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How Trump Wins

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How Trump Wins
November 24 2020

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Brother Nathanael @ November 23, 2020


  1. Brother Nathanael November 24, 2020 @ 12:01 am


    How Trump Wins

    Eat your heart out Bibzy, Trump’s gonna snuff you out.

    That’s because Netanyahu hailed imposter Biden as ‘president-elect’ thinking Trump had no path to victory.

    Give a look…give a listen [Clip]

    [“I wish to congratulate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”]

    That’s Hebrew for Bibzy screwing his “best friend,” President Trump.

    But the back-stabber (a Jewish tradition) has to be already peeing in his pants.

    Trump has many paths to victory.

    Here’s how Trump wins.

    1) State Legislatures will certify elections on December 14.

    The State Legislatures have Republican majorities in the battleground states:

    Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin.

    These Republican Legislatures could legally deem as valid only the ballots cast at the time the polls officially closed prior to the coordinated tallying shutdowns at midnight when heaps of suspicious mail-in ballots came pouring in for Biden.

    Trump was winning by a landslide when the polls closed.

    We all know what happened next, grand larceny on a swinish scale while everybody slept.

    Now, these State Legislatures have a Constitutional right to appoint their own slate of electors instead of the electors selected to award Biden the win.

    With the fraud in our faces these Republican State Legislatures are duty-bound to re-appoint their own electors.

    Then Mike Pence, as President of the Senate, would receive the ballots represented by the Legislatures’ electors.

    Protecting the sovereignty of the States is what’s at stake here, not the sovereignty of the Jewish-run mob.

    If Pence chooses the Legislatures’ appointed electors:

    Voila! Trump wins.

    2) If the US House rejects Pence’s choice it goes to a House vote on January 6th.

    Each State gets only one vote.

    Thirty one States have a Republican majority in the House, nineteen States have a Democrat majority in the House.

    The Senate, a Republican majority, also has one vote per State.

    It’s a slam dunk, Trump wins.

    3) If Congress is deadlocked, then Pelosi (blech!) becomes acting president (whose actions can be negated) until the impasse is settled.

    Then the election-theft goes to the Supreme Court.

    The Trump Campaign Legal Team, along with 3rd party independent attorneys such as Sidney Powell and Lin Wood—no, the Trump Team did not “fire” Sidney Powell—are developing hard evidence of illegal election day extensions; Biden-only ballots; Dominion Voting Systems using algorithms coded to flip votes from Trump to Biden; and statistical proof of countless Democrat precincts suspiciously showing tallies with the exact same vote ratio-split between Biden as ‘winner’ and Trump as ‘loser.’

    As Sidney Powell says, “That’s like flipping a coin 186,000 times and it lands on heads every time.”

    At the very least, SCOTUS must disallow all ballots—hundreds of thousands of them—in Michigan and Wisconsin where past midnight vote dumping showed 100 percent of the votes going for Biden and zero percent, nada, zilch, for Trump.

    As for the late mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania, SCOTUS must also disallow.

    There the swinish Jew, Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, unlawfully authorized counting ballots arriving up to three days after Election Day even without a postmark.

    That’s what a Jew will do to screw all of you.

    It’s in direct violation of Pennsylvania’s own legislated statutes which require ballots to be postmarked and received by election authorities by 8 pm Election Day, and ballots coming in later cannot be counted.

    Again, Trump wins.

    The creeping corporate-technocratic-socialist-big media-pathological medical tyranny hell-bent on destroying America’s Constitutional Republic will be cut off.

    The leading players of this criminal element:

    David Solomon of Goldman Sachs; Marc Zuckerberg and Susan Wojcicki of Facebook and Google; George Soros whose linked Tides Foundation shared an office with Dominion Voting Systems in Toronto, only upon exposure to recently pack up and flee; Jacob Tapperman and Brian Stelter of Communist News Network CNN; and ‘Rachel’ Levine, Secretary of Health of Pennsylvania, an ugly transgenderized Jewish male posing as a gruesome looking female…will see their serpentine, treasonous coup choked and checked.

    But there’s a Catch-22.

    If Trump gets in Jared Kushner could possibly rule the roost.

    If Biden gets in, Douglas Emhoff—Commeela’s Jewish husband, a Big Tech Yiddishee lawyer—will rule the roost.

    I’ll take my chances with Trump.

    After Bibzy stabbed him in the back Trump’s knows who his real enemies are.

    As unpredictable and contrarian as Trump can be—especially to snakes and back-stabbers—Trump may decide to trash the Jewish Establishment, along with his son-in-law, and IsraHell to boot.

    Talk about peeing in your pants!

    It would be Trump’s second term and he can do as he may please.

    Then let Bibzy and his seditious tribe find an old rotten tree to piss on.

  2. Brother Nathanael November 24, 2020 @ 12:02 am

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  3. Brother Nathanael November 24, 2020 @ 12:02 am

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  4. Caveman2012 November 24, 2020 @ 12:49 am

    Thank you for the whiff of fresh air, dear +BN!

    It was an uphill battle from the very beginning:

    -the whole media and tech giants against Trump,
    -massive amounts of money from the banks and Soros against him,
    -the unleashing of Covid just in time for the elections,
    -traitors in the own ranks like the Bushiites and other RINOs.

    If Trump failed to deliver in one strategical area in the past four years was in getting Jew-wise and acting accordingly. Too many Jews in positions of power and close to the President, you mentioned Kushner but there are far too many. We see the backstabbing now in the courts, in the GOP, Fox News and everywhere.

    In the end we must recognize that Trump did not have a party behind him. That must be his first priority whatever the outcome of this crooked election. He must unite the Trump people around the core values of God, Nationalism (America First!), work and family.

    Away from gender ideology, globalism, interventionism and big corporations! If he manages to get half of his voters to support a movement along these lines he has won already.

    Purge all Jews, neocons, Zionists and opportunists from positions of power within the movement, and he will have a formidable support base.

  5. Steve November 24, 2020 @ 2:14 am

    Kill the Children!

    Your “paths” to victory for Trump are spot on except for something that understandably not even you can begin to fathom, and, something that is already being very effectively employed: the threats of violence against any “conservative” rep or judge or bureaucrat, etc. and/or their families that stands in the NWO way.

    The Antifa/BLM mobs have already delivered “krystal nachten” chaos to our cities decapitating local law enforcement leaving the citizenry to fend for themselves.

    Don’t like the way a supreme court judge rules? Kill his family!

    Think it won’t happen?

    Therefore, at some point Trump must decided if the Republic is worth saving while he is still Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, and to wield the sword of martial law and posse comitatus, especially, the Insurrection Act to “correct” the frightened and/or “compromised” representatives, judges, AND, the “free” press, as Lincoln did to ensure the health of the Union.

    Has Trump the stomach for this?

    He better, or the streets of America will run with blood!

    The Dems will literally steam roll whatever Orwellian-Bolshevik nightmare they desire with complete impunity: firstly, the elimination of the 1st and 2nd Amendments leaving the citizens sitting ducks for the local state National Guards to butcher.

    There is already talk of retribution against Trump and his supporters.

    Think it won’t happen?

    It already is. Be warned.

    More Bad News, Bro Nat.

  6. jim November 24, 2020 @ 6:36 am

    Bibi is Fake and a Globalist.

    The first thing Trump should do is limit aid by 80% to Israel, and tell him to stay out of Syria and never invite him to the White House.

    And Putin should tell Bibi we will nuke you if you don’t behave.

    Brother N, you left out #4. Trump could stay in the White House and never concede and see if the military will back him. That could be the last resort.

  7. Greg Norris November 24, 2020 @ 6:46 am

    Br Nathanael,

    I am confused as to why you are happy about Trump winning. In Trump’s own words he is the best Zionist Israel has ever had. His son in law and daughter and both the worst kind of Zionists. Chabad Lubavitcher worshippers of Menachim Schneerson.

    Why do you think Trump is any better than Biden?

  8. Cornelius November 24, 2020 @ 7:21 am

    Finally some positive news. This is a battle cry that needs to go far and wide!

    Trump flags are still up everywhere!

  9. Bob November 24, 2020 @ 7:56 am

    Good summary, but it ain’t gonna happen. The corruption is simply too endemic.

    There’s been one thing I’ve repeatedly wondered about during the past four years, and it is how an otherwise intelligent person like Trump could possibly think he alone could change a centuries-old political system that is rotten to the core.

    Maybe he thought “people power” would be enough?

    Sadly, it obviously isn’t.

  10. Koen November 24, 2020 @ 8:27 am

    I hope Trump wins, God bless America, God bless Brother Nate.

    Four years ago, there was the impression president Trump wasn’t going to change anything in Zion’s America (Dems & Republicans, the same pawns on the Jewish chess board).

    Trump’s battle against the monolithic conspiracy swamp creature from Jekyll Island appears to be real, IMHO. Trump must side with Putin & Russia to defeat the NWO tyrants once and for all, before the swamp will poison us all with their evil “vaccines”.

    No words can ever express how much I love the Americans and the USA, as it should be according to its Founders.

    As a European (Dutch) I understand the spiritual meaning of this great country, which is very important for our future.

    My Lord is Jesus Christ, God bless you.

  11. James Thompson November 24, 2020 @ 8:38 am

    Good stuff, Brother.

    I wish I could help.

    It was a “Communist Bomb” disguised as a flu bug!

  12. Ed R November 24, 2020 @ 9:55 am

    A Biden win: Can a cockroach turn into a butterfly?

    Trump has enough ammunition to sink the Demonrats to hell where they belong.

    A second term is required now to make a difference.

    Trump knows what could happen to him if he really snubs the Fed, a (JFK) repeat.

  13. KathJuliane November 24, 2020 @ 10:13 am

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    Thank you for a brilliant Video and for a welcomed ray of sunshine into what is truly a history-making, contested presidential Election and an exploration into more obscure constitutional process that.

    Disputed Election events like this occur once a century. Trump, his legal team, and all of the 3rd party attorneys and experts in their independent investigtions into nationwide election fraud are all essentially moving into uncharted waters using an incomplete map which described them as “Here there be monsters.”

    Decade after decade, there’s almost always a clear winner to the American people of the presidential race that the Associated Press then customarily “calls,” and then the rest of the constitutional procedural order is simply pro forma, including the seemingly superfluous convening of the College of Electors to formally elect the President of the United States of America.

    The Constitutional Founders, studied in every form of politics and government and political economy since time began, established the College of Electors as a safety brake

    It’s not all doom and gloom. Trump and hundreds of others across the nation are taking their best shots in the courts, working their cases up through the judiciary ladder to get to the Supreme Court.

    Even Jonathan Turley, an American attorney, legal scholar, writer, commentator, and legal analyst in broadcast and print journalism, wrote favorably about President Trump’s long-shot legal gambit

    Turley is a professor at the George Washington University Law School, and has testified in United States Congressional proceedings about constitutional and statutory issues.

    He participated in numerous Federal House impeachment hearings and Senate removal trials including the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. He appeared as the Republican’s expert witness on constitutional law at the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.

    Turley is a confirmed classic liberal who believes in a “living Constitution”, who voted for Clinton(s) and Obama, but his expertise and objective opinions on constitutional law is highly sought after even on conservative talk shows, where he made frequent appearances to explain the concrete points of constitutional law.

    Turley emphatically commented last week that election fraud had indeed occurred.

    He also wrote a fascinating piece the other day on this very subject which +BN calls to our attention concerning Trump’s legal battle:

    The Death Star Strategy: Is Trump Contemplating The Ultimate Constitutional Trick Shot?

    Turley, even subtly rooting for Trump’s success, equates Trump’s legal battle operations through the courts to win the election to the moves of Luke Skywalker going in for his long-shot kill mission against the Giza Death Star, and finishes off his piece with:

    [Quote] What if there were insufficient votes overall to elect a president? This is where we could see a rare court intervention in a contested election in Congress.

    The [Electoral Count Act of 1887 (ECA)] is ambiguous on what it means to have a majority of electors; it does not clearly state whether a majority of “electors appointed” means a majority of the 538 electors (270) or simply a majority of those electors accepted or successfully certified (allowing election with less than 270 electoral votes).

    There also are untested terms and provisions, ranging from the weight given to the decision of governors and the meaning of what is “lawfully certified” or whether votes were “regularly given.”

    There also is the potential under the 12th Amendment for a “contingent election” when there is a tie or insufficient votes.

    In such a case, Trump could win again. In that case, the vote for president is held in the House based on state delegations, not individual members.

    Republicans likely will control a majority of state delegations in the House, despite having fewer seats overall — as well as the Senate, where Pence could be reelected.

    Again, that is all quite a long shot — a bit more than Luke Skywalker’s boast that he could sink it because he “used to bull’s-eye womp rats in my T-16 back home.” It is enough to make an Ewok weep.

    All one can say, to paraphrase Han Solo’s parting words before heading out for Death Star, is “Hey, Rudy. May the Force — and the ECA — be with you.” [Unquote]

    Jonathan Turley sees a chance for Trump, a long-shot but not an impossible one. He’s even quietly rooting for Trump Campaign’s legal success.

    As Trump said, “Don’t count me out, yet.”

    After a delay of almost three weeks while the administrator studied the precedents of other contested elections, and researched the laws and past practice, the Government Services Administration (GSA) had authorized the assignment of government office space and services, and transfer of more than $6 million in funds to assist the Biden transition team as required by the Presidential Transition Act of 1963.

