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Putin Sends Bibi Packing


Putin Sends Bibi Packing
By Brother Nathanael Kapner September 27, 2015 ©

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LIKE A DOG WITH HIS TAIL between his legs, Netanyahu walked away from his recent meeting with Putin empty-handed.

Somehow, Putin was not impressed by Netanyahu’s grand entrance complete with the chiefs of the IDF and Israeli intelligence.

Bibi came crying to Putin that Iran and Syria are arming the “terrorist” group Hezbollah in Lebanon and that Syria is opening up a second front “for Iran” in the Golan Heights.

Israel and Syria may be in a technical state of war, but the Syrians have kept the armistice on the Golan Heights marked by the UN-brokered cease-fire “Purple Line.”

Assad has no intentions of violating the cease-fire, and Putin knows it.

Thus Putin retorted, “As for the firing into Israeli territory, as I understand the situation, these attacks are being carried out using back-yard production weapons systems.”

Then, with a chuckle, he cut right to the chase:

“I think we are all aware that the Syrian army today is not in a state to be up to opening a second front. It has enough to do just trying to save Syria’s own statehood.”

Touché Vladimir! Nothing like Russian diplomacy to cut through Jewish smoke. Straight answers meet Jewish bunk head on.

Putin then showed Bibi the door with a short, non-committal statement about “understanding” Israel’s position.

Sending Bibzy straight to his corner, the chronic megalomaniac came back to Tel Aviv trying to wipe egg off his face as “Mister Security.”

Netanyahu twisted Putin’s statement to say that Israel will “coordinate” its operations in Syria with Russia and of bombing sites of alleged “Iranian weapons trafficked to Hezbollah.”

BUT BIBZY’S “Existential Threat to Israel” song and dance falls flat in Moscow. The Kremlin isn’t the adoring US Congress that fawns all over Jews bearing cash and votes.

For with Russia’s increased footprint in Syria, the ability of the Israeli army to make air strikes has been severely limited, lest it hits Russian military assets by mistake.

It also pressures Israel into stopping their own clandestine military aid and supply lines to the Jewmerica-backed Syrian ‘rebels,’ particularly around the Golan Heights.

The “Existential Threat” mantra works much better with Jews than hard-boiled Russians:

“No one strikes alliances with the weak,” Netanyahu told Mossad officers. “In a changing world, Israel must be a power. Not just a regional power, but a world power,” he added.

Yet Putin told Bibi to go back to his side of the Purple Line and stay there.

And stay there he will. The future belongs to Christian Russia, not Christ-hating Jews.


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Brother Nathanael @ September 26, 2015


  1. Brother Nathanael September 26, 2015 @ 10:01 pm

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  3. Brother Nathanael September 26, 2015 @ 10:27 pm


    Cornelius posted:

    A US Senator Who is Not a Traitor:

    In this web exclusive, Sean Stone sits down with Virginia state Senator Dick Black to talk about the ongoing crisis in Syria, and what policies the US and other world powers should adopt to return the region to peace and stability.

  4. Brother Nathanael September 26, 2015 @ 10:28 pm

    AND THIS FOLLOW-UP REPLY from KathJuliane

    Dear Cornelius,

    Alas, this courageous, principled man is in the Senate of Virginia, not the US Senate, and is the most sober-minded politician in America today, which doesn’t change the fact that he’s probably one of the most hated politicians as well.

    I located the official letter mentioned in the interview that Senator Black wrote Dr. Assad in April 2014.

    In he thanked “the Syrian Arab Army for its heroic rescue of Christians in the Qalamoun Mountain Range”, and praising Assad for “treating with respect all Christians and the small community of Jews in Damascus”.

    It is published on the official Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic Facebook page:

    ( )

    Then after reading the letter, I realized he had some insights into historical politics of Syria that are not commonly known. I looked a little further and discovered that he is Colonel Richard H. Black (USA Ret.)

    Black served as a pilot in the US Marines during the Vietnam War, earning the Purple Heart medal. After the war, he left the service and earned a law degree, returning to military service as a prosecutor with the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps.

    Black later headed the Army’s Criminal Law Division at the Pentagon, before retiring from the military in 1994.

    A Washington Post article covering his letter Dr. Assad, stated “Black is a former Army lawyer who said he developed a personal connection to the Middle East while overseeing military justice in that part of the world while stationed in Germany in the 1980s.

    As Foreign Policy’s David Kenner points out, Black has previously expressed support for the Assad regime in its lengthy civil war. His campaign Web site also contains a statement of opposition to any intervention in Syria.”

    The campaign web page is now archived. Indeed, it does say, “I have been staunchly opposed to intervention in Syria, and was the first Virginia official to publically condemn such action.

    “Below is my July 11th letter to Congress advising them against any use of military force.”

    And a scathing letter on the offical letterhead of the Senate of Virginia at that.

    So, Senator Black was an Army JAG attorney for the Middle East during the Lebanese Civil War. I bet he knows things.

    Senator Black also has no reservations speaking to the Russian press.

    Here’s Pravda interview from last April:

    Q) We know ISIS is not a joke. Thousands of Syrians could witness this truth with their blood and their life. According to your opinion, what solution for the Syrian situation?

    R) The first step is for the U.S. to stop arming and training terrorists to invade Syria – a neutral, nonbelligerent nation. All nations attacking Syria are doing so in clear violation of the Law of War.

    The war in Syria would have been nothing but a minor uprising had other nations not thrown gasoline on the fire. It is in everyone’s interest to end the war in Syria and restore peace to the Mideast. Our policy of “regime change” has been a disaster of historic proportions. Nothing good has come from it.

    Whether, Kosovo, Iraq, Libya or Syria, people die when international elites play games of war with neutral countries. I’m not a pacifist. I’ve bled on the battlefield. But fomenting violence against neutral countries is shameful, and it must stop.

    The so-called “moderate rebels” whom we are training often slip quickly into the ranks of ISIS and al Nusra – the Syrian branch of al Qaeda. They have become one of the most powerful and threatening armies on earth. We must recognize the danger that our actions pose toward all stable countries. The U.S. actually pays the salaries of the mercenaries we call “moderates.”

    We must cut American funding for all mercenaries in Syria. Western nations conducting the air war against ISIS should request permission from Syria whenever they overfly its sovereign territory. They should start coordinating air actions with Syrian forces–who are the most powerful enemies of ISIS.

    If ISIS were attacked with a coordinated air-ground campaign, they could be rolled back much more quickly. But this can only be done by cooperating with Syria.

    We should provide intelligence and material support to Syrian forces. The U.S. must stop transferring advanced arms to ISIS, al Qaeda and al Nusra through third parties like Saudi Arabia. This is happening today and it is a criminal violation, just as though we sent the weapons directly to the terrorists.

    I can see why he’s probably the most hated politician in Jewmerica, and wouldn’t be surprised that boneheads routinely try to smear him as an anti-American “Kremlin stooge” who gets his talking points from Putin.

  5. Jenna September 26, 2015 @ 10:39 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Could you please shed some light on the topic of Jewish Bar/Bat Mitvahs?

    Are Jewish children instructed and encouraged to talk about what a “big deal” their upcoming ceremony is, especially to Christians?

    My child has some Jewish friends that seem to talk incessantly about their upcoming bar/bat mitzvas. It really seems so “in your face”, and their parents too are always able to fit the topic into conversation at least 6 times each time I run into them.

    I also remember other Christian parents commenting on what a “big deal” a jewish bar mitzvah is. What’s the deal?

  6. KathJuliane September 26, 2015 @ 10:50 pm

    Dear +BN

    Thank you for a really terrific Article.

    It punches a hole in the tissue of Jew media lies based on Bibsy’s bloviations that imply that Putin had given Nuttysatan some sort of nod and wink to letting the IDF continue to make air strikes at will inside Syria, and that Russia would coordinate with them.

    Ha, ha, ha, Bibzy!

    That first montage just had me on the floor.

    “Hi Bibzy. Glad to see ya. Now here’s your suitcase all packed for your trip home. Watch out for that door on the way out.”

    God bless you, and my donation is on the way.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  7. KathJuliane September 26, 2015 @ 11:02 pm

    SAA Facebook:

    A Syrian army special forces officer said: “In the past two weeks there has been a noticeable increase in the accuracy and frequency of air force strikes.

    “They actually call us now for more targets to hit. We have been receiving new intelligence, more accurate satellite and aerial imaging of Isis positions which we never got before.”

    “The Russians might supply the weapons, but we will be the ones fighting on the ground.”

    Syrian Arab Army

  8. Hoff September 27, 2015 @ 1:24 am

    Great article BN and great comments by KathJ.

    This info may seem to be off topic but we are talking Russia and the Jews and one Russian who know Soviet and Jews the most has to be Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

    I got this link in one comment at my blog @

    All chapters translated into English is here in full text online.

    200 Years Together by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn RIP.

  9. Hoff September 27, 2015 @ 1:58 am

    You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians.

    They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse.

    The October Revolution was not what you call in America the “Russian Revolution.” It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people. More of my trymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history.

    It cannot be understated. Bolshevism was the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant of this reality is proof that the global media itself is in the hands of the perpetrators.”

    – Alexander Solzenitzyn

    “Bibzy” Nuttasatan ( Benjamin Netanyahu) is the elected leader of the Jews in Palestine (Israel). One in three Jews in Palestine vote on “Bibzy” as their leader.

    “Bibzy’s” party is called Likud, that is the Bolshevik Jews party. When you dig into it you will see that almost a hundred percent of the Jews voting for “Bibzy” are all Jews who emigrated from Soviet in the 60s.

    Read chapter 25: The Exodus Begins, and you get where the Jews who vote for “Bibzy” comes from, they are all Bolshevik jews.

  10. Hoff September 27, 2015 @ 2:21 am

    Never trust a word in Wikipedia, but it can be a good start.


    “Ze’ev Jabotinsky (1880–1940)”. Likud Anglos. Jabotinsky’s movement and teachings, which can be characterized as national-liberalism, form the foundation of the Likud party.

    Likud–National Liberal Movement, is the major center-rightpolitical party[10][11] in Israel. A secular party, [12] it was founded in 1973 by Menachem Begin in an alliance with several right-wing and liberal parties.

    Likud’s landslide victory in the 1977 elections was a major turning point in the country’s political history, …

    Jabotskinsky and Menchem Begin are some of the most extremist Jews who ever lived. And they are the founding “fathers” of the Communist/Bolshevik party Likud and they rule “Israel”.

  11. Irene Bonney Faulkes September 27, 2015 @ 4:03 am

    It seems that Chinese ships are en route with troops to give assistance in Syria.

    With Russia leading the way, this all is a most welcome turn around of events.

    What a wonderful closure to your news.

    The future does not belong to the Christ-hating Jews’.

    Let this resound throughout our churches in our nations.

    The continued onslaught by the Jews against us is not determined by God.

    Hope springs eternal especially when there is a Mr. Putin standing for certain truth and righteousness.

  12. Daniel September 27, 2015 @ 5:14 am

    Jewish Bar/Bat Mitvahs…a “big deal”.

    Jews commandeer the babies right from the womb.

    The “Bris” or “covenant of circumcision”, is performed by a Mohel (“moyel”).

    The Bar/Bat Mitvahs occur at age 13. After this age, the boys and girls bear their own responsibility for Jewish ritual law, and tradition.

    These ceremonies are held in the presence of huge numbers of witnesses. Often, money is given as a gift. So, now you have the perfect setup to pressure the young ones to go through life not only bragging about their religion openly, but attempting to indoctrinate others.

    Marrying a Jew is death for Christianity, as a Jewish bride or groom will DEMAND the spouse convert to Judaism before the wedding. Thus the defeated spouse learns their future children will be raised as Jews.

    Often times, a Jew will say to me “Hi, I’m a Jew”, to which I reply with a German accent, “You must be very proud”. They usually scurry away, never to be heard from again.

    While 85% of America is Christian, 100% of U.S. policy is driven by the Jews. This is very unhealthy, and unacceptable and will be rectified.

  13. KathJuliane September 27, 2015 @ 11:00 am

    President al-Assad: Terrorists are the true tool of the Israeli aggression, and confronting Israel requires confronting its tools first


    Damascus, SANA (August 2015) – President Bashar al-Assad asserted that terrorists are the true tool of the Israeli aggression on Syria and that the terrorists’ acts are more dangerous than Israel’s, therefore confronting Israel requires confronting its tools first.

    In an interview given to al-Manar TV, President al-Assad said the essence of the crisis in Syria is foreign interference, and once this interference ceases in all its forms, then it would be possible to say that the crisis is in its final stages, because then confronting terrorism would be easier.

    His Excellency said that so far, there is no suitable environment or essential elements for the political track to succeed in reaching a solution for the crisis, noting that the states that support terrorism are imposing figures in any dialogue that represent these states and not the Syrian state.

    President al-Assad-interview-al-Manar TV 5

    President al-Assad said that the United States doesn’t want terrorism to triumph, and at the same time doesn’t want to become weak to the point that stability is achieved in the region; rather the United States wants matters to continue moving towards chaos and wakening all states, adding that the crisis proved that Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a mere puppet with dreams, the last of these dreams being the buffer zone, but he can’t move in this direction without the approval of his U.S. master.

