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Who Will Lead After Ron Paul?

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Who Will Lead After Ron Paul?
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Brother Nathanael @ June 17, 2012


  1. Brother Nathanael June 17, 2012 @ 4:28 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    That’s right. The Jews have so much control over America’s political process that it does not matter who wins ANY election. It does not matter what party gets in or has a majority. Jewry controls BOTH parties.

    I have NOT given up on building a radio show that would morph into a TV venue that would hopefully, (Lord Willing), be MORE popular that the Zionist-shill, Alex Jones.

    Jones is married to a Jewish wife and has TONS of JEWISH advertisers, and a radio syndicated venue OWNED by a Jew, Jeffrey Smulyan, named Emmis Communications.

    Thus Jones CANNOT say the JEW word or even come close to the ZIONIST word.

    He’s a fraud, a showman, who did a FLIP FLOP on the Rand Paul sellout.

    First he was all indignant. Then a few days later he relented and said that Rand was a “good man” after all.

    NOW – Don’t You Think It’s Time That Alex Jones Had Some Good Competition?

    Don’t think for a minute that the Jew, Adam Kokesh, is competing with Jones. You see, Jones promotes Kokesh. Thus I think that Smulyan the Jew is pushing Jones to promote his JEW buddy, Kokesh on his show.

    BOTH Jones and Kokesh are DISINFO con-men.

    I NEED FUNDING to Launch This Show. I will be hiring a Radio/TV expert who I have already spoken with. He charges money BUT we will be in a position to morph into some REALLY professional stuff.

    ALSO, I had a LONG talk with Jeff Rense who is willing to help me get started with a Once A Week Radio SIMULCAST.

    Please Consider Helping Me To Fund This Thing!

    HOWEVER, because numbers of donations have been SO LOW (I sent out an appeal to over a THOUSAND emails last week and only a handful responded) I am STRUGGLING just to stay online on a week to week, month to month basis.

    (You see, it TAKES MONEY to run this site.)

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    PS – I am now on FaceBook! Check it out @

    ALSO – Many THANKS to those who send in “cash” donations. They DO come in SECURELY and INTACT.

    I DID get some more “cash” donations this week. Thank You!

  2. Brother Nathanael June 17, 2012 @ 4:29 pm

    Text –Text– Text

    Who Will Lead After Ron Paul?
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Copyright 2012

    A leadership vacuum now exists in the Liberty Movement now that Rand Paul announced his endorsement of the establishment candidate, Mitt Romney.

    What could this endorsement mean but support for Romney’s platform?

    For Romney has made it clear that he backs a Zionist Jewish agenda: the NDAA, stricter gun control, and even more of the neocon’s global wars now centered on Syria and Iran with Christian Russia targeted as America’s “number one enemy.”

    Is it any surprise then that Romney surrounds himself with a crowd of Jewish-neocon advisors: Michael Chertoff, who gave us his TSA Strip Machines; and the Weapons of Mass Destruction boys: Robert Kagan, Eliot Cohen, and Dov Zakheim, a key agent of the 9/11 cover-up.

    And it looks like Rand Paul buys into the 9/11 lie with his “Not One Dime” legislation applauding the so-called “assassination” of Osama bin Laden, saying, “justice was done.”

    But the millions of youth who fuel the Ron Paul Revolution are not so sure.

    They know that 9/11 was an Inside Job and that Osama, whose “assassinated” body we were never permitted to see, died of kidney failure long before the so-called hit by the US Navy Seal Team.

    The best now that Ron Paul has to offer his people is to influence at the Republican Convention the party platform which Ron Paul himself unwittingly admits is a useless endeavor:

    [Clip: “You know a lot of people are saying the platform doesn’t mean anything they don’t follow it. There’s some truth to that.”]

    And lecturing his delegates to “behave” as if they were little children ain’t gonna get it either:

    [Clip: “I think the rules should be followed, we should not be disruptive.”]

    You see, the Liberty Movement—made up of millions of fired-up youth who recognize that adherence to the Constitution and ending the Fed is America’s last hope—is now left without a messenger.

    And with Rand Paul’s sellout to Bilderberg poster boy, Mitt Romney, not only has the wind been blown out of the sails of Ron Paul’s delegates but a leadership vacuum now confronts millions of Ron Paul’s militant supporters.

    In other words, militants don’t “behave,” they fight!

    Who will lead now that Ron Paul has left the fray? And did he even want to win the nomination in the first place?

    If life is like a game of poker then one must play to win.

    And believe me, for I grew up as a Jew, no one knows this better than American Jewry which controls our corrupted political process.

    No matter who gets elected nothing will change, it just gets worse.

    A new leader must arise—who will lead a “Moral Revolution”—who will inspire a religious revival.

    For only with a Christ-centered America can the power of Jewry be destroyed.

  3. sue June 17, 2012 @ 5:22 pm

    Everything you say Bro, is dead on.

    In my humble opinion, America is deeply fractured and balkanized. We are flopping around like a fish out of water.

    All the real Patriots are aging and dying and the past dies with them. No one leader will be allowed to lead. We are becoming a nation of illegal immigrants led by an illegal alien occupying the Oval Office with impunity.

    Even Sheriff Joe and his Cold Case Posse have hit a wall.

    Obama and Michelle are laughing to the bank, we hear The Obamas have billions socked away in foreign bank accounts. Even multitudes of legal immigrants just want what they can get as quickly as possible, never assimilated.

    Whenever a true leader pops out of the wood work, his plane is blown out of the sky or he is suicided, mysteriously has a ‘sudden heart attack’, poisoned with arsenic, shotgunned, or just run off the road by the omnipresent government shadow stalkers like it is said Brietbart was on an unassuming stroll home.

    America is the laughing stock of the world and most ‘Americans’ don’t care..too busying paying the mortgage/bills/surviving. Zombied out by the ‘TV’.

    Now Ron/Rand Paul, have essentially betrayed the millions of young freedom fighters and their familys that need to secure their futures, and they have been set adrift since both Pauls have ‘opted out.’

    Maybe they got to Rand and threatened him after his blowout with the TSA a few weeks ago. Fear can change a person overnight, it seems he is no exception. Thank you Bro for you fine work!

  4. Taylor June 17, 2012 @ 6:16 pm

    This video is fantastic.

    Even though I am not a baseball fan in the least bit, I’d have to grade Brother Nathanael’s latest piece par minimum a triple, if not an outright homerun.

    I feel bad that I cannot donate to this very fine man, but when all one has is part-time work (despite several university degrees and plenty of work experience) there is no means to give to the right people.

    Rand Paul’s betrayal is a brutal sell-out to the liberty movement. I have a hunch that some evil bastards threatened this man, and so he chose to capitulate rather than to tell them to go to hell (and suffer the dire consequences!).

    Of course, my hunch could be entirely wrong in that Rand Paul may very well have voluntarily given in to the political slime-balls. Who’s going to take up the freedom/liberty cause now that the Pauls have bailed ship? Very hard to say.

    I had to tell my older son that while our standard of living is substantially lower than what I was able to enjoy growing up in a rural community, he can expect his and his family’s standard of living (assuming he opts to start a family someday) to be a notch or two lower than present times.

    Thank you (NOT!!!) to the dastardly surreptitious rat Jews for playing a major role in engineering this disheartening decline.

  5. hvt June 17, 2012 @ 6:18 pm

    “For only with a Christ-centered America can the power of Jewry be destroyed.”

    So true, Brother Nathanael, so very true. Anything short of that is merely a pipe-dream and an illusion.

    O Lord, Your church is wandering in the wilderness of Adam’s disgrace. We keep circling Your Cross of Freedom, yet we do not draw near in full repentance. We lay a meager portion of sacrifice on the altar (rather than the whole), and then return to take even that back!

    You have called us to die to ourselves that we may be made alive to You, and used by Your spirit as vessels of life to those who are utterly lost…the walking dead. Yet we refuse to die, and we’ve become eerily similar to them because we are…through the refusal…the walking wounded.

    We give a meager portion of the “tithe,” and desperately try to hide the rest…thinking You don’t see. But, You do see, Father, and does not Your heart grieve, and Your anger burn, toward the contemporary Israel for the mixture?

    Still, You are merciful and longsuffering, and loving. You continue to extend kindnesses…and we continue in our selfish ways. Please open our eyes!

    Our lives have become like the story of the lady who acquired a purebred dog of the type that have their tails all but removed. A friend of hers, after weeks of seeing the dog bandaged, asks, “Is your dog not healing? It has been bandaged for weeks. Was the surgery not successful?”

    The owner replies, “Oh, yes, I feel certain that in time it will be. You see, I just couldn’t bring myself to put Fido through the pain of severing his whole tail at once, so I have been cutting off a little bit at a time.”

    Such is the picture of us, Lord! Oh, for the determination, and the grit, of the early church to have the surgery done with so that we might truly live! That reckoning of ourselves dead…and an absolute refusal to touch the sacrifice…or to even think about it once it has been given to You Father!

    Help us, dear Savior. Without a vision Your people will perish! Instill in us the holy reverence toward You that You are so very worthy to receive! Teach us what it means to truly walk in the fear of God.

    All that we are, all that we have, all that we are becoming…enable us to lay at Your feet…in full and complete surrender and submission to your will…and Your will alone. Amen!

  6. Richard June 17, 2012 @ 6:35 pm

    Bro Nathanael, rest assured that you are indeed reaching new people, I’m one of them.

    When I first heard that Jews were the one’s who are destroying America, I thought it was crazy. Now, thanks to you, I know it is really true. They say ‘It takes one to know one.’

    Well, you were one, that’s why you know what they’re up to and how they are successfully (so far) doing.

    God Bless you. Keep up the good work spreading the incendiary truth.

    Congratulations, you are no longer a Jew, you are now a White Christian American! I wish you were a million, instead of one.

    Mixwell 63

  7. PK June 17, 2012 @ 6:35 pm

    Rand is very much in the pocket of Jewry.

    And our Lord Christ is our salvation and their demise. But Rand would very much be rebuked by Jesus as when he did so to the Pharisees who denied His Divinity because He didn’t perform the ceremonial hand washing during the meal.

    “Many of you Pharisees are here with me as friends, some are even my disciples, but the majority of the Pharisees are persistent in their refusal to see the light and acknowledge the truth, even when the work of the gospel is brought before them in great power.

    “How carefully you cleanse the outside of the cups and the platters while the spiritual-food vessels are filthy and polluted! You make sure to present a pious and holy appearance to the people, but your inner souls are filled with self-righteousness, covetousness, extortion, and all manner of spiritual wickedness.

    “Your leaders even dare to plot and plan the murder of the Son of Man. Do not you foolish men understand that the God of heaven looks at the inner motives of the soul as well as on your outer pretenses and your pious professions?

    “Think not that the giving of alms and the paying of tithes will cleanse you from unrighteousness and enable you to stand clean in the presence of the Judge of all men.

    “Woe upon you Pharisees who have persisted in rejecting the light of life! You are meticulous in tithing and ostentatious in almsgiving, but you knowingly spurn the visitation of God and reject the revelation of his love. Though it is all right for you to give attention to these minor duties, you should not have left these weightier requirements undone.

    “Woe upon all who shun justice, spurn mercy, and reject truth!

    Woe upon all those who despise the revelation of the Father while they seek the chief seats in the synagogue and crave flattering salutations in the market places!”

    Thank you Brother Nathanael

  8. Has C. June 17, 2012 @ 7:00 pm

    A humble voice from the “old” Europe:

    I guess the time is past ripe in the U.S. for great men to arise and lead. Not unlike around the time of your War of Independence. There were a few millions of settlers but plenty of real leadership talent back then.

    I guess five things come to mind which are repelling people form doing a real sacrifice. There are sure many more:

    1. The multiethnic composition of America.
    2. Dead neighborhoods where people do not know or care about each other,
    3. Intensive propaganda via Jew-tube intoxicating minds and blinding people to what really is going on,
    4. Rigging elections became a rule, not an exception,
    5. Whoever shows talent gets bought or terminated by kosher-nostra which is everywhere and active since the Kennedy hit, and really – much earlier (excellent point by sue).

    So, who will risk his life and limb for total strangers when words like “sacred honor” mean nothing at all? Hitler was able to surround himself with trusted SA guys who protected him against Jew goons day and night, if need be.

    Who can trust people like that today? What is the chance that one or two of them get bought and slide you a knife between the ribs?

    Maybe Ron Paul really believed he could make a change. Maybe he didn’t expect to get a dead fish in the mail with an appropriate message?

    It’s hard times for heroes. Or have I misunderstood something?

  9. zane_al June 17, 2012 @ 8:18 pm

    The heroes are very much alive. Look around you. They can be recognized as follows :

    1. They are devout Christians.

    2. They fight the Pharisees with their pen.

    3. Just like Jesus, their life is a struggle.

    So if you see and recognized them, do help as much/often as you can.

    Until the Second Coming of Jesus Christ/Messiah and He appears in His Person, He appears in the hearts of these people.

  10. Taylor June 17, 2012 @ 8:35 pm

    Hopefully Glory B. and Joe Cortina will each post a comment about this latest video.

    Their remarks are always very interesting and spot on accurate.

  11. susie June 17, 2012 @ 8:50 pm

    Bro. Nathanael,

    I love you dearly but disagree with you on this point. Although either of the Pauls would save this nation, with the Jewish-run Media, no correct candidate has a chance.

    So what do you do if you are a Paul? Drop back and punt. A Paul as a VP is better than no Paul at all.

    Don’t be so hard on the Pauls, father and son. They are on OUR side. Just give them a chance. This is an evil, hard world we are trying to traverse. Give them a chance.


  12. bubba June 17, 2012 @ 8:50 pm

    IMHO….The “R. Paul” sayanim era was to build UP ….and then d-a-s-h ……the hopes of perhaps the least common sense/spiritually void generation in history.

    Much of the “R. Paul” support would be Gen X types, baby-boomer babies, that have grown up in the illusion of a democracy and endless prosperity.

    They put their faith in a false god, and now are left numbed.

    They will join the ranks of the disillusioned, so that a bare double-digit base of voters will decide who can be the next Goyim puppets.

  13. Alice June 17, 2012 @ 11:19 pm

    I have always been a passionate Ron Paul fan, but always recognized his need to “play ball” and be a politician.

    His son’s endorsement of Romney is disappointing to say the least, but then again, if you’re not in the game at all, what good can you do?

