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Son Of A Holocaust Survivor

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Son Of A Holocaust Survivor
January 24, 2023

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Brother Nathanael @ January 24, 2023


  1. Brother Nathanael January 24, 2023 @ 11:13 pm


    Son Of A Holocaust Survivor

    How many Jews does it take to be a Holocaust survivor?

    All of them…and then some!

    No matter what age, what parentage, what distance in years from 1945, every Jew jumps on the HoloHoax wagon.

    Not me.

    I was raised by two Jewish parents with Jewish relatives from Austria.

    No one was looking to cash in.

    You see, it gives the Jew a certain credibility to be a “son of a holocaust survivor.”

    The Jew can be a murderer, a con artist, a thief.

    A tranny funder, a campaign coffer stuffer, a censurer of truth, or a lying journalist.

    You must cut him some slack because…weepy eyes you…he’s a “son of a holocaust survivor!”

    The Jew says it, the media repeats it, but don’t believe it. [Clip]

    [“Kanye West’s antisemitic statements have led to a major fallout from numerous brands, corporations, and even fans, some burning their pricey Yeezys in protest. But for one local business owner, that sells designer duds and Yeezys, made a statement against Ye very personal. Not only is he Jewish he’s the son of a holocaust survivor.” “I’m the son of a holocaust survivor.” “Protecting people of the Jewish faith from hate is deeply personal for Michael Mack, owner of ‘Max Pawn.’” “I’m a Jewish American, how do I sell Yeezys in my store? I mean, it’s like having a swastika.”]

    Oy vey!

    The 45 year old “son-of-a-Holocaust-survivor”—whose mother could only be 3 years old when “surviving” the German work camp that was severely starved out by the allies—likens Yeezy shoes to a “swastika.”

    Vhat happened Adolph?

    You picked the wrong symbol to unite the German folk around your nationalist ideal and expel the Jewish menace.

    Another “son of a con.” [Clip]

    [”I teach them English. Now he knows so well English. He says, ‘I want to start talking Yiddish because I don’t want to forget Yiddish.’ My father, by the way, and uh, he passed away. He was in the concentration camps. Yeah, he came here, he became very, very ultra-Orthodox Hasidic.” “Wow!” “He brought down twelve children. I’m number 11. I think that gives the story more or less, yeah?”]

    ‘Gives the story more or less?’

    What kind of Yidishee bullshit is this? [Clip]

    [”How long was he in the concentration camp for?” “The exact date, I don’t know if I know.” “Right.” “But he was there, he was, he was in camp. He was in Hungary, and he was on Kastner Train.”]

    Oy, yoi yoi!

    The yiddelah: The “exact date” of his father’s holocaust con—he “doesn’t know if he knows.”

    But believe you him, you goyisha sucker, he vas there, in……

    …A gas chamber! A shower! Zyklon B’d!

    Thrown into a fiery pit! His shoes sent to the Holocaust museum! His legs made into lampshades! [Clip]

    [“He was in Hungary, and he was on Kastner Train. So the Kastner train, of the whole thing controversy with money, with the, with the nazis.” “Uh hmm.” “So in the middle of their way to take them to Switzerland, they put him in the Bergen-Belsin ghetto. They wanted to take him to Auschwitz and they were negotiating with money. In the end of the game they went out and went to Switzerland, and uh, thank God, they came to America.”]

    Yet, somehow or other, (I don’t know how, but I can guess, wink, wink, because he was never in a camp), he got on the transfer train, took his gelt to Svitzerland, and voila! has 12 yiddelah kids in Jewmerica to spread the HoloHoax con!

    The con keeps on. [Clip]

    [”And it made me think a lot about you and, and your art and I’m wondering what part of it comes out of being a child of parents that survived the holocaust.” “Well, yeah. It was, you know, for me, I was born into a kind of a crazy family because there was so much pain that they had escaped from. And uh, but I was fortunate that my mom is an incredible person and being still a typical mom in the sense that she was a master of using guilt. Heheheheh! You know, like a fine blade. But she talked about her experiences in the war. She talked about the camps. She talked about the horrible things that she had to endure.”
    “She was in the concentration camps.” “Yeah, yeah. You know, she was in Auschwitz and then she was in, in Bergen-Belsen, really two of the most horrible places.”]

    Vell…out of 23 main camps, with 900 sub-camps, how is it that Jews always pick only 2—“Auschwitz” and “Bergen-Belsen”—to astonishingly “survive” out of those “most horrible places?”

    Vell, It’s all about the “brand.”

    “Auschwitz” and “Bergen-Belsen” are Jewish brand names to sell the swindle. [Clip]

    [”Yeah, yeah. You know, she was in Auschwitz and then she was in, in Bergen-Belsen, really two of the most horrible places.” “Were they–that no one was really expected to survive.” “No, no. But she survived, and her sister survived, and her mom survived, and they, largely because of the efforts of her mom.”]

