So to the age old question that boggles our Jewish friends minds of “who started it?”

    The answer is your mom did when she sent your half brother, who you were playing with, to live in the woods because she didn’t want you to have to share your inheritance with him.

    5776 going to be a banner year for the Jews I can feel it, a year of self reflection and self improvement.

    Brother Nathanael, as a former Jew my question is in numbers portion Jews use on New Year.

    It talks about the not working aspect and I see the Jews religiously follow that, but when I read further down the chapter it’s talking about sacrificing a lot of cattle.

    In today’s dollars that would be a big amount of money. Why is it that the sacrificing of livestock ($$$ can be used instead of actual animals ) is not done?

    My second question is how is it that the rabbis missed this obvious answer as to why Muslims and Jews don’t get along for so long when it’s right in their face?

    And last question is what makes the Jews think that they are the descendents will be the ones to inherit the cities of their enemies? God was very ambiguous when he said that.

    Thank you in advance.

    PS Jesus and his Mother wouldn’t have done that to the kid. But God knows how some women are, so it’s not good Ole Abe’s fault — the wife wants what the wife wants.

  57. Ted Gorsline October 3, 2016 @ 12:39 am

    I see where CNN has as usual been rambling on about “gun” crime and comparing peaceful France to the USA, only to have Kim Kardasian robbed at gunpoint in Paris.

    Ha! Ha!

  58. Andrea October 3, 2016 @ 8:11 am

    Ted Gorsline,

    That is funny.

  59. KathJuliane October 3, 2016 @ 9:15 am

    After Peres’ Funeral, Prince Charles Made Secret Visit to Grandmother’s Grave in East Jerusalem

    After attending the funeral alongside Obama and Bill Clinton, the British royal went to Church of Mary Magdalene on the Mount of Olives to visit the grave of his paternal grandmother, a righteous among the nations.

    Charles, Prince of Wales, who visited Israel this week for former President  Shimon Peres’ funeral, took the opportunity to see to some family business. After the event Friday at Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl, he continued on to another mountain in the eastern part of the capital – the Mount of Olives.

    There, in the Church of Mary Magdalene, he paid a secret visit to the grave of his paternal grandmother.

    Princess Alice of Battenberg is the mother of Charles’ father Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the longest serving royal consort in British history. Princess Alice – also known as Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark – is a remarkable historical figure in her own right: She was recognized as a member of the Righteous Among the Nations for rescuing a Greek Jewish family during the Holocaust.

    Charles’ visit to the grave went unreported in the Israeli media, and neither his Facebook page nor press team released a statement about it. But a number of images from the village have found their way online in recent days, mostly on the social media accounts of people working with the church.

    There’s another thorny issue: The burial site is in East Jerusalem, which Israel captured during the Six-Day War and later annexed, but Britain does not recognize it as part of Israel. In the past, Charles’ father Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, also visited Israel to tour Yad Vashem, where a tree was planted in honor of Princess Alice, his mother.

    Who was Princess Alice?

    Princess Alice was born in 1885 and was a great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria. She was deaf from birth and was later diagnosed as schizophrenic. In 1903 she married Prince Andrew of Greece and the couple had five children — a son and four daughters. The son is Prince Philip – the Duke of Edinburgh, the husband of the United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II and the father of Prince Charles.

    During World War II, Alice lived in Athens, which was occupied by the Nazis in 1943. “She found herself in the difficult situation,” notes the Yad Vashem website, “of having sons-in-law fighting on the German side and a son (the future Prince Philip) in the British Royal Navy.”

    In 1993 she was recognized as a Righteous Gentile. The story began with an old friendship between the Greek royal family, to which her husband belonged, and the family of Haimaki Cohen, a Jew who had been a member of the Greek Parliament. In 1943 his widow, Rachel, and her children sought refuge from the Nazis.

    “Princess Alice heard of the family’s desperate situation and offered to shelter Rachel and her daughter, Tilde, at her home. They were later joined by another son,” according to Yad Vashem. The Cohen’s remained under the protection of Princess Alice until the liberation of Greece. Several times the Gestapo suspected the princess and even questioned her but she used her deafness in order to pretend that she didn’t understand her interrogator’s questions.

    At this point her story touches that of Shimon Peres’ father, Yitzhak Perski. Perski, who immigrated to Mandatory Palestine from Poland in 1932, enlisted in the British Army in 1939 and set out to fight the Nazis.

    In 1941, like many others, he was taken prisoner by the Germans in Greece but he managed to escape and was hidden by Greek monks. Subsequently, his story was full of escapes and arrests and included a part in an amazing rescue of hundreds of Jews from Auschwitz that was organized by his fellow prisoner of war, Charles Coward (“the Count of Auschwitz”), who also eventually received the title of Righteous Gentile from Yad Vashem.

    Back to Alice, Charles’ grandmother: In 1949 she founded an order of Greek Orthodox nuns and withdrew from the world to live on the Greek island of Tinos.

    However, in the wake of the colonels’ coup d’état in Greece in 1967, she moved to London. Two years later she died at Buckingham Palace.

    In 1988, in accordance with her express wish, her bones were brought to Israel and reinterred at the Church of Maria Magdalena on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. She was laid to rest alongside her aunt Grand Duchess Elizaveta Feodorovna, who was killed in the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.

    Convent of St Mary Magdelene – Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem

    The church of Saint Mary Magdalene is situated on the slope of the Mount of Olives in the Garden of Gethsemane and is one of the most easily recognizable landmarks of Jerusalem.

    This striking example of Russian architecture was built in the Muscovite style with golden onion domes or cupolas. It was built as a memorial to Empress Maria Alexandrovna by her son the Russian Czar Alexander III and his brothers.

    Grand-Duke Sergei Alexandrovich, brother of Alexander III, and his wife Grand-Duchess Elizabeth (Princess Elizabeth of Hesse-Darmstadt), grand-daughter of Queen Victoria and sister of the last Empress of Russia, presided at the consecration of the church of Saint Mary Magdalene in 1888 as representatives of the Emperor.

    The Grand-Duchess took a deep personal interest in the church and commissioned the well-known Russian artist Sergei Ivanov (1864-1910) to paint the large imposing murals depicting the life of Saint Mary Magdalene which were brought to Jerusalem for the consecration and hang in the church today.

    The large canvas above the iconostasis shows Mary Magdalene before the Roman Emperor Tiberius. In her hand she holds a red egg which she presents to the Emperor, symbolizing the resurrection and eternal life. She tells Tiberius about the unjust judgment and death on the cross of Jesus Christ.

    It is known that after re-examining this unlawful trial Pilate, at that time governor of Jerusalem, was deposed and sent into exile.

    The elegant white marble and bronze iconostasis holds icons by the distinguished Russian artist, Vereshchaguin.

    On the right side of the iconostasis in a specially carved wooden icon-case is the miracle-working icon of the Mother of God ‘HODIGITRIA’. This icon comes from Lebanon. Records of its miracles date back to the 16th century when it miraculously survived a fire that consumed the church. Later it healed many people during a cholera epidemic.

    In this century, the metropolitan of Lebanon had repeated dreams telling him to give the icon of the Hodigitria to Abbess Mary in Palestine. After some inquiries he found Abbess Mary at the Russian Orthodox Convent of Saint Mary Magdalene in Gethsemane, and this is how the icon came to be in the Church. To this day believers receive miraculous help from the Mother of God after praying before Her holy icon.

    Grand-Duchess Elizabeth, widowed by an assassin’s attack on her husband in 1905, became a nun and founded a convent devoted to nursing and charitable work in Moscow.

    After the revolution, in 1918, the Grand-Duchess together with her companion Sister Barbara and several members of the Russian Imperial Family were thrown into a mine shaft by the Bolsheviks and left to die. Her remains and those of Sister Barbara eventually were brought to Jerusalem.