    This is in no way a concession by Trump.

    He tweeted today:

    What does GSA being allowed to preliminarily work with the Dems have to do with continuing to pursue our various cases on what will go down as the most corrupt election in American political history? We are moving full speed ahead. Will never concede to fake ballots & “Dominion”.

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 24, 2020

  14. Citizenfitz November 24, 2020 @ 10:35 am

    Who am I? – By Mike Delaney

    I am anti-Christ
    I am BLM and Antifa
    I am Communism
    I am radical feminism
    I am homosexual-ism and “gay” marriage
    I am multiculturalism
    I am the NWO
    I am the ‘divider and conqueror’
    I am the race baiter AND the slave trader
    I am censorship
    I am the gun grabber
    I am open borders
    I am eminent domain
    I am against English as the official language of America
    I am a dual citizen – but loyal only to one country
    I am the Federal Reserve, central banking, Wall Street, big tech and big corporate money
    I am the MSM, Hollywood, abortion, tabloid journalism and pornography
    I am the corrupt judicial system that frees the guilty and imprisons the innocent
    I am the nation’s high end drug dealer
    I am the falsifier of history
    I am the military industrial complex
    I am an unregulated nuclear state
    I am the premier international terrorist
    I am “war by way of deception”
    I am the eternal aggressor, yet always play the victim
    I am the eternal nation wrecker
    I am the perversion pusher
    I believe that chaos equals cash and that gray equals green
    I will defraud your country without conscience or consequences
    I legislate from the bench
    I contrive to make the simplest notions ambiguous
    I succeed by making you fail
    I am the debt treadmill
    I am an infiltrator, subverter and perverter
    I am your last, your current, and your next war
    I have more blood on my hands than any others

    Who am I?

  15. KathJuliane November 24, 2020 @ 10:45 am

    Rudy Giuliani lays out President Trump’s Pathways To Victory – 2pm Nov. 23rd

    Father Frank Pavone


    On the same front:

    Presidential Election Isn’t Over Yet, Conservative Leaders Say

    Until “every legal vote” is counted, the presidential election isn’t over, prominent conservative leaders said in a joint statement Monday.

    Members of the Conservative Action Project—a coalition of American political, economic, and social activists—say they are standing with those refusing to allow the election to conclude “until every legal vote has been counted.”

    Former Attorney General Edwin Meese III, the founding chairman of the Conservative Action Project, and more than 100 other leaders in the conservative movement signed Monday’s statement, which reads in part:

    “Ours is a government of laws. Included in those laws are the processes by which elections at every level of government are conducted.

    “The purpose of subjecting the election process to a legal regime is to ensure that results are, and are accepted as, just and accurate. This system works and all Americans should trust it. But, it must be allowed to fully work.

    “It is not a coup to insist that we follow our election laws. It does not erode the foundations of the republic to remind American citizens that the media does not certify elections.

    “And it is not a stain on our national honor for a candidate to refuse to concede when there are open and compelling disputes about an electoral outcome.”

    On and after Nov. 7, a number of news outlets, including The Associated Press, declared former Vice President Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential election, despite several unfinished legal inquiries into the fairness of the election in hotly contested states across the country.

    In Pennsylvania, for example, Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Penn., and other GOP leaders are still pursuing a legal battle in which they question the constitutionality of the state’s mail-in voting practices and last-minute election rules changes.

    The mainstream media “may think they get to decide the winners of our elections, [but] the people in our country decide, once every legal vote is counted,” Mary Vought, executive director of the Senate Conservatives Fund, told The Daily Signal in an email Monday.

    Given that there are still ongoing investigations into the 2020 election, “our Presidential Election has not concluded,” the Conservative Action Project leaders asserted.

    “The absolute integrity of each citizen’s legally cast vote for president is at stake in this presidential election,” Becky Norton Dunlop, a former White House adviser to President Ronald Reagan, told The Daily Signal in an email Monday.

    Dunlop, one of the signers of the statement, noted that in 2000, it took more than a month for Americans to know for certain whether then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush or then-Vice President Al Gore had been elected. That was just as “difficult [a] time for our nation then as it is today,” Dunlop said.

    But the fact remains, said Dunlop, that “only legal votes, and every legal vote, should be counted” to ensure the integrity of America’s election process.

  16. Citizenfitz November 24, 2020 @ 11:00 am

    Greg Norris: “Why do you think Trump is any better than Biden?”

    It might be more helpful for you to look at Trump as *not as bad* as Biden.

    To his credit:

    *Trump hasn’t gotten the US into any new wars – and has in fact tried to keep the US out of overseas military involvements.

    *He’s spoken out loudly against abortion and actually done substantive things against it. Bless him for that alone!

    *He’s taken action to keep the brown hordes from flooding into the US.

    *He’s taken action against China.

    This isn’t an exhaustive list of the good he’s done.

    And now the big one:

    *The Jewish run/owned cesspools of the World HATE him.

  17. KathJuliane November 24, 2020 @ 11:46 am

    How Hard is it to Hack a Voting Machine? He Bought a Voting Machine Online … Then Hacked It

    Father Frank Pavone

    Demonstration by Semantec’s Brian Varner, Special Projects Researcher; Cyber Security Services in 2016

    To demonstrate how vulnerable some of our digital election infrastructure really is, the cyber security experts at Symantec (which is part of the same organization that owns Norton and Broadcom cyber security brands) examined two voting machines. They were last used in State and Federal elections in 2012 and 2013.

    In the video below, Symantec performed a cursory review of the vulnerabilities and found numerous deficiencies and ways in for hackers. Symantec claims that “elections are under assault across the globe” and states: “Well-resourced malicious cyber actors have tampered with our elections, whether it’s hacking voting machines or waging information warfare through social media.”

    Dominion spokesperson Michael Steel said to Fox News on Sunday it’s “physically impossible” to mess with voting machines.

    Oh, puleeze. “Physical” hacking is only part of it. That’s just the physical mechanics. What about remote domestic cyber-intervention to re-calibrate algorithms, and pre-programming the machines before election day to begin with?


    ‘Biden apologists’ try to ‘deny Trump his legal rights’

    Sky News Australia

    Sky News host Alan Jones says there is “no such thing under the Constitution as a President-elect” while most of the media try to deny Donald Trump of his legal rights after trying to deny him for four years.

    “Just imagine if you contested an election,” Mr Jones said.

    “Pennsylvania you were beaten by 69,000 votes, but the Democrats – your opponents – didn’t not allow the inspection of 683,000 mail-in ballots before they were entered into the vote.

    “And of course, the argument is ‘there is no evidence’ … well the Trump team have evidence but even if they presented it, it wouldn’t be reported.

    “And many of the affidavits can’t be presented publicly because people are afraid of being threatened by left-wing extremists.”

    Mr Jones spoke of President Trump’s multiple legal cases which have reportedly fallen through.

    “All we read of course is that the Trump cases have been lost,” he said.

    “That is not the big show in town, they didn’t expect to win the District Court cases; it will be the Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court who decide the outcome.

    “If you were Trump, wouldn’t you be going right to the Supreme Court?

    “The Biden apologists need to take a Bex and a good lie down.”


    I nominate Alan Jones to be President Trump’s Department of Education’s special chief of American Civics, Political Science, and US Constitution studies to be re-instituted in public school curriculum.

  18. benzion kook November 24, 2020 @ 2:25 pm

    Jews are like a plandemic of vampire squids, constantly emitting inky clouds of disinformation.

    Bolshevik jews and puppets order mass(ked) compliance, else you are to be branded “an enemy of the state.” So much for the statutes of Liberty.

    The only acronyms you need to know concerning jews are BS and POS.

    They killed Diana Spencer, RFK, JFK and Jesus, why not Trump?

    RED ALERT: JWO Kissinger states unless America becomes a colony of Israel and Red China, they will launch World War 3 on us.

    Isn’t America already a colony of Israel and Red China, Biden-Harris aside?

  19. KathJuliane November 24, 2020 @ 2:59 pm

    This Adam Rahuba, self-identified “Antifa Leader (Official)” and a legend in his own mind, “weaponizes” his own “trauma and mental illness (Borderline Personality Disorder) for the greater good of humanity”, is a noxious political prankster and “performing artist” who for the past twenty years, has pulled “outlandish and offensive pranks targeting American conservatives, militia groups, conspiracy theorists, white supremacists and religious cults”.


    Pittsburgh Area Antifa Leader Tweets Warning To Trump: “We are armed…If you do not concede by Sunday at noon, we will begin to block roads in conservative areas”

    Gateway Pundit

    By Patty McMurray
    Published November 24, 2020

    During the September 29 debate, Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden responded to President Trump’s remarks about Antifa being a violent organization by telling him that Antifa is simply “an idea” and “not an organization.”

    100 Percent Fed Up – Conservative Robby Starbuck immediately jumped into action, creating a video to show Joe Biden and his handful of supporters that Antifa is hardly an “idea,” but instead, a well-organized, violent domestic terror group.


    You all helped make this happen. It would be a shame if tons of voters saw just how ridiculous Joe Biden’s Antifa claims are. Antifa isn’t an idea Joe, they’re 100% organized. #JustSayNoToAntifaJoe

    — Robby Starbuck (@robbystarbuck) October 1, 2020

    #WalkAway founder Brandon Straka, one of America’s bravest patriots, shared a screenshot this morning from “Antifa [idea] leader” Adam Rahuba, of Pittsburgh, PA, warning President Trump and his supporters that if he doesn’t concede and turn the keys over to the far-left, radical regime of puppet Joe Biden, there will be blood in the streets of the suburbs in America.

    The tweet reads: Attn: @realDonaldTrump

    If you do not concede by Sunday at noon, we will begin to block roads in conservative areas.

    Your supporters will not be able to go to work or go to the grocery store to feed their families.

    We are armed and will retaliate to attempts of vehicular homicide.

    Antifa is just “an idea”- @JoeBiden

    It’s time for us to end this idea.

    — Brandon Straka (@BrandonStraka) November 24, 2020

    Here are a few tweets by Adam Rahuba, whose Twitter account has now been suspended. His tweets include comments about “targeting conservative politicians” and how he’s begun “operations directly against MAGA voters.”

    Hmmm….wonder what that means?


  20. Nicholas Landholdt November 24, 2020 @ 4:03 pm

    Brother, I regret to inform you that the Fake Jews of the Syn of Satan no longer need Judaic Donald Drumpf.

    My 30 years of VoteFraud experience with trad Catholic Jim Condit says they were prepared for Drumpf this time.

    But you should be hailing Biden’s win because the quicker Christians join the efforts of Landholt for Governor and our God, Guts & Guns movement to restore LCS Militia, then the sooner we take back power and destroy WDC.

    The goal? Make America Christian Again.

  21. Bill Coogan November 24, 2020 @ 5:02 pm

    The next four years of Trump has the Leftist, Marxist, Bolshevik, Zionist jew and his Goy minions shaking in their boots.

    Their Ministry of Propaganda (mainstream news) has united with them in one last stand against God and Truth.

    The Sheeple’s eyes will be opened and the ‘hidden agendas of Evil will be revealed’ as Christ foretold.

    Stay tuned and never stop believing in Christ’s Power.

  22. Greg November 24, 2020 @ 6:06 pm

    There very well could be a possible Trump surprise.

    The mainstream news media are amping up Biden as already having the position, which could create a backlash if Trump wins.

    There is much proof Antifa/BLM mobs are controlled opposition. The majority of those participants and activities will be limited to specific areas, for well compensated street theater. Yet their televised actions may promote thugs in your local town to act out.

    As of now Biden seems to have the slot, and the powers that be may decide to keep it that way for more draconian measures. Otherwise you would think the Great Reset doesn’t get off to a quick start and the entire COVID pandemic was all for nothing, except for the robbery of the treasuries, big money distribution and vaccination requirements.

    As most of us already know the devil’s minions have all the agendas and events planned way in advance. But they cannot hide from GOD.

  23. Debbie November 24, 2020 @ 6:09 pm

    Trump is a mobster, facing grand larceny, insurance fraud, civil cases, when he leaves, he will do anything to stay in power,so as to not go to prison.

    His goons have even threatened death to fellow Republicans who don’t go along with him. So why are you people cheering him?

    There was no election fraud.

    But I don’t care for Biden, either. BTW, Antifa don’t like Dems either. They say so.

  24. KathJuliane November 24, 2020 @ 6:38 pm

    Trump War Room – Text TRUMP to 88022

    President Trump will continue to fight for the integrity of our elections!

    : “We now have three state legislatures that are very concerned about the corruption of this election and are willing to get to the bottom of it. This is far from over.”


    “Well, importantly, we have a pending appeal before the Supreme Court. We also have one in the Third Circuit that just yesterday agreed to hear an expedited appeal.

    “And, really importantly, we now have three state legislatures in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona that have agreed to hold hearings, because it’s in everyone’s best interest and all Americans to make sure that the truth about the voter fraud and the proof that we have comes out.

    “And so they are very concerned. And let’s remember that it’s the state legislatures that are constitutionally vested with the selection process of the Electoral College delegates.

    “That’s the safeguard that we have in our system to make sure that elections that are corrupted do not ultimately render a wrong selection for the president that is outside of what the people actually voted for.

