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A Braver New World

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A Braver New World
December 2 2021

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Brother Nathanael @ December 2, 2021


  1. Brother Nathanael December 2, 2021 @ 2:54 pm


    A Braver New World

    We’re in a “braver” new world where science serves technology.

    Where technology serves control.

    Where control is served through the agency of the State.

    And money controls the State.

    Jews got the money and the control.

    If you had any doubts, why then are the main characters of our “braver new world” all Jews?

    1. Rochelle Walensky—head of the CDC—who regulates fear, apartheid, and punishment over the UnVaxxed…and reward and perks for the Vaxxed.

    2. Albert Bourla—head of Pfizer—who lies about clinical tests where animals died so as to amass as Jewry’s prize millions of dead goys.

    (The Antichrist, who will be a Jew, needs a declined population in order to rule.)

    3. Susan Wojcicki—head of JewTube—who ensures that science is censored to serve control.

    4. Jacob Tapper—talking head of CNN—who touts the ’science’ that serves technology that serves to control the mindless minds.

    They got him wearing glasses now so he looks “frightfully clever” so more goys will take the ClotShot.

    We don’t need test-tube-babies for our “braver new world.”

    Simply scare the goys into obeisance and a Jewish Caste System of the rulers-over-the-ruled comes forth:

    Alpha Class.

    These are the rulers, the intelligentsia, the Covid-approved scientists, and the talking heads.

    They are Jews.

    Beta Class.

    These are of the professional class.

    They tout the diktats of the Alphas.

    They are Goys, simply shills of the Jews.

    Epsilon Class.

    These are are a piece of the human species who are stunted by mental deprivation.

    They perform functional work for the Alphas.

    They are Goys.

    At the airports they are so frightened into compliance that they dare not remove their masks.

    While sipping and biting while waiting for their flights they’re so scared into submission that they dangle their masks on their ears like dogs begging for a bone.

    Get that mask back on over your nose, mouth, and chin, you stupid goys.

    In between sipping and biting, we’ll let you dangle your mask on your ears, but get them back on pronto.

    They think it will all be over if we only comply.

    But it will only be over when we don’t comply.

    “For your health and the health of others you must wear your mask at all times,” says the announcement over and over and over.

    You see, physical health is all that matters in our “braver new world.”

    Physical health all is everyone’s obligation—(in our “braver new world”)—despite the wretched health habits of the masses.

    Is that guy or gal next to you your responsibility by wearing a mask and getting poison plunged into your veins?

    They’re fat and obese.

    They’re eating fries and donuts soaked in grease.

    And you’re responsible for their health?

    Oh yes you are.

    Get all VAXXED up for them—those unhealthy slobs—and lose your personal choice, your personal autonomy, and lose your very souls.

    More lockdowns are coming in our “braver new world.”

    The mutations are now at “Omicron,” and the Alphas will send you even more.

    Want to save your soul at Church?

    The Alphas got more plans to lock you out.

    They only need ten Jews to conduct synagogue services and that pleases their rabbis.

    Most Jews don’t go to synagogue anyways.

    But they lock out Christians instead.

    Science must serve technology.

    Technology must serve the State.

    Money controls the State.

    Jews got the money and the control.

    It’s a “Braver New World.”

    Alphas, Betas, Epsilons, and lately “Deltas” and now “Omicrons” are upon us.

    Aren’t you glad you got jabbed?

    Don’t you wish everybody did?

  2. Brother Nathanael December 2, 2021 @ 2:56 pm

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  3. Brother Nathanael December 2, 2021 @ 2:57 pm

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  4. Cpt_Obviuos December 2, 2021 @ 3:17 pm

    Great vid Bro! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    You confirm what I have said about this farce all along, that I am not responsible for anyone else’s health but mine, and I will not be forced to live otherwise.

    However did mankind make it thousands of years without these miracle cures is the question which ought to be asked but never is. It was only two short years ago when we were all mask-less, CONVID-less, mostly happy, healthy and free; it astounds me how soon people forget.

    Watching these fat, stupid cows at grocery stores, with their face diapers on, riding the store’s electric scooters because they can’t hardly walk, buying the worst possible non-nutricious artery clogging garbage available, does not leave me with pity.

    This is their choice. But there is no reason their poor health choices need affect me, zero.

    Yet here we are, because of our “Comrades” in the governmedia, who you showed are truly evil.

  5. Greg December 2, 2021 @ 3:17 pm

    In my opinion they can’t keep it going without hard push back.

    People are waking up and are very upset. I don’t think there will be anymore lock downs in the USA. They robbed the Treasury of over 20 trillion dollars.

    They got what they wanted. I’m sure the next chapter includes military conflict with Russia and China.

    “I mean, there’s no doubt that this will end, I promise you that this will end.” — Dr. Fauci

  6. Friendly Neighborhood Pestilence. December 2, 2021 @ 3:42 pm

    I find it ironic that no matter how many “new” things the Jews try, they only succeed in rearranging the psychological universe of slavery that they live in.

    Old is the new new. And it goes right back to the old black magic control system of Babylon and Egypt.

    Make a slave feel special and reward him for his servility, while mystifying him with some unknown unknowable concept of God, which of course the priest alone can interpret.

    Tell the slave they need to develop all the most servile traits to please this unknowable, humility, self righteousness, elitism (which goes hand in hand with slavery), cunning, and especially to give up their personal responsibility onto the slave who the master will torment for his pleasure.

    Give a slave freedom for a day and they will enslave all. And if you try to free a slave, the first person the slave attacks is the one trying to remove their comfortable shackles.

    Jesus did. What they did to him they will do to anyone who speaks the truth about them and their slavery system. Invisibility is the greatest strategy. What is more invisible to a Jew than the psychological universe they have been ensnared in by the deceiver himself?

  7. Brother Nathanael December 2, 2021 @ 3:44 pm


    The sheep at airports aren’t wearing masks because they’re scared of getting COVID.

    They’re wearing masks because they’re scared of getting kicked out of the airport. +bn

  8. Michael Mazur December 2, 2021 @ 4:09 pm

    Capt_Obviuos,…”artery clogging garbage”.

    Yes, those potato crisps in cellophane packets in supermarkets that one throws in a pair of on the way out. I tracked that as the sole cause of my chest pain 9 months ago — 3 episodes days apart.

    Not a chip all this time. Haven’t had a episode since. If I hadn’t figured it out I’d now be long gone.

  9. Mustapha December 2, 2021 @ 5:41 pm

    Read any Huxley lately?

    The Alpha Plus for their region was named Mustapha Mond (The Chosen One) and was described as thick-lipped with a hooked nose. Huxley knew how to jew-bait.

    Let’s hope they don’t try to hatch a spawn of Sarah Silvermans.

  10. William J Grant December 2, 2021 @ 8:16 pm

    KNOW that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23

    UNDERSTAND the wages of sin is death. Romans 6:23.

    CONFESS that Jesus Christ is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead. Romans 10:9

    REPENT of your sins Luke 13:3

    READ and STUDY God’s Word to show yourself approved. 2 Timothy 2:15

    PUT ON the whole armor of God. Ephesians 6:11

    BEWARE of the son of perdition who is coming first disguised as Jesus to oppose and exalt himself above all that is called God, or worshipped.  2 Thessalonians 2:3,4

    WATCH and PRAY until the true Christ returns. Luke 12:37 Remain as a chaste virgin waiting for  her true husband. (Christ)2 Corinthians 11:2.

    KNOW that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23

    UNDERSTAND the wages of sin is death. Romans 6:23.

    CONFESS that Jesus Christ is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead. Romans 10:9

    REPENT of your sins Luke 13:3

    READ and STUDY God’s Word to show yourself approved. 2 Timothy 2:15

    PUT ON the whole armor of God. Ephesians 6:11

    BEWARE of the son of perdition who is coming first disguised as Jesus to oppose and exalt himself above all that is called God, or worshipped.  2 Thessalonians 2:3,4

    WATCH and PRAY until the true Christ returns. Luke 12:37 Remain as a chaste virgin waiting for her true husband. (Christ) 2 Corinthians 11:2

  11. KC December 2, 2021 @ 9:35 pm

    Yes, it makes sense, the Antichrist can’t that easily rule so many people of different cultures.

    They need to kill off the most intelligent, especially Christians, that can resist and put a tight control over others. Non-Christians can’t possibly resist the antichrist.

    It’s all about physical health, physical mindset, physical purposes. You’re not supposed to think and are treated like an animal already.

    It makes total sense, and how they’re now in a hurry for the boo$ters.

    A recent video by Dr. Andreas Noack, a German scientist, sent chills down my spine. He was talking about graphene hydroxide as an intelligent poison, basically nano-blades that never biodegrade and slowly cut up the body. This scientist has been killed!

    He also said that mRNA may be used as a distraction while graphene hydroxide is quite dangerous as it’s super sharp on a molecular level.

    It makes sense then, that this would cause inflammation and clots, besides the damage done by the spike protein.

    Deicide and democide.

  12. benzion kook December 3, 2021 @ 12:02 am

    Where’s my Nobel Prize?

    Although the liars
    make the rules
    for the masses
    and the fools
    it ain’t all right ma
    it’s lies and lies only.

  13. Ted Gorsline December 3, 2021 @ 12:10 am

    Funny that you should show Jake Tapper with glasses on.

    The rumour about Jake is that his mom caught him pulling his pud and said “Jake! If you don’t stop that you will go blind.”

    She thought the problems was solved, but the next night she caught him doing it again.

    She said jake, “Didn’t you hear what I said?”

    Jake replied, “Yes, Mom, but I thought I would just keep doing it until I had to wear glasses.”