    I mean all 6 million survived!

    The mom must’ve slapped that nazi guard right in the kisser, jumped over the barbed wire, cut a hole to let daughter and sister crawl through, with lots of kosher salami to munch on!


    With the “pain” of the camps, I mean, those “con-cen-tra-tion” camps, the misery, the horror, that gnawing expectancy that “none would survive…”

    Yet, somehow, (I don’t know how, I can only guess, wink wink, they were never there), in spite of those evil Cherman ‘nazi,’ swastika-bearing tormentors, they got out so the “son a holocaust survivor” could milk the bilk.

    I grew up as a Jew in the 50’s, went to synagogue, got bar mitzvahed, and all that, but never once heard the word “holocaust.”

    Never heard about “showers,” “Zyklon B,” “gas chambers,” or even the phrase, “six million were gassed.”

    It was too soon for the bait to be cast.

    My dad despised the weasel. [Clip]

    [“I remember the first impression I had when I came, when we came. It was night, midnight, and it was with all the lights on, projectors, dogs, shepherds, German shepherds.”]

    Not just regular dogs, not just “shepherd dogs,” but “GERMAN” shepherd dogs.

    Those “GERMAN” shepherd dogs were bona fide ‘nazis’ down to their paws and claws.

    ‘Aryan dogs’ for sure, with national socialist bites and gaits, ‘White supremacist canines,’ with special dislikes for kikes.

    Why does the American boob swallow this crap?

    But you gotta like Elie Wiesel’s tattoo.

    It’s a special kind of ‘made up’ tattoo that vanishes into thin air whenever Wiesel is caught off guard with his arm bared.

    But let’s be fair.

    So as to air the Jewish affaire of survivors, cons, victims in lawn chairs, skeletons, shoes, lamp shades, and never, ever, declaring Allied bombing and starving of campers and those German shepherd guards…

    …we need to find a new kind of holocaust for Jews to survive from.

    Send them to IsraHell while they’re still alive.

    Bibzy says another six million will survive.

  2. Brother Nathanael January 24, 2023 @ 11:13 pm

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  4. Citizenfitz January 25, 2023 @ 12:38 am

    Classic Brother Nate!

    Yep, four million jews in all of nazi occupied Europe. Six million got their switches flipped off, and only five million survived.

  5. Ted Gorsline January 25, 2023 @ 2:44 am

    I see where Sotheby’s is now in a legal battle with the ADL.

    Allegedly the ADL had exclusive rights to sell the only genuine Eli Weisel lampshade in existence through Sothebys but when the lampshade came back from the tannery it seems that the tatoo had washed off.

    Sothebys feels they have been had and are asking for reparations because of irreparable damage to their reputation.

    Johnathan Greenblatt has allegedly offered to will them his nose in a bottle of formaldahyde as a settlement, after his passing, but so far no takers.

    Sothebys says there are still alot of elephants out there so Greenblatt’s nose has little trophy value but add that if elephants become extinct they might reconsider. The court battle continues.

    I see where CNN missed a great opportunity to brand whites as hateful.

    Wolf Blitzer began to toss that hate idea around just before it came to light that the two California shootings were about Asians shooting Asians.

    Then he shut up. Time for CNN to scour the internet to see if they can find a more useful incident to drive their hateful agenda.

  6. The Englishman January 25, 2023 @ 4:21 am

    Sporting his “GERMANY” cap, Mark Dankof NAILS IT!!

    Watch, and let it SINK IN!

    By now Patreons should be deciding where the gallows are to be built to execute justice for war crimes committed by jews, Johnson, ET AL.

  7. Ted Gorsline January 25, 2023 @ 4:31 am

    A funny little story,

    I see where the US is going to send Abrams tanks to Ukraine in 6 months when the ground is muddy. Maybe 5 years ago there was a story circulating on the internet that a foot soldier in Iraq firing a 9.3X64 Brenneke cartridge stopped an Abrams tank in its tracks. One rifle shot. One dead Abrams.

    The story caught my attention because I personally knew the old African hunter who field tested the 9.3X64 Brenneke on elephants in the Cameroon for Wilhelm Brenneke in the 1930s. He shot 300 elephants for their ivory. There were more than 7 million elephants in Africa in those days. Now there are about 350,000.

    At any rate it is the only rifle cartridge that has ever stopped an Abrams tank with one shot. Its great feature with FMJ bullets is penetration.

    Fast Forward. Maybe 20 years ago the Russians tested and then adopted the 9.3×64 Brenneke cartridge as a sniper round and there are hundreds if not thousands on the battle field in Ukraine now.