    I am still a Ron Paul admirer (not quite as impressed with Rand), but I appreciate Bro N’s “sell-out” perspective as well.

    It’s always good to maintain an healthy skepticism, and given Rand’s blatant sell-out and Ron’s silence on the issue, I’m glad I never wasted a dime donating to Ron Paul’s campaign.

    I do admire Ron’s diplomacy when he says “Israel should have its sovereignty and has the right to defend itself.” Translation: Israel should defend itself against the surrounding Muslim countries on its own nickel and get its hands out of America’s pockets!

    On another note, I am excited about the billboard campaign in Los Angeles: Stop the $30 Billion.Org.

    As the U.S. economy continues to struggle through the most pitiful “recovery” in its history, Americans will grow more and more outraged about $8 million/day going to the self-appointed Chosen people in occupied Palestine.

  14. Nadia June 18, 2012 @ 12:18 am

    We need leaders like Brother Nathanael!

    Sending lots of love and some dol.

  15. John Mills June 18, 2012 @ 3:03 am


    The Jews have screwed us so many times throughout history. They have drained our blood, murdered us by the tens of millions, brought in drugs, corrupted our youth, and got us to kill millions of our own kind in wars.

    We need to know why are you conducting this campaign? I mean imagine Goebbels or Himmler wanting to get rid of Hitler. Would they be doing it just to take power or they just decided Hitler was just going to destroy their country? They thought if they ended the war things would be better, but it wouldn’t have mattered.

    So are you doing this, because you know what the Jews have done throughout history and you know they are just going to destroy the world?

    First thing you have to admit that being Jewish is not just a religion.

    I’ve been looking at a lot of your videos and sure you speak the truth. I know you read some of MacDonald’s, Buchanan’s, and Pierce’s stuff and you seem to sound like him.

    I know Alex Jones is a shill and what about Icke? He seems to be able to travel the world and talk about lizard people.

    You must think there is a chance to take power away from the Jews. That is possible, but it would take destroying the world to get it done.

    They destroyed most of Europe just trying to get rid of Communism.

    You see, people like Jones trying to talk about all these problems and not mentioning the Jews, but uses words like Illuminati and Bilderbergers.

    I’m curious what your motives are? Are you angry with the Jewish race and what they have done to the world?

    Because if they control the world we must assume they are responsible for nuclear power plants that are destroying the world since they created nuclear fusion.

    Also, I’d like to know why did Communism end in Europe? Why didn’t they take all of Europe since they destroyed the only country that could have stopped it?

  16. George Matthews June 18, 2012 @ 3:19 am

    One thing you get tired of hearing is playing politics.

    I would hope playing politics would mean Ron Paul wouldn’t mention Jews or 9/11 and then become president and then say, Now I am going to drop the hammer on Mr. Jew. But we all know he would have to tip toe around and they would pork barrel everything.

    I like the way Hitler did things. He didn’t use politics. He put people to work and built up Germany and he bartered with countries. Since it wouldn’t have been very smart to trade with a currency that was useless.

    So during the worst depression Hitler was building up Germany and he showed the world how to do it. Just let the people work and repair the country and bypass the banks. He also wouldn’t allow the Masons back in.

    So politics as usual we have had enough of. In many of those Slavic countries they have a lot of nuclear waste dumped into their rivers and lakes and that needs to be addressed. There are millions of landmines in Asia and blowing up people everyday. Why can’t they find them and destroy them? Why can’t they tear down those old apartments in Russia and build new ones?

    Politics is why we are in the mess we are in. It’s time to close the nuclear power plants and it’s time to grow hemp and feed the boilers pollution free hemp. It’s time to go to Colombia and Bolivia and destroy their cocaine trade. It’s time for the USA to get all their bases out of all the countries and quit moving opium out of Afghanistan.

    Brother, one thing it will not get done without horrendous bloodshed. In order to take power away from the Jews in the USA we would have to destroy the country.

    Israel has nukes and they would use them before they would go down. They use micro nukes all the time. Right now the Israelis are working on viruses that will attack certain genomes. If they haven’t perfected it already and are going to unleash them in the future.

    Israel is the foremost problem. They are why we are in the Middle East. It’s not about the oil, because we can always buy it and that is cheaper.

    When we finally leave the Middle East it won’t even be fit for anything with all the depleted uranium.

  17. jason June 18, 2012 @ 6:00 am

    I will continue to say this until I am blue in the face –

    No political candidate is worth your vote, nevermind a seat in the White House, until he/she agrees to a new, independent investigation of 911, where regular Americans are the jurors, the former Bush administration are the prime suspects, and the charge is treason and murder with the prosecution going for the death penalty.

    911 is the only true litmus test for a future president.

    Rand tries to placate the American electorate by saying that he and his father have pushed for amendments to laws that would otherwise never have been pushed.

    Please Rand, be honest! What good is pushing for the repeal of the TSA, and the like, if all it takes is another 911 to wipe all your efforts ‘off the table’, as it were?

    If the American people do not stand up and create a HUGE obstacle to any future administration’s plans for another 911, thereby furthering their main objective of the restrictions of people’s rights, what good is ‘working within the party’?

    Stop treating the liberty movement like the electorate of old, Rand. Those days are over.

  18. Cynthia Lauren Thorpe June 18, 2012 @ 6:51 am

    To dear brother ‘hvt’ – amen and amen to each word.

    I click on this video and I ‘see’ only a portion of the GREAT CLOUD OF WITNESSES on the mountains behind Nathanael.

    They are assembled, they are mighty, and they are cheering the ministry on to Victory in Christ Jesus. (HALLELUJAH! – AMEN! – YAHWEH!!!:))

    So, it’s high time to get REALLY honest with these ‘eyes’ given to us by our Father: Can we ‘see’ Key Hallmarks of Jesus’s Own Ministry, here? – “His HANDS/fingerprints”, as it were? –

    “HOLY BOLDNESS” Check!
    “LOVE” Check!
    “TRUTH” CHECK!!!

    “WIT!!!” (okay, I admit – I LOVE ADDING THE ‘WIT’ – but, the rest – I promise – was from Jesus, Himself!!! even though I think He loves the wit, too…)

    All three of these and much much MORE flow freely from this site.

    They INSPIRE (once again – true to His Word) – and each are kept buoyantly above the waves by a ZEAL and a FOCUS that needless to say – can only be birthed from Above.

    If it were otherwise, methinks our dear brother would prefer to be holed up in some stunningly austere monastery, constantly praying, rather than gracing the internet screens for the WHOLE WORLD to be inspired by, for GOD’S WILL is perfect, indeed.

    It’s in GOD’S PERFECT TIMING that this will all come to pass. And as our Unity in Christ Jesus grows and as more of us humble ourselves to Him, it IS happening. (All of it based on the two Commandments of most import.)

    When I see your videos, when I read your words, I do NOT see ‘only one’, dear Brother Nathanael.

    I ‘see’ the zeal of the remnant gathering all over this globe, side by side, in OBEDIENCE to our ABBA, as He cuts through the ‘smokescreen’ of the adversary and we ARE pressing in and possessing our inheritance–not by our might, not by our power—but, by HIS SPIRIT.

    He IS raising up today children with backbones put in place by His Holy Hands and courage inspired through our walks with Him, not by syrupy sermonizing, but, in His School of His Spirit. AMERICANS – ARMENIANS – A TO Z – ALL OF US ‘AS ONE’ bowing to no one other than HE.

    And, we’ve ALL been made for a time such as this, dear ladies and gentlemen – WARRIOR children of PRAISE. Surrender and SHINE! Shall we all ‘dare’ to surrender as our dear Brother has? Shall we shed our willfullness and opt to bow only to Christ Jesus?

    I daresay I feel the Balances of Heaven are tipping in Favor as the Name above ALL Names hears our voice echo His GLORY. So, I shall continue to Praise Him for His PERFECT Plan and His PERFECT Timing for us ALL.

    Standing resolutely in Truth and His Joy

    And, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to our Heavenly King as He brings Justice to VICTORY

    One of many daughters who has her Father’s ‘Eyes’… AND has learned the hard way to use less – of her mother’s mouth, praise HIM! 🙂

    Cynthia Lauren

  19. Dan June 18, 2012 @ 7:41 am

    Hi Brother Nathanael:

    Thanks again for another great piece of analysis. You are simply one of the best. I thank God for you.

    It all seems like theater to me. All events subsequent to late 2000 have all seemed to have been hatched as a result of someone’s active and purposeful work.

    It’s all narrative; an interesting one as it gradually unfolds. Given that reality is contrived and served up to us courtesy of our controllers, there is nothing left to the imagination.

    I can no longer think about what our future will be like, what could happen given various inputs. The markets are rigged and so are our elections.

    Why even bother to vote? Our future seems all but decided.

    I could go for a nation focused on Christ. However, too many American Christians are materialistic and would not be effective leaders within our society especially given the sacrifices that would need to be assumed to turn things around.

    Thanks again Brother Nathanael.


  20. Bill June 18, 2012 @ 8:23 am

    The Cold Truth….Here it is.

    America and the world NEEDs another Franco, Mussolini or Hitler.

    Germany was the envy of the world in the 1930s, no better place to live for families or businesses. Jews saw to it that it was destroyed.

    Had Patton had his way, Germany was to be rearmed and USSR invaded.

  21. Pawel June 18, 2012 @ 9:48 am

    Brother Nathanael for President!

  22. Sammy Harrison June 18, 2012 @ 10:13 am


    Would we be better off admitting it might be all she wrote or think we can win? If we could have defeated them right after Waco when everyone hated the government when they murdered those people.

    But we have sat back and let them get the camos ready and get everything in place. Now just one person tell me when they bring in the troops, tanks, helicopters and jets how we can beat them with just guns?

    I have thought about it and I could see some hope if they attacked Washington after Waco, but now I don’t even have a clue.

    Our enemy are the politicians who have screwed us for 100 years. If we go to war against the Blacks and Mexicans it’s just what the Jews want, because after them comes the Cops and then the U.N. soldiers and our military.

    Don’t worry the politicians will be tucked away in their mountain resorts. Then they can start spraying chemtrails that will be final. What we need is a network of people to keep an eye on these politicians. To watch those big yachts, and when they start to pull out something is about to occur.

    Would you want to let the politicians and all the wealthy to leave here and then wait for what they are going to do? We would be sitting ducks.

    Of course if this Japanese nuclear plant fails they say this country will have to be evacuated, but at no time of all the chemical plant who have poisoned the ground water or any nuclear accidents were the people were told to leave, except Chernobyl, because it was so serious, but people should have really been evacuated at least 1,000 miles if not clear out the whole area downwind from the plant.

    The rich and politicians will haul arse as soon as this plant collapses, but we won’t be told. They know right now if this plant would collapse in the next couple months. It would take two months to evacuate everyone out of this country, but the trade winds would have that radiation here in a week. You better take notice. We need people watching the politicians amd the yacht basins.

  23. hvt June 18, 2012 @ 10:16 am

    “We’ve ALL been made for a time such as this”–Cynthia Lauren Thorpe–

  24. Has C. June 18, 2012 @ 10:30 am

    It is one thing to philosophize in the anonymity of your own room, the other – to actually start a mass movement of people indignant and determined enough not to be afraid of death, if need be.

    If such a movement starts anywhere – there are FEMA camps and drones ready to go. And what do you propose to do with THIS?

    To write “Away with bloody Jews” and post it for people to read is too easy a sort of activism. Very cheap and fun but leads nowhere.

  25. John Renehan June 18, 2012 @ 10:32 am


    Bill, if someone like them come along the people are so stupid they would blame them for everything. For instance they were murdering the Slavs for 23 years, but nobody said anything. Until the Commies tried to provoke something with Germany and the Commies wouldn’t ease the restrictions on crossing the Danzig Corridor.

    So with Germany and Poland neighbors you can imagine the Germans knew a lot more than we did about the conditions there. If the Commies attack German Nationals in Poland were the Germans supposed to do nothing?

    If our politicians are too chicken shite to do anything then the citizens need to remove them and there must be a revolution, but it must include all the citizens. If it’s just the militia forget about it. This country will have to be destroyed.

    So destroyed, the ones that have to rebuild this country will do it and then the different races can have at it, but after the smoke has cleared. If the decent people leave the cities and just let the Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and blacks to destroy the cities and let them fight.

    But Obama needs a smokescreen. Japan mess needs a smokescreen. The financial mess needs a smokescreen. So I feel when it goes the whole thing goes. It has to occur soon, before this nuke plant collapses.

    Of course the smart people left after 9/11. They knew what that was and really when your government starts to commit acts like that to get legislation passed you know things are about to get real bad.

    On 9/11 they supposedly set off small micro-nukes. They had explosives all through the towers with thermite. They stole all the gold from the vaults and they got rid of all the evidence in Tower Seven. 9/11 was so blatant and we have seen all the evidence.

    You have to wonder what is next to usher in martial law? Maybe blow up a small city? Maybe an Israeli sub nukes a city on the coast and we blame it on Arabs?

    If this happens everyone in this country should do the utmost to legally resist.

    Don’t allow them to take your guns or enter any of your property.

  26. etterling June 18, 2012 @ 11:37 am

    Dear BN:

    What Americans lack it is a genuine from the roots American political purpose and organization.-

    We may speak the whole life against Jews, and their devious purposes; but instead, do as they do: have purpose–Christian based ones–and organize bases and action.-

    To write down 20 or so basic points to which most people would ascribe to it is a simple matter, with the proviso to be general, and from then on, go into grievances and common issues, a sort of middle-class Constitution.-

    Gathering at schools, posse comitatum, or whatever could the more amount of folks could discuss and be instructed, and a nation wide web distribution to keep citizens informed and select local candidates.-

    BN, you can play a substantial role in a new American political Dawn and a rebirth of a truly Christian and fair Society, all within the framework of the law, and to relief from distress this great USA.-

  27. ME June 18, 2012 @ 12:27 pm

    Hi everybody.

    The programs on TV all stink anymore, so we don’t usually watch very much TV, I just wanted to say.

    The only good program they had on TV anymore was the “Prepping” program and they quit showing it.

    What were they afraid of? Were they afraid we would be ready for anything that happens and would NOT have to relay on them (FEMA)?

    It’s all ways good to prepare for any kind of disaster. That way you don’t have to rely on the government to take care of (feed and clothe) your family.

