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Orthodox Twist On Tucker-Putin Interview

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Orthodox Twist On Tucker-Putin Interview
By Brother Nathanael Kapner
Feburary 09 2024

PUTIN FROM THE OUTSET showed that he’s in full charge of his Orthodox Christian self.

He’s also in charge of Russian history of which he expressed its Orthodox Christian roots.

Putin brought it into the contemporary setting of the bombing of Serbia by the Jew, Madeleine Albright, in 1999:

As soon as developments in Sebia started Yeltsen raised his voice in support of the Serbs. We couldn’t help but raise our voices because the Serbs are close to us as a nation with its Orthodox Christian culture.”

When Tucker asked Putin about his personal embrace of Orthodox Christianity Putin instantly lifted it into a national level.

And rightly so since the Orthodox Church is always conceptually in its scope a “national” embrace of its cultural power.

Tucker:You’ve described Russia as Orthodox. That’s central to your understanding of Russia. You’ve said you’re Orthodox. What does that mean for you? You are a Christian leader by your own description. So what effect does that have on you?”

Putin:Eastern Christianity is deeply rooted in the consciousness of the Russian people. Those who profess other religions in Russia share the same traditional values. We are one family.

The motherland and the family are connected with each other since it’s impossible to ensure a normal future for our children and our families unless we ensure a normal, sustainable future for the motherland. That is why patriotic sentiment is so strong in Russia.”

IN TUCKER’S PRECEDING INTERVIEW with Viktor Orban, the Hungarian leader said the same but with a different Christian twist.

Tucker:Why are you so unpopular among leadership in the United States and the West while Hungary as a nation seems to be thriving?”

Orban: It’s more about our civilization. I mean, Western Christian civilization. The division line, you see, is not according to ideologies. It’s deeper. It has an anthropological character.

On one side US and Europe says “ego,” that is, “me,” is the centre of the world. On the other side Hungary and Russia says “family, nation, God,” is the centre of the world.

Our Christianity can be felt on our streets. We might be ‘out of fashion,’ so to speak, but we are united as a country, as a people, and we are thriving.”

Let me chime in here.

Tucker asked why Orban and Hungary are so unpopular among US leadership and the West.

It’s because the Jew rules America and the West.

And the Jew hates historical Christianity because it unites peoples of bounded borders into one family, one society, one nation.

Historically in all Orthodox Christian nations the Jew sinks to the level of a second class citizen and rightly so.

Let the Jew enjoy the prosperity of Christian national life but let him have no influence in it or he will kill it.

The Jew has killed off America but though he try he can’t kill off Russia and Hungary.

Let the Jew gnash his teeth.

Outer darkness is the place where the devil can give him full citizenship.

Brother Nathanael @ February 9, 2024


  1. Rabbi Glickman February 9, 2024 @ 1:27 pm

    Oy vey!

    Once we’ve sucked America and the rest of the West dry, we will move on to Russia and start sucking them dry, too. But someone other than Putin will have to be their leader. He actually cares about his country.

    Unlike the dancing puppets of NATO.

  2. Rav Mortichai February 9, 2024 @ 1:31 pm

    Christianity provides all the structure needed to run a modern civilization.

    The US is failing because it turned from Christian morality. That is the Achilles Heel of Satan and his Synagogue of evil doers.

  3. Brother Nathanael February 9, 2024 @ 1:38 pm

    Dear All,

    Let the Jew enjoy the prosperity of Christian national life but let him have no influence in it or he will kill it.

    The Byzantine Empire protected itself:

    No Jew could hold civil office.
    No Jew could hold academic office.
    No Jew could hold financial office.


  4. Greek-Australian Orthodox February 9, 2024 @ 1:39 pm

    Once again very well presented, Brother.

    While I was on the field yesterday listening to the part of the interview where Tucker asked him about Orthodoxy and his personal faith, I frankly was disappointed with the answer Putin gave.

    I thought it came off as ecumenistic and a typical politician’s answer.

    However upon considering how he has been labelled as a tyrant who weaponizes Orthodoxy, it makes sense that he doesn’t want to give any libel ammunition to his opponents.

    I remember you have said, Brother, he has his own spiritual father and attends church. I always put my trust in your judgement.


  5. Laurence Austin February 9, 2024 @ 2:12 pm



    Disappointed with Tucker’s questions and his lack of knowledge on history and who controls and runs America. The US Congress is 90% Zionist/Communist Jewish since 1913, and their 1933 Federal Reserve Banking system with fiat US$ since Brenton Woods 1945, and the UN plans for creation of Israel.

    Putin used discretion wisely.

    Hungary’s Orban told it like it is, and Nazi talk is downplaying the real facts on WW-2 Germany. They have to admire Putin for his Texas two-step on Nazi questions, period, since he knows Russia in 1930 had to dance to Stalin but had to run when Hitler tried to end the race chosen crap.

    Those USD plates to Russia save the day for RED and caused a world of shit ever since.

    That Ukraine fellow in Canada knows the facts not allowed in print.

    Putin and Russia saved many Afrikaners farmers from death nobody can talk about.

    Send the kids to Russia for a class education.

  6. jan February 9, 2024 @ 2:22 pm

    I agree completely ~ wish I could move to Russia ~ a Russia under Putin.

    He has my complete respect and gratitude.

    People need to understand the historical reason for the difference between Russian Orthodox Catholic Church and the non-Orthodox Russian Catholic Church.

    Maybe you will explain that?

    Thank you!

  7. KathJuliane February 9, 2024 @ 2:29 pm

    Black Mountain Talks: Episode 08 Andrei Martyanov & Mike Mihajlovic talk about the Tucker/Putin Interview and more

    9 February 2024

    In this insightful episode of Black Mountain Talks, experts Andrei Martyanov, Mike Mihajlovic, and Aleks dive deep into discussions exclusively centered around the ongoing Ukraine/Russia conflict:

    – An in-depth look at the Tucker Carlson / President Putin interview, focusing on its implications for the conflict.

    – Comprehensive discussions on geopolitical dynamics influencing the Ukraine/Russia conflict.

    -The meaning and various perspectives of denazification in the context of the current conflict.

    – Evaluating the likelihood of World War III or the use of nuclear weapons in light of recent developments.

    – Insights into Zaluzhny’s dismissal and Sirsky’s appointment, and what it means for military leadership on both sides.

    – Analysis of a potential Russian offensive in Kharkov: Strategic considerations and expected developments.

    – A current situation report from Avdeevka: Insights into ongoing combat operations and their significance.

    – Exploring the next “Wunderwaffe” in Ukraine: Technological advancements and their impact on the course of the conflict.

  8. jan February 9, 2024 @ 2:41 pm

    Anyone feeling increasingly that Tucker Carlson is showing himself to be just another profiteering gate-keeper, a distraction at best?

    Like the jews, a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

    Watching the interview last night, I felt Carlson came across ignorantly and offensively.

    Putin deserves someone better to interview him. How about ex-pat Edward Snowden?

    Snowden would certainly interview Putin knowledgeably and respectfully.

    He would know what the American people need to learn about Russian History in order to understand the present and Putin.

  9. No More Wars for the Bolsheviks February 9, 2024 @ 2:51 pm

    Just adding to others’ comments:

    Have only watched 1/2 of the interview, but what stood out to me so far:

    1) China is #1 economy in the world and has been for several years, but the lying, elite-owned Western media has lied to the people in the form of propaganda so they do not know it.

    2) Due to indebtedness of the USA, and lowering the use of the $ as the world-reserve currency (for example: Putin says the USA sanctions on Russia caused them to have to drop their $ reserves and moved all that trade to China [BILLIONS in EQUAL TRADE between China and Russia – NO TRADE DEFICITS], yet we, the USA citizens are told that the BRICS and others are just finding a work around of the $, not that OUR OWN ELECTED AND NON-ELECTED LEADERSHIP CLASS IS PURPOSEFULLY DESTROYING AND BRINGING DOWN NOT JUST THE USA, BUT ALL ONCE PROSPEROUS WHITE COUNTRIES.

    So, Russia is thriving, and the USA, Germany, UK, etc., are suffering, and MORE TO COME.

    3) Just the model of tying USA to the $, demonstrates the goal of destruction of USA (he said it better than me, that is what I took from it.) Inherent destruction end goal in the situation from the beginning.

    4) The Presidents might want things a good way for the people, but THE ADVISORS make sure that it never happens. The USA is being managed, manipulated, and run by the ELITES.

    5) The Elites have stopped the flow of Russia’s gas and Europe be dammed! Germany going against its nation’s best interests. Pipelines purposefully closed so shipped EXPENSIVE gas is sold. (USA and CIA took down the pipeline.)

    I thought he was going to say, Que Bono? But he said something even better, basically who had the ability and who wanted to do it, they have to have to be able to do both of those things to get the job done. Many may have wanted to do it, but didn’t have the ability.

    6) Russia might not know it, but they will be a target. This is all designed after the take down of the West, to take that war to Russia. MY ASSESSMENT because of Russia’s prosperity, THEY WILL NOT LET RUSSIA PROSPER.

