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ADL’s Depraved Books For Children

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ADL’s Depraved Books For Children
December 24 2019

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Brother Nathanael @ December 24, 2019


  1. Brother Nathanael December 24, 2019 @ 4:56 pm


    ADL’s Depraved Books For Children

    Censorship by any other name smells the same.

    And synonymous with censorship is the “Anti-Defamation League,” the Jewish Lobby, ill-famed as the official flagger of YouTube.

    But it’s high time the ADL—led by Jonathan Greenblatt and Eileen Hershenov—lay off us truth-tellers and do their own self-censoring.

    Just look at the books these Jews are pushing on children in our public schools.

    Here’s “Sparkle Boy” and here’s the Jew who wrote it, Leslea Newman.

    Now, Casey, the book relates, plays with dump trucks, but also likes to wear skirts that sparkle.

    That’s fine, the book tells its four-year-old readers.

    Let boys be whatever they want to be especially if they want to be girls.

    Here’s “When Kayla Was Kyle”.

    Kyle looks like other boys, the book says, but doesn’t “feel like them.” He simply wants to be the “girl” he was “born” to be.

    Will his parents sympathize with his plight? the book asks.

    Landing on the side of supportive parents, the book instructs teachers to embolden children to make their own “gender diversity choices.”

    How about, “When Aidan Became a Brother”?

    Aidan is a black child who was born a girl but “discovered” she was really a boy.

    How she made this “discovery” the book doesn’t say.

    Yet her parents are thrilled with her “discovery” and changes her vagina into a penis.

    How they did this the book doesn’t say.

    But once done, Aiden “settles happily into her new life” as a boy.

    Here’s “The Flower Girl Wore Celery”.

    Emma can’t wait to be the flower girl at her Aunt Hannah’s wedding.

    She plans on carrying the wedding ring to the male groom.

    But surprise!

    For when she brings the ring, Aunt Hanna is marrying a woman, not a man, and Emma the flower girl gets to experience an “emerging” new trend!

    Then we got, “Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag”

    Harvey Milk is hailed as a “hero” of a “new and exciting lifestyle” of anal sex between men.

    Milk, now dead, was a Jew and his “coming out,” the book says, was inaugurated by the “pride” flag.

    The book doesn’t tell us though of the reported accusations by underage boys that Harvey Milk allegedly molested.

    But “pride” with its criminal and deviant acts is “protected” by the “protected class” known as Jews.

    And for high-schoolers here’s, “Wedding Cake, Same-Sex Marriage and Discrimination”

    The book asks the students if bakeries, such as “Masterpiece Bakery” in Colorado, have a Constitutional right to discriminate against same-sex couples?

    Then railing on the “bigoted” religious views of the owner of Masterpiece Bakery, the book says “No! religious bigots have no Constitutional rights who discriminate against same sex couples.”

    Now what the hell is this?

    The ADL insists that JewTube can ban whoever they want because it’s a “private” company.

    But a tiny bakery on Main Street gets screwed in classic Jewish fashion.

    You see, the First Amendment only applies to the “protected class”–Jews–not to Christians and the goyim.

    Now how pushing sexual deviancy on children, and teaching teens to hate Christians helps the ADL protect Jews from defamation, which is their stated mission, is anybody’s guess.

    Unless, by corrupting the morals of Gentile youth, emasculating their male vigor, and turning its teens into haters of the authentic Christian religion, (which Jews fear), they’re guaranteed complete Jewish totalitarianism only one generation away.

    ‘Cause we’re living in a Jew-ruined world and the ADL is just one culture-wrecking girl.

    We need to rethink all this crap about the ‘chosen’ people.

    We either die worshiping them or we live kicking them out.

    Send them to the homosexual capital of the world, Tel Aviv. They’ll be happy there.

    Yeah, let them “settle happily” with their fellow monkey demons in the eternal fires of hell.

    +BN of the cuff

    Hey, coffee time. Alright, snow on it. It’s cold.

    Alright, you see, the ADL says you can’t force views on people who are different, like men who want to be women, I mean cross-dressers, and those who want to have same-sex relations, don’t force anything.

    Okay, fine, no one’s going to force anything in our American scene. BUT, the ADL is trying to FORCE us to support something we disagree with.

    Well, they want it both ways.

    Hypocrisy is their hallmark. Sometimes the hypocrisy is subtle, sometimes it’s in your face.

    But what they’re doing with children in our schools is way too far even for those who might be inclined to support homosexual stuff.

    Recently a group of pediatricians announced that pushing sex changes on children is “child abuse.”

    If that’s the case, and it is, the ADL is the BIGGEST child abuser of them all.

    Now I, for one, see right through them.

    I’m going to see their fall.

    Help me fight.

  2. Brother Nathanael December 24, 2019 @ 4:56 pm

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  6. Brother Nathanael December 24, 2019 @ 4:58 pm

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  7. Brother Nathanael December 24, 2019 @ 5:40 pm

    Great CHRISTMAS Memes We’re Seeing!

    “Jews Send Their Kids To Private Schools”

    “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself”

    “Jews Teach Goy Kids LGBTQ In Public Schools”

    “Jews Took Christ Out Of Christmas”

    “It’s Okay To Be White”

    “Jews Crucified Christ”

    “Jews Are Our Misfortune”

    “Jews Hate Our Freedoms”

    “YouTube Is Jew-Approved”

    “Google – The Searches Jews Want”

    “Prozac Was Invented For Jews”

    “Jews Are God’s Punishment On Apostate Nations”


  8. B December 24, 2019 @ 5:41 pm

    Whenever the concept of a “chosen people” comes up, it should be mentioned that this concept is actually a man made desired graven image idol that involves many people bowing down to and worshipping this graven image idol of a “chosen people” as a God.

  9. Brother Nathanael December 24, 2019 @ 6:13 pm

    +BN ON Rense Radio Tonite!

    Exposing The Vile ADL! @

    6 PM Pacific Time/Don’t Miss This One!


  10. Rick December 24, 2019 @ 6:35 pm

    Great video Brother Nathanael! Well researched.

    You know, it’s a funny thing. In the past, I was burdened with Jewish lies; now, I am burdened with Jewish truths – I think I’m starting to ‘see’ through your eyes.

  11. Rick December 24, 2019 @ 6:36 pm

    Merry Christmas!

  12. Citizenfitz December 24, 2019 @ 6:40 pm

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  13. patrick December 24, 2019 @ 6:50 pm

    The ADL member lawyers go after Catholic dioceses claiming pedophilia, then turn around and promote this hanukaka child mutilation.

    Would the Maccabees be proud?

  14. Lugu December 24, 2019 @ 8:39 pm

    To Brother Nathanael and All

    Wishing you a very Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New year!

  15. KathJuliane December 24, 2019 @ 9:44 pm

    God bless you dear +BN.

    Thank you for a very powerful Video this time exposing the ADL’s direct hand in pushing perversion to children.

    It’s dynamite, and certainly gives the ADL a black eye.

    The Nativity of Christ is upon us, on the Western calendar. On the canonical Julian calendar, Nativity for 85% of Eastern Orthodox Christians won’t arrive until January 7, which is December 25 on the Julian Calendar.

    Here is a voice from the unheard and silenced voices of the Christians of the Middle East who have been witnessing to faith in the Savior since His Incarnation in their life and times.

    Arabic Byzantine Hymn of the Nativity — Stichera of the 9th Hour from the Service of the Royal Hours

    It is from the Orthodox liturgical services for Nativity According to the Flesh of Our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ.

    The Nativity Kontakion was written by the incomparable St. Romanos the Melodist, shortly after a vision of the Mother of God in which she unlocked his talent.

    It is chanted by Reader Nader Hajjar, St. Elias Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral, Ottawa, Canada, Archdiocese of North America

    Rüm (Greek) Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and the Orient

    The apostolic seat of the patriarchate was formerly Antioch (Antakya), in what is now Turkey. Now it is in Damascus, Syria, located on the “street called Straight.”

    The current Patriarch of Antioch is His Beatitude, John X (Yazigi), who was elected on December 17, 2012.

    Nativity Pastoral Letter 2019

    With the mercy of God Almighty

    John X

    Patriarch of Antioch and all the East


    My brothers, Pastors of the Holy Church of Antioch

    My sons and daughters, all over this Apostolic See

    Make merry, O heaven and earth, as the Prophets foretold!

    Celebrate in the spirit, O Angels and men! God is born from a woman and appears in the flesh

    to those who sit in darkness and shadow. A cave and a manger welcome Him. Shepherds announce the wonder. Wise men from the East offer gifts in Bethlehem. Let us from our unworthy lips offer praise like the Angels: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace!”

    The Expectation of the Nations has come. He has come and saved us from bondage to the Enemy[1].

    On the glorious feast of Nativity, the Church contemplates that meek Child, Jesus Christ, Who has visited and still visits the world of our heart, as much as we open for him the manger of our soul. On this feast, the hymnographer invites us to become one choir with the angels. He calls us to celebrate the feast in the Spirit, “because God appeared in the flesh, for those in darkness and shadow.”

    Today, our Glorious Christ, comes near everyone who tarries in the shadows and darkness and says to him: For your sake, my most beloved creation, I became a child in the flesh, I, the eternal God who exists before the ages.

    I am not ashamed of you, nor of your weaknesses. It is out of my love for you that I came, so that I may relieve your heart, take away your distress and put it on my shoulders. Today the Lord comes to remove from the hearts and souls the worries of the world and to throw them in the darkness of the cave.

