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Whoopie Goldberg’s Holocaust Boo-Boo

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Whoopie Goldberg’s Holocaust Boo-Boo
February 4 2022

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Brother Nathanael @ February 4, 2022


  1. Brother Nathanael February 4, 2022 @ 12:58 pm


    Whoopie Goldberg’s Holocaust Boo-Boo

    The reaction was vicious.

    Every Yid under the sun went into absolute hysterics.

    All because Whoopi Goldberg said the “holocaust was not about race.”

    Well I’ll be a lampshade in Hymietown. [Clip]

    [”The holocaust isn’t about race.” “No.” “No, it’s not about race.” “It is, because the Jews are a different race.” “It is.” “Maybe it is.” “Nope. It’s about, it’s not about race. It’s not about race.” “What is it about?” “Because you-It’s about man’s inhumanity to man. That’s what it’s about.” “It’s about White Supremacy.”]

    But the rabbi says it’s really about “Jewish supremacy.” [Clip]

    [”And Rabbi Menken, I want to bring you into the conversation, here, because it didn’t take you very long at all to fire off a tweet about this. I want to read what you said. You wrote, ‘If you, Whoopi Goldberg, think Nazis killed Jews because they are “white,” you have a lot to learn about history and antisemitism (including, of course, the very meaning of the term). And I’m happy to educate you.’ So, Rabbi, if you were to educate her here, what is it that you would say?” “Well, first and foremost again, the word “antisemitism” is devote–it was devised by the pre-Nazi Germans, those who gave birth to the Nazis with a school of thought that was explicitly racist. Jews are not white, they are supremacists. Now, uh, uh, they’re–now excuse me, they’re not white, they’re semites.”]

    Sorry rebbe.

    A slip of the foot can be spared, but a slip of the tongue is beyond repair.

    And look at all those damn books behind the rabbi.

    They’re mostly volumes of the Talmud with its blasphemies against the Lord Jesus Christ that can make the most milk toast wimp an ‘antisemite.’

    Now ‘antisemitism’ didn’t just appear out of the blue, there’s always a reason for the season.’

    For when European Christians in the 1800s saw Jewish chiselers, small time Jew peddlers and parasites arise as political leaders, bankers, heads of industry, army officers, professors, and worst of all, newly-emerged Jew bosses, their reaction was justified alarm.

    Are we not also alarmed seeing small time chiselers like Merrick Garland, Wendy Sherman, Chuckie Schumer, Janet Yellen, and the hideous ‘Rachel’ Levine in positions of power?

    Whoopi may also look hideous to some, but racially she’s no Yid.

    But she ‘feels Jewish’ and her name is very yiddishee.

    ABC’s Yid owners—Robert Iger and Alan Braverman—figure it’s good business to put a schwartza with a yiddishee name on prime time TV.

    But Blacks who say they’re Jewish isn’t good enough for kikes once they mess with the HoloHoax.

    Blacks can feel Jewish, eat matzah balls, celebrate Hanukkah, push sexual perversion, but to the Jews they will always be schwartzas.

    So Whoopi has to be ‘re-educamated.’

    The rebbe has tons of books so he can teach this ‘baboonish Black’—only one step above monkeys as Rabbi Maimonides taught—a tutorial in Jewish victimization.

    Will the real victims please stand up. [Clip]

    [”Now you made some news this morning…” “Yes, I did”…”…on The View when you all were talking about the holocaust and would you care to follow up, clarify what you said this morning? It confused some people.” “It upset a lot of people which was never, ever, ever, ever, my intention, I thought we were having a discussion because I feel being Black, when we talk about race it’s a very different thing to me.”]

    She’s really saying—as a ‘Black Supremacist’—that only Whites can be racists and that only Blacks can be victims of racism.

    When really it’s Whites who are the victims today of racism, Jewish racism. [Clip]

    [”So I said that I felt that the holocaust wasn’t about race.”]

    It wasn’t about gassing Jews either.

    Not a single gas chamber has ever been found, only make-up chambers to dramatize the scam.

    Germans didn’t kill political prisoners—whether Jews, gypsies, commies, or even Jehovah Witnesses—they put them to work. [Clip]

    [”They’re saying that I’m antisemitic and that I’m denying the holocaust, and all these other things which, you know, would never have occurred to me to do. I thought we were having a discussion.”]

    You can’t have a discussion with Jews if you don’t toe their line.

    You see, to say the HoloHoax is about “man’s inhumanity to man” is way too generic for Jews.

    The Yids want, I mean need, special victimization status.

    That’s why any criticism of Jewish scumballs like George Soros, Jeffrey Epstein, or Harvey Weinstein, makes you an ‘antisemite.’

    Tucker Carlson now joins the Jewish hit list who recently called out George Soros for funding ‘progressives’ into positions of attorney generals across the nation.

    The ADL—that infamous hate group—actually had the nerve to accuse Tucker Carlson of sedition.

    Yet the kikes of the ADL who push transgenderism, sexual perversion, and hatred of White Christians are the true seditionists of America.

    How ‘Antisemitic’ of you to notice! [Clip]

    [”You’ve been there. You saw that offensive meme depicting a cunning Jew being shared around. You sat in the room when someone made a joke about the greediness of Jews. You’ve heard someone on the news talking about certain groups having too much power. You’ve been judged and rejected for speaking out on Israel’s right to exist and live in peace. We’re used to thinking about antisemitism as unhinged violence. But here’s the underlying truth: Today’s antisemitism is growing under the radar.”]

    Soon to blow up over the radar in the Yids’ guilty faces.

    Every single cartoon in this clip attacks Whites and Christians.

    And yes, Whites and Christians are finally starting to notice.

    The Jews always want it their own hateful way.

    So Whoopi, sad to say, was forced to bow her Black brow to the Christ-crucifiers. [Clip]

    [”I regret my comments, as I said. And I stand corrected. I also stand with the Jewish people.”]

    You bedda stand wid da Jewwwish peeeple, Missy Whoppi.

    Or you’ll be standing with your own Black people like you should who know the Jews as slum landlords, living in gated communities, driving Cadillacs, and crying like ‘victimized’ kings and queens.

    Keep on groveling, dear Whoopi, and your TV career is guaranteed.

  2. Brother Nathanael February 4, 2022 @ 12:59 pm

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  4. Vercinge February 4, 2022 @ 2:10 pm


    “I am sure you will need little preparation for such a duty, for sacrifice has always been the watchword of our people, and the DEATH OF A FEW THOUSAND JEWS in exchange for world leadership is indeed a SMALL PRICE TO PAY.”

  5. Ted Gorsline February 4, 2022 @ 2:22 pm

    I enjoyed the woman saying jews are considered cunning, greedy, too powerful, and that Israel has the right to exist.

    She infers these are stereotypes but what she and most other people don’t realize is that the reason stereotypes are funny — is because they are true.

    When people hear them they know precisely what they mean and giggle solely because in their hearts they know them to be true.

  6. Pierre February 4, 2022 @ 2:23 pm

    This reminds me of the Helen Thomas affair, though she did not back down.

    If she really wanted to get into trouble, Whoopsie might have said that Whites were behind the African American slave trade, but Jew whites were 90% of that, quoting Farrakan.

    Thanks to Whoopsie, millions of blacks kids are now being injected with genocidal and sterilising jew poison.

    Way to go Wwwhhhooopsie.

    Maybe now that she has grovelled enough like a true slave, they can make her honorary President of the NAACP, like the jewish presidents for the first 70 years of its jewish-spawned existence.

  7. Jews are Not White February 4, 2022 @ 2:25 pm

    I, personally, want to thank the Whoopie for clearing it up for us Goys, which is everyone else in the world who is not a jew.

    See, I was told Jews are White!

    Everywhere these Non-white Jews are culling the Caucasians, restricting their rights, reducing them to “useless eaters,” calling them Cattle and Sheep.

    They run the education in most countries and they tell our youngsters that there is no difference in the races, they are all of the human race, and to inter-mate and breed is no big deal.

    They run the media, Hollyweird, newspapers, etc., (banking, etc, not listing it all today). They write the commercials that are filled up full with Whites and Blacks and Asians having and choosing to marry outside of their colors (all the same race you see) and reproducing these mixed-race (color, culture, etc.) humans, yet never do I see a Jewish person pick a person of another color or race, and yet here we are: the Jews are a different race, they are not White!

    I didn’t know there were different races! So, here I am…I stand re-educated: Jews are not white, they are their own race! They have their own color, race, culture, and religion! They even have their own state! Who knew!

    All I know is when I look around, there are no all-White countries left. Not a one. So there is a home for the jews and no home for White people, because jews are not White.

    They do not vote for White people’s interests. They have caused so much trouble for White people all over the world and especially in the United States of America, where they recently defined the word “racist” to make sure that only ‘Whites’ can be racist!

    From the article:

    Their previous definition for racism said: “Racism is the belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another, that a person’s social and moral traits are predetermined by his or her inborn biological characteristics. Racial separatism is the belief, most of the time based on racism, that different races should remain segregated and apart from one another.”

    Now the NEW DEFINITION OF RACISM changed in July 2020 BY THE ADL:

    Racism: The marginalization and/or repression of people of color based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people.

    Where is the group for pro-Whites/Caucasians to promote their culture and needs without being called “White Supremacists”?

    Who are the privileged ones that I see in Law, Education (especially in quotas to keep Whites out of Harvard, Yale, etc), Finance, Banking, The Federal Reserve, the Media, whether they own it outright and tell us what to think, do, see, read; the Pharmaceutical Company heads, the CDC and FDA heads, the Senate and the House, Education hierarchies and teachers associations from elementary school to college, High-Tech companies, Leaders of Governments, Hollyweird Actors, Musicians, Writers, Book Publishers, Producers, Directors, etc.

    Everywhere I look, I see Jewish Privilege!

    Jews are not White; however Jews are Supremacists.
    Jews are not White; however Jews are Supremacists.
    Jews are not White; however Jews are Supremacists.

    I was so confused and that really clears things up for me and the whole world.

    Jews are not White; however Jews are Supremacists! They can even redefine racism and leave themselves out! Because why? Jews are not White.

    Thanks ADL, Rabbis everywhere, and Whoopi!!!

  8. David February 4, 2022 @ 2:25 pm


    It’s the end of the world.

    I agree with Woopi, inhuman people.

    Yes Woopi, General Patton found the truth and was killed for it.

  9. Rabbi Goyim February 4, 2022 @ 2:42 pm

    The shoah or holocaust is about scamming the goyim out of money and guilt tripping them. 6 million jews did not die. The Almanac and World Book of Facts show no decline in jews between 1933 and 1945. And the book used jewish sources.

    There were likely jew deaths in WW2 but it was around 200k from starvation, disease, and allied bombing.

    The real holocaust was Russian Christians under V.I. Lenin, and L. Trotsky. About 80million were killed by these jewish leaders. They are rabbid anti-Christians and accuse Whites of what they do.

    Whoopi put herself on the jew leash by signing up to Hollywood so it should come as no surprise. She should get a copy of The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews then go total commitment showing how jews ran the slave trade.

    The ADL is another scam group founded to protect the murdering child rapist jew Leo Frank.

  10. Citizenfitz February 4, 2022 @ 3:00 pm


    We here all know it but it bears repeating: logically you cannot speak of “antisemitism” without first speaking of “semitism”.

  11. KathJuliane February 4, 2022 @ 4:51 pm

    If Caryn Elaine Johnson, (stage name Whoopi Goldberg because “she feels Jewish” without a drop of Jewish blood) was White, she would have been fired from ABC, not suspended for two weeks.

    Goldberg gets $8 million a year in salary, and some estimates of her net worth set it at $60 million.

    Joy Behar certainly got irked right at the end of the video clip, and agitated, began to slap her papers on the desk as she looked around and blurted, “It’s White Supremacy!!!”

    Just sayin’.


    How the Holocaust is Used as Atrocity Propaganda to Guilt White People and Prevent Nationalism

    The Red Elephants – Vincent James

  12. JIM. DEAN February 4, 2022 @ 5:40 pm


    What Whoopi, the Cuomo brothers, and other Liberals don’t realize is that they are overpaid useful idiots for the Jews and that’s it.

  13. Caveman2012 February 4, 2022 @ 7:49 pm

    Auschwitz in a Nutshell

    1-No traces of cyanide in the alleged homicidal gas chambers, but the delousing gas chambers are stained blue with cyanide. Conclusion: Zyklon-B was used for delousing clothes, not for killing jews. This was demonstrated by gas chamber expert Fred Leuchter and German chemist Germar Rudolf.

    2-The crematories were too small to cremate the alleged number of inmates. The average cremation time of a continuously operating oven was forty to sixty minutes per corpse, totaling a maximum capacity of 162,000 corpses during the entire operation of the camp. This was calculated by Italian specialist Carlo Mattogno:

    3-Air photos taken by the Allies during recon flights show that coal delivered to the camp was too little to cremate hundred of thousand corpses. Furthermore, only relatively minor mass graves can be seen. The photos, studied by Canadian geologist John Clive Ball, suggest that less than 50,000 died at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

    4-French researcher Robert Faurisson showed that the “gas chambers” are fakes and not suitable (doors, layout, size) for its alleged homicidal purpose.


  14. Caveman2012 February 4, 2022 @ 8:16 pm

    The Plandemic and Israel: a new holocaust?

    The word Holocaust means a sacrifice by fire offered to God.

    Jews are well-known for sacrificing their own if needs be. Take the example of Yitzhak Rabin, killed by a Jewish supremacist.

    And a couple of years before the false-flag bombings of the Israeli embassy and the Jewish community center AMIA, both in Buenos Aires, Argentina. These attacks were orchestrated by the “right wingers” in Israel, who disliked the conciliatory policies of Rabin.

    Now we see thousands of Covid deaths in Israel, and many more vaccine injuries and deaths. If the whole Plandemic operation is run by Jews and their stooges, how do we explain this anomaly?

    Methinks that once again we see the infighting between the two parties of Judaism: the Practical Zionists and the Symbolic Zionists.

    The Practical or Political Zionists (Realzionismus in German) are the ones who follow Theodor Herzl, striving to get and maintain “their” homeland Israel.

    The Symbolic Zionists (Symbolzionisten in German), formerly led by Asher Ginsberg (Ahad Ha’am), consider the whole world as their “homeland” and strive direct world domination.

    Their can be no doubt that Symbolic Zionists, such as George Soros, are running the show in the Plandemic, and it seems that the Israel-Zionists are a problem. They receive the same genocidal treatment as the “nations,” the Goyim.

    The sacrifice of the Israeli Jews will please their strange “god”, Satan. But it may open the eyes of many Jews, who like Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, may rebel and fight against them (maybe the 144.000 of Revelation?).

    “You shall know the truth, and the truth will make you FREE.”

  15. Citizenfitz February 4, 2022 @ 8:35 pm

    Random thoughts:

    Strange times indeed; and strange stuff going on at the Globe (alist) Theater. Offstage the Left are fighting among themselves for one thing. Good. And good that it hasn’t spilled across the proscenium yet, but….

    I wouldn’t want to be a CEO today. What a job that must be: trying to chart a course through an ocean of storm and reef – then finding out your crew is mad, the clock is off, the sextant is missing, the compass has internal corrosion and the charts are incomplete.

    Once the Nato nations are fully cucked and plundered the big money boys will have to pull out of Wall Street and the City and find new places to loot. Just like they did 90 some years ago when, after provoking the Great Depression, they channelled $$$millions into Nazi Germany.

    Russia? Good possibilities there.