    7) Ukraine is a satellite country of the USA; he said ask the President, the USA President about Ukraine! We are providing all the weapons and money.

    8) He said if they wanted peace it could be achieved in a few weeks! But no one will discuss PEACE!

    9) He said Ukraine has passed laws that they are NOT to negotiate for PEACE!

    I found it to be an educational, enlightening, amazing interview, at least we can listen to it ourselves, watch this amazing exchange and then decide for ourselves WHO OUR ENEMIES REALLY ARE.

    P.S. I noticed Putin did not call out the slaughter of 30 to 80 million Orthodox Christians by the Bolsheviks, nor the Tsar and his family, etc., but at least he attempted a history lesson, but hey ONLY BROTHER NATHANAEL NAMES THE JEWS.

  10. No Name February 9, 2024 @ 3:02 pm

    The only people who will be saved are those who DO what Jesus teaches with the right heart.

    That includes repentance, forgiveness of others, keeping God’s Commandments (sin no more!), and of course, bearing fruit.

    Too many people who refer to themselves as “Christian” do just SOME of what Jesus teaches while ignoring the rest… deceiving themselves with a “good work” here or there, as though they can fool God and build their own fire-escape to Heaven.

    When Putin generalizes that all religions in Russia consider the same basic morality… it can give a false idea that “everyone is saved” there (not that he intended to give that idea).

    But the Truth is, regardless of where one is in the world geographically, those who do not bother to read, know, or put into practice the things Jesus teaches in the Gospels will not be Saved.

  11. Brother Nathanael February 9, 2024 @ 3:09 pm

    @No Name

    I lost my patience with moronic Baptists a long time ago.

    But my moderators want you to have a say anyways.

    SIGH. +bn

  12. Sylvia Hire February 9, 2024 @ 3:26 pm

    This is to Clarence Austin:

    Agree with you 100%. I am very disappointed in Tucker’s behavior towards President Putin. He stated that he really wasn’t interested in hearing century old history and wanted to get to HIS points and questions HE had as a foreword to his interview I just watched.

    Although I have been a US citizen for over 40 years, it still can’t get over the arrogance some American journalists have in presuming they know anything about the rest of the world and need no education about facts! It is European etiquette when allowed to interview to listen patiently. Tucker seemed rather condescending instead, I would’ve preferred a more tempered man.

    He asked many questions, most already clear to us, but failed to asked the most important one: How many US bio labs did Putin’s army destroy and what was in them!

    I have heard from many sources that Tucker is controlled opposition and this interview leaves no doubt to me.

  13. No Name February 9, 2024 @ 3:51 pm

    You falsely accuse, Brother. I’m no Baptist at all, nor would I be.

    The Word of Jesus Christ is Pure (it saved my very life… no church, no like-minded family, just the Word).

    But one cannot argue in Truth that MISUSE of the Word of Jesus Christ is rampant among those who call themselves Christian… because so many have little inclination to read, know, and/or keep the Word.

    Did I mispeak here ? Or in the post above ? No. As God is my Witness, I only told the Truth.

    “But I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment. And whoever says to his brother, ‘Raca*!’ shall be in danger of the council. But whoever says, ‘You fool!’ shall be in danger of hell fire.” – Jesus in Matthew 5:22 (* “raca” is Aramaic for “empty head”, like calling someone “stupid”)

    Be fair (as your moderators are… thank you, moderators!) and print this.

  14. John Petersson February 9, 2024 @ 4:35 pm

    Harold Wallace Rosenthal (November 2, 1947 – August 11, 1976) was a senior aide to Senator Jacob K. Javits (R-NY).

    His career included working for Congressman (later Governor) Hugh Carey (D-NY) and serving as a senior aide to Senator Walter Mondale (D-MN).

    Rosenthal graduated from Cambridge University and Harvard University graduate school, both on scholarships. He later returned to the Senate to work with Senator Javits of New York.

    *Harold Wallace Rosenthal was killed 30 days after this interview.

    Quotes from the 1976 Harold Wallace Rosenthal interview.

    “in Russia, there are two distinct governments one visible and the other invisible. The visible is made up of different nationalities, whereas the invisible is composed of ALL JEWS. The powerful Soviet Secret Police takes its orders from the invisible government. There are about six to seven million Communist in Soviet Russia, 50% are Jews and 50% are gentiles, but the gentiles are not trusted.

    The Communist Jews are united and trust each other, while the others spy on one another. About every five to six years the secret Jewish Board calls for the purge of the party and many are liquidated.

    When asked “why”? he said: “Because they begin to understand too much about the Jewish secret government. Russian Communists have a Secret Group Order which consists of Jews only. They rule over everything pertaining to the visible government. It was this powerful organization that was responsible for the secret removal of the center of Communism to Tel Aviv from where all instructions now originate.”

    “Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is lucifer, and we are his chosen people.”

    Read it…

    (KJV)Revelation 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.


  15. RWS February 9, 2024 @ 5:06 pm

    Putin outed quite a bit of people.

    Clinton, Bushes. When he spoke at one point about the President, it was Obama he was referring to. Chucky Schumer also got a debilitating right hook to the jaw.

    The Philistines were uncovered for who they are. The Neo-Nazis and jews, the way I heard it were mentioned in the same breathe.

    I’m 2/3 thru. because I stop and rewind.

    Kindergarten. Couldn’t help but think of the comparison.

    Tucker Carlson is good for uncovering injustices in America, but he is an absolute Kindergartner in respect to Putin’s world.

  16. Vvien February 9, 2024 @ 6:11 pm

    I, too, was disappointed with Tucker’s questions.

    He had the opportunity to ask him about the New World order about Israel, so-called Climate bullshit but didn’t…I thought he looked embarrassed and very immature.

    Putin is a leader and knows more about what’s going on than anyone of us.

    I am grateful that Tucker had the privilege of interviewing Putin and hope more Americans get the opportunity to see, listen or read the interview.

    It’s an eye opener.

    Our government is not on the people’s side.

  17. Brother Nathanael February 9, 2024 @ 7:44 pm

    Mr No Name:

    The “Word” which you say you obey says, “Christ is the head of the Church, His Body. And we are members of His body.”

    If you’re NOT in the body, The Church, you are NOT connected to its Head, Jesus Christ.

    So you better OBEY the “Word” which you ignorantly tout.

    END OF THREAD. Moderators Take Notice. +BN

  18. KathJuliane February 9, 2024 @ 8:11 pm

    The Kremlin published Tucker Carlson’s interview with President Putin today.

    There’s a complete official transcript, a photo gallery, and the video in two parts.

    I’m still digesting the interview, but here are a few observations. First, this was Putin’s opening offer of a peace deal made directly to the American people.

    Secondly, from the way Tucker seemed unprepared, and coming off the back foot so to speak, it tells me that the interview wasn’t scripted beforehand, although Putin certainly had in mind the direction that the interview would go.

    Tucker, as he chided himself for in his post-interview video as an “American journalist,” seemed not too familiar with the Russian etiquette of conducting interviews, the first rule of which, don’t act like a rude American journalist and butt in and interrupt when the other person is speaking, and he hadn’t familiarized himself with Putin’s personal style of discourse as well.

    Once Tucker adjusted to Putin’s rhythm, both men were relaxed and engaged with each other. Putin made a lot of eye contact with Tucker; he was animated with open body language and gestures.

    Putin struck me as enjoying talking to Tucker, accomplishing the ultimate goal of through Tucker, talking directly to the American people.

    Tucker clearly had no idea what Putin would say, and the Kremlin did not ask him for questions in advance. Putin did have an idea in advance of how he would steer the interview to maximize his message to Americans, and that was starting with his 30-minute Russian history lesson to give context to the war now, without all of the US and Ukraine’s lies and black propaganda.

    Putin would like to go to the political solution for the war, to start negotiations, and would like to end the war, but it’s the White House, not the Ukrainians, that the Kremlin has to deal with.

    This is one giant step, an ice breaker, to chip away at the “Evil Putin-Evil Russkies” mantra, and I hope that there will be more interviews with Tucker and others.

    Putin and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including their diplomats to the US, have been blockaded by the Obama-Biden White House & MSM since the Russian-Ukraine War started on February 2022.

    Putin was finally able to punch through the ‘Cone of Silence’ and propaganda warfare that DC and the MSM imposes on anything about Russia and reached some of the American people directly through social media.

    It was a goal that was set in motion at least early last year, as I recall First Deputy Representative to the UN, Dmitri Polyansky, saying this very thing, words to the effect:

    “There’s no one who will listen that we can talk to in DC. They’ve blocked our diplomats in the media. We must try to reach out to the reasonable American people on social media and perhaps they will listen to us. We don’t expect them to agree with us, but we just want a fair hearing. We must talk directly to the American people.”

    Finally, the opportunity came through Tucker, who has considerable reach in social media. Tucker said the interview was in the works with the Kremlin for months.

    Kremlin doesn’t take requests for interviews from US MSM right now. Putin is interested in serious journalism; he’s not interested in being browbeaten by some hack and having his words distorted.

