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The ADL Names The Jew

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The ADL Names The Jew
April 26, 2023

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Brother Nathanael @ April 26, 2023


  1. Brother Nathanael April 26, 2023 @ 8:14 pm


    The ADL Names The Jew

    The devil’s a liar but once in a while he can’t help but tell the truth.

    Jonathan Greenblech of the ADL, the Anti Defamation League, like the devil his father, lies through his teeth.

    Put another kike beside him and you get double the lies for your goyisha eyes. [Clip]

    [“A troubling new survey from the Anti-Defamation League showing that anti-Semitism is on the rise in America. 20% of those polled believe in antisemitic conspiracy theories and tropes. It’s nearly double the number in 2019 and a 30-year high. Joining us now is now is Anti-Defamation League’s CEO and national director Jonathan Greenblatt.

    “Jonathan, so let me take off some of your findings. 53% of those surveyed say that Jews will go out of their way to hire other Jews. 40% say Jews are more loyal to Israel than to the U.S. 24% say Jews have too much influence on Wall Street.

    All of these are inaccurate, and I’d like you to expand on how you approach the survey differently this time, and how, what do you do to disabuse people of all these hateful thoughts.

    “Yeah, well thank you for the question and for giving me the opportunity. I would say a few things. Number one, as you said at the top, that 20% of Americans today believe in the widely held antisemitic ideas. That Andrea, is almost double the number that we saw in 2019.” It’s the highest level we’ve seen in three decades. That’s as many as 52 million Americans who believe in classic Antisemitic ideas and tropes.”]

    Add a Yid to that 52 million.

    But this Yid— Jonathan Greenblech himself—certifies the veracity of Antisemitic ideas and tropes,.

    He tweets:

    “Trump’s claims about expelling warmongers, driving out globalists, casting out communists, and throwing off those who hate our country echo classic Antisemitic rhetoric.”

    Well I’ll be dipped!

    The Yid admits that Jews are warmongers, globalists, communists, and haters of our country.

    So let him shmear us for ‘noticing,’ but he can’t call us liars.

    Take your pick.

    Jewish Warmongers:

    Vickee Nudelman and her kikish hubbie Robert Kagan.

    Jewish Globalists:

    Grigory Schwartz Soros, Klaus Schwab, David Solomon of Goldman Sachs.

    Jewish Commies/Socialists:

    Bernie Sanders, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!

    The Entire Democrat Party with most Jews as registered Democrats.

    And tons of the old Trotskyite commie Jews who morphed into Neocons, then took over the Republican Party.

    Jewish Traitors:

    Alejandro Mayorkas of Homeland Security, Merrick Garland of the DOJ.

    The devil again can’t help but tell the truth. [Clip]

    [“They’re using Antisemitic mix and tropes about globalists controlling government, Jewish money destroying our borders, dual loyalty to Jewish citizens, or attacking the Jewish State with the same dangerous myths that were used throughout history to demonize the Jewish people. And all of this destigmatizes Antisemitism and renders it routine.”]

    They say the secret of the future lies in a country’s daily routine.

    Oooh, we’re in trouble now.

    Our daily routine is seeing Jews anchoring the news, Jews leading our schools, Jews at State, Jews at DOJ, Jews at DHS, Jews at Treasury, Jews at Senate, kikes in Congress.

    And Jonathan Greenblech given the limelight on every media and official platform where he rants and raves about Jewish victimization.

    It’s like putting mascara on a pig.

    The pig looks pretty, but still snorts, squeals, grunts, and rolls in anti-American mud.

  2. Brother Nathanael April 26, 2023 @ 8:15 pm

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  3. Brother Nathanael April 26, 2023 @ 8:16 pm

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  4. Noire Cowbell April 26, 2023 @ 9:13 pm

    “Demon kids of Jewish masturbation”

    (lovely set and background.)

  5. DR. KENNEDY April 26, 2023 @ 10:56 pm

    Amen Brother.

    The hatred of Jews is probably off the chart now, in many places of the world. They are truly a people that never forget and (NEVER LEARN).

    The Jews have been kicked out of 109 countries, over 1000 times and it’s a good chance that America will kick them out next.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you always.

  6. T Smith April 27, 2023 @ 3:47 am

    I learned long ago that anything said on MSNBC is at best propaganda and more likely outright lies.

  7. Rav Mortichai April 27, 2023 @ 10:26 am

    Nice one, Brother Nathanael!

    Curious why Greenblatt resembles Nosferatu.

    Seems the tables are turned. Gentiles always give them a home, money and fight for them and are called names in return as an anti-gentile trope bordering on a canard.

  8. Vercinge April 27, 2023 @ 11:52 am

    The Jews, “obstined deniers” probably until or just a little before the end of the world, of Christ as Son of God, although they are an overwhelming minority, (15 millions in the whole world, almost half of which, 6 millions, in the United States alone and not incidentally at all, on 7.5 billion humans) pull the strings of Western Governments, through the free-masonry, which is Jewish from the beginning to end, notably of the United States since 1776 and France since 1789, have almost in their DNA an irreducible hatred (learned since childhood, on the Talmud, from generation to generation.

    It’s a millenary hatred which almost dwarfs the one expressed by the more impressive with their screams and convulsions, but less dangerous demonic-possessed ones), and intact after 2000 years, probably even increased, of Jesus and Western civilization with obvious Christian roots which they obsessively want to eradicate and of which Putin’s Russia in liaison with Patriarch Kyril, is the last rampart.

    While Rome, the center of Christianity for almost two millennia, in the mind-boggling words of the Blessed Virgin at La Salette, 1846, “lost the Faith and became the Seat of the Antichrist,” with presumably the fraudulent election of Rosicrucian Roncalli/ John XXIII, in 1958, through ecclesiastical Free-masonry; election imposed by B’nai B’rith, the most powerful Masonic lodge in the world, strictly reserved for Jews.

    It is recent and very significant news that in the Israeli Parliament a law has been proposed or presented which provides for two years in prison for anyone who mentions (in an obviously positive way) Jesus Christ. Every jew passing before a church has the right, even duty, to spit. This is the DEMOCRACY which Jews declaim and claim 24/7.

    Who understands this speech so simple and obvious?

    Virtually almost none. For two main reasons: the loss or total absence of a living Christian faith which alone gives the ability to see and understand who are the real and most dangerous enemies of Christian civilization, the Jews, who crucified Christ 2000 years ago and continue to crucify Him in non-Jews in general; in Christians in particular, because considering themselves a superior race, even the only race worthy of existing, they want, either by hook or by crook, to subjugate and enslave non-Jews survivors of their massive depopulation.

    The second reason is the brainwashing that Jewish Propaganda has done in the last 250 years, especially since the end of the Second World War and its immense financial power (accumulated on the blood and tears of non-Jews) able to shut up or to eliminate those who simply say or write the truth.

    The Jews’ power stems directly from the Western world’s near-total belief in the phenomenal lie of the “Holocaust”. You needn’t look any further. (Robert Faurisson)

    All this will take the world to WWIII because inevitably Zionism is encountering in Russia the only political entity capable of blocking the way to its hegemonic aims, a very hard obstacle, practically impossible to break down.

    Russia is on the right side of history, i.e. on Almighty’s side, (also this almost none obviously understands it), consequently the Anglo-Zionist Satanism that rules the West behind the scenes, whether they know it or not, they believe it or not, is doomed to total defeat.

  9. Rabbi Glickman April 27, 2023 @ 12:27 pm

    Oy, I must contest the statement, “20% of those polled believe in antisemitic conspiracy theories and tropes.”

    It begs the question: “How many of those anti-Semites are themselves Jews?”

    And even if the 20% number is correct, that is highly classified information. Not suitable for non-Jewish eyes – because Jews NEVER reveal TRUE numbers to the goyim. Ever! L’chaim!

  10. Brother Nathanael April 27, 2023 @ 4:17 pm

    DeSantis signs Florida “antisemitism” bill in IsraHell @

  11. Citizenfitz April 27, 2023 @ 7:55 pm

    Jerry Springer… Jerry Springer….

  12. KathJuliane April 27, 2023 @ 8:08 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN. The Vid is just fantastic.

    That was a great chatch. You completely unmask Greenblatt and ADL for the whiny, power-hungry hypocrites that they are.

    The hilarious part is that Greenblatt and his Jewish echo chamber on MSM just can’t figure out how he keeps shooting himself in the foot.

    The more he screams about “antisemitism,” the more people notice just how deeply embedded and controlling the Jews are in everything. Refer the trope, “The Streisand Effect” — the more Greenblatt tries to suppress something, the more the people notice.
    Every time he opens his mouth trying for damage control, he makes ordinary, everyday, Main Street Americans dislike jews even more.

    When Trump, whom everyone knows is no anti-Semite, was applying his rhetoric generically about “expelling warmongers, driving out globalists, casting out communists, and throwing off those who hate our country,” by attacking him for “antisemitism,” Greenblatt is virtually jumping up and down screaming, “Lookie over here! It’s the Jews! He’s talking about us, the Jews!”

    When Tucker got benched, it looks like Greenblatt was on Twitter crowing about it virtually within of the news breaking.

    Jonathan Greenblatt (@JGreenblattADL)

    It’s about time. For far too long, Tucker Carlson has used his primetime show to spew antisemitic, racist, xenophobic & anti-LGBTQ hate to millions. @ADL has long called for his firing

    Sheesh, Greenblatt, tell me you’ve never watched Tucker’s show without saying you’ve never watched his show. But seriously, tell me The Jews take responsibility for the firing of Tucker.

    You just openly admitted the disproportionate amount of power the ADL wields. You likely pressured Paul Ryan to pressure Murdoch to fire Carlson.

    Nothing like proving the tried-and-true Slavic proverb yet once again: “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.”

    Greenblatt, you’re a walking, talking jackass if there ever was one. That’s casting aspersions on perfectly good equines. Greenblatt, you are just so repulsive and sleazy. No one would buy a used car from you.

    Enjoy your victory lap, Greenblech!

