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Has Jewry Infiltrated The Local Police?

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Has Jewry Infiltrated The Local Police?
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Brother Nathanael @ January 19, 2012


  1. Brother Nathanael January 19, 2012 @ 9:57 pm

    Text — Text — Text

    Has Jewry Infiltrated The Local Police?
    By Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Copyright 2012

    Everyone’s talking about the militarization of the local police these days.

    But does anyone dare to mention the Jewish infiltration of local, county, and state police? Believe me, the two go hand in hand.

    Take for instance the powerful Jewish Lobby – the Anti-Defamation League known as the ADL – led by Abraham Foxman and a host of other high powered Jewish staff members.

    Ever since 9/11 the ADL has boasted that it has trained some 70,000 law enforcement officers – FBI official too – in its “Advanced Training” and “Counter-Terrorism” Schools and Seminars.

    Just last month, the ADL held its twentieth Advanced Training School which featured presentations by Micky Rosenfeld of the Israel Police, and TSA head, John Pistole, who is piloting TSA’s warrantless searches on interstates, bus stations, and even Social Security offices.

    Now it goes without saying that “counter-terrorism” involves training in militarized weapons to deal with ALL those “terrorists” lurking in our streets and towns these days. And apparently, it takes “Jewish” expertise to deal with them.

    Perhaps that’s why Obama just named Jewish State Department official, Daniel Benjamin, to head the Department’s brand new “Bureau of Counter Terrorism.”

    Benjamin told reporters last week that the Bureau will cover everything from police training to countering al-Qaeda.

    Well of course! There’s an ‘al-Qaeda’ cell and storefront on every block in every town and neighborhood across America!

    And not to be left out is the infamous Homeland Security in its ‘war on terror’ quest to militarize our once friendly local police.

    Now, many think that Janet Napolitano, an alleged lesbian, is the real power behind Homeland Security. Naah. Talmudic Jews, Senator Joseph Lieberman, head of the Senate Committee for Homeland Security, and his synagogue buddy, Michael Chertoff, are the real power boys behind our ‘Ministry of War Against American Citizens’ department.

    Together with the Pentagon’s “1033” Program, Homeland Security has overseen the military transfer at no charge to local police departments of M-16 assault rifles; Bear Cat armored vehicles; digitalized intrusion and attack mechanisms; helicopters; drones; grenade launchers; camera tracking; and YES, even military robots.

    Now, compact personal ATTACK drones that fit in a backpack are now in the offing.

    Last week, Huffington Post cited plans of drone manufacturer “AeroVironment” to promote…allegedly to local police departments…a portable drone called the “Switchblade” which can track a person, target the person, and then explode on the person—decimating the hapless victim into splithereens—never to be seen again.

    Pretty soon, it appears, the ADL will be TRAINING our local police in how to “splithereen” us all.

    Is Jewry infiltrating our local police forces? Don’t ask me! Just ask Abe Foxman!

  2. Brother Nathanael January 19, 2012 @ 9:59 pm

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    Your +Brother in Christ, Nathanael

  4. John King / so. Indiana January 19, 2012 @ 11:11 pm

    Question for Bro Nathanael:

    What advice can you give us for finding out if our local police dept has been infiltrated?

    Would you advise a Freedom of Informaton Act (FOIA) request? Is it not a violation of church and state to have a partisan religious group giving training to our men in blue?

    There would be hell to pay if they got training from Muslims groups or the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention). I want my police to be “religious neutral.” What advice do you have for the RZN family?

    I am involved as a correspondent on a openly pro-White radio show, The White Voice ( and I don’t want Foxy Foxman telling my police any lies about me. Foxman is a Jewish supremacist.

    I/we are pro-White but oppose the idea of supremacism.

    I am no danger to anyone in my community or the country and I don’t want Foxman poisoning the mind of my police force to me. It could have bad results.

  5. Mark Talbott, Sydney, Australia January 19, 2012 @ 11:31 pm


    United States of America

    1776 – 1913

    Cause of Death: JEWS

  6. AX January 20, 2012 @ 1:34 am

    What is it about disproportional representation that the sheep simply refuse to get ??

  7. Jim DeTexas January 20, 2012 @ 3:24 am

    With more and more sheriffs taking their birthright to Israel to be trained on terror it seems only correct that Juice have invaded our law enforcement.

  8. Kwai Chang January 20, 2012 @ 3:53 am

    We are surrounded, tell the others.

    It’s time to replace the eagle on the dollar bill with a predator drone. However, fear is the only darkness.

    Someday, our own personal education may result in a collective awakening that will be irreversible, provided it comes in a timely fashion.

    Brother Nathanael is making this possible…we must not squander this critical opportunity. Truth is light…let it shine on us all.

    Anything IS possible!

    Thank you…


  9. James Woroble Jr January 20, 2012 @ 5:35 am


    United States of America

    1776 – 1913

    Cause of Death: JEWS’

    Apparently there are times when 11 words can speak THOUSANDS!

  10. Arjan January 20, 2012 @ 6:03 am

    While my family and I are visiting Brother Nathanael for the first time, we witnessed the making of this video.

    Aside from the research that went into the speech, it took Brother Nathanael and the producer a long day and evening to put this video together.

    Brother Nathanael lives in a monastic cell. It is a very small room with two chairs, a bed roll, a computer, a closet and book shelves. The walls are covered with beautiful icons.

    He has a very small kitchen, big enough for one monk, and a bathroom. That’s all he has.

    He does not have an X-box, or a TV, or a car, or a swimming pool, or a jet airplane.

    As the RZN family may know, Brother Nathanael fasts all day and eats one vegan meal for dinner. As an Orthodox monk he also has to do a prayer rule that takes hours.

    I mention these things in support of Brother Nathanael’s work and for people that donate money, to be assured that he puts all the money into his work.

    Please consider tithing, even a small amount would help.

    Thank you.

  11. Anthony Clifton January 20, 2012 @ 7:18 am

    The “Policy” the POLICE are “Enforcing” is Talmudic.

    The Law of the Almighty is upheld in the Kingdom by the Kings and Priests, not the synagogue of Satan Pharisees — Remember Waco !

  12. JOHNNY BARTEE January 20, 2012 @ 7:30 am

    There is NO FREEDOM. It is gone and it is too late to get it back. GAME OVER.

  13. DachsieLady January 20, 2012 @ 7:46 am

    I wish to point out the Southern Poverty Law Center’s training of local DHS “Fusion Center” personnel. The SPLC is an outfit that Brother Nathaniel has exposed many times.

    The local cities and counties are being merged in to DHS “regions” so hope in a local sheriff or tenth amendment states rights is fast becoming a thing of the past.

    “And the working group member list also includes Richard Cohen, President of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    In addition, as one of the “Subject Matter Experts,” it lists Laurie Wood, an analyst for the Southern Poverty Law Center and an instructor for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

    That training center is run by the Southern Poverty Law Center and is one of the most visible direct links between DHS, the Fusion Centers and SPLC. Law enforcement agencies actually send their personnel to these training classes to gain Federal Law Enforcement Training Center certification.

    That means that policy for this DHS working group is being created by the very organization that has labeled those who advocate Constitutional law to be potential terrorists.

    In addition, the “training” called for in the report will most likely be conducted, at least in part, by the SPLC’s Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

    The pattern is clear, one of the nation’s leading hate groups, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which opposes even the right of free speech by people it labels potential terrorists, is helping the largest federal enforcement agency in the nation to create its policy.

    That policy clearly states, according to DHS reports, that anyone disagreeing with actions of the American government is a potential terrorist and must be, at least, watched and monitored by federal, state, and local authorities.

    The result of such surveillance could possibly lead to loss of freedom, loss of jobs, loss of the ability to travel, and loss of the ability to speak publicly for anyone who opposes the private agenda of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    It is an effort to silence their opponents. Honest political debate is now being interpreted as dangerous extremism.”

  14. Svenn January 20, 2012 @ 9:10 am

    Great new video.

    As former Law Enforcement, I know too well the power that “the Chosen” have over every aspect of the legal system.

    I thank you for this video. They may be coming for us soon.

    Stay safe and be brave.

    Next pay check, I’ll send what I can.

    God Bless

  15. DaveE January 20, 2012 @ 9:14 am

    Thanks for the warning, BN.

