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Merkel’s Jews Push Mass Migration

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Merkel’s Jews Push Mass Migration
By Brother Nathanael Kapner January 14, 2016 ©

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THE POWER OF GERMAN JEWRY has Merkel in a box. For what the Jews want, Jews get.

In a Die Welt feature article, “We Jews Know How Bitter Escape Is,” Ronald Lauder of the World Jewish Congress and Dr Josef Schuster of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, attacked Germans who oppose mass migration by non-whites as “neo-nazis.”

Applauding Germany’s progress in developing an “open society,” lauding it as “good for Jewry,” the authors then demanded Merkel to increase the flow of migrants.

Surely, the occupation of Germany by Jewmerica continues as Merkel listens to Jews more than Germans in her pursuit of mass migration of which seventy percent are single men.

But Lauder and Schuster have a remedy for that.

By subjecting the migrants to a “re-education program” that instills “Germany’s raison d’état” in their souls, the Muslim migrants will be “Germanized” and all will be well.

Problem is, Jewry’s definition of “Germany’s raison d’état” (Read: “Jewry’s national interests”) is support of Israel and assent to the Holocaust narration.

This is a political ploy to strengthen the bond between “Germans” and “Jews” by using the migrants and their “Arab anti-Semitism” to Jewry’s advantage.

Schuster warned Merkel that “respect for the values enshrined in the Constitution (actually, The Basic Law, there is no Constitution) and agreeing that support for Israel, rejection of anti-Semitism, and remembrance of the Holocaust, is part of Germany’s DNA.”

And Merkel injects the virus and touts the script.

In a televised New Year’s address, Merkel scolded the ‘neo-nazis’ for claiming “Germanness” solely for themselves and excluding others.

Ah, that’s the Jewish line. The devil’s in the definition.

“Germanness,” according to Jewry, has nothing to do with culture, race or religion. It’s only about where you live.

Are you a Muslim living in Berlin? Then you’ll be imbued with “Germanness.” Even with mosques on every corner.

“Americanness,” according to Jewry, has nothing to do with having European roots and 2,000 years of Christian creedal history, but where you live.

Are you a Muslim living in Baton Rouge? Then you’ll be imbued with “Americanness.”

BUT WHAT’S GOOD for the geese is bad for the Jews.

Jews see themselves as JEWS FIRST, and then perchance “merkans” or “chermans.”

(Notice in the title, “Central Council of Jews in Germany,” how they don’t call themselves “Germans” but identify themselves as a nation within a nation.)

Let the fragmented masses take on a national definition, it’s really meaningless. For NO national unity exists when composed of competing minorities.

Only the Jews rise to the top in a splintered society.

And Merkel forces the Jew-ruled Germans to swallow it.


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Brother Nathanael @ January 14, 2016


  1. Brother Nathanael January 14, 2016 @ 4:08 pm

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  4. Bernard Weckmann January 14, 2016 @ 5:07 pm

    Having been born in Germany and growing up there I know the power of Jew-owned/manipulated media and the Jew-rigged education system.

    It is painful to watch what is going on in Germany. This will blow up in everybody’s face. Jews, it seems, are too stupid to understand that there will be nowhere to run to when the SHTF.

    Now at the age of 60+ years I would dearly love to go back for a longish holiday to reacquaint myself with old haunts, old friends and, of course, relatives: a journey down memory lane! I dare not risk it, though.

    In Australia at least I can invoke the protection of Common Law but Germany is not a country ruled by Common Law or any law for that matter. It is ruled by Jews and their brain-dead shabbes goyim.

    As an “anti-Semitic” blogger, I will surely be inviting trouble.

    Read my latest – and last – post. I REST MY CASE @

  5. Eileen K. January 14, 2016 @ 6:13 pm

    Bernard, I’m 100% with you.

    I live in the belly of the beast (Jewmerica), and racial tensions here have reached the boiling point in cities such as Baltimore, Chicago and Ferguson.

    Crime in the inner cities of Jewmerica are astronomical .. no wonder, whites had fled them and settled in suburban and rural areas.

    We also have illegal aliens crossing the southern border with Mexico, bringing their crime and exotic diseases with them.

    The only advantage we have over Germany and other European nations is the right to bear arms .. encapsuled in our Bill of Rights. There are over 100 million armed citizens owning some 400 million firearms.

    There are a good number of wilderness areas wherein at least half hunt deer and other wild game, and combat veterans who legally own firearms. These 100+ million armed citizens are not hesitant to shoot invaders on their properties and threatened bodily harm, and some have done so, either killing or injuring them .. and a few were teenagers or younger.

    Wherever firearms are banned and illegals dwell, crime is rampant. The governments won’t protect their citizens, whether it be Europe, Canada, or Australia. The citizens must arm themselves for protection and form militias, if necessary. Evil won’t prevail, the Rothschild Mafia will soon be destroyed.

    When, only God knows, but, Organized Jewry will meet their demise.

  6. Boston Patriot January 14, 2016 @ 6:40 pm

    What’s good for Germany is good for Israel.

    May the Arab population within the Jewish state grow and grow.

    Merkel deserves to hang for high treason.

  7. KathJuliane January 14, 2016 @ 7:08 pm

    Dear +BN

    God bless you for another amazing Article.

    Your montages are very expressive. That picture of Merkel reading Jewish Voice From Germany is hilarious — the visual punchline of the entire Article.