    In 1920, they were laid to rest, as the Grand-Duchess wished, in a crypt below the Saint Mary Magdalene Church. They were canonized as Martyr Saints in 1981 and at this time their relics were moved into the main section of the church where they rest today in marble sarcophagi.

    Princess Andrew of Greece (Princess Alice of Battenberg), mother of the Duke of Edinburgh visited the church and stayed in the monastery in the 1930s. Her wish was to be buried near her Aunt ‘Ella’, the Grand-Duchess Elizabeth whose devotion to the church and to nursing and charitable service she strove to emulate.

    Princess Andrew died at Buckingham Palace in 1969. Her wish to be buried at the Convent of Saint Mary Magdalene in Gethsemane was finally realized in 1988 when her remains were transferred to her final resting place in a crypt below the church.

    The church stands in the Garden of Gethsemane, the place where Jesus spent His last night on earth. Also found on the convent grounds are the remnants of a pre-Roman road, the biblical entry to Jerusalem. Not far from this road is a large stone on to which the Mother of God dropped her cincture to Apostle Thomas on the third day following her Dormition.

    There are many caves in the Garden of Gethsemane which the Church tells us were used by Christ and his Disciples for prayer. One large cave in the grounds of the convent is used as a chapel, where the sisters meet to read their evening prayer rule.

    Today, the church is the place of daily worship for the women’s convent of St. Mary Magdalene, under the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.

    The sisterhood was established in 1936 by Mother Mary (Robinson), an English convert to Orthodoxy. The convent is a thriving community of 30 nuns from all over the world: Russians, Americans, Australians, Arabs, Serbs and Romanians.

    The sisters are multi-talented: some paint icons, others embroider vestments and items for liturgical use.

    Hand-painted Russian eggs from Gethsemane are famous around the world as are the sisters’ prayer ropes, bookmarks, and other hand crafts. They also make incense for use in the church and for private prayer. All these items are available at the monastery kiosk.

  60. Ted Gorsline October 3, 2016 @ 10:57 am

    Dear KathJuliane,

    You are about the most interesting person on the internet.

    Your ability to capture historical detail is unmatched. Do you work for a Russia intelligence service?

  61. Albert October 3, 2016 @ 11:38 am


    Thanks for your description of the red shape in the background of my artwork.

    That work was a popular piece with the more artistic residence of RedBubble, whether they be Christian or not.

  62. sayaim sam October 3, 2016 @ 11:43 am

    Hillary’s Teleprompter Inside Debate Podium and Cleaner Man

  63. KathJuliane October 3, 2016 @ 5:58 pm

    Dear Ted Gorsline,

    Russian intelligence!

    No, I’m not. But I wouldn’t tell you if I were.


    Kim Kardashian West was burglarized, tied up, and robbed at gunpoint by 2 (or 5) men dressed up as cops inside her elite, exclusive, upscale but very out of the way hotel apartment with little or no human and/or electronic security for a reported $10-11 million in valuables.

    That Mrs. West nor anyone else was hurt in in the incident is a positive thing. I don’t wish harm on anyone.

    I’m getting that celebrities who check in to this place are supposed to bring their own security personnel, as there is just the one concierge to superintend the hotel. Supposedly Kardashian’s personal team was out guarding other members of the family out and about in Paris nightlife.

    I won’t even begin to contemplate some of avenues of this strange story, because it involves the filthy rich and infamous Mrs. West to begin with. Why would she have that much jewelry in her room and not in the hotel safe?

    I also read that her two smartphones were stolen. Now there’s also speculation that juicy, intimate photos and details about Mrs. West and her family might be released on line.

    Either phenomenal stupidity, hubristic denial, or else a planned event. No body guards, her children were some place else. The story is just weird.

    Whether or not this is insurance fraud or not is another story for another day for someone who cares.

    The thought occurs to me that this insatiable publicity addict along with her rapper husband Kayne, just might be getting tired of having the past two weeks of publicity getting sucked up up by Clinton and Trump comedy hour, or else the Pitt and Jolie drama.

    Mrs. West of course wasn’t armed, staying in Paris with all its very strict gun control measures that the Democrats slobber for. I confess to a little feeling of schadenfreude — Kim Kardashian favors strict gun control for the peasants.

    Kardashian recently came out fully supporting Hillary citing the nominee’s stance on both abortion and gun control. She is also a big celebrity face for the Michael Bloomberg-funded anti-gun organization Moms Demand Action.

  64. van helsing October 3, 2016 @ 7:03 pm

    Well it certainly does look like Jews do not control DT and he IS their WORST fear and nightmare.

    A real leader can can’t be bought or puppetized. The fact that the Jews are rigging this election proves they fear DT and KNOW they can’t puppetize his agenda. That makes this election more important than ever – this is the American Armageddon.

    Bro Nat, do you agree that Trump is NOT a controlled Jew puppet now?

  65. Mike October 3, 2016 @ 7:38 pm

    What is up with Gary Johnson? He is not really that stupid.

    I saw on the news a couple of months ago that he was taking votes from Clinton, and that he might get the 15% needed to debate.

    Then all of a sudden, he doesn’t know about Aleppo. And is talking with his tongue hanging out of his mouth, on MSNBC.

    Someone must have gotten to him, and either paid him off, or threatened him.

  66. KathJuliane October 3, 2016 @ 8:03 pm

    RT: Jews may leave EU if Islamic terrorism, anti-Semitism not halted, top rabbi warns MEPs

    Islamist terror attacks, the rise of the far-right and Britain’s decision to quit the EU may create such destabilizing conditions that the very survival of Jews in Europe would be impossible, a high-ranking rabbi told the European Parliament.

    The head of Conference of European Rabbis and chief rabbi of Moscow, Pinchas Goldschmidt, told the MEPs that the European Jews feel as if they are standing on train tracks with “trains coming at each other with ever increasing speed.”

    “One train is the train of radical Islam and Islamic terrorism … the other train is the anti-Semitism of old Europe, the extreme right,” he explained, as quoted by the Independent.

    Goldschmidt said that radical Islam and far-right anti-Semitism represent “existential threats for European Jews,” adding that “both trains have to be halted before it’s too late.”

    According to the statistics voiced Tuesday by Martin Schultz, the president of the European Parliament, “every fifth Jew in Europe has experienced verbal or physical violence,” while “the Jewish population in Europe has decreased from almost four million in 1945 to barely more than one million today.”

    “The question that Jews ask themselves, not only as Jews but as Europeans, does Europe in its present form have a future after the [terrorist] attacks in Paris, in Brussels, in Copenhagen, and after Brexit?” the rabbi said in his speech before the European parliament on Tuesday.

    Goldschmidt urged the EU to do more to integrate the “waves of immigrants flooding Europe” into the European value system in order for them to give up “the rabid anti-Semitism and radicalism, which is rampant in the Middle East.”

    If the situation in Europe remains unchanged, the European Union is at risk of becoming “a failed experiment,” said Moscow’s chief rabbi.

    “Are we looking, 30 years from now, at a Europe which will be divided between its component states and either under the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood (influential Sunni Muslim group) or under the influence of the radical right?” the rabbi wondered.

    But radical Islam may only prevail on the continent “because of the weakness of the European Union,” Goldschmidt added.

    He also sounded an alarm over the re-surfacing of “relatively new forms of disguised, politically correct, anti-Semitic expressions that had remained largely latent since the Shoah [Holocaust].”

    “We will fight for our right to practice Judaism,” the rabbi said, commenting on recent attempts to subdue Jewish practices of circumcision and the preparation of kosher meat by far right European parties.

    “We will continue to unmask those bigots and anti-Semites, who want to fight Judaism under the politically-correct flags of ‘rights of children’ and ‘rights of animals’,” he added.

