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Paris Attack Smacks Of False Flag

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Paris Attack Smacks Of False Flag
By Brother Nathanael Kapner January 8, 2015 ©

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HOW MANY MOSSAD AGENTS does it take to pull off a false flag?

Just enough to have a getaway car ready at a Kosher Restaurant two miles from the Charlie Hebdo scene in Paris.

The perpetrators’ first car, a black Citroen, was abandoned at the restaurant while a grey Renault was provided for the murderers to flee in, reportedly “carjacked” as per the French police.

One look at how carefully the getaway car was parked in front of the Kosher Restaurant suggests that the attackers were in no hurry to escape since they knew that a safe haven and another car was ready for them for the second leg of their getaway.

Why the French police are claiming the Renault getaway vehicle was “carjacked” appears to cover the fact that the Renault was provided by, as this author sees it, Jewish accomplices, that is, Sayanim.

Many anomalies support this author’s theory that the Charlie Hebdo attack was a Mossad false flag operation.


FIRST OF ALL, shouts of “Allah Akbar” and “The Prophet Has Been Avenged” by the attackers were enunciated in perfect French.

If they were truly extremist Muslims, as the press is reporting it, the second slogan would also have been expressed in Arabic.

Second, how did the perpetrators know that Charlie Hebdo headquarters was going to hold a full member staff meeting at the very hour of their attack? Only, an inside informer (Read: Sayanim) could have tipped them off.

Then, the gunmen, knowing in advance the names of their targets, headed to the second floor editorial department where the meeting was held and asked people who they were, from the list of names, before shooting.

They didn’t just go in shooting up the place like a typical ‘terrorist’ attack would have been carried out.

Third, the neatly parked ‘abandoned’ car conveniently had the ID of one of the ‘terrorists.’

SURELY, THIS IS classic Mossad of pulling an ID of a formerly charged ‘criminal’ already in the intelligence system readily available to be set up as a patsy.

Seriously, who takes their ID on a commando-style ‘terror attack?’

Cui bono? Jews…to further inflame Islamophobia, specifically in this case with the French establishment which has been putting forth pro-Palestinian overtures of late…greatly “disappointing” Tel Aviv.

Right on cue, Netanyahu chimed in, “The heinous acts in Paris today won’t be the last.”

By way of deception wage war, goes the Mossad motto.

And yet another Jewish deception fools the Goyim once again.


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Brother Nathanael @ January 8, 2015


  1. Brother Nathanael January 8, 2015 @ 1:55 am

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    Whippee! The JEW ‘war on terror’ continues! (Hollande IMMEDIATELY called the murders a “terrorist” attack. RIGHT ON CUE!

    Islamic ‘terror’ is the MAIN JEW issue and ALL THE GOYS agree!

    BUT the REAL ISSUE is JEW covert TERROR, that is, deep state attacks, on what was once known and experienced as Christendom.

    SCORE ANOTHER “deception” in Jewry’s tally. And all the Goyim gulp in down.
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    Much Love In Christ!

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner @

  2. Brother Nathanael January 8, 2015 @ 1:56 am

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  4. Ted Gorsline January 8, 2015 @ 2:32 am

    I did a google search of “Charlie Hebdo” and see they fired a cartoonist who posted an anti Jewsih cartoon and when he was asked by management to apologize he refused to do so.

    So it seems they criticize the Christian and Muslim religions but pull their punches with the Jewish cult although Zionist shill networks like CNN imply they criticize everyone.

  5. Mario Herrera January 8, 2015 @ 2:49 am

    All sings of a FALSE FLAG, a September 11 remake, a repetition, a clone.

    We know and Jews know even better than us, the HUMONGOUS national spirit that is growing in Europe. Jews know already that Le Pen will be the next president.

    Saudis are just Jews with Keffiyeh in the head never ever forget that.

    ISIS supported by Arab Saudis decapitate everyday human beings in the name of Allah, and now they get pissed off because of this “Mohammad cartoon sequel”?

    BULL SH….T!!!

  6. Ted Gorsline January 8, 2015 @ 2:54 am

    Google “Sarkozy’s son in anti-semtic satire,” and “Satirist sparks uproar with sarkozy son Jewish jibe.”

    They tell about a French satirist at Charlie Hebdo being fired for poking fun at Jews.

  7. Johann January 8, 2015 @ 3:40 am

    I think you may be right, dear Brother Nathanael.

    It sure sounds like a new Jewish false flag attack. It was too well executed to be anything but – too organized to have been orchestrated by Arab terrorists.

    We all remember the two Black men killing that soldier in London the other year. They were brutal savages and stupid morons. If yesterdays attack had been done by Moslem fanatics, they would have behaved in a similar fashion to the ones in London.

    I’m not sure if any Jews were among the dead or wounded? If no Jewish casualties can be found, we can probably be sure of who the true culprits are: Jews.

    In any case it seems that the Jews once again may have been too clever for their own good. Thanks for opening my eyes to the truth about this wicked crime.

  8. Irene Bonney Faulkes January 8, 2015 @ 3:57 am

    On learning of this massacre in Paris, one’s first reaction was — ‘It was not Muslims, but surely Isis, that is of Jewish creation’.

    Not quite correct but I believe Brother Nathanael has promoted not merely a conjecture but a certainty that it did come from a Mossad exploit — as pointed out, another false flag.

    There is no end to such. Many think the accusation of hacking by North Korea and even the downing of the Air Asia plane were suspiciously so.

    Added to the episode of the plane (on board which, incidentally, were forty members of the same church in Indonesia), is the threat by terrorists in that country — from Muslims of course!

    The Foreign Minister of Australia has warned all Australians in relation to travel there, beause of the forseen danger from anticipatked terror at this time.

    It is apparent that the grand schemes by Israel and the Neo Cons have failed. They are even in conflict with Obama and certain bureaucracies.

    Their anticipations of victory in Ukraine have been doomed to disaster and it did not bring Russia into a war.

    The Palestinians stood firm, despite suffering very much in the attacks by the Israelis. Such composed a murderous revenge for the ‘false flag’ of three Israeli youths supposedly killed by a Palestinian. Another Mossad evil.

    The unwarranted attacks against its cities, populace and partiularly the many thousands of women and children, evinced world-wide charges towards Israel of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’.

    Israel lost the war.

    Added to all this, the politics of a few European countries have undergone a reversal in that their sympathies, actions and plans have shifted from being led by the US and for Israel into being greatly pro-Palestinian.

    France’s Marie Le Pen indeed proves a serious threat as politically, she is set to lead the country into a deep nationalism.

    So, trouble in Paris had to be.

    Another false flag indeed.

    Their occurrences are many. The deceptions obscene.

    War continues to be at the throats of many nations.

  9. gerard January 8, 2015 @ 4:19 am

    In France every week there is a meeting of the president with his ministers every Wednesday. It is called “le Conseil des Ministres”

    By a coincidence, this week this meeting took place on last Monday 5, following the last one also held on a Monday of December 22.

  10. Koen January 8, 2015 @ 4:42 am

    When I saw the TV footage of the attack on Charlie Hebdo yesterday, it was already clear that the stupid politicians the world over jump to the conclusion that the killers are “Moslims,” yet anyone can shout “Allah Akbar,” which is easy enough.

    Not once did I ever hear the words “false flag” on TV and this is why the internet medium has such an immeasurable value.

    From another website:

    It is opinioned that the murdered policeman in the street wasn’t really murdered (it was an act): there is no visible blood around the policeman after the fatal Kalashnikov shot was fired (very unlikely), and more strange details that deviate from a real fatal Kalashnikov shooting.

    No details yet are published about the Charlie Hebdo people, such as names of real registered people or fantasy names of non-existing people. I assume at this point that indeed 10 persons were murdered yesterday, most likely by perfectly French-speaking, professionally-moving Mossad agents.


    So the cartoonist who published an anti Jewish cartoon was lucky to be fired, and maybe is alive today because of this cartoon! This has the hallmarks of a lesson to be remembered.

    Allah Akbar!!, et “shalom” pour tous

  11. Halina January 8, 2015 @ 4:43 am

    Charlie Hebdo has reportedly made fun also of the Mossad agent Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (Simon Elliot).

    And Mossad reportedly wanted revenge for:

    – French MPs voting in favour of a Palestinian state.
    – France voting against Israel at the UN.

    The objective of the attack is to turn public opinion in favour of Israel.

    Completely blatant and transparent false flag terror, attack appears to be real and common sense indicates this is a direct response to the French vote in favor of Palestine at the UN.

    This is a heinous attack on the French state and there is only one realistic suspect: Israel.

    Just as three Malaysian airliners being downed in a year for that countries support of Palestine and its finding that 9/11 was an inside job carried out by, among others: Israel.


    There is also a good opportunity to turn the public attention away from the sex slave scandal involving prominent world’s figures such as:

    Bill Clinton, Jeff Epstein, His Royal ‘Highness’ Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowtiz.

    They do really get away with murder!

    How much longer?!

  12. Peter in the UK January 8, 2015 @ 5:01 am

    There are pictures circulating that show the car at the killing scene of the police officer to have WHITE DOOR MIRRORS yet on the car being recovered abandoned at the café it clearly has BLACK DOOR MIRRORS.

  13. BAB January 8, 2015 @ 5:10 am

    Thank you Brother Nat for your very good article and analysis of this Zionist false flag operation.

  14. laurence January 8, 2015 @ 5:14 am

    Dear Brother,

    To add to your conclusions, I would say that the “redacteur en chef” was on holiday in London that day. Lucky huh?

    I also would like to add this paper is so filthy that nobody buys it anymore. Recently I read that it was close to bankruptcy even if sustained by the state.

    Also I want to add that I observed that it is used to throw horrendous cartoons about Muslims and Catholics particularly, but never on Jews and freemasons. Why?

  15. Kalif January 8, 2015 @ 5:18 am

    Did you see the leisurely get-away?

    Other than the unfortunate lone policeman whom they slew in their get-away — behavior is odd in many ways.

    Merry Christmas to all.

  16. Darkwing January 8, 2015 @ 5:35 am


    THANKS, now I will have fun with this now that I know a lot of facts.

    Since JFK’s murder, I call false flag unless prove other.

  17. Gertjan Zwiggelaar January 8, 2015 @ 6:35 am

    You are so correct Brother.

    I said the same thing immediately upon reading the news regarding this cold blooded murder of artists and scribes in France. I had the exact same reaction on 9/11, that what the Main Scream News was shouting was not the real story.

    Now we differ on opinions why. Now we have over 40,000, according to some texts I’ve found, Christian sects and no cohesive Army of Christ. You are only one of very few whom Jesus would call a brother and a friend, even though your theology still needs some adjustment.

    Jesus, Who is my Brother and Sovereign called the Pharisees and Sadducees, ‘The Children of Satan and Sons of the Devil.’ So do you.

    All that matters is that we worship Our Universal Father in Heaven and live by His Will to be perfect even as He is perfect. Then, let everyone contemplate God in their own manner under their own fig tree. If everyone follows and lives by The Golden Rule, then the Common Law will be in effect and everything will be so much better.

    Anyone destroying the global harmony will have to be corrected. It is that correction which must happen really soon. And, we all know who it is that needs correcting.

    Lucifer and his minions: Satan, Beelzebub, et al, including those whom Jesus named and whose temple He labelled, the Sin a Gog of Satan. May the correction begin today. It is has to start sometime.

    God Bless You Brother Nathanael. Keep up your righteous work. You know you are on the right path. You are a warrior and so was Jesus of Nazareth.

  18. Victor January 8, 2015 @ 6:50 am

    They tried to get the West to form a united coalition against the new ‘enemy’ Russia, but that attempt is starting to fail as the EU reconsiders and MH17 truth is beginning to come out.

    So this is their fallback Plan B, I think. Meanwhile the Jews are still deeply involved in making Ukraine a ‘second home’.

    The Game continues.

  19. The Elder of Zyklon-B January 8, 2015 @ 7:45 am

    Another outstanding and timely “shorty” by Brother Nathanael.

    Another very good companion piece is compiled below by the hard-hitting incogman.

    Both of these are must reads for a quick, concise and accurate summary of what die Juden are pulling off in plain site.

    “You Won’t Hear This About Charlie Hebdo”
    Posted on January 7, 2015 by INCOG MAN

  20. Seek The Truth January 8, 2015 @ 8:19 am

    There are people who claim that the Mossad symbol of the Menorah with a circle of Hebrew characters was on the side of what appeared to be a remote controlled Boeing 767 military tanker that hit the south Tower on 911.

    Yet, the American Christians are so stupid and ignorant they can’t figure out that 2 + 2= 4 and that their friends the modern Jews are total traitors and false flag liars who belong to the exact same satanic cult that murdered the ancient Hebrew prophets, murdered Jesus and his apostles and continued to murder early Christians.

  21. SarahSmiles January 8, 2015 @ 8:36 am

    It is already circulating that Greta Berlin was behind this attack; orchestrated to look like Mossad executed it.

    It is part of the plan to get all French Jews to be pressured into leaving France (over 7,000 moved to Israel in 2014 alone). Once all the Jews are in Israel, Iran can drop the BIG ONE.

  22. Mario Herrera January 8, 2015 @ 8:55 am

    Check the cameraman in this video, NO reaction, NO “Oh my God” (Mon Dieu, whatever).

    He is watching to kill a human and NO reaction at all.

    This is a hell of cameraman! This stinks of Mossad 100% however you look at it.

  23. Brother Nathanael January 8, 2015 @ 8:56 am


    It’s encouraging that you who live in France see through all the Jew-hype on this apparent false flag. +BN

  24. not believeable January 8, 2015 @ 8:59 am

    I find it unbelievable that they would rob a gas station.

    Wow, bullet proof vests, machine guns, nice car, but no food or cash?

    What a joke. Look for more restictins on small arms. Oh yes, that base is being covered right now also.

  25. The Elder of Zyklon-B January 8, 2015 @ 9:09 am

    Who is promoting this degenerate filth? Who is at the helm of promoting race mixing and the multicultural agenda?

    Die Juden, who long ago infested France have been doing this since Jew World War I where they used imported Africans in the military to rape German women and children.

    Will the Jew worshiping goyim EVER figure this out.

    Meanwhile back at the rancho, Texas has no shortage of Protestant and Catholic churches and other organizations who are promoting this invasion. They think they are doing God and country a favor by doing so.

    Pleasing their Talmudic masters also gives them the warm, fuzzy feelings that these emotional nutcakes crave.

  26. Koolz January 8, 2015 @ 9:58 am

    It is Mossad!

  27. Springer January 8, 2015 @ 10:03 am

    Youtube has videos of the police officer being shot in the head but the bullet missed from just three feet away or it was a blank because the policemans head does not recoil and no blood is seen after he got shot by an AK-47

    I posted a link about this on Above Top Secret (ATS) but it was soon removed and makes me think that the site is under the control of the CIA or NSA.

    Brother Nathanael you are not alone in seeing something wrong about this incident and we will also see Google and Youtube doing its part to cover over parts that dont add up.

  28. HCN January 8, 2015 @ 10:09 am

    This article does have some good points like the fact that one of the “killers” let conveniently his ID on the car.

    But what bugs me, is that many of the people working for that newspaper were Jews.

    Cabu and Wolinski are Jewish. One can see that by looking at their faces. The fact that Charlie Hebdo mocks everything, except, Judaism is also a noteworthy point.

    For the little story, a former employee who made a mockery of Jews in this same newspaper faced charges.

    Would the Jews go as far as to kill their own? If it is the case they most be pretty desperate.

    Second point I want to emphasize, is that there are at least as many Jews cursing the Mohammedan for this crime than trying to defend them.

    This video is of particular interest in this regard.

    For those who don’t understand French I will translate the important part. The Jew Jean-Michel Ribes defends the poor, always persecuted, Muslim community and than slips an anti-Christian rant: “Those Christian bastards who are the same.”

    The rant is not heard in the video, he only talks abour “Catholic extremists.” But there are many reports he did say Christian bastards at some point.

    The Jews are obviously working on both sides (like they always do).

    The Jews were the ones who brought Muslims (and other immigrants) into Europe for the sole purpose of starting a war.

    If they play both sides, they think they will be safe.

  29. chems eddin January 8, 2015 @ 10:13 am

    Also worth mentioning is that while they screamed Allah Akbar one of them lifted his left index finger while Muslims never pronounce the shahada (testament of faith) by using the left hand.

    Only the right hand, since the left hand is used for other things considered filthy, just like a Christian won’t swear with with his left hand on the Bible.

  30. gelin January 8, 2015 @ 10:47 am

    On a separate issue, I researched those Orthodox rabbis that were (apparently) brutally murdered while at prayer in Jerusalem a few weeks ago.

    It turns out that they were ANTI-ZIONIST rabbis, similar to the Neturei Karta, but I doubt that this fact was ever mentioned in news reports.

    Anyone who follows news events in Israel knows that the police and other security forces there treat these anti-Zionist orthodox Jews quite violently.

  31. BAB January 8, 2015 @ 11:39 am


    Jews are quite capable of murdering their own to achieve a greater benefit for Israel. They have shown this on many times.

    I could add that even the American elites are capable of getting Americans murdered for their own profit. I no longer have any illusions about that.

    This is a Zionist response to France for acknowledging Palestine and also for its plan to eliminate sanctions against Russia.

    The Zionists are not pleased with France and have thus made it clear.

  32. jim west January 8, 2015 @ 11:54 am

    Who are they kidding?

    We goys don’t fall that BS anymore. The moment I heard of it, “false flag” went through my head.

    All I can say is these dead smucks — yeah they’re in hell for their sacrilegious depiction of Christian priests while never daring to joke about Jews — deserved what they got.

    They were working to inflame Islam and Christianity but not Jews; and for that their Jewish overlord sacrificed them.

    Let this be a lesson to all Goyim who collaborated with Jews.

  33. Ted Gorsline January 8, 2015 @ 12:04 pm

    It would be nice to know who the major shareholders of Charlie Hebdo are?

  34. Kalin January 8, 2015 @ 12:10 pm

    Thank God we have brother Nate to set the facts straight for those of us who care what the truth is.

    I reckoned it was a CIA/Mossad psy op, false flag, but the Kosher restaurant and “the Prophet has been avenged” slur clinches it for me.

  35. The Elder of Zyklon--B January 8, 2015 @ 12:12 pm

    Soon Merkel will once again denounce those who stand against turd world invaders and call for more immigration to repopulate Germany.

    The Pope will continue to tell White nations that it is their duty to God and humanity to welcome millions of immigrants.

    Meanwhile, they have no concern at all for the South African Whites who are raped, plundered and murdered every day.

    Don’t look for he church people in Jewmerica to roll out the welcome mat for these people anytime soon either, as they only seek to please their Juden buddies.

  36. Danielle January 8, 2015 @ 12:12 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    You are right ! What happened yesterday to Charlie Hebdo is a false flag operation to put fog in the brain of the French citizens in order to win the next elections in 2017: about 6 million of citizen French Muslim voices are not negligeable for Hollande when Marine Le Pen gains more and more support of the French people.

    When I saw the first images of that horror I understood immediately it is a false flag operation: how is it that Charlie Hebdo which was supposed to be guarded by the police as our officials said has been invaded so freely by these two terrorists? How is it that only few policemen (two) where there at that scary moment?

    How is it that the black car standed calmly in the middle of the street with opened doors while that street was completely empty of cars and people?

    Furthermore how is it that that two terrorists are brothers like in Boston marathon where two terrorists were brothers, one of the two brothers being killed and the second being jailed?

    How is it that the said guy in the oil station who saw so much frightening military killing equipment of war in the car stayed alive? The guys knowing the police is running after them were so stupid to let somebody to look inside the car without covering their guns to escape without problem?

    Of course there are many other questions … without logical answers.

    It seems to me at first sight that as the governing “parti de la gauche” being in a very weak posture because of the catastrophic economic situation in France, this special terror act against Charlie Hebdo fits and covers perfectly the abyss of debt and of bad management.

    It is a distraction to make the French citizens to put aside their economic problems and focalise only on the alibi-subject: freedom of speech.

    Of course freedom of speech is very necessary and indispensable to all of us but, but when those who claim freedom of speech put aside day after day Marine Le Pen as if she were a “pestiférée” and as if she had poured blood during WWII or after — even she did not killed Jews or Arab Palestinians or other people — what kind of freedom they are speaking about?!

    I think Holland is a puppet in very bad foreign hands and is not really aware of what is done behind his back because he focalises only on himself. He wants to stay President until 2017 whatever will be, and at any cost.

    I shed tears when I heard of that horrible murder: to kill unarmed people “de sang froid” because they do not adhere to an ideology or a religion, or to kill with the view to satisfy political or economic reasons is horrible.

    Seigneur Jésus Christ, Fils de Dieu, aie pitié de nous pécheurs et sauve nous, aie pitié de la France, elle périt, sauve la! Amen!

  37. Citizenfitz January 8, 2015 @ 12:13 pm

    Yeah, something’s smelling damn fishy about this attack.

    Gefilte fishy.

    It’s an ironic world: Stalin was the greatest communist killer of all time.

    If Israel was behind this attack then they did the world a small favor by taking out some leftist Jew garbage.

