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Goy’s Guide To Keeping Kosher

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Goy’s Guide To Keeping Kosher
November 4 2021

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Brother Nathanael @ November 4, 2021


  1. Brother Nathanael November 4, 2021 @ 9:40 pm


    Goy’s Guide To Keeping Kosher

    Welcome Walmart Shoppers!

    Your Peanut Butter, Cap’n Crunch, Foils, Dish Soap, and Cream Cheese are all marked “Kosher” for your culinary pleasure.

    The “K” stands for “Kosher” and the “U” stands for the “Union of Orthodox Congregations.”

    Both signify “kosher”—not as given by the Old Testament since it doesn’t deal with dish soaps and plastics— but by the Jewish Talmud which blasphemes the Lord Jesus Christ.

    So if a goy, Christian or not, thinks he needs to keep “kosher,” he’s obeying the Talmud, not the Bible.

    Even if he thinks he’s obeying the Bible by keeping “kosher” he places himself under the Mosaic Law and thus must keep the whole Law.

    You see, Moses prescribes animal sacrifices, blood rituals, and even multiple washings every time a dead animal is touched, or menstruations and nocturnal emissions occur.

    But Christians are under the New Covenant—not the Old—and all these Old Covenant bloody rituals and ablutions are done away with.

    They are replaced with Holy Baptism and Holy Communion.

    Eat what you want, it’s what comes out of a man that defiles him, the Messiah Jesus teaches, not food and drink.

    Now since Jews make up just 1.8 % of the population, and religious Jews who keep kosher make up a fraction of this, we are looking at a major scam.

    This scam means that 98.2 % of Americans who couldn’t care less about keeping kosher are forced into eating kosher.

    With a rabbi present during food production, a “Kosher Tax” and a “Kosher Stamp” are branded on the foods the goyim eat.

    This issues forth a ‘forced communion’ shoved down the goy’s throat aligning him with—IN HIS VERY STOMACH—with a “rabbinic-approved” Judaic World System.

    This Judaic World System is shadowed in the Old Testament where the earthly-minded Jew needed pictures that drew a contrast between “clean” and “unclean.”

    Pigs rolling in mud was a picture for the groveling Jew that pursuing carnal pleasures was unclean and filthy.

    Vultures flying upon prey was a picture for the vicious Jew that exploiting others was unclean and sinister.

    Snakes writhing on the ground was a picture for the devious Jew that hiding malice before striking was unclean and evil.

    Want a picture of a modern day Jewish snake?

    Squirms, slithers, and slides just like a snake. [Clip]

    [”Your son-in-law makes a very substantial sum of money from a company involved in the teaching of Critical Race Theory. Did you seek and receive a decision from an Ethics advisor at the Department of Justice before you carried out an action that would have a predictable financial benefit to your son-in-law?”

    “This memorandum is aimed at violence and threats–” “I just asked a question. Did you seek ethics–””It has no predictable effect–” “Did you seek an ethics opinion?” “It has no predict–” “Did you seek an ethics opinion? Judge, you know how to ask questions and answer them. Did you seek an ethics opinion?” “You asked me whether I sought an ethics opinion about something that would have a predictable effect on something. This has no predictable effect in the way that you’re talking about it.”

    “So, if Critical Race Theory is taught in more schools, does your son-in-law make more money?” “This memo has nothing–” “if Critical Race Theory is taught in more schools, does your son-in-law make more money, yes or no?” “This memorandum has nothing to do with Critical Race Theory or any other kind of curriculum–” “Will you answer if you sought an ethics opinion.” “I am answering the best I can.” “Yes or no, did you seek an ethics opinion?” “This memorandum has nothing–” “Did you seek an ethics opinion?” “This memorandum has nothing to do with–” “General, are you refusing to answer if you sought an ethics opinion?” “I’m telling you that there’s no possible connection–” “So you’re saying ‘no’. Just answer it directly. You know how to answer a question directly. Did you seek an ethics opinion?”]

    He’s a Jew, Ted, he can’t do that.

    He has to squirm, slither, and slide…just like a snake.

    Snakes are not kosher—as pictured in the Old Testament—so that the groveling Jew should not hide his malice before striking.

    But we Christians are taught to be straight-forward, not slithery things like the Jew Merrick Garland.

    We Christians do not need children’s pictures to know the difference between serpentine behavior, like Garland’s, versus upright behavior.

    While the Judaic World System with its “KOSHER STAMP” is shoved down they goyim’s throats…

    …the New Testament with its lofty aspirations are for the noble and gallant minded, not groveling Jews unless they repent, which is a very hard thing for Jews to do.

    Be washed, be regenerated, partake of the Divine food, as Jesus Christ teaches.

    Then the “clean” Christian is set apart from the “unclean” Jew.

  2. Brother Nathanael November 4, 2021 @ 9:41 pm

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  3. Brother Nathanael November 4, 2021 @ 9:41 pm

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  4. Citizen November 4, 2021 @ 9:58 pm

    What a coincidence.

    I was just working on an Italian meatball recipe with pork. Making non-kosher Italian meatballs and spaghetti tomorrow.

    Don’t know what your missing jews!

  5. Chris November 4, 2021 @ 10:08 pm

    Ted Cruz is no hero. He’s a servant of Satanic Israel.

    Then again ALL politicians in the Israeli-Occupied Government are Zionists, traitors, terrorists and murderers.

  6. Eric November 5, 2021 @ 1:51 am

    Merrick Garland (Garfinkel) is the epitome of the slimy, malevolent Jewish interloper.

    He seethes with a burning hatred of White people of Christian heritage.

    He will do anything he can to persecute us, using the DOJ and its enforcement arm, the corrupt FBI.

    A truly dangerous and despicable man — if you can even call him “human”.

    I don’t think you really can. He is of his father, the devil (John 8:44).

  7. Ted Gorsline November 5, 2021 @ 3:57 am

    Deliberately slitting the throats of the live and conscious animals (not stunned and unconscious like at Christian slaughter houses), killing the innocent (mostly lambs) under concentration camp conditions (no chance to escape) so the victims can watch the horror of their own deaths (blood spurting out of their throats) lies at the moral heart of Judaism.

    Its why the Israeli Defence Force has no moral problem fielding so-called soldiers wearing body armour and hiding behind mud barriers to murder stone throwing children from 400 yards away, and also killing unarmed nurses and peace activists.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I have never heard of the Waffen SS deliberately murdering children. It seems to be a Jewish thing? Maybe abortion speeds murder up.

    The Jews claim they have gathered in Palestine because they were badly treated in work camps in Germany but their behavior today is far worse than that of the Nazis who provided them with soccer fields, swimming pools and even brothels.

    The Nazis fed them until Allied bombers (the Brit Bomber Harris and the American Curtis Lemay) stopped food reaching the camps. I see on VT this week where the jews are deliberately cutting off water supplies to the Palestinians to kill them.

    Stopping water from reaching victims is the same as stopping food. Both activities are designed to kill people and that is what the jews are doing to the Palestinians as you read this post.

    If you do a Google search of the various concentration camps at the end of WW2 you will see the jews in many camps look fat and healthy. I would not be surprised to learn that the skinny ones alleged to be jews in some camps were really Catholic or Protestant.

    At the very least the jews should try to adopt the apparently far more humane value system of the Waffen SS. It would help turn them into better people.

    Solely because of bad behavior and not race, the true promised land of the Jews, as well as common criminals has always been either jails or concentration camps whether they be named Alcatraz, “Beyond the Pale” or Auschwitz. Jews inevitably end up in these places.

    It would have saved a lot of fuss and made for a far better world if at the end of WW2 the allies had simply kept the jews in the work camps and maybe repaired the fencing and/or fattened the skinny ones up a bit.

    Because that is where they will soon go, possibly to a new work camp called not Auschwitz or Beyond the Pale, but Gitmo, once the truth about 9/11 murder of 3,000 innocent Americans comes out.

  8. Ft. Nolan November 5, 2021 @ 7:50 am

    B-A-C-O-N makes everything better!

    A nice hot bowl of clam chowder (eaten out of a hollowed out sourdough loaf) and shrimp cocktail also make everything better.

    One other aspect of the Kosher labeling might have to do with ‘that no man might buy or sell without the mark.’ Kosher markings can be found on non-consumables as well. What is up with that?

  9. Santiago November 5, 2021 @ 9:28 am


    Kosher = Brainwash

  10. Ted Gorsline November 5, 2021 @ 12:13 pm

    Jewish CNN spent the whole day celebrating the life of Colin “step and fetchit for the jews” Powell.

    Thousands of lives, including thousand of American lives lost to make Israel greater again.

