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Strange…Military Brass Vs Jewish Agenda

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Military Brass Vs Jewish Agenda

By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2012

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TRUTH IS STRANGER than fiction, indeed, is the case of US Military Brass now opposing Jewry’s agenda to set ablaze the entire Middle East with interminable wars.

But easily stated ‘truth’ can just as easily turn to fiction…with a very unhappy ending.

In three very recent back-to-back statements, General Martin Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has defied American Jewry’s clamour for bloodshed in the Middle East where only the Goys die young:

August 30, 2012 – Dempsey Comes Out Against a No-Fly Zone in Syria.

August 31, 2012 – Dempsey Comes Out Against Joining Israel’s Pending Attack On Iran.

August 31, 2012 – Dempsey Comes Out Against An Enlarged Joint Military Exercise With Israel.

The anti-Zionist position of the upper echelons of the US military gets even stranger. And the timing appears to be very well planned.

In an interview with CNN on August 26, 2012, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Colin Powell, defied Jewry’s push to fully arm the ‘rebels’ in Syria by saying: “We’re not entirely sure who the rebels are, what they are, and what they represent.”

Powell, like Dempsey, is also against a no-fly zone in Syria, mocking the Jewish warmongers with his retort: “You don’t just grab slogans and run with it.”

Potent statements coming from the lips of military brass like Powell’s and Dempsey’s zinger: “I don’t want to be complicit in an Israeli attack on Iran” is sure to upset the Jewish neocons—like Cohen, Kagan, and Zakheim in Romney’s war cabinet—which Powell trashed in his CNN interview.

The Israelis are already taking pot shots at Dempsey by saying that his statement “undermines Israel’s push for war on Iran” and that his use of the term “complicit” has “criminal connotations.”

Why of course! Israel is a “criminal” state from start to finish. Just ask countless Palestinians whose land has been stolen and its people murdered.

BUT WHETHER OR NOT it will ignite the ire of Senator Joseph Lieberman, the leader of the pack of blood-thirsty Jews—who recently (along with homosexual arm-chair general, Lindsey Graham, and the senile Jewish-shill, John McCain), demanded a Syrian no-fly zone “like in Libya”—it will surely boil the blood of Amerika’s wanna be commander in chief, Bibi Netanyahu.

In February 2012, in response to General Dempsey styling an Israeli-led attack on Iran as “foolish,” Netanyahu lashed back by calling Dempsey, “a servant of Iran.”

Now, Netanyahu can get away with these kinds of attacks on people like Obama—Jewry’s Shwartza in the White House—or on the Jewish-shills on Capitol Hill, if any of them should get out of line.

But to target US military brass with verbal assaults—especially coming from Jews whose chemistry sets off an automatic aversion in the Gentile blood of US military commanders—is to tread on volatile ground.

To put it bluntly, (for I grew up as a Jew), tough Gentile Generals don’t like taking orders from Jews.

But, let’s wait and see.

Perhaps the military, evil as it is, and in spite of its war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, will finally say to Lieberman and the rest of the bloodthirsty Jews: “Shove it up your Zionist rear ends!”

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Brother Nathanael @ September 1, 2012


  1. Brother Nathanael September 1, 2012 @ 8:52 am

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    Believe me, I am no fan of the US military. Their evil deeds and war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq can never be atoned for.

    This is why I feel that Amerika is on its last legs and that Christ’s righteous judgement is hovering over this immoral nation that aborts babies here in Amerika and slaughters children abroad.

    And even if Dempsey and others really stand up to the Jews, they would have to take over the Main Stream Media RUN BY JEWS and I’m not so sure that would be any better than Jew bias and dishonesty. We may not get any real news at all if the military takes it over.

    Bottom Line: I really see no hope for Amerika *as a federal entity.*

    (And besides, most Amerikans are asleep…perhaps dead in soul, in love with beer and football games.)

    The 50 states need to NULLIFY all the wicked Jew/Military Laws like the Patriot Act, NDAA, Military Commissions Act etc, if, on a LOCAL basis we are to restore some form of LOCAL Constitutional life.

    My Motto IS: “Think Locally, Act Locally.”

    Network locally and be part of Christ’s Body in a non-Zionist Church.

    Do you like what I am doing? If so, please consider helping me financially.

    I put up a Video on Wednesday that took 4 days to prepare, film, and hours upon hours of editing to get it right.

    But only 5 people out of now over 15,000 views on the Vid donated to me. This is VERY discouraging.

    It takes money to run this site. (Compliments are wonderful but do not pay the bills.)

    To Donate Via PayPal CLICK:

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    The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    May Christ Bless Us All!

    Be Sure To Check Out My NEW Website, “Brother Nathanael’s Amazing Videos” // “” @

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Publisher, Real Jew News

    PS Many Thanks to all who send in Cash Donations.

    MANY THANKS TO ANSGAR for the 100 Euro.

    All cash donations arrive SAFELY and SECURELY.

  2. breckandy September 1, 2012 @ 9:42 am

    Brass don’t depend on their income and getting elected from war mongers.

    The powers that be will find a General to do their bidding (like Petreaus).

  3. Justin September 1, 2012 @ 9:59 am

    Glory to Jesus Christ!

    It’s good to know we have some of the top brass speaking out against the “killer Jews.”

    But that still doesn’t stop all the mentally deranged “kids” (the war criminal types ala Abu Gharaib, etc. who joined the US military just to pick up a gun and shoot, maim, beat torture, and kill innocent people not just in Iraq or Afghanistan but everywhere in the Mid-East).

    They get their cues from IsraHELL and the ZOG in Amerika. Plus with the “election” upon us soon here in the JEW-nited States its not like they are going to change anything with a different “commander in chief.”

    Romney and Obama are both Jew-bought Neo-con shills who love to blow kids up in the Middle-East just like their demonic friends (whose god is Lucifer) in the IDF. It might and I say “might” be better if they military took over the media in a coup, but as you said it’s “not a good idea.”

    Christ bless you BN+

    Saint Justin, the Theotokos and Ever Virgin Mary, and all the saints pray for us!

  4. Brian September 1, 2012 @ 10:18 am

    General Dempsey is a PATRIOT!

  5. Citizenfitz September 1, 2012 @ 10:31 am

    The choice of the century!

  6. Has C. September 1, 2012 @ 10:51 am

    Today it’s the 73rd anniversary of the beginning of the German-Polish War of 1939.

    Few people knew at that time that the local conflict between Germany and Poland was destined to develop into a full-blown World War 2.

    General Dempsey’s anti-Israel stance together with the Intelligence Community draft report “Drop Israel” ( ) are just signs.

    But do not discount the chance, the hope, that these signs might be the first shots of the war of what remains of American Gentile elite against the alien yoke.

    In that case, the FEMA camps would, hopefully, have become a place of internment for quite different people than those for whom they were originally intended.

  7. prophessor ping pong September 1, 2012 @ 10:52 am

    Government means mind(ment) control(govern)!

    They are all incorporated! They in turn incorporate all the chattel in their jurisdictions! Larger animals are branded and numbered, smaller animals are named and numbered.

    All are accounted for at the Department of Commerce, valued on the Stock Exchange and are ultimately collateral for the debt! Debt is the illusion that man owns the earth and that he can require payment for the privilege of others living here (tax). Both the Goyim and the Yehudim have the same opportunity to wake up!

    Nobody in their right mind likes to be dominated by outside forces!

    Consciousness can be raised through ping pong on all the issues that challenge us. Free speech today (& everyday!) free ping pong tomorrow!

  8. Wotan September 1, 2012 @ 10:55 am

    Dear Bro Nat,

    As depressing as your last theme may have been, as hopeful is your current report.

    Whilst I do not believe that it is possible to effect changes in the political scenery of the USA at the ballot box (the Jew grip on society is just too tight) I am sure that a constitutionally motivated group of top military personnel would indeed be in a position to hand America back to the American people.

    I have often said that there seems little hope of removing the syndicates in question from power, but I have also regularly pointed out that when looking at history, landslide changes have often come as a complete surprise to everybody.

    If the awakening in the military were accompanied by similar position changes at the top echelon of the law enforcement agencies and the services, the chances are not bad that Ted Kennedy’s words “I can feel the wind of change” might be gathering posthum relevance.

    I envisage how this would lead to people streaming into public places by the millions to celebrate their regained freedom and how the thieves and oppressors would try to flee as quickly as their crooked legs would carry them to get away from their known places of residence or association.

    What a nice dream, not only for people of the USA, but also for all people of similarly afflicted countries, such as Germany.

  9. molecule September 1, 2012 @ 11:33 am

    Dempsey is a hardcore Bolshevik … he’s running a false front, called a “Popular Front” like the ones that Willy Munstenberg ran for Lenin.

    That was before the Yalta Conference, when headquarters for the “International” was transferred from older office buildings in Moscow to newer ones in the US (CFR for research and theory, CIA for intelligence, Pentagon for black-ops, perpetual war-debt, and destruction of longterm US industrial capacity by nationalizing industrial research & development in the name of “national security.”

    “Popular Fronts” are created in alternative or fringe media, for the purpose of mainting the clueless in a controlled herd, that believes in truth and doing the right thing, etc., none of which can exist in an economic culture that is controlled by debt fraud and related “bottom-line” thinking (which is Marxism).

    They are used to perpetuate a state of political cluelessness for the Goy and Innocenti, and their so-called Intelligensia, who are not intellectually impotent by accident.

    That makes Dempsey a two-bit player in a much bigger picture. By means of its unsupervised and heavy-handed contracting policies (which favor Israeli and Jewish control of US industry), and by control of cash flows on its contracts (who gets cash and who gets bankrupted and forced into takeover), the Pentagon exerts Central Control over ALL heavy industry in the US.

    But, who runs the Pentagon?

    It is a Bolshevik Fifth-column, that is run entirely by backroom operations, all of which are populated by Zionists and bolsheviks who are appointed by Wall St. bankers in backroom operations.

    Thus the Pentagon is controlled by its policy board, which is the Joint Chiefs. They are all controlled by blackmail — homosexuality, trafficking in children and drugs for sex, whatever it takes to assure their control after their appointment. ALL of the Joint Chiefs are appointed by Zionist bankers and extortionists in backroom operations.

    The Joint Chiefs is supervised by the National Security Council. Who are they? Same crowd. Same methods of appointment.

    Who sits as honorary Chairman of their meetings? The Vice President.

    He too is always appointed into power in a backroom operation. Ever noticed how the president (which media prints with a lowercase-p) is running sockpuppet operations for the media, while his sidekick, the Vice-President, is always a hardcore zionist appointed in secret, and he is effectively in charge of setting policy which runds the Pentagon.

    Because the Vice President (which media puts in upper caps) controls the National Security Council and the Joint Chiefs, from the more sacred East Wing of the White House, the VP actually controls the Pentagon.

    It is Bolshevik fifth column, and a black-ops war machine. Period. All of the members of these boards, including Vice Presidents, are appointed because they are hardcore Zionist, and pro-Israeli war machine. Otherwise they don’t get appointed.

    Dempsey is an appointed, which means that he is a Bolshevik loyalist, to the core. He is playing the loser and running a false front.

    His job is to draw in the Clueless lead them into the toilet bowl of their own false hopes. Betrayal! Thou Shald do War by Betrayal! Or something like that. Hahaha! Back in the days of Stalin and Lenin, these things were called “Popular Fronts.” He has never been anything other than an obedient and thoroughly vetted out Bolshevik.

  10. Brother Nathanael September 1, 2012 @ 11:33 am

    @Has C

    The Franklin Lamb article is not reliable information. No such document that he claims exists. DHS, run by Jews, would never be party to such a document as Lamb asserts. +BN

  11. Hans September 1, 2012 @ 11:41 am

    The people in the military are as career obsessed as people in corporations. The higher the echelon the more sociopaths you can find. Exceptions prove the rule.

    In public they talk about honor and patriotism but this is only for the stupid masses. In reality the only thing about these people care is their career and their wallet.

    Long time ago I gave up the hope that the German military one day will march towards Berlin and end this nonsense.

    This will never happen, and I guess in US the situation is not very different. If you wait for this guys to help you – their career is everything what counts for them – you can wait until the cows come home.

    They have no problem killing millions abroad (because this serves their career) but they turn a blind eye when millions of Americans are gutted at home and loose their last shirt.

    Honestly, what has this to do with honor ???

    My Motto IS: “Think Locally, Act Locally.”

    That is right, “Heaven helps those who help themselves” is probably the best advice.

  12. Joe Cortina September 1, 2012 @ 12:33 pm

    BRO – Your first comment said it all. We are a dead nation without a soul. We have abandoned God and He has abandoned us.

    The Satan Express is running right on time – NEXT STOP! The ashheap of history!

    My only hope is that there is still another William Fallon out there who is willing to sacrafice his ‘career’ to save his country. Had Ron Paul had the foresight AND GUTS – while he had NATIONAL EXPOSURE – to blow the whistle on the Jews for say – at least the USS Liberty Massacre and or 9-11 – he would have, of course, been through as a candidate.

    BUT…BUT, the bugs would have been THEN let out of the box! I believe that millions would still be talking about it and demanding leaders do the right thing.

    One can never underestimate the stupidity of the American people, but perhaps if that unannounced hero finally steps up to the plate, it may not be too late.

    I AM, however, convinced of this much. That because of the tireless consistent efforts of a handful of us here like Br. Nathanael, Mark Glenn, Mark Dankof and a bakers dozen more — including your truly — our collective efforts in getting out the TRUTH.

    Equally important, the countless millions of Arab people whose courage and ultimate sacrafice of life in the face of all adversity has persevered against our murderous hordes of Godless, soulless, murdering trash we know as the US industrial military complex, have, at least, stalled another WORLD WAR.

    Even if for a little while, it is long enough to have more and more honest decent American people wake up and see the truth of the horrors promoted by the wicked Jews and their useful idiot shills like Bush and Obama and Romney and a laundry list more.

    SADLY, this list includes every mother’s son who has voluntarily donned the uniform of Satan to ally themselves with the filth who would “rather reign in hell than serve in heaven.”

    Let us use this precious time we, AND ‘THEY,’ have bought, with blood sweat and tears as wisely and courageously as we can.

    It is a race of time. If we run out of time, we ALL die or will WISH we had when we SEE the reality of what we will reap from our sown harvest of death and destruction.

    In reflection, perhaps there is one more possibility for peace, or at least no chance of another war.

    A huge percentage of the half million returned Mid East Veterans have inhaled deadly DU particles and are already walking dead men.

    They are ALL going to die horrible deaths. There is no cure no antiodote no hope. As horrible as this seems perhaps THEY may be the straw that breaks the Devil’s back.

    Should these symptoms worsen soon to the point of a national outrage against the ARMY — as it righteously SHOULD — the event could be the genesis of a world peace and back lash at the monsters who caused it to begin with.

    You people who believe all ills can be resolved with prayer, if you are right then here is a golden opportunity. Remember, ALL of these ‘victims’ are guilty, ALL had FREE WILL, NONE are innocent — not even my own son.

    Pray your guts out that these already doomed vets begin to show undeniable symptoms in huge numbers BEFORE the evangelical BaptDuh monsters use their influence to convince either jew loyal Presidential candidate to attack innocent IRAN and inevitably trigger a world nuclear Armageddon.

    The ultimate irony! These vets who have caused so much suffering, death, destruction, and despair to innocent people may be the only de-facto salvation for a world on the brink of self-destruction. The idea just entered my mind moments ago — but the notion is so compelling that I may do my own story on the scenario.


  13. Has C. September 1, 2012 @ 12:35 pm

    Dear Brother,

    While your comment seems to be shooting down my small trial balloon of hope, I still can’t forget that for about 3 years ago Mike Piper predicted, that Obama might one day “do a JFK” to the Jews. Maybe the time has come for this, otherwise, failed President to do something in the way of “change” with the backing of his military?

    Naturally, we can’t know anything of what is brewing in the highest echelons of the U.S. military, if anything. But I do not think that general Dempsey is all alone in his explicit opposition to the Zio-crowd.

    Knowing that Romney as the new “commander-in-chief” means a probable WW3, the top generals (and maybe some of intel directors) might have cut some kind of a deal with Obama.

    I know, I am dreaming like crazy… :o)

  14. jim September 1, 2012 @ 12:46 pm

    There is a very good reason why the US Military Brass is against escalating the Middle Eastern conflicts.

    An invasion of Syria and Iran would most likely lead to full scale nuclear war with Russia and China. Since most of the Military Brass have children and grandchildren that are scattered about in the US, a full scale nuclear war would certainly cull their family trees or even completely obliterate it.

    Israhell is bat s#&t insane to wish for these wars, because they are a tiny parcel of land which one placed Hydrogen Bomb would incinerate.

    The US and Russia are aware of the Sampson Option, so they both have many nuclear tipped missiles aimed at this renegade country. The self-chosen ones are committing suicide and seem to want the Goyim to join them.

  15. Johnny Sweden September 1, 2012 @ 1:57 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Glad to hear the good news.

    I hope this is sincere resistance by the US-military against the Zionist beast. There must be a lot of resentment in the US-military against the Zionist for the Levon, USS Liberty, Pollard, Corrie and 9/11 affairs and after 11 years of war and 16 trillion in debt (said by military to be the greatest threat to US-military and security) there is no enthusiasm for new wars with Syria and Iran to “save” Israel.

    I sincerely hope that the good American people get their country and freedom back from the evil Zionists.

    God bless the American people!

  16. Daniel Ringe September 1, 2012 @ 2:20 pm

    Very good piece as always dear Brother, have been following this website for sometime and always repost articles to many good people.

    I have recently finished a computer course and will start work very soon, so will start to contribute next week now I will have a sufficient income.

    One of the few genuine truthful and thoroughly excellent places to find information on WHO is doing WHAT matters most. Thanks for your efforts!

  17. Has C. September 1, 2012 @ 2:26 pm

    Dear Brother,

    The author of the article about the “draft report of intelligence community” at the site “My Catbird Seat” Jeff Goodall has qualified added this for the benefit of the doubters of the existence of the draft:

    “Several commentators in a number of forums are suggesting that Franklin Lamb’s article is deliberate disinformation, intended to interfere with the current American elections. And, as some observers suggest, Franklin Lamb doesn’t provide a link to any original material.

    Then again, the disclaimer at the foot of FPJ’s article puts things into context – “Editor’s Note: While this report does not mention the source for the information concerning the alleged draft report, FPJ with permission from the author is able to disclose that the source is a staffer with a certain research unit of the CIA.”

    And if this is still just a draft, it is hardly surprising there is no original link; it will not be posted until it is approved, and because of its controversial potential, even if it is approved it may quite possibly never be made public.

    So we are placed in a situation where, despite the believability of the basic information, we have to either trust FPJ and author Lamb, or indulge in speculations.

    Some commentators have suggested that the report is a “psy-op” intended to lull us to sleep by suggesting that all is well, and that things are being looked after. But if that is true, then in my humble opinion, how could people so easily put to sleep ever wake up in the first place?”

    I do find his arguments quite convincing.

    Yours, HC

  18. Brass September 1, 2012 @ 2:33 pm

    Re: Demspey and Powell

    Someone needs to question the course. These are peoples’ lives at stake.

    And in the recession, Powell has pointed out that this is what other countries are doing:

    “They’re increasing their economies, they’re building wealth, they’re educating their kids, they’re building their infrastructure. That’s what we need to be doing.”

    Isn’t two wars enough?

  19. Hans September 1, 2012 @ 3:21 pm

    You expect something from C. Powell – a power and career hungry Negro, on his hands is the blood of millions, you trust him? Really?

    He who lied at UN and told something about “mobile weapons laboratory” in Iraq which never existed ?

    Get serious! A mass murderer will never help you! Because this is bad for his career.

    He who could care less about millions of Iraqis lives which are now born deformed, and he won’t give a s**t for millions of Americans which will be born in future into Jewish slavery.

    Get it – such people are not part of the solution, they are part of the problem.

    As a child I always liked Americans. When they had manoeuvres here in Germany (they destroyed a lot of woods but the taxpayer paied for it) they deliberately left peanut butter behind for us children (good persons); photoluminescent strips that was very interesting for us children, and of course can openers. Yeah the can openers were very unique here.

    What was most interesting for us children were the Negroes (with their V signs ) because we had never seen Negroes before in real life before.

    Today I know my father was always right as he said:

    “Keep away from the Americans, they are all murderers.”

    As a child I didn’t understand what he mean because can openers and peanut butter was more interesting then the teachings of the old man. But today I get a hunch of what he really meant to tell us:

    “First they kill us, then they kill themselves.”

    Sorry to say but it seems that he was right.

  20. Mr. Smith September 1, 2012 @ 3:42 pm

    Bibi is upset because General Martin Dempsey is a supposed “servant” of Iran.

    Everyone knows that Amerikan generals are supposed to serve only Israel.

  21. TheHolyCrow September 1, 2012 @ 3:59 pm

    Coild it be that the preliminary assays at Fort Knox is all coming up Tungsten, and the Brass realizes it was the Zionists who had control of the premises for decades under Greenspan, Rubin, Summers et al?

    Nah, that couldn’t be it. All the gold is safe, right???

  22. TheHolyCrow September 1, 2012 @ 4:09 pm

    Or maybe that big pow-wow of 100 nations that just got over, made a resolution that it was time to put the rabid dog down, before they get the whole damn world destroyed in a nuclear WW3, all for their aggrandizement.

    All I can say is good riddance to bad rubbish. My tears will be for the collateral damage and the innocents who are at the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe Odigo can warn some off.

  23. Johnny Sweden September 1, 2012 @ 5:20 pm

    Dear Hans (September 1, 2012 @ 3:21 pm)

    Interesting to read about your experience from Germany.

    Was your father in the WW2? How is the situation in Germany today, are people free from the WW2 trauma now or does it still play a role in your society today? How strong is the Zionist power in Germany today, do they own media, banks, industries to dominating degree?

    I read today that Germany had the largest trade surplus in the world. I must say I am very impressed with Germany’s achievement, 80 million people exporting more than China (1300), India (1100), USA (300), Brazil (190), Russia (140), it is absolutely amazing.

    When I was a young boy I worked at a battery production plant in Sweden in the summers, and every time we had an export order to Germany, my father (production manager) came out on the factory floor telling us that all batteries must be in perfect condition because these batteries is going to Germany, so I guess Germans were already very quality conscious back then.

    Well, just interested.

  24. Pepster September 1, 2012 @ 5:26 pm

    To those who are sceptical about Dempsey and Powell, we just don’t know how much they might hold their position, given the pressure which may be brought to bear. But a lot of water has passed under the bridge since 9/11, and I think that many more people have since woken up and changed sides than is immediately apparent.

    Unfortunately, despite the enormous groundswell of rage across the board against the relentless Zionist warmongering, one also senses a great frustration about what to do about it.

