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Why Trump Won’t Scrunch

Elections 2016

Why Trump Won’t Scrunch
By Brother Nathanael Kapner August 24, 2015 ©

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HE’S BEATING WALKER in Wisconsin and more popular than Cruz in Texas.

With Trump crushing Huckabee among evangelicals, ahead of Jeb among moderates, and trouncing Rand with Tea Partiers, the election can easily be called, Trump And All The Rest.

It’s personality over policy. His wide demographic base loves his “body language,” his “political incorrectness,” his “I can’t be bought,” and “I get things done” tycoon way.

And all the rest? Jeb’s a bore, Marco’s a pretty boy, and little Rand can’t inspire.

Perhaps Trump is right that he can’t be bought. He’s a billionaire and doesn’t need anybody’s bucks. AIPAC’s got nothing on Donald.

They don’t have to. They already own him. You don’t become a real estate mogul in Manhattan unless you play ball with the Jews.

For with Trump hiring Roy Cohn, a well-connected Jewish homosexual lawyer, as his legal counsel back in the 70s, he’s been knee-deep in Jews ever since.

Lots of pro-Israel bona fides with The Donald boasting of honorary plaques from Jewish organizations dressing his wall and gracing the annual Salute To Israel Parade in New York City as grand marshal.

TRUMP “LOVES” ISRAEL (you better if you’re doing biz in NY), and Israel’s Bibi loves him back. That commercial Donald did for Bibi guarantees him a huge chunk of the Jewish vote.

And it’s all about the Jewish vote, really, not personality, nor policies.

There’s only ONE policy that matters in Jewmerica: How “MUCH” you “LOVE” Israel.

Elections 2016 is for Jews only. And Trump’s got that covered.


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Brother Nathanael @ August 23, 2015


  1. Brother Nathanael August 23, 2015 @ 11:34 pm

    Dear Real Jew News Family,

    Trump’s the front runner. All the rest are bores.

    People like Trump’s brash style his “politically incorrect” swipes at detractors, whether at hacks or Fox News’ prima donnas.

    But he’s totally “politically CORRECT” when it comes to pleasing the Jews.

    He’s got that down pat.
    I’m at a CRISIS in my online ministry.

    VERY FEW are donating to me.

    I’m BROKE, BUSTED. And must borrow from Credit Cards if donations stay this low.

    I make my living by typing on a computer keyboard.

    It’s a LOUSY way to make a living.

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  4. George London August 24, 2015 @ 12:56 am

    Unfortunately Brother, when it comes to Trump, we must compromise.

    Only hopeless idealists destined for unhappiness refuse to compromise. The fact is that The Donald is the least Jewish controlled political candidate to come along in at least 30 years.

    We can’t let this opportunity slip through our fingers. The Jews aren’t going anywhere, they are here to stay, and for now at least, we have to play ball with them.

    That doesn’t mean me abandon our principals, only that we works smart until we truly have the upper hand. Then we can work on finding a humane solution to this scourge of Jewish cultural subversion.

  5. Louis Markos August 24, 2015 @ 1:38 am

    Is it true that Trump has ties to the New York and Philly mafia?

    I saw articles on the internet that says he does…could you please find out?

  6. Bill August 24, 2015 @ 3:22 am

    Brother Nathaneal is correct.

    It is all about which candidate is Rothschild’s pick. More and more it is looking like Trump. However, all the candidates are owned and will support Rothschild’s fiefdom (Israel).

    But who or what is Israel. Is it that piece of land stolen from the Palestinians by the Rothschild dynasty which is now called Israel?

    That land, the Rothschild fiefdom, is where the beast will rise up out of the abyss and kill the two witnesses.

    Rev 11:7 When they finish their testimony, the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit will make war against them, overcome them, and kill them.

    Rev 11:8 And their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.

    The great city is Jerusalem and is called Sodom and Egypt. How appropriate since Jerusalem and Tel Aviv have one of the highest per capita numbers of homosexuals in the world.

    Is it Israel, the terrorist land from hell, that will be blessed by God? Are the Talmudic Satanic Jews God’s chosen people?

    The blessing is on Abraham and his seed. Who is the seed of Abraham?

    Gal 3:16 Now to Abraham and his Seed were the promises made. He does not say, “And to seeds,” as of many, but as of one, “AND TO YOUR SEED,” who is Christ.

    Gal 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.
    Gal 3:29 And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

    So then, we are Israel. God’s chosen people are those whose name is written in the Book of Life and we are the Sons of Abraham. By the way, Abraham was the father of many nations.

    So the evangelicals, who do not know their own Bible, are supporting Satan when they support any candidate who loves the fiefdom of the satanic international bankers called “Israel”.

  7. Cornelius August 24, 2015 @ 5:03 am

    Trump’s strength is also his weakness.

    The fact that he is not a closet fag, drug addict or serial rapist makes me think he is unelectable.

    All his Jewish friends are not going to help him, when the media turns against him.

    A parasite needs a sick host.

  8. horserotovator August 24, 2015 @ 6:07 am

    I appreciate all the information that you publish, Br. Nathanael.

    You are fearless in your delivery and I thank you for that. The worship of the ancient gods by the Jews tell me that they are into human sacrifice, big time. Hence why we are always having hatred and turmoil fermented around us. Societies are always being forced into flux by war or the displaced and deranged victims of it.

    I’ve met a few Jewish people when I was much younger and they were diligent and intelligent. Whether that would add up to exceptional talent that would be apparent in the wider community if they had the same level of wealth that the Jewish community has to support their off-spring, I don’t know. But it would be worth the experiment to reverse that inequity.

  9. cupcake of doom August 24, 2015 @ 6:44 am

    I was willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt when I heard his speech in Alabama.

    I really like the guy all nonsense set aside. BUT towards the end of speech when he said “Oh man I loove Israel”…I knew we were done for.

  10. Keyne August 24, 2015 @ 7:25 am

    @Louis Markos

    I live in central New Jersey,and have a small construction company.

    It is COMMON knowledge here in our area that nearly all the casinos after 1980 were built somewhat, or entirely by the mafia. Nicky Scarfo and “Crazy” Phil Leonetti owned the concrete company that poured concrete for all the hotels that included Trump’s “Taj Mahal”.

