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Imagining Antifa

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Imagining Antifa
June 30 2020

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Brother Nathanael @ June 30, 2020


  1. Brother Nathanael June 30, 2020 @ 1:59 pm


    Imagining Antifa

    Keeping a cool head in the midst of lies is a sane thing to do.

    In the movie, “Gaslight,” the main character is manipulated into believing she’s going insane through deception and lies.

    But a cool head comes to her rescue. [Clip]

    [“But he said there wasn’t any letter. He said I was going out of my mind.” “You’re not going out of your mind. You’re slowly and systematically being driven out of your mind.” “Why? Why?” “Perhaps because you found this letter and know too much. Or because then he would have control of your property, and this house, and could search in the open instead of the dark like this.”]

    Now, “gaslighting” is a psychological technique used to undermine a victim’s confidence in his or her own ability to distinguish truth from falsehood.

    And the Masters of Gaslighting are none other than Jews who run the media.

    For instance, Jeff Zucker, president of CNN Worldwide, and Brian Stelter, CNN’s chief media correspondent—both Jews who dictate the ‘scripts’—blur reality through a mirror of appearance.

    Take Antifa.

    Are you under the illusion that it’s an insidious group?

    Zucker and Stelter will help you dispel the fog. [Clip]

    [“Dressed in black and ready to fight. This is what the world sees in Antifa. There is no Antifa national group, it is mostly made up of people who are far left of center, who make it their mission to battle fascists, racists, and alt-right extremists.”]

    They’re so sweet, virtuous too!

    Antifa’s on a “mission,” you see, battling “alt-right extremists,” like you and me. [Clip]

    [Behind the mask, they’re people from all walks of life. Artists, moms, ordinary Americans, anarchists too. But fighting is only part of what Antifa does, ‘did everyone have a good day at school today?’…”]

    Antifa stands for ‘family values’!

    They slurp Campbells soup with their brood in homes like yours, they send their kids to the same schools as yours.

    They’re “ordinary Americans,” with a serene violent streak. [Clip]

    [These Antifa members, battle white supremacists using cameras, and computers, outing neo-nazis on social media in a process called doxing. Jessica and Alex capture White Supremacist rallies on video, then post identities of the participants online, outing them to their friends and co-workers.”]

    So they can break their bones—not with cameras—but with bricks and stones, then assault their homes, as they did with Tucker Carlson.

    You see, Antifa is simply a ‘loose collection of moms and kids’—battling “white supremacists,'” which, CNN means, “Trump supporters.”

    Yet CNN won’t mention Antifa’s armed wing, “The John Brown Gun Club,” and its offshoot, “Coalition of Armed Labor.”

    It’s gaslighting supreme, deceiving the naive.

    And it’s not the lone province of the Jewish-owned media.

    Manipulating Americans into questioning their very own eyes, even when seeing events rising all around them, is the racket of DC Yids too. [Clip]

    [“Of course, we wouldn’t accept these amendments. They couldn’t say the phrase “black lives matter” and barely engaged the subject of police reform. Instead, their amendments, I have given you half of them just listed here, were arrant nonsense, off-topic, dealing with imaginary things like Antifa.”]

    Nadler, like every Jew on Capitol Hill, should be hung by his toes for treason.

    Congress’s own think tank, the “Congressional Research Service,” calls out Antifa as a de facto thing.

    An entity with an “ideology” that sparks “violent criminal activities,” “crimes perpetrated by “Antifa supporters.”

    Whose “tenents can echo the principles of anarchism, socialism, and communism.”

    With our very own eyes we see Antifa well-armed, organized, well-funded, and politically identified.

    We spied Antifa learning real live combat in northeastern Syria with Kurdish troops.

    Then returning to America sharing combat skills with their armed brigades.

    We lately saw them blockading the apartment of Oregon’s ultra-left mayor Ted Wheeler when erecting their Autonomous Zone in Portland.

    Where, in response to Antifa’s violence, we weren’t hallucinating when we saw their riotous heads being clubbed by fed-up police.

    I mean, even far-left Mayor Wheeler knows when to stop believing in fairy tales.

    It’s Jewish bait and switch.

    Convince the goy that Antifa is make believe—or if real, “fighting fascists”—then once the goy is sucked in, deploy Antifa as the Democratic Party’s paramilitary arm.

    Every pillar of White Christian society must be crushed:

    Precincts, banks, city halls, courts, churches, monuments.

    Antifa accomplishes Jewry’s dirty work with its stated objective to overthrow the social and governmental structures of Western Civilization.

    Which encompasses the only political bloc that can oppose Jewish hegemony—a White Christian political bloc, which Antifa hopes to dismantle—Nadler is glad to portray Antifa as an “imaginary thing.”

    Are you losing your mind?

    Or are you systematically being driven out of your mind?

    Keep a cool head.

    In a Jewish-run world only the sane survive.

  2. Brother Nathanael June 30, 2020 @ 1:59 pm

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  5. G2B June 30, 2020 @ 3:10 pm

    That’s more than I knew.

    I wasn’t aware of their John Brown faction. Maybe they’ll all wind up like he did, with any luck.

    That was Ingrid Bergman in the film clip I think.

    I keep hearing Soros.

    Why not just start arresting these people? They leave evidence all over Twitter.

    Should be easy to track down unless Big Gov is in on it.

  6. Ron June 30, 2020 @ 4:20 pm

    If the mayors and council people want to defund/disband the police department’s, what’s the point to have ANY LAW!

    I mean we should just be a society like wild animals, only the strong survive! Better yet we should have a 30 day purge. Starting with 99.99% of politicians then work our way down, All jews, All Hollywood, etc etc etc.

    The Christians should place their wives and children unground somewhere safe and lets have a real cleansing.