    There must be many right-minded members of the US government who would love to kick the Zionists out of the government and put the US back on track, but the internal surveillance is so complete, they don’t even know where to start. It would be very frustrating.

    Those leaders who have actually tried to do something have not lasted long – Kennedy and Agnew are two names which come to mind. About all that seems to be left is to pray.

  25. Shane September 1, 2012 @ 6:32 pm

    After I sat with my wife and prayed over dinner tonight, God began to work in my heart.

    Brother Nathanael is right in that there is a judgement impending on America, and I believe now that it can’t be avoided because most of us here can’t see or won’t see.

    The Synagogue of Satan is going to do what they’ve always done, divide and conquer.

    In the economic collapse to come, Right will be pitted against Left, race against race in violence, and the slavemasters will intervene as the predetermined solution to this Kabbalistic/Hegelian battle of thesis vs. antithesis, in order to bring about the offer and acceptance of the totalitarian kingdom of Lucifer they’ve planned.

    It will be all too easy to get dragged into sides in this conflict, but this is not Christ’s will for us! Stop thieves by offering them bread! Love your neighbor, for in these times we will all be poor and suffering.

    God helped me to see tonight that I am culpable, too. How many words have I spoken that have driven divisiveness into people’s hearts? I am convicted to no longer be sucked into any racial/class conflicts. I cannot control the hearts of others, but I can control mine.

  26. Seek The Truth September 1, 2012 @ 8:33 pm

    Holocaustianity is the great weapon of the Zionists. The Zionists use it to fill people full of shame and guilt and to force them to worship Jews instead of Jesus.

    What holds up holocaustianity is the great Hitler/Nazi myth that Hitler was a monster that killed 6 million Jews and Hitler is thereby connected to all Christiandom.

    But when it’s revealed that the Nazis were loaded with Zionist Jews and Hitler himself was at least partly Jewish and surrounded by Jews telling him what to do, it completely destroys holocaustianity and replaces it with reality which is that the Zionists used war and terrorism and a boogeyman to establish the devil’s Israel and the holocaust racket.

    But as long as there are stiff necked people who see Hitler as a wonderful saviour of non Jews, the Jews will milk it forever and bury all Christians with the myth.

    So I suggest giving up the big, fat, Hitler-loving, Jew-hater ego, and knock down that giant tent pole called Hitler that holds up all the Zionist lies.

  27. Matt Wayne September 1, 2012 @ 9:15 pm

    In reply to Shane’s comment.

    Jesus said he came not to bring peace, but a sword. Matthew 10:34-36

    His intent was never to make us all one big happy family, but instead to separate the goats from the sheep, the righteous from the unrighteous.

    Jesus also said not to cast your pearls before swines, don’t help Satan or aide his cause. Jesus also chased the money changers out of the temple with a whip.

    If more people stood up for what’s right before God as Brother Nathanael is and spoke the truth, then America maybe wouldn’t be in the situation it is.

    Too many Christians in America are too willing to make a compromise with the devil, hold his hand and sing songs round the campfire so we can all just get along. Being deceived that they can serve 2 masters.

    Our allegiance is to God, Jesus Christ and his chosen people through faith. If you don’t stand with God in this life, He won’t stand with you in the next.

  28. Wallace September 1, 2012 @ 10:22 pm

    September 1, 2012 @ 8:33 pm, Seek The Truth wrote:

    “The Nazis were loaded with Zionist Jews and Hitler himself was at least partly Jewish and surrounded by Jews telling him what to do…”


    You really ought to take your own name as a suggestion to yourself because you clearly have no idea what you’re on about.

    Sheer idiocy!

  29. Paul87 September 1, 2012 @ 10:57 pm

    Well said again Seek.

    Any movement that openly hails Hitler and rises their hand in the air will be the first to be shot down by the Jews AND OTHERS. They have no chance and thank God.

    Any Slavic or Christian who actually thinks Hitler was good is not right in the head (no offense Hitler worshipers).

    More on topic, I believe Dempsey may have some logic to his actions/words. The problem is there are higher ranked military members who actually willingly side with the Jews.

  30. Hans September 2, 2012 @ 12:00 am

    Dear Johnny,

    No my father was not in WW2, but grandfather. Father survived as a baby a bombing and since then my grandmother did not speak much any more. For about 50 or 60 years or so.

    Thankfully, rank and file soldiers are everywhere all very normal people like you and me. But the higher you look the more bad people you can find.

    I have written off the idea that the military one day will do anything against the exploitation. Forget that, they are a tool of the persons in power.

    WW2 trauma exists only by persons who experienced the war and there are not many any more. The current generation is totally brainwashed, for persons outside this is not understandable.

    For a reason the German national figure “Michel” has a night cap. Germans are gullible and believe everything. At least the most.

    The Zionist power as you call it is not as obvious than in America but definitely there. Just criticize Judaism in public and you know what I mean.

  31. $10 Bagel September 2, 2012 @ 12:20 am

    Wallace is 100% correct on this one.

    Hitler was not Jewish and not Black.

    If the JEWS can get most everyone to hate Adolf Hitler and then get the White nationalists to think Hitler was a JEW, then the JEWS have gotten everyone to buy into their Hitler boogey-man.

    I’m ashamed that with all the good info on this site that some people have not taken the time to learn.

  32. Chocolate Charlie September 2, 2012 @ 3:50 am

    Planned war on Iran and the general who said No!
    Gordon Duff

    On Line: 24 August 2012 17:15

    Today, General Dempsey, Chairman of America’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, the man who flew to Tel Aviv and informed Netanyahu that the United States wanted no part of his scheming against Iran was the subject of an assassination attempt in Afghanistan.

    This wasn’t an act of terrorism or Taliban militants. It was a “mob hit” against someone who failed to kiss the feet of Netanyahu. His response was to unleash killers, not a fact for the public but a fact just the same, one the American military knows very well. Netanyahu has a problem with “hubris.”

    The culprits, “militants,” managed to escape undetected from the most sophisticatedly defended real estate on earth, the perimeter of Bagram Air Force Base. Lucky for them they attacked at night, a time when America’s 5th generation night vision, ground radar and other detection systems were mysteriously disabled.

    The rocket detection systems, early warning blimps with ground penetrating synthetic aperture radar and the continual coverage by UAV drones using infrared detection, $2 billion in technology on this one perimeter alone, cost the plane of America’s top military commander and wounds were sustained by two crew members.

    Dempsey had just left Tel Aviv where he told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the following:

    “I may not know about all of [Israel’s] capabilities, but I think that it’s a fair characterization to say that they could delay but not destroy Iran’s nuclear capabilities.”

    Dempsey then told waiting reporters:…….

    Bro Nat , Is this really true ? If so WOW !

    This long a furious article was written by : Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran, a combat infantryman, and Senior Editor at Veterans Today. His career has included extensive experience in international banking along with such diverse areas as consulting on counter insurgency, defense technologies or acting as diplomatic representative for UN humanitarian and economic development efforts.

    The article was first published on August 22, 2012 on Press TV website.

    Press TV is a 24-hour English language news network owned by the state-owned media corporation Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). Its headquarters are …

  33. Has C. September 2, 2012 @ 3:58 am

    Adolf Hitler was a German patriot. Nobody who knew or met him (except for Douglas Reed) has ever been in doubt about this.

    The confusion about Hitler’s origin was widespread in prewar Europe. Much of anti-NS propaganda was using this confusion. Douglas Reed wrote in his “Controversy of Zion” that even:

    “…when I was in Prague in 1939 a rabbi there was preaching that Hitler was the Jewish Messiah, so that a worried Jewish acquaintance asked me what I thought of this.”

    Even today misguided people like Jim Condit are propagating the idea of Hitler being a Jew, but this does not make Condit a Jew or a Jewish propagandist. He is just misguided.

    Also some Jewish acquaintances of mine like the idea of Hitler having supposedly been part-Jewish. He was a clever man, after all!

  34. Wotan September 2, 2012 @ 4:19 am

    Wallace & Bagel, I second your statements in full.

    The statements of these 2 fellows are so preposterous that they don`t qualify for further comment.

    Hans: I enjoyed your authentic stories, nostalgic memories crawled up. As for Germany, I don’t believe the population is quite as lethargic as in the USA and that applies to Europe as a whole. That`s why they are combating alternative views in Europe by legal measures, which is not yet the case in the USA.

    As for Powell and others in the USA: Of course we all remember how Powell, with faithful dog’s eyes, has dished up the story of mobile chemical laboratories.

    On the other hand: Don’t forget that especially in the USA the Jew is meanwhile dropping all pretense and acting more and more without camouflage.

    This may lead to people changing their views. Horst Mahler is a case in point, and the latter wife of Karl Frahm seems also to have succeeded in causing miraculous changes in that man`s head. This can also happen in the US.


    “Dempsey is a hardcore Bolshevik”: Communism didn’t succed in the USA, that`s why the Jew developed the concept of Liberalism. But Lieberalism and the Military are anti matter!

    A lot of the appointment procedures you describe are probably right to the point, but you know physics: When you condense matter to a certain degree it will explode. No empire has lasted forever and the Jew Empire will also come to an end.

    For the people of the Western Hemisphere it would be preferable if this happened through internal change or collapse rather than by total destruction of a global WWIII.

  35. Shane September 2, 2012 @ 4:55 am

    @ Matt Wayne-

    Re-read my post. I’m not talking about sitting around the campfire, singing songs with our enemies.

    Somebody on here suggested on the previous article’s comments that, when the stuff hits the fan, the DHS may covertly turn over these hollow point rounds to New Black Panthers or Hispanic gangs to try to start a race war that would justify their (Zionists and their Masonic flunkies) intervention.

    Knowing the nature of Kabbalistic philosophy (pit one agenda against the other and control both sides), such a scenario is very plausible. No lovng father is going to stand aside if somebody comes to physically harm his family. But you’ve got to remember that the ultimate power against Christ in this world is Lucifer, these people are just his front operations.

    Fascism was created as a diametrical form of opposition to Communism. I’m not going to get into arguments on whether Hitler was part Jewish or not. The genetic results from his family members raise eyebrows, but one does not have to be Jewish to serve Satan’s purpose.

    The point is Nazism, even if you’re going to argue that Jewish propaganda has exaggerated Hitler and I think this is true, was not of Christ. Hitler merely transferred the racial self-worship conscience of the Jews onto ‘Aryans’. Christ taught to help the sick and infirmed.

    The eugenic ideas behind Nazism (genetic selection to better mankind’s ‘stock’) are pure KABBALAH- following its arrogant concept of ‘tikkun olam,’ a Jewish idea that God made the world imperfect so that Jews could perfect it.

    Just remember to rally around Christ, and not the white race. I was a self-styled white nationalist for years. There are a lot of agnostics, atheists, neopagans, etc among those ranks. Revelations 5:9 says that Christ’s blood purchased men of every nation and tongue.

  36. GS Patton September 2, 2012 @ 5:28 am


    Diaries, General Patton : A Soldier’s Life (2002) by Stanley P. Hirshson, p. 661

    “… and this applies particularly to the Jews, who are lower than animals…”

    NB: Some claim General Patton was “neutralized” by the usual suspects.

  37. Wotan September 2, 2012 @ 7:44 am

    @Shane September 2, 2012 @ 4:55 am

    You say “…Fascism was created as a diametrical form of opposition to Communism…”

    Are you aware of the difference between “Fascism” and “National Socialism”?

    You say “…I’m not going to get into arguments on whether Hitler was part Jewish or not…”

    But then you say “…The genetic results from his family members raise eyebrows…”

    Do you know the meaning of the words “genetic” and “genealogical”? Can you give a source where, when and by whom genetic tests were carried out on Hitler and his forebears?

    If Hitler was a family member of International Jewry why were they hellbent to destroy him? Why are they demonising him to this very day? Why are they legislating against him?

    I am absolutely certain that anybody who is putting such ideas on the table is either not in pssession of all his faculties or he is trying to further the Jewish agenda of confusing people until they don`t know what is left and right anymore!

  38. Steven Rowlandson September 2, 2012 @ 10:01 am

    I think that, thanks to people like Dr. Alan Sabroski, the word is getting around to military personnel that support for the globalist and Zio-masonic agenda is a very bad idea and such agendas are a clear and present threat to the security of the United States and its real allies.

    I just hope it makes a difference.

  39. Bill September 2, 2012 @ 11:39 am

    Hitler did nothing that 108 other Catholic Euro Nation states before him did previously, just with more precision and grace.

    * 7 million Germans put back to work.
    * Jew Banksters flee for their lives, including Warburg.
    * German production at all time highs with great efficiency.
    * Jew controlled Central Bank abolished, Fiat interest charging currency No more.
    * Abortion Outlawed.
    * Existing Gun Control reversed and legal (Except for Jews)
    * Family birth rates at all time highs. Families subidized to have more children.
    * Working for Jews made Illegal for German women under 40.
    * German infrastructure built up and becomes the envy of the modern world.
    * Hitler wins 2 peace prizes, AmeriKa suffers worst depression.
    * Madagascar (A Remote Island off of Africa) becomes the target to export and expat Jewry, but was not plausible during wartime, sadly.

    Jews and their shills hate Hitler, and the truth…because he was a man of action.

    Carolyn Yeager eloquently refutes the Judaic inspired nonsense of Hitler being partially Jewish.

  40. Shane September 2, 2012 @ 11:40 am


    re: Hitler and genes, not genealogy, can’t believe you haven’t seen this-

    As for why Hitler may bave been part Jewish and opposed Jews, you don’t take into account that what we may be dealing with here are supernatural forces if he were descended from the bloodline of the Rothschilds.

    In regards to ‘National Socialism’ vs ‘fascism’, again show me where Hitler was not anti-communist (a good thing), as well as white supremacist and pro-eugenics (both bad things).

    Understand that I believe in Jesus Christ, and don’t pay lip service to Christianity merely as a kind of cultural expression of the white race the way some white nationalists do.

  41. Matt Wayne September 2, 2012 @ 11:47 am

    In Reply to Shane:

    The problem is that many times people don’t recognize their enemy. The devil is the great deceiver and can even come as an angel of light.

    I didn’t make any comment about Hitler, there has been so much said and since the source is generally the children of the devil, it makes me doubt much of it. Only God will determine how Hitler will be judged. It seems though, that he did try to break off the Zionist yoke of bondage.

    In today’s Talmudic Zionist PC society, Christians are made out to be haters, because some of us won’t condone the moral corruptness of the world.

    We don’t believe in love between 2 men, we don’t believe a woman should have enough control over her own body to kill her own child, we don’t believe in endless warmonger for God’s enemies and those that hate Jesus Christ and we believe only Jesus paid the price for our salvation and so on. And many of us speak our beliefs.

    You appear to have a very simplistic view and seem have thrown out rational thinking, discernment and sound judgment in favor of a pair of rose colored glasses. This is exactly what ZOG wants from everyone who professes to be a Christian.

    The Canaanites had abominable and evil practices and God had then destroyed. Sodom and Gomorrah had detestable practices and God destroyed them.

    Some of the nations of the world are filled similar people, have a short conversation with many and you’d be appalled at how they think. Many nations in the world have rejected Jesus and hate the message.

    In today’s PC society the Zionist would like to issue immigration visas to the Canaanites, the residences of Sodom and Gomorrah and anyone else who hates and rejects Jesus. Anything to dilute Christianity in America.

    If it hasn’t already, eventually the scale will tip and persecution of primarily white European Christians will begin as we lose our influence.

    God never called us to invite every unclean and vile spirit into our house. Instead he called us to come out and be separate.

    It’s not about the racial hate you might have once had; it’s about not giving our country over to peoples and nations that reject the Lord Jesus and God.

    It sounds as if you’re being manipulated on how to think, all they have to do is call you a racist or hater and out goes all reasoning.

  42. Shane September 2, 2012 @ 11:59 am

    Also @Wotan

    I wonder if you are familiar with the concepts of the Hegelian dialectic or the Kabbalah Tree of Life. Kabbalah is considered advanced study for Jews, and is a kind of Jewish occult mysticism.

    Under the Tree of Life teachings of Judaism, opposing forces become synthesized to create the manifestation of God in the material realm.

    Those opposing forces are represented by ‘mercy’ and ‘severity’ (much like Hillel and Shammai, the Pharisees who first began to write down the phony Oral Law of the Mishnah, are considered liberal and conservative voices of the Talmud).

    So powerful Jews like the Rothschilds might financially back both a left wing and right wing movement in order to get them to destroy each other and leave a power vacuum for Jews to fill.

    Funny thing, when I was into Norse paganism – I had a book on rune divination, and the author tried to connect the Norse system of ‘worlds’ to the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

    I couldn’t figure out why Norse pagan beliefs should have anythng to do with this Jewish Kabbalah, until I became a true Christ follower and understood the force we are dealing with here is SATAN and all the things he promotes in mankind that God detests– astrology, numerology, divination, spiritualism, sex magic defilement, human sacrifice to false gods, and falseness in general.

  43. Mr. Smith September 2, 2012 @ 12:06 pm

    @ Paul87 —

    “Any Slavic or Christian who actually thinks Hitler was good is not right in the head (no offense Hitler worshipers).”

    You are right about this, Paul. Unfortunately so. This is a topic that should be clarified once and for all.

    The historical record shows that, after the beginning of the German invasion of the USSR (which was preemptive, according to the Soviet defector Vladimir Resun who writes under the name Viktor Suvorov), a significant percentage of the Soviet population was willing to collaborate with the Germans, but was not allowed to — by the Germans themselves!

    This was the result of policy decisions taken at the highest levels, i.e, by Hitler himself, who saw Russia and “its vassal border states” as the basis of a future German colonial empire. He called Russia “our India” and relegated a role to the Russians, Ukrainians and Belorussians analogous to that occupied by the Indian masses under the British Raj, or the Fellahin in Egypt.

    Wehrmacht troops who served in Russia were often furious at the contemptuous waste of a great political opportunity that this unprecedented situation presented.

    Oberst Claus von Stauffenberg, General Hennning von Tresckow and other career German army officers who participated in the July 20 plot against Hitler were strong supporters of winning the Soviet peoples for the anti-Stalin cause.

    So, in fact, was Goebbels, but he publicly deferred to Hitler on maters of policy. There were even factions within the Hitler Youth leadership that favored an alliance with the Russian- and other Soviet peoples, and who referred to the Russian people as “one of the most gifted among the White races” (see the memoirs of BDM officer and ideologist Melita Maschmann for more on this).

    How did Hitler react to the mass offer of support from Soviet citizens? After seeing his troops being welcomed with bread and salt in the Ukraine, he sent the semi-literate petty bourgeois party hack Erich Koch to Kiev, to rule as Reichskomissar and to soften up the Ukrainians for their designated role as an amorphous pool of raw manpower.

    Koch announced flatly that there was “NO Ukrainian culture” and immediately closed the university of Kiev. He also kept the Kolkhozes (collective farms) intact and OPENLY announced that he would squeeze every last drop of wealth out of the Ukraine for the Reich, since “Untermenschen” needed very little to survive.

    The result of Koch’s rule was that, after a short interval had passed, the powerful Ukrainian partisan movement (which had initially limited its attacks to the Red Army and Soviet partisans) began full-scale operations against both the Germans AND Soviets.

    Then there is the role of the SS in “aiding” the German war effort in the East. One way the SS “helped” the Reich in its fight for its life was to issue for mass circulation, in 1942, an illustrated publication called “Der Untermensch.”

    This magazine-style brochure featured a collection of photos of supposed “subhuman” Russian physiognomies, and included such pithy little comments as “whether under the Tartars, Peter or Stalin, this people is born for the YOKE.”

    Heinrich Himmler referred to the captured Soviet General A.A. Vlasov, a highly ABLE officer and field commander who had joined the Germans (under the sponsorship of Russian-speaking German army officers of Baltic-German origin) as an “impertinent subhuman” and a “bolshevik,” even after Vlasov had agreed to head the “Committee for the Liberation of the People’s of Russia” and issued the “Proclamation of Smolensk” in 1943.

    These efforts, which Vlasov and countless other Russian patriots took VERY seriously, were intended merely as propaganda by Hitler.

    Russian territories were to be squeezed economically, Russian and Ukrainian labor “recruited” under kidnapping-like conditions, and Russian cultural sites were to be pillaged and destroyed. Saint Petersburg and Moscow were to be leveled in an effort to crush the centers not of Bolshevism, but of Russian statehood.

    This Nazi idiocy meant that anti-Communist Russians who loved their Motherland but hated Stalin and Jewish Bolshevism ended up with no alternative but to fight for Stalin. It cost Germany the war and, worst of all, its eastern territories that were its bridge to the east.

    The sheer awfulness of Soviet rule is indicated by the fact that, despite this abuse and Hitler’s openly proclaimed plans, between eight hundred thousand and one million Soviet citizens served in the German Wehrmacht.

    Much Soviet manpower was utilized surreptitiously by German divisional staffs as “Hiwis” (“Hilfswilliger,” or Volunteers) who served as drivers, cooks, and anti-partisan troops, were armed and wore German uniform. Hitler came down hard on this practice wherever he found it, had decreed that no Russian, Ukrainian, etc. was ever again to bear arms, either during- or (especially) after the war.

    The ironic thing is that many of the non-Nazi German patriots who advocated an alliance with the Russian people were cultivated, career military men from the Prussian aristocracy (which had interacted with Slavs for centuries and was used to them), while those party hacks who shrilly proclaimed the inferiority of the Slavs were South Germans and Rhinelanders of lower middle class origin.

    The best of these truly noble Germans was General Hellmuth von Pannwitz, commander of Cossack volunteer units, who was a Silesian who spoke Slavic languages who was elected as “Hetman of all Cossacks” by his men.

    When Germany’s Cossack volunteers were handed over to Stalin by the Amerikans and their British subordinates in 1945, Pannwitz (who could have claimed POW status from the “Western” allies) freely went to his death in the USSR in order to stay with his troops.

    Even if Hitler had his “good points” (yes, he was right about the Jews), his parochialism, arrogance and stupidity vis a vis RUSSIA blew it for us ALL.

  44. Shane September 2, 2012 @ 12:30 pm

    Matt Wayne,

    I’m not as gullible as you may think.

    There are 67 million Christians in China, 24 million in India and many thousands in the Middle East, some of whom are Palestinian Arabs and Semites who are persecuted daily by the Jewish settlers that groups like Christians United For Israel support.

    These people face a real persecution for their beliefs we may soon come to get acquainted with here.

    I know Jewish lobbying is behind throwing the borders open post-1965 because their belief is that their one world Jewish kingdom will only be created as the nations and races of the world are dissolved (except for them of course).

    I was a member of an immigration reform organization years ago. There has been serious grass roots opposition to our immigration policy for 20 years now. Nothing has changed!

    You have to accept that God is in control, and His Will is more important than that American flag, which will pass from this Earth, and racial political interests. We let Christ-hating Jews have our country, wreck our morals, and this is what we get. Stop loving this world so much.

