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Confessions Of A Frequent Flyer

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Confessions Of A Frequent Flyer
By Brother Nathanael Kapner September 4, 2016 ©

IF YOU’RE TEMPTED to get angry with TSA agents it’s best to bite your tongue.

They’re basically (especially at LaGuardia) former McDonalds workers now on the government dole with benees McDonalds couldn’t come close to.

They be employees now of a huge franchise whose figurehead Jeh Johnson is a New York Jew crowd schwartza who carries water for the rest of the Jews (Chertoff, Lieberman, Fischer, Netanyahu, et all) who own the Homeland Security franchise.

Yes, Chertoff is part owner since his security business, The Chertoff Group, has many DHS hacks including Jay Cohen, Chad Sweet, Jason Ahern, Adam Isles, and Charles Allen…a revolving door between Homeland Security and Chertoff’s thriving Jewish business exploiting Judaism’s “War on Terror” hoax.

Yes, Fischer of the Fed is part owner since he cuts the checks for the entire security apparatus which includes the TSA, DHS, NSA, and oh yes, the US military.

And yes, Lieberman is part owner since Jews never retire.

And you better believe that IsraHell is part owner enjoying a big piece of action at DHS.

Now, if you find yourself watching your luggage being ransacked by a former McDonald’s worker it’s to teach you a lesson:

Lesson 1.

You’ve been selected to experience the great leveling process that puts you at the mercy of a person whose IQ is light years downward from your upward educated self. This is what Obama calls “transforming” America. He learned it from the Jew, Saul Alinsky, in his book, “Rules For Radicals.”

Lesson 2.

You’ve been selected to experience the legal fiction that as a private citizen you possess sole rights to your property. It’s all make believe with the proverbial “founding fathers” icing on the cake. Franklin’s been replaced by Fred Kagan, and Jefferson’s been replaced with Jacob Lew.

Lesson 3.

You’ve been selected to experience strange paws on your underwear, socks, and wallet, all free game in the land of the frisk. This is part of the Jewish hoax called the “War On Terror” which makes every white citizen suckers for Jews to “protect” while piling on laws to bend them to their will.

Lesson 4.

You’ve been selected to experience what every TSA agent knows, that your luggage he’s ransacking is not carried by a terrorist. Chertoff and Lieberman know this too.

The former gets to go home with the thought that while keeping his job safe, (and as he imagines, an airplane), he takes satisfaction that the superior person he frisked got his debut in indignities, (and, as he doesn’t imagine in his entitlement-empowered self), at the passenger’s disempowered taxpayer’s expense.

And the latter, (Chertoff and friends), gets to say out loud while in synagogue, “I thank you, oh God, that you have not made me a Gentile.

NOT OPTING OUT is never an option since surrendering with hands up means Chertoff, Lieberman, Bibzy, and Fischer got you under their Jewish thumbs.

Every goy who doesn’t opt out succumbs to Jewish hegemony over their bodies and souls. I wince every time I see it and say, “No wonder the Jews call them dumb goys.”

Speaking of which, if airports are a microcosm of intellectual demographics, then one is left with a sense of utter hopelessness that this country can ever be saved.

Try it next time you travel. See if you can find one intelligent face among the crowd of the fattened masses. I once did and started up a conversation.

Behind the facade was a card-carrying Fed-lover (a consultant to banks) who was absolutely certain (and very self-assured that it must be that way or his job has no use) that the US economy was doing just fine.

When I asked why so many US manufacturers were now in China, India, and Mexico, he said that there were plenty of manufacturing jobs still operating in America.

When I asked, how can pizza and hamburgers keep our economy going?…I drew a blank.

I was stuck with the know-it-all ‘economist’ for the rest of the trip.

AT THE LAYOVER, I had to use the men’s room, a urinal. I never eat when traveling. I assume the goyim haven’t a clue that hidden cameras overlook the toilet stalls.

Which brings me to another invasive point. Do the goys see the signs, “This Airport Is Under Audio Surveillance?”

I always look around to see if it bothers anyone.

But the masses are eating their fries and fattening up for the slaughter.

All is right with the world as long as their stomachs are full.

That’s why the Fema camps will have Dunkin Donut concessions and wide screen TVs. The airports are a prepping stage for their totalitarian future engineered by Fischer and friends.

But I keep on hearing, “People are waking up, they’re starting to know what’s going on.”

Well, yes, at airports, they are woken up.

They’re in their pajamas lined up at Au Bon Pain while the alarm just keeps on ringing.


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Brother Nathanael @ September 3, 2016


  1. Brother Nathanael September 3, 2016 @ 5:44 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    Monday is my birthday and I will be 66 years old.

    I started this site in September of 2007 and in the first five years it enjoyed many donations and I was on a very positive track.

    Since mid 2012 it’s been all downhill.

    Donations have declined radically; substantial donors kept on dropping off to the point where I only now have a few; I had to start borrowing from multiple credit cards to keep the site going; and now I’m deep in debt and very discouraged.

    This is how I make a living, and believe me, there’s no money in it.

    Thus, I have to make some “birthday” resolutions.

    1. I cannot continue with regular Videos as I have to hire a master Videographer and he charges for his time and work. (Only a FEW are helping me with production costs and I have to spread out their financial help.) At this point I’m looking at 2 Videos per month.

    2. I will try to compensate for the irregularity of Videos by posting more Articles.

    3. I will be looking for ways to bring in donations and that may include a more aggressive appeal venue.

    4. I have just brought on an MBA accountant who is willing to devote valuable time and advice to help me get my financial act in order at no charge.

    5. I may be opening up my site to advertising. I really have no choice due to my dire financial straits, yet I’m hesitant to do it since it will junk up my site and interfere with my silent-word artwork.

    Again, if you LIKE what I am doing online, please help!

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    +Brother Nathanael @

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  2. Brother Nathanael September 3, 2016 @ 5:46 pm


    Here’s my NEW Schedule of my Street Evangelism:

    (ALL Sponsored Trips!)

    Washington DC: September 6-13

    Boston – (Pending) September 29-Oct 2

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    May Christ Bless Us All!

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  3. Brother Nathanael September 3, 2016 @ 5:47 pm

    Watch My NEWEST Video Worldwide & In All EU Countries CENSOR FREE:

    “Khizr Khan As Democratic Hit Man” @

    This is my STATE-OF-THE-ART Video Platform AND I OWN It! It Bypasses ALL Jew-Censorship.

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  4. Half Jew Raised Catholic Praise Jesus September 3, 2016 @ 6:38 pm

    A secret to by passing the pat down and the cancer machine at the airport is to carry a TWIC card ;).

    Anyone can get one, as long as you have a clean record with the Department of Homeland Security. It is around $120/140 dollars. Everytime I wear mine at the airport the TSA automatically let’s me skip everyone in line and I go straight through.

    Another trick I learned with my wife back in 2012 on our way to Disney World is if you refuse the pat down and the cancer machine and make enough fuss about it, they will let you off easy without a pat down or having to go through the naked body scanner, but you will have to wait a few hours for your next flight.

    These tricks only work with intelligent looking and thinking people. It depends how you handle yourself and hold yourself.

    The TWIC card ALWAYS works for me though.

  5. Mario P. Velasco September 3, 2016 @ 8:41 pm

    Sell your Videos as approximately 2 Hours long Sets!

    Ask your Accountant.

  6. Jim McGowan September 4, 2016 @ 2:14 am

    Excellent! Highly informative article, Brother Nathanael.

    Sounds like a good plan. Your articles are very good. I will be recirculating your videos when ever I come across a good one. Your work is indeed TIMELESS … always there for those who wish to learn and be truly informed.

    Each article will give each of your readers access to your rich, rich website. I note you highlight related previous stories-videos with your latest stories and videos.

    Here is a book I am reading … it fits so much with today … yet it was written in 1962 by Maurice Pinay:

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Fred Flintstein September 4, 2016 @ 3:02 am

    Brilliant as usual.

    The portion regarding “leveling” was right on target. This technique, the talent inversion, has been instituted through every institution, government agency and sector of the economy.

    Simply demoralizing the intelligent in the population is so much less messy than work camps and purges.

    And twenty-something, illiterate, chick brats shall rule over them…

  8. tim jones September 4, 2016 @ 6:47 am


    If Clinton wins expect DHS to issue guns to TSA employees.

    Over 5000 high ranking officers in the Military were kicked out also after given a too smart test.

    DHS is already getting ready to take over if protests get out of hand during Clinton”s administration.

    If Trump does not win the election there will be Hell to pay from the Jewish power-brokers.

  9. Zionien September 4, 2016 @ 8:23 am

    I Expect RIOTS like no country has EVER SEEN – if Trump “loses”!

  10. Mark September 4, 2016 @ 9:17 am

    If you opt out don’t they give you a harder time?

    I know one girl who was taken to the back room and strip searched. Said she would never fly again.

    I haven’t flown for 30 years

  11. Curtis September 4, 2016 @ 9:20 am

    To the “Half Jew Raised Catholic Praise Jesus” comment, this is proof that crime pays.

    If I don’t like harassing phone contacts, I can pay for call blocking and caller ID even though the phone system facilitates their contact.

    And in the case of the TSA/DHS partnership that treats everyone like we’re terrorist criminals many have made the case that they violate the Constitution.

    And yet we have to pay so they won’t treat us badly?

  12. skipNclair September 4, 2016 @ 9:21 am

    HAPPY Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. IRONKRAFT September 4, 2016 @ 10:16 am

    Happy Birthday Brother Nathanael, and God give you many more.

  14. go lucky "happy'" senior September 4, 2016 @ 10:24 am

    $66.00 on its way.


  15. Paul September 4, 2016 @ 11:41 am

    Many Happy Returns for Monday Brother Nathanael.

    You have opened our eyes to the injustice. Don’t ever give up.

    I will send you a donation.

    Happy Birthday. May God bless you.

  16. Cornelius September 4, 2016 @ 12:39 pm

    The same “leveling” experience happens in the voting booth.

    The vote of a smart educated voter is equal to the vote of a stupid uneducated voter.

    Remember, your vote only matters if there is a 50/50 split.

  17. Ted Gorsline September 4, 2016 @ 2:48 pm

    Happy Birthday Bro Nat.

    The nice thing about growing older is that pretty soon you won’t have to save up for your old age because you will already be there.

  18. Delphine GORON September 4, 2016 @ 5:36 pm

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our dear…and VERY courageous Brother Nathanael.

    I’ll be joining our children in MD a few weeks. I’ll donate via Snail Mail when I have exchanged Oz fiat dollars for us fiat dollars.


  19. Brother Nathanael September 4, 2016 @ 5:48 pm


    Do NOT read anything written by a JEW on the MSM.

    They are telling you LIES and advancing MURDER just like their father the devil.

    Here is a partial list of lying, murderous Jews you must avoid as you would poison:

    Ruth Marcus – Washington Post
    Jeffrey Goldberg – Everywhere like dog s##t
    Josh Rogin – Washington Post
    Bill Kristol – Everywhere like dog s##t
    Robert Kagan – Everywhere like dog s##t
    Eliot Abrams – Everywhere like dog s##t
    David Shribman – Pittsburgh Post Gazette
    Jonathan Cohn – Huffington Post
    Gabriel Sherman – New York Magazine
    John Podhoretz – New York Post
    Jonathan Tobin – Everywhere like dog s##t
    Charles Krauthammer – Washington Post

    If you value your soul and wish to protect yourself from venom-induced words, do NOT read any writings of the above, nor of their fellow-religionists: JEWS, in any MSM venue.

    And don’t fall for the hoax that they are “presstitutes.” This is a deflection and a cover to name what they are: JEWS, lying, murderous JEWS.

    Tell Paul Craig Roberts and Gerry Celente that JEWS do NOT “prostitute” themselves for their fellow JEWS who hold the entire world in hostage as power-brokers of the JEW-S government.

    They work together with the devil to plunder and destroy.

    Only I see this very clearly, no one else really does. How could they? They are not from a Jewish upbringing as I was raised in an upper-middle class synagogue where ‘Power-Politics’ was preached at every Sabbath service.

    Please help me CONTINUE to expose the Jews like no one else does or can.

    To Donate Your Tax Deductible Contribution Via PayPal CLICK:

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    Brother Nathanael; PO Box 547; Priest River ID 83856.

    +Brother Nathanael @

    PS – ALL cash donations by mail come in safely.

    PPS All mail is forwarded from my prior mailing address in Frisco CO…but please send donations to my new address above.

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Former Jew/Now Orthodox Christian @

  20. Brother Nathanael September 4, 2016 @ 5:57 pm

    In Case You Missed It
    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    Monday is my birthday and I will be 66 years old.

    I started this site in September of 2007 and in the first five years it enjoyed many donations and I was on a very positive track.

    Since mid 2012 it’s been all downhill.

