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Trump’s Unfinished Business

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Trump’s Unfinished Business
August 25 2019

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Brother Nathanael @ August 25, 2019


  1. Brother Nathanael August 25, 2019 @ 8:09 pm


    Trump’s Unfinished Business

    With 2020 on its way let’s give a look at Trump’s unfinished business.

    Well, the Wall’s not built, China still makes Levi jeans, and Gun Control’s in full swing.

    Kinda like this?

    [Clip: “Take the guns first, go to due process second.”]

    Due process takes a dive, the Jew-driven gun grab goes on overdrive.

    The only promises I’ve seen are those paid in full to Sheldon Adelson and the tribe.

    Our Embassy’s now in Jerusalem, the Iran Deal got trashed, the West Bank’s a land grab…and we picked up the tab.

    And, ain’t it odd when it comes to “The Squad?”

    The Yids nuked their war on whites into an anti-Semitic trope.

    [Clip: “Representative Ilhan Omar…She looks down with contempt on the hard working Americans saying that ignorance is pervasive in many parts of this country. And obviously and importantly, Omar has a history of launching vicious anti-Semitic screeds.” “Send her back! Send her back! Send her back! Send her back! Send her back! Send her back!”]

    Right on cue.

    It’s all about what’s good or bad for the Jews.

    I thought it was about eviscerating the white race with the ‘Replacement Party’ that campaigns for queers, trannies, open borders—and like every Party persuasion—the Jewish state.

    But Trump’s got some unfinished business.

    It’s not to crystallize “national conservatism” which has been co-opted into rallying cries for that wonderful ally, Israel, that fleeces our treasuries, constituencies, and political slates.

    There is a war, my friends—not against the left and right—but against everything the founding fathers stood for.

    A free press, free markets, and free tongues.

    I mean, we can’t buy a wedding cake, but we sure have to make one.

    Main Street is on your computer screen.

    Digital bakeries bake the cake, but if your spin ain’t pc, they’ll shut you out.

    We can’t even feel good in our own skin.

    If you’re white, jewgle and jewtube see a red door and paint it black.

    It’s a crying sin.

    The Jews have a rope around our throats, and 2020 may become an instant replay.

    [Clip: “Applause, applause, applause.” “Thank you, thank you, I’m delighted.”]

    So is the Jew with the yarmulke. He’ll get everything he wants. Probably wrote her script.

    [Clip: “If you are too dangerous to fly you are too dangerous to buy a gun, period. And should insist on comprehensive background checks and close loopholes that allow potential terrorists to buy weapons online or at gun shows, and I think it’s time to restore the ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines.”]

    She’ll have the same pitch soon, dusted off, and botoxed with a lift.

    And with Biden’s addled brains, the ‘ol gal just may run again.

    And that’s Trump’s unfinished business.
    +BN off the cuff

    Hey, JewTubers, I mean, YouTubers, I mean– Forget them. It’s a cesspool. All they have on their JewTube are all those they cater to — trannies, homos, lesbians, and Jews, and all the above.

    Now I talked about baking a cake. That you can’t buy a wedding cake. I can’t buy a wedding cake, not that I want one for a queer wedding, uh, uh. No, I don’t go there ’cause these people are mentally ill basically.

    I can’t buy a wedding cake to promote and fund my ministry. I mean, PayPiss banned me. That’s owned by Daniel Schulman. His name ain’t Dan O’Reilly. And I’ve been banned by Amazon Pay. I’ve been banned by Click-n-Pledge. I’ve been banned by Go F Me. I’ve been banned by Network for Good, and Patreon! Sidney wrote me a letter banning me. Sidney, only Jews got the name Sidney.

    And then just recently, Donor Box banned me. Donor Box accused me of espousing violence and inciting violence. I wrote back. I said, “You have to tell me exactly how did I, how are, why are you accusing me and show me where I am espousing violence.” They wrote back, “Case is closed.”

    The case ain’t closed. I’ve got a lawyer who will give me very low rates and we wrote them a letter. And, we’re going to write them another letter.