    However, for now they seem fixated on wringing every last shekel they can out of the dying Western “democracies”.

    Which gives us some time to get ready for what’s coming.

  16. Dan February 4, 2022 @ 8:37 pm

    They are trying to pass holocaust denial laws in the USA.

    I think this event with Whoopi was created to keep the holocaust in people’s minds so if they speak up against the legislation they may be punished.

  17. Ed Kendrick February 4, 2022 @ 8:40 pm

    We are trained to focus on one shiny object at a time put in front of our noses.

    W. Goldberg (aka Karen Johnson) plays ‘whipping boy’ to be the example of what punishments are swiftly meted out should ANY variance from the official Holocaust™ narratives be spoken. For this W. Goldberg gets two weeks off—presumably with pay.

    Distract from trucker convoys, drumbeats for war against Russia/Syria/Iran and reinforce the sacred narrative. Goldberg is a bit player in the Jewish control drama.

    Such a deal!

  18. KathJuliane February 5, 2022 @ 1:08 am

    Came across a very interesting Twitter thread which I’ll be following up on.


    Nigel Carlsbad

    I finished reading this excellent study that came out in 2020. It is a highly rigorous and in-depth (sometimes to the point of exhaustion) source-critical analysis of what is known as ‘Hitler’s table talk.’

    Bottom line: it is a practical forgery.

    In short, the Table Talk’s many variants are worthless as primary sources, and any historical or biographic argument that depends on citing them (and there are many!) should be revised. Especially anything that cites TT re: Hitler’s religious views is a hoax.

  19. Lugu February 5, 2022 @ 1:43 am

    “A slip of the foot can be spared, but a slip of the tongue is beyond repair.”

    What an absolutely brilliant piece by Brother Nathanael.

    Methinks the rebbe has just shot his own foot. This is hilarious. I’m really laughing from top of my lung.

    Thank you for bringing some laughter during these stressful times.

    God Bless you, Brother.

  20. Boxwoodtree February 5, 2022 @ 9:08 am

    To All

    Palestine (Israel) has a lot of Arabs living there.

    I have a suspicion that they are the ones getting these clot shots while the Jews of the country are getting saline injections.

  21. John Carter February 5, 2022 @ 9:30 am

    I could never stand Whoopi.

    But I would have had much more respect for her had she just stood her ground (come what may), and held her position that she was just VOICING her opinion and “having a discussion.”

    Instead she is bowing to the Jew hand that feeds her. And in doing so I only hope that many black people (and others) SEE the power and hypocrisy!

  22. Rachel February 5, 2022 @ 10:24 am


    I am sick and tired of people apologizing to the jews.

  23. Karin Joy Passmore February 5, 2022 @ 10:37 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    This was a masterpiece. Thank you.

    Keep in mind that Black people who are brave enough to understand who their slave traders and controllers have been are very best friends of “white people”.

    My son is mixed, his dad was black. If black people could be educated through Whoopi’s example, then there would be a war in the USA against our elite Jewish oligarchy. Bring it on!

    I am white and my son thinks I’m an anti-Semite! Oh if he only knew!

    I read Professor Tony Martin’s work on this: The Jewish Onslaught. He stated that he’d never known that white people are afraid of the Jews.

    God bless you dear Brother, and I love the snowy scene behind you!


  24. KathJuliane February 5, 2022 @ 12:01 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    You had me on the floor laughing with this great find:

    “Jews are not white, they are supremacists. Now, uh, uh, they’re–now excuse me, they’re not white, they’re semites.” — Rabbi Menken

    Cue the *record scratch*.

    “Well I’ll be a lampshade in Hymee Town!” Hahahaha thank you, +BN.

    The double-mindedness of the Jews, “unstable in all their ways,” which creates chaos and confusion in any society they’ve ever lived in, knows no bounds.

    Whoopi, in fact, stumbled into a big ongoing debate within the Jewish community as to whether Jews are “white” or not, and the the long debate whether they are a “race” or something else.

    This is a great piece from Occidental Observer about the Jews’ strategic use of “whiteness” when it suits them in order to keep their demographic war on Whites in perpetual motion, undermining and eroding Christian culture and White community.



    Whoopi! Jews are not White

    Occidental Observer

    By Spencer J Quinn

    Feb 5, 2022

    If Whites hope to ever win the demographic war which is being waged upon us, then we need long memories—and it makes no difference if what we remember is great or small.

    Earlier this week, The View co-host and former-comedienne Whoopi Goldberg did one of those small things when she inadvertently insulted a great many Jews. She stated that the Jewish Holocaust was “not about race” and later doubled down on that.

    She didn’t say the Jewish Holocaust was a good thing, nor did she downplay it, revise it, or deny it. She simply removed race from the equation because she felt that Germans and Jews “are two groups of white people.”

    Presumably, she would have the same opinion of Caesar’s campaigns in Gaul or the English Civil War. It’s just whitey killing whitey, so where does race come into it?

    Instantly, however, Jews from both ends of the political spectrum (and some nastier than others) showed Whoopi exactly where race comes into it: That would be everywhere. But, of course! And Whoopi Goldberg, mainstream media talking head that she is, should have known that.

    Anyway, for what’s worth, I’m with the Jews on this one. As I have stated before, Jews are not White people. If they were, they would have just shrugged their shoulders after Whoopi’s comment and forgotten all about it.

    Millions were killed in the Thirty Years War too, and you don’t see the French and Germans today taking offense over a claim that the slaughter wasn’t about race. That’s because it wasn’t.

    But here is where our long memories need to kick in. From now on, whenever Jews try to attain some kind of advantage by claiming that they’re White, we need to remind them of the Jew-first standard they set for themselves during Whoopi’s little dreadlock drama.

    The violation of such standards is what led to the “My Fellow White People” trope on the Right, which catches Jews claiming they’re White when it suits them, and then later claiming they’re Jewish when it suits them.

    Here it is explained pretty well in The Forward (without bothering to refute it).

    This Stormfront thread gives a pretty good rundown as well. Jews don’t want to be considered white? Fine. And that’s how it’s going to stay.

    An instructive inverse of this scandal occurred back in 2016 when hard rock icon Ted Nugent re-tweeted a meme showing how some of the most powerful gun control advocates are really Jewish. (Yes, it is true.)

    Unlike Whoopi Goldberg, however, the meme reveals Jews rather than obscures them. But because the meme painted Jews as victimizers, they must not be seen as Jewish but as White. In Whoopi’s case, however, Jews are seen as victims. Therefore, they must remain as Jews.

    This is perfectly self-serving and hypocritical. And if you call such people out for it, they shriek “Anti-Semitism!” and try to ruin you. If not for the manifest power Jews wield today, there’d be no reason for Whites to take these people seriously at all—except, of course, as a threat.

    Case in point, the Trump-hating Jew Max Boot, someone I have written about before:

    “Max Boot is a disingenuous, ethnocentric Jew who hates white people—especially the ones that are as ethnocentric as he is.

    “He’s then pretends to be white in order to convince other whites that they should allow themselves to become minorities in their own countries—to atone for the sins of a tiny fraction of their ancestors or to strive nobly for equality and social justice and other leftist illusions.

    “He has no sympathy when whites complain about discrimination and ascribes this to “fear they are losing their privileged position to people of color” rather than any legitimate concerns for their group interests.

    As if White people don’t have a right not to be discriminated against. As if we don’t have a right to remain the majority in nations we founded and in lands that have been ours since antiquity.

    Anti-White Jews like Max Boot are the reason why we have the “My Fellow White People” trope to begin with.

    This is not anti-Semitism. This is truth. So, get a grip, Jews. With the Whoopi Goldberg affair, you showed your true colors. And we’re going to hold you to it.

  25. benzion kook February 5, 2022 @ 12:55 pm

    Again: anti-Semitism and holohoaxism.

    “Well, it’s a trick, we always use it.” – Shulamit Aloni-former Education Minister of Israel and Knesset member, Aug. 2002 on radio and TV program “Democracy Now.”

    Don’t be caught out by the “trick.”

    “When from Europe somebody’s criticizing Israel, then we bring up the Holocaust.” (Holohoax – but 100 million murdered by Jews and their stooges in the USSR and half of Europe are NEVER mentioned, the REAL Holocausts and Holodomors).

    “When in this country people are criticizing Israel, then they are anti-semitic. And the organization is strong,and has a lot of money (stolen), and the ties between Israel and the American Jewish establishment are very strong and they are very strong in this country as you know. And they have power, which is okay.

    “They have power and money, and the media and other things. And they are not ready to hear criticism…and that is also to justify everything we do to the Palestinians.”

  26. KathJuliane February 5, 2022 @ 2:16 pm

    C.J. Hopkins at his biting sarcastic best, mocking Trudeau’s White-hating efforts to demonize the Canadian Truckers as “White Supremacists”, and the Honkening responsible for every evil under the sun.



    Attack of the Transphobic Putin-Nazi Truckers!
    CJ Hopkins

    February 5, 2022

    They rolled up on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill like one of the plagues in the Book of Revelations, honking their infernal air horns, the grills of their tractors grinning demonically, the sides of their dry vans painted with blasphemies like “FREEDOM TO CHOOSE,” “MANDATE FREEDOM,” “NO VACCINE MANDATES,” and “UNITED AGAINST TYRANNY.”

    Yes, that’s right, New Normal Canada has been invaded and now is under siege by hordes of transphobic Putin-Nazi truckers, racist homophobes, anti-Semitic Islamaphobes, and other members of the working classes!

    According to the corporate media, these racist, Russia-backed, working-class berserkers are running amok through the streets of Ottawa, waving giant “swastika flags,” defecating on war memorials, sacking multi-million-dollar “soup kitchens,”and eating the food right out of homeless people’s mouths.

    Rumor has it, a kill-squad of truckers has been prowling the postnatal wards of hospitals, looking for Kuwaiti babies to yank out of their incubators.

    I know, this is Canada, so that sounds a little dubious, but this has all been thoroughly fact-checked by the fact checkers at the New Normal Ministry of Truth…you know, the ones that fact-checked Russiagate, and the Attempted Putin-Nazi Insurrection of January 6 at the US Capitol, and the safety and effectiveness of the Covid “vaccines,” and the masks, and the inflated Covid statistics, and the rest of the official Covid narrative.

    Or just take it from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau…

    “Today in the House, Members of Parliament unanimously condemned the antisemitism, Islamophobia, anti-Black racism, homophobia, and transphobia that we’ve seen on display in Ottawa over the past number of days. Together, let’s keep working to make Canada more inclusive.”
    5:47 PM · Feb 1, 2022·Twitter for iPhone

    Now, this is the actual prime minister of Canada, not just some woke fanatic on Twitter.

    He was tweeting from his fortified Covid Bunker in an undisclosed location somewhere in the Yukon, or possibly the United States, where he fled as the transphobic Putin-Nazi truckers rolled up outside his office in Ottawa.


  27. KathJuliane February 5, 2022 @ 2:54 pm

    It’d be a real shame for the world to miss seeing the most perfect example of gaslighting vs truth perpetuated by a government, Big Tech, and complicit MSM.


    From Much Ado About Corona by John C.A. Manley newsletter:

    Canada’s tyrannical prime minister said he was “shocked, and frankly, disgusted” with the behaviour of citizens at the freedom rally in Ottawa; accusing them of even stealing food from the homeless.

    Maybe he was trying to be funny. It certainly looks that way. Check out this compilation of footage from Ottawa with the PM’s bilingual nonsensical speech playing over top.

    And here we thought it was only Biden who was suffering mental decline?

    If anything, it’s Canadians who are finally waking up and are “shocked, and frankly, disgusted” with the intolerance, harm and death caused by our government’s “public health measures.”

  28. Ted Gorsline February 5, 2022 @ 3:09 pm

    Bro Nat has a great story in Veterans Today about ridding Russia of the Rothschild family.

    Really good read. Really important.

    Explains why MSM vilifies Putin and why all other nations must follow Putin’s example.

  29. Ted Gorsline February 5, 2022 @ 3:41 pm

    MSM is trying to get rid of Joe Rogan. Singers like Joanie Mitchel and Neil Young have dropped their support of Spotify.

    Who cares. If my memory serves me correctly, Joanie Mitchel had a child taken away from her by a social agency because she was too much into drugs, sex and rock and role.

    I met Neil Young’s father. He was a hockey reporter at the Globe and Mail, about as dull a guy as you could hope to meet. Compiling hockey score is a brain-deadening profession.

    No wonder Neil Young got into sex and drugs and rock an role. But that is not much of background to become an icon.

  30. Citizenfitz February 5, 2022 @ 4:12 pm

    BN’s Veterans Today article makes for illuminating reading indeed!

    Unfortunately, nearly half the links are to long dead articles – though we might be able to find them somewhere if we climb into the Wayback Machine.

    Funny how, though admitting that all but one of the Russian Oligarchs were jews, one linked Guardian article stated that this too was proof of “rampant antisemitism” in Russia; as Jews there had been forced into the black markets in order to survive.

    One’s brains must have been churned into cottage cheese from years spent gaping into the telly for that make any sense.

    Berezovsky’s story in particular leads down a labyrinthine rabbit hole. Brilliant mathematician, professor, oligarch, mysterious death. Or is he really dead, a la Jeffrey Epstein?

    If he actually is dead that lonely *cross* on his grave shades one of the more colorful and interesting people to have strode the world stage.

  31. Alina February 5, 2022 @ 4:18 pm

    Jews are white, Jews are black, like the Ethiopian Jews, and since Jews migrated all over the world and intermingled with the local population they come in every ethnicity.

    But the majority of Jews are mestizos — mixed.

    Hitler probably didn’t see the Jews living in Germany as “pure” white but as mixed.

  32. KathJuliane February 5, 2022 @ 4:24 pm

    ADL changes its definition of racism to make Whoopi Goldberg ‘guilty’

    If Americans Knew

    Alison Weir February 4, 2022

    The ADL has just changed its definition of racism following backlash over recent remarks by Whoopi Goldberg about racism and the Holocaust. This isn’t the first time the ADL has changed a definition for a political purpose…

    And it’s not the first time Whoopi has come under fire by Israel partisans – in 2012 she was attacked for a tweet about Gaza…

    Some of her critics suggest that The View now hire a Jewish co-host…

    Full story:

  33. benzion kook February 5, 2022 @ 5:55 pm

    “Queer and communist Jews have infiltrated America’s government and are actively attempting to silence and persecute me.”

    –Senator Joe McCarthy, 1949.

  34. Death2Abrahamism February 5, 2022 @ 6:21 pm

    Words from a fellow Sovren member.

    Sharing this where I can.

  35. KathJuliane February 5, 2022 @ 7:08 pm


    Appreciate the link.

    But as for your name, which is literally, “Death to Judaism, Christianity & Islam” lumped together as “Abrahamism,” what if I went by the name “Death2Hinduism”?

    “Death to Abrahamism” is an inflammatory slogan of very radical Hindutva ultra-nationalism, some sectors of which are calling for the death penalty in India for any Hindu who converts to another religion, especially Christianity and Islam.

    Along with Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, non-believers and nationalists of every kind, anti-Zionist Jews & Muslims all over the world also read and listen to Brother Nathanael and Real Jew News.

    Perhaps I’m assuming too much that you may be a Hindutvadi vigilante. It is no accident that Muslim and Christian minorities in India are the worst sufferers in the hands of Hindutvadi ultra-nationalists, while the BJP government and its party leaders incite extermination campaigns.

    Whatever beef you may have with Christians & Muslims in India, it should stay there, certainly not on this site. Perhaps you can use a different nickname.

