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Jews Own The Federal Reserve Bank

Jews Own The Federal Reserve


~ Brother Nathanael Kapner, having grown up as a Jew with a grasp of the inner-workings and mind-set of World Jewry, expands upon last week’s The Jewish House of Rothschild Controls Our Lives:

~ ON JUNE 4 1963, President John F. Kennedy Signed Executive Order #11110, stripping the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business.

~ When President Kennedy signed this Order, it returned to the Treasury Department the Constitutional power to create and issue money without going through the privately- owned Federal Reserve Bank. United States Notes were then issued as an interest-free currency.

~ President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22 1963 and the United States Notes he had issued were immediately taken out of circulation.

# Br Nathanael: This is scary stuff. I am not so keen on “conspiracy theories” but this has a ring of truth to it — owing to the circumstances leading up to President Kennedy’s assassination and subsequent events as well. Why did President Lyndon Baines Johnson not continue President Kennedy’s Executive order? Was he afraid for his own life?

~ And just who owns the Federal Reserve Bank? I will tell you: 1. The Rothschilds of London and Berlin; 2. Lazard Brothers of Paris; 3. Israel Moses Seif of Italy; 4. Kuhn Loeb and Warburg of Germany; 5. Lehman Brothers, Goldman, Sachs; 6. The Rothschild-controlled Rockefeller interests of New York.

~ These are all Jewish names. Keep on peeling the onion and the Jewish House of Rothschild with their International Jewish Banking connections manifest their control over America’s society. This is scary stuff!

Brother Nathanael @ September 11, 2007


  1. t.jemifer June 18, 2008 @ 6:28 pm

    Scary? why should the truth instill fear? This is a fact, no one can alter the truth and assume that by doing so, that magically tis information about the Federal Reserve will disappear. The reason it is out here is because the American people have gotten over the the weapon that Jews have used when fact and truth points the finger in their direction. They assume verbal and immoral intimidation and bullying will continue to work.

    This is American and what they have done, to their own people and to others is shameful. No religion on earth could make me harm others so that I can have unfair, unjust and unearned advantage. We pay income taxes today because of the creation of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve, so if the shoe fit, usurper, I,m afraid they have to wear it.

    The Kennedy assassination was uncovered by us two years ago and here I am reading this here; so our conclusions were accurate. An entire, true believing race of people who refuse to ask question about their religion will suffer the wrath of collective karma. When a religion is used to “brain wash” something is wrong with that religion and that God. Under no circumstances does spiritual law condone such behavior.

    Killing messages does nothing but replace them many more. The truth set us all free of this diabolic hold and delusion that has existed and that came to my attention only in the mid-1980. In search for clarity I was led to the same facts and same conclusions. However, every find came with an assault on my life, liberty, happiness and opportunities and my only crime was that I had ,located the truth.

    But I say give me liberty or give me death and I let the chips fall where they may. There is 50 powerful Rabbi in America and I know for a fact that they will leave this earth in the same fashion as every Gentile. It time for them to right the unspeakable wrong that has been committed out of arrogance and defiance and for the almighty dollar that not a single one can take with them.

  2. Bill July 5, 2008 @ 12:07 pm

    It is so frustrating to me that after spending most of my 53 years on earth traveling the Globe many times. That when I meet Americans, or Canadians It sounds like I’m listening to CNN. I live in europe, and have lived in southeast Asia, and middle east. even the children in most of the world are not as silly as grown Americans. Most people in India will say that America is in the hand of Jewish extremist. They will also say in passing that the wars America fights are for Oil, drugs, that the jews need to control. I know that there are around 7 billion people in the world now. I am afraid that hey few Europeans will be put in the same basket as the jews that we have let speak for us when the Majority comes to power. The Chinese, and Indians, as well as most all of the rest of the world sees what has transpired in America. I spend alot of time in the former eastern countries, and Russia I see how the people feel about the 45 years that were waisted during communism
    , and the fear they had about speaking out. One man in eastern Germany told me that if you said jew in the same sentence you would go to the prison. the whole Idea of giving Stalin have of the continent in payment for his support in the war seems perverse at best. I think it was to divide people as much as possible. Germany is alot like USA after the civil war the USA was divide the same way to create a conflict between brothers. I hear everyday people here in Germany say “Oh well hes east German” or “you cant trust him hes west German” My god they really changed History here and now they only worry about the east-west squabbles while the people that created the divide rob the bank. I think that in Germany the guilt is so deeply instilled in the new generation that they don’t have much of a chance. The Western half of Germany was , and still is Occupied by the US. So when you add the two parts together again you have a beaten race of people that are now being overran by Immigrants from North Africa and other nice countries to enjoy what the german people have built. The sadness is that the people cant say no anymore for fear of being called Nazi’s. I guess that nature will be the winner in the end, and each man will have to fight for himself.