    In the times of Jesus Christ, people awaited the Redeemer to come to them as a mighty and powerful king, who would overthrow mighty thrones and wipe out injustice from the whole world. They expected him as an earthly tyrant, with visible glory. They awaited a savior who would choose a nation, but they found in him a savior for all humankind, extending his mercies to all.

    They expected him to come in a royal palace, but he was brought them in a cave. They expected the splendor of a throne, and were surprised by the humble manger. They awaited a glorious king, and saw a meek child. They expected him to come on the clouds of heaven, to establish an earthly kingdom, so rushed to them on the straw of the manger, to establish his kingdom in souls thirsty for his Spirit.

    They waited for him surrounded by a terrestrial guard, so he took them aback with a celestial army.

    They wanted him to be surrounded by an ephemeral prestige, with might and youth, so he was surrounded by Mary’s meekness, Joseph’s hesitation, and the smile of a child. At His Nativity, the Divine Child brings together the earthly with the heavenly, to proclaim his glory in the highest, a real peace on earth and a goodwill in the hearts of all people.

    At this time, we light our candles before the manger of Love Who visited our world. We long for the divine child who loved all of us and came as comfort and reassurance amid our turbulent lives. We raise our eyes towards Him, praying for the peace of the world and “steadfastness of God’s holy churches.” We look at him, praying for the good and stability of this Levant.

    We pray for peace in Syria and for stability in Lebanon, calling everyone to be inspired by the calm and peace of the Child in the cave, as we face of the difficulties that beset this Levant and its people.

    Peace of thought and soul is the first brick that builds nations. In much of what is going on around us, peace of the soul is our fundamental need as the first building block for peace in our country. We need to be reconciled with ourselves as a building block for reconciliation with others, the ones with whom we and by whom we build with the peace for society and resurrection for the nation.

    Today, we pray for the return of all the kidnapped people. Our prayers are lifted for our two brethren, Bishops John Ibrahim and Paul Yaziji, the Prelates of Aleppo, who have been kidnapped for nearly seven years.

    We ask the newborn child to illuminate the night of their exile, to enlighten the minds of their beloved ones, and may our prayers be answered seeing them among us despite all this media and global concealment of their case, which remains only a sample of what our families, our people, and every ethnical and religious group are going through, in violation of human dignity to be sold in the market of global interests.

    We pray for this Levant, for all its countries and for the wounded Palestine, whose cause remains with all the occupied lands, the false scar in the forehead of truth, which is above time, authority, conspiracy or recognition.

    With the peace of Nativity, we address these words to you, Our Antiochian sons in the homeland and the countries abroad, in the whole world.

    May God bless you all, with your children and relatives. We lift our prayer to the Lord Almighty for the sake of our brothers and beloved ones who preceded us in hope of resurrection and eternal life and for peace and Godspeed in the whole world.

    In the present feast, we hope that each human being makes their heart a cave to receive the King of glory and lets themself become a manger where Christ can rest to sanctify their being. We pray the Virgin Mary so that the present feast is brings about a glimpse of the abundance of the calm and peace from the Lord of Peace, to Him be glory and praise forever, Amen.

    From our Patriarchate in Damascus

    December 20, 2019

    [1] From the Lity of the Nativity Service.


    It was in Antioch that we, the disciples of Christ, were first called Christians. (Acts 11:26).

    IC XC
    NI KA

    Christ is born!

    Glorify Him!

  16. KathJuliane December 24, 2019 @ 10:44 pm

    Orthodox Christian Chant – In the Dark Night

    The chant is about the Birth of Lord Jesus Christ, by the Monks of Svetogorskaya Lavra in Ukraine, of the true, and persecuted, Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

    Orthodox Christian Monks of the Svetogorskaya Monastery in Ukraine chant Christmas Carols.

    Filmed by Svetogorsk Lavra.

  17. B December 25, 2019 @ 1:14 am

    Someone needs to explain what is the actual purpose of the ADL In their intentional and international spread of depravity in both the USA and in the whole world.

    This ADL ( that is Zionists ) spread of depravity happened also in the past in Germany in the 1920’s and into to the 1930’s, and one can observe what result happened in Germany in the 1930’s and the 1940’s.

    The ADL purpose is to make more people very weak in their mind by believing in the error of controllable material sensuality, so that more people will become more easily controlled by Jewish intimidation and by other Jewish criminal methods, such as was formerly done also by the Russian Bolsheviks in Russia.

    The Jews want to take over the control of the whole world by using their so-called Jewish strength of mind.

    The key and basis for a person to have strength of mind is based on the principle that God ( the invisible universe ), answers a person’s long time repeated questions in prayer, as shown in the Jesus biblical statement in which Jesus explains that the reason that one does not have is because one does not ask ( pray ).

    By the ADL removing prayer in schools, more people worldwide have become weaker in their mental strength.

    And by a person repeatedly having success experiencing inner answers from the principle of the invisible universe ( God ) with their long time repeated prayer questions, then that person will turn towards having greater mental strength of faith that is attached to the invisible God, and also turn away from their strong beliefs in externally controllable material sensuality.

    The Zionists would never have obtained their greatest desire of obtaining their control of the land of Israel in 1948 without the persecution of the Jews in World War Two, as for a long time before 1933 most all Jews were anti-Zionist and most all Jews thought that Zionism ( that is the obtaining of Jewish control of the land of Israel ) was ridiculous.

  18. The Englishman December 25, 2019 @ 4:14 am


    The virtuous, wonderous, Orthodox Christian beauty abroad.

    So beautifully addressed here at RJN.

    Meanwhile, here at the septic Isle, the perversion still doth grow.

    A candidate for Labour party leadership? Friend of IsraHell,

    404’d – []

    That Was Shit, Mate: We head to the Houses of Parliament to speak to Jess Phillips, MP for Birmingham Yardley, about sex and relationships education in schools: why kids should learn about pleasure as well as pregnancy, how growing up in an open ‘naked’ household paved the way for her career in politics…

  19. Steve December 25, 2019 @ 5:50 am


    The “human” touch with the coffee sip was brilliant, added to which the snow in the background instilled that winter solstice spirit that rocks my senses!

    God gave us nature, our bodies are made of clay and to clay we shall return.

    Nature is what keeps us honest, especially about our biological heritage: male and female, that no amount of blasphemy can negate:

    The reason why the suicide rates for ALL age demographics are spiking and will continue, especially for the “trans” crowd.

    As Bobby Fischer put it:

    “Jews hate nature and the natural order, because it’s pure and beautiful, and also because it’s bigger and stronger than they are, and they feel that they cannot fully control it.

    “Nature’s beauty and harmony stands in stark contrast to their squalidness and ugliness, and that makes them hate it all the more.

    “Jews are destroyers. They are anti-humans. The anti-human Jew hates and wants to destroy all non-Jews. He will also destroy even other Jews who are less destructive and evil than he is, if they get in his way.”

  20. KathJuliane December 25, 2019 @ 6:21 am

    New Banksy artwork depicting nativity scene appears on wall of Bethlehem hotel

    From Birmingham to Bethlehem: Banksy unveils new Christmas artwork

    A new Banksy piece depicting the nativity scene has appeared on a hotel wall in Bethlehem on the border of Palestine and Israel.

    The “Scar of Bethlehem” artwork features a manger scene with Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus surrounded by cattle.

    But instead of sparkly star overlooking the scene, the urban artist has created a four-pointed bullet hole.

    The piece appeared at a hotel owned by Banksy, which overlooks the border wall in the divided city.

    Opened two years ago, the premises is billed as having “the worst view of any hotel in the world” and is filled with original Banksy artwork.

    The highlight is room number three, known as “Banksy’s Room”, where guests sleep in a king-size bed underneath Banksy’s artwork showing a Palestinian and an Israeli having a pillow fight.

    The artist is known for making political statements with his graffiti and has made previous forays into the Palestinian territories.

    In one secret visit, he drew a girl being pulled upwards by balloons on the dividing wall. He is believed to have sneaked into Gaza to draw four street murals, including one on a metal door that depicted the Greek goddess Niobe cowering against the rubble of a destroyed house.

    This is not the first Christmas related creation he has unveiled this year and earlier in the month the artist depicted a Father Christmas scene to highlight the plight of rough sleepers in Birmingham.

  21. Nicholas Landholdt December 25, 2019 @ 8:17 am

    Help me help you fight, Brother.

    #WTPP (see it on Jewbook if it hasn’t been censored) has issued a call to arms to take power back from the Fake Jews of the Syn of Satan by revitalizing LCS Militia and doing what veterans did in 1946 at the Battle of Athens (Tennessee).

    For information, email me at: nlandholt{at]]hotmail[[[dot}}}com

    Be sure to put “LCS Militia” in the Subject line.

  22. 1 Thessalonians 2:15 December 25, 2019 @ 8:24 am

    Happy Christmas Bro Nat, and may 2020 be a year of many blessings.

    This video is worth studying–not something you hear about too much in our churches.


  23. B December 25, 2019 @ 11:18 am

    Bitchute Video:


  24. Bill Coogan December 25, 2019 @ 11:58 am

    Merry Christmas, Brother….12/25 as I write.

    As a former elementary school teacher, if I found any of these books being pushed upon children I would raise ‘holy hell.’ Teachers today, especially the females, which are the majority. just go along with what they are told to do, fearing reprisals from ‘higher up’ or loss of their sacred pensions.