    I’ll try to remember to always flush twice to make certain any Al Qaeda terrorists hiding under the rim are “down the drain.”

    It’s the Jewish terrorists that are a lot harder to get rid of.

  16. Gracie January 20, 2012 @ 9:27 am

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    I have watched this video multiple times and each time I am reminded of Road Runner cartoons.

    Remember when Wile E. Coyote would employ the best of cartoon science via Acme bombs and traps in an effort to kill Road Runner by blowing him into “smithereens?” He always failed.

    Today’s Road Runners (all of us non-Jews) are facing the truly formidable wolves-in-sheep’s clothing: the Talmudic Jews who employ high-tech science in which to literally blow us all into “splithereens.” Thanks +BN we needed a new word for this.

    The Talmudic wolves have been using both high-tech and low-tech weapons for many years to attack the Road Runners physically: fluoride, mercury fillings, contaminated vaccines, artificial sweeteners, genetically modified food, chemtrails, parabens, toxic drugs, and more.

    The Talmudic Jews have used every other means available to attack us: infiltrating and destroying our culture, religion, history, government, and laws.

    Even against this full spectrum dominance, remarkably many of us are still standing, speaking truth, and fighting back.

    The “Fox” man and his predators may appear to be winning the earthly fight but despair not little flock.

    Our great Shepherd said:

    “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”


  17. Taylor January 20, 2012 @ 10:01 am

    The evidence appears increasingly prescient that Talmudic Jews, those fine fellows whom I um-affectionately refer to as “kikes,” have made significant inroads into local law enforcement.

    Unfortunately, as many Gentile law enforcement personnel are overweight and sort of stupid, they are unable to recognize this debilitating Talmudic Zionist cancer destroying their once fine force, as well as the communities that the police used to serve.

  18. braddah pk January 20, 2012 @ 10:25 am

    Thanks Homoland Suckurity for keeping us in your cross-hairs,

    Bless us with more tribulation and terror,

    Dishonor the past with more retarded enforcement procedures,

    Give us this day our daily ration of Zioganda to mollify our brains,

    Refresh our homoland with cameras and surveillence equipment,

    Save us from doubting your infinite wisdom handed down to us from S—n,

    Increase our debts, as our debts pile sky high,

    And make us more useless and pathetic as yourself.


  19. Susie go January 20, 2012 @ 10:57 am

    Bro. Nathanael,

    Gee, just as I was about to leave this message, Firefox crashed.

    Anyway, after 16 years in law enforcement (city cop) and watching the changes that happened after 9-11, I can vouch that what you say is true. Let me fill in some of the inside details, though.

    People with Jewish last names run the cities. They are in government, cultural events, businesses…everything. So, who puts the chief of police in? Yep, those very Jews. THAT is how they ‘run’ the police departments.

    And then the Federal government ‘gives’ millions of dollars to the police and when they tell them to do something, they HAVE to or their bridges won’t be fixed or roads maintained.

    And also, boys love combat stuff so when these new things are given to the departments like taser guns, they go ape-shit and volunteer for those ‘special groups’ created to ‘fight crime.’ What a jolly good time is had by all.

    After 9-11, we had an in-service and were told by the instructor that Israel had the cell phones so when an Arab (aka terrorists) ordered one, they put a bomb in it to kill the guy (or woman or child). At the time we thought the terrorists were the Muslims and agreed with it.

    NOW, I am so very ashamed that we fell for that garbage. NOW I know the Mossad is the terrorists organization backed by the ADL and Obama.

    Keep on trucking, Bro. N. You ARE educating people into what is really happening and how close the U.S. is to falling as did Russia in 1917.

    Of course, people could educate themselves and research it…but that ain’t gonna happen….so keep on trucking.


  20. bubba January 20, 2012 @ 12:17 pm

    Very timely article.

    Deanna Spingola had a guest on yesterday; an ex cop who discussed this developing police state.

    The police’s role has changed from “keepers of the peace” to LAW ENFORCEMENT as well as revenue generators through ticket issuance.

    The Gov’ts have poured money into local police departments to arm themselves to the teeth, even in retirement communities (where the threat would be seniors on golf carts?).

    The fear is that these police have all these new toys to use and will use them in overkill fashion.

    He also stated law enforcement is becoming centralized, and moving laterally. Cities used to hire senior police officials like Chiefs from within, but are now recruiting from other cities, i.e. like Dallas recruits from LA.

    Police are also ramping up charges on individuals so that at least something sticks.

    Another topic of interest is Tasers. Even though many people have died, one reason the Police use them is that the Manufacturers vigorously fight any lawsuits. This implies should Police be sued, their backs are covered. This does not bode well for the suspect.

    The guest said he hoped police officers were listening, and getting the message that the people are not against THEM.

    However, the police should get an idea how police is changing to serve a higher power, not the public.

  21. Nicolae January 20, 2012 @ 4:03 pm

    2 Esdras 6:7 Then answered I and said, What shall be the parting asunder of the times? or when shall be the end of the first, and the beginning of it that followeth?

    2 Esdras 6:8 And he said unto me, From Abraham unto Isaac, when Jacob and Esau were born of him, Jacob’s hand held first the heel of Esau.

    2 Esdras 6:9 For Esau is the end of the world, and Jacob is the beginning of it that followeth.

    Obadiah 1:18 And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be [any] remaining of the house of Esau; for the LORD hath spoken [it].

    This is a must read book for every Christian in the world.

  22. Daytona January 20, 2012 @ 4:49 pm

    They will infiltrate in every hierarchy of important organizations to cover-up future undertakings.

  23. Prairie January 20, 2012 @ 6:20 pm

    Arjan –

    There are very few honorable and decent men left in this world, I would include Ron Paul and Br Nathanael in that group. Being new to the site, it did not take long to see where Br Nathanael’s heart is at.

    Br Nathanael is very strong and brave, a rare human indeed.

    At this stage that the country, and world, is in, it is imperative that every action, every dollar, every effort count towards good.

    While I may not have been gifted with great speech nor large amounts of money, I can put a small amount towards the “best” good.

    While my church on a local level is important and should receive a percentage of support, also worthy of support of even a greater percentage is Br Nathanael. I KNOW “my” dollar (not mine, but mine to direct) gets the biggest “bang” with Br Nanthanael.

    Br Nathanael, peace and safety on your trip!!

  24. I-love-Jesus January 20, 2012 @ 10:21 pm

    I will be honest.

    This is off topic, please forgive me +BN. Im a divorced woman all alone. I left the apostate harlot church system here in Southern California by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

    I study the Holy Scriptures daily by myself in my home, and pray to the Lord. However, no one in my immediate circle of friends or family have any clue as to what is going on in the present world. And when I try to tell them, about this info they think I’m losing my mind and Im crazy! And I feel so isolated.

    I have to admit I have fear about this NWO and the mark of the beast, the FEMA concentration camps & Rex 84 in the USA. And I want to escape all this, I feel alone. I know that The Lord says in the last days the saints will be martyred and that scares me. Can someone give me some words of encouragement? I feel lost and alone.

    Warm Regards.

  25. Brother Nathanael January 20, 2012 @ 10:47 pm

    @I Love Jesus

    Feel free to email me. +BN

  26. $10 Bagel January 21, 2012 @ 12:29 am

    @I Love Jesus

    While my circumstance are different, I have a lot of the same feelings and concerns as you.

    Anytime you try to knock some sense into those who follow the status quo they will call you names and give you those funny looks.

    Eventually something will click for these people and whether they give you credit or not, they will start to come around. So keep spreading the message!

    All I can say is that we have to stay strong in these times and also remember what Jesus said:

    “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated Me first.” – John 15:18

  27. KathJuliane January 21, 2012 @ 12:53 am

    Greetings, I-love-Jesus

    Perhaps this link might be some small consolation for you.

    We Are Not Alone For God Is With Us

    Many of us are afraid, I know I am anyway, especially because things seem to be moving so slowly, yet so relentlessly. And, for what it is worth, many of my own family and friends are rather indifferent to the growing situation.

    Yet, our Lord Jesus Christ was tested in all ways that we are, including the loneliness of Gethsemane.

