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Black Lives Matter-Who Benefits?

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Black Lives Matter-Who Benefits?
September 17 2020

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Brother Nathanael @ September 17, 2020


  1. Brother Nathanael September 17, 2020 @ 7:40 pm


    Black Lives Matter – Who Benefits?

    Black Lives Matter is nothing less than a front organization whose agenda is contrary to black racial justice.

    How could it be seeing the group burning down black businesses, destroying black wealth, and reinforcing the perception that blacks belong in prison and segregated from whites?

    For with Black Lives Matter endorsing fatherless homes, dissolving the family unit, and ignoring the black abortion rate—which really is “eugenics”—the extermination of the black race is what BLM appears to be all about.

    With what’s left of the black race, the stated ideology of Black Lives Matter would only reinstate slavery back into their lives. [Clip]

    [“We actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia in particular are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories.”]

    “Theories” in which property is forcefully seized, leaving labor-power as one’s only possession, that’s strong-armed into state use.

    Slavery by any other name—Picking Cotton or Black Lives Matter—chains the same.

    And widening the divide between black and white ~wealth is a Marxist game.

    It’s class warfare so as to vilify the white male and incite black resentment creating polarization leading to endless ~mutual hostility.

    The aim is to level the playing field—ignoring natural distinctions between the races—and fix into place the lowest common denominator of ability in every facet of life.

    Then, of course, one race—the race that Karl Marx belonged to—rises to the top and calls the shots.

    Watching the burning of black businesses and blaming it on ‘systemic white racism,’ I mean, it’s obvious that another group benefits.

    Dear black Americans, you are being used. [Clip]

    [“I’m very proud of my parents for at five years old I was thinking about people starving in Europe, I didn’t know what Europe was, and there’s a world made up of goyim who attack us and put us in concentration camps and we have to fight them. This is the main point my mom said we ‘stand up to those anti-Semites, don’t let them push us around.’ Then when I met the Black Movement I said I thought Jews were assertive, this is the ultimate assertion, ultimate anger, and what I didn’t get before was a revolutionary theory for change.”]

    Using black anger—not for black interests, but for “revolutionary change”—is the ploy of this Marxist Jew, Eric Mann, who trained Patrisse Cullors in the ideology of Jewish Bolshevism. [Clip]

    [“I have an aversion to how people keep on talking about economics separate from race, separate from military, separate from imperialism. I understand imperialism as the core of an economic system. I understand it’s the highest stage of capitalism, as Lenin said. I also know it’s a racist, Euro-centric, Christian, sadistic system.”]

    For this Marxist Jew, “Euro-centric” is an attack on the white race; “Christian” is an attack on the worldview of whites and most blacks; and “sadistic” is the Jewish spin on the merits of industry and enterprise.

    Hellbent on the destruction of White Christian civilization–where blacks can share in the fruits of white enterprise–Black Lives Matter is just a pawn in a Jewish game.

    For with an increasingly number of whites knowing that George Soros, and the convicted terrorist, Susan Rosenberg, are the prime donors of Black Lives Matter, it’s clear that another race benefits from BLM.

    A One World Jewish Government where Marxist theory puts the goys under the Jewish boot is the ultimate aim.

    Will blacks will be exempt?

    As far as the 600 Jewish organizations that support Black Lives Matter, who behind closed doors call blacks “schwartzas,” and use a few token “people of color” like Uncle Hymie Jones to undermine the white race, the answer is no.

    Believe me, for I grew up in Jewry, not one Jew out of these 600 would be caught dead living in a black neighborhood unless forced by hard times.

    Black Lives Matter, by design, puts both whites AND blacks in a ~bad light.

    Oh, to be a Jew in times of crisis!

    What a wonderful world it will be–not for blacks, not for whites–but for Jews only.

  2. Brother Nathanael September 17, 2020 @ 7:41 pm

    This video can be watched @ (now banned, no longer updated) (now banned, no longer updated)

  3. Brother Nathanael September 17, 2020 @ 7:41 pm

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  4. Sylvie September 17, 2020 @ 9:34 pm

    I know a pastor who has a somewhat hard time trying to set the record straight and enlighten some black persons in his congregation who support BLM.

    These Christian, but brainwashed, people sincerely think that this outfit has their brothers’ best interest at heart.

    Among other things about what BLM is really about, they don’t realize that there is a typo in its acronym: the letter L stands for lies, not lives.

  5. Icon September 17, 2020 @ 9:48 pm

    So true, Brother Nathanael.

    Jews are exploiting minorities to end the legacy of whiteness or in other words to commit genocide.

    On the chance some black is reading here, read “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks And Jews”. Researched by your own black people. Then you will have the truth from a source you can trust.

    Jews don’t care about you black man, they laugh at you.

  6. russ September 18, 2020 @ 3:09 am

    I can’t wait for Black wokeness to start asking for reparations from their ancestors who sold them for whisky.

    L. Farrakhan said the Newport Jews provided the whisky.

    It’s amazing how one sided the hatred of Blacks and Jews. If only they would turn that aggressive perception in on themselves and remove the log in each others eye.

  7. jim September 18, 2020 @ 8:31 am

    The Jews are doing some job into brainwashing the goys thru the Media and Hollywood, but they are fooling the Blacks, Democratic Party and the Left into believing that they will be included when the New Socialism arrives.

    Only the 1% will be safe and thriving, and most of them JEWS.

    Black Lives Matter is and only is about the NWO Jews. The rest of the people are too stupid to realize whats going on.

  8. Citizenfitz September 18, 2020 @ 10:17 am

    Methinks thou are’t on to the game, +BN.

    It’s obvious by now that Jewry decided long years ago to target certain blocs for braincrapping (brain”washing” implies cleanliness. Leftists and their liberal stooges are many words but “clean” isn’t one of them). So, call it what it is – “braincrapping”.

    The Jews spew their crap straight into people’s faces, saying, “It’s not crap, it’s pudding”! And the weak-minded lap it up like it IS pudding! Blacks, womyn, college students, Latinos (to a degree). In a word – liberals.

    Some gullible conservatives can be found at the crap fest too.

    It’s going to require violence to undo the madness afflicting the World. Namely: God, God’s 2×4, and mankind’s collective head.

    Prayer AND penance, friends. That we might escape the worst of what is coming.

  9. Steve September 18, 2020 @ 10:58 am


    Ana DuVernay who peddled that subhuman Ken Burns’ hatched job on the Central Park jogger and the NYPD.

    Jordan Peele who turns out liberal tripe for the stupid goyim:

    Maïmouna Doucouré:

    Dr. Tlaleng Mofokeng:

    The above “artists” are in for a VERY rude awakening when they realize they’ve been had. In the mean time, at least they can pay the rent.

  10. Michele Baillie September 18, 2020 @ 11:12 am

    Brother Nathanel and other seekers,

    Meet Dontell Jackson — a man who went looking for the truth and found it:


    An African-American apologizes for misattributed perceptions of white racism against blacks perpetrated by Jews:

    Hello and welcome to my website We Thought They Were White. My name is Dontell Jackson, and like many African-Americans, I was brought up in a culture deeply infused with propaganda designed to lay the blame for all of the black race’s ills on the white man.

    It was not until I began looking into the actual history of blacks, whites, and other races in America, that I came to realize that many if not most of the resentment that African-Americans harbor regarding our long history of abuse and exploitation has been intentionally misdirected by those who are most responsible for it, to shift the blame away from themselves as a people onto the white race who they regard as their enemies.

    The reality is that the white race had little to do with the slave trade that took our ancestors away from Africa and sold them into bondage in the New World. That crime was committed not by White Europeans, but by Jews who were engaged in transatlantic commerce between the Old World and the Americas where they hoped to establish a New Jerusalem from which to rule the world by way of exploiting all races who were not members of their tribe of “chosen people.”

    In their efforts to accomplish that goal, the white race has been hoodwinked and manipulated as unsuspecting pawns almost as much as the black race has been.

    Blacks have been purposely misled by the Jewish people who, in previous centuries, built their fortunes in the transatlantic slave trade, and who continue to manipulate and exploit us even today.