    Just sayin’.

  36. The Englishman February 5, 2022 @ 7:55 pm

    The average kike anthropologist must wonder how a repulsive Bozo chimp chump was ever able to accede to the tribe, let alone the rest of ‘umanity.

    Those few words you uttered rather the repercussions will haunt you for the rest of time.

    Since your pink slip will shortly be in the post, Yukki, you’ve little to lose wuman, go ride the tide, tell the Whitey just how many Palestinians were maimed and shot, homes destroyed, and orchards destroyed so recently by the “moralist of armies”.

    Yo bitch–no time to bitch out.

  37. B February 5, 2022 @ 9:07 pm

    What irritates the Jews most about this present Whoopi event, I believe, is that it may uncover something that is generally hidden and not known about the Jews, and that the Jews want to stay hidden and not generally known.

    And what the Jews want ( generally ) hidden is that the world Jews declared a private worldwide trade boycott Jewish war against Germany on March 24, 1933, such that Germany could not trade anywhere on the earth for five months, until the Zionist Jews offered to Germany in August 1933 to accept the Haavara Transfer Agreement and the Jews would then remove the worldwide trade boycott war, which Germany agreed to.

    The rich Jews in Germany were mostly anti-Zionist, and they generally did not want to move to Israel by using this Agreement. But it was the increasing of persecution that motivated the rich German Jews to go to Israel by this Agreement.

    This declared private worldwide boycott Jewish war implies that the Jews were not so perfectly innocent regarding Jews later being placed in German work camps, as it was similar to what also happened to the Japanese in the USA.

    There is also the implication that since most Jews of the world in 1933 were anti-Zionist, and the Zionist needed the cooperation of most of the world’s Jews in order to take their control of the land of Israel, that the Jewish Zionists were the actual ones sponsoring the terror against the Jews in order to convert the majority of the world’s Jews to becoming pro-Zionist instead of anti-Zionist.

    By 1945 most Jews of the world had changed and were converted to believing in the need for a new homeland for the Jews in Israel, and they became mostly Zionists.

  38. KathJuliane February 5, 2022 @ 10:26 pm

    Guess who is conveniently immune from the sterilization effects of the COVID shot spike proteins.

    You won’t believe it and I’m sure its just a pure coincidence.

    This is a peer-reviewed study researched by scientists in the Netherlands & Egypt, first published in July, 2020, months before the first jabs received EUAs and distribution–after the November 3, 2020 election, I might add.


    ACE2 Coding Variants in Different Populations and Their Potential Impact on SARS-CoV-2 Binding Affinity

    Let’s see. Jewish Pfizer and the Jewish state cut a deal where Pfizer will exclusively distribute their experimental gene therapy injections to Israel, and in exchange Israeli Jews and Arabs become Pfizer’s lab rat plantation.

    I believe Israel was actually first to get Pfizer’s jabs ahead of the US, even.

    And Greek Jew and committed Zionist Albert Bourla, DVM, CEO of Pfizer, received Israel’s “Jewish Nobel” Genesis Prize just this past January.


    Ok, ok. I believe it.

  39. KathJuliane February 5, 2022 @ 10:42 pm


    Published February 6, 2022

    We The Fringe

  40. Hibernian February 6, 2022 @ 1:02 am




    “Jewry” is a cult that worships itself as “the supreme species (the human species; Non-Jews are considered by Jewry to not be of the human species), & indeed an improvement upon God”.

    To continue to indulge themselves in this creed, both the branches of Jewry, “spiritual” & “non-spiritual”, necessarily need to HATE Jesus Christ, & Christians, & Muslims (because Islam is really a type of Christianity).

    Degrees of white skin tone are not dependable identifiers for to visually distinguishg a person as not being a Jew.

    Because, Jews vary in skin-tone from White to Pink within the spectrum of White to Pink to Light-Olive to Yellow to Brown to Black which are the various skin-tones of Jewry. Even-so, they are mostly White or Light-Olive skin-tone.

    Rather, facial appearance is the most dependable identifier for to visually distinguish a person being a Jew.

    Indeed, Jews visually recognize most of each other by facial appearances because most of them have distinctive features in their faces, e.g. big noses of range of distinctive shapes.

    Some points to note:

    1. A very high percentage of European ethnics are NOT white-skin tones.

    2. A very high percentage of Oriental ethnics are white-skin tone.

    3. Skin-tone is very much affected over generations by location vis-a-vis the earth’s latitude & degree of glare from regular environment ( e.g.s snow / ice, desert )

  41. Eric February 6, 2022 @ 5:07 am

    Whoopi was delighted at the idea of whites losing power. Now she knows what it’s like for white-hating blacks to lose power.

    She thought her tribe was number one on the “victim” chart. Turns out it’s only number two.

  42. Ted Gorsline February 6, 2022 @ 9:46 am

    I see where CNN has its knickers in a knot.

    A shareholder named Malone has called for a shakeup. He wants to see the network hire some journalists. It’s a real good idea and about time, but probably won’t change anything. Looks like another Yid at the helm.

    This explains why their jew boy leader got the axe.

    It’s not about having an office affair. If that were the case every office on earth would be vacant of employees.

    It’s falling ratings and time to clean house.

    Hopefully Wolf Blitzer and Christian Anampour, and all the other alleged journalist/Zionist shills will soon be shown the door.

  43. benzion kook February 6, 2022 @ 11:42 am

    The falsely maligned Fuhrer of the National Socialists said “The Jews may kill me, but we will win in the end with the help of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”.

    Another “reason” why the Jews hated him.

  44. KathJuliane February 6, 2022 @ 2:26 pm

    The Holocaust Unveiled


    by Jim Rizoli
    Published: 2022-01-20

    “The following film shows actual internees at German concentration camps during WWII, which may be disturbing to some viewers–particularly the Thought Police.”

    This video (one hour and eleven minutes) looks at the incredible level of violence that is meted out to those heroic individuals who expose the “Holoco$t” as a lie.

    Every effort is made by Zionist organisations to prevent the information getting out. All sorts of repression is brought into action, from bombs, arson, physical assaults, and repression by the courts.

    In many countries in Europe, any attempt to expose the “Holoco$t” is met by arrest and imprisonment. Individuals have been told in some cases that the truth is no defense.

    This video not only names those courageous individuals, but also their ordeal at the hands of Holoco$t liars.

    The video also shows scenes from concentration camps, showing concerts, plays, music, art, swimming pools, post offices and other facilities.


    Anyone not familiar with CODOH (Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust) ought to take a look at the incredible library wealth of decades of ongoing researched and referenced articles, forum discussions, and periodical and book publications devoted to “offer a forum to those who contest the orthodox Holocaust narrative”.

    CODOH really is a national treasure of historical information amassed by the historical revisionists devoted to correcting the hysterical Jewish record.

    For example, this article just came out today:

    Why Hitler Put Jews in Camps and Ghettos

    by John Wear

    Published: 2022-02-06

    Many people question why Adolf Hitler put Jewish civilians into camps and ghettos during World War II. People often assign false reasons for why Jews were interned in these camps. For example, Dr. Christiane Northrup, a highly intelligent and ethical medical doctor, says that Hitler interned Jews because he claimed they were infecting other people with typhus.[1]

    Jewish “Holocaust” historian Yehuda Bauer writes:[2]

    “Part of the Nazi propaganda effort was to persuade non-Jews that the ghettoes were necessary to protect them from the Jews. Jews were said to be carriers of epidemic illnesses while non-Jews were immune to them.”

    In reality, Jews were interned in camps and ghettos during World War II because Jews were generally hostile toward Germany, and many Jewish partisans were actively killing German troops. In addition to ghetto fighters, Jewish civilians fled to the forests and enlisted in partisan units, carrying out sabotage and intelligence missions.[3] The authorities of the Third Reich reasoned that Jews had to be interned to protect against these sabotage and intelligence operations.

    This article documents some of the Jewish civilians and groups who actively fought against the Third Reich during World War II.

    Jewish Female Assassins

    Jewish historian Dr. Judy Batalion, in her book The Light of Days, states that Jewish women who resisted the Third Reich were far more numerous than she had ever imagined. She writes:[4]

    “At first, I imagined that the several dozen resistance operatives mentioned in Freuen comprised the total amount. But as soon as I touched on the topic, extraordinary tales of female fighters crawled out from every corner: archives, catalogues, strangers who emailed me their family stories. I found dozens of women’s memoirs published by small presses, and hundreds of testimonies in Polish, Russian, Hebrew, Yiddish, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Greek, Italian, and English, from the 1940s to today.”

    Many Jewish women used stealth and disguises to murder Germans. For example, 24-year-old Niuta Teitelbaum, from the Communist group Spartacus, wore her flaxen hair in braids, appearing like a young 16-year-old—an innocent disguise that hid her role as an assassin. She walked into the office of a high-ranking Gestapo officer, and shot him in cold blood at his desk.

    Teitelbaum pulled the trigger on yet another German officer while he was in bed in his own home. In another operation, she killed two Gestapo agents and wounded a third who was taken to a hospital. Disguising herself as a doctor, Teitelbaum entered the wounded Gestapo agent’s room, and murdered both him and his guard.[5]

    In another instance, Teitelbaum dressed like a Polish farm girl with a kerchief in her blond hair. She walked into a German command post, smiled, and then shot an SS soldier with her pistol. Another time, Teitelbaum strolled up to the guards outside Szucha, and said she needed to speak to a certain officer about a “personal matter.”

    The guards showed her the way to her “boyfriend’s office,” where she pulled out a concealed pistol with a silencer and shot him in the head. She smiled meekly at the guards on her way out.[6]

    For these and other acts of lethal resistance, the Gestapo nicknamed Teitelbaum “Little Wanda with the Braids,” and put her on all of its most-wanted lists. She survived the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, but was eventually hunted down and executed a few months later.[7]

    The lethal nature of the Jewish female assassins caused the Germans to take extreme measures against them. German SS commander Jürgen Stroop wrote:[8]

    “They were not human, perhaps devils or goddesses. Calm. As nimble as circus performers. They often fired simultaneously with pistols in both hands. Fierce in combat, right to the end. Approaching them was dangerous.

    “One captured Haluzzenmädel looked timid. Completely resigned. And then suddenly, when a group of our men got within a few steps of her, she pulls a hand grenade out from under her skirt or her breeches and slaughters the SS while showering them with curses to the 10th generation—your hair stands on end! We suffered losses in those situations, and so I gave orders not to take girls prisoner, not to let them get too close, but to finish them off with submachine guns from a distance.”

    Other article headings:

    Other Jewish Female Resistance Activities
    Soviet Jewish Partisans
    European Jewish Partisans

    It is this author’s opinion that Judy Batalion had never heard of the extensive involvement of Jewish women in resistance efforts against Germany because such involvement has intentionally been kept quiet. If the extensive murderous female participation in these resistance organizations were widely known, then people would get closer to understanding one reason why Hitler interned Jews in camps and ghettos.

    Jews were not interned because Hitler hated Jews. Rather, Jews were interned in camps and ghettoes to a large degree because the German authorities considered Jewish civilians, both male and female, a serious threat to German military operations during World War II.


  45. Citizenfitz February 6, 2022 @ 5:54 pm

    Joe Rogan has screwed up.

    Big time. Not for saying “nigger” or having plannedemic skeptics on his podcast; but for showing weakness. The leftists now smell blood in the water – and are moving in on him.

    Really, he would stand a better chance groveling to sharks.

    Never… EVER… apologize to, or retreat from, leftists.

    If Joe had been smart he’d have invited Kneel Young to come on his show and discuss things with him. Kneel, being a true coward and having no moral compass, would have declined – and Joe would have exposed his emptiness for all the World to see. Easy victory.

    That’s what you do to leftists: hit the ball back AT them. Call their bluff.

    I remember how Rogan would kiss up to Ronda Rousey before she got brutally exposed by Holly Holm: “It’s an honor! An HONOR! To call your fights, Ronda.”


    So, he’s largely done for now. He showed pusillanimity before his enemies. That was definitely noticed by his subscribers and they’re going to leave him by the millions.

    There’s a White rapper by the name of Tom MacDonald who has developed a large following too. He actually says some good pro-White stuff; but we here at RJN would notice some things that most don’t, e.g., he hasn’t been banned by YT.

    That’s odd given his content. And in one of his videos he has a *tranny* swishing to the song. So, probably more fake opposition there too.

    I think as a good rule whenever you hear so called conservatives calling a *him* “she” or “her”; or the same regarding a female, it’s presumptive evidence they’re playing for the other side.

    But it demonstrates the Cabal’s concern at the rising strength of conservative opposition.

  46. Pokie Joe February 6, 2022 @ 7:48 pm

    We live in a Company Store masqueraded as a “country”.

    The owners?

    If you don’t know by now, you really are as stupid as the Talmud says you are.

  47. tom February 7, 2022 @ 11:37 am

    Thank you Brother Nathanael, and God bless you and your ministry of exposing the synagogue of Satan. Rev 2,3:9.

    I think Stalin summed it up best when he said 28 million Russians died in WW2.

    Yet the Antichrist Jewish Supremacists extremists want to write a million books and Hollywood movies about the holocaust, yet no mention of Jewish Bolsheviks genociding 11 million Ukrainian peasants in the Holodomor genocide in the history books.

    Clearly, in their minds, no other race besides their own holds any intrinsic value. Yes, the Jewish Supremacists perpetuate White guilt in order to rule over and enslave and ultimately eradicate the white Christian race.

    Yes, these Supremacists constantly engage in all types of insidious and malfeasant behavior against their fellow man, yet when they are criticized for their behavior they pull the anti-Semite card to silence their detractors, such is their game.

  48. Ikkyu February 7, 2022 @ 7:33 pm


    Trailer for the upcoming WW2 documentary “EUROPA – The Last Battle” by Tobias Bratt.

    Since the mid-20th century, the world has only ever heard one side of the most horrific war in human history. We are today living in the world of the victors of that war and without an objective, rational and balanced view of our history, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes.

    After World War Two, the victors of the war not only went on to write our history books , but also going so far as to criminalize the mere questioning of the official story’s orthodoxy.

    The truth is, that our world today can only be understood through a correct understanding of World War II, the forces behind it and the conflicts between Globalism and Nationalism.

  49. Ikkyu February 7, 2022 @ 7:38 pm

    EUROPA the last battle is eye opener.

    “History is set of lies agreed upon” — as Napoleon tried to fight Judeo-Masonic elite, cabal, official liars

    “There are two histories: Official History of lies, and then secret history where you find real causes of events.” — Balzac

  50. Caveman2012 February 7, 2022 @ 8:29 pm

    @benzion kook

    Interesting Hitler quote, please provide the source if known.

    I find this one even better, and it is 100% authentic, because he wrote it in “Mein Kampf”.

    In German:

    “So glaube ich heute im Sinne des allmächtigen Schöpfers zu handeln: Indem ich mich des Juden erwehre, kämpfe ich für das Werk des Herrn.”


    “Thus I believe today I am acting in the spirit of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.”

  51. Bernard Weckmann February 7, 2022 @ 8:35 pm

    Thanks for your great site!!!

    Some time ago WordPress cancelled my blog at the behest of the usual suspects.

    I have decided not to create another blog but that does not mean that I am silent.

    For what it is worth here is my email to Jaclyn Symes, attorney-general of Victoria, Australia.

    I haven’t heard from her since then, and I don’t expect to. Cowards, the lot of them!