    Watch and pray is a key to Christian spirituality and our struggle against temptations. Hereby Jesus’ soul is strengthened and He faces death courageously in Gethsemane. For while the divine will of the Father and the Son is one, the Lord became obedient to the Father in His humanity.

    According to His divine nature, Jesus knows He must drink the cup. As man, He wishes the bitter chalice to pass, for it is a mark of humanity to abhor death and struggle against it. He prays ‘if…possible’ the suffering be taken from Him.

    Thus Jesus gives abundant proof that His flesh is true flesh, but without sin. Though Jesus’ body is the temple of His divinity, we do not attribute to His divinity the properties of the humanity united to it: the Passion, the suffering and death.

    A willing spirit, recognizing the weakness of the flesh (sarx – our fallen human nature both body and soul), knows it needs God’s presence and power. Jesus knew fear, and loneliness, and sorrow and He prayed much in Gethsemane.

    In contrast to Jesus’ vigilance, His disciples sleep. Since body and soul are united, the spirit is paralyzed by a lethargic body. And that is also pretty much how things are around many of us, people are in a stupor and lethargic in both body and soul.

    True faith is nourished by ardent, vigilant prayer.

    We are not alone, for Christ our God is with us as our Gethsemane draws closer.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  28. Suzanne January 21, 2012 @ 2:41 am

    @ I love Jesus,

    I was in your situation almost 20 years ago now when I was ostracized and disinherited from my Muslim family, when the Lord called me to be one of His followers.

    I am no longer alone, but I have been alone. I dont want to be imposing on you or want to interfere in your life in anyway, but I am more than happy to exchange emails with you and tell you how I overcame my loneliness back then and how I overcome my ‘sometimes’ feelings of loneliness today.

    Jesus Christ is truly the best friend you will ever have or find. He truly is far more faithful and loving to you than any family, husband, child, friend etc. “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

    I truly admire you and respect your courage and honesty by sharing yourself with us here and you will find this to be a very encouraging, very spiritual and a very good blog. Many fine and friendly people over here and most likely many people over here might be in a similar situation as you regarding loneliness etc.

    I give Brother Nathanael permission to give you my email address if you so wish to talk and share with me. I will leave that up to you.

  29. jb January 21, 2012 @ 6:47 am

    Hey Brother,

    Give us some remedies to all of our “Jewish” problems.

    I hear you. I see it all around me.

    How do we stop their program?

  30. Kwai Chang January 21, 2012 @ 7:08 am

    @ I love Jesus…

    Fear is the ONLY darkness!!!

    The deception that was once so effective is gradually being exposed and Brother Nathanael is making knowledge available.

    Anything outside of Nature must still bear the equilibrium of Nature. Any game can go “TILT.”

    Zionism seems so overwhelming, and in its deception, it is. But, it is a very fragile structure that could inflict its own inevitable doom at any moment. This is why it is important to learn the truth and remain hopeful.

    That is what Zionists fear the most — their own exposure. We are not cattle — so don’t be afraid!

    Truth is light. It cannot be hidden.

    If all of that seems idealistic, maybe that’s why I call it rigged. I call it naive. I call it Heaven!


  31. Hoff January 21, 2012 @ 7:13 am

    Only the irrational and the corrupt would refuse to allow academic freedom.


    Hoff @ BN:

    My bookblog JeWise wordpress com will soon turn 100,000 hits. I get good traffic from RZN.

    100 hundred books in full text online about:

    “Judaism is the world’s oldest organized criminal conspiracy masquerading as a religion.” –DICARLO–

  32. Ryan January 21, 2012 @ 9:49 am

    Another great video! Keep up the great work Brother!!!

    God Bless

  33. DachsieLady January 21, 2012 @ 10:55 am

    The Jews

    5 minue video

    I am sorry if this may be considered a bit off topic, but since there are references to the Jewish religion, I think it is important to know that the OT Jewish religion no longer exists and why that is so.

    It was all over for the Jewish religion in 70 A.D.

    No priesthood
    No temple
    No sacrifice
    No Judaism

    The man-made religion of Rabbinical Babylonian Judaism that exists today is not the religion of the covenant.

  34. Lorna January 21, 2012 @ 11:30 am

    Suzanne: you are so right. I also find this to be “a very encouraging, very spiritual and a very good blog,” and this is why I keep coming back.

    I don’t have a lot of free time to switch on my computer – I’m a single working mum 40+ from London with two kids. My friends and I were thoroughly indoctrinated in NWO mindset. My elder son is further indoctrinated with the New Age.

    After I came to Jesus Christ I was joyous for some time but I then went through a very low point, inclined to despair.

    It was shocking to realise how I had been caught up in sinful behaviour for practically all of my life. But I did not give up and started to pray every day. I’m sure that God will never give us up and does not despair even of His purpose for us.

    As Suzanne also said, “Jesus Christ is truly the best friend you will ever have or find. He truly is far more faithful and loving to you than any family, husband, child, friend etc.”

    We know that this world is directed by un-Godly people. They have rejected God and don’t want to have anything to do with Him. Those in control of the banking, educational and political spheres are going to be full of the philosophies and opinions of those who reject God.

    That is just the way it is right now. That’s the world. We are not to be part of that.

    This is why I believe it a wonderful thing to realise that it is possible for men and women to be in holy fellowship with the Lord and to one another.

    We are blessed.

  35. bubba January 21, 2012 @ 11:53 am

    Hmmmm. This gets real interesting.

    A few years back, Canada signed an agreement that would allow US troops etc. to cross the border if the need arose.

    This Israeli training of US Law Enforcement makes me wonder on (2) fronts.

    Are our own Canadian Police getting similar Israeli training and /or are people aware of the collateral issue that the US could literally invade Canada with a well armed force at any time.

    Just to stir it up I may make a submission regarding the aforementioned at our next City Council Meeting….get the public riled up….

    I know the Council would be caught flat footed and crap (I can’t stand them anyway). Maybe throw in a jab at “could we expect to be treated like the Palestinians are?”…..

    PS Hoff…good site. Thanks !

  36. bubba January 21, 2012 @ 12:15 pm

    My Zionism for Dummies.

    This is my version after immersing myself in this issue reviewing numerous sources and trying to do 50 years of UNlearning.

    There was a group whose leader saw them as a vile degenerate bunch and felt they must chose a religion to reel them in. Judaism was chosen. With that goes the belief package= Talmud ie GLOBAL SUPERIORITY with Christianity also spat on and a threat.

    Usury is part of the Jewry package. They not only see the Goyim as lessers, but to be actively discriminated and taken advantage of at all times, even murdered without consequence.

    Sovereign, often uni-cultural, Nations that accepted the Jewry and their non integration via “kosher cliques ” eventually regretted it, like one would regret the camel in the tent. They saw the Jews as a de-stabilizing group, who never integrated , this was a universal epiphany, regardless of the Country. This had gone on for centuries, same old result.

    England let them back in, and that was the start of the world collapse, via the Rothschilds and their expansion of the Central banks.

    ( To Be Continued)

  37. Hoff January 21, 2012 @ 12:27 pm

    The owner of the Atlanta Jewish Times weekly:

    “…give the go-ahead for US-based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice-president to take his place, and forcefully dictate that the United States’ policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies.”

    From the Jew-owned Ynet, that is the internet version of the biggest daily paper in Palestine (Israel).


    US-based Mossad? A Jewish scumbag admits that there are Jewish Mossad assassins in the Jew-run USSA? Holy cow! Whats next? That Jews admits that Jews killed Kennedy and Jews were in total control of the Soviet state?

  38. bubba January 21, 2012 @ 12:31 pm

    My Zionism for Dummies. (Cont’d)

    Columbus (who many state was a Jew) discovered the New World, and allegedly was one of the original genocide agents.

    Mostly Jewish sponsored Slave trade began.

    Once North America became colonized, the Americans had key colonies that wanted to cut the umbilical cord to” Rothschild land” (England) and start an autocephalous nation as a constitutional republic that had immigrants from various sovereign nations and cultures.

    Given Rothschilds tentacles had spread globally, they felt it was their Zio-Manifest Destiny to take over this new “Franchise” aka the US with the Zio Central Bank.

    After a few attempts, the overall answer was NO, given many patriots have recorded the predictable disaster of Jewry banking.