  3. EvilBanker October 7, 2008 @ 10:48 am

    So, if I leave a comment here, regardless of its content, does that make me an anti-semite? If I have a web site called, will I be accused of being a conspiracy “theorist?” Why is it that some Jewish people seem to think they have a monopoly on conspiracies? EvilBankers can be from any religion or geography.

  4. Joe Jussac (search tjoaginsing) October 17, 2008 @ 6:24 am

    Br. Nathanael,

    The non-Satanists AMERICANS should consider very seriously ABANDONING the USURY system, else, the USA stands for The Usury States of America. Was it not enough for u guys this recent (gradual) financial-eco-trade disaster???

  5. manny kalivera June 24, 2009 @ 5:24 am

    The fact of the matter is Jewish-type Zionists are in control of the Federal Reserve of America and IMF.

    This is a fact, and we can say without sounding racist or anti-Semitic — I myself am Semitic.

  6. czarina July 29, 2009 @ 7:33 pm

    Finally, a ray of light at the end of the tunnel…this is GOOD NEWS…Up here in Canada, GM, Ford and Chrysler kept threatening to pack up and leave for Mexico if our autoworkers refused their demands…since the Federal Reserve is a private corporation, why dosen’t Bernanke threaten to pack up shop and leave the country? How about Americans starting their very own bank. Call his bluff.

  7. Muslim September 29, 2009 @ 7:44 am

    You see the only other civilisation that poses a direct threat to the Jewish capitalistic machine is Islam. We the Muslims do not accept usury. Our social nexus demands that there is no increase in the exchange. Money itself by our law is any mutually agreed tangible thing.

    Commonly used was the Gold Dinar and the Silver Dirham. I dont see the extremism in this????

  8. Christian January 7, 2010 @ 5:56 pm

    Actually Muslim do have banks and they are just as corrupt. Which makes sense, since they have to answer to the international banks just like the rest of us:

    Nothing short of an extremely violent GLOBAL revolution will change anything… just look at the Soviet Union and Hitler’s Germany; no man is an island and neither are countries.

  9. Mike Deburcher September 7, 2010 @ 9:36 am

    Until Caucasians overcome the fear of being called “racist” and “Nazi’s” for expressing common sense and logical beliefs and political positions, the Jews will continue to manipulate Caucasians into the corner they are already in.

    Only when Caucasians overcome this fear will they break the stranglehold the jews have over the policies that directly affect their lives. Grow a pair of testicles, and remember that “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me.”

    If Caucasians cannot exhibit enough of a backbone to overcome this fear of names they deserve to be under the Jackboot of the Jewish supremacist. Yes, You can change to world!!

    Just need to stand and be counted.

  10. James M Nunes December 19, 2010 @ 3:56 pm

    The Zionist Ashkenazi Bankers from the very onset, their primary purpose was to confiscate all the gold and silver, replacing them worthless non-redeemable paper notes.

    They have prospered through the paper gimmick. It is their method by which they take money and give paper in return.

    The Federal Reserve is neither a federal government institution, nor doe it have any reserves, because all the money is created from debt.

    Federal Reserve notes stupidly called money are bills of credit. It’s nothing more than a gigantic Ponzi pyramid scam.

    When the Zionist Jew bankers appointed the necessary person into the international sphere of finance the Goyim began to pay them tribute of subjects, and the monies of the world began to flow into their cash boxes.