    In any case, it is really quite true that the Jewish viral “political DNA” of German-hatred, Jew-loving, and pro-Israel propaganda is constantly being injected into the body of German society by the Jews’ tame symbiotic German political class to keep the the German people subjected as second class citizens in their own country by outlawing any criticism of Jews or Israhell.

    And of course, questioning of “facts” of German political history results in prison time as inclusive of the Jewropean value of freedom of speech–all under the benevolent commissar thumb of Jewish censorship and cultural and political control.

    CCJ has thoughtfully provided a map of this ‘Juden within Germany’ interlocking directorate of regional associations and local communities.

    And most, if not all of them, have their own Mossad linked groups of Jewish “self-defense” goons, most notably the Kahanist Jewish Defense League in Germany.

    Otherwise the Jews are terrified of losing their German host and cash cow if, and when, the mass fraud is fully revealed and freely enters into public debate.

    Herr Schuster provided an excellent example of this from last month on the CCJ website.

    Dr. Josef Schuster, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany:

    “The Central Council of Jews in Germany is convinced that Hitler’s scorning propaganda “Mein Kampf” must remain prohibited.

    Law enforcement authorities should rigorously prosecute the distribution and sale of the book.

    There is a great danger that this book will increasingly be circulated on the market after the expiry of the copyright. Unfortunately, it can already be purchased via the Internet and abroad.

    Nevertheless, knowledge of “Mein Kampf” continues to be important in order to explain National Socialism and the Shoa. Therefore we do not object to a critical edition, contrasting Hitler’s racial theories with scientific findings, to be at the disposal of research and teaching.”

    Herr Schuster, let me fix this for you.

    “The Central Council of Jews in Germany is convinced that Hitler’s scorning[ly truthful] propaganda [against Jews in] “Mein Kampf” must remain prohibited [to all colonial Cherman subjects].

    Law enforcement authorities should rigorously prosecute the distribution and sale of the book [before too many Chermans we can’t get away with calling nazis or fascists catch on to what Hitler really said and decide to start another national revolution to take back their country].

    There is a great danger [to our Shoah Business and the Jewish political DNA of Chermany] that this book will increasingly be circulated on the market after the expiry of the copyright [and the Indian book publishing mills are already churning them out by the boatload].

    Unfortunately, it can already be purchased via the Internet and abroad [which we can’t seem to control. And then there’s that damned First Amendment!]

    Nevertheless, knowledge of “Mein Kampf” continues to be important [for the Jews] in order to explain National Socialism and the Shoa [our way].

    Therefore we [Jews] do not object to a critical [propaganda] edition [published by Jews], contrasting Hitler’s racial theories with [Jewish] scientific findings, to be at the disposal of [Jew-only] research and teaching [under the close supervision of the CCJ IN Germany, of course].”

    There, that’s better, Herr Schnorrer!

    @Bernard Weckmann

    God bless you!

  8. Hoff January 14, 2016 @ 7:09 pm

    Tsar Russia before the Jews made their coup in 1917.

  9. Caveman2012 January 14, 2016 @ 7:16 pm


    -13th November 2015: several of the Paris attackers came to Europe (disguised) as refugees.

    -31st December 2015: thousands of so-called refugees molest, abuse, rape and/or steal over 500 German women in Cologne, 133 in Hamburg, and dozens more in Stuttgart, Bielefeld, Frankfurt and other European cities.

    -8th January 2016: a man attacks a police station in Paris and is shot dead. He was a refugee living in Recklingshausen, Germany.

    Despite the sorrow and death that all this means, it will be the tipping point for Germany: the ugly face of the ETERNAL JEW and their willful executioners is there for all to see!

    My only hope is that the Germans vote for true patriotic parties such as the NPD…

  10. Look January 14, 2016 @ 8:27 pm

    I wonder what it would be like if non-white countries took in masses of white people with no restrictions for diversity reasons and how it would work out there for them with minority status?

    For example, I don’t believe non-Mexicans are allowed to own land in Mexico.

    Many non-white countries have very little diversity themselves and don’t have to deal with integrating those kinds of issues. Maybe they should.

  11. Matt Wayne January 14, 2016 @ 10:58 pm

    To start with, I believe Merkel is a crypto Jew, and she’ll fall in line with tribe’s agenda of creating a global mongrel society, whether she agrees with it or not.

    And, as it says in Daniel 2:42, the last kingdom will be a mixed race kingdom, part iron and part clay, yet it’s not able to blend, just as iron and clay will are not able blend.

    And who’s the culprits behind the mongrelizing of Western nations? The devil’s children themselves, the Jews of course. We already have a secret one world Jew government, that duped zio-Christians cannot see.

    The melting pot is just another Jew’s lie. God separated people for a reason, and now the Jews play on the minds of the simple and the weak, with their plan to circumvent God’s order.

    The only good point, is that we’re closer to the return of Jesus Christ, who now come with a sword, and rid of of the devil’s children.

  12. Matt Wayne January 14, 2016 @ 11:36 pm

    I think with the internet and flow of uncontrolled information exposing the the children of the devil, the Jews will feel a need to speed up their plans of conquest and genocide, before the light of day renders them ineffective.

    The Jews are feeling cornered, and that their scams are be exposed, along with who they are, for all the world to see.

    These psychotic Jews will turn very dangerous, as they plan an all out genocidal attack on white Christian Europeans and Americans.