    I am sure old Collin now faces eternity stoking the flames of hell.

    Poor bugger. Hope he repented on his death bed before God dropped the hammer.

  11. GTS November 5, 2021 @ 3:34 pm

    Brilliant Bro Nat.

    You are truly indispensable. Thank you, thank you.

  12. JIM. DEAN November 5, 2021 @ 4:56 pm

    The Hebrew National Hot Dog is about the only real thing Jews have to offer.

    The Jews never changed the word “Hebrew” to “Jew”.

  13. Matt November 5, 2021 @ 8:11 pm

    Solzhenitsyn wrote the book 200 Years Together, a sad story about how the Russians made the mistake of letting the Jews in, and the misery and mass murder that followed.

    The band The Doors, wrote a song called “Riders on the Storm”.


    Maybe intentionally or by Divine providence, it tells the story of letting a killer or Jew in.

    The song goes:

    “There’s a killer on the road
    His brain is squirmin’ like a toad”

    “If you give this man a ride
    Sweet family will die
    Killer on the road, yeah”

    Don’t pick the (((killer))) up, or let him in, or you’ll die.

    Jim Morrison had a lot ties, and was either a Jew, close to them. Maybe he he knew the truth, and that lead to his premature death.

    Whenever the Jews get control murder will happen.

    If they don’t have a problem murdering, a lamb without spot or blemish, God’s only Son, believe me, they will have no problem killing you, and history has proven this fact out.

  14. Robertvnik November 5, 2021 @ 9:25 pm

    Ted Gorsline.

    I have watched an enjoyed your comments over the years. You have several times mentioned the cruelty of cutting the throat of an animal. However you may be a little unaware of what goes on when animals are slaughtered.

    When a sheep for exampled is in an abattoir and gets stunned with a stun gun it does not go to sleep. The skull is made of bone which is a poor transmitter of electricity.

    So the electric current goes straight down the flesh and into the spinal region where it causes excruciating agony and the animal goes stiff as all muscles instantly tense. The animal appears quite awake sometimes as it lies there too stunned to move as it’s throat is cut.

    I have seen it many times as I worked in an abattoir once and often with Muslims who do a short prayer over the animal as they cut the throat. Irrelevant to the story but these Muslim workers were the amongst most nicest of guys I have worked with.

    Now I don’t know what you believe but an animal is not a human being and lives by instinct not premeditated thought processes. How often have you cut yourself with a sharp knife?

    It doesn’t actually hurt that much as long as it’s sharp. When an animal gets it’s throat cut it feels what is happening and instinctively reacts until it goes unconscious. But a human has deep thoughts and would even know what is about to happen beforehand and therefore be in a state of panic.

    I have killed many this way and see it as less suffering than the stun gun which only makes city dwellers think it’s nice because it looks less messy.

    Last point though. What did the ancient men of God do when they slaughtered an animal? Abraham was righteous before God and was about to use a knife on his own son as if he were a sheep. Was he cruel?

  15. Michael Mazur November 5, 2021 @ 9:54 pm

    What was Trump thinking when he recited at several rallies the Snake Poem?

    I want to hear it again in 2 and a half years time:

    On her way to work one morning

    Down the path alongside the lake

    A tender-hearted woman saw a poor half-frozen snake

    His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew

    “Oh well,” she cried, “I’ll take you in and I’ll take care of you”

    “Take me in oh tender woman

    Take me in, for heaven’s sake

    Take me in oh tender woman,” sighed the snake

    She wrapped him up all cozy in a curvature of silk

    And then laid him by the fireside with some honey and some milk

    Now she hurried home from work that night as soon as she arrived

    She found that pretty snake she’d taken in had been revived

    “Take me in, oh tender woman

    Take me in, for heaven’s sake

    Take me in oh tender woman,” sighed the snake

    Now she clutched him to her bosom, “You’re so beautiful,” she cried

    “But if I hadn’t brought you in by now you might have died”

    Now she stroked his pretty skin and then she kissed and held him tight

    But instead of saying thanks, that snake gave her a vicious bite

    “Take me in, oh tender woman

    Take me in, for heaven’s sake

    Take me in oh tender woman,” sighed the snake

    “I saved you,” cried that woman

    “And you’ve bit me even, why?

    You know your bite is poisonous and now I’m going to die”

    “Oh shut up, silly woman,” said the reptile with a grin

    “You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in

    ”Take me in, oh tender woman

    Take me in, for heaven’s sake

    Take me in oh tender woman,“ sighed the snake

  16. Greg November 5, 2021 @ 9:54 pm


    I wonder if the Jabs have been labeled kosher?

  17. Adrien Arcand Books November 5, 2021 @ 10:21 pm

    New Full Preview Online:

    “IS CHRISTIANITY BANKRUPT?” by Adrien Arcand. His 1954 pair of public talks in Montreal forms a companion volume to THE UNIVERSAL REPUBLIC.

    Read the whole book, now in English for the first time.

  18. Ted Gorsline November 6, 2021 @ 12:46 am


    Thanks for your comments about throat cutting. I would like to learn all I can about humane killing and your information helps. I have actually done quite a bit of throat cutting and it still bothers me 54-years-later.

    When I was a boy I worked as a vaquero on Dadanawa ranch in British Guiana (now Guyana) which at 3,000 square miles was the largest open range cattle ranch in the western hemisphere.

    The operation ran just like a cattle ranch in Texas in 1880. We were dependent on horses and lassos and rounded up from 1,200 to 3,000 head of cattle once a month. We had 30,000 head of cattle of which 3,000 to 4,000 were wild and hid out in brush islands.

    There had been 60,000 head of cattle but they overgrazed the ranch so my boss, Stan Brock roped and culled 30,000 head to bring the herd size in line with the grass supply. You can’t sell bony cattle.

    He got enormous practice during the cull and so good with a lasso that he was discovered and hired as a star for the TV series Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. I was there the day they came to the ranch and discovered Stan. He then roped everything from giraffes,to cape buffalo to grizzly bears for the show.

    He was really good at roping dangerous animal. I accompanied him on many wild bull chases. One killed a horse under him, and when the horse fell on him he broke his shoulder blade. None better at roping dangerous animals. You can see him on You tube doing it.

    We had a huge fenced paddock near the main ranch house with 600 horses in it. We could ride 150 but 450 were half wild, unbroken and we could not catch them.

    I had to maintain the fence on the paddock and often while riding fence I found horses dying from Equine encephalitis.

    The broken horses didn’t die because we could catch and inoculate them for the disease, but the half wild breeding stock was not inoculated because we could not catch them, and once they got the disease they were doomed. You could not save them. It was too late for a vaccination to work.

    It took them about 3 days to die after they fell down and during that period the black vultures, which they also have in Texas, ate them alive beginning with the soft parts which are the eyes, genitals and anus. The horses were going through hell and digging trenches in the ground in agony by writhing their heads in the dirt.

    The moment I rode up the birds flew away and perched in trees to watch. The moment I left they returned and began pulling out the horses eyes. So whenever I came upon such a horse I cut its throat. I always felt quite awful standing there watching the blood pump out of the doomed animal. They took about 3 minutes to die but that was better than being eaten alive for 3 or more days.

    I tried to get a handgun permit to kill the horses quicker but British Guiana was then a British colony and the Brits like to disarm people so I never could get one. Most bullets go faster than the speed of sound so when you slaughter an animal with a gun it is dead before it hears the sound of the shot. Perhaps a gun is the quickest death of all?

    I also used to come upon whole herds of cattle dying from rabies gotten from rabid vampire bats. One year we lost 5,000 head. I didn’t cut their throats because I didn’t want to get their infected blood on me. I was always covered with scratches because we rode bare legged and footed and didn’t use chaps.

    The vultures had their way with the cattle but a handgun would have made their passing a lot more humane.

  19. Ted Gorsline November 6, 2021 @ 1:09 am

    Addenda, Israel’s National bird should be the vulture.

    About the only creatures they conserve are vultures that they equip with cameras because the birds migrate to the Sudan, and in that way the Israelis can spy on the Muslim part of the Sudan.

    I once hunted with the Minister of Information for Lebanon and he told me that despite their aversion to pork the Israelis introduced wild pigs into Lebanon to destroy the people’s crops.

    I see this week they are cutting off the Palestinian water supply. Even the Nazis didn’t behave that badly. According to Gordon Duff, Israel allegedly just nuked Lebanon so I guess the pigs didn’t do enough damage to the Lebanese food supply to please the jews.

  20. Citizen November 6, 2021 @ 5:10 am

    “They had such power. Israel had such power, and rightfully, over Congress. And now it doesn’t!” –D.J. Trump

    Trump was the golden goy. MIGA! Good riddance.