    Implication is that both DC and the MSM are batshit insane, and in the case of the White House, brain dead.

    The repulsive womanoid Hildebeast Clinton was braying on MSNBC Wednesday, the day before the interview, accusing Tucker of being a Kremlin stooge — “useful idiot” to be exact.

    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Tucker Carlson is a “useful idiot” for Russia on Wednesday in response to the former Fox News host’s exclusive interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Clinton claimed she was not surprised at the interview because Carlson already “parrots” Putin’s comments on Ukraine and that the Russian media mock the former host as a “puppy dog” for the foreign leader.

    “He says things that are not true. He parrots Vladimir Putin’s pack of lies about Ukraine, so I don’t see why Putin wouldn’t give him an interview,” Clinton told MSNBC. “If you actually read translations of what is being said on Russian media, they make fun of him. … He’s like a puppy dog. I would not be surprised if he emerges with a contract with a Russian outlet because he is a useful idiot.”

  19. KathJuliane February 9, 2024 @ 8:21 pm


    SONAR21 – Larry Johnson | 9 February 2024

    We have not beaten this horse to death. At least not yet. But there are some other important results from Tucker’s interview of Putin that merit some attention.

    First, I checked all of the cable news web sites — Fox News, CNN and MSNBC — this morning and not one covered any facet of Tucker’s interview with Putin except for a mention that Tucker asked Putin to free the Wall Street Journal reporter.

    The print media did its best to downplay the event. The NY Times published a piece under the headline, Putin Calls on U.S. to ‘Negotiate’ on Ukraine in Tucker Carlson Interview, while the NY Post focused on Putin’s claim that Bill Clinton initially was open to letting Russia join NATO but his advisors vetoed that idea (Putin says Bill Clinton told him Russia could join NATO before pulling back hours later: ‘You tricked us’).

    No one did a deep dive to analyze what Putin had to say.

    While the Western media is bending over backwards to ignore the interview, it has caught fire on the internet. As of 9pm Eastern Standard Time the interview on X/Twitter has over 159 MILLION views.

    Did you notice the one President that Putin declined to name? Barack Obama.

    Putin had some positive things to say about George W Bush and Donald Trump. He talked about Clinton and the U.S. refusal to entertain Russia as a NATO partner. And he described the fruitless interactions with demented Joe Biden.

    So, why not talk about Obama? It was under Obama’s stewardship that the CIA, in tandem with Britain’s MI-6, launched the Maidan coup, which culminated in the ouster of Ukraine’s elected President Viktor Yanukovych.

    I interpret not saying the name of Voldemort, err I mean Obama, indicates Putin is mightily pissed off at Obama. Rightly so.

    Putin also provided the first confirmed ranking of the countries supplying mercenaries to fight for Ukraine against Russia — Poland, the United States and Georgia (in that order). I did not realize that there were that many U.S. mercs running around in Ukraine.

    Ray McGovern and I discussed the Tucker interview with Judge Napolitano on today’s Intel Roundtable. (Video online).

  20. KathJuliane February 9, 2024 @ 8:33 pm

    From the Kremlin website:

    Vladimir Putin met with Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar and President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia Alexander Boroda in the Kremlin on February 7 about Russia’s role in the Israel-Gaza War.

    Take a look at the photos of Putin talking with the rabbis, and then compare with the photos of his interview with Tucker.

    Notice anything different in the way of non-verbal and symbolic language?

  21. KathJuliane February 9, 2024 @ 9:44 pm

    Padraig Martin
    [GAB – Southern Nationalist]

    Thoughts about the Putin – Tucker Interview

    It is hard for most Americans to understand the Russian mindset. I worked in the forner Soviet Union for about two decades intermittently. I speak limited Russian. They are not only different than the happy-go-lucky Americans, Russians have a cultural instinct for chess that makes their actions both predictable and yet, painfully designed.

    Last night, I listened to Tucker’s interview of Putin. I like Tucker Carlson, but he does not have enough experience with Eastern Europeans in general to appreciate their thought process.

    He is very much an Anglo thinker. That is where the interview succeeded. Tucker – the Eastern European neophyte – was not “played” by Putin. He simply did not understand the dialog.

    Whether you agree or disagree with Putin or Russian hegemony, they think of things through a historical defensive lens. In essence, “everyone” is out “to get” the Russians.

    Therefore, history justifies preemptive defensive measures. This permeates Russian strategic thinking for good reason. It is why they attacked Poland in 1939 and why they never trusted their immediate Communist Chinese neighbors in the post Korean War Era.

    Russians and Eastern Europeans may hate to admit this, but they share a Realpolitik Nationalism that dominates even their personal interactions.

    Poles, Russians, Hungarians, Romanians, etc, play in a neighborhood that is far less forgiving than France or Canada. They are constantly both making historically based justifications for a variety of factors, but also wary of the parties feigning ignorance or friendship.

    Going back to Tucker – Putin was not speaking to Tucker or the West. He was speaking to Eastern Europeans. They may not agree with him. In fact, many have historical reasons to hate the Russians. But he was laying out a case for Russia that was digestible to them. Why?

    I strongly believe that Western Europe and the United States are dead. China is done. The future is Eastern Europe, and it will be defined by the actions of the next decade. In essence, the future will be defined by South America, Eastern Europe, and South Asian people – i.e., those with defining Nationalistic identities.

    Putin spoke to them last night. Whether they agree or not. Putin’s interview set the future.

  22. KathJuliane February 9, 2024 @ 10:37 pm

    What a Xwitter thread!

    The Great Noticing in all of its glory! -Kj


    Feb 8

    What I learned from this is Putin has an almost personal beef with the Bolsheviks

    Elon Musk

    The Bolsheviks killed millions of Russians
    8:42 PM · Feb 8, 2024

    Defund Israel Now
    Feb 8
    The bolsheviks were jews

    Pericles ‘Perry’ Abbasi
    Feb 8
    Elon, they’re going to make you go on another field trip with Ben Shapiro if you keep this up

    Brother Nathanael
    I’m with the Russian Orthodox Church under Arcbishop Kyrill Dmitriof. The archived number of Russian Orthodox bishops, priests, and members killed by the Bolsheviks is 60,000.

    But this has gone into the dustbowl of history. Thanks to Elon it’s out of the can. +BN

    Feb 8
    Many of us know all about the Bolsheviks…

    Oct 7, 2023
    Replying to @zadokq244514
    “We have an enemy on the land”

    “The Internal Enemy of America”
    Lecture by James P. Wickstrom

    Gentile News Network put this thread to animation and theme music:

    Gentile News Network™

    But who were the Bolsheviks,

  23. Caveman February 9, 2024 @ 11:02 pm

    Folks, we should give Tucker Carlson some credit for this exceptional interview.

    He took considerable risk in carrying out the interview, he has now a bullseye painted on his back.

    It is no easy task to interview a statesman of the stature of Vladimir Putin, using a translator did not make it easier either. Even so, I think that he did the right questions and was flexible enough to allow Putin to speak his mind.

    Well done, Tucker!

  24. Caveman February 9, 2024 @ 11:04 pm

    There are two disturbing aspects of Putin’s interview.

    First of all, the way Putin spoke about WWII and the role of the Soviet Union. Not a single word about the preparations of the USSR to attack the German Reich, which prompted Hitler to preemptively attack the USSR in June 1941. Russian historians like Victor Suvorov (in his book “Icebreaker”) came to the conclusion that Stalin was ready to attack.

    It would also be fair to mention that the Ukrainians, which he correctly described as Russians, suffered a genocide at the hands of Stalin and his Jewish henchmen (Lazar Kaganovich, Genrikh Yagoda and others), the Holodomor. The Ukrainians that fought in the Wehrmacht, even in the Waffen SS, did so against the Soviet Union, not against Russia.

    Putin knows that the Western Allies declared war on Germany and not on the Soviet Union after BOTH invaded Poland. Without the help of Lend & Lease and of the opening of a Western front the Soviet Union could have not defeated Germany. Birds of a feather, wouldn’t you say?

    I can understand that he wants to avoid being humiliated the way Germany has been humiliated after WW II. Russians were humiliated in the nineties, and he had to rebuild confidence from scratch. But if he wanted to talk about history, a word or two on these issues would have served the truth.

    The Soviet Union was a Jewish invention, he does not need to apologize for it.

  25. Caveman February 9, 2024 @ 11:06 pm

    The second issue with Putin’s interview is potentially more disturbing.

    Tucker asked him “Who really makes the decisions in the US?” and Putin replied “I don’t know”.

    As +BN explains in this article, it is the Jews who control the US or almost any other Western country for that matter. Putin knows this for sure: he had to overcome his own Jewish oligarchs, such as Beresovsky, Gussinsky and Khodorkovsky, in order to liberate Russia.

    He is in a position that telling the truth on this matter would mean no harm to him or Russia. The enemy is already at the gate and trying to destroy “Mother Russia”. On the contrary, many in the West would open their eyes to the real enemy.