    The rifles and ammo are very light and can be carried by a foot soldier. It costs about $1 dollar a shot.

    Once the Abrams arrive there will be no need to waste missiles and drones on them. The Abrams have a weak spot, a design flaw, that the Russians on the internet have already said they know about. It allows a single foot soldier carrying an 8.5 pound rifle to take down an Abrams tank with one rifle shot.

    The Russians would be wise to let the Abrams tanks get as close to the front lines as possible before taking them out. That saves a lot of money in gas needed to haul disabled Abrams tanks to the newly revived steel mills in Mariopol.

  8. The slow, hypnotic gyrations of a levitating peanutbutter walrus. January 25, 2023 @ 9:49 am

    Brother Nathanael,

    Incredibly insightful, technically astute video! Amazing, your work keeps getting better.

    I condemn the “scorched earth” policy of the Allies at the time of World War II, in their pursuit of misbegotten revenge against the German Nationalists, through and via air bombardment, they irresponsibly directly contributed to the deaths of many Jews - absolutely unconscionable behavior!

    The camps were terrible and illegal according to international humanitarian law and customs, and their existence should never, ever ever be defended, however, they were not designed with ‘liquidation’ in mind.

    Why then, did concentration camps exist? Because wealthy Jews in London, shortsighted about the safety of their own kind, deployed a virulentized form of uncontained, distorted Talmudic Judaism known as Bolshevism, and (once it was optimized for widespread consumption) it became more commonly known as Communism, in post-Czarism Russia. They (Soviet Russia) in turn became a terrible “over-the-horizon” threat to Europe, and the German defenders perceived it as such, and preempted an otherwise guaranteed Soviet attack.

    That links to the inception and deployment of those concentration camps because Jewish people in every country, especially in Europe, though probably reluctant, were called upon, and indebted to, the monied Jews in London and other international financial centers, to act as pawns, spies, and even saboteurs in each respective nation that they inhabited. The Germans quickly realized that, which made and marked each Jew as a grave national security threat - which unfortunately, was, and still is to this day, true.

    And today, the Jews are sadly still a horrific national security threat, by dint of their preferential loyalty to Israel over loyalty to the United States, which is incontrovertible fact. So how are they now acting to undermine US national security?

    Well, they are very intelligent, very insidious, so in accordance with Sal Alinsky’s teachings in Rules for Radicals, they flipped the script, and are currently using the American national security apparatus to target their traditional adversaries in the political and ideological ecosystem - namely White, conservative, Gentile males within or near military age.

    In 2022-2023 only a Jew would bite off more than he can chew - boldly putting forth the clearly false dogma that up to 130 million U.S. citizens are potential or actual terrorists, insurrectionists, or incipient security threats needing to be monitored, contained, and surveilled.

    What should people do? Answer: look to the Swiss, they know how to handle such things - there is clearly Jewish antipathy (yes, misplaced) towards the Swiss people, but it is muted antipathy, because the Jews instinctively understand that the Swiss are right and correct in their cautiousness and protectionism, which is actually more inherently a Jewish tribal trait.

    The Jews instinctively recognize that the Swiss themselves are like a ‘brand’ or strain of Mountain Jews, or, as I call them, “The Green Gestapo”.

    The Swiss have learned all the right lessons, and have all the cultural memory and cultural intelligence to know and understand how to handle the Jews and the problems they present, and the ramifications of their continued presence in each country, and how to interface with them ethically and compassionately without themselves being exploited, extorted, or being brought under a brutal tyranny of parasitism.

    The Jews don’t like it, but they accept it, because it’s the only way forward for Jews and Gentiles to co-exist.

    Historically, it’s the only Gentile-Jew amalgamation that has exhibited any viability whatsoever, and that hasn’t ended in shameful, abject asset-stripping and genocidal operations.

    Screw the war pigs and voracious international bankers, who, given the chance, the choice, and opportunity, will burn everybody but their servants in every country - I say, bring those genocidal bankers to the United States under international federal fugitive warrants and Interpol Red Notices for indictment, prosecution, conviction, and incarceration in the federal penitentiary system, maximum security - put them one and each into solitary confinement, and don’t ever let any of them talk to any other human being, for the remainder of their lives.

    Sure, they can have nice infrared headphones, Sony, a flat screen TV, DVD movies, an education program, and even peruse the nice salad bar up in Florence, Colorado - but put them in the federal penitentiary system for attempted mass murder, for planning and committing genocide, and don’t ever let them have contact again with the outside world.

    No mail, no phones, no communications.

    And within those parameters, they can otherwise do whatever the hell they want.

    Furthermore, extend Switzerland’s borders, make the world green, free, and wholesome.

    Aside from the bankers, shut down all the other prisons, close the slaughterhouses, freedom for all.

