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Putin Trumps Zionist Plan For Syria

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Putin Trumps Zionist Plan For Syria
Copyright 2012

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Brother Nathanael @ February 14, 2012


  1. Brother Nathanael February 14, 2012 @ 11:11 pm

    Text — Text — Text

    Putin Trumps Zionist Plan For Syria
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Copyright 2012

    There is no man feared more by International Jewry than Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

    And while the Zionist West and its lackeys at the Saudi-led Gulf Cooperation Council would have us believe that armed jihadists in Syria who are murdering innocent native civilians are “lovers of democracy,” Putin remains unshaken in his defense of International law.

    Last November, Putin sent a signal to the Zionist lapdogs by dispatching the Russian Patriarch on a religious mission to Syria where he met with both the Syrian Antiochian Patriarch and Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad.

    The message was clear:

    Putin—who recently announced that in the tradition of the Tsars his foreign policy will include protecting Orthodox Christians abroad—left no doubt that any attempt to oust Assad, who is protecting ALL minorities in Syria, will be opposed.

    Putin outlined his anti-Zionist stand last week when he assembled both Orthodox Christian and moderate Islamic clergy for a clear and certain News Release that he will not countenance any foreign military intervention in Syria.

    [Clip: “At a meeting with religious leaders, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin spoke against any foreign interference with Syria. We certainly condemn all violence wherever it comes from. We should let people determine their destinies themselves.”]

    Now, with three Russian warships recently docked in Syria’s port of Tartus, Putin’s actions speak louder than his words.

    And I am certain that Talmudic Jew, Senator Joseph Lieberman, who is the first senator to call for a No Fly Zone over Syria and for arming the Syrian opposition—which in reality is made up of Islamic fundamentalists and foreign mercenaries—has gotten Putin’s message.

    [Clip: “We’re not going to stand by and allow this Assad to slaughter his people like his father did. He’s going to run the risk of having the world community come in and impose a No Fly Zone. And in doing so, we’re being consistent with our American values.”]

    Oh, for sure Lieberman! Your “American values” have already underpinned the massacre of scores of Libyan civilians and the decimation of a once orderly and contented Libyan civilian infrastructure. And now you want to do the same in Syria as well.

    Now, why is International Jewry and its shill, the United States of Israel, pursuing its habitual violent program of regime change this time in Syria in order to install a pro-Zionist government—I mean dictatorship—in Damascus?

    Because Bashar al-Assad has intensified Syria’s policy of resisting Zionist imperialism ever since taking over the reins from his father, Hafez al-Assad, in 2000, that’s why.

    Since then, Assad has grown the economy at a healthy rate of 5% a year.

    Since then, Syria is debt free and will not allow any Rothschild Jewish banks. And you’ll be hard pressed to find any McDonald’s or Pizza Huts in Syria…it’s forbidden territory for internationalist Zionist-funded corporations.

    And since then, due to Assad’s independent, self-directed, economic development – a program shared by all US regime change targets – the Jewish globalist bankers and their corporate pawns are being thwarted from privatizing and politically Judaizing the industries and government of the sovereign nation of Syria.

    The Jewish-influenced US State Department put forward this very same Jewish banker’s agenda when it stated last month that “Syria refuses to join an increasingly interconnected global economy.”

    The Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, of course a Jew, Jeffrey Feltman, highlighted Jewish Finance Capital’s plan for “democracy” in Syria — (READ: The “humanitarian” BOMBING of Syrian civilians) — in his recent testimony before the Zionist-led Senate Committee on Foreign Relations:

    [Clip: “Bashar al-Assad is destroying Syria and destabilizing the region. An orderly democratic transition that removes Assad from power and restores stability is clearly in the United States’ interests. It will support our goals of promoting democracy and human rights.”]

    It’s the same old LIE: The Zionist West is framing the conflict in Syria as one between the “lovers of democracy” led by the Free Syrian Army and a murderous tyrant…so very, very far from the facts on the ground as Russia and the Syrian government have been contesting all along.

    This has been verified by the Observer Mission recently sent to Syria by the Arab League which stated in paragraph 75 of its suppressed Report, and I quote:

    “There have been incidents that include the bombing of buildings, trains carrying fuel, vehicles carrying diesel oil and explosions targeting the police, members of the media and fuel pipelines. Some of those attacks have been carried out by the Free Syrian Army and some by other armed opposition groups,” unquote.

    My friends, this is HARD EVIDENCE from investigators on the ground who are witnessing against the allegations of their OWN Zionist puppet masters of the Arab League.

    Lieberman, you have been shown to be a liar. Your name should be pronounced, LIEberman.

    Bottom line: While the Zionist Master Plan for a Greater Israel extending from Tel Aviv to Tehran – from the Nile to the Euphrates – by fragmenting Israel’s bordering nations into competing militias and warlords, Vladimir Putin remains firm and uncompromising.

    You can hear it all the way from Moscow to Tel Aviv:

    A clear and resounding “Nyet” flaming forth from the righteous lips of Vladimir Putin, the world’s foremost and only defender against Zionism’s warmongering, world-destroying, ugly designs!

  2. Brother Nathanael February 14, 2012 @ 11:15 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family,

    First of all, I THANK my dear Syrian Orthodox Friend from Lebanon whose knowledge ON THE GROUND and INSIGHTS helped to make this Video sparkle with TRUTH.

    We BOTH worked very hard to make this Video an enduring testimony against the Zionist Jewish agenda for Syria and ALL righteous government that RESIST the Jew World Order.

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    Your +Brother In Christ, Nathanael

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  5. steve February 14, 2012 @ 11:49 pm

    Israel wants to to expand into a “Greater Israel” by “fragmenting their neighbors into competing militias and warlords…”?

    I don’t get that. If somebody could explain this “end game” for the Middle East, I’d appreciate it.

    Here’s what I think it means, but I’m not confident with it:

    Israel wants to take over the whole Middle East.

    They would do this by putting in puppet governments and Zionist banks that would bankrupt the countries as they have bankrupted the USA and the EU?

  6. Snowy Smith February 14, 2012 @ 11:54 pm


    The American Troops are being used and abused by the JEW Trillionaire Bankers.

    When is the United Nations going to place Sanctions on WAR MONGERING ISRAEL?


    There is only ONE group of TERRORISTS in the World today and they are the WAR MONGERING JEWS.


    The JEW Trillionaire Bankers are going to use HAARP to murder millions of people worldwide.


    ISRAEL has more than 400 NUCLEAR BOMBS, weapons of mass destruction.

    When is the United Nations going to send Nuclear Bomb inspectors to ISRAEL?

    When is the United Nations going to confiscate all the Nuclear Bombs from ISRAEL?

    When is the United Nations going to place Sanctions on WAR MONGERING ISRAEL?

    When is the International Criminal Court in The Hague going to charge ISRAEL for War Crimes, Premeditated Murder and Genocide?

    Almost every WAR in the last 100 years has been planned and orchestrated by the ZIONIST JEWS.

    All OUR Leaders are already ZIONIST JEW One World Order “PUPPETS”.


    The Zionist JEWS OWN the United Nations.

    The Zionist JEWS OWN the Freemason International Criminal Court in The Hague.


  7. john king -- so. Indiana February 15, 2012 @ 12:00 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    This video is incredible.

    It is one of the best you’ve ever done in terms of content and technical abilities.

    I shall be heading to your online ‘collection plate’ to donate some $$$ very soon. And I would encourage everyone who appreciates great non-Zioist journalism to do the same.

    It’s great to see that Putin is standing up to the Jewish Supremacists who are (temporarily) ruling our nations.

    I wish that you could give us similar good news viz a viz Iran. It seems that Putin is showing his fist in Syria but what is he doing for Iran?

    Please visit and listen to the White Voice live Wednesday 8pm eastern.

  8. Snowy Smith February 15, 2012 @ 12:25 am

    When is the United Nations going to place Sanctions on WAR MONGERING ISRAEL?




  9. KathJuliane February 15, 2012 @ 1:46 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    This must be one of your best videos yet.

    I am still in tears, and all I can do is pray. A truly surprising juxtaposition of the “normal” shots of armed thugs and their destruction in war zones, and the smiling, waving Priest Basilios with the prayer — Memory Eternal. A stunning visual, silent tribute to this martyr of Christ.

    Memory Eternal

    On January 25, 2012 native Syrian Greek Orthodox Hieromonk Basilios Nassar was shot by an armed terrorist group in Hama, Syria on the second day of heavy fighting there.

    Fr. Basilios was at the Metropolis when he was informed by a phone call that a parishioner of his had been wounded and needed assistance.

    The Patriarchate of Antioch has reported that the 30-year-old priest was killed while giving medical aid to the wounded man who was previously shot.

    Fr. Basilios was shot in the chest and in the right armpit. Immediately another priest, Fr. Panteleimon Isa, who was with him dragged his bloody body to a nearby building to save him, but the martyr for Christ Father Basilios was dead within 30 minutes from hemorrhaging.

    Opposition claimed that Fr. Basilios was shot by a government sniper.

    This is what the Jew-run Neo-con Zionist “pre-emptive war” has wrought everywhere our Armed Forces were sent to “liberate jihadists,” most notably in Iraq, and also Libya to liberate them from Baathist (Arab Socialist) “evil dictators.”

    If this is what “bringing” democracy to the Middle East will do for Christians, I’d rather stick with the moderate, Baathist Christian-friendly Syrian dictator they have now. 100 years of Western meddling in the Middle East has availed nothing but martyrs, displaced people and refugees, suffering, pain and tears.

    Also assassinated by rebel terrorists on the very same day was the secretary general of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent.

    The gentle Dr. Abd-al-Razzaq Jbeiro, was shot and killed while traveling on the Halab-Damascus highway in a vehicle that was “clearly marked with the Red Crescent emblem,” according to a statement released by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

    Report of the Arab League Mission:

    Also see #71: “The Mission determined that there is an armed entity that is not mentioned in the protocol.

    “This development on the ground can undoubtedly be attributed to the excessive use of force by Syrian Government forces in response to protests that occurred before the deployment of the Mission demanding the fall of the regime.

    “In some zones, this armed entity reacted by attacking Syrian security forces and citizens, causing the Government to respond with further violence. In the end, innocent citizens pay the price for those actions with life and limb.”

    The Arab League Mission, in other words, was set up to fail. No one informed the monitors of this organized “armed entity.”

    The full report is published on Global Research.

    Its findings are a devastating.

    Also read: How the Arab League Has Become a Tool of Western Imperialism

    IC XC
    NI KA

  10. Nicolae February 15, 2012 @ 2:46 am

    The United Nations: A Prostitute For Israel

    Only Putin can decide if – and when – Assad will step down

    At the United Nations, Assad can still count on Russian support, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says his country will oppose any resolution that even hints at foreign intervention, blocks arms sales, imposes international sanctions or demands that Assad step down.

    Lavrov says Russia wants to see a Syrian solution, “not an American one.” If someone is to decide if and when Assad leaves, it will be Vladimir Putin, not Barack Obama.

  11. Nicolae February 15, 2012 @ 2:59 am

    Putin promises to protect Christianity Worldwide

    Presidential candidate Vladimir Putin has promised to make the protection of repressed Christians in foreign countries one of his foreign policy priorities if he becomes president again.

    Putin: Compulsory Religion Classes Must Engage Students

    Prime Minister Vladimir Putin came out in favor of robust religion and secular ethics classes in Russian schools, saying they should be taught by theology specialists or priests.

    He is going to be president again. Watch out Babylon (America).

  12. Joshua February 15, 2012 @ 5:33 am

    “There are some times when a Shaolin must fight, and some people who will not learn until they are taught a lesson.” (American Shaolin, 1992)

    Mr. Putin, it is TIME TO FIGHT BACK!

  13. arjan February 15, 2012 @ 5:36 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    This really was a great presentation.

    It puts the truth opposite the lie, and it should help people make an honest decision.

    What stood out to me is the “evil” face of Lieberman, compared to the open and relaxed faces of Putin and Assad.

    I pray that you may continue to do your work that is a blessing to people around the world.

  14. William February 15, 2012 @ 6:18 am

    Putin and the Russian people understand that Jews destroyed Russia in 1917 with the establishment of Communism.

    Again the Jews severely damaged the fledgling Russian state in 1991 when the Jew funded “oligarchs” bought the formerly state owned assets for pennies on the dollar.

    Jew Yeltsin and his “Family” literally stole tens, if not hundreds, of BILLIONS of dollars with impunity.

    Putin, while not a saint, has done a lot to reestablish the Orthodox Church, destroyed by the likes of Jew Kaganovich.

    Yet, IDIOTS like Susan Rice, and as evil as the Cockroach Condelezza Rice, whines when Russia and China veto UN Security Council actions which would lead to yet another war for Israel in the MidEast.

    Americans get the government for which they vote.

    A real American would vote against EVERY incumbent in the US Congress.

    99% of the US Congress is totally subjugated by the evil Zionist Khazars of Israel and their mad dogs in the US government.

  15. Wotan February 15, 2012 @ 7:10 am

    Bro Nat,

    To complicate things there were recent reports in German papers that the Syrians have picked up some 50 persons with a connection to Turkish services.

    Whilst the Turks want them free, the Syrians say they want a Turkish statement that no more Turks are infiltrated into Syria – stalemate.

    I know I have been very skeptical in the past when people described Erdogan as a crypto-Jew, but when you look at what is happening in Syria and what coalitions and alliances are taking shape there, even a fertile imagination is stretched to the limits.


    February 14, 2012 @ 11:49 pm

    Chris Bollyn, in his 9/11 book, freely available on the Net, makes reference to an Israeli policy document that aims at smashing up the huge Arab states around it and turning them into ethnic mini states.

    As far as Israel is concerned it hopes by annihilating the Assad dynasty to be rid of the Golan heights problem. Apart from that you have answered your question pretty wll yourself.

  16. A Little Common Sense February 15, 2012 @ 7:40 am

    I would urge people to remember that, during World War Two, there were two warring camps, and secret Zionist influence was very strong with both.

    And one of them – Germany – presented itself as very anti-Zionist, and yet there are documents on Hitler’s collaboration with Zionists to set up the State of Israel.

    Buyer of information, beware!

    To suggest that this time around, somehow, both camps – NATO and SCO – are not under secret strong Zionist influence, would seem short-sighted.

    I think what we are seeing is the process of “setting up the pieces” for World War III, and that Putin is as under a powerful secret influence of the same cabal as is the United States and the European Union, and China.

    Xi Jinping, for instance, is the future leader of China. The surname Jin was once solely reserved for Jews; and his countenance suggests to an observer that he is a Chinese Jew in hiding.

    So the political intrigue runs very, very deep.

  17. etterling February 15, 2012 @ 7:42 am

    Dear BN:

    A most opportune topic, considering the danger of the internal Syrian conflict to World peace.-

    To the forethought of Putin all Jew political steps are clearly pointing to the disappearance of another Arab country hostile to Israel and therefore, annihilation of Palestinian people and/or expulsion of the very few left alive.

    Indeed, taking into account recent Netanyahu words that Palestinians should go to Jordan, there is no hope for a Palestinian state.-

    Syria has always been a stalwart of the Arab cause in this regard and lost thousands of people in the major wars against Israel as well as the Golan Heights, which Israel plans to keep as a “safe borders” policy.-

    Expansion of present Israel-occupied lands and consolidating a larger and only Jew populated land, including Jerusalem as the cherry on top of the cake as the definitive capital, requires the disappearance of nearly all Arab and Islamic nations, the only purpose of creating the internal syrian unrest and the oncoming war against Iran.-

    The conflicting attitude of Turkey, as a supporting base for terrorists coming into Syria, clearly speaks of its unsincere position, overtly in support of Israel and in this case, leading to a confrontation with Russia, which may escalate into a Nato vs. Russa war as a very possible consequence.-

    Putin and Russia, as a matter of national pride and international strategy, cannot accept regime change in Syria, which inmediatedly will mean being deprived of the Tartus base and any Mediterranean Sea presence.-

    In all of this mess stands clear on one side, Judeo-masonic governments of US, EU and Turkey generating a conflict that may lead to a nuclear hecatomb just because their support for Israel, and on the other side, Russia, with a clear stand for Christianity, and Palestine supporting nations.-

    Jesus (Luke, 20 ) anticipated the fate of Jews as being passed by the sword by neighbouring peoples before the time of the nations.-

    His prophecy is coming closer as the onset of the perhaps, the most dangerous ME conflict of all times.-

  18. JOHNNY BARTEE February 15, 2012 @ 7:44 am

    “Americans get the government for which they vote.”


    “A real American would vote against EVERY incumbent in the US Congress.” — William


    99% of the US Congress is totally subjugated by the evil Zionist Khazars of Israel and their mad dogs in the US government.


    GET real William. Don’t blame good Americans as the reason the politicians are so corrupt.

    STOP IT! You need to educate yourself before making such statements.

  19. Dutchman February 15, 2012 @ 8:33 am

    This Jew explains it all.

    The snake Ehud Barak.

    At the end of this video, he explains that Irak, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, North Korea must be destroyed, otherwise there is no world order.

  20. Wotan February 15, 2012 @ 8:56 am

    February 15, 2012 @ 7:44 am

    To understand fully the degree to which Jews have usurped every facet of American life is for many people a painful process.

    At different stages of that process you may still genuinely believe that the American people are giving their votes to crooks and if only they were properly informed this would change.

    Apart from that: the dumbing-down process must not be neglected.

    Just think of all the people who were clapping support for George Bush. And very few of them were Jewish. And think of the 8 million, who bought his book to read his diatribe.

    Nobody knows to what degree it is forged elections and to what degree it is dumb Americans, who facilitate continuance of Jewish power.

    Considering this I feel your attacks on William are a bit pre-emptive! An informative pointer would have been sufficient!

  21. KathJuliane February 15, 2012 @ 9:49 am

    A Little Common Sense:

    You wrote:

    “Xi Jinping, for instance, is the future leader of China. The surname Jin was once solely reserved for Jews; and his countenance suggests to an observer that he is a Chinese Jew in hiding.”

    To an observer who has had to deal with Chinese naming conventions at times, Jinping is NOT his surname, XI is. The surname (XI) always stands at first in Chinese order, while the 2nd and 3rd words (Jin Ping) are together to be the given name.

    The majority of Chinese are Han nationality for example. The names of Han people usually have 3 words, like Wen Jia Bao (Chinese Prime Minister), but some of them have 2 words, like Wu Yi (Chinese Deputy Prime Minister).

    Usually, the Chinese put the 2 words given name together as one word as: Jinping, and in most cases the surname is written in capital letters as: XI Jinping.

    But more and more Chinese people do like to put the names in English order, in which the surname stands last, as: Jinping XI.

    Come on folks, do the homework!

  22. Bro BobtheGrape February 15, 2012 @ 10:51 am

    Bro Nate, I was disappointed with your initial reaction to the Fukashima tsunami.

    In that you exclaimed that you weren’t going to address the possible US role in the tsunami’s cause. I have read since then that the US was experimenting with a “tidal wave bomb” in and around WWII. You may want to reconsider looking into the tsunami that is/has caused the release of all that radiation.

    However, that is not why I am writing to you today. Your “Putin Trumps Zionist Plan For Syria” made me say AHA! I thought there was more to the Syrian thing than just knocking out one of Iran’s allies.

    But you brought out the point that Syria will not play ball with the International Banksters, re: Rothschilds, Rockefellows, Goldman and Sachs, etc.

    Great article on the Syrian situation and Vladimir Putin.

    I am going to make a contribution to the Bro Nate Foundation, again. Thanks again for your enlightening articles on the world situation.

    Keep up the great work.

  23. Martin Dobrowolski February 15, 2012 @ 12:38 pm

    Dear Brother,

    Thank you for interesting video and your fight.