    They shall create depressions.

    This financial crisis will still be further magnified by the effects of an economic crisis, which will stop dealing on the exchanges and bring industry to a stand-still.

    We shall create by all secret subterranian methods open to us, and with the aid of gold, which is in all our hands an international economic crisis, which will throw whole mobs of workers on to the streets throughout all the countries of the world.

  11. Anthony Clifton December 28, 2010 @ 1:49 pm

    What about Obadiah & Matthew 13 ?

    Edomites are not actually Ashkenazim proselytes. Braindeadgoy are mostly Israelites but now in America are 30% multicultural miasmatics.

    Stupid will never change True.

    If 10% of American Men had the testicular fortitude of one Kawther Salam…The tares would be in the furnace.

  12. Chris December 28, 2010 @ 2:50 pm

    Invest in gold and silver.

    Even if they dump whatever reserves of gold they have on the market to depress the value to you at least then they have given up their wealth.

    Silver is probably better than gold for this reason, if flooding the market of gold does take place. Dont think they have large reserves of silver. But how much space do you have to store silver which used more space because you need more.

    Either is good, but with small disadvantages for these reasons. Dont be fooled into investing in shares either.

    They have the power to financially manipulate and bankrupt any international corporation if they want YOU to loose everything. Or all the “anti-semites” who foolishly invest in one or a few companies.

    Dont be fooled into buying shares in gold companies, or gold certificates (paper) or anything resembling gold. Buy only the shiny yellow metal and store anywhere except a safety deposit box you don’t own. (As in own own !)

    Bartering is not practical but it can be done more often and more easily than you think.

    Google “Community exchange system” for other more practical form of barter linked to a fixed, inflation free unit of exchange (money need only be information of who owns who what).

    Use your national currency as little as possible. Trade with your own people, and with “strangers” as little as possible. Trading with Muslims is better than trading with Jews – even if they are cheaper, but nothing beats trading with your own people (“Love thy neighbour of thy people”).

    Deep down, very few Jews are not loyal to Israel – Blood is thicker than water. Lastly pray to God and ask for strength and wisdom in all you endeavors.

  13. Chris December 28, 2010 @ 2:59 pm

    P.S. Also make time to focus on positive things or you start to feel like you ALREADY live in hell with the Zionists ! (I mean the real hell that awaits them) not the taste of hell they’ve given us.

    Just some general good advise not often mentioned.

    P.S.S. I think collectors gold coins have more intrinsic value than gold coins alone since they are collectors items. And if in their furious anger that you no longer use “their” dollar, they bring in the FBI to confiscate your gold like with the poor Liberty Dollar guys, at least you can use your gold to purchase a small army by then.

    If you kept your stash secret fo long enough.

    And investing in a few self-defense weapons couldnt hurt either, as you already know.

  14. deborah December 28, 2010 @ 5:32 pm

    United States is made up of many cultures; my feeling is that since most of the people who claim to be Americans are actually largely descendants from Europe.

    When one’s history only goes back a little over 200 years then I feel there is a disconnect to the land and the people.

    My ancestry is native…my grandmother who was a Hopi raised me to love my country and to honor earth. With the many “white/black” Europeans that I have met I have to say that most have no real connect with this country and the people.

    Sad really, but then again the US is not alone. I see most of Europe is in as much trouble as we are because of the NWO and the bankers.

    I think there will be a world war but this time it will literally be us vs them.

  15. Brian Concannon December 28, 2010 @ 6:28 pm

    Zionists and their puppets are a cancer upon humanity.

    The world desperately needs new anti-Zionist corruption laws put in place before they destroy the world.

    Get the world back to Peace and Prosperity for all.

    Bring back the Byzantine era laws of the land to keep satan’s parasites out of positions of power and from ever unleashing their Talmudic evils again on humanity.

  16. Talk is cheap December 29, 2010 @ 2:47 am

    Gold is also controlled by the Zionists:

    Its price is set daily at 11AM in the B of England (also a private-owned setup which passes as ‘national’ like our’s is camouflaged as ‘federal’).

    Stop paying your taxes.