    Because most black people make no distinction between Jews and whites, it is easy for the Jews to evade justice and escape the blame for the wrongs that they have inflicted on our people for centuries by convincing blacks that it was the white man who did it. In most cases the vast majority of the white race had nothing to do with slavery or other crimes that have been committed against our people.

    Whites were and continue to be exploited and manipulated by the Jews, the same as blacks, and their race is even more hated by the Jew, where blacks are simply disregarded by the Jews with indifference, as are other races.

    We are all simply pawns to the Jews who have no other use for us beyond being a source of profit to them and a weapon that can be used to help destroy whites, who they see as their sworn enemies, by encouraging us to breed with them until there are no longer any whites left.

    I would like to invite all of my black brothers and sisters to join me in untangling the lies, deceptions and half-truths that have been foisted upon us as a race, and to explore the true history of what has been done to us as a people by those who were more than happy to encourage us to think these wrongs were committed against us by whites, when in reality those crimes were carried out by Jews.


  11. tom September 18, 2020 @ 12:20 pm

    The largely Jewish owned NBA stencils Black Lives Matter across the center of the floor and forces the players to actively engage in protest against perceived white injustices. (BLM is a Marxist organization).

    Yet when a black celebrity criticizes the Jewish people for their treatment of African Americans they are met with a litany of condemnation of antisemitism from the press. See:

    The largely Jewish owned NBA is also in cohorts with CCP and does not allow their players to criticize CCP.

  12. The Horrible Deplorable September 18, 2020 @ 12:40 pm

    Greetings, +BN.

    So glad you were successful in posting this latest Gem of a BroVid. I believe the blacks being so easily duped with flash ca$h and are the perfect puppets to do the evil jews’ work.

    Hey, they have them slaving in their diamond mines for jew-owned DeBeers, so why not put them to work here too.

    Once again, do I feel sorry for the blacks? Hell no. I did nothing to them. Do I feel sorry for the jews? Again, hell no. That guilt generator isn’t working on that old frequency and just doesn’t apply.

    I wasn’t there, I didn’t do it. Yet as pathetic and desperate as it truly is there are people who will fall for these lies, The ‘Ol Shame & Blame Jew Game.

    These people deserve everything they get for being so easily deceived. Will I feel bad for them later, for all their suffering? No. I’ll feel glad because it’s a sign that this is the last trick in the jews’ bag of evils and their scraping bottom.

    The Jews’ time is short at hand. There aren’t nearly enough blacks to do their fighting and killing for them. On average they aren’t organized, educated, trained, or equipped, just deceived with evil and fueled with anger.

    Just look how 1 kid with a AR in Kenosha quelled the rioting. Imagine 1K+ Patriots in the streets. That time is fast at hand, and personally I hoping for it. I hope these Yid-iots take the bait.

    It will result in exposing the Evil Jew Worms right out in the open that much faster. Then the blacks can have at them once they realize what suckers they’ve been. Now that would be real justice.

    I say we need a new holiday when this is over. I vote for Kick A Kike Day. Oct. 3rd sounds good.

  13. The Englishman September 18, 2020 @ 3:24 pm

    This Eric Mann and UK John Mann, both exhibit the foulest of quisling treasonous traits.

    Should the goyim become involved with a reset rendering for their very survival at any time, there must be a concerted purge on these anti-Christ devils.

    Times of old when men revered Christ and were ready and willing to fight & die in devotion, such Christ-killers were rounded up to face the Gallows and the Gibbet.

    The worst of these Synagogue buddies will require particular attention, to match the ruthlessness they inherently possess.

  14. Greg September 18, 2020 @ 4:10 pm

    Most Black folks can’t tell the difference between White or Jewish White.

    They just see pale skin whiteness. If they are told the slave trade was operated by Jews they still just assume white men and not Jewish White men. They don’t know that white people were slaves and slavery still exists in some parts of our planet.

    Same with Native Americans. They don’t see the Jewish-owned industry responsible for the suffering of their ancestors, they just see pale skin white people.

    Even among white people themselves they don’t see the Jewish people in the top corporate jobs or the banking cartel, political lobby groups or in the legal field or in the media.

    They don’t see the actors and musicians or others in the entertainment industry that get prime time and record deals that are actually Jewish.

    I’m seeing racial harmony as an issue of social status and not skin color. Blacks in my area have it great, yet there’s always a message of racial inequality that comes from wealthy black people that don’t do much for poor black people. Wealthy whites don’t do much for poor whites in the area either.

    Like Brother Nathanael always says, “What’s good for the Jews is bad for everybody else”.

  15. KathJuliane September 18, 2020 @ 4:51 pm

    Pro-Abortion Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies at 87

    The Supreme Court says pro-abortion Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died of metastatic pancreatic cancer at age 87.

    Her death will undoubtedly set off a massive campaign to determine her replacement and President Donald Trump may fight aggressively to appoint her successor — whether he is re-elected in November or if pro-abortion Joe Biden wins.

    Should Trump be able to name a replacement, the new SCOTUS justice will likely be someone who upholds the rule of law and isn’t willing to go along with left-wing judicial activism.

    That would make it much easier to uphold pro-life legislation saving babies from abortion — and could realistically make it possible to envision the overturning of Roe v. Wade and its allowance for abortion on demand.

    Ginsburg, an idol of abortion activists, has has ruled against rights and protections for unborn babies. She also has made some discriminatory statements that are reflective of the old eugenics thinking rooted in abortion activism.

    Last year, Ginsburg criticized fellow Justice Clarence Thomas for referring to women who have abortions as “mothers.”

    And in October, former President Bill Clinton admitted that abortion was a major factor in his decision to nominate Ginsburg to the U.S. Supreme Court.


  16. Citizenfitz September 18, 2020 @ 6:42 pm

    Ginsburg dead?

    If the old witch isn’t boiling right now then what’s the point in trying to live a virtuous life?

  17. Dis Gusted September 18, 2020 @ 7:24 pm

    Please accept my friendly reminder: I’m NOT telling anyone what they should or should not believe, merely sharing what I personally believe. That is to say…

    Maybe I’ll begin to believe Black Lives Matter only when and if I see that full-blown radically racist group pack their ship & get the flock out of the USA.

    Go back to your ancestral heritage, your actual homeland, do something meaningful & helpful for the homeless, the starving and unemployed to be educated and employed in the most basic truth and become self-reliant.

    Work together to teach your DNA ancestors how to grow their own vegetable garden, drill for and establish a drinkable water well, help build the family the smallest one room shelter, help those who are desperately in need for medical treatment and/or surgery, all the so-called ‘African-Americans’ to possibly build their own small business in Africa, i.e., manufacturing-assembly-printing-textiles-packaging — the list is quite long.

    And another reminder? Luke chapter 16 verse 15 “And he said unto them, Ye are they which justify yourselves before men; but God knoweth your hearts: for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God”.

    Some may even agree and approve of me saying, “Black people: stop whining”. Reach out to help your own DNA ancestors, found everywhere in your true and actual African homeland, those who BLM abandoned and left behind many hundreds of years ago.

    Instead, BLM continues their futile effort to cry their way to the top, rather than reach out to help prevent one soul from falling.

    BTW: What is the actual meaning of ‘racist’? “A person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.” (noun)

    And, “Showing or feeling discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or believing that a particular race is superior to another.” (adjective)

    Last but far from the least: that complete evil ‘give scumbags a horribly worse name’ George Soros IS and will remain an atheist.

    Not only that, but his own homeland (Hungary) doesn’t want him anywhere near! There’s something drastically wrong when so many don’t (won’t?) return to their homeland, and just one will most likely (maybe never?) see the ‘welcome mat’ rolled out.

    Yep, it’s a rock-solid indication for allowing George Soros entry (citizenship) into the United States of America what will happen after the highly unlikely creeper Joe Biden is elected President.

    If and I mean IF, We The People somehow make it to 2024, there will be no recovery or return from that point forward. What’s being seen everywhere right now is a tiny down payment on the non-stoppable curse that WILL crush this world into baby powder.

    The Revelation chapter 22 verse 20: “He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”

    PS: You can certainly bet the clown farm there’s not another more racial group anywhere in the world than the so-called ‘African American’ black people. And, let’s not overlook or dismiss the fact that love is blind.