    Thanks again, +BN for your hilarious Vid about this Jewish clown.

  13. Hibernian April 27, 2023 @ 9:26 pm

    Ref. DeSantis’s signing of “Anti-Semitism” Bill

    Particular antics of suspected Mossad-operation Goyim Defence League (G.D.L.) — official leader “Handsome Truth”/Jon Minadeo II — served as final-straw excuse for DeSantis.

    Eternal Truth


    The GDL is the JDL in ‘Naziface’

    Same tactics, same apparent protection from police.
    And same shaped hook nose on both of their leaders


    Eternal Truth

    Perhaps a stunt by odysee to give him credibility and get more people over to his malware infested Goyimtv site ?

  14. Hibernian April 28, 2023 @ 1:11 am

    Never is an A.D.L.-conducted poll to be trusted!

    Furthermore, it stands to reason, upon having incorporated the following information, that the percentage of so-called “self-hating” former-Jews within any percentage, a la 20% above, of the general U.S.A. populace claimed by the A.D.L. to be anti-semitic is “much-higher than we are told”;



    The Jewish population is believed to be higher than we are told, Part 1

  15. ANTI-JEW April 28, 2023 @ 1:39 am

    Film tip for today: “Last Hippie Standing” (2001)

    “LSD and the Rabbis”

    Significant that Jews were mainly responsible for Vietnam War as well as for the hippie culture and the popularization of LSD.

    Although they are clearly and undoubtedly the main operators of “pop culture”, at the same time they dare to appear as its “critics”.

    In this regard, watch also Dammbeck’s “The Net” and Jew Brokman’s dubious appearance in it.

    “Brockman’s authors include Steven Pinker, Alan Guth, Stephen Jay Gould, Jaron Lanier, Lee Smolin, and David Gelernter.”

    Dammbeck’s film “Time of the Gods” (1992) about Arno Breker (a few reviews in the links). Quite interesting. In it an interview with Ernst Jünger.

  16. ANTI-JEW April 28, 2023 @ 5:50 am

    Addendum: The homosexual Rahn, whom Dammbeck quotes in the Breker film as having worshipped “Lucifer” (as if this had been an expression of the SS Ahnenerbe), is of course a complete lie, just to make that clear afterwards.

    This is the sick impression Dammbeck undoubtedly wants to create. After all, Dammbeck’s later cinematic work clearly carries the implied knowledge about the power of the Jewish world ruler.

  17. KathJuliane April 28, 2023 @ 12:08 pm

    Ex-Tucker Carlson ✡️Producer Suing Him For ‘Sexism’ Has Never Even Met Him


    Paul Joseph Watson

    Summit News | 27 April, 2023

    Abby Grossberg, the former Tucker Carlson producer who is suing the ex-Fox News host for ‘sexism’, has never even met him, her own lawyer admits.

    Grossberg has been busy on a media tour accusing Carlson of “breaking” her and making her life a “living hell” by creating a “sexist” and “anti-semitic” workplace.

    However, she has never even personally met Carlson while working on his show, according to a report by the Spectator.

    “Like many on the [Tucker Carlson Tonight] staff, Abby never met Tucker Carlson in person because he taped the show from his personal studios in Maine and Florida, and he did not visit Fox’s NY HQ during her time there,” Kimberly A. Catala, one of the attorneys representing Grossberg, said.

    Grossberg, who was head of bookings for the show between July 2022 and March 2023, claims that while working out of Fox’s Manhattan office she was subjected to bullying and mean comments about being Jewish.

    One such “bullying” incident included Grossberg being called a “scrooge” for going around the office turning off Christmas decorations.

    Wow. Poor baby.

    “Tucker and his executive producer Justin Wells, who was also fired, really were responsible for breaking me and making my life a living hell,” Grossberg told MSNBC this week.
    [Poor, poor Abby can barely contain her duping delight smiles at the start. What a punchable face. – Kj]


    How can someone you’ve never even met have such a negative impact? Sounds like utter nonsense.

    Grossberg’s lawsuit against Carlson was one of the reasons cited by media reports that motivated Rupert Murdoch to drop the network’s top rated news host.

    As we document in the video below, her claims about what was said to her in the office are likely to form part of a ‘dirt dossier’ Fox News has on Carlson that it is preparing to hand to legacy media outlets if Carlson attacks the network.

    Tucker posted a short video on Twitter last night which has already racked up over 10 million views, but he doesn’t directly mention Fox News in the clip.

  18. KathJuliane April 28, 2023 @ 12:36 pm

    Fox Has a Secret ‘Oppo File’ to Keep Tucker Carlson in Check, Sources Say

    Eight sources tell Rolling Stone that the network’s top brass has been stockpiling information on the departing prime-time host

    Rolling Stone | April 25, 2023

    FOX NEWS EXECUTIVES have in their possession a dossier of alleged dirt on Tucker Carlson should he attack the network in the wake of his departure, eight sources at and close to the network tell Rolling Stone.

    When Fox announced Carlson’s departure on Monday, the network presented the separation as amicable. But according to one former on-air Fox personality, the anchor and some of the channel’s top executives are parting ways on “the worst” and “messiest possible terms.” Indeed, in private communications released last month as part of the Dominion-Fox lawsuit, the now-fired Fox host gossiped that one such exec “hates us,” claiming she [Irena Briganti-Kj] was covertly working against him and other hosts.

    But if Carlson attempts to torch the network he’s leaving, Fox is prepared, the sources say.

    Eight people familiar with the situation tell Rolling Stone that Fox News and its communications department — long led by the notoriously aggressive Irena Briganti — has assembled damaging information about Carlson. One source with knowledge calls it an “oppo file.” Two sources add that Fox is prepared to disclose some of its contents if execs suspect that Carlson is coming after the network.

    The file includes internal complaints regarding workplace conduct, disparaging comments about management and colleagues, and allegations that the now-former prime-time host created a toxic work environment, three of the sources say. …

    A network spokesperson denied the existence of the file on Carlson. “This is patently absurd and categorically false,” the spokesperson said in a statement to Rolling Stone. “We thank Tucker for his service to the network as a host, and prior to that, as a contributor.”

    Many sources within the network disagree. “Irena will never be shy about using these things,” says one network source who is familiar with the Carlson-related complaints.

    Full story:


    Fox’s notoriously vicious PR assassin working for Fox PR — the single most vicious PR operation in all the media” –is an extremely camera shy flack who pays someone to keep her footprint scrubbed off of google. However,

    Gawker managed to scrape up four photographs of her, one from a high school yearbook and one circa 2006, in which she looks like a bloated heifer — but decently groomed and dressed.

    I shudder to think what epic proportions this she-pit bull has attained 16 years later. -Kj

    Here Is the Fourth Known Photo of Fox News Attack Flack Irena Briganti


    So, is Abby Grossberg and her suit against Fox News Corps and Tucker Carlson actually just an elaborate dirty Fox News Corps trick cooked up by the nasty sow, Irena Briganti? – Kj

  19. KathJuliane April 28, 2023 @ 2:06 pm

    Well, it’s not quite nailing Greenblech’s hide to the barn door, but it’s close.

    No one, left or right, is letting the obnoxious lesbian Jew bridge troll, Randi Weingarten, get away with her efforts to gaslight Americans.

    Scott Jennings was outstanding. All that the bridge troll could do was sit there and blink, blink, blink.

    Quite a string of embedded tweets calling her out. -Kj

    This is phenomenal!’ Randi Weingarten taken to the woodshed on live TV for trying to rewrite history

    BizPac Review | April 28, 2023

    Randi Weingarten, the powerful union boss who heads up the American Federation of Teachers, has been on a revisionist campaign this week trying to convince the country that she was not a stringent lockdown advocate for public schools.

    Her effort to rewrite history ran into a buzzsaw on Thursday when Weingarten faced off with CNN senior political commentator Scott Jennings, as he admonished the left-wing union chief for claiming that she wanted to reopen schools.

    “Speaking on behalf of millions of American parents — I have four at home — I had to teach them at home, my wife had to teach them at home,” Jennings said. “I am stunned at what you have said this week about your claiming to have wanted to reopen schools.”

    To be clear, Jennings looked Weingarten square in the eyes as he dressed her down and conservative commentator Clay Travis was impressed, “Holy sh*t… This is phenomenal. Well done.”

    “I think you’ll find that most parents believe you are the tip of the spear of school closures,” he said. “There are numerous statements you made over the summer of ’20 scaring people to death about the possibility of opening schools. And I hear no remorse whatsoever about the generational damage that’s been done to these kids.”

    Full story:

  20. KathJuliane April 28, 2023 @ 4:34 pm

    Child mutilation and sterilization is now the official policy of the U.S. federal government to build a demographic of eunuch zombies under medical care for life, enforced through its political prosecution and political law enforcement arms of Garland’s DOJ and Wray’s FBI respectively. -Kj


    Justice Department Challenges Tennessee Law that Bans Critical, Medically Necessary Care for Transgender Youth

    The Justice Department today filed a complaint challenging Tennessee Senate Bill 1 (SB 1), a recently enacted law that denies necessary medical care to youth based solely on who they are.

    The complaint alleges that SB 1’s ban on providing certain medically necessary care to transgender minors violates the Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause. The department is also asking the court to issue an immediate order to prevent the law from going into effect on July 1, 2023.

    Full press brief:

    Biden DOJ says mutilating and sterilizing children is ‘medically necessary’. So now, Jew Garland’s DOJ is practicing medicine without a license. -Kj

    Tennessee Officials Sued By Biden Hit Back With Promise To Fight Child Sex-Change Push
    By Daily Wire • Apr 27, 2023

    Tennessee officials responded to the Biden administration’s lawsuit against the state over its law banning transgender hormone treatments and surgeries for minors, promising to fight to uphold the law and stand up for children.

    Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti said that the state would “vigorously” fight to keep the law in place. “The federal government has joined the ACLU and an elite New York law firm in attacking a bipartisan law that protects children from irreversible harm. I welcome the opportunity to litigate these issues and vigorously defend Tennessee’s laws,” Skrmetti said in a statement.