    From: Bernard Weckmann
    Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2021 14:39:57 +1000
    Subject: Proposed Ban On National Socialist (mind you: not “Nazi”) Symbols


    Dear Jaclyn,

    My reponse to your email explaining the proposed  ban on so-called “Nazi” symbols is as follows:

    a) If you think it is alright to refer to National Socialists as “Nazis” perhaps you agree with me that it is alright for me to refer to Jews as “kikes”. Yes?

    b) No, your explanations do not help to allay my concerns about the abuses that such a ban will undoubtedly entail!

    Your response is nothing but the usual non-sequitur drivel we, the People, get from politicians.

    And by the way: you mention the “horrors of the holocaust”. There are many holocausts and genocidal massacres to choose from.

    Do you perhaps mean a real holocaust such as the multi-million slaughter of Christians after the Jewish Bolshevik revolution in Russia, or the Ukrainian Holodomor carried out by the same mob of psychopaths, or perhaps the Armenian massacre or some other genocide?

    Oh, I get it! You refer to the fictitious trademarked holocaust of the Jews by National Socialist Germany! I have news for you: it never happened (that’s what fictitious means!)

    As somebody of German extraction I find the relentless Jewish anti-Gentile and anti-German hate-mongering and non-stop smear campaigns highly objectionable.

    If you want to meet real haters and genociders look no further than Occupied Palestine, aka as Israel, and  the treatment it dishes out to the Palestinians.

    Educate yourself


  52. KC February 7, 2022 @ 8:43 pm

    Antisemitism is ‘growing under [psychotic Jews’] radar’ because the Jews themselves made an open discussion on the holocaust subject a crime.

    So they can’t grasp how many people silently don’t like them, to put it mildly.

    The big problem are Zionist Christians with the stupid idolatry of the apartheid Israel territory.

    If only they could be somewhat enlightened as to what is the true Israel.

  53. Caveman2012 February 7, 2022 @ 8:53 pm

    Folks, good news for a change:

    Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection” to be released on March 31st this year!

    I feel it is the right moment to give God’s flock some hope in these satanic end times.


  54. KathJuliane February 7, 2022 @ 9:50 pm

    Journalist urged running over ‘Nazis’ days before Freedom Convoy protesters were mowed down in Winnipeg

    “If you see Nazis on the side of the road, do the responsible thing and run them over,” the reporter wrote.


    NEWS ANALYSIS Feb 6, 2022

    Just days before four Freedom Convoy supporters were hit by a car in Winnipeg, Canada, a Twitter-verified journalist encouraged people to run over “Nazis.”

    Writer and producer Brian Walton wrote to Twitter followers on Jan. 31: “If you see Nazis on the side of the road, do the responsible thing and run them over.”

    The former Nerdist editor-in-chief’s call for violence earlier in the week against “Nazis” mirrors the language that far-left agitators use to justify violent crime committed by comrades against Antifa’s political enemies, deemed as “fascists.”

    However, he has since insisted it was just a vague reference to “literal” Nazis.

    “Woke up to some very angry Nazis this morning. I did Nazi that coming,” Walton joked. “So, the nazis found my Twitter overnight. Good,” he added in a series of separate Twitter posts over the weekend.

    “You call a Nazi a Nazi and now half the internet thinks you’re talking about them. Wild,” he also tweeted Saturday.

    Walton’s verified Twitter account had tweeted the instruction on Monday. Several days later, four male victims supporting the trucker rally were injured Friday night after a lone driver hit the group of protesters outside the Manitoba Legislature.

    Winnipeg police said a man steering a Jeep Patriot drove through a crowd that was part of the Freedom Convoy protest near the Manitoba Legislative Building.

    Numerous witnesses reported that the male suspect was driving the light-coloured SUV fast through red lights after the incident, according to investigators. When the man was arrested, he struggled with police, law enforcement said.

    The 42-year-old suspect from Friday’s apparent hit-and-run was taken into police custody. He’s now facing charges including assault with a weapon, dangerous operation of a vehicle causing harm, and failure to stop at the scene of an accident.

    One man was treated at a nearby hospital and released, while three others who sustained minor injuries from the incident were treated on the scene.

    Walton’s other Twitter posts show reaction to intense backlash over his initial “Nazis” tweet, first exposed by The Post Millennial’s editor-at-large Andy Ngo.

    “Apparently suggesting Nazis must die is controversial now,” Walton tweeted Saturday. He noted in another post that Monday’s tweet refers to “the literal Florida Nazis.” Walton added on Twitter earlier Saturday: “And yes, I believe ppl who choose beliefs we went to war over should be removed from the planet.”

    Walton uploaded an image depicting when National Socialist Movement members were involved in a scuffle during a neo-Nazi demonstration at Waterford Lakes [Orlando, FL] last Saturday, resulting in the hate crime assault of a Jewish college student.

    Two men were charged Friday with battery evidencing prejudice after video showed the pair attacking the Jewish man who confronted the group as they’re shouting antisemitic slurs, The Orlando Sentinel reported.

    The battery charges are now being upgraded to third-degree felonies under Florida’s hate crime law.

    “I am so over people projecting their bullshit onto me. Do I think swastika waving Nazis should die? 100% if you’re calling for the genocide of minorities.

    “I 100% think the world is better without you. I do not give a shit about protesters in Canada. I really don’t,” Walton continued overnight Saturday into Sunday.

    According to his LinkedIn profile, Walton, who has job hopped across the media market in recent years, is now an account supervisor in the Los Angeles metropolitan area for boutique gaming and e-sports PR firm B/HI, a division of public relations agency and Dolphin Entertainment subsidiary 42West.

    A year prior, Walton was a brand content producer who developed multiple brand shows for Seoul-based online game developer PUBG Corporation.

    Andy Ngo on Telegram revealed the suspect driver’s name and personal history:

    Breaking: The suspect who allegedly rammed #FreedomConvoy protesters & tried escaping in Winnipeg has been identified as an #Antifa member. I investigated David Zegarac.

    He’s a leader in the antifa punk scene & was accused of grooming & raping a young girl.


    According to Rebel News — Zegarac — a 43-year-old musician from Winnipeg who describes himself as Indigenous, Serbian and Irish — is the frontman of Canadian punk bands The Brat Attack, Dead Peasants Revolt, The Black Mass Brigade, and Class War Kids.

    Yes, indeedy. Zegarac is soaking in Antifa “culture”.

    Don’t believe your lying eyes. This wasn’t an Antifa anti-white vehicle run-over terror attack or anything like that.

  55. John Milone February 7, 2022 @ 9:59 pm

    Auntie Hymie better watch her tongue and know her place!

    Doesn’t she know that Jews aren’t white but rather supremacists as the rabbi spurted out in haste? Ooops!

    Well, the Talmud explains how the Goyim fit into their role and purpose as obedient servants to the Chosen Ones.

    Auntie Hymie needs reeducation!

  56. KathJuliane February 7, 2022 @ 10:09 pm

    “Whatcha doin’, Rabbi?”


    Canadian ‘Anti-Hate (Antifa) Network’ Caught Spreading Hate Hoax to Smear Truckers

    Bernie Farber’s “Canadian Anti-Hate Network” received $250,000 in funding last year from PM Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party

    Chris Menahan

    Feb. 07, 2022

    Bernie Farber, the former CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress and current leader of the “Canadian Anti-Hate Network,” was caught spreading a hate hoax on Sunday in an effort to smear Canadian truckers.

    Farber posted an image of an anti-Semitic flier and said it was, “Taken by a friend in Ottawa at the Occupation. Apparently in plain sight.”

    It turns out the exact same photograph was shared by someone on Twitter two weeks ago in Miami.

    Wow Bernie, isn’t it incredible that the picture your “friend in Ottawa at the Occupation” sent you is identical to the photo posted on Twitter two weeks ago by someone in Miami, right down to the ceramic design in the background?

    After being exposed, Farber blamed his “friend from Ottawa” and insisted the “friend” told him they “saw the same thing,” though Farber himself said he “cannot attest to it” as he’s not even in Ottawa.

    “That said racist and antisemitic posters and flyers have now been seen by others,” Farber insisted.

    Farber’s Canadian Anti-Hate Network, a thinly veiled pro-Israel advocacy organization modeled after the Anti-Defamation League, received $250,000 from Justin Trudeau’s Liberals in 2021.

    The article said the Ottawa “occupation” shows “why we need anti-hate legislation.”

    “Every day the government allows social media companies to self-regulate, Canadians are getting misled, enraged, and absorbed into the far-right and Covid conspiracy movement,” Farber’s group said. “Now a far-right mob has occupied the capital.”

    “It will be difficult, if not impossible, for members of the intertwined antivaxx and far-right movement to come back to reality. New people are finding them every day.

    “With online harms legislation, we may be able to disrupt that pipeline by making it harder for dis/misinformation to find people.

    “We may be able to build a fence of protection both online and offline around the groups that the far-right slanders, harasses, threatens, and attacks. We have to try.”

    Trudeau’s Liberals announced on the same day that they’re planning to reintroduce their “anti-hate” online censorship bill C-36 “as soon as possible.”

    The flyer itself is “anti-Semitic” because of inconvenient facts supporting its headline that “Every Single Aspect of the Covid Agenda is Jewish”, and then proceeds to list names of the Tribe as proof.

    “How anti-Semitic of you to notice”.

    Bernie Farber is a proud descendant of his “late father, Max Farber [who] was a Holocaust survivor. He fought with the Russian partisans and considered himself an anti-fascist till the day he died.”

  57. KathJuliane February 7, 2022 @ 10:51 pm

    Media2Rise – Terror in Waukesha

    February 7th, 2022

    Five days after the anti-White terrorist attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Media2Rise teamed up with National Justice to launch an investigation into the deadly event.

    Mainstream media quickly mobilized its forces to cover up the known facts of the suspect, Darrell E. Brooks, and his bold history of advocating violence against White people.

    In this episode we travel to Waukesha to tell the true narrative of this tragic incident and expose the local officials involved in hiding the motives of a black man who has been charged with murdering six and also injuring more than 60 people participating in a Christmas parade.

  58. Ross Alexander February 7, 2022 @ 11:19 pm

    Hi, Brother Nathanael,

    Thanks for the informative and entertaining video!

    It sure looks like you live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world!

    Best wishes from New Zealand.

  59. Ted Gorsline February 8, 2022 @ 2:46 am

    Joe Rogan has a podcast where he says he has come to the conclusion that hard work makes you free.

    Its been said before years ago in a different language “Arbeit macht frei”.

  60. Ted Gorsline February 8, 2022 @ 3:57 am

    Interesting story on Rense claiming the Trudeau government gets a kickback on every Covid-19 shot and as a result has bought 10 times more vaccine than the population of Canada.

  61. benzion kook February 8, 2022 @ 10:35 am

    White-hating racist Jews monger their anti-Christian bigotry around the clock everywhere.

    Through “public” Jew scripted “education” they indoctrinate your masked and mutated children using Marxist-Leninist Bolshevik brain-washing protocols.

  62. No More Wars For The Jews February 8, 2022 @ 11:00 am

    Jew Lies, Lies, Lies.

    There was no Holocaust.
    There was no Gas chambers.
    There was no 6 Million Jews Gassed.

    100% Proof — Leuchter Report Gas Chamber Expert.

    No Gas Chambers.

    This is true.

    The Bolshevik Jews in USSR murdered 62 million mainly White Christians.
    Not a single Jew held responsible.

    No Tribunal & No Firing Squad for the Guilty Jew Murderers.

    PS – Jews are not White. What a disgrace.

  63. Steve February 8, 2022 @ 11:35 am

    @No More Wars For The Jews:

    Trudeau Accused of Fueling Anger After Claiming Anti-vax Protesters are Waving Swastikas!

    No doubt the early stages of the Canadian Holomodor. I wouldn’t put it past that little ^%$#*&!!!

  64. KathJuliane February 8, 2022 @ 2:32 pm

    It’s not satire or parody.

    If you have Showtime, you’re funding this anti-White crap.

    Showtime is owned by ViacomCBS.

    ViacomCBS is owned by the Redstone (Rothstein) family.


    Showtime Launches Anti-White People Series

    Everything’s Gonna Be All White (2022) Official Trailer | SHOWTIME Documentary Series


    “Its a creepy feeling to see people you’ve never met, that you know nothing about, who don’t know you, telling you how much they hate you.” — YT Commentor

  65. KathJuliane February 8, 2022 @ 3:25 pm

    WHAT ARE THEY SMOKING? Biden Admin. Funding Crack Pipe Distribution for ‘Racial Equity’

    Human Events

    February 08, 2022

    The Biden Administration is funding crack pipes through the Department of Health and Human Services, claiming it’s needed for racial equity.

    As reported by Just the News, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is providing nearly $30 million for a grant program that will include funding for the purchase and distribution of crack pipes to drug addicts in underserved communities to advance racial equity.

    The money will be allocated over the next three years for the Harm Reduction Program Grant, designed to “support community-based overdose prevention programs, syringe service programs, and other harm reduction services.”

    Among “required activities” listed in the program description, the funds will be used to “purchase equipment and supplies to enhance harm reduction efforts,” including:

    >Safe sex kits, including PrEP sources and condoms
    >Safe smoking kits/supplies
    >Syringes to prevent and control the spread of infectious diseases

    An HHS spokesman told the Washington Free Beacon that the smoking kits “will provide pipes for users to smoke crack cocaine, crystal methamphetamine, and ‘any illicit substance,’”

  66. Citizenfitz February 8, 2022 @ 7:43 pm

    Random thoughts:

    Showtime, Netflix, Child Nuzzling Network, the whole sorry lot….

    They don’t care that they’re hemorrhaging money with their appeals to wokeness. At this point it’s about *the propaganda*.

    They seem to feel they’re getting close – and need just one more assault on Christianity to win this phase of the great battle.

    To that end they’re trying to stir up what remains of their demented army for another push.

  67. benzion kook February 8, 2022 @ 8:29 pm


    Your entire country is under “lockdown” by the Jews. They are attempting to lockdown the entire world, under farthest left communist Bolshevik control.

    That means, as it always has, mass murder, starvation and execution (not to mention free crack pipes for drug addicts – all at White people’s expense).

    Everything they feed to the populace is LIES, while they keep the truth hidden behind a cyber curtain of censored totalitarian falsity.

    Defend yourself and family while still able!

  68. Citizenfitz February 8, 2022 @ 9:04 pm

    Turdeau looks less convincing than ever and may have to be liquidated.

    And that blamed on “fascists” — so the roundups can commence in earnest.

  69. Ted Gorsline February 9, 2022 @ 3:33 am

    The other day Tucker Carlson was promoting Rebel TV in Canada. I just found out it was started by Brian Lilley. Lilley works for the Toronto Sun owned by Paul Godfrey the former gambling lobyist for the late Sheldon Adelson.

    Rebel Tv is completely whored out to the jews. Its main role seems to be muzzie bashing.

  70. John Gilbert February 9, 2022 @ 6:09 am

    If Jesus was here now he would have be called an anti-semite because he criticized the Pharisees and the Sadducees. Jesus criticized God’s chosen people.

  71. John Gilbert February 9, 2022 @ 8:47 am

    I don’t agree with you Brother Nathanael about the Holocaust.

    The Nazis were brutal and inhumane, and thought they were the Ubermensch at the top of humanity.

    I believe the Nazis gassed the people that they deemed useless and unable to work because they didn’t want to feed and house them and wanted them gone.

    We aren’t going to win people over to Jesus if you keep calling the Nazi death camps the Holohaox.

  72. John Gilbert February 9, 2022 @ 11:41 am

    Hello Brother Nathanael,

    Go to and click on Scientist to learn what foods and supplements build our immune systems and make us stronger and our bodies healthier.