    Goldschmidt also called for the creation of an EU anti-terrorist task force “accountable to the European Commission” as well as a special unit to protect the block’s borders.


    Well! Go if you must, just stay away from Palestina!

    And I don’t want you in America, either. We have enough Jews, thank you very, very much. Thanks for the memories.

    The Cave of the Patriarchs massacre, also known as the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre or Hebron massacre, was a shooting massacre carried out by American-Israeli Baruch Goldstein, also a member of the far-right Israeli Kach movement.

    On February 25, 1994, Goldstein opened fire on a large number of Palestinian Muslims who had gathered to pray inside the Mosque of Abraham, at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, West Bank.

    It took place on February 25, 1994, during the overlapping religious holidays of both Jewish Purim and Muslim Ramadan, the festival of Purim being associated with a reading that concerns Amalek, with whom, in Israeli extremist rhetoric Palestinians are often identified.

    The attack left 29 people dead, several as young as twelve, and 125 wounded.

    Goldstein was only stopped after he was overpowered and beaten to death by survivors.

    Jew York Times Flashback (excerpt):

    West Bank Massacre; Israel Orders Tough Measures Against Militant Settlers (1994)

    Army commanders issued orders for the immediate “administrative detention” — arrest without formal charges — of five settlers presumed to be members or sympathizers of the Kach movement and its spinoff, Kahane Chai, both grounded in the anti-Arab militancy espoused by the late Rabbi Meir Kahane.

    It was a Kahane disciple, Dr. Baruch Goldstein from the neighboring Qiryat Arba settlement, who killed at least 40 Palestinians in Hebron on Friday by opening fire with an automatic rifle as they knelt in prayer at a shrine held holy by both Muslims and Jews.

    Dr. Goldstein, who was finally overcome and beaten to death by the worshipers, was buried today in Qiryat Arba after a funeral service in which some mourners praised him as a hero and a righteous man.

    His grave was said to be temporary, and there are plans to move him to the Jewish cemetery in Hebron when tensions ease.

    Arabs Denigrated at Funeral

    “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail,” Rabbi Yaacov Perrin said in a eulogy. At the service in Jerusalem, attended by 300 people, one man shouted, “We are all Goldstein,” an opinion echoed across Qiryat Arba by neighbors who said variously that they approved of his attack on the Arabs or at the least could not judge him.

    U.S. Suspends Bilateral Talks With Russia on Syria

    Washington accuses Moscow of not living up to its commitments to restore the cease-fire in Syria and ensure sustained deliveries of humanitarian aid to besieged cities.
    read more:

    Wait a second! How can the US suspend bilateral talks with Russia on Syria, when they never got started because the White House lied and stonewalled their way through the talks to begin with?

  67. Ted Gorsline October 3, 2016 @ 11:30 pm


    We can only hope that the two oncoming trains that worry the rabbi come fully equipped with cattle cars.

  68. Steve October 4, 2016 @ 3:50 am


    Eric Breindel, the late editor of the NY Post editorial page whose mother fled Nazi Germany, said that she warned her fellow Jews not to attack Christian culture as she claimed that it offered cultural and political stability which protected the Jews.

    What we see throughout the West is the continued destruction via LGBT causes etc. of just that stability, and most, but not all of it, is coming from Jews.

    They are reaping with they sow.

  69. Anna Semite October 4, 2016 @ 10:22 am

    Jesus gave a concise description of how antichrist Jews convert goys into puppets from hell at Matt 23:15 –

    “Woe to you, teachers of the Law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when you have succeeded, you make them twice as much a child of hell as you are.”

  70. Ted Gorsline October 4, 2016 @ 10:51 am

    i think the Veterans Today view of Julian Assange is very accurate.

    The guy is a MOSSAD asset. He is pure Jewish B.S. Today’s pathetetic self promotion made that very clear.

    His handlers are all Jews. The man is BS from beginning to end. Nothing Wiki Leaks says means anything.

  71. Albert October 4, 2016 @ 11:37 am

    @Ted Gorsline

    You may want to read this>

  72. KathJuliane October 4, 2016 @ 1:10 pm

    Dear RJN Family,

    Beware of the wild, Manichean, presidential campaign ping-pong game that’s ferociously going on between Trump and Hillary with all of the drama, particularly the claims of Assange & Wikileaks.

    Forget the clownish competitors and their wild shots, just watch the ball. The shots aren’t so wild, and ConservativeDailyPost and its neocon echo chamber has its own neocon agenda. “Narrowly missing assassination” is overstretching it. A person “narrowly misses assassination” only if they are in close proximity, and actually targeted and escape the incident somehow.

    The lawyer in question, John Jones, was representing Assange’s international civil rights case against Sweden’s efforts to extradite Assange for a criminal case, not per se “the Wikileaks lawyer” handling any documents.

    Jones died at West Hampstead rail station in north London last April, while Assange was 5 miles away in the Embassy of Equador. Somewhere in the Assange saga, there’s some kind of recent intruder into the embassy who gets away, too.

    Besides, all the hyperbolic media rancor just drives up broadcast ratings for the bi-polar MSM and it’s clickbait partisans — it’s free advertising, as Trump pointed out time and again.

    There’s a lot more to Assange and Wikileaks, which was exposed by Duff and Veterans Today 6 years ago as being an asset of Israel, and before VT began getting, well, a little weird and loopy. I agree with Ted Gorsline on this.

    As for VT, I take into consideration that it may also be a source of grey propaganda — mixed truth and lies–, or else simply pressured from various angles, and that there may be a a degree of entertainment marketing factor going on as well.

    I use VT like I use a very, very hot button-sized Russian/Ukrainian pepper named “Satan’s Kiss” in a dish, which is to say only rarely, and a little goes a very long way. (Uh, oh. KathJ and Russia again.).

    However, in this very credible VT piece from better days which has not disappeared down the rabbit hole in all of these years, Duff not only thoroughly documented “Busted — Wikileaks Working for Israel,” but he linked to another well documented piece on Indy Media in its own right. You have to go to Duff’s piece to follow the embedded links.


    Today we learn that Assange is also a creature of Israel, bankrolled by spies, running a disinformation site with help from Fox News, the New York Times and other media giants. A confirmed news story from the “IndyPress” has Assange in bed with Israeli intelligence; “Assange met with Israeli officials in Geneva earlier this year and struck the secret deal.

    “The Israel government, it seems, had somehow found out or expected that the documents to be leaked contained a large number of documents about the Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Gaza in 2006 and 2008-9 respectively.

    “These documents, which are said to have originated mainly from the Israeli embassies in Tel Aviv and Beirut, where removed and possibly destroyed by Assange, who is the only person who knows the password that can open these documents, the sources added.”

    ASSANGE AND 9/11

    More importantly, Wikileaks has never had a document mentioning the 9/11 investigation, the controversy over the “9/12” secret flight to Israel or the “dancing Israeli’s,” the 5 Mossad agents arrested on the George Washington bridge on 9/11 in a van with 2,000 pounds of explosives.

    This group, admittedly “documenting” the 9/11 attack for the Israeli government was kept in custody for 10 months and only released after diplomatic wrangling and a major lobbying effort.

    Hundreds of cables were generated by this issue and thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, tied to 9/11. All magically disappeared at the hands of Julian Assange whose public statements on 9/11 now make him suspect.


    Payoffs by Israel to Assange had, until today, been an issue of debate among journalists.

    Following the leak (and even before), Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a press conference that Israel had “worked in advance” to limit any damage from leaks, adding that “no classified Israeli material was exposed by WikiLeaks.”
    ( )

    In an interview with the Time magazine around the same time, Assange praised Netanyahu as a hero of transparency and openness!

    As for personal ethnics [sic], I give it to Assange, hands down, he is the cleaner of the two, no question about that, and far more valuable to Rupert Murdoch and his media empire, the virtual voice of the State of Israel.