    Republican Governor Bill Lee said that the suit was an example of the overreach of the federal government.

    “Tennessee is committed to protecting children from permanent, life-altering decisions. This is federal overreach at its worst, and we will work with Attorney General Skrmetti to push back in court and stand up for children,” he said.

    Majority Leader William Lamberth (R-Portland), the representative who introduced the bill in the House, said that the suit did not come as a surprise, but that the state would continue to fight back against transgender ideology.

    Full story:


    Fight’s on. Ultimately, this is a constitutional States’ Rights issue. -Kj

  21. Hibernian April 28, 2023 @ 5:23 pm

    What is Greenblatt’s stance on the particular “cause”, & “reaction” below?

    1) Cause:

    2) Reaction:

  22. KathJuliane April 28, 2023 @ 7:06 pm

    Truth is winning.

    Comments are priceless. WPEC is a Florida-based station. -Kj

    ‘Hate Rising: Antisemitism in America’ (Part 1)

    CBS 12 News – WPEC | 28 April 2023

    CBS12 News presents “Hate Rising: Antisemitism in America.”

    It’s the first in a series of special reports on the rise of antisemitism across the country and right here in our own backyard.

    Thanks to our partnership with the USC Shoah Foundation, all of our coverage will feature exclusive interviews with Holocaust survivors, sharing their experiences from the war and their perspective on the challenges we are facing today.

    Full Story

    Plus, Face of gun ownership changes: More women of color arming themselves

    0:00 ‘Hate Rising: Antisemitism in America’
    6:29 Face of gun ownership changes: More women of color arming themselves

    James Smith
    Imagine being so morally corrupt that someone pointing out the fact that you exist apparently causes fear

    Shane Owen
    If certain groups were not overrepresented in every single enterprise that is harmful to our societies then people probably wouldn’t have an issue with that group but untill that changes I would say the scrutiny is justified

    My child was expelled from 109 different schools. Shame on the schools for their anti-childism.

    2 replies

    Larrybird Ainge
    109th thumbs up right here

    110 and never again

    Rational Luchadore
    I love Jews so much I point them out so everyone acknowledges them! Why are they so upset about being noticed? Its not like they’re doing something wrong, right? I mean… Why would they behave like a guilty person if they weren’t doing anything wrong?

    The University of Southern California (USC) Shoah Foundation was founded in 1994 by master Jewish fabulist and story teller, Steven Spielberg

    Hahahahahahaha! Sad violin and piano music is over the top.

    As of this post, there were 178 more comments to go, and every one so far is like the above examples.

  23. Hibernian April 29, 2023 @ 7:56 pm

    U.S.A. is a colony of Jewry (incl. Israel; Rather than Israel is a colony of U.S.A.)

    And, the Irish State — legally agreed term for otherwise named “Republic of Ireland” & “Ireland” for the territory of island excluding the North East of Ireland, N.E.O.I., occupied by Britain. Hence continuation of term United Kingdom (U.K.) — is a colony separately of the E.U. and U.S.A. (de facto).

    Also, the Irish State functions financially as the major adjunct for “The City”/”The City of London” situated in London, England.

    So, the following is a reasonable rudimentary schematic:


    Jewry (incl. Israel) > U.S.A. & E.U. & U.K. > Irish State

    If the Irish State becomes officially “Marxist-Leninist”, & it is earmarked to do so under a Sinn Fein political party government, that event will propel the Marxist-Leninsts in U.K. to soon become the official government of U.K.

    The U.K. becoming officially Marxist-Leninist will propel most other countries to become “officially” Marxist-Leninist (=Orwellian).

    After all, the British are the most influential culture-shapers. And, very much so because all snobs want to be British.

    Thus, do watch the Irish State closely!

    And, here is a most sinister censorious development that, of course, greatly pleases the A.D.L.:

    Keith Woods


    Ireland is about to pass one of the most radical hate speech bills yet. Merely possessing “hateful” material on your devices is enough to face prison time.

    Not only that, but the burden of proof is shifted to the accused, who is expected to prove they didn’t intend to use the material to “spread hate”. This clause is so radical that even the Trotskyist People Before Profit opposed it as a flagrant violation of civil liberties.
    Dark times.

    Also, note this vital related info:

  24. KathJuliane April 29, 2023 @ 9:46 pm

    Diane! Don’t Mention the Jews

    Mark Collett | April 28, 2023

    Diane Abbott – darling of the left and Britain’s longest serving and most prolific black Member of Parliament has just been suspended for her comments on Jews.

    Find out exactly what she said to anger them and discover what this little episode reveals about power structures in Western nations.—Diane-Don't-Mention-the-Jews:9

  25. Hibernian April 30, 2023 @ 5:48 am

    Further to probably the most severe laws, passed by the legislature of the government of any jurisdiction in the Europhile countries in this supposed post Marxist-Leninist era, against free-speech (Ref. my post above), Elon Musk has just declared this:

    Elon Musk


    Massive attack on freedom of speech

  26. Citizenfitz April 30, 2023 @ 10:35 am

    Hibernian, unfortunately the Irish ignored the evils that are coming their way.

    Probably too busy watching Jerry Springer re-runs on their tellies to notice the foreshocks. But the same could probably be said about the entire European diaspora.

    It’s prayer and fasting time, friends.

  27. KathJuliane April 30, 2023 @ 5:24 pm

    I fully expect Greenblech to start accusing people who actively oppose Trannies and Drag Queen Story Hour of ‘antisemitism’. – Kj


    Kansas Becomes 1st State to Pass Law Defining Gender as a Person’s Sex at Birth

    Epoch Times | 29 April 2023

    Kansas has become the first state to adopt a definition of gender with the passage of legislation that keeps men, no matter what gender they identify as, out of women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, and other intimate spaces.

    It also separates inmates and restricts participation in sports according to one’s sex at birth.

    The move came late in the afternoon of April 27, when the state Legislature voted to override Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly’s veto of S.B. 180, which became known as the “Women’s Bill of Rights.”

    Under it, a female is defined as “an individual whose biological reproductive system is developed to produce ova.” A male is defined as “an individual whose biological reproductive system is developed to fertilize the ova of a female.”

    It also defines gender words calling for “woman” and “girl” to be used to refer to human females and “man” and “boy” to refer to human males. It defines “mother” as a parent of the female sex and “father” as a parent of the male sex.

    The override comes a little more than a week after Kelly vetoed the bill on April 20, after it was passed by a two-to-one margin between Republicans and Democrats in both the House and Senate.

    Kelly said she vetoed the legislation because she was concerned it would open the state up to costly discrimination lawsuits, cause a loss of federal funding, and hurt the Sunflower State’s economy.

    The bill garnered support from a range of groups, including one staunchly pro-choice women’s rights group.

    “Victory!” wrote the Women’s Liberation Front (WOLF) on Twitter, upon news of the veto override.

    The national women’s rights organization, which helped craft the legislation, wrote on its website, “This bill takes procedural steps to write into law common sense definitions that ensure the meaning of words like ‘woman’ and ‘mother’ aren’t corrupted by unelected bureaucrats’ intent on pushing gender ideology.”

    The group stated that members sent more than 600 messages to Kansas lawmakers in support of the bill.

    Opposition Forces
    The legislation also had plenty of opposition, with critics calling it anti-trans and reminiscent of racial segregation in the 1960s.

    “It’s the same sayings,” state Rep. John Alcala (D-Topeka) said at a public hearing on the bill. “I don’t want you in my bathroom. I don’t want you drinking out of my water fountain. I don’t want you over at my house. I don’t want my kid hanging out with you.”

    Beth Oller, a physician who testified against the bill, said the title was inappropriate and violated women’s rights. “This is [in] no way a women’s bill of rights. The bill does the opposite of protecting women; it causes harm.”

    Oller said that medical doctors “for decades have agreed that there is no sufficient way to define what makes a woman.”

    “Gender is not binary but is a spectrum of biological, mental, and emotional traits that exist along a continuum,” she said. “Intersex people exist.”

    The bill does include a provision that recognizes intersexual individuals. “Individuals born with a medically verifiable diagnosis of disorder/differences in sex development are to be provided available federal and state legal protections,” the legislation states.

    Opposition to SB 180 also came from the Kansas School Superintendents’ Association, the United School Administrators of Kansas, and Kansas Legal Services.

    The Kansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence also opposed the Women’s Bill of Rights, which specifically cites women’s shelters, rape crisis centers, domestic violence safe havens, and women’s prisons as protected places where men identifying as female should be restricted.

    Female Spaces in Danger
    Following public testimony against the bill by Rev. Carolene Dean, an associate pastor with the Plymouth Congregational Church, an attorney for WOLF asked whether Dean, a female, “had ever been unfortunate enough to find herself in a domestic violence shelter, rape crisis counseling, or a women’s prison.”

    Attorney Lauren Bone said that with many states now opening such places up to men, women are at “increased risk of further violence and harassment.”

    When asked by a Republican lawmaker how many genders there are, Dean replied, “There are as many genders as there are beautiful creations in the world.”

    Similar gender-defining bills to the one passed in Kansas are pending in other states, including Oklahoma and Montana.

    Nationwide, there have been a number of reports of assaults on women by men identifying as women.

    Earlier this month, The Windsor Star reported that a man who identified as a transgender woman was arrested in Ontario on allegations that he climbed into bed with a woman at a women’s shelter and sexually assaulted her.

    There are also several pending civil rights lawsuits filed by attorneys on behalf of female inmates who have reported being raped by men they were incarcerated with because the men claimed to be females. One of the alleged assaults happened at the Logan Correctional Center, Illinois’s largest women’s prison.

    Last year, as part of a plea deal, transgender prisoner Ramel Blount pled guilty to raping a female prisoner while she was taking a shower. Blount, a male who goes by the first name “Diamond,” was housed with women at New York’s Rikers Island prison.

    The then-33-year-old admitted to grabbing the female inmate by the neck and holding her down against her will while raping her, according to released statements from the Bronx County District Attorney’s Office.