    I think you’re the successor to the prophets the Jewish nation, and this time people does not listen to your words. Perhaps it is time to fall ZOG EU and U.S. The economic situation is getting worse every month. Maybe soon the time will come the revolution.

    If I could propose a topic for a film about the attacks ZOG of the EU and Poland on the sovereign people of Belarus and President Lukaszenko.

    Good topic also, it seems the situation in Greece.


  24. daghammerskold February 15, 2012 @ 12:41 pm

    Rothschild Loses Libel Case and Reveals Secret World of Money and Politics!

  25. Steve Cook February 15, 2012 @ 12:51 pm

    Israel won’t want Iraq or Afghanistan with all the depleted uranium.

    I don’t know how you would even go about cleaning up that mess. It’s in the ground water and I got news for the Saudis and the rest. This will affect your ground water in the near future. I just don’t know why the world tolerates this.

    Those people should just leave their land, because it’s not habitable anymore. They created those nuclear weapons and the only thing you can do with them is evaporate a whole city or poison the ground water.

  26. Andrew Jackson February 15, 2012 @ 1:11 pm

    Hello Steve.

    As a response to your question, yes, the Zionist plan is to enslave all the Middle East and exploit its resources while subjugating the Christians and Muslims to debt, Zionist puppet tyrants, and brainwashing.

    Israel wants to set up satrapries and destroy any independent nation.

  27. Andrew Jackson February 15, 2012 @ 1:17 pm

    The report of the League of Arab States Observer Mission to Syria, posted here says the following, in paragraph #75:

    “Recently, there have been incidents that could widen the gap and increase bitterness between the parties. These incidents can have grave consequences and lead to the loss of life and property.

    “Such incidents include the bombing of buildings, trains carrying fuel, vehicles carrying diesel oil and explosions targeting the police, members of the media and fuel pipelines. Some of those attacks have been carried out by the Free Syrian Army and some by other armed opposition groups.”

    This report has been suppressed by the Arab League which has turned into a puppet of the US/Zionist regime.

    The witness of the reporters in this Mission has great credibility because they were reporting the reality on the ground which was contradicting their own employer, the Arab League, and thus were validating what the Syrian government has been saying all along.

  28. Andrew Jackson February 15, 2012 @ 1:23 pm

    Will Israel Assassinate Obama?

    Something every American should hear, know and watch for the safety of the President.

    Will Israel Assassinate Obama?

    A video By David Duke, on the published article on LA Jewish Journal by it’s editor Mr. Adler.

  29. Andrew Jackson February 15, 2012 @ 1:28 pm

    Reply to “A Little Common Sense.”

    Your suggestion that the SCO is under heavy Zionist control is quite far fetched. You have no evidence for your speculation.

    All facts on the ground and recent events point to a great clash of interests between the Jew World Order and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

    Syria is greatly critical as a Russian ally, not only for harboring part of the Russian fleet in Tartous and as the only Mediterranean naval base for Russia, but also as being geographically greatly strategic in that it controls all present and future oil/gas pipelines from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean.

  30. A Little Common Sense February 15, 2012 @ 1:33 pm

    @Andrew Jackson

    Logic is the best weapon in your arsenal when the evidence is scant.

    Obviously, if so much productive capacity and money has been moved to China, China is safe.

    Obviously, if the Russian Central Bank is a clone of the Federal Reserve, Russia is also safe (although to a lesser extent than China due to rebirth of Orthodox Christianity).

    And did you read on Ahmadi Nezhad’s family background? You should. Remember Problem-Reaction-Solution?

    NATO-SCO conflict is World War III, with both sides heavily influenced.

    This will become obvious soon enough.

  31. Andrew Jackson February 15, 2012 @ 1:42 pm

    Thank you dear Brother Nathanael for mentioning the late Fr. Basileos Nassar, who was killed in Hama, Syria, last January.

    He was shot by terrorists who are trying hard to turn this conflict into a sectarian civil war.

    These terrorists are Islamist fundamentalists, many of them foreign mercenaries, who are the patsies of the Mossad/CIA, and who are doing their bidding in order to destroy Syria, one of the few independant countries left to resist the Jew World Order.

    Fr. Basileos was an Orthodox Christian priest of the Antiochian Patriarchate, the See of Peter, now located in Damascus. Fr. Basileos had a master degree in divinity from Balamand Universtity in Lebanon.

    Memory Eternal to Fr. Basileos!

  32. Andrew Jackson February 15, 2012 @ 1:59 pm

    Dear Mr. “A Little Common Sense,”

    As always, there is a grain of truth to your thinking, but your are pushing your logic and conclusions too far. The Zionists are not God, far from that.

    They are of course ruthless, clever, and utterly evil, but certainly do not know the future. They have lost the control of monsters they created in the past. An example is Stalin’s purge of as many Jews as possible from all the politbureau and state and party organs.

    The evil Zionists are greedy and short-sighted. They have moved industry and corporations to China for the purpose of maximizing profits. But in the process they have undermined their golden cow the Jewnited States.

    So things are always in flux, and many pupils or allies of Zionism can turn on them in a heart beat. Russia is fast in the process of being purified from Zionist power and influence, and is being Chrisitianized.

    This is why the Zionist Endowment for Democracy does not miss an opportunity to demonstrate against Putin in Moscow and claim vote fraud at every turn without the slightest shred of evidence.

  33. Andrew Jackson February 15, 2012 @ 2:02 pm

    Dear Mr. “A Little Common Sense” —

    On the other hand, I agree with you that we are witnessing the prelude to a third world war and probably a nuclear Armageddon.

    May our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ strengthen and give victory to all the anti-Zionist patriots who are seeking peace, truth, and justice.

  34. Wotan February 15, 2012 @ 3:00 pm

    Since “a little common sense” feels that the entire world is under the control of the Jews he should explain, who is going to fight WWIII, which he is predicting.

    As KathJ has shown ALCSense has occasionally ideas, which are far removed from reality, and this extends apparently not only to Chinese names.

    I find Andrew Jackson’s perception of the Middle East hard and tight on the wind of reality!

  35. bubba February 15, 2012 @ 3:38 pm

    Build up to WW3 – Are CHINA & IRAN a threat to the U.S?

    US Forces in Philipines


    Build up to WW3 – CHINA is hiding 3,000 Underground NUKES! Are they preparing for something big?

  36. A Little Common Sense February 15, 2012 @ 5:02 pm

    @Wotan and Andrew Jackson

    There are vast masses of people to be subjugated, yet the members of the conspiracy are not that great in numbers. Hence, they need wars – which they control on both sides – in order to bring about greater degree of globalization that they control via financial dominance and mass-media dominance, translating into governmental and social dominance.

    We Gentiles have not conducted independent politics since the abdication of Emperor Nicholas the Second of Russia, of the Romanoff dynasty, which held the You Know Who at bay for many, many years – just like the Rurikoviches before than, and Byzantine and Roman Emperors before them.

    When the Emperor and Autocrat of All Russias was forced to abdicate the throne on March 15, 1917, the You Know Who were able to start implementing their agenda virtually unopposed.

    Please note that Julius Caesar – who many would consider to be the very first emperor of the Roman Empire (of whom Russia is the heir, having the name of the Third Rome, the Second Rome being the Byzantine Empire) – was killed on March 15, or the Ides of March. It is symbolic – and perhaps arranged – that the last Emperor of Rome, Nicholas the Second of Russia, would be forced to abdicate on the Ides of March, as well.

    But going back to the You Know Who.

    However, obviously, in order to subjugate the world they need to work through so many nations, peoples, cultures, and opposition, that war is just a much faster path toward the final goal.

    So it would be logical to assume that at the very least they have agents of influence not only within NATO countries, but also within SCO countries. Otherwise, how would they implement their dialectic of Problem-Reaction-Solution if they did not influence both sides?

  37. A Little Common Sense February 15, 2012 @ 5:07 pm


    I would like to give credit to you for pointing out the Chinese last name divergence from our standard. I did not know that. Thank you.

    Still, I would maintain Xi is partly Jewish as his appearance suggests – compare it to other Chinese Jews.

  38. KathJuliane February 15, 2012 @ 5:12 pm

    Jew-owned White House Arrogance at its Most Obnoxious.

    Demoncrap Clintonista Flack, Jay Carney, Opens Mouth, Changes Feet:

    White House scoffs at Assad’s ‘laughable’ call for Syria referendum

    [Assad has actually called for setting down with the “Opposition” to formulate the start of major political reforms for Syria, as in a new constitution and setting up a secular, multi-party system, as long as the parties don’t represent religion or regionalism, like the Kurds.

    The Jew-owned, Zionist operated “Opposition” thumbed their noses at this offer of “democracy and freedom.” ]

    The Obama administration has dismissed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s call for a constitutional referendum in late February as a bad joke.

    “It’s actually quite laughable. It makes a mockery of the Syrian revolution,” Jay Carney, the White House press secretary, told reporters aboard Air Force One as President Barack Obama traveled to Wisconsin.

    “We are working in a very focused way with an array of international allies and partners who are friends of Syria, friends of the Syrian people, to add to the pressure being brought to bear on Assad, to isolate him further, and to help bring about a peaceful transition to democracy in Syria,” he added.

    Oliver Knox is White House correspondent for Yahoo!

  39. Nikolay Kanev February 15, 2012 @ 6:17 pm

    Our sweet Christ, using Orthodox Russia, won’t allow the Zionist to achieve their demonic plans!!!

    Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto the ages of ages! Amen

  40. wayne pacific February 15, 2012 @ 8:09 pm

    Primary reason for attacking Syria is to cut off the supply or arms and support for Hezbollah, whom Israel greatly fears, even more than Iran.

    You see, Iran buys the arms from Russia, which are then shipped through the Russian port in Tartus, Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

    America also wants to destroy Syria because it is the last socialist client state of the old Soviet Union.

    The Sunni governments want to destroy Syria because it is a secular socialist regime that gives rights to women, and does not bow down to the fundamentalist fanatics, a situation like we had in Libya.

    Syria’s only two strong allies are Iran and Russia. Russia does not want to loose its sole Mediterranean port.

    I personally don’t think Russia will intervene militarily, but maybe they feel strong enough at this time to do so.

    This is the whole current Mideast political situation in a nut shell.

  41. Seek the Truth February 15, 2012 @ 9:48 pm

    Putin is a great defender of Christianity in the end times. Jesus selected him.

    My guess is that eventually the Russians will be forced to invade Israel along with the Muslims. This is the beginning of the righteous punishment of the wicked Zionist Jews that worship the devil and who have promoted slavery and war for the past 3,000 years.

    Zionist Jews are followers of King Solomon, the wicked son of King David, and are rebels against Moses and the ancient prophets who predicted the “the coming of the lamb of God” pretending to represent the “chosen people” when actually they represent everything that is agreeable to the devil.

  42. Heinrik Von Manshstein February 15, 2012 @ 10:02 pm


    To answer your question and to understand what Bro. Nate is talking about, it would be worthwhile to read Richard Perle’s “A Clean Break” then you will understand the Zionists’ blueprint for the Middle East.

    Yes friends, I can’t help but notice that yet another Russian (Vladimir Putin) has thrown a monkey wrench in the Globalist Illuminati Machine, sort of like history repeating itself.

    Remember when the British Illuminati and Zionist Bankers attempted to snuff out our young Republic by supplying and supporting the Confederates (Britain’s proxy army) in a civil war, remember what the Russian Czar did?

    He sent his fleet to America to protect America and was willing to go to war against England and France if England dare attack America on behalf of the Confederate traitors, whom all of their leaders were pro British Freemasons.

    Great Video Bro. Nate, I have to say the best yet and timely too.

  43. George Berry February 15, 2012 @ 10:48 pm

    Libya HAD, & Syria & Iran HAVE, non-Rothschild, Sovereign PUBLIC CENTRAL BANKS.

    Are we detecting a pattern here? The very first act of the Al Qaeda/NATO Puppet Government was to replace Libya’s PUBLIC CENTRAL BANK, which made Libya DEBT-FREE, with a Rothschild PRIVATE CENTRAL BANK.

    Now, Libya will be just as BANKRUPT as the NATO nations, which have all SURRENDERED THEIR SOVEREIGNTY to Private Central Banks. No nation can be sovereign that does not ISSUE ITS OWN MONEY.

    Viva Green Libya (the war is NOT over), Syria & Putin!

  44. KathJuliane February 15, 2012 @ 11:36 pm

    LIEberman’s “Freedom & Democracy” Came to Libya. Next Up: Syria

    “Nobody is Holding These Militias Responsible”

    NEW YORK (AP) — Armed militias now rule much of Libya, Amnesty International said Wednesday, accusing them of torturing detainees deemed loyal to the ousted regime of Moammar Gadhafi and driving entire neighborhoods and towns into exile.

    Amnesty International quoted detainees as saying “They had been suspended in contorted positions; beaten for hours with whips, cables, plastic hoses, metal chains and bars, and wooden sticks and given electric shocks with live wires and taser-like electroshock weapons.” [Right out of the Abu Ghraib Mossad/CIA Playbook.]

    At least 12 detainees had died since September after torture, Amnesty said. “Their bodies were covered in bruises, wounds and cuts and some had had nails pulled off,” the group said.

    The report is a fresh blow to Libya’s new government, the National Transitional Council, which helped lead the anti-Gadhafi uprising that broke out one year ago this week and spiraled into a brutal, eight-month civil war.

    Since the war’s end with the capture and killing of Gadhafi last October, the NTC has struggled to extend its control over the vast desert nation.

    It has largely failed to rein in the hundreds of brigades that fought in the war, many of which now run their own detention centers for those accused of links to Gadhafi’s regime.

    Read more:

  45. Wotan February 15, 2012 @ 11:56 pm

    A Little Common Sense February 15, 2012 @ 5:02 pm

    I really admire what you call logical deduction in the absence of evidence.

    Yet I think that the Great Emperor and Autocrat of All Russias, successor of Julius Caesar and last Emperor of Rome, may not have had the same insights as Prince Philip, because Wikipedia shows Jews that look like Asians.

    A truly wonderful people, these Jews, in Auschwitz they neutralised the laws of mathematics and in China they mutated into Asians against the laws of genetics! I am sure it will not be long until Jewish scientists will present evidence that even David Icke may not have been as wrong as many thought!

  46. KathJuliane February 16, 2012 @ 12:49 am

    Is the Mossad via the Jew-controlled TIME Magazine hasbaratus taunting al-Assad, the Syrian loyalists, & Putin, not to mention suckering Turkey?

    With Syria’s Rebels: A Visit to a Bombmaker’s Factory

    They call it the jineyee, Arabic for “genie” — or crazy female. Standing at about 60 cm high, the rust-colored metal tube doesn’t look like much.

    But it’s what’s inside that counts: 2 kg of yellow granular explosive material, hooked up to a trigger device that is remotely detonated.

    The handful of Free Syrian Army members who gather in this safe house on the Turkish-Syrian border hope that the improvised explosive device (IED) will help even out the odds somewhat in what has become a brutal, vastly asymmetrical civil war in Syria.

    The dozen or so men in the safe house, some wearing parts of their old military uniforms, others in civilian garb, say they’re not waiting — or expecting — help from anyone, including from the commander of the FSA, Colonel Riad al-Asaad, who along with other officers is sequestered in a camp in southern Turkey, under Turkish protection.

    “We thank him and other officers for their defection,” a sergeant says, “but he’s my commander,” he says pointing to a captain. (See “Syria’s Clashing Armies.”)

  47. Makaveli February 16, 2012 @ 3:20 am

    @President Jackson

    The conflicting attitude of Turkey, as a supporting base for terrorists coming into Syria, clearly speaks of its insincere position, overtly in support of Israel and in this case, leading to a confrontation with Russia, which may escalate into a Nato vs. Russa war as a very possible consequence.

    Jews are seeking to infiltrate Europe and diversify it as much as they can. Then as a result people all around Eastern/Western Europe if shove comes to push, regular people are going to retaliate.

    Europe as a continent is composed of various ethnic groups. Not sure if you have traveled outside of U.S. but visit some Western and Eastern European countries you’ll see how much tension there is between Muslims/Christians.

    Muslim leaders would side with a Jew (in order to gain a territorial advantage). At the same time you would have these crypto-Christians side with the Jew in order to further diversify Europe. Visit Turkey, most of the Orthodox Greeks living there have been kicked out, the nation is 99% Muslim.

    Now visit Saudi Arabia and certain other Muslim countries where Christians are not allowed to practice their faith openly.

    Though as I said it doesn’t take all that much to get people riled up and for another war to erupt especially in sensitive regions which have existed long before North and South America. Though regular people don’t want war. “It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.” Leo Tolstoy.

    Let me ask you this; would you retaliate if China and Russia invaded America in order to help Mexican minorities knowing your government was owned by the Jews? If you rose up against the invading Russian & Chinese armies, (certain) people around the globe would point and say ‘See we told you so those Americans are Jew-loving thugs’.

    Others would say ‘Why are they rebelling?’ they applied the same standards to other countries, when it comes to applying the same standards to U.S. all of a sudden they are above the law?

    Some would say they are here to cause even more chaos (political interests), on the other hand Mexican’s would view them as liberators. As a result Mexico would gain all this land.

    Try applying those same standards to other countries but before you do spend a year or so learning about that country’s history (reading as many books as you can untainted by the Jew).

    Then come back and reassess the situation.

  48. Martin Dobrowolski February 16, 2012 @ 4:02 am

    Hallo Everybody,



  49. Mike S February 16, 2012 @ 5:08 am

    Great video, thanks!

    I hope China and Russia standing up to us will make us pause and really consider whether a war with Iran or Syria is worth it. A balance of power is a very good thing.

    I’m so happy to see Putin standing up to us and Israel. And I’m disgusted by Lieberman. This is no way to run a country.

  50. arjan February 16, 2012 @ 5:42 am

    The events in the Syrian civil war come straight out of the Jewish playbook for the overthrow of governments.

    I will try to show how this playbook will be applied to us in the Second Civil War, that is coming.

    1. Americans will be estranged from their Christian roots.
    2. Americans will be broken up in small political and racial groups, that can choose the good side or the bad side.
    3. Economic hardship and hunger will polarize the situation.
    4. Armed mobs of looting thugs will roam the country (government led)
    5. The same government will declare martial law.
    6. An uprising of righteous Americans will start.
    7. The military will be ordered to get involved and break up in two camps.
    8. Full scale Civil War.

  51. Martin Dobrowolski February 16, 2012 @ 6:21 am


    Afghan children, aged six to 14, who were sitting around campfire in the snow.

    Air Commodore Mike Wigston, the director of Nato air operations, said today that the international forces believed they were ‘young teenagers’ who were armed.

    The top commander in Afghanistan today condemned the Taliban’s use of child suicide bombers as ‘utterly despicable’.


  52. A Little Common Sense February 16, 2012 @ 7:17 am


    Dear Wotan, I know personally a Chinese Jew. She looks like a Chinese person, but there’s something Jewish about her. Her father was Jewish, her mother Chinese.

    I would say, a quarter-Jew Chinese person would be virtually indistinguishable from a real Chinese person, and I think Xi Jinping is quarter-Jewish.

    Look at his mouth. Jews and part-Jews often tend to have well-delineated mouth lines. And look at his eyes: he is very smart. So, I would say: quarter Jewish.

    It is amazing in that my grandmother’s mother is Jewish (she looks very Semitic and is from Odessa), yet her father is Ukranian. Everyone on my mother’s side is ethnic Russian and everyone on my father’s side – except my great grandmother – is also ethnic Russian.

    But according to Jewish law – as insane as it sounds – my very Russian father would actually be able to make alyah, if such a crazy thought came into his mind. And – in today’s Jewish law – so could I.

    Yet, believe me, I am an ethnic Russian and Christian – I want NOTHING to do with Judaism.