    Since 2010, Duff’s VT article and his observations has never been refuted or debunked.

    Duff has gone to great lengths to show the Mossad/CIA intelligence “cleaner” set up of Wikileaks, as being in league with neocon Rupert Murdoch (Fox News). Duff points out the fact that Assange turned on the original Wikileaks team, and set up a dictatorship over the flow of Wikileaks information, cutting secret deals in the process.

    And Wikileaks, so far as I know, has never released any documents in the past six years refuting the oddly ignored aspects of Israel’s involvement 9/11 that Duff listed. Or if it has and I missed it, then the documents would be of little consequence anyway, particularly since Wikileaks made a big splash releasing the Saudi Cables.

    For that matter, Tel Aviv and Riadh, despite their official antipathy and Saudi Arabia’s non-recognition of the Jewish state, have had an informal relationship and back door diplomacy for years, including intelligence cooperation, particularly against Iran and Syria, for example. Can a Jew go to Saudi Arabia? Sure, it’s just knowing how to work the system and having connections.

    1. Saudi has no diplomatic relations with Israel, and as such does not recognize Israeli passports. Mostly. There are occasional exceptions.

    2. There are many Jews working in Saudi under the passports of many nationalities, even if the Israeli stamp isn’t recognized. The official position of the Saudi government is to not forbid Jews from Saudi. An American-Israeli Jew would enter with a US passport and visa, not an Israeli one.

    As far as the piece by Conservative Daily Post, nothing is independently confirmed that I can find. It uses itself and the mutually reinforcing the neocon echochamber for documentation, that of Assange’s speculations and innuendos, Breitbart, or the speculations of neoconservative Twitterati supporters and Wikileaks fans.

    As for John Jones and his death last April 2016, he was a top international civil rights lawyer for many cases “who worked alongside George Clooney’s wife Amal,” not just Assange. “He specialised in extradition, war crimes and counter-terrorism, taking cases from the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Lebanon and Cambodia.”

    According to the UK Sun, at the time of Jones death, “Mr Jones and Amal, colleagues at renowned civil rights legal firm Doughty Street in central London, were currently trying to save the lives of Colonel Gaddafi’s son Saif and Libyan spy chief Abdullah al-Senussi.

    They had been ordered before a firing squad in Tripoli – but the lawyers weretrying to divert their case to the war crimes tribunal in The Hague, Holland, which does not have the death penalty.”

    ( )

    Clearly, more than just Clinton and the DNC election game, Jones had very high stakes international civil rights cases involving Libya, with various parties having motives enough to kill Jones.

    One speculation comes to mind, that given Clinton’s involvement in the Libya fiasco and enmeshed ties to wealthy Middle East/North African Arab states and philanthropists through the Clinton Foundation and its spinoffs, someone (including the Clintons and their labyrinth of associates) quite conceivably could have wanted Jones “Arkancided” but not solely for the purpose of just winning an election.

    Not for Assange and Wikileaks, and not for elections, but to stonewall or derail the transfer of the Saif Gaddafi and al-Senussi cases to the Hague, both of whom were very highly placed in Muammar Gaddafi’s own Libyan intelligence community and services. They conceivably know a lot about Clinton, from her days as Secretary of State.

    Both of these Jones’ clients could have had incriminating documentation of the Obama White House and Clinton’s State Department crimes against Libya in the orchestrated regime change “Arab Spring” as well as the Ben Ghazi fiasco.

  73. Wikileaks & Assange October 4, 2016 @ 1:53 pm

    Ted Gorsline, thanks for your post about Julian Assange, the Wikileaks honcho.

    To see about Assange being “pure Jewish BS” I ran the POZ Litmus Test on

    The following link explains the POZ Litmus Test –

    Wikileaks has lots of articles that mention the Protocols of Zion but then claim POZ is a hoax, forgery, conspiracy theory, and similar propaganda. Failure of the POZ test suggests that Assange is a JWO asset. The next link below pulls up POZ results from –

    Another implication that Assange is a JWO insider is that the Jews media frequently has Assange on TV, in the newspapers, and all over the Jews media. Light has no companionship with darkness, but birds of a feather flock together. If Assange was a real threat to reveal any dark secrets of the JWO, then the Jews media would avoid Assange like they avoid WTC-7, the POZ, and the USS Liberty.

    A second JWO Litmus Test I ran on Assange was a google of Rothschild to see what had on the Rothschilds, the POZ sponsors and head honchos of the JWO. Although had lots of articles mentioning the Rothschilds, the few articles I checked were mostly neutral, irrelevant, and mundane.

    One thing I noticed on the wikileaks website was tons of Hillary Rotten Clinton emails that she wiped from the email server before turning it over to the FBI. The following bing pulls up Wikileaks emails from Hillary’s much discussed email fiasco –

    Anyone who finds interesting info from Wikileaks please share.

  74. KathJuliane October 4, 2016 @ 2:01 pm


    (August) Secretive ‘Children of Israel’ backs Trump at $25,000-per-head California fundraiser

    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump headlined a $25,000-per-ticket fundraiser at the California home of [Jew] Saul Fox, a private equity CEO and secret donor behind the “Children of Israel.”

    Forty people attended the Monday fundraiser including former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who arrived with Trump.

    The visit was the billionaire’s first visit to San Jose since a clash between his supporters and protesters in the Silicon Valley city.

    Fox is one of the many political donors who use so-called ‘ghost corporations’ to conceal their identity.

    It was revealed only earlier this month that he was the main donor behind ‘Children of Israel,’ who have donated $734,000 to the Republican party so far this year, according to The Intercept.

    This includes a $400,000 donation to the Super PAC Stand for Truth, which supported Ted Cruz’s presidential run, as well as $334,000 to the RNC.

    Fox hasn’t commented on why he channeled the money through the company, keeping his identity hidden.

    In addition to the company’s donations, Fox himself has also donated to the GOP.

  75. Wikileaks & Assange II October 4, 2016 @ 3:19 pm

    Wow, 41,000 results from searching for – 9/11 Mossad

    and 66,800 results for – Clinton-emails Zionism

    Zionism seems to be a very hot topic among the top puppets.

  76. KathJuliane October 4, 2016 @ 3:42 pm

    Did Money Seal Israeli-Saudi Alliance?

    Robert Parry Consortium News (Apr 2015):

    Special Report: The odd-couple relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel may have been sealed with more than a mutual desire to kiss-off Iran.

    According to an intelligence source, there was a dowry involved, too, with the Saudis reportedly giving Israel some $16 billion, writes Robert Parry.

    Summarized by Hungarian Jobbik:


    Saudi Arabia has paid substantial money for a secret alliance with Israel, a US journalist claims in his study. If this statement is true, it may fundamentally change our perception of Middle East politics.

    The region’s muddled relations, political and military alliances have long been a favourite subject for researchers and journalists studying the Middle East.

    Those familiar with the region are all quite aware that the area is characterized by an Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well as a Sunni-Shiite and a Saudi-Iranian opposition, which root in cultural, religious and political divisions.

    However, noted US journalist Robert Parry has recently published an in-depth article based on intelligence information, claiming that Saudi Arabia paid around 16 billion USD to Israel in order to buy the friendship of the Jewish State.

    Lobbyists for sale

    It is common knowledge that political (and other) lobbying has considerable traditions in the United States.

    Lobbyists promoting the interests of countries or economic groups often influence US interior and foreign policy decision making processes in a decisive manner.

    Consequently, Saudi Arabia has also begun to build a lobby in Washington, only to experience bitterly that the masses of law firms and PR specialists costing top dollar or even the exploitation of connections with such powerful families as the Bushes can never outperform the Israel Lobby in the US.

    Therefore, the Saudis decided to take a different approach: they bought the Israelis, writes Parry.

    According to the article, Saudi Arabia has given Israel around $16 billion over the past two and a half years, funnelling the money through other Arab states and Israeli development funds.