  38. KathJuliane January 8, 2015 @ 1:07 pm

    Thank you, dear +BN, for your outstanding research on the Paris shootings.

    I knew something was off about this incident from the get-go, now it makes a lot of sense.

    RJN family have also come up with other observations which make this a very strange incident, including the left hand gesture at the same time shouting Allah Akhbar! Anyone can shout that.

    The perpetrators go so far as to identify themselves to the surviving Charlie Hebdo staff as “Al Qaeda of Yemen” I’ve also read. And, if these were real Salafists even though they spoke French, it seems to me they would have used Arabic phrases for the more religiously charged expressions, since Arabic is the holy language of the Koran.

    What a nugget you dug up from JSSNews by way of The Algemeiner identifying the Patistory as a kosher restaurant. It ties all the loose ends together.

    A kosher patisserie (bakeshop-cafe)? There must be hundreds of patisseries in Paris. And the “terrorists” just happen to park in front of a kosher one? You wouldn’t know it was a kosher from the street, so what are the odds?

    But the Israeli founded French language (“headquartered in China” according to their “about” page) were just all over themselves about it. Jonathan-Simon Sellem founded in 2008 to bring a French voice to Israel with his webzine.

    In dramatic hystrionics, is claiming that the bad guys were attempting to kill more Jews by running them over while they sat at the sidewalk tables! has to have been founded by French Jew expats in Israhell to actually know of this particular restaurant.

    Methinks they are Mossad connected, certainly running under the auspices of the Israhell Ministry of Truth, and spat this out as a red herring to deflect suspicion away from the patisserie as being a stop off point to change clothes and change cars, supposedly “carjacked.”

    You’ve picked up on something with that “carjacked” too. A carjacking is forcible robbery of an occupied vehicle, yet there is no mention of a victim or even any news interviews that I’ve seen, yet survivors from Charlie Hebdo were interviewed yesterday.

    I can only assume, then, that the Paris police mean by “carjacking” is that the grey Renault getaway car was simply “stolen” (perhaps with the keys left in the ignition and doors unlocked.)

    The bad guys parked there because, just like you pointed out, they knew beforehand of this kosher patiserrie ahead of time, and knew there would be Mossad’s little “Jewish helpers” (Sayanim)at the bakeshop.

    Now it’s been reported that 18-year-old Hamyd Mourad, one of the named suspects, surrendered to local police at 11:00 pm last night and taken into custody. Smart move to keep himself from coming to harm if he’s innocent, as it appears he probably is.

    Other reports have come out that Mourad was in fact in class while the shooting was taking place in downtown Paris. Apparently classmates of Mourad started the French hashtag, #MouradHamydInnocent, who say he was with them at the time of the attack.

    If Mourad is completely innocent of this, then that really casts suspicions on the police naming the suspects, especially so quickly yesterday, and the suspects being set up as patsies.

    One goofy thing that really sticks in my mind, besides the visible license plates, is that after the street shootings and the apparent execution of the police officer, is the scene of the one shooter nonchalantly picking up a sports shoe that’s been lying there the entire time and tossing it back in the passenger side before he gets in.

    What was with the loose shoe?

    Another strange thing is that the Paris police announced the three suspects, I think naming Mourad as the getaway driver, yet the videos clearly show that one shooter gets in the driver seat and the other in the passenger seat, then drive off.

    Great job all around, dear +BN, and God bless you for your diligence.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  39. pj January 8, 2015 @ 1:28 pm

    Good one, Bro.

    I pasted it on a Yahoo message board but it only lasted a half hour before it was deleted.

    However, calls for genocide against muslims continue unabated.

  40. Brigitte January 8, 2015 @ 1:32 pm

    Dear Brother Nat,

    Yes, something smells fishy to me right from the start: there’s the witness statement of a staff member who said the following (from memory):

    I went out to fetch my daughter at the daycare and when I arrived BACK at the OFFICE building, two masked, armed men threatened us with their weapons so I typed the door code to let them in.

    (she told the two gunmen that the Charlie offices were at the 3rd floor to deceive them, they’re at the 2nd floor).

    Then she says “When the shooting started I dove under a table and heard the gunshots, it lasted about 5 minutes.”

    She’s the only survivor in the room where the carnage took place.

    Don’t you find it unbelievable that, after being threatened with two automatic weapons and learning from the gunmen where they wanted to go, she followed them inside WITH HER DAUGHTER IN TOW and went to the offices that they were looking for?

    If she typed the door code to save her and her daughter’s life (sacrificing that of her colleagues in exchange) why did she go to the place she knew they were looking for?

    Why was she the only one who dove under the table and the only one who was neither injured nor killed? What about her daughter who witnessed everything?

    And this woman (nicknamed Coco, a cartoonist at the paper) has a big photo in the news as if there was anything to be proud of in what she did.

  41. HCN January 8, 2015 @ 1:38 pm


    I do believe Jews are capable of killing other Jews to achieve a greater purpose.

    No need to even speak about Jews killing Americans or others to advance their agenda. They did it so many times in the past that it should be an obvious fact by now.

    Concerning “Zionists” being angry at France because of Palestine, I really doubt that’s the case. The Jews completely own that country. It is like a Israeli extension. So it is logical to think Jews wanted France to acknowledge Palestine.

    To me it looks like “big Jews” are trying to get “little Jews” to think that they are soooo hated by the French and that they deserve to be killed by Muslims for being soooo mean with them.

    For those speaking French, I came across something really interesting. ” Je suis Charlie ” apparently is written in a way in Hebrew that can be read as ” Je suis Israel ” ( I am Israel ).

    It is reported on a 100% Jewish website :

    We all know Jews love play on words. It makes them feel so superior.

    Nevertheless, they killed at least as much Jews and Muslims as Frenchmen. The first cop that was killed was a Muslim.

    And like Citizenfitz said, Charlie Hebdo spew much garbage against Christianity and everything associated. So we shouldn’t be to sad for them.

  42. Citizenfitz January 8, 2015 @ 1:45 pm

    Something those of us here might want to look at and consider: most of it, or even the entire thing, is fake.

    If that cop on the sidewalk was killed with a head shot then why wasn’t there an explosion of blood like there would have to have been?

    And the if you look *above* his head you’ll clearly see what looks to be artifact from a blank – not a high powered round impacting the sidewalk. Obviously the alleged round didn’t hit the alleged cop’s head.

    And if these guys were so well organized why would they waste precious get away time to go shoot a man who was obviously no threat?

    These questions alone raise big red flags.

    If this was another Jew false flag then they bungled it no less than they did 911 – which has only been sustained by the amazing power of the mass media to convince (most) people that snow is square.

  43. HCN January 8, 2015 @ 1:53 pm

    @The Elder of Zyklon–B

    The pope should be called “anti-pope” as he is an imposter posing as the head of the Catholic Church. He is not, even remotely, Catholic.

    He prays with Muslims, celebrates with Jews. Wants to completely corrupt what little is left of the old order. He is indisputably a heretic.

    He even prayed at the tomb of Theodor Herzl, the Jew who founded Zionism when he visited Israel.

    He shouldn’t be compared with true Popes like Pius XII and the previous who were against all kind of filth and denounced over and over again communism and socialism.

  44. Apache (Eochaidh MacDhalaigh OghaChruithne) Wardance January 8, 2015 @ 1:56 pm

    You forgot one very important thing Brother Nathanael and I’m surprised.

    The President of France, François Gérard Georges Nicolas Hollande, has recently called for détente with Russia and lifting the sanctions against Russia.

    This false flag that you describe also involves punishing France for its attempt to make peace with Russia.

  45. Citizenfitz January 8, 2015 @ 2:14 pm

    Just got off the phone with my “elected” DC reps offices – to say that this alleged massacre in France smells gefilte fishy; and that Israel may be planning some false flag ops here in the US in the near future.

    I think one of the staffers I spoke with is Jewish. LOL! Is Sevorah a Jewish name?

  46. Citizenfitz January 8, 2015 @ 2:23 pm

    Bullseye, HCN.

    HCN is right – there hasn’t been a bonafide Catholic pope since Pius XII. Since then they’ve not even been Catholics, let alone popes.

    Contrary to popular opinion, the Catholic Church does ordain women. There are many thousands of female priests. Bishops too. In fact one of them is now a “Pope.”

  47. Ted Gorsline January 8, 2015 @ 2:57 pm

    A woman, last name Kay, as is Johnathan Kay from the Jewish National Post, has just listed a bunch of “fundamentalist Muslims” who have create havoc here and there for CNN. Dreadful people those Muslims.

    I will give CNN’s Hola Gorani credit. She seems to be getting uncomfortable with this, and all the other Jewish piling it on, but of course she knows where her bread is buttered. Better to rip and repeat than enter the line of the unemployed.

    I would like to know who owns the publication because the first thing they thought of was how to cash in on the killings rather than worry about their loss of staff. They are going to print one million copies of “Charlie” tomorrow as a commemorative issue.

    I’d bet money the owners are Jews.

  48. apologeticos2013 January 8, 2015 @ 3:03 pm

    Putin: We urge Israel to stop supporting Syrian terrorists.

    Chef Jeff’s AK-47 Watermelon Fruit Salad

    Mossad False Flag!

  49. Taylor January 8, 2015 @ 3:35 pm


    “SCORE ANOTHER “deception” in Jewry’s tally. And all the Goyim gulp in (sic) down.”

    Unquestionably, the vast majority of Goyim swallow the MSM Jewry bull — whole, line, and sinker — but not all non-Jews.

    Those who link to your site, study some of the nitty-gritty detail as provided through RJN, as well as some critically-thinking others, are much more in tune to the truth regarding Jewry’s cunning ways and objectives.

    Some of us who are not part of the Sheeple crowd are not easily bamboozled by the same ole shopworn Jewish playbook.

  50. Citizenfitz January 8, 2015 @ 3:42 pm

    Just a thought: leftists of the world, especially the French left, haven’t exactly been big supporters of Israel lately.

    In fact they’ve been joining in with so called holocaust deniers in their anti-Israelism.

    A Mossad effort to fracture a burgeoning alliance?

  51. Manofsteel January 8, 2015 @ 3:54 pm

    “And yet another Jewish deception fools the Goyim once again.”

    Not really. Please tell, and I know how much you have given to us, just please tell me — what can we do about … anything.

    How terribly hurtful it is for us when we are accused of doing nothing, when, there is nothing we can do.

    Depopulation, in the form of a Nuclear War may well be in our near future. There is nothing we can do about it, except die as quickly as possible.

    To think, we won’t get to witness the final disposition of the Politicians in America, those stinky little freaky people who have made our deaths all too possible. It helps some to know what the Jews did to the Polish, the European, the Russian and the Chinese, intellectuals, politicians, etc., when once they were in no need of them anymore.

    Dang, look what happened in Vietnam, for one example, as far as I know no one has figured that one out yet. For what, for the Jewish Banker’s agenda. It wasn’t to stop Communism — Jews are the Communists.

    Knowing payday will come for the sell outs, helps some. Knowing a earth-shattering cataclysmic event will happen, to end it all, and I predict quite soon. Knowing, the Jews might could have saved themselves had they concentrated on saving our home, Earth, except they were consumed by blood lust.

    Well, after the dying, none of us will care, right?

    Thank you, so much, Nathanael.

  52. hvt January 8, 2015 @ 4:06 pm


    Would you please expound on the following? Thanks

    “Contrary to popular opinion, the Catholic Church does ordain women. There are many thousands of female priests. Bishops too. In fact one of them is now a “Pope.”

  53. A.J. January 8, 2015 @ 4:44 pm

    Great and timely article. Everyone please share!

  54. Pat W January 8, 2015 @ 4:45 pm

    My first clue that it was a false flag was the story about the ID being left in one of the getaway cars.

  55. Kalin January 8, 2015 @ 5:04 pm

    A poster put this link up on

    It’s a slow motion of the alleged shooting of the cop on the sidewalk. Proves it’s a staged event. Listen to the sound of the gun. JewTube is taking these videos down as fast as they go up.

  56. tom dean January 8, 2015 @ 5:14 pm

    Holy Cow never thought of it.

    Everything worked too good for this.

    Also why would the shooters tell the people in the attack that they were from Al Qaeda in Yemen? Don’t make sense but to make it look like a Muslim attack.

    Also how could they get away clean and it was so professional.

    You nailed it again, Brother N.

  57. s sunner January 8, 2015 @ 5:22 pm

    This just shows how easy it is for the people in power to pull off what ever they want and everyone believe it 100% because its on the news. Lmao.

    These guys were pros, not a bunch of angry Muslims avenging Allah. Come on everything on the page makes sense.

    How these fake Jews get away with this is very funny. They own the Monopoly Board and now are leasing us our world back.

    Well done world. Let’s all go out and buy another 50″ TV led hd etc. Lol!

    Got 1 the other day. Can’t beat them, join them. Game over, peace.

  58. KathJuliane January 8, 2015 @ 5:51 pm

    I seriously doubt that the shooting was somehow faked, especially the execution of Officer Ahmed Merabet down wounded on the sidewalk.

    At 0:06 in the below video, for example, Merabet rolls on the sidewalk to somewhat face the shooters, and there’s a faint but definite dark spot that’s revealed after he turns. It doesn’t seem to be a shadow of some sort, as I believe the entire street was in shadow at the time. Nor does this spot actually follow the motion of his body like some digital artifact.

    He’d already been shot in the body and abdomen several times, most likely this faint dark spot is a smear from his clothing as he moved. His uniform would be soaking it up first, and I think the faint spot on the cement might be where it seeped.

    A couple of seconds later, Merabet rolls again away from the shooters, and this time it looks like the same faint spot is now partially covered by his hip or buttocks.

    The ballistic characteristics of the shot to Merabet’s head with a big puff of sidewalk dust are identical to that seen ISIL’s brag video of their murders of three Syrian truck drivers in 2013, which also appear to be “bloodless” with large puffs of dirt after they discharge their rifles.

    I’m guessing the Paris perps were using later models of AK-74s (Kalashnikovs) as probably ISIL thugs were, or some similar firearm, which shoot steel jacketed 5.45 rounds which are smaller and have better penetration than larger calibers. They will leave an exit wound the same size as the entry wound in soft tissue, possibly about the same if the bullet exits the skull, and any blood spray would be too fine to see on camera.

    The bullet of a 5.45mm round in diameter is less than 1/4 inch (7/32 inch). An AK-47 shoots a 7.62, which is just over a quarter inch, which usually makes a bigger mess.

    In any case, for either round, when the firing pin in a firearm strikes the primer, it ignites the powder inside the case, creating an explosion that generates a large amount of pressure exceeding 50,000 PSI, with a muzzle velocity of around 900 meters per second for the 5.45 and over 700 mps for the 7.62.

    At about a 1/4 inch diameter, at the distance that the shooting was being filmed from a roof using probably a cell phone, the bullet wouldn’t be visibly exiting the skull and striking the cement raising cement dust and micro-chips as well as force from muzzle blast, just as the bullets aren’t seen when ISIL murders the truck drivers. And, it would ricochet a considerable distance away.

    Paris shooting clip (graphic, not pixilated)

    ISIL executions (graphic).

    P.S. If anyone with better firearms, ballistics and forensic ballistics training would correct my observations or add to it, I’d appreciate it.

  59. books January 8, 2015 @ 5:53 pm

    Abu Qatada, ‘radical preacher’ with a hook hand, was on trial in the USA when his lawyer said in court on oath that MI5 had trained him.

    MI5 has links with the Telegraph newspaper (well known fact on fleet street). Often posts embarrassing press releases from GCHQ, MI5, etc.

    Today the Telegraph posts a story that Abu Qatada’s disciple is somehow involved in this attack on a cartoonist’s studio and staff. There’s no justification for Jews killing other Jews, it goes against the laws that Moses and God set for all.

    Please Brother look more into N. Sharansky and his recent speeches. He is one of the more powerful ‘fixers’ at work today.

    I fear his plan is to make Christians, Muslims, Jews all attack each other causing a horrendous war. Please fellow comment writers, please investigate N. Sharansky.

  60. apologeticos2013 January 8, 2015 @ 6:30 pm

    Citroen C3 was found where the document alleged Islamic terrorist has black mirrors the video shows white.

    Lest anyone say that is a Photoshop was made here on the internet and only see on google before they go off:

    google = Charlie Hebdo + Citroen C3 and see click Picture…

  61. Caveman2012 January 8, 2015 @ 8:00 pm


    Regardless of who did this massacre, one thing is for sure: God let it happen.

    No surprise to me. The magazine had been publishing blasphemous filth about Christians and Moslems alike, but — surprise! — not about Jews.

    Just look at this cover (WARNING: BLASPHEMOUS GRAPHIC MATERIAL!):

    The Catholic Church in France filed no less than a dozen cases against the magazine, all were rebuked.

    This one point is what doesn’t add up if it really was a false flag. Why would they sacrifice a useful pawn?

    And: yes, they harmed Islam, but at the same time this is just what Le Pen needs to get elected! And for sure, Jews are no friends of the Front National!

  62. Caveman2012 January 8, 2015 @ 8:25 pm


    1-Left an ID in the car, how convenient! It reminds me of 9-11 and countless other false-flags.

    2-They executed a Muslim, Arab-looking cop (Ahmed Merabet) that posed no harm to them. See him here, he looks similar to the alleged attackers:

    3-They started shooting already in the archive building of the magazine, besides the main building. Then they entered the building and shot one of the cleaners in the 1st floor. But Charbonnier’s police bodyguard in the 2nd floor didn’t have time to repel the attack? Did he even get to shoot at the attackers?

    4-The story is that they crashed the black Citroen and carjacked a Renault Clio which drove by. If this were the case, they would have been caught very fast, because the Clio’s driver could have warned the authorities. How come that they could drive many hours without being detected?

    Many open questions, the case is still open.

    TO OUR FRENCH GUESTS HERE: please keep us informed, you are at the source now!

  63. debbie January 8, 2015 @ 9:02 pm


    Did anybody else notice the white van, which CIA or Mossad usually uses, or am I seeing things?

  64. KathJuliane January 8, 2015 @ 9:20 pm

    Paris Jewish institutions at maximum alert following Charlie Hebdo attack

    Even though there was just one known Charlie Hebdo cartoonist of Jewish ancestry (father, not mother) killed in the massacre, the perpetually suffering Jews make it all about themselves and their all-hallowed victimization.

    Like in the US and their grants and perqs from the DHS, they are automatically prioritized for state protection sucking up all the French police and security resources they can.

    And the “Jewish volunteers” asked to provide security surely have some level of security and military training, particularly in Israhell. It was surprising how many Israeli Jews who were IDF veterans turned out on for Euromaidan coup against Yanukovych.


    (JTA) — Jewish institutions in the Paris region have upped their level of security to the maximum following the deadly attack at the Charlie Hebdo offices.

    More uniformed and non-uniformed police officers will be stationed outside Jewish institutions and in areas with large Jewish populations, according to Chlomik Zenouda of the National Bureau for Vigilance against anti-Semitism, or BNVCA, in response to Wednesday’s slaying of 12 people at the satirical weekly.

    Also, Jewish volunteers have been asked to provide security inside the perimeters of synagogues and Jewish schools, Zenouda told JTA on Thursday.

    “We are past red alert at this stage, it’s all hands on deck because, sadly, the question is not whether the French Jewish community will be targeted but when,” he said. “There are indications that this may happen in the near future.”

    The attack on Charlie Hebdo, which published many satirical cartoons about Islam, was believed to have been carried out by jihadists.

    In 2012, an Islamist who trained in Pakistan killed four Jews at a Jewish school in Toulouse. Another French Muslim is standing trial in Brussels for the slaying of four last year at the Jewish Museum of Belgium.

    Those attacks prompted a major increase in security of Jewish communities across Western Europe, where Israel’s summer conflict with Hamas in Gaza triggered an uptick in anti-Semitic violence.

    Zenouda said BNVCA is looking into Thursday’s attack in Montrouge, south of Paris, in which an unidentified man killed a police officer with what witnesses said was an automatic rifle.

    “One of the options being investigated is that the assailant was on his way to a nearby Jewish school when police intercepted him,” Zenouda said.

    Read more:

    In the meantime, the Jews got just what they wanted: mosques are being attacked all over France, just as backlash against Muslims, not Jews, would be easily predicted. I haven’t read that there’s been an automatic increase by the state of police protection for Muslim properties.

    TIME Mag: Several French mosques were attacked following the killing of 12 people at the office of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday, according to reports.

    Around 8pm local time on Wednesday, shots were fired in the direction of a Muslim prayer hall in Port-la-Nouvelle in southern France.

    Meanwhile Ouest-France reports that several percussion grenades were thrown into the courtyard of a mosque in Le Mans, west of Paris.

    Local media also reported an explosion near a mosque in the town of Villefranche-sur-Saône in eastern France. The blast took place at 6am local time on Thursday at L’Imperial, a restaurant independently managed by people close to the mosque, where people attending the mosque often gather.

    There were no casualties reported. Le Progres quotes the town’s deputy mayor, Bernard Perrut, as saying he feared it was linked to Wednesday’s Charlie Hebdo attack.