    The atmosphere and biosphere will then clean themselves, and the Earth and humanity can recuperate from the savagery of of wars, and true civilization will be restored and will flourish.

    Then Jew and Gentile alike can build museums, and true apolitical universities, more Cambridges, more ETH Zurichs.

    No more fear and lies from those who would try to be humanity’s masters! No more fraud, deceit, wars for banker’s profit, no more genocide by hungry, depraved, greedy tyrants.

    That is the way. And how to implement it? Simple: the way it’s being done now, use psychotronics.

    After all, psychotronics is the best way to parlay fake freedom into real freedom - which in our new, non-inverted world (the one we’re going to build together), would not just no longer be a cardinal sin, but which would be an essential defining grace - the mark of true knighthood.

  9. Hibernian January 25, 2023 @ 11:11 am

    The third huckster looks a lot like Bono of today;

    Admittedly, the photo of the U2 front-man in the following article from C-f-T does not very much resemble that man. But, many other captures of Bono do.

    Here is an excerpt which is no surprise to many cynical both about Bono’s very limited tunesmithery, & what the Bono-mission-creep really is:

    “And yes, Bono has coincidentally admitted that he may have jewish ancestry himself.”

  10. Rabbi Glickman January 25, 2023 @ 11:53 am

    I remember Auschwitz! I remember the gas chambers!

    One day the Nazis were taking a group of us to the “showers”. But they didn’t fool me! “It’s a trap!” I yelled. “They are not going to bathe us but GAS us!”

    Everyone was panicking but the Nazis had massive, evil German Shepherds!

    Anyway, as I was saying, everyone walked sheep-like into the gas chamber, herded as we were by those German shepherd dogs. We were all reciting the the Shema as one.

    I don’t know what happened next but I woke up in the Camp hospital with a tube in my nose. And when I looked down I saw my legs had been reversed! My right leg was now the left, and vice-versa!

    Looking around I saw other unfortunates like myself who’d been subjected to hideous medical experiments. Heads reversed, arms and legs transposed… Mengele stood in the middle of the ward, laughing maniacally! Then I passed out again.

    But when I woke up I was back in my own bunk in the barracks and my legs were back where they belonged!

    What? Was it a miracle? Was it more of Mengele’s twisted humor? Was it all a dream? Who knows?

    All I can tell you is that in my mind it was real.

  11. KathJuliane January 25, 2023 @ 12:10 pm

    OMG! OMG! OMG! God bless you, dear +BN.

    I’m on the floor, howling. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in months. The Nazi German Shepherd from hell as the personification of the Devil. Hilarious!

    Classic +BN Sass. Top tier meme-rich sarcasm. You and your team had too much fun putting this together.

    And using Yeezy Shoes to make the swastika at the end—genius!

    Good grief, it really has gotten to the point that Jews have to be coached, like Michael Moore was doing with Geddy Lee. Be sure to get as many mentions of “concentration camps” as possible in the sob narrative.

    So, here’s the stock Wikipedia Early Life narrative for Geddy Lee (Gary Lee Weinrib, Canadian Jew born in 1953):

    Lee was born on July 29, 1953, in the North York neighbourhood of Willowdale, Toronto, to Morris Weinrib (born Moshe Meir Weinrib; August 5, 1920 – October 8, 1965), from Ostrowce, and Mary “Manya” Rubinstein (born Malka Rubinstein; July 16, 1925 – July 2, 2021), who was born in Warsaw and later grew up in Wierzbnik.

    His parents were Jewish Holocaust survivors from Poland who had survived the ghetto in Starachowice (where they met), followed by their imprisonments at Auschwitz and later Dachau and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps during the Holocaust and World War II.

    They were in their teens when they were initially imprisoned at Auschwitz. “It was kind of surreal pre-teen shit”, says Lee, describing how his father bribed guards to bring his mother shoes. After a period, his mother was transferred to Bergen-Belsen and his father to Dachau.

    When the war ended four years later, and the Allies liberated the camps, Morris set out in search of Manya and found her at a Bergen-Belsen displaced persons’ camp. They married there and eventually emigrated to Canada.”

    Yeah. Sure, Geddy. Where’s the story about your mother eating her precious diamonds every day, shatting them out to wash them in the camp cabbage soup, only to swallow them again.

    Obviously, your mother, whom you say always talked about life in the concentration camps, apparently knew nothing of the gas chambers at Auschwitz, or else she would have mentioned it to you.

    Then you would have included such in the lyrics of your 1984 song for your group, Rush, “Red Sector A,” which was supposedly inspired by the day your mother was liberated from Bergen-Belsen by British soldiers.

    Now, about the 45-year-old “son of a holocaust survivor” who burned up Yeezie shoes in “protest,” it’s no surprise that Michael Mack is a Las Vegas Strip Jewish pawnbroker dealing in high-fashion & luxury items.

