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Does Dershowitz Have Dirty Underwear?

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Does Dershowitz Have Dirty Underwear?
July 16 2019

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Brother Nathanael @ July 16, 2019


  1. Brother Nathanael July 16, 2019 @ 2:57 pm


    Does Dershowitz Have Dirty Underwear?

    He’s a ‘good Jewish lawyer.’

    And like all ‘good Jewish lawyers’ Dershowitz knows all the tricks to get the verdicts clients pay for.

    But when defending himself, Dershowitz swapped legaleze with everyday sleeze when attacking his accuser.

    [Clip: “Britain’s Prince Andrew speaking out for the first time today to deny accusations that he had sex with an underage girl allegedly being kept as a sex slave. That young woman also claims she was forced to have sex with high-profile defense attorney and Miami Beach resident, Alan Dershowitz, who also denies those accusations. Local 10 News investigator Bob Norman spoke with Dershowitz today [January 22, 2015].” “Well, she’s an admitted prostitute, she’s a serial liar–” “Attorney Alan Dershowitz today lashed out at his accuser, Virginia Roberts, who swore in a new affidavit that he had sex with her while she was quote an underage sex slave of wealthy Palm Beach financier Jeffrey Epstein.” “She’s lied, lied, lied, lied.” “But she wasn’t lying about being sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein as a liar, correct?” “That is between her and Jeffrey Epstein.” “Roberts, one of dozens of underage girls allegedly recruited by convicted sex offender Epstein also released new photos including this one she says was taken by Epstein when she was about 15. In the new affidavit she claims Dershowitz had sex with her six times at Epstein’s residences, as well as on his jet and private island.”]

    Yet Dershowitz did not “deny” Roberts’ accusation, he attacked her instead.

    Methinks he protested too outlandishly.

    [Clip: “I can tell you she’s still a prostitute. She is selling false stories now for money about me.” “Do you have any concern calling her a prostitute when she was victimized at such a young age by this wealthy man?” “She was not victimized. She made her own decisions in life.” “And at the age of 15, some would say that’s a little young and she was taken advantage of.” “I’m talking about the age of 19. Look, that’s between her and the federal government and the people that she claims victimized her.”]

    At “age 15” she was taken advantage of, Dershowitz, not “19,” as you shifted it in your sleazealeeze.

    What goes around comes around, man.

    Sooner or later everyone’s dirty laundry gets hung up to dry.

    [Clip: “Dershowitz is a long time friend of Epstein’s who represented him in the criminal underage sex case.” “I never saw a young, underage woman.” “Yet Epstein’s butler swore that Dershowitz was at Epstein’s residences at the same time underage girls were there.” “Were there young women in another part of the house giving massages when I wasn’t around? I have no idea of that.” “Dershowitz did say he once received a massage at Epstein’s mansion…”]

    But at the outset, as the New York Daily News reported, Dershowitz said just the opposite.

    Quote: “I never got a massage from anyone,” Unquote.

    Thinking better of it perhaps, apparently knowing he’d get nailed in court by the female masseuse, Dershowitz shifted the script by stammering his way out of it.

    [Clip: “Dershowitz did say he once received a massage at Epstein’s mansion from an adult woman.” “I kept my, um, uh, underwear on during the, uh, massage. I don’t like massages particularly.”]

    This mystery masseuse has aged swiftly over the years–she is now, Dershy says, “An old, old Russian.”

    [Clip: “It’s just weird. And you know, there are just so many unanswered questions here. I interviewed Alan Dershowitz about this who, who was representing Jeffrey Epstein. Says he’s still advising him. Alan Dershowitz told me he got a massage at Epstein’s house. And then he clarified, and this is a direct quote — ‘An old, old, Russian.’ He said he saw no one underage. What’s going on?! What is this?! What are we talking about here?”]

    Couldn’t say it better myself. Except, trying to pin the blame on the Russians again?

    Hey Dershowitzy, if you don’t “particularly like massages” why did you have one in the first place?

    And if you did “keep your underwear on” is that Lawyer-Speak for being them bunched up around your ankles?

    For according to Epstein’s employees at his Palm Beach mansion, there were “lots of vibrators and sex toys” in the massage room..

    Methinks there’s gonna be lots of dirty laundry to come.

    And Dershowitz’s Fruit of the Looms will be flapping in the breeze for all the world to see.

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  3. Brother Nathanael July 16, 2019 @ 3:02 pm

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  7. KathJuliane July 16, 2019 @ 4:03 pm

    God bless you, dear +BN.

    This is the most hilarious Video of Dershy and his Jewish fable in an otherwise very sordid, sad true life story about this sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein and the harm he’s done.

    He created a very elaborate “sexual pyramid scheme,” insatiably exploiting the pretty, but underage often troubled girls of mostly far less “privileged” West Palm Beach recruited to his mansion on the ultra-rich island-town of City of Palm Beach, and fantasy life of being some kind tawdry wannabe to Hugh Hefner.

    The guy on the Fox News panel who said, “It’s just weird, and you know there’s just so many unanswered questions here,” is Jonathan Swan of Axios. Fox News didn’t air all of what came out in that interview.

    Last December after a Miami Herald expose came out, he interviewed Dorkowitz for a printed piece. Alan-baby’s ever growing Jewish fable about this mystery masseuse in 2015 turning into an “old, old, Russian” is even more hilariously outlandish, but there may be a small kernel of truth he’s grasping at.

    Detective Recarey of Palm Beach PD did interview a older woman with visible tattoos who was a licensed Swedish masseuse hired occasionally by Epstein.