    If it is all true, the Saudis may have indeed bought the Israelis, since Israel was starkly opposing the agreement with Iran – and found several American backers along the way.

    Why Iran?

    Readers not quite familiar with regional affairs might not know that Iran and its religious Shiite leadership is a thorn in the side of another player beside Israel – Saudi Arabia, a key power in the Sunni world also considers the Shiite state as its archrival.

    The Sunni-Shiite division is one of the greatest fault lines among Muslim countries, which they not have been able to overcome.

    As a result, Saudis consider any pro-Iran governments in the Middle East as enemies, so much so, that they are apparently willing to ignore the solidarity rooted in the same culture and all-Islam togetherness.

    Not to mention that they turn a blind eye to the atrocities committed against the Palestinian people (who are also Sunni, by the way).

    So, Saudi Arabia is not in the least interested in a strengthening Iran.

    However, the lifted sanctions and Tehran’s return to international politics would inevitably lead to a strengthening Persian state, and in a big way too, as Iran has all the capabilities to become a key state of the Middle East, similarly to Turkey.

    It seems such a dreadful outcome for the Saudis, who follow Wahhabism, a rigorous school of Islam, that they appear willing to ally with Israel to prevent it. Religious rigour does not seem to apply to foreign policy…

    Riyadh is not concerned about the bloodshed

    According to Parry, Riyadh and Tel-Aviv had a similar cooperation to destabilize Iraq, Syria and Egypt.

    Even though Iraq’s central government had already been toppled by the US invasion, a Shiite, thus pro-Iran leadership that enjoyed the support of the population’s majority was obviously not so close to the Saudis’ heart, just as they didn’t like the Alavite (a branch of Shiitism) Assad regime in Syria, either.

    This put Riyadh on the same side with Israel.

    Interestingly enough, the Islamic State that follows a wrong and violent interpretation of Sunni Islam happened to grow strong in this region.

    Notably, the terrorist organization that calls itself a Caliphate was not planning to annihilate Israel, but the Shiites living in the area.

    This is one more reason why ISIS may have seemed more likeable for Israel than the Assad regime, which has maintained religious peace but been relentlessly opposed to Tel-Aviv, even though the Islamic State destroys everything with unheard of brutality in the occupied areas.

    Palestinian cause on the sideline

    Although the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood gave a glimmer of hope for the Palestinians struggling to survive the air-tight blockade in Gaza, the world’s largest outdoor prison for years, Saudi Arabia considered Mohamed Morsi’s Muslim revolutionary and not anti-Hamas government as an enemy, so it joined Israel in backing the military coup and the new Egyptian leadership, which wasn’t as friendly to the Palestinians as its predecessor but fit the Saudi interests much better.

    Hypocrisy at its peak

    As it is known, Saudi Arabia is one of the most radical Muslim states in the world.

    Its structure is based on Wahhabism, an ideology rooted in the quasi literal interpretation of Islamic religious principles and the most puritanistic traditions.

    Yet this country hardly ever receives firm criticism from the West, contrary to a democratic Turkey that tolerates religions other than Islam, or the undoubtedly theocratic Iran, which ensures parliamentary representation for religious minorities.

    In comparison, wearing a cross in Saudi Arabia may constitute a crime and power is concentrated in the hands of one single dynasty.

    And this country is a reliable ally for the United States and if Parry’s article is correct, it is an outstanding sponsor for Israel against other Muslim states.

  77. The English Man October 4, 2016 @ 4:49 pm


    The British TV Media has today (4th Oct.) has shown unprecedented coverage of the slaughter & suffering in Eastern Aleppo of the civilian population. All channels (except RT) placing the blame with out reservation on “Assad” & Russia.

    Culmilating in P.M. Teresa May having two interviews with two top Jewish journalists (Kuenssberg & Peston); did not watch the Laura K. interview but the Peston interview marked by the fact he solicited a condemnation of Assad from PM May.

    It strikes me there are dark forces at work in this dreadful conflict. What is stark, is the virtual indifference shown on British TV during the Palestinian slaughter in Gaza by Israel.

    I do hope & pray for Russia’s Putin, many evils would like to see him gone.

    With the loyalists of Russian Spetsnaz, Venerated Orthodox Saints, and Christ’s Blessing he will be a formidable foe for Satan.

  78. Brother Nathanael October 4, 2016 @ 5:44 pm

    Dear All –

    New Vid coming tomorrow. STAY TUNED! +bn

  79. KathJuliane October 4, 2016 @ 6:51 pm

    May hasn’t changed any of Cameron’s illegal support for the ISIS/al Nusra terrorists. That should have been the first job on her agenda.

    The US is really steamed about the Syrian Government’s successes in Aleppo, as in really, really steamed, to the point where no one in the Obama White House can seem to put two coherent words together, particularly Mrs. Samantha Power-Sunstein.

    “They’re taking it back!” screamed WaPo last week:

    Syrian and Russian airstrikes continue major offensive to take back Aleppo
    ( )

    Hey, WaPo!

    It doesn’t belong to France-UK-US or Israel or anyone else but the 90% of the Syrian people supporting their duly elected president, Dr. Bashar al-Assad and their Syrian Arab armed forces who are shedding blood every square foot of the reconquista of their poor, suffering, hapless country. It does not belong to Syrian ex-pat stooges and their phony government in exile who have not lived in Syria for 30 years.


    Published on Sep 14, 2016

    US Peace Council Representatives CONFRONT a hostile American press after visiting Syria, and learning that the American people are being lied to, grossly lied to.

    “The campaign to confuse the American people has been intense. And it is our purpose to try to bring some light, some understanding, which can perhaps lead to the American people demanding an end to the intervention.”

    The esteemed Syrian Ambassador to the UN Bashar Al Jaafari introduces the Peace Council for the UN press conference.

    Don’t let founder Alfred L Marder’s Communist Party USA credentials throw you off, and get in the way of what he has to say about about their fact-finding mission to Syria. He and the US Peace Council are saying what Brother Nathanael has been saying about Syria since at least 2012, if not earlier.

    The US Peace Council’s motto is “Peace is Everybody’s Business”, which means it’s my business, too. This dedicated group gets demonized and marginalized by both the liberal and conservative hawks. You will not hear the results of their investigations on any mainstream media.

    The bi-partisan neoconservative/neo-liberal juggernaut of the Republican-Democrat War Party and it’s endless, insatiable quest for the expansion of military-industrial Corporate Capitalism as it’s main foreign policy since 1940 is out of control.

    These same greedy and avaricious international interventionist destroyers are the chief opposers domestically to returning to the national Peace Economy first envisioned by the Founding Fathers of this country.

    Marder’s anti-war stance on the Syrian invasion, and all of Jewmerica’s previous militarized and/or covert foreign “interventions” back to 1954 which have ruined country after country.

    Mr. Marder can stand tall among the patriotic anti-war giants of our country’s founding. His leftist, “commie” politics do not get in the way of honestly reporting on conditions and attempting to get the word out. Especially on the issue of Syria, Marder’s anti- capitalist ideology doesn’t get in the way of my anti-war, anti-NATO, anti-interventionism Taft Republican foreign policy ideals.

    On this much we agree, as he would with General Smedley D. Butler — the world is groaning under the decades of weight of neocon/neoliberal Corporate Capitalism and the perpetual War Racket for Big Profits. When he died in 1940 as the most decorated Marine in US history.

    “War is a Racket by Smedley Darlington Butler is a famous speech denouncing the military industrial complex. This speech by two-time Congressional Medal of Honor recipient exposes war profits that benefit few at the expense of many.