    Rip up your credit card debt – consider it paid in full via YOUR tax bailouts.

    Withdraw all bank moneys – savings, 401ks, anuity, mutual funds etc.

    You stop a military by withholding their bullets. You beat the money machine by cutting off currency and assets.

    But none are willing to take the risk and face the piper, so we’ll soon have FEMA camps. Easy to blog-gripe but lets see what the courageous DO?

    My bet is more of the same— NOTHING.

  17. Talk is cheap December 29, 2010 @ 2:50 am

    Brian Concannon,

    Have ‘them’ — the perps — pass anti-perp laws? Are you kidding?

    More bulls**t from the idiots. Who will pass these anti-Zionist laws?? The Zionists already own the legislatures lox stox and barrels.

  18. James Laffrey December 29, 2010 @ 5:00 am

    Let’s fix it, people.

    Click the link on my name. It’s my real name. Let’s stand up as real Americans. No more fear. No more confusion. First, we try the nonviolent way.

    We outnumber them. Let’s get it together.

  19. Japie June 4, 2011 @ 10:04 am

    President John F. Kennedy was killed by the Mossad, according to Mordechai Vanunu (the man who exposed Israel’s nukes for the first time in ’85).

  20. Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, last Czar of Russia, Lincoln, Lewis T. McFaddin, Trafficant, Lindbergh, Tesla, June 21, 2011 @ 8:47 pm

    We fear the IRS, FBI, & Justice Dept per Jim Trafficant and he is right.

    We are controlled by the Money Trust boys of Wall Street. When the Fed took charge of our international credit in 1914 they needed a process to extract interest from the people to pay them for the money creation debt creation process that they set in place via HR7837 12/23/1913.

    Who owned the Titanic & sent 3 richest men to a cold watery grave as they opposed central banking in the US.

    Why does everyone who opposes the Fed have a bad experience including Napoleon & the Czar of Russia?

  21. Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, last Czar of Russia, Lincoln, Lewis T. McFaddin, Trafficant, Lindbergh, Tesla, June 21, 2011 @ 10:30 pm

    Wall Street’s Faustian Bargain” by Mark Pittman exposed the group of 5 headed by Greg Lippmann of Deutsch Bank.

    These cdo’s known as toxic waste mtg’s rated as AAA by S&P & Moody’s were packaged by the premier investment houses on Wall Street knowing the cdo’s were going to fail betting against their succeeding.

    This is tantamount to fraud except the fraudsters were from Goldman Sachs, Deutsche,

  22. Jaques September 29, 2012 @ 4:12 pm

    Rahm Emanuel who is now portrayed as a calm Chicago Mayor, rather than the raving ratbag Zionist, US draft dodger (in preference to the alien IDF), he is.

    The press made a meal of him furiously stabbing the table with a fork at a Bush dinner at which there was some criticism.

    That’s my opinion, then, looking at his manic history as in my view it has been well proven so there is no slander or ‘unwarranted” exposure there.

    Like him, de Rothschild was the son of a Jewish terrorist. In Emanuel’s case he was named after an Irgun terrorist friend of his father (his father also being an Irgun terrorist).

    If Emanuel actually has calmed down and is not longer an Israeli apologist, the world will be a better place.

    In Bauer (de Rothschild’s) case his terrorist father’s 18th Century revolutionary symbol was a red shield, thus the adopted name “Rothes-childe,” now an un-nervingly world-wide identification connection to the Salvation Army. He adorned the outside of his shop with that shield to increase his Jewish custom.

    Goodness and Charity are applied to the image of the greatest criminals of all time, now formalised in Israel where faked names are commonplace in particular among the Prime Ministers, they pretending to be what they are not and thus hiding what they are.

    Russia’s “fake-name hierarchy” since Jacob Schiffe of Kuhne-Loebe bank, a part of the Central Banking “Junta” directed and financed the Russian “revolution” of 1917 has also been dominently Jewish. Marx was himself a Jew who was contracted by a Jew to perfect his manifesto.