    From Patterson’s book: Filthy Rich:

    “Epstein paid just one hundred dollars for actual Swedish deep-tissue massages that the therapist provided for him and his friends, the lawyer Alan Dershowitz among them.

    “Did anything untoward ever happen? Recarey asked. Had Epstein ever asked the woman to rub his chest? No, she told him. She wasn’t Epstein’s type.

    “The girls she’d seen at his house were very thin and beautiful and did not have tattoos.

    “This massage therapist had several tattoos that were visible, and on quite a few occasions Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell had made negative comments about them.”

    –Patterson, James. Filthy Rich (pp. 161-162). Little, Brown and Company. Kindle Edition.

    The book was published in October, 2016. Bob Norman interviewed Dershy in January, 2015. Jonathan Swan interviewed him in December, 2018.

    At neither time did Dershy mention anything about the “old, old Russian” woman’s very noticeable tatoos, which makes the arch-confabulator Dershy’s denials even more suspect.

    Anyway, here’s a fuller description of Dershy’s version of masseuse thing in Swan’s published Axios telphone interview …and Dershy even brought his grandchildren!

    “Dershowitz confirmed to me that he received a massage at Epstein’s Palm Beach home, adding that the woman who provided it was of legal age.

    “What happened was I, um, he lent us, this was well before any of this thing came out, he lent us his house once. And I was there, my grandchildren were there, my daughter was there, and we all got massages.”

    “And, um, it was therapeutic. I had a therapeutic massage with an old old Russian, but I never never … and that was part of when we had his house for about a week during I think it was Christmas vacation.”

    “Believe me, if I had known that anything improper had ever taken place in that house, I never would have allowed my children, my grandchildren, my wife, my daughter-in-law, my son, to have spent time there.

    “I can tell you categorically there were no inappropriate pictures, no inappropriate anythings. It was like any other house.”

    Dorkowitz is still Epstein’s lawyer for occasional legal advice.

    Speaking of Epstein, the clips of him in the news broadcast are a few frames taken from a very short 2009 deposition he gave for a civil suit filed against him by one of his victims, the only videographed deposition that I know of taken of Epstein that’s in the public realm. Local attorney Spencer Kuvin asked him:

    “Is it true, sir, that you have an egg-shaped…”

  8. T W Huning July 16, 2019 @ 6:00 pm

    Dirty underwear?

    In other words, is he ____ing in his pants?

  9. Kalin July 16, 2019 @ 6:30 pm


    Me thinks the Jew doth protest too much Indeed.

  10. B July 16, 2019 @ 7:05 pm

    VT: Epstein Continued Child Rapes While “Jailed” in Florida…allowed by Judge to Fly to His Private Island

  11. B July 16, 2019 @ 8:07 pm

    How Israel Rules The World Of Cyber Security

  12. Brother Nathanaelp July 16, 2019 @ 9:55 pm

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  13. Jona July 17, 2019 @ 1:45 am

    “She is a liar”…what BS is this? He is a lawyer so he is the known LIAR.

    Why would she lie anyway? We know why he would lie now.

  14. David July 17, 2019 @ 3:50 am

    Below humane, lies not animalistic, but something, demonic, satanic.

    “Virtue of the devil is in his loins” says Al Pacino in “The Devil’s Advocate”.

    Why has God created those chimps, who wage wars, make crimes, sexually abuse children, girls?

  15. The Elder of Zyklon-B July 17, 2019 @ 12:09 pm

    This could all unravel beyond our wildest dreams here and the Baptists and rest of the evangelical Judeos would still be in denial, ready to cheer lead a massive attack on Iran.

    Think I am being too hard on them? Just try to shed a small amount of light on what these non-stop lying, treacherous Jews are doing and you will see what I mean.

    Bill Clinton smoked but did not inhale and Dershowitzy kept his panties on.

    Tell me something Julius Streicher said about die Juden that was not true.

  16. KathJuliane July 17, 2019 @ 3:30 pm

    Jeffrey Rapestain never, ever used his expired fraudulent passport — except when he was trying to “his Jewish identity from hijackers, kidnappers, or terrorists during travel in the Middle East”.

    Actually, Israel, Kingdom of Saudia Arabia and the other Persian Gulf monarchies have had back door diplomacy for years. While the majority of Arab and Muslim states don’t recognize the state of Israel, Jews have been flying in and out of the Zionist Arabia for years. Jews are allowed into the countries as long as their passports aren’t Israeli (so Israelis find alternatives), or have their visas stamped contain any official State of Israel stamps.

    If someone is visiting Israel and then plans to travel to Zionist Arabia, usually entry/exit stamps are marked on a separate paper so that they don’t show up on the passport.

    And Mossad is notorious for stolen, fake or forged passports from various countries.


    Daily Beast: Jeffrey Epstein’s Fake Foreign Passport Was Used in Saudi Arabia and Other Countries

    Prosecutors say it has stamps for travel in and out of France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia in the 1980s.

    Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyers downplayed his possession of a foreign passport under a fake name by suggesting he’d never used it—but prosecutors said Wednesday that’s not the case.

    In a letter to the federal judge who will decide if the financier stays in jail until trial, the U.S. attorney’s office said that the travel document “contains numerous ingress and egress stamps, including stamps that reflect use of the passport to enter France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia in the 1980s.”

    The passport—which was Austrian but listed a Saudi Arabia address—was found in a locked safe in Epstein’s Manhattan mansion, and prosecutors cited it in court earlier this week as evidence that the accused sex trafficker is a flight risk.

    Epstein’s attorneys then shot back that there was an innocent explanation for the passport: He acquired it as “personal protection,” to hide his Jewish identity from hijackers, kidnappers, or terrorists during travel in the Middle East.

