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What Really Happened To Freddie Gray

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What Really Happened To Freddie Gray
By Brother Nathanael Kapner May 5, 2015 ©

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THE JEW-OWNED PRESS would have us believe that Freddie Gray merely made eye contact with police and then fled.

This prompted, as the Jew spin goes, the cops to ‘pursue, arrest, and murder’ Gray. Cops murder another innocent black.


The six cops, 3 blacks and 3 whites, are political prisoners of the Jew agenda to make a martyr out of a black criminal so as to denigrate White Christian society.

Here’s what likely happened to Freddie Gray that the Jews won’t tell you.

Lieutenant Rice and Officers Nero and Miller were on bike patrol near the corner of North Avenue and Mount Street.

Rice sees convicted drug-trafficker Freddie Gray, doubtless on probation or parole, apparently ‘dealing’ in a high drug traffic area.

A guilt-ridden Gray, as soon as he “locks eyes” with Rice, bolts like a rabbit. A short foot pursuit ensues.

There is now “reasonable suspicion” for a field “Terry” stop and detention on Gray.

Gray had an Arrest Record a mile long. Earlier arrests were drug offenses, later ones progressed to show arrests for violent crimes.

Gray resists arrest and starts swinging. The officers grapple him to the ground and prone him to handcuff him, which a combative Gray resists.

Gray is then frisked and a “spring assisted” knife is found in his pocket. There is now “probable cause” for arrest. He’s charged with carrying an illegal weapon.

Rising star state prosecutor Mosby states that the knife was not a switchblade and is lawful under Maryland law.

However, Gray was not arrested under the Maryland Criminal Code but under the Baltimore City Code Weapons Violation §59-22 Switch-blade knives.


THE PADDY WAGON arrives driven by Officer Goodson, a black senior officer with no history of complaints for misconduct or else the Jew media would be screaming it.

Gray starts kicking the rear doors and Goodson calls for assistance to put leg cuffs on Gray.

Because the cops don’t want to risk getting bitten or head-butted by Gray, he was again not seat-belted to the metal bench.

Goodson, driving solo, then makes a “mystery stop” at what turns out to be a neighborhood food market.

Hearing Goodson leave, Gray stands up to slip his hands, cuffed in the back, down over his butt to bring them to the front, as seen in this example.

As reported, the only evidence of trauma was the spinal cord injury diagnosed at the hospital, not visible from the outside, and later the mark of a bolt matching the paddy wagon’s rear door bolt on the crown of Gray’s head.

Police claim the injury was caused when Gray, standing, slammed into the back of the paddy wagon, apparently breaking his neck with a “mark” he sustained on the top of his head that matches a bolt in the back of the transport van.

There are otherwise no other outward signs of trauma.

In order to receive such a mark on the crown of his head, identified as a particular bolt, Gray was facing the rear door and standing bent over close to 90 degrees at the waist.

With Gray bending forward trying to slip his cuffs down while facing the rear door, a normal acceleration would pitch him headfirst into the door, effectively similar to being dropped on his head. View Entire Story Here, Here & Here.

THE SIX COPS are “defendants.” They are “innocent” until proven guilty.

But in ‘get whitey’ JEWmerica, they’re ALREADY proven “guilty.”


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Brother Nathanael @ May 5, 2015


  1. Brother Nathanael May 5, 2015 @ 8:05 pm

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  3. Brother Nathanael May 5, 2015 @ 8:08 pm



    Day 1, NYC, April 30

    At Times Sq On 45th and Broadway median strip I held high the Holy Cross.

    MANY of the bus drivers know me by now and honked and put their thumbs up.

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    One very interesting thing occurred with a Hasidic Jew in his late twenties.

    Now while all Hasidic Jews turn their eyes away from the Cross, and some even cover their eyes, not this one.

    He first looked at me with his expression inaudibly saying, “There’s power here and this is a Jew expressing this power.” (All Jews easily recognize other racial Jews.)

    He stood transfixed for 30 seconds then looking at me straight in the eyes, (and I in return), started taking pictures of me holding high, (with power), the Holy Cross.

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  4. Brother Nathanael May 5, 2015 @ 8:09 pm



    Day 2, Wall Street, May 1

    As soon as I got to the edge of Wall Street at Broad and South, a huge clanging noise shattered the lower air.

    Everyone was looking up to see what the noise was all about.

    Then a HUGE military transport plane appeared, I mean HUGE, which was hovering close to the water. People were exclaiming, “What in the world is this?!”

    I was the only one who knew: THIS is to prepare you for the look AND reality of martial law.

    Then at the center of Wall Street with my Holy Cross, my sign, “Occupy Wall Street With Jesus Christ,” and a big smile, I was surrounded by 5 businessmen from India who asked me if I was with the Russian Orthodox Church.