    So Trump had affiliations with the Atlantic City/Philly mob the same way all the other casinos did…..

  11. Watcher465 August 24, 2015 @ 8:12 am

    @George London

    What a load of crap!

    “Only hopeless idealists destined for unhappiness refuse to compromise.”

    Jews always refuse to compromise. Jews always own the deal and compromise never comes into it except from the goy perspective. The Jew always speaks from a position of power, no compromising, no bargaining, no way they are not going to get everything they want.

    I’ve never seen or met an unhappy Jew. Whinging and whining, yes, but never unhappy. That’s because they’ve always refused to compromise.

    “The fact is that The Donald is the least Jewish controlled political candidate to come along in at least 30 years.”

    How is that a fact? Where does that “fact” come from?

    You put on a yamulka, you get invited into the synagogue, you are a Jew or a Judaizer. There are no higher or lesser Jewish-controlled politicians. Goy politicians have to answer to Jewish panels who judge their Jewishness and all of those who are elected are still judged to be not Jewish enough. No one is ever doing enough for Israel according to Jews.

    The rest of the stuff you have written, sit tight and play along for the time being and it will all work out in the end, comes straight from the mouth of a Jew.

    In short, you are full of it and may Trump rot in his Golden Tower. He and his Tower bought by and forever owned by the Jews!

  12. brumpfschmlog August 24, 2015 @ 8:25 am

    Trump does what is expedient and pragmatic to get the deal done–in this case to get elected.

    That does not mean he is owned by the Jews. You don’t convince on that, Bro. I don’t think anybody owns him; and he is sincere in his patriotism.

    Reversing the Mexican invasion flies in the face of the Jew-established politically correct agenda.

  13. Travis August 24, 2015 @ 8:40 am

    I agree, but realistically what is the solution?

    How do we get every single communist Jew and their gentile partners out of our Government? I do not think it can be done without a Military General coming in and arresting every single one of them and exposing them to the American people on a televised broadcast.

    I mean really how are we gonna get rid of them? Hitler basically did just that he made it illegal for them to hold any position in Government, media etc…

    I just do not see anyone willing to take a stand.

  14. Jack Morgan August 24, 2015 @ 9:27 am

    At first, when I heard the phrase ‘Make America Great Again’, and talk that was focused on the theme of love of country, that was plain and direct, I loved it.

    But to ‘Make America Great Again’ means to build a wall around it to keep the Ashkenazis (the just as bad version – maybe worse – than the original Judahites) out, get rid of fractionalized fiat ‘banking’, replacing Supreme Court Justices with Christians, not Jews and liberal “Catholics,” reversing the trend of homosexualizing America, and seeing some sort of revival in the country that at the very least produces a population that is highly literate, pursues the highest and best at all times, people with real character, integrity and honesty.

    Of course, that includes respecting the rule of law too, but the trick is to get the nation filled up with people who are so self-governed, productive and on the ball that we can get back to the originally intended limited government model.

    Hmmph, and I think we can do without a lot of wasteful government agencies, like HLS and the NSA for one, FEMA, all the black ops garbage flying around out there, chemical spraying in the upper atmosphere, you know, all that nefarious garbage that we don’t know the 1/2 of.

    And we can throw in the use of executive orders to circumvent Congress, and in the even, God forbid, there is a war, at least make sure Congress declares war, instead of the ‘workaround’.

    As far as illegal aliens, yes, that is a problem, but that is a complex administrative issue, that unless you figure out a way to increase the motive for someone to stay where they are, and dis-incentivize the attempt to cross the border illegally, building a wall is probably not a long term solution.

    But in the end, immigration (legal or illegal) isn’t the problem as much as people not respecting our language and culture. The USA (well, on paper anyway, not sure if this is still the case, see above) is supposed to represent first world excellence.

    You bring your ‘A’ game. That means respecting the culture, language and custom of where ‘A’ game comes from. In terms of innovation, it definitely doesn’t come from South of the Border. If people want to come here and strive to become just like the type of people that deliver the ‘A’ quality goods (on top of that totem pole would be those with European ancestry), and disavow their low culture, and bring something to the table, great.

    We can always use more people like that.

    So, anyway, Trump uses the right phrase (Make America Great Again), but his definition of it falls woefully short. Yeah, I want to Make America Great Again too! But has anybody heard anything about what I have mentioned above coming out of the mouths of the politicians? No – maybe Rand Paul, or some obscure person we have not heard about.

    In the end, Trump is a slick salesman. *His* definition of ‘Make America Great Again’ is focused on illegal aliens and trying to get better trade deals. That’s it.


    He is a neocon on steriods! You hated Bush? Cheney? The Middle East ‘target practice’ sessions of the federal mercenary forces going on killing sprees for what turned out to be nothing (for us)?

    Trump has a hair trigger, and if we find ourselves in a totally militarized WW3 global environment, Trump is very likely to make that happen.

    I believe in a strong defense. But when people like Trump talk about juicing up the military, that is to vastly improve the *offensive* capability, and as we have seen, it is used only for *one* purpose – for the ‘Jews’ in their concocted fake ‘Jewish country’ to promote their evil Synagogue of Satan agendas — all at American taxpayer expense.

    At least Trump doesn’t hide anything. When the nukes start flying in the peak of WW3, well, that is what he said he would do.

    Nukes might be somewhat exaggerated, but there will definitely be a war with Iran, and that could bring in Russia and China. All this ‘tough’ talk about trade could forge an alliance between all the non-Jew suck up countries of the world to stand against the Jew suck up countries and cause one heluva mess.

    So, having given it considerable thought, Trump is totally out – at least he wont get my vote. I’ll just waste my vote on Rand, and then sit out the general election, and maybe think about leaving the country in 2017.

  15. Patrick J. O'Brien August 24, 2015 @ 9:44 am

    Hey George London,

    “Compromise” is what got US in this mess in the first place. Allowing politicians to “compromise” the Constitution. Allowing the Supreme Court to “compromise” the Bill of Rights. Allowing cops to “compromise” the Law of the Land–to better PROTECT US.

    Compromising the Law is the formula for ANARCHY!