    My recent read of the Civil War was that is was basically instigated by usual suspects, the master Jews in the North who were upset they could not or did not have control of the Southern areas.

    Once the war was fought and lost, the South experienced an economic collapse, and many carpetbaggers, often Jews, came in and bought up assets, like plantations for pennies on the dollar. The image was spread that the pre-Civil War Southerners were racists and abused the Black slaves, but this was not the case.

    It was the case when the Jews took over.

    To Be Continued.

  39. bubba January 21, 2012 @ 12:58 pm

    My Zionism for Dummies. (Cont’d)

    NOTE: I realize I have left out other events ie French Revolution…

    The Jewry looked at the US as the PROMISED LAND err Promissory Land? They saw the potential almost immediately, and started digging their claws in, which meant a goal of establishing the Central Bank. As part of a melting pot , the Jews could hide and infiltrate even moreso in the New World, get the foot in the door early.

    Move to the Industrial Revolution…late 1800’s to early 1900’s, the Robber Barons and Bankers joint ventures, which could be viewed as the first NWO totalitarian attempts. Rockefellers, Schiffs, Carnegies etc. Backlash by the public over such power and monopoly sent them scurrying, but still determined and they set up tax exempt Foundations as a means to fool and undermine society.

    From this new economic order primordial ooze, Germany was quickly evolving from an agrarian society to a mighty economic power, which the Brits and their Bankers did not like, it was becoming a threat to them on many fronts.

    (To Be Continued). .

  40. bubba January 21, 2012 @ 1:24 pm

    My Zionism for Dummies. (Cont’d)

    IMHO, the major turning point was in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.

    The world was changing and developing quickly, so the Zionists had small chronological windows to make their moves. That did not imply foreseeing wars, but planning them.

    The Zionist Agenda (Israel) and the Protocols.

    The Zionists always planned for the US to be their bitch, to be the fuse and the robot. Or, concurrently, if the New World never existed, I doubt these major wars and current conflicts would have even happened…and the once sovereign nations likely would have ganged up on Jewry and taken them out once and for all.

    Alas, the Jews had all their plans laid out. Blackmail President Woodrow Wilson to create the Federal Reserve and create the ADL the same year 1913. Vampirism and Censorship at the same time.

    Have a Jew shoot Archduke Ferdinand, 1914 to start a War. Oops…forgot about Germany’s new era …especially submarines, could ass kick the Brits, starve them out.

    Germany didn’t want War, it tried to negotiate peace. The Zionist weasels convinced the Brits that they could get the US on side IF the Brits would give them Palestine, which had PALESTINIANS for centuries. (Benjamin Freedmans speech 1961)

    This was good for the Zionists….they could reap profits from the war, have the stupid Brits give away a peace of land the Brits stole, and weaken Germany so it wouldn’t be a threat to Rothschilds etc.

    Around the same time send about 300 Bolsheviks from the US to start the revolution to turn Russia into the “First Jewish world order COMMUNIST state.” Global chaos on many fronts within a few years.

    The US was thus really turning into a Zionist’s Bitch.

    To Be Continued

  41. I-love-Jesus January 21, 2012 @ 2:19 pm

    Thank you +BN; $10 Bagel; KathJuliane; Suzanne; Kwai Chang; for your encouraging replies.

    I wish we could all be together in person just bathing in the Holy Scriptures together, and in fellowship.

    What a dream that would be. I would love to hug all of you, in sisterly love.

    Suzanne I will get your email from Brother Nathanael.

    Thank you kindly, your sister in Christ.

  42. Volodia January 21, 2012 @ 4:02 pm

    Hello Everyone!

    I just read the Short-& -Sweet Rundown Explanation.

    I do agree that one must strive to have a short version of events.

    Indeed, The Pigs of Orwell’s Animal Farm were having problems with some of their fellow animals and had to simplify their doctrine for them:


    However, I believe that the audience here is a bit over that. This does not mean that I disagree with having the simplified version.

    For this reason, it is important to challenge the audience to read the documents that are available and that explain the intricacies of the strategy and tactics of the Luciferians.

    I recently gave you the 1967 Lecture of Fagan:

    I have listened to it 3 times and I have no plan to stop listening to it.

    Today I discovered Eustace Mullins (procrastinated by the Luciferians) and I listened to his interview:

    This interview points toward documents of relevance:

    As pointed out by others, it is important to give references for cross-checking.

    I also believe that references are important documents that can be cited (e.g. in a court-of-law) to strengthen our assertions towards certain views that are countered by The Masters-Luciferians.

    God Bless & Guide Us!

  43. bubba January 21, 2012 @ 4:36 pm

    My Zionism for Dummies. (Cont’d)

    Germany was forced to pay unwarranted reparations; Treaty Of Versailles allowing carpetbagging Jews to again buy the country up for pennies on the dollar. Then they wonder why Germans resent them.

    Side Note: Black Genocide-ess Margaret Sanger wanted to take out the threat of the Blacks (who were no longer slaves) via Planned Parenthood. Jewish pattern of being Non-White Christian minorities’ best friend is continued. (Oy…der ist no Goyim vee can’t use !)

    Germany had enough of this Zionist treachery from within and outside. Hitler saw what was coming via Russia’s bloody Bolshevik Revolution. He cut off the Jewish tentacles/testicles by rebuilding the economy without usury, and to this day it was still called a miracle.

    However, the Jews and their bitches in London couldn’t stand it, as Hitler gave them the middle finger AND and example to other countries to go it alone.

    Panty-wearing British PM 1/2 Jew Drunkard, aka Churchill baited war with crypto-Jew Roosevelt against Germany.

    After the war was near over, Churchill and Eisenhower (both in Kosher HELL) continued to murder civilians by the millions.

    Germany was ultimately divided and the West turned into an occupied quasi -colony till at least 2099; it is not a Sovereign nation, its newly elected officials have to sign agreements to their criminal masters, as well as having paid approx $90 Billion to Holohoaxers.

    In other words, the cowardly Zionists and their Brit bitches feared Germany Version III, so it wouldn’t threaten their agenda again, and the US would be their muscle. Russia was in their back pocket to spread Communism ….yet be the Cold War boogeyman.

    However, Hitler was the bad guy, Spielberg always depicts history as it was, Shoah me the money !

    You try to tell dumb Goyim that Hitler may have been their last chance, dey tink you ist Anti Semetic. Oy Vey to the Protocols !

  44. Makaveli January 21, 2012 @ 5:27 pm


    “Have a Jew shoot Archduke Ferdinand, 1914 to start a War. Oops…forgot about Germany’s new era …especially submarines, could ass kick the Brits, starve them out.

    Germany didn’t want War, it tried to negotiate peace. ”

    First off I don’t think Gavrilo Princip was a Jew, and the Austrian-Hungarian throne certainly didn’t want peace.

    The Rothschilds wanted war, so they convinced the Austro-Hungarian government to initiate an ultimatum to Serbia which no country would accept, especially because the assassination occurred in Austrian territory of Bosnia, and Princip, who belonged to political Young Bosnia, was an ethnic Serb but an Austro-Hungarian subject.

    It was an ultimatum such as had never been penned in modern times. It would be ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE that any State in the world could accept it, or that any acceptance, however abject, would satisfy the aggressor.

    Serbia virtually accepted all the demands which did not compromise her sovereignty or prove impossible to do. Her chief reservations were about Austrian collaboration in suppressing the subversive movement in Austrian Bosnia and participation in legal investigations.

    She would agree to such collaboration as was consistent with international law but could not allow agents of a foreign government to take part in her juridical affairs.

    Russian Tsar Nicholas II proposed to the Kaiser that the “Austro-Serbian problem” be handed over to the International Court at The Hague. Late that evening the Kaiser proposed to the Tsar that Russia “remain a spectator of the Austro-Serbian conflict, without involving Europe in the most horrible war she ever witnessed.”…

    Austria had no intention of submitting her dispute with Serbia to The Hague, and then Kaiser Germany was forced to mobilize on the side of Austria…

    It was at four in the afternoon of July 30 that the Tsar signed the order for full Russian mobilization. Russian popular sentiment applauded the fullest possible solidarity with the beleaguered fellow Slavic Eastern Orthodox brothers in Serbia.

