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Kissinger & The Jews

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Kissinger & The Jews
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Brother Nathanael @ April 9, 2012


  1. Brother Nathanael April 9, 2012 @ 7:39 pm

    –Text– –Text– –Text–

    Kissinger & The Jews
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Copyright 2012

    American Jewry just can’t seem to come to terms with one of their own, namely, former Jewish Secretary of State under Nixon, Henry Kissinger.

    The outrage all began when Jewry lashed out against Kissinger for foisting a paper defeat upon Israel in the Egyptian Sinai while the Israelis under the command of General Ariel Sharon were “on their way to Cairo” during the last days of the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

    The Camp David Accords that followed in 1978 gave the Sinai back to Egypt and Sadat continued his drift away from the Soviet Union.

    Soon, Egypt completely left the Nassar-initiated Soviet sphere of influence in the Middle East.

    It was Kissinger, although out of power during the Carter Administration, who laid the framework of the Camp David Accords.

    For Kissinger, seeing an opportunity by giving Sadat a manufactured victory in the Sinai, was acting all along on behalf of his fellow Jews by bringing Sadat over to America and sending the Soviets back to the USSR.

    You see, Kissinger, contrary to his detractors’ opinions, was not really Nelson Rockefeller’s “New World Order” man.

    Kissinger was essentially a Jewish power player and that meant helping Jewry’s global position however and wherever he could. Thus, it can be said, Kissinger was essentially a “Judaic World Order” man.

    Seeing this ‘Jewish Bent’ in Henry Kissinger, Nixon ordered his aides to exclude all Jewish-Americans from policy-making on Israel including Kissinger.

    According to notes taken by H.R. Haldeman, Nixon is quoted as saying, “Get K out of the play — let Haig handle it.”

    But Jewry, to this day, continues to accuse Kissinger of being on the “Arab Side,” although all the while Kissinger was swaying the Arabs away from Russia and into America’s–that is—Kissinger’s own, Jewish lap.

    And Jewry let loose their most intense outrage, when, in de-classified tapes in which Nixon is heard saying, “Jews are aggressive, abrasive and obnoxious,” Kissinger told Nixon that if the Jews were thrown into gas chambers in the Soviet Union it was not an American concern.

    “Maybe a humanitarian concern,” added Kissinger, “but not an American one.”

    You see, an ‘American’ concern for Kissinger is whatever plays into his own gamesmanship. The man can easily speak out of both sides of his mouth.

    On the one side of his mouth, he supported Clinton sending US troops into Bosnia during the genocide of Serbian Christians by Bosnian Muslims. But, on the other side of his mouth, he was against sending US troops.

    [Clip: “I do not want to oppose the President’s deployment of troops. If you had asked me two years ago I would have said we must not send troops into Bosnia, there’s no national interest involved.”]

    And, all the while, Kissinger was calling for a Muslim State in Bosnia and for the ethnic cleansing of Christian Serbs in Bosnia by packing them off to Serbia.

    [Clip: “We are now at a point where we dramatically changed our policy towards Bosnia. How do you assess where we are and where we ought to go?”

    “I believe that what we should do is create a Muslim state, permit the other nationalities either to make themselves independent or join Croatia and Serbia as the case may be.”]

    Again, on the one side of his lips, Kissinger, during a Hard Ball MSNBC interview said that a Clinton intervention, this time in the 1999 Kosovo crisis, was not in America’s interest.

    Yet, on the other side of his lips, Kissinger said at the outset of Jewish Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s bombing atrocities against Serbian Orthodox Christian civilians, “Now that we’re in there we must do all that is necessary to win.”

    What is it dear Henry? Is it simply a matter of any amoral gamesmanship in which you must always come out on top?

    Perhaps this is why McGeorge Bundy, Kissinger’s original mentor at Harvard and career launcher, said of him after seeing enough of his protege’s countless schemes, “Kissinger doesn’t lie because it’s in his interest, he lies because it’s in his nature.”

    In January of this year, Kissinger paid a visit to Jewry’s most feared leader, Vladimir Putin, hoping to pump some inside information out of him.

    But after Putin, who is now protecting Syrian Christian from Jewish imperialism, gave Kissinger no more than 40 minutes of his time, Henry told reporters, “Putin is a patriot and a nationalist”…hinting that a new “Cold War” was coming our way.

    Well, whether it’s–cold wars or hot wars–humanitarian concerns or American concerns — Kissinger, like his fellow tribesmen, the axiom: “Is it good for the Jews?” seems to strike at the very nature of all things American.

  2. Brother Nathanael April 9, 2012 @ 7:52 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    MUCH research went into this Video.

    All I could discover regarding an analysis of Kissinger’s foreign policy was praising his placing his priority on “America’s national interests.” What a BUNCH OF BALONEY!

    Kissinger was primarily a “tribesman” and after taking care of numero uno his next priority was taking care of the Jews.

    He was too smooth in trying to cover himself with regard to the bombing of Christian Serbian civilians.

    BUT ALL THE WHILE Kissinger apparently gave his fellow Jew, Madeleine Albright (not her Jew surname that she was born with) the green light to BOMB innocent civilians in order to “create” a “Muslim state” in Bosnia.
    On Another Note

    I THANK those handful of readers and viewers of Real Jew News articles and videos who RESPONDED to my appeal for donations last week. The response essentially saved me from going into the red.

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  3. Brother Nathanael April 9, 2012 @ 8:21 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    This week is the Orthodox Church’s Holy Week.

    Thus, I will be in Church EVERY day ALL week until next Tuesday.

    I have many Articles and Videos “in the hatch” for when Holy Week and our Orthodox Easter (next Sunday) is over.

    Bright Week follows and I want to get at least one “Bright Week Day” in, that is, “Bright Monday.” Be back with new Vids and Articles starting next Tuesday! Staaaay tuned….

    In the mean time, this Comments Section is VERY POPULAR and I have over 600 Articles and over 100 Videos for you all to “munch” on this week. ENJOY!

    And don’t forget to check out yours truly on FaceBook @

    +Brother Nathanael

  4. Citizenfitz April 9, 2012 @ 8:33 pm

    Kissinger’s an offstage presence in the geopolitical world. And apparently quite the deal broker.

    I recall reading once how lawyers making nearly a $million a year were quitting their jobs to go to work for him solely on a commission basis.

  5. KathJuliane April 9, 2012 @ 8:42 pm

    Brilliant work, dear +BN.

    Every time I think it can’t get any better, you come along with another one that exceeds my expectations.

    You found some really juicy stuff on Heinz Alfred “Henry” Kissinger, from a long line of German Jews. His great-great-grandfather Meyer Löb, adopted the surname Kissinger in 1817.

    America has for too long been seduced by this social-climbing, sub-clinical psychopath’s charm, intelligence and wit, Kissinger’s nostalgia for ‘the Cold War,’ and the fact that he’s like Teflon, appearing so far away from and objective about whatever policies, that nothing sticks to him.

    The idea that Kissinger actually had the nerve to accept the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize makes me ill to this very day. The only thing more nauseating was Obama receiving his Nobel in 2009.

    Being in private corporate practice as international consultant for his firm Kissinger & Associates representing a secret roster of hundreds of mega-corporations to governments all over the world, he has built in “plausible deniability.” He travels the world over cashing in on his aura of “elder statesman” and former diplomat, speaking only as a famous, but private, individual.

    I was surprised to learn that the Kissinger family left NSDAP Germany in 1938 while Henry was a teenager, and then he returned to Germany in the US army, acquiring citizenship at the same time. He saw combat.

    Kissinger learned much of his “charm” in post-war Germany working for military intelligence, which at that time had already become a working arm of the OSS (proto-CIA). Kissinger was likely in Germany for the Nuremburg Trials, but info on his career in Germany is quite sparce.

    He takes a very clinically detached, hands off approach, everything he presents is “professorial.” Did Nixon and McGeorge Bundy ever have Kissinger down pat as a perfidous Jew.

    After listening to your analysis and the clips, I can only shake my head over what the logic of madness sounds like, when for all this time, Kissinger was labeled as a “realist.”

    His 2011 ‘Grounds for Military Intervention’ in Lybia is the very same lying, hypocritical decades-old foreign policy that six presidents have followed before, during and after the 70s, only slightly reworded.

    Kissinger wrote the piece in April 2011, early in the Arab Spring, which started out as a sincere civil political protest on the Arab Street (then hijacked by the forces behind Madame Clinton and her mannequin, Obama) long before Lybia was bombed back to the stone age by Obama, and Kaddafi was publicly murdered for US entertainment all in the name of Obama’s official stand of “humanitarian intervention.”

    That very 2011 article, a rehash of Clinton’s Balkanization policies, in fact, gave Obama the “blessing” to NATO bomb Libya on “humanitarian grounds,” the seal of approval on the Obama Adminstration’s parcel of lies, and told the mega-corporate and banking world to prepare for it, the US was going to loose the Jewish controlled Dogs of War — again.

    As it turned out in Libya, which closely followed the lying Yugoslavia script and grand exercise in perception management and opinion shaping by the Obama Administration, the reality and facts on the ground about Kaddafi and Libya were as radically different from that which the Bill Clinton Adminstration was public mouthpiece for, spouting the decade of lies about the Balkans, Yugoslavia, the Serbs, and Milosovic.

    Kissinger is one of the power Jews behind Rape of Libya, because it was the Kissinger “recommendation” on behalf of his corporate clients that Obama and the Jews dovetailed to, and corporate America beat the war drums for.

    Same thing again is happening in regards to Iran.

    Have a blessed Holy Week, and so will say in advance,

    Christ is Risen!

    IC XC
    NI KA

  6. Balder April 9, 2012 @ 10:49 pm

    Why did Zionist Jews such as Madeleine Albright lead the efforts to attack Serbia?

    Some rare information here: Rescue in Albania- One hundred percent of Jews in Albania rescued from Holocaust

    Full download of book

    Get it while you can!

  7. Hans April 9, 2012 @ 11:10 pm

    Kissinger also had his fingers in the pie on 9/11.

    I don’t mean 2001. I mean September 11, 1973 as the democratic elected government in Chile was overthrown with help of CIA and turned into a dictatorship.

    Around 3,000 Chileans died in this dictatorship. As reprisal the Chileans have later destroyed half of Middle East. Oops, no sorry, I mix something up 🙂

  8. anti-zionist April 9, 2012 @ 11:13 pm

    And what Holocaust would that be, Balder?

