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A Technocratic Pandora’s Box

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A Technocratic Pandora’s Box
July 27 2022

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Brother Nathanael @ July 26, 2022


  1. Brother Nathanael July 26, 2022 @ 11:56 pm


    A Technocratic Pandora’s Box

    Governments need power to survive.

    They need a way to implement that power to expand control of 100% of the population.

    All previous ruling systems had limits on how many people could be imprisoned in their oppressive agenda.

    Technology today expands the oppressed class to everyone.

    This is done “digitally.”

    How do you “digitally” control the sheeple?

    The common cold, “Covid,” is the perfect example.

    “Covid,” you see, is a direct line to the “digital system” of control.

    Covid drives panic.

    Panic drives vaccines.

    Vaccines drive vaccine passports.

    Vaccine passports drive the “digital authenticators” that limit your freedom of movement, speech, and choice.

    “Crypto-Currency” is another form of digital manipulation.

    Crypto, operating independent of government—in America’s case, run by Jews—are a threat to Jewish control.

    That’s why Bitcoin and the like have been de-stabilized by Jewish bankers through chip-shortages and market volatility.

    “Know Your Customers” legislation—pushed by the Jew Gary Gensler of the SEC—is one specimen of market chaos so as to topple Bitcoin.

    De-stabilized crypto redirects demand to Central-Bank-backed digital currency, in Jewmerica’s case, the “Fed-Wallet.”

    Also on the Jew agenda is “non-currency” control of the sheeple.

    “Social credit” and “financial credit” is non-currency control that can easily be tied to currency control.

    Jews got you coming both ways.

    For when you connect “social credit” with “financial credit” with “vaccine credit,” you have an inescapable set of control-variables that every person has to appease.

    Appease the will of the Jews you get to exist.

    For with Jewry’s perpetually changing rules of what’s acceptable like confederate flags, gay rights, pronouns, anal sex, gender extensions ad infinitum, your social history can destroy you.

    You cannot operate within Jewry’s system as an honest person.

    To live, you have to win the favor of the Jew-run state with a gag in your mouth.

    “AI,” “Artificial Intelligence,” has its own “gag” for your mouth…and… mind.

    “AI” monitors your iPhone conversations; your locations; your social media; your purchasing habits; your “drive by mile” tax; your travel habits.

    Some Jew-run insurance companies are offering discounts on your insurance based on your location information.

    Then they sell it back to their synagogue buddies in the government to keep you at full price with their regulatory strictures.

    Today a discount, tomorrow a mandate.

    And don’t think for a minute that “medical mandates” are over.

    “AI” owns your medical data.

    Don’t want upcoming “vaccines?”

    Have no “AI” record of it?

    Big Brother has a dog for you. [Clip]

    The “AI-augmented” robotic henchmen of the tyrannical technocracy will be faster than humans, more lethal than humans.

    A technocratic Pandora’s Box is about to be unleashed on the sheeple.

    Endless complications of trouble arising from a single, simple government-enabled origin will control 100% of the goyim.

    While the Jew rises to the top of the goy-controlled heap.

    How do we close the Pandora’s Box?

    Normal tyranny usually burns itself up.

    But a digital technocracy is an unquenchable fire.

    Call your congressman now!

    But they’re all bought by the Jews.

    The Jews got the keys that unlock the Technocratic Pandora’s Box.

  2. Brother Nathanael July 26, 2022 @ 11:58 pm

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  4. Citizenfitz July 27, 2022 @ 8:23 am

    When Christians relax, Satan attacks.

    Unfortunately, Christians have over the past 100+ years grown quite relaxed. Satan’s little helpers on the other hand have been very busy.

    It must be clear by now that Satan’s end game is to eradicate Christianity from the face of the Earth. Perhaps he thinks by doing so he will postpone, or maybe even rescind, his own damnation.

    But he has another think coming.

    Good video, Brother Nate.

  5. marian raz July 27, 2022 @ 8:40 am

    If we want to take over the government we have to give the people more than promises.

    We have to guarantee that our government will not dominate the people but serve the people.

    The guarantee is going to be given in the form of a declaration signed by every member of the government and every state employee stating that if I betray the nation, if I steal from the nation, if I do anything fraudulent knowingly, I do know and accept there will be only one punishment, death.

    This legal change of government will require a new political party from the people, willing to guarantee honesty in the government.

    Because of freedom in thinking, there are no innocent bystanders.

    How many will refuse to vote for a future president willing to guarantee the honesty of government with his life?

  6. Brother Nathanael July 27, 2022 @ 9:33 am

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  7. JIM. DEAN July 27, 2022 @ 11:44 am

    The Jewish Digital Social Credit System will be the Beginning of the End.

    If you don’t behave you will get less and less money til you change.

    And if you do have lots of Digital money and don’t love “Big Brother” you won’t be able to eat any good food except your choice of Bugs, Beatles, Crickets or Grasshoppers.

  8. Amber July 27, 2022 @ 2:31 pm

    “But they’re all bought by the Jews.

    They’ve got the keys that unlock the Technocratic Pandora’s Box.”

    Do you mean the Congressmen have the keys or the Jews? (Like the Jews GAVE IT TO THEM TO UNLOCK?)

    The gun-toting dog is actually hilarious–thanks for that laugh BN. Given what we’ve seen with the dog, much of their robotics will be used for target practice in a country that has over 300 million guns in the civilian population.

  9. Brother Nathanael July 27, 2022 @ 3:04 pm


    Here is what I said in the Video:

    “Call your congressman now!

    But they’re all bought by the Jews.

    The Jews got the keys that unlock the Technocratic Pandora’s Box.”

  10. Amber July 27, 2022 @ 3:46 pm

    So the congressmen are simply doing the Jews bidding — like it explains here:

    Why hasn’t anyone heeded Ezra Pound’s words about govt. and the Jews:

    What Must Happen to Get the Alien Menace Out of the Life of the World, the Human Race and the Destruction of America and the U.S. Constitution

    “Keep them out of banking, out of education, out of government.

    … Out of banking and they cannot control the economic life of the community.

    … Out of education and they cannot pervert the minds of the young to their subversive doctrines

    … Out of government and they cannot betray the nation.”

    — Ezra Pound, Defender of the Principles of Americanism, North America and the United States Against the Jew Gang of British Finance Capitalism and Soviet Bolshevism

    [Now in the Form of Israeli-Zionist-Neocon]

    Perhaps +BN–that should be your mantra before each video (Ezra Pound’s quote)–for it to sink in as the “moral of the story.”

    Here is another prescient one by Voltaire:

    “I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the Human Race” – Voltaire, 1771

    And it’s the Jews who created and are pushing and selling the death shot.

    All the dumbed downs are reaping their fruits.

    Glad you’re still doing these vids. God bless.

  11. Rav Goyim July 27, 2022 @ 6:38 pm

    By all means, call your rep. But also, vote them out. Every last one.

    Civil disobedience for starters. Don’t do what these psychos say. No more shots, no more house arrest! Drive your car, burn some gas, eat a steak.

    It wont be Klaus, or Bill that kicks in your door. It will be the cops. Stop supporting cops.

    Cops are a well trained attack dogs for politicians. They attack on command and have no comprehension of your rights. Their only law is do as I say and contempt of cop. Stay away from cops!

  12. Ed R July 27, 2022 @ 8:47 pm

    Call the underground and unleash our own dogs.

    With our superior numbers what a cake walk.

  13. Lugu July 27, 2022 @ 9:06 pm

    @Brother Nathanael

    I’m quite surprised. You’re not banned by Youtube anymore? That’s a great news. God Bless you, Brother.

  14. Brother Nathanael July 27, 2022 @ 9:09 pm

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    Now @

  15. Citizenfitz July 27, 2022 @ 11:10 pm

    Satan Hates You!

    Deus misericors est, sed iustitiam Eius est furoris.

  16. The Elder of Zyklon-B July 28, 2022 @ 12:58 pm

    Nice work Fitz on The Adversary Lucifer, the once mighty angel who rebelled against The Almighty God of all that ever was, is and yet to be.

    It reminded me of various good ole boy, nice guys I have known for decades who are as lost as non-repentant, stiff necked juden.

    The odds of their repentance and acceptance of salvation through Christ are not good at all.

  17. NO MORE WARS FOR THE JEWS July 28, 2022 @ 12:59 pm

    Brother Nathanael,

    Your Video of the Jews who own the Main Stream Fake News Media is EXCELLENT.

    Please do a Video:

    The Jews who own the Fraudulent Big Pharma Vaccine Manufacturers.

  18. Citizenfitz July 28, 2022 @ 2:20 pm

    Thanks Elder! That one took me a while.

    Keep working on people.

    I still have some work to do on the people in my circle but they’re listening.

    Problem is most people only care about the truth if there’s a shekel in it for them.

    It’s good to see you around again.

  19. Citizenfitz July 28, 2022 @ 2:24 pm

    Prayers for the success of your new website, +BN!

    A check is on the way.

  20. Hibernian July 28, 2022 @ 3:37 pm

    Some features of another great lecture from Br. Nathanael:

    1_Br. N. presents the most significant social intrusiveness devised yet by the-ruling-class, technological control.

    Specifically, “digital” technologies that are:

    1st – elements of some respective tyrannical sub-system
    2nd- elements of some respective tyrannical cross-platform system.

    2_Br. N informs to us of a context that — by prior conspiracy — “inter-links”, & “controls”, them all; the-Jewry-context.

    3_Br. N offers noteworthy insights into the socio-technological systems e.g.s

    3_1_Covid/Divoc Scam-demic Schematic

    Covid drives panic.
    Panic drives vaccines.
    Vaccines drive vaccine passports.
    Vaccine passports drive the “digital authenticators” that limit your:

    Freedom of movement,
    Freedom of speech,
    Freedom of choice.

    3_2_Some Jew-run insurance companies are offering discounts on your insurance based on your location information.

    Then they sell it back to their synagogue buddies in the government to keep you at full price with their regulatory strictures.

    Today a discount, tomorrow a mandate.
    _ _ _

    “AI” owns your medical data.
    Don’t want upcoming “vaccines?”
    Have no “AI” record of it?
    Big Brother has a dog for you. [Clip]

    The “AI-augmented” robotic henchmen of the tyrannical technocracy will be faster than humans, more lethal than humans.