    Any intelligence operation, especially black ops, is generally going to have several objectives and works something like the shotgun effect. Fire it off and see what receives the scatter shot. If even one objective is fulfilled, the mission is considered a success.

    Nationality-patriotic French Muslim citizens have been supporting Le Pen and National Front, and her calls to stop immigration.

    Marine Le Pen, leader of the surging National Front, called for an end to “hypocrisy” in addressing “Islamism,” or more accurately, Salafism/Wahabism of ISIL, etc.

    “We must not be scared of saying the words: this is a terrorist attack carried out in the name of radical Islam,” she said.

    One objective out of several dovetailing objectives that I can think of for this black op would be to further discredit the French Muslims supporting Le Pen, and Soral and Dieudonne’s National Reconciliation movement.

    However, +BN’s take on it as Israhell’s revenge for France’s support of Palestine in the UN within the past couple of weeks would be the most immediately beneficial for Nuttyyahoo and Tel Aviv — the Zionist entity’s Sin City on the Sea.

  65. B January 8, 2015 @ 9:31 pm

    If this was a false flag activity, then there may be some kind of a hidden and an intended harmful subliminal mind association connection that uses the fact that France’s national flag has a certain similarity with the Russian national flag.

  66. KathJuliane January 8, 2015 @ 9:57 pm

    Dear +BN

    Are you ever vindicated in your assessment and respect for Egyptian nationalist President El-Sisi from some time ago.

    Clearly, he understands himself to be president of all Egyptians — Muslim and Christian alike.

    He has made many overtures to the Coptic Christian community, following through on promises of support and protection, repairing churches and such.

    This time, he made a surprise and historic visit to Saint Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Cairo on the Eve of Nativity.

    The Coptic community, about 10% of the Egyptian population supported him, along with the enormous numbers of Egyptian Muslims.

    Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi has attended the Coptic Christmas mass to mark the first attendance ever made by an Egyptian president to the religious occasion.

    El-Sisi arrived at Saint Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Cairo’s Abbasiya district during the mass and gave a brief speech before leaving instantly.

    He said that both of Egypt’s Muslims and Christians are celebrating this occasion, asserting that they are “one entity” in the world’s eyes.

    He added that he had to come to congratulate the Coptic community and then apologised for interrupting the mass.

    Video footage broadcast by State TV – covering the full mass – showed crowds cheering as El-Sisi entered the Cathedral with churchmen and saluted Pope Tawadros II.

    Former Egyptian heads of state have visited the Cathedral including Gamal Abd El-Nasser and interim President Adly Mansour, but this is the first time for a president to attend the mass.

    The annual Coptic mass was advanced by a tight security presence as Christian sites have been previously targeted by sectarian attacks.

    On New Year’s Day in 2011, a deadly bombing at a church in Alexandria killed 23 people.

    On Tuesday, unknown gunmen shot and killed two Egyptian policemen guarding a Catholic church in the southern Egyptian city of Minya.

    Churches and Christian properties have also come under attack as a wave of violence spreads across Egypt, mostly focused on police and army personnel.

    This was most notable on 14 August 2013 when the deadly dispersal of two pro-Morsi protest camps was followed by attacks on dozens of churches especially in Upper Egypt.

    Coptic Orthodox Christians, who make up around 90 percent of Egypt’s Christians, break their 43-day fast and celebrate Christmas on 7 January, almost two weeks after most Western denominations. The difference results from the use of different calendars.

    El-Sisi’s Surprise Visit on YouTube:

    Christmas Papal Greetings by His Holiness Pope Tawadros II
    The 118th Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of Alexandria

    ( )

    IC XC
    NI KA

    “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to all men of goodwill.”

  67. Dave January 8, 2015 @ 11:18 pm

    Kars4Kids is questioned by charity watchdogs.

    All the money goes towards Jewish charities which they do not disclose.

  68. Caveman2012 January 8, 2015 @ 11:33 pm


    Many are now demonstrating for the “freedom of the press” vis a vis the Paris attack.

    In a country like France where it is forbidden to even research certain historical events like the alleged Holocaust (TM), this is a MOCKERY.

    “The Fabius-Gayssot Act of July 13, 1990, provides for a prison term of from one month to a year, a fine of from two to three hundred thousand francs, and still other penalties against skeptics in France (it is a violation of this law merely to express doubt).”

    Read about the State (Jew-sponsored) persecution of the REAL HEROES of FRANCE:

  69. Caveman2012 January 8, 2015 @ 11:42 pm


    If this were the case, I would have expected one issue dedicated to one of the following themes:

    1-A full satirical issue about the many FALSE WITNESSES of the Holocaust, about the FAKE GAS CHAMBERS, about the FALSE PROPHETS like Elie Wiesel.

    2-One issue about the RELIGION OF FREEMASONRY, so strong in France. Maybe publish (and mock) their connections to the Kabbalah and Judaism, publish a list of Freemasons in high places, etc.

    If they had done that we could speak of a real loss for freedom of speech. Charlie Hebdo was nothing but MAINSTREAM FILTH and dangerous provocations.

    Their new, TWISTED freedom of expression is as follows:

    -You are free to mock the most sacred beliefs of hundreds of millions.

    -You are free to provoke a couple of billion human beings (Christians and Muslims).


  70. HCN January 9, 2015 @ 1:28 am

    Things are really heating up right now. Riots are bursting in France.

    The Africans are showing their true faces. There are reports of Africans/Muslims celebrating the “false flag?”

    In one French city a Muslim hit people protesting with his car.

    They do not seem to be to sorry for the “false flag.” It looks more to me like many of them are willing to do the same.

  71. laurence January 9, 2015 @ 2:12 am

    I just read a comment that needs some research.

    Apparently the slogan that everyone is shouting ” Je suis Charlie” would mean in Hebrew “Je suis Israel.”

    Has anyone got info on that?

  72. Has C. January 9, 2015 @ 2:37 am

    This may well be a false flag or, at least, aided by Mossad or another Israeli entity, but the fact is that Muslims are a huge problem in France, and all the places where they reside in larger numbers.

    On the other side, ‘Charlie Hebdo’ was/is an idiotic rag which never made fun of Jews.

    It was specifically designed to enrage everybody else with stupid but outrageous “humor” about Christianity and Islam.

    They did their damndest to provoke.

  73. HCN January 9, 2015 @ 2:59 am


    It is reported on a Jewish website =

    It is a radical pro-Jewish, pro-Zionist website.

    Even the people commenting the article and who apparently know Hebrew say it can indeed be read as “I am Israel” in Hebrew.

    It won’t be of much help for much of you but the website is the following:

    Some comments are also worth reading.

    Some people say the French deserve this for not supporting enough Israel. Others make fun of them.

  74. chems eddin January 9, 2015 @ 3:23 am

    Good to see that there are more and more people waking up the lies.

    My wife is French and she tells me that alot of people in France are not buying in to this story.

    Surprised (or not) by Marine le Pen, I think she knows way better what is going on now in France, but uses it for her benefit. She does not dare to open her mouth for the truth.

    “The Jews provided troops for my campaign in Poland, but they ought to reimburse me: I soon found that they are no good for anything but selling old clothes . . .”

    “Legislating must be put in effect everywhere that the general well-being is in danger. The government cannot look with indifference on the way a despicable nation takes possession of all the provinces of France. The Jews are the master robbers of the modern age; they are the carrion birds of humanity…”

    “They must be treated with political justice, not with civil justice. They are surely not real citizens.”

    “The Jews have practiced usury since the time of Moses, and oppressed the other peoples. Meanwhile, the Christians were only rarely usurers, falling into disgrace when they did so. We ought to ban the Jews from commerce because they abuse it . . . The evils of the Jews do not stem from individuals but from the fundamental nature of this people.” — Napoleon Bonaparte.

    P.S . Like to get in contact with people in France who follow the situation. Hope I’m allowed to publish my email. (I’m a dead man walking anyway) chems @ mail. org

    Je voudrais entrer en contact avec des personnes en France (pardon my French)

  75. Kalif January 9, 2015 @ 4:22 am

    I am Charlie Hebdo? No.

    I am Dieudonne M’bala M’bala.

  76. Brigitte January 9, 2015 @ 4:39 am

    I agree with Caveman on the charade that is “freedom of the Press” in France today.

    Last year a stand-up comic named Dieudonné had his show cancelled in several cities by the authorities because he was too outspoken about the jews and whoever doesn’t toe the PC line is branded “far right” which is almost like saying a fascist.

    But a filthy rag like Charlie Hebdo is hailed as a symbol of Freedom and all the populace is acting as told: Print out your “Je suis Charlie” sign and go show your support. It’s more a show of technology used for crowd manipulation than a deep emotional demonstration imho.

    That being said the latest news as of 12:25PM Paris time is that the suspects are said to be holding someone hostage North of Paris. If this doesn’t end with a shootout and the death of the two brothers I’ll eat my hat.

    A few things to clear up:

    – Where did you see that a grey car was awaiting the shooters at the kosher pastry?

    – The pic of the ID card: it shows a folded document, beige and brown colored, whereas the French ID card is blue and enclosed in a rigid plastic that makes it impossible to fold so if the pic shown is what the police relies on, that is dodgy as hell.

    – The Coco cartoonist I mentioned yesterday: instead of following the shooters into the building she could have warned the paper’s staff by ringing the buzzer and talking on the interphone to the receptionist to warn her to lock the door.

    Her behavior in this event is not logical and I believe she’s the traitor, the Sayan but all a woman needs to say to earn trust and respect is to mention her child and that’s it.

    Some are wondering how the shooters knew the names of the staff but every paper lists the names and function in the “mast” so this is not odd.


  77. BAB January 9, 2015 @ 5:49 am

    Could this false flag attack mean something much worse: a French 9-11 ?

    Will they use this murderous attack as an excuse to step up “war against terror” by restricting even more freedom of expression and public liberties?

  78. Ted Gorsline January 9, 2015 @ 6:55 am

    I see now that a second shooting has erupted involving a second kosher restaurant. Funny how everything is evolving around kosher restaurants.

    I also see Christy Rubin (alias Christianne Annanpour) is trying to link the hunted men to Syria.

    She and Arwa Damon have been CNN’s main attack dogs trying to generate war with Syria.

    I had a very cynical thought. Apparently Charlie Hebdo magazine was losing money and was going to fold. Getting rid of the staff saves alot of costs, and printing a 1 million last hurrah commemorative issue will bring in alot of quick money becasue of the free MSM publicity.

    It kind of reminds me of overinsuring the condemmed world trade center before blowing it up.

    Are Charlie’s owners Jewish? I would really like to know.

  79. Ted Gorsline January 9, 2015 @ 7:04 am

    Dear Has C,

    At one time I spent alot of time in Tanzania which was 50% Muslim and 50% Christian.

    The presidents alternate. One year a Muslim the next a Christian and so on. There were no problems. I believe the same was true of Lebanon many years ago. At least a friend who lived there told me it was a beautiful country before the Israelis buggered it.

    It is the Jews who are winding up all the problems by getting different groups to fight one another. The only people who benefit from the many wars that people like Christianne Rubin (alias Ananampour) are trying to forment are the Jews

  80. Hugo January 9, 2015 @ 7:16 am

    Victor Ostrovsky book “By Way of Deception” (written in the 1990s) sets out the manner in which genuinely committed Arab fanatics are used to carry out terror bombings without ever knowing that they were being controlled and used by the Mossad as part of a false flag operation.

    Worth reading to understand this subject.

    Ostrovosky was an ex-Mossad operative who had to pay a very heavy price for spilling the beans on his former employers.

  81. The Elder of Zyklon-B January 9, 2015 @ 7:21 am

    Caveman’s comment just above leads me to ask: Where is Julius Streicher when we need him?

  82. Ted Gorsline January 9, 2015 @ 8:42 am

    According to Activist Post (just scroll down a bit from this post on these guys were trained in Syria, in one (?) of the various groups fighting against Assad.

    It seems they are on the exact same team as CNN’s Christianne, Rubin (alias Ananpour), Arwa Damon and Israel in their desire to unseat Assad.

    Difficult to know if they are jihadis, cannon fodder, or patsies who have been led down the garden path by the MOSSAD but bringing an 9/11 type lost ID and two kosher restaurants into the news dialogue would indicate the latter?

  83. Brabantian January 9, 2015 @ 9:55 am

    On Brother Nathanael’s significant point he links above, on the Paris kosher restaurant in the Charlie Hebdo murders — and on how Mossad has ultra-high political cover in France

    French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, with a Jewish wife, is a pro-Israel extremist who says anyone opposing Zionism — as many Jews themselves in fact do! — is engaged in anti-Jewish hate:

    “[French Prime Minister Manuel] Valls said that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism … Valls has explicitly linked his pro-Jewish views to his Jewish wife, the violinist Anne Gravoin, saying in 2011 that his marriage connected him “in an eternal way” to Israel and the Jewish people.”

    And from the link given by Brother Nathanael above … the astonishing fact it was at a Paris Jewish kosher restaurant where the ‘assailants changed automobiles’ and where, in the car they parked, they ‘accidentally left ID card’ (ha!)… is the kosher deli a Mossad agent hang-out?

    ” … three gunmen who carried out the terrorist attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo … escaped the scene in a car that was later abandoned outside a kosher restaurant in northern Paris … patisserie named ‘Patistory’ located on the Rue de Meaux, about two miles from Charlie Hebdo’s headquarters … ”

  84. Brigitte January 9, 2015 @ 10:18 am

    Told you so!

    They never had a chance to speak.

    At about 5PM the police stormed the place, the two gunmen are dead, the hostage unharmed.

  85. Kenguru January 9, 2015 @ 10:48 am


    As soon as the French president opened his mouth and said that sanctions against Russia must stop, he got a slap from Al-CIAda.

  86. Brigitte January 9, 2015 @ 11:08 am

    I had the same “cynical” thought as Ted Gorsline, considering all the veterans that were making the paper irrelevant today, the cost of retiring them, the dire financials.

    Maybe the paper’s lawyer let the cat out of the bag a bit too soon.

    That often happens, I noticed long ago, when people have a heavy conscience, they blurt out the troublesome info asap.

    PS: Just heard a Catholic bishop give his view on the shootings. He never voiced his personal opinion on the constant blasphemy against Islam and Christianity that was the bread and butter of that rag. He said “one may not agree with the contents but the show of support is heartening etc..”

    The double standard in the French Press makes me sick.

    Another one who benefits from the carnage is the National Front because anti-Muslim sentiment is heightened, there have been bombings at mosques since the 7th.

  87. Hugo January 9, 2015 @ 11:13 am

    Q: If the issue is freedom of expression — even when it is pornographic or blasphemous as the M.S.M. is shouting from the roof tops — then why are Dieudonnes hilarious comedies banned in France?

    A: Now I get it — “To know who rules over you see whom you cannot criticize” (Voltaire)

    Its one law for the stupid Goyim and another for our masters!

  88. Ted Gorsline January 9, 2015 @ 11:32 am

    If the activist post is correct in saying they were trained in Syria to fight against the Assad regime then they were trained either by the CIA or the MOSSAD although they may not have known it.

    Veterans Today has a very interesting article about the ISIS supply lines saying they come from Israel and Saudi Arabia. ISIS soldiers get medical care in the Rothschild financed state of Israel.

    Christian Rubin (alias Anampour), Arwa Damon (whose uncle was killed by Assad’s father), CNN’s Zionist Management, ISIS, the so-called Syrian moderates, Israel, the Jewish controlled US state department, Turkey and elements of the the CIA all want to get rid of Syria as a stepping stone to stealing Iran’s oil as General Wesley Clark outlined several years ago.

    It smells like these guys were patsies. If this were a real terrorist attack the terrorists would be going after the super rich Jewish banking families like the Rothschilds. Until that happens we are just being led down the garden path by mainstream media. More bogey men to boost security and control budgets.

    The whole “Je Suis Charley,” holding pens in the air in a country where there is no free press, and prattling on about freedom is all ad agency stuff. As usual bull—t baffles brains.

  89. sam January 9, 2015 @ 11:36 am


    The world will keep suffering as long as Christians keep supporting the Jews.

  90. tony2020 January 9, 2015 @ 11:53 am

    Most of “financial” Jewish newspapers/sites as Financial Times, Bloomberg TV, etc are flooded with this story.

    Just got to tell you, they bending the other way to put emphasis on terror. One only has to wonder why.

  91. KathJuliane January 9, 2015 @ 11:55 am

    Dear Brigitte,

    The “carjacked” vehicle is described here as a grey Renault Clio.

    I have read numerous English and American news stories with at least three versions of the “hijacking” of the vehicle at or near the kosher pastry shop supposedly reported by French police:

    a) the suspects had dragged an elderly male out of his vehicle, the grey Renault, and stole it, after getting out of the Citroen parked at the kosher pastry shop;

    b) the motorist was held up at gunpoint;

    c) the most colorful (and slightly bizarre) version from The Guardian is that the driver was held up with a rocket launcher:

    “In their high-speed getaway, they ran down a pedestrian, gravely injuring him, and drove north through busy midday traffic for about three miles before abandoning the now damaged Citroën in the north-eastern 19th arrondissement.

    “A witness said [from the kosher patisserie?] the gunmen climbed out wielding a rocket launcher and yanked an elderly man out of the car behind. The man insisted on taking his dog out of the car before the attackers drove off, and they let him.

    They climbed into the Renault Clio telling bystanders: “You can tell the media we’re from al-Qaida in Yemen.”

    And a very neat parking job it was, too, in front of the pastry shop, as +BN pointed out. I’d read other news bits that said that the bad guys had come to a high speed screeching stop running into the sidewalk post barricades while parking it.

    Why take the time to park it at right angles? Why not just abandon it in the middle of the street forcing the car behind you to stop, jump out and hijack it, or else dump the Citroen off to the side of the road anywhere along that 3 mile stretch?

    And while the Citroen was supposed to be badly damaged, none of the pictures show any kind of damage to the hood, but on the same hand, the front end of the vehicle isn’t shown.

    There has been no mention of the “elderly man” who owns the Renault since then, nor any attempts to interview him about his encounter that I can find, but maybe there’s something in the French press.

    “You can tell the media we’re from Al Qaeda in Yemen.”

    Yes, indeedy. Just very calmly make sure everyone knows that we goons are from Al Qaeda in Yemen, as if telling the survivors of Charlie Hebdo’s staff the same thing wasn’t enough.

    I think the official “legend” began building up yesterday to support the notion that the two named suspects would wind up dead.

    I read in the Telegraph:

    British analyst described them as “Charlie Hebdo gunmen want ‘to go out in blaze of glory.’ Elsewhere the press on both continents have been floating more and more “links to Syria,” “trained by Al Qaeda,” “ISIL vs Al Qaeda recruitment propaganda,” etc.

    Former tactical and firearms officer analyses Charlie Hebdo attack for clues to what the gunmen might do next

    The gunmen who shot dead 12 people in Paris on Wednesday may be preparing “to go out in a blaze of glory”, Andy Redhead, a global threat and risk consultant at FSI, tells The Telegraph.

    The former tactical and firearms officer said the perpetrators of the attack on Charlie Hebdo’s offices displayed military-level training in their choice of weapon and ability to use it and he expects them to put up a fight when they are eventually found.

    French police are currently hunting for the suspects – brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi – in the Picardy region 50 miles northeast of the capital after a pair fitting their description robbed a petrol station near Villers-Cotterets on Thursday morning.

    For two “jihadists” who wanted to go out in a public “blaze of glory,” it is certainly strange that they wind up in an isolated print shop and warehouse building in a largely rural area, in or close to a village of only 8,000 people.

    Then the Telegraph-UK came up with this odd business on their live blog yesterday reported to French radio:

    11.38 Phone contact has made with terror suspects holding hostage northeast of Paris, a police official has told AP.

    Meanwhile, a man claiming to have been inside the printing company building when the suspects entered has given his account of how he inadvertantly “shook hands” with one of the magazine massacre suspects:

    Quote Didier, a salesman, told France Inter radio how he came face-to-face with one of the suspects holed up in the small CTD office in Dammartin-en-Goele, about half-an-hour north of the capital.

    “When I arrived my client came out with an armed man who said he was from the police. My client told me to leave so I left,” Didier said, identifying the man he was to meet with as Michel.

    “I was in front of the door. I shook Michel’s hand and I shook the hand of one of the terrorists.”

    He said the black-clad man who was wearing a bullet-proof vest and carrying what looked like a Kalashnikov rifle told him: “‘Leave, we don’t kill civilians anyhow’. That really struck me, so I decided to call the police. I guess it was one of the terrorists.”

    Didier said Michel had closed the door behind him.

    The salesman told the radio station he had not recognised the man.

    “It could have been a policeman if he hadn’t told me ‘we don’t kill civilians’. They were heavily armed like elite police.”

    And Didier, a salesman, is familiar enough with weapons to be rather specific about the rifle looking “like a Kalashnikov”? Could be he has military, police or security background and might know more than the average salesman with a sales route in the printing industry, but why not just say “assault weapon”?

    Do French military, police and security elite units use Kalashnikovs? Maybe, since France and Russia do have trade agreements for military equipment, but I really don’t know if Kalashnikovs are standard issue for French forces.