    “The government offers nothing to suggest—and certainly no evidence—that Epstein ever used it,” the defense wrote to the judge—a day before the prosecutors did just that.

    And prosecutors also noted that Epstein’s explanation of the passport left unanswered questions.

    “The defendant’s submission does not address how the defendant obtained the foreign passport and, more concerning, the defendant has still not disclosed to the Court whether he is a citizen or legal permanent resident of a country other than the United States,” they wrote.

    Also found in the safe was $70,000 in cash and 48 small diamonds that prosecutors contend are often kept on hand by someone who needs to make a quick getaway.

    U.S. District Judge Richard Berman is set to decide Thursday whether Epstein should stay locked up at the Metropolitan Correctional Center or be put on house arrest at his mansion, which prosecutors have derisively called his “gilded cage.”


    Jeffrey Mossadstein, is that you?

    What were you doing in the 1980s? Gun-running for the CIA/Mossad to Afghanistan and Iraq? Running covert errands for Tel Aviv?

  17. Steve July 18, 2019 @ 3:25 am


    Accuser refuses to testify.

    D’uh! Like THAT was a hard one to figure out.

    Just boob bait for the lumpen proletariat Goyim.

    The why’s and how’s re the Dersh and Epstein beat their raps will nevertheless be interesting!

    Stay tuned, boys and girls. Same pedophile time, same pedophile station.

  18. Steve July 18, 2019 @ 3:59 am



  19. KathJuliane July 18, 2019 @ 8:31 am

    Dershy now says “the old, old Russian” masseuse is named Olga, and she was 50.


    The disgraced financier “collected people,” said a source. Could some of them be implicated in his crimes? Meanwhile, Alan Dershowitz (“He’s a bad person”) and David Boies (“He’s a liar”) are already at war over the case.

    The Jeffrey Epstein case is an asteroid poised to strike the elite world in which he moved. No one can yet say precisely how large it is. But as the number of women who’ve accused the financier (at least, that’s what he claimed to be) of sexual assault grows to grotesque levels—there are said to be more than 50 women who are potential victims—a wave of panic is rippling through Manhattan, DC, and Palm Beach, as Epstein’s former friends and associates rush to distance themselves, while gossiping about who might be ensnared. Donald Trump’s labor secretary, Alexander Acosta, architect of the original 2007 non-prosecution agreement that let Epstein off with a wrist slap, has already been forced to resign.

    The questions about Epstein are metastasizing much faster than they can be answered: Who knew what about Epstein’s alleged abuse? How, and from whom, did Epstein get his supposed $500 million fortune? Why did Acosta grant Epstein an outrageously lenient non-prosecution agreement? (And what does it mean that Acosta was reportedly told Epstein “belonged to intelligence”?)

    [It’s something like — reporter heard it, unknown date, from someone who heard it from anonymous White House staffer who may or may not have been in on the original White House interview of Acosta before Trump’s nominated him for Secretary of Labor. – Kj]

    But among the most pressing queries is which other famous people might be exposed for committing sex crimes.

    “There were other business associates of Mr. Epstein’s who engaged in improper sexual misconduct at one or more of his homes. We do know that,” said Brad Edwards, a lawyer for Courtney Wild, one of the Epstein accusers who gave emotional testimony at Epstein’s bail hearing. “In due time the names are going to start coming out.” (Attorneys for Epstein did not respond to a request for comment.)

    Likely within days, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit will release almost 2,000 pages of documents that could reveal sexual abuse by “numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders,” according to the three-judge panel’s ruling.

    The documents were filed during a civil defamation lawsuit brought by Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a former Mar-a-Lago locker-room attendant, against Epstein’s former girlfriend and alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell.

    “Nobody who was around Epstein a lot is going to have an easy time now. It’s all going to come out,” said Giuffre’s lawyer David Boies. Another person involved with litigation against Epstein told me: “It’s going to be staggering, the amount of names. It’s going to be contagion numbers.”

    Epstein remained a fixture in elite circles even after he was a registered sex offender. A few years ago, for example, he was a guest at a dinner in Palo Alto hosted by LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman for the MIT neuroscientist Ed Boyden.

    At the dinner, Elon Musk introduced Epstein to Mark Zuckerberg. (“Mark met Epstein in passing one time at a dinner honoring scientists that was not organized by Epstein,” Zuckerberg spokesman Ben LaBolt told me. “Mark did not communicate with Epstein again following the dinner.”)

    In an email, Elon Musk responded: “I don’t recall introducing Epstein to anyone, as I don’t know the guy well enough to do so, Epstein is obviously a creep and Zuckerberg is not a friend of mine.

    “Several years ago, I was at his house in Manhattan for about 30 minutes in the middle of the afternoon with Talulah [Riley], as she was curious about meeting this strange person for a novel she was writing. We did not see anything inappropriate at all, apart from weird art. He tried repeatedly to get me to visit his island. I declined.”

    One source who’s done business with Epstein told me that Epstein’s 21,000-square-foot townhouse on East 71st Street welcomed a steady stream of the Davos crowd in the past decade.

    The source said Bill Gates, Larry Summers, and Steve Bannon visited the house, which has been called one of the largest private residences in Manhattan. “Jeffrey collected people. That’s what he did,” the source said. Gates and Summers did not respond to requests for comment.

    Thus far, the name most publicly associated with Epstein’s alleged crimes is famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who’s been waging a public battle with David Boies for years.

    In April, Boies’s client Giuffre sued Dershowitz for defamation after Dershowitz called her a liar (a strategy similar to that of seven of Bill Cosby’s accusers).

    In the days since the FBI arrested Epstein at Teterboro Airport a week and a half ago, Dershowitz has been going on television and dialing up friends and reporters to profess his innocence and label Giuffre and Boies liars.