    4_Br. N has devised essential pithy phrases, e.g.s

    4_1_”Jews got u coming both ways”;

    Br. N referring to “Social-Credit”, & to “Financial-Credit”

    I daresay, that Br. N. would agree: “The Jews got you coming every-which-way”

    4_2_”an inescapable set of control-variables that every person has to appease”

    4_3_”Appease the will of the Jews, you get to exist.”

    4_4_”With Jewry’s perpetually changing rules of what’s acceptable, your social history can destroy you.”

    4_5_”U cannot operate within Jewry’s system as an honest person.”

    4_6_”To live, you have to win the favor of the Jew-run state with a gag in your mouth.”

    4_7_”A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) has its own “gag” for your mouth, & … mind.”

    4_8_”A technocratic Pandora’s Box is about to be unleashed on the sheeple.”

    4_9_”Endless complications of trouble arising from a single, simple government-enabled origin will control 100% of the goyim.”

    4_10_”While the Jew rises to the top of the goy-controlled heap.”

    4_11_”How do we close the Pandora’s Box? Normal tyranny usually burns itself up.But a digital technocracy is an unquenchable fire.”

    4_12_”Call ur congressman now! But they’re all bought by the Jews.”

    4_13_”The Jews got the keys that unlock the Technocratic Pandora’s Box.”

  21. benzion kook July 28, 2022 @ 5:47 pm

    Tale of Two Frauds

    Zelenskiy’s jew coup usurpation in the Ukraine same as the Biden Bolshevik regime’s fraudulent usurpation in the U.S.: two stolen governments with installed communist apparatchiks who attempt to criminalize all opposition, digital or otherwise, to their totalitarian dictatorships.

  22. Brother Nathanael July 28, 2022 @ 5:50 pm

    New +BN Site!

    Latest Vid:

    “Entering St Matthew’s Gospel” @


  23. Robertvnik July 28, 2022 @ 6:38 pm

    Here’s an interesting one which gives us a little hope, although of course with Christ we should all have hope.

    I wonder just how true this is, but Putin has apparently stopped Rothschilds from operating in Russia. No doubt someone like KathJuliane will have better knowledge of it than me and I look forward to comments.

    Just another well done Video, Brother Nathanael.

  24. Ted Gorsline July 29, 2022 @ 12:14 am


    There is a link on the website you have posted that contains a link to every Rothschild-owned and -controlled bank in the world. Its incredible.

    These jews are definitely the driving force behind the Russia/Ukraine war. They want Russia’s banks and resources and use their fellow jews like Soros, Blinken, ad nauseum to do their dirty work.

    The heart of the evil empire is the rogue state of Israel which killed 3,000 Americans on 9/11 and which they established as a safe house for criminal jews.

  25. R. Richardson July 29, 2022 @ 12:50 am

    Yes… We are already becoming aware about difference between Central Bank Digital Currency (centralization, anti-privacy, and anti-individualism) and cryptocurrency (decentralization, pro-privacy, and pro-individualism).

    However, a Jew may laugh at us because he thinks that he is intelligent enough to tinker cryptocurrency in order to continually benefit Jew-created Communism and Jew-controlled globalism.

    But his range of weakness is finally exposed to the world and Internet community: His mental illness, criminal mind, immaturity, craziness, personality problem, psychopathic behavior, and obsessive-compulsive disorder resulted from years of repeatedly manipulating, intimidating, enslaving, coercing, deceiving, misleading, exploiting, backstabbing, and spying on people.

    Therefore, that person will be taken out of his office or a synagogue (an abnormal house of abnormal worship) and brought to a mental institution.

    Eventually, he will be swallowed by appropriately regulated technology itself.

    I know a Jewish college student, who was taken from a dormitory to a psychiatric hospital, thanks to his confusion over religions. He stayed there for a several months. He finally got out and was picked by his brother at time the school was over.

  26. Hibernian July 29, 2022 @ 2:35 am

    Who is really getting their hand-in-the-kitty?

    Jewry is about to deploy A.I. that reads ur intentions. But, the Jewish tycoon had no patience.

    Lady Diana’s niece, Kitty, would claim the sex with her beau will be so good that she renounced Christianity, & became a Talmudic Jewess instead. Or is she yet another gold-digging Shiksa?


    Headlines from Daily-Mail-Online

    Princess Diana’s niece Lady Kitty Spencer, 29, is ‘taking religious instruction’ to convert to Judaism to marry £80 million fashion tycoon Michael Lewis, 61, a friend tells The Sunday Times

    Lady Kitty Spencer, 29, is set to wed multi-millionaire tycoon Michael Lewis, 61

    Lewis is 32 years senior to model and 5 years older than her father Earl Spencer.

    Lady Kitty Spencer is demonstrating her commitment by converting to fiancé’s Jewish faith.

    Kitty’s cousin Prince William is future supreme governor of Church of England.

    Orthodox Judaism converts expected to observe the Sabbath & read Hebrew.

    Hayley Richardson

    Published: 12:58 BST, 16 February 2020,

    Lady Kitty Spencer is converting to Judaism to marry her multi-millionaire fashion tycoon fiancé, a friend has told The Sunday Times.

    Princess Diana’s niece, 29, is engaged to divorcee Michael Lewis, 61, who is 32 years her senior and 5 years older than her father Earl Spencer.

  27. Brother Nathanael July 29, 2022 @ 10:00 am

    Check Out My New +BN Site!

    Latest Vid:

    “Entering St Matthew’s Gospel” @

    Premiere Vid:

    “Two Kingdoms” @


  28. Rabbi Glickman July 29, 2022 @ 3:31 pm

    I have travelled to the ends of the Earth to spread all love and goodwill for goyim found in the Talmud.

    And yet no one believes me.

    Ach! What is wrong with you people?

  29. KathJuliane July 29, 2022 @ 5:39 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    I’m really enjoying your new Bible with Brother channel. I’ve listened to both Video homilies 3 times each, and I hear something new every time that I go back and look at Scripture in a different way. Really appreciate your style.

    Thank you for another excellent, mind-boggling Video on the dangers of Judeo-Technocracy, or what I call “The Jew in the Machine”.

    Over last weekend, I was plagued by the nightmare of the demon Israeli Jew Yuval Harari trampling through my dreams, and then yesterday up came your latest Video.

    That slimy God-hating, atheist, soulless Jewish slug, Yuval Noah Harari, homosexual high priest of the “cyborg religion” as it was called in the ’90s and early 2000s, now the prophet of the “transhumanist faith”, lead advisor to anti-christ Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, who is so creepy looking and sounding that I feel like I have to go wash up after watching him, is the fully embodied stereotype and high symbol of everything you just wrote about Jews pushing and pulling the levers behind the scenes.

    No one typifies the Jew in the Machne more than Israeli “public intellectual, historian, and professor in the Department of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and “author of two popular science bestsellers, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (2014), Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow (2016), and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century (2018).”

    Part of the premise of Harari’s book “Sapiens” is that “[humans] are one of the last generations of Homo sapiens.” Harari says, “Within a century or two, Earth will be dominated by entities that are more different from us than we are different from chimpanzees.”

    Through the magic lens of Jewish supremacy and Israeli exceptionalism that Harari sucked up at his mother’s breast, where Jews are divine, supreme beings and true humans and are entirely good, and the Nations, the Gentiles, the Goyim, the multitude, the cattle, are garbage, have just animal souls, and are entirely evil, we can fill in the unspoken parts of his distinctions between Homo judaicus and Homo sapiens:

    Part of the premise of Harari’s book “Sapiens” is that “[humans] are one of the last generations of Homo sapiens [goyim].” Harari says, “Within a century or two, Earth will be dominated by entities [“entities”, not “humans”-Kj] that are more different from us [Homo Deus (Man-god) = Homo judaicus] than we [Jews] are different from chimpanzees.”

    His work has been negatively received in academic circles.

    Christopher Robert Hallpike, well-respected English-Canadian anthropologist and an Emeritus Professor of Anthropology at McMaster University, Ontario, Canada, internationally known as a field experienced and highly qualified expert on primitive societies, stated in a review of Sapiens that: “one has often had to point out how surprisingly little [Harari] seems to have read on quite a number of essential topics.”

    Hallpike is critical of “journalists, science writers, historians, linguists, biologists, and especially evolutionary psychologists” who write about primitive societies without knowning much about them, or even worse, think that a political agenda justifies them in falsifying the record.

    “The result in many cases has resembled a Ship of Fools, True Believers in some pet ideology like extreme neo-Darwinism [ie, transgenerism & transhumanism are the next states of Darwinian human evolution-Kj] or social justice, or some will o’ the wisp of their own imaginations, and many of their speculations have about as much scientific credibility as The Flinstones.”
    ~Ship of Fools Preface, preview at {

    Thus, in Hallpike’s book, Ship of Fools, he evaluates critically the scientific merit – or the lack of it – of theories of such brainy Jewish lights as Yuval Hariri.

    Reiterated in the Publisher’s notes:

    “The result is that many of their superficial speculations have about as much scientific credibility as The Flintstones. The various critical studies contained in Ship of Fools: An Anthology of Learned Nonsense about Primitive Society examine some of the most popular of these speculations and evaluate their scientific merit.

    Among the learned fools whose works are critiqued are:

    Yuval Harari’s Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind
    Emma Byrne’s Swearing is Good For You
    René Girard’s theory of learned behavior
    William Arens’s The Man-Eating Myth
    Noam Chomsky’s theory of universal grammar

    ~Publisher’s notes at {

    “It would be fair to say that whenever [Harari’s] facts are broadly correct they are not new, and whenever he tries to strike out on his own he often gets things wrong, sometimes seriously.”

    Hallpike further states that: “we should not judge Sapiens as a serious contribution to knowledge but as ‘infotainment’, a publishing event to titillate its readers by a wild intellectual ride across the landscape of history, dotted with sensational displays of speculation, and ending with blood-curdling predictions about human destiny. By these criteria, it is a most successful book.”