    It will pass one day. Do what is right before God.

  45. $10 Bagel September 2, 2012 @ 1:01 pm

    I guess according to the Slavs commenting here, Christians like me aren’t “RIGHT IN THE HEAD” because I have come to realize that Hitler was a HERO and not the monster the Jews have made him out to be.

    Hitler was anything but stupid as the brilliant Mr. Smith has asserted.

    The Slavs commenting here should go read some of Brother Nathanael’s articles from a few years ago where Adolf Hitler is show in good light. Yes, that’s right. Go back and read them.

  46. Mr. Smith September 2, 2012 @ 3:11 pm

    $10 Bagel —

    I have been researching Hitler and the Third Reich for five decades and know more than you could ever hope to know on the subject.

    I read much of this history in GERMAN and I know enough to bypass the worthless Jew-Amerikan comic-book pap that is passed off as “history” in the decadent Anglosphere. I have even been to the ruins of the Wolf’s Lair and the Berghof.

    Simply put, the policies carried out by Hitler resulted in Germany’s losing the war. Not only did he not mobilize the German economy until it was too late, but he refused to offer his greatest potential allies, i.e., the Russian people, any incentive to join his anti-communist cause, which many wanted fervently to do.

    He actively rebuffed their support. He GUARANTEED that they had no alternative to fighting him.

    Hitler, OTOH, was sentimental about England, with its materialistic Protestant Cromwellian-Jewed heritage and degenerate upper classes, who (apparently unbeknownst to him) viewed the Germans as little better than the “wogs” and “nignogs” over whom they lorded. He treated them with kid gloves despite their proven hostility and Judaic affinities.

    Hitler let the BEF escape from Dunkirk as a “peace offering” and got the Hamburg and Dresden firestorms in return. Do you think this was a good bargain for Germany?

    I wish Germany HAD won, but to do so they would have had to come to an accommodation with other peoples. That their leaders refused to do so, believing they destroy the vast USSR without the help of the Russians themselves, is the product of BLINDNESS and ARROGANCE (a.k.a. STUPIDITY).

    Do you think this was an intelligent policy to pursue?

    Please tell me WHICH of the SPECIFIC historical facts I stated above are WRONG, and HOW they are wrong. For example, tell me that Himmler did NOT call Vlasov a “Bolshevik.”

    Tell me how the SS supported anti-red Russian patriots against their mutual enemy, Stalin, and encouraged sabotage in the Soviet rear areas. If you can’t support your assertions with facts, you are just spouting platitudes.

    Hitler should have proclaimed an anti-communist Russian government the second the Wehrmacht crossed the Soviet border in 1941. This is what Stalin feared MOST, according to Khrushchev.

    Instead, Hitler told the Russian people “we want nothing from you but your surrender and your death and don’t care in the slightest what you think, want or are offering.” Most GERMAN SOLDIERS on the ground in Russia did NOT share this attitude, by the way.

    Don’t make this a Slav v. Teuton issue — half my heritage is PRUSSIAN, as a matter of fact, and you DON’T know the other half, because I never stated it here. Half my relatives therefore come from the part of Germany that Hitler PISSED AWAY because he thought Russians were the same as “wogs,” while he conducted his unrequited love affair with those effete, boy-buggering upper-class degenerate “old boys” in Old Blighty who dropped fire on German cities.

    I hate commies but I rather like Russians. Ever hear of Herder? I remember the 19th century, when Prussia and Russia were allies, and the Kings of Prussia and the Russian Czars were COUSINS.

    Do you think the people of Danzig, Breslau and Königsberg wound up better off as a result of Hitler’s conduct of the war? The leader of a country that is destroyed in war has responsibility for defeat, just as he gets credit for victory.

  47. $10 Bagel September 2, 2012 @ 4:03 pm

    “Simply put, the policies carried out by Hitler resulted in Germany’s losing the war.”

    NO, NO, NO, NO!!!

    Hitler’s policies resulted in Germany prospering once again. The only bad mistake that Hitler made was overextending his army.

    Hitler “did not mobilize the economy” fast enough???

    It took Mr. Smith 50 years of studying German history and he doesn’t know that Hitler made Germany boom faster than ever before?

    I can not believe what I am hearing from the commenters here. Hitler WAS NOT a Bolshevik implant.

    Hitler has never been attacked so much on this website as he is being right now. It sounds like many of you have the same axe to grind as the Jews.

    What is wrong with you guys and where did you all of a sudden come from?

  48. Matt Wayne September 2, 2012 @ 4:18 pm

    Dear Shane,

    Have you ever been to the former Soviet Union? When I’ve been there, I can feel it in my spirit and God bears witness that the blood cries from the ground from the Jewish Bolshevik’s murders of Christians, as also, Abel’s blood cried from the ground.

    The same havoc and murders, the Jews would like and I believe plan on reaping upon America.

    This world is not our home and to us of faith we’re just passing through. That doesn’t mean we sit back and pray in the corner when someone breaks into our house starts killing our kids and raping our wife.

    Jesus told his disciple to buy a sword. When the Jews came for Jesus, it says Peter had a sword and drew it and cut off the ear of the high priest’s servant. Peter carried a sword. John 18:10.

    In today’s Godless society, I know the disciples would probably be carrying also.

    In 2 Corinthians 11:26 Paul said he was in constant danger and perils. The only thing many Godless people understand is a deterrent or punishment. They look for a mark and their conscience is no obstacle.

    Jesus told his disciples to be a wise as serpents. I believe to give the Christians and their families over to the devil’s people without a word is a mistake.

    The devil has come to kill, steal and destroy, and I have no plans of enabling him.

  49. Brother Nathanael September 2, 2012 @ 4:41 pm

    @Mr Smith

    I was very close with a Dr Eugene Magerovsky, who recently passed on, who taught Russian history at Georgetown University.

    He often used to inform me that when Hitler liberated Western Russia from Stalin that Orthodox Churches “mushroomed” throughout the region and that Hitler was hailed as a “hero.”

    Dr Magerovsky went on to say that Hitler did not avail himself to a new force that could be used to defeat Stalin.

    This information was conveyed to me back in 2005 by Dr Magerovsky, two years before starting this site, Real Jew News. It was surprising information that I was never aware of and stayed in my mind.

    Then last year, an avid fan of Hitler who saw both his good and bad points, (as you obviously do, Mr Smith), recommended to me an unknown book on Hitler titled, “I Knew Hitler,” by Kurt Ludecke.

    Ludecke goes into much detail in his book, one such detail being that Alfred Rosenberg pleaded with Hitler over and over again to allow the very willing “liberated” Russians to join the Wermacht as a fighting force, but Hitler would not heed Rosenberg’s pleas.

    I was quite struck by this account and recalled Dr Magerovsky’s similar assertions.+BN

  50. $10 Bagel September 2, 2012 @ 5:00 pm

    Here is one of Mr. Smith’s scholarly quotes from above:

    “Even if Hitler had his “good points” (yes, he was right about the Jews), his parochialism, arrogance and stupidity vis a vis RUSSIA blew it for us ALL.”

    So Mr. Smith admits Hitler had it right about the Jews, but then goes on to call Hitler SELFISH, ARROGANT, and STUPID.

    Mr. Smith is hardly what I would consider an avid Hitler fan.

  51. Steven Rowlandson September 2, 2012 @ 5:02 pm

    There has been much BS spouted and it is time to clear up some things.

    1. Jews think all non-Jews are cattle that can be exploited, robbed or killed as a general principle. This is a serious part of their religion. Only Jews are human beings and to quote Menachem Begin:

    “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” – Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in a speech to the Knesset.

    And they have the gall to complain about Nazis!

    2. They consider White people to be special enemies above all other races.

    3. They consider Jesus Christ and Christians to be serious religious criminals worthy of persecution and execution.

    Christian Zionist must be cuckoo to suck up to their avowed arch-enemy. Talking about putting one’s head in to the guillotine and pulling the rope. Isn’t suicide considered a sin?

    4. Jews that repent and become christians are not too popular with the rabbis either.

    5. When Jews are weak and poor they sometimes make an outward show of behaving themselves. When they have a country, an army and nukes and plenty of slave states like America they are like a wolf in a sheep pen and think they can do anything and no one can stop or punish them.

    It is a Jeckyl and Hyde syndrome and right now they are on a roll.

    With a bit of luck the SCO countries will give them a lesson in the virtues of humility, restraint and good manners and morals. A lesson that will shock all the Jews of the world into silence for a thousand years. God be especially praised if this happens.

    Since 1900 the percentage of the population of the world that is White has gone from 35% to 8%. It isn’t so much that non Whites are more fertile than Whites, as it is that the so called White nations are not allowed to have their own countries for their own White people.

    Through freemasonry and political activism the jews have taken economic and political control and have been flooding Europe and North America with non-White immigrants, corrupting public morals, jacking up the price of real estate, suppressing wages, liberating the women from being women and committing other legal reforms to get rid of white people under the guise of fighting racism and promoting multi culturalism.

    Anti-White genocide indeed! I dare say that if the UN commanded Israel to accept millions of immigrants, from India for example, every year and treat them like first class citizens, adopt their customs, intermarry with them and worship Hindu gods, the Jews would get the funny idea that a second holocaust by other means is under way.

    They don’t mind dishing out such medicine but they would be loathed to take it themselves. What did Edward the First in the movie Braveheart say? “If you can’t weed them out you breed them out.”

    If the Jews can have a Israel for the Jews, then there can be White countries for White people. England for the English, France for the French, Germany for the Germans and so on.

    In this there is no sin. Anti-White genocide however is unacceptable!

    Getting back to Hitler, he did make some big mistakes and it cost him and his country the war, and alot of White people died on all sides while the banksters laughed all the way to the bank. Guess who really won the war?

    With the right strategies and more time before an out break of war things might have been different. Then again hindsight is 20-20.

  52. Kikes Are All Antichrists September 2, 2012 @ 5:03 pm

    I’d take Hitler over any of the current politicians any day.

    For that matter I’d take white supremacy over Babel any day.

    Zionists can stick it.

  53. Mr. Smith September 2, 2012 @ 5:54 pm

    @ $10 Bagel September 2, 2012 @ 4:03 pm —

    You obviously don’t know the difference between the peacetime economic policies pursued by Hitler to stimulate the depression-ridden German economy on the one hand, and a war economy which has as its objective the strategic reordering of productive capacity to maximize the output of war materiel on the other.

    Hitler kept the German economy on a largely peacetime footing until February 1943 — i.e., after the fall of Stalingrad and the loss of over 750,000 troops and all their materiel — when “Total War” was finally proclaimed by Goebbels.

    This meant that, until a point in time when the war was irretrievably lost on the Eastern Front, German factories were still churning out civilian goods, even as German soldiers in the East lacked sufficient weapons, vehicles, fuel and other equipment.

    Here are more examples: While factories in Germany were churning out pianos, the German army depended on horses for 85% of its transport. It’s main infantry weapon was a five-shot rifle developed in 1898. Its air force lacked a strategic bomber.

    The proclamation of Total War BELATEDLY led to the full mobilization of manpower (at least another million soldiers) within Germany which, until 1943, was kept out of the army due to its employment in non-essential civilian industries.

    This had been the case even though most German divisions in combat in Russia were already, by the Autumn of 1941, 20% to 70% understrength due to crippling losses (though Hitler expected these depleted units to function as if they were at full strength). Some panzer divisions were even functioning at battalion strength.

    “Total War” was merely the mobilization of the economy that SHOULD have been implemented once it was clear the “Phony War” was not going to lead to a negotiated peace (i.e., in early 1940).

    By the Summer of 1941, when Germany was forced by Stalin’s buildup to preemptively invade the USSR, Germany STILL had not mobilized its economy for war.

    This meant invading a vast country that had over 24,000 armored vehicles in its tank park with a German Army that had only about 3200 armored vehicles, and produced only about 40 per MONTH. To put things in perspective, ONE Soviet factory complex in Moscow alone turned out 38,000 high quality tanks during the war.

    To commit the German people to “war in depth” in a life and death struggle without the slightest preparations was criminal. The German people were not responsible to Hitler — he was responsible to THEM.

    I suggest you read Albert Speer’s two memoirs that deal with his work as armaments minister to see the abject state of German war production when he took over the post in 1942, and I also suggest you avoid doing your historical research on Stormfront.

  54. Mr. Smith September 2, 2012 @ 6:06 pm

    @ Brother Nathanael —

    Dr. Magerovsky’s account as relayed by you accords completely with those of Russians and Ukrainians to whom I have spoken, who were in Europe at the time of the Russo-German War.

    The memoirs of many German officers also testify to the rebirth of the Orthodox Church in Russia in areas from which the Red Army was driven, as a spontaneous process among the people which the German Amy supported when it could (it was advancing and fighting constantly).

    I will keep an eye out for the Kurt Ludecke book. Meanwhile, I would recommend the following:

    1) “Against Stalin and Hitler 1941-1945: Memoirs of the Russian Liberation Movement” by Wilfried Strick-Strickfeldt.

    2) “The Illusion: Soviet Soldiers in Hitler’s Armies” by Juergen Thorwald.

    God bless you for your work!

  55. Z-Boy September 2, 2012 @ 7:07 pm

    Joe Cortina said: “Remember, ALL of these ‘victims’ are guilty, ALL had FREE WILL, NONE are innocent — not even my own son.”

    C’mon Bro Joe, weren’t you in Vietnam? I personally refused to go there in ’69 because I knew the whole thing was a huge (as MacNamara said several years ago) “mistake.”

    No one is totally innocent that pays U.S. taxes, Joe. Brother N. was correct in that Hitler did not avail himself (and the world) of a Russian force to throw out the Zionist Bolsheviks.

    My father was a major in WWII and he always said that Germany — Hitler — were very foolish in their cruel treatment of Russian civilians whose villages were taken on their way to Moscow. They — the Christian Russian’s — could have, and probably would have, defeated Stalin.

  56. Jason September 2, 2012 @ 7:43 pm

    So what does this mean ? Is Dempsey going to get canned?

  57. Brass September 2, 2012 @ 7:59 pm

    How Zionists Divide and Conquer

  58. Brass September 2, 2012 @ 8:00 pm

    Zionism and How They Control Us.

  59. Bill September 2, 2012 @ 8:12 pm

    If Germany didn’t commit blunders on the Eastern Front (ie Stalingrad), they could have defeated Russia.

    Victory in the Eastern Front would give Germany the necessary strength to overwhelm the British and Americans and achieve victory in at least the European continent.

    1 If Germany only focused on Moscow, not advancing into the Balkans, if Germany halted Operation Barbarossa (Serb Rebellion in Yugoslavia) and waited until 1942 to attack Moscow, more intense aerial attacks on the Russian oil refineries (Baku in particular) by the Luftwaffe would have cut off Russia from oil, and would have resulted in a victory for Germany.

    Additionally, Dunkirk, offered as a peace overture to Britian, could’ve destroyed England and was arguably NS Germany’s greatest error.

    Its easy to analyze after the fact, play could, woulda, shoulda and critique the mistakes. There were many strategic military blunders on all sides-including US, England, Russia.

    The truth is that Hitler remains a hero for his accomplishments, his National patriotism, his committment to his people and Christian Faith and fighting Jew Marxist Communism.

  60. $10 Bagel September 2, 2012 @ 10:13 pm

    “The truth is that Hitler remains a hero for his accomplishments, his National patriotism, his committment to his people and Christian Faith and fighting Jew Marxist Communism.” – Bill


  61. Hans September 2, 2012 @ 10:50 pm

    @Mr. Smith:

    I would also tend to say it was a mistake not to recruit more volunteers in Russia but I suspect it was in the first place Himmler who was against this.

    Himmler cooked his own soup and in his speeches which he gave to his officers he sometimes said things which were not in the sense of Hitler. Like a coming two class society while Hitler wanted a classless society. Himmler finally betrayed Hitler and was “disinherited.”

    Hitler´s tactical mistakes could come from wrong informations from treacherous officers like “Red Orchestra”.

    In Stalingrad the relief army was sent to the wrong place, Hitler thought the winter clothes were already there but they weren’t. And things like that so maybe he was also influenced by wrong informations and people who tried to prevent this.

    Germany was not at all prepared to attack SU, I think you know the tape where he is speaking to Mannerheim. I would consider this hasty planning of Barbarossa as another source for mistakes but it is aftwards always easy to judge.

    Alone racial motives could not be the reason for refuting of Russian troops, Croats were also Slavs and not rejected at all.

  62. Brother Nathanael September 2, 2012 @ 11:39 pm

    @$10 Bagel

    Hitler’s “Christian Faith?” No way.

    Hitler reworked ‘Christianity’ to suit his own ‘reworked’ form that bore no resemblance to historic Christianity. +BN

  63. Wotan September 3, 2012 @ 4:46 am

    @Brother Nathanael September 2, 2012 @ 11:39 pm

    Dear Bro Nat,

    I have encountered the allegation that Hitler was anti-Christian on the ZCF site, where as a result somebody presented a referenced speech of Hitler, in which he described himself as a Christian. As far as I can make out this was deleted by the owners of that site.

    I myself have referenced the Concordat treaty between Germany and the Vatican, in which summary guarantees were given to to the free operation of this Christian church in Germany.

    From the area (Austrian-German border) where Hitler was born it can be concluded that he was born as a Roman Catholic and I am sure that his book “Mein Kampf” would show passages confirming this. For the purpose of this comment I will spare myself to reread half the book again to offer relevant passages.

    Regarding some of the other comments I can only say: that Bagel is to be commended for his steadfastness. It is indeed only the Jews and their stooges, who attack Hitler and claim at the same time that he was one of their own, which shows that they aren’t ticking properly inside their heads.

    If anybody has doubts on this I recommend re-reading Steven Rowlandson`s comment above, in which he offers a citation of how the Jew defines himself vis a vis the rest of mankind. In the light of this it is stunning how purportedly anti-Jewish individuals relentlessly attack this man, whose life was devoted to neutralising Jewish influence in Germany and trying to inspire the rest of mankind to do likewise. Like many other noble men in history he paid with his life for standing up to the Jews.

    The discussions about the war and especially racial issues are ignoring contemporary parameters of thinking with some of the greatest racial literary works having their origin in the Anglo-saxon world. In spite of all the smears, Russian polls today show that the Russians regard the German people as their best and closest friends in the world.

    And when I hear of all the military experts who say on hindsight Hitler should have done this or Hitler should have done that it causes nausea ad infinitum, which is presumably exactly their purpose. Some of the greatest military experts on all sides have paid reverence to Hitler`s abilities.

    And Hitler was of course so stupid! That’s why Royalty and presidents of all of Europe have passed his door handle into each others hands to visit him, that’s why Lloyd George, former British Prime Minister described him as the greatest German of the century and that’s why Churchill said if ever the UK came into the position where Germany was in 1918 he would hope that his country could likewise produce a man like Adolf Hitler.

    Even Ghandi addressed him as his friend.

    Duality of thinking is part of man`s inner make up and where some people try with eloquent words and phrases to offer their anit-Hitler positions, one may be able to argue
    over the one or the other factual point, but prinicpally one has to accept this duality.

    But other comments are so stupid that it takes ones breath away, with the most stupid of all being those who suggest that Hitler was a Zionist paid and Zionist steered Jewish agent. Was not WWI foisted on the Germans when Hitler was nothing more than a common soldier?

    And was not WWII also forced upon Germany and especially on Hitler by International Jewry? There is irrefutable documentary evidence bearing this out – Judea declares war on Germany!

    And so I am left to imagine what some of these desk-top and internet “generals” would have been able to perform had they been in Hitler`s place at the time!

  64. Bill September 3, 2012 @ 7:57 am


    I respectfully agree with you, of couse.

    Hitler was in fact a Uniter.

    He worked with the Catholic and Lutheran leaders and garnered support from both sides, unanimously. (Of course Freemasons and subversives in both groups were tried and jailed but were in the small minority.)

    1. “Catholics and Protestants are fighting with one another . . . while the enemy of Aryan humanity and all Christendom is laughing up his sleeve.”
    Hitler, _Mein Kampf_, pp.309

    2. “The national (Nazi) government will maintain and defend the foundations on which the power of our nation rests. It will offer strong protection to Christianity as the very basis of our collective morality.

    “Today Christians stand at the head of our country. . . . I pledge that I never will tie myself to parties who want to destroy Christianity . . .We want to fill our culture again with the Christian spirit.

    “We want to burn out all the recent immoral developments in literature, in the theatre, and in the press-in short, we want to burn out the poison of immorality which has entered into our whole life and culture as a result of liberal excess during recent years.” — Hitler ( a Radio Broadcast July 22, 1933; from My New Order. ) (The Speeches of Adolf Hitler, 1922-1939, Vol. 1. pp. 871-872, Oxford University Press,London, 1942)

    3. “I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator.” Hitler, Mein Kampf, p. 46

    4. “What we have to fight for . . . is the freedom and independence of the fatherland, so that our people may be enabled to fulfill the mission assigned to it by the Creator.”
    -Hitler, Mein Kampf, pp. 125

  65. Bill September 3, 2012 @ 8:02 am

    Some more proof, BN+

    1. “As long as leadership from above was not lacking, the people fulfilled their duty and obligation overwhelmingly. Whether Protestant pastor or Catholic priest, both together and particularly at the first flare, there really existed in both camps but a single holy German Reich, for whose existence and future each man turned to his own heaven.”– Hitler, “Mein Kampf”, Vol. 1, Chapter 3

    2. “In the ranks of the movement [National Socialist movement], the most devout Protestant could sit beside the most devout Catholic, without coming into the slightest conflict with his religious convictions. The mighty common struggle which both carried on against the destroyer of Aryan humanity had, on the contrary, taught them mutually to respect and esteem one another.” — Hitler, “Mein Kampf” Vol. 2 Chapter 10]

    3. “I say: my feeling as a Christian points me to my Lord and Saviour as a fighter.

    “It points me to the man who once in loneliness, surrounded only by a few followers, recognized these Jews for what they were and summoned men to the fight against them and who, God’s truth! was greatest not as sufferer but as fighter.

    “In boundless love as a Christian and as a man I read through the passage which tells us how the Lord at last rose in His might and seized the scourge to drive out of the Temple the brood of vipers and of adders.

    “How terrific was His fight for the world against the Jewish poison. Today, after two thousand years, with deepest emotion I recognize more profoundly than ever before—the fact that it was for this that He had to shed His blood upon the Cross. As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice.