    Intersex is a bonafide biological medical condition involving various sexual abnormalities caused by genetic, developmental, and/or hormonal aberrations from the normal human pattern of genetically hardwired binary male and female sexes.

    One such type of Intersex persons with developmental abnormalities were medically characterized until recently as “hermaphrodites,” when a person bodily developed the characteristics of both male and female sex organs.

    Sex chromosomes XX do not equal sex chromosomes XY.

    No matter how much a transvestite sexual deviant pedo-predator identifies as a certain “gender” or not, not all the plastic surgeries, amputations of unwanted sex organs to be replaced with faux neo-organs, and hormonal castration and replacement will ever change one’s sex chromosomes, which are found in every single cell in the human body.

    How tied to the Trannie movement is Jewry? Actually very close, enough for the Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences, Northwestern University, Illinois (Pritzger family transgender industry turf) to proudly have ‘Jews and the Transgender Movement’ in their Gender & Sexuality Studies Program. Excerpt from the course description’s word salad:

    “This course is a theoretical rumination on the intersection of Jewishness and gender fluidity in terms of personal identity, cultural politics and institutional normativity. Both Jewishness and gender identity are cultural constructions with strong relationships to biological “facts.”

    “They share the experience of internal cohesion through external labeling and persecution. Modernity has transformed both gender identity and Jewish identity into somewhat autonomous self-characterizations even as the choice to transform one’s identity comes with significant social judgment and cost.

    “Jews who were familiar with the challenge of responding to normative cultural expectations sometimes sublimated this challenge into new avenues of resisting those expectations; it is not surprising that several Jews have made significant contributions to transgender theory.

    “Magnus Hirschfeld advocated for transgender rights in 1920’s Germany. Isaac Bashevis Singer’s short story Yentl the Yeshiva Boy about a girl who cross-dresses to study in Yeshiva is far more provocatively transgendered than the better known Oscar winning film Yentl made by Barbara Streisand in the 1980’s.

    “Judith Butler has noted her early background in the study of Jewish ethics as a contributor to her fundamental re-imagination of gender as performance in her groundbreaking Gender Trouble.

    “Further back in history, the Talmud and other works of rabbinic literature regularly treat intersex phenomena as legal categories and at times consider the possibility of three genders on this basis.”

    Because there were Jewish primogeniture property laws of inheritance according to sex, the rabbis came up with 8 legal male/female category definitions based on certain displayed characteristics for people with otherwise ambiguous sex characteristics. For example, as I recall reading, an intersex person with at least two facial whiskers was considered to be a legal male.

    The kabbalists, however, long ago came up with a hermaphrodite Adam-Eve made in the image of a hermaphrodite Hashem, and “gender fluidity” is all through the Kabbalah and Zohar. -Kj

  28. The Englishman May 1, 2023 @ 3:20 am

    Anglin, articles like this make you a cut above the rest.

  29. ANTI-JEW May 1, 2023 @ 10:27 am

    How true:

    “Expect this kind of draconian legislation to be forthcoming in any and all countries where White people reside, as we are ‘legally’ being prevented from even discussing our genocide. This follows right on the heels of Florida passing the most aggressive anti-1st Amendment legislation of any state in order to protect the ‘chosen’ people who seek to enslave us all for eternity.”

    see also ->

    Sicily is also an island in Europe, but unlike Ireland, it has fortunately not (yet) been the main target of the Oriental-Negro invasion prepared and directed by Jewish influence and the effects of its geopolitical destructiveness.

    Mr. “Jazzhands” cruises this place and invites to a 3 h entertaining journey, because only behind closed (car) doors you are still shielded from ZOG agents in Jewrope.


  30. KathJuliane May 1, 2023 @ 1:26 pm

    The Great American Opt-Out: A Matter of Willingness, Willfulness, and Will

    With every elite political, economic, social, cultural, and judicial institution mobilized against its citizenry, there is no further “point of no return” to be passed.

    American Greatness

    By Bob Maistros
    April 28, 2023

    A Great American Opt-Out, the partition of the world’s foremost superpower into separate red and blue nations, is certainly not a subject to be taken—nor a suggestion to be made—lightly.

    But a superpower won’t remain super when, as Victor Davis Hanson lately lamented, it must “fixate only on the irrelevant that we think we can address while ignoring the existential.”

    These existential yet insoluble problems? They are self-inflicted wounds like weakened security, economic ruin, dysfunctional cities, nonexistent borders, transgender tyranny, and the weaponization of our justice system.

    And add as a coup de grace—the ultimate point past the point of no return—Joe Biden’s diktat disappearing the internal combustion engine. This will accelerate a death spiral for automakers and power producers already overwhelmed by renewable mandates. It will accentuate energy poverty, lead to decreased private ownership of soon-to-be-unaffordable automobiles, and ultimately actuate a forced flight from capacious suburbs to cramped spaces in family-unfriendly urbs—and a crimped American Dream.

    Why are these problems insoluble? Because any dissent from the ruling class narrative risks persecution, prosecution, “peaceful” (read riotous) protests, lawsuits, suspensions, canceling, and cutoffs of livelihoods and necessities.

    Moreover, all meaningful avenues to counter mendacious, monolithic misrule by out-of-touch elites remain stubbornly blocked.

    Today’s executive branch is a pen-and-phone and deep state-dominated operation, utterly disdainful of the people it is ostensibly devoted to serve.

    Our justice system systematically weaponizes itself against that citizenry and the judiciary injudiciously generates inventive subversions of its will (See: Obamacare, DACA, transgender rights).

    Corporate America co-opts portfolios and pension funds to undermine investors’ and workers’ interests in the service of a woke ideology, an even more woke corporate media colludes with one political party, and our woke culture devalues core American values.

    We have solve-nothing, spend-everything (and more) Congresses.

    We have an electoral process that—whether or not irretrievably tainted by systemic fraud and rigged by an elite “cabal”—dubiously delivered not just the White House but also net midterm senatorial, gubernatorial, and state legislative gains to the party of the most decrepit, degenerate, disdained and disaster-inducing presidential incumbent in history.

    Stein’s Law (as in Herbert) posits, “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.” America’s paralysis in fixing existential problems cannot go on at all, much less forever, without a ceding of its superpower status—if not a Weimar-level collapse.

    It must stop. Soon. But how?

    Just as Issues & Insights has documented millions of citizens fleeing blue-state economic, political and social rot, the sole solution for Red America is to simply vote with its feet.

    That is, walk. Opt out.

    Some suggest the union’s geographically dominant red counties could lead such an exodus. But a more likely route is for red states—perhaps the 18 that unsuccessfully banded together to challenge the 2020 election results—to declare the union dissolved, whether due to that illegitimate outcome or because of the unceasing, extraconstitutional thwarting of sovereignty in the swamp. Perhaps invite red counties in blue jurisdictions to be annexed into neighboring jurisdictions, or even form new states.

    In either event, it’s not difficult to conceive the formation of a provisional government, pending a new constitution and elections, including current members of Congress and federal judges from departing states, and an executive of existing governors.

    Nor is it difficult to conceive the negotiation of dissolution terms, as previously suggested, including a joint defense pact and shared assumption of responsibility for unfunded liabilities. (Division of “trust funds?” A mere fiction in a nation $31 trillion in debt.)

    An overwhelmingly conservative government could otherwise set about dismantling the nanny state in its jurisdictions while instituting the remedies to current maladies Victor Davis Hanson also identified.

    In short, the logistics and implementation of partition are imaginable and manageable. The musts to muster? The willingness to admit that “out” is the only sustainable avenue to making America great again, given the hijacking of its commanding heights. The willfulness to advocate and agitate for that result. And the will to see a separation through.

    Those elements may seem far off and unattainable given the lack of seriousness with which partition suggestions have been regarded to date, even among conservatives, and its regrettable association with the ill-fated and immoral Confederate cause.

    But where was the transgenderism now darkly gripping America even a few years back? Who foresaw Black Lives Matter’s rapid rise and the rule of law’s sudden suspension? Or the Green New Deal’s nanosecond-long advance from political punch line to administration policy?

    Opt-out must proceed, to succeed, with the same insistence, sense of urgency and level of volume as those efforts. Starting with igniting and incessantly fanning a fire in forums like these. Making it a theme of an unceasing series conservative gatherings and marches and hearings. Confronting candidates for every office at every level at every opportunity and thereby choosing and encouraging champions.

    At America’s accelerated rate of decline, there is not a moment to waste. And with every elite political, economic, social, cultural, and judicial institution mobilized against its citizenry, no further “point of no return” to be passed.

  31. KathJuliane May 1, 2023 @ 2:14 pm

    Hilarious! Very sassy, epic troll of the Woke left. -Kj


    Liberals melt down after white councilman declares his ‘authentic self’ is a lesbian ‘woman of color’

    BizPac Review | May 1, 2023

    The leftist “ideology of contradictions” was put on blast by an Indiana county council member after alphabet activists demanded his resignation for declaring himself the “first lesbian woman of color” to serve.

    “I am honored to be the one to shatter that glass ceiling. #GirlPower.”

    Hypocrisy from the left is well documented, but rarely does it get so thoroughly trolled as recently took place by Muncie, Indiana’s Ryan Webb. Earlier in April, the white, male, Republican, Delaware County Council member took to social media to proclaim his new gender and race identity, deftly baiting protesters into positioning themselves as evident judgmental bigots.

    “After much consideration I have decided to come out and finally feel comfortable announcing my true authentic self,” Webb’s April 12 post began. “It is with great relief that I announce to everyone that I identify as a women and not just any woman but as a woman of color as well. I guess this would make me gay/lesbian as well, since I am attracted to women.”

    “Whew, that felt good to finally get that out there and start living life as my true self. I’m excited to bring some diversity to the county council. Until today we didn’t have any females of color or LGBTQIAPC+++ on the council. I’m glad that now we do!” he added and explained there would be no change to his title or pronouns before he later included, “I am honored to be the one to shatter that glass ceiling. #GirlPower.”