    You see, this is the New Main Street, and if we can’t get the cake we want, that is a cake for our purposes, not homo purposes, for truth purposes, if we can’t say what we want, if we can’t be good in our own skin on Main Street, Digital Main Street, then we must act.

    And I’m acting. I am on the forefront of defending our liberties. Now, in a few years, this country will be ready for Brother Nathanael. I’m preparing. We’ve all got to prepare.

  2. Brother Nathanael August 25, 2019 @ 8:10 pm

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  3. Brother Nathanael August 25, 2019 @ 8:11 pm

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  4. Brother Nathanael August 25, 2019 @ 8:12 pm

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  5. Brother Nathanael August 25, 2019 @ 8:12 pm

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  6. Brother Nathanael August 25, 2019 @ 8:13 pm

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  7. todd anderson August 25, 2019 @ 9:23 pm

    Love you, Brother.

    Not rich but I will try to help.

    “Give and it will be given.”

  8. T W Huning August 25, 2019 @ 9:34 pm

    “Take the guns first, go to due process second.” (Trump clip in Video)

    Makes no sense.

  9. KathJuliane August 25, 2019 @ 9:53 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    Thanks for touching on Trump’s “unfinished business” he promised for the mega majority of the American people, while Israhell and the Jews have gotten everything as a gift from Trump they inventoried on their Hanukkah List.

    If we are ever to get a massive, self-sufficient and industrially sovereign manufacturing base back, as well as encourage more independent farmers, and get our commercial land, railway, and inland waterway cargo transportation under control, then national infrastructure and federal investment (without the vast majority of it being bled off by greedy private corporations and contractors) has to come first as the national priority.

    But that would mean a major commitment to a Peace Economy, not a War Economy, and not playing Space Raiders of the Lost Jewish Temple Ark, particularly a War Economy which is entirely centered on Israel’s interests, not ours.

    Like, to start with, a whole lot of non-profit halfway housing with counseling and medical services for the homeless and disabled, including disabled vets, could be built with the $4 billion in taxpayer money we now give to the bandit Jewish state every year for the sake of this miserable, demoralizing, and perpetual “entangling alliance” we are being choked and bled white, while Jew hands reach deep into our pockets.

    How much better would it be in America’s own interests to be on good, neutral terms with the dozens of countries surrounding Israhell and in the Arab and Muslim world, and tell that crappy little Jewish state to start putting their big boy pants on and make their own way in the world from now on.

    We trashed Iraq and Afghanistan for the Criminal Jewish State to Make Israel Greater Again, to the tune of what’s the figure now just for those two hapless countries — $6 trillion? $11 trillion, now?

    And of course, it almost goes without saying that it looks like Hildebeast, and her sidekick Bilious, for now happy to play at being Democrat kingmakers, is quietly positioning herself and setting herself up for a rematch presidential race with Trump.

    Well, thanks again for a terrific Video, dear +BN. I’ll send a little extra in a few days.

  10. Brother Nathanael August 25, 2019 @ 11:04 pm

    Dear All,

    Please do not post JEWtube Video links on this Comment Section.

    I only use clips from JEWtube when I need them to give some ‘clip content’ to my Videos.

    I NEVER go to JEWtube any longer. I watch NOTHING on HOMOjewTUBE unless I think it could be used on my Videos.


  11. BuelahMan August 26, 2019 @ 4:57 am

    I wonder who of the Trump worshipers is embarrassed by their total non-discernment.

    I remember who was promoting him in light of his total immersion and control by jews.

    You don’t get a pass after bringing him into office to begin with.

  12. Ft. Nolan August 26, 2019 @ 8:17 am

    On the “” website,

    “Let’s Drop The Pretense: American And Israeli Jews Have Little In Common Share No Destiny And Don’t Even Like Each Other”

    “It is time to acknowledge the self evident fact that American Jews and Israeli Jews are not part of the same people”

    Interesting article, however, it may not be totally applicable. Dual citizenship pervades upper levels of our government.