  14. Stav December 3, 2021 @ 2:37 am

    Thank you, Brother!

  15. Hibernian December 3, 2021 @ 4:17 am

    In my estimation, Jewry is RUSHING their actual Final-Solution to their problem the Goyim because they are stunned at the extent of CONSCIOUSNESS that is accumulating among increasingly more Goyim, & increasingly more Jews who realise that Jewry is “spiritually bankrupt unless it wholesomely repents & converts to true Christianity”

    This CONSCIOUSNESS is rising thanks very much to :

    1) Goyim truthers such as Eustace Mullins, & E. Michael Jones, inter alia
    2) non-Jewish Jew truthers such as Henry Makow, inter alia
    3) former Jew truthers such as Gilad Atzmon, & Brother Nathanael Kapner, inter alia.
    4) Jewry being exposed through their chutzpah with :

    4.1) their spurious accounts of what happened since their declaration of war upon Germany, & Germans worldwide, in 1933 until the end of that war in 1945
    4.2) what they have done to the Palestinians, & the neighboring nations
    4.3)their detonation of the Twin-Towers, & building 7, on 9-11 resulting in deliberate loss of Goyim lives (some 3,000), & the follow-through of genocidal war upon hapless Iraq, & Afghanistan (many millions of Goyim murdered) through Jewry’s proxy warriors USA, & N.A.T.O.


    Jewry is rapidly rolling out their “Mark of the Beast” system now for the Goyim buying products & services on foot of Jewry’s strategic ploy to encourage shoplifting without consequences:

    Finally, we have the reason for why the left is allowing smash and grab robberies without consequences.

    It is to force stores to install locking shelves that only open when you put your forehead or hand up to a sensor.

    This short video shows it, and could not possibly explain it better.

    We are going there, folks.
    Yep, this is it.
    SMH (Shaking-My-Head)

    Obviously this system will interface with bluetooth.

    How about that!

    The units do not even let you see the items inside, instead they are displayed on a video screen that is built into the door.

    You will not be able to smash through them even with a sledge hammer.

    The costs of running a store this way will be very high.

    But hey, everyone will own nothing and be happy, and obviously the costs will be lower than smash and grab.

    Try getting out of a store without paying for an item now!

  16. Mustapha December 3, 2021 @ 9:49 am

    Look-back to the shabbas golden goy that started Federal mandated lockdowns and warp speed kike-spikes.


    Why did he do this?

    Maybe to scare Dems not to vote, maybe to please his jew-handlers, or just plain stupid. Who knows. What’s done is done. We’ve got to figure a way out of this.

    Start by not complying. God will provide a leader to lead his flock out of this evil.

  17. Ghostrider December 3, 2021 @ 11:40 am

    From the American Heart Association:

    “We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.”

  18. Steve December 3, 2021 @ 1:46 pm

    The Unmitigated Gall of These No-Talent Bigoted Demons!

    How much more can we take?

    Pride cometh before the fall! Is all I have to say.

  19. The Elder of Zyklon-B December 3, 2021 @ 1:56 pm

    The Elder is still alive and remains on the battlefield.

    Kapitulieren? Niemals!

    Die Juden sind Unser Unglück.

    Get Off The Hoax Train-Sing along! Humor category

    Serious study. Save it.

    Study guide supplement to what Brother Nathanael continues to hammer out:

    Merry CHRISTmas RJN students!

    The battles will continue to rage on and intensify, but victory is ours through Christ The Redeemer!

  20. KathJuliane December 3, 2021 @ 5:19 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    Thank you for superb Video. You had me on the floor with your sad-but-funny mimcry of people dangling their face diapers on one ear while stuffing their faces with toxic fast food, all the time nervously looking out for the COVID stasi in case the mask was off their face for too long.

    I’m not sure exactly sure on what circle of Dante’s Hell, subsection Killer Klown World we are stuck in at the moment, but now the COVID Crazies have conjured up a brand new disorder to cover the vaxxecution deaths.

    From Steve Kirsch’s email newsletter.

    Yes, I knew Kirsch is a Jew, but he’s more on the side of the angels, working hard to inform and educate people, supporting the growing body of frontline doctors, the scientists and academics committed to medico-totalitarian resistance.

    A Silicon Valley entrepreneur and philanthropist, he very early on founded and invested substantial funds to privately research existing drugs and conduct COVID trials that could be repurposed to fight COVID-19, such as HCQ and IVM.

    Kirsch is a man on fire ever since he discovered the death, maiming, and disability, and overwhelming numbers of vaxx-related adverse effects related to these that the Public Health-Big Pharma Industrial complex has been trying to keep buried. His anti-vaxxecution shot advocacy is practically a walled-siege on DC. He and his Covid Care allies fire off FOIA after FOIA request bombarding the FDA, CDC, and other federal government agencies digging for factual data.

    Despite censorship and other forms of suppression, Kirsch has been doing very outstanding work alerting the public, and calling out the Big Pharma death shot merchants and their FDA & CDC and challenges Lord Death Fraudci, his former consort, Lady Thick-as-Brick, the God-Emperor Joe Stolen and his global Biosecurity Empire, and Thuh SciEnCE™ false narrative with hard, cold facts digging through all of Thuh Data™ and throwing it back in their faces.


    They are now blaming all the deaths after vaccination on Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder

    I’m serious. You cannot make this stuff up. Even if you tried.

    Steve Kirsch
    Dec 3

    OK, get this… (this is not a joke)…

    Physicians are now blaming post-pandemic stress disorder (PPSD) for all the cardiac deaths (that are only happening to vaccinated patients shortly after they get the vaccine).

    I’m serious. You can’t make ()*&U like this up. You really can’t. Click the image if you don’t believe me:

    Note that the more common affliction, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), doesn’t affect your heart at all. But “post-pandemic” stress? Well now, that’s completely different!

    PPSD can cause myocarditis, cardiac arrest, etc. It seems only to happen to vaccinated patients, generally shortly after vaccination. Nobody knows why that is. The mechanism of action is unknown.

    Here’s the key difference:

    For treating PTSD, you need a therapist.

    For PPSD, you need a cardiologist.



    God bless everyone.

    For everyone who have resisted getting jabbed, hold the line for as long as you possibly can. There have been some battles nearly won in the courts.

    We, the “purebloods” are the only “control group” left of the ‘old normal’. and we are holding up the 100s of thousands of trusting people who have been murdered, maimed, and disabled by the vaxxecution shots, and have been suppressed, censored, and ignored ever since having to live with major health problems, joblessness, and bankruptcy level medical bills under the “new normal”.

    It is becoming the “new normal” now for people to show up at dzab sites, and patiently wait in line for their turn at the same time watching people keel over dead or unconscious right after getting the dzab. This is the Covid Crazy “new normal” — the normalizing of death as a probable (not rare) side effect of getting the dzab.

    It’s “normal” for 80% of pregnant women after getting the clot shot to lose their preborn babies in the third trimester of pregnancy or else deliver a stillborn child.

    It’s “normal” for young, healthy, athletic people, especially males, to suddenly keel over having heart attacks. There are far more children dying from the clot shot than the few that died from the virus itself, and those children already had serious chronic diseases, but that’s “normal” now.

    For those who got 1st and 2nd shots, help us hold the line, and refuse the boosters, for our sake as well as your own. If you’ve escaped any adverse effects so far, think about preserving your health from any further assault, because the long-term effects, those 2, 3, 5 or 10 years down the road are unknown.

    If you got the 3rd booster, refuse the 4th, and the rest of them from now on, and join the refusnik efforts going on all over the world trying to put the brakes on the medico-totalitarian global tyranny, and exposing the Pfizer/FDA murder coverups.

    It’s not the big, sweeping mandates that truly threaten us, it’s the slow, Fabian Socialist bureaucratic, local government, and private corporate creep of totalitarian policy adjustments that we must fight the hardest, from the grassroots up, starting with the school districts, local voting precincts, and muni and county governments.

    It’s local elections that matter the most.

    When Joe Stolen announced his OSHA vaccine mandates, attorneys general across the nation sharpened their pencils and went to work, and their cases were already prepared before OSHA officially acknowledged they were putting the mandates together.

    So, we’re winning, right? No. I sometimes wonder if Joe Stolen’s dictatorial mandates were nothing more than trial balloons and decoys, so the real stealth totalitarianism would creep on.

    Even while the OSHA mandates are currently in judicial limbo, governments from local to federal enacted little “tweaks” to their policies that increased authoritarian totalitarianism, and private businesses ramped up on issuing of mandates of their own.

  21. Fanny December 3, 2021 @ 5:43 pm

    Get out while you can of this covid cult.
    Instead choose to live like a smart adult.
    Stop acting like a brainwashed fool.
    They’re only using you as a tool.
    If you knew the facts, I know you’d see
    What this vax is doing to society.
    This mark that they give will do you harm,
    This is why so many are screaming alarm.
    Don’t put your children in harms way,
    Don’t use them like experiments I say.
    Don’t mock our God, it‘s just that simple.
    God is against this poison put inside his temple.
    This Covid clot shot is not a vaccine
    In fact it’s like no meds you’ve ever seen.
    It’s a genetic game changer, alters DNA
    They’re lying at all costs to keep from getting blamed.
    They know what they’re doing, it’s been planned ahead.
    They are pushing this jab, and everything else instead.
    Stop being afraid of this inconsequential ’scariant’.
    As they hype, and they hype all of their variants.
    Do you not care about the heart inflammation?
    All because of this illegal experimentation?
    To force this on someone is more than insane,
    It’s a crime, and it’s punishable in God’s name.