    A slew of activists appeared at the council’s April 25th meeting to demand Webb’s resignation, alleging that he was inciting hate through his actions. Among them, the Muncie Star Press reported, were six students from Student Demand Action of Burris Laboratory School and a man experiencing gender dysphoria called Charlize Jamieson.

    Jamieson said, “His words not only embarrass himself, but you, the county council.”

    “If he were serious, I’d sing his praises,” the man continued, claiming to know what was in Webb’s heart. “But instead, I know better. We all do. I know better because of his history of making hateful anti-trans statements on social media and disrespecting one’s pronouns.”

    Following the remarks of protesters, Webb commented, “To clarify, I never claimed to be trans anything. I simply expressed my own gender identity…I’m being dead serious. This isn’t a joke. I said what I said.

    “I don’t know what to tell you. You don’t get to question me. You do not get to require proof from me. You were part of the movement that helped establish these rules and set the bar, OK?

    “You don’t get to come later when someone else joins the club that you don’t want in…You don’t get to question how I identify.”

    Speaking with the Star Press he said, “It’s just another example of the intolerant Left and their ideology of contradictions.”

    “I would never resign my position on the county council. That would be an enormous disservice to the thousands of voters who chose me to be their representative,” he added.

    Since Webb’s statement and the protest, he reported to WISH-TV being the target of a “hate and harassment campaign” by a group called the Indiana Progressives who he said doxxed his family and encouraged “people to unlawfully congregate at my home.”

    The trending story captured the attention of the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh who praised Webb and wrote online, “Wow incredibly stunning and brave. Ryan Webb is a powerful black woman who deserves our full support and respect.”

    “Apparently Ms. Webb’s self-identity is not being respected in Delaware County,” Walsh added. “A number of people at the last council meeting even called for her to resign. I’m wondering if I might need to show up to the next meeting to show my support. Can’t tolerate this bigotry in the year 2023.”


    White Male Republican Bravely Comes Out As A Transracial Lesbian Woman Of Color
    The Matt Walsh Show

  32. KathJuliane May 1, 2023 @ 8:19 pm

    Canadian folk singer Gordon Lightfoot dead at 84

    In 1986, he was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

    Rest in Peace.

    An era is passing away.

  33. Hibernian May 2, 2023 @ 12:54 am


    I am delayed in returning to u with a rather more thoughtful response;

    And, meanwhile, I am also delayed with exploring speculations that may be already available on the web regarding the international legal “options” available to J.O.G.s (Jewry Occupied Governments), & implications for individuals, & groups, & companies, due to this extreme Orwellian legislation (mere trace of so-called “hate” material on telecommunications devices — e.g.s computers, mobile telephones — is now presuming device possessor as criminally guilty unless they can prove otherwise) arising from this law just passed by the Irish State.

    I suspect that Jewry can use this new Irish law to shut-down truthing internet-usage originating from anywhere.

    Note, just from very quick perusal on web:

    1) “… Ireland is the ultimate data centre capital of Europe?

    27 Mar 2016

    … Ireland has established itself as the ‘data capital of Europe’

    Ronan Harris, head of Google Ireland, recently described the country as the data capital of Europe.

    To close out Data Week, has compiled available information on 33 multinational and indigenous companies hosting data in Ireland.

    2) Ireland’s temperate climate helps reduce the amount of energy needed to cool servers, but its corporate tax rates — some of the lowest in the world — and friendly regulatory environment are what makes it so attractive to big companies, such as Google, Meta (Facebook), Intel, and Apple, who all have their European* headquarters here.

    *Hibernian thinks that they actuallly have their “World” headquarters in Irish State;
    Ref. Double-Irish-&-Dutch-Sandwich above

    3) An actor pretending to be President Pedo-Joe Biden, & accompanying top administration U.S.A. government officials visited both North East of Ireland (N.E.O.I.), & the Irish State, some 2 weeks ago.
    Of course, Jewry > U.S.A. government gave the traitorous parliamentarians of the Irish State each “an offer they cannot refuse”.
    No such threat is required from most of them though;
    Because, it is a case of “Violet gives willingly”;
    Especially by our homosexual, & bi-sexual, parliamentarians.
    Many are secretly so.

  34. ANTI-JEW May 2, 2023 @ 6:01 am

    You could just as well claim that the “State of Israel” is a completely autonomous and self-sufficient perpetual motion machine.

    This assertion is based on the same Jewish lying “laws”.

    In fact, this (((system))) is fed from the outside all the time and sucks energy from the outside like a vacuum cleaner.

    The only thing that this “state” generates “independently” in truth is (in the most literal sense) millions of lies on an assembly line.

  35. ANTI-JEW May 2, 2023 @ 9:41 am

    The German government is increasing the annual payments to the Central Council of Jews (ZdJ) in Germany, which have been in place since 2003, from the current 13 million euros to 22 million euros in the future.

    On Friday, Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser (SPD), Josef Schuster, President of the ZdJ, and Mark Dainow, Vice President of the ZdJ, signed an amendment agreement to this effect, according to the Ministry of the Interior. The now amended treaty is to come into force after ratification by a federal law.

    With the increase, the Central Council will intensify its activities to make contemporary Jewish life visible, it said. Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser commented, “It is a miracle and a great fortune that after the human crime of the Holocaust committed by Germans, there is such diverse Jewish life in Germany again today.” Protecting and supporting this Jewish life is an important part of today’s responsibility, she said.

    “That is why we are significantly increasing the annual payments to the Central Council of Jews in Germany from 13 to 22 million euros in the future. We can thus further strengthen the educational and remembrance work, but also the security of Jewish communities,” Faeser said.

    Central Council President Josef Schuster said that in the past decades Jewish life in Germany had acquired a diversity that had been taken for granted before the Shoah.

    “This development is now to be consolidated, and that requires dedication, effort and cohesion – both from the Jewish community and from society as a whole.” The bulk of the increased benefits will go toward the operation of the Jewish Academy in Frankfurt, which is scheduled to open in 2024, Schuster said. “The mission of the academy is to formulate a Jewish perspective on debates in mainstream society and to set themes in all self-determination.”

    With the additional annual funding, the Central Council of Jews also aims to establish a nationwide training program for security personnel at Jewish institutions.

    In cooperation with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, security personnel are to receive special training on possible dangers as well as de-escalation and prevention strategies, it said. In the area of anti-Semitism prevention, additional funds are to be used, for example, for further training for textbook authors.

  36. van helsing May 2, 2023 @ 4:45 pm


    It is becoming blatantly obvious the mask has fallen off the monster.

  37. ANTI-JEW May 3, 2023 @ 2:26 am

    The “FRG” is a shell company of American Jews.

    The Jews also co-govern all the big “German” companies. This applies above all, but not only, to companies of “strategic relevance,” like defense contractor. For example, 9 of the top 10 Rheinmetall shareholders are based in the US, in this order: Harris Associates, Wellington, Capital World, Fidelity, LSV, Vanguard, BlackRock, Dimensional, BKF.

    But they have also been highly active in buying up renowned medium-sized companies for years. In the meantime, more than 3,000 medium-sized companies from Germany alone are making larger sales in the U.S. than at their place of origin. BlackRock & Co quietly became the largest apartment owners in Germany.

    In all the largest housing groups (Vonovia, Deutsche Wohnen, LEG) in Germany, they are the main owners. They drive up rents and utility costs. For example, BlackRock hides its 8.47 percent Vonovia shares in 158 shell companies in a dozen suitably selected financial havens.

    The fake structures are called, for example, BlackRock Delaware Holdings Inc, BlackRock Holdco 6 LLC, BlackRock Luxembourg Holdings S.a.r.l., BlackRock Asset Management Schweiz AG. And the “EU Commission” and the German Finance Ministers look on or rather look away.

    From the beginning of the 2000s, “private equity” investors Blackstone, KKR, Cerberus, Carlyle & Co bought about 10,000 well-performing medium-sized companies in Germany alone until 2018, burdened them with loans, took profits, imposed wage freezes and layoffs, expelled works councils, sold off company real estate and, after two to a maximum of 8 years, sold the “slimmed-down” companies on to the next investors at a profit, with some succeeding in the even more lucrative IPO.

    The trans-Atlantic ownership nexus has never been as high as it is today and so dominated by U.S. capital organizers. In between, there are only individual investors from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Norway and China. BlackRock & Co are the dominant players in most of the EU’s leading banks and corporations.

    BlackRock & Co collude with each other and form the dominant shareholder bloc. This is also facilitated by the fact that the next largest investors, such as Vanguard, State Street and Norges, are also shareholders in BlackRock. BlackRock & Co sell risk and market analysis to their companies and also own the U.S. rating agencies from which companies must buy their ratings for a few million each year.

    BlackRock was tasked by Obama with handling the financial crisis, advising the Fed, as well as the ECB and major Western central banks. BlackRock is a co-owner of 17,000 companies, including Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Daimler, Siemens, VW, Rheinmetall, BAE Systems, RWE, Eon, etc., making it the biggest insider in the Western financial and economic world – no financial regulator or antitrust agency can match it.

    BlackRock & Co don’t give a damn about national antitrust and stock corporation law in the EU. They don’t even waste their time on supervisory board positions. No important decisions are made in these rubber-stamper boards with the few well-behaved trade unionists. But the boards have to report regularly to Wall Street. “They’re making us show up,” Eon CEO Teyssen confided to Handelsblatt.

    BlackRock & Co never say anything at shareholder meetings. They remain invisible. They clear everything up in advance. “We can achieve more if we hold talks away from the public throughout the year,” Lawrence Fink told Handelsblatt.

    The U.S. judiciary rules directly into (Western) European corporations. For years, they have to install high-ranking U.S. teams on the board of directors at their own expense and grant access to all internal information. In Germany, this applies to Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, HypoVereinsbank, VW, Siemens, Bilfinger and Daimler.