    When I said I was they broke out into hugs and thanking me and asking me to bless their new mining enterprise in Central Russia of which they were in Wall Street to list on the NYSE.

    Then other businessmen kept coming up to me thanking me for my sign and what I was doing on Wall Street.

    This was really the FIRST time I got SO MUCH affirmation from businessmen (Gentiles, not Jews), on Wall Street!

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  6. A.J. May 5, 2015 @ 8:36 pm

    Unbelievable… Aren’t we all sick of this Jewish song and dance already?! I know I am.

    Thank you Brother Nathanael yet again exposing the lies. May we all find 1/100th of your courage.

  7. Roger S May 5, 2015 @ 9:28 pm


    Another St. Thug Felonious, martyr.

  8. Pitt Von Bullington May 5, 2015 @ 9:53 pm


    In the Jewblighted States of Amerika today the Jews desperately want to promote more and more chaos.

    Chaos means the US Goyim Army imposes martial law all across the land, and confiscates guns, outlaws free speech and demonizes all White Christians as anti-Semites, homophobes, and haters so that the NWO Ziofacists can establish their Satanic Synagogue of Satan on earth.

    They will finally crush the Gentiles (Tob Shebbe Goyim Harog) and rule over the whole world and exact tribute from the goyims forever, as laid out in their evil racist blueprint (Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion) of long ago.

    Day by day now, the whole world is learning of these evildoers and of their hatred of Jesus (just look at that vile cretin Sarah Silverman) who said she would crucify Jesus all over again.

    From her soulless beady black eyes to her foaming at the mouth, while screaming with rage against the Son of God-this is the true face of the Jew today — ugh.

    May God Almighty smite them down, and may they all burn in Hellfire forever and ever, amen.

  9. nantucket nectars May 5, 2015 @ 9:57 pm


    I know of an instance where a Fairfax, VA police woman drove erratically, hitting the accelerator, slamming on the brakes, making sharp turns, driving in circles, tossing the passenger she had in the back all around… intentionally.

  10. Eileen K. May 5, 2015 @ 10:53 pm

    Just like you, Brother, I was quite suspicious of the way the Jew-controlled media handled the Freddie Gray case.

    This was no “child” (Gray was a 25-year-old man); and, as you said, was a drug trafficker with a long rap sheet of dealing drugs and progressing into violent crimes.

    I’m sure you’re totally correct in stating that one of the six cops who were wrongly charged with murder in Gray’s death spotted Gray dealing drugs in a drug-infested area; that Gray locked eyes with him and bolted, precipitating a chase, etc.

    Even the second prisoner, who was picked up and shared the ride with Gray, stated that Gray was banging his head against the wall of the van, and that this action eventually caused his death.

    However, the MD State’s Attorney, whose husband is a Baltimore City Councilman, pressed murder charges against all six cops (3 black, 3 white), totally ignoring the other man’s statement. She should have recused herself, since there was conflict of interest involved.

    I’m glad your mission in NYC has been a great success so far, in that a lot of people there are wide open to your message.

    I also wonder if any of the businessmen who had approached you and liked your message donated any money to you. I’m sure they made enough $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to give you a hefty contribution.

    Certainly, these businessmen could afford to do so, to put their money where their mouths are.

    Anyway, Br. Nathanael, I’m happy you’re having success up there in Jew York City; and, I’m putting in my contribution in an effort to help you keep your articles/videos and your Evangelism mission going.

    Take care, Brother; and, God bless you always.


  11. Rovin May 6, 2015 @ 12:13 am

    Sorry to say this Bro N, but your theory on Freddie Gray’s injuries doesn’t stand up.

    There were 6 cops, and enough man power to strap Freddie in before that NICKEL RIDE started.

  12. jeff May 6, 2015 @ 12:30 am

    Brother Nat,

    Great story on the Hasidic Jew and on the Indians!

    May Christ’s power be shown to you in strength everywhere you go!

    That said, I am a little hesitant to side with you on the topic of your article.

    I side with anybody or group against the police state.

    I am basically a white Christian nationalist, but again I will side with Blacks, Asians, Hindus, or whatever against a totalitarian Marxist/Jew government.

    I have had run-ins with police since I was a teen, which has been a while I hate to say! Lol.

    Most are “polyester-clad-bitch-boys”, that got picked on in high school, and the prosecutors and judges are no different.

    Most of them have a power complex.

    They are bullies and they are violent.

    There are exceptions of course, but I have traveled and lived in several places and have generally witnessed the same thing, and hell you can see evidence of it on any website that deals with such a topic.

    This is not to say that all cops are bad of course, but the 5% that make 95% of the arrests are the “me now” pigs that are the worst of the bunch.