    Through Cytosolve computational systems biology platform that Dr Shiva invented at MIT from WW studies an analysis is done on each food.

    For example Bitter foods are better, our digestive system has 25 receptors for bitter and only 1 for sweet. Ginger root is anti-tumor and anti-cancer and Moringa, Organic Green Tea (must be Organic because Camellia Sinensis picks up toxins in the soil) and Organic Black Cumin Seed are also anti-cancer.

    Ginseng blocks mmp13 an oxidative cytokine that breaks down cartilage. As we get older our bodies rust, SOD stops superoxide and Catalase removes Hydrogen Peroxide from our bodies.

    Thanks for all you are doing to get the Truth out.

  73. Citizenfitz February 9, 2022 @ 12:20 pm

    Yep, they’re a slippery, eel-like bunch, Ted. They probably own channels in the Muslim world that specialize in Christian bashing.

    With provocateurs showing up at both sides to stir the pot.

    If we want to more fully understand World Jewry then we must read books about satan and his minions. Or vice versa. It’s amazing how in sync hell and jewry are.

    @John Gilbert: true, the Nazis were no innocents. However, they didn’t sprout from a vacuum.

    And yes, the imposed shoah narrative is indeed a holohoax. And an extraordinarily flamboyant hoax.

    Ask yourself a simple question: if it’s all so undeniable then why the great rush to imprison or otherwise ruin anyone who deviates even slightly from the approved history?

  74. NO MORE WARS FOR THE JEWS February 9, 2022 @ 2:32 pm

    @John Gilbert

    You seem to be lost in the woods, believing all the Jew Lies. Nazi death camps are definitely a Holohaox.

    There was no Holocaust.

    There were no homicidal Gas chambers.

    There was no 6 Million Jews Gassed.

    100% Proof — Leuchter Report Gas Chamber Expert. He was an expert witness in huge Court Case.

    No Gas Chambers.

  75. The Englishman February 9, 2022 @ 3:26 pm


    I feel the sand is running out, the time is now upon Russia to do what it has to do.

    This grave matter will not solve itself.

    I do not claim to know what Ukraine’s beef is with Russia. But, since Holy Russia is the Last Bastion of devout Christian ideals, this should weigh heavy on their resolve?

    Do not Ukrainian folk see through the West’s true motives?

    Perhaps the prospects of “Democratic” deviancy, decadent morality, and the eventual transition of Churches to Mosques plus the flooding with culture destroying hordes appeals to Ukrainians.

    Could now be a good time to heal the schism and bury the cleavers?

    To be sure, Putin is perhaps the Greatest Statesman, greater than even JFK.

    May God look over Holy Russia and grant its leader continued Divine Blessings.

  76. KathJuliane February 9, 2022 @ 4:01 pm

    DHS Issues Terror Alert Over Threat Of ‘Misleading Narratives’ Which ‘Undermine Trust’ in U.S. Govt

    Chris Menahan

    Feb. 09, 2022

    The Department of Homeland Security under [Cuban-born Sephardi Jew-Kj] Alejandro Mayorkas has issued yet another “terrorism bulletin” smearing the Biden regime’s political opposition as domestic terrorists.

    “The United States remains in a heightened threat environment fueled by several factors, including an online environment filled with false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories, and other forms of mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM) introduced and/or amplified by foreign and domestic threat actors,” DHS warned in a bulletin issued on Monday.

    The US is in a “heightened threat landscape” due to “the proliferation of false or misleading narratives, which sow discord or undermine public trust in U.S. government institutions,” DHS insisted.

    Mayorkas has issued five of these bulletins since taking office and all of them revolved around blood libeling their political opposition as “white extremists” — which Mayorkas says is the number one threat to America.

    It’s clear as day these bulletins are pure political propaganda to demonize all white people as “domestic terrorists” ready to carry out terrorist attacks at any moment and justify using terrorism laws against them as part of the new Domestic War on Terror.

    Merrick Garland over at the DOJ just recently hit Stewart Rhodes with fraudulent sedition charges to prop up this same fake narrative.

    Huge amounts of DHS, FBI and DOJ resources are being poured into countering this phony “white extremist” threat even though the rate of so-called “white extremist” attacks is the lowest it has ever been, according to the ADL’s own inflated numbers.

    There hasn’t been a single “white extremist” terror attack in over two and a half years (and no, the Capitol protest where only Trump supporters were killed by police does not count).

    If Mayorkas, Garland and Chris Wray spent just half the resources they’re spending on hyping (and manufacturing) the fake threat of “white extremism” on fighting inner city crime our major cities wouldn’t be in the middle of a record crime wave.

    Instead, they’re going after local police for supposed “racial bias” and treating parents protesting against anti-white critical race theory at local school board meetings as terrorists.


  77. The Englishman February 9, 2022 @ 4:15 pm

    @John Gilbert

    Don’t drink the Kike Kool-Aid.

    Study the facts, just the facts.

    This is this site’s criterion Joe Friday style.

    The State’s involvement in the assassination of JFK is gaining traction.

    In time the true story of 911 will be revealed.

  78. Ted Gorsline February 9, 2022 @ 5:22 pm

    There is a site called Infotainment.

    The owner discusses lots of things, but like Jordan Peterson, knows where his bread is buttered and will not criticize the jews. No Bro Nat on Infortainment.

    However, he will crucify Justin Trudeau, a flunky for the jews like his father Pierre Trudeau.

    He has a blog showing the similarities between Fidel Castro and Justin Trudeau based on testimony of Castro’s late son who said he is Justin Trudeau’s brother.

    It could be although I always figured Mick Jagger or maybe the whole Rolling Stones band was more likely.

    According to the late Bob Reguly (Google Bob Reguly-Eric Reguly to see a video about Bob) Trudeau was a bi-sexual child molester but his main lover was Michael Pitfield, like Turdeau a long time “bachelor” and member of the Privy Council as was the appointed Maurice Strong, the man who hatched Global Warming for this friends the Rockefellers and Rothschilds.

    Strong got caught taking a $million dollar bribe while at the UN and soon faded away.

    Any how Trudeau married Margaret to get the vote in British Columbia even through he did now have much interest in women. Margaret compensated for this by hanging out with rock bands and picking up lounge lizards at Studio 54 in New York. As with Winston Churchill’s jewish mother who had at least 200 lovers, Justin’s father could be any one of a number of men.

    The curious thing about Pierre Trudeau is that he had a woman working for him who was the sister of Hugh Hambleton. Hambleton was a Russian spy who the RCMP tried to arrest, but Canadian Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien kept the RCMP from laying charges.

    The RCMP tipped off British intelligence, so when Hambleton visited Britain he was arrested, charged, convicted and jailed.

    His sister worked in Pierre Trudeau’s office and one a month she visited Castro in Cuba flying first to Mexico and then Havannah taking messages between Pierre Trudeau and Fidel Castro.

    Maybe Pierre was trying to find a way to keep Margaret happy since he had little interest in women. If Pierre Trudeau really is the father of Justin Trudeau then i am sure he had to perform the mechanics while holding his nose.

    The RCMP knows this. Trudeau destroyed the RCMP and replaced it with CSIS which seems to be a Mossad asset. It has been led by Bob Rae (real name Levy) and Tony Clement (a jew who had to resign when he got caught with his pants down).

    There is any number of people who could be Justin’s father. My vote is for a British Columbia businessman with whom Margaret kept in constant contact during her marriage, but then again it could be Mick Jagger or Fidel Castro.

    Possibly Margaret knows but I doubt it.

  79. The Englishman February 9, 2022 @ 5:42 pm

    Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky is reported to have double pneumonia, the prognosis is grim.

    A fierce Nationalist whose father was Jewish of wealthy origins, apparently he was Orthodox Christian.

    He was, the few times I heard him speak, someone who struck a chord.

  80. John Carter February 9, 2022 @ 6:16 pm


    I wouldn’t try to “win over people” with lies.

    We want TRUTH! Regardless if it is unpalatable to certain people.

    It is essential to know the TRUTH about the so-called “holocaust”.

  81. KathJuliane February 9, 2022 @ 7:33 pm

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who had eight vaccinations, hospitalised with coronavirus



    Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the leader of the Liberal and Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) was hospitalized at Moscow’s Central Clinical Hospital. It was reported that the politician contracted the coronavirus infection that affected from 50 to 75 percent of his lungs.

    Zhirinovsky remains in serious condition, an unnamed source told TASS.

    “Vladimir Volfovich has been hospitalized, he is in the hospital in a serious condition,” the source said.

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky announced his eighth vaccination on December 20, 2021. He said that he gets vaccinated as soon as the level of his antibodies decreases.

    According to virologist Sergei Netesov, so many vaccinations can be detrimental to Zhirinovsky’s health. It is not recommended to act like the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, the specialist said.


    This is not being hidden in some corner of Russian media.

    Zhirinovsky’s health plight is all over search engine Yandex in every form of Russian media.

  82. KathJuliane February 9, 2022 @ 8:26 pm

    Dear John Gilbert,

    Start here.

    Did 6 Million Jews Really Die?


    Oh, look. I found the predecessor of the “Natzeee Gasss Chambers at Auschwitz”.

    Only, it’s in the Blueprints for the Santa Fe Bridge [El Paso, Texas] disinfection plant, 1916, and was used for delousing migrants and immigrants into the US.

    The gas chamber is even right next to a shower room on the blueprint. Oh, the horror.

    Clothing and belongings of Mexicans passing through the border checkpoint and disinfection plant during the “Typhus Scare” were usually deloused in steam rooms at the plant. If necessary, belongings were fumigated with colorless cyanogen gas — (CN)2 — purified and synthesized in 1815 from the pigment Prussian blue, in the ‘gas room’ clearly identified in the blueprint.

    You can also read about it here:

    Then there’s this little excerpted gem from NPR from an article titled The Bath Riots: Indignity Along the Mexican Border:

    “Many years later, as part of my research for this book at the National Archives in the Washington, D.C. area, I came upon some photographs taken in 1917 in El Paso. The pictures, which were part of the U.S. Public Health records, showed large steam dryers used to disinfect the clothes of border crossers at the Santa Fe Bridge. Here it was.

    “But I also unexpectedly uncovered other information at the National Archives that took my great-aunt’s personal recollections beyond family lore or microhistory. These records point to the connection between the U.S. Customs disinfection facilities in El Paso-Juárez in the 20s and the Desinfektionskammern (disinfection chambers) in Nazi Germany.

    “The documents show that beginning in the 1920s, U.S. officials at the Santa Fe Bridge deloused and sprayed the clothes of Mexicans crossing into the U.S. with Zyklon B. The fumigation was carried out in an area of the building that American officials called, ominously enough, “the gas chambers.”

    “I discovered an article written in a German scientific journal written in 1938, which specifically praised the El Paso method of fumigating Mexican immigrants with Zyklon B. At the start of WWII, the Nazis adopted Zyklon B as a fumigation agent at German border crossings and concentration camps.”

    This is NPR. Wait for it. Here comes the mandatory atrocity propaganda:

    “Later, when the Final Solution was put into effect, the Germans found more sinister uses for this extremely lethal pesticide. They used Zyklon B pellets in their own gas chambers not just to kill lice but to exterminate millions of human beings. But that’s another story.”


    Zyklon B was an insecticide used in Germany before and during World War II to disinfect ships, barracks, clothing, warehouses, factories, granaries, railroad passenger and cargo cars, and the clothing of train passengers traveling across the border from Eastern Europe into Germany at disinfection stations, and more.

    Zyklon-B also came to be used by the US immigration authorities to fumigate the clothing of migrants and immigrants coming into the US starting in the 1920s.

    “Zyklon B arrived in El Paso, Texas, in the 1920s courtesy of the U.S. government. In 1929, for example, a Public Health Service officer, J.R. Hurley, ordered $25 worth of the material — hydrocyanic acid in pellet form — as a fumigating agent for use at the El Paso delousing station, where Mexicans crossed the border from Juarez.

    “Zyklon, developed by Degesch (short for the German vermin-combating corporation), was made in varying strengths, with Zyklon C, D and E representing gradations in potency and price.

    “As Raul Hilberg describes it in “The Destruction of the European Jews,” “strength E was required for the eradication of specially resistant vermin, such as cockroaches, or for gassings in wooden barracks. The ‘normal’ preparation, D, was used to exterminate lice, mice or rats in large, well-built structures containing furniture. Human organisms in gas chambers were killed with Zyklon B.”

    “In 1929, Degesch divided the Zyklon market with an American corporation, Cyanamid, so Hurley likely got his shipment from the latter.”

    WWI unleashed epidemic or louse-born Typhus pandemic hell all across Europe which took almost two decades for Germany to bring under control and perfect their disinfection methods, just in time for WWII to start.

    Epidemic typhus, also called louse-borne typhus, is an uncommon disease caused by a bacteria called Rickettsia prowazekii. Epidemic typhus is spread to people through contact with infected body lice.

    Epidemic typhus was responsible for millions of deaths in previous centuries and well into the 20th century after two world wars. Untreated victims usually succumbed within 12 days after the onset of typhus symptoms.

    Its a fact of public health history that the medical scientists, public hygienists, and epidemiologists in the US, Russia (Poland was a part of Imperial Russia in the 19th century up to WWI), and various European countries, before, during and after WWI were internationally collaborating on ways to stop this louse-born scourge which had become a sporadic pandemic, and even reached into US cities with outbreaks as late as 1945.

    In paragraphs prior to these on Wiki, it describes the 19th century epidemics in Canada and the USA.

    Here is a peer-reviewed medical history on the US Gov’s own National Institute of Health website to give you a glimpse of part of just the European scope of this pestilence: TYPHUS AND ITS CONTROL IN RUSSIA 1870-1940

    Louse-born typhus can reduce a person to skin and bones within a couple of weeks, literally walking skeletons, due to uncontrollable dysentery and dehydration. It would rage through the labor and concentration camps like wildfire.

    The Germans went to great efforts to quarantine the sick from the healthy in special nursing barracks and stop the spread of typhus, at the same time went to great lengths to try to nurse the stricken in the quarantine barracks.

    Most of the piles of dead, skeletal remains of the concentration camp victims documented in movie film and photography by the Allies as Nazi atrocity war propaganda were typhus victims.

    Moreover, these weren’t all “dead Jews” piled up after the Jewish fable of “extermination” (aka “The Final Solution”). They were also dead Slavs, Gypsies, dissident Germans and Soviet POWs who succumbed to typhus and other pestilence and disease conditions in the camps, especially after the Allies bombed the trains to prevent food, medicines, sanitation and laundry supplies, and the life saving pesticides, especially Zyklon-B for delousing.

    For that matter, there are a lot of WWII photos of the living that the holocaustian cult claim are Jews being rounded up by Evil Germans and loaded on or off the cattle cars, but are actually other Eastern European ethnic groups being transported to various camps.

    But, for Auschwitz especially, there were other scourges, such as malaria. Some of the Auschwitz camp network was unfortunately built up in drained swamps and wet forests with a water table rising to about six feet below the surface.

    Even Wikipedia, in it’s entry on Typhus (sans any obligatory holocaust propaganda, an Hasbara oversight, I’m sure) writes:

    “Typhus was endemic in Poland [then a part of Imperial Russia-Kj] and several neighboring countries prior to World War I (1914–1918), but became epidemic during the war.[31][32][33]

    “Delousing stations were established for troops on the Western Front during World War I, but typhus ravaged the armies of the Eastern Front, where over 150,000 died in Serbia alone.[34] Fatalities were generally between 10% and 40% of those infected and the disease was a major cause of death for those nursing the sick.

