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Isn’t He Lovely

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Isn’t He Lovely
July 31 2023

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Brother Nathanael @ July 31, 2023


  1. Brother Nathanael July 31, 2023 @ 8:31 pm


    Isn’t He Lovely

    Isn’t he lovely
    Isn’t he vonderful
    Isn’t he precious
    More than ninety years old

    I never thought through Jews we’d be
    Making one as lovely as he
    But ain’t he lovely, made from dung

    Isn’t he pretty
    Truly the devil’s best
    Oy, I’m kvelling
    Vhat words could ever express?

    I can’t believe what Satan’s done
    Through the Jewish purse it’s the curse he’s spun
    But ain’t they lovely, made from dung


    The enablers…they’re Jews

    Does this bother you?

    It’s true.

    Boo hoo hoo.

    Isn’t he lovely
    Death and disgust are the same
    Misery is Jewry
    The meaning of their name
    Without their money, it can’t be done
    Their shekels conceive theses ones
    That’s so very ugly, made from dung

  2. Rav Mortichai July 31, 2023 @ 10:40 pm

    This is great!

  3. Citizenfitz July 31, 2023 @ 11:14 pm

    Watch out with the song parodies Bro, lest “The Usual Suspects©” come after you for copyright infringement.

    LMAO btw!

  4. Sarah BeefHog July 31, 2023 @ 11:47 pm

    I think we Gentiles should charter an airplane to Israel, go there, and teach the men, women, and children how to govern themselves.

    They should be allowed to have dreidels and shofar horns.

    The shekels are ok, they can keep using them, as long as they are digital shekels only.

    And everybody works for me.

    Thank you.

  5. Brother Nathanael July 31, 2023 @ 11:59 pm


    There’s no “copyright infringement” on public use Karaoke.

    None whatsoever.

    You can do it worry free, add your own words too. +bn

  6. Brother Nathanael August 1, 2023 @ 12:00 am

    @Rav Mortichai

    My song parodies are reaching teens and twenties.

    I WILL continue.

    Might make some DVDs once they accumulate. +bn

  7. Brother Nathanael August 1, 2023 @ 12:02 am

    @Sarah BeefHog

    Yup, “everybody works for me.”

    Jews now have 100% control of every aspect of Jewmerican life.

    Yeah, there’s some goys here and there, but they:

    “Work. For. Me.” +bn

  8. Ted Gorsline August 1, 2023 @ 4:24 am

    You are certainly the pioneer when it comes to using the J word although others, for example E. Michael Jones are now quite comformtable using it too.

    You can see it on the tip of just about everyone’s else’s tongue, such as for example, Colonel Douglas Magregor, but as yet most haven’t worked up quite enough courage to spit it out. Doing so it a trip to unemplyoment, infamy and obscurity.

    I think this is because Hitler has been vilified by everyone, and especially the jewish owned and controlled media, which is almost all media. He is the universal bad guy when in fact he may have been right all along.

    Admitting that we might have joined the wrong side in “WW 2” is hard to stomach since so many in the West, including my own relatives, died fighting the Germans.

    They have to have been the bad guys. Otherwise how can you justify killing them.

  9. H Cooner August 1, 2023 @ 5:48 am

    You are the best. Thank you for your energy and teachings to guide us normal folks through this worldly mess. God be with you.

  10. HANNES August 1, 2023 @ 6:41 am


    Children’s television channel Kika introduced a transgender character named “Herr Ingeborg”.

    The bald one, with a mustache, dressed in a green dress, with a blush on his cheeks and lipstick, speaks like a child. The channel broadcasts for children from six in the morning to nine in the evening.

    What future awaits these children? Is it time for the Germans to sound the alarm?

  11. Hibernian August 1, 2023 @ 7:44 am

    “Don’t piss on my head, & tell me it’s raining.”

    “Don’t JEW on my head, & tell me it’s snowing-brown.”

    The situation has become so bad that everyone must start talking the meaningful truth.


    Ref. The Great “Harry Vox”
    (“Brother Nathanael is awesome. And, his videos are top-notch”)

    Harry Vox –
    £€₩$ Will Fxxx You



    In Politics and Media – if the person is a Jew, that is the defining feature under which all other characteristics, behaviors, voting decisions, “beliefs”are subordinate.

    This is not an antisemitic statement.

    It is an obvious easily proven statistical fact.





    The pattern is unmistakable.

    It is insane to vote in favor of a Jew in public office.

    That Jew will NEVER work on behalf of you.

    They will always work on behalf of Jewish money power OVER you.

  12. Nicholas Landholdt August 1, 2023 @ 8:21 am

    #StateMilitia will get rid of them.

    110 is a nice round number, right +BN?

  13. KathJuliane August 1, 2023 @ 12:19 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    Bwwwaaahhahahaha! I’m on the floor!

    Cleverly done. The BN-aoke surpasses limerick levels of rude satire.

    Talk about not-so-subliminal messaging in your Video — every time you see a Jew, it’s like stepping in poo.

    You inspired me to coin a new name for the Criminal State of Israel — The Jewish State of Turdistan.

    Thanks for pithy truth wrapped in laughs.

  14. The Englishman August 1, 2023 @ 12:57 pm

    Your rendition filmed at the inviolate water’s edge, delivered with the Almighty’s self-confidence is yet another Brother Nathanael forthright production, only possible when delivered with the conviction of all of Heaven’s Saints.

    Rightly labelled, these odious specimens are Dung!

    Just how the worst examples have gotten into such positions of power and influence, can only be explained away by satanic forces.

  15. Rabbi Mortichai August 1, 2023 @ 1:02 pm

    Bad Goy, by Moshe ben Jacksonberg
    (Sung to Thriller)

    It’s close to pay… day,
    And sneaky Jews are lurking at the bank,
    You hear an, “Oy… Vey”,
    And suddenly your account is blank,
    You try the ATM,
    But error is displayed before you make it,
    You hear kvetching,
    As Shlomo picks your pocket from behind,
    Takes your last dime,

    Cause you’re a bad goy…,
    Bad goy…,
    And no one’s gonna save from the fleecing that’s to come,
    Cause you’re a bad goy…,
    You’re fighting for survival from the Jews about to strike,
    Wake up, wake up, to the kike!

    (more funky beats…etc and zombie style dancing)


  16. Citizenfitz August 1, 2023 @ 2:01 pm

    Gonzalo Lira is trying to escape Ukraine into Hungary and ask for political asylum. Let’s send some up for his success there. His video about it all is up at YT under, Gonzalo Lira-Again.

    Good one Rabbi!

  17. KathJuliane August 1, 2023 @ 2:29 pm

    Larry Johnson put up a 3-part video of Gonzalo who made it just a few minutes before he was going to attempt to claim asylum in Hungary after crossing the Ukraine-Hungarian border. -Kj



    Larry Johnson – SONAR21 | 31 July 2023


    P.S. To Rabbi Mortichai:

    Good one! Deserving of a curtsy!

    Sending you some out of season Hamantaschen! Le chaim!

  18. KathJuliane August 1, 2023 @ 3:38 pm

    So, as the geriatric 2nd and 3rd generation Jewish $hoah survivors die out they need new avenues to keep the $hoah Biz going by cultivating young minds generously with Jew dung.

    So far, no one is taking up some reincarnationist rabbis’ ideas of compensating “reincarnated holohoax survivors” for the trauma, and there are less and less Jews to go on stage with their tales of woe and Q & A from gullible children.

    Now the state- and federally-funded and subsidized holohoax museums and related non-profit Jewish $hoah cottage industry is pushing for roadshow “traveling holohoax museums” in America’s schools.

    Our taxpayers’ money built and annually supports the United $tates Holocau$t Memorial Mu$eum.

    This is nothing but pushing more of the Judeophilic, Zionist holocaustianity indoctrination of the Post-Auschwitz theology religious cult in public education, and every parent has the right to opt out of it, especially those kids of Greek, Serbian, Arab, Russian, Armenian, Assyrian, Syrian, Ruthenian & Polish Orthodox and other Eastern Christian ancestry who’ve suffered centuries of persecution, martyrdom, and genocide under Western Crusades and occupation, the Seljuk & Ottoman Turkish yoke, under Axis imprisonment in WWI & WWII, and not least of all, under the Judeo-Bolshevik & Communist regimes.

    There were far more non-Jews in the WWII German labor and POW camps than there were Jews. Most interesting is the fact that the very few stories of Gentiles in the concentration camps that were ever published, not one ever mentioned the presence of the fabled gas chambers.

    How come no Jews ever interviewed Gentile survivors of those camps? Many of the stock $hoah photos of the Allied concentration camp survivors that the Jews claim are Jews and use to push their schtick don’t show Jews, but Gentiles, or are ambiguous at best. -Kj


    From the Forward article:

    “A majority of millennial Americans don’t know how many Jews died in the Holocaust. Nearly half can’t name a single concentration camp. Nationally, 11% even believe Jews caused the Holocaust, according to a study done by the Claims Conference.

    “Clearly, despite the fact that 23 states mandate Holocaust education, something is not succeeding. Dara Horn, author of People Love Dead Jews, even published a feature in The Atlantic asking if Holocaust education is, in fact, making antisemitism worse.”


    From behind the paywall:

    Can this traveling Holocaust museum fix Holocaust education?

    An exhibit designed to be installed in schools aims to make Holocaust education more impactful

    By Mira Fox
    July 25, 2023

    Last year, in White Plains, New York, classes took turns talking to Anita Lasker-Wallfisch, a Holocaust survivor, and Alan Moskin, a U.S. soldier who liberated the Mauthausen death camp. Except neither was actually there.

    Instead, life-sized images of the two, projected onto screens and programmed with voice recognition, answered questions asked by the students from a database of 2,000 pre-recorded answers.

    It’s a tactic several brick-and-mortar Holocaust museums have turned to, thanks to an effort by the USC Shoah foundation to preserve survivors’ testimony, interviewing survivors and turning them into interactive images.

    But usually the displays aren’t so portable, making them inaccessible. So Common Circles partnered with the USC Shoah Foundation [Spielberg’s brainchild -Kj] to turn Anita and Alan’s recorded testimonies into the interactive display that could be installed at high schools as part of “We Are White Plains,” a traveling Holocaust museum designed for classrooms.

    The project is the brainchild of Marla Felton and Sue Spiegel, who founded a nonprofit, Common Circles, with the somewhat vague goal of addressing bias to “empower users of all ages to explore their identities and the identity of others so that we can all get along better.” (The Holocaust is not mentioned specifically as a focus on the website.)

    We are White Plains is the culmination of eight years of research and experimental programming,and can be adapted for different schools. Common Circles ran programs in St. Louis, Missouri, and Omaha, Nebraska, all advised and studied by professors and other experts, trying to learn how to effectively cultivate empathy and community.

    The [emotionally manipulative -Kj] techniques the team gleaned led to a unique approach to teaching the Holocaust, one that focuses as much on elements like art and the students themselves as it does on the history of World War II.

    A majority of millennial Americans don’t know how many Jews died in the Holocaust. Nearly half can’t name a single concentration camp. Nationally, 11% even believe Jews caused the Holocaust, according to a study done by the Claims Conference.

    Clearly, despite the fact that 23 states mandate Holocaust education, something is not succeeding. Dara Horn, author of People Love Dead Jews, even published a feature in The Atlantic asking if Holocaust education is, in fact, making antisemitism worse. Can the techniques of “We are White Plains” fix the failures of Holocaust education before it?

    A Holocaust museum about you

    The exhibit consists of two parts. First, students enter a room with exhibits on art and identity, which Felton said use “techniques from psychology that can increase empathy and reduce bias.”

    There are optical illusions, meant to help students think about different perspectives [the USHMM in DC is full of this optical trickery designed to keep a person subliminally mentally and perceptually off balance -Kj].

    There are also photos of community members the students know, but in different clothing than they usually see — their school principal in her martial arts outfit, for example. These are meant to encourage students to think about their own “multilayered identities.”

    “If we just jump into Holocaust education or teaching people about Judaism, they’re just not that interested,” said Felton. “What we realized is that we had to go broader with our education, and we start with self-identity.”
    [So they found a sneakier way to more covertly Judaize and Jewify our kids. -Kj]

    The students then enter the “dimensions and testimony room,” which is set up like a movie theater. There, students have a conversation with the images of Anita and Alan, about their experiences during the Holocaust, but also about their lives more generally: what they ate, music they like, their hobbies.

    The museum does not delve into the historical context of the Holocaust, such as antisemitic propaganda or the political milieu that led to the rise of the Third Reich, instead focusing on the specific, human details of Anita’s and Alan’s testimony.

    Students were invited to write down their own hopes for the future at the end of the exhibit; responses were varied, including both “I hope discrimination ends” and “I hope Peru wins the World Cup.”

    Felton and Spiegel said their content is meant to supplement existing Holocaust education at schools, but noted that, for this first iteration of the museum, they were unable to talk to teachers beforehand, and they didn’t know what information students already had walking into the Q&A session with Anita and Alan.

    They said they were developing a supplementary curriculum for classroom teachers to use before and after their students tour the exhibit.

    Spiegel and Felton said that the students were so intrigued by the technology that they stayed engaged. And, they said, because the speakers weren’t actually there in person, the students felt emboldened to ask touchier questions, such as why they didn’t try harder to escape and even expressing doubts about the reality of the Holocaust.

    “At one point, I was like ‘Oh, it probably isn’t real,’” said one student of the Holocaust in a promotional video for Common Circles. “But then what I learned from Anita really changed my view and my perspective on it.”

    Assessing the impact of Holocaust education

    Photo: Students wrote their hopes on butterflies. Responses include both “I hope discrimination will stop” and “I hope Peru wins the World Cup.” Courtesy of Common Circles×1024.jpg?_t=1690312657

    “Holocaust education is in this really interesting period of transition. Because survivors have really driven what happens,” said Alan Marcus, a professor at the University of Connecticut who studies Holocaust education, during a phone call about the exhibit.

    “Hundreds of survivors have spoken to thousands and thousands of students across school and you have this personal connection. That leaves this huge gap.”

    Marcus explained that the emotional, empathetic connection conversations with survivors once provided is the lacking piece, a transition from what historians call “lived memory” to “learned memory”. While it’s certainly possible to explain the history, it lacks impact without a personal element.

    The professor, who is on the Common Circles team, studied the museum’s educational techniques. He surveyed about 1,500 students before and after they toured the museum to understand its impact, as well as talking to students, parents and teachers. The reaction he found was overwhelmingly positive.

    “They were so grateful to be able to ask questions of the survivor,” Marcus said. “They’d learned things about the Holocaust they’d never heard.”

    When I asked Marcus how the focus on students themselves aided the goal of educating about the Holocaust, specifically, he said that it’s important to connect history to the present for kids to get the most out of it.

    “The Holocaust is kind of a foundation, the historical case study, to help people think about antisemitism and historical racism today,” he said. “I don’t think most teachers teach the Holocaust to teach the Holocaust.”

    Felton and Spiegel said the exhibit is meant to be “additive,” and aims to make students curious to learn more instead of covering the entirety of the Holocaust.

    And instead of horror at the historical atrocities, Felton and Spiegel strive to leave students with an optimistic mindset. At the end of the exhibit, “they ask whether Anita and Alan have hope,” said Felton of the students. In the prerecorded answers, the survivors say that they do because the students are going to share these stories.”

    “We tell them that we don’t want them to leave with bitterness or sadness, and we pass out candy,” Felton said. “We want them to leave with sweetness.”


    As tweeted: “When two-thirds of American millenials say they don’t know what Auschwitz is, it’s time for a remake of ‘Holocaust'”

  19. Rabbi Mortichai August 1, 2023 @ 4:45 pm


    Hamantaschen sound pretty good right now. You know, I think I could even be a reincarnated pretend rabbi. Who knows? Real in my mind anyway. I like gold, probably too much.


  20. Ted Gorsline August 1, 2023 @ 6:53 pm

    I see by Pravda that Kim Jong, leader of North Korea, has offered the Russians 50,000 to 100,000 special forces soldiers and another 500,000 volunteers.

    In addition, other reports say the legendary Gurkas from Nepal are joining the Russians.

  21. Confederatepatriot August 1, 2023 @ 11:15 pm

    Brother Nat, always good stuff!

    I got banned from jew tube again and this time merely for putting “see”. Lol!

    Ive been doing it all over the place and this is the 2nd time its gotten me banned.

    Sadly, I have to be careful now because I need to use marketplace since everybody else is and craigslist sucks as well as offerup.

    In fact, I have the skills and knowledge to set up a site better than all 3 of these if you have the computer skills (or know someone who does).

    There could be revenue in it for all of us.

    Also, of note is that mike adams at has set up a peer to peer type darkweb that you should check out.

    I’m not tech savvy but it seems like a great concept.

  22. Hibernian August 2, 2023 @ 12:01 am

    Re ; Gonzola Lira

    Complete portion dedicated to Gonzola Lira from web-article 2023_Aug_01 by Henry Makow:—gonzalo-lira-recapt.html

    Title of web-page (G.L. is the initial topic)
    August 1 – Gonzalo Lira Recaptured



    Makow inserts the following 1-sentence request beneath a current photo of G.L.
    Please send links and comments to hmakow [at]

    G.L. was arrested on May 1 but released on July 6 on $13K bail.

