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Dostoevsky Versus The Jews

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Dostoevsky Versus The Jews
Copyright 2013

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Brother Nathanael @ August 11, 2013


  1. Brother Nathanael August 11, 2013 @ 10:10 pm

    Text –Text– Text

    Dostoevsky Versus The Jews
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Copyright 2013

    Dostoevsky’s reputation as an ‘anti-Semite’ is nothing less than the product of Jewish malice borne toward the Orthodox Church and Tsarist Russia.

    For it’s within the context of Dostoevsky’s “Russian Messianism” and the opposing spirit of Jewish mammonism he observed in Russia—as it had overtaken Europe—that his ‘anti-Semitism’ is framed.

    It was Dostoevsky’s belief that Christ passed the torch of true religion to the Russian people of his day as the sole “God bearing nation”…a role forfeited by the Jews, leaving their nation a mere phantom of their former glory.

    “A star shall rise out of the east!” Elder Zosima in “The Brothers Karamazov” declared with regard to the Russian Church bringing Christ’s image and truth to the tottering creeds of the world.

    Dostoevsky’s view that Jewry posed an obstacle to Russia’s historical mission first appears in “Crime and Punishment.”

    One of the characters, while making his way through the streets of St Petersburg in search of a fitting site to commit suicide, stops before a large building whose watchman is a Jew with a foreign accent…appearing as a kind of phantom.

    Rather than trying to stop the suicide, the Jew protests that it should not happen on his watch: “Not here, not here! Vat you’re doing, dzis is not dze place!” the Jew insists.

    “Just say I was on my way to America,” answers the Russian, and then pulls the trigger.

    The symbolism is clear. The dark forces of Jewry with its materialistic spirit threaten the destiny of Orthodox Russia from taking root in its own soil and emerging as a far-reaching redemptive force.

    Bearing the prophet’s mantle, Dostoevsky pictured Jewish Bolshevism forestalling the mission of Russian Messianism.

    But after decades of suffering under the darkness of the Jewish Soviet, the Russian Church re-emerges as a Spiritual light.

    “We’re living in apocalyptic times,” the Patriarch of all Russia announced last week when reproving the West for justifying the sin of homosexuality by legislating it into law…a first in human history.

    [Clip: “This is a very dangerous apocalyptic symptom…we must do everything in our powers to ensure that sin is never sanctioned in Russia by state law. The Russian Church respects the right of individuals to choose their way of life, albeit a sinful one. But, for the first time in human history, sin is justified by Law, which will lead to the moral degradation of society.”]

    But Obama—an alleged homosexual himself and the chief sponsor of the final phase of the West’s decline—condemned Russia for prohibiting the dissemination of homosexual propaganda to children.

    And he did so in the darkness of night in an interview with the atheist talk show host, Jay Leno.

    [Clip: “Well, something that shocked me about Russia — and I’m surprised this is not a huge story — suddenly, homosexuality is against the law. I mean, this seems like Germany: Let’s round up the Jews, let’s round up the gays, let’s round up the blacks. I mean, it starts with that.”]

    Wait a minute. The Patriarch said homosexuals are free to choose their lifestyle. No one’s ’rounding them up.’ But they are forbidden to parade their depravity in the streets where the eyes of children will be defiled. Let’s see what Obama says.

    [Clip: “I have no patience for countries that try to treat gays or lesbians or transgender persons in ways that intimidate them or are harmful to them.”]

    You got it wrong, Obongo. The sodomites are the ones “intimidating” and “harming” others by parading their perversity and their shame before all to see.

    In Dostoevsky’s “Demons” he warns that when a nation loses faith in God it is no longer a nation.

    Surely, this hater of God’s laws—Obama—is rushing America headlong onto the path of destruction upon which it no longer has anything to give but its own Godlessness heaped upon the world.

    Dostoevsky then brings onto the world’s stage a ‘holy fool’ in the person of Alyosha in his final work, “The Brothers Karamazov.”

    When asked by a troubled girl if at Easter the Jews kill a child and eat it, Alyosha answers, “I don’t know.”

    This passage alone, more than any other in the history of literature, has driven Jewry into such a frenzy that they insist Dostoevsky should have put into Alyosha’s mouth a plain and simple “No.”

    But Alyosha’s answer stands.

    The killing of Christianity, Dostoevsky foresaw, would find a fitting grave in the Judaized West.

    But when a star rises in the East casting its rays on the benighted West…its bright and holy light no Jew can kill.

  2. Brother Nathanael August 11, 2013 @ 10:12 pm


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  3. Brother Nathanael August 11, 2013 @ 10:13 pm

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  4. Brother Nathanael August 11, 2013 @ 10:16 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family –

    A Star HAS Risen In The East!

    Putin and the Patriarch will NOT allow their youth to be corrupted AND weakened by Sodomy!

    Obama, (the queer) IS corrupting our youth and DESTROYING our Nation.

    Russia WILL increase BUT Jew-ruined America will DECREASE.
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    With Much Love In Christ!

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  5. Brother Nathanael August 11, 2013 @ 10:16 pm

    Brother Nathanael Responds To Abp Kyrill of Rocor’s Statement

    Due to many inquiries I am posting my rebuttal once again.

    In response to Archbishop Kyrill’s ‘Statement’ against me, first of all please SEE:

    — “Brother Nathanael is a monastic with the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Of Russia (ROCOR) where he is blessed by Bishop Jerome as a “poslushnik”/”novice” monk and to pursue a public ministry.” —

    Archbishop Kyrill of San Francisco, who I have learned acted without the knowledge of the majority of the voting bishops, did not censure me for any sin or sins on my part but rather for exercising my God-given right of freedom of speech.

    It’s one thing for a hierarch to censure a member of the Church for sin but quite another for a hierarch to attempt to muzzle the mouth of one exposing the works of darkness.

    Archbishop Kyrill over-stepped his ecclesial bounds with regard to me and thus he was out of order. (Again, I have learned that the majority of the voting bishops knew nothing of the ’statement’ until after it was posted.)

    And as Archbishop Kyrill is not my Spiritual Father in no position to know the state of my soul, he was out-of-order in stating that he deplored the state of my soul.

    Because he was out of order, I have requested of him and am still awaiting both a public and personal apology from Abp Kyrill.

    Thus, I continue my public ministry with a clear conscience and with a strong sense of my calling from Christ, my God and Defender, of which calling, Bishop Jerome of ROCOR sanctions with his blessing. ( SEE: )

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner
    “Poslushnik”/”Novice” Monk
    Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR)


    AND: /

  6. Snowy Smith South Africa August 11, 2013 @ 11:21 pm

    Coming to America 2013.

    JEW USA New World Order COMMUNIST BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION coming to America 2013.

  7. wasabi August 11, 2013 @ 11:57 pm

    Quote, “No one is more offended than I by the Russian stance.” President Obama on Russia’s decision to not allow homosexual propaganda at the family friendly Sochi Olympics.

  8. A.J. August 12, 2013 @ 12:04 am

    This is quite interesting.

    The gays and lesbians and Jewish/leftist press here in the West want to boycott the Russian Olympics in 2014, calling Putin the “new Hitler”…

    The gay rights movement continues to advance here in the USA but by no means is everyone on board with the gay agenda.

    When gay marriage is forced on the whole country then you will see a major Christian backlash here.

    Meanwhile, the ex-gay movement is also growing but most of the media ignores it!

  9. prelude August 12, 2013 @ 2:05 am

    This has to be one of the best and informative videos that Br. Nathanael has ever put out.

    I would like to record it and send it to everyone I know, but what good would it do? They would simply pass it off as the mad rantings of an anti-semite.

    But would they bother to do some independent investigation of their own? Of course not! They are too preoccupied with cheesy TV shows, football & beer, and blindly swallowing up every piece of propaganda and crap fed to them by our Jew stream mass media.

    It is beginning to feel more and more hopeless. The Zionist monster has a noose wrapped around the throats of every American and European and is tightening its grip with each passing day.

    Is there anything that can save us? I see only 3 possibilities — A divine (or extra-terrestial) intervention, an all out nuclear world war, or a military coup of our government. The third one would be the most welcome. But there is one more.

    If the majority of Jews finally awaken to the realization that they have been lied to, cheated, and deceived by the Zionist monster and are willing to throw off his yoke of supression. It happened to B. Nathanael. Why not others?

  10. Steven August 12, 2013 @ 4:12 am

    Sodom and Gomorrah’s unhappy ending is precisely what the Western world deserves for its political correctness, corruption, criminality and great evil.

    First the nuclear sword must strike the Jewish nation in the Middle East and then the political and cultural centers of its slave states.

    Whereever the Jews, feminists, homos, freemasons and their fans for rule there will be no repentance by the offenders and the mass of the public will not oppose the evil leadership and their fellow travelers.

    The problem will not be fixed because too much of society has gone rotten from the top down.

    That just leaves punishment as an option. Too many people just don’t have what it takes to recognize the error of their ways and repent and cease to do evil or approve of evil. So slavishly servile to their satanic politically correct masters they are. Frankly it’s disgusting.

    You can not get good fruit from a corrupt diseased tree. You have to start over from scratch with a new tree after cutting down and burning the old one.

    If you were to go through out the western world and Israel and ask the question do homosexuals have the right to live? And if you spared those that said no and were to slay all the rest for being socially or sexually queer how many people would be left alive?

  11. Glory B. August 12, 2013 @ 4:44 am

    As a former Jew who abandoned the Jewish belief system (Judaism is not a true religion because the JEWS WORSHIP GOLD, NOT GOD! Satan is the REAL GOD OF THE JEWS!) and turned my life and my eternal soul over to the TRUE MESSIAH OF THE JEWS, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, I understand the Jewish mindset.

    The Jews are motivated by a singular hatred of Jesus Christ and His true religion — Christianity — and are doing everything in their power to tear down the Christian way of life.

    Anyone who associates closely with Jews knows of their hatred of all things Christian. In keeping with the wishes of their father, Satan, the Jews persecuted Jesus, plotted against Him, betrayed Him, brought Him before Pontius Pilate, denounced Him and demanded His execution.

    Pilate found Him innocent and wanted to let Him go, but he feared the power of the Jews, and that the Jewish elders would stir up the people against Rome. So Pilate turned our Lord over to the filthy, Christ-hating Jews, who whipped Him, and forced Him to carry His cross to the place of execution.

    Then they nailed Him to the cross, roughly hoisted the cross into place with no regard for how this procedure felt to Jesus, and taunted Him as He hung in agony on the cross.

    Ever since they crucified Christ, the Jews have caused trouble in every country that has made the mistake of letting them in. They are parasites by nature, and they earn their daily bread by swindling and cheating the people of the country.

    Then, after a period of time, the people who are the victims of the heartless Jews decide that enough is enough, spontaneously come together and throw the Jewish garbage out of the country.

    But that is only a temporary solution because, like a bad penny, the Jew-parasites are not entirely expelled. A few of them disguise themselves as Christians or Muslims and hang around, waiting for the opportunity to come back into power and start the Jewish corruption all over again.

    That is what happened in Spain, in England, in Russia and in Germany. Germany under Hitler actually tried to find a permanent solution to the Jewish problem, but world Jewry was too strong for even Hitler. Now Germany is once again in the grip of the Jews.

    The Jews had Russia in their grasp with their establishment of communism, but thanks to the intervention of our Lord and the strength of the Orthodox Church, the Jew-communists were defeated (but not before they had slaughtered millions of people) and Christ returned to Russia.