    Which is also what the book of Revelations tells us the Jews will do. The Jews are getting ready to make war against the lamb, Christian will be slaughtered in mass.

    If you claim you’re a Christian, wash your hand of these lying and murdering Jews, and stand with God’s only Son, Jesus Christ.

  13. IRONKRAFT January 15, 2016 @ 12:37 am

    The system is a global Weimar Republic, with added Trotskyist elements to promote the “Anti-Racist” rubbish.

    One day, very soon, there will have to be, a very calm, specially selected group of professionals that must take the head from the snake.

    Once a large, deadly snake is decapitated, it’s former power and strength, is gone.

    Spiritually, we have Brother Nathanael, and Jesus through God, but as mere humans, we may have little choice in providing the physical requirements for relief.

  14. Santiago January 15, 2016 @ 8:06 am

    What is at stake for the Jewry agenda is the “diverse human nations” concept to be destroyed in order to fulfill their foundational principle of a “God’s nation”.

    The biblical logic of that chosen nation or chosen people to rule over the whole human species and beyond any concpet of living creature, has started to be seen as the worst racist idea these self so called Hebrew group of tribes can ever proclaim.

    The infernal way things are going in this planet, are making every body doubt about Abrahamic religions. A disfunctuional Islam with two branches fighting each other to dead and a Catholic Church lead by an open abortioner protector, gay protector, narco communist killers (Castro brothers) protector and so on, are leading the whole world to a reasonable doubt about veracity and convenience of the so called Abrahamic religions.

    Actually, what is really going on is that the whole concept of Western human spirituality is at stake.

    Spiritual teachings like Buddism or Animist Shintoism are about to gain acceptance in the West because frankly, when our leaders game the thermonuclear arsenal cards on the tables not only as an option of last resource but actually as the main deterrent card like North Korea has proved, the things on this planet earth are really bad. I mean really bad.

    My point is, even that I am a Jesus Christ believer, the war against the truth of His existence is really strong and faith is weak. Look at the American people, which clearly I’m not: Brother Nathanael could not be more clear, direct, reallistic, honest and transparent and what has he got?

    A few million people’s views of his brave and fantastic job, but and this is my but, what leaders have to say about his evidence systematically and accurately presented week by week for years?

    I think it is time to print all his works and present it the to the United Nations, and to the head of the Vatican, the Pope Francis, and present it to German Cancellor and the German Parliament and the United States Congress because, really, the things of the world are really bad.

    And by bad I mean the worst as we are even in the border a total extinction just because we have lost the concience of ourselves, starting by the American people, who are, with all my due respect, a 300 million nation absolutely disconected to the rest 6.7 billion people with just very, very, very few exceptions, like of course Brother Nathanael and his donors and readers.

  15. Citizenfitz January 15, 2016 @ 8:13 am

    Unfortunately, Christianity just isn’t the roadblock to Babylon it used to be. At one time it gave Satan a difficult go. Not all that big and strong really, but very problematic. However, the enemy is within the gates now.

    We here should accept the fact that there isn’t going to be some coup that will “restore America”. The writing’s on the wall for America. Abortion… fag marriage… wars of greed and conquest…. One could go on a long time. God can’t be amused.

    America’s just the most recent incarnation of Babylon. “Babylon” being a metaphor for the ancient pagan system that dominates the world to this day: buying and selling, usury, war, sexual perversity, child sacrifice….

    America sounds like the modern re-creation of Babylon as described in the Bible. And it’s doomed too.

  16. David Menaheim January 15, 2016 @ 8:27 am

    Jews are as much pawns in the hands of the Globalists as are Muslims, Christians, atheists, Buddhists and others.

    The top Globalist families are of mixed Christian-Jewish background and even a few Indians, Muslims and Chinese have been taken on board.

    The current mass migration into Europe is to create Islamophobia so as to engineer the third world war in keeping with Albert Pike’s vision or agenda for 3 world wars with the 3rd world war being a global conflict that will pit Zionism (Israel) against the Islamic world, resulting, as Pike states, in the mass destruction of both sides to the conflict.

    Whistle blowers, ex-Illuminati sex slaves, deprogrammed mind control victims and even the inimitable Henry Kissinger (chief puppet of the Globalists) have hinted at the total destruction of Israel by 2025.

    The Middle Easterners in Germany and elsewhere in Europe have been traumatised by the very same Globalists who through false flags, Arab Spring, puppet rulers and creation of the ISIS have almost destroyed their native countries thereby pushing them towards Europe under the goading of a Globalist fronts, George Soros, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel and others.

    In Europe, the Muslim immigrants face a bleak future due to low IQs as a result of sustained and widespread inbreeding down the generations, poor educational levels, poverty and inclination to ghettoization.

    A borderless world and multiculturalism are fine sans the sinister implications of a world war involving a clash of civilizations.

  17. Santiago January 15, 2016 @ 9:42 am

    By the way, when printing, publishing and presenting the Brother Nathanael’s work to the authorities of the world, I repeat: PRINTED, it shall be in a way that the human kind can’t deny its existence or corrupt its truthfulness or pervert its meanings because Jews pervert everything all the times.

    It has to be a moment of truth for the WHOLE world to the human kind, a coordinated act where all major still relativeley sovereign nations or states like Russia, Japan, China, Iran, Syria, India, Iceland, Vatican, and every other I could name would receive without any doubt (even with a letter accusing reception by seal and signature of guards in charge).