    However, not everyone in similar genetic circumstances would totally reject even such a modicum of Jewish ancestry, and such people are the crypto-Jews you hear about, and there are plentiful everywhere, including even China and India. Many of them are in the leadership of the European Union. It’s crazy, but it’s true.

    So be very careful about looking for these crypto-Jews.

  53. A Little Common Sense February 16, 2012 @ 7:23 am

    Ahmadi Nezhad is a crypto-Jew for sure. Crypto-Jews have very strong influence in Iran.

    When the Commander of the Revolutionary Guards went around saying that, they put him and other top commanders in an air-crash situation: look it up online.

  54. Wotan February 16, 2012 @ 9:47 am

    A Little Common Sense

    February 16, 2012 @ 7:23 am

    Forget about HAARP and chemtrails. Forget about Monsanto and lethal vaccinations.

    They have invented a new weapon of mass destruction. The name of the weapon is “a little common sense.”

  55. A Little Common Sense February 16, 2012 @ 10:24 am


    Not quite sure I understand you. Look at the problem globally, and you will be in the know.

    In any case, I hope my posts provoke some thoughts.

    Did you see Ambassador McFaul lie his face out when interviewed by a U.S. TV channel. The question asked was, Did you come to Moscow to stage a revolution? The answer was, No, no, no, no…

    Come on, Ambassador McFaul, we Russians are neither stupid nor gullible, nor ignorant, nor plain dumb.

    Of course you came to stage a revolution. You’re a known specialist in this regard. Fortunately, everyone in Russia knows your name and specialty today, so they have quite well destroyed your cover.

    And they’ll keep looking at your relentlessly with a microscope until you depart.

  56. KathJuliane February 16, 2012 @ 12:02 pm

    Dear A Little Common Sense,

    Since I don’t have a subscription to Financial Times, all I get is a screen asking if I wish to subscribe.

    But, I could barely see the date (Jan 9, 2006), and based on the description you also gave, this refers to the plane crash of 2006 “The head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards ground forces and at least 10 other officers have died in a plane crash” found here on BBC:

    So, three years before the Telegraph-UK article of 2009 came out claiming that Ahmadinenjad was allegedly a Jew, the chief of the IRG ground forces, Gen. Ahmed Kazemi, was killed for also making this claim. All this after the General had been appointed by then new president Ahmanidejad to his top IRG post to begin with.

    Not to mention the fact that the IRG was a huge political supporter of Ahmadinejad’s presidential campaign the first time around. Wow.

    Granted, it could have been a political assassination of some sort, if in fact it was not due to what has continually plagued Iranian air travel with numerous crashes since 1979:

    “The ageing plane – bought before the 1979 revolution – experienced technical problems and a first pilot refused to fly it, according to reports.”

    “An inquiry into allegations of negligence has been carried out but not yet made public.

    “Because of US sanctions, Iran cannot buy spare parts of its ageing military and civilian fleet – something that puts lives in danger as air crashes become increasingly frequent, says the BBC’s Frances Harrison in Tehran.”

    Also, Tzar Nicholas II abdicated Mar 2, 1917 Julian Calendar (Mar 15, 1917 Gregorian) which Russia used as the canonical and civil calendar until the Bolsheviks changed the civil calendar in 1918. Is a rather interesting insight, though.

    Folks, do the homework!

  57. KathJuliane February 16, 2012 @ 12:21 pm

    A Little Common Sense:

    Hope the mods let this through.

    I think it relates, as it is an older example of the very same type of grey and black propaganda bs as going on with Syria now, and the war drums beating to invade Iran in the background.

    Other than the bs pocket pseudo-psychoanalyzing of the Telegraph-UK article in 2009, there is very little that is “crypto-Jew” about Ahmadinejad.

    My preferred interpretation of this news from a couple of years ago was that this is the lamest and most jaded MI-6/Mossad/CIA operation ever.

    The article lacked any real or credible sources cited that could unequivocally prove that Ahmadinejad had any Jewish roots. It just seems as if the story was just leaked to the Telegraph by “reformist” leaders in Iran as a part of a larger smear campaign against the then newly “re-elected” hardliner president of Iran.

    In order for for him to have even been a viable candidate for president the first term, which only a Muslim can be, he would have had to have been vetted by the Mullahs, and the depth of his piety and knowledge ascertained.

    Seriously, how could something like this be kept quiet? With all his internal opponents and the infighting among the ruling class, surely an opponent would have gained traction on him if true, and not just a chronic smear tactic for political enemies?

    Even before Ahmadinejad, various “reformist” leaders during the “open era” of the past Iranian President Mohammad Khatami during the 1990s and early 2000s were using “Jewishness” as a verbal assault against other rival officials they hated or against other Iranian officials who presumably had Jewish blood.

    Likewise I also have a problem with McElroy and Vahdat’s supposed expert sources they used in their article who are not even Iranian Jews nor credible scholars with any real familiarity with the subject of Iranian Jewry!

    The authors of the article list “Ali Nourizadeh, of the Centre for Arab and Iranian Studies” in London [a NGO think tank established in 1980] and some Iranian internet blogger “Mehdi Khazali” as their experts who back the unproven claim that Ahmadinejad was supposedly born a Jew.

    Both Nourizadeh and Khazali are clearly NOT Jewish so why would anyone cite non-Jewish experts unfamiliar with Iranian Jewry and their particular culture as supposed accurate sources on a story about the Jewish origins of a country’s leader?

    An unnamed “London-based expert on Iranian Jewry said bla, bla, bla.” So, what is this expert’s name? Lechaim Anonymous?

    A quick check of Wikipedia strongly suggests that Norizadeh may be a British/CIA/Mossad intelligence asset.

    “Alireza Nourizadeh is an Iranian scholar, literary figure, journalist and an expert on Iranian contemporary history.

    “Nourizadeh is a political refugee from Iran. After fleeing to Great Britain, he obtained his PhD from the University of London in International Relations. Nourizadeh has been active in the Iranian journalistic milieu since 1967.

    “He is a Senior researcher and director at the [London-based] Centre for Arab & Iranian Studies strongly opposed to the Islamic Republic of Iran. He is also a correspondent for Deutsche Welle(German Radio), a Political Commentator for the radio channel [CIA-backed] Voice of America, a Senior writer for the Saudi Arabian Al-Sharq Al-Awsat.”

    Moreover, guess which think tank shows up at Tel Aviv University Center for Iranian Studies in Israhell at a conference on June 25, 2009 – “The Struggle for the Islamic Republic: A Flash in the Pan or Real Change?” The Centre for Arab and Iranian Studies, London, represented by Dr. Mehrdad Khonsari, who has appeared at various Tel Aviv conferences at least three times.

    You’d think these journalist would go through some effort to find some sort of a Jewish scholar or expert familiar with Iran to substantiate their claims—but no, McElroy and Vahdat instead rely on Iranian Muslims with no real knowledge of Iranian Jewry to prove their allegations of Ahmadinejad supposed Jewish roots.

    For years, the most classic and detrimental way Iranian government officials have attacked one another is to claim that the “such and such official was born a Jew, or was once a Jew who converted to Islam, or his family was Jewish a generation ago and then converted.”

    I don’t think Ahmadinejad was born Jewish. The name Sabourijian is, I believe, a combination of Farsi and Armenian. The small town he came from was not Jewish as Jews tend to live in big cities.

    According to Robert Tait, a Guardian correspondent who travelled to Ahmadinejad’s native village in 2005, the name “derives from thread painter – sabor in Farsi – a once common and humble occupation in the carpet industry in Semnan province, where Aradan is situated”.

    This is confirmed by Kasra Naji who lived in Tehran before and after Ahmadinejad came to power and thoroughly researched a biography, Ahmadinejad: The Secret History of Iran’s Radical Leader, and met his family in his native village.

    Carpet weaving or colouring carpet threads are not professions associated with Jews in Iran.

    This information that the President of Iran is “a Jew” is not new but the subversion of Iran is becoming more important to the CIA-MI6-Mossad.

    This was a tactic from the CIA and its buddies to try to demonise and discredit Ahmadinejad as much as possible at the start of a new election cycle, along with the rumours constantly circulated by political enemies of Ahmadinejad hoping someday for an “Iranian Spring” of their own on behalf of the West, especially British Petroleum, who would love to get its old feifdom back.

    Excerpts from the original Telegraph-UK By Damien McElroy and Ahmad Vahdat 7:30AM BST 03 Oct 2009:

    “A photograph of the Iranian president holding up his identity card during elections in March 2008 clearly shows his family has Jewish roots. [How can it “clearly show” when the photo is not even readable?]

    “A close-up of the document reveals he was previously known as Sabourjian – a Jewish name meaning cloth weaver.

    “The short note scrawled on the card suggests his family changed its name to Ahmadinejad when they converted to embrace Islam after his birth.

    “The Sabourjians traditionally hail from Aradan, Mr Ahmadinejad’s birthplace, and the name derives from “weaver of the Sabour,” the name for the Jewish Tallit shawl in Persia. The name is even on the list of reserved names for Iranian Jews compiled by Iran’s Ministry of the Interior.

    “Experts last night suggested Mr Ahmadinejad’s track record for hate-filled attacks on Jews could be an overcompensation to hide his past.

    Folks, do the homework!!

  58. breckandy February 16, 2012 @ 12:47 pm

    One has to ask: “Why is there all this Zionist love and caring for Arab lives and well being?” — All that love, I get a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye.

    When in private all I hear the Zionists say, “The only good Arab is a dead Arab.”

  59. KathJuliane February 16, 2012 @ 1:08 pm

    Buying Cyprus – Roy Tov (Excerpt):

    Today, February 16, 2012, Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was welcomed by the Cypriot president, Dimitris Christofias in what has already been defined in Israel as an historic visit.

    During the event, which followed a dramatic announcement regarding newly found gas in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, a surprising agreement was signed, and several others announced. After the rupture of the Israel-Turkey alliance last year, Israel is aiming to create a new regional axis, based on an alternative energy market.

    The agreement signed today refers to mutual Search and Rescue operations. It allows the IDF to enter Cyprus, and the Cypriot army to enter Israel in the case of disasters….

    However, that wasn’t all. Since 2009 large amounts of gas had been found by Israel in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, in the area between Israel, Lebanon and Cyprus.

    The new fields could transform Israel into independent in terms of energy for decades. A field found in February 2012 included oil below the gas, and that may signify also small amounts of uranium contained in oil shale. In November 2011, Cyprus announced it would explore its undersea natural gas wells in cooperation with Israel (see Gas, Oil … Uranium). This was the trigger for the agreements announced these days.

    Israeli officials have commented that Netanyahu would discuss during his meeting with the Cypriot president the possibility of placing Israeli fighter planes in the military airport near the city of Paphos.

    More at

  60. A Little Common Sense February 16, 2012 @ 1:17 pm

    @KathJuliane… the political intrigue is dug very deeply here, I am afraid. Look, please at this letter here:

    It does seem to fit what is going on. And remember: the Mullahs come from the West… and Mahmed II, the conqueror of the Byzantine Empire, had strong financial support from the You Know Who. Their control over Islam is deep and has been so for centuries in one form or another.

    Saudia Arabia – the Saud Dynasty having Jewish roots – is the prime example.

  61. Sir Oscar Whiskey February 16, 2012 @ 1:52 pm

    The destabilization of Syria is to ease Saudi insecurities.

    No one in the Muslim world recognizes the Saudi Royal family as legitimate heirs to the guardianship of Islamic holy sites in Mecca and Medina. Hence the reason the Saudis indoctrinate pro-Saudi useful idiots in Mardarssas across the globe.

    Israel’s sole purpose is to protect the Saudi Royal family, without the Saudis there is no need for the Israelis.

    Going into Iraq in a fit of rage was the catylyst for the Saudis. Saddam Hussein was a Sunni Muslim, the war in Iraq eliminated a very large percentage of Sunnis who supported Saddam. This in turn created a Shia power grab.

    Which now the Saudis realize will create a pan-Shia regional power from Iran to Syria giving Shias a huge control over oil.

    Shias are not like the Sunnis, Shias are loyal to their Ayatollahs who pledge an alligance to their faith and the best interests of their faith, unlike Sunnis who will easily pledge their alliance to monarchs who are loyal to anyone who placed them in power.

    With a Shia dominated oil supply say good bye to the Euro, Dollar and Shekkel. Iran recently sent a shock wave to the EU by cutting oil supplies to Greece who badly needs any help it can get to recover. Iran also opened up trading in Russian Ruble and Iranian Rial.

    Iran’s Nuclear Technology is online and the Iranians are very willing to sell that technology at very affordable prices to any nation without a single catch of having Iranians employed at extremely high salaries to operate the technology.

    Iranian technology wreaked havoc on Israeli technology during the Hezbullah war and Iran is willing to sell that technology. Iran just brought down a CIA drone and its willing to teach others at a very affordable price.

    Iran is a Solar Energy Technology powerhouse of Asia.

    Western technology is too expensive too unreliable with too many demands and guarantees imposed on buyers. And they want to keep it that way. There is a new merchant in the market and he’s a huge threat.

  62. Wotan February 16, 2012 @ 2:09 pm

    Kath, your patience radiates serenity.

    You have done a lot of work. But when you search and you are not deeply inside a particular matter you will be overloaded with information that balances itself out and adds up to zero.

    This is the danger when one is trying to be very objective. I will try to write this post without giving conflicting and contradictory references.

    I will write this post from memory. Since news has been spread that Adolf Hitler was a Jew, that Saddam Hussein has been “reborn” by a Jewess, that Ghaddafi was a Jew and that now the same should apply to Amadinedschad it seems to me a pattern is emerging.

    The picture presenting itself is that the Jew is trying to re-lable his biggest and staunchest enemies as Jews, his enemies for whose death he has taken care in one way or another (in one case not yet).

    Since all of these men have spent their life to protect their people from the evil of Jewry and to fight Jewry without compromise, indeed, since all of these people have sacrificed their life in pursuing these goals to the bitter end, it follows that all of these men would ordinarily be bound to end up as popular historical heros, as martyrs in the war between Jewry and the rest of mankind.

    So how does the Jew prevent that anybody in the world seeks guidance from these historical anti-Jewish figures, guidance from their lives, guidance from their writings, guidance from their struggle against Jewry?

    Very simple: The Jew denounces his enemies as Jews and in doing so he confuses and scatters the followers these people are having or may have had. And with that the Jew achieves much more than just discrediting a few eminent historical figures: he creates insecurity in the minds of the people.

    Nothing is any more as it seems to be and nothing seems any more as it was. People are mentally and spiritually uprooted from everything that gave them stability and security.

    And ultimately the Jew is insulting his enemies all the way to their grave for he is telling their followers: “Look, he is a liar, he is one of us. He didn’t tell you that, did he? He was fooling you. And you believed him, so you are also fools!”

    KathJ, after I`d cottoned on to this s**t game and somebody comes along now and catapults this filth in my direction I find it very difficult to believe that the one doing so is obliviant of what he is doing, however much he may falsely protest by pointing to his ignorance or purporting to act in good faith.

    When you get Jews that have blue eyes and blond hair, when you get Jews of Black colour and when, nowadays, you get Jews that are mutant Asians (Prince Philip syndrome) then you must accept that whether or not you are a Jew is a question of your frame of mind.

    We do not need to discuss the frame of mind of Amadinedschad. He has received Prof. Faurrisson recently.

    So there! Amadinedschad has said it loud and clear: the holocaust story is a lie! The Jew is using the holocaust story to rob the European and the North American people until they have got nothing left.

    That is what Amadinedschad is saying. In saying that Amadinedschad is shaking the foundations on which the Jew has built his empire of fraud and theft. And then there comes a filth slinger like “a little bit of common sense” and states in a by the way fashion: Amadinedschad is a Jew!

    No further comment!

  63. KathJuliane February 16, 2012 @ 3:54 pm

    Archbishop of Sebastia Condemns Zionist Falsification of the History of Christian Holy Places

    OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Atallah Hanna, the Archbishop of Sebastia, condemned the campaign of falsification and deception lead by Zionist organizations that claim to be Christian with the help of the Israeli ministry of tourism.

    He called on church leaders in the Holy Land and all over the world to take this matter seriously, reveal the facts and condemn the falsification and the exploitation of religion to serve the occupation’s racist policies.

    “There are Zionist organisations, supported by Zionists which seek to falsify historic facts pertaining to the holy places, especially in Bethlehem and Jerusalem,” he said pointing out that those organisations are disseminating copies of a film that contains false information which contradicts history and Christian heritage and tries to promote places to visit by the tourists at the expense of authentic historic places associated with the Christian faith.

    This, he said, strips the Palestinian people of their holy places, both Muslim and Christian.

    He stressed that the matter is serious and should not be accepted as the occupation ministry of tourism gives out this film to tourists and pilgrims in a bid to deceive and influence their views.

    Hanna further explained that these American Zionist organizations which claim to be Christian, have nothing to do with Christianity, but are only trying to exploit the Christian religion for political ends in the service of the occupation.

    PS to Hoff: As far as I’m concerned you pulled a stupid, and you still are responsible for what you wrote, beer or no beer, or for whatever reasons.

    Just remember, no matter how much beer you drink, you only rent it and never own it.

    That is just me, I will give anyone the benefit of the doubt.

    On the same hand, just because something you’ve wrote irritated someone or someones and they reply, doesn’t mean you should resort to smearing and name-calling someone “a Jew,” or calling you one in return.

    But it is not about what I think, either. BN let you back on board, and that’s that. He has editorial control over the comments section.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  64. KathJuliane February 16, 2012 @ 4:12 pm

    Archbishop condemns monastery vandalism and “hate speech” by Israeli savages (2/8/2012)

    JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Archbishop Atallah Hanna on Wednesday condemned an attack targeting a monastery in west Jerusalem, expressing anger after extremists defiled the holy site with anti-Christian messages.

    In a statement, the archbishop said that “what the settlers have done is rejected, and their racism is humiliating. … They didn’t harm us, they harmed only themselves,” he added during a visit to pray at the site.

    “We strongly condemn any attack against holy sites for any religion; it is totally prohibited.”

    “Death to Christians” was daubed Tuesday in Hebrew on the outer walls of the Monastery of the Cross, an 11th-century fortress-like holy site situated in a valley overlooked by Israel’s parliament.

  65. bubba February 16, 2012 @ 4:30 pm

    IMHO, the Israhell Zionists only crutch is the 6 Million number.

    They lose either way. Nuke this crutch.

    SCENARIO #1 : If it was true, then people must acknowledge the Russian slaughter of far more people via the Bolsheviks = Communism = Jewry. No Debate.

    Why are 6 Million more important than 100 + Million Communist/Jewry victims ?

    SCENARIO # 2: The LIE is exposed, game over. The worlds countries do what Hitler tried — isolate these Luciferian vermin on some isolated Island and let the 99.9% of the world’s Goyim live in peace.

    All kosher debts cancelled (OMG Kosher HELL !!!), with a real kosher Nuremberg trial and, if found guilty, yarmulked heads swinging as a message to the faux Chosen.

    Hey, I can see light on the horizon !

  66. Andrew Jackson February 16, 2012 @ 4:31 pm

    Assad is an ideal president. His popularity is more than 70% in Syria.

    He is a very well cultivated and educated man and has a lovely family. He is also an ophthalmologist.

    The Islamist/Al Qaeda are claiming armed resistance in Syria. It is becoming so obvious that Al Qaeda is an arm of Mossad/CIA. In Lybia, the “rebels” flew the Al Qaeda flag over the parliament once Gaddhafi was assassinated and they took control.

    After more than 10 years in Afghanistan, no hard evidence has ever been presented for the existence of Al Qaeda. It is all electronic propaganda. The only supposed “evidence” was “dumped” in the sea after the alleged “assasination” of Bin Laden by Navy Seals.

    It is a commonly known fact in Afghanistan and Pakistan that the real Bin Laden died in December 2001. Benazir Bhutto stated that as-a-matter-of-factly in an interview with David Frost on Sky News, shortly before her assasination.