    Donations have declined radically; substantial donors kept on dropping off to the point where I only now have a few; I had to start borrowing from multiple credit cards to keep the site going; and now I’m deep in debt and very discouraged.

    This is how I make a living, and believe me, there’s no money in it.

    Thus, I have to make some “birthday” resolutions.

    1. I cannot continue with regular Videos as I have to hire a master Videographer and he charges for his time and work. (Only a FEW are helping me with production costs and I have to spread out their financial help.) At this point I’m looking at 2 Videos per month.

    2. I will try to compensate for the irregularity of Videos by posting more Articles.

    3. I will be looking for ways to bring in donations and that may include a more aggressive appeal venue.

    4. I have just brought on an MBA accountant who is willing to devote valuable time and advice to help me get my financial act in order at no charge.

    5. I may be opening up my site to advertising. I really have no choice due to my dire financial straits, yet I’m hesitant to do it since it will junk up my site and interfere with my silent-word artwork.

    Again, if you LIKE what I am doing online, please help!

    To Donate Your Tax Deductible Contribution Via PayPal CLICK:

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    Brother Nathanael; PO Box 547; Priest River ID 83856.

    +Brother Nathanael @

    PS – ALL cash donations by mail come in safely.

    PPS All mail is forwarded from my prior mailing address in Frisco CO…but please send donations to my new address above.

  21. Kiimm September 4, 2016 @ 6:11 pm

    Training video on TSA procedures using the Human Upper Body Grasp technique.

  22. KathJuliane September 4, 2016 @ 6:19 pm

    Many Years, dear +BN!

    God bless you, dear warrior for Christ.

    I’ll be sending a little extra this month.

    I wish it was $1 million.

    Your work as a rare beacon of Light and Truth on RJN and your Street Evangelism in this ever darkening, crazy world is worth that, and much more.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  23. Kiimm September 4, 2016 @ 6:50 pm

    Happiest of birthdays, dear Brother Nathanael.

    And may God richly bless you and grant you the strength and the resources to carry on your ministry.

    66 yrs. young looks good on you!

    Here’s a birthday wish hope you enjoy! (donation soon as the Lord wills).

  24. Al September 4, 2016 @ 7:38 pm

    Would hate to see you discontinue your work.

    Your revelations are enlightening.

    Please back up your statements with Biblical scripture references where applicable.

    Happy Birthday.

  25. Brother Nathanael September 4, 2016 @ 8:59 pm


    On all my Articles whenever I quote the Bible I always embed the Scriptural reference. This I do unless it’s a piece where I don’t use embeds. +bn

  26. Brother Nathanael September 4, 2016 @ 9:00 pm

    Brother Nathanael At Columbus Circle NYC – Street Evangelism!

    The photo was taken last March at Columbus Circle, Manhattan. The young man is a “fan” of my Videos and Articles. He’s a very pious Christian from, I believe, Moldova, now living in NYC with a beautiful wife and 5 children (and I believe MORE coming!) +bn

    Click Inside This Pic for slightly larger version:

  27. Brother Nathanael September 4, 2016 @ 9:13 pm


    You wrote: “Would hate to see you discontinue your work.”

    Me too. But if the steady decline in donations continues then my work will certainly be up against a brick wall. +bn

  28. Angela September 4, 2016 @ 9:31 pm

    Happy Birthday, Brother Nathanael.

  29. B September 5, 2016 @ 12:34 am

    Happy Birthday BN!

    Maybe you could write books to sell that ties history together, with good proof, better than anyone else has done.

  30. The English Man September 5, 2016 @ 2:29 am


    Many Happy Returns Of the Day Brother Nathanael.

    As KathJuliane comments A True “Warrior” for TRUTH in a mendacious world. God Bless You.

  31. Paul September 5, 2016 @ 5:07 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael.

    Happy Birthday.

    I have sent you a donation, your videos are brilliant.

    I hope you continue with your very important work.

    Best Wishes. Paul.

  32. The English Man September 5, 2016 @ 6:57 am


    You missed an important fellow of the tribe (truth inverters & a whole lot worse) newly appointed news overlord Andy Lack.

    Sunday evening UK news briefly mentions a delegation including clergy travelling to Syria to meet with Bashir Assad WITHOUT UK Government support.

    Searched the internet, watched the news today Monday, can find no mention of this newsworthy story.

  33. The English Man's sister. September 5, 2016 @ 8:44 am


    Our two +BN (Albert’s) coffee mugs have pride of place on the welsh dresser in the kitchen.

    It’s like having a big part of you here. Each morning you receive a warm greeting & a kiss on the cheek, God Bless You, Joan.

  34. KathJuliane September 5, 2016 @ 8:59 am

    @The English Man

    Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), publicly owned attached to the Ministry of Information, has several reports on the British delegation to Syria in English.

    Their matter of fact reporting reminds me of when Western journalism used to have journalistic ethics and standards. They pack a lot of information into their report briefs. What you don’t see in the Judeo-western media.


    Damascus, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad highlighted the importance of the visits paid by foreign delegations to Syria to the effect of exposing the falsification practiced by the Western media.

    His remarks came during a meeting with the visiting British delegation that includes members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords and religious and academic figures.

    The President elaborated that such visits and the opportunity of getting acquainted with the situation and facts on the ground would contribute to clearing the image and laying bare the falsification practiced by some Western media outlets against the people of their countries, especially that these media have political agendas that are in the interest of the governments and not the people.

    As the talks focused on the terrorist war in Syria and the growing dangers of the terrorism and extremism on the region and the world, President al-Assad affirmed that the gravest danger facing the world now is that of the extremist mentality pervading the societies inside the region and beyond.

    This mentality, the President said, is the underpinning of terrorism that has started recently to strike in many areas inside Europe and the Western countries in general.

    He made it clear that in order to eliminate terrorism, one needs not only fighting it on the ground, but also confronting the ideology underlying it, which just knows no borders.

    The British delegation members, for their part, said that having visited Syria and got to meet many Syrian officials and citizens, they can now work on conveying the truth and correcting the wrong vision which the British government and a large swath of the British public have on Syria, in addition to conveying the great deal of suffering the Syrians have to put with due to the terror crimes.

    H. Said

    British delegation meets Tourism Minister, gets informed on scale of terror-inflicted damage

    Shaaban: The West should listen to viewpoint of the Syrians since they are owners of the land and not to what is circulated by Western media

    Damascus SANA-Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban said Thursday that the western media has become a hindrance between us and Western societies rather than a bridge of the fact, considering the European actions today are contrary to their words.

    During a meeting with a British delegation comprising parliamentarians, academics and clergymen, Shaaban pointed out that the West should listen directly to the viewpoint of the Syrians since they are the owners of the land and not to what is circulated by the Western media and to convey Syria’s voice to the Western decision makers, especially in the European and British political establishment.

    Dr. Shaaban said that it has become clear that the French and British governments are adopting and supporting what Saudi Arabia and Qatar are circulating through their media outlets, affirming in another context that Syria has been the cradle of tolerance and convergence between the heavenly religions.

    The Advisor reaffirmed that the basis of the ongoing conflict is the Arab-Israeli conflict and that Israel is the main beneficiary of the Syrian and Arab bloodbath.

    In turn, head of the delegation Father Andrew Ashdown said that the visit aims at getting acquainted with the reality of situation in Syria through talking to the Syrians themselves and away from what has been circulated by the Western media.

    British delegation participates in prayer for peace in Aleppo
    ( )

  35. debbie September 5, 2016 @ 10:11 am


    Happy Birthday!

  36. Hugo September 5, 2016 @ 10:59 am

    Happy birthday, Brother Nathanael!

  37. Dan September 5, 2016 @ 1:28 pm

    Happy Birthday!

    I learned more from your teachings than I did in certain subjects in school.

    I wonder what happens to kids that quote you or use your information in history classes?

    Probably suspended or many days of detention.

  38. M Price September 5, 2016 @ 2:26 pm


    Happy Birthday!

  39. Up North September 5, 2016 @ 3:54 pm

    Brother Nathanael for President.

    Please continue your great videos. I will send you a donation. Whatever I can afford.

    You are truly a most worthy cause.

    Please make a video of our English Zionist scumbags in politics, media and industry.

    I’m sure it would be an eye opener for all the Brits who probably have no idea where the loyalty of our ruling classes lie.

  40. Up North September 5, 2016 @ 3:56 pm


    Happy birthday.

    May you have at least another 34 of them.

  41. Brother Nathanael September 5, 2016 @ 4:29 pm

    @Up North

    I’m planning on another 64. +bn

  42. Brother Nathanael September 5, 2016 @ 4:31 pm

    Thank you everyone for your very sincere Birthday Wishes. It’s nice to feel loved!

    I’m packing now for my DC Street Evangelism trip and this time I plan on posting regular Reports from the Streets of DC. STAY tuned.

    Also, I hope to be posting another Article later this week and working on a Video text that hopefully will deep six Killary’s campaign once and for all.

    Love you all, +Brother Nathanael

    In case you missed it: Bro Nathanael At Columbus Circle NYC – Street Evangelism!
    The photo was taken last March at Columbus Circle, NYC. The young man is a “fan” of my site. He’s a Christian from, I believe, Moldova, now living in NYC with his wife and 5 children

  43. Seek The Truth September 5, 2016 @ 5:25 pm

    Happy Birthday, Brother Nathanael!

    The best website on the internet for revealing the sinister side of current events and with a little humor and poetic imagery flowing like a clear, rippling stream.

    Trapped? No way. As long as one prays to Jesus.

    Hope I can send you a donation soon.

  44. Barry September 5, 2016 @ 5:48 pm

    Happy Birthday Brother Nathanael,

    So grateful for your efforts to spread truth to the ignorant.

    Americans are the willing victims of their prosperity.

    We seem to have forgotten the founders and their values.

    Please keep trying, some of us are listening.

  45. KC September 5, 2016 @ 7:09 pm

    Happy Birthday Brother Nat. Many years!

    I will send some support when I have a bit of money, right now counting every dollar…

    May God keep you strong and going forward with your work.

  46. benzion kook September 5, 2016 @ 8:36 pm

    Halliburton was paid $385,000,000 to construct secret “detention centers.”

    The gulag system cometh to Jewmerica.

  47. Albert September 5, 2016 @ 10:42 pm

    Happy birthday, Brother Nathanael!

  48. B September 6, 2016 @ 12:15 am

    A new book is needed for a new subject that involves both transportation and the Jews of Germany, that describes and proves how the Jewish Zionist Transfer Agreement contract with the Nazi’s that began in 1933, involved the increase of persecution of German Jews.

    Edwin Black does not mention this persecution increase at all in his book titled The Transfer Agreement, and this persecution is mostly implied and never completely and clearly documented or proven anywhere that I have seen.

    Both the Zionist and the Nazis wanted the German Jews to emigrate to the land of today’s Israel beginning in 1933.

    A new book is needed that will explain and prove with documentation that the main motivation to encourage the German Jews to make this move from their Germany to a wilderness land, where the German Jews would then have to fight in order to survive, was by an increase of persecution in Germany.

    The Zionist wanted to increase the population of German Jews in this wilderness land, and Germany wanted the increased monetary business of supplying, selling, and transporting the new infrastructure materials to the land of Israel as described in The Transfer Agreement, and to transport the willing German Jews from Germany to Israel.

    By increasing the persecution of the German Jews, Germany would then receive more ( supposedly ) willing German Jews who chose to emigrate to Israel, and would increase Germany’s overall monetary business.

    The following YouTube video mentions a little about this German Jewish persecution in the first 11 video minutes.

    The Rothschilds, Hitler, Holocaust, Israel & Zionist World Government

  49. The English Man's sister. September 6, 2016 @ 3:10 am


    Whats your opinion of Heart Throb Mel Gibson? According to “Algemeiner” he Mel is making a film about the Resurrection of Jesus.

    Has not Mel heard of you? Surely you +BN would be invaluable as adviser/consultant on his latest creation.

    I mention this ’cause there is a high ranking Rabbi looking over his shoulder at his every move.

    Does he (Mel) not know you +BN would be an invaluable asset.

  50. The English Man September 6, 2016 @ 3:26 am

    @Up North

    What the UK needs is an academic who holds identical views to +BN.

    Who is prepared to converse with him privately.

    This nation (UK) is steeped in the very problems +BN is exposing in the States.

    True English men surely are not all in the cemeteries.

  51. van helsing September 6, 2016 @ 5:35 am

    Happy birthday Dear Brother Nathanael


  52. How Palestine Was Populated With Jews September 6, 2016 @ 7:15 am

    B’s post about transportation of Jews from places like Germany to Palestine, reminds me of books and articles I’ve read.

    Bolshevik Jews murdered the Russian ruler for control of Russia, Kaiser rule was toppled in Germany, Rothschild banksters got the Balfour agreement, all in WW1. That set the stage to populate Palestine with Jews. The Balfour agreement was useless to the JWO unless lots of Jews moved to Palestine.