  9. Anti-Zionist April 9, 2012 @ 11:34 pm

    Yes, General Jones, while serving as security advisor for President Obama, publicly stated that he takes his orders from Kissinger.

  10. wilson April 10, 2012 @ 2:59 am

    From the Levites to the Pharisees to the Talmud Rabbis to the Zionists, the 3000 year Mission of Destruction has used Deception/Betrayal to “exert irresistible pressure on the international politics of the present”.

    Revelations 9:11: “They shall have as their king, the angel of the bottomless pit, Abaddon…”

    Revelations 9:12- “The first woe (WTC) has passed but there are two more to come” (Deepwater Horizon & Fukushima, IMO).

    Bernard Baruch/Manhattan Project sold the world Nuclear Power (which produces only 16% of the world’s electricity) . There are 400+ nuclear plants worldwide… and with HAARP in Zionist hands (they own America), the Zionists control the world

    Sacred Heart of Jesus Deliver us.

  11. Preterist1951 April 10, 2012 @ 4:10 am

    Thanks, Brother Nathanael, for this informative expose’ on Kissinger, who is nothing more than another in a long line of phony representatives for the counterfeit state of Israel.

  12. hugo march April 10, 2012 @ 4:37 am

    I think Putin should have charged Kissinger $4,000 for their forty minute meeting. Kissinger – the butcher of Indochina – charges $100/minute for consultation out of his NY office.

  13. hugo march April 10, 2012 @ 4:47 am

    Kill the Muslims in the Middle East. Save the Muslims in the Balkans. I’m confused. 🙂

    It looks like what took place in the Balkans was another successful divide-and-conquer campaign to reduce Russian (Soviet) influence in the region via their brother – as in little brother – state Serbia.

  14. Steven Rowlandson April 10, 2012 @ 4:59 am

    The real question shouldn’t be, is it good for the Jews?

    It should be is it good for America, Canada, England, Europe or the rest of the non-Jewish world?

  15. Hoff April 10, 2012 @ 7:49 am

    Hello Dear BN.

    Been out of business for a month, PC-crap break down. Just wanted to say hello to you And crew 🙂

    Incog just turned six million hits. I have been around since 0.9 million hits at incogman net

    Incog breaks the 6 million.

  16. Snowy Smith South Africa April 10, 2012 @ 8:38 am

    “Military men are Dumb Stupid animals to be used for foreign policy.” — JEW Henry Kissinger.


    “The War Mongering JEWS have contaminated the whole of the Middle East with CANCER causing Depleted Uranium for a Million Years.” — Snowy Smith 2012.


    “What we have seen in the World is the emergence of an organized hostile revolutionary minority of Trillionaire JEW Bankers whose real aim is the destruction of democratic parliamentary government and the installation of a One World Government communist military dictatorship.” — Snowy Smith 2012


    “The War Mongering JEW ROBBER BARONS have their sights set on Africa.” — Snowy Smith 2012.

  17. Hoff April 10, 2012 @ 8:40 am

    Mr Hitler and the criminal Rothchild Jews. Must read.

  18. Taylor April 10, 2012 @ 10:40 am

    It’s pretty amazing that much of the American public still looks up to and reveres this Zionist schmuck, scoundrel, and war profiteer: i.e., the infamous Jew, Henry “Heinz” Kissinger.

  19. Kelly April 10, 2012 @ 11:54 am

    “Who controls the food supply controls the people. Who controls the energy can control whole continents. Who controls the money can control the world.” — KISSENGER 1973

    Unfortunately, this appears to be the accepted paradigm for the New World Order.

  20. Ilias April 10, 2012 @ 1:06 pm

    Ask any Greek, Kissinger was the one who divided Cyprus and gave 37% of it to the Turks.

    Over 500 Greek Orthodox Churches have been destroyed by the Turks in Northern Cyprus since 1974 due to Kissinger’s scheme to divide the island.

    Now the Jews are gaining a foothold in Cyprus because of the ongoing gas and oil exploration.

  21. Wotan April 10, 2012 @ 1:10 pm


    April 10, 2012 @ 8:40 am

    Hoff, of course you should be given first grade marks for providing this educational link. But can you remember what you have repeatedly said in the past?

    It would nevertheless speak for you if you are still able to learn new things and adjust your mind upon stumbling over facts that you didn’t know up to some certain point in time.

    Great stuff, Hoff!

  22. Hoff April 10, 2012 @ 2:56 pm

    Hoff @ Wotan: I’m just like BN and Incogman net, we don’t deal in bs. Must read comment by me.

    But can you remember what you have repeatedly said in the past?


    Yes, I said that the Rothschild jews financed Mr Hitler.

    Well, if the source is correct, Mr Hitler did a Jew on the Rothschild Jews, he took back everything the Rothschild jews had stolen. Backward financing.


    Hoff, of course you should be given first grade marks for providing this educational link.

    I only deal in first class info. But the credit is to Zion Crime Factory.

    He’s on par with BN and me, Hoff. Zion Crime Factory only posts up first class info.

  23. Mr Finch April 10, 2012 @ 2:59 pm

    While I agree with most, it was the Serbs who attacked the Bosnians.

    There was an embargo on weapons being sold to both but Serbs were getting arms from the Russians while the Muslims weren’t allowed to.

    It was only after watching the murder and ethnic cleansing being carried out on Muslims in places like Srebrenica that NATO finally did something and created a home for Bosnians (i.e. Muslims).

  24. Lorna April 10, 2012 @ 4:01 pm

    Michael Hoffman – mp3 audio file
    ‘Noahide – And War With Iran’

    broadcast 27/03/2012 on The Byte Show

    I found this commentary very informative and it starts off like this:

    Q: “Where did these Noahide laws come from?”

    MH: “ ..We first have to understand that they have nothing to do with the Noah of the Bible…….. The Talmudic Noah is a figure of mockery and derision inside Judaism…”


    I’m sorry for off-topic.

  25. Cynthia Lauren Thorpe April 10, 2012 @ 4:11 pm

    Brilliant. Brilliant. Simply Brilliantly, said.

    I have two comments. (After pausing to absorb what +BN has brought to light – talk about MUNCHIES…THIS GUY IS GIVING US PURE ‘TRUTHFUL MEAT’ TO MUNCH ON…not my usual hot buttered popcorn, which I do enjoy.)

    Firstly – our adversary ALWAYS overplays his hand(s) in this international ‘game of poker’ that has gone on ‘quite literally’ since the Garden.

    One needn’t be a scholar to see that fact, nor a NASA rocket scientist, thankfully.

    And, his Opponent – Our ABBA (Who has already DEFEATED him and his minions) – chooses rather to have HIS KIDS play HIS hands on HIS Behalf – as we ‘learn and grow and mature’ in this, HIS ‘earthly process’ of ‘training us up in the WAY we should go’-kinda thing, thereby – We get to know our ABBA’s Ways better…(HIS WAYS are truly brilliant, indeed.)

    Secondly – I must share with all of you Brothers and Sisters of mine that I had ‘no idea’ that someday (as a Christian Armenian-American) I’d actually be on my knees praying for the Leader of Russia.

    God BLESS Vladimir Putin. (As well as our dear +BN and Joe). I just watched the 4-part series on ‘Before It’s News’ and listened with JOY at how our brother in Christ Jesus stood with NO FEAR WHATSOEVER and made the political ‘hacks’ of the USA ‘squirm’ at the Truth he directed so effortlessly and with such succinctness.

    WOW, the LEADERS that our ABBA has chosen to ‘take HIS stand’ are indeed imbued with the Spirit of the CHRIST when they speak — I marvel at GOD’S Wisdom.

    When Men of GOD ‘take their stand’ for HIM, under HIS BANNER – things ‘do happen’ indeed. I implore MORE OF YOU guys to shed the ‘mamby pamby’ effeminate shroud that true evil-doers have laid across your shoulders – regardless your shoulders size – and STAND in the Authority that The Christ ALONE has given you.

    HIS World NEEDS YOU — we ALWAYS HAVE. It’s High Time that ‘fear’ had no place within your hearts – IF you truly believe that you’ve been placed in this time to be of SERVICE to our coming KING.

    Till then, your Sister – out here in the Australian Coastal Outback will be on her knees in intercession for you/us all.

    NOTHING is ‘more ugly’ than a woman ‘taking pants’ and behaving like she is a man, with the singular exception of a true MAN donning femininity. It’s disgusting.

    We ALL should pause and pray this week (I’m still on that Daniel Fast, by the by, which I’ve learned is simply cooked veggies, so I haven’t forgotten John Hagee either!) that our FATHER infuses the hearts of HIS MEN across this, HIS GLOBE — with BRAVE HEARTS.

    Whether they be Mel Gibson, Vladimir Putin, Brother Nathanael, Joe Corsi, Private Frank Sedlak (my personal mentor and friend who distributes GOOD NEWS Bibles in Adelaide while being quite ‘homeless’ — over 265,000 to date and he’s 84, p.s.) or, yes – EVEN YOU.

    We NEED YOU MEN OF THE MOST HIGH GOD. For when you rise up with the courage that your ABBA has given you — as LIONS — in whatever sphere of ‘influence’ HE’s given you, HIS EARTH WILL ‘IN DEED’ SHAKE WITH HIS HOLY POWER. For the Kingdom of our GOD comes with POWER as HIS sons’ speak the TRUTH in LOVE, just as our Resurrected Example THE CHRIST did.

    Your little Sis’ tending her (cross-bred) sheep in Kingston SE, South Australia and PRAISING THE LORD FOR MY BROTHERS…

    Cynthia Lauren Thorpe

  26. bubba April 10, 2012 @ 6:22 pm

    Three Important Assassinations?

    Joseph Stalin, Leonid Brezhnev, Gus Weiss

    During the fall of 1981, one of my NSC associates, Dr. Gus Weiss, was cleared to read the material. He devised a remarkable plan: “Why not help the Soviets with their shopping? Now that we know what they want, we can help them get it.”

    There would be just one catch: the CIA would add “extra ingredients” to the software and hardware on the KGB’s shopping list.

    Weiss presented the plan to Casey in December 1981 and Casey took it to the President in January 1982. Notably absent from their meeting were any of the White House’s strong believers in détente.