    In America, the Jews are hard at work to destroy our Christian nation, with their control of every facet of life — banking, education, entertainment, films, finance, government, media, medicine, and retail — and their spreading of moral filth, gay sex and pornography.

    We Christians are under the thumb of the Jews and they are squeezing us hard! They are taunting us with their constant holohoax barrage, and playing on our Christian feelings of kindness and compassion. The holohoax is simply a Jewish swindle to make Christians feel guilty so we’ll support the cesspool of IsraHELL with our blood and treasure.

    Every war that America has fought since the Revolution has been to the Jews’ benefit, and was caused by the Jews to protect their business interests and drive for world rule. Now they’re doing the same thing with Iran, and hoping that America will bomb Iran and do their bidding once again.

  12. Danielle August 12, 2013 @ 5:21 am

    Thank you Brother Nathanael for your comments about Dostoevski.

    I have never read this author and even have not even read comments of Jews about him.

    I would very much appreciate if you could kindly inform us about the role and influence of Raspoutine and P. Alexander on Russia Men from an Othodox point of view.

    About Raspoutine what I know is what has been diffused in France on TV documentaries relating to the Tsar of Russia (his life, his family, his death etc….), and the image showed by the media did not favoured Raspoutine as they present him as a drunkard, loving women and using much inflence on the Tsar etc…

    To drink and to go with woman is of course what a true and faithful married Orthodox priest does in his life, so I am quite amazed by what they say on Raspoutine..

    About P. Alexander Men, I have found in the internet that he was the 1st Orthodox priest boosting oeucumenism and I have observed that Protestant and charismatic Christians (Catholic and much protestant denominations) speak of him with reverence precisely because of this oeucumenism during the comunist era in Russia.

    I can understand that in Russia managed by the Criminal Bolchevick Atheistic Communists, P. Alexander Men had no other way to boost a spiritual waking up of souls of the Russian people and nation than to assemble together Orthodox, Protestants, and Catholics, in order do enlight them with the fire of the Divine Word and of the Holy Spirit because the people were completely subjugated and brainwashed by the political powers in place at the same time, and were lacking of Christian basic fundamentals of faith.

    I am afraid that the work of P. Alexander Men has been recuperated by the Antichristian promoters of the Noachide Laws in order to install the “New Mondial Religion” that is to say the religion of the Antichrist who will blasphemously proclaim himself God.

    The work of P. Alexander Men perhaps served (and I think and suppose against his will) to put in place Vatican II which since its proclamation for most of Catholics has been the destroyer of the little faith which still remained in their souls despite the 1789 French Revolution which has brainwashed most of them.

    These two people played a very important rôle in the life and future of the Russian people, so I think it is important to know what the Patriarchates of the Orthodox Church say about them nowadays.

    In France I have always heard of France as being “the first daughter of the Church” but from Russia as being “Holy Russia” (La Sainte Russie).

    Of the USA the words heard are : “The American Dream” and also “the Land of Freedom” but we know that dreams are figures of men souls, illusions, an image of the unconscious working in men and women.

    Dreams do not become real unless the dreamer is a true prophet who can interpret them to boost repentance in souls or to prepare for calamities if people do not repent, as Joseph of the Old Testament who dreamt of the 7 hungry cows announcing famine in Egypt, did.

    USA is a place of temptation for peoples, nations, religions, men and women of diverse cultures. And this land/place started with wars of conquests for gold and will finish with wars of destruction for gold (oil, petroleum) because the USA Country is inflated very quickly.

    In 200 years only it became prodigious in welfare, commerce, health etc., compared to European Christian Countries which developed themselves slowly since Our Lord’s Crucifixion and Resurrection that is to say 2000 years, inflating as a balloon with much proud which conducts to lust and self sufficiency because they have been brainwashed by the rich USA rulers.

    So from both religious and political points of view USA can be compared to Babylone going to self-destruction. Because what are wars if not self-destruction starting because of despair (desespoir) and fear of losing wealth because other people progress in wealth?

  13. Gizella August 12, 2013 @ 6:03 am

    This is enlightening!

    I now have a better understanding of why Ed Snowden was given a copy of “Crime and Punishment” by his Russian lawyer.

  14. Mike K August 12, 2013 @ 6:10 am

    A MUST listen for all.

    Please watch this video on Youtube.

    “John Alan Martinson Jr & The Myth of the Good Jew”

  15. tom dean August 12, 2013 @ 9:40 am

    Remember Martin Luther called the Jews the children of the Devil.

    The Jews with Power and Money and who are destroying Christianity will one dasy be judged according to Jesus.

  16. hasbean August 12, 2013 @ 9:44 am

    Didn’t know this about Dostoevsky – interesting reading.


    This, of course, was regarded by the Jews as “persecution,” and it was their incessant wailing about not being allowed to fasten themselves on the people of central Russia which first moved Dostoevsky to set his pen to paper on the Jewish question. In the section of his Diary published in March 1877, the writer remarked:

    “… I know that in the whole world there is certainly no other people who would be complaining as much about their lot, incessantly, after each step and word of theirs — about their humiliation, their suffering, their martyrdom. One might think it is not they who are reigning in Europe, who are directing there at least the stock exchanges and, therefore, politics, domestic affairs, the morality of the states.”

    Dostoevsky, who had become all too familiar with Jews and their personal attitudes toward their Russian hosts, first as a boy on his parent’s small estate, where he observed the Jew’s dealings with the local peasants, and later in prison, where he noted the aloof behavior of the Jewish prisoners toward Russian prisoners, went on to speculate about what would happen to the Russians if the Jews ever got the whiphand:

    “… Now, how would it be if in Russia there were not three million Jews, but three million Russians, and there were eighty million Jews — well, into what would they convert the Russians and how would they treat them?

    “Would they permit them to acquire equal rights? Would they permit them to worship freely in their midst? Wouldn’t they convert them into slaves?

    “Worse than that: wouldn’t they skin them altogether? Wouldn’t they slaughter them to the last man, to the point of complete extermination, as they used to do with aliens in ancient times, during their ancient history?”

    This speculation turned out to be grimly prophetic, for only a little more than four decades later bloodthirsty Jewish commissars, who made up the bulk of the Bolshevik leaders, were supervising the butchering of Russians by the millions.

  17. john August 12, 2013 @ 11:12 am

    OK, I have a question.

    I have followed Bro. Nathanael’s videos for a long time since he started it.

    My question is, why is it that a former Jew can criticize Jews, yet if a non-Jew did the same he would be arrested and called an “anti-Semite.”

    How is it possible for a Jew to criticized Jews, yet if I did this, I would be arrested for being an anti-Semite.

    Are you not afraid of Jews coming to take you away and locking you up Bro. Nathan ?……john

  18. Brother Nathanael August 12, 2013 @ 11:53 am


    Last Thursday I was confronted (in person to my face…not by email or letter) with a malicious death threat from a Jew. I was tempted to notify the police but decided not to.

    When my hour comes I have no doubt the Jews will kill me.

    I am prepared for this both mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

    But what really hurts is when my own Orthodox people attack me like Abp Kirill of San Francisco.

    (I’m still awaiting an apology from Abp Kirill but I’m not holding my breath.) +BN

  19. Brother Nathanael August 12, 2013 @ 12:04 pm

    Dear All,

    Fewer and fewer are donating to me.

    But more and more are slandering me.

    Please consider helping me to continue in the face of the vicious slanders circulating about me. +BN

  20. BAB August 12, 2013 @ 1:18 pm

    @Glory B

    Thank you very much for your good summary of the Jewish problem.

    However I have a question to ask: It seems to me that generally speaking the Christian kingdoms of Europe were able to keep the Jews in check during medieval times, so when was it that they began to gain more and more power and influence?

    Would you date this right back to Oliver Cromwell or even before the British revolution?

  21. BAB August 12, 2013 @ 1:50 pm

    In USA the suppression of free speech in the media and journalists getting arrested all carry the hallmarks of a rising Communist police state.

  22. Eileen K. August 12, 2013 @ 3:31 pm

    I’m in total agreement with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Duma, with regard to dispersing gay propaganda to children, conducting Gay Pride parades on city streets, and gay “marriage.”

    In the New Testament, Jesus regarded the defilement of children as the worst sin, since children are innocent until corrupted by perversions of deviant adults.

    What’s happening in the West is a mortal crime of the highest order — the perverted sexual exploitation of children as young as four or five. These children deserve to live a normal, happy childhood sans the horrific psychological trauma of sexual molestation by homosexual teachers, athletic coaches, etc.

    The Jerry Sandusky case at Penn State University is an example in point. How many young boys’ lives had been wrecked by this former coach’s perversions in the years he held that position?

    How many other small children will be emotionally scarred as a result of adoption by gay couples? Is that one of the top reasons the Russian Government enacted a law banning US adoption of Russian children?

    Speaking of gay marriage, isn’t that raising the hackles of Christian Churches all across the US?

    Many Christian organizations are now up in arms over Obama’s pushing of gay marriage nationwide; and, the vast majority of clergy are refusing to conduct such “marriages” on grounds that it violates God’s Law and infringes on their right to religious freedom.

    Obama may try to reassure Christian clergy that the gay “marriage” legislation will not affect them, but his history as a pathological liar leaves these clergy quite uneasy and skeptical.

  23. tom dean August 12, 2013 @ 4:01 pm

    Hey John,

    Nobody goes to jail for criticizing anyone. Brother N is just telling the truth and he has a lot of guts.

    The important thing is what he is saying, but if you don”t care you must be a secular Jew who does not respect anyone else’s opinions.

    Who else besides a few more sites are telling us the truth on how the Powerful Jews are destroying America and the West?

  24. Dr Samuel Cross August 12, 2013 @ 5:04 pm

    The Jews have total control of America.

    How? The Jews control our President & Congress. The Jews control the money, media, our foreign policy, the military, morals, medicine, mind, & markets.

    We are fighting wars in the Middle East for the Jews, and the Jews are wanting the US to go to war against Iran.

    The apocalypse is coming. May God Bless Us and intervene to stop this madness!

  25. Seek The Truth August 12, 2013 @ 7:35 pm

    The Jews might be preparing for their true holocaust.

    After promoting war and slavery for the past 2,500 years, they’re about to instigate a nuclear war or “armageddon” in which 6 million Jews get vaporized in and around Israel and to the Euphrates river to atone for the terrible unrepentant sins of the Jews.

    Supposedly, an ancient prophecy exists that says the descendants of the ancient Hebrews will return to the promised land after 6 million Jews get holocausted. But rabbis might be misinterpreting the prophecy.

    It might actually mean that the true Messiah returns and the true Israel is restored after a massive burnt offering to atone for the devil worshipping Jews unrepentant sins. Jews being those that belong to the satanic cult of Judaism.

    It never happened during WWI and probably didn’t happen during WW II no matter how much the rich Zionist Jews helped the Nazis persecute a lot of poor Jews in order to establish Israel as an international sanctuary for gangster Jews.

    Jews are not the true righteous Hebrew inheritors no matter what they say because the Babylonian Talmud contains satanic ideas and Jews have acted with devilish, murderous glee on the “Goyim” and on each other. Therefore, I see justice coming.

  26. Brother Nathanael August 12, 2013 @ 7:40 pm

    @tom dean

    You wrote: “Who else besides a few more sites are telling us the truth on how the Powerful Jews are destroying America and the West?”

    FOR FEAR OF THE JEWS, very few will come even close to using the “Jew” word.

    If we don’t SINGLE out the enemies of Christ, of free speech, of decency, of sound money, of our Bill of Rights: JEWS…by NAMING their JEW names and SHOWING their JEW faces then we are just skipping in place.