    The Syrian government just released a whole slew of reforms of the Syrian Constituion, and political party and electoral law, but this was completely ignored by the “peaceful demonstrators” and by Babylon the Great, the Mother of Whores (the Zionized Judaic Evil Empire).

    Bashar Al Assad is a moderate progressive, AND he protects the Christians in Syria who have flourished under his rule and that of his late father.

  67. Taylor February 16, 2012 @ 4:43 pm

    Putin is the man.

    Tough, no nonsense world leader, who is NOT just another lackey for Talmudic Israel.

    I miss seeing a comment by a former Jew named Glory B, who has posted on this site a number of times.

    Her comments are always hard-hitting. She slices up the Zionists with her tough and witty verbal skills.

    If you’re out there Glory B, let’s hear from you.

    Sincerely, T.

  68. anti-zionist February 16, 2012 @ 6:23 pm

    Why is it then that today Russia voted with the other countries at the UN, calling for Abbas to up his leadership of Syria?

  69. KathJuliane February 16, 2012 @ 7:53 pm


    Syria: Lies of the Opposition

    The media and the “Human Rights Watch” have issued statements saying that 5000 people have been killed by the Syrian government.

    Of 5,000 supposedly killed by the Syrian government and the names given to the UN & reported by news services in bed with the West, including Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya, and other news sources, this video shows some people who were reported dead at the hands of the government are actually still alive, and some are still working at their government and military jobs!

    At the end of the video, the group Syrian states: “After doing more research about the supposed 5,000 deaths the UN has come up with…the following facts were found:

    – 806 of the people on the list were actually alive
    – 1237 of those listed had died from natural causes
    – Many more were actually killed by ARMED TERRORIST GROUPS.

    Same video Uploaded by SyriansWorldwide on Jan 3, 2012

    w w!

    w w

    w w

    Dear anti-zionist:

    Could you clarify? I have here that today:

    Russian Envoy Slams UN General Assembly’s Syria Resolution

    Russia believes the UN General Assembly’s resolution on Syria is an attempt to impose a form of political settlement on the country, Russia’s envoy to the UN Vitaly Churkin said on Thursday.

    The UN General Assembly on Thursday adopted a non-binding resolution condemning Syria’s authorities for human rights violations and calling on President Bashar al-Assad to step down. In the 193-member Assembly, 137 countries voted for the resolution and 12 against with 17 abstentions.

    Russia and China voted against the resolution, which was similar to one the two countries vetoed on February 4 in the UN Security Council triggering angry reaction from the West.

    Belarus, Zimbabwe, Cuba, North Korea, Iran and a few other states also said “no” to the draft on Thursday.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  70. Brother Nathanael February 16, 2012 @ 10:12 pm

    Dear Real Zionist News Family,


    I am in NYC now for Street Evangelism and finished my DAY ONE in Times Square. It was a VERY INTERESTING outing.

    No sooner do I get on the Median Strip at 45th and Broadway than a white male in his 50’s comes up from behind me and starts cursing me in foul, vile language calling me a “dirty Jew,” a “#%!# Jew,” a “rotten Jew,” and on and on. It was quite unnerving to say the least.

    I wanted to lash out but bit my tongue really hard and then simply made the sign of the Cross over him and said, “God Bless You” and continued my work.

    But now a negative spirit and an oppressive atmosphere seemed to descend all around me and I had to resist this spirit with much effort.

    Then a fire truck came by with a loud siren on its way to an emergency and in my good will I made the sign of the Cross over the firefighters who were visible via their huge windows.

    The only firefighter who did take notice of my blessing and protecting them with the sign of the Cross, an Irish Catholic white in his 40’s, started mocking me and mocking the sign of the Cross.

    I said to myself, “This is going to be ONE TOUGH evening here!

    Indeed it was. All of the American whites showed either obvious disdain or total indifference…and some had blank unfocused looks as if they wanted nothing more than to avoid looking at me or even acknowledging me at all costs.

    I said to myself, “the White Identity Movement is DOOMED. They are at best shouting out loud with each other in a tiny, locked cubby hole.”

    I reflected that every time I come to New York City people look more and more like zombies as if I am seeing played before me, “The Night Of The Living Dead.”

    Even the teenagers look jaded and deathlike. A group of adolescent girls walked by and they looked like little girl prostitutes.

    I said to myself, “the Jews did this to ALL the American whites…whether making the whites MOCK Christianity or turning 11 year old girls into whores. The Jews did it via Jew TV, Hollyjewwood, fashion industry (JEW RUN), and the public schools.”

    Just when I was about to call it quits, a nice looking black young lady with a soft, intelligent face and clear eyes walked up to me and quietly said, “I subscribe to you on YouTube,” as if it was completely natural that I should be standing there on the Median Strip HOLDING HIGH the Cross in the middle of Manhattan.

    She asked me, “Will America ever be free of the Jews?” “Will Americans ever wake up to the the Jewish destruction of America?” “Will Americans protest Levin’s NDAA to prevent a full blown Police state?”

    Not only was I stunned by the huge contrast between the mulltitude of zombie WHITES and this very intelligent CONCERNED black woman – but I was relieved by the flush of light that dispersed the darkness I was being oppressed by ever since the first WHITE man began cursing me calling me a “miserable Jew” with intense malice.

    I recalled that when I was in LA two years ago it was six WHITE COPS who were ready to throw me in jail and only 3 weeks ago in Sarasota FLorida that 4 WHITE cops grabbed my Cross and pinned my hands behind my back pushing my right arm up to my neck from which I STILL have a crook in my neck from.

    The ONLY ONES to respond to my message tonite were foreigners…colored people of all shades of brown…and the young children who broke out into huge smiles when seeing me.

    Christ said to the Jews, “The kingdom of God is taken from you and given to another.”

    And, “Except you become as little children you cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.”

    AND, “Be of good cheer little flock for to you is given the Kingdom.”

    America is doomed. The apathy, dumbed-down cluelessness, and jadedness of white Americans is almost complete. Jewry has succeeded in turning the white goyim into cattle.

    Only by us sticking together BECAUSE WE KNOW THE TRUTH and HAVE EACH OTHER will we be able to hear Our Saviour’s precious words, “Where two or three are gathered together in My name there I will be in the midst of them.”

    On another YET a similar note.

    I am worried that I may not be able to continue due to numbers of donations being so very low. It’s getting to the point where I am wondering if perhaps I am coming to the end of my public ministry.

    I have been dependant on just a few to keep this site with the weekly articles and videos online.

    But those few contributers are diminishing and their donation amounts are being cut some by half what they used to give.

    Quite frankly, I need financial help.

    I keep praying for a BIG benefactor so that my worries will be over once and for all. But when it comes right down to it, it’s the grassroots support, the REAL HUMAN BEINGS, that I depend on to continue OUR ministry.

    Will you please consider helping me to continue this, our ministry?

    TO DONATE via PayPal, Click:

    OR: (PayPal Button On Top Right)

    To Donate Using Click & Pledge CLICK:

    Donations By MAIL:

    The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    With Much Love AND Appreciaton In Christ To All!

    Your +Brother In Christ, Nathanael

  71. Martin Dobrowolski February 16, 2012 @ 10:39 pm

    Dear Brother,

    People are not interested in politics, do not know history, most probably most of them do not know what’s going on in your mission.

    I suppose Homo – Americanus is the most primitive human being from the beginning of the God’s creation.

    They do nothing to stop wars and with ending their traditions and habits of their fathers and grandfathers due mass-media and propaganda during many years.

    They will go to pizza – bar and watch TV program.

    The Zionist Occupied Government is maybe the best possibilities for this people.

    Maybe wars and economic and military also is good for interests of this people, not only the Zionists banks. Maybe some of them are proud to be in war with other countries.


  72. Caveman2012 February 16, 2012 @ 11:32 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    You are now really at the FRONTLINE of this WAR against EVIL INCARNATE. You are in NYC, the belly of the Beast.

    I wished I had 1/10th of your courage!

    My personal observation in several countries in Europe and the Americas is this: ALL DEMONS HAVE BEEN NOW RELEASED.

    You said: “a negative spirit and oppressive atmosphere seemed to descend all around me.”

    HOW TRUE! This is happening EVERYWHERE!

    -Family is being DESTROYED and turned into a BATTLEFIELD: husband against wife, parents against children, all against the elderly

    -People have become SELFISH MATERIALISTS

    -The REAL HOLOCAUST of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of killed UNBORN BABIES goes on and is now taking place in a record number of countries

    -The FEW countries opposing Satan & his Jewish storm troopers are being invaded, bombed, destroyed: Iraq, Lybia, Syria, next comes Iran. Europe and North America are already in Satan’s pocket.

    -Major economic turmoil is at our doorstep, the Jews rub their hands in anticipation!

    Even an optimist like me must ask now: ARE THESE THE SIGNS St. John wrote about?

    Has Mankind EVER witnessed more EVIL, DARK, DECADENT, UNHOLY times before?

    STAND FIRM MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS, for it is written:

    “He who OVERCOMES shall inherit all things, and I will be his God and he shall be My son. But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.” (Rev. 21, 7-8)

  73. Caveman2012 February 16, 2012 @ 11:54 pm

    If you have A Little Common Sense, then you KNOW that the following leaders are AGAINST THE JEW and the NWO:

    *Vladimir Putin
    *Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
    *Bashar Al Assad
    *Hugo Chávez

    I could also add the Chinese leadership, although at this point we better wait and see.

    “By their FRUIT you will recognize them” (Matthew 7:20)

    Which part of this verse did you not understand, ALCS? Do you read the news?

    And please, stop the DISINFO MANTRA “Hitler was a Zionist pawn,” it has WORN OUT in this forum long ago.

    RESPECT to those leaders that fell fighting against the ETERNAL JEW: Russian Tsars Alexander II and Nicholas II and his family, Adolf Hitler, John F. Kennedy, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, just to name a few.

  74. Martin Dobrowolski February 17, 2012 @ 1:28 am


    @Caveman2012 I agree with you.

    In 2018 it will be the end of the ZOG.

    Invasion of the “Nazis” from the moon: 🙂


  75. Snowy Smith February 17, 2012 @ 2:02 am

    Putin vows Russia will defend persecuted Christians abroad

    Moscow, February 8, Interfax – Prime Minister Vladimir Putin promised on Wednesday it would be one of the tasks of Russia’s foreign policy to defend Christians in other countries who are persecuted for their faith.

    “You needn’t have any doubt that that’s the way it will be,” Putin said at a meeting with Russian religious leaders when Metropolitan Hilarion, foreign relations chief of the Russian Orthodox Church, expressed hope that Russia’s government would stand up for persecuted Christian communities abroad.

  76. A LIttle Common Sense February 17, 2012 @ 6:39 am

    @ Caveman2012

    Dear Caveman,

    The only thing to be said is, watch and see.

  77. Wotan February 17, 2012 @ 8:05 am

    Martin Dobrowolski February 17, 2012 @ 1:28 am

    I have braced myself and watched your link.

    The first question I asked myself was who is producing such garbage? The answer was given by Caveman 2012, almost poetically: “…the eternal Jew…”

    The next question of interest was: For which kind of publicum are vomit-cubes of this nature produced? This time it was your turn, dear Martin:

    Such vomit-cubes are produced for the Homo-Americanus, the red-necks in uniform or on rural pick-ups, who for years clapped their hands and applauded GWB and his even more remarkable successor, with the former’s IQ being a root value of the general average, but a multiple of the red-neck norm; the latter’s content being artfully managed by the Jew.

    Remains only one tiny aspect to be added:

    If somebody manages to find a key to heart and brain of said red-neck and explains to him how he has been fooled and misused then watch out for it, Jew, because things will get hot for you. Run Jew, run as fast as your legs will carry you, for if red-neck will catch you, he will give you a hot time…

  78. KathJuliane February 17, 2012 @ 1:22 pm

    Oh, great.

    The mandatory “poisonous gas” story is presented by the tick-heads of Israeli IDF intelligence services through Judeo-Zionist Western political mythmakers for the “Opposition” (who just couldn’t resist throwing in a gratuitous mention of “Nazi Germany” in a lame attempt to link al-Assad with the “evil Nazis”):

    JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces employed nerve gas in his latest assault on Homs, according to a [one, just one alleged] chemical warfare officer who [allegedly] defected from the Syrian Army.

    The defector, Capt. Abdul Salam Ahmed Abdul Razek, told the Al-Arabiya network that the government used nerve gas under the supervision of Russian and Iranian scientists, and said Assad intends to do so again in other parts of the country.

    Abdul Razek, who worked in the Syrian army’s Chemical Warfare Division, said the army has in its possession large quantities of “a poisonous asphyxiating substance that is banned internationally.” According to Israeli defense sources, the nerve gas is probably sarin, developed in 1938 by Nazi Germany…

    [Ok. I know that sarin gas was discovered about 1933 by German scientists in their pursuit of a better insecticide for agriculture, transport, and commerce, before finally developing cyanide-based zyklon-B.

    Sarin gas is about 1000 times more deadly than zyklon-B, so my question is, how come sarin gas wasn’t used in the “homicidal shower rooms”? Kind of an oversight by the super-efficient “Nazis.” Just saying. Don’t need an answer.]
    [The new Zionist “Axis of Evil” just announced itself centered on and around Tel Aviv in the Grand Strategy to take down Syria as the front doorstep to invading Iran]

    President Obama recently named Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as one of five world leaders with whom he enjoys the most effective working relations.

    “I think that if you ask them—[German Chancellor] Angela Merkel or [Indian] Prime Minister Manmohan Singh or [South Korean] President Lee [Myung-bak] or [Turkish] Prime Minister Erdogan or [British Prime Minister] David Cameron would say, we have a lot of trust and confidence in the President,” Obama told Time magazine’s Fareed Zakaria in an interview this month.

    “That’s part of the reason we’ve been able to forge these close working relationships and gotten a whole bunch of stuff done.”

    For Turkey’s Ambassador to the United States Namik Tan, the reason for Obama’s expressed confidence in Erdogan is clear: trust. The Turkish leader has proved to Obama he is true to his word.

    Case in point: this past September, Turkey’s Erdogan agreed to host a powerful U.S. radar as part of a NATO missile defense shield monitoring Iran’s missile activity. The decision advanced a key NATO alliance security objective, but was not without potential risk for Ankara.

    Tan spoke to Yahoo News in an interview Friday. More of our conversation below.

    [The photo of Obummer the Braggart pawing Erdogan made me a bit queasy. Erdogan almost looks like he’d received the kiss of death.]

  79. KathJuliane February 17, 2012 @ 2:25 pm

    The 193 member countries at the General Assembly devoted all that time, energy and hot-air to a non-binding resolution on Syria, showing just how many allied countries are under the boot of Jewnited States of America:

    As soon as the overwhelming majority came back in support of the resolution, the question turned to:

    Which 12 countries voted no?

    Here’s the list:

    North Korea

    It’s striking to note that aside from Syria and Iran, no other Middle East country voted no.

    Two Middle East countries, however, did abstain:


    The other 15 countries that abstained:

    Sri Lanka
    St. Vincent

    [So, I wonder how many countries that voted no or abstained are also free of any US-NATO military bases on their territories?]

  80. Jim Reeves February 17, 2012 @ 5:22 pm

    @ KathJuliane

    On the “Holocaust” this is a fantastic little video I found, it sounds like David Cole’s voice not sure though.

    For those of you who stumbled onto this site and don’t know what all the fuss is about here are two videos that will bring you up to speed very fast.


  81. Caveman2012 February 17, 2012 @ 5:52 pm

    Dear Martin & Wotan,

    It is the “Neverending Story” of the bloodthirsty, ice-cold, genocidal but at the same time stupid, easy-to-defeat “Huns.”

    I grew up watching this type of GARBAGE, but I knew better — many in my family actually FOUGHT in WWII for Germany.

    My hobby was: watch at the end of the movie who is the PRODUCER/EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of the movie.

    Jews and only Jews!

    MY POINT WAS PROVEN, this kind of brainwashing had no effect on me…

    Same goes for other useful enemy roles: Arabs (watch out for movies on Syria!), Japanese, Russians, Serbs, “White supremacists”, Christians and all other that dare oppose the Jew World Order.


  82. bubba February 17, 2012 @ 6:05 pm


    Fascinating re NYC….

    Seems like the Biblical “Sodom and Gommorah ” tale.

    However, it is always darkest before the dawn.

    I attend a Catholic church which is bursting at the seams.

    The Church was built in mid 1960’s and has (6) Masses…and they are SRO. Most of the membership are clearly visible minorities, ie Asians and Filipinos.

    We are already planning to build a new church, so less services and not wear out the priests.

    The White race will be left behind…it is their Lot’s wife. Wake Up from the Zio – anesthesia !

    Congrats to the Black lady that showed concern..sometimes its that ONE party in the crowd that restores ones’ faith in humanity and re-energizes you !

    Keep up the good fight……we all know its not easy !

  83. KathJuliane February 17, 2012 @ 9:08 pm

    China is uncharacteristically making a diplomatic appearance in Syria…hmmm

    AMMAN/BEIRUT (Reuters – excerpts)

    Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zhai Jun arrived in Damascus after the U.N. General Assembly passed a resolution telling the increasingly isolated president to halt the crackdown and surrender power.

    China, along with Russia, had voted against the motion and says Syria must be allowed to resolve its problems without being dictated terms by foreign powers. China has also repeatedly said it opposes sanctions or the use of force in Syria.

    Zhai said upon arriving in Damascus he would strive to “play a positive role” and “make some contribution” to seeking a “proper solution to the Syrian issue,” Xinhua news agency said in a brief report.

    China’s embassy in Damascus said Zhai would meet his Syrian counterpart on Friday night, hold talks with Assad on Saturday and also meet opposition figures in Damascus.
    Tunisia, which is hosting a meeting on Syria next week, said on Friday Arab countries would encourage the fractured Syrian opposition to unite before they would recognize them as a government-in-waiting.

    Israeli Arabs held demonstrations against Assad on Friday, and in Cairo Egyptian and Syrian protesters outside the Syrian embassy demanded the expulsion of the Syrian ambassador, calling him a remnant of Assad’s government.

    Exclusive: Venezuela ships fuel to war-torn Syria

    CARACAS/GENEVA (Reuters) – The government of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez is emerging as a rare supplier of diesel to Syria, potentially undermining Western sanctions and helping the Syrian government fuel its military in the middle of a bloody crackdown on civilian protests.

    A cargo of diesel, which can be used to fuel army tanks or as heating fuel, was expected to arrive at Syria’s Mediterranean port of Banias this week, according to two traders and shipping data. The cargo could be worth up to $50 million.
    “The aggressions against Syria are continuing,” Chavez said in a speech last month. “It’s the same formula they (the West) used against Libya: inject violence, inject terrorism from abroad and later invoke the United Nations to intervene.”
    Last but least:

    Obummer’s knickers are getting really knotted this presidential election year. Sent his National Security Advisor Tom Donilon scuttling to Tel Aviv.

    At a crucial time in the standoff over Iran’s suspect nuclear weapon, President Obama is sending his national security adviser to Israel from February 18-20 to discuss that tense showdown as well as the bloody crackdown in Syria, the White House announced Friday.

    Tom Donilon will meet with senior Israeli officials to discuss “a range of issues, including Iran, Syria,” the White House said in a statement.

    The statement also noted that Donilon’s visit “is the latest in a series of regular, high-level consultations between the United States and Israel, consistent with our strong bilateral partnership, and part of our unshakable commitment to Israel’s security,”


  84. bubba February 17, 2012 @ 10:59 pm

    Get the Palestinians out and then push the RED button…

  85. Makaveli February 17, 2012 @ 11:00 pm

    Same goes for other useful movie enemy roles: Arabs (watch out for movies on Syria!), Japanese, Russians, Serbs, “White supremacists,” Christians and all other that dare oppose the Jew World Order.