  22. Pierre December 3, 2021 @ 7:54 pm

    Gilad Atzmon’s Athens vs Jerusalem — a bit of democracy and logos vs rules for thee and not for me.

    Jesus vs the Pharisees.

    Us that’s left after all this, and them that won’t have their anti-logos emotionally hysterical minions to protect them from ‘anti-semites’m as they just killed them all off.

    It is looking like a war of attrition at this stage, depending on how much their Satan and our God want to intervene (or alien technology).

  23. KathJuliane December 3, 2021 @ 8:15 pm

    Here’s something I’ll be buying for my ‘to read’ stack of books.

    This book review is quite informative itself, however, highlighting the internal warfare going on between the White House and the Unholy Troika of CDC’s royal bureaucrats of Fraudci, Birx, and Redfield over Covid response.

    Another book on my list is RFK Jr.’s book — The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, & the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.


    Covid’s Three Blind Mice

    A new book reveals how the troika of Fauci, Birx, and Redfield hijacked America’s pandemic response.

    City Journal
    John Tierney
    December 3, 2021 Covid-19

    A Plague Upon Our House: My Fight at the Trump White House to Stop COVID from Destroying America, by Scott W. Atlas (Bombardier Books, 328 pp., $28)

    How could public officials vowing to “follow the science” on Covid-19 persist in promoting ineffective strategies with terrible consequences?

    In a memoir of his time on the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Scott W. Atlas provides an answer: because the nation’s governance was hijacked by three bureaucrats with scant interest in scientific research or debate—and no concern for the calamitous effects of their edicts.

    Atlas’s book, A Plague Upon Our House, is an astonishing read, even for those who have been closely following this disaster.

    A veteran medical researcher and health-policy analyst at the Hoover Institution, Atlas, a radiologist, joined the Task Force six months into the pandemic, after he had published estimates that lockdowns could ultimately prove more deadly than Covid.

    Atlas expected to spend his time at the White House discussing scientific data and debating the best strategies for protecting public health. Instead, he found that the Task Force included “zero public health policy experts and no experts with medical knowledge who also analyzed economic, social, and other broad public health impacts other than the infection itself.”

    Vice President Mike Pence chaired the Task Force, but Atlas says that Pence and the other members were regularly cowed into submission by three doctors who dominated from the start: Deborah Birx, the Task Force’s coordinator, along with Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control.

    Atlas calls them “the troika” because of their strategy for presenting a united front, never disagreeing with one another during the meetings in the White House Situation Room. (Reporting later revealed that they had made a pact to resign in unison if any of them was fired.)

    “I never fully understood why there was no admission, even internally by the Task Force, that the Birx-Fauci strategy did not work,” Atlas writes, concluding that it wasn’t simply because the media was eager to champion anyone who questioned President Donald Trump’s desire to reopen schools and businesses.

    “Disagreeing with Trump, especially in this election year, ensured near idolatry on cable TV and in the New York Times or Washington Post. But I never thought politics was the main driver of those on the Task Force. Perhaps it was an unstated fear that they were in way too deep to admit their errors.”

    Mainstream media were the chief weapon the troika wielded against Atlas and scientists who opposed lockdowns and instead advocated a policy of “focused protection” that would concentrate testing and related resources on the elderly or other high-risk populations. (Atlas invited Birx to a meeting in the Oval Office with some of these eminent researchers, but she refused to attend.)

    Journalists caricatured their proposals as a callous “let it rip” strategy, portraying Atlas as an unqualified ideologue, unconcerned about the spread of the virus. Some of the false accusations in the press came from anonymous sources on the Task Force—presumably Fauci and Birx, Atlas writes, though Fauci denied it when Atlas confronted him.

    On the record, Fauci dismissed Atlas as an “outlier,” an assessment that journalists reinforced by repeatedly noting that he was “not an epidemiologist,” as if that were the only relevant qualification for determining overall public-health policies.

    Fauci, Birx, and Redfield were not epidemiologists, either, but they were enshrined as “the science” because they provided what mainstream journalists craved: scare stories that boosted ratings and made Trump look bad.

    During his first meeting with Trump, Atlas writes, the president told him, “I’m sure you will teach me many things while you’re here. But there is only one thing you’ll learn from me. Only one. You will learn how vicious, how biased, how unfair the media is.”

    Atlas soon came to agree, as he endured personal smears and watched relentlessly alarmist coverage of the pandemic: “No opportunity to inflame the voters was going to be missed by what I now believe are the most despicable group of unprincipled liars one could ever imagine—the American media.”

    Atlas says that Trump and senior White House aides told him privately that they disagreed with the troika’s policies, and some wanted to fire Birx because she was so stubborn and defensive. (Atlas tells how, after he contradicted her during a meeting in the Oval Office, she “threw a fit” and screamed at him, “Never do that again! And in the Oval!”)

    But the aides feared that firing any of the troika, or even disagreeing openly, would cause a media firestorm and doom Trump’s reelection. “We must not rock the boat” was their mantra, Atlas writes. “To which I would reply, ‘The boat is frigging capsized.’”

    The politician who comes off best is Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who had, Atlas observes, “a far more detailed understanding of the pandemic than anyone I had encountered in the Task Force.”

    Trump comes off fairly well, too, in his conversations with Atlas, as he frets about the harms of the lockdowns and instinctively recognizes the futility of the troika’s strategies. But Atlas lays the ultimate blame for the lockdowns—“a crime against humanity”—on Trump himself, because he allowed Birx and her allies to remain in charge.

    “This president, widely known for his signature ‘You’re fired!’ declaration, was misled by his closest political intimates,” Atlas writes. “All for fear of what was inevitable anyway—skewering from an already hostile media.”

    When he resigned from the Task Force in a telephone call to Trump, Atlas writes, the president told him, “You were right about everything, all along the way. And you know what? You were also right about something else. Fauci wasn’t the biggest problem of all of them. It really wasn’t him.”

    Trump meant that it was Birx, and Atlas couldn’t resist a parting shot at the aides who had been so afraid of her.

    Knowing that they were listening on the speakerphone in the Oval Office, Atlas said, “Well, Mr. President, I will say this. You have balls. I have balls. But the closest people around you—they didn’t. They had no balls. They let you down.” They let down the rest of the country, too.

    We are now 628 days into ‘Two Weeks to Flatten the Curve’. Just sayin’.

  24. Hibernian December 3, 2021 @ 11:29 pm

    1st -Jewish Animus towards God-the-Father ==> Jews as Rebels (Jews who grudgingly choose God; Their hearts not really in the Mosaic Covenant)

    2nd – Jewish Animus towards the nations bordering Land of Canaan > Israel > Palestine ==> Jews as Hiberu > Hebrews (fierce Raiders from across the border)

    3rd – Jewish Animus towards God-the-Son / Jesus Christ & Christianity ==> Jews have become shit-bat crazy Revolutionaries

    The Final Solution of Jewry Against the Goyim & Eventually the Lesser Jews

    Yes, Siree, Jewry will double-cross the lessor Jews; This is the nature of Supremacism; With this caution, it behooves the wise Jew to study the Gospels without delay

    1st – Jewish manufactured J-ene Jab technology is a long time in development. But, destined for eventual deployment because:“Jewish” Jews are NOT lazy towards their mission-in-life. “Jewish” Jews NEVER retire from their mission-in-life

    2nd – Jewish drafting of The Final Solution Plan against “the Goyim”, & “the lesser Jews”

    3rd – Jewish manufactured “Covid / Divoc” Scam-demic with attendant JEWISH manufactured Hysteria perpetuated by:

    a) Master; Press-Turbator – (ipso-facto, as “self-pleasure”, does it “for free”; They not charge themselves)

    Enthusiast – (does it “for free”; Just like Violet of B.B.R.O.Y.G.B. Violet. Gives. Willingly)

    Craftsperson; Press-Titute (does NOT do it “for free”)

    Note: Sometimes, it can be difficult to know if particular exponent is: MASTER; Press-Turbator or a Craftsperson; Press-Titute because of ambiguity if particular person is a Jewish Jew or Jewish Crypto-Jew or mere Judaized Goy, e.g.s Nancy Pelosi of 1-of-4 families who “locally” control California and Christine Ama_hore of CNN

    b) Hollywood movies, & documentaries

    c) TV movies, dramas, & documentaries, & news, & opinions, among other things.

    4th – Jewish manufactured Behavioral-Mandates are aimed to destroy the world’s economies (with particular targeting of Euro-phile economies)

    5th Jewish Nasal-Swab testing

    Really the insertion of “dubious”*1 swab up to the crubiform plate (interface with brain, area of pineal gland, & pituitary gland which are glands associated with spiritual consciousness) whereupon sudden quick twist is executed by administrator of swab.

    *1 Johns Hopkins University has patent for nano packages which unfold by reaction upon designed-for-stimulus (e.g. temp. range of body) & bite into adjacent body’s tissue & thus infuse chemical &/or organism payload into person.

    6th – Jewish J-ene (Gene altering) jabs are destined to cause J-ene Induced Immunity Deficiency Syndrome (J.I.I.D.S.)

    Not withstanding the other multiple attacks (some stated in “patents”, & of which some now proven as operating from these injections, e.g.s mRNA (translation), or mDNA (transcription > translation), parts of so-called vaxxes, instruct cells’ ribosomes to make Spike-Proteins ;

    Known results:Blood-clots & destruction of haemoglobin

    Graphene oxide from the jabs also cause blood clots, & destruction of haemoglobin, & cutting of cells brushed by the graphene oxide moving in the flow of blood, & are likely for both broadcasting & receiving of electromagnetic waves to & from external receivers &amp transmitters*2

    *2 See



    7th Jewish-designed Proof of J-ene Jab Passports

    Excellent interview revealing the Social-Credit System involving imminent termination of “textile”, & “coin” fiat currencies, & recommending how to respond against the parts of conspiracy they refer to. (Video ; 9 min.s approx.)