    Putin is not prepared to spill the beans. Methinks it is now or never!

  26. KathJuliane February 9, 2024 @ 11:30 pm

    Orthodox Canonist

    1000 Russian troops took Communion this Sunday, defending their battle posts in Zaporozhie

    50 were baptized into the faith.

    Russian military priests are working overtime. The army is Christianizing.

    The Lord our God is with Russia today.

    Orthodox Canonist
    Russia is going to win this war, the ‘West’ will be brought to shame.

    Christ is with us.


    Work, brothers!
    Kyrie Eleison, Kyrie Eleison, Kyrie Eleison.

  27. Hibernian February 9, 2024 @ 11:38 pm

    Collage-Meme from frequent & longstanding & continuing promoter of Brother Nathanael:

    Answers to questions Tucker didn’t ask

  28. Bene Yeshua February 9, 2024 @ 11:41 pm

    Israel prepares assault on Rafah, seeks to allay fears of ‘bloodbath’.



  29. $PLC February 10, 2024 @ 1:13 am

    Great comments as usual, BN.

    I also enjoyed Putin highlighting Tucker having CIA links, and Tucker being surprised over the “joke.” Hardly any Tucker fans know he once claimed to have applied but was rejected, despite his father being in the CIA. Yeah, the CIA hates establishment upper class whites with a family history in their ranks!

    Putin has at least 50 IQ points on Biden pre-dementia. I can’t imagine what their IQ difference would be now!

  30. Schlomo Horowitzenstein February 10, 2024 @ 2:20 am

    Oy Veh! Can’t we all just get along?

  31. Sterling February 10, 2024 @ 8:30 am

    Has anyone caught the video showcasing Tucker’s necktie?

    The exact design/color tie was also worn by none other than dementia Joey, THE SAME DAY as Carlson’s interview with Putin, featuring the blue and gold colors of Ukraine!

    Coincidence? Hahaha, nothing is a coincidence in the dystopian game of thrones in a world of smoke and mirrors.

    If you would like to watch the short vid:

  32. Hibernian February 10, 2024 @ 9:02 am

    And, how about a certain major public-nemesis against Putin, … Kill-ary Clinton?

    She also is on the flight-logs.

    What was she up to?

  33. KathJuliane February 10, 2024 @ 9:29 am

    US media ‘jealous’ of Carlson – Kremlin

    Political divisions skew American perceptions of the journalist’s interview with Vladimir Putin, the Russian leader’s press secretary has said

    RT | 9 February 2024

    The American press corps will eventually come to terms with the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin granted an interview to independent media host Tucker Carlson, Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov has said. However, the initial reactions of some journalists may be attributed to “professional jealousy,” he added.

    Carlson published the two-hour interview with Putin on Thursday, becoming the first American to have a sit-down with the Russian leader since the Ukraine conflict escalated into open hostilities in February 2022.

    During a press briefing on Friday, Peskov was asked to comment on what one reporter described as “hysterics” and “panic” in the US.

    “There are certain divisions along the political lines and serious corporate divisions in the media. The confrontations over who supports which of the two parties are quite strong. So there is a sort of professional jealousy,” Peskov said. “But in time there will be a deep analysis of this interview… The high interest is unquestionable.”

    Peskov confirmed that the interview was free-flow and that Carlson did not ask pre-approved questions. He declined to say what the president’s impression of his interviewer was.

    Carlson has faced much criticism over his visit to Moscow, both ideological and professional. CNN’s Christiane Amanpour rejected his claims that no other American journalist has bothered to ask Putin about Russia’s position on the Ukraine conflict. The Kremlin also previously stated that Putin’s office has received multiple requests for interviews in the past two years.

    Peskov said Carlson’s stance on Russia differs from the “one-sided position” of journalists in the Western mainstream media and contributed to Putin’s decision to grant the interview.

  34. KathJuliane February 10, 2024 @ 9:35 am

    Carlson vilified for breaking US info blockade – Russian envoy to RT

    The former Fox News host has been criticized simply for presenting Moscow’s position to the American public, Anatoly Antonov has said

    RT | 9 February 2024

    US journalist Tucker Carlson has been vilified in his homeland merely for presenting Russia’s position to the American public, Moscow’s ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, has told RT. The Russian Embassy in the US has been bombarded with questions since Carlson aired his interview with President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, the diplomat added.

    According to Antonov, the embassy has been asked if it paid Carlson or issued specific instructions to him before he traveled to Moscow, which the diplomat dismissed as “nonsense.”

    Any negative sentiment toward Carlson, who has been branded “a traitor” and a Russian agent by some public figures, actually exposes the flaws in the American media, which prevents Russian officials from freely making their case to the US public, Antonov suggested.

    “It is extremely difficult to get through with an alternative point of view in America, one that differs from the position of the Democratic Party of the US, and for us it is simply impossible,” he said.

    Watch Antonov’s full interview with RT in the video below: …

  35. Nich Flüe February 10, 2024 @ 10:14 am

    I am grateful for the Carlson-Putin interview.

    It is about time that Russia is able to communicate its history and relatively recent betrayal by multiple western leaders and their actors, e.g. CIA, MI6, etc. BtW, for the record every Czar from Peter I to Nicholas II were assassinated by actors on behalf of the Synagogue of Satan. Plenty of evidence to this fact.

    Personally, my heritage is Polish and Belarus. My father was Roman Catholic and my mother was Eastern Orthodox. My heart and soul speaks from both lungs. It is truly tragic that listening to Putin and studying the situation in Europe between Russia and the West, that the only conclusion I can reach is that we are going to war with Russia.

    Being of Pole and Belarus decent, I am personally ashamed of how their wealthy landowners horribly utilized the Jews as “stewards” of their property including the serfs in the Ukraine. The reprisals in the late 17th century and the lasting ill-affection towards the Jews and those two interests exists to this day.

    As a Catholic Apologist, also I wish to refer the audience to the prophecy from Blessed Sister Elena Aiello. It is quite relevant to what is about to occur in Europe and worldwide:

    “Russia will march upon all the nations of Europe, particularly Italy, and will raise her flag over the dome of St. Peter. Another terrible war will come from the East to the West. Russia with her secret armies will battle America; will overrun Europe. The river Rhine will be overflowing with corpses and blood. Italy, also, will be harassed by a great revolution, and the Pope will suffer terribly. Rome will not be saved, because the Italian rulers have forsaken the Divine Light and because only a few people really love the Church.”

    I am not blaming Russia, per se. That country is definitely being pushed by the Satanic leaders of the West to make war. Such leaders care not an iota for human life. Sad indeed.

    BtW, the words “secret armies” is quite interesting. My son is married to a Russian originally from Chelyabinsk. Her female friends spouses who were reservists were all called up to serve in the Ukraine. It is her understanding that the vast majority of the regular Russian army remains behind the Urals training and awaiting orders for next steps.

    I can only conclude that “they” are the secret army that Aiello was referring to. Multiple dramatic and violent incidences associated with significant economic downturn occurring in Europe and the USA will be the strategic signal to initiate the “surprise”.

  36. KathJuliane February 10, 2024 @ 10:19 am


    Bogus. It’s false.

    Rense’s video asks, “What’s the chances of Tucker Carlson and Joe Biden wearing the exact same tie color on the same day that Tucker interviewed Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin on February 6, 2024. What did it mean?”

    They were not the exact same ties, nor was it the same day that Tucker conducted the interview and Biden delivered his remarks.

    1. The interview was recorded at the Kremlin – Tuesday, 6 February 2024.

    Tucker Carlson Network publicly released the interview on Thursday, 8 February 2024, at 6 PM EST.

    2. Tucker wore a navy blue & yellow striped tie to the interview — on February 6. If it’s the same tie he wears for his TCN homepage, then it would have a very fine white stripe in the middle of the yellow stripes.

    Ukraine’s official state colors are azure blue and yellow, not navy blue and yellow, so it is not correct to say that this tie represents Ukraine’s colors.

    3. On 8 February 2024, the same day as Carlson’s interview was released–not recorded, Biden delivered remarks, and he was wearing a royal blue tie with light blue or white dots, or tiny spotty patterns.

    It’s also the same set of remarks when Biden identifies President Sisi of Egypt as the president of Mexico

    Biden did not deliver any remarks on 6 February and had not do so between 1 February until the 8th.

    Ha ha! No one caught the coincidence because it did not happen! Rense got stuck with fake news.

    Fact checked by the KathJulianator.

  37. Citizenfitz February 10, 2024 @ 10:46 am

    The Micks are waking up!

  38. KathJuliane February 10, 2024 @ 12:25 pm

    Guess who was on Bill Clinton’s “team” in 2000 who told Bill Clinton to tell Putin that it would not be possible for Russia to join NATO in 2000?

    In June 2000, Putin met with President Bill Clinton at the Kremlin in Moscow.

    Putin says in the TNC interview:

    “At a meeting here in the Kremlin with the outgoing President Bill Clinton, right here in the next room, I said to him, I asked him: ‘Bill, do you think if Russia asked to join NATO, do you think it would happen?’ Suddenly he said, ‘You know, it’s interesting. I think so.’”