    Good point, even the so called German government which is not even German (bubba pointed this out too though it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out) same goes for other EU states.

    Here is the German documentary :

    There are other similar documentaries all around Europe from different perspectives starting with: Russia, Greece, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Spain, and Armenia.

    They are not going to rest till Christianity is diminished completely starting with first and foremost ORTHODOX Christianity.

    Kosovo was inhabited with thousands of Serbian churches/monasteries hence the name Metohija which means ‘Holy Land.’ 1/3 of these were blown up, destroyed and demolished (within first three months of the NATO, U.S., Kosovo Liberation Army invasion).

    Like the Orthodox St. Nikolai said: (who was later poisoned here in America for speaking out against the Jew & Communism).

    “[Europe] is presently the main battlefield of the Jew and his father, the devil, against the heavenly Father and his only begotten Son. […] [Jews] first need to become legally equal with Christians in order to repress Christianity next, turn Christians into faithless, and step on their necks.

    “All the modern European slogans have been made up by Jews, the crucifiers of Christ: democracy, strikes, socialism, atheism, tolerance of all faiths, pacifism, universal revolution, capitalism and communism… All of these are invention of the Jews and their father, the Devil.

    One more thing, Polish Jew Tito (aka Josif Walter Weiss), was the one who created the so called state of Macedonia. In Macedonia he is basically viewed as a savior, the creation of such state created further problems for the Balkans region, ethnically, religiously and politically.

    The Macedonian Orthodox Church or is a jurisdiction in the Republic of Macedonia which declares itself to be autocephalous. It separated from the Church of Serbia in 1967 (thanks to Communism). Its self-proclaimed autocephaly is not officially recognized by ANY OTHER Orthodox churches, nor is it in communion with ANY OF THEM.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  86. Snowy Smith February 18, 2012 @ 12:18 am

    When are the AMERICANS going to grow some balls and get rid of those WARMONGERING JEWS in their Government?

    Impeach OBAMA for LIES, LIES, LIES and more LIES.
    Impeach OBAMA for THEFT, FRAUD and Corruption.
    Arrest all the JEWS in his WAR Government.
    Arrest the WARMONGERING JEWS for polluting the Whole World with CANCER causing RADIATION for 1000 years.

    When are the AMERICANS going to grow some balls and get rid of those WARMONGERING JEWS in their Government?

  87. Henrik Hanell, Sweden February 18, 2012 @ 6:15 am

    This week the Swedish regime (they deserve that epithet) declared their foreign political strategy.

    The minister for foreign affairs, Carl Bildt, told the parliament and the people (the speech was broadcasted by the stateowned radio network) that “Bashar al-Assads days were numbered.”

    Minister Bildt should know what he is talking about since he is a member of the Trilateral Comission and the Bilderberg group. He also spoke about the “importance of keeping the Middle East a zone free of nuclear weapons” and of course mentioned Iran. Not a word about Israeli WMDs though. Surprise, surprise…

    All of the so-called “democracies” in the western world are now more or less governed by Jewish-controlled puppets.

    Keep fighting the good fight Brother Nathanael!

  88. Lara February 18, 2012 @ 7:17 am

    @ Snowy Smith

    It is encouraging that Putin has vowed to defend persecuted Christians abroad…and the growing strength of the Russian Orthodox Christian Church.

  89. Jim Reeves February 18, 2012 @ 8:56 am

    I have recently discovered another gem of a genius of God.

  90. Brother Nathanael February 18, 2012 @ 10:47 am


    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    I got back late last night after a long session in Times Square Friday February 17 2012.

    Because it stopped raining as it did all day and night Thursday the pedestrians were in a much better mood.

    HOWEVER, the SAME apathy and total INDIFFERENCE evinced by White Americans, except for a few devout Christians, continued unabated.

    (Three readers of Real Zionist News who were all Christians Did come up to me and gave me a warm hello and that was VERY encouraging.)

    But no sooner did the third one greet me and begin to walk away that a young man in his twenties from America walked up to me and gave me the middle finger with a very strong fervent attitude.

    I also see a lifeless spirit in the faces and demeanor of Americans. The college-age youth look jaded and even decadent. The young American girls look like they have been used up through fornication.

    AGAIN, it was ONLY the tourists from FOREIGN nations that showed tremendous enthusiasm and support for what I was doing.

    Two groups of Chinese men were particularly enthusiastic.

    The first group were business men from Canton who (of course they all have cameras and love to take pictures of anything that is in front of them) ALL wanted to stand with me by the Holy Cross and put their arms around me for individual photos. They each individually kept on saying to me, “You’re my brother!” You’re my brother!”

    The next group about a half hour later was from Shanghai and they TOO had the SAME huge enthusiasm and each individually were eager to put their arms around me ALL with the same verbal response. I was utterly flabbergasted and Christ’s words to the Jews came to mind:

    “The kingdom is taken from you and given to another who are more worthy than you.”

    Americans have REJECTED Christ.

    Thus they have CUT THEMSELVES OFF from Christ and the HOPE of saving society that He offers.

    Thus, Americans have given their nation over to the JEWS.

    Only hope in CHRIST and a STRONG CHRISTIAN front — NOT “revolution”– (which will never happen anyways since Americans are soft, passive, and easily manipulated…the FEMA Camps will have plenty of fries, ketchup, and even Dunkin Donuts), can save America.

    “Militias” will NOT save America since the US military will utilize its own non White soldiers and UN foreign forces to quash militia activity quickly and brutally. (Satellite and drone technology will move swiftly and effectively…they already know who andwhere the militias are and thus have their targets on them ready to strike.)

    BUT I WILL KEEP ON FIGHTING holding HIGH the Holy Cross and Will KEEP ON WRITING and doing VIDEOS so long as FINANCIAL HELP does not continue its downward trend. (It is getting seriously troubling and worrisome.)

    Will you please consider helping me to continue this, our ministry?

    TO DONATE via PayPal, Click:

    OR: (PayPal Button On Top Right)

    To Donate Using Click & Pledge CLICK:

    Donations By MAIL:

    The Brother Nathanael Foundation; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    With Much Love AND Appreciaton In Christ To All!

    Your +Brother In Christ, Nathanael

  91. Martin Dobrowolski February 18, 2012 @ 12:40 pm

    Hallo Everybody,

    Thank you Brother for your fight.

    This is the crisis of the family. The end of the beautiful family.

    The elimination entire classes, for example, farmers and the elimination other professions. The man replaced by by machines and high unemployment. Family breakdown due to travel for jobs and a big time of the work. Are the Zionists from the U.S. elite impose the social processes?

    Capitalism leads to monopoly capitalism Marx wrote about that. Technological development leads to the fact that people are useless for the elite. Maybe the anarchists are right?


  92. bubba February 18, 2012 @ 2:39 pm

    At least the Zioncysts are into recycling:

    What Happened At Pearl Harbor

    Same Game (Version 2012) as we speak ?

  93. anti-zionist February 18, 2012 @ 4:01 pm

    Yes, Brother,

    What you experienced in NYC this week, does demonstrate what I have observed personally about the rejection of Jesus, the embrace of Jewish principles, from Americans.

    The worship of evil and satanism during the ‘entertainment’ at the SuperBowl (both teams owned by Jews) and the Grammies, was completely frightening to good Christians, but embraced by all else.

  94. bubba February 18, 2012 @ 4:22 pm

    Israeli Granny: “Jews are crooks!”


    Also: I see the “Allied Zionist Colony of Germany” is the new Zio straw man, catching the wrath of the Greeks, via the technocratic dictatorship and its ” bailout” economic terms being imposed on Greece, after Goldman Sachs seduced the Politicians and thus raped and pillaged the Greek citizens.

    Thus the string-pulling Rothschilds can sit in London and watch Europe plunge into another chaotic bloodbath.

  95. KathJuliane February 18, 2012 @ 5:39 pm

    Report: In a major violation of sovereign air space, US military drones operating over Syria (Press TV)

    A new report reveals that the US military has dispatched a number of unmanned military and intelligence drones for operations in Syrian skies.

    US drones are monitoring “the Syrian military attacks against opposition forces and civilians,” NBC News reported citing unnamed US defense officials.

    According to the report, Washington hopes to use the overhead evidence and communications to make a case for widespread international response against Syria.

    The White House, the State Department and the Pentagon have lately discussed possible humanitarian missions in Syria, NBC News said.

    The report added that such missions would almost be impossible without US military intervention.

    Pentagon officials say drones used to gather evidence to make case for international response; 40 Turkish intelligence officials captured in Syria, Assad regime claims Israel’s Mossad trained them. (Ha’aretz)

    …The resolution passed by the United Nations General Assembly condemning Syria, supported by 137 countries, has not impressed the Syrian regime which is only escalating its war against the opposition and widening its war zones.

    [This is an Israeli paper, remember. It is not a war against the “Opposition” but the Syrian government’s lawful policing action against foreign-backed belligerents, and foreign infiltration.]

    Russia continues to come to aid of the Assad regime with weapon shipments, and on Friday two Iranian warships passed through the Suez Canal on the way to Tartus port in Syria.

    Western officials fear that Iranian military presence along with Russian aid could turn Syria into a center of international friction much worse than the struggle inside Syria.
    They fear that the control over actions in Syria will be taken over by a Russian-Iranian “partnership” which would exclude the European Union and Turkey and that U.S. involvement could be too late and inefficient.

    Turkey fears this development after a diplomatic crisis erupted with Syria when more than 40 Turkish intelligence officers were captured by the Syrian army.

    Over the past week, Turkey has been conducting intensive negotiations with Syria in order to secure their freedom, and Syria insists that their release will be conditioned on the extradition of Syrian officers and soldiers that defected and are currently in Turkey.

    Syria also conditioned the continuation of the negotiations on Turkey’s blockade of weapon transfers and passage of soldiers from the rebels’ Free Syria Army through its territory. It also demanded that Iran sponsor the negotiations of releasing the Turkish officers.

  96. etterling February 18, 2012 @ 6:20 pm

    Dear BN:

    Postings related to part-Jewish personalities are going a bit too far, as examples vindicate their truly commitment against Zionism:

    In WWII Germany there was Milch, in charge of aircraft production; Heidrich, in charge of the SD, top national security; general Vilberg, who planned the Polish campaign, to name a few.-

    Also, the fact over 200.000 members of the Wehrmacht were also part ethnic Jew.-

    Putin´s mother was also reportedly Jewish, and converted to the Orthodox Church and secretly baptised her son Vladimir.-

    Personal positions — In the case of Jew ancestry, a person should be judged by actions, and the web itself, has several pages of ethnically Jewish people critical of Zionism and Israel. To name a few: Lilenthal, Hoffman, Roy Tov, and lets not forget of Mordechai Vanunu, who told the world about Israel secret nuclear weapon manufacturing.-

    What´s more dangerous IMO than crypto-Jews, who sooner or later could be discovered, is a person belonging to Masonry, Gentiles turned into synthetic Jews and making decisions that always play in favour of Zionist designs, without the “yarmulka,” and in key political posts in US, EU, ONU, as the single political party ruling the West.-

    American average folks have an onion peel in their eyes about masonic matters, unless they take due notice of the masonic ruinous role in most relevant aspects of American life, the present course of events cannot be changed.-

  97. KathJuliane February 18, 2012 @ 6:28 pm

    Dear Wotan,

    Thank you for your wise and sensible words.

    Dear Andrew Jackson,

    You brought some different insights that are simply not brought up about President al-Assad and his family.

    There always seems to be this push to portray the enemies of the Zionist entity & the JewSA in the worst possible light, especially Middle Easterners and those of Arab ethnicity.

    The other mention you made that 70% of Syrians support the al-Assad government seems to pan out.

    Virtually banished from Western media are any pictures of the vast majority of loyalists who turn out in what looks like tens of thousands of pro-Assad demonstrations.

    And, I didn’t see anywhere on Western MSM the tens of thousands of people who spontaneously rushed to the streets and various intersections to greet the Russian delegation along its route.

    Even doing a google on any Syrian pictures, visually, the photo collection is overwhelmingly biased towards the foreign-backed armed Opposition holding their version of the Syrian flag (green, white, black stripes with three red stars), with very few photos of the crowds of the loyalists holding and waving the official Syrian flag (red, white & black stripes with two green stars).

    I was suprised to find out from you that Bashar Al-Assad is actually an MD in Opthamology, and decided to see what else I could find out.

    I ran across this article in The Atlantic, which then led me to a very interesting human interest “glamour” article in Vogue Magazine which was published just as the Syrian unrest began to break out last year.

    The Vogue article was completely scrubbed from everywhere! Only one private person has kept a copy on the Internet!

    The Atlantic is of course Jew-owned, however, it was an interesting article even with its Jewish sarcasms and benign contempt as a hit piece on the Al-Assad regime.

    The Vogue article, despite being a now banished PR/human interest piece, revealed much about the Al-Assad family from the time of their marriage to raising their family: progressive conservatives, cultured, unabashed Syrian nationalists who can easily get along with Christians, Europeans and Americans, moderate Muslims, and of course the Alawites.

    The presidential family seems mild-mannered, very modest in manners and life-style, and live in what we would probably say was a hard-working, “upper middle class” ethnic American professional family.

    From a Vogue article which was published just as the things erupted last year in Syria, the al-Assad family live in full view of their neighbors without much in the way of special security; traveled around in regular vehicles, and such.

    The piece has a great photo of Dad on the floor playing cars with the kids at Christmas, because Christmas is a part of Syrian culture. Sure, it was a kind of a glamour piece meant for PR in the West, but the quality, strength and inner peace of these people really shone through.

    I wouldn’t normally promote a secular kind of “Americanized” Christmas photo, but in this case, what an antidote to the Jew-owned media’s portrayals of al-Assad as a desert madman.

    And this paragraph was striking, compared to the major security measures required for our own presidential office:

    “The old al-Assad family apartment was remade into a child-friendly triple-decker playroom loft surrounded by immense windows on three sides.

    “With neither shades nor curtains, it’s a fishbowl. Asma al-Assad likes to say, “You’re safe because you are surrounded by people who will keep you safe.”

    Neighbors peer in, drop by, visit, comment on the furniture. The president doesn’t mind: “This curiosity is good: They come to see you, they learn more about you. You don’t isolate yourself.”” (see Vogue article link below.)

    From other things that I’ve read, they seem to be a very generous family it appears with time and talent committed to the Syrian people.

    British-born of two upper class Syrian Sunni Muslims, Asma al-Assad is very busy with her “central mission to change the mind-set of six million Syrians under eighteen, encourage them to engage in what she calls “active citizenship.”

    “It’s about everyone taking shared responsibility in moving this country forward, about empowerment in a civil society. We all have a stake in this country; it will be what we make it.”

    She is also heavily committed to her cultural restoration and preservation activities for everything Syrian, which means a respect for the basic plural society of the Syrian people.

    Anyway, I hope you and other RZN family may appreciate these links and the small glimpse into the Syrian regime’s life.

  98. bubba February 18, 2012 @ 7:28 pm

    Congress Approves 30,000 Spy Drones Over America As US Police State Tightens

    Predator Drones (aka capabilities)

  99. KC February 19, 2012 @ 7:26 am

    It makes sense – the Whites are like Jews also because they follow Jew lies. Something is REALLY wrong..

    This is really hard..The ‘lifeless-ness’ is worse than outright anger or some sort of emotion.

    I have come to NY occasionally and not only there did I see what Br. Nat says, but the more I try to live a Christian life (and I am not consistent on it, one of the reasons this topic bothers me – I can relate to myself!!), the more people’s eyes and the look of the faces becomes evident. I started to pay attention.

    Sometimes its striking, this lack of life in the eyes.

    What bothers me is my Slavic brothers and sisters, with an abandoned sense of Christianity, following the Jew mass culture — same ‘mask’.

    The Jew mass culture and academia is really one large Beast.

    I don’t know how on Earth this huge thing manages to function but it’s function is detrimental to itself.

    In the dark night the stars shine brighter.

  100. Gary Jacobucci February 19, 2012 @ 10:47 am

    Re: Putin Trumps Zionist Plan For Syria

    Brother Nathanael, there is an interesting reading that was done by American mystic Edgar Cayce (1877-1945)…

    “Russia will become beacons of hope for the world.”

    Increasingly, this seems to be the case.

  101. arjan February 19, 2012 @ 12:23 pm

    Dear RZN family,

    Here is an idea:

    Brother Nathanael is not writing his dissertations to convince intellectuals. He has to focus on the farmers and the working class. They are the only ones with common sense.

    What I mean is people that make an honest product with their hands. It can not be lied about. This is the same group Jesus’ Apostles came from. They in turn went to the masses.

    RZN is a movement that has to come from the ground up. To think a big donation from a rich guy is going to help our cause is not true. Instead we need to appeal to the farmers and workers.

    If Brother Nathanael could address them directly and appeal to them directly in a video he would give them a chance to let their voices be heard.

    A practical thing to do may be to locate a working class farming town, with European Christian roots and do a street evangelism trip to it, to test this idea.

    If that works, Brother Nathanael could skip the big cities.

    What are your thoughts, RZN family?

    PS Brother Nathanael asked me to post this as he is still in Jew York, but he has a small Iowa town on the agenda for street evangelism.


  102. wotan February 19, 2012 @ 12:24 pm

    @ etterling February 18, 2012 @ 6:20 pm

    What is an ethnic Jew?

    Is that a Jew with a hooknose and crooked legs? Or one with the typical Arab-Semitic appearance of his geographic origins? What is a part-ethnic Jew? And what is a non-ethnic Jew?

    And can you perhaps explain your reasons why you would in one instance say a glass of water is half full and the next moment you would say that the same glass of water is half empty?

    What drives you to describe certain people as part-ethnic Jews instead of as part-ethnic members of the Nordic race? If the sister of my great-grandmother had associated with a Jew, most probably without even knowing that he was one, does this mean I am a Jew?

    Population counts in pre-war Germany show that about 750,000 people had defined themselves as Jews.

    It is impossible that of those 750,000, of which a good deal were interned after outbreak of hositlities as citizens of an enemy state (Jewish declaration of war in 1933), that of the remaining 300,000, who lived through the war in freedom, a lot of them as children, women and old men, that out of these 300,000 no less than 200,000 were members of the Wehrmacht – as you seem to believe.

    Perhaps you can you let me know a little more about the mathematics of that? On the other hand, if the people, who served in the Wehrmacht did not refer to themselves as Jews, why do you (?!) want to turn them into Jews? 750,000 Jews among 80 million Germans!

    It is likely that a lot of interbreeding took place under such circumstances. How else could Nordic looking people like Heidrich et al be brought into connection with Jews? But when 750,000 Jews interbreed with 80 million Germans do you feel it is more likely that all the Germans get Jewish or it is more likely, over a long period of time, that all the Jews are getting German?

    Or does this mean, in the short term, that it is ca. 10 x less likely that Germans aquire Jewish attributes than that Jews aquire German attributes? And if, as some claim, there was no interbreeding, where would all the Nordic looking Jews come from, who, by ethnic definition, cannot be racial Jews, but can be Jews solely by frame of their mind?

    Questions over questions, dear etterling and I bet you’ll find it difficult to answer all of them!?

  103. bubba February 19, 2012 @ 12:28 pm

    There a numerous political cartoons showing the Jews encircling the world like a snake, or massive claws in death grip etc.

    I’ve looked back in my 50+ years at what happened?

    I still recall prayers in Public School, the “Strap” etc.

    I wasn’t quite sure of what a Jew was, but I always found it interesting how many Jewish sounding names lead various social political movements. Of course, at the time, the term Judeo-Christian got welded together.

    So they basically “koom bay ya’d” us into believing that they, as the Chosen people (not Chosen one), are who we should follow. Like the Pied Piper, they are leading us from a restrictive society to a freer one and breaking down various barriers.