    In 1920 Churchill who facilitated with Roosevelt the fraudulent “Allies help the Jews by creating Israel” tale, wrote scathingly of the Jews as did Truman later:(

    (FDR a Zionist stooge see also:(

    Nevertheless in that great and ghastly Zionist financier circus of WWII Britain and the Presidency, and the Zionist financiers connived to give Palestine to the Jews on no reasonable basis at all other than it was the condition the financiers placed on Britain via the President to see USA enter the war.

    The same pressure was brought to bear in WWI but the demand was not consummated. As in WWII America was controlled by crooks, spivs 5th columnists, crooked investors, traitors, supine Presidents and a trail of such ilk.

    In WWII it is well recorded that not only was American financial investment in the German Military “massive” but that when the financiers decided it was time for Hitler to go down the major war industries controlled by Zionists, such as General Motors, Standard Oil and so on refused to cease supplying German Military and also refused to increase production to aid America.

    The Jewish conglomerate (Agfa Hirsch etc etc included IG Farben which created Mustard Gas (via Fritz Haber) and ZyklonB…two notorious poisons and neither was “other-than-Jew-specific.”

    All through the ‘cold war’ the same families controlled both American and Russian policy. It must have been immensely profitable but as these criminals and their descendants are never audited how vast the profit can only be speculation.

    Hitler admired and liked and sought the company of Jews as a young man but they mocked and screwed him over.

    I see no immediate problem insofar as Mayer Amschel Bauer wanting to become wealthy or using his talent, until the point he began to ingratiate himself by conniving with ‘important’ clients. He kickstarted the fortune with the equivalent $US300 million left to him in trust by the King of Hess.

    Bauer never returned it. At that point what was simply a greedy conniving weasel became a major fraudster.

    They began by taking control of “Freemasonry” and their first major coup was discrediting Marie-Antoinette using a lascivious book written by a Jew to create in effect an aristocratic bordello in which every conceivable sexual act was easily available. That’s a bit like Hollywood and Pornography of today.

    Jews including Mirabeau connived in pretence that Marie-Antoinette had ordered extremely expensive jewelry. They used a prostitute to imitate her and make a picture of a truly wanton, utterly immoral, deviate.

    Once that was done the jewelry was sent to Jewish jewelers in England to be broken down and sold. Louis, like the Czar later, realized things were going hay-wire and planned reforms. DeRothschild (no longer Bauer) didn’t want reforms which might interrupt his conniving for control of Europe.

    This utterly immoral man, said to worship Lucifer, formed a tight family empire which today controls the world at all levels through creating worthless money for derivatives, personal indebtedness and inability to repay.

    The only President who tried to buck the system, and Israel also, was Kennedy. He was assassinated not over Cuba…that’s just trite ‘anticommunist’ paranoic nonsense…(Castro had more morals than most presidents) but over the debt free dollar and his threat to act against Israel through sanction.

    His lover, Marylin Monroe was also assassinated in a manner which brought eventual suspicion upon her Jewish Psychiatrist… case he’d made some pillow talk she might reveal and because also the Mafia was involved.

    She, like the Ratpack, was closely associated with these criminals, yes that’s so, but also she was murdered as a warning “We can kill anyone close to you”.

    It’s said Lincoln was assassinated for also trying to create a debt free dollar but it seems also that he, allegedly a philanderer, was assassinated by his wife for his adultery in which children were born of his making. His wife was an addict and one might ask about his hand in that.

    Booth was a conspirator who realized too late he was being set up. Freemasons were involved as they were in France, Russia, Turkey, USA, Germany and numerous other places where scumbaggery and assassination has caused riot, revolution, and war.

    Those Bankers have changed from time to time (for example Barclays is no longer a part of it): There is dispute over whether these banks exist in some cases, which may indicate a name change or absorbtion, Some interesting discussion lies in here:

    Citibank is not mentioned often, but on my understanding is a part of the conspiracy. My one personal experience with it suggests it is slimy, dishonest, conniving and riddled with the lust for money being an excuse for any travesty.

    Like the great depression, the so called Global Financial Meltdown was a conspiracy in Bilderberger Freemason, Illuminati, Rockefeller’s desire to see the New Order accelerated by “a world wide catastrophe” implemented by the financiers.