    “In 1922, the typhus epidemic reached its peak in Soviet territory, with some 20 to 30 million cases in Russia.[35] Although typhus had ravaged Poland with some 4 million cases reported, efforts to stem the spread of disease in that country had largely succeeded by 1921 through the efforts of public health pioneers such as Hélène Sparrow and Rudolf Weigl.[36]

    “In Russia during the civil war between the White and Red Armies, epidemic typhus killed 2–3 million people, mainly of whom were civilians.[33][35][37][38] In 1937 and 1938 there was a typhus epidemic in Chile.[39]

    “During World War II, many German POWs after the loss at Stalingrad died of typhus. Typhus epidemics killed those confined to POW camps, ghettos, and Nazi concentration camps who were held in unhygienic conditions.

    “Pictures of mass graves including people who died from typhus can be seen in footage shot at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.[40] Among thousands of prisoners in concentration camps such as Theresienstadt and Bergen-Belsen who died of typhus[40] were Anne Frank, age 15, and her sister Margot, age 19 in the latter camp.”

    [The bodies which piled up from the last months of the war due to typhus and starvation thanks to Allied bombing, greatly exceeded the cremation capacities of any of the camp crematoria. Cremation for hygienic purposes was preferred way to dispose of especially victims killed by typhus and other infectious diseases.

    The crematoria were also oil-fired. Without the trains and railroads bombed by the Allies, there was no transported oil to feed the crematoria, and the bodies piled up because mass graves couldn’t be dug fast enough to inter them. – Kj]

    The Frank family was arrested in the Netherlands in August, 1944, and eventually transported to the Auschwitz concentration camp complex.

    Anne Frank died in early 1945, February or March, probably in the quarantine barracks, just a few months prior to the British liberation of Bergen-Belsen, I think it was. As I recall in the revisionist histories, there are also rare photographs of the British liberation of healthy, if sub-nourished and hungry, children and adults from a different part of the camp away from the quarantine barracks.

    Search for “Andersonville Prison Camp,” a Confederate POW camp for Union soldiers during the Civil War scourged by typhus and other filth diseases and foul conditions, and you should find a few early images of Union soldiers in the camps who were photographed as “living skeletons”.

    Without treatment, death may occur in 10% to 60% of people with epidemic typhus, with people over age 60 having the highest risk of death. In the antibiotic era, death is uncommon if doxycycline is given. In one study of 60 people hospitalized with epidemic typhus, no one died when given doxycycline.

    Prior to inventing Zyklon B, the Germans, looking for an efficient agricultural insecticide, happened to have earlier invented the organophosphate nerve agent Sarin gas in the 1930s which is at least 81 times more deadly than hydrogen cyanide, the gas that is generated from cyanide pellets like Zyklon B.

    Sarin was discovered in 1938 in Wuppertal-Elberfeld in Germany by scientists at IG Farben who were attempting to create stronger pesticides. The compound, which followed the discovery of the nerve agent Tabun, was named in honor of its discoverers, and only later was turned over to the German War Department as WWII started to break out.

    Sarin is highly toxic, whether by contact with the skin or breathed in. So, my question is, if .50 mg of Sarin can kill a person, and one gram of Sarin can kill thousands of people, which is very volatile and easily turns into a gas from its liquid form, and will outgas from clothing and skin to afflict unprotected others, why would the Evil Natsees go to all the trouble of trying to kill 6 million Jews with the more clumsy and less lethal drops of lbs of cyanide pellets into wet shower rooms?

    Next question. There are WWI & WWII battlefield and killing field mass graves after mass graves that are still being located all over Europe and Russia, often discovered via remote satellite viewing locations identifiable because of great soil disturbances, yet the mass graves and cremated remains of 6 million jews are nowhere to be found?

    But really, to execute and bury “6 million Jews” most efficiently and cheaply without all the fuss and bother of stripping them of their clothes, shaving their heads, fumigating their clothes, and “tricking” all of the all the Natsees had to do was copy the very efficient Bolshevik-Cheka industrial strength Jewish murder machine and put bullets to the back of their heads by the hundreds in one day’s work.

    Or, they could have just loaded up all the Jews into the cattle cars, and run them through giant train-sized gas chambers used at the German borders and various places in the German occupation. Jews missed the opportunity for an entire holocaust fable genre with that one.

    And one last thing. In normal humans, ie goyim, if they’d been gassed en mass with cyanide gas, vast numbers of bright, cherry RED corpses would have always been present among the victims. Not necessarily all of the corpses would have been red–but certainly large numbers, probably the vast majority, would have been intensely red in appearance from cyanide similar to carbon monoxide poisoning, and would have been remembered that way long after the war.

    That intense red coloring would have appeared within minutes of death, in the hypostasis and even in the pre-hypostasis condition. In anatomy, hypostasis is the settling of blood in the dependent parts of an organ or body.

    So far as I’ve read, every single one of those Jewish “eyewitnesses” to the gas chamber exterminations in the holocaustimania porn claimed the corpses were either “blue,” or “bluish” or “unremarkable”.

    So, it must be true as the Talmudists sometimes say that a Jew has a body entirely different from the goyim. Or else someone has been lying all along.

  83. B February 9, 2022 @ 10:07 pm

    New information given below as to why there was WW2.

    The only possibility for Israel to ever exist was by having WW2 happen.

    Britain passed the MacDonald White Paper in May 1939, a new policy unambiguously stating that there would never be such a thing as a Jewish state in Palestine and that an Arab-dominated unitary state of Palestine would be established before May 1949.

    In other words, the Zionist enterprise was doomed to fail without a second world war and any continuation of peace amounted to the death warrant of Zionism.

    Samuel Untermyer, the leader of the anti-German boycott, was also the former president of the Keren Hayesod (a major Zionist fundraising organization).

    And Stephen Wise, the founder of political Zionism in America, feared above all in 1934 that the Nazis would not persecute the Jews of Germany and so “would disarm worldwide Jewish protest” for the Zionist seizure of Palestine.

    In 1933, Nahum Sokolow, the president of the World Zionist Organization, said that “Hitlerism enables us to convert all Jews to Zionism.”. And 15 years later, Dorothy Thompson, a formerly-Zionist journalist, bitterly deplored that Hitler’s persecution of the Jews in Europe had driven the assimilationist (i.e. anti-Zionist) Jews into the Zionist camp, even labelling Hitler as “perhaps the most dynamic contributor to Zionism.”

    Dorothy Thompson’s conclusion was vastly based on Holohoax propaganda lies, but it still showed the success of the Zionist scheme for the radicalization of the Jews.

    Ref: Blog 5 entry

  84. KathJuliane February 10, 2022 @ 12:10 am

    Typhus and the Jews
    by Friedrich Paul Berg
    Published: 1988-12-01

    Journal of Historical Review, now at CODOH library:


    Jewish Resistance and the Torture of Bathing

    The intense resistance by the local population, by Poles as well as Jews, to the public health measures that responsible authorities intended for their welfare is also evident in a remarkable recent book, entitled Typhus and Doughboys, about the American military expedience in post World War 1 Poland.

    The book is based largely upon the internal correspondence of the American Polish Typhus Relief Expedition from 1919 to 1921. The book deals at great length with the difficulties American troops encountered when they tried a variety of methods to induce people simply to bathe and have their clothes deloused either with steam or cyanide.

    The difficulties were illustrated by the following passage about the efforts of one American officer in what appears from the context to have been a predominantly Jewish community.

    The school children were next bathed and deloused. Gorman observing that “if the older people were as enthusiastic as these children, typhus would no longer be a dread in Poland.” Unfortunately, the older people were content to live in the unimaginable dirt and filth, one old woman having been heard to cry out, “death here in my hovel rather than the torture of bathing.”[27]

    The book is quite valuable for its insights based upon an analysis of the actual correspondence of American officers. However, one should recognize that the book was written recently in an age when the foulest rubbish can be written about Poles, Germans, Austrians and even Americans with almost no hesitation at all but when criticism of Jews is inevitably accompanied with deep apologies. The following passage is informative nonetheless,[28]

    “Dixon pointed out some difficulties with the Jews, revealing his own anti-Semitic bias. In the town of Busko, which he inspected, he reported “there is considerable Typhus in the town particularly among the Jews. They are afraid to go to the hospital and use all means to keep the disease among them hidden.”

    They believed, in fact, That at the hospital they would not be able to live according to their religion – that they would be required to eat what the others ate – that they could never eat with their hats on and that if one of them died there he could not be buried according to his religion.

    “This belief is being overcome and the hospital now has ten Jews as patients.” Dixon also induced local authorities in Busko to impose a fine of 500 ruble on anyone who hid or attempted to hide a case of typhus. But, he recorded, “it did not prove very effective as the Jews, who were afraid of the hospital bribed the police and kept their sick hidden.”[29]

    Except for Dixon’s charge that Jews bribed the police, there seems no reason to believe he was biased; he seems to be simply reporting what he saw.

    The same intense resistance to the most minimal measures which any civilized society can impose for its own survival – the simple act of accurately reporting cases of a highly contagious disease – is evident in Lucy Dawidowicz’s The War Against The Jews for 1939-42 for the Warsaw ghetto:

    “In the Warsaw ghetto alone, epidemic typhus was believed to have affected between 100,000 and 150,000 persons, though the official figures were barely over 15,000. The spread of disease was concealed from the Germans. Hospital cases of typhus were recorded as “elevated fever” or pneumonia.

    “Mainly, the stricken were treated in their homes in a massive clandestine operation, covering up the presence of the disease from German inspection teams who periodically threatened to seal off the affected areas.[29]

    The intensity of the Jewish resistance to the simple act of bathing, for the 1920’s at least, is illustrated in Typhus and Doughboys by the following passage about American efforts in the town of Wlodowa…

    Confirmation of the general unsanitariness of the Polish Jews was even given by the Jewish Chairman of the Warsaw Judenrat, Adam Czerniakow. In his diary, which has been highly praised by Raul Hilberg among others, Czerniakow wrote for May 29, 1942:

    “I have been going through the streets with Brodt issuing reprimands or dispensing money awards to the janitors. Considering the level of civilization in this community, the ghetto cannot be kept clean. People, unfortunately, behave like pigs. Centuries of slovenliness bear their fruit. And this is compounded by the utter misery and dire poverty.[32]”

    After World War II, General George S. Patton described Jews living under his military authority in southern Germany. Martin Blumenson the editor of The Patton Papers regarded these remarks as indicative of a growing anti-Semitic attitude. For September 17, 1945 – five months after the liberation of the last of the German concentration camps – Patton wrote:

    “We drove for about 45 minutes to a Jewish camp … established in what had been a German hospital. The buildings were therefore in a good state of repair when the Jews arrived but were in a bad state of repair when we arrived, because these Jewish DP’s or at least a majority of them, have no sense of human relationships. They decline, where practicable, to use latrines, preferring to relieve themselves on the floor …

    “This happened to be the feast of Yom Kippur, so they were all collected in a large wooden building which they called a synagogue. It behooved General Eisenhower to make a speech to them.

    “We entered the synagogue which was packed with the greatest stinking bunch of humanity I have ever seen. When we got about half way up, the head rabbi, who was dressed in a fur hat similar to that worn by Henry VIII of England and in a surplice heavily embroidered and very filthy, came down and met the General …

    “However, the smell was so terrible that I almost fainted and actually about three hours later lost my lunch as the result of remembering it.[33]”

    Clearly, on the basis of the preceeding passages, there was general agreement among German doctors, British doctors, Polish doctors, American military officers and even some Jews as to the frequent aversion to cleanliness of Jews in and from Poland.

    To some extent, the backwardness of the Polish Jews can be explained by poverty and persecution. But, whatever the cause, it is still difficult to comprehend the hysterical resistance to minimal standards of hygiene and civilized living when a modest amount of common sense should have told them that it was necessary for their own survival. An attachment to a traditional lifestyle going back centuries, if not millenia, may have been regarded as vital to their religious and ethnic identity.

    In any event, it should be understood that Jews from Western countries were generally quite different in their personal habits. When these Jews were placed in camps with Polish Jews, they were as appalled as any other Westerners would have been. It does not seem fair to attribute the behavior of the Polish Jews to religion alone – but, religion may be important, nonetheless.

    Regardless of the true extent of the Jewish contribution to the spread of typhus, it is certainly safe to say that the German authorities were absolutely sincere in their statements that the Polish Jews were a major contributing factor in the spreading of the disease. They had not only the evidence of their own doctors to support this view but that of British and Polish doctors as well.

    They can hardly be blamed for applying severe measures to the Jews in order to control the epidemic. The severe measures included restrictions on the movements of Jews and eventually to the construction of a wall around the entire Warsaw ghetto. These measures during wartime were entirely reasonable to control the spread of typhus, and to prevent catastrophes like those which had already occurred in Poland and Russia during and after World War I.

    One should realize also that although medicine had made great progress in the years between the world war, not much progress had been made with regard to typhus. There was still no truly effective vaccine or treatment.

    The means for detection of typhus had been improved but that in itself did not go very far in preventing catastrophic epidemics except to alert authorities to be more stringent in their delousing of people, or of contaminated areas or trains coming from or passing through those areas. The real breakthrough came only near the end of the war with the availability of enormous quantities of DDT from the Americans for delousing.

    In any event, it is quite clear that the high incidence of typhus among Jews was not simply the result of persecution by the Germans, or of the confinement of Jews first in ghettoes and then in concentration camps. One of the main objectives of the camps was to maintain strict enough control upon the inmates so that typhus would at least subside if not disappear altogether.

    During the last months of the war, however, when typhus reappeared with a vengeance, the Germans had no choice but to maintain as tight control as they possibly could upon the inmates, to keep any of them from escaping, even if they could do little to help them.

    When the British took Bergen-Belsen at the request of the SS, they were appalled at what they found and considered simply moving the inmates out of the camp into neighboring dwellings.[34] They quickly realized, however, that that would have only compounded the disaster.

    Delousing as a Cover for Mass-Murder?

    It is often claimed in the Holocaust literature that the Germans disguised their extermination facilities as delousing stations with showers and barbers and laundries in order to lull Jews into the gas chambers.

    From the material already quoted, it should be obvious that a more unlikely arrangement to lull Polish Jews into doing anything would be hard to imagine. The prospect of bathing could have only had the opposite effect. In addition to their fear of showers and bathing generally, it was inevitable that there would have also been many false rumors which could have only compounded the Jewish resistance.

    Was the visit of a highly respected professor of hygiene, Professor Pfannenstiel, to Belzec and Treblinka only for the sake of putting on a convincing disguise? His visit makes no real sense unless the purpose of these camps was to do precisely what all other Durchgangslager or transit camps were intended to do, i.e., to delouse and medically examine and possibly quarantine people who were being moved to a new location.

    Although specific details about Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor may no longer be available, the planning and organization in general was not a secret. The planning and organization was thoroughly described in German wartime; technical journals such as Gesundheits-Ingenieur and Arbeitseinsatz und Arbeitslosenhilfe. [35]

    Basically, each transit camp or Durchgangslager was divided into a “clean” zone and a “dirty” zone with a strictly enforced barrier between the two zones. A delousing station straddled the boundary between the two zones at some point. Each camp was arranged so that new arrivals could only enter the “dirty” zone.

    To get over to the “clean” zone, they had to pass through the delousing station. Inside the delousing station, each person had to remove all of their clothing and belongings which would then be fumigated with cyanide, or steamed, or else heated with hot air while they took a shower and underwent a thorough medical examination which might include X-rays to determine – their state of health and whether or not they had any contagious diseases such as typhus and tuberculosis.