    From appearances, it is the Chabad Lubivitchers supporting Trump while the less regimented Yids in this country are dead set against him.

    Overall, one has to conclude the United States of Israel includes a North American component. Whose government it controls on all levels.

    As for Hillary Klinton making speeches against Constitutional rights, she should wear a red coat and have the City of London flag posted behind her.

  13. Brother Nathanael August 26, 2019 @ 10:33 am

    Must Read!

    Must Listen!

  14. Eileen Kuch August 26, 2019 @ 10:42 am


    Br. Nate, I fully agree with you on DJT’s devotion to Israhell and its demonic PM, Bibzy Nutty&Yahoo. His loyalty belongs to America alone, not to a foreign nation; after all, he had campaigned on an America First policy, not an Israhell First one.

    He even spoke of an America First policy in his Inaugural speech and not an Israhell First policy. The only reason I voted for him was I didn’t want the demonic Hillary Clinton as POTUS. She would’ve started a war against both China and Russia and destroyed the world in the process. DJT ran on a peace policy and was elected for it.

    DJT’s running again on a peace policy. He hasn’t started any wars in his current term, and he isn’t about to start one (especially against Iran). He knows he’d lose in 2020 if he started a war – whether it would be on Iran, or on Venezuela. It simply wouldn’t matter, he’d lose re-election. Period.

    Ft. Nolan, you’re absolutely right. American and Israeli Jews have very little in common. As you said, they despise each other. Why? US Jews put America first; whereas, Israeli Jews put Israel first and expect their American counterparts to do the same.

    I just wish that DJT had followed American Jews and put his loyalty to the US instead of the Zionist Entity. No wonder, he’s being challenged in the GOP Primaries by someone who may have a chance at winning.


  15. Brother Nathanael August 26, 2019 @ 10:57 am

    @Eileen Kuch AND Fort Nolan

    This is PURE Bullsh$t that American Jews despise Israeli Jews, and that American Jews put America first and Israeli Jews put Israel first. This is just another jew psyop. Do NOT fall for it.

    American Jews WORSHIP Israel Jews, and only a few PRETEND they don’t like Likud, Bibzy, and the rest of the felons.

    Trump has and STILL does listen to American Jews—I said it in my Video, “paid in full to Sheldon Adelson and tribe”—there is NOTHING GOOD that can come out of Jewry ANYWHERE, whether in JEWmerica, IsraHell, or jew rope around the throat Europe.

    Jews are our misfortune, the world is slowly catching on.

    In three years America will be ready for Brother Nathanael. I’m preparing. +bn

  16. Brother Nathanael August 26, 2019 @ 5:21 pm

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  17. KathJuliane August 26, 2019 @ 7:01 pm

    Pat Buchanan: Will Bibi’s War Become America’s War?

    Why is Netanyahu now admitting to Israel’s role in the strikes in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq? Why has he begun threatening Iran itself and even the Houthi rebels in Yemen?

    President Donald Trump, who canceled a missile strike on Iran, after the shoot-down of a U.S. Predator drone, to avoid killing Iranians, may not want a U.S. war with Iran. But the same cannot be said of Bibi Netanyahu.

    Saturday, Israel launched a night attack on a village south of Damascus to abort what Israel claims was a plot by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force to fly “killer drones” into Israel, an act of war.

    Sunday, two Israeli drones crashed outside the media offices of Hezbollah in Beirut. Israel then attacked a base camp of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command in north Lebanon.

    Monday, Israel admitted to a strike on Iranian-backed militias of the Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq. And Israel does not deny responsibility for last month’s attacks on munitions dumps and bases of pro-Iran militias in Iraq.

    Israel has also confirmed that, during Syria’s civil war, it conducted hundreds of strikes against pro-Iranian militias and ammunition depots to prevent the transfer of missiles to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

    Understandably, Israel’s weekend actions have brought threats of retaliation. Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah has warned of vengeance for the death of his people in the Syria strike.