    Besides murdering Christians, Stalin was also following instructions to “encourage” Jews to migrate from Russia to Palestine. Hitler followed similar Zionist issued instructions to motivate Jews to leave Germany for Palestine.

    The Jews media now has the masses believing that Jews were persecuted to pieces in WW2 while Germans lived the high life. The truth is closer to just opposite that. Lots of people who lived through it told of how Jews were given the best and most of the food rations.

    Lots of Jews who saw the horror of what the Germans were suffering decided to get out and move to Palestine from fear that what they saw happening to Germans would happen to Jews also. That was how the JWO populated Palestine with Jews.

  53. Rosie Blue September 6, 2016 @ 8:55 am

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    Can you give me the date of a Brother Nathanael youtube about homosexuals and how they are described as dogs in the Bible? I need this for some articles.

    I believe it came out in 2014 or 2015. Thank you and bless you for the work you do!!!

    Happy B-day Brother N!!!

  54. KathJuliane September 6, 2016 @ 10:54 am

    A Little Bit of Trumpian This and That Today:

    “Judea” and “Samaria” is Jew-speak for the internationally recognized Occupied Palestine Territory of the West Bank and East Jerusalem (just recently recognized as the State of Palestine by the Vatican with a treaty now going into effect).

    The Jews dream of, and greedily lust for, possession of all of Jerusalem cleansed of any and all Christians and Muslim Jerusalemites.

    Israeli Jews itch for the day they can blow up Noble Sanctuary for their Jewish Antichrist temple, which isn’t where the ancient Temple of Jerusalem ever stood (it was directly over the Gihon Spring some 1,000 feet south or so on the Ophel), but is the site of the ancient Roman Praetorium where Christ was judged and His blood demanded by the Jews as recorded in the New Testament.

    Trump, honorary “righteous gentile” of the Likud West Party of Jew York, is signaling by his “hands off policy” that he probably wouldn’t object much if elected president.

    Ziochristians get very excited hearing Jews “prophetically” spout the ancient historical biblical place names, which are not at all legally and internationally recognized names for the OPT.

    As one fervent Judeo-christian evangelical at my apartment complex once heatedly sputtered after butting into a neighborly discussion he wasn’t involved in to start with, “The Arabs can have the West Bank if it comes to that, but God gave Judea and Samaria to the Jews”.


    Trump Supporters Open Campaign Office in West Bank, Declaring Him Good for the Settlers

    The new makeshift office was proudly touted as the first U.S. campaign headquarters ever opened over the ‘Green Line,’ a reference to Israel’s internationally recognized borders.

    KARNEI SHOMRON, West Bank – By opening an office in the heart of a major Jewish settlement, was the Donald Trump campaign in Israel trying to make a political statement?

    Not at all, said Tzvika Brot, its newly appointed director, when asked by reporters about the particular choice of venue. “All we want to do is to get American citizens interested in voting in the U.S. election to register now before it’s too late,” he said on Monday during the official launching event.
    But Mark Zell, the American-born lawyer who serves as chair of Republican Overseas Israel, thought otherwise.

    “While Tzvika said this is not a political statement as such,” he interjected, “that’s not entirely true. I worked along with representatives of the Trump campaign to get passed a historic amendment to the Republican Party platform, and this amendment specifically omitted any reference to Israel as an occupier and coincided with Trump’s own statements that building homes, synagogues and schools for Arabs and Jews in Judea and Samaria was an issue for the Israeli government and people to decide – not something that America should be dictating to Israel.”
    The new makeshift office, set up in the dining room of a local Trump supporter here, was proudly touted as the first U.S. campaign headquarters ever opened over the “Green Line” – a reference to Israel’s internationally recognized borders. 

    Echoing Zell’s message that Trump is good for the settler movement was the guest of honor at the event: Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Regional Council.

    Smiling for the cameras as a Donald Trump campaign button was pinned to his lapel, Dagan stopped short of endorsing the Republican candidate, noting that he is not an American citizen. But at the same time, the rising Likud Party star did not make any attempt to hide where his sympathies lie. 

    “As head of this regional council, I can tell you that because of pressure from the Obama administration, we are prevented from building schools, from building kindergartens and from building new neighborhoods, and our security has suffered,” he said.

    “As an Israeli citizen, I cannot interfere in American politics, but I call on every citizen of the United States here in Israel, whoever in interested in strengthening the United States, to go out and register to vote.”

    Dagan said he was about to leave for a trip to Washington D.C., where he had a series of meetings scheduled with members of Congress aimed at “explaining to them the importance of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem.”

    Dagan was not the only right-wing politician invited to the event. Two Knesset members – Yehuda Glick of Likud and Robert Ilatov of Yisrael Beiteinu – had confirmed their attendance but were instructed at the last moment by their respective party leaders to cancel their participation.

    Israel’s political leaders have been careful not to pick sides in the upcoming U.S. election.

    When asked about Trump’s position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Zell said: “I do not propose to speak for him, but what I know from discussions with his Israel advocacy group – it’s not that he doesn’t want to intervene, but that he doesn’t want to dictate any kind of solution.”

    According to Zell, the Republican presidential candidate does not believe “in any particular solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “And that is really historic,” he noted. “He doesn’t come with any pre-fabricated answers. He’s open to listening.”

    Despite statements made several months ago by the Republican presidential candidate about the need to reassess America’s financial assistance to countries around the world, including to Israel, Zell promised that Trump would not cut American aid to Israel if elected president.  

    “Donald Trump supports foreign aid to Israel, and the reason he supports foreign aid to Israel is that the United States gets back from Israel, in the form of technology, intelligence and other things, far more than it actually invests in foreign aid here,” he said.

    Referring to the possibility of an electoral victory by the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, Abe Katzman, counsel to Republicans Overseas Israel, told reporters:

    “Israel will make the best of it, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t significant differences between the parties. The Republicans have become extremely Zionist, and they get it – they understand the importance of the relationship between Israel and America. The Democrats – I wish I could say the same thing for them.”

    Zell was less diplomatic. “One of the great motivations for all of us to work for Donald Trump is to prevent that possibility,” he said, referring to a Clinton win. “Her tenure as secretary of state was one colossal failure after the next, particularly here in the Middle East.”
    The campaign headquarters in Karnei Shomron is the fourth to be set up by the local Trump team in recent weeks. The others are in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Modi’in.

    Next week, Zell said, another three offices would be opened in Rehovot, Beit Shemesh and the Gush Etzion region of the West Bank. Zell, who also serves as vice president of the international organization Republicans Overseas, is a resident of the Gush Etzion settlement of Tekoa. 

    Sources close to the campaign said that “hundreds of thousands of dollars” had been invested in encouraging and assisting American supporters of the Republican Party living in Israel to register to vote.

    A disproportionately large number of American-Israeli citizens live in West Bank settlements, where according to figures provided by Republicans Overseas Israel, they comprise about 25 percent of the total population. [Who knew?]

    Brot said the goal of the campaign was to get 200,000 Americans living in Israel to vote in the election.  “We believe that at least 70 percent of them will vote Republican,” he said.

    The office opened in Karnei Shomron is temporarily located in the home of Rabbi Chaim Springer, an American citizen who moved to Israel 40 years ago. “When people ask me why I support Trump, I tell them that what impresses me most about him is that he’s an honest man and he has a great relationship with his children,” he said. 

    The plan is to move the new West Bank office around to different settlements in the Samaria region over the next few weeks in order to facilitate those requiring additional assistance in the voter registration process. 

    read more:

  55. KathJuliane September 6, 2016 @ 11:24 am

    Dear Rosie Blue,

    This should be what you are looking for:

    Bruce Jenner’s Jewish Enablers

  56. Homosexual Dog Search September 6, 2016 @ 12:53 pm

    Hey Rosie,

    The search below finds RJN webpages with key words from your post. This first link below limits the google search to 2014-2015:,cd_min:1/1/2014,cd_max:12/31/2015

    You can copy-paste the line below into the search box / address box of your browser to find the keywords you mentioned; and you can add more keywords to narrow your search: homosexual dogs bible

  57. KathJuliane September 6, 2016 @ 2:31 pm

    Or, go to the Search Real Jew News box in the upper right corner of the webpage and enter search keywords.


  58. Bernard Weckmann September 6, 2016 @ 5:16 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    You aren’t a Jew anymore.

    Nonetheless, allow me to congratulate you on your birthday with a traditional Jewish wish: “Ad Meah Ve’esrim!” as per Genesis 6:3 when God said, “And their days shall be numbered 120.”

  59. Rosie Blue September 6, 2016 @ 5:39 pm

    Thanks everyone!!!

    It’s exactly what I need. Many blessings!!!

  60. Brother Nathanael September 6, 2016 @ 7:02 pm

    Street Evangelism Report
    Day 1, September 6 2016
    Washington DC
    I got off the plane around 3 PM and as I walked into the terminal there were 2 Tibetan monks sitting across the main aisle.

    Our eyes caught each other and I went right up to them and said, “hello my brothers!” and made the sign of the Cross over them both and they bowed their heads reverently.

    One was in his late sixties, and very thin, and very prayerful looking. The other was younger, in his late 30s, and was robust and talkative, and spoke very good English, although he was Tibetan. The older Tibetan monk was friendly looking, smiled kindly, but rather quiet, but intently was engaged in the conversation.

    The younger Tibetan monk immediately asked me, “where is your monastery?,” and I told him that I was in an Orthodox monastery for many years and now in public ministry.

    He asked, “what is your ministry?,” and as I told him that I hold high the Holy Cross of Christ on median strips across the country, suddenly an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian woman in her 40s walks up to me and in front of the Tibetan monks, (and before a host of travelers,) leaned her forehead against my large Cross, kissed it, and then walked reverently away.

    I said to the Tibetan monks, “See that? The Ethiopian Orthodox Christians are not “politically correct” but in front of everyone are not ashamed to kiss the Holy Cross of Christ.

    They both acknowledged that and were also impressed.

    We talked a bit more and we parted as friends.

    Off to DC from Dulles:

    After checking in at my Hotel I got right down to business on 9th and Pennsylvania on the median strip. Everyone started honking, putting their thumbs up, and a young couple, with striking features walk up to me.

    “Brother Nathanael, is this you?” asked the young man in his late twenties excitedly. He answered his own question with, “Yes, it IS you! I have watched almost all of your Videos.”

    The young lady started nodding her head quietly and she was quite a looker, refined, and elegant.

    The young man then said, “You know, I’m a Muslim…we’re both Muslims, but more secularized than others.” (The young lady was not wearing a Hajib.)

    “Where are you from?” I asked. “Turkey,” he answered. “I taught at university in Istanbul and we are now living here in DC in hopes of finding something in academia.”

    Then he said, “I would love to take a picture with you,” and I said, “sure.”

    He immediately put his arm around me and his lady friend took a few pics.

    What is kind of neat is that EVERY TIME I come to DC some Turks walk up to me excitedly and want to take pictures with me. Two of them once insisted they hold the Cross with me!

    Ok. Now I go to Constitution Blvd and Pennsylvania on the median strip. People are waving from the cars, putting their thumbs up, and yelling out, “God Bless You!” Many called out, “Hey, it’s Brother Nathanael, love your Videos!”

    Then as the sun was setting, (it was quite beautiful), I started chanting our Orthodox Vespers hymn:

    “Oh gladsome Light of the holy glory of the immortal, heavenly, holy, blessed Father, O Jesus Christ: now that we have come to the setting of the sun, and behold the evening light, praise Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: God. Meet it is for Thee at all times to be praised with gladsome voices, O Son of God, Giver of life, wherefore the world doth glorify Thee.”

    As I kept on singing it while watching a very beautiful sunset, an Asian man in his early fifties came right up to me and bowed his head slightly in front of the Cross and I blessed him with the Cross. He told me he was from China on a visit to America.

    He then asked what I was attempting to do and told him that I was confessing Our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ. He smiled and then asked, “do you live here? Do you do this every day here?” I told him I do it throughout the country on median strips like the one we were standing on together.

    He them attempted to make the sign of the Cross over himself, (it was a bit off center, but it was a sincere attempt), bowed his head reverently (deeper this time)…looked at me intently and thanked me.

    This is not the first time that I have had this experience with people from China. There seems to be a deep hunger for Christ, or perhaps, an attraction to the Cross, and they all to a man, make some kind of prayerful gesture in front of the Cross.

    Well, I’m back at the hotel now and FEEL GREAT!

    God Bless You All! (Day 2 Report Coming Tomorrow)

    +Brother Nathanael @

  61. Brother Nathanael September 6, 2016 @ 7:47 pm


    Thank you for your kind birthday wishes. Please add another ten years to that “120!” +bn

    PS @All

    I have quite a few Jewish followers.

    They don’t accuse me of hate, but agree with a lot of what I have say, especially about the Jewish-owned media’s promotion of perversion, and Israel’s criminal treatment of the Palestinians, yet at the same time, ask me to “tone it down.”