    All governments co-operated in raping their own citizens over it. Australian manic PM Kevin Rudd went right over the top and deaths and carnage resulted, for which he and his accomplices were never punished.

    “De Rothschild” is said to be only 51% owner of the Central banking system I doubt that but whether or not, they are never audited.

    The tragedy began for the world when deRothschilds, already the corrupters of finance and politics and decency and any chance of peace in Europe and Britain were given the Central banker role in 1913 after what is regarded as a corrupt and most unfortunate dealing known as the “(you research it, Hyde) Island agreement.”

    By 1912 the Central Banker arrangement was a “fait accomplis” and on June 28 1913 a Freemason assassinated Franz Joseph and his wife and the demands for massive finance began.

    The war commenced on 28 July 1913 and the Zionist Central Bank was permanently implemented on 23 December 1913….a ghastly ‘Christmas present from the avaricious creaters of “wealth” the zionist financiers to the population of America, soon to once more make massive profits from death and misery.


    (The Jekyll Island Meeting of 1910. Aldrich then took matters into his own hands, meeting secretly with a group of bankers on Jekyll to formulate a plan. The group included Henry Davison, Frank Vanderlip, and Paul Warburg; also present were Aldrich’s secretary, Arthur Shelton, and A. Piatt Andrew, a Treasury official.

    Warburg’s attendance was critical because of his knowledge of European banking practices. Aldrich was well aware that his meeting with bankers outside of the commission proceedings would generate controversy; for this reason, the group met in private at a remote location.

    Over the years, the clandestine nature of the meeting has been criticized as allowing undue Wall Street influence over the founding of the U.S. central bank. However, the meeting itself was just one step in the process that led to the creation of the Federal Reserve.

    The Aldrich Plan. What emerged from the Jekyll meeting was the so-called Aldrich Plan, which was presented to the National Monetary Commission as a legislative blueprint.

    The Aldrich Plan was a catalyst for debate about the role of the government and banking in the central bank’s governance. The plan, and the bill that followed in 1912, proposed that a National Reserve Association would function as the U.S. central bank.

    The association would consist of a federation of regional bank associations, each presided over by boards of directors elected by local banks. This diffuse governance represented a departure from the centralized governance of European central banks.

    Aldrich’s proposed central bank would promote macroeconomic stability. The proposals that came out of the Jekyll meeting remained the core of the subsequent steps in the creation of the Federal Reserve.

    Aldrich put forward his central banking bill to the U.S. Senate in January 1912.)

    Interesting connections to the deRothschild entity:

    In the 17th and 18th centuries deRothschilds charged 26-33% for these taxpayer guaranteed loans. When their license to screw the public was not renewed, they initiated the British invasion of America.

    Wherever there is misery deRothschilds are there to finance it worsening.

    In closing I encourage you all to research and decide for yourselves whether you are being pulled along by the ear by Governments and manufactured crises like 911…the GFC…a deliberately disturbed Middle Wast…whilst twisters such as B’nai Brith, ADL, “Homeland Security,” the US Congress, Presidency, numerous governments and so many other ‘top-heavy-with Zionist’ organisms count their power and cash.

    Personally I’d divest the deRothschilds, Rockefellers and their associated ilk of almost all their assets and change the system from a floating dollar back to one which must be entirely underwritten by indestructible assets.

    Never again would a private concern be allowed to create currency or use derivatives. As well, you may not be aware that the appalling ‘polymer’ banknote is only used because hundreds of millions of dollars were paid in bribes to those who made the decisions.

    The utter hypocrisy is that a counterfeit note is worth exactly what any other is worth………. “nothing”!! Voila

  23. chris September 28, 2013 @ 11:22 am

    I am richer than some people, others are richer than me.

    If some of the super rich ones want to set up the Bank of England and the Fed Reserve, good on them.

    Look what they have achieved? Two Empires that created world trade and the Western culture we see today. Two Empires that pretty much rule the World (security council, technology, university, military, etc etc).