    “So, we now have three state legislatures that are very concerned about the corruption of this election and are willing to get to the bottom of it. So, this is far from over, and President Trump will continue to fight.”

  25. KathJuliane November 24, 2020 @ 7:19 pm

    Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan Legislatures to Hold Public Hearings on Election: Trump Campaign

    Epoch Times

    BY MIMI NGUYEN LY November 24, 2020

    The Trump campaign’s legal team announced Tuesday that state legislatures in Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Michigan will be holding public hearings on the 2020 general election to restore confidence in election integrity.

    “It’s in everyone’s interest to have a full vetting of election irregularities and fraud,” President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani said in a statement.

    “And the only way to do this is with public hearings, complete with witnesses, videos, pictures and other evidence of illegalities from the November 3rd election.”

    The Pennsylvania State Senate will hold its first hearing on Wednesday in Gettysburg. Participating senators will each provide a 5-minute opening statement, followed by testimony from witnesses who have filed affidavits alleging election fraud, the Trump campaign announced. Giuliani, former New York City mayor, will also be attending to hold a presentation.

    The Arizona legislature and the Michigan legislature will each hold their own hearings on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 respectively.

    Jenna Ellis, Trump’s personal lawyer and legal adviser to the Trump campaign, said that the campaign is “pleased” about the hearings.

    “There were serious irregularities, we have proof of fraud in a number of states, and it is important for all Americans to have faith in our electoral process,” she said in a statement. “All we have wanted from the outset is to count every legal vote and discount every illegal vote.”

    The legislature of each state decides how the state will select their representatives to the Electoral College, according to article 2, section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.

    Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan are among six battleground states facing ongoing litigation amid allegations of voting irregularities from the Trump campaign and hundreds of witnesses. With 79 electoral votes between them, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada will likely decide the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

    Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada have voted to certify their states’ election results. Recounts are underway in Georgia and Wisconsin.

    Arizona’s canvass is scheduled for Nov. 30.

    The Epoch Times won’t declare a winner of the 2020 presidential election until all results are certified and any legal challenges are resolved.

    The Electoral College will vote in December to decide the outcome of the race, and then the votes will be counted during the Jan. 6, 2021 Joint Session of Congress in Washington.

  26. pierre November 24, 2020 @ 7:21 pm

    I see Trump as Saul/Paul before the conversion.

    Biden’s three kids are married to Jews. Only one of Trump’s (so far), so half as bad that way.

    Plus , perhaps, the Lord working in mysterious ways as he did with Hitler (whom I would have voted for in ’33).

    It is what Trump represents that is the candy to this kid, though I also know I am gullible. I

    n any case these days of our lives are like sands of evil monkeys falling down an hourglass, but I also know that they are trying on a bridge too far and they have not God on their side.

    They are the ones full of fear and putting the ropes of hubris around their own necks. All in the Bible in any case.

  27. Brother Nathanael November 24, 2020 @ 8:38 pm

    +BN On Rense Radio Tonight!//How Trump Wins

    8 PM Pacific @

  28. Karl Beyleveld November 24, 2020 @ 9:17 pm

    I heard the elections were also rigged via “fractional vote counting”.


    Instead 1 vote Trump, 1 vote Biden.

    It was rigged for 3/4 vote Trump to 1 and 1/4 vote Biden.

    That would give Biden a 40% lead on every vote received.

    Also, I don’t think Trump would allow Baby Jared to rule the roost. No way!

  29. KathJuliane November 24, 2020 @ 10:08 pm

    Impeach Joe Biden
    Issues & Insights Editorial Board

    November 25, 2020

    Even before Donald Trump secured the Republican nomination, the left was calling for his impeachment. Then it spent four years looking for excuses to drive him out of office. So, in the turnabout-is-fair-play department, perhaps it’s time to start making the case for impeaching Joe Biden.

    Let’s first review how the left treated Trump’s win four years ago.

    Immediately, #resistance started trending on social media, as though somehow Trump had invaded the country. Protesters shouted “not my president.” Pundits speculated that he’d rigged elections in the battleground states he won.

    The entire country was then treated to years of fake news about how Trump supposedly colluded with Russia to steal the election.

    Throughout it all, there was the constant buzz about Trump’s impeachment and a steady stream of stories such as:

    “Could Trump be impeached shortly after he takes office?”

    “People Are Searching Google for Ways to Impeach Donald Trump”

    “Democrats Are Paving the Way to Impeach Donald Trump”

    “Talk of Impeaching Trump May Be Premature, But Its Time Will Come “

    These and countless other headlines ran before Trump even took office.

    Heck, the New York Daily News penned an editorial titled “Impeach Trump” that ran on March 2, 2016 – two months before he was the GOP nominee. The entire editorial consisted of one sentence: “It’s not too early to start.”

    None of these calls was based on anything credible or actually impeachable. How could they be, since Trump presumably would have to actually be in office to commit any “high crimes and misdemeanors”?

    All of it was designed to serve one purpose: To cast his presidency as illegitimate, undermine his ability to get anything done, and lay the groundwork for his defeat in 2020.

    When Democrats did finally find an excuse to impeach Trump, it was a farce that even they completely ignored after it was over.

    Now, these same miscreants are acting as though Trump is threatening to destroy the country by insisting that multiple accusations of election fraud be investigated before states certify the results.

    Suddenly, doing anything to undermine the credibility of a Joe Biden presidency is dangerously un-American.

    Nevertheless, Democrats have lowered the bar for impeachment so low that, by any fair reading, calls for Biden’s impeachment can’t be dismissed. After all, they involve corruption, abuse of power, spying on a political opponent, and covering up sexual assault.

    Let’s review.

    >Huntergate. As we pointed out in this space, the evidence of corruption stemming from information discovered on son Hunter Biden’s laptop is serious and involves the “Big Guy.”

    Joe has already been caught in one lie about his knowledge of Hunter’s business dealings. “Any of this being true should disqualify Joe Biden from the presidency,” we wrote a while back.

    And it might have, had the press not buried the story. A poll after the election found that almost 5% of Biden voters say they wouldn’t have voted for him had they known about the scandal – more than enough to cost Biden his wins in battleground states.

    >Ukrainegate. While Democrats impeached Trump on the entirely baseless charge that he threatened to withhold funds from Ukraine unless they investigated Hunter Biden’s role in a corrupt energy company, Biden bragged about threatening to withhold funds to get a prosecutor investigating that company fired.

    >Spygate. As PJ Media noted recently, Biden appeared to play a role in the FBI’s effort to derail Trump’s presidency by railroading Michael Flynn.

    “He was part of an Oval Office meeting discussing the investigation, and earlier this week a list of top Obama officials who requested Flynn’s unmasking was revealed … and Joe Biden was on this list.”

    >Readegate. Tara Reade’s sexual assault claim against Biden would have consumed his campaign if he were a Republican.

    Instead, Biden stonewalled. He refused to allow a search of his Senate records held at the University of Delaware to check Reade’s claim that she filed a complaint at the time. The media dutifully lost interest. Coverup, anyone?

    >Fraudgate. It’s virtually impossible that the current litigation will result in a reversal of the election. But investigations into the legitimacy of the vote counts in states where Biden won by razor-thin margins ought to continue.

    If fraud occurred, the public must know about it. If Biden or anyone in his campaign knew about it, they should be held accountable.

    To be sure, the last thing we’d want is for Biden to be removed from office and the reins handed over to Kamala Harris.

    Plus, the founders intended impeachment as a last resort and set a very high bar for removal. There’s a reason no elected official has ever been removed from federal office through impeachment.

    It would be nice if both parties adhered to the founders’ guidance.

    But there’s no reason for Republicans to shy away from playing hardball with Biden. Commencer les investigations!

  30. The Horrible Deplorable November 25, 2020 @ 1:31 am

    Wow, a truly stunning BroVid, +BN.

    Thanks. I feel a lot better.

    Did you hear that @Debbie, and the rest of her socialist antifa kind?

    The song ‘It’s Over’ by the Band ELO comes to mind.

  31. KathJuliane November 25, 2020 @ 2:13 am

    They think you’re stupid.

    Paul Joseph Watson

    The technocrats are here to help.


    Tech Millionaire Funds Hacking Team; ’20 Election 100% Rigged

    OAN Newsroom

    UPDATED 4:45 PM PT – Tuesday, November 24, 2020

    As the media continues to ignore claims of election fraud, one millionaire has set out to prove their cover-up in support of the truth. One America’s Chanel Rion has more.

  32. Ted Gorsline November 25, 2020 @ 3:46 am

    The one good thing about Trump is that he attacks his enemies.

    Now that Bibi has stabbed him in the back some good may come of it. Defunding Israel is 75 years overdue.

  33. zard November 25, 2020 @ 4:33 am

    All that is Gold does not glitter,
    all who wander are not lost,
    the old that is strong does not wither,
    deep roots are not reached by the frost.
    From ashes a fire shall be woken,
    a light from the shadows shall spring,
    renewed shall be blade that was broken,
    the crownless again shall be King.

    A poem by Patrick Kavanagh. Dedicated to our cause by Martin Boylan

    The defeat of Germany and her allies in World War 2 the power structure will place Europe back into their banking financial chains of debt and usury. The continuation of a Marxist / Socialist takeover of the US and Europe will lead us all to the abyss we are looking down at today.

    After The Greatest Story Never Told, Dennis Wise made another masterpiece that shows exactly what is going in the world today and how it came to that. It proves beyond doubt that the Western countries, both victorious and the defeated after World War Two, have been covertly under Communism since 1945.

    Over the last 300 years Zionist jews have hijacked the world, with their Babylonic banking system and anyone that stood up against them has been slaughtered, either with their entire family and even with entire nations!

    These people worship no one other than the Devil itself. This documentary shows the dictators that rule the world from behind the scenes. They own just about everything: Banks, politicians, media, corporations, etc.

    They decide. They dictate. Here’s the proof

  34. Steve November 25, 2020 @ 5:17 am

    Public Square MIlitary Tribunals Followed By PUblic Executions Just In Time For The Summer Beach Openings:

    This election will decide whether Americans will be free or sold into bondage.

    Don’t mess with Sidney Powell: Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Pichai, et al.

    I always said you will swing from your Mussolini’s.


  35. Cathy November 25, 2020 @ 9:09 am

    I watch Brendon O’Connell.

    His only problem, like many people speaking the truth, is he doesn’t believe in God Almighty, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    In any case, his work is still valuable, and he did a video on the Bibi rat situation and another one on rats in the ranks, which includes Kushner.

    While Tucker cooked his goose for his $6 million (though he is trying, unsuccessfully so far, to backtrack), one of his more interesting pieces several months ago was when he talked about Kushner’s disdain for Trump supporters.

    Of course, for those of us who are Christians we know why that is. Just like Bibi laughs at the Christian Zionist pinheads hugging their Zionist Scofield KJVs and lapping up Bibi’s warm and fuzzy Christmas greetings each year. Really, you can find them on YT and they are a hoot.

    On the other hand, these Zionist Christians are repugnant as they say Jews do not need to have the gospel proclaimed to them.

    I read a bunch of them this morning cheering as their IDF Zio-Christian hero Amir Tsarfati talked about Israeli strikes on Damascus. Yeah, too bad for those Christians in Syria.

    Yeah, the comments went along these lines: It ain’t too long before Jesus flies them home in the rapture — any day now — so they can watch with glee on the sidelines. Honestly, when Hagee and his minions describe this stuff, I see in my eyes the Coliseum scene in Hollywood’s 1951 “Quo Vadis,” truly one of the instances where God’s hand was seen in that wicked place called Hollywood (there are a lot of them if you look).

    What does God say about this: “I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked.” Jesus wept over Jerusalem because of what was coming in 70 A.D. to those who were given 40 years to repent and did not.

    Anyway, to end these thoughts of mine, Brendon O’Connell came to the same conclusion, rather Trump than Biden and, yes, Bibi’s backstab is interesting.

    Yes, i always think of Paul when I hear these so-called Christians say no way. Really?

    Paul describes his past actions many times in Acts, and they were the worst of the worst.

    Bibi latched onto the Cyrus thing, as did the silly Zionists. Yeah, Cyrus could be a good analogy, a pagan King who never turned to God, for the sake of his people. But we’re in the New Covenant and God’s people are those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Right or wrong, those are my thoughts.

  36. Citizenfitz November 25, 2020 @ 10:36 am


    Irrespective of whatever else you said in your post, “There was no election fraud” is a belly whopper.

    There’s *always* election fraud.

  37. The Horrible Deplorable November 25, 2020 @ 10:49 am

    Happy Thanksgiving +BN

    The jews are pushing their puppet Biden to act as a “legitimate presidential victor,” laying out his plans and picks, getting his Yidiot minions all excited so when Trump wins they will feel that it’s Trump who is “really” stealing the election, and not Biden and his evil socialist mob that are in fact the most rotten thieves in the world

    Again, thank you +BN. Thank God Almighty for +BN.

    Stay strong, Patriots.

  38. KathJuliane November 25, 2020 @ 11:45 am

    Pennsylvania Judge Orders Halt to Further Vote Certification

    A Pennsylvania appeals court judge ordered state officials on Wednesday to halt any further steps toward certifying election results.

    By Associated Press, Wire Service Content Nov. 25, 2020, at 1:07 p.m.