    Thank you

  18. Icon September 19, 2020 @ 4:48 am

    President Trump received the bad news yesterday as “Tiny Dancer” played in the background. The scene was poetic yet somber.

    Dedicated to the memory of RBG:

    “Tiny Juden”, by Eloy Bader-Jonblatt, Esq.
    (Sung to the tune Tiny Dancer)

    Juden baby, D.C. Lady, Jurist for the plan
    Shifty eyed, sneaky smile
    You’ll marry a Jewish man
    Now she’s gone, Rosh Hashanah
    Gavel still in hand

    Now she will be, idoled by BiBi
    Tiny Juden in the sand
    Antifa freaks, burning the streets
    Handing tickets out to Marx
    Looking up, she just laughs
    The goyim never knew

    Hold me in contempt Tiny Juden
    But count the goyim babies lost
    Rest in peace Tiny Juden
    Unborn children paid the cost… etc.

  19. Ted Gorsline September 19, 2020 @ 11:42 am

    The people who fought hardest against slavery were the Christians Sir Samuel Baker and David Livingston.

    Israelites in Yemen invented slavery. Slavery, like child murder, is a jewish thing.

  20. benzion kook September 19, 2020 @ 12:20 pm

    Jew BLM = B.S. and Lies Matter, the hypocrites’ usual M.O.

    Tony Martin, Dontell Jackson, Louis Farrakhan know who the real racists are.

    No blacks allowed in Israhell. They’re called a “cancer” and a “threat to our Jewishness” by the jew woman in charge of social relations and sports in Israhell.

    How’s that for “social justice”?

    Nothing but a red jew commie propaganda war on whites.

  21. Steve September 19, 2020 @ 12:56 pm

    @Ted Gorsline

    How true re Child Murder and Sexual Bondage.

    The MAIN thing that separated the Italian bootleggers from the Jewish.

    There’s the depiction of the Jewish Hollywood mogul deflowering the young actress who was meant to depict Shirley Temple, who wasn’t molested, as she and her mother wouldn’t allow it.

    Good luck hunting it down, but when Shirley Temple was interviewed many years ago by the late Tom Snyder she told of how she and her mother were summoned to the offices of MGM and were each told to enter different offices separately, and how upon entering she discovered one of them, Louie or Sam, standing on his desk stark naked smoking a cigar.

    Well, she burst out laughing hysterically until the subhuman pimp got embarrassed and told her to leave. Upon leaving she encountered her mother who had also just left and who was also laughing hysterically.

    Just try to find that interview. Yeah, right!

  22. The Horrible Deplorable September 19, 2020 @ 1:39 pm

    Ding Dong, the jeWitch is dead.

  23. pierre September 19, 2020 @ 3:41 pm

    Remember the Jewish movie Blazing Saddles where the lovely lady (jewish sl*t) sleeps with the black guy and on closing the door behind him the next morning as he leaves she sighs, “what a nice guy” (a thinly veiled statistically incorrect sexual innuendo).

    Well BLM black supremacists, when the jews get their new world order, it will be “no more Mr Nice Guy” and you will be back to the darkest slavery that all your Mandingos had to endure.

    “Yes, Massa, yes Massa. Black lives do not matter Massa, only Jews matter Massa”.

    George Lucas’ 1971 film THX1138 is where it will go, without the happy ending.

    Speech here 90 min

    Peter Townshend/The Who White City album, Second Hand Love song. “I don’t care if you’re black or white, I just don’t like your kind”.

  24. Brother Nathanael September 19, 2020 @ 3:48 pm

    +BN On The Death Of Ginsburg

    6 PM Pacific Time Tonite! @

  25. Icon September 19, 2020 @ 7:03 pm

    Listened to the last half of your interview Br. Nate. Agreed with everything you said.

    I’ll be praying with you that this seat gets filled quick.

    Dems are going to play dirty, and we need someone to undo their work so this Nation can get right with God again.

  26. Ted Gorsline September 19, 2020 @ 9:17 pm

    The problem with elections is that you always end up with those most willing to sell the country to the highest bidder. Only such people get the money they need.

    I enjoy watching Trump because he is such a loose cannon, a cartoon president really, but he has been very good at castrating MSM.

    They thought they had power and control, and CNN, for example, has thrown every kind of smear job at him that they could, but they have only succeeded in demonstrating their own impotence.

    It all runs off Trump like water off a duck’s back. A cartoon president and a cartoon media. It’s more fun than Saturday Night Live.

  27. Kevin Peters September 19, 2020 @ 9:34 pm


    looking for a book by Gnome Chomsky, called Befriending Crypto-Jews: The Real Royal Road to a Jewish Man’s Heart, published in 1989.

    Also, Who Rules America, a Century of Invisible Government, if anybody knows where that is (hard to find, ostensibly due to “copyright issues”, even though it’s in the public domain!), 1934.

    I don’t think we have to worry about copyright.

  28. Kevin Peters September 19, 2020 @ 9:39 pm

    It would be really hard to find an uglier woman, than that decrepit old crone, Ginsburger.

    Maybe the undertaker can, you know, spruce her up a bit.

    Her nose looks like one of Dracula’s fangs.

  29. Kevin Peters September 19, 2020 @ 9:40 pm

    What’s your religion, Icon?

    Can I guess?

  30. Icon September 20, 2020 @ 5:55 am


    Try or websearch the title with .pdf behind it.

    Why ask my religion? It should be self evident. Are you implying I’m a crypto?

    Know that I’m a Christian because I say here that I am. I denounce all other faiths. Question your own faith, not mine.

  31. Citizenfitz September 20, 2020 @ 10:49 am


    Left-think: “Equality”… plurality… majority… authority… autocracy.

  32. Karl Beyleveld September 20, 2020 @ 11:08 am


    2:57 Eric Mann, trained Patrice Coullors in the “Ideology of Jewish Bullshitism”.

  33. The Horrible Deplorable September 20, 2020 @ 12:25 pm


    Thanks for all your posts. I’m so excited. I feel like we have been able to come up for air, so to speak. Like even if it were a inch or two in a capsized ship, it’s a start. I had already planned for those two RINO’s, Collins, Murkowski to dissent/resist President Trump’s efforts to speedily seat a replacement Justice.

    Interesting those two are from the furthest side of the U.S.A. (That’s jew strategy for you) and are always voting to oppose the natural flow of things. The jew hates the natural flow of things. They want to be the ones who dictate what is and what will be, always have and always will. Always have. Always will.

    They can not be humble, and on the right side of the Lord – they will never know peace.

    Now there are “decries” of “unfairness” (they won’t say “cries” which denotes childish weakness, it has to be “decries” – pompous/arrogant asses).

    And it’s not “unfairness” to them. They don’t want to draw attention to themselves, it’s to “The People,” as if they really give a damn.

    Their lies again of how “The People” should choose the next Supreme Court Justice, by voting for the same like-minded president.

    Now, folks, if that isn’t a tell that the election is rigged, you have much more problems againd than can be solved here.

    Well, We The People did vote for a Justice replacement, with Amy Coney Barrett leading the short list, by voting for Trump and he is still in office. No semantics here yids.

    So what is their argument again? That in 2016 Nobama was denied Merrick Garland (jew) and RGB’s “crush” to SCOTUS because Nobama only had 11 mos. left in office. Well that’s on them.

    McConnell and Trump have been saying for years now they will fix that seat ASAP, regardless of when. Now we have Piglosi (what a despicable ugly wormy shill she is) saying she will simply hoax an impeachment hearing at the co$t of the taxpayer in a divisive disgusting attempt to stall the confirmation hearings of the new justice, whoever it be apparently.

    WHAT a child of the devil, little bitch she is, definitely not going to church that one.

    They are scared. ACB is a strong woman. They can’t call foul with lies of “rape” allegations, or gambling or tax debts. The other 2 disgusting jew women justices on SCOTUS (Sotomayor, Kagan) are horribly afraid too.

    Just a look on that horrible Clinton’s face tells the truth. Game over.

    The amazing thing is that I have been praying for this scenario to happen just like this.