    He had a court date tomorrow where he was convinced he would be sentenced to ten years in a labor camp.

    Since he has a heart condition, G.L., 55, a father of 2, doesn’t expect to survive.

    When authorities returned his passport, he assumed they were prompting him to leave Ukraine.

    He traveled 1400 km by motorcycle to the Hungarian border and tweeted out his story last night.

    “If you don’t hear from me, it means I did not make it. Please cause a ruckus! Don’t be indifferent to my fate.”

    His only crime was calling for a peaceful settlement and exposing Zelensky’s corruption.

    “Zelensky’s Ukraine is no democracy–it is a thieving, corrupt, murderous gangster regime PRETENDING to be a polite “Western” democracy.”

    RT Report–US-Chilean journalist describes torture in a Ukrainian prison

    Gonzalo Lira has reappeared three months after his arrest by the SBU

    Chilean-American blogger Gonzalo Lira, arrested by Ukrainian intelligence in May on charges of pro-Russian sympathies, reappeared online on Monday and told a sordid tale of beatings and extortion while awaiting a show trial.

    “I was tortured in 2 of the 4 cells I was in–by the other prisoners,”, Lira posted in a 25-tweet thread on Monday evening, noting that all the torture in the pre-trial detention center (SIZO) was outsourced to the inmates.

    “I got a cracked rib in my first cell, but it wasn’t too bad. The worst stretch was in my fourth cell. From 1pm on June 21 until 7pm the next day–30 hours” two inmates tortured him and at one point “used a toothpick to scratch the whites of my left eye, while asking me if I could still read if I had just one,” Lira wrote.

    One of the torturers was allegedly reprimanded for bruising the 55-year-old blogger’s chest, because the instructions were to leave no marks.

    According to Lira, he was beaten and tortured because the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) figured it could extort him for all his savings – amounting to some $100,000 when factoring in the confiscated computers and phones.

    “So once they had me imprisoned for my videos, the SBU took the opportunity to extort money from me–using the guards as accomplices, who in turn used the prisoners as the muscle.

    “All told, they extorted USD$70,000 out of me and split it among themselves. They also took another $9k when they arrested me (my emergency cash). And another 11 grand, which was the bail money.

    “With the computers, iPhone, etc., I’m out an even 100k on this adventure.”

    G.L. is an atheist (“arguably”–because I recall he affirming that he is a Catholic within the last few years. And thus we must consider that Jewry is conducting black-operations upon G.L.’s public communications).

    Regardless if G.L. is or is not an atheist, Hibernian admires the vast majority of G.L.’s body of work on even long preceding the invasion by Russia into originally Russian territory that is necessary because Jewry & Ukrainian Nationalists were genociding innocent predominately ethnic Russian populated provinces within former, now Russian Federation, and current Ukraine territory.

    Ref. Twitter-thread beginning with a poignant opening tweet from G.L. which refers to other person’s tweet having very short video-clip of raven, or crow, attacking a hoisted Israel flag.

    “Oh vey!”

    Gonzalo Lira
    Apr 30
    If I believed in God, I would argue that He is sending a message.

    Yaya Muad
    Apr 30

    Why don’t you believe in God

    Gonzalo Lira

    For the same reason I don’t believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.


  23. Ted Gorsline August 2, 2023 @ 1:51 am

    The rumblings associated with jewish private central bank control, the fact that a very small part of the population, the Talmudic jewish banking families controls the Christian majority, in all NATO countries, reminds me of the rumblings that proceeded the Rwanda massacre.

    In Rwanda, the minority Tutsis lorded it over the majority Hutus just like the Zionist jewish bankers are now lording it over the Palestinians and the political leadership of all NATO countries.

    The suddenly the dam broke and 350,000 Tutsis ended up floating down the Kagera River into Sango Bay on Lake Victoria where they ended up as croc food.

    There are no crocs in Palestine but there is the Jordan River.

  24. HANNES August 2, 2023 @ 2:47 am

    What the dicken’s pluck is a “neo-vagina”?

    Obviously something that does not provide comfort for “user” and owner. A suicidal trans squaw explains:

    America’s future is its children.

  25. The Englishman August 2, 2023 @ 6:10 am

    “”Br Nathanael Is Back on!” @ Pshaw!

    Some of us may consider A pound of flesh + damages would be warranted from the Rense Fold. Baah.

  26. Johnny Rottenborough August 2, 2023 @ 8:21 am

    @Ted Gorsline (August 1 @ 4:24 am)

    As you may know, Hitler hoped for an alliance between Germany, Britain and the United States. This is from his correspondence with Lord Rothermere, the press baron, in 1935:

    ‘An Anglo-German entente would form in Europe and thus in the world a force for peace and reason of 120 million of the most superior people. Britain’s sea power and unique colonial talent would be united with one of the world’s first soldier-races. Were this entente extended to embrace the American nation, then it would, indeed, be hard to see who in the world could disturb the peace without wilfully and consciously neglecting the interests of the White race.’—David Irving, ‘Churchill’s War’, 50

  27. Brother Nathanael August 2, 2023 @ 9:40 am

    @The Englishman

    Had long talks with Jeff Rense yesterday morning.

    The break could’ve been avoided if I were a little more diplomatic.

    Reconciliation is a key part of my psyche. +bn

  28. The Englishman August 2, 2023 @ 11:03 am

    “Reconciliation is a key part of my psyche. +bn”

    You possess the high ground, all who wish to share it must also possess the gift of rapprochement in its genuine form.

  29. Citizenfitz August 2, 2023 @ 1:30 pm

    Gonzalo Lira has gone dark… again… while attempting to cross the border from Ukraine into Hungary. His has been a byzantine adventure in Ukraine. Arrested… released… arrested again… released again… arrested again….

    Scott Ritter supposedly came out against him as an SBU asset, but I can’t find that video.

    While it’s odd that Lira keeps getting released – and allowed to post more articles on his various channels – it’s still hard to wrap your brain around the fact of someone who’s been so critical of the Zelensky regime being an SBU asset.

    But in these strange times there are probably quadruple… quintuple! agents afoot in the world.

  30. KathJuliane August 2, 2023 @ 2:10 pm

    Transplant organs have to be extracted from still living or oxygenated donors on life support.

    “Illegal organ trafficking… is a product of war, it’s murdered people who had no intentions of becoming donors.” – Dr. Sergei Gotye, Chief Transplantologist, Russian Health Ministry member, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Academy of Medical Science.

    In the Kiev-controlled parts of the new Russian territories, especially in the combat zone and the field hospitals, “brain dead” depends on what the ripper doctor, the black transplantologist, says it is. The major international NGO’s like Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, and OSCE are under suspicion, too.

    And lots of Ukrainian children have disappeared from Ukrainian orphanages, social services, or being sent to Europe for safekeeping, never to be heard from again.

    A couple of weeks ago, Ukrainian law enforcement justly apprehended a child organ trafficker at the Hungarian border who had just purchased an infant from a poor mother under the pretext of making an illegal foreign adoption arrangement.

    Sadly, RT in an otherwise excellent documentary, in several places resorted to propaganda rhetoric making spurious comparisons to circumstances in WWII and the concentration camps with the current evil and depravity of Ukronatsi and foreign mafia of organ traffickers. – Kj


    RT Documentary

    Tanks for Kidneys
    Investigating cases of organ trafficking in Ukraine

    Over the past 9 years, the Ukrainian government has adopted numerous laws facilitating organ transplantation.

    In 2021, the Ukrainian parliament approved law 5831, stipulating Ukrainians, including children, can become organ donors posthumously without their notarised consent and without relatives’ consent. This situation, combined with the ongoing military operation, raises concerns about the growing number of missing people and their connection to illegal surgeries.

    ‘From 2013 to 2014, human trafficking doubled in Ukraine,’ says American journalist & writer George Eliason. For nine years now, George has covered events on the frontlines and collected evidences of atrocities by the Ukrainian regime.

    In the documentary, families who have lost loved ones under mysterious circumstances share their painful experiences. Journalists, medical experts and human rights activists present the evidences they have gathered over the years. What have they discovered so far?

    Israel is the Organ Trafficking Capital of the World

    Israel is the organ harvesting and human trafficking global ringleader, with complicit help from US and Turkey

    Millennium Report (2018)

    Joachim Hagopian

    A couple years ago I wrote an article on the growing global problem of human trafficking and the sex slavery trade. Another related ongoing shameful practice that’s also increasing globally is the harvesting of human organs from war victims and selling them on the black market.

    This presentation will focus on this deplorable crime being committed regularly on each of the current warfronts and beyond, who the profiteering perpetrators are and the beneficiary nations where organs are trafficked.

  31. Citizenfitz August 2, 2023 @ 5:44 pm

    We’ll take everything that you’ve got
    We’ll take everything then some too
    Just count on us to sell short or sell long
    Because we’re greedy Jews

    You’ve got many things that we want
    Like your money and kidneys too
    Just count on us to fly in from afar
    Because we’re greedy Jews

    We’ve got arms that long to grab you
    And pick your pockets clean
    We’ve got tricks with which to screw you
    Then disappear unseen… Oy!

    (Repeat ad infinitum)

  32. KathJuliane August 2, 2023 @ 6:44 pm

    Gonzalo Lira Was ‘Stopped On The Ukrainian Side of The Border From Crossing And Has Since Disappeared,’ Friend Says

    Chris Menahan
    Aug. 02, 2023

    Writer and journalist Gonzalo Lira was blocked at the border from fleeing Ukraine and has since “disappeared,” according to his friend Mark Sleboda.

    Mark Sleboda
    Aug 2, 2023
    I can affirm that Gonzalo Lira @GonzaloLira1968 wanted by the Kiev Putsch regime for the crime of criticizing it (aka as “free speech”), tried to escape the West-backed Kiev Putsch regime across the Ukrainian border into Hungary where he intended to request political asylum. 1/2

    ^ I can further affirm that @GonzaloLira1968was stopped on the Ukrainian side of the border from crossing and has since disappeared, now for more than 24 hours. That is the last that anyone has heard from him.
    1:08 AM · Aug 2, 2023

    Sleboda said he wouldn’t reveal his source but he and Lira have done multiple podcasts together in the past.

    Aug 2, 2023
    Replying to @MarkSleboda1 and @GonzaloLira1968

    Why didn’t he wait till after he crossed into Hungary to put out the information he was absconding?

    Mark Sleboda
    Because he didnt know if he would make it across and didn’t want to just disappear without people knowing what happened. It was a risk call.

    “Either I’ll cross the border and make it to safety, or I’ll be disappeared by the Kiev regime,” Lira said on Monday after revealing his plan to seek asylum in Hungary.

    “If you don’t hear from me in the next 12 hours—whelp! I’m on my way to a labor camp!”

    As I reported yesterday, “transgender” nut job Sarah Ashton-Cirillo (born Michael John Cirillo) — who is now a Junior Sergeant in the Armed Forces of Ukraine [and official AFU-English spox -Kj] — claimed in an ominous message that Ukraine’s SBU security service “knew where Gonzalo Lira was” the whole time.

    Full story:

  33. KathJuliane August 2, 2023 @ 8:08 pm

    Transsexual to lead English language propaganda for Ukrainian army – media

    RT | 2 August 2023

    The male-born American journalist, who came out as trans in 2019, enlisted in the Ukrainian military last year

    Ukraine has selected transgender journalist Sarah Ashton-Cirillo [Michael John Cirillo-Kj] to run its military’s English-language propaganda operations, local outlet Strana reported on Tuesday.

    Ashton-Cirillo, who was born a man and came out as transgender in 2019, hosts the state-sponsored news program ‘Russia Hates the Truth’ – an official project of the Ukrainian Defense Forces – the purpose of which is said to be “countering Russian propaganda, disinformation and lies.”

    The news outlet posted a clip from the latest episode of the program, in which the trans voice of Kiev describes the recent drone attacks in Moscow as the culmination of a “prophecy” by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and insists that “Russia is defenseless, especially at home.”

    The journalist, who traveled to Ukraine last year to enlist as a combat medic, also hosts a program called ‘Ukraine in the Know’, described as the “official English language news show of the territorial defense forces.”

    Four months after sustaining injuries during the battle of Bakhmut in February, Ashton-Cirillo was sent to the Territorial Defense Forces’ headquarters in Kiev and tasked with overseeing English language media projects.

    Before taking up the new position, the media darling took a trip back to the US to gin up support for continued funding for the Ukrainian military. Washington has pledged $46.6 billion to Kiev’s armed forces – more than half of the $76.8 billion it has sent to the country in total since Russia’s military operation began last year.

    While insisting Ukraine values free speech, Ashton-Cirillo has warned journalists who do not support the Zelensky regime that they should expect a similar fate to that of Gonzalo Lira, the Chilean-American commentator who was arrested at his home in Kharkov by the SBU and was expected to be sentenced to five to eight years in a labor camp before staging a failed escape attempt this week.

    Ashton-Cirillo told El Pais in May that there was one other trans soldier in the Ukrainian military, a native Ukrainian, but that the profusion of media coverage of Ashton-Cirilllo’s own adventures was helping to “normalize gender diversity” among a conservative population.

    At the same time, the Florida-born journalist claimed to have “pour[ed] myself into my work and [left] gender identity aside” and to be “fighting for the freedom of everybody” rather than “any particular collective.” Less than a year before that, Ashton-Cirillo told Xtra Magazine “I’m doing this [traveling to the frontlines of the Ukraine conflict] for the trans community.”

    Trench trannie Michael John Cirillo, pervert sergeant in the AFU, hates Gonzalo Lira’s guts.

    Cirillo was all over Lira’s disappearance last year, taunting him and his audience, and from the start was suspiciously involved in Lira’s first disappearance with its overtones of murder by the Kiev Regime, later hinting that he’d been arrested by the SBU. -Kj

  34. KathJuliane August 2, 2023 @ 8:22 pm

    Why is a film made in 2023 STILL desperate to prove that America wasn’t infiltrated by Communists… when it so obviously was, asks PETER HITCHENS

    Daily Mail | 29 July 2023

    The film about the nuclear scientist Robert Oppenheimer is not just bad, noisy, hard to follow and far too long. It gets in the way of understanding one of the great events of our times.

    I have been amazed by the way so many people have claimed to have enjoyed it. I endured it.

    The only common complaints have been about the rather underpowered portrayal of the actual detonation of the first bomb on July 16, 1945. What were these complainers expecting? A blast-wave in the cinema? Apparently people think it is not spectacular enough.

    Why was this film even made?

    Hollywood, typically, makes little of the British contribution or of the later freezing out of Britain, which led to the 1945 Labour government restarting the UK’s own independent nuclear weapons programme.

    A brilliant, brutal bureaucrat, General Leslie Groves, has proved he can work wonders by building the Pentagon in no time. He is picked to build the bomb, and chooses Oppenheimer as his scientific chief, a Left-wing eccentric with a messy sex life and a tragic marriage (his wife is an ex-Communist who drinks too much), who reads the Hindu scriptures for relaxation.

    He is not your ordinary suburban person. He has Communist friends, but he is good at nuclear physics and managing scientists. Oppenheimer duly delivers the bomb, too late to be used on the Nazis but in time to be dropped on Japan.

    Bang. Hurrah. The war ends. Sorry about all the innocent people who got burned to death but that’s war and they shouldn’t have attacked Pearl Harbor. The end.

    Except that it isn’t the end.

    All kinds of worrying things are buried in the story. At one point, in 1942, one of Oppenheimer’s Communist friends suggests that Oppenheimer gets in touch with the Soviet Union about the bomb project through a British scientist (and Soviet asset).

    Oppenheimer realises the suggestion is treasonous and refuses it. But he does not report the contact for eight months. When he does, he tries to cover up his friend’s role for four months.

    All this matters because soon after the German defeat, it becomes clear Stalin has penetrated the bomb project, and has known for ages about it.

    And the US, having been Stalin’s close ally until 1945, violently switches to being Moscow’s bitterest enemy.

    Suddenly, now that the Soviet Union is the enemy, all those Communist dalliances in the 1930s start to matter. Just because the stupid, gristle-brained Senator Joe McCarthy says so, doesn’t mean the American establishment hasn’t been infiltrated by pro-Soviet Communists.

    Subsequent intelligence disclosures confirm that it was. Oppenheimer, later in life, ceases to be indispensable to the US nuclear bomb programme. Plenty of others can handle it. He has also become politically awkward as he clearly suffers from remorse over the uses made of his discoveries.

    But why is so much of the film devoted to an attack on an obscure US politician, Lewis Strauss, who took part in the campaign to remove Oppenheimer’s security clearance.

    Hollywood was badly scorched by crude witch-hunts during the McCarthy years and has never really seen straight over such issues since.

    The danger was not imaginary, or purely the result of American hysteria. The truth is that there were Communists, and fellow-travellers, in the US and in Britain, and that quite a few became agents of Stalin. Many probably got away with it.

    In unhysterical Britain, the nuclear scientist Alan Nunn May, an actual Communist, was jailed for ten years for giving secrets to the Soviets. The German refugee Klaus Fuchs, who also gave British nuclear secrets to Stalin, was jailed for 14 years and went to live in Communist East Germany when released.