    U.S. News & World Report

    HARRISBURG, PA. (AP) — A Pennsylvania appeals court judge ordered state officials on Wednesday to halt any further steps toward certifying election results, a day after Gov. Tom Wolf said he had certified Democrat Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election in Pennsylvania.

    It wasn’t immediately clear if the order from Commonwealth Court Judge Patricia McCullough, a Republican, could hold up the certification of state and local contests on the ballot or interrupt the scheduled Dec. 14 meeting of the state’s 20 electors. McCullough scheduled a hearing for Friday.

    Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly and others filed suit Saturday to challenge approximately 2.5 million mail-in ballots that were predominantly cast by Democrats. They said the GOP-controlled state Legislature had failed to follow proper procedure when they voted last year to expand mail-in voting.

    The state Supreme Court has twice this month overturned Commonwealth Court decisions involving Republican election challenges. State election officials did not immediately return messages on whether they would appeal.

    Gov. Tom Wolf (Dem) announced that the PA State Department certified Biden’s win in the state Tuesday.

    State Attorney General Josh Shapiro says the order does not affect Tuesday’s certification, and his office is ready to file an appeal.

    “This order does not impact yesterday’s appointment of electors. We will be filing an appeal with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court momentarily.

    — AG Josh Shapiro (@PAAttorneyGen) November 25, 2020

  39. KathJuliane November 25, 2020 @ 12:28 pm

    >Thousands in Georgia Used False Address: Researcher
    Epoch Times

    BY NTD TELEVISION November 25, 2020

    According to a researcher, thousands of people registered and voted in Georgia using addresses of postal facilities or businesses—but they made it look like they were residential addresses.

    Former Trump campaign data and strategy director, Matt Braynard, writes, “We have identified over a thousand early/absent votes cast by individuals whose registered addresses are in fact at post offices, UPS, and FedEx locations, willfully disguising the box numbers as ‘Apt,’ ‘Unit,’ etc.”

    He published a sample of the addresses. They also found a thousand votes cast from commercial addresses. He added that voters listed these places as their residential addresses—not mailing addresses. He said nearly all of them used an absentee ballot to vote.

    Georgia election law says your residential address must be the place you actually live. Anyone who “knowingly gives false information when registering as an elector” can be charged with a felony and put in prison for up to 10 years or fined up to $100,000.


    >Group Files Emergency Petition in Wisconsin After Identifying 144,000 Potentially Fraudulent Ballots

    NTD News

    Nov 24, 2020

    A group on Tuesday filed an emergency petition with the Wisconsin Supreme Court, challenging the state’s unofficial election results.

    The Thomas More Society’s Amistad Project said it found tens of thousands of ballots that may be fraudulent.

    “We have identified over 150,000 potentially fraudulent ballots in Wisconsin, more than enough to call into question the validity of the state’s reported election results,” said Phill Kline, director of the project, in a statement. The count includes 144,000 fraudulent votes and over 12,000 legal votes not counted.

    “Moreover, these discrepancies were a direct result of Wisconsin election officials’ willful violation of state law,” he added.

    According to unofficial results in the state, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden beat President Donald Trump by about 20,000 votes.

    The group said it found that more than 10,000 Republican ballots weren’t counted; more than 10,000 GOP voters who had their ballots requested and filled in by another person; and around 100,000 illegal ballots that were counted anyway.

    The 45-page filing asks the Wisconsin Supreme Court to block the certification of election results because of the alleged irregularities.

    The Wisconsin Elections Commission told The Epoch Times via email that the commission didn’t have any comment on the matter.

  40. KathJuliane November 25, 2020 @ 4:01 pm

    Pennsylvania State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election

    Right Side Broadcasting

    Wednesday, November 25, 2020: At the request of Senator Doug Mastriano (R-Adams/Cumberland/Franklin/York), the Senate Majority Policy Committee is holding a public hearing Wednesday to discuss 2020 election issues and irregularities. The hearing will feature former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

    WHO: Senate Majority Policy Committee Chair David Argall (R-Berks/Schuylkill); Senate Majority Leader-Elect Kim Ward (R-39); State Rep. Dan Moul (R-91); State Rep. Rob Kauffman (R-89); and State Rep Paul Schemel (R-90); among other lawmakers will join Senator Mastriano in this historic hearing.

    Mastriano is clear what is at risk.

    “Elections are a fundamental principle of our democracy – unfortunately, Pennsylvanians have lost faith in the electoral system,” said Mastriano, who recently called for the resignation of State Department Secretary Kathy Boockvar for negligence and incompetence. “It is unacceptable.”

    “Over the past few weeks, I have heard from thousands of Pennsylvanians regarding issues experienced at the polls, irregularities with the mail-in voting system and concerns whether their vote was counted,” said Mastriano. “We need to correct these issues to restore faith in our republic.”

    WHERE: Wyndham Gettysburg, 95 Presidential Circle, Gettysburg, PA 17325.

    The hearing will be streamed live on

    WHEN: Wednesday, November 25th at 12:30 pm.

    “We want assurance that the issues encountered during this past election don’t happen again,” said Chairman Argall. “Senator Mastriano requested this meeting because Pennsylvanians deserve a fair election.”


    Zuckerberg is at it again.

    Just Facts: USA Today & Facebook Use Slanderous “Fact Check” to Suppress Facts About Illegal Voting By Non-Citizens
    By James D. Agresti
    November 24, 2020

    A “fact check” by USA Today is defaming a Ph.D.-vetted study by Just Facts that found non-citizens may have cast enough illegal votes for Joe Biden to overturn the lawful election results in some key battleground states. The article, written by USA Today’s Chelsey Cox, contains 10 misrepresentations, unsupported claims, half-truths, and outright falsehoods.

    Furthermore, Facebook is using this misinformation to suppress the genuine facts of this issue instead of honoring its policy to “Stop Misinformation and False News.” Compounding this malfeasance, a note at the bottom of Cox’s article states that USA Today’s “fact check work is supported in part by a grant from Facebook.”


  41. Al Neri November 25, 2020 @ 7:38 pm

    I’m sure Brother Nathanael can dig up some more info on this juden special:

    Dana Nessel, Jewish, First Lesbian Attorney General of the State of Michigan.

    Add in that tranny circus freak Richard “Rachel” Levine in PA as the Secretary of Health and what do you have? The 2 states with the most election fraud. How ironic you ask?

    And, oh my, does little Mr. or Mrs.? Nessel hate POTUS Trump. It’s all jews, and all the time in the Great Satan of America.

  42. KathJuliane November 25, 2020 @ 7:40 pm

    Lou Dobbs: Giuliani Recaps Election Fraud Lawsuits

    Pennsylvania “Mailed out 1.8 Million Mail-In Ballots, Got Back 2.5 Million”

    (@ 1:48)

    And We Get Another Lesson In Jew-Math.

  43. benzion kook November 25, 2020 @ 10:22 pm

    Plandemic Scam

    A phony health-hoax results in massive vote-by-mail fraud, resulting in a Fake Election, according to criminal Joe himself.

    If corrupt city and state government officials refuse to investigate the election fraud they perpetrated, they must be impeached, convicted and sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

  44. KathJuliane November 25, 2020 @ 11:53 pm

    Sidney Powell releases Georgia & Michigan Complaint Filings

    The Kraken is released on Georgia!

    The Kraken is released on Michigan!

    Sidney Powell is working pro bono on behalf of the American People, but there are still costs involved.

    Any contributions to support her mission to Defend the Republic and protect the integrity of our elections would be very helpful:

  45. Al Neri November 26, 2020 @ 12:42 am


    Thank you for sharing who they are! Excellent write-up!

  46. The Englishman November 26, 2020 @ 4:17 am

    Britain has had two remarkable women who defended their Nations with their very lives.

    Namely Boudica, & Elizabeth I.

    America, the US of A, has two current Patriotic Lionesses, Treason Lawyer Sydney Powell, & RJN’s KathJuliane.

    God Bless these Girls, Patriots Honour them!

  47. The Englishman November 26, 2020 @ 4:46 am

    Since by viewing the recent coverage of Trump, it’s apparent that HE is as “Fit as a butcher’s dog” now would be the time to start savaging the Satanists.

    Martial Law, Secession/Partition.

    USA USA!

  48. Steve November 26, 2020 @ 5:26 am

    THE SECOND AMENDMENT: The Second Coming!

    As Sir Citizenfitz urges us to fast ‘n’ pray, I simply wish to add that despite the healthy body/healthy mind wisdom inherent, the framers of the U.S. Constitution weren’t Essenes.

    They were not ascetics hold up in caves but rather men of the world: inspired pragmatics who evoked the Deity in very non-descript ways whose “spiritual” trump card (pun intended) was the Second Amendment: the right to bear arms, as the pro-gun guys like to remind us, was the final safeguard against a tyrannical government.

    Me thinks as I monitor my holiday glycogen/lipid levels that the U.S. of A. is about to get an entree, main course, dessert AND seconds in such inspired wisdom.

    You could call it a second Civil War.

    I therefore urge you to ingest the thoughts of Jefferson along with Jesus as we process all that artery clogging cholesterol.

    “Do you think that I have come to bring peace to the earth? No, I tell you, but division. From now on, five in one household will be divided, three against two and two against three. They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.” Luke 12:51-53


  49. Citizenfitz November 26, 2020 @ 1:11 pm

    Thanks Al Neri, but the credit for “Who Am I” goes to Mike Delaney. I’m just a messenger spreading the word.

    Even though it’s a question and names no one, it still gets pulled a lot. Certain people apparently recognize themselves in it. “The guilty flee when no one pursues.”

    A Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans here. And prayers (and fasts) for all.

  50. KathJuliane November 26, 2020 @ 2:02 pm

    This nicely distills into graphic form Sidney Powell’s 104-page complaint filed in US District Court, Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division.


    INFOGRAPHIC: The Shocking Allegations of Mass Vote Fraud Made by Sidney Powell in Georgia

    So easy to consume, even Democrats can understand…

    Doug Ross @ Journal


    Forensic Data & Statistical Analyses & Litigation Support:

    Voter Integrity Project: Findings and Conclusions

    Matt Braynard

    This video encapsulates the findings of the Voter Integrity Project’s analysis and presents Matt Braynard’s conclusions and recommendations.

    Note: Budget, audit, white paper and data release coming later this week and next.

    Summary of findings 7:00
    Unreturned absentee 7:35
    LowAct and NCOA 12:05
    “Dead” Voters 19:54
    Residency and Double Voting 22:05
    Wisconsin Indefinitely confined 26:21
    Georgia and Pennsylvania Invalid Residential Addresses 29:14
    Conclusions 32:28
    Final Thoughts 39:06

    NYT Article discussed in the video:

    – The number of total unreturned respondents for GA is 772, not 722.

  51. KathJuliane November 26, 2020 @ 7:36 pm

    Trump should ‘continue legal fight’ because there is ‘industrial scale fraud’

    Sky News Australia – Alan Jones Show
    1.01M subscribers

    Eminent law professor David Flint says President Donald Trump should continue his legal fight for as long as he can because not only is there industrial scale voter fraud at hand, but also the question of unequal protection of voters.

    “It’s not just fraud, and the fraud is not just self-evident, it would be self-evident to a rookie journalist,” Professor Flint told Sky News host Alan Jones.

    “I can’t understand why journalists are throwing around the word ‘unsubstantiated’ when they didn’t in relation to the many charges made against President Trump.”

    Professor Flint said there is “not only fraud – which is on an industrial scale” but there is also the question of “unequal protection, and that is that voters are being treated differently”.

    “There’s been a lot of unlawful changes to the electoral laws, the power to change the laws is vested in the state legislators and it’s often forgotten that they have a primary role,” he said.

    “But governors and secretaries of state have tried to change the laws, it’s ineffective.”

    There is something ‘smelly and shonky’ about US voting system 2020

    Sky News Australia
    1.01M subscribers

    Sky News host Gary Hardgrave says there is something “smelly and shonky” about the voting system in the United States.

    “I found it amazing that some of the postal votes that went out were in fact greater in number than were applied for,” Mr Hardgrave said.

    “Some of them went out and came back in the same day, some of them went out and came back in the day before, some of them came out immediately afterwards.

    “I’ve never seen an efficient postal system like is apparently happening in some of these United States areas.

    “There is something smelly and shonky about this.

    “I haven’t written off Trump, I’m of the view that regardless, we need to know with certainty whoever is elected is elected fairly, and I don’t think that’s clear right now. I don’t care what anyone thinks of that.”

  52. Ted Gorsline November 26, 2020 @ 11:48 pm

    I find the fact that George “jew boy” Soros and his family have not already been hung on meat hooks in Central Park a tribute to the overwhelming tolerance of the American people.

    The USA really is a turn the other cheek nation that retains strong Christain values.

    Certainly Soros with his many color revolutions has already done far more damage to all the peoples of the earth than Mussolini ever dreamed possible.

  53. KathJuliane November 27, 2020 @ 2:01 am

    Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense

    LEGAL STRATEGY: Multiple Pathways To Victory | Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 88

    “For all the censorship, for all the lying, for all the coverups of the three conspirators to this attempt to steal this election — the three conspirators are the Democratic Party, Big Tech, and Big Media — the facts are coming out, ladies and gentlemen.”