    Reagan received the plan enthusiastically; Casey was given a “go.” There are no written memoranda reflecting that meeting, or for that matter, the whole project, for many in the intelligence community were concerned about the security of the new, computerized, internal NSC communication system.*

    Within a few months the shipments began. The Weiss project targeted the Soviet military-industrial needs as set forth in the Farewell dossier. “Improved”—that is to say, erratic—computer chips were designed to pass quality acceptance tests before entry into Soviet service.

    Only later would they sporadically fail, frazzling the nerves of harried users. Pseudosoftware disrupted factory output. Flawed but convincing ideas on stealth, attack aircraft, and space defense made their way into Soviet ministries.

    The production and transportation of oil and gas was at the top of the Soviet wish list. A new trans-Siberian pipeline was to deliver natural gas from the Urengoi gas fields in Siberia across Kazakhstan, Russia, and Eastern Europe, into the hard currency markets of the West.

    To automate the operation of valves, compressors, and storage facilities in such an immense undertaking, the Soviets needed sophisticated control systems. They bought early model computers on the open market, but when Russian pipeline authorities approached the U.S. for the necessary software, they were turned down.

    Undaunted, the Soviets looked elsewhere; a KGB operative was sent to penetrate a Canadian software supplier in an attempt to steal the needed codes. U.S. Intelligence, tipped by Farewell, responded and—in cooperation with some outraged Canadians—“improved” the software before sending it on.

    Once in the Soviet Union, computers and software, working together, ran the pipeline beautifully—for a while. But that tranquility was deceptive. Buried in the stolen Canadian goods—the software operating this whole new pipeline system—was a Trojan horse. (Note: “Trojan horse” is an expression describing a few lines of software, buried in the normal operating system, that will cause that system to go berserk at some future date [Halloween?] or upon the receipt of some outside message.)

    In order to disrupt the Soviet gas supply, its hard currency earnings from the West, and the internal Russian economy, the pipeline software that was to run the pumps, turbines, and valves was programmed to go haywire, after a decent interval, to reset pump speeds and valve settings to produce pressures far beyond those acceptable to the pipeline joints and welds.

    The result was the most monumental non-nuclear explosion and fire ever seen from space. At the White House, we received warning from our infrared satellites of some bizarre event out in the middle of Soviet nowhere.

    NORAD feared a missile liftoff from a place where no rockets were known to be based. Or perhaps it was the detonation of a small nuclear device. The Air Force chief of intelligence rated it at three kilotons, but he was puzzled by the silence of the Vela satellites. They had detected no electromagnetic pulse, characteristic of nuclear detonations.

    Before these conflicting indicators could turn into an international crisis, Gus Weiss came down the hall to tell his fellow NSC staffers not to worry. It took him another twenty years to tell me why.


    Early roots of Stuxnet virus?

  27. Bobby April 11, 2012 @ 1:32 am

    Brother Nathanael,

    Every time I listen to you, it amazes me how much I end up knowing that I never had an inkling about before. You are a great political analyst.

    I’m glad you brought up Serbia and Clinton’s bombing of the ancient Christian Capitol of Belgrade, on the Danube river.

    We have psychotic people running our nation, and I pray that the Lord “fixes” them, for the sake of all decent Americans.

  28. Glory B. April 11, 2012 @ 4:18 am

    One thing that always struck me about Henry Kissinger is that he always dated Christian women.

    “… Before marrying his second wife Nancy Maginnes, a philanthropist, in the mid-Seventies, he was linked to a string of glamorous women including, Candice Bergen, Jill St John, Shirley MacLaine and Liv Ullman, who called Kissinger, “the most interesting man I have ever met”.”

    “Kissinger married Ann Fleischer in 1949, and they had two children Elizabeth and David. Kissinger and Ann divorced in 1964. He later remarried Nancy Maginnes in 1973. He was also linked to a number of high-profile women between 1964 and 1973, like Babara Walters, Gina Lollobrigida, Joanna Barnes, Marlo Thomas, Persis Khambatta, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Candice Bergen, Samantha Eggar and Jill St. John.”

    Ann Fleischer, his first wife, may have been a Jewess, judging by her name. That says a lot.

    Jew-women are, without a doubt, the nastiest creatures on the face of the earth. Filthy, foul, vile, greedy, ugly, hairy, dirty, nagging bitches.

    Jew-women will pull the soul out of a man and grind it up into little pieces. They have no pity, no mercy. They want what they want when they want it, and Lord have mercy on the man that doesn’t do what they want. Once they get their claws into a man, watch out.

    As a Jew, Henry probably knew what Jew-women were like, but he did what his mother expected and married a Jewess, at least for the first time. After he was divorced, he decided that Christian women were much more desirable, sexier, and more pleasant to be with.

    Henry once said, “Power is the ultimate aphrodesiac,” which explains why so many Christian women were attracted to him.

  29. Hans April 11, 2012 @ 5:11 am

    @KathJuliane: Re Milosevic

    One tool of IMF and World Bank to destroy countries (both were founded after Germany – a strict opponent of any kind of internationalism – was defeated) is SAP — Structural Adjustment Programs.

    SAP is a synonym to “gut countries.” If a country is weak, SAP finishes it off; gives the coup de grâce so to speak.

    Milosevic didn’t want to go along with this SAPs and didn’t (or couldn’t ) pay the debts back.

    So the Jews sent their bomber-fleet to collect debts.

    And of course there was a religious component, too. Needless to say. There is always a religious component when countries are obliterated by the Jew’s horse (US). Just think at Isaiah 60:12:

    “For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.”

    David Ben Gurion was relating to the Jews’ interpretation of Isaiah when he predicted the European Union in Life magazine 1962. (EU was founded or pushed forward by CIA as recently published documents show.)

    Serbia didn’t want to serve, so it was destroyed.

    Kissinger is also (supposedly) like many high ranking US military personnel (according to Seymour Hersh) a Knight of Malta.

    Rome and Judah are normally opponents, but sometimes they work together. (compare Ludendorff, “Wie der Weltkrieg 1914 gemacht wurde“). If Juda doesn’t incite war, then it does Rome. Or vice versa.

    It is difficult do differentiate between both. Some persons I know from Opus Dei were strict anti-Jewish and have now changed sides. Changed their (internet)-names too and are now pro-Jews. The same goes for Jesuits which now support the Islamisation of Europe.

    It is really difficult to say if the Jews have succeeded in overtaking the RCC or if it just a tactical maneuver of the RCC to lick Jew boots. We will see. I guess Jews have succeeds in overtaking. JP2 was definitely a Jew from Poland, the proofs are overwhelming. Benedict XVI is difficult to say but I guess he is on their side too.

    If Kissinger is on the side of RCC or Jews doesn’t matter. He is on the side of evil, like ten thousands of his victims prove.

  30. Wotan April 11, 2012 @ 7:15 am

    Glory B. April 11, 2012 @ 4:18 am

    Dear Glory, just a short comment on German names. Next to the Italians and the Brits the Germans were the largest immigrant group to the US, if not the largest, which would reflect the population proportions in Europe at the time (and today by the way!)

    There was even a time when some delegates in the US were deciding if the official language of the US should be German or English. If I remember correctly it was by some typical Britsh treachery that the vote ended narrowly in favour of the English language.

    Whilst it is true that most prominent Jews bear German names a German name does, in view of the aforesaid, by no means imply that a person must be Jewish – statistically speaking this notion could be held only to a negligable extent.

    My guess, regarding the prominence of German names among Jewry, would be that in the past the Jews were always attracted to settle in the vicinity of great economic activity, simply put: where the money was flowing.

    Typical Jewish names would be Morgenthau, Rosenfeld, Grünspan and suchlike. Fleischer would be a typical German name, but one cannot be sure in any individual case.

    When you remember the Nixon administration Haldeman would be rather German, but Ehrlichman would rather sound Jewish, with the latter declaring honestly in his memoirs that when looking for a wife it was clear to him that she must be blond and have blue eyes. Also: Our beloved Bro Nat’s real name “Kapner” would, on the surface, rather point to German origins than Jewish ones!

    Kissinger would not be a typical Jewish name, yet his background is sufficiently clear. Einstein, on the other hand would not require a great wager to conclude to a Jewish background. The essence of it all: Names alone are like “Schall und Rauch” as the German poet said (they are as diffuse as dissipating sound and smoke).

    After two lost wars and poisonous Jewish propaganda against anything German it is not uncommon in the States that some fellow by name of Schneider calls himself Snyder today and Busch turns into Bush, Müller is Miller and so on.

  31. Bubba April 11, 2012 @ 9:19 am

    The Excommunication of Henry A Kissinger by Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman, chief justice, Supreme Rabbinic Court of America (1975)

    Henry Kissinger was excommunicated by a Rabbinical Council, uploaded by H. Shurtleff in History, Research, and Henry Kissinger.

  32. KathJuliane April 11, 2012 @ 9:22 am

    Dear Mr. Finch,

    This article has a concise, objective historical description beyond the libraries full of Western propaganda about “who attacked who” in the FYR which I hope you will find clarifying:

    Brussels Journal (John Laughland 2008 Excerpt) :

    The arrest of Radovan Karadzic in Serbia on Tuesday has provided yet another occasion for all the tired old propaganda about the Balkans wars to be taken out of the cupboard and given one last airing.

    In particular, the war is presented as one between a Serb aggressor and an innocent victim, the Bosnian Muslims, and the former is accused of practising genocide against the latter.

    Even if one accepts that crimes against humanity were committed during the Balkan wars, it should be obvious that both these claims are absurd.

    First, the Serbs were no more the aggressors in the Bosnian civil war than Abraham Lincoln was an aggressor in the American Civil War.

    The Yugoslav army was in place all over Bosnia-Herzegovina because that republic was part of Yugoslavia. Bosnian Muslims (like Croats) left the army in droves and set up their own militia instead, as part of their drive for independence from Belgrade.

    This meant that the Yugoslav army lost its previous strongly multiethnic character and became largely Serb. It did not mean that Serb forces entered the territory of Bosnia, or even that the Serbs attacked the hapless Bosnian Muslims.

    The accusation of aggression is intended to introduce by the back door an allegation which in fact has vanished from modern international criminal justice.