    Current Affairs magazine published the article “The Dangerous Populist Science of Yuval Noah Harari” by Darshana Narayanan in July 22, pointing out the lack of scientific support and several errors throughout his books: “The best-selling author is a gifted storyteller and popular speaker. But he sacrifices science for sensationalism, and his work is riddled with errors.”

    Always with the Jewish fables and tall tales. The bigger the whoppers and less based on fact or deviates from even a good hypothesis, the more money Harari and his sodomite Israeli partner rake in the money. He’s built up quite the little media empire in Israel. His “spouse” is the business manager.

    Harari claims to does some sort of Buddhist meditation discipline every day to stay in touch with “reality”. Sapiens has sold well over 12 million copies, and all three of his books have sold over 35 million copies world wide.

    Harari now defines himself as both a historian and a philosopher.

    Portraying himself as a shy, soft-spoken recluse, he’s oddly always out in public, seemingly ducking the limelight at the same time basking in it, and always open to a photo op. He spends part of almost every appearance denying that he is a guru, at the same time playing at being shyly oracular because the budding Technopolic class treat him as their touchstone prophet.

    Quite the schtick. When speaking at conferences where C.E.O.s meet public intellectuals, or advising Klaus Schwab and the WEF, or visiting Mark Zuckerberg’s Palo Alto house, or the Élysée Palace, in Paris, he’ll put a long finger to his chin and quietly answer questions about Neanderthals, self-driving cars, and the series finale of “Game of Thrones.”

    Harari’s publishing and speaking interests now occupy a staff of twelve, who work out of a sunny office in Tel Aviv, where an employee from Peru cooks everyone vegan lunches.

    Harari now appears as a character in his own illustrated version of Sapiens, his mega-bestselling “brief history of humankind”, published in graphic form, appearing as an avuncular Jewish tour guide through his version of the early days of humanity.

    Yuval, typical Jew supremacist despite his atheistic Judeo-Buddhist, quasi-nihilist inclusive “realism” schtick, can sometimes be heard, if one listens carefully, speaking in a way that differentiates between himself, the unspoken Jew, and “humans”, as in “goyim”, the lesser humans.

    The truly shocking thing is the way he says and speaks about “useless humans” like they’re some sort of sub species to be eradicated, is right out of Talmudism and Kabbalism. It’s sick that they don’t even hide it

    Yuval Noah Harari | Great Reset System of “Economically & Politically Useless Humans” + “Speciation”

    “Different parts of humanity might have different futures, and we might see, really, a process of some kind of speciation.” “Speciation is an evolutionary process of the formation of new and distinct species. The species evolve by genetic modification.

    The new species are reproductively isolated from the previous species, i.e. the new species cannot mate with the old species.”



    Keep Them Docile With Drugs & Video Games

    “The idea of a Soul, Free Will — these are Over!” – Technocracy explained by Prof Yuval Harari

    Yuval Noah Harari | Why Does Yuval Say, “You Won’t Be Able to Survive If Disconnected from the Net?”

    Yuval Noah Harari – Transhumanism and Eliminating Free Will

    According to the book of Daniel, the Antichrist is supposed to have the following qualities(amongst many more):

    “Neither will he regard the God of his fathers, nor desire of women, nor regard any god, for he will magnify himself above all”.

    Harari makes a pretty good understudy for the Antichrist.

    What Harari spews in different, non-rabbinic verbage is not all that much different in essence from when Senior Sephardi Rabbi Ovadia Yosef announces that Gentiles only exist to serve Jews:

    “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel… In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity.

    “Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created.”

    That’s why Harari and his “husband” and company business agent Itzik Yahav, that he met on Israel’s first dating app for sodomite n 2001, live in a very pricey part of Israel like effendis, and their vegan food is custom cooked by a Peruvian servant woman, despite Harari’s not so vigorous protestations that historians shouldn’t be wealthy. His sodomite “husband” thinks otherwise.

    Harari and Yahav co-founded a company called “Sapienship” in 2019 to market and expand the ecosphere of the book. They are developing popular entertainment and educational products with the goal of “focusing the global conversation on what Harari says are the most important challenges facing humankind today.”

    In October, 2021, 60 Minutes sent fellow sodomite, Anderson Cooper over to Israel and interview him in his home about the success of his book ‘Sapiens’ which “took the world by a storm,” pumped by Jewish book publishers, promoters, and Silicon Valley technocrats, making the New York Times bestseller list for 96 consecutive weeks, translated into 65 languages, and conferring on Harari the Jewish crown of being “among the world’s most influential public intellectuals.”

    “In his interview with 60 Minutes, Harari explained he believes that because of rapidly developing technologies like genetic engineering and artificial intelligence, we will ‘soon have the ability to re-engineer our bodies and brains,’ creating a new species of human. Harari told us this wouldn’t be the first-time different human species would be living alongside one another. ”

    The real goal of Judeo-technocracy is the “Olam Ha Ba” or “World to Come,” the Kosher Utopia in which Jews, finally, will be recognized globally as the master race finally in their golden land of Israhell, tasked with the AI enlightenment (enslavement) of sub-human Goyim and lordship over all the universe.

    The Goyim will worship at the temple of The Algorithm God and techno-based communism which will then evolve into a Jew-controlled Technopoly, the global digital Kingdom of Antichrist ruled from Jerusalem, similar to that established in the fictional yet prescient 1984 work by Orwell, except Orwell left out who would actually be in power.

    Collectively as the Big Brother, the Jew in the Machine will act as the messiah figure, using Harari’s merging of man and machine that he feigns alarm over to achieve, they believe, what Christ did when He defeated death at the Holy Cross—immortality.

    And Yuval Noah Harari, a type of the Jew in the Machine, pretending to be a warner to us mere “humans” wearing the guise of populist “public intellectual” and sensational techno-prophet will, when all is said and done, remain on the elite side of the Algorithm with the rest of the super-Jews in his version of the Olam Ha Ba to come.

  30. KathJuliane July 29, 2022 @ 7:25 pm

    Amid BRUTAL war, Ukraine President Zelenskyy and wife find time to pose for Vogue magazine

    ‘Because nothing screams genuine struggle more than a wartime Vogue photoshoot’

    The Blaze

    Blaze TV Staff – July 27, 2022

    Between courageously defending their nation in the face of Russia’s brutal invasion and the non-stop rigors of cashing in on all those billions of U.S. aid dollars, it’s a wonder that Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his wife Olena Zelenska were able to find the time for a little [cheesy-Kj] photo shoot with Vogue magazine.

    The magazine shared a few photos from the upcoming October 2022 issue on social media Wednesday.

    People on Twitter seemed duly impressed:

    Avi Yemini
    Nothing screams genuine struggle more than a wartime Vogue photoshoot.

    Logan Hall
    wartime vogue photo shoots. very serious. let’s keep sending ukraine weekly billion dollar aid packages to protect “democracy.” don’t question it.

    Why did we send $54 billion to Ukraine, so Zelensky & his wife could pose for Vogue?

    You’re at war & you’ve got time for photo shoots?

    vanessa beeley

    When your people are dying in a #NATO proxy war and you pose for Vogue you are not a leader, you are a morally bankrupt NATO-controlled parasite who sends his own people to death while dressing up & prostituting himself to Western warlords.

    #Zelensky #Ukraine

    On “The News & Why It Matters” Wednesday, BlazeTV host Sara Gonzales, BlazeTV host Elijah Schaffer of “Slightly Offens*ve,” and head writer and researcher for Glenn Beck Jason Buttrill discussed the “portrait of bravery” and asked, “How many billions of dollars did the U.S. send Ukraine again?”

    Watch the video clip below or find full episodes of “The News & Why It Matters” here. Can’t watch? Download the podcast here.

  31. KathJuliane July 29, 2022 @ 8:01 pm

    Yes, indeedy.

    I just came across the Chabadniks’ version of “Purgatory” for their understanding of “Gehenna”.

    Gehenna is not a hot place of punishment after all. It’s a “Supernal Washing Machine” for the soul.

    I suppose it’s located in the Jacob’s Ladder Laundromat on the Way to Heaven.

    You don’t get punished. You get pre-washed, washed, rinsed, repeat as needed until you become a pair of clean socks.


    Dear Rabbi,

    Do Jews believe in Hell? I am not planning any trips there or anything, but I have heard conflicting reports about its existence.


    We do believe in a type of Hell, but not the one found in cartoons and joke books. Hell is not a punishment in the conventional sense; it is, in fact, the expression of a great kindness.

    The Jewish mystics described a spiritual place called “Gehinnom.” This is usually translated as “Hell,” but a better translation would be “the Supernal Washing Machine.” Because that’s exactly how it works.

    The way our soul is cleansed in Gehinnom is similar to the way our clothes are cleansed in a washing machine.

    Put yourself in your socks’ shoes, so to speak. If you were to be thrown into boiling hot water and flung around for half an hour, you might start to feel that someone doesn’t like you. However, the fact is that it is only after going through a wash cycle that the socks can be worn again.

    We don’t put our socks in the washing machine to punish them. We put them through what seems like a rough and painful procedure only to make them clean and wearable again.

    The intense heat of the water loosens the dirt, and the force of being swirled around shakes it off completely. Far from hurting your socks, you are doing them a favor by putting them through this process.

    So too with the soul. Every act we do in our lifetime leaves an imprint on our soul. The good we do brightens and elevates our soul, and every wrongdoing leaves a stain that needs to be cleansed.

    If, at the end of our life, we leave this world without fixing the wrongs we have done, our soul is unable to reach its place of rest on high. We must go through a cycle of deep cleansing.

    Our soul is flung around at an intense spiritual heat to rid it of any residue it may have gathered, and to prepare it for entry into Heaven.

    Of course, this whole process can be avoided. If we truly regret the wrong we have done and make amends with the people we have hurt, we can leave this world with “clean socks.”

    That’s why our Sages said, “Repent one day before you die.” And what should you do if you don’t know which day that will be? Repent today.

  32. Hibernian July 29, 2022 @ 9:10 pm

    Every Jew would be doing himself the greatest favor were he to without delay:

    Read all 4 Gospels on Jesus Christ view — & reflect upon — the videos in Br. Nathanael’s new youtube channel “Bible with Brother”.

    Because, the Jews — especially the poorer Jews — are indeed a persecuted people.