    P.S. Donald Trump is Illuminati.—A leg spreading, throat slitting SATANIST.

  16. Shawn Doyle August 24, 2015 @ 10:01 am


    Another selected sideshow distraction supported by controlled opposition to delphi the brainwashed electorate as the Mishpucka Money Magick Marches Merrily Along…(cue the Merrie Melodies Music)…That’s All Folks!

  17. Bill August 24, 2015 @ 11:03 am


    Give me a candidate that openly talks about abolishing the Federal Reserve and I might consider that it is worth a trip to the voting booth.

  18. Bill August 24, 2015 @ 11:28 am

    Jack Morgan is right on again.

    I might waste a vote on Rand but have already made arrangements for the last option that he mentions.

  19. joe facts August 24, 2015 @ 11:55 am

    Trump is “personality over policy”?

    He has made bold statements about illegal immigrants and exactly what he would do to fix it. No one else is doing this on either side of the political aisle.

    Even Republicans can only bring themselves to utter the pat phrase “immigration reform”. Weak as water!

    Just think, if Trump were to be elected and then back off after making such bold pronouncements, he would look weak. Donald Trump does not want tot look weak.

  20. GH Jacoby August 24, 2015 @ 1:25 pm

    In Amos 5:26 the Almighty remonstrates with his people for bringing their pagan “star” from Egypt.

    The pagan star of “Remphan” or “Moloch” is now used for the Israeli ensign which was promoted by Theodore Weitzmann–noted communist follower of Karl Marx.

    Get thee wisdom and do not allow this symbol to be used!

    Anybody who says they are a friend of Israel you better get as far away from as possible.

    The Almighty of Hosts is mad and He will one day clean the Earth of all this darkness …….

  21. DaveE August 24, 2015 @ 5:17 pm

    I’m with +BN 105 percent on this one.

    Trump is a very dangerous man.

    It matters not if he says all the right thing on immigration, etc. He’s still a mobster, plain and simple and he will NOT lift a finger to reign in the mobsters (Jews) who have destroyed this country.

    Besides, name me a politician running for President in the last 50 years who hasn’t used illegal immigration as the “get ’em all worked up” issue, only to do NOTHING once elected? It’s an OLD game.

    On the contrary, when you listen to him you almost forget the Jews did 9/11, murdered millions of innocents in our name, destroyed our economy, buried us in filth and perversion, created terrorism all over the world through their proxy armies like ISIS and Al Qaeda…. on and on. All you hear is his optimism and “exceptionalist” crap.

    I mean, haven’t we learned ANYTHING from the Black Jew in the White House who sold us “hope and change” then sold us down the (Jordan) river?

  22. Eileen K. August 24, 2015 @ 6:57 pm

    G.H. Jacoby, you’re right on target … the pagan star of “Moloch” is used for the Israeli ensign which was promoted by Theodore Weitzmann, noted follower of Karl Marx.

    As you said, in Amos 5:26, the Almighty remonstrates with His people for bringing their pagan “star” from Egypt.

    Get thee wisdom and do not allow this symbol to be used!

    Anybody who says they are a friend of Israel you better get as far away as possible.

    The Almighty of Moses is mad and He will one day clean the Earth of all this darkness.

    And, Br. Nathanael, your expose of the “salesman” Donald Trump, is, of course, the icing on the cake:)

    His hair trigger temper alone, would make him a huge liability when it comes to negotiations with other world leaders.

  23. Dan August 24, 2015 @ 7:19 pm

    It’s Trump’s to lose but America loses either way.

    The worst Trump can do is get us in WWIII, the best he can do is prolong the inevitable collapse!

    1923 Weimar Republic here we come, I always wanted to be a skid row billionaire.

  24. pj August 24, 2015 @ 7:27 pm

    Hey Bro, want a laugh?

    Check out this Headline story on ZioHedge today written by a Jew: Guest Post: Is Trump Worse Than Hitler?

  25. Luke August 24, 2015 @ 7:38 pm

    When Bernie Sanders became a Democratic candidate for President, a voice in my head said he is the next President.

    The email scandal will take Clinton out of the running. The Republician party won’t give Trump the nod which will go to Bush.

    Trump will run as a independent and split the conservative vote. Bernie wins by a slim margin and is our next Socialist President.

  26. Watcher465 August 24, 2015 @ 7:44 pm

    @brumpfschmlog & joe facts

    You are both wrong on Trump and immigrants whilst DaveE is correct.

    There was a film noir made in 1949 called Border Incident. The film was about illegal aliens attempting to cross the border. The plot is about US and Mexican Agents attempting to catch the thieves, murderers and moneymen who prey on illegals.

    People-trafficking scum murder both agents and illegals. The moneymen scum come from both sides of the border and they treat the poor like cattle. Whether the aliens live or die it’s all the same. The illegals come to the US to slave away for peanuts. Is this sounding familiar to you?

    As I said, this film was made in 1949 so there must have been a problem long before then. Yet in all this time no stinking politician has done anything about it. That’s because contrary to what brumpfscmlog writes, the Jews love slavery.

    The Jews love interns. No one gets paid or if they do it’s peanuts. Oh the Jews want their Mexican slaves alright and Trump loves slaves, unpaid apprentices, interns and Jews.

    So you see, Trump is just grandstanding. He will never limit the power of the Jew by stopping illegal aliens because he needs slaves, too.

    The film stars Ricardo Montalban and I’m now going to watch my dvd again just to remind myself of the Jew inspired evil on this planet.

  27. KathJuliane August 24, 2015 @ 10:53 pm

    Jewish Insider (2013)–18 of the 20 biggest NYC real estate moguls are Jewish

    Intelligence firm Wealth-X released data on the top 20 real estate moguls in New York City, ranked according to their personal net worth. 18 out of 20 moguls are Jewish.

    The exceptions are Donald Trump (although his daughter Ivanka is Jewish) and Michael Fascitelli.
    ( )

    Trump Notes

    Growing up in Queens, Trump’s role models were more…theatrical. “Two of the people I admired most and who I kind of studied for the way they did things were the great [Jew] Flo Ziegfeld, the Broadway producer, and [Jew] Bill Zeckendorf, the builder,” he told The New York Times in 1984.