    Although the crime of waging an aggressive war was pronounced to be the supreme international crime at Nuremberg, it has been dropped from the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court for the former Yugoslavia which will presumably try Karadzic once he is extradited to The Hague, and even the new International Criminal Court (also in The Hague) does not for the time being have jurisdiction over it.

    The accusation has the effect of condemning the Bosnian Serb war effort at its very origins (in terms of ius ad bellum) independently of any condemnation for the way the war was fought (ius in bello).

    In fact, the Bosnian Serb war effort was no more or less legitimate than the Bosnian Muslim war effort. The Muslims wanted to secede from Yugoslavia (and were egged on to do this by the Americans and the Europeans) while the Bosnian Serbs wanted to stay in Yugoslavia. It was as simple as that.

    More @

  33. Wotan April 11, 2012 @ 11:33 am

    Bubba April 11, 2012 @ 9:19 am

    Interesting, I didn’t know that.

    On the other hand it fits the frame, for in Israel these orthodox loonies are spitting on other Jews and maltreating Jewish females if they wear attractive clothes.

    It would be a mistake to see any sort of schism in that, for if you get too close as a Goijm, they will first kill you and then continue bickering among each other!

    If these maniacs would want to be consequential they would probably have to excommunicate Wall Street, Park Lane and Hollywood complete! But these are the pillars, from which flows the money enabling these lazy stinkers to avoid an honest day’s work.

    I should think this was just some Freudian compensation activity to get a little public attention and no name would be better suited for this then the name of Kissinger.

    From their silly script it also transpires that these suckers were not aware that for decades Russia and the US were controlled at the very top by the same horse handlers.

    This reminds me: Some time during the cold war a top renegade from the Eastern Block arrived in the US, also unaware of this fact. He brought long lists of names with
    him and a lot of Americans were arrested. One name on the list was Kissinger’s name, but he was not arrested.

    Depending on where you are (and this includes your frame of mind) you can see the world you want to see!

    If you are a stinker you can see a certain view of the world, and if your name is Kissinger you can see twice as much or more!

  34. jeremiah Johannson April 11, 2012 @ 3:59 pm

    OT: On one of these threads the question was asked about why Putin isn’t more forthcoming about the truth behind 9/11.

    The reply was that he has his own alleged false flags in the closet.

    Well, this is absolutely true. The Moscow apartment bombing was allegedly a KGB false flag operation that brought Putin to power.

    Of course, it didn’t approach anything near the scale of 9/11 and I am not even sure that there were any casualties.

    Also, Putin is probably being diplomatic. He’s got his own problems to contend with, such as the US ring fencing Russia with offensive ABM sites.

  35. Has C April 11, 2012 @ 5:05 pm

    A little off topic, I’d like to hear your, (people here) opinion on the following:

    Regarding Putin, I have just listened to an interview (an older one and in Russian) with Viktor Suvorov aka Vladimir Rezun, a former GRU officer who fled to the UK at the end of 1970-ties, an Ukrainian-Soviet spy and author of the book “Icebreaker” (and several others on the same subject)- a book which which was the first, as far as I know (before Joachim Hoffmann’s “Stalin’s Vernichtunskrieg”) to point out and prove that Stalin had been preparing an attack on Europe in 1941.

    Rezun (whose opinion matters to me, I confess) has nothing but contempt and hatred towards Putin and considers him a KGB-man (“once a KGB-man – always KGB-man”) and traitor ruling Russia on behalf of an unholy alliance of old KGB-boys and Russian mafiosi (he does not mention Jewish mafiosi though).

    One can of course respond: “once a GRU-officer – always GRU-officer,” but Rezun’s activity and writings show a wonderfully analytical mind and an ethical man (I am not talking about what and how he writes about Hitler which is, said mildly, disrespectful and cliché-like but who is perfect?).

  36. wayne pacific April 11, 2012 @ 6:01 pm

    Unknown to most is the fact that in the 1973 war, Egypt and Syria brought Israel to near defeat, but US Secretary of Defense, Henry Kissinger, ordered the airlift of our NATO armor into Israel, over the objection of the American Joint Chiefs of Staff.

    This turned the tide in favor of Israel and allowed them to advance beyond Suez Canal. General Brown, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, publically objected to “the weakening of our NATO forces to the point that the Soviets could have moved into western Europe.”

    President Richard Nixon immediately relieved General Brown of his duties and he was dismissed.

    This very biased intervention in the 1973 war on behalf of Israel caused the Arab oil embargo and the price of gasoline shot up by about 300%.

    None of this is cited in Wikipedia, because it only gives distorted information with regards to Israel. It is not a trusted source of information about Israel. They mention the air lift, but say that Israel had already turned the tide, which is not true.

    Kissinger, on behalf of Israel, helped negotiate the cease fire and pull back because he knew that Israel was over extended and would lose if the war became dragged out with fighting in Egypt and Syria.

    Kissinger is an Israeli agent, amongst other things.

  37. Jim Reeves April 11, 2012 @ 6:10 pm


    The former FSB agent Litvinenko who was exiled to London and worked for a Jew Oligarch by the name of Berezovsky, alleged before he was poisoned with polonium 210, that Putin had ordered the bombing of a Moscow apartment complex as a false flag, Hegelian type operation to justify the invasion of Chechnya.

    It seems that Litvenko was also working for MI5 — a very slimey organisation — and it would make sense as MI5 is very Kosher and he had a Jewish billionare boss. There are former MI5 agents like Tomlinson (if you can believe him) who claim that Putin was a Royal Arch Mason and worked for MI5.

  38. Hoff April 11, 2012 @ 6:13 pm

    If this don’t blow your mind I don’t know what will.

    American Nazi party leader turns out to be a Jew:

  39. USSA TODAY April 11, 2012 @ 9:14 pm

    Its like Michael Hoffman said in His “Judaism Discovered” Hoff — the only Klansmen and Neo-Nazis making public attention are with the system not against it.

    America’s so corrupt and controlled, that even dissident groups are mainly pinkos.

    Anyone else heard Kissinger’s claiming Jeb Bush will be the next PR man for the elitists?

    No surprise — keep the Illuminist families in power and let the sheeple think they actually have a voice. The whole thing is detestable.

  40. KathJuliane April 11, 2012 @ 10:14 pm

    Dear Jim Reeves & Jeremiah:

    The following should be worth the perusal:

    Posted under Journalistic Malpractice – Russia: Other Points of View (American-based)

    “Welcome to “Other Points of View” on Russia. We believe there is need in the public forum for a venue which offers opinions and facts that at times may differ from the prevailing view in western media.”


    By William Dunkerley (29 Mar 2012)

    Who wrote Alexander Litvinenko’s so-called deathbed statement? That may sound like a trick question. You know, like “who’s buried in Grant’s tomb?” But there are serious questions about the media’s reportage on Litvinenko’s final statement: who wrote it, and did Litvinenko even agree with what it said?

    Regardless of who wrote the statement, its stinging accusation that Vladimir Putin poisoned Litvinenko dominated world headlines in late 2006. Indeed, it rocked the world.

    As a consequence, relations between Russia and Great Britain started to take on a Cold War character. Diplomats were expelled, and things went downhill from there. The U.S. Congress chimed in with threatening rhetoric of condemnation.

    But amidst all this hyper-reaction, media reports presented no evidence to substantiate the content of the accusation. A new video analyzes the coverage. It points to the whole story having been concocted in the media, with no factual basis.

    The Deathbed Statement — Who really wrote it? Video is the third in a series of supplements to [Dunkerley’s] recent book entitled The Phony Litvinenko Murder. The book examines the media coverage of the purported poisoning of Litvinenko by radioactive polonium.

    Here’s the gist of the media’s narrative: In the so-called deathbed statement, Litvinenko accuses Putin of poisoning him.

    He did that only hours before lapsing into a coma, at a time when he was so weak that he could hardly move his head, and amid reports that he could hardly speak at all. He made his impeccably-formulated accusation in the English language.

    That was quite an accomplishment since he never before had achieved proficiency in speaking even simple sentences in the language.

    Then suddenly, the media’s story changed. Now, Litvinenko hadn’t dictated the statement after all. It was written by a man named Alex Goldfarb [a Jew, ya think?]

    He claimed Litvinenko said he agreed with every word of it after Goldfarb had read it back to him in English and Russian. And then Litvinenko signed and dated that statement.

    He did so despite reports that he could hardly move, and just hours before becoming comatose.

    Other reports, however, call into question whether his physical and mental condition at the time would have permitted even that.

    Video is a free supplement to the book The Phony Litvinenko Murder by William Dunkerley.

    So, what is an Alex Goldfarb in the Litvenenko drama?

    According to the

    Alex Goldfarb and Alexander Litvinenko met in a Russian prison.

    In the late 1990s, Mr Goldfarb was director of a George Soros-funded project to tackle TB in the Russian penal system. They met in Lefortovo prison, where Mr Litvinenko was awaiting trial on charges of abuse of office.

    Mr Litvinenko had been charged after going public with a claim that he had been ordered to assassinate Boris Berezovsky by his FSB superiors.

    The pair became friends, and the FSB agent rang Mr Goldfarb in 2000 when he wanted to defect. Mr Goldfarb, then working for Mr Berezovsky in the US, flew to Russia and arranged his escape via Turkey to Britain, where the defector requested asylum.

    Mr Goldfarb is executive director of the International Foundation for Civil Liberties, set up by the exiled Russian oligarch Mr Berezovsky in 2000 as an umbrella group for human rights activists.

    It is based in [Jew] York.


  41. Roger Bovee April 11, 2012 @ 10:20 pm

    Another great and very insightful video and article, Brother Nathanael.

  42. bubba April 11, 2012 @ 10:47 pm

    Kissinger was born in 1923.

    He is well past his statistical “best before” date.

    Question is…who is going to fill his “Global NWO Middleman” shoes ?

  43. Bill April 12, 2012 @ 7:38 am

    Kissinger was a major player in the downfall of Cyprus when Turkey invaded.

    For this only, Kissinger will meet a horrid visit to hell when he drops dead.

  44. Marina April 12, 2012 @ 7:51 am

    There is a lot of non-sense said against Putin.

    Some of this non-sense – especially that voiced by so-called experts – seems to be, of course, credible. But its credibility is very superficial.

    Few countries and few people get as much bad press in the West as do Russia and Putin. This speaks for itself. The Western media do not demonize anyone unless he is the main competitor of their corrupt elites and their World Order.