    Excerpts from “The First World War, the Complete History” book.

    Why would Germans and Austro-Hungarians not accept such concessions? They knew that Serbia was very weak — it was plagued by slavery for over 500 years, then the Balkan Wars ended in 1913 which even further debilitated Serbia. Prior to that in 1800s Serbian rebels were fighting to gain independence from Turkey.

    Hypothetically let’s say Princip was Jewish, though I’ll say this the Black Hand group secret organization which Princip was part of, might have been infiltrated by the Jews since the conspirators were moved mainly by Yugoslav nationalism rather than enthusiasm for Serbia.

    The Black Hand society which Princip was part of, was opposed to the civil government of Serbia, having tried and failed a few weeks before to induce the Serbian Army to revolt. Yet German/Austro-Hungarian government was somehow oblivious to all these events? Come on!

    Gavrilo Princip, ethnic Serb and Austrian subject, was from Austrian Bosnia, the assassination occurred in Sarajevo, so why would Austro-Hungarians attack Serbia and give them such an ultimatum? It doesn’t make any sense at all… Germans could have prevented the war but its government was guilty of collaborating with the Jews.

    German government and Austro-Hungarians were always loyal to the Pope who as we discussed before was responsible for numerous number of inquisitions, murders, tortures, forceful conversions (and his secret collaborations with the Jews).

    The so called Protestant Germans betrayed their ancestors by siding with the Latins who had butchered them for over 400 years. How can you call someone a brother in Christ when you know his ancestors were responsible for killing, enslaving, torturing your own?

    If Germans along with the Austro-Hungarians were so smart they should’ve read the Bible in which Our Lord Jesus Christ pointed out that those who arrange all wars and revolutions and that their chief cause is Satan’s and his sons’ “lust of murder.”

    Why did then Austro-Hungarians attack Serbia? Serbia didn’t give an ultimatum to Germany or to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

    The last time I checked it was the other way around, you would think these governments would’ve been smarter? They should have noticed “Ah wait! It’s the Jews who are trying to instigate the war, not the Serbs, so lets not attack the Serbs, lets resolve the conflict.”

    Austro-Hungarians weren’t willing to negotiate. Germany was unsettled socially and militarily, under revolutionary pressure.

    The 1912 Reichstag elections had resulted in the election of no fewer than 110 socialist deputies, making Chancellor Hollweg’s task in liaising between the Reichstag and the autocratic Wilhelm, not to mention the rigidly right-wing military high command, next to impossible.

    Hollweg came to believe that Germany’s only hope of avoiding civil unrest and possible dissolution of Kaiser Germany was to divert into a short, sharp war, although he did not rule out a European-wide conflict if it resolved Germany’s social and political woes.

    Under revolutionary pressure since 1905, that’s why the Russian Czar allied with the Slavic Eastern Orthodox brethren Serbs, against the bellicose Germans and Austro-Hungarians. The Czar knew these guys were being manipulated.

    The Czars of Russia would not permit any overt attack by European Powers on the United States also, just as he prevented it in 1814-1817 and 1863-64. The Civil War was started in 1861 and the British, French, Spanish, Belgian and Austrian troops were already in Mexico City, ready to come in on the side of the Southern Confederacy and to profit by the American Civil War, staged by the Jews.

    Czar Alexander II warned Emperor Napoleon that he would invade France if this [British, French, Spanish, Belgian and Austrian] coalition helped the Southerners to smash the North. The Czar even sent his navy fleets at the disposal of President Lincoln, stationed to defend New York and San Francisco.

    President A. Lincoln had the right to order this fleet to fight any of the above five Powers in case of an attack. Only thus the United States was saved!

    Serbia, since she first won independence several decades earlier as the first Slav State of modern times, wanted an outlet on the Adriatic, but was blocked by Austria, which in 1908 had illegally annexed the former Turkish province of Bosnia-Herzegovina. This annexation was in defiance of the 1878 Treaty of Berlin.

    Serbia’s victory in the First Balkan War against Turkey in 1912 was a set-back to Germany. The military and territorial success of this small Slav State threatened not only Austria’s predominance in the Balkans, but also Germany’s desire to be the predominant European power in Turkey.

    The loss of Turkish Balkan territory in Europe to Serbia was a victory for Russian sentiment. The Russians stimulated German animosity. The racial concept of “Teuton” against “Slav” was a force for conflict to some degree. Jews were very much aware of this and managed to exploit the conflict.

    According to Austrian Chief of Staff, Count von Moltke, as it was recorded in his diary the Kaiser said:

    “Austria has to act vigorously against the foreign Slavs because she would otherwise lose her power over the Serbs in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy [Krajina and Bosnian Serbs].

    Germany’s growing strength was everywhere apparent. In the spring of 1913 her standing army, which a year earlier had been increased to 544,000 men, was increased further to 661,000.

    Why were Germans making such claims and preparing for the war, when the war didn’t even break out yet? Was their government being manipulated by unknown third party (the big white elephant in the room)? I would say so…

    In the immediate aftermath of the Balkan Wars, it was not Germany but her neighbor and ally Austria that instigated the war. As a result of Austrian pressure, Turkey agreed to the creation of an independent Albania, effectively cutting Serbia off from access to the Adriatic Sea.

    The Kaiser expressed his support for any Austrian action to force Serbia out of Albania… On 18 October 1913 the Austrian Government sent an ultimatum to Belgrade, demanding the evacuation of Albania by Serbian forces within eight days. The Serbs complied.

    As stated by Franz Josef in “I am certain that you are convinced that any agreement with Serbia is out of the question.”

    From: James Cameron book 1914 published 1959

    After the assignation of Assassination of Archduke, the German newspaper Kreuzzeitung proclaimed, “No Great Power can afford to be taunted and challenged by a small weak neighbor” so once again if German people were so innocent, couldn’t they see that they were being manipulated by the Jews? Not all Germans wanted to go to war there were people who opposed the war, but it in the end the government made the final say so.

    On the other hand in another German newspaper the headline ran stating:

    “Germania assured its readers the Austrian action would liberate Europe from a terrible nightmare.”

    Germany (as had Western European powers before them) allied themselves with the Ottoman Turks who’d suppressed, exploited and tortured the Eastern Orthodox Christians for over 500 years. German government was already taken over by the Rothschilds — they controlled all the banks. All of this was discussed here before.

    The Jews were also very powerful and influential in Ottoman Turkey, holding high positions even at Istanbul. Two major factors led to Ottoman involvement on the side of the Central Powers: German pressure and the opportunism of Turkish minister of war Enver Pasha. Turkey had lost much of its empire before the war and wanted to get it back from Britain and France.

    Other motives for joining the Central Powers were the German victories early in the War and Turkey’s friction with the Triple Entente. Germany’s desire was to keep Turkey from joining the enemy (and by gaining Ottoman support, encourage Romania and Bulgaria to enter the Alliance). In guiding his government toward alignment with Germany, Enver was able to play on fear of the traditional Ottoman enemy, Russia, the ally of Britain and France in the war.

    The German military mission of 1913 to Turkey under Liman von Sanders organized the Turkish army and navy under German leadership and brought forth the Turco-German Alliance. The secret treaty (only five people in Turkey were aware of it, one being Enver Pasha) was signed 2 August 1914.

    The West deviated from the truth long time ago, Red shields (or in German Rothschild) managed to exploit the West in order to gain power. The Rothschild Jews managed to exploit the West because the West was prosperous. They knew the only way to control the riches was to exploit and convince their governments and control their wealth.

    The South Eastern Europeans were economically exploited, pillaged, murdered, enslaved (and forcibly took Christian children, then converted them into Muslim Janissaries), raped, butchered under the Ottoman Yoke, and in 1913 the “Young Turk” government was a German/Austro-Hungarian ally.

    The Russian Czar kept the Jews in check, and Jews hated him for that, Jews conspired against the Czars throughout the 19th century and planned to overthrow him. (You know what happened next…)

    See here for an overview of the causes of WWI:

    IC XC
    NI KA

  45. Arjan January 21, 2012 @ 5:54 pm

    @ prairie,

    You got that right!