    “I want everything to come out! I’m not afraid of anything because I did nothing wrong,” Dershowitz told me on the afternoon of July 15.

    He called me a minute after I had emailed him for comment. He said he’d been friends with Epstein since 1996, when they were introduced at a party on Martha’s Vineyard by Lynn Forester de Rothschild. “She begged me to meet him. She told me, ‘here’s this smart academic.’”

    A few days later, Epstein invited Dershowitz to Les Wexner’s 59th birthday party at Wexner’s mansion in New Albany, Ohio. “It’s a tradition that Jeff invited the smartest person he met that year. He told them I was the smartest.” They remained close for years.

    Dershowitz strenuously denied ever participating in Epstein’s underage sex ring and said he’d only been in Epstein’s presence with his wife. “I got one massage!” he told me. “It was from a 50-year-old Russian woman named Olga. And I kept my shorts on. I didn’t even like it. I’m not a massage guy.”

    Dershowitz said he secretly (and legally) tape-recorded settlement conversations with Boies and that the phone calls capture Boies admitting that Giuffre’s allegations aren’t true. “Boies is a bad person,” he told me.

    “I never said that,” Boies responded when I asked about Dershowitz’s version of the phone calls. “What Alan does is he plays a second or two out of context; he never lets anybody listen to the whole thing.” Boies also dismissed Dershowitz’s claim that he never met Giuffre at Epstein’s house.

    According to Boies, Epstein’s former employees said in sworn depositions that they saw Dershowitz at the house multiple times without his wife. “This Olga woman doesn’t exist. Epstein’s barely kept women around who were over 25. It’s a figment of Alan’s imagination,” Boies said.



    Palm Beach Post: Jeffrey Epstein: Judge denies bail for multimillionaire sex offender

  20. Brother Nathanael July 18, 2019 @ 12:14 pm

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    7 pm Pacific//Listen Live @

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  22. KathJuliane July 18, 2019 @ 5:36 pm

    Today, Daily Beast updated yesterday’s report on Jeffrey Mossadstein’s Austrian passport with the Saudi Arabia address adding this:

    “Epstein was given the passport at issue by a friend,” defense lawyer Marc Fernich wrote.

    “Some Jewish-Americans were informally advised at the time to carry identification bearing a non-Jewish name when traveling internationally in case of hijacking.

    “He never used the document to travel internationally and never presented it to any immigration or customs authority. The passport stamps, predating his receipt of the document, do not reflect Mr. Epstein’s entries or exits.”

    Oh, sure. Now we know that he traveled around on a “previously-owned” Austrian passport with a Saudi Arabia passport using a non-Jewish name.

    And Saudi Arabia was very covertly involved, through Pakistan’s intelligence services, with financing and arming the CIA-backed Afghani Mujahideen rebels assisted by Osama bin Laden’s “Afghan Arabs” (when he was “our” Osama bin Laden) under the watchful eye of Zbignew Brzezinski against the Soviet Union during the Soviet-Afghanistan.

    At the same time, the Saudis were exporting Wahabism into Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other Central Asian & then southern Soviet Muslim countries such as Chechnya.

    Did I ever tell you the one about how the US during the Soviet-Afghanistan War smuggled millions of ‘militarized’ Qu’rans, schoolbooks, and other educational materials developed by the University of Nebraska-Omaha and its Center for Afghanistan radicalize the kids for the Cold War?

    Maybe Jeffrey Mossadstein was covertly delivering books to the Mujahideen who became the Taliban, and Ben Laden’s Afghan Arabs, who became Al Qaeda, delivered to many Wahabi/Salafi madrassas secretly exported, funded and supported by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Washington Post (2002) at the Emperor’s Clothes archives:

    By Joe Stephens and David B. Ottaway
    Washington Post, 23 March 2002
    [Posted 3 April 2002]

    *As Afghan schools reopen today, the United States has delivered 4 million radical Islamist texbooks. More are on the way.* (See text below).

    In the twilight of the Cold War, the United States spent millions of dollars to supply Afghan schoolchildren with textbooks filled with violent images and militant Islamic teachings, part of covert attempts to spur resistance to the Soviet occupation.

    The primers, which were filled with talk of jihad and featured drawings of guns, bullets, soldiers and mines, have served since then as the Afghan school system’s core curriculum. Even the Taliban used the American-produced books, though the radical movement scratched out human faces in keeping with its strict fundamentalist code.

    As Afghan schools reopen today, the United States is back in the business of providing schoolbooks. But now it is wrestling with the unintended consequences of its successful strategy of stirring Islamic fervor to fight communism. What seemed like a good idea in the context of the Cold War is being criticized by humanitarian workers as a crude tool that steeped a generation in violence.

    Last month, a U.S. foreign aid official said, workers launched a “scrubbing” operation in neighboring Pakistan to purge from the books all references to rifles and killing. Many of the 4 million texts being trucked into Afghanistan, and millions more on the way, still feature Koranic verses and teach Muslim tenets.

    The [Bush] White House defends the religious content, saying that Islamic principles permeate Afghan culture and that the books “are fully in compliance with U.S. law and policy.” Legal experts, however, question whether the books violate a constitutional ban on using tax dollars to promote religion.

    Published in the dominant Afghan languages of Dari and Pashtu, the textbooks were developed in the early 1980s under an AID grant to the University of Nebraska-Omaha and its Center for Afghanistan Studies. The agency spent $51 million on the university’s education programs in Afghanistan from 1984 to 1994.