    All aboard – The Trump Train (*not a jew jew train) is leaving for far better, cleaner, greener, promising, healthier pastures and beyond.

  34. KathJuliane September 20, 2020 @ 3:23 pm

    Despite the fact that Ginsburg had been on the SCOTUS bench for so long as Associate Justice, 27 years in fact, possessive to the point that she considered her seat as her personal property enough to make a “dying request” about, it means nothing in the eyes of the Constitution.

    And, true to form her most fervent dying wish remained entirely political, calling for a new president.


    ‘Those Are The Only Rules’: Trump Campaign Releases Statement On Supreme Court Vacancy

    Gateway Pundit

    By Eric A. Blair
    Published September 20, 2020 at 1:30pm

    There is much debate about what a president can do when there is a vacancy on the Supreme Court.

    But the Trump campaign stepped in on Sunday to clear up the matter — once and for all.

    “When there’s a Supreme Court vacancy, the President selects a nominee and the Senate provides advice and consent. That’s what the Constitution says and those are the only rules,” Tim Murtaugh, Trump 2020 communications director, said in a statement.

    “There has been an open seat on the Supreme Court in a presidential election year 29 times in American history, and in every single case the president has nominated a candidate.

    “Voters elected Donald J. Trump president in 2016 and gave Republicans an expanded majority in 2018, so the people already have spoken. The President has placed two well-qualified justices on the court so far and he is about to select a third,” he wrote.

    “Americans can see the names on his list of potential nominees, while Joe Biden is hiding his list of people he would consider if he were president.

    “Biden knows that he is an empty vessel for the radical left and that’s why he’s refusing to be honest with the American people about who he would want on the court. But make no mistake about this: The President has been clear that he will nominate a woman to fill that seat and the Senate should vote to confirm her,” Murtaugh wrote.

    According to “Undercover Huber,” 61 Supreme Court Justice picks have been nominated and confirmed since 1900 — and 70% of them were confirmed within 46 days — the exact number of days left until Election Day.


    Fill the Seat!

  35. The Horrible Deplorable September 20, 2020 @ 8:00 pm

    Wow, very nice follow up, KathJuliane.

    Not much info on Judge Barrett’s (*my guess) position on Our 2A Rights though.

  36. The Horrible Deplorable September 20, 2020 @ 8:28 pm

    YES – I agree with you +BN.

    GinsTurd is truly in Hell right now polishing Satan’s throne. To die at the premier time of the holiday mentioned is a great embarrassment, a great shame. Not to be confused with a honorable act at all.

    She will forever be “memorialized” as the witch who died on their high holiday. They are ashamed and are trying to save face by denying all of these facts you mentioned +BN.

    It’s so unaccountable and immature, truly the act of the Children of The Devil! Fear the jewish “religious” beliefs are splintering. Soon they will fight amongst themselves, hopefully very soon, like in 4 yrs.

  37. KathJuliane September 20, 2020 @ 10:10 pm

    Support Trump’s Court Nominee As If Your Freedom Depends On It — Because It Does

    Issues & Insights

    By I & I Editorial Board
    September 21, 2020

    President Donald Trump has vowed to move quickly to name a replacement for late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and urged the Senate to vote before the election.

    Not only is he constitutionally justified in doing so, but the future political stability of our nation depends on it.

    The pick, which Trump said will “likely” be a woman, is expected next week. There are a number of highly eligible, Constitution-friendly women suitable for the highest court in the land.

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already pledged to move forward with the confirmation hearings, perhaps the most important since Roger B. Taney was named chief justice in 1836 and set the nation on course for Civil War.

    It would be nice if the Democrats played a constructive role. After all, they threatened to shut down government in 2016 when faced with a similar situation.

    Instead, realizing that the White House will name someone before the election and the Senate will hold a vote, they’re crying foul and issuing threats.

    To begin with, they’ve uniformly acted as if Trump is doing something wrong or out of the ordinary in naming a replacement late in his term.

    They sang a very different tune in 2016 when President Barack Obama’s pick to replace Justice Antonin Scalia, federal appeals court judge Merrick Garland, was nominated.

    “I’m going to do my job. I’m going to nominate somebody … It’s not as if the Senate calendar is so full that we do not have time to get this done.” At least that’s what Obama said in 2016, an election year.

    Now, he feels differently: “A basic principle of the law – and of everyday fairness – is that we apply rules with consistency, and not based on what’s convenient or advantageous in the moment.”

    In other words, this time when a Republican president picked the nominee he’s calling for the nomination process to be delayed until after the election.

    Biden too has had a change of heart.

    In 2016, he said: “I made it absolutely clear that I would go forward with a confirmation process as (Senate Judiciary) chairman, even a few months before a presidential election if the nominee were chosen with the advice, and not merely the consent, of the Senate, just as the Constitution requires.”

    Strangely, in 2020, we find ourselves in agreement with the increasingly confused Democratic nominee, who now says “There is no doubt – let me be clear – that the voters should pick the president and the president should pick the justice for the Senate to consider.”

    The voters did pick the president. It’s Trump, who won in 2016 and remains president, despite the Democrats’ best efforts to unseat him.

    Based on Biden’s own words, Trump should pick the next justice, before the Nov. 3 election if he wishes. It’s his job and responsibility, no one else’s.

    Meanwhile, other Democrats across the spectrum, ranging from far left to extreme left, are throwing temper tantrums over the president naming a new member for the court. No telling what they’ll do if they win full control of Congress this year.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, speaking to ABC News’ “This Week,” refused to rule out another impeachment. “We have our options,” she said. “We have arrows in our quiver.”

    Taking a page out of FDR’s playbook, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer even threatened to pack the Supreme Court with more leftists, saying, “Let me be clear: if Leader McConnell and Senate Republicans move forward with this, then nothing is off the table for next year. Nothing is off the table.”

    New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, meanwhile, warned us all that Ginsburg’s death should “radicalize” Democrats, as if that hadn’t already happened.

    Elsewhere, Democrat-linked groups such as Democracy for All 2021 and the Transition Integrity Project warn of mass demonstrations and riots if Democrats don’t win.

    In essence, if Republicans don’t give in to their political tantrum, Democrats are threatening retaliation if and when they win a Senate majority. Oh, and more riots, soon to come to a neighborhood near you.

    “Democrats were already talking about getting rid of the filibuster to ram through their bills, packing the courts to ensure whatever they pass is ruled legal, and creating new states to solidify power in the Senate,” wrote Townhall columnist Derek Hunter.

    “Why the hell shouldn’t we take them at their word? When someone tells you who they are, believe them. “

    This is why who sits on the Supreme Court matters. In order to preserve our constitutional republic, we must choose justices that believe in and defend the Constitution. Period.

    In recent years, the Democratic Party and its most extreme elements have adhered to a school of thought known as “Critical Legal Theory.” It posits, at its most basic, that all legal arguments have equal weight and merit, and that the law really is about adjudicating power and class arrangements in American society.

    That, in short, is straight-up Marxism: An invitation to unbridled judicial activism by judges, and the treatment of the Constitution as an outmoded capitalist-class anachronism — rather than as a bulwark for democracy against tyranny and legal confusion. It’s the advent of trial by whim, not by law.

    Sen. Ted Cruz’s analysis over the weekend is correct: With a potential 4-4 Supreme Court split, we can expect nothing more than political chaos from now into next year.

    That includes the upcoming presidential election, which, if close and filled with fraud as many now suspect, may well end up in the Supreme Court for the justices to decide.

    We need justices who will base their rulings on the Constitution and established law, not their personal political preferences.

    Unfortunately, recent Democrats on the court do not subscribe to that belief. That includes the late Ginsburg, a fine woman of high character, civility and achievement, but a terrible Supreme Court justice.

    Democrats are correct when they say much is at stake in this election. Americans will be devastated to find out just how true that is if Biden wins the White House, Schumer becomes Senate majority leader, and Pelosi holds on as House speaker.

    The AOC wing of the party ascends further up the power ladder, and America gets treated to years of socialist indoctrination.

    Having a Supreme Court that will protect us from this insanity is essential.

    Trump needs solid public support, even from Never-Trumpers. Since World War II, our country’s future has never been more in danger.