    Morality is not only not being taught in our schools, immorality is being forced upon them, whether parents like it or not.

    After all, teachers and the National Teachers Union know better at how to raise ‘your’ child. Too many indoctrinated ‘sheep’ in the teaching profession, who go along to get along, like our congressional leaders.

    It’s time to take back our public schools!

    Thanks, and God Bless, Brother.

  25. Citizenfitz December 25, 2019 @ 12:36 pm

    America 2020: “Pornography? It’s a Constitutionally protected right. SCOTUS has settled the matter. Period. Kiddie porn?!? You degenerate! Life in prison is too good for your kind.”

    +BN, thanks for your good work trying to wake up a drowsy world.

  26. 2nd coming December 25, 2019 @ 1:35 pm

    “Jesus hits like an atom bomb.

    Won’t be water but fire next time.”

  27. KathJuliane December 25, 2019 @ 2:33 pm

    Early American Christmas Folk Carols were sung impromptu by the monks of Holy Cross Monastery in Wayne, WV, January 7, 2018, after the Nativity Divine Liturgy, during the early morning feast in the monastery dining hall, or trapeza, breaking the Nativity Lenten Fast of 40 days.

    Two of their carols are Early American Appalachian and New England Shape Note (sometimes called Sacred Harp) hymns found in the Southern Harmony and other hymnbooks. The hymn, Amazing Grace, was originally sung in Shape Note.

    The first carol the monks sing is Star in the East, followed by the English carol, What Child is This?

    The last Shape Note carol is titled Bozrah.

    Almost two years later, the combined choir of Christ the Savior Orthodox Church and Holy Cross Monastery in Wayne, WV practicing the famous Shape Note Carol “Bozrah” (sung in the Sacred Harp style) for their upcoming performance, “An Appalachian Christmas” which was to take place at Christ the Savior Church on Sunday, December 22nd at 7:00pm.

    Star in the East

    Hail the blest morn, see the great Mediator,
    Down from the regions of glory descend!
    Shepherds, go worship the babe in the manger,
    Lo, for his guard the bright angels attend.


    Brightest and best of the sons of the morning,
    Dawn on our darkness, and lend us thine aid;
    Star of the east, the horizon adorning,
    Guide where our infant Redeemer is laid.

    Cold on his cradle the dewdrops are shining;
    Low lies his bed with the beasts of the stall;
    Angels adore him, in slumbers reclining,
    Wise men and shepherds before him do fall.

    Say, shall we yield him, in costly devotion,
    Odors of Eden and offerings divine?
    Gems from the mountain, and pearls from the ocean,
    Myrrh from the forest, and gold from the mine?

    Vainly we offer each ample oblation;
    Vainly with gold we his favor secure;
    Richer by far is the heart’s adoration;
    Dearer to God are the prayers of the poor.

    Low at his feet we in humble prostration,
    Lose all our sorrow and trouble and strife;
    There we receive his divine consolation,
    Flowing afresh from the fountain of life.

    He is our friend in the midst of temptation,
    Faithful supporter, whose love cannot fail;
    Rock of our refuge, and hope of salvation,
    Light to direct us through death’s gloomy vale.

    Star of the morning, thy brightness, declining,
    Shortly must fade when the sun doth arise:
    Beaming refulgent, his glory eternal
    Shines on the children of love in the skies.

    —Alternative verses—

    Hail the blest morn! when the great Mediator
    Down from the regions of glory descends!
    Shepherds, go worship the babe in the manger;
    Lo! for your guide the bright angel attends!

    Cold on his cradle the dew-drops are shining,
    Low lies his head with the beasts of the stall;
    Angels adore him in slumbers reclining,
    Maker, and Monarch, and Savior of all!



    Who is this that comes from far,
    With his garments dipped in blood,
    Strong, triumphant traveller–
    Is he man, or is he God?

    I that reign in righteousness,
    Son of God and man I am;
    Mighty to redeem your race,
    Jesus is your Savior’s name.


    IC XC
    NI KA

    Christ is Born!
    Glorify Him!

  28. Greg December 25, 2019 @ 5:54 pm

    “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”–Jerry Seinfeld

    Well when it comes to little kids, yes there is something very wrong with it.

    What bothers me most is local clergy, teachers, politicians in my town are not saying anything, maybe they want to.

    So a big thank you to Brother Nathanael who speaks for those that refuse.

    Merry Christmas!

  29. Thriced Denied+! December 25, 2019 @ 8:15 pm

    The problem is simple to resolve.

    Unfortunately there are some who simply hate the truth, and make the truth hate. Can we ALL accept that God is Almighty, and if so, does He not have the right to change things?

    Can we all agree that human beings have certain inalienable rights given to us from birth, and that one of those rights is Freedom of Choice? The Freedom to choose to blink our eyes 3 times in a row, to glance up when thinking, to pet the cat that nudges our computer screen down, instead of pushing him away?

    I would have to then admit that freedom of choice is certainly awarded to the Creator as well. And having agreed, has He not the right to change His mind? I know my wife certainly does.

    And if God Almighty can change His mind, who can deny Him that? Here we have a God, our God, who is soooo smart that He knew not to fall for this or that trap.

    Free Will denied would make God a bully, an oppressor, and a tyrant, where Do or Die would be the only option (it still is!)

    Make no mistake, these satanic worldly things that make it sooo easy to justify jews greedy and controlling evil actions and to go against GOD will eventually catch up to them.

    There will always be consequences for poor & bad decisions. God Almighty tested the children of Israel in The OLD Testament. He extended to them the credit that they were God’s “Chosen” people.

    But God Almighty changed his mind because of the behavior of the jews. The jews are no longer “God’s chosen” because they broke the ancient covenant by rejecting Jesus, mocking Jesus, ordering his death.

    Remember there will always be consequences for poor & bad decisions, and one of those decisions for the jews was to deny, and arrange the murder of Jesus, The New Covenant, The New Testament.

    For this act of disdain & unfathomable betrayal, for this act of “holier than thou” behavior, they forfeit their chosenness and by virtue of the New Covenant (New Testament) CHRIST-ians+ have replaced the jews as God Almighty’s chosen people, the Christian Church having become the People of God Almighty.

    Don’t be fooled by these greedy money and control grubbing Talmudic Euro-trash jews. The lake of fire is their inheritance.

    The only good jew is a CHRISTian.

    Merry Christmas. We Are Saved!

  30. Jo December 26, 2019 @ 6:39 am

    #EndJewishPrivilege #LOGOSRising

    Dear Bro. Nathanael:

    You should have a talk with Dr. E. Michael Jones sometime soon.

    Merry Christ Mass.

  31. Little White Riding Hood December 26, 2019 @ 12:06 pm

    @BroNat and All

    Based on the recent statements by Putin condemning Hitler, is it fair to say he’s fully under jew control?

    He condemned Hitler and sort of praised Stalin for not meeting with Hitler.

    I suppose the millions (60 million?) of Russians Stalin eradicated was not as bad as what Hitler did to the Jews?

    Does this also reveal that Putin is still a communist as well?

    I’m very disappointed. Just when I thought he was a bright light…

  32. KathJuliane December 26, 2019 @ 12:48 pm

    Just a little Christmas blast from the past on ways the Jew advances Jewish-Christian relations.

    Dear Lugu,

    +BN was correct in that not everything is contained in the Talmud, especially in English.

    However, I also venture to guess that as the number of Bible-believing Judeo-Christians are learning Hebrew and want to read the Hebrew Bible in the original language (it was written in Hebrew with a few verses of Daniel in Aramaic, it was not written in “Jewish” or Yiddish), Hebrew translations of the Palestinian and Babylonian Talmud, and other rabbinic writings from the old Judeo-Aramaic are going through some pruning as well to keep certain things from profane Gentile eyes.

    Rabbinic Judaism keeps a lot of secrets, particularly their superstitious Jewish mysticism. Besides the Talmud, there are also the rabbinic writings of Kabbalah and the Zohar.

    However, the Jews can’t help but tell on themselves at some point about their utter contempt and all-consuming hatred of Christ and Christians, thinking they are boasting about their cunning.


    Haaretz: For them, it’s wholly unholy

    By Shahar Ilan

    Christmas Eve is one of the few occasions when Hasidim refrain from Torah study, do not conduct weddings or go to the mikveh. But they do play chess and work on their bills

    On Christmas Eve, known in Jewish circles as Nitel Night, the klipot (shells) are in total control. The klipot are parasitical evil forces that attach themselves to the forces of good.

    According to kabbala (Jewish mysticism), on the night on which “that man” – a Jewish euphemism for Jesus – was born, not even a trace of holiness is present and the klipot exploit every act of holiness for their own purposes.

    For this reason, Nitel Night, from nightfall to midnight, is one of the few occasions when Hasidim refrain from Torah study. On this horrific night, they neither conduct weddings nor do they go to the mikveh (ritual bath).

    An entire folkloric literature has developed around the unusual recreational activities of Nitel Night.

    The customs, it should be emphasized, are practiced only by Hasidim. Lithuanian and Sephardic ultra-Orthodox Jews do not suspend their regular Torah study on Christmas Eve.

    Chess and cards

    The classic pastime on Nitel Night is chess. There is the famous photograph of the last Lubavitcher Rebbe, the late Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, apparently playing chess with his father on Nitel Night, although calendar calculations by Lubavitcher Hasidim rule out the idea that the photograph was taken on Nitel.