    Throughout his distinguished career in the Marines, Smedley Darlington Butler demonstrated that true patriotism does not mean blind allegiance to government policies with which one does not agree. To Hell with war.”
    ( )


    UK Express: ‘This is our duty’

    Syrian UN Ambassador vows to reclaim war-torn nation from ‘terrorists’

    SYRIA’S ambassador to the UN has vowed to reclaim “every single inch” of his war-torn country from “terrorists” after blasting British and French military action in the region.

    Speaking to ITV, Bashar Al Jaafari said it was Syria’s “constitutional right” to take back territory despite an estimated 400,000 people dying during the ongoing civil war. He said: “France is bombing many civilian targets in Aleppo and in Idlib. The same thing applies to the British, who are helping and backing the terrorists in the same areas.”

    After being asked if the Syrian army was going to seize Aleppo, the diplomat replied: “This is our duty my friend – our duty. Our constitutional right is to get back every single inch of our territory from these terrorists.”

    When asked about the solution to the Syrian crisis he replied: “The solution for the Syrian crisis is political. The Syrian crisis, I’m not talking about Aleppo.”

    The comments come after the largest hospital in rebel-held Aleppo was destroyed in airstrikes last week.

    The hospital, known as M10, was left unusable after being the targeted three times.

    At least seven people were killed with many more injured in the bombings.
    ( )

    The West is really, really steamed. And I think it’s because of something they don’t dare even whisper about.

    I wonder if if the White House knickers are so bunched because of this obscure, take-with-grain-of-salt report from the semi-official Iranian Fars News Agency, published a couple of weeks ago shortly after the US & Coalition “accidentally” bombed the SAA positions at Der Ezzoir.

    Accidentally over and over again, for well over an hour, at least, something like what the Israeli Jews did attacking the USS Liberty, giving ISIS a golden opportunity.

    Within a scant few minutes, ISIS/al Nusra/Qaeda/Whatever overran the SAA’s strategic artillery hill position on Jabal Thardeh over looking Der Ezzor and the military airport, then pushed a heavy attack into the beseiged strategic military airport controlled by the SAA these past several years. The Der Ezzor military airport is the only transportation point for government air delivery of weekly humanitarian aid to the trapped citizens in the city of Deir Ezzor under siege by Jewmerica’s “jihadi internationale”.

    Fars News Agency (ties to the IRGC) sourced their article from Sputnik Arabic and translated it into English. I’ve been letting it sit idle for awhile, wondering when and if the Pentagon or the State Department might say something about it.

    What I have noticed is that State Department spokesman John Kirby is growing more livid every day, lips are getting tighter and tighter until he now barely opens his lips to speak at all to spew threats against Russia.

    Toner of the State Department is babbling worse than ever as the press makes hummus out of him. And Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter tried to make a ventriloquist’s dummy out of General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at a Senate Armed Services Committee.

    Excerpt from RT (9/22): The Pentagon had “no intention” of sharing intelligence with Russia when it came to Syria, Dunford told the lawmakers unequivocally.

    Secretary Carter explained that the joint implementation councils envisioned by the ceasefire proposal negotiated in Geneva wouldn’t share intelligence, just coordinate efforts – but that they were a moot point anyway, since the ceasefire was effectively dead.

    Both the lawmakers and the Pentagon chiefs blamed that development on Russia, focusing on the alleged airstrike against the humanitarian convoy in east Aleppo while the US-led airstrike against the Syrian Army fighting IS in Deir ez-Zor went unmentioned.

    “I don’t have the facts,” Dunford said, when asked about the convoy attack by Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut). “It was either the Russians or the regime,” he added. “There is no doubt in my mind that the Russians are responsible,” whether directly or because they backed the government in Damascus, Dunford said, describing the attack as “an unacceptable atrocity.”

    Carter explained Dunford’s logic in a response to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), saying that “the Russians are responsible for this strike whether they conducted it or not, because they took responsibility for the conduct of the Syrians by associating themselves with the Syrian regime.”

    So much for Carter bowing low at the altar of reason.

    So, I wonder if this is what got the District of Criminals up to boiler pressure so quickly:

    Fars News (Sept 21): 30 Israeli, Foreign Intelligence Officers Killed in Russia’s Caliber Missile Attack in Aleppo.

    “The Russian warships fired three Caliber missiles at the foreign officers’ coordination operations room in Dar Ezza region in the Western part of Aleppo near Sam’an mountain, killing 30 Israeli and western officers,” the Arabic-language service of Russia’s Sputnik news agency quoted battlefield source in Aleppo as saying on Wednesday.

    The operations room was located in the Western part of Aleppo province in the middle of sky-high Sam’an mountain and old caves. The region is deep into a chain of mountains.

    Several US, Turkish, Saudi, Qatari and British officers were also killed along with the Israeli officers. The foreign officers who were killed in the Aleppo operations room were directing the terrorists’ attacks in Aleppo and Idlib.

    Earlier in September, the Syrian army units launched a preemptive strike on the terrorists of the so-called Aleppo Operations Room in their gathering centers near Castello road in the Northern areas of Aleppo and Mallah farms, foiling their plots to attack the region’s supply route, a source said.

    The source said that the army’s artillery units attacked the terrorists’ gathering centers near Castello and Mallah farms in Zahra Abdo Rabbah, Kafar Hamra and Hurayatyn which killed and wounded dozens of militants.

    Also, the Syrian air force attacked the terrorists’ supply route in Northern Aleppo towards Hayyan and Adnan as well as the supply roads in Western Aleppo towards the North and smashed the terrorists’ convoys in al-Aratab, Urom Kobra and Ma’ara al-Artiq which thwarted the terrorists’ plots and forced many of them flee towards the Turkish borders.

    Informed media sources disclosed earlier that the Syrian army has continued its advances in the Southern part of Aleppo, and regained control over several strategic areas in the town of Khan Touman.

    “A number of key warehouses of Khan Touman are now under the Syrian army’s control,” the Arabic-language media quoted an unnamed informed source as saying.

    The source noted that the Syrian air force and army’s artillery units also targeted the gathering centers and fortifications of the terrorists in Khan Touman.
    ( )

    A little Russian/Syrian/Iranian propaganda out of Iran meant to doscomfit and humiliate the West? Maybe there wasn’t an attack, but this little gem was let loose as a warning — “We know who, where and what you are”?

    Maybe, but nobody in London, DC, or Tel Aviv has made much of a response, or even an effort to ridicule to the info that I know of.

    Instead, we had Mrs Samantha Power Sunstein about to bust some veins in her forehead speaking at the UNSC spewing her hatred of Russia, seemingly on the verge of apoplexy.

  80. Seek The Truth October 4, 2016 @ 7:27 pm

    The basic message of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is this:

    “You stupid American fools. You accepted the Bush lie about 911 in which cave Arabs were blamed for the sophisticated 911 attack instead of the devil’s children who murdered Jesus and who have been promoting war and slavery for the past 2,500 years.”

    “We U.S. Presidential candidates who suck up to the wicked Rothschild Jews that worship the devil, want to use you as more cannon fodder in endless wars against Arabs and Muslims; to kill them and chase them into Europe and the U.S. to further destroy the White Christian populations so that our wicked Jews can take over the Middle East for “Greater Israel” dreamed of by Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism, while destroying Christianity”.

    “We U.S. Presidential candidates bless the Mossad, owned and controlled by the Rothschild devil worshipping Jews, who carried out 911 using two remote controlled Boeing military tankers, a cruise missile on the Pentagon and micro nukes in the towers.

    “You stupid suckers and military slaves to the murderers of Jesus must continue to believe it was the old CIA agent Osama Bin Laden who was the main culprit in 911.”

    Now the question is this; was the first debate rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton using the pinned back eared black attack dog Lester Holt? Obviously, it was. The wicked Jews are leaning more towards Hillary as a more faithful “useful idiot” than Trump and she’ll probably win the electronically rigged election.