    They are nothing more than a gang like the Jews or the Latin Kings. The 5% are predatory thugs.

    That’s just my 2 cents but I have had DECADES of experience with them all over America and even in Europe.

    They are the “gestapo” in the worst sense.

    Keep up the good work, we love you!

  13. jeff May 6, 2015 @ 12:39 am

    Pitt, dust those shoes off at the door!

    I am with you brother!

  14. Irene Bonney Faulkes May 6, 2015 @ 1:06 am

    They have not been an overwhelming success in Palestine.

    Failure has ensued in Ukraine.

    It seems the citizens of their host nation is becoming their victory.

    Is there any hope of freedom from the bondage for this country that Sir Francis Bacon hoped would become the new Atlantis?

    The plans were instituted long ago as seen in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

    Is the U.S.A. going to fall to the Divine wrath many churches taught would not occur to the lovers of Israel?

    Hope springs eternal and it seems to be centered around Brother Nathaneael whose Street Ministry is essential.

    As far as I know, there is not the presence of the Russian Orthodox Church in India. So those Indian businessmen who wanted your blessing, must have been impressed by such churches in Russia.

    Even India is receiving the result of your ministry, although in a small way, as the message you present does find its way to some who live in that land.

    Many churches there are misinformed thinking the Jews are the people of God.

    In the will of God, the wider the truth of these matters that you present encompasses church commuities, the greater such impact will govern the knowledge and prayers of the many.

  15. Deborah Carter May 6, 2015 @ 1:07 am


    George Soros (Jew) is a big financer of the riots.

  16. Michael May 6, 2015 @ 3:39 am

    Brother Nathanael,

    I was told the following by a policeman in Northern Virginia in a private conversation. Is it true? I don’t know.

    It makes sense to me. I did try to Google this and it does have “traffic” on the web. For what it’s worth below is what I was told was the probable scenario.

    Freddie Gray had recently had spinal surgery just a few days before his arrest (surgery four days earlier).

    I understand he had been involved in an auto wreck and was suing the insurance company for a back/neck injury. He should have been home in bed recuperating from the surgery. But was on the street. He did not wish to be arrested because of the lawsuit.

    He may have suffered trauma to his spine which had vertebrae fused and screws implanted. If the arresting officer placed a knee on his back to handcuff him while lying face down.

    He seemed to be injured in the video as he was placed in the transport vehicle. The officer would not have known about the surgery and it’s standard procedure to place a knee in the back while handcuffing the suspect that flees.

  17. jomo May 6, 2015 @ 4:29 am

    Well done, Brother Nathanael.

    Sherlock Holmes would be proud of you!

  18. Ft. Nolan May 6, 2015 @ 8:42 am

    By procedure, approaching a suspect typically follows,

    Step #1: Furtive movements or actions,
    Step #2: Reasonable suspicion,
    Step #3: Probable cause.

    Any one or combination of all three is enough for a law officer to investigate the probability that a law is being violated. Resisting a law officer by running away (escaping the scene) or fighting back only reinforces reasonable suspicion. Finding contraband then results in probable cause from which an arrest may be made.

    Leaving a cuffed perpetrator unsecured in the back of a police van without an officer accompanying him or her appears to violate police procedure. Having a camera showing activities in the holding are of the van would provide the a reason for any lack of accompaniment.

    If there is police video showing activities in the back of that van, that video needs to be broadcast. However, given the pending case, it is likely being saved for the grand jury’s review.

    Should the accused law officers be indicted, tried and then acquitted, get ready for “LA 1992” to repeat itself on a larger scale in the Baltimore area along with sympathetic “activities” around the country.

    “If Obama had a son, he would be like ______________”

  19. chestergimli May 6, 2015 @ 9:11 am

    I don’t know how this guy could have stood up, Brother Nathanael, they had to drag him to the paddy wagon.

    It was also known that he said he couldn’t breathe so it looks to me like he was injured while on the ground and wasn’t given proper medical attention.

    I am sorry that so many of the Black population have turned to drugs as a means of sustenance.

    This type of thing has been going on for thousands of years and it will continue until the monetary system is completely destroyed-when a numeric value is not placed upon any item in human economy.

    Then Jewish power over the human race will be completely destroyed.

  20. sandor May 6, 2015 @ 11:36 am


    OT: Our ‘Next Great Hope’ Bernie Sanders is an Israeli citizen.

  21. Kalin May 6, 2015 @ 11:44 am

    No question the Jewish controlled media plays on these events hard; however, typically police will abuse citizens as far as society will tolerate.

    The image of Andy Griffith in Mayberry is an image of cops that does not exist and so far as my research goes, never has.

    In my opinion, a man that wants to be a cop has an evil streak in him by nature and needs to be checked continuously.