  62. Hugo September 7, 2016 @ 3:12 am

    Do you know how you can get finances for your ministry, have your NEAR EMPTY church re-decorated with tax payer funds and be regularly photographed with dignitaries i.e. be a great worldly success.

    It’s very easy I have seen it done in my home town. Here is what happens:

    1) The church shows almost no resistance to the forces of cultural Marxism except in a manner that costs it nothing but generates sufficient publicity to make it look like it cares (i.e. the complete opposite to the sacrificial Christian spirit)

    2) Photographs have appeared in local media of services being held for Freemasons in the Church of Scotland, Anglican and Catholic churches. The masons parade up the aisle with their banners and sit in the pews accompanied by the local big wigs.

    We are told we should not worry about Freemasonry as it is all about doing “good works” for the community. In fact one church is pastored by a Freemason.

    3) Church leaders regularly attend the local Holohoax ceremony where they are photographed next to dignitaries thereby validating this lie.

    Are not Christians supposed to stand for truth? Should we not be exposing this fraud used to demonize and steal off an honorable nation whose principal crime was to quarantine the world’s principal trouble-makers as confirmed by history before and since?

    4) Politicians are photographed in attendance at church services only days before those same politicians vote in favor of laws advancing the homosexual agenda. No one seems to notice the irony.

    In fact, the politician appointed as the legal-political representative of the Catholic church voted in favor of a civil partnership law (= gay marriage in all but name) as did the overwhelming majority of the political assembly (a testimony to the failure of the church to inject Christian apologetics into the public debate).

    5) Only recently I read a church pamphlet telling us we should welcome the immigration tsunami hitting Europe, since Jesus asked us to love the foreigner. At the same time no condemnation is issued against the perpetrators of this human tragedy–Jewish Neocons, their regime change agenda and the fictitious war on terror they have instigated using false flag operations.

    6) Churches are long on good works (e.g. selling pancakes, church stalls, etc.) but terrified of speaking Christian truth into the public domain since the first will make you friends whereas the latter will only make you enemies among the worldly powers who if sufficiently provoked may strike back and disturb the comfortable existence of many leaders.

    One of the consequences of such behavior is a zero discernment, zero revelation, zero growth church in which the majority of people remain catastrophically ignorant of Scripture and apologetics in general.

    I could go on and on but this is my point, Brother Nathanael. If you want to have a comfortable existence and a financially successful Ministry then get on “best buddy” terms with the worldly powers. You would be surprised how much they will help you.

    If however you want to remain a man of Christ and be at the cutting edge of God’s revelation, then continue to strike at the heart of the serpent. Your reward will be rejection, humiliation, near bankruptcy. But with it comes the crown of glory.

    (Incidentally you would find yourself most unwelcome in my home town for reasons which should be obvious!)

  63. Hoff September 7, 2016 @ 5:05 am

    You want this mad dog as boss for DHS, TSA etc etc?

    Hillary Clinton Wants To Obliterate Iran — One minute

  64. Sheikh September 7, 2016 @ 10:30 am

    Brother Nathanael,

    People like you and your videos.

    You can speak before a audience and ask money for it.

    Use your site for letting people know were to go.

    I can’t send you money, not because I don’t want but because I don’t have a credit card. I don’t like usury and moneylenders they are pure evil.

    I live in Europe so you know famous you are …haha!

    Ads on your YouTube accountis no sin.

  65. KathJuliane September 7, 2016 @ 3:16 pm

    This and That from the Trumpian World

    Let me see. On June 8, 1967, was it Iran who attempted to sink the neutral, unarmed communications ship, the USS Liberty, in international waters using aircraft and torpedo boats?

    Was it Iran who killed 34 young seamen and wounding 171? The attack in international waters followed over nine hours of close surveillance.

    Ummmm, nope.

    “Israeli pilots circled the ship at low level 13 times on eight different occasions before attacking.

    Radio operators in Spain, Lebanon, Germany and aboard the ship itself all heard the pilots reporting to their headquarters that this was an American ship.

    They attacked anyway. And when the ship failed to sink, the Israeli government concocted an elaborate story to cover the crime.”

    “The USS Liberty was a 1967 state of the art US communications spy ship, underway towards the Sinai Peninsula during what became known as the Six Day War.

    On 5 June Captain McGonagle asked Vice Admiral William Martin at Sixth Fleet headquarters to send a destroyer as an armed escort and auxiliary communication center, noting that Liberty’s “self-defense capability limited to four .50 caliber machine guns and small arms.”

    On 6 June 1967, Admiral Martin replied, “Liberty is clearly marked United States ship in international waters, not a participant in the conflict and not a reasonable subject for attack by any nation . . . Request for escort denied.”

    HOWEVER, on 5 June 1967, Israel attacked Egypt and put out false reports that Egypt had attacked first.

    On 8 June 1967 the USS Liberty arrived at its destination in international waters near the Egyptian runways at El Arish Airfield, which was already under the control of Israeli forces.”

    Efforts to Break the Ongoing Censorship:

    Media Inquiry To Clinton Trump Stein Johnson RE: USS Liberty

    “Dear Presidential Candidates,

    Thank you for your swift response to this YES or NO Question:

    Do you support the grass roots effort to establish every June 8 to be known as USS LIBERTY REMEMBRANCE DAY?

    Your response — or lack of — will be published HERE
    ( )

    Results? Crickets.

    The Arab Daily News is the “newspaper of record for American Arabs and Muslims.” Non-Arab Americans and others also contribute to the Arab Daily News.

    Not all American Arabs are Muslims, and not all American Muslims are Arabs.

    It’s estimated that about 3.7 percent of the US population trace their roots to an Arab country. The first wave of Arab immigrants to come to the United States in the late 19th and 20th centuries were Christian. Among these, most were Eastern Orthodox or Catholic, though other Christian sects, such as Protestants were also represented.

    Today 63% of Arab Americans are Christians, according to the Arab American Institute, here for several generations now.

    Just as there is a great diversity of Muslims around the world, there are also various Muslim communities in the United States of different ethnicities and nationalities. In this country, these groups meet each other, mingle and learn a great deal about the diversity of Islam through these interactions.

    Since the 1960s, Muslim Arabs began immigrating in increasingly greater numbers to the United States. Today it is estimated that there are about 2.5 million Muslims in America. Not all these Muslims are Arabs.

    This stands for .8% of the total American population, which is about 320 million people. Most Muslims in America (and in the world) are Sunni. They account for 75 to 90% of all Muslims. Shii are the second largest group, accounting for approximately 10 to 20% of Muslims.

    It’s going to take a very, very long time, if ever, if they were even so inclined, before there are enough American Muslims to somehow legally overturn the Supremacy clause of Article VI of the US Constitution and impose a “Sharia” version of a zombie apocalypse through the courts.

    For that to happen, the First Amendment of the Constitution would have to be overthrown since it prohibits the adoption of any form of religious legal code. That would be a federal issue, not a state issue. If the United States has reached that point, then there would already have been a hostile takeover such that no state anti-Shari’ah law could reverse that political tide.

    Listening to Trump and Mark Levine’s terror-mongering, you might think the West is on the verge of switching to a whole new legal system. But Sharia isn’t even “law” in the sense that we in the West might understand it. Something analogous might be the body of biblically-rooted Patristic Tradition of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

    Sharia law is the body of Islamic law. The term means “way” or “path”; it is the legal framework within which the public and some private aspects of life in the various Muslim communities around the world are regulated for those living in a legal system based on Islam. Most devout Muslims who embrace Sharia conceptually don’t think of it as a substitute for civil law.

    Sharia is not a book of statutes or judicial precedent imposed by a government, and it’s not a set of regulations adjudicated in court. Rather, it is a Koranic-based body of guidance that points Muslims toward living an Islamic life. Which next gets us to the problem of which “Sharia” will prevail?

    The Islamic world itself, similar to Protestantism, is divided and fractured into different branches (ex. Sunni, Shii), sub-denominations, and numerous sects with different schools of thought.

    The first centuries of Islam gave rise to three major sects: Sunnis, Shi’as and Kharijites. Each sect developed distinct jurisprudence schools reflecting different methodologies of jurisprudence.

    The major Sunni schools are Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i, and Hanbali.

    The major Shi’a branches are Twelver (Imami), Ismaili (Sevener) and Zaidi (Fiver). Isma’ilism later split into into several sub-denominations. It also gave rise to the Qarmatian movement and the Druse faith. Twelver Shiism developed Ja’fari jurisprudence whose branches are Akhbarism and Usulism, and other movements such as Alawites, Shaykism and Alevism.

    There are too many differing viewpoints. Not everyone agrees on everything, even among the scholars.

    Now, do all Muslims believe in every rule within Sharia Law? I doubt it, and particularly not among American Muslims. Many of those legal rules are too hard for the average Muslim to understand. It takes a long time to study and become a scholar.

    That’s why several of the a religious, self-radicalized 15 minute wonder-monsters looking for immortality and redemption with ISIS took up “Islam for Dummies”. So, if you believe your neighbor Mohammed, or Ali, or Mohammed Ali, is planning a Sharia revolution, you’re wrong.

    Unless your neighbor happens to have a trove of Muslim lawyers and scholars in his back pocket who happen to agree with each other on most points, he can’t impose Sharia Law on the United States.

    This lack of a singular and monolithic Islamic traditional and legal structure was alluded to when Louis Farrakhan said in his interview with Jones:

    “I know, sir, the hatred for America in the Muslim World is building as we told Mr. Bush: No Muslim leader could call for jihad and have it stick. No Muslim leader had the power to unite the whole Muslim World. I said, ‘But America’s policies will unite those people against the West’ and it is happening.”

    Where it gets confusing, sometimes Muslims just want to be able to follow laws privately― laws that involve their own private lives in US courts. Such as the laws around their inheritance. If a will is drafted in accordance with “Sharia” (meaning Islamic rules for Muslims and not some sinister world domination plot), then some Muslims just want the courts to recognize the will so that they can get their inheritance.

    By the way, the American court system has more or less long recognized some aspects of the religious Jewish marriage contract, the Ketubah, in civil courts. Dissolving a religious Jewish marriage contract means according to civil courts and the lawyer, and the Ketubah and the Rabbi.

    And the vast majority of the world’s Muslims, particularly among the Sunni, reject the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Wahabism/Salafism which the Saudis (Israel’s long time secret pal, and now new BFF) have been busy funding and exporting extremism all around the world for the past half century. Even the strictest Sunnis reject Daesh because they are wise enough to know there is no going back to medieval Arabia.

    Groups like Daesh and Al Nusra are evil, but why does that surprise us? This type of behavior isn’t new and it didn’t begin with Islam.

    Per the Jew York Times (a very interesting read with historical tidbits which spends considerable ink trying to explain how the Saudis aren’t as bad as your lying eyes think they are because they are pro-Western and integral to the Exceptional Jewmerican Empire):

    Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump do not agree on much, but Saudi Arabia may be an exception. She has deplored Saudi Arabia’s support for “radical schools and mosques around the world that have set too many young people on a path towards extremism.” He has called the Saudis “the world’s biggest funders of terrorism.”

    The first American diplomat to serve as envoy to Muslim communities around the world visited 80 countries and concluded that the Saudi influence was destroying tolerant Islamic traditions. “If the Saudis do not cease what they are doing,” the official, Farah Pandith, wrote last year, “there must be diplomatic, cultural and economic consequences.”
    ( )

    Europe’s current problems with Muslims are not America’s way significantly less problems with Muslims. Europe’s problems are generally self-created rooted in Europe’s historical colonization of the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa and post WWII policies promoting guest workers from those same former colonies, with the most recent refugee crisis a direct result of US-NATO-GCC-Israel failing international interventionist war-mongering throughout the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa.

    Less than 1% (0.8%) of Americans are Muslims, while Muslims in the EU are somewhere around 8%. The “Sharia” zombie apocalypse of America isn’t happening anytime soon. What we are dealing with inside of America are a small set of self-radicalized criminals who commit terrorist acts for any number of reasons.

    Mental instability, drugs, other psychological factors, and/or not the least of which “something snaps” in the way of moral outrage at Jewmerica’s wanton murder of innocents and the 6 decade-long treatment of the Palestinians by the Jews.

    This is worthy reading:

    Why the US doesn’t have a Muslim problem, and Europe does

    Unlike Europe, the US has a very different track record with Muslim immigrants. According to the Pew Research Center there are 3.3 million (or 1% of the population) Muslims living in the US. Furthermore, in the US Muslims make up 10% of US physicians, are the 2nd most educated group after the Jewish population, are as likely as other American households to report an income of $100,000 or more, and over 6,000 serve in the military[4].