  92. KathJuliane January 9, 2015 @ 12:26 pm

    This is an eyeopener.

    Is Charlie Hebdo also on the state payroll?

    French Censorship and Charlie Hebdo

    As the world mourns the categorically horrific terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, conversations about “freedom of expression” are ubiquitous.

    French President Hollande justifiably called the murderous attack an “attack on free speech,” but this raises questions about the French government’s own censorship of the media.

    Unbeknownst to many Americans, “free speech” and “freedom of the press” do not mean the same in France as they do in the United States.

    And while these latest terrorist attacks are in no way related to the French government’s media censorship, the sad irony is that France is far from a champion of the universal right to free speech.

    A 2008 New York Times article exploring then-President Sarkozy’s questionable oversight of the media noted that, “Press freedom has long been an uneasy subject in France, a country where many newspapers rely on government subsidies and where defense contractors control large swaths of the print and broadcast media.”

    As President from 2007-2012, Sarkozy kept such a tight grip on the media that he earned himself the moniker “Téléprésident.”

    In 2009, for instance, Sarkozy pushed through Parliament new laws that made France Télévisions exclusively dependent on the government.

    These laws (1) eliminated commercial advertising, resulting in exclusive reliance on state funding, and (2) granted the government (read: the President) the right to name the CEO of France Télévisions, rather than leaving the public stations under the purview of an independent body.

    Later on, in 2012, Sarko also tightened his grip on the Internet, criminalizing citizens “who habitually consult websites that advocate terrorism or that call for hatred and violence.”

    Current French President Francois Hollande has even been linked to media censorship.

    In September 2013, l’Agence France Presse (AFP) posted a gloriously unflattering photo of Hollande, which the editors immediately retracted, citing “an editorial decision.”

    Reporting on l’AFP decision, the International Business Times cited critics who “accused the agency of self-censorship, saying AFP may have wished to avoid losing Hollande’s goodwill, particularly as it depends largely on the French state to stay in business. Analysts said they feared the photograph had been withdrawn on the orders of the president’s office.”

    The French government does not only censor the press. The French government also censors citizens…

    Five years ago, on June 4, 2010, French Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux was tried by a Paris tribunal correctionnel for “public injuries committed towards an individual because of his race, his religion or his origin, by speech, writing, image or means of communication to the public by electronic voice.”

    Hortefeux, previous Minister of Immigration and close friend to Nicolas Sarkozy, had been under fire since September 2009, when he was caught on video at a private meeting commenting, “We always need one [Muslim]. It’s when there are lots of them that there are problems.”

    After the video aired on French news site, Le Monde, Hortefeux was not only asked to resign as Minister of the Interior, he was forced to pay a €750 fine in addition to a €2000 conciliatory payment to French anti-racism group, MRAP: Mouvement Contre le Racisme et pour l’Amitié entre les Peuples (Movement Against Racism and for Friendship Among Peoples).

    According to article R 625-4 of the French Penal Code, individuals who insult others based on their race or origin are subject to fines and trial in French court.

    In 2010, when reporting from Paris for political news site FrumForum, I interviewed a French official who claimed that, while freedom of speech exists in France, “the limits are different than in the U.S., as far as insults, defamatory comments, or propagation of hatred are concerned.”

    As stated in my previous article, these institutionalized restrictions do not apply solely to public figures. The same French official claimed that “any citizen can be exposed to this, except if the comments were confidential. In public, it becomes un délit (an offense).”

    Theoretically, article R 625-4 applies to everyone, regardless of whether or not they happen to be in the majority or minority race, religion, or ethnicity.

    However, the fact remains that if you’re having a private conversation over lunch at a Paris café, and you’re overheard making an offensive comment, you could be brought to court and charged for doing so.

    In fact, according to the aforementioned official, in 2008 alone, there were “350 sentences for racial offenses, including for racial insults.”

    Given how rigidly the French government restricts and controls both speech and the media, the important role of Charlie Hebdo — and other publications like it — is even more poignant.

    In fact, Charlie Hebdo editors are known for defying the government’s recommendations and publishing material deemed “controversial.”

    “Charlie Hebdo has always kept its insolence, and since the caricatures crisis, it has become a symbol of press independence,” said Bruno Patino, director of the journalism school at the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris, known as Sciences Po, in a recent New York Times article.

    “The debate about caricatures overlapped others in France about freedom of speech and religion. It became the most visible.”

  93. KathJuliane January 9, 2015 @ 12:54 pm

    Once one gets past the distractions of the raging controversy centered on presumably state-funded Charlie Hebdo, when in fact the French press is state funded and controlled, it’s time to look again for “Cui Bono?”

    “The heinous acts in Paris today won’t be the last.” — Bibsy Nutteryahoo

    Israhell, of course. As +BN connected the dots, it’s related to Palestine, and now the Jews are spelling out how the shooting incident and all of the drama will help them with Palestine’s complaint to the ICC on Jewish war crimes.

    Also, the Zionist state is really located in Europe. Who knew? Read on.


    Excerpted from Al Monitor Israel Pulse:

    A few years ago, before the Arab Spring broke out in the Middle East and became a gloomy, rainy winter, I had a talk with a former senior official in Israel’s Shin Bet on condition of anonymity. This man’s entire life was dedicated to the war against terror; acquiring him a long, personal and even intimate familiarity with radical Islam.

    At the time, he told me, “Israel will, sometime in the next decade, become one of the safest places in the Middle East. Afterward, it will become one of the safest places in Europe.”

    The massacre at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris caught Israel in the middle of a fierce, emotional dispute regarding the decision of Israel’s military advocate general Maj. Gen. Danny Efroni to conduct a series of criminal investigations into some of the harsh battles of the Protective Edge campaign.

    Topping the list are the events of Aug. 1, the day when the body of 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin was snatched and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) invoked the Hannibal Directive at the presumed site of the abduction, in the southern Gaza Strip.

    This tactic is used by the IDF whenever the abduction of an Israeli combat soldier or officer is suspected. Under such circumstances, the IDF delivers heavy fire on the suspected area with all the means at its disposal, to avert the abduction at any price.

    On Aug. 1, some dozens of Palestinians were killed, most of them civilians, as a result of the IDF fire intended to avert the kidnapping. The abduction was indeed prevented, because a young Givati brigade officer risked his life to enter the tunnel into which Goldin had disappeared.

    The officer managed to bring back remnants of the body, thus saving Israel from another Gilad Shalit affair and preventing a scathing new national trauma that could have completely transformed the Israeli agenda.

    This week, the Israeli media was filled with petitions and exclamations from officers and combat soldiers who oppose criminal investigations against those who don IDF uniforms and fight in defense of the state and its citizens.

    I was asked this week by a senior officer in the Southern Command who asked not to be named, “Who will agree to volunteer for a combat unit and wage war against Hamas in Gaza if he knows that no one will back him up and that sometime or other, after the battles are over, someone will try to incriminate him?

    “Our strength lies in our solidarity and the knowledge that the entire Israeli people stands behind its fighters.

    “Now, when it turns out that jurists also stand around listing all kinds of errors and mistakes that are made in the heat of battle, many people will think twice.”

    But there are no less convincing rationales on the other side of the coin.

    Since the Palestinians have already signed the Rome Statute and are preparing to submit a complaint to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague against Israel for supposed war crimes during the course of the Protective Edge campaign, an IDF investigation may give the ICC’s prosecutor the ladder from which to descend from his tree.

    In other words, it could offer a pretext to declare that no international criminal intervention is needed since the IDF, as the army of a democratic country, is entitled to conduct its own investigations of incidents with criminal implications.

    Right in the middle of this controversy came the massacre in Paris.

    “I hope that the Europeans will now understand how disconnected they are from reality when they talk about human rights, rules of war and exalted moral principles. Radical Islam does not recognize any of these things. In this respect, Hamas does not differ much from the Islamic State or al-Qaeda.

    “They share the same Sharia; they aspire for a caliphate in the Middle East and afterward the rest of the world and they share the same internalized brutality,” said an Israeli senior security officer, unnamed as he serves in a sensitive position.

    “Our fight against Hamas is in that category — it is the framework where the Europeans now understand that they have to start battling al-Qaeda and the Islamic State in their own backyards.

    “When you struggle against an enemy of this type, you need the correct tools. In World War II, the West adjusted its cruelty to what the Nazis were perpetrating. There was no other way to take control away from this evil.

    “From a neutral viewpoint, the [allied bombing] of Dresden was a war crime. But history doesn’t view it that way.

    “The context of the bombing, and afterward the dropping of atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, turned Dresden-Hiroshima-Nagasaki into necessary events meant to save human life and shorten the war,” he said.

    Yes, there is some gloating going around Israel these days regarding the Europeans. But there is also concern. The fact that Europe automatically takes the side of the Arabs in almost every conflict or dispute with Israel has made Europe an almost derogatory word on the Israeli street.

    Thus, many in Israel view the horrifying slaughter in Paris as a sort of watershed that may mark a strategic change in the way the Europeans view their situation.

    “It reminds me a little of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in World War II,” a senior diplomatic source told me yesterday on condition of anonymity.

    “Until then, the Americans tried to stay out of the war, tried to look the other way, to act as if this war were none of their business. Pearl Harbor thrust reality into their faces and changed the war. It could be that what happened in Paris will generate a similar change in Europe.”

    But not many Israelis pin their hopes on such a transformation. Instead, the opposite is quite likely to happen.

    The Israeli media is filled with European horror stories, including the Israeli TV’s Channel 10 serial by popular Arab affairs commentator Zvi Yehezkeli [and ultra-Zionist propagandist].

    Yehezkeli went to Europe and returned with harsh evidence of how Islam has taken over European symbols and the Islamic effect on the European lifestyle that is likely to change in the coming years.

    The average Israeli does not place much stock in his European peers. He views them as cowards, as people addicted to the easy life who sweep the real problems under the rug and ignore the clear signs that reality is sending their way.

    “On the other hand,” I was told this week by a former Israeli ambassador who has served in numerous positions in Europe, “one day, it has to end. “Islam does not acknowledge other religions, and it has a substantial violent nucleus that is not willing to accept the other, his beliefs and lifestyle.

    “The Big Bang will come, sooner or later. I hope, for the Europeans, that it won’t arrive too late, when they’ll be too weak to put up a fight and win the bloody war that awaits them.”

  94. laurence January 9, 2015 @ 2:45 pm

    @ HCN

    Thank you very much for you answer. I willl look it up.

  95. laurence January 9, 2015 @ 2:53 pm


    OK so I did visit it. The info was correct and it seems surreal!

  96. Joy Ann January 9, 2015 @ 3:13 pm

    The Mossad is going to continue spreading terror and pretending that it is extremist Islam who did this and the sheeple will swallow it all hook, line and sinker.

    Just like what happened on 911 and Jewish art students and others were caught who worked for the Mossad and sent back home to Israel without a peep. We all know that it was an “inside job” – anybody normal knows that and only the sleeping sheeple don’t believe any of the real truth.

    There are plenty of good Islamic people and that is the truth and just because they do not integrate with us does not mean that they are evil.

    The same thing that there are a lot of good Jews (not the ones that we see promoting hate of Jesus, Mary and Christians, Islam, etc.) but good people who work and raise their families and being good citizens those are the Jews that I am talking about.

    There are good and bad in every race and religion.

    In Islam, Jesus is considered to be a good prophet and Mary is also recognized but in the Jewish faith they condemn both of them in the worst words possible.

    When Paris was attacked right away I thought about the Twin Towers in NYC and they are far from through. None of us are safe and we don’t know what is next.

    Brother Nat you have the best site to awaken the masses. Thank you.

  97. KathJuliane January 9, 2015 @ 3:53 pm

    Dear Apologeticos2013,

    The photos and videos are far from convincing as being two different Citroens much less as proof of it being some sort of fake setup — the video shot of the Citroen C3 at the crime scene, and then the photos of the Citroen left at the bakeshop.

    Either the Citroen C3 has chromed-backed side view mirrors, or else the black is highly polished and is very reflective.

    In the first picture at of the Citroen at the bakeshop, it almost looks like chrome reflecting some dark surface, but is really black reflecting a somewhat lighter surface.

    In the second picture at the bakeshop, the door is now open, and it is the mirror reflecting the black paint job of the door.

    In the video shot at the Hebdo crime scene, the mirror backs are shaped so that the top side are reflecting the sky, which was overcast, as seen in this photo:—live-report-2015-1

    Even in Citroen’s advertising for the C3 about a third of the way down, it shows a black model with the mirror back reflecting white from the cloudy sky on the top side.

  98. BAB January 9, 2015 @ 4:23 pm

    I fully agree with Brother Nath that there are indeed many things very fishy concerning this terror attack, not in the least the abandoned ID card by one of the “terrorists”.

    Personally I always carry my ID card in my pocket, have been driving for years, and have never abandoned it on the seat of my automobile.

    The suspects can be both guilty and patsies. Just remember all the terrorist plots created by the FBI that served to make the terrorism threat real for the public.

    In this case it seems to me that a few radical but naïve Muslims were manipulated by the French and Israeli secret services so as to commit these horrible killings to impress public opinion against all Muslims. However, as one could expect, all the suspects have now been killed and are unable to blow the whistle.

    This Charlie Hebdo attack is of no benefit to both the French and the Muslims. Only Israel Zionists benefit from this.

    Already on French TV me are now hearing about tightening the screw on civil rights and alternative web sites in the name of the “War on Terror”.

  99. luis January 9, 2015 @ 4:36 pm

    Of course it was a false flag.

    Not only the Zionist propaganda goes against Islam, but goes against ‘religion’ in general.

    As Zionists and Talmudists, they have a mortal hatred of the Catholic church.

    Note how the media reports and creates panels of discussion that are already mentioning ‘religion’ and ‘freedom of speech’; while it is ok to blaspheme the prophet Mohamed or Jesus Christ, you cannot say a word against homosexuals, feminists, the ‘holocaust’ hoax, globalwarming hoax, Zionists, Israel and more!

    Freedom of speech in our humanist pagan society only works one way!

    But this event will be use and is already being used as a scare monegering mind control propaganda to justify taking freedoms away and increase police/military abuses!

    All this is to further establish the ‘rule of law’ aka, ‘the Seven Laws of Noah’ for Gentiles!

  100. HCN January 9, 2015 @ 4:55 pm

    A new incident happened. A car tried to run over a French policeman. The officer shoot at the car and wounded the driver.

    Here is the video :

    It is looking more and more like Syria.

  101. apologeticos2013 January 9, 2015 @ 5:33 pm

    Members of the military and the agencies who are reading this article need to look at the following link which we have independently verified to contain true information:

  102. apologeticos2013 January 9, 2015 @ 5:44 pm

    McCain & other top officials accused of illegally visiting Syria

    Several senior US and French officials, including US Senator John McCain, entered Syria illegally – without proper visas – on separate occasions, thus violating the country’s sovereignty, Syria said in a complaint submitted to the United Nations.

    The list of officials also included former French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner and former US diplomat Peter Galbraith, according to a letter dated December 30 cited by Reuters and AFP.

  103. KathJuliane January 9, 2015 @ 6:45 pm

    False flag, blowback, a combination of both, or none of the above.

    What is certain is that the DC-Tel Aviv-Paris Axis of Evil and the corporate media are making maximal use of the various “jihadist” murders in France to promote their agenda in order to promote an anti-Muslim backlash not just in France, but exported to the rest of Europe.

    For months, Alain Soral has been warning about two things he fears for France:

    An ethnic civil war and importing Jewmerica’s “clash of civilizations” into France because of the tribalized communities of France, in no small part to the Judeo-French power bloc of the largest Jewish community in Europe.

    As such he is anti-immigration but sees those who attack Muslims and non-Europeans already in France as contributing to Zionist power and a civil conflict which could permanently wreck the French Nation.


    “False flag (or black flag) describes covert military or paramilitary operations designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.

    “Operations carried out during peace-time by civilian organizations, as well as covert government agencies, may by extension be called false flag operations if they seek to hide the real organization behind an operation.

    “In its most modern usage, the term may also refer to those events which governments are cognizant of and able to stop [such as “blow-back” operations] but choose to allow to happen (or “stand down”), as a strategy to entangle or prepare the nation for war.

    Furthermore, the term “false flag terrorism” may even be used in those instances when violence is carried out by groups or organizations which, whether they know it or not, are being supported or controlled by the “victim” nation.

    “Blowback in intelligence is unintended consequences of a covert operation that are suffered by the aggressor.

    To the civilians suffering the blowback of covert operations, the effect typically manifests itself as “random” acts of political violence without a discernible, direct cause; because the public—in whose name the intelligence agency acted—are unaware of the effected secret attacks that provoked revenge (counter-attack) against them.
    ( )


    Gilad Atzman describes the dualism, double-mindedness and duplicity inherent in Jewish identity politics. France has the largest number of Jews in Europe, and they are well rooted and organized in the French Deep State:

    “It is very simple. As much as Jewish intelligencia, wants to break the host nation, to dismantle its cohesive narrative, and debase the patriotic impetus, the Jewish State is committed to Jewish interests that represent the complete opposite of the ideology it espouses.

    “Israel defines itself as the Jewish State and it subscribes to a racist, expansionist, nationalist and patriotic ideology. This may seem to be a discrepancy, but in fact it isn’t.

    “The above dual ethic is actually engraved in Jewish emancipation philosophy. The Jewish Haskala (enlightenment) motto that is mistakenly attributed to Moses Mendelssohn instructs the Jew — “be a Jew in your tent and a man on the street.”

    It teaches the Israelite to behave as a Jew at home but, while in the street to pretend to be a goy.

    This perplexing dishonest dualism (one lies to God at home while misleading the Goy in the street) explains the contradiction between the Jewish intelligencia call for diversity in the West, on the one hand, and the adherence to hard core patriotism in the Jewish State, on the other hand.

    The Jewish Haskala dual existential mode allows a clear distinction between the ‘Goyim universe’ and the ‘Jewish ghetto.’ In practice, Jewish intellectuals would teach the Goyim about diversity and tolerance, yet defend vile Judeo-centrism at home, i.e., Israel.


    The shooters reportedly spoke on the telephone with a European magazine and revealed, according to CNN, that they worked for both ISIS and Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (Yemen, where at least one of the brothers trained).

    According to the Telegraph, Cherif Kouachi told BFMTV that he had been funded by a network loyal to Anwar al-Awlaki, the former American-born leader of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula who was killed by a drone strike in 2011 in Yemen.

    Coulibaly, the Jewish grocery store gunman swore allegiance to Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, and told BFMV the terrorist attacks were “synchronised”.

    Coulibaly told French TV he ‘coordinated’ with Charlie Hebdo killers, and in some confusing press reports that he’d been “directed by Al Qaeda in Yemen,” presumably to attack this market.

    Let’s not lose sight of the fact that it has been demonstrated time and again that both of these groups were begun by Saudi intelligence (through Pakistan intelligence) with help from the CIA and the other Arab dictatorships in the Gulf, and doubtless Mossad via secret backdoor relations by way of DC.

    In covert operations involved with deploying terrorists, there is no need for the terrorists themselves to know for whom they ultimately work.

    In CIA/MI6/Mossad/Saudi tradecraft it is called “comparmentalization.” Secret operations always operate under a policy of “need to know.”

    And, Israeli Jewish security and intelligence operations domestic (Shin Bet) and foreign (Mossad) have an advantage penetrating anyone’s security apparatus in that they can draw from a very secret pool of ethnic Arab (Iraqi, Yemenite, Palestinian Jews), Egyptian, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Kurdish, American, English, French, etc, Jews as intelligence agents.

    Even if the shooters had been captured alive (not likely) they may not have been able to tell anything useful. However, dead men tell no tales and the Paris shooters are dead.

    Nothing the four or five shooters, believing their orders came from a “legit” source, or the police themselves did is inconsistent with them being deployed as a cell in a very sophisticated false flag operation knowingly or not.


    Hezbollah Chief: Extremists Harm Islam More than Cartoons

    BEIRUT (AP) — The leader of the Lebanese Hezbollah group says Islamic extremists have insulted Islam and the Prophet Muhammad more than those who published satirical cartoons mocking the religion.

    Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah did not directly mention the Paris attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo that left 12 people dead, but he said Islamic extremists who behead and slaughter people — a reference to the IS group’s rampages in Iraq and Syria — have done more harm to Islam than anyone else in history.

    Nasrallah spoke Friday via video link to supporters gathered in southern Beirut.

    Nasrallah’s Shiite group is fighting in Syria alongside President Bashar Assad.

    His remarks are in stark contrast to those of Sunni militants from the IS group and al-Qaida who have called for attacks on Western countries.
    ( )

  104. Hoff January 9, 2015 @ 6:58 pm

    Do you remember the Georgia -South Ossetia war in 2008?

    If you’re an American you would by a 99.99 percent possibility rate never heard South Ossetia. I live in EU and South Ossetia is a two hour flight from London-Paris-Berlin-Copenhagen. South Ossetia is almost right next door, and I had never heard about South Ossetia.

    2008 was about a year after I woke up to the Jews. I was Jew-aware but not Jew-wise yet. And I didn’t know what to make of it. The war was discussed intense on the net.