    And of course to bring the printed book of the Brother Nathanael Works to the United States authorities (each and every governor and each and every senator).

    And yes, of course even be brought to the Israelies with a special dedication to a people that not like Jesus said “forgive them because they don’t know what they do”; on the contrary, teling them to beg for mercy because oh yes, they know very well what they have been doing since the very day they have killed Christ.

    The cost to edit in a printed book format all the writings and images Brother Nathanael he has been working for decades would worth every cent of it.

    Please Brother Nathanael, this “virtual” media has been a great platform but the printed documents are human creations with invaluable value, just like stone carved but even more convenient. And yes it should be done quickly and quietly.

  18. NO MORE WARS FOR THE JEWS January 15, 2016 @ 11:24 am

    Merkel was voted LIAR of the year for 2015.

    Even beat Obama who is the LIAR of the century.
    Obama World Record Holder for LIES.

  19. biff January 15, 2016 @ 11:46 am

    The Jews push Merkel to admit hordes of illegal aliens because they want to do what they have been trying to do since WWI–to destroy Germany.

    Jews want to destroy all white Christian societies because they hate Christ and are mostly Babylonian mixed race Satanists. Satanists hate Christianity and mixed race humans hate those of pure race, and that’s why so many of them voted for Ohbummer in the last 2 US presidential elections.

  20. Matt Wayne January 15, 2016 @ 11:49 am

    David Menaheim,

    I don’t believe that for second. The Bible that there’s a great prostitute/Babylon that sits over the peoples of the world.

    The Bible say its a people, who have enormous wealth, who essentially control the money supply. They’re drunk with the blood of the saints, they killed the prophets and will make a final war against God’s people.

    That’s what I think they’re preparing for now. Importing Muslim soldiers, disarming the populace. They’re not storming the militia in Oregon, solely because they want to calm the sheep down. They’re trying to get their guns and don’t want to give excuse for those who rightfully fear our government.

    It’s the Jews who are behind it. Not the no-name globalists, NOT Christians. God has already decreed the Jews’ destruction. They’ve murdered tens of millions already, and God will be destroying the Jews.

  21. Steven January 15, 2016 @ 11:51 am

    The answer to the Holocaust narrative is John 8:44.

  22. NO MORE WARS FOR THE JEWS January 15, 2016 @ 12:17 pm

    Excellent NEWS:

    Thank YOU President Putin.

    What a HERO.

    Results of Russian Air Force bombings in Syria, we will have to inform the public of such facts ourselves,” Rudskoi said. “If someone does not realize that, that’s too bad.”

    “Over just 100 days of the Russian Air Force operation in Syria, Islamic State lost control over 217 communities; over 1,000 sq. kilometers have been liberated,” Rudskoi said.

    According to the general, since the beginning of the air operation in Syria on September 30, the Russian Air Force has conducted 5,662 operational sorties, including 145 sorties made by strategic bombers from the territory of Russia.

    Altogether 97 cruise missiles have been launched from Russian warships in the Caspian Sea, a diesel submarine in the Mediterranean and from strategic bombers.

    Thank YOU President Putin.

    What a HERO.

    Putin voted best President in the World

  23. Hoff January 15, 2016 @ 1:12 pm

    And here I was led to believe that Ukraine was full of NeoNazis.

    In some branch of the Jewish religion there is a tradition to come to the Ukrainian town of Uman to celebrate the New Year. So each year tens of thousands of the believers arrive.

    They probably even did it during Soviet times, when the borders were locked, but now, when Ukraine is a separate state and there are no limits on travel, each year more and more people come to celebrate.

    One of our favorite bloggers, Ilya, has travelled there and taken some photos!


    Rabbi Goldstein says:

    September 14, 2015 at 6:02 pm

    yeah, we own them


    Rabbi Goldstein says:

    September 14, 2015 at 6:01 pm

    ah yes the dogs i can kosher to yahweh


    Pom2Ter says:

    September 15, 2015 at 3:40 pm

    How nice, The first picture with the little kike flipping the bird…


    Shlomo Shekelberg says:

    September 15, 2015 at 6:04 pm

    i am going to have to send you to gulag for tht


    Pom2Ter says:

    September 15, 2015 at 9:25 pm

    I’m french so I don’t really give a …

  24. David Menaheim January 15, 2016 @ 7:51 pm

    Jewry is not a race but a nation of people drawn from diverse gene pools spread out across the ME and in the post-Temple period, as some ME Jews fled to Southern Europe, the faith attracted many Europeans some of whom intermarried with the former (i.e. ME Jews), while other European converts preferred to marry and breed among their own kind.

    Race is a redundant idea that science has debunked by research findings that indicate that all humans share around 99.5 % or more of the genome. It makes more sense to speak of genetic adaptations and mutations influenced by climate, gene exchange through mass migrations and endogamy.

    Multiculturalism is at the root of the Hebrew/Jewish psyche and this is why they encourage the trend of mixed populations everywhere.

    Most American Jews have/are marrying non-Jews of every nationality and the spread of multiculturalism is gaining popularity among the Jews. Even in pre-Nazi Germany, it is said that 60 % or so of German Jews had married Christians.

    The leading Globalists are products of mixed Christian-Jewish heritage and care neither for Judaism or for Christian since the occult or sorcery is what attracts them.

    Pubic places in the West and in Israel have explicit occult symbolisms on display.

    The religion of the Globalists is the sinister occult traditions of Babylonian and Egyptian origin that in turn were influenced by the sorcery of India called Tantra.