    The report found that Muslim Americans are “highly assimilated into American society and . . . largely content with their lives.” Unlike European Muslims the report also found that 80 percent of US Muslims were happy with life in America, and 63 percent said they felt no conflict “between being a devout Muslim and living in a modern society.”[5]

    Furthermore, this integration into American culture and society, according to the report, is evident in the rates they participate in various everyday activities such as following local sports teams or watching entertainment TV — all similar to those of the American public generally.

    Lastly, most telling of their loyalty and sense of inclusion, according to the Pew report, is that half of all Muslim immigrants display the US flag at home, in the office, or on their car.[6] It is this sense of inclusion that in large parts contributes to the fact that only an estimated 250 Americans have joined ISIS – a number far less than the number of Belgium citizens who have gone to Syria and Iraq.


    Trump Says Israel Will Be Destroyed Unless He Is Elected President

    Iranians ‘highly threatening to the State of Israel, they’re so bad for Israel,’ Republican candidate says, calling nuclear deal ‘one of the worst negotiated deals I have ever seen.’

    Donald Trump said if he is not elected president, the Iran nuclear deal will destroy Israel.

    Last year’s deal, which trades sanctions relief for a nuclear rollback, “is going to destroy Israel – unless I get elected,” Trump told Cleveland-area labor leaders on Monday, according to The Columbus Dispatch. “Then Israel will be just fine.”

    In Virginia, meanwhile, Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, defended the Iran deal and dismissed Trump’s concerns about Israel as insincere, saying the Republican’s strategy for Israel was to “pat them on the back and tell them good luck.”

    Clinton, as secretary of state in President Barack Obama’s first term, helped shape the negotiations for the Iran deal and said she will uphold the agreement, although the Democratic nominee has suggested she will be more stringent in enforcing it than the Obama administration.

    Unlike many of his rivals during the Republican primaries, Trump has not said he would scrap the agreement, although he has called it a bad deal. Trump has said he would first consult with his national security advisers.

    On Tuesday, addressing a town hall in Virginia Beach, Virginia, a town with a substantial military population, Trump again attacked the deal, but he did not directly answer a question posed by one of his national security advisers, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, about what he would do about it.

    Trump said the deal had rendered Iran a “world power,” whereas it had previously been a regional power.

    “The deal is one of the worst negotiated deals I have ever seen,” he said.

    “They’re highly threatening to the State of Israel, they’re so bad for Israel,” Trump said of Iran, blaming Clinton and Obama for empowering the Islamic Republic.

    Speaking the same day in Wilmington, North Carolina, Kaine ridiculed Trump’s confident claims that he would protect Israel.

    “Thanks in part to the global sanctions coalition that Hillary Clinton assembled, and negotiations that she initiated, President Obama ultimately achieved a historic agreement that put a lid on Iran’s nuclear program without firing a single shot,” Kaine said. “But we have no idea how Donald Trump would handle Iran – and frankly, neither does he.”

    Kaine noted that Trump last year said he would be neutral when it came to negotiating Israeli-Palestinian peace – Trump has since said he would favor Israel – and contemplated making Israel pay for its U.S. defense assistance.

    “Israel is our strongest partner in the region,” Kaine said. “Trump’s plan was to pat them on the back and tell them good luck. That’s no way to treat an ally, that’s no way to treat a friend.”
    read more: ( )

    Ok, Dumpf. Now what are you going to do about the USS Liberty?

  66. Andrew September 7, 2016 @ 3:32 pm


    God bless you and all the sound-minded folk.

    Brother, you know better than anyone else, that once you “have toned it down,” the Jews will make you go silent for good.

    Please, keep your righteous job rolling as long as you can.

  67. KathJuliane September 7, 2016 @ 5:35 pm

    +BN called it awhile back, that Trump would not change much in the way of Jewmerica’s war economy or expanding the military-industrial complex, armed services, and international militarism.

    Trump Calls for Increased Defense Spending, More Military Might

    PHILADELPHIA — Donald Trump on Wednesday proposed ending the sequester on defense spending and put forth a new edition of his brand of foreign policy.

    The Republican nominee, who would be the first president of the modern era to not have military or government experience should he win, cast the foreign policy plans of Hillary Clinton as examples of her being “reckless,” “trigger happy,” and “very unstable.

    Trump also advocated growing America’s military with defense spending that a Trump campaign official tells NBC will likely be above pre-sequestration levels, which means spending would likely be above $550 billion.

    “It is so depleted,” Trump said. “We will rebuild our military.”

    In order to offset the cost of that new spending Trump said he will “eliminate government waste and budget gimmicks,” press Congress for “common sense reforms” and “protect hard-earned benefits for Americans.”

    The GOP nominee has consistently cited eliminating “waste, fraud, and abuse” as a way to trim overall costs – be it in his veterans reform policy, tax plan, and now in his plan to offset the cost of defense spending.

    “President Obama and Hillary Clinton have also overseen deep cuts in our military, which only invite more aggression…from our adversaries,” Trump declared with sweeping rhetoric that described a world in chaos after the foreign policy decisions of the Obama administration. “Our adversaries are chomping at the bit.”

    Trump also said that he would call upon NATO countries to “promptly pay their bills” and press those countries that are not putting 2% of their GDP towards defense to do so.

    “They understand it,” Trump said. “They can afford to do it.” That they’re not, Trump said, was a sign that these countries don’t respect America’s leadership or country.

    He specifically called out Germany, Japan, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia to pay more the security America provides to them.

    Trump has previously called out these countries – who he called “economic behemoths” – for not paying their share for our security. “I think they’ll fully understand,” Trump assured.

    Ahead of his appearance at Wednesday’s NBC News’ Commander-in-Chief forum, the New York businessman proposed a military defense budget that would include an active Army of about 540,000, a Marine corps of 36 battalions, a Navy with 350 surface ships and submarines, and an Air Force with fighter aircraft numbering at least 1,200.

    For all of these proposals, Trump outlined that current numbers were less than what he, conservative groups, and some military personnel, deemed necessary.

    Despite outlining ways to trim costs of government inefficiencies, Trump did not say how much his plans would cost – thusly making it impossible to know if his proposed reforms to earn back billions would cover his proposal.

    But a campaign source tells NBC that spending can be expected to be above pre-sequestration levels and that efforts to trim bureaucracies will be contingent upon the Department of Defense’s needs.

    In Trump’s contrast, his policies would serve America’s interests and refuse to employ strategies of regime change and nation building.

    “The current strategy of toppling regimes, with no plan for what to do the day after, only produces power vacuums that are filled by terrorists,” Trump said.

    “Gradual reform, not sudden and radical change, should be our guiding objective in that region.”

    The strong statements on this issue stand in contrast to Trump’s non-answer on Tuesday regarding if he would support regime change in Syria.

    “Gradual reform, not sudden and radical change, should be our guiding objective in that region.” But change they must to the Jewmerican Way, eh, Trump?

  68. Hoff September 7, 2016 @ 6:17 pm

    Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel – book

    By Mr. Gilad Atzmon on March 20, 2014

    Alison Weir’s new book is by far the most comprehensive and precise expose of the depth of Zionist interference with American life in general and the politics of the United States in particular.

    It is a book every American should obtain, read and discuss openly.

    In spite of its succinctness, the book is saturated with information and insights that are backed by valuable historical references and primary source quotes. Since I am an avid reader of modern Jewish history, I was surprised to learn so much from such a relatively short text.

    The story that is told by Weir is devastating – for more than a century, a matrix of Jewish political lobbies, pressure groups, media operators and agents within the American government and legal system have been dominating the United States’ public life as well as its foreign policy.

    Consequently, the United States has been operating against its own best interests. It has compromised its most precious principles and even its own security.


    If you don’t know Gilad Atzmon, he is an anti-Zionist Jew and he tells.


    For Goy Hatred on Speed Please Subscribe to the Forward

    August 24, 2016  Gilad Atzmon

    If you want to grasp the level of contempt American ‘progressive’ Jews hold towards their host nation all you have to do is subscribe to the Forward.

  69. KathJuliane September 7, 2016 @ 6:21 pm

    ‘Israel’ Starts Building Fence along Gaza Border

    Israel has begun working on a project called the “Barrier,” to build a massive concrete barrier along its border with Gaza Strip to destroy cross-border tunnels dug by Hamas movement, both above and below ground level, Yediot Ahronot reported.

    The wall is estimated to cost approximately $531 million (NIS 2 billion).

    Dear Zionist carbuncle on the face of the Middle East:

    I think you should build a yuuuuuge cement wall completely around yourselves, and make it impossible for any weapon or machine to ever punch through.

    And then roof the whole thing over with even more cement to make it nuclear bomb proof against Iran’s non-existent nuclear missiles.

    Make it air tight, too. Then lock yourselves in.

    We’ll check on you in a hundred years.


    Speaking of walls, there’s the Trumpian Murum


    The Israeli Company That Fenced In Gaza Wants To Build Trump’s Border Wall

    Magal Security Systems Ltd. made its name by building Israel’s fence around the Gaza Strip, and now the company sees a potential business opportunity by helping build Republican nominee Donald Trump’s proposed wall on the U.S-Mexico border.

    CEO Saar Koursh is unabashedly interested in Trump’s proposal to build a wall along the 2,000 mile U.S.-Mexican border. A Trump presidency could be an extremely lucrative opportunity for the successful business.

    “We would join forces with a major U.S. defense company that has experience with such projects worldwide,” Koursh told Bloomberg in an interview. “We’ve done it in the past and we would definitely want to do it.”

    Koursh’s company is anything but your basic construction contractor. Magal outfits its “smart fences” with cameras, ground sensors, satellite monitoring capabilities and motion detectors.

    The decision to build the fence around Gaza has been controversial, but that has not affected the company’s profitability. Shares in the company’s Nasdaq affiliate, American Depositary Receipts, have risen a remarkable 23 percent in 2016 alone.

    Read more:

    Please, someone. Make America Sane Again.

  70. Brother Nathanael September 7, 2016 @ 7:32 pm

    Street Evangelism Report
    Day 2, September 7 2016
    Washington DC

    I started out today very early for morning rush hour.

    Again, people were giving me the thumb’s up and waving to me enthusiastically. Many commuters know me, and many who walk to their jobs come up to me and say, “God bless you.”

    One encounter was quite interesting.

    I stand first on the median strip at 9th and Pennsylvania right smack in the middle of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. To my left stands the FBI building, which looks like a prison. It’s got to be one of the ugliest buildings in the world.

    A very well dressed man in his mid 50’s crosses the street with a big smile on his face and walks right up to me. He first tells me he really likes what I’m doing, and asked me about my ministry. I told him a little about myself and he was quite friendly.

    Then I asked him, “Where do you work?” He looked over at the building and said, “I work for the FBI.”

    “Hmm,” I replied, “what’s going on with Hillary’s emails and everything else?” (He obviously was a high official and not a functionary,)

    He was about to say something, then hesitated, and simply said, “That’s going to take a lot of prayer sir,” and quickly walked away.

    I thought to myself, “Darn! He was about to let me in on something, but bit his tongue!”

    Oh well, so much for not getting inside information.

    At evening rush hour two singular events occurred.

    First, a black man started screaming while I was holding the Cross and scaring everybody. I simply said, “God bless you” while making the sign of the Cross over him. He immediately became quiet and said in a calm voice, “Sir, Christ promised that He would never leave you or forsake you.” I answered, “Amen!” and the man remained calm and stopped screaming.

    Then on Constitution Blvd and Pennsylvania on the median strip I stand on, a Capitol Police squad car stops beside me and the lead cop rolls down his window (there were other cops in the car) and asked me pointedly, “Are YOU okay, sir?”

    What the cop was getting at, (and I’ve been through this before with cops who look for a reason to chase me away), was suggesting, or rather, affirming, that obviously I was not in my right mind, mentally disturbed, and liable not only to be thrown off the median strip, but after writing a “pink slip” on me, haul me away to a mental hospital for a 10 day incarceration.

    This once happened to me on Wall Street and the cop was definitely about to write up the pink slip when I said, “Oh, I’ve got a ride waiting for me to take me to my lawyers,” and after he paused, I walked away.

    Another time this happened to me was on a median strip in Denver on Speers and Colfax. The cop stopped, asked me, “are YOU okay,” and demanded that I count from 20 backwards. I rattled it off quickly, he got a radio call, and sped off.

    Back to the DC Capitol Police cop. (Oh, by the way, there is every kind of cop imaginable in DC):

    Capitol Police (they’re bored to tears, for they cover Capitol Hill); Metro cops (they do the real work); Homeland Security cops; FBI cops; Secret Service cops; Transit cops; and Park police,, etc.

    So, I replied to the Capitol Police cop who asked me pointedly, “Are YOU okay, sir?,” answering him: “Of course I’m okay, and doing great actually, can’t you tell?” With that he said, “Hmm…well, better stay safe,” and I thanked him for his concern for my safety. He drove off, and perhaps, I made his day a bit more interesting than standing in front of Congress all day with nothing to do but stare at everyone.

    God Bless You All! And stay tuned for tomorrow’s Street Evangelism Report!