    And, through no fault of their own. But, simply for being Jews.

    They have always been persecuted by … Jews, and, only by Jews, specifically by the governing Jews (e.g. the Kahal).

    And now, the official Talmudic State is in process of inflicting digital technological control over its citizens.

    Title: Israel further restricts cash transactions in move toward digital currency

    Sub-Title: Israel government aims to ‘change the public’s consumption habits. Achieve ‘complete replacement of the use of cash’

    Yudi Sherman


    Israel’s government has rolled out new restrictions on cash transactions which will take effect August 1st, lowering the cap from NIS 11,000 ($3,200) to NIS 6,000 ($1,745). Between individuals, the limit on cash transactions is being lowered from NIS 50,000 ($14,545) to NIS 15,000 ($4,360). The law also applies to cash equivalents.

    An Israeli citizen purchasing a product or service that costs more than $1,745 can pay up to $1,745 or 10% of the price, in cash, whichever is lower. The business must register the payment and note how much was paid in cash. Similarly, a transaction between individuals can be paid in cash up to $4,360 or 10% of the price, whichever is lower.

    Citizens who purchase an item or service that costs more than the cap and skirt the law by making more than one cash payment, each one lower than the cap may be imprisoned for up to three years.

    According to Globes, the law will mainly impact the working class, such as handymen, plumbers and electricians, in addition to small landlords and furniture businesses.

    Offenders will be fined 10%-30% of the transaction, depending on the amount and nature.

    The state is also working on legislation that will place limits on the amount of cash private citizens can keep at home. The cap would be placed at NIS 200,000 ($58,185), even in foreign currency. Suspicion of an offense would be grounds for a search warrant.

    But even if a citizen holds less than $58,185, they are still required to report it to the Israel Tax Authority and explain the source of the funds.

    Citizens would be allowed to keep up to NIS 50,000 ($14,545) without having to report it.

    While the State of Israel mentions money laundering and tax evasion as justifications for these laws, they are not the only factors. The government also aims to control how citizens spend their money and ultimately phase out cash altogether, allowing only digital payments.

    “The Law for the Reduction in the Use of Cash was designed to change the public’s consumption habits and encourage a switch to digital means of payment, with a view to almost complete replacement of the use of cash in the future,” reports Globes.

    Israel’s globalist government is aligned with the World Economic Forum (WEF), whose Agenda 2030 hinges on a combination of “digital ID, digital payments, and data governance.”

    Economist Dr. Pippa Malmgren, who was named one of the WEF’s Global Leaders of Tomorrow, outlined the “new world order” at the World Government Summit in March.

    “What underpins a world order is always the financial system,” said Malmgren.

    “And what we’re seeing in the world today, I think is we’re on the brink of a dramatic change, where we’re about to – and I’ll say this boldly – we’re about to abandon the traditional system of money and accounting, and introduce a new one,” Malmgren added, smiling.

    She went on to explain that the new financial system would be digital.

    “And the new one, the new accounting, is what we call ‘blockchain’. It means digital, it means having an almost perfect record of every single transaction that happens in the economy, which will give us far greater clarity over what’s going on.”

  33. KathJuliane July 29, 2022 @ 9:45 pm

    Dear Hibernian,

    “Israeli citizens” the currency crunch is not limited to the Jews, and I doubt that it’s an attack on “the little Jews” by the “Big Jews”, although the Hasidic Jews often irk Tel Aviv and other Jews.

    There are nearly 2 million Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel, roughly one-fifth of the country’s population. The vast majority are Muslim, while fewer than 200,000 are Christian.

    Jews will know how to digitally cheat the system and circumvent it. They already have their own age old organized crime connections. And even if they are actually affected and caught breaking the law, the courts are always lenient to Jews, if there’s even a conviction at all.

    This seems more like an attempt to tighten control the economy in the Arab towns inside Israel and trying to stop the flow of any covert money going to aid for Palestinians or to the Palestinian Resistance from sympathetic Arabs inside of the Jewish state.

    Most of the Israeli “working class, such as handymen, plumbers and electricians, in addition to small landlords and furniture businesses,” in other words, the large majority in blue collar type jobs and menial labor, as furniture makers and small apartment owners inside the Jewish state, are going to be Palestinian Arabs, followed by lower caste ethnic Jews, and Ethiopian Jews.

    “Israeli citizen” is not exclusive to Jews, so it is not synonymous.

    Israeli citizenship includes not just Arabs, but Druze, ethnic Russians/Ukrainians (some who had 1 Jewish grandparent so qualified civilly to immigrate to Israel, but aren’t considered Jews by the rabbinate; some came with non-Jewish spouses), and even some Lebanese Christian allies of the Israelis who fled when the IDF finally withdrew from its 18-year-occupation and war in Southern Lebanon.

  34. Brother Nathanael July 30, 2022 @ 12:55 am

    Brittney Griner (prisoner in Russia) is a man, NOT a woman

  35. Ted Gorsline July 30, 2022 @ 3:13 am

    CNN is whoring for the Rothschild Bank at the moment.

    According to the link posted on the website that Robertvnik blogged above The Rothschild family owns the Bank of Sudan.

    The black Sudanese reporter hired by CNN says Russia is diverting gold profits, that was supposed to go to the Rothschild owned Bank of Sudan, away from the bank.

    She says small scale miners sell the rubble left over from their mining operations to a Russian mining company that buys the rubble and refines it to get more gold.

    The Russians do not kick the small scale miners off their claims which would doom them to starvation.

    To my mind that is a lot fairer than what Nate Rothschild and Peter Monk did in Tanzania.

    Rather than buy excess rubble from small scale miners, and there were 42,000 of them, they had them all tossed off their claims. Instead of buying rubble from small scale miners like the Russians, do they tossed tens of thousands of poor black people to the wolves, and then hired 8,000 back as laborers.

    If CNN doesn’t want to be identified as completely whored out to the Rothschild Jewish Banking Cartel, like America’s Federal Reserve Bank already is, they should look at the Tanzanian gold mines now in the hands of Nate Rothschild, the son of the head of the British Rothschild family itself.

    I think The Rothschild mine in Tanzania is called Kahama Mines or else Barrick Gold. Not sure what the name is now.

    I visted an illegal airsip right on the edge of Serenetti Park and the locals tod me someone is flying out tons of minerals all the time but I don’t know who they are or what they are shipping (it will be either gold or diamonds) but I was at the airstrip and saw it myself.

  36. The Englishman July 30, 2022 @ 4:40 am

    A superb prescient video yet again from Brother Nathaneal’s immortal works on the Goy’s misfortune.

    Scary, possibly more destructive than anything the chosenites have thought up yet.

    It may be the world may have to be plunged into Armageddon to have any chance of thwarting jewry’s diabolical liaison with lucifer.

  37. The Englishman July 30, 2022 @ 4:58 am

    Wonderful contributions from RJN’s very own Maternal icon.

    A little late off the starting block, considering the encompassing works, but perfectly understandable.

    Brother Nathanael’s love and dedication to his Lord & Master Jesus Christ are born of a blessing Truly deserving.

  38. Hibernian July 30, 2022 @ 6:39 am


    Yes, of course, in your response, you are more correct.

    I did consider qualifying my argument by referring to Israel’s Goyim citizens, & Israel’s Goyim captive non-citizen population (Palestinians), but I then decided to confine it to Israel’s Jews only so as to distinguish the fact that most of the Jews, also, are victims of organised Jewry.

    Organised Jewry brainwashes the Jews to

    1_ worship the Jewish ethnicity as “the God” &

    2_ obey their Talmudic Laws (incl. hate the Goyim, & moreover hate Christians, & most of all hate Jesus Christ), even if the respective Jew does not believe the super-natural in the 1st Testament of Bible, & indeed basically admit to being atheist.

    Were the lesser Jews not victims thusly, a great many would start to read the Gospels, & agree with major meaningful truthers such as Eustace Mullins, & Brother Nathanael, & E Michael Jones, & Henry Makow, & Gilad Atzmon, & become worthy Christians.

    Because, the consciousness-adherent Jew realises that Judaism — the belief that “Jewry is the God” AND “Talmud is the Law” — was always bankrupt, & that true Christianity is what their consciousness really aspires to.

    Organised-Jewry is aware of increasing % of Jews as unorganised individuals becoming accordingly “secret” or “just-discreet” or “open” Christians.

    Yes, the truthers — especially the likes of the above mentioned truthers — are having a meaningful impact in gaining converts to Christianity among the Jews;

    Even a yet unbaptised Jew such as Henry Makow is producing this effect.

    Makow loves Jesus Christ.

    As does Gilad Atzmon.

    So, organised-Jewry in their control-freakery endeavours to maximise their own capabilities to control any & every Jew.

    Indulging the Judaism Israelis to circumvent the digital technological tyranny will serve to maintain “the mischievous traits”, & “loyalty to the Talmudic state” among the regrettably critical mass of Jews there who persist in being crass.

    Jewry retaining the option to punish or indulge the Jew according as the Jew ethnic is “consciousness-aware” or instead “an acolyte of destroyers-r-us”

    Another manifestation of the Jewry has you coming “every-which-way” dynamic.

  39. Ted Gorsline July 30, 2022 @ 1:24 pm

    Breaking news –

    President Joe Biden has just tested positive for dementia again.

  40. The Ghost of Paul Harvey July 30, 2022 @ 7:16 pm

    Billions of humans down thru the millennia have lived and died before we ever opened our eyes and ears, and sought to make sense of a world operated according to the law of the jungle.

    This is Satan’s World, to do with as he will, until his time is fulfilled. Jesus Christ received ALL of his wrath and hatred, enduring the same fated agony Satan has reserved for this world before he ever willingly relinquishes control of it.

    The SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN is his primary tool for enacting his deranged plans, but even they will be betrayed by the Father of All Lies, who was a murderer from the beginning.

    I have no wisdom to impart, no exaltations to preach. But as the trial by fire approaches, make peace with yourself, and your Creator.

  41. Brother Nathanael July 30, 2022 @ 9:36 pm

    Check Out My New +BN Site!