    What underpins all of this? Finance. Capital. Banking 🙂

  24. Tess December 30, 2013 @ 8:04 am

    The entire history of WW2 is all a myth. Eisenhower nor Churchill, both Jewish, never wrote one word of a Jewish Holocaust in their memoirs of the war.

    The real Holocaust, which means ‘burnt offering,’ was the German people who were fire bombed by Jewish-led nations — Britain and America. The God of the Babylon Talmud is not the God of the Bible..and this fire bombing was a human sacrifice to the Babylon Talmud god.

    If you read history, you will find that Christian Genocides & White Genocides are done by Jewish leaders.

    A Nazi Travels to Palestine.

    Hitler has been greatly GREATLY mis-represented in Jewish controlled media to hide the truth about what the Jews did. Hitler loved his country, and celebrated Christmas. They say all kinds of bad things about him, but I’ve watched his speeches and He loved Germany. I don’t see him as the maniacal murderer Jewish media makes him out to be.

    Only Jews have a religion of racial supremacy and global domination. They blamed this on the Germans, but it seems to be a lie.

    It’s the Jews who seek global domination and think they are better than all of humanity Their Babylon Talmud calls us beasts, animals, and it teaches them that it is OK to kill us. They reduced us to animals so they could feel ok about murdering millions upon millions of us.

    Here is the real genocide plan of WW2. It was a Jewish plot to exterminate the German people.

    An American Jew named Theodore Kauffman wrote a book, “Germany Must Perish.” It is all about how to exterminate the German people off the face of the planet.

    Jews are not persecuted, that is a lie. The Babylon Talmudics persecute others. It’s their religion to do so, so what else can you expect? This is why they have been exiled over 100 times from many nations.

    In fact, Hitler’s solution to the ‘Jewish Question’ was that he wanted the Jews out of Germany because they had taken over businesses, banking, media, and brought with them Jewish immorality. These Jews impoverished the German people, just like they are doing to America today.

    Hitler and other European leaders planned to take all the Jews to Madagascar and isolate them there. No one said anything about murdering them, just isolating them so they cannot harm other people.

    From what I see in my country today, I wish that plan was successful. We would be alot better off today, but we are under Jewish control. They seek to rob us of our Constitution and our gun rights.

    They have built a Stasi style Department of Homeland Security, a massive private army and a Jewish Bolshevik Communist Soviet styled massive spy center — the NSA and Fusion Centers.

    Its pretty obvious what they are planning to do to us. Only the Grace of God can save America and her people now.

  25. Tess December 30, 2013 @ 8:59 am

    These vile books of the Babylon Talmud (Talmud means ‘teachings’) have created a race of people who are basically mentally deranged.

    What kind of person wakes up every day and plots against humanity?

    I believe the Babylon Talmudics are demon possessed and basically are psychopaths.

    My best friend of 25 years was a Jew. I gave her a job, a home to live in when she was down and out on more than one occasion.

    She utterly tried to destroy my business where I let her work.

    I let her into my circle of friends. She backstabbed me and talked bad things about me to my other close friends causing me problems with them.

    I never knew what the Babylon Talmud was back then. I have learned about it these last few years.

    And now I understand her alot better and why she would betray me.

    I didnt like her when I first met her — I should have listened to my heart…

    Kol Nidre — permission to lie to get what a Jew wants.

    Anyone in Judaism should never be allowed in any power position. You just can’t trust them.

    I see now why Jews have been exiled out of many nations, and I think soon will be again in America. Their plans are not working as they wished they would. Lol!

    America has awakened, we see whats going on. Many deluded Christians who fell for Christian Zionism are beginning to see the truth. I was one of them.

    How can a Christian support the genocide of the Arab people? If you’re of the spirit of God, you can’t and won’t support the people who push for the murder of the Muslim people either.

    Christian Zionism is a cult and not of God. Most of the end times eschatology they follow is Jewish and comes out of the Babylon Talmud, and not of the Bible. It’s the Kol Nidre, Christian. They lied to you, and you ate it up because you believe the lies.

    If people would read the Bible for themselves, Bibles with no Scofield footnotes, they would see the truth of God again, as our religion has been Talmudized, Judaized, and is no longer of God.