    He stressed that defending the homeland isn’t just by bearing arms; rather defending the homeland is done by all things that make it stronger and more resilient in the face of attacks, adding that the Syrians’ hope for victory is the incentive for confronting terrorists and the plot devised for Syria.

    President al-Assad said that if any international envoy were completely impartial, then the west wouldn’t have approved them, and so the biased statements of envoys are part of their role.

    He also reiterated that any initiative must respect Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and leave the decision to the Syrian people while prioritizing counterterrorism.

    Excerpts from the full interview (Read the full interview to get the whole context. There are some remarkable statements which could have come from the American Founding Fathers themselves, such as “no foreign entanglements”! )

    –Syrians’ hope for victory is the incentive for confronting terrorists and the plot

    In response to a question on Syria’s confidence in emerging victorious from the terrorist war waged on it and what this confidence is based on, President al-Assad said that if there hadn’t been hope of victory among the citizens, then Syria wouldn’t have persevered for four and a half year.

    “This hope is the incentive for confronting terrorists and confronting the plot devised for Syria and applied in it like it was applied in a number of other Arab countries,” he said.

    “We rely firstly on people, of course after relying on God, but if you don’t have public support then you cannot withstand. If you don’t have public support then there is no value for any political or national direction you adopt as a president or official or state.

    First, you rely on the people, and second on friends who stand firm alongside Syria and support in the region and in the world,” His Excellency said.

    –For political track to have an effect, it must be between Syrian independent political forces

    –Oman has important role in dealing with various points of tension in region and cooling them down

    “When we reach the stage where the countries involved in conspiring on Syria and in shedding Syrian blood stop supporting terrorism, then we can say that we are in the last quarter, because other details that are called a political solution or a political track or anything similar become simple details and of little value, and when we say ‘of little value’ this means that they aren’t essential in resolving the crisis, and they become details on which an agreement can be reached.”

    –If we want to confront Israel, we have to face its tools, the terrorists, within Syria

    “Today, the main Israeli tool that is more important than that aggression are the terrorists in Syria, meaning that what they do is much more dangerous than what Israel does from time to time to support them. They are the basis of the problem.

    “So, if we want to confront Israel, first we have to face its tools within Syria. You cannot confront an external enemy when you have an internal enemy.

    “This matter must be resolved within Syria, and then things will be back to the way they were, and no-one would dare act against Syria; not Israel nor anyone else,” President al-Assad asserted.

    On whether Israel’s awareness that Syria’s priority is fighting Takfiri terrorists made it rush into committing those aggression, President al-Assad said this could be a contributing factor, but the main factor is that there are those who are ready to cooperate with the Israeli enemy, who are prepared to receive treatment in its hospitals, and who are audacious enough to praise Israel for attacking their homeland on social media.

    The President stressed that the strength of a country is primarily based on the unity of the people before relying on its army or political system, and the greater part of the people are unified, but when there are elements of treason, extremism, and terrorism, then these points constitute weak points that cannot be ignored, and must be dealt with when other elements become secondary.

    Regarding the change in the rules of engagement with the Israeli enemy, something which Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, had mentioned, President al-Assad said “Of course, taking into account the difference between Syria and Lebanon; the geographic difference and demographic difference in terms of borders.

    “On the borders between the resistance and Israel, there is the Lebanese resistance on the Lebanese side, but on the borders between us and Israel, there are agents of Israel, ones that are similar to the Lahad army and Saad Haddad army in the past, therefore this issue must be dealt with before the geographic or political issues that follow.”

    On the confusion regarding the interpretations of some of the things said by President al-Assad in his latest speech, specifically regarding the army and its influence and regarding “giving the country to Iran and Hezbollah,” His Excellency said “regarding the first point, I was clear and candid. There is no doubt that times of war lead to more army desertion cases.

    “I said that clearly in the speech; I didn’t deny it and I speak transparently with the Syrian citizen. We don’t care what the malicious media says.

    “This has a negative impact in any battle and in any army, and this happened even to the United States during the Vietnam War and to all armies.

    “However, when this war is of a special type and you’re finding an enemy with limitless resources – particularly in terms of manpower – then its effect becomes stronger.”

    On the issue of retreating from some areas, President al-Assad reiterated that retreating and advances have occurred in the same areas in less than a month, which is natural in wars, and he focused on that point in his speech to motivate youths to join the armed forces.

    –Defending homeland isn’t just by bearing arms, but also by making it more resilient

    –Was de Mistura impartial, the US and the West wouldn’t have brought him

    –We won’t support any proposal by UN mediators if it doesn’t suit our national interests

    –US has backstabbing policy, Russia’s policy is based on principles

    –We have great trust in the Russians, they aim at pushing for dialogue to cut off calls for war

    –Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, decision of its people and combating terrorism are the principles when dealing with any initiative

    –Iran’s strength will strengthen Syria, and Syria’s victory will be a victory for Iran

    –Iraqis are aware the enemy is one, unifying the battle gives better results

    –Any alliance or act or dialogue that leads to stopping bloodshed is a priority

    –The Saudi state supports terrorists in Syria, this is a fact everyone knows

    “This is what concerns us, and in the end the result is the same, meaning that with and without escalation, the Saudi state supports terrorists in Syria, this is a fact that everyone knows, so escalation here is meaningless,” he said, adding that in terms of the verbal escalation, then Syria could respond in a similar manner and ask what one would expect from a group that hasn’t entered human civilization?

    –Erdogan is a puppet with big dreams, the latest is “the buffer zone”

    –We want Egypt to play the brotherly country and not act as launching pad against other Arab countries

  14. B September 27, 2015 @ 11:09 am

    Could the actual real reason that Stalin was stalling for almost two years with attacking Germany in World War Two, actually because Germany needed this additional amount of time in order to help the Jewish Zionists to have their desire of a perfect “Holocaust”, and the purpose of the Holocaust which was used to help to populate Israel with a large enough Jewish population in order for the Zionists to take complete control of the new state of Israel ?

    If Stalin had stopped Germany at the start of the German invasion in 1941, then the alleged Holocaust would have been much reduced in size, and there may not have been a new country of Israel today.



  15. KathJuliane September 27, 2015 @ 11:58 am

    Our dear +BN does it again with his unique finger on the pulse of the world, tap dancing around the competition.

    Not only was Bibsy sent to his corner with the vague alleged promise of a future “joint coordination” system between Russia and Israel, but they are entirely excluded from the very real Anti-ISIS Joint Information Center to be headquartered in Iraq.

    The ink is still wet on the agreement signed by Iraq, Russia, Syria, and Iran. It was announced on the state Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA):

    Iraqi military announces agreement on anti-ISIS joint information center with Russia, Syria and Iran

    Baghdad, SANA – The Joint Operations Command in Baghdad announced agreement with Moscow, Damascus and Tehran to establish a joint information center in the Iraqi capital to coordinate operations against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

    The Command was quoted as saying in a statement that Iraq agreed with Russia, Syria and Iran on intelligence and security cooperation to “help and cooperate in collecting information about the terrorist Daesh [ISIS] group.”

    Over the past months, Iraq has formed several committees for cooperation in security and intelligence with countries that had expressed their willingness to cooperate with Baghdad in facing the spread of ISIS gangs, the statement said.

    The information center was first announced earlier on Saturday by a military source in Moscow, who said the center will involve representatives of the general staffs of the four countries’ army’s.

  16. Brother Nathanael September 27, 2015 @ 4:17 pm


    I AM BROKE and back in deep debt. I an not able to pay my bills this month.

    I had to take out another loan from a Credit Card.

    I had no choice. Either that or go belly up.

    I am also about to be thrown out of the apartment I am living in by December 31.

    (It is paramount that I stay here in Summit County CO. If not, I go back to a monastery.)

    It would be a shame if due to lack of funds and a living residence all this would come to an end on January 1.

    Is there anyone(s) who can bail me out with a generous donation so I don’t have to continue sweating it out?

    ALL Help Is Appreciated.

    To Donate Your Tax Deductible Contribution Via PayPal CLICK:

    OR Donate Your Tax Deductible Contribution Via Click & Pledge @

    By Mail:

    TO: The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    Personal Needs: (Rent, food, utilities, necessities etc)

    Brother Nathanael; PO Box 547; Priest River ID 83856.

    PS – ALL cash donations by mail come in safely. Many thanks to those who send cash.

    +Brother Nathanael @

  17. KathJuliane September 27, 2015 @ 8:01 pm

    The web has exploded in the last few days with relays of a vague report from Al Masdar News that Chinese military personnel are expected to arrive in Syria in the next six weeks.

    That could happen.

    Now that it’s clear US power will not be used in any decisive way in Syria, China may indeed see utility in putting down a serious political stake in the outcome there, but it hasn’t happened yet.

    The Al Masdar report also says that a Chinese naval ship entered the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal on Tuesday, 22 September, with its destination unconfirmed. That is very murky.

    Although it’s possible a warship made that transit, it appears unlikely at the moment. For one thing, it’s very doubtful that a Chinese warship is traveling by itself.

    Breitbart’s article on this refers to “vessels” that allegedly went through the canal, but the original Al Masdar report speaks of single ship.

    The Breitbart post links to a report from Generational Dynamics that appears to combine the information from Al Masdar with that of a Pravda report.

    There are at least more two rumors of Chinese military to Syria circulating in the alternative media Bullhorn Jones/Infowars echo chamber, and those I will deal with.

    The first is “China Sends 1000 Marines To Syrian Coast,” and the second, less well circulated so far, is “A Chinese aircraft carrier docks at Tartus to support Russian-Iranian military buildup.” Both originate with DEBKAfile, a dubious source located in Jerusalem to be taken with a pound of salt and an Alka Seltzer chaser [I’m showing my age].

    Two former veteran journalists of the London-based The Economist, Giora Shamis and Diane Shalem operate the website from their home. The site is unabashedly in the hawkish camp of Israeli politics, drawing their ‘intelligence’ from sources with an agenda, such as neo-conservative elements of the Republicrat Party.

    DEBKA also panders their “intelligence” as being what the patriotic American Israel-firsters want to hear, not to mention Bullhorn Jones and his Infowars.

    And of course there are those dear evangelicals waiting for the great Profiteer of Doom Hagee Blood Moon Armageddon moment when millions upon millions of Russians and Chinese, as well as armies from the Middle East, all attack Jerusalem, and the Hageeites will be raptured to heaven to watch it all from the great grandstands in the sky.

    DEBKA’S intelligence is so dubious that one well established Israeli news publisher stated that Israeli intelligence officials do not consider even 10 percent of the site’s content to be reliable.

    Be that as it may, the first mashup goes more or less like this:

    Russian Navy spokesmen said Friday that the fleet building up in the Mediterranean can answer any development after the Smetlivy guided missile destroyer set sail for the Mediterranean.

    DEBKAfile: Since Wednesday, Moscow has reported six warships have been sent out to reinforce the Russian fleet on hand opposite Syria. Western naval sources reported Friday that a Chinese landing craft, the Jinggangshan (photo below), with a 1,000-strong marine battalion had reached the Red Sea en route for the Mediterranean off Syria.

    With a displacement of 19,000 tons, the amphibious warship is 210 meters long and 28 meters wide and can carry helicopters, armored fighting vehicles, boats and landing craft as well as nearly 1,000 soldiers, Jiangxi Daily said.

    Focusing on the Chinese info, this can be positively proven to orginate from a 2013 item published by DEBKAfile:

    « Breaking News »

    A Chinese landing craft with 1,000 marines for Syria – reports

    DEBKAfile September 6, 2013, 12:31 PM (IDT)

    Western naval sources reported Friday that a Chinese landing craft, the Jinggangshan, with a 1,000-strong marine battalion had reached the Red Sea en route for the Mediterranean off Syria.

    According to DEBKAfile, Beijing has already deployed a number of warships opposite Syria in secret.

    If the latest report is confirmed, this will be the largest Chinese deployment in the Middle East in its naval history.

    Yes, indeedy. Armageddon is at the door, or was in 2013. It is now recycling again as 2015 info.

    What DEBKA appears to have done, given the Jewish talent for fables, is to have embellished and conflated what is normal, routine Chinese military business in the Eastern Mediterranean area.

    For example, China participated in an international naval exercise just this last May or June in the Black Sea. China composes a portion of an ongoing UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon, the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon or UNFIL along the Lebanon-Israel border.

    The Chinese troops of UNFIL are annually rotated, so if not transported via military planes, then naval troop transport ships would be used, as well as pick up the contingent being relieved. That could be one reason why there would be a Chinese amphibious transport that “reached the Red Sea enroute [through the Suez Canal] for the Mediterranen off Syria.”

    In 2006, China did send 1,000 Peacekeeping troops in addition to 200 engineers and explosive experts who work for the UN on site in Lebanon clearing mines and unexploded ordinance right after Israel’s vicious war on Lebanon, trying to eradicate the Hezbollah paramilitary militias.