    “And as a man I have the duty to see to it that human society does not suffer the same catastrophic collapse as did the civilization of the ancient world some two thousand years ago—a civilization which was driven to its ruin through this same Jewish people.” — Htler, Munich speech of April 12, 1922

    4.”Just as the Jew could once incite the mob of Jerusalem against Christ, so today he must succeed in inciting folk who have been duped into madness to attack those who, God’s truth! seek to deal with this people in utter honesty and sincerity.” — Hitler speech in Munich, 28 July 1922

    5 In the Bible we find the text, “That which is neither hot nor cold will I spew out of my mouth.” This utterance of the great Nazarene has kept its profound validity until the present day.” — Hitler

    “The task which Christ began but did not finish, I will complete. ” — Hitler 1926

    “The fact that the Catholic Church has come to an agreement with Fascist Italy… Proves beyond doubt that the Fascist world of ideas is closer to Christianity than those of Jewish liberalism or even atheistic Marxism, to which the so-called Catholic Center Party sees itself so closely bound, to the detriment of Christianity today and our German people.”

    6.”Let us pray in this hour that nothing can divide us, and that God will help us against the Devil! Almighty Lord, bless our fight! — Hitler address to the SA in 1930


  66. Susie September 3, 2012 @ 3:51 pm

    “To put it bluntly, (for I grew up as a Jew), tough Gentile Generals don’t like taking orders from Jews.”

    That made me smile but I don’t think ‘race’ makes a person great. What makes them great is how kind they are and YOU are very kind.

    When my sister and I found out about the bad Jews and did YouTube videos about them in 2007, (we thought we were the ONLY people that found out what they own and run) only people identifying themselves as ‘Jews’ or ‘Israelis’ were incredibly foul, empty and insulting. Not Blacks, not Mexicans, not illegals….just Jews.

    Sure, they’ll counter attack Dempsey’s decisions with a Na-Ne-Na-Ne-Boo-Boo comment because THERE IS NOTHING ELSE IN THEIR LITTLE NOGGINS TO SAY! They are predictable and transparent….kind of like the ‘King’s Robes,’ don’t ya know?

  67. Norseman September 3, 2012 @ 6:18 pm

    @ Mr. Smith,

    Some of the points you raise are of course true (like Hitler’s pardoning of the English), but then we are all smart 67 years after the end of the war.

    You obviously think (as I do) that Hitler’s pre-emptive attack on the Soviet Union in fact saved Germany and Europe. His handling of the war against France was -even against the advice of a few generals- nothing short of brilliant.

    As Hans pointed out, treason played a big role in derailing the German war effort. One of the best examples: Normandy and traitor Hans Speidel (later rewarded as NATO Commander-in-Chief). Another: the battle Kursk and the “Lucy Ring” spies and traitors.

    And at this point is where your comment puzzles me: you cite non other than 20th July traitors von Stauffenberg and von Tresckow as if they were some kind of saints. Traitors, cowards and murderers of their own comrades! A stab in the back for the front soldier!

    You despise Hitler but admire cowards and traitors…

    Have you ever spoken to Wehrmacht veterans? What do they tell you about the 20th July? Are you somehow smarter than them?

    And for the 50 years of research that you claim to have done, it is quite interesting that you cite Speer’s memoirs. Even superficial students of the subject know that opportunist Speer trimmed his memoirs to whitewash his past, to please his new masters.

    No, Hitler is not to blame for all that went wrong. Germany was up against the greatest powers of the time (USSR, British Empire, USA and France) which were in turn commanded by the Jewish hydra.

  68. Shane September 4, 2012 @ 5:05 am

    First of all, let me clear up a few things about where I stand.

    -I am not a liberal who agrees with the injustice of ‘affirmative action’ quotas.

    -I see, understand and have personally dealt with all my life the anti-White racial bias of the Jewish controlled media and Jewish dominated academia.

    -I believe preferring the company of ones own race is perfectly natural, such that the very basis of nations were ordained by God and their times and habitations decided by Him as is stated in Acts 17:26.

    -I have always opposed our country’s post-1965 immigration policy, and see the Christian mission as one of going to all the nations, not inviting them all into one Tower of Babel.

    -Although I believe the 6 million number of the Holocaust is a myth, I often wonder why white nationalists spend so much time trying to defend Hitler and not enough time bringing to light the dominant Jewish role in the pure Satanic evil of communist murders, which dwarf in their reality even the myths of the Holocaust.

    I would hope that Wotan’s comments about “Jews and their stooges” and “not ticking right in their heads” weren’t aimed at me personally. I think this would be a wild mis-characterization of what I’ve posted on this forum.

    None other than Eustace Mullins himself claimed that Hitler was funded by the Rothschilds.

    That Hitler’s living relatives all possess a y-chromosome haplogroup in their DNA that is a characteristic mark of Ashkenazic Jewry, well . . . I suppose these could be some kind of Jewish plot to discredit Hitler by making him one of them, but with their penchant for racial self-worship, I highly doubt they’d advertise it.

    This does not mean that Hitler was not sincere in his opposition to Jewry, but as Matthew 12:25-27 states, Satan does not drive out Satan for he would then be a kingdom against himself.

    Do some research and look up the history behind the Scofield Bible, behind Mormonism, behind Islam.

    Satan only needs to get God’s message of Truth off just a little to get people headed in the wrong direction. My supposition, and this is only a POSSIBILITY I raise, is that in the milieu of Christian awakening against Jewry in pre-WWII Germany, Hitler may have been the opposition the Synagogue of Satan backed financially in order to guarantee its failure.

    There were certainly millions of OTHER PATRIOTIC GERMANS who were against the Jewish powers. Maybe I’ve just been listening to Jewish History Channel propaganda too much, but I believe Hitler offed a whole slew of his fellow National Socialists on his way to ultimate control.

    But all this is immaterial to me. Hitler’s Christianity reduced Jesus to a totem or archetypal representation of the White race, the way some people, including myself in the past, have invoked the names of false Nordic deities as a kind of archetypal connection to their racial ancestors.

    The real god behind such invocations is the White race. In this worship of the material world, we reduce our selves to nothing more than what the Jews are in God’s eyes- those who reject His Son as a sacrifice for their sins and long for a racial kingdom by which their race might be glorified rather than God.

    As for Bill’s quotes by Hitler- Hey, I bet John Hagee has a thousand more pro-Christian quotes.

    Hitler may have been a complicated man who never was really sure what he believed spiritually, but he no doubt knew he had to appeal to the sensibilities of thousands of German Christians if he were to lead them, and he understood the basic anti-Christian nature of Jewry, his archenemy.

    Some of you are going to cringe to hear this, but any person with his moral compass set on God realizes there are degenerate White people, and persons of other races with good intentions toward mankind (although we all are stained by original sin).

    So if you join up with any violent White racialist movement that would ask you to kill non-combatant Blacks or Latinos or Asians as racial enemies that must be purged, do you think God will bless that?

    You are ripe to be used by the Jews who play us against each other. And there are more and more Jews now who are finding a conscience, and turning on Zionism, defecting against it. Are we to turn them back to their tribe, or toward Christ?

    Brother Nathanael, continue to speak the truth for what it is, and don’t worry about speaking to win converts. The truth wins its own converts, and they are led to it by Christ.

  69. Johnny Sweden September 4, 2012 @ 7:25 am

    Dear Hans,

    Thank you very much for your kind reply, very interesting to read.

  70. Hans September 4, 2012 @ 9:35 am

    @ Norseman

    “As Hans pointed out, treason played a big role in derailing the German war effort”

    That is true. And most traitors were captured by Gestapo because the BBC pronounced them via radio. As thanks so to speak.

    Hitler was not interested in a war or even in a world war. He tried to solve all problems, which had its origins in Versailles Treaty, peacefully and with diplomacy. And he made more compromises than politicians in Weimar Republic were willing to accept.

    Even before WW2 there were several clashes between Weimar Republic and Poland, the “Silesian Uprings” and the “Battle of Annaberg” where German and Polish militias fought against each other, more or less independent from their respective governments. Which had only less influence at the combatants.

    The reason for the German attack on Poland was not “living space in the east.” This is nonsense. The reasons were ethnic tensions and border conflicts.

    As diplomacy came to its end, Hitler decided to solve various problems by force (Danzig, treatment of Germans in Poland).

    Against the advice of his generals (Keitel, who was later murdered at Nurnberg, tried to talk him out of that) who feared that Germany was too weak and will loose.

    France had around 80 divisions near the German west border, and if they had attacked during the Poland campaign the Reich would have probably lost. So Hitler’s plan was very risky.

    But France didn’t attack. Why? Ask the Frenchmen, I don´t know that.

    I am not a “Hitler arm raiser.” But what is true, must stay true:

    Hitler tried to prevent a big war as long it was bearable.

    Everything else in Hollywood-BS.

  71. Wotan September 4, 2012 @ 1:30 pm

    Shane September 4, 2012 @ 5:05 am

    Eustace Mullins was 10 years old when Hitler came to power and before Eustace Mullins could even begin to understand what was happening in this world Hitler was already dead.

    So you say Mullins claimed…this…and Mullins claimed that…etc. Did he claim such things before the end of the war or after the end of the war? Do you know why that is important? Because as of 1945 all Hitler supporters suddenly turned into resistance fighters!

    So when precisely did he claim that? You say all living relatives of Hitler had DNA tests done on them. Who is meant by “all” and when were the tests carried out? Who carried them out and where were they carried out. I hope not in an East Coast Lab?

    For your own orientation it would be helpful if you state when it was first possible to carry out reliable DNA Tests and who took the sample of Hitler!

    You say Mullins claims that Hitler was financed by Rothschild. Does he supply any evidence for that or does he just assert it?

    Evidence is for instance:

    Currency of loan
    Date of loan
    Volume of loan
    Interest on loan
    Agreed time of repayment
    Transferring bank
    Receiving bank
    Date of transfer

    Loan issued by Rothchild from which country, under own name or corporate name?

    Recipient of the loan in Germany, i. e. Adolf Hitler or Goebbels or who?

    Now I presume you are quoting Mullins in the knowledge that all Rothschild Banks in Germany were seized by Hitler and the Rothschilds could no longer show their faces in Germany on account of Hitlers policies.

    Great logic then, Rothschild is kicked out of Germany by Hitler, after which he sends money to Hitler. Shane, you appear to attach some importance to presenting yourself as one, who can think clearly. Do you really believe the tales you are telling make a lot of sense?

  72. Shane September 4, 2012 @ 3:23 pm

    Wotan – and–2E

    Eustace Mullins did immense research on Jewish international finance and wrote multiple books. He was on our side and faced harrassment from Jews who tried to have him committed for his “anti-Semitic” opinions.

    The genetic research was done on 39 of Hitler’s living relatives by geneticists in Europe.

    Again, I don’t see any reason why Jews would WANT to put out false information that Hitler MAY (the results are not conclusive as the DNA sequence could simply be Middle Eastern or North Africa) have been part Jewish.

  73. Shane September 4, 2012 @ 5:27 pm

    On further reading, it appears there may not be a lot to the Hitler/Jewish DNA thing.

    Although the haplogroup is common among Ashkenazic Jews (18-20%), it is more prevalent among Northern Italians (24%) and Southern Greeks (40%) according to an oppositional article I read.

    However, I stand by the assertion that Hitler was not Christian, despite his lip service quotes. You do not put a stylized version of a pagan rune symbol on your flag, the swastika resembling “sowilo” or the sun-wheel in Norse paganism, if your true inspiration is Christ.

  74. KathJuliane September 4, 2012 @ 6:34 pm

    Dear Shane,

    In Christianity, the swastika is used as a hooked version of the Christian Cross, the symbol of Christ’s victory over death. Only after 1945 did it fall out of use, but it is still considered one of the versions of the Cross.

    Some Christian churches built in the medieval Romanesque and Gothic eras in culturally German areas are decorated with swastikas, carrying over earlier Greek, Roman and Byzantine Roman designs.

    Swastikas are prominently displayed in a mosaic in the St. Sophia church of Kiev, Ukraine dating from the 12th century. They also appear as a repeating ornamental motif on a tomb in the Basilica of St. Ambrose in Milan.

    The stole worn by a priest in the 1445 painting of the Seven Sacraments by Roger van der Weyden presents the swastika form simply as one way of depicting the cross.

    Swastikas also appear on the vestments on the effigy of Bishop William Edington (d. 1366) in Winchester Cathedral.

    In the Polish First Republic the symbol of the swastika was also popular with the nobility.

    According to chronicles, the Rus’ prince Oleg, who in the 9th century attacked Constantinople, nailed his shield (which had a large red swastika painted on it) to the city’s gates.

    Several noble houses, e.g. Boreyko, Borzym, and Radziechowski from Ruthenia (Kievan Russyn), also had Swastikas as their coat of arms. The family reached its greatness in the 14th and 15th centuries and its crest can be seen in many heraldry books produced at that time.

    The Swastika was also a heraldic symbol, for example on the Boreyko coat of arms, used by noblemen in Poland and Ukraine.

    In the 19th century the swastika was one of the Russian empire’s symbols; it was even placed in coins as a background to the Russian eagle.

    The Benedictine choir school at Lambach Abbey, Upper Austria, which Hitler attended for several months as a boy, had a swastika chiseled into the monastery portal and also the wall above the spring grotto in the courtyard by 1868.

    Their origin was the personal coat of arms of Abbot Theoderich Hagn of the monastery in Lambach, which bore a golden swastika with slanted points on a blue field. The Lambach swastika may be of Medieval origin.

    At this link are photos of Lambach Abbey with the hakenkreuze in different places, dating to the 1860s. Nationalists in Austria often used the swastika as a symbol long before Hitler did.

    Seriously, the swastika is found virtually everywhere. True, it was a pagan symbol, but almost universally meant eternal life, or good fortune, or when used in opposite pairs, were something like a yin/yang life-death symbol.

    So, so what if it was at one time a pagan symbol? The Cross itself is a symbol from the brutality of crucifixion, but for Christians the Cross is the Tree of Life.

    Christian missionaries everywhere and at all times have used a pagan people’s symbols to make the Christian message relevant and further explain the Gospel. If a pagan people had a symbol for eternal life, and it was then used to explain how Christ died on the Cross to give us eternal life, then how is it inappropriate?

    Germans, like many people around the world, used the swastika in pre-Christian times. It then became a German Christian symbol and motif for centuries, much like the Cross of Lorraine was distinctly “French,” the Cross of Olga distinctly “Russian,” and the Greek Cross distinctly uhhh, “Greek,” or the Saltire Cross of St. Andrew with distinctive association with the Scots.

    So, really what exactly is your point? The claim that since the hakenkreuz is a “pagan symbol,” thereby somehow “proving” that Hitler was a pagan?

    Wait just a minute then. I’ve given you examples of where the hackenkreuz shows up in identifiable traditional Christian motifs and locations, like churches and monasteries in Germany and its vicinity. Therefore, since it is a Christian symbol, then according to your logic, this proves Hitler was a Christian.

    I don’t know if Hitler was a true Christian or not, but he never denounced his Catholic faith that I know of.

    What Hitler did insist upon was the removal of political Catholicism and political Protestantism out of the political realm. Catholicism because of loyalty to the Pope and the overt political activities of the Holy See as yet really another phase of the Counter-reformation against Luther, Protestantism and Germany; and also because traditionally Catholic countries of Spain, Italy, France and Austria were edgy, prone to fickleness, and volatile allies in the larger war against Bolshevism.

    This is not to mention the Holy See’s Ostpolitik towards Russia and Ukraine, and its Intermarium policies directed towards building up a Catholic Empire from the Baltic to the Mediterranean with Poland as the anchoring state ; Protestantism because there were a number of liberal Protestant parties, and he was also contending with the Zionizing ‘Judeo-Christians’ of Germany as well, who were well-connected to British and American Protestant evangelicals and “Israelite Christians” closely connected to them.

    At minimum, Hitler was attempting to clear the decks of not just antagonistic religious views between Catholics and Protestants, he was putting the lid on their volatile politics and any international connections, such as what grew and coalesced into the World Council of Churches in 1948, and sending them back to do what Christian organizations are supposed to do best, worship, pray, perform charitable works and assist suffering people.

    There are a lot of post-WW2 writings about Hitler’s alleged views on Christianity which are either blown all out of proportion or are lies created by the Allies for black propaganda, some of which originate in the OSS, which became the CIA.

    I do know there is a lot of crap attributed to Hitler that he never said, or someone else did, or again someone else forged.

    One thing is for certain, you sure won’t be able to prove Hitler was a Christian simply by whether or not the hakenkreuz is “pagan” or not.

    One thing you really have to do, especially as an American or someone in the Anglophone world which was on the “winning” side, is to distinguish between peacetime NS Germany, and its wartime era when things all began to fall apart.

    War is evil. There were no winners out of WW2. Not the Russians and Ukrainians, not the Americans, not the British, not the Germans, not the Italians, not the Greeks, not the British Commonwealth, not the Serbs, the Poles, the Ukrainians, not the French or the Dutch, or any country you would care to name, won anything in this war.

    NO ONE. As Americans, and I assume you are one as well, WE DID NOT WIN! Keep that in mind.

    After Hitler became Chancellor, before the war, exiled Russian Orthodox Christians in Germany approached him for help. He was very good to them, and even arranged to help these Russian exiles build a church in Germany. I forget which city it was.

    I don’t worship Hitler, and like Hans, I am not an “arm raiser.” I do know that White people along with Christian civilization have been slated for gradual extermination, and it has been creeping up for a long time. If the White Europeans go down, not far behind will be the mostly Christian and Catholic countries of Central and South America.

    I’ve always upheld minority ethnic rights when I felt it to be Christian justice to do so, but now it is time to uphold the rights of the majority.

    A long time ago, though, I resolved to see Hitler simply as a flawed, very brave human being, and to try to understand the entire history a little better from different viewpoints, and got rid of the Hitler-Monster in my own head.

    Still, there is no more grotesque trio in my own mind than than the photographs of FDR, Churchill, and Stalin taken together.

  75. Matt Wayne September 4, 2012 @ 7:30 pm

    So Shane,

    Is it now proof that someone isn’t a Christian because they wear a symbol or have a flag that doesn’t have a cross on it?

    The US flag has no cross on it, so under your analysis none of the founding fathers were Christians?

    I personally wish the American flag would have had a cross on it and that our forefathers would have required any and all immigrants to the US to be Christians and swear allegiance to God the Father and his Son, Jesus, or deport them.

    The Lord’s prayer says pray this way: “Thy kingdom come.” All Christians should yearn and desire for the day when Jesus comes to rule with his iron scepter and cast the devil and children from his presence and our presence.

    We rejoice with the signs of the times, because we know his judgment is soon and his kingdom draws near.

  76. Shane September 5, 2012 @ 2:11 am


    I agree with a lot of what you’re saying, essentially that Hitler was a flawed man and no more of a demon than the atheist Stalin or the Luciferian Masons FDR and Truman.

    And I am aware of the ubiquity of the swastika, which is precisely my point.

    Hitler related it to his Master Race/Aryan ideology and mythical history which was in my opinion, and by John the Baptist, Christ and Paul who all taught salvation by Christ and not by race, just plain wrong.

    Of course, Jesus’ Jewish opponents provided the original Master Race ideology of salvation by Abraham and not belief.

    To him it was a racial symbol, harkening to pre-Christian white ancestors, and twisted and bent to fit Christianity. Read Revelations 5:9 and 7:9. I’ve got news for you.

    If any of you think you’re going to go to an Aryan heaven, the Bible indicates otherwise, unless you’re going to try to do like the Talmudic Jews and twist Scripture so as to say ‘nations’ only applies to White ones.

    In Nordic history, the symbol certainly pre-dates Christianity, and much of the futhark or Old Norse alphabet was derived from Greek, the older sowilo symbols being very close to the Greek sigma.

    Matt Wayne,

    Our ancient White ancestors were human sacrificing, sex magik ritualizing IDOLATERS. That’s why the choice of the originally pagan symbol does matter in this case. Hitler’s choice of symbols attempted to mix Christianity with his Master Race ideology which imposed the White race as an object of worship on the true Christian creed.

    Even some of God’s most favored, like King Solomon, created disaster for their country when they tried to mix beliefs.

    So go ahead. I suppose you’re going to tell me now that the Jews and their stooges made up Hitler’s whole Master Race and eugenics ideas to discredit him.

  77. Marina September 5, 2012 @ 5:43 am

    There was nothing Christian about Hitler’s regime.

    Its driving force was nationalism, not Christian religion. Hitler’s nationalism drew its inspiration from pagan traditions and from pagan mythology.

    All the symbols that came into use during that time speak for themselves. The fact that some Orthodox priests put hopes in Hitler shows only how desperate they were but it still does not make their decision right.

    I would not like to create the impression that I am completely against nationalism. Not really. However, I am aware of the fact that nationalism is like fire: it can be useful and creative when managed properly but it can turn into an extremely destructive force when mismanaged. I believe that there are two types of nationalism.

    The first one can be called humanist nationalism and this one usually focuses on patriotism, on the promotion and support of one’s culture, on the protection and continuation of certain traditions etc etc. This type of nationalism can be a very positive influence.

    Sometimes, however, nationalism assumes a form which I call fascistic or tribalist. In this form it is very similar to Zionism. It then becomes a very destructive and divisive force. It can easily set one group of people against another.

    Let us look at two such examples: the Ustashe nationalist regime in Croatia and the OUN-UPA or so-called Ukrainian nationalists from Western Ukraine (more specifically Galicia). The major victims of these regimes were Christians. They killed more Christians than Jews or Communists.

    The Ustashe regime that established itself in Croatia during World War II specifically targeted Orthodox Christian Serbs as their MAJOR enemies. What good were these people doing for Christianity? They were exactly like Bolsheviks.

    So-called Ukrainian nationalists were also very similar to Bolsheviks even though they claimed to be the their chief enemies. Sure, they did hate Judeo-Bolsheviks but they hated Russians and Poles just as much.

    They staged up such a horrible bloodbath of the Polish population in Galicia, Volhynia, and Podolia between 1943 and 1945 that many Poles had no choice but to seek help from the Soviet Army or even directly from the NKVD.

    In fact the Soviets in that area created the so-called Istrebitielnyie Bataliony that were composed of the Poles whose purpose was to protect the Polish civilian population from the OUN-UPA gangsters.

    Ironically most Polish Catholic churches in that area were not destroyed by the Godless Soviets but by the Ukranian national-fascists who were also Catholics (the so-called Uniates). Whether we like it or not, these nationalists were just as bad as Bolsheviks.

    The situation today does not necessarily look any different. Again the so-called Ukrainian nationalists could be a good example. I use the word “so-called” here because the truth is that these nationalists represent a small portion of the Ukrainian society, and one that is not really very representative of most of Ukraine.

    They like to present themselves as the most authentic Ukrainians but in reality no other Ukrainians mixed as much with the Poles and Belarussians as they did (Podolia, Galicia and even Volhynia – the cradles of Ukrainian nationalism – were inhabited by large numbers of Poles).

    Moreover, they are mostly Catholics (Uniates) whereas most Ukrainians are Christian Orthodox as their ancestors were. They like to talk about Holodomor and they blame it on Russians (!!!) not Jews.