    ELECTORAL FRAUD: Where To Find The Evidence Ep. 89

    Rudy Giuliani sums up all cases and why Trump will win by a landslide


    Amistad Project files lawsuits in 6 states to challenge presidential election

    KOMO News

    November 20, 2020

    WASHINGTON (SBG) — The Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society announced Friday they plan to file state and federal lawsuits in six states to challenge presidential election results.

    The six states are Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, Georgia, and Arizona.

    President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani stated that the Trump Campaign has joined in with the Amistad Project to fight the election results “to ensure the integrity of our elections.”

    “The Amistad Project has uncovered an organized effort involving multiple private organizations and partners working with government officials to design, fund, and implement an improper and illegal scheme to create an unconstitutional two-tiered election system to deliver the presidency to Joseph R. Biden,” Giuliani said in a statement.

    Director of The Amistad Project Phill Kline said their legal actions are being made after rigorous investigation and careful evaluation.

    “As far back as is o 2019 we had concerns that novel election practices would taint the vote,” said Kline. “The pandemic and additional election changes accelerated these concerns aand our on-the-ground research over the past two weeks has made it clear that the lawsuits are essential to protect the integrity of America’s democracy.”

    In a statement, the project listed the following issues as common violations across the six states:

    >Systematic efforts by election officials to correct defective ballots in heavily-Democratic areas but not Republican ones
    >Lack of enforcement of voter identification laws
    >Denying Republicans the ability to observe and certify ballot completion, as required by law
    >Denying Republicans the opportunity to watch mail-in ballots being trucked and unloaded at large tabulation facilities
    >Failing to check signatures on mail-in ballots and corresponding documentation
    >Refusal to release logs showing when ballots were delivered and by whom

    On Friday, Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced that final results after their recount would be certified and name Joe Biden as the state’s winner. Biden led by a margin of 0.25% or 12,670 votes, according to The Associated Press.

    “Working as an engineer throughout my life, I live by the motto that numbers don’t lie,” Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said during a news conference at the state Capitol. “As secretary of state, I believe that the numbers that we have presented today are correct. The numbers reflect the verdict of the people, not a decision by the secretary of state’s office or of courts or lof either campaign.”

    Georgia is one of the states The Amistad Project will file lawsuits. The states’ audit did catch several notable errors during the recount. Four counties discovered nearly 6,000 uncounted votes.

    Legal counsel in the Bush-Cheney campaign’s Florida recount in 2000, Alex Vogel, told Sinclair Broadcast Group, “When you have swings in the order of 10% in the final results, that’s definitely worth looking into.”

    On Wednesday, the Trump campaign transferred $3 million to Wisconsin to fund a recount in Milwaukee and Dane County. The Amistad Project is also filing suit in Wisconsin.

    The project claims “approximately 200,000 ballots should not have been accepted” due to the voters being classified as “indefinitely confined.” In the state of Wisconsin, people who are disabled or ill can cast a ballot without proof of identification. The number of these voters increased from 2019 to 2020 by 168,000 voters.

  54. Citizenfitz November 27, 2020 @ 9:35 am

    “Last, but not least: Real Jew News

    “The indomitable, much ignored (and then vilified) one-stop resource for all things JWO.

    Having been blacklisted by much of the Internet Brother Nathanael Kapner has a physical address at which he can be reached:

    “Brother Nathanael Foundation POB 547 Priest River, ID 83856”

  55. The Englishman November 27, 2020 @ 12:52 pm

    Whilst the Haganah continues Terrorist Murders, Goyishe go deaf & turn a Blind Eye.

    It too is no matter that these families of Rats getaway with (seemingly) the Grandest of Grand Larceny.

  56. KathJuliane November 27, 2020 @ 1:47 pm

    Pennsylvania Court Rejects Trump Appeal, Campaign Lawyers Say It’s ‘On to SCOTUS’

    Epoch Times

    By Jack Phillips – November 27, 2020

    The U.S. Third Circuit of Appeals in Pennsylvania on Friday rejected President Donald Trump’s campaign appeal in their challenge of the state’s election results, a move that Trump’s lawyers said will allow them to expedite their lawsuits to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    “The activist judicial machinery in Pennsylvania continues to cover up the allegations of massive fraud. We are very thankful to have had the opportunity to present proof and the facts to the [Pennsylvania] state legislature,” Trump lawyers Jenna Ellis and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani wrote in response.

    “On to SCOTUS!” they wrote, referring to the Supreme Court.

    The Third Circuit Court of Appeals wrote that the Trump campaign’s challenge doesn’t have merit, saying that “voters, not lawyers, choose the President. Ballots, not briefs, decide elections. The ballots here are governed by Pennsylvania election law.”

    “No federal law requires poll watchers or specifies where they must live or how close they may stand when votes are counted.

    “Nor does federal law govern whether to count ballots with minor state-law defects or let voters cure those defects. “Those are all issues of state law, not ones that we can hear. And earlier lawsuits have rejected those claims,” wrote the three-judge panel (pdf).


  57. NO MORE WARS FOR THE JEWS November 27, 2020 @ 2:51 pm

    Video unavailable

    Trump In The Eye Of The Storm

    This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on hate speech. Learn more about combating hate speech in your country.

    I am looking for the link to your excellent Video.

    Trump In The Eye Of The Storm

  58. The Englishman November 27, 2020 @ 3:41 pm

    @Sir (sic) Citizenfitz

    “Has a physical address by which he can be reached”

    Who amongst us would wish to “Physically reach” +BN?

  59. KathJuliane November 27, 2020 @ 4:22 pm

    Dear Shell Shocked,

    You wrote:

    “He fired her?

    “She gave me hope by speaking out.

    “I’ve been fearing for her safety and praying for her.”

    I’ll assume that you are speaking of Sidney Powell, and that it was Trump that supposedly fired her, or that he disavowed her or something.

    Sidney Powell was certainly less famous than “America’s Mayor,” Giuliani, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a powerful attorney in her own right in her own independent practice.

    Nothing could be further from the real situation. Let’s look at what the Trump Campaign (Inc) Statement On Legal Team (per Giuliani, not Trump) says:

    “Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own. She is not a member of the Trump Legal Team. She is also not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity.”

    – Rudy Giuliani, Attorney for President Trump, and Jenna Ellis, Trump Campaign Senior Legal Adviser and Attorney for President Trump

    Although I would have reworded it differently, this is merely a clarifying statement of facts that Sidney Powell is not an official member of the Trump Campaign (Inc) Legal Team and on its payroll, and she hasn’t been from the start, and doesn’t represent Trump in any personal capacity.

    Giuliani and Powell are following two different legal theories, although the very core of defending the Constitution, constitutional law and order, and election integrity are present in both, and neither theory is out of harmony with the other.

    There are numerous attorneys and legal conservative civil rights organizations, along with various Republicans working especially hard in the contested battleground states. Since Election Day, dozens of lawsuits were filed in state and federal courts that aren’t in the limelight.

    These groups are all cooperating with each other and sharing evidence resources, especially the open-source statistical and data analyses that committed patriotic forensically qualified data and statistics analysts have generated and published, particularly the investigative and analytical labors of Matt Braynard, executive director of Look Ahead America.

    The Trump Campaign Legal Team is being paid by the campaign to defend Trump’s claim as the winner of the presidential election campaign, and their main strategy is to hit the northern battleground states on constitutional issues, especially in Pennsylvania, with its statuatory irregularities.

    Powell’s strategy, and roughly that of her Southern ally, Lin Woods, can best be summed up with pursuing systematic and widespread election fraud and corruption which has disenfranchised the average American voter, plain and simple.

    For election fraud they only have to show that the alleged discrepancies would overturn the election, and only upon a preponderance of evidence. It doesn’t have to be beyond a shadow of a doubt like criminal cases.

    Sidney Powell is an exceptional appellate court attorney with impeccable credentials and integrity, driven by a very deep evangelical Christian moral backbone and razor-sharp sense of justice. She was a federal prosecuting attorney for many years, until she became disgusted with some of her fellow prosecutors and their systematic abuse, and began defending clients against these abusers.

    She wrote two books about this systematic abuse and injustice. This is her motivation for taking on the Comey FBI’s concocted case against Michael Flynn and the shenanigans of what she calls “The Department of Injustice” against not only Flynn, but against Donald Trump and his presidency itself.

    From her Sidney Powell About page:

    “Sidney the Attorney represents individuals, corporations, and governments in federal appeals in complex commercial litigation. She has practiced law, primarily in the Fifth Federal Circuit for decades.

    “She has been lead counsel in more than 500 federal appeals—350 of them as an Assistant United States Attorney and Appellate Section Chief in the Western and Northern Districts of Texas.

    “She is a past president of the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers and the Bar Association of the Fifth Federal Circuit, and a member of the American Law Institute.

    “It was from her experience in several of her cases that she felt compelled to become:

    “Sidney the Author wrote LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice after seeing a core group of federal prosecutors break all the rules, make up crimes, hide evidence, and send innocent people to prison.

    “The book reads like a legal thriller, but it names the prosecutors who then rose to positions of great power and the judges who turned a blind eye to their abuses of unfettered power.

    “She continues to write articles on government misconduct and prosecutorial misconduct for The Daily Caller, the Observer, the Hill, Fox News, and other outlets.”

    Her book won a place on the “Best Political Corruption Books of All Time” list.

    Anyway, I can’t say precisely why it was important for the Trump Campaign Legal Team to clarify the working relationship between it and Sidney Powell’s firm.

    But, keep in mind is that Powell, and her Defend the Republic campaign, is also Michael Flynn’s attorney (and she is now close personal friend of the Flynn family), and there were the usual White House leaked murmurings at that time that Trump was considering pardoning Flynn, which turned out a few days later to be so — Trump issued a full pardon to General Flynn.

    As such, Sidney Powell would have been preparing the legal case materials for the US Pardon Attorney, who may have been winding up Flynn’s case or his investigations were now on Trump’s desk at the time that Giuliani made that brief statement.

    From Thoughtco: The Rules of Presidential Pardons

    [Quote] While the Constitution places virtually no limitations on the president’s power to grant clemency, convicted persons who ask the president for clemency are required to meet a strict set of legal guidelines.

    All requests for presidential clemency for federal offenses are directed to the Office of the U.S. Pardon Attorney of the Department of Justice. The Pardon Attorney prepares a recommendation for the president on each application for presidential clemency, including pardons, commutations of sentences, remissions of fines, and reprieves.

    The Pardon Attorney is required to review each application according to the set guidelines. However, the president is not obliged to follow, or even consider the recommendations of the Pardon Attorney. [Unquote]

    I’m relieved that Flynn’s pardon has finally put an end to a disgraceful case of politicized prosecution. On that topic, I’m also with Tulsi Gabbard that Trump should pardon Assange and Snowden.

    So there was some kind of undercurrent going on that prompted the Trump Campaign Legal Team to issue their statement. It may also be political. Powell’s election heist campaign is non-partisan, that is, she isn’t working on behalf of someone’s campaign or the Republican Party per se, but on behalf of We The People.

    Powell has been very emphatic that she didn’t care where the election fraud and corruption chips fell, whether Democrat or Republican.

    She has Republican Governor Kemp of Georgia in her sights, claiming that Kemp was paid kickbacks to use Dominion voting machines. “Georgia is probably going to be the first state I’m going to blow up and, and Mr Kemp and the Secretary of State need to go with it.”

    I wouldn’t doubt that Powell has the evidentiary goods to back that claim up, because she never makes claims without being able to back it up, and because there really is some kind of low-lying scandal brewing about an apparently secret, backdoor deal cooked up between Kemp, SOS Raffensperger, and Dominion Voting Systems last March to rush their voting machines in.

    This is really most peculiar, considering the fact that the State of Texas didn’t keep it under a 10-gallon cowboy hat that the State of Texas had rejected Dominion Voting Systems machines three times, the last time in 2019.

    The State of Texas rejected Dominion in 2020 for use in its elections which it published on the Secretary of State’s website writing:

    “The examiner reports identified multiple hardware and software issues that preclude the Office of the Texas Secretary of State from determining that the Democracy Suite 5.5-A system satisfies each of the voting-system requirements set forth in the Texas Election Code.

    “Specifically, the examiner reports raise concerns about whether the Democracy Suite 5.5-A system is suitable for its intended purpose; operates efficiently and accurately; and is safe from fraudulent or unauthorized manipulation. Therefore, the Democracy Suite 5.5-A system and corresponding hardware devices do not meet the standards for certification prescribed by Section 122.001 of the Texas Election Code.”

    Dominion VS was rejected three times by data communications experts from the Texas Secretary of State and Attorney General’s Office for failing to meet basic security standards.

    So perhaps there was a Trump Campaign Legal Team undercurrent to put some distance between Powell’s claims against Georgia’s Republican Governor and Secretary of State out of some partisan consideration and Trump. But if that’s a strategy, that’s not working out well, since Trump has gone on the warpath against the two.

    This piece tells the story very well.

    Dominion in Georgia: What Happened?
    By Anne-Christine Hoff

    [Quote] There is an explosive investigation in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) regarding the Dominion Voting Machines (DVM) and Brad Raffensperger’s role in easing the security surrounding those machines. According to the AJC, in October the Secretary of State’s office was responsible for weakening the system’s defenses, disabling password protections on a key component that controls who is allowed to vote. [Unquote]

    On the other hand, it may simply have been a matter of the TC Legal Team seeing Sidney Powell lining up her shotgun on the two Georgia pols and the sketchy, corrupt election system there, and they decided to move well out of the range of any shotgun spatter.