    Much is often made of Putin’s KGB past. But it is in fact his KGB past and his KGB experience that makes him such a tough guy to play against.

    Many people in the West do not seem to realize that the Soviet Union of the last two or three decades was not the Soviet Union of the early Bolsheviks. It had undergone many transformations. As everyone knows, Jews played a crucial role in the Bolshevik Revolution but as the time went by, their influence was waning.

    Israel Shamir is right when he says that in the later decades the Jews were pushed out by the Russians. Communism was assuming a more and more Russian face. It does not mean that the power of the Jews was completely crushed but it was nevertheless severely diminished. They were massively leaving for Israel or moving to the West.

    Soviet Union as it developed in the post WW II period was, by and large, a conservative entity, politically Marxist but culturally not so Marxist at all. The kind of decadence we see in the West today had no place in the Soviet Union.

    That may well explain why religion – once restrictions on it were lifted – made such a comeback in Russia, that may also explain why an overwhelming majority of Russians find a homosexual marriage absolutely abhorrent.

    But let me now come back to the subject of KGB. KGB developed from institutions once known as Cheka or NKVD. As all the Russians know, these instituitions used to be dominated by the Jews and they often served Jewish interests in the Soviet Union.

    KGB developed at the time when the Jews lost their former power in the Soviet Union. In this respect it was different from the former institutions in that its ethnic component changed considerably. Part of its ideology changed too.

    One of the pillars of the KGB training was anti-Zionism. Please, read the definition of Zionism in the Soviet sources from the late 60s, 70s, or 80s. Zionism is described there as an aggressive, chauvinist and imperialist ideology, as the chief enemy of the Soviet State.

  45. Voir Dire April 12, 2012 @ 7:46 pm

    Henry Kissinger and Organized Jewry’s Role in Communism in Africa

    The following are excerpts from the hands-down best article I’ve ever come across on the foisting of Black, Marxist rule on formerly prosperous Rhodesia and what both White Rhodesians and South Africans were threatened with.

    The article was written by a writer from “The New American” – a publication produced by the John Birch Society. Eustace Mullins alleged that they were financed by the “Rockefeller Foundation” as an anti-Communist front group, but never provided any sources to support that claim.

    Nevertheless, over the years they have produced some astonishingly good exposes and I credit that publication to this day for my awareness of the plan for Marxist, global governance for at least 20+ years.

    They employed some
 outstanding writers who were allowed to identify the Jewish individuals by name, but never by their self-identified affiliation in the tribe or as the overwhelmingly contemporary Bolsheviks and subversives in our midst.

    Reading these few paragraphs was one of the milestones in my full awakening to the inherent evil nature of the Jewish people. Upon reading them, it dawned on me that if the remaining, beleaguered White Afrikaners and Rhodesians were to try and fight back to resist their own demise, our hi-jacked Western governments would likewise TODAY go in with bombs and guns blazing to murder them en masse.

    That’s when I KNEW unequivocally that there was simply no doubt that the elitist Kissinger’s, Rockefeller’s, and Rothschild’s of the world and our treasonous White elites, who act in concert with and enable them, intended the same for their own White brethren everywhere.

    “From Rhodesia to Zimbabwe” (emphasis mine)

    Some quotes from “The New American’s latest issue entitled “From Rhodesia to Zimbabwe” on the installation of Mugabe at the behest of The Counsel on Foreign Relations (a Jewish “gift” of shadowy, unconstitutional, behind-the-scenes governance with a not surprising long history of supporting Marxist dictators) and Andrew Young, then a member and the concerted support of the MSM (6 Jews own 96% of the entire apparatus of American media) who had hailed Mugabe as “so damned incorruptible:”

    “The council, of which Young was a prominent member, had promoted Mugabe in its literature and had hosted him as an honored speaker during his long terror campaign to take control of Rhodesia. DAVID ROCKEFELLER, CHAIRMAN OF THE CFR during that period, called Mugabe a ‘very reasonable and charming person.’

    Likewise, the NEW YORK TIMES, WASHINGTON POST, and VIRTUALLY ALL THE REST OF MAJOR PRINT AND BROADCAST MEDIA CHOIR choir had persistently sung his praises, ignoring his well-documented record of atrocities against civilian men, women, and children – Black and White.”

    Later in the article:

    “Smith traveled to Washington, D.C., to ask for help.

    “He wasn’t asking for foreign aid; he merely hoped to persuade President Carter to call off the economic sanctions and diplomatic pressure being applied by the U.S. State Department, the UN, and Britain in an attempt to force Rhodesia to accept rule by the Mugabe/Nkomo terrorist forces. Carter flatly refused to see Smith.

    “HENRY KISSINGER, meanwhile, did meet with Smith in Geneva. But if Smith thought that he would receive kinder treatment from the former secretary of state and advisor to Republican presidents, he was in for a rude awakening.

    Precisely what threats or pressures were brought against him is not known, but Smith, who had previously pledged not to surrender to the terrorists ‘in ten thousand years,’ was a changed man after the meeting. He is said to have aged 10 years in that one week in Geneva.



    Smith asked Kissinger about things like history, culture, civilization and loyalty. After all, Rhodesia had fought for the West in the great battles of the 20th century, including World War II and the Korean War. Kissinger firmly told Smith something truly sad and even frightening, “I am afraid those things have no place in the modern world.”


    Ironically, it is a fact that at that time the Black peoples of Southern Africa were voting with their feet and fleeing from the communist-Marxist regimes run by Black revolutionary clients of Washington, Moscow, and Beijing to the ‘White regimes’ of Rhodesia and South Africa.

    The NEW WORLD ORDER and seeds of today’s African mayhem were being firmly planted by the globalists at the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS and BRITAINS’S ROYAL INSTITUTE FOR INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS.” (Article preserved at the following)

    Readers here need not be reminded here of the bigger irony that this was being orchestrated by the racially supremacist, hypocritical Jews while simultaneously overseeing the most racist apartheid state ever conceived back in their stolen “homeland.”

    The biggest difference is the Black Africaners benefitted from and shared in the prosperity the Whites created. The indigenous Palestinians got enslavement, torture and mass murder.

    Whites had to segregate themselves for preservation, and the separatists’ worst fears (of genocide) have been vindicated.

    Even the rare, educated, Black, African natives will never GET that the Communist Chinese and Jews are exploiting and pillaging the remaining riches of those countries in ways the White man never entertained simply because the Whites’ considered those countries they’ve inhabited for centuries in any significant numbers as their own, and Whites being Whites… prized them as such.

  46. kmarie April 12, 2012 @ 8:30 pm

    Here’a a tidbit about a Kissinger trainee, mentioned in a current American Free Press article by Victor Thorn:

    During the Nixon administration, Kissinger appointed John Lehman to be a National Security Council senior staff aide to himself (Kissinger).

    John Lehman later became U.S. Secretary of the Navy; as such, he was accused in 1983 of taking payments from an Israeli arms company.

    Lehman later “served” on Project for a New American Century (PNAC), which promoted war against Iraq, and on the 9-11 Commission, which neglected to examine evidence of Israeli Mossad involvement in the crime.

    Lehman is now honorary chairman of the board of the U.S. Naval Institute (USNI), an organization allegedly “to preserve our naval and maritime heritage.”

    The USNI recently refused to review Phil Tourney’s book, What I Saw That Day, about Israel’s brutal June 1967 attack on the USS Liberty naval ship.

    The USNI would let that pivotal incident of our maritime heritage slide “down the memory hole.”

    This is just one more example where “What’s good for the Jews?” smothers “What’s good for the American populace?”

  47. Snowy Smith South Africa April 12, 2012 @ 11:34 pm

    Kissinger was a major player in the downfall of South Africa.

    He helped install the most incompetent corrupt government we have ever had.

    The JEWS BRIBED all our WHITE Nationalist Party Leaders F.W. de Klerk, Pik Botha +12 others.

    These TRAITORS stabbed us in the back.

    The JEWS helped turn South Africa from a first world country to a third world SLUM.

    The ANC have always been CORRUPT.
    There is Fraud Theft and Corruption everywhere.
    They even STOLE the money donated during the struggle days by the Stupid White Liberals in Canada and Europe.

    Almost every Municipality in South Africa is BANKRUPT in debt to more than 60 BILLION RANDS.
    All the Tax and Rate payers’ money STOLEN.
    The little bit of money that comes in is used to pay the inflated ANC Staff salaries.

    DURBAN is BANKRUPT for the first time in history with 14 BILLION RANDS Bank Overdraft.
    Comrade ANC Mike Sutcliffe has BANKRUPT DURBAN.
    The ANC Staff are passing time between pay days.

    Snowy Smith, Durban, South Africa.


    “The TRUTH is NOT Racist”.
    Snowy Smith 1994.


    “The TRUTH is NOT Hate Speech”.
    Snowy Smith 2012.


  48. rodrigo salvadore April 13, 2012 @ 4:49 am

    @Jim Reeves – The Moscow apartment bombing was a false flag operation blamed on Chechnya. It catapulted Putin into the Kremlin.

    I know all about Litvenenko. Not sure he worked for MI5. Real sure he worked for Russian Jew in exile Berezovsky.

    I didn’t know a Jew is the boss of MI5. That’s disgusting. I thought the Royal family was the boss. I mean, according to Mossad (Gideon’s Warriors – Gordon Thomas), they had Diana knocked off because it was found out through surveillance that she was pregnant with a Saudi Arab baby and potential contender for the crown.

    Putin worked for MI5?! Patently false. Tomlinson is a liar. Just common sense.

    @Mr Finch – Not sure the Serbs attacked the Bosnians or whether there was genocide committed in the region. All my info came from the Talmudtube so chances are just the opposite is true. I work with Serbs. I’ve heard a different story.

    Also, scholar Michael Parenti says Milosovich was not the monster the west was making him out to be. Smart man, thorough researcher. Google him.

    @Has C – Stalin had been preparing an attack on Europe in 1941. – Nonsense. Stalin didn’t even have the industrial capacity to defend against an attack in 1941.

    Putin – once a KGB man always a KGB man. So what? Is Bush the elder any different? I heard he was the supervisor for the Kennedy assassination.

    Take a good look at Obama – second generation CIA blue blood, trained in the art of deception, bona fides in order except for a few rather large and gaping holes…. came to power by tricking the working class into thinking he was working for them.