    In 2013, China had a force of 200 engineers still clearing landmines and unexploded ordinance, and China still deploys their share of peacekeepers to Lebanon.

    In any case, no official source anywhere ever confirmed that in 2013 1,000 Chinese marines landed in Syria.

    China does have its own security, no doubt the military rather than private contractors, looking after its national interests in various hot zones among its various industrial interests and investments in Africa, Central Asia and so forth.

    In 2011, before the civil war broke out, China was Syria’s top trading partner, ahead of Russia. China has large stakes in Syria’s oil industry. The state-owned China National Petroleum Corporation holds shares in two of Syria’s largest oil firms and has signed multibillion-dollar deals to assist in exploration and development activities.

    Another PRC firm, Sinochem, owns a 50 percent stake in one of Syria’s largest oil fields. China has also stepped in as an buyer of Syrian crude in the aftermath of a European Union embargo in 2011.

    To date so far as I know, China has adopted a standoffish position to Syria during the civil war deferring to its strategic partner Russia, which could be changing. They have legitimate interests in Syria, but so far their military role doesn’t seem to appear in the immediate picture.

    Conceivably as the SAA eventually starts their rollback into the eastern Syrian desert region where much of the oil fields are, China, if requested by the Syrian government, could take a role of at least providing security for these oil interests, and freeing up the Syrian troops.

    Now for the second DEBKA fantasy.

  18. KathJuliane September 27, 2015 @ 8:20 pm

    As for the second rumor now beginning to rage, that can be sourced also to DEBKAfile within the past 48 hours who asserts categorically that Liaoning “docked in the Syrian port of Tartus” on Friday, 25 September.

    It is a doozy mix of facts, speculations, exaggerations, and misinformation designed to bolster the aura of truthiness for Nuttysatan’s own talking points about the existential threat to Israel to Syria by the Iranian Axis of Evil(TM).

    Here it is in its entirety, because after a few days, DEBKA archives it, and then it costs money.

    A Chinese aircraft carrier docks at Tartus to support Russian-Iranian military buildup

    DEBKAfile Exclusive Report September 26, 2015, 1:17 PM (IDT)

    As US President Barack Obama welcomed Chinese President Xi Jinping to the White House on Friday, Sept. 25, and spoke of the friendship between the two countries, the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning-CV-16 docked at the Syrian port of Tartus, accompanied by a guided missile cruiser. This is revealed exclusively by DEBKAfile.

    Beijing is not finding it hard to dance at two weddings, wooing the US for better relations, while at the same time backing Russia in its military intervention in Syria.

    Coupled with the warm smiles and handshakes exchanged at the lavish reception on the White House lawn, Beijing was clearly bent on showing muscle – not just in the South China Sea, but by allying itself with the Russian-Iranian political and military buildup in support of Syrian President Bashar Assad and his regime.

    DEBKAfile’s military sources report that the Chinese aircraft carrier passed through the Suez Canal on Sept. 22, one day after the summit in Moscow between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

    When they talked, Putin made no mention of the Chinese warship entering the eastern Mediterranean or its destination.

    Its arrival has upended the entire strategic situation surrounding the Syrian conflict, adding a new global dimension to Moscow and Tehran’s military support for Assad.

    This was grasped at length by US Secretary of State John Kerry. On Sept. 25, he sent Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, who also led the US negotiating team for the nuclear talks with Iran, to announce that the Obama administration is ready for dialogue with Iran about the situation in Syria, and this topic would be raised when Kerry’s met Iranian Foreign Minister Muhammad Jawad Zarif in New York on Sept. 26.

    But if the top US diplomat hoped to bypass the Russian initiative in Syria by going straight to Tehran, he was too late. Iran is already moving forward fast to augment its military presence in the war-torn country, buttressed by the ground, air and sea support of two world powers, Russia and China.

    This turn of evens has a highly detrimental effect on Israel’s strategic and military position.

    It also strengthens Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in his determination to turn the nuclear deal concluded in July into a tool for isolating the US politically, militarily and economically in the Middle East, rather than a milestone on the road to a breakthrough in ties with Iran, as the Obama administration had hoped.

    Our military sources find evidence that the Chinese forces are digging in for a prolonged stay in Syria.

    The carrier put into Tartus minus its aircraft contingent. The warplanes and helicopters should be in place on its decks by mid-November – flying in directly from China via Iran or transported by giant Russian transports from China through Iranian and Iraqi airspace.

    This explains the urgency of establishing a Russian-Syria-Iranian “military coordination cell” in Baghdad in the last couple of days. This mechanism, plus the Russian officers sighted in Baghdad, indicates that the Russian military presence is not limited to Syria but is beginning to spill over into Iraq as well.

    The coordination cell – or war room – was presented as necessary to begin working with Iranian-backed Shiite militias fighting the Islamic State in both places. But more immediately, it is urgently needed to control the heavy traffic of Russian, Iranian and Chinese military flights transiting Iraqi air space.

    Our sources report that the Chinese will be sending out to Syria a squadron of J-15 Flying Shark fighters, some for takeoff positions on the carrier’s decks, the rest to be stationed at the Russian airbase near Latakia.

    The Chinese will also deploy Z-18F anti-submarine helicopters and Z-18J airborne early warning helicopters.

    In addition, Beijing will consign at least 1,000 marines to fight alongside their counterparts from Russia and Iran against terrorist groups, including ISIS.

    DEBKAfile’s counterterrorism sources point out that just as Russian marines will be instructed to single out rebel militias with recruits from Chechnya and the Caucasus, the Chinese marines will seek out and destroy Uighur fighters from the northern predominantly Muslim Chinese province of Xinjiang.

    In the same way that Putin has no wish to see the Chechen fighters back in Russia, so too Chinese President Xi wants to prevent the Uighurs from returning home from the Syrian battlefields.

  19. KathJuliane September 27, 2015 @ 8:44 pm

    Let’s dissect some of DEBKA’S whoppers.

    First is DEBKA’s statement “the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning-CV-16 docked at the Syrian port of Tartus, accompanied by a guided missile cruiser.”

    China doesn’t operate cruisers. A cruiser is a certain type of warship. Currently only three nations operate cruisers: the US, Russia, and Peru.

    And, if an aircraft carrier and a guided missile “cruiser” (not to mention the rest of the aircraft carrier’s hard to miss battle group) were deployed to Syria for military purposes, they wouldn’t just come skidding in to port and cozy up to the docks in a war zone, but would hold station offshore in international waters.

    China has two naval “fleets,” or task forces, deployed halfway around the world to the western side of the Eurasian land mass. One is the current antipiracy task force operating in the Gulf of Aden.

    This task force, the 21st Fleet, comprises two frigates, the Liuzhou and the Sanya, along with a fleet supply ship. The 21st Fleet deployed in early August, and has been on station too little time to be heading off for other tasking.
    ( )

    While the antipiracy ships are performing escort duties, they are either running convoys or in the local area, conducting at-sea training or port visits, usually in Djibouti or Oman. They don’t go off station to make excursions into the Mediterranean without orders.

    The other task force is the 20th Fleet, which was the antipiracy escort task force prior to the 21st Fleet’s arrival in the Gulf of Aden, at the southern end of the Red Sea which leads to the Suez Canal.

    What the 20th Fleet is doing is certainly interesting. But it also precludes the ships’ being anywhere near Syria. They’re proceeding on from their antipiracy patrol to conduct a round-the-world voyage:

    ( )

    During its global voyage lasting for more than five months and covering a total of more than 30,000 sea miles, the Chinese naval fleet will pay port calls to countries including Sudan, Egypt, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, the United States, Cuba, Mexico, Australia, East Timor and Indonesia.

    The ships have completed their port visits in Sudan, Egypt, and Denmark, and arrived in Finland on Saturday, 26 September. Chinese navy ships have never been to the Baltic before, so this is exciting for everyone.

    I remember how excited I was when the flagship of the Russian Pacific Fleet, the Varyag made a rare San Francisco good will appearance in 2010, the first time the Russian navy had visited San Francisco in 147 years.

    I drove all the way from North California to see it. The Russians were just as excited as the Americans, so I can imagine the excitement of the Finns and Chinese.

    China as its navy develops is doing a lot more in the way of deploying goodwill tours.

    China may deploy her navy to Syria in the coming days (which will take weeks to transit), but there are no reliable indications that any Chinese navy arrivals are imminent.

    The Chinese Navy hospital ship Peace Ark set off from Malaysia’s Port Klang after joint Chinese-Malaysian exercises in the Malacca Strait on September 23 to carry out the task ominously codenamed “Harmonious Mission – 2015”.

    According to China’s Defense News, the Peace Ark will visit seven countries and regions around the Pacific Ocean, including Australia, French Polynesia, the United States, Mexico, Barbados, Grenada and Peru, for military diplomacy, medical exchange and cultural communication. It will also provide free medical and humanitarian services.

    There is zero likelihood that the actual aircraft carrier Liaoning is even scheduled to go to the Mediterranean in the near future, much less that it is already there.

    Liaoning is not ready for such a deployment as it is still in aircraft research training phase, and China wouldn’t just sling the ship over to the Med unannounced, with one escort. China has just started their aircraft carrier program the past few years.

    Besides, if the Liaoning actually is in Syrian waters, where’s the rest of its battle group, since China doesn’t have naval cruisers?

    Ships don’t fly. Or teleport.

    If Liaoning had actually been transiting from China to Syria over the last month, which is about how long the trip would take, this would be big news and we would have heard about it – at a minimum – when the ship went through the Strait of Malacca (or, less likely, by another route through the Indonesian Archipelago), when it was heading west south of India, when it was in the Gulf of Aden or Red Sea, and when it went through the Suez Canal.

    There would be images with verifiable reports from the nations along the route, and a high level of media chatter. Something like that would certainly never slip by Arab media and social sites.

    If the carrier and its battle group had been through the Indian Ocean, we would all have known about it weeks ago, especially in the Indian press who are hyper-vigilant when it comes to China.

    There is also absolutely no way the Liaoning could go through the Suez Canal without making front-page news in every paper in the region.

    There is no way Liaoning could sneak into the Med and Tartus, unless it was cleverly disguised Transformer fashion, or maybe equipped with a Klingon Cloaking Device.

    The Mediterranean is no longer a NATO lake, but that doesn’t mean that the massive Sixth Fleet (the largest fleet in the USN that Carly Fiorina wants to “rebuild”) packed up and went home. They would have noticed, too.

    The Liaoning hasn’t left China.

    The Liaoning was the centerpiece of China’s largest air force show for their V-Day celebration on September 3, 2015.

    As a matter of fact as of Sept 25, the same day Debka published their “intelligence,” the Liaoning is still docked in her homeport in Dalian, China. (Use an online translator)

    So much for Debkafile. This is how grey propaganda works, a mixture of facts and lies.

  20. Thomas September 27, 2015 @ 9:30 pm

    BN, can you comment on this if you can:

  21. michael mazur September 27, 2015 @ 10:07 pm

    Baffles me why Netanyahu would think that by simply going to Moscow he could brow beat Putin.

    What a fool.

    Couldn’t his chiefs of the IDF and intel have told him that Putin is not some fawning American who had earlier pledged his undying loyalty to Israel and the Jews ?

    Are they fools also, too full of their self importance ?

  22. KathJuliane September 27, 2015 @ 10:53 pm

    Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev recently published his domestic economic policy article on the Russian government site.

    It’s translated into English:

    The new reality: Russia and global challenges

    – The structural crisis and the Russian agenda
    – The world we live in
    – The quality of growth: strategy, directions and priorities
    – Macroeconomic prerequisites for growth
    – Priorities of structural reforms
    – Retention and development of human capital
    – Non-economic modernisation factors

    Also, the Kremlin has just published a partial English transcript of Putin’s interview on the Charlie Rose show:

    Interview to American TV channel CBS and PBS

    Vladimir Putin gave an interview to American journalist Charlie Rose in the run-up to his address at the UN General Assembly’s 70th session.

    Both are well worth reading.

  23. Brother Nathanael September 27, 2015 @ 11:09 pm


    Regarding the link you posted that you asked me to comment on @

    …I have said it SO MANY times, Putin is the head of a MULTI-ETHNIC, MULTI-CREEDAL society made up of Orthodox Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, etc.

    In Moscow alone are Slavs and Moldovians, Georgians and Europeans, (Christians and Jews) Tatars, Tajiks, Chechens and Uzbeks (Muslims), Koreans and Chinese. (Buddhists.)

    As head of state, Putin is obligated (and by pragmatism) to MAINTAIN peaceful co-existence between all of these diverse ethnic and multi-creedal groups.

    Putin did not bring in all of these multi-cultural groups as the Jews did in Jewmerica and Europe. It was a natural development of Russia’s history sprawling over so many centuries and much geography, and as a result of its historical Imperial stretch.

    The newest mosque (already 4) in Moscow is an inevitable development of the 2 million Muslims living in Moscow. (No surprise then that there are already 4 Mosques in Moscow.)

    The Saker you link to (Who is this Faker anyways? Why is he hiding behind a fake name?) has the title of his link to Unz Review: “Russia’s Civilizational Choice.”