    I NAME the Jew names. I SHOW the Jew faces who are the:

    ENEMIES of Christ, ENEMIES of America, ENEMIES of the Bill of Rights, ENEMIES of everything that is good and decent.

    To All:

    If you would like me to CONTINUE naming the Jew names and showing the Jew faces please help me to do so Financially.

    To Donate Via PayPal CLICK:

    To Donate Via Click & Pledge CLICK:

    By Mail:

    TO: The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    Personal Needs: (Rent, food, utilities, necessities etc)

    Brother Nathanael; PO Box 547; Priest River ID 83856.

    May Christ BLESS Us All as We FIGHT Together for TRUTH! +bn

  27. Justin August 12, 2013 @ 9:03 pm

    Dostoevsky was exactly right in all his works, he exposes the evil of the Jews really well.

    Amerika is heading toward that fall the Russian people experienced at the hands of the Christ-killers. Amerika is the new Jew Soviet.

    Obama has more in common with the Jew sponsored drunk Boris Yeltsin who plagued Russia before Putin’s rise to power.

    Amerika needs to realize that republicanism leads to godless behaviour (homosexuality, blasphemy witchcraft, murder, usury, etc), and only a Christ centered nation under a monarch will fix the problem. I rest my case Putin is right to do what he did. He follows God’s law, which is what Amerika should do before it is too late.

    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God have mercy on me a sinner.


    Servant of Christ and HIS Church,
    Saint Xenia of Saint Petersburg pray to God for us!

  28. Glory B. August 13, 2013 @ 5:26 am


    I am sorry that I cannot answer your question of August 12, 2013, as I am not familiar with the role of the satanic Jews in Britain. Perhaps KJ would be the one to take this on.

    I have heard that the British royal family is partially or fully Jewish. This does not surprise me, knowing as I do how the atheistic Jews sneak in to places and corrupt them.

    I am more concerned with America, where the role of the kikes in the destruction of our Christian way of life is well-known.

  29. Mr leafless August 13, 2013 @ 10:53 am

    Why is it that there’s so much money in lying, and no money to be made telling the truth?

  30. Griff August 13, 2013 @ 12:27 pm

    @Brother Nathanael

    Don’t worry Brother Nathanael, you have so many supporters now and it keeps growing.

    As a young Man, I live with the burden and stress of living in NYC, the most degenerate Jew oblast on Planet Earth. Moreover, from reading on Real Jew News, your comment sections indicate to me that us supporters of Truth, come from across the country and have a unified vision of eradicating the Jewish cancer.

    We all support you and I personally thank God for people like you, who have risked their lives, reputation and honor, to expose the wretched Zionists. I am now cursing that coward, (insidious Jew), who cursed you.

    He is likely as ugly and as he is evil. That Jew who threatened you will roast in Hell, like the rest of his Tribe and their syndicates of filth.


  31. bubba August 13, 2013 @ 2:27 pm

    Re: Jews and Britain

    My take on it is that the Rothschilds had plenty of vision. While Germany made the mistake of tolerating them when they were “Bauers” Red Shield, England made a lot of strategic sense. Power was in a combination of the Imperialistic mindset and the power of the British Navy, given it was surrounded/protected by water.

    Or, I would submit that if Britain was not an Island, history would be much different. The Jews continued their tactics of seduction and indebting the hosts elite to do their bidding.

    They then went after the French and the newly forming US in more subtle way.

    Once attached, the parasite never lets go.

    Once they had their grip on Western Europe and the US the Jews looked Eastward to Russia and then Germany.

  32. Chuck August 13, 2013 @ 2:32 pm

    To all who view the messages of Brother Nathanael:

    It is of the utmost importance that he be able to continue his work.

    In order to continue, he needs money and he needs it every month.

    Please do all you can to send a monthly donation to cover the costs of his work.

    Each of us can afford something. Even if not a large sum, we should all send something every month so this great work can continue.

    I send a donation each month. So can all of you!

    May The Lord God Almighty bless you and keep you safe.

    Best Regards


  33. bubba August 13, 2013 @ 2:39 pm

    Ever heard of this person?

    Amitai Etzioni (born Werner Falk, 4 January 1929) is an Israeli-American sociologist.

    Born in Cologne in 1929, Amitai Etzioni was only four years old when the Nazis rose to power in Germany in 1933. He was separated from his family but reunited with them by the year 1947.

    In that time, Etzioni lived a year in Athens, went to Palestine, lived on a cooperative farm and went to boarding school. In 1950, he was enrolled in a special academic institute established by Martin Buber after having dropped out of tenth grade three years earlier to join Palmach (an elite commando unit of the Haganah).

    In 1951, he attended the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where he studied classical and contemporary works in Sociology, completing both BA and MA degrees.[1]


    I just heard of him…but he is one of those Jew gurus aka “wolf in sheeps clothing” that hides under the new definition of communism — “Communitarianism.”

    Be warned, be wary.

  34. John Sharpe August 13, 2013 @ 3:51 pm

    Please address your thoughts on the Ukrainian poet and author Taras Schevchenko (Тарас Шевченкo), as he was also considered an anti-Semite, but still remains the symbol and true character of Ukraine.

  35. Clinton Smythers August 13, 2013 @ 4:35 pm

    It really makes me weep reading all this, and watching that race traitor Andrew Anglin smear Brother Nathanael because he is ethnically Jewish.

    To me Anglin is a traitor and should realise the Jews hate Brother Nate because he is telling the truth about them.

    I told Andrew that if Brother Nathanael was working for the Jews, then why have they tried so hard to kill him and issue him death threats. The little coward deleted my post like a defiant child.

    I say Brother Nate should fire back at Andrew Anglin and denounce him and expose him for the shill and the coward that he is.

    He would not even approve my post because I exposed his lies. Screw Daily Stormer and Andrew Anglin.

  36. tom dean August 13, 2013 @ 4:42 pm

    Dr Cross, right on.

    The President of the US should make a speech one day on national TV and say how the Jewish bankers are ripping off our country. Then demand the debt be erased.

    The Media should also be deregulated and sold off to other Jews but mostly Gentiles. This way America will have a fresh start.

    I know its a dream but one day we will have a president who will do the right thing.

  37. $10 Bagel August 13, 2013 @ 6:22 pm


    I disagree. I think Br. Nat should just ignore Andrew Anglin and keep doing what he is doing.

    White Nationalists should be the first to criticize Anglin because he is not exactly who he says he is. It would be better for Anglin just to be honest, admit his own imperfections, and try to be less stubborn.

  38. Seraphim August 13, 2013 @ 8:20 pm


    Rasputin was not a priest, but a simple devout peasant layman. The horrible slanders against him were in reality directed at the Imperial Family.

    Alexander Men was “born to a Jewish family” as the Wikipedia shyly put it. To the difference to Br. Nathanael, Men was unable to shed his Jewish cocoon.

    The Orthodox Church has its “Marranos,” too.

  39. 3buildings 2 airplanes 9/11 August 13, 2013 @ 8:21 pm

    I judge BN + by his work.

    It makes SENSE, REAL news, gets better every time, beats mainstream media. His clips of C-SPAN to back up his points.

    One of my favorite Bro Nat vids is on the Senator Hagel confirmation hearings.



    Brother Nathanael shows how the Media fails to report IMPORTANT TRUTHS to the masses. He has made the point that the media is agenda driven. Of couse he is going to attract attention. This is a sign that he is making inroads into the cover ups.

    Not everyone can handle the truth….hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

    Excellent WORK Brother Nathanael!


  40. 3buildings 2 airplanes 9/11 August 13, 2013 @ 8:43 pm

    In watching the mainstream media spotlight, controlling the headlines, interacting with Obama, and then comparing it to how the protocols of the Elders of Zion explains on how to control a puppet, We see the following play out:

    First I observe Obama not wanting to go into Syria. So the media shines the spotlight on his endless scandals. (Tear him down).

    Then Obama says Syria has crossed the Red Line in Syria. Bing, this is what the media wants, so the spotlight turns to Trayvon Martin with the dual agenda of Gun Control and Divide and Conquer.

    Obama is portrayed at the end of the trial as the “Great Leader” by coming out and calling for peace and calm (after the media incited this divide and conquer ploy to begin with).

    The message is clear to Obama, Play ball and we will stroke your ego. Go against the agenda and you will go down in history in a ball of scandelous flames.

    This is exactly how the Protocols of Zion describes how to control the groomed puppet ” leader.”

  41. Hoff August 13, 2013 @ 10:45 pm is very mainstream, but the Jews are called out more and more in the comments.

    No, I did not post the link to +BN’s video.

    •för 9 timmar sedan

    Brother Nathanael jämför Sverige numera med Afrika vid ca 1 minut in i videon. TRANSLAT: BN compares Sweden to Africa.

    Berikarproblem i Sverige i norsk media. TRANSLAT: Sweden in Jew “media” in Norway, all videos have English subtitles.

    Somalier invaderar och ställer krav på razzistsvenne. TRANSLAT: Somalians demands this, that and whatnot.

    Somalier får massa pengar så fort de kommer hit. TRANSLATE: A Somalian from Libya to Sweden.

    The main article ia about the small town Falkoping, pop

    Now one in five in school will be a Somalian kid. They are talking about five or six hundred Somalian kids. That is at least a 1,000 Somalians.

  42. Mark of the Wild West... August 14, 2013 @ 1:51 am

    Maybe you’re that bright and shining star, Brother Nat…

  43. Cornelius August 14, 2013 @ 3:49 am

    So protecting children and preserving their innocence is equated to behaving like Adolf Hitler, who forbade pornography to protect children.

    This is when two wrongs make one right.

  44. Koen August 14, 2013 @ 5:16 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Isn’t ‘you are an anti-Semite’ a ridiculous accusation? The Semites are the offspring of Sem, and share a little bit of the same DNA. But this is equally true for the offspring of Arthur, or John, or whoever lived a long time ago.

    To be against a group of people who share a little bit of the same DNA, is utterly ridiculous.

    To be against a dangerous philosophy or false faith, however, is an entirely different matter. I am against all variants/forms of fascism (which is in agreement with the teachings of Jeshua the Christ).

    Judaism for instance, is definitely one of the worst fascist believes ever invented. Judaism is a lie, since it is NOT true Jews are God’s chosen people with respect to “Goyim/Gentiles that do not deserve to live on this planet.” Many millions of “Goys” were killed by the practitioners of Judaism, since Judaism is in essence fascism.

    I am against Judaism. I am not anti Jewish and I am not anti Semitic. No Jew chose to be Jewish; Jews are born Jewish and brainwashed with Judaism from early childhood to adulthood.

    I will never blame people for being brainwashed or having a particular ethnic background, but when things go totally wrong and a Judaic global apocalypse is at our doorstep (as a self-fulfilling prophecy), then we all have the moral duty to actively protest and fight against this false believe known as JUDAISM.

    We have to expose Judaism for what it is: fascism, and replace this false believe for the truth: that we are all created equal, and that we are all the children of God.

  45. Hoff August 14, 2013 @ 11:04 am

    Australia’s New Policy on Asylum Seekers Riles Jewish Community

    Holocaust Survivors and Descendants Fight New Law

    SYDNEY – The Labor government’s new policy of banishing asylum seekers who arrive here by sea has left some Jews fuming, many of them survivors of the Holocaust and their descendants who also arrived here as boat people.

    ( )

    Brother Nathanael’s Latest

    Top right of page:

  46. Hoff August 14, 2013 @ 11:52 am

    Read the ten first comments about Jew York Times.