    Don’t give up hope. Be not afraid.

    Definitely continue to pray for Sidney Powell and her team, technical and analytical support volunteers, legal allies, and helpers, as well as the Trump Campaign Legal Team.

    Fiercely independent Powell is not tethered to the TC Legal Team at all, and never has been. She can’t be “fired” because she never took any pay from the Trump Campaign to begin with. And she is following the forensic evidence wherever it leads and however “the chips may fall”.

    I see that as only a plus. Her autonomy and independence are completely assured, while at the same time working towards the same goal of reversing the Democrat Party, Big Tech and Big Media’s election heist.

    She solicits non-tax deductible contributions from We The People, which is whom she is actually representing and is ultimately answerable to.

    God speed, Sidney Powell.

    Praise the Lord, and Pass the Ammunition (1942).

    “Cry Moar, Bolshies!” – Vice President-Elect KathJuliane

    P. S. to all,

    The major cause of death in America today is not COVID-19, but abortion.

    “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” – Matthew 10:28

  60. KathJuliane November 27, 2020 @ 7:28 pm

    Dear No More Wars For The Jews,

    +BN has the 2016 Video, Trump in the Eye of the Storm, on his Brother Nathanael Channel:

    You can also find his entire downloadable Video archive library up on the menu of links listed beneath the embedded Video above.

    It’s a 2016 Video, so you’ll find it listed under that year.

    +BN Vids FULL Archive! HERE!

    Which is this link:

  61. Citizenfitz November 27, 2020 @ 8:19 pm

    @The Englishman…

    Somebody who wants to send him a check.

    Without paying an electronic cash transfer surcharge.

    So he gets the full amount.

    Or just to send him a Christmas card.

    You’re welcome.

  62. KathJuliane November 28, 2020 @ 7:29 am

    Host L Todd Wood interviews cyber expert Russ Ramsland of Allied Security Operations Group in a follow-up discussion on election fraud post Nov 3rd.

    Allied Security has been investigating the election results from the Dominion Voting System-dominated battleground states and has been serving a supporting technical and analytical role and resource, submitting affidavits to all of the legal teams pursuing election fraud.

    Two and a half weeks ago, I posted a November 5 video
    about how Allied Security Operations Group started investigating on their own dime the ‘Blue Wave’ elections of 2018 after some ‘activists’ brought some suspect Dallas voting logs.

    They’ve made efforts to bring it all to county and state election and investigative authorities for quite awhile, the results of their investigations into voting system weaknesses exploited for voting fraud and manipulation falling on deaf ears.


    Russ Ramsland made a point of saying that Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) at the federal level is still in denial. He says they won’t even listen to their own state-level CISA personnel after the locals (shocked to discover it’s all real and not “conspiracy theory”) have reviewed Ramsland’s company’s investigative results and analyses.


    READ: Suit Blocking PA Election Certification Has ‘Likelihood To Succeed’ Rules Judge, Any Further Certification Blocked

    The National Pulse


    The opinion, released November 27th from Judge Patricia A. McCullough, has been widely perceived by supporters of President Trump as a win for him in the critical swing state. The opinion blocks any further steps towards election certification.

    Additionally, the judge notes the suit, which centers on a preliminary election certification injunction, and its “Petitioners appear to have established a likelihood to succeed.”
    READ: {

    The opinion also notes that the matters contained in the petition are of “statewide and national concern,” and “go to the core of the electoral process”…


    While MSM and Big Tech were doing their cheerleader jubilation dance over Trump Legal Team’s loss in Pennsylvanian federal appeals court, separate petitioners contesting the election on constitutional grounds were handed a big victory in state court with the issuance of a temporary injunction which brought Pennsylvania’s certification of election to a screeching halt pending hearing by the PA Supreme Court.

  63. Steve November 28, 2020 @ 9:50 am

    Antifa Threats A Causa Belli For Martial Law!

    As we are already witnessing threats against electors and representatives, and as Antifa has been labeled by the POTUS as a terrorist organization, Trump could, as I’ve been arguing, have a reason to evoke the Insurrection Act.

    That along with evidence of attempts to deprive Americans of their right to chose their representatives would allow Sidney Powell who is registered as a military lawyer to prosecute treason at a tribunal.

    This would further allow for the rapid execution of guilty parties from Suckerberg to the Govs of the contested states who it is being alleged have taken bribes from Dominion, China, Iran, et al.

    Trump is beginning to use the bully pulpit of the Oval Office to highlight what has happened. With the use of charts etc. along with emphasizing the Antifa violence that has already taken place he will in essence be justifying our reluctance to become a third-world sump hole.

    There are more of us then them as Trump was elected in a total landslide, so if and when (I hope not) Trump’s hand is forced, then the nation can’t say we haven’t been warned.

    Let Trump take his case to us deplorable useless eaters: the people who voted for him and let the chips fall where they may.

    Failure is not an option.


  64. KathJuliane November 28, 2020 @ 4:08 pm

    Saturday’s Fun Fraud Facts: Seven Unexplainable Results that Reveal Democrats Didn’t Even Try to Hide Their Fraud

    Gateway Pundit
    By Jim Hoft

    Published November 28, 2020

    Today’s fun fraud facts from reader Terry P.

    1) Biden won a record low 16.7% of counties in the US but had the most votes of any presidential candidate ever. 10 million more than Obama.

    2) Voter turnout for every election in the past 100 years fell within 2 standard deviations but 2020 was above 3 standard deviations. This should happen roughly 1 in every 2,666 elections and is 99.7% indicative of voter fraud.

    As we reported earlier — In the last 100 years every election fell within 2 standard deviations.

    The 2020 election scores above 3 standard deviations.

    That is to say, statistically speaking, we have 99.7% certainty on the November 3 that turnout would be between the two dashed green lines.

    But it wasn’t.

    And not only had this NEVER happened before in US history, but we have also NEVER been outside 2 standard deviations before!


    Look at the voter turnout for Barack Obama. It was above average. But Basement Joe HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK!

    You can only expect to be outside of 3 Sigma, .3% of the time.

    That means 3 times in every 1,000 elections or roughly once every 1,333 years!

    3) Republicans won all 27 “contested” House seats but lost the presidency?

    The last election where that happened with even 10 seats was the heavily fraud riddled election of 1960.

    4) The winner has always carried 15 or more of the 17 Bellwether counties but Biden won just 1 of them.

    5) Trump had the highest % of non-white votes of any Republican in history.

    6) Biden was down more than 10% in NY but up huge in very specific large cities –but only in the big cities in battleground states.

    7) 450,000+ ballots in battleground cities had a vote for only Biden. No down ballot votes cast, no independents, green party or write in candidates voted for on those ballots.

    “We’ve Identified 450,000 Ballots that Miraculously ONLY have a Vote for Joe Biden” – Sidney Powell Drops a BOMB on Sunday Morning Futures (Video)

    The Democrat elites want you to believe this election was free and fair.
    Don’t believe them.


    Five Videos – Five States Where Votes Were Switched Live on TV Away from President Trump to Biden –Updated

    Gateway Pundit

    By Jim Hoft
    Published November 28, 2020

    There’s been lots of analysis of the Edison JSON live data feeds on election night showing vote decreases and switches.

    A Gateway Pundit reporter, who works in media, found several examples of switched votes that were broadcast live on TV.

    The videos are clipped and explained in these links for findings in 4 states, so far. (Embedded videos on site)

  65. benzion kook November 29, 2020 @ 11:41 am

    Not my fraudulent government “elect”.

    Insane algo “voting” dumps at 4-6 am in “swing” states the day after the election exposed by the NY Times, of all suspects.

    144,000 for Biden, 6,000 for Trump; then an equal batch, then relentless 5,500, 4,800 batches, ALL for Biden, another statistical impossibility, until Trump’s huge 57% to 43% lead was fraudulently altered by Dominion-Smartmatic criminal operatives to 49%-48% demento Joe.

    He lost more counties than even Obama, a new low record, but mysteriously got 10,000,000 moar votes than him, according to election fraud central.

    “We’ve set-up the biggest election fraud system in the history of American politics.” — Biden, the week before the rigged “election”.

  66. KathJuliane November 29, 2020 @ 1:19 pm

    1.2M Pennsylvania votes could be fraudulent; Election data could ‘easily’ overturn 3 states: analyst

    NTD TV

    00:00 1.2M Pennsylvania Votes Could Be Fraudulent: Expert

    During the Pennsylvania election hearing, a witness claimed that voting machines used in the US were built for manipulating elections. And alleged that according to his team’s research, up to 1.2 million votes could have been altered in Pennsylvania.

    02:25 Questionable Votes Exceed Margin: Analyst

    A data analyst has reviewed voting data in several swing states. He says his findings are enough to overturn the results in at least 3 of them. His evidence appears to suggest the election results could be turned to favor President Trump.

    05:44 Why Georgia’s Audit Did Not Expose Problems

    A lengthy lawsuit released this week in Georgia. The state is in the middle of another recount. An election integrity advocate tells NTD that the first audit didn’t reveal what it should have.


    Trump: ‘It Will Take a Brave Judge or a Brave Legislature’

    BY JACK PHILLIPS November 29, 2020

    President Donald Trump said that it will take a “brave” judge or legislature to take action to overturn the results of the election.

    “I’m not going to say a date. We have to move very fast,” Trump told Fox Business on Sunday morning in response to a question about what his team is planning to do when key dates such as when the Electoral College meets on Dec. 18 [sic – it’s Dec 14-Kj], or when the Joint Session of Congress reads the votes on Jan. 6, or Inauguration Day on Jan. 20.

    “It will take a brave judge, or a brave legislature … or a brave justice,” the president said, regarding the dual strategy of his team filing lawsuits to reach the U.S. Supreme Court or lobbying state legislatures to potentially call up their own GOP electors to the Electoral College.

    “You need a judge who is willing to hear a case” and “a Supreme Court who is willing to make a really big decision,” Trump added, asserting that a significant amount of fraud took place on Nov. 3 and questioned how it would be possible for Democratic nominee Joe Biden to receive 80 million votes.

    It came as his lawyers, Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, suggested over the past several days that they would be pushing GOP-majority legislatures in places like Arizona and Pennsylvania to reclaim power over the electoral process.

    Last week, several witnesses spoke in front of Republican state senators alleging they saw irregularities and potential fraud.

    Poll observers Justin Kweder and Kim Peterson—two witnesses at the Pennsylvania GOP Senate hearing—testified that they couldn’t properly observe anything at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

    “The Philadelphia Board of Elections processed hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots with zero civilian oversight or observation,” Kweder said.

    The suggestion from Trump’s team appears to be working, as one GOP senator confirmed that the idea to reclaim the electoral process from the governor’s office is gaining traction. A proposal was introduced in the Pennsylvania State Senate on Nov. 28.

    Trump’s legal team is slated to hold another witness presentation on Monday in front of the Arizona State Legislature.

    ”We’re doing both, with equal speed and enthusiasm, and taking advantage of which one gives us the hearing the quickest. And which one will work fastest for us,” said Giuliani to Newsmax about their strategy. ”Because we don’t have a lot of time. We’ve got a lot of evidence; we don’t have a lot of time. And we’re facing a major censorship, so it’s very hard to get this information out to the public.”

  67. KathJuliane November 29, 2020 @ 3:04 pm

    Important info for Georgia Voters from Here Is The Evidence:

    “…a crowdsourcing tool for organizing anomalies and legal issues. Our desire is that more of the election process would be made transparent so there would be unquestionable confidence in our voting systems.”

    There are hundreds of crowd-sourced entries “publicly available items of evidence that would be admissible in court…”

    CLAIM: Georgia voters are able to contest state certification according to state law.

    FACT: Any Georgia voter can file an Election Contest Complaint.

    STEP 1: Prepare and Election Contest Complaint.

    Robert Barnes, a civil rights and election lawyer, has prepared an Election Contest Complaint examplar which any Georgia voter can copy, paste, and edit.

    Download now.

    STEP 2: File Election Contest Complaint.


    “Folks, we got a lot of work to do. I don’t need you to get me elected, I need you once I’m elected.”

    “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

    — Joe Biden

  68. Cpt_Obviuos November 29, 2020 @ 4:44 pm


    Let me direct your attention to this Executive Order, dated 12/09/2018:

    If you’ve been looking for a Trump Card (said will full irony), here it is.

    God’s Will be done.

  69. Greg November 29, 2020 @ 9:07 pm

    I’m sure there was voting fraud in the Blue States that the Dems would win anyways, like Illinois which is mainly the Chicago area vote.

    Most residents in the larger landmass downstate usually vote Republican. Even in Arizona the difference was only about 10,450 votes.

    Awaiting the arrival of some interesting news in the coming weeks!

  70. KathJuliane November 30, 2020 @ 12:03 am

    Zuckerberg-Funded Group Comes Into Spotlight in Election-Related Court Cases

    By Zachary Steiber November 28, 2020

    A group that received hundreds of millions of dollars from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is accused in post-election lawsuits of contributing to constitutional violations in key battleground states.