  25. KathJuliane December 3, 2021 @ 11:58 pm

    Erik Striker

    [Forwarded from]

    Keep in mind that their “race blind,” algorithms that did this were already biased to be anti-White before, and then they got this “bad result.” So now it’s even more explicitly anti-White. [-ES]

    Facebook AI Finds 90% of Hate Speech Directed at White People

    by The Notorious Dr. Shekelstein December 3, 2021

    Information Liberation:

    “We now know why Facebook decided to change its “race-blind” hate speech detection algorithm last year to allow more anti-white hatred.

    The Washington Post reported last week that an “April 2020 document said roughly 90 percent of ‘hate speech’ subject to content takedowns were statements of contempt, inferiority and disgust directed at White people and men.”

    They viewed this as a failure of the system because white people are supposed to be the targets of all hate.”

    I’d never heard of Information Liberation before today. They’ve got a few good things on that website. Fortunately, while they are trapped inside the Kosher Sandwhich, their articles have plenty of actual journalistic value.

    And the original post they link to is just… something else. Below is an ealier article of theirs from December of last year. That article is mostly quoting a Washington Post article, and I’ve left their bolded parts as is.

    Though Zuckerberg is allowing more anti-White hatred on Facebook, just a few months ago he announced he was banning all content which depicts “Jewish people running the world or controlling major institutions such as media networks, the economy or the government” as well as all Holocaust denial.

    I’ve never really understood how people can be so completely correct on things like “look at this preferential treatment Zuckerberg is giving to jews,” and still call yourself a Conservative fighting against “the radical socialist left.”

    I mean, these people collude with trillion dollar multinationals to censor anti-War activists.

    Calling them anti-White, jew nationalist pedophile supporters is far more accurate, and far more cutting, because it delegitimizes their politics.

  26. Ted Gorsline December 4, 2021 @ 1:45 pm

    Recently and unsubstantiated rumour has surfaced to explain Lone Wolf Blitzer’s humourless expression, apparently only one step away from the diabolical curse.
    Its noticable that his trembling lips, overwhelemed with guilt, have already begun to twitch and distort.

    Allegedly, the root of Wolf’s humourless demeanor is a felching jerbel named “Bob”.

    Allegedly “Bob” is the love of Blitzer’s life having been willed to him by the late Anthony Blunt, Mason and homosexual and commie spy cousin of Queen Elizabeth 2.

    Blunt died from the excessive gnawing of his prostate gland by a rodent. Wolf apparently have great concern that the same fate may befall him. Thus the humourless grimace he is famed for.

    Bob said “no comment”.

  27. benzion kook December 4, 2021 @ 8:43 pm

    Crazy coalition of communists dooming America.

    Truly the Jews are the world’s worst murderers, thieves, and liars.

  28. Carl December 4, 2021 @ 9:59 pm

    Jewish Satanist behind “Covid”

    Jewish “Vaccines” for the goyim.

    Jewish “Pizzagate” and Satanism.

  29. KathJuliane December 4, 2021 @ 10:34 pm

    Tucker Carlson: Tyranny is coming unless someone stops Democrats’ COVID power grab

    Biden’s reaction to the new COVID variant is nothing near science

    By Tucker Carlson | Fox News

    “Instead, Biden announced today that the lesson he is drawing from the harmless infection of a fully vaccinated person in the state of California is that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. They’re the ones to blame for it, not the Chinese government which likely created this virus and has definitely profited from it immensely. No, no, no.

    “Omicron and COVID more broadly said the president, are the direct responsibility of the 20% of the adult American population, many of whom have natural immunity, who have resisted submitting to his injections, and they must be crushed for that.

    Now, this one is hardly worth explaining how far from legitimate science this is. It’s nonsense. It’s actually demented. But more than that, it is dangerous.

    On the basis of no demonstrated threat to public health whatsoever, the Biden administration is once again locking down the country and persecuting its perceived political opponents, otherwise known as the unvaccinated.

    Leana Wen, the former Planned Parenthood ghoul you so often see on CNN talking about health, recently explained that thanks to omicron “there should be mandatory quarantine and post-arrival testing for all international travelers, as well as additional impetus for vaccination and boosters.”

    Huh? Quarantine, mandatory quarantine for American citizens in their own country. Additional impetus for more vaccines.

    What does that mean, exactly? Well, we’re not sure we can guess. We do know, among other things, it means a lot more spying on you. The CDC director explained the CDC is now a kind of intelligence agency.

    The question really is how much longer will this country continue to tolerate this? You’ve got to wonder. And what happens if we keep tolerating it?

    We don’t need to wonder about that because we’ve got Australia as an example. Consider this from an Australian newscast this morning. The anchor announced the breaking news of the day, which is the escape of three inmates – Australian citizens – from a COVID concentration camp.

    It’s not just Australia, by the way. In Austria…In Canada… .

    This is where we’re heading, and we’re heading there very, very fast. As the Democratic Party comes closer to certain defeat a year from now in the midterms, all of this will intensify. That’s the whole point of it. It’s how they won last time. And so they’re doing it again.

    Omicron, not a single person is in the hospital in South Africa because of omicron. And yet that’s the pretext upon which the CDC has just assumed surveillance powers. You don’t need to be a genius to connect the dots here.

    But there aren’t a ton of geniuses running the Republican Party, apparently. They still don’t seem to understand what is happening. Listen to them and they talk like this is about a virus.

    But somebody needs to push back. Maybe it’ll take a new party, a civil rights party, to stop our descent toward actual tyranny.

    But make no mistake, unless someone stops it very soon, it is coming.

    Full video & transcript:


    Biden’s new political enemies = vaxxecution refusers.


    Del Bigtree’s The Highwire


    Omicron Takes Center Stage; Latest Science Sheds New Light on Myocarditis Concerns; Doctor’s Fight Exposes Oregon Medical Board Mafia; Del’s ‘Football Analogy’ Revisited.

    Guests: Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Paul Thomas

  30. KathJuliane December 5, 2021 @ 1:01 am

    From Robin Monotti+Dr Mike Yeadon+Corey Morningstar Telegram:

    “A two minute recording of a New Zealand Doctor. Vaccination isn’t helping anywhere. Well, it wouldn’t, would it.

    All you were told around a year ago was clinical trial fraud.

    Without the fraudulent removal from the statistical analysis of the Pfizer vaccine, instead of 93% “efficacy” instead its 19% (nothing at all, just noise). After a six month observation period, the trial data on deaths was published.

    I expect you think there’d be fewer deaths in the Pfizer vaccine arm compared to the control?

    No. It’s the other way around.

    ALL CAUSES MORTALITY is greater in the Pfizer vaccine arm than the control arm.

    It’s all there in the public evidence. Of course, they get away with lying about a dangerous & ineffective product because no one is even interested in holding them to account.

    Best wishes

    Jimmy Salford

    Watch this while you can, it’ll soon be buried.

    Full video here.

    Dr Matt Shelton addresses Doctors & Nurses in New Zealand speaking out with Science (NZDSOS)

    “What are people saying? That my vaccine won’t work until you have yours? Really?”–amp–Nurses-in–quot-New-Zealand-doctors-speaking-out-with-Science-quot–NZDSOS:d

  31. KathJuliane December 5, 2021 @ 5:48 pm Pro-Life News Report
    Friday, December 3, 2021

    Top Stories
    • At Least 21 States Will Protect Babies From Abortions if Roe v. Wade is Overturned

    • Notre Dame Law Professor: Supreme Court Will Overturn Roe, It Could be Gone by Summer

    • Texas Offers a Glimpse of Life After Overturning Roe: Babies are Being Saved, Women are Doing Just Fine

    • 63 Million Babies Have Been Killed in Abortions in America. That’s the Population of Italy. It Must End

    More Pro-Life News

    • Scientists Continue Finding Unborn Babies Feel Pain Earlier Than Thought

    • Congresswoman Kat Cammack: “My Mother Was Urged to Abort Me. And Yet, Here I Am”

    • A Majority of Americans are Pro-Life and We’re Ready to Overturn Roe v. Wade

    • Abortion Activist Admits Overturning Roe Won’t Cause a Feminist Backlash Because Women are Pro-Life


    This is all very encouraging. “Notre Dame Law Professor: Supreme Court Will Overturn Roe…” is a very interesting read, as it interviews two former law clerks for Justice Alito.

    They zoom in on Justices Kavanaugh and Barrett’s questions during the court debate, and they give excellent insight into the probable reasoning processes of both these Justices the entire direction of the Court’s ruling when it comes.

    If Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health overthrows Roe v Wade in a Supreme Court ruling, it would go back to the states, which of course would immediately start to legislate (or renew or trigger inactive laws) abortion bans.

    This will generally follow the Red State/Blue State divide (Or the socio-political Christian/Heathen divide).

    “Estimates vary about how many states would do what, but a new NPR report predicts that 21 states would ban all or most abortions immediately if the Supreme Court overturns Roe. The estimate is based on an analysis from the Guttmacher Institute, a pro-abortion research group.

    “According to the analysis, most southern and mid-western states would ban abortions, including Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Utah. All of these states have trigger laws, or legislation to prohibit abortions immediately after Roe v. Wade is overturned. The laws include exceptions if the mother’s life is at risk.

    “Five additional states have pre-Roe abortion bans that would go back into effect if the case is overturned: Alabama, Arizona, Michigan, West Virginia and Wisconsin, the analysis found.