    All of this has been known for years. But a film made in 2023 needs to get past these ancient 1950s Hollywood resentments. Here are several huge issues barely touched on.

    The scientists knew they were building a weapon of mass destruction but excused themselves because Hitler might build one, too. We now know that Hitler never got near building a bomb.

    The whole moral driving force of the project was a fantasy.

    Full story:


    Why, Mr. Hitchens?

    Because then, as now, Hollywood is run by Jews, many of them pink- and red-diapered babies, offspring of their Judeo-Communist and Judeo-Socialist fellow travelers from Eastern Europe and Western Russia. – Kj

  35. Ted Gorsline August 2, 2023 @ 8:36 pm


    That Joachim Hagopian report is astonishing. His claim that Israelis use more body parts than any other nation is no doubt a result of inbreeding.

    I recently saw a report, I believe on CBC TV, and I think from British Columbia in Canada, that announced the establishment of some special medical institution to specifically look after Ashkenazi jews because they had so many more health problems than normal people. They are no doubt linked to inbreeding.

    The message to jewish men is leave your sisters, daughters, first cousins, mothers and pre-menopausal grandmothers alone.

    The reason Einstein is called the father of relativity is because he married a close relative, his first cousin, thus damming any children that might result from the union to the intellectual status of vegetables.

    The need for instant gratification is a symptom of psychopathy, and more common in jewish culture than anywhere else.

  36. Ted Gorsline August 3, 2023 @ 1:25 am

    It appears that the gossip about Justin Turdeau’s fudge stuffing with a black guy at the Four Season’s Hotel in Toronto has caught up with him. Today he and his wife, some three children later, have announced they are separating.

    Turdeau’s mother, Margaret, was made of sterner stuff than his wife Sophie Gregoire, who appears to have become humiliated either by his behavior or lack of attention and, unlike Margaret, is confronting the hanky panky.

    Margaret stood by her man even when Pierre Trudeau’s long time affair with Michael Pitfield and with MK-Ultra children like 9-year-old Cathy O’Brien became well known and documented in Congress.

    One wonders what Justin’s Winnipeg based jewish handlers will do with him now. Maybe get him a job as a groomer at Disneyland.

  37. Rabbi Glickman August 3, 2023 @ 6:47 am

    Achhh! Enough with the anti-Semitic songs!

    Jews aren’t trying to rob you blind or steal your eyeballs to sell on the black market. Such unfounded accusations are all conspiratorial, anti-Semitic nonsense.

    We have no need to provide any counter-arguments, let alone proof, of this.

    The mere accusation of anti-Semitism is proof enough. L’chaim!

  38. The Elder of Zyklon-B August 3, 2023 @ 6:53 am

    The State Department jew hag, Nuland/Nudelman has been selected for a promotion to act as deputy secretary of state by Biden. Supposedly, at least until a new deputy secretary has been named.

    There is no relief in sight of breaking this stranglehold die juden have on the former America, and yet few can even begin to figure this out.

    Jew hag Walensky out at CDC, in with Cohen. It gets worse by the day, but try discussing this with your average jewmerican goy and see what you get.

    In the final days of The Reich someone asked Der Führer what America’s post war fate would be. He replied that die juden would take care of America. Indeed they have.

    Jews to the left of me, their lackeys to the right. Stuck in the middle with jews: A new parody for the musically inclined.

  39. Mrs. Cattle Baker's Folly August 3, 2023 @ 8:10 am

    “Because then, as now, Hollywood is run by Jews, many of them pink- and red-diapered babies, offspring of their Judeo-Communist and Judeo-Socialist fellow travelers from Eastern Europe and Western Russia.”

    Heresy! Heresy!

    Burn the Witch! Burn the Witch!

    (N.B. – the only “pink diapers” that I’ve heard of, are on some of those inimitably handsome devils (i.e., grown men) prancing around in old San Francisco. But maybe There. Are. Others.)

  40. Ted Gorsline August 3, 2023 @ 9:36 am

    I stand corrected.

    Apparently Pierre and Margaret Trudeau either divorced or separated, too. Pierre wanted to frolic with Michael Pitfield and Marc Lalonde.

    She could party with the Rolling Stones, Fidel Castro, a BC businessman and other stray men she latched onto at Club 54 in New York City

  41. KathJuliane August 3, 2023 @ 2:08 pm

    Most Soldiers Are Now Surrendering To Russia

    Colonel Douglas Macgregor Straight Calls

    Napolitano-Macgregor | 3 August 2023

  42. KathJuliane August 3, 2023 @ 3:29 pm

    Of course, the Jews at Pfizer are going to cash in at the expense of the rest of us and our Big Pharma-Big Agra-Big Medicine induced diseases and chronic ailments as just another type of herd of cash cows to be exploited, harvested, and destroyed.

    It’s not much different from the poor, hapless war casualties and orphaned children in Donbass and Novorossia for the past 9 years who have their organs illegally harvested by the “ripper doctors” — the vulture pack of black transplantologists haunting war zones for the international donor organ market.

    Slay lays out the whole deal of Pfizer’s ‘problem-reaction-solution’ business model. -KJ.


    Pfizer to Cash In on Cardiovascular Treatments as Heart Attack Deaths Skyrocket

    Slay News

    Frank Bergman | August 3, 2023

    Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is set to cash in on new cardiovascular treatments as heart failure cases and related deaths skyrocket around the world.

    Pfizer is now expanding into medications for heart inflammation by gaining dominant control of the cardiovascular treatments market.

    The company has completed its purchase of Arena Pharmaceuticals for $6.7 billion.

    Arena Pharma is a market leader in creating drugs to treat immuno-inflammatory diseases which are often caused by vaccine injuries.

    Aamir Malik, Pfizer’s chief business innovation officer, celebrated the news in a statement about the acquisition.

    “We believe this transaction represents the best next step for both patients and shareholders,” Malik said.

    The move is great news for Pfizer’s shareholders as investors will cash in on the vascular clotting cases that have been soaring in the past couple of years.

    Conveniently, immuno-inflammatory diseases are side effects of Pfizer’s Covid jabs.

    The company can capitalize on the treatment of those compounded health issues created in the vascular systems of millions of people around the world.

    A medication called Etrasimod, which treats inflammatory conditions, is at the epicenter of Pfizer’s acquisition of Arena Pharmaceuticals.

    A side effect of Pfizer’s Covid shot is spike protein syndrome, which causes chronic inflammation.

    Another of the company’s products is called Temanogrel, a drug used for treating microvascular obstruction.

    Microvascular obstruction is one of the main issues caused by the Pfizer shots as it causes myocarditis.

    Full story:


    As an aside, The Wellness Company, founded by Dr. McCullough, Dr. Harvey Risch, and several other of the frontline medical resistance devoted to freedom from Big Pharma, offers a number of highly researched, reasonably priced, concentrated multi-ingredient natural supplements and suggested treatments that they’ve developed, the core of which is built from treatments for clot shot and vaccine injuries and related chronic conditions, reducing comorbidities and improving health, detoxing the Spike protein, as well as long COVID.

    Wellness Company Chief Medical Board

    They offer their supplements in their online Shop to anyone, but Wellness Company memberships can buy supplements at discount.

    They also offer access to online basic primary care ‘See A Doctor’ programs with prescription privileges for virtual care for common ailments, acute infections, and chronic conditions not directly related to COVID.

    Take a look. I have no affiliation with Wellness Company.

    I just think they’re doing a fantastic job with their comprehensive online company, putting all the lessons from their activist war along with all the rest of the frontline medical practitioners and scientists against Big Pharma and the mandated COVID clotshots and lockdowns, fighting for patients’ rights and health .

    They are building up a 21st century version of the family town doctor online based on a health model, not a disease model.

  43. Citizenfitz August 3, 2023 @ 6:01 pm

    New one up at Citizenfitz.

  44. KathJuliane August 3, 2023 @ 8:32 pm

    Shadowman 311’s Manic Ravings Telegram

    Lmao you can’t even escape this shit in a video game, give jews creation tools and the first thing they’ll do is try and shove graphic imagery inside of a game played predominantly by children because those kids don’t hear about the Holocaust enough in the 3 month long “the Holocaust and that war that also happened at the same time” portion of their yearly history class.


    Dev Creates In-Game Holocaust Museum In Fortnite To Spread Awareness
    “80% of Americans haven’t visited a Museum. So this is game changing.”


    Oh veh! 80% of Americans haven’t visited a $hoah Mu$eum. It’s anudda holohoax!

  45. KathJuliane August 3, 2023 @ 9:27 pm

    Now The Phrase JESUS CHRIST IS LORD Is Anti-Semitic!?


    Terror Alarm

    Antisemitic phrase ‘Jesus Christ is Lord’ is trending.

    Why is @elonmusk doing nothing while antisemitic Christian Fundamentalists use bots to manipulate Twitter’s algorithm and distort the trending page?


    Oy veh! Shut it down!

    The Twitter (or X) account Terror Alarm is based in Israel. I think he got ratioed with a ton of live replies containing “Jesus Christ is LORD”, and similar.

  46. Beautiful Cathedral Demolished. August 3, 2023 @ 9:38 pm

    The French continue to watch the de-Christianization and Islamization of their country

    Bells of churches have gone silent while muezzin’s calls to Islamic prayer are broadcast across the land

    The four bells of the Saint-Corneille-et-Saint-Cyprien church in La Baconnière (Mayenne) will no longer ring.

    They were dismantled this Monday, July 31, just before the deconstruction of the bell tower, in front of a hundred devastated people. The rest of the building, erected in 1864, will also be dismantled.

    Hakim El Karoui, Macron’s advisor on Islam, states Islam is the most practiced “religion” in France

    2.5 to 3M Muslims vs. 1.65M Catholics – Islam is the second-largest religion in France but comes first if one counts active practitioners.

    There are over 2,400 mosques, compared to 1,500 in 2003.

    Only 20 new churches were built in the last decade – Yet, 1 mosque is erected every 15 days

    Muslim countries are generously funding France’s mosques. Foreign funding covers an average of 50% of total costs

  47. KathJuliane August 3, 2023 @ 11:29 pm



    Bucharest, August 2, 2023

    The day after the LGBT parade, a religious procession was held to cleanse the streets of Bucharest. The event was not organized by the Romanian Orthodox Church but was joined by priests, monastics, and laity, reports Outlook.

    The people carried icons and the priests sprinkled the people and the streets with holy water during the procession that followed the same route as the pride parade the day before.

    Mass Baptisms in Belarus and England

    At least two mass Baptisms occurred in the Orthodox Church over the weekend.

  48. Ted Gorsline August 4, 2023 @ 3:55 am


    I may be the last person to meet and shake the hand of the man who started the Cold War and whose revelations led to the transformation of the OSS to the CIA. His name was Igor Gouzenko and he was a cipher clerk at the Russian embassy in Ottawa.

    Canada has always been a base and safe house for commies and jews (the same thing) wishing to undermine America because the RCMP has a miniscule budget compared to American police agencies, and because the enormous border is easy to cross.

    Bob Reguly introduced me to Gouzenko and his wife in the Green Room at the Toronto Sun. I didn’t not know who they were, and Bob did not tell me who he was until years later because at the time the KGB was trying to find him.

    Gouzenko appeared in the TV show Front Page Challenge (It’s on YouTube) wearing a bag over his head. He never appeared in the media without wearing the bag.

    Bob and Gouzenko spent 20 years in the back seats of movie theatres going over names trying to connect dots because they were sure British intelligence was controlled by the KGB. They were looking for the “Fifth Man” because the KGB was organized into subsets of five.

    Four of the main soviet spies in British intelligence were discovered, but the “Fifth” man remained elusive for a long time. Gouzenko thought it was Kim Philby, but they did not have enough evidence and Philby escaped to Russia before he was caught.

    British intelligence had perhaps the very worst record of any Western intelligence agency, so I assume the James Bond Series, cobbed together by a Toronto jew whose name I think was Saltzman, was likely designed to make the Brits feel good about themselves.

    I knew the first Miss Moneypenny in the series — Mrs Maxwell — because we had adjacent desks at the TO Sun and often chatted. Nice lady, died broke, and seemed to be a party girl because she was always haring off to Bermuda on yachting trips.

    The infiltration turned out to be true. Kim Philby, head of British intelligence, was a KGB spy as was Anthony Blunt, the Queen’s cousin who turned over more than 2,000 reports to the KGB. There is a statue to Kim Philby in Moscow.

    A hard core member of the Greek Communist Party who knew Jane Goodall intimately told me her last husband, Dereck Bryson, was also a communist spy.

    It is no coincidence that Goodall’s home and Tanzania’s communist leader, Julius Nyere’s homes were side by side in Dar es Salam. Easy to pass on messages. He was the only White cabinet minister in the Nyere government.

  49. Sarah BeefHog August 4, 2023 @ 4:05 am

    Now don’t you jew-boys forget those schvartzes. Although they can be ‘niggardly’ at times.

    Blacks Can Sell Anything: TV Commercials as Race Replacement
    Carl Horowitz • July 27, 2023

    Earlier: Joe Biden—“Did You Ever Think You’d Turn On A TV And Roughly Two Out Of Three Ads Would Be A Biracial Couple Selling A Product?”

    Blacks make up roughly one-eighth of the U.S. population. So why do they now seemingly comprise at least one-half of all people in TV commercials? Whites often grumble about this privately, but maybe they should go public. For the advertising industry’s obsession with casting blacks is more than affirmative action run wild. It is mental reprogramming designed to convince whites of their eventual demographic demise.

    In the advertising industry, diversity and inclusion are red hot. Whether the medium is television, newspapers, magazines, billboards or the Web, ad agencies and their corporate clients are fully on board with the Total Social Equality bandwagon.

    Sidelining whites, they believe, is good for business because it supposedly expands a company’s market reach. Television, which accounts for around 40 percent of all advertising expenditures in America, is the focal point. This is not your father’s Madison Avenue.

    Industry entrepreneurs and analysts believe “diversity” is a corrective to white supremacy. Jazmin Burrell, a black “creative strategist” for Snap Inc. (formerly Snapchat), explained, “The advertising industry is so white because it chooses to be.” She recalled, “I knew I wanted to use my voice to represent people who look like me.” [This Black Woman Is Putting an End to the “Mad Men” Era of Advertising, by Brittany King,, April 21, 2018]

    She’s getting her wish. Her consulting group, Lizzie Della Creative Strategies, has become a potent force for black commercial placements.

    Daren Poole, an Australia-based advertising consultant, wants to reshape society as well as consumer tastes:

    Rather than being a mirror on society, advertising has an ability to shape it. The very best creative (sic) cannot only sell products and build brand equity, it can change behaviours and shape society. Indeed, some consumers believe that advertising has been instrumental in creating and reinforcing negative stereotypes. [ The power of inclusion and diversity in advertising, by Daren Poole, Kantar, April 20, 2021]

    In America, black overrepresentation in TV commercials is the Great Reset’s most visible manifestation, at least to those with a working TV set. Here are some rough, observable guidelines for producing a commercial: If three or more characters inhabit a scene, at least one of them must be black.

    If a commercial depicts a happy white family, it must also depict a happy black family. Interracial couples, married or not, should be cast where possible. Gatherings of friends must be multiracial and joyful.

    Other “marginalized” race and gender groups, predictably, are getting in on the action. Salvador Ordorica, [Tweet him] CEO of The Spanish Group LLC, this July provided this passel of egalitarian cliches for Forbes:

    In recent years, the advertising industry has witnessed a much-needed shift toward embracing diversity and representation. Latin America, a region rich in cultural heritage and diversity, is no exception. Brands are realizing the importance of showcasing “real people” to better connect with their target audience.

    In doing so, they not only enhance their brand image but also promote inclusivity and equality. [Bridging Cultures, Shaping Narratives: Embracing Diversity And Representation In Latin American Advertising, July 20, 2023]

    The diversity obsession at times veers toward the preposterous, witness last year’s widely-aired Botox commercial featuring two black lesbian couples among its parade of characters.

    Whatever the product, be it Botox, a laundry detergent, a Caribbean ship cruise or an erectile dysfunction cure, it is now virtually mandatory that blacks promote it.

    Occasionally, whites openly notice. International journalist Ioannis Gatsiounis, writing in the Washington Times in 2019, remarked:

    “While statistics are hard to come by, we can say with confidence that blacks appear far in excess of their 13 percent of the population—so much so that if a foreigner had nothing to go on but our ads, she might reasonably conclude that America is a majority-African-American country.”[ When advertisers fetishize race, December 2, 2019 ]

    Likewise, blogger Kerry Pechter that year opined: “Considering how frequently black actors and biracial couples appear in television and print advertising for financial products and services, a visitor to Earth from a distant galaxy might conclude that black Americans account for a significant portion of America’s moneyed class.”

    This, mind you, was before the deification of George Floyd.

    This syndrome had been visible well before that. In their 2000 book, The Black Image in the White Mind: Media and Race in America, political scientists Robert Entman and Andrew Rojecki found that of 1,620 sampled television ads airing on major networks, 32 percent contained at least one black. Many of the more recent commercials don’t simply include blacks; they give them sole billing—like this commercial spot for Applebee’s.