    — Written by the I&I Editorial Board

  38. KathJuliane September 20, 2020 @ 11:28 pm

    Amish & Mennonites & Bikers for Trump (No Joke)

    And regular Buckeyes as well.



    Saturday in Fredericksburg, Ohio, Amish enthusiasm for Donald Trump was evident in a cow, horse, wagon, carriage parade (Gateway Pundit).

    The parade was organized by Bikers for Trump in order to help “energize” Amish support for the President and give them a more visible voice. The parade was not long, but definitely an eye-catcher. Historic, in fact.

    One Twitter used asked “When was the last time you saw the Amish get involved like this?” The parade was a totally unprecedented event. They have never before participated in such a public display.

    If you will recall, their support for Donald Trump in 2016 was massive, with normally nonpolitical folks actually calling for 20 rides to the polls so they could vote. They got 1500 volunteers.

    The “Amish PAC” had around 200 non-Amish volunteers that went door to door registering the people. It appears that their enthusiasm has not waned.

    The Amish/Mennonite community usually reject the modern conveniences that we hold dear. They prefer their buggies and horses. But they are not unaware of what goes on in the country.

    There are around 60,000 Amish/Mennonite folks in each state of Ohio and Pennsylvania. And they understand the problems facing America. They are not fond of government intrusion into their quiet lives.

    Many Amish/Mennonite sects have access to modern items such as cell phones, radios, etc. Because Trump is against abortion and for the Second Amendment, they are generally solidly on his side.

    While there are differences between the Amish and Mennonite doctrines and practices, there is consistency in the moral code of both.

    According to the Daily Record, who spoke to Chris Cox, founder of Bikers for Trump,

    “In a video, Cox said the purpose of the parade is to show Trump he has the support of the Amish and Mennonite communities and to energize community members in preparation for the upcoming election.

    “On Dec. 20, Cox said, a group of Amish and Mennonite — including residents of Wayne and Holmes counties — visited the Oval Office…

    …”We’re not here to try to change their narrative,” Cox said. “We’re not here to talk them into voting. We already know there’s a giant swell of interest from the Amish community regarding Trump.

    “Our goal is to give them a little louder voice. To give them a direct path to Donald Trump’s ear.”

    Cox expressed surprise in the video at the turnout and support from the Amish.

    “This is something else,” Cox said. “History in the making. These were the Amish brave enough to step forward and to put it out there to make a statement like this.”

    There will be another parade for tractors, trucks, buggies and motorcycles on September 26 through Fredericksburg at 10 a.m.

    Amish Parade – Twitter


    Best parade I’ve seen in a long time. This is truly amazing and unprecedented.

    Over 500 people turned out for the Buggy Parade for Trump, according to the local Daily Record.

    The Amish and Mennonites are a modest, peaceable, and reclusive people, and traditionally never wade into politics.

    Biden and Harris are so odious, and times are so troubling, they must feel compelled to stand up against the rising tide of intrusive and controlling socialist revolution threatening their religious culture and way of life.

  39. Ted Gorsline September 20, 2020 @ 11:41 pm

    Dear Bro Nat,

    I listened to your talk about Ginsburg on Political Cesspool. I think your comment about the white middle class turning on a dime against the jews is correct.

    I also began to realize why Trump gives the jews whatever they want. He doesn’t need the paltry jewish vote. He needs jewish organized crime money to keep his empire afloat and he needs the nut case Christian Zionist vote which is substantial.

  40. Rachel September 21, 2020 @ 2:57 am

    Trump is owned by Zionists jews, on display when Bibi the Butcher received the key to the White House on display for the whole world to see.

    Which ones are worse? Zionist so-called Christians or jews?

    Jared the soy boy, nothing manly about him. He looks like a dumber-down woman. And this is our president’s advisor and Bibi’s bunkbed mate.

  41. Steve September 21, 2020 @ 4:43 am

    “There’s a rat in the kitchen. What am I gonna do? / I’m gonna fix that rat, that’s what I’m gonna do. / I’m gonna fix that rat.”

    Fix that RAT, Donald. Revoke the MSMs FCC licenses and arrest the DA’s. Abe Lincoln would have.

    If Trump is re-elected he’ll have no choice as we can’t go on this way.

    Too many rats!


  42. Icon September 21, 2020 @ 9:54 am

    Part of being a conservative is dealing with the reality that is. The mind of a conservative operates in the real world. Not some world they wish were true. Like the liberal does.

    With that in mind, we have candidate A and B. One candidate is pro-American, pro-Constitution, pro-life and though not 100% what we want, comes much closer to it than the other options.

    There are really only two choices and for Christian conservatives the choice presents itself.

    Life is not fair sometime. We must understand that all is not perfect.

    Only Christ was and is perfect.

  43. KathJuliane September 21, 2020 @ 11:36 am

    Trump: Ginsburg’s Dying ‘Wish’ Probably Written By Democrats Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer

    Daily Wire

    The late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s last wish may have been fabricated by Democratic congressional leaders, President Donald Trump claimed.

    Trump appeared on Fox News on Monday morning and said that Democratic leaders such as House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), House intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA), or Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) may have made up Ginsburg’s dying wish to be replaced on the bench by a different president.

    During a lengthy interview on “Fox and Friends,” host Ainsley Earhardt asked the president about Ginsburg’s dying wish, which was reported by Ginsburg’s granddaughter on Friday after the justice passed away due to complications from cancer. Trump responded:

    “Well, I don’t know that she said that or was that written out by Adam Schiff and Schumer and Pelosi. I would be more inclined to the second, okay? That came out of the wind. It sounds so beautiful, but that sounds like a Schumer deal, or maybe Pelosi or shifty Schiff, so that came out of the wind.

    “Let’s see, so maybe she did and maybe she didn’t. Look, the bottom line is we won the election. We have and obligation to do what’s right and act as quickly as possible.

    “We should act quickly, because we are probably going to have election things involved here because of the fake ballots that they’ll be sending out. It’s a terrible, terrible situation.”


  44. Citizenfitz September 21, 2020 @ 12:20 pm


    You have to wonder at all the people dissing Trump for “pandering to Israel”. True, he does… but can anyone say with a straight face that Slow Joe wouldn’t?

    Not to mention all the other sewage he brings to the table. Which Trump would need years to catch up with.

    IMO some, maybe many, of the people showing up at conservative sites like RJN, spreading their anti-Trump gloom, are actually Lefties – trying to undercut Trump among his base.

    They pull/ed the same stuff with Putin — who sometimes gives Israel a hard time. Accusing him of being a Jew.

    When you think about it what could be more appropriate: Jews damning a non-Jew for being a Jew?

  45. KathJuliane September 21, 2020 @ 12:25 pm

    Too funny.

    Jewess Rebecca Traister appeared on MSNBC’s All In With Chris Hayes who melted down so much on national TV, hysterically panicking about about settled women’s abortion rights and the Evil Pro-Life Conservatives™ that she was compelled to chug down wine during her public rant.

    Living proof that for progressive liberals, feminism is a religion and abortion is their sacrament, and from Traister’s hysterical babbling about the death of Ruth Ginsburg, she was the Democrats’ larger-than-life demi-goddess.

    How dare Conservatives fight back politically and legally for 47 years since the legal fraud called Roe v Wade was decided in the Supreme Court, upsetting the progessive social order established almost 50 years ago.

    Hey, Rebecca, would you like a little Palestinian cheese with that Jewish whine?

    Joining the liberal choir of tears, lesbian feminist Rachel Maddow laments that Hillary’s loss in the 2016 election and now Ginsburg’s death amount to a ‘Feminist Catastrophe’


    –Liberals turn to drink: MSNBC guest chugs wine live on TV while mourning the death of RBG

    Daily Mail

    –Prominent columnist Rebecca Traister drank red wine while on-air with Chris Hayes Friday night

    –Traister appeared worried that President Trump will now have a chance to nominate a third conservative Justice to the Supreme Court

    –Traister later confirmed she was drinking an alcoholic beverage, and told her Twitter followers to ‘fight’ against the President’s pick

    –Anxious liberals took to Twitter to say they identified with Traister as she downed her ’emotional support’ wine

    Full Story:

    Panic Attack: NY Mag Writer Starts Crying on MSNBC At ‘Horrifying’ Reality Court Could Overturn Roe (with video)

    MRC Newsbusters

    Friday night news broke that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had passed at 87, after battling pancreatic cancer. The death of the feminist, liberal icon shook the media to the core as many analysts appeared on cable television to fret about the status of abortion rights. New York Magazine’s Rebecca Traister appeared on MSNBC’s All In With Chris Hayes to have an emotional breakdown panicking about abortion rights and how the evil right wing was succeeding in gutting the left’s “major legal victories.”