    “Another four states, Georgia, Iowa, Ohio and South Carolina, have heartbeat laws that would ban most abortions, according to the report. Because of Roe, none of these states currently are allowed to enforce their laws.

    “In contrast, the analysis identified laws in 15 states and Washington, D.C. that would keep abortion on demand legal after Roe. Oregon and Vermont have laws allowing abortions for basically any reason up to birth, according to the report.”

    That would be 30 States total which would ban all or most abortions according to this Life Site article.

    IC XC
    NI KA

  32. KathJuliane December 5, 2021 @ 7:23 pm

    The Center for Medical Progress


    December 1, 2021

    Abortion past 15 weeks clearly commodifies human beings and perpetuates some of the worst social injustices. The laws of 38 states across the country and the U.S. Federal Code already recognize unborn children as persons under the law with extensive legal and constitutional protections from violence and other injuries.

    There’s just this ONE CRAZY EXCEPTION for abortion, and the 14th Amendment clearly authorizes and obligates the federal and state governments to protect living infants in the womb, and its equal protection rules forbid arbitrary exceptions, like disregarding babies targeted by abortion.

    Even further, the same state lawmakers who ratified the 14th Amendment also passed laws protecting babies in the womb from abortion!

    Watch full video:

  33. tom December 5, 2021 @ 9:11 pm

    God bless Brother Nathanael and his ministry of exposing the synagogue of Satan. Revelation 2,3:9

    These Talmudic Jews believe that when their Messiah they will rule the world as each Jew will have 2800 slaves.

    They are the Christ killers and the destroyers of Western Christian civilization.

    They thumb their noses down on the Christians that they seek to enslave.

    Their goal is to create a one world totalitarian interconnected digital economic system so they can spy monitor and track each and everyone of us. Covid is just a test run for what is to come.

  34. Eric December 6, 2021 @ 4:23 am

    Well, at least people are learning some Greek.

    Seriously, I present myself to the world as a model of “unhealth”. At the age of 68, I smoke cigarettes (since I was 14), drink whiskey (since I was 21), and eat whatever I feel like.

    Between the ages of 14 and 57 or so, I did make some effort to modify my habits so as to be attractive to the fairer sex. But then I was liberated by age from my sexual urges. And, anyway, your physical charms are not what many are looking for. Personality, wit, character — Americans would be amazed how far those can get you. But I digress.

    My number one rule for health — and I am very healthy, believe it or not — is to stay away from doctors. My number two rule for health is to always do what I want to do and never do what I don’t want to do — if possible. Seems to have worked out well so far.

    Obviously, I’m horrified by what has happened in the last two years. How could so many fall for this Covid nonsense? But there it is. I really have no social life nowadays other than talking to homeless people who are blessedly out of the “system”.

    What separates me from the great “them” out there — the masked and terrified sheep? I believe in God. I believe my physical self is but a pilgrim in this world and that my essential being is spiritual and immortal.

    In other words, I do not fear death. But so many do — how sad for them.

  35. benzion kook December 6, 2021 @ 12:10 pm

    Evidently full-body x-raying you and your children at airports wasn’t enough for the Jews who did 911; now they mutate you through direct injections.

    Anagram for omicron=moronic.

    Anagram for delta omicron=MEDIA CONTROL.

  36. Death2Abrahamism December 7, 2021 @ 3:20 am

    Not much for me to say, just gonna share a link to a video about the Jews trying to “heal the world” called in their language Tikkun Olam, and I guess that’s it.

    It is a lengthy video at 2 hours and 40 minutes, but I think it’s important to share it here. It explains a lot.

    Side note: I’ll also share this website in case it’s helpful for anyone here, and I hope it will be helpful in the fight against the censorship that just won’t end…

  37. Ted Gorsline December 7, 2021 @ 6:09 am

    I see where Chris Coumo has been fired from Israeli gate keeper CNN for ethics violations. I didn’t realize that CNN had any ethical considerations.

    Fareed Zakaria got caught plagiarizing Wikipedia for a show about gun control and was not fired.

    Richard Quest was caught high on something on a park bench in NYC trying to tie his neck to his dick and was not fired.

    Arwa Damon got caught filling in a pit with diesel oil, setting it on fire and then dubbing in the sound of explosions to fake an air attack and wasn’t fired.

    Becky Anderson got caught handing out protest signs in English for a bunch of Arabs who don’t speak English and wasn’t fired.

    Nick Paton Walsh has for years been promoting the White Helmet terrorist and poison gas attack group as good guys and was not fired.

    Christiane Amanpour has for decades been winding up the war on Syria on behalf of Israel, as Israel’s Tokyo Rose equivalent, which cost the lives of thousands of women and children and was not fired.

    Wolf Blitzer did a white wash of Jewish spy Jonathon Pollard whose revelations led to the death of more than 1,000 America’s assets and allies and was not fired.

    CNN itself helped wind up the war on Iraq which had nothing to do with 9/11 and has gate-kept to make sure Americans don’t know Israel declared war on America on 9/11, and did not dissolve itself in shame for the pro Israeli propaganda that CNN calls journalism.

    Up until now the only people in the ejection seat have been people like Helen Thomas and Jim Clancy who dared to criticize Israel.

    Of course, Chris Cuomo is a goy boy so he is disposable when the dodgy subject of CNN ethics comes up. He should have done more Israeli boot licking. Then his future would have been assured regardless of what he did or said about anything.

  38. ThingsJewsSay December 7, 2021 @ 10:05 am

    “Did you know that?

    “Elves have been knocked off at least 109 shelves? Somehow they always end up climbing back on and making rules about knocking them off. And they always display the same voracious elfnocentrism that got them knocked off the shelf in the first place.” — @notafedgoy

  39. KathJuliane December 7, 2021 @ 11:24 am

    Everything’s racist.

    Racists here, racists there, racists everywhere.

    White supremacists lurking in every corner of farmers’ markets and charitable food pantries.

    Racists oppose feeding people bugs and worms, and fake, synthetic, plasticized mystery “meat” drawn up by a 3-D printer.

    And its the height of white supremacism to have your own home garden for fresh, organic NGO vegetables, fruits, herbs & spices, too.

    Blacks, Hispanics, and other people of color routinely grow their own food gardens, and some have even initiated urban farming & community gardens, too. But that makes them white supremacists, too.

    Nothing but more Woke gibberish from an idiot.

    Don’t look now, but even farmers markets and food charities exude ‘white supremacy’ and perpetuate ‘white dominant culture,’ college webinar claims

    The Blaze

    December 6, 2021

    Washington State University is promoting the notion that farmers markets and food charities exude “white supremacy,” and perpetuate “white dominant culture,” conservative radio host Jason Rantz reported for KTTH-AM.

    Say what?

    Rantz wrote that the agriculture program coordinator for WSU’s San Juan County Extension Ag Program promoted a webinar: “Examining Whiteness in Food Systems.”

    He said attendees learned that “white supremacy culture” creates food insecurity by “center[ing] whiteness across the food system” — and that “whiteness defines foods as either good or bad.”

    The webinar was originally produced by Duke University, and featured a pair of speakers from WSU’s 2021 San Juan Islands Ag Summit on the same topic, Rantz wrote.

    More from his KTTH piece:

    Jennifer Zuckerman of the Duke World Food Policy Center led the discussion. She framed the webinar around her identity as a white woman who has “benefited from whiteness for my entire life at the expense of other people.”

    With that in mind, she explored the “really specific ways in which whiteness shows up in the food system and particularly in the work of food insecurity.”

    Promoting the belief that “whiteness permeates the food system” and that “it specifically articulates these white ideals of health and nutrition,” Zuckerman chided the “whitened dreams of farming and gardening.”

    She took particular aim at farmers markets as being too white. She uses a quote from Rachel Slocum (“a preeminent researcher on whiteness and food”) as a jumping-off point.

    “What that does is it erases the past and present of race and agriculture. What whiteness also does is ‘mobilizes funding to predominantly white organizations who then direct programming at nonwhite beneficiaries,’” she said.

    “And we’ll talk about that a little bit more when we talk about communities that can’t take care of themselves. Also, what this does is it creates inviting spaces for white people. Then program directors or farmers market directors are scrambling because they’re trying to add diversity to a white space. So what whiteness does is center whiteness.”

    Rantz also wrote that — according to Zuckerman — food charities also are a form of white supremacy.

    Indeed, Zuckerman said the idea that “communities can’t take care of themselves” represents a “belief that low-income and or [black, indigenous, persons of color] communities and individuals — and that’s not necessarily one in the same — cannot provide or make decisions for themselves.”

    She added that it “makes the assumption that they need to be helped. And these assumptions are based in negative racial and class stereotypes. And they dictate who’s given power and decision-making in food policy and programming.

    “And then what happens, as a result, is that organizations prescribe solutions to the community without consulting them, assuming that they know better.”

    More from Rantz:

    Luckily, these communities have a privileged white lady to tell them they don’t need any help. She says the focus should not be about handing out food to help the hungry.

    Instead, the priority should be on “providing economic assistance, increasing wages, or providing direct capital for BIPOC owned food and agriculture businesses.”

    Ironically, white savior Zuckerman says food charity promotes “a savior mentality over mutual aid.”

    Zuckerman said she needed “to step back to de-center myself” as a privileged white person so that in-need people of color can speak. Yet she only gave the two women of color on the panel roughly 21 minutes between them.

    Here’s Rantz’s excellent commentary on Zuckerman and the seminar:

  40. Ted Gorsline December 7, 2021 @ 12:02 pm

    They may not be Russian Orthodox, but I must say I love the old English Christmas carols.

    The Holly and the Ivy and so on. They set the Christmas stage for me. Beautiful music.