    There’s a lot of sayings about those who pretend to be your friend. Trump was a Jew York shabbos goy toy.

  21. KosChertified? November 6, 2021 @ 8:25 am

    Strictly regarding the “kosher” subject, and nothing else, American Christians should know that there is an app available for your smart phone that delivers a database of all products NOT Kosher Certified, as in NKC.

    You can go to either for a balanced inquiry on the topic, or for further insight and articles defending your rights to refrain from this imposed kosher intervention.

    As Brother Nathanael comments, it’s your choice. Our trademarked slogan is: “Exercise Your Dietary Free Will!” (while you still can)

    Our websites will get you up to speed on the nearly one century old practice of kosher certification. So check ’em out and get K-Wise today!

    Note: KosChertified? is merely a consumer watchdog, educating the general public and providing a tool for grocery shopping.

    It has no expertise or comment on religious perspectives and content outside this consumer support role for bringing awareness to ubiquitous kosher certification.

  22. The enemy within November 6, 2021 @ 9:05 am

    I thought Jews had been expelled 109 times throughout their history.

    However it turns out the real figure may be 10 times as high and that the number of expulsions for good behaviour is closer to 1030!

  23. Cpt_Obviuos November 6, 2021 @ 1:47 pm


    Jim Morrison was possibly Jewish through his peerage, which isn’t hard to look up. Morrisons are linked to many royal Jewish lines.

    People don’t tend to look at the rest of the band: Manzarek, Densmore and Krieger. Nice Irish names, eh?

    Why do you think The Doors got so much publicity, just like most other rock bands which do? Was their music that much better that they deserve their status, or were they manufactured by an unseen hand who marketed them and gave their songs major airtime?

    Look how long it took Pink Floyd, for example, which is a goy band, to make it big: six years, and word-of-mouth, before Dark Side of the Moon. The Doors, which was full of (((them)))?

    First album huge success, ubiquitous airtime, media coverage.

    QED, you just don’t get that unless you’re of the Tribe.

  24. Ted Gorsline November 6, 2021 @ 2:54 pm

    @The enemy within

    I subscribe to Bro Nats 109 figure but you have presented some pretty well documented stuff so maybe it was a typo and bro nat meant the jews had been expelled from 109 countries for bad behavior in the last two weeks.

    @Captain Obvious. There is no more worthless singer or song writer than Neil Diamond and he was propelled to fame by jew boy promotion. His music is akin to listening to chalk dragging across a black board.

    In addition jewess Julia Roberts was voted America’s most beautiful woman when her gaping mouth begins at one ear and ends many inches later at the other like a cartoon clown.

  25. Michael Mazur November 6, 2021 @ 3:26 pm

    Thanks Ted,

    You have an interesting bio.

  26. Missy November 6, 2021 @ 5:12 pm

    I have seen my share of killing on a small farm and while it is still much more merciful than any slaughterhouse method, it is still nasty and the animal is in a panic. May God save me from such a death.

    What would The Christ do?

    I know the answer. I have been meatless for about 40 years and can still walk upright and have no major health issues. God willing this will continue until a natural death.

    I don’t need a lecture about the loaves and fishes. That is what was available back them. If you need meat, by all means have it. Just consume it with moral awareness.

  27. KC November 6, 2021 @ 6:00 pm

    I read through some Israeli sites during Covid lockdowns.

    Whenever some of those sites discuss something ‘prophetic’ it seems like they’re trying too hard to be ‘biblical’ yet their judgments don’t have any weight. They’re flat, uninteresting, and serve the purpose that the Jews want to hear for themselves as opposed to the Truth.

    Arrogant Jews take God’s word to fit their agenda.

    I won’t be surprised if it’s like that in their way of life, at least for those trying to keep kosher.

    They claim to be so ‘intelligent’ but can’t see the big picture in correlation between Old and New Testament. Blind spot!

    The writings of numerous Holy Fathers, guided by the Holy Spirit, on the other hand, are rich in meaning, relate to our daily lives and give actual solutions on how to live the way God wants.

  28. Travis Layton November 7, 2021 @ 5:04 am

    Brother Nathanael, please teach us about the jewish terms YHWH, Yahweh, and Yashua.

    I do not find these terms anywhere in my KJV or 1611 KJV Bibles. From my research, it seems like the jews are trying to trick Christians into worshiping their fake messiah called Yeshua Hamashiach.

    They are saying Yeshua was the real name of Jesus and that’s what they called HIM in Hebrew, but since the New Testament was written in Greek I challenge the idea that Jesus was Hebrew.

    Regardless of that, my position in this debate is that in the original scripture HIS name was written in Greek as Iesous. I in Greek Translates to J in English which would get us to Jesous, and modern English pronunciation takes it to Jesus.

    When those who I argue this topic with start bringing up Hebrew, Latin, and Aramaic I argue that none of that matters.

    If we wanted to translate something in Spanish to English we wouldn’t go from Spanish to Chinese to English, we would just go straight from Spanish to English. So my position of how the original Greek name translates directly to English stands and is the only logical conclusion.

    After showing countless verses in the Greek and KJV New Testament Iesous and Jesus, I ask them to show which verses has Yhwh, Yahweh, or Yashua my opponent calls me names or blocks me and the debate is over but they never admit defeat.

    I fear that some of these synagogue of satan “transitional” cults like the 12 Tribes, Hebrew Roots Movement, jews for Jesus, etc, are part of a larger long term deception to convert Christians.

    They know that many of us will not fall for their toxic injections, and toxic hacker “cures” (such as horse dewormer and boiling the pesticides out of fruit peels to make a yummy batch of pesticide soup), so they need to try to oh so slowly convert Christians to judaism.

    I would be very grateful if you could confirm if you agree with my conclusion, or let us know your thoughts on the subject.

    I think it’s very important right now because I’m seeing more and more of this.

  29. Robertvnik November 7, 2021 @ 12:43 pm

    Travis Layton.

    There are many who teach that the New Testament was actually written in Hebrew.

    I think it was on the Your Arms to Israel website where I once read an article about it first which put a very good argument explaining how the book of Mathew must have been written in Hebrew which in turn linked up with the other gospels in a Hebrew way.

    You can find stuff about it on the net just by typing in “New Testament written in Hebrew” etc.

    Whether or not it’s correct it’s interesting to study but I am no scholar and only hope this may be of help to you.

  30. KathJuliane November 7, 2021 @ 12:56 pm

    God bless you dear +BN.

    Fantastic Video!

    I really enjoy how you wove it all together bringing in the toxic religion of rabbinic Judaism and kosherizing; using animal behaviors describing and symbolizing Jewish characteristics; and pointing out the moral disparities between how Christians are supposed to behave and how Jews behave in public.

    It is almost a timeless example of why Christians should separate from Judaizing influences, a matter which the great. St. John Chrysostomos was giving extensive sermons on to the Christians of Antioch, Syria about back in the mid-4th century.

    That exchange between Senator Cruz and Garland is a classic example of Jewish stonewalling, using the law and legalese to run out the clock on Cruz’s 5 minutes of questioning, while Cruz, symbolic of the Christian moral ethic, lives Christ’s words of “Let your yes be yes, and your no be no.”

    I couldn’t help but notice how defensive Garland became when Cruz asked him he’d sought guidance from the DOJ Ethics lawyers before issuing his memo, and in that question raises the core issue of “predictable financial benefit” his son-in-law.

    From how fiercely Garland repetitively clung to his answer “It has no ‘predictable effect’ as his defense, clearly Garland knew that there was, in fact, direct benefit to his daughter and son-in-law, (and perhaps to himself if he invested in Panorama Education), therefore an inherent, and unlawful, conflict-of-interest.

    “Predictable effect” is a formal legal term in the Code of Federal Regulations which Garland perfectly well understood when Cruz started out using the word “predictable” in his question.

    Garland clearly understood what Cruz was getting at. He was squirming hard while evading any direct answer and justifying issuing the memo relying on his own personal ethical judgement, which he admitted to doing. In other words, rather than go to the Ethics division of DOJ, the great Judge Garland was his own ethics advisor.

    “I, the DOJ boss, great American Jewish lawyer, judge, and civil servant of 25 years, probed my memo, myself, and my judgment, and found myself and my memo ethical, and my son-in-law above the law”.

    Of course, he knew there was a real, clear conflict-of-interest, or he wouldn’t have resorted to his obtuse and repetitive effort to deflect Cruz’s question.