  46. WOW January 21, 2012 @ 6:51 pm

    Publisher of Atlanta Jewish Times calls for Mossad to assassinate President Obama. Secret Service investigating Andrew Adler:


    Parallel to the penetration of Arab anti-Semitism into the Western discourse through the pan- Arabic media, and the embrace of overt anti- Semitism by the European media and political class, over the past decade, we have witnessed the development of an alliance between the West’s political Left and Islamist movements.

    The international Left’s embrace of the likes of Hamas, the Taliban, Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood has increased leftist and isolationist American policy-makers’ comfort level in adopting hostile postures towards Israel.

    So it is that at the same time that the Obama administration is assiduously courting the Taliban, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Iranian regime, according to Channel 2, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has refused to meet with Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman during his upcoming trip to Washington.

    Channel 2 reported that senior US officials said that “Lieberman is an obstacle to peace. We don’t want our pictures taken with him and with what he represents.”

    Anti-Semitism is prejudice that is based on a rejection of reason.

    To fight it, it is not sufficient to disprove the contentions of the likes of [John] Mearsheimer.

    He and his colleagues must be discredited and their enablers must be shamed.

    But before this can happen, world Jewry and Israelis alike need to recognize what is happening.

    Anti-Semitism is back in style.

    Its new justification is not race or religion.

    It is nationalism.

    Today’s anti-Semitism is predicated on preferring Palestinian and pan-Arab nationalism to Jewish nationalism.

    And like its racist and religious predecessors, its aim is to deny the right of Jews to be free.

    In the face of this onslaught the Jewish people in Israel and the Diaspora have two choices.

    We can either succumb to our enemies, or we can fight back.


    What we are seeing across Africa is a deeper connection between various Islamic extremist groups, such as al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb in the Sahara, Boko Haram in Nigeria, and the Islamic Courts Union and al-Shabab in Somalia.

    This arc of terror that stretches across Africa is a threat to the stability of the entire region.

    It has already led to the destruction of part of Somalia.

    With instability in Libya and the procurement of weapons left behind from that conflict, there is no way of knowing how far these Islamists might strike in the future.

    The seething unrest among Tuareg tribesmen who live in Mali, Niger and Algeria has allowed for al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, the North African version of the infamous terrorist network, to function with impunity.

    The United States is aware of the problem and its Africa Command headed by Gen. Carter Ham has supplied training advice to several countries in the region.

    In addition the US Congress approved $500 million in counterterrorism aid several years ago.

    It is important that these commitments to fighting extremist, especially Salafist, groups in Africa bear fruit and that they are extended.

    Building up a continent wide program to combat the problem would be useful.

    With the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the electoral success of the Salafist party al-Nour there, vigilance against other more extreme like-minded groups must be maintained.

  47. Kirk January 21, 2012 @ 8:54 pm

    Another timely and very relevant video, Brother Nathanael.

    Militarizing all levels of domestic law enforcement is a big part of the long-term plan for the Talmudization of the US populace.

    This has been a process which has lasted many years, and there are numerous events throughout history which mark turning points in our downfall.

    Taking out JFK was critical in order for Israhell to obtain nuclear weapons, as well as benefit from the Vietnam/Cold War weaponry bonanza to follow.

    Has any US President said anything like this since?

    November 22, 1963 paved the way for many more gains for what Henry Ford called, “the world’s foremost problem,” international Jewry.

    All manner of societal and cultural degradation has been pushed on American through the Jewish owned media since then.

    You haven’t seen anything yet sports fans. Much more graphic violence and sexual perversion is headed our way via the “entertainment industry.” A war on the White race is underway in many devious forms, but few, very few have the ability to see it.

    1963 gets you September 2001 when Round 2 of the current coup kicked in by the same Judeo-masonic psychopaths. 9-11 was right out of “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” as well as all their other historic criminality.

    Brother Nathanael has it all documented along with the names of the Jews who created and profit from the “Homeland Security/TSA” beast. Kicking off the new Judeo-bolshevik police state was one of the planned benefits of the false flag attack of September 2001.

    This takes us to the work Brother Nathanael has compiled and this last critical video that he made.

    I know of two high school boys who plan to join the Marines and then go into law enforcement. One of them whose father is a city police officer tells me that a high percentage of his small town’s police force have been in the military in recent years.

    There is a priority to hire the young men who have been serving as willing Golem for international Jewry. He indicated that having military experience was the best way to get hired as a police officer.

    Even small town officers are receiving automatic weapons along with other goodies.

    For many, joining the military is the only way to have a license to act out what they have grown up playing and becoming addicted to, violent combat/style video games. After years of being Talmudically lobotomized, many of these young veterans become police officers.

    May Christ Our Holy Savior use those of us who DO see though the deception to somehow reach others who are destined to avoid the talmudic mind control and sellout of their very souls.

  48. Joe January 21, 2012 @ 8:54 pm

    When everyone was applauding DUI and seat belt checkpoints, I cautioned that this was their foot-in-the-door.

    Kiss the 4th Amendment goodbye.

    As a motorcyclist, I am offended by motorcycle-only checkpoints, although they are not yet in my state. If the guy’s on a bike, he must be in a gang or running drugs. Again, presumption of guilt.

    This has all been preparation for the Police State. The Constitution may as well be used for Kleenex.

  49. Bubba January 21, 2012 @ 9:20 pm

    Brother Makaveli:

    I appreciate your plunge into detail, but my main point was to get to the core of the issue.

    Maybe WW1 ( which led to WWII ) could be due to as much as Churchill got beat by Kaiser at mini golf in Holland.


    I think it is fair to conclude that Hitler did not have a mortal “hate on” for the Faux Jews, other than to realize these vampiric leeches were the cause of the majorities grief, ie “Either GTF out or we will quarantine you.”

    You remove the virus from the population in a “cause and effect” basis. History has shown that these leeches have been acknowledged as LEECHES regardless of the host culture/country.

    The US Civil War was apparently the first war that Civilians were not spared in the “meat-in-the-agenda” grinder.

    It sent the “nouveau template” whereby NOTHING was sacred, and since then civilian deaths were far greater than the military deaths.

    Pure and simple, this set the evil altar that anything goes in war, aka innocent women and children etc etc. are as fair game as an armed soldier.

    That is simply Satanic.

    The US should SERIOUSLY get its head out of its ass — look in the mirror — and assess “WTF did we sell our souls for…kosher bupkis ? ”

    Its not too late ..YET…..

  50. cladius January 21, 2012 @ 11:03 pm

    “Jewish Times” Threatens Obama with Assassination and gets away with it

  51. JohnZ January 22, 2012 @ 8:59 am

    Just to take a moment and let you know of the organization started by Sheriff Richard I. Mack. It’s called the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association.

    He started this organization in order to oppose federal authorities from overstepping their constitutional boundaries. This means he will not obey the government when it oversteps the Constitution.

    Mack has also stated that those sheriffs who are now members do in fact have authority over federal officers and that if any of these federal officers attempt to operate in any manner inside their jurisdiction without their consent or that they violate the Constitution in their district the federal officials will face arrest. Of course this also coincides with the 10th Amendment State Sovereignty movement.

    This organization is beginning to grow as more sheriffs begin to realize what is really going on. There is going to be a convention coming up in Vegas and hopefully many more like-minded sheriffs will attend. They as well as the Oath Keepers are going to be our best hope to help us in our battle against Zionism.

    Contact your local sheriff and talk to him about joining the Constitutional Sheriffs and peace Officers Association. I do not have the address to contact Sheriff Mack, but you can do a search. From what I’ve been reading in the American Free Press, he is available for conferences and speeches.

    Here is where we must start. With our own sheriffs and peace officers. With our own local members of the military. Otherwise we will have no way of counteracting the situation. Remember: solutions and change come from the ground up, not from the top down.

    Until then keep up the resistance.

    P.S. Bro. Nathanael, hope you don’t have too much snow out your way to shovel.

    Remember to keep in mind the good people in Nome, Alaska who have become isolated for some time now. Thanks to the Russians who rescued them when our own government sat on its hands.

  52. Phil Theejoo January 22, 2012 @ 10:43 am

    This will end once the cops are forced to eat bagels instead of doughnuts.

  53. Arjan January 22, 2012 @ 12:47 pm


    Leaving Jew propaganda on this site falls on deaf ears.