    None of this red nosed reindeer, holiday season B.S. probably written by jews to demean Christmas.

  41. KathJuliane December 7, 2021 @ 2:33 pm

    Dear Ted (and The Englishman),

    Russians love old English Christmas carols, too.

    Try this out — Moscow Boys’ Choir, sometimes accompanied by the Red Army Choir and the Russian State Choir.

    Here’s a great set of three playlists with classic Christmas chorus, traditional English carols, and older popular Christmas songs all in English, but given the Russian touch, too.

    I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

    Yes, they also did Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer. But the Boys’ Choir gives it a charming sweetness and an artistic boost you won’t hear in American pop culture.

    Besides, Siberian reindeer are very real and alive in the Russian North.

    Silent Night – Russian Men’s Choir “Svetilen”

  42. KathJuliane December 7, 2021 @ 7:44 pm

    I fear that people are going to have to prepare themselves spiritually and morally for thousands, tens of thousands, and perhaps millions of children vaxxecuted over time.

    Kids who’ve gotten the jab will start finding their classmates dying, then they will start asking their parents, “Is this vaccine safe? You said it was safe. Am I going to die, too?”

    If they or their classmates don’t die soon from thrombosis, cardiac arrest, or sepsis which is a relatively quick death, sometime in few months or years they may waste away from cancer or vaxxine-induced AIDS.


    Spike Protein Induced By COVID Vaccines Inhibits DNA Repair & Is Linked To Cancer Finds Major Swedish Study

    Great Game India

    December 6, 2021

    According to a major Swedish study, spike protein induced by COVID vaccines weakens the immune system and may also lead to cancer. The study found that the spike protein localizes in the nucleus and inhibits DNA damage repair.

    A Swedish laboratory study (read below) published in mid-October found that spike protein related to Covid-19 virus and its experimental vaccines penetrated the cell nucleus and severely interferes damage repair functions of the DNA.

    This also compromises an individuals adaptive immunity and even might lead to the formation of cancer cells.

    The study, titled “SARS–CoV–2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro,” was published by the Department of Molecular Biosciences at Stockholm University.

    This study began with a discussion of the widespread effects of COVID-19 disease in the contemporary world and the need for healthy adaptive immunity so that people can fight SARS-CoV-2 infection.

    However, the researchers pointed out that various clinical studies have shown “that patients with severe COVID–19 exhibit delayed and weak adaptive immune responses” for reasons that are unclear.

    To provide a reasonable answer to this question, the authors “report that the SARS–CoV–2 spike protein significantly inhibits DNA damage repair, which is required for effective V(D)J recombination in adaptive immunity.”

    “Mechanistically, we found that the spike protein localizes in the nucleus and inhibits DNA damage repair,” they wrote. “Our findings reveal a potential molecular mechanism by which the spike protein might impede adaptive immunity and underscore the potential side effects of full-length spike-based vaccines.”

    In an online lecture that addressed the study, Dr. Mobeen Syed highlighted how B cells and T cells, which are part of the adaptive immune system, differ significantly in binding to a specific invasive antigen. This “variability is produced by intentionally damaging the DNA [of each cell] and then repairing it.”


    In addition, “when our cells are dividing, there are strict mechanisms to make sure that the DNA is correctly repaired and correctly copied and there is no damage otherwise the cell will become a cancer cell,” he said.

    Two relevant DNA repair mechanisms involves enzymes that are compared to “repair workers” as in those pf nucleus of a cell. “Imagine there are repair workers in our body, in our nucleus, that would rush to the place of a DNA break and go and fix it.”

    “Now imagine if these two enzymes cannot do their function. Imagine if they cannot even be produced,” he said. In such a case, when spike and nonstructural proteins are present in the nucleus, “reduced proliferation of the cells occur.”

    This means, with regards to our B and T cells alone, “our capability to respond to infections will not be good,” he said.

    COVID Vaccines alter DNA

    In an episode of The Highwire, journalist Jeffery Jaxen discusses how these pathogens get into the nucleus, which is particularly worrying.

    “The nucleus of the cell is the main control center,” he said. “Nothing should be getting in there, like a spike protein. And even at the beginning when these mRNA vaccines were getting rolled out, we were told the vaccines do not enter the nucleus. We were told they do not alter the DNA. So, this study appears to fly in the face of those statements.”

    In addition, Jaxson cites a Swedish study of how researchers analyzed “key checkpoint proteins” in the BRCA1 and 53BP1 regeneration pathways and “found that the spike protein markedly inhibited both BRCA1 and 53BP1 foci formation.”

    He described the importance of these genes and said that women who inherit abnormal mutations in BRCA1 “have a much higher lifetime risk of developing breast cancer.”

    Secondly, he called 53BP1 “the Guardian of the Genome,” and referred to a 2018 study named “53BP1: A key player of DNA damage response with critical functions in cancer.”

    This paper reports, “It has been extensively demonstrated that aberrant expression of 53BP1 contributes to tumor occurrence and development. 53BP1 loss of function in tumor tissues is also related to tumor progression and poor prognosis in human malignancies.”

    According to a video leaked by an insider from Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is seen admitting that COVID-19 vaccines will change your DNA and that he is not sure what would be the long-term effects of these vaccines.

    Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO in July 2020 said:

    “But I do just want to make sure that I share some caution on this [vaccine] because we just don’t know the long-term side effects of basically modifying people’s DNA and RNA…basically the ability to produce those antibodies and whether that causes other mutations or other risks downstream. So, there’s work on both paths of vaccine development.”

    Uptick in Cancer after Vaccination

    In March 2021, Dr. Ryan Cole, a certified pathologist, reported autoimmune diseases and cancer have seen a significant “uptick” of Cancer in patients who have been vaccinated against COVID.

    “Since January 1, in the laboratory, I’m seeing a 20 times increase of endometrial cancers over what I see on an annual basis,” he said.

    In terms of overall adaptive immunity, Cole says that “post-vaccine, what we are seeing is a drop in your killer T-cells” which “keep all other viruses in check”, and this in turn makes patients more susceptible to various diseases.

    According to Intermountain Healthcare doctors women who were recently vaccinated for COVID-19 may show symptoms of Breast Cancer as a side-effect of the vaccine.

    Summarizing the study’s results and its “suggestion” that was made by the Swedish researchers addressed to their peers within the biomedical industry, Dr. Syed went onto write on his white board, “Do not make full length spike protein vaccines.”

    As per reports women are experiencing irregular menstruation after getting vaccinated against COVID with more heavier and painful periods.

    Six months after the coronavirus vaccines were widely distributed in the United States, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has called for a $1.67 million study on how the COVID-19 vaccines affect women’s menstrual cycles.

    According to March data from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), there were 34 cases reported where pregnant women suffered from spontaneous miscarriages or stillbirths post COVID-19 vaccination.

    Read the Swedish study below: (embedded; link: )


    Also see:


    The Highwire – Dr. Peter McCullough

  43. benzion kook December 7, 2021 @ 8:16 pm

    If whites aren’t on the receiving end of a Jew constructed Holodomor, it proves they’re racist, according to mass murdering crazy idiot Jew supremacists.

    Jew governor of Michigan (another Dominion run election?) outlawed garden seeds last December as “racist.”

    Only Jews make up stuff like that.

  44. B December 7, 2021 @ 8:36 pm

    COVID = C O V I D = Certificate Of Vaccine Identification

  45. KathJuliane December 7, 2021 @ 9:10 pm

    Pizza with a side of vaccine?

    Pizza with a side of vaccine!


    The Branch Covidian Vaxxecution Cult really are coming for the kids — at school, and will do any sneaky, underhanded and dangerous thing to get the jab done, especially going behind parents backs.

    When you read the name of the ultra-woke school, you’ll know how much contempt the school authorities have for parents and the law.

    This particular kid has comorbidities — allergies and an autoimmune inflammatory disease — asthma.

    I hope he’ll be ok.

    It’s such a brilliant plan what with California first responders resigning rather than be coerced into taking the jab, and so the state and local government emergency services are already working short.


    LA mother says son was vaccinated in exchange for pizza without parental consent

    Washington Examiner

    Pizza with a side of vaccine?

    That’s what a Los Angeles mother said her 13-year-old son received as part of his school’s COVID-19 vaccination incentive program. The transaction, however, allegedly happened without parental consent.

    “The lady that gave him the shot and signed the paper told my son, ‘Please don’t say anything. I don’t want to get in trouble,'” said Maribel Duarte, who claimed her son was vaccinated without anyone informing her, according to a report.

    Duarte’s son is a student at Barack Obama Global Prep Academy. The district would not confirm the incident or the details behind it, including what kind of pizza the student was supposedly offered or what pizzeria it came from.

    “With the Jan. 10, 2022, student vaccination deadline approaching, the District introduced the Safe Schools to Safe Steps Incentive Program throughout Los Angeles Unified Schools. This program offers incentives to families who upload proof of their vaccine, have an approved medical exemption, or have conditional admissions,” a Los Angeles Unified School District spokesperson told the Washington Examiner.

    “The school has an overall vaccination rate of over 80 percent and will continue to work closely with its community for all eligible students to meet the vaccination deadline.”

    Vaccinations are “essential” for the district’s students, the spokesperson added. The district has a Jan. 10, 2022, vaccination mandate for children 12 years and older.

    “Vaccinations are an essential part of the multi-layered protection against COVID-19 to keep our students safe and healthy for in person instruction,” the spokesperson said.

    Duarte said she is not anti-vaccination but that her son suffers from asthma and allergies.

    “It hurt to know he got a shot without my permission, without knowing and without signing any papers for him to get the shot,” she said.