    Ironically, their ancestors never suffered from Holodomor because at the time when Holodomor happened Galicia, Podolia and Volhynia was part of Poland and not the Soviet Union.

    But let’s leave history behind and let’s look at the curent situation in Ukraine. Contrary to what we could expect, the said Ukrainian nationalists (among them often children or grandchildren of the fomer OUN-UPA fascists) are the greatest supporters of the Judeo-globalist regime.

    They have Jews in the governement, in the media, in most businesses and the living standard in Ukraine is similar to what it was in Russia during the 90s and what are the said nationalists doing? They are spitting out aggressive words against Russia.

    They even expressed the desire to travel to Moscow and support the so-called Opposition against Putin. Their own country is being robbed and exploited by Zionist swindlers and they want to make a revolution in Russia (?) It looks like the Judeo-globalist order is really making a very good use of most nationalists.

    Recently in Russia in Archangelsk an Orthodox cross was felled down and cut into pieces. It wasn’t done by the prostitutes from FEMEN. It was done by a couple of nationalist neo-pagans who would like Russia to abandon Christianity and re-embrace the cult of its ancient tribal pagan gods.

    This is not all, some of these nationalists would like Russia to become a Slavic country which means it should give up Caucasus and other non-Slavic areas. Where did they get all these strange ideas from? I am really wondering.

  78. Wotan September 5, 2012 @ 6:03 am

    Shane September 5, 2012 @ 2:11 am

    It becomes clear that if your perfidious attacks on the German people and on Hitler cannot succeed in one way then you must hurry to find another way. Now it is that the Master Race wanted to usurp Christianity for the Germans alone and exclude all other people of this world from it.

    This you are suggesting whilst some of your fellow attackers (some not as persistent as you) are saying Hitler was anti-Christian.

    Can’t you see, Shane, what kind of Carnival train you are riding on? Rosenberg has expressed National Socialist Policy Positions as follows:

    “All races were created by God and each race has its own soul. The more advanced races should help the less developed races. It would seem that the most talented and gifted race is the White race.

    “Any racism going beyond this can be traced to countless Anglo-saxon writers. If I were you I’d read Jesse Owens memoirs who described his time in Germany as the best time of his life for when he came back to racist USA he had to sit at the back of the bus!”

    To KathJ and Hans:

    If somebody would come today and he would succeed in neutralising the curse, which is regularly the object of our thoughts, of course I would also go into the streets with millions of others to put my arms in the air for sheer happiness to celebrate the regained freedom with them.

    For what are people doing in a soccer stadium if their team scores? Are they not also stretching their arms in the air? And when people are singing at the Oktoberfest “…streck die Hände zum Himmel…” is that not also an expression of happiness?

    So if there are people who say that if you want to be happy you must hold your arms in a particular way and your bones must be bent at a certain angle, so that your happiness cannot be mistaken for a happiness, which is not allowed and not permitted, dear Kath and dear Hans, I cannot believe that this would be the post Jew society you would envisage?

  79. Shane September 5, 2012 @ 6:51 am


    That post was very informative.

    For those of us not from Eastern Europe it is hard to understand why, the past being considered, those people don’t oppose Jews with all their might.

    You help to see how the situation is much more complicated than we realize from the outside.

  80. Wotan September 5, 2012 @ 10:02 am

    Marina September 5, 2012 @ 5:43 am

    Dear Marina, I know you have a fine writing style and I also know that you have a considerable knowledge of Slavic affairs.

    I think you are even familiar with what the word Pan-Slawism means. But what you are writing here and today about Germany doesn’t reach your usual standard. It is simply false.

    Please read Bill’s citations a bit further up. If Hitler says “I was born a Roman Catholic and I will stay a Roman Catholic as long as I live” it doesn’t make sense for you to say you know it all better!

    Everybody is allowed to choose for himself what he wants to believe religiously amd nobody can deny that right to anybody, not even to Adolf Hitler and expecially not posthum.

    With all you say you seem completely unaware of the Concordat, in the light of which your comments make no sense. The Concordat cemented the right of the Roman Catholic Church to operate in Germany free of interference from the State.

    And I know from personal experience what a deeply religious country Germany was in my childhood, with the Catholics in the South and the Protestants in the North.

    And this was surely not so because of the sudden post war influence of the Jews, because their influence grew very gradually after the war and was first noticeable in the sixties – in various forms. When you describe the German Government as Hitler’s regime I wonder what you think of those who peddled the Communist revolution in Russia.

    Nobody elected them. Perhaps I may remind you that Hitler’s “regime” was elected by the German people, the legitimacy of which was confirmed by the then German Pesident.

    What would be your description then be of the revolutionary Communist Government and their activities?

    Also, before you make further comments on life in Germany in the thirties you must (!) read Lloyd George’s report on Germany beforehand. If this report would be known to you, you could not have said what you said. So you say, for instance, almost a little contemptuously, to cite it again: “There was nothing Christian about Hitler`s regime!”

    False: More than 70% of Hitler’s cabinet including ministerial state secretaries were registered Christians and more than 90% of Hitler`s party folks were registered Christians.

    Auweia, and here we are coming to the Ustasha. You say the Ustasha regime that established itself in Croatia during World War II specifically targeted Orthodox Christian Serbs as their MAJOR enemies. Well, above I have made reference to Pan-Slawism and that for good reason.

    The difference between Orthodox Serbs and Ustasha Croats was that the Serbs were prone to Pan-Slawism whilst the Croats preferred to be affiliated to Central Europe.

    You also have to add that the conflict restricted itself to those Serb settlers who were in Croatia. That was not a religious conflict, dear Marina, it was a conflict of ideas for the future of Croatia.

    In saying all this you forgot to say what was the religion of the Croatians and why the Serbs should dictate to the Croatians how their future should look. In the light of all this it is very clear that today you have helped yourself by applying and offering some peculiar Jewish and stalinistic twists!

    I have never looked all that closely at all the things you said in the past, because I thought to myself she is coming from over there so she should know what she is talking about. And excuse me, if you say that Ukranian national-fascists didn`t have a great love for the Poles you are really turning the truth upside down.

    Both were Catholics as you say, so this was not a religious matter, as you imply, much rather should you explain to your readers of Polish incursions into the Ukraine in the early twenties and so make clear what is cause and what is effect.

    Same applies to the subsequent abuse of both countries by the Sowjets.

    The Czecks were by 1938 so scared of the Poles that their President came to Germany to seek protection against Poles and Hungarians, how about that?

    And your last and most important point? Nationally minded states are like a dangerous fire! Indeed Marina, indeed, for the Jews!

  81. KathJuliane September 5, 2012 @ 3:18 pm

    Dear Marina,

    Excellent explanation on the two forms of nationalism, which from the Orthodox ecclesiological standpoint, can be defined as phyletism (ethno-tribalism) and philopatria (patriotism) which I maybe can bring into this discussion.

    Dear Shane,

    It’s been at least 1500-3000 years since any of my pagan ancestors sacrificed a human to the gods, roasted and cannibalized them, or else threw them in a bog, over a waterfall or down a giant well; or burned them in huge wicker baskets; or worshiped the fertility deities in orgiastic cults; or ecstatically made eunuchs of themselves in order to become corybantic “priestesses” of the Goddess, and the list goes on.

    Since I’m somewhat of a mutt you have to take your pick from which ancestral ethno-national line and from which continents my ancestors came from.

    When was the last time any of your ancestors did any of this, say again? I missed it.

    Dear Wotan,


    If a genuine and competitent national hero was to arise today that a wide American population base could organize around, to help rescue us from this current mess, you bet I would be doing a whole lot of “arm-raising” in the way of a victory salute — “Hagia Nike!” (Holy Victory/Conquest) — as my Greek grandfather greeted Miss Liberty with her upraised torch standing in New York Harbor when he was coming into Ellis Island by passenger ship in 1901.

    In Hellenic mythology (pagan of course, Shane) Nike was a goddess who personified strength, speed, and victory. My very Greek Orthodox grandfather of course mixed up his goddesses, because Nike is supposed to be the Winged Goddess of Victory, and the Roman equivalent was Victoria.

    My grandfather had done his part as a soldier in the Greek efforts at independence from the Ottoman Empire. In 1897, at the age of 18, he had been taken as a POW in the Greco-Turkish war (Black ’97) in the struggle for the liberation of Crete.

    He died in 1938, so I didn’t know him personally. My father told me things about him. Most everything I ever learned about forgiveness I learned from my grandfather, as seen through my father’s eyes. I also learned that true forgiveness takes courage, and that asking God for forgiveness for one’s own offenses takes courage, too.

    This is what coming to America meant to him, expressed in his personal renaming of the Statue of Liberty as “Hagia Nike” — his personal victory and liberation through Christian forgiveness of his enemies and a chance at a new life as an American. He worked at both every day of his life.

    To expand on Marina’s thoughts concerning the two forms of nationalism, the term phyletism comes from Hellenic phili — race, clan, or tribe — and was coined at the Holy and Great pan-Orthodox Synod that met in Constantinople in 1872. The fullest form of the term phyletism is “ethno-phyle-tismos,” and a quick word translation would be “national tribalism.”

    Phyletism, however, should not be confused with patriotism (which was known at that time as phylopatria or phylopatrida – love of the fatherland, motherland, homeland, mother country, native land) as the latter simply means devotion and loyalty to one’s nation and/or culture and is not at all at odds with Orthodoxy. Patrida is the root of Patri-ot-ism.

    Phyletism raises its ugly head time and again, and within the early Church we find the origins of modern day phyletism. The Jewish converts did not want to worship with the converts from paganism. (Acts 6:1ff)

    The Judaizers wanted to have the new converts to monotheism firstly go through the process of circumcision in order that they might become what *we* are, a Jew first and a believer in Christ second.

    They maintained that only in the Jewish tradition could one truly become a follower of the Messiah and understand the history of our Salvation.

    It was noted, “See how the Christians love one another.” This was a casual observation based on the communal experience of the new religious sect known as “Followers of the Way”.

    By the time these newly converted children of Abraham in Antioch were known as Christians (Acts 6:26), no longer were people saying see how they love each other.

    Within the first century, the Church had factions within the group. Many were *Traditionalist*. (Acts 15:1ff)

    A Traditionalist translated into a Jewish convert to Christianity who maintained that it was impossible to worship God in a pleasing fashion without recourse to the Liturgy of the Temple.

    Peter was the mentor of another faction which the Jews thought was a “traitor” to the cause by making allowances for the Greek and Gentile converts. Some were followers of St. Mark or St. James all of whom brought their own theology on moral and social issues to the mix.

    The Gentile converts were convinced that the Jewish converts were “pushy and overbearing.” The circumcised converts were seen as overly assertive and dominating in the weekly assembly.

    The uncircumcised converts complained that they were being over looked even in the corporal works of mercy because the Jews took care of their own first.

    Whatever we read of these incidents and frictions in the New Testament epistles, it is consistent with the theory of Phyletism as an ecclesiastical heresy. If Jesus Christ promises spiritual equality inside the Church to all, since God is “no respector of persons” or doesn’t play favorites, then inside the Church, Phyletism places one national group above another and even denies the universal benefits to those outside it’s ranks.

    And spiritual equality in Christ is different from the outward circumstances in this fallen world, which makes no promises about “equality” in this world. Apostle Paul indirectly reflects on this inherent inequality of worldly circumstances in his counsels to masters and slaves, parents and children, husbands and wives, rich and poor, for example.

  82. KathJuliane September 5, 2012 @ 3:50 pm

    The 1872 Council was prompted by the creation of a separate bishopric by the Bulgarian community of Constantinople for parishes only open to Bulgarians.

    The Bulgarian subjects of the Sultan strove for separation of the Bulgarian territories and people of the Christian “nation” (millet) within the empire from control of the Patriarch.

    The history prompting this is that the rise of Islam presented a major challenge to Orthodoxy. Beginning in the seventh century, major portions of the Orthodox heartlands (in Syria and Egypt) fell under Muslim rule.

    By the fifteenth century, most traditionally Orthodox lands were controlled either by Muslim or Roman Catholic rulers, with the exception of northeastern Russia (the Grand Principality of Moscow) and the Ethiopian highlands.

    The Orthodox generally accepted rule by non-Orthodox governments, provided that freedom of worship was guaranteed.

    In the classical period, after the decline of the Church of the East in the 14th century, until the 19th century (Reformation Era) beside the ruling Muslim millet, and the Jewish millet, the main millets were the Rûm (all the Orthodox of Anatolia and the Balkans, whether Greeks, Bulgars, Serbs, Arabs or Albanians, were grouped together under the Ecumenical Patriarch as Roman Orthodox), the Armenian and Syrian Orthodox.

    Armenians formed more than one millet under the Ottoman rule. Towards the 19th century, a wide array of other groups such as Catholics, Karaites and Samaritans was also represented.

    In Ottoman lands, governed under the millet system, by which people were grouped by religion rather than nationality, Orthodox bishops also served as Ethnarchs–political rulers of their communities.

    The Christians were allowed to exist in peace, then; but limitations were placed on their activities, and lumped under the millet system, no Local Church of Greece, Bulgaria or Serbia could exercise their traditional, canonical autocephaly and autonomy. Church building and monasticism were restricted. Theology lost vigour, charitable and educational work was reduced to a minimum, many parish clergy were illiterate, and missionary activities ceased altogether.

    The practice of selling ecclesiastical offices spread down from the highest to the lowest levels as each office-holder recovered his expenses from those he appointed below him, and it was the ordinary peasant who bore the final financial burden.

    At the same time, however, the Patriarchate became part of the institutionalised corruption of the Ottoman system. The office of patriarch was soon obtainable only
    by means of a massive bribe to the grand vizier and although patriarchs theoretically enjoyed tenure for life the sultan replaced them at whim.

    In the seventeenth century the office changed hands some 60 times.

    One phenomenon increasingly resented by all the Slav peoples in the Ottoman Empire was a consequence not of Ottoman oppression but of the fact that it was the Greeks who had ultimate authority over the Orthodox Rûm millet, particularly in the form of increasing nationalistic hellenisation of the Slav churches and cultures.

    The tension between Greek and native Slav influences within the Byzantine Church goes back to the time of Sts. Cyril and Methodius, and it continued into the nineteenth century in both the Serbian and Bulgarian Churches of the Rûm millet. Ecclesiastical issues of the native Slavs was more or less settled through the development of Church Slavonic, the Cyrillic alphabet and Scriptural and general literacy for the Slavs in the missionary work started under Patriarch Photius.

    At the same time, Greeks and Slavs each came under pressure of Latinization first by the competing Frankish missionaries into Central and Eastern Europe in the Byzantine territories and sphere of influence, followed later by the Crusader Latin Kingdom of Constantinople established in 1204.

    The Phanariots, so-called after the Greek Phanar quarter in Constantinople where they originated, engaged in trade and were relatively rich. They were therefore able to buy all the lucrative ecclesiastical and civil appointments open to Christians in the Ottoman Empire.

    Under the Phanariots, ‘nationalistic hellenism,’ became confused with and even substituted for the ‘Christian hellenism’ which refers to Orthodox theology, worship and spirituality.

    Hellenism as expressed in the Church Fathers and the Ecumenical Councils, is of the essence of the church, but modern national hellenism leads the Church astray.

    Among the major issues then for the Bulgarians, under the Patriarch of Constantinople as ethnarch, were hellenization rules that did not allow the use of ancient Church Slavonic in their parishes which Patriarch Photius a thousand years before had instituted in overseeing the missionary work to the Slavs.

    In 1879, the Sultan issued a firman (decree) that the Bulgarians would be governed by a Bulgarian exarch, who would reside in Constantinople. This then presented an uncanonical situation for the Patriarchate as it established two separate Orthodox ecclesiastical organizations within the same territory.

    To challenge this, Patriarch Anthimus convened, in 1872, a local church council that included the Patriarchs of Alexandria and Jerusalem. The council condemned this national or ethnic principle in church organization, called phyletism.

    It was the first time ever in Church history all the way back to Christ and the Apostles that a separate diocese was established based on ethnic identity rather than principles of Orthodoxy and territory.

    The participants in the Patriarchal Synod maintained that this establishment of a Bulgarian Exarchate was a violation of the old Orthodox canonical principle that there could not be more than one bishop in one territory.

    The patriarch’s response to the so-called ‘Bulgarian Schism’ was to rightly excommunicate the new church in 1872 for the heresy of ‘phyletism,’ or maintaining that ecclesiastical jurisdiction is determined ethnically rather than by territory, which is not to say that the Bulgarians were the only ones guilty of ecclesiasatical nationalism.

    The wrongs were also shared by the other side, as the history of the schism shows.

    In the spirit of full disclosure, the millet system had indulged the chauvinism of the Phanariot Greeks (who were not much less chauvinistic to the less fortunate, genuinely down-trodden, poor, rural and mountain Greeks and their priests, monks and pastors, who were generally at the mercy of everyone, preyed upon, and left to their own devices), thus, while upholding the correct ideal, the Greeks, in many ways, failed to practice what they preached.

    As is often the case, movement in one direction often masks a deeper movement going in the opposite direction. Another ecclesiastical ill fostered by the millet system is the notion that within the Orthodox Church the Ecumenical Patriarch is some kind of “Pope of the East,” a contemporary fixed idea rightly criticized as “Neo-Papism.”

    The Patriarchs of Constantinople, who have long held the honorific status within the Orthodox Hierarchy as primus inter pares, “first among equals,” have found it exceedingly difficult to let go of the papalistic privileges their centuries’ long role as Ethnarch of the multi-ethnic Orthodox millet afforded them.

  83. Marina September 5, 2012 @ 7:10 pm


    Look at the situation today. Among the greatest enemies of Putin and the Orthodox Church in Russia are some extremist nationalists.

    They don’t like the Jews but they don’t like the Orthodox Church either. The only good thing is that they are a minority. Most other nationalists have more sense in their heads. They reject the neo-paganism and tribalism and support the Church and a unity with non-Slavs.

    The situation looks more serious in Ukraine. Ukraine is in a real mess. In a certain way, it is a torn country and the chief culprits responsible for this state of affairs are the followers of Ukrainian nationalism in its Galician Uniate version.

    I am very well familiar with the situation because part of my family come from over there. Like I said before, their hatred of Russia (and now especially Putin) is so great that they don’t mind the Jewish occupation of their country and good relations with Israel.

    Some of them showed so much anti-Russian zeal that they personally took part in the Georgian campaign against South Ossetia.

    People in the West are not really familiar with the situation in Georgia. Georgia has in fact become a Palestine of the Caucasus. It is completely in the hands of Israel. Part of their government have Israeli passports.

    Georgian weapons come from Israel, their Special Forces are trained by Israelis, their economy is in the hands of Israel, Mossad agents have used Georgia as a ground from which to make incursions into Armenia or Azerbaidjan and kidnap important Iranians visiting those two countries. Israel would like to have the same influence over Ukraine.

    Be it as it may, Ukraine is a better chunk of meat than Georgia. It’s bigger, it has better soil etc.

    In this case the so-called Ukrainian nationalists are being very useful. Their hatred of Russia has brought them close to the Judeo-globalist regime. They have become the Shabbas Goyim of the Jewish elites in present-day Ukraine.

    When need arose to defend the interests of the Judeo-globalist order in Georgia, the Ukrainian nationalists were all too happy to do it and went to fight there on the side of Saakashvili, one of the puppets of the Globalist regime.

    Like I said before, the globalists know how to manage different nationalisms because they know that nationalism is often divisive. Officially they allegedly fight against nationalism but unofficially they support it where it suits them.

    In Yugoslavia it suited them to have the country dismantled into small and insignificant states because in that form they can be easily manipulated, blackmailed and exploited. (They even went as far as create a completely artificial state such as Kosovo).

    They planned a similar scenario in Russia. It failed thanks to Putin. In Georgia, on the other hand, they gave support to Georgian nationalism rather than regional nationalisms (like in the case of Yugoslavia) because it suited their goals better.

    The only real force of which the Globalists are afraid is Christianity – especially Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

    It is not by accident that Orthodox Christianity has been exposed to particularly viscious attacks:

    Kosovo (100 historic churches razed to the ground like in the Bolshevik times); spread of Wahhabi/Salafist Islam in old cradles of Christianity (predominantly Orthodox) such as Irak, Syria, Egypt; attempts to diminish the role of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine by the means of the predominantly Uniate Ukrainian nationalist minority who see it as too pro-Russian; recent incidents in Russia involving the Pussy Riot freaks.

  84. Wotan September 6, 2012 @ 3:50 am

    Marina September 5, 2012 @ 7:10 pm

    Was intrigued about you mentioning Georgia and Israeli involvement.

    It is indeed not widely known what was the plan behind the scenes and how it was foiled.

    The National Journal in England (a former Remer publication, I think) brought some inside info on this at the time.

    From those days is also the video of a lone Russian jet blowing up an Usraeli drone that entered Russian airspace. It would seem the Iranians are a step ahead on this!

    KathJuliane September 5, 2012 @ 3:18 pm

    Thanks for confirming that you have preserved your ability for joy and celebration. I was very happy to hear this!

    I am of course fully aware that as regards nationalism there are historic and emotional aspects, psychiatric and medical interpretations, extreme and middle of the road views, definitions from classical philosophers and what have you.

    When I, for my person, refer to nationalism I always mean the nationalism, which is opposed to Jewish internationalism – in a very pragmatic and contemporary sense!

  85. Marina September 6, 2012 @ 6:34 am

    Like I said, I am not necessarily opposed to nationalist movements.

    I am, however, extra careful as some of them are clearly on the wrong track. As I demonstrated before, some nationalist groups have become literally useful idiots of the Globalist Zionists elites.

    Coming back to Georgia, Israel’s involvement in the war against South Ossetia was so massive that it could be safely described as Israel’s war rather than Georgia’s war.

    A number of ministers in the Georgian government – the Defence Minister included – speak fluent Hebrew and are citizens of Israel. Georgia is filled to the brim with Israeli organizations, associations, clubs, firms and money exchange centres, with Jewish schools and synagogues.

    The opponents of the puppet president Saakashvili are persecuted, interrogated, tortured and, if necessary, liquidated by Israeli Special Forces.

    On 5 August – just before the aggression against South Ossetia – Saakashvili was visiting Israel. A few days earlier – 1 August – Saakashvili was hosting a conference of the major American Jewish organizations which took place in Tbilisi.

    At the conference Saakashvili said the following words: A threat against Israel is a threat against Georgia. The only place where I feel at home is Israel.

    Three weeks before the said conference the Georgian Special Forces abducted an Iranian citizen, an embassy official. He was captured on the territory of Armenia. This was done on the demand of the Jews who would be visiting Tbilisi three weeks later.

    Many Russians – and especially those from military circles – are well aware of who is pulling the strings of the puppet show in Georgia and not only there. Many older military guys grew up in the Soviet Union and – as I said many times before – the Soviet Union of the 70s and 80s was not a Bolshevik state of the 20s.