    NEW Vid:

    “Jesus At Twelve Years Old”

    Recent Vid:

    “Entering St Matthew’s Gospel” @

    Premiere Vid:

    “Two Kingdoms” @


  42. benzion kook July 30, 2022 @ 10:54 pm


    Is that why the Clintonistas named their cat “Socks”?

  43. KathJuliane July 31, 2022 @ 11:38 am

    The Zelenskys’ Vogue Photoshoot Exposes What A Charade The Ukrainian Conflict Has Become

    Andrew Korybko

    Westerners have been indoctrinated into believing that the First Family is struggling just like their compatriots. Zelensky, for example, almost never changes his shirt so folks assumed that life must be very difficult for the Ukrainian President if he can’t even practice proper hygiene. The last thing that they could have expected is that he’s actually living a pretty swanky life with his wife, both of whom come off as totally carefree and relaxed.

    The Zelenskys allowed Vogue to do a glamorous photoshoot of them the other day in a move that triggered surprisingly sharp criticisms among many Westerners, with even Newsweek (which can’t by any stretch of the imagination be described as so-called “Russian propaganda”) reporting on how many people considered it to be inappropriate.

    Up until this point, it was considered “taboo” in terms of Western “political correctness” to ever criticize anything that this wartime leader and his family does. Those who did so were condemned as so-called “Russian propagandists” who were supposedly seeking to “divide the West”. Now, however, it’s apparently alright to give him and his wife a tongue lashing.

    Full story:

  44. Citizenfitz July 31, 2022 @ 2:55 pm

    Griner’s a homo?

    So, did the Russians put him in a male or female jail?

  45. KathJuliane July 31, 2022 @ 3:50 pm

    Griner’s a female who apparently had endocrine imbalances and a natural excess of androgen hormones during fetal and/or child/adolescent development.

    I don’t know if like in the Olympics, the WNBA tests for hyperandrogenism — naturally high levels of testosterone. Hyperandrogenism is estimated to occur in 5% to 10% of women.

    She came out to her family as a lesbian about 2009 (her father, conservative Black and former Marine threw her out of the house), then publicly as a lesbian about 2013.

    The trannie thing only started becoming a popular issue about 2016 with Bruce Jenner coming out as “Caitlin”.

    Hyper-testosterone from hormonal imbalances in women causes, among other masculinizing physical traits, such as denser bone and muscle development, the deepening of the voice. Griner’s biological sex or alleged “trannie” status can’t be determined just by the low baritone register of her voice alone.

    Might as well accuse Anne Coulter of being a trannie as well because of her big, tall bones and deep voice.

    Griner has been deeply and publicly involved in girls/women’s school sports on basketball teams since at least junior high school.

    And in all of that time as something of a celebrity wonder player through junior high, high school, college, and then when she made the professional WNBA in 2013 and since then for 8 years, she has spent a lot of time in the girls/women’s locker rooms with friends and competitors, and not one female person out of hundreds who shared a locker room with her has ever accused her of being a man.

    There has never been a whisper or rumors, or open trannie controversies raised about her whatsoever in gossip sheets or in public, as there have been with the two recent trannies in women’s swimming and other sports which were very vocally raised by affected and aggrieved female athletes.

    So far as I know, Russia, being far more traditional, does not detain or incarcerate people other than strictly per sex, as in males go to men’s prisons and females go to women’s prisons. There are no LBGT+ “rights” in Russia, they go where its appropriate for their biological sex.

    There may be, but I can’t say for sure, something like a protective or medical custody for a “complex” case like a trannie, which in Russia is considered a mental illness.

    Trannies, last I heard, were not even allowed to change their sex on birth certificates.

    Griner is no doubt being housed in women’s detention because she’s an adult female. Her detention has just been extended for six months by the court. They just don’t play the LBGT+ games.

    There has been absolutely no word or gossip out of Russia in any of their media to indicate that she is anything other than a lesbian woman detained in a women’s facility as appropriate.

    Since trannies are now the new protected privileged citizens with special rights, according to the White House Assisted-Living Facility, if she was a m-to-f trannie, you’d better believe Blinken would be all over it because if she were a biological male, the Russian authorities would have put Griner in a men’s facility, and to hell with “gender identity”.

  46. Hibernian July 31, 2022 @ 7:36 pm

    Brother Nathanael says Griner is a man.

    KathJuliane says Griner is a woman.

    Will there be consensus as to what is Griner’s “biological sex / gender” before the next RJN video-article?

  47. The Englishman August 1, 2022 @ 1:34 am

    Consensus? Or shouldst tho make it uneasy for the head who wears the crown?

    Any marsh Michael would recognize they are both right, just did not get his meat & potatoes.

    With what seems the transcendence of non-binaries it makes me wonder if the devil’s hand is at work in a world where love is subordinate to lust.

    My sympathies are with its dad, poor guy.

  48. Rav Goyim August 1, 2022 @ 9:17 am

    Sung to the tune “Big John” by Marty Shekelman:

    Every mornin’ at the Bank you could hear him kvetch,
    Saying six million lost and not one less,
    Kinda long in the nose and rubbin’ his hands,
    And every goy new, not to trust any plans,

    Of Big Jew, big Hebrew, Big bad Jew,
    Big Jew

    Then came the day when the market crashed,
    And every goy thought he’d spent his cash,
    A gorillion Jews scrambled to the promise land,
    Now there’s only one with gold in his hands,

    Big Jew, big Hebrew, Big bad Jew,
    Big Jew


  49. KathJuliane August 1, 2022 @ 11:22 am


    In the midst of propaganda and hoaxes, let’s remember Paul Harvey warned us long ago about the claims of climate change.

  50. KathJuliane August 1, 2022 @ 12:07 pm

    Voluntary permanent self-sterilization of the Woke? It will still result in less abortions by brainy liberals.

    If they want their Darwin Award, they can have their Darwin Award.


    Liberals are Getting Sterilizations to Protest Supreme Court Overturning Roe v. Wade

    Life News

    Micaiah Bilger | Jul 29, 2022

    The overturning of Roe v. Wade is prompting abortion supporters to do what pro-life advocates have wanted all along: take responsible actions to prevent unplanned pregnancies.

    Some are going on a “sex strike” — and suddenly abstinence does not seem so unreasonable or impossible — while others are seeking out birth control and sterilizations.

    Doctors across the country report more patients are asking for long-lasting birth control and sterilizations after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe on June 24, according to a new NPR report.

    They include women like Dani Marietti, of Helena, Montana, a 25-year-old who said she never wanted children and hopes to make her therapy career the focus of her life.

    “I always knew I didn’t want children, and of course when you say that as a younger person, everyone is like, ‘Oh, you’ll change your mind,’ or, ‘Just wait until you find the one,’” Marietti told NPR. “I always kind of ignored that.”

    Once news broke about the Supreme Court abortion ruling, Marietti, who is pro-abortion, said she decided to schedule a permanent sterilization procedure. Earlier this month, she and her friends celebrated the removal of her fallopian tubes at a party that included cookies decorated with pro-abortion sayings like “My body, my choice,” according to the report.

    According to the report, Planned Parenthood in Montana has been seeing an “unprecedented” number of patients asking for vasectomies and other sterilization procedures.

    Dr. Kavita Arora, a North Carolina OB-GYN and leader of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Committee on Ethics, said doctors in other parts of the country are seeing an increased demand, too.

    One of her patients recently sought a sterilization procedure because she “wanted to have autonomous control over her body, and this was her way of ensuring she was the person who got to make the decisions,” Arora told the news outlet.

    Here’s more from the report:

    How many people sought permanent sterilization after the fall of Roe won’t become clear until next year, says Megan Kavanaugh, a researcher for the Guttmacher Institute, which gathers data related to reproductive health care across the U.S. and supports abortion rights.

    But anecdotal reports indicate that more people have been undergoing permanent birth control procedures since the Supreme Court’s June 24 decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which struck down Roe.

    However, some doctors have expressed concerns about doing sterilizations on young adults because they may regret it later, Arora said. NPR pointed to studies that found “patients who are sterilized at age 30 or younger are about twice as likely as those over 30 to express regret after getting the procedure.”

    For nearly 50 years, Roe allowed gross irresponsibility by forcing states to legalize abortion on demand. More than 63 million unborn babies were killed in abortions as a result, some as a method of birth control.

    Now that Roe is gone, about a dozen states are protecting unborn babies by banning abortions again, and more are expected to follow in the coming months. The Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health ruling is saving lives by allowing states to ban abortions and prompting more Americans to take responsible actions to avoid pregnancy.

  51. KathJuliane August 1, 2022 @ 1:08 pm

    Why “Judeo-Christian values” is a heretical and practical oxymoron.

    “Be not unequally yoked” with vile, hateful, violent, deceitful, two-faced, double-tongued, lying, foul-mouthed Jews, the unholy spawn of the Devil, the culture-destroyers.

    For centuries, Christian authorities burned and censored the Talmud and rabbinic writings for just this reason, the foul, blasphemies against Jesus Christ and the besmirching of the Virgin Mary.

    This is not just this particular rabbi’s take, this is widely taught throughout the entire rabbinate and has been for millennia.

    There is a long precedent for such anti-Christian views.

    A book published by Princeton University Press, “Jesus in the Talmud” by scholar Peter Schafer, details the Talmudic passages about Jesus.

    I think passing a law making wearing of the Jewish hexagram on a piece of clothing to publicly identify Jews is maybe a stretch too far. Instead, let’s mandate that they must wear their kippot at all times in public, permanently stitched to their heads.


    Rabbi: The Talmud Says Jesus Is Boiling In Faeces As Punishment

    May 30, 2021

    A famous Rabbi called for the death of Jewish-Israeli believers in Jesus, Eitan Bar and Moti Vaknin, if they won’t stop sharing the gospel in Israel.

    He goes on an angry tirade about how the Talmud says that the founder of Christianity has been sentenced to boil in faeces, a pile of boiling faeces, excrement from the bowels of humans, cats, dogs, lions and tigers.

  52. Rabbi Goyim August 1, 2022 @ 3:54 pm

    Clumsy Jew gets Shoahed by tire:

  53. Rabbi Glickman August 1, 2022 @ 4:38 pm

    I, a world famous and much beloved rabbi, hereby consign two more anti-rabbinical heretics to the eternal cauldron of boiling feces: The Saker and Moon of Alabama.