    If the “lady” who gave the boy the shot went against school policy requiring parental consent, then she went rogue as a Woke do-gooder. Even if the boy pestered her, it was her responsibility to tell him “No, not without your parent’s signature.”

    It’s California state law that minors cannot give consent to the jabs.

    And she’s not the only one in America who has jabbed underage kids tempted by the promise of pizza or goodies, and then said, “Oops!”

  46. benzion kook December 7, 2021 @ 11:38 pm

    They’ve got to get the kids.

    They’re the ones who would have reproduced in the future, before the genocidal Jews mRNA injections mutated and destroyed their reproductive and immunological DNA.

    “We’re rewriting your genetic code” to exterminate you. Israeli Tal Zaks – Chief Medical Officer of Moderna (retired) and coYID-made multibillionaire.

  47. Hibernian December 8, 2021 @ 1:33 am

    2021, April, 07

    Former Vice-President & who also was the Chief Scientist for Allergies, & Respiratory Infections of Pfizer, Mr. Michael Yeadon:


    Towards a solution – ‘We need God’

    “I’m a scientist. And I can tell you, talking to non-scientists, using science as a tool, will not work.

    “It will fail.

    “So, we need philosophers, people who understand logic, religion, something like that.

    “They must wrestle with this, & start talking in a language people will understand.

    “Because, if we leave it with scientists, people like me, even though I’m well-intentioned, I am a gabbling alien as far as most people in the street are concerned.

    “They won’t believe the government will lie to them.

    “They don’t believe the government would ever do anything that will harm them.

    “But the government is doing such things.”

    Finally, in an email correspondence, Dr. Yeadon concluded,

    “I have latest taken to signing off with ‘May God save us. Because, I think we need God now more than at any time since WW2.”

  48. KathJuliane December 8, 2021 @ 6:31 am

    A family driven to desperation by the pressure of rising velvet-gloved, heavy-handed totalitarianism using the Plandemic, fear-porn, and social engineering to pressure the people.

    This family’s blood is on Merkel’s hands.


    Forged vaccine passport: Father kills family for fear of prison

    Disclose TV – December 7, 2021

    The police found five bodies on Saturday in a single-family house in Senzig, Brandenburg, south of Berlin: father, mother, and three daughters.

    The father of the family, Devid R. (40), is said to have killed his wife, and his three children aged four, eight, and ten. All of them were found with gunshot wounds.

    According to a suicide letter left behind, the 40-year-old forged a vaccination certificate for his wife.

    After the employer found out, the couple was afraid of imprisonment and that the children would be taken away from them, the Chief Public Prosecutor Gernot Bantleon told the German Press Agency on Tuesday. He did not provide any further details. The investigators found the letter in the family home.

    The indescribable tragedy happened on Saturday in the family house in the Senzig district of Königs Wusterhausen. Witnesses discovered the lifeless people.

    Königs Wusterhausen is located south-east of Berlin in the Brandenburg district of Dahme-Spreewald and has almost 40,000 inhabitants. Senzig is a district of Königs Wusterhausen and was an independent municipality until a municipal area reform in the early 2000s.

  49. The Englishman December 8, 2021 @ 12:30 pm

    With that which is happening in the world today, it can only be rightly considered that what constitutes honour, decency, traditional family values with an inherent understanding of right and wrong, is under assault like never before.

    Even for a non-American, it was painful and gut-wrenching to watch magnificent historic commemorations being torn down with the added ignominy of its architects pronouncing they will be melted down.

    Today’s generation whose ancestors “built the West” having to endure a Walrus (one Zyahna Bryant) gobbing off in celebration of the destruction of Historic Heros can only stoke enormous bitterness.

    Such policies as we all here know, all too well, are the dwelling of the subversive “Leading” stokers.

  50. The Englishman December 8, 2021 @ 12:38 pm

    Re the “Walrus”.

    Patriots I understand are searching to identify the Carpenter. Clue: Lewis Carroll

  51. Cpt_Obviuos December 8, 2021 @ 2:22 pm


    Re: Siberian reindeer

    If the Rosprirodnadzor continues to not do its job (it is the equivalent of the US Environmental Protection Agency) there won’t be reindeer either soon.

    The Norilsk Nickel plant, located in the world’s northernmost city, and the world’s largest producer of SO2 by an order of magnitude — its output is greater than that of active volcanoes — has devastated hundreds of square miles of Siberian forests, and Nornickel recently paid the largest fine in Russian history ($2 billion) for spilling 6.5 million gallons of diesel fuel into waters which feed into the Kara Sea.

    Both these catastrophes are just their recent crimes; this plant has been in operation continuously since 1935 (though mining started earlier). So 80 years of pollution has rendered the Daldykan River a dull grey and declared unsafe by the Russian government; has turned glacial rivers red; and destroyed wildlife around Norilsk.

    Supposedly Nornickel has committed over $5 billion dollars for cleanup and claim that by 2025 it will be a green city. Has anyone heard this song before?

    Allowing those who created the mess to clean it up is pure politics in a nutshell, and why it also never works. And as long as Nornickel is the world’s leading supplier of nickel and palladium (and other precious metals) this will continue to be an issue.

    Meanwhile, the poor reindeer, who have had to migrate earlier and earlier, have died in record numbers. A few months ago a massive wildfire burnt out thousands of miles of forest in western Siberia; it happened just as the reindeer were migrating (again, earlier than they should have been, because of the gas spill which spoiled their water source).

    So, the reindeer were forced back in the other direction, and many hundreds died by trampling and drowning.

    Did you hear about this in the (((media)))?

  52. Ted Gorsline December 8, 2021 @ 2:31 pm

    Great quote:

    The police chief of Los Angeles has said that its safer to hang out on a movie set with Alex Baldwin than it is to visit Los Angeles where thefts up to $950.00 are now considered misdemeanors.

  53. KathJuliane December 8, 2021 @ 3:27 pm

    Medical Tyranny Spreading in Europe as COVID Cases Rise

    ‘The fourth wave must be broken, and this has not yet been achieved…’

    Headline USA
    By Editor 1
    December 3, 2021

    (Gregg Pupecki – Headline USA) As COVID again roils Europe, over 30% of Germans are facing strict lockdowns and mandatory vaccine injections, reported CNN.

    Outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as one of her last acts in office, created a German underclass, a society where some citizens have more rights, privileges and freedoms than others. This new underclass is called the “unvaccinated.”

    Merkel announced new lockdowns for the unvaccinated, taking away their freedom to participate in German society. Only those newly-vaccinated or recently recovered from COVID will be allowed basic freedoms. According to Germany‘s National and Regional Leaders, you won’t be considered vaccinated unless you are current in your shots.

    Merkel said a person’s vaccinated status will be lost after nine months unless another shot or booster is taken. The German lockdown of the unvaccinated will all but eliminate freedoms in public, only allowing for “essential” trips to pharmacies and grocery stores. Merkel described these restrictions for a specific group of people as an act of “national solidarity.”

    “The fourth wave must be broken,” she proclaimed, “and this has not yet been achieved.”

    The government is also pushing for Parliament to pass a law mandating injections for all German citizens. Merkel’s successor, Olaf Scholz, supports these measures.

    Governmental forced medical procedures have already been approved in Austria, where they currently have around two million unvaccinated people on strict lockdown, reported the Guardian. Unvaccinated Austrians are only allowed to leave their homes for “essential” reasons like work, shopping for food or medical care.

    The unvaccinated risk large fines, penalties and prison if caught and unable to produce medical papers when asked by police. Austria begins forced inoculations in February with steeper penalties for noncompliance.

    The Austrian law also allows electronic health records to be linked with newly created centralized vaccination registers. In a similar action, The United States House Of Representatives just passed a bill that would create and fund a federal vaccination data base to track U.S. citizens status. Eighty Republicans voted for the bill.

    Several other European countries are considering following Austria and Germany’s lead in limiting the freedoms of the unvaccinated.

    Greece, for example, has announced that it is mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for residents over age 60 — and those who don’t comply will face a monthly fine.

  54. KathJuliane December 8, 2021 @ 3:38 pm

    Dispatches from the British civil war, 2021


    By Tom Penn

    December 7, 2021

    WHILE medical apartheid spreads across Europe, British ministers choose not to condemn it but, via their tannoy system in the mainstream media, to prattle on about Christmas parties and the perils of mistletoe-snogs. This, shockingly, is how they endorse our neighbours’ politico-medical moves.

    There is an insidious fallacy creeping into the public psyche that as a nation we are holding out against authoritarianism: we are the last European bastion of freedom. Beware!

    No, a lockdown for the unvaccinated, universal health passes, or a mandatory, nationwide vaccination mandate have not yet been inflicted upon us, but that doesn’t mean that Government haven’t already lassoed the moon, ready to give it a good old tug and thus precipitate a tsunami of new controls before informing us that, powerless, they simply washed up on the pandemic tide.

    At present they are drawing at this leash piecemeal and with customary British restraint. Yet the chances are that at some point in 2022 the somnolent public will wake up under the very same apartheid being implemented across the water; a step ahead, the EU will have banned inter-country travel and supermarket shopping for the unboosted, and begun jailing the unvaccinated.

    The British, tutting about holiday travel, appear almost totally unaware of the psychotic gravitational pull towards yet more devastating losses of self-determination.

    Civil war has already arrived across this country, but being of unfamiliar form it escapes the attention of all but the few. It is very real for those innocent civilians caught in the crossfire between the great pandemic lie and the division between the citizenry it fosters.

    Tell the patients (and their concerned families) in any of the hospitals that have chosen severely to restrict services and visiting rights, that there is no civil war.