    During that time of Soviet occupation, regional military leaders in Afghanistan helped the U.S. smuggle books into the country. They demanded that the primers contain anti-Soviet passages. Children were taught to count with illustrations showing tanks, missiles and land mines, agency officials said. They acknowledged that at the time it also suited U.S. interests to stoke hatred of foreign invaders.

    “I think we were perfectly happy to see these books trashing the Soviet Union,” said Chris Brown, head of book revision for AID’s Central Asia Task Force.

    AID dropped funding of Afghan programs in 1994. But the textbooks continued to circulate in various versions, even after the Taliban seized power in 1996.

    Also see Washington Post’s 2014 article also at The Taliban indoctrinates kids with jihadist textbooks paid for by the U.S.

    After the United States helped chase out the Taliban government in Afghanistan in 2001, it came across a legacy of its earlier intervention in the region.

    As The Washington Post reported in 2002, the United States had spent millions of dollars beginning in the 1980s to produce and disseminate anti-Soviet textbooks for Afghan schoolchildren. The books encouraged a jihadist outlook, which was useful propaganda at the time for a Washington driven by the imperatives of the Cold War.

    Oh, oops.

  23. KathJuliane July 18, 2019 @ 11:51 pm

    +BN mentioned on Rense this brutal Jewish gang rape of a British tourist in Cyprus example of how Israhell is the dim lightbulb unto the world.

    The Ynet Hebrew version has a video of their arrests and getting loaded on the bus with their shirts over their heads. At least one began boo-hoo-hooing.

    The gang-raping thugs reportedly called home bawling their heads off to their mamas.

    Cyprus is a popular party & tourist spot for arrogant Israeli youth looking for a wild spring break or party vacation after graduation or before going in the army. Three years ago, I believe the same hotel was destroyed by other partying Israeli “youths”.

    Especially obnoxious are “Israeli Backpackers” who are recently discharged, screwed up, psycopathic IDF soldiers who go on government-paid treks and vacations to “get their heads together” for a year or two after their stints brutalizing and murdering Palestinians.

    Israeli Jews are always creating problems in places they travel to, and Cyprus is a hot spot, especially in Greek Cyprus. Ayia Napa has a long history of Jewish violence, vandalism, and mischief.

    They abuse and cheat the locals, camp out or vandalize hotel and resort properties, get even more screwed up on drugs, and are such obnoxious and rude Jews that even other Jews from outside of the Jewish state (sometimes rude and pushy, but certainly more polite than the dangerous Israeli clowns) are embarrassed.

    Gilad Atzmon translated the original Hebrew Ynet report:


    Israeli Gang Rape-The Horrific Details British Press Seems to Conceal.

    Since the British press fails its duty here is a translation of a Ynet’s article about yesterday’s alleged rape of a British young woman by 12 Israelis

    Prime suspect raped and called his friends to join the act, the British victim barely escaped

    Horror in room 723:

    The British tourist told the police in Cyprus how the 12 Israelis raped her one by one, and after escaping without clothes, they followed her. She claimed that the suspects ignored her pleas and photographed the attack.

    The Cypriot police collected findings and samples from the room and bodies (DNA) of the suspects.

    She cried, tried to escape – but was mercilessly raped.

    The police document filed yesterday (Thursday) at the Cyprus court paints a harsh picture of the horror of the 19-year-old British rape victim in room 723, Pambus Napa Rox Hotel in Ayia Napa.

    According to the police document, the young woman was summoned on the night of July 17 to the room of one of the suspects she met and had sex with in the days preceding the group rape.

    After a brief conversation, he treated her violently, raped her while ignoring refusal – he then invited his 11 friends who raped her one by one.

    The young victim told the police that some of the suspects photographed the group rape on their mobile phones.

    Eleven phones were taken for inspection, but the police have not yet released their findings. So far, nine suspects admitted to being in the room at the time of the incident, and three others insist that they were not involved.

    The 19-year-old British tourist testified that she knew two of the suspects three days before the group rape and that she had sex with one of them (defined as “suspect number 1”) at least twice during the vacation.

    Yesterday, after talking again, she was invited to the room of one of them for another intimate meeting – but he treated her violently.

    She asked him to stop. The young woman said that the Israeli youth ignored her pleas and continued his actions against her will.

    As the young man continued to force himself on the tourist – he invited 11 of his roommates, who were gathered around the bed.

    According to the police document, the young man committed sodomy on the young Brit while his friends raped her one by one. According to the police document, only some of them used contraception.

    The Cypriot police notes in its report that at one point the young man who invited his friends tried to hold on to her legs so that she could not resist his friends.

    After she tried to free herself from their grasp, the young woman managed to escape from the room naked. The young (israeli) man who initiated the rape, according to the local police, began to follow her along with some of his friends.

    According to the police report, the British girl met her friends after fleeing the room and described the horrors she was subject to.

    The friends took her to the hotel clinic, and from there they called the local police. The British tourist was evacuated to the hospital, where she underwent a rape test.

    The police report shows that the young man changed his version and confessed that he had sex with the British woman along with another friend, but insisted that there was no one else besides them.

    In the course of the interrogation, the suspect changed his version again, and confessed to the interrogators that additional members were present in the room.

    Police investigators arrived at the suspect’s room, who first denied any connection to the British girl, and collected 18 condoms, including five used ones, four bedsheets and samples from the carpet in the room.

    The police said it would compare the DNA samples taken from all suspects to findings found in the hotel room.

    Two of the suspects were bruised, according to the police, resulted from fight that broke out with other tourists at the hotel after the rape.

    Original Hebrew with video.