    These are guilty of holocausting rabbis at their vile sites – and will now pay the price for their crimes. Stand back everyone:


    No one can help them now.

  54. KathJuliane August 1, 2022 @ 5:08 pm

    The Jew in the Machine


    Humanity 2.0: ‘The Fusion Of Our Physical, Digital, And Biological Identities’

    Technocracy News

    1 August 2022

    Technocrats invent because they can, not because they have a mandate to do so. Transhumans are racing to create Humanity 2.0 by mastering the human genome and hence, the functional operation of humans.

    Thus, meddling with the human immune system with mRNA injections is merely a warm up to what is coming down the line. ⁃ TN Editor

    Artificial intelligence is pulling new vaccines out of the Platonic realm. Automated labs are on standby, prepared to crank out alien strands of mRNA and pack them into toxic nanoparticles. A billion empty syringes are waiting on shelves.

    This is not science fiction. These jabs will be on the market before you can say “boostah.”

    Google. Moderna. Microsoft. They’re all racing to the edge. This is corporate transhumanism in all its avaricious glory, riding waves of propaganda and channeled by the biosecurity state.

    These people uphold a new mythos whose axis mundi is the Machine. In their world, digital minds are “dreaming up” novel genetic configurations. Biological systems are treated as “living software.” With each technical advance, their myths bleed into our reality.

    A 2019 white paper from Policy Horizons Canada Horizons describes this shift as a “biodigital convergence,” characterized by:

    1 – Full physical integration of biological and digital entities

    2 – Coevolution of biological and digital entities

    3 – Conceptual convergence of biological and digital systems

    Our intelligentsia—the elites “educated beyond their level of intelligence”—are undergoing a sort of religious conversion. Their world has been illuminated by gene sequencing and neural networks.

    Their machines have convinced them that living things are just clunky machines. Our immune systems require software updates. Our flawed genomes need debugging. In order to get there, our brains must be augmented.

    “Reality explored by AI, or with the assistance of AI, may prove to be something other than what humans had imagined,” wrote ex-Google chief Eric Schmidt in his 2021 book The Age of AI. “Across the biological, chemical, and physical sciences, a hybrid partnership is emerging in which AI is enabling new discoveries.”

    For Schmidt and his coauthors, this vantage point has a mystical quality:

    The prognostications of the Gnostic philosophers, of an inner reality beyond ordinary experience, may prove newly significant. … Sometimes, the result will be the revelation of properties of the world that were beyond our conception—until we cooperated with machines.

    Lifeless eyes gaze out on a world composed of numbers. Every living creature is just data to be manipulated.


    The WEF’s Yuval Noah Harari: “Jesus rising from the dead and being the Son of God is fake news”

  55. KathJuliane August 1, 2022 @ 5:15 pm

    Sinister Psychosis and the Remembrance of God

    The Inkless Pen

    On July 21, 2022 By Fr. Lynch

    “The progress of technology had led and is still leading to just such a concentration and centralization of power” – Aldous Huxley.

    “Take heed to yourselves, lest your hearts be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness, and the cares of this life, and that Day come on you unexpectedly. For it will come as a snare on all those who dwell on the face of the whole earth. Watch therefore and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man” (Luke 21:34-36).

    Foundational to Christian living is the remembrance of God. Remembrance while waking. Remembrance while at work. Remembrance while fulfilling the duties of life. Remembrance while going to sleep.

    The Christian must be cultivating the remembrance of God in all things. It need not be elaborate, the believer may offer this service in the inner chamber of the heart. He may offer it in solitude or while in the midst of a multitude.

    The littlest of things may serve to turn our hearts and minds to the Most-Holy Trinity. While at work, “Lord fashion me according to Your image.”

    While eating, “Lord feed me with true heavenly food.” While drinking, “Lord give unto me the Living Water.” Even when we encounter unpleasant situations – that insane driver on the freeway – “Lord have mercy and save us! Lord deliver our race from the evil one.”

    Thus, we can train ourselves to use everyday material things to lift up our minds to Heavenly things. Short prayers peppered throughout the day, these will act to cultivate in our hearts the remembrance of God.

    If remembrance of God is foundational to the Christian life, then the opposing foundation of the anti-Christian life is the forgetfulness of God.

    The enemy seeks to use all of the cares of this life to drown the soul in forgetfulness. He seeks to lull it into a false sense of complacency or keep it occupied in constant worry and fear. He seeks to de-humanize humanity.

    In a state of de-humanized forgetfulness, he drives our race to the cliffs of perdition. The masses staggering forward in the darkness of forgetfulness are constantly told, “this is true freedom.” And under duress, they begin to believe it.

    The devil seeks to convince man to reduce himself to bare material existence – there is nothing beyond what can be seen with physical eyes and touched with fleshly hands.

    Even if the possibility of something greater is admitted, it is simultaneously wiped away as “unknowable or unknown.” Thus, man frees himself of any duty to contemplate higher things – after all, the thought stirs, what is truth and how could it be actually known?

    The shuffling masses are well supplied with the narcotic of indifferentism. This manifests itself in the fact that they then lash out at anything that would seek to disturb what they count their calm march, which ends in the abyss.

    And we are in times which demand that one confess that the abyss is the ultimate “good.” For the enemy to make such an illusion seem to be a reality, he must purge from the human consciousness any striving and longing for Eternal things.

    He must obliterate the remembrance of God in the heart of man. He is not able to do this through his own power, but he may use his cunning to convince man to live of his own will in such a state.

    In a past article, “Mind Control, Standardized Masses, and Conditioned Reflexes,” I point out that altering the psyche of man was a foundational goal of Sovietism. The early founders of Bolshevism in Russia were strong supporters and patrons of Ivan Pavlov.

    Aldous Huxley, in his work, “Brave New World Revisited,” has many very interesting admissions. Regardless of whether one thinks Huxley was trying to warn people of the goals of the elite or that he was engaging in the very typical tactic of “hiding in plain sight,” is not of the greatest concern to me at the moment.

    One way or another, he expresses the ideals, methods, and goals – the spirit – of the new order that seeks to take control of man.

    “Whatever may have happened in the early years, it seems fairly certain that torture is not extensively used by the Communist police today. They draw their inspiration, not from the Inquisitor or the SS man, but from the physiologist and his methodically conditioned laboratory animals.

    “For the dictator and his policemen, Pavlov’s findings have important practical implications. If the central nervous system of dogs can be broken down, so can the central nervous system of political prisoners” – And for that matter those of the general population, so they would also reason – “It is simply a matter of applying the right amount of stress for the right length of time.

    “At the end of the treatment, the prisoner will be in a state of neurosis or hysteria, and will be ready to confess whatever his captors want him to confess” (Brave New World Revisited, Harper Perennial, 2004, pg. 289).

    Such tactics were used throughout the Soviet system, as much historical evidence testifies. One of the most diabolical of such experiments was carried out in Communist Romania in Pitesti prison. It was simply called “Reeducation.” The modern materialist views man as but a biological machine.

    Mr. Huxley continues, “But confession is not enough. A hopeless neurotic is no use to anyone. What the intelligent and practical dictator needs is not a patient to be institutionalized, or a victim to be shot, but a convert who will work for the Cause” (Ibid).

    And there is a new anti-evangelism going on, one that indeed has as its goal conversion. I take the time to highlight these things so that we may be aware of the methods that are being employed. For we are told to be watchful.

    We cannot disallow that we are part of the human race and that we are, if not careful in Christ, susceptible to the sly tactics devised and utilized.

    “Turning once again to Pavlov, he learns that, on their way to the point of final breakdown, dogs become more than normally suggestible. New behavior patterns can easily be installed while the dog is at or near the limit of cerebral endurance, and these new behavior patterns seem to be ineradicable.

    “The animal in which they have been implanted cannot be deconditioned; that which it has learned under stress will remain an integral part of its make-up” (Ibid. 289-290).

    It is the goal of the enemy to recondition man – his perverse imitation of Christ Jesus’ making of men “new creation” (cf. 2 Cor. 5:17) – so to make of him but an animal that is stripped of all humanity, a utilitarian object that if found of not sufficient use and practicality may be discarded with little resistance.

    In a multitude of ways, the uniformity of forgetfulness of God is actively being cultivated in the psyche of people.

    It is very worth noting the means and methods of producing psychological stress elaborated by Mr. Huxley; the reader, I’m sure, will find much in common with the social environment that surrounds us.

    “Psychological stresses can be produced in many ways … it has been found that the deliberate induction of fear, rage, or anxiety markedly heightens the dog’s suggestibility.

    “If these emotions are kept at a high pitch of intensity for a long enough time, the brain goes ‘on strike.’ When this happens, new behavior patterns may be installed with the greatest of ease” ( Brave New World Revisited, pg. 290).

    This is why our world is full of what some have labeled “pseudo-ideas.” The human mind is purposely broken down and fed false ideas, we may say fantastical and self-contradicting ideas – which it then takes as some sort of reality – because in this state of constant emotional and sentimental reaction it is very easy to control.

    For this to be effective, an environment of destabilization must be produced so to keep the subject in a state of anxiety, which will also stir up fear and rage. Does that sound familiar?

    He continues, “Among the physical stresses that increase a dog’s suggestibility are fatigue, wounds, and every form of sickness” (Ibid). And then as if explaining events of our day, he elaborates, “Illness is even more effective than fatigue as an intensifier of suggestibility” (Ibid).

    As I stated many a time, the fundamental goal of covidism (yes there was a real virus, I’m speaking of the utilizing of the virus for an agenda) was primarily psychological – masks, lockdowns (applied, eased, and applied again), new social habits, and so forth.

    It is also why the threat of some new disease is ever in the mainstream media. Covidism proved that people, even Christians, are willing to accept a “new normal” under the threat of illness. It was priming the pump.

    People are willing to accept new standards of human interaction (or lack thereof) and even Christians are willing to accept the modification of worship and interaction with the Divine under the threat of an illness.

    Some Christians even refused the non-masked entrance into church buildings; some even willingly segregated the unvaccinated or barred them from worship. Those who would not accept the new mass psychosis were many times cut off, even by those counted as friends. What do such actions say, and have we repented and reconciled? Or has it just been easier to brush it under the carpet?