    OH! just a small note. I think the Boy Scouts should stay the way they are and NOT change their “NO GAY” leader policy.

  28. BT June 18, 2012 @ 12:28 pm

    Brother is not being even hard enough on the Pauls.

    I very much applaud his wanting to start his own shows.

  29. vladimir June 18, 2012 @ 1:31 pm

    In answer to the unthinking Hitlerism here:

    Franco and Mussolini essentially destroyed their countries where many of the intractable problems in Italy and Spain today are can be traced back to them.

    The cause they rode in on was to make the rich aristocratic classes even more so, and free of any of the responsibilities attendant on great wealth. Hitler, mindful of the indelible Bismarkian legacy in Germany, refrained from the excesses of Mussolini and hence Germany’s 1930’s “economic miracle,” a miracle that actually dates back to the 1880’s.

    As far as Patton’s ambition to turn on America’s, at the time, most important ally, rest assured this is precisely the track America, Britain, France and Israel (appropriate termed FUKUS elsewhere) are adamantly pursuing currently and have been since the close of WW2.

    “Bill” might keep in mind that the last countries with real Christian consciousness and principle today are Russia, Ukraine, and Byelorussia, the core of the former USSR and before that, Imperial Russia.

    Orthodox Christianity was mercilessly beaten down in the USSR but it survived everywhere and now flourishes there with better than 80% active adherence.

    Russia, broadly speaking, has been the target of Western foreign intrigue and belligerent covetousness since the 16th century, and today is the ultimately prize to be dismembered under “The Great Chessboard” doctrine of neocons like Brzezinski.

    If you really adhere to this predatory mindset, I might suggest other sites than Br. Nathanael’s (a monk in the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, mind you).

  30. bubba June 18, 2012 @ 3:03 pm

    The intriguing part of the General Patton story is his post war epiphany.

    From what I gather, he was a brilliant General, whose tactics were basically full steam ahead, very aggressive, not giving the “enemy” a chance, but overwhelm them ASAP.

    I recall his “at the time” detestation for the Germans via his infamous “Peeing in the Rhine.”

    However, it appears his hatred was blind by way of the same lies and propaganda millions of others bought and paid for with their lives.

    As Patton surveyed the spoils of post-war victory, and as an Honourable Warrior, he must have started to add things up quickly and realized he had been duped, a pawn in a bigger game and had lead thousands of soldiers to their untimely deaths.

    His death was classic assassination.

    No one is indispensable, all are ultimately disposable.

  31. etterling June 18, 2012 @ 3:14 pm

    Dear Vladimir:

    You can’t put Franco and Mussolini in the same bag.-

    Franco was truly a Catholic Christian and saved Spain from Communism and Continental Masonry, rebuilt a nation, where everyone had a home and later a car, had almost no inflation after reconstruction, as prices were determined by national offices based on costs, overheads and reasonable earnings.-

    Besides, multiplied by 5 Spain’s water supply, an endemic problem.-

    All done after the duress of bloody civil war and later under US and Europe blockade.-

    A mistake, yes Franco pardoned Admiral Montreal who went to the exile in France.-

    Mussolini is a different story.-

    Italians, although Latins like Spaniards, are very mistrustful of authority, but nevertheless, Mussolini managed his way to organize the Nation, and enacting the World´s first Labour protection laws as well as the World´s first Highways.-

    His only and gravest mistake was to have a weak spot for the British Empire, according to some sources, also became an MI6 agent, so was shot before he can talk with any US forces about to capture him.-

    His invasion of Greece and Yugoslavia, out of any logical strategic thinking, just enraged A. Hitler who had to come to the rescue of Italian forces.-

    Regarding A. Hitler, the 1880 “miracle” that you refer to was overwhelmed by the misery imposed upon Germany by the Versailles Treaty and the following Weimar Republic.-

    He truly deserves the merit of his own measures from 1933 unifying the Nation as German where a Prussian felt different from a Bavarian or a Westphalian.

    From one day to the other everyone felt and identified just as German, even conquering the socialist approval; 1,200,000 new houses, 3,500KM of highways, literally no inflation, labour protection for women and children and the about to come car for the people, all in 6 years.-

    Now, I don’t call that a miracle, because the work of miracles belongs to the realm of God, but just an example of what can achieve true love for his own people.-

    About Christianity in the Third Reich, both the Lutheran and the Catholic Church were supporting the national recovery effort, and Pope Pious XII congratulated Hitler for his defeating of Communism.-

  32. Blake June 18, 2012 @ 4:25 pm

    Rand Paul endorses Establishment

  33. Zeke June 18, 2012 @ 4:47 pm

    The liberty movement is bigger than a single man.

    Lawyers For Ron Paul are taking over the campaign.

    The interview in the video is very informative on the campaign process as it goes forward, and inspirational to people taking back control from the corporate fascists and sociopaths.

    It will not be easy, because violence is the way of the Establishment.

  34. Neophit June 18, 2012 @ 6:20 pm


    Other countries are exhausted, and if anything the last thing certain countries want to do, is side with America (knowing who control it).

    You have very smart people in the States though they need to take an initiative and start from bottom up.

    However the same concept is perpetuated around the globe considering their wealth is global not only tied to U.S.; and they pretty much control numerous number of military powers outside of U.S. including U.N/UNPROFOR/EU. Big fish are rarely brought to trial, they always manage to evade the masses /law etc.

    Many people around the globe, are mad at America, from far East, Middle East, Eastern Europe to Caribbean, Central and South America. We dont need any more world wars.

    As I said, initiate a revolution, and persecute the ones responsible. If they were clever enough to initiate a English, French, Russian revolution, can’t the Goyim replicate the same concept?

    If a world war does erupt, you’ll have all sides killing ones another and that’s the last thing we need, and this is the only thing they want–more ways to profit off of more innocent lives lost.

    Keep it local within States, but at the same time get the message out so people around the globe know. Others around the globe will implement similar standards once all hell breaks loose in U.S. However some kind of strategy, initiative is needed for they are not gonna go down that easy.


    They need to pull ALL those troops out, all over the GLOBE, then destroy NATO/UN/UNPROFOR/EU/EULEX (their beloved offspring).

  35. Mission Impossible June 18, 2012 @ 8:40 pm

    Has C. [June 17 @ 7:00 pm … and … June 18 @ 10:30 am] …

    I’ve written before about the folly of promoting or tolerating miscegenation amongst the white (ethno-European) population, allowing or encouraging the physical separation of those major ethnic groups that constitute the United States population (i.e., a rebirth of apartheid), and establishing a new White (ethno-European) homeland in the northern and western states stretching from Northern California/Oregon/Washington State east to the Dakota’s, via Montana.

    The latter option is already in play. It is a reality, although still nascent.

    Most people (men AND women) don’t have the stomach to face the consequences of their past immaturity and short-sightedness.

    All the majority wish to do (apparently) is one of three things:

    (1) Kick the can down the road for others (perhaps their descendants) to pick up;

    (2) Pray for the return of Jesus … as he will surely do it all for us, while we sit back and watch him in action on television;

    (3) Talk and write yet more drivel about another pack of shysters and metro-sexual jokers who have been sent by TPTB to strut on TV pretending to be men (and that includes any female participants) as they seek to entice that silly and meaningless vote.

    So … dream on. In addition to habitually wrecking entire nations and cultures — because they are collectively paranoid and terminally belligerent — that is all some Americans prefer to do anyway.


    “Anyone who shirks the labors, sacrifices, and dangers that his people must undergo is a coward.

    But no less a coward and traitor is the man who betrays the principles of thought to material interests, who, for example, is willing to let the holders of power decide how much is two times two.

    To sacrifice intellectual integrity, love of truth, the laws and methods of thought to any other interest, even that of the fatherland, is treason.

    When in the battle of interests and slogans the truth, like the individual, is in danger of being devalued, disfigured, and trampled under foot, our one duty is to resist and to save the truth–or rather, the striving for truth–for that is our highest article of faith.” ~~ Hermann Hesse: Reflections; p5.

  36. Brother Nathanael June 18, 2012 @ 9:45 pm

    @Mission Impossible

    You speak in glowing terms of the so-called “White Movement” in Northwest America as if this was a major movement. It is not.

    This is a fantasy of the fatso atheist Harold Covington who calls me a “kook” and a “kike.”

    The only “Whites” he is attracting is his girlfriend and co-radio anchor, Sally, who is an ex porn star and a few drifters in T-shirts who can’t hold down jobs.

    The best Covington can offer is a Readers Digest quality of novels that he calls the “Northwest Quartet.”

    Tom Sunic and all the other stupid neo-pagans simply rave about this schlock garbage that fantasizes a violent white takeover of Amerika.

    Pure fantasy! +BN

  37. Mission Impossible June 18, 2012 @ 10:31 pm

    Brother Nathanael …

    I hear what you say, and I note it. But, I have only heard of this character Covington in passing. Actually, I was introduced to this “White Movement” concept by ‘others’ who appear to me to be sincere, genuine, and deadly serious.

    As I said, it is still nascent. For the time being at least, there are still too many ‘White’ Americans who remain emotionally attached to the core tenets of Communism (most don’t even realize this is the case) or to other abstract/meaningless concepts such as “global village” and “the human race.”

    I must disagree with your (current) belief that Dr. Tom Sunic and ‘others’ are fantasizing about a ‘violent’ white takeover of Amerika. There is NO violence involved at all (except in self-defence). Dr. Sunic is an academic and historian, and not the leader of some militia camped out in the hills.

    I am sure they would laugh if this charge of “violence” was levelled at them. That was the central point of my original comment. Amerika is just too large and diverse to be saved in its present form. Anyone who attempts such a delusional task is up against far too many competing traditions and entrenched interests.

    The only possible way anyone could unite Amerika — at least for long enough to do serious damage — is to emulate what Barak Obama did. Only by entering Mickey Mouse, pseudo-religious, or “watch out dem Aliens dems a-commin’ ta get us” territory, could anyone hope to unify (aka “take over”) Amerika.

    As I have repeatedly stated, I truly respect your Orthodox Christian message. It offers a genuine escape and revival plan for many … but not for all. Such beliefs have to come from the heart … they cannot be imposed, or simply urged or ‘sold’… no?

    But IMHO a belief in Christ alone is not going to save ethno-Europeans from the very real risk of demographic annihilation or genocide in the coming decades. They need to band together physically (i.e., regroup) in large numbers, inside a well defined and defendable territory. Groups or communities numbering under 100 are way too vulnerable.

    You know as well as I, what Rome did to the early Christians. It is way past shocking and obscene. And a resurgent and ever more oppressive ‘Rome’ is surely what we are all living under now.

    A fonte puro pura defluit aqua

  38. kmarie June 18, 2012 @ 11:02 pm

    Well, Mark Glenn, a personal friend of both Brother Nathanael and Joe Cortina, is a focused leader, one who also seems to be developing consensus-building skills.

    Others who admirably show integrity toward their personal truths and intuitions, I would say, include Jesse Ventura and Cindy Sheehan and Gilad Atzmon.

    Past leaders such as Charles Lindbergh and Father Coughlin have left legacies. Do we honor them?

    I would hesitate to call the Occupy Movement itself a leader; however, doubtless some individuals within the Occupy Movement are gifted leaders in the making.

    I would also say that every person is gifted with not only “a measure of faith” but also a measure of intuition for accessing relevant truths and directions.

    It is unfortunate that so many Americans have disabled intuitive abilities as well as diabled analytical abilities, when it comes to the actual political and spiritual challenges in this nation.

    A church song says, “WE are the people we’ve been waiting for.” (To me, that includes Blacks, Hispanics, Whites, American Indians, Orientals, all who want to include themselves.)

    To echo Cynthia Lauren Thorpe, “We’ve ALL been made for such a time as this.”

  39. Brother Nathanael June 18, 2012 @ 11:36 pm

    @Mission Impossible

    It was the belonging to the UNIFIED historic CHURCH that saved Europe from the mult-racial, multi-creedal nightmare now facing Europe that JEWRY imposed upon it.

    Putin is establishing this CHURCH scenario in Russia. That’s why the international ruling class, JEWRY and their homosexual shills hate Putin.

    I hope for the same for America but one has to begin at -3 when dealing with pizza lovers.

    I NEVER said that the neo-pagans led by Tom Sunic promote violence. Don’t put words in my mouth,

    I SAID that Sunic praises the schlock garbage that Covington puts out in his Northwest Quartet dime store novels that does promote a violent takeover of Amerika.

    Sunic even goes as far as comparing the amateur Covington to the great Dostoyevsky which borders on blasphemy. For Dostoyevsky was a devout Orthodox Christian whereas Covington is a godless dime store “novelist.”

    There is NO “White Northwest Movement.”

    Fatso Covington, his co radio anchor Sally (an ex S&M porn star), and some drifters in T shirts who can’t even hold down jobs pumping gas is NOT a “nascent” movement.

    There is NO “nascent” white movement in Amerika that goes beyond a computer screen. Get over it dear Mission Impossible.

    The computer screen Internet whites with their ant-Christian neo-pagan dreams are doing no more than talking to themselves. White Americans are too busy with tail-gate parties and TV sitcoms to be interested in their own extinction.

    That’s why the whites will be very happy in the FEMA camps. Jew Lieberman has already prepared Wide Screen TV’s and McDonald concessions for plenty of football games of “niggas” that the whites worship and plenty of FRIES with ketchup on top that the whites simply cannot do without.

    You see, white Americans, whom you know NOTHING about, will accept their own extinction.

    But for white Americans to accept the extinction of football and fries is simply out of the question.


  40. John Banning June 19, 2012 @ 12:16 am


    I never did like those team sports. I think big schools are a problem where they worship the Negro football and basketball star. In small schools everyone can stand out. The colleges are a rip off. They only indoctrinate kids and they are all about sports. It’s like they go ape over football and basketball. They give top scholarships to athletes.

    But the Protocols of Zion were created because the Jews for thousands of years were kicked out of countries and they learned. So right after they created the Protocols of Zion you notice they financed the Japanese in their war with Russia. They had things ready to go and WWI was just around the corner.

    They have all the team sports on prime time. Football and basketball being the worst. White men sit around and talk about basketball players like they are God. Black commentators talking like they are intelligent when it’s only about putting a ball in a basket.