    Some prefer cards, such as Uka, a Galician [Ukrainian] Jewish version of poker, or 21. Some argue that each card has its own klipa (shell) and thus card-playing on Nitel Night is a particularly serious sin.

    Kabbalistic toilet paper

    The Knesset correspondent of the ultra-Orthodox newspaper Hamodia, Zvi Rosen, relates that celebrated Hasidic admorim (sect leaders) would cut a year’s supply of toilet paper for Sabbath use (to avoid tearing toilet paper on Sabbath) on this night.

    Actually, this disrespectful act has profound kabbalistic significance, because kabbalistic literature extensively discusses Christianity as waste material excreted from the body of the Jewish people.

    Today, precut toilet paper for Sabbath use is available on the market; thus, the custom’s relevance has diminished.

    Another custom of Hasidic admorim is to make calculations on Nitel for the entire year, such as the amount they must set aside to observe the commandment of tithe-giving.

    Rabbi Hannah of Kalschitz reportedly would study geography on Nitel. The journalist Rosen spends Nitel night arranging his archive, peeling oranges and making marmalade.

    The Lubavitcher (Chabad) movement’s spokesman, Menachem Brod, arranges his pile of bills.

    Abstaining from procreation

    As was the case in 2000, Christmas Eve or Nitel Night this year [2004] falls on Friday night, and this fact has several significant ramifications. [Actually not, December 24 was on a Sunday in 2000].

    Because of this, certain acts that are desecrations of the Sabbath cannot be performed, such as cutting toilet paper or straightening out paperwork.

    Nor can one sleep throughout the entire Christmas Eve because of the obligation of eating the Friday night meal, although it is customary not to talk about sacred matters at the table when Christmas Eve falls on Friday night.

    However, the biggest paradox concerns the procreation mitzvah (commandment). It is recommended that the commandment be observed on Friday night, which is a holy time.

    Yet on Nitel Night, which has no holiness, it is customary to refrain from observing the commandment, because of the fear that a Jewish child conceived on Jesus’ birthday could become an apostate.

    A whispered prayer

    Abraham Isaac Sperling’s “Reasons for Jewish Customs and Traditions (Bloch Publishing Company, 1968) explains that one chief reason for the development of Nitel customs was practical:

    Anti-Semites would ambush Jews and savagely beat them, sometimes even killing them, in the streets on Christmas Eve. Thus, the rabbis decreed that Jews should remain at home that night and not wander in the streets.

    Over the years, abstention from Torah study on Christmas Eve became a custom that, of course, was observed clandestinely.

    There are tales, however, that describe cases where gentiles, discovering that Jews were playing games instead of studying Torah that night, would burst into Jewish homes, only to discover the young students engaged in the discussion of Jewish law over open books.

    One Nitel custom in the Diaspora was to recite the entire “Aleinu Leshabe’ah” prayer out loud. The prayer includes the phrase “those who bow down before vapor and emptiness,” customarily uttered in a whisper throughout the year, so that gentiles would not hear the words.

    On Nitel Night, it was customary, after it had been ascertained that no non-Jews were around, to loudly utter the forbidden phrase.

    Ban on Torah study

    The source of the name “Nitel” is unknown. The most successful, although perhaps not the most convincing, explanation is that Nitel is an acronym for the Yiddish words “nischt yidden tarren lernen”: “It is forbidden for Jews to study.”

    Another explanation is that the term is a corruption of the Latin word for birthday, natalis.

    How many Nitels?

    Over the years, a collection of Nitel jokes has developed.

    For example, an ultra-Orthodox rabbi was once asked to eulogize Theodor Herzl, founder of modern Zionism and a secular Jew.

    After a few moments, he came up with three positive traits: Herzl had never spoken while putting on his phylacteries, had never thought about Torah matters in unclean places and had never studied Torah on Nitel.

    Or, for example, a young Jewish boy was found studying Torah on Nitel. Asked why he was not observing the ban on such study on Nitel, he replied that he observed the ban on the Armenian Christmas Eve.

    The second joke points to a real problem. Roman Catholics and Protestants celebrate Christmas Eve on the night of December 24. Christmas on the Greek and Russian Orthodox calendars falls on January 6. On which day should Torah study be prohibited?

    The late Lubavitcher Rebbe proposed that Nitel be observed on the Christmas Eve celebrated by the majority of Christians in that particular country. In the United States, he ruled that Torah study should be banned on the night of December 24, when most Christian Americans celebrate Christmas Eve.

    Some Hasidic sect leaders and members have refrained from Torah study on both Christmas Eves, and the most meticulous of them even suspended Torah study on New Year’s Eve as well.

    Slumber of the righteous

    One of the early Lubavitcher leaders told his disciples that he disliked those scholars who argued that they could not suspend Torah study for even a few hours and that they therefore had to study Torah even on Christmas Eve.

    The Saintly Genius of Liska reportedly wanted to study Torah on a Nitel night. However, he fell into a deep sleep and his candle went out.

    When he awoke, he realized that divine intervention had kept him from carrying out his original purpose.

    In an article on Nitel published in the Torah monthly, Moriah, Rabbi Yosef Lieberman offers a solution to circumvent the ban on Torah study: go to bed at nightfall and get up at midnight to study Torah, when such study becomes permissible.

    An expert on Hasidism, Rabbi Benzion Grossman relates that in the yeshivas of the Vishnitz Hasidim, the students would go to sleep in the afternoon prior to Christmas Eve and would get up at night to make up for the study hours they had missed.

    However, the Saintly Genius Rabbi Shalom of Kaminka would refrain from sleeping on Nitel, arguing that he always dreamed about Torah matters.

    The Holy Land’s sacredness

    Some people maintain that the Nitel customs need not be observed in Israel, because of the Holy Land’s sacredness. Rabbi Mordechai of Slonim ruled that, in the Holy Land, the klipot had no power – not even in Jerusalem, the site of many synagogues.

    Nonetheless, Hasidic sect leaders who came to the Holy Land continued the Nitel custom, and their disciples followed their example.

    In contrast, Lithuanian and Sephardic ultra-Orthodox Jews do not observe Nitel at all. “The Hasidim will look for any excuse not to study Torah,” quipped one Lithuanian Jewish cynic.

    Of course, we are supposed to believe that such outlandish ideas are far outside the Jewish mainstream, and would be completely irrelevant to a consideration of Hanukkah except for this fact: the group responsible for erecting immense menorahs in public places to observe Hanukkah is Chabad.

    And Chabad is run by the same Hasidic sect that observes Nitel Night. And the Modern Orthodox Kushners are very close to Chabad.

  33. KathJuliane December 26, 2019 @ 2:54 pm

    If Americans Knew:

    Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (December 19-25, 2019)


    While most American were celebrating Christmas, this is what Israel was doing. US politicians give Israel over $10 million per day.
    Reposted from Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

    Israeli violations of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territory

    19 – 25 December 2019

    45 Palestinians shot and injured, including 18 children, 3 women and a journalist, by IOF near the Gaza border fence at Great March of Return (GMR) protests in eastern Gaza.

    7 shootings reported against Palestinian agricultural lands, and 3 shootings reported against Palestinian fishing boats, east and west of Gaza Strip Shore

    During 121 IOF incursions into the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem: 76 civilians arrested, including 8 children and 5 women.

    During 2 incursions into the Gaza Strip: 4 Palestinian civilians arrested, including 3 children; one of them was shot and injured, while attempting to sneak into Israel in eastern Gaza Strip.

    4 houses in occupied Jerusalem and Hebron demolished, while vehicles confiscated from the West Bank cities.

    10 settlers’ attacks reported, including burning and puncturing tires, throwing stones at vehicles and uprooting trees in the West Bank.

    71 temporary checkpoints erupted in the West Bank, where 4 Palestinian civilians were arrested

    Full Summary and Report:

  34. George Jansch December 26, 2019 @ 3:05 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    Here’s a cheery Christmas Story.

    Some years ago, I wound up in a homeless shelter, due to emotional, memory, and issues with concentration. I was suicidal. I couldn’t hold down a job.

    There, I met Abe. He was a big, troubled black kid. We used to go to the library to keep warm. I had many conversations with him. He told me of his hopes and dreams. Mine had been shattered.

    We spent Christmas day in the shelter. In short, we helped each other survive. That’s the way the LORD works in my life. HE hasn’t failed me. Not once, even though I’ve failed him so many times.

    Keep up the faith, Brother Nathanael. He won’t let you down. Merry Christmas!

  35. The Elder of Zyklon-B December 27, 2019 @ 6:47 am

    We just have to love these good folks from the ADL and all those who call themselves jews, RJN readers.

    They care about the children and they don’t want them to become haters like all you renegades who don’t love the chosen ones enough.

    Get on board the love train or else…….

    Trump: “We have to get the people of our country, of this country, to love Israel more, I have to tell you that. We have to do it. We have to get them to love Israel more. Because you have people that are Jewish people that are great people — they don’t love Israel enough.”

    What a great 4D chess player Trump of Chabad is.

    Bobby Fischer would be proud.

  36. The Englishman December 27, 2019 @ 7:43 am

    @The Wise Louse Control

    Trump: “We have to get the people of our country, of this country, to love Israel more, I have to tell you that. We have to do it. We have to get them to love Israel more. Because you have people that are Jewish people that are great people — they don’t love Israel enough.”

    Doughnald…. A Bridge Too Far, 666 zillion in 109 countries call you out.

  37. Rick December 27, 2019 @ 9:36 am

    ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Walt Disney World employees who portray Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck each filed police reports this month claiming they were inappropriately touched by tourists.