    “But in the evening, when we met for dinner. He said: ‘You know, I’ve talked to my team, no, it’s not possible now.’ You can ask him. I think he will watch our interview; he’ll confirm it.”

    I worked out the spoiler and common denominator. Guess who stymied Putin through every presidency since then?

    Victoria Nudelman, career State Department civil servant, appointee, and pointman for the rest of the Russia-hating Kagan clan of the Neocon PNAC tribe, generational Trotskyite Polish-Ukrainian Jewish survivors of the 19th & early 20th c. Imperial West Russian (non)pogroms who sit around the dinner table sorting out their Cold War Neocon national security cottage industry and deciding America’s foreign policy towards Russia and how to destroy it.

    Let’s look at her career, poached from Wikipedia.

    During Bill Clinton’s presidency, Victoria Nuland was chief of staff to Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott from 1993 to 1996.

    During Clinton’s second term, 1997-2001 to serve as Deputy Director for Former Soviet Union Affairs. She would have been on Clinton’s “team” at the Kremlin in 2000.

    Ergo, it was Nuland and the Neocons who told Clinton that it would not be possible for Russia to join NATO in 2000.

    From 2003 to 2005, Victoria Nuland served as Deputy Foreign Policy Adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney, exercising an influential role during the Iraq War.

    From 2005 to 2008, during President George W. Bush’s second term, Nuland served as U.S. Ambassador to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Brussels, where she concentrated on mobilizing European support for the NATO intervention in Afghanistan.

    In the summer of 2011 in the Obama White House, Nuland became special envoy for Conventional Armed Forces in Europe and then became State Department spokesperson.

    In May 2013, Nuland was nominated to act as Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs and was sworn in on September 18, 2013. Just two months later after being sworn in, the Maidan Uprising in Kiev began on 21 November 2013.

    In her role as Assistant Secretary, she managed diplomatic relations with fifty countries in Europe and Eurasia, as well as with NATO, the European Union and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

    During the Maidan Uprising in Ukraine, Nuland made appearances supporting the Maidan protesters.

    In December 2013, she said in a speech to the US–Ukraine Foundation that the U.S. had spent about $5 billion on democracy-building programs in Ukraine since 1991.

    The Russian government naturally pounced on this statement, claiming it was evidence that the U.S. was orchestrating a color revolution, a month after the Maidan Uprising commenced.

    In 2014, under Obama, Victoria Nuland—the former close Cheney associate and wife of PNAC co-founder Robert Kagan—was the (belligerent) Assistant Secretary of State for Eurasian Affairs who, along with Ukrainian nationalists and sympathizers inside the Deep State and from the Ukrainian diaspora communities (like the Chalupi sisters) engineered Ukraine’s “regime change” in early 2014.

    Nuland was the lead U.S. point person for Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity (Maidan Uprising & Coup), establishing loan guarantees to Ukraine, including a $1 billion loan guarantee in 2014, and the provisions of non-lethal assistance to the Ukrainian military and border guard.

    Along with Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, she is seen as a leading supporter of defensive weapons delivery to Ukraine.

    In 2016, Nuland urged Ukraine to start prosecuting corrupt officials: “It’s time to start locking up people who have ripped off the Ukrainian population for too long and it is time to eradicate the cancer of corruption”.

    While serving as the Department of State’s lead diplomat on the Ukraine crisis, Nuland pushed European allies to take a harder line on Russian expansionism.

    During a June 7, 2016, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing titled “Russian Violations of Borders, Treaties, and Human Rights”, Nuland described U.S. diplomatic outreach to the former Soviet Union and efforts to build a constructive relationship with Russia, padded with lies and distortions.

    After the TNC interview in a followup vid, Carlson said that Putin had given him a thick, old-fashioned dossier.

    So what could be in that dossier? Russia’s defense and refutations of decades of Nudelman’s lies, distortions, machinations, propaganda and information operations against Russia? She had her fingers everywhere all over NATO and Eastern Europe?

    During her testimony, Nuland noted de facto 2014 Russian intervention of Ukraine which she said, “shattered any remaining illusions about this Kremlin’s willingness to abide by international law or live by the rules of the institutions that Russia joined at the end of the Cold War.”

    On February 4, 2014, a recording of a phone call between Nuland and U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt on January 28, 2014, was published on YouTube.

    The call followed an offer made on 25 January 2014 by Ukrainian President Yanukovych to include two members of the opposition in his government to calm the Maidan protests in Ukraine, one being that of his Prime Minister.

    Nuland and Pyatt voiced their opinions of this offer, specifically on the post of Prime Minister, giving their opinion of several opposition personalities.

    Nuland told Pyatt that Arseniy Yatsenyuk would be the best candidate to hold this post.

    Nuland suggested the United Nations, rather than the European Union, should be involved in a full political solution, adding “fuck the EU”.

    January 2017, Nudelman, an appointee, was dismissed from the State Department by the Trump Adminstration, along with her Neocon pro-Ukrainian, Russiaphobic, Putin-hating appointee Clintonista-Obama cronies in the State Department administration and foreign service.

    But not much could be done with the entrenched Neocon “Deep State” career diplomats, staffers and office personnel with their civil service protections which prevented Trump’s famous “You’re Fired”, who were selected and hired during the Clinton-Bush-Obama years, all of whom went on to form the core cadres of the bureaucratic ‘Never Trumper’ resistance inside the White House Executive Office (of some 4000 employees) sabotaging Trump, his National Security Council, and especially his FIRST pick for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.

    On January 5, 2021, Biden would nominate Nuland to serve as Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs under Antony Blinken, who had been nominated to serve as Secretary of State.

    Shortly after that, the Kremlin started receiving military intelligence that, in addition to 8 years of building up fortified defenses, the Ukrainian Armed Forces were building up forces along the Minsk contact lines between the Ukrainian Government forces and the DNR/LNR forces and drastically escalating shelling of the breakaway Donbass republican territories not under Kiev’s control.

    There was further intelligence I remember reading that Kiev was planning to launch an invasion of not only the breakaway republics but attempt penetration into the bordering Russian territory itself at the start of March.

    The Russian MOD was alerted when it was reported that AFU scouts had managed to drive through Donetsk and into Russian territory unhampered. Shortly after that, the Russian Duma, at the request of Vladimir Putin, recognized the independence of the Peoples Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

    At that point, the two heads of the Donbass republics formally requested of Putin their accession to the Russian Federation, which was then accepted by Putin and ratified by the Duma and written into the legislation of the Russian Federation.

    Shortly after, the Russian Armed Forces launched their preemptive invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 about a week before the start of the reported AFU aggression operations, with the fullest intentions and commitment to defend and liberate all of the newly acceded Russian Federation territories under the law as duly recognized by the Russian head of state and the government, thwarting what the republics and Russia saw was Kiev’s military buildup preparing to launch a massive invasion.

    So, what did Putin put in the old-fashioned paper dossier folder, complete with binder ties, which looked to be about 1.5 inches thick? Tucker said that he was going to have a lot of “next time” reading to do. He quipped later that it would take a year to digest everything Putin said in the interview.

    Kind of suggests that maybe next time Tucker is invited to interview Putin, he’ll be more prepared, and that there will be a next time.

    So, RJN fam, what would 25 years of peace had looked like without the Hamentashen Cookie Monster of Kiev, the War-Yenta Victoria Nudelman, if she hadn’t been at the Kremlin as part of Bill Clinton’s ‘team’ in 2000?

  39. Rabbi Glickman February 10, 2024 @ 2:12 pm

    This morning while I was sneaking down Linden Blvd. towards my favorite kosher deli I noticed some people talking to one another and looking at me over their shoulders. ??? Were they talking about me?

    But why? What did I ever do to them? Are there Neo-nazis in Crown Heights now?

    Oy vey! Yes, they *were* neo-Nazis, I am certain of it!

    Help! I am being stalked by Crown Heights neo-Nazis who want to lampshade me! Help!!!

  40. Ted Gorsline February 10, 2024 @ 2:15 pm

    I see where the jews have now murdered a minimum of 12,500 children which includes babies and the newborn in Gaza. Those still inside their murdered mothers are not counted.

    And so you ask how is that possible.

    Well the answer is simple. It’s because the child murderers are jews. It’s because they are jews.

  41. Rav Mortichai February 10, 2024 @ 2:45 pm

    Here’s the Putin v Carlson interview on Archive–

    This was the first version. There is now a second version being floated.

    One could download this and save it if they had a mind. The most interesting part of this is the first 40 minutes where Putin briefs on Russian history. History is always subjective and dependent on the teller and what parts they chose to tell or ignore.

    Someday in the not too distant future, the story of Western Civilization will be told by Mexicans and Blacks and Jews. When they tell our story, they will mention Hitler, White Supremacy, and paint us as the most evil race of people that ever existed.

    There will be no White to challenge that claim. That is the most likely path following the trajectory we are on with corruption, fraud, and perversion.