    I’m so sick of these self righteous n*ggers and pathetic whites (mostly white females) that march with these savages.

    White American women a large portion of them will/have bed down with anything! They should all be hung.

  7. Nierosaki-san June 30, 2020 @ 4:21 pm

    Antifascist? More like Antichrists.

    And the Media goes through no stretch putting lipstick on this pig.

  8. Albert June 30, 2020 @ 4:46 pm

    Great stuff +BN!

    But the people that need to hear it will unfortunately never hear or see your video. But I think that word of yours — GAS LIGHTING — is very catchy.

    I’ll definitely spread it around. What a sorrowful world.

  9. Brother Nathanael June 30, 2020 @ 4:52 pm

    Why Are You Censoring Me?
    (+BN’s Letter To Brighteon)

    Dear Brighteon,

    Are you truly “the platform that wants to keep free speech free?”

    One of my videos, “The Synagogue On Capitol Hill,” is now blighted by Brighteon’s Warning message @

    “Viewer Discretion Advised: This video may contain content disturbing to some people.”

    These kinds of warnings were emerging on YouTube a few years back.

    Now YouTube has gone full tilt and is banning more and more videos every day.

    This fact could be very good for Brighteon.

    For with every deplatformed digital-refugee YouTube creates, Brighteon stands to gain numbers and strength.

    By definition, (as you should know), free speech protects unpopular, edgy, and controversial speech. Encountering an idea that is different, or even an idea that is wrong, is bound to happen in a free speech arena.

    Therefore, by extension, *some people* will be *disturbed,* and thus no “Warning” is necessary by Brighteon. In fact, it contradicts the very essence of “free speech.”

    For the sake of your assertion that you support “free speech,” please remove the “Viewer Discretion Advised” from my video above.

    And please do the same on all of my other videos where you have contradicted your free speech claim to fame.

    Do not risk losing your user base by reneging on your assertion of supporting free speech.

    Respectfully Yours,
    +Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Publisher, Real Jew News @

  10. Brother Nathanael June 30, 2020 @ 7:33 pm

    Discussing Brighteon’s Censorship Regime Of +BN

    This Wednesday…Rense Radio…7 PM Pacific Time @

  11. My Niggardly Cracker June 30, 2020 @ 7:40 pm

    Another super video. Gaslighting, as you indicate, can be a devastating form of psychological warfare.

    I went this evening and got the movie that you mentioned, the original Gaslight movie, in black and white. It is available from judas-tube, you can use Firefox with a video downloading add-on to obtain that for later perusal at your leisure.

    It’s a very instructive movie, and Jews really are enamored of the gaslighting technique, because it dovetails well with their parasitic, sadistic, life-sucking nature.

    They get very excited and thrilled when they drive someone mad, and obviously much satisfaction is derived from that loathsome practice of theirs.

    Of course, we Christians would not do that, because it’s just wrong.

    It’s a terrible, terrible thing to systematically dismantle a target’s mind in a surreptitious way. It would be less cruel to throw them into a supermassive black hole, or to open the door of Hell, and push them through.

    Only somebody with a serious character deficit would engage in such behavior, as a matter of course, and that is why neurotic Jews fit the bill.

    Here you go, the full, unexpurgated, advertisement-free, original gas light movie, with a clean, sharp picture (black & white):


  12. Citizenfitz June 30, 2020 @ 8:58 pm

    Brother Nate,

    I sent you a check two weeks ago that has yet to clear. Did you get it?

  13. Brother Nathanael June 30, 2020 @ 9:02 pm


    Yes, got you check. Thank you!

    Just got back a few days ago from a sponsored Street Evangelism trip in Summit County CO.

    Haven’t had a chance to deposit it yet. Hope to tomorrow. +bn

  14. The Englishman July 1, 2020 @ 2:11 am

    These figures conducting treasonous terrorism by stealth must be dealt with National Action.

    It very much seems Holy Russia is a last vestige of Christ’s true values.

    The universal assault on white Christians has to be met Russian style, the FSB for good measure.

    Putin’s decision to forgo elections is based on confidence that he and he alone as president can deal with the Satanic forces railed against his Holy State.

  15. Steve July 1, 2020 @ 3:17 am

    Gaslighting is just another name for Talmudic thinking whose goal is to upend logic that is linked to nature, i.e. reality, or what is known as the “square deal” (see Carl Jung’s ‘Psychology and Religion’).

    Their religious view is that spirit being steeped in matter is contaminated, this gives rise to an iconoclasm that seeks to destroy ALL forms of logic and symbolism.

    The Talmud is a mishmash of argument and counter argument that coupled with the rocking of the head subverts logic through confusing of the thought process along with the brain itself that gets pushed back and forth in the skull cavity producing dizziness. Brilliant!

    Western Christians have their version of this, we call them the Jesuits, and like the Talmudic crowd they too have been systematically butchered.

  16. Larry Anklam July 1, 2020 @ 8:36 am


    Really can’t believe my so-called friends, when you even mention the word, JEW, they either, run and hide, change the subject, or just ignore you.

  17. Citizenfitz July 1, 2020 @ 9:11 am

    @ +BN


  18. Citizenfitz July 1, 2020 @ 9:14 am

    @Larry Anklam

    Then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome aboard!

  19. Truth Anywhere July 1, 2020 @ 11:47 am

    Corona 2.0

    Here’s why the coYID-2 scamdemic has “exploded,” again.

    When they “diagnose” someone with this alleged flu (never mind the 40K they get from your tax money when someone is put on a ventilator and croaks, or is croaked), they then make the absurd claim that 15 other people are “presumed” to also have this disease.

    Presumed by the CDC and the WHO, whose previous forecasts have proven to be complete bunkum.