    But there is no way to get people to stop watching the crap. Car racing has the most people willing to sit and watch. I went to a few stock car races. You drive 500 miles and you sit on a hard bleacher for four hours around a bunch of drunks. It’s nice if you have your favorite driver to cheer.

    They pay these athletes 20 million a year. You know the whole thing is like they say in the Protocols that they will pay Blacks large sums of money so they can mingle with the Whites. Because they could easily pay them $500,000 a year and plenty people would play. When you hear about these huge sums of money and you’ve read about the Protocols of Zion.

    The Jew knows the Protocols have been fulfilled for a long time. You would have to eliminate so much White garbage to change things they would be on the endangered species list.

  41. John Banning June 19, 2012 @ 12:38 am

    Brother, I hope you and others know that what 9/11 and the FEMA camps are the end of the road. They know we have guns and we are more educated.

    But you guys think tens of millions know the truth. I bet you it’s maybe 2 or 3 percent. Two or three out of a hundred is not good.

    But if you think about it all the heroes our first presidents could have done something, but they were Masons and the Masons are stooges just used to keep them in line. They do well and they have to answer for their actions. If at the top of the Masons pyramid are Jew bankers, then what can you say if these founders were Masons.

    Their job could have been so easy, before they took control of this country. Of course unless the citizens govern themselves and by that I mean no lawyers and no career politicians. Our founding fathers gave us a load of crap. If they were to have ordinary citizens run for office and they were replaced every year, then the problem is solved.

    I have been reading about this stuff for 30 years and I can’t tell you what must be done other than Lone Wolves by the thousands going out and doing their own thing. Because if you told people to start destroying things and hanging politiicans from lamp posts and they would take you out.

    So we can’t organize. We can’t tell people what to do. So all you dissidents are left with is to just keep harping about what the Jews and the government are doing, but that has been going on for a long time.

    But Brother you got at the most four months to educate the people, before they declare martial law.

    If they take the Internet away you are left to snail mail or public speaking. I got news for the dissidents. I would decide where I wanted to live and get a plane ticket for every month for the next few months.

    As soon as you see those huge yachts hauling arse and people report politicians packing their things you might want to use one of those tickets.

  42. John Banning June 19, 2012 @ 12:46 am

    We don’t need any investigation of 9/11. We know who did it.

    The Mossad, Larry Silverstein, George Bush and the CIA and FBI. We got the paper trails and the videos. The only investigation they could conduct would be to examine the pile of rubble and see the dynamite and thermite residue.

    We have enough proof right now the citizens could legally hang George Bush and the rest of them.

    George Bush’s actions in the school were enough to convict him. When does a president leave the night before to read with children? When he could have easily left that morning. Plus wouldn’t that be something the vice-president should have done? The president could have gone to a school in Washington just as well.

    I would not hesitate to put the rope on George Bush and Larry Silverstein a trial would just delay it.

    The only other investigation would be the CIA and FBI people who made millions shorting stocks on the airlines, because they had prior knowledge.

  43. John Banning June 19, 2012 @ 1:03 am


    No matter which way you turn they got you. If all the Whites who will shoot it out with the government were to coral themselves in a 50 mile area, then they made it easier for the government to take them. But if we are spread out we can’t help each other.

    If we were growing strong and becoming powerful the Feds would roll in and infiltrate and make up a bunch of lies and knock you down. If you did become strong and powerful you can bet you would have been infiltrated and they would stop any of your plans.

    The FBI framed Edgar Steele and Matt Hale. Neither one of them did anything. One was a lawyer and one tried to pass the bar, but they wouldn’t allow him to pass. So they both had web sites and they both wrote books about Jews and the FBI framed them both.

    So that right there should make you suspicious of Alex Jones who has a far bigger audience and of course once he became syndicated that should tell you. You think the Jews would allow David Duke or you to become syndicated?

    Sure Jones is telling us what the government is up to, but Limbaugh dogged Clinton for years and it was just for show. Limbaugh and the other politicians who ran against Clinton never mentioned he screwed Black prostitutes, used drugs, raped women and even fathered a child with a Black prostitute. Not once did the Republicans mention any of this.

    The same with Vladimir Putin. He accused Hillary of lies. I sent him a message on Facebook. If he wanted to knock her down why not mention the fact her husband was a rapist and had a son with a Black prostitute? That would have brought it to the attention of a lot of people, but it’s like there are certain things they won’t mention.

  44. John Banning June 19, 2012 @ 1:11 am


    People have got to realize when SHTF their enemy they will have to confront will be the police. The police will be coming to their homes. The police will be the ones manning the checkpoints and searching their cars.

    People are going to learn those Cops are human enemies in blue uniform. If they won the war with them, then comes the U.N. soldiers and then our own military.

    When they come to their home with those SWAT teams they are going to have to figure out a war to thin out their numbers. The Cops will have to be decimated. If they don’t join the civilian side, then they might just care about a paycheck and don’t care about what’s right or wrong.

  45. Glory B. June 19, 2012 @ 1:55 am

    When I was being brought up in the Jewish belief system (Judaism is not a religion because the Jews worship GOLD, not GOD), I was taught that Adolf Hitler was a monster who persecuted innocent Jews for no good reason, indeed for no reason at all.

    It was only as an adult, after I had turned my life over to Jesus Christ, the Divine Son of God and the True Messiah, that I realized that this is a lie.

    When Germany in the 1920s and early 1930s was drowning in debt and smothered by hyper-inflation, one man arose to turn the nation around.

    That man was Adolf Hitler.

    Let’s not forget that Hitler was elected. He did not take power in a violent revolution, which was what the Jew-Communists did following the defeat of Germany in World War I.

    Hitler had to take strong measures to combat the Jews who had taken control of Germany, and who were starving the German people while they, the Jews, lived lives of luxury.

    Ultimately Hitler lost power because the power of the Jews was too much, even for him.

    Now the Jews are doing the same thing to America that they did in Germany. America is drowning in debt and the Jew-controlled Federal Reserve is printing money by the crate-load.

    Even China doesn’t trust America any more, which is why they are dumping their dollars.

    Hyper-inflation will be followed by empty food shelves, to be followed by food riots, as Brother Nathanael points out.

    And once again the Jews will be rubbing their hands in glee, and laughing about the “stupid goyim” trampling each other to get a loaf of bread and a quart of milk to feed their children.

    Jews are liars from beginning to end. Everything that the Jews say is a lie.

    Jews claim Hitler invented the “Big Lie,” but they are the Masters of the Big Lie.

    For example, Jews reject Jesus Christ and claim He is not the Incarnate Son of God who became Man in the Flesh, while at the same time they are constantly working to tear down the Christian religion.

    Jews claim Jesus Christ was crucified by the Romans when the Bible states very clearly that it was the Jews that murdered our Lord by hauling Him before a kangaroo court, lying about Him, accepting the testimony of false witnesses, and demanding that Pontius Pilate release Barabbas, a thief and murderer, instead of Jesus. Then they have the nerve (Jewish word, “chutzpah,”) to claim that Jesus was really a Jew.

    Jews work vigorously to prevent Christians from worshiping Jesus by protesting the erection of the Holy Cross on public property, while they celebrate having their devil’s pitchfork — the menora — displayed on the White House lawn.

    Jews are the major backers of civil rights, pushing Negroes to integrate with White people, while at the same time they deny civil rights to the Palestinians and segregate themselves in gated communities to keep out the Blacks.

    Jews claim to be loyal to America while at the same time they agitate to release from prison one of the worst spies that ever did damage to America by giving her secret war plans to IsraHELL — Jonathan Pollard.

    So whenever anyone makes the slightest criticism of Jews or IsraHELL, they are immediately smeared by the Jewish media as anti-Semites.

    Jimmy Carter, Stephen Walt, Helen Thomas, and Zbigniew Brzezinski are only the latest victims of Jewish lies and treachery.

    Each has been persecuted by the Jews and painted as devils by the very people whom Christ pointed to as the spawn of Satan.

    This is especially ironic in the case of Carter, who negotiated the peace treaty between Egypt and IsraHELL and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

    But Carter has always been a devout Christian, and when he sided with the Palestinians by writing a book, “Palestine – Peace Not Apartheid,” the Jews try to ruin him by suing him for $5 million for making “misleading statements” with the intent to “deceive the public.”

    It is obvious that if Jewry is successful in stifling criticism of IsraHELL, they will immediately shut down Christian websites like Real Jew News and ruin Christian patriots like Brother Nathanael.

    There is no end to the treachery and deceit of the satanic Jews. No wonder St. Paul called them “enemies of the Cross of Christ” (Phil. 3:18), and wrote in Thessalonians:

    “For you, brothers, became imitators of the churches of God in Christ Jesus that are in Judea.

    “For you suffered the same things from your own countrymen as they did from the Jews, who killed both the Lord Jesus and the prophets, and drove us out, and displease God and oppose all mankind by hindering us from speaking to the Gentiles that they might be saved, so as always to fill up the measure of their sins. But God’s wrath has come upon them at last!” (1 Thess. 2:14-16)

    We Christians must always oppose the Jews, no matter the cost to ourselves, because God’s wrath must always be brought on the sadistic killers of Christ.

    To do otherwise is to help the lying, deceitful, treacherous sons of Satan — the Jews — advance the rule of their father — the master of lies — in our suffering world.

    Will a strong man arise, in America, to fight the Jews and, this time, defeat them?

    Is Ron Paul that man? Stay tuned.

  46. michael mazur June 19, 2012 @ 2:17 am

    Unaccountably in August 2008, Ron Paul withdrew from the Presidential race and not once did he challenge the vote fraud rampant then in the Primaries.

    It’s always left in me – and plenty of others too I’m sure, a small lingering reservation difficult to suppress.

    Again, this year, plenty of vote fraud but still no challenge, and his son makes deals with Romney while Ron is telling his supporters to be polite at the convention in Florida. Why so?

    It should be in the nature of politics to be rambunctious in the primordial settings of cyclic regeneration.

    By that caution does it mean that Ron Paul didn’t really want to win the nomination, nor did in 08 ? But why ?

  47. Mission Impossible June 19, 2012 @ 2:35 am

    Ha-ha-ha … good and entertaining response Brother Nathanael.

    Amerika (or if one prefers, the corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) is one hell of a strange place. That is for sure!

    And don’t worry … I know rather more about White Americans than you have assumed. I’ve worked with hundreds in various locales overseas, and visited both Houston, and upper New York State via Manhattan.

    Dallied with Amerikan women too; enough to conclude the vast majority are (so to speak) swallowing identically strange, brain-altering substances with their water. Either that, or they were secretly transported to the USA during the night, direct from Planet XYZ.

    Although, I will tell you now that the company of any ‘White’ American (to me) is much more preferable to the company of any Canadian. Sorry, but Canadians I just can’t stomach.

    Somebody on-line (you may identify) once described Canada as the New World Order’s “favourite bitch.” I see evidence for this almost every time a Canuk opens his or her mouth.

    The dope dealing Bronfmans’ control the Dominion territory on behalf of “The Crown.”

    But these days (following the Thatcher and Blair eras) almost the same things (critiques) can be said about your average British male and female: whom I DO know a great deal about.

    So, clearly, the source of both parasitic infections must be identical. And as you have so often asserted; the ultimate solution (or solutions) must also be the same.

  48. Rachel June 19, 2012 @ 5:02 am

    FYI: I came across relevant info:

    Lawyers for Ron Paul are causing quite a stir and they may answer some of the questions raised in the comments posted on this webpage.

    Please, do check the following video.

    Title: Lawyers for Ron Paul on The Power Hour – 6/18/12


  49. Johnny June 19, 2012 @ 7:01 am

    Interesting news about Iran, China and Russia comming with warships to Syria.

    What does Brother Nathanael make of that?

  50. bubba June 19, 2012 @ 7:15 am

    IMHO, the key is to unravel THE KEY Lie (of many)–the Holocaust.

    Envision “What if there was no Holocaust story.” What leg would modern Judaism stand on?

    NONE. Repeat N-O-N-E.

    Why don’t those of us with Germanic blood twist this around and start saying things like, “I/We take issue with this Holocaust, I see it as a clear and direct “targeted ” hate crime being perpetrated against those with Germanic ethnic background” (a defineable group).

    Then what are the Jews going to do ? I’ll tell you what–freak out. The tables have been turned, it will blindside them. How can they respond ?

    Next phase would be to subtley challenge the “history”–bait them big time.

    I better stop here, my mind is racing. Lol

  51. Kelly June 19, 2012 @ 8:42 am

    Brother Nathanael told Mission Impossible, “There is NO White Northwest Movement” and Bro Nat is quite right.

    I live in Oregon, which is one of the states where this “movement” is supposedly taking place. Aside from the comments made on this particular forum, I have never even heard a single whisper of some supposed “White Northwest Movement” in this state. It’s non-existent, da nada, kaput. In other words, IT’S NOT HAPPENING.

    Just because a couple of guys get together and put up a web site to flaunt their delusions does not make it so. If the same people hold a meeting and thirty people come; it does not constitute a “movement.”

    Maybe those behind it want to “believe” they are doing something that is going to make headline news, but in truth, whatever they are doing has so far qualified as a non-event.

  52. Mission Impossible June 19, 2012 @ 8:50 am

    bubba [June 19, 2012 @ 7:15 am]

    Exactly right. Instead of reacting, we must get used to being proactive.

    It is a skill that needs to be learned and practised daily.

    But, I would just like to add that our adversary is not just “the Jews” (mainly the Ashkenazi crowd from the Pontic Steppes, via the Ukraine, Poland, and the Baltics). We are also being attacked by the left-overs of the old Western Roman Empire. They and “the Jews” were allies back then, and they remain allies today.

    All those with Germanic ethnic genes/blood (including the Nordics) are resented and thus hated by both camps.

    Americans were taught even less real history than Europeans, and the latter were themselves taught precious little. This is why we have mostly struggled for so long to make sense of it all.

    Hail Arminius!!

  53. bubba June 19, 2012 @ 9:43 am

    Mission Impossible June 19, 2012 @ 8:50 am

    The European Atrocity You Never Heard About

    People need a bit of a boot camp re: TRUE History, realize the HoloHoax is the key, then apply to what is going on now.

    Like +BN I am not scared of the Jews, because they are simply playing checkers, when the Goyim will be playing chess.

    I look at Holohoax pioneers like Ernst Zundel.

    His problem, which he admitted to, was he was a pacifist and wasted his time in court.