    An upright person, particularly the new head of DOJ, when confronted with a procedural misstep, would have simply and honestly answered, “No, I did not. I just didn’t see this problem at all, and so didn’t think to take to the Ethics division, and that’s my mistake.”

    An honest man with some humility, which Garland feigns, complete with that quavery voice of his, with no intent to deceive would have simply owned up and answered Cruz’s question instead of weaseling as Garland did, would have commited to rectifying the problem.

    “Let your yes be yes and your no be no,” comes straight out of the Lord’s Sermon on the Mount.

    5 CFR § 2635.402 – Disqualifying financial interests.

    (b) Definitions. For purposes of this section, the following definitions shall apply:

    (1) Direct and predictable effect.

    (i) A particular matter will have a direct effect on a financial interest if there is a close causal link between any decision or action to be taken in the matter and any expected effect of the matter on the financial interest.

    An effect may be direct even though it does not occur immediately. A particular matter will not have a direct effect on a financial interest, however, if the chain of causation is attenuated or is contingent upon the occurrence of events that are speculative or that are independent of, and unrelated to, the matter.

    A particular matter that has an effect on a financial interest only as a consequence of its effects on the general economy does not have a direct effect within the meaning of this subpart.

    (ii) A particular matter will have a predictable effect if there is a real, as opposed to a speculative possibility that the matter will affect the financial interest.

    It is not necessary, however, that the magnitude of the gain or loss be known, and the dollar amount of the gain or loss is immaterial.


    Garland, the consummate observant Conservative Jew, revealed himself as being nothing but a venal Pharisee, a painted sepulchre, whitewashed on the outside, but corrupt on the inside, with nothing but devious and filthy lies coming out of his mouth, underneath a veneer of legal propriety, using the law as a shield.

    And, shreds of his Jewish Supremacism came out in some of his subtle, but noticeable expressions of contempt directed towards Senator Cruz.

    Back in 2016, upon being nominated by Obama for SCOTUS, the Midwest-Chicago Jew with the very goyischer name, “Merrick Garland,” shed tears about how his grandparents fled evil Christian “anti-Semitism” in imperial Russia.

    Garland was born into a family of immigrant Latvian Jews with the ancestral name Garfinkel, who allegedly fled Latvia around 1903 when it was then a part of the Pale (Western Russia) of the Russian Empire.

    RJN family, please don’t bring up the common knowledge that Cruz is an ardent Zio-christian and Israel-worshipper. He’s certainly no “anti-Semite” or anti-Judaist.

    Cruz is also just one of about 40% of the nominal Christian population, the evangelical wing, that follows these dangerous, and unfruitful religious and political heresies which replace Jesus Christ with the Jew.

    And, Tel Aviv is very worried about this generation’s young millennial American Jews (now about the 3rd and 4th generations since the founding of the Jewish state, turning more liberal and woke, less politically supportive of Israel, even anti-Zionist, than American Jews have ever been.

    So, Tel Aviv is pulling hard to cultivate even more influence among the Zio-christians, and the Jewish Lobby is the big mover and shaker behind the various states passing anti-BDS laws, requiring loyalty oaths, and constantly pushing to shut down any pro-Palestinian voice as anti-Semitic “hate speech”.

    Cruz’s loyalty to and affection for Israel is not the point that +BN was bringing up, and not even germane to the topic of the Video.

    There’s a lot of things that I respect about Senator Cruz, not the least of which is that he’s a talented and dedicated courtroom trial and Constitutional lawyer.

    If his pro-Israel foreign policies suck, when it comes to domestic policy, Cruz has never been anything other than a staunch champion for the Bill of Rights, unborn babies from the moment of conception, children, and families. And he has just introduced legislation into the Senate to prohibit vaccine mandates for children.

    According to Just the News, “[Cruz’s] legislation prohibts any government agency, local, state or federal that receives federal funding — including school districts — from imposing a mandate.

    More federalism please. I see Sen. Cruz’s efforts to introduce legislation as federalism reasserting itself disengaging from the growing tyrannical centralism of The DC Swamp, in a return to states’ rights and sovereignty.

  31. Pierre November 7, 2021 @ 3:23 pm

    Jim Morrison’s father was the Admiral in the Gulf of Tonkin incident, why I call him Jim ‘My daddy started the Vietnam war’ Morrison.

    When the CDC woman, same as the Jew in this article could not answer a straight question, “What percent of CDC employees are vaccinated?,” my thought was if I were Hitler, I would have her taken out the back and had her shot, Schindler’s List Hat Press test scene.

    I would, I would. I am sick of this shit.

    And don’t forget the Halal tax, which goes hand in hand in the cookie jar. They should be paying the tax, not us. How about a Christian tax to pay for the funerals of all the children now being murdered with Jew poison death jabs? Or this product was not made with Jewish finance?

    Gilad Atzmon Lexicon of Zion A to Z
    Catch22 : Free Ham

    (The idea is to get to the nerve in a neck joint and paralyze them whilst they bleed out, hopefully unconsciously. I think I am speaking of farm animals, not Animal Farm).

  32. The Englishman November 7, 2021 @ 4:45 pm

    The Young Boys Guide into manhood.

    Laudable morals from a maligned source.

  33. benzion kook November 7, 2021 @ 8:04 pm


    If it wasn’t for Spam, there would have been no USSR, and now probably no USSA.

  34. KathJuliane November 7, 2021 @ 8:15 pm

    Dear Cpt_Obviuos,

    Only one of The Doors is Ashkenazi Jew, Robert (“Robby”) Alan Krieger.

    According to genealogies kept by interested private parties on, who are tracing their own family connections, and are usually very diligent about accuracy:

    Robby’s paternal grandfather was Morris E. Krieger (the son of Leon Krieger and Jennie Feingold).

    Morris Krieger, according to, was born on the Atlantic Ocean in 1890, so presumably that means his mother gave birth on a passenger ship (or tramp steamer) while in transit from Europe to the US.

    Robby’s paternal grandmother was Anna Rotter (the daughter of Aaron Rotter and Catherine/Katie Fialkowitz). Anna was born in Ohio. Aaron was born in Austria. Catherine was born in Hungary, the daughter of Ignatz Fialkowitz, from Pest, and of Hannah Nussbaum.

    Robby’s maternal grandfather was named Abraham Fred Shapiro.

    Robby’s maternal grandmother was named Rose L. Wiesman (the daughter of Benjamin Wiesman and Rebecca).

    Raymond (“Ray”) Daniel Manczarek Jr., founder of The Doors and the band’s keyboardist, was 100% Polish. You can trace his ancestor’s names and places of birth, here.

    However, the person of interest for lost Jewish ancestry would be his maternal grandmother Helen Kolenda, whose maiden name was Drapczyinski, and neither surnames are Yiddish.

    John Paul Densmore’s ancestry is Irish, English, Northern Irish (perhaps Scots Irish — Protestant Scots who settled in English-occupied Northern Ireland), and Scottish.


    And James (“Jim”) Douglas Morrison, was an All-American mix of English, Scottish, German, Swiss-German, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish. There may be distant Dutch and French Huguenot as Morrison’s family appears to have Colonial or very early 19th century American roots.

    Daily Record -UK: “Doors legend Jim Morrison’s Scottish heritage uncovered as former brother-in-law reveals rock star’s striking resemblance to great-great-grandad The American Poet’s family tree can be traced back to the Outer Hebrides in the 18th century.”

    Also, Jim Morrison, raised in a semi-nomadic military life by a very strict, disciplined father, became estranged from his family after Morrison entered UCLA in 1964, probably sparked by the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

    Rear Admiral George Stephen Morrison was commander of the U.S. naval forces in the Gulf of Tonkin during the false flag Gulf of Tonkin Incident of August 1964, which sparked an escalation of American involvement in the Vietnam War.

    When people asked about his background, rather than tell the truth and explain that he was estranged, Morrison claimed that his parents and siblings were dead.

    He kept in touch with only his brother and sister until his own death in 1971.

  35. The Englishman November 8, 2021 @ 12:05 am

    Yes, Dear Benzion, where it all began.

  36. Hibernian November 8, 2021 @ 2:46 am

    Further to sub-discussion about lyricist-singer Jim Morrison of The Doors:

    Increasingly more scholars are skeptical about the phenomenon of rock music.

    The suspicion is that it is organised secretly by the intelligence agencies for the purpose of social-engineering society. Notice no rebellious “artists” penning outstanding tunes with lyrics against the Jews (they who control most of the supposedly “nationalist’ intelligence agencies).

    The skeptics in their research allow for probable rivalry between UK’s intelligence & USA intelligence during Rock Music’s pinnacle of artistry, the 1960s – early 1970s. Which the UK won through overwhelming talent of The Beatles.