    It’s all about the Jews who owns all “media” in the western world. And is mainstream:

  47. BAB August 14, 2013 @ 1:50 pm

    Americans Will Soon Be Locked Into An Unaccountable Police State

    Whatever the American political system is, it has nothing whatsoever to do with accountable government. In Amerika no one is accountable but citizens, who are accountable not only to law but also to unaccountable charges for which no evidence is required.

    By acquiescing to executive branch lawlessness, Congress has allowed the executive branch to place itself above law and to escape accountability for its violations of law and the Constitution.

    If an American citizen lies to a federal investigator, even if not under oath, the citizen can be arrested, prosecuted, and sent to prison. Yet, these same federal personnel can lie to Congress and to citizens with impunity.

    In the 1970s when I was on the Senate staff, corporate lobbyists would send attractive women to seduce Senators so that the interest groups could blackmail the Senators to do their bidding. Don’t be surprised if the NSA has adopted this corporate practice.

    I am always amazed when someone says: “I haven’t done anything wrong. I have nothing to fear.”

    Civil liberty has few friends in government, the political parties, law schools, bar associations, or the federal judiciary. Consequently, no citizen is secure.

    Whether you think you are doing anything wrong or not. You can be framed for crimes based on inferences drawn from your Internet activity and jokes with friends on social media.

    Jurors made paranoid by the “terrorist threat” will convict you.

    When 99 percent of all terrorism is organized by the FBI, why do we need NSA spying on every communication of every American and people in the rest of the world?

    An alleged terrorist threat is a way of using fear to block popular objection to the exercise of arbitrary government power. Washington defines all resistance to its imperialism and tyranny as “terrorism.”

    Thus, Americans who defend the environment, who defend wildlife, who defend civil liberties and human rights, who protest Washington’s wars and robbery of the people in behalf of special interests, all become “domestic extremists,” the term Homeland Security has substituted for “terrorist.”

    In the United States independent thought is on the verge of being criminalized as are constitutionally guaranteed protests and the freedom of the press.

    The constitutional principle of freedom of speech is being redefined as treason, as aiding an undefined enemy, and as seeking to overthrow the government by casting aspersions on its motives and revealing its secret misdeeds.

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

  48. bubba August 14, 2013 @ 2:44 pm


    Re Somalis:

    Oh yeah, typical Jew tactic.

    If opening the borders does not work… simply create refugees in other countries and make Whitey feel more bogus guilt.

    What we should do is pass the hat, lease about one hundred 747’s, and parachute refugees into occupied Palestine…err Israhell.

  49. dan August 14, 2013 @ 4:58 pm

    Whenever you have a speech or perform in public you will have naysayers and slanderers, even threats.

    Doesn’t matter what your topic or performance is about or even if it’s good or bad.

    If you upset someone high on the pyrimad like Dianne Feinstein or Summer Redstone maybe they would hire someone to harm you.

    I don’t think you have anything to fear from a real average joe Jew.

  50. Griff August 14, 2013 @ 6:46 pm

    Normally I don’t share videos but I found a must watch one on Youtube, that everyone would appreciate.

    Go to you youtube and type in – “What the founding fathers had to say about the Jew.”

    P.S its a great video to understand that Ben Franklin and Old George were concerned about the Jewish threat which has come to fruition.

    God Bless.

  51. Hoff August 14, 2013 @ 7:54 pm

    @bubba: The Jews plan is to exterminate the White race. This part is what most White people MUST understand!

    The Jews hate the White race and what the Jews hate even more is White Christianity. If the Jews can exterminate the White race there will be no White Christianity. It’s that simple.

    What most White people must understand is that we are in a Jew instigated race war with the Jews.

    The Jews will stop at nothing to win this Jew instigated race war. How this race war work is best exposed by watching what the Jews are doing to Sweden and by that the whole of Scandinavia.

    The faith of Sweden will be the faith of Denmark and Norway. It will take some years more, but in the end Scandinavia will be just like Sweden.

    I will write a longer article about Scandinavia and the Jews. But for short, I woke up to the mass immigration madness about twenty years ago, about 1990. I have been following the “debat” in Sweden, Denmark and Norway ever since.

    About ten years ago the Danish Peoples Party (Dansk Folkeparti) was voted into parliament in Denmark. That is when the most stupid mass immigration supporters in Denmark came to a halt.

    About the same time the mass immigration supporters in Norway were in a competition about who wanted the most immigrants to Norway. That competition ended when someone said he wanted a half million immigrants to Norway. The population in Norway is four million.

    “The demographic profile of Sweden has changed significantly as a result of immigration since the 1970s.”

    Before mid 80s most immigrants were from Denmark, Norway and Finland, or other White countries. Then the immigration changed to 3-world immigration.

    Today there are, according to official stats, 40,000 Somalians in Sweden. Some 99 percent can’t read. Some 99 percent are unemployed. Their kids leave school without any grade. Nobody want to live with Somalians so the Swedes move, hence there is a Somalian ghetto.

    The Somalian immigration to Sweden is a total catastrophe. The Somalians started to come to Sweden 20 years ago. The total failure of the Somalian immigration is well known.

    So what does the Jew ruled “government” of Sweden do? Only a half year ago the “government” of Sweden decided to import another 30,000 Somalians.

    This is beyond insanity. Sweden today is a Jew ruled PC madhouse. Sweden is flooded with Somalians. Just read the links I provided. and

    There is only one single “logic” behind this insane immigration politic and that is to make the Swedes a physical minority in their own country. Nothing else makes any sense.

    We are in a Jew instigated race war and nothing can be done unless most White people wake the hell up to the Jews and their race war on the White Christianity. Nothing else will stop the Jews race war.

  52. Hoff August 14, 2013 @ 8:16 pm

    JEW Media Censors Black Torture Killing of White Kid

    She is a Black woman who allegedly kidnapped a White child and tortured him to death with a blowtorch in Houston. There has never been any serious media coverage of this case.

    If the races had been reversed, this would be the biggest media event in the Western world. People in Finland would be hearing about the “racially motivated torture murder” in every gruesome detail. Scores of media vans would be lined up and down the street in front of the courthouse.

    In Sweden JEW “media” works exactly the same way JEW “media” in America works. Black on White crime – don’t tell. Even remotely the other way – flash it 24/7.

    The Jews don’t care if Blacks kill White people. The few the-other-way-around cases are on JEW “media” 24/7. When will you get it? This is the Jew instigated race war on White Christianity.

  53. Clinton Smythers August 14, 2013 @ 9:23 pm

    I just got done not too long ago praying to God for the Jews’ destruction.

    Joe Cortina really opened my eyes that praying for the Jews destruction is not condemned. It is supported and encouraged that we all pray for thier swift death.

    I prayed that the holohoax be exposed.

    Though Joe Cortina points out their destruction is assured, as an ancient country will rise up and a language they do not speak will destroy them. The more and more I look at it, Israel looks like the King of the South and the King of the North looks like Russia or Iran or both.

  54. Hoff August 15, 2013 @ 2:08 am

    The Jewish origins of multiculturalism in Sweden

    Kevin MacDonald on January 14, 2013—120 Comments

    In The Culture of Critique and other writings I have developed the view that Jews and the organized Jewish community were a critical necessary condition for the rise of multiculturalism in the West.

    One question I often get is about the role of Jews in Sweden and other European countries with relatively few Jews. Now there has been a translation from Swedish of an article, “How and why Sweden became multicultural,” that summarizes academic writing on the Jewish role in making Sweden into a multicultural society. This article should be read in its entirety, but some salient points:

    The ideological change started in 1964 when David Schwarz, a Polish born Jew and Holocaust survivor who immigrated to Sweden in the early 1950s, wrote the article “The Immigration problem in Sweden” in Sweden’s largest and most important morning newspaper – the Jewish-owned Dagens Nyheter (“Daily News”).

    It started a rancorous debate that mostly took place in Dagens Nyheter, but which subsequently continued even in other newspapers, on editorial pages and in books. …

  55. Hoff August 15, 2013 @ 2:36 am

    “I thought about something just now: The decision to nationalize this library was made by the first Soviet government, whose composition was 80-85 percent Jewish,” Putin said June 13 during a visit to Moscow’s Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center.

  56. BAB August 15, 2013 @ 5:05 am

    We should pray for the Jews’ conversion to Christianity and not for the Jews’ destruction.

  57. Danielle August 15, 2013 @ 6:37 am

    Dear Seraphim,

    Thank you for the explanation you gave me about Raspoutine and P. Alexander Men.

    Dear Justin,

    Replacing the word “America” in your post by the word “France” we get exactly the same picture, and not only a picture but also a concrete reality, and perhaps things are worse than in America because you have still “freedom of speech” (I don’t know how long this freedom of speech will perdure in time since the third world war started already with Irak, Lybia destruction and now Syria…).

    It is strange that the French medias speak to much of Berlusconi hoping he should stay in prison. What a problem if he liked women and spent money in frivolities?

    The other European politicians have they never been adulterous and never played with women or spent money of the people in frivolities instead of working for the wealth of their nations and peoples?

    But, if I am not mistaken, Berlusconi did not want or decided not to harass the Arab countries with war so this made his European and US colleagues furious; but who lied and conducted people to death if not Bush?

    Why Bush is not now in prison for “crimes against humanity” because of his lies conducted to the destruction of innocent people, of civilians: fathers, mothers, children, the old?

    Dear Clinton Smithers,

    I am against Talmudo-Judaism too. But we should pray for the CONVERSION OF THE SOULS of the Jews, because if Brother Nathanaël would not have been converted he would have never opened his web site and would have never informed of the horrors which are done.

    Joe Cortina, if I am not mistaken is a convert too and does a good job, too.

    Our Lord Jesus Christ when He was on earth took the poor wounded man who was lying completely abandoned on the road, and conducted this poor guy to the Hotel (Auberge in French) and He paid the director of the hotel for his care.

    So the hotel is the Church of our Lord! Our Lord payed with His Life on the Holy Cross for this man too! So, would you like that the blood of our Saviour should be of no effect on the children of the Jews?

    The Pharisees are “a race of vipers” said our Lord, but the others: most of the children, the women, the people who did not learned and do not understand much etc…, are brainwashed; and so much brainwashed that it is very difficult to make them come back to their senses.

    The Christian peoples are also guilty because they did not show during the centuries the Face of our Lord shining on their faces as Saint Seraphim of Sarov face shined and made the face of his interlocutor shining too with the Light of our Lord.

    Do you know how much pain and sorrow are inside the hearts of converted Jews to Christianity when they see that their families continue negating the Christian Faith in spite of the fact they evangelise them?

    The pain is great, and together with the pain comes also temptations of all kind to prevent the convert to become a good and saintly Christian following the will of God and not his own will.

    So, please, condemn Judaism (the ideology, its non divine canons, its hypocrisy, its sine qua non defenders, that is to say the Pharisees): this is your duty as a Christian but do not throw the baby with the waters of the bath to the abysses of Hell.

    Our Lord came to save “les brebis perdues d’Israël” (not the State of Israël, but souls among the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob also called Israël) so how can you be 100% sure that there are not still some souls of them to be saved together with the descendants of pagans before the end of times and of the world?

    Remember, Saint Paul, a Jew, was a persecutor of Christians before his conversion so don’t fall in the temptation of hatred because the Grace of God works even when we don’t even think or expect it working!