    All Jew”media’s” stance was that the Big Bad Russian Bear had attacked poor little innocent Georgia for no reason whatsoever.

    This went on a fortnight, then some commenter started to claim that it was Georgia that had attacked South Ossetia.

    Totally contradiction to from what we were told in Jew”media”. Confusion to say the least.

    Then I started to read the Jews own paper like Jerusalem-Post and guess what? The Jews said in their own words in their own papers that the South Ossetian rulers were Jews. Minister of war – a Jew. When you start to dig in the issue the Jews are all over in South Ossetia ruling.

    At first you simply refuse to believe it, but the fact is that the Jews were all over South Ossetia. The Jews them self admits this.

    My point is that in 2008 it took me two weeks to spot the Jews. Today as Jew-wise it will take me two seconds to spot the Jews in th Georgia-South Ossetia war.

    Read BN’s short article again. What is the first thing BN does? Spot the Jews.

    Take any issues at any time in history and spot the Jews.

    The question is NOT if Paris is a Jew Mossad false flag operation. Because you ALWAYS assume that it is a Mossad Jew false flag operation – until proven NOT guilty.

    First you spot the Jew then you nail the Jew to the floor. If the Jew is innocent? Let the Jew prove that he is innocent. Not the other way around.

    In the Jews propaganda machine to talk about the Jews is only in the mind of paranoid, insane Jewhaters.

    To spot and nail the Jew in Georgia-South Ossetia is paranoid Jewhating insanity? Oh, well the Jews themselves claim that Jews was all over South Ossetia. You can prove that the Jews were not involved over their ears in South Ossetia?

    What happened in South Ossetia was a prelude to the Putin-Russia bashing you see today.

    France has recognized Palestine. What we see now in France a Mossad instigated false flag operation. The Jews shifting focus to the Muslims, divide and conquer goyim to think that being anti-Islam is freedom of speech and pro-democracy.

    I grew up in a big sea port town, population a half million. I saw my first Negro in real life in the 70s. I never saw a Muslim until I traveled to Paris and London in the 80s.

    Today you can go to the most remote small village in the far north of Norway, Sweden, Finland and the first thing you will see are Negroes and Muslims. I was in my town a year ago and there was whole trams filled with Negroes and Muslims. Hardly any white people. And this is a city of a half million.

    It was the Jew-ruled France that started to let Africa and the Muslims inside the gates.

    What the Jews want is to make white people a minority in their own country and wreck a civil war on white people, and that is what the Mossad Paris false flag operation is all about.

    About six years ago, after I woke up to the Jews I told an older man that we have been brainwashed for decades to hate Muslims. His response was:

    -It’s older than that. It started after Munich 1972.

    I asked him at least five times if he was sure about the date and he was extremely explicit on the date when the Muslim bashing started.

    And it fit the time line. The communist Jews gave up Soviet as their proxy war machine for Jew world conquest in the early 60s and joined the Zionist Jews in Washington DC and decided that America is going to be the Jews proxy war machine for Jew world conquest.

    In the 60s the Jew fraud “Cold War” was outdated. The War on the Muslims was what replaced the Jew fraud “Cold war,” and that shift took place in 1972 with the Jew Mossad false flag operation Munich Olympics massacre. The Munich Olympics massacre was the prelude to the Jew fraud War on terror.

    In Jew “media” we are told that the attack on the “satirical” paper Charlie Hebdo is an attack from the Muslim world on everything the West holds holy. Freedom of speech.

    Okay, freedom of speech, did Charlie Hebdo publish anything that bashed the Jews? One actually did and he got fired and told to apologize to the Jews.

    From my understanding all the shoddy paper Charlie Hebdo did was to bash Muslims wholesale, but not a word or a cartoon about the Jews.

    Maybe I’m a bit paranoid now, but it just hit me that Hebe is Jew. Heb-do.

    Hebdo = Jews do?

    You can say anything about the Muslims in EU, that is called Freedom of Speech, but to even mention the Jews in the mildest form of criticism is branded Hate Speech. You in America should know the Jews version of selective Freedom of Speech. It’s the same Jew crap here in EU.

  105. Citizenfitz January 9, 2015 @ 7:24 pm

    hvt: “Would you please expound on the following? Thanks.

    ‘Contrary to popular opinion, the Catholic Church does ordain women. There are many thousands of female priests. Bishops too. In fact one of them is now a “Pope.’”

    No problem. Catholics have become used to seeing soft, effeminate acting priests.

    And bishops.

    And popes.

    Many/most of today’s priests may wear pants – but have no need for zippers.

  106. Hoff January 9, 2015 @ 9:38 pm

    This is a must watch video. 13 min.


  107. Hoff January 9, 2015 @ 9:47 pm

    Okay, you still don’t get it?

    With France taking measures decisively sympathetic to Islam, why would Muslim zealots suddenly choose THIS MOMENT to murder a dozen French citizens, an act that would certainly turn French public opinion against Muslims and in favor of Israel?

    – See more at:

  108. KathJuliane January 9, 2015 @ 10:57 pm

    CNAS, the Democrat Version of Conquest Imperialism
    by Thierry Meyssan

    While Washington has no foreign policy, but several contradictory and simultaneous policies, “liberal hawks” have formed around General David Petraeus and the Center for a New American Security.

    Thierry Meyssan spotlights this think tank which now plays the role formerly devolved to the Project for a New American Century in the Bush era: promoting expansionist imperialism and world domination.

    The Syrian crisis, which had already been solved by the first conference in Geneva in June 2012, continues despite all the agreements negotiated with the United States.

    Clearly, the Obama administration does not obey its leader, but is divided between two political lines: one favourable to the imperialist division of the world with China and possibly Russia (President Obama’s position) and, on the other hand, the expansionist imperialists (gathered around Hillary Clinton and General David Petraeus).

    To everyone’s surprise, the ouster of the CIA Director and the Secretary of State during the re-election of Barack Obama has not ended the division of the administration, but has exacerbated it.

    Once again, the expansionist imperialists have revived the war against the People’s Republic of Korea, under the pretext of a cyber attack against Sony Pictures attributed to Pyongyang against all logic.

    President Obama ultimately agreed with their discourse and signed a “sanctions” decree.

    It seems that supporters of imperial expansion have first regrouped to create the Center for a New American Security, which played in the Democratic Party a role equivalent to that of the Project for a New American Century (and today of the Foreign Policy Initiative) within the Republican Party.

    As such, they played an important role during the first term of Barack Obama and, for some, have integrated the deep state from whence they continue to pull the strings.

    Liberal hawks

    The Center for a New American Security (CNAS) was established in 2007 by Kurt Campbell and Michele A. Flournoy.

    These two intellectuals had previously worked together at the Center for Strategic and International Studies CSIS).

    Two months after the attacks of 11 September 2001, they had edited: “To Prevail: An American Strategy for the Campaign Against Terrorism. [1] The book explained the decision of President Bush to attack not only terrorist groups but also states that support them, and even failed states who failed to fight them on their soil.

    Inspired by the CSIS work of the Task Force on Terrorism, he advocated a considerable development of the intelligence agencies to monitor the world.

    In short, Campbell and Flournoy agreed with the official narrative of the attacks and justify the “war on terror” that would cast a pall over the world for over a decade.

    In 2003, Campbell and Flournoy, along with thirteen other democratic intellectuals, signed a document entitled “Progressive Internationalism: A Democratic National Security Strategy” [2].

    This manifesto supported the post-September 11 war while criticizing the diplomatic weakness of President Bush.

    In view of the choice of the Democratic candidate in 2004, the signatories intend to promote the US imperial project (defended by George W. Bush) while criticizing the way he exercised leadership, including the doubts he had sown among allies. The signatories were then labeled “liberal hawks”.

    At its inception (2007), the CNAS said it wanted to renew US strategic thinking after the Baker-Hamilton Commission and the resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

    The launch was attended by many dignitaries, including Madeleine Albright, Clinton and Chuck Hagel.

    At the time, Washington was looking for an escape from the quagmire in Iraq. Campbell and Flournoy intended to advocate a military solution that allows the US military to continue to occupy Iraq without exhausting forces there.

    To continue its global expansion, US imperialism had to first develop a strategy against terrorism that would enable it to return its troops to Iraq at a reduced format.

    Logically, Campbell and Flournoy therefore work with General David Petraeus who had been appointed commander of the military coalition in Iraq because he was the author of the counter-insurgency manual for the US Army.

    They hire an Australian expert named David Kilcullen, who would become the guru of General Petraeus and who would design the Surge.


  109. Hoff January 10, 2015 @ 1:18 am

    Two pictures cartoon that nails the whole “freedom of speech” blah blah blah.

  110. Toxic Trinity January 10, 2015 @ 3:09 am

    The Senior French Police Officer in charge of investigating this Hebdo/Mossad incident was “suicided” yesterday, with his own service revolver.

    He is 45 years old, unmarried, no children. So, rather easily isolated and dealt with mercilessly. The deceased’s own father apparently served in the police force also.

    So, within a day or two of the “terrorist” incident, the principal French Police Officer in charge of investigating it, conveniently suicides himself? How much more of this Rothschild play-acting are we going to tolerate??

    It should also be pointed out, there have been many French police committing suicide in recent times. Looks like the country is finally falling apart under the incessant pressure from non-European immigrants … a collapse that was first predicted at least 10 years ago.

    I reality, ultimate collapse has been on the cards since France lost Algeria … a.k.a. the White Man lost his last rightful enclave in North Africa.

  111. craig January 10, 2015 @ 3:47 am

    Explain this terrorist getting mowed down in a hail of gunfire then?

  112. Ted Gorsline January 10, 2015 @ 5:22 am


    The comment you posted saying large segments of the French media are government financed or financed by the defence industry is telling.

    D’assaut and most of the French defence industry is Jewish owned.

    Jews also own the government. Giscard D’Estaing, now head of the European Union, worked for the Rothschilds. I believe Nicolas Sarkosy did too. Funny how the current French president deliberately introduced the anti-Semite card into the conversation.

    The most anti-semitic poeple in the world are Jews. The Palestinians whom they have murdered by the hundreds of thousands are 100% Semitic people.

  113. Brigitte January 10, 2015 @ 6:29 am

    Here’s a purported telephone conversation between a journalist at BMF TV (syatys @0:50) and one of the brothers, where he says rather calmly that he was trained in Yemen by (I forgot name) before he was killed. Then he says that he didn’t kill any civilians.

    According to the younger anchor, a journalist from BMF TV called the office where the brothers were holed up and it’s one of them who picked up the phone. Amazing, isn’t it?

    In the second part of the clip, we are told that it’s Koulibaly, the man who killed a female police officer, and who took hostages inside a kosher supermarket, who called BMF TV and asked them to get in touch with police because he wanted to speak to them.

    And we hear him say that he “synchronized” his actions with those of the brothers at the paper’s offices, adding that they started together the day of the shootings.

    Let me tell you, this video clip is not to be believed. To this day I have no proof that the brothers were the shooters, nor that the lone gunman was acting in concert with the two brothers. This wouldn’t make any sense.

    Link to BMF TV video clip:


  114. HCN January 10, 2015 @ 6:32 am


    I really do not understand what you are trying to say with:

    “With France taking measures decisively sympathetic to Islam, why would Muslim zealots suddenly choose THIS MOMENT to murder a dozen French citizens, an act that would certainly turn French public opinion against Muslims and in favor of Israel?”

    The Jews play both cards. There are Jews fuelling hatred against them, and there are at least as many that defend them. I don’t know where do you live. I live in a neighbour country so I know well what’s happening in France (and in other European countries).

    By sympathetic do you mean bringing millions of African Muslims into France, giving them generous welfare, letting them steal, rape, beat and never go to prison for whatever crime they commit? Ah, without forgetting building thousands of Mosques while letting the Churches fall apart?

    If that’s the case then Jews have always been really sympathetic to them. Not just now. And it is sure, without any doubt, that the Jews completely own France, Great Britain and Germany. Nearly all influent politicians are Jews and supporters of Israel.

    Francois Hollande and Sarkozy even met in a synagogue before the last elections. It’s like they said: ” No matter who wins, the power will remain into our hands.”

    When Francois Hollande came to power he started immediately to attach Christianity by cracking down on private Catholic schools. And I won’t even start talking about gay marriage the Jews love so much.

    If you think that Jews are losing control over France just because some Jews recognize Palestine for whatever reason, then you are mistaken.

  115. Ted Gorsline January 10, 2015 @ 6:35 am

    Funny to hear that this is the largest “terrorist attack” in Europe for sixty years with roughly 20 people dead.

    Every weekend 40 people are murdered in Chicago with its Jewish mayor Rahm Emmanuel and a former community organizer named Barrack Obama whose previous work in the city helped to set the stage for what is going on there today.

    It would be worth sending all 90,000 French police to Chicago every Friday night and fly them home again every Monday morning just to put a lid on the carnage.

  116. BAB January 10, 2015 @ 7:12 am

    An interesting bit of info this morning (unfortunately in French):

    Amedi Coulibaly, the terrorist who was killed Porte de Vincennes Paris had met up with French President Nicolas Sarkosy in 2009.


  117. Valkyr January 10, 2015 @ 8:27 am

    Alan Dershowitz (Pedophile Jew) Says France Deserved to be Terror Attacked.

    “You Reap What You Sow”

  118. Keyne January 10, 2015 @ 9:59 am

    Alan Dershowitz can say whatever he wants as long as he stays 500 ft away from PS 224 in the Bronx, as they have 12 year old girls there.

    And Al loves him some 12 year-old booty…

  119. Caveman2012 January 10, 2015 @ 10:22 am


    Thank you for posting the unedited link to the video of the assault on the kosher store.

    The police did an incredibly SLOPPY job. The two entry teams at each side of the doors were almost firing at each other. Too crowded. Only pistol fire, which is not efficient if the gunman carries a vest.

    On the other hand, Coulibaly ran into his death. He did not fire his AK, which he carried on a sling, was he out of ammo? The cops also execute him with head shots while he is already on the floor.

    In the news they said that he had explosives and detonators. Had he assembled a vest with them and detonated it as he crossed the entrance there would be at least ten dead cops.

    In fact, if you analyze his movements, it seems to me that he wanted to do so. Otherwise I cannot explain him running into the police gunfire. In the photos you can see that he carries a camo tactical vest, but I guess no explosives.

    This guy was quite amateurish. How did he and the Kouichi brothers get AK’s, ammo, explosives, grenades and an RPG? France is not the US, these items are hard to come by!

    Let’s wait and see who ends up benefitting from these events…

  120. KathJuliane January 10, 2015 @ 11:13 am

    United with Israel, not the same as Hagee’s CUFI, is an American non-profit arm of an Israeli non-profit organization — Meuchadim Im Yisrael “approved by Israel’s Ministry of Justice.”

    Meuchadim Im Yisrael another non-profit shakedown, PR-Hasbarat, and mouthpiece organ of the Zionist government (“not funded by the State of Israel”) with very close ties to Bennett, Netanyahu, the IDF, etc.

    Globally, there are close to 3 million non-profit supporters/donors for this organization.

    Pay special attention to what Meyer Habib, a center-right lawmaker and close friend of Netanyahu, said.

    From United with Israel (The Global Movement for Israel™)

    French Parliament Recognizes ‘Palestinian State’ (December 3, 2014)

    An overwhelming majority of the French parliament voted in favor of symbolically recognizing a “Palestinian state”, with 339 votes in favor, and 151 against.

    On Tuesday evening, the French National Assembly came out in favor of recognition of “Palestine” as a state.

    The decision, one of largely symbolic value, is further compounded by the fact that in recent months Spain, Britain, Ireland and Sweden have also made similar proclamations, indicative of the growing international polarization over the conflict.

    The move, approved in the lower house National Assembly, is not immediately binding on official French state policy, but urges French lawmakers to “recognize the state of Palestine in view of reaching a definitive settlement to the conflict.”

    Foreign Minister of France Laurent Fabius initially stated that the country continues to seek diplomatic avenues towards peace between Israel and the Palestinians, including passing a resolution in the UN Security Council that would actively revive peace talks.

    Ultimately, however, Fabius maintains that if diplomatic efforts fail within two years, “France will have to do its duty and recognize the state of Palestine without delay, and we are ready to do that.”

    France’s Vote Hinders Peace, Displays Hypocrisy

    Other countries recognizing a Palestinian state have commonly stated that the move is a “vote of confidence” for a future two-state solution, and as a means of recharging stalled peace talks and promoting conflict resolution, but have come under harsh criticism by Israel and her allies.

    Emmanuel Nachshon, a spokesperson for Israel’s Foreign Ministry, said the move will “distance the chances of reaching an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians,” and “will only make the Palestinian positions more extreme and send the wrong message to the leaders and peoples of this region.”

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu likewise commented that it was a “grave mistake.”

    Immediately following the vote, Meyer Habib, a center-right lawmaker and close friend of Netanyahu, said,

    “France today chose the wrong partner and I fear repercussions in relations with Israel, the only democracy in the region…While radical jihad killed citizens of France and other parts of the free world, legitimization is given to the establishment of a state run by corrupt people and terrorists.”

    Arab Radicalism and Anti-Semitism Up in France

    Home to the largest Arab and Jewish populations in Europe, France has steadily become a site of significant Jewish unrest.

    Over the last three years, anti-Semitism has more than doubled in France, leaving many concerned that the country’s large, growing Muslim population will continue to prove a hotbed for violence against Jewish communities.

    This past summer, mass protests in France against Israel’s defensive operations in Gaza devolved into the destruction and looting of Jewish stores, burning of restaurants in Jewish neighborhoods, and mob rioting outside Paris synagogues.

    Statistics indicate that anti-Semitism in France has risen by about 50% each year since 2011, while immigration to Israel is up 300%. According to the Jewish Agency for Israel, between 5,000 and 6,000 French Jews — 1% of the community — will have immigrated to Israel by the end of 2014.

    Despite continued terror attacks, already this year more Jews have immigrated to Israel from France than from any other country in the world, including the United States.

    A Semite is:

    1. a member of any of various ancient and modern peoples originating in southwestern Asia, including the Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs.
    2. a Jew.
    3. a member of any of the peoples descended from Shem, the eldest son of Noah.

    But, peculiarly, Antisemitism (also spelled Anti-Semitism or anti-semitism) is only prejudice against, hatred of, or discrimination against Jews as a national, ethnic, religious or racial group.

  121. KathJuliane January 10, 2015 @ 11:58 am

    Also From United with Israel (The Global Movement for Israel™)

    France Stabs Israel in the Back at UN (December 31, 2014)

    France voted in favor of the damaging Palestinian bid at the UN, thus stabbing the Jewish State in the back while caving in to anti-Israel pressure.

    The resolution submitted by the Palestinian Authority to the UN Security Council (UNSC) – calling for a withdrawal from the “occupied territories” by the end of 2017 and the establishment of the “State of Palestine” – was dismissed on Tuesday, after the Palestinians failed to garner the required nine votes.

    Eight countries on the 15-member council – China, France, Russia, Argentina, Chad, Chile, Jordan and Luxembourg – voted in support of the resolution, two voted against and five abstained.

    Both the United States and Australia stood by Israel and opposed the belligerent resolution.

    Responding to the votes, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked Israel’s supporters, stating: “I wish to express my gratitude to the U.S. and Australia, and a special appreciation to the president of Rwanda and the president of Nigeria.

    “I spoke with both of them and they personally ensured me that they would not support [the Palestinian resolution], and they kept their promise, and that’s what tipped the scales.”

    Israel has been cultivating its relations with the African countries and is now reaping the benefits. However, one vote was considered by Israeli diplomats as baffling, enraging and disappointing – the French vote against Israel.

    The Times of Israel reports that the foreign ministry in Jerusalem was caught entirely off-guard when it became known, just hours before the vote, that Paris had changed its position and intended to vote in favor of the Palestinians.

    “France wanted to offer a constructive, reasonable and consensual alternative to the initial Palestinian draft,” explained Francois Delattre, the French ambassador to the UN, after the vote.

    He admitted that the Palestinian suggestion was “not ideal,” but despite “reservations about some of its formulations,” he had voted in favor because, he said, the peace process needs to advance and the international community “must share the weight of these negotiations.”

    France is Distancing Peace

    The French had been working on a different version of a resolution to the UN, which was allegedly more “Israel friendly,” but the Palestinians rejected it, moving ahead with their aggressive diplomatic maneuver.

    Earlier in December, the French National Assembly came out in favor of recognizing the non-existent state of “Palestine.” The decision was one of largely symbolic value, but was damaging to Israel nonetheless.

    At the time, Emmanuel Nachshon, a spokesperson for Israel’s Foreign Ministry, said the move would “distance the chances of reaching an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians” and “will only make the Palestinian positions more extreme and send the wrong message to the leaders and peoples of this region.”

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu likewise commented that it was a “grave mistake.”

    Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy opposed the motion. “I will fight for the Palestinians to have their state. But unilateral recognition a few days after a deadly attack and when there is no peace process? No!”

    France has become home to the largest Muslim population in Europe and has seen a sharp increase in Islamic violence and anti-Semitic attacks.