    So if they diagnose 10,000 people “positive,” they then say 160,000 have the coYID-2, with no supporting evidence whatsoever.

    Thus the insanely inflated numbers feed to the masses by we know who, and we know why.

  20. The Horrible Deplorable July 1, 2020 @ 3:46 pm

    Beware The 21st Century hippies, The DemocRat Socialist liberals are destroying our country and it’s history with with Socialism.

    With shame & blame tactics taken straight out of the evil jew’s playbook!

    Don’t they know jews are responsible for the guinea pig Covid testing on blacks in Johannesburg right now?

    Now they are attacking our children in schools by removing the authority figures, i.e., resource officers, police officers, anyone in uniform all to set the stage for gangs to take root, for drugs to be sold, and most importantly for guns to be used.

    It’s another school shooting in the works here folks, and guess who’s going to be forced to take the blame.

    Yep, your guns. Guns will be considered “racist” symbols. When you get sucked into the circular logic tornado of liberalism – everything is racial, hatred, and no way is out.

    They want you to suffer with them in their psychological hell.

  21. The Horrible Deplorable July 1, 2020 @ 3:56 pm

    Excellent and very descriptive video, +BN.

    It really connects alot of dots and answers some questions I had. Thank You.

    You must be stepping on the deserving toes of the Yids, +BN.

    For them to try to “censor” you, you must be getting alot of views and hitting home piercing the thin skin of the jew worm.

    Again the cry & lie game will soon rear its ugly jew divisive head and you will be forced to seek exposure elsewhere. And a law suit for infringement on your 1st Amendment rights will be shelved in the back rooms dark corner at great expense and time just to get a little light on it.

    The end for the jew in America is near. All this, they created. All this so shall they reap. This all will blow up in their evil faces shortly, folks.

    There is no turning back either. This whole chain of events must follow through to it’s end.

    What’s on the other side? We will know come Sept. when children, who many pediatricians support returning to school are suppose to return to school.

    We will know November when the evil jew worms try to steal the election and puppet Biden who can be bought.

    Either way, we’ll see if the jew gets cold feet, if he balks and backs out, but these 2 things are what to look for.

  22. AJ July 1, 2020 @ 4:22 pm

    The Jews are delusional because their ultimate goal is an “earthly kingdom” where they rule the entire world with an iron fist, with no freedom for non-Jews.

    The world they envision is a world full of people like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, etc.

    The Jews want humanity completely beholden to them for survival, and manipulated to do anything Jewry wants. They want to disenfranchise the rest of the human race by killing their sources of joy and livelihood, and anything worth preserving for posterity.

    This includes destroying Art, Culture and Religion, which the Gentile races have created but the Jews envy and despise.

    Their goal is absurd and will ultimately fail because God has a destiny for his people, which includes evolving Reason to perfection. They’re a degenerate Race while we (Gentiles and assimilated Jews alike) are the Race that is conquering the World with Reason and Love.

  23. CB July 1, 2020 @ 5:43 pm

    Blessing Bro. Nate.

    I sent you an offering in the mail. Keep up the work of God.

    Prayers and Blessings. CB.

  24. P.A.Semi July 1, 2020 @ 6:32 pm

    The system is completely broken, and no one in the wider public discourse will speak out why.

    Why? Because we or the MSM media are not allowed to spell the “Jews” openly.

    Every point of their ideological narratives is blatantly false and opposite to truth. Read J8:44 to understand why.

    In 1919, Jews tried to overthrow Germany in a Communist revolution, which failed. And then in Wiemar Republic in 1920s they robbed German people with hyper-inflation and bought too much land and various assets almost for free. And what inevitably followed we know.

    So now they’re trying a neo-communist revolution on Americans, just they use a stooge of Black Lunatic Marxists, and their neo-marxist agenda is too clearly visible behind them.

    Just formerly the Marxists wanted to destroy “Bourgeois” middle class, but now they want 1. to Destroy “Racism”, and 2. every person with “White” skin color is “Racist” by their definition, so 1+2 every White person must be destroyed.

    And by Coronavirus lockdowns they damaged middle-class businesses and had let their giants thrive.

    They tried to destroy middle class and to promote One World Government (under the UN label) with Coronavirus lockdown and BLM riots combined, and formerly they were trying to impose their UN government with a Climate Hoax, but it didn’t work sufficiently for them, but it helped to radicalize a lot of fanatical youth, and to divert attention of protesters from real problems.

    The “Extinction Rebelion” diverting attention to Climate Hoax at the time of 5G rollout, which they should have been protesting instead, is a crime against humanity and they deserve, what they will reap…

    And these “Anti-fa”, who are fascists turned wrong direction against people, they even boast “merely” of “doxxing” people.

    We’ve called these “accuser rats” and these are always resented even more than German fascists were at times of last war. Most of those rats ended up even worse than defeated honest soldiers.

    It’s the most gutless and perfidious type of fight, smearing an opponent without own risk.

    Americans are now going to reap the Karma or Consequence of their tolerance of all those MSM and “Modern Educayshun” lies and propaganda, which radicalized a whole generation of your youth.

    But the East (Russia, China, Iran) is wrongly thinking, that if they were being tormented by Americans (actually by Jews from America!) with various “color revolutions” and “human rights” lies, that it is fair to let Americans eat from that toxic dish too.

    But allowing this wrongdoing to win and having a neo-Marxist hegemon of this stature would be detrimental for a whole Planet of People. While Americans should now better estimate extent of wrongdoing of various “color revolutions” perpetrated in their name to the world by their ruling jews.

    Time of Apocalypse is Now. It’s quite optimistic, that it needs not be that much bad, as they thought in medieval times.