    Does this not indicate the danger, and on some level the potency, of what is being addressed in this article? Although it may seem at current that covidism is dormant, I bring it up because substantial ground was taken, through it, in the reconditioning of humanity. Certian mentalities were cultivated in many and are all still there.

    Mr. Huxley notes, “Intense, prolonged fear broke them down and produced a state of greatly intensified suggestibility … If indoctrination is given in the right way at the proper stage of nervous exhaustion, it will work. Under favorable conditions, practically everybody can be converted to practically anything” (Ibid. pg. 291).

    As covidsm was losing its potency, the world was hurriedly moved into its next crisis. Somehow war was begun in a country most Americans couldn’t find on a map. And it became the great scapegoat for a plethora of global “shortages.”

    And let’s not forget about the use of “climate” for fearmongering. Keep the masses in a state of anxiety and worry. We must also take into consideration that when there is instability people tend to be more open to saviors.

    There is undoubtedly a certain reality behind the materialist understanding of the human psyche. The methods have been implemented with great success in many places. It does at least confirm that the human mind will be conformed to something or someone.

    So, what is the Christian to do? Remember God. If in situations of heightened stress we become more “susceptible,” then let us turn the constructed situations of continued crisis around us to a beneficial end.

    In trials and tribulations, let us turn to God. If the goal is to wear us down, then let us encourage ourselves in the Lord. The goal is to mentally weaken us, let us strengthen our minds in Christ.

    Ultimately, the plans of the Devil, executed through those sad persons who serve him, will all come crashing down and be destroyed.

    The Scriptures admonish us, “Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you.

    “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world” (1 Pet. 5:6-9).

    “Cast thy care upon the Lord, and He shall nourish thee; He shall never suffer the righteous to stumble. But Thou, O God, shalt bring them into the pit of destruction; blood-thirsty and deceitful men shall not live out half their days, but I will trust in the Lord” (Ps. 54[55]:23-24).

    And then, if we remain in Christ Jesus, we may say with the righteous Joseph, “Do not be afraid, for I belong to God. But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good” (Gen. 50:20).

    If in all the instability of our days, we cultivate in our hearts the remembrance of God then we will find the still path through the stormy waters.

    “Even in all the global machinations of men, we may be reminded of God, “O Lord, this world is passing away and all its lust, only Your Kingdom abides forever! Remember me when You come in Your Kingdom!”

    Counteract the psychological attack of the evil one by cultivating in your psyche the remembrance of God. May we have the sobriety to understand the tactics being used against us, so as to implement the proper spiritual defense in our Lord Jesus.

    “Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me … In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” (Jn. 14:1; 16:33).

    A prayer by St. Anatole (the Younger) of Optina:

    “Deliver me, O Lord, from the deceptions of the God-hating and evil antichrist, whose coming is at hand, and shelter me from his snares in the secret desert of Thy salvation.

    “Grant me, O Lord, strength and courage to firmly confess Thy Most Holy Name, that I may not abandon Thee because of the devil’s fear and that I may not deny Thee my Saviour and Redeemer, nor Thy Holy Church. But grant me, O Lord, cries and tears for my sins, and spare me in the hour of Thy dread judgment. Amen

  56. Hibernian August 1, 2022 @ 7:53 pm

    Beware of Crypto-Currency ! Beware of Central Bank Digital Currency !

    The physical, & the psychological, & the intellectual, parts of our living experience are the only parts that most people attend to. They neglect the spiritual.

    The physical, & the psychological, & the intellectual, aspects of our living are capable of being controlled by the tokens we call “money”. And, Jewry knowing this fact, have succeeded in gaining control of the issuance of “money” in every country through The-Bankster-Scam-Bundle.


    1_ When government wants to “directly” issue extra currency — today it is merely fiat currency & thus not “money” (Gold, & just-about-so-money Silver, currency) — into the economy:

    1_1_the country issues Bond (promise) to Rothschild-controlled Private Central Bank guaranteeing that the country will pay back to the Rothschilds:

    1_1_1_ this fiat currency

    1_1_2_ the interest (compound interest even). Strictly-speaking,- loaning with Interest payable is “Usury”. However, simple-interest may be so low as to arguably mean the loan is not “usury”. Anyway,- loaning with the interest payable being “Compound” Interest is certainly “usury”

    1_1_3_ any penalties that the Rothschilds decide

    1_2_the local Rothschilds Private Central Bank or distant Rothschilds Private Central Bank(s), e.g. International Monetary Fund (I.M.F.)
    1_2_1_ invents from “thin air” the fiat-currency
    1_2_2_ loans it to Treasury department of government

    2_When government wants to “indirectly” issue extra currency — today it is merely fiat currency & thus not “money” (Gold, & just-about-so-money Silver, currency) — into the economy. Rothschilds Private Central Bank “licensed” commercial banks (normal banks in our understanding).

    2_2_1_ invents from “thin air”* the fiat-currency;* “Fractional-Reserve Banking”;

    Officially, lending based on the Bank having “reserves” of 5 % or even some positive % less than that. Really, “zero” reserves it is suspected.

    2_2_2_ loans it to the borrower who guarantees that they will pay back to the bank:

    2_2_2_1_ this fiat currency
    2_2_2_2_ the interest (compound interest even)
    2_2_2_3_ any penalties that the bank decides

    Essentially, because some scholars are finally understanding, & proposing workable solutions, to the bankster-scam-bundle, it appears that so-called “crypto” currency has been invented to fool, & even more control, the populace.

    In the run-up to the eventual deployment of the even more sinister Central-Bank-Issued-Digital-Currencies, punters enthuse Bitcoin & other crypto-currencies because they hope to reap profits — versus fiat currency of their jurisdiction — when their investment in whatever crypto-currency rises in value.

    Here are most important links from 2 of the most important noble scholars proffering workable parts of the total solution against the bankster-scam-bundle:

    A_ Mr. Hugo Salinas Price Mexican Billionaire; Alive

    HSP, a profound thinker, is also an elegant & engaging & charming writer & speaker. And, despite being a rich Mexican he is thankfully not a Freemason.

    Sheikh Imran Hosein (friend of Br. Nathanael), & former Prime-Minister of Malysia Dr. Muhatir, are fans of HSP.

    A_1_ {

    A_2_ HSP’s “game-changing” proposal for re-introduction of Silver as currency into the economy:

    A_3_ HSP rejection of Crypto-Currencies

    B_ Professor Anton Fekete; Hungarian Mathematician, & Economist; May be Jew-Ethnic; I aim to confirm Yes or No. Deceased.

    B_1_ {

    B_2_ Fekete refuting that Mr. Carl Menger — “the Father of Austrian Economics” — was a Jew-Ethnic;

    B_2_ Fekete’s “game-changing” Real Bills Doctrine


  57. KathJuliane August 1, 2022 @ 10:13 pm

    Nancy Pelosi: My father was a Shabbos Goy

    Israel National News – Arutz Sheva

    March 26, 2019


  58. The Englishman August 2, 2022 @ 1:14 am

    Joe Cack Biden, go self-cheer your putrid deed.

    You, your Terrorising regime’s days too are numbered, the stench of death Jewmerica strives for will be reaped at home.

    Your Lackey Britain, too.

    Romans 12:19

  59. Boostinoh Yompst August 2, 2022 @ 6:31 am

    Information is gold.

    Is that why jews always lie?

  60. KathJuliane August 2, 2022 @ 4:33 pm

    FBI Whistleblower LEAKS Bureau’s ‘Domestic Terrorism Symbols Guide’ on ‘Militia Violent Extremists’ Citing Ashli Babbitt as MVE Martyr

    Project Veritas

    2 August 2022

    >Leaked document is labelled as “Unclassified/Law Enforcement Sensitive” that is for “FBI Internal Use Only.”

    >Under the “Symbols” category of the document, “2A” is listed with the following explanation: “MVEs justify their existence with the Second Amendment, due to the mention of a ‘well regulated Militia,’ as well as the right to bear arms.”

    >“Revolutionary War imagery” such as the “Gadsden Flag” and the “Betsy Ross Flag” are cited in the document under “Commonly Referenced Historical Imagery or Quotes.”

    [WASHINGTON, D.C. – Aug. 2, 2022] Project Veritas released a newly leaked document today provided by an FBI whistleblower, which shows how the Bureau classifies American citizens it deems to be potential “Militia Violent Extremists” [MVEs].

    In the document, the FBI cites symbols, images, phrases, events, and individuals that agents should look out for when identifying alleged domestic terrorists.

    The “Unclassified/Law Enforcement Sensitive” document says it is for “FBI Internal Use Only.”

    Of note, under the “Symbols” section, is a prominent citation of the Second Amendment, where it explains that “MVEs justify their existence with the Second Amendment, due to the mention of a ‘well regulated Militia,’ as well as the right to bear arms.”

    Right below that, under the “Commonly Referenced Historical Imagery and Quotes” section, Revolutionary War images such as the Gadsden Flag and the Betsy Ross Flag are listed. Each flag displayed in the document comes with a brief description of what it means.

    Under the “Common Phrases and References” section of the leaked document, Ashli Babbitt is cited as a person that MVEs consider to be a Martyr.

    The same document also refers to Ruby Ridge, Waco, and even Timothy McVeigh, tying in traditional American ideas and symbols with radical and/or violent events in the past.

  61. KathJuliane August 2, 2022 @ 5:18 pm

    A French volunteer described how he witnessed the dramatizations in Bucha

    French volunteer Boke spoke about the killing of the Russian army and the staging in Bucha

    MOSCOW, July 30 – RIA Novosti. Visiting Ukraine, French volunteer and writer, former soldier Adrian Boke told RIA Novosti that he had witnessed a preparation for a provocation in the Kiev suburb of Bucha.

    In April, Boke visited Ukraine twice to deliver humanitarian aid, medical equipment and medicines. He visited both the Polish-Ukrainian border and Bucha and saw how Russian prisoners of war were tortured and killed, as well as how Ukrainian militants were involved in a gradual massacre of civilians.