    There is an alternate trajectory. But, it requires a leader and courage to stand up to the people who would destroy us.

    Who is that leader? I don’t know. He’s nowhere in sight presently. Some may have the courage but most do not. We’re coming to the end. In 10 or 20 years we’ll be overrun totally.

  42. Bene Yeshua February 10, 2024 @ 3:54 pm

    Israeli professor who was arrested and persecuted for opposing the war in Gaza speaks out

    “They wanted me to die, they wanted my children to die, they threatened to rape my daughter.”

    Meir Baruchin, a 62-year-old Israeli history professor and anti-war activist, revealed how he was arrested in October and incarcerated in solitary confinement as a “high-risk detainee” in November for “intent to commit an act of treason.” and “intent to disturb public order” after publishing a photograph of Palestinians killed by the Israeli army on October 7 in opposition to the war in Gaza.

    He also faced harassment and threats from other Israelis online because of the post. When he was released from prison and returned to school to teach, he was met with a “violent demonstration” by his own students and was forced to barricade himself in the staff room.


  43. KathJuliane February 10, 2024 @ 3:54 pm

    Kremlin Spokesman reveals main goal of Putin’s interview for Carlson

    The interview was viewed for over 150 million times on the X platform alone, said Dmitry Peskov

    TASS | 10 February 2024

    MOSCOW, February 10. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s interview for Tucker Carlson was addressed not to US authorities, but to a wide audience of people in the West, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

    In a conversation with TASS, he disclosed what exactly the Kremlin considers the main result of this interview and assessed the level of attacks on Russian IT systems during the past two years.

    On millions of views
    – In the first 24 hours, the interview was viewed for over 150 million times on the X platform alone. But a wide interest of the audience does not mean support, the Kremlin notes. “The most important thing for us is to make our president heard. If he is heard, then more people will wonder whether he is right or not. At least they will think.”

    – It is difficult for Russia to stand against the US “in terms of propaganda,” because the “Anglo-Saxons own all largest broadcasters, all main newspapers in one way or another.” In these circumstances, the interview for Carlson “is a very good opportunity” to convey Moscow’s position to the people.

    On relations with US
    – The US authorities are “well aware of Putin’s key messages” even without the interview, Peskov noted. “They are well aware of what he thinks. It is not an issue of knowledge, but an issue of desire. A desire to do something to enter the negotiations track. We see no such desire and political will [in the US] so far.”

    On attacks on Kremlin website, other systems
    – Peskov was unable to tell if the interview sparked special attention of hackers to the Kremlin official website, where the interview was published soon after it was published on Carlson’s own resources. “There are dozens of attacks on the Kremlin website every day. Everyday throughout the year. Sometimes, there are strong DDoS attacks, and sometimes, there are attacks that aim to seize control over the website and so on. Therefore, our agencies work around the clock, ensuring proper security and integrity of the website.”

    – The Kremlin also finds it difficult to assess whether external attack on Russia’s IT and other systems have increased ahead of the presidential elections. “This is because the attempts to breach our various systems, both in the Internet and in other areas, have been at the maximum level for the past two years; I simply cannot differentiate if this is connected to the elections or not. They [attempts] do not stop.”

    Putin’s interview for Tucker Carlson was published on February 9. A significant portion of the two-hour-long conversation was dedicated to the Ukrainian conflict, Russia’s relations with the US, NATO and the West in general. Previously, the journalist said that he already tried to have an interview with Putin one year earlier, but US authorities prohibited it.

    The use of “Anglo-Saxon” in Russian political dialog & rhetoric is not derogatory or raciast, but simply a political metaphor for the Anglophone West, largely the UK, Canada, the US.

    It’s a carryover from originally 19th century French political-speak, from a time when the British Empire referred to themselves as ‘Anglo-Saxons’.

    The ancient Anglo-Saxons after Christianization never referred to themselves as “Anglo-Saxons” but as “English”, as did the Danes and other Scandinavians who settled in Old England, and intermarried with the Angle and Saxon houses. -Kj

  44. Bene Yeshua February 10, 2024 @ 5:24 pm

    In Jerusalem, Milei (President of Argentina) said that he wants the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple, to fulfill the prophecy that will bring the Messiah of the Jews to Earth.

    Argentina will move its embassy to Jerusalem, Javier Milei announces during emotional visit


  45. Bene Yeshua February 10, 2024 @ 5:45 pm

    The Child-Rape Assembly Line.

    Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg—who is 63 with a long, graying beard—recently sat down with me to explain what he described as a “child-rape assembly line” among sects of fundamentalist Jews.


  46. Mark P Loftus February 10, 2024 @ 6:01 pm

    Another major difference between between the US and Eastern Orthodox nations is values.

    American fundamentalism is about “me” and my personal walk with Jesus. Putin and Orban point to God, the Church, the family, nation, the larger body. It is easier to deceive the individualistic American.

  47. THE RED SKULL February 10, 2024 @ 7:09 pm

    As usual Brother Nate Lays down the Zio-Jew truth for all to hear and read.

    I listened to the interview and felt Tucker was slightly condescending; considering the weighty issues involved, I have to admire him for having the guts to even attempt it. He has an uphill battle when he comes back to the American ZOG Machine as he is now “Persona Non Grata” to the entire establishment press.

    There’s so much Hunger here in the tightly brainwashed and controlled West for TRUTH! Truth of our Nation, Truth of the Rigged election, Truth about this horrible Slav on Slav war, etc.etc.etc.

    Tucker has done Truth and Freedom loving Peoples all over the world a HUGE FAVOR in letting the Russian Leader speak out on their side of the matter.

    We sure as Heck aren’t going to get their viewpoint from our propaganda presstitutes. Imperfect as it was, we all can learn a lot from what the Great Poot-Dog had to say.

    I find the Russians to be a “NO BS!” kind of people–at least their leaders are–Completely the opposite of the Lackeys Losers and Fish-heads we got for “Leaders” over here! Most bought and paid for AND COMPROMISED by ZOG—Lolita Express anyone?

    So its a step in the right direction, stepping back from the Abyss of WW3, where we do the final suicide of the planet and wreck not only ourselves, but The
    Creators Beautiful Creation.

    I find It sad, sad, sad that these “people,” if you want to call them that, are willing to take us ALL to the brink of Destruction, just to satisfy their lust for Power and Control. They have SO MUCH control we can only get out from under the bus where they put us with God’s Help!—

    God Bless Tucker for having the Giant Balls of Brass to go over there for the interview of a lifetime! Also Thank you Mr. Putin! For letting him interview you and getting out your side to the Truth-starved people of the West.

    The people will hear him out. The problem is The Children of the Devil are hell-bent on destroying Russia–IN revenge for losing their grip on power and bringing God and Christ back to the Russian People.

    We the unwashed can only hope and do our Daily Duties to ourselves, our families and hopefully what we have left of a Country!

  48. KathJuliane February 10, 2024 @ 7:43 pm

    I missed this. Good move, Torba! This cuts the mischievous IDF Unit 8200 off at the knees. -Kj


    Far-right platform ‘Gab’ bans Israelis from using site

    Social media platform known for neo-Nazi users and antisemitic posts moves to block all Israeli IPs from service, suggesting they use a VPN

    Ynet News | 1 February 2024

    The far-right social media platform Gab, known for its numerous neo-Nazi users and antisemitic statements made by its owner Andrew Torba, has blocked all of its Israeli users from accessing it, including entering their pages.

    Despite several email inquiries from Israelis to Gab’s support team following the move, no explanation was provided by the online platform. One user was advised to hide their location using a VPN by Gab’s support team.

    And the rest of the screed, bla, bla, bla.

  49. Hibernian February 10, 2024 @ 9:28 pm

    Putin-Carlson interview:
    Full transcript

    Edward Slavsquat

    Feb 9, 2024

    They had a nice little chat.

    Hello friends,

    Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin went live about an hour ago. You can watch the full thing on Tucker’s website.

    Your correspondent will share his thoughts on this discussion later.

    Maybe on Saturday.

    Until then, here is the transcript (the real one, not the fake one that was floating around).

    Share your impressions in the comments section.

    Please be nice to each other, though!

    Okay that’s all for now more later have a nice day. — Riley

  50. KathJuliane February 11, 2024 @ 8:30 am

    As Lent in Western Christendom starts on 14 February this year, and begins March 18 for us Eastern Orthodox, I’m leaving this wonderful little historical musical find devoted to Saint Columba of Iona the Wonderworker, Enlightener of Scotland, for your Lenten contemplations, with liturgical roots in the ancient, historical, Pentarchial Holy Catholic and Apostolic Orthodox Church of the First Millenium.

    ℑ𝔫 𝔭𝔯𝔞𝔦𝔰𝔢 𝔬𝔣 𝔰𝔞𝔦𝔫𝔱 ℭ𝔬𝔩𝔲𝔪𝔟𝔞
    The sound of the medieval Celts – Choir of Gonville & CaIus College


    Holy Father Columba of Iona, pray to God for us!