    Very close guess as to his age, +BN. Mack is actually 47 years old, born in 1975, 30 years after the end of WWII, which means his mother was at least in her late 30’s, and maybe 40s to give birth to him, depending on how old she was during WWII. No doubt, she certainly was still a very young child, even a toddler at the time.

    Your suggestion that his holocaust survivor mother was 3-years-old during the holocaust is definitely not off the mark.

    In protest of Ye, the worst anti-Semite since Adolf Hitler, this great champion of the Jewish people decided to burn Yeezy shoes pawned in his shop when the market dropped out on Ye’s designer shoe line.

    Doubtless, he then claimed the loss on his tax returns. Anyway, here is the great defender of the Jewish people:

    “Michael Mack is the founder of Max Pawn, a pawn shop located near the Las Vegas Strip. By focusing on luxury items including designer handbags, sneakers and lab created diamonds, high-end watches and Jewelry, Max Pawn remains a distinctive branch within the pawn industry.”

    There are some great comments on Bitchute for this newest Vid.

    I also found this gem of a holohoax documentary refuting “Six Million Lies” by Sargeant Major.

    Also, no one should forget the great, perpetually banned, 2008 One-Third of a Holocaust.

  12. KathJuliane January 25, 2023 @ 12:13 pm

    One-Third of the Holocaust

    The Holocaust Historiography Project

    A four-hour movie offered below in 30 episodes, dealing with the alleged extermination camps at Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belzec. In the traditional version of the Holocaust extermination myth, these three camps make up one-third of the Holocaust. YouTube removed these videos from its site. Our thanks go out to the producer of these videos, Denier Bud, of Holocaust Denier Videos, for allowing us to make these videos available here.

    Part 1: Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belzec (16 min. 28 sec.)
    The death camps Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belzec make up nearly one-third of the Holocaust. Part 1 explains more about these key camps.

    Part 2: Water well (3 min 5 sec.)
    On the map we see a water well surrounded by burial pits. The water well would have been contaminated. The storytellers didn’t think of that.

    Part 3: Haircut (2 min. 26 sec.)
    If you’re going to get off a train, and get gassed within the hour, and then thrown into a pit; what is the point of a haircut? Yet that’s part of the story.

    Part 4: Engine exhaust (5 min. 23 sec.)
    Engine exhaust seems like the best way to make carbon monoxide gas, if you’re not a chemist, that is.

    Part 5: Nuremberg Trials (26 min. 37 sec.)
    Wasn’t the Holocaust completely documented at Nuremberg? Yes it was. If you consider 20 minutes of courtroom time a thorough documentation of 1.5 million deaths.

    Part 6: Gassing building (4 min. 24 sec.)
    We look at a model of the gassing building that supposedly killed nearly the population equivalent to San Francisco, and find it odd that the building entrance didn’t even have a set of double doors.

    Part 7: Abraham Bomba (14 min. 25 sec.)
    The featured witness for Treblinka at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum says something very odd: that the Germans disguised the gas chambers as a kind of hair salon, complete with professional barbers. As he says: “… make to believe that they’re getting a nice haircut.”

    Part 8: Eliyahu Rosenberg (4 min. 4 sec.)
    A Treblinka witness at the Eichmann trial in 1961 makes some mistakes on the witness stand.

    Part 9: Reader’s Digest (10 min. 49 sec.)
    An article in February 1943 first brought the Holocaust story to mainstream America. The article also mentioned six million — an uncanny number to throw out considering the supposed fact hadn’t happened yet.

    Part 10: Ridiculous German experiments (6 min. 5 sec.)
    Experiments the Germans wouldn’t have done. One of the most prestigious Holocaust scholars writes: “Incendiary bombs were tried, but these caused large fires in the surrounding woods.” Uh, OK.

    Part 11: Treblinka burial space (7 min. 56 sec.)
    We use 3-D modeling to show that the burial space at Treblinka is too small … way too small. The storytellers figured a few large pits would suffice for 700,000 bodies.

    Part 12: Belzec burial space (3 min. 45 sec.)
    It’s too small also, and we use the Rose Bowl Stadium during the Rose Bowl Game to show that. Watch Part 11 first or this chapter won’t make sense.

    Part 13: Sobibor burial space (3 min. 52 sec.)
    Let’s put it this way, you can’t bury the equivalent to the stadium spectators of the Rose Bowl Game in two pits not much bigger than the chicken coop, and then sentence someone to life imprisonment based on “the evidence.” Something just isn’t right.

    Part 14: Steven Spielberg and witness Alexander Pechersky (12 min. 29 sec.)
    Excerpt: “This young black man might be thinking that the slavery that happened to his ancestors is nothing compared to the Holocaust. Except what happened to his ancestors really happened.”