    When “peace officers” became “law enforcement”, constitutional America ended and evil was unleashed upon the “herd”.

    The Jew knows well that the herd must be conditioned outlaws first, then with their only [legal] remedy, society will have to choose between the lessor of the two evils – outlaws and “law enforcement”. Only with the use of Jewish propaganda (television) will a society actually believe that the former is less dangerous than the latter.

    “Formerly we suffered from crimes; now we suffer from laws.” – Cornelius Tacitus (c.56 – c.117), Roman historian.

    This principle is played out world-wide with the US military traveling around the planet, killing boogie men by the hundreds of thousands. Any observant American (1 – 2% of Jewmerica) can plainly see that all the boogie men on the planet aren’t a fraction of the evil that the world’s largest killing machine is; yet, Jewmerica praises its killers.

    Patriotism is clear evidence of brain-washing. The Jew’s first endeavor is to harness patriotism. Proof of this is the waving of the Jewmerican flag over the most unjust and the bloodiest human slaughters of the 20th & 21st century. The Jewmerican flag has not been waved over a just deed since 1814.

    The greatest men in history rose up against their own kinsmen in defense of truth and righteousness.

    Let us not forget the question posed by the Master: “who is my mother and my brothers?” These men were typically persecuted by their own countrymen. Thus again the words of the Master ring out: “A prophet is not without honor, save in his own country, among his own kin and in his own house.”

    Every belligerent drunk can be counted on to fight a foreign foe. There’s nothing exceptional in that. If Jewmericans won’t curse their military, their police will trample them into slavery.

  22. KathJuliane May 6, 2015 @ 1:47 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    Thank you for a terrific article.

    You’ve shown yet again that you have a knack for finding what the Jew media tries to obscure, keying in on it, and then cutting through the Jew media’s political three ring circus of lies, exaggerations, and fabrications, and their lackeys the liberal Black race-baiters like Al Sharpton who breeze into a troubled area, put more gasoline on a fire, and then drive away leaving chaos in their wake.

    Could Freddie Gray’s death have been due entirely to a stupid accident, with a number of contributing factors playing a part? Contributing factors such as not securing Gray with a seatbelt against regulations, and then the transporting police officer, a veteran of 29 years on the department, stops for a minute or two to dash into a store for a snack or a cup of coffee?

    The next set of contributing factors are the different later stops when medical aid should have been sent, but wasn’t.

    Setting aside for the moment any act on the part of someone else to Gray, it most certainly could be an accident, and probably is. There is undisclosed footage content from private surveillance cameras of the neighborhood market you mentioned, which has been dubbed the “mystery stop” made by the transport driver, Goodson, as it had not been previously reported.

    So maybe Goodson snapped, stopped the transport van near the market, jumped in back, and rammed Gray’s head into the rear door, and then drove on. Goodson from the beginning withheld making any statements to investigators, standing on his constitutional 5th Amendment rights. We won’t know the exact story until all the trials are over, but its possible too.

    On the other hand, Goodson didn’t say he made an unreported stop because he would have been admitting to busting some department regs.

    In your scenario, the actual cause of the accident would be Freddie Gray standing up in a bent posture facing the rear door, working on slipping his cuffs around front which would have made him top heavy and easier to throw off balance when the vehicle started up again.

    The seatbelt would have prevented him from standing. However, provided no outside hand is involved, then Gray was standing, and not sitting on the bench which had a skid proof tape to keep people from sliding around on the metal, and that was his choice to stand, not sit safely. The cause of death was cervical neck fractures and spinal injuries received when his head collided with the metal door. The major contributing factor on Gray’s part was being in a 90 degree posture bent from the waist, if it was reported accurately on ABC7.

    Gray wasn’t hogtied.

    As I recall, standard issue leg cuffs, which look much like hand cuffs, have about a 16 inch chain. A person could stand with the legs about shoulder’s width apart for side to side balance, even if the cuffs foreshortened stride. Standing with feet shoulder width apart means that a person’s balance is easily upset from the front or back.

    That’s why Gray had to be lifted into the van the second time, the leg cuffs didn’t permit him to step up.

    And can a handcuffed person stand up on their own from a floor or ground? Yes, they can, but more likely once Gray was lifted into the van, someone got inside and helped him to stand up and then sit which was not recorded, or else edited out by the Jewmedia.

    Thank you for bringing it out in your scenario. No one else has considered this accident possibility in all of the emotional hysteria, political agenda pushing, and race/class-baiting.

    Your analysis from the published evidence-based facts for your scenario certainly fits the situation. An accident is at least as likely a realistic theory as all the others being batted about, if not more so.