    May God bless you all and fill you all with His Holy and Divine Misericordious Grace throught our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

  58. bubba August 15, 2013 @ 11:38 am


    We should pray for the Jews’ conversion to Christianity and not for the Jews’ destruction.


    IMHO, God and Christ warned us SPECIFICALLY about the Jews.

    There are non Christian religions, even pagans, that at least follow some version of the 10 commandments and the love the neighbour.

    The Jew is the antithesis of the aforementioned. Luciferians, Anti-Christs, etc. Their religion is basically a manual to replace God in all ways and destroy his creation. I cannot think of another defineable group that has such an agenda.

    If praying for them helps you, go ahead. The rest of us — “onward Christian soldiers.”

  59. bubba August 15, 2013 @ 12:05 pm


    Good post as usual….

    Re: SWEDEN — in hindsight, it fits the Jew agenda perfectly. Another trophy White country in the Jew hunt.

    Geographically it is located between Norway and Finland.

    Politically, it became a socialistic state, which is usually a precursor to communism.

    As Solzhenitsyn summarized, Russia’s main downfall was that it had turned its back on God.

    Religion in Sweden :


    In a Eurobarometer Poll in 2010, just 18% of Swedish citizens responded that “they believe there is a god”.[3] In a 2009 Gallup poll, 17% answered yes to the question “Is religion an important part of your daily life?”.[4]

    Less than 4% of the Church of Sweden membership attends public worship during an average week; about 2% are regular attendees.[5] Some scholars consider the nation to be a place where religion is regarded with “benign indifference”.[6]

    The Swedes have let the devil in through the front door via its socialist Gov’t. The Swedes got so dumbed down and weakened by this liberalism they probably welcomed the first non whites with open arms. Now, it is too late, they are paying for it dearly.

    The Jews give your nation the choice of quick death (Russia, Germany), or slow death (rest of the “free” world), but in the end, it is still DEATH.

  60. Trisha August 15, 2013 @ 1:18 pm

    For Bubba,

    So you’re suggesting we ignore Our Lord’s words in Matthew 5:44?

    “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and PRAY for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.”

    Not me! I’m totally in agreement with Bab and Danielle.

  61. BAB August 15, 2013 @ 1:42 pm


    Whom and what do you represent apart from your own self?

    As for myself I agree fully with Danielle who has been very explicit regarding this matter.

  62. Anonymous August 15, 2013 @ 2:31 pm


    Jews, whether each one realizes it or not, are ALL members of an International COLLECTIVE — a “Worldwide Death Cult.”

  63. bubba August 15, 2013 @ 2:38 pm

    Trisha and BAB…

    I am not sure of your ages and/or life experience. Regardless, you pick and choose your battles, or how to best direct your resources.

    We can spar with Biblical quotes all we want.

    Some pertinent points:

    — We do not know the hour, but we must be prepared 24/7.

    — Did the prophet not “wipe the dust of is feet” when the village did not heed his warnings?

    — Abraham pleaded with the Lord to spare Sodom and Gomorrah if just 50-40-30-20, then even 10 righteous people could be found and the Lord agreed. But in the end because of the treachery of the many, the Cities were still destroyed.

    I am not saying you shouldn’t pray, but the devil is always in the details. I didn’t write the Bible’s warning about the Jews, but I am heeding it.

  64. BAB August 15, 2013 @ 3:28 pm

    Dear Bubba,

    The Jews are not the only ones to blame for all the evil which is taking place, what about the Christian Zionists which are plenty and as powerful as many Jews?

    So keep cool and take it easy!

  65. Hoff August 15, 2013 @ 3:40 pm


    Thx 🙂

    The “Danish” church has/had a priest that don’t believe in God.

    The “Swedish” church is totally infested by Jews. There are two main Jews infiltrating the “Swedish” church. Jew Helle Klein and Jew Åke Bonnier.

    The Jew Helle Klein, a “female priest” – I’m not sure if it is a he or she, probably some transexual. Butt ugly.

    This spring I read the “Swedish” Jew “paper” Svenska Dagbladet paper version, this is a supposedly conservative paper. There were two whole pages about two homo Blacks “marry” in church.

    Anyone claiming to be a homo and persecuted in their homeland can get asylum in Sweden. This is a new law in Sweden so of course all Jew “media” is on and on about it 24/7.

    As I said before, Sweden today is a Political Correct madhouse in frenzy. It gets worse by the minute.

  66. Clinton Smythers August 15, 2013 @ 4:25 pm

    Well Joe Cortina points out in the Bible to not pray for the Jews because he will not listen.

    I think the only way for a Jew to save his soul would be to convert away from Judaism on his own, because it appears God won’t even waste his time with them when they will not convert anyway.

    The way I see it, praying for their destruction is the right thing to do, since when other Jews see their dead falling left and right it will either make them repent or be damned for eternity.

    I believe the Jews are going to instigate a war with Russia, and Russia is really going to show no mercy on them.

    I believe that the Whore of Babylon is the Jews and Israel, and the little horn. I also believe that the Jews’ empire is the feet of iron mixed with clay on the statue with the head of gold.

    If we look at it this way, then the Jews destruction of Iraq was biblical prophesy because Daniel predicted it would be destroyed the last time before Jesus comes back and it has already happened.

    This means that their destruction is near and they are already poking the bear with a stick.

    And it’s going to be over for them when they finally strike the bear with it, which I look to happen very soon, if not some time this year or early next.

  67. bubba August 15, 2013 @ 4:25 pm


    I am not saying they are. There is plenty of blame to go around.

    Now that I am Jew Wise, the Jews only get away with what we Goyim let them. I mean seriously 12+ million Jews Globally and 7 Billion (aka 7,000 million) Goyim sit there and do nothing?

    That starts with the Shabbas Goyim in power (politicians, etc), the traitors from within that Cicero warned us about.

    If we, the grassroots, take charge, and the Shabbas Goyim which buffer the Jews are exposed, the Jews’ power folds like a cheap tent, dries up and blows away.

  68. Halina August 15, 2013 @ 4:27 pm

    Please accept my apology for being off topic.

    The 15th of August is a Polish National Holiday

    On 15 August, Poland marks Polish Army Day, which commemorates the anniversary of the 1920 Battle of Warsaw (also known as the “Miracle on the Vistula”), and celebrates the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

    Fought on 12-25 August 1920 during the Polish-Soviet War, the victorious Battle of Warsaw is widely seen as a watershed in European history.

    It was crucial not only for the independence of Poland, but also for the whole continent, stopping the spread of communism and Soviet totalitarianism.

    To celebrate the day, garrison churches hold masses on behalf of soldiers, who fell in the fields of glory, and readings of the roll of the dead take place in cemeteries. The Change of Guards takes place before the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Warsaw, attended by the Polish State authorities.

    The Day of Assumption, also known in Poland as the Day of Blessed Mother of Herbs, is celebrated in the Catholic Church throughout the world.

    It is usually combined with the tradition of blessing and making an offering of herbs, crops, vegetables and flowers. Blessed crops are to secure safe and harmonious home all year long.

    On the 15th of August ceremonious masses are held in all churches.

    The Sanctuary of Jasna Góra in Częstochowa is the point of destination of pilgrimages from all over Poland. The pilgrims pray and sing while walking hundreds of kilometres for more than a dozen days.

    Polish flags hanging from most of the significant buildings and residential homes is a tradition held dear to Polish citizens except…..the Jews.

    Walking along the Warsaw streets one can see the homes returned to Jews none of which celebrate this holiday. There are no flags.

    And yet they demand to be treated as Polish citizens claiming all the privileges. They are JEWS and never be Polish.

    Pleasantly surprised the journalist noticed Polish flags hanging on the building of Russian Federation out of respect for the national holiday:

    Thank you for joining the commemoration with us!

  69. Taylor August 15, 2013 @ 7:24 pm


    Where you said, “Joe Cortina, if I am not mistaken is a convert too…”

    Joe Cortina has never been Jewish. If I’m not mistkaen, Joe was born and raised Catholic. Both Brother Nathanael (+BN) and Glory B. were born and raised in Jewish families; however, both have completely departed their Judaic affiliation.

    +BN is Russian Orthodox Christian, and Glory B. might also possibly be a Christian of the Orthodox tradition.

    That I don’t know for certain.

  70. It is I only August 15, 2013 @ 8:10 pm

    Obama? The schwarza mamzer Judeo-Islamic Moshiach!

    God save America because this schwarza mamzer wants to destroy it!

  71. BAB August 16, 2013 @ 1:59 am


    I am glad you admit that there are plenty of white whores out there willing to accept any dirty money to do the Jews bidding.

    It is because of this that the Jews are so powerful.

    Without all those they pay to do their dirty works the Jews would be helpless.

    So plenty of Goyim out there are also responsible for the evil mess in USA.

  72. BAB August 16, 2013 @ 2:27 am

    @Clinton Smythers

    You are completely mistaken: Jesus Christ (God) wants us to pray for the souls of all mankind which includes the Jews.

    I don’t think you can tell the future: During End Times most of the Jews may repent and convert to Christianity.

    I don’t know about war with Russia as yet.

    In spite of all the sabre rattling one cannot tell if WWIII is near or far off.

  73. Hoff August 16, 2013 @ 9:27 am

    Jewish Media Influence in Scandinavia

    Sweden: The Bonnier Family – Peter Hjörne – Helle Klein – Robert Aschberg

    The Jew Robert Aschberg’s granddad was the Jews central banker in the Jew ruled Soviet. He was a capitalist. Now, the communist tells us that communism main goal is to get rid of the capitalist. Then why would a country choose a western capitalist as the head of the central bank?

    OLOF Aschberg was financial intermediary for the revolutionaries; and after the revolution Aschberg became head of Ruskombank, the first Soviet international bank, ….

    What the Jew Olof Aschberg really did was that he took most gold from the Jew-ruled Soviet to Sweden, melted it down and sold Russian ikons.

  74. Hoff August 16, 2013 @ 9:29 am

    ‘Islamization of Europe a good thing’

    Rabbi Baruch Efrati believes Jews should “rejoice at the fact that Europe is paying for what it did to us for hundreds of years by losing its identity.”,7340,L-4299673,00.html

  75. Hoff August 16, 2013 @ 9:35 am

    Sweden Natives Being Kicked Out Of Their Homes In Order To Give Them To Immigrants

  76. BAB August 16, 2013 @ 10:01 am

    Certainly one of the worst Gentile whores who did the most harm to America was Woodrow Wilson.

  77. Hoff August 16, 2013 @ 10:46 am

    This is a MUST READ!

    The elevation of Mrs Doreen Lawrence to Britain’s highest parliamentary chamber, the House of Lords, should come as no surprise to seasoned observers of the British political elite.

    For as the mother of arguably the most important murder victim in modern British history, she occupies a special place in the political firmament somewhere beside Bob Geldof and the late Princess Diana — perhaps equivalent to Rosa Parks or the parents of the sainted Trayvon Martin.

    While no-one can put a name to any of the dozens of teenage Blacks murdered every year in London since then, Doreen’s son Stephen Lawrence was different — he was killed by Whites and his death was an opportunity to create the most potent weapon that has ever been aimed at the British people: mass demonization.

  78. bubba August 16, 2013 @ 1:50 pm


    Regarding displacement.

    Actually, when my Dad’s family were escaping Europe after the WW2, many towns issued edicts that refugees had to be billeted.

    His family of 7 had to share a room in a rectory for 5 years.

    His neighbour, a Dutch lady, mentioned the same thing in Holland.

    Luckily, both parents and their families survived the war, as they lived in a German enclave outside of Germany.

