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Cantor’s Out, Brat’s In!

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Cantor’s Out, Brat’s In!
June 16, 2014 ©

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Brother Nathanael @ June 15, 2014


  1. Brother Nathanael June 15, 2014 @ 10:57 pm

    Text –Text– Text

    Cantor’s Out, Brat’s In!
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Copyright 2014

    He’s a Jew’s Jew. Israel’s best friend. He was Wall Street’s conduit to Congress.

    Cantor was good for the Jews NOT Virginia voters.

    [Clip: “Eric Cantor last night was one of the most powerful politicians in America, one of the top Republicans in America. Listen to him here, you know, he just lost.”

    “Obviously we came up short.”

    “The winner, an economics professor named Dave Brat. And now, seven o’clock last night, was an unknown. Now he’s a Tea Party national hero. Listen.”

    “It’s not about Dave Brat winning tonight. It’s about returning the country to Constitutional principles. It’s about returning the country to Judeo-Christian principles.”]

    Yes, a contradiction. But what Brat really means is swapping the homosexual agenda with Biblical sexual mores… and that’s a good thing.

    Brat also rallied Virginia voters by tying Cantor with Wall Street.

    [Clip: “The obvious elephant in the room is the financial crisis right back in ’07. And so, you say, well surely our leaders learned something after that disaster that brought our nation to its knees.
    And the evidence is overwhelming, they did not. Right, the crooks up on Wall Street and some of the big banks…and I’m pro-business, right…I’m just talking about the crooks. And they didn’t go to jail, they’re on Eric’s Rolodex.”]

    Who are those ‘crooks’ on Cantor’s Rolodex? The ones who funded his campaign?

    [Clip: “Eric Cantor represents everything that is loathsome about the modern institutional Republican Party. And not just loathsome to me as a liberal, but loathsome to Tea Party activists, loathsome to ordinary Americans, and loathsome to the voters in Cantor’s Virginia district.

    “If there’s one detail that sums up what we all find so distasteful, it’s of course this one, that the Cantor campaign spent almost a hundred and seventy thousand dollars on fancy Steak Houses like Bobby Van’s and BLT Steak, more than his opponent spent on his entire campaign during the same period.

    Neither of those outlets have any restaurants in his district it would appear.

    Now, it seems like a safe bet, Cantor wasn’t taking any of his constituents out to dinner.

    Maybe all that steak had something to do with the huge share of campaign cash he was raking in from PACs and large contributions.

    In the end, Cantor raised almost five and a half million dollars, and that is no small feat.

    Where did it all come from? Largely from the financial industry, from private equity firms, hedge funds, from Wall Street.”]

    It’s JEWISH Wall Street.

    Goldman Sachs is led by Lloyd Blankfein. Blackstone by Stephen Schwarzman. And fat cat Sheldon Adelson poured millions into Cantor’s PAC.

    That’s why Cantor’s voting record looks like a “Things To Do” list for a Bar Mitzvah. He lost NO opportunity to please the Jews NOT his Virginia constituency.

    I mean, Virginia voters have jobs on their minds NOT endless trips to Israel.

    [Clip: Cantor: “Few things are as meaningful as watching your colleagues discover the Jewish state for the very first time.”

    Hoyer: “This past summer was my 13th visit to Israel and Eric’s 12th.”

    Cantor: “We keep going back, because like you, we love Israel.”]

    Is this why Brat accused Cantor for being “out of touch?” Because he “kept going back” to Israel…hobnobbing with those he’s truly loyal to?

    Does Cantor “love Israel” more than he loves America?

    Well, Brat puts America first.

    [Clip: Hannity: “What would you say, what direction do you want this Party, your Party, to go in that would help solve the country’s problems?”

    Brat: “First you got to get your own house in order before you can help others and we’re out of control right now. Instead we’re centralizing top down everything in the country right now. And the history of nations is the history of central governments run amuck.”]

    We need to get our own house in order, not Israel’s. Cantor ran amuck to Israel 12 times. That’s 12 times too many.

    Good riddance Mr Cantor.

    Virginia voters voted an Israel-Firster out and an American-Firster in.

  2. Brother Nathanael June 15, 2014 @ 10:58 pm

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  5. Lee/Gene June 16, 2014 @ 12:03 am

    I say let us celebrate with a bottle of California Gentile wine.

    When I brought up the subject of no longer funding Israel with billions of tax payer money to my sister, she said Israel needs our support. I don’t know why she said that because she is not a religious person. Then again, neither are Jews.