    Now the White House is a viper’s nest of Mossad agents and Zionist chief of staff bankers and other assorted ziocon scum.

    @Marina – KGB developed at the time when the Jews lost their former power in the Soviet Union – Wrong. You said it yourself. The KGB started as the Cheka and started by the Jews. I According to wikipedia, Felix Derzhinsky – founder of the Cheka – was fluent in Hebrew. Boy, it didn’t take me long to research that! :)))

    Ugh! No more time for today! 🙁

    PS: Brother Nathanael. I’ve noticed that when I quote a former post and then comment on it, the former post shows up but my comment doesn’t. I’m probably doing something wrong… Cheers!

  49. rodrigo salvadore April 13, 2012 @ 4:55 am

    Wow, I almost forgot the original reason I came to the site this morning.

    Check out this post election Putin vid. I’ve never seen him with his guard down, so grateful and humble.

    I can understand why though — taking on Billary’s al-CIA-da NGOs is not for the faint of heart!

  50. Kalif April 13, 2012 @ 5:43 am

    Starve the Beast of Empire: Ax the Income Tax

    by John V. Walsh, April 13, 2012


    The Secrets of the Federal Reserve
    Eustace Mullins

  51. Hans April 13, 2012 @ 7:24 am

    rodrigo salvadore:

    @Has C – Stalin had been preparing an attack on Europe in 1941. – Nonsense. Stalin didn’t even have the industrial capacity to defend against an attack in 1941.”

    The peace loving Soviet Union under Stalin attack Romania (Bessarabia) in 1940 and Finland in 1939 (Winter War). Finnland is in Europe as far as I know.

    And where did they have the 30,000 tanks and armored vehicles from which have been destroyed or captured by Germans ? They were built in huge facilities with up to 60,
    000 workers. In Kramatorskaja e.g. was one.

    The Red Army was massively built up in the 20s and 30s under Michail Tukhachevsky. He convinced Stalin that the Red Army must be industrialised and modernised after they have been beaten by Poland in 1921.

    The plan for the invasion of England (Operation Sea Lion ) was stopped and Operation Barbarossa launched. Why not defeat England first ? Nobody starts by choice a two front war. Stalin tried to stab Hitler in the back while jumping over the channel. Hitler realized that and made a preventive strike.

    Here is a good podcast:

  52. Marina April 13, 2012 @ 7:36 am

    rodrigo salvadore,

    First of all, one should be careful with Wikipedia. While Wikipedia often is full of interesting information, some of that information can be controversial or twisted.

    Feliks Dzierzynski was not Jewish. He was Polish. His background was Polish nobility. He did like the Jews, however.

    On the one hand it is a bit strange why a Polish noble should like the Jews but on the other hand it is not so strange if we take into account that Polish nobility often showed a lot of sympathy for the Jews.

    Hebrew at that time was not a language spoken by Eastern European Jews. The language they used was Yiddish. It was a form of German with Slavic influences. If Red Feliks used any “Jewish” language it must have been Yiddish.

    It should not be surprising at all that an Eastern European Gentile was able to communicate in Yiddish. First of all, one of the dominant official languages in Eastern Europe was German. Many people with some education could speak at least some German.

    On top of all that Eastern European cities and towns and even villages were full of Jews all of whom spoke mostly Yiddish. The population of Jews in cities and towns in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland was so high that sometimes it was more than 50 percent. The city from which my mother’s family came (in Ukraine) was once 70 percent Jewish.

    The Gentiles were a minority there. Living among so many traditional Jews (most of these Jews were very Chassidic, or “Orthodox”) the Gentiles often picked up their language, vocabulary, even manners and food. That explains how almost every Eastern European Gentile peasant knew that the Jews did not follow the Old Testament but the Talmud.

    Yes, KGB started off as Cheka but KGB wasn’t Cheka. Soviet Union started off as a Bolshevik state but the Soviet Union of 1970 or 1980 was different from what it was in 1925 or 1930.

    Institutions and states change. My whole family and myself – we lived under Communism. However, the Communism that my parents remember and the communism that I remember were different.

    The truth is that the Jewish control in the former Eastern Euroepan Communist countries, especially during the last two decades of their existence, was much weaker than it is now.

    As I said before, the Jews were the main creators of Communism and they played a crucial role in its establishment. For a certain period of time they really ruled the countries where Communism had been established.

    However, their power began to diminish once the native Gentiles started absorbing Communism themselves. Once this happened, Jews realized that they lost control over their own ideology. Once they realized it, they started leaving those countries.

  53. Snowy Smith April 13, 2012 @ 8:36 am


    One should be careful with Wikipedia.

    AGREED — Some of Wikipedia is JEW-twisted propaganda.

  54. Has C April 13, 2012 @ 9:46 am


    You are absolutely right about Dzerzhinky. He was from pauperized Polish nobility.

    I don’t know much about him otherwise but the fact that he spoke or understood Yiddish means nothing. I am a Goy with German-Polish background and I have no problems understanding it either.

    Concerning the exodus of Jews from Eastern Block, I think that at some point in the 1960’s they found out that communism was kaputt and the decision was made to make the USA the main vehicle of attaining World power, and they moved there (the immigration laws in the US were changed also for this purpose in 1965) to strengthen their grip on America.

    For example, in 1967-8 a war within the Communist Party of Poland was staged.

    The Jewish faction lost and thousands of Jews were removed from top posts in the party, administration, economy and education, and Jews were allowed to emigrate freely! This “pogrom” opened all the Western borders for them and thousands went to the US and Western Europe, some to Israel too.

    @rodrigo salvatore:

    Stalin had 24000 tanks (most of them superior to German tanks) and over 20000 airplanes in 1941. Almost 2000 of those were T-34 and over 700 were the heavy KV tanks – both much superior to anything the Germans had then. He even had over 3000 amphibious tanks.

    Nobody in the world had a single real amphibious tank. Read “Icebreaker” by Viktor Suvorov – there’s much truth about these things there.

    By 1942 Stalin lost 85% of his arms industry, yet he was able to end the war in Berlin.

  55. Snowy Smith April 13, 2012 @ 5:55 pm


    Stalin was a “PUPPET” of the JEW ROBBER BARONS.
    Russia was owned and run by the JEW ROBBER BARONS.

    There was NO COLD WAR.
    The JEWS owned and run USA
    The JEWS ROBBER BARONS owned and ran USSR

    So how can there be a Cold War.
    The JEW ROBBER BARONS financing both sides of WARS as usual.

  56. Voir Dire April 13, 2012 @ 8:53 pm

    Excerpts from an important writer detailing a high-ranking Russian, Communist defector’s courageous outing of Kissinger as a Bolshevik within infiltrating and subverting the highest levels of our long hi-jacked federal government (the entire piece is a MUST READ for appreciating this “New World Order” psychopath):

    Kissinger: “The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer.”


    MONDAY, 08 NOVEMBER 2010 16:30

    “Colonel-General Michael Goleniewski is widely credited as being one of the most important Western agents ever to have operated within the Soviet KGB and its satellite agencies.

    He was the vice chairman of Communist Poland’s military intelligence when he escaped to the West in 1960, bringing thousands of Top Secret Soviet documents as well as information identifying hundreds of highly placed Soviet agents in western governments and intelligence agencies.

    Among the important communist agents Goleniewski exposed were Kim Philby, George Blake, Gordon Lonsdale, Morris and Lona Cohen, Henry Houghton, Ethel Gee, and Stig Wennerström.

    So strategic, timely, and reliable were his revelations that the House of Representatives of the 88th Congress passed House Resolution 5507 to honor Goleniewski’s exceptional contributions to American security.

    The Resolution said in part that Goleniewski ‘has collaborated with the government in an outstanding manner and under circumstances which have involved grave personal risk. He continues to make major contributions to the national security of the United States.’

    In retrospect, surely the most startling charge leveled by the impeccably accurate Colonel General Goleniewski was that a then relatively unknown German-born Harvard professor was a member of a KGB ring known as ODRA, operating within the U.S. government.

    Goleniewski identified that professor by name as Henry Kissinger, who, said Goleniewski, went by the code name ‘Bor.’

    Considering Goleniewski’s extraordinary record in these matters and Kissinger’s subsequent atrocious record of pro-communist activities (despite his occasional anti-communist statements), it is nothing short of astounding that not only was Kissinger not subjected to official investigation, but he also received virtually a free pass from the media.

    Moreover, the same media “watchdogs” merely wagged their tails and rolled over as Kissinger accumulated political power unprecedented for any appointed United States official. As Gary Allen noted:

    During his confirmation hearings, it was revealed that Kissinger headed the most immense intelligence-gathering and policy-determining apparatus in White House history.

    At the time of the confirmation, Kissinger was: a) head of the national Security Council, b) chairman of every important committee on the Council, c) the man to whom the CIA director reported, and d) chairman of the ‘Forty’ Committee, the ‘covert operations’ arm of the NSC.

    As Senator Stuart Symington observed to our hero:

    ‘If you stay in two positions, head of State and also head of the National Security Council, you are going to be in a position where you are going to have unprecedented authority never granted to anybody but the President.’

    And that is just what Kissinger got — with not a yelp from the fawning media.”

  57. Wotan April 14, 2012 @ 2:41 am

    Snowy Smith April 13, 2012 @ 5:55 pm

    Your comments are always right to the point. But in some kind of way there was a cold war. One might call it a phony cold war, since the Jews on either side weren’t sure themselves which system would finally get the upper hand.

    The only interlude may be considered the Cuba missile crisis during the Kennedy period and we all know how the Jew dealt with the man causing this problem.

    The Jews would have preferred the Communist system to take over America, for it would have instantly given them Stalinistic powers to transform the US according to their
    ambitions, but with people like McCarthy this proved not possible. That’s why there are well founded suspicions that he may also have been bumped off.

    But there was a second problem and that was that the capitalist system (not the predator system of today) produced better results than the Communist system and the chances of success of the Sowjet (Jewish) World revolution (incl. takeover of the US) diminished.

    That’s the time when the Jewish strategy of “Liberalism” came into play and that strategy pursued in fine nuances over a number of decades led to absolute Stalinistic power over North America and Europe as we can observe it today. But even with that assessment one must be careful.