    The Center for Tech and Civic Life, a national nonprofit based in Illinois, provided funding to over 2,500 election offices across the country to run elections amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Funds were used to pay poll workers, put up ballot drop boxes, and acquire mail-in ballot equipment and supplies.

    More than $6 million was doled out to officials in Fulton County, Georgia, and to five cities in Wisconsin, according to lawsuits filed this month. The funds were sent to facilitate violations of state law, the lawsuits allege.

    The money was sent through agreements that had municipalities run elections in contravention to state law, according to the lawsuits, which were filed by the Thomas More Foundation’s Amistad Project. Accepting funding from a private group like the center is barred by state and federal law, the lawsuits allege.

    “There is nothing in Wisconsin state law that allows cities and counties to take in millions of dollars sourced to an incredibly wealthy, interested, and partisan actor (i.e., Zuckerberg) in order to ‘assist’ those cities and counties in administering the vote,” the Wisconsin court filing states. Wisconsin election officials said on Friday that filing was full of “meritless legal arguments.”

    In the Georgia filing, the Amistad Project says the unregulated private funds from the Center for Tech and Civic Life were used to pay “ballot harvesters,” deputize and pay political activists to manage ballots, and consolidate counting centers in the urban core “to facilitate the movement of hundreds of thousands of questionable ballots in secrecy without legally required bi-partisan observation.”

    Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, committed $400 million to the Center for Tech and Civic Life for the nonprofit to assist jurisdictions in running elections.

    “Chan and Zuckerberg’s commitment will ensure that every qualified jurisdiction that applies will be approved for the funds they need to ensure that every eligible citizen can vote safely and have their vote counted,” a press release from the center stated last month.

    The center was founded by former managers and staff at the New Organizing Institute, a progressive nonprofit that was training Democrat digital organizers. Neither the center nor Zuckerberg responded to requests for comment.

    Zuckerberg and his company emerged as a powerful influence on the 2020 elections, The Epoch Times previously reported.

    The money from Zuckerberg led to Democratic-strongholds in Pennsylvania taking steps to let voters “cure,” or fix, ballots that weren’t taken in Republican-dominated areas, creating a two-tiered election system, Amistad Project Director Phill Kline told The Epoch Times.

    “Democrat strongholds with Zuckerberg money actually cured absentee ballots that were flawed, contrary to Pennsylvania law, while Republican strongholds refused to lie and in addition didn’t have the resources to cure ballots because they didn’t have Zuckerberg funding,” the former Kansas attorney general said.

    The agreements between the Center for Tech and Civic Life and cities required cities to develop a plan for their elections and submit it to the center. According to an Aug. 21 agreement between the center and the city of Philadelphia obtained by The Epoch Times, the center agreed to pay $10 million to help the city run the general election amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The deal included a clause that allowed the center to discontinue or withhold part of, or request the return of all or part of any unspent grant funds if certain conditions were not met.

    Philadelphia’s city commissioners didn’t respond to requests for comment. City Commissioner Al Schmidt said in a statement this week: “Despite the avalanche of meritless litigation and misinformation targeting our electoral system, I’m proud to say that the birthplace of our Republic held the most transparent and secure election in the history of Philadelphia.”

    Ballot boxes funded by the center were densely placed in Delaware County but few were erected in the 59 counties that Trump won, Kline said. They also showed the consolidation of polling places in a way that disenfranchised Republican strongholds.

    “That is a continued election system funded by Zuckerberg where Democrats have every opportunity to vote, including the illegal opportunities to vote. And in the Republican areas, it’s harder, because they closed down in-person polling and so forth. And it’s a violation of Bush v. Gore, it’s a violation of the Equal Protection Clause.”

    Similar issues, including chain of custody concerns for the ballots placed into the drop boxes, arose in other states, according to Kline. For example, there were issues in Wayne County, Michigan that prompted two canvassing board members to hesitate to certify the election results.

    The Amistad Project filed several cases months before the election, attempting to block the Center for Tech and Civic Life’s funneling of money from Zuckerberg to local and state governments. According to the project, some of the money also went to judges overseeing the election.

    The lawsuits did not prompt judicial action prior to the election. They’re still being considered.

    After those suits were filed, the center said in a statement that it is nonpartisan. “We are confident that these frivolous charges are without merit, and look forward to continuing this critical grant program in these unprecedented times,” it added.

    Several weeks after the suits were filed, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, a Republican, warned officials across Louisiana not to accept funds from the Center for Tech and Civic Life.

    Landry filed a suit “to prevent the injection of unregulated private money into the Louisiana election system and to protect the integrity of elections in the State by ensuring against the corrosive influence of outside money on Louisiana election officials,” according to the filing. It said the center had not appointed an agent for service of process in Louisiana but nevertheless engaged in business in the state in connection with the Nov. 3 elections.

    “Whether the defendants here may be well-intentioned, private money in any amount, but particularly the amount of money offered by the defendants to select clerks and/or registrars, has an inherently insidious and corrupting effect,” Landry’s office said in the suit.

    Another suit filed in Michigan last month accused Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, a Democrat, of allowing “partisan operatives” to interfere in the election by giving out funds for printing and distributing mail-in ballots and other efforts. The suit named the Center for Tech and Civic Life. The center called the litigation frivolous and said plaintiffs were “wasting election officials’ time at the voter’s expense, while also peddling misinformation.”

  71. Steve November 30, 2020 @ 5:33 am

    Military Tribunals! Martial Law! Impeachment of Roberts! Etc.

    “A Change is Gonna Come”


  72. KathJuliane November 30, 2020 @ 9:25 am

    FBI Requests Fraud, Disenfranchisement Evidence, Researcher Says

    BY PETR SVAB November 29, 2020

    The FBI has reached out to an election integrity researcher for evidence of crimes in the 2020 election, said the researcher, who is also a former Trump campaign official.

    The evidence was collected by the Voter Integrity Project (VIP) led by Matt Braynard, former data and strategy director for President Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign.

    “The @FBI has proactively and directly requested from me the VIP findings that indicates illegal ballots,” Braynard said in a Nov. 29 tweet.

    “By Tuesday, we will have delivered to the agency all of our data, including names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.”

    His account was backed by the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society, a conservative non-profit which says it retained Braynard to conduct the work.

    “We’ve learned that Mr. Braynard was contacted by FBI Special Agent Young Oh of the FBI Los Angeles Field Office seeking our data. Mr. Braynard is fully cooperating with this request and we fully support him,” said a statement posted by the project’s director, former Kansas Attorney General Phillip Kline, on Twitter on Nov. 29.

    “This data has been used to identify hundreds of thousands of potentially fraudulent ballots in the states where we filed litigation.”

    When reached by The Epoch Times via email, an FBI spokesperson said that “in keeping with DOJ standard practice, the FBI neither confirms nor denies the existence of any investigation.”

    The evidence indicates that thousands of voters were disenfranchised as the absentee ballots they said they returned weren’t counted.

    The VIP project also found that thousands of people voted in states where they likely no longer resided, because they already requested an address change or even registered in another state.

    Thousands more were registered at postal locations or commercial establishments while listing information that seemed to serve to disguise the addresses as residential ones, such as by listing “APT,” “UNIT,” or “STE.”

    Moreover, a large number of voters were marked in state data as requesting absentee ballots, though they said they didn’t.

    “The number of questionable ballots surpasses the vote margin in at least three states right now, Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin,” Braynard told The Epoch Times’s Joshua Philipp in a recent interview.

    Many Republicans, including the president, have criticized the FBI for not doing enough to investigate election irregularities and fraud allegations leveled by the Trump campaign and other groups in multiple states following the 2020 election.

    Based on the unofficial results, Trump’s opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, has enough electoral votes to claim the presidency.

    The Epoch Times will not declare a winner of the 2020 presidential election until all results are certified and any legal challenges are resolved.

    Braynard vouched for the integrity of many FBI line agents though.

    “While there has been legit criticism of the actions of leaders of the agency over the last several years, I can personally attest to the many patriots within the rank-and-file who are fighting on the side of the Constitution and Law and Order,” he said in a Nov. 29 tweet.

    His findings have been cited in several lawsuits, including two released by former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell, alleging Georgia and Michigan election results are invalid.

    “All the analysis that we’ve done doesn’t really require you to say, trust me about a magical mathematical formula, or some pattern we discovered or something that supposedly happened in the software of the voting machines,” Braynard said.

    “I can give you the list of the people who voted in this election, who filed national Change of Address cards in Georgia, moving themselves to another state.

    “And I can also show you the subsequent state voter registrations of these individuals in other states, who then cast early or absentee ballots back in Georgia.

    “I can show you the names of the people and the records of them having voted in multiple states and the raw data that the states make available. So this isn’t speculative. This is just what the data shows.”


    Judge Blocks Georgia From Wiping or Resetting Election Machines

    By Ivan Pentchoukov November 29, 2020

    A judge presiding over a major election lawsuit in Georgia on Nov. 29 ordered the state to cease and desist wiping or resetting its election machines.

    “Defendants are ordered to maintain the status quo & are temporarily enjoined from wiping or resetting any voting machines in the State of Georgia until further order of the Court,” Judge Timothy Batten wrote in an emergency order issued Nov. 29.

    Lin Wood, an attorney associated with the Trump campaign, was the first to share the news.

    The plaintiffs in the lawsuit on Nov. 29 filed an emergency motion that included a message from an election official stating that the ballot-counting machines would be reset to zero on Nov. 30, before a recount.

    “The process will begin with an L & A – resetting the machine to ‘zero’ to begin the recount,” the text of the message stated before discussing specifics of the recount process.

    The message was part of an affidavit by a GOP poll worker filed alongside the emergency order. Upon seeing the message, the poll worker says he or she wrote to the election manager.

    When the poll worker asked if the reset will wipe the forensic info from the machines, the manager said that “Atlanta already did it.”

    The lawsuit in question is being litigated by Sidney Powell, an attorney who defended former National security adviser Michael Flynn. President Donald Trump pardoned Flynn earlier this week.

  73. tom November 30, 2020 @ 11:36 am

    These elections smell of fraud and they have kosher fingerprints all over them.



  74. KathJuliane November 30, 2020 @ 12:04 pm

    Judge Schedules Hearing in High-Profile Georgia Election Case

    By Zachary Stieber November 30, 2020

    The judge who ordered Georgia officials on Sunday not to wipe or reset voting machines has scheduled the next hearing in the case for Friday.

    U.S. District Judge Timothy Batten Sr., a George W. Bush appointee, issued three emergency orders on Sunday, initially ordering officials to hold off on taking action regarding the machines before reversing his order and then re-establishing the first order.

    In a Nov. 30 order, Batten said his final decision on Sunday partially granting the defendants’ motion “involves a controlling question of law as to which there is substantial ground for difference of opinion and that an immediate appeal from the order may materially advance the ultimate termination of the litigation.”

    The order enables defendants to appeal the temporary ruling to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

    Defendants were ordered to file their brief by Dec. 2 while any reply brief will be due Dec. 3.

    In a third filing, defendants said Charlene McGowan, Georgia’s assistant attorney general, will be appearing on behalf of the defendants, which include Gov. Brian Kemp, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, and state Election Board members.


  75. John Carter November 30, 2020 @ 2:22 pm

    According to recent reports about a Raid on “CIA Server Farm in Germany,” “Subsequent review of the secured servers yielded proof that China, Iran, and Russia were involved in the attempted coup against President Donald Trump…”

    I am curious, Br. Nathaniel, if you would concur with that statement?

    What really would China, Iran, and Russia have to gain by deposing Trump, and installing Biden/Harris?

    Based on all of the information that you have provided in the past, I would think that our friends who mustn’t be named would be more likely “involved”; they have much more to gain from getting Trump out of the way.

  76. tom November 30, 2020 @ 6:23 pm

    The leftist Kosher Supremacist MSM is covering up all evidence of voter fraud and irregularities.

    In the midst of the election, Netanyahu was quick to congratulate Biden for being elected even before the votes were officially tallied. That is how he repays Trump for everything he did for that country. Where is the sense of loyalty?

    Dr Eric Coomer was VP of Dominion voting services and an avid member of ANTIFA who vehemently hated Trump. He made a video of how easy it was to hack the Dominion voting system and was even caught bragging of hacking the elections.

    Is he in Israel? Not privy to that info, but would really like to find out.

  77. R. Richardson November 30, 2020 @ 9:42 pm

    I think that the World Zionist Organization, which is probably run by the banking cartel (the Rothschild family and Rockefeller family), is responsible for the election rigging in the U.S., through the B’nai B’rith’s and Anti-Defamation League’s criminal works.

    The WZO was founded at the First Zionist Congress (World Zionist Congress), which took place in Basel, Switzerland in August 1897. Basel is the very same city, where the Bank for International Settlements (owned by central banks) was founded in 1930.

    With the BB’s and ADL’s help, the WZO may have ability to access on the organized criminal networks around the world.

    B’nai B’rith was formed in 1843 and is now operating under the WZO. Then, it founded the Anti-Defamation League(of B’nai B’rith) in 1913, the same year when the Federal Reserve was established. Was the ADL involved to make sure that the Federal Reserve Act was passed?

    B’nai B’rith is suspected to be behind the assassinations of different U.S. Presidents, from Abraham Lincoln to John Kennedy.