    America has been duped into supporting Israel for political reasons and we are paying the price in the form of hatred for America by victims of Israel’s violence.

    It is utterly sad when John Hagee’s Cornerstone Church of San Antonio, Texas preaches and teaches non scriptural devotion to Israel to his followers. Many give yearly to CUFI (Christians United For Israel). I heard a dirt poor, elderly, Black woman give to Hagee’s cause.

    People of all varieties are duped into giving support to this criminal state whether they are rich or poor, not educated or highly educated.

    My only conclusion for all the blindnes, madness, and the evil in this world, is a dark force behind it.

    Dazed and confused.

  6. Irene Bonney June 16, 2014 @ 1:02 am

    You are right. The dark force behind is Babylonian based influence, inspiring those Jews supported by Hagee who is duped by the occult practices of the religious descendants of the Pharisees Jesus’ day.

    He prayed to His Father to keep His disciples from the evil one who had already taken the Pharisees captive. They followed oral tradition and the Satanism that Ezekiel saw in vision, that was in effect even beneath the Jerusalem Temple, later destroyed.

    Their followers, now with the written Talmud, have incorporated all the evils portrayed therein as their Torah Law, followed said Netanyahu, by present day Israel.

    Where is Hagee in his vast ignorance and stupor and all the other blinded Christian Zionist pastors in the U.S.? They have been the subject of occult practices leading to their doctrines of the end time, leading millions into this demonic hoax and doctrines of demons about which Paul warned.

    So as not to be confused, understand this and see exactly what the New Testament says. Therein lies the truth. Know the truth and it shall set you free, said Jesus and this applies also to those of the multitudes. Many even blindly give some even out of tbeir poverty to the very wealthy and fraudulent ones who hate Christ and Christians.

    Sound the battle cry and set Christian bélievers free from this scourge in our churches. Away with deceit. Follow no lies but grasp truth, fully disclosed in the New Testament.

  7. TimW June 16, 2014 @ 1:11 am

    Hallelujah for David Brat.

    Let us hope that he is not like another David of ill repute, the David Cameron of London, scion of the Levita drug lord family.

  8. get3coffinsready June 16, 2014 @ 5:11 am


    Brat (or the Democrat, if he wins the general election,) will be bought off by Israel seconds after he parks his car in Washington.

  9. loquendolaxe June 16, 2014 @ 5:20 am

    Not only David Cameron. Tony Blair also!

    Couple years back, Weasel Blair was boasting of having a ‘Jewish’ ancestor. Apparently that ‘Jew’ ancestor was alive in Ireland a couple centuries ago. The scumbag has also prayed at the “Wailing Wall” on more than one occasion.

    I don’t have any online links to hand to offer in this comment, but I am confident Brother Nathanael’s more intrepid readers will soon track down some confirming evidence about Blair’s family tree.

    These informations only help to confirm that Brother Nathanael has been consistently correct all along, ever since he commenced his website and Ministry.

    The insights provided by RJN (and RZN) over the years have been priceless. More people need to broadcast this reality … loudly and proudly!

  10. Watcher465 June 16, 2014 @ 6:14 am

    Will Cantor now have to work for a living?

    Nah, he’ll weasel his Jewish arse back into a position of political power.

    Meanwhile Brat will receive an offer he can’t refuse from Israel. Maybe Cantor will become his handler.

  11. Andrew Mackinnon June 16, 2014 @ 6:19 am


    David Brat won’t be bought off because he has the integrity required to resist it.

    Furthermore, the entire Christian community around the world is praying for him and his family.

  12. Michael June 16, 2014 @ 6:24 am

    Eric Canton is a great example of Jewry going too far.

    What is it with maniacs thinking no one can stop them?

    Once that attitude sets in, that when the fall happens.

    Brother Nathanael, every video you produce is an improvement on the previous one.

    You seem to effortlessly articulate without stutter the points you have to make. You are the real deal.

  13. Taylor June 16, 2014 @ 8:45 am

    @Michael et al

    “You seem to effortlessly articulate without stutter the points you have to make. You are the real deal.”

    Soooo, if you are able to, help this man out. I can’t because I just went from underemployment to unemployment, and the business deal with a partner that I thought would move to fruition fell flat. City Council denied issuing the business license, due to a zoning problem.

    Those who can, extend some support. Those who can’t, pray, offer words of encouragement, and when matters improve, give some financial support.