    “They created glamour, and the pageantry, the elegance, the joy they brought to what they did was magnificent.”

    (Trump grew up in the prestigious Jamaica Estates, a very upper middle class/wealthy area of Queens).

    Algemeiner Honors Joan Rivers, Donald Trump, Yuli Edelstein at Second Annual ‘Jewish 100′ Gala

    The Algemeiner paid tribute to the memory of iconic entertainer Joan Rivers on Tuesday night at its second annual ‘Jewish 100′ Gala in New York City. Melissa Rivers, Joan’s daughter, accepted the posthumous award on her mother’s behalf.

    Other honorees at the star-studded event, which drew a crowd of 500 to the Capitale on Bowery, included philanthropists Joseph and Deborah Aronow, tycoon Donald Trump and speaker of the Knesset Yuli Edelstein.

    Both Edelstein and Rivers received the paper’s Warrior for Truth Award, last received by Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel, and Trump received the Liberty Award for his contributions to US-Israel relations.

    The evening also saw the unveiling for the first time of the second annual ‘Jewish 100′ list of “the top 100 people positively influencing Jewish life.”

    Trump was presented his award by his daughter Ivanka Trump [Kushner], who converted to Judaism in 2009. He exclaimed, “I have a Jewish daughter! This wasn’t in the plan, but I’m very glad it happened.”

    He concluded his remarks with strong comments in support of Israel saying, “We love Israel, we will fight for Israel 100 percent, 1000 percent, it will be there forever.”

    There’s a strong probability that Ivana Trump (nee Zelnícková), Ivanka’s Czech mother and Trump’s first wife, was actually a secular Czech Jewess.

    Ivana Trump was born Ivana Marie Zelnícková on February 20, 1949, in Gottwaldov (now Zlín), Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic), the daughter of Marie (née Francová–possibly of the town Francova Lhota) and Miloš Zelníček.

    Zelnik or Zelnick is a Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic): occupational name from Yiddish tselnik ‘haberdashery’ or from Polish celnik ‘tax collector’ (although it also looks like it could be a gentile name as well).

    Francová is a common name among Czechs in general.

    If Ivana is actually an ethnic Czech Jew, that could explain how Ivanka, wife of Jared Kushner, was more or less accepted without much difficulty by the modern Orthodox Jewish community where she “received instruction” from the rabbi at her conversion before their marriage.

    However, assuming she was actually a gentile before her conversion, an Orthodox Jewish conversion is the only one that’s “accepted” by the Rabbinate of Israel.

  28. Caveman2012 August 24, 2015 @ 11:46 pm

    Speaking about movies and Donald Trump…

    In the 1997 film “The Devil’s Advocate,” starring Al Pacino as John Milton (Satan), several personalities are mentioned as friends of the Devil or even his associates.

    Among these:

    -Senator Alfonse D’Amato, who briefly appears in the movie. This cockroach and Jew pawn was the one in charge of blackmailing Switzerland and other countries into paying tribute for the Holohoax.

    -Don King, also in the movie, no explanation needed!

    -DONALD TRUMP. He does not appear in the film, but he is mentioned in the party scene as a friend of John Milton aka the Devil!

    Remember that the Jews in Hollywood often show in the movies what they dare not say openly!

    This Donald Trump is undoubtedly a Satanic Jew pawn, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, beware Christians in Amerika!

  29. Kevin August 25, 2015 @ 4:28 am

    I would like some feedback on Messianic Jew Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. Especially on the fervor/fever his ‘Mystery of the Shemitah’ and prediction of a major economic meltdown come Sept 13.

    Is he just deluded but sincere, or really a wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing insider?

    Considering his 2 books got instant NYT ‘best seller’ status, and he managed to get to make a speech at the UN with obviously someone pulling strings. Not posting any YouTube links this time.

  30. debbie August 25, 2015 @ 4:39 am

    I like Jeb Bush.

    I like his personality. Also, I don’t think he will get us in ww3, like Trump would.

    Go Jeb!

  31. Keyne August 25, 2015 @ 6:54 am


    You should check out Zachary K Hubbard’s Youtube channel.

    He is the best at decoding Jewish gematria, and how they use it in movies, TV, and MSM hoaxes.

    These sickos speak in gematria numerology.

    Once he shows you the numbers and how to do it for yourself, you will be able to understand their “secret” language.

  32. Brother Nathanael August 25, 2015 @ 10:51 am


    ‘Rabbi’ Cahn is NOT a ‘rabbi’…he’s a fraud and a ‘spiritual shyster’ making millions off of gullible goyim evangelicals.

    He takes Holy Scriptures and forces them to apply to America, to stock market crashes, to economic busts, and to all kinds of blasphemous interpretations.

    I guarantee you, NOTHING is going to happen on September 13.

    Thus, once September 13 passes and nothing happens as Cahn predicts, then he shows himself as a FALSE prophet. IF he were living in Old Testament times he would be STONED for passing himself off as a prophet with his FALSE prediction.

    I never really paid any attention to this jew fraud until KathJulianne recently posted an expose on Cahn, of which, I am going to repost. +bn

  33. Brother Nathanael August 25, 2015 @ 11:25 am


    In Case You Missed It
    This is a great comment by KathJuliane posted on the “Price Tag” piece I put up.

    KJ was responding to Mark’s inquiry: “Can you please explain if this is baloney? The Shemitah, I want to hear the truth. You are the bringer of truth.” Mark
    Dear Mark,

    Allow me to take the liberty to give an answer, and I hope +BN will concur, and pardon the length of my reply.

    Don’t be snookered by Jewish fables and bibliomancy.

    “Messianic Jew” Jonathan Cahn (Rabbi Con), President of the extremely lucrative Zionist Hope of the World Ministries and Senior Pastor and Messianic Rabbi of the Jerusalem Center/Beth Israel in Wayne, New Jersey, is a Talmudist and known Kabbalist, especially of the blasphemous Zohar.

    Cahn’s hypothesis the Mystery of the Shemitah is that God has visited warnings and/or judgment against the United States according to a seven-year cycle going back many decades.

    Although America is deserving of God’s judgment and a call to repentance is definitely in order, and we Orthodox and many other Christians in America do pray for such, the foundational premise of Mystery of the Shemitah is biblically flawed from the outset.