    And it’s also quite optimistic, believing the Zion Beast (with all it’s stooges and images like BLM) and the London City Dragon (including Wall Street and Davos villains) are going to perish soon, because now they overplayed their cards.

  25. John July 1, 2020 @ 7:55 pm


    I’m confused (please explain). Antifa is “anti-fascist,” but a LOT of neo-nazi’s and skinheads are behind it?

    I have been watching your videos on for years now.

    I’m afraid of the para-militaristic antifa ‘bunch’ – yes, I’m a white christian male, the product of Great Grandparents that migrated to the US to get away from fascists (Mussolini, Hitler).

    Very confusing +BN, very confusing.



  26. pierre July 1, 2020 @ 8:01 pm

    Gaslighting with smoke and mirrors, but the light is still from heaven no matter how they twist it.

    It will turn on them.

  27. Greg July 1, 2020 @ 8:02 pm

    Go visit the downtown area in your city.

    Try to tear down a Martin Luther King statue, try to tear down a holocaust memorial. Go ahead and try. See if you get away with it.

    Break a window at your local Walmart. See if you can get away with it.

    Thousands of Antifa people did something similar and got away with it, why can’t any of you?

  28. pierre July 1, 2020 @ 8:06 pm

    Oh, and if they can miraculously come up with a COVID vaccine so soon (Israel announced they had one months ago) where no vaccine has gone before (eg the common cold, SARS-1, HIV) then surely they can include in it a genetic modifier to make all mother’s milk black*, or, compromisingly, brown.

    Then those poor non-white little biddy babies rocking in their cradles shall suffer no more like the poor jews (most of them) who own almost everything except the prison houses we are detained in that we borrowed money from them (printed from thin air) to pay for.

    * from Jon Barbor on Rense this week.

  29. The Horrible Deplorable July 1, 2020 @ 9:15 pm

    Could it be that the jew with all it’s suffrage above and beyond anyone else’s must now choose this angle of “validity” and “permanence”?

    And that this shall NOT be questioned.

    The angle of using blacks and their suffrage of over 150 yrs ago as physical props representing, forcing a comparison their own.

    This will surely ensure them of their meager 75 yr. hollow hoax lies. But more is to come. Enjoy the fireworks everyone.

  30. Kalif July 2, 2020 @ 3:22 am

    “Viewer Discretion Advised:

    This Life may contain content disturbing to some people. Live at your own peril.”

  31. Clare Bailey July 2, 2020 @ 12:22 pm

    Just right.

    Gaslighting, as your analysis goes into it, seems to be used to form propaganda into a sweet song of merging fact with lies to deceive one into being snared.

    That clip of Nadler. Odious.

  32. Sylvester MourningDog July 2, 2020 @ 6:01 pm


    Forced vaccinations have started in Africa, and folks are resisting. Burning their face masks.

    Our ‘esteemed’ news media is giving it the usual treatment; not recognizing the right to have a choice, marginalizing those who disagree with a dominant narrative being shoved down their (and soon our) throats, spreading lies under official cover, that there’s only a tiny handful of protesters, when they number in the thousands.

    Bill Gates has finally found a role for himself that matches the evil in his personality.

    Maybe one day, his future statue will be toppled, too.

  33. The Horrible Deplorable July 3, 2020 @ 5:16 am

    Oh, boy.

    Now they want to sing their black “anthem” at the beginning before our national anthem for NFL games. “Their Native Land”?

    Look, this is going too far. Can I take a knee for that? Oh God forbid.

    I’m not racist, I know! I’ve been in the U.S. Service and lived/worked with blacks. Sure I had an OK time around them. Drank at the E.M. clubs, occasional BBQ’s with them too.

    But I learned early on that when the going gets tough and the bullets or fists start flying, they will not back you simply because of your white skin!

    They will in fact, and I mean about 90% of them, side with their own color no matter the reason!

    If it’s a fight you weren’t responsible for, too bad. In college on the G.I. Bill I learned this too after my hitch.

    Yea, it’s all fun and games (partying), but when times get tough, don’t count on them to stick with you if other blacks are involved.

    But don’t take my word for it, sometimes you just have to live and learn the hard way!

  34. The Horrible Deplorable July 3, 2020 @ 5:36 am

    So we’ll just lump the jews and the blacks together.

    Isn’t that what the jew wants with all their “support” of their “cause”? So now the jew and black together forever, yay!

    Hey, they’re the perfect slaves, right yids? They can do all your fighting for you. They can run your drugs, porn, you know, the gooomba stuff.

    Fits your job qualifications just fine, huh worms! God knows most already have plenty of experience.

    All this is doing is validating their belief that they have a right to act out in behavior forbidden to the rest of humanity, and no one can tell them no, lest ye be a “racist”.

    Sounds just like the jews’ gimmick of calling anyone a “anti-Semite” if they don’t comply with their ideals/agendas.

    The fuse it lit, folks. I’m as sorry as they rest of you that this is all happening, but I really believe they will extinguish it before it explodes. They know they can’t and won’t win.

    So what is it, a vent, a chance to express their anger? But just like the jew’s CoYid virus, we will have to pay with misery for the very few that will die. Yet they prolong this whole inevitable virus spread by forcing people to wear masks.

    They’re going to roll it into the flu season for extra ummmpf! Yea, next is forced vaccinations like Africa is protesting. Don’t the blacks here know that it’s the jews who are forcing & pushing all of this on us and them?

    Maybe the jews are promising free cell phones too.