  14. PJ June 16, 2014 @ 9:45 am

    The Jews were really asleep at the switch on this one.

    They didn’t even have time to cook the vote apparently.

  15. KathJuliane June 16, 2014 @ 10:27 am

    Dear +BN,

    Absolutely the best video covering the dynamic behind the most stunning political upset of Brat versus Cantor among the Power Jews, both in America and Israhell.

    Phil Weiss did a heck of a write up surveying various published Jewish reactions, and the results are hilarious.

    Oi vey, the Jewish histrionics, the tearing of garments in mourning, and all the while the Jews pouring ashes on their own heads crying “Woe is us, woe is us!” is really a bit much, but nevertheless, I was still on the floor laughing as I read the questioning and pseudo-mourning coming from Jewry.

    Is it his religion? Anti-semitism? What happened?

    Indeed, like PJ observed, “the Jews were really asleep at the switch on this one.”

    See: Mondoweiss

    God bless, dear +BN.

    Everyone needs to donate to keep RJN and your Street Evangelism afloat, as well as make sure that his living expenses are met. I’m on limited income, I’ve made my donation this month.

    I know for a fact that +BN lives frugally, but he still has basic living expenses like rent, utilities, and food, etc to meet for himself every month.

    The costs meeting basic living needs are separate from the non-profit business expenses of keeping his sites alive and protected, the least of which are technical fees, and sometimes lawyers fees as well.

    The Brother Nathanael Foundation now has 501c3 status, and there is really no excuse left for not donating, if one is able to do so.

    Things are tight for a lot of people, and many more out of work; but for many, there are corners you can cut just free up some money to do your share to support +BN.

    Just off the top of my head, people could give up their pricey Starbuck’s habit (the company is a major supporter of Israel and is owned by the Jew, Howard Schultz), send the proceeds saved for a month to +BN, and do a little bit towards helping Palestine and boycotting Israel-supporting companies.

    Even at one Starbuck’s coffee a day, by not buying and saving the change for +BN, by the end of the month, there’d be around $100.00.

    God bless everyone, and +BN, congratulations on an excellent video. It cheers me up to see a win for the Goyim once in awhile.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  16. Jim Morgan June 16, 2014 @ 11:55 am

    Br. Nathanael,

    I enjoy your videos.

  17. Taylor June 16, 2014 @ 2:49 pm

    @Jim Morgan

    “I enjoy your videos.”

    Then, please help him out, if you are able to.

    Those of us struggling in poverty, some of whom without any form of income, cannot.

    Many others, fortunate to have steady work, should be able to give something.

    Please do.

  18. Hoff June 16, 2014 @ 3:47 pm

    “It’s about returning the country to Judeo-Christian principles.”


    He look pretty hook nosed. Just more Jew lead false opposition.

  19. Richard Wilcox June 16, 2014 @ 6:36 pm

    A refreshing change of pace but let’s hope he does not turn out to be another Rand Paul sell out.

    Maybe Sheldon Adelson will be our next president, sure would beat having Hillary, if only because he is better lookin’ (joke):

    “Furthermore, the casino mogul, Sheldon Adelson, who donates millions of dollars to fund presidential campaigns in the US (now that billionaires and corporations completely control the “election” system) is attempting to move into Japan’s political arena.

    Apparently even the CIA-run Japan Times has now become an “antisemitic conspiracy rag” as witnessed by the following editorial:

    “If Adelson’s casinos were allowed to operate in Japan, he might seek to influence Japanese politics by spending vast sums of money here, too” (24).”

  20. Tony Lopez-Cisneros June 16, 2014 @ 7:29 pm

    Beautiful Video Once Again, Br. Nathanael, As ALWAYS!

    The Cantor Defeat Is U.S. Constitutonal America’s VICTORY!

    I Love The Analogy Of The Cantor Steak Dinners vs The Campaign Fund Of Candidate/Congressman Dave Brat.

    The Brat Victory In Virginia Is Only Emboldening Me To Make My Possible Re-Run For Chicago City Treasurer In 2015 A Reality.

    Many Thanks To You, Br. Nathanael, For Your Exquisite Insight & Exemplary Journalism; As, You Continue To Preach, Propagate & Publish


    Truthfully, Honestly, Sincerely Yours And Faithfully Recorded & Submitted,

    Tony Cisneros
    2011 (& Possible 2015) Candidate For City Treasurer,
    City Of Chicago
    State Of illinois
    United States Of America

    P.S. Although William Jennings Bryan Never Became U.S. President After Five (5) Campaigns For The White House; He — Nontheless — Did More For Middle Class U.S. Americans Than Any U.S. President Elected In The Late-19th, 20th &-Or Early-21st Century.