    At Daimler, the reason is to monitor all employees, including their salary accounts, for terrorism links. The U.S. investigators, who are paid by the company, can threaten Daimler employees with termination if they do not sufficiently comply with the duty to provide information. The state government of Baden-Württemberg and IG Metall also agreed.

    At VW, the chief legal advisor to Pepsi Cola and ex-US Deputy Attorney General, Negro Larry Thompson, has headed a multi-member group of investigators at the Wolfsburg headquarters since 2017. VW pays “tens of millions of euros” per year for this, as the business press uncritically reports.

    The investigators will monitor the car company worldwide until 2020. All 30,000 employees in the USA were also interrogated. The reason for this was the “emissions fraud” in the US.

    When General Electric wanted to buy the power plant division of the French Alstom Group, board member Frédéric Pierucci opposed it. With the help of an accusation that he had bribed a politician in Indonesia, he was arrested at New York airport in 2013, interrogated, not charged, but held hostage for two years in various U.S. prisons; prisoners were sent after him as FBI informers.

    After General Electric bought Alstom, Pierucci was released, on condition that he not be employed by Alstom. The European Commission approved the sale.

    Pierucci summarizes: Since 2008, the U.S. has destabilized 14 Western European corporations, including 5 French ones, under fake pretexts to give advantages to U.S. corporations. By the way, Pierucci’s book “Le Piège Américain” (The American Trap) was not published in German, although – or because – it, written by a top manager, meticulously documents one of the US forms of domination over the EU, including the use of the NSA secret service.

    Fake-“Germany” is the most densely occupied state in the world by a foreign power. About one and a half dozen U.S. military bases with worldwide networking into all U.S. theaters of war, mediation stations for drone assassinations.

    Revealing: The scientific service of the Bundestag stated: “We cannot say with certainty how many military bases the USA maintains in Germany, our inquiries in Washington remained unanswered.”

    And the 10 U.S. military bases in Italy are not enough either: Kosovo was separated from Serbia in violation of international law so that the U.S. Base Bondsteel, surrounded by poverty, is protected. And in addition to NATO, the U.S. operates some 16 U.S. military bases in the other EU states of Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Hungary. For all the rhetoric for “European self-reliance” – the US occupation of the EU is not up for discussion.

    The U.S. corporate consultants McKinsey & Co, the Big Four of U.S. business “auditors” with Price Waterhouse Coopers & Co, the U.S. business law firms Freshfields & Co, the Big Three of the U.S. rating agencies Standard & Poor’s & Co – they are all traditionally lobbyists for the corporations, and they have also become permanent state advisors in the EU, in Brussels and in Germany. They co-govern.

    Accenture, with 400,000 highly paid academics the world’s largest consulting group, together with McKinsey trims the employment agency and the job centers so that the humiliated unemployed remain the largest obedient reserve army for the temporary employment industry, which in turn is led by the largest temporary employment agencies Adecco and Manpower, which of course, it has become so boring, are owned by BlackRock & Co.

    The U.S. economy and industry are shrinking, and the majority of the population is impoverished. The moral standing of the superpower has diminished worldwide. But U.S. investors, military, intelligence and advisers are present in the European Union, more than ever. And governments and the leading media are complicit – especially in Germany.

    Deregulation under Clinton had legalized new financial products and new Wall Street financial players such as hedge funds and private equity funds, and had also opened up a new area of operation for the very large capital organizers such as BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street: they did not found companies, but now bought and are buying up existing companies, exploiting them, merging them or splitting them up, slimming them down, destroying jobs, hiding private profits.

    They prefer not to pay taxes – in the USA they have their headquarters in the financial oasis of Delaware, and the EU has expanded the financial oasis of Ireland for them and offered the financial oases of Luxembourg and the Netherlands in bite-sized portions.

  38. ANTI-JEW May 3, 2023 @ 6:54 am

    Though I am anything else than a
    commie, this is not completely dumb.

  39. ANTI-JEW May 3, 2023 @ 7:59 am

    The French publicist and politician, Alexis de Tocqueville, recognized the true nature of our “democracy” almost 200 years ago when he wrote:

    “In democratic republics, tyranny goes to work differently (than in despotisms); it goes directly to the mind. Here the ruler no longer says: ‘Either you think like me – or you die,’ but he says: ‘You have the freedom not to think like me, but from that day on you are a stranger among us. You will keep your citizenship, but it will no longer be of any use to you. You will dwell among men, but you will lose your rights to human intercourse’.”

    He also spoke of democracy as the “tyranny of the majority.” I disagree with that to this extent: We are clearly dealing here with the tyranny of a very certain “minority” that sets all other minorities against us.

  40. Citizenfitz May 3, 2023 @ 9:15 am

    Good posts, Anti-Jew.

    Looked at Rugemer’s Wikipedia page. Unfortunately he wasn’t smeared as an anti-Semite, White nationalist or as a spreader of “baseless conspiracy theories”. Not a deal killer but it would have enhanced his credibility.

  41. Citizenfitz May 3, 2023 @ 9:16 am

    The Twelve Stages of a Holocost Tale:

  42. Brother Nathanael May 3, 2023 @ 9:41 am

    Trials & Tribulations Of Making Videos

    Yesterday I went out to film a new Vid.

    All was ready: formatting, lighting, camera settings, rehearsal, background, mountains.

    Turned on microphone, no sound!

    Went back home, opened mic, changed batteries, checked conductivity, NOTHING!

    Had to BUY a new quality Vid mic: $750, ouch!

    Please help.

    Online Secure Donations @

    Bitcoin @

    Cash App @$BrotherNathanael

    Brother Nathanael Foundation
    Box 547
    Priest River ID 83856

    All cash donations by mail come in safely.

  43. Citizenfitz May 3, 2023 @ 9:46 am

    I’ve had that happen to me too, Bro.

    Strange electromagnetic failures when I’m serving up some reality… to whomever.

    It happens more often than it should. And not only to me. Welcome to the club!

  44. Citizenfitz May 3, 2023 @ 9:48 am

    An oldie, but even more appropriate now than it was twelve years ago:

  45. KathJuliane May 3, 2023 @ 11:21 am

    ADL and allies always push their fear propaganda quoting percentages, which almost always increase every year, but it takes a little digging through their site to find the absolute numbers at the root of their claims.

    Here they cite a total of 3,697 anti-Semitic incidents nationally for the entire year of 2022. Elsewhere on their site, they state that only 111 incidents were actually violent, as I recall reading last week, which subject to any faulty memory, those were mostly in New York City centered on the Hasidic community which is embedded in Black urban neighborhoods.

    Which means only about 3% of the 3,697 anti-Semitic incidents are actually violent hate crimes, all the rest are nuisance and property crimes, mostly graffiti, vandalism, and pamphlet distribution (“littering”) of Jewish homes and synagogues. And, we must always ask, “Whatcha doing, Rabbi?” when it comes to graffiti on synagogues, Jewish homes, and community centers.

    There are about 335 million people in America. To give it in proportion, the (not) appalling figure of 3,697 so-called anti-Semitic incidents out of a US population of 335 million is a statistical zero.

    There is no epidemic of anti-Semitism across the nation. And the so-called increase of 36% isn’t an actual increase over last year according to any official crime statistics, it is ADL’s change of reporting method getting report data from partner organizations besides itself, some of which are likely duplicate reports.

    Just a bump up in grift by the ADL scammers terrorizing Jewish Americans, Judeo-Christians by newsletter statistics into donating them, and leading the ZOG by the nose.

    What ADL is really trying to combat is the increasing noticing going on evrywhere.

    It is interesting, however, to finally discover what a shabbos goy Susan Rice really is, as she boasts about her Jewified bona fides. She’s Nancy Pelosi tier shabbos goy. -Kj


    From behind the paywall:

    White House will release its plan to combat antisemitism later this month, senior officials say

    Susan Rice, President Joe Biden’s outgoing domestic policy adviser, addressed the ADL’s leadership summit in DC

    Forward | 2 May 2023

    The White House plans to release a national strategy to combat antisemitism later this month, senior Biden administration officials told a group of Jewish leaders Monday. The document incorporates conversations with more than a thousand Jewish community leaders across denominations.

    The co-chairs of the White House’s interagency task force to develop the plan — Susan Rice, President Joe Biden’s outgoing domestic policy adviser; and Liz Sherwood-Randall, the president’s assistant for homeland security — addressed it at the Anti-Defamation League’s leadership summit in Washington, D.C.

    In her remarks, peppered with Jewish and Hebrew phrases, Rice said the administration is committed to using all the tools at its disposal to combat antisemitism and urged Congress and state and local governments to take additional action. ”We are committed to doing everything in our power to beat back and root out antisemitism wherever it exists,” she said.

    The administration also conducted interviews with leaders from the Muslim and other minority communities to develop the plan, which focuses primarily on antisemitism, but addresses bigotry against other groups as well.

    The ADL’s annual audit of 2022 counted 3,697 antisemitic incidents last year, the highest number since it started tracking antisemitism in 1979, and a 36% increase from 2021. For its 2021 U.S. audit, the ADL changed the way it gathered information on antisemitism by including incidents reported by partner organizations, which contributed to a higher total number of cases.

    “Jewish commitments to justice and tikkun olam — repairing the world — have long been sources of inspiration for me,” Rice said. “But, as this group knows all too well, we still have a lot of ‘tikkun’ to do when it comes to the dangerous threat of antisemitism.” She announced last week she would step down from her post on May 26, after Biden announced his reelection bid.

    Rice said the administration is also “elevating Jewish voices and leadership” within the administration, like Doug Emhoff, the Jewish husband of Vice President Kamala Harris, who took part in a meeting of the White House’s task force in February, and Deborah E. Lipstadt, the State Department’s special envoy to monitor and combat global antisemitism.

    Abe Foxman, ADL’s former national director, who developed a close relationship with Rice before his retirement in 2015, said he recently spoke with her about the White House plan and predicts it will be a “historic, innovative and creative initiative” to fight rising antisemitism.

    Rice, the first Black woman U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, also noted her personal connections to the Jewish community. She grew up in Shepherd Park, a mixed Jewish and Black neighborhood in Washington, D.C., and said her family’s home previously belonged to the Israeli Embassy.