    In recent years, anti-Semitism has more than doubled in France, leaving many concerned that the country’s growing Muslim population will continue to be a source of anti-West and anti-Israel aggression.

    France has done little, if anything, to curb this trend.

    Furthermore, French officials still refuse to call the attacks “terrorism,” opting to characterize the incidents as criminal cases and thus ignoring the growing peril – not only to Jews, but to the French and the West in general.

    Among the foreign fighters who have joined the Islamic State (IS or ISIS) terror organization, a notably high percentage hails from France. Many French fear that they could return and strike locally.

    Despite the looming threat, France reneged on its promise not to vote against Israel and caved in to Islamic pressure. “The fact that two of Israel’s allies, France and the UK, supported or abstained at the vote is worrying,” Minister of Intelligence and Strategic Affairs Yuval Steinitz stated.

    By Aryeh Savir
    Staff Writer, United with Israel

    Never mind the fact that Nutty-yoyo or the crappy little Zionist state in the Middle East have absolutely no intentions of negotiating with Palestine, and never have.

    In the meantime:

    Israel’s friends in the U.S. move forward with plans to thwart the Palestinian Authority’s diplomatic war against the Jewish State.

  122. Ted Gorsline January 10, 2015 @ 12:35 pm

    The video is very strange.

    It looks like Coulibaly was deliberately trying to commit suicide by running directly into the police guns without shooting back. Maybe to get his martyrdom captured on TV to help his cause?

    The police really did botch it and are very lucky. If he had any ammo left or any of the other paraphernalia he was reported to have had, like dynamite, he could easily have taken out many in the two jammed up crowds of police shooting pistols at him.

  123. Tony January 10, 2015 @ 12:37 pm

    This was interesting

  124. Greg Groebner January 10, 2015 @ 1:44 pm

    It is a sad, sad, dirty business.

    I think that everyone is supposed to recognize this as a false flag, although not immediately. The timing may have been influenced by the French vote on the Palestinian state, but the plan must have been in the works long before.

    The purposes:

    1. Get French and UN ground forces in Yemen, as an entry point to east Africa.

    2. As the French national elections draw nearer, the big media begins to point out the inconsistencies in Corinne Rey’s statements.

    3. Just as it looks like Ms. Rey will be the fall gal, French intelligence comes forward to say that she was working with them since the prior threats against Charlie Hebdo, in order to capture red-handed the terrorists, and to break the entire ring.

    But the fact that the terrorists first went to the building across the street confused the entire scheme, and hence the regrettable deaths.

    In fact, it will be revealed that many of the Charlie Hebdo staff, great champions of liberty, had volunteered in this effort. (Hence the distinction by the terrorists in not killing “civilians”.)

    4. The investigators then reveal the link with the National Front, as the real masterminds behind the false flag, and the meme of “Le Pen’s Reichstag Fire” begins.

  125. KathJuliane January 10, 2015 @ 5:03 pm

    Yes, it is a sad, ugly, dirty business. And dead men tell no tales.

    Reuter’s published a BFMTV clip of Cherif Kouachi saying:

    “We’ll tell you only that we are the defenders of the prophet Mohammed. And that I was sent, me, Cherif Kouachi, by Al Qaeda of Yemen. I went over there and it was Anwar Al Awlaki who financed me, rest in peace.”

    [Al Awlaki, his 16-year old son, both natural born US citizens, were extra-judicially murdered by Obama’s drone strikes in Yemen, 2011.]
    ( )

    Paris (AFP) – The men who terrorised France for three days had ties to Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State group, and were well-known to French intelligence services.

    Wait a minute, rewind. Well known?

    McClatchy DC:

    Video showing two of the assailants suggests they were well trained, striking their target during its weekly editorial meeting, when most of the publication’s journalists would be gathered in one place.

    Other evidence suggests they could be linked to a top French al Qaida operative, David Drugeon, who’s been the target at least twice of U.S. airstrikes in Syria over the last four months.

    Witnesses inside the magazine’s offices told the French newspaper L’Humanité that both attackers spoke perfect French and claimed to be members of al Qaida.

    Drugeon, who many experts believe was a French intelligence asset before defecting to al Qaida, is alleged to have masterminded a 2012 “lone wolf” attack on French soldiers and Jewish targets in the southern French city of Toulouse.

    That attack killed seven people before the perpetrator, a French citizen named Mohammed Merah, who French intelligence believes had been trained by Drugeon, was killed by a police sniper after a long, violent standoff with security forces.

    Could Drugeon still be on the French payroll? Certainly.

    Hezbollah Lebanon is extremely tight with their internal security and goes to extraordinary lengths to keep their ranks as infiltration-proof as possible.

    As I understand it, fighting units are cellular and while they coordinate tightly for combat training and exercises, fighters do not know the identity or see the faces of anyone outside their particular group, for example.

    Families of fighters usually don’t know that their loved ones are Hezbollah fighters until they come home for burial after being killed in action.

    However, internal party security isn’t completely impervious. just this last December, Hezbollah confirmed the arrest of a senior command official of the Lebanese Resistance turned Mossad spy, Mohammad Chawraba, who was deputy chief of the unit responsible for external operations.

    He was recruited by Mossad during a trip abroad, and over a period of several years, probably paid over a million dollars by Israeli special services.
    ( )

    Inside Charlie Hebdo attack: ‘We all thought it was a joke’

    Reporter at Charlie Hebdo gives first eyewitness account of what happened when Said and Cherif Kouachi stormed their editorial meeting

    A journalist who was in the Charlie Hebdo editorial meeting has described the moment when the terrorists opened fire.

    Laurent Leger, 48, an investigations correspondent at the satirical weekly, told Le Parisien – where he previously worked – about Wednesday’s meeting.

    “It was the first news conference of the year,” he said. “Everyone was on top form and happy. Some of them had just come back from holiday. It was almost euphoric. The year ahead was looking good for the magazine and we already had lots of projects in the pipeline.”

    “A man dressed in black with a uniform like that worn by police or gendarmes appeared just behind me,” said Mr Leger, who was seated with his back to the door.

    “I turned around. He was big, hefty, and had an assault weapon in his hands.

    “We still thought it was a joke. The atmosphere was still joyous. But then we smelt the strong odour of gunpowder in the corridor, and we all realised that this wasn’t a joke at all.”

    Mr Leger said the gunman opened fire immediately.

    The journalist threw himself into the air, he said, and then crouched on the floor by a small table. He said he survived because the killer didn’t notice him.

    “I can’t really describe what I saw,” he said. “We lost such great talent. All the cartoonists fell in a fraction of a second.

    “He didn’t go all the way around the room, thankfully, because there was the meeting table in the middle. That’s what undoubtably saved many lives.”

    The killer then went out into the corridor.

    “I remember the silence after they left. A terrible silence. I was frozen beneath the table. Terrorised. It was unreal.”

    As the gunman left he passed a woman and said “we don’t kill women” – which was not true, as Elsa Cayat was among the dead. And after the man left, Mr Leger said he heard once more “firecrackers” in the street.

    What about the late Brigadier Franck Brinsolaro, Charb’s 49-year-old police bodyguard, an experienced officer from France’s VIP protection squad, assigned to protect Charb after he received death threats. Where was he?

    If he was in the same Charlie Hebdo staff meeting, did he think it was a joke at first, too?

    Or was he out in the corridor and was shot there? As a personal bodyguard, I don’t think he was out in the corridor, or he would have certainly noticed the shooters first barging into an office next door to Charlie Hebdo, and then busting into an office across from the magazine office. But witnesses to the bloodbath that was about to ensue said that once inside the building, the attackers seemed at first unsure where to go.

    According to tweets from Yves Cresson, who works for the media production company Bayoo next door to Charlie Hebdo, the two attackers initially walked into his offices.

    “At 11.25am, taking advantage of the postwoman, two armed men wearing balaclavas entered our offices,” he tweeted. “They were looking for Charlie.” Cresson said the men fired two bullets, which passed through a door and a window.

    One witness told Libération they asked a receptionist which floor Charlie Hebdo’s offices were on.

    An unnamed woman who worked in an office on the second floor, across the corridor from Charlie Hebdo, told France Info radio that she and her colleagues had first heard “a big bang.

    “Then someone just threw open the door to our office, in one move, and demanded to know where Charlie Hebdo was. He had a rifle. We backed away.

    “After he left, we heard gunfire. We went to the windows: there were two men running, with guns … They were shouting outside, and shooting again.”

    And then we have “Ex-Muslim politician ‘girlfriend’ of murdered Charlie Hebdo editor was NOT in a relationship with him, claims his family as they spark a furious row”

    — Jeannette Bougrab, 41, claimed she was ‘partner’ of Charlie Hebdo editor
    — But family of Stephane Charbonnier ‘Charb’ have formally denied this
    — They have asked that she does not speak about respected editor again

    ( )

    Bougrab is a member of the French Council Of State, and of the UMP party, the president of which is the Neocon with Jewish roots Sarkozy.

    She served as the chair of the French Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination Commission during his administration.

    She also served on the Board of Directors of the Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP) until 2007.

    French newspaper Libération described her as a “hard secularist” in a 2013 profile, a daughter of Algerian immigrants who has been a fierce critic of religion, and particularly of Islam.

    Her father was a Harki. Harki were Muslim Algerian loyalists who served as Auxiliaries in the French Army.

    In France, the term is used to designate the Franco-musulmans rapatriés (“repatriated French Muslims”) community living in the country since 1962, and its metropolitan-born descendants.

    In this sense, the term Harki now refers to a distinct ethnocultural group, i.e. French Muslims, distinct from other French of Algerian origin or Algerians living in France.

    And so we have the epitome of high weirdness in the underground world created by Western intelligence services.

  126. Denver Native January 10, 2015 @ 5:26 pm

    How do we know certain things weren’t done by Muslims doing this to implicate Mossad and the Western powers afterward?

    Nobody seems to be interested in exploring this possibility.

  127. Danielle January 10, 2015 @ 5:42 pm

    Today Valls said nobody should attack freedom of speech, mosques, synagogues, Muslims or Jews in France (of course I agree with him for that point), but he did not say a single word about the numerous attacks and profanations of Christian churches and Christian cemeteries in France, or attacks of Christians in Arab countries!

    A “commissaire de police” in Limoges just killed himself because of the rise of security problems in our country and the immobilism of the governing authorities. He is not the first to have been done that because some others before him killed themselves also during the last past months because of government laxism.

    During years the police forces asked from the government means and a subsequent addition of staff to be able to do their job correctly and to reestablish order in all the surbubs where a majority of mixed white and coloured populations coming from immigration inhabited and where banditism groups emerged (diverse gangs composed of violent teenagers).

    The police could not enter in that suburbs because the youngest of that suburbs threw stones on them and on their cars and on their police stations too. And those poor cops had no guns, and if from time to time some of them had a few guns at disposition they had instructions not to shot at all.

    So a situation of “independent pieces of land” have been created where alcohol, drugs, violence and rapes supplanted good. Even shops have been closed there because the few shops were attacked also.

    Both UMP and PS let that situation to become worse at a point that, because of their laxism and their love for political tricks to continue seating comfortably on their armchairs, they are undoubtly the real responsibles of that terrorist attack of this week.

    All this makes me sick!

    I thank very much all the police, gendarmerie, RAID, CRS, GIGN, for their work and help, and cry with them on all those who have fought with courage but lost their life fighting to save the innocent French citizens in situations of terror and war.

    Tomorrow all the French and foreign officials will walk for “freedom and life together” but an important commandement should be reminded to all of them: “You shall not kill” (dixit God to Moses) which is a commune commandement to Jews, Muslims and Christians.

    Atheists, communists, socialists and freemasons having excluded God from their lives to worship themselves only as if they were perfect gods that commandement stays “lettre morte”.

    It is quite insulting for Christians to acknowledge that a minister of Turkey (if I am not mistaken: the Prime Minister) will be in Paris to morrow to manifest too for that freedom of speech.

    Turkey did not even recognize the Christian Armenian genocide: that genocide is the proof that the Armenians had no right to oppose to Muslim Turks even verbally.

    Have Christian people the freedom of religion and speech in Arab countries nowadays? Have Kurds and Azedis freedom of religion and speech? What about all Christian Orthodox and Catholic Churches who are discriminated in same Arab countries?

    Just observe “Les Chiffoniers du Caire,” the Coptic Christians, most of them are very poor and they cannot get an employment in administrations in Egypt just because they are Christians!

    We are at war and we deserve it because we French Christians have sinned against God and His beloved Son Jesus Christ : we accepted to adhere to heresies, apostasy, murder etc… We should make our mea culpa before it is too late.

    Seigneur Jesus Christ, Fils du Dieu Vivant, aie pitié de nous pécheurs et sauve nous! Amen! Merci!

  128. steven January 10, 2015 @ 5:55 pm

    The Jews and Muslims are begging to be kicked out of Europe.

  129. books January 10, 2015 @ 6:18 pm

    Natan Sharansky

    He is working tirelessly for Aaliyah of Jews away from France, Ukraine, etc to Israel

    It is a massive project to bring all of the Jews in the world to Israel.

    Sadly, miserably, it means hell on Earth for the goyim.

    This reckless behaviour is not fully supported even by Jews themselves.

    Who is Lucifer?

  130. books January 10, 2015 @ 6:22 pm

    Denver Native,

    If it walks like a Mossad and kills like a Mossad, then it is a Mossad.

    Does any member here accept that there is an Israeli Left that doesn’t support the ‘from the Nile to the Euphrates’ extremism?

  131. KathJuliane January 10, 2015 @ 6:54 pm

    The Telegraph UK reported Britain’s most recent lunacy a couple of days before the Paris shooting incidents.

    Nothing like further boosting Jew-owned Nanny State control and essentially turning toddlers and young children into spies and informers on their parents, relatives, playmates, neighbors, older siblings, teachers, babysitters, religious communities, etc.

    Anti-Terror Plan to Spy on Toddlers ‘is Heavy-handed’

    Nursery staff and childminders are given ‘duty’ to report toddlers they suspect of being at risk of becoming terrorists under new Home Office measures

    The directive is contained in a 39-page consultation document issued by the Home Office in a bid to bolster its Prevent anti-terrorism plan.

    Critics said the idea was “unworkable” and “heavy-handed,” and accused the Government of treating teachers and carers as “spies”.

    The document accompanies the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill, currently before parliament.

    It identifies nurseries and early years childcare providers, along with schools and universities, as having a duty “to prevent people being drawn into terrorism”.

    The consultation paper adds: “Senior management and governors should make sure that staff have training that gives them the knowledge and confidence to identify children at risk of being drawn into terrorism and challenge extremist ideas which can be used to legitimise terrorism and are shared by terrorist groups.

    “They should know where and how to refer children and young people for further help.”

    What does it boil down to?

    At the bottom of the article we find:

    “It is understood ministers will expect nursery staff to report for example, anti-Semitic comments made in front of them by toddlers. We would not expect this behaviour to be ignored,” said a source.

    Other examples of children at risk of radicalisation include instances where a Muslim child might tell a teacher that he has been taught at a religious school, or madrassah, that all non-Muslims “are wicked.”

    I know that toddlers come with stink bombs glued to their rumps, which can clear a major street riot in 3 second flat, but toddler terrorists? Oh, please.

    And it goes without saying that this would be enforced on everyone except Jews, especially from those poor things whose ancestors died in the holoco$t before they were ever born, leaving them orphans.

  132. Citizenfitz January 10, 2015 @ 9:02 pm

    “How do we know certain things weren’t done by Muslims doing this to implicate Mossad and the Western powers afterward? Nobody seems to be interested in exploring this possibility.”

    It’s not in the realm of impossibility, but….

  133. Citizenfitz January 10, 2015 @ 9:17 pm

    The “policeman” seen being shot in the head by the “Muslim terrorists” was *not* struck in the head by a high velocity round fired from only a few feet away.

    1. No blood spray.

    2. No brain spray.

    3. No missing part of his head.

    4. No spasmodic stiffening of his body.

    5. No convulsive twitching of his body afterwards.

    6. No blood splatter across the sidewalk.

    7. No pool of blood spreading out across the sidewalk.

    Except as noted above, it was a fairly well acted action scene.

  134. sandor January 10, 2015 @ 9:21 pm

    There is so much going on. You can FEEL we’re on the edge of something. At least, my hackles are up. This Paris tragedy has that surreal feel to it. So much is afoot…

    1. imminent currency reset and all the uncertainties a new monetary system brings

    2. banker suicides (no not murders…that’s over-‘conspiracizing’…these people are canaries in the mineshaft gazing into an abyss which I suspect we too will acquaint with soon enough.)

    3. IMF’s Lagarde expressing disappointment with US’s failure to enact IMF reforms in Congress

    4. collapsing currencies worldwide and with them, cratered economies and deflationary collapse

    5. continued IMF intrigue. What’s the real story behind Strauss-Kahn’s misfortunes and what happened to the Lagarde indictments in late August? Not a peep since then.

    6. Lagarde’s January 2014 IMF press conference with all the numerology/occult messages

    7. Wall Street rushing through in December the Dodd-Frank repeal putting our bank accounts in play for derivative losses

    8. 50% collapse in the most essential commodity in the world, oil, in a matter of months.

    Oh sure, you can say the PTB are torqueing up the anxiety, the old directed chaos straw. But when I watch Lagarde I sense apprehension in her as well.

  135. Brigitte January 10, 2015 @ 9:32 pm

    @Greg Groebner

    Regarding “big media pointing out inconsistencies in Corinne Rey’s statements” could you provide links, please, as I’m especially interested in her from the beginning.

    To all:

    Here’s a link to a press statement by cartoonist Plantu, saying Charlie has an investor waiting in the wings.

  136. david January 10, 2015 @ 9:50 pm

    I´m sure it was a MOSSAD false flag operation.

    The Mossad agents knew about the full member staff meeting but not about the right address of the offices in Rue Nicolas-Appert 6, Paris. it at:

    You will see two policemen and a patrol car in the corner.

  137. Kyle January 10, 2015 @ 10:05 pm


    Shouldn’t we call the magazine “Charlie Heeb do” as in the ones who actually did this operation?

  138. Toxic Trinity January 10, 2015 @ 11:30 pm

    QUOTE from KathJuliane:

    A Semite is:

    1. a member of any of various ancient and modern peoples originating in southwestern Asia, including the Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs.
    2. a Jew.
    3. a member of any of the peoples descended from Shem, the eldest son of Noah.
    :: ENDQUOTE.

    The meanings of some words are malleable. Sometimes this happens naturally, in other cases it is forced because it suits someone’s or some malicious group’s agenda.

    The true origins of the word ‘Jew’ has already been debated and/or argued over ad infinitum. It is an artificial word resulting from a false translation from original texts. Therefore, the claim “Jesus was a Jew” should be immediately disqualified.

    Regarding the word “Semite”, this is another derived word that exists only to suit the Anglo-Judaic hegemonic plan.

    As we all should know already, “Semite” is a derivative of the word Semitic. Note that the latter preceded the former.

    In the modern sense, “Semite” was first used by the German historian, August Schlözer, in 1781. It then made an early appearance in the French lexicon in 1845 (as Sémite).

    The only VALID use of the word “Semitic” is to describe a language group, which includes: Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, Assyrian, etc.

    The first references to the Semitic language group can be traced back only as far as 1797 (during the intellectual chaos of the French Revolution). It was officially attached to the role (noun) of describing that language group in 1813.

    It’s non-linguistic use stems (probably directly) from the German semitisch because of the increasing usage of Hebrew in synagogues as the Judaics suddenly commenced their political agitations during the early 19th century … thanks to the sudden riches enjoyed by their (new) primary sponsor … the newly rich Rothschilds.

    Otherwise, there exists NO LOGICAL OR RATIONAL link between the words Semite and Semitic … and that damned accursed words: “Jew” and “Jewish.”

    Michael Hoffman uses the word “Judaics” when referring to the world’s number one trouble-makers and usurpers.

    I am sure he has it correct. Please follow his lead. His contact website is:

  139. Tony January 10, 2015 @ 11:32 pm


    Have you not read anything lately with Turkey? Didn’t they back up Palestinian statehood and the incident of Flotilla on Gaza?

    Israel has bent over the other way to get Erdogan relations back. Back to where Israelis were free to do as they like.

    The protests on Erdogan started just after those relations went cold. Western Jews organized many of the protests among the Arab Spring.

    I read some more Israelis are dying to get him off and get back to the days when Turkey didn’t care about Israel and where they were roaming.

    Israel after Young Turks consider Turkey the biggest partner after USA and UK. But Erdogan shifted policies and the West, America and Israel want to get rid of him.

    I disagree with Erdogan and Christian treatment, but he also in the game with Putin.

    We should support him for he had courage to stand against Israel and the West and that’s the why they want to throw it. And Turkish people are idiots, and don’t see that Israelis and Jews are going the other way to get rid of him.

    Erdogan, Putin, Syria’s Bashar al-Assad and Iran’s Mahmud Ahmadineyad are only lefts to oppose them and not just some idiotic Muslims. Their countries had more history than anyone else and gave us some great minds. They are way too different from the rest of Muslim world.

  140. Tony January 10, 2015 @ 11:38 pm

    I meant Iran and Syria have more history than most of other countries and know Jews politics too well.