    The woman inside the Mickey Mouse costume went to the hospital with neck injuries caused by a grandmother patting the character’s head, while the employees wearing the Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck costumes were groped by tourists, according to Orange County Sheriff’s Office reports.

    The incidents come after a 51-year-old man was arrested in November after an employee portraying a Disney Princess told investigators he groped her breast while getting a photo taken.

    It was not yet determined whether the Jewish pervert perpetrators were from Tel Aviv, or New York City, but officials are looking into it.

  38. Brother Nathanael December 27, 2019 @ 11:31 am

    “Illegal Not To Worship Them” @

  39. Brother Nathanael December 27, 2019 @ 12:17 pm

    Putin – Russia has a ship to finish Nord Stream II

  40. Brother Nathanael December 27, 2019 @ 2:26 pm

    Great +BN Classics Now Up!

    “Jewish Tyranny At Supreme Court” @

    “Why I Believe In Jesus Christ” @

    DONATE @

  41. Brother Nathanael December 27, 2019 @ 3:17 pm


    Hacking The Economy To Determine An Election: Is It Happening?

    The JEWish Fed could pull the rug from under Trump at any time…

    …imagine the Executive, Senate, and House totally run by Democrats in the upcoming 2020 presidential election. +bn

  42. KathJuliane December 27, 2019 @ 3:28 pm

    In the spirit of the New Philosemitism:

    I wish to be the first to share why we should be proud of how the Jewish State (that we are now supposed to love and worship as “the chosen”, and appreciate as “the only democratic Jewish state in the Middle East”) has scaled new heights of honor, humanitarianism and decency.

    Yes, indeedy, we should effusively admire and compliment the behavior of their “Most Moral Army in the World.” [Sarcasm off – Kj]

    A metal bullet, thinly covered with a film of rubber, and a lethal metal bullet are still bullets. Enough with the Jewish sophistry.

    $10 million per day in taxpayer money goes to support these evil people.

    A pox on Israel, the Jews, evangelicals, and both Israel-first Democrats and Republicans, especially those in the House and Senate.


    If Americans Knew: ‘Blinding the truth’: Israeli snipers target Gaza protesters in the eyes

    Eyes are a ‘common target’ of Israeli snipers at Gaza’s Great March of Return.

    To date, Gaza’s Ministry of Health reports that Israeli soldiers have shot 50 men, women, and children in the eye since the weekly demonstrations began last March, leaving many permanently blind.

    by Tareq Hajjaj and Pam Bailey, reposted from TheNewArab

    Media coverage and social media posts went wild when Palestinian photojournalist Muath Amarneh was blinded in his left eye after he was hit by a rubber bullet while covering a protest in the West Bank.

    However, Amarneh was far from unique; Israeli snipers targeting participants in Gaza’s weekly Great Return March protests have aimed for the legs – and eyes.

    To date, Gaza’s Ministry of Health reports that 50 protesters have been shot in the eye since the demonstrations began March 30, 2018 – leaving them permanently blind.

    “Some of these protesters and journalists were hit in the eye with teargas canisters, but most were targeted directly with what is commonly called a ‘rubber bullet,’ giving the impression they are somehow benign,” says Ashraf Alqedra, MD, a treating physician at Gaza City’s al-Shifa Hospital and spokesperson for the Ministry of Health.

    “But there is still steel at the core, and although these bullets don’t usually kill, they do grave damage. It is impossible to save an eye hit directly by a rubber-coated steel bullet.”

    However, he adds, due to the Israeli blockade, there are no artificial, glass eyes in Gaza – only a cosmetic improvement, but one that can be a significant psychological aid.

    These are available only by travelling out of Gaza for treatment and permits for such journeys are often not granted.

    According to data released by the World Health Organization, Gaza residents submitted 25,897 applications to travel via Erez Crossing to receive medical treatment in the West Bank or Israel; an average of 2,158 were submitted each month. However, the Israeli government only approved 61 percent.

    Mai Abu Rwedah: the most recent victim

    Mai Abu Rwedah, 20, grew up in north Gaza’s al-Bureij Refugee Camp in a family of nine children supported by a father who works as a janitor for a UN school.

    She just graduated from university, hoping to start her professional life as a medical secretary and contribute her income.

    But that dream was dealt a severe blow December 6, when she became the most recent Gazan to lose an eye to an Israeli bullet.

    Abu Rwedah believes in using peaceful, but active, resistance to reclaim Palestinians’ right to return to their ancestral homeland.

    So, she has joined participants in the Great Return March protest since its launch on March 30, 2018.

    On September 21 of that year, she was shot by a rubber-coated bullet in one of her legs, but that didn’t stop her from participating; she kept on going.

    Doctors had to extract Mai’s right eye and the bullet damaged her jaw as well

    Earlier this month, [she] stood with a few friends about 100 metres from the fence that marks the border between Gaza and Israel. She glimpsed an Israeli soldier waving and pointing his finger to his eye.

    “He was trying to intimidate me, but I was not afraid because I was doing nothing wrong. I wasn’t even throwing stones,” Abu Rwedeh recalls.

    The soldiers fired tear gas then, and Mai and her friends ran away, but still were in sight of the young man who had threatened her.

    “He was watching me; wherever I moved he kept watching. Then, suddenly, he raised his gun and pointed it at me. I was about to flee but he was too fast. He shot me in my eye.”

    The bullet damaged her jaw as well. Doctors had to extract her right eye, since it was destroyed, Her determination, however, is intact. Abu Rwedeh continues to protest.

    The youngest victim

    Mohammed Al-Najar, 12, is the second-oldest son among four children, supported by a father who works in a wedding hall in Khan Younis.

    In January, during the mid-year vacation from school, Mohammed begged his parents to allow him to watch the Friday protest with his cousins and other relatives, thinking it would give him an exciting story to share with classmates.

    He was given permission to ride one of the government buses that collected people from the various neighbourhoods, taking them to the protest sites. When he disembarked, teargas bombs were flying, and he shouted to warn those around him. Then next one hit him directly in his right eye.

    When Mohammad learned later that his eye could not be saved, he locked himself in his room and stopped going to school. When he did go back, he struggled.

    “At first his marks at school dropped and he isolated himself. He tried to hide his missing eye,” says his mother, Um Edress.

    She took to him an organisation that provided psychotherapy, but he refused to speak. Today, he is socialising, but goes quiet when asked about his injury.

    The journalist

    According to Dr Alqedra, most people with eye injuries from the Great Return March are journalists or photographers.

    One of them is Sami Musran 35, a photographer who works for Al-Aqsa TV. On July 19, he was shot several times – first in his hand, the next two times in his shoulders and the fourth time in the chest. (Fortunately, he was wearing a bulletproof vest, so it did not harm him.) The last time cost him his left eye.

    Sami says he had received several calls from Israeli officers warning him not to take photos at the Great Return March. His mother also received calls, saying her son might be killed.

    “Forty times, my Facebook account was hacked or deleted for me, and I received death threats as well,” he says. “But I decided to keep on with my work to reveal the Israeli crimes against unarmed Palestinians who participate in the march.”

    The night before Musran was shot, his wife tried to insist he stay home, but he refused.

    “Minutes before I was hit, my mother called me twice, saying she was very worried about me. But I said that nothing happens that isn’t God’s plan,” he recalls.

    He was about 250 metres away from of the Israeli fence when two women and a child were shot. Musran was taking photos of them and went in close. That’s when a rubber-coated bullet hit his eye and he lost consciousness.

    Two days later, he woke up in the intensive care unit to find out he had a skull fracture and an injured eye. The bullet had damaged the iris, retina and cornea and his vision was gone.

    Today, it is hard for him to continue with his job; his depth perception is off, he gets headaches and the sight in his remaining eye “fades” at night. But he will keep trying.

    “Israel wants to blind the eyes of the truth by sending messages to photographers saying we will hit your eyes to make you stop taking photos,” he says. “But we do not surrender.”


    Freakin’ nation of psychopathic and sociopathic sadists who revel in the killing and maiming of Palestinians, and any peace activist foreigners or rare Jews who get in their way. Not to mention the occasional inconvenient US Navy ship.

    Even the rare Palestinian kids permitted to receive radiation and chemo treatment for cancer at Israeli hospitals are deprived of having their mothers and fathers with them. These kids are left to face their cancer and grueling treatment completely alone, bereft of any sort of family comfort and support.

  43. Jewicide December 27, 2019 @ 11:27 pm

    What is the opposite of Shame? Pride. That’s why they call it “Pride Parade”.

    It’s so easy just to cast shame to the wind and join your evildoers, after all “If everyone’s doing it – I feel less ashamed.”

    It’s just another lie to tide them over.

    Ohhh but that pesky conscience – Hmmmm…:/

    Ok. Well, lets just try smiling all the time like the Jew, but that’s just another lie. We can’t always be happy, so let’s just create your own reality with Je-wish-ness. Our own laws, rules, regs. ALL in our favor of course!

    I love seeing what I’m seeing and feeling! Folks, they aren’t going to tell you this but the American Jew is in decline right now! They aren’t going to make it out of this downward spiral either. This is it, they are over with!

    Just a few more years and I predict a mass exodus back to their guaranteed swath of stolen land to continue their tradition of lies!

  44. Jewicide December 28, 2019 @ 1:20 am

    I urge ALL sincere RJN readers to please see the website: If Americans Knew.