    She said she was taught the Shema by her Jewish classmates and attended Passover Seders in their homes. She traveled to Israel with her father as a teenager and worked at a kibbutz. “Somewhere along the way, I think I learned to nail the whole chutzpah thing,” she quipped.

    Sherwood-Randall spoke about her Jewish family roots: the oppression her great-grandparents fled in Eastern Europe, the antisemitism her parents faced in the U.S. and how they taught her to always be “looking for ways to lift up others and heal the world.”

    On Tuesday, invitations went out for a Jewish American Heritage Month celebration hosted by President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden at the White House on May 16, according to an invitation shared with the Forward.

    As Biden announces reelection bid, Republican Jewish Coalition calls him complicit in rising antisemitism

  46. KathJuliane May 3, 2023 @ 12:08 pm

    ‘Jack Hanick of Fox News Is in Jail For Being an Orthodox Christian’ – Head of Russia’s Main Christian TV Channel

    Global Orthodox | 29.04.2023

    The disgraceful persecution of a conservative Christian journalist is being memory-holed.

    ‘He was arrested for becoming Orthodox. Neither the US nor Satan could forgive him for that.’

    The influential head of Russia’s main Christian TV channel, Spas, Boris Korchevnikov, blasted the Biden administration yesterday for imprisoning long-time Fox News producer Jack Hanick in a convoluted case which accuses Hanick of violating sanctions due to his longtime collaboration with another major Russian Christian TV channel, Tsargrad.

    Hanick, 72, was one of the first people Roger Ailes brought in to build Fox News. He was recognized with an Emmy for his achievements there. He was arrested in February of 2022 in London where he resided, and faces 25 years in prison.

    Hanick’s indictment is similar to the recent shocking indictment of 4 black leftist American political activists, apparently because they publicly supported Russia in their public statements. Popular columnist Caitlin Johnstone wrote an excellent and brutal critique of this obvious attempt to silence any public support of Russia by an out-of-control Justice Department, in complete violation of the First Amendment. Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald also reported on that story, with Greenwald devoting a whole episode of his new nightly news broadcast to it.

    Korchevnikov, 40, is one of Russia’s most popular TV personalities. In addition to running Spas, he is the host of a popular celebrity interview show on Russia’s First Channel, (Pervoe Kanal). Spas is one of Russia’s most popular TV channels, reflecting the growing influence of Christian attitudes in government and society.

    On Friday, he penned an eloquent and emotional editorial in Russian on RT’s Russian language Telegram Channel, tying Hanick’s incarceration to Tucker Carlson’s recent firing, suggesting that they reflect a slide towards totalitarianism in American politics.

    Hanick’s arrest days before Russia’s surprise invasion of Ukraine was major news in Russia, and likely would have been a bigger story in the US, but was eclipsed by the start of the Ukraine war.

    Shortly after his arrest, neocon outlets Rolling Stone,The Daily Beast, and the New York Times wrote gloating, biased reports on the case, here, here, and here, in obvious collaboration with the DOJ.

    Here is a translation of Korchevnikov’s remarkable editorial. It gives affectionate insight into Hanick’s personality and faith, his conversion to Orthodoxy from Catholicism, and his affection for Russia:

    “Tucker Carlson has been fired from Fox News, and one of the founders of that channel, American Orthodox Christian Jack Hanick, has been in prison for over a year … for working with Russia. And in fact, for being an Orthodox Christian.

    Russian Christian political philosopher Ivan Ilyn and many other visionaries predicted that American freedom and democracy would inevitably degenerate into a rabid dictatorship. Political and spiritual laws dictate that this is the result of liberalism. Only a blind man would deny that this is now happening.

    Carlson was removed before the elections and the coming American revolution, but his voice, I am sure, will become louder than ever.

    And Hanick, a creator of legendary Fox News faces not only 25 years in jail (which means he could die in prison: he is 72), but has also been sentenced to a memory hole.

    Jack was a devout Catholic. At age 12, during confirmation, he heard a voice: “One day you will have to do something very important, to which I will call you.”

    A lifetime passed. He was one of the first to speak publicly about the fact that the US media monopolies – CNN and the like – were only playing at objectivity, that journalism cannot, in principle, be objective. Honest – it must be, but the personal views and beliefs of the editors and reporters can’t help but be reflected in their work.

    Fox News became a leader, and Hanick collected world TV awards – because he created a fantastic TV channel, giving equal airtime to conservatives, for once. America was not used to that.

    In 2016, Jack was invited to Russia. He came with a bunch of prejudices and fears about our country, which are fed to Westerners by their media.

    And suddenly, in a Moscow meeting room, he heard that same inner voice he had heard a long time ago, as a 12-year-old boy: “This is what I am calling you to do.”

    A minute later, he got a job offer. He was dumbfounded. And so, Jack began creating the Tsargrad Channel.

    When it debuted, it really was an excellent channel in terms of professionalism, with one of the best studios in the center of Moscow, the windows of which looked at the bell tower of Ivan the Great in the Kremlin, a mosaic of the Savior on the domed ceiling of the studio, with great graphics, and terrific presenters and columnists.

    The hosts were very charming and very keyed in to what was really going on in Russia, connecting with voices and opinions – about Russia, our faith, our tradition, our culture, our history, about our complex present, which cannot be understood in isolation from the past and from the Gospel, and all these voices were finally allowed to speak freely, free from the catacombs of the past.

    All of this was invented by Jack. And for this he is now in an American prison. …”


  47. Tulean Visitor May 3, 2023 @ 12:39 pm

    One would have to take the Jews seriously by the nose and to make clear to them urgently:

    “Now you finally stop to throw your contaminated ‘Nazi’ nonsense at us! 80 years of this bullying and psycho terror are an overkill! Nobody in the world makes such an inconceivable torturous noise like you.

    “Neither we nor anyone known to us has ‘slaughtered’ you, and what of your myths corresponds to reality, we are not allowed to seriously question or check because of your censorship terror and persecution mania.

    “Once must be an end to it. We are not in this world to be your moral servants. Who do you think you are?”

  48. KathJuliane May 3, 2023 @ 1:04 pm

    FBI Caught Spying on Virginia Catholic Church

    Slay News

    David Lindfield | May 3, 2023

    Democrat President Joe Biden’s FBI has been caught spying on a Catholic Church in Virginia, according to reports.

    The spying revelation comes after Slay News previously reported that the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) have been targeting traditional Catholics.

    In February, it emerged that the FBI sent out a memo warning agents of the dangerous “radical traditionalist Catholic ideology” that was gaining popularity in the country.

    The memo was posted at by former FBI special agent Kyle Seraphin.

    Seraphin last year was suspended indefinitely from the FBI without pay after stepping forward as a whistleblower.

    He alleged that the FBI is trying to hide how many man-hours they used on the Jan. 6 investigation.

    Before his suspension, Seraphin had worked at the FBI’s Richmond office for six years.

    Now new information has revealed that the FBI is infiltrating Catholic churches.

    Two parishioners at a Latin Mass Catholic church in rural Northern Virginia say they witnessed suspicious activity from what looked like FBI vehicles in February.

    The sighting was a month after the FBI’s Richmond office published the now-rescinded internal memo focused on “radical-traditional Catholics.”

    The FBI’s Washington, D.C. office, which monitors the church’s area, denied any knowledge of such activity in a statement to The Daily Signal.

    The two witnesses told the outlet that they saw two cars approach the church, drive through the parking lot as if they were writing down license plate numbers, and then leave.

    They said the agents were spotted on two separate instances outside Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel in Linden, Virginia, some 63 miles west of Washington, D.C., between Feb. 12 and Feb. 26.

    The FBI memo had been published on Jan. 23 and rescinded on Feb. 9.

    “I saw a black Ford car with dark tinted windows and a knoblike antenna on the top,” one parishioner, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told The Daily Signal.

    “It was driving very slowly by all the cars, and I could see a laptop in the center front.”

    “I could not see the person inside, and no one ever got out,” the witness added.

    “They did leave as soon as they saw me looking at them.”

    “I saw a white [Chevrolet] Tahoe car, with very tinted windows and lots of antennas, driving slowly through the parking lot,” the other anonymous witness revealed.

    “Looked like a male,” they recalled.

    “He had an open laptop in the middle of the car, not sure if he was typing, as the window was very dark.”

    “He never got out of the car, but by the time I saw him, he was on his way out, and drove back towards the highway after pulling through,” the second parishioner added.

    “Not sure how long he was out there, as we were all inside.

    “Everyone else was still inside the chapel, so he must have been going around while we were all inside at Mass/catechism.”

    “I suspect that it was the FBI,” the witness added.

    “However, I could not confirm, since he never got out of the car.”

    The witnesses reached out to The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project with the information.

    Sacred Heart of Mary Chapel is affiliated with the Society of Saint Pius X, a traditional international priestly society that comprises almost 700 priests and supports the Latin Mass.

    “The Washington Field Office is not aware of that activity,” the FBI national office, speaking on behalf of its satellite location in D.C., told The Daily Signal in an emailed statement.

    Full story:

  49. KathJuliane May 3, 2023 @ 1:38 pm

    IN THE NAVY: U.S. Navy Hires Active Duty ‘Non-Binary’ Drag Queen to Boost Recruitment

    The First

    The US Navy has recently appointed its first-ever active-duty drag queen as part of its pilot program to diversify its workforce and combat declining recruitment numbers.

    Yeoman 2nd Class Joshua Kelley, who goes by the stage name Harpy Daniels, has been appointed as the first of five Navy Digital Ambassadors. Kelley identifies as non-binary and has gained popularity on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

    Watch the video of the U.S. Navy’s new “digital ambassador” below:

    Kelley, who joined the Navy in 2016, has been performing drag on [his] off time and sharing [his] experience with fellow sailors. Kelley took to Instagram in November to announce [his] appointment as a digital ambassador, thanking the Navy for the opportunity.