    However, it appears they were victims of what was called the De-Nazification program, in that parties of German ancestry that survived the war,were literally forced to immigrate and start over as there was nothing left to return to.

    In other words, it is not without precedent. That said, under a martial law system, who knows? People may be forced to literally allow strangers into their homes.

    Just saying.

  79. Citizenfitz August 16, 2013 @ 4:15 pm

    The death count at Auschwitz has been officially reduced from 4,000,000 to 1,500,000. The Poles have subsequently lowered this to 1,000,000; yet “the 6,000,000” number stands to this day. Why is that?

    The global census for a certain tribal demographic actually went UP from 1940 to 1950. How can that be?

    Eisenhower, De Gaulle and Churchill all wrote thousands of words about WW2 in their post-war memoirs – without once mentioning gas chambers or “death camps”. Why is that?

    In certain British commonwealth and European nations you can and will be given a stiff prison sentence if you have the audacity to publicly doubt the imposed holocaust narrative.

    Why would that be?

  80. Jerry August 17, 2013 @ 12:34 am


    When Jesus was alive HE was Israel in it’s entirety. Do you not remember that HE said that the rest of carnal Israel was LOST…mostly deceived by Pharisees and Sadducees who were now disciples of the Babylon Cabala.

    The New Testament clearly teaches that those spiritually reborn through Christ are the only heirs to the promises given to Abraham.

    But history has repeated itself. The new sheep have become lost again. Scofield was a new “myth-maker,” and his disciples [Dallas Theological Seminary] have spread the same false gospel which got the first Jerusalem church destroyed in 70 AD. That church let the “Judaizers” in.

    Today this error has evolved into a rapture myth and a false prediction that Christ-haters and power mad moneychangers are going to be allowed to change after the “church floats off.”

    Well Christ said “It is finished! Christ said “I have lost none.”

    Christ said He would “call HIS people by another name” (Christians). Christ said you must be born again to enter the new nation of Israel HE was sent to create, as it was long ago prophesied by Jeremiah that He would do.

    The marred vessel was not thrown away or destroyed, that identical vessel was remade. This is not substitution and it is not a theory.

    In 70 AD they “were not,” since 1948 they “now are.” The Beast is called the Chosen — this is the new mythology and it it a false gospel.

    Those who cannot see this are said to have their “mark,” a stamp of debt-ownership and forced obedience. It is a blindness to their endless crimes and an adoration of a nation that became Babylon in their captivity, as described centuries ago by the prophet Ezekiel.

    This blindness can be lifted as it was with Paul. Come out of her means break the spell that keeps you from the Truth.

    Tell the “new lost sheep of Israel” do not give away your birthright, become who you were reborn to be — the true Israel Of God

    Praying for the peace of Jerusalem means to pray for God’s protection of HIS Jerusalem, the heavenly city, the church of the first born. Ask for HIS protection from those who have always attacked the true Israel of God — the born again of Christ Jesus.

    You know who those attackers are from Hugh Hefner to Gloria Steinhem to Barack Obama. When you ask for God’s promised protection, you ARE praying against the ones who control and destroy — that blood drenched mystery Babylon that worships only money and power. Take up the fight! With all your heart!

  81. BAB August 17, 2013 @ 2:04 am

    Dear Citizenfitz,

    I advise you read the following RJN articles:

    The End Of The Jewish Age # 91March 21, 2012
    The Holocaust As Convenient UnHistory # 116October 27, 2011
    Zionist Jewish Mind Control – A Case Study # 142October 19, 2009

    Historian – ‘Did Hitler Have Reason To Hate The Jews?’ # 439July 5, 2009
    German Jews Demand ‘No Mercy’ For Demjanjuk # 88May 24, 2009
    Hoffman On ‘Holocaustianity’ # 6April 29, 2009

    Jews Now Out For Williamson’s Blood # 0April 29, 2009
    French Comedian Faces Trial For ‘Anti Semitism’ # 0April 29, 2009
    Germany’s Forbidden Words # 85July 30, 2008

  82. BAB August 17, 2013 @ 5:57 am

    Dear Jerry,

    I pray for the souls of all mankind, and even for my worst enemies, and let the Lord decide who is going to be saved and who isn’t.

    One should pray for the souls of all those the most in need of our prayers, and in particular for all those who have no one to pray for them.

  83. Matt Wayne August 17, 2013 @ 7:58 am

    As the Scripture says to whom who has an ear let him hear.

    In response to several comments I’ll answer 2 questions.

    1. Will the Jews every repent as a whole?

    2. Is it wrong to rejoice over the destruction of the Jews as a whole?

    The Jews as a whole will never repent and God tells us to rejoice at their destruction. Here’s why.

    The Jews are the prostitute spoken of in Rev. 17 and Babylon spoken of in Rev 17-18 and Jeremiah 50-51.

    It says God will raise “an alliance of great nations from the north” and the kingdoms will hate her and burn her with fire.

    Revelations 18: 17 & 19 it says in one hour she shall be brought to ruin. Jer. 50:44 says “in an instant” it will be gone. 51:8 ‘suddenly fall and be broken.”

    God will destroy Babylon because she corrupts the world Rev. 19:2 and Jer. 51:7 and because she’s drunk with the blood of the saints. Rev. 17:6, 18:24, 19:2, Jer. 51:24, 35, 49.

    Jesus spoke of Babylon’s destruction in Luke 21:20-22 Jesus said when you see Jerusalem surrounded you know its “desolation” is near, for this is the time of punishment in fulfillment of all that “has been written”.

    In the Old Testament God had written much about the Jews’ destruction through types and shadows.

    Rev. 18:19-20, says in one hour she will be brought to ruin! God tells us to “Rejoice over her, O heaven! Rejoice, saints and apostles and prophets! God has judged her for the way she treated you.”

    I for one will rejoice greatly when this prostitute who corrupts the earth, sits over many peoples and persecutes the saints is completely destroyed. It will be a great day, a day of rejoicing and happiness, as God told me to.

    Jesus will establish his kingdom on earth, which we know positively, will never be in Israel.

    For as God foretold in Jer. 50:26 he will completely destroy her and leave her no remnant, 51:62 neither man nor animal will live in Babylon and it will be desolate forever.

    Rev 18:19 In one hour she’ll be destroyed, Rev. 18:8 “consumed by fire.” Rejoice for the prostitute’s destruction has been foretold.

  84. bubba August 17, 2013 @ 9:16 am


    ” Why would that be? ”


    They (Jews and their political whores) are in so deep there is no way out.

    They have to maintain the lie.

    Just think if some key and irrefutable piece of evidence came out that showed the Holocaust was a fraud.

    The next best thing is to chip away from all angles and get more people aware,it has to collapse.

  85. Hoff August 17, 2013 @ 10:07 am

    ”The truth is, the anti-Semites got it right. We Jews have something planted in each one of us that makes us completely different from every group in the world.

    We’re talking about a group of people that just got put in death camps, endured pogroms, their whole families decimated. And then they came to America, the one place that ever really let them have as much power as they wanted, and suddenly they’re taking over.

    Please don’t tell me that any other group in the world has ever done that. Only the Jews. And we’ve done it before. That’s why the Jews were enslaved in Egypt. We were too successful. Go look at the Torah — it’s right there. And we did it in Germany too.”

  86. Harriet August 17, 2013 @ 11:40 am

    This is another excellent video from Brother Nathanael.

    My answer to people who slander or criticize Brother Nathanael is this:

    Can you replace his work and produce articles and videos that are of the same higher quality with factual information and specific names of Jews who are destroying America and rest of humanity?

    Have you got the talent, the know how and the passion to do what he has been doing since 2007?

    The answer is “No.”

    I only email directly to others articles that give good information where the recipient can be educated about what has happened to America and the world because of the cruel tribe which Brother Nathanael write about passionately in great detail.

    My topics of interest are those Hoff, Bubba and others write about in their comments.

    I agree with $10 Bagel.

    Brother Nathanael does not need to answer people who slander him.

    Instead he needs to continue to travel the higher path which he has done since 2007.

    Visitors and guests and those who receive his emails can help him by financially helping him, and by sharing his work with as many new people as possible. Among them there can be new people who can have the funds to donate bigger amounts to support this important work.

    Thank you for supporting Brother Nathanael financially, through prayers and by sharing his work with as many people you possibly can and God bless!

  87. Harriet August 17, 2013 @ 12:14 pm


    You wrote the following and I agree with you 100%. I have seen this clearly and I also live near an Ivy League University and have spoken to hundreds of students during 2004 and 2008:

    “The Jews plan is to exterminate the White race. This part is what most White people MUST understand!

    The Jews hate the White race and what the Jews hate even more is White Christianity. If the Jews can exterminate the White race there will be no White Christianity. It’s that simple.

    What most White people must understand is that we are in a Jew instigated race war with the Jews.

    The Jews will stop at nothing to win this Jew instigated race war. How this race war work is best exposed by watching what the Jews are doing to Sweden and by that the whole of Scandinavia.”

    Thanks to Michael Rivero here is something I got from his site: What Really Happened:

    “Israel won the war [WW 1I]; we made it, we thrived on it, we profited from it. It was our supreme revenge on Christianity.” — The Jewish Ambassador from Austria to the UK in London, Count Mensdorf.

    Isn’t it true that Israel and Jewish bankers who always profit from war and other crimes?

  88. BAB August 17, 2013 @ 2:53 pm

    @Matt Wayne

    The language of the Revelation is highly symbolic and figurative and is very difficult to interpret.

    This is why there exists many different and contrary explanations and interpretations of this Scripture.

    I am very uncertain of what is exactly the meaning for the Beast, the Dragon, Babylon the Great etc..and I have some doubts concerning your explanation.

  89. Danielle August 17, 2013 @ 3:10 pm

    Dear Taylor,

    Thank you for your information about Joe Cortina. I have read his life curriculum on his web site but with not enough attention, so I am sorry and apologise for my error.

    Dear Matt Wayne,

    St Paul prophetized the conversion of the descendants of the Hebrew people (Jews) but he did not precisely say how many of them will be converted, he said that their conversion will be a great glorious blessing at the end for all.

    So, we must expect this to happen even if we have not yet seen this already performed on a great scale: only a few of them have converted up to now (individuals) and very few of the converted ones have been aware of the aim of the Christian faith (the redemption of souls).

    So, there is a great lack of public testimonies to an actually sincere conversion to the Christian faith of these very few in the matter (apart from Br. Nathanaël I do not know many former Jews who testimony like him, perhaps some of you know about them).

    I think the Jews in Israël are on the road to destruction because the prophecies are quite clear on this.

    For the Israeli Jewish laity, the religion has been rather since the creation of the State of Israël rather Zio-communism not Judaism, with the creation of the kibbutzim.

    Zio-communism is not even capitalism because capitalism is for all, but Zio-communism is a restricted capitalism reserved to a minority ruling the people as in Communist Russia when Stalin et Co. kept the money for himself and confiscated the assets of the others.

    Many have found themselves after some years completely deceived by the system left the kibbutzim for life in towns.

    The citizens being without direct contact with Christians since the beginning and because of the forbidding of Christian proselytism, the young Jews (after their military service) found themselves free to adopt immoral free styles of life because not only being educated without the basis of the 10 Commandments, but have been educated without faith in God and without law.

    Because of the wars, when they finish their time in the army the young go abroad to travel to the European countries which are no more Christian but only on papers, so what example could these young Israelis could find apart of freedom of doing what they seek to do?

    With the years, the rabbis took more and more power in the government so, the deceived of lay Zionism seek answers near rabbis and these rabbis teach them lies, and now they are brainwashed with the Thirk Temple.