    Looking up from the bottom power always presents itself as absolute, but for those holding it, believe me, they cannot sleep easily at night. Power, if not supported by the majority of the ruled is always fragile.

    As the case of Beria has shown one single bullet may be enough to change the course of history in a moment!

    Voir Dire April 13, 2012 @ 8:53 pm

    Thanks for confirming my story how Kissinger evaded arrest. He was covered by the horse handlers to develop into one himself at a later point.

    As I have said before I am the lazy type when it comes to sticking up references!

  58. Citizenfitz April 14, 2012 @ 6:50 am

    According to an article entitled “Time ‘Too Painful’ to Remember” by Ari L. Goldman, published in the New York Times on November 10, 1988, Buchenwald survivor Morris Hubert was quoted as follows:

    “In the camp there was a cage with a bear and an eagle. Every day, they would throw a Jew in there. The bear would tear him apart and the eagle would pick at his bones….”

    “That’s unbelievable” someone whispered.

    “Yes, it’s unbelievable, but it’s true!” Mr. Hubert reponded.

    Those crazy Jews! So imaginative! Now you know why Steven Spielberg has a gazillion smackers! Oy!

  59. Bubba April 14, 2012 @ 9:19 am

    What Really Happened in the “Yom Kippur” War?

    Sadat’s Plans

    Before the war Sadat was at the nadir of his power: in Egypt and abroad he had lost prestige. The least educated and least charismatic of Nasser’s followers, Sadat was isolated. He needed a war, a limited war with Israel that would not end with defeat. Such a war would release the pressure in the army and he would regain his authority.

    The US agreed to give him a green light for the war, something the Russians never did. The Russians protected Egypt’s skies, but they were against wars. For that, Sadat had to rely upon the US and part with the USSR.

    He was ready to do so as he loathed socialism. He did not need victory, just no defeat; he wanted to explain his failure to win by deficient Soviet equipment.

    That is why the army was given the minimal task: crossing the Canal and hold the bridgehead until the Americans entered the game.


    According to the author, much backroom treachery, whereby Syria was ultimately betrayed.


    The Syrians understood Sadat’s game very early: on October 12, 1973 when the Egyptian troops stood still and ceased fighting, President Hafez el Assad said to the Soviet ambassador that he is certain Sadat was intentionally betraying Syria.

    Sadat deliberately allowed the Israeli breakthrough to the Western bank of Suez, in order to give Kissinger a chance to intervene and realise his disengagement plan, said Assad to Jordanian Prime Minister Abu Zeid Rifai who told it to Vinogradov during a private breakfast they had in his house in Amman.

    The Jordanians also suspect Sadat played a crooked game.

  60. Has C April 14, 2012 @ 9:49 am


    I have another story for you, perhaps apocryphal, perhaps the original one:

    The time is the mid-thirties. Lord Rothschild was asked by some of his guests about the future of the world at a big party in his estate Eythrope.

    He said nothing but he motioned them to a large hall with a cage.

    His servants let four animals in: a very old, apathetic lion, a young bear, an eagle and an apparently rabid wolf.

    When the cage was locked, the wolf went to attack on the lion and bit it to the death. Then it threw itself on the bear and bit it several times till it was bleeding profusely, while the eagle kept to itself on a branch above.

    Finally the wolf got tired and the bear crushed its neck with its teeth, despite the fact that it was exhausted from its wounds. Upon this, the eagle descended upon the two and picked their eyes.

    Finally, Lord Rothschild let a servant in a Jewish kaftan and yarmulka into the cage. The man caught the eagle with a lasso and holding it on the leash walked around the cage singing a Jewish religious hymn. The show was over.

    Some of the guests clapped frantically, some were pensive. That’s it.

  61. Citizenfitz April 14, 2012 @ 4:04 pm

    It’s true that Jews are a veracity challenged folk, but they wouldn’t be nearly so successful if people didn’t demand to be lied to.

    Interesting story, Has C.

    Doesn’t sound too believable though. You can’t bribe animals to lose. 🙂

  62. Jim Reeves April 14, 2012 @ 4:34 pm

    Has C that was excellent.

    We can see this with the third world war which has been in progress since 9/11, a never-ending war to enslave, weaken and put us into the hands of the Rothschild crushed with debt with our war crippled soldiers and fatherless families.

    The Jews are destroying both their Arab enemies and by ensuring we don’t win outright, they keep the war lingering to increase our debt and weaken us, brilliant plan.

    We will then be ready for the reappearance of communism — a new form presented to us as an attractive deal in the midst of the chaos and confusion.

    The Zionist puppets will then blame religion and to prevent further wars in the future they are going to ban religions and only have one religion which we will be told is the safest way to prevent war for our safety you see.

    You can see strains of this in the way the press always trys to present Christianity and Islam as similar religions. They are planting the seeds in the minds of the masses of presenting them as these evil religions.

    When the time comes it will seem like a reasonable thing to the brainwashed masses to ban religions and have only one state based approved religion which will be Luciferian/satanic. The goal of the Rothschilds will then have been fulfilled for their master Satan whom they serve.

    The beast will have taken over the whole earth and anyone who does not serve the beast will face great persecution as stated in Revelation.

    I think this plan echoes in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

  63. Has C April 14, 2012 @ 5:49 pm

    Jim, thanks. It would be interesting to hear what the man in kaftan did with the eagle in the next show, if any.

    Your vision of the future is compelling and, dare I say, self-perpetuating.

    I have another script for the future:

    I am sure that that moment of awakening will come and our People once again will be free because our race is very strong. History has shown that White Man is a born builder and creator.

    We have created great empires out of nothing, constructed wonders of architecture and technology, governed hundreds of millions of Hindus and Africans with a few administrators and soldiers.

    Our forefathers have survived colossal dangers in history: the invasion of Hannibal, the Mongols, the invasions of Islam from the west and east, and more.

    What we need is a Leader who will gather around him whatever is left of us and break the chains which our enemy has fooled us to take upon ourselves and throw the keys away.

    When the right time comes, a great Leader of genius will emerge. This has happened many times in our history: Alexander of Macedonia, Scipio Cunctator, Charlemagne, Napoleon, Bismarck … (fill yourself).

    There is very real danger of becoming a minority in our own lands and falling victims to attacks by unbridled masses of brown and black paupers on one side, and becoming slaves in a sophisticated totalitarian kosher State on the other. Of, eventually, extinction.

    We are our own worst enemies as long as we remain passive.

    We are still a majority in our lands but time works against us. The sooner we wake up, the less violent our return to a normal world will have to be.

  64. Jim Reeves April 14, 2012 @ 6:11 pm

    Hello Voir Dire

    I jusr noted the way you refered to blacks in South Africa as “Africaners.”

    The word spelt Afrikaner refers to a White nation or tribe in South Africa, descendants of mainly Dutch, but also French from the Hugenots.

    Over the years the white English stock also mixed into that particular group to a certain smaller extent.

    They speak a language called Afrikaans which is similar to Dutch but the words are pronounced diferently with no Z sounds and lots “Gaa” sounds.

    Afrikaans and English were the two official languages of the pre-1994 White government. All White school children had to take one as a first language and the other as second.

    There are people of colour who speak a version of Afrikaans but the dialect and accent is clearly different. They are known as “coloured people” or “kleurlinge” (mixed race) not Afrikaners. Large communities exist the Cape region and Eastern Cape areas.

    Blacks are never ever referred to as Afrikaaners in South Africa.

    Apart from that, good post, you understand our “friends” were there destroying White Christianity like they have all over the world.

    The sickening thing is these Jews were rubbing shoulders daily with the White Christian South Africans pretending to be standing shoulder to shoulder with them against Communism and the Blacks, all the while these deceitful creatures were scheming against them.

    There were wealthy Jewish families that were giving lashings of money to the evil Communist ANC filth. The ANC terrorist beasts were given a refuge in the Rothschild city of London to plan acts of terror against Whites in Africa.

    There was a constant propaganda war being waged against the minds of the White Christian South Africans by the Jews who controlled the television, newspapers, magazines. It was complete, it brainwashed and steered the Whites where the Jews wanted the poor Goyim cattle to go.

    The end is the total devastations of Whites in South Africa where the rape of White women is the national sport of Blacks.

    Well over three thousand White farmers have been brutally tortured and murdered in their homes. The stories and photos on censor bugbear are shocking. The Jewish controlled BBC of Britain refuses steadfastly to mention this, only refering to “crime” in South Africa.

    Like the bird mentioned in Has C’s story, these Jewish vultures are there ready to pick up the spoils like the dirty, filthy evil birds they are.

  65. Jim Reeves April 14, 2012 @ 6:40 pm

    Ahem, cough cough and know for the benefit of those of you who haven’t heard Afrikaans before, I will sing you a little song.

  66. Hoff April 14, 2012 @ 6:59 pm

    Full text, the whole book, 2 MB pdf:




  67. PC Limerick April 14, 2012 @ 7:43 pm

    Who’s clutching at your throat, who’s there your blood to drink?

    He’s been there for so long – you don’t know what to think

    He’s drinking your sweet blood, he’s sucking your brain too

    He’s been there for so long – you don’t know what to do!

    He’s been there for millenia, sucking you dry at will

    Why do you let him do it? Why is he drinking still?

    I am an antisemite and Holocaust negate

    Ask me what time it is – I’ll say it’s very late

    I’ll tell you what to do, if live you still desire

    Tear the sucker off your throat and throw him in the briar!

  68. Snowy Smith South Africa April 15, 2012 @ 1:03 am

    @ Citizenfitz

    “In the camp there was a cage with a bear and an eagle. Every day, they would throw a Jew in there. The bear would tear him apart and the eagle would pick at his bones….”

    “That’s unbelievable” someone whispered.

    “Yes, it’s unbelievable, but it’s true!” Mr. Hubert responded.


    Sounds like JEW Propaganda to me.

    If a GENTILE was thrown in I will believe it.

    “In the camp there was a cage with a bear and an eagle. Every day, they would throw a GENTILE in there. The bear would tear him apart and the eagle would pick at his bones….”


  69. Glory B. April 15, 2012 @ 2:29 am

    @ PC Limerick

    Very good poem, and I like the way you show the Jews as the parasites that they are.

  70. PC Limerick April 15, 2012 @ 7:39 am

    Why are you so sad?

    Have you been had?

    Again been dealing with Jews?