    Quds Force General Qassem Soleimani reportedly tweeted from Tehran, “These insane operations will be the last struggles of the Zionist regime.”

    Lebanese President Michel Aoun [Lebanese Christian – Kj] called the alleged Israeli drone attack on Beirut a “declaration of war.”

    Last Friday, in the 71st week of the “Great March of Return” protests on Gaza’s border, 50 Palestinians were wounded by Israeli live fire. In 16 months, 200 have died from gunshots, with thousands wounded.

    America’s reaction to Israel’s weekend attacks? Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called Netanyahu to assure him of U.S. support of Israel’s actions. Some Iraqi leaders are now calling for the expulsion of Americans.

    Why is Netanyahu now admitting to Israel’s role in the strikes in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq? Why has he begun threatening Iran itself and even the Houthi rebels in Yemen?

    Because this longest-serving prime minister in Israeli history, having surpassed David Ben-Gurion, is in the battle of his life, with elections just three weeks off.

    And if Netanyahu falls short — or fails to put together a coalition after winning, as he failed earlier this year — his career would be over, and he could be facing prosecution for corruption.

    Netanyahu has a compelling motive for widening the war against Israel’s main enemy, its allies and its proxies and taking credit for military strikes.

    But America has a stake in what Israel is doing as well.

    We are not simply observers. For if Hezbollah retaliates against Israel or Iranian-backed militias in Syria retaliate against Israel — or against us for enabling Israel — a new war could erupt, and there would be a clamor for deeper American intervention.

    Yet, Americans have no desire for a new war, which could cost Trump the presidency, as the war in Iraq cost the Republican Party the Congress in 2006 and the White House in 2008.

    The United States has taken pains to avoid a military clash with Iran for compelling reasons.

    With only 5,000 troops left in Iraq, U.S. forces are massively outmanned by an estimated 150,000 fighters of the pro-Iran Popular Mobilization Forces, which played a critical role in preventing ISIS from reaching Baghdad during the days of the caliphate.

    And, for good reason, the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln, with its crew of 5,600, which Trump sent to deter Iran, has yet to enter the Strait of Hormuz or the Persian Gulf but remains in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Oman, and, at times, some 600 nautical miles away from Iran.

    Why is this mighty warship keeping its distance?

    We don’t want a confrontation in the Gulf, and, as ex-Admiral James Stavridis, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, says:

    “Anytime a carrier moves close to shore, and especially into confined waters, the danger to the ship goes up significantly. … It becomes vulnerable to diesel submarines, shore-launched cruise missiles and swarming attacks by small boats armed with missiles.”

    Which is a pretty good description of the coastal defenses and naval forces of Iran.

    Netanyahu’s widening of Israel’s war with Iran and its proxies into Lebanon and Iraq — and perhaps beyond — and his acknowledgement of that wider war raise questions for both of us.

    Israel today has on and near her borders hostile populations in Gaza, Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Iraq. Tens of millions of Muslims see her as an enemy to be expelled from the region.

    While there is a cold peace with Egypt and Jordan, the Saudis and Gulf Arabs are temporary allies as long as the foe is Iran.

    Is this pervasive enmity sustainable?

    As for America, have we ceded to Netanyahu something no nation should ever cede to another, even an ally: the right to take our country into a war of their choosing but not of ours?

  18. Kalin August 26, 2019 @ 7:23 pm

    @Eileen Kuch

    “US Jews put America first.”

    Surely you’re joking!?

    “I just wish that DJT had followed American Jews”

    He has – to a “T”.

  19. Brother Nathanael August 27, 2019 @ 2:24 pm

    JEWTube/ADL, Free-Speech Killing Jews, Urge Their Purge

  20. titus August 27, 2019 @ 5:24 pm

    Always good to hear from you, Brother Nathanael.

    These Zionist Jews are out of control. Any word critical about them and they will delete you from the comments.

    Heard you on the Dr. Duke web site and your discussion about Leo Frank was timely with the Jeffery Epstein case in the news.