    A good investigator follows the evidence where it leads, and then comes to conclusions which fits the facts, and doesn’t start out with a pre-conceived theory and then cherry picks or “cooks” evidence to fit the preconception.

    Brad Bell, the Maryland ABC bureau chief reporting, is very explicit about the police investigation results handed to State Prosecutor Mosby (who was conducting a separate investigation) and Madam Mayor’s office from both Homicide detectives and the Force Investigative Team.

    These investigators would have observed the medical examiner’s autopsy of Freddie Grey and made their own police reports.

    Therefore, from first hand observation, the investigators for the Gray case would have seen for themselves that there were no visible injuries or broken bones on Gray’s body or limbs, and that is what Deputy Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez, head of BPD’s Professional Standards and Accountability Bureau had reiterated.

    According to Bell who was briefed by multiple law enforcement sources, in harmony with Madam Mayor’s public statements, by the nature of Gray’s fatal injuries, they were not caused by any of the physical handling involved in the arrest procedures and placing him in the van — twice, but occurred inside the van itself.

    Other news sources elaborating on it have consulted trauma physicians, and that opinion is that Gray’s catastrophic trauma is consistent with neck trauma “from a collision.”

    Other medical trauma experts consulted (and cherry picked) have gone so far as to state that they can’t imagine anything that would do the kind of traumatic damage to a person’s cervical spine.

    I can. It’s called a diving accident. Or an like equestrian accident that paralyzed the late Christopher Reeves when thrown from his horse and he landed on his head, and he spent the rest of his life on an artificial respirator.

    In any case watching the ABC7 video, I can see why you zoomed in on this. It narrows the parameters.

    I don’t have TV, but I get the sense that this local ABC7 broadcast never passed the cherry-picking threshold of national Jew media, and if it did, it was once at 3 am. There’s virtually no chatter about the information in the local broadcast on the Internet either.

    In the video, Bell says:

    0:42 “Well, Allison, you know a a week and a half ago we heard from Mayor Rawlings-Blake, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, in no uncertain terms that their focus was what happened inside the police transport van.

    0:54 “She said that they knew Freddie Gray was ok when he got in the van, and wasn’t when he got out. Now we know a little bit more from law enforcement sources as to why they believe that to be the case.

    1:05 “According to our law enforcement sources, an autopsy report found on Freddie Gray’s head, a mark on the top of his head, that matched a place on the back of the police transport van — specifically a bolt.

    1:19 “Now they described Freddie Gray as having handcuffs and legs in shackles.

    The theory is he was in the back of the van, very low headroom, standing over like this [Brad demonstrates being somewhat bent over], and for some reason went flying in the van and that is what caused his injury.

    1:38 Now this is all preliminary, this is from police. We asked the Office of the Medical Examiner to comment on this this afternoon. And they’re saying they cannot comment on an on-going investigation, and they don’t do preliminary reports.”

    The parameters of the Gray case were reduced in focus to investigating what happened inside the van by process of elimination because there is no physical evidence that Gray sustained any trauma related directly to being put on the ground and restrained and otherwise physically handled by the arresting officers.

    In the video, Bell gives a little demonstration of what Gray’s posture would have been like to receive the traumatic injury that he did, and his position inside the prisoner compartment relative to the bolt rear.

    Looking at a diagram and pictures of the BPD transport van (a Chevy), there’s a metal divider lengthwise down the prisoner compartment, which is a steel shell with preformed benches installed in the van’s cargo area and on the doors with what look like slightly round headed screw bolts.

    So, what does Bell’s demonstration of Gray’s posture, and his evident position inside the prisoner compartment based on the investigators reports from the medical examiner’s autopsy suggest Gray was doing at the time he collided with the door?

    Exactly what you’ve described. He wasn’t just standing up slightly bent because the van is not tall enough, Gray was bent way forward trying to slip his cuffed hands from back to front.

    If a person’s arms are long enough and body flexible and slim enough, when cuffed from behind they can work their cuffed hands over their butt and down their legs, bending, squatting and wriggling as necessary until they can pass their cuffed hands forward their feet.

    And that one video you linked to of an arrestee doing just that in probably less than 5 seconds, getting his gun from his gangbanger style front waistband carry then shooting out the police car window to escape as caught on a police cruiser surveillance camera is an eyeopener.

    A lot of criminal thugs in and out of prison and gang bangers practice just this kind of escape stuff. Gray was about 5’8-5’9 and 150 lbs, and easily could make the attempt.

    One last thing. Gray and his sister are documented as having suffered from chronic lead poisoning.

    One of the effects of chronic lead poisoning is on bone metabolism and it causes weakened and more fragile bones. Gray’s cervical bones would have fractured easier when his head impacted a door. What might have caused someone else’s neck vertebrae to slightly fracture, caused Gray’s to shatter.