    Do an online translation for more details – some 35 witnesses among guests and staff, and the Cypriot authorities under court order are keeping the darling little thugs (who would never hurt a fly because they are good students their mothers will let you know) for 8 days in detention until their first court hearing. Too much of a flight risk:,7340,L-5553294,00.html

    Times of Israel rounds out the picture of a true international incident:

    The Famagusta district court heard that the British tourist had scratches on her lower extremities. According to prosecutors, it was assessed that the injuries were deliberately inflicted, the Ynet news site reported.

    The 19-year-old British women reportedly admitted that she became acquainted with one of the suspects in the days before the alleged rape and had sex with him on more than one occasion.

    Parents and attorneys flew out to Cyprus to be with the suspects, some of whom are as young as 17.

    As they were brought to the courthouse, the suspects saw their parents and shouted to them that local police were “abusing us” and that they had been beaten by them, the Kan public broadcaster reported.

    The 12 were arrested early Wednesday morning on suspicion of raping the tourist in a hotel in the southeastern resort town of Ayia Napa. The arrests came after she filed a complaint with police.

    The women claims the suspects held her down by her hands and forced themselves on her, despite her shouting at them to stop, Kan reported.

    Hebrew-language media reported that some of the suspects were due to be inducted into the Israeli army in the coming days, including joining elite combat units.

    “Out of the 12 arrested, there are three central suspects,” defense attorney Nir Yaslovitzh said to Channel 12 TV news. “Nine of the suspects claim ‘we aren’t involved’ and three claim ‘we had sex with her but it was consensual.’”

    He said there is security camera footage of events from the evening when the alleged rape happened and police are reviewing the material.

    Attorney Yaniv Habari, also representing the detained Israelis, told Channel 13 news “we will make quiet efforts to release some of the youths. The Cypriot police understand that some of them are minors and the sensitivity of the issue.”

    Israel’s Foreign Ministry said Wednesday that Cypriot law enforcement had allowed Israeli diplomats access to the suspects.


    Ayia Napa is also a very popular vacation spot for Brits.

    The Sun and other UK media have reported that as word spread about the rape, some Brit tourists turned on other members of the Israeli group who they believed to be involved.

  24. KathJuliane July 19, 2019 @ 2:00 pm

    Off topic but of interest:

    Orthodox Christianity: 60,000 process in Ekaterinburg in honor of the Royal Martyrs (+ VIDEO)
    Ekaterinburg, July 17, 2019

    The holy Royal Martyrs are among the most beloved of Russian saints today, and the annual Royal Days celebrations in their honor always draw a large number of pilgrims from throughout Russia and abroad.

    This year, 60,000 Orthodox faithful gathered for the nighttime Liturgy at Church on the Blood in Ekaterinburg, built on the site where the Royal Family and their faithful servants were brutally slain, and the following procession to the Monastery of the Holy Royal Passion-Bearers in Ganina Yama, built on the site where their holy bodies were discarded, on the night of July 16-17, reports the Ekaterinburg Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church.


    IC XC
    NI KA

  25. Ida Brangman July 19, 2019 @ 8:13 pm


    The phallocentric abuser will change only when people like me speak up.

  26. Citizenfitz July 19, 2019 @ 9:01 pm

    An “old, old Russian woman”? In Dirty Dersh’s world that must mean she was over fifteen.

    But, if I may, let me play prophet for a minute: nothing much will come of this mini tempest.

    Randy Andy and Dirtywits will walk. Epstein will get a few years at a federal resort prison – then be released after about nine months – and retire from public view. Though not from his old habits.

    Their accusers will withdraw their claims or meet with misfortunes.

    A check is headed your way, Brother Nate.

  27. KathJuliane July 20, 2019 @ 3:32 pm

    Dershy, arch-Zionist and a great defender of Israel in every and all circumstances, thinks the murderous thugs of the IOF, the “most moral army in the world” is a fine example of Jewish honor, bravery, and “self-defense”.

    It’s The Israeli Way.


    Haaretz: Gideon Levy The Protest Dispersed. Then an Israeli Sniper Shot a 9-year-old Boy in the Head

    From 100 meters away, an IDF soldier shot a Palestinian boy in the head in the West Bank village of Kafr Qaddum. The bullet exploded into dozens of fragments in the child’s brain and he’s now in an induced coma

    In the freezer of their home in Kafr Qaddum in the West Bank, the family is preserving the last memories they have of their youngest child: a chocolate-banana popsicle and a piece of watermelon on a toothpick.

    Abd el-Rahman Shatawi had bought them about half an hour before an Israel Defense Forces sniper knelt on the slope of the rocky hill overlooking the village, and from a distance of 100 meters fired one live round into the 9-year-old’s head.

    The bullet exploded into dozens of pieces of shrapnel in his brain.

    Shatawi is now in the intensive care ward of Safra Children’s Hospital, at Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer. He is in an induced coma and is hooked up to a medical ventilator.

    His father and a cousin don’t leave his bedside for more than a few minutes, hoping for a miracle. But it’s unlikely that this boy will ever be able to enjoy the treats he bought.

    At 1:15 P.M., the demonstrators set out from the center of Kafr Qaddum; according to the organizers, there were 300 to 400 people.

    This month, the stubborn protests entered their ninth year: Every Friday and Saturday, residents march toward the road leading into their village, which has long been blocked off by the IDF to accommodate the neighboring settlement of Kedumim. Their goal is to protest the takeover of their lands by Kedumim, and the closing of the road.

    Last Friday they had proceeded for about 10 minutes, when a few dozen soldiers emerged, spreading out in a wide swath, from among the olive trees nearby.

    It’s a weekly ritual. But this time, according to the demonstrators, the troops fired with greater intensity than usual, using rubber-coated metal bullets and stun grenades.