    The Jews were happy to blame the murder on some poor black guy figuring the “stupid and prejudice Southerns” would fall for it but it turns out the Southerners are lot smarter than the Jews think.

    Have an automatic counter on your site so you will know the true figures of the people who view you site.

  21. Ghislaine August 28, 2019 @ 6:13 pm

    Dear Bro & Co,

    Various articles report that so-called sightings of Ghislaine Maxwell at a California burger joint among other places are fake news.

    More likely than not Ghislaine was led out of the USA before Epstein was reported to have been arrested on July 6.

    Bankster Jews want media silence on Epstein & Ghislaine blackmail productions except for damage control and disinfo stories to confuse us.

  22. Rick August 29, 2019 @ 1:28 am

    Why are the Jews “afraid” of whites, and not the other races?

    Why do the Jews want us dead?

    Because our deaths, or some kind of dominion, is what they obviously appear to want.


    Can you do an article on Black Cube?

  23. Rachel August 29, 2019 @ 7:54 am

    Jews are white, and they enjoy white jewish privilege.

    White Israeli Nationalists that love to send their black Ethiopian Jew refugees out of Israel.

  24. Brother Nathanael August 29, 2019 @ 11:09 am

    @Rachel and Rick

    Jews do not consider themselves as “whites” nor strictly speaking as “Caucasian” which has lost its original denotation as those from the “Caucasus.”

    Nor do Jews consider themselves as “Khazars” which is a ludicrous theory concocted by a few Yids to prevent Jews being collectively held accountable for the murder of God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Jews consider themselves to be “Shemites,” descended from “Shem,” Noah’s second son, Japheth, being the eldest who is the father of European whites.

    This is the teaching I was instilled with growing up in the synagogue and it is the CORRECT teaching as it is wholly Biblical derived from the HOLY Old Testament accurate record.

    +Brother Nathanael Kapner
    Former Jew, now Orthodox Christian @

  25. Ted Gorsline August 30, 2019 @ 12:19 am

    Its pretty clear modern jewish institutions are just extensions of old Jewish organized crime institutons.

    The Mossad, which has murdered 2,800 innocent people is just an extension of Myer Lansky’s “Murder Incorporated” that is said to have murdered between 500 and 1,000 people.

    All part of the very old jewish combination punch — try bribes and if that doesn’t work use murder. Just ask President Kennedy.

  26. Ted Gorsline August 30, 2019 @ 10:44 pm

    Addenda. The Mossad, make that dancing Israelis, murdered another 3,000 Americans on 9/11 so the total is about 5,800 murders.

    These Mossad jew boys are a far more murderous hit team than murder incorporated ever was and while Myer Lansky, in America, was subject to US law, the Mossad get a free card to murder anyone in order to serve jewish interests.

    They have a safe house if they get back to streetgang headquarters in Israel.

    Since the Rothschilds financed the creation of the state of Israel, one is forced to conclude the Mossad is nothing more than a private hit team for jewish banking families.

  27. Ted Gorsline September 1, 2019 @ 12:49 pm

    An interesting comment about CNN’s bogus outrage because alleged Washington Post journalist Khashoggi was killed by Saudi Arabia.

    He is related to weapons trafficker Adnan Khashoggi so maybe he wasn’t really a journalist after all. The WP hires all kinds of non-journalists like the stenographers Woodward and Bernstein.

    Israel, the IDF, has had a policy or murdering journalists that do not agree with Israeli policy for many decades.

    Murdering journalists is something Israel does but that Christiane Amanpour will never discuss.

    It’s official IDF policy and easy to google the journalists the IDF has deliberately murdered. They rate them with Palestinian children.

  28. Steven Rowlandson September 8, 2019 @ 6:21 pm

    Ignorance is alive and well in America.

    Ignorance of the truth and ignorance of the true enemy is held to be a virtue.

    The enemy is not at the gates, the enemy is in the government, media and the world of finance.

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