    Black ad placement is about image and status, not just numbers. Almost invariably, the blacks depicted are Cosby Show-wholesome, affable and upper-middle-class. Ghetto types don’t figure into this business strategy, as their presence no doubt would validate “right-wing” stereotypes.

    Why is this happening? Part of explanation lies in the interplay between corporate sponsors and advertising agencies, each a champion of racial egalitarianism. Sometimes the sponsor controls the relationship, instructing the agency on what a commercial should look and sound like. Sometimes it is the other way around, with the agency explaining to the sponsor that casting blacks can maximize sales potential.

    Yet there are other compelling reasons for this diversity explosion.

    First, there is the industry demography. Blacks long have been a part of the advertising world. Well-established black-owned agencies include Vince Cullers Advertising, Burrell Communications, Mingo Jones, Lockhart & Pettus, Global Hue, and Equinox. These firms use their connections and negotiating skills to persuade clients to include blacks.

    For them, diversity is about collective loyalty as much as career advancement. Moreover, women now constitute a majority of advertising/public relations managers and employees. Thus, blacks and females, whose politics generally lean decisively leftward, control how we buy and sell things.

    Second, commercials are a frequent first step in an acting career—and a Screen Actors Guild card. Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Mark Ruffalo and Stanley Tucci are just some of today’s prominent movie actors who started out doing TV ads. The backstory here is that during the George Floyd riots, Black Lives Matter radicals pressured SAG-AFTRA to boost black membership.

    Naturally, the union obliged them. “The most common way for an actor to get Taft-Hartleyed into the union is via commercials,” notes Takimag. [The Week That Perished, July 23, 2023] “So all those black faces in TV and online ads, that was hundreds of black actors being fast-tracked to union membership.” The current SAG-AFTRA/Writers’ Guild strike is in part a legacy of that shakedown.

    Third, the immigration-driven reduction in the nation’s white population (from 88.6 percent in 1960 to 59.3 percent in 2021) serves as a convenient pretext for instituting racial replacement in commercials. Ad agencies can claim that this is a rational response to shifting consumer demand, especially given the natural tendency of viewers to bond with characters of their own race.

    Whites, they admonish, should “prepare” for further demographic shifts—as if the relative decline of whites were a law of nature rather than a consequence of decades of misguided laws, policies, enforcement practices and court rulings.

    Fourth, many Americans perceive minority groups to be far larger than they really are. In a Gallup Poll conducted in March 2001, respondents on average stated that 33 percent of the U.S. population is black, far above the 2000 Census figure of 12.3 percent. The overall estimate of Hispanics was 29 percent, compared to the actual 12.5 percent.

    Public ignorance, if anything, has gotten worse. In two YouGov polls released in 2022, the composite figure for blacks was 41 percent. Respondents also laughably overestimated the share of Hispanics, Catholics, Texans, Californians, first-generation immigrants and homosexuals. Apparently, 30 percent of all Americans are Jews, and 27 percent are Muslims. Really?

    This final factor has dangerous implications. People who wildly overestimate the presence of minority groups may be highly susceptible to seeing diversity-immersed television commercials as an acknowledgment of reality and a rectification of historical injustice. Aware of the mismatch of perception and fact, ad agencies and their clients would have every incentive to double down.

    In the larger picture, the transformation of advertising into a multicultural jamboree underscores the impossibility of racial “equity.” A race, as Sam Francis recognized, does not seek equality with other races except as a means of achieving short-term gains. The long game is always dominance. Blacks are no exception.

    Ludicrously, diversity boosters are scolding the advertising industry for not doing enough. Christopher Boulton, communications professor at the University of Tampa, issued this prim rebuke in July 2020: “(W)hen it comes to feigning change while continuing to marginalize Black lives and maintain white power, advertising has a long record as a repeat offender. And nothing demonstrates that more clearly than the ongoing, striking lack of diversity in the advertising industry itself.” [Corporate ads said Black Lives Matter. But the industry creating them is nearly all white., by Christopher Boulton, NBC, July 18, 2020]

    Less petulantly, Shereta Williams, a member of the Forbes Technology Council, argued: “For the advertising industry, a diverse, equitable future won’t be easy, but I believe it’s a vital mission—and thankfully, one which new tools are at our disposal to help.”[Improving Diversity And Inclusion In Advertising, Forbes, July 25, 2019,]

    Critics like these needn’t worry. The industry already has been “fixing” the problem. In 2016, for example, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) launched an initiative called the Alliance for Inclusive & Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) whose mission is to “reverse the downward trend of multicultural and inclusive marketing by empowering marketers to accurately portray cultural diversity and richness in today’s marketing efforts.”

    Four years later, the ANA developed a list of “Certified Diverse Suppliers for Marketing and Advertising” after discovering that while 75 percent of ANA member firms had strategic plans to hire “diverse” suppliers, only 40 percent had related marketing and advertising strategies in place (the horror!). The list followed the release of a proposal, “ANA/AIMM Commitment to Equality, Inclusion and System Change.”

    Television advertising is a diversity racket. Indeed outside of the NFL and NBA, it is hard to imagine any segment of our society in which overrepresentation of blacks is this extreme. At least in pro sports there are tangible metrics of performance that enable teams to evaluate talent. This cannot be said for advertising, where black overload is arbitrary, has nothing to do with competitive excellence, and makes no business sense.

    The ultimate issue is not economics but power. Underneath the artificially constructed depictions of “togetherness” is psyops warfare. Agencies that produce television commercials, corporations that buy them, and networks that air them are telling whites: Your days are numbered. You won’t be the majority for much longer. Many whites, regrettably, have internalized this message.

    “Advertising is based on one thing: happiness,” declared Jon Hamm’s lead character Don Draper in HBO’s acclaimed hit series Mad Men (2007-15), set in an ad agency in the 1960s.

    Draper understood that selling requires manipulating emotions. Advertising still does this. Only now it has added a new feature to its business plan: Make whites unhappy—and less visible.

    See a schvartze, and bring him to the chuck-wagon for a good meal. That way, you can both vibrate in harmony with the universe together.

  50. Hibernian August 4, 2023 @ 4:06 am

    Beware of this cunning & destructive & greedy & corrupting “skank”!,quality=100,fit=scale-down/system/media_attachments/files/144/245/928/original/bb66258338cbd58f.jpeg

  51. Citizenfitz August 4, 2023 @ 10:10 am

    Great stuff, Ted. You’d make a good spy novelist.

    The Gouzenko affair made for especially interesting reading. More jews there than a barrel of monkeys. Furthermore the cowardly Canadian PM at the time wanted nothing to do with information re the extent of communist infiltration of his own country:

    Fortunately there were still some honorable Canadians in government back then, and they were able to protect Gouzenko and get his story out before the liberal Canadian regime could quash it. And it’s clear that certain high-ups wanted it quashed.

    In the JSSR if someone escaped from under their control, their family members were held accountable as co-traitors. Gouzenko’s mother and sister were arrested and his mother died while in NKVD custody. His sister may have survived but no doubt spent time in a penal camp.

    Methinks we can expect something similar to that system (family hostages) in Canada and the JSA in the not too distant future.

  52. Citizenfitz August 4, 2023 @ 10:18 am

    Came across this bucket of sludge at the following site:

    “Anti-Semites have been gloating over the fact that of the 17 persons named, six are Jews and two others are married to Jews. Anti-Semites have no cause to gloat—quite the reverse. As the Commission pointed out, it’s precisely because of anti-Semitism in Canada that many of these people transferred their loyalty to the U.S.S.R.”

    Yep, in the fevered minds of a certain group, Canada was/is a hotbed of antisemitism.

    It’s more than just neurosis, it’s demonic.

  53. Rusn August 4, 2023 @ 1:10 pm

    Why don’t parade non-Jews around?

    I mean I just can’t stand to see the ugly f_ckers parading the non-Jews that will really piss them off.

    You know, I think the sorry crap loves it. Jews pure communists.

  54. KathJuliane August 4, 2023 @ 2:43 pm

    Dixie on the Rocks 4 August 2023: Niger, India, and The Trump Indictment

    This week on Dixie on the Rocks, Padraig Martin discusses the potential for war in Niger due to a Nigerian military incursion to “reinstall democracy,” the global oil and currency markets threatening Southern consumers, and challenges within the BRICS – especially between India and China.

    Padraig further discusses interesting new developments in the Ukraine War which seems to indicate the United States is essentially giving up.

    Finally, Padraig concludes the show with his thoughts on the Trump indictments, the potential for Trump to go to prison, and the sudden possibility of Governor Brian Kemp getting his revenge on Donald Trump.

    Come have a listen!

  55. KathJuliane August 4, 2023 @ 2:48 pm

    Ohio Group Uses Taxpayer Dollars to Teach Kids to Become Drag Queens

    The New American | August 4, 2023

    The trans agenda continues to be marketed to children — and taxpayers are footing the bill.

    In Ohio, an organization that sponsors a program tailored to teaching minors to become drag queens has received public funding.

    As Breitbart News reports, the group, Colors+ Youth Center, is based in Fairview, Ohio, and organizes monthly tutorials for grooming children into drag queens.

    For example, the youth center is working on a joint event with Drag Queen Story Hour Cleveland which, per the Colors+ Youth Center website, will include a “drag performer reading an age-appropriate book with positive themes for LGBTQ+ youth highlighting inclusivity, creativity, and love.”

    Drag queens the center calls upon to mingle with kids include Sassy Sascha, Rhett Corvette, Veranda L’Ni, and Zoey Zegai to read to children.

    Also, on a monthly basis, the center puts together “monthly drag tutorials by a local drag performer who teaches the fundamentals of drag (makeup, costume design, and performance).”

    The center’s own website notes that its activities are partly “funded by Cuyahoga Arts and Culture.” This is notable because Cuyahoga Arts and Culture is a taxpayer-funded organization.

    The website for the organization states that it is a “strong steward of the public’s money, investing nearly $12 million annually in organizations that bring arts and culture to life in our communities.”

    Full story:

  56. The Englishman August 4, 2023 @ 3:10 pm


    Did get the “Jews pure Communists”.

    Might you be русский язык?

  57. KathJuliane August 4, 2023 @ 3:34 pm

    Jew York Times passes the chant off as merely a harmless party “political chant”.

    Every farm murder in South Africa is a policy action undertaken by or on behalf of the EFF. -Kj


    White farmer killed, wife beaten unconscious one day after South African EFF leader chants ‘kill the Boer’ at massive party rally

    by: Human Events Staff 08/01/2023

    A farmer was tortured and killed on his property in South Africa early on Sunday, and his wife beaten unconscious, only one day after the leader of the nation’s third-largest political party chanted “kill the Boer” at a massive rally in Johannesburg.

    Theo and Marlinda Bakkers, white farmers, were attacked on their property in the province of Mpumalanga. Before losing consciousness, Marlinda Bakker was able to identify those four attackers who allegedly slit Theo’s throat after beating him with an iron bar.

    The attack took place after Theo Bakker opened the gate early Sunday morning to allow the cattle to graze, according to local news.

    “The suspects forced him back home and tied him and his wife up. His wife was locked up in the bathroom, and [the suspects] took [an undisclosed amount] of firearms from the safe. They took the vehicle and left. Later, they were involved in an accident, and four suspects were arrested,” a spokesman for the Mpumalanga police said.

    The attackers were later apprehended after stealing a crashing a car they had stolen.

    Chairperson of the Southern African Agri Initiative Theo de Jager said the attack was “horrendous,” then going on to describe the attack. “He was severely beaten with iron bars before they slit his throat. Before losing consciousness, his wife could tell police that she recognised the attackers. One or two of them either worked on the farm or the next-door farm,” he said.

    He also noted that there had been a drastic increase in farm murders over the past month, with a low point of eight murders in just a five day span. “Over the last 20 years, on average, there has been one farm attack every two days and a farm murder every five days. On average, there are 72 farm murders and 185 attacks every year.” De Jager said that in 2022, “there were six murders of black farmers.”

    The outlet reports that “from January to March this year, there had been 77 murders, 62 attempted murders, and 317 cases of assault GBH on either agricultural land, farms, plots, or small holdings.”

    During a packed rally at Johannesburg’s FNB Stadium on Saturday, leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters Julius Malema recited the notorious anti-white chant, “kill the Boer.” The Boers are white South Africans who are descended from the Dutch-speaking colonists who settled in the area in the 1600s and 1700s. The word itself, Boer, means farmer in both Dutch and Afrikaans.

    Full story:

    Oli London has published a Twitter thread:

    Old but still relevant report from Radio Free South Africa about the ongoing Boer genocide, and the poignant memorial on a hill in the shape of a cross, made up of cross markers for all of the Boer farmers murdered through the years.

    Crosses are still going up to this day. -Kj

    PLAASMORDE – Farm Murders


    Carefully made on a hillside at Pietersburg there is a cross of many white crosses. It is a memorial to the Afrikaner lives lost to black violence in rural South Africa since 1991.

    In those fourteen years there have been more than 20,000 armed attacks perpetrated by groups of militant, young African males on South African commercial farms, mostly run by white Afrikaners of course.

    The SA farm murder toll now stands at 1,782 since the end of apartheid. But this is a crisis that the international media all but ignore. You will, for example, wait till you drop for any hint of it from CNN.

    So, why do we hear so little about the real South African situation these days? To me, it seems that only those issues which appeal to the popular imagination reach the presses. The corruption of the black ANC mafia, filling its pockets under the pretext of “Black Economic Empowerment”, has been in the news.

    So, too, has the never-ending search for riches of less lucky blacks eager, perhaps, to follow a bad example. And we hear about AIDS, of course, and the ANC medical quacks’ capriole cures – which confirm all our suspicions of black competence.

    Corruption, violent crime, AIDS and incompetence, it seems, are images of South Africa which we have grown used to and expect to have reinforced. Generally, though, even if much of the early idealism and the global wave of goodwill that accompanied the birth of modern South Africa has been dented by the realities of black power, the rainbow nation still elicits a kind of hope from the West.

    All that talk about truth and reconciliation, all the saint-worship of Nelson Mandela has to have been for something, surely. The notion that it might not … even that post-apartheid South Africa might treat its Boer minority far worse than ever the old National Party governments treated blacks is simply not fit for the liberal West to contemplate.

    Besides, the Boer is not a picturesque victim, not a figure of sympathy.

    You think I exaggerate, perhaps? Try googling “Boer farm murders”. You will get the picture.

    Full story:


    Good book published in 2018: Kill the Boer: Government Complicity in South Africa’s Brutal Farm Murders

    Of course, it can’t happen here in the good old US of A. Perhaps not exactly in the same way, but slow-motion White genocide and replacement is happening, nevertheless.

    South Africa is home to the largest Juderia in Africa, by the way, a very significant political power block in post-Apartheid politics, and very closely connected to the Jewish Criminal Terrorist State from the start.

    South African Jews thrived during Apartheid; they are still flourishing now under a wall of Black government protection, or they wouldn’t be the largest Jewish community on the African continent. -Kj

  58. Citizenfitz August 4, 2023 @ 4:24 pm

    I like the Dixie on the Rocks channel, KathJ.

    The guy has interesting thoughts on things of interest to people like us.

    Trump going to jail? I couldn’t imagine it a few years ago but it seems real enough now.

  59. Mortichai August 4, 2023 @ 5:16 pm

    Trump will likely be jailed. Maybe we’re all going to jail. Who can say?

    When we get to the Brandon concentration camp, if they take me alive (big if), I’ll be hanging around the cage with the bear and eagle or maybe the room with electric floor.

    Maybe we can all meet up there and worry, rub hands, and kvetch together as we ride the rollercoaster of doom. A year from now, when Trump is in hardcore Federal prison with a schvartze in his cell, he can wonder why oh why didn’t I just get on my Trump jet and fly somewhere, Argentina maybe?

    Also, I want to add that I think Alex Jones is a fraud. I mean he can name the problem, but won’t say who’s doing it: Jews. How could anyone not realize Jews are the major problem right now with war, terrorism, election fraud, bio-terror?

  60. KathJuliane August 4, 2023 @ 5:38 pm

    Dear Citizenfitz,

    I like Dixie on the Rocks. Padraig is also an author at Identity Dixie.

    Not to be missed is his essay at Identity Dixie


    I’ve also read his A Walk in the Park: My Charlottesville Story about his evolution after that disastrous day to “Unite the Right” and the leftist shenanigans, provocations, and the stand-down of law enforcement in favor of Antifa, from a middle of the road American and a vague sort of constitutional nationalist interested in saving a Southern monument to a Southern Nationalist and secessionist after embracing his Southern roots:

    “This is my personal story regarding the events of August 12, 2017, at the Unite the Right rally. It describes my progression from a middle-aged, middle-class father with a well-paying job to a member of “The Dissident Right” and how it led me to become a participant on that fateful day.

    “This book neither engages in racial or religious animus. It is simply my story – before, during, and after the protest at Charlottesville.”

    Padraig mentions some little-known, very obscured facts from that day of protest.