    It’s loaded with just the truthful, unbiased, facts regarding the Evil jews and their undeniably manipulative 70+ yr. old holohoax narrative to constantly push their NWO agenda based on the lie that they are God’s chosen one. Ha!

  45. Steve December 28, 2019 @ 5:29 am


    I am of the belief that Jazz Jennings’ gender reconstructive surgery never happened!

    Photos of the young man post surgery reveal to me that he is of good health with a properly functioning hormonal system.

    I’m no M.D., but someone his age to have undergone such radical surgery would show negative physical signs.

    Am I mistaken?

    Surely such a “false flag” for all the above reasons in the current video is not beyond their chutzpah.

    What Say You?

  46. KathJuliane December 28, 2019 @ 9:09 am

    Dear Steve,

    Jazz is Jewish, raised as a Jew in a Jewish family in South Florida.

    “Jennings” is a pseudonym because they have “a very Jewish, long last name.”

    Jazz Jennings’ grandparents and parents are very supportive of trans-his life and transition.

    Career (poached from the gloating Wikipedia and lightly edited for biological accuracy):

    At six years old, Jennings and trans-his family began appearing on television to speak about the challenges of growing up transgender

    Trans-his story has been covered by national television shows 20/20 and The Rosie Show where she appeared alongside Chaz Bono.

    In 2007, Jennings and trans-his parents founded TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation to assist transgender youth

    In 2011, I Am Jazz: A Family in Transition, a documentary about trans-his life and family, premiered on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

    In 2013, Jennings founded Purple Rainbow Tails, a company in which trans-he fashions rubber mermaid tails to raise money for transgender children.

    That same year, in a follow-up interview with Barbara Walters on 20/20, they discussed Jennings’ two-and-a-half-year battle with the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), the governing US body for the sport, to allow trans-he to play on girls’ teams. Aided by the National Center for Lesbian Rights, trans-he succeeded in changing the USSF’s policies to allow trans students to play.

    That September, Jennings co-wrote a children’s book, I Am Jazz, with Jessica Herthel, the director of the Stonewall National Education Project The book details trans-his life as a transgender child.

    In 2014, Jennings was a guest at the GLAAD Media Awards, sharing the stage with Zach Wahls and Lauren Foster. That year trans-he was also named one of “The 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014” by Time, and recognized as the youngest person ever featured on Out’s “Out 100” and Advocate’s “40 Under 40” lists

    Trans-he was also named in OUT’s 2014 Trans 100 list named a Human Rights Campaign Youth Ambassador, and received LogoTV’s 2014 Youth Trailblazer Award.

    In March 2015, Johnson & Johnson announced a deal for Jennings to appear in Clean & Clear commercials Jennings became a spokesmodel for Clean & Clear’s “See The Real Me” digital campaign and shared “the trials of growing up transgender.” She also modeled for the NOH8 Campaign. She also authored a piece for Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People List, writing the entry for Laverne Cox.

    Jennings and her family are featured in the reality series I Am Jazz which premiered in July 2015 on TLC TV and has aired four full seasons. The fifth season, chronicling the weeks leading to Jazz’s surgery, premiered January 1, 2019.

    In 2016, Jennings published a memoir, Being Jazz: My Life as a (Transgender) Teen.

    In 2017, Robert Tonner and the Tonner Doll Company announced plans to produce a doll modeled after Jennings. It is the first doll to be marketed as transgender.

    In my guesstimate, looking at the liberal, probably vegan, characteristics of trans-he’s parents, Jazz may have started out life somewhat biologically feminized as a soy-boy, especially if Mom ate soy while pregnant. If she did, then soy estrogens she consumed would have crossed the placenta, and affected the 2-stage “testosterone surge” that occurs in males during late foetal and early postnatal life, which has significant effects on regions of the brain that are strongly correlated with gender identity.

    I would also guess that Jazz was also given soy formula, as many boys of trans-his were raised on, and perhaps he continued to drink soy milk. Incidentally, soy milk is an American product which most Japanese refuse to drink, at least as of the early 2000s.

    Soy milk developed little market share in Japan. The Japanese adamantly want their cow’s milk, introduced after WWII during the US occupation of Japan under General McArthur.

    Buddhist monks with their legendary Buddhist cuisine long ago figured out from long observation and practice that soy reduced masculinity, aggressiveness, and libido.

    Aside from being a soy-boy, which was then further exploited, Jazz could have some other genetic defects, such as a disorder named androgen (male hormone) insensitivity syndrome and 5-alpha reductase deficiency result in a mismatch between XY genotype (genetic constitution of an organism) and biological structure, or in biological ambiguity.

    There are also rare sex chromosome crossover mutations, where a part of the Y chromosome breaks, and replants itself in the matching X chromosome.

    For instance, the sex-determining region (SRY gene) of the Y chromosome may be transferred to an X chromosome during meiosis, resulting in an XX normal male, or it may undergo mutation making it non-functional, resulting in an XY female, which puts such biological accidents in the “Intersex” category.

    It’s similar to how a person can have a brown eye and a green eye, because chromosomal crossover, or “crossing over,” is the exchange of genetic material between two homologous ( a set of one maternal and one paternal chromosome that pair up with each other inside a cell during meiosis) chromosomes that results in recombinant chromosomes during sexual reproduction.

    Meiosis is a special type of cell division that reduces the cell chromosome number by half, creating four haploid cells as four sperm or ova, each genetically distinct from the parent cell that gave rise to them. This process occurs in all sexually reproducing single-celled and multicellular eukaryotes, including animals, plants, and fungi.

    Meiotic cell divisions are an essential process during oogenesis and spermatogenesis. These are all biological accidents.

    Intersex is a colloquialism for what is more formally titled Disorders of Sex Development (DSD).

    Per psychiatrist Karl Benzio in an article published in Today’s Christian Doctor in 2015: “Intersex – People who have anatomy that is not considered typically male or female or have anatomy not matching their genetic sex of XX or XY. Most come to medical attention because healthcare professionals or parents notice something unusual about their bodies or puberty or fertility isn’t normal, but some are not known until death/autopsy.”

    The term intersex, which is amply anchored in biology and much preferred over the old medical term “hermaphrodite”, now considered derogatory, leans to the ideological, and so clarity is needed here. A DSD consistently means a definable, objective underlying medical problem.

    It doesn’t mean subjective “gender identity” either, which is a concept that the hideous Dr. Money cooked up, whose own warped theories spawned the entire “gender fluidity” crap. Internet search this bastard and the whole sordid mess he created.

    Anyway, ‘intersex’ is a biological-based condition or biological accident that should not be conflated with so-called gender identity. In other words, intersex is a biological accident of some sort deviating from the overwhelmingly normal XX-XY pattern for some reason, hormonal or genetic.

    I was surprised to read a few years ago that Iran, (go figure), is one of two top countries that carry out sex change operations.

    Shortcut from the hated Wikipedia – Transgender rights in Iran:

    Quote: As of 2008, Iran carries out more sex change operations than any other nation in the world except Thailand. The government provides up to half the cost for those needing financial assistance, and a sex change is recognized on the birth certificate

    As of 2017, the government provided transgender persons financial assistance in the form of grants of up to 5 million tomans ($400 USD)

    However, Iran is not a country tolerant of “nonbinary genders” or “non-heterosexuality” [in the ways of current Western liberal/feminist insanity-Kj.] They sanction funds for sex reassignment surgery in order to fit all of their citizens into the category of either male or female without any grey area for those who are homosexual or transgender. Homosexual practice is still a crime in Iran.

    Those who get these surgeries performed are subject to social stigma from their families and communities.

    Surgery for intersex conditions have been practiced in Iran since the 1930s

    In 1963, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini wrote a book in which he stated that there was no religious restriction on corrective surgery for intersex individuals, though this did not apply to those without physical ambiguity in sex organs.

    At the time Khomeini was a radical, anti-Shah revolutionary and his fatwas did not carry any weight with the Imperial government, which did not have any specific policies regarding transgender individuals.

    The new religious government that came to be established after the 1979 Iranian Revolution classed transgender people and crossdressers with gays and lesbians, who were condemned in shah’s era and faced the punishment of lashing or even death under Iran’s penal code.

    One early campaigner for transgender rights was Maryam Hatoon Molkara, who had been assigned male at birth, [known originally by her male name of Fereydoon – Kj] but identified as female. Before the revolution, she had longed to become physically female but could not afford surgery and wanted religious authorization. In 1975, she began to write letters to Khomeini, who was to become the leader of the revolution and was in exile.

    After the revolution, she was fired, forcibly injected with male hormones, and institutionalized under the Shah’s regime. She was later released with help from her connections and continued to lobby many other leaders.

    Later she went to see Khomeini, who had returned to Iran. During this visit, she was subjected to beatings from his guards because she was wearing a binder [to cover her breasts while wearing a man’s suit] and they suspected she could be armed.

    [When the guards undid the bindings, Fereydoon’s breasts were exposed, and the women in the house rushed to cover them with a chador. Such was the confusion generated by the incident the various minions had no choice but to seek the input of the Ayatollah. Incredibly, given the savagery meted out to homosexuals, Khomeini angrily berated those who had assaulted Fereydoon.]

    Khomeini, however, did give her a letter to authorize her sex reassignment operation, which she later did in 1997.

    Due to this fatwa, issued in 1987, transgender women in Iran have been able to live as women until they can afford surgery, have surgical reassignment, have their birth certificates and all official documents issued to them in their new gender, and get married to men.