    But all these things will be weighed out forensically in court. This is still America, and like you say, “the six cops are “defendants.” They are “innocent” until proven guilty.”

  23. Taylor May 6, 2015 @ 1:54 pm

    I know a little bit about Baltimore.

    Taught (or, more appropriately to describe, “baby-sitted”) through the Baltimore City Public Schools for the latter half of the school year in early 2005.

    I’ve seen and lived through the complete mess that is Baltimore, Maryland. Trust me on this: Baltimore city is a really crummy place to work and live. I couldn’t get out of that joint fast enough!

    I read where both the late Freddie Gray and his twin sister Fredricka had been stricken with lead poisoning as toddlers, and in fact, the family had been awarded damages for a successful legal suit brought.

    Baltimore children, especially minorities but also some White children, are a difficult lot. To compound this situation when I was in Baltimore, I taught in a racially mixed middle school on the tough south side.

    I recall one “student” (or, more accurately put, one “hoodlum”) in my class who was an extreme behaviorally disordered individual. This person was a documented lead-poisoned person.

    While the other “students” (laughs) too were often behaviorally out-of-bounds, this lead-poisoned individual acted as if he had absolutely no good sense whatsoever!

    Lead-poisoning does not excuse the individual for her/his anti-social behavior, but what it does do is spur what likely would have been a hard-to-handle person to behave even worse.

    Both late Freddy Gray and his living twin Fredricka, as documented lead poisoned persons, were troublesome individuals with one of the two having met an early demise.

    While there are many in Baltimore of a criminal mindset and lifestyle who have never been zapped with unwanted lead, there exists other well-documented cases of early lead exposure that can and does contribute to the problem.

    +BN’s analysis sounds very plausible, if not near the bulls-eye.

    Again, we see the same wretched tribe — as Jonas Alexis aptly refers to them, “the Dreadful Few” — exploiting the situation to their advantage and to the disadvantage of white Christian America.

    The fact that six police officers — 3 white and 3 black — have to be sacrificed is of no importance one iota to these schmucks.

  24. Koolz May 6, 2015 @ 3:06 pm

    The same or like wise shall be played out again in another city at another time.

    They won’t give up! They will constantly use the Race card “Blacks Matter” to fuel there never ending war on Whites.

    The Israel IDF Martial arts (Krav Maga) used could break your neck with one guy there is no need to use six. And I have done Krav Maga before. It’s mix of many styles but I don’t considerate as useful as Jeet Kune Do.

    Krav Maga does have moves that are taught that will break someones neck, and this is why you see Police constantly doing the Choke Hold it’s part of Krav Maga. Madana made Krav Maga an in thing.

  25. Deadbeat May 6, 2015 @ 3:43 pm

    There is two forces here that are plaguing the Black community and Baltimore is a good example of this. Those forces work in synergy.

    They are both Capitalism and Marxism — both promoted and influence by Jewry.

    Middle and working class Blacks in Baltimore were victimized by all the bad mortgages that lead to foreclosures and ruin many lives. There were no recourse for many of these folks and no prosecutions took place leaving many Baltimore residence displaces and broken.

    On the other hand Marxist agitators take advantage of the anger and bitterness and redirect bitter feelings toward destructive behavior. The cultural Marxists encourage anti-Christian values that leads to broken families and poor start for children.

    It is in the interest of Capitalism (state sponsored usury) to impoverish the Blacks while at the same time it is in the interest of Marxist to keep Blacks in a state of impoverishment in order to use then as revolutionaries against the system.

    In both cases Jewry are the winners and Blacks and the rest of American society are the losers.

  26. Cornelius May 6, 2015 @ 5:35 pm

    Great research Brother Nathanael!

    Another Jewish false flag uncovered.

    Patsy: Freddy Gray
    Technicians: Jewish Media
    Moles: Al Sharpton and Jesse Jacks’n

  27. Koolz May 6, 2015 @ 6:04 pm

    Sad part is that the kids that grow up in this cities and are lost children, fall under the hip hop culture and gangs.

    Those are the same zombies that attack a mall in the 100’s!

    Then there are groups that are paid to bring in immigrants to a city and let them destroy the social structure.

    There are too many cases like the case of Freddie Gray that have happened in the last year. Speaking of Last Year! there were over three different major cases!

    Zion sees something working and that’s not a good thing.

    Till next time warriors of light!

  28. Geoffrey May 6, 2015 @ 10:16 pm

    Why was Freddie Gray not in jail with a ten year or more sentence for multiple offenses?

    It is frustrating for honest police to catch criminal scum like Gray over and over again, only for corrupt courts to release them back to keep selling drugs.

    Drug dealers in all Western countries are given a free pass. How can they pay bribes if they are locked up?