  35. Bandits International Inc July 3, 2020 @ 8:15 am

    If we follow CNN advice and continue with the lockdown (or even institute a 2nd one in October) then there are 2 economic scenarios:

    a) The Govt pays for the lockdown via endless QE money printing = Weimar style hyper-inflation

    b) The Govt does NOT pay for the lockdown = people starve and we have riots

    Both scenarios will result in a wrecked economy, wrecked public finances, higher taxes, reduced services and social unrest. Both serve the globalist agenda as a means to breaking our spirit prior to controlling us

    The sudden appearance of Antifa-BLM rioters and their encouragement by Fake News should not come as a surprise, since this tactic is straight out of the playbook that resulted in the overthrow of the British, French and Russian monarchies and which was set out in a book called the “Nameless War” by Captain Ramsay

    The tactics get more sophisticated and more bloody with each passing century and can be summarised as follows:

    a) Some form of economic trauma (today = CV lockdown)

    b) A deluge of revolutionary pamphlets inciting civil unrest appear of nowhere (today = CNN and other fake news channels)

    c) Violent organized mobs appear out of nowhere and are used to intimidate centres of political power (today = BLM and Soros Antifa)

    d) Revolution always financed by foreign Jews. In Russia it was Schiff, in England it was Manasseh Israel & Fernandez Carvajal. (Today = Soros)

    e) All the revolutions saw Jewish power enhanced. In England, the 200 year expulsion ends and within 50 years a national debt will be instituted to be financed by a new privately owned central bank; in France Jews are emancipated by law; and in Russia they take over the Govt in their capacity as Bolsheviks.

    f) Eradication of key national institutions that provide national identity (today = removal of Confederate statues, historical figures etc.)

    g) Civil war followed by bloodbaths. Army loyalty is the key to the revolution failing. If revolution succeeds head of state executed.

    These tactics failed in Spain because of a military coup led by General Francos nationalists aided by Germany and Italy.

    And a nationalist military coup is exactly what we need today.

    We are witnessing a Globalist deep state colour revolution. They are coming to break us financially, emotionally and spiritually as a prelude to completely controlling us.

    If we do not round them up first they will round us up.

    We will be universally micro-chipped and lose the last of our freedoms forever.

    We will face mass unemployment as our airlines, vehicle and leisure industries are irreversibly destroyed together with the remnant of manufacturing and heavy industry that has not yet been sent to China by Wall St.

    DT says we have the best military in the world. Well lets use it only this time against our REAL ENEMIES.

  36. Bro John July 3, 2020 @ 8:35 am

    The hypnogogic empire that TV that glows in peoples homes and subjectively in the mind, also has the same effect..

    Just like the physical phenomenon of gaslights installed on the public streets in the first phase of “modernizing” cities in Europe and America..

    Just innocent magic, smoke and mirrors that can be used (to overthrow kingdoms and principalities) in the name of the demons of democracy.

  37. Steve July 3, 2020 @ 2:48 pm

    Miss Ann Coulter ruminates that a “foreign” power has been using Epstein and Madam for blackmail purposes.

    Hmmm? I wonder who that might be, Annie?

  38. James Woroble Jr July 3, 2020 @ 5:39 pm

    @ +BN

    Another exceptional instructional video.

  39. Ted Gorsline July 4, 2020 @ 12:34 am

    Anti-fascists are simply communists who are jews.

    Fascists are simply bankers who are jews.

    Their universal goal is the same, the centralization of power, the slavery of those they control.

    Liberty is the opposite. Its an Anglo thing. It has to do with the separation of power, putting power into the hands of the individual instead of the state. Thus the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence.

    Jewish values are tribal, backward and primitive. The have no place in the future history of civilization.

  40. The Horrible Deplorable July 4, 2020 @ 12:38 am

    Gaslighting is a cruel deceptive trick, but the jew regards it a necessary and therefore ok to perform according to their Talmud.

    Plus I know they get a sadistic kick out of making someone out to be a sucker – always.

    I think the silent majority here in America are finally aware and weary of this jew tactic and are just about ready to let them know.

    If the jew’s MSM outlets aren’t always pumping a fictional support and love for the jew, by practically ‘everyone’ in the U.S., it might of happened a hell of lot sooner, but that’s what they do.

    It’s really pathetic when they have to resort to this type of survival tactic of gaslighting feeble minded Yidiots here in the U.S. and worldwide.

    Gaslighting takes on a sort of spin with jews wielding it. They like to mix their pleasures, you know. A little pinch of Shame & Blame and perhaps a sprinkle of Lie & Cry whenever they feel a little insecure of how their host nation is or isn’t receiving their daily dose of deception. This is what keeps them up nights.

    It’s truly pathetic and juvenile. I think jews suck and they just cant help but to suck. Even negative attention is still attention. They need to be hated in order to claim to be a jew. So insecure, but they are the Children Of The Devil, but I do believe they are coming to the end of their rope though.

    I do believe people given the slightest chance at making a decision will not even consider support for their “plight” their lies. I think that there will be a great rising up and people will cast away their masks & live their lives and tell the jews to go straight to hell where they all belong.

    All that is being accomplished with these restrictions is the delay of the inevitable. Everyone is going to catch CoYid 19 and build an immunity to it, so why prolong its spread with masks and social distancing?

    I think that these people they prop up on their news channels who claim to have “suffered” from it are getting money compensated for their hammed up testimonials on ch. 11 news, right?

    I’m sure that elderly and immune deficient victims will have more dire outcomes, but when you look at how many die from the common flu, it’s really not all that different, albeit possible just more contagious, which they use to spread their fear and secure control.

    It’s all about control with them, but let me ask you, if there are no non-jews left to control would they still act this way?

    I say yes, they cant help it. They are that insane & evil.

  41. Ted Gorsline July 4, 2020 @ 2:17 am


    In terms of cultural values its time to tell the kike to go take a hike.

  42. The Englishman July 4, 2020 @ 2:36 am


    To the Patriotic American, (ALL) have a Great 4th of July!