    Fire with Fire.

    You can take any liar and bully down with a few choice comments.


  54. vladimir June 19, 2012 @ 12:31 pm


    Franco may have been Catholic but that’s like saying the crow was black. Spain is about as close to being 100% Catholic as you can get, at least in Franco’s time.

    The popularly elected Republicans were also almost entirely Catholic and the Second Republic was in no way anti-religious, only proposing some of the massive land holdings of the Spanish Church for expropriation (mind, something Franco himself would do as well), although, yes there came to be Jews among them and yes some of those were implicated in atrocities against some convents and parishes.

    But these atrocities pale compared to all those committed by Franco, including against his own co-religionists. Those, as I can tell, are still being counted up. Sadly much of the archives of the Falange and Franco have disappeared or are still off limits and public access to them is limited.

    The extreme rightist Nationalist uprising was unpopular throughout Spain, its territories, the Army, Navy and much of the lower levels of the Catholic Church. They ultimately prevailed only because of the relatively massive Italian and German assistance and financing from the City of London allowing them to buy lots of mercenaries.

    Spain’s post-WW2 reconstruction was not hindered by any fictitious blockades since the US established some massive bases there for its B52s and nuclear submarine armada starting in the early 50s.

    The Rockefellers would be actively developing Spain’s petro deposits from that time also. All this and the cheapest forcibly un-unionized labor in Europe did lead to rapid rise in GDP, second only to Communist China, of which it was a virtual prototype.

    About the only admirable thing Franco did do IMO was nationalize the Bank of Spain against the interests of London.

    Turning now briefly to sources of the Nazi Economic Revival: see the bio of Halmar Schacht, Hitler’s first economics minister who grew up in Prussia and studied Bismark’s economic successes.

    It was not so hard to actually get the German ball rolling, since the industrial infrastructure after WWI was largely intact and the ruinous economic dislocation was artificial, entirely due to French and British demand for reparations and corrupt and incompetent, largely Jewish, management of the Wiemar Economy.

    Again the expropriation of private banks was the key.

    Through all this the various Communist factions were an irritant but never in any way in deciding positions of power, always squabbling amongst themselves or worse, having never, for one thing, ever achieved anything close to the monolithic unity envisioned for them by Stalin.

    I am not an advocate of Communism but this constant trumpeting about the Communist bogey man all over the place is puerile.

    It must be faced that, independent of Christian activism, the economic hub, the Fed, and the privately held European National Banks must be dissolved or nationalized; yes this is a form of Socialism after all and it’s not always bad, only in the wrong hands.

  55. bubba June 19, 2012 @ 1:03 pm

    A couple of Good YOUTUBE videos

    (DR.?) ABRAHAM FOXMAN says 1 in 6 Americans infected with antisemitism

    The Outrageous Racist Hypocrisy of Israel and World Zionism! by Dr David Duke

  56. The Elder of Zyklon-B June 19, 2012 @ 1:14 pm

    “When Germany in the 1920s and early 1930s was drowning in debt and smothered by hyper-inflation, one man arose to turn the nation around. That man was Adolf Hitler.”

    “Will a strong man arise, in America, to fight the Jews and, this time, defeat them?

    Is Ron Paul that man?”

    Thanks for the question Glory B. Remaining true to my polemical self, I can’t resist a response which is sure to alienate more than a few.

    The Jews like to say that Adolf Hitler was a lowly corporal who came out of nowhere to brainwash the masses. The truth is that for close to fifteen years he literally duked it out in the streets, in the beer taverns, and in meeting places with the Bolshevik Jew Communists who were out to destroy the German people.

    He began with a literal handful of men behind him. He wrote that night after night after handing out flyers and nailing up posters all day the result would be the same seven people showing up including himself.

    I regret using the music of degenerates like the Rolling Stones, but there is some great film footage here of Bolshevik Commies getting their butts kicked.

    Street Fighting Man in action:

    Dr. Paul Street fightin’ man?

  57. Brigid Therese June 19, 2012 @ 3:14 pm

    Brother Nathanael we can count on.

    Jesse Ventura and Cindy Sheehan both refuse to criticize the Jews.

    As ZCF has put out last week, the bare minimum litmus test for a truther, a patriot, is whether or not the person tells that the holocaust, holocaustianity, is a holohoax.

  58. bubba June 19, 2012 @ 3:20 pm

    Hosni Mubarak clinically dead, his doctors say

    CAIRO — Hosni Mubarak, who ruled Egypt for three decades until overthrown by a revolution in the “Arab Spring” last year, was declared clinically dead by his doctors on Tuesday, the state news agency MENA said in a report confirmed by a hospital source.

    Mubarak was 84 and had been sentenced to life in prison earlier this month.

    “Former president Hosni Mubarak has clinically died following his arrival at Maadi military hospital on Tuesday evening,” MENA said, quoting medical sources.

    “Mubarak’s heart stopped beating and was subjected to a defibrillator several times but did not respond.”


    Hmmm another CIA / Mossad suiciding?

  59. Alice June 19, 2012 @ 7:58 pm

    Glory B.,

    You reminded me of an incident many years ago when a Jewish neighbor of mine asked me to sign a petition for granting freedom to Jonathan Pollard.

    At the time, I was only about 12, knew nothing about Jonathan Pollard, and felt uneasy about signing something I knew nothing about, so I declined.

    But in retrospect, it just goes to show the Jews’ loyalty and cohesion knows no bounds, even for a treasonous traitor like Pollard.

    The Jews first loyalty is to Israel, with America being a distant second, even though they choose to live in America, and wouldn’t dream of living in Israel.

    Parasitic pond scum all right. And they call me un-American for not supporting our foreign policy!

    What a bunch of misleading liars. Their powers of manipulation and deception are downright scary.

  60. Alice June 19, 2012 @ 8:11 pm

    Being Jewish is definitely NOT a religion!

    My business colleague claims to not be religious, yet he sends his kids to Jewish schools and is more passionate about Israel than he is about the USA.

    It is definitely about a delusional sense of ethnic and genetic superiority.

  61. Bryce Talbee June 19, 2012 @ 9:10 pm

    I don’t think it’s fair to say that Ron Paul didn’t want to win.

    He gave a good effort, especially considering the fact that the Zionist media has always labeled him as a “racist nutcase.”

    The media, ultimately, is the deciding factor, and those who control the media, decide.

  62. etterling June 19, 2012 @ 11:14 pm


    Indeed as you said, a few atrocities: 11,000 priests, bishops and nuns executed.-

    How could you think a 100% Catholic Nation could be happy with it.-

    Church properties: according to the enemies of the Catholic Church she can’t have properties.-

    Just review what Jews and masons did with Catholic Church properties under the French Revolution, and what they did from 1917 on with Orthodox Church properties in Russia, same MO, same target every time.-

    What Franco particularly put an end to was to landlords abusing from common peasants and women as was customary in the so called Republican times.-

    Admitted by many exhiled and inmigrated socialists after the Republican defeat that returned in the 60´s and early 70´s, Franco rebuilt the country from the ashes of the Civil War and put Spain back on her feet.-

    Spain was subjected to Allied economic blockade to near famine levels until accepted the American bases that you describe.-

    The only country that kept commercial ties was Argentina sending grains so Spain at least could eat some bread.-

    If Rockefeller went to Spain was not precisely because of oil as there is no oil in Spain.-

    Spain developed a good relation with Arab nations, but before (24Hs.!) being accepted in the Common Market had to recognize Israel, afterwards Arabs changed the price for Spaniards.-

    You quite well describe Franco’s dealing with the banking business, the only way he could achieve economic success as he did.-

    The following Monarchy did the opposite and see what nightmare are Spaniards living today.-

    As far as A. Hitler is concerned, what you are saying is true about the existence of an industrial base, but the Weimar Republic moved along as if there was none, no matter what Bismark might have thought about it or caring about common folks.-

    Even former enemies of Germany, like Lloyd George, admired the fast and successful recovery obtained under the leadership of A. Hitler, as in just a couple years 9,000,000 unemployed were already working with decent salaries.-

    H. Schacht was just needed to please the International Banking business so there was no immediate reaction or opposition against Germany, but once short term goals of stabilization were reached, he was fired and the true inspiration of G. Fedder were the following guidelines that insured recovery and general prosperity.-

  63. Caveman2012 June 20, 2012 @ 12:39 am

    @ Vladimir

    I hope that your comments regarding the Spanish Civil War were made out of UTTER IGNORANCE of real history.

    You say about the Republicans that “some of those were implicated in atrocities against some convents and parishes.”

    Is the killing of 13 bishops, 4,154 priests and seminarians, 2,365 religious, 283 nuns and 4,000 laymen NOT ENOUGH for you? 20% of Spain’s clergy was exterminated during the “Red Terror.” 498 martyrs were already beatified by the Catholic Church.

    Was the desecration of HUNDREDS OF CHURCHES by the Communists just a footnote?

    You also state: “The popularly elected Republicans were also almost entirely Catholic and the Second Republic was in no way anti-religious.”

    What is your goal, whitewashing the Communist, Masonic and murderous 2nd Republic? If what you say is true, why did the constitution of 1931 prohibited Catholic education, introduced divorce and nationalized the properties of the Catholic Church?

    How come that the same constitution gave privileges to the Jews? If the Reds were not anti-Christian, why did they torch hundred of churches and convents? How do you explain the massive Judeo-Masonic influence? Were they “almost entirely Catholic” too?

    Finally, you complain that we at RJN condemn Communism all the time. What shall we do, according to you? Praise the ENEMIES OF JESUS CHRIST? Appease the Jewish creation and monster called Communism?

    For your information: Communism is responsible for the greatest persecution of Christians since the time of our Lord, in Russia, in Ukraine, in Spain, in Communist Germany and several other countries. More than 50 MILLION CHRISTIANS WERE MARTYRED!

    So Vladimir my advice to you is: get your facts straight.

  64. Mission Impossible June 20, 2012 @ 6:32 am

    Caveman2012 [June 20, 2012 @ 12:39 am] …

    I don’t wish to insult Vladimir, but I must highly commend your retort Caveman2012.

    What you have just explained illustrates why the Franco administration and supporters are today still referred to as “Fascist”; and always expressed with a tone of sheer hatred in the voice.

    The Bolshevik (Soviet) NKVD commenced its subversive operations in Spain, during the autumn of 1936. Note that the conflict (Civil War) began on July 17, 1936.


    Extracted from article published by “American Thinker” magazine:
    “Leftist Mythology of the Spanish Civil War”
    By Bruce Walker
    July 17, 2011

    According to the left, this was a classic conflict between socialism and fascism. Orwell, and others, saw Bolsheviks in Spain murderously purge all rivals on the left during the war. The greater lesson of this war is that the “left” is simply a gang of corrupt power-junkies. The politically correct history given us is grotesquely false.


    The Spanish Civil War was about geopolitical power. Hitler thought (wrongly) that if he backed Franco then Franco would back him in confrontations with Britain and France. In one of those wild ironies of history, if the Popular Front (whose non-Soviet leaders were being systematically exterminated at Stalin’s orders) had won, Hitler might not have been defeated.

    Franco, famously, refused to enter the war on Hitler’s side or to allow German special military forces to seize Gibraltar. A Soviet-ruled Spain, in July 1940, very closely allied with Nazi Germany, would have permitted the transit of such forces and North Africa would have been an Axis strategic victory.

    The Spanish Civil War was also, very much, about the myth of an ideological spectrum which so hobbles those of us who prefer to use ideas like liberty, law, impartial justice, representative democracy, and so forth to describe what we believe (and those who oppose those beliefs.)

    The myth of ideology still haunts the minds of well-intentioned people. The reality of the Spanish Civil War should dispel that myth forever. (Consider that when Franco died, Castro declared a day of mourning in Cuba.)

    Try talking about politics, policies, and government to someone we would call a leftist without either of you using “right-wing,” “progressive,” “conservative,” or “socialist” and see how quickly the discussion melts into red-faced screaming.

    That was the Spanish Civil War. Who won that war? The easier question to answer is: Who lost the Spanish Civil War: the people of Spain.
    {end of extract}


    Online Comment posted by someone called ‘Vekert’
    04/08/2012 – 11:00pm EDT

    “Orwell left Spain believing that no true history of the Spanish Civil War would ever be written because the information necessary to write it would not exist.

    He believed that nothing but the lies of the various contending groups would survive. No one was writing truthful accounts of events. No historian would find any truthful accounts to use for source material.

    This belief of Orwell’s strongly influenced his thinking for the rest of his life, and is most clearly visible in his dystopia “1984.” If nothing else, this book would seem to give the lie to Orwell’s fears. The truth is still out there.”

  65. Rachel June 20, 2012 @ 6:44 am

    Is this idea insane?

    It dawned on me that, with so much talk about the Burnt Offering to Moloch by the Zionists (during WW2), there should have been some organization that would like to enter with a Class Action against the most powerful organization(s) that pushes the Fable.

    I think that they can’t do it in Germany (because of their laws) but in America they may be able to do it.

    The Accusers will state that there is No Proof. The Accused will have to show Proof. Is this a “Pipe Dream”? If not, then I am pretty sure the Zundel-meisters would love to take charge of this enterprise, if feasible.

  66. Glory B. June 20, 2012 @ 6:57 am

    @ Alice,

    The behavior of your Jewish neighbor is typical. Jews are more loyal to godless Yidsrael than they are to their native country.

    When you think about it, most of the spies that have damaged America’s national security (Pollard, the Rosenbergs and their ilk, etc.) have been Jews. The Jews not only have more love for Yidsrael than for America, but they are actively working to destroy us, materially and spiritually.

    No wonder the parasites have been kicked out of every country they have infested since they killed Christ. Unfortunately, they always return to continue their mission of sucking the lifeblood out of the host country with their usury and pornography.

    The hypocrisy of Jews is just breath-taking. For instance, Jews abhor tattoos, but they encourage Gentiles to get the most outlandish tattoos.

    Why don’t Gentiles realize that they are desecrating their bodies — God’s temple — when they get tattooed?

    As the Bible clearly states: “Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)

    Whenever I see White people walking around with these disgusting tattoos, I think that the satanic Jews have won another victory over God’s people. White women especially are making themselves ugly; it doesn’t make sense.

    And why Black people get tattoos is beyond me … you can’t even see the tattoos because they are obscured by that dark skin.