    Then I started to put the brakes on — I hit this wall. This “freer” society was on continual FLUSH, it stunk — this was a trap. Why does one see so much misery and discontent 50 years later?

    I’m off to Sunday Services soon, and the Mass will be full of Asian and Filipino families, grandparents, teenagers. It is the crucial family unit. Yes, there are Caucasians, with families, but outnumbered.

    In hindsight, I look back at the moments that were seductive hooks to society and many took the bait. It was slow and accumulative. I suppose I was spiritually “brainwashed” into what was Right vs Wrong early on and thus knew when to apply the brakes — before the Zio trap took control.

  104. anti-zionist February 19, 2012 @ 1:15 pm

    Bubba, I will pray for you and all the RZN family, while I am attening Catholic Mass this evening.

    Is it true that Putin’s mother was allegedly Jewish, and upon reaching maturity, converted to Christianity, Orthodox in fact?

    “The Syrian Connection” video at RT goes into Russia’s efforts to mediate, and has commentary by Prof. Joseph Cheng about the efforts of China and Russia to dampen U.S. of Israel’s domination in the Middle East.

    And I appreciate arjan’s comment to us, above; it is not mainly the intellectuals who attend my beautiful well-maintained Church, but the working class, the very vast majority of whom are White.

  105. Kirk February 19, 2012 @ 2:13 pm

    “PS Brother Nathanael asked me to post this as he is still in Jew York, but he has a small Iowa town on the agenda for street evangelism.” — Arjan

    Postville IA would be a good place. Brother Nathanael might need some trained body guards to accompany him though.

    For those here who don’t know about Postville, Iowa, please use the below link as a reference for digging deeper into the depths of this sickening story.

    It is a microcosm of what has happened to America and a picture of what is to become of the entire country; it really already has.

    More kosher fun:

    I think it was our Brother Bubba who made reference a week or so ago about the this year’s Purim Fest.

    He showed clear-headed analysis in mentioning this. It is coming up on March 7-8 and I would mark it on your calendar, because the kosher commandos do indeed tend to recreate modern day ritual slaughter on this date. A full moon will also accompany this year’s Purim Fest.

    There has been predictive programming done concerning the 2012 Olympics in London this year as there was about NYC skyscrapers and the date 9-11. A little research here will give all a reason to be concerned about this summer as well.

    Be aware….and pray to Christ The Redeemer.

    He warned us for good reason.

  106. bubba February 19, 2012 @ 3:21 pm

    Thanks Brothers and Sisters….

    I usually dismissed numerology, hidden meanings in signs as just tarot card reading quacks.

    However, the more one digs into History, Judaism, the Freemasons, Illuminati, the more one sees that those in power actually BELIEVE this crap, and it guides their decisions over us.

    I am not a prophet, but the “Satanic Math” seems to imply 2012 will be a year to be on guard physically and spiritually.

  107. wotan February 19, 2012 @ 3:29 pm

    @ etterling

    February 18, 2012 @ 6:20 pm

    You are saying:

    “…Putin’s mother was also reportedly Jewish, and converted to the Orthodox Church and secretly baptised her son Vladimir…”

    Hello Etterling, how do you do? Can you tell me who reported that Putin’s mother was Jewish and what evidence the source is offering?

    At which Russian synagogue did Putin’s mother renounce her Jewish faith? And in which Russian town, and in which administrative locality of the Russian Orthodox Church did Putin’s mother show up to register for the first time as Christian Orthodox?

    Further: If the baptising of Putin was secret how did you learn about it? Can you state at which place and in which year the secret ceremony took place? And please clarify your message and / or your conclusion: Are you suggesting Putin is a Jew? Or a half-Jew?

    Or none at all? And if he were a Jew, would that be good or bad? Or would you find it better if he was a non-ethnic half-Jew by failed registration?

    Finally, the doubts you are trying to create about Putin’s religious and/or racial background, in what relation might that stand to what you believe Putin should be doing as Russian President?

    Should he get out of Syria and out of Iran and support the Israeli Agenda?

  108. A Little Common Sense February 19, 2012 @ 9:58 pm

    @ Wotan…

    Zionism is only half of Globalism. The other half is anti-Zionism.

    Leave you with this thought.

  109. Marina February 20, 2012 @ 4:58 am

    I agree with Wotan’s view on the matter. Jewishness is, first and foremost, a frame of mind, a certain way of acting and thinking.

    To define as a ‘Jew’ any person who happens to have a Jewish ancestor, close or distant, is contrary to logic and also harmful.

    As a result of this thinking a great deal of people can be a little bit Jewish. As a result of this thinking, for example, a Spanish Catholic saint of the 16th century, a famous Carmelite nun, Teresa of Avilla should be referred to as a Jew because her grandparents were Jewish converts to Christianity.

    Putin’s mother had a somewhat unsual maiden surname and on the basis of that some people suggest she may have been Jewish. Others argues that the name comes from an ancient Slavic word. But whatever her original background was, she was a Christian and she was a convinced Christian at that as she had her son baptized in secret.

    You do not baptize your children in an officially atheist country such as the former Soviet Union if you do not feel attached to your traditions or religious beliefs, do you?

    It is usually not known but a certain portion of the Jewish population in the Soviet Union, especially the Russified Jewish bourgoisie or middle-class converted to Christianity. One of the best examples could be Father Alexander Men whose mother converted to Christianity during the 30s and had him baptized a few months after his birth.

    Regardless of what ancestors Putin or Achmadinedjad have, both men are serving the interests of their respectivce countries, both men stand for their countries’ culture and heritage, both are good patriots.

    The late Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Aleksei II, was half German (Baltic German, more specifically). His ancestros on the father’s side were ethnically German but they identified themselves with Russia and so he identified himself with Russia.

    P.S. I read this site quite often and I must admit it is very interesting and a real eye-opener to people unfamiliar with the problem or people – and they make up the majority – whose minds have been confused or enslaved to such a degree that they can’t see what is so totally obvious.

  110. bubba February 20, 2012 @ 12:08 pm

    The Jewish question is somewhat of a riddle. There are atheist Jews, Orthodox Jews, Reform Jews, Zionist Jews, Anti-Zionist Jews.

    However, it appears that mush of the world has been co-opted into thinking Jew = Israel and vice versa.

    After researching the topic, it appears that the Zionist leaders have won.

    Like Jim Jones, they have brainwashed many of their membership into a superiority belief, can do no wrong, go out in a blaze of glory if need be.

    Unlike Jim Jones, they have done the aforementioned to the rest of us.

    These people are in a class all to themselves, so evil that never is enough. Evil is an addictive drug, they can’t get enough.


    I will post an interesting video I discovered about Polish History and Jews. Quite interesting and explains a lot .

  111. Snowy Smith February 20, 2012 @ 12:20 pm

    Congratulation Brother N
    Another winner of a Video.

    Democracy in Libya?
    Democracy in USA?


    THANK YOU Mr. Putin for having the GUTS to say enough is enough.

  112. etterling February 20, 2012 @ 12:44 pm

    @Wotan and @Marina:

    To define who is a “Jew” has been an unaccomplished Israel State goal since its 1948 Palestine inception.-

    To any rabbi, the child born to a Jewish mother is Jewish.-

    Ceremonial circumsicion practised by a rabbi, can make anyone a Jew, even if not born from a Jewish a mother, as would be the case of a Gentile adopting the Jewish religion as happened with the Jews of the Khazar (Caucasian) or the Donmeh (Turkish) people.-

    The reference to a Semitic ancestry, as would be the case of Sephardi or Mizrahi people, would leave the Ashkenazim (European) or the Beta Israel or Falasha (Ethiopian) people not qualifying, as you can have respectively, a brown, fair or black individual outside the rule of common physical traits or phenotypes that anthropologically define a race; as well as the Arabians or the Armenians outside, both of accepted Semitic origin but of a different religion.-

    In the Third Reich, all main religions, Protestant, Catholic and Jewish, were state economically supported according to the registered parish numbers, until England decided to elliminate state support to the Jewish religion.

    So Germany did the same as was explained by the German ambassador to Roosvelt. (David L. Hoggan: “The Forced War: the origin and originators of WWII”)

    As we see, at least in Germany, there was a method to know who was Jewish, assuming the fact that was registered by synagogue records.-

    In the matter of part-Jewish fighting in the Wehrmacht, the reference is American Military University´s work of Bryan Mark Rigg, “Hitler´s Jewish soldiers”: The untold story of nazi racial links and men of Jewish descent in the German military ( University Press of Kansas, Modern War Studies, May 2002),

    According to the Blood Protection Laws of 1935 there were specific allowances in cases of half-Jews and national loyalty.-

    Besides, it is worth to include the case of Rear Admiral Karl Kuhlenthal who wrote to Adm Raeder “… I am half Jew, and I have a Jewish wife, consequently, in accordance to the Nuremberg Laws, I am a Jew,” worried about loosing his pension and properties, he secured an excemption from Hitler and kept all the benefits.-

    There is also the case of Alwin-Broder Albrecht, fully Jew, who after a very acrimonious argument between Raeder, who wanted him out of the Kriegsmarine for intending to marry a liberal woman, and Hitler who defended him; became the Fuhrer´s personal adjutant.-

    Let’s not forget to mention the Warburg case, when Hitler was consulted Schacht about he remaining as a high official in the staff of the new Reich Bank organization, Hitler decided in favouring Warburg´s keeping his post.-

    National loyalty was more taken into consideration than any other issue regarding the Jewish extraction of anyone, as facts end to prove and as far as Hitler decisions is concerned.-

    Ethnicity, as defined by tradition or learned cultural behaviour is different than race which can defined as a set of biological engineered features; ethnicity can be altered or mimicked through choices or beliefs, but not race.-

    For the US the Office of Managment and Budget (OMB) as well as the Census Bureau, race definition of a person takes into account social and cultural as well as ancestry other than scientific or biological indicatives.-

    Not a very precise method as bloodlines must be included.-

    In many cases, the hebrew word KAHAL, signals a strong pertainance to judaism that means that when somebody is a kahal belongs to the jewish community as opposite to the ANAKAHAL, those that remain outside.-

    I left Religion as a final and the most important analytical element in the issue.-

    As world history cannot be fully understood if Sacred History is put aside, the spotlight on the Jew people road since the beginning of times and its relation with GOD, till present times deserves a close look as it shifts from the original mission given to Abraham directly by the Lord, to the Jesus’ killing by the Sanhedrin, right after Him calling them the heirs of SATAN until today, with a central role in World affairs emanating from Jerusalem and the meaning of the word ISRAEL: the enemy of GOD, proven by the fact that Israel is mostly an atheist society.-

    Contradictions abound in many aspects of Judaism, as we see, claiming to be God´s chosen people on one side and on the other rejecting any notion of GOD; but nevertheless, there is an inward feeling within the Jewish that there is something allocated to them by some extraordinary mandate that makes them also superior to others and rightfully the world executives in every order.-

    Close inbreeding within group, common secret econo-political aims disguised as a religion, after several generations from ancient times, has replaced any spiritual conviction with material goals, and given Judaism’s followers the characteristic traits that makes them detectable at sight and supposedly a race, but in fact marked them as a warning to Gentiles of all to be expected from such a physical signatures and consequent actions.-

    Only true FAITH in GOD and the Message of Resurrection of his son Jesus can make things different, for the Jews to be the true chosen ones should preach the Gospel and forget the criminal Talmudic teachings which along history, has set them apart from mankind.-

  113. Robertvnik February 20, 2012 @ 1:27 pm

    @Seek the Truth

    ‘Zionist Jews are followers of King Solomon, the wicked son of King David’

    King Solomon is not like the modern day Zionist Jews. He made Israel great through God-given wisdom.

    No Bible scholar will deny that Solomon sinned when led astray by foreign wives. However no Bible scholar will deny that though he sinned: ‘yet among many nations was there no king like him, who was loved of his God.’ — Nehemiah 13:26. KJV

  114. hvt February 20, 2012 @ 2:10 pm

    “It is impossible that God should ever again recognize an “Israel after the flesh,” or re-establish the abolished Jewish ritual, or any part thereof.” Hebrews 10-1-12, Ephesians 2:14-22.

    “The death and resurrection of Christ abolished all national distinctions, so that now we know no man after the flesh.” 2 Corinthians 5:16

    “The cross of Jesus Christ has forever removed the ancient wall of partition between Jew and Gentile, has abolished all natural distinctions and has swept away the old covenant and all that was connected with it.”

    “Judaism has not improved or changed its nature during the nineteen (twenty) centuries of its existence in “this present evil world.” Its aim still is supremacy over the Gentiles, and its religious attitude is as uncompromisingly anti-Christian as it ever was.” — Philip Mauro — Things Which Soon Must Come To Pass

  115. etterling February 20, 2012 @ 2:33 pm

    Dear BN:

    Putin is an enigma as a typical Russian personality trait.-

    Notwithstanding his Orthodox Faith, Shlemonovna is his mother last name and rumoured to be of Jewish origin, nevertheless she was Orthodox Christian, too.-

    Medvedev is signaled as having a real Jewish mother, something that Jewish circles in Israel don’t want to be spread as not to spark Russian nationalistic feelings.-

    Putin, alleges a British MI6 agent, Tomlinson, who claims to have worked with him before his political carrier started, denounces Putin as a freemason who has since abandoned the lodge.-

    To be a true defendent of Christianity, Putin should start cleaning up Russia of the Jewish cabal controlling the economy and the source of poverty still prevailing in vast social sectors.

    As the rule in the West, economy has a great commanding voice in politics, proof to that is Russia denying S-300 missiles to Iran, and abstention vote in ONU regarding Libya, remains to be seen what would be Putin decision when Syria’s situation reaches a more critical point.-

    So, regarding Putin’s stand as Christianity world defender is just a matter of wait and see.-

  116. bubba February 20, 2012 @ 3:56 pm

    Iran cuts oil exports to UK and France


    Iran has halted oil shipments to Britain and France in an apparent pre-emptive blow against the European Union after the bloc imposed sanctions on Iran’s crucial fuel exports.

    The EU imposed tough sanctions against Iran last month, which included a freeze of the country’s central bank assets and an oil embargo set to begin in July.

    Iran’s Oil Minister Rostam Qassemi had warned earlier this month that Tehran could cut off oil exports to “hostile” European nations. The 27-nation EU accounts for about 18 per cent of Iran’s oil



    Also on Sunday, the secretary-general of Iran’s central bank said a decision by SWIFT, an international banking clearing house used by nearly every country and major corporation in the world, to shut Iran out from its respected network will not harm the country.

    “The country will not face any problems as a result of the SWIFT measures,” Mahmoud Ahmadi was quoted as saying by the official IRNA news agency. He added that Iran has been “pursuing alternative solutions” since Western nations imposed sanctions on Tehran. He did not elaborate.


    SHOWDOWN Time….

  117. wotan February 21, 2012 @ 5:33 am

    etterling February 20, 2012 @ 12:44 pm
    etterling February 20, 2012 @ 2:33 pm

    The relevant part of your comment can be seen solely in your opening remarks (12.44), in which you admit that the Jews themselves cannot agree over who is supposed to be a Jew.

    But believe me, dear Etterling, they recognise each other when they meet. In so far your eyes seem to be sharper than Jewish eyes, because the Jews don`t seem to recognise Putin and Amadinedschad as their brethren.

    That wouldn’t hinder them to spread false messages about them so as to avoid that the names Amadinedschad and Putin turn into geographical collection areas or spiritual anchor points for anti-Jewish movments (see Teheran conference of revisionists, Jürgen Graf resident in Moscow, Prof. Faurrisson recently in Teheran again, etc. etc.).

    Jewish moves are always clear, simple and of compelling logic. They are not directed at intellectuals, professional revisionists or, as Hoff would put it, Jew-wise people.

    Their target is the vast majority of people who allow themselves to be manipulated and within that majority you may even find dim-witted intellectuals or those who sold their souls to the devil for material advantage.

    By the way I have read Hoggan already in the seventies. He was one of the first who tried to show that WWII had many fathers.

    Regretfully he seems to have smashed to portable TV over the head of his wife and if I remember correctly this domestic matter was later frequently used to discredit his clean historic arguments and his volumable documentary references.

    That leads me on to the next and last point, Etterling. The optimistic way (for avoiding another word) in which you quote and cite as gospel truth anything you find in any book on Germany is hair-raising.

    Allow me therefore, as a balance to the Jewish case-load which you carry around with yourself, to recommend readings on the Hegelian “Wahrheitsbegriff,” a philosophy which, if I am not mistaken, has led to the Anglo-saxon aphorismus “history is written by the victors.”

    Consider the Wannsee Documents, which have been shown beyond doubt to be the dumbest forgeries imaginable (Johann Ley); or if you study the recently washed up electronic surveillance of German Generals in British custody allowed to be found by Irving and available only in transcript form (!!).

    And when you consider the low-witted and unintelligent dialogues that were invented for the highest generals of the German forces, you really must ask yourself how Germany was able to fight a six year war against all the major powers of this world and came more than once to the point where the fortunes of war seemed to turn in its favour.

    You see, Etterling, wilst Hegel criticized forgery as unacceptable, the Jews seem to use Hegel as justification for their lies. If you understand my subtle message maybe you will find it in future a little easier than the Jews to determine who belongs to that bunch of liars and who does not!

  118. etterling February 21, 2012 @ 5:07 pm

    Dear Wotan.

    It seems that we share certain suspicion on anything written about Germany.-

    Throughout the bulk of the ritual literature covering German people with a black shadow of criminality that seems to have no end, it is easy to conclude that there is not a single one going beyond the surface of facts and explaining the causes of German justified resentment against Jews, but very well explained by another exceptional Jew: Benjamin Freedman.-

    So, for those following a natural and logic deduction, not coming from the books, the answer would be: “Yes, the Jews brought defeat, hunger and misery to the German people, but it wasn’t right to send them to the concentration camps for gassing,” etc., and here we jump into another lie constructed upon the base of the camps existence.-

    What happened in the camps, which were labour camps, and the MSM tarnishing of Hitler as a “millionaire” executioner, has been and would be a long standing matter dividing people for a long time to come.-

    As a proven danger to the general welfare of the German people, Jews were rightfully denied access to public office.-

    And, as a consequence of Jew World Congress declaration of war and boycott against Germany they were rightfully secluded in concentration camps, as England did with South African Boers and the USA did with the Japanese and Japanese Americans.-

    As Germany needed manpower for the war effort, they were rightfully put to work, and were paid for their work, lagergeld was the currency used for canteen provision and other needs.-

    As it happens in every community people dies, and in certain places they are cremated, more when lack of space or more when the cause of death is typhus.-

    More to that is the fact that allied bombing prevented and ddisrupted camp´s food supply.-
    As the ONU stated in 1948, total death in concentration camps were 300,000, figure comprising all origins or nationalities.-

    As Michael Walsh rightfully states, lets go and check still available camp registry books to have the final number and put an end to the maligning of German people.-

    To all this, it must said that being a Jew in 1933-1945 Germany was not a necessarily or sufficient reason qualifying for a concentration camp passport, prove to the fact is that 30% of German practicing physicians in 1941 were Jews with more patients allocated than Gentile MDs.-

    Unsympathetic toward the Jews didn’t mean that Hitler was not a practical man who cared more for the general benefit of decisions irrespective of the Mein Kamf merits.-

    Perhaps, also against the generalized, wrong and vulgar opinion profusedly and intermittently spread by MSM, in the matter of sincere conversions we must take a serious look at the Spanish Inquisition, not a Church contrivance, as it usually seems to point the ignorance, but a King’s decision in consultance with the Church, to determine in every single case, when a “new” Christian was honestly a disciple of Jesus, and not a secretly Talmudic follower.-

    To that end, even members of the clergy were under scrutiny, like Fray Luis de Leon, a prominent Church figure of the times.-

    Thanks to the Inquisition, as a Government Intelligence Office, Spain was able to hold together the Kingdom and the Empire, against the combined intrigues of England and unsincere “converted” Jews, for over 300 years.-

    Once the French troops invaded Spain, archives and records of the Inquisition fell into freemasonry hands, so the story is told by them, and Spain fell into 100 years of civil war, anarchy and lost the empire.-

  119. bubba February 21, 2012 @ 10:29 pm

    Iranian army (((Must Watch !!!)))