    Particularly during the post-WWII era the influence of the Jews diminished greatly, the Russians and Ukrainians and other groups took over and the whole entity mutated into something which could be called National Communism. It also adopted a very anti-Zionist attitude.

    One of the Soviet encyclopedias published in 1980 describes Zionism as a reactionary, chauvinist and aggresive movement and ideology.

    If most Russians today feel that the fall of the Soviet Union was as much good as it was bad, it is not because they are stupid or brain-washed or nostalgic. They simply well remember that as soon as the Soviet structure was gone, the Jews took over.

    The 90s – the period of the so-called de-Sovietization was in fact a great Jewish Renaissance in Russia. It was a disaster. The country’s wealth, the media, banks, most profitable institutions ended up in the hands of the Jews. Their confidence was so strong that they celebrated the Chanuka festival in Kremlin in 1992.

    They openly talked about Russia as being a Jewish country. In fact, non-Jews in the Russian government in the 90s were rare birds. Most of the government was either Jewish or half-Jewish. Zionism was made a friendly ideology. That’s why the entry of Putin on the stage of politics was such a blow to the Jews.

    Putin and his friends Sergei Ivanov, Nikolai Patrushev, Viktor Ivanov all came from KGB where anti-Zionism was one of the major doctrines. The Jews had and have every reason to be afaid. Putin, however, was very careful not to anatagonize them and this was a wise thing to do.

  86. Hans September 6, 2012 @ 10:04 am

    I wouldn’t call Hitler an observant Catholic but he was also not against any form of Christianity.

    I think he was basically an Atheist (although he spoke sometimes of a “providence”) and he simply tried to arrange with religions. Like popes and emperors in medieval age tried to arrange with each other.

    Himmler was definitely anti-Christian but he was aware of the fact that it makes no sense to fight against religious beliefs so he tried to “sit it out” and to “reeducate” his officers with his worldview.

    In 1933 SA removed the memorial of Ludwig Feuerbach. It had the inscription “Man created God in his own image.” They removed it with the comment that there is no room for it in a new and godly Germany.

    So I wouldn’t call National Sozialism an anti-Christian movement. Not at all. But to label it as a kind of Christianity is a little bit exaggerated in my opinion. It was in the first place a political and therefore wordly ideology.

    “Nazis” is anyway a nonsensical term, people tend to lump all together. In the first place it was a big-tent party, most members were very normal people like you and me.

    They didn’t care about any racial theories that Aryans descended from Atlantis or about eugenics or something like that, that cared about the economic situation, their jobs and the treaty of Versailles.

    SS, SA, the party and followers or soldiers are very different ball games but such fine differantiations are obviously too much for our “Fast-food-Tv” addicted society.

    You hear only “Nazis, here, Nazis there”.

    There is not such a thing like “The Nazis”.

    Wotan September 5, 2012 @ 6:03 am

    “If somebody would come today and he would succeed in neutralising the curse,…”

    Dear Wotan,

    I am sure we can agree that everything is better then a Jewish cleptocracy (called democracy in our days) but I would prefer a hereditary monarchy.

    Without any monkey house (parliament) except on a municipal level.

    Hohenzollern needs no comment but there are other families, too, who can assume that role.

  87. Disappointed September 6, 2012 @ 4:50 pm

    Just a note here!

    Those that say just believe in Jesus and all will be fine must not have read the story of Job in the Bible. Satan is allowed certain control by God.

    Ever wonder why bad things happen to good people while the evil prosper? It’s all in the Bible. Jesus said you would suffer as He suffered. You would be beheaded, be downtrodden, etc. Satan is running the earthly show and God is allowing all of it!

  88. Shane September 6, 2012 @ 5:26 pm

    More interesting information relating to the Nazi swastika with Masonic connection.

    Scroll down and observe the illustration to the right. Keep in mind the rune ‘sowilo’ means sun-wheel, and the sun is depicted in the center.

    Solar deity worship is important in paganism, and in Ezekiel, God reveals to the prophet a vision of the Elders of Israel secretly bowing East to the Sun. God had the temple set up so that people would face West when worshipping Him, and turn their backs on the false solar deity.

    Also an interesting chart in the link below illustrates the connection between Hitler’s banker, Kurt von Schroder of the Schroder banking family of England and the Rothschilds-

    Hitler was a dupe used by these Luciferian International Bankers who knew their enemy, God, would not bless his ungodly endeavor.

  89. Shane September 6, 2012 @ 5:59 pm

    Additional note to above post- it was Mullins’s theory that the Zionist bankers used Hitler to scare their own people out of Europe and into Israel.

    Even after the Balfour Declaration, Jewish immigration to Palestine was not enough to take the place over and create the modern state of Israel, so they needed anti-semitism to populate Israel.

  90. Matt Wayne September 6, 2012 @ 6:55 pm

    Hello Shane,

    I’m not saying yea or nay on Hitler, only that God will be his judge.

    Your comment that Hitler was a dupe used by the Luciferian bankers makes little or no sense to me.

    If he was backed by the Jews, then why would he be saying anything bad about them? Throughout history, if someone spoke badly about the king or the ruling class, they could be imprisoned or worse.

    When the Jews got control of Russia in the October revolution of 1917, one month later they made it a capital crime to be anti-Semitic. Even small comments got you imprisoned or killed.

    In Amerika, they seek to quash all free speech against them. So now you believe they went out and hired or raised a man speak badly about them in public?

    People and groups hire PR firms to make themselves look good. Why would they hire Hitler to make themselves look bad?

    Was Jesus Christ also a plant?

    I have to tell you, your thinking is really abstract and bizarre. Did you say you work in academics?

    The Bible says it’s a straight line and plumb bob for our lives. It’s how we gauge right and wrong. You need to limit your extra circulatory reading, and go back to God’s word and seek enlightenment.

    Read Matthew 12:25-29. If Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then can his kingdom stand?

  91. Shane September 6, 2012 @ 7:45 pm

    Matt, open the link and look at the evidence.

    The guy got his money from J Henry Schroder bank, and they’re connected up with the Rothschilds and Warburgs (the consummmate Zionists) by that chart provided. Why do you not believe evidence right before your eyes?

    Jesus also told Jews their father was the Devil, who is the father of lies (John 8:31-59).

    Deception is the Devil’s game. Mossad’s motto is “By deception, thou shalt wage war.” Hitler was not, as you make the comparison, a “PR firm” for the Ziobankers.

    This stuff was not publicly advertised, and it took the researcher a lot of digging to find out, just as it takes Brother Nathanael a lot of digging to expose the sneaky stuff these people do in the dark.

    Christ is in the light, but the “light” of the Luciferian Masons is always asked for in the dark in some secret lodge room, kneeling with a blindfold on.

    Likewise, deception is built into the Talmud, so that Judaics can always quote one nice-sounding thing for Goy consumption (Jews and the Righteous Among the Gentiles will have a place in the world to come), when they know the doctrine that REALLY counts (The best of the Gentiles should be killed).

    And I’d appreciate you refrain from insulting my thinking as “bizarre”. I’ve tried to present evidence, and not make nasty personal remarks about you. I really see no reason why fellow Christians have to resort to insulting each other.

  92. Wotan September 7, 2012 @ 7:29 am

    September 6, 2012 @ 7:45 pm

    What evidence have you presented?

  93. Wotan September 7, 2012 @ 7:56 am

    September 6, 2012 @ 10:04 am

    Dear Hans,

    I know of your tendency toward monarchism, you have written several posts on this. I see this basically in the same way, was however intrigued what is your problem with the Hohenzollern.

    It must be clear to you that if there were a call they would be first in line. Never has the heart of Europe flourished more than under the Hohenzollern and AH. This has caused cynics to say: For the Germans to avoid destruction they better pretend to be a little below average.

    The problem is: Frau Merkel is not pretending!

  94. Shane September 7, 2012 @ 8:12 am

    Wotan, why should I answer you when you obviously haven’t even taken the time to read the information in the link?

    As the page states, the researcher created the chart based on research into stock control in the banks, not to mention the Schroders were intermarried with Kuhn and Loeb, you know . . . THE BANKING HOUSE JACOB SCHIFF RAN!

    This Hitler veneration used to be the stuff of the low rent, lowbrow crowd, but it’s been making a comeback on the websites I read recently.

    Let me explain Hitler to you in modern day terms. Hitler was Bob Dole. He was John McCain. He was Magical Mormon Masonic Underwear guy, Mitt Romney.

    He was controlled opposition. Stop acting like Hitler was the only patriotic German who understood the Jewish problem. Millions of Germans did.

    They needed a Christian defender against the anti-Christian forces of communist Russia, just like we’ve needed a Ross Perot, a Pat Buchanan, a Ron Paul the last 20 years. But the Jew money made sure we got their Masons and shills. And the Jew money made sure the Germans got a neopagan, white supremacist instead of the godly, moral leader they needed.

  95. Hans September 7, 2012 @ 8:20 am

    Shane September 6, 2012 @ 7:45 pm

    “The guy got his money from J Henry Schroder bank…”

    If there is a war, Jews are mostly not far away.

    So the belief, that Jews financed Hitler, is somehow understandable.

    Here how Nazis thought that the war came to pass:

    (This picture is Nazi-theory, not mine. Such theories were inspired, among others, by Dr. Wichtl and Erich Ludendorff.)

    Nevertheless the belief that Hitler was a kind of puppet or an agent is ridiculous. Nobody works 20 years round the clock like a madman if he has no vested interest. And dedicates his whole life to one thing like Hitler did.

    It could not be precluded that banksters incited the war by financing both sides via stooges (without that they knew it) and incited the war by needling all sides.

    The whole purpose of the Treaty of Versailles was to lay the foundation of another war. Not a big secret.

    Like H.G. Wells wrote in his novel “The Shape of Things to Come” in 1933: Danzig will be the reason for the outbreak of another world war.

  96. Shane September 7, 2012 @ 9:50 am

    Wotan, are you German?

    If so, then you know what Germans look like. Go look at a picture of Adolf Eichmann. That’s not a German! That’s a Jew. Big ears, long nose, deep, saggy eyes. Look at his younger pictures. Germans don’t look like that.

    Eichmann just so happened to be Hitler’s go-between with the Zionists. And, supposedly, he was captured and rounded up in Argentina, and in 1962 executed by hanging in (drumroll please) . . . Israel.

    Yeah right, I’d like to see that body. He might be dead now, but I bet he wasn’t in 1962. Drug addict, sexual deviant- I wouldn’t doubt Hitler was all the things the Jew-owned MSM says he was. That’s how they control their corrupt servants and useful idiots.

    Some of y’all may think this is too complicated to be true. But it really isn’t complicated. The ONLY LIGHT is Christ. If it doesn’t fit His message, it’s false. The rest is just a matter of tracing the bread crumbs back to Lucifer.

  97. Wotan September 7, 2012 @ 12:56 pm

    September 7, 2012 @ 8:12 am

    At the outbreak of war countries usually seize each others assets.

    That’s the basis on which vested interests are trying to lead people like you up the garden path. When German banks were seized in the US are you concluding that Hitler financed Roosevelt?

    September 7, 2012 @ 9:50 am

    What you don’t know is that Eichmann lived in South America after the war and watched with increasing puzzlement the lies served up to mankind over the war, over Germany.

    Unawares of the degree the Jew had taken control of Germany he wrote to Adenauer saying that if German policy would change to repudiate these lies he would be available as a contemporary witness.

    Adenauer passed Eichmann’s letter straight to the Mossad, which led to his kidnapping and judicial murder. The Jew was well aware how dangerous a living Eichmann was for them.

    That’s also why the last deputy Auschwitz director was killed by potato-soup brought to him by a Jewess, posing as journalist. Thus she found out what this man intended to say in court and it was decided it was better if this man would never enter a public court.

    And then there is the story of Demjanjuk – a real shit story. Listen, Shane, I don’t want to missionize you, you can believe what you like, but will you also allow me to wonder in amazement what kind of world some people are constructing inside their heads.

    I said it in the past: to be a Jewish pocket thief is defined by your frame of mind. And to be an honest German is not defined via the size of your ears, but is also defined by your frame of mind.

    Shane, the silly things you say show that you are either very young or…, well I better save myself the other part.

  98. KathJuliane September 7, 2012 @ 1:29 pm

    Dear Wotan,

    I’m sure you’ll be one of the few who reads these tomes about the Rothschild Hitler myth, and I’m covering earlier ground.

    Shane, happy to see your reconsideration after delving a little further into your “Hitler’s Jewish Genes” thing. I began to write this before you posted your reconsideration.

    I’ve re-read some of your earlier posts, and certainly see some of your points, and where you are coming from, particularly your personal past experiences in whatever group you admitted you once belonged to.

    I also support your choice to turn to Christianity, but as Scripture also cautions, there is the problem of being zealous, but not according to knowledge.

    From the things that you’ve mentioned, I can fairly well guess which group(s) it was. However, you are also reading into discussions here at RJN things based on your own subjective experiences and making assumptions about other people.

    Brother Nathanael has a very broad base of people from all over the world, who belong to RJN family, read his articles and watch his YT videos, not just White/Euro-American/American-firster nationalists.

    And if you haven’t figured it out yet, the still largest potential political block of people which could effect change just happens to be White who are still about 65-70% of the voter base as the majority race in America.

    Razib Khan, the blogger who wrote the article you linked up, who has degrees in biochemistry and biology, was NOT substantiating the “Hitler’s ‘Jewish genes’ nonsense, but is refuting the flaws in a sensationalistic Daily Mail article published a year earlier, about 2009.

    Razib, in fact, considers the entire story an “urban myth,” and starts out by saying that “Since it’s a British newspaper I frankly wouldn’t put it past them to simply pass along a hoax…”

    He writes “The article claims Hitler’s Y lineage was haplogroup E1b1b…this is really vague…this is not a rare haplogroup…”

    “It is correct that if one is an Ashkenazi Jew the odds of one carrying this haplogroup are much higher. But, it is not necessarily entailed from this that one is likely to be an Ashkenazi Jew if one carries this haplogroup (or is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent).

    “This is clear from the map of the distribution of E1b1b’s two major subclades:”

    From the gene marker distribution maps it is quite clear that Razib is telling the truth–“Even within Europe most men who carry this set of markers are not Ashkenazi Jews.” The map is tiny, but it looks like between 3 and 6 percent of German males carry E1b1ba(EM78) subclade. There are about 82 million Germans, about half are male.

    So up to 2,460,000 German males today could have this marker. There are currently about 120,000 Jews in Germany (according to Israeli sources), so assuming all the Jewish males have E1b1ba(EM78), subtracting them (60,000), that still leaves upwards of 2,400,000 Germans who have the marker.

    “Of course this does not mean that Hitler wasn’t an Ashkenazi Jew. But there’s probably an easier way to find out if he had such ancestry: sequence his relative’s autosomal DNA.

    “Ashkenazi Jews are genetically distinctive [in gene sequencing, not just based on one marker].

    “The most common thesis I’ve heard is that Alois Hitler’s biological father was Jewish, which would make Hitler 1/4 Jewish, and his surviving great-nephew, Alexander, 1/16 Jewish. That’s probably enough to get a sense of whether this urban legend has any validity.”

    What does he mean? It means relying on more than just one marker to identify someone as a genetic Jew. Genetic Jews because of centuries of in-marriage have distinctive blocks of genes and series in common with each other, more so than in common with Gentiles.

    He is saying, sequence Hitler’s autosomal DNA (or build a model from nearest relatives), and see if any patterns and sequences match up with the data from genetic testing of Jews. You can get a sense of what an autosomal sequence would entail @

    Shane wrote: “That Hitler’s living relatives all possess a y-chromosome haplogroup in their DNA that is a characteristic mark of Ashkenazic Jewry, well . . .”

    Actually, from the distribution on the map, if anyone is going to make that kind of leap of logic, why not go all the way and say that Hitler and his family were really Somalians?

    In the very bizarre original Daily Mail article, it says that Journalist Jean-Paul Mulders and customs inspector-turned-amateur historian Marc Vermeeren used DNA to track down 39 of the Fuhrer’s relatives earlier this year.

    These are a pair of dangerous clowns. Here is why. Descendants of the Hitler clan live in Germany, Austria and the USA.

    Since WW2, out of fear of reprisals and vengeance, particularly from vindictive Jew know who, Hitler’s closest living relatives have had to constantly deal with their own legitimate and abiding fears of revenge as blood kin to him.

    The various Hitler family members lived quiet lives having to conceal, falsify or deny their family origins just to stay safe, and not to have to deal with social ostracation and abuse, and certainly not set themselves up to have their lives destroyed and risk being murdered.

    Basically these two creeps invaded the privacy and stalked known nth-removed cousins, and 3rd and 4th generations collateral nieces and nephews of Hitler for their “investigative journalism.”

    They start their investigation out with “DNA was also taken from American Alexander Stuart-Houston, 61, a grand-nephew of Hitler, the grandson of Adolf’s half-brother, Alois Hitler, Jr.”

    “He was trailed for seven days before he dropped a used serviette (napkin with saliva) which Mulders said led him to the cousin in Austria – and the link with Hitler’s sworn enemies.”

    Do you have a problem with this? I do. I really don’t like stalkers, especially these two jerks, who have emotionally raped this inoffensive, reclusive man who happens to be a blood relative to a highly hated historical figure, and ultimately exposing him to some very real danger.

    And I have a bit of a problem with the fact that this was not done in a clinically controlled fashion with any of the relatives’ permission. The integrity of the chain of evidence being collected in public from cigarette butts and trash receptacles is at question.

    In any case, a commentor Denis Vluegt #20 to the article you linked sensibly writes:

    “If (big if, since this was not a study done by scientists) we are to take the results reported out of Belgium at face value, then the matching Y-chromosome haplotype among the (39, it is alleged) nth-degree (n times removed) cousins of Adolf Hitler (including the descendant(s) of Alois Hitler, Jr., the son of Adolf’s dad from a previous marriage) all had the same male common ancestor and this haplotype was transmitted down the line to them.

    That would rule out a Jewish father for Alois.”

    In other words, if all of the male relatives are consistently the same for this Y-chromosome haplotype grouping representing generations which go back to the 1700s to the known ancestor Stefan Hiedler, born in 1672, then where is the Jewish father for Alois, if direct descendents of Adolf’s half-brothers and sisters from the two marriages of Alois tests the same as the other males?

    No one has Adolf Hitler’s own DNA. In absence of that, and since Jewish ancestry is ruled out by this 39-male family member DNA testing, at this point the only way Adolf Hitler could possibly be Jewish is if his own mother had a secret affair with a Jew and she conceived by him giving illegitimate birth to Adolf Hitler, instead of by her husband, Alois, Sr.

    No one in the world has ever speculated upon and claimed this even more absurd scenario.

    From the maps on the article you posted, Shane, I can say this through a historical lense concerning the distribution of this particular haplotype that proves only “Ashkenazi Jew” ancestry in the European countries in relation to Germans.

    This “genetic fingerprint” is much more common in southern Europe at 25 percent of Greeks and Sicilians, it is found all through Russia and Ukraine at about the Ashkenazi Jew percentage, and a whopping 50 to 80 percent of North Africans. Haplogroup E1b1b comes frequently to the Berbers and also in Somalia (> 80%).

    A long, long time a ago, a pretty large chunk out of millions of Hellenistic Romanized Jews throughout the Roman Empire on both sides of the Mediterranean converted to Christianity starting in the New Testament era itself.

    They then intermarried with the Helleno-Roman believers, some of whom were also the uncircumcised God-fearers of Temple Judaism, and communities of a whole new Christian nation began to grow throughout the Empire which included, but were not limited to, (to paraphrase Apostle Paul) “Greeks and Jews, Scythians and Barbarians” and more.

    I personally believe that the ‘Barbarians’ Paul mentioned, while it meant “foreign speakers” in general, from the Hellenistic point of view, Barbarians quite often meant Germans.

    King Herod the Great’s personal bodyguard was composed of Thracians, Celts and Germans. Apostle Paul wrote to the Gallatians (Gauls), who were Celts in Asia Minor.

    If you follow Apostle Paul’s travels, he stopped at places like Sicily which had a very large Greek community as well as a Jewish one. Centuries later, Germans came to possess Sicily.

    Besides the even older group of Romano-Germans, Germans settled in many areas in the early Germanic invasions where this particular Mediterranean/African gene marker would have some “crossover” — Vandals settled in North Africa, Visgoths settled in Spain and Italy, Normans settled in Italy, Sicily and the Balkans, and during the Crusades in Asia Minor and the Levant.

    During the 10th century period of the Byzantine-German East Saxon Dynasty founded by Otto I through the dynastic marriage of Roman Emperor Otto II to Empress Theophanu of Constantinople which resulted in the union of the Roman Empire of the Orient (Byzantine Empire) and the Roman Empire of Germania (Greater Germania north and east of the Danube and Rhine on old Roman maps); a certain percentage of Germans and Byzantine Romans intermarried.

    A new wave of Greeks from the East Roman Empire settled in Germany and throughout the Roman Empire of Germania imported as skilled labor such as masons and architects, and Germans were part of the Varangian Guard who were the personal bodyguard of the Roman Emperor at Constantinople.

    It is no suprise that these gene-markers were found in Hitler’s ancestry, considering the long, migratory history of the peripatetic Germans, it just doesn’t prove that he has Askenazi Jewish ancestry.

    What it does prove is that way back when, some of Hitler’s far distant ancestors may have been Latin Franks (another Germanic tribe) of Charlemagne’s empire or was descended from German tribes which settled in the Roman Balkans and intermarried there, or had traveled up into Austro-Germany from Germanic areas of the Crusader kingdoms in the Levant.

  99. KathJuliane September 7, 2012 @ 1:57 pm

    And let’s just straighten out something else.

    What “Ashkenazi Jews” or Y’hudey Ashkenaz, “The Jews of Ashkenaz” means they are the Jews descended from the medieval Jewish communities along the Rhine in Germany from Alsace in the south to the Rhineland in the north. Centuries later the name took on a wider meaning in the sense of East European.

    The name Ashkenazi derives from the biblical figure of Ashkenaz, the first son of Gomer, and a Japhetic patriarch in the Table of Nations (Genesis 10).

    In the rabbinic literature, the kingdom of Ashkenaz was first associated with the Scythian region, then later with the Slavic territories, and, from the 11th century onwards, with northern Europe and Germany which puts them in the early Holy Roman Empire of the Germans, which also included western Sclavinia, Gallia and Italia.

    The Jews living in these regions associated with Ashkenaz’s kingdom thus came to call themselves the Ashkenazi. Later, Jews from Western and Central Europe also came to be called Ashkenazi because the main centers of Jewish learning were located in Germany.

    Could some of them have been Khazars? Possibly, but Germany also attracted Jews from Sephard (Spain). And how do you tell a Khazar, anyway?