    And don’t get me wrong, even though we are not under the national Law of Moses since it was fulfilled in Christ, but that the Law, in the words of Apostle Paul, has become guide and tutor as to what is sin worthy of death, there are powerful dynamic spiritual laws in effect.

    We are in spiritual warfare with the Synagogue of Satan. The US of AIPAC is certainly slinking down the path of Sodom and Gomorrah and will eventually hit bottom from destruction from within or from outside or both. America is getting crazier all of the time, and we are getting used to it like the proverbial boiling frog.

    But when it comes to a judgment on America, I also look at the wisdom found in our father Abraham’s bargain with God, when the Lord stated that for the sake of 10 righteous men in the Sodom and Gomorrah He would stay execution of his judgment if they could be found.

    As it turned out, the investigating angels determined that there was only Righteous Lot and his family, and that they had to leave the city before God could execute judgment.

    I fully believe that this spiritual law is in effect today, that somewhere here in the good old US of AIPAC there are at least 10 truly righteous souls and certainly many more, (I pray a lot, but I know I’m not one of them) and that for their sake God suspends His just judgment on this country.

    Christians are not under the national law of Moses but under the older covenant God made with Abraham and fulfilled in Christ.

    I don’t think God will have to do anything because our wicked, selfish and inept Jew-owned and inspired political class and incompetent, narcisstic and psychopathic leadership are quite capable of destroying America and a good part of the world without God’s help.

    Anyway, where in the Bible does it say that America was led by Moses and showed up at Mount Sinai so that we come under Israel’s national law?

    Rabbi Con, touted by Judaizers as an “endtime prophet,” and who claims to have direct revelations from God, struck a gold mine peddling his unbiblical and scripturally distorted books to gullible “Judeo-christians” always eager to pay for the entertainment of the vast evangelical Endtimes popular market.

    He raked in a veritable stream of gold with his first book, the Harbinger, which soared to the top of the charts thanks to Judaizers. He and other charlatan Judeo-christian Zionists play off of each other’s flights of fantasy–most recently the “prophetic” flop of Hagee’s pseudoastronomy of The Blood Moons.

    And, Con gets a lot of coverage Sid Roth’s show “It’s Supernatural.” Sid is a true dual citizen American-Israeli Jewish pal and fellow spiritual huckster of Rabbi Con.

    Con’s first book, The Harbinger described “14 mysteries” one of which is the Shemitah (Sabbath week), which Cahn based his third book on. From the Harbinger he builds on the concepts and theories first presented in the Harbinger.

    With 12 or 13 “mysteries” to go, Rabbi Con can publish a lot more money-making serial books for himself, which can just go on and on and on like the Left Behind series so popular in the 80s and 90s. He connects the so-called Shemitah judgment with his interpretation of Isaiah 9:10.

    Rabbi Con’s fundamental premise of The Mystery of the Shemitah is that not only did God require the nation of Israel to observe the Shemitah/Sabbath year, but that there is also a mystery connected to the Shemitah such that there is a seven-year cycle woven into the very fabric of history and the order of the universe—a cycle that can and does affect other nations and even the entire world.

    According to Jonathan Cahn, this mystery manifests itself through various calamities, including natural disasters, wars, and financial crises that tend to occur according to this seven-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar when God is trying to get the attention of a nation and warn her of impending judgment.

    The word Shemitah refers to Sabbath year observed in ancient Israel, when all working of the land ceased, the land rested, according to a very precise calendar schedule. This took place every seventh year. On the last day of that year, all debts were wiped away, all credit was nullified, the financial accounts of the nation were, in effect, wiped clean.

    Later on, in Israel’s history, as the nation turned away from God, the Shemitah became a sign and manifestation of judgment on Jerusalem and the rump state of Judah, the the southern Kingdom’s destruction in 586 B.C. and its exile in Babylon were timed to the years of the Shemitah.

    Among other serious sins, the Israelites disobeyed the Lord’s command not to take foreign wives who came from nations where idolatry and the worship of false gods was practiced (Deuteronomy 7:1-5). As a result, the idolatrous practices and pagan worship of those nations became an integral part of Israel’s own religious practices.

    Consequently, the worship of the one true God was largely abandoned and the Law of Moses was largely ignored.

    The Righteous King Josiah [Yoshiyahu – ‘supported of Yah’] under the discipleship of Prophet Jeremiah was the last of the kings of Judah to return the people to the Law of Moses and the restoration of the worship of YHWH, extinguishing pagan worship among Israel in the southern Kingdom.

    God stayed His hand from executing judgment on Judah for the sake of His righteous servant, King Josiah. After his death, his sons turned the people back to idolatry breaking the covenant with God, and rebeled against Babylonian rule, thus breaking the stipulations of the Suzerain/Vassal treaty between the king of Babylonia and the king of Judah.

    God started the prophetic countdown again on the decreed judgment of Israel He’d given a stay of execution because of Josiah, and was spoken by His servant, Jeremiah to the apostates of Judah.

    These Suzerain/Vassal treaties contained a section listing the blessings and curses of the Suzerain. If the stipulations are met by the Vassal, he will receive the Suzerain’s blessings, which are listed in terms of rewards.

    If the Vassal fails to meet the stipulations, he will receive the Suzerain’s curses, which are also listed, and included such dire warnings of gruesome punishments for breaking the covenant as gouging out one’s eyes, cutting out one’s tongue, maimings, imprisonment, killing one’s wife and children before one’s eyes, exile, property appropriations, imprisonment, and so forth.

    The Covenant Law of Moses is also set up like a Suzerain/Vassal treaty between God and the nation of Israel — God promises His blessings for a faithful and repentant Israel, and His curses for an unfaithful and stiff-necked Israel, and in the process of progressive chastisements, if Israel repented, the consequential punishments were mitigated by God.

    By the end of the sixth century B.C., Israel had failed to observe a total of seventy Sabbath/Shemitah years encompassing 490 years. In judgment against Israel’s pervasive and persistent sin, God used the Babylonian empire to execute judgment upon the southern kingdom of Judah beginning in 606 B.C., just as He had used the Assyrians over a century earlier against the northern kingdom of Israel.