  43. The Englishman July 4, 2020 @ 3:57 am

    @Bandits Inc.

    From another angle, though don’t hear of the Arian Viking these days.

  44. dave July 5, 2020 @ 12:30 am

    Let’s build a statue of Satanyahu.

    Then tear it down.

  45. Steve July 5, 2020 @ 5:38 am

    Madam Maxwell like her pimp Epstein were never even arrested!

    Neither have done the perp walk…no prison videos released. D’uh?

    They are both safely ensconced offshore while the MSM does the bait and switch on the trailer-park-trash Goyisha Kops.

    “Through deception we make war!”

    ***Just watch the Mossad rag, NY POST, for more Photoshop photos of her “demise” (it worked with Jeffrey) and then just assume the opposite. Already articles are appearing saying her friends fear for her life and how she can only survive in solitary (where no one will see her).

    Though, they might after this post use a different outlet if Podhoretz gets a little too radioactive.

    Cyrus Vance, as Ann Coulter noted, will make sure everything runs nice ‘n’ smooth. Ha!

    Let’s all do a 24/7 and this scam, BroNatniks, and vow like Jake LaMotta did of Tony Genaro, “I’m gonna open up his hole like this. Like this! I’m gonna make him wish his mother never had ’em!”

  46. B July 5, 2020 @ 12:12 pm

    Is the possible fake pandemic scientific news information, a possible big money paid gaslighting towards all of America and the World, to weaken and to harm America and the World?

  47. Ted Gorsline July 5, 2020 @ 12:24 pm

    Madam Maxwell is very interesting.

    She is a Mossad jew who could flee to Israel, but I am sure she knows they would kill her.

    So she stays in America knowing the Christians will let her live, give her a fair trail.

    I hope she spills the beans. MSM just keeps calling it a sex thing when its a Mossad jewish thing.

    MSM won’t touch the obvious and thus they keep dying. Zero credibility people.

  48. Bandits International Inc July 5, 2020 @ 1:44 pm

    Jews in UK suddenly oppose BLM rioters but only because it calls them out — it’s always about what is good for the jews.

  49. The Horrible Deplorable July 5, 2020 @ 4:34 pm

    Jews have been trying to bait a race war since the beginning, and they have succeeded with the Civil War. The bloodiest war in American history.

    The next one won’t work. The black man needs to know & accept US historical facts. The Civil War was not a race war, not originally, and not ever.

    It was a tax war that the North, with it’s jew controlling overlords, wanted to force onto the South. The jews of the North evolved it into a “race war” by claiming it as such, with the help of Abraham Lincoln, when they feared they were losing.

    By manipulating feeble Yidiot minds with the deception that it was a race war they spread their toxic rot in the southern ranks of ignorant believers which resulted in the South’s loss.

    The South will rise again. Good Ol’ Dixie, but when?

    Another U.S. historical fact is that hat there were Free Black slave owners in the South too. But now, we should ALL rise up against jewish slave masters.

    Abolish all forms of Jewry in every facet of U.S. life.

  50. The Horrible Deplorable July 5, 2020 @ 7:15 pm

    I forgot to mention that even the Colonial North had slaves at one point, abolished during the generation after the War of Independence, and that the destruction of U.S. historical statues (a reminder of what to avoid) is a form of misplaced aggression.

    It will only go to enforce a repeat of this historical occurrence that resulted in evil & senseless death and destruction all for the mighty dollar/mammon. Deuteronomy 12:3-4.

  51. Pirate July 5, 2020 @ 8:11 pm

    Has anybody else noticed Chancellor Trump has loaded his cabinet with Jews?

    They married directly into his family. Trump the puppet has Jared Kushner running everything covertly behind the scenes and directing whatever policy he can trick the masses with at any given moment.

    Then of course the Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is in charge of the money changing! Both Kushner and Mnuchin are running the show folks.

    Puppet Trump promised to drain the swamp remember?

    The truth is he loaded his cabinet with Jews and multi millionaires who’s policies favor the very wealthy and corporations and not the working man. He’s a joke, a hypocrite and running a big con game.

    I can’t support socialism for the rich! No way…

  52. Truth Anywhere July 5, 2020 @ 10:44 pm

    Chicago 4th of July weekend BLM totals:

    67 shot, 13 dead, including 2 children.

  53. Citizenfitz July 6, 2020 @ 9:46 am

    Who am I?

    I am Communism
    I am radical feminism
    I am homosexual-ism and “gay marriage”
    I am multiculturalism
    I am anti-Christianity
    I am a one world government
    I am the “divider and conquerer”
    I am the race baiter and the slave trader
    I am censorship
    I am anti-gun
    I am open borders
    I am eminent domain
    I am against English as the official language of the government
    I am a dual citizen with loyalty not to your nation
    I am the reason your daughter has low self esteem and dresses like a whore
    I am the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, central banking and big corporate money
    I am the MSM, Hollywood, tabloid journalism and pornography
    I am the corrupt judicial system that frees the guilty and imprisons the innocent
    I am the nation’s high end drug dealer
    I am the re-writer of history to my advantage
    I am the military industrial complex
    I am an unregulated nuclear state
    I am an international terrorist
    I am “war by way of deception”
    I am the aggressor, yet always the victim
    I am the eternal radical
    I believe that chaos equals cash and that gray equals green
    I will defraud your country without conscience or consequence
    I legislate from the bench, not from the Constitution
    I contrive to make the simplest notion complicated
    I succeed by making you you fail
    I have killed more innocents than any others
    I am your last, your current, and your next war

    Who am I?

  54. Icon July 6, 2020 @ 1:26 pm

    Russia tried to integrate them prior to 1907, and they used every deception to gain an advantage over Russians.