    I’m also working through his other book as editor: The Honorable Cause: A Free South: Twelve Southern Essays

    “This is a collection of twelve essays by Southern authors and activists. In many ways, this is a 21st version of “I’ll Take My Stand: the South and the Agrarian Tradition.” These are Southerners who advocate a free and independent South. This book explains their ideological positions in their own words.

    “It explains a unique Southern identity born within these United States. Finally, it lays out a vision as to how the South can achieve a Free and Independent status as a Nation-State, with a right of self-determination for its people.”

    He has a lot of insights and observations which cross over with the larger nullification and secession movements, the ongoing cancellation of Southern Christian faith, history and culture in particular, and the application to the larger White Christian Americanism of Middle America, and also good critiques about modern American political “conservativism” as it stands right now.

    Ok. So this is interesting from the Times of Israel on August 2. It reads like serious hasbarat damage control of a Commie Zionist who spied on the mail correspondence of alleged JFK assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. Who set him up as the patsy and fall guy? -Kj


    New JFK documents reveal assassin’s CIA monitor was Jewish spy Reuben Efron

    Jewish immigrant from Lithuania, who later lived in Jerusalem, screened the mail of US president’s killer before the assassination, newly released files show

    Times of Israel

    By RON KAMPEAS | 2 August 2023

    JTA — For decades, armchair analysts scrutinizing the mysteries of former US president John F. Kennedy’s assassination have fixated on who, exactly, opened his future assassin’s mail while he was under CIA surveillance ahead of the shooting.

    As the conspiracy theory went, that person would have understood Lee Harvey Oswald’s relationship with the Soviet Union and thus could unlock new information about a possible Communist plot against Kennedy — or a US government scheme to obscure his true killer.

    Last month, a new document dump in the ongoing declassification of Kennedy documents revealed the identity of the CIA screener: Reuben Efron, a lieutenant colonel in the US Army and a Jewish immigrant from Lithuania.

    The New York Times was the first to report Efron’s identity. “And that means — what, exactly?” the newspaper asked in its report.

    “A tantalizing clue to unraveling a complicated conspiracy that the government has sought to cover up for decades? Additional proof that the CIA knew more about Oswald than initially acknowledged?

    “Or a minor detail withheld all this time because of bureaucratic imperatives irrelevant to the question of whether Oswald was the lone gunman on the fateful day?”

    A deep dive into Efron’s Jewish identity does not answer those questions. But it does reveal that Efron not only worked as a spy but had a deep knowledge of the spies in Jewish tradition.

    The Jewish Telegraphic Agency has confirmed that Efron spent time living in Israel before dying on November 22, 1993 — 30 years to the day after Kennedy’s assassination. While there, he contributed five articles in the 1970s to the Jewish Bible Quarterly, a World Zionist Organization-affiliated publication based in Jerusalem, that channeled his expertise in espionage.

    Efron was born Ruvelis Effronas in Simnas, Lithuania, on April 12, 1911, and attended a Jewish high school there (a “Hebrew gymnasium,” in his words), followed by Vytautas Magnus University in what is now Kaunas.
    [He was born in imperial Western Russia. -Kj]

    He practiced law for five years in that city — a thriving hub of Lithuanian Jewish life that would become the site of the country’s largest ghetto under the Nazis — before emigrating, as his brother had done previously.

    Efron immigrated to the United States in December 1939, arriving in Miami via Cuba. US immigration documents list his profession as a salesman. According to a family history compiled by a relative, the following fall he enrolled at the Atlanta Law School, a night school that closed in the 1990s. He worked at a clothing store in downtown Atlanta until graduating in 1943.

    He spoke Russian, Lithuanian, Hebrew, Yiddish and German and enlisted in the Air Force during World War II as an interpreter, according to a death notice published in the Miami Herald.

    After the war, the death notice said, he played a role in peace negotiations and in talks related to the resettlement of war refugees — among them, perhaps, members of his own family, but not his mother, who according to the published genealogy was murdered in the Holocaust.

    For decades, Efron worked for the US government, playing roles that are only now coming to light as secret government documents are made available to the public. His family history says only: “Reuben worked for the Pentagon.”

    In retirement, Efron apparently enjoyed the freedom to opine. Living in Washington, DC, in 1971, he wrote to The New York Times urging the Nixon administration to reject proposals of a joint US-Soviet force to police Egypt-Israel peace, saying it would ​​”communize the whole area.”

    It’s not clear if he ever officially immigrated to Israel using its Law of Return, which grants automatic citizenship to Jews who move to the country. But the obituary in the Miami Herald said that Efron “commuted between Israel and the United States for many years, during which he studied Israeli law and was admitted to the Israeli bar.”

    The obituary said Efron was inspired by his mother’s work in Lithuania with Jews who were immigrating to Mandatory Palestine.

    Details about Efron’s identity and background exercised the community of JFK assassination theorists to a much lesser degree than the fact that a senior CIA official was tracking Oswald — and the tantalizing prospect that there was more to learn.

    “The memo shows that high-level CIA officers were interested in the smallest details of Oswald’s life 17 months before Kennedy was killed,” Jefferson Morley, an author of multiple books about the CIA, and about Kennedy, said on his blog, JFK Facts, after the revelation.

    “If Oswald was the ‘lone gunman,’ as a substantial minority of Americans believe, the clandestine service had much more access to his personal information than most know.”

    Full story: {


    So, Jewish spy, Efron, crypto-Zionist, monitored Oswald’s mail for 11 months, and presumably passed the info to Mossad to build an assassination operation because JFK, and his brother, Attorney General Robert F Kennedy, were attempting to both get the Israeli front organization, the Zionist Organization of America (reorganized as AIPAC) to register as a foreign agent, an ongoing congressional and DOJ since 1938, and to investigate and shut down Israel’s illegal nuclear weapons site at Dimona?

    See: Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) ignores seven (7) Foreign Agent Registration Act orders – 1938-1960 at the Israel Lobby Archive: -Kj

  61. Hibernian August 4, 2023 @ 11:05 pm

    Of the famous religions, Christianity (the various denominations of), & Islam (Sunni & Shia), & Hinduism, & Buddhism, & Confucianism too, each has always strove to make publicly available in writing their respective religions.

    Many phenomenal men in history have written, or been faithfully recorded by their pupils, the truth about their essence, e.g.s Plato, Socrates (recorded by Aristotle), Julius Caesar, Jesus the Christ (recorded by Mathew, & Mark, & Luke, & John).

    But, pre-Talmud Judaism jealously kept its Bible secret from Gentiles.

    And, the Pharisees into today have hidden the “actual” Talmud from the Goyim.

    Ditto they did so with the remaining main books of their spiritual teachings, viz. Kaballah, & the Zohar.

    It is only from the 20th century that the Goyim en-large have been able to publicly learn what is “truly” written within Judaism’s sacred texts, & also its business-plan, viz. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

    Jewry is not the only birth privilege organisation to compose histographies, & theologies, & manifestos, as secret for their trusted members only.

    Think of Freemasonry, & Irish Fenians/Irish Republican Brotherhood, & Irish Republican Army (I.R.A.), & Italian Mafias inter alia.

    Such have their internal strategists, & internal historians, who publish for in-house reading only.

    The players of conspiring groups accept, & sometimes devise, false public official records of their true intentions, & histories, if it is wise for their group’s strategy.

    And, so it is with Trump (self-boasting father-of-the-Jew-Jab).

    Trump is willing to be vilified by Jewry’s communist proxy-warriors, & charm his initially cautious supporters, so long as he can undermine the Goyim, & be hailed as a hero within Jewry’s secret historiography.

  62. Ted Gorsline August 5, 2023 @ 1:32 am


    In my opinion. Judaism is not a religion.

    It may have been sold as a religion for tax breaks but it seems to be an organized crime cult just like the Italian Mafia, with Israel as the organized crime, the get out of jail free, safe house.

  63. KathJuliane August 5, 2023 @ 9:15 am

    Via MJTruth Telegram

    January 6 – Fox News Deletes Capitol Police Chief Saying it was a Cover Up in Tucker Carlson Interview

    Fox News Deleted Scene from Tucker Carlson’s Interview with the Capitol Police Chief “Leaks” Saying, “It was a Cover Up!”

    Why would Fox News delete this scene?

    “If people were reporting to intelligence correctly. If I was allowed to do my job as the chief, we wouldn’t be here.

    Then seeing how, you’re lambasted in public & everything appears to be a cover up.

    Like I said, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but when you look at the information and intelligence they had, the military had, it’s all watered down. I’m not getting intelligence, I’m denied any support from National Guard in advance. I’m denied National Guard while we’re under attack, for 71 minutes…”

    Also see at the National Pulse:

    It Was Crawling With Feds’ – Capitol Police Chief Confirms FBI, DHS Undercovers in Jan 6 Crowd.

    Former Capitol Hill Police Chief Steven Sund told Tucker Carlson “there was a fair amount of law enforcement” in the January 6th crowd, in footage exclusively obtained by The National Pulse. The bombshell news follows revelations that Sund had called the events surrounding the Capitol riot “a cover up,” adding his concerns over provocateurs like Ray Epps.

    Over halfway through the interview hidden by Fox News following Tucker Carlson’s firing, Sund explains that it is normal for Secret Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) to have a few undercover assets in large crowds gathered in the nation’s capital. But the 18 or so FBI agents present, plus an estimated 20 from the Department of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) was remarkably high.

    Sund stunningly reveals: “Within a few days of January 6th I had media reach out to me and say ‘Hey, you’re aware the FBI had undercovers in the crowd?’. I was like, ‘Oh no, they would have told me’. I had Steve D’Antuono, the head of the [FBI] Washington Field Office on a call the day before. Didn’t say anything to me about it… and now to see, allegedly, according to the GAO report, they had 18 operatives in the crowd? That’s a lot of operatives.”

    The Capitol Hill top cop, forced out by Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the aftermath of January 6th, went on to explain that during incidents like IMF protests in 2000, and the Bush inauguration, it was commonplace for his department to have intelligence briefings with the FBI, alongside a ‘Joint Intelligence Bulletin’ (JIB).

    “None of that [happened for Jan 6],” Sund explained, “No conference call.”

    Tucker Carlson pressed Sund for clarification: “You think 18 is a lot for that kind of an event?”

    “I think so,” replies Sund, adding that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had 20 HSI operatives in the crowd several thousand.

    “It sounds like a number of the intelligence agencies had resources in the crowd,” Sund asserts, to which Carlson responds: “In the parlance of the internet, it was crawling with feds?”

    “There was a fair amount of law enforcement in the crowd,” Sund replies.

    In over 30 years of service in the police, Sund says he has never seen anything like that in terms of sheer numbers of undercover operatives from across government agencies. WATCH:

    Chief Capitol Cop Told Tucker ‘It’s Not Crazy’ to Wonder About Ray Epps in Hidden Fox Interview.

    Former Capitol Hill Police Chief Steve Sund told former Fox News host Tucker Carlson that he was not “crazy” to question the behavior of individuals present in the January 6th crowd, one of whom in particular – Ray Epps – had bragged to his friends that he “orchestrated” the entire thing, before the Democrat-run Jan 6 Committee thanked him for participating in their charade.

    In never-before-seen footage published exclusively by The National Pulse, Carlson asks Sund about Epps, though without using the Arizona man’s name: …


    Yes, the video clips crack and break up at times.

  64. HANNES August 5, 2023 @ 11:54 am

    Is it really just “extremely strange and peculiar” that Ron Unz, who (like many of his fellow tribesmen) amassed his fortune in the money economy, denies to suspect why the ruling elite (moneyed aristocracy) seeks to dispossess its population by controlled self-sabotage, so to speak?

    He claims that the politicians of the West are stupid and irrational, and that any other reason for their behavior is implausible. But everything has to have a reason, even if Unz knowingly conceals it from his gullible readers and interview partners (they guy to the right whom bears a Jewish surname just like himself).

    These Jews consider the Goys to be extremely dumb (unfortunately, in most cases they are even right, since they are allowed to dumb down systematically the Goys with disinforamtion without resistance and unhindered). I do not consider him (Unz) – like all his tribal brethren – to be trustworthy. You can’t be wrong about these “guys” at all!

    Mahler foresaw the economic situation we have ten years ago. In his lecture he sayd that the Jews will and must collapse the world economy, because all their power is based on fraud through exponential accumulation of interest, not backed by material values. A cyclical process that leads to inflation, depression, war and conflict.

    Interesting: {
    Also interesting {

  65. KathJuliane August 5, 2023 @ 1:15 pm

    Dear Hannes,

    I’m assuming you must be in Europe, so perhaps your politicians have some brains.

    But here in America, I assure you that Ron Unz is absolutely correct. There is nothing nefarious in what he has said.

    Spending a few hours listening to any of the Congressional or Senate committee hearings will convince you of this fact after you listen to the Democrats spew their vile narratives, lies, character assassinations, and irrational nonsense.

    Most of our politicians and policy makers, once you get past their surface layers of insatiable greed and thirst for power and money, particularly the radical leftists and liberal interventionists in the ruling Democrat Party who’ve been indoctrinated with leftist garbage since nursery school, are dumb as rocks.

    The highest functioning among them may have an IQ close to average room temperature, but they come up with some of the craziest, non-sequitur crap you’ve ever heard.

    The rational thinkers once in the Democrat Party have seen the party move so far to the irrational left, that standing still, they’ve either gone to the libertarian wing of the Republican Party or Independent.

    Most Republicans are not much better, but there are a small minority of more or less independent thinkers and policy makers among the anti-interventionist, anti-war, semi-civic nationalist America First conservatives trying to preserve our Christian roots, society, and constitutional order.

    Both parties are neck-deep in cult worship of the Jewish state of Israel.

  66. Rabbi Glickman August 5, 2023 @ 3:23 pm

    Ach, I would say both parties are at least *up to their eyeballs* in judeophilia. Which is as it should be.

    Without the wise guidance of the Jews, the goyim would still be living in houses made of sticks and mud; and would be eating uncooked food with their bare hands. Yes, without the great light of Jewish minds to show the way you people would soon be reduced to eating one another!

    As just one example I could give, when we schemed up Obama Care we factored the stupidity of the goyim into our plan to ramrod it past Congress. It worked. L’chaim!

  67. KathJuliane August 5, 2023 @ 3:49 pm

    Portrait in Judeophilia


    During the “Conversation with the Candidate” segment that aired exclusively online [in New Hampshire], Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis was asked by voter ✡️Laura Landerman-Garber about what his response was to displays of antisemitism.

    She said swastika flags were being waved alongside DeSantis 2024 signs, to which the Florida governor said, “Those are not true supporters of mine.”

    DeSantis defended his record on policies to protect the Jewish community, saying he sent funding to increase security at Jewish day schools and beefed-up Holocaust education efforts.

    He also said he feels Florida is the most pro-Israel state in the country.

    He added, “We are going to defeat the scourge of antisemitism.”

    Also, during this portion of the event, DeSantis answered questions about health care costs, college admission policies and the country’s mental health crisis.

    Embedded video, this Q&A starts at 10:55 with the prerequisite “6 Million…bla bla blalocaust”.


    Strain your ears hard enough, you may hear the mandatory weeping violin faintly in the background as ✡️Laura Landerman-Garber chokes up and barely holds back the sobbing on cue that Jews have perfected.

    What the Israel-worshiping US Presidential Candidate actually said:

    — “We’re gonna go after these third world countries that have become hotbeds of antisemitism.”

    KathJ stands with antisemitic third-world countries in the face of this aggression.

  68. KathJuliane August 5, 2023 @ 4:47 pm

    Zionist role in 1950s attacks on Iraqi Jews confirmed by operative & police report

    If Americans Knew – Israel-Palestine News
    August 4, 2023

    British-Israeli historian Avi Shlaim cites ‘incontrovertible evidence’ from former Jewish agent showing Zionists bombed sites to encourage migration to Israel

    By Rayhan Uddin, reposted from Middle East Eye, June 19, 2023

    A police report and an interview with a former Zionist operative form the basis of Avi Shlaim’s claim that he has uncovered “undeniable proof” of Israeli involvement in bombings which drove Jews out of Iraq in the early 1950s, the British-Israeli historian told Middle East Eye.

    Shlaim’s autobiography Three Worlds: Memoirs of an Arab-Jew, published earlier this month, details his childhood as an Iraqi Jew and subsequent exile to Israel.

    It also includes research about a number of bombings in Iraq which prompted a mass exodus of Jews from the country between 1950 and 1951, most of whom, like he and his family, ended up in Israel.

    On Sunday, Shlaim told Middle East Eye that he had uncovered “incontrovertible evidence of Zionist underground involvement in the bombs”.

    As part of the evidence, the historian cited an extensive interview he carried out with Yaakov Karkoukli, a former member of the Zionist underground in Baghdad in the 1950s.

    Karkoukli – who was aged 89 when he spoke to Shlaim for the book – was an associate of Yusef Basri, a Zionist intelligence operative in Iraq who was convicted by Iraqi authorities of having carried out bombings targeting Iraqi Jews.

    The bombings at the time included attacks on a coffee shop, a car dealership and a synagogue, among other attacks on Jewish communities and businesses.

    Karkoukli said that Basri carried out three of those attacks on Jewish sites upon the orders of Meir Max Bineth, an Israeli intelligence officer who supplied Basri with grenades and TNT explosives.