    Part 15: Rain, wind, fire, and ice (10 min. 25 sec.)
    There are some elements the storytellers forgot about. Outdoor cremation fires in the middle of winter, for instance, might work better if they had a roof over them. You know, for when it rained and stuff.

    Part 16: Escape tunnel (4 min. 15 sec.)
    At Sobibor they tried to dig an escape tunnel. They could only dig down five feet because they said there was a danger of striking water past that. One problem the storytellers forgot about: The burial pits are described as 23 feet deep.

    Part 17: Belzec chronicles (11 min. 5 sec.)
    A few Belzec-related stories weaved together. Most people would probably agree that barbed wire with tree branches propped into it is not a great example of good design for a security fence in a death camp. We comment on Josef Oberhauser and Rudolf Reder.

    Part 18: Physical evidence, part 1 (10 min. 51 sec.)
    Why we know more about a tsunami that hit in the year 1700 than what’s underground at Treblinka. We also look at some excerpts from the movie “Mr. Death.”

    Part 19: Physical evidence, part 2 (6 min. 59 sec.)
    Admittedly, mixing Holocaust denial with an episode of the 70s TV show “Charlie’s Angels” seems odd — at first glance that is.

    Part 20: Soviets arrive at Treblinka (5 min. 30 sec.)
    Holocaust historians copiously write about what the Soviets found when they took over Auschwitz, but strangely omit what the Soviets found when they took over Treblinka. Why is that? Also, when Professor Boder went to Europe after the war to document the Holocaust, he was likely surprised at what people had to say.

    Part 21: Destroying evidence (7 min. 9 sec.)
    At Treblinka they supposedly destroyed all traces that the camp ever existed. They even tore up the railroad tracks leading to the camp. But at Auschwitz they left seven tons of human hair and 7,000 Jewish inmate eyewitnesses waiting to speak to the Soviets. Why is that?

    Part 22: A doctor testifies (4 min. 53 sec.)
    No one informed Dr. Berman that the Germans purportedly left Treblinka without leaving a trace. Thus his story of the “tens of thousands of little shoes of little children” is problematic.

    Part 23: Lamb (6 min. 9 sec.)
    Excerpt: “We’re going to cremate a leg of lamb at the beach as a way to better understand the outdoor cremation process.”

    Part 24: Bone crushing (7 min. 45 sec.)
    It looks like three flowers on a football field, but what it’s showing is that it takes space to crush that many bones. And no space is given on the maps for bone crushing.

    Part 25: Treblinka’s flammable inner fence (6 min. 53 sec.)
    They burned one “B as in Bruce” quarter billion pounds of wood in an area enclosed by a tree branch fence. Hmmm.

    Part 26: Treblinka’s outer fence (5 min. 28 sec.)
    No tanks are going to get into this camp, what with the anti-tank obstacles surrounding it! But does that make sense? Wouldn’t the large gun mounted on the front of a tank make it unneccessary for the tank to enter the camp?

    Part 27: Confessing Germans, part 1 (14 min. 38 sec.)
    SS Officer Kurt Gerstein presented himself to his French captors as a very important eyewitness — one of a handful of people who had seen Belzec. Presenting himself as valuable was a strategy for staying alive.

    Part 28: Confessing Germans, part 2 (13 min. 51 sec.)
    Adolf Eichmann and Franz Suchomel. Adolf Eichmann purposely said the most ridiculous things in his 1961 trial, and the reporters at The New York Times believed him. It’s amazing what people will believe when evil is in the equation.

    Part 29: Alexander Donat’s book (10 min. 46 sec.)
    It’s a book respected by Holocaust historians. Nevermind that the author has a story to top his peers: He and his wife survived nine death camps. We also look at the following question: “What happened to the Jews of Europe? Did they just disappear into thin air?” We provide an answer.

    Part 30: Conclusion (7 min. 27 sec.)
    Teaching “tolerance” is great. Suggestion: Use real examples. You don’t need to use a lie, when there are real examples. We conclude by looking at how the belief in the Holocaust leads to unfair United States foreign policy in the Middle East, and from that, what Americans then spend their time reading about in the newspapers.

  13. the international hyenas January 25, 2023 @ 2:23 pm

    This week Jews and their media sychophants will tell us that “holocaust deniers” are rejecting both the existence of concentration camps and the internment of Jews in them.

    No one is denying such obvious and well documented facts (as they ought well know).

    For the uninformed— the definitively proven– “3 PILLARS ARGUMENT” is the key criteria used by historical revisionists to deny the holocaust.