    If they failed to pass the exam, they might be sent back to wherever they had come from originally or they might simply be kept in a quarantine area for several weeks. If they passed, they would eventually be sent on, usually to another camp and put to work.

    Some additional details for handling people riding the trains in Eastern Europe were given by a German doctor…

    Full Journal of Historical Review document:

    Also see this footnote from Berg’s report:

    Melville D. Mackenzie, “Some Practical Considerations in the Control of Louse-borne Typhus Fever in Great Britain in the Light of Experience in Russia, Poland, Rumania and China,” Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine, Vol. 35 (London: 1942) p. 152 [p. 12 of Section of Epidemiology and State Medicine].

  85. KathJuliane February 10, 2022 @ 1:39 am

    Some factual bits from holocaustian propaganda site, which otherwise goes on to claim that the extensive camp hygiene and medical systems that they describe the Natsees set up and organized were all an expensive and logistical sham to cover for the lying, psychopathic Evil Chermans’ maniacal and pointless extermination of the 6 million Jews in the gas chambers.

    And then the Evil Chermans falsified all the medical records.

    Cue the weeping violin from Schindler’s List.



    Camp hospitals

    Medicine in Auschwitz

    When they organized the camp in Oświęcim in 1940, the SS gave it the same administrative makeup as the concentration camps that were already operating. Its structure thus included a Department V—camp medical service.

    The garrison physician (SS-Standortärzte) was head of this department. Until March 1942, he was under orders from the SS Medical Service, and afterwards from the head physician of the concentration camps; that is, the director of Office Group DIII (camp medical and hygiene) in the SS Main Economic-Administrative Office (SS-WVHA).

    On an everyday basis, the garrison physician cooperated closely with the camp commandant, advising him on medical, sanitation, and hygiene matters. The head physician had overall responsibility for the state of hygiene in the camp and headed the extensive medical service, which included the SS camp doctors.

    These doctors directed the camp hospitals (known as rewirs or infirmaries) with the help of SS orderlies and prisoner functionaries, at the head of whom stood the Lagerälteste HKB

    The opening and growth of the hospitals [Btw, Jews were not deported to the concentration and labor camps until 1941.]

    The foundation of the extensive network of camp hospitals at Auschwitz was the infirmary set up in the second half of June 1940, several days after the arrival of the first transport of Polish political prisoners.

    The first patients were prisoners who had been badly beaten or who were near the point of collapse because of the murderous exercises (called “sport”) that were characteristic of the preliminary quarantine period.

    As more transports arrived and the number of patients rose, the hospital expanded. In the final form assumed by the hospital in the Auschwitz I main camp, it was made up of block 19, the Schonungsblock for convalescent prisoners; block 20, the contagious diseases block; block 21, the surgical block; and block 28, the internal medicine block.

    In line with the expansion of Auschwitz from 1942 to 1944, new hospitals opened in the Auschwitz main camp (for the Soviet POWs and women prisoners held there at various times), Birkenau (in the camps for men, women, Roma, and Jews from the Theresienstadt ghetto), and in the sub-camps.

    At various times, the heads of the camp “hospitals” included SS physicians Max Popiersch, Siegfried Schwela, Oskar Dienstbach, Kurt Uhlenbroock, and Eduard Wirths in the Auschwitz main camp; Erwin von Helmersen, Heinz Thilo, and Rudolf Horstman in the Birkenau men’s camp; and Werner Rohde, Fritz Klein, and Hans Wilhelm König in the Birkenau women’s camp.

    Josef Mengele started out as the head doctor in the Zigeunerlager (“Gypsy camp”), and ended up in charge of all the hospitals and infirmaries in Birkenau.

    Conditions in the hospital

    The conditions for patients in the camp hospitals in the early phase were an affront to every known concept of caring for the sick. The prisoners, most of them extremely exhausted, often unconscious or in agony, lay in overcrowded rooms, in shirts darkened with filth or, often naked, on paper pads soaked with excrement, urine, and pus.

    Fleas and lice filled the hospital premises. In addition to this, rats prowled the Birkenau hospitals. At night, they gnawed the limbs of the dead women and attacked the unconscious or weakest prisoners.

    Patients received smaller food rations than prisoners with work assignments. All of them, but especially those with fever, suffered torments of thirst.

    [Rationing food and water happens in an extreme war economy under battlefield conditions. Soldiers get the highest calorie and most nutritious rations. Next down are the active war industry workers, and then the helping professions like doctors and nurses; mothers and children, old and infirm, hospital patients got the least rations. Ask anyone who survived the Seige of Leningrad.-Kj]

    In connection with the increasing labor requirements of the German wartime economy, the SS began taking various steps in the second half of 1942 to decrease the death rate. Generally, these were superficial measures.

    In this second phase, however, the SS assigned the camp hospitals the role of reducing the prisoner death rate—in relation to prisoners who seemed likely to return to labor in a short time. For the gravely ill, the camp hospitals continued to be instruments of annihilation.

    [Millions of German civilians were also starving, and on very slim rations, augmenting what they could from home and community gardens in the country, forage in the forests, and for awhile what they could get from farmers.]

    Sicknesses and epidemics

    The overall conditions of camp life ensured that many people fell sick from the very first months, and their numbers rose steadily over time. Physical harassment of the prisoners resulted in numerous broken limbs and suppurating sores on the buttocks, usually after flogging.

    The winter, and also late fall and early spring, saw numerous cases of colds, pneumonia, and frostbite which developed not infrequently into gangrene. The dreadful sanitation conditions caused skin diseases, and above all scabies.

    Almost all prisoners suffered from boils, rashes, and abscesses that resulted mostly from vitamin deficiency and infections.

    1942-1943 (and especially 1942) went down in the history of the camp as a period of raging epidemics, and especially typhus, which claimed the greatest number of lives. Many prisoners suffered from tuberculosis, ague (malaria), meningitis, pemphigus, dysentery, and Durchfall, a disorder of the digestive system caused by improper and inadequate food.

    In camp conditions, all these illnesses were highly acute. A characteristic camp illness was starvation sickness. It was usually accompanied by diarrhea (often bloody), swollen legs, impaired vision and hearing, memory loss, nervous breakdown and, above all, exhaustion to the point of collapse. The majority of prisoners suffered from several medical conditions simultaneously.

    Selection, executions, and experiments

    The SS physicians were formally responsible for the medical service for the prisoners, but in reality they paid scant heed to the needs of the prisoners or their basic medical responsibilities.

    They only cared about creating the appearance of competent medical care.

    They were mainly occupied with camp extermination operations, carrying out the selection of the arriving Jewish transports and the patients in the prisoner hospitals, supervising the killing of Jews in the gas chambers, being present at executions, conducting experiments on prisoners on behalf of German pharmaceutical companies or out of their own private interests, and signing thousands of prisoner death certificates with fictitious causes of death.


    Stop. I can’t stand any more of the weeping violin’s lies.

    But there are numerous little nuggets of fact, not Jewish fable, to be found.

  86. Ted Gorsline February 10, 2022 @ 12:16 pm


    You have done such good, accurate and detailed research for so long now that you ought to cobble it into a book.

  87. Captain_Obviuos February 10, 2022 @ 4:42 pm


    Your comments, with all appropriate proof to back your story, are very well-appreciated. Thank you sincerely.

    However, you cannot make people wear the sunglasses, like in the movie “They Live.” (Personal aside: now I know how Roddy Piper felt — those sunglasses are quite a rush!) And just like in the movie, it will likely take the drastic step of making them kick and scream before they are able to see.

    Actually, I am not at all convinced John Gilbert is not a troll, just like this supposed DC trucker blockade.

    Puzzle pieces: they have built a concrete wall around the White House in DC; a trucker revolt is announced to converge there; the DHS just issued a statement warning about domestic terrorism.

    Time to put the sunglasses back on…

  88. benzion kook February 10, 2022 @ 7:58 pm


    Strange coincidence that a lot of the Jews “All Lies” seem to believe in the commie Holohoaxism™.

  89. Frog Woman February 10, 2022 @ 10:09 pm

    The best interview I have ever seen: Kari Lake (a Republican running for governor of Arizona) demolishes a globalist swine Australian ‘reporter’.


  90. KathJuliane February 11, 2022 @ 1:57 am

    Tucker: Justin Trudeau is attacking human rights

    Feb 10, 2022

    Fox News host gives his take on the Freedom Convoy protests on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’


  91. benzion kook February 11, 2022 @ 11:47 am


    Strange coincidence that a lot of the Jews “All Lies” seem to profess belief in their commie Holohoaxism™.

  92. KathJuliane February 11, 2022 @ 12:20 pm

    Freedom Convoy – Speech by Canadian Army Major Stephen Chledowski | IrnieracingNew


  93. The Englishman February 11, 2022 @ 1:57 pm

    The West (Nato) has an opportunity to “take the sting out of the tail” (Lord Richard Dannatt) of the looming slaughter in Ukraine

    The West euthanizes the idea of Ukraine becoming a member of Nato.

    No prizes for guessing who’s behind the Nation snatching.

  94. KathJuliane February 11, 2022 @ 2:03 pm

    Why Ottawa protesters seem to be a step ahead of police

    CBC News: The National
    February 7, 2022

    Experts say the presence of former police officers within the ranks of the Ottawa protesters is giving them a tactical edge over local law enforcement.


  95. Ted Gorsline February 11, 2022 @ 2:57 pm

    Nato’s nervous looking chief, Jens Stoltenberg, has been made head of Norway’s central bank, apparently a bank allegedly owned by the Norwegian state.

    The head of the bank is Oystein Olsen.

    Oystein is a pretty odd Scandanavian name.

  96. KathJuliane February 11, 2022 @ 3:40 pm

    Judeo-Bolshie Weijewmerica Clown World Empire…


    Meet The Drag Queen Biden Just Put In Charge Of Nuclear Waste

    Zero Hedge

    Welcome To Weimar America

    Politico reported today that Sam Brinton has been appointed the new deputy assistant secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Energy Department’s Office of Nuclear Energy. Who is Sam Brinton? A “non-binary” drag queen into kink. In “their” own words:

    Whether they are walking the halls of Congress to help educate the Hill on the differences in advanced nuclear reactors or belting out their favorite tunes with the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, DC, it is hard to miss Sam Brinton’s passion for changing the world – and potentially their stilettos.

    As Jon Miller put it, “even in Weimar, this kind of perverted degeneracy was kept underground”.

    Also see:

    EXC: New Biden Nuclear Hire Is Drag Queen Who Wears Stilettos to Work, Discusses Sex With Animals, And Calls NIH Chief ‘Daddy Fauci’.

    National Pulse

  97. The Englishman February 11, 2022 @ 5:11 pm

    Moribund Biden hiring a drag queen

    @ Cambridge Dictionary
    Meaning of drag in English
    UK /dræɡ/ US /dræɡ/
    drag verb (PULL)

    B2 [ T ]
    to move something by pulling it along a surface, usually the ground:

    Quite, he and others in the top job, literally Drag them out on their ear!

  98. KathJuliane February 11, 2022 @ 6:19 pm

    DHS Attacks American Citizens Using Terrifying Tax Payer Funded Propaganda Campaign

    DC Uncovered

    By Wendi Strauch Mahoney -February 10, 2022

    The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has partnered with the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Agency (CISA) to roll out a terrorism advisory and, with it, a series of “graphic novels” called “The Resilience Series” to combat “Mis-Dis-, and Malinformation” (MDM).

    The series is one shameless piece of a larger puzzle that is now our government-sponsored American propaganda machine.

    It is stark evidence of how committed U.S. government agencies are to their current totalitarian agenda.

    DHS and CISA are effectively being weaponized to label certain classes of Americans as terrorists—and unfortunately, it isn’t the first time.

    Now they are getting creative, rolling out all the tools necessary to propagate their message to the unsuspecting American public.

    The National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin

    In short, the Feb. 7 National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin (NTASB) warns of MDM propagated by foreign and domestic actors who are fueled by an “online environment filled with false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories.”

    The DHS bulletin states that “threat actors seek to exacerbate societal friction to sow discord and undermine public trust in government institutions to encourage unrest, which could potentially inspire acts of violence.” The full opening paragraph of the advisory reads as follows: …


  99. benzion kook February 11, 2022 @ 8:54 pm

    Never on the rails to begin with.

    Biden’s latest hire to a top level position (Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition Deputy) at the DOE is 27 year-old Sam Brinton, a self-professed queer drag queen “activist” who has anal sex with men dressed as dogs and counsels students on the normality of bestiality and the grammatical use of proper pronouns when dealing with people with mental disorders.

    He is a registered Democrat. Also a spitting image of a young Vladimir Lenin.

    Evidently, after Biden and the neo-commie Jews get us nuked he’ll deal with our “Waste Disposition.”

  100. KathJuliane February 12, 2022 @ 11:28 am

    Rosanne Boyland — murdered by the DC Metro Police, January 6, 2021



    ‘Objectively reasonable’: DC cop cleared for beating unconscious Jan. 6 protester in the head. She died.

    Posted by: Jim Patrick|February 12, 2022

    This article contains content which is editorial in nature and is the opinion of the writer.

    WASHINGTON, DC- As always, one needs only to flip the script a bit and think about what might happen were the roles reversed.

    In this case, we are talking about the beating of Rosanne Boyland, a 34-year-old supporter of former President Trump who was beaten with a steel baton and large wooden stick by a D.C. Metropolitan police officer on Jan. 6, 2021.

    Boyland later died from her injuries, Newsmax reports.

    Now, an internal affairs investigation into the incident has concluded the actions of the DC Metro officer—Lila Morris—was “objectively reasonable,” as reported in The Epoch Times.

    The investigation into Boyland’s death came about after Gary McBride of Decatur, Texas filed a complaint against Morris for the incident that occurred at the entrance to the U.S. Capitol’s West Terrace tunnel, according to video McBride reviewed which led to the complaint. McBride had compiled a library of videos recorded at the Capitol siege on Jan. 6, 2021.

    So, let’s flip the script—an unarmed black woman gets beaten unconscious by a white female police officer and subsequently dies. Washington, D.C. would probably still be burning.

    And guarantee that white female officer would not only be facing internal sanctions but probably would have been arrested. What’s that about white privilege again?

    McBride said he had been engaged in back and forth correspondence with DC Metro officials, and finally last Nov. 15, McBride was told that Morris had been cleared of any wrongdoing.

    “The use of force within this investigation was determined to be objectively reasonable,” wrote Capt. David K. Augustine, director of the Risk Management Division of the Metro Police Internal Affairs Bureau, the Epoch Times reported.

    “Officer Morris is still employed by the MPD and not facing criminal charges related to the use of force on Jan. 6.”

    McBride told the Times he was stunned by the department’s decision.

    “It told me right there that it’s OK for them to do what they do,” McBride said. “They are doing exactly what they want to do. They don’t care if you know or see.

    “They just showed me that they’re going to beat somebody and kill them, but they have the power to say, ‘That was objectively reasonable.’ And we’re supposed to accept that and say, OK.”

    The incident involving Boyland came about after she was pinned under a pile of protesters who were attempting to flee the tunnel after police deployed gas munitions. Boyland, from Kennesaw, Georgia lost consciousness as she was crushed by the throng for several minutes and stopped breathing.

    A friend of hers, Justin Winchell begged police and protesters to provide first aid to his stricken friend, however Winchell became apoplectic when Morris struck Boyland in the head as she lay unconscious, The Epoch Times continued.