    As well as weapons, Bineth allegedly provided Basri with maps, intelligence and instructions, which included an order “to terrorise and not to kill”.

    Basri, along with another Zionist underground operative, Shalom Salih Shalom, were convicted and executed by Iraqi authorities over the bombings.

    A third underground operative, Yusef Khabaza, was also sentenced to death in absentia, but escaped Iraq.

    Karkoukli insists that an attack on the Masuda Shemtov synagogue in Baghdad in January 1951 – the only bombing at the time to result in Jewish deaths – was not directly carried about by Zionist operatives, but by a Muslim Arab.

    Bineth, who allegedly gave Basri orders, would later commit suicide after being arrested by Egyptian authorities over his suspected involvement in the Lavon Affair, a failed Israeli false flag operation to plant bombs in Egypt and blame them on the Muslim Brotherhood and leftists.

    Israeli officials have long rejected any Zionist underground or official Israeli involvement in attacks on Iraqi Jews, and instead blamed them on Iraqi nationalists.

    “This is not a second-hand but a first-hand testimony by a participant,” Shlaim told MEE, referring to his interview with Karkoukli.

    “True, this is oral history and therefore not conclusive, though it is inconceivable that Karkoukli would have made up the whole story.”

    But the historian added that Karkoukli had provided more conclusive evidence than just his own testimony, in the form of a police report.

    Full story:

  69. Hibernian August 5, 2023 @ 6:06 pm

    @Ted Gorsline

    I must begin by giving my condolences to you on the loss recently of your wife.

    You honor her by doing your work for the Lord, Jesus the Christ here on RJN at least.

    Yes, the Jews are a cult.

    Essentially a cult that worships themselves collectively as being a god. And, the deeper levels of the Jews we learn also worship a number of other gods, & lesser spiritual entities.

    None of their gods (including at least 1 Goddess; Shekinah) is the God of the Old Testament of the Bible.

    I learn that Jews into the Kabbala believe they can re-incarnate as human beings to live among humanity.

  70. Rabbi Glickman August 5, 2023 @ 7:36 pm

    Of course, in everything we Jews do we factor in the stupidity of the goyim. It’s just a given.

    If they’re not stupid enough on a matter then we begin planning various workarounds. These invariably involve the mass media; and often stolen elections.

    Not to forget the fake polls we like to dupe people with. Even other Jews. Ha ha!

    Yes, we’re a perfidious lot. Hail Ba’al!

  71. Rebel Roy August 5, 2023 @ 8:13 pm

    Haha Great.

    Love it Brother.

    Blessings to you and take care. Always the one man I trust to tell me the truth.

  72. KathJuliane August 5, 2023 @ 9:27 pm

    The U.S.’s own military recruitment is going so poorly that a “retired combat decorated Marine lieutenant colonel” at, is urgently calling for reinstatement of the draft on a, for now, limited basis in order to replenish the armed forces.

    So, after making fun of Russia’s ‘dual’ conscript/contract system for so long, now the military brass via a mouthpiece is proposing it for the U.S.

    White recruitment is way down, especially with a decent level of employment, which historically drew from poorer American regions high numbers of White enlistment from the Rust Belt, the South, and Appalachia.

    Volunteer service in the military was attractive to poor Whites for advantages and benefits that a poor White might not otherwise get.

    Diversity recruitment and lowered standards just isn’t cutting it.

    No more foreign adventures. -Kj


    We Need a Limited Military Draft | 29 July 2023

    It’s time to change how our country fills the ranks of our military.

    Since 1775, our nation has used a combination of volunteers and draftees to meet our national defense personnel needs, especially in times of crisis.

    Today, the military needs only about 160,000 youth from an eligible population of 30 million to meet its recruitment needs. But after two decades of war — both of which ended unsuccessfully — and low unemployment, many experts believe the all-volunteer force has reached a breaking point.

    And American confidence in its military is at a low. [I don’t know how a draft would magically raise American confidence, considering the last time we had a draft in the 1960s and early 70s, “American confidence” hit the basement. -Kj

    The fastest and most effective way to resolve this recruiting crisis is to change how we recruit.

    Instead of an “either an all-volunteer force or a fully conscripted force” model, I propose a both-and solution.

    We should have our military recruiters sign up new troops for 11 months out of the year, and then have the Selective Service draft the delta between the military’s needs and the total number recruited.

    This model would alleviate the incredible pressure on our recruiters, lower the cost of finding new troops, and significantly reduce the much-decried civilian-military gap by subjecting all of America’s youth — rich and poor — to the possibility of military service via the draft.

    [The rich have always figured out how to wriggle out of the draft, or pulled strings to get assigned to extremely cushy, state-side deployments. -Kj]

    This increased public interest might also have the added effect of increasing public pressure to prevent open-ended wars led by unaccountable senior leaders like we experienced in our national debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    [Ha. Fat chance. It took 7-10 years of national protests by hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people of every political persuasion, and sometimes university rioting, to get our draftee sons, husbands, brothers & fiancés out of the incompetent, lying, wasteful clutches of the Pentagon and Generals and bring the boys home from the Viet Nam/Cambodia/Laos War. -Kj]

    While the causes of our current recruiting crisis are many, the fastest and best solution lies within our already existing Selective Service System.

    This would obviously represent a seismic change, given the more recent history of military drafts.

    In 1973, the draft was abolished with the establishment of the all-volunteer force, driven largely by the American public’s weariness with our debacle in Vietnam; systemic inequities in the draft (e.g. wealthier Americans being able to defer service); and the fact that the size of our population had become so large in relation to the needs of the military, universal drafting became obsolete.

    [You, dear author, obviously have no suggestions as to how to fix this. -Kj]

    While the all-volunteer force had the effect of lowering discipline problems and professionalizing the force, it also created a vast gap between American citizens and those who serve — effectively creating a military warrior caste that now appears more like a multi-generational family business than an organization that represents the true makeup of our democratic republic.

    The establishment of the all-volunteer force also drove the military to expend an incredible amount of resources in terms of manpower and dollars to build a recruiting machine to attract America’s youth to service. Considering it costs about $15,000 to recruit each new member, the overall cost each year exceeds $2 billion.

    [No, no, no. $2 billion is mere pocket change compared to the entire Pentagon budget of close to $1 trillion now. How about closing most of the US bases on foreign soil, especially in the NATO countries. That’s what is really expensive. -Kj]

    And recruitment has risen and fallen with the national unemployment rate.

    The causes of this crisis are many, and both politicians and our national leadership are largely to blame.

    For nearly a decade now, feckless politicians, using the military as a club to batter their opponents, have exacerbated increasing negative public opinion despite the fact that our military has crushed international terrorism and prevented another large-scale attack on our homeland for 22 years and running.

    Despite this success, in 2023, every service except the Marine Corps is poised to miss its recruiting goals. In 2022, the Army alone fell short by 15,000 recruits.

    The needs of the nation must be met, and our national leadership would be wise to reinforce the idea that military service is an important responsibility of citizenship.

    [The “needs of the nation must be met.” The only legitimate “needs of the nation” should only mean a strong national defense of American territory as a patriotic duty, and not imperialistic, hegemonic, foreign adventures overseas to protect “U.S. interests” in the form of global corporate industries and stockholders, and keeping the insatiable investments in the military-security-industrial complex fed. -Kj]

    While conscription has always been a controversial issue throughout our history, a hybrid model would alleviate our current military manpower crisis, increase the connectivity between the American public and its military, and more responsibly use taxpayer dollars.

    [What makes you think a “hybrid” draft system would be any less controversial? -Kj]

    Holes in our military formations are, in fact, gaps in our national security.

    [And whose fault is that? Who has squandered the lives, mental health, and limbs of mostly White military servicemen throughout all the military disasters the US has embarked on since WWII, treated like disposable commodities to be used and thrown away, many of whom are broken and suffering today from drug addiction, homelessness, and extremely high rates of suicide?

    Now, the US Military is the biggest, most racist, anti-White straight male haters of all of America’s institutions. When it comes to your “hybrid draft” the only unprotected class without any exemption, ginned up by Congress, would be Christian White men. -Kj]

  73. Benzion Kook August 5, 2023 @ 9:42 pm

    What did Trump’s ass kissing of Jews get him?

  74. Sarah BeefHog August 5, 2023 @ 10:12 pm

    The most ‘Jewish’ thing a Gentile can do is to gather up all the free dogs on Craig’s List, sell them to Chinese restaurants in New York, and then donate the proceeds to synagogues in Brooklyn.

    Talk about earning redemption, oi, even Bobby Fischer could have been redeemed, had he done such an thing.

  75. HANNES August 6, 2023 @ 3:59 am

    Not only “American” Jews are behind all these
    wars (that led to unstoppable mass migration).

    (P.S. Greetings & Thanks to KathJuliane)

  76. Sarah BeefHog August 6, 2023 @ 4:05 am

    An unpleasant (but realistic) peek inside the Israeli siege mentality: jewish ‘squatters’ invade church grounds, and insult Christians.

    nota bene: hard to watch. Commenters complaining about waste of US taxpayer money each year, and the irony of a jew calling a Christian a ‘thief’.

    It’s nice to be tortured in the USA, in this brutal jewish dictatorship. Lovely that so many nauseatingly eager jews are stepping up to the plate, and rushing forward to provide so many lovely ‘security services’ for our nation.

    Yes, I really enjoy being dominated by a tiny, militant, hateful minority that whines and complains non-stop about how everybody hates them, how they are always afraid and being persecuted, and how they are always in danger!

    Wow, it must be really, really dangerous and risky to be a jew. (somewhere?)

    Of course Christians will face genocide under the obvious-for-all-to-see apartheid of a brutal jewish ethno-state, the grand USA!

    That’s the point, they want us dead, and to take our assets.

    They torture the white male Christian conservatives with FBI harassment and bogus ‘investigations’ and NSA psychotronic attacks around the clock (that don’t exist, because that must be magical or delusional thinking, even though the technology is over 80 years old) because – well, because jews enjoy that sort of thing.

    To an empty, soul-less jew, the point of torture is torture.

    What other point would there be?

    The USA jew can flee from non-existent pursuers, cry out in pain as he beats me with his fists and his dirty, looted money, but we all know that he enjoys cheating, lying, torturing, and murdering the Gentiles.

    That’s what a jew lives for.

    The raw, exhilarating, impunity of dominion.

    Yes, I know you jews! Your dogs aren’t crapping on my lawn! Your yourselves are the crap on my lawn.

    Now why don’t you go crap somewhere else – this particular country has had enough of you.

  77. Ted Gorsline August 6, 2023 @ 4:34 am


    Thanks for your kind words.

    I doubt very much if jews can reincarnate as human beings.

    You have to start out as a human being to do that. Lampshades yes! Bars of soap – of course! But human beings – never.

  78. R. Richardson August 6, 2023 @ 6:23 am

    Corruptions make wars.

    Wars are needed

    To extend corruptions.

    Corruptions and wars are both managed

    By the profiting elites.

    If the commoners stop corruptions,

    They prevent wars.

    There are no conflict between the commoners’ countries.

    Only between the elites and the commoners

    Is the real conflict.

    Elites know no boundary

    And no nation.

    They hunt the commoners

    Anywhere in the world

    To profit from them

    And take life from them.

  79. HANNES August 6, 2023 @ 8:01 am

    “He is perhaps best known for authoring a book titled The Secret World Government, or, ‘The Hidden Hand’ (1926), which presents his conspiracy theory that the world is being clandestinely governed by a group of 300 individuals of ‘Judeo-Mongol’ ancestry.” {


    I like this young man. Now he has been the father of a first child for some time. In one of his videos he said that he himself had German (and Scandinavian?) ancestors or something like that. His Faustian spirit asks too many questions for a Jewish dominated world.

    But he is not resigned to simply being a thoughtless consumer, and continues to dig into the annals of history, and must make a rather intuitive judgment from the few scraps he is still able to grasp. {

    There would be so much to learn about this world that is systematically withheld from us, and if so much had not already fallen prey to oblivion and transience. The Nazis are condemned for the public burning of trash literature harmful to society, which took place only on a limited scale. But how many books, documents, works of art, cultural treasures were lost to the Allied “peace bombers”?

    This, of course, is the “indispensable collateral damage that democratization costs.” Yesterday I learned (I think it was through RediceTV) that in the entire decades of apartheid in South Africa, just 512 people lost their lives (and not even by direct violence, but rather by circumstance).

    That may well be a vanishingly small number compared to the genocide of Whites that has raged there for years. But this is kept from the world public.

  80. Citizenfitz August 6, 2023 @ 8:32 am

    According to RT, Russia is still selling oil to Germany, and electricity to the Baltic States.

    Very strange goings on over there.

  81. A Visitor August 6, 2023 @ 11:21 am

    “TLC” (The Latest Crap): true American (or rather Jewish?) “TV” for German-speakers!

    Sexual violence by high-IQ men also skyrocketed: on the chessboard. The oppressed low-IQ women do not want to accept this intimidation any longer!

  82. Ted Gorsline August 6, 2023 @ 12:33 pm

    I just listened to Andrei Martynov.

    He thinks Scott Ritter is right branding Gonzalo Lira as a double agent. I think they are both right.

    You don’t post about your plans to escape to Hungary before you get there. You go silent and get out of Dodge right now.

  83. KathJuliane August 6, 2023 @ 12:44 pm

    Dear Citizenfitz,

    Germany & the Baltic States found their way around the sanctions against Russia last year.

    Poland also gets Russian oil, and even has a oil pipelines transiting from Russia to Europe, operated by the Polish state company PERN.

  84. KathJuliane August 6, 2023 @ 2:00 pm

    Victory in one major battle for Christian Uganda’s sovereignty and resistance against globohomo LBGT empire.

    About time. Good move ejecting the UN LBGT plague carrier. -Kj


    African Intel Telegram

    UN human rights office shuts in Uganda

    After 18 years of operating in Kampala, the UN’s human rights mission will close on Saturday because the Ugandan government has ended its mandate.

    Sub-offices in Gulu and Moroto, in northern Uganda, have already closed.

    It comes after Uganda passed anti-LGBT laws against the advice of local and international rights groups, including the UN.

    In a statement on Friday, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk expressed deep concern about the run-up to elections in 2026, saying human rights defenders, civil society actors and journalists in Uganda were operating in an increasingly hostile environment.

    He also was urging the government to ensure Uganda’s national human rights body can function effectively and independently, as the main body tasked with human rights oversight in the country.

  85. KathJuliane August 6, 2023 @ 3:18 pm

    Dear Ted Gorsline,

    From some things I’ve read, Lira supposedly set the release of his videos and Tweet some five hours after he made them, which presumably would have been time to allow him to get into Hungary.

    I’m not sure that he’s a conscious double-agent of some sort. And, that he might be some kind of accidental Ukrainian asset doesn’t mean that the Ukronatsis won’t dispose of him.

    But it was quite certain last year that deliberately or not on his part, he was compromised after his 5-day incarceration and abrupt release that SBU/Ukrainian/Western Intelligence figured they could make use of Lira’s social media networks.

    One of the things that struck me a little odd at the time was Lira claiming that after his arrest by the SBU and their retention of his cellphone and such, that he wasn’t able to get into his old social media accounts, YT and Twitter, because he didn’t have the passwords, and he had to start over with new accounts and a new cell phone.

    Cell phone with all of his old data I can understand him not getting back from the SBU, but using a new phone starting from scratch doesn’t make existing accounts blocked and inaccessible.

    As much of a pain that it sometimes is to go through, both YT and Twitter have account recovery/password recovery procedures, starting with going to the login page and clicking “Forgot Your Password?”

    At worst, recovering the account access might mean contacting technical support, but, anyway, it struck me odd at the time that Lira did not attempt to recover his old accounts if he were actually a free person, but those old accounts were cracked by the SBU. Maybe he could have asked them what his passwords were.

    Western-backed Ukrainian Information Operations years ago, as part of building up its influence- and cyberoperations and intelligence gathering, began working with the Atlantic Council-funded, MI6 intel asset, Bellingcat, for training on how to trackdown metadata, IP addresses, and geolocations and use Open Source Intelligence.

    Anyone in the Ukrainian pro-Russian underground resistance would have figured it out at that time, that Gonzalo Lira allowed to return to podcasting from Kharkov like he was, was likely for intel purposes of tracking down IPs and geolocations to round up any Ukrainian dissidents, or anyone, such as normal Russian-speaking Ukrainians deemed not sufficiently Ukrainian enough who happened to make comments on his Twitter, YouTube and Telegram channels.

    I remember a number of comments on Lira’s new Telegram channel among the hundreds of “welcome back” and “glad your safe” comments from self-identified Ukrainians and Russians who basically said, “We know what you’ve become. No one just comes back after 5 days in SBU custody like this untouched, even if you are an American. We know you are now a creature of the SBU,” and they said they were unjoining the channel.

    Anyone with a reasonable instinct for self-preservation inside Ukraine might listen to or read Lira, who was really speaking to a minority, marginalized Western audience anyway, but since then, not leave comments or any other traceable digital fingerprints.