    Kaballah developed in ancient Chaldea and was also directly influenced by Tantric traditions of India.

    The famous witches of the Illuminati like Albert Pike and Aleister Crowley drew heavily from Indian sorcery.

    Theosophy and Free Masonry that’re allied with Illuminati occult are also based on the Indian Tantra.

    Irene Blavatsky was the noted proponent of Theosophy.

    Other famous occultists having common goals of a one world order founded on occult were Max Theon, Sri Aurobindo, Swami Vivekananda and Mira Alfassa (The Mother).

    Even during the time of Abraham, the first Hebrew (convert from paganism to monotheism centered on the exclusive worship of El Elyon/Ha Shem), the followers of Ha Shem were drawn from various gene pools spread across the ME.

    The so-called 12 tribes were drawn from mixed ME ancestry since their parents and ancestors were of ME origin.

  25. Kalin January 15, 2016 @ 8:02 pm

    Good website, Hoff!

    After ya’ll got through enjoying the filthy Jews coming to the Ukraine pic, did ya’ll check out the pics of “Communal Services in Russia”? Wow!!!

    I screen shot them and sent them to some buddies, then I put the Jews coming to Ukraine pic in last, titled “Oh, something more Jewmerican”. Lol

  26. R A FEIBEL January 16, 2016 @ 9:23 am

    David Menaheim says the Arab Muslim migrants have low I. Q. because of inbreeding.

    Using that paradigm, then the Jew would be the most ignorant of all. No one has inbred more than the Eastern European Jews. So I doubt that it is of value to think that.

    Yes, it does cause other problems, and the Jew has the genetic defects to prove it–high rates of Down’s Syndrome, blood diseases, sexual perversions, etc.

    But as for the Arab Muslims, none I know personally are illiterate. In fact, all have higher education and all are from Palestine.

    It sounds to me some like Menaheim may be an Islamphobe and Ziojew agent.

  27. girl January 16, 2016 @ 11:41 am


    This article came just in time.

  28. Irene Bonney Faulkes January 16, 2016 @ 3:22 pm

    To Bernard Weckmann:

    As a fellow Australian I was so glad to read your comment and Blog.

    The latter is very illuminating and one trusts multitudes will see it. Am sorry not to have known of it before, now that it is too late!

    I would wish every one of us here could read it but that would never be.

    Our countrymen here are living in a false Utopia, where for the majority, the rest of the world barely exists, so taken up are all by a good life of sports and watching sports, drugs,sex,beer, partying, the beach and godlessness that serious matters are of little concern.

    It is only in the past three years that I, well-travelled, having lived in a few countries and an inveterate reader, have known the real situation regarding Jewry..

    There have been just a few in my life but they were Christians, one family from Austria who never spoke of anything Jewish and were anti Communists.

    There was one in India who said: ‘I am not a Jew. I am a Christian’.

    As for Rose Bay Jewry, one of them actually came up to me and said, ‘You are one of us aren’t you’, to one’s astonishment!

    So what part of my ancestry incorporated such people?

    My mother’s middle name would indicate there were some.

    However, for a Christian, there is no place for ‘pride of race, pride of face or pride of grace’.

    God created the idea of being in a race but as believers we are a new race and nation

    May the Lord Jesus bless you and it is wonderful that you are connected in some way with our dear Brother Nathanel, a treasure of God’s grace in the gospel of Christ.

    If this is the end of the world approaching and they win out, even in Australia where the Jewish Lobby has hidden power and our present Prime Minister is Jewish, in with Golden Sachs, maybe the Lord will send fire down from heaven on them.

    If not, we can only trust Him and hope for His grace to avert the threatening cloud that having engulfed Germany, once a remarkable country, looms more darkly on the horizon for the whole world again and in greater darkness.

    Perhaps confidence in such as Brother Nathanael and indeed yourself, will enlighten our way.

    It could be there are answers that could be made known to avert such a danger threatening mankind. None of us can lose hope in our God, whatever may happen.

    Our God reigns. Our world is in the control of worse than its own sinfulness, that being the spiritual progeny of the fallen Angels as revealed in books of the Bible that were removed a couple of centuries after Christ – to the loss of Christians in the West at least.

    Brother Nathanael’s video and article reveal a situation with Germany that truly is horrific.

    It is not only Germany and other nations around but it is Russia they are out to obliterate.

    Thus Saudi Arabia is using economic warfare with lies also that it is impoverishing her, when all the time it seems Britain, U.S.A., Israel and Saudis are out to down Russia.

    Will there be a nuclear war? They want to acquire Iran to feed their damnable greed and lust for power.

    May the Lord have mercy on His people everywhere.

  29. Irene Bonney Faulkes January 16, 2016 @ 3:38 pm

    Dear Matt Wayne,

    I always respect your comments.

    In your reply to David Menaheim, you say you don’t believe him. He has two comments and most of the content are exact and true, according to research.

    As for your understanding it is apparent you follow the theories of John Nelson Darby, whose supposed revelation are revered and followed by at least 40,000,000 in U.S.A.

    Were you to research this man, founder of Exclusive Brethren, godson of Lord Nelson of Trafalgar, an aristocrat of the Establishment and friend of Jews, it would be enlightening.

    Please do this.

    Darby came to favor an unworldly church destined for heaven but a natural nation of Israel reserved by God to rule this world as they ruled from Israel, Jerusalem and a temple of restored priesthood and sacrificial system.