    The Jews stay awake at night thinking of ways to cheat and defraud Christians, and many Christians are too dumb to realize it.

  67. Snowy Smith June 20, 2012 @ 10:15 am


    We do NOT want the JEW New World Order.
    We do NOT want the JEW One World Bank.
    We do NOT want the JEW one World Money.
    We do NOT want the JEW One World Government Military Dictatorship.
    We do NOT want GLOBALISM.
    We do NOT want Multiculturalism.
    We do NOT want JEW FEMA Camps.
    We do NOT want JEW “PUPPET” Presidents.
    We do NOT want the RICH men of the World to own all the property.
    We do NOT want World Communism.
    We do NOT want EXTREMELY DANGEROUS Nuclear Electricity Power Stations.
    We want all those using or selling DEPLETED URANIUM to be prosecuted for war and Environmental CRIMES.
    There is only ONE group of TERRORISTS in the World today and they are the WAR MONGERING JEWS.

  68. Angelo Mysteriouso June 20, 2012 @ 10:55 am


    If you do any lawsuit or class-action suit, for example, THEY don’t need “prove it happened” YOU Must prove YOUR case against them in most if not all suits.

    Say you were hurt in car accident, so you sue the other driver etc., BUT it is up to YOU to prove injuries AND prove someone else (other driver) was at fault. So I do not think it can work as you stated.

    On another topic: Why can’t we seem to awaken so many others especially in USA? Recall the verses (I can’t recall if it is the Epistle of Thessalonians, but it IS in New Testament) where it says “They have a Form of Godliness, But do NOT worship the God of all Creation.”

    It goes on to state: “They worship the four legged animals in the woods and the Creeping things (spiders, bugs, snakes) and even the sun, moon and stars, BUT refuse to honor or worship God the Father of all in creation! They won’t even acknowledge He exists!!

    They also lust after their own kind of flesh–men after men and even their women lust after other women! (Homosexuals and Lesbians)!

    God then says essentially, “Therefore I (God) will send them a Great Delusion! And place in into their minds to Believe the delusion!”

    Can that be what we see now with so many fools believing “Global Warming”? And rejecting Rule of Law based ON the US Constitution? Along with Any damn fool agenda or ideas them Dem Libs Conjure up on a 24/7/365 basis?

    All we see the last 10 yrs or longer is “Mother Earth” worship, Homosexual and Lesbian worship, and JEW worship! And so many phoney TV preachers!

    About only thing left to true believers is Home Churching (kinda like home schoolers)! All designed to the grand finale of Belief in the ANTI-Christ and his systems.

    And because they refuse to believe what God wrote on their hearts and rejected all Truth, God says they will basically get enough rope to hang themselves and then He will pour out His wrath upon them all, then Judge and Sentence them all too!

    I do think we are witnessing the fullfilment of that prophecy right now all over America and Europe. Perhaps that is reason we can barely awaken but a small few others it seems.

    Remember Jesus said “Many will travel the easy and wide path which leads to eternal damnnation and Hell!…BUT only the “FEW” will find AND remain on the narrow, harder to locate path which leads to eternal Salvation and Life Everlasting as God’s Children by adoption into the Family of God and Equal Heirs in Christ!

    At some point soon we will probably need to abandon others and seek our own safety, elsewise those who remain too close to the fools will also suffer when Wrath is poured out (like where it says when God gives a Good farmer rain in due season if there is a “bad” farmer nearby he too gets the same rain on His crops).

    Like others I’m not saying I am correct on all this, as I too can only guess future things, although I do believe we can be very accurate if we really read what is written without various emotions and other influences that dull the true meanings, eh.

  69. etterling June 20, 2012 @ 11:21 am

    Dears Caveman 2012 and Mission Impossible:

    Thanks for the additional info.-

    Much too many of us regret, Hitler couldn’t have won the war, unless the atomic bomb development was accomplished more early in the war and therefore, Germany could seat at the peace negotiations table with more parity and on balanced terms.-

    Just remember how crucial oil supply was in the conflict and Germany had almost none and the allied nearly all.-

    The German war effort was a defensive and preemptive one in order to win time and develop weapons with advanced capacity to deterr the pressure of US-UK-FR and the USSR, to put Germany back in the corral under Jewish control.-

    As of recently and from this pages, we are knowing about a secret pact between UK-USSR of 1940, which only contributes to confirm Viktor Suvorov’s “Icebreaker” preemtive necessity of the “Barbarossa” operation.-

    Certainly, strategic main obstacles came along the war. Finland’s Mannerheim, foresaw the impossibility of Germany’s victory in the war, and never allowed German troops to attack the railroad Murmansk-Moscow, a vital supply line for Soviets, so he could have a negotiating piece with the USSR.-

    Franco also, was convinced of the war’s final outcome, and never allowed Germany´s attack on Gibraltar, so he could also have something to present to the Allies in exchange so that Spain would not be erased from the map after German defeat.-

    From a Spanish viewpoint, preserving neutrality was essential for Spain´s postwar fate.-

    The Malta case, another key obstacle in the Mediterranean, was the matter of several attempts on the part of OKW commanders to obtain Hitler’s approval for the invasion of the Island to which he, based on the heavy casualties suffered in Crete by the German para-troops and the existence of only two small beaches for an amphibious landing which were heavily protected by British forces, answered no.-

    When the commanders insisted, he replied: “A minute after I decide the invasion of Malta the Italians will inform the British about it.”-

    That was based on the fact that when combined German-Italian submarine operations in the Atlantic were agreed, the Anglophile staff of the Italian Navy passed to Britain the location coordinates of Kriegsmarine subs, which immediately suffered the consequences of the betrayal.-

    It included the Count Ciano case, Mussolini´s son-in-law, who was discovered spying for the Brits. The Italian Navy’s reluctance to sail against the Royal Navy in spite of being properly supplied with bunkerage by the Kriegsmarine, we are forced to the conclusion that Hitler’s asessment was correct.-

    Italian duality was a fact proven from WWI experience, and changing sides even included in the Italian Strategic thinking, so A. Hitler very aware of that assumed the liability of the Italian siding considering at least, it was better to have Italy as a friend than as another declared enemy.-

    Finally, Japan not attacking the USSR from the Far East at the peak of Barbarossa Ops. was a major strategic disappointment for Germany.-

    The Japanese excuse in this case, was the Nomonhan incident of 1935-1936 Manchuria, in which her troops sustained heavy casualties against the better prepared and equipped Russian forces.-

    This led the Japan Government to think that the only apparent option was a non-agreement pact with the USSR, that was overridden by another secret pact between the USSR and the US-UK, which commited the USSR to attacking Japan once the war in Europe was over, and Japan, with no pact or pact, lost Manchuria, Korea and the Sakhalin Island to the USSR forces.-

    In conclusion, neither Spain, Finland, Italy or Japan, although sharing common ideas with Germany, were of sufficient entity to withstand the onslaught against them by the obfuscated Allies once the war against Germany was over due to their inherent weaknesess.-

    In the strategic balance certainly, they could have played a more relevant role, but not a decisive one if we just compare the amount of forces and industrial production of each side, sooner or later the quality of the number would have prevailed, perhaps after the war lasting a couple of more years but not changing the final results.-

    As lessons to be learned: When Jewish design for total World power is endangered, no budgetary considerations are a constraint to producing everything needed to restablish the planned course.-

    Something that is presently seen when looking at the progress of the PNAC (Project for a New American Century) leading to NWO and the Eretz Israel, after 9/11, with no budgetary limitation whatsoever, as the Federal Reserve is totally commited to provide the funds for the protracted warfare, the Syrian and Iranian projected disappearance as Israel wants to definitely get rid of the Palestinian State, are just steps in never ending conflicts till Israel rules the World.-

    The difference: in the wartime effort Americans had plenty of jobs, and after the War were given a soft credit line to buy a house. Now they don’t have a job and are evicted by foreclosure.-

    In WWII they fought for “freedom.” I wonder whose! Now they are about to lose every single freedom they had or have.-

    Following the wrong sheperds led people to this point, what a pity Ron Paul’s and his son’s deception!

  70. Angelo Mysteriouso June 20, 2012 @ 11:30 am

    I have been reading this site for aprox. 2+ yrs now.

    And I wonder if perhaps one reason it seems alot fewer persons post comments compared to prior times, could it be many get sick and tired of the never ending-ongoing debate by a “few” posters on topics like Who screwed the other worse?

    Was it the nasty Germans did the Polish wrong? (I am 1/2 Pole, so don’t bash me) OR was it them nasty Polish folks who did the Germans wrongly? And all the never ending debate circular arguments on WW1 & WW2?

    Or could it be that some from Europe who probably never even read our US American Constution or Bill of Rights etc., and maybe never even visited America, yet always seem to think THEY must tell us, who are Americans (USA) how we need do this or that so they can THEN begin to “Fix” Europe?!

    Why do such superior types need wait for us (the USA) to act prior to fixing their European countries?

    I am really understanding better what our 1st President George Washington wrote in his Farewell Address to our Nation when he left the White House to retire:

    “And finally fellow American citizens, always keep open to free and FAIR trade with all other nations, but, remember to ALWAYS stay out of other nations’ wars and problems and ESPECIALLY European nations who have a 2000 year history of being always a quibbling sort and at each others throats.

    These quibbles usually end in unwinnable prolonged wars between many kings and nations trying to rule the others.

    Unless we are attacked here at home, then just stay out where Europe is concerned.”

    Thats not exact quotes just from memory but close to original in meaning. I wish our Parents and Gandparents would have listened to ol’ Georgie eh.

    But if the endless same debates we read here are any indication of what George meant,it sure proves him correct I think.

    I too care about History and wrongs done etc…But we can’t live in past and when Two or more stubborn commentators (alot like Liberals in America) refuse to ever admit facts or just let it go, all ya got left is endless circular debates which I Know chased alot of others away from This site.

    Beause I read what they wrote at other sites on the issue. I’d like to see all the European advisor White folk type consider moving here! Help us offset mass multicult non-white migrations invading America!

    If you get refused entry visas?…Just enter at Southern Border from Mexico like all the rest of the world does, then you can really offer help eh.

  71. Wotan June 20, 2012 @ 12:35 pm

    Angelo Mysteriouso

    June 20, 2012 @ 11:30 am

    Dear Angelo, older threads have always a higher number of commentators than threads that are still open, because often people continue discussing things for weeks or months after the thread is replaced by a new one.

    If you look at Bro Nat’s clientele, if you look at syntax, style and content of submitted articles, there can be no doubt that most contributions are written by people who were lucky enough to have a good education.

    One cannot say this of all sites, where one often finds a very mixed section of the public. I don’t want to use, by comparison, such words as elitist or intellectual, but if somebody would use such words I would not say that he would be all that far off the mark.

    For myself it offers me never ending joy to follow discussions on historic matters, going into greater and greater detail, illuminating this or that aspect from different positions of enlargement and speculating, sometimes intelligently and sometimes a little way off, what this or that might mean.

    Angelo, what might be the reason that you feel uncomfortable in such an environment?

    And insofar as you are stressing that you are half Polish I wonder why it is that I am suddenly, in a Pavlovian way, thinking of American missile shields?

  72. AWS June 20, 2012 @ 1:43 pm

    Ultimately it is the fault of Whites. We have allowed our culture to be destroyed by the Zionists/sadists.

    Rebuking Zionism, sadism, feminism, Jewry and other destructive movements comes down to whether one walks towards Satan or one walks towards God each day. The majority of Whites have chosen to walk towards Satan.

    Jews are a tiny percent of the world population. Their numbers continue to decrease. The Jews are massively outnumbered but Whites are almost completely under their spell. We are talking hundreds of millions of Whites under the Jewish Zionist’s evil spell.

    Whites could put a stop to the manipulation but refuse to, however, most Whites have embraced Satan and her Jewish minions.

    Jews/Zionists have almost total control over Whites in “Femerica.” Whites were the last hold-outs but over the last 20 years Whites have self-destructed and been brainwashed possibly to the point of no return.

    Jews are the absolute masters of manipulation and treachery. There is no other group so skilled in those areas. Not anywhere in the world can such a small group of people so outnumbered wreak so much havoc.

    White Christians are the number one dupes of the Jewish sadists. Jews pretty much own Whites in the USA especially so called White Christians. Whites are 99.9% brainwashed and in the absolute control of their Zionist masters. The Jews are laughing uncontrollably at Whites.

    You think the USA will turn around? No way. Whites have given their souls to the Jews.

    The Jews cannot survive unless other races choose to worship the devil along with them. Whites have chosen such a devil worshiping path. Hundreds of millions of Whites are so brainwashed they refuse to rebuke Israel and Jewish culture. The Jews laugh at White America.

    The White police are in place to exterminate Whites. The Zionists will get White officers to do this. Just like it was Jews that loaded other Jews on trains to concentration camps.

    Whites have been so completely brainwashed by the Jews/Zionists that the majority will happily be executed and exterminated by the Jews who also control Blacks and Hispanics in the USA. Whites will never have a home in the USA again. It won’t happen. 90% of Whites have given themselves to the Jews.

    The best Whites can hope for is a blog to rant on. That is fine but White anti-Zionist readers are the stingiest of all readers and rarely give to excellent bloggers like +BN.

    How many Whites have donated to BN that post here? 5 percent? The Jews/sadists get 95% of their viewers/readers to donate to their causes. It’s called Hollyweird which was started using ripped off technology of a White man Thomas Edison.

    When people talk of Jews taking over they are really talking about how the White man let the sadists take over. Zionism (of which most Jews practice) is another word for satanism and Whites have embraced the devil and her minions.

    So how did Whites let the sadists take over? It’s very easy to figure out.

    Hollywood was actually started by Whites. H. J. Whitley is the father of Hollywood. The first motion picture camera was invented by a White person.

    Hollywood was taken over by Zionists in the early 1900’s by Jews escaping Thomas Edison’s patents on film equipment.

    Hollywood is Hollyweird today because of the Zionists glorification of ugly and evil. Hollyweird is the religion for sadists. Today Hollyweird is where ugly people gather. Hollyweird females today are gross and vulgar because the Zionist have free reign to push satanism and make huge amounts of money.

    So how did Whites let the Jewish sadists take over? It’s very easy to figure out.

    To influence culture people need to control the entertainment, education and business.