    The other day, I came across George Eliason’s take on it on Rumble, who is an American investigative journalist who married and has lived in Ukraine for over 20 years, I believe in the Donbass all that time. He began reporting on events and writing articles at the start of Euromaidan and Kiev Regime’s “Anti-Terrorist Operations” war on the people of Donbass for the past 9 years.

    He gets blacklisted and cancelled all of the time in MSM and top social media but manages to still get his reports out in the alternative media, including extremely detailed reports on Kiev Regime’s war crimes and information operations, including the real “Russian” hackers in 2016 trying to overthrow the presidential election.


    Jae Michelle
    yesterday at 12:00 am


    VIDEO- From GEORGE ELIASON, who is an investigative journalist living in Donbass.

    This brings out a whole new perspective on the Gonzalo Lira story. It also reminded me that about a year ago, I commented on a GL youtube video, and some person (I assumed scammer, comment sections are full of them) replied to my comment, claiming to work with Gonzalo, and requesting I contact them with regards to the show, I think with a WhatsAp number.

    I assumed it was a scammer, and I automatically block or delete anything like that, would NEVER return call. Now I wonder if this had something to do with what George talks about, how they try to find out who you are and where you live, work etc.

    As far as Gonzalo goes, I listen to different points of view, keeping in mind the source. His “Coach Redpill” past automatically makes him suspect- creepy INCEL nonsense that produces lunatics who run over people on sidewalks with rented vans (it happened, Toronto).

    So, I would listen to what he had to say, along with MANY other people- I don’t necessarily need to agree with what people say or like them in order to hear their ideas… that’s just the basis of developing a balanced worldview. Listening ONLY to people you agree with, or ONLY to people you “LIKE” is putting yourself in a mental vacuum and that’s not how you learn.

    Have I listened to podcasts by people I wouldn’t want to be in a room with, or on a plane with, or people who I vehemently disagree with? Absolutely. I’ve listened to what Nazi scum Banderite lunatics have to say, to learn their ideology, what makes them the vile creatures they are. There are lots of people who are solid to on geopolitical issues but who are completely off on other issues.

    When something like this comes up, I naturally default to, “If you are making claims, provide evidence to back up your claim”. Sometimes people mistake this for “support” or taking a side- when it is simply not placing credibility in unsubstantiated claims or allegations.

    But, when I see more evidence, my perspective shifts accordingly. This is especially true when it comes to a person being in danger. It IS possible to disagree with somebody, or even know that person is guilty, yet not want harm to come to them- one doesn’t exclude the other.

    When people like Eva Bartlett, Andrei Martyanov, Scott Ritter and George Eliason ALL come to the same conclusion, and give reason and supported claims, it’s probably wisest to pay close attention and take what they say very seriously.

    Another question I have is, why travel 1400 kilometers to the Hungarian border, when from Kharkov, Lira could have attempted to seek asylum in the new RF territories, or head to the checkpoints for Belgorad Oblast?

  86. Hibernian August 6, 2023 @ 3:49 pm

    This interviewee aspiring to be next USA President is:

    A_nephew of a serving USA President — JFK — who was assassinated by multiple shooters on behalf of Jewry mainly because he was going to force Israel to shut-down any nuclear reactor facility, incl. Dimona nuclear facility in Negev desert, Israel

    B_son of former USA Attorney-General, & then Senator — RFK — who was clearly destined to get the nomination from the Democrat Party to be their candidate for USA President, but was assassinated surely by person(s) other than patsy Sirhan Sirhan (Palestinian Christian) because he was going to expose who really assassinated his brother JFK.

    Yes, folks, here — in 1_ (below) — is abortion-promoter Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy promoting Israel;

    Title composed by “The Jimmy Dore Show”:

    RFK Jr. Odiously Defends Israel – Agrees To Debate Max Blumenthal On Palestine!





    Addendum by Hibernian;

    RFK Jr. is intelligent, & educated, but corrupted.

    The fact that he supports abortion — a fundamental Jewish value, & indeed a Jewish sacrament — is ipso-facto proof alone.
    And, now we know that he is an unabashed agent for Jewry.

    Jimmy Dore did good job as interviewer for this situation.

  87. A Visitor August 6, 2023 @ 5:31 pm

    “Pete Suvak is a loved and respected high school teacher and mayor of a small Canadian community. After concerned mother Kate McKinnon finds out that Suvak is teaching Nazism and ‘Jew-bashing’ to her son and others, she takes action to have him removed from the school.”

    “Keegstra believed he was one of the few chosen individuals who were aware of the treachery and wanted to put a stop to it.”

  88. The Ghost of Paul Harvey August 6, 2023 @ 6:10 pm

    MORE “Intel” on the history of the “Kosher Nostra” then you could possibly digest in a LIFETIME >

    Get it before it’s flushed down the Sheldon Adelson “holohole”.

  89. The Ghost of Paul Harvey August 6, 2023 @ 6:20 pm

    Visit and download as much info as you can related to books, mp3 files, and videos from:

    Michael Collins Piper

    Whose book “Final Judgement” makes the case that it was the CIA/MOSSAD (owned by your slave masters) that planned and executed the assassination of JFK for 2 primary reasons.

    1) JFK would NOT go along with Ben-Gurion’s insistence that the USA provide the tech support needed for Israel to develop its Nuclear Weapons Program.

    2) JFK’s policy his administration communicated to the government of Israel was that it was NON negotiable the USA supported UN Resolution 194 (12/1948). That in particular:

    “Article 11 of the resolution resolves that refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbours should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property which, under principles of international law or equity, should be made good by the Governments or authorities responsible.”

    Well GOY, now you know the “rest of the story”…but I wouldn’t get too excited, cause what they got planned for YOU is a lot worse.

  90. A Visitor August 6, 2023 @ 7:23 pm

    P.S. The chain-smoking mother in the film is absolutely right: All who do not believe the lies of the Jews are sick in the head.

    Jews don’t rule the world at all!

    Never they have done that! Besides, Jews as eternal victims are the most honest people under the sun.

  91. The Ghost of Paul Harvey August 6, 2023 @ 7:32 pm

    “Our race IS the MASTER RACE….We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races, as they are from the insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals…cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement…Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves”. – Menachem Begin (Israel prime minister 1977-1983).

    All roads lead to Armageddon!

  92. Ted Gorsline August 6, 2023 @ 8:47 pm


    You sure dug up a great deal of good material on Gonzalo Lira and who he might be and why he was allowed to broadcast from Ukraine for so long. My opinion is that he is not what he claims to be, but its just an opinion. I might be wrong.

    @A Visitor

    The Keegstra case seems to be a tempest in a teapot. The real problem in Canada is that the jews have destroyed freedom of speech by making it illegal for people to say they don’t believe in the holocaust.

    Monica Shaefer was not only jailed in Canada but deported to a prison in Germany.

    People who shut down freedom of speech have something to hide. Shutting down freedom of speech is genuinely evil and the jews own that evil lock stock and barrel.

  93. Ted Gorsline August 6, 2023 @ 8:53 pm

    @The Ghost of Paul Harvey, I think Michael Collins Piper’s take is accurate.

    Its why suspected Israel collaborator Oliver Silverstein Stone ended up in the Hollywood disinformation pot — to lead people down the garden path and away from the truth with his documentaries – to provide cover for the jew boys.

  94. KathJuliane August 6, 2023 @ 9:49 pm

    78th Anniversaries of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima (August 6, 1945) and Nagasaki (August 9, 1945)

    What Happened To The Bodies At Hiroshima And Nagasaki?

    Hiroshima the shockwave

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki Films HD

    The Brothers at Nagasaki

  95. Sarah BeefHog August 6, 2023 @ 11:32 pm

    If Hillary was reading the news, it would go like this:

    “We came, we saw, Barbie died.”

  96. Sarah BeefHog August 7, 2023 @ 12:00 am

    Old book that no one wants you to read.

    (oldie but goodie: looks like it was written a few years before the Ark of the Covenant was built.)


    There has been nothing written on this subject during the past 200 years to compare with what you are about to read.

    In fact, we of WESTERN FRONT doubt that anything ever written can compare with the contents contained herein because this is the only work which has revealed the result from the application of the principle of material interests. The author says: “The Jewish people have, in all probability, been the first ones to discover that secret power- the principle of material interests.

    Every non-Jew must read this book from cover-to-cover because only then will the non-Jew discover how ‘The Principle of Material Interests’ enslaves the people by financial oppression.

    It illustrates that Jewish solidarity is so great, that, if you attack one Jew in any particular place, all the Jews of the five continents arise as one man.

    Original copies of this book entered in the Library of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the New York, Chicago and other large city libraries have been removed and never returned. The reason is obvious!

    We, of WESTERN FRONT are determined to break the stranglehold the Jews have on the masses because the people of the world cannot survive with such parasites in its society.


    Some e-books, may be of interest.

  97. KathJuliane August 7, 2023 @ 12:22 am

    South Africa: Armed Hero Farmer Killed Defending Wife and Kids – Elon Musk Charges NYT with “Supporting Genocide”

    Gateway Pundit | 5 August 2023

    There have been at least 3 farm murders in South Africa in the week since radical Marxist leader Julius Malema called to „Kill the Boer“ in front of approx. 90.000 supporters last Saturday.

    The world’s most famous South African Elon Musk accused the New York Times of “supporting calls for [White] genocide“.

    Hero Farmer Duane Smith sacrificed his life to save his wife Ingrid and two girls, aged 8 and 10, when they were attacked on their farm in Randfontein outside Johannesburg as they arrived home Thursday night, Aug. 3. Duane took five bullets to the chest and died standing up, defending his family with a legal firearm.

    As they were driving home in the family truck, two attackers armed with AK-47s were waiting for them, recounts YouTuber Willem Petzer.

    “A terrifying assault ensued as the attackers started firing at the family’s truck. With unyielding determination, Duane immediately got out of the truck and acted as a human shield to protect his loved ones from the assault.

    “Duane started firing at the attackers with his own weapon, placing himself between the attackers and his wife and daughters, absorbing… five bullets to the chest. Duane’s unwavering resolve persisted until a fatal shot to the head tragically ended his life.”

    “This was not a robbery, this was an execution”

    “Attempting to run away from the attackers and get the two little girls to safety inside the house, Ingrid was struck by a bullet in the back while she was running away from them. Nothing was stolen. This was not a robbery, this was an execution”, Petzer said.

    On August 2, in Biesiesvlei, North West province, Dr. Carel Nel was found murdered in his home after his cattle had been found wandering in the road.

    On July 30, 79-year-old farmer Theo Bekker was brutally tortured and murdered on a farm in Grootvlei, Mpumalanga province (formerly known as East Transvaal). He was severely beaten with a pipe before his throat was slit. The four attackers, between 16 and 19, then severely assaulted his wife, Marlinda.

    There have been nine farm attacks and three farm murders in the last two weeks, Maroela Media reports. There were twenty-one farm attacks and four farm murders in July in South Africa, according to the Rome Research Institute.

    In the first half of 2023, there were 96 farm attacks and 29 farm murders. There were 156 farm attacks and 39 farm murders in 2022, 248 farm attacks and 43 farm murders in 2021, and 446 farm attacks and 77 farm murders in 2020.

    Full story:

    Hey, Jew York Times.

    If “Kill the Boer!” (Boer = White Farmer) is just a political song that no one should take seriously, is the same true if someone chants “Kill the Jew!”? -Kj

  98. The Englishman August 7, 2023 @ 2:02 am

    You were warned Goy man, way back in 2012 by the Maestro himself.

  99. Ted Gorsline August 7, 2023 @ 4:07 am

    A reminder.

    VT has dropped its cataloging of the 9/11 attack but the very best analysis of 9/11 to my mind was cobbled together by Gordon Duff, Jim Deane ad eye witness Colonel James Hanke who heard Bibi Netanyahoo planning 9/11 at Finks Bar in Israel.

    Bibi got 27 standing ovations in Congress. Allegedly George Washington got only three.

    You can read who did 9/11 and precisely how they did it by first googling Gordon Duff – The intel drop. Once there go to Duff files, then go the “Older posts”. Scroll down and then read “The Secret History of 9/11.”

    Its very clear that Israel, the jewsih state, the jews declared war on the United States on 9/11 by murdering 3,000 Americans. No reaction from the American military that pledges to protect the USA from all enemies foreign and domestic.

  100. Loophole To Otherworld August 7, 2023 @ 5:06 am

    The hypocritical UK idiot press once again, always happy to point the finger at Germany to distract from themselves. Who knows if they themselves are not behind the pipeline blow-up, at least as co-actors. They would even like to ban us from selling our last cars.

    That this has anything to do with “wokeness” is a complete misconception. Behind this are purely economic considerations. The luxury cars are to be sold primarily in the Arab world. This “consideration for religious feelings” has been practiced for quite some time.

    Apart from the fact that the Brits are downright world champions in consideration for Muslim sensitivities. This goes so far that they let thousands of their teens be sexually abused by Muslims for years and instead of making the scandal public, they keep their mouths shut (Rotherham & Co send their best regards).

  101. Citizenfitz August 7, 2023 @ 5:43 am

    I found the Scott Ritter video in which he says Gonzalo Lira is an SBU asset.

    He makes a good argument for it. It’s very hard to tell what’s true and what’s false in today’s World.

    Saddens me to think that Lira too has been turned. But I still believe Brother Nathanael is for real.

  102. Sarah BeefHog August 7, 2023 @ 7:11 am

    re: South Africa Farm Murders

    Moral of the story: from now on, don’t give money or food to Africa.

    Unless, of course, it’s to the Boers.

  103. Sarah BeefHog August 7, 2023 @ 7:24 am

    Transgender thing ‘demands’ ex-boyfriend to return its testicles from his fridge

    Brianna Kingsley, 40, a transgender Michigan thang, has gone to court to order its ex-boyfriend, William Wojciechowski, 37, to return its surgically removed testicles.

    (Well, I’m glad it’s a “transgender woman” and not Harry Houdini. Because that wasn’t really clear.)

  104. HANNES August 7, 2023 @ 11:33 am

    Great synth designer Dave Smith (born 1950), buddy of Roger Linn, died suddenly of a heart attack at 72 a few weeks after this interview a year ago.

    He still had many plans that remain unfulfilled. Must have been a very likable man, perhaps too likable never to allow a bad word to take the weight off his shoulders. {

    Would he have given the interview even if he had known that death was already waiting for him around the corner with a sharp scythe? He says that relaxing in nature is not for him; his work is his only fulfillment. That’s when you unexpectedly start to wonder whether you’re really making the most of your own life every day.

    The synthetic “Prophet” (name of Dave’s famous synth) completely failed in predicting the imminent abrupt end and remained silent, as now his developer forever. The electronics of processors and circuits seems to be a false prophet that it is better not to listen to and waste too much of one’s life time on, that is the only lesson to be learned.

    Yesterday I listened to David Duke’s latest podcast, first time after years, only minutes, it all seemed quite strange to me. It seems that his health is not very good, which you can hear the way he speaks. Probably the reason why no vids have been produced for a long time.

    Perhaps it goes also with him to end. He talks there (for a guy like him otherwise downright sentimental) confused appearing stuff, “one should love his family” and the like, which are rather unpolitical platitudes. I have a not so sunny premonition about the future of this guy.

    Today’s music recommendation: With his new album, which is probably dedicated to his native Norfolk, the English Kevin Kendle (born 1966) has again succeeded in creating a beautiful kaleidoscope of uplifting light melodies, balanced in the mixture between electronics and acoustics.

    A dreamy opportunity to escape the unbearable heaviness and craziness of the world and to at least imagine a better world. Simply wonderful, completely to my taste, without any cause for criticism. He had lost himself too much in cold dark ambient and space music in the last years.

    As an encore, a beautiful “flow” (or “chill”) album by American Harold Budd (born 1936), which he recorded together with Scotsman Robin Guthrie, who could have been his son by age. His last contribution to a life’s work, he died in the year of its release in 2020 (allegedly of “covid”, with which he contracted in a hospital).

    P.S. Cover version of a track that comes from a pair of Scottish bros (born 1970 & 1971), who call themselves “Boards Of Canada,” but the original is far less worth listening to. The vid is from a French film from 1970.

  105. KathJuliane August 7, 2023 @ 12:43 pm

    Report: Ghislaine Maxwell Receiving “Benefits” in Prison After “Adopting Late Father’s Jewish Faith”

    Chris Menahan
    Information Liberation
    Aug. 07, 2023

    Jeffrey Epstein’s co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell is being “rewarded with better food and more time off work” after she “adopted her late father’s Jewish faith behind bars” with the help of Chabad-Lubavitch, The Sun reports.

    From The Sun, “PRAYER PERKS Ghislaine Maxwell receives prison ‘benefits’ after adopting late father’s Jewish faith”:

    GHISLAINE Maxwell has adopted her late father’s Jewish faith behind bars — and has been rewarded with better food and more time off work.

    Maxwell — who helped financier Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse teen girls — registered her religion on arrival at jail.

    She gets kosher food, which is costlier, access to a Rabbi and is excused work for 25 hours from sundown on Fridays to observe the Sabbath.

    She can also take a break from prison chores on Jewish holidays.