    That is why good citizens who attack drug dealers in any way are heavily punished by the full force of the police and court systems. Politicians need their share of this drug bribe money too.

    War on drugs is a phoney. USA was destroyed by Prohibition, this type of widespread law breaking involving corruption really took off then and has never stopped.

    That is why the crooks including those at the top love Freddie Gray.

    Obama (if he was a normal black man and not a homo) “Freddie Gray could be one the the many sons I fathered and abandoned”.

  29. Brother Nathanael May 7, 2015 @ 7:08 pm

    NEW Vid coming SOON. Stay tuned. + BN

  30. cj May 7, 2015 @ 7:47 pm

    Brother Nate,

    You may want to check out Global Research article about Israeli trained police in Baltimore.

  31. Diane May 8, 2015 @ 2:44 am


    First of all it does not matter if Freddie Grey had a criminal record or not. The fact is he lives in America and that is what a trial is for. You do not kill someone because you “suspect” they are dealing and I don’t care how long their record is.

    You don’t kill someone because you frisk them and they have an illegal knife in their pocket. Eric Garner was killed because they said he was selling illegal cigarettes. WTF! Who gives a hoot. I don’t believe he was selling loose cigarettes, but again that is what the court system is for.

    I do believe that in the case of Freddie Grey he was critically injured before they ever put him in the van. It was obvious that he could not walk and he could not lift his head. I believe that it was an accident, if it really even happened.

    They are staging so many false flag media events that I do not believe a darn thing I see anymore. Everything is suspect at this point in time. That’s my two cents worth!

  32. Mark May 8, 2015 @ 7:50 am

    The more informed the public becomes, the more dangerous the situation becomes.

    A non dumbed down public is of no use.

    When the light bulb over peoples heads comes on, they are dangerous to the black-is-white/up-is-down movement.

    Try not to watch Jew TV. That’s a good start.

  33. Clinton Smythers May 8, 2015 @ 8:49 pm

    This really really makes me face palm hard when I read stuff like this.

    They are just trying to see how low they can go with all this stupid stuff it kinda makes my head hurt. So all this chaos and stuff is all over a convicted drug dealer who tried to escape and possibly committed accidental suicide while trying to escape and some how it turns into murder.

    This stuff is getting so ridiculous pretty soon every suicide by a Black person will be labeled a hate crime and a murder.

    Next they will have Black people commiting suicide on purpose and saying its homicide.

    The stupid public just gobbles up every Jewish lie and scam and then watches football without a care.

    The Jewish establishment just loves brainwashing the dumb masses with football, and that’s why they show all these satanic images with commercials and the half time show durring the Superbowl.

  34. Tony May 8, 2015 @ 11:43 pm

    I commented before:

    Baltimore State’s Attorney General Marylin Mosby has issued charges for all six arresting officers in the Freddie Gray incident.

    Officer Caesar Goodson Jr. faces 2nd degree murder and other charges. Three other officers are charges with involuntary manslaughter and other charges. One officer is charged with 2nd degree assault and false imprisonment.

    Critics say the charges are racially and politically motivated.

    Mosby is a Black Power activist closely tied to the NAACP and other Black advocacy groups. She is also married to the Baltimore City Council member who defended the rioters in a television interview.

    SO the three Black police will get the light punishment while the rest will get punished by 2nd murder degree.

    Just when you thought you seen it all.

    The police union is calling for a special investigator, given campaign contributions to Marilyn Mosby from Freddie Gray’s lawyer.

    Arrogant, Black-entitled Mosby replied to the union’s request for a special prosecutor:

    “The people of Baltimore City elected me and there is no accountability with a special prosecutor.”

    So she doesn’t allow investigations in order to shut facts and play the agenda.

  35. W. Lindsay Wheeler May 9, 2015 @ 7:34 am

    Being on probation or parole, means that you can NOT run from the police. By just running alone, means that he should have been arrested.

    This is nothing but a witch trial to put Europeans on trial and scapegoat them.

  36. Tom May 10, 2015 @ 3:46 am


    Freddie Gray was a dangerous thug like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, but the mainstream media keeps portraying them as innocent victims of White bigotry.

  37. KathJuliane May 10, 2015 @ 6:58 pm

    Way to go +BN!

    Great find on the spring-assisted knife found on Gray being an illegal weapon in violation of the Baltimore City Code. Rising star Mosby has been caught grandstanding in what is turning into a real 3-ring circus.

    Sources: Baltimore police investigation doesn’t support some of prosecution’s charges

    The Baltimore police investigation into the death of Freddie Gray doesn’t support some of the charges, including the most serious, filed by the Baltimore City State’s Attorney, potentially allowing lawyers representing the police officers the opportunity to undercut the prosecution, according to officials briefed on the separate probes conducted by the State’s Attorney and police.