    +Brother Nathanael @

  71. Hoff September 7, 2016 @ 8:38 pm

    Dear Zionist carbuncle on the face of the Middle East: —KathJ—


    OUCH…OUCH… Well deserved, but OUCH…

    “Oh, I’ve got a ride waiting for me to take me to my lawyers, …”

    Thanks Dear +BN, that one liner made my day.

  72. Bill Coogan September 7, 2016 @ 10:28 pm

    Brother, you are truly, ‘walking the walk, and talking the talk,’

    St. Paul is proud of you and when you meet him he’ll give you a big bear hug and a smile.

    I think of how good we have it here in the US (for now) and how tragic it has been for the Christians of Syria in their persecution and martyrdom at the hands of ISIS. I pray for them, as I know you do. I pray that Christ will keep you safe in doing His work.

    Satan has already been judged. There are many good, average Jews in the world who are not part of the elite Zionists…I pray for their will happen.

    The others, well, they have ‘hardened their hearts’ and will not change.

    Thank you for your work.

  73. KathJuliane September 7, 2016 @ 11:12 pm

    American Herald Tribune (September 6):

    I am Syrian… living in Syria in the middle of everything

    Two years ago, “Majd” wrote these words on a Facebook posting:

    “I am Syrian… living in Syria in the middle of everything. We have seen horrors. It was never a revolution nor a civil war.

    The terrorists are sent by your [governments]. They are al Qaeda, Jabhat al Nusra, Wahhabi Salafists, Talibans, and the like extremists sent by the West and the Saudis and Qatar and Turkey.

    Your Obama and whoever is behind him or above him are supporting al Qaeda and leading a proxy war on my country. We thought you are against al Qaeda and now you support them.

    The majority here loves Assad. He has never committed a crime against his own people… . The chemical attack was staged by the terrorists helped by USA and UK etc.. everyone knows that here.

    American soldiers and people should not be supporting barbarian al Qaeda terrorists who are killing Christians, Muslims in my country. Every massacre has committed by them.

    We were all happy in Syria; we have free school and university education available for everyone, free healthcare, no GMO, no fluoride, no chemtrails, no Rothschild IMF- controlled bank, no state owned central bank which gives 11% interest, we are self-sufficient and have no foreign debt to any country or bank.

    Life before the crisis was so beautiful here. Now it is hard and horrific in some regions.

    I do not understand how the good and brave American people can accept to bomb my country who has never harmed them and therefore help the barbarian al Qaeda.

    These animals slit throats and behead for pleasure… they behead babies and rape young kids. They are satanic. Our military by the [help of] millions of civilian militias are winning the battle against al Qaeda..but now the U.S. want to bomb the shit out of us so the al Qaeda can get the upper hand . Please help us American people.

    They are destroying the cradle of civilization. Stop your government.

    Impeach that bankster puppet ape you have as president… support Ron Paul or Rand or anyone the like who are true American patriots. but be sure of one thing: if they attack and I think they will … it will be hell.

    Be sure that it be world war and many many will die. Syria can and will defend itself and will sink many U.S. ships. Iran will go to war; Russia and China eventually if it escalates… and all this what for?

    For the elites who created al Qaeda through the U.S. government and use it to conduct proxy wars and destabilize countries who do not go along with their new world order agenda ?!!

    American people…you gotta regain control of your once admirable country.

    Now everyone hates you for the death you bring almost everywhere. Ask the Iraqis…the Afghans…the Pakistanis…the Palestinians…the Syrians…the Macedonians and Serbs…the Libyans…the Somalis…the Yemenis ….all the ones you kill with drones everyday. Stop your wars. Enough wars. Use diplomacy..dialogue…help..not force.”

    Consistent testimonies from Syrians, as well as well-documented, open-source Western sources, and historical memory, all serve to reinforce the accuracy of the aforementioned testimony.

    Syrians are living the horror brought to them by the criminal West. They can not afford the complacency of shrugging their shoulders in indecision, not when their lives and their ancient civilization is being threatened by Western-paid terrorist mercenaries of the worst kind.

    “Our” proxies, slit throats, chop heads, and take no prisoners as we waffle in indecision, ignore empirical evidence, and take the comfortable easy road of believing the labyrinth of lies promulgated by Western media messaging.

    The veil of comfortable confusion, nested in an unconscious belief that our government knows best or that it is patriotic to believe the lies and fabrications implicit in the hollow words of politicians (who no longer represent us) and the false pronouncements of Imperial messengers, is concealing an overseas holocaust.

    Western societies are rotting from the inside out because of these lies and this barbarity. We are protecting a criminal cabal of corporate globalists who do not serve our interests and never will.

    Our democracies, which we should be protecting, have long disappeared – except in the hollow words of newspaper stenographers. Instead we are supporting transnational corporate elites and their delusional projects.

    Poverty and disemployment are all soaring beneath the fakery of government pronouncements, as the public domain evaporates beneath words like “efficiency” or the “economy” — all false covers that serve to enrich elites and destroy us. Internal imperialism at home is a faded replica of the foreign imperialism abroad.

    As countries are destroyed, and its peoples are slaughtered — think Syria, Libya, Ukraine, and others — by abhorrent Western proxies — public institutions are contaminated, and ultimately replaced by parasitical “privatized” facsimiles.

    Public banking is looted and destroyed in favour of transnational banksterism, World Bank funding, and IMF usury.

    Food security is destroyed and replaced by biotech tentacles and engineered dependencies on cash crops and unhealthy food. Currencies are destroyed, sanctions are imposed, and the unknown, unseen hand of totalitarian control imposes itself, amidst the cloud of diversions and confusions, aided by comprador regimes, oligarch interests, and shrugging domestic populations.

    Syria refuses to submit. That is why the West is taught to hate her, and the rest of the world learns to love and respect her.

    Yet, Syria’s struggles are our struggles. Syria represents international law, stability, and integrity: the same values that western peoples overtly cherish but stubbornly reject, as our countries wilt beneath suffocating veils of lies and delusions.

    I support Syria, because I respect what remains of international law.

    I support Syria because I reject Wahhabism, Sharia law, and terrorism.

    I support Syria because I reject the undemocratic, transnational oligarchies that are subverting our once flourishing, now dead, democracies.

    I reject the lies of our propagandizing media, the hollow words of our politicians, and the fake “humanitarian” messaging that demonizes non-belligerent countries and their populations.

    In the name of justice, humanity, and the rule of law, I support the elected government of Syria led by its President, Bashar al-Assad. Syria, an ancient cradle of civilization, is leading the way towards a better future for all of us.

    All we have to do is open our eyes.

    –Mark Taliano, retired high school teacher.

    Before the US-NATO-GCC and the Zionist carbuncle decided to wage war on Syria and invade it in 2011, I was once told that Syrians deplored thievery so much they considered it a national dishonor.

    It was a highly recommended, safe and wonderful place for tourists with a well established tourist industry. No one locked their doors.

    Syria’s had other internal problems, at that time related to drought and the collapse of the farming sector which impacted on other industries, and forced farmers to try to find work in the cities.

    Various reforms were being demanded by the people including the lifting of the decades long emergency laws, but no one was looking to overthrow the government.

    If you accidentally set your purse or luggage down and forgot it, you would find it several hours later perfectly intact exactly where you left it if no one immediately picked it up and chased after you to return it.

    Diplomacy. What’s that? Jewmerica doesn’t have career diplomats and statesmen, these are posts often filled with business cronies of the president.

    The cackling, shrieking, womanoid war hawk Hillary presents a very dangerous clownish caricature of a US diplomacy.

    Trump makes noises threatening to send US-Iran relations back to 2011 just to make Israhell happy, and his hybridized neocon foreign policy is to find some other method to force change on nations targeted by American Exceptionalism.

    The Iran Project:

    Iran and Great Britain have agreed to promote their diplomatic relations to ambassador level, exchanging ambassadors on Monday.

    Iran’s new ambassador to London is a nuclear negotiator and Head of Foreign Ministry’s Political and International Affairs Department Hamid Baidinejad who presented his credentials to Boris Johnson. In Tehran, Mr. Nicholas Hopton, grandiloquently called ‘Her Majesty’s Chargé d’Affaires to the Islamic Republic of Iran,’ had presented his credentials to Zarif of Iran.

    A Foreign Ministry source had told Mehr News that diplomatic relations between Iran and Great Britain had been in level of chargé d’affaires for more than a year.

    With a détente in Tehran-London relations following President Rouhani’s assuming the office in August 2013, promotion of ties had been on the agenda for Tehran and London.

    Relations had been tense after a group attacked the British embassy in 2011 and inflicted damage on the embassy building and property.


    More power to Britain and Iran.

    Did Iran cause the World Trade Center and Pentagon Disasters on September 11, 2001?

    No, they did not.

    What do Iranians mean by “Death to America” and why is it a long-standing Friday ritual for some Iranians to chant it.

    It’s rhetoric directed not at the American people but at US foreign policies and all of the injustices committed against the Iranians by the American government since 1953.

    That year, the CIA and MI6 overthrew the duly elected democratic government, reinstalling the monarchy of Shah Pahlavi and his brutal, oppressive, corrupt regime which endured with America’s blessing. And Israel’s, too.

    In 1979 came the Iranian Revolution overthrowing the Oil Empire Yoke of Anglo-American corporate oil colonization, the Tehran hostage crisis, and the US conducted economic warfare and imposed grueling and crippling sanctions against Iran in retaliation for the revolution.

    Shortly after, in 1980, commenced the 8 year long Iraq-Iran War which claimed at least a million lives. The US backed Saddam Hussein, even providing him with chemical weapons to use against the Iranians.

    And then there’s Iranian Flight 655. Many Americans might not know or remember it. I do. I was 36 at the time.

    “I will never apologize for the United States — I don’t care what the facts are… I’m not an apologize-for-America kind of guy.” – George Bush, Aug 2 1988

    These are the words of the then Vice President of the United States after a civilian aircraft flying from Tehran to Dubai carrying 290 passengers, 66 of which were children, was shot down by the reckless USS Vincennes operating inside Iranian national waters on July 3, 1988, a few months before the Iraq-Iran War ended.

    The coverup and lack of apology, continues to this day.
    ( )

    September 11 is coming up in a few days.

    It’s a forgotten fact that on the night of 9/11, thousands of Iranians held a spontaneous candlelight vigil to express sympathy and support for the American People, at the same time Ayatollah Khamenei and the Iranian president denounced and condemned the attacks.

    “Iran’s sympathetic response to the American tragedy has been exceptional for a country under US economic siege for two decades.

    “Only hours after the Sept. 11 attack, President Muhammad Khatami condemned it, as did Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Other officials have sent sympathetic messages, including one from the mayor of Tehran to the mayor of New York – the first public official contact between Iran and the US since the 1979 Iranian revolution. […]

    “More important, 60,000 spectators observed a minute of silence during a soccer match in Iran’s Azadi Stadium, and hundreds of young Iranians held a candle-lit vigil in Tehran.”

    Much more:

    The Iranians didn’t dance over the tragedy. They’ve known suffering and endured much, and have a longer historical and civilizational memory than the Jews.

    It’s a funny thing, their disabled vets from the Iraq-Iran war and now from Syria fighting as part of the Axis of Resistance look an awful lot like our disabled American vets.

    But Five Dancing Israelis did.

    ( )
    ( )

    And 9/11 was very good for Israel, as Netanyahu said.

  74. KathJuliane September 8, 2016 @ 1:06 am

    Women banned from wearing Burqa when entering ISIS’ security centres

    According to a report by Al Alam News Network, as translated by IFP, within the past two years, the ISIS used to force women in Iraq and Syria to wear burqa and niqab; however, now the group has no choice but to prevent women with burqa from entering its security centres.

    A local source in the Iraqi province of Nineveh announced on Friday, September 2, that the terrorist group has released an order, based on which no woman is allowed to be wearing niqab or burqa when entering the security and military centres.

    The decision, according to the source, came after some fully veiled women killed a number of ISIS commanders and members in the past months.

    Earlier, media reports released photos of women in the liberated Syrian city of Manbij burning the sombre outfits, including what appears to be a burqa, which they had been forced to wear under ISIS control.

    This news was translated by IFP from Al Alam News Network

  75. Spread The Word September 8, 2016 @ 6:30 am

    We all need to do like +BN to warn the world.

    +BN spends his days working in street evangelism warning people that the Zionist Jews are destroying the world.

    We also should make people aware that JWO Jews are who and what is behind the race riots, the migrant floods into Europe, the gross evils, the “war on terrorism,” etc.

    KathJ’s post above quoting the Syrian in the American Herald Tribune explains that migrants are desperate to migrate into Europe, Australia, the USA, because the JWO controlled US government orders “our” military to wage wars, destruction, misery, and evil on nations such as Syria.