    Maxwell, 61, is also ­eligible for the associated wine or grape juice and breaking of bread.

    The details were revealed by journalist Silja J.A. Talvi, who looks into conditions at jails.

    Talvi told The Sun on Sunday Maxwell was contacted in jail by a civil rights prisoner organisation called Reaching Out, based in New York.

    It specifically helps Jewish prisoners and informed Ghislaine through another inmate they would be there for her.

    […] A spokesman for Reaching Out said: “Maxwell is in touch with our organisation.

    “We have and will continue to address her needs.”

    According to Reaching Out’s website, they’re a part of Chabad-Lubavitch and they believe that imprisonment is not “a legitimate form of Jewish penalization” (i.e. Jews should be exempt from prison).

    “Imprisonment was never accepted by Torah as a legitimate form of penalization,” Reaching Out says on their page titled, “Torah View on Jewish Prisoners.”

    “The Lubavitcher Rebbe teaches that simply and clearly, there is no source in Torah for jail as punishment.”

    Is this why Chabad-Lubavitch was the driving force behind Trump/Kushner’s “criminal justice reform” and lobbied for President Trump to pardon a host of Chabad-connected fraudsters?

  106. Ted Gorsline August 7, 2023 @ 2:03 pm

    So the jew boys at Chabad-Lubavitch come to the rescue of a degenerate child molester.

    What else is new?

  107. KathJuliane August 7, 2023 @ 2:26 pm

    Dan Bongino zoomed in on the Shadow Viceroy of the U.S. Raj in Ukraine, Victoria Nudelman, now the second most powerful person at the State Department (deputy secretary of State) and the 4th or 5th most powerful person in the US Government, as being dead center in the Ukraine-Biden Family Corruption scandal, the Russiagate/Spygate hoax scandal, and everything that has gone on in Ukraine for years since before the 2014 Euromaidan coup she orchestrated.

    Of course, +BN has been years ahead of the curve all along pointing at Nudelman as the grey eminence and puppet-master in the deep state synagogue behind the Obama & Biden thrones, along with the arch-neocon Kagan clan and its foreign policy cottage industry she married into which certainly also has its fingers dipping into the Ukraine piggy bank.

    Bongino goes at it without naming the Jew, but he puts together interesting points, all within the context of her central role and antics in all of the Ukraine-related troubles and scandals since at least 2014 and before.

    He weighs in on Nudelman from 5:00 to about 31:00 minutes. The segment ends with a a little known recent interview with the Ukrainian prosecutor that then VP Biden pressured the Kiev Regime to fire who was investigating Burisma/Hunter Biden scheme to prevent the prosecutor from delving into Hunter and the Biden Crime Family.

    From Biden’s own lips thanking her, Nudelman was involved.

    Bogino wonders how and why Nudelman has such an obsessive interest in Ukraine. We all know it’s because she’s Jewish, her ancestors, and that of virtually all of her East European Jew buddies came from imperial Western Russia along with their eternal hatred of anything Russian.

    Nudelman partnered up a long time ago with the powerful lobby of Ukrainian Nationalist-Bandera diaspora organizations and Ukrainian Greek Catholic/nationalistic schismatic Orthodox parish associations, and government-in-exile which are committed to the 120-year old vision of destroying Russia. A lot of Ukrainian-Americans wound up in the Kiev Regime administration after the Euromaidan coup in 2014.

    Ukrainian Jews and Ukrainian Nationalists have never had a problem working with each other, particularly Ukrainian Zionist Jews. Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the ultra Jewish supremacist and Revisionist Zionist Nationalist, was born in Odessa, Western Russia, now Ukraine.


    Ep. 2061 Is This The Real Deep State Puppet Master?

    In this episode, I expose the Obama/Biden lieutenant working as the puppet-master behind the scene. I also address the latest sign that we’re headed for World War III.

  108. KathJuliane August 7, 2023 @ 4:26 pm

    This website should become a national treasure. -Kj

    Questioning Holocaust Claims

    This aim of this website is to provide easily digestible and searchable information on Holocaust revisionism.

    The majority of said information is from Holocaust Handbooks, which in my opinion is the best resource on the topic. However, I know that not everyone has the time to read all 47 books that Holocaust Handbooks has to offer.

    This site will become a repository of facts that you can use to easily find specific information to use in, say, an open discussion on the Holocaust on one of the few platforms that allows such a discussion. If there is a topic you would like to see covered please email fuhrer[at]

    Holocaust Handbooks

  109. Lugu August 7, 2023 @ 9:09 pm


    “This website should become a national treasure”

    Hear Hear!

    Although I’m quite pessimistic if that website will endure or even manage to avoid shutdown by the chosen tribe, unless the owner of the website employs the same strategy like Brother Nathanael.

  110. HANNES August 7, 2023 @ 11:33 pm

    NATO Failed in Ukraine Against Russia. Now It’s Targeting China

    It may be very venerable of Mr. Hudson to supposedly emphasize the “German” interest. But I always have one and the same problem when I pay attention (unfortunately) to those kind of people: Apparently the discussants are infected by the Jewish germ of communism, even when they say “socialism”. And this is not the first time I have noticed this unpleasantly. (Socialism? Is this just a tasteless joke?)

    As a German, I also reject neo-liberalism in its unbridled form and expression. But those who stand up against the free market economy and demonize and condemn “capitalism” should please emigrate to Cuba, Venezuela or North Korea. “Michael Hudson is a financial analyst and consultant on Wall Street,” says the German Wikipedia. How on earth do such backward Marxist views fit in with that?

    One more thing: And as far as the (really) evil “American imperialism” is concerned: Have these people ever thought about the fact that there has been a backward imperialism triggered by America for a long time, i.e. the cultural conquest and infiltration of the Western world by races and religions foreign to their culture? And if so, why is this not discussed with a single syllable?

    …or for my part “reverse imperialism”. That is, the deliberate conquest of culturally foreign spaces in order to turn them into part of one’s own ideological dogma, which is already taking place to a large extent (“Sharia Zones,” etc.). In the meantime, these imperialists already rule over entire Western states such as Great Britain.

    Mr. Hudson’s peculiarly anti-American attitude seems to consist in wanting to completely dishonor and disempower America without ever addressing who exactly rules America – and these are certainly not Americans. Where does this guy actually live, on which planet? Probably in the Marxist universe of the eternally regrowing unfulfillable utopia.

    In this undifferentiated, unreflective form, as he expresses it and represents it in public, this is nothing than – pardon – self-bespitting. It is not only Anti-Americanism, but also “Crypto”-Marxism. Anyone who believes that this gentleman has “the best interest of the American people” in mind also believes in the existence of the Santa and the Easter Bunny.

    I am in favor of an economic organic reorganization based on the free market, radically limiting the power of cartels and strengthening local trade and supply. Nobody needs plastic toys from China or apples from Argentina. I am anti-globalist and thus pro-regionalist at the same time. Reasonable, and not irrational!

    Now, of course, you can counter, how I want to fight against globalism, when now, of all places, someone invents the most useful tool in China or California? There it is supposed to be an exception, but this case is definitively not about apples, clothes or plastic toys.

    Since the entire world is upside down and the third world too entangled in globalism, I see little chance of strengthening regionality against the will of cartels. Since money always wins in capitalism, I’m even halfway on the side of implicit commie Hudson.

    Jude Unz claims to “gather all political directions”. But isn’t his pathetic behavior actually just the typical Jewish way of making everyone compete (and tear each other apart) like in a circus, which he himself “supervises”?

    He is the ultimate ringmaster, just like the Jews in the whole world. Jew Unz is deaf to my objections to this, they are consistently suppressed from public view. Personally, I immediately recognize a very typical “pattern” in this.

  111. Rabbi Mortichai August 8, 2023 @ 8:07 am

    Australia goes full 1488:

    Threatcon level at: Oy Gevalt

  112. Citizenfitz August 8, 2023 @ 3:39 pm

    Was it the threat of the Wagner group going to Niger that made DC soften its tone? It’s obvious that Putin thinks ahead in terms of years…. Decades….

    DC can’t think any further ahead than it’s next cocaine fix.

  113. KathJuliane August 8, 2023 @ 4:57 pm

    Very detailed, comprehensive report on the situation in Niger, the “Françafrique” neo-colonialism model for France’s almost absolute exploitation to its own gains of Niger’s abundant natural resources and monopoly control of the Niger economy & currency to the detriment of the Niger people suffering perpetual impoverishment (also true for other former French colonies) and on the shifting geopolitics in West Africa in general. -Kj


    Niger – The Liberation from “Independence”

    Abas La France! Vive le Niger!

    Down with France, Down with ECOWAS, Down with the European Union!

    Thousands of people demonstrate in the streets of Niamey, the capital of Niger. They do not want an ECOWAS intervention. ECOWAS stands for Economic Community of West African States. And ECOWAS stands for western influence.

    On 26 July 2023, Niger’s official French-supported President, Mohamed Bazoum, was over-thrown by a military junta, led by General Abdourahamane Tiani.

    ECOWAS, France, the European Union (EU) and other western governments may be thinking they are domineering over the sovereignty of other nations. They slammed down sanctions on Niger. Among the “sanctioning” countries was also the United States.

    Reuters reported that one participant was seen carrying a sign that read

    “Long live Niger, Russia, Mali, and Burkina Faso. Down with France, ECOWAS, and the EU.” “We are demonstrating [against] all the countries of ECOWAS and all who are taking inhumane and unpopular measures toward Niger.”

    The creation of ECOWAS in 1975 via the Treaty of Lagos was prompted by Europe and the US, to keep a closer grip on the 15 resources-rich member countries. The official reason was free trade and economic integration.

    ECOWAS members include, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cabo Verde, Côte d’Ivoire, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Togo.

    A little anecdote. When US President Biden threatened to withhold US aid to Niger due to the military coup, the Niger military leader said,

    “they should keep their aid money and give it to their millions of homeless people in the US. Charity begins at home.”

    This clear vision can only be congratulated.

    ECOWAS continues to be strongly influenced by the west, notably France and the EU. It has lost the trust of many members, all those which defy the western impositions and colonial standards.

    ECOWAS has threatened with military intervention in Niger if the military junta under General Abdourahamane Tiani does not re-instate the “legitimately and democratically” elected President, Mohamed Bazoum, who is apparently detained in the Presidential Palace. They gave the junta a deadline until 6 August 2023.

    The country will not submit to threats no matter where they come from, the junta’s president General Tiani has said.

    General Tiani insists that the military takeover “remains the safeguard of [the] homeland, Niger.”

    An ECOWAS military intervention would never work, unless it was fully driven by the west – God forbid, by NATO. All is possible, since dearly sought-after resources of Niger’s are at stake.

    Mr. Putin has already said that non-regional powers interfering in Niger will not help the situation would undoubtedly enlarge the conflict far beyond Niger’s frontiers.

    So far, nothing has happened. Most likely nothing will happen. ECOWAS is not united and has no common front. The ECOWAS members of Mali, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, have recently had a military coup, for basically the same reason, the military stood up against western-implanted and western-favoring leaders, to finally free themselves from the chains of western new-colonial slavery.

    [ECOWAS’ deadline for restoration of the former “constitutional” president before their threatened, dreamed-up “military intervention” came and went last Sunday. At least one ECOWAS’ country’s parliament stated up front that they would veto their country’s participation in a joint military intervention.

    So Jewmerica’s Nudelman was deployed on Monday to demand that the Niger Military Junta stop their nonsense and restore the puppet “constitutional president.”

    She also demanded that she be able to meet with the former president, and also demanded to meet with the junta’s military leader, General Abdourahamane Tiani, and was denied access to both. She was left with speaking to the new military chief of staff and his colonels.

    She characterized this meeting with the uppity lesser beings as “frank and extremely difficult”. Speaking to reporters from capital Niamey, Ms Nuland said that, in talks lasting more than two hours, the US had offered its help “if there is a desire on the part of the people who are responsible for this to return to the constitutional order”.

    “I would not say that we were in any way taken up on that offer,” she said.

    I interpret this to mean that despite all the profanities, tantrum, and threats she could spew at them, this Myahudi she-monster was told to go pound sand and take her bags of Haman’s Ears back to Jewmerica by a clearly patriarchal military junta.
    See: -Kj]

    The only reaction so far, as of 7 August, Niger has closed her airspace and Air France, possibly other airlines, have stopped flying to nearby countries.

    General Tiani, the former head of Niger’s presidential guard, the coup’s mastermind, has since created a coalition of different civil society groups. He also has the support of the neighboring military juntas of Mali, Burkina Faso, and Nigeria. They all had recently similar military coups of liberation.

    For more details, see this.

    France Exposed – Exploitation of West and Central Africa Continues Way Beyond Colonial Times

    When the west talks of “democratically” elected West African leaders, they are lying, the same way they are lying when talking about free and democratic elections in Europe or even the United States for that matter.

    These ex-French colonies’ heads of states were all groomed by the west, especially by France, and very likely by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

    Many of them emanate from the WEF’s academy for Young Global Leaders (YGLs), so that they are in line with western thinking and most notably with the western agendas, i.e., The Great Reset, alias UN Agenda 2030 which are basically identical and in pursuit of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

    The real meaning of the 17 SDGs can be found by the proper interpretation behind the colorful SDG insignias. See this.

    No wonder that Africans are waking up. In a first go, it appears West Africa has had enough of French usurpation and decided to exit the bond. Others may follow.

    Niger preceded her 63rd anniversary of independence on 3 August 2023 by about a week – with a coup to liberate themselves from “Independence” which they never really had, since like most other “former French colonies,” they were never free, economically free, politically free to ally with whom they chose, and free to trade with whomever they desired.

    As of this day, France has more than 1,000 military personnel stationed in Niger. General Tiani has said they must go, and France responded that they will be withdrawn. But why were they there in the first place – 63 years after “independence”? And there were many more in earlier years, the same as in other former French colonies.

    USAFRICOM operates the Niger Air Base 201 close to Agadez. “It is owned by the Nigerien military but built and paid for by the United States”. Air Base 201 is allegedly designed to fight Islamic insurgents in coordination the the Niger military.

    According to USAFRICOM, the US has some 1,100 U.S. special forces in Niger “to carry out military missions and the training of Niger troops”. See this.

    The official version is to protect the countries from Islamic terrorists – “terrorists” which ever so often are conveniently engaged to cause upheavals, when anti-French “instability” could be sensed in Niger or other former French colonies. And, foremost, to protect French and European enterprises interests, while exploiting the riches of these former colonies.

    Additional subject headings:

    Western Interest in Niger
    The CFA Franc Zones
    CFA Franc – History and Future

    Full story:


    Even though the winds of this independence movement to get out from under the Western Yoke is blowing through West Africa, I believe the energizing inspiration for it comes from Christian Uganda and President Museveni when several months ago, and no doubt with several years of preparation to try to buffer the inevitable economic and financial punitive sanctions, the Ugandan parliament passed their Anti-Homosexual Laws in defiance of the demands of the Gay American Empire and its aggressive globohomo agenda strong-arming.

    Many Africans all over the continent then praised President Museveni for his leadership, wisdom, and insight, and congratulated the Ugandan people for their courage and loyalty backing their government, and for standing up to Uncle Shlomo and telling him he can keep his filthy money.

    I wish Niger all the success in the world. They deserve it. And not only that, given the very good chance that with Russia’s assistance and support, they will eventually build a solid, prosperous economy and build up a real middle class.

    And it seems to me, the more Africa can build its economies on a continental scale with resources and solid, resource-based national currencies, perhaps it may eventually prove attractive enough reverse the flow of all the African economic migrants flowing into Europe trying to escape poverty to begin with. – Kj.

  114. KathJuliane August 8, 2023 @ 8:58 pm

    America’s White Majority is Aging Out

    The Hill – Race & Politics | 7 August, 2023

    Generation Z will be the last generation of Americans with a white majority, according to census data. The nation’s so-called majority minority arrived with Generation Alpha, those born since about 2010.

    Barely two decades from now, around 2045, non-Hispanic white people will fall below half as a share of the overall U.S. population.

    Those conclusions, and the numbers behind them, seem simple enough. Yet, some scholars contend that the numbers are wrong, or at least misleading, and that the looming ascent of a majority-minority America is a myth.


    “White replacement is just a White supremacist myth.” “It’s just a racist conspiracy theory.” Until it’s not. -Kj

  115. Ted Gorsline August 8, 2023 @ 9:56 pm

    I am not sure that replacing the French influence in West Africa with Russian influence will help.

    In the 1930s you could safely drive across the Sahara from Marseille to the DRC Congo because the French had a series of forts a la “Beau Geste.” Its very risky to do that now and has been ever since the French pulled out and these nations became independent. Even the Dakar rally has been moved to South America for safety reasons.

    Africa’s problem is huge and exploding populations of uneducated people with no jobs that is consuming everything edible from termites to elephants. The haves become the dictators and the havenots become the rebels.

    The French have a long history in Africa. The Russians have none. I find it difficult to believe that sending in Wagners, a mercenary group, of hard core criminals, will be much different than the French Foreign Legion, also a mercenary group composed largely of ex criminals.

  116. benzion kook August 22, 2023 @ 1:42 pm


    And an admiral in the Jew-S navy!

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