    In addition to ultimately leveling Jerusalem and destroying the temple, the Babylonians carried away large numbers of Israelites into captivity—a captivity that lasted for 70 years—one year for each Sabbath year that the nation had failed to observe the Shemitah.

    Thus, because of this God-imposed Shemitah with the Israelites being in captivity in Babylon, the Promised Land “rested” for the same number of years that the Israelites had failed to allow the land to rest as the Lord had commanded (2 Chronicles 36:20-21).

    The Shemitah was an obligation given specifically and exclusively to the nation of Israel as tenants (not owners!) leasing the land of Israel as part of the Law of God as given to Moses at Sinai.

    One of God’s reasons for instituting the Shemitah was to show the people of Israel (and by extension the nations around Israel) that He is the one true God and Lord of Creation and Nature, that by showing His direct actions according to a precisely set schedule that Israel was to comply with, He was in control of the agrarian cycles and seasons, and not the false-gods of fertility and vegetation cults that Israel was supposed to reject.

    There is no biblical support for the idea that God would either require any other nation to observe the Shemitah year or that He would impose a Shemitah-type judgment according to a seven-year cycle on any nation as He did upon Israel. And the Shemitah is certainly not anything that our Lord Jesus Christ or any of His apostles ever taught, or has ever been taught by the Church Fathers or in the 2000 year old history of the Orthodox Church.

    Beyond this, the Shemitah, being a Sabbath and an integral part of the Law of Moses, was completely fulfilled in Christ and is no longer in operation (even it actually did affect other nations prior to Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross).

    The book of Hebrews sheds light into the matter of the Sabbath for believers in Christ. In order to prepare Hebrew Christians of the circumcision for the soon-coming destruction of the temple, in chapter 4, Apostle Paul states that those who have believed the gospel have already entered into God’s Sabbath rest by faith—which would include both the Sabbath day and the Sabbath year (Heb:4:1-3; 8-10).

    The Sabbath year also implies the seventh of Sabbath years (49th year) and the following 50th/1st year of the Jubilee (which was the first year of the new 49 year cycle of Sabbath years) which has a subtle mystical message linked the day of Pentecost, the Day the Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles.

    Therefore, because Christ fulfilled the Law, God does not impose a Sabbath day or a Sabbath year (the Shemitah) upon Christian believers. The Church Fathers taught in answer as to why the Christian does not keep the Sabbath (day or year) that if Jesus Christ came not to destroy the law, but to fulfill it, because what was prefigured in the Sabbath is fulfilled in Christ.

    For we have our earthly and eternal Sabbath in Him who said, “Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you, and learn of Me; for I am meek and lowly in heart, and ye shall find rest unto your souls.” (Matthew 11:28-29).

    In Orthodoxy, the Seventh Day (Greek: Sabbato) in our weekly prayer cycle is honored as the day of the week that Christ lay in the tomb. Many of the devout will spend that day in an attitude of prayerful repentence in preparation for receiving the Holy Eucharist the next day. The First Day of the week in Orthodox churches is the Lord’s Day (Kyriaki) because of the Resurrection, which is the mystical Eighth Day signifying eternal life..

    Under their national law, the ancient Israelites were not to work the land at all in the seventh year, and wealthy lenders were required to forgive debts owed to them. The land was never bought or sold, as it was allotted tribal lands which stayed for generations in family lines, so there were no mortgages.

    Loans were most often in the form of goods rather than money, such as borrowing wheat grains for planting. Or, an Israelite could sell himself or a family member into a 7 year servitude to pay off their debt to the lender.

    At least 90% of old Israel’s economy was agricultural and pastoral which the Shemitah was directly linked to. Less than 1% of Americans are farmers and agriculturalists, and indentured servitude went out of fashion in the 1800s with the abolition of slavery.

    Then, when Israel turned from God to idolatry and disobeyed the Law of Moses, He imposed the Shemitah on Israel by sending the nation into captivity in Babylonia, collapsing the entire economy. Everyone lost everything.

    Not only was it an agrarian cycle, but it was an economic one, as well. On the last day of the Sabbath year, lenders were required to forgive or “release” (the meaning of “Shemitah”) borrowers from the obligation of repaying their debts. (Deuteronomy 15:1).

    More than 2,000 years ago, the clever rabbis figured out how to get around this, and still remain within the “letter of the law.” Hillel the Elder, in the first century B.C., used the rule that remittance of debts applies only to debts between Jews, to develop a device known as Prosbul in which the debt is transferred to a Beit Din (religious court).

    When owed to the court rather than to an individual, the debt survives the Sabbatical year.

    This device, formulated early in the era of Rabbinic Judaism when the Temple in Jerusalem was still standing, became a prototype of how Rabbinic Judaism was later to adapt to the destruction of the Second Temple and nominally maintain a system based on Biblical law under very different conditions.

    Funny how Rabbi Con doesn’t address this cute little Jews’-only loophole at all in their perpetual quest to outwit God, which meant someone would be in debt bondage for more than seven years, and sometimes for life.

    Anyway, if Israel failed to keep His commandments, however, including the Sabbaths, the Lord warned in His Suzerain treaty: “I will scatter you among the nations and draw out a sword after you; your land shall be desolate and your cities waste….Then the land shall rest and enjoy its Sabbaths…for the time it did not rest…when you dwelt in it” (Lv 26:33-35).

    Centuries later, Scripture records that Israel experienced precisely this judgment because they had abandoned God’s laws and turned to pagan gods. Because Judah had not observed the Shemitah for seventy cycles, our more than patient Lord God sent the nation into captivity for seventy years. This imposed Shemitah judgment was very specific and involved only the nation of Israel.

    Since no Gentile nations were ever obligated to keep the Shemitah, there is no scriptural basis for suggesting that any other nation would ever experience an imposed Shemitah judgment. Yet, this is precisely what Rabbi Con suggests that America has experienced.

    Con also wrongly implies that the Shemitah is essentially a mysterious universal principle that is somehow integrated into the order of the universe. Cahn makes the following assertion in his book the Harbinger:

    “Seven years—the biblical period of time that concerns a nation’s financial and economic realms.”