  81. KathJuliane October 4, 2016 @ 8:27 pm

    Stop poking the Lion of Damascus, dammit! (And the Russian Bear, too!)


    Syrian Arab News Agency:

    Russia: Attack on Russian Embassy in Damascus is due to US support to so-called armed opposition

    4 October، 2016

    Moscow, SANA- The Russian Foreign Ministry said in Tuesday that the mortar attack on the Russian Embassy in Damascus which took place on Monday evening came as a result of the acts of the United States and some of its allies who continuously provoke the crisis in Syria by flirting with militants and extremists of all sorts.

    The Ministry said in a statement that on Monday evening, three mortar shells were fired on the Russian Embassy Building in Damascus by armed terrorist groups positioned in Jobar neighborhood and the Eastern Ghouta.

    According to the statement, one of the shells fell inside the embassy near the residential compound but none of the embassy staff were hurt, but the building sustained damage, while the other two shells fell near the embassy’s building.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry said that according to the available information, the attack was launched from Jobar neighborhood where the terrorist groups of Jabhat al-Nusra and the so-called “Failaq al-Rahman” are positioned.

    “Moscow strongly condemns this crime by terrorists. Once again they have posed a serious threat to the life and work of Russian diplomats in Syria.

    “The basic norms of international law have been violated one more time,” the Ministry said, adding that one of the reasons for this crime is Washington’s stance towards the so-called armed opposition.

    The ministry added that the response to provocations by criminals must come in the form of coordinating efforts to fight terrorism by the international community.

    “We will be taking all necessary actions for the sake of eliminating the terrorist threat and restoring peace and security to Syrian soil,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

    Al-Jaafari: Israeli occupation of Golan poses threat to stability and development in the region

    4 October، 2016

    New York, SANA-Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Bashar al-Jaafari said on Tuesday that the Israeli continued occupation of the Syrian Golan and its looting of the natural resources in the occupied Palestinian lands and its direct intervention in escalating crisis in Syria through supporting terrorists in the disengagement zone in Golan undermine the agreement of disengagement and seriously pose a threat to stability and security in the region.

    “Terrorism and extremism our region suffers from is the biggest obstacle in the face of development,” al-Jaafari said at the 71st session of the UN General Assembly, affirming that terrorism is based on the idea of canceling the other and threatening the co-existence.

    He added that terrorism poses an economic, social and environmental threat which is embodied by looting the natural resources and sabotaging infrastructure and this requires all countries to seriously deal with the obligations approved by the UN Security Council’ relevant revolutions on combating the financing of terrorists and terrorist organizations.

    Al-Jaafari said that the unilateral, coercive economic measures imposed by the US and EU on Syria have directly affected the Syrian people and led to repercussions that included a lack in food and a deterioration in health care.

    “According to those facts, applying the targets of sustainable development of 2030 plan mainly requires rejecting the unilateral, coercive economic measures and ending them immediately,” al-Jaafari added.

    He went on to say that every country, including Syria, faces special challenges in its endeavors to achieve the sustainable development, so it is not possible to adopt one pattern in approaching these challenges.

    Russian Defense Ministry: Washington thwarted all efforts for cessation of hostilities in Syria

    4 October، 2016

    Moscow, SANA – The Russian Defense Ministry on Tuesday stated that “the opposition” supported by the US in Syria is “an integral part of Jabhat al-Nusra”.

    Sputnik News Agency quoted the Russian Defense Ministry’s Spokesman, Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov as saying that the US has thwarted all efforts for a cessation of hostilities in Syria because of its inability to separate the opposition from Jabhat al-Nusra organization and giving terrorists the opportunity to reorganize and rearm.

    He called on Washington to recognize that all pro-American opposition in Syria is part and parcel of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist origination.

    Meanwhile, Konashenkov said that an S-300 battery of anti-aircraft missiles was shipped into Syria to maintain security of the Russian naval base in Tartous.

  82. KathJuliane October 4, 2016 @ 9:48 pm

    Dear The English Man,

    “I do hope & pray for Russia’s Putin, many evils would like to see him gone.

    “With the loyalists of Russian Spetsnaz, Venerated Orthodox Saints, and Christ’s Blessing he will be a formidable foe for Satan.”

    And formidable is the Federal’naya sluzhba bezopasnosti Rossiyskoy Federatsii (FSB).

    This is an interesting story of a repentent FSB, one of the successor agencies of the dreaded KGB, in the crabby anti-Putin Moscow Times published for circulation among ex-pat Anglophones back in 2002.

    You should find a few nuggets of gold, especially if you know a little history of the Lubyanka as the headquarters and prison of the old militant secularist KGB:

    FSB Gets Its Own Place to Worship

    In a surprisingly low-profile ceremony, the Russian Orthodox Church and its most ardent one-time persecutors got together Wednesday morning for an unlikely celebration: the opening and consecration of a church for the KGB’s main successor agency, the Federal Security Service, or FSB.

    Patriarch Alexy II himself came to bless the Church of St. Sofia of God’s Wisdom, located in the courtyard of FSB headquarters on Lubyanka Square, saying he hoped the new church would help the intelligence officers “carry out the difficult work of ensuring the country’s security in the face of external and internal ill-wishers, if not enemies.”

    The historical irony of an alliance between the church and an agency that once served as the strong arm of the aggressively atheist Soviet state is obvious.

    But Wednesday’s low-key ceremony, which none of the three national television channels covered in their evening news programs, reflects one of the paradoxes embodied by President Vladimir Putin himself — a former KGB agent who is also an Orthodox Christian.

    You can get an idea of the FSB’s patriotic orientation and reason for being by taking a look at the symbolic language of the heraldry in their agency emblem. Spiritual security of the people of the Russian Federation is a very important Putin national security doctrine.

  83. KathJuliane October 5, 2016 @ 1:07 am


    Palestinian pro-Syrian government militia from the Al-Quds brigade and the Syrian army recaptured the tumultuous Handarat refugee camp north of Aleppo city.

    After this success, the loyalists took control of nearby areas of Kindi Hospital and Shuqayf-Jandoul and the al-Kindi hill. Now, the pro-government forces are securing the gains.

    Syria’s Ministry of National Reconciliation generously offered three options for combatants in Aleppo:

    To essentially disarm and assimilate legally back into society;

    To remain an active combatant, but gain safe passage to a front of the given fighter’s choice;

    To remain a combatant in Aleppo, but to allow civilians to flee active combat zones.

    This move clearly indicates that the Syrian military seeks to avoid major civilian casualties amid ongoing military operations in the area.

    US officials engaged in further brinkmanship with authorities in Moscow, discussing the non-diplomatic responses that could be taken if the Syrian govt. continues operations in Aleppo.

    In his press conference, spokesman for the US Department of State, John Kirby, made a concrete threat against the Russians by stating that they would have to “send troops home in body bags, and will continue to lose resources,” and “that more Russian aircraft will be shot down.”

    Kirby also predicted that Russian cities would be attacked by terrorists.

    The Russian MOD interpreted such statements as US admission that the “opposition” supposedly waging a “civil war” in Syria is in reality a US-controlled terrorist “internationale.”

    What is particularly shocking in Kirby’s admission, according to Russian MOD official representative, Major General Igor Konashenkov, that the US direct influence over terrorists is global in scope and extends to Russia, among others.

    “Concerning Kirby’s threat concerning possible loss of Russian aircraft and sending Russian soldiers home ‘in body bags’, I will say that we are well informed on where in Syria, including in Aleppo Province, and exactly how many ‘unadvertised’ specialists are engaged in operational planning and commanding the militants.” [Ouch!]

    Konashenkov added: “Naturally, one can continue to keep telling us they are stubbornly but ineffectually trying to separate Jabhat al-Nusra from the ‘opposition’.

    However, if there are attempts to make good on these threats, it is far from a foregone conclusion the militants will be able to help them save their skins.”