    What a pity! I am quite sure our Lord is crying because of the great number of souls going lost! So, how could not we cry with Him?

    Our Lord said “who do not gather with Me disperses” and this happens today because the Chiefs of Churches and especially of the “Catholic Church of Rome” not only bow to Luther (Ratzinger has bowed in front of his coffin) but also to Jews (Bergoglio much in love of rabbis bowes to their lies).

    This is just to cite only two contemporary so-called “legitimate Popes” of Rome! Not to mention Wojtyla who lied saying that “communism has fallen!”

    So, what generally the sheep do? They follow their pastors wishing to eat good and perfumed green grass, but they are lead to fields where the grass is rather contaminated with pesticides and GMO.

    GMO or better GMC species (GMO/GMC = Genetically Modified Credo, ex-cathedra supposed infallible speeches infected with Talmudo-rabbinical references and laws) instead of being grown from biological/surnatural species (biological/surnatural= fundamentals of faith and Christian behavioural life).

    So today, modern protestants are fond of Luther, and modern Catholics fond of “Popes of Rome,” seeing that a “Catholic Pope” applauds rabbis, so they applaud too without putting attention to what the watchers say to prevent them from deceit.

    I do not understand why an Orthodox Patriarch could “felicitate” the “Pope of Rome” Bergoglio for his elevation to the Papacy.

    To felicitate this kind of man, surrounded by Jews and preaching another Gospel than Saint Paul preached, is regarded as an encouragement to continue the usurpation of the throne of Saint Peter by a man who is not even a legitimate priest.

    Should diplomacy and psychology prevail on faith? I don’t think so! St Paul warned Saint Peter for his ambiguous behaviour when he was with the Jews and then with the Gentiles.

    So, I expect the same warning to the “Pope of Rome” from and Orthodox Patriarch instead of felicitations. (It is not an attack ad hominem against a Patriarch Orthodox I just question myself about this).

    Patriarch Elias of the Greek Catholic Church of Ukraine (schismed from Ukrainian Catholic Church and not recognized by Rome) anathemised Bergoglio, so why the others do not do so knowing that the flock follows the Pastor!

    Rabbis say that in matter of rabbinical laws the opinion of the majority prevails, consequently they always adopt the opinion of the majority when they deal together in their pools of Talmudic discussions to edit a rabbinical law to be applicated on all the people.

    So you understand why they encourage: democratic elections (the majority of voices primes) in Arab countries even if their culture does not match to it, Noachism, equality, democracy (= blabla), diversity, multiculturalism, mixity, anti-racism, antisemitism, and so on.

    So, we must distinguish between our personal enemies (people around us who are jealous of us at work, in our social life, family etc…) and the enemies of our Lord Jesus Christ who want to destroy His Church.

    The first are to be blessed by us as per our Lord demand and the second are to be fought because He asked us to bring them to Him, chained, to be put to death (demons and people claiming “non serviam”)! I don’t remember the verse (I am sure somebody among you all will find it.)

    Before fighting we must know first who are the enemies, how they work, what are their plans, so this is the matter Br. Nathanaël is working on.

    Thank you Br. Nathanaël for your work! God bless you!

  90. Hoff August 17, 2013 @ 5:00 pm

    This is HOMOSEX Sweden on video:

    SvD, Svenska Dagbladet is the biggest – supposedly “conservative” – physical paper in Sweden. I saw a BIG picture from this “marriage” in the physical paperversion this spring.

    The article was two pages tabloid size, and the picture when they kissed was half the article.

  91. bubba August 17, 2013 @ 5:12 pm

    One tactic I have been using lately is a simple analogy so people understand what is going on.

    Ask the person if they know what Neopolitan ice cream is; i.e. 3 different flavours of ice cream side – by – side.

    Then ask them what you would have if the 3 different were all mixed up?

    Also, would you buy it?

    Well that’s exactly what the Jews want to do to the planet.

  92. bubba August 17, 2013 @ 5:14 pm

    Another tactic I heard recently:

    When in the food aisle, grab a product with the Kosher label.

    Then mosey up to another party and ask them if they know what that “label” is. Then tell them about an INvoluntary donation.

  93. Hoff August 17, 2013 @ 5:45 pm

    What is the Jews’ homo-agenda all about?



    “Suddenly, homosexuality is against the law,” wailed Jay Leno. “I mean, this seems like Germany. Let’s round up the Jews. Let’s round up the gays. … I mean, it starts like that.”

    Leno was speaking of Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Obama eagerly agreed: “I have no patience for countries that treat gays or lesbians … in ways that intimidate them or are harmful to them. … Nobody is more offended than me by some of the antigay and lesbian legislation that you’ve been seeing in Russia.”

    Leno and Obama were referring to a new Russian law prohibiting “homosexual propaganda.” Moscow is also warning foreigners, including visitors to the winter Olympics in Sochi, that propagandizing for gay rights can get them two weeks in detention. No kiss-ins allowed.

    “Medieval,” howled The Washington Post. “Mr. Putin’s war” on gays and lesbians is “part and parcel of his lapse into xenophobia, religious chauvinism and general intolerance.”

    Monday’s New York Times has a front-page story — “Gays in Russia Find No Haven, Despite Support From the West” — featuring photos of roughed-up protesters.

    Our moral and cultural elites have put Putin on notice: Get in step with us on homosexual rights — or we may just boycott your Sochi games.

    The Jew-whore Obama NoBody cancelled a meeting with Mr Putin. Why? Because he cares sooooooooo much about homosex. The “leader” of the world’s most poweful country cancelled a meeting with the leader of the 2nd most powerful country over homosex.

    And where did he choose to go instead? To the most pro-homosex country in the world – Sweden.

    The PM of Norway, Stoltenberg is going out of his way to go to Stockholm and also meet Obama NoBody.

    The PM of Sweden is Fredrik Reinfelt, a 1/32 part Negro, and he is proud of it. The thing is that most Swedes think that Sweden is the moral “superpower” in the world.

    Norway has a little brother’s complex against Sweden. Norway want to be the moral “superpower” in the world. Reinfelt will probably humiliate Norway’s PM Stoltenberg.

  94. Hoff August 17, 2013 @ 5:51 pm

    @+BN & RJN Family: I’m on a roll tonight.

    President Obama to visit Sweden

    Published: onsdag 7 augusti kl 15:42, Radio Sweden

    President Barack Obama is coming to Sweden. The U.S President has cancelled a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

  95. $10 Bagel August 17, 2013 @ 7:48 pm

    The book of Revelation tells us exactly who and what the Whore of Babylon is.

    – It says that it is a great city.

    – It the city where Jesus was crucified.

    There is only one city where Jesus was crucified. The only logical answer is Jerusalem.

  96. Clinton Smythers August 18, 2013 @ 2:37 am

    @10$ bagel

    That was not exactly what I said, but it was my intent to point out the Whore of Babylon is in Israel that controls most of the world.

  97. Jerry August 18, 2013 @ 3:15 am


    Yes, YOU can pray for an enemy you might personally have. This is how we die to self that HE might increase in us. This is like praying for a particular person who burglarized you or assaulted you. This prevents bitterness from taking root in your heart. Just pray they TRULY come to know Jesus.

    You are not, however called to pray for Joe’s enemy, that’s for Joe to do. Reread the Scripture — pray for those who despise “YOU.”

    Better, pray as the Lord tells you to pray for, as it is written that HIS sheep hear HIS voice. The days comes, and now is, when HE will pray through you. We all know Christ died for us, we should know that HE can live for us.

    If you pray for one who is from India, reach through him and pray for all Indian people. You are the priest now and you are the king — it’s your birthright — because of Christ you are the heir to the promises of Abraham.

    As I said, you are commanded to pray for Israel, but I believe I have shown you without question that Israel, since Christ, has been the born again Church of GOD. Reread my letter if you will. It is Heavenly Jerusalem we seek. This is not a literal city (a city with one street..a city needing walls in heaven.)

    No, its the Church and we all press for union with God through self-death, that we may have a weight of glory upon us at HIS coming, to not be naked and ashamed.

    But CARNAL Israel, it was written, “Seeing you deem yourselves unworthy of eternal life, lo we turn to the Gentiles.”

    This people didn’t know then that their religion had become Babylonian and they may not know it today.

    A modern Jew, who comes across our path in this life may repent, and we can pray, as led, that they do. But as a nation, walking in lockstep together, and having a centuries old hatred of Jesus, they are not going to repent. No matter what the hirelings say and preach.

    Judaism is Babylon, it is old-style murderous Stalinistic Communism, it is banking interests which have instigated and financed EVERY war in history.

    Bab, Syrians who have been Christians since the time of Christ, are now being slaughtered by monsters paid with YOUR money. We in the Western world are their whore, the controllers are the mystery Babylon of Scripture.

    IT IS YOUR RIGHT TO BE A MODERN DEBORAH! You are the priest who can pray a stop to this. We need may to ask God to empower us and through us to judge the enemies of Christ.

    There has been a lot of misuse of Scripture. The tree the Gentiles are grafted to is not carnal Israel. It is made up of those who are already born again. He who is a Jew is “one inwardly” — you MUST be born again was not a suggestion.

    And we know that God is a Spirit and HIS people are spiritual, He is not concerned with skin color or family lineage.

    God will judge through HIS people until the day of HIS wrath. That day will be a mop-up operation as “they are destroyed by the very brightness of HIS coming.”

    That means the prophesied tribulation is man-made. And when you can print money out of thin air, you can but anything or anyone. Add to that a hatred of all that is Christianity, you have an unrelenting enmity with God. You must fight this evil.

    So arise, you are a living stone, shaped and formed by the quickened word of God. You are part of a living temple that God hath made, so tell the ones caught up in “Judeo-Christianity” [as opposed to simply Christianity] that it is a different gospel and another Jesus.

    And this is the message that will get you truly persecuted. So if you can’t preach it, then at least pray fervently in your prayer closet for the NEW “lost sheep of Israel” to awaken.

    This is because God cannot hear them where they are and thus there is no intercession in this county. In this time of such increased spiritual conflict, have someone pray for your praying and your prayers — double up with someone praying for your prayers to get through. This is very powerful.

    I hope you take this to heart Bab. You seem to have the spirit of Moses — get the people out of Egypt

    The Evil One’s mercenaries will be confronted by those with the spirit of Elijah — they get Egypt out of the people. They remember an ancient encounter with prophets of Baal.

    I do not now know the spiritual equivalent of calling down fire from heaven. Perhaps it’s a place of truth like Brother Nathanael has here. And maybe this is just the beginning of God’s heavenly response.

    I think it is and I pray for God’s empowerment for all of us.

  98. Danielle August 18, 2013 @ 3:38 am

    Dear Hoff,

    Thank you for all the information you give us about Sweden. I did not know how worse this country and nation has fallen.

    We must pay an attention to the fact that the G20 unites on 5th-6th of September of this year, that is to say during the 10 days of Atonement between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, and you know why?

    Because the rabbis say that between these two celebrations the entire world and Gentiles and Jews will be judged on the actions they did during the past year, and God decides during this lapse of time who will live, who will die, who will have good health, money, properity or famine according to his degree of repentance.

    This is why the Jews on Yom Kippour do their “mea culpa” for a long list of sins they enumerate during that precise day.

    So, you can see the religious influence of the rabbis on the behaviour of the Gentiles.

    Of course, the Gentiles who gather at the G20 do not deal with repentance but rather with how they will get more money, what wars they will start and continue, what embargo will be decided, what President will be thrown down, what culture they will fight etc.