    That’s ridiculous. It’s not a “choice” at all, (not a new “choice” that is, since Tsarist Russia—Orthodox Christian—allowed mosques in Russia), and has nothing to do with the grand sweep of “civilization.”

    It’s really, “Russia’s Inevitable Religious Complexion Development.”

    The Russian Orthodox Church still REMAINS prominent in Moscow and in Russia’s polity of “Symphony of Church and State,” a Byzantine concept that I have done Articles and Videos on many times.

    The new mosque in Russia gave Putin the opportunity in his appearance at its opening to show the Muslim world that he sees a very clear difference between traditional Islam and the Wahhabi form of it as seen in the ISIS ideology and its consequent monstrous murderous actions. (The majority of the Islamic world AGREES with this distinction.)

    All this for Putin just in time when he is about to clean house of the Wahabbi terrorists that the Jews have been using in Syria to topple the honorable President/Doctor al-Assad, who protects ALL minorities in Syria whether they by Sunni, Shiite, Druze, or Christian.

    Thus Putin shows himself NOT to be at odds with Islam BUT with the perverted form of it that ISIS represents and is being used by International Jewry to destroy the Iran/Syria/Lebanon ANTI-ZIONIST bloc.

    Touche Vladimir!

    A WHOLE NEW ORDER is coming to the world at a “civilization” NEAR You!

    See My Videos: “The Church In Putin’s Eyes” @
    “The Religion Of Vladimir Putin” @
    Article: “Monarchy In Russia Must Come!” @

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner
    “Member In Good Standing” of Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR) @

  24. Brother Nathanael September 27, 2015 @ 11:20 pm

    While We’re At It

    Internet Publicists To Be Cautious Of:

    * Paul Craig Roberts – Mostly good BUT doesn’t have a clue about Russia, its polity, and its cutting-edge intelligence throughout the world.

    Roberts seems to think that Russia fumbles the ball in trying to appease the West.

    Naah. Russia knows how to stroke one of the West’s hands and BREAK the other.)

    * The Saker – FAKE name. What’s he hiding? He doesn’t name the Jew so what’s he afraid of? He is in NO danger like I am.

    He froths at the mouth, constantly going back and forth in his assertions, and makes predictions that NEVER come to pass. (I stopped reading him over a year ago but people still ask me to comment on his frothings.) He only recently “decided” that al-Assad is good for Syria and changed his mind that he was not a “playboy” after all. (That’s the kind of misdirection and garbage that comes out of Saker’s mouth.)

    And by the way, Saker is a “schismatic” in a non-canonical ‘Orthodox Christian’ jurisdiction.

    If you read him your soul will be poisoned by his schismatic spirit which the Orthodox Christian Fathers say is more serious than heresy since it serves to SPLIT and DIVIDE the seamless robe of the Orthodox Church which cannot be split or divided. Schismatics, like Saker the Faker, SEPARATE themselves from the sacraments and salvation of the true Orthodox Church.

    * Steven Lendman – The “B movie” of Internet publicists.

    * Tyler Durden (Fake name) of Zero Hedge – “Misinformation for the masses” publicist.

    Zero Hedge is TOTALLY UNRELIABLE. Don’t trust a single word of it as it mixes mostly false information with news you can get anywhere.

    I read two of his Articles a year ago and will never read him again. I don’t like mis-information and speculative journalism.

    +Brother Nathanael
    Just The Facts Ma’am AND The JEW Names and the JEW Faces

    “Member In Good Standing” of the CANONICAL Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR) @

  25. Katherine September 28, 2015 @ 3:23 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Many thanks for the excellent article “Putin Sends Bibi Packing”. And thanks also for the clear explanation of Putin’s approach to Muslims.

    My donation is in the mail this morning.

    My prayers and best wishes,


  26. The Elder of Zyklon-B September 28, 2015 @ 6:47 am

    I wonder why the kosher command at Sixty Minutes allowed Charlie Rose to get his butt handed to him by Putin in last night’s show.

    I like the way Putin laughs at and mocks the clowns who follow the script and ask the retarded questions.

    Move over Donnie Chump, who was also on Sixty Minutes last night explaining how he was going to make Jewmerica rich again.

    “Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush launched his ‘National Jewish Leadership Committee’ Friday morning, consisting of 71 prominent members of the Jewish community.”

  27. R A FEIBEL September 28, 2015 @ 8:14 am

    What no one is mentioning here is Gen. John Allen’s resignation. He is one of the Ziojew cabal’s head the military assigned to the State Department. Actually, he is retired military and Obama probably, through AIPAC/Tel Aviv pressure, made Gen. Allen his man in the Syrian/ISIL/Daesh fight.

    Gen Allen is a traitor who is aligned with Erdogan the criminal who is the Jews’ agent in Turkey arming and supplying Daesh. Erdogan’s son is the one who is purchasing the stolen oil from Iraq, that Daesh is stealing and is making billions off of it.

    Erdogan’s daughter runs a hospital for wounded Daesh. All the people are Gen. Petraeus’ people and he is the top Israeli/Rothschild commander.

    PUtin, according to reports leaked to the net media was “short” to Netanyahu and his entourage of high ranking IDF and Mossad officers. It didn’t scare Putin one bit. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall during that meeting. One can only hope that a military coup starts in Turkey and ends in Washington to finally rid the world of these criminal Jews who for centuries of deceit and treachery have co-opted all major governments on the planet.

    And I have to say this admiration that the media and public are showing for the Catholic head is beyond me. This organization is part and parcel of the Jew/Rothschild banking cabal, and has been for centuries, even before the Rothschilds going back a millennium.

  28. Citizenfitz September 28, 2015 @ 12:29 pm

    America has sown the wind – and will reap the whirlwind.

  29. Citizenfitz September 28, 2015 @ 12:33 pm

    A woman test:

    First, start your stopwatch.

    Next, talk to a woman about things in your life.

    Last, time how long it takes her to change the subject to things in *her* life.

  30. Citizenfitz September 28, 2015 @ 12:35 pm

    Notice how all these world leaders are going to see Mr. Putin, rather than the other way around.

    That tells a lot.

  31. jim September 28, 2015 @ 12:56 pm

    Syria was a peaceful and prosperous nation, just like Iraq and Libya, before the Israhell controlled US destroyed those countries.

    The only amazing thing is why Putin waited so damn long to show up in Syria, and why he agreed to the Libyan fiasco. Maybe when the verdilacs show up at your door (Ukraine), you say enough is enough.

    What is really sick is when the US illegally invaded Afghanistan, the Taliban not only prevented almost all farmers from growing opium, but made sure the street were literally safe at night for both women and children. Now almost all the farmers grow opium, women and children are not safe at all at anytime, and the puppets the US has installed totally get off on raping little boyz.

    Guess when the camel no longer wants it, and the opium buzz kicks in, why not go for the gusto and destroy some little child’s life for your fifteen minutes of fun (Warhol was no doubt a pedo faggot).

    It is a toss up as to whether the US, Israhell or England is the most foul place on Earth, so thank the Lord Almighty for Russia and the Christian King Putin.

    My prayers go out to God that Russia rise up and defend Humanity against the children of the Devil, and do so quickly, because the US is getting close to a nuclear first strike offensive.

  32. KathJuliane September 28, 2015 @ 1:13 pm

    The Daily Star (Lebanon): Putin proposes UNSC resolution on fight against ISIS

    Agence France Presse

    UNITED NATIONS: Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed a U.N. Security Council resolution to govern international military action against ISIS, Moscow’s envoy to the United Nations said Monday.

    Ambassador Vitaly Churkin told reporters at the United Nations that Syria’s government and its ally Iran should be included in a joint action to defeat the extremist threat.


    France, one of the main pillars of the EU and backers of the Syrian “opposition,” is beginning to run its own game, or at least pretending to, by unilaterally bombing in Syrian territory, and calling for a “no fly zone” in northern sovereign Syrian territory instead of Washington DC calling for it, when ZATO blew Libya to smithereens using a UNSC “no fly zone” as a pretext.

    So, perhaps aspiring to regain at least a piece of its old French Mandate colony back, Holland, a major Western voice in the Syria sans Assad cabal, is willing to carry water for the Obama White House by taking the lead.

    Here it is, just as +BN predicted in his latest Video, using the real crisis pressure of the flood of refugees all over Europe to open up belligerent “humanitarian intervention”.

    Only 1 in five “refugees” are actually Syrian refugees seeking asylum from an active war zone, and the rest economic migrants from elsewhere, to pave the way for another belligerent Western “humanitarian intervention” in Syria, starting with the “no fly zone.”

    So France wants to open up a UNSC backed “no fly zone” over a “humanitarian corridor” in northern Syria, and then return the refugees to Syria. Well, that could work for the 20% or less of the bona fide Syrians and the alien resident Iraqi, Afgan, and Palestinian refugees under Syrian asylum from earlier ZATO-Israel wars.

    But what about the other 80% of “economic migrants” lumped together as refugees who are not Syrian nationals, nor does forged Syrian documents make them ones? Hey, France, what are you going to do with them?

    The Eurocrats and their ZATO allies really believe that people are too stupid to figure out that among the genuine Syrian ethny there are a whole lot of single Syrian males under the age of 35, and so more is going on.

    These could be anyone from an authentic heads of household trying to get relief for distressed families back home, to draft dodgers evading SAA conscription to members of the official “rebel” nominal FSA which does still hold some rebel territory in, of all places, northern Syria, to name a few.

    Northern Syria’s border with Turkey is progressively being sealed up by the Syrian armed forces and militias and Kurdish popular militias with the goal of choking off ISIS supply lines from Turkey.

    What a coincidence.

    Instead of doing a Serbia/Libya style NATO bombing on the pretext of “humanitarian intervention” promoting freedomanddemocracy at gunpoint this time, what a great place to send back, aggregate, and nominally reconstitute and organize ZATO’s pet motley crew of Syrian “rebels”–Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the rest of the Wahabi CIA/Mossad/Saudi Islamic jihad army assets from all over the world under the flag of the FSA.

    France says to discuss Syria no-fly zone with partners soon

    UNITED NATIONS: France will discuss with its partners in the coming days a proposal by Turkey and members of the Syrian opposition for a no-fly zone in northern Syria, French President Francois Hollande said on Monday.

    “(French Foreign Minister) Laurent Fabius in the coming days will look at what the demarcation would be, how this zone could be secured and what our partners think,” he told reporters on the sidelines of the annual gathering of world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly.

    “We are studying this proposal,” Hollande said, adding that the Syrian refugees coming to Europe could return to the no-fly zone.

    “It could find a place in a Security Council resolution that would give international legitimacy to what’s happening in this zone.” (Reporting by John Irish, writing by Louis Charbonneau)

    TASS: France delivers air strikes on Syria without coordinating Damascus — Syrian ambassador

    The air strikes France delivered on Syria were not coordinated with Damascus, Syria’s Ambassador to the United Nations Organisation (UN) Bashar Jaafari told TASS correspondent on Sunday.

    “The French president has not coordinated those actions with the Syrian president,” he said. “The French military acted without an agreement with the Syrian armed forces. It is impossible to be fighting terrorism other than in cooperation with the legal government in Syria and the Syrian military.

    “This is exactly what President Putin meant calling the Syrian army the only legitimate force to deal with in fighting terrorism.”

    He said France does not have the right to “fight terrorism this way – unilaterally,” even if it is a member of the so-called “coalition” for fighting the Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq.

    “This is an American coalition, not an international one and it is not based on the Security Council’s resolution and is not supported by a consensus,” the Syrian ambassador said.

    TASS learned from the office of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon they have not been informed about the planned air strikes. The UN deputy spokesperson Farhan Hak refused to answer the question whether France has violated Syria’s sovereignty or whether its actions complied with the UN Charter.

    Like in similar cases, the Security Council will decide whether that was acceptable or not, he said.

    Jaafari commented abruptly on Hollande’s announcement about air strikes on Syria and on his statement Bashar Assad does not have a role in future of that country.

    “By calling for change of the regime he is contradicting with the UN Charter,” the ambassador said. Words of the kind are clueless, especially at the UN headquarters.

  33. KathJuliane September 28, 2015 @ 2:03 pm


    Dmitri Medvedev was the Russian president when Libya was destroyed, and Putin the prime minister.

    Medvedev, as president, officially has the final say on foreign policy. At the time the UNSC resolution was being debated and went up for vote, Putin and Medvedev publicly clashed over the resolution.

    Along with China, India, Brazil and Germany, Russia abstained from voting on the UN’s resolution in Libya. Despite the resolutions numerous flaws, Russians did not use its veto power to defeat the measure.

    Medvedev said at the time his government conscientiously refused to veto the resolution.

    I do not consider this resolution wrong,” he said.

    “On the whole it reflects our understanding of what is happening… It was a qualified refusal to veto [it]. We did it conscientiously. Such were my instructions to the Foreign Ministry.”

    Medvedev was motivated by the idea that the no fly zone and arms embargo resolution would help impel the warring parties sooner to the negotiation table to work out a political solution.

    In my opinion, Medvedev was too trusting of the Obama White House.