    Erdogan from Turkey is the only one opposing them. The rest of Turkish people are westernized in their minds and think the democracy that West wants to bring is going to help them.

    Erdogan jump started the economy of Turkey like putin did with Russia. Without their polices both of those countries would be in Jewish hands and destroyed.

  141. KathJuliane January 10, 2015 @ 11:38 pm

    Dear Brigitte,

    I’ve located a press release from Group LeMond on our National Public Radio:

    This much is certain: Charlie Hebdo will live another day.

    The magazine, which was the target of a deadly attack Wednesday, will be kept going through financial and editorial backing from some of France’s largest media groups.

    Luc Bronner, a top editor at Le Monde, a leading French newspaper, tweeted a joint letter from Groupe Le Monde, which owns Le Monde, as well as public broadcasters Radio France and France Televisions.

    The letter says the three media organizations are offering Charlie Hebdo their equipment and staff to ensure the magazine continues to publish.

    It also invites other French media organization to join the effort to “preserve the principles of editorial independence and freedom of thought — principles that are fundamental to our democracy.”

    It was signed by:

    Mathieu Gallet, President-directeur general of Radio France
    Louis Drefus, President du directoire, Groupe Le Monde
    Remy Pflimlin, President-directeur general de France Television

    Excerpt from Occidental Observer: Guillaume Durocher

    “The System”: France’s inbred media elite (2014)

    Jews are by no means overwhelmingly dominant in France’s media management and ownership, although they are over-represented.

    A rather large proportion of senior journalists are Jews. (Indeed, this has been recognized by Zemmour, one of the franker commentators), although the composition is constantly changing.

    French media control is remarkably concentrated in a tiny group of State officials and private oligarchs, the latter mostly from the financial, telecoms, arms manufacturing and fashion sectors.

    Most of these industries are themselves heavily intertwined with the State as major client and/or as regulator.

    In particular, TV and radio are dominated by the State and telecoms.

    Newspapers and magazines are owned by various oligarchs and are generously subsidized by the State (ever-more-important as readerships decline).

    They overwhelmingly promote globalist views in line with the interests of the Euro-French regime and mega-corporations who control them.

    Players include:

    The State: controls domestic public TV and radio, France24 (under foreign ministry control, for a time run by Kouchner’s wife), and half of Franco-German channel Arte (whose Supervisory Board has long been presided over by Bernard-Henri Lévy).

    The Le Monde Group: owned by a trio of fashion-financial-telecom oligarchs, run by Louis Dreyfus, controlling Le Monde (the newspaper of record), Courrier international (translations of foreign articles), Le Monde diplomatique (a leftist professor’s answer to The Economist), and 6% of the Perdriel Group.

    The Perdriel Group: owned by Claude Perdriel, raised by a Jewish family (one journalist wrote: “Though he isn’t Jewish, he carries Jewish identity in his bandolier”), controls center-left magazine Le Nouvel Observateur, news site Rue89, business magazine Challenges, and 6% of the Le Monde Group.

    Serge Dassault: An arms manufacturer, born of a Jewish family converted to Catholicism, he has never shown any particular interest in Jewish activism, and is owner of conservative newspaper Le Figaro, one of the mainstream media more sympathetic to nationalists.

    The “leftist-globalist” Libération, co-owned by financier Édouard de Rothschild.

    The Christian newspaper La Croix is perhaps the best on nationalist issues; it has kept its independence (it continues to be owned by Christian publishing group Bayard) and its readership is growing.

    In addition, a large swathe of media are dependent on advertising giant Publicis, which is Jewish-run, for their revenue.

    In short, the incestuous ties between French media empires, the state and the oligarchic elite are extreme, all interlocked in a web of ties of personnel, financial flows and mutual support, with a heavy over-representation of Jews.

    Oligarchization and concentration of media has increased as readership has declined, with the result that oligarchs and the State have had to increasingly bail out or forgive debt of failing publications.

    This concentration means that French media are very cohesive when it comes to determining the limits of acceptable discourse.

    The acceptability of a topic (euroskepticism, Islam, immigration, nationalist parties…) often changes suddenly by a sort of pack mentality which seems to follow the perceived interests of the French oligarchy.

    This notoriously inbred politico-media nexus collectively forms what subversives in France call “the System.”

    Litigious overt Jewish groups

    In addition, France is filled with litigious Jewish NGOs which are very active in the business of censorship, ostracism and pecuniary/legal punishment of thought criminals.

    These include formally Jewish organizations such as the official Jewish lobby, the CRIF (Conseil représentatif des institutions juives de France).


    Any more information on Jews who own the French Media?

    Dear david,

    The streetview photo at 6 Rue Nicolas Appert is dated August 2014.

    I read in passing that the Paris police had stopped a special street patrol security detail a couple of months ago that was assigned after Charbonniere received death threats in 2012 or so.

    The cops in the google photo may have been that detail.


    Found a photo of the black Citroen from the front parked at the kosher pastry shop, about a third of the way from the top of the page.

    There’s damage to the front just below the left headlight on the passenger side, reportedly due to striking and injuring a pedestrian during the getaway.

    The backs of the sidemirrors also show up as either black or possibly chrome.

    And they certainly did a very neat parking job for being in such a hurry!

  142. Tony January 10, 2015 @ 11:43 pm

    Rest of Muslims are tools and serve Jews perfectly from Emirates to Egypt and rest of primitive flocks that are jumping in Europe.

    They the worst because their countries kiss the ass of jews. You could see who abstained on Palestinian resolution. Only Jordan was pro.

  143. HCN January 11, 2015 @ 3:08 am

    Funny quote from French minister Valls :

    ” nous sommes tous aujourd’hui Charlie, tous policiers, tous des juifs de France ”

    ” today all of us are Charlie, cops, Jews of France ”

    I nearly threw up when I read this.

  144. milosz137 January 11, 2015 @ 5:32 am

    The new war is coming. False flag in Paris

  145. Mick McNulty. UK. January 11, 2015 @ 6:24 am

    I think the headshot-that-missed will be a waking moment for many people who thought talk of false flags was conspiracy hogwash.

    Millions of them must have seen that miss, then heard the mainstream media call it execution.

  146. Brigitte January 11, 2015 @ 6:41 am

    The big show of support today for Charlie and freedom of expression only shows the herd mentality of the French majority.

    They do what they are told! Even more eagerly if they received the order via social media, it’s so cool that way!

    But if you venture outside the PC talking points, be ready to receive an avalanche of insults and mockery, especially “negationist” is you express doubts about the Holocaust.

    Talk is cheap.

    I voiced my opinion in the Parisien daily, that the carnage looked like a Mossad commando operation and my comment wasn’t posted by the mods.

  147. The people January 11, 2015 @ 7:01 am

    It seems to me that the attack in Paris was a false flag and today I read that the cheif of police leading the investigation into the attack has killed his self.

    They need people to blame the Muslims so that France can join it’s US/Zionist friends in bombing the crap out of Syria and hope the “We the people” don’t know that this action could lead to a nuclear war if Russia tried to defend Syria.

    The puppets at ATS and Youtube are pulling information about anything that questions the offical version of events.

  148. Matt Wayne January 11, 2015 @ 10:00 am

    “Rest of Muslims are tools and serve Jews perfectly from Emirates to Egypt and rest of primitive flocks that are jumping in Europe.”

    Them and the rest of the third worlders.

    Matthew 13:25 “But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and slipped away.”

    While western society has been in a slumber, the Jews have been busy planting third world, rat worshiping weeds in Europe and America.

    This third world seed is the Jew’s main tools against western Christianity.

  149. Citizenfitz January 11, 2015 @ 10:29 am

    It seems, at least to me, that the yids are moving hell and earth to create a global, psychological climate of denial and cognitive dissonance: in which people will deny the very evidence before their eyes, then declare that snow is black.

    The various false flags we’ve seen around the world are good evidence of this. The fake shooting of the Parisian “policeman” by the “terrorists” is just one example you can point to.

    People will watch the video, see the impossibility of the official story, then start spewing all kinds of nonsense defending the official story – and finally get mad when you ask them how long it’s been since they dropped their last hit of acid.

    That’s cognitive dissonance.

    Simultaneously, people who live in a state of cognitive dissonance function as normal people in other venues. But they’ll go into full zombie mode when certain switches are flipped. Liberals jump to mind when speaking of this. The zio-cons are right behind them.

    The evident fakery of the shooting video has become so obvious that it seems even the grunting herd is starting to express doubts about the official story; forcing media outlets to remove the video from their sites.

    A very interesting dynamic is taking shape before us.

    Here’s an interesting video from Storm Clouds Gathering – with a close up, high def view of the “shooting”:

  150. jim west January 11, 2015 @ 12:07 pm

    Sorry people, I got bad news.

    The fact is that the only way the world will get out of Jewish control is through a nuclear war. Hopefully, Russia will wipe the centers of evil off the face of the earth.

    Afterward, if human life on earth is not extinguished, then people can start over, hopefully without Jews and their evil.

    Really, there is no other way. So instead of wanting to put off nuclear war, I think we should pray for its coming and soon.

  151. MM January 11, 2015 @ 1:01 pm

    Americans are such whimps. We are so far removed from our forefather’s protest and rebellion in the streets against tyranny. Whereas internationals take to the streets regularly.

    Just sayin’ we all need to start making it real whenever/where ever we can by showing up en force!

  152. Citizenfitz January 11, 2015 @ 1:19 pm

    Why’d the lead investigator suddenly kill himself?

    Because he was charged with running the show then bolloxed it?

  153. apologeticos2013 January 11, 2015 @ 1:46 pm

    Brother Nathanael: The Justinian Solution to Jewish Problem.


  154. apologeticos2013 January 11, 2015 @ 1:58 pm

    A police commissioner from Limoges, France, Helric Fredou, aged 45 (photo, below), turned up dead from a gun shot to the head on Thursday amid the Charlie Hebdo affair.

    A high-ranking official within the French law enforcement command-and-control structure, Fredou was also a former deputy director of the regional police service.

  155. apologeticos2013 January 11, 2015 @ 2:37 pm


    The photos and videos are far from convincing as being two different Citroens much less as proof of it being some sort of fake setup — the video shot of the Citroen C3 at the crime scene, and then the photos of the Citroen left at the bakeshop.

    Nobody saw cloudy sky that show in this video and the mossad guys there like to delete the numbers of the plate, to see if it is not a sign equal to c3 trail escape.

    ( )


  156. Danielle January 11, 2015 @ 3:50 pm


    Thank you for the links concerning the position of Turkey for a Palestinian State fully recognized by the United Nations. I did not know they opposed Israel on that question.

    Yes I knew about the Turkey ship episode concerning Gaza but I thought it was only a question of some volunteer people willing, independently of their government, to help the Gazaouis.

  157. Caveman2012 January 11, 2015 @ 4:38 pm


    At the Grand Synagogue (of Satan) in Paris, Natanyahu gave a speech, in which he let the cat out of the bag!

    “Today I walked the streets of Paris with the leaders of the world, to say enough terrorism; THE TIME HAS COME TO FIGHT TERRORISM…”

    TRANSLATION: Goyim, give me your sons and daughters for the slaughter! We need to remove this stumbling block of resistance against the Jew World Order!

    “The truth and righteousness are with us. Our common enemy is extreme Islam, not Islam, not regular extremists, but extreme Islam…”

    TRANSLATION: Our enemies are all those among Muslims that dare oppose the JWO and our Anti-Christ!

    “these days we are blessed with another privilege, a privilege that didn’t exist for generations of Jews – the privilege to JOIN THEIR BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN THEIR HISTORIC HOMELAND OF ISRAEL.”

    TRANSLATION: Leave this anti-semitic country and help us butcher Palestinians in Israhell!

    “Netanyahu said extreme Islam doesn’t hate the West because of Israel, but hates Israel because it is an organic part of the West.”

    COMMENT: Pure chuzpe! Israel is hated for its crimes against Palestinians! Furthermore it is not and has never been part of the Western civilization.


  158. KathJuliane January 11, 2015 @ 5:05 pm

    From Russianuniverse. org:

    People deserve to live whether they reside in France (‘First World’) or in Donbass (‘Third World’, used to be ‘Second World’).

    That’s why #JeSuisDonbass.

    That’s what’s going on in Donetsk (Donbass region) as Ukrainian army started massive shelling of residential areas:

  159. KathJuliane January 11, 2015 @ 10:43 pm


    Charlie Hebdo employees on the roof right after the shooting, and the roof is wet. Please take a look at the sky, it is overcast:

  160. Tony January 12, 2015 @ 12:00 am


    Cool Herd mentality because they are too cool and smart to do anything else.

    Cool forced peer pressure Herd mentality and defending themselves with logical fallacies — perfect “progressive” ignorants & militants.

    They will sell their ass to media to be cool and seen as humanitarian.

    The perfect ignorant that takes orders — an unquestionable militant.

  161. Tony January 12, 2015 @ 12:09 am


    Erdogan has opposed Israeli in many cases. Read for yourself:

    And the cherry on the cake that should tell you who is behind the revolts in Turkey:

    The reason why they trying to incorporate an Arab Spring/Winter for Erodgan.

    Israel-Turkey relations prior of erdogan change of mind:
    (–Turkey_relations )

  162. Tony January 12, 2015 @ 12:12 am

    In fact Bibi called Erdogan an anti-Semite, and it was all due to Gaza Flotilla sentiments of Bibi rather than the rest, and Erdogan rebuffed him by the way:

  163. Tony January 12, 2015 @ 12:36 am

    I went to Femen International and posted there how come they never criticize Jews and Israel for hasidic policies on women and patriarchy.

    There are virtually 100 articles on internet for discrimination of women in Israel, treating them as dung — the bus accident is just one.

    There was the case of Ethiopian Jewish women getting forced contraception and the state of affairs they live and jobs they have are along with Palestinian women.

    And you know who the Femen International and Israel were attacking was Russian Orthodox Christianity, the Pope, and even more funny the Israeli Femen were talking about the need of Iranian and Turkish women to be free and open.

    A propaganda only a tool wouldn’t see it. And the parrot trolls, American Jews, in international comments they where saying good job but never said good job on Israeli issues.

    Not once they were saying we will do justice for you guys for Muslims. Like they are so open Jewish parrots that have no shame.

    I wnated to ask if they would say good job if they went nude to synagogues and to the Western Wall in Israel but they blocked me.

    We should all go and ask them why they never go into synagogues to protest against Hasidic Jewish laws and customs for women, and for their racism against Palestinians and Ethiopian Jews.

    There are virtually 100 articles which I can put here for all those issues.

  164. Tony January 12, 2015 @ 12:39 am

    Besides here are other good articles from Israel Shamir & David Duke:

  165. tony2020 January 12, 2015 @ 12:51 am

    Here is Erdogan’s question to America.

    Psaki is trying to be “diplomatic,” but sounding like idiotic trash with no experience, and openly exposing the Jew serving response:

  166. Koen January 12, 2015 @ 5:12 am

    @Peter in the UK

    The backside of the door mirrors on the getaway car are very reflective (also mirrors actually), so sometimes these mirroring backsides appear white, sometimes black, also depending on the view angle. This has been proven by another internet investigator.

    Nevertheless, Brother Nathanael’s opinion on the Charlie Hebdo event is true. Jews have been doing this sort of things for centuries.

    The BS slogan “we are charlie” is premeditated and prepared for the brainwashed public. If we really “are Charlie” then we are dead anyway.

  167. Damian January 12, 2015 @ 8:17 am

    I feel you may be wrong on this one.

    If the top of the Eiffel Tower was bombed to smithereens or something else elaborate then the Zionists would be likely suspects.

    This however reeks of a barbaric Muslim job. They had the weapons, they had basic training, and they had years to prepare as they lived off their Western European welfare state.

    Sure the Jews want these 3rd worlders in Europe, and the Muslims are the perfect useful-idiots to carry out actions like this and contribute to the general decay of European Christian civilisation.

    Time to end Islamic migration to Europe. Time to outlaw Islam as a dangerous political cult. Time for the Europeans and USA to become real Christians (Orthodox), ally with Russia and begin the process of weeding Islam out of the world forever, and sort the Jews out along the way.

  168. MM January 12, 2015 @ 9:36 am

    Fiasco France: Lie to Me Once (updated)

    Posted by Gordon Duff on January 11, 2015

    “What do you have to do to declare a false flag fail?

    Note again there is no bullet pock mark in the concrete, quite a large hole if an AK is used. (typically 4x4x4 inches) What if someone actually died here. This would mean someone was brought here after the attack and shot but who would do such a thing? Did they video that shooting too?

    Then, when in France, though they were obviously on every “no fly” and “terror watch list” in the world, armed to the teeth, they manage to gun down a dozen, dozens, shoot up a synagogue, a delicatessen (I have been looking for a good Jewish deli in Paris for years) and an ADL/JINSA/Simon Wiesenthal “reading room.”

    Not only do these jokers magically cross borders, pass through customs like wraiths, they are better armed than the current Wehrmacht. You are telling me they weren’t watched, followed and wiretapped every second? Few nations have the armies of cockroaches trailing visitors around than the French do.

    If an American veteran visiting France quickly does an ‘about face’ on a sidewalk, the army of security stooges following them around is likely to collapse in a twisted heap. The French have NO civil rights, no limits to their surveillance state and watch everyone. So, if something happens, France wanted it to happen, France or the “controllers of France,” and France is “controlled.”

    The videos are out there, dead police texting “selfies,” or terrorists running through streets that Google Earth can’t find, shooting at walls and sidewalks that don’t exist with bullets that leave no marks into bodies that don’t bleed.

    Now the hatefest and media event moves forward.

    Don’t believe a word of it. Let’s say “Charlie” was testing their “freedom of speech.” Well, they can consider this test a failure whether or not they were killed (or not) by real terrorists or the “usual suspects,” Mossad assets floated through customs with bombs in their underwear, always without passports, visas or even airline tickets.

    If only the rest of us could travel like that!

    You know, Europe is filled with “hate speech laws,” typically only protecting Jews, one of the ethnic groups that is notoriously able to defend themselves “speech-wise.” With a virtual stranglehold on press/media/entertainment, taking on “the Jews” in a “hate speechfest” is worse than bringing a knife to a gunfight.

    Then again, we have to remember, if one aspect of this was false, and the video totally proves this, then it all is false. If there are dead, the powers that be, whether French Zionists, the Mossad or the criminal gangs of Eurotrash that plague the Middle East and Africa with terror bombings and pretend terror groups like Boko Harum and Al Shabab, wanted them dead.

    I do love France, have lived in Paris and maintain a bureau in Paris. The French people are a joy. However, the only bad experiences I have ever had in France have involved young and obnoxious leftists who work tirelessly to destroy the reputation of the French people.

    I can well understand that the French find themselves overwhelmed with a large Islamic population. However, France loved that same Islamic population when hundreds of thousands of them died defending France in two world wars plus Indochina.

    The French people have the right to feel as they do. However, millions of those French people are Muslims. Has this caused serious problems? Yes!

    Is it extremely likely that this “event” was staged to take advantage of these social stresses in order to destabilize France and to promote an anti-Muslim agenda during a time when Europe is turning away from Israel, with many seeing it as a criminal state?


  169. Ted Gorsline January 12, 2015 @ 11:36 am

    I agree with Damian.

    I think one must resist the temptation to lable each bugger up a false flag until all the evidence is in.

  170. tony January 12, 2015 @ 12:40 pm

    @ Damian

    Im not a Muslim but if you read some of the article here from Global Research:

    While the French media in chorus point to the jihadist threat to “Freedom of Expression”, not a single French media has had the courage of raising the broader issue of State sponsorship of terrorism and the insidious role of the French government and its intelligence apparatus in supporting Al Qaeda affiliated entities not only in the Middle East and Africa but also in France.

    In a bitter irony, the campaign following the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo has not contributed to sustaining ”Freedom of Expression”. In fact quite the opposite. It has contributed to a new wave of media censorship.

    There is a gruesome political agenda behind these attacks which must be the object of public debate. Who are the terrorists? Those who commit terrorist acts or those who control and finance the terrorists?

    Israel to the Rescue of the Kosher Grocery Store in Paris Vincennes

    According to reports, French police have launched raids “on two separate sieges” at a kosher grocery in a Jewish neighbourhood in Paris and at Dammartin en Goële, a small town 30 km. northeast of Paris “where the Charlie Hebdo suspects have reportedly been killed” (Daily Telegraph, January 9, 2015).

    Unconfirmed reports suggest that there were up to 10 hostages inside the kosher grocery.

    Hours before the Jewish Sabbath, the street is usually especially crowded with shoppers – French Jews and tourists alike.

    The Vincennes region of eastern Paris in which the second, grocery hostage situation is taking place has a large Jewish population. (Daily Telegraph, January 9, 2015)

    Because the Jewish community is allegedly threatened, Israel was to come to the rescue of the kosher grocery store. This was confirmed in an official statement by the Israeli government.

    In this regard, Prime minister Netanyahu confirmed on January 9, the dispatch of an Israeli Police SWAT team unit which would be working in liaison with its French counterparts.