    By terrorizing the Palestinians off their land, and then calling the Palestinians terrorist for wanting the land back, the Jews have lost all credibility.

    So has the US, by supporting the terrorist state of Israel, fighting its wars and allowing it to conduct terrorist operations against its own citizens.

    It’s almost a joke, except for all the terrible crimes committed in the name of “freedom.”

  54. alan greenspan January 22, 2012 @ 3:35 pm

    If you go to a top university say like UC Berkeley or Stanford or Harvard and look at the law school graduates in their yearbooks across many decades, you will see that Anglosaxons, although only 8 percent of American population, completely dominated the top law school graduates with often 90 percent of the law school’s graduating class.

    This is apparent from the founding of this country until say around sixty years ago, when the Jew began his ascendancy into law and began the transformation of Common Law and Natural law tradition forming the Constitution into Talmudic/Masonic law.

    Obama’s appointment of yet another Jewish lesbian to the Supreme Court, Sotomayor, a Puerto Rican Jew who cant even speak Spanish, is a slap in the face to all Americans, Gentiles and Christians. Why do we have 2 Jewish lesbians on the Supreme court. One Ashkenazi and one Sephardi. Egads.

    Most, but not all of Anglosaxon culture is based upon Masonry, a carefully controlled Zionist religion. The Prince Charles controls it from England and one of his direct kin is head of the world wide Masonic movement.

    As the Jews worked up from the Mercantile class as their wealth increased. They dominated the slave trade after England outlawed it, the Jew Rothschilds outsourced the slave trade to his Jewish relatives in the Southern USA and South America who were in cahoots with the Anglomasons to profit off it until the American Civil War ended it.

    After the Civil War, Jews like the infamous Goldman Sachs agricultural firm migrated up to Wall Street, because with the slave trade ending, the profit was not in trading or owning agriculture. As far as the profitablity of slave plantation agriculture, only running dope is has higher gross profit for the Jews and their Anglosaxon-mason first cousins. A normal farm might make 10 percent GP, but a slave run farm will make 40 percent GP.

    Intel hardly makes that with its x86 monopoly.

    After the Jews made their fortunes on Wall Street, with most avoiding the Crash and going into Gold and UST, led by the notorious Jew Bernard Baruch who engineered the Crash with the Anglo-mason witch from England, Montagu Norman (who was having a homosexual relationship with the Anglomason head of the NY FED, Benjamin Strong) the Jew began to Join his Anglosaxon cousin at the Top law schools.

    You can see this by studying the law school graduation class photos of the Nation’s top law schools. With Wall Street dead after the 1929 crash, the Jew readily joined the Anglosaxon at the top law schools.

    Recently I had need of a securities attorney to pursue Class action litigation against a corrupt firm run by Anglomasons.

    I looked at the 50 top securities firms in the USA and Canada. What I noticed is that you could ‘classify’ the firms by the principals tribal affiliation as there were distinct patterns. There were Jew-only law firms, Anglosaxon-only law firms, and Anglosaxon-Jew law firms

    About every 10th firm was headed by Gentiles, say Italian-Americans, German-Americans, that were truly diversified. So at least as far as practicing the law which the police enforce the Anglosaxon-Jews completely dominate the legal practice and the judiciary of the USA. Thus you would expect their pals to head Sheriff positions as Sheriffs often come not out of law enforcement anymore but out of the DA office or the law.

    Now due to the dominance of the Anglosaxon in law and this deep Masonic bond and often love for England and Israel, the Anglosaxons until recently were always the County Sheriffs in the USA – the ‘arm of the law.” I did a study of ‘sheriff’ demographics in the USA in the 70s and while only 8 percent of the US population, the sheriff positions in the USA were held by over 90 percent Anglosaxons.

    Every small town in the USA, even if it has no Jews has an Anglosaxon Masonic lodge. This Anglosaxon-mason cult is even more subtle than the Jews.

    ‘Law’ as in policing, not paying much except a bountiful pension, attracted little direct Jewish interest until lately, as you correctly note, as the Anglosaxon-Mason has been the protector of the Jew. And you can’t find a more blood thirsty and overtly pirate nation that has lasted so long as the English Empire, or the British-Israel empire as I call it, which runs the USA through Proxy Jews and Anglomasons loyal to England.

    What I noticed under the Anglo-Jew Clinton is that he greatly increased the funding of Police, and police salaries skyrocketed under him. Such that in California a Police Lt makes $150k a year or more and has health care and full retirement after 20 years. That is courtesy of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Rothschild’s choice to run California.

    California was something that Victoria and her Jew sidekick Disraeli coveted back around the time the Anglomasons and the Jewish bankers who came out for the gold murdered all the Indians and drove the Spanish out and purchased California from Mexico at the point of a Gun.

    The Anglomason devil Custer and his Jewish aide de camp slaughtered the indigenous Americans to steal the Black Hills gold for the English crown’s banking empire.

    So after Bill Clinton greatly increased the Salary of Police I notice more Jews in Sheriff positions, and they started to displace the Anglosaxon Masons, some of whom are not complete patsies for the Zionist Jews’s interest or the English crowns Interest.

    In fact the town I lived in, with a large Jewish population of 20 percent, replaced the Anglomason former sheriff with a Jew recently. And despite getting caught during a brothel raid in Las Vegas while there for a Super Cop /Sheriff’s convention, nothing happened to him.

    The USA has a lot of Jews, I believe some 40 million from the intelligence I have intercepted from the American Rabbinate, they want their own people in power as well they commit so many financial crimes and as Talmudic Jewry is the main arm of satanism in the USA followed by the Anglomasons.

    So world Jewry as the economy has gotten bad has moved some of its lower level and less talented people directly to policing. Naturally they don’t like the Goyim to see this preferring the Goyim sees the Anglomason who can pass for Gentile and Christian.

    I read Haaretz every night and you always see USA Sheriff departments getting training from the IDF. So Jewry is probably increasing its power as perhaps they don’t trust the Anglomason to confiscate guns or murder Christians or say even those few Torah Jews that don’t go along with the Talmud. These satanic Jews seem to have a real hatred for the Non-Zionist Jew.

    Recently there has been slight ‘twist’ to the Anglo-Jewish law firm as to be ‘diversified’ they often bring in a Jewish lesbian or Anglosaxon homosexual into the firm, or these days since Obama Black homosexuals are joining the top Anglosaxon and Jewish law firms.

    I think the Jew has always had his hand firmly upon the ‘sheriff’ at least since after the Great Depression. Only recently has the Jew come out into the open to point the King’s guns at the Citizen and directly put his jackboot upon on their next.

    Stalin had a hard time murdering Christians with Russian Nationals, so his secret police were over 75 percent Jews. So that is what I suspect is going on slowly.

    On side note, the Anti-Zionist Jew Gilead Atzmon left the hell hole of the devil, Israel, but like many Jews being naive about the History of England was surprised there was no resistance at all in England to Zionism. Indeed England founded it, and the House of Lords had replaced the Church of England Bishop with a Rabbi recently.

    For some reason the Rabbinate hides from the Jewish people all the affiliated tribes of Israel, like the Khurds, the Yabirs, the Marranno, the Gypsy, and the English.

    There are a lot of Jews in this world. We know they started at the same time as the Arabs and no six million were killed in WW2. Probably at least 100-200 million Jews which probably why Prince Charles and the gang think only 500 -1 billion slaves are needed. Say 10 Gentiles for every Anglo-Jew on slave planet earth.

    I see the Anglo-Jewish people that ran and founded Intel are putting their money into finding other planets they can move to after they destroy life on this planet or eliminate the Gentiles.

    Lets hope the Lord does not allow the Satanic Jews to move out into the heavens to bring his madness there.

    Mars’ first sheriff may be a Jew. What a depressing thought.

  55. bubba January 22, 2012 @ 4:35 pm

    A few years ago, while travelling, I was pulled over by a cop ( RCMP) and given a ticket on a very dubious and questionable issue.

    What was strange was this cop’s home base was 40 miles North, and there was an RCMP station in the the town I got a ticket. In other words, WTF was he doing in this town ?.

    Recently, a few weeks ago, the RCMP have charged the Head RCMP in another small town. The charge is stealing AND using cocaine that has been confiscated.