    The Beatles are said to be a creature of The Tavistock Clinic, as is suspected was Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler’s sister-in-law was an Irish woman.

    She wrote a book about this connection.

    And, her account lends weight that Adolf Hitler — whilst living in England — was trained by UK intelligence to eventually become dictator of Germany.

    USA bands such as the Doors had talent.

    Brother Nathanael sounds great singing his own lyrics accompanying the tune of “Riders on the Storm”.

    Morrison is an Irish name. Although, it is a derivative of the name Morris, which in turn is a derivative of the name Moorish, meaning descended of the Moors (North African Berbers & Arabs).

    The name Morris & its derivatives entered the British Isles with the Norman conquest of England & Wales by William the Conqueror (who is also reckoned to be a crypto-Jew) in 1066 AD.

    After the British Isles, the Normans invaded Ireland in 1169 AD. Ireland is the 1st colony of the British.


    KathJuliane might like to know:

    One of the many names for present-day “Ireland” was Scotia.

    Subsequent contiguous settlements in Alba (now Scotland) of people from Hibernia & Scotia then became known as Scotia-Minor. These settlements were on the west coast of Alba.

    And, ipso-facto, Hibernia > Scotia became known as Scotia-Major. The Scots are basically Irish who settled in Alba.

    The preceding people in Alba were the Picts.

    A very large percentage of the so-called Scots-Irish in the Americas are descendants of Irish Catholic slaves transported to the Americas, & forced or reared as children to adopt Protestant religion.

    This is very easy for a native Irish Catholic to ascertain just by noting the surnames. It comes lightening fast actually.


    Here is an excerpt addressing Jim Morrison’s ancestry by the leader of The Doors, the very talented & very accomplished & very educated Ray Manzerak. And, note the spook-factor about Manzerak’s stint in the old Army signals intelligence unit in Wikipedia article about him.

    Jim Morrison, the front man of The Doors, was immensely proud of his Irish ancestry and spoke fondly about it. The singer-songwriter was said to have been inspired by Celtic mythology in his poetry and songs.

    According to Celtic Family Magazine (the 2016 spring issue) the Morrison clan was originally from the Isle of Lewis, in Scotland, while his Irish side, the Clelland clan whom married into the Morrison line, were from County Down, Ireland.

    His Doors band mate Ray Manzarek once said, “It was Jimbo – the alter-ego of Jim Morrison, that dark, Irish drunk – who took himself to Paris. And Jimbo killed my friend Jim.”

  37. Ed Jones November 8, 2021 @ 12:21 pm

    Brother Nat,

    When I contracted some trucking years ago to quality carriers (big tanker/food company), the rabbis charged several thousand dollars for every big food storage tank on site to be blessed kosher every year and 250 bucks for every tanker semi trailer.

    This is a HUGE extortion racket and I wonder if you may be able to find current costs of this in food manufacture, trucking, etc. I’m sure it exists at every level of the supply chain for all these goods, including dish soap.

    Lol, if the Orthodox or Catholics pulled a scam like this, the kikerat lawyers would be suing them to death and kikerat media would be attacking like a frenzy of feeding sharks.

    It’s amazing how jewrattery operates as 1 giant living parasitic organism, or as Louis Farrakhan calls them, “termites”.

    Hatch a termite egg on an anthill (or in America) and it’s still born a destructive termite that works automatically for the good of the greater organism/nest of parasites destroying everything in its path for the advancement of its tribe of bloodsuckers at everyone else’s expense.

  38. Cpt_Obviuos November 8, 2021 @ 2:51 pm


    I wasn’t as clear as I should have been on my statement about Jim’s band members.

    What I meant to show is that out of the four, there had to be at least one Jew; that seems to be a prerequisite for famous bands (or solo performers), like Van Halen (David Lee Roth) for example.

    Otherwise, they get little-to-no promotion.

    Goy bands have to prove their profitability before they get promoted.

    Jew bands get manufactured — like Dixie Chicks — then they get promoted.

  39. Ted Gorsline November 8, 2021 @ 3:45 pm

    @Ed Jones,

    I was once in a safari camp with an English lawyer and he said the two major international import/export ports are London and New York governed by British and New York state (not American) law and he said the jews somehow milk the duties on the New York import/ export market.

    They take a huge cut on all port financial transactions, something like 40%. He explained how it worked but I didn’t begin to pay much attention to jews until 9/11 which they clearly did. Bang. The light bulb went on.

    I also spent time in camp with a lawyer from the Vatican and he also said jews somehow control of the Vatican. He explained how it works but this was years ago and I forget what he said.

    It would have been far wiser to leave the jews in the concentration camps after WW2 and top up their numbers with a few more like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg.

  40. ProudGerman November 8, 2021 @ 4:24 pm

    I would love to hear what Mr. Nathanael’s view of Germany now.

    Being I live here.

  41. Missy November 8, 2021 @ 4:52 pm


    You mentioned Dixie Chicks. Well, they ain’t “Dixie” Chicks no more. They are officially, now, just The Chicks. Could I make this up.

    Read (and puke over) this excerpt of the above article:

    “The country trio Dixie Chicks have changed the group’s name to The Chicks in an apparent distancing from a name associated with the Confederate-era South.

    “The switch was not made with any kind of official announcement or explanation but simply with the release of a new song, “March March,” on Thursday. Its lyrics and video reference current and past public protests involving racial justice, police brutality, gun violence, climate change and LGBTQ rights. The video compares current themes to historical fights in the U.S. for women’s right to vote and the struggles for Black and LGBTQ civil rights.”

  42. Fanny November 8, 2021 @ 5:21 pm

    Love this site, and am grateful I found it.

    You’ve been an inspiration to so many, Thank you +BN.

    There is another site that puts so much truth out there in a way that get’s us closer to the occult’s way of thinking. He shows you how they use New Age into play on almost everything they do, and say.

    Satan will do anything it takes to capture souls, and that is exactly what he’s doing. Anyone interested go check out what I mean.

  43. B November 8, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

    Very Kosher Trial

    How Jews Discredited the Validity of the Allied War-Crimes Trials and Buried the Real Story of WWII

  44. KathJuliane November 8, 2021 @ 8:32 pm

    Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense attorney, Corey Chirafisi, cross-examined the prosecution’s star witness, and so-called “victim,” Gaige Grosskreutz, the third person shot by Kyle Rittenhouse during the Kenosha riots last year.

    During the cross-examination, Chirafisi got Grosskreutz to admit he lied (by omission) several times to law enforcement and the prosecution about what happened in the investigative aftermath of the shootings. I wonder how many felonies actually Grosskreutz admitted to?

    Grosskreutz’s cross-examination starts at 2:07:54 in this Facebook video, which was recorded live by Fox6 News – Milwaukee.

    The whole cross-examination is worth listening to. Grosskreutz hilariously tries to set himself up as trying to rescue Kyle in his first statements to the cops, and made very crucial deliberate omissions that defense called him on.

    If you had bribed, extorted, and threatened a witness to tank a prosecution’s case, they would not have done as good a job as Gaige Grosskreutz did.

    Chirafisi’s crucial cross-exam questions start at 2:37:05 and goes to 2:55:42.

    “You lied to the officers about pointing a gun at Kyle’s face?” “That is correct.”

    Defense attorney Chirafisi didn’t really ask that out loud, but the question hung in the courtroom air anyway.

    At the very end, (marked with *** in transcript) you come to that moment in the Rittenhouse trial when the prosecution’s case completely collapses based on Grosskreutz’s own testimony under cross-examination.

    This witness got caught in multiple lies and his testimony ended up making a clear case for Rittenhouse’s self-defense. And Grosskreutz’s face and furtive glances at the prosecution shows it.

    If Kyle is still convicted, then we know it is purely political.


    Fox6 News – Milwaukee: Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Survivor Gaige Grosskreutz expected to testify

    2:37:05: “You omitted the fact [in statement to police] that you ran up on him and had a Glock pistol in your hand. Right? You left that out?” “Correct”. “Would you think in a case where you are shot that providing the police information that you were actually possessing a firearm at the time would be relevant?” “I think that’s fair, yes.”

    “But you didn’t think it was relevant to tell them that day, correct?” “It’s not that I didn’t think it wasn’t relevant, uhm, after the defendant had shot me, I’d just gotten out of surgery when the Kenosha police officers had arrived, and had just gone through one of the most traumatic experiences of my life, both emotionally and physically, and I’d just gotten out of surgery, I had just been sedated, I was on pain meds, so–” [unintelligble] “Ok, so it wouldn’t have been ahhh, a purposeful omission.”