    The Israeli SWAT unit “specialising in siege situations and rescues is on standby ready to travel to Paris to assist the French authorities resolve the siege of the kosher grocery store.” according to Haaretz (emphasis added).

    It should be noted that the entire French police apparatus is mobilized. What would be the role of the Israeli police forces? Political propaganda? Bear in mind: president Francois Hollande is scheduled to make a major political statement in the wake of the police operation.

    Foreknowledge of the Charlie Hebdo Attack?

    The suspects were known to French intelligence.

    Media and intelligence sources confirm that “the French authorities had been warned about Said and Cherif Kouachi ahead of this Wednesday’s initial attack on Charlie Hebdo” (Daily Telegraph, January 9, 2015, emphasis added), pointing to possible foreknowledge of the attacks.

    If they had been duly warned, why did they not act to prevent the attack from occurring?

    The Role of Mossad

    In addition to the Israeli SWAT team, Prime minister Netanyahu “has ordered Mossad to provide French officials for all the assistance they need in tackling the ongoing terror situation in and around Paris” (Daily Telegraph, emphasis added).

    What this suggests is that Mossad agents would be operating on French soil in partnership with France’s Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure formerly known as Le Deuxième Bureau.

    According to Israel’s prime minister Netanyahu, (January 9)

    “[the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the Paris kosher grocery store] are a microcosm of of a greater battle against jihadists …

    This is a global struggle. Bringing to justice the Paris murderers is just the beginning,…

    And all of them seek to destroy our freedoms and to impose on all of us a violent, medieval tyranny. They might have different names, but all of them are driven by the same hatred and blood-thirsty fanaticism.”

    They bomb churches in Iraq; they slaughter tourists in Bali; they rocket civilians from Gaza; and strive to build nuclear weapons in Iran…we have to fight these enemies of our common civilization” (quoted in Times of Israel, January 9, 2015)

    What the Times of Israel report fails to mention is that Netanyahu has been actively supporting Islamic State (ISIS) and Al Nusrah terrorists out of the occupied Golan heights. While coming to France’s rescue, Netanyahu does not deny his government’s support of the jihadists in Syria.

    The IDF top brass has acknowledged that “global jihad elements inside Syria” are supported by Israel:

    Netanyahu toured the Golan Heights with Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz.

    At a lookout point overlooking the Syrian border, OC Northern Command Maj.-Gen. Yair Golan briefed Netanyahu on the presence of global jihad elements inside Syria, as well as on the work being done to fortify the Israeli-Syrian border fence. (Jerusalem Post, February 19, 2014)

    Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Shakes Hand with an Al Qaeda Terrorist. Is the wounded terrorist an Israeli intelligence asset?

    “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon next to a wounded mercenary, Israeli military field hospital at the occupied Golan Heights’ border with Syria, 18 February 2014″ (ibid, emphasis added)

    Ironically, the State of Israel is collaborating with the French authorities in the Charlie Hebdo counterterrorism operation, while also supporting the two main terrorist entities in Syria: the Islamic State (ISIS) and Al Nusrah.

    While there is no evidence of Mossad presence prior to the Charlie Hebdo attacks, it should be noted that France and Israel have a longstanding bilateral relationship in military and intelligence affairs.

    The fact that the Israeli government announced its intention to dispatch Mossad officials to Paris might suggest that Israeli intelligence officials were in Paris at an earlier date, prior to the January 9 official announcement by PM Netanyahu.

    State Sponsorship of Terrorism

    Amply documented, the French Republic under the helm of president Francois Hollande is supporting as well as funding Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists in the Middle East and North Africa in liaison with the US, NATO and Israel:

    France, as part of a NATO-led coalition, has been arming, funding, aiding, and otherwise perpetuating Al Qaeda terrorists for years, beginning, on record in Libya with the overthrow of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and continuing until today with NATO’s arming, harboring, and backing of Al Qaeda terrorists including the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS) within and along Syria’s borders.

    With the recent attack in Paris likely the work of the very terrorists France has been arming and backing across North Africa and the Middle East, the French government itself stands responsible, guilty of the continued material support of a terrorist organization that has now killed French citizens, including two police officers, not only on French soil, but within the French capital itself. (Tony Cartalucci, Global Research, January 8, 2015)

    “The forbidden truth” which the French public should address is that Western governments including US, UK, France, NATO and Israel –while waging a self-proclaimed “Global War on Terrorism”– routinely provide covert support to the same terrorist entities which are the object of their “humanitarian wars” and “counter-terrorism operations”.

    While the French media in chorus point to “Freedom of Expression” in journalism, not a single French media has had the courage of pointing to the issue of State sponsorship of terrorism.

    The second thing why in the hell would Muslima do this just when Palestine is offered a resolution? That is either the most idiotic thing and is working against their cause promoting anti-Muslim sentiment just as Palestine is getting somewhere.

    My question to you is what where they fighting for, if they where fighting for Muslims, and what is a bigger cause to Muslims Arabs than liberation of Palestine and atrocities of Israel?

  171. tony January 12, 2015 @ 12:49 pm

    From Global Research:

    The Kourachi Brothers (image above) were arrested twice for terrorism, convicted and imprisoned for terrorism, having met senior leadership of Al Qaeda, having trained with and fought alongside Al Qaeda.

    French intelligence would – 6 months ago – deem the dangerous duo a “low risk.” Six months also happens to be the perfect time frame within which they could plan, fund, and begin executing their grand finale.

    Are we to believe it is a coincidence French intelligence turned the spotlight off just in time for them to piece together the worst terror attack in France in decades? Who is it French intelligence considers “high risk” and isn’t immediately arresting?

    The UK Mirror in an article titled, “Paris shootings: Listen to terrorist Amedy Coulibaly’s bizarre conversation with hostage during supermarket siege,” quoted Kouachi as saying:

    “We are just telling you we are the defenders of the prophet and that I Chérif Kouachi have been sent by Al Qaida of Yemen and that I went over there and that Anwar Al Awaki financed me.”

    Not only was Anwar Al Awaki a senior leader in Al Qaeda, he also infamously spent dinner with top brass at the Pentagon shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks in Washington, New York, and over Pennsylvania.

    CBS News would report in their article, “Qaeda-Linked Imam Dined at Pentagon after 9/11,” that:

    Anwar al-Awlaki – the radical spiritual leader linked to several 9/11 attackers, the Fort Hood shooting, and the attempted Christmas Day bombing of an airliner – was a guest at the Pentagon in the months after 9/11, a Pentagon official confirmed to CBS News.

    Awlaki was invited as “…part of an informal outreach program” in which officials sought contact “…with leading members of the Muslim community,” the official said. At that time, Awlaki was widely viewed as a “moderate” imam at a mosque in Northern Virginia.

    At the same time, the FBI was also interviewing Awlaki about his contacts with three of the 9/11 attackers – Nawaf al-Hazmi, Khalid al Midhar and Hani Hanjour – who were all part of the crew of five that hijacked the American Airlines jet that hit the Pentagon.

    Image: Just another coincidence… Senior Al Qaeda leader Anwar Al Awlaki was clicking glasses together at the Pentagon with American military brassjust months after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. Also, “coincidentally,” he had in fact met at least one of the several alleged hijackers.

    He also, just before being liquidated by a US drone attack in 2011, allegedly funded the terror cell responsible for the recent Paris shootings.

    Indeed, Anwar Al Awaki would admit to having met Hazmi – in yet another incident the general public is supposed to believe is simply an astonishing coincidence.

    The list of “coincidences” and “accidents” is so far impressive and include the following:

    1. French authorities arrested and imprisoned Chérif Kouachi in 2005 for terrorism. He would be released in 2008 after sentencing was suspended for “time served,” this despite evidence suggesting Kouachi may have even gone as far with his plot as travel to Yemen.

    Slate Magazine would report in their article, “The Details of Paris Suspect Cherif Kouachi’s 2008 Terrorism Conviction,” that:

    Kouachi was arrested in January 2005, accused of planning to join jihadists in Iraq. He was said to have fallen under the sway of Farid Benyettou, a young “self-taught preacher” who advocated violence, but had not actually yet traveled to Iraq or committed any acts of terror.

    Lawyers at the time said he had not received weapons training and “had begun having second thoughts,” going so far as to express “relief” that he’d been apprehended.

    2. Kouachi and brother Said would be implicated in another terrorist plot again in 2010 but were not prosecuted due to a lack of evidence. The BBC in their report titled, “Charlie Hebdo attack: Suspects’ profiles,” would state:

    In 2010 Cherif Kouachi was named in connection with a plot to spring another Islamist, Smain Ait Ali Belkacem, from jail – a plot hatched by Beghal, according to French anti-terror police.

    Belkacem used to be in the outlawed Algerian Islamic Armed Group (GIA) and was jailed for life in 2002 for a Paris metro station bombing in 1995 which injured 30 people.

    Said Kouachi, 34, was also named in the Belkacem plot, but the brothers were not prosecuted because of a lack of evidence.

    3. With French intelligence agencies’ knowledge, the Kouachi brothers would then travel to Yemen in 2011, receiving weapons training directly from Al Qaeda. CNN’s report titled, “France tells U.S. Paris suspect trained with al Qaeda in Yemen,” would report:

    A U.S. official says the United States was given information from the French intelligence agency that Said Kouachi traveled to Yemen as late as 2011 on behalf of the al Qaeda affiliate there.

    Once in Yemen, the older brother of the two received a variety of weapons training from al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) — the affiliate in Yemen — the official said, including on how to fire weapons.

    It is also possible Said was trained in bomb making, a common jihadist training in Yemen. Two other U.S. officials confirmed that information about the Yemeni travel was passed to the U.S. from French intelligence agencies.

    In addition, French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour in an interview broadcast on CNN International that one of the brothers traveled to Yemen in 2005. Taubira would not say which brother.

    Admissions that one of the brothers had traveled to Yemen in 2005, suggests the possibility he may indeed have received weapons training from Al Qaeda before his arrest and imprisonment later that same year.

    4. It was reported that the brothers then fought in Syria before returning last summer, approximately 6 months ago. USA Today would report in an article titled, “Manhunt continues for two French terror suspects,” that:

    The brothers were born in Paris of Algerian descent. Cherif was sentenced to three years in prison on terrorism charges in May 2008. Both brothers returned from Syria this summer.

    5. Also about 6 months ago, French intelligence decided the suspects’ serial offences along with their direct contact with Al Qaeda – including the receiving of terrorist training and battlefield experience fighting along side them in Syria – were “low risk” cases and therefore not worthy of their attention.

    Astoundingly, UK’s Daily Mail would report in their article, “Revealed: Police stopped watching Paris killers six months ago after terror cell of kosher deli attacker and his crossbow jihadi wife – who has fled to Syria – were deemed ‘low-risk’,” that:

    The world’s most wanted female terrorist has fled to Syria, it was revealed last night – as police admitted they stopped surveillance on her deadly Parisian cell six months ago because they were deemed ‘low-risk’.

    The Daily Mail would go on to report on other cell members including Amedy Coulibaly, also killed by police during the recent shootings and attacks in Paris – also a notorious serial offender, known terrorist, and also previously arrested, convicted, and sentenced to prison for terrorism.

    “Who decided this cell was “low risk” six months ago? That is probably where the French people should begin searching for justice – if justice is in fact what they seek.”

    Six months, coincidentally, is also about the typical length (6-10 months) of security and intelligence “sting operations” targeting terrorists. It provides an appropriate time frame within which an event like the recent attacks could have been planned, funded, and eventually carried out.

    The public is expected to believe this obvious terror cell who had been in and out of prison for terrorism over the course of a decade and in direct contact with Al Qaeda, was suddenly dropped from the attention of French intelligence just in time for them to carry out their most spectacular crime to date?

    Who decided this cell was “low risk” six months ago? That is probably where the French people should begin searching for justice – if justice is in fact what they seek.

    Europe Has Been Here Before

    Unfortunately, these “coincidences” and “accidents” are not coincidences and accidents at all.

    They fit an obvious pattern of staged provocations within the context of an intentionally engineered “strategy of tension,” identical but scaled up from what NATO was exposed to have committed during the Cold War as part of its “stay behind networks,” more commonly known as “Operation Gladio.”

    Indeed, if NATO could carry out attacks during the Cold War, targeting Western Europeans in deadly brutality designed to appear as the work of NATO’s enemies, why would NATO now be suddenly excused from the investigation as a prime suspect?

    With the “coincidences” and “accidents” described above, those occupying the highest of France’s political, military, and intelligence offices, should be removed, tried, and imprisoned for criminal negligence at the very least.

    As the puzzle pieces continue to fit together, the picture that appears is one of brazen, intentional provocation either to divide society at home, or wage war abroad, or both. And as this picture comes into focus, the rhetoric designed to distract the public from seeing it will reach a fevered pitch.

  172. tony January 12, 2015 @ 12:52 pm

    Police Commissioner Helric Fredou, Number Two Police Officer of the Regional Service of France’s Judicial Police (JP), Limoges, (Haute-Vienne), “committed suicide on the night of Wednesday to Thursday at the police station.”

    Commissioner Helric Fredou was part of the police investigation into the Charlie Hebdo terror attack.

    Terror suspects Cherif and Said Kouachi who were shot dead by police on January 9, spent their high-school years in the Limoges region. No doubt this was the object of Fredou’s police investigation. Yet police and media reports state that on that same Wednesday he was involved in a meeting with the family of one of the Charlie Hebdo victims.

    On Wednesday, as part of the Charlie Hebdo investigation, he dispatched a team of police officials under his jurisdiction. He is reported to have waited for the return of his team for a debriefing. Immediately following the police debriefing, he was involved in preparing his police report.

    According to media reports, he committed suicide at around 1am on Thursday, within hours of the police debriefing. He used his own police weapon, a SIG-Sauer to “shoot himself in the head”.

    At the time of his death, police claim to have not known the reason for his alleged suicide. This was reflected in their official statements to the media: “It is unknown at this time the reasons for his actions”.

    However, a back story appears to have been inserted simultaneously, most likely from the very same police media liaisons, who then told the press that Fredou was ‘depressed and overworked’.

    For any law enforcement officer in France, it would seem rather odd that anyone would want to miss the biggest single terror event of the century, or history in the making, as it were. (21st Century Wire,)

    ”An autopsy was performed at the University Hospital of Limoges, “confirming the suicide”

    There has been a total news blackout.

    The French media decided or was instructed not to cover the incident. Not news worthy? So much for “Je suis Charlie” and ”Freedom of Expression” in journalism.

    Likewise, the Western media including all major news services (AP, AFP, Reuters, Deutsche Welle, etc) have not covered the issue.

    One isolated report in Le Parisien presents the act of suicide as being totally unrelated to the Charlie Hebdo investigation.

    While described as being depressive and suffering from a burnout, police reports state that Helric Fredou’s suicide was totally unexpected.

    Moreover, it is worth noting that, according to reports, he committed suicide in his workplace, in his office at the police station.

    Did he commit suicide? Was he incited to commit suicide?

    Or was he an “honest Cop” executed on orders of France’s judicial police?

    Has his report been released?

    These are issues for France’s journalists to address. It’s called investigative reporting. Or is it outright media censorship?

  173. HCN January 12, 2015 @ 1:32 pm


    I agree. What you say has been done before in Spain. The King Ferdinand II enslaved all Muslims and then expelled the Jews out of Spain.

    Ferdinand II and Isabella were probably the best leaders ever. They pressured Pope Sixtus IV to establish the Inquisition and make Spain 100% Christian.

    The edict of expulsion shows how much they loved Jesus and hated heretics :

    “ We order all Jews and Jewesses of whatever age they may be, who live, reside, and exist in our said kingdoms and lordships … that by the end of the month of July next of the present year, they depart from all of these our said realms and lordships …

    “Under pain that if they do not perform and comply with this command and should be found in our said kingdom and lordships and should in any manner live in them, they incur the penalty of death and the confiscation of all their possessions.”

  174. apologeticos2013 January 12, 2015 @ 6:55 pm

    Rockefeller Jew Reveals 9 11 FRAUD and New World Order to Aaron Russo False Flag.

  175. Citizenfitz January 12, 2015 @ 7:04 pm

    Je suis Charlie Hebdon?


    Les Juifs a fait Charlie Hebdon.

  176. Roberto Chile January 12, 2015 @ 7:24 pm

    This attack is intended to create animus-adversion against the Muslim population and thus to justify further crimes against Muslims around the world particularly in the Middle East.

  177. Citizenfitz January 12, 2015 @ 7:43 pm

    Watch and see if I’m wrong: France will continue importing Muslims by the trainload – and anyone who voices doubt about the wisdom of this will be charged with “incitement to hate”.

    More cognitive dissonance.

    Clearly, Satan’s running the show now. Not Masons. Not corrupt politicians, judges and bureaucrats. Not even the Jews at this point.

    Our’s truly is a diabolical age.

  178. apologeticos2013 January 12, 2015 @ 7:55 pm

    Paris Terror Attacks: Who Was Behind This Dastardly Act of Terror? The Suspects Killed by Police, Forecloses a Judicial Procedure.

  179. Ted Gorsline January 13, 2015 @ 12:41 am

    According to Reuters Charlie Hebedo’s publishers may print 3 million copies instead of just 1 million.

    They are really cashing in on the death of their cartoonists.

    Makes you wonder who they are?

  180. Danielle January 13, 2015 @ 12:37 pm

    Today I have seen on the TV the ceremony held in the Elysée for the 3 French policemen killed in the terrorist attack.

    What kept my attention is the fact that when they introduced the coffins of the 3 policemen to dispose them to be honored by all the participants in the celebration, drums were playing.

    But the rythm of their playing sound was quite frightening because it was the same sound rhythm performed for prisoners condemned to death and led to be hung or to be guillotined in the past centuries.

    That rhythm sounded : tam, tam, tam tam; tam, tam, tam tam; tam, tam, tam tam; and was repeated until the coffins were laid on their tables.

    I have heard while viewing historic movies that special rhythm in the sequences in which we can see the condemned to death to be lead on “Place de Grève” (old public place in Paris where people where guillotined or hanged) and to be put to death by his bureau publicly in front of a great mob of curious people loving or hating the condemned.

    So I asked myself : “Here are the drums, but where is/are the condemned as there are 3 coffins with 3 already dead police officers?”

    I thought about Isaac, the son of Abraham, who asked his father when they were going together to make a holy sacrifice to God, saying : “Here is the wood for the sacrifice, but where is the Lamb to be sacrificed?”

    And Abraham replied : “God will provide the Lamb”.

    So I pray and hope, that God who has provided the Holy Lamb for the sacrifice that is to say our Lord Jesus Christ to save us from death and condemnation, will also deliver France miraculously from her enemies.

    France has sinned and left slowly slowly, step by step, her Saviour to adhere to false values which where implanted in the brains of the people by corrupted leaders to replace the divine laws of God since at least the 1789 Revolution if not before.

    So she should come back to God and walk together with Him recognizing that Jesus Christ is the Lamb and that God is also her Father, and a great miracle will happen: her enemies will quickly vanish as if they never existed because the Lord of Hosts will fight for her!

  181. ET January 20, 2015 @ 12:52 am

    The new one world order has invented a new tactic by inciting fury in the Muslims to counterattack all the European countries and soon to enter Western nations.

    How else can they target Europe?

    And then, we have a new army ISIS that is out of control.

    We have been warned by Feinstein about the sleeper cells in the U.S.

  182. Widerstand January 22, 2015 @ 4:56 am

    I’ve found an article released by 2005 describing the reality we are face right now!


    The Third Phase This is described as “Arising and Standing Up” and should last from 2007 to 2010. “There will be a focus on Syria,” prophesies Hussein, based on what his sources told him.

    The fighting cadres are supposedly already prepared and some are in Iraq. Attacks on Turkey and — even more explosive — in Israel are predicted. Al-Qaida’s masterminds hope that attacks on Israel will help the terrorist group become a recognized organization.

    The author also believes that countries neighboring Iraq, such as Jordan, are also in danger.

    The Fourth Phase Between 2010 and 2013, Hussein writes that al-Qaida will aim to bring about the collapse of the hated Arabic governments. The estimate is that “the creeping loss of the regimes’ power will lead to a steady growth in strength within al-Qaida.”

    At the same time attacks will be carried out against oil suppliers and the US economy will be targeted using cyber terrorism.

    The Fifth Phase This will be the point at which an Islamic state, or caliphate, can be declared. The plan is that by this time, between 2013 and 2016, Western influence in the Islamic world will be so reduced and Israel weakened so much, that resistance will not be feared.

    Al-Qaida hopes that by then the Islamic state will be able to bring about a new world order.

    The Sixth Phase Hussein believes that from 2016 onwards there will a period of “total confrontation.” As soon as the caliphate has been declared the “Islamic army” it will instigate the “fight between the believers and the non-believers” which has so often been predicted by Osama bin Laden.

    The Seventh Phase This final stage is described as “definitive victory.” Hussein writes that in the terrorists’ eyes, because the rest of the world will be so beaten down by the “one-and-a-half billion Muslims,” the caliphate will undoubtedly succeed.

    This phase should be completed by 2020, although the war shouldn’t last longer than two years.

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    Death to Israel!

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