    The 3 pillars argument states:

    a) No execution gas chambers ever existed (in any event a very dangerous, inefficient and impractical way of killing people)

    b) There was no 6 million deaths (Red Cross reports stated 270,000 deaths in all camps of all nationalities mainly from typhus and starvation and most of whom died in the last 18 months of the war owing to malnutrition caused by the inhuman RAF-USAF destruction of German infrastructure preventing food and medicines from getting through)

    c) No plan for a genocide (The Germans were meticulous record keepers and not one document has ever been found calling for this).

    Without these 3 pillars you have nothing even worth a Hollywood movie!!

    Wartime cruelty, injustice and hardship— yes.

    Mass and planned murder using the most heinous methods— no.

    It must also be remembered that Jews were the driving force behind the mass murdering Bolshevist system, that they had collectively declared war on Germany twice in the previous decade not to mention that their behavior is akin to a closely knit 5th column in almost all nations that they inhabit.

    Why wouldn’t you intern such people if you are in a life and death struggle for the survival of your nation?

    Something worth a Hollywood movie, however, is the Soviet gulags often commandeered by Jews and a product of the undeniably Jewish Bolshevist system—-but don’t bet on it.

  14. Citizenfitz January 25, 2023 @ 3:20 pm

    Here’s Mad Max the Las Vegas pawn store’s phone number, if anyone wants to call them up and say hooray for Ye:


  15. KathJuliane January 25, 2023 @ 6:34 pm

    [Rogue Governments In] US, Germany, and Norway Send Tanks To Ukraine: “Just Understand, And Don’t Kid Yourself…That’s Called World War Three,” Our Insane President Said Once About This Moment

    Biden Also Eerily Tweets “American Manufacturing Is Back” At same timestamp of announcing military deployment AND forgets name of military commander standing behind him. I have no words.

    Celia Farber

    Kim Dotcom
    According to @JoeBiden WW3 starts with the shipment of “offensive equipment” like “tanks”to Ukraine.

    Welcome to WW3!

    The End is Here…

    US President Joe Biden in his own words: “and I shipped an air defense system all to help counter Ukraine’s brutal aggression”. Really, that’s what he said.

    Then, more: …”Secretary of State … hm… of the military… hm, the man behind me…

    On to victory! I mean defeat.

    Algora Blog:

  16. JIM. DEAN January 25, 2023 @ 7:30 pm

    The Jews are Great in Making Stuff Up and trying to Brainwash Everybody.

    The Holocaust was a Hoax just like the diary of Ann Frank.

    WE are supposed to believe that she was hiding in the attic for 2 years writing a Diary with a Ball Point Pen which did not come out till the 1950’s?

  17. Caveman January 25, 2023 @ 8:11 pm

    An absolute masterpiece dear +BN! Fantastic and faithful to real history!

    The magnificent ending with the German anthem, “Deutschland, Deutschland über alles…”, is the icing on the cake!

    Unfortunately, RT is now spreading Holohoax-propaganda of the worst kind:

    “Russian POW recalls horrors of Nazi death camp in declassified papers”

    If they think that they are punishing the German lackey government for yielding to NATO pressure and providing tanks to Ukraine, they got it all wrong! They are helping the traitors in Berlin!

    But read the comments in that RT hit piece, they are absolutely priceless!

  18. Milk_Thistle January 25, 2023 @ 10:47 pm

    Thanks, Brother.

    My Dad told me about this in ‘67. It’s taken 5 decades to hear it again.

    Yeah, I found ya a few years ago before you got booted from jootube.

  19. Missy January 26, 2023 @ 1:58 am


    That joker in the video lies as reflexively as he breathes.

  20. Missy January 26, 2023 @ 2:04 am

    Anybody watching the 2023 Australian Open Tennis thing?

    It is forbidden for anyone to have a Russian flag, even a little one. There are competitors from Russia but their connection with Russia is not displayed.

    What a bunch of monkeys running this show.

  21. The Englishman January 26, 2023 @ 3:40 am

    “Southfront” 26/1/23

    In a nutshell.

    1 hour ago

    The North American Terror Organ, that flaccid, disea$€d appendage hanging from the drug-addled Golem that sought to wound and kill the mighty Russian Bear, is now throwing the last of its scrap metal on the dumpster fire that is fast evaporating rump Ukrapland.

    It is such pleasure to see the daily destruction of the evil angloZionaZi empire of shit and the bite too big to swallow for the Zombie in BrUSsels and Washing town proves the undoing of the beast that humanity can no longer afford to tolerate.

    As the IOU fiat filth Saudi Mercan dollah and gimp basturd €urodollah clogging the Wall St PonZi shitter implodes, the collapse of all things “West” is guaranteed.

    Our grandchildren will look back on the sacrifice made yet again by Mother Russia against the sickness of the angloZionaZi cabal of demons and never allow the jackal to rise from the ashes ever again.

    Meanwhile, Odessa awaits liberation Z.