    Being an academic and a lawyer that believes in the “rule of law”, he was overly naïve and optimistic that his friend and fellow lawyer Obama and his Democrat administration of neocon hawk Republicrats, and the Amazon troika of militant “humanitarian interventionists” (Power, Rice & Clinton) who are credited as being the architects of Obombya’s excellent adventure in Libya, and ZATO, would actually stick to the very limited provisions of the Resolution, and not use it as a pretext to wage war on yet another country–again.

    Back in 2011, Putin publicly aired his disagreement on the UN resolution several times.

    “Under Bill Clinton they bombed Yugoslavia and Belgrade. Bush sent troops into Afghanistan and under completely false pretenses, they sent troops to Iraq and liquidated the entire Iraqi leadership,” Putin said on a visit to Votkinsk in central Russia.

    “Now it’s Libya’s turn, under the pretext of protecting the civilian population.”

    Putin was right, the evil White House of the US of AIPAC exposed as the lawless deceiver and promise-breaker that it is.

    Medvedev was lied to via back channels with empty assurances by his pal Obama, and his trust betrayed in a tragic real life parody of the running Peanuts Cartoon football gag, when Lucy lies to Charlie Brown–again–that honest, she won’t move the football this time just as he goes to kick it.

    It was a bitter lesson for Russia, and one which won’t be repeated.

  34. KathJuliane September 28, 2015 @ 2:32 pm

    Putin owns Charlie Rose…

    Charlie Rose Interview with Vladimir Putin on 60 Minutes with transcript

    It’s the Jew York Times, but the videos clips of the presidents Obama, Putin, Rouhani speeches are worth watching.

    At U.N., Obama and Putin Trade Blunt Criticisms Over Syria

    Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA-in English)

    President Putin: It is a grave mistake to not coordinate with Syrian government and army

  35. Hoff September 28, 2015 @ 3:53 pm

    ‘Do you realise what you’ve done?’

    Putin addresses UNGA 2015 (FULL SPEECH) —20 min.

  36. Hoff September 28, 2015 @ 4:22 pm

    President Obama UN speech transcript (full text, video)

  37. hvt September 28, 2015 @ 5:17 pm

    “A WHOLE NEW ORDER is coming to the world at a “civilization” NEAR You!”


  38. Hoff September 28, 2015 @ 5:32 pm

    Putins UN speech transcript.

  39. John Jones September 29, 2015 @ 6:13 am

    What we need is Putin to come to the US and remove this President from Power.

    Only God or Putin can do this and save our Country.

  40. dave September 29, 2015 @ 5:52 pm

    At the moment of the ascension of Alexander II to the throne, the Peasant Question in Russia had been overripe for a century and demanded immediate resolution. Then suddenly, the Jewish Question surfaced and demanded a no less urgent solution as well.

    An interesting feature of that time was that it was the press (the rightist one, of course) and not governmental circles that was highly skeptical (and in no way hostile) towards the project of full legal emancipation of the Jews.

    The following quotes are typical. How can “all the citizenship rights be granted to this … stubbornly fanatical tribe, allowing them to occupy the highest administrative posts? … Only education … and social progress can truly bring together Jews and Christians…. Introduce them into the universal family of civilization, and we will be the first to say words of love and reconciliation to them.”

    “Civilization will generally benefit from such a rapprochement as the intelligent and energetic tribe will contribute much to it. The Jews … will realize that time is ripe to throw off the yoke of intolerance which originates in the overly strict interpretations of the Talmud.”

    “Until education brings the Jews to the thought that it is necessary to live not only at the expense of Russian society but also for the good of this society, no discussion could be held about granting them more rights than those they have now.”

    “Even if it is possible to grant the Jews all civil rights, then in any case they cannot be allowed into any official positions ‘where Christians would be subject to their authority and where they could have influence on the administration and legislation of a Christian country.'”

  41. hvt September 29, 2015 @ 6:32 pm

    Very challenging and informative article, as well as videos (featuring two of Brother Nathanael’s).

  42. Brother Nathanael September 29, 2015 @ 7:44 pm

    Dear All –

    Working intensely on a NEW Video now.

    This one involves much work. Hope to have it up sometime Thursday eve.

    It promises to be one of the best I’ve done! STAY tuned…+bn

    PS MANY THANKS to the FEW who make my online ministry possible.

  43. Man from the UK September 30, 2015 @ 3:01 am

    Brother Nathanael sorry to hear you are having trouble to keep a roof over your head!

    It’s not the fault of Russia or Iran that renting a cardboard box costs so much, its because of the bankers and having so many people who now have to rent and that in turn pushes the price up.

    The Jewish banking system uses bribes so that MP’s stop builders from building more house, this puts prices up and so makes more profit for the bankers as they make money from nothing.

    Most slave traders were Jewish from what I have read, but today they deal in debt slaves thats feed by the rat race that has been encouraged by Hollywood and our TV’s.

    Like you I don’t have much money, but it gives me a good feeling that I am not feeding into a system that is killing the world.

    Hope things get better for you, keep it up

  44. Cornelius. September 30, 2015 @ 4:38 am

    Putin is a chess player and no novice. He uses not only strategy, but also knows all the tricks. There is no way to win unfairly in chess.

    Taking this into account I want to analyze his ‘Hitler’ analogy in his speech to the UN. He wanted to form a coalition like the one that was formed in WWII against Nazi Germany.

    This coalition destroyed and raped Europe and ethnically cleansed four million Germans from Prussia alone, in the middle of winter. The refugee crises that was created was bigger than the one we face now.

    This coalition was also out to destroy Europe’s cultural heritage, by deliberately bombing ancient cities, cathedrals and monasteries.

    Hitler retreated from Rome and Paris to protect it’s cultural treasures from destruction. Also he personally guaranteed the protection of Mount Athos.

    Thus, this is a tactic of misinformation or disguise. Because Putin is really another Hitler himself: Putin also protects Christians, is restoring morality and is constantly attacked by world Jewry as a result.

    Now, just like Hitler signed a pact with the Soviet Union, Putin wants to sign a pact with the USA.

    This will benefit Russia and weaken the USA, because the USA will have to fight its own creation.

    I bet Putin would be a good poker player as well.

  45. Hermogen September 30, 2015 @ 4:46 am

    Bless Brother

    So, nearly 200 years on to the day (26th September 1815) was signed Emperor Alexander I’s Holy Alliance of Prussia, Austria and Russia at the Congress of Vienna, subsequently undermined by Rothschild’s vassals Britain and France.

    But, today in Putin we have a leader who is preparing the path for the coming Tsar who will unite Orthodox Russia once more in an alliance with Germany that ZOG cannot do anything to prevent….and its British and French whores will once again try to undermine!

  46. Brother Nathanael September 30, 2015 @ 4:52 am


    See my Interview: “Monarchy Must Come To Russia” @

  47. KathJuliane September 30, 2015 @ 9:02 am

    Syrian Arab News Agency

    Sept 29

    Army kills dozens of terrorists, including groups’ leaders, in continued operations across the country

    Provinces, SANA- the army units on Tuesday killed dozens of Takfiri terrorist organizations’ members in many areas across the country, destroying their hideouts, positions and vehicles.


    At least 15 terrorists were killed and 5 vehicles, three 122-mm guns and two 120-mm mortars were destroyed as a result of operations carried out yesterday and early today by the army units, in cooperation with the popular defense groups in the southern province .

    Field sources told SANA Tuesday that fierce clashes erupted with a terrorist group from Jabhat al-Nusra at the intersection of al-Amal farms in the northern countryside of the province, where all the group’s members were killed.

    Two vehicles with terrorists on board were destroyed in Trinjeh town and near the main square in al-Hamidiyeh town.

    Meanwhile, the terrorist organizations acknowledged on their social media pages the death of a number of their members, among them the so-called “field leader of al-Jihad al-Muqadas battalion,” who is named Ahmad Moussa Abu Kharroub, in addition to Ali Khaled al-Zoubi and Hamid Hassan Dahdal.


    An army unit killed a number of terrorists and destroyed their weapons as it targeted their gatherings in Tafas city, 13 km to the north of Daraa city, according to a military source.

    The army also targeted hideouts of terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra and the so-called “Al-Muthanna Movement”, “Ahrar al-Sham Movement”, “Al-Omari Brigades” in Daraa al-Balad and Daraa al- Mahatta neighborhoods in Daraa city.

    The source told SANA that the operations there left a number of terrorists dead, others injured and their arms and ammunition destroyed.


    Army units targeted ISIS terrorists’ hideouts and hotbeds in Kherbet Sa’d in the eastern Badiya (desert) of Sweida, a military source told SANA on Tuesday.

    The army operation left a number of terrorists dead, injured others, and destroyed their arms and ammunition.


    An army unit killed 7 terrorists and destroyed one of their vehicles in al-Mraij village in the northern countryside of the coastal Lattakia province.


    The army air force destroyed dens for ISIS terrorists in raids that targeted their gatherings in the vicinity of Sha’er oil field to the north- west of Palmyra city in the countryside of Homs province, a military source told SANA on Tuesday.

    The air raids ended up with the killing of a number of ISIS terrorists, inflicting them heavy losses in equipment.

    An army unit killed numbers of ISIS terrorists and destroyed their vehicles and equipment in Tafha village and al-Maqal’e area to the northwest of Palmyra city.

    In the northern countryside of Homs province, the army’s air force raided Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists’ dens in Deir Foul and Talbeiseh, 13 km north of Homs city, killing a number of terrorists and destroying their vehicles, arms and ammunition.

    The army air force destroyed gatherings for Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists and killed a number of them in Jabal al-Ken, 24 km east of al-Rastan city.

    Meanwhile, an army unit thwarted terrorist organization’s attack from the north of al-Sa’an al-Aswad village towards one of the military checkpoints in the region, killing and injuring all members of the terrorist organization.

    Another army unit targeted the terrorists’ gatherings in Salim, Ezz Eddin, Ain Hasno, al-Nabhan farms and Tal Abu al-Sanasel in the northern countryside of the province, killing many terrorists and destroying their arms and ammunition.

    Earlier, An army unit targeted with intensive strikes a hideout for terrorists during a meeting for a number of their leaders in al-Houleh area in the northern countryside of Homs province.

    A military source told SANA on Tuesday that the army operation resulted in destroying the hideouts, which was located between the villages of al-Taybeh and Kfr Laha, and killing all the terrorists inside it.


    Units of the army and the armed forces destroyed dens and hotbeds of the Takfiri terrorist organizations in the northern Aleppo province and its countryside.

    In the eastern countryside of the province, a military source told SANA that army units bombarded dens of the terrorist organizations and the axes of their movements in the villages of al-Sheikh Lutfi and Rasm al-Abd and in the surroundings of al-Nayrab Airport.

    The source added that a number of terrorists were killed and others were injured in the bombardments, most of them from Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization, in addition to destroying a number of their machinegun-equipped vehicles and large amounts of varied ammunition.

    The army’s Air Force destroys terrorists’ dens in Koirs Sharqi, Irbyid, Deir hafir, al-Jabol, Hamima, al-Bakjia and Tal al-Sabain in the eastern countryside of the province.

    Heavy losses were also inflicted upon the ISIS terrorist organization in the arms and personnel by the forces defending the Air Force Academy to the east of Aleppo City.

    In Aleppo City, units of the army destroyed a number of the terrorists’ hotbeds in precise operations against their hotbeds in the neighborhoods of Bostan al-Basha, Bani Zaid, Karm al- Maiser, al-Jdaida, al-Sha’ar, Bostan al-Qasir, Qadi Askar, and Manasher al-Hajar.

    Meanwhile, field sources told SANA that more than 30 terrorists were killed in army operations in Aleppo and its countryside, in addition to destroying a number of the machinegun-equipped vehicles and cars.

    In turn, Takfiri terrorist organizations admitted on their social networking pages that a number of their members were killed, including terrorist Mohammad Mahmoud al-Ahmad and terrorist Ali Ahmed Taha Shashou.


    The army’s air force killed a number of ISIS terrorists in al-Raqqa province.

    Hama and Idleb

    An army unit killed 8 terrorists and destroyed their arms and ammunition in al-Tamanaa in the southern countryside of Idleb province, field sources told SANA reporter on Tuesday.

    Two vehicles equipped with two machineguns were destroyed and all the terrorists onboard were killed after the army observed their movements on the road of Jisr al-Shoghour -al-Freikeh.

    A number of the so called “Jaish al-Fateh” terrorists were killed and injured in al-Duhour town in the southwestern countryside of Idleb province.

    Meanwhile, Heavy losses were inflicted upon the terrorists’ personnel and equipment in army’s air strikes on their dens and gatherings in al-Tamanaa and al-Majas towns.

    In the northern countryside of Hama province, army units inflicted heavy losses upon the terrorists’ personnel and equipment in targeting their dens and gatherings in al-latamneh town.

    A number of terrorists were killed and their arms and equipment were destroyed in army unit operation east of Morek , 30 km north of Hama city.

    Army units, in cooperation with the popular defense groups, targeted ISIS terrorists’ dens in the villages of al-Rahjan, Jana al-Albawi and tuloul al-Hemr in the eastern countryside of the province, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists’ personnel and equipment.