    Host Chris Hayes was more composed but just as dramatic about what this could mean for Americans and far-left causes such as Black Lives Matter. He opined:

    “This is a year of and an era of sort of like reckoning around race and gender particularly between #MeToo and Black Lives Matter, not coincidentally with Donald Trump as president and the defeat of the first woman nominee and like losing her at this point a day after yet another woman came forward to say the President of the United States sexually assaulted her. What does it mean to you? What does it say about where we are?”

    Traister lamented, “It is the world’s most chilling and horrible poetry.” She fretted the “American right wing” has been trying to undo the left’s “great social movements and progress” for the past fifty years and they appeared to be succeeding. She ranted that abortion rights were already all but illegal:



    Maddow to Hillary: Your Loss and Ginsburg Death Equal ‘Feminist Catastrophe’

    MRC Newsbusters

    Scott Whitlock
    September 18th, 2020 9:51 PM

    The liberals on MSNBC immediately turned Friday night’s sad death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg into a ghoulish politicization of the Supreme Court justice’s death. Talking to Hillary Clinton, Maddow deemed Clinton’s 2016 loss and the death of Ginsburg as a “feminist catastrophe.”

    Bringing up the death of Anton Scalia, the liberal MSNBC host assailed:

    “We ended up with Justice Gorsuch instead of Justice Merrick Garland. I think a lot of the emotion around that in the country was, in part, that the Republicans and Mitch McConnell had done something that really did feel like broke the system, that really did feel like just a small D anti-democratic assault on the process. But it felt like a feminist catastrophe and you [Hillary] not becoming the first woman president, despite Justice Ginsburg’s fervent belief that you would be.”


    As my gamer nephew said to liberals about their epic Ginsburg catastrophe, “Cry moar, stupid commies!”

  46. The Elder of Zyklon-B September 21, 2020 @ 1:34 pm

    Eulogy for the Ginsburg talmudic witch:

    What a long track record of standing against constitutional liberties and Christian values while being a champion for homosexual movements.

    Ginsburg believed that a Christian conservative wedding cake designer in Colorado should not be allowed to decline an order for a homosexual civil union.

    She believed only militias should be allowed to have guns.

    She believed the Boy Scouts of America should not be allowed to deny membership, including troop leader positions, to homosexual adult men.

    She held that students should not be allowed to pray during school football games, and that religious schools, such as Catholic schools, must be prevented from receiving public funding.

    She supported ending restrictions that prevented children from purchasing violent video games.

    And she supported no restrictions on abortions, including controversial partial-birth abortions.

    She believed that people should be allowed to rally and picket at funerals without fear of being sued by the deceased’s family for emotional distress.

    She held that corporations and labor unions should be allowed to give unlimited political donations to candidates, but an individual’s contributions should be limited.

    She believed that employees should be forced to pay union dues even if they don’t want to be members.

    She did not believe individuals should have the right to grow cannabis at home for personal medicinal purposes.

    And she held that religious symbols should not be allowed on public lands, such as Christmas trees in government buildings and holy crosses at war memorial cemeteries. She felt it violates separation of church and state.

    Revelation 3:9

    Carve it on my headstone.

  47. Ira September 21, 2020 @ 6:53 pm


    Yup – I worry about the $38 billion military aid package to Israel, the Golan Heights move, etc. and all the other pandering to Israel and the Zionists.

    But then I think that sovereign Syria still exists and, instead of an attack on Iran, Bibi got a “key” to the White House.

    Did you see the look on Bibi’s face when he got the key? Did you see how he put the ‘key’ down on a nearby end table?

    I think Bibi realized what the ‘key’ really meant.

  48. B September 21, 2020 @ 10:36 pm

    Here is a great very long article in Veterans Today by the Veterans Today Editors about the history of the Jews.

    Title of Article: The Art of Jewish Shit-Throwing (Informational Only)

  49. benzion kook September 21, 2020 @ 10:50 pm

    He got the key because he owns it.

    Or thinks he does, like fellow dictator Sharon.

  50. KathJuliane September 22, 2020 @ 12:02 am

    2020 Democrats ought to listen to the 2016 Democrats

    Worth the 2 minutes to watch.

    IT Guy

    Whichever RNC staffer did this deserves a promotion

  51. Kevin Peters September 22, 2020 @ 4:24 am


    I was looking for a book, called Micromanaging Controlled Opposition: the Mouse that wasn’t Allowed to Roar (2007).

    And I wanted to add, that as a practicing Jew, I have felt a true sense of inclusiveness here, and thanks for welcoming me, despite our differences of opinion.

    It is truly gratifying knowing that, at the end of the day, most of you don’t really believe that we want to take over the world, and that in actuality, we can all engage in civil discourse in places such as RJN, and all get along.

    And for that, I thank you.

    God bless you, and God bless Brother Nathanael.

  52. mArius September 22, 2020 @ 4:51 am

    BLM is about black gods.

    Black lives mean dark souls. The creators of the BLM are the NWO’s occult high priests, “servants of the messiah,” as Helena Blavatsky, the group of occultists whose mission is one world government, wrote.

  53. The Horrible Deplorable September 22, 2020 @ 6:44 am


    Wow, talk about turning the tables. It’s no secret, the jew-based Rat Liberal Marxist party hates Christianity, hates Church and fellowship in the Lord Our Savior.

    That’s why they want to restrict us from going to church. But as +BN has said, God Almighty does not dwell in houses made of man.

    As they believe their satanic cabalistic emanation, the shekinah, dwells in the cracks of a ancient Roman fortress wall.

    The jews’ own arrogance did them in.

    GinsTurd should have taken the hint long ago to leave the party, instead she in her enormous ego decided she knew best and stayed.

    Isn’t it a sweet victory when your enemy is defeated by their own damned selves? It can’t be helped.

    The jews by all rights are their own worst enemy.

    Every Christian pray.

  54. KathJuliane September 22, 2020 @ 7:02 am

    Last Best Chance to Capture Supreme Court
    .By Patrick Buchanan

    President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are on the cusp of making history.

    With Trump having named two justices to the U.S. Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, they have an opening to elevate a third justice to fill the seat of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, thereby securing the constitutionalism of the court for a generation.

    Trump and McConnell need only persuade 50 of the 53 Senate Republicans to vote to confirm the nominee Trump says he will send up at week’s end, following the days of mourning for Ginsburg.

    Two Republican senators, however, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, have said that they will not vote to confirm a justice nominated this close to a presidential election.

    Yet, if Trump appoints a qualified female jurist, as he has pledged to do, and she passes muster in the Judiciary Committee, would four GOP senators really collude with Chuck Schumer’s Democratic Caucus to kill that Republican nominee and risk having President Joe Biden fill the seat?

    A Senate vote to reject a Republican nominee, in which Republican senators cast the decisive votes, would demoralize and divide the party on election eve and betray a cause for which some have fought for 50 years. It is hard to conceive of a greater act of political treason.

    Many Republican presidents made strides toward recapturing the court after the radical rampage of the Earl Warren era. None achieved it. Three of Richard Nixon’s four picks went south on Roe v. Wade, and Justice Harry Blackmun authored the abominable decision.

    Gerald Ford’s lone nominee, Justice John Paul Stevens, went left as soon as he went up. While Ronald Reagan nominated Antonin Scalia, his other choices, Sandra Day O’Connor and Anthony Kennedy, became “swing votes.” George H. W. Bush picked David Souter and Clarence Thomas, with the latter’s constitutionalism canceled out by the former’s liberalism.

    But today, the hour of Trump’s triumph may be at hand, and the stark panic on the left testifies to it.