  50. KathJuliane May 3, 2023 @ 2:15 pm

    Judge Napolitano: Kremlin Attacked- What do we know, What does it mean? Larry Johnson fmr CIA


    Ukrainian postal service #Ukrposhta announced the launch of a new stamp after the night attack on the #Kremlin.

    Kiev Regime claims the attack was a false flag committed by Russia, yet the Ukrainian Postal Service has made a commemorative stamp.

    Let me guess, this is Ukraine taking credit for something they didn’t do again.

    Thanks, Kyiv Post, for confirming this was not a false flag. -Kj

  51. KathJuliane May 3, 2023 @ 4:50 pm

    Padraig Martin

    Dealing with Sociopaths

    American politicians do not serve Jews – they serve themselves. At present, the Jews are offering politicians what they believe is a better deal for themselves. They do not see the benefit of serving Western – i.e., White Christian – interests.

    The Jews are offering politicians that which the Dissident Right, or for that matter all Whites, cannot: an organized capacity to ensure money and subsequent votes maintain their power. I am not saying it is right or good, I am simply stating how it is.

    Politicians are sociopaths. They will justify anything that keeps themselves in power. In a representative democracy, that “should” mean the will of the voters. Of course, we know that the will of the voters are most often ignored.

    The fact is, the Dissident Right has adopted a defeatist attitude whereby they fail to organize a genuine, local resistance to combat the influences of unelected officials and keep their elected officials in check.

    Whereas some places simply no longer matter regarding voting – such as Michigan or California – places such as Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee still have a functioning local voting apparatus. You can combat external and antagonistic influences with organized numbers.

    That is why we are able to pass restrictive abortion bills, bans on transgender child affirmations, and maintain “shoot to kill” stand your ground laws.

    Constitutional carry was fought every step of the way by the ADL, but it passed. Jewish interests tried to stop its passage. We succeeded anyway.

    If you need to deal with a sociopath, you need to identify what motivates him and build something that weaponizes the sociopath’s instinct for self-preservation.

    As long as we fail to build a legitimate counter-strategy, the sociopaths in office will continue to gravitate toward Jewish interests. That is the advantage of the tribal mindset which the Dissident Right simply does not have but needs to build.

    Do you want to defeat Jewish interests: Tribe-up and offer an alternative.

  52. KathJuliane May 3, 2023 @ 4:56 pm

    Padraig Martin

    Why DeSantis signed a law in Israel

    None of that which DeSantis did in Israel or HB/SB 269 was done to win over Jews. It was all done for Christian Zionists who dominate the Republican primaries.

    Dispensationalists LOVE a geography calling itself Israel. These people will never pay attention to “JQ” memes. They will reject anything they deem antisemitism. They love Israel more than the United States. They are also the largest voting bloc in the GOP.

    DeSantis and the Republicans in his orbit know that Jewish political or financial actors in the US will never support him no matter what he does. Sure, he may have a handful giving him accolades, but that is where it ends.

    They vote about 80% Democrat, pushing hard left, anti-White and anti-Christian social and political objectives. The prize for DeSantis and his team are Republican primary voters – Christian Zionists.

    The uniparty is real, but for reasons that are slightly different than most realize. The Democrat Party is the Jewish political party. The Republicans are the Dispensationalist Christian – aka, Evangelical Christian – political party.

    They are effectively proxies for the perpetuation of anti-Western, anti-Christian political ideals by proxy.

    If Christian Zionists did not dominate the Republican Party, DeSantis would not sign HB 269 in Israel.

    He did this because it gives him a policy advantage over Trump in a constituency he has heretofore struggled to secure because of Trump’s aggressive pro-Israel posture in the past. Either way, it is a nod to Jewish power, albeit through unwitting proxies who dare never to explore the tenants of Talmudic Judaism.

    Do I like it? Absolutely not. Do I see it for what it is? Of course. Do I think DeSantis will weaponize HB269 against leftist agitators? 100% – it is red meat for the base.

    All that aside, the only real way to break Zionist power in the US is to dismantle heretical Dispensationalist theology. That takes work, but it can be done.


    Padraig Martin is “Christian. Southern Nationalist. Thought Criminal. Proponent of Secession.”

    He understands Southern machine politics, including Florida’s, where he resides. This was a very interesting perspective from him.

    In this podcast, Martin analyzes the final form of Florida’s HB 269 and comes to a surprising conclusion — Antifa/Trantifa would actually catch the brunt of this law the way it is now written and adopted
    Worth a listen:

    Dixie on the Rocks 26 April 2023: Tucker, Sudan, Ukraine & Florida’s Antisemitism Bill

  53. KathJuliane May 3, 2023 @ 5:30 pm

    Padraig Martin


    HB 269 / SB 269 – aka “The Antisemitism Bill” – WILL pass in Florida: What is in it and what is it not…

    In the Fall of 2022, Florida Republican Representative, Mike Caruso, asked for a bill that would effectively criminalize “antisemitism.” Of course, the implications were outrageous and concerning. The idea that anyone in Florida who made antisemitic statements might be arrested and charged on hate crime charges was concerning to any dissident – including me.

    I have been accused of being too soft on Jews AND antisemitic. As a Florida resident, the way the original law was promoted, about twenty-five percent of my posts would qualify me for additional prison time.

    Thankfully, the bill was changed multiple times in committee and the end result effectively makes the antifa’s tactics illegal in Florida. Here is the actual bill’s breakdown.

    1. The bill will be called some variation of an “anti-hate speech bill.”

    2. Hate speech has been redefined by the bill itself to include any form of “anti-religious bigotry” and a new concept – “bigotry against political creed.”

    What happened:

    The bill does not allow you to go onto private property and demean or ridicule an individual’s religious beliefs. In essence, you cannot walk into a synagogue and say you hate Jews. The bill expands the protections to all faiths.

    Therefore, you cannot go into a Catholic church, institution, or some other faith-based grounds and target them for their beliefs. In other words, if you are a pro-abortion activist who targets a Catholic pro-life center, that is now a hate crime. You are further forbidden from projecting imagery onto a private property.

    The bill also protects the expression of political beliefs upon public grounds regardless of the political beliefs. Anyone who attempts to shut down the political beliefs of a speaker on public grounds will now be charged with a hate crime. Let me put this in perspective:

    The new language would allow David Duke to give a speech on the University of Florida campus – provided a qualifying university organization invited him to speak (such as the Young Republicans).

    Any attempt by the antifa to shut him down would mean a hate crime charge AGAINST THE ANTIFA on the grounds that it violated Dr. Duke’s right to express his political conscience.

    I suspect this was done to protect DeSantis et al during 2023/2024 from having the same kind of assaults levered against them/their supporters as that which happened to Trump supporters in 2016/2020.

    Assaults of conservative speakers by transgender radicals – like that which happened in San Francisco against a biologically female athlete – would now be illegal and subject to a hate crime arrest/prosecution of the transgender protesters.

    They can still protest, but if they continue to “shut down” or “silence” the speaker after they are asked to leave, that is now a hate crime. In other words, broadening the definition of “hate speech” and “hate crimes” has now created a catch-all mechanism for the antifa’s favorite tactic – shouting out speech they do not like on university campuses while watering down the victimhood status of Florida’s Jewish community.

    Of course, because it is called an “antisemitism bill,” no one is actually reading the bill. They are just voting “Yea” without reading the bill itself.

    The Democrats are enthusiastically supporting the bill despite the fact that those idiots are essentially signing the arrest warrants for their favorite constituents – the antifa. DeSantis will sign an “antisemitism bill” that does NOT address so-called antisemitism but does address black bloc tactics.

    To recap: you can yell anything you want from wherever you want, as long as you do not do so on someone else’s private property… attacks on Christian conservative institutions of any kind are now included as MANDATORY hate crime prosecutions in Florida… any attempt to stop a legally permitted rally by a far-right activist on ANY public grounds (library, university, park, etc) are now included as MANDATORY hate crime prosecutions in Florida…

    The way the bill entered the legislature: all members of the Dissident Right would be subject to arrest.

    The way the bill exited after committees: every single member of the antifa would who attempted to stop the legally permitted Unite the Right Rally at Charlottesville would be arrested on hate crime charges if that same rally were held in Florida.

    You can read the language of the bill – SB 269 – for yourselves at the Florida Legislature’s own webpage.


    So I did. And it’s exactly the way Martin explains it.

    State Rep Caruso’s Palm Beach district is very heavily Jewish. In response to his constituents, he authored a draft “antisemitism” bill to amend certain hate laws already on the books, and presented it to the Florida House.

    The bill’s history shows a lot of time in committees with public input every step of the way to debate and extensively modify the future bill.

    The special legal protections the Jews always crave was morphed through the legislative process into something else much more general, offering equal protections of the law to everyone right under their very noses.

    However, the real test will be if the amended law will be selectively enforced or not. Time will tell. -Kj

  54. benzion kook May 5, 2023 @ 10:33 pm

    Greenblatt proves the Protocols are true.

  55. Sir Gagalot May 6, 2023 @ 5:43 pm

    ACTS 7:51

    “You stiff-necked people! Your hearts and ears are still uncircumcised. You are just like your ancestors: You always resist the Holy Spirit!

    52 “Was there ever a prophet your ancestors did not persecute? They even killed those who predicted the coming of the Righteous One. And now you have betrayed and murdered him— 53 you who have received the law that was given through angels but have not obeyed it.”

    54 When the members of the Sanhedrin heard this, they were furious and gnashed their teeth at him. 55 But Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit, looked up to heaven and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God.

    56 “Look,” he said, “I see heaven open and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God.”

    57 At this they covered their ears and, yelling at the top of their voices, they all rushed at him, 58 dragged him out of the city and began to stone him. Meanwhile, the witnesses laid their coats at the feet of a young man named Saul.

    59 While they were stoning him, Stephen prayed, “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.” 60 Then he fell on his knees and cried out, “Lord, do not hold this sin against them.” When he had said this, he fell asleep.

    THIS IS THEIR “STORY”. Make SURE it isn’t YOURS.

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