    Khomeini’s original fatwa has since been reconfirmed by the current leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, and is also supported by many other Iranian clerics. However, there is still a great deal of stigma attached to the idea of transgender and gender reassignment in ordinary Iranian society, and most transgender people, after completing their transition, are advised to maintain discretion about their past. [End quote]

    Clearly, Khomeini’s fatwa addressed those who are born intersex due to biological accident seeking a medical remedy, and not to fulfill an ideology pursued by otherwise biologically unambiguous individuals that believe that “gender identity” is fluid and a condition of the mind, even to the point of thinking themselves to be psychologically androgyne LBGTQIXYZ queer gerbils.

    Iran does not tolerate any sexual relations outside of heterosexual marriage. For legal and medical authorities, sex-change surgeries are explicitly framed as the cure for a congenital abnormality, and on occasion they are proposed as a religio-legally sanctioned option for hetero-normalizing people with same-sex desires or practices.

    In any case, sex-change petitions must be submitted to the Legal Medical Board. The number of petitions submitted are far less than an average 100 per year, and about 75-85% are approved.

    Medically verified Intersex conditions are definitely are very rare.

    What about Jazz? I don’t think trans-he is anyone that Iran would consider meeting their medical criteria to permit trans-sexual surgery. Although I don’t follow Jazz’s stupid show, nowhere have I heard or read that Jazz has a medically verified Intersex condition.

    In other words, this young Jewish male managed to gleefully ruin himself for the sake of reality TV and filthy lucre, unless the few shows I did watch last year of trans-his surgery, post-op care, and then news that trans-his pegina was dying were Hollywood fakes.

    During one earlier season in Jazz’s highly lucrative reality show saga on The Learning Channel, trans-he went through an episode where trans-his testosterone blocker implant was being rejected, and trans-he had to undergo surgery for a new implant.

    Groggy from anesthesia in Recovery, Jazz makes the comment that trans-he has “a boner,” and then is reminded by his adoring family at bedside that he’s being live videoed, and Jazz shuts up. That was before his full castration of penis and testicles.

    Then, I think this last year’s season had trans-he going through the surgery to transform tran-his penis into a pegina. That was essentially cutting off Jazz’s penis and turning it’s skin inside out. Because hormone blockers meant that his penis was too small for it to be crafted into a pegina, after total castration, it had to be augmented with tissue grafts from Jazz’s abdominal peritoneum.

    Then, this franken-gina was surgically grafted into Jazz’s body cavity.

    Jazz was to then spend weeks gradually widening trans-his pegina by inserting ever larger cylindrical instruments into it, and because its an open wound, to keep it from healing closed. Then there was a whole drama about the surgically grafted pegina was failing and was falling apart, euphemistically called a “complication”.

    Whatever the case is, Jewish trans-he Jazz and trans-his Jewish family with the “very long Jewish name” so uses a pseudo surname, have struck pay dirt, cultural money-grubbing gold.

    I don’t know what else to say, other than “Jazz” and trans-his Jewish family are getting obscenely rich.

  47. Kung Führer December 28, 2019 @ 9:15 am

    Can the evangelical church membership who serve as jock straps in support of jewish degeneracy grasp the gravity of the current situation here. Is it possible?

    “No one who says something will be missed,” the World Jewish Congress president Ronald Lauer said.

    The ‘action’ from the Antisemitism Accountability Project (ASAP) will be watching (“we are watching you”) for antisemitism in universities and college classrooms, monitoring for antisemitic pro-BDS bills as well as classes where professors or lecturers espouse antisemitism. Student snitches, Lauder said, will monitor the classrooms and if there are lecturers who engage in antisemitism, “We will go after their reputation.”

    The ASAP will also monitor politicians, from the level of the city council through the sheriff’s office, Congress and the highest office in the country

    “2019 Ends and 2020 Begins in Wave of Antisemitism hysteria”

  48. Kung Führer December 28, 2019 @ 10:50 am

    Now keep in mind, if you are are going to love these special folks, you have to do it in the right way, or else…..

    What? You still don’t believe most jews are neurotic as hell and on Prozac as Brother Nathanael says?

    One might as well learn to go full bore Julius Streicher because the Christ-haters are coming after you no matter what you say or do.

    Learn about the dangers of philo-semitism lest any of you are loving and worshiping in non-kosher approved ways here:

    “U.S. Antisemitism Czar Demands Americans Learn How To Love Jews The Right Way”

  49. 2nd coming December 28, 2019 @ 12:23 pm

    Too Chabad to jail.

    The jews are verily klipot, parasitical demons who attach themselves to Christians and attempt to suck their blood dry, especially at Christmastide.

  50. KathJuliane December 28, 2019 @ 1:18 pm

    National Justice: Transgenders Are 58% More Likely to Commit Murder Than Be Murdered

    Transmania has taken cultural elites in the English speaking world by storm. Famous left-liberal JK Rowling is currently being hounded on Twitter for “transphobia,” chic celebrities are now stating their pronouns, and presidential contender Elizabeth Warren has promised to read the names of transgender martyrs (mostly killed prostituting or in drug deals gone wrong) every year from the White House lawn if elected.

    The transsexual movement’s driving myth is that there is an epidemic of murders targeting them for their stated “identities.”

    The controlled press in America and the UK has been the main culprit in building this fictitious narrative, constantly reminding us that 24 trannies were killed in 2019, as if their lives are more special than the 17-18,000 victims of homicide every year.

    What the propagandists omit is that individuals identifying as transgender are not only less likely to be victims of murder than biological women (and far less than men), their small population is well represented among murderers, serial killers and pedophiles.

    The Human Rights Campaign, which meticulously tracks transgender deaths across the country, is conspicuously not tracking them when they commit crimes. But in the UK, analysts found that during the period of 2007-2017, transsexuals were 58% more likely to commit a murder than be murdered.

    Violent Transgender Crime

    In the US, 2018-19 has put a number of transgender murderers in the spotlight. In court, they often state that they are justified in killing others due to bigotry.

    In Colorado, a transsexual and its partner shot 9 students at their school, later claiming that they deserved it for their “transphobia.”

    No evidence has been produced so far to substantiate this claim, not that “bullying” would justify taking a gun and murdering a classmate anymore than it did for the Columbine shooters.

    In Maine, another transgender argued that it had to murder both of its parents and the family dog because they did not accept its new gender. Once again, this was unfounded.

    In Maryland, a transgender mass shooter killed three and injured another three before turning the gun on itself.

    In California, a Berkeley trans activist was recently slapped on the wrist with a rarely granted insanity plea for stabbing two women, one to death.

    In Texas, a transgender beat a baby girl to death and is facing the death penalty.

    Painting a full picture regarding the extent of transgender violence has been made difficult due to the fact that the media often omits the “gender identity” of culprits unless it’s absolutely necessary or can be used to bolster the prefabricated pro-LGBT party line.

    For example, “Mia Williams” in Florida, a balding man with a beard who was being referred to according to his female “gender identity,” is being charged with homicide after dousing a woman with gasoline and lighting her on fire, as well as arson for burning down a local church.

    Transgenders Least Likely to be Murdered

    Simple math shows that transgenders are less likely to be murdered than normal people.

    According to FBI crime statistics, Americans are victims of homicide at a rate of about 5 per 100,000. For men, the number is 6.6 per 100,000 and for women, 1.8.

    According to gay activist groups, 24 transgenders have been killed in 2019 out of a population of 1.4 million , making their homicide rate 1.7 out of 100,000 – less likely to be killed than the average woman.

    This is a remarkably low number when factoring in the dangerous lifestyle choices transgenders make. Many of them are black men living in zones with murder rates far above the national average.

    For example, 11% of transsexuals are involved in the risky world of prostitution, compared to 6% of average Americans admitting to accepting money or favors for sex. 90% of the 24 dead transgenders are black males.

    The low murder rate transgenders enjoy is thanks to the plethora of specialized public and private employment, health, housing and other services they have in big cities, which average people have no access to.

    The media, law enforcement and political class’ prioritization of their well-being above everyone else also contributes to this inequality.

    The fact that a man is six times less likely to be killed if he takes female hormones and wears women’s clothing is proof positive that it’s normal people who are in dire need of advocacy.

  51. B December 28, 2019 @ 5:29 pm

    The book “Hidden Tyranny” by Ben Freedman needs to be put back into print and let people know about his written documentation of hidden World history.

    This book gives much more information and more documentation than Ben Freedman gives in his audio lecture speech.

    Below are some sources of this book, and note that I have only looked at the first one.

    Search in for “Hidden Tyranny” with the two quotes.

  52. B December 28, 2019 @ 9:54 pm


    There are several free online web PDFs of Ben Freedman’s short book titled “Hidden Tyranny”.

    Search to find them: pdf free hidden tyranny by ben freedman

    Here is one search results:

    Note: There possibly may be differences between some of the different copies available of “Hidden Tyranny”.

  53. Jewicide December 28, 2019 @ 9:58 pm


    I just found Hidden Tyranny on PDF! Read it’s entirety = 42 some odd pages.

    All accurate & 100% true.

    Despicable and evil, but true! Thanks for helping to educate the masses as +BN does!

  54. Steve December 29, 2019 @ 4:31 am


    “Unless the few shows I did watch last year of trans-his surgery, post-op care, and then news that trans-his pegina was dying were Hollywood fakes.”

    I guess that is my point also. Your research is first rate but you would agree that minus actual photos and medical records the issue of Jazz’s GRS being a “false flag” or fake can’t be decided.