    John Kirby’s non-threatening threats

  84. Ted Gorsline October 5, 2016 @ 11:20 am

    Dear Albert,

    I looked at Conservative Post.

    It looks like it was written by children. Not worth your time.

  85. Ted Gorsline October 5, 2016 @ 1:08 pm


    Like CNBC, CNN, ABC, Huffington Post, Atlantic Magazine etc etc etc -its all just a waste of everybodys’s time.

    The question to ask is not are you Kharzarian Mafia?; are you a Chosenite? etc. The question to ask is, are you a Jew?

    Jews is the oldest four letter word in the English language.

    If the answer is yes the credibilty vanishes like smoke. It doesn’t matter who you are – Oliver Stone -Noam Chompsky – Larry King – Christy Anamwhore etc. etc – the credibilty simple vanishes.

    Its been that way for 2,000 years. Its that way now.

    It will be that way for the next 2,000 years if the good guys, the guys in white hats, are unable to round up enough cattle cars to get the job done.

  86. KathJuliane October 5, 2016 @ 1:34 pm

    As a Cold War Baby Boomer, thirty or forty years ago I couldn’t have imagined that I would be reading Russia media in English to get more objective, factual journalism about the US than Jewmerica’s own.

    There’s been a marriage from hell between the CIA and the Media ever since President Harry S. Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947 on July 26, 1947.

    A large part of this infernal marriage has been dedicated to propaganda serving to override a resisting public opinion of the American people as an obstacle to something that DC wants, including dishing out heightened atrocity porn as well as painting someone else as totally evil.

    According to Pew Research, since at least 2012, 63-64% of the American people in public opinion surveys have consistently shown Americans to have little interest in the Syrian conflict and have been opposed — or lukewarm, at best, — to getting involved in the conflict to any degree, and that America has no “responsibility to protect” in Syria.

    Their last poll on this was in 2013, however, so one wonders why Pew has not done a new public opinion poll concerning Syrian intervention.

    Does RT try to put Russia’s best foot forward? Of course they do. It’s called “white propaganda” or persuasion, and nothing is more persuasive than truthful, objective facts.


    Covert strikes on Assad back on US table to prevent ‘fall of Aleppo’ – report

    Published time: 5 Oct, 2016 13:18

    Top Washington officials are set to discuss striking positions of the Syrian military without a UN Security Council resolution. Bombing air force runways with missiles fired from coalition planes and ships is being considered, according to a report.

    “One proposed way to get around the White House’s objection to striking the Assad regime without a UN Security Council resolution would be to carry out the strikes covertly and without public acknowledgment,” one administration official who is to take part in the discussions told the Washington Post.

    A meeting of the Obama administration’s Principals Committee is scheduled for Wednesday, the newspaper reported, adding that a meeting of the National Security Council could follow this weekend.

    The CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff expressed support for “limited military strikes against the Syrian government,” last Wednesday, when the US discussed such “kinetic” options, the official told the Washington Post.

    “There’s an increased mood in support of kinetic actions against the regime,” one senior administration official was quoted as saying.

    “The CIA and the Joint Staff have said that the fall of Aleppo would undermine America’s counterterrorism goals in Syria,” he added.

    After threatening to withdraw from the Syrian peace process for weeks, Washington finally announced the “suspension” of bilateral contact with Moscow concerning the crisis on Monday.

    Although contact to “deconflict” encounters between the aircraft of the US and Russian militaries in Syrian skies will continue, the US is withdrawing personnel dispatched for the purpose of setting up a Joint Implementation Center (JIC) for the ceasefire.

    The JIC, which would have been located in Geneva, was to coordinate military cooperation and intelligence-sharing between Russia and the US-led coalition fighting Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Iraq and Syria.

    There is “nothing more for the US and Russia to talk about” in Syria, White House spokesman Josh Earnest concluded on Monday.

    Russia’s Foreign Ministry said it was “disappointed” by the decision, while accusing the US of trying to shift the blame for its own failure in Syria. Russia has made efforts to preserve the September 9 ceasefire agreement, repeatedly urging Washington to live up to its obligations, the Foreign Ministry in Moscow said on Monday.

    “It turns out that Washington has failed to fulfill the key condition of the agreement to ease humanitarian situation for the residents of Aleppo” said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. “And now, apparently, having failed to honor these agreements that they themselves worked out, [the US] is trying to shift the blame.”

    On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin suspended Moscow’s participation in a program that disposes of plutonium from decommissioned nuclear warheads, citing “a radical change in the environment, a threat to strategic stability posed by the hostile actions of the US against Russia, and the inability of the US to deliver on the obligation to dispose of excessive weapons plutonium under international treaties.”

    Washington deemed that decision “disappointing.”

    Asked if the US had fulfilled its own long-standing obligation to separate the so-called moderate opposition from terrorists, State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau replied, “We believe we did.”

    When RT’s Gayane Chichakyan reminded Trudeau that several major rebel groups had refused to abide by the ceasefire outright, the spokeswoman hit back: “We expected good faith efforts, not only from rebel groups on the ground… but also Russia.

    “If attacked, opposition groups have the right to defend themselves,” she added.

    RT: Direct aggression by US against Damascus to cause ‘tectonic shift’ in Middle East – Moscow

    If the US launches a military campaign to oust the Syrian government, it would further fracture the country and have tremendous negative long-term consequence for the entire region, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova warned.

    “If the US launches a direct aggression against Damascus and the Syrian Army, it would cause a terrible, tectonic shift not only in the country, but in the entire region,” Maria Zakharova said during a talk show, which is to be aired fully later on Saturday and has been cited by RIA.

    With no government in Damascus, there will be a power vacuum in Syria, which “so-called moderates, who are, in reality, not moderate at all but just terrorists of all flavors, would fill; and there will be no dealing with them,” the diplomat predicted.

    “And later it would be aggravated the way it happened in Iraq. We know that [Saddam Hussein’s] Iraqi Army became the basis of the Islamic State. Everything that both the [US-led] coalition and Russia are fighting now stems from it,” Zakharova said.

    Russia and the US are accusing each other over the collapse of the ceasefire which was signed last month, but has failed. The US says Moscow did not do enough to win the trust of rebel forces and to prevent the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad from attacking his opponents.

    Russia says Washington was incapable of separating ‘moderate rebels’ from terrorist groups and keeping them in check for the truce to take hold.

    With the collapse of the deal, the Syrian government launched an offensive on rebel-held areas of Aleppo, a city divided between the Syrian Army and dozens of armed groups, including Al Qaeda off-shoot Al-Nusra Front.

    RT: US admits not targeting Nusra, blames Moscow for own failure to separate ‘moderates’ from terrorists

    The US is not targeting al-Nusra terrorists in Syria because they have become too “intermingled” with moderates and civilians, the US State Department claimed, accusing Moscow of causing the mess which prevents Washington from separating the groups.

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov once again stressed in an interview with the BBC on Friday that Washington never delivered on its obligation to separate Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (known before the rebranding as al-Nusra Front) and other extremist groups from the so-called “moderate” rebels, to whom the US provides support.

  87. benzion kook October 6, 2016 @ 1:29 pm

    Jewbama legal?

    Trump now totally controlled by his Jew manipulators.

  88. Shekel Hillary and Trumpstein=NYC Shabbus Goys October 8, 2016 @ 1:44 am

    The debate was disgusting.

    Hillary’s laugh in the +BN video above @1:54 looks like some evil witch villain character.

    When is the West going to see a nationalist who will clean out the evil moneychangers?

  89. Hoff October 12, 2016 @ 11:50 am

    Five minutes video about the rapist Bill Clinton. Must see video. To my knowledge not one word about it in (((jew media))) here in EU.


    Busted! Bill Clinton’s Face When Trump Brings Up The Rape Allegations is Priceless. —5 min

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