    II Thessalonians 2 tells us that Christ will come again for the very same reason — a falling away from God’s Truth.

    GET OUT OF BABYLON. Judaism was never the religion of the Hebrews. MOSAIC HEBREWISM was their religion.

    Kol Nidre. We have been lied to and deceived by the ‘False Tribe of Judah’ that Christ warned us would come in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.

    Amos 9:8 tells us that God no longer recognized the People of Israel as they were in the Old Testament ever again, forever, but would save a remnant of Jacob.

    Romans 11:5 shows us that the remnant of Jacob began the Christian religion.

    EZEKIEL 47:22 tells us that if you sojourn with a member of a tribe of Israel, you become a member of that tribe, and an equal heir to the promises. The 144,000 Israelites of Revelation are Christians — the Church.



  26. Tess December 30, 2013 @ 9:10 am

    Brother Kapner,

    I thank you for your site. It is a WEALTH OF INFORMATION.

    Im not financially well at this time. The economic crash crashed my business. But when things change I will defiantly support this site.

    At this time in America, this information will make the difference in our keeping our freedom, our Constitution, or falling to the Jewish Communist CORPORATION OF AMERICA constitution where we will no longer be allowed to own property, travel freely, or own guns.

    We are falling victims to the most horrible vile lawless people that this corrupt government has created through government hand outs.

    People need to learn about what is taught in the Babylon Talmud. It’s the same as Communism and teaches the Jews that we are animals to be used by the Jews, and that the Jews are SUPERIOR to all the rest of humanity. This greatly united people — the Jews — believe that trash.

    God tells us in the Bible that He is no respecter of persons. This was the verse that woke me up to the fact that something was wrong with the teaching of “Jews as the Chosen.”

    Didn’t anyone as them for their credentials?

    Especially since Jesus Himself told us that a false tribe of Judah would come, but would be a Synagogue of Satan.

    Christians perish for lack of knowledge and we can see this happening today.

    I appreciate this site and use it OFTEN in things I write in forums and emails to friends.

    Thank you again for your good work. It’s very much appreciated.

  27. olde reb April 2, 2018 @ 5:47 pm


    How is it that Wall Street is theorized to embezzle billions from the U.S. government? They hide the procedure in accounts for Treasury auctions that are exclusively handled by the FRBNY and have never been audited.

    While I support the bill to Audit the Federal Reserve recently passed by the House committee (HR 24), I submit much can be done before it is passed.

    The GAO has authority to review the handling of government funds by any entity. It has made at least two reviews of the FRBNY’s handling of funds [but not audits] from auctions of Treasury securities. The FRBNY has exclusive handing of such funds — Ref. 31 CFR 375.3.

    All that is required for the GAO to review the handling of government funds is a request by a Congressional committee chair.

    TreasuryDirect confirms two groups of Treasury securities that are auctioned: …1]. for roll-over of maturing securities and …2]. for the creation of book-entry (deficit spending) credit on the books of the FRBNY for the government to spend.

    Approximately $10 trillion is auctioned annually. Funds for roll-over of securities (approximately $9 trillion) are credited to a government account and disbursed to Primary Dealers (and others) who are tasked for their collection by the FRBNY as fiscal agent for the government. The remaining $1 trillion disappears.

    The purloined funds obviously can not go to the government; there is no identification of such funds in any government financial document. If the funds did go to the government, they would have to be used to buy Treasury securities since they are not used to pay expenses.

    If they bought securities, it would eliminate any increase in the national debt and it would also eliminate any increase in the value of fiat money created by the Federal Reserve (inflation). This obviously does not happen.

    After months of denial, this writer has concluded the only viable disbursement of the funds is to hidden owners of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors who are also undoubtedly Primary Dealers. The commingling of funds would be easy—and hidden. Since the Charter of the Federal Reserve stipulates profit of the system belongs to the government, such an act would appear to be embezzlement.


    All audits of the Federal Reserve are conducted in accordance with guidelines established by the BOG. The relevant accounts have never been audited; they are client accounts, not operational accounts.

    Perhaps the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform that voted for Transparency of the Fed Act (HR 24) should talk with the GAO.

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