    I adore the brave, indefatigable, and great patriotic Christian convert Benjamin H Freedman, the watcher on the hill who kept going until he was 96 years old.

    There is no other old guard anti-Communist and anti-Zionist like him. Moreover, he not only denounced Zionism like some people like to ONLY point out, but that he denounced the entire Jew race/religion all together.

    It is clearly stated in the beginning of the his audio that Freedman “is a FORMER Jew, and I mean FORMER Jew,” NOT just a former Zionist. He is clearly stating that this issue isn’t completely a “Zionist” problem but yet a Jew problem.

    Many criminal Jews do not or pretend to not support Israel. This is key to understanding that Zionism is just a branch of the larger problem which is the Jew itself. And, the Church Fathers have long said that Christians and Gentiles can acquire a Jewish spirit and be “Jews,” particularly St. John Chrysostom.

    The title of his homily “Against the Jews” is mistranslated and should really read, “Against the Judaizers” and was primarily directed at Christians for adopting Jewish ways, practices, attitudes, and festivals.

    He spoke “after the reign of Julian the Apostate, and the way he used the Jews (and was used by them) to undercut Christianity.

    “Julian had even planned to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, primarily because he believed it would refute Christ’s prophesies about the destruction of the Temple. This happened when St. John was a young man, and so Christians at this time had no reason to believe that they had a firm position in society that could not be overturned in a short period of time.”

    What can anyone adequately say about this amazing man, Benjamin Freedman, who broke with organized Jewry after the Judeo-Communist victory of 1945, and spent the remainder of his life and the great preponderance of his considerable fortune, at least 2.5 million dollars, exposing the Jewish tyranny which has enveloped the United States?

    He was ever on top of his game, he knew his Christian facts, his personal knowledge as a former elite insider was formidable, and used the best research available to him at the time even from the Jews own rabbinic histories, as well as utilizing the semitic sources such as Arthur Koestler’s The Thirteenth Tribe which was written in the early 20th century, I believe.

    And he was spot on when he said these immortal words:

    “To allege that “Jesus was a Jew” in the sense that during His lifetime Jesus professed and practiced the form of religious worship known and practiced under the modern name of “Judaism” is false and fiction of the most blasphemous nature.

    “If to be a so-called or self-styled “Jew” then or now the practice of “Judaism” was a requirement, then Jesus certainly was not a so-called “Jew.”

    “Jesus abhorred and denounced the form of religious worship practiced in Judea in His lifetime and which is known and practiced today under its new name “Judaism.” That religious belief was then known as “Pharisaism.”

    “The Christian clergy learned that in their theological seminary days but they have never made any attempt to make that clear to Christians.”

    I also have to keep in mind that he wrote his Khazar history “Facts are Facts” in 1954, and that he died in 1984.

    Freedman died well before the Iron Curtain came down, and before the results of old Soviet and current ongoing archeology finds in Ukraine and Eastern Europe were published, and during a time when Byzantine studies were just beginning to emerge which has filled in more historical knowledge of the East Roman Empire and its relations with neighboring countries.

    These finds in recent years included Roman era inscriptions, synagogues and churches in the Balkans, Pontic Steppes and Crimea, as well as later synagogues dating from the Bulgarian empires, built at least 300-400 years before the Khazars conquered these very same territories.

    As shown by inscriptions unearthed in various parts of the Crimea, organized Jewish communities existed there long before the destruction of the Temple.

    St. Jerome in his commentary on Obadiah (verse 20) reports, on the authority of his Jewish tutor Hananiah, that, according to a tradition prevalent among the Jews, the Assyrians and Babylonians conveyed some of their Israelite and Judahite captives to the coasts of the Black Sea.

    The Crimean Jews were Hellenistic in language, customs, and social life, and enjoyed equal rights with their fellow Hellenic citizens.

    In 47 C.E. the Romans conquered the Crimea, but the period of their domination was brief; for about the middle of the first century the Alans seized the country. In the second century they were displaced by the Goths; the latter, in their turn, being dislodged by the Huns in the fourth century.

    Although there are no records concerning the fate of the Jews during this period, it is assumed that the successive masters of the country did not recognize any difference between the Jews and other inhabitants, and they either survived or not, or perhaps moved elsewhere.

    After the establishment of the First Bulgarian Empire, which reached all the way into the Ukraine and the Crimea occupying some of the same territory which would later come under Khazar rule, and its recognition in 681, a number of Jews persecuted in the Byzantine Empire appear to have settled in Bulgaria.

    During the rule of Boris I there may have been attempts to convert the pagan Bulgarians to Judaism, but in the end the Bulgarian Orthodox Church was established and the population of the Bulgarian Empire was Christianized in the 9th century.

    The names of many members of the 10th-11th-century Comitopuli dynasty—such as Samuil, Moses, David were perfectly ordinary Christian baptismal names. When it comes to enhancing past glory, Jews will grasp any thread, and they make the claim that these names could indicate partial Jewish origin, particularly if maternally Jewish.

    By the seventh century, Christian, Jewish, and even Moslem missionaries were spreading Old Testament stories throughout the Steppes.

    The Turks improved on the Scriptures, and told of the later history of Japheth, whose eldest son and heir was called Turk, and surnamed Yafeth-Oghlâni (Turk, son of Japheth).

    The point is moot. In those days as with pagans, once a Jew converted to Christianity, that was it, he was a Christian. Religion was the test, not race.

    And, while much speculation has been aired about the Khazar contribution to Jewish genetics, well before the famous conversion of the Khazars to Judaism, people often forget that it is a fact that the pagan Khazar aristocracy intermarried with Byzantine Imperial lines and other East European nobility, after being instructed in Orthodox Christianity, and then baptized.

    Leo IV the Khazar was Byzantine Emperor from 775 to 780 CE, and was the son of Emperor Constantine V by his first wife, the pious Irene of Khazaria (Tzitzak), the daughter of a Khagan of the Khazars (thought to be Bihar).

    Jews also settled in Nikopol in 967, as well as from the Republic of Ragusa and Italy, when merchants from these lands were allowed to trade in the Second Bulgarian Empire by Ivan Asen II.

    Later, Tsar Ivan Alexander of Bulgaria married a known Jewish woman, Sarah (renamed Theodora), who had converted to Christianity and had considerable influence in the court.

    The medieval Jewish population of Bulgaria was Romaniote until the 14th-15th century, when Ashkenazim from Hungary (1376) and other parts of Europe settled there.

    So, after 1100 years, how does one pick out the Jews descended from the Khazar converts to Judaism, and those descended from the much older Romaniot Jewish settlements which could trace their presence to antiquity, especially after they intermarried?

    The claim that Khazar-Ashkenazi Jews are “fake Jews” is a false one.

    Jewish Families arranged marriages between other Jewish houses to best material advantage and prestige, even at long distance. Intermarriage between a “convert house” and an older Jewish house simply was not an issue, as long as social castes were the same.

    Jewish societies were very mobile ones, with a lot of movement throughout various places, both because of trade and commerce, as well as due to the various expulsions.

  100. KathJuliane September 7, 2012 @ 2:02 pm

    The Khazar Khaganate (simply Khazaria) was a polyethnic-multifaith state with a population of Turkic, Uralic, Slavic, and Paleo-Caucasian peoples.

    It was a huge empire, and many nations were tributaries of the Khazars. A client king subject to Khazar overlordship was called an “Elteber.”

    At various times, Khazar vassals included:

    The Pechenegs; the Oghuz; the Crimean Goths; the Crimean Huns (Onogurs?); the early Magyars of the Pontic steppes, Crimea and Turkestan; Georgia; various Armenian principalities; Azerbaijan; the North Caucasian Huns; Lazica; the Caucasian Avars; the Kassogs; and the Lezgins of the Caucusus;

    Various East Slavic tribes such as the Derevlians and the Vyatichs; various early Rus’ polities along the Dneiper and Upper Don rivers; Volga Bulgaria; the Burtas; various Uralic forest tribes such as the Mordvins and Ob-Ugrians; the Bashkir; the Barsils along the Volga.

    The Jewish Hitler myth is an enormously popular, recycled and money-generating urban myth for the likes of Bullhorn Jones, Jim Condit, Henry Makow and others about “Hitler’s Jewish grandfather” that has been circulating for decades all the way back to the 1920s.

    To whit that Hitler’s paternal grandmother, Maria Anna Schicklegruber had been working as a cook in the household of a wealthy Jewish banker named Leopold Frankenberger in Graz before she gave birth to Hitler’s father, Alois Schicklegruber out of wedlock.

    Another lie among hundreds generated by political enemies that never became nearly so popular as a smear is that Hitler was a Czech.

    Hitler, following the rumours that his paternal grandfather was a Jew, in 1931 ordered the SS to investigate the alleged rumours regarding his ancestry, they found no evidence of any Jewish ancestors.

    Hitler then ordered a genealogist by the name of Rudolf Koppensteiner to publish a large illustrated genealogical tree showing his ancestry, this was published in the book “The Pedigree of the Leader” in 1937, which concluded that Hitler’s family were all German-Austrians with no Jewish ancestry and that Hitler had an unblemished “Aryan” pedigree.

    Why not a birth certificate? They didn’t have them. My own mother, born at home on a ranch in 1920 in California, didn’t have a birth certificate either. She did have a baptismal record.

    Baptismal records in parish registries were taken as proof of live birth, certified by the priest who also acted as the clerk of the state, and served as the birth certificate.

    After the war Hitler’s former lawyer, Hans Frank, in the Nuremburg docks as war criminal, even though he was a civilian lawyer, wrote in his memoirs just shortly before his execution his claim that Hitler told him in 1930 that one of his relatives was trying to blackmail him by threatening to reveal his alleged Jewish ancestry.

    Hitler allegedly asked Frank to find out the facts. Frank claims he determined that at the time Maria Schicklgruber gave birth to Alois she was working as a household cook in the town of Graz, her employers were a Jewish family named Frankenberger, and that her child might have been conceived out of wedlock with the family’s 19-year-old son Leopold.

    Now, it is very strange that after a thorough investigation by the SS which was published in 1937 by a professional genealogist to publicly refute numerous lies circulating about Hitler, Frank would have been asked to find out the facts again.

    So, if I were to write the rest of the story behind this, I would say that his Allied captors promised him a deal at the last minute to save his life (and perhaps stop crushing his testicles) if he were to write this fiction; Frank did so, and then the Nuremburg Jews hung him anyway after he wrote the memoir.

    The much more popular variation of Hitler mythography now in vogue circulating in the Condit-Jones-Makow-Icke league who call everything a “Rothschild AshkenNAZI” plot (capitalizing -NAZI as if it actually had some true connection with National Socialism), is that Maria Anna worked for Nathan Rothschild as a maid at their estate.

    Greg Hallett takes it even further, and claims that Lionel Nathan Rothschild spent much of his time breeding more illegitimate children with Maria Anna Schicklgruber and lookalikes around the German-speaking world.

    As the typical urban mythography mainly runs, Alois, Hitler’s father, was born in 1837 in the period when Freiherr (Baron) J.J. de H. Salomon Mayer von Rothschild was the only Rothschild who lived at the Vienna mansion. (Other versions throw in some other Rothschild like Father Nathan, but he died in 1836 in Frankfurt I believe, which is Germany, not Austria, a year before Alois was born in Austria.)

    The next question besides “Which Rothschild” is about the scene of the crime, which Rothschild palace or mansion? There were Rothschild palaces all over Vienna.

    The story continues, even his wife did not live there because their marriage was so bad that she stayed in Frankfurt. Their son, Anselm Salomon spent most of his working life in Paris and Frankfurt away from Vienna and his father.

    Father Salomon Mayer, living alone at the Vienna mansion where Hitler’s grandmother is said to have worked, is the prime, most obvious candidate. And Hermann von Goldschmidt, the son of Salomon Mayer’s senior clerk, wrote a book, published in 1917, which said of Salomon:

    “…by the 1840s he had developed a somewhat reckless enthusiasm for young girls…” and “He had a lecherous passion for very young girls, his adventures with whom had to be hushed up by the police.

    “And Hitler’s grandmother, a young girl working under the same roof would not have been the subject of Salomon’s desire?”

    And bla bla bla.

    All of which so far may be true salacious facts about Salomon Mayer, but does not prove that Maria Anna was ever within 50 feet of Vienna, much less within arm’s length of Salmon Mayer Rothschild, or any of the Rothschilds.

    One very slight problem with the credibility of all of these popular conjectures about Rothschild seduction of Adolf Hitler’s grandmother, is the fact that Maria Anna was 42 years old when she gave birth to Alois, and was not a “young girl” as is endlessly repeated.

    Clearly, a 42 year old woman would not excite Salomon’s lecherous, passionate “enthusiasm” for young girls as was written about.

  101. KathJuliane September 7, 2012 @ 3:26 pm

    The poisonous seed of this whopper of a tale published for Western espionage and later public consumption, was originally propagated by the Jew(?) Walter C. Langer in collaboration with a team of psychoanalysts and researchers, who was a high ranking officer and “psychoanalytical historian” in the OSS during WW2, who wrote a massive “secret psychological report” in 1943 for “Wild Bill” Donovan of the OSS, progenitor of the CIA.

    Langner’s OSS secret report was later published and marketed, and is referred to as a reliable source by David Icke and perhaps Henry Makow “proving” Hitler was a Rothschild in the giant “controlled opposition game” they both spin.

    The Langner report is the most brazen first attempt ever made by a government intelligence agency to apply “psychoanalytic insight” and “psychohistorical reconstruction” to methods of warfare [aka Psy-Ops].

    The report was classified as secret for almost a quarter of a century, and finally declassifed and marketed for book peddling consumption by the same Walter C. Langer (probably Jewish, Langner is a very common Jewish name) in 1972 under the title, the Mind of Hitler.

    In academic circles, Walter Langner’s published work is not taken seriously. In academic speak, this professor essentially said that Langner’s Freudian work, as is much of popular Hitler studies marketed to the masses in the 1970s, is so much bull manure.

    The very first problem with Langner’s wartime collaboration report is that the OSS psychiatric team, who were also mostly Jewish, only considered materials if they supported only a Freudian point of view — that is a subjective screen filtering for Jewish materialism, Oedipal complexes and sexual perversions.

    Langner’s work, according to its own book description, “was regarded by scholars and historians (nearly all of the raves were from Jews) as a masterpiece of “psychohistorical reconstruction concerning the personality and probable behavior of the “Third Reich’s Evil Genius.”

    But, Langner’s sole information about the Rothschild myth found in what became published as Mind of Hitler, comes from the very questionable Inside the Gestapo: Hitler’s Shadow Over the World (the title should be a clue that this was British propaganda).

    Inside the Gestapo was originally published in serial form in the Manchester News Guardian in 1939 by a pseudonymous Hansjurgen Koehler, who claimed to be a top-level defector who allegedly was a special agent working closely with the top cop Heydrich, head of the Gestapo, who then defected to Britain by way of Switzerland.

    A really big problem with any of this, is the fact that after the war, no one came forward and identified themselves as the person writing under the pseudonym of Hansjurgen Koehler, or otherwise revealed his identity.

    One of the pseudonymous Koehler’s missions was to recover “The Fatal File” — as a chapter of Inside the Gestapo is titled — a purported collection of documents from several sources held in the safekeeping of Austrian Chancellor and former nobleman Kurt Alois Josef Johann Schuschnigg, after an investigation of Hitler’s “secrets” by the late Chancellor Englebert Dolfuss, who had been assassinated in a failed putsch by members of the Austrian NSDAP in 1934.

    Schuschnigg was an Austrian Christian Social Party (Political Catholicism or Catholic Action) statesman and Austrofascist, a closet monarchist, and opposed to National Socialism and unification of Austria with Germany.

    The original Fatal File purportedly contained a bundle of documents attacking Hitler’s war record.

    But it also supposedly included a second bundle of documents which included the original birth-certificates, police registration cards, protocols, etc., from which Dolfus had supposedly succeeded in piecing together disjointed parts of the Hitler’s ancestry puzzle, creating a more or less logical entity.

    Pseudonymous Koehler then writes, “And there was one thing-WHETHER TRUE OR NOT-which might have been a dangerous weapon in Dolfuss’ hands,” [KathJ’s emphasis] which claimed that Hitler’s grandmother had became pregnant while working as a maid in the Rothschild mansion in Vienna – which was supposedly the Austrian chancellor’s secret blackmail weapon to hold NS Germany at bay from annexing Austria.

    Heydrich, according to the story, then advises the pseudonymous Koehler to employ a beautiful Countess to inveigle the file from the recently widowed Schuschnigg – Austria is disarmed – and the Wehrmacht marches into Austria.

    However, in the end, this espionage plot played by pseudonymous Koehler to secure the original documents ultimately fails, because the incriminating documents go to Germany by way of other hands.

    The Countess and the widowed Chancellor grow close enough to plan to marry, and she becomes one of his closest confidants, and even has a key to his safe.

    Conveniently for the rest of the legend, when it comes time for psuedonymous Koehler to retrieve these incriminating documents the safe in Schuschnigg’s study, the vault is found empty.

    According to the rest of the chapter of Inside the Gestapo, at the last minute Countess had given the alleged papers to a Baron von Kettler, von Papen’s secretary, who made it across the border into Germany, and pseudonymous Koehler was never, ever able to see the original documents himself.

    Oh, gee whiz. All he could admit to seeing were typewritten copies of everything in the hands of Heydrick, who obtained them from Hitler after Mussolini had secretly sent the copies to the Fuehrer, which had been secretly sent to Mussolini by Chancellor Schussnigg–and even psuedonymous Koehler admitted he didn’t know if they were genuine copies or not, meaning there were no official seals of certifications or signature notarizations attesting to authenticity.

    British intelligence, so they say anyway, at that time had not advanced enough to have had such inside information and that the defector was real.

    Perhaps not, but British intelligence MI6 had an enormous tall tale machine and grey and black propaganda media apparatus going which included as part of the intelligence staff, of all people, Alfred Hitchcock in the cinematography and “documentary” division.

    Hitchcock was shared by the OSS, MI6 and Hollywood, and all were on each other’s payroll in a kind of incestuous way.

    Some mysteries remain about Inside the Gestapo: 1) who was Hansjurger Koehler or the source of the information); 2) beyond the verifiable content, how much of the remaining actually did occur? and 3) How come there are so many errors of fact?

    The pseudonymous Koehler was only able to read the typewritten copies of the alleged documents, so what he describes in a public newspaper perhaps from memory, was conveniently published as a series a year after the Anschluss and Chancellor Schuschnigg taken into German custody to be held incommunicado, and is without any hard proof, such as original documents, photographic, or typewritten facsimiles or certified handwritten copies, or statements from others attesting to the existence of the documents.

    So far as I know, Schuschnigg, who survived the war and came to America, never said a word one way or the other about the so-called Fatal File and the allegation that he himself was a party to having evidence pointing towards Hitler’s Jewish Rothschild ancestry.

    Pseudonymous Koehler can’t even say that he saw any of the originals he was assigned to get by Heydrick because, lo and behold! they disappeared the day he was supposed to retrieve them.

    And, there are some obvious errors of fact as well in Inside the Gestapo. Koehler calls Hitler’s paternal grandmother “Matild” Schickelgruber (In some documents, Schueckelgruber depending on dialect) when in fact her name is well documented from parish baptismal and marriage records as being “Maria Anna”.

    The next thing, especially in his musings on the “big mystery” as to why Adolf’s father, Alois Shicklegruper, wanted the name ‘Hitler,’ which the pseudonymous Koehler baldly states was extremely rare in that part of Germany, and occured only as Jewish names, all as if this somehow proved the allegation that Alois Schicklegruber was a Rothschild bastard.

    Hitler was a very common name. It meant ‘innkeeper.’ His immediate family tree, complicated as it is, is nothing but Hitlers or its spelling variations. Germans, Austrian-Germans, and German Jews could all have this as a last name.

    Germans came to America in the 1700s who were named Hitler. There are landmarks and roads in Ohio named Hitler after these early settlers.

    Now, assuming for a moment that this chapter of Inside the Gestapo actually occurred as pseudonymous Koehler claims, then what would be the purpose of Dollfuss’s, and later Schuschnigg’s supposed blackmail of Hitler? They are all Germans, right?

    Both Austrians, political Catholics, were members of the Christian Social Party. They were both opposed to Hitler’s ambitions to absorb Austria into the Third Reich. After Schuschnigg’s efforts to keep Austria independent from NS Germany had failed he resigned his office.

    After the invasion Schuschnigg was arrested by the Germans, kept in solitary confinement and eventually interned in several German concentration camps for political prisoners. He was “liberated” in 1945 by the advancing American Army (with the assistance of the Wermacht) and spent most of the rest of his life in academia in the United States.

    So far as I know, Schuschnigg never said a word about the so-called Fatal File while he was here in the US.

    Originally a monarchist party, after the empire was lost and the formation of the First Austrian Republic, the Christian Social Party re-oriented towards the middle class and was “clerical-catholic” that is, the party was a Catholic Action (political Catholicism) party, and loyal to the Holy See; there were many priests in the party, including the later Austrian chancellor Ignaz Seipel, which attracted many votes from the tradition-bound rural population.

    As a social conservative counterweight to the godless Social Democrats, the party gained mass support through the Mayor of Vienna Karl Luegers anti-liberal and antisemite slogans.

    Its support of the Austro-Hungarian cohesion and the ruling House of Habsburg also gave it considerable popularity among the noble class, making it an early example of a big tent party. In common with political German National Socialism, the CSP held common beliefs such as anti-Marxism, anti-liberalism, and anti-Semitism.

    In the process of establishing the Austro-fascist dictatorship, Christian Social Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss merged the Christian Social Party into the Patriotic Front in 1933. As a politically Catholic country, under the CSP/PF, Austria’s alignment was towards Catholic-fascist Hungary, Catholic-fascist Spain and Fascist Italy under Mussolini.

    NSDAP Germany was officially secular in constitution. Hitler had disestablished the various religious political parties altogether and sent the Protestant and Catholic churches back to the other side of “separation of Church and State.”

    The Catholic Christian Social Party was politically anti-Semitic, and in common with National Socialism and the other Fascist states was anti-Bolshevik, but it clashed ideologically with National Socialism on many other main points.

    After the Anschluss of Austria to NSDAP Germany, the Christian Socialist Party was banned in March 1938 and ceased to exist. After the Second World War, the party was not founded anew. Most of its supporters and politicians thought the name was too closely associated with Austrofascism.

    Classic Völkisch nationalism of Gottleib Fichte denounced soulless materialism, individualism, and secularized urban industrial society, while advocating a “superior” society based on ethnic German folk culture and German blood.

    It denounced foreigners, foreign ideas and declared that Jews, national minorities, Catholics, and Freemasons were “traitors to the nation” and unworthy of inclusion.