    “You were asked in that same statement what you did for work and you refused to answer that, right?” “That is correct.” “You made a conscious decision to not answer that?” “Correct.” “You weren’t so drugged that you couldn’t answer that question, right?” “I refused because I was worried about my safety.”

    “My point is that you had a thoughtful process. not to answer that, true?” “That is correct.” “You told this officer specifically what Mr. Rittenhouse was wearing. Correct?” “That is correct.”

    “You had a thoughtful process even though you’d just gotten out of surgery, and was drugged, and whatever else was going on, I understand. You were still able to answer all those questions to the best of your ability and they were accurate, right?” “To the best of my ability, yes.”

    “Okay, so the fact that you failed to mention you possessed a firearm when you were shot and that you dropped it. Were those things you forgot because of your medication?” “I would say not only the medication, but also the traumatic experience that I’d just gone through.” “And you understand it’s the only information that you appear to have forgotten that puts you with a gun directly in front of him, right?” “That is correct.”

    “Now, you are also then interviewed again by law enforcement in September. Is that right?” “That is correct.” “You bring your lawyer.” “Correct.” “Mr. Binger’s there?” “Not in person.” “But he’s present in the…” “He’s attending the meeting, yes.” “And there were three–” “Sorry, he was present via Zoom.”

    “Okay, and there were a total of three prosecutors present, correct?” “The only two people who I were aware were in their official capacities was the lead detective, Ben Antaramian, I hope I’m pronouncing that correctly, uhm, and then Mr. Binger. But as for the other people, I’m sure they mentioned their names, but those were the two people that stuck out, I guess should say.”

    “So the people that you recall, Detective Antaramian and Mr. Binger, your lawyer, and you.” “Correct.” “And you were asked on that day, and this would be your second statement, you were asked about what had happened, right?” “Correct.”

    “And had you viewed some of the video between the shooting and the interview you gave I believe was on the 24th of September.” “I can’t say for sure, but I would say it’s a fair guess that I had at least seen something up to that point or by that point.” “And in that interview, you don’t answer any questions about the shooting, do you?” “No, I did not.”

    “This lead detective on a homicide case where you are also shot is trying to gather information to figure out exactly what went on, and you refuse to answer questions about that. Right?” “Specifically about the shooting? That is correct.”

    “Was that your decision or your lawyer’s decision?” “That was the advice my counsel gave me.” “So your counsel wouldn’t let you answer questions about your involvement, true?” “I wouldn’t say she wouldn’t let me, but she advised against it.”

    “So, your statements about what actually happened, first time we’re actually getting an insight as to what actually happened is today, right?” “I don’t think that’s accurate.” “Well, on the 24th, you refused to answer questions, right?” “The 24th of” “September.” “Yes.” “Correct.”

    “And the day after the incident, you acknowledge that you left out the fact that you even had a gun. Right?” “That is correct.”

    “You were asked, Mr. Binger asked you about this, you were asked for permission to look through your phone, right?” “I do recall that, yes.” “You never actually gave your phone to Detective Antaramian to look through, did you?” “My phone was picked up off the street the night of the 25th. So no, I didn’t give my phone to anybody. Somebody, I’m assuming a police officer, had picked it up.”

    “My question to you, that wasn’t my question. My question to you was Detective Antaramian asked you for permission to look through your phone and you never gave him your phone. True?” “I never gave him permission to look through my phone, no.” “Are you aware he had a search warrant for your phone?” “No, I was not.”

    “So if I can, Mr. Grosskreutz, I’m going to walk you through a little bit of the video, okay?’ [Discussion with judge about getting close to lunch recess] [Defense plays a video clip of Kyle down on the street and the start of the gang attack on him, then pauses it.]

    “Now, do you see that? This isn’t you, but do you see that gentleman right there?” “I do.” “Okay.” “He’s– [Cross talk from the bench]. “Now you agree he advanced on, ran after, came up to Mr. Rittenhouse, right?” “Can you rewind just slightly?” “You agree that he runs up to Mr. Rittenhouse and then applies the brakes, right?” “I do.” “And you’d agree that he’s a few feet, a meter away.” “Yes, that’s a fair assessment.”

    “Two to 3 feet away. He’s advancing on Mr. Rittenhouse, do you agree, then he puts his hands up, and Mr. Rittenhouse never fires his gun. Correct?” “That is correct.”

    “Okay. Now, you’re offscreen at this point, right? You haven’t come in to the frame yet?” “No, I have not.” “That is, for lack of a better term, this gentleman right here, the Jump-Kick Man, right?” “I believe so, yes.”

    “So, you can play it. So, you now see Jump-Kick Man kicked Mr. Rittenhouse in the face and two shots are fired. Correct?” “With this video, yes.” “You hear that, right?” “In the moment, yes, I did hear that.”

    “Now if we can see it, we’ll try to play it. This is Mr. Huber, correct?” “It is hard to see with whatever it is that’s blocking, um…” “Play for a second. Ok. That is Mr. Huber, correct?” “That is correct, yes.”

    “Now, this person here just coming into the frame, that’s you.” “That is correct, yes.” “And you were running, correct?” “Yes, I was.” “Ok. Now you had originally said that you wanted, that you were going to tell Mr. Huber, but now you see you weren’t saying anything, running, whatever word you want to use, you were moving towards Mr. Rittenhouse, correct?” “That is correct, yes.”

    “We just heard a shot, yes?” “Correct.” “Okay. And to be fair, you put on the brakes, right? You were running, and you then almost stop in your tracks. Fair enough?” “Correct.” “Okay, And I don’t know where your arms are at that point, you’re kind of protecting your head at that point? Is that fair?” “That is correct.”

    “How far do you think you are away from him at that point? To the best of your ability.” “I would say, about there, between–” “Between you and me?” “Between you and I, correct.” “So, about 3 feet?” “Three to five”. “Ok. Now at that point you have your hands up, right?” “Yes, I do.” “Now you probably don’t notice him to the side of you, but there’s a guy holding what looks like a wooden club of some type?” “Some sort of wooden object, yes.”

    “Okay, so your hands are up. And at that point he has not fired at you, correct?” “No, he has not.” “It’s going to be quick. You agree at this point that you are dropping your hands, you are loading your front foot, and you are moving towards Mr. Rittenhouse at that point, true?” “Yes.”

    “So, when you were shot — can you bring up the photo — you agree, hey, now wait, how close to him do you think you are at that point?” “Three feet. If it was 5 feet before, it would–so.”

    ***”Tell me if I’ve got the lay of the land here. At this point, you’re holding a loaded, chambered Glock 27 in your right hand. Yes?” “That is correct, yes.” “You are advancing on Mr. Rittenhouse who is seated on his butt, right?” “That is correct.”

    “You’re moving forward and your right hand drops down with your gun. Your hands are no longer up, and the gun is pointed in the direction of Mr. Rittenhouse. Agree? [Grosskreutz hesitates] I’ll give you a picture. Maybe that will help. So I’m going to show you what has been marked as Exhibit 67. That’s a photo of you, yes?” “Yes.” “That’s Mr. Rittenhouse?” “Correct.”

    “Ok. Now you’d agree your firearm is pointed at Mr. Rittenhouse, correct?” “Yes.” “Ok. And once your firearm is pointed at Mr. Rittenhouse, that’s when he fires, yes?” “No.” “Sir, look right now I don’t want–Does this look like right now your arm is being shot?” “That looks like my bicep being vaporized. Yes.” “Ok. And it’s being vaporized because you are pointing your gun directly at him. Yes?” “Yes.”

    “So, when you were standing 3 to 5 feet from him, with your arms up in the air, he never fired. Right?” “Correct”. “It wasn’t until you pointed your gun at him, advanced on him, with your gun, now your hands are down, pointed at him, that he fired, right?” “Correct”.


    Your testimony was a real shot in the arm that the defense needed today, Gaige!


  45. Brother Nathanael November 8, 2021 @ 8:56 pm

    A +BN Revisit Vid!

    Kyle Rittenhouse—Hero And Martyr @

  46. KathJuliane November 8, 2021 @ 9:23 pm

    I just revisited your Kyle Rittenhouse–Hero and Martyr Video.

    It was like Kyle’s defense team had your Video for a blueprint.

    Masterpiece work!

  47. Hibernian November 8, 2021 @ 10:51 pm

    Is any product or process for sale compelled by law(s) of the land in U.S.A., or elsewhere in the Goyim-lands, to be certified for “Kosher-ness” ?

    If “No!”, what are the “practical” implications for not paying the Kosher-Tax ?

    “Legal” (as distinct from “law”) implications?

    E.g., does the Kosher-Tax refusnik begin to suffer attention from government bureaucrats?