    Germany simply wanted them to leave and were demonized for it, paying decades of reparations.

    Palestinians welcomed them initially and were attacked and driven from their land.

    Americans pitied them during the second world war, and were overcome with anti white propaganda until their culture was ruined and they were invaded by third world vibrants.

    Spain allowed them in and they facilitated a Muslim invasion around 700AD.

    We Europeans never seem to learn this hard lesson, that they want to kill us.

    We must organize, whatever the cost. We must come together in self defense. Begin today. Call someone in the real world. Try to explain. Use proof. A plan of action will arise naturally out of organizing, leaders will emerge.

  55. Q Vernimo July 6, 2020 @ 6:12 pm

    And yet none of this really matters.

    What matters is what each individual learns during this live and what he/she does for self and others.

    Live everything and fear nothing.

  56. The Horrible Deplorable July 6, 2020 @ 8:53 pm

    You got my Vote.

    +BN For President 2020!

  57. The Horrible Deplorable July 7, 2020 @ 8:04 am

    Ok, So someone please correct me if I’m missing something here.

    We are Forced to wear masks and social distance to avoid catching the Covid-19 virus, negatively affecting the chances of Herd Immunity, but instead are forced to wait…. until a “vaccine” is designed to infect people with the Covid-19 virus so that people who take it will get infected, and IF they survive will have immunity?

  58. Truth Anywhere July 7, 2020 @ 12:52 pm

    Psych Op 666.0

    Jews have always tried to gaslight everybody throughout history.

    And the match heads don’t even get it. In no small measure thanks to jew total censorship.

    These inbred jews have gaslit themselves for all eternity.

    BLM=the “rule” of Bernard L. Madoff? At least that’s what the creep had on his slippers.

  59. KathJuliane July 7, 2020 @ 1:33 pm

    Antifa Is Posting Videos on Social Media on How to Smash Windshields and Assault Drivers Who Will Not Obey Them During Street Protests

    Gateway Pundit

    Antifa is posting videos online on how you can smash windshields, cut seatbelts and drag people from their vehicles.

    This antifa member says its necessary when Americans don’t stop and wait during their street protests.

    There is NOTHING about this group that is civil or lawful.

    Antifa Public Watch
    What she meant was…. “i’ve seen some cars getting away when protesters tried to stop them, here’s a tool which should hopefully smash their window and cut their seatbelt so we can drag them out and give them a beat down” problem solved

  60. KathJuliane July 7, 2020 @ 2:07 pm

    Just a little note from January 2018 on John Brown Gun Club spin-off Redneck Revolt, now also known as Coalition of Armed Labor – COAL.

    It was reportedly renamed after feminoid members in Redneck Revolt were sexually harassed by the founding leader and the group separated from him, I believe in early 2019.

    The name of the group became “triggering,” so the armed branch of Antifa was renamed. COAL members still wear the red bandana of Redneck Revolt.

    Coalition of Armed Labor Facebook

    Antifa Public Watch

    In 2018 Dwayne Dixon a University of North Carolina professor and leader of the armed #Antifa group #RedneckRevolt has admitted to chasing James Alex Fields with a rifle just before he drove into a group of protesters killing Heather Heyer

    Armed Antifa PROFESSOR Admits to Chasing Charlottesville Driver With Rifle BEFORE DEADLY CRASH!

    Dwayne Dixon, a University of North Carolina anthropology professor and leader of the armed Antifa group Redneck Revolt, has admitted to chasing James Alex Fields Jr. with a rifle just before he drove into a group of protesters — killing Heather Heyer.

    This new revelation adds some insight into what was happening in the moments leading up to the fatal incident.

    In a Facebook post by Dixon on January 7, obtained by the Gateway Pundit, he wrote [screenshot onsite, the original FB entry was removed shortly after this was published – KJ]

    “I take perverse pleasure in having carried this Spike’s lower in the defense of Justice Park on August 12th. I used this rifle to chase off James Fields from our block of 4th St before he attacked the marchers to the south. Spike’s needs a good lesson in ethics and antifascism.”

    The post included a photo of the 45-year-old holding a rifle.

    Dixon’s Facebook page now appears to have now been scrubbed or set to private.

    The “Spikes” Dixon was referring to appears to be Spike’s Tactical, who had upset militant leftists earlier in the day with a Facebook ad that read “not today Antifa.”

    Following a day of violence over a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville on August 12, dubbed ‘Unite the Right’, Fields, 20, drove his vehicle into a group of protesters — killing 32-year-old Heyer and injuring 35 other people. He is now charged with first-degree murder.

    Though this was quickly branded an act of terrorism by the media, according to police reports after the accident, Fields had expressed shock and remorse asking, “Are they okay?” This concern lead many to question if it had been an accident.

    Dixon’s militant leftist group, Redneck Revolt, has approximately 40 chapters nationwide.

    According to a report from the Herald Sun, Dixon was charged with two misdemeanors after be brought a semi-automatic rifle to downtown Durham over rumors of a “white supremacist rally” that never happened.

    A few months before the clash in Charlottesville, an Arizona chapter of the organization, which was previously known as the “John Brown Gun Club,” released an unintentionally comical video showcasing their “training day.” In the footage, the oddballs are seen shooting at printouts of memes, including Pepe the Frog.


    In an interview with ABC News, Dixon described the hours after Charlottesville as feeling like “leaving a battlefield.”

    “They’re not just speaking – they’re marching. They’re marching in a way that’s intimidating, as we all know is harking back to the torch light rallies of the Nazi era.”

    Despite calls for the university to fire Dixon, he remains employed.

    “When the left uses violence, in the rare cases that it happens, it’s resistance,” Dixon said.