    The shooting began at 1:25 and continued for about 20 minutes, while young people from the village set tires ablaze and threw stones at the soldiers from a distance.

    The dramatic turning point, although the IDF has denied it, occurred at 1:30 P.M., when the soldiers switched to live fire. Why they did so isn’t clear – none of them was in mortal danger, certainly not the sniper lurking high on the hill.

    The villagers saw the bullets fly and lodge in the walls of houses and water tanks, puncturing the latter so their contents streamed out, and they were seized by fear. The soldiers used automatic fire, dozens of bullets at least, they say.

    Murad Shatawi, coordinator of the demonstrations and one of the village’s leaders, shouted to the young people at the head of the protest to back off.

    The demonstrators call their protest nonviolent; their strategy is to sustain minimum losses. The fact is that no one has been killed here in the last eight years, apart from an elderly man who suffocated from tear gas in 2014.

    The protest leaders were certain that as soon as the soldiers saw that the villagers had retreated, they would stop shooting. But the troops kept up their fire. At about 2 P.M., Murad heard shouts: “A boy has been killed!” He ran toward the site, which was an offshoot of the main demonstration, involving a few dozen youngsters.

    Riad Shatawi, 45, was sitting in the shade of an olive tree near the road and the protest with his 11-year-old twins, Halfi and Mohammed. Abd el-Rahman stood behind them, near the house of his friend, Ezz.

    Riad, a Palestinian Authority police officer, recalls seeing four soldiers on the slope of the hill across the way – three standing and one in a sniper’s crouch. About 100 meters separated the troops and Riad and his sons, on the street below.

    He grabbed the boys and fled with them as fast as they could. Abd el-Rahman was left alone, standing just a few meters behind them. He certainly could not have posed a mortal danger to anyone, says Riad.

    Riad didn’t manage to warn Abd el-Rahman about the sniper, and a split second later he heard the sound of a shot from the direction of the hill.

    Turning around in horror, he saw the boy fall on his side, blood streaming from his head. He rushed over and, together with another villager, Nisfat Shatawi, picked him up and screamed hysterically for help from a Palestinian ambulance parked nearby, as at every demonstration.

    This week we saw bloodstains smeared at the site where the 9-year-old had been shot, along a concrete path and dozens of meters of road, where he had been carried to the ambulance. Nisfat now climbs high up on the rocky slope, to show us where the soldiers were – far off, well up the hill.

    The shooting continued even after the boy was hit, we were told. The bullets struck the tin fences and the walls of houses. We saw the holes they made.

    Abd el-Rahman was “like a sack,” Riad says now – unconscious, not responding. The head of the local council, Samir el-Kadumi, a nurse by profession, accompanied the boy in the ambulance that sped toward Rafadiya Hospital in Nablus.

    The chief surgeon, Dr. Othman Othman, rushed the boy into the operating room to try to stanch the serious intracranial bleeding revealed by the CT scan.

    Yasser, Abd el-Rahman’s father, was summoned urgently from his job in Tira to the hospital, where he and the villagers who’d gathered there were told that dozens of bullet fragments, between 70 and 100, were now dispersed in the boy’s brain.

    In Kafr Qaddum they’re convinced that this is a new and particularly nasty kind of ammunition.

    The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit this week issued the following statement to Haaretz:

    “Last Friday a disturbance developed in Kafr Qaddum with the participation of about 60 Palestinians, during which tires were burned and stones were thrown at IDF forces present at the site.

    “The IDF troops responded with crowd-dispersal means that included stun grenades and the firing of rubber [bullets]. In the course of the event, a Palestinian minor was wounded. The incident is being investigated by the commander.

    “At the conclusion of the investigation, the findings will be transmitted to the military advocate general’s office for further examination.”

    Says Murad Shatawi angrily: “If you think that this type of soldier can defend you, you are mistaken. Soldiers without ethics cannot defend you.

    “The sniper assumes his position. There are burning tires, there is stone throwing. But what is the meaning of the fact that the soldier chooses to shoot a little boy – that is the question.

    “Why a child? The soldier can’t claim that he missed his target. The IDF also cannot claim that the sniper did not see the boy or that he did not know he was shooting at him.

    “If he had the minimum amount of morality, he would at least have shot him in the legs. But in his head? They want to harm our children. They have already shot them with Rugers [0.22 mm bullets].

    “But this is the first time they have fired live ammunition at a child’s head. They have fired tear gas into houses, knowing that babies and old people were inside. But shooting a child in the head with live ammunition is something we haven’t seen here.

    “I know what the IDF’s message is,” continues Shatawi. “It wants to stop the demonstrations by shooting our children. But they have not understood our message.

    “Thousands of Palestinian martyrs have fallen, and nothing has changed. We will continue our struggle, because the occupation must end today. Not tomorrow. We are human beings, we love life. We don’t want to breathe gas and we don’t want to die.

    “We have educated and raised our children; their place is not on the battlefield. We love them. We love knowing that they will grow up and become teachers, doctors, engineers.

    “A child is a child, here and in Israel. Your children plan their weekends – whether they will go to the beach or on a hike. We only plan how to protect our children. You might ask: Why do you allow your children to take part in demonstrations? And our answer will be: Help us to end the occupation.”

    Yasser, 54, and his wife Aida, 50, have three sons and three daughters; Abd el-Rahman is the youngest. Yasser works in a bakery in Tira.

    Aida has had her share of suffering: She was in a serious accident a few years ago and underwent open-heart surgery about two weeks ago. Since her son was shot she has closeted herself at home, weeping constantly, unable to be at his side in the Israeli hospital.

    Her husband looks totally shattered as he sits by the boy’s bed, day and night, with the child’s adult cousin, Umar.