    This is not the gospel.

    It is another gospel that these tens of millions have absorbed and so it seems have you, sadly.

    Please have another look at all those matters and find proofs that accord the beliefs absolute credibility.

    Revelation 1:1 is firm on the revelation being a. ‘Signified’, i.e. with signs and symbols. So it is to be regarded.

    Then b. ”about the things that are soon to come to pass’, which meant in their generation and indeed as far at the latest as A.D.300.

  30. Zionien January 16, 2016 @ 4:10 pm

    Just TRY to find any trace of a soul in Merkels eyes!

    She’s a full blown sociopath brainwashed YIDiot!

  31. Bernard Weckmann January 16, 2016 @ 7:50 pm

    @Irene Bonney Faulkes

    Thanks for your kind words. I agree with your view on Australians: they live in a fools’ paradise.

    I hope you have read the most important item: i.e. the post on the page called page LAW.

    This is really the heart of the blog because knowledge of our Common Law rights can be a powerful weapon against the perverted forces of the Jew-and-Freemason-infested political and judicial system! I have used Common Law myself in court on several occasions and so has my wife and it works!

    Brother Nathanael’s site is one of my favourites and will remain so.

    Although I have converted away from Christianity and do not know at this time whether there can be a return I can assure all Christian readers of REALJEWNEWS that I have no problem with Jesus. My problem is with the Christianity subverted by the Synagogue of Satan and with its brain-washed shabbes goyim.

    As for the Russian Orthodox Church: I just love the music of the Orthodox Church. It does not just appeal in an aesthetical sense but goes in fact much deeper: to me it is deeply mystical and soul-stirring! Even Russian folksongs have a depth to them that seems to be missing in those of other cultures.

    My favourite singer of Russian folksongs is the late Ivan Rebroff (who is actually of Jewish lineage).

    I am also a friend of the Russian people. In fact, a few months ago I have purchased a Russian language course as I believe that Russia will be the future. (Just remains to be seen how easy it will be at my age to learn a new language).

    As for President Putin. I did compare him to Hitler in one of my articles but that was definitely meant as a compliment. For all their human quirks and weaknesses we are dealing not with mere politicians here but with true statesmen.

    I think God will not be mocked much longer by the forces of darkness; their demise is certain!


  32. Matt Wayne January 16, 2016 @ 9:16 pm

    Dear Irene Bonney,

    I respect you and know you’re my sister in lord. I’m almost 60. From as early as I can remember I’ve believed and known God. I’ve been in churches my whole life.

    I talk to God continual, because he’s not only God, but also my best friend, who loves me with an overwhelming love. Who’s kind and gracious to me. I read the bible almost every day.

    I’m aware of no one teaching what I teach. What I teach and what I’ve learned, I’ve learned from God.

    The majority of churches are buying into the lie that the Jews are God’s chosen people, the apple of his eye and that God will protect them. All lies.

    What I teach, is that the Jews need to forsake their false belief in salvation through their flesh. When Jesus said I’m the way the truth and the life, no man cometh to the father except through me, he said that to the Jews first.

    I teach that God didn’t spare Sodom and Gomorrah, and neither did he spare the northern 10 tribes and neither will he spare these ungodly children of the devil, who call themselves Jews. The Jews who hold to their flesh will die and perish. The Jew’s blood won’t be on my hands, I’ve told them what God has in store them, and they can chose life or death.

    Colossians 2:17 tells us the Old Testament is types and shadows of good things to come, the reality found in Jesus Christ.

    An example of this is the children of Israel being in bondage for 400 years and then God setting them free on the exact date. The Passover lamb was sacrificed in the evening of the 14th day of Nisan, and the angle of death passed over.

    Egypt is a type of the world and the bondage to sin, and the Passover lamb is a type of Jesus Christ. The Passover lamb was to be sacrificed in the evening between 6 and 9 pm. Jesus died at 6 pm on the 14th of Nisan, and rose on the 17th of Nisan. The 17th correlating to the 17th day Noah’s ark landed. Again, a type of Jesus Christ.

    From the writings of Moses, the wise men knew that at 4,000 years a lamb, a messiah would come, to bring the gift of life. And at 4,000 years Jesus came.

    Man’s time to rule on earth is 6,000 years and thank God it’s almost over. 100%, Jesus will return and restore God’s order for 1,000 years and the world will have rest from the Jews and the devil. This is written from Daniel to Revelations. The Jews will be gone, along with most of the world. We’re almost right there.

    Much is written in the bible of God’s plans and the Jew’s demise.

    When you see the asteroid headed to the earth, you’ll know it’s the beginning of birth pains.

  33. Matt Wayne January 16, 2016 @ 9:43 pm

    David Menaheim,

    Some things you say I have no way of knowing and neither does it matter. You say the Rothschilds are mediocre sorcerers. How do you know that?

    I base almost everything I believe on the written word of God. In Ezekiel 16 and 23 it calls the Jews the out of control prostitute and foretells of their violent end.

    In Revelation it says let him who has wisdom discern who the prostitute is.

    The prostitute/Babylon killed the prophets, who did Jesus say killed the prophets, the Jews. She has great wealth, the Jews control the central bank in almost every country and with that almost every major corporation.

    She’s drunk with the blood of the saints,

    Rev 18:24: In her was found the blood of prophets and of God’s holy people, of all who have been slaughtered on the earth.”