  120. Martin Dobrowolski February 22, 2012 @ 1:24 pm

    Hallo Everybody,


    “Britain at risk from ‘GoldenEye’ electromagnetic pulse attack from space, MPs warn Britain’s critical national infrastructure could be crippled in a high-altitude space attack by a rogue state or terrorists, MPs have warned.

    However, an official EMP commission in the United States found “rogue states” such as IRAN and nuclear-armed NORTH KOREA were well aware of the potential for such an attack.”


  121. Mohammad February 22, 2012 @ 1:38 pm

    Synagogue of Satan wants all non Luciferians killed. Synagogue of Satan…..

  122. Jim Reeves February 22, 2012 @ 2:01 pm

    Good video Bubba, those troops are highly disciplined and motivated.

    If there is war with Israel unfortunately the USA will be there and all the other little lap dogs of the Jews like Britain and France etc.

    Once air supremacy is gained through technological superiority in electronics warfare by the Zionist puppet zombie war machine, it will just be a matter of time before they give up the ghost with a sustained bombing campaign alla Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia, Bosnia etc

    For those of you who have not heard of Pastor Bertrand Comparet he is a remarkable individual. I highly recomend this video on Youtube for all white Christians.

    For those of you who are new to this site and don’t know about the work of the Zionists I highly recomend this video.

    E-mail the link to friends and family and people you know are brainwashed.

    And Part Two

    Strength to you Brother Nathanael

  123. bubba February 22, 2012 @ 2:56 pm

    Matters in Syria haven’t been moving fast enough for the EU and their EEAS.

    The European Union External Action Service:

    “The EU has sought to develop a closer relationship to Syria, which would provide for political dialogue, mutually beneficial trade and investment relations, and cooperation on economic, social and democratic reform.”

    Syria is a signatory of the 1995 Barcelona Declaration and a member of the Union for the Mediterranean launched in 2008.

    Syria is also a member of the European Neighbourhood Policy, but does not yet benefit from all its instruments and incentives, pending entry into force of the EU-Syria Association Agreement.

    2007 – 2013

    In the meantime, NYSE and German Stock Exchange Merge

    It’s a deal: Deutsche Börse and the New York Stock Exchange announced Tuesday that they plan to merge, creating the world’s largest exchange, listing thousands of stocks.

    Under the terms of the deal, Deutsche Börse shareholders will own 60 percent of the company—which will be headquartered in New York but incorporated in the Netherlands—and NYSE shareholders will own the rest.

    While the companies say the deal creates a juggernaut, some American politicians and business leaders have wrung their hands over it, saying it represents the decline of U.S. business.


    Interesting….One commenter noted that this merger will remove whatever regulatory scrutiny is left in the US.

  124. Makaveli February 22, 2012 @ 4:02 pm


    We all know this, the U.S. and the West has been funding terrorists in Balkans in early and late 90’s against Eastern Orthodox Christians.

    Hence you’ll have all the Eastern Orthodox in that specific region against the Muslims, since Muslims have been butchering/killing/forcefully converting people for over 500 years it shows your unfamiliarity with history. Muslims cannot coexist with us Orthodox Slavs/Romanians/Greeks.

    Some quotes from the Muslim Holy Book:

    Christians (who believe in only part of the Scripture), will suffer in this life and go to hell in the next. 2:85

    The curse of Allah is on disbelievers. 2:89

    Don’t be friends with non-Muslims. They all hate you and want to ruin you. 3:118

    “Is one who followeth the pleasure of Allah as one who hath earned condemnation from Allah, whose habitation is the Fire?”

    Unbelievers will burn forever in the Fire. 3:162

    Those who ascribe a partner to Allah (like Christians do with Jesus and the Holy Spirit) will not be forgiven. They have “invented a tremendous sin.” 4:48, 4:116

    Christians are disbelievers for believing in the divinity of Christ. 5:17

    Christians are losers. 5:53

    Christians are evil-livers. 5:59

    Christians will be burned in the Fire. 5:72

    Christians are wrong about the Trinity. For that they will have a painful doom. 5:73

    Fight against Christians “until they pay the tribute readily, being brought low.” 9:29

    Jesus was not the Son of God. Those who say he was (Christians) are going to hell. 19:35-37

    Christians will cry out to Allah’s “partners,” but they won’t hear them; Allah will send them to their doom. 18:52

    Allah will taunt the Christians in hell, saying: Where are all my partners that you used to believe in? 40:73

    If anything Putin will fund Iran, on the premise to destroy U.S. which is what U.S. has been doing to others around the globe.

    I don’t think your ancestors have been subjugated to such cruelty so you don’t know! Down with the fundamentalist Muslim converts in Orthodox regions, and U.S./NATO for supporting them.

    Though on the other hand Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Ukraine, ect. will not let Muslims proceed into Europe!

    If anything Russia will fight two fronts, one supplying Iran against U.S. and another supplying other Orthodox Slavs against Muslims!!!!

    Check out all the atrocities done in Chechnya against Russians, before posting you only know what you are allowed to see. Then focus on Balkans and other places where there are Eastern Churches.

    It is very hard to coexist with Muslims in Turkey, Russia, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, etc. Now if you don’t believe me go to Germany, Sweden, France, England and other Western places and see how much love there is there between the two, you’ll see that two cannot coexist.

    If Muslims were so nice 500 years ago why did they forcefully murder, pillage, torture, convert people? Why didnt they just let us be?

    IC XC
    NI KA

  125. seraphim February 22, 2012 @ 5:10 pm

    It is not very well known that:

    In 1902 the Zionist Jew Max Bodenheimer proposed in a memorandum to German Foreign Ministry the creation of a “Osteuropaeischer Staatenbund” (League of East European States) in the territories of the so-called Pale of Settlement (the territories annexed by Russia from Poland in the late XVIIIth century) and ruled by a King from the Hohenzollern House (presumably the King of Romania who was in a secret anti-Russian alliance with Germany and Austro-Hungary).

    This League would have been a protectorate of Germany, and the Jews would have been the dominant nation, because of their Yiddish language and German culture (it was to be included in the larger sphere of German dominance known as Mitteleuropa).

    In 1914 in the same territories a Deutsches Komitee zur Befreiung der Russischen Juden (Commitee for the liberation of Russian Jews) was formed, actively acting against Russia.

    “History” retains that the Russian acted with their usual savagery against the Jews (driven by their innate anti-Semitism), accusing them of spying for the Germans, deserting and collaborating with them!

    The plan was put on hold during the war by the Germans who preferred to recreate the Kingdom of Poland. But after the Peace of Brest-Litovsk the Germans tried to reactivate it.

    It all fizzled out due to the combined resistance of the Ukrainians, of the reborn Poland and the new states born after the WWI.

    They tried to implement this plan in the new conditions of the Soviet Union, but it did not gain the support of Stalin, who preferred to send them to the Extreme Orient, where he created for them the Jewish Autonomous Region of Birobidzhan (which still exists as an “oblast” of the Russian Federation).

    This territory was know subsequently as “Lublinland” (after the town of Lublin which was to be the capital). What is not known (or actually obfuscated) is that it was viewed again by the Zionists as an opportunity. The Germans were all to happy to “deport” them there.

    It was the WWII and the shrilled anti-German stand of the Jewry that led to the consequences known. In fact there were the Zionists who collaborated with Hitler.

    The story of the “Holocaust” continues to be an attempt to hide these facts.

  126. Jim Reeves February 22, 2012 @ 5:22 pm

    Dear Makaveli

    I don’t understand your point?

    If you watched the first video I recommended, the speaker Pastor Bertrand Comparet warns against the evils of race mixing which I agree with. This does not mean that I think we as Christians should oppress other races or religions or treat them with contempt or wage war on them — no.

    It is in fact the Jews and their immigration policies that have made Muslims our problem, Muslims should live in their own Islamic countries, Jews have used these laws to destroy us white Christians, this has long been a strategy of the Jews.

    It is the Jews who want to portray the White Christians of being unreasonable brutish racists ready to kill and abuse, when in fact it is the Jews who are so. Do you see how the Jew plays both sides of the fence by bringing in dark races, non-Christians into White countries to destroy us and then they vilify us when we try to stop it by calling us evil racists.

    I am a Christian and the religion of Islam has nothing to do with me, that does not mean I endorse a war against Muslim Iran. The Iranian people are free to worship what they want in their land.

    The Jews hate Iraniam Muslims like they hate us white Christian Goyim, and the problem for the Jews is that Iran is not under the control of international Jewry and Freemasonry like Britain, USA and Australia, Canada, South Africa and Europe (many other countries too).

    That is why they are pushing for war against Iran, they are in the process of demonising Iran, like they did Iraq, Afghanistan and like the international Jewish press did to Germany through the 1930’s and 1940’s and even to today.

    The point I was making in the first section of my comment was that Iran will not survive a war with the western Jewish led forces.

    Now it may seem strange to some Christian’s thinking but actually it is not good for us if that happens because it is another chunk of the earth’s real estate that is under the control of International Jewry. The Jews are crushing every last little island of humanity that is not under the Zionist/Masonic thumb. That is bad news for us.

    Remember: the problem that White Christians are facing with Muslims in western countries is because of the Jews and the immigration laws they passed under their control, the Jews know full well that placing Muslims among White Christians is very destructive to us.

    The Jewish press in Western countries now fans the flames of anti-Islam so as to gain sympathy when Israel, and America their puppet, bash Israel’s Arab enemies, this has been a long time in the planning.

    This is the old Jewish tactics being played out in a new way, what is happening to Muslims today is not too different to how Germans were manipulated and set up by Jewish controlled Nazis to be bombed slaughtered and raped into submission and compliance.

    I hope that helped you understand my view.

  127. KathJuliane February 22, 2012 @ 5:35 pm

    Dear Makaveli and Bubba, and also Andrew Jackson,

    Here is a source that you may not be familiar with of Eastern Christian religious, civil and political history through the Eastern Orthodox nationalist point of view, along with commentary on today’s events in the world powered by the US & Israel.

    Fr. Matthew Johnson does a fabulous job of filling in Central & East European history, some Eastern & Western Medieval History, and comment on current events from a vantage point that is not Western-centric.

    Orthodox Nationalist – Fr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, Ph.D.

    On Events in Syria: Media Control, Ideology and the State July 27, 2011 By Matt Johnson

    Matt Johnson discusses: Venezuela and Syria against the NWO

    Venezuela and Syria against the NWO
    Social Nationalist economics
    Chavez and Assad against the NWO

    The Fall of Poland: Very, very rare history of the role of the wealthy and influential hegemony of East European Jewry in the fall of the Polish state)

    Matt Johnson discusses:

    The fall of Poland
    Jews in Polish history
    The nobles in Polish history
    The causes of Poland’s fall at the end of the 18th century

    Also listen to:

    The Ukraine Under Poland

  128. bubba February 22, 2012 @ 6:50 pm


    Re Poland’s History and the Jews:

    I will dig up the video when I get a chance, but the premise was that Poland never developed a Central Government, unlike its neighbours at the time. Apparently Poland didn’t even have a Monarchy, but was run by Feudal Lords with their own territories who oppressed the serfs.

    The Nobilities rules forbade the nobles from engaging in banking, that and much of the merchant trade was left to the Jews only. During these times, apparently 80% of Europe’s Jews lived in Poland.

    This probably explains a lot of how the Jews, mostly by good luck and favoritism, were able to establish roots in usury, and as well were merchants. The nobility simply exploited the peasants for their needs, the Jews could run the rest of the show, and would lend the Nobles funds the odd time some wars occurred.

    The general Polish population was kept poor by the upper class, and the country, without a Central Government or Monarchy had no real army and was ripe for invasions by others countries who were organized and coincidentally, did not have as high concentration of Jews.

    Thus via this symbiotic relationship with Jews and the Feudal system kept Poland back in the Dark Ages, while much of the rest of Europe advanced.

  129. seraphim February 22, 2012 @ 7:48 pm

    One should not forget, also, that after the end of WWII, the Jews in USSR tried again to have their state in Crimea, asking to deport the Tartars who collaborated with the Nazis.

    But at this time Stalin was more intractable (see “the Doctors Plot”). A fact neglected is that in the years 20’s when they were trying to create a “settlement” in Ukraine they were appealing to the international Jewery and linking it to the Zionist project in Palestine.

    The project of the 20’s had an essential flaw. They had to become farmers! An idea abhorrent to any self-respecting Jew. And also that it had to be established among anti-Semitic populations. It is hard to avoid the thought that the provoked famines in Ukraine in the 20-30’s were attempts at ethnic cleansing.

    What appears quite clear is that these projects were attempts to revive the Khazar “Empire” in the open. The Khazars never died. They worked hard to subvert the Russian Church (the heresy of the Judaizers), state and “intelligentsia” with the results well known.

  130. anti-zionist February 22, 2012 @ 9:13 pm

    “Law of the Gun,” the Valentine Day new essay by J. B. Campbell (google) is also excellent about who wants Syria destroyed, and why.

    Please, Brother Nathanael and all RZNers, read there.

  131. Makaveli February 22, 2012 @ 10:27 pm

    Thanks for clearing that up.

    I agree with those points too. But what I way saying in reference to Bosnia, those Slavs used to be Orthodox, but they ended up converting to Islam in order to escape slavery/torture ect (hence becoming Slavic Muslims).

    Also Bosnia itself is divided into two political regions: one is Muslim called the Federation, & the other is Republic of Srpska. The Federation consist of Slavic Muslims, and most recently Mujahedeen who arrived during the 90’s war (who are more strict). On the other hand the Republic of Srpska consists of Orthodox Serbs.

    The same thing happened to Albanians when Turks conquered, majority accepted Islam in order to escape persecution/slavery/torture. Those Albanians who refused were also persecuted. The thing is all those people who converted to Islam very very few of them looked back at accepting their ancestor’s faith Orthodoxy.

    I agree with your point, yes, they can practice their own faith in their own country, I dont have anything against that, everyone is welcome to practice whatever faith they want. I agree with your point that the Jews DO play/fund both sides in order to profit, etc. Sorry about the misunderstanding.


  132. Makaveli February 22, 2012 @ 10:30 pm


    I listened to one of the podcasts it was good, the one about Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

    Nice find. I’ll check the others later on.

  133. seraphim February 22, 2012 @ 10:35 pm


    Thank you for drawing my attention to the excellent comments of Matt Johnson.

    Not that I didn’t know what’s all about (on the contrary, on my own skin), but it is always a joy to know that you sing in tune with someone else.

  134. wotan February 23, 2012 @ 3:23 am

    Jim Reeves February 22, 2012 @ 5:22 pm

    Your contribution is great, nails it all down, especially how the Jew is using his puppet Governments to swamp white countries with Moslems and then use his Media to stir trouble and hatred between Moslems and Whites.

    This category of activity covers also the murder of 9 Turks and 1 Greek and the Oktoberfest Bombing by the German Verfassungsschutz, a suborganisation of Mossad.

    The objective to start a racial war in Germany has not materialised, but to manipulate the outcome of a decisive election has. Moslems can and should be our friends and supporters in the fight against the enemies of mankind – but in their own countries, not in ours.

    The co-operation of the 2nd and the 3rd German empires with Moslme nations is well known, but mass immigration was not necessary to maintain good and beneficial relations.

    The paragraph before your last sentence seems to point to heavy confusions. Are you able to elaborate a little on this?

    Since the loan argument has collapsed like a Schrödinger wave it would seem the new “evidence” is the expulsion of Jews from Germany.

    Since some of them have found their way to Palestine, Germany is now promoted to be birth helper of Israel. It follows that this can only mean that Nazis and Jews have, already in 1943, planned together to relieve mankind in the year 2010 of the fruits of their labour by way of CDS frauds.

    As I have said many times before: Jewish propaganda measures are chiefly directed against a stupified and dumbed down majority. The question begs, therefore, if somebody who displays such clarity of vision as you have done in your article, can at the same time fall victim to such Jewish lines?

  135. KathJuliane February 23, 2012 @ 11:54 am is now sensationally propagandizing Syria’s ‘Srebrenica’


    Situation Grows Increasingly Grim in Rebel Stronghold of Homs

    Two foreign journalists died in a Syrian government shelling on Wednesday while reporting from the rebel stronghold of Homs. Hounded by snipers and hunger, activists are comparing the bombardment to genocide and begging the West for help.,1518,817145,00.html

    Srebrenica is a black propaganda/psyop legacy of the B. Clinton Administration and other European powers perpetuated on the American people.

    For background on this emerging propaganda pattern, see

    ‘Srebrenica’ – Code Word to Silence Critics of US Policy in the Balkans


    Stella Jatras, in July 2000, quoted many official and journalistic sources to show the purposeful anti-Serb, “pro-” genocide bias created by the Empire.

    And do not miss the extensive documented analysis refuting the 1990s MSM black propaganda myth and Western distortions of ‘Srebenica’ which eventually came to justify the NATO bombing of Serbia at Emperors-Clothes linked at and found here:

  136. KathJuliane February 23, 2012 @ 12:56 pm

    +BN made the statement in his video:

    “Since then, Syria is debt free and will not allow any Rothschild Jewish banks.”

    In Matt Johnson analysis of July 2011, On Events in Syria: Media Control, Ideology and the State, the below paragraph stood out which thoroughly underscores and expands on +BN’s point, as well as dovetails with the observations made by Andrew Jackson on the true socio-political conditions inside Syria:

    “The Islamic Committee in Russia, as well as the Russian government, has blamed the violence in Syria on Israel and the U.S., two countries seeking to control the world’s resources and manipulate its politics.

    “The Islamic banking movement now has assets of over $1 trillion. All the states that have been the victims of “spontaneous revolution” are supporters of this new banking movement, one independent of both the European and Jewish banking cartels.”

    Wow! Is this clear motive or what?

    Dear Seraphim & Makaveli,

    Fr. Matt Johnson is a great historian and philosopher from the Eastern Christian point of view (but his works on early Western Medieval Orthodoxy of England, France and other Western Christian nations are very insightful, too), and I truly appreciate his explanations of various political and civil aspects of various Eastern Christian societies.

    He also brings to light the political theology of Orthodox monarchy and the Symphonia between Church and State.

    Our problem as “Westerners” (and I include myself in trying to struggle past it) is that generally any history is Western Papo-Euro-centric, Judeo-centric, and Amero-centric. It has really only been the mid-late 20th century or so that any serious academic study by Westerners was begun on Rhomania (Roman Empire of the East) such as the Medievalist & Byzantinist Sir Steven Runciman.

    I found the rare 2 volume work (1300 pages!), the Fall of Poland by Calvin Luther Saxton at the Internet Archive that Fr. Matt Johnson based his VOR lecture on. It is especially valuable to me because it was published just within 60-70 years of the partitions of Poland by the empires of Russia, Prussia and Austria. Based on Matt Johnson’s lecture, I think Saxton’s work can fully justify the partition between the three empires as actually an effort to break up the hegemony of Rabbinic Civilization.

    I have yet to truly read it, but in skimming, I am amazed at how freely Saxton (as an Anglo-Saxon of the Victorian Era of the British Empire, I doubt was a Russophile, but I may be surprised) was able to address the economic-political impact of Jewry on Polish society and seems to be a forerunner to the later various policies and debates of the European powers concerning the Jewish Question.

    Vol 1:

    Vol 2:

  137. shawn February 23, 2012 @ 6:24 pm

    Is Iran working with America, London and Israel just to rob us and set up artificial scarcity and an excuse to raise the prices of EVERYTHING because the FED and their artificial scarcity robs us dry?