    Based on his new admission, his “resistance” may have been a factor in the tragic events that unfolded that day.


    Socialist Rifle Association is another armed antifa group with cells everywhere.

  61. The Horrible Deplorable July 7, 2020 @ 6:02 pm

    Red states refer to Republican (Right wing; Conservative) held states, Blue – the Left wing, Liberal, Socialist 90+% jew supported Democraps.

    What Antifa tries to do is infiltrate the Right, wearing red bandanas and such. Really! This is nothing new.

    The knowingly weaker side has always tried these kinds of tactics throughout history.

    Hey, maybe this is what I was thinking about when I wondered the question in my earlier post “Will The South Rise Again?”.

    Yes, It certainly will when these misled Socialist Children of the Devil, hippies with an ax to grind called “Antifa”, as an attempt to twist a Hitler theme on to the Right.

    Pffffh, get sent off to the corn fields.

  62. R. Richardson July 7, 2020 @ 7:56 pm

    A truly great quote. Yes, I strongly agree.

    Insane techniques used by Jews (bribing ordinary Americans to turn themselves into the pro-Communist Antifa and BLM terrorists and paying the MSM to constantly lie and support the wrong side) will fail to work.

    Americans in the 21st century are simply too different from Russians of 1910s and Chinese of 1940s. Even the dumbed-down and brainwashed Americans are too hard, diversified, and complicated to be handled and controlled.

    Mistakes, accidents, and weird karma are starting to happen, like a black driver accidentally killed a Antifa/BLM white female protester; an 8-year-old black kid killed near a BLM protest site; and the wrong statues were taken down.

    To be honest, I don’t care about any statue in the U.S., as everyone should admire the classic and historical statues created by the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Persians, and Europeans. Hope that the Jew-funded crazy protesters will not do anything with them!

    As soon as the Antifa, BLM, and fake-virus movement starts to disorganize and collapse, they will take the Democrats, and eventually any Zionist (inevitably including Donald Trump, if he does not know what to do) on the Earth and Israel with them.

    Acting insane and showing a sign of mental illness are a high price to pay.

    In past, people with insane ideas can run the world, but not now, because of advanced technology (Internet), which can help us to determine difference between insane minds and sane minds. It greatly raises our analytical skills to verify quality of propaganda.

    Using Internet in 2020 can’t be compared to reading a newspaper in 1910s. Newspaper is a very old propaganda tool used by elites. It was first created and invented by Julius Caesar in 59 BC.

  63. Truth Anywhere July 7, 2020 @ 9:32 pm


    Maybe commie mass-murderer lover Dwayne Dickson will be chosen as Demento Joe’s running mate.

  64. The Englishman July 8, 2020 @ 2:12 am

    Goodness Gracious, KathJuliane, two weeks is too long to be away!

  65. Citizenfitz July 8, 2020 @ 3:17 pm

    @Ted Gorsline

    Ted, do you have any more of your interesting adventure stories? I really enjoy those.

  66. Leon July 8, 2020 @ 6:21 pm

    The only way for society to be better is if the Christian nations stop mass immigration of Muslims, Jews, communists and atheists.

    Also schools need to teach Christian history not liberal ideology!

    These Non-christian people hate Christian society and Christian human rights.

  67. Israhell July 8, 2020 @ 9:39 pm

    Texas Doctor Reverses Coronavirus Symptoms in 100% of Cases With Inexpensive Treatment

    Red Symphony, by Dr. J. Landowsky.


  68. Truth Anywhere July 8, 2020 @ 10:05 pm

    Demonrat Plan

    Here it is. If he gets in (anything is possible in Jewmerica) Demento Joe is to be removed for “medical reasons” and country turned over to his Veep, comrade Sanders, our first Communist president.

  69. International bandits Inc July 9, 2020 @ 12:45 am

    Outbreaks of coronavirus in Melbourne, Australia and Brazil according to fake news.

    Simple answer is that coronavirus = flu and flu is a disease of the winter which dies out as the weather warms up.

    Australia and Brazil being in the southern hemisphere are now in the peak of winter and so have more flu whereas our flu attacks are dying down as we have moved into summer.

    Always trust Judenpresse/lugenpresse to distort the real picture.

  70. Ted Gorsline July 9, 2020 @ 6:51 am

    There is a block buster video about Epstein, Ghislaine and many others and the Mossad called “Head of the Snake – Wexner, Maxwell’s Mossad and Mega group.”

    Best I’ve seen for a very long time.

  71. Brother Nathanael July 9, 2020 @ 7:36 am

    NEW Video today!

    Hope to post this afternoon.

    STAY GLUED. +bn

  72. The Horrible Deplorable July 9, 2020 @ 11:03 am

    Gov. Newsome has sent $1 BILLION Calif. tax dollars to China hidden under the guise of “face mask purchase”. If he really cared about the citizens why not create jobs and keep the $ in the State..?!!? To this day not 1 mask has been shipped back! The $$$ went to a Chinese electric car co. and is a payment for guns & ammo. The guns & ammo have arrived with more on the way. The guns & ammo are under armed guard security on “standby” at a Sacramento depot. Calif. is the first state to ask for Fed. $ – Trump say’s NO! Now Gov. Jewsome is mandating NO SINGING in Churches as it will further spread the CoYid -19 virus. I say he needs to read The Holy Bible at II Corinthians 3:17-18. Source” Trump.News.Com

  73. KathJuliane July 9, 2020 @ 11:15 am


    National Center for Public Policy

    Can white Americans ever truly understand the pain of discrimination blacks do? Episode 1 of ScoopTV examines the question.



    @The Englishman

    See me waving from across The Pond?

  74. The Englishman July 9, 2020 @ 12:15 pm

    @Real Jew News

    May God Bless you All.

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