  51. Citizenfitz February 11, 2024 @ 10:35 am

    @Nich Flue, bookmarked your blog.

    I know of Sister Aiello’s predictions about Russia… pulling off an unexpected blitzkrieg on Europe, using “secret armies”. There are *lots* of prophecies/predictions (they’re not the same thing) along that line. I’ve blogged on it, too.

    An interesting side story to this is how, immediately after the Maidan Coup, Russia moved into Crimea to secure their bases there. No one in DC appears to have even seen it coming. They got pole-axed. Hence, all the bed-wetting hysterics.

    And when Russia was invited into Syria, they were there in force very quickly. An American Lt. General was interviewed on TV about it and said: “They moved a lot of stuff a long way, very fast! I’d like to know how they did that.”

    So, in spite of the leisurely pace of the war in Ukraine, we can see how when Russia is of a mind to, they move very fast.

    There’s a lot going on over there offstage. I wish Tucker had asked some of us here what questions he should ask Putin.

  52. Citizenfitz February 11, 2024 @ 10:45 am

    Thanks for the link to “In Praise of Saint Columba”, Kath.

  53. KathJuliane February 11, 2024 @ 1:48 pm

    Dear Citizenfitz,

    That general who wondered how Russia got things done so fast should just look at a map of the five military districts of the Russian Federation, and especially the geography of the Southern Military District in relation to both Crimea and Syria.

    Neither Crimea nor Syria involved anything in the way of long distances geographically for the RF, particularly involving the Southern Military District. For example, it’s about 430 miles overland from Rostov-on-Don (where Prigozhin made his famous appearance) to Sevastopol.

    Before the Maidan Coup, Russia maintained a long-term lease their naval base since the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the independence of Ukraine, in the then Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

    As duly leased property from the Ukrainian state, like any lease contract, the property of the Russian naval base, including its shipyards, docks, and warehouses belonged to the Russian Federation for the duration of the lease, passing completely out of legal and military jurisdiction of Kiev. The Ukrainian naval base was situated next to the Russian naval base, the lease arrangement splitting the old Soviet naval base between Russia and Ukraine.

    If I lease a property from you for 20 or 30 years, that property is mine to use for the term of the lease, subject to any conditions written into it.

    Under the terms of the lease, the fully independent Russian naval base (and some associated real estate, such as the right to use Ukrainian air bases and the international highways for military transport to support the Russian Navy in Sebastopol) was authorized for up to a maximum of 25,000 Russian armed forces personnel present in the naval base.

    I believe this number was inclusive of the ship personnel themselves, but also included active duty infantry and armored brigades, such as the Naval Infantry (Marines), Spetznats, etc.

    If memory serves me, at the time of the Maidan Coup, there were some 15,000 Russian personnel present in the Russian naval base, most of whom were land forces. Under the terms of the lease, an additional 10,000 Russian military could be transported by whatever means, air, land, or sea, to the naval base to max the cap without Kiev’s permission for transit.

    When the Maidan Coup happened, the government of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (ARC) in Simferopol, along with the Mayoralty of Sevastopol which has long had a special city-state status as a subject in the Russian imperial/federal system, refused to recognize the new Kiev Regime and declared their independence after calling for snap popular referenda, and in a separate step, calling for reunification with Russia, also approved by referendum vote.

    Since 1991, there had been a number of opinion polls conducted, and even symbolic referenda held among Crimeans, all of which overwhelmingly expressed their political will to reunite with Russia, by a consistent majority of 75-80% of the Crimean population.

    Prior to publicly announcing the snap referenda, the ARC and Sebastopol made a mutual aid request of Moscow for peacekeeping and security forces sufficient to assure peaceful referenda turnout in Crimean cities and towns, as well as to keep the AFU locked up on their bases inside Ukraine, and keep the AFU from the mainland out of Crimea.

    There was no invasion. Taking advantage of the 10,000 shortfall of military personnel on the Russian naval base under the terms of the lease, Russia legally transported by whatever means from a Russian territory to another sovereign Russian territory (under valid lease), unknown numbers of the uniformed masked ‘Polite Green Men’ wearing no insignia were transported to Sevastopol and staged for further deployments.

    Responding to the formal request of the ARC government, especially after the beleaguered Crimean contingent of the Berkut Internal Troops had been brutally battered and decimated during the Maidan civil war, Moscow deployed peacekeeping troops to augment the Crimean civilian police and security forces, as well as the still reeling and bleeding heroic Berkut returning home, who had been officially disbanded by the Maidan Usurpers, who had been hounded by Berkut from West Ukraine, Ukronatsis and Banderists all the way into Crimea from Kiev. The more seriously burned and injured Berkut were immediately whisked off to Russian hospitals for medical treatment.

    The ‘Polite Green Men’, functioning somewhat similar to our National Guard on civilian deployments where their task is to support the civilian authorities, abruptly appeared near the government centers in all of the cities and towns of Crimea that were for the referenda, and who blockaded the gates and roads of the AFU bases.

    These ‘Polite Green Men’ were likely transported through and from the Southern Military District in Russian territory overland through then Ukraine the coastal route through Donbass down to Crimea. There were some photos of an unmarked troop transport convoys bearing Russian plates traveling along different roadways to Crimea, but they could have easily been flown in on IL76s as well.

    As I remember, Kiev was desperate to shut down the airports, ordered the AFU out, but the Ukrainians by now were bottled up inside their bases, including the Ukrainian marines and special forces garrisoned in the Ukraine navy base. Kiev even made the futile and impotent order to Moscow and the Russian naval base command forbidding any Russian military personnel from leaving the base.

    The ‘Polite Green Men’ also blockaded the roadways into Crimea from mainland Ukraine until the referenda were conducted and finished, and Crimea’s accession into the Russian Federation was accomplished. Moscow’s quick action using the Sevastopol Naval Base as a legal and logisitical lily pad for the mutual assistance operation for the newly independent Republic of Crimea assured the security of the Crimeans, and the peaceful referenda and transfer to the Russian Federation, thanks to the ‘Polite Green Men’.

    At that point, I figure that the hundreds or thousands of the ‘Polite Green Men’ in Crimea then put their military chevrons and insignias on their uniforms now that under Russian law they were standing on new Russian territory.

    In April 2014, Crimea and Sevastopol were formally added to the Southern Military District following the 2014 Crimean crisis in Ukraine, when they acceded to Russia. The headquarters of the District is in Rostov-on-Don.

    Poaching from Wikipedia:

    “The Southern Military District is one of the five military districts of the Russian Armed Forces, with its jurisdiction primarily within the North Caucasus region of the country, and Russian bases in South Caucasian post-Soviet states.

    “The Southern Military District is the smallest military district in Russia by geographic size. The district contains 131 federal subjects of Russia: Adygea, Astrakhan Oblast, Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Kalmykia, Karachay-Cherkessia, Krasnodar Krai, North Ossetia-Alania, Rostov Oblast, Stavropol Krai and Volgograd Oblast along with the six occupied Ukrainian oblasts consists of Crimea, Donetsk, Kherson, Lugansk, Sevastopol and Zaporozhye.

    “The Southern Military District is headquartered in Rostov-on-Don, and its current district commander is Colonel General Sergey Kuzovlev, who has held the position since 23 January 2023. It is considered to be the most effective and competent formation of the Russian military.”

    It’s 988 air miles from the MOD Southern District Headquarters in Rostov-on-Don to Damascus, which is a relatively short jaunt for Russia (which territorially covers 9 time zones). The State of California from north to south borders is just 140 miles shorter than this. But, Rostov-on-Don is in the north end of the District, and there are military air bases closer than Rostov. And, longer hops can be made from the other four Military Districts as well.

    After President Assad requested Russia’s military intervention against ISIS and al-Qaeda, and after all the paperwork was signed including all necessary leases, first the engineers repaired and upgraded Khmeimim Air Base in Latakia.

    And then they started their logistics operations, flying into the upgraded Khmeimim Airbase waves of cargo planes with all of the necessary supplies, food, equipment, vehicles and shelter needed to garrison Russian forces at Khmeimim.

    Khmeimim could accept the super-jumbo Antonov An-124 Ruslan and Tupolev Tu-76 transport aircrafts.

    The Russians flew in complete field kitchens and bakeries, shower & laundry facilities, saunas, mess halls, tent shelters, medical centers and hospital, modular buildings for offices and storage, and the support personnel and civilian employees to work it all. Old Soviet field kitchens from WWII and bakery trucks are still in use.

    Not to mention transporting your own fuel trucks loaded with aviation and ground fuels.

    When you’re a self-reliant, self-contained military force like this logistically, and all of your procurement and supply chain comes from Russia, and you don’t have to depend on shopping around for the necessary outside civilian contractors for support services, logistics and supply, and housing like the US does, then you can move pretty quickly, especially for an expedition force like Syria. Takes longer to pack it all on the cargo planes and then unload it.

    Russia even hosts International Field Kitchen Competitions in their Army Games. The Russian military field kitchens both cook and bake for thousands of civilians in the Novorossia warzones, and the MoD has turned over smaller, wheeled field kitchens for civilian use as well. Even the smaller kitchens can turn out 1200 meals in a half hour cooking soup and stews in their giant pots.