    Sorry to disappoint some of you, but no, it’s not America.

    America did not kill the prophets or murder tens of millions of Christians and neither did it murder Jesus Christ. But the Jews did.

    America is just willingly being used by the great prostitute and may share in her plagues when God’s judgement finally comes.

    David, you’re spreading misinformation and confusion.

  34. Supplement Warehouse January 17, 2016 @ 7:36 am

    It will eventually blow up in their face and a strong pushback I see coming.

    People are at their boiling point and I for one am sick of all the stock market crashes and illegals everywhere in my city.

    All the policies I see, people will rise up. I have a feeling it’s coming soon.

  35. HUGO January 17, 2016 @ 2:37 pm

    I keep on hearing the complaint that RT.COM is not a free media channel as it (apparently) never criticizes President Putin.

    My answer to that is Jewish controlled Western M.S.M. is not free either since it will not allow any direct criticism of the worlds principal troublemakers-JEWS

    1st Test = Try criticizing Jews (or saying that the WW2 gas chambers are a financial scam) on an M.S.M. blog-spot like the UK Daily Mail. The comment will be automatically blocked!

    2nd Test = Try getting a story like the ones that appear on Real Jew News published in the New York Times–it will certainly never get published (and they might even threaten to sue you!).

    So then who is freer the West or Russia?

    Unlike Western media you can actually criticize the worlds principal troublemakers on and the comments are usually published.

    In my book that makes it a freer M.S.M. outlet than our ones

  36. KathJuliane January 17, 2016 @ 3:56 pm

    Off topic but a must read:

    On Guns, Californians Practice ‘Irish Democracy’ and Ignore Bone-Headed Laws (National Review – Kevin D Williamson)

  37. Nishant Berry January 17, 2016 @ 6:35 pm

    Political Zionism, Nazism, Wahhabism, feminism, atheism, communism and gay rights are modern developments that have gained much mileage under the push given to these disruptive social manifestations by the NWO Globalists.

    ‘Divide and conquer’ appears to be their motto.

    They seek to spread mass hatred within a world that they are making more multicultural and globalized in order to facilitate the same.

    The world’s religions have failed to provide succour and solutions to a struggling humanity that is increasingly losing its bearings and veering towards serious levels of dysfunction.

    The world remains trapped in suffering, divisiveness, hatred, injustice, diseases, wars, crime and death despite the advent of religious scriptures, prophets, saints, philosophers, philanthropists, humanists and scientists.

    Myth and superstition are no substitutes for reality and the delusional hopes of a messianic age based on fairytale-like earth conditions are figments of over active imaginations of men of yore.

    In such a gloomy scenario, progress, stability and peace lie in the hands of the individual who could bring about a semblance of order in his/her life and positively affect those in his/her immediate vicinity through introspection, the will to rise above difficulties by not letting the depressing world conditions to bog him/her down and doing one’s best in whatever circumstances one finds himself/herself in.

    The individual can uplift himself/herself through remedial measures without waiting for the collectivity to catch up, if at all.

  38. Cornelius January 18, 2016 @ 4:30 am

    I have some advice for the suicidal Germans that are worried about their standard of living:

    Stop having children so that both spouses can work; with the savings the refugee camps can be paid for and a healthy birth rate in there will be guaranteed.

  39. michael mazur January 18, 2016 @ 4:32 am

    Trump’s the Man.

    I’ve watched a number of his approx hour long public meetings, liking him more each time, and as I think that he’s the real deal, more and more I’d say that he’s not owned by the Jews.

    Were there a spontaneous uprising before November to throw the President and Congress out, and on seeing that the military and police all stand down, they then have no choice but to abdicate, I do believe Trump would be up to it to govern as a benign dictator for several years.

    Cruz, Rubio, Bush, Killary, etc etc, truly are all ankle biters, and aren’t worth a flicker of interest because every one of them is OWNED by the Jews.

  40. Tms January 18, 2016 @ 8:05 am

    Great piece +BN

    Maybe you can point out the fact that Merkel’s real name is Kasner and she is, drumroll please, a Jew?

  41. bvit January 18, 2016 @ 9:18 am

    Merkel is a Stasi Pig.

    I don’t see how this has escaped scrutiny in the West.

    Just recently the German Government began combing through FB comments in a bid to stamp out “xenophobic” (patriotic/Nationalistic) comments. Those caught posting material that the government disagrees with are likely to face criminal prosecution.

    They’ve even taken to kicking down doors and seizing computers to search through the hard drives.

  42. Brother Nathanael January 18, 2016 @ 1:10 pm

    Dear All,

    Working on a NEW Video now.

    Hope to post, Lord willing, by this evening.

    STAY tuned! +bn

  43. Irene Bonney Faulkes January 18, 2016 @ 5:27 pm

    Nishant Berry –

    One empathizes with your feelings displayed in your comment.

    There is only one answer for any of us personally and that is to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ who is proclaimed in the Scriptures.

    Should you need to buy them I would suggest you purchase the Septuagint from the Ancient Church, Orthodox, but particularly in view of the Old Testament translation.

    As for the New Testament and its translation, which book we all also have need of acquiring to read, may I suggest you find on line the translation from the Greek by again the Ancient Church, Orthodox.

    Such translations give the best idea of the truths of the Word of God.

    Knowing Christ gives us hope here and now and hope for the life to come.