    Mobs are forming outside McConnell’s home in Kentucky. Former Attorney General Eric Holder threatens that if Republicans confirm a justice this year, a Democratic Senate will cancel out its victory by “packing” the courts. Rep. Joe Kennedy III says that if McConnell prevails in 2020, “We pack the court in 2021.” Radicals are threatening to take to the streets and burn the country down if a Trump nominee is elevated.

    Let them try.

    When FDR, after his landslide reelection, sought to pack the court by increasing the number of justices in 1937, the result was a national recoil and a political rout that cost him 72 House seats in 1938.

    Republican senators have to bite the bullet on this one and vote on whomever Trump nominates before this session of Congress ends.

    And, in this battle, there is no room for conscientious objectors.

    Even “Never Trumpers” and Republicans for Biden have to take a stand. For if they play a role in killing Trump’s nominee, and Biden wins in November, they will have helped to turn the Supreme Court over to leftist Democrats who will fill both the Ginsburg seat and that of Justice Stephen Breyer, 82, and hold the court for years.

    Consider the issues that the new nominee will decide.

    The cause of right to life. Affirmative action. Religious freedom. Immigration. Gun rights. All could be lost if the opportunity to fill the Ginsburg seat is forfeited by Republican defectors. The 50-year struggle to recapture the Supreme Court would be over.

    Are there Republicans who would really walk away from this last, best chance to secure the court, simply because the process offends their sense of proper procedure?

    This may be a hard vote for Murkowski, Collins and a few other Republicans. But to vote down a qualified conservative nominee, on the eve of a presidential election, would amount to a crippling blow to their party and to their reputations within that party.

    It is said there is not time enough to get the vote done responsibly.

    Nonsense. Gerald Ford’s choice of John Paul Stevens went through in 19 days. Only 49 days lapsed between the nomination of Ginsburg and her confirmation.

    Of the nominees to the Supreme Court, those who have been brutalized worst in the last 50 years were all Republican appointees: Clement Haynsworth in 1970, Robert Bork in 1987, Clarence Thomas in 1991 and Brett Kavanaugh in 2018.

    No Democratic nominee has been savaged like these four federal court judges. And for Biden to condone a relentless partisan attack on a qualified female judge would seem to be risking the women’s vote in 2020.

    Assume that Amy Coney Barrett, Catholic jurist and mother of seven, is nominated. Would fellow Catholic Joe Biden demand that his Democratic colleagues reject Barrett because she might be a vote against Roe v. Wade, which Joe now enthusiastically champions?

  55. The Horrible Deplorable September 22, 2020 @ 8:13 am

    @Kevin Peters

    Spoken like a true blue jew. I agree to simply disagree. Have fun in your jeWISH fantasies.

    Whatever gets you through the night, it’s all right, it’s “all right”.

  56. KathJuliane September 22, 2020 @ 8:45 am

    The March Through the Institutions Has Set the Stage for a Color Revolution

    Paul Craig Roberts

    September 22, 2020

    The public schools, and probably also the private ones, are teaching your children self-loathing and loathing of you, their parents.

    The goal of critical race theory and associated activism, now being taught to five-year olds, is to motivate white children to despise their systemic racist parents and be good Antifa members.

    Vote Democrat and bring on more such social justice.

    The same thing is occurring in the federal government. President Trump ordered a halt to the Obama-regime-initiated anti-white propaganda forced down the throats of white federal employees, but the State Department, Environmental Protection Agency (which no longer protects the environment), and the Veterans Administration openly defy President Trump’s order.

    Anti-white propagandists, not President Trump, control the federal government.

    While the military/security complex focused the white population on “foreign enemies,” domestic enemies seized control of American institutions.

    No people can survive such total insouciance.

  57. Citizenfitz September 22, 2020 @ 11:44 am

    @ All

    A theological question: I’ve been listening to worthwhile people about RBG. Some even said they prayed for her soul.

    I don’t.

    Seems to me our prayers would be better sent up on behalf of our little grandchildren – who are growing up in a world stewing in sewage; and RBG was responsible for a big helping of that sewage.

    Though she seems to have died as she lived – a depraved woman – we can’t put her in hell, which is God’s prerogative, but we could say we wouldn’t wager a counterfeit cent against her soul now being eternally aborted by raging queer demons.

    So, imo praying for her soul is akin to throwing money into the wind – hoping it might land on a distant target.

    But if she IS in hell it doesn’t help us.

    And if she’s in Heaven it doesn’t hurt us.

  58. The Horrible Deplorable September 22, 2020 @ 1:28 pm

    “Politically Correct” voting has arrived, folks, in the form of “Ranked Choice Voting” with it’s operation of splitting votes and other fraudulent activities that will now make it easier to perform voting fraud.

    These awful RAT creeps, the LiberAholes, are trying to make it seem that everyone is a winner. There’s no plurality or polar difference. Just blur the line and everyone goes home with a trophy, even the loser.

    The sheer desperation and insecurity, and obvious cheating fraud of the jewish backed LiberAhole DemoncRAT Marxists is simply unmatched.

    Ranked Choice Voting will now be the method of tallying votes in Maine. I guess that Constitutional & Freedom hating RINO jew shill Susan Collins will keep her seat now after all – “That’s a good little puppet”.


    All I have to do is feel within my soul, ask the question, and I can tell you true, that RBG obviously isn’t in the “good” place.

  59. The Horrible Deplorable September 22, 2020 @ 1:45 pm

    I think it’s comical to watch Old Banana Biden walk out on stage.

    He looks like a Mexican marionette.

    The way he walks is so indicative of his health & age in showing his frailties. Then he stutters, almost forgets what he was going to say, gets his temper tantrum going, and spews out his anger & hate towards Trump and all his supporters, only to quickly hide behind his cheesy little defense when asked, “Why don’t you do it different?”

    “I’m not the president”.

    It’s all Donald’s fault according to Old Banana Biden. I cant wait till Sept.29, *Oct.7th, Oct.15th, Oct.22nd, and Grandpa Joe will make an utter fool of himself with “his aide” standing by his side on stage no less.

  60. KathJuliane September 22, 2020 @ 2:13 pm

    Mitch McConnell said yesterday that he was confident of the required 50 votes to confirm Trump’s next nomination, whomever she is, of the five women that Trump said was considering on his very short short-list.

    Today, the Blaze reports:

    BREAKING: Mitt Romney indicates that he would vote to confirm a qualified nominee from Trump, likely dooming Democrats’ obstruction chances

    This almost certainly gets McConnell to 50 votes

    As President Donald Trump quickly moves ahead to nominate a replacement for the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Democrats had hoped to halt that process in its tracks by convincing at least four Republicans that Trump’s nominee should not even receive a vote before the election.

    Those hopes likely took a mortal blow on Tuesday when Utah Sen. Mitt Romney (R) announced that he is not opposed to confirming a nominee in an election year and that he would vote on Trump’s replacement “based upon their qualifications.”

    Thus far, Democrats have only been able to secure “no vote” commitments from Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski and Maine Senator Susan Collins among all the Republicans in the Senate.

    Democrats had hoped to secure similar commitments from Senators Lindsey Graham (S.C.), Cory Gardner (Colo.), or Chuck Grassley (Iowa), but one by one those hopes have been dashed.

    Democrats had remained hopeful that Romney might defect, given his contentious relationship with Trump (and his willingness to cast a “yes” vote on Trump’s removal from office after the post-impeachment trial in the Senate earlier this year), but Romney issued a statement on Tuesday indicating that he intends to give the nominee a fair hearing and that he will not object to confirming a qualified nominee.


    In his statement, Romney said, “My decision regarding a Supreme Court nomination is not the result of a subjective test of ‘fairness’ which, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

    “It is based on the immutable fairness of following the law, which in this case is the Constitution and precedent. The historical precedent of election year nominations is that the Senate generally does not confirm an opposing party’s nominee but does confirm a nominee of its own.”

    Romney continued, “I intend to follow the Constitution and precedent in considering the President’s nominee. If the nominee reaches the Senate floor, I intend to vote based upon their qualifications.”

    It remains possible that one or more Republican defections may emerge during the confirmation process, particularly if Democrats are able to unearth previously unknown damaging information about the eventual nominee.