    To a reprehensible lack of condemnation, hospitals in Hull – as if the region has suddenly become a microstate – is now allowing visits in ‘exceptional cases only’ in the face of Omicron’s spread, with permission to be gained in advance and even then dependent upon multiple negative lateral flow tests.

    How many other hospitals are either adopting the following cruel measures, or are about to do so?

    Your average narrative believer in Britain feels as if it is peacetime, yet pity the fool who contentedly dons his mask and follows the rules: he will be in for a rude awakening should he need help for a medical issue of his own or a loved one. Only then will he taste the bitterness of a medical civil war that has been raging out of sight for almost two years.

  55. Steve December 8, 2021 @ 4:18 pm

    Pfizer CEO caught unvaxxed for Covid: “My time hasn’t come yet, you go first”

    This is like listening to Larry Silverstein saying he had a doctor’s appointment on 9/11.

    But hey, maybe the Goys ARE that stupid to not read the handwriting on the wall?

    OY VEY!

  56. AJ December 8, 2021 @ 6:16 pm

    If a lot of what we hear about the vaccines causing injuries are true, then certainly it means many Jews will also become victims as well.

    In Jew York, the awful outgoing Mayor just mandated vaccines for children in many public areas like theaters and restaurants and for private sector employees. Jewish CNBC money host Jim Cramer wants the military to enforce vaccine mandates for all Americans:


    He can keep dreaming. That’s not America!

    Jews are ultimately about themselves and satisfying their own parasitic drives. They lack normal feelings like compassion even for their fellow Jews.

    This isn’t true, though, of many assimilated Jews and it’s a wonder that many more don’t abandon the Tribe entirely.

  57. KathJuliane December 8, 2021 @ 6:34 pm

    Greek Sephardic Jew, veterinian, and career Pfizer corporate biochemical hack, Chairman & CEO Bourla, is looking more and more like a skewed & mishapen Mr. Potatohead every day.


    Pfizer, Big Pharma Ramp Up Lobbying to Sink Law Aimed at Protecting Whistleblowers

    Pfizer and other pharmaceutical industry players are stepping up lobbying efforts in hope of defeating the False Claims Amendments Act of 2021, a bill that would strengthen protection for whistleblowers.

    Children’s Health Defense

    By Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

    Pfizer and other pharmaceutical industry players are stepping up lobbying efforts in hope of defeating proposed legislation intended to strengthen protection for whistleblowers, The Intercept reported.

    Pfizer has hired a well-connected lobbyist, Hazen Marshall, and the law firm Williams & Jensen, to lobby against the False Claims Amendments Act of 2021.

    The legislation, introduced in July, would expand key aspects of the existing False Claims Act by strengthening the original law’s anti-retaliation provisions, and by installing new safeguards against industry-level blacklisting of whistleblowers seeking employment.

    The False Claims Act, which dates back to the Civil War, rewards whistleblowers who file anti-fraud lawsuits against contractors on behalf of the government. The law, originally enacted in response to defense contractor fraud during the Civil War, has to date returned $67 billion to the U.S. government.

    Merck, AstraZeneca, Amgen and Genentech also oppose the proposed legislation, according to The Intercept.

    Other groups opposing the legislation include the American Hospital Association, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of American Hospitals, the National Association of Manufacturers, the Healthcare Leadership Council, the Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America and the American Bankers Association.

    National Whistleblower Center, the Project on Government Oversight, the Government Accountability Project and Taxpayers Against Fraud support the amendment.

    Pfizer’s lobbying efforts follow on the heels of a recent investigation based on information provided by a whistleblower who alleged Pfizer’s COVID vaccine phase 3 clinical trial was deeply flawed.

    The whistleblower, Brook Jackson, was directly involved in the trial as an employee of a company hired by Pfizer to conduct the trial.

    In October, Project Veritas released a recording exposing three Pfizer officials, including Nick Karl, a scientist directly involved with Pfizer’s COVID vaccine, revealing that natural immunity provides superior protection compared to the vaccine.

    Remarking on Pfizer and Big Pharma’s lobbying against the proposed legislation, investigative reporter Jon Rappoport told The Defender:

    “Weakening whistleblower laws, in order to shield corporations from having to pay huge fines, is in itself, a business. It involves lobbyists, lawyers, political campaign fundraisers — all the people who can influence legislators and create legal precedents that judges will feel bound by.

    “At the heart of this enterprise is the notion that government contractors (corporations) should reside in a universe where accountability for crimes doesn’t exist. Weakening whistleblower laws is a business that seeks to prove the business of America is business.”

    Comedian Russell Brand also weighed in on Big Pharma’s push to avoid transparency:

    “The first thing a person would think is because you’ve got something you’ve done that you are ashamed of, that you’re trying to hide, that if people find out, they wouldn’t trust you or spend money on your products.

    “They certainly wouldn’t let you in a position where you’re able to profit at large from mandated proceeds.”



    At first Pfizer wanted 55 years to release its death shot data. Then Pfizer changed it to 75 years:

    FDA Says It Now Needs 75 Years To Fully Release Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Data


    Yep. 75 years ought to do it, or close to it.

    Most, virtually all, of the generation of children now given the death shot, if they survive the next couple of years to live a lifetime suffering chronic diseases, constant infections, debilitation, cancer, infertility, autism, stunted lockdown development syndrome, mental & emotional disorders, and shortened life expectancy will have died off by 2096.

    In the meantime, all of this misery will be commodified by Big Pharma to reap huge profits off the very expensive drugs to treat symptoms of the chronic bad health they caused with their gene altering injections to begin with.

  58. Hibernian December 8, 2021 @ 8:09 pm

    Mandatory J-ene Jabs for Aircraft Pilots!

    And then…

    Year 2021 pilot deaths are trending to be a 3,500% increase over year 2020.

    Heck, it may exceed even that percentage.


    Thus far, Pilot-Deaths increased 1,700%.
    And, that’s only the 1st 9 months of 2021 versus year 2020.

    2019 — 1
    2020 — 6
    2021 — 109 (through September)

    Twitter account:


    This data comes from a ALPA – Airline pilots association’s trade magazine. It’s data sourced from their 69,000 members.


  59. KathJuliane December 8, 2021 @ 9:12 pm

    Senate votes to repeal [and defund] Biden COVID-19 vaccine mandates for businesses

    “We are one step closer to protecting the liberties of millions of Americans,” Sen. Mike Braun said.

    Just the News

    8 December, 2021

    In a major rebuke to President Joe Biden, the Senate voted 52-48 to repeal the administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate requiring private businesses with more than 100 employees to be vaccinated, undergo testing, or be fired.

    The final vote of the evening on Wednesday, the bill was unanimously supported by Republicans, and Democrat Sens. Jon Tester (Mont.) and Joe Manchin (W.V.).

    The bill was spearheaded by Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.), according to his office. When he announced the legislation in November, he wrote in a press release, “We are one step closer to protecting the liberties of millions of Americans in the private sector workforce.”

    The vaccine mandate, issued by executive order, affects more than 80 million Americans, and would impose a $14,000 fine on those who do not comply.

    The legislation will head to the Democratic-controlled House, where it is expected to face a difficult battle to pass.

    There are 213 Republicans and 221 Democrats in the House. The vaxx/vaxx mandate resistance is non-partisan, and includes a substantial number of Democrats opposing mandatory jabs.

    Everyone needs to push their US Representatives to pass this bill. You might be stuck with a Democrat rep for your district, but that rep is still answerable to you.

    Contact his/her office.

  60. No More Wars For The Jews December 9, 2021 @ 3:36 am

    President Kennedy warned us.

    George Orwell in the book 1984 warned us.

    The only way to end this massive Jew Scam is by the people rising up and telling the Jew World Order that this is the end of the line.

    United we stand, divided we fall.

    Arrest them all — urgent.

    Attach all their assets for this Genocide, Population Reduction Plan.

    We are all sick and tired of these Communist New World Order scams and fake news propaganda.

  61. KathJuliane December 9, 2021 @ 4:29 am

    Meet the Honourable Minister of Health for New Brunswick, Dorothy Shephard

    NEW BRUNSWICK – Dorothy Shephard offers a truly unique approach to public health policy in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Unlike every other Health Minister across Canada, Dorothy Shephard doesn’t believe that access to food is a basic human right, as outlined in pesky international treaties, such as the United Nations International Covenant of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (1976) and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948). Besides, these are old treaties from before the pandemic.

    Indeed, Minister Shephard public policy vision also appears to ignore the Guidance on Essential Services and Functions in Canada During the COVID-19 Pandemic, which designates food as part of Canada’s basic critical infrastructure, and therefore deemed “essential”.

    That’s why she announced in early December 2021 that New Brunswick will be first province in Canada to allow grocery stores to ban the unvaccinated from purchasing food, in exchange for higher store capacities.

    To be sure, as a leader in public health, Minister Shephard understands that private businesses might need some convincing to start starving their former customers – so why not introduce a 50% reduction in store capacity limits at the same time – just in case the grocers don’t immediately move to deny thousands of New Brunswickers food?

    Minister Shephard, whose extensive public health policy experience includes writing romantic comedies novels, and being an owner/operator of a Benjamin Moore Colour Centre, is the first Canadian politician to understand that starving the unvaccinated is a bold approach to the pandemic, and clearly the best way to enhance public health and safety in New Brunswick.

    But if you believe that access to food in New Brunswick is a basic human right, and should never be denied to citizens anywhere in the province on the basis of a person’s medical status, you might want to politely reach out to Minister Shephard and suggest she reverse this policy, or resign along with her Chief Medical Officer, Jennifer Russell.

    Minister Shephard’s public email is: or use our form here

    ©2021 Ministry of Not Starving Our People.

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