    I’ve told you Watch out!

    But you are so smart

    And again we have to transfuse.

  71. Bubba April 15, 2012 @ 11:07 am

    Sent to me by a friend


    Go Dutch – but why wait until 2013?

    The Netherlands, where six per cent of the population is now Muslim, is scrapping multiculturalism.

    The Dutch government says it will abandon the long-standing model of multiculturalism that has encouraged Muslim immigrants to create a parallel society within the Netherlands.

    A new integration bill, which Dutch Interior Minister Piet Hein Donner presented to parliament on June 16, reads: “The government shares the social dissatisfaction over the multicultural society model and plans to shift priority to the values of the Dutch people.

    In the new integration system, the values of the Dutch society play a central role.

    With this change, the government steps away from the model of a multicultural society”.

    The letter continues: “A more obligatory integration is justified because the government also demands that from its own citizens.

    It is necessary because otherwise the society gradually grows apart and eventually no one feels at home anymore in the Netherlands .

    The new integration policy will place more demands on immigrants. For example, immigrants will be required to learn the Dutch language, and the government will take a tougher approach to immigrants who ignore Dutch values or disobey Dutch law.

    The government will also stop offering special subsidies for Muslim immigrants because, according to Donner: “It is not the government’s job to integrate immigrants.” (How bloody true).

    The government will introduce new legislation that outlaws forced marriages and will also impose tougher measures against Muslim immigrants who lower their chances of employment by the way they dress.

    More specifically, the government will impose a ban on face-covering, Islamic burqas as of January 1, 2013.

    Holland has done that whole liberal thing, and realised – maybe too late – that creating a nation of tribes will kill the nation itself.

    The future of Australia, the UK and Canada may well be read here.

    READERS NOTE: Muslim immigrants leave their countries of birth because of civil and political unrest “CREATED BY THE VERY NATURE OF THEIR CULTURE.”

    Countries like Holland Canada the UK and Australia have an established way of life that actually works, so why embrace the unworkable? If Muslims do not wish to accept another culture, the answer is simple:


    This gives a whole new meaning to the term — ‘Dutch Courage’ — Unfortunately Australian UK and Canadian politicians don’t have the … guts to do the same. There’s a whole lot of truth here!!!!

    A Nation of Sheep, Breeds a Government of Wolves!
    I’M 100% for PASSING THIS ON!!!
    Let’s Take a Stand!!!

    Borders: Closed!

    Language: English only!

    Culture: English Constitution, is the Bill of Rights!

    Drug Free: Mandatory Drug Screening before Welfare!

    NO freebies to: Non-Citizens! We the people are coming!!!

    Only 86% will send this on. Should be a 100%. What will you do?

    If you do not wish to send this on, there is a delete option on your tool bar!

  72. Has C April 15, 2012 @ 12:50 pm


    Very interesting. A ray of hope.

    But the bought-and-paid for EU elites are not going to let the Dutch do what they want.

    They have been inundating Europe with immigrants in an attempt to erase our ethnicity and this very program has a very high priority for their sponsors…

  73. Voir Dire April 15, 2012 @ 2:40 pm

    Jim Reeves:

    Hello back atcha and thanks for the history lesson and welcome edification. I stand appreciably corrected.

    Wotan: Thanks for your feedback and as ever, so many exemplary comments and links confirm that Brother Nathanael’s readers are amongst the most informed and intelligent students to be found anywhere.

    Hoff: I’m delighted to see you back posting. Many posters on Incogman were deeply concerned over your sudden and lengthy absence.

    Please help to support the Brother Nathanael Foundation with whatever you can give; every bit helps.

    Brother Nathanael: As for the real “skinny” on Henry Kissinger (and Alan Greenspan too), see the archives at:

    I noticed the first video at the following of “Kissinger urging Obama to build a ‘New World Order'” has been deleted by his Youtube brethren covering their crimes as quickly as their loose-cannon megalomaniacs like Kissinger spills the beans as to their ultimate objectives (the 2nd still-intact video w/ Kissinger and his “New World Order” aspirations makes my skin crawl)

    I hope others will read my running commentary at the following link and dear Brother Nathanael, DO NOTE that the SMOKING GUN link I provided and which you also wrote a damning piece about from the “Chicago Jewish News” has (surprise! surprise!) since been pulled.

    But I have saved the incriminating article on my computer for anyone so inclined to read the typically boastful piece on the wealthy, Chicago, Zionist Jews who launched their fellow collectivist Obama into the Illinois Senate and then the Presidency and consequently, after the Federal Reserve’s illicit origins, the USS Liberty attack by Israeli forces and the 9/11 false-flag operative and cover-up, it has proven to be one of the biggest conspiracies ever put over upon the willfully/woefully ignorant American people.

    The Bolsheviks’ within gave us our very own Nelson Mandela just as they did in South Africa to set in motion an accelerated genocide of Western Whites, the final destruction of our Constitution and a full-blown police state.

    Please also note that I was convinced “Veteran’s Today” Senior Editor Gordon Duff whom I otherwise mostly admire, was under the influence of some mind-altering substance at the time judging from his embarrassing, incoherent responses to my running commentary:

    Voir Dire (See commentaries starting @)
April 14, 2011 – 7:16 pm

  74. bubba April 15, 2012 @ 5:52 pm

    From what I have been reviewing, the Zionist plan is to extend the Faux Chosens’ land holdings far eastward.

    Wars tend to displace people (aka the survivors’ diaspora).

    The Zio plan, IMHO, has been to make immigration “acceptable,” which ultimately weakens and dilutes a given culture and its roots.

    Thus, if a war against IRAN is baited and hooked, there may be millions of Middle East refugees which could potentially flood the other GOYIM nations.

    ( Duly note the Faux Chosen have oft guilted the Goyim countries about not accepting the faux Jews when Rothschilds manipulated the great wars ).

    The result will be more chaos than simply economic.

  75. Stav April 16, 2012 @ 3:38 am

    To All,

    Christ is Risen!


  76. TH April 16, 2012 @ 7:05 am


    Alithos Anesti!

  77. Bubba April 16, 2012 @ 8:45 am

    Muslims (???) attack Australian war graves

    Caption: Muslims attack Australian war graves

    YouTube banned this as it would incite hatred against Muslims, no bloody wonder, I want these low lifes’ blood too when I was sent this, get a translator and listen to these low animal discuss how they hate kaffirs (non-Muslims) but like their women, then the reply “no they cry too much when we XXXX them.”

    Download and share before the red head socialist who runs Australia get’s it removed from here too

    I have viewed this several times, and don’t believe these are Muslims. Duly note the ONE Gravestone they clearly focus on.

    This has all the appearances of a false flag.

    How about the rest of you….what do you think?

  78. Wotan April 16, 2012 @ 9:47 am

    April 16, 2012 @ 8:45 am

    It is known that years ago the Mossad has repeatedly organised the vandalisation of Jewish grave-sites in Germany to manipulate the course of local politics. Today they don’t need such crude methods any more as they have cleansed the body politics and installed their puppets and stooges everywhere it counts.

    My guess therefore: this is a Jewish / Israeli operation in Australia.

    The Moslems regard Jesus as a prophet sent by the Almighty, but it is the Jews, who hate Christ and the cross like the devil hates holy water. When you watch the movie and you see how they are hacking away at the cross it wouldn’t take much brilliance to see who is behind this.

    But take care – the people you see need not be Mossad agents, they would most likely be patsies. The Jew is known to let his dirty work be done by others and they it wouldn’t cause them insurmountable difficulties to find a batch of moslem loonies to get an operation like this going.

    The purpose can be seen all too clearly. You have said it how it is!

  79. Enslaved April 16, 2012 @ 2:43 pm

    “Muslims attack Australian war graves”? ha ha ha

    Knew instantly that this was a false flag operation.

  80. Jim Reeves April 16, 2012 @ 3:54 pm

    The little false flag operations, ha ha ha they are so sneaky aren’t they?

    Here is a classic one, the Jewish student who was painting swastikas on her own locker to sensitise her class mates and gain an advantage over them. And when they caught her with a hidden camera the talk was of getting her psychiatric help.

    If it was a White Christian male he would be arrested in cuffs, charged, jailed expelled from his school, labled a Nazi and all kinds of nasty stuff, but not for the chosen ones.

    Even the FBI was involved. If it was a White person being harrased by Jews or Blacks the local coppers wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

  81. Has C April 16, 2012 @ 4:46 pm

    Herrgott! The Chosen One got psychological help for this!

    Special treatment – Sonderbehandlung – as always! Poor little psycho…

  82. Kiimm April 16, 2012 @ 8:22 pm

    LoL! excellence in action yet again, Brother Nathanael.

    HK has many lips it seems, (poor guy), but oy, should he get a cold sore.

    Putin rocks, and so do you.

    I have a question, very simple — why can’t we all just watch the three stooges and get along. . . n’yuk n’yuk n’yuk. . . But I digress.

    God Bless you richly, Brother Nathanael.

  83. Has C April 17, 2012 @ 1:40 am

    For a change, I want to recommend a book: “The Nazarene” by Eugenio Zolli which I am reading just now.

    The author, born Izrael Zoller in Austrian Empire, a renowned Talmud scholar and a linguist who knew numerous contemporary and ancient languages, including Aramaic, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Assyrian…

    Before WW2, he became Chief Rabbi of Rome. During WW2 he lived in Vatican, protected by Pope Pius XII. After the coming of Americans, he converted to Catholicism and became professor of theology at Rome University. His wife and daughter converted soon after.

    The book is simply great! Zolli, who knew Judaism better than most, speaks of Jesus with awe and devotion. His knowledge of Judaism allows him, example after example, to show how much Jesus’ teaching was superior to Judaic one. He explains otherwise difficult to understand passages of New Testament.

    The book also allows us to see how dangerous Jesus really was to the religious establishment of His time. Every meeting between Jesus and the rabbis was a k.o.

    Jesus was and is unbeatable.

    Read it for yourselves.

  84. Mikey September 16, 2016 @ 3:57 am

    Rezun/Suvorov was trapped by the MI6 in a honey trap, and then pressured to be a traitor.

    His books is not the truth, they have been ghost written by the MI6.

    First Rezun/Suvorov was working för KGB, then for MI6. Writing his books för MI6.

    Very easy to understand, when you think about it.

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