  44. KathJuliane January 18, 2016 @ 8:25 pm

    Syrian Arab News Agency

    Foreign Ministry: Countries that support terrorism in Syria responsible for ISIS massacre in Deir Ezzor

    18 January، 2016

    ISIS commits massacre in village in Deir Ezzor, claiming the lives of 300 civilians
    16 January، 2016

    Damascus, SANA – The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that the bloody massacre committed by ISIS against innocent civilians in al-Bghailiye suburb in Deir Ezzor province is a continuation of the series of barbaric and methodical terrorist acts committed by armed terrorist organizations in Syria, organizations which are receiving support from regional and international states that employ terrorists to serve their own narrow interests and geopolitical agendas in the region.

    In two identical letters to the UN Secretary-General and the head of the UN Security Council, the Ministry said that “ISIS hordes attacked al-Bghailiye suburb on Saturday January 16th, breaking into houses and homes and murdering, slaughtering, and shooting innocent civilians, claiming the lives of more than 280 civilians, most of them women, children, and elderly people.

    In addition, the terrorist organizations abducted around 400 peaceful civilians from al-Bghailiye and transported them to other areas.”

    The Ministry said that such crimes wouldn’t have happened without the constant funding, arming, and logistic support provided by intelligence agencies of certain states, particularly, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey, adding “in this regard, we underline the destructive role played by France whose diplomacy has become proficient in firing off nonsense which encourages the committing of terrorist acts by demonizing the forces that are actually fighting terrorism.”

    The letters said that the massacres and crimes committed by terror organizations in Syria like ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra, Jaish al-Islam (Islam Army), al-Jabha al-Islamiya, Jaish al-Fateh (Conquest Army), the Free Army, Ahrar al-Cham, and other organizations affiliated to them require that the Security Council take steps against the states that are supporting and funding intercontinental terrorism which targets world peace and security.

    The Ministry demanded that the international community commit to fighting terrorism away from politicization and double-standards and by direct cooperation and coordination with the Syrian government, calling for providing support to the Syrian government which is fighting terrorism on behalf of the world.

    The letters said that such terrorist acts are being committed before the very eyes of the “US coalition” and the other states that cooperate with it, asserting that this coalition proved its failure and its hypocrisy, while the Syrian Arab Army and the Russian Aerospace Forces are waging an undaunted war on terrorism.

    The Ministry concluded by saying that as the Syrian government affirms its determination to continue defending the Syrian people and that fighting terrorism in Syria is a priority.

    It reiterates its calls for the UN Secretary-General and the Security Council to condemn such terrorist acts, and for the Security Council to assume its responsibilities regarding counter-terrorism by implementing relevant resolutions and taking all deterrent measures against the states, individuals, associations, and establishments that violate those resolutions, specifically the regimes of Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, and a number of Western states that continue to conspire against Syria.

  45. Sam January 19, 2016 @ 1:52 pm

    I think Alex Jones has hit a few nails on the head though he does miss a lot, part of what he is missing is the Communist Jew aspect of Germany being run over again.

    When first the articles came out about the rapes in Germany and Europe, rapes committed by the some of the ‘refugees’ the Jews are pushing into Europe and America, Alex spoke the reports, not much lately though.

    It is like the Jews working for the Rothschild family don’t want us to find out Germany and Europe are defending themselves against the murderous hordes invading their countries. So, Alex doesn’t talk about it much except to cement the idea that the white people in Germany and Europe are losing their home lands to foreigners.

    This is what all the traitors want us to think, that we cannot defeat our enemy, Rothschild’s Jew Mafia. You know what — it is just a waste of our time, all this verbal karate, the uselessness of what we are doing, we don’t have a chance of ever having freedom again.

    The Political and Judicial systems are completely corrupted and the worst part of it is: if we do get some representation the Jew Mafia Gang will just kill him/her! It is like Dodge City, all over, all over again.

    Thanks old man for working so hard for us–you are, immortal.

  46. Joel Ezra January 29, 2016 @ 3:31 am

    Jews have been sheltered by the hospitable Hindus in India for well over 2000 years and never faced discrimination.

    However, are these Jews loyal to India?

    They value Israel more than the nation of their residence (India) that has given them everything for millennia.

    Among themselves they are always running down India and praising Israel and it is almost every Jew’s desire to emigrate to Israel.

    After making aliyah, do they give back to India in some measure?

    No, they just forget or make a few trips to India to visit relatives who still live in India.

    Jewish youngsters in India are willing to joining the Israeli Defence Forces and fight for Israel and lay down their lives for the Zionist entity, but when asked about joining the Indian armed forces they are uninterested.

    The few Jews who joined the Indian army and rose to great heights were at heart zealous Zionists eager to shift India closer to Israel despite Israeli aggression and aggrandizement in its neighbourhood.

    What claim does Israel have to its territory that was forcibly carved out of Arab land half a century or so ago?

    The only claim the Jews have to the land mass of modern Israel is Scripture like the Torah.

  47. Henry July 27, 2016 @ 12:35 pm

    I was born in Germany 1930 and came to Canada 1954 never spoke about the holocaust, now I find out that most of the holocaust is a big lie.

    The Jews forced war onto Germany to destroy the country because they were not wanted, and now are back and will destroy Germany again.

    Merkel and others go along with it how very sad.

    Money printing has to be taking away from the Rothschilds and no more veto at the UN, and full power at the world court in Holland to save the world. Blair and Bush and other criminals should be sent there.

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