    The army air force raided intensively on the so called ‘Jaish al-Fateh” terrorists’ hideouts in al-Mansoura in the nearest northwestern countryside of the province.

    The raids ended up with destroying vehicles and dens for the terrorists and killing all the terrorists inside them.

  48. KathJuliane September 30, 2015 @ 10:00 am

    Russian parliament unanimously approves use of military in Syria to fight ISIS

    The upper chamber of the Russian parliament has unanimously given a formal consent to President Putin to use the nation’s military in Syria to fight terrorism at a request from the Syrian President Bashar Assad.

    Consent was necessary for use of the country’s military for foreign combat missions under the Russian constitution.

    The request for use of force was sent by the president after considering the large number of citizens of Russia and neighboring countries, who went to join terrorist groups fighting in Syria, head of the presidential administration Sergey Ivanov told media.

    There are thousands of them, and Russia’s national security would be under threat, should they return home, he added.

    “This is not about reaching for some foreign policy goals, satisfying ambitions, which our Western partners regularly accuse us of. It’s only about the national interest of the Russian Federation,” the official said.

    Ivanov stressed that no ground operations are planned in Syria. Russia would use its warplanes to hit terrorist targets when requested by the Syrian government.

    He stressed that unlike the US-led coalition of countries that bombs militant troops in Syria, Russia was invited to do so by the legal authorities of Syria and thus follows international law.

    “The military goal of the operation is strictly to provide air support for the [Syrian] government forces in their fight against Islamic State,” he said.

    The bombing campaign is time-limited, Ivanov said, not revealing a clear deadline for it. He said he was not authorized to disclose details of the operation such as the number of warplanes involved.

    “All our partners and allies will be informed about our decision today through corresponding military channels. Specific military information will be provided as well, I believe,” he concluded.

    Military engagement in Syria would not result in Russia being mired in conflict, Konstantin Kosachev, head of the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs, said commenting on the news.

    “We would not risk getting stuck in a long conflict and threaten the lives of our troops. The operation is aerial only. Certainly, in coordination with the ground operation of the Syrian army,” he told the Rossiya 24 news channel.

    Previously, Russia provided the Syrian government with advanced weapons and military instructors to teach the Syrians how to use them.

    IS has taken over large portions of Syria and neighboring Iraq and is on its way to creating a caliphate.

    Islamic State has consolidated its position with a combination of successful raids, barbaric brutality and active campaigning on social media targeting potential recruits and supporters worldwide.

    There are other significant militant groups active in Syria, including an Al Qaeda branch in the region, Al Nusra Front, which competes with IS for territory, resources and fighters.

    Another major player in the country is the Kurd militia, which has been defending the Kurd-populated north from IS with assistance from the US-led coalition.

    Russia’s airstrike approach is similar to the US-led coalition, which involves bombing terrorist targets in Syria. But there is a clear distinction that may allow Moscow to succeed where Washington failed, says John Laughland from the Institute of Democracy and Cooperation in Paris.

    “The difference with the Russian deployment – and this is the key point – is that it is being conducted in cooperation with the Syrian Army. The Russian approach is diametrically the opposite of the Western approach. The Syrian Army has boots on the ground,” he told RT.

    If the Syrian Army with Russia’s help manages to score victories against Islamic State, this would expose the US as not really trying to defeat the terrorist group militarily, but actually trying to channel its aggression against Damascus, Syrian political analyst Annar Waqqaf told RT.

    “The Americans are certainly using the Islamic State. They think they can contain them, because they know that their funding and support base lays [sic] with US allies in Saudi Arabia and that their logistic lies with the US allies in Turkey. They believe that whenever they want to close the tap they can close it. But in fact it’s not true,” he explained.

    Russia’s alliance with Syria, Iran and Iraq would mean that Saudi Arabia and Turkey would have to stop ‘playing double games’ in Syria, says Srdja Trifkovic, international affairs analyst at the Chronicles magazine.

    The Saudis are financing IS and supporting the Al Nusra Front, in order to take power from the Assad government, and Turkey is more interested in fighting Kurds than Islamic State, he explained.

    “It will no longer be possible in the new setup with the Iranians, the Iraqis, the Syrians and the Russians sharing intelligence for the Gulf monarchies and for [Turkish President] Erdogan to get away with this duplicity. For as long as they are able to do so, the Americans couldn’t really get very far with their anti-ISIS campaign,” he told RT.

  49. KathJuliane September 30, 2015 @ 1:15 pm

    Don’t Miss Ultra-hawk Fox News “Analyst”, Lt Col Ralph Peters, Ret., Foaming At Mouth

    Peters conspicuously doesn’t mention the fact that Russia’s military mission is legally in Syria at the legitimate government’s request complete with signed agreements between the two governments in keeping with International law, while the illegal Western “coalition” bombing sortees, and maverick France’s unilateral decision to bomb inside Syrian air space (meant to herd ISIS towards the much more populated portion of western Syria) is not at the request of the lawful President of Syria, and is therefore illegal.

    Lawlessness in the guise of law–Jewmerica is very good at it. They learned it from the crappy little Jewish state in the Middle East.

    Peters sputtering about how the RF is bombing the Jewmerica/NATO supported “Syrian opposition” and not ISIS and their Al Qaeda Wahabi ilk of NATO’s own clandestine Islamic jihad army is laughable, since they are one in the same.

    Apparently, Peters didn’t get the memo that what was supposed to be the first wave of vetted “moderate Syrian rebels” who were supposed to fight ISIS, and received all of the combat training, equipment, weapons, and vehicles from the US promptly swore allegiance to Al Nusra (or was it ISIS?) the minute they touched Syrian soil.


    Russia launches airstrikes in northern Syria, senior military official says

    Russian warplanes began bombarding Syrian opposition targets in the war-torn nation’s north Wednesday, following a terse meeting at which a Russian general asked Pentagon officials to clear out of Syrian air space and was rebuffed, Fox News has learned.

    A U.S. official said Russian airstrikes targeted fighters in the vicinity of Homs, located roughly 60 miles east of a Russian naval facility in Tartus, and were carried out by a “couple” of Russian bombers. The strikes hit targets in Homs and Hama, but there is no presence of ISIS in those areas, a senior U.S. defense official said. These planes are hitting areas where Free Syrian Army and other anti-Assad groups are located, the official said.

    [Russia never said they would confine operations to just “ISIS.” They are supporting the legitimate Syrian government at the legitimate duly elected Syrian president’s request, the target of a undeclared war instigated by the West and Turkey to oust that same president and overthrow Syria’s existing government.

    The Syrian government has long extended their surrender amnesty and reconciliation program to any Syrian citizens who are authentic rebels in the FSA, urging them to cease fire, work for a political solution, and surrender to the SAA during a window of time before area operations begin.

    After surrender and a process of vetting, these Syrian citizens can parole themselves home, or some do take up arms against the Wahabi terrorists. Those who did take up this offer should be considered truly the “moderate rebels” who took up arms out of their patriotic sense, not to spread the Black Flag. It was also made clear that after field operations commenced, there would be no mercy for rebel Syrians who continue to fight under whatever banners, nor for any foreign takfiri jihadist fighters on Syrian soil. “Moderate rebels” is a proven lie. KathJ]

    Activists and a rebel commander on the ground said the Russian airstrikes have mostly hit moderate rebel positions and civilians. In a video released by the U.S.-backed rebel group Tajamu Alezzah, jets are seen hitting a building claimed to be a location of the group in the town of Latamna in the central Hama province.

    The group commander Jameel al-Saleh told a local Syrian news website that the group’s location was hit by Russian jets but didn’t specify the damage.

    A group of local activists in the town of Talbiseh in Homs province recorded at least 16 civilians killed, including two children.

    According to a U.S. senior official, Presidents Obama and Putin agreed on a process to “deconflict” military operations. The Russians on Wednesday “bypassed that process,” the official said.

    “That’s not how responsible nations do business,” the official said.

    The development came after Pentagon officials, in a development first reported by Fox News, brushed aside an official request, or “demarche,” from Russia to clear air space over northern Syria, where Moscow said it intended to conduct airstrikes against ISIS on behalf of Assad, according to sources who spoke to Fox News.

    The request was made in a heated discussion between a Russian three-star general and U.S. officials at the American Embassy in Baghdad, sources said.

    “If you have forces in the area we request they leave,” said the general, who used the word “please” in the contentious encounter.

    A senior Pentagon official said the U.S., which also has been conducting airstrikes against ISIS, but does not support Assad, said the request was not honored.

    “We still conducted our normal strike operations in Syria today,” the official said. “We did not and have not changed our operations.”

    “The U.S.-led coalition will continue to fly missions over Iraq and Syria as planned and in support of our international mission to degrade and destroy ISIL,” Kirby told reporters, while acknowledging the meeting at the American embassy in Baghdad.

    Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told foreign ministers of world powers Wednesday that his country is “ready to forge standing channels of communication to ensure a maximally effective fight against terrorist groups.”

    Lavrov spoke to the U.N. Security Council shortly after Russia’s defense ministry announced its jets are carrying out airstrikes on Islamic State group positions in Syria.

    Lavrov said Russia would shortly circulate a draft council resolution to promote joint efforts against groups like the Islamic State.

    The move by Moscow marks a major escalation in ongoing tensions between the two countries over military action in the war-torn country and comes moments after Russian lawmakers formally approved a request from Putin to authorize the use of troops in Syria. Putin said previously that Russia would strike ISIS targets.

    The Federation Council, the upper house of Russia’s parliament, discussed Putin’s request for the authorization behind the closed doors. Sergei Ivanov, chief of Putin’s administration, said in televised remarks that the parliament voted unanimously to approve the request.

    Ivanov said the authorization is necessary “not in order to achieve some foreign policy goals” but “in order to defend Russia’s national interests.”

    Putin is obligated to request parliamentary approval for any use of Russian troops abroad, according to the Russian Constitution. The last time he did so was before Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in March 2014.

    [Another propaganda lie. The Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol were not “annexed.” The Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Municipality of Sevastopol declared independence after a referendum during the Western orchestrated coup overthrowing the legitimate president and the government of Ukraine. They subsequently jointly petitioned to accede to the Russian Federation as a federal subject, approved by the Duma.

    The use of “annexed” implies a hostile military invasion and take over of Crimea, which it was not. About 15,000 RF military personnel were lawfully in Crimea on leased military bases per the Kharkov agreements between Russia and Ukraine at the time of the Euromaidan coup in Kiev. Under the terms of the agreement, up to 30,000 RF military troops were allowed to be garrisoned in Crimea -KathJ]

    Putin’s request comes after his bilateral meeting with Obama on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York, where the two were discussing Russia’s recent military buildup in Syria.

    A U.S. official told Fox News Monday the two leaders agreed to discuss political transition in Syria but were at odds over the role that Assad should play in resolving the civil conflict.

    The official said Obama reiterated to Putin that he does not believe there is a path to stability in Syria with Assad in power. Putin has said the world needs to support Assad because his military has the best chance to defeat ISIS militants.

    Putin said the meeting, which lasted slightly more than 90 minutes, was “very constructive, business-like and frank”.

    “We are thinking about it, and we don’t exclude anything,” Putin told reporters at the time

    The Kremlin reported that Putin hosted a meeting of the Russian security council at his residence Tuesday night outside of Moscow, saying that they were discussing terrorism and extremism.

    On Tuesday, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius called on Russia to make a real contribution to the fight against ISIS, telling reporters at the United Nations that Moscow “is against the terrorists, it’s not abnormal to launch strikes against them.”

    “The international community has hit (ISIS). France has hit (ISIS), Assad very little, and the Russians not at all. So one has to look at who does what,” Fabius added.

    Russia has been a staunch supporter of Assad during Syria’s bloody civil war, and multiple reports have previously indicated that Russian troops are aiding Assad’s forces. Israel’s defense minister also said earlier this month that Russian troops are in Syria to help Assad fight the ISIS terror group.

    On Wednesday, Reuters reported that Russia’s Foreign Ministry told the news agency Interfax that a recently established operations center in Baghdad would help coordinate airstrikes and ground troops in Syria. Fox News first reported last week that the center had been set up by Russian, Syrian and Iranian military commanders with the goal of working with Iranian-backed Shia militias fighting ISIS.

    Over the weekend, the Iraqi government announced that it would begin sharing “security and intelligence” information with Russia, Syria and Iran to help combat ISIS.

    Meanwhile, intelligence sources told Fox News Friday that Iranian Quds Force commander Qasem Soleimani met with Russian military commanders in Baghdad Sept. 22. Fox News reported earlier this month that Soleimani met Putin in Moscow over the summer to discuss a joint military plan in Syria.

    “The Russians are no longer advising, but co-leading the war in Syria,” one intelligence official said at the time.

    Oh, the horror, the horror for Cold War 2 hawks and the blow to the toxic pride of Lucian American Exceptionalism pursuing a Pax Judaica, and other players in this drama who are legends in their own minds.

    Erdogan aspires to become the Sultan of a Greater Turkia and dreams of the overthrow of the Assad presidency (not “regime”); Netanyahu aspires for a Greater Israel, the overthrow of the Syrian government, and a NATO war on Iran, destroying Lebanon and Syria on the way.