    Although Israel was on a precise, scheduled seven-year economic cycle, no biblical passages support Cahn’s idea that natural economic cycles of seven years exist for nations in general.

    Furthermore, while the US economy has had its ups and downs, not one financial expert has identified any exact seven-year economic cycle which starts and stops on the Mosaic new year.

    Rabbi Con used some economic graphs in Mystery of the Shemitah without citing any sources, but even so, those graphs show that “bearish” or “bullish” swings vary from exactly seven years by several years too many or too few, and those swings start and stop at any time of the year. The Shemitah in Israel was to commence on a certain day, and would then end on a certain day a year later (or two if it were the Jubilee).

    Ancient Israel’s economy was not based on deficit spending and huge debts as is true in America today, but on agriculture. In 2014, almost everyone has personal or corporate debt of some sort—and in many cases the debts are staggering.

    Consequently, if those debts were wiped off the books at once, the entire U.S. economy would collapse since it is a consumer debt-based economy. Even instituting major reforms for a realistic nationalistic economy and financial system would likely take decades to make the transition, if we’re not forced into it by the entire system collapsing under its own weight.

    In contrast, there was most likely very little debt in ancient Israel as compared to America today. As an agrarian society based on barter, cattle-money and to a lesser degree circulating coins, wealth was mostly measured in the fruitful productivity of the land through one’s labor.

    Loans were usually in the form of agrarian products, such as borrowing wheat or barley seed for planting (or borrow cash to buy seed from someone else) if one’s own harvest was wiped out from which next year’s seed would come. There was no banking or lending system backed by the FDIC in ancient Israel or even the Roman Empire, meaning that all loans were personal.

    Unlike today, only those who were poor were borrowers and only those who could afford to write off debts were able to give loans in the first place. In fact, there were a couple of provisions in the Shemitah laws for not wiping debt off the books—if a borrower was not an Israelite and if the entire country was prosperous.

    Rabbi Con’s whole Harbinger schtick, which the Shemitah thing comes from, is built around on the cherry-picked text of Isaiah 9:10, where he claims that the Trade Center Disaster was the fulfillment of this text-proof “prophecy,” abusing the nature of prophecy in the process as the false-prophet that he is.

    Prophecy is not synonymous with predicting future events, although prophecy, which means an oracle or word from God, can included prediction of future events, even certain far distant ones. A prophet was a mouthpiece, a spokesman for God who spoke by direct revelation of the Holy Spirit.

    Was Isaiah telling Israel about the far distant future destruction of the Trade Towers? Methinks not.

    In its entire context, however, Isaiah 9:8-21 is all about God’s chastisement of Old Israel’s unrepentant apostasy and idolatry through the Assyrian invasion. The judgement of the house of Epraim, the leading dynasty of the Northern Kingdon of Israel, and the inhabitants of Samaria, is an object lession for Judah.

    Isaiah’s is basically mocking Judah as being just as proud and haughty as Ephraim and Samaria were, and look how the Assyrians brought them down. Verse 10 is part of the oracular warning to Jerusalem and Judah about their stiff-necked haughtiness, unrepentent wickedness, and proud hearts.

    The KJV reads: The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: the sycamores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars.

    The LXX reads: The bricks are fallen down, but come, let us hew stones, and cut down sycamores and cedars, and let us build for ourselves a tower.

    I can see 9-11 in that, can’t you? (Not.) Never mind the fact that the Trade Towers were neither constructed of clay bricks, hewn stones, sycamores or cedars, but of cement, steel and glass.

    And while it is certainly true that leadership and a large part of America had best look to these verses as object lessions and perhaps avert eventual disaster with a change of heart, just as Christian kingdoms have done or else ignored in the past, there is no specific prediction or mystical connection of America to the prophet Isaiah or anywhere else in the Bible.

    Rabbi Con knows the future of the United States of AIPAC because he can see it in the space between two words in the Bible. Wait!

    Wait! Just wait a minute. I think I do see “America” in the KJV version after all:

    The bricks Are fallen down,

    but we will build with hewn stones:

    the sycaMorEs aRe cut down,

    but we wIll Change them into cedArs.

    Rabbi Con goes to great lengths in trying to show from the Bible and history that God has imposed a Shemitah upon America, and yet he fails because nothing has happened in America that even roughly parallels Israel’s being forced to leave the land completely fallow.

    The only message I consistently hear from Rabbi Con and the other Judaizing cons is simply repetitive: If the US of AIPAC does not repent and turn back to God, start treating other countries decently and with respect, stop waging endless wars to bolster the Judaized civic religion of “American Exceptionalism” we can lose our country.

    And charismatic Jewish rabbis (the more “messianic” the better) and their fellow Zio-christian hucksters like Hagee suck in huge amounts of money for it because people are very hungry and thirsty for Christ in an American spiritual desert with dry wells and few oases.

    I don’t, nor should any sober-minded person need, “Rabbi” Con’s pseudo-prophetic pronouncements of the obvious to see that America is spiritually bankrupt and in moral trouble, that the people are driven by a Mammonite culture consuming the economy, and the chronic mismanagement by the political and financial elites of the klepto-corporatocracy.

    We Christians should not be quoting or promoting any Jewish rabbis, whether they claim to be followers of Jesus or not. They are not to be given any credibility whatsoever.

  34. Brother Nathanael August 25, 2015 @ 4:27 pm

    Dear All –

    Finishing up NEW Video now. It’s gonna bring the house down.