    The word is getting out. In 5 years you will be famous and hunted by the evil. If you ever need someone to watch your back, I would do that at isolated events if need be.

    I am a descendent of Israel Putnam, Maj. General to George Washington. He was constantly attacked by the young bribed Rothschild bank of England’s agents. But he was tough as nails. He said at Bunker Hill, “Dont’ shoot ’til you see the whites of their eyes.”

    I come from a very long line of Christian knights and warrior poets dating back to houses of the 10th century.

    Then my grandpa Israel Putnam founded the Sons of Liberty. His grandfather came over in 1640. Israel was born in 1718. Died in 1790. I’ve been recruited since I was young by so many societies it isn’t even funny.

    I wouldn’t know so much about my family tree except for the fact that much money was spent to trace Israel Putnam’s genealogy and just so happens I’m direct down the male line related. None of the cousins b.s. they talk about GW Bush and his pathetic family line. I must go now, I will sign off as history shows my grandfather Maj. Gen Putnam did when ending a letter to G. Washington “Your most obedient servant,…..”

    I know the Masons like no one else. I see from the beginning to it’s present. I know their roll. So do many. But these guys who say the CFR and the Masons are just good time Charlies enjoying dinner over reading a newspaper.

    Hahahahaha. ANYTHING BUT THAT MY FRIEND. They, for the most part, have been conned and subverted. It’s sick to see these fools faces when I start on them. They are caught in a web of crud and they are starting to see it. Unleash the Myron Fagan’s “CFR in America,” and Benjamin Freedman at the Willard Hotel.

    The fools are tiny men who for some stroking by a “respected leader” conman and they will sell their own out….dirt cheap…being sold liberty and greatness while taking delivery of tyranny.

    They will be looked at in the future as the most “conned generations”. BUT! You are educating the good people.

    The “great” ones will be humbled, and the humbled will be great.

  138. KathJuliane February 24, 2012 @ 6:06 pm

    Dumbest Op-Ed Yet: How To Halt The Butchery In Syria — Anne-Marie Slaughter, Jew York Times

    “The Friends of Syria, some 70 countries scheduled to meet in Tunis today, should establish “no-kill zones” now to protect all Syrians regardless of creed, ethnicity or political allegiance.

    “The Free Syrian Army, a growing force of defectors from the government’s army, would set up these no-kill zones near the Turkish, Lebanese and Jordanian borders.

    “Each zone should be established as close to the border as possible to allow the creation of short humanitarian corridors for the Red Cross and other groups to bring food, water and medicine in and take wounded patients out.

    “The zones would be managed by already active civilian committees.

    “Establishing these zones would require nations like Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Jordan to arm the opposition soldiers [terrorists and roving death squads] with anti-tank, countersniper and portable antiaircraft weapons.

    “Special forces from countries like Qatar, Turkey and possibly Britain and France could offer tactical and strategic advice to the Free Syrian Army forces. Sending them in is logistically and politically feasible; some may be there already.”

    This vacuous bobble-head then perkily continues with her utopian vision of war as somehow being bloodlessly “defensive” in the hands of the hunter/killer squads of the so-called FSA after arming them to the teeth with her special “anti-” and “counter-” weapons:

    “The key condition for all such assistance, inside or outside Syria, is that it be used defensively — only to stop attacks by the Syrian military or to clear out government forces that dare to attack the no-kill zones.

    “Although keeping intervention limited is always hard, international assistance could be curtailed if the Free Syrian Army took the offensive. The absolute priority within no-kill zones would be public safety and humanitarian aid; revenge attacks would not be tolerated.”

    Lord have mercy on us all.

    Syria, you are every day in my prayers.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  139. KathJuliane February 24, 2012 @ 6:24 pm

    In the Neocon/Zionist strategy for “Securing the Realm,” meaning the Middle East as a kingdom of Tel Aviv broken up into petty sectarian statelets, the road to war with Tehran starts at Damascus.

    The war in Libya continues on several fronts (Global Civilians for Peace)

    The USA and NATO are unlikely to take on Iran directly and with any massive ground forces, before it has either significantly reduced the Syrian government’s military, or succeeded in ousting the Syrian Government.

    The US, NATO, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are counting on “plausible deniability” as long as possible while waging war on Syria, in an effort to position Iran, China, and Russia as villains who intervene militarily.

    The Friends of Syria, meeting for the first time, in and of itself, has no more leverage than in previous efforts, either as individual nations or through the United Nations, to make Assad leave. Qatar is covered the financing of the “Friends of Syria” in Tunisia.

    Thwarted by Russia and China in the UN, this ad hoc “Friends of Syria” is both a “plausible deniability” smokescreen and establishing a veneer of pseudo-legitimacy for what has really been covertly going on for almost a year inside Syria — Unconventional Warfare led by the US, France, UK and the Western-propped Arab oil states.

    Now Clinton’s Friends of Syria have given quasi-official de facto recognition and cover to the main terrorist organization that these countries have been supporting with “armored groups” (Thierry Meyssan) aka “death squads” (Webster Tarpley), foreign soldiers, Syrian army defectors, and foreign mercenaries, arms and munitions — the so-called Syrian National Council.

    Saudi Arabia Backs Arming Syrian Opposition — The Guardian

    Foreign minister Prince Saud al-Faisal tells conference on Syria [in Tunisia] that supplying weapons to rebels fighting Assad regime is ‘an excellent idea.’

    Saudi Arabia has backed the arming of Syria’s opposition guerrilla army in remarks that could signal an intervention by the Sunni Muslim superpower in the Assad regime’s crackdown on an anti-government uprising.
    w w

    See video “Syria — The REAL Story” from the REAL grassroots Friends of Syria devoted to fighting the lies of the foreign press since April 2011, and not Clinton’s international group of sharks and vultures falsely called ‘Friends of Syria’ just cobbled together because the Secretary of State, frustrated by Russia and China, is throwing a temper tantrum.

    Also read:

    Kiss Of ‘Democratic’ Death: Israel’s Plot To Take Down Syria I
    by Jonathan Azaziah

    IC XC
    NI KA

  140. KathJuliane February 24, 2012 @ 6:39 pm

    Political Kabuki Theater in Tunisia

    Syrian rebels get arms from abroad: source

    Reuters (2-24-2012) Foreign powers are turning a blind eye to weapons purchases by Syrian exiles who are already smuggling light arms, communications equipment and night vision goggles to rebels inside Syria, a Syrian opposition source said on Friday.

    Syrian opposition supporters were also trying to bring anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons to the Free Syrian Army rebels, and to get retired Syrian officers into the country to help coordinate military opposition to President Bashar al-Assad.”

    The source was speaking at a meeting of Western and Arab nations [“Friends of Syria” in Tunisia] which will demand that, in the absence of international resolve to intervene to end Assad’s crackdown on an 11-month revolt, Syria allow aid to be delivered to civilians caught in fighting.

    “We are bringing in defensive and offensive weapons… It is coming from everywhere, including Western countries and it is not difficult to get anything through the borders,” the source told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.

    “There is not a decision by any country to arm the rebels but countries are allowing Syrians to buy weapons and send them into the country.”

    US, France, UK, Turkey, Italy prepare for military intervention in Syria

    DEBKAfile Exclusive Report February 23, 2012, 10:29 AM (GMT+02:00)

    Despite public denials, military preparations for intervention in the horrendous Syrian crisis are quietly afoot in Washington, Paris, Rome, London and Ankara.
    This process is also underway in allied capitals which joined the US in the Libyan operation that ended Muammar Qaddafi’s rule in August, 2011. They are waiting for a White House decision before going forward.

    In Libya, foreign intervention began as an operation to protect the Libyan population against its ruler’s outrageous crackdown on dissent. It was mandated by UN Security Council.

    There is no chance of this in the Syrian case because it will be blocked by a Russian veto.

    Therefore, Western countries are planning military action of limited scope outside the purview of the world body, possibly on behalf of “Friends of Syria,” a group of 80 world nations which meets for the first time in Tunis Friday, Feb. 24, to hammer out practical steps for terminating the bloodbath pursued by the Assad regime.

    NY TIMES (2/24/2012):

    TUNIS — Diplomats, government ministers and high officials met in the Tunisian capital on Friday for a meeting of the so-called “Friends of Syria” designed to put pressure on President Bashar al-Assad, a day after a United Nations panel concluded that the authorities in Damascus had ordered “gross human rights violations” as a matter of state policy, amounting to crimes against humanity.

    The gathering in Tunis brought together representatives of 60 countries and international organizations.

    They are expected to call for an immediate halt to the Syrian government’s bloody 11-month crackdown to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to people trapped by the onslaught.

    The delegates in Tunis including United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and the British foreign secretary, William Hague, plan to meet with Burhan Ghalioun, the president of the Syrian National Council, an exiled opposition group.

    As he arrived in the Tunisian capital, Mr. Hague said: “We will intensify our links with the opposition. I will meet leaders of the Syrian National Council in a few minutes’ time, before the main meeting takes place.”

    “We, in common with other nations, will now treat them and recognize them as a legitimate representative of the Syrian people,” he said, without language that would imply exclusive recognition. Although there have been calls to arm the opposition, that is not on the agenda.

    Secretary of State Clinton and several foreign ministers of European and Arab countries met in London on Thursday ahead of the meeting in Tunis.

    w w

    [Yes, the link really does say 2012/02/25 !!]

    IC XC
    NI KA

  141. KathJuliane February 24, 2012 @ 11:25 pm


    “The armed opposition which rejects dialogue is responsible for escalating violence in Syria,” said Igor Korotchenko, the editor-in-chief of the Russian Natsionalnaya Oborona (National Defence) magazine.

    Interviewed by Russia Today TV channel, Korotchenko added that there are information about foreign officers fighting side by side with the armed opposition, particularly British officers of Arab origins from the Special Air Service (SAS).

    He added that “despite all these development, Damascus is still open for dialogue with the opposition.”

    The Russian journalist stressed that the unrest took place in small part of the Syrian territories while the situation in other Syrian governorates is normal.

    He expressed confidence that the majority of the Syrian people support the Syrian leadership.

    Solidarity with Syria Platform in Turkey: Government of Justice and Development Party Partner in Bloodshed in Syria

    Voltaire Network:

    During the assault on the rebel stronghold in the Homs district of Bab Amr, the Syrian army took more than 1,500 prisoners, mostly foreigners.

    Of these, a dozen French nationals requested the status of prisoner of war, refusing to give their identity, rank and unit of assignment. One of them is a Colonel working for the DGSE transmission service.

    In arming the Wahhabi Legion and feeding it with satellite intelligence, France conducted a secret war against the Syrian army, which caused more than 3,000 deaths among the military, and more than 1,500 among civilians in ten months of fighting.

    This information was partially revealed by Thierry Meyssan during an appearance on the top Russian TV channel, on Monday, 13 February 2012, followed by an article published on Tuesday, the 14th, by Komsomolskaya Pravda and finally through a Voltaire Network TV video.

    France has sought Russia’s assistance to negotiate with Syria the release of its prisoners of war.

    Also see Voltaire Network: France’s Secret War Against the Syrian People (The link does read this way)

    US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM): US Army John F Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School:

    Defining War paper (excerpt):

    The current [Unconventional Warfare] UW product is TC 18-01, Special Forces Unconventional Warfare, which will be available electronically from the Reimer Training and Doctrine Digital Library in 2011.

    TC 18-01 will fill the doctrinal void for UW while the new Army UW tactics, techniques and procedures manual, ATTP 3-18.01 Special Forces Unconventional Warfare, is under development using the updated Army doctrine hierarchy of ATTP publications.

    There is no joint doctrine for UW, and when ATTP 3-18.01 is complete, it will be the authoritative UW reference.
    w w

    US Special Forces Unconventional Warfare Manual TC 18 01

    ‘The intent of U.S. UW efforts is to exploit a hostile power’s political, military, economic, and psychological vulnerabilities by developing and sustaining resistance forces to accomplish U.S. strategic objectives.’

    Analysis by Dr. Christof Lehmann –

    TC 18-01 (ibid.) is a step by step guide of how to create, manipulate, co-opt and make use of a countries population, persons of special interest inside the country as well as expatriates, organizations inside as well as outside the country, towards a subversion.

    Beginning with manipulating dissent into demonstrations, the polarization of a population, riots and armed insurgencies that require action by security forces, and psychological warfare by means of media, step by step, in logical sequence, towards a full scale war, based on humanitarian principles and the pretext of bringing democracy and freedom.

    In September 2011 the author [No Spin News] received information from a high-ranking US-military source at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, that the US and NATO had actively been preparing for, and had begun implementing a war on Syria, Hezbollah, and Iran.(9)

    The same military source has since drawn attention to the fact that the wars will be conducted with a significant use of Special Forces, and based on the US Special Forces Unconventional Warfare Manual TC 18-01.

    The document is a detailed revelation of the criminal nature of US Foreign Affairs Policy, and is explanatory for the development of the current situation in Syria. TC 18-01 was published in full, attached to an article on nsnbc in February 2012. (10)

    Alternate sources for the UW Manual TC 18-01: [] OR []

  142. MiaoMiaoMi February 27, 2012 @ 1:57 am

    27 February, 2012, 09:34

    Russian and Ukrainian intelligence services have foiled terrorist plans to assassinate Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, according to Russia’s Channel One. Russia’s most-wanted terrorist is thought to be behind the plot.

    ­Russia’s Channel One said on Monday the internationally-wanted criminals detained in Ukrainian city of Odessa confessed they had intended to assassinate Putin. The attack was supposed to be carried out in Moscow right after the presidential elections of March 4.

    One of the detained revealed they had flown into Ukraine from the United Arab Emirates via Turkey. His accomplice has been killed in an explosion in the apartment they rented, where investigators later found explosives.

    They got all the instructions from Russia’s most-wanted terrorist Doku Umarov. According to the detained, they were instructed to carry out a number of attacks in Moscow and to plan a further attack on Putin.

    The detained also informed about another group participant, Adam Osmaevб who was later arrested in Ukraine. The suspect is now cooperating with investigators in fear of possible extradition to Russia.

    “The final aim was to come to Moscow and try to carry out an attack on Putin,” confessed Osmaev. “There are such military mines, called off-route anti-tank mines, the use of which does not even require a suicide bomber. Though the dead fellow was ready to become one.””

    Osmaev, who used to reside abroad, in London, was a terrorist instructor and their contact in Odessa. He was supposed to train the alleged terrorists and send them to Moscow. The whole scheme for the preparations was discovered in his laptop.

    “There is a video of motorcades, Putin’s motorcade in particular, shot from different angles and different streets. It enables one to get all the information on a number of accompanying vehicles and the behavior of the guarded person,” explains an FSB officer. “So the trainees used more than one example for preparation.”

    Some detonators and plastics were brought to Moscow in advance. Osmaev has revealed the storage himself in the hope of possible leniency in punishment.

    “There could be quite a powerful explosion. Enough to tear apart a truck,” suggests another FSB officer.

    Adam Osmaev does not deny that he studied the government motorcade routes in Moscow thoroughly. He confessed the preparation for an attack was in its final stage. “The deadline was after the presidential elections.”

    The information on the detention of the alleged terrorists in Ukraine became known at the beginning of February. However the details of the detention and the goals of the suspects have not been disclosed.

    The press-secretary of Russia’s head of government and presidential hopeful has confirmed the report.

    “I confirm the information, but make no comment on it,” Russia’s Itar-Tass news agency quotes Dmitry Peskov as saying on Monday.

  143. Rusty February 28, 2012 @ 10:40 pm

    Get out of debt.

    Shut off the money for the TalmudVision and liberal publications. Homeschool.

    Become an expert in something and teach it to your children and homeschool/Boy Scout group. Build yourself up mentally and physically and build up your family.

    Be the best Christian and father and mother you can be. We can do it together, each of us doing our part. We’re doing it and others are noticing, so it works.

    Be bold: speak and live the truth.

  144. KathJuliane February 29, 2012 @ 9:57 am

    Western-backed Syrian “opposition” of rebels and foreign mercenaries continue their war on Syrian government and President Assad after voters backed referendum:

    The [Feb 26 referendum on a new constitution for Syria ] was “too little, too late,” Josh Landis (Jew?), director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma, said by e-mail. “The leaders of the Syrian revolution are unwilling to accept any measures that will leave President Assad in power and his security forces in charge of Syria.”

    The European Union dismissed the vote’s validity and said Feb. 27 it would tighten sanctions on the Syrian government, freezing the central bank’s assets, banning precious-metals trading with the country and prohibiting cargo-only flights.

    The measures build on an oil embargo approved in September. French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who is campaigning for re-election, said France would press Russia and China to drop their opposition to UN sanctions against Syria.


    Referendum Boycott

    The Syrian president issued a decree yesterday [Feb 28], enacting the new constitution backed by 89 percent of the voters, the official Syrian Arab News Agency said.

    The charter promises democratic elections while limiting presidents to two seven-year terms. The opposition boycotted the referendum, in which 57.4 percent of eligible voters cast ballots.

  145. Snowy Smith March 2, 2012 @ 9:14 am

    There is only ONE group of TERRORISTS in the World today

    Rupert Murdoch is a JEW

    Press TV – ‘Murdoch behind 9 11, Iraq, Afghan wars and financial meltdown’

    Press TV-Rupert Murdoch
    Gordon Duff Veterans Today

    C.I.A. no al-qaeda ever existed – BBC documentary the power of nightmares

    There is only ONE group of TERRORISTS in the World today and they are the WAR MONGERING JEWS who have polluted the whole World with CANCER causing Nuclear Radiation for 1000 years.

    Multiculturalism is a JEW planned GENOCIDE of WHITE Gentiles World Wide.

  146. Snowy Smith South Africa March 3, 2012 @ 1:38 am

    THANK YOU Vladimir Putin.

    “THERE IS ANOTHER DOG IN THE FIGHT NOW, BIG, MEAN AND FIERCE”, and this dog`s name is Vladimir Putin.


    The Russians saved the U.S.S. Liberty Ship from total destruction by the JEWS. The two hour attack on this hapless ship that resulted in the murder of 34 American sailors was not called off until a Russian Destroyer raced to the scene and offered assistance to the Liberty.

    Then and only then did the JEW attack stop.

    The WAR MONGERING JEWS are threatening World War 3.

    And now the Russians are drawing a line in the sand with respect to Syria and Iran. Will this stop the long planned WWIII? Stay tuned. And keep telling yourself this is all about fighting terror.

    The nutters have to love this. This insanity fits right into the “end times” nonsense that has been so successfully pedaled to mentally challenged, by the well paid choir like John Hagee.


    Like during Operation CYANIDE [US-Israeli attack on USS LIBERTY, combined with Israeli attack on Arab nations, June 1967], the Russkies again saved the World.

    So, relax, folks, there wouldn’t be any nuclear Global Holocaust, at least until tough ex-KGB guys are in Kremlin.

    As Mark Glenn says it, “THERE IS ANOTHER DOG IN THE FIGHT NOW, BIG, MEAN AND FIERCE,” and this dog’s name is Vladimir Putin.

    Please listen to this EXTREMELY IMPORTANT podcast by Glenn and Dankoff – well, since 00:45 at least, if you`re busy and haven`t much free time.

    THANK YOU Vladimir Putin.

  147. David March 6, 2012 @ 11:44 pm

    An aware observer of U.S. politics could not help but to notice that the election process has been compromised for many years prior to either of the Bush’s getting their appointments.

    To reference the sales figures of Bush Junior’s book to be indicative of how a nation feels about his policies or how it voted is a short sighted one.

    I feel confident in saying that a large percentage of those that purchased his book did so to see just what someone so heinous would have to say about his eight years as POTUS.

    Many spoke out about the theft of both elections by his syndicate.

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