    “Speaking of murders and torture, I’m talking about the killing and torture of the Russian army. First of all, the officers were executed. I heard screams when the people of Azov asked who the officer was, man. Worst of all, I didn’t see any human interaction, there was no emotion, because people were executed right before my eyes, people were injured, people were shot, they were shot in the limbs, in the head,” he said.

    Therefore, according to him, he witnessed the torture and murder of Russian prisoners of war in a hangar north of Bucha. It was early April, meaning the Ukrainian army had regained control of the city for several days.

    Boke noted that he often spoke with the fighters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Azov people, who impressed him with their inhumane treatment of Russians, Jews and people of other races.

    “I had to act a lot so as not to show my opinion and feelings, and above all not to agree with their opinion. The disagreement with Nazi ideologies, especially when they expressed their attitude towards Jews and people with dark skin, because they were very cruel statements, and first of all I speak of hatred of the Russians, because they they call you “Russian dogs”.

    “And for all these soldiers, the soldiers of the Azov battalion, the main task is to torture and kill “Russian dogs”, as they always tell me. As a former soldier, this surprised me. They did not even mention the liberation of their population, as everything showed that their main purpose was to torture and kill “Russian dogs”,” the volunteer recalls.

    He also observed how a provocation was prepared in Bucha to accuse the Russian army of slaughtering civilians.

    “I was in the passenger seat when we got to Bucha by car, and as we drove through the city, I saw human corpses on the streetside and also saw bodies right in front of my eyes. People were taken out of the trucks and laid them next to the bodies lying on the ground, creating a mass-death effect,” he said.

    He added that there were journalists who immediately started filming as soon as a group of bodies were found nearby.

    “One of the volunteers who was at this place the other day, I emphasize that I did not see him, but one of the volunteers told me this. He said that he saw how refrigerated trucks from other cities were made the day before. In Ukraine, they took people’s bodies down and lined up in rows. From this I understood that there were staging and extras,”
    explained the interlocutor of the agency.

    He noted that both volunteers and local residents were under pressure – to avoid publicity, militants threatened them with imprisonment and reprisals.

    “We distributed drugs, including narcotic drugs, painkillers containing morphine. We were told clearly: if you don’t share with us, you won’t go where you need to go.

    “I clearly remember that we had to deliver these painkillers to us at the children’s hospital, and we were told that if we didn’t share, we wouldn’t get there. And when we’re not far from Bucha military guards accompanied us, they were “Azov”. They escorted us to one of the hangars and told us to prepare a separate box with drugs containing morphine so that we could continue.” Said.

    In addition, volunteers were prohibited from taking photos and videos.

    “We were warned that otherwise we would be imprisoned with ten years or more severe consequences. This ban was also applied to the local population.

    “This pressure was exerted by the military, especially the Azov people. Europe today does not understand how it is. The powerful Ukrainian population is under pressure,” he said.

    After he started talking about the crimes of Ukrainian militants, he admitted that he was threatened.

    “From the beginning I started getting threats against me. Moreover, my mailbox, located near my house, was hit by a Kalashnikov assault rifle,” he said.

    He fears persecution by the French authorities.

    “Of course I’m afraid of that, I’m afraid of something being made up against me to silence me or put me in jail,” Boke said.

    In early April, photos and videos appeared in the Ukrainian media and social networks with the bodies of the dead lying on the streets allegedly shot in Bucha after the Russian army left the city. Kyiv authorities accused Russia of mass murder of civilians.

    The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that this was another provocation, stressing that not a single resident of Bucha was harmed by the actions of the Russian army, while the city was under their control.

    The ministry also noted that all units completely left Bucha on March 30, the northbound exits were not blocked, but the Ukrainian troops opened fire on Bucha around the clock from artillery, tanks and multiple launch rocket systems.

    Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov urged the international community to conduct an impartial investigation into the provocation in Bucha. He stressed that Russia categorically denies any accusation of involvement in the deaths of people in this city, and demands that international leaders not rush into sweeping accusations, but listen to their arguments.

    Source: Ria

  62. Rav Goyim August 2, 2022 @ 5:55 pm


    The US active duty military wears a version of the Gadsden Flag as a patch:

    That document in the article has a watermark from the news outlet of Veritas and uses military style classifiers “FOUO.” Classified documents are usually black and white text without any graphics. But who can say with today’s woke gov. Maybe it was made by a homo.

    This isn’t about you, I just don’t trust the source.

  63. KathJuliane August 2, 2022 @ 6:50 pm

    Dear Rav Goyim,

    DOJ probably just published what the ADL and SPLC handed to them.

    Jews really hate any normal patriotic American symbolism displayed by ordinary White folk, especially Southrons, and will jack it up as evidence of “White supremacism,” “domestic terrorism,” and of course that old canard, “anti-Semitism”.

    If the woke liberals continue to tighten their death grip on the Pentagon hunting down virtually non-existent “white supremacists,” I expect there will eventually be a purge of that stylized Gadsden Flag symbol, for example.

    I’m waiting for the ADL to get a bee in their bonnet over the despised Fasces displayed in the US Capitol.

    U//FOUO, while primarily a DOD acronym, it is also used by federal government agencies as well as the Pentagon. “Unclassified/For Official Use Only” isn’t exclusive to the military.

    I vaguely recall that this code was a handling instruction rather than a true classification marking, and has something to do with exempting these documents from any FOIA requests. But in any case, U//FOUO was to be treated as “Confidential,” shared with anyone with a need and right to know, like as the documents say, with law enforcement, and not just thrown into open trash or otherwise made known to the general public, or published on unsecure websites.

    And I recall that U//LES was “Law Enforcement Sensitive” or something similar, which marked it as a more sensitive or classified item within the document.

    These allegedly leaked documents are in color no doubt for the ever ubiquitous mandatory Power Point Presentation torture of captive audiences.

    The real bottom line that I got from all this, was if you support the Second Amendment, then you’re a “domestic terrorist” an a “violent extremist” according to this regime.

  64. jimbo August 2, 2022 @ 11:59 pm

    Hey man,

    Can you do a video on Canada’s jews?

  65. The Englishman August 3, 2022 @ 3:31 am

    A timely reminder of the motherly love bestowed on all uncorrupted motherly figures by the Creator of all, Dear God Almighty.

    The Cockney accented mother of Archie Battersby fighting with such determination as only a traditional mother can-the right to challenge her son’s life support being switched off.

    A heartbreaking situation,

    A time to Pray.

  66. KathJuliane August 3, 2022 @ 6:51 am

    Globalist Cabal Promotes Diet of Bugs — and Cannibalism


    August 03, 2022


    >The World Economic Forum envisions a food system that doesn’t include animal foods or require a large land footprint. In fact, for several years now, the WEF has promoted the idea that we should get used to eating bugs and drinking reclaimed sewage. Both are now being rolled out

    >In a July 2022 article, The New York Times took the WEF’s dystopian projections to a whole new level, announcing that the time to consider cannibalism is now upon us

    >Interpretation: The WEF and its allies are manufacturing food shortages, which in some areas may progress into actual famine, and they want you to know that when that time comes, it’s OK for you to eat your neighbor

    >In addition to a recent rash of books and TV shows that glorify cannibalism, there’s lab-grown human steak “art,” and vegan meat designed to taste like human flesh. In 2019, a Swedish professor also argued for cannibalism as a more sustainable alternative to eating bugs

    Much of the supposed “inspiration” behind the promotion of unnatural diets is said to come from a desire to save the planet. While that’s admirable, it’s important to realize that the “green” agenda — as it is currently promoted — is nothing but a scare tactic to bring people to the point of accepting living conditions that would otherwise be unacceptable, such as eating a diet of bugs, drinking reclaimed sewage water and even, apparently, cannibalism

    Full Article:

  67. KathJuliane August 3, 2022 @ 7:06 am

    George Soros Admits Backing Leftist Prosecutors in Wall Street Journal Op-Ed: ‘I Have No Intention of Stopping’

    American Faith

    Jon Fleetwood – August 2, 2022

    “This is why I have supported the election (and more recently the re-election) of prosecutors who support reform. I have done it transparently, and I have no intention of stopping,” writes Soros for WSJ.


    >The Wall Street Journal recently published an opinion piece by billionaire globalist George Soros in which he defends funding left-wing prosecutors. Soros’ article focuses on crime, public safety, and justice:

    “Like most of us, I’m concerned about crime. One of government’s most important roles is to ensure public safety. I have been involved in efforts to reform the criminal-justice system for the more than 30 years I have been a philanthropist,” writes Soros.

    >“Yet our system is rife with injustices that make us all less safe. The idea that we need to choose between justice and safety is false. They reinforce each other: If people trust the justice system, it will work. And if the system works, public safety will improve,” he goes on to say.

    >Soros emphasizes race, arguing that the fact that “black people in the U.S. are five times as likely to be sent to jail as white people” is itself an “injustice that undermines our democracy,” implying that the justice system is systemically racist, a primary tenet of debunked Critical Race Theory (CRT).

    >He then announces the need for more “reform-minded” prosecutors and other law-enforcement officials who think like he does and defends financing them:

    “This is why I have supported the election (and more recently the re-election) of prosecutors who support reform,” writes Soros. “I have done it transparently, and I have no intention of stopping. The funds I provide enable sensible reform-minded candidates to receive a hearing from the public.”

  68. John Carter August 3, 2022 @ 9:18 am

    The other day this well known Scripture came to mind, “For the love of money is the ROOT of ALL evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” – 1 Tim 6:10

    And it suddenly came to me just HOW TRUE this statement is, and it is much deeper than I had always thought!

    For when a person changes from doing ANYTHING out of love, kindness, or responsibility for his fellow man or family into doing it “to make money,” it changes something (even barely noticeable) in that person in not a good way. Because little by little that act is now being driven more by that “love of money”.

    This “carrot” used by these archonic controllers of this old world has warped mankind’s sense of values and practically extinguished our collective LOVE for our fellow man on this earth!

    I hope someone here understands what I am saying and continues this line of thought.

  69. The Englishman August 4, 2022 @ 4:39 am

    Two girls in RT news, Brave little Eva Bartlett, & Karin Kneissl.

    Would hope they both have Spetsnaz body guards. Vlad?

    High time Vlad’s high command addressed Ukraine’s military decision makers.

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