    They managed and are still hoisting the Matthew Shepard nonsense despite the excellent research refuting the “homophobic” angle.

    Everything over the boob-tube especially in this digital age is easily manipulated to fool the unsuspecting.

    If I were a betting man I would bet that he in fact DID NOT have the actual surgery.

    Now someone please prove me wrong!

  55. George Jansch December 29, 2019 @ 10:15 am

    There are words: I love you.

    Those 3 words mean everything.

  56. KathJuliane December 29, 2019 @ 11:14 am

    American Herald Tribune:

    More Holocaust Reparations for 2020: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

    Phil Giraldi


    [Quote] One of the singular manifestations of the Jewish power in both the U.S. and in Europe has been the creation of mechanisms to address the perceived needs of “holocaust survivors.”

    One might argue reasonably enough that there cannot be actually that many genuine survivors remaining after 74 years, but the term has proven to be extremely elastic.

    It has come to include not only the actual victims who were allegedly sent to labor or concentration camps but also any Jew who survived 1939 through 1945 in Europe or even in Asia living in ghettos. And it also includes their children, even if born after the war.

    As a result, the so-called holocaust survivors are now well into their second generation, receiving extra Social Security and Medicare benefits in the United State as well as a steady flow of reparations from Germany and other Europeans, to include France, where forty-nine people who made it out of the Holocaust alive are receiving around $400,000 each, helped by the State Department’s expert on holocaust issues Stuart Eizenstat.

    The U.S. State Department even has a Holocaust Deportation Claims Program which is always staffed by Jews like Eizenstat.

    The reparations programs are generally structured in a way that the payments are limited to Jews, even though there were millions more non-Jews who were victims of the German camps and prisons.

    Recently there have even been claims that the traumatic holocaust experience might have caused genetic damage, meaning that the need to address the issue by extorting money from the German and other governments will conceivably extend into the foreseeable future.

    When in doubt about where to find the money, it is only necessary to get in touch with a professional Zionist Zealot like Eizenstat or with one of the commercial firms that is into the holocaust reparations business.

    The International Center for Holocaust Reparations is one of them, a corporation registered in Israel with offices located in Jerusalem, Berlin and in Pompano Beach Florida.

    It was founded by Israeli Zachi Porath and the actual incorporation is in his name as Zachi Porath Ltd.
    Some might object to the assertion that Jewish suffering in the war was somehow unique given the fact that far more Russians died than Jews.

    But the difference is one of perception, due to the effective marketing of a preferred narrative by a powerful and wealthy group that has easy access to the media, to the entertainment industry and to policy makers.

    And one should not be dismissive of the hard work that has gone into making holocaust reparations eternal.

    It takes a great deal of ingenuity to devise mechanisms that separate German, French and American taxpayers from their money in perpetuity on behalf of numerous people concentrated apparently in Israel and Florida who may not have suffered at all in the Second World War. [End quote]

  57. Rick December 29, 2019 @ 12:00 pm

    Holocaust reparations sound wonderful!

    Where do I sign up for the gravy train? (no pun intended)

  58. KathJuliane December 29, 2019 @ 12:21 pm

    Also see: What Happened To the Billions Germany Gave Israel? [Excerpts]

    Hafsa Kara-Mustapha

    The Holiday season as December is now referred to, is a time for parties, family gatherings, gift sharing and all the lovely things associated with the end of year festivities.

    As the party season bids farewell and the cold weather intensifies it is also a time to reflect on those less fortunate.

    In this context, charities work particularly hard to raise funds for the category of people they chose to support. Across social media, which have become major advertising platforms, appeals for funds are now a regular fixture on users’ feeds.
    A recent request for donations that was of particular interest was one for money to help elderly Holocaust survivors in their twilight years.
    Claims Conference

    In 1951, just under six years after the end of the Second World War, an organisation was set up called the Claims Conference.

    It was tasked with obtaining reparations from Germany in order to compensate Jews for the persecution they suffered at the hands of the Nazi regime.

    It has to be noted however that Roma, gay, disabled as well as Communist activists who were equally interned in concentration camps, were not offered financial reparations.

    Never the less the Claims Conference, set up by a group of Jewish organisations, has been working tirelessly to seek ‘a small measure of justice for Jewish victims’ as stated on its website.

    This ‘small measure,’ obtained from Germany, has totalled over $70bn over the past seventy years.

    This eye-watering sum that amounts to the state budgets of several countries would have been used to assist Jewish victims following the collapse of Hitler’s rule.

    Yet the regular appeals for further donations, from ordinary citizens, implies that Holocaust survivors are still in need of monetary assistance, despite ongoing negotiations with the governments of Germany and Austria to pay further damages to Jewish claimants.

    So the question is if Germany –and Austria – have released over $70bn to compensate survivors yet survivors are still in need of assistance, where has the money gone?

    In July 2018 the German government agreed to release a further $88m towards care cost for the elderly.

    Yet by Christmas adverts appealing for support for the very few survivors left were circulating again.
    Israel is therefore just buying time. Meanwhile, now that Germany can no longer be ‘legally’ fleeced, Arab money is the next target for Israel’s appetite for easy ‘guilt money,’ as Simon puts it.

    Israel- who expelled Palestinians from their ancestral homeland in 1948 yet refuses to compensate them- is going after Arab states in the hope of obtaining some $250bn in reparations.

    Though the overwhelming majority of Arab Jews left their Arab nations voluntarily and were never subjected to any treatment remotely equivalent to concentration camps, Israel, knowing it can manipulate international institutions, is launching its latest money-making scheme.

    The only question that remains is who will be made to pay up next?

    Gamblers are betting on Italy. After all the Roman Empire has a lot to answer for.

  59. The Elder of Zyklon-B December 29, 2019 @ 1:55 pm

    You just have to love them folks. I mean you have to really, really love them.

    “We have to get the people of our country, of this country, to love Israel more, I have to tell you that. We have to do it.”

    They have financially enriched us with their money skills. Just look how prosperous we are.

    Just like Boris de Pfeffel Johnson of the Jewnited Kindom just said, “England would not be England without the jews.”

    Count your many blessings, count them one by one. Count your many blessings and see what jews have done.


  60. KathJuliane December 29, 2019 @ 2:18 pm

    Telephone conversation with US President Donald Trump

    Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with President of the United States of America Donald Trump at the initiative of the Russian side.

    December 29, 2019 18:55

    Vladimir Putin thanked Donald Trump for the information transmitted through the channels of US special services that has helped thwart terrorist acts in Russia.

    The two presidents discussed a range of issues of mutual interest and agreed to continue bilateral cooperation in combating terrorism.


    RT elaborated in their article:

    [Quote] A “range of issues of mutual interest” was discussed during the conversation, which was initiated by Moscow.

    The Federal Security Service later said that the information provided by their US counterparts led to the arrest of two Russian citizens who planned terrorist attacks at public places in St. Petersburg during New Year’s celebrations.
    In October, the head of FSB, Aleksandr Bortnikov, revealed that contacts between the security agencies of the two countries have intensified recently, in cybersecurity and other areas. He said then that the US provided information about people who had been planning terrorist attacks in Russia.

    Two years ago, Washington warned Moscow about a planned bombing at one of the main cathedrals in St. Petersburg, while Russia actively assisted the US investigation into the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013.

    With this bit of news today, this has to be burning some Impeachment or Die! butts after their hemorrhoids caught on fire, caused by their head hair spontaneously going up in flames. “Oh, the horror! The horror!”

    Gave ’em a bad case of heartburn, too, no doubt.

    Putin doesn’t think much of the Impeachment so far. I think he said it was “stupid”.

    Don’t underestimate Putin. He’s given himself to considerable study of all things Americana, including how our government is supposed to work under the Constitution.

    I wonder if this will show up on the Democrats’ new round of drawing up impeachment charges?

    Can’t wait to see Schiff-for-brains’ eyes bugging out over this one.

  61. George Jansch December 29, 2019 @ 3:30 pm


    The best gift that you can give is JESUS, and what an incredible gift that is.

  62. pierre December 29, 2019 @ 7:24 pm

    Jones v Jones was interesting with Jones A going along with the ‘something in the air and it might even start with the letter J’ much more than his total denial when he had the Duke, David Duke, on a year or two ago and had to call in his jewish camera man to say that he’d never ever heard of the jews in all his years of studying up on the NWO.

    Alex and E Michael Jones start here at 1hr33min

  63. George Jansch December 29, 2019 @ 9:00 pm

    You cannot swap your heart for your for life on this earth.

    It will cost you eternity. There is a room in His Mansion for every one of us. Period.

    I would dearly meet you there.

  64. George Jansch December 30, 2019 @ 3:34 am

    Crowsnest Mountain is one of my view points.

    I can look out of my windows with awe.

    That’s only 1 of the gifts that have been given to me. HE expects me to share them. So I am doing that.

    When you wake up from my couch, the view will blow your mind.

    The people that own the hotel down the street are my friends.

    If you were to mention my name, you can get a really nice room for 50% off.

  65. van helsing December 30, 2019 @ 9:27 am

    Those books are pure filth.

    Just finished, The Book of Joy: A Symposium where people discuss what gives them joy?

    Famous people, regular people, CEOs, champions, artists, singers, all discuss what gives them joy.

    Spread joy to all +BN supporters, friends, family.

    God Bless Team Brother Nathanael Kapner.

    Highly recommend this book.

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