    Abd el-Rahman is in room 9 in the new part of the Safra ICU. The sights here are unbearable, but the design is very impressive.

    The director of the ward, Prof. Gideon Paret, smiling and exceptionally welcoming, says that there is hope for the boy. This week he moved his legs. A resident physician from Hebron is treating him.

    Meanwhile, the child’s head is swollen and a seemingly endless number of tubes are stuck into his young body, which rises and falls in rhythm with the mechanical ventilator.

    (Subscription only):

  28. The Elder of Zyklon-B July 21, 2019 @ 1:56 pm

    KathJuliane mentioned the obnoxious, psycopathic “Israeli Backpackers”.

    Patagonia is one of their big hangouts. This rather dated article explains some about it.

  29. Laskarina July 21, 2019 @ 7:32 pm

    Great job as usual, +BN

    Here is a video which links Epstein to a bigger more sordid picture and all the way back to the Satanist Jack Parsons and the jet propulsion lab as well MKUltra and AI:

    “Jeffrey Epstein and Mad Scientists”

  30. KathJuliane July 21, 2019 @ 9:32 pm

    One more thing to be proud of for a United Vassal States of Zion evangelical “Judeo-christian” worshiper of Israhell under submission to the rabbis and the Talmud.

    Praise murdering, land-thieving, war criminal Israel from which all blessings flow.

    These aren’t part and parcel to constant military occupation war crimes against the Palestinian people, they are obviously “blessings” the Palestinians don’t appreciate.


    If Americans Knew: Israeli Forces Seize Palestinian Garbage Trucks, Detain Drivers

    Israel has been dumping its waste on Palestinian land for years. Now it has confiscated Palestinian garbage trucks…

    BACKGROUND: Al Jazeera reported in December 2017:

    Israeli rights group B’Tselem has released a scathing new report detailing Israel’s transferral of waste to treatment facilities in the occupied West Bank, in violation of international law.

    According to the report, released on Tuesday, Israel has established at least 15 waste treatment facilities in the West Bank to recycle waste largely produced inside Israel.

    Six of the facilities process hazardous waste that poses serious health and environmental risks for surrounding Palestinian communities, the group stated.

    The report details five Israeli facilities in the West Bank treating waste from Israel, four of which handle hazardous waste, including biological and medical waste, solvent waste from the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, oil waste and electronic and metal waste.

    Israel produces some 350,000 metric tonnes of hazardous waste each year, according to B’Tselem.

    Environmental regulations inside Israel can make the operating costs of waste treatment facilities high…In the West Bank, which has been ruled by Israeli military law since 1967, Israel can loosen its environmental policies to allow waste facilities to operate more cheaply.

    “Israel has turned the West Bank into a garbage dump,” Adam Aloni, a B’Tselem researcher and author of the report, told reporters at a news conference.

    Reposted from IMEMC News, July 10, 2019

    A group of Israeli soldiers on Wednesday detained Palestinian municipal employees in the village of Beit Fourik, in the northern West Bank, and seized several vehicles used for trash collection.

    According to local sources, the vehicles that were seized include a garbage truck, a tractor used for hauling garbage and a third vehicle used in trash collection.

    The vehicles were loaded with garbage and were headed to a landfill site east of the village, located near Nablus in the northern West Bank, when they were detained by Israeli soldiers in military vehicles.

    The soldiers approached with weapons drawn and ordered the municipal employees out of their vehicles, then held them for several hours in the hot sun, and took the vehicles away to an unknown location.

    The Palestinian Wafa News Agency spoke with Ata Samara, a health inspector with the Beit Fourik village council, who told them that this trash collection by the municipality is a daily collection, and this is the first time they have been harassed by Israeli occupation forces.

    Samara added that the trash dump is located in Area B of the West Bank, which is administered by the Palestinian Authority but falls under Israeli military rule, adding that the village council was not informed by the army that it would no longer be allowed to dump there.

    He said the seizure of the truck and car is part of an effort by the Israeli army to make life difficult for the Palestinians in that village.

    Without a trash truck or a place to put garbage, the Palestinians of the village will be forced to fend for themselves, which will likely result in a buildup of trash at homes in the village, and unsanitary conditions will result.

    Israeli authorities have created multiple landfill sites for Israeli garbage on stolen Palestinian land in the West Bank, and frequently haul and dump Israeli garbage onto Palestinian village land.

    However, in recent years the Israeli authorities have made it harder and harder for Palestinians in the West Bank to dump their garbage, instead closing off the Palestinian landfills and dumps or putting roadblocks to prevent the Palestinians from reaching them.

    Israeli forces have targeted the village of Beit Fourik for collective punishment, in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, since March, when an Israeli settler was killed in a settlement nearby. [Israeli forces had already killed 11 Palestinians that month._


    Israel says “No” to clean running water for Palestinian villages.

    While illegal, unauthorized Israeli settlements nearby enjoy full access to water stolen water.

    Israeli Settlement Pollutes Palestinian Olive Groves With Sewage Water

  31. KathJuliane July 21, 2019 @ 10:55 pm

    State Terrorism – The Israeli Way

    It’s the first time the IOF has destroyed Palestinian homes in areas under the direct control of the Palestinian Authority.


    Al Jazeera: Israel begins destroying Palestinian homes in West Bank

    Israeli forces have begun the demolition of about 100 Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank built close to the separation barrier.

    The residents of Wadi al-Hummus had fought a seven-year legal battle to overturn the military eviction order.

    But Israel’s High Court dismissed the case despite the land being under the administration of the Palestinian Authority.

    Al Jazeera’s Rob Matheson reports live from Wadi al-Hummus in the occupied West Bank.

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