    This will give you an idea of what the very self-contained Russian base and garrison at Khmeimim looked like just a month after the Russian Syrian operations started. Some of the Russian military bakery experts helped restore bakeries in ruined Aleppo, Syria once the city was liberated.

    Russian airbase in Syria: RT checks out everyday life at Latakia airfield

  54. Citizenfitz February 11, 2024 @ 2:26 pm

    New one up: Liars Will Lie

  55. Rav Mortichai February 11, 2024 @ 3:42 pm

    Citizenfitz, Nice article.

    Hibernian, Thanks for the transcript link.

  56. George February 11, 2024 @ 3:44 pm

    I thought that this was a very good interview. It was the meeting of a preppy American with a Russian Bear. They were both gentlemen and respected each other.

    The question is, where to from here? Hundreds of thousands dead. A world that has gone mad with woke-ism.

    God help us all!

  57. Citizenfitz February 11, 2024 @ 7:42 pm

    Thanks rebbe. One of my better ones, methinks.

  58. The+Elder+of+Zyklon-B February 12, 2024 @ 1:43 pm

    Add pathological altruism to your list of liberal mental disorders, Fitz.

    I wonder how many Juden families will be inviting the vibrant migrant invaders into their homes. They will probably push for legislation which requires this for their goyim debt slaves while exempting themselves.

    Invasion of Denver

    This city of 713,000 people has absorbed nearly 40,000 migrants in a little over a year, more per capita than any other U.S. city. It is second only to New York in the total number of foreigners who have arrived since 2022.

    The influx is straining the city’s budget, crowding schools and hospitals and swelling the ranks of the city’s homeless population. Denver has spent more than $42 million in the past year to house and feed the new arrivals.

    Public schools have ballooned by more than 3,000 students, creating a budget shortfall of roughly $17.5 million. The city’s safety-net hospital has seen at least 9,000 migrant patients in the past year, costing at least $10 million in unreimbursed care.

  59. Rabbi Glickman February 12, 2024 @ 2:12 pm

    Ach! The goyim don’t want to give Jews credit for all their greatness!

    Well see about that. I’m going to make it a point to swindle or smear someone this week.

  60. Brother Nathanael February 12, 2024 @ 3:28 pm

    Brother Nathanael On Stew Peters Show Today!

    Upload 6 PM CST & Round The Clock @

    “This is our moment Stew, reaching those sitting on the fence.”

    Enjoy! +bn

  61. KathJuliane February 12, 2024 @ 3:40 pm

    Lakewood “Woman” Shooter a “Transgender” Salvadoran Immigrant

    The New American | 12 February 2024

    The “woman” who opened fire at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood megachurch in Houston, Texas, on Sunday was a man.

    He was also a Salvadoran immigrant, legal status unknown.

    Those facts won’t likely figure in news reports.

    Escalante Moreno

    First to identify the dead shooter, killed by two off-duty lawmen, was KHOU in Houston.

    Based on a search warrant, the station disclosed that the shooter was Genesse Ivonne Moreno, a man whose name is Jeffrey Escalante.

    Wearing a trench coat, Escalante walked into the church with a five-year-old boy in tow and opened fire with an AR-15, emblazoned with “Free Palestine.”

    Escalante wounded a 57-year-old man and the child was hit and critically wounded in the exchange of gunfire with a 28-year-old city cop and a 38-year-old officer with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

    KHOU, however, searched paywalled records at the Texas Department of Public Safety and learned that Escalante was not, as media reports said, a woman.

    Reported KHOU:

    Moreno had a criminal history dating back to 2005, and previously identified as Jeffery Escalante, according to a Texas Department of Public Safety records search. Prior arrests include assault of a public servant, assault causing bodily injury, forgery, possession of marijuana, theft, evading arrest, unlawful carrying weapon, and failure to stop and give information.

    The Blaze’s Sara Gonzalez reproduced the shooter’s criminal record that shows he was born in El Salvador. Whether he was a U.S. citizen is unclear.

    Full story:

  62. Citizenfitz February 12, 2024 @ 5:01 pm

    All dam bursts begin as a trickle:

    Elder, yep, pathological altruism is a feature of the self disgust that afflicts libs.

    They’ll often do suicidally stupid things: like go walking around the Black part of town, unarmed, at midnight, on a week-end, rather than admit they’re mistaken about things.

    Sorta’ like those three libs who recently got themselves shoah’d by psychopath Blacks, when an intelligent ninth grader would have known better. It’s more than a mere psychological disorder with libs. There’s a demonic element working on them.

  63. Citizenfitz February 12, 2024 @ 5:04 pm

    I’ll look forward to watching you and Stew, Brother Nate.

  64. Rav Mortichai February 12, 2024 @ 6:02 pm

    So it begins. Jews banned from equipment use:

    Feels like I’ve been turned into a lampshade all over again.

  65. KathJuliane February 13, 2024 @ 9:42 am

    Tucker, Putin, and the Apocalypse

    By Dr. Alexander Dugin | 9 February 2024

    Alexander Dugin analyses the impact of Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin, emphasising its potential to avert an apocalypse by reshaping the ideological battlegrounds within Russia and influencing perceptions in the West.

    Why is Tucker Carlson’s interview considered pivotal for both the West and Russia?

    Let us start with the simpler part: Russia. Here, Tucker Carlson has become a focal point for two polar opposites within Russian society: ideological patriots and elite Westernisers who nonetheless remain loyal to Putin and the Special Military Operation.

    For patriots, Tucker Carlson is simply ‘one of us’. He is a traditionalist, a right-wing conservative, and a staunch opponent of liberalism. This is what twenty-first-century emissaries to the Russian tsar look like.

    Putin does not often interact with prominent representatives of the fundamentally conservative camp. The attention the Kremlin pays him ignites the patriot’s heart, inspiring the continuation of a conservative-traditionalist course in Russia itself.

    Now it is possible and necessary: Russian power has defined its ideology. We have embarked on this path and will not deviate from it. Yet, patriots are always afraid we will. No.

    On the other hand, the Westernisers sighed with relief: see, not everything in the West is bad, and there are good and objective people, we told you!

    Let us be friends with such a West, think the Westernisers, even if the rest of the globalist liberal West does not want to be friends but only bombards us with sanctions, and with missiles and cluster bombs, killing our women, children, and the elderly.

    We are at war with the liberal West, so let there at least be friendship with the conservative West. Thus, Russian patriots and Russian Westernisers (increasingly more Russian and less Western) come to a consensus in the figure of Tucker Carlson.

    In the West, everything is even more fundamental. Tucker Carlson is a symbolic figure. He is now the main symbol of the America that hates Biden, liberals, and globalists and is preparing to vote for Trump.

    Trump, Carlson, and Musk, plus Texas Governor Abbott, are the faces of the looming American Revolution, this time a Conservative Revolution.

    To this already powerful resource, Russia connects. No, it is not about Putin supporting Trump, which could easily be dismissed in the context of war with the United States.

    Carlson’s visit is about something else. Biden and his maniacs have effectively attacked a great nuclear power through the hands of Kiev’s unleashed terrorists, and humanity is on the verge of destruction. Nothing more, nothing less.

    The globalist media continue to spin a Marvel series for infants, where Spider-Man Zelensky magically wins with superpowers and magical pigs against the Kremlin’s ‘Dr. Evil’. However, this is just a cheap, silly series.

    In reality, everything is heading towards the use of nuclear weapons and possibly the destruction of humanity. Tucker Carlson conducts a reality check: does the West understand what it is doing, pushing the world towards the apocalypse?

    There is a real Putin and a real Russia, not these staged characters and settings from Marvel. Look what the globalists have done and how close we are to it!

    It is not about the content of the interview with Putin. It is the fact that a person like Tucker Carlson is visiting a country like Russia to meet a political figure like Putin at such a critical time.

    Tucker Carlson’s trip to Moscow might be the last chance to stop the disappearance of humanity. The gigantic billion-strong attention to this pivotal interview from humanity itself, as well as the frenzied, inhuman rage of Biden, the globalists, and the world’s citizens intoxicated with decay, testify to humanity’s awareness of the seriousness of the situation.

    The world can only be saved by stopping now. For that, America must choose Trump. And Tucker Carlson. And Elon Musk. And Abbott. Then we get a chance to pause on the brink of the abyss. Compared to this, everything else is secondary.

    Liberalism and its agenda have led humanity to a dead end. Now the choice is this: either liberals or humanity. Tucker Carlson chooses humanity, which is why he came to Moscow to meet Putin.

    The whole world understood why he came and how important it is.

  66. Christoph February 23, 2024 @ 12:36 pm

    I am not sure that the translations are in order for church. Is ‘ekklesia’ not assembly or congregation? Tyndale thought so in 1500.

    So, much like the disciples never called themselves Christians and carry no titles. How come?

    I thought I am just be a simple follower in a congregation that follows its LORD Jesus, our Shepherd?

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