    Völkisch nationalism saw the world in terms of natural law and romanticism, viewed societies as organic, extolling the virtues of rural life, condemning the neglect of tradition and decay of morals, denounced the destruction of the natural environment, and condemned cosmopolitan cultures such as Jews and Romani.

    During the era of Imperial Germany, Völkisch nationalism was greatly overshadowed by both Christian Prussian patriotism and the federalist tradition of various states therein.

    The events of World War I including the end of the Prussian monarchy in Germany, resulted in a surge of revolutionary anti-monarchist Völkisch nationalism. Members of the National Socialist Party to various degrees across the spectrum supported such revolutionary Völkisch nationalist policies.

    The NSDAP’s ideology was influenced by the leadership and policies of German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, the founder of the German Empire, and party members were dedicated to continuing the process of creating a unified German nation state that Bismarck had begun and desired to achieve.

    While Hitler was supportive of Bismarck’s creation of the German Empire, he was sometimes critical of Bismarck’s moderate domestic policies.

    On the issue of Bismarck’s support of a “Lesser Germany,” excluding Austria, versus the pan-German “Greater Germany” of the NSDAP, Hitler stated that Bismarck’s attainment of Lesser Germany was the “highest achievement” Bismarck could have achieved “within the limits possible of that time.”

  102. KathJuliane September 7, 2012 @ 3:28 pm

    Austrian National Socialism was the Pan-German movement that was formed at the beginning of the 20th century in competition with other ethnic nationalist groups, such as the Czechs and the pan-Slavists.

    The movement took a concrete form on November 15, 1903 when the German Worker’s Party (DAP) was established in Austria with its secretariat stationed in the town of Aussig.

    At further party congresses, proposals were made to call the DAP the “Nationalsozialistische” (National-Socialist) or “Deutsch-soziale” (German-social) Workers’ Party.

    This proposal was blocked by the Bohemian groups, who did not want to copy the name of the Czech National Social Party.

    At a party congress in Vienna in May 1918, the DAP changed its name to the Deutsche Nationalsozialistische Arbeiterpartei (German National Socialist Workers’ Party-DNSAP) and produced a National Socialist Program which is thought to have influenced the later German NSDAP manifesto.

    The Austrian DNSAP split into two factions in 1923.

    After 1930, most former DNSAP members became supporters of the German NSDAP led by Adolf Hitler, and were one of the chief elements leading the pro-NSDAP coup in 1938 that brought about the Anschluss with Germany. Leaders of the Austrian DNSAP who dubbed Landesleiter due to the recognition of Hitler as overall Führer of ethnic Germans

    The DNSAP and its pro-German unification sentiments was suppressed under the rule of Engelbert Dollfuss (1932-34), with its political organization in early 1933, but was revived and made part of the German NSDAP Party after the German annexation of Austria in 1938.

    The suppression of the DNSAP by the Christian Social Party Chancellor meant the suppression of about 10 million ethnic Germans in Austria who belong to the DNSAP.

    Now, if anyone has gotten this far, what particular motive would Dollfuss and Schuschnigg have to fabricate a Jewish ancestry for Hitler, if the Fatal File actually existed? Both parties were politically anti-Semitic, right?

    Easy answer. To destroy the Christian Social Party’s powerful but suppressed political competitor inside the Austrian Republic, the DNSAP of about 10 million members and their aspirations of German unification among the Austro-German Landsleiter by the threat to Hitler of publically smearing him as being a Jew.

    Actually, from the very beginning, Hitler was very active in publicly refuting the lies, libels and slanders in the press and also in the courts.

    To return to Langner’s OSS work, the preface reads:

    “This study [the Mind of Hitler] is not propagandistic in any sense of the term. It represents an attempt to screen the wealth of contradictory, conflicting and unreliable material concerning Hitler into strata which will be helpful to the policy-makers and those who wish to frame counter-propaganda.”

    The study was deliberately designed to take “contradictory, conflicting and unreliable material” and organize it into useful “strata” for “counter-propaganda.”

    In other words, no attempt appears to have been made to weed out such data, but only into a form that would support the ongoing set policies of “policy-makers” and the framers of “counter-propaganda” in an effort to smother any voice out of Germany to defend herself on the public stage.

    In short, Langner admits its a deliberate Big Lie psy-ops from beginning to end, but his hands are technically clean.

    This is more fully developed in one of several posts about the OSS on January 20, 2011

    Also see:

    Carolyn Yeager also further discussed the massive OSS war propaganda psy-ops against Hitler by the Freudian psychohistorian Langner on Feb 28, 2011 on the VOR Heretics Hour

  103. KathJuliane September 7, 2012 @ 3:56 pm

    As far as the almost more plausible Frankenberger version of the Hitler’s Jewish Grandfather story:

    Jews simply didn’t live in the district (Braunau and Graz) and town where Hitler’s groundmother from his father’s side was supposed to have traveled 300 kilometers to for work, nor were they allowed back until AFTER Hitler’s father, Alois, was born.

    The Jews are never shy about airing their eternal victimhood with chronic complaints about how the Evil Gentiles(TM) get fed up with their arrogance, violence (both several hundred thousand pagan Alexandrian Greeks and Cypriots, AND unknown thousands of Christians suffered martyrdom at the hands of the Jews) moneylending practices and sharp commercial practices, and corruption and subversion of the dominant culture and societies, and finally expel them from their cities and countries.

    Graz, capital of the Duchy of Styria (located in southern Austria and northern Slovenia) and formerly a major imperial city of the Hapsburg Monarchy was no different.

    In 1496 Maximilian I signed an order expelling all Jews from Styria, who were not allowed to return to Graz on any kind of permanent basis until mid to late 19th century.

    From Jewish Virtual Library:

    GRAZ, capital of *Styria, considered one of the oldest Jewish settlements in Austria. Although a gravestone, excavated in 1577 and erroneously dated to 70 B.C.E., long led to the belief that the community was much older, adjacent Judendorf was recorded in documents dating from 1147….

    Though expelled in 1439, the Jews returned by 1447. After the expulsion of the Jews from Styria in 1496, together with the rest of Austrian Jewry, almost four centuries passed before there was again a formal settlement of Jews in the town.

    Only in 1783 were they permitted to attend the yearly trade fairs then held in Graz. Individual families with special permits were allowed to settle in Graz after 1848.

    By 1863 a community had come into being and in 1868 the demand for special permits was rescinded; at that time an official organization of the community took place.

    From then on the community grew rapidly, partly because of economic factors. It numbered 566 in 1869 (0.7% of the total population), 1,238 in 1890, and 1,720 (1.1%) in 1934.

    Hitler’s father, Alois Schicklgruber lived 7 June 1837 – 3 January 1903. Alois was born in the village of Strones in the Waldviertel, a hilly forested area in northwest Lower Austria just north of Vienna, to Maria Anna Schicklgruber, a 42-year old unmarried peasant woman, whose family had lived in the area for generations.

    Let’s see. Alois was born about 20 years BEFORE Jews were permitted to come back to Graz.

    People had to register with city governments in Europe when they made permanent moves to urban areas, particularly Jews. There is no record of any Jews and their families named Frankenberger living in Graz.

    There is also no proof that Maria Schicklegruber was ever in Graz working as a domestic, nor would she have reason to be.

    Strones, northwest of Vienna, is about a 300 km road trip from Graz. Although of rural stock, she herself was a well-off enough peasant with her farm inheritence and shrewd investing to not need to go to Vienna and/or Graz and work.

    Vienna, between Strones and Graz, is about 200 km north of Graz. Vienna was the capital of the Hapsburg Empire, and was much larger than Graz. If Maria Anna went anywhere to work as a domestic for a Jewish family as alleged, it would have been Vienna, not Graz.

    There has always been a Jewish presence in Vienna under various pretexts despite expulsion orders. From 1736, there was a small Sephardic population in Vienna, which had its own religious community with a synagogue at the time of Empress Maria Theresa. The majority Ashkenazi population only obtained the same status much later under Franz Joseph I.

    Influenced by the Enlightenment, emperor Joseph II decreed his Edict of Tolerance, which paved the way for Jewish emancipation. For the first time in history, Jews received certain rights already accorded to Gentiles, and discriminatory laws were struck from the books.

    They were however still forbidden to form a religious community and to hold religious services in public.

    The Revolution of 1848 was seen by many Jewish intellectuals as a welcome opportunity to agitate for the emancipation of their community.

    For the first time in their history, Jews were accorded the unrestricted right to reside and to practice their religion throughout Austria in the 1867 constitution. Only then were Jews actually allowed back.

    After Alois was baptized at the nearby village of Döllersheim, the space for his father’s name on the baptismal certificate was left blank and the priest wrote “illegitimate.” Alois was cared for by his mother (gave birth at 42, remember) in a house she shared at Strones with her elderly father, Johannes Schicklgruber.

    In 1842, Johann Georg Hiedler married Maria Schicklegruber and in 1876 Alois testified before a notary and three witnesses that Johann was his father. At age 39, Alois took the surname Hitler through a process of legitimization.

    This surname was variously spelled Hiedler, Hüttler, Huettler and Hitler, and was probably regularized to Hitler on the original baptismal certificate by the parish clergyman, which also served as the clerk responsible for legal birth certificates for purposes of the Austrian state.

    Adolf Hitler was never, ever called Schickelgruber, his only surname from birth was Hitler, since that was Alois’ legal name at the time of Adolf’s birth. Schicklegruber was the name of his paternal grandmother Maria, and his father before legally changing his name to Hitler, well before Adolf was ever born.

    Hitler was not an uncommon surname of Gentiles in the Corinthian province of Austria where he was born, and where indeed some of his relatives had that name.

    For that matter, contemporary with Amish and Mennonite settlers, other early German immigrants to Ohio in the 18th century were surnamed Hitler. Just google these search terms “Franklin Circleview Pickaway County Hitler”

    Long before Herr Hitler came to power in Germany, the Pickaway County Hitlers were well-known farmers in Circleville, where three rural roads are named for them: Hitler No. 1 Road, Hitler No. 2 Road and Huber-Hitler Road. There is a Martha Hitler Park in Pickaway County.

    There is even a Hitler Pond!

    Here is German language Wiki entry on Circleville Ohio:

    These German immigrants were rural village and agricultural people, mostly Protestants, and came to America to escape persecutions.

    Only 1% of the world’s Jews in the 19th century were ever involved in agriculture, and even then generally as estate managers for the upper nobility and magnates, especially in Poland.

    Hitler’s family was Austrian-German and it turns out that 9% of Austrians currently carry the E1B1B1 gene which raised such a flap. We can safely presume the gene was also proportionally as common in 19th Century Austria among non-Jewish citizens.

    For that matter, E1B1B1 is also common in Europe, especially in Southern Europe. So some of Hitler’s distant ancestors might have been Northern Italian, Greek, Serb or Albanian too.

    Hitler’s political enemies inside and outside the NSDAP attempted to smear Hitler with claims of Jewish ancestry, and particularly some of the German aristocracy taunted his peasant-commoner background by casting his father’s own birth name “Shicklegruber” in his teeth.

    In the ’30s, at a time when “command presence” and projecting strength was everything in terms of political image on the world stage in the relatively new media of cinematography and news reels as social motivators and opinion formation, Hitler was was very private and perhaps even embarrassed about his family background, certainly to try to limit the inevitable public smears.

    Perhaps it was because his father had been born out of wedlock, his family were nondescript rural people, and his parents were second cousins who had to get dispensation from the church to marry.

    It may also be that Hitler was covering the fact that some of his relatives in the clan suffered mental illnesses, or it could be that his family was also vulnerable to hereditary Parkinson’s disease, which some Hitler medical scholars say is possible, which could have seriously affected his health in the last years of his life.

    As was common in many rural areas of Europe, there was a high rate of illegitimate births, and also small communities were often very closely intermarried.

    In the same vein, as was the custom of American media at the time in building a strong visual political image, Franklin D. Roosevelt was always photographed in very controlled circumstances.

    FDR was stricken with motor paralysis from the waist down after contracting polio in his late ’30s.

    Fitting his hips and legs with iron braces, he laboriously taught himself to walk a short distance by swiveling his torso while supporting himself with a cane.

    FDR concealed his paralysis from polio as much as possible for political reasons: society at the time did not recognize the ability of disabled persons to perform the demanding responsibilities of elective office.

    He usually appeared in public standing upright, while being supported on one side by an aide or one of his sons.

    For major speaking occasions an especially solid lectern was placed on the stage so that he could support himself from it by gripping it with both hands. Footage of him shows gestures mostly made with his head, with occassional use of one hand or the other.

    Roosevelt was very rarely photographed while sitting in his wheelchair, and his public appearances were choreographed in such a way as to avoid having the press cover his arrival and departure at public events which would have involved his having to get in or out of a car.

    According to famed broadcaster David Brinkley, who was a young White House reporter in World War II, the Secret Service actively interfered with photographers who tried to take pictures of Roosevelt in a wheelchair or being moved about by others.

    Consequently, only private candid photos of FDR in his wheelchairs have survived. The Roosevelt Library owns three of them.

    This clip shows FDR on his inauguration day, already seated in a limo, and then having to very quickly adjust the position of his bent legs by hand as others get in the vehicle :

    That’s it for now. Shane, the Internet is a great thing, but you really have to do some study to filter out the b.s. in Hitler scholarship. There are people who simply make crap up and lie because they consider that integral to “Freedom of Speech and Press.”

    Anything sensational and scintillating having to do with Hitler is big money, because without Hitler, if his ghost were simply laid to rest in the pages of history, there would not be anything to keep the Holohoax(TM) industry going, and the Goyish internet cottage industries would have nothing to do.

    The Jews would be without their boogey-man, and would have nothing to distract the world’s eyes from actually taking a hard look at the Jews themselves.

    Every few years, something new is “revealed” about Hitler and that just keeps the cycle going. A sensational book is written, the Jews grab hold of it to inflate their Hitler-Golem again, and then bloggers get a hold of it and add their own spin as well.

  104. hvt September 7, 2012 @ 4:49 pm

    Kath, you sure came “packin’ heat”! 🙂

    Great exchange of comments taking place.

  105. Wotan September 7, 2012 @ 10:43 pm

    Hello, dear Kath, who are you?

    You gave me your answer a long time ago: “…it is difficult to see in the internet, who somebody is…”

    But whoever you are I know that you are a friendly and constructive spirit in the gigantic battle against International Jewry and their Mafia organisations.

    I have read all you wrote, a lot of passages twice, and I feel great affinity when sensing your projected self.

    Connecting up to the few times when you have been talking about yourself personally I want to tell you: our bodies will pass away regardless if healthy or less so, but ideas often have a longer life.

    With your compartmentalised treatise and the physical plus intellectual determination carrying it you have set a concrete and lasting borderstone in the fleeting world of electronics, a borderstone that bears the letters KJ.

  106. Hans September 8, 2012 @ 12:44 pm

    Wotan September 7, 2012 @ 7:56 am

    “I see this basically in the same way, was however intrigued what is your problem with the Hohenzollern.”

    I have no problems with Hohenzollern. Maybe I wrote a little bit ambiguous – I have not much experience in speaking English and sometimes I don’t know if I can trust the dictionary or not. So “don’t lay every word on the gold balance.”

    Ludwig II (House of Wittelsbacher, basically Catholic) was bribed with 50,000 Goldmark by Bismarck (= kingmaker) to waive at the emperor’s throne.

    He accepted and that started the “cultural struggle” (Kulturkampf) in the Second Empire which lasts basically until today. The agitator behind this “Kulturkampf” was the Catholic Church.

    So Bavarians and “Prussians” don’t like each other until today even most of them don’t know why. Just a tradition and nothing serious.

    Like Frankonians and Bavarians don’t like each other and nobody knows really why.

    I don’t care who is the king – if there is a king.

    But I am pretty sure that this unnatural democratic nightmare will end soon.

  107. Wotan September 9, 2012 @ 4:51 am

    Hans September 8, 2012 @ 12:44 pm

    Dear Hans,

    I am very happy to hear your statement in principle.

    Occasionally I had the feeling that you had a social democratic background (roughly of the values of Friedrich Ebert after WW1 – which would also suffice to bring him to jail today), always staying 1/2 a cm away from the classic line as if to keep a backdoor open, for which ever reason.

    But a world view embodying constitutional monarchy and social democracy does of course not fit together.

    Don’t worry Hans, most of the time I get quite clearly what you want to say, because when you present idiomatic ambiguites I find it relatively easy to interpret them.

    For example, I would not have put it in the foreground of an international forum, that Bismarck bribed the Bavarians to join the 2nd Empire. But it’s true, Bismarck was as trickish as the Jews with the difference being that his heart beat for the German people and he had respect for his aryan opponents in Europe.

    This showed itself in Sedan and in Königgrätz.

    But the key, Hans, to all problems of the Germans and the Whites of Europe is in America and whilst a powerful Monarchy can by all means be a guarantee that crime syndicates like the Jewish ones cannot usurp the powers of the state, in some way the monarchy would not be a form of government which I could easily envisage for the United States.

    My thoughts are drawing a blanc on this issue!

  108. Hans September 10, 2012 @ 2:39 pm

    Wotan September 9, 2012 @ 4:51 am

    “I am very happy to hear your statement in principle.”

    Yes, I am a monarchist but aware of the fact that not every shoe, which fits one people, is suitable for other peoples.

    It is not impossible to infiltrate monarchies (just look at England) but generally much more difficult than to infiltrate democracies.

    In democracies all doors are open for lobby groups, a democracy is a self-service shop for anybody who has money. And this are generally Jews.

    This is the reason why in our Western world monarchies are slandered and democracies are hyped.

    The media hammered it in the mind of everybody:

    “Demon-crazy” is good, everything else is evil.

    The Christians pray with the Lords prayer “your kingdom come”.

    They don’t pray your democracy come! As if angels would vote whether they like to do what God told them or not.

    In our world is everything topsy-turvy.

    Garbage is revered and pearls are despised.

    But back to the topic: It was not the Reichswehr in Germany who prevented the looting of Weimar Republic.

    They looked as bystanders. With the clenched fist in their pockets maybe but they did nothing because military is accustomed to obey orders.

    It was a civilian who brought the turning of the tide.

    So I repeat what I wrote before: If you wait for the military you can wait until the cows come home!


    “Don’t worry Hans, most of the time I get quite clearly what you want to say.”

    Thanks for the compliment. I think.

    The reason is the software on this board. It automatically corrects typos, grammar errors and sometimes it even improves the content of what you have written 😉

  109. Wotan September 11, 2012 @ 2:49 am

    Hans September 10, 2012 @ 2:39 pm

    I thought you might refer to England as soon as I had posted. Not a bad point. One might also refer to 1789.

    Maybe it depends how much power you vest in a monarch.

    If you are just a figure head (as in England) freaks can do what they like and even publish your tampon conversations. On the other hand if you look at French Absolutism the Jew will find it easy to manipulate a frustrated populace or street fraternities.

    Whichever way you turn it, you will find pros and cons. Perhaps one of the best arguments would be that Monarchy has been the standard and natural form of Government when Europe flew into the sky compared to the rest of the world.

    Some wisecrack, however, might say that this statement is false as it contains no proof for cause and effect and the observed sets of circumstances may be incidental. That’s why the philosophers are telling us “the heart knows reasons, which reason will never know”…

  110. Marina September 11, 2012 @ 7:35 am

    The reason why the French absolutist monarchy fell victim to the Revolution was its own gradual internal corruption which manifested itself in its own anti-Christian behaviour.

    The de-Christianization of France started before the Revolution. The only difference was that under the French monarchy it was not official. Yet, a considerable number of French aristocrats and nobles led very un-Christian lives dabbling in all kinds of cults (Masonic orders and the such-like) and other excesses (sexual excesses included).

    The best expression of the level of debauchery among the French elites of those times are their own writings (eg. Marquis de Sade). The Revolution was thus – at least partly – a reaction to the decay at the top. That the Jews benefitted from it is true but they were not its major motor.

    Even though the Revolution was in many ways beneficial to the Jews, it did not make France a philo-Semitic country. First of all, it must be remembered that the major thinkers who inspired the Revolution such as an Anti-Christian philosopher Voltaire were very critical of the Jews and they wrote about it openly.

    Secondly, we should not forget either that early socialism was also generally anti-Semitic. Socialist thinkers such as Pierre Joseph Proudhon were fierce anti-Semites.

    It is not surprising, a small minority of Jews (the Jewish community in France at the beginning of the 19th century was not particularly big and it was mostly Sephardic) made up a very rich caste of people in France. Their wealth was visible. More than that, they often horrifically exploited the French common people.

    Jews themselves were not attracted to socialism at that stage. Their interest in socialism started with Marx. It could be said that Marx Judaized socialism, that he re-made it into a Jewish ideology.

    Marxist socialism with its stress on godlessness and its rejection of tradition was taken up by many Jews turning them into a very radical political force willing to undermine the existing social and political order.

    It is also important to remember that the Jewish power as we have it today originated in the Anglosphere. The Anglosphere (no offence meant to Anglo-peoples) created a particularly good climate for the growth of the future Jewish elites. One of the chief factors was the type of Protestantism that developed in the Anglo-world.

    It was generally less anti-Jewish than other traditional churches. Moreover, its stress on individual interpretation of the Bible undermined the unity among Christians – even Protestants – leading to sectarianism.

    It made possible the most bizzare interpretations of the Scriptures resulting in such religious deviations like Mormonism or Zionist Christianity, for example. Needless to say, this kind of religious climate was very favourable to the Jews.

  111. Wotan September 11, 2012 @ 10:50 am

    September 11, 2012 @ 7:35 am

    Thanks for your thoughts on the French Revolution. As always, Marina, you are adding interesting perspectives.

    There are some contemporary reports though, which point to heavy Jewish involvement in the initial unrest.

    The subseqent witchhunt on nobility would allow for secondary conclusions in this very direction. Most historically orientated Russians, so I should think, are aware of this Jewish tendency.

    Voltaire, by the way, spent part of his life in Berlin – I don’t know how the French see him. His religious acrobatics have become anecdotal heritage in Germany.

    And so it follows that the multitude of event avenues making up our world history does not lend itself easily to explain everything in one or two sentences. But we can clearly see the Jew at work in the 2 WW`s, we can see his work in Nuremberg and we know what he is doing at this very hour, i. e. printing money and planning the next war.

    Last but not least we can trace this type of Jewish behaviour all the way back to Jesus Christ and his Jew expulsion from the Temple.

    So I am not sure if there would be good grounds to regard the role of the Jews as merely marginal so far as any important developments in recent history are concerned, which have led to the status quo as we are facing it today.

  112. zane_al September 25, 2012 @ 4:02 am

    But why did KathJuliane refer to Hitler as a ‘ highly hated historical figure’ ?

    Is it an MSM view she’s drumming or should it flow with the words. Don’t think RJN readers feel comfortable.

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