  21. $10 Bagel June 17, 2014 @ 12:49 am

    Brat looks almost the same as Cantor. It’s unreal.

  22. Eileen K. June 17, 2014 @ 1:41 am


    It’s about time Jew Cantor got his butt kicked by the voters of his Virginia district. He’s outlived his usefulness in Congress, and it’s time he got to work for a living; but, knowing him as the quintessential Jew that he is, Cantor will seek out some other powerful political position.

    As PJ observed, “the Jews were definitely asleep at the switch on this one”; a case of too much hubris, I’d say.

    I, too, believe that David Brat is the real deal; he has integrity, courage, and a great deal of determination to win a seat in Congress, despite his lack of sufficient funding for his campaign. He defeated a much wealthier, more powerful incumbent, the 2nd most powerful Republican in the House; and, that goes a very long way.

    He’s true to his Christian faith, not a sell-out wussy like Senator Rand Paul, who grovelled before powerful Jewish interests to prevent jeopardizing his political career.

    Br. Nathanael, each article you write is better than the previous ones; that’s one of the reasons I’ve been donating on a regular basis. Just like KathJuliane, I’m also on a fixed income. I’ll be sending another donation soon.

    God bless you.


  23. Taylor June 17, 2014 @ 8:14 am

    +BN argues that the Cantor defeat was spurred by Cantor’s en-slavish obedience, service, and pandering to Israel. In other words, Cantor is an Israeli Firster, which is obvious.

    On the other hand, NWO front-man and gatekeeper, Rush Limbaugh, argues that the Cantor defeat is evidence of Virginians’ firm and growing opposition to illegal immigration, which, as we on RJN are aware, is one of the insidious offshoots of Jews running the show.

    As much as I admire +BN and deplore the long-winded and Zionist sellout as well as cheerleader for Israel, Mr. Limbaugh, I have to agree with Rush on this one.

    It would be comforting to know that Virginians gave Cantor the pink slip, due to Cantor’s unabashed and undying devotion to Israel over the United States, but I don’t think voters are sufficiently sophisticated to be drawn to vote focusing on that.

    But, the illegal immigration problem is as in-our-faces as a situation can get and that is what I believe persuaded voters to ditch Cantor for Dr. Brat.

  24. AnneOfLosAngeles June 17, 2014 @ 8:24 am

    Jewipedia says:

    “Brat attended Hope College in Michigan and received a B.A. in Business Administration in 1986; he also graduated with a Master’s degree in Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1990 and earned a Ph.D in economics from American University in 1995.”

    Assuming this is correct, it does not bode well for any “silver or lead” bribes/threats the Jews may have in store for Dr. Brat.

  25. Justin June 17, 2014 @ 8:58 pm

    While I am skeptical of republicanism (as an Orthodox Christian I am in line with monarchy), Brat’s victory is a win for the Gentiles and a loss for the Jews.

    I can’t be happier for that.

    It’s a good thing that the Jew Cantor is out. Cantor’s voting record proves he was a Zionist shill (more like validation for what you should already know about Yids), every vote as shown on the internet shows he supports IsraHELL 100% of the time, while giving Americans of every race, origin, or creed (especially Christians) the proverbial finger.

    Finally as was mentioned above, Brat isn’t a sell-out like Rand Paul who sacrificed himself to the Devil by praying (and probably offering chickens as sacrifices) to Satan at Fort Antonia, something Ron Paul would have never done.

    We can only hope and pray that Amerikans continue on this path, as it is good for the Gentiles and bad for the Jews.

  26. Brother Nathanael June 18, 2014 @ 12:33 am

    Dear All –

    I have been following events in Ukraine and Iraq very closely and plan on Articles on both.

    But first a Letter from an older, scholarly Jewish reader recently was specifically addressed to me in which he refutes the Holocaust tale.

    He gave me his permission to publish his Letter with his full name and email attached. I simply can’t pass up this opportunity while it is still hot.

    I will be posting the Letter as a fully-illustrated Article on Wednesday.