    Henry Makow wrote an article about the B’nai B’rith and ADL in 2005. He claimed that they did not represent Jews. They only represented Freemasonry.

    He mentioned about “The Ugly Truth about the ADL” by the Executive Intelligence Review, which linked the ADL to organized crime, drugs, prostitution, domestic spying, the purchase of the US Congress, and the removal of Christianity from public institutions.

    Source: [“B’nai B’rith-ADL Doesn’t Represent Jews” by Henry Makow, Ph.D. – ]

    Excerpt from “The Ugly Truth About The ADL” [ ]:

    “The EIR points out the inter-reliant nature of the ADL and organized crime. A strong link between philanthropy and gambling, labor racketeering, money laundering and narcotics has been established while the ADL was coming into prominence, and resulted in them obtaining the expansive power they wield today. This particular period of ADL activity was marked by the involvement of the infamous Jewish gangster Meyer Lansky and partner Mo Dalitz.”

    I just heard that some people are blaming Russia, China, and Iran for influencing on the U.S. election, but I think that the ADL should be actually blamed for influencing on the U.S. election, beside rigging it.

    They can do anything as they please, such as bribing, threatening, or/and intimidating some political officials, service industry workers, and poll workers across the U.S., while not to mention George Soros behind the BLM and ANTIFA, Bill Gates behind programming, and Nancy Pelosi behind Dominion Voting Systems.

    Donald Trump must use the military or/and police immediately to close the ADL’s headquarters in New York City and 25 regional offices in the U.S.

    Theoretically, the ADL is not the civil rights lobby, but may be an international criminal organization, managed by the ZWO/banking cartel.

    It is publicly recognized as an “international” Jewish “non-governmental” organization. If people blame Russia, China, and Iran for rigging the U.S. election, then the people (Jews and criminals?) in those countries may have connection with the ADL.

  78. benzion kook December 1, 2020 @ 11:37 am


    Former Pelosi chief of staff Elshami is now a lobbyist for Dominion.

    Feinstein’s husband Richard Blum is a major Dominion stockholder.

    Dominion “drop and roll” vote tally fraud implemented in 6 swing-state big cities.

    Tikkun Olam – the fix is in, again.

  79. The Horrible Deplorable December 1, 2020 @ 2:01 pm

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.

    We, ourselves, fund our own misery. When we are forced to pay certain fees to certain Gov. agencies via our tax dollars those agencies with their Soros type jew overlords use this money against us in many different forms.

    Now we taxpayers are forced to pay nearly a trillion US Dollars to these jew-run and -controlled pharmaceutical companies for a CoYid vaccine.

    It is a known fact that ~80% of ALL jews ALWAYS vote DemocRAT. These pharmaceutical companies are world wide operators who are no doubt controlled by jewish influence and interests. Once again the wheel goes round and we get screwed.

    We must stop this self abusive cycle. For many, they don’t realize it’s taking place, but the evil jew knows and laughs his sick ass off remarking that “They’re the ones who are paying for ALL of it – they want it – so they get it” and to boot – you’re paying for his livelihood too.

    Trump is the only one who can curtail this evil cycle. America First is part of this effort put forth by him. America First focuses on American companies, not overseas jew-rotted, tax exempt charity foundations who invest USD making billions of the principle and dolling out pennies just to stay legal.

    Wake up people. Now is our chance to settle the score and free ourselves.

    Donate to Trump Campaign’s legal efforts to once and for all defeat the Swamp creatures of the left. Shame them (as if) so that even their own party members jump ship and begin fighting. They are truly rotten at the core.

  80. KathJuliane December 1, 2020 @ 3:38 pm

    The National Pulse

    WATCH: Whistleblowers Dispute Over 1 Million Ballots, Cite Dominion Tampering, Shipping Filled Ballots Across State Lines

    The Amistad Project has gathered whistleblowers and sworn declarations revealing over one million potentially fraudulent swing-state ballots, including completed ballots getting shipped across state lines, postal service workers being told to prioritize Biden mail, and officials tampering with Dominion systems to prevent an audit.

    In total, over 300,000 ballots are at issue in Arizona, 548,000 in Michigan, 204,000 in Georgia, and over 121,000 in Pennsylvania.

    “The declarations state that unlawful actions by state and local election officials in swing states, and possibly U.S. Postal Service officials,” the Amistad Project noted.

    The evidence details “the failure of election officials in blue jurisdictions to maintain ballot chain of custody,” and include “photographs of individuals improperly accessing voting machines and a detailed eyewitness account of the breaking of sealed boxes of ballot jump drives and commingling of those jump drives with others.”

    In addition to voting machine tampering, the Amistad Project’s findings reveal efforts by Postal Service officials in at least three of six swing states. “Details include potentially hundreds of thousands of completed absentee ballots being transported across three state lines, and a trailer filled with ballots disappearing in Pennsylvania,” the group notes.

    The Amistad Project feels that one whistleblower, a USPS truck driver Jess Morgan, had “fraudulent ballots were mistakenly placed” in his Pennsylvania-bound truck:…


  81. Brother Nathanael December 1, 2020 @ 5:07 pm

    NEW Vid tomorrow! STAY TUNED. +bn

  82. Citizenfitz December 1, 2020 @ 5:25 pm


    You got that right.

    *We* are paying our jailers torturers to jail and torture us. A mysterious iniquity for sure.

  83. Confederate patriot December 2, 2020 @ 1:49 am

    Brother Nat,

    I haven’t written in a while, but i watch every week and pass your website along to everyone i meet and post it just about every time I post a comment anywhere on any forum.

    My thought is that Trump should crush the jews and leftist leadership and imprison them and try them for treason w the death penalty.

    But then we need to break up the nation so that we have a place to deport all leftists and immigrants to, unless we are up to the task of shipping them overseas, which I doubt many conservatives would support (even Trump supporters when it will include their own family members), although maybe to Canada might work.

    Of course all jews must go to Israel, we don’t want them on our north border. I’d be happy to give up a large section of both the East and West Coasts for leftists so long as we also keep a section of each, and we keep everything in the middle and connecting to our 2 coastal sections.

    We will also obviously keep the entire South and the Midwest as well as most of the Nearwest. I simply can’t see how we can or should continue with so many leftists in our midst. It seems a hopelessly futile and unhappy endeavor.

  84. KathJuliane December 2, 2020 @ 2:03 pm

    Firm That Owns Dominion Voting Systems Received $400 Million From Swiss Bank Account Funded by Communist Chinese Gov & Companies Before Election

    Dominion Voting Systems has financial ties to the Chinese government, according to filings

    Published on 1 December, 2020

    Summit News

    An investigation into SEC filings has revealed that the firm which owns Dominion Voting Systems received $400 million dollars from a Swiss bank with close links to the Chinese government less than a month before the election.

    The investigation centers on Staple Street Capital, which acquired Dominion Voting Systems in 2018.

    Dominion Voting Systems operates voting machines in 28 states and has been accused by President Trump and his supporters of being involved in deleting millions of votes for Trump in addition to switching votes to Biden on election night.

    “On Oct 8, 2020, Staple Street Capital filed SEC Form D offerings and sales amount of $400,000,000 with the Sales Compensation Recipient identified as UBS Securities,” states the investigation, which also notes that another payment of $200,000,000 was received in December 2014.

    “UBS Securities is a swiss investment bank which owns 24.99% of UBS Securities Co LTD, a Chinese Investment Bank. The remaining 75% of UBS Securities CO LTD is owned by the Chinese government,” states the report.

    The overall owners of UBS Securities Co LTD are;

    – Beijing Guoxiang (33%)
    – UBS (24.99%)
    – Guangdong Comm. Group [zh] (14.01%)
    – China Guodian (14%)
    – COFCO Group (14%)

    Aside from UBS, the other four owners of UBS Securities are all Communist Chinese front groups.

    Beijing Guoxiang is a state owned asset.

    Guangdong Comm. Group 100% stakeholder is the Guangdong Provincial Government.

    China Guodian is state owned enterprise administered for the SASAC for the state Council

    COFCO Group is a state owned enterprise under the direct supervision of the SASAC.

    SASAC The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) is a special commission of the People’s Republic of China, directly under the State Council.

    The revelation that Dominion Voting Systems has financial ties to the Chinese government via UBS Securities will bolster claims by Trump supporters that foreign actors working on behalf of Communist China may have sought to meddle in the presidential election to help Joe Biden.

    Other connections between Dominion Voting Systems and the Chinese government have also emerged in recent weeks, including the company’s Core Infrastructure Manager of Information Technology, Andy Huang, who previously worked for China Telecom, which is “wholly run by the Chinese government,” reported the National Pulse.

    View the full document batch here: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5

    Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article incorrectly credited a particular research firm for performing this investigation. That information was erroneous, and this article has been updated to correct that. We apologize for the confusion.

  85. Jim Crowstein December 2, 2020 @ 3:55 pm

    In his speech this afternoon, Trump is telling the obvious truth about the election fraud.

    But only OANN is broadcasting his speech. The big jews media outlets are not televising the speech.

    Even Foxjews is missing in action, not showing the speech. Lots of people have taken notice of how Foxjews joined CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc., in attacking Trump and trying to cover up the rampant election fraud.

    During Trump’s speech on the rigged election today, I checked all the channels to see if all TV networks were carrying the speech. But no other network besides OANN was carrying the speech.

    Like Sidney Powell and many others, Trump pointed out facts, data, and information in his speech that proved massive election fraud committed against Trump.

  86. KathJuliane December 2, 2020 @ 5:26 pm

    President Trump’s speech from earlier today.

    Donald J. Trump

    3 hrs ago

    Statement by Donald J. Trump, The President of the United States
    This may be the most important speech I’ve ever made….


    Speech: Donald Trump Makes an Unscheduled Pre-Recorded Speech on the Election – December 2, 2020

  87. AJ December 2, 2020 @ 6:03 pm

    We keep hearing “Chynna, Chynna” and now even Iran as culprits in the Election coup from people like attorney Lin Wood and others. But no “JEW” from any of these prominent figures (or for that matter, frontline patriots like Alex Jones or Mike Adams).

    Americans are also still playing coy to the fact that everywhere you look in these states where the Election was stolen there are Jews in key positions, esp. in Pennsylvania.

    When I saw the Secretary of the Commonwealth of PA, Kathy Boockvar, on CNN I knew immediately she was an obvious Jew. And the repellent transgender Jew, Rachel Levine, is the PA Health Secretary.

    Why was this Election Coup allowed to happen to begin with, with America now forced to pick up the pieces?

    That election fraud was already a problem in the U.S. was not news. Is it part of “The Plan” to have allowed this egregious event to happen in order to finally ensnare and expose the Jewish Deep State?

  88. The Horrible Deplorable December 3, 2020 @ 11:04 am



  89. NIQ December 3, 2020 @ 11:46 pm

    I follow BroN and agree with most of what he exposes, and he may have that one somewhat ‘right’, but it’s missing some key ingredients.

    One should consider that Trump winning would not help America at all.

    Trump after-all a JOO stooge himself-has done for JOOsrael as much as other JOO stooges presidents. JOOruseAlem is now the capital of JOOsrael, etc…

    And as usual, one can see that the choices left at election time are all JOOsrael stooges. BIDEN is a self proclaimed Zionist.

    So, here is why Trump is being pushed out.

    First the simple truths that the average person, cannot see:

    – his less than high school level knowledge and lack of eloquence have made him the laugh of the world
    – his shameful less than basic vocabulary
    – his inability to respond to questions and to express a concise point
    – his constant lies, starting at the first of the campaign and continuing thru-out his presidency
    – his complete lack to act presidential–more like a juvenile buffoon
    – even though married in the JOO CLAN, his inability to control his JOO wife in public, making moves he should have been clever enough to not make (like the hand holding)
    – his business record which is a massive complete failure, only obfuscated by the JOO sponsors money.
    – his criminal endeavors… have you ever paid attention to how many legal actions were filed against him, etc…
    – and most of all, his juvenile, un-presidential tweeting–what an embarrassment for America!

    And Now The Repercussions:

    Too many professionals saw this charade and started to talk behind the scene about this Sarah-Palin-like male version of an embarrassment of a person who should have never been allowed to hold the highest office of the United States.

    And no matter if cheating was involved, he had to go. No harm done for the JOO. Biden is the top Zionist in the melee.

    Many people also voted against Trump, not for Biden!

  90. Ira December 4, 2020 @ 6:33 am

    Maybe now “they” will let Trump stay in office?

    WASHINGTON – Jonathan Pollard, the former Navy intelligence analyst who served 30 years in prison for selling secrets to Israel, has completed his parole, the Justice Department said Friday.

    The move will free him to travel to Israel, which his advocates say has long been Pollard’s wish.

    His lawyer, Eliot Lauer, said in a statement that Pollard’s parole conditions for the last five years have included a curfew and a wrist monitor that tracks his whereabouts, as well as restrictions on where he could work.

  91. Citizenfitz December 4, 2020 @ 6:50 am


    Interesting. But Melania Trump isn’t Jewish. And Trump has spoken very well any number of times.

    The people who think they’re getting a better deal with Biden deserve what’s going to happen.

  92. Josey Wales December 5, 2020 @ 4:16 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    I have followed you for many years.

    You are a sacred patriotic brother of our Republic.

    Let’s Roll!

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