  22. Hibernian January 26, 2023 @ 3:45 am

    How about the allegations that individual policies of genocide — through “gassing”, or whatever, until death ensued — were applied by the NAZIs to the following categories of non-Jew humans on said basis only:

    Mentally retarded?
    Homosexuals (I gather that the allegation refers to “male” homosexuals only)?
    Jehovah Witnesses?
    Catholic Poles?
    inter alia

  23. Rabbi Glickman January 26, 2023 @ 11:12 am

    Rather than come out into the open and debate the Holocaust with deniers, it is much better to stay in our offices and hurl shit at them from a safe distance. No need to dignify their arguments by responding.

    Yes! That’s the ticket! L’chaim!

  24. Confederate patriot January 26, 2023 @ 11:38 am

    Brother Nat, I think that was your best VIDEO EVER or right up there with it! Lol!!!


  25. Brother Nathanael January 26, 2023 @ 2:42 pm

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  26. Anonymous account January 26, 2023 @ 4:15 pm

    Dear Brother Nathanael,

    I have a question regarding prophets, the end times and Orthodoxy. It is said in the Holy Bible that there will be many prophets at the end times. Some Christians interpret the Holy Bible differently and say that there will be no more prophets. This is it.

    My question is this - are dark times ahead and this is now IT; and the flock are ready to be havested…this war against Russia will it be IT? Or will God pour out his Holy Spirit to the while world.

    I refer with this to the great nations of the Far East which have not received God’s Gospel properly yet. I do hope that a nuclear war does not take place and this is not the end yet.

    China for example is a great country with so much life to receive to the Lord. They are scared because of the darkness infesting the ‘West’. I understand this, so my pardon that you don’t get such deep questions much.

    Yours Kindly
    Anonymous (for good reason)

  27. Hibernian January 26, 2023 @ 8:00 pm

    Here is excerpt from interesting post today on Christians for Truth:

    Of the stimulating claims is that is run by Jews, & that de-facto supports the Holocaust was as has been narrated by “The Jews”.

    From: Kevin

    January 26, 2023 at 10:58 am

    To: The Bear:

    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. This “General Horst Hoyer” does not appear in any online searches of WWII, nor does he appear anywhere on the WWII Revisionist site:

    The only place his name pops up is on the article you cite by “Harrell Rhome” whose website
    { is defunct.

    The only website that has this Hoyer memo is the Jewish-run, Jeff Rense’s UFO/Bigfoot site Here’s a link:

    That is a huge red flag for any serious researcher of WWII.

    Next problem is that both Rhome and his alleged subject General Hoyer both seem to support the standard Jewish narrative that the “Holocaust” was real. Another huge red flag.

    When Hoyer writes about “his Jews” he’s clearly talking about the Jews that worked under his supervision in the factories to produce materiel for the war effort. Nothing “crypto” about that at all.

    No one denies that here were Jews and half-Jews enlisted in the German war effort as soldiers and even officers. That proves nothing. According to Goebbels’ diary, Hitler told him that they would have to address this issue of those kind of Jews after the war. Uprooting them during the war would cause too many problems and undermine the war effort.

    According to Theodore Herzl, to the Zionist Jews “the final solution” always meant Jews emigrating to Palestine and establishing a Jewish state. It never referred to any mythical “Holocaust”. So when Hoyer heard Zionist Jews talking about this issue, he clearly misunderstood what they were really talking about.

    No historian worth his salt denies that the Zionist Jews and the National Socialists entered into formal agreements to relocate the Jews to Palestine under the Transfer Agreement, and that commemorative coin that everyone, including Rhome, refers to was not issued by the German government but by a private Zionist organization.

    And many historians know that the Zionist Jews in America and England pressured their respective governments to not accept many Jewish refugees. What’s disputed is why. The real reason was that the Zionists wanted to create the appearance of disproportionate Jewish suffering so as to justify the formation of Israel after the war.

    That’s also why the Zionist Jews promoted the “genocide” propaganda so heavily, to shame the world powers into accepting a “safe” homeland for the suffering Jews.

  28. Ted Gorsline January 27, 2023 @ 2:54 am


    The jews have bilked the Germans out of $200 billion in holocaust reparations. They have to give it back with interest.

  29. Ted Gorsline January 27, 2023 @ 3:15 am

    Colonel Douglas Macgregor has dropped a huge bomb on George Soros and the jews without using the filthy jew word.

    Its on the Marine 1063 channel on Bitchute.

    Also see: Devil Invaded Ukraine

    It’s very clear that Christians must begin total war on the jews, and in particular jewish bankers in every country in the world.

    The corrupt jewish leadership of the Ukraine are already murdering the leaders of the Orthodox Christian Church in the Ukraine.

    The only solution left for George Soros and every single member of his family must be the Mussolini solution.

    Enough is enough.

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