    When the JWO tried to spread race wars across the USA with the Jews media, Black Lives Matter, the cop murders, and the usual race bait, I talked to people about it, especially black people; in parking lots, sidewalks, where I could. How much they believed I don’t know, but they listened.

    Like +BN we need to spread the warning to people we pass on the on the street, sidewalk, in the store, and other places where we go.

    +BN, you are experienced in this. Maybe you could do an instructional video explaining how to wake up the world, key talking points, pass on your lessons learned, so we can be more effective.

  76. Sheikh September 8, 2016 @ 7:40 am

    For all US citizens:

    Proverbs 22:7 The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender.

    Stop usury.

  77. richard feibel September 8, 2016 @ 10:32 am

    Bro Nathanael,

    “I feel your pain” as husband of Hillary and ex-POTUS once said.

    Although he was being facetious, I do feel your pain as I write every day that our real problem lies in the lethargic, uneducated, propagandized goyim. This is a fact, and as long as that fact stays that way we are doomed.

    And next what I find amazing is your readers/followers are Trump supporters. Do they not know he’s a Rothschild agent? Do they actually think he gained that wealth from his own doings? He has been refinanced by the Fed Reserve and Wall Street Zionist banks in all his bankruptcies.

    How many people other than a Rothschild agent get financed by the Fed, such as Warren Buffet, Carl Ichan, Soros, Sabal, Warburgs, etc. Even Madoff’s Jewish marks got their money back from a special payout of the Fed.

    What? How is that possible? By being Jewish or an approved agent, that’s how.

    After 1/20/17 no matter Trump/Clinton/The Other Two don’t have a clue and don’t matter.

    We will attack Syria first (if it’s still there); Iran next, as Clinton has stated in exactly those words.

    And Trump has said many times he will on his first day tear up the nuke agreement. Do you think Iran is not listening? They will use a false flag on Iran such as that naval boat last spring, only this time they will sink it, not capture it. Sic Sempre Tyrannus!!!

  78. KathJuliane September 8, 2016 @ 6:00 pm

    “Constructive Chaos Proudly Made in USA”

    Global Research: Plans for Redrawing the Middle East: The Project for a “New Middle East” (2006; 2016)

    The term “New Middle East” was introduced to the world in June 2006 in Tel Aviv by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (who was credited by the Western media for coining the term) in replacement of the older and more imposing term, the “Greater Middle East.”

    This shift in foreign policy phraseology coincided with the inauguration of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) Oil Terminal in the Eastern Mediterranean.

    The term and conceptualization of the “New Middle East,” was subsequently heralded by the U.S. Secretary of State and the Israeli Prime Minister at the height of the Anglo-American sponsored Israeli siege of Lebanon.

    Prime Minister Olmert and Secretary Rice had informed the international media that a project for a “New Middle East” was being launched from Lebanon.

    This announcement was a confirmation of an Anglo-American-Israeli “military roadmap” in the Middle East.

    This project, which has been in the planning stages for several years, consists in creating an arc of instability, chaos, and violence extending from Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria to Iraq, the Persian Gulf, Iran, and the borders of NATO-garrisoned Afghanistan.
    ( )

    Condi Rice pre-announced the “New Middle East” strategy at AIPAC in 2005 dedicated to spreading freedomanddemocracy at the point of a gun. Clinton sounds very much like Rice.
    ( )

    Silence, Please! A New Middle East Is in the Making (2015)

    When, in June 2006, former US National Security adviser and, later on, Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, spelled out the George W. Bush administration new, magic doctrine for the Middle East, tons of ink was poured and millions of words said in a harsh attempt to speculate with what she really did mean by what she called “Creative Chaos.”

    Most Middle East analysts concluded then that the new doctrine would lead to or build upon a new wave of conflicts and violence in the region.

    Whether they were right or not, this is at least what has been happening. No Need to recall what is now going on in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya and even Tunisia and Egypt-–the so-called “Arab Spring” countries.

    Now another U.S. neo-liberal, neo-conservative Republican “hawk,” John R. Bolton, has just come out with a new vision that might explain the rational behind that “Creative Chaos” doctrine.

    “Create a New State”

    In his recent article in the New York Times, published on 25 November 2015 under the eloquent header “To Defeat ISIS, Create a Sunni State” this scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, and former US ambassador to the United Nations (August 2005 to December 2006), poses this question: “What comes after the Islamic State?”

    Bolton then explains that “Before transforming Mr. Obama’s ineffective efforts into a vigorous military campaign to destroy the Islamic State, we need a clear view, shared with NATO allies and others, about what will replace it. It is critical to resolve this issue before considering any operational plans…”

    Iraq and Syria Are Gone!

    According to Bolton -who could hold a key post in the US coming administration should a Republican like Donald Trump be elected- “Today’s reality is that Iraq and Syria as we have known them are gone…”

    He then says that defeating the Islamic State means restoring to power President Bashar Assad in Syria and Iran’s puppets in Iraq, and “that outcome is neither feasible nor desirable… Rather than striving to recreate the post-World War I map, Washington should recognize the new geopolitics.”

    “The best alternative to the Islamic State in northeastern Syria and western Iraq is a new, independent Sunni state.”

    An Oil Producer “Sunni-stan”

    Bolton explains further: This “Sunni-stan” has economic potential as an oil producer (subject to negotiation with the [mostly Sunni-Kj] Kurds, to be sure), and could be a bulwark against both Mr. Assad and Iran-allied Baghdad.

    The rulers of the Arab Gulf states, who should by now have learned the risk to their own security of funding Islamist extremism, could provide significant financing. And Turkey — still a NATO ally, don’t forget — would enjoy greater stability on its southern border, making the existence of a new state at least tolerable.”

    He believes that the Arab monarchies like Saudi Arabia “must not only fund much of the new state’s early needs, but also ensure its stability and resistance to radical forces. Once, we might have declared a Jordanian “protectorate” in an American “sphere of influence” for now, a new state will do.”

    Bolton’s visionary plan for the new Middle East would then explain what has been behind the “Creative Chaos” doctrine.

    And it would clearly revamp the nearly 100-year-old Sykes-Picot map (link to Middle East Part II – 99.5 Years of (Imposed) Solitude

    Such vision would be just another step on the successive US-West roadmaps for the region.

    In fact, in addition to the “Creative Chaos” doctrine, the George W. Bush second term administration came out with a new name for the region: the “Greater Middle East,” which would include Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Cyprus, Somalia, and eventually also Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

    The Middle East Is “Served,” the “Creative Chaos” Has Worked

    The “Creative Chaos” has turned to be a reality. The whole region has been boiling specially over the last five years.

    Violence, death and terrorism have been rapidly growing everywhere: Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, even in Tunisia. Tensions between Arabian Peninsula kingdoms and principalities and Iran, all of them oil producers, have been ramping.

    Mercenary groups, under a more than doubtful religious flag have been gradually dominating the region and tragically though sporadically also some Western countries.

    In short, the scenario could not be more “chaotic”. The new Middle East has been served.

    The Doors of Hell Are All Open

    Though Bolton’s vision should not be taken for “biblical,” things could well go in that direction.

    For now, (Shii-ruled) Iraq has warned (Sunni) Turkey against deploying its troops in the DAESH-controlled Mosul area; Washington paves the ground for further military actions in conjunction with the axis Paris-London; (Sunni Wahhabi Saudi Arabia works intensively with (Sunni) Egypt for setting up a joint Army/military intervention force to fight terrorism, and (Shii) Iran warns that any attempt to remove Assad in (Alaui) Syria is a “red line,” etc.

    One last question, for now: where would DAESH go once it has been militarily defeated? Libya would appear to be the next DAESH stronghold.

    After all, this country lacks stability, is full of weapons (up to 25 million arms) out of the government’s control, it is a big oil producer, and DAESH has an active operational branch there.

    And, should this be the case, would DAESH further expand its deadly operations from Libya to neighbouring countries like Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, in addition to some Africans countries in conjunction with Nigerian Boko-Haram?


    Trump has surrounded himself with neocon war hawk advisors. One of his biggest “go to guys,” according to Trump, is the most hawkish of all the neocon hawks, John Bolton.

    Trump decries the 2003 Iraq invasion (after he was initially for it and then changed his mind several months after), but embraces one of its chief architects, John Bolton, former US ambassador to the UN during the Bush43 White House who lied our way into invading Iraq.

    Bolton backs Trump 100%, and said he would be ‘honored’ to be Trump’s Secretary of State.

    He was part of the Bush-Cheney crew that claimed Saddam Hussein had amassed weapons of mass destruction and that war was the only option.

    As a top State Department official prior to the 2003 Iraq invasion, Bolton pushed the false claims that Iraq had obtained aluminum tubes and uranium for its supposed nuclear weapons program.

    Asked about suggestions he name John Bolton secretary of state and Jim Talent secretary of defense, Donald Trump tells interviewer Hugh Hewitt, “I’ve always liked John Bolton. Well, we are thinking about it, Hugh. I will say that. We are thinking about it,” according to transcript posted by radio program.

    The players change, strategy and tactics are altered depending on conditions, but the “New Middle East” script hasn’t changed in 25 years.

    Another of Trump’s advisors is Walid Phares, a naturalized Lebanese Marionite Catholic, now a neocon “terror expert” with close ties to Israel.

    Phares was a major player and ideologue in the Lebanese Forces, one of the Christian militias that fought in Lebanon’s brutal 15-year civil war. Phares helped the group’s leader, Samir Geagea, steep its fighters in religious ideology.

    The Israel-allied Lebanese Forces was responsible for one of the war’s most notorious incidents, the massacre of hundreds of Palestinians in Lebanon’s Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in 1982.

  79. KathJuliane September 8, 2016 @ 8:45 pm

    Beirut Syndrome: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Lebanese Advisory

    Who knew that such a small country like Lebanon could be involved (one way or another) in the upcoming presidential elections in the United States?

    Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have Lebanese-Americans who were active in the civil war as advisers.

    Both were involved with the Lebanese Forces, a right-wing Christian militia (now a political party) that at one point during the civil war cooperated with the occupying forces of Israel and was involved in the massacre of the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camp in 1982.

    The UN General Assembly called the massacre an act of genocide.

    Peter Daou

    Having consulted US Secretary of State John Kerry and former Senator Arlen Specter, and being a consultant to the Clinton Global Initiative, it’s no surprise that Hillary Clinton appointed Peter Daou to be her foreign policy adviser.

    Though much of his views on domestic policy fall in line with general Democratic party policy, be it gun control or supporting religious freedom on ground zero, what’s rather frightening is his common references to his experience with the Lebanese Forces militia, especially on Twitter, when trying to make a point.

    Oddly enough, in an article Daou co-wrote with Tom Watson on #HillaryMen towards the sexist comments towards him and other men who campaign for Clinton, he mentions that Daou was conscripted for three years at age 15 for military training with the Lebanese Forces, but he “never hurt a soul.”

    If that was the case, why does Daou constantly mention that he fought during the civil war, and why did the article have to mention that all sides of the civil committed disgusting war crimes? We’re not sure either.

    Walid Phares

    Walid Phares’ appointment as Donald Trump’s foreign adviser has received many headlines in the United States, given that he was also Mitt Romney’s foreign adviser back in his 2012 campaign.

    Phares has a pretty good reputation among the Republicans and conservative media in the United States, often appearing on Fox as a terrorism expert, though he did the same for NBC before.

    Like Peter Daou, Walid Phares too was active in the civil war with the Lebanese Forces, albeit off the front-lines.

    According to Regina Sneifer, a Lebanese woman now in France who served with the Lebanese Forces at just 18, Phares was a key ideologist for the party.

    In her book where she talks about her experience as a fighter in the civil war, she mentions that Phares promoted the ‘clashes of civilizations’ narrative to Christian militiamen, emphasizing that they were the “vanguard of a war between the West and Islam.”

    Despite never firing a bullet, Phares’ speeches and ideology played a huge role in influencing the Christian Right in Lebanon for their sect-based indiscriminate attacks.

    After a recent piece on Mother Jones was published about his appointment, Walid Phares was quick to respond on Twitter, accusing the “Iran deal supporter” website of lies and slanders, promising to provide a response to the “mother of lies.”

    Suppose Phares is right. Suppose the article on Mother Jones and Regina Sneifer’s memoir are wrong. Suppose we can only look at Walid Phares’ character purely on his published material.

    In 1999, Walid Phares published “Israel’s Alternative Policy in Lebanon”, a policy paper for Israeli think tank, the Ariel Center for Policy Research, one year before Israeli occupation forces withdrew from Southern Lebanon.

    The piece entirely appeals to Israel’s military and political actions in Lebanon during the civil war, and believes that poor decisions from the Christian Right in Lebanon failed to create an ally state to Israel in Lebanon.

    He proposes that occupied Southern Lebanon becomes a state of its own, a “Christian enclave”, that will thrive as Israel’s ally and bring back many of Lebanese Christian expats.