    STAY tuned! +BN

  35. DEAN BERRY MINISTRIES August 25, 2015 @ 5:08 pm



    Jewtube won’t let me copy and paste so I have to do it like this:

    I sum it up in song at:

    Words and Music � 2009 by H. Dean Berry

    If I was a Jew
    I’d be better than you
    In fact, you’d all be my servants
    You’d be kissing my boots
    If I was a Jew
    I’d control what you think
    I’d program you to love me
    Using just my TV
    I make my boys in Congress do whatever I want
    All it takes is money and power
    I want some oil, I want some gold
    Go get it for me
    Or I’ll do what I did to the Towers.
    First you told me no
    Then you watched it blow
    Nothing in the world you could do
    If I was a Jew
    If I was a Jew


    If I was a Jew
    I’d enslave all the world
    Subjugate all the goyim
    Cuz baby that’s what you’re for
    If I was a Jew
    I could never do wrong
    I’d be one of God’s chosen
    And you’d be singing my song
    Put on my phylactery
    To make me seem good
    All the while I run to do evil
    Stock Exchange, IRS,
    The Federal Reserve
    Perverted ways of raping the people
    Don’t you tell me no
    Mossad’ll make you go
    Your mangled body be on the news.
    If I was a Jew
    If I was a Jew

  36. Seek The Truth August 25, 2015 @ 7:03 pm

    The ancient gang of nomadic predators known as “Babylonian-Egyptian Jews” that destroyed ancient Israel and murdered the Hebrew prophets and destroyed the Roman Empire now want to destroy America and Europe with high hopes of infiltrating and destroying Russia, China, India and Iran.

    But God has a plan. The bottomless pit is big enough to accommodate all Jews except the ones that repent. There is no room for both Jesus and the Son of the Devil in Jerusalem. There is no room for both Kabbalistic Jews and true Christians. They are as incompatible as oil and water or good and evil.

    Therefore, let the crypto Jew gangsters Clinton, Trump, Bush and Sanders fight it out for the Presidency of the great Whore of Babylon (Washington D.C.) before Jesus returns and removes them from the Earth.

  37. Kevin August 26, 2015 @ 1:05 am

    Dear Bro N and KJ – many thanks for answering my query with that quite detailed and very informative re-posting.

    Cahn/Con certainly is a smooth operator and makes sure to add all the right appeals to ‘receive Yeshua as Lord & Savior’ – which no doubt could be taken as working to provide an unintended real positive to his seductive spin.

    Which I see as “don’t try and fight this as though owing to evil market manipulators. No no no – you would be really fighting against God’s precisely pre-ordained master plan!”

    Anyway I hope this will help a friend of mine who has basically been taken in by the ‘signs & wonders & mysteries’ style of Cahn/Con.

    It reminds too that unfortunately it’s the hucksters that manage to rake in the big $$$’s and get ‘best seller’ status and even a voice at the UN – very unlike the beleaguered truth tellers like Bro N.

    Which has moved me to again make a donation. Best.

  38. Dogged August 28, 2015 @ 12:01 am

    Just my thoughts:

    Brother Nathanael, you’ve done a great job exposing the shabbos goy Trump for the “friend” of of counterfeit, carnal, antichrist Israel that he is.

    I was wondering why a candidate that is so outspoken against illegal immigration would get so much press and media coverage, then I remembered reading in the Protocols that the rabbis allow debate and criticism of policies when it suits their agenda and when they intend to change them.

    Ron Paul who wanted to do something about the usurious “Federal Reserve” bank suffered a near total media blackout.

    Anyway Trump, if elected would probably (this is just an educated guess) get us into war with Iran, and possibly Russia and North Korea too.

    Can America afford more neocon wars to satisfy the bloodlust of the reprobate Jews? I don’t plan to vote for Trump, I might even vote for a Marxist Democrat over a warhawk Republican at this point.

    Keep us informed Brother. You’re doing the Lord’s work.

    P.S. Did you get my two widdow’s mites in the mail?

  39. R A FEIBEL August 29, 2015 @ 9:41 am

    Someone asked if Trump is connected with the Mafia. The answer is, of course. How would he be able to get his gambling empire without it? And yes the licensing agencies found out of the direct connections, and he had to buy them of his boards $8 million each. And of course being the front man for Rothschild wealth along with half of Wall Street criminals, he has the best lawyers.

    And Brother Nathanael mentioned Roy Cohn, the Jewish lawyer who was Senator Joe McCarthy’s lawyer during the infamous 1954-55 Senate Hearings on Un-American Activities identifying Communists in the government, entertainment, and military. And guess who sabotaged the hearings–good old Roy!!

    They killed old Joe in 1957, and Senator Taft in 1956 who had the nomination yet again over the Zio-Jew Eisenhower.

  40. Jenny September 5, 2015 @ 10:01 am

    I didn’t know this was Brother Nathanael’s Website.

    I just came from YouTube after watching him. Trump couldn’t have got where he was without the Jews,i thought exactly the same thing.

    Brother Nathanael as an ex-Jew is a perfect example that not all Jews are bad, there are many decent ones. It just so happens that the evil ones are doing this and are at the top.

    In all honesty I do not understand how a race of people could hate White people so much that they spend their entire time thinking of ways to bring them down, like my God, what type of person does that?

    Clearly, only an evil one (they hate all Gentiles but hate white Christian ones the most).

  41. Jenny September 5, 2015 @ 10:30 am

    if I were a Jew, first and foremost I’d play on peoples weaknesses, I’d observe them, find things out and use it against them.

    If I were a Jew, I’d give all the best paying good jobs to my fellow Jews. I would bring in policies that no one can discriminate against another by refusing them a job.

    If I were a Jew, I’d tell all the Jews to come to Israel, and I would mix all the other countries up, destroying their cultures, and making them forget who they are as a people.

    If I were a Jew, I would promote bisexuality, homosexuality, bestiality, transvestites, transgenders, and if people disagreed with it they would be made to feel like haters.

    If I were a Jew, I’d run the world and own the banks, I’d stand for communism, I’d trick the poor into thinking they would get something by taking our side; then, when we got power, take it all from them…

    If I were a Jew, I’d exaggerate about the holocaust, I’d make the world feel like they owed us something and keep taking and taking and playing on WW2.

    If I were a Jew, I’d be in among everything .I’d make sure there were books by Jews, TV by Jews, everything by Jews to brainwash them.

    If I were a Jew, I’d do some bloodletting and sacrifice children that are gentiles. “Don’t frown!! Some of us still do this old practice.”

    If I were a Jew, I’d lie through my teeth. Don’t you know Jew can lie to gentiles, so I wouldn’t be doing anything wrong.

    If I were a Jew, I’d cause race wars, separation and start conflict and wars.

    If I were a Jew, I’d fund both sides of a war after I helped start it. That way I double my money.

    If I were a Jew, I’d promote the low echelons of society and bring them to the top, that way the gentile will then start acting like the people we put up there…

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