    And the Wahabi Sunni Saudis’ aspire to destroy their Shiite regional geopolitical rivals–Iran and Syria, as well as keeping all Saudi Arab and Yemenite Shiites suppressed and cowed on the Arabian Peninsula.

  50. Jo September 30, 2015 @ 4:30 pm

    Assad has broken the armistice:

    1. Invaded Lebanon in 1976 thus CAUSING the “civil” war, 5 mechanized brigades and later 1.5 million Syrian workers.

    Syrian Generals confiscating the Eastern Valley for narcotics growing, trading and profits. This all lead to the proxy war against Israel in 1981 which lead to the Israeli invasion in 1982, which sent the USSR out of history.

    2. Housing the PLO/PFLP/Hamas/Hezbollah, for 50 years by now.

    3. Having broken the agreement from May 2001 NOT to arm Hezbollah and NOT to deploy its SAM units to Lebanon.

    Just look what Iran and Hezbollah are doing in Yemen and conclude what they can do to Israel from within Syria. The Syrian 5,000 strong Howitzer artillery positioned vs. Israel since the late 1970s is hardly affected by the war with ISIS.

    Hezbollah has enough guided ballistic missiles in order to wreck Israel’s infrastructure, and in order to wipe out the north of the country and then invade it. It has been digging long tunnels under the border reaching under Israeli homes – similar to Hamas methods: many miles long each tunnel – very professional digging and walling.

    Russia’s deployment to Syria threatens to disrupt the Israeli capacity to bomb that Axis of Shiite-Alawite explicit extermination war against Israel.

  51. KathJuliane September 30, 2015 @ 5:09 pm

    How Russia Rolled Up Its Sleeves & Worked Out “Deconfliction” in Syria

    Telegraph UK: Russian general tells US diplomats ‘We launch Syria air strikes in one hour. Stay out of the way’

    Vladimir Putin orders air force into action over Syria in first Russian war in Middle East since end of Soviet Union – giving US diplomats one hour’s notice

    Russian generals are not regular visitors to the US Embassy in Baghdad. Once, this newly built complex near the Tigris was the de facto seat of power in Iraq – and a place where decisions affecting Syria were often taken as well.

    On Wednesday, US diplomats in Baghdad were reduced to the role of meekly receiving a message. Russian air strikes on targets across Syria would commence in one hour, their visitor told them. For the safety of all concerned, it would be better if the US Air Force stayed out of the way and suspended its own bombing campaign in Syria.

    Soon afterwards, SU-24 strike aircraft based outside the city of Latakia – Bashar al-Assad’s heartland – were airborne.

    So began the day when Russia hurled its military power into the vortex of Syria’s civil war.

    By deploying about two dozen warplanes in the country – protected by air defence systems and anything between 500 and 2,000 troops – Mr Putin has done what the West agonised over for years and chosen the path of direct intervention in the crisis.

    ( )


    McCain About To Burst Vein In His Head–“How dare the Evil Russkies bomb my pet FSA rebels?”

    Even the Kagan Clan’s Institute for Study of War published maps in the past few days that do show pockets of ISIS, Al Qaeda, and ISIS/Al Qaeda combined operating inside FSA-controlled areas.

    CNN Video: John McCain Condemns Russian Airstrikes In Syria
    ( )

    Hey, McPain. The SAA has an air force too, you know, flying combat sortees of their own against your precious terrorist “moderate rebels” of the FSA in Russian made war planes, along with joint missions with the RF air force.

    Seems to me they’re splitting up the chore list.

    British Foreign Secretary Hammond believes that the UK is still the British Empire.

    It’s just not cricket. Russia is supposed to take over bombing ISIS while we ZATO/Saudi/Qatar allies of Israel regroup to figure out how to help the “Syrian rebels” (and the thousands of fighters in NATO’s Wahabi Jihadist Islamic army from 80-100 different countries) overthrow the Syrian government in the western part of the country.

    What part of “Russian government pledges Syrian government military support” does the Zionist Atlantic Treaty Organization (ZATO) find so difficult to understand?

    Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has said Russia must confirm its air strikes in Syria were aimed at Islamic State or al-Qaeda affiliates.

    It was very important that Russia should show the attacks were not on moderate opponents of President Assad, he told the UN Security Council.
    Russian defence officials say their aircraft targeted IS.

    But an unnamed US official told Reuters that so far they did not seem to be targeting IS-held territory.

    Russia’s strikes reportedly hit rebel-controlled areas of Homs and Hama provinces, causing casualties.

    Mr Hammond told the UN Security Council that it was “very important” that Russia was able to confirm that the strikes were directed at IS – also referred to as ISIL -and al-Qaeda affiliated targets only and not at moderate opponents of President Bashar al-Assad.

    He said: “Actions in support of the [Syrian] regime are incompatible with the effective prosecution of the war against ISIL in Syria.”
    ( )


    Kremlin: Only Russia to take part in operation against Islamic State on legal grounds

    Such operations are possible only on the basis of a UN Security Council resolution or at the appropriate request of the legal authorities of this or that state concerned

    TASS: Russia will be the sole country that will participate in the operation against the Islamic State in Syria on legal grounds, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said.

    He recalled that such operations were possible only on the basis of a UN Security Council resolution or at the appropriate request of the legal authorities of this or that state concerned.

    Earlier, the chief of the presidential staff said Syria’s President Bashar Assad had asked Russia to extend military assistance in the struggle against the IS terrorists.

    The two proper reasons for such operations and strikes are either are resolution by the UN Security Council or the request of the country’s legitimate government. Baghdad had addressed such a request to the international coalition earlier.

    The chief of the presidential staff, Sergey Ivanov, earlier on Wednesday said Damascus had addressed Russia with such a request.

    He pointed out that that was the fundamental distinguishing feature of Russia’s approach and the approach of its Western partners.

    “They ignore international law, and we do[n’t],” he said.

    Ode to Joy Moment:

    Palestinian president raises flag of the State of Palestine at the UN for the first time

  52. Curtis September 30, 2015 @ 6:02 pm

    It’s amazing that we have some good news of a proper and non-corrupted force to accomplish something good. And it’s good to see Bibi get the proper snub.

    I had suspected the Russians had rolled over on Libya after TIME pushed an article about Hillary using “soft power” in talking to Lavrov before the cruise missiles were unleashed.

    A few articles have come out about Hillary’s Libyan War but I don’t know if any political hay will come out since the Rethugs (and DEMs) seem content to isolate the issue to Benghazi.

    Shameless one and all!

  53. KathJuliane September 30, 2015 @ 6:27 pm


    How much is the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry paying the zombie hasbara trolls this week?

    Bashar Assad didn’t assume the presidency of Syria until 2000.

    In 1976 he was 11 years old.

    Israel and Syria may be in a technical state of war, but everyone knows that the Syrians have scrupulously kept the Purple Line armistice on the Israeli occupied Syrian Golan Heights since 1967. It has been a long time since Syria’s military posed any significant security threat to Israel, and even less so now, as Putin said.

    In the early 1960s, Syria justly complained to the UN about “farmer-soldiers” (Jewish settlers) illegally crossing the original border established between Palestine and Syria, and squatting in the Golan Heights.

    Nothing new. Go play somewhere else.

  54. Brother Nathanael September 30, 2015 @ 8:44 pm

    As KathJuliane has shown in previous posting:

    This ALSO Is A MAJOR Development against the JEW World Order:

    Appeal for authorisation to use Russia’s Armed Forces outside the country submitted to the Federation Council

    Based on Article 102.1(d) of the Russian Federation Constitution, Vladimir Putin submitted a proposal to the Federation Council asking it to authorise the use of the Russian Armed Forces’ contingent outside the country, based on the generally recognised principles and norms of international law.

    September 30, 2015

    The President signed instructions appointing Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive office Sergei Ivanov, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, and State Secretary and Deputy Defence Minister Nikolai Pankov to be his official representatives as the Federation Council examines the proposal to authorise the use, in accordance with international law, of the Russian Armed Forces’ contingent beyond Russia’s borders.

    PS Just finished up the text for my NEW Video. It’s going to bring the house down! Posting tomorrow, Thursday, eve. STAY tuned.

  55. Koen October 1, 2015 @ 2:32 am

    Putin’s “we’ve beaten the nazis” act is cool.

    Nothing Bibzi can say about Putin, because the biggest Nazi enemy in world history (Russia) MUST be Bibzi’s “friend”.

    Suppose Putin starts to quote from Solzhenitsyn’s book “200 Years Together”, showing that he knows all about the Bolshevik communist Jews who murdered 70 million Christian Orthodox Russians, he looses his cool “we beat the nazis” card that he uses to outplay Rothchild’s tribe.

    This smart man uses psychology the way Jews always used psychology: act like the murdered innocence, and always show your enemy a friendly and innocent face, so Rothschild’s tribe eats a cookie from their own kosher bakery. Of course, Bibzi knows that Putin knows, but there’s nothing Rothschild’s wildest madman can do about it.

  56. The Elder of Zyklon-B October 1, 2015 @ 6:47 am

    Someone call John Hagee.

    Maybe he could roll out a golden homo phallus symbol to bless our hit-men for Isruhl.

  57. Patrick J. O'Brien October 1, 2015 @ 7:15 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael B.C.O.H.M.

    Said my prayers this morning and this popped into my head.

    Same sex marriage is to a Nation, what medicinal cyanide is to Public Health.

    God Bless You Brother Nathanael.


    P.S. God Bless Kim Davis too. Like you, a person who Stands on Truth.

  58. Look October 1, 2015 @ 7:29 am

    Mark Rubio (Little Ricky) is moving to Cuba and will lead Hispanic exiles from the US back with him to establish a free, democratic Cuba.

    There he will establish the concept of private property and free elections.

    He will also bring back cabarets and night life tourism. Babalou, Mark!

    Yes, he is running for President of Cuba.

  59. Look October 1, 2015 @ 8:31 am

    Ted Cruz is going to run for President of Colombia.

    He is going to lead Hispanics from the U.S. back there to live and establish property rights and free elections.

    He is also going to kill the drug trade in that country and stop drug trafficking from there to the USA. He is going to work with U.S. Narcotic officers to do so.

    That is Ted’s role.

  60. KathJuliane October 1, 2015 @ 9:26 am

    Ooops! The US of AIPAC/ZATO Lying Machine Caught In Action

    Putin: Claims Russian jets killed civilians in Syria emerged before airstrikes started

    Reports of alleged casualties among civilians caused by Russian airstrikes in Syria emerged even before Russian warplanes were launched for their first combat mission, President Vladimir Putin said, branding such reports ‘information attacks.’

    “Other nations have been bombing Syrian territory for over a year,” Putin told the Russian human rights council on Thursday, stressing that the US-led coalition invades the Syrian airspace with no UN mandate or invitation from Damascus.

    “We have such an invitation and we intend to fight against terrorist organizations and them only,” Putin added.

    The Russian leader also commented on the alleged civilian casualties caused by Russian warplanes in Syria.

    “As for media reports claiming that the civilian population is suffering, we are prepared for such information attacks. The first reports about civilian casualties emerged even before our planes got in the air,” he said.

    Dozens of videos allegedly showing the aftermath of Russian bombings of residential areas in Syria surfaced online on Wednesday, after Moscow announced a bombing campaign designed to help Syrian government forces fight the Islamic State terrorist group.

    Russia believes them to be information warfare, and has called on the media and foreign officials to carefully verify information coming from Syria before judging it truthful.

    Putin added that the US and Russia must establish a mechanism for sharing information about military action in Syria, which would allow the two nations to root out false reports.

    “That’s why we are establishing contact between our special services and those of the US, between our military departments,” he said. “I hope it will result in the establishing of some permanent mechanism.”

    On Thursday, the Russian Defense Ministry reported hitting 12 targets belonging to the IS terrorist group since starting military action in Syria.

    The effort is designed to provide air support to the Syria army, which is struggling to contain the spread of jihadist militants in the war-torn country.

    Syrian military provides intelligence on prospective targets for Russian forces in Syria, which is double-checked before clearance is given to deliver a strike, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

  61. KathJuliane October 1, 2015 @ 9:56 am


    (google translated. The message is clear)

    Russia’s decision to use the Air Force in Syria corresponds to the special role of Russia in the Middle East, the state of the Church

    Moscow. September 30th. Interfax – The Russian Orthodox Church supported Russia’s decision to use the air force in Syria.

    “This decision is consistent with international law, the mentality of our people and the special role that our country has always played in the Middle East,” – said the head of the Synodal Department for Church and Society, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin told journalists on Wednesday.

    Pointing to the fact that today the Russian government takes on a special role in resolving the situation in the Middle East, he said that Russia can not be indifferent to observe the current destruction in the region of Christians and other social groups.

    Priest [Chaplin] also said that the Inter-religious Council of Russia at a meeting in Moscow on Wednesday to take a statement in support of active operations of the country in the fight against terror in the Middle East.