    “Business” implications ? E.g. Will the Kosher-Tax refusnik suffer targeting (e.g. boycotts) by suppliers?

    “Protection”/”security” implications viz. Does the Kosher-Tax refusnik then begin to suffer:

    Targeting by vulgar criminals?

    Ineffective-gestures by the cops investigating crimes?


    Would the Kosher legal system(“racket” actually) through its courts punish any person(s) or company offering products & /or services with the notice that these offerings are “NOT Kosher”?

    In addition, would the alternative logo of a choice tastefully drawn beautiful Shiksa in a bath declaring “Not Kosher!” within a speech-bubble be lawful?

  48. Ted Gorsline November 9, 2021 @ 12:25 am


    My father had a drinking buddy named Morris Andrews who drank himself to death in the back seat of his car which was parked in front of our house. I used to see him there every morning when I went to school.

    I was very young, not more than 10, and I asked my dad why Morris drank so much. He said it had to do with the Nuremberg Trials but did not explain.

    I believe Morris who was a lawyer either defended or refused to defend the German general Kurt Myer and did believe the trails were rigged. I don’t know the details.

    I believe Morris, who had been in Holland, also knew the Canadian army killed 22,000 child soldiers near the end of the war (Hitler Youth) because they would not quit fighting.

    I believe the official stance was they were 17-year-olds, but I talked to an ex-leader of the Hitler Youth and he said his recruits were as young as 8. He said bed wetting was a problem for his young troops following extensive bombing runs. The CBC made a film about this many years ago but has never run it.

    In those days the world was very anti-German because most of the men had been to war, many returned wounded, many were killed, and they didn’t talk about the war except amongst themselves. But the Germans had to be the bad guys because how could you justify killing someone who wasn’t a criminal if they weren’t bad guys.

    However, my father was not anti- German even though his brother was killed in the Battle of the Rhineland near the end of the war. I never understood that because all the Hollywood war movies we saw back in those days depicted the Germans as the bad guys.

    I think his lack of hate for Germans must have had something to do with Morris Andrews stories.

    They always drank at the officers mess at the Perth regiment because the booze was cheap.

    Cheap booze seems to have been the only way pre-Vietnam war vets dealt with PTSD which they called shell shock. There were no Jewish psychiatrists to milk the cow.

  49. Steve November 9, 2021 @ 12:48 pm

    COVID-19 Doth Make Strange Bedfellows!

    The Israeli Sanhedrin are on the right side of history.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  50. Ted Gorsline November 9, 2021 @ 1:35 pm

    There is a German TV station called Welt which like RTL and Deutch Welle is completely Jewish dominated.

    Today Welt recirculated one of the last “Holocaust Survivors.” Hopefully that#s the last of them.

    There are so many holocaust survivors!

    What give us hope for the future, and hope this stretched out holocaust survivor thing will finally come to an end, is the old Palestinian belief that when jews die, and like Hindus, are resurrected in another form, that they will return to this earth as either a bar of soap or a lampshade.

  51. KathJuliane November 9, 2021 @ 8:19 pm

    Speaking of “kosher,” this is a fascinating read from Occidental Observer about medieval and early modern polemical relations between Jews and their host European Christian societies, particularly in Germany.

    All I can say is that in those days, they had some great anti-Jewish religious and folkloric “memes,” especially Martin Luther, long before the 19th century invention of the racial designation, “anti-Semitism”.

    I’m shocked, shocked, I tell ya.

    Anyway, there’s an ongoing legal battle, usually spearheaded by Protestant Jewish converts or Messianic Jews to have the last of these medieval allegorical artifacts, protected by German law, cancelled from the churches.


    Crypto-Jews, German Guilt, and the Wittenberg Jew-Pig

    Andrew Joyce, PhD July 8, 2019

    “Here on our church in Wittenberg a sow is sculpted in stone. Young pigs and Jews lie suckling under her. Behind the sow a rabbi is bent over the sow, lifting up her right leg, holding her tail high and looking intensely under her tail and into her Talmud, as though he were reading something acute or extraordinary, which is certainly where they get their Shemhamphoras”[hidden name of God in Kabbalah].–Martin Luther, 1543

    During my early years researching the Jewish Question I was particularly struck by the strident and flamboyant nature of medieval and early modern anti-Jewish folklore and related art.

    I recall being fascinated at the strangeness and creativity of tales like the 16th-century Jewish woman said to have given birth to twin piglets,[1] the common 15th-century belief that Jewish males menstruate,[2] and speculation that Jews buried their dead with small rocks to throw at Christ in the afterlife.

    As with much of Jewish history and the historiography of anti-Semitism, the subject of anti-Jewish folklore has been dominated by Jewish scholars.

    My first introduction to the topic was thus The Blood Libel Legend: A Casebook in Anti-Semitic Folklore (1991) by the Jewish UC-Berkeley folklorist Alan Dundes (1934–2005), widely regarded as the field’s pre-eminent, and perhaps only, expert.

    In the book, as one might well expect, Dundes strips anti-Jewish folklore of context and presents instead a collection of “evil” and “dangerous” fantasies lacking any logical or rational basis.

    Aside from the work of Dundes, direct scholarly engagement with the subject of medieval anti-Jewish folklore has been relatively rare, with most Jewish scholars preferring to probe medieval artistic linkages between Jews and the Devil (see, for example, the work of Robert Bonfil, Marvin Perry, and Frederick Schweitzer) rather than some of the more outlandish or colorful “memes” that then circulated.

    Almost all of these scholarly accounts utilize medieval anti-Jewish folklore as a means of denigrating and indicting medieval Christianity as irrational and prejudiced, and ultimately as the fons et origo of an equally irrational and prejudiced modern anti-Semitism.

    An explanatory account of medieval and early modern anti-Jewish folklore informed by historical context remains to be written, despite admirable and broadminded texts like The Singular Beast: Jews, Christians, and the Pig (1997) by Claudine Fabre-Vassas.

    This is a project I am giving serious consideration to undertaking. As luck would have it, it’s also becoming somewhat relevant again.

    Of all the artistic manifestations of anti-Jewish folklore, few are more acute, vehement, and scatological than the imagery of the Judensau, or ‘Jew-Pig.’

    In brief, the image, depicted in woodcuts or in stone (often on churches) between the 13th and 15th centuries, is an allegorical reference to Jews drawing sustenance from the Talmud, with Jews shown suckling from a sow and/or examining or eating its feces.

    The association of Jews with pigs in medieval Christian folklore was longstanding, owing something to the known aversion of the Jews to pork, and produced an array of stories and imagery that flagrantly ignored the ancient dietary commands in Leviticus.



    By the way, many Israeli Jews as well as Russian Israelis (many are secular and identify as Russians, not Jews; some are Orthodox Christians) and Israeli Arab Christians, eat Israeli-raised pork.

    There is even a kibbutz that is devoted to raising thousands of pigs for market, even if these particular kibbutzim don’t eat pork.

    The Russians and the Arab Christians call it pork. However, the Jews call it “white meat” or sometimes the “other meat,” and that’s how it’s found on the market shelves of the meat department, usually labeled as white meat.

    Jews who don’t keep kosher, along with some who do, apparently have quite a taste for the “white meat”.

    I suppose in Judensau logic, if the written Law of Moses forbids the consumption of pork, just call it something else, and then if it’s not exactly kosher, it’s not unkosher either.

    After all, God didn’t specifically forbid either “white meat” or “other meat” in the Toyrah.

  52. KathJuliane November 9, 2021 @ 9:23 pm

    The Columbia Bugle

    #Thread Tucker Carlson’s Monologue On The Prosecution’s Collapsing Case Against Kyle Rittenhouse

    “Not much of a prosecution. In fact, at no point did the prosecution make its own case, they made Kyle Rittenhouse’s case. Open and shut.”

    The Columbia Bugle has a great thread here with more clips of Carlson’s observations, rarely seen video footage including a new angle of the Rosenbaum shooting in HD, and Carlson’s report on jury intimidation.

    A friend of George Floyd called for doxing the Rittenhouse jury to intimidate to jury to pass a guilty verdict, claiming cameras are inside the courtroom, taking pictures of the jury. This morning, the court caught someone taking pictures of the jury outside at a bus stop, which is a threat.

    The person was made to erase their pictures. The judge ruled that the next time it happened, the camera or smartphone would be confiscated.

  53. Ted Gorsline November 9, 2021 @ 10:14 pm


    I once visited a church in Budapest when Hungary was still communist. The church was full of bullet holes from WW2 and the walls were covered with Swastikas. An old Christian symbol I believe.