    Then we’ll deal with Putin’s options in Ukraine and a different perspective on the Iraq situation. Stay tuned! +BN

  27. Tony Montoya June 18, 2014 @ 6:25 am

    Hey Brother N…

    Cantor was a huge Zio crook. But if you think this slick-talking Brat will be in any better — just because he says the right things, your optimism outweights mine.

    My intiution says, he will soon have suitors that will come bearing gifts. He wont be the first person bought off by kabbalist agents. Im thinking sceptism is better warranted until he backs up his words with actions.

    The quest for Zion goes on, in many hidden forms and will not be easily thwarted by economic professor who lives his life inside the matrix.

  28. The Elder of Zyklon-B June 18, 2014 @ 6:55 am

    How will David Brat possibly avoid traveling to Israhell, donning the yarmulke, and posing at “the wall” if he is going to be a Representative for D.C.?

    Perhaps we should ask his campaign spokesman Brian Gottstein.

  29. Kalin June 18, 2014 @ 8:44 am

    When Brat removes “Judaeo” from “Christian”, then we’ll know he’s starting to smell the coffee.

    He may be the lessor of the two evils; however, many well-meaning conservatives worship the Jews and can easily be manipulated by them.

    As long as someone uses the term “satanic-Christian,” we know he’s still blind, though he may have good intent. Until one reads the ‘uncensored’ version of the Talmud, it’s difficult to understand how filthy rabbinic Judaism really is.

  30. Kalin June 18, 2014 @ 9:37 am

    Brother Nate,

    If you can expose that phony religion (holocaust), that will be the greatest step in exposing the nakedness of Israel. Then the world will see her for what she is.

    This of course, will only happen when God is ready, as written in Revelations 17 and apparently first occurred in 70 AD. It could be that those prophecies and events are unfolding again in our day.

    I hope I live to see the evil whore burned with fire once again – that “MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.”

  31. MM June 18, 2014 @ 9:56 am

    Dear Brother Nate,

    Very good to hear you have permission to publish the Jewish reader’s letter refuting the Holocaust tale. We’ll all be waiting with great anticipation!

    By the way, Michael Hoffman, On the Contrary, has a recent article titled “Does Anti-Goyism have a future in Europe” which was in response to a Wall Street Journal article titled “Do Jews have a Future in Europe.”

  32. AnneOfLosAngeles June 18, 2014 @ 2:55 pm

    Cantor is an Israelfirster and Virginialaster!

    I sure hope more Americans wake up to these Israelfirstergentilehaters and packem to the curb.

  33. Hoff June 18, 2014 @ 9:01 pm

    This article by David Duke speaks tons:

  34. Dante Ardenz June 18, 2014 @ 10:44 pm

    I admire Brother, but cannot agree on anything good about Brat.

    I see some gullible Christians falling for this ‘Judeo-Christian’ on the site as well. Brat only won because many Democrats crossed over to vote against Cantor in the primary.

    Brat is a confused man,who idolizes the Libertarian economics of Jewish Atheist Ann Rand, and the idea of ‘Christian Capitalism,’together! The first replaces the power of Jews in the Government,with Jewish power over us in Finance Capital.

    Brat has pledged his full fidelity to AIPAC and entire ideology is that of the Jew worshiper Oliver Cromwell, the Puritan leader of Britain in the 1600’s, who mixed Jewish Banking Control with “Judeo -Christianity” and capitalistic greed.

    He gets ZERO support from me..the other side of the same coin.

  35. Jasbeen June 19, 2014 @ 2:40 pm

    If the Holocaust happened, it happened.

    If it gets a lot of mileage, it is because it is being presented as a counter to the Crucifixtion.

  36. NIQ June 20, 2014 @ 12:34 pm

    2 NASTY (French) JEW interviewers posing SLANTED questions to Putin to implant thinking in the NUMB audience brains that RUSSIA is the invader and the instigator of all the NASTY JEW orchestrated bloodshed in Ukraine!

    What’s new? The JEW acting as a LIAR, a PARASITE, a DECEIVER, a MURDERER.

    It is obvious that it does not matter where the JEW is from (France, U.S., Britain, Australia, …) the JEW acts in concert with the Chosenites TRIBE agenda!

  37. Matthew/Boston June 23, 2014 @ 10:10 am

    Remember “Chuck” Hagel? Remember Rand Paul?

    The demon tribe controls Washington’s District of Criminals with a very heavy hand. Don’t get your hopes up.

    Removing this cancer from America will have to be done by the populace. It won’t happen with elected officials. (Although it’s damned good to see the Israeli Cantor booted out!)

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