    Already, defense attorneys are filing motions seeking to exploit differences between the separate state attorney and police investigations.

    Lawyers for two officers have challenged a key finding of State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s case: that a knife found on Freddie Gray was legal in Maryland and therefore the officers didn’t have a right to arrest Gray.

    The police investigation found that the knife is illegal under Baltimore city code.

    Officials familiar with the probes also say the homicide investigation run by police investigators at most contemplated a manslaughter charge, not second degree murder as Mosby charged one of the officers, Caesar Goodson.

    To win conviction for murder, prosecutors must prove intent to kill. Manslaughter relates to unintentional killings.

    In addition, homicide investigators who were briefed by the medical examiner’s office believed the examiner’s autopsy report would likely find the cause of death to fall short of homicide, according to one official familiar with the case.

    Instead, Mosby said that the medical examiner concluded that Gray’s death was a homicide and that Gray’s fatal injury to the head occurred in a police transport van that was taking him to the police precinct.

    According to an official with Maryland’s office of the chief medical examiner, where Gray’s autopsy was performed, information was shared with police investigators throughout the process, a common practice.

    But the official said there is only one conclusion on manner of death and that was contained in the final autopsy report delivered to Mosby on the same day she announced her decision to bring charges.

    Another issue could arise from the team Mosby relied on to lead her case: one of her top investigators, Avon Mackel, is a former high-ranking Baltimore police officer who was stripped of his command post in 2009 for failing to follow through on a robbery investigation that two of his officers mishandled and did not report.

    A Baltimore Sun report said police in the district were accused of classifying serious crimes as lesser in order to log lower crime rates.

    In October 2009, four months after his demotion, Baltimore County police sent a SWAT team to Mackel’s home, responding a drunken incident in which he was seen holding a gun, according to a police report of the incident obtained by CNN.

    Officers said an intoxicated Mackel refused to cooperate and was visibly upset, according to the report provided in response to a public records request. An officer then “observed the barrel of Mackel’s handgun hanging over the edge of the molding at the top of the steps and saw Mackel pull the gun out of sight,” the report said.

    Police used a Taser on Mackel while he was on the phone with his father “crying and yelling,” before he barricaded himself in his bedroom.

    The report doesn’t say how the incident ended, but police said there was no arrest. A spokesman for the Baltimore County Police Department said “the [SWAT] tactical unit did assist with this incident, which ended peacefully.”


  38. Hoff May 19, 2015 @ 4:53 am

    The Transfer Agreement by Edwin Black, a Jew

    Chapter 17, Jews, Zionists, Germans, Nazis, page 175.

    “In 1933, Hebrew became an encouraged course in all Jewish schools [in Germany]. By 1935, uniforms for Zionist youth corps were permitted – the only non-Nazi uniform allowed in Germany.

    When the Nuremburg Laws in the late 1935 stripped German Jewry of their citizenship, it became illegal for Jews to raise the German flag; the same law, however, stipulated that German Jewry could raise the star of David-emblazoned Zionist flag. Note 44

  39. Vladimir May 29, 2015 @ 3:44 pm

    I was caught without any ID after dark a couple of houses away from mine, a white kid in a white middleclass LA neighborhood, by a couple of LAPD.

    I had gone to the the corner PO box to mail a letter. After hearing I had no ID and, apparently not liking the name I gave them, as it turns out a lot of ‘mercans don’t, they packed me off to the precinct where I was repeatedly choked into unconsciousness, revived and choked some more.

    It’s called restraining a prisoner although all I was doing was asking what I was being arrested for. I was eventually thrown into a cell half-conscious where when I came to I found I could not vocalize even enough to make my phone call which after all the torture ( yes it was torture ! ) I was allowed to make.

    Eventually my concerned parents with whom I was living tracked me down after a neighbor told them what she had seen taking place outside her window. At time of release I was informed I was being charged with “resisting arrest” the eventual hearing for which the arresting officers did not even bother showing up to so my case was dismissed.

    There is something suspicious about the story that Gray was re-recuperating from spinal surgery, and started running because he did not want to compromise his suite in the matter.

    Recent or even distant spinal injury and or surgery can bring on such excruciating pain that many chronic suffers become pain pill addicts through no fault of their own. I kid you not.

    I do not believe for a minute Gray would have been able to run 2 steps before falling down in a writhing heap. It’s very likely that BPD managed to cause the surgery-weakened area to fail while manhandling him which if it was in the cervical area then partial or total breathing paralysis would have been very likely.

    I bring this up because police brutality has existed, I know, and continues to exist and may very well be much worse now that the Stern Gang’s progeny are here training our “finest”.

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