    However, it appears certain for now that the nominee will at least be given a full hearing before the Senate.


    Pelosi the Nancybot is threatening to use the Democrat boogeyman, “Impeachment” against Trump, and for some reason AG Barr for reasons known only to Nancybot if the Democrats don’t get their demands met, as in “letting the next president choose the new Supreme Court justice”.

    No. I’m afraid the country can’t wait for an additional 4 1/2 years until the Democrats get it together for the chance to elect one of their own as president.

    Besides, dear Nancybot, what would you impeach Trump for? Dutifully carrying out his duties to nominate a candidate for Supreme Court Justice as prescribed in the Constitution and per the oath he swore?

    And what does AG Barr have to do with it?

    What would impeachment do to interrupt the confirmation process for Supreme Court Justice?


    Impeachment is the House drawing up its Articles of Impeachment. It would then go to the Senate for the actual Impeachment Hearing. The Senate is not obligated to prioritize an impeachment hearing over any other matter coming before the Senate, especially the confirmation hearing for Trump’s SCOTUS nominee.

    Nor would the confirmation process in the Senate come to a halt just because the snitty Democrat-controlled House started drawing up its impeachment document.

    In the meantime, the Republican president is still the President with all constitutional powers until Inauguration Day, and the Republican Majority Senate is still the Senate with all of its constitutional powers until the new Senate is installed, even after the election should this current President and the Republican Senate Majority lose this election.

    What happens if a new Justice is nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate, but Trump loses and the Republicans lose control of the Senate?

    Nothing. Even after a Democrat president and Democrat-controlled Senate take over, there is no reversing the appointment and putting in someone they like better.

    The appointment of the new justice in the highest court of the land is for life. All Nadler and the Democrats can do if stuck with a conservative Trump appointee is retaliate and try to do as Nadler threatens, which is to pack the Court with liberal justices.

    With sulfur snorting out his nose, and steam pouring out his ears, Nadler threatens to add six positions to the bench to up the number of seats to 15, something which their “trailblazing” judiciary queen thoroughly disapproved of.

    But Jerry, my dear Penguin, it can’t be done at the snap of your, or Pelosi’s, fingers. Democrats have to win the Senate first, and there’s a whole lot of time-consuming legislative debate and process that would need to be done just to change current law to make your threats a possibility.

    As for this being a “lame duck” Presidency or Senate, as the Democrats keep spewing up, by definition a “lame duck” is an elected official or group continuing to hold political office during the period between the election and the inauguration of a successor, or one whose position or term of office will soon end for some reason such as retirement, or the abolition of the office.

    With the death of Ginsburg, I have to laugh. Not because she’s dead, but because for almost four years, the Hillaryites and Obamaites along with the radical regressive wing of the Democratic Party have denied that Trump is the legitimate and lawfully elected POTUS under the Constitution.

    Now they call him the “lame duck president,” which in a backhanded way, is finally acknowledgement that Trump is the lawfully elected POTUS.

    Monday night in a bizarre unhinged rant, Pelosi Nancybot claimed the Republican Party was “coming after” viewers’ children by fulfilling their constitutional duty in holding hearings to replace Ginsburg.

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    CBS, for example pushes their hyperventilated narrative of fear-mongering, loathing, ire, and anti-Christian bigotry designed to scare the women, children, and horses, and drive the Left into mass panic. Good. Maybe they’ll all stampede over the edge of the cliff.

    SCOTUS become ‘dominated by conservatives’, and dire warnings given about the two front-runners for nomination, especially the 48-year old mother of seven with anti-abortion views, Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

    Tucker: The left’s extreme reaction to Ginsburg’s death

    The left are so distraught and hysterical over their demi-goddess Ginsburg’s death that as they cycle through the four of the 5 classic stages of grief (Denial and isolation; Anger; Bargaining; Depression; Acceptance) they’ve added a sixth stage — Blame.

    “It shouldn’t have come down to her” the liberals wail. “Why didn’t she step down?”

    Leave it to the leftards to blame the very old, sick and now deceased woman for collapsing their universe by either selfishly dying at the wrong time, or blaming her for not retiring while Obama was still the president and he could name her replacement.

    One insecure, jittery, liberal lawyer belonging to the cult of Ginsburg whose world collapsed around her with Ginsburg’s death, lamented in an interview, “Who will take care of us, now?”

    Mommy Ginsburg calculated on a Hillary Clinton win. Perhaps at that time she gave thought to retiring during the Hildebeast White House assured of a liberal replacement for her seat on SCOTUS.

    That didn’t pan out, Trump won. Ginsburg then calculated she would stay on the bench until Trump was certain to be defeated in 2020 and a new Democrat president would take office.

    In August 2019 during an NPR interview during a Moment magazine awards dinner, Ginsburg defended her 26 years serving on the SCOTUS bench.

    “It has been suggested by more than one commentator, including some law professors, that I should have stepped down during President Obama’s second term. When that suggestion is made, I ask the question: Who do you think that the President could nominate that could get through the Republican Senate? ‘Who you would prefer on the court than me?”

    In the RBG movie she was directly asked this question on stage; purportedly she, or her character, said something like ” …because I never thought Hillary would lose”. Perhaps it was true that Ginsburg said this at some point, or perhaps it’s a touch of Hollywood artistic license to put the words on her lips.

    No matter. Either way, it sadly reveals the hubris, childish self-centeredness, and unbearable cultishness of liberals and worship of their popular Democrat & feminist icons — “We thought Hillary would never lose.” “We thought the Notorious RBJ would never die.”

    CNN, which in 2018 produced a Ginsburg documentary titled RBG, had declared her the “face of the resistance” against President Donald Trump’s agenda.

    After diagnosis of a 2nd recurrence of pancreatic cancer a year ago August, chemotherapy failed. It then aggressively metastasized, with something like a 2.9% chance that she’d survive beyond a year.

    She calculated that she could hang on long enough throughout the rest of the Trump administration until the hoped-for Democrat president was inaugurated, but she lost her battle to her 5th round of cancer.

    Crowned “the face of the resistance” which she took very much to heart, the hero of her own story, that defeating Trump and conservatives mattered so much and that the Democrats continue to dominate the Supreme Court is evident by her ‘dying last wish’ “not be replaced until a new president is installed” (if, in fact, she said it at all).

    To the very end, politics, not the Constitution, is what made her tick and drove her decades of legal and judicial activism.

    Ginsburg, like any other Supreme Court Justice, had no right to name her replacement, not does her dying last wish override the Constitution and its processes.

    From American Vision:

    The Left Hates Any ‘Dogma’ that Questions Their ‘Dogma

    [Quote] Democrats are attacking the religious beliefs of some possible replacements for Ginsburg. Their first target is Judge Amy Coney Barrett who is Roman Catholic.

    In 2017, she was attacked by Sen. Dianne Feinstein and other Senators for her religious beliefs when she was nominated for a seat on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Here’s what Feinstein said:

    “Why is it that so many of us on this side have this very uncomfortable feeling that dogma and law are two different things, and I think whatever a religion is, it has its own dogma. The law is totally different.

    “And I think in your case, professor, when you read your speeches, the conclusion one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within you. And that’s of concern.”

    In the end, the dogma that trumped Amy Coney Barrett’s dogma is the issue of abortion. [Unquote]

    I came across a headline from a conservative site, “The Death Of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Means The Constitution Is On The Ballot” which I haven’t yet read.

    It’s no exaggeration.

  61. Icon September 22, 2020 @ 4:27 pm

    Roman Senator Lucius Cassius (127 BC) is attributed the phrase “cui bono” or who benefits. The subject of this video.

    It is often helpful to ask that very question when attempting to flesh out the very root of a political movement.

    In the case of BLM we know the founder was a subversive Communist jew. We know the leaders claim they are “trained Marxists”. We know BLM is working in concert with Antifa (a jewish organization from its inception).

    Jews want Communism, but not for occupied Palestine, communism is for the goyim. They wish to crush the legacy of Whiteness as Ignatiev revealed and sit like an effendi and eat.

  62. Brother Nathanael September 22, 2020 @ 6:05 pm

    +BN On Rense Radio Tonite!

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