    ‘She’s gonna die! She’s gonna die!…I need somebody! He’s dead!” Winchell cried out.

    She was pronounced dead more than 90 minutes later.

    According to the medical examiner, Boyland died of “accidental acute amphetamine intoxication” from Aderall according to an April report from The Washington Post.

    It was reported that several protesters had attempted CPR on Boyland as she lay lifeless, however their efforts were foiled in part due to Morris’s beating, as well as the pepper spray being deployed in the area.

    Congressional testimony seemed to indicate that police had attempted CPR at 4:26 p.m. on Jan. 6, however a timeline indicates she was still laying on concrete outside the Capitol being given CPR by two protesters, Jake Lang and Ronald McBee.

    Boyland’s family however has questions, including her father who is demanding to know why Morris attacked his daughter while she was unconscious.

    “She had a choice; that officer had a choice,” Bret Boyland told The Epoch Times. “She could have helped her right there at that point in time. But she chose to grab the stick and start hitting her.”

    According to bodycam video, Morris was seen picking up what appeared to be either a walking stick or a tree branch.

    She was seen raising it over her head with both hands and striking Boyland at least four times in rapid succession as she lay helpless on the ground. She was hitting Boyland so hard that the stick broke; she continued to strike at Boyland until she was pulled back by other officers.

    Morris was unbelievably honored as a hero after that attack and was a guest of honor at last year’s Super Bowl in Tampa.

    One man, Philip Anderson of Mesquite, Texas was at the bottom of the same human pile as Boyland, the Times reported, and he was livid over the internal affairs investigation, calling it “absolute bullshit.”

    “There is nothing reasonable about hitting a non-responsive woman lying on the ground over the head with a baton,” he told the outlet. “They say it’s reasonable because she (Boyland) was a Trump supporter.”

    He argued that there should have been an independent investigation conducted by either a special prosecutor or a grand jury.

    “The fact that they have been lying from the beginning is reason enough for investigation,” Anderson said. “The only reason why anyone even knows this is because I barely survived and am her now to call out their blatant lies (about) the woman that they killed.”

    For Bret Boyland, he asked the Metro PD for copies of the bodycam video from various police officers present in the terrace tunnel, a request which was denied.

    “It has been determined that the information you are seeking is part of an ongoing investigation and criminal proceeding,” he was told. “With exception of the portions of the video that has been shown publicly, MPD cannot fulfill your request. The release of this information could interfere with enforcement proceedings by revealing the direction and pace of the investigation.”

    The Epoch Times filed a FOIA request for Morris’s bodycam footage, however the request was denied due to “privacy grounds.”

    Boyland said the family was initially denied a copy of the autopsy report, however, has since been able to obtain the document.

    “Through our lawyer and additional FOIA requests, we have obtained the full autopsy report, which has been forwarded to the pathologist,” he told the Times.

    The family has hired their own forensic pathologist to review the DC medical examiner’s report on their daughter’s death.

    One matter that greatly disturbed McBride was the fact that despite Rosanne being unconscious, it appeared she could still feel the blows to her head.

    “When she takes that second hit to the head, watch her left arm, her left arm straightens up and lifts of the ground,” McBride said.

    Imagine if this happened at a Black Lives Matter riot.

  101. benzion kook February 12, 2022 @ 12:43 pm

    Malinformation Stream Media.

    Non-existent invasions (except theirs), interest rates raised from zero, so what.

    Wall St. bubblers getting worried?

    Biden’s jew-picked cabinet, 12 zhedies and 1 coon, mostly homos, how diverse can you get?

    Mainly tasked with rounding up and killing whites. Apocalyptic.

    Just in: Frogs in France tear-gas Freedom convoy on Champs-Elysee.

  102. KathJuliane February 12, 2022 @ 1:47 pm

    While Ukraine’s decades old, extremely thin, chronically plundered, and weak economy which has virtually disappeared over the past 7 or 8 years, and gasping out its death rattle, here is proof positive that Judeo-Ukraine is really a ZOG black soil colonial plantation of Israel.

    Ukrainians are nothing but feudal serfs. Ukraine is the only country outside of Israel with a Jewish president.

    From behind the paywall


    Opinion | The ‘Ten Plagues’ Facing Israel if Russia Invades Ukraine

    Israel faces a perfect storm of problems if Russia chooses large-scale military aggression against Ukraine, Israel’s quiet but critical partner


    February 10, 2022

    Shimon Briman

    3,000 kilometers separate Jerusalem and Kyiv. And that distance is probably why most Israelis don’t know how much their normal everyday life is already connected to Ukraine, or how much of what they take for granted actually depends on peace and stability in Ukraine.

    Those who think a large-scale Russian war against Ukraine cannot affect Israel are very much mistaken. This is why.

    1. Ukraine has been Israel’s main grain supplier for more than a decade. Deliveries from Ukraine account for almost 50 percent of Israeli consumption of grain and other cereals. To understand what the loss of Ukrainian grain would mean, simply break off half of your child’s sandwich or half of the loaf of bread you bought for breakfast and hide it away out of reach. Because you won’t have it anymore.

    2. A very large part of the consumption of corn and corn products in Israel is provided by supplies from Ukraine. Israel imports more than $200 million worth of Ukrainian corn annually. Without Ukraine, Israelis can forget dozens of corn products.

    3. Israel imports from Ukraine large volumes of barley, rapeseed, and soybeans, as well as agro-processing waste, molasses, beer and vodka production waste, and alfalfa in bales.

    Ukraine supplies Israel with a significant share of feed for cows and calves, chickens, turkeys, and for breeding fish and horses. The total volume of Ukraine’s agricultural exports to Israel is more than $400 million annually. The Israeli food industry, animal husbandry, and the dairy industry are closely dependent on supplies from Ukraine.

    A blow to Ukraine would be a powerful blow to these industries, which directly affect all Israelis: the contents of their plates, cups, and pockets.

    4. Ukrainian grain covers 24 percent of all the needs of Egypt and – attention! – 50 percent of Lebanon’s grain supply. In the event of interruptions or even more a shutdown, of the Ukrainian market due to military chaos, Israel’s southern and northern neighbors will be hit by severe blows to their food stability.

    That could lead to food shortages, even famine, in these countries, spurring civil unrest. Hungry, unstable neighbors pose a clear threat to Israel.

    5. Ukraine has the most fertile lands in the world, the famous black soil. Over the past decade, it has become a major global player in the food market. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture forecast, Ukraine in 2022 should be set to provide 12 percent of world wheat exports, 16 percent of world corn, 18 percent of barley, and 19 per cent of world rapeseed.

    Speaking of rapeseed, it’s canola oil, diesel fuel additives, and animal feed additives; oleic acids from rapeseed are used from pharmacology to linoleum.

    If Russian military aggression forcibly “kicks out” Ukraine from the world food market – or even just temporarily delays sowing, harvesting, processing, and supply – it will create a tsunami effect on a global scale. This will hit not only Israel, but the entire arc of states from North Africa to the Persian Gulf and South Asia, all consumers of Ukrainian exports.

    6. Two-thirds of Ukraine’s agricultural products are grown in the eastern and southern regions of this country – precisely those regions closest to potential strikes from Russia.

    The main ports from which Ukrainian exports go to Israel and the Middle East are Odessa and Mariupol, identified by U.S. intelligence as potential targets for a Russian invasion. The blockade of these Ukrainian Black Sea ports by the Russian army and navy would halt the export of agricultural and metallurgical products.

    7. About metal: Every year, Israel imports from Ukraine hot-rolled steel, steel bars, ferroalloys, pipes, steel billets, metal structures, as well as timber, plywood, and wood-based panels worth $120 million.

    All are extremely important for Israel’s construction industry: for ports, hydraulic structures, military facilities, airports, high-rise buildings, industrial facilities, tunnels, railway lines – wherever reinforced concrete structures are used. Sheet metal from Ukraine is used in Israel for transport, conveyor lines, waste plants, and metalworking.

    Oleksandr Pavlov, head of the Ukraine-Israel Business Council, tells me:

    “In the event of a war (against Ukraine), it will be extremely difficult to replace all this. And the price will not be so favorable for Israeli importers, and the delivery logistics will definitely be more expensive. The nearest such ‘supermarkets’ are either in the euro area, or with states hostile to Israel, or very far away, of poor quality or the wrong standards, the wrong assortment and the wrong quantity.”

    Similarly, infrastructure projects of national importance will stall and be pushed back for many years. 2,000 construction workers from Ukraine will stop coming to Israel. People who have taken mortgage loans for new construction will wait longer for their apartments and pay more. The already painful rise in property prices will accelerate.

    I will add my own two cents: if there is at least a theoretical option to replace Ukraine on the metal products market, then it is almost impossible to find a replacement for Ukraine on the food and agricultural market. Especially in the face of global food shortages and the seasonal nature of food maturation and production.

    8. All this will lead to the fact that, in the event of a major war against Ukraine, the increase in the cost of living in Israel will make our current complaints about rising prices look like child’s play. We are on the verge of the biblical “seven years of hunger,” with a sharp rise in food prices.

    And I have not yet mentioned the potential wave of refugees from Ukraine in the face of military tension.

    9. Israeli high-tech, a key engine of the Israeli economy, has a longtime worker shortage, which has led to Ukraine becoming Israel’s main subcontractor for reliable and qualified specialists: almost 45 percent of Israeli high-tech outsourcing is based in Ukraine.

    Israeli orders involve 10-17,000 programmers, and some experts talk about almost 20,000 Ukrainian programmers fulfilling orders from Israeli companies.

    Israeli startups are today connected by a umbilical cord with Ukrainian subcontractors in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and Odessa – exactly the cities that the arrows on military maps forecast as likely targets of Russian military strikes.

    Israeli companies are already discussing relocation scenarios with Ukrainian partners, for example, to Poland. But it is obvious to everyone that in the event of a large-scale invasion, there will be interruptions and serious delays in the development of many Israeli high-tech projects.

    10. The focus of the U.S., U.K. and EU countries on Ukraine during further Russian aggression will divert their attention and resources from the threat of Iran. And Tehran, in turn, under the guise of a war in Eastern Europe, could make a breakthrough towards nuclear weapons.

    The position of the West as a collective may turn towards greater compliance with the Iranian nuclear program. They say, “this is less important and less dangerous than the Russia-Ukraine conflict.” As a result, Israel may be left face to face the nuclear threat alone.

    Zvi Magen, who served as Israel’s ambassador to both Russia and Ukraine, has stated that while Israel and Russia currently take the same approach to the Iranian issue, that commonality of views could easily change if current tensions around Ukraine will develop into a general crisis between Russia and the West.

    Most immediately, that could have an impact in Syria, where there is a longstanding tacit cooperation between Israel and Russia regarding Israeli strikes on Iranian arms deliveries.

    In an effort to source a replacement for Russian gas for Europe in the event of an attack by Moscow on Ukraine, U.S. President Joe Biden has fastened on Qatar, with its huge gas reserves, but which also funds Islamic radicalism in many parts of the world and is one of the main donors to Hamas. A starring role for Qatar could put stress on the moderate Gulf states’ joint anti-Iranian front with Israel.

    All these “ten plagues” could happen if Russia decides on a large-scale invasion of Ukraine. Therefore, Israel should pray for the stability of its quiet but critical partner. And it should make every effort to deter current and future aggression against Ukraine.

    Shimon Briman is a historian, freelance journalist and Israeli expert on Israel-Ukraine relations

  103. Ted Gorsline February 12, 2022 @ 4:07 pm

    I had an Austrian businessman on safari who bought a furniture factory in Ukraine, but he had to abandon it and leave.

    He said organized crime, I assume Jewish, made it too dangerous for him to stay there.

    Victoria Nuland now seems to run Ukraine from the US Embassy.

  104. KathJuliane February 12, 2022 @ 5:44 pm

    New Andrew Joyce article.

    Israel: A Refuge for Swindlers

    Occidental Observer

    February 12, 2022

    Most of the Jews are thieves.”

    Thus said the founding father of Israel, David Ben Gurion, when he heard about Jewish soldiers carrying Persian rugs from freshly looted Arab properties during the Arab-Israeli war. If he were around today, I don’t think Ben Gurion would find any reason to radically change his opinion, and he probably wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Israel has become a hub of international fraud.

    An Israeli Specialty

    International fraud of all kinds is an Israeli specialty. Israel’s Money Laundering and Terror Financing Prohibition Authority receives frequent requests for information from financial intelligence units in at least 19 countries around the world.

    The main crimes that are the focal point of these requests are “money laundering, fraud, particularly investment scams, binary options and forex scams, bribery and corruption, forgery and illegal gambling.” If there is a way for someone to be parted from their money, you can be sure there is an Israeli working very hard to accomplish it.

    A poor history of complying with extradition requests with generous tax breaks for millionaires has resulted in Israel being perceived as a criminals’ paradise.

    Remarking on Israel’s “massive fraudulent online and scam industry” and its potential to “undermine Israel’s economic reputation and stoke anti-Semitism,” the Times of Israel pointed out that a 2008 piece of legislation had acted as a “a nudge and a wink to would-be tax evaders and money launderers worldwide to settle in Israel and launder their money here”.

    The law grants a 10-year tax exemption on income earned abroad to olim hadashim (new immigrants) as well as toshavim hozrim vatikim (returning residents who have lived abroad for at least 10 years) and other eligible new residents.

    It also gives a 10-year exemption on reporting earnings abroad to people in these categories. It’s a magnet for Jewish thieves.

    Some Considerations

    Writing in Mein Kampf, Hitler argued during a discussion of Zionism that “What [Jews] really are aiming at is to establish a central organization for their international swindling and cheating. As a sovereign State, this cannot be controlled by any of the other States. Therefore it can serve as a refuge for swindlers who have been found out and at the same time a high-school for the training of other swindlers.”

    All things considered, this is obviously a very prescient comment that has an undeniable ring of truth in light of the facts presented above. Far from being an example of fortune-telling, however, the prediction rests on what would today be regarded as certain anti-Semitic assumptions based on stereotypical traits associated with Jews.

    Full story:

  105. Rabbi Goyim February 12, 2022 @ 8:12 pm

    AJ interviewed a Russian journalist today through a translator. The Russian wanted to know why the U.S. hates Russians so much. So, I will answer:

    Americans do not hate Russians. We want peace with all Christian nations. The U.S. is not being ran by our own. Our government is ran by a Rootless International Clique that will not allow Christians to have peace. And they do hate Russians, Europeans and Americans.

    This same tribe took over Russia by degree starting in around 1850. First they corrupted Russians through hard drink and usury. They worked their way into the Russian government, then assassinated the Czar in around 1917. They installed their own in positions of power: government, military, newspaper, banking… Once they were in control, they began their murder spree of Russian Christians between 20-80million.

    Read “200 Years Together” and you will see the truth.

    That is why they hate Russians because you are Christian.

    Now, the descendants of that tribe are here in America in control of government, military, media, medical, banking… And, they are using their power to create chaos in the world.

  106. Things Jews Say February 13, 2022 @ 8:31 am

    Rabbi says goyim will be genocided in below link.

  107. Kristine March 2, 2022 @ 1:15 am

    Japheth is still dwelling in the tents of Shem and Canaan is still his servant.

  108. Kristine March 2, 2022 @ 1:20 am

    Israel is a people, still scattered. What God has scattered, He will gather.

    Please read Jeremiah 30/31 and the rest of the Bible yourselves for the real story.

    When the man of sin appears, the whole world will follow after him.

    Why? Because of lies like the holocaust and jewish supremacy/victimhood.

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