    It’s ideal given that the occupied territory is also the hub of the South Lebanon Army, a pro-Israel militia that cooperated with Israeli occupying forces.

    He called on having the South Lebanon Army become the new country’s official military as well.

    In his 17-paged policy paper, he shares both the ideological and logistical aspects of this idea. It can be read here.

    Remnants of the Lebanese Civil War

    Why isn’t this being discussed among people in Lebanon, nor the Lebanese diaspora?

    The Lebanese Civil War officially ended in 1990, but many of its elements and ideas unfortunately live on, both inside and outside of Lebanon.

    There is interest among Lebanese people to talk about big shots in the diaspora, so why aren’t we talking about Walid Phares and Peter Daou? After all, the general public really cares about Lebanon’s reputation (whatever that means).

    The “Christian state” that Phares envisions in southern Lebanon, is also Hezbollah’s political region.

    Hezbollah – the Party of God – is a national-oriented Islamic Shia political, military and social organisation that wields considerable power in Lebanon. The armed wing is the Jihad Council.

    It emerged with the help of Iran during the brutal Israeli occupation of Lebanon in the early 1980s, though its ideological roots stretch back to the Shia Islamic revival in Lebanon in the 1960s and ’70s.

    When Israeli forces finally withdrew in 2000, Hezbollah was credited with pushing them out.

    After the Israeli occupation withdrawal, Hezbollah resisted pressure to disarm and continued to strengthen its defensive capabilities and paramilitary wing, the Jihad Council, against future Israeli operations and incursions into southern Lebanon.

    In some ways, its capabilities now exceed those of the Lebanese army, its considerable firepower was used against Israel in the IDF’s invasive 2006 war, and kicked Jewish rears all the way back to Tel Aviv.

    Because they are primarily a Lebanese defensive paramilitary against any future Israeli attacks, and part of the Axis of Resistance.

    Hezbollah’s 1985 manifesto listed its objectives as the expulsion of “the Americans, the French and their allies definitely from Lebanon, putting an end to any colonialist entity on our land,” submission of the Phalangists to “just power” and bringing them to justice “for the crimes they have perpetrated against Muslims and Christians,” and permitting “all the sons of our people” to choose the form of government they want, while calling on them to “pick the option of Islamic government.”

    Naturally, Hezbollah is deemed a “terrorist” organization.

    As the war in Syria escalated, thousands of Hezbollah militiamen went to fight for President al-Assad, proving decisive in helping pro-government forces recover ground lost to “rebels”, particularly along the Lebanese border.

    Zionist Jews originally coveted southern Lebanon up to the Litani River when their movement began in the late 19th century. Ben Gurion never gave up hope of absorbing southern Lebanon, nor has Bibsy and the Likudniks.

    They have not given up their aspirations for either outright theft of the land, or else reestablish a hegemonic presence in southern Lebanon.

    The Maronite-Zionist relationship in its earliest incarnation dates back to the late 1800’s, spanning close to 125 years.

    From the start of the Zionist movement, Maronite Christians, united with the Pope of Rome since the 12th century and a part of the Frankish Crusader states, under France’s 19th century tutelage and sponsorship, considered themselves a European entity in the Middle East.

    Within the Lebanese Maronite community there were those who were pro-Zionist and isolationist, and those who were anti-Zionist and integrationist.

    “Zionists and Maronites alike aspired to, and eventually won, secession from Greater Syria.

    The former sought self-determination in a renascent Jewish homeland in Palestine, and the latter sought to preserve their primacy in the Mutasarrifiya in a territory twice its size.

    With initial success, Zionists and Maronites were able to marshal the support of the Great Powers in the service of these ambitions.

    Britain issued the Balfour Declaration, and France created Grand Liban.”,1920-1948.pdf

    About 10,000 Maronites live in Israel, most loyal to the Jewish state. Some serve in the IOF, even elite units, and now encourage Christian Israelis to enlist.

    Maronites have been in Palestine since the 18th century, largely based in the Galilee. Now Maronite Israelis, their population increased significantly after the May 2000 withdrawal of IDF from southern Lebanon.

    Throughout the 1990s there were two Lebanese militias that remained armed and active, even though the Lebanese civil war had ended in 1990.

    One was the Hezbollah movement, which still operates to this day. The other was the South Lebanon Army (SLA), a militia that was armed, trained and financed by Israel.

    The SLA, along with Israeli troops, controlled what they called the ‘security zone’ in south Lebanon which ranged from 8km to 20km deep inside Lebanese territory.

    It was established in 1985 following the evacuation of Israeli troops from parts of south Lebanon, which Israel had occupied since 1978 when it first invaded the country to strike at the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO).

    Back in 1978, Israel’s target in south Lebanon had been Palestinian fighters.

    But by the time the ‘security zone’ was set up, the biggest threat to Israel came from Lebanon’s Shia.

    By 1993 this region was the theater for an ongoing armed operation carried out by Hezbollah against foreign occupation and local collaboration.

    The fighters attacked the Israeli and SLA positions in the ‘security zone’.

    Their main aim was to end the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon and each year they killed dozens of Israeli soldiers.

    The SLA were pejoratively described by most Lebanese as the ‘sand bags of Israel’ – they manned the zone’s most dangerous and exposed outposts and suffered far higher losses than the Israelis over the years.

    The SLA also ran the notorious al-Khiam prison, where hundreds of Lebanese prisoners were held in terrible conditions, mostly without charge or trial.

    In 1999, Ehud Barak was elected prime minister in Israel. He had run on a campaign promise to withdraw Israeli troops from south Lebanon. The following year, he carried out his promise.

    Israel’s withdrawal in May 2000 was swift and sudden, catching the SLA by surprise.

    Left exposed, several thousands of former SLA militia members and their families, mostly Lebanese Maronites, fled from South Lebanon to the Galilee during April–May 2000.

    The bloodbath that many feared would follow an Israeli withdrawal never materialized, and the Lebanese government offered amnesty conditions.

    Hezbollah ordered its fighters and supporters not to engage in any revenge attacks.

    Many SLA officers and their families fled to Israel. Those who remained were arrested and handed over to the Lebanese state. Most were imprisoned and, over time, released.

    While many of them later immigrated to France, Canada, the US, and South America, the majority of the SLA Maronites remained, joining the existing Maronite communities of Galilee and establishing new ones, most notably in near the Lebanon border.

    Maronite Israelis reside in the border cities of:

    –Nahariya, (the northernmost coastal city in Israel);

    –Safed (northern Galilee, considered one of Judaism’s Four Holy Cities and the center of Kabbalah mysticism); and

    –Kiryat-Shemona (established in 1949 on the site of the ethnically cleansed Arab-Palestinian village Al-Khalisa, whose inhabitants fled the village, after Safed was taken by the Haganah during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and an attempt by the village to come to an agreement with the Jewish authorities was rejected).

    Al Ahed News:

    A group of journalists from a number of Lebanese media outlets spoke with the deputy secretary-general of the Lebanese resistance movement Hizbullah, Sheikh Naim Qassem.

    During the interview, Sheikh Qassem touched on Lebanon’s domestic political scene, which continues to be crippled by a presidential vacuum. He also addressed the latest developments in neighboring Syria.

    The interview began with Sheikh Qassem’s overview of Hizbullah’s position dating back to the start of the Syrian conflict. He explained that the resistance movement believed that there was a conspiracy being plotted against Syria, with the aim of changing the pro-resistance government and replacing it with a regime willing to coexist with “Israel”.

    According to the Hizbullah deputy, some looked upon the events unfolding in Syria, as reforms within the country.

    “We find that more than eighty countries sent their fighter to Syria while others provided all the necessary military facilities including arming, equipping, and training troops. So armies from all over the world converged on Syria under the banner of reform. The world has never witnessed this kind and pattern of targeting,” Sheikh Qassem said during the interview.

    He added that Hizbullah’s entry into the fight was “two years late,” and came only when the resistance group sensed the danger coming towards the Lebanese border.

    According to Sheikh Qassem, attempts to target the resistance through the Syrian crisis followed the failure of the “New Middle East” project – first revealed by former US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, during the “Israeli” war against Lebanon in July 2006.

    When asked about the magnitude of the sacrifices made by Hizbullah, His Eminence warned that the movement was willing to pay an even higher price. He said that despite the thus far tragic looses, Hezbollah was prepared for even bigger sacrifices if the Takfiris tried to capture Qalamoun or any other area in the hope of declaring their so-called emirate.

    Sheikh Qassem praised the efforts of the Lebanese security forces and the country’s General Security agency, in maintaining the safety of citizens. He said that with the help of the resistance, security services are conducting thorough follow-ups on terrorist networks, individuals, and sleeper cells.

    With respect to the Lebanese dossier, Sheikh Qassem described “General Michel Aoun” – Hizbullah’s presidential candidate – as the “worthiest” for many reasons. He pointed out Aoun’s clearly stated positions, an anti-corruption project as well as the support he enjoys among Lebanon’s Christian community.

    Hezbollah’s support for Syria’s President Assad, and alliance with Iran has seen a deepening of hostility from Gulf Arab states, led by Iran’s main regional rival, Saudi Arabia. In turn, the Saudis, who loaned Lebanon money to rebuild Lebanon after 2006, put pressure on Lebanon’s government and politicians.

    The Maronites in Lebanon are divided, mostly anti-Zionist with a pro-Zionist minority. One area might support March 14 and the Phalanges, but just down the road the support is generally given to Aoun’s Free Patriotic Movement, a more or less Christian party with a minority of Shia Muslims allied to Hezbollah in the parliament.

    The Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) is the second largest party in Lebanon’s parliament (after the Future Movement) and the largest party in the Christian political bloc. It has 20 out of the 128 seats in parliament (of which 64 seats represent Christians).

    Today, more than half of the Maronite vote goes to Aoun, who is allied to Hezbollah. What will happen in Lebanese elections is often up in the air, as the Christian vote is deeply divided. But this says something about the political landscape — people are free to vote for whomever they choose.

    Hezbollah is seen by many as a viable option to be what’s best for Lebanon, and are not, by any means, considered “terrorists” inside Lebanon, nor perceived as wanting to dominate Lebanon.

    In the meantime, Israel is publicly huffing and puffing making belligerent noises about the IDF being far more prepared, equipped, and ready for a confrontation with Hezbollah in a second go round after the Jews were defeated in 2006 in their invasion of southern Lebanon.

    Hezbollah is moving into Syria to assist al Assad on a reportedly large operation near the Israeli border and the Occupied Golan Heights.

    In response, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary general of Hezbollah, says the Lebanese resistance movement will defeat Israel in any potential new military confrontation waged by the Tel Aviv regime.

    “The [2006] war was aimed at eliminating the resistance in Lebanon, Syria and Palestine, and eventually isolating Iran. What is happening in Syria is a form of revenge for that war,” he said, referring to the foreign-backed militancy against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

    “The Israelis knew that a direct military confrontation would not lead to Hezbollah’s defeat and that a war with Iran was not helpful. That is why they chose to take out Syria from the axis of resistance,” Nasrallah said.

    He said some parties in Lebanon “tried to confine the Lebanese army” during the 2006 war.

    Nasrallah reiterated Hezbollah’s commitment to Lebanon’s national unity and the formation of a government that included all Lebanese political parties and factions, including the Future Movement.

    The womanoid feminist war hawk Hildebeast is fairly easy to figure out, she is prepared from day 1 to be the War President, taking the fight all the way to Moscow, at least in her own mind.

    Trump is not so easy to track, but his choice of neocon hawk running mate and foreign policy advisors also tell a similar story of Middle East intervention, especially into Syria and confronting Iran. It’s just that Trump probably has much the same goals, but will go about it a little differently.

    As for Israel, it seems to be waiting out the lame duck presidency, and perhaps not much will happen until after Inauguration Day. This is what we can expect regardless of who wins:

    If Clinton wins, it’s good for the Jews.

    If Trump wins, it’s good for the Jews.

  80. Ted Gorsline September 9, 2016 @ 12:09 pm

    Dear KathJuliane,

    The estate in Scotland where Jacob Rothschild, George Soros, Bill Gates and the guy who was the head of what was called Blackwater met is called Corrour. It is owned by a Jewish lady named Lady(?) Elizabeth Rowsing.

    I am told it has a safe house in the basement but also told more recently that a very fancy (safe?) house beside the Castle made of glass (bullet proof?) and steel and it has already has been erected.

    It has a web site but I have not looked at it.

  81. The English Man September 10, 2016 @ 7:38 am


    As a matter of interest TedG expose of the vast Corrour Estate & it’s head, a Jewish girl of immense financial wealth brings to mind the BBC acclaimed production of “An Honorable Woman” in which power politics is demonstrated by a relatively young Jewish woman starring Maggie Gyllenhaal.

    Many twists & turns, worth a glimpse.

  82. Laskarina September 12, 2016 @ 4:13 pm


    May God grant you many, many years!

    May the most Holy Theotokos protect you beneath her veil.

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