    And this eating, drinking and smiling while innocent people die around the world!

    Sweden is lost, and France runs to perdition too. The first official gay marriage has been done in front of the image of the Theotokos holding Her Holy Son Jesus Christ who appear on the armoiries of the town where these two same sex lovers were “married” officially in presence of Najat Belkacem, a woman porte parole of Holland Government.

    I do not remember the name of the town but I viewed the event on the TV at the very moment they performed this insanity.

    Sodome and Gomorrah will be punished with less force than these people because our Lord Jesus Christ had not been incarnated yet in the time of Lot so, they did not know Him. However today the occidental christianised people in spite of the fact they have heard about our Lord and known Who He is and What He preached reject Him !

    Thank you Mr President Putin for your decision to fight for the sake of the Russian nation and our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you!

  99. BAB August 18, 2013 @ 4:41 am

    Dear Danielle,

    Thank you very much for your very long and interesting post.

    Nevertheless I have a question: Who must one consider as Jew and who finally is not a Jew any more?

    I would very much like a clear answer to this question, as I remain very confused as regards some of the things expressed on this site.

  100. Danielle August 18, 2013 @ 7:11 am

    Dear BAB,

    Your question can be considered from different points of view.

    First, from the spiritual one as per the Gospel:

    “There is no Greek, no Jew, no rich, no poor, no slave, no free men but all are EQUAL in front of Jesus Christ.”

    Those who receive baptism of water and the Holy Spirit are subjects of the Lord King of Kings who does not judge the people because of his social position or origin or on what they have done but rather on his faith and fidelity to Him.

    “Don’t be like these Jews who call themselves Jews but are not.”

    Secondly, from the material point of view: as per racial genetics. The descendants of Abraham from a biological point of view. However in this category are :

    – those who do not behave as Abraham behaved; that is to say with misericordia for the sinners and intercessors to prevent people to be destroyed (Sodom and Gomorrha).

    – those who descend biologically but not spiritually; that is to say today all those who deny the existence of God Himself (atheistic Jews); those who deny Jesus Christ as Messiah and Savior; religious Jews and “traditional” Jews who do not follow all the laws decided by the rabbis but just follow the traditions of the feasts.

    (As Christian today in France make festive Christmas and the 31 of December without going to church or speaking of Jesus Christ but only eating and drinking and dancing with their families or with friends).

    However, there is also a third category we all today know is the category of the Jews (religious or lay people) living in the State of Israël or abroad and recognised by the orthodox rabbis as Jews per their rabbinical Talmudic law in force today: “Is Jew the person born from a Jewish woman?”

    This statement is both racial and spiritual because they argue for its defense that it is the mother who educates the children since birth and as per the proximity between the mother and the child, when the woman believes in she will normally educate and accustome her children to follow the rabbinic Law of Moses.

    Actually, what we call Jews are all those who deny Jesus Christ as their Messiah and Savior.

    Due to the mixing of the population the biological brand coming through Abraham has been diluted to a large extent so it is difficult without comparing the DNA of Abraham with the DNA of those who pretend to be Jews today. It is impossible to open the tomb of Abraham to verify this due to his position in a mosque in Meharat Ha Machpelah.

    What the Zionist succeeded is: making the Gentiles think that the Ashkenazi Jews are really biological descendants of Abraham instead of being descendants of violent Kazars!

    There is a Talmudic/rabbinical book in Hebrew named “HaKuzari” where a rabbi explains to the Khazar King why Judaism is the revealed religion and finally convinced him to convert to Judaism. In the past centuries, when a King converted to a religion all the people subjected to him generally followed him and this happened to the Khazars.

    Now in the USA, in Europe and in France we have a great number of these Askenazic Jews who, after having learned in Universities, obtained high positions in Gentiles governments, and changed their names to appear completely integrated to the autochtone peoples.

    Our Lord preached forgiveness, but Jews do not forgive because forgiveness implies not to avenge, and no more war for power.

    So you understand why they work with much tenacity to implement themselves with their own opinions among the Gentiles (homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, antagonistic multiculturalism, etc…):

    “Divide to reign” this is the anthem: dividing Christians on morals bringing all which opposes the Christian faith in Europe in order to win the crown!

  101. Matt Wayne August 18, 2013 @ 8:19 am

    Dear Danielle,

    You said that Paul did not prophesy on how many Jews would be saved.

    I do think in Romans 9-11 it’s fairly clear that only a remnant will be saved. The Bible never says all the physical Jews will be saved.

    Here’s some of what it says.

    In Romans 9:27 Isaiah cries concerning Israel: “though the number of the Israelites be like the sand by the sea, only a remnant will be saved.”

    Romans 11:5, So too, at the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace.

    In Romans 11:14 Paul writes “in hope that I might also arouse my own people to envy and save SOME of them.”

    The Jews as whole are never going to be saved, neither do I belief any race is going to.

    In reference to all of Israel will be saved Paul explains it clearly Romans 9:6-8. That all who are the spiritual and true Israel, will be saved.

    Romans 9:6-8: 6 It is not as though God’s word had failed. For not all who are descended from Israel are Israel. 7 Nor because they are his descendants are they all Abraham’s children. On the contrary, “It is through Isaac that your offspring will be reckoned.” 8 In other words, it is not the children by physical descent who are God’s children, but it is the children of the promise who are regarded as Abraham’s offspring.

    We who believe and follow Jesus Christ are Abraham’s offspring, we are the real Israel and God’s chosen people.

    1 Peter 2:9-10 But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. Once you were not a people, but now you are the people of God; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy.

    God’s desire is that none perish, and that’s my desire, too. As Paul said in Romans 10:1, his desire is that all his countrymen would be saved. I also wish that my fellow countrymen would all accept and follow Jesus.

    I find no pleasure in the eternal death of any man.

    What I was referring to and what God was referring to in Revelations 18 is the Zionist, Talmudic and satanic organization that Judaism has evolved into over thousands of years. Who defiles the whole earth by her adulteries, who’s drunk with the blood of the saints. Who sits over the nations. The great Babylon.

  102. Danielle August 18, 2013 @ 11:33 am

    Dear BAB,

    Go to this link and you will understand who are the Jews :

    The title of the article to be read is “Jews DO control the media.”

  103. $10 Bagel August 18, 2013 @ 12:47 pm


    Sorry, I hadn’t even read your comment yet. I was responding to another person who said it was difficult to know what the symbols in the Book of Revelation were.

    I basically agree with what you said.

    The Whore is the Jews and they are represented by their city of biblical Jerusalem.

    What’s also interesting is that they were refered to as a whore several other times in the Old Testament.

  104. BAB August 18, 2013 @ 3:14 pm

    Dear Jerry, Danielle, Matt Wayne and 10$ Bagel,

    Thank you very much for your long, interesting and instructive comments.

    It looks as if I will have to spend some time studying all this data.

    However, I would not like to be misunderstood as regards my own opinions.

    First: I am Russian Orthodox and agree with their understanding of Christianity.

    Second: I feel that one should pray for the conversion to Jesus Christ of all those who do not believe in Him, including the Jews.

    Third: politically speaking I am very much for Justice, and am thus opposed to the policies of the State of Israel regarding the Palestinians and Gaza.

    Fourth: I don’t believe in democracy which is a system favorable to the absolute power of the great international bankers over the peoples of a nation.

    Fifth I am against a system of world government (by a chosen elite) and against the New World Order, and am for the independence and self government of each nation by a national leader.

    Sixth: As for the Jews, I wish for their conversion to Christendom.

    Seven: I consider the Zionist Christians as pagans and heretics.

    I hope this clears matters regarding myself.

  105. Danielle August 18, 2013 @ 3:16 pm

    Dear Matt Wayne,

    I agree with you: you have very well explained the things.

    As you said: “I find no pleasure in eternal death of any man.” Me too.

    However, I find relief giving glory and thanks to God whatever event happens in the world whether it is bad or good, because nothing happens without His Divine Permission or Divine Judgment.

  106. BAB August 19, 2013 @ 2:29 am

    Dear Danielle,

    Thank you very much for the article on Jews and Media:

    This is very interesting.

    Did you also read some of its 554 comments?

  107. Danielle August 19, 2013 @ 5:04 am

    Democracy is the Golden Calf of our Modern Age: an idol, an illusion, an alibi to export, under the fallacious pretexts of freedom, equality, and human rights for all, in order to start war for money and power.

    Democracy is the opium of the people.

    It is an ideology to be condemned by all Christian believers because it leads to ban the Living God from our lives, and leads to impose power on peoples who are confronted with antagonist cultures and religions. It opens wide doors to immorality and perversion under the sticker of “Human Rights.”

    So Christians should not believe in democracy but rather in our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Monarchies and Republics are different kind of government but without the Living God both cannot and do not perdure in time. The Bible gives us many examples of this.

    Even we do not agree with what the State of Israel does to Palestinians, we must consider that what happens in that area of the Middle East is the consequence of the refusal from both parts:

    1. By the Jews, apart from their negation of our Lord Jesus Christ as Messiah and Savior, their refusal even to apply Moses Law they are so fond of, and in particular this one:

    “Remember that you were foreigners in Egypt so be kind with the foreigners in the Land I’ll give you.”

    2. The Palestinians being Muslims deny the Holy Spirit as do the Jews.

    So as a sin against the Holy Spirit is not forgiven not in this world and not after death, we can understand why these two peoples fight one against the other without interruption since the creation of the State of Israel. Without the Holy Spirit there is no Hope and no Peace!

    Furthermore the Prophet of the Muslims said that the Muslims should have the duty to kill every Jew they will find hiding behind a tree during the final war (Ahrit alzamane) of the Dajjal (the Antichrist) so for them the Dajjal is the Jews.

    European Christians cannot understand these facts because they judge only with human judgment coming from their own human limited observation and intelligence, but Divine Judgment is very different of human judgment: God is not limited in observation and not in intelligence.

    “My ways are not your ways” said the Lord God Almithty.

    So, full of revenge and without forgiveness, this state of perpetual war between Jews and Muslims cannot end without an extraordinary event which will put both of them K.O.

    That is to say: from an human point of view an atomic war because of their tenacity not to resign so they would prefer to kill themselves together, but also from a surnatural point of view (earthquackes, asteroïds etc…) of great intensity leaving most of them dead.

    This morning I have heard an interview of a Catholic priest on a Canadian radio, P. Henry Boulad of Alexandria, in Egypt, saying that he cannot understand why the Occidentals sustain the Muslim Brothers who broke to pieces many Orthodox Coptic churches and killed pacific Christians in Egypt with much rage.

    He does not understand why the occidental media does not speak of the carnage done as if the Muslim Brothers were pacific, but who actually are not.

    Here is the link :

    So, knowing who owns the media in Europe and that the big rulers of Europe do not care of European Christians believers at all, so why should they care of Christians believers in Arab countries? They don’t like Christian at all! They love themselves only!

  108. Danielle August 19, 2013 @ 6:04 am

    Dear BAB,

    No I haven’t read the 554 comments on the article about Jews and the medias!

  109. BAB August 19, 2013 @ 1:31 pm


    These comments are vary varied but some are well worth reading and are instructive.

    Thank’s again for this link.

  110. zane_al September 21, 2013 @ 1:45 am

    I am amazed at the hasbarat that’s being allowed to post her pro-zionist sentiments here.How much money is she throwing around?

    C’mon guys try to donate to bro Nat on a regular basis so that he doesn’t have to accept money from this kind of ilk.

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