    Entertainment and it’s distribution is a very profitable business not only monetarily but socially. The Zionists/Jews/sadist own, produce and deliver mass entertainment. The Zionist/Jewish lamestream media has influenced culture more then any other group.

    The technology companies make more money but socially the lamestream media has more influence.

    MTV is directly responsible for the tats on females and for White American women rejecting decent White males. Even Jewish girls get tats in Femrica these days. The Jewish lamestream media has been so effective in their brainwashing that they have convinced White American women to mutilate their own bodies via tattoos.

    The Jews have brainwashed White women into doing some other stuff that is too gross to talk about here, but it involves a very disgusting sexual act that is another blatant sadistic ritual. It would take about a trillion dollars to dismantle the Hollyweird machine. That won’t happen soon.

    So how do we fix the entertainment industry?

    Blog and create the art you can with free tools on the Internet. Collectively the bloggers get heard. Write essays as comments. Get the word out that we can create our own entertainment. Also, donate do the blogs/websites you like. Everyone can afford 10 or 20 dollars. If you say you can’t you are lying. Stop being a cheapskate.

    The Jews/sadists control education. This one is obvious but it starts from kindergarten on up. The solution is homeschooling and also schooling online that is free. Right now K-12 is free online.

    There is no excuse unless you like being a slave of the Jewish satanists. White women refuse to look at homeschooling. They are too busy getting tats and getting stoned to bother with their children. Public schools have devastated White boys and turned them into slobbering dolts.

    Finally corporations are public schools times 1,000. Females are graduating college much more then males. They are the managers. Females in their 20’s make 30% more then males.

    Any country managed by females will fail. Females left unchecked usually run riot. The Jews know this and that is why feminism and reverse discrimination is pushed.

    Females hire females and gay males and that is about it.

    The Jews have so turned White women against White males that White American women hate decent White males with every ounce of blood in their bodies. They have been trained like rabid dogs to hate good White men. It’s a foaming at the mouth hatred that is blatant in whoreporate Femerica.

    White AW are bad for business. They provide the worst customer service. Let me give you an example. I just went to a restaurant managed by a straight White Russian male. He hired White male servers. Those were the majority of servers. There were very few female servers. The service was excellent.

    The complete opposite of restaurants where most of the servers are female. This manager spoke 4 or five languages and is straight.

    It was clear the restaurant was purchased by some wealthy Russians. They know White American women are bad for business so they hired a bunch of straight males to turn things around.

    It worked. the place is packed. The Russians are raking in the cash. All it took was rebuking Jews and brainwashed Whites.

    The solution for business is sell your own product even if it’s just for fun. Put up a blog and ask for donations even if you get none.

    Do creative stuff like writing essays even if people disagree. Post ideas on how to change things. Blogs are free.

    Post your art and your likes on them. Don’t send your kids to public schools.

    Do not date or marry a woman with a tat regardless of race.

    Try and start your business or create your own art. Throw away your TV.

    Donate to the websites you like. All this makes a huge difference.

  73. etterling June 20, 2012 @ 1:45 pm

    Dear Angelo Mysteriouso:

    Yes, most people expect the most from US people, as US has the most power and uses it to incredible levels of leverage in twisting the arm of everyone around, except when facing Russia’s nuclear deterrent.-

    Bullying is the best way the US has to convince non coincident opinions about the benefits of “Democracy.”-

    After more than 2 years reading this Top and only Webpage that gives everyone access to knowledge and facts you should have known better.-

    If you consider that the USA treats every other Nation as as a sovereign State and respects their rights and independent decisions, you could be right, but that it is not the case.-

    If the very same Americans are mistreated by their own Government, how could you expect other Nations to receive any respect at all?

    Old “Georgie” times are just left for shopping holidays, not to educate or remind people about his patriotic wise words of advice.-

    The US State Department since its inception, was just an instrument of enforcing the expansion of the US might, over 150 foreign interventions and wars against and in any imaginable corner of the World, without any reasonable grounds, must illustrate you that once “Georgie” passed away, his sounds words were not fit to judeomasonic plans to make the US a tool of World domination.-

    Even British Canada had to stand against three consecutives attempts of American invading forces in the USA-British Empire War of 1812, although sharing a common Anglo background and roots with the US.-

    The Americans declared war in 1812 because of trade restrictions on US neutrality brought about by Britain’s ongoing war with France, the impressment of American merchant sailors into the Royal Navy, British support of American Indian tribes against American settlements, outrage over insults to national honour after humiliations on the high seas, and possible American desire to annex Canada.-

    With the defeat of Napoleon in 1814 on April 6, the British adopted a more aggressive strategy, sending in three large invasion armies.-

    About modern European Nations, there is not a single country that can military size with the US Military. And, if that is not enough, you have US forces in Germany and Italy after 67 years of WWII and more than 20 that the Cold War is over (apparently).-

    How about the major shareholder of the US Fed. and the Bank of England, and the behind scenes boss of the European Bank, Mr. Rothschild & Fly., do you think that he is totally alien to US Foreign Policy?

    If Americans are used to exert force and influence around the world over, don´t you think Europeans are reasonable when expecting some change coming from the US people, at least not meddling in other nations internal affairs?-

    It seems that you still have not awaken to the fact that the US is not in a peace mission whatsoever much worst, totally commited to depopulate the World and taylor-size it to the whims of Israel.-

    Do not blame your part Polish blood for ignoring BN´s and posters messages, as Has C, who shares the same condition as you has being and is a worthy contributor to our knowledge of World affairs.-

  74. Robertvnik June 20, 2012 @ 2:34 pm

    Glory B

    I took the liberty of printing a copy of your comment June 19th. Hope you don’t mind.

    A friend of mine (78 yrs old) who loves the truth struggles with the jew and Hitler thing but knows the mainstream new media is and always has been misleading.

    He has no internet.

  75. Robertvnik June 20, 2012 @ 2:45 pm

    Angelo Mysteriousa

    ‘And I wonder if perhaps one reason it seems a lot fewer persons post comments compared to prior times, could it be many get sick and tired of the never ending-ongoing debate by a “few” posters on topics like Who screwed the other worse? ‘

    Why should an ingnoramous like me comment when far more knowledgable people can. I am not sick and tired of reading BN’s blogs or everyone’s comments or the ongoing debates but love it all.

    If Jesus is the way, TRUTH and life then surely those who love Christ must love TRUTH and never get sick and tired of it.

  76. 123arrow June 20, 2012 @ 3:20 pm

    May the grace of God always be with you.

    Thank you, Brother.

  77. jake June 20, 2012 @ 5:09 pm

    To me the focus should be to attract as many people to this truth movement as possible.

    The truth is what they fear most. We need every household to know the truth of 9/11. The material is here, we just need to get people to seek truth for themselves.

    In order for people to begin to seek truth, they must know that what they have been getting is lies. The biggest, sloppiest lie out there for everyone to see on YouTube is 9/11.

    I have had much success with showing people the 2 minute video of WTC7 apple/orange video. Then they can progress to simple logic on open air burning of jet fuel being only 5 to 600 degrees F. Steel only gets soft at 1000 F.

    Ground Zero took three months to cool down. When was the last time you saw a jet crash site take three months to cool down?

    Once they know about this, One can get them actively looking for answer and straight to Bro Tube videos on 9/11.

    This line of logic works.

    I use an Ipad to show them the videos, that way your not asking them to look up anything on their own. They are used to having their news handed to them.

  78. June 20, 2012 @ 8:42 pm

    @Jake June 20, 2012 @ 5:09p

    I think exposing the Holohoax as a complete lie is more important than 911.

    Once people know the holomuseums and billions sent to the Jews in reparations is all based on a lie, they can get angry and awaken and the other things like 911, and then the government being sold out to Israhell will be obvious.


  79. Mission Impossible June 20, 2012 @ 9:09 pm

    Angelo Mysteriouso [June 20, 2012 @ 11:30 am] …

    You raised several valid and interesting points in that earlier comment. To varying degrees I agree with much of it. What little I do disagree with, I respect.

    In this comment, I would just like to discuss your point about past posted comments and the frequent debates about history (e.g., Germany vs. Poland, etc.) that you worry have turned some visitors away.

    My background is Engineering, so up until about 2003, my knowledge of history could be summed up as that little which had been taught me at school (decades earlier) plus the junk I had picked up from reading (what I was foolishly led to believe were) ‘hi-brow’ English newspapers, such as the Telegraph, Observer, and Times.

    I can also admit to having once subscribed to “The Economist” magazine (during the 1980s, when I was working in Saudi Arabia). I cancelled it because the endless nonsense and silly writing style they peddle eventually started to give me headaches. I am not exaggerating.

    I want to share with you (and all RZN/RJN) readers a brief example of why a concentrated and determined review of history is always and constantly necessary for us all.

    I know I am going way off-topic here, but Brother Nathanael and his Moderators will have to forgive me. As my goal is to make an important point.

    Now, for many years I have been somewhat puzzled as to the global importance of the Dalai Lama.

    This peculiar character keeps popping up in the strangest of places, to rub shoulders with the “high and mighty” of this psychopathically led world. Just recently, he was photographed shaking hands with the UK’s Prince Charles, and sitting down on a sofa flanked by Charles and his wife (Camilla).

    As chance would have it, I have recently been looking more closely at British India (the Raj). I found to my surprise that at its greatest extent, “British India” actually included a large part of Tibet. That was the key I needed to open yet another door of understanding regarding today’s politics and shenanigans.

    Common sense would suggest that there exists a link between London having direct access to Tibet, and the extraordinary efforts being maintained to keep this Dalai Lama joker in the limelight in modern times.

    There appears to be a mysterious purpose behind this manouvering, and the motive must be connected with the fact that much of Tibet once lay inside the balliwick of “British India.”

    I am convinced this is true because this comical, Tibetan religious leader is always treated with massive reverence … he mingles with European Royalty on a regular basis.

    The moral of this story is simply this. Had I not undertaken the task of reviewing the REAL history of the British Raj, I would never have stumbled upon this clue that (in my opinion) helps explain today’s inflated status of the Dalai Lama.

    The Dalai Lama is also important because he happens to exemplify the kaleidoscopic pseudo “religious” system that has been installed (by persons unknown) inside the United Nations headquarter building, in Lower Manhattan. This “prayer room” and the philosophy extolled there reflects many Tibetan characteristics.

    So, you can now easily see how strongly some easily missable historical fact can help to explain a contemporary conundrum.

  80. vladimir June 21, 2012 @ 1:30 am

    etterling, caveman2012

    There were more than 100,000 dead in Andalusia, Catalan, and Basque, including many, many out of the Church.

    These were areas outside the Republican Army presence, which were governed in 1935 for the first time by local governments elected locally (were that could be true where I live today).

    I wonder if they might be some of the 11,000 you speak of. I know of some of these things second hand, my parents lived in the USSR during the Terror and the Famine and I knew a couple of those Republican emigres you speak of, only these particular ones did not say the nonsense you have them saying.

    There was very little Communist influence in the Republic until the military situation forced increased reliance on the USSR.

    “What Franco particularly put an end to was to landlords abusing from common peasants and women as was customary in the so called Republican times.” What ? During all 1.5 years of Republican times?

    Sounds like some chosen Falange drivel that passed for propaganda.

    Yes, like it or not the Catholic and Orthodox Churches were major landowners and were in position to alleviate some of the suffering and grievances that led to the republic and the revolution, but for the most part did not as neither did Nicholas and Alfonso. Both, in fact, were beloved by their people through many costly blunders over and over until the cup just overflowed….

    p.s. Schacht was succeeded by Goering as finance minister. That really worked, didn’t it?

  81. Wotan June 21, 2012 @ 3:19 am

    @ Mission Impossible June 20, 2012 @ 9:09 pm

    Dear Mission,

    Here you caught me unawares.

    Had no idea about the link between former British India and Tibet and that there may have been shifting borders. Indeed an absolute eye-opener.

    Thanks for that story!

  82. Mission Impossible June 21, 2012 @ 4:56 am

    Wotan [June 21, 2012 @ 3:19 am] …

    Thank you Brother. Yes indeed, it was an eye-opener for me too.

    Before I close out on this topic I would just like to modify [edit] a small part of my initial comment on Tibet.

    Change the original text: “I found to my surprise that at its greatest extent, ‘British India’ actually included a large part of Tibet.”

    To this more academically rigorous version: “I found to my surprise that at its greatest extent, ‘British India’ actually included a significant yet still undefined part of Tibetan territory.”


    Two British officials were involved in the earliest attempts to establish relationships with Tibet: George Bogle (1774–75), and Samuel Turner (1783).

    Then an explorer by the name of Thomas Manning attempted to reach Peking (Beijing) via northern India (Himalayas) … arriving in Lhasa in 1811. His attempt to reach Peking was (unsurprisingly) aborted.

  83. etterling June 21, 2012 @ 8:36 am


    My Grandpa’s brother was an Orthodox Church Bishop executed with his family by Judeo-Bolsheviks.

    As a regular feature of revolutionary movements, whenever there was a judeo-masonic hand there was bloodshed of any Christian Church.

    We have to go back and look into the truth. Examples abound that from the beginning, or early Church times, we Christians were persecuted by the Sanhedrin as the St. Peter Letters and St. Paul Epistles tell us about.

    Once in Rome, the nascent Church had to gather in the secrecy of family to pray, not in the catacombs as it is wrongly and generally known.

    Jedin’s and later Hertling’s “History of the Church” give a detailed narrative of those times. But as it happens today in DC, the Roman Jewish community was very privy to the Emperor, something that Tertulian gave account in this words “the Synagogues of Rome were a seedbed of persecutions,” so Christians were fed to the lions and tigers.

    Many wealthy Roman families converted after seeing the firmness of Faith till the end of those in the arena. Out of conversions many families donated possessions to the Church.

    From the benefits of land ownership, Church provided work to unemployed or food to the needy ones.

    Beginning with the English Church Reformation, the Catholic Church of England, was deprived of all properties, in spite of her social contribution in assisting the majority of the population with no means for a livelihood.

    Properties were distributed among Henry VIII nobility acolytes and in many cases, ended up in Jewish lender hands with no care for gentiles misery.

    As the possession of land has been throughout History the main source of income and power, donations to the Catholic Church was seen as a growing Church influence in State affairs although, it really was the King who needed the blessing of his decisions for an uncontested ruling herewith.