    If the jews are going to start deleting Christian symbols, they are going to have to do their part and get rid of the star of David because after 9/11 it became the world’s worst symbol of evil.

    IF Germans are going to start removing their historic symbols as is happening with Confederate symbols in the South, they should start by smashing monuments to that truly vile and evil jew-Karl Marx.

    Nobody is responsible for more human suffering than Marx.



  54. benzion kook November 9, 2021 @ 10:36 pm


    There are no atheists in the trenches, and no jews either.

  55. Hibernian November 10, 2021 @ 3:38 am

    “Un-clean” thoughts — indeed expressions of wanting to kill Arab children no less — get the Kosher stamp of approval at the end of indoctrination re-enforcement visit from the 2 wise men & the lovely lady ;


  56. Ted Gorsline November 10, 2021 @ 5:04 am

    The good thing about maintaining holocaust centres like Auschwitz is that they are now in better shape than they ever were during the war and are once again ready to recieve guests.

    There are even brand new gas ovens at Auschwitz that weren’t there during the war so the treatment of clothes with Zyklon B will not be a problem. Anne Frank would be alive today had she been a guest in the equivalent of the modern Auschwitz. No fleas and typhoid fever now to carry her away.

    Curtis Lemay and Bomber Harris are both dead.

    Even better there is still plenty of accommodation in the rows of well maintained and clean, but now empty rows of bunk houses.

    It would be wise for people like Steven Spielberg, Larry Silverstein, Benjamin Netanyhu, George Soros, Wolf Blitzer, Michael Bloomberg and the 160 Mossad agents that did 9/11, to reserve a room with a view before the exodus to their usual promised land begins and gets overcrowded.

    After all, there is only accommodation for 6 million.

  57. Citizen November 10, 2021 @ 4:13 pm

    Currently there is excess kabab on Poland-Belarus boarder.

    Kabab is kosher for jews and should be installed free if charge in Israel to be enriched.

    Israel is in need of the vibrancy.

  58. Greg November 10, 2021 @ 6:13 pm

    @Travis Layton

    I would like to see Brother Nathanael add videos addressing the meanings of Scripture. I have debated the same issue with the names.

    I think people come for Brother Nathanael’s videos and stay for the comments. The comments are turning into very interesting reads.

    To add, I am of the opinion that there may have been two Jim Morrisons and the genealogy is fiction.

  59. Ted Gorsline November 10, 2021 @ 9:25 pm

    I would be very interested to know if this so-called “Pandora” expose of financial criminals by so-called “investigative reporters” catches any jews, or if its just a jewish bankers’ way of doing a shakedown on goys who are making money and might pose a threat to their hegemony.

    They don’t like that as Muhammar Khadafy found out. Carpetbagger shakedowns are easier than a knife up the butt.

    These Pandora “exposes” have gone on a few times before and news about the operation always comes simultaneously from Jewish butt kissing sources like the Guardian (of Zion) in England, The CBC in Canada and Jewish owned media in the USA.

    No better source of financial hanky panky revelations than getting the info from the jews who own the banks where these illicit transactions are taking place.

    I bet Larry Silverstein, the Bronfmans, and the Rothschild family are not on the list.

    The reason I wonder about this is because they always expose small potatoes who are up and coming in the financial crime world.

    There are supposed to be 1,500 “investigative reporters” on the list that either dig this stuff up or else get fed the info just like Woodward and Bernstein got fed info from a jew named Deep Throat.

    They became the world’s best known “investigative” reporters after Jewish-owned Hollywood used Robert Redford to canonize them. All they did is answer the telephone and listened to a whistle blower spilled the beans.

    My friend Bob Reguly, who was the real deal, said one thing he noticed about the reporters on the list is that not one of them had ever broken a hard news story in their life.

    That means that, like Woodward and Bernstein, they were far more likely to have been fed info than to have dug it up themselves. Hard news reporters are diggers. Puff journalists get spoon fed.

    That makes me very suspicious that it might just be a jewish bankers shakedown of possible threats to their hegemoney.

    A breakdown of the number of jews being exposed would tell the tale.

  60. Citizen November 11, 2021 @ 4:48 am

    Today is Veteran’s Day or Armistice Day.

    It must be hard for real veterans on this day to know that their beloved service has been takin over by a bunch of sadistic homosexuals and filthy kikes. At the head of which resides the criminal Brandon administration and their child molesting zombie.

    Veterans who have passed are rolling in their graves. If you see a veteran today, express your condolences. It’s not their fault. They were propagandized to think they served for your freedom but instead were used by the Christ-hating ZOG meat-grinder.

  61. Ted Gorsline November 11, 2021 @ 7:39 am

    More on the Pandora exposes of financial hanky panky.

    The Pandora thing does not make any sense.

    Here is why. Before the jews took over the media newspapers competed for what they called scoops. A newspaper with a scoop made more money than one that didn’t because they attracted ore readers.

    This Pandora thing smells because all of a sudden certain jewish controlled media releases the same crap spontaneously in a number of outlets that should be competing for scoops, but are simultaneously feeding the world the same pablum.

    It doesn’t add up. CBC news is not owned by England’s Guardian (of Zion) newspaper but the CBC is run by jewish sympathizers.

    This commie style expose has all the earmarks of yet another Jewish con job.

  62. van helsing November 11, 2021 @ 12:30 pm

    Is this Jeffrey Epstein at the recent 2021 US Open?

    Sure does look like him.

  63. Alina November 11, 2021 @ 3:11 pm

    For those commenting on the horrors of butchering animals, I have an easy solution — become vegan.

    I been vegan ten years. I feel great, and don’t have any guilt about what I’m eating.

    And for Believers, remember that in the New Earth there will be no death, meaning that we will not be killing animals.

    It will be just like in Eden. The original diet given to our first parents Adam and Eve, including the animals, was vegan. Might as well start living the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth.

  64. Alex K November 11, 2021 @ 5:14 pm

    Hellom Brother Nathanael.

    I shared your video as a reply to The Post Millennial.

    Raising awareness that Tucker’s team stole the line in question straight from one of your videos.

    My tweet got already 10k views, and hopefully a few more views for your brilliant video. God bless!

  65. Wayne November 11, 2021 @ 5:45 pm

    Have you kept up with Know More News with Adam Green?

    Holy, I mean Holy Matzah!

  66. Hibernian November 11, 2021 @ 9:59 pm

    Further to mention of Colin Powell (advocate of false claim having “weapons of mass-destruction” so as to grant the Jews revenge, & expansion, upon Iraq), he was fluent in Yiddish:


    And, the figure in Europe who is most associated with the “weapons of mass-destruction” knowingly false-accusation, & the subsequent invasion & slaughter waged upon Iraq, is then UK Prime Minister Tony Blair:

    Tony Blair happens to be a Jew (at very least through the ethnicity of his mother & maternal grandmother ), & of Irish descent, & of British (in this case, Scottish, & English) descent.

    Tony Blair while a student at Cambridge University was before the Magistrates Court on at least 2 occasions after being caught by police for “cottaging”.

    Transvestite “Miranda” tactically used his 2 middle-names for the court records: Anthony CHARLES LYNTON Blair


    Please peruse the results from using search string ;

    “anthony charles lynton blair 1983 bow street magistrates” AND “miranda”


    This information is very well known, & irrefutable.

  67. Ted Gorsline November 12, 2021 @ 12:47 am


    The animals I talked about butchering were diseased. It had nothing to do with eating, but the fact is that in a state of nature the only way humans can get all of their essential amino acids is by eating meat.


    Tony Blair is a really evil creature. Assassinations by the British government are done by a group called Recon-14, not M15 or M16. Blair used them a lot on the Irish. I talked to a guy in the British army who was asked to join them but declined.

    They are a very evil group. They did long term things like plant a 15-year-old psycho in Ireland to date an Irish girl believed linked to the IRA. She thought they were in love, and he was either her lover or was already married to her. Then when he got the orders to kill her he did. If Blair is a jew, that explains a lot.

  68. Hibernian November 12, 2021 @ 2:37 am

    @Ted Gorsline

    I aim to return to you about Blair, & Qaddafi too, in the following video-wt-transcript comments’ section.

    And, I aim to supply some other notable info. that will lead to important short question[s] posed to Brother Nathanael which he with his unique background of P-R-E-V-I-O-U-S-L-Y being Jewish* by self-identification, & Jewish by rearing, & Jewish by absence of being baptised into Christianity, but is now a true-person-in-Christ can answer the most knowledgeably “only”.

    Being ethnically a Jew but now a sincere Christian means that one is no longer Jewish although ipso-facto still a Jew ethnically

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