    Guess who the cop is?

    Right, same guy, a police chief, who ticketed me.

    I am going to add to the evidence pile as to what were this cops travel habits , very very suspicious.

    Out em all….hang em high

  56. Big Plastic World January 22, 2012 @ 5:42 pm

    The correlation between the massive police state and the leadership of the system is clear.

    America is so dumbed down today — watch the NFL, Dancing With The Stars, etc. and lose your Constitutional rights.

    I’m disgusted at myself and my fellow Countrymen.

    We’ve been programmed since the day we were born to be conditioned to servitude in the fiefdom of the International Khazar Jet Set.

    We should all unite in prayer against the latest builders of the Tower of Babel — an illustration from history of Global Slavery controlled from a centralized location).

  57. +Fr. Joseph January 23, 2012 @ 1:16 am

    “I have come so that they may have LIFE and have it to THE FULL.” – Jesus Christ – John 10:10

    “The State is there TO SERVE GOD for your benefit.” – St. Paul the Apostle – Romans 13:4

    And this winds up becoming EVERYBODY’S “life” when people the world over REJECT God and permit themselves to HATE Jesus:

    “He (Jesus) was in the world that had its being through Him, and the world did not know Him.
    He came to His Own domain and His Own people did not accept Him.” – John 1:10-11

    +Fr. Joseph

  58. Heinrik Von Manshstein January 23, 2012 @ 11:58 pm

    Man a mek planz, but Gad a wipeout” – Bob Marley, June 1976

    Translated from the original Jamaican Patois to mean — Evil men are making all kinds of Evil plans but God is destroying their Plans.

    Yours, Henny.

  59. Kwai Chang January 24, 2012 @ 9:07 am


    The U.S.S. Enterprise is set to become the next U.S.S. Liberty.

  60. +Fr. Joseph January 24, 2012 @ 12:01 pm


    There is a saying amongst Polish Catholic Christians which when translated goes ‘Man Proposes but God Disposes.’

    “When you push God aside, then you shall suffer the consequences.The clock continue to tick. The hour is rapidly approaching when one disaster after another will befall you. There will be fighting everywhere. There will be famine and polluted water in many places. Great waves will wash upon your shores…et al” – February 6,1994

    w w

    “Later, evil overwhelmed men’s hearts to such an extent that I was compelled to send calamaties upon the world to purify men through suffering, the destruction of their possessions, or even their death. These were the Flood, the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah, man’s wars against man, etc.” – quoting from:

    w w

    One can lead horses to water – but you can’t make them drink.

    – +Fr. Joseph

  61. I-love-Jesus January 24, 2012 @ 2:43 pm

    @ Phil Theejoo.. You made me giggle out loud. :))

  62. jonah January 26, 2012 @ 3:33 pm

    Another nice piece Bro N –

    Pick you up daily on

    Rothschild Jewry is the REAL force behind the militarization of the police in America (and throughout the world).

    Lieberman, Chertoff and the rest of this Jewish Zionist Nationalistic Filth are just the Jewish front men (and women) for this frontal assault on America.

    Nice video fade outs into interdimensional space…


    Jonah Prophet
    “chief Al-Qaida terrorist”
    California USA

  63. Mohammad February 2, 2012 @ 4:39 am

    Dear Brothers,

    I am a nonpracticing Muslim but I believe and fear Allmighty God. My life has gone to complete hell ever since working for the government.

    I would get the feelings that I was always being watched and followed and no one would believe me. I ended up losing my mind and did very intense research into 9-11. I was hospitalized 3 times because of paranoid delusions that “they” might try to exterminate me for sensitive information I had obtained about aircraft electronics.

    Being unemployed for such a long time and being an engineer and professional researcher I figured out how the entire system works. There is no denying that the Zionists hold world power. But I have come to accept the sad truth that because of the enormous amount of sheeple we are doomed to their agenda.

    These people have accumulated trillions of dollars and have agents in every position of power imaginable and can do whatever they want. I can be exterminated tomorrow and I have to live for this sad fact for the rest of my life for trying to blow a whistle on 9-11 conspiracy at the FAA level.

    Then I lost my mind a few times due to their mind control tactics. There is no winning with this people. I have accepted resistance is futile and I just fear God for he knows all.

    My theory is this for the future though. It’s nice to know that a few more people are catching on to the one percent. The sad truth of the matter is that the one percent have outsmarted the people. They rake in trillions a year off the Fed and their bankster buddies. They already know who is gonna be our next president.

    They will then orchestrate WW3 just like they orchestrated WW2. The scary thing is WW3 will be a lot more ugly with Israel having 200 nukes in their arsenal and other nations holding nukes that have a deep rooted hatred for the Zionist regime. Ron Paul will probably mysteriously disappear for threatening to end the fed shortly after the new president gets elected. It is only gonna get worse cuz they want their NWO.

    On a side note. I got 5 tickets in one month. They have infiltrated the local police. I take meds to keep me sane now. Throughout history these people have been kicked out of every european country but now they reside in the good old USA.

    I am an electrical engineer and have been put on the blacklist for employment and my life outlook is bleak for taking a stand at justice.

  64. JohnZ February 4, 2012 @ 11:37 am

    Jonah, you forgot to include Zionist, Marxist Jew Carl Levin of Michigan, of whom I am ashamed of being from the same state.

    I will be actively campaigning for any member of the Constitution Party against this rat.

    There are many here who believe the U.S. military are under complete control of the Zionists. Think again.

    There are many inside the military who have had it with these criminals and that includes the rest of Washington, D.C. which is nothing more than a cesspool of degenerate liars, thieves, prostitutes, and traitors. This includes Congress, the White House, the Supreme Court, the nebulous think tanks, money men, presstitutes (corporate Zionist controlled media) pundits and media spinners.

    The truth is there is going to be a day of reckoning and it may not be far off.

    There is plenty of evidence to convict nearly all in Congress, the White House, SCOTUS and others including the FBI, CIA as well as having orchestrated unneeded and illegal wars for Israhell and corporate profit; for the massive opium/heroine production and trafficking through Kyrgistan ( U.S. military base) being implemented by the CIA and facilitated through the use of U.S. military being stationed there.

    USAID provided the fertilizer for the opium crop and the U.S. military there provided the protection. The heroine is then shipped to America as well, and into the veins of our young people.

    Drug profits are laundered through Wall St. banks and into the campaign coffers of those in Congress.

    The evidence that many inside local police departments are involved in drug trafficking is not new.

    The NDAA is the worst bill to ever have been enacted and it is meant to criminalize anyone who disagrees with or blows the whistle on government corruption.

    The government in Washington is nothing more than a crime syndicate, which of course is then controlled by the zionist crime bosses.

    The time has come for a pitchfork revolution. The same that has been occurring in Sicily for the past month now.

    You can recite prayers until the sun goes down, but it will take more than that to effect real change. Americans are going to have to get mad.

  65. true patriot February 6, 2012 @ 11:27 am

    Something big is going on with law enforcement, which is probably related to this issue.

    Local police, county sheriffs, and state troopers now write tickets for the most trivial of offenses (ie things that wouldn’t even have previously gotten you stopped in years past).

    Here’s why it’s happening:

    1.) The simple reason that the municipalities have to make up for budget shortfalls.

    So, instead of assigning points for rolling through the stop sign, you go to a class for a $35 and then pay $100 for the surcharge. It adds up quickly. Just pass by the evening when traffic court is taking place to see how many cars are parked outside.

    2.) With decent jobs disappearing, and the military not the best choice, government jobs (at all levels) are among the few remaining viable options.

    That’s brought in young punks to fill the deputy spots. Remember everybody used to joke about the jump in tickets toward the end of the month? Of course it was to fill quotes. Now their jobs is to write as many tickets as possible at all times.

    3.) This one is just my own speculation, but it’s basically to harrass ordinary citizens.

    Granted, there are still some good cops out there, but many of their colleagues go into work every day looking for trouble. They treat normal-law abiding citizens like criminals. This contributes to the police state that’s rapidly expanding.

    If they’re busy with minor traffic violations, they’re sure not busy “protecting and serving” against real crime!

  66. JohnZ February 6, 2012 @ 2:28 pm

    True Patriot:

    You know you live in a police state.

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