    To control the Church has been a major nobility or political target all along History. In a few words, the King wanted his saying yes or no to be the word of God, whether right or wrong.

    To have no confusion between what it is right or wrong, the Church needs to be independent of State decisions, which does not mean that it cannot be State supported, so the Church’s quest has always been a struggle for independence and to be so, needed her own means of support.

    Back to the Spanish matter, in no way the proportion of land ownership between private landowners, the State and the Church was very significant for the latter, but it was significant for the Republican atheist government to eliminate all church belongings and proceed to suppress her voice once and for all.

    The Russian Orthodox Church has well-documented archives and records indicating the masonic role in the 1917 “Revolution” and the following persecution, arrests and executions of the clergy, leading to the several Documents condemning Freemasonry by the Orthodox Church.

    So please Vladimir, if you want or are able to, try to listen to the other bell and then, once you do that, I´ll be glad to hear from you again, through our Brother BN webpage.

  84. Neophit June 21, 2012 @ 2:12 pm

    @ etterling

    Not only Jewry, Vatican, and its military organization too (and hundreds other factions), Muslim Brotherhood and so on.

    We ‘Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Belarus, Romanian, Bulgarian, Greek and small remnant of what is left of Polish Orthodox, ‘ etc., have records of Vatican’s cooperation with Communists in order to subjugate the Orthodox faithful (in WWI, WWII, and for over 1000 years) however most of the documentation is not translated in ENGLISH [so if you are fluent, multilingual in the various languages, you may read some of the documentation/books].

    As I said, it’s not just the Jews, its the WEST, the Pope (and its secret military factions) and hundreds of other factions. I think AWS had a valid post last week.

    Lastly Orthodox Ecumenists who are changing church protocols, who betrayed/violated the Orthodox Church on untenable theological and ecclesiological grounds by linking themselves to Roman Catholics and introducing new dogmas and adapting new neo-papal model initiatives (such as revised Julian Calendar ect. in order to blind the masses).

    The Orthodox Julian Calendar is the True Calendar and this is made apparent by the Holy Spirit. Holy Saturday’s Holy Fire affirms the Orthodox Julian Calendar (not Revised Julian Calendar or Gregorian Calendar).

    “You offer us unification…. and all the while your Latin priests, behind our backs, are sowing ruin amongst our flock.-St. Benjamin of Petrograd

    Shamelessly and with great candidness they wrote in Rome as soon as the Bolshevik “victory” became evident: “there had been uncontainable pleasure over the fall of the tsarist government and that Rome did not waste and time in entering into negotiations with the Soviet Government.”

    Nonetheless, Pope Pius X (who was canonized in 1954) pronounced on the very eve of World War I, “Russia is the greatest enemy Of the [Roman] Church.” Therefore it is not surprising that the Roman Catholic world greeted the Bolshevik Revolution with joy. After the Jews the Catholics did probably MORE than anyone else to organize the overthrow of tsarist power.

    As Dostoyevsky pointed out in his novel The Idiot, “Roman Catholicism is more dangerous than atheism, since it presents to us a profane and desecrated Christ usurping the earthly throne,” the Pope took the sword and added, “lies, intrigue, deception, fanaticism, and villainy.”

    Such is the depth of understanding that proceeds from the talented pen of Dostoyevsky.

    Catholic Archbishop of Paris, Cardinal Sibor, which pronounced at the start of the Crimean War, “It is a sacred deed, a God-pleasing deed, to ward off the Photian heresy [Orthodoxy], subjugate it and destroy it with a new crusade.”

    “This is the clear goal of today’s crusade. Such was the goal of ALL the crusades, even if all their participants were not fully aware of it. The war which France is now preparing to wage against Russia is not a political war but a holy war. It is not a war between two governments or between two peoples, but is precisely a religious war, and other reasons presented are only pretexts.”

    Dostoyevsky illustrates that Archbishop of Paris, Cardinal Sibor was not the only warrior on the field when he writes so frankly about a Roman Catholic conspiracy: “Militant Roman Catholicism savagely takes the side of the Turks (Muslims). At the moment, there are no more savage haters of Russia than these militant clerics.

    “It was not some prelate but the Pope himself, who loudly and with joy spoke of the ‘victories of the Turks’ and predicted a ‘fateful future’ for Russia at various Vatican meetings. This dying old man, the ‘head of Christianity’ was not ashamed to admit in public that every time he hears of a Russian defeat he experiences joy.”

  85. Neophit June 21, 2012 @ 2:26 pm

    Now in regards to Balkans part 1:

    The Pope condoned the persecution of Serbs in Croatia, Bosnia in WWI and WWII (as well as in 90’s) and Ante Pavelic (and his head military chaplain Stepinac) along with the Ustashi regime who managed to slaughter over 700,000 Orthodox Serbs in Jasenovac alone.

    The Roman Catholic-Orthodox conflict is long-standing in the Balkans. Historically, the Vatican sought to exert influence in the Balkans and to eliminate Orthodox influence. The Vatican has historically sought to create a bulwark against Orthodox Christianity in the Balkans, necessitating an anti-Serbian policy.

    The real ruler [of WWII Croatia] was Ante Pavelich, a zealous Croatian nationalist and fanatical hater of Serbs… “A good Ustashi,” he told his men, “is he who can use his knife to cut a child from the womb of its mother.”

    The Nazis, who for a time were posted in Croatia, were so horrified at the Ustashi atrocities that they set up special commission to investigate them. The Orthodox Church of Serbia, in fact, appealed directly to the Nazi General Dukelman to intervene and stop the Ustashi horrors.

    The Germans and the Italians managed to restrain the Ustashi while they were under their supervision. When the NSDAP left Croatia, however, the Croatian Ustashi multiplied their atrocities, un-reprimanded by the Government.

    According to an Italian correspondent, Pavelich once put a wicker basket on his desk – filled with 40 pounds of eyes gorged from victims of the Ustashi.

  86. Neophit June 21, 2012 @ 2:28 pm

    Now in regards to Balkans part 2:

    From the book “The Vatican’s Holocaust,” pg 68: (A lot of these books/documents are in Serbo-Croatian/Russian ect. which have not been translated).

    Converting the Orthodox Serbs, December 21st, 1941, Friars, besides Priests, participated in forcible conversions, who, after surrounding the village of Mosanica with Ustashi contingents, told the people:

    “You Serbs are condemned to death, and you can only escape that sentence by accepting Catholicism.”

    Catholic Padres did not hesitate to liquidate those who resisted. Witness Father Dr. Dragutin Kamber, a Jesuit priest and sworn Ustashi, who ordered the killing of 300 Orthodox Serbs in Doboj…

    Or Father Dr. Branimir Zupanic, who had more than 400 people killed in one village alone: Ragoje. Father Srecko Peric, of the Gorica Monastery, near Livno [Herzegovina], advocated mass murders with the wallowing words:

    “Kill all Serbs. And when you finish come here, to Church, and I will confess you and free you from sin.” This resulted in a massacre, on August 10th, 1941, during which over 5,600 Orthodox Serbs in the district of Livno alone lost their lives.

    Cardinal Tiseran, congregation’s task was to deal with Eastern Orthodox Church. Cardinal Tiseran received detailed reports of every forcible conversion and massacre in Croatia.

    Between April and June, 19 over 100,000 Orthodox Serbs were massacred; yet Cardinal Tiseran on July 17, 1941, had the audacity to declare that Archbishop Stepinac would now do a great work for the development of Catholicism in “the Independent State of Croatia…where there are such great hopes for the conversion of those who are not of the true faith.”

    Archbishop Stepinac himself, who in person visited Pius XII twice, and who supplied His Holiness with figures of the forcible conversions.

    In an official document, dated as late as May 8, 1944, His Eminence Archbishop Stepinac, head of the Catholic Hierarchy, in fact, informed the Holy Father that to date “244,000 Orthodox Serbs” had been “converted to the Church of God.”

  87. Neophit June 21, 2012 @ 2:35 pm

    Balkans Part 3:

    The Minister of Education, Mile Budak, made clear the Ustasha aims: “Our new Croatia will get rid of all Serbs in our midst in order to become one hundred percent Catholic within ten years.”

    In the words of Dr Milovan Zanitch, Minister Of Justice, who declared on June 2nd 1941:

    “This State, our country, is only for the Croats, and not for anyone else. There are no ways and means which we Croats will not use to make our country truly ours, and to clean it of all Orthodox Serbs. All those who came into our country 300 years ago must disappear.

    “We do not hide this our intention. It is the policy of our State, and during its promotion we shall do nothing else but follow the principles of the Ustashi.”

    Dr Hermann Neubacher, Hitler’s Minister Plenipotentiary For The Balkans writes in his book, “Special Assignment In The Southeast” 1940-45, pg 18:

    “… a Croatian crusade of destruction directed against the Orthodox Serbs erupted, a crusade that belongs among the most brutal mass murder undertakings in the entire history of the world…. (later pg. 31)…

    “The prescription for the Orthodox Serbs issued by the leader and Fuhrer of Croatia, Ante Pavelic, was reminiscent of the religious wars of the bloodiest memory: One third must be converted to Catholicism, another third must be expelled, and the final third must die. The last part of the program has been carried out.

    “When the leaders of the Ustashe movement claim that they have slit the throats of a million Serbs, including infants, women and old people, that is, in my opinion, a boastful exaggeration. On the basis of the reports that were submitted to me, I estimate the number of the defenseless murder victims to be three quarters of a million.”

    These are only general facts, (some are in more detail than others), I’ll leave you with these words by the late Patriarch Tikhon:

    “To all the heads of other Orthodox and non-Orthodox Churches, except for the Pope of Rome, about whom we have precise evidence that he not only entered into negotiations with the Christ-betraying Bolsheviks, but attempted to use the persecution of the Russian Orthodox Church and her glory to the mercenary ends of militant Roman Catholicism.”

  88. KathJuliane June 21, 2012 @ 10:13 pm

    God bless you, Wotan, for your heart-warming words.

    Btw, is Has C volunteering his entrails for haruspicy?

    Dear Vladimir,

    I understand what you are saying. You may find this older article by Catholic writer, E Michael Jones, also of interest.

    And this is truly beautiful Pravoslavie – Velikoretsky procession

    Speaking of the Spanish Civil War, a little known bit of Orthodox history, dear Vladimir.

    Our brave soldiers in exile volunteered to fight the Bolshevik Red Terror and the Jews of the NKVD on Spanish soil.


    On June 9, 2012, on the peak of the Serro del Contradero mountain in the province of Guadalajara, Spain a cross was consecrated in memory of the White Guard Russian Orthodox volunteers who joined Franco’s army in the Spanish Civil War, the website of the Diocese of Korsun reports.

    On this peak, a group of soldiers stood from September 1, 1938 to January 16, 1939. On October 9, 1938, Archpriest Alexander Shabashev (1881–1956) served Divine Liturgy on that site.

    As leftist volunteers poured in to help the Communists, who were openly butchering Christians, these homeless Russians answered the call to save a brother country to the fate of their own.

    Local officials attended the ceremony and after the consecration of the cross, a service for the dead Russian volunteer fighters was held. The men aided Generalissimo Francisco Franco’s forces which defeated the Communists and kept Spain out of World War II.

    Modern Spain has attempted to rewrite history and has shown little gratitude for its past deliverance. (Also: )

    IC XC
    NI KA

  89. etterling June 22, 2012 @ 7:01 am

    Dear Neophit:

    The differences between Croats and Serbs or Serbs and Croats if you prefer begun much before WWII.-

    If you think that the Catholic Church enjoyed Communism I must tell you that you think the Catholic Church enjoyed being massacred by Communists.-

    Remember the Martyrdom of Cardinals Mindzenty and Slipyj.-

    Read about all Catholic Church documents related, synthethically resumed in this words: “The Communism it is intrinsically perverse”.-

    Pope Pious XII, I do remind you, congratulated Hitler for saving Germany from Communism.-

    About Orthodox and Catholic differences, except for the Authority there are none related to specific doctrine.-

    The ritual or the mass might be traditional in your case or post Council in our case, we both worship the same.-

    My mother, baptized Orthodox was accepted as a Catholic in a Catholic School without needing to be baptized again, by Bishop orders.-

    If you want to revise the never ending differences plaguing the Balkans and Yugoslavia, you should include the British strategy of never allowing Russia reach warm waters access dating back to the XVIII Century, first trying to use Sweden as a tool against Russia to prevent her access to the Baltic.-

    I would like you also, to include Manfred Weiss (Tito) a very Jewish fellow who did all he could to prevent Russia reaching the Mediterranean Sea, meanwhile amused himself opening the bellies of of every single Catholic nun around.-

    If we dwell in the Yugoslavian history for long, we can reach the origins of the Slavic people and the Byzantine Empire.-

    I understand that the partition of Yugoslavia has been resented by the Serbs, but you just can’t reconcile long dated differences with Croats and Muslims and keep them under your boots for long.-

    Let’s for a chance trying to be fair and accept the fact that everyone has a part on the mess, that belongs to the past, and that we are Christians and face a common enemy.-

    Just look ahead.-

    I’ve always thought of the Orthodox Church as my Brothers in Faith,

    If we can do a positive move just help the Patriarchs and the Pope work together for Europe to be united under the Christian Cross, and see the past as a family quarrel.-


    Thanks for help and contributing, really with BN’s help we can get into real History.-

  90. Taylor June 22, 2012 @ 3:12 pm

    @ Glory B.

    I agree with you. I absolutely disdain tattoos. Always have, always will! And I’m not really a very pious individual.

    My mother once put it this way, “There’s only one thing worse than a tattoo on a man and that is a tattoo on a woman!”

  91. Goyz In The Hood June 24, 2012 @ 2:29 pm

    Let’s get real here.

    The chosen ones sent a Mossad wet work specialist to Ron Paul’s house or in a parking garage.

    He was told that with a great deal of certainty that his and his family members’ heads would be pulverized into nano sized particles if he didn’t do what he was told.

    End of story.

    Rinse, repeat for other happenings if necessary.

  92. Jeremiah June 28, 2012 @ 4:25 pm

    For all of you true Christian believers, the path to freedom from the corrupt, de facto, mafia government, is located at

    Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry

    “The end of all things is near. Therefore be clear minded and self-controlled so that you can pray. Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

    “Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.

    “If anyone speaks, he should do it as one speaking the very words of God. If anyone serves, he should do it with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen.” (1 Peter 4:7-11).

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