    “The fight against terrorism – is a sacred struggle, and today our country is perhaps the most active force in the world which is struggling with him. Not because she has a vested interest in this, and because terrorism is immoral, “- he said.

    Earlier Wednesday, the Federation Council has agreed to the President to use in Syria Russian Air Force.

    However, as stressed in the Federation Council head of the Kremlin administration, Sergei Ivanov, the use of the armed forces on the land theater of operations possible military objective of the operation is extremely air support of the Syrian government forces in their counteraction LIH.
    ( )

    The Russian military involvement in Syria is to bring peace to the region – the Patriarch

    *** He prays that no civilians were killed, and the Russian military [return home alive]

    Moscow. September 30th. Interfax – Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill expressed hope that Russia’s participation in resolving the Syrian conflict will bring civil peace to the region.

    “The Russian Federation has taken a responsible decision to use the armed forces to protect the Syrian people from the ills brought by the arbitrariness of the terrorists.

    “We contacted this decision, the approach of peace and justice in this ancient land, “- said in a statement the patriarch, is quoted in Wednesday’s press service of the Synodal Information Department.

    “Wishing the world, the people of Syria, Iraq and other Middle East countries, we pray that the fierce local conflict is not turned into a major war to the use of force did not result in civilian deaths, and all Russian troops returned home alive, “- said the Primate.

    As he said, the Russian Church has repeatedly appealed to the leadership of Russia and other countries and international organizations with an appeal not to remain indifferent to the suffering of the civilian population in Syria and other countries in the region.

    “We are not hearsay, but from personal contacts with religious leaders of the Middle East, we know about the catastrophic situation in which turned out to be people who have become the target of extremists and terrorists,” – said in a statement.

    According to the patriarch, the Orthodox with a heavy heart observed numerous incidents of violence against Christians in the region, the kidnapping and murder of bishops and monks, barbaric destruction of ancient temples, “did not suffer less and Muslims these places sacred to the representatives of all the Abrahamic religions.”

    “Unfortunately, the political process has not led to any noticeable relief of the plight of innocent people, and they need military protection, “- said the Primate.

    Russian military involvement in Syria [should] sober sponsors of terrorism – Mufti

    Moscow. September 30th. Interfax – The Mufti of Moscow and Central region and Chuvashia, a member of the Public Chamber of Albir Krganov confident that Russia’s decision on Syria pacify the terrorists.

    “This decision should sober sponsors of extremism and terrorism in the world. They have to understand that the game ended. It should be clearly understood, that the Russian armed forces will be used against a gang of thugs, “- said the mufti,” Interfax-Religion “on Wednesday.

    As he said, in the Islamic Ummah Russia concerned about the extent of recruitment for Russian participation in the war in Syria on the side of a terrorist organization” Islamic State”.

    Mufti pointed out that revealed tens of thousands of Russian-speaking sites, which were engaged in such recruitment.

    “We do not want to lose people not only physically but also spiritually, when the faithful are converted into an instrument of Shaitan and use them to solve the global geopolitical, economic and other purpose.

    “In addition, they are returned back to Russia and threaten not only the integrity of the state, but also to traditional Islam, they want to completely reformat “- said A.Krganov.

    In his opinion, it is also important to support the proposal of Russian President on the establishment of an international anti-terrorist coalition, which took an active part to the Muslim countries.

    “Meeting in the offices have nothing to decide. When you have the house was blazing fire, it is necessary to take real steps. Do not wait until the enemy comes in.

    “If we were in Chechnya have heard some Liberals and Democrats that would have happened! But decided and established peace in Chechnya. I think this is an example, albeit maybe a different scale, “- he added.

    Earlier on Wednesday, the Federation Council has agreed to the President used the Syrian Air Force Russia.

    However, as stressed in the Federation Council head of the Kremlin administration, Sergei Ivanov, the use of the armed forces on the land theater of operations possible military objective of the operation is extremely air support of the Syrian government forces in their counteraction IG.

    October 1st, 2015, 18:40

    Mufti Gaynutdin supports the operation of the Russian Federation in Syria

    *** It should not result in differences vnutriislamskim

    Moscow. October 1st. Interfax – Head of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Russia Ravil Gainutdin expressed support for the decision of the military participation of Russia in the fight against terrorism in Syria.

    “We need to positively assess the efforts of Russia and the international community to rid the countries and continents from the threat of terrorism, a disreputable our humanistic holy religion, and does not yield to provocations”, – the statement says Gainutdin Muslims, received on Thursday” Interfax-Religion “.

    He urged fellow believers and all citizens of Russia “to properly assess the adopted Russian President Vladimir Putin and the decision not to politicize the complex issue of counteraction terrorist threats hanging over Syria, Russia and many other states, as well as translate the problem in the plane vnutriislamskih differences. ”

    “War, violence and terrorism turned into a tragedy for millions of refugees, saving them did not and ineffective bombing of the US Armed Forces and their allies. They have not led to real progress on the eradication of terrorism, “- said the mufti.

    He thinks the joint fight against militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic State” “affair forced, but necessary,” and notes that the actions of the IG aimed at the destruction and Muslims, and representatives of other religions, as well as causing damage to the authority of Islam, “because they can awaken in others a sense of disgust and hatred of our holy religion and our true faith.”

    According to Gainutdin, IG militants, plunging Syria crisis and fratricide, block achievement national consensus, provoking intercommunal confrontation, not only in Syria and Iraq, but throughout the Islamic world.

    “Refer also to the heads of the states that participate in the antiterrorist coalition and are prepared to join them, an appeal is reasonable to use military force against the militants and terrorists Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere, without causing undue pain and suffering of the civilian population.

    “The ultimate goal of the Government of the SAR, the international observers and mediators should be peace, the restoration of statehood and the return of refugees, as we Muslims pray constantly, “- the document says.

  62. Brother Nathanael October 1, 2015 @ 4:30 pm

    Dear All –

    After a LONG week of intense preparation, I am now doing the final “render” on my NEW Video.

    Interestingly, with the Elder of Zyklon B saying someone should call John Hagee, I’m calling him a total clown and twister of Scripture on my upcoming Video.

    STAY tuned. I’m posting it soon! +BN

  63. KathJuliane October 1, 2015 @ 6:06 pm

    Franklin Graham: Russian Air Strikes May Prevent Christian Bloodbath

    Rev. Franklin Graham, the influential son of beloved evangelist Billy Graham, tells Newsmax TV the pounding Russian air force strikes in Syria may end up saving countless numbers of persecuted Christians.

    “What Russia is doing may save the lives of Christians in the Middle East,” Graham, president and CEO of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, said Wednesday to J.D. Hayworth and Miranda Khan on “Newsmax Prime.”

    “You understand that the Syrian government for their good and for their bad over the history of this country, they have protected Christians, they have protected minorities from the Islamists.”

    “If the government of Syria and its institutions were to fail, there would be a bloodbath of Christians,” Graham said.

    “There were would be tens and tens of thousands of Christians murdered and slaughtered and on top of that you would have hundreds of thousands of more refugees pouring into Europe.

    “So Russia right now, I see their presence as helping to save the lives of Christians.”

    The raids are reported to have killed at least 33 civilians, including children.

    Graham believes part of Syria’s strife is caused by a lack of leadership from the Obama administration.

    “If you look at ISIS [the Islamic State], ISIS came about because of the failed leadership of President Obama. His generals told him not to pull the U.S. troops out of Iraq. He did it anyway,” Graham said.


    “The government of Iraq began to marginalize the Sunnis. So when the Sunnis saw that they didn’t have a seat at the table anymore, ISIS was formed and they joined with the ISIS inside of Syria.

    “Syria was in the middle of a civil war, and a lot of these guys are Saddam Hussein’s former colonels, captains, lieutenants. [They] have military experience and were able to launch these attacks. It’s been brutal, horrific, and I put this at the Obama administration. They’re responsible.”

    Graham says the Obama administration’s errors are the result of its skewed priorities.

    With video:

    Dear Franklin,

    Well said, and thanks for thinking of the Christians.

    However, as much as I dislike Obummer, he was not the one who got us into Afghanistan and especially Iraq to begin with, and he only implemented what was originally Bush’s policies overthrowing Saddam Hussein’s government and agreements with the new Iraq government.

    The fact is, Bush and the neocons with their lying bilge and manufactured bunk for evidence overthrew a iron-handed president and Baathist government that incidentally also protected the Assyrian Christians and other minorities of Iraq.

    Was it a utopia? No, but Hussein, Baathist Arab that he was, kept a lid on sectarian violence, and Iraq was a prosperous, cultured country before 1991 and Desert Storm.

    Christians prospered socially and economically, lived at peace with their Muslim neighbors, and lived an autonomous life in their own ancient and historical land following their particular form of worship, having all religious freedoms guaranteed by the government, as did other minorities, as long as they stayed clear of sectarian and agitation politics.

    Hussein had Christians in government and in his administration, proportional to the population, and some were his most trusted advisors.

    The blame for the mess in Iraq lies squarely on the G.W. Bush and his Jew-neocon administration’s shoulders, and Obombya didn’t help much either. He is to blame for a lot of things as well, but starting the Iraq war isn’t one of them, although he is certainly to blame for starting the mess in Syria and immeasurably compounding the problems and troubles in the Middle East.

  64. KathJuliane October 2, 2015 @ 12:31 pm

    “Defense Ministry: as a result of strikes in Syria, Russian planes destroyed ISIS command centers.”

    Online translation:

    MOSCOW, September 30th. / TASS /. As a result, Russian aircraft strikes in Syria destroyed by militants command posts “of the Islamic state,” said the Russian Defense Ministry.

    “Today Russian aircraft aerospace forces inflicted pinpoint strikes on eight sites of the terrorist group LIH [ISIS] (formerly called” Islamic State “- a comment. Tass) in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. It was carried out about 20 sorties,” – said the spokesman of the Defense Ministry-General Major Igor Konashenkov.

    “As a result of the air strikes were struck ammunition depots, weapons, fuel and lubricants, accumulation of military equipment. Team control points militias LIH in the mountainous area were completely destroyed,” – he said.

    As noted Konashenkov, all strikes after aerial reconnaissance and clarify the data obtained from the headquarters of the Syrian army. According to civilian infrastructure and the vicinity of Russian aircraft weapons have not been used.

    “Russian Defense Ministry has distributed videos deposition Russian warplanes in the Syrian air strikes against command and control headquarters of terrorist groups LIH located in a mountainous area,” – the ministry said.

    Earlier Wednesday, Russian planes videoconferencing started to pinpoint strikes on the positions of the IG in Syria

    Prior to this, the Federation Council of the Russian Federation President gave consent to the use of Russian forces abroad.

    As explained by the head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov, talking about air operations against the “Islamic state” in Syria at the request of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

    Earlier Vladimir Putin said that Russian troops would not participate in ground operations.

    According to Putin, the IG has long declared Russia an enemy.


  65. KathJuliane October 2, 2015 @ 10:01 pm

    Why Is Washington Against Russia Bombing al-Qaeda ISIS and al-Qaeda Nusra?

    Wall Street Journal:

    Russian Airstrike in Syria Targeted CIA-Backed Rebels, U.S. Officials Say

    One area hit was location primarily held by rebels receiving funding, arms, training from CIA and allies

    Updated Sept. 30, 2015 11:07 p.m. ET

    Russia launched airstrikes in Syria on Wednesday, catching U.S. and Western officials off guard and drawing new condemnation as evidence suggested Moscow wasn’t targeting extremist group Islamic State, but rather other opponents of Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

    CIA-backed rebels?

    You read it correctly, in a WSJ headline no less. But don’t believe your lying eyes, it’s still all just in the minds of nutty “conspiracy theorists.”

    Russia’s Lavrov on Syria targets: ‘If it looks like a terrorist, walks like a terrorist…

    (CNN)Russia’s airstrikes in Syria “do not go beyond ISIL (ISIS), al Nusra or other terrorist groups recognized by the United Nations Security Council or Russian law,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Thursday.

    Pushed to define “other terrorist groups,” Lavrov said: “If it looks like a terrorist, if it acts like a terrorist, if it walks like a terrorist, if it fights like a terrorist, it’s a terrorist, right?”

    Lavrov was addressing reporters at the U.N. in New York Thursday, on the second day of airstrikes by Russian warplanes in Syria.

    Don’t miss the second video after Lavrov with McPain clenching his teeth about his “good” CIA/Mossad-trained terrorists of the CIA/Mossad’s international Marxist-Wahabi Jihad army being targeted.

  66. DaveC October 22, 2015 @ 12:24 am

    Did you readers hear the latest from Israeli PM Bibi?

    PM Bibi now blames the Palestine Arabs for the reason why the Jews were exterminated in the death camps in eastern Europe, due to the fact the Arabs did not want Hitler (or Stalin) to send any more “unwanted” European Jews to Palestine, as the Arabs did not want any more hooknoses.

    Hitler then asked the Palestine Iman (this was around 1941) what does he (Hitler) do with the Jews then? It is alleged (according to Mr Bibi) to “burn them”.

    No wonder the Hooknoses are “outraged